New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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I 3 ev i 4,1 'Y mg 4 fa',', HM fnlnarhf 20: MM 'Q 'W f,., M X A......4 ... .,., .. . X. ,nw - vw 3:-' Lu... 'W ,,.W- ........, 1 is 1 EW HYDE PARK MEMS W , M ,Q 4 , ifsffafu ' ' , , , , .L ,v A if , " , , , -'fiwwilifl' , ',7 ,':f'-1, '19 "---, .,ff?Gisfl' fffff , , ., ' ,, ,, M H ' ' VVAVVV, V. ,VV,VLV J Vw i L,rVr LV , s. A A Vg ' f 4 gg ,V" ' ' -gl A iw ,VZ f AS isiwf 'ff 1 ..,,q M ,W "'4+w1fmv.A...",,, .'Q,:1z:, Vg . " V J 7 3 ,3 -Q ,ll- A ' ' My ' ' V ,grew V - vv.,"' EW YORK ' num ' Q-A .Wh 2 wow ..... - -ffm fsQi1+'Iag.g O18 X b Q, , -5 0933 Si Ng es' GX 'it "" xx C9 2967- 4 od ,J-gi ' Q ,122 Y fs YN 1'0llr-vw-, 0vCe 3 O' -iz C- S N? 1 GUI Dedication On September 10, 1956, the doors of New Hyde Park Memorial High School opened to admit well over one thousand students. A new era was in the making. Previously we had been students in an old and established school with its own traditions and customs. Now that we are in a new school it is only natural that we should want to set prece- dents and initiate customs for it, as well as to mold the tra- ditions that will make others look upon this school with reverence and pride. Whenexfer any group of young people undertakes such l4l a task as this, it is necessary to have competent adult guid- ance, and in a school it is usually to the principal that this job falls. So it was in our school. However, in the light of what had to be done, and the fact that it had to be done under circumstances as unorganized as ours, we the students feel very fortunate that we had a man such as this to guide us. It is to his lasting credit that the success of our school is a reality. That man is . . . John S. Randolph Forewor This june our school marks the conclusion of its second academic year. It is the privilege of this yearbook to trace the steps leading up to this event. Taking our cue from the Latin phrase, ab initio, we shall start at the beginning, when, on a bright, June day, ground was broken in a ceremony attended by members of the Board of Education. Soon afterward, work began on the building itself. On September 10, 1956, the school threw open its doors to admit its first student body. Since that day, our school has developed into a harmonious organization of students and faculty rivaling the unity of ancient Rome. In the following pages you will read about this evolvement. It is our wish that doing so will widen your insight into the student body of New Hyde Park Memorial High School. 1 COUNCIL PATRICIANS XXV FORUM I-XVII CIRCUS MAXIMUS XCIII TAXES ............................................-..---- ----A-- C V Table of Contents f fi if Mr. Clyde M. Alston Distric! 5 - 'U f ' ' In -I Mr. H. Frank Carey Diflricl 17 K .. K , Mr. John j. Doyle Dirlrifl 17 ' 'T r V 'lf x ' f if 1, 1 as n.'. Mrs. Anne M. Boeckmann Dirzrirz 22 Mr. Russell F. Thomas Dirfrici 22 p N , .4423 'N Mr. William E. Ryder Dirtrirl 1 6 B061 O ' Q ECluCdt1OH A rr Y' . +95 i t ' li, I Mrs. Viola S. Southern Preridenl, Dirzrirl 5 The education of every child in America should be everybody's business. The evolutionary processes contained in education are not something reserved solely for the educators, but a trust which must be shared by Americans in all walks of life. As High School Graduates, you too will be asked to share this serious responsibility. The new and spacious schools you have recently occupied are the result of much preparation and planning on the part of school administrators, and, of much sacrifice on the part of the taxpayers of our community. We know that you are grateful to your parents and neighbors who have so unstintingly expressed their trust in our public school system by authorizing construction of our beautiful high schools. K As you approach adulthood, however, you will soon realize that in order for America to have the most excellently trained minds in the world, it will be necessary to continually appraise and evaluate the educational system in your community. It would be the height of folly to assume that any school, regardless of its academic reputation, is performing perfectly and without problems. Therefore, it will be your solemn duty to take an active interest in all school matters so that you may be better qualihed to evaluate and to offer constructive criticism, when necessary. By supporting your public school system you will be performing one of the highest functions of citizenshipq and by honest and unbiased evaluation of your schools you are assuring a system of education which truly reflects the integrity of this nation. Daniel Webster wrote, "If we work upon marble, it will perish, if we work upon brass, time will efface it, if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust, but if we work upon immortal minds, if we imbue them with principles, with the just fear of God, and love of our fellow man, we engrave on those tablets something which will brighten to all eternity." Congratulations to each of you and may God bless you. VIOLA S. SOUTHERN President, Board of Education Central High School District No. 2 1: 4 ,r 1 urn!! , t 4-1 Mr. Samuel Nacllcr Mr. J. Edwin Russell Mr. Alfred G. Kiefer Mr. Alfred Loew Diflricl 16 Dirzrifr Clerk Difzrirl Treasurer Allorney Mr. R. Lester Springer Diflrict Principal ,,.......a T lifes -'X Fl Mrs. Ruth Ackley Secretary to Mr. Springer P I jr 2 , . . I 1, L Q t 1 Mr, Alfred B. Caine Auirtant Dirtrict Principal 417 422 77 , .- Mrs. Edith Hartman Secretary to Mr, Caine .K 1 f Dr. Ursula M. Stewart Dr. Harry Rosenberg A School Prychiatrift School Ph yiician Central District tafi arg. 'Dx Mr. Harry B. Spencer Director of Initruction and Pupil Perfonnel S eruicer . W , tw wi., Q -. .,., , Congratulations to the staff of the Lance on the pub- lication of New Hyde Park Memorial High School's first yearbook. The Lance will serve as a pictorial history of the school, the teachers, the students and the many activities. New Hyde Park Memorial is one of four six-year secondary schools plus Stanforth junior High and a vocational shop addition to Sewanhaka built during 1955-57 in Central High School District No. 2 at a total cost of 315,500,000 Therefore, this new school is one in a family of six secondary schools built to pro- vide the finest of educational opportunities for an ulti- mate enrollment of more than 12,000 students. The responsibility for operating this system of schools is vested in a School Board by the people of the district, The Principal of the District is the execu- tive olhcer of the Board. He has the responsibility of developing the educational program, implementing Board policies, selecting administrative and teaching personnel, making administrative decisions and carrying out the laws, rules and regulations of the State Educa- tion. Also, the responsibilities of the district administra- tion include preparing the budget, managing the schools' business affairs, purchasing school equipment, supplies and books, management and upkeep of build- ings and grounds, operating the lunchrooms, providing the required bus transportation, and coordinating the work of all principals. The central staff works with nearly 550 teachers, 9200 students, six buildings and a budget of over 37,000,000 annually. Their every effort is to effect the very best educational program for the youth of this community compatable with Board policies, State laws, and State Education Department regulations. December 2, 1957 Robert L. Springer Principal of the District 1. . ...... .-.f Dr. jules A. Holub Adrninirtratiife Aniftanl A if S' ii ifii. -'xr 11 3- .. it f in ...., .22 Dr. Hugh Flaherty Director of Vocational Edu if , .,--" A., ' 5 . 577257 1 fo. -'r at f' -1'.r, , .,., 'ip Mr. Alfred G. Kiefer Bufinerr Manager i' fa. 'ew H .,,.,5, 1 it X if Mrs. Wilma Leadbeter School Lunch Superuiior cation A of ii..i 'J' 47 A Aft' . ' - Mr, Kenneth E. Place Dy, Jerome Niogi Dr. Charles McNeeley Mr. Peter- Carter Dr. Thomas F. Looby Slfpeflfifendfnf 0f Director of School Publication Dental Superuiror Director of Phyrzcal Education, Director of Adult Education Building! and Ground! Health, and Recreation .., I ff -hx 9 -, 'Q 1 ifgavn Art Mrs. Ruth Backiel 'nr , Home Economicr Mrs. Dorothy Levy Izilerfclwolaslic Allalelicr Mr. Alfred Kumerow ip 1. lv ff , -'Wh ..,-' 4 -of V .Q 41 1 as h Library Miss Evelyn Mertz X X X , .tc Mufic Mr. Charles Hill Commercial Eflglffb Mr. Adolph Scholl M17 Walfef Th0mP50f1 ubjecl: Area oordinators The Subject Area Coordinator is the head of his Department. It is his responsibility to see that all schools in the district are uniform in the curriculum of the subject taught. In order to be better able to fulnll this responsibility he is familiar with the teacher, stu- dents, and subject. Years of teaching have aided his understanding of student-teacher relations. Each coordinator is in charge of his department in each of the separate schools. Since the central offices are in Sewanhaka, we seldom see the coordinator, however, his work is one of the most important of the district functions. Ng- 1 Q J- iv- ' . I O , or Girly' Pbyfical Education Miss Virginia Gill I ndurtrial Aff: Mr. Richard Wipper 97? 4' Language: Mrs. Zenobia Gilbert .4 , bv Mathematic: Miss Ida Ostrander .al A' X ix I P wr ' 5 I , A 5 " qi V y Z A J V I Y ' V, Q iq 'I W. 1 apr. .. V 2 1 ., School A111716 Science Social Szudiej Mrs. Lena O'Connell Mr. Carl Eklund Mr. Ira Wilder DGC11Cdt1OH V. HV. prefenlf rolorx at lbe Reverenri jarkfon opem llfe cere- Dedzmlzon reremomef. many wzzb 4 prayer. 1 2 I X " f? , , fy LLI' V X Q , 9, , W. 1 Dr. Holub ezddreuex the audience. Mf- RWd0ZPb ,gfefff Mf- Spfmgef at :be Dedlcallon. Mr, Randolpfa bdlidf Vinferll Milo the key at the Dedimlion rere- morzief. The junior High Mixed Cham: .fizzgf al the Dedimliorz. , Mr. F. P, ll7iederJum prexerztf the Vinrem Milo accept: flee key on 21' A h V f V Ley to lhe Jcbool la Mr. H. Frank behalf of Ike Senior H1879 Srlmol. f11'rf"4j'rfef'M'f'r"" 'er" fr'f"h"'W'N""'e' CMU- : 1 U ITE OCTQBE ,F j-5.5 Town ojfirialf lead ihe parade holding :he Uniled e jg? Siaief Weeh banner, Mr. Randolfih delireff .fi Jhort speech in the audi- lofinm elinlaxing Unifed Sialef Uyeeh Carol Leavy, winner of Ameri- ran Legion Jponxofed ofatofical All rtand at alienlion df the fvefffl, dflifffff bf' JPFUIJ W1 flag if raifed at the reremonief fb? E1ffff0fd1C0UfE2- daring United Stale! Week. A Jpeaher Jhowf junior High .rtudenlx hifiorif Afneriran flag: during the United Slafef Week auemlfly. - x -i M The Senior High Mixed Choruf Jingf "Ba1lle Hymn of the Repahlif' at lhe The hand turnf the rorner marfhing norfh up New rerenzonief. Hyde Park Road. wife.: QI mg 5' TTE EK 19-2 6, 1195? During Uniled Slalef Week lhe American Legion donafed Zhu plaque to our Jfhool. The judgef, fonzexlanlf and Mr. Randolph pole after the win- ner wa: announced. cuz UNDEPTFMQZN W5 TRUST Mr. Leiter Springer addrenef the group in the audi- loriurn affer zhe parade. All flood az atfeniion during Ihe flag raifing reremony at the Village Hall. ww 1- Z g,.V,f W hi1l1l'h:5h 9 V, 3 , 1 , e 'f Reverend Carl I. Kruger lead! the invofalion. 4 ,IV . Z r Dr, ferome Niofi addreuef a junior High Affernhly during Unified SzaleJ Week, The group Jtandf al azzenrion for lhe Pledge of Allegionre. Y. 2 'r ,,,,,,r ..., ..,,,-S Mr. john Randolph Er. The Consu Spea as To ibe Clary 0f1958.' Few high school graduating classes have been forced to face as many challenges as loomed before the Class of 1958. When you came to your new high school, you were compelled to assume leadership. No traditions were established which would help to mold your per- sonalitiesg no student-inspired activities were in exist- enceg no student leaders were here to point the way. The magnificent manner in which you responded to this challenge has made me proud to say, "Congratulations !" to all of you. You are leaving your school to enter a world which has greater need of educated men and women than ever before, Knowledge, training, and skills are the tools which are in demand in this rapidly expanding world of the mid-twentieth century. During the next few years you will find many opportunities to broaden your education. If you would serve both yourselves and your community, you will find a way to build upon the training which you already have received here. That is the new challenge which faces the Class of 1958. We, the faculty administration, wish you, our first graduating class, success and good fortune. If leader- ship should once more come to you, we know that you will accept the responsibility with courage and self reliance. Priuriplfl qv' Mrs. Mary Olsen Serrelary lo Mr. Randolph .A,. . Q .A ,Aa 43 gi ff 'CSP Mr. Nicholas Carell Admznzrlmlive Arrirlanz Mrs. Florence Purcell Pupil Perromzel Service Dr. Jerome Niosi Ayfzmmt Principal mi Mrs. Ann Geehari Serremrg fo Dr. Niari 1, 4. f ff OUHC1 X t x FIAT Ulltmlirlril j 1" UU f .! yet' ,127 Languages N I p Lffffhe days of ancient Rome, it was necessary to lcrfow several languages in order to understand the various tongues spoken by conquered peoples. Today we learn foreign languages by choice rather than necessity. Each student who wishes to study a foreign language is offered the choice of Spanish, French, German, or Latin. In addition to learning the language, the student is exposed to the customs, culture, and history of the countries in which the language is spoken. The study of a foreign language helps us to understand our neighbors overseas and creates a basis for the hope of world peacx " X 1 Q cp al '67 ii IANGUAGF If '1 M' Mia as M Ld' ' J i . 1: .8ff0fl.Q2f.' iss i re pano, r. u wig I, , ,M ' Tf,B M L ju jj 1 Kronheim, Mr. john XXfhitebread, Mi: Louis Anastasio CChair- ' jffwf f,Qf',.'ffe mZj,mlTyfZ2 jtlfulgfgiliijllfllj I 6 fund!! manl. , ,qi , ,. f ff"Lr3 ' ' ' A r' ' 4 , .. -l P' Mfr, Cain pain!! 0111 a French painiing MV. Allen diff I0 be' Ffffffb dau' lo rlmrfhand Jiudemr. ommerc ia The Commercial Department of New Hyde Park Memorial High School is well equipped to produce the secretaries and office workers of the future, Courses in typing, transcription, bookkeeping, business machines, business law, business arithmetic, and retailing are given to train commercial students in all phases of their chosen field. The preparation they received in these courses is so complete that the graduate student finds little difiiculty in securing a position of merit. The blending of the abilities of the students and the experi- ence ofthe teachers has resulted in the great success of one of the largest departments in our school. l14l uler il IO LIVE HONURAMX lOlllllllilllOONl,lOGlVl tviimli HI5 M' , BUSINESS EDUCATION: From Roux: Miss Gaile Balsam, Second Roux' Mrs. Barbara Weigle, Mr. john Rooney, Miss Sarah Scott. Mr. Ewing Organ CChairmanD. 33 ,W fy Vi U H A A-1 ,T F'try3,12'v" f QGQQL, 'JY' '-J 'f "i"l"i f' ' ' ' ' , 2 . f an . - ,, ,V -- , I English One of the primary unitary forces in the world today is a common language. Without this it is impossible to communicate with one another. A common language is necessary to convey ideas and to express feeling. No one can properly express himself without a thorough knowledge of his language. It is to achieve this end that the English Department was formed. . More than any other department, the English Depart- ' ment prepares the student for this future. This isxthe ' class in which a student is taught that English is tool in expressing himself to others. ff . if - 'A' - ' ENGLISH: L fl I rzglat: Mr. George Costigan, Mr. Grant Zijyfgfijiilxkgmlnded of ,he homework Steinhauer, Nfirs. liuth Rosenberg, Mr. Alexander BUfk1Ch lf ' Cflhairmanj, Mr. John London. V' 'N , CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION: Left to right: Mr. Albert Koehler, Mr. Martin Perry, Miss Sheila Tucker, Mr, john McE1derry CChairmanD, Mrs. Florence Dubin, Mr. Arthur Mr, Cbgjfof mage, Domzldlkzprfum Jf1owrzf1ePul2licSpeak- Delaney, Mr. Leslie Chaitoff. American Hman, ing :lan the proper ure of gerturer dur- fw ,, ,, , , ,, ,,,, .V ,V ,,,,V intererlirzg for fair mg the 'ending of Shdkwpmfe' "'-" ? 121k Grade rtudenff. Citizens ip Education The mature, well informed citizen of tomorrow is the concern of the Citizen Education Department. It is here that he learns of the duties and privileges of an American citizen and of our c0untry's democratic tra- ditions which form our American heritage. European and American history are taught to acquaint the student with the pattern of nationsg their rise and fall. Tomorrowls history is today's current events. With this thought in mind much time is spent in discussing world problems and their effect upon our lives. J . , - , - U51 J f , Tbefe girlr reem farcimzted by Mr. Brooker' demonstration of Ike microfcope. Mr. Gucriofze amuierf cl ilu- derzfr queftzon about Malb. ., ,Q Citizens ip Education and English Past, present, and future - these are the concerns of the Citizenship Education and English Department of the New Hyde Park Memorial junior High. Citizenship Edu- cation delves into the past to promote a knowledge of historic events and their effect on the present and future. Current events are studied to develop a knowledge of the world today and their influence on tomorrow. In English we are taught all the principals of good speech to help express ideas and appreciation of good literature for enjoyment. Both help us develop into good citizens of tomorrow. JUNIOR HIGH MATH 8: SCIENCE: Lefl lo right: Mrs. Emma Goldfinger CChairmanj, Mr. Thomas Amendola, Mr. Mercer Williams, Mr. David Gould, Math an ience Here at New Hyde Park Memorial, the Junior High students are fortunate because the mathematics and science courses are designed to meet the needs and interests of each individual student, They aim to train the young citizen to reason logically with facts. These courses are a foundation for more advanced study in mathematics and science, and eventually in his individual field of endeavor. ENGLISH AND CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: Left to right: Miss Marlene Boyd, Mrs. Leona Oberstein, Miss Helen McGrath, Miss Loretta Carney, Mrs. Elsie Clayman CChair- manD, Mr. Charles Roberts, Miss Diane Oestreicher, Miss Mary Fleming. "ff MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT: Lefl ro right: Mr. Kenneth Skidmore CChairmanD, Miss Constance Darnowski, Mr. Ignatius Guccione, Mr. Alan Schwartz, Mr. Anthony Mattei, Mrs. Emma Goldfinger, Miss Rosalind incus, Mrs. Pauline Kondulis. l Mr. Goldman? lab flair Jeff ' .. up tive appanzlur for the prep- amlion of laydrogerz. Min Pincus helps ber claire! H: , , by znzdefrfand the pmrziml appli- +5 I f cation of Malbemalicf. , . s lg 1 Q, A r , X 1 A fi- 'DLE 9.4, -- I .Q . - F v , QM QQ Math S ience Just as the ancient Romans considered mathematics one of the most valuable subjects, so do we. Bridges, roads, buildings, rockets - all depend on math, from drawing board to completion and use. To keep the wheels of prog- ress moving, an adequate high school math program is needed. Every field of e deavor has math as a requisite in one form or another science, business, or just balancing As a result of the increasing emphasis on science in our daily living, the Science Department has become more and more important in our high school curriculum. It offers courses in General Science, Biology, Earth Science, Physics, and Chemistry. By means of experiments, individual research, demon- stration, and classroom use of scientific rilms and texts, the the famil budget. student is trained to analyze and solve problems logically. X These courses are designed to meet the needs of those - r students who wish to enter the scientific field as well as to provide knowledge for the application of science in and l around the home. X, SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: Lefz to rigbl: Mr, Charles Tobias, Mr. John Romano, Mr. Stanley Gold- ! man, Mrs. Mary Ann Porcher, Mr. Ora Walters CChairmanj, Mrs. Doria Vrabec, Mr. William Brookes, X C Mr. Mercer Williams. if . . ,'-.V' , 3125. , ZW' t ,Is if un-a U... 18 J INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Left Io fighlf Mr. Milton Zipper, Mr. Silver Casbarra CChairmanj, Mr. Arnold Honig. lndustrial Arts While not striving to produce finished professional craftsmen, the Industrial Arts Department succeeds admirably in inculcating the basic skills a young man needs in order to absorb rapidly on-the-job-training as well as effect minor household repairs and maintenance. The skill in the use of hand and power tools, learned under expert supervisignfaenlableslltihedyoung Agricu- worker-head of the,f11'Fnfily tofdexelop hi taleptfaccord- ing to his ownil'ic'linatio' s. W' Q , .X Q, ,, . xv :yi lr xr" A lltl l " Y . t its F. l , . I "" K if ,old ,gg I gr It J 1' I Mr. Zipper Juperoifer during the building of a rage for an air conzprerror. Mrr. Herrloey rlaowr her Home Econornin clan the proper way lo Jew. I -21' Mr. Honig demomiralef to Shop clan' llae proper melbod of handling a drill preu. Cleaning up ir jun ar imporlant or preparing in I-IOMEMAKING: Lefz lo right: Miss Lucille Mose- ley, Mrs. joan Reinert, Mrs. Marian Hershey CChairmanD. l 4' 5 Min IVloJeley'J Cooking flair. Home Conomic S To prepare today's girls to be tomorrow's wives and mothers is the job of the Homemaking Department. Courses in Cooking, Sewing and Family Relations are given to provide a firm foundation upon which to expand. The delicious odors in the halls after a day of cake baking makes everyone wish he were a member of the Cooking class but the importance of the Sewing and Family Relations class is just as great and every bit as practical. .,,. , . I . ff YVYZUMZW ,4,, J, . L mfsv' , ark. " f 3, f ,-',a.- M Wt.-' ff 4-fn Art Art played a major part in the daily life of a Roman citizen. Their architecture, statuary, clothing, and embellishments reflected this fact. Our Art Department strives to make the student conscious of the part art plays in modern life. Here the student learns to appreciate art in all its forms. His own creative ability is encouraged by projects in letter- ing, paper sculpture, sketching, paintings and architec- ture. Library Someone once defined a school as a place where people read together. Our libraries provide a quiet, pleasant atmosphere conducive to learning. It's to these havens the students retire when in search of source material for term projects, recreational reading, and supplementary reading. The vast resources of their well- stocked shelves and the efhcient assistance of our well informed librarians provide a true invitation to learn- ing. Music Organized to develop an appreciation and enjoy- ment of music within the student the Music Department succeeds admirably. For those students who Wish to play an instrument we have a V. and Varsity Band. Students whose musical inclinations tend toward vocal- izing can join one of our two Glee Clubs. junior High students are given instruction in music in classes designed to provide a general background in the subject ranging from classical to "pop" music. Clarinet Jluderzlr combine zheir tglerztf wizb the arromprznimenl of Mr. Mzllner. Au.. 4, fb ART: Left to right: Mr. james De Nicola CChairmanj, Mrs. janet Greffrath, Mr. Martin Maghakian. Mr. Mrzglmkirzrz helpr hir Ar! clan make puppelr. LIBRARY STAFF: Lefl lo right: Mrs. Dorothy Tootle, Miss Lena Gould. Mfl, Tootle explainr library procedures to junior High rzudenlr. MUSIC: Left lo right: Miss Marion Donnelly, Mr. Bertram Konowitz, Mr. William Millner CChairmanj, Miss Shirley Homan. , S MW Boys' Physica U, ffl Education BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Fro11lR0u',1efIl0 figbff Mr. Richard Moran, Mr. Leon Cohen. Second Row: Mr. Williain Peters, Mr. David Star CChairmanD, Mr. Samuel Stempcl. The buyf learn Ibe correrl lmiling .mmre from Mr. David Star. Mr. S1ef11pel.rl90u'.r ilaree of bit .rludenlr Ike demozzrtrafion Carr. lil? lil ' Q 3 '15 t ,,,' f as . , 5 xr, 'px T f V' X A ll! Fitness is the keynote in the Boys Physical Education Department. Physically and mentally fit young men are its objectives. Through a carefully planned sports pro- gram the student develops muscular power, reflexes, and acquires a team spirit. Extra curricular sports are en- couraged to supplement the twice-weekly gym class. Every student over 16 is given the opportunity to select the Driver Education Course to improve his driv- ing skill and to help make our highways a safe place to be. Girls' Physica Education Young women who are physically and mentally fit are the objective of the Girls Physical Education Department. Programs in individual and team sports, gymnastics, and social dancing are provided to develop co-ordination, agility, team spirit, pleasure and praise. A Health course is included to give background in the care and preservation of the students' health. Numerous extra-curricular activities, such as cheer- leading, Leader Corps, twirling and intramural sports, are encouraged to further develop the students' fitness. GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Lefz 10 right: Miss Glenda Grossman, Miss Rosalia Gioia CChairmanD, Mrs. Carolyn Tallow, Miss Livia Olmeda. 'Z' ,Ju I hp h , Alf Cabell fbF!'k.!' uifb Marie Reiri lo liflse Ibpu' e1'.egr5P17J1ng li' ' - 1 'xx L., . -3 -. under coulml. u V gi X y U K i . . , it N., 'N--t 7 Look ma, no lmndr! Mirr Olmedffr junior gym fldif. X I V . HX Qllice tall Swift, efiicient service is always the objective of the New Hyde Park Memorial office staff. Students, teachers and parents all receive pleasant, courteous assistance whenever it is necessary to avail upon the aid of the staff. Given the responsibility of issuing the daily bul- letin, typing and compiling records, keeping corres- pondence, and performing other jobs too numerous to mention, the office stafi' always manages to do it with a minimum of waste and a maximum of efficiency. Pupil Personne Designed to beneht the individual student, each of these departments does its share in aiding his welfare. Making sure that the student is physically and mentally able to carry on with his studies is the job of the Health Department. Various examinations are given to deter- mine his physical condition and to recommend medical care when necessary. The Guidance Department is given the responsibility of helping students with problems concerning his personal life, academic needs, and post- graduate aims, such as college or service. GUIDANCE 8c HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Left I0 right: Mr. John Foley, Mrs. Rosalie Rodiquenzi, Mr. Martin Cheiken Mrs. Verona Colyer, Mrs. Florence Purcell CChairmanj, Mrs. Felice Golding, Mr. Walter Brenner, Mrs. Elizabeth Hummel. x OFFICE STAFF: Left In righlf Mrs. Gertrude-Kahn, Mrs Elsie Vanecek, Miss Winifred Spengler, Mrs. Bessie Campanis Miss Lorraine Chylak, Mrs. Mary Olsen, Miss Arlene Meyeri Miss Carole Schroeder, Mrs. Mildred Bracy, Mrs. Ann Geehan L L! 1 Mrr. Purcell helpf a Senior deeide whifh college to allend. Mfr, Hummel readr the directionf for Ihe 9th Grade Reading Teri. r y y . 1 ,. 1 , ,r- ' . 'Ei ,"' r Q . -. ' ,,,t.5, f gflieiff e 1 Q my ti L u . . ' ,N-ra, 9. f,,- f N , .1 vw H ' ' ' ' f i f' "-- r ..'... , The ogre rtajf celehralef Mrs. G66l9tZ7Z',f hirthday, Mrr. Rodiaaehzi of lhe Health Ojjzire cherhr a studenfr porzfure and weighl. 4 'fe cr Mir! Spengler and Mrr. Colyer compare rzoter. i . Q 'P fl. Q a ia A 1 3' ti Xl, . ,J F Q i if 1 ff ' , " X ""'UlFl -4 - J. , i cp Custodians Behind the scene of New Hyde Park Memorialfs clean bright look is a capable efficient custodial staff. Given the responsibility of keeping up the appearance of the classrooms, halls, and offices as well as the grounds out- side, the staff has kept the school like new on the inside and has given the outside a campus-like appearance. CUSTODIAL STAFF: Front Row, lefl to right: Mr. Ronald Slingo, Mr. james Caddyin CI-lead Custodianj, Mrs. Charlotte Flower, Mr. Phillip Guiliano. Second Row: Mr. Barney McFadden, Mr. Carmen Russo, Mr, Pat Mancuso. 7 The efficient furlodirzl 114161 ffveckr water ' ,Df6'.f.l'IlfL7 D1 lbe boiler mom l Mfr. Flouer the ,qirlr malron maker i une lbrl the girlr uill zluuyr haze dry fmndr. "1 anssuiamavn mos aisnou A cherry to make lbe mlad romplele, Nulfiziour and appetizing if the molto of . c a X i ,ss Ike kitchen fluff. Cafeteria Every noontime hundreds of hungry students flock to the cafeteria to eat. To serve such a large number and to satisfy all is not an easy task but our competent cafe- teria staff seems to do it with utmost care and efficiency. Each menu is prepared with thought, for nourishment as well as appearance and variety. No wonder every student awaits eagerly the posting of the week's menu! CAFETERIA STAFF: Front Row, left zo rigbz: A. Speigel, M. Michaels, I. Basile, R. Owens, S. Simone. Second Row: M. Reitz, V. Carlson, J. Slater, D. McCrea, A. Barrie. Third Row: J. Beyer, E, Thoden, T. Christensen, D. DeLo5a, D. Vfaldron. PTA: Front Row, left to right: Mrs. A. Shapiro, Mrs. W. Tornow, Mrs. E. Mackauf, Mrs. O. Edel. Serond Raw: Mr. I. Trachtenberg, Mr, J. S. Randolph, Mr. M. Evans. Organized to promote better parent-teacher rela- tions, the PTA of New Hyde Park Memorial has enjoyed great success in achieving its goals. Numerous Parent-Teacher Conferences have resulted in a better understanding of the individual student by both parent and teacher. Always interested in promoting students achieve- ment, the PTA provides a graduation scholarship as well as a Student Aid Fund. The president is Mrs. W. Tornow. Ptzrentf Jign up to join the PTA. El UH l 'HE tfrgajie NEE24 100 TN T Top: Ptzrentr af Mr. Walte1"f rtuderztr virit the Pbyricr class Bottom: Mfr. Tornow addfefres the pfzrentr on Open Srbool Night. ps l24l X .I ' if . Avi: "' J! x qw . Direrlor of Adu!! Educalion Mr. Silver Casbarra "'?r7-'aid' The Adu!! Edumfion Clan learns lbe fu11d.1me1z.f.1lJ of lllulflifmtlfffl. Darla Club Composed of the fathers of the New Hyde Park Memorial student body, the Dad's Club meets monthly to discuss problems relating to school and parent- teacher-student relations as well as to foster and boost athletics and sports at Memorial. Dr. Martin Schaul is president. DADS CLUB: Front Row. lefl to rigbl: Mr. M. Davis, Dr. M. Schaul, Mr. F. Boxt, Mr. T. Daly. Second Row: Mr. R. Macoy, Mr. F. Scholer, Mr. D. Star, Mr. J. Meyer, Mr. A. Heck. Adult Education Adults wishing to further their education in any one of a multitude of subjects are given the opportunity to do so by registering for courses offering instruction in that field. Everything from bridge, for those who wish to extend their knowledge of the game, to citizenship for non-citizens to prepare for naturalization, is offered. Classes are open to anyone who is not attending high school and who is between eighteen and sixty. ADULT EDUCATION: Fran! Row, left lo right: Mrs. H. Morris, Miss M. L. Lally, Mrs. L. Pagano, Mrs. D. Sedat. Seward Row: Mr. F. Engel, Mr. S. Casbarra, Mr. V. Dulko, Mr. B. Wallis, Mr. L. Walsh, Mr. S. J. Granato, Mr. A. Honig, Mr. E. Tutak. X ,. .. . -T-,... ,Y RAYMOND ABRUZZI-Ray-l755 Belmont Ave., NHP, Un- decided, Rifle Club, Le Cercle Francais, PA Club, Jr. Red Cross, Hall Squad, Student Council, Radio Club. ANTHONY AGOSTA-Tony-34 Heather l.a., NHP, Unde- cided, V, JV Football, V lacrosse, Froslgrack, Chef's Club, Jr., , Sr - oardsxa 039' fx 'I' CHARLES ALLIO-Charlie-21 Durham Rd., NHP, Engineer, JV, V Trac , V Football, Student Council, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, V Bas etball, Audio Vi al Squad, Key Club, Kon- N Kordia L'Or amme 'x BARBAR DERSON-Babb' l4l5 Lowell Ave., Teacher, eerleaders Chariot D ta Gamma - Utopia F Ecclesia, m, Societ atinas, S ft all l t' Ho o S ciety o ybal T is, Baske ll. v NW + . kj ll. ORGE ARCULEO l53l P d., tor, Visual d P g hy l b Ai Sued, h p u. ol-:df Miz orgef . . . I'1F1?1I Morgan and Vinny Kreyling ufilfa bazzdr ibut were rteady. N0 mailer what zfae rare with mmemf were ready. X DONALD ANDERSON-Don-54 Plymouth S , , Air Force, Frosh Board, V Bask tba LINDA ANDERSON-38 Oak DK-1, NHP, d , ntramural Sport? j ,. u bf tdviblpi Qt! AN-Don-31 ' I.a., NHP, Chemical ey Club, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Band, Totem, Pho- tography Club. DONALD Engineer, LUCILLE BALZARINI-504 Cherry La., NHP, Retailing, Cho- rus, Retailing Club, Softball, Tennis, Coalition, Ecclesia, Library Club, Le Cercle Francais. . ,y ff .. ff, inf" I A 1 I . li V I. l' 1 i Q' P cj ni Ib ,AX4 jf!!! a-QF! , . ' ' I ' ij? ,I I. ' lx: I' J . I i I. Ay!,3,'J l 4' , . 4 1'f ,, 1 ' ,I .t JEAN DARTKOWSKI-30 .nh Ave., ocv, secretary, Boosters Club, GSL, library Club, Chorus, Tennis, Basketball, Eta Tau Hi-Y, Softball. 26 w in r 7 , . .W 1 -fl '. ROSEMARIE BOADO-1520 Falmouth Ave. NHP fecre-1. R tary Chariot Modern Dancing. 1 ,V SANDRA BOLDT-Sandy-l32 N. lllh Sf. NHP Typbfa Slude Council, ln ramural Sports Le Cercle Franeaisj' Totem Cheerl drs Chariot Library Club Konkordia- ammo Hi-Y GSL. .RIC B ACUM--Dick-23 Cellar Ave., NHP, Eleclrical 1,,fj . Technician, Accordion Club, Sporls Club. W ERTRUDE BOSCH-Trudy-56 Syl ' J., NHP, Secrelary, Honor Sociely, GSL, udenl nc'l, cclesia, Chariot, FHA, Elcl Tau i-Y, lleyb , n Dancing, Der u ch er . , N lx . ff? DOROTHY BASSON- ollie-27 Pilgrim Sl., N P, Secretary, JV Glee Club, Las Chicos, FHA, Era Tau Hi- , Volleyball, Modern Dancing. Lk L NHP, BELDY-Lorrie-1764 NHP Rd. Francais, JV Glee Club, Library Club, Chorus, Choir, Bowling, GSL. , Secrelary, A ,EV lf LIL T , M , W , uf rl , s M qezl, le' acyl ol ,UU j A l '9 l . if elif 2 Of' ef . . . J L -QL 'ig .nfl X L af . - , at ' , My 2 Carol, Erizflz and Sandy, though If label' a lot of MARYLITQ' BIERBAUM-15 Sigur? Ave., NHP, Teacher, Um, L'Ori6amrile, V Glee Club, AH: en, Artisans, Aslronomy f C"'b,,T0v'g"'f Tennis' WW Gamma HW' JV Clwms' Are the girlr in our dan wilb the lozfelieft hail MARGARET BLAIKIE-Margie-19 Wlnlhrap Sl., NHP, Sec- , refary, Le Cercle Francais, Riding Club, Tennis, Jr. Red . Cross, JV, V Glee Club, Totem, Della Gamma Hi-Y, GSL, Scenici Players. 27 'il 5 ANTHONY CHRISTON Tony i530 Park Ave NHP Sci OIL. WML wget... x X l311f'bfzi'4,f'Kf1lf,glk" 1, Rwlulrll and Glwill. All' gli ' dy Milk zwbo, u'fJvrc .uid zrbuz. 7559 'fi J G' N VP Q Xjdhf , ', .,, X' f 9 J- X. ff . is Sf .e,.,,fff ence V Chorus Phy Chem Bios Chefs Club Omega I HuY Der Deutcshe Vereln Ecclesua EILEEN COMMINS-527 Maple Dr. W., NHP, Teacher, Sports Club, Jr., Sr, Boards, Astronomy Club, Le Cercle Francais, Math Circle, Basketball, Volleyball. N. 1' I PATRICK COMMINS-Muscles-527 Maple Dr. W., NHP, Physical Educaiion Teacher, Hall Squad, intramural Sports, Weight Lifting Club. ALICE BROWN-970 N. 4th St., NHP, Secretary, Jr. Sr. Boards, los Jovenes, Chariot, Volleyball, Modern Dancing. FLORA BROWN-34 Dallas Ave., NHP, Liberal Arls, Stu- dent Council, Le Cercle Francois, Math Circle, Riding Club, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, GSL. JOAN ONWAY-l6l6 iwell Zeta Rho Hr , W CAROL BUNOWSKI-50 Old Stewart Ave., GCP, Secl Scenici Players, Le Cercle Francais. ARLINE CARLSEN-99 2nd St., GCP, Secretary, Scenici Players, Chariot, Student Council, JV Glee Club, Chorus, Kankardia, Chieftain. 1 F' , . 5 6 VERA CHAPLIN-I2 Tulip La., NHP, Undecided, Della ' Gamma Hi-Y, Artisans, Le Cercle Francais, JV Glee Club, Astronomy Club, Utopian, Ecclesia. LOUISE CHARTRAND-59 Beechwood La., NHP, BiofChemist, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Totem, FTA, Scenici Players, Le Cercle Francais, GSL. GlJ7OCoCf O 'fh-CL L.C14,d,.' Ulf pu l7f 14 f A i .. xkksf X NV CAROL COOK-3l S. '7th St.. NHP, Typist, Library Club. V li W Bw NAXCCAQF 'ILUWX fc,flC"'f ffl ,jeg , I ,SV l ,E f 'riff V fl' it , l 1 yi cg vl PATRICIA CRAGER-Pat-532 N. 5th St., NHP, Secretary, GSL, Basketball, Bowling. MARIANNE DEGIACOMO-Jo-Jo-1766 Jasmine Ave., NHP, Nurse, Retailing Club, Soprts Club, Totem, Chorus, Basket- ball, Softball, Bowling, Ecclesia, Coalition. MARILYN DESIDERIO-Desi -V 35 Evergreen Ave., NHP, Secretary, Student Council, Scenici Players, Artisans. GEORGE DIEM-5'l Aberdeen Rd., NHP, Aeronautical En- gineer, Chefs' Club. RAYMOND DEKOV-Ray-68 Maple Dr., NHP, Engineer, Chefs' Club, Sports Club, Los Chicos. TERENCE DILLON-Terry-l28 N. 7th St., NHP, Unde- cided, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Chefs' Club, V Football, V Bas- ketball, V Track. STEPHEN DODGE-Steve-42 Nugent St., NHP, Evgineer, Sr. Boa Q, Chariot, Camera Club, Ecclesfa, Omega Chi .y - , W. Wil + ' mme ooennsu- 415 Park Ave., NHP, Nurse, FHA, Totem, FNA, Ecclesio. WARREN DORIS-120 N. l0th Sl., NHP, Electrician, Sports Club, Chess and Checker Club, Phy-Chem-Bios. if W C l 29 olL6f ml orgef. . . Arlene and Tom ufbellyer lbe diflrmce rr Alzvayf were ready with rl big, wide mzile. mile, Ociliiiz EQDWW DONNA ORRMANN-1617 Jasmine Ave., NHP, Laboratory Technician, Leader Corps, JV Chorus, Basketball, GSL, Sports Club, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Ecclesio. RICHARD DORSCH-l043 N. 4th St., NHP, Navy, lntramural Sports. VINCENT DOYLE-15 Carole Ave., NHP, Service, Chorus. EMILY DZIOMBA-Sugar-2136 Jericho Tpke., NHP, Sec- retary, Booster Club, Totem, Jr. Red Cross, Scenici Players, GSL, Student Council, Photography Club. JOHN EWALD-89 Durham Rd., NHP, Business Administra- tion, Key Club, Photography Club, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Ecclesia. GAIL EDWARDS-2 Baxter Ave., NHP, Secretary, JV, V Glee Club, Le Cercle Francais, Student Council, Della Gamma Hi-Y, FHA, Riding Club. KARIN ETTEL-908 NHP Rd., NHP, Undecided, Leader Corps, JV Chorus, Basketball, Swimming, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Ecclesia, Charleston Line, GSL, Sports Club. THoMAs FAzlo-Tom-211 while Ave., NHP, Engineer Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Chefs' Club, Intramurals, Dance Band Student Council. f tml? 'O-. M 'ML orgef . . . Allie, 111.11111 and Arne are any nf fbe lap, llnbezz it mme to mzzfif Ibey were Ike cream of lb? CVUP. X JANET FERRIS-2 Hilton Ave., GCP, Undecided, Coalition, Scenici Players, Jr. Red Cross, The Lensmen, Retailing Club. GERALD FORTSCH-Jerry-l026 N. 2nd St., NHP, Com- mercial Field, Wrestling, Weight-lifting Club, Artisans, Hall Squad. 30 X W f ft 1 Mfg ywfn f wr f f, JOHN FOSTER-79 Park Ave., GCP, sonians, Aquarium Club, Key Club GI eNCIub Wife PATRICIA FRIGGIONE-Pat-I6 Ashland Ave., NHP, Sec' retary, Jr. Board, V Glee Club, Choir, Delta Gamma Hi-Y Bowling, Le Cercle Francais, Library Club, Archery Club KENNETH GERRETY-Kenny-305 White Ave., NHP, Un decided, Student Council, Jr. Board, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Chefs' Club, L'Oriflamme, Key Club. JERRY GLASSMAN-5l4 N. llth St., NHP, Draftsman Omega Chi HiAY, Chefs' Club, Tennis. JANICE GOLD-Jan-916 N. 7th St., NHP, Secretary Intramural Sports, FHA, Scenici Players. Brook- con NN L BARBARA FOX-Barbi-IOO 6th St., GCP, Dramafics, Se- wanateens, Los Chicos, Chariot, Scenici Players. Band, O' 6 XM X gp- Lai ,UM orgef . . . A f A O.. P y fofazz Bmfzzzigmz and Kefz Neitzel af if emily LIN eN-23 seep an Ave., NHP, Medical sem- gueffed, Beta Hi-Y, Student Council, GSL, Societas latinas, , PNA, Tgfeml lnffqmufai sports, Frqgh Board, Regmdlexf of ormsmn were alwayy well-dreued. J HELAINE FREUNDLICH-923 N. Ist St., NHP, Medical Ste- nographer, Scenici Players, Le Cercle Francais, Bowling, Intramural Sports, Math Club. - 3l 1 l l wg JOSEPH HERGENHAN-Joeyfi Paul Ave., NHP, Coast Guard, Photography Club, Choir, Audio Visual Squad. JOAN HE G l54 No. ll S . NHP, Typitl, GSI., FHA, t f Glee Club, ' e ary Club. clad e orge . I, - , Ol Dare, Ilrrmld, Neil and Alun .Ill rw fem!! V lr flu' t'l'6"I'-flllfllllll' Cbvfl' Club, rrbww lbcfy lnrc' V, had .1 Imll. Q XL , MADELINE HINGULAR-Maddy-36 Beechwood La., NHP, Stenographer, Lance, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Ecclesia, Library Club, Tuocs Co-Y, los Chicos, Totem, V Glee Club, Student United, GSL. v JOHN GRILLER-Jack-34 Durham Rd., NHP, Photographer, Brooksanians, Astronomy Club, Camera Club, Chefs' Club, Konkordia, Council Force. NANCY GROTE-Smiley-28 Garden Co t, NHP, Secr ry, N lee Sub. X J , X Y . t , Sp Club, JV ,B , Jr. Cros wling Cy N HRSC 5ll N. 6th ., NHP Medic Secre- , FH orus f WALTER GRUND-4 Carole Ave., NHP, Undecided, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Photography Club, Totem. DAVID GRUNER-Dave-62 Maple Dr., NHP, Undecided, Intramural Sports. CAROL HAMMER-47 Winthrop St., NHP, Secretary, Usher- ettees, JV Glee Club, GSL, Eta Tau Hi-Y, Ecclesia. ENNETH HASENMEYER-Ken-I5 Mapleleaf La., NHP, Electrician, los Chicos. A N C QQ 32 .tx lf ROBERT HNIS Bob 73 Paul Ave., NHP, Airline Pilot, Aquarium Club, Chefs' Club, Phy-Chem-Bios, Sports Club, Key Club. .lla We wager . . . Barbara Andermrz anal Marianne Sriallo were al- ufayr ful! of zefl, CQRIN GIN' I3 Falmouth Ave., NHP, Nurse, Rudi b, Jr. Cross, Sports Club, Bowling, Eta Tau Hi-Y, e 'Corps. it D0ROT A ecfe my, V atv? QQ? ROCHELLE HYMOWITZ-Shelly-93 Evans Sl., NHP, Diplo- mac , Jr. Board Los Chicos Leader Corps, Artisans Totem, Y I , . GSL, Utopian, Intramural Sports, Zeta Rho Hi-Y. PHILIP INSANA--Phil-l Brisbane St., NHP, Art, Chefs' Club, Artisans. LINDA HYLAND-618 Wayne Ave., NHP, Public Relations, Sr. Board. PAULA JAEP-9l3 N. 2nd St., NHP, Airline Stewarcless. Honor Society, V Cheerleaders, Jr. Board, JV, V Glee Club, Scenici Players, Usherettes, Eta Tau Hi-Y, Los Chicos, CAP, GSL, Modern Dancing, Jr. Red Cross. ELAINE KELLEY-Kell-612 White Ave., NHP, Psychologist, Lance, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, FTA, Ecclesia, GSL, Le Cercle Francais, V Glee Club, Utopian, Tuocs Co-Y, Tennis, JV Glee Club, Student Council. EUGENE KELLY-Gene-48 Williams St., NHP, Undecided, Weight Lifting Club. GERARD KENNEDY-Kens-l07 Cellar Ave., NHP, Air Force, Artisans, Delta Sigma Hi-Y. Ciaaee ,,,f ,zflfff ,eu-ff L' -aaa,. fee J 1 33 llyberz it fomer lo beirzg peppy, bere are two of tbe bert. . V jp K KATHLEEN KIEFER-14 Maple Dr., NHP, Librarian, Library Club, Los Chicos, FHA, Chess and Checker Club, lance, Eta Tau Hi-Y, Honor Society. JOHN KOSCIUK-Jack-1000 N. 2nd St., NHP, Engineer, Key Club, Sports Club, L'Oriflamme, Societas Latinas, Phy- Chem-Bios. VIRGINIA KRAUSE-Ginny-'ll Hoffman Rd., NHP, Secre- tary, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, GSI., Ecclesia. VINCENT KREYLING-Vinny-935 Hillside Blvd., NHP, En- gineer, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Lance, Totem, Los Chicos, library Club, Photography Club, Student Council, Key Club, Ec- r 'N " l 1 clesia, Aeons. VIRGINIA LANG-Ginny-I66 Cellar Ave., NHP, Unde- cided, Sr. Board, Library Club, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Eonacs Co-Y, Los Chicos, Student Council, Frosh Board, JV Glee Club. ' ...-1 CAROL KUBIK-606 Brooklyn Ave., NHP, Secretary, GSL, Fa' FHA, Bowling. I' RICHARD LACEY-Richie-146 Kamen Blvd., NHP, Unde' 'Q cided, Jr. Board, Artisans. .K f A A J 3 if glfl. ' 3 le W 2 lr I ,W , AAL 4. ' f 3 N. . . ' . U V X N LM " V M ,jill Josm-I LA Rocco-Joe-115 while Ave., N , Rmilfng, lv A rfg,""0' Intramural Sports. , QQ MU J 1 lf fl ly v 1 L olzdf ML orgef . . . m P P llffbelber add or .vlrblmfl they were 072 Ibe rigbt I 11.115, Mrzrlerze and Mrrfilyrz, our rlmrnpiozu in Mrzzb. uf' 'M' .W wwf BARBARA LAU 22 illo d., N P, GoS.:fg,.tL F S lf if 'lflf gg fy VQJ ll L C A ll wld' kb FQ' l I neer ntra ural ports e Hi-Fi Co esponde ce Club I r JoHN LA on a Dyke an Ave. , l , ' ad CI b, , al X 34 fl u 1 . , ll L ,v J l J' Lf' L 'I 1 l. , Q l A ,fl MH l Francois, Student Coun 'l, Utopian, 'J lee lub V ee is E3 ew' 41 H ZW!! JUDITH LIOTTA-Judy-520 Maple Dr. ., NHP, Secretary, Twirlers, FHA, Los Chicos, Leader Corps, JV Glee Club, GSL, GAA, Ecclessia. ELAINE LOBE-Cookie-521 Hillside Blvd., NHP, Secretary, Scenici Players, Bowling, lntramural Sports. , . ,igcv-Jffjz Je' IA! 1 ,,.' Finn- Wfd' , , ifwffff'-ff" eww AUGUSTUS LONGABARDI-Gus-30 5th Ave., GCP, Arr Teacher, Jr., Sr. Boards, Chariot, Artisans, Chieftain, Akah- nawes, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Student Council, Artsmen, Kon- kordia Charleston Line, Choir. LOIS LUDIN-17 Kamda Blvd., NHP, Airline Hostess, Usherettes, V Cheerleaders, Sr. Quintet, Leader Corps, GSL, Choir, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Student Council, Eonacs. CAROL LEAVY-l0 Pinewood La., NHP, lndustriol Secretary, Honor Society, Frosh, Soph Boards, Tuocs Co-Y, Co-Y Area Council, GAA, Election Commissioner, Intramural Sports, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Lance, Student Council, V Glee Club. SANDRA MACOY-Sandy-66 Maple Dr., NHP, Home Eco- nomics Teacher, Lance, FHA, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Konkordia, FTA, Usherettes, Home Economics Club, Societas Latinas, Jr. Red Cross, Sewanateens, Totem, Coalition. MAGNUS MADSEN-Steve-1649 Hillside Ct., NHP, Air Force, Chefs' Club, FFA. ANTHONY LEONE-Tony-571 Hillside Blvd., NHP, Unde- cided, Phy-Chem-Bios. JOANN LICATA-Jo-1628 Falmouth Ave., NHP, Teacher, Honor Society, Chariot, V Choir, Ko kordio Le ,Cercle D I XM' 1 Cleef ML orgef . . . Pat While and Fred Maxey were ture an Zlze go, Wberz it mme to Student Council they were always in lfae know. 5' f 18:-44 'wp af--H if M2ffJA.e-,-1, GLENN LIESTOL-419 McNulty Pl., NHP r , ' ot g- ,,, 1 AM' S raphy Club, Key Club, Future Scienti , ports Club, Honor Society. 35 .f K .,lL..f MA orgef . . Marcella and Sandy with fl .flrlzt and rr yell, Wferc' at all the gfmlcf as we !llZt'!Ijl.l' maid fell. if X , XY: ,ee ! - f - is FRED MAXEY-l04 N. 7th St., NHP, Chemistry, Honor Society, Student Council, Track, Frosh, Jr. Board, Key Club, Band, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Ecclesia, Dance Band, Charleston Line, Jr. Quintet, Der Deutsche Verein, Cross Country. MARLENE MAYSTRIK-Marl-7 Corwin Ave., NHP, Lawyer Honor Society, FTA, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, lance, Ecclesio, GAA Student Council, GSL, Boosters, Utopian, Chariot, Totem, Scenici Players, Math Circle, Der Deutsche Verein, Tuocs Co-Y, JV, V Glee Club, Debating Club. Ii ' ffv L' 1 A W' J 1 . H Jjwf W? 1' o AS M' v-T -uno' Hilsi Ate. NHP, ea: GFX Tr , cows, scenafa P W tt, et Qwest, t A umenfyaglu . XJ' y 1 .V fl' gr we QQ IRENE MAJEWSKI-605 N. lst St., NHP, Secretary, So- cietas Latinas, JV Gleo Club, Scenici Players, Tennis, Bowling, Zeta Rho Hi-Y. WILMA MALONE-405 Brown Pl., NHP, Sl1ip's Stewardess, Der Deutsche Verein, Riding Club, GSL. ELIZABETH MILLER-Liz-9l9 N. 5th St., NHP, Undecided Piano Club, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Library Club. MEREDITH MARAKOWSKI-Merry-1612 Jericho Tpke., NHP, Secretary, Retailing Club, Scenici Players. ANGELA MARINO-Angie-46 Old Stewart Ave., NHP, Secretary, Los Chicos, Volleyball, Intramural Sports. ALEX MARTIN-Aiax-8 5th Ave., GCP, Undecided, As- tronomy Club, Intramural Sports, Totem. BARBARA MASON-Bobbi-1738 Belmont Ave., NHP, Sec- retary, GSL, Bowling, V Glee Club, Choir, Los Chicos. ,H I as ,, w w X ' K me WML WWMJMKGGW w,,W VINCENT MILO-Vinny-4 Covert Ave., NHP, Retailing, Ecclesna, Student Council, Key Club, Omega Chi Hi-Y, JV Football, Retailing Club, Hall Squad. LINDA MOHL-Lin-35 Corwin Ave., NHP, Physical Educa- tion Teacher, Sports Club, Library Club, lntramural Sports, Artisans, Tennis Club. LOIS MOONEY-65l 6th Ave., NHP, Nurse, Los Chicos, Camera Club, V Glee Club, Band, Zeta Rho Hi-Y. HELEN Lance, RICHARD MURPHY-Richie-ll4 Primrose Dr., NHP, Lawyer, Chefs' Club, JV, V Football, V Baseball, JV, V Track, Visual Aid Squad, Jr. Board, Societas Latins, Boys' Hall Squad, JV Basketball, Delta Sigma Hi-Y. MARILYN NAPOLITANO-27 Kingston St., NHP, Secretary Glee Club, Zeta Rho Hi-Y. MORGAN-l0 Maple Dr. W., NHP, Undecided, Photography Club, Eta Tau Hi-Y, V Glee Club, Los Chicos, Ecclesia. JOAN NATALIE-l4l9 Park Ave., NHP, Fashion Designer, Soph, Jr., Sr. Boards, Chariot, V Choir, Artsmen, Math Circle, JV, V Glee Club, Charleston Line, Ecclesia, Student Council, Leader Corps, PowWow Co-Y, Intramural Sports, Le Cercle Francais, Chieftain, Coalition, Honor Society. KENNETH NEITZEL-Ken-l48 N. 5th St., NHP, Undecided, Los Chicos, Intramural Sports, Ecclesia. CAROL NELSON-l722 Park Ave., NHP, Teacher, Choir, Eta Tau Hi-Y, lance, FTA, Chariot, V Glee Club, Bowling, Usherettes, Softball, Student Council, Math Circle, Ec- clesia, Hi-Y Area Council, GSL, Le Cercle Francais. THOMAS NICHOLS-Tom-401 Brown PI., NHP, Undecided, Sports Club, V Football, V Basketball, Delta Sigma Hi-Y Intramural Sports, JV, Frosh Baseball, Utopian. I 0 37 C-Chai 'lfll orgef . . . Test tube and acids, john Farrar war there, Hd: our mad Jcieizfifl wiifa none to compare. -- 111-2 l . Q J U lj' 1 M A ELSIE NILSEN-2l9 Kamda Blvd., NHP, Teacher, Band, Le Cercle Francais, FTA, Eta Tau Hi-Y, Soph Board, Lance, GSL, Honor Society. DOMINIC NUZZI-Don-100 C v Ave., NHP, Business Administration, Fro Foo ball, rosh Lacrosse, Retailing lu f L , ARL MAN- 6 Broadway, NHP, Undecided, Key lu f la Sigm, Hi'Y, Phy-Chem-Bios, Sports Club, Rifle it ll W - kevlle Rd., NHP, Dancer, L- lub, Riding e Cercle Francais, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, cemcu layers, tu t Council, Ecclesia, Honor Society. if MARCELLA OLIVE-Marcia-Al Hoffman Rd., NHP, Nurse, Twirlers, FNA, Ecclesia, Jr. Board, Student Council, GAA, Charleston Line, Eta Tau Hi-Y, GSL, Eonacs Co-Y. EDWARD O'BRlEN-O'B-8 Sperry Ct., NHP, Air Force, Track. A OLKULSKI Bobbi llO S. Bth St., NHP, Secre ry, Eta Tau Hi-Y, GSL, Chariot, JV Glee Club, FHA. GERALDINE ONE e 30 dn Ave., G P, Teac r, t a i , FT , FHA,. nt Council, U W -Y, l ' , ' .N V Q SY .Loi 'IM 0,-gel . . . Alice, Roxemarie and Trudy can type a good letter, lVlae2z if comes lo ofce work, :zone could be betler. 0' le o rc e ncais Ecclesla.. M, diffs? ., X' Myne STANLEY PACE-Stan-1919 NHP Rd., NHP, Engineer, Sports Club, Chefs' Club, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Intramural Sports, JV Glee Club. ALAN PALOSCIK-Al-53 Wilton St., NHP, Lawyer, Jr. Board, Chefs' Club, Key Club, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Phy-Chem- Bios, lntramu I Sports Societas Latinas, Council Forc . L! gylfifk l . J a 38 t , NQVJ' 5+ , A: sf' 'J 'A Lfyl QWLVLLB H L .41 f , N .aw -f' f ,ff uf' .ff - 1' ,cr j ff: 7, ' ' I. gf' ,iff J y ., ,... 'V , I if k I 1... A wc f,'. X , .1 J ,LV , ,vt 1 ,vi-' . SANDRA PLUNKETT-Sandy-76 Franklin Ave., NHP, un- A "1 .u '. Lif' decided, V Cheerleaders, Student Council, Delta Gamma J: 'V 'f VJ'-1. Q 4,0 Hi-Y, GSL, Sewanateens, Purple Quill, Choir, Chariot, Le 5 QNX, ,Jn Cercle Francais, FNA. "I , LP' . ' 45 fi 4. 'JI MADELINE PODGORSKI-Maddy-84 Dennis St., GCP, Sec- L , K f ff' 5g15ry7'GSL, Boosters Club, Accordion Club, Library Club, ,I 44,0 7' LJ fl, LL" Eta Tau Hi-Y. e ' I . fjf l L V f xr r ct , I 41 . 9,43 iff 1 V . THEODORA POLITO-Teddy-46 Evergreen Ave., NHP, Un- decided, Student Council, Konkordia, Eta Tau Hi-Y, Se- wanateens, Jr. Red Cross, Las Chicos, Library Club, Utopian, Glee Club. BARBARA PORR-1648 Broadway, NHP, Undecided, Delta Gamma Hi-Y Student Council, Chariot, Ecclesia, PawWow Co-Y, Sewanateens, Coalition, Purple Quill, Honor Society. CHIARA PALUMBO-70 3rd Ave., GCP, Bookkeeper, V Cheerleaders, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, FNA, GAA, Tennis, Boosters, Library Club, Soccer, Hockey. PATRICIA QUINN-Fat-19 Maple Dr., NPH, Artist, Honor Society, Tuocs Co-Y, Eta Tau Hi-Y, Riding Club, Artsmen, Artisans, Totem, Lance, GSL, Chess and Checkers Club. HAROLD RABINOWITZ-Heshy-lOl lngraham La., NHP, Architect, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, V Football, Chefs' Club, Kan- kordia, Student Council. DONALD PAPSCUN--Don-157 Gerard Aye., NHP, Unde- cided, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Baseball, Basketball, Hall Squad, Sports Club, Library Club. Lu WM ...Wi . . . RAYMOND PICCINI-Ray-553 N. l2th si., NHP, Account- Linda and Paz with fl dub bei-e and zbere, ant, Co-Y, Societas Latinas. LOIS ANN PETERSON Lo 183 Kamda Blvd., NHP, Nurse, Student Council, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, FNA, GSL, Math Club, Le Cercle Francais, Ecclesia, Usherettes. 39 Could turn out a picture wiih none to compare olhof ML orgef . . . Of Klrriu, Corinne and Richie if ix .mfe In my, llmbwz il frmzw' In ,rjmrn c'z'w'y grime Ibcy mu play. W, r. , , Y P fluff , s, J' '47, l W, ANITA RIDG'VVEl.L-l9 2nd Ave., GCP, Secre:ary, Los . if Chicos, GSL, FHA, Totem. . fu I ,fl if ., My , j'.ff" lj , , U , J J! 1.1. 'J X jj l AI, V fl' C, G i I :V . .4 , kr il' 4 qi If .jf jg , r. ' I , l. ,L lr' T! -rf: fzlr f, I . . is Iffilytffvg J I ' 4 " ANN RIOLO-35 Kingston St., NHP, Secretary, Jr., Sr. Boards, Eta Tau Hi-Y, JV, V Glee Club, Library Club, Los Chicos, GSL. SARA ROSS-5l4 White Ave., NHP, Teacher, Los Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Totem, FHA, FTA. MARIANNE RADIMER-Gina-l5 Winthrop St., NHP, Sec- retary, Usherettes, GSL. MARCIA RAIZMAN-Stormy-1402 Lincoln Ave., NHP, Physical Therapist, Jr. Red Cross, Los Chicos, Bowling, Zeta Rho Hi'Y, Modern Dancing, Ecclesia, Scenici Players, Chariot, JV Glee Club. KAREN ROBERSON-Katie-541 Hillside Blvd., Teacher, V Cheerleaders, Sceneci Players, Los Chicos, Ush- erettes, GAA, GSL, Intramural Sports, Totem, Chieftain. Chicos, NHP, MARY ANNE REINECKE-13 Dallas Ave., NHP, Stervog' rapher, Usherette, Leaders Club, Service to Teachers, G. O. 3 Rep., Minor Service Pin. DOLORES REIS-DeDe-113 N. lst St., NHP, Nurse, I PNA, FHA, GSL, Library Club. , bw df MARIE REISS-32 Tulip La., NHP, Teacher, Honor Society, Twirlers, Leader Corps, Student Council, Lance, Intramural Sports, Ecclesia, Jr. Quintet, Eonacs, Charleston Line, Der Deutsche Verein. ROBERT RESCH-Bob-453 Leonard Blvd., NHP, Undecided, Der Deutsche Verein, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Ecclesia, Student Council. 40 J . fy, ,fm ll? mmf Wmff Q, RUTH RUECKER-Ruthie-513 Lowell Ave., NHP, Airline Hostess, JV, V Cheerleaders, Intramural Sports, Scenlci Players, Usherettes, Totem, Student Council, GAA, Ecclesia, Der Deutsche Verein. BARBARA SAMSON-Bobbie-6 S. 17th St., NHP, Tele- phone Operotor, Sewanateens, Chariot, Totem, Library Club, Jr. Red Cross. The diferezzre is large and lry as the muy, Il if useless for Shelly I0 mich up lo Ray. MARILYN SANDS-Lyn-3 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Secretary, Library Club, V Glee Club Tennis Club, Chariot, Totem, Retailing Club. NEIL SCHAUL-1533 Belmont Ave., NHP, Science, V Bas- ketball, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Chefs' Club, Le Cercle Francais, Intramural Sports, Student United, JV Tennis, Konkordia. ARLENE SCHOLER-'I7 Willow Rd., NHP, Teacher, Honor Society, Lance, Student Council, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Ecclesio, Chariot, FTA, Math Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Utopian, Sewonateens. WARREN SAUTER-4 Corwin Ave., NHP, Clerical Worker, Der Deutsche Verein, Band, Chefs' Club, Student Council, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Intramural Sports, Key Club. JOAN SCHROEDER-1625 Imperial Ave., NHP, Secretary, Leader Corps, Basketball, Der Deutsche Verein, Sports Club. ' MARY ANN SCIALLO-Mickie-949 N. 6th St., NHP, . Nurse, Student Council, Lance, Los Chicos, Chariot, GSL, 4b Etc Tau Hi-Y, Scenici Players, Ecclesia, FNA, FHA, Senior g Board. Www' Aww, ' Z LINDA SEAWOOD-Babydoll-100 Maple Dr., NHP, Un- ' U decided, Scenici Players, Jr. Red Cross, Jr., Sr. Boards, l , 6 GSL, Era Tau Hi-Y. OLE SEPP-1768 NHP Rd., NHP, Undecided, Le Cercle Francais, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, V Chorus, Library Club, Student Council, Artisans, Ecclesia, Bowling. 4l had lm orgef . . . f . 'ff -,.', 1 1 ..i 'l 1 f If l 1 X 4,9 3 l Liylyx, J H... . S :leaf ML orgef . . . Elaine, Teddy, Vinnie, Charlie and Carol, all were .ro quiet, Unfil mine elerlionr rrlaen 0111 broke lfae rio!!! rf" gif' 0 1 ef' 1"' If 1, , L 1"A! :T 4 . V . .! , lf "ll , 0 ,J .,,' J V SANDRA SIEDLEWICZ-Sandy-49 Marcus Ave., GCP, Sec- retary, Riding Club, FHA, Jr. Red Cros. ARTHUR SJOGREN-Artie-959 Hillside Blvd., NHP, Unde- cided, Akahnawes, Jr., Sr. Boards, Jr., Sr. Quinfets, Coalition, Dance Band, Chefs' Club, Student Council, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Aeons, Choir, Football Manager, Le Cercle Francais, Konkordia, VERONICA STAMM-Roni-948 N. 5th St., NHP, Unde- cided, Chorus, FTA, FHA, Chariot, Scenici Players, Ecclesia. RONALD STANLEY-Stan-I65 Nassau Blvd., GCP, Unde- cided, Honor Society, Chess and Checkers Club. NORMA TESE-26 7th St., Secretary, Intramural JUDITH STONE-Judy-909 N. 7th St., NHP, Secretary, V Glee Club, Chorus. ROBERT SUNDMAKER-Bob-6 S. 12th St., NHP, Unde- cided, Chefs' Club. JEAN THOMAS--147 N. 5th St., NHP, Secretary, Glee Club, GSL, Le Cercle Francais, V Choir. Sports JV, V JOHN TIETJEN-I5 Yale Blvd., NHP, Undecided, Intramural Sports. STEPHEN TRACHTENBERG Steve 40 Brisbane St - - ., NHP, Accountant, Honor Society, V Football, Basketball, JV, V, Track, JV Tennis, Student Council, Konkordia, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Key Club, Charleston Line, l.e Cercle Francais, Chariot, Soph Board. 42 SARINA VELTRE-Sandy-950 Cherry La., NHP, Secretary, GSL, Modern Dancing. LINDA VI VONA-Lyn-I0 Surrey Rd., NHP, Artist- Designer, Honor Society, Lance, Artsmen, Artisans, V Glee Club, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Math Circle, Student Council, Los Chicos, Softball, Sewanateens, Jr. Red Cross, Dance Band, Ecclesia. RICHARD WADE-Dick-411 White Ave., NHP, Airline Executive, Socielas Latinas, CAP, Konkordia, Student Coun- cil, Key Club, Chariot, Omega Chi Hi-Y, V Chorus. BARBARA WAGNER-Bobbie lOl2 N. 2nd St., NHP, Teacher, Honor Society, Lance, Election Commissioner, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Astronomy Club, Student Council, Choir, V Glee Club, Tuocs Co-Y, Los Chicos, Coalition. MAUREEN TRACY-Tracy-46 Jefferson St,, NHP, Nurse, Student Council, FTA, FHA, Library Club, Glee Club, FNA. DAVID WATSON-Dave-558 N. lst St., NHP, Undecided, Akahnawes, Choir, Aeons, Tennis, Student Council, Le Cercle Francais, Della Sigma Hi-Y, Chefs' Club, Konkordia. LYNNE WEBSTER-574 N. 6th St., NHP, Dancing, Leader Corps, GSL, Jr. Red Cross, GAA, Intramural Sports, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Band, Chariot. BRUNO TUCCI-I60l Terrace Blvd., Undecided, Band, Hall Squad, Societcls Latina. 426: 'ML 0,-gef . . . Friendly and gay were Marie Reiss and Ken mums ULRICH-Cissy--404 Mmuny Pl., NHP, sem-fury, Ge"l'ff5'f le Cycle F'c"'C"l5' PhY'Cl'e""BloS' CQ"'e"' Club' For they are Ike onef with the bert perxonaliiy. WILLIAM ULRICH Bill 404 McNulty PI., NHP, Guitar Player, JV Baseball. 43 olegif e orget . . . 7 WU Rlllflie wld ll".1r1'cll zlwzf jrllirrl 'Ili frllc. fllltllyl' grlllll Klllllfhllli' for lfwlw lwflll fe!! bflllh ,J il l s W GEORGE WEIDMAN-Slim-l33 Lawrence St., NHP, Mor- tician, Der Deutsche Verein, Societas Latinas, Brooksonians, Astronomy Club, Camera Club, Scenici Players, Glee Club, BARBARA WlLLlAMS-Bobs-40 S. lbth St., Nurse, GSL, Library Club. KATHLEEN WITHERS-Kathy-52 Orchid La., NHP, Airline Stewardess, Los Chicos, GSL, Retailing Club. NATALIE WEISS-Nat-809 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Undecided, Artisans, FHA, Glee Club. iz PETER WEIS5-Pete-1067 N. 7th St., NHP, Undecided, Lu Cercle Franca.s, Frosh Track, Soph Cross Country, Chefs' Club, Phy-Chem-Bios. JUDITH WOBBE-Judy--I4 Birch La., NHP, Tea Band, GSL, FTA, Le Cercle Francais. EDITH WEISSKIRCHEN-Edie-30 Durham Rd., NHP, Teacher, Intramural Sports, Chess and Checker Club, Glee Club, FHA, Der Deutsche Verein, ANITA WERDEN-47 Hillside la., NHP, Teacher, Los Chicos, GSL, Library Club, FTA, Presidents Club, FHA, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Students United, Astronomy Club, Boost- ers, Ecclesia, Bowling, History Honor Society. ,jus-1 JUDITH WESTON-Judy-80 Kamdo Blvd., NHP, Quality Control Inspector, .IV Glee Club, Modern Dancing, Scenici Players, Choir, FTA. PATRICIA WHITE-Pat-9 Birch La., NHP, Nurse, Honor Society, Lance, Twirlers, Student Council, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Charleston Line, JV, V Gleo Club, Konkordia, Totem, Usherettes, Soph Board, FHA, Sewanateens, Student United, Yorker Club. 44 cher, V TN if 2-lim wg? ufvaflf 0157 ,S Vj3f:k'!""NM!7 14 ve ,4SMfMV1M"i 'Wi 1 w , 2 7 f me 4 i Q1 1. kplbhjryfj BARBAR LSKI-6 St., , urs SL, er Deutsche in . Cross ote A, ath yn-8 Old Broadwa , C , efvry, fd- ' H I - , ., Sr. oa , G L, c , os ' 12. 'L anateens, Totem. 1 I gale Clcsrus I ll y , ,' Q w ge y L vir B gs? e 1 has . Q! .I 'W liziibfylfy eaf e Us rl f X i ,bg , flip V, ,Jil I' Whatever the l ' wrt Cllx -H' J Wilma and lgice to ree. Q r 61 .bg X? oivfl if 'tl fl! -ff U " X-J 'V fl fy! if 'nfl l ygpfy 'tfggm X ,A A , .ny g Q ANNETTE ZAMBITO-12 S 3 St., NHP, Secretary, Le 15 9.1 , " Cercle Francais, Eta-Tau Hi-Y, GSL, FHA, Chariot. ,V J 4 1. ,,.,. f y A I 1 3 l nfl CHRISTINE ZYBALA-Chris-905 N 5 Sr., NHP, 1 u l . , 1 Secretary,lntramuralSports. ' 1, It ,, V 1 g A fly 'Qs-fe A - il ' .H I LIND ZEIGLER-9 Wilton St., NHP, Secretary, Library A 'L ,,, . I , ports Club,Z ta o Hi-Y, FHA,Modern Dancing, 2 1 amural Sports. ' 3 ,- , 1 O On November 21, 1957, the -student body of New Hyde Park Memorial High School was saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Nancye Ann Lella. Nancye Ann was born on March 2, 1941 in Hollis. She was a Senior at Memorial at 4 the timeof her death. Nancye Ann was a member of the Chariot, FTA, and the Scenici Players. NANCYE ANN LELLA- March 2, 1941-November 21 1957. , GIIIOI' B OSI' ,C S SENIOR BOARD-Frfmf Rauf, leff 10 rigbzx August Longabardi CTreas.D, Stephen ' if-ie . ' an 4 , Dodge CV, Pres.j, joan Natalie CPres.D, Mr. Louis Anastasio CAdvisorD, Virginia ' Lang CRCC. Sec.D, Arthur Sjogren CStu, Council Repj.Semn:lR011'.' Nancy Grote, Patricia Friggione, Carolyn XWonclergem, Linda Seawood, Paula jaep, Eileen Cummins. Third Iiffzwp Geraldine Ottone, Richard Wade, Alice Brown, Carl Nyman, Ann Riolo, Philip Insana, Order! Order! calls joan Natalie, our class president. The Senior Board meeting is now open. Under the careful guidance of Mr. Louis Anastasio, our Senior Board has been responsible for making the class of '58 a pathfinder to guide the classes of the future. Achievements credited to the class are a wonderful junior Prom, "Three Coins in a Fountainng the Senior joan Natalie Steve Dodge Mr. Louis.Anastasio tx 'l Adzfiror Winter Dance, "February Mist"g the Senior Class Tea, the Senior Play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner"g and the Senior Ball in the Stewart Manor Country Club. The Senior Board is consulted about arrangements for Gradua- tion Day and, of course, the suggestions made by the Senior Board become part of Memoria1's tradition. Gus Longabardi President Vire President Tfedflf,-gf fS vm ,,... ' f -r it X Virginia Lang Refofding Sefrelary x , Linda Hyland "J Arthur Sjogren E461 Correrpozzding Secfelary Szudenl Council Reprefentalirfe 1. 1. .v,,. ' .img Wink ,d 1 9-v 5 judge Marrux Chrifl rnoderaief af 6 Jeniorx parti- Min Honzan'J rnuxie Jtudentf axh Warren Sauter, ezpafe in :he d1,rruJ.rion "What Jhould we expect of Jludenl zeaeher, quefzzonf. high Jfhool .reniorJ?" V Qglilf, fohn Ewald hai hix head rneaiured for hi: graduazion rap. ,541 fgiqgq, iff za, L ni? Boh Reieh and Rirhie Murphy audition for Senior Play, "The Man Who Came Io Dinner." The Senior Clan if very proud of the hlue fapf and gownf. Senior! keep lhe tirhef hoofh hufy a few dayf before a haihefhall game. enior Hi'LiteS Eileen Cornnzinf payf her due! lo Senior Clan Treafurer, Guf Longahardi. Mr. Brenner aniflf Helen Morgan in rhooxing a eollege fatalog. Mr. MrCleery introdueef lhe magazine Jale to Senior Clan az an anernhly. ,,,,,-L V 4-M. W i Va 4' 3- . . 1 , .. 352-2' 5 Ja ' i 'fe IVA' I I A I - xx C, ,ff K my IUPITER Kenneth Gerrety Versatile and politically minded, Ken Gerrety is our Senior Hjupiterf' Ken is the vice-president of Student Council, was president of his class during the junior year, and is an active member of Key Club, French Club, Omega Chi Hi-Y, and Ecclesia. Ken is also president of his Walther League. Ken's ambition is to become a radio announcer and newscaster. l48l 1 n ,,-. 4 i Q' ,V V' , sm ' I .4,. 1 i g,gg 1 a , V! 1 V' V! V V L, 4:72 oan Natal ie Artistic, athletic, and politically minded is our pretty Senior "Juno" joan is an active member of Ecclesia and is President of the Senior Class. She participates in intra- mural sports and activities of Choir, Leader Corps, Honor Society, and Student Council. She is also the Art Editor of the Chariot and is treasurer of junior Civics Association. joan's future plans include college and a career in fashion designing. P191 ek! Loi.: Liidiu and Claarler Allin, fbe King and Queen of flu' junior Profil, divplay flufii' royal lmilr. Three Coins 'xffb . ,JJ .1 l ' . X T 'X The ajfrerf of Ilie jznzior Clam and their E 1. ,jfw 1 W dzlfefif an Ike night alzvayf to be remem- I V 1 kr, ' -J N r"' befell. Pal Friggioize, Gail Edwardx, Maureen Trigg' and e,umrI.r lake a brealber ufiflf the rev! of fbe mzilliler. In a ountain K 5 Y ' Guy Longabardi, rlaairman of Ibe Prem, and Angela Pamel- aqua ind Jomellfing 1'6?7jld77ZIlJ'- ing. The radiant fozzplei dame among 1lJe ftarf. 'P EEK et. 7 slr The girlf poye prellily beneath flue fountain. L 4. VI ,ff PI Mr. and Mrf. Lever Springer and Mr. and .Mm john Randolplo lake lime out 10 admire the founiain. Cbarlef Allio and Loi! Ludin lead the grand Marek, climax- ing an enclianling evening. The ehaperonef were Very proud of the Senior Clair. Everyone enjoyed the lorely foice of Miff Marion Don- nelly. Arlene Sfholer and Sandy Ma- coy, Lanfe Editorf, and their date! enjoy danring to the mu- Jic of the Rhythm 8 Boyx. Pat White Jervei panrh to Linda ViV0na and her mother, and Mm, Morgan. F The "Rhythm 8" hoyf provided delight- ful mufif. elnruary Mi St enior ea Mft. IVeifJhirrhen, Linda Franren and Edith U7ei,fJhir- then enjoy entertainment at lhe Senior Tea. Y lwjwv The pretty Jhoweafe hrought many an ad miring glanre. Senior: and their datef rertainly had a good time. MH. Herlhey and the girl! Jurvey their many hourJ' work. 52 MEMORIE CF '57-'58 POPULAR SONGS POPULAR DANCES Diana Lindy Tammy Cha-Cha Bye Bye Love Stroll FAVORITE SINGERS Pat Boone Elvis Presley Patti Page Everly Brothers SPORTS EVENTS Milwaukee cops Series MEDICINE Dodgers and Giants leave New York Asian Hu strikes TYPICAL SCHOOL DRESS Boys: Crewneck sweater ivy-league pants Girls: sweater and skirt gum drops TYPICAL CAR HEADLINE EVENTS Tail fins the vogue - Dodge First Satellite Launched I R E 5 Q 2 K A . 1 . v S 1 Q a I 1 F PE ' f V4 A u 1 3 F h i A 1 E' 2 e 1 1 ,. i f Q .. . K P. K . 7 4 . I . ff 4 .- I H Q1 I 4 r 1 5 r. i J 7 S Q '1 1 .. 1 i 5 4 ii 5, F N J w 3 4 1 E JUNIOR BOARD 5 Fmnr Row, lefl la rigkrx Pauline Rubelsky, Barbara Ostro CV. Pres.D Mrs. Florence Dubin CAdv1sorD, Frances Calla CSecy.D, Nick Baudo CTreas.j. 56501251 Rowi Philip DeNicola, Dorothy junge, Carol Ginzhurg, Susan Klausner, Madeline Belitz, Donald MAll'. T!" f- f ' ' ' ' c istci and Rau. Cathy Murphy, Emilie Flack, joan Fasone, janet Dennis, Mary Bartkowski, Lorraine Baum. Mrs. Florence Dubin AdUf.I'0f unior Boar We are upper classmen at last! What a wonderful year it turned out to be I We really felt proud when it came to choosing our class rings. The selection was difficult to make because they were all so nice. You can imagine how wonderful it was when we received them. How proudly we wore them! The most important social event for us was the unfor- gettable junior Prom. Our officers were President, Charles Balestrinog Vice President, Barbara Ostrog Treasurer, Nick Baudog Secre- tary, Frances Calia. Our advisor was Mrs. Florence Dubin. WWW f Y raft l., - " JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS -Franz Row, lefl lo figbf: Frances Calia CSecy.D, Mrs. Florence Dubin CAdvisorD, Barbara Ostro CV. Presj. Second Row: Nick Baudo CTreas.D, Charles Balestrino CPres.D. 541 f H .,,., , , Our own juniorx, Colette and Stan, :lar in lbe Srenici Player'J produelion, "Take Care of My Litlle Girl." 1 -1:1 Stanley Lozowfki rereiuei fir!! prize in ronzeft Jponmred by lbe New Hyde Park Fire De- partrnenz, my JU ICR E h Lax! year'J deroralions bring a good idea for tbif year? Prom, lv-M I f . , , X , 4 ,ff Refordf were lbe very unuxual prize at tbif boolb fponxored by lbe junior Clan. HI-LITE Iff dy ' ' - "Lollipop, anyone?" abby Pbil DeNiro1a el paying lime again' during lbe junior Board lollipop Jale. A very feriouf junior, janet Kyle, rereivef ber rlaff ring in f December 'a 55 561 v a. ,af 4. "Ii 45" n a p N - lf, XA IUNIGR GCDDDESS H ilde gar de Riemer Pretty, friendly, and industrious is our junior Goddess. Gardi, as she is called by all her friends, always seems to be able to find time for every- thing. She is Managing Editor of "The Chariot" and a member of the Zeta-Rho Hi-Y, Leader Corps, and Romanettes. In addition, she is Cor- responding Secretary of her Walther League, and has many hobbies. Gardi's first ambition is to become Editor-in- Chief of "The Chariot". Then she hopes to attend Cornell University and enter into the field of mathematics or teaching. IUNICR GCD Victor lvansheclra Musical, athletic, and politically minded is our junior God. Vic is recording secretary of the Senior High Student Council and is an active member of Senior Band, Dance Band, Ecclesia, and the Lacrosse team. He is captain of our Football team and is vice-president of the church Luther League. Vic's ambition is to attend Cornell University and to become a doctor. 5 Maddie, Linda, and Lorrie Jeem to - X 5, ww have a Jerret. . ' , m V9 ' AAA juniorx prefenzed a formidable team at flue junior-Senior Quiz Show. junior! make Jure llaey bare lb :lan ezfenlf. ge ICR HI-LITE eir Jay in Exeiled junior! plan their Prom deroralionf. Charlie Baleflrirzo, prexidenl, fondzzrzf the junior Board meeting willy Mrf. Dabin advifing, 4 V i ' Qdfzr, V , Q? A. ,. " ' W- warm - ' 4 junior Clan memberf admire lheir Cbrifl max Jbowcaxe. ' ' , ff' or ffl 5 i-" ,f ,gf,qW..:,.-1, lj, 'f fggjgaeQ3e.zagz, ag e, W, ,L . if,f 4 V . eff . I V- ,Q 4 f ,3,f,,,- Q gig . . fifwiiz' ,4 f' 'ire . f A 5 lr 43: 11 - pg21I..j , H , ,:'?f? 1 . fEVTfl,.f 9:13 ggfif'eEVE . :, ., V . ' ir jiffl' - 23 " 2315? 2' ' - " '13',.4'?'l ' -1:21,-ifjflg A home-made guillozine ix :be fate of Cbarlie. juniori beard merizf of bolb ernploymenz and college after high Jebool at the anembly. E571 3' Lm. Z 'E i v if ,ea vu' 'V Well, we finally made it. Sophomores at last! We thought we would never be able to call ourselves Sopho- mores. We had capable and reliable students heading the Sophomore Board this year and our activities were num- erous and diversified. Some of our activities were planning assembly programs, extra activities and functions. SOPHOMORE BOARD-Front Row, Iefz zo riglol: Dorothy Fiske CCorr. Sec.D, Charles Hilton CV. Presj, Michael Milo CPi'es.j, Mr. john Romano CAdvisorD, Priscilla Dziomba CRec. Sec.D, Barbara Williamsen CTreas.D. Second Row: Russ Miller, Linda Bridges, Eileen Scaglione op omore Boar SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS- Fronl Row, left la figbl: Priscilla Dzi- omba CRec. Secj, Dorothy Fiske CCorr. Secj, Barbara Williamsen CTreas.j. Serond Row: Bud Hilton CV. Pres.j, Mike Milo CPres.j The most outstanding high-lite of the year was the Soph Hop, "Luau". What precious memories! Our ofhcers were President, Michael Milog Vice Presi- dent, Charles Hilton, Corresponding Secretary, Dorothy Fiskeg Recording Secretary, Priscilla Dziombag Treasurer, Barbara Williamsen. Our advisor was Mr. john Romano. Mr. john Romano 7 Marie Advifor Bongiorno, Maria DeFina, Douglas Wassmer. Third Roux- Carol Gardner, Rosalie Strassner, Peggy Wallace, joan Gilbert, Myrna Kogan. .17 X V X asa fX'JEf1i , ol L 4 4, 6 ,L K . K - 'uf-:wuz K .r -:f:-- . . . 'Y- I greg- - , gat-. 4 - NYS 45 x Yi 9 -' . r ' be ' s a if V '1' 'L i 1 'km :-, A h. it ' ?eESw'fW Lex L i, . L I '- 1 ' I ' 'X' v , K e f--,f x ". Q A S ,s ' if 'f Q F?1Ii9f 153 -1 . L . I x S X K fl 4 L f we ' Q- 13 E X Slriflly Hawaiian u'a.r lbe publirily for :be Jopb dance, "Luau", GPHCD GRE HI-LITE Sopbomoref Inu! about in lbeir jinery on Drew-Up Day. Ibrabim Houry, a vixitor from Lebanon, Sopb offer! review lbe minulef with if enorled by Edward Canzman and Mr. lbeir recording fefrelary, Prifrilla Dzi- Randolpb, ' onzba. ei Tbe Sopbomore Quariel entertained al "Luau." Doug Waffmer don! a bula fkzrl and Jwingf in time to lbe mufic at "Luau," Sopbornore Board ojiferf promote Jrbool Jpirit. Sopbornoref on Ibe way to build lbeir boolb for tbe Roman Forum. E591 Thani' um, X SoPHoMoRE Goooi-ESS B ett y Reis S Pretty, industrious, and energetic-all de- scribe our Soph Goddess. Betty never seems to run out of energy as she participates in the schoo1's j.V. Cheerleading, Sports Club, Tumbl- ing Club, Bowling Club, Intramurals, and Lead- ers Corps. Even when out of school Betty finds time to play basketball, softball, ice skate, roller skate, swim, and dance. Betty's ambition is to attend business school and to become a secretary. l60l SCDPHQMCDRE GCD Fred SCl1OlCI' Musical, athletic, and hard working is our Soph God. Fred divides his time between music and sports, being active in the school's Varsity, Marching, and Dance Bands as well as the La- crosse and Wrestling clubs. Fred's after school activities include basketball, baseball, swimming, ice skating, choir, and he possesses an extensive record collection. He is active in his Walther League, being the group's treasurer. Fred's greatest ambition is to attend college and become a chemical engineer. 'fi At least four members of each Freshman homeroom belong to the membership of Ninth Grade Board. These representatives work hand-in-hand with the class oflicers to govern the Ninth Grade Student Body. All class activ- ities, such as assemblies, showcases, dances and dues are I'GSl1II1E1I1 Boar FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS- joan Piccarella, Presidentg Libby Chris- ton, Secretaryg Peter Augello, Vice Presi- dentg Alex Medina, Treasurer. under the supervision of the Board. Several outside activ- ities to aid the class treasury are also planned. Our ofhcers were President, Joan Piccarellog Vice Presi- dent, Peter Augellog Secretary, Libby Christong Treasurer, Alexander Medina. Our advisor was Miss Mildred Spano. Miss Mildred Spano Advifor FRESHMAN BOARD - Front Row, lefl to right: Audrey Eide, Joan Piccarella CPres.D, Miss Mildred Spano CAdvisorj, Alex Medina CTreas.D, Virginia Kreyling. Serond Row: Charles Zegelbone, Carol Leonard, Barbara Michal, Carol Freidin, Rod Charny. Tlaird Row: Nancy Furiolo, Roberta Kahn, Henry Gassmann, Dorothy Pagano, Diane DiGianno. : ' ' ' if 1 i-f' 1 3 I , I '-X. , I 'W V .,, ,. g , 5 'z ye i, , -' ? fi ei 1 rm Freylomen prepare gif! box for flae needy. Nizzfb Groderf take time ou! from o bury ffberiole. rosla Hi'LiteS 5? Santo Clow, made by the Ar! Depart ment, greeled :be Frefhmerz. A . A 1 my 'LPN i .fu L i affix-+ A , , !',JP13i,. I El.rie Wfirkf, arcompanied by ibe Dame Fro.riJ girly decomle the bulletin board Baud, mug "I .raw Mommy Kiffing Sonia for Vulenlizzehr Day. Claw" al life Clafirfmaf Concert. ' Tloefe girl! look their preftiefl of the moto guide Fafbiorz Show. Four ou! of fix Frofla girly prefer "Gum Tlaif meeling does not feem loo interexl- Drain". ing, LAP, 1 N S. w,7.,,.a i ,f. .A f if-Qin ' . - F- , ,f ig? M iw' 47? afieihigpc, f 1 t fl 4 . . we r I EIGHTH GRADE BOARD -Front Row. left to right: Donna Steinmetz, Rose Ann juliano, Bob Ginzburg, Barbara Ferrari, Marjorie Munro CV. Presj. Serotzd Row: Mrs. joan Reinert, Rickie Ann Wessinger, Carol Sciuto, joan Bogardus, Dave Reiner CPres,D. Third Raw: Richard Anderson, Richard Niles, Howard Hanson, Wfalter Alexander, Richard Gotthard. Mrs. Joan Reinert Advisor Eighth Gr acle Boar , Eighth grader: prerent their tirhetr af they enter the dtznre. The junior High had tz Red Croix Artem- hly. Eighth Grade Board With each homeroom sending a representative to the meetings, the Eighth Grade Board forms a demo- cratic governing body with the wel- fare of the Eighth Grade Class as its concern. Class showcases brightened the halls while gay students attended class assemblies and frolicked at class dances. Our officers were President, Dave Reinerg Vice President, Marjorie Munrog Treasurer, John Okulskig Secretary, Veronica Braunstein. Hi'LiteS Studentf made tl pretty picture an eighth grade dren-up day. Arlene Cnrlfen drfurner the rerponfihil- ities of Mrs. Cltzyrntzn an Student Gov- ernment Dey. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS-Front Row, left to right: Margie Munroe CV. Pres.D, Veronica Braunstein CSec.D. Second Row: John Okulski CTreas.D, David Reiner CPres.D. res 64 r Q ,- n.' it t' s 0 -Sf, SEVENTH GRADE BOARD-Front Row, left to right: Alan Kuchins CTreas.D, Jack Keating CV. Pres.D, Virginia Scully CRec. Secj, Flora Maxey CPres.j, William Altevogt CCorr. Sec.D. Serorzd Row: Barbara Lang, Kathleen Gillony, Winifred Plate, Lauretta DeMeo, Marilyn Bormann, Carole Palermo. Third Row: Charles jordan, joe Spirio, Joe Fischetti. Seventh graderr, Lorraine Drafter and Kenneth Hammer, appeared in the Frerh- man Farhiotz Show. The Rotary Club prerented an oil paint- ing of George Warhington to the rrhool at a reventh grade arremhly. eventh Grade The arrangement, planning and supervision of all class projects and activities is the duty of the Seventh Grade Board. The Seventh Grade assemblies and the class exhibits in the halls are under the charge of the Board as is the class treasury and the responsibility of collecting class dues. Our oflicers were President, Flora Maxeyg Vice President, jack Keat- ing, Corresponding Secretary, Wil- lian Altevogtg Recording Secretary, Virginia Scullyg Treasurer, Allen Kuching, Sergeant-at-Arms, Wini- fred Plateg Historian, Charles jor- dang Chaplain, Barbara Lang. Our advisor was Mr. William Fried. Hi'Lite S Frank Mammano taher advantage of the urzguarded barhet, Seventh Grade Oficerr Seventh Grade Board member! tahe time out from a bury day. L5 fx. 4 ,34 T.,g,1s5Q2?jgi- :,5p,T A ga' ,: 3 JL, .,gx . ,i- hi - I' 2' L ' X, .I gy fc,gfL 47 H.-2. . I - 7 Y. ,gpg ' :S V '-, ' J ' Ui - -:irq 4-rw-3-A'J,'s'52i12'gi"W'fJfuf3v-42:54.12-' WMS' if ff : LW' 52F+fFf'Pz3f"'2'gif-isS15'?fEf'-23ff.'sz1ffmit Af' - J- " A f wa fail-M - M 'aff +2 ' '. 1' .f N- ' 11 N ' ' -mf' 1 '. ,-Q-H21-:wav-f'-f - - s if-' ' 11, H .w I h- 1- .nfl 9+ I K' - -1 lf- Arfi .K FQ' ,Q .,,- , 'y.,,. 5 f'--9 0' , -1 7 A -. 5 .1 w'2.p'RLSf:fgQ2ff:LQQsf:2M3221 Q ': .ws-ifmff?Q?v fs?'2. f A 17-'Refs'-':5gf:4:,1.if'."533134.1,-.-iinig-f.'41'3ig':?af1qfFfi ' Q, f1fi'3"+g5f'i'-25,3 zfifikmxw-f-ff' " " M '1:'.- fsx'ff,++,f'.Q-'amL----:vlan-'tfeugriffis " 2 .24'fi?feifM:'f:ffQ?--Q' 1 .V .,',f- g'-q.- 1'-. -, " :vg .' . .' ' s. -4' ' ku, K, - -,H 1,19 - -- vrk-xg 4. A11-if x ,,,,N:5f .71 1 fi..-vf.ikx.,g:4.l Lf -Q',:fxS'!. v . - . 11 'x,... in Q- A ,ik .gcg,g5fg..ff4Eff?:3,Qjsgf qfgggflf:w,:w, H- f Nj 74- g'x'x'+kv'-,'I.1'i-I'.1Q. T' 3,9-"5 -5' F- fl 1. v-' -"1 SefZ-k'B.1-'e---- 0 I I 1 I I I X 7- gt f ff ZX S S .4-ff" X E 3.2. 5795 1 X 1 SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL- Franz Row, lefz lo rigbf: R. Shapiro, A. Longabardi, S. Dodge, A. Sjogren, L. DeRose, R. Resch, S. Trachtenberg, R. Miller, W. Sauter. Second Row: C. Nelson, G. Bosch, V. Milo, V. Ivansheck CRec. Secj, K. Gerrety CV. Pres.D, Mr. Alexander Burlcich CAdvisorD, F. Maxey CPres.D, T. Fazio CTreas.D, R. D'Auria CCorr. Sec.j, S. Lascari, C. Murphy. Third Row: M. Ratta, K. I-Iudak, B. Wagner, L. ViVona, V. Lang, E. Kelley, B. Paschette, C. Leavy, N. Grote, P. Jaep, P. White, M. Pollio, M. Sciallo. Fourth Raw: M. Pxmtin, J. Natalie, J. Vanecek, J. Tucker, D. Steinhauser, D. Breit, J. Feldman, R. Ruecker, V. Frankewich, J. Onysko, A. Grzanka, S. Lozowski, P. Mackauf. enior High Student Counci f l'3 An efhcient, well-organized government is a necessity to any democratic institution. To run a school of such a size as ours, we most certainly need a top-notch govern- ment. The Senior High Student Council fills this position admirably. Student Council's main concern is to regulate student activities, promote student-teacher relations and obtain useful conveniences for the school. The Student Council Bazaar was the hi-lite of the year's activities and almost the entire student body turned out to make it a tremendous success. Other activities included the Victory Ball to celebrate the Student Council elections and the institution of a bus service to and from our team's games. Our ofiicers were President, Fred Maxeyg Vice Presi- dent, Kenneth Gerrety g Treasurer, Thomas Faziog Record- ing Secretary, Victor Ivanschekg Corresponding Secretary, Rayna D'Auria. Our advisor was Mr. Alexander Burkich. E663 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS-Front Row, left I0 right: Fred Maxey, Ken Gerrety. Second Row: Vic Ivan- sheck, Rayna D'Auria, Tom Fazio. Memberf take time out for a Jong The Artixianf booth wax a favorite with the ftudentf in Jpite of the fan- nibalf at the Student Couneil Bazaar. fext. Member! nod their approval of Pat White'J planf. tuclent 4x A nuff A The boyf climb the ladder of Juefeff. The Council member: aren't too heen about parliamentary proredure. T f-LEM-i1',X Canclicls cf, ounci Fred Maxey and Tom Fazio demon- Jtrate the love between Couneil oficerx. The Student Countil ojicen go over the dag!! agenda. The "kidf" take a welcome breather between daneeJ at Ted Steele'f Teen Bandftand. .yn l :-q. -.E I Tri 1+ I v f ' as WL' rw' . l sell ,J-gg v , fig, ' I . t I 5 1 at ," ' , '3 :N " 1 . H . qi JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row, left to right: I. Matusa, H. Rabinowitz, Caronia, A. Seymour, Mrs. Elsie Clayman QAdvisorD, J. Odin, M. Werden, N. Kirsch. Second Row: W. Webster, T. Napoli, A. Smith, V, Hucack, E. Zimmerman, J. Garfinlcel, J. Haig, E. Ivansheck, W. Webster. Third Row: R. Gardner, B. Cancro, M. Sills, M. Naso, J. Okulski, B. Maupal, J. Yannucci, R, Black, R. Giese. unior High tudent Counei The Junior High Student Council has been buzzing with so much activity this year that it has been difficult to keep up with them. Under the guiding hand of Presi- dent, Phil Balestrino, and the watchful supervision of its advisor, Mrs. Clayman, the Council has reaped a proud harvest from the seeds sewn by earnest workers. The Junior High Student Council conducted the local World Clothing Drive, a drive to collect old clothes for needy people, collected the donation of S150 to the Phys- ical Education Department for a Rifle Range, had a very successful, gay, Holiday Hop, and sponsored a candy sale which brought in a large profit. Other projects were the appropriation of funds to hire a dancing teacher to instruct all Junior High Students after school, a Student Handbook to be printed, another successful election run by capable election commissioners and an orientation pro- gram for future seventh graders. Our ofhcers were President, Philip Balestrinog Vice President, Dennis Boland, Treasurer, David Rigneyg Secretary, Carol Schillizzi. Our advisor was Mrs. Elsie Clayman. Dave Rigney, treasurer, Phil Balestrino, prerident, holdr an empty hug toon to he filed during the drive for clothing during World Clothing Week. V readr the report to the Council df Carol Schilizzi, fecretaryg Phil Brzlettrino, preridentg and Dennis Bo- land, vice preridentf look on. junior High Council hoyr Jtart distributing candy for their candy tale. Ziff iigixby fbmfmvf. xg g fxlxfgy hJJv ,jiU.t3 Yiftwx Li. ' if 'M J IL. yt., l l N ARTISIANS-Fronl Row, left zo right: Marie Frasco, Elaine johnson, Mr. James De Nicola CAdvisorD, Linda ViVona CPres.D, Nancy Fuelling, Natalie Weiss. Second Row: Stanley Lozowski, Sharin Konowalow, joan Conway, Carol Michal, Patricia Quinn, Carole Sepp, Walter Dilts. Third Row: Diana Pearson, Marlene Joerg, Maureen McNulty, Barbara Kriofsky, Marylin Bierbaum. Artisians The Artisians was organized to promote artistic ability among our students and performs its job admirably in devoting its meetings to individual projects involving all types of artistic skill. Certainly the most eye-catching booth at the Student Council Bazaar, the "Head-Hunters," sent many a satis- fied customer away with a life-like sketch of himself under his arm. Who will ever forget those two ferocious Cannibals standing over a big cauldron! Our advisor was Mr. James DeNicola. Artiators Posters, displays, exhibits and signs are all projects which the Artiators undertake. Many of the beautiful showcases in our halls are decorated by this club. The Artiators are always willing to lend a hand and a paint- brush to any club desiring its services. During the meet- ings, members improve their skill at painting, sketching, and paper sculpture. Our advisor was Mrs. janet Greffrath. ARTIATORS-Front Row, left 10 righf: Fred Pravato, Richard Schwarz, Mrs. janet Greffrath CAdvisorD, Michael Ruboken, Barbara Mordecai. Second Row: Karen Miller, Kathy Tome, Eleanor Volz, Doris Pedersen, Joyce Roe, Ronda Maxon. '1 i in is , E i , . 5 . G , l70l F5092 eo ZETA RHO - Front Row, left to right: Colette Cornet, Elizabeth Holm CCorr. Secj, Linda Vi Vona, Carol Leavy CPres.D, Miss Sheila Tucker CAdvisorD, Patricia Okulski CRec. Sec.D, Patricia Tate CChap.D, Virginia Krause. Second Row: Carol Linek, Barbara Walker, joan Vanecek, Sandra Macoy, Gail Becker, Marlene Maystrik, Arlene Scholer, Dorothy Karshick, Barbara De Meo, joan Obremski, Lois Mooney, Marilyn Napolitano, Barbara Laub. Third Row: Barbara Wagner CTreas.D, Louise Chartrand, Judith Stout, Janice Holm, Susan Klausner, Hildegarde Riemer, Carole Sepp, Karin Ettel CV. Pres.D, Patricia White. One of the brightest hi-lites of the 1957 social season was the Zeta Rho-Delta Sigma-sponsored December dance "Soo-Ball." A complete success, it provided a wonderful time for everyone present. The gay Christmas decorations and wonderful music set the holidays off to a cheery start. Bringing joy to others was the motive behind our trip to the St. Giles Home for Crippled Children. At the Student Council Bazaar our "Aloha" booth was a great success. Remember those palms and leis? Earlier in the year our homemade cake sales provided a delicious dessert to top off the students' lunches. Our officers were President, Carol Leavyg Vice Presi- dent, Karin Ettelg Treasurer, Barbara Wagner, Recording Secretary, Patricia Okulski, Corresponding Secretary, fa -a , Betty Holm 5 Chaplain, Patricia Tate. Our advisor was Miss ,, Y. r. ft Sheila Tucker. I Zeta Rho girly help their trear- urer balance the hoohr. , I ar .. X , fill , : 6 . Zeta Rho giflr promote school ".rpirit." Zeta Rho Zeta Rho girl! added Hawaiian flazor to the Student Council Q Bazaar. Q ss I DELTA SIGMA HI-Y-Front Row, left to right: Arthur Sjogren CChap.D, August Longabardi CSec.D, Charles Allio CPres.D, Mr, Martin Perry CAdvisorD, David Watson CV. Pres.D, Paul Greiner CTreas.D, Stephen Trachtenberg. Second Row: Anthony Sorrentino, Donald Ring, Stanley Pace, Rich- ard Schaub, john Ewald, Carl Nyman, George Arculeo. Third Row: William Hall, Charles Balestrino, Thomas Nichols, Richard Murphy, Thomas Fazio, Alan Palocsik, Harold Rabinowitz. Good-natured sport and lots of fun characterized every- one of Delta Sigma's weekly sessions. 330 was always the liveliest room in the school when the boys held a meeting. Regardless of the merriment at our meetings, we always accomplished many things. Our dance, "Sno-Ball," held with our sister Hi-Y, Zeta Rho, was the highlight of the 1957 holiday season and the red and green decorations provided just the right atmosphere. Our enthusiastic sale of tickets brought many eager students Hocking to the doors. At the Student Council Bazaar our ring-toss game enabled many a customer to go home with a beautiful toy doll. Our officers were President, Charles Allio, Vice Presi- dent, David Watson 5 Treasurer, Paul Greiner, Secretary, August Longabardig Chaplain, Arthur Sjogren. Our advisor was Mr. Martin Perry. Delta Sigma The Delta Sigma ring tor: booth war rertainly popular at the Bazaar. "Let the knife fall." Delta Sigma hoyf love their pfefident. I 71 l l l i DELTA GAMMA-Front Row, left to right: janet Dennis CTreas.D, Anita Werden CV. Pres.j, Sandra Boldt CPres.D, Mrs. Florence Dubin CAdvisorD, Barbara Paschetti CCorres. Sec.D, Tina Kotish CRec. Sec.D, Dolores Oliveto. Second Row: Gail Edwards, Patricia Friggione, Elaine Kelley, Flora Brown, Margaret Blaikie, Leslie Moriber, janet Young, Ellen Ryan, Virginia Lang. Third Row: Barbara Porr, Sandra Plunkett, Vera Chaplin, Marilyn Bierbaum, Elizabeth Miller, Diane Svec, Carolyn Wondergem, Margaret Towne, Lois Ann Peterson. Delta amma Wheel It was a good time for all at the first dance of "New York Times" and "Herald Tribune" to the students the year sponsored by Delta Gamma and her brother and faculty every morning. Hi-Y. The decorations were bright and gay with the Our oHicers were President, Sandra Boldtg Vice Presi- shining sputnik suspended from the ceiling as the center dent, Anita Werden g Corresponding Secretary, Barbara of attraction. Paschetteg Recording Secretary, Tina Kotishg Treasurer, Delta Gammafg aim is to Serve the School and do janet Dennisg Historian, Elaine Kelley. Our advisor was charity work. One of our main projects was delivering the MIS. Florence Dubifl. Delta Gamma girlr keep tahf on their prefident, Sandra Boldt. Delta Gamma girly deliver the Laft minute plan: are made hy newspaper! throughout the Delta Gamma ojjzicerr before school to the student! and the meeting, fafulzy, 'A U21 l l l 1 4. .Xi OMEGA CHI -Front Row, lefz to figbl: Donald Papscun CSgt. at ArmsD, Walter Grund, Richard Wade CV. Presb, Mr. Kenneth Skidmore CAdvisorD, Robert Resch CPres.D, Vincent Milo CTreas.j, Bruce Roe CCorr. Secj., Edward Taylor, CRec. Sec.D. Second Row: Stephen Dodge, Louis De Rose, Edward Blair, Donald Bachman, Vincent Kreyling, Neil Schaul, Kenneth Gerrety, Anthony Christon. Third Row: Stanley Lozowski, Michael Goodman, jerry Glassman, Allen Grzanka, Arthur Edel, Lester Castalana, John Kosciuk, Gerald Horan. Qme a "All aboard for the Satellite Special!" was the merry profits for us to contribute to a worthy charity. cry heard ringing through Memorials halls in proclama- Our officers were President, Robert Resch 3 Vice Presi- tion of the successful dance held by Omega Chi and our dent, Richard Wade, Corresponding Secretary, Bruce sister Hi-Y, Delta Gamma. Who can forget the excite- Roe, Recording Secretary, Edward Taylor, Treasurer, ment of looking under desks and over lights for the little Vincent Milo, Sergeant-at-Arms, Donald Pabscung His- red "Sputniks" in hope of finding enough for a prize. torian, Walter Grund. Our advisor was Mr. Kenneth Skid- The success of our soda booth at the Student Council more. Bazaar was nothing short of sensational, reaping in enough Vinny: plea for duer if in vain. A bdfk breaking ordeal, Omega Chi boy! dirplay lheir wouldrfz you my? fbafmf, U31 01 ETA TAU HI-Y-From Row, lefl to right: Irene Finkel, Lynn Gustafson CRec. Sec.D, Helen Morgan CTreas.j, Miss Marlene Boyd CAdvisorj, Paula jaep CPres.D, Gertrude Bosch CV. Pres.D, Judith Erb CHis. Chapj. Second Row: Dorothy Basson, Carol Hammer, Andrea Berg, Lorraine Baum, Madeline Belitz, Linda Bernstein, Emile Flack, Marie Pollio, Carol Ginzburg. Third Row: Elsie Nilsen, Anita Ridgwell, Stephanie Widmer, Kathleen Kiefer, Geraldine Ottone, Carol Nelson. Eta au The purpose of every Hi-Y is to inspire a chosen group of girls to work together in harmony and willingness to render service to their school and to others. Eta Tau Hi-Y members participated in good-will visits to an orphanage to conduct parties and bring a little happiness to the lives of others less fortunate, Eta Taus have also exhibited their best culinary talents in a cake sale and in selling hotdogs at our first bazaar. H7190 rarer abou: burinerr? A jam Jerrion Lggkjng for fomgonep ir much more fun. Em Tau girlr. -.,,, -,,-- E S U43 I5 Members can be seen proudly showing their Eta Tau pins and wearing a smile of satisfaction, knowing they have been able to help, if only a little, around their school and their community. Our officers were President, Paula jaep, Vice Presi- dent, Gertrude Bosch, Treasurer, Helen Morgan, Secre- tary, Lynn Gustafson, Historian and Chaplain, Judith Erb. Our advisor was Miss Marlene Boyd. In im' mf me Era Tau'r president, Paula jaep, Jbowr ber Ialenl? ,,,,-di' 1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA-Front Row, left lo fight: B. Ecklreiter, P. Rubelsky CPres.D, Mrs. Marian Hershey CAdvisorj, I. Kyle CRec. Sec.D, A. Iacono CV. Presj, N. Latsko. Serand Row: B. Otto, D. Rose, J. Gold, I. Finkel, A. Doerrer, C. Levy, C. Romano. Third Row: A. Donaldson, C. Kaider, K. Ryan, -I. Mirecki, S. Spiegel, M. A. Motylinski. Future Homema eers The FHA has as its purpose the training of young girls so that they will be able to fulfill the duty of making a house a home. Catering at school functions, decorating, and sewing help to give the members a background in various Iields of home econornics as well as the basic philosophy of creating and maintaining a wholesome, pleasant, and invigorating home atmosphere. Our officers were President, Pauline Rubelskyg Vice President, Adeline Iaconog Corresponding Secretary, Carol Frommg Recording Secretary, janet Kyle g Treasurer, Mari- lyn D,Orso. Our advisor was Mrs. Marian Hershey. Future Teacher S Teaching is helping people grow-mentally, physically and socially. All professions are dependent upon this. To provide correct teaching facilities one must first start with teachers. The FTA is designed to encourage young people to become teachers to help fill the demand which now exceeds the supply. Our ofiicers were President, Madeline Belitz g Vice President, Joan Usingerg Corresponding Secretary, Bar- bara Walker, Recording Secretary, Patricia Kane 3 Treas- urer, Irene Finkel, Historian, janet Young. Our advisor was Mr. Arnold Honig. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Front Row, left to figbzx Irene Finkel CTreas.j, Barbara Walker CCor. Sec.j, Madeline Belitz CPres.D, Mr. Arnold I-Ionig CAdvisorD, Anita Werden, Emilie UQ' ll, 'ij Flack, Colette Cornet. Serond Row: Susan Farber, Barbara Anderson, Dorothy Boza, Andrea Berg, Susan Klausner, Louise Chartrand, Nancye Ann Lella, Elaine Kelley. Third Row: Linda Kissel, y Marianne Eipper, Eva Krause, Judith Dravinski, janet Young, Marlene Maystrik, Barbara De Meo, JB 4. JQ Ra naD'Aufia. jjjfji lf Y IJ Jpvfw I f cf' n ,fy 3,1 - , xv if gy f' l 'N 1 ' ' 5 A if , ,- 5 s l E 5 c 5 i 4 COUNCIL FORCE - Front Row, left zo fight: Robert Resch, George Arculeo C2nd Lieut.D, Mr. Charles Roberts CAdvisorD, Donald Papscun CCapt.j, Charles Allio Clst Lieut.j. Serond Row: jack Griller, John Kosciuk, Richard Murphy, Kenneth Hasenmeyer, Stephen Dodge, Vincent Milo. ouncil Force A large school such as ours naturally needs some direc- tion in the halls. The Council Force was organized to do just this. Members of the Force see to it that order is kept in the halls, washrooms are checked, and discipline is maintained at all times. Our ofiicers were Captain, Donald Papscung First Lieu- tenant, Charles Alliog Second Lieutenant, George Arcu- leog Treasurer, john Grillerg Student Council Representa- tive, Vincent Milo. Our advisor was Mr. Charles Roberts. G , gl E.. S Key Club The Key Club is an organization made up of about thirty-tive boys who aspire to serve the school and com- munity in various ways such as selling tickets, ushering at school and community events and actively supporting worthy causes. Our advisor was Mr. William Brenner. cv? i 4 5 KEY CLUB-Front Row, left to right: L. DeRose, D. Bachman, A. Palocsik, V. Milo, G. Heck, Mr. Wil- liam Brenner CAdvisorD, G. Arculeo, P. Greiner, B. Hall, H. Bay. Semnd Row: R. Dekov, P. Weiss, R. Brown, M. Petrella, P. DeNicola, D. Wade, J. Ewald, E. Blair, E. Sakal, D. Ring, J. Onysko, S. Trachtenberg. Third Row: B. Hnis, W. Sauter, S. Lozow- ski, K. Gerrety, V. Ivansheck, V. Kreyling, G. Liestol, R. jenkins, J, Koscuik, C. Nyman, F. Maxey, J. Foster. nior High Library Club Dickens' "Oliver Twist"? You'll find it right over there under F-D. A Library Club member will be glad to show you where any book can be found. The club was organized to promote interest in the students toward the use of books and the library. Mem- bers are given instruction in the operation of the library. For social activities we held a Christmas party and took a trip to New York City. Our officers were President, Maureen Tracyg Vice President, Carol Christy, Secretary, Dorothy Hughes, Treasurer, Elizabeth McSorly. Our advisor was Miss Lena Gould. Franz Row, left to righl: K. Kiefer, B. Meswarp, M. Tracy CPres.j, Miss Lena Gould CAdvisorj, D. Hughes CSec.D, C. Christy CV. Pres.D, E. McSorley CTreas.D, A. Werden. Sec- ond Row: P. Johnson, E. Goral, F. Kraut, B. Garcia, J. Hergenhan, G. Wiedman, G. Newsom, W. Tornow, W. Trutt, M. Turner, P. Bertoni. unior High Library Club To help foster an interest in books and the library is the prime concern of our junior High Library Club. Mem- bers learn each of the jobs necessary to keep the library functioning and in doing so they widen their reading interest through familiarity to a large number of books and periodicals. Our bazaar booth was a whopping success with goldfish going to the lucky winners. Our officers were President, Dorothy Bruntrager g Vice President, Carol Christensen, Secretary-Treasurer, Rose Ann Juliano. Our advisor was Mrs. Dorothy Tootle. JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY CLUB - Front Row, left Z0 right: L. Glass, D. Halstead, B. Siegel, J, Beck, R. Hughes. Second Raw: J. Joer, C. Christensen CV. Pres.D, D. Brun- V trager CPres.D, Mrs. Dorothy Tootle ' CAdvisorD , R. juliano CSec. 84 Treasj, R. Maxon. Third Row: J. Arivett, K. Sakal, C. Cubley, B. Zimmerman, S. Martins, J. Kiefer, J. Renna, I. Cleary, E. Berk, L. Waldron. Fourth Row: W. Ambacher, D. Garnar, F. Sadlow- ski, J. Mallol, R. de Groof, G. John- son, W. Clark, T. Rive. SENIOR HIGH LIBRARY CLUB - Elaine Kelley Publicity We if tri Arlene Scholer Editor-In Chief Mary Ann Sciallo Picture C onmzrlr .k xv F , V ' i 1 5 'f r W i , , ,, N' D Q1 'Q ' 503 3,1 5 f L is H-5 i s t 4 ' Alllllgv I " V . f rffrffiillm ,"' , i X Kathleen Kiefer Vincent Kreyling Carol Leavy Marlene Maystrik Lizemry Phologmphef Senior Porlroin Fealure As Editor-In-Chief of New Hyde Park Memorials iirst yearbook, the 1958 LANCE, I trust my staff and I have pro- duced a yearbook that will always be one worthy of comj mendation and admiration. This past year in the LANCE ofhce there ha e been times of pleasure and anxiety in achieving' o r goal, the best conceivable LANCE for you, the studEgflv3ut r goal could not have been accomplished it out sincer f effort and complete unity fof m taff o 'editor dx advisors. ,jf gt Gy ld X , s L. b , x -A , W W , Url' J r XL F L I. Toe bury ANCE mzf dircuf .r 4 Mio - J sible uddizion to the yearbook. s l Linda Vi Vona Barbara Wagner Patricia White Art Salex and Dixiribuiion Burineu l"!x 41 ,JM A - - -4.35.9 A , I .. 4 nl 1 M . ff V Helen Morg hwy? f Caf01Ne1S0n E15ieNil5en Patricia Quinn AJUJIQYI Plwigggf 61' W Id 1156 fiom Group Piclure Af5iff4'YfUff'f1f3' I, I , ff . Viv Z7 Q VW 0 ff f fl 'I i Eg I If X U ll V' ,fb To Mrs. Kondulis, individual acknowledgment is be- stowed as it was she who guided us, a staff completely new to yearbook work. For me this year has been a truly unforgettable one. I am grateful to those who had confrdence in me to lead a staff in compiling New Hyde Park Memorials' work, fun Marie Reiss Sportf 3 43 4 Aw t lc ,lmf ,ff Q , fa Y ' rg' f . dpi.. 45, Mrs. Pauline Kondulis CbiefAd11iJ01' and memorable moments for the year 1958. H Arlene Scholer , ' ' Editor-In-Chief y i f Arlene Srboler, lfae bury Editor-In-Chief, make! lar! minute corferzionr. Vi, Y -11 EW 7': Sandra Macoy Managing Edilor ' Q' , Carolyn Wondergem Mr. james De Nicola Mr. Grant Steinhauer Mr. Bernard Wallerstein i . Sale: and Dirlribution Aft Literary Burineu . .I J 1 ,f ' f "M ' ez? l 1 l F LANCE ART STAFF- Frmzf Rauf, lefl fo right: Patricia Quinn, Mr. James De Nicola CAdvisorD, Linda Vi Vona. Second ROZlf'.'J21l'lCtDCFll'1lS, Stanley Lozowslci, Gail Becker. LANCE PUBLICITY STAFF-Front Row, lefl to fight: Carolyn Wondergem, Kathleen Kiefer, Patricia Quinn, Vincent Kreyling, Elaine Kelley, Patricia White. Second Row: August Longabardi, Marlene Maystrik, Carol Leavy, Virginia Lang, Arthur Sjogren. T801 ' I' , V "' 'm ' . ' t 1-'Lg as W -.. I 4 A A, V.!.-Vv, W , - 1- -,K . i g .4 ,. V- ' 'S cm, f5!"l Sandy plafzr the picture! on tbe pager while Marlene rapliofzf llaem, LANCE BUSINESS STAFF - Fran! Row, lefz 10 right: Pauline Rubelsky Judith Altevogt, Elaine johnson, Carolyn Hebenstreit, joan Gilbert, Colette Cornet. Second Row: Theresa De Leo, Carol Stanley, Lorraine Baum, Andrea Berg, Barbara De Meo, janet Dennis, Ellen Ryan. Third Row: Nick Baudo, Frances Calia, Susan Farber, Madeline Belitz, Janice Meyer, Beatrice Rivera, Stanley Lozowski. LANCE HOINIEROOM REPRESENTATIVES -Front Roux left Io right: C. Ziegler, M. Kogan, K. Ewald, K. Demetriades, R. Maxon, S. Spachner. Second Row: L. Brown, F. Durante, E.Wicks, M. Medina, B. Florence, F. Santomero, D. Steinmetz, D. Pagano, M. Schaller. Third Roux' A. Medina, J. Forlenza, L. Krabel, K. Ryan, V. Scully, G. Merrell, E. Metzler, N. Kalb, D. Pearson, J. Savage, P. Zebrowski. Fourth Row: H. Gassman, J. Young, J. Feld- man, D. Breit, J. Dennis, D. Karshick, 1. Griller. Barbara Wagner and Carolyn Wondergem rberk over :alex and diftribatiorz. . .tau V---, pun-v LANCE PICTORIAL STAFF -Front Row, left to right: Carol Nelson, Karin Ettel, Patricia White, Vincent Kreyling, Carol Leavy, joan Natalie, Marlene Maystrilc. Second Row: Arthur Sjogren, Richard Wade, Elsie Nilsen, Lois Mooney, Louise Chartrand, Helen Morgan, Vin- cent Milo, Kenneth Gerrety. TFP LANCE LITERARY STAFF - Front Row, left to rigbt: Marie Reiss CSports Editorb, Mr. Grant Steinhauer CAdvis0rD, Marylin Bierbaum. Second Row: Patricia Quinn, Kathleen Kiefer CLiterary EditorD, Paula jaep. l81l F- l more I 1' Y CHARIOT-Front Raw, left lo fight: S. Dodge, D. Fiske, J. Holm, S. Widmer, H. Riemer, B. Laub CEditor-in-Chiefb, J. Licata, J. Natalie, R. Boado, D. Wade. Serorzd Row: Mrs. Ruth Rosenberg CAdvisorD, A. Zerkin, L. Bernstein, P. Okulski, L. Baum, E. Fisher, A. Berg, E. Piccini, N. Lella, R. D'Auria, J. Vanecek, J. Stout, R. Gardner, Mr. john London CAdvisorD, Mr. john Rooney CAd- visorD. Third Row: M. Hilton, P. Stephens, C. Leonard, D. Krogstad, B. Hall, M. Petrella, P. Bales- trino, C. Vi Vona B. Mayer, M. Tracy, M. Messana, C. Nelson, D. Pies, C. Cornet. 1,7 n....,.' 2 ' 'X X W f X N Af , ul. - X L X W5 I' l A ...---ll l X' N I C1 I l e r ' ' - . 7 -- 4 t aflfff if r 1 W -'rfw rwfrdit ' ' I l y gg YQ ,J, , LM ll t f My i g ff - , 0 4 '. Q 7 X. ' il F 7 . ,ff f . "Read all about it! All the school news for only one 5tUd6f1t5 interested in journalismj t also helps, dime!" Once a month these calls ring through the halls HCCIUS-iflf the C0ITlmUUltY With schoi Vents. h its as students eagerly purchase the paper to find out what's beautiful f-MSPIHYS and Catthy P0 C Chaflflt Cl 7 new, to the school's appearance and increases c pirit. Fifteen editors and assistant editors and three advisors work hand-in-hand to publish the Chariot, which last year won a second-place award at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. In addition, our editor-in-chief was the panel leader at the March 1957 CSPA Convention. Published as a service to the school and as an aid to The Chariot rlajjz maker lar! minule correrlionr. Pfoofffffdmg If VW zz long Our staff consisted of Editor-In-Chief, Barba 5 Managing Editor, Hildegarde Riemerg News Editor, Stephanie Widmerg Feature Editor, Joann Licata, Junior High Editor, joan Piccarella, and Business Manager, Dorothy Fiske. Mr. john London, Mrs. Ruth Rosenberg and Mr. john Rooney were our advisors. and tediour joh. The rlajf wofhr hard 10 mee! zhe deadline. , xx A we .f"' Q l 'Y GIRLS! SERVICE LEAGUE-Front Row, left to right: B. Olkulski, M. Hirsch, C. Hammer, M. Radimer, B. Kompass, L. Kissel, J. Piorkowski, R. Prommersberger, M. Scholler, M. Dreher, J. Venezia, E. Mazurkiewicz. Second Row: C. Nelson, A. Ridgwell, L. Ludin, G. Ottone, E. Dziomba CPres.D, Mrs. Barbara Weigle CAdvisorD, L. Webster CV. Pres.D, M. Dmuchowski CSec.D, J. Muzzonigro CTreas.D, B. Paschette, V. Krause, J. Marchand. Third Row: J. Krug, J. Vanecek, E. Buglione, J. Drauinski, J. Turnquist, A. Seymour, M. A. Coveney, N. Zith, M. Smith, M. Pollio, M. Bartkowski, P. Rubelsky, B. Ecklreiter, A. Doerrer, R, Gioia, V. Baer. Fourth Row: M. Kogan, M. Viarengo, S. Galderisi, V. Urban, M. Jaeger, A. Werden, J. Forlenza, J. Gilbert, T. Genovese, J. Adelman, C. Gardner, M. Eipper, S. Litwin, J. Bartkowski. Qi 7 Service League "This way please" was a familiar expression during our assemblies. The members of the Girls' Service League always made sure we had our programs and were seated in the right seats. Working in the administration offices is another of the League's myriad duties. Filing, stamping, and carrying messages is all taken in stride. Hall squad duty is still another of the members' jobs and beware the student without a pass. If caught, it's down to the oflice you go! Girls' Service League members must all be of high character and possess a good scholastic rating. They must also be willing to devote all their free periods to the service of the school. Our officers were President, Emily Dziombag Vice President, Lynn Webster, Secretary, Marilyn D'Muchow- ski, Treasurer, Jeanne Muzzonigro. Our advisor was Mrs. Barbara Weigle. Neat, efficient Girlr' Service League Member! of the Girl'r Service League worherf are always on hand in the ojfce The preriderzt arsigru ports for the next receive their lart minute inrtrtzctionr. to do any clerical worh, arrerrzhly program. ,.. ll ,ip Q 2 t.. ...I SCENECI PLAYERS - K. Quinlan, J. Schupbach, B. Fox, S. Veltre. Serond Row: B. Averett, L. Webster CCorr. Sec.D L. Hyland CPres.D, Miss Sheila Tucker CAdvisorD, J. Ferris CV. Pres.D, L. Seawood CRec. Sec.j Front Row: left to right: G. Crawford, M. O'Meara, J. Rickmeyer '- W. Trutt, P. Kane, M. Schaller. Third Row: H. Freondlich, I. Majewski, D. Ulrich, J. Weston . - B if ' , I R. Strassner, F. Glass, M. Thoden, L. Moriber, C. O'I-Iara, E. Mazurkiewicz. Fourth Row F. Orlando, D. Karshick, D. Pearson, L. Reman, J. Fasone, B. Rippon, L. Fielder, A. Savino - P, Stephens,-JVI. Giltrap. Fifth Row: S. Lozowski, M. Petrella, R. Miller, G. Wiedman, A Martin, V. Milo. Oh, to get lbore liner memorized. 1 . . , Sceneei Players, . ,l . , . 1 ' 1 i ' l ' i - ' ' , "Curtain going up!" After months of,.reliearsatl,i orizing scripts, changes in production,con,struct,iOryof setj ticket selling, costume tittingiand lastm'iri3at'e'Cl1.aiiges-fthat ix familiar phrase is spoken and in a few minutes the-months of work are shown off in all their glory. The applause finally lets down and the Sceneci Players realize that tlieir play "Take Care of My Little Girl" is a complete success. Our officers were President, Linda Hyland, Vice Presi- dent, janet Ferris, Treasurer, Wesley Truttg Recording Secretary, Judith Weston, Corresponding Secretary, Lynn Webster. Our advisor was Miss Sheila Tucker. 1 Retailing Cordial, eflicient service was our theme as we ran the A school store. Anything from notebook paper through review books and school pennants could be purchased and thanks to the careful management the Retailing Club provided, nothing was ever lacking and the books were always in the best of order. Our ofhcers were President, janet Ferris, Vice Presi- dent, joseph LaRoccog Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Williams, Recording Secretary, Gerald Fortscheg Treas- urer, Edward Blair, Sergeant-at-Arms, Dominic Nuzzi. Our advisor was Mr. john Rooney. RETAILING CLUB -Front Row, left to fight! L. Balzarini, E. Blair, J. Ferris, Mr. john Rooney CAdvisorj, J. La Rocco, G. Fortsch, M. Marakowski. Second Row: M. Napalitano, M. Towne, K. Withers, V. Milo, D. Nuzzi, G. Weidman, B. Ulrich, D. Ulrich, M. De Giacomo, B. Williams, M. Sands. try. dll SCIENCE CLUB -Front Row, left to right: E. Strahm, R. Naso, E. Wicks, C. Brasholz, A. Riccon, V. Weck, I. Cleary, F. Chernes, I-I. Dickson. Serond Row: R. Daley, R. Pedersen, J. Zima, J. Meyer, D. Dickson, R. Monson, R. Clark, C. Cancro, W. Altevogt. Third Row: D. Rive, T. Dilts, G. Fink, R. Chamberlain, R. Trifan, C. Atkinson, J. Mirecki, W. Clark. Vang uar ers Creating an interest in science is the purpose of Memo- rial's Science Club. Members are given an opportunity to delve into nature's secrets by means of individual re- search and group experiment. Science presents no mysteries to these students. Instead, it becomes a pleasure to unravel a problem through the use of scientific techniques. Our officers were President, Robert Monson, Senior High Vice President, john Zima, junior High Vice Presi- dent, Thomas Dilts, Secretary, Gregory Fink, Treasurer, Donald Dickson. Our advisor was Mrs, Doria Vrabec. LSHS H1611 Almost every American family possesses a camera of one sort or another. The Lensmen was organized to pro- vide a club in which all interested students could meet to compare their cameras and photos. Photo-taking techniques and camera construction are studied and compared. Each member aims to improve his photos and to gain an appre- ciation for good photography. LENSMEN - From Row, lefz za figbl: Patricia Stephens, Lynn Webster CSec.j, Mr. Arthur Delaney CAdvisorD, janet Ferris CPres.D, Bruce Danielson. Serond Row: Robert Phoel, Richard Wagner, Calvin Hill, Martin Wilson, William Cummings, Daniel Fitzgerald, Richard Slaterback. 3 L ff V, ?' 5 L 4 ff 4 ,3 A Q 2 ? .ff 3 1 l 5 1 l . I V l STAMP CLUB -Front Raw: lefl lo fight: Thomas Riue, Roger Clark, Mr. Arthur De- laney CAdvisorD, Richard Law- rence, Frank Durante, Gregory Potts. Serond Row: Louis Is- nardi, james Finnegan, james O'Connell, Daniel McNeil, Al- bert Galante, Rodney Charny, Arnold Lipshetz. Philatelists Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange-a myriad of colors from hundreds of countries. This one from Spain, this from Nicaragua, this from Australia. Imagine a book filled with stamps, each with its own interesting story. No wonder stamp-collecting is one of the most popular and widespread of hobbies. The Stamp Club brings together interested stamp col- lectors, giving them a chance to admire the stamps of other collectors and perhaps, to make a few benehcial exchanges. Our advisor was Mr. Arthur Delaney. r ,ue . . gone L. .U,. A ,IO K 9,2 Future Nurse S "Helping others" is the goal of the Future Nurses of America. Members of the organization believe in help- ing the sick and unfortunate. In order for us to do this better, the school nurse gave instructions on medical care of the sick at all meetings. To see our theories in practice, we visited Flushing Hospital and were given a complete tour of the establishment. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA - From Row, left to rigbz: I. Muller, M. Schaller. . C. Murphy, S. Spiegel CSec.D, ' - - Mrs. Rosalie Rodiquenzi CAd- 1 visorD, Mrs. Lenora Colyer 4 CAdvis0rD, L. Moriber CPres.j, -I. Cervellion CV. Presj, M. Turner CTreas.j, C. Smith, D. Denaples. Second Row: C. Obremski, R. Hughes, E. Allen, M. Frasco, M. Tomaszewski, E. Fleming, 1. Kyle, M. McNulty, I. Schroeder, M. Tracy, P. Leuthner, C. Hebenstreit, E. Wright, L. Waldron. Third Row: K. Ryan, D. Rose, B. Zimmerman, D. johnson, P, Eger, A. Nichols, C. Behrens, R. Greco, C, De Nicola, A. Bormann, E. Pinzl, E. Berk, Knights ot Aristotle The meeting is called to order, quiet ensues, a pointed question is raised, sides are taken and discussion follows. This is a typical meeting of our debating club. Membership in the debating club fosters in the student a greater appreciation of thought and a better understand- ing and grasp of debating techniques. lt teaches him to take a problem and to analyze it carefully and to convey his ideas to others. Our advisor was Mr. George Costigan. l l . CHESS CLUB-Front Row, left to figbz: K. White, R. Stanley CPres.D, L. Brown CSec.D, H. Dickson CV. Pres.D, J. Meyer CTreas.D, R. Sidi. Second Row: A. Roman, B. Tintle, W. Doris, M. Yarow, J. Maiorana, M. Shapiro. Third Row: R. Nordlund, D. Tucker, F. Mammano, A. Subach, W. Lutkenhaus, D. Pietrowski, J. Marechi. if' F KNIGHTS OF ARISTOTLE -Fronl Row, left to right: janet Weber, Yvonne Wil- liams, Nancy Webster, john Foster, Richard Wade, Marlene Maystrik, joan Usinger. Ser- ond Row: Dorothy Basson, Gertrude Bosch, Jeannette Stegemann, Kathe Berk, Anita Simonsen. Chess Club Checkmate! This was our slogan as pawns, knights, rooks, bishops, queens and kings roamed about our chess boards trying to evade our opponents traps while devising some of our own. A tournament among club members was designed to train our players and to increase the knowledge of the intricate moves of the game. Alice Through the Look- ing Glass never had as much fun as we do. Our officers were President, Ronald Stanley, Vice President, Herbert Dickson, Secretary, Lawrence Brown' 7 Treasurer, jay Meyer. Mr. Edwin Heroy was our advisor. Z. 5 Prevideni, Slere Tmrhlenberg, leather Honor Soriely menzberr II new melbod of addilion and rpellizlg. Honor Sorielj' offcerr bare rz conference ivilb Ifyeir president. Scholarship, character, leadership, personality-to be- come a member of Honor Society a student must rate high in each of these fields. Only the top hfteen per cent of the Senior Class can become members so you can be sure that our meetings are always marked by active participation in all projects. No Society member will ever forget the beautiful induction ceremony performed in an assembly before all the Senior High students. The first of our projects was to draw up our constitution and become members of the National Honor Society and then order our pins with the famous torch symbol, Another project to further scholar- ship and to be of service to the school was our tutoring service. Honor Soriely member! appear puzzled over cl flvemirlry experiment. Our officers were President, Stephen Trachtenbergg Vice President, Ronald Stanley, Recording Secretary, Gertrude Bosch, Corresponding Secretary, Paula jaepg Treasurer, joan Obremski. Our advisor was Mr. john McElderry. 3 Honor oclety HONOR SOCIETY -From Row, left 10 righf: Barbara Wagner, Joan Obremski CTreas.j, Ronald Stanley CV. Presj, Mr. john McElderry CAdvisorj, Stephen Trachtenberg CPres.D, Gertrude Bosch CRec. Sec.D, Paula jaep CCorr. Sec.D. Second Row: Barbara Laub, joan Natalie, Elsie Nilsen, Carol Leavy, Arlene Scholer, Kathleen Kiefer, Patricia Quinn, Marlene Maystrik. Third Row: Linda Vi Vona, Marie Reiss, Glenn Liestol, Fred Maxey, Patricia White, Barbara Porr. 5 1 4 , 9 . ' . I . l ?' 1 5 f i f , fl . , .4 4- gi . . . yy " f In . ' ro .H - 2 3. aw 1 , t p 4, , I JA ai fiiiifll. I I Y V l ""' I L '.,, . ., JUNIOR RED CROSS -From Row, left I0 figlaz: M. McGhie, M. Smart, K. Reilly, P. Kane, D. Halstead, A. Taub, B. Florence, V. Arculeo, M. Christon, C. Trachtenberg. Second Row: J. Bouladier, J. Meek, C, Smith, J. Kyle, M. De Martino CTreasD, L. Seawood CPres.D, V. Kreyling CV. Presj, L. Moriber, J. Cervellion, P. Leuthner. Third Row: B. Michal, C. Schrader, P. Ferris, K. De Bari, J. Gar- finkel, J. Ferris, K. Keshian, M. Coveney, C. Hernandez, R. Choinski, J. Arkwright. Fourfb Row: C. Murphy, I. Muller, P. Weiss, V. Allen, C. Freidin, M. Melton, A. Nichols, P. Rankin, R. Greco, D. Agostinetti, S. Petrowski, R. Kahn. unior Red Cross The small, round, white pin with the red cross on it is a familiar sight to everyone. Every year a collection is made for the Red Cross and donators are given this pin. The Junior Red Cross Club is proud to say that they help toward making this drive a success. In afiliation with the Red Cross, this organization sponsors many drives to help the needy. Our officers were President, Linda Seawood g Vice Presi- dent, Virginia Kreyling, Treasurer, Maria DeMartinog Secretary, Janet Ferris. Our advisor was Mrs. Felice Golding. VISUAL AID SQUAD-Fran! Row, left to right .' Visual Aid qua Receiving instruction from movies is one of the most enjoyable forms of learning. The Visual Aid Club sees to it that we have enough films to keep us happy and well informed. The Visual Aid Club is in charge of all projection equipment and is responsible for the repair and mainten- ance of equipment and films. All splicing and transporta- tion is carried on by members of the club. Our advisor was Mr. Albert Koehler. George Arculeo, joan Obremski, Mr. Albert Koehler CAdvisorD, Ronald Dabal, Richard Murphy. Second Row: jerry Feger, Stephen Dodge, Kenneth Birmingham, George Demas. , .1 V. " v ,,, " 2 V . , af . . i" V if ,L ,.,. ,4 c K , ' X ,.fn.4Y'?7an. , ' SENIOR HIGH CHORUS - Front Row, left to fight: E. Johnson, M. Sands, L. Peterson, C. Nelson, '. s Qili1fr.,.' 'ilu his 1 , , . Senior High Mixed Chorur memherr climb the ladder to reach high noter. P. Friggione, C. Campo, J. Dimore, A. Boccio, E. Flack, B. Walker, Miss Marion Donnelly CAdvisorD Second Row: Y. Williams, L. Gustafson, C. Schultz, M. Bartkowski, D. Junge, C. Linek, D. Wright, D. Dorrmann, J. Natalie, J. Erb, J. Dennis, A. Casale. Third Row: D. XX'ade, J. Giese, D. Svec, E. Weisskirchen, L. Beldy, J. Licata, K. Withers, E. Ryan, B. Ostro, M. Razza, R. Dorsch, M. Santanglo Fourth Rout: A. Christon, A. Sjogren, G. Fortsch, J. Foster, V. Doyle, J. La Rocco. nior High Mixed Chorus "Deck the hall with boughs of holly." How gay it was during the holiday season to hear the carolers as they sang their way through the halls. Every song proclaimed the joy of the happy season. Doors on all sides were opened to let in the merry voices of the chorus together with the music of the band. Composed of both girls and boys, the Senior High Mixed Chorus spends much time in practicing songs to gladden fellow students' hearts, not only during the Holi- day Season, but at the annual concert and at assemblies as well. f This past year Senior High Mixed Chorus was led by its president Lois Ann Peterson and advised by Miss Marion Donnelly. ' x Y VA' 'I fl ,fi tvfmvwij QU Qtilrl if , ,WJ SENIOR HIGH MIXED CHORUS - Froi1tRou',left to right: P. Bertoni, A. Straubmueller, T. Man- H Xflltlt lx k N LT! A U ., ganaro, D. Zdziebkowski, M. Merkert, M. Carolan, E. Goral, C. Ziegler, M. Turner, P. Goldstein, A. qu' VJ KXNQK D Savino.Set'or1d Row: N. Kalb, K. Hudak, I. Ruddock, B. Schneider, A. Ulrich, L. Beckett, M. Schmid, J. 1 If Staeheli, E. Metzler, A. Bailey, J. Wondergem, B. Young. Third Row: J. Jacob, D. Wagner, B. Roe, W 'ia , Hochreiter, K. Hahn, A. Southern, Cirenza, R. Dessner, A. Edel, B. Hilth, Metzler, P. A ,mfg ' XM Balestrino, B. Lucress. lkf' t Senior High Mixed Chorus 1: in get: the fight note. 1 i901 I A7 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-Front Row, left lo rigbz: D. Lempicky, B. Dietz, D. Mofhtt, B. Chenoweth M. Friedman, K. Turner, L. Boy, G. Battipede, L. Rozzi, B. Florence, V. Arculeo, L. Christon, D. Spahr, B. Calamis, C. Phelps, A. Taub, A. Norrito, C. Trachtenberg. Sefond Row: M. Steinroeder, C. Schwartzman, F. Szaho, L. Schust, C. Reitz, V. Grifhn, A. Seymour, P. Colquhoun, D. Hill, K. Pregot, E. Wicks, C. Brasholz, A. Riccon, M. Van Cott, G. Merrell, J. Gioia, M. Melton, J. Haig, Miss Marion Donnelly v all unior High Girls' Glee UA MW The junior High Girls' Glee Club is a club with four purposes. Its first purpose is to create an enjoyable experi- ence for all members. The second is to be of service to the school and to provide the Christmas Assembly and Con- cert with good vocal music. The third is to give each girl a lasting appreciation of music. The last is to bring out the best in all the voices of the club. Our advisor was Miss Marion Donnelly. lr. Tbird Row: L. Andreassen, M. Maher, A. Smith, D. Rankin, Smith, E. Gordon, J. Livingston, K. Wobbe, P. Rankin, A. Subach, P. Willsey, L. Krabel, E. Skelton, L J. Dahl, G. Arnold, C. Contarino, C. Staeheli, D. Hansen, j. Friedman, R. Veltre. Fourlb Row: C. Becker, F. Santomero, M. Manafar, D. Adorno, M. Wilhelm, I. Latalladi, P. Weiss, M. Kaufhold, A. Kemp, J. Kirk, D. Steinmetz, M. Medina, B. Chludzinski, J. Arkwright, C. Dewards, M. Munro, , yffj V Frieden, S. Petrowski, M. Christon, S. Georges, G. Smith. f , tw 6 A group of tbe junior Higb Glee Club Jingr rl number during lbe Spring Con- rerl. for future rbowr. I Min Donnelly Jtrerfer :be irnporzance of rorrert porture wlaile ringing. rp U' sl? A , junior Higb Girly' Glee Club tuner up - Franz Rauf, left la right: F. V Chernes, W. Altevogt, S. Faby, Mr. Bertram Konowitz CAdvisorD, T. Bongiorno, R. De Nicola, R. Giese, R. Catalanello. Serond Raw: S. Ulaha- kis, A. Kuchins, R. Hartmann, J. Stabb, H. Harlem, R. Wells, S. Weland, D. Miller, R. Boman. Third Row: A. Roman, P. Boccio, G. Potts, D. Doyle, E. Luthy, J. Pollio, B. Silversmith, P. Potenza. 7th GRADE GIRLS GLEE CLUB-Front Row, left lo figblf E. Ivansheck, J. Bruntrager, A. Corwin, S. Ekloff, L. Holtberg, C. Richey, M. Baumann, L. Waldron, K. McAn- drews, L. Sass, E. Chao, W. Baum, M. A. Fiorentino, M. Eisenberg. Serond Row: K. Gillooly, L. Hall, G. Lewis, C. Gonzales, B. Hugli, B. Lang, E. Berk, Miss Marion Donnelly CadvisorD, K. McCook, L. Fisher, M. Pies, C. A. Corsaro, B. Esche, K. Sakal. Third Row: I. Krieger, M. Surge, B. Cirella, M. Breit, L. Smith, A. Glaser, H. Grotheer, A. Onysko, W. Saran, S. Spachner, L. Blau, K. Kleinman, M. Spunt, A. John- son, J. Gunderman, K. Baum, L. Rabinowitz, K. Demetriades. Fourzh Row: D. Cywinski, L. Langstaff, A. Cannone, L. Mills, L. Svec, D. Slater, M. Bambara, J. Millina, M. Bor- mann, L. Wankel, S. Pallett, I. Cleary, B. Zimmerman, V. Oderman, A. Behrens, J. Ryon. 'ch Grade Girls' Chorus UUi01' High Boys' Chorus This group of girls gathers together to learn to improve their voices and to sing in harmony with the other girls of their own age. These girls are interested in sharing their own talent with the other members of this school. Under careful supervision they bring out the very best their vocal chords can do and join in forming a chorus of seventh grade girls. Our advisor was Miss Marion Donnelly. JUNKRIHGHBOYSGUECIUB eji'H fiei if TT T921 ' P? 1' , . 5 1 . f . .42 ' l 5 ' fQ 4 Z' I 1 , IJ A ,K . , A f. -,,2t ' K .: r Xxx . , R' I . M . ' The junior High Boys' Chorus presents a wonderful opportunity to young boys who wish to train their voices in preparation for the vocal groups organized in the Senior High. They extend their talent in the direction of acquir- ing the rich tones necessary to a well-balanced choral group and strive to improve their voices in blending with other singers. Our ofhcers are President, Robert Zysk, Vice President, Alan Kuchensg Treasurer, Edward Fitzgerald, Secretary, Ralph Hartman. Our advisor was Mr. Bertram Konowitz. Tlififoxicjijlyvf J 5 ,ere r ff A ft' Y 1 . , in mx ,f-L ,,,f-11 XJQ' .f 7 . F -- ,Rf -,,, ' Cu QL , -'M ,N f f6f..,..,d ,eg , www! el e to T .' 4 ' 1 a,v,:f,a-4, e V . . it X ffl '-L se-C ,f' , lv ' ,Q f J ,jug-1, V-. lE,El1Ji2E3 Band DANCE BAND -- Fran! Row, left to right: Thomas Leavy, Betty-joy Young, Arlene Dahl, Vaughn Surprenant. Serond Row: Mr. William Millner CAdvisorj, Martin Petrella, Victor Ivansheclc, Michael Goodman, Grant Smith, Richard Giandana, Linda Vi Vona. Third Row: Eleanor Zimmerman, Thomas Fazio. Polka, calypso, lindy, stroll, waltz, fox trot-you name it and they'll play it. That's our dance band. Its members have formed the group to more fully understand the indi- vidual problems concerning the playing of dance music involving several instruments, such as the piano and guitar, not ordinarily found in a regulation band. The band is always ready for any school social function and performs at the Christmas Program and Variety Show as well. The Dance Band advisor was Mr. William Millner. Organized to consolidate the interested piano players' of our school, the Piano Club brings the experienced players in contact with others who share the hobby and who benefit from association with fellow hobbyists. This contact teaches them to play along and share their enthusiasm with others. Each member expresses his own talent at the key- board and the other members of the club profit from the experience. Our ofiicers were President, Robert Zyskg Vice Presi- dent, Elizabeth Miller, Secretary, Barbara Leonard, Treas- urer, Clifford Gerber. Our advisor was Mr. Bertram Kono- wrtz. PIANO CLUB-Front Row, left I0 riglal: David Rigney, Fred Pravato, Mr. Bertram Konowitz CAdvisorD, Lorraine Krabel, Allen Zerkin. Second Row: Karin Baum, Robert Zysk, Cliff Gerber, Elizabeth Miller, Rickie Ann Wessinger, Barbara Eickmeyer. Third Raw: Barbara Leonard, Ronnie Braunstein, Carol jackson, Carol Sciuto, Gloria Smith. Piano Cluls l93l ,fr SENIOR HIGH BAND-Fran! Row: lefi I0 right: C. Vi Vona, B. Young, I. Silverman, J. Wobbe, P. Greiner, T. Leavy, P. Hecker, A. Dahl, V. Surprenant, E. Nilsen. Second Rowr A. Horn, W. Hoff- man, R. Bellamente, D. Day, R. Goldstein, Z. Castellana, M. Petrella, P. Mackauf, V. Ivansheck, M. Goodman, W. Sauter, D. Ring, R. Giandana, B. Tucci, G. Smith. Tbird Row: B. Tornow, C. Schweizer, E. Wfeiss, L. Mooney, B. Eckert. Fouffh Rauf: M. Towne, R. Byrne, D. Esche, K. Birmingham, M. Razza. enior Band Flutes, clarinets, horns, percussion-all playing a lively melody and all in tune. Whenever one attends an assembly program or football game, he is given an opportunity to hear and enjoy our band as it plays for the occasion. On Memorial Day and during United States Week our band marched and played and delighted all spectators. Selected members marched with the Sewanhaka Band in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. ' Band officers were President, Warren Sauter, Vice President, Michael Goodman, Scrapbook Chief and Treas- urer, Martin Petrella, Librarians, William Tornow and Donald Ring. Mr. William Millner was the advisor. unior Band Strike up the band! Everybody loves a band and the Junior High Band's no exception. To satisfy the musical inclinations of these students, the Junior High Band was formed. All Junior High students with a wish to play an instrument have an opportunity to join. Its chief purpose is to give students a chance to learn appreciation of good band music while providing healthy, happy entertainment. Our advisor was Miss Shirley Homan. JUNIOR HIGH BAND-Fran! Row: left to riglal: M. Olsen, B. Mayer, S. Maher, K. Schaffer, M. Melton, A. Taub, A. Potlcin, T. Temple, R. Mistretta, R. DiPaola, B. Schaul. Second Row: P. Rankin s M. Atureo, R. Gottharn, B. Schroeder, J. Gerth, E. Scholer, E, Feeley, S. Dorrmann, E. Rockwood, E. Piccini. Third Raw: V. Manganaro, E. Morris, K. Wobbe, C. Rover, W. Alexander, J. Dahl, R. Niles, l ' R. Thoden, D. Clair, R. Tutschulte, D. Miller, J. Stabb, D. Reiner, C. Hennings, K. Pieper, R. DiPaoia, J. Kalbfleisch, T. Syvertsen, R. Manners. Fourfb Row: B. Cancro, A. Kemp, M. Quinlan, K. Birming- ' S ' ham, R. Hannis, R. Giese. Maximus l SOCCER TEAM - Front Row, left lo righz: B. Edwards, M. Fine, F. Helgeson, L. DeRose, J. Kennedy, I. Abry, P. Maulcauff, A. Medina, K. Berg, I. Boxt, T. Connolly, R. Dennis, F. Pankoke, R. Eckert. Serond Roux' Mr. W. Peters CCoachD, J. Tuathrocki, J. Paradise, J. Onysko, C. Schweitzer, G. Glaser, C. Schloss, G. Myers, R. Schaub, E. Kelly, W. Hoffman, A. Markussen, N. Baudo, J. Harlin, T. Wilson, M. Petrella. Opening their first season by defeating North Valley Stream, South Valley Stream and Elmont proved to be only the beginning for our Varsity Soccer team. The following game with Floral Park ended with both teams scoreless, but soon after Clarke, Carey and North Valley Stream were easily defeated. Floral Park proved to be a thorn in our side by once more holding us with a tie game. However, we went on the emerge victorious once more against Elmont, Sea Cliffs junior Varsity, Garden City's Our undefeated Soeeer team Jcorer an- OCCGI junior Varsity and Carey. Ending the season by trouncing Clarke, we were the proud bearers of the title, "Novice League Champions". Needless to say, Coach Peters was very proud of his team. Gerhard Glaser served as captain. He racked up a total of fifteen points and won the Most Valuable Player award. Mr. Peters is taking no chances on a poor team in the future. He has organized a squad of prospective Varsity players. Serving as their manager is Robert Peyton. Gerhard Glaser, captain of New Hyde Parh's Sorrer team, wither good lurh to whiff 3041- The Sorter feam play! on zo viclofy. CMU' High, fb? OPPUJWE feelffl' . . ,tm Mild, . l ef'f - e r -J w .',. tl 2' , . l V " r 1 W' jf , XII' zj 1 , . I , ,a -- In -f .gal ,. 'vi' 95,751 , L .fifgfa f K H v-. 'lg , 15. ,, A 4? , J A, ' YL fa f ,' ' w. '01 ' f' 1 ' ' , , 5 .Aan .a . 'ii we , 3Yf,4",Fr HF" 9, as L5 f 1 barbel. Tony Sorrentina maker 4 Jpectarular back-band 11101. Dave Warren leaps zo More another New Hyde Park boys play to win. Basketball The 1957-1958 season was a profitable one for our Varsity Basketball team. As a result of a grinding schedule of eighteen games our men had perfected many new skills and gained valuable experience. Dressed in their Navy blue and Columbia blue uniforms, the team created a fast- moving picture on the court. After losing our first six games, we came back to win the next two contests versus Plainedge and Herricks. We suffered losses in our next four games, but once more bounced back to defeat Levittown and Carey. Our last two triumphs were against Floral Park and Levittown after which we suffered two tight losses as the season concluded. Donald Ring served as captain. Richard Schaub won the Most Valuable Player Award. Many of our basketball players will spend the rest of this year practicing in anticipation of next year's games. Because not many of his boys will be leaving at graduation and because there are good-looking prospects, Coach Moran expects a very good season. VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front Row, left I0 rigfal: N. Schaul, B. Hall, W. Glickstein, E. Kelly, D. Watson, D. Ring. Second Row: D. Wassmer, Mr. Ambrose Moran, M. Milo, R. Schaub, G. Myers, J. Meyer, B. Hilton, A. Sorrentino, A. Markussen, D. Serwer. Y"ff it HP' 597 ,J .. if Y' ei' 'j' ' ' y Q , Q I 5. .-i.- 5532!-jf:-y ,gg Axe. my ss tgirl: r is gn' flu-,L ' . ,WL ' l W ",,Q'- . . -v-f f --V. - --' New ' -' -1' u"g'I'f'f3E- 2 n1''- FOOTBALL SQUAD-From Row, left to righl: R. Gandana, W. Gilchrist, S. Trachtenberg, D. Willsey, J. Campagne, D. Wassmer, G. Heck, W. Brogan. Second Row: A. Agosta, H. Rabinowitz, C. Allio, N. Grasso, J. Gray, G. Campana, J, Darcy, R. Rankin, D. Serwer. Standing: D. Krogstad CManagerD, A. Davis CManagerj, Mr. L. Cohen CCoachD, B. Hilton, V. Ivansheck, J. Meyer, A. Horn, R. Murphy, T. Dillon, B. Smith, R. Erbacher, T. Nichols, A. Siogren CManagerj, Mr. S. Stempel ootball CCoach D. Screams and cheers from the spectators bore witness to the high feeling and tension present at each of our foot- ball games this year. For many students, attending a school football game was a new experience. Great rivalries arose among the schools of our area and students spent many hours in heated discussions with friends from competing schools. The drive to win tempered by the spirit of good sportmanship evidenced by our Hrst football team at Me- morial will be remembered by all. This season was a rug- At one of our exciting gamer, the boyr get in formation. C, S Harold Rabinowilz Jforer 11 tourladoufn. , J' '19 ged one and many of our best players were injured. Every afternoon after school, the squad could be found practicing passing, tackling and blocking under the super- vision of their coach, Mr. Leon Cohen. The team was kept under strict training rules. Richard Murphy and Victor Ivansheck served as co- captains. Because of his outstanding offensive and defen- sive work, Victor Ivansheck was selected by his teammates for the Most Valuable Player award. 001595 We line 45 be Our leam gainr ronfrol of the bull again!! Searlif. ' .J ., 5:3 , 1 WHT N 56" 'mai 544' AFI ' 5 2 , 1 . Q , . a 3 Ag -, , 3 M 7 " , Qu .- . 5 W - . . ,..., .,-- f .', "lf" ' . '- N ""L5'5fa f'l'l V.: J ' Q fv- 'T'-Age ' wi-".L ' .f- ,-. --sm , 3 . ' 1, , .T -as-Q f tr .,k.., V W 517. V jzyfgl., f 1 Y ' ,fi 1, 1, V. A ,W , .. . f . , 5 may- R s, ' I" A ' V , , sq '5 K. X, .F I 1-,L W 1, .r Vg-1-uf .w i , W ,,: 'I "a.,.,'f-fair- A "1" 'r , 1 .fr e 1 f ,- , " ' ' 4. -1 mv- ' 1 I I vu L I ' "' r-' . ' -f wr 0? ' l i 0 u -5, Lacrosse , LACROSSE-Ffonl Row. left to figinl: P. Greiner, B. Roe, D. Wassmer, J. Gray, D. McAllister, B. Smith, R. Murphy. Second Row: T. Connolly, H. Orr, C. Collins, P. Zipper, N. Grasso, A. Mikowslci, F. Scholer, D. Watson. Third Row: J. Harlin, E. Razza, T. Moran, T. Smith, R. Giandana, V. Ivansheck, G. Campana. Fourth Row: Mr. S. Stempel CCoachD, W. Poudron. Fifth Row: D. Miller, J. Campanis, R. Doumar, N. Laskowitz, J. Prat, D. Krogstad, R. Grunert, S. Stout, M. Cunningham. Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports on Long Island. With the opening of nine new schools, the team will play a thirteen-game schedule, Mr. Stemple will be coaching his boys on the techniques of cradling, pass- ing, and scoring every day until their first official game f with Carey. Our fast-moving, rough and tumble boys will be led by the experience of Charles Balestrino an fi! X, vifrOf1vanShec J fi! Iac 2 an C1 C1 .L CLI? Hard work erseverance and determination are i fwflflftes , P , necessary traits in anyone wishing to be a member of the Track and Field Club. Mr. Peters will be coaching his men not only in the techniques of running, but also in the skills involved in pole vaulting, high jumping, broad jumping, hurdling, discus throwing and shot putting. The club will attend twelve meets with their opener to be played versus Elmont. TRACK AND FIELD - Front Row, lefl zo right: D. Serwer, C. Allio, S. Trachtenberg, D. Boland, D. Willsey, W. Brogan, K. Leupp, C. Hoenig, M. Gina. Second Row: D. Oehl, F. Maxey, K. Berg, B. Haig, R. Wagner, D. Reiner, C. Fascano, D. Dickson. Third Row: W. Trutt, S. Caltagirone, T. Dillon, G. Feger, R. johnson, C. Hennings, J. Leahy. Fourlb Row: P. Weiss, D. jackson, G. Hill, K. Cavanagh, B. Bergbom, E. Zarcone, W. Carlsen, C. Hennings, E. Morris, A. Edel. Fifth Row: A. Hopkins, W. Natalie, Mr. W. Peters CCoachD, R. Bellamente, R. Ashker. l ggi' K, I ij!! 'E'-'jj,.L.a'.xi If QQNOP Baseball .f4'f,! KQV ,.,, , f BASEBALL --Front Row, lefi lo right: N. Ogden, H. Rab- inowitz, T. Nichols, A. Sorrentino. Sefond Row: G. Cuffaro, S. Moculeski, J. Onysko, S. Pace. Third Row: F. Ioppolo, R. Goldstein, C. Schweizer, Mr. D. Star CCoachD. Looking forward to a vigorous twenty game sched- ule, the Varsity Baseball team will open its season by playing their first scheduled game with Plainview. Coach Star anticipates a well-balanced team combining eager prospects with a leaven of experienced men. Such stalwarts as Frank Bonnelli, Robert Rankin and Thomas Nichols will lend balance to lesser experienced hope- fuls as Gary Heck, Stan Moculeski, Stanley Pace and Tony Sorrentino. O t . s y J N' A -. A ff Ziff asa QI. , Z ' . , . . . . .fr 5. E . i 4 'f'j'gl?f'I,i'E - ' 1: f 1 r 1 ' . ,.c v V. f f e , . y. . . . . r :Li . V f 1 if .li il if BOYS' LEADER CORPS - Front Row, lefl .fo righf: R. Abbate, D. Willsey, M. Milo, G. Meyers, Mr. L. Cohen CAdvisorD, R. Muli, W. Natalie, R. Sirianni, R. Koplin. Second Row: F. Muli, J. Egan, T. Mulieri, A. Davis, J. Sheerin, W. Pouelson, G. Heck. Third Row: R. Rankin, P. Wolynec, D. Oehl, H. Denninger, H. Orr, A. Markussen, R. Glickstein, B. Haig. Boys' LCHJSI Corps "Tickets for the game!" "Tickets for the game!" A member of Boys' Leader Corps is once more doing a ser- vice for the school. The purpose of the Corps is to develop and utilize the powers of leadership of its members to the purpose that they may be able to assist in all phases of the physical edu- cation program, and be ready to serve self, school, and community. The boys have worked very hard and given much time Leader Corps Boyr huild 4 Jtfong pyru- mid. hurhelhall. fiooj The hoyr get pointer! on the rhillr of to uphold our high standards. This year with the guidance of our advisor, Mr. Leon Cohen, we helped out in gym classes, assisted during fire drills, sold tickets for athletic contests and supervised at home basketball games. We sponsored the Student-Faculty basketball game as a means to raise money. Our ofhcers were President, Harold Orr, Vice Presi- dent, Gary Heck, Secretary, james Sheering and Treasurer, Arthur Markussen. Boyr' Leader Cofpr memhefr dirplay their ' Jlfength. ., I ' ',' QQ" jj .w st X .. , "KV TF 4 ""ff"""' was , if ' W M , f I ' ri f N , N. wi ' . P- S '-. . V .,,, xx N Leader Corpr girls prariire fumbling be- if .yy PM I f i , 5 f i, Exerciref are inerermry lo looren the fare arfzrtmg gym rlauer. "1 Q. .. S ' ' . muffler. f ,- . ,FW -. P g g . . 7 1, 1 ' jx: .- ., V ,sw ' .,, I, -. - . Memberx of Leader Carpx farm u human pyramid. l Gil ' cl C l 1' S L ea er orps Opening this year by taking in new members and in- others, playing sports and making new friends. Topping ducting them at our traditional candlelight ceremony was off the year for the seniors was an unforgettable trip to only a beginning for the activities of the Girls' Leader Pawling, New York. Corps. Under the guidance of our advisor, Miss Rosalia Our ofhcers were President, Karen Ettelg Vice Presi- Gioia, we served during air raid drills, ofhciated at girls dent, Arlene Bocciog Recording Secretary, Patricia Tate, intramurals and assisted in the gym. In December we Corresponding Secretary, Judith Stout, and Treasurer, conducted the first Girls' Week at Memorial. Judith Erb. With the work came fun and satisfaction from helping GIRLS' LEADER CORPS - From Row, left zo rigbl: J. Natalie, J. Stout CCorr. Secj, J. Eib CTreas.D, C. Goldstein, A. Boccio CV. Pres.D, Miss Rosalia Gioia CAdvisorD, M. Reiss, K. Ettel CPres.j, P. Tate CRec. Sec.D, J. Schroeder, L. Ludin. Sefond Row: D. Dorrmann, S. Widmer, M. Pollio, S. Farber, S. Klausner, H. Riemer, J. Holm, Y. Williams, C. Pelkowski, D. Wright, N. Fuelling, C. Ginzburg. Tbifd Row: M. Zanetti, M. Wallrapp, C. Creta, J. Cancro, A. Jacobson, R. Dessner, B. Reiss, A. Bailey, S. Konowalow, K. Hahn, E. Weiss, P. Stephens. 1 It Iakef lair of pruclire to learn 41 new cheer. Let'J ga Memorial! Varsity Cheerleaders 1 "Peppy", "spirited" and "attractive" are only a few of the words that can be used to describe our Varsity Cheer- leaders. The club was organized in December, 1956. At the beginning of this year the cheerleaders chose Barbara Anderson as captain and Margie Schmidt as co-captain. Holding cake sales and selling boosters so they could pur- chase new uniforms kept the club very busy. The girls spent each free afternoon practicing jumps, vaults and p. F-I-T-E Hgh! team fight! l cartwheels, in addition to learning new hegylg l ing cheers to the large group of girls h hope someday become members of their orga n,rfdku d out the year's activities. ft Under the guidance of plieiryfugvisbr, iss -pnstance Darnowski, they enhancf ou fblls e nts d assem- blies throughout the yejrfwith lhijjs fill and Olof, li tty lr K Q yyf sy . fi Arif i P .. ltr ll yfiilftl X li l' ij! ' s1TY EER ISERS-Left 10 yy ghz: Pa jaep a Becker, Barbara Paschett llIRuth ' ecke , Ba ra Ander- ,Qjifipn CC aint argie c id, Dorothy Ypia b ' eMeo, trice Qregar LN' i ff l Mem0rial'J line-up in anion. IV Cbeerleaderr believe Ibn! prfzclic maker perfecf. v, its 1 .ia One-Iwo-three Kirk! unior Varsity Cheerleaders Keeping morale high and cheering our teams to victory is an important duty of our V. Cheerleaders. Dressed in the Navy blue and white uniforms, which were created and tailored by the girls themselves, these twelve juniors are an added attraction to every event at which they participate. Led by their captain, janet Young, and co-cap- tain, Arlene Seltzer, the squad performed at all junior Varsity and at some of the Varsity games. Much of the girl's time was spent working hard at polishing the techniques of cheering and thinking of new ideas to brighten their performances. The summer months will see the squad still practicing in anticipation of tryouts for the Varsity Squad at the beginning of next year. The club was advised by Miss Constance Darnowski. 1 , M JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEAD- ERS -Ffont: janet Young CCaptainD. Left to fight: Nancy Fuelling, Constance Stein, Arlene Seltzer, Jeanne Muzzonigro, Joan Obremski, Alice Bailey, Beatrice Rivera, Karen Hudak, Marilyn Wallrapp, Dolores Gonzalez, Elizabeth Reiss. I K .,.',, .mag TWIRLERS - Lefl lo right: Sandra Bosand, Patricia White, Marie Reiss, Barbara Williamson, Jeanne Feldman, Marcella Olive, Judy Liotta CCaptainD, Eileen Mc Crea, Deanna Breit, Barbara Ostro, Dorothy Junge, Nancy Zith, Marilyn Dmuchowski. The Twirlerr lead Memorial High at the parade rlimaxing Uniled Slater Week. Tfne Twirlerr give :be rtudentr a rample of what lbey do at the gamer. The Twirlerr lake time out for a ferl. wirlers The band plays a roll-off, the street beat ends, there is a moment of silence and the twirlers begin their routine. Working for perfection in their twirling and in their pre- cision marching keeps the girls busy at their practice ses- sions twice weekly. We have been working on the skills involved in drill team marching. This year under the leadership of Judy Liotta, captain, and Barbara Ostro, co-captain, we performed at football games, basketball games and assemblies. The talent show saw us following the western theme twirling to "The Yellow Rose of Texas" in cowgirl outfits. Our advisor was Mrs. Carolyn Tallow. enior High Sp orts A cheer followed by a rush for free ice cream marked the end of the first volleyball playday at Memorial. On the faces of our own Sports Club members could be detected a glow of pride and sense of accomplishment for sponsoring and then winning the playday. This year with the emphasis on team sports we were kept busy holding tournaments and participating in playdays with other schools. Our advisor was Miss Rosalia Gioia. The Gym flair learns llae Jkillf of volley- bull. Min Gioia tower az jump ball. i Pep Club Members of the Pep Club may be found giving their whole-hearted support to the cheerleaders at all sports events. Sitting in a reserved section, this group of junior High girls forms the backbone of our school's cheer- ing body. Pep Club is an organization for aspiring cheerleaders. With the aid of our advisor, Miss Constance Darnowski, we hope to organize a group of card sections in the future. A corrert bully if one of the hockey fun- damenmlr. -,.,,.' f, enior High ii g Tumbling Perfecting such techniques as dives, springs, rolls, and head stands were the goals for this year's Senior High Tumbling Club. We especially enjoyed working on the rings, ropes, parallel bars and trampoline under the supervision of our advisor, Miss L. Theresa Olmeda. In December some of our members helped to organize and stage a tumbling exhibition in which we demonstrated the skill we have learned. MOClCIH DQHCC Anyone passing in the vicinity of the Girls Gym while the Modern Dance Club is in session would be startled by the cacophony of thumps, squeaks, and occasional bits of music emanating from the area. Actually the girls are learning the art of graceful bearing, inter- pretive motion, self-expression - the modern dance. Under the guidance of Miss Glenda Grossman we have a wonderful time gaining experiences which will serve us throughout life. Our officers were President, Arlene Bocciog Vice President, Rochelle Hymowitzg and Treasurer, Sarina Veltre. 51063 f ,y , V A Jil. ,KU L!rLVl4 f - f' r fx i , f f.,,.,,, , ., ,, 2 . f sf fx.,-' Lf f mf" if unior High Tumbling "Golly, but this Hoor is hard!" "Who said this is easy!" "Whee-e-e!" These are the usual, audible accompaniments to the sessions of the junior High Tumbling Club, especially marked in the corner which houses the tramp- Olin. Our organization was formed to stimulate and foster interest in tumbling both for the beginner and the more advanced gymnast. Under the direction of Miss L. Theresa Olmeda we developed new skills and per- fected old ones. L I 1 i 5 ,. S 0' I F: 5 : Q E . I. 5 .v I. 5 1 HENRY L. HOCHHEISER, Pres. RESIDENTIAL LUMBER MASON MATERIALS - INC. - FLoral Park 4-6420 Fleldstone A 7-2594 2030 Hillside Ave. - New Hyde Park, L. I. Between New Hyde Park Rd. 8L Denton Ave. OPP. ROBERT HALL Roofing - Sidewall Shingling Sheet Metal - Contractors FL 4-1065 FI 7-1381 ESTATES ROOFING 1NooRPoRATED N. J. PEDICINI 625 Jericho Tpke New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-4032 FI 7-2480 HILLSIDE UTILITIES, INC. OIL BURNER - SALES AND SERVICE FUEL OIL R. C. GUTHORN 2034 Hillside Ave. New Hyde Park, N. Y. FIRST LUMBER CORP. 1510 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. Y. FRANK MALINA FLoral Park 4-1366 FLoral Park 4-4130 HILLSIDE CARPET CO. NO TACK MARKS.' WITH OUR SMOOTHEDGE TACKLESS CARPET INSTALLATION 1637 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Park, L. I. "Look to Us with Confidence" JOSEPH V. CALTABIANO REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE AGENCY 403 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-1742 Compliments of BOB KELLER SHELL SERVICE STATION Hillside and Lakeville Road New Hyde Park, N. Y. J. NICHOLAS KRUG AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 635 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. Y. Phone FLoral Park 4-6495 or 8664 MON. to SAT. SUNDAY 7 A. M. to 10 P. M. 7 A. 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Our work at Progress really is fun . . . because we enjoy, so much, getting to know such splendid faculty members and students as you. -- to 4 ' ' ' X -ll ,,"" T TT TTT. 1 T I fTfN f'Nf'Nf'N fNf5 10153 fxf :IV PROGRESS PUBLISHERS iNcoRPoRATEo II COLVIN AVEJ PHONE 2-4401 'ALBANY, N.Y. 111 112 MR. "MEADOW BROOK" SENDS Best Wishes for Success THE CLASS OF 1958 fhe fictional bank "Convenient Offices Throughout Nassau County" MbFdIDptI Cp! For buildings that last longer, Copperfield builds them stronger COPPERFIELD CONSTRUCTION CORP. 1601 JERICHO TURNPIKE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. J. TROTTA, Manager FL 4-2621 BOHN' S DELICATESSEN 934 HILLSIDE AVENUE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. Telephone FLoral Park 4-7085 or 9688 From 7:30 A. M. To 10:00 P. M. J 81 F SERVICE STATION NASSAU INN 800 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. Y. ROBERT LUCAS Complete Auto, Truck and Marine Service AMERICAN LONG ISLAND FLOOR SUPPLY CO. 1000 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, L. I. J. GRUNERT 2029 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. 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BOO TER Mr. and Mrs. S. Adelman and Family Mrs. Cliff Anderson Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Andren Mr. and Mrs. William Barta Mr. and Mrs. Bonbara and Family Mr. and Mrs. R. Bosand and Sandra Boys Physical Education Department Loretta J. Carney L. Chaitoff Mr. and Mrs. A. Chirillo and Family The Chylaks Howard Considine Family Don Danielson Constance Darnowski Florence A. Dubin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edel and Family Mr. and Mrs. Ewald Mr. and Mrs. Fallon The Ferraras The Fleming Family Mary Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gerken Emma Goldfinger Mrs. F. Golding D. G. Gould Dr. Howard B. Greenspan, Optometrist Mr. and Mrs. R. Guard Mr. and Mrs. E. Hance and Dolores Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Heck and Family The Heimbiergers Mr. and Mrs. George Heine H. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Johnson Karl and Elaine Warren Kessel Mr. and Mrs. John Kiefer Ludwig L. Kronheim Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Laucella Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Lederway and Family Mr. and Mrs. W. Leed and Family Mr. and Mrs. Milton Levine and Family Mr. and Mrs. J. E. London Mr. and Mrs. E. Lynch Roy -I. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. R. Macoy and Family Martin Maghakian Main Office Staff Martins Candy Store Mr. and Mrs. Clinton G. Martin The Maziareks Mr. and Mrs. Mier Elaine, Bob, and Pamela Miller Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Morgan Lucille C. Moseley Mr. and Mrs. Simon P. Nilsen John Nordgren L. S. Oberstein Diana Oestreicher Mr. and Mrs. Olaf W. Olsen and Family Mary Ann Porcher Mrs. Potenza Mr. and Mrs. james Price and Family Mr. and Mrs. Dominik Provenzo Mr. and Mrs. E. Rausch Mrs. J. Reinert Charles R. Roberts Ronny and Pauline Mr. and Mrs. Rubelsky and Family Arlene Scholer Miss C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. George Steinbach and Family Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Stevenson Dorothy Tootle Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Trevin Shelia Tucker Mr. and Mrs. A. Ulrich and Family Daria Vrabec Mr. and Mrs. L. E. White and Family Mercer L. Williams Mae Wolski Dr. and Mrs. Zeisler Mr. and Mrs. Lyle A. Ziegler and Family Pauline A. Kondulis 51153 Adult Education . . Art . Artiators . Artisans . Baseball ..... Basketball ..... Board of Education . . Boys Leader Corps. . . . Boys Physical Education . . Cafeteria ....... Central District Staff . Chariot ........ Chess and Checker Club . . Citizenship Education . . . Citizenship Education and English . . Commercial . . . Council Force . . Custodians . . Dads Club - - Dance Band .... Dedication .... Delta-Gamma Hi-Y . . Delta-Sigma Hi-Y . Eighth Grade Board . . February Mist . . . English . . . Eta-Tau Hi-Y . . FHA FNA Football . . . Foreword .... Freshman Board . . Freshman Hi-lites . FTA . Girls Leader Corps. . . . Girls Physical Education . . Graduates ....... GSL . Guidance and Health . Home Economics. , . Honor Society . . Industrial Arts . . junior junior Junior Junior Band . . Board . God . . . Goddess .... junior High Boys Chorus . . junior High Library Club . . junior Hi-lites ..---- junior High Mixed Chorus . Qlunior High Sports Club . . junior High Student Council junior Red Cross ----- giiej 24 19 69 69 99 97 6 . 100 20 22 7 82 87 15 16 14 76 22 24 93 4 72 71 63 51 15 74 75 86 98 5 61 62 75 . 101 . 20 26-45 83 21 18 88 18 94 54 56 56 92 77 55, 57 91 . .105 .. .68 . -89 DEX Juno .... jupiter ..... 'IV Cheerleaders . Key Club ..... Knights of Aristotle . . Lacrosse ..... Lance Editors . . Lance Staffs . . Language . . Library. . Math ..... Math and Science . . . Memories of 1957-58 . - Music . ..... Office Staff . . . Omega-Chi Hi-Y . . Pep Club .... Photography Club . Piano Club .... Principal's Message . . PTA ....... Retailing Club . . Scenici Players . . . School Dedication . Science .......... Science Club ........ Senior and junior Tumbling and Modern Dance Club . . . Senior Band ........ Senior Board ..... Senior High Library Club . . Senior Hi-lites ...... Senior High Mixed Chorus . . Senior High Sports Club . . . Senior High Student Council . Senior Tea ........ Seventh Grade Board .... Seventh Grade Girls Chorus . Soccer ......... Sophomore Board . Sophomore God . . Sophomore Goddess. . Sophomore Hi-lites . . Stamp Club ...... Subject Area Coordinators . Table of Contents . . . Three Coins in a Fountain . Track ........ Twirlers ..... United States Week . . Varsity Cheerleaders . . Visual Aid .... Zeta-Rho Hi-Y . . . 48 . 49 . 103 . 76 . 87 . 99 78-79 80-81 . 14 . 19 . 17 . 16 . 52 . 19 . 21 . 73 . 105 . 85 - 93 . 13 . 23 . 84 . 84 . 12 . 17 . 85 . 106 . 94 . 46 . 77 . 47 - 90 . 105 66-67 . 51 . 64 - 92 - 96 - 58 . 60 . 60 - 59 . 86 8 5 . 50 - 99 . 104 10-11 . 102 . 89 - 70 ii' fgv, T .A m,.4,f' i W 5 4 ? l v X f We ? Z 1 3 ix I 4 Q 1 l I-WDA vu uofr

Suggestions in the New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) collection:

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 29

1958, pg 29

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 46

1958, pg 46

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 13

1958, pg 13

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 67

1958, pg 67

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