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NUHOSCA HEW HOPE HIGH SCHOOL •Mmmm la »§ jujou ncu (pjd£y Y 1 ' % 7 ; ' 0 ' fr - - i o fst 1 ] VI TV f - ' i A: • ' ■■: K Z% -J-. ■ f vtM ' ife- ' ' : . .«, » . . ., Tb , . fLyVf - - . i - x 0 v -If k r W -• ’ . , v •. • . ■ % _jK v £ . x y -v? v •jy VJg f -sfe. ' Sf » . ■ Lfi , . x • fWy- S53 » ?v « ... MXv j£i gxjiffefe ■ - i! kStevl - ' •■ 7 -J raS li , , ' 1 ir fe4 s. r-vaS 4 r a- ' to • •«;« ' £ A . i V- 1 ?■£ " :«i ‘it -« ;v ’ ‘- 7 , -.W| T A ■ --f % r V,;. ■ Jy •; •. 7 ' ' %v r Vs V }j [ . . -. ,, } ' - %M- V fc J fi 7 ; A ww;% m ’iW at -:«? ' .. 7 : r f $« o «a f t ' % ■ TjfaZfo J? (JMuJL a pw - ' . AUG 1 4 2019 A V f O ' - Uff“ rJ ’ a 2 V |Jjr ‘ 1 T R- i SC p AVI -S»J ‘Si • b. $ , I y FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room » A t S ' y 7 . Jfw • ti . " »:v. ? r - •« -r • ; % ■ • - t - . i % ■» » SbSSlMmMfa? 1 ♦• ' ; •!.! «£ v,» •■ ' . ' ' m» 1 ' ft 4 Ck • A Y 3 4 V% ■ r ' V % Ci - 7 % fA i) p . ZZZsl 7 s,X ' § ¥ m ■ ' $ The Senior Class Presents . . . .J F j Xj, J t) . . . The 1965 Nuhusca New Hope High School, Goldsboro, 2 ' 2 V ' Ao u_yJ «_ t reu U_ t ' r Z ‘ “- tJi, --e tlluC cx yosj JL use. ny 2 s . c Oi 4o+ rf roreword £ " Down through the ages loud the echoes ring " of memories of the year 1964-1965-The excitement of the beginning of the end, the football games, basketball games, homecoming, picture—taking, ordering rings, Class day, the first long senior march down the aisle, the day the rings came, Junior-Senior, chorus rehearsals and shows, unforgettable classrooms experiences-s uc h as speeches, moments of inspiration, boo-boos, examin¬ ations, the many affairs of the heart, and the excitement of graduation. The Nuhosca this year is a collection of our memories fastened together with the cords of friendship, and sprinkled Mth star dust. We hope theat every student has many Wonderful memories and will dream along with us as we capture this unforgettable year. Contents Introduction.1 Dedication. 4 Student Life.5 Activities.13 Athletics. 33 Faculty..47 Freshmen. .53 Sophomores.59 Juniors... 65 Seniors. 71 Advertisements...83 Autographs..97 3 Dedication ' tt . . a 4 tt f JLc f % f ci o i d £: t (1 zCa a V( r r i. aJZ L, Mr. Sidney Hart, Jr., we have found you a friend, an example, and a guide. Your smile, the nod of your head, and the twinkle in your eyes have endeared you to each one of us. Our Math Department receives much strength from your wholehearted interest and leadership. It is with g r e a t p r i d e, we dedicate the 1965 Nuhosca to you. Mr. Hart takes a break from algebra and geometry. 4 Student Life Rolled tongues and puckered lips are all part of French pronunciation. For some it poses great difficulty. Miss Kornegay and James discuss college entrance exams. The Guidance Department issues to interested students information on t h e top colleges in North Carolina and the United States. Bonnie, Roger, and Lynney take an English test. Four units of English are required for graduation. In the senior year, a passing grade is nec¬ essary before class rings are issued. 6 A course in Contemp¬ orary history keeps students up-to-date on current events. Textbooks are pop¬ ular news magazines. Eula, Karen, and Yvonne get inst¬ ructions from Mr. Becton before oper¬ ating the driver ' s ed car for the first time. P e rs on s under 18 m ust take a course in driver ' s education before licenses are issued. 7 Muscle-building exercises are part of the Freshmen ' s physical education program. Rachel and Jarvis watch closely as Mr. Hinson indicates the apperarance of bubbles in this physical science experiment. Blown up test tubes and chemical explosions are to be expected in our chemistry lab. " Follow instructions " are the key words here. 8 Sewing a straight seam promotes a problem for some girls, however, for those who take home ec., it comes more naturally. Boys learn to recognize various tools and their uses in shop. The card catalogue opens the door to adventure and good reading to those that seek its usefulness. 9 The two minute dash for our next class is on! 10 Phillis and Lynny are involved in one of the many problems of algebra. X ' 3 = , v v _-v JL c_o-v- !c3 vw V- v (SujlxA A good, hardy meal and close friends make lunch time one of the most enjoyable periods of our day. 1 1 Biology in our sophomore year brings on a new concept of life as we view new forms of it magnified many times through modem equip¬ ment. A long, hard day ends as our 14 buses prepare to transport us home. 12 Activities Miss Nuhosca As our first Miss Nuhosca, the Senior Class chose Gail Garris for her outstanding participation in school activities and her overwhelming personality. 14 Miss FHA Miss FFA Sherlene Garris was chosen by the F.H.A. girls to represent them in the Wayne County Fair. She was chosen on her poise, person¬ ality, and beauty. This year the F.F.A. boys chose judy Best as their F.F.A. Sweetheart because of her outstanding appearance, character, and personality. v sisc xJL y J! ' I s X -K y Cf Usi- C v 4- y% ■XsU. Miss Homecoming 1965 Homecoming Court diTr. Our Homecoming Court chosen by each class, are as follows: Peggy Gray and Alma Sutton, Senior Class; Cindy Warren and Homecoming Queen Jancie Clayton, Junior Class; Sherlene Garris, Sophomore Class; and Frances Taylor, Freshman Class. 17 Student Council Here, our Student Council is discussing one of their many projects for the school year. Homecoming was one of their big responsibilities. President Officers As Student Council President, Charlie Whitley presides over many of our assemblies. Our Student Council officers are: Pres., Charlie Whitley; Vice Pres., Thomas Smith, Sec. andTres., Carol Daly; Freshman Repres¬ entative, Debbie Nickens; Sophomore Repres¬ entative, Bonnie Smith; Junior Representative, Meredith Smith; Senior Representative, Durwood Herring. 18 Beta Club Mrs. Carolyn Thomas is sponsor of the Beta Club for the year 64-65. The qualifications for membership on the part of the student are worthy character, good mentality, creditable achievement and commendable attitude. Officers Officers of the Beta Club are: President, Joan Sutton; Vice president, Helen Smith; Sec. and Treas., Nancy Smith; Representative to Student Council, Darrell Hinnant. 19 cr o Annual Staff Ann Boyd, Madge Barrow, and Nancy Smith were responsible for the tivities section. Their job consisted of reporting in pictures and words out various clubs, organizations, and honarary awards. Peggy Smith was a credit to our annual staff through her work on the faculty section. Our money matters and problems were settled by our business managers, Julia Gray and Joan Sutton. 20 The most important person on the annual staff this year was Helen Smith. As editor, she performed her duties very efficiently. Football, basketball, and baseball were the main highlights in sports this year. Thomas Roberts, Sammy Rabon, and Darrell H inn ant were active in these sports, therefore, making an outstanding sports section. Billy Gray, Janet Boone and Eddie Hare did a very good job in arranging the class pictures. Since there was an increase in students this year, the task of arranging the pictures was harder than usual. 21 Officers The 1964-65 F.F.A. officers are: President- Alton Smith, Vice-President-Kenneth Sauls, Secretary-Dalton Smith, T re asure-Pete Parks, Reporter-Franklin S p e n c e, Harry H inson-Sentinel, and Mr. Kneeshaw- Advisor. FFA F.F.A, is an intrical part of vocational agriculture. This year Vocational Agriculture has subjects ranging from Introductry Ag., Ag. Science, Construction, Forestry to Bus¬ iness Operation Management. One of the many projects through¬ out the year was testing soil. Here demonstrating it are a few of the F.F.A. boys. FHA Edith Thompson, Gail Garris, and Peggy Gray are demon¬ strating their many skills in cooking. Officers Officers of F.H.A. are as follows: President- Gail Garris, Vice-President-Edith Thompson, Secretary-Peggy Gray, Treasure-Judy Sloan, Peporter-Alma Sutton, Parliamentarian-A nn Summerlin, Historian-Judy Best, Pianist- Madge Barrow, Songleader-Ann Boyd. During the school year, the F. H.A. girls take part in manv differ ent activities inc¬ luded are the County, District, and State Rallies. They also take up many school projects. AMERICA ’§ ft: | l ( ’D| 23 Newspaper Staff The Newspaper Staff has worked very hard in trying to make the newspaper the best ever. The staff consist of: Editor-Ann Summerlin, Co-Editor-Judy Best, News Editor-Katherine Davis, Sports Editor-Elizabeth Smyk, Business Manager-Billy Gray, Humor Editor-Ann Smith, Art Editor-Micky Phillips and Cathy Stanton, Religion - Rachel Smith, Roving Reporter-Harry Hinson, Photographer-Thorn as Roberts, and Advisor-Mrs. Whitley. Co-Editors Through the effort put forth by Editor Ann Summerlin and Co-Editor Jud y Best, our newspaper has progressed during its second year of distribution. 24 French Club Through the past three years, Mrs. Hajjar has been the French Club advisor. She sponsors a pizza party annually and provides educational foreign films. A certain average of 90 in French must be met before a student can be eligible for membership. Officers Officers of the French Club are: Pres. -Dianne Hill, Vice Pres.-Sandra Wheeler, Sec. -Treas.-Ju 1 i a G ray, Re- porter-JudyPiner,and Rep. to Student C o u n c i 1—David Kennedy. 25 Science Club With the help of Mr. Thomas, the Science Club stimulates more interest in the different branches of science. They hope to promote a better understanding of science education. Quill and Scroll To become a member of Quill and Scroll a student must rank scholastically in the top third of the Junior or Senior class. He must also do superior work on a school publication. Members of the Nuhosca and Yellow jacket are eligible for membership by invitation a f t e r mini¬ mum service for one year. Members of the Quill and Scroll are: Ann Summerlin, Helen Smith, Kay Wheeless, Bonnie Hill and Janet Boone. Not pictured is Judy Best. 26 Pep Club The Pep Club has done much to increase the school spirit at New Hope. They serve as a publicity ' committee for our school, publicizing the many different student activities. Bus Drivers " Safety- first " is the motto of the Bus Drivers. Mr. Neal, supervisor, is very proud of how they have lived up to their motto. 27 Chorus 4 With the addition of male voices this year, the depth and volume of the chorus has increased noticeably. Although drivers training has conflicted with the attendance in chorus, they are still progressing. Under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Thomas and pianist Ava Jean Owens, the efforts of the chorus, through the past two years, have been very successful. 28 Cafeteria Management of the cafeteria during the past two years has been under the direction of Mrs. Maxine Summerlin. She prepares daily, the nutritions and vitamins necessary for a well balanced meal with the aid of her helpers. Custodian Because of Mr. Charlie Kennedy ' s depend¬ ability, the responsibilities of Custodian were fulfilled. We the Senior Class of ' 65 would like to show our appreciation for his devotion over the past year. Gray Ladies One of the duties of the Gray Ladies is to file a record on each child that is admitted to the infirmary. Mrs. Carl L. Brasington is shown filing one of the many records that is recorded during the day. Mrs. T. Leroy Smith and Mrs. Lou Childer are two of the many women who volunteer their services helping with the illnesses of the students as a Gray Lady. 30 Marshals 0 ' _ -yrvajjk J jr ' l Q A-JW C frX-A . y Acx t AAjju ol 4 c h Qa 1 ‘ f vJ The Marshalls of the 1964 school year were: Gail Garris, Peggy Gray, Helen Smith, Joan Sutton, Madge Barrow, and Ann Boyd. Not pictured was Debra Aswell. Theyacquired this honor by being the top seven students in their Junior Year. ' T " ,r , " 1 ’ A ■ ' " ’ -• • iifWsW ' ’ w. DAR The Senior Class and faculty chose Nancy Smith as the Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizen for this year. She was chosen on her dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. Nancy attended the district rally in Washington, North Carolina. WAYNE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 1001 EAST ASH STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530 Essay Winner From the Junior Class, last year, Billy Gray was selected as having the best World Peace Theme. Each year the U. S. History students compete with each other to win this award. MX. J ' y-’-C- . Fall Festival Ann Smith, Gene Walker, Brenda Gray, Dean Kennedy, Jo Ann Childre and Randy Newsome were chosen by penny ballot, as Fall Festival K in g s and Queens. 32 Athletics Football Team The members of our f i rs t football t e a m a r e: (Left to Right) Standing: Coach Andrews, Benny Herring, George Lewis, Charlie Whitley, Rayburn Uzzell, Sammy Rabon, Durwood Herring, Jimmy Summerlin, Assistant Coach, Tompkins; Kneeling: Delbert Daniels, Thomas Roberts, Tommy Whisnant, Ted Ivey, Kenneth Sauls, Jimmy Best, Bud Summerlin, Sitting: Roger Lewis, Pat Lindsey, Jimmy Barnes, Dwight Best, Jimmy Bargail, Clayton Corbett, Barry Patton, Joe Turner. Coaches HOWARD C. ANDREWS Head Football Coach JAMES TOMPKINS Assistant Football Coach 34 Backfield Co-Captains The Starting backfield for New Hope ' s first football team is Rayburn Uzzell, Sammy Rabon, Bud Summerlin, Jimmy Bargoil. Sammy Rabon, Senior, All Conference 5 ' 10 " , 185 lbs. Fullback Bud Summerlin, Senior 5 ' 10 " . 162 lbs. Quarterback 35 Ted Ivey, Freshman 5 ' , 8 " , 145 lbs., Guard ) X Rayburn Uzzell, Senior 5’ 10 " , 155 lbs., Halfback Kenneth Sauls, Senior, All Conference 5 ' 8 " . 150 lbs., End Durwood Herring, Senior 5 ' 10 " , 160 lbs., Tackle Jimmy Bargoil, Senior 5 ' 6 " , 135 lbs., Halfback 36 Jimmy Summerlin, Junior 5 ' 9 1 2 " , 160 lbs., Center Charlie Whitley, Senior 5 ' 10 " , 140 lbs., Tackle Thomas Roberts, Senior 5 ' 8 " , 145 lbs., Linebacker ’Vbktiaj at Pete Parks, Junior 5 ' 9 " , 145 lbs., End 37 Many hard hours of practice prepare our team for their first year of football. Jimmy Bargoil carr¬ ies the winning point across in our first foot¬ ball game. Our boys receive 1 ast minute instructions before they hit the grid¬ iron. 38 Booster Club Our Booster Club has raised money for us to field our football team and also to purchase an activity bus. Activity Bus $ These athletes have worked many hours to win their letters and to achieve membership in our Monogram Club. Monogram Club 39 Their vim and vigor urge our team to victory--their lusty yells fill every silence. They are the cheerleaders of New Hope High School. They are the essence of our school spirit. Our cheerleaders are: Left to Right: Elizabeth Smith, Barbara Roberts, Betsy Kennedy, Nancy Smith, Nancy Flora, Judy Best, Phyllis Smith and Gail Williams. The alternates are Debbie Nickens, Edith Thompson and Connie Price. Our girls boost our team to victory. Yea Blue! Yea Gold! Yea Team! Let ' s go! Cheerleaders 40 Girls ' Basketball Our ' 64-65 girls basketball team is: (Left to Right) Kneeling: Brenda Summerlin, Eula Lancaster, Betty Watson, Gail Garris, Peggy Gray and Joan Lancaster. Standing: Coach Gainey, Teresa Gurley, La Nelle Smith, Kay Wheeless, Linda Stroud, Cathy Creech, Mary Parks, Sherlene Garris. Manager Connie Wade and Manager Yvonne Wade. The girls get last minute instructions from Coach Gainey before the game. Coach and Co-Captain Co-Captains, Gail Garris and Peggy Gr Coach Gainey lead our team this year. 41 Betty Watson, Junior, Forward, lead our team in scoring this year. Starting 6 Peggy Gray, Senior, Guard, has done a fine defensive job for the past three years. Eula Lancaster, Sophomore, Forward, is another young boast to our team. Judy Pine r, Sophomore, Forward, is a fine upcoming player. Joan Lancaster, Senior, Guard, for the past two years has played a fine defensive game. Gail Garris, Senior, Guard, has fulfilled her position in fine trad¬ ition for four years. 42 Boys ' Basketball Ik | m t met. j|AHL jga , ti 4 Uril W M r • New Hope Varsity players are: (Left to Right) Kneeling: Greg Herring, Ted Ivey, David Bargoil, Sammy Rabon, Kenneth Sauls, Bud Summerlin; Standings Coach Andrews, Coach Tomplins, Steve Langston, David N e w m a n n, Dwight Best, Managers: Lenny Coltran and A1 Musgrave. Coach and Co-Captain CO-Captains Bud Summerlin and Kenneth Sauls go over plan for the up coming game with Coach Tompkins. 43 Sammy Rabon Senior, Forward Starting 5 David Bargoil Junior, Forward Steve Langston Senior, Center Bud Summerlin Kenneth Sauls Senior, Guard Senior, Guard 44 Bud shoots as Sammy breaks in for the rebound. Eula tries for two. Sammy displays his form as he shoots over a defensive player. Peggy defends as an opponent attempts a shot. 45 Baseball Last year ' s Baseball Team took the Wayne County Champ¬ ionship, and with the same boys back we hope to equal this record. Left to Right: Kneeling; Doyce Bames, Chris Newman, Harold Wright, Earl Lancaster, Manager Tony Creech. Seated; Sammy Rabon, Durwood Herring, Bud Summerlin, Clayton Corbett, Kenneth Sauls, Rayburn Uzzell. Standing: Coach Andrews, Steve Langston, Pete Parks, George Lewis, Mike Gardner, Coach Tompkins. Pete, Bud, Sammy, Kenneth, Durwood and Rayburn were our last year ' s leading pitchers and batters. 46 Faculty Shown above is our principal, Mr. King, preparing the daily bulletin. Underhis capable leadership, New Hope has become one of the most outstanding schools in the county. In addition to his duties as principal, he advises the Student Council and various other organizations. Discussing plans for a Student Council meeting are Mr. King and Charlie Whitley, Student Council President. 48 Checking the absentee list is Mr. Neal, Dean of Students. He is in charge of the bus driversand issuing lockers. Besides being Mr. King ' s right hand man, Mr. Neal teaches Social Studies. During break Mrs. Godwin manages the school store. Mrs. Godwin, our school secretary, is shown answering the telephone. Keeping books and tabulating records are among her various duties. She manages the school store and helps the office practice students. 49 MR. HOWARD ANDREWS B. S. , Citadel Math, P.E., Coach MRS. KATHLEEN DUDLEY A.B. , Duke U. 3 - MRS. JOSEPHINE HAJJAR Second Part of Bacculaureate Greece Orthodox C. of Damascus French MR. SIDNEY HART, JR. B.S., U.N.C. Math 50 Mr. D. W. Kneeshaw B.S ., Florida U. Agriculture Mrs. Elizabeth Kneeshaw A.B. Home , E.C.C. Economics Miss Margaret Kornegay A. B., Duke U. Masters, Columbia U. Guidance Mr. Kenneth Neal B.S., E.C.C. Social Studies Dean of Students 51 ft Mr. Kenneth Rollins B.A., Bob Jones U. Social Studies Mr. Glen Smith B.S., E.C.C. Commercial Courses Mrs. Carolyn Thomas A.B., Bob Jones U. English Mr. Sam L. Thomas B.S., Wake Forest Biology, Chemistry 52 Freshmen Paul Anderson Cathy Bailey- Ray Beasley Dwight Best Jimmy Best Gloria Brown Brenda Carraway Alice Colvin Kathy Creech David Cruse Carl Davis Glenn Edwards Physical fitness plays an important part in the school program. Donna Ervin James Ezzell Mahala Flora Rachel Gay Kenneth Godfrey Brenda Grady Charlene Grady 54 Dwight Grady Stephen Gregory Cindy Guess Theresa Gurley Susan Hardy Kaye Hare Greg Herring Gary Hill Linda Hill Wayne Hinnant David Hyde Max Isler 55 Pat Lindsay Billy Long Gale McIntyre Theresa Milligan Kenneth Mozingo A1 Musgrave Debbie Nickens Dean Combs Mary Parks Barry Patton Michael Peele Robert Peele Gayle Rogers Kay Pelt William Sauls Gail Sasser Gladys Smith David Smith Bobby Smith 56 Jarvis Smith Ray Smith Shelia Smith Tony Smith Gene Stapps Beth Strickland Benny Sullivan Darlene Swarm Mary Frances Taylor Ronnie Teachey Erlinda Tercero Linda Tipton George Walker Karen Warren Gaynelle Waters 57 Jimmy Webber Harvey Wells Margaret West Diana Wiggins Mr. Andrew ' s class studies during homeroom. 58 Sophomores i Sylvia Barbour Doyce Barnes James Barnes Leslie Batson Donnie Bennett Larry Bennett Steve Boyette Carol Bradshaw Mr. Thomas ' s biology class examines the butterfly. Sheila Brown George Buck Danny Butler Rosemary Butts Thomas Carraway Debbie Carter Donny Casey Patsy Casey 60 Connie Chesser Jerry Coker Lynny Coltrane Judy Cook Faye Cruse Carol Daly Evelyn Daly Delbert Daniels Sophomores take advantage of their given right to vote. Beverly Decker Nancy Flora Karon Garris Sherlene Garris James Ham Sharon Hanchey Kathy Hare Tommie Hare 61 Billy Harrison Edith Herring Fred Harvell Linwood Hines Johnny Jackson Susan Komegay Earl Lancaster Eula Lancaster Michael Lancaster Diane Lynch Linda Lane Faye Mewborn Janice Lee Kaye Mewborn Larry Lee David Miller 62 Donald Milligan Roger Peele Chris Neuman Judy Piner Linda Outlaw Connie Price Alfred Parks Vickie Roof Ann Sauls Brenda Sauls Kay Sauls Patsy Sauls Judy Sloan Bonnie Smith La Nelle Smith Shelby Smith 63 Andy Stanley J. C. Uzzell Ann Stroud Connie Wade Linda Stroud Yvonne Wade Brenda Summerlin Dean Taylor Betty Watson Linda Wilson Sophomores lead a busy life, but they find time to relax during homeroom. 64 Juniors r. ,,-;V• • ■; ' : ; : ' " ■•Mr •, .•-: ' r dj | 1 i+J 4%f ■•• stffcw ' ' • ' • " ■ ' •;• ♦ ;.. - •:••■., iwv w» s iiu ■■-JLwVV-V 1 1 ' - • f S f ■ - 7 - 1 I V ' , -t r: , -;!r ' • ’ - ' • ■ ’;yv ■ ' 1 1 JO ANN ANDERSON DAVID BARBOUR DAVID BARGOIL MARGARET BEST WINIFRED BIGGS ESTELLE BROWN ANNIE BUTTS EMILY BUTTS JAMES CAPPS JANICE CLAYTON TONY CREECH BERNARD DANIELS 66 BETSY EDWARDS BETTY EZZELL BETTY GARY MICKEY GRAY CHARLOTTE GRIMES JAMES GUILLIAMS BENNY HERRING BONNIE HILL DIANE HILL DONNIE HILL Juniors show enthusiam while planning Junior-Senior Banquet. KAY HINSON 67 MA RY HYDE BETSY KENNEDY GARY LANCASTER HAROLD LANCASTER KENT MILLER EULA MINSHEW BARBARA ROBERTS ELLA JEAN SMITH MEREDITH SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH 68 THOMAS SMITH RONALD STAPP TERRY STAPP BONNIE STRICKLAND CORNELIA SULLIVAN JIMMY SUMMERLIN BONNIE TAYLOR LILLIE TEEL EDITH THOMPSON Juniors raise money for class activities by operating the school store. 69 JEANETTE UZZELL EDITH WADE KEITH WADE DELMUS WALKER CINDY WARREN SANDRA WHEELER KAY WHEELESS TOMMY WHISNANT GAIL WILLIAMS 70 Seniors i DOROTHY ANN ANDERSON " Better to give then to take. " F.H.A. 3, 4. JAMES VERNON ANDERSON " Don ' t let my shyness fool you, I have my share of fun. " Intramurals; Science Club; Library Club. GAIL GARRIS Outstanding Senior. WILLIAM JAMES BARGOIL III " You may bring a horse to the river, but he will drink when and what he pleaseth. " Football 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Pep Club 3,4. MADGE BARROW " Think the worst, andyou ' ll never be disappointed or hurt. " Basketball 1, 2, 3; F. H.A. 1,2,4; Beta Club 3, 4. JUDY KATHYRN BEST " She loves to laugh, she loves to walk, but oh my soul, she loves to talk! " Homecoming Queen 3; F.H.A. President 2,3; Student Council 2, 3. THOMAS GORDON BEST " It ' s better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt. " Bus Driver 4; Intramurals. 72 JANET MARIE BOONE " Man ' s love is of man ' s life a thing apart; ' Tis woman ' swhole existence. " Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4. ANN ELIZABETH BOYD " She ' s never sad, she ' s always glad, and Heaven knows she ' sneverbad. " F.H. A. 1-4; Basketball 1,2, 3; Beta Club 4. DONALD EDWARD BROWN PATRICIA JEAN CHESSER " When you have eliminated " The miserable have no other the impossible, whatever re- medicine, but only hope. " mains, however improbable, must be the truth. " F.F.A.; Intramurals. DARRELL HINNANT Outstanding Senior. KATHERINE ROSE DAVIS " Never say ' No ' out of pride, but never say " Yes ' out of weakness. " F.H.A. 1, 2; News¬ paper Staff 4; Library Club 4. JOHNNIE CARSON EDWARDS " How many think justly of the thinking few? " F.F.A. 1, 2,4; Intramurals 2, 3. 73 MICHAEL LYNN GARDINER " We must laugh at man, to avoid crying for him. " Baseball 3; Science Club 1. VIOLET GAIL GARRIS " We feel free when we escape, even if it be but from the frying pan into the fire. " Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council Sec. 2; F.H.A. President 4. JULIA FAYE GRAY " Laughter is not at all abadbe- ginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one. " French Club Officer 4; Science Club 3; Annual Staff 4. PEGGY JEAN GRAY " Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. " Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. CHARLIE WHITLEY Outstanding Senior. WILLIAM MILLER GRAY " Love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave. " Bus Driver 3,4; Annual Staff 4; World Peace Theme Winner 3. LINDA RAE HAM " We are often troubled most about those troubles that never come. " F. H. A. 1; Office Practice 4. 74 KENNETH EDWARD HARE, JR. " When you combine love and skill together, expect a masterpiece. " Bus Driver 4; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 3. ERNEST SIMPSON HARRELL " Slow and sleeply, but sure of myself. " Intramurals 1. DURWOOD ALLEN HERRING " Thinking is like loving and dying. Each of us must do it for himself. " Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 4; Student Council 4. MILTON DARRELL HINNANT " Little but loud. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Government 1, 4; Class Officer 1, 4. PEGGY GRAY Outstanding Senior. HARRY FENNELL HINSON " It ' s not what you do, its what you get caught doing. " F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 4; Bu s Driver 4. POLLY JEAN HOWELL " There is nothing impossible to a willing heart. " F.H.A. 1, 2; Glee Club 3; Office Practice 4. 75 ROBERT JOSEPH HYDE " It ' s not how much you have, but how you use it. " Bus Driver 4; Science Club 3, 4; F. F.A. 1. DAVID RAY KENNEDY " If at firstyou don ' t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There ' s no s e n s e in making a fool of yourself! " French Club 3,4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Student Council 4. JOAN SUTTON Outstanding Senior. JOAN LESLIE LANCASTER " His love is my love; his home is my home; and hispocketbook is mine, too. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 4. LINDA GRAY LANCASTER " Like unto a river-Largest at the mouth. " Intramurals 1; F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 1,2, 3. GLORIA ANNETTE DANIELS LANGSTON " It ' s not important that people remember you a hundred years from now, but that while you were here you did the best you could. " Popularity Queen 2; F.H.A. Officer 3; Bas¬ ketball 1,2, 3. STEVE MARK LANGSTON " Hold the fort, I ' m coming. " Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club. 76 GEORGE HENRY LEWIS, JR. " I won ' t quarrel with my bread and butter. " Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Mono¬ gram Club 3. BURNICE LUVINE MANNING " For everyone that asketh, receiveth, and he that seeketh, findeth and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened. " F.H. A. 1, 2; Glee Club 1,2; Library Assistant 1. SHEILA DIANN HEUMAN " It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. " F.H. A. 1; Drama¬ tics 1; Glee Club 1. JESSIE PEARSON PARKS " I ' m not lazy-I justhaven ' t found a suitable occupation. " F.F.A. 1,2, 3. NANCY SMITH Outstanding Senior. WELDON BENJAMINE PARRISH " Oh, Lord, I wonder what genius it was that first invented kissing ! " Basketball 1; F.F.A. 1,2, 3. JAMES MICHAEL PHILLIPS " Young men think old men fools, and old men know young men to be so. " Football; Newspaper Staff; Library Club. 77 GREG TAYLOR POTTER " Who me, crazy? Are you kidding? Why, I was just bom that way. " Bus Driver 4; F.F. A. 1; Journalism 3. ROY SAMUEL RABON, JR. " Always laughing, never sad; sometimes naughty, but never bad. " Basketball 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. CLAUDE EDWARD RACKLEY THOMAS ALLEN ROBERTS " I am not one of those who be- " A genius isbom, andnevercan lieve in love at first sight, but be taught. I ' ve neverbeen I do believe in taking a second taught anything. " Bus Driver 3, look. " F.F.A. 1-4; Basketball 4; Annual Staff 4; Football 4. HELEN SMITH Outstanding Senior. LINDA FAYE ROGERS " Work is done and must be done, but while I work I ' ll have my fun. " F.H.A. 1-4; Chorus 3,4; Basketball 1,2. GLORIA STARR SAULS " A thing of beauty ' is a joy forever. " 78 KENNETH SAULS " Until I was sixteen I was a boy scout; then I became a girl scout. " Football 4; Basket¬ ball 3,4; Baseball 1-4. ELIZABETH BELL SMITH " She has pep in her fingers, she has pep in her toes, and she is a peppy good sport where ever she goes. " Cheerleader 1 -4; Mono¬ gram Club 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. Mascots Jerrie Kennedy and Jeffrey Daniels HELEN LEORAH SMITH " A merry heart doeth good like medicine. " Beta Club 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4. JOHN ALTON SMITH " High School days have their delights, but they can ' t com¬ pare to high school nights. " F. F.A, 1-4; Substitute Bus Driver 3,4; J.V. Basketball 2. KAY DOUGLAS SMITH " With just enough of learning to misquote. " F. F.A. 1-3. NANCY CAROL SMITH " To handle yourself, useyourhead; to handle others, use your heart. " President of Wayne County F.H.A. 4; Cheerleader 1-4; Vice- President of Student Council 3. 79 PEGGY ANN SMITH " Anything worth having is worth waiting for. " F.H.A. 1-2; French Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. RACHEL ANN SMITH " Everybody can ' t be smart; somebody has to be beautiful. " F.H.A. 1,4; Journalism 4; Office Practice 4. Three high magazine salesmen-G r e g Potter, Peggy Gray, and Tom Best. RAYMOND DALTON SMITH " Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.... A r e you coming? " F.F.A. 1-4; Intramurals 3; F.F. A. Officer 3. REBECCA ANN SMITH " I was bom to do other things. " F.H.A. 1,2,4; Class Officer 4; French Club 3. ELIZABETH ANN JULIA SMYK " Worry never cured an ill, solved a problem, nor paid a bill; so what good is it? " F.H.A. 1, 2; Journalism 4; Library Club 4. WILLIAM FRANKLIN SPENCE " To have a friend is to be one. " F. F.A. 1 - 4; F.F.A. Reporter 3, 4; F. F.A. ChapterSta: Farmer 3. 80 MARY CATHERINE STANTON " If you have knowledge, let others light their candles from it. " Spanish Club 2, 3; Art 3; Choir 1. ELIZABETH ANN SUMMERLIN " Keep looking toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you. " F.H.A. Officer 2,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Journal¬ ism Editor 3, 4. Seniors relax while admiring their new class rings. FELIX THURMAN SUMMERLIN, JR " He loves the game beyond the prize. " Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Football 4. ALMA LAURIE SUTTON " Life is a flower of which love is the honey. " F.H.A. Officer 2, 3,4; Junior Class Officer 3; Homecoming Contestant 4. JOAN CAROL SUTTON " Never believe the impossible, neverregret the past, do not long for the unattainable. " Beta Club Officer 4; Chief Marshall 3; French Club Officer 3. DANNY PAUL THOMAS " Water is the only drink for a wise man. " F.F.A. 1, 2; Bus Driver 4. 81 PRENTICE RAYBURN UZZELL " Let ignorance talk as it will, learning has its value. " Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 4; Bus Driver 3. CHARLES McCHEE WHITLEY " I let Hertz put me in the driver ' s seat. " Student Council President 4; Baseball 3; Football 4. Seniors combine work and pleasure while raising money for the senior trip. JOSEPH WILTON WIGGINS " Why take life seriously ? You never get out of it alive anyway. " F.F. A. 1,2, 3, 4; Science Club 1,2; Intramurals. REGIS WILSON " Work just fascinates me. I could sit and watch it for hours. " F.F.A. 1,2, 3; Tool Judging 1, 2. 82 Advertisements f j£xV SUTTON ' S GROCERY GRILL J ssE , , . ,. . . • yT Specializing in A ' Barbecue and Chicken Complete Meat Market Vyr 7 Dial 734-3338 Goldsboro Snow Hill Highway-13 JL (AMERICAN) SMITH ' S AMOCO SERVICE STATION 2525 E. Ash Street Goldsbo ro 735-4932 To the best friends and the sweetest friends and the best school in the world—New Hope . I love ' em all. NANCY DAVIS WOOTEN OIL COMPANY Modern Heat Certified Comfort (shell) 723 S . George St. Goldsboro, North Carolina V CUSTOM APPLIANCES, INC. 110 N . John St. Dial RE 4-7028 ELROY MEAT MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Route 3 Goldsboro, N. C. at Elroy — Compliments of C7 % J IVtr E. jED) BROWN Q {A Dial Pikeville RE 4-6163 , - 1 37% N Sjapnd Se 11 ing Tobacco A VA ' • ' Thc sik y6u for your business in )1®te past and wij l appreciate it ' r hh£ tfrtu ta. 1 j XL n d ° X MUSIC SPORTS " It pays to play " . Pianos .Sporting Goods .Organs .Musical Instruments 734-2871 202 E. Walnut Goldsboro Wilber ' s Barbecue Wilbei Shirley, Owner Highway 70 Goldsboro, N. C DIXIE TIRE SERVICE " One Day Service " Owners W. C. Whitfield J . W . Whitfield Route 2 La Grange, North Carolina TIRE DOCTORS 84 A. O. PRICE GROCERY Gas-Oi I -Not ions-Groceries-Meats Dial RE 4-2870 Hiahway 111 Goldsboro Compliments of VINSON AND SMITH SERVICES La Grange North Carolina NEW HOPE OIL COMPANY Fuel Oil - Gasoline - Motor Oils Phone: RE 4-5575 RUBY ' S BEAUTY SHOP Manager - Ruby Smith Operators Lena Carter Kathryn Garris RE 4-3863 _ Snow Hill Highway Bests, N. C. Dial 566-8856 EASON MILLING CO. Manufacturers of WAYNCO FEEDS R. F. D. No. 2 La Grange, North Carolina i ROSE WAYSIDE FURNITURE 2606 E. Ash Tel. 735-6020 Goldsboro North Carolina J. M. EDGERTON SON, INC. Your International Harvester and Rambler Dealer Goldsboro, N. C. RE 4-4361 A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration Nu-Life Battery Manufacturing Company Nu-Life Batteries and Parts For Cars - Trucks - Tractors 85 86 DEWEY BROS., INC. Goldsboro Dial REpublic 4-341 1 We Are Proud Our " Home Team, 11 From Management to Employees You ' ll Find Lcfcal Folks Helping a Local Industry. Founders, Machinists, Mill Supplies Metal Building Supplies, Steel Fabricators. North Carolina C X-COJUrvj; oust- J slajlX ' 4 oxasx. J jcAj tyj£ Our products are our " Calling Card " and we constantly strive to represent Goldsboro in the best possible way by a standard of high quality. We want our citizens to be proud of their local indust t DEWEY BROS., INC. A Y s °far ' . , uj Wo-te . oK uJuJjlo to 87 Eocene Worrell — K Ethel Keel now it Hwy. Goldsboro, N. C. " Quality fitting service for all your shoes 11 7 West Wa I nut Street Goldsboro North Carolina Larry’s Shoe Store HEILIG MEYERS 138 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro, N. C Goldsbo ro North Carolina GASTERIA Bobby Wi Ison RE 5-0740 4 - BAILEY ' S JEWELRY • WATCH REPAIR 122 N. John St. Goldsboro, N . C . THOMAS CREECH GROCERY " All Your Grocery Needs " Snow Hill Hwy. 13 RE 4-9640 Ifonoratulations to the class of -65 THE HUB Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of JIMMY HEAD SERVICE STATION AND GRILL Snow Hill Hwy. 13 RE 5-9072 88 GA rsJ-EWELERS - 2b V- Y N j£bWsbor by 1, V " cv VJ V , 7 qV Ce te r.SO -Q_ ) V orth -Caro I i o N — NG. N ' S SHpR ' a y -Q aHty Men ear L) l a G rqrjgje ' i jS - ' ' Nq Caro I i rra K y. jl9 C v -v ' 1 , ERNEST GLASS CO. IN£r xv 710 N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C. 27530 ' - Phone 735-2165 X_i= 43 CV RIFFIN , S BARBECUE Barbecue Pig and Chicken Dial RE 5-4242 806 S . George Street Goldsboro North Carolina BRITT DENMARK CO. Royster Fertilizer, La Grange Goldsboro Bonded Warehouse 107 East Vine St. Goldsboro MELVIN STRICKLAND ' S GROCERY Sau Iston Phone 734-4523 AUTO MOTIVE WHOLESALERS CO. Distributors of Automotive Parts RE 5-3236 119 E . Mulberry St Leon Bryant Goldsboro, N. C. WORLEY TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Royal Typewriters 156 S. Center RE 4-0545 ADAMSVILLE AUTO SERVICE Brake Repair-Mufflers-Starters Tail Pipes-Generators All Makes and Models Dial RE 5-5673 2707 E. Ash Street BEN R. BOYETTE General Contractor Route 4, Box 180 Goldsboro, North Carolina Dial 735-4787 r 89 Compliments of RALPH FAIL ' S GROCERY Adamsvi I le LANCASTER BEAUTY SHOP Operator: Esther Lancaster RE 5-1085 Patetown COKER ' S FEED MILL Custom Grinding and Mixing Livestock and Poultry Feeds Telephone 735-3588 Route 4 Goldsbo ro North Carolina Compl iments of OTTIS BARROW Life Insurance 513 Wachovia Bank Building DILLON SUPPLY CO. 1035 N. William St. Telephone 735-2421 Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of CHATEAU PIZZA KITCHEN 2607 E. Elm Tel. 735-0040 Goldsboro North Carolina Shop and Save at OPEN AIR MARKETS and SelI your Tobacco at FARMER ' S WAREHOUSE Electricity-The heart of modern living fTRKOUIlTV ttltCTRI C jnp BERSHIP t0RP0RRTI0ll| nfirgr ,, OutneajSf 7Kos ft Serves 1304 N. William St. Goldsboro, North Carolina WILLIE STRICKLAND FERTILIZER Ferti I izer and Insecticides and Liquid Nitrogen Phone: RE5-9978 Night: RE40778 90 SALLIE ' S " Carolina ' s Largest Bridal and Formal Shop " Goldsboro North Carolina Burger-Chef " Home of the World ' s Greatest 15$ Hamburgers " 2607 E. Ash St. Goldsboro North Carolina PATE-DAWSON MOTOR CO. INC. OIdsmobi le Sa les and Service Corner Center and Ash-Dial 734-241 1 1201 N. William St. Dial RE 4-0711 Goldsboro, North Carolina SCOTT ' S FAMOUS BARBECUE " It ' s the Best Ye Ever Tasted " Chicken - N - Pig _ Nirst [citizens 1 bank € Trust niMBUiy C Your Full Service Bank FIRST CITIZENS BANK TRUST CO. Member F . D . I. C. Compliments of DAN COX PURE SERVICE CENTER Corner of Ash John Streets Goldsboro North Carolina C. B. SUTTON GROCERIES La Grange North Carolina 91 Seth B. Hollowell Oil Company pj T -j t ' Plant Location Adamsvi I le i h ' - " ,» Two Wav Radio Dispatched Trucks 4 ? „ V 2702 East Ash Street Telephone 734-5493 Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 734—3631 NELSON PHOTO SHOP 122 S. Center St., Goldsboro, N. C. . Portraits . Commercial . Weddings . Color BOWDEN ' S FURNITURE, INC. Home of Fine Furniture 2211 E. Ash St. Phone 735-1885 MYRTLE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Owner—Operator Myrtle Woodard 735-0451 Snow Hill Hwy. G W MOTORS New and Used Cars On the spot financing Goldsboro North Carolina mut jrpt rC y, Flowers by SPENCE WILLIAMS 2500 E. Ash St. P.O. Box 5 fwbRE 4093lVd.RE 50916 -- SAM JERNIGAN SONS Furniture Company for all furniture needs Dial RE 5-2543 2101 ast Ash Street Goldsboro North Carolina GIBSON ' S DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency " Your Service Store " 216 E. Ash St. Goldsboro, N.C. W 4 ; )) YY MA0LAMILK AND ICE CREAM CO. " Eastern Carolina ' s 7 0 Word for Dairy Products " 3 Dial RE 4-3714 Goldsboro, North Carolina JACKSON ROBBINS GARAGE Motor Overhaul and Automatic Transmission Service arifcLOverhaul Brake Service Mot6r Tune-up Adamsville, Nnorth Carolina SUTTON ' S SHOE STORE " We Fit the Family " La Grange North Carolina 92 COKER ' S GROCERY STATION Phone RE 5-0354 R. F. D. 2 Goldsboro ADAMSVILLE BARBER SHOP Edsel Hooks Tim Smith Aaron Hooks Vann " Your Business Wi 1 Be Appreciated " MOTOR PARTS AND MACHINE SERVICE 7 . ciw y - ' dsb-.v 6s A, £ A. North’Caro lino I iu yyy __ EDWARDS YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP Goldsbo ro North Carol ina nwNiPFS m oxo s. I waik Ufaytte dourSy’t (So urn Jord Deo er COMPLETE CAR AND TRUCK SERVICE Corner Ash Daisy Streets Goldsboro, N . C . R. O. CREECH SONS, INC. Farmers Quality Fertilizer R. O. Creech, Sr. -R.O. Creech, Jr. EI Hot Sutton LO 6-7441 _ La Grange WEIL-CREECH OIL CO., INC. GuIf Oil Products RE 5-0014 " " s Goldsboro, N. C. LO 6-7441 La Grange, N. C. Compliments of LEROY DANIELS ' GROCERY Highway 70 East Elroy, N. C. Buy A New Home and Relax at WALNUT CREEK ESTATES . New Hope Milling Company to Custom Gri Broiler Program is our ft Grain Dealers THOUGHT fix JbU U- Y " -4j$L •- 3 jcLolI 4 Goldsboro Route 4 nding and Mixing Wayne Feeds ial RE 5-2646 A A f. f oL VC ; ' i x North Carolina 2215 E • 4 sl -- ■■ Putt Your Troubles Away at PUT- PU1 i J c rr - . ■■ — Goldsboro, N . C . V PT jy _ of 7 CHEVROLETi % sSJ Y. Z. FOSS CHEVROLET jpcr in?rb w HARDY ' S APPLIANCE HARDWARE P. O. Box 282 Jlj Phon e LO 6-9791 La Grange North Carolina G . E . Sales Service ____ 7 Ys - t CtfCo6rpliments of MONTGOMERY WARD Goldsboro North Ca ro I i na __ RICHARDS JEWELERS -INC. 106 North Center Street Goldsboro .. loTtb ' Carolina Watcher ' Silverware Diamonds Appliances — 7 _ O I LECfER S, INC. kr 125 W . Wa I nut St. Goldsboro, N . C . Prescriptions and Drugs Since 1940 CASH DRUG CO. City Wide Delivery WAYNE PLUMBING £ 1 HEATING CO. 1 V Snow Hil 1 Highway Carl Brasington Archie Piner RE 5 -1601 Re 5-7564 State Lie. 2054 r - J LS-S -fc. ' Tir - CAROLINA PRECISION WOftKS V 132 South Center Street Goldsboro North Carolina NEWMAN ' S HATCHERY La Grange North Carolina 94 For the best in child care it ' s DANIEL ' S LULLABY NURSERY 3708 E. Ash St. Dial 735-2589 Goldsboro _ North Carolina _ y ' Compliments of $ COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS YHome Dairies to Serve You " Goldsboro North Carolina PAN-O-RAMA BARBER SHOP Just beyond Meadow Lane School Linwood M. Brock-Lehmon P. Williford CRISP FRUIT AND PRODUCE 521 North WiIliam Street 735-4952 Goldsboro, N. C. GRANT ' S SERVICE STATION Motor Tune Up . Lubrication Washing . Tires . Batteries Road Service Highway 70 East Phone 734-9623 THE SPORT CENTER Hwy. 70 East Route 3 Box 70B Goldsboro North Carolina DEL MONTY ' S CHARCOAL STEAK HOUSE U. S. Choice Prime Western Beef Top Dance Bands-Saturday Nights Organist Nightly Private Party Banquet Facilities Broasted Chicken Seafood Room Pioneer Room 522 S. George St. Dial 735-6671 Goldsboro, North Carolina R. N. ROUSE CO., INC. General Contractors Goldsboro, North Carolina R. N. Rouse P. O. Box 1658 Rav N. Rouse. Jr. RE 5-2921 HARRIS INSURANCE AGENCY " Insurance to Fit Your Needs " Jerry Harris Box 367 Office: LO 6-7441 La Grange, N. C. Home: LO 6-9356 GURLEY ' S OPEN-AIR MARKET Owner: Kenneth Gurley 735-7920 Hwy. 70 East Goldsboro, N. C. 95 ' Complete Car Service PINEWOOD SERVICE CENTER George Butts, Jr. 734- 742 Canned goods qnd packaged meats Congratulations to the Class of ' 65 THE HUB Goldsboro North Carolina The Newer and Larger BELK-TYLER of Goldsboro Your Home of Better Values . 77 ms i o ' sCF y i tJiliift 4 $ | Complimpntc nf M y -■ . ; ■ ,KGV 2.4 $ 3 « £ i-1 H I 2 xtf s. lj XV w I y V jr V ANN SHOP i n cxjUL- -jy WAYNE UPHOLSTERING CO. 44 wu . --• . YOUNG FASHIONS PRIG N r _ _ 5 CxJ ' SMITH ' S GROCERY HEATH ' S RED WHITE BORDEN MANUFACTURING CO. POPE MOTOR SALES CREECH ' S INC. a 00 " ’ s- JcfajL • i 96 fiJ ' , 19 us uL Jb M x£ oct cdtZAiA. , 3 -i-d ' ' w i4 c 2 dLu- ? , 1 J7 7 i 5 h 1 x £ W ; ” K M . »■ K ' A oA .-v - ' . O) I CjlLol. ' i cru. zrtfe - . c ZcoU tisL jfaJt i) ' cc jl " O ' L C ' C-2 . «- ■ 4 viws m i- Jt ' ■ r k ' xTA ' l - i 1T - . •,, ' ; ' fJtei ' S ' J c ; v ,n • ?T ' . " v- J v - ;, i -V-»4v i ' ,v ■ y a s - t m V» ■ y J . JA f ; v -3.. I M k h FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room - .• .. • -,-• ' ,, ' - i , ■ V • ■:.% - i w i ggggggg ' 4 ' -. WAYNE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 1001 EAST ASH STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530 wuai i ■■ ypfiS WAYNE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 1001 EAST ASH STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530 Wayne County Public Library

Suggestions in the New Hope High School - Nuhosca Yearbook (Goldsboro, NC) collection:

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New Hope High School - Nuhosca Yearbook (Goldsboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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New Hope High School - Nuhosca Yearbook (Goldsboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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