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OCT 0 2 2006 Not to be taken from this room THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS . Foreword The spirit of a school is a nebulous, changing thing, for spirit is one with the students. A photograph can capture an instant, a word, a mood. The 1964 NUHOSCA presents a medley of language and photographs in an effort to capture the essence of student life. m . . . THE 1964 NUHOSCA New Hope High School, Goldsboro, North Carohna Contents Student Life 5 Activities 11 Athletics 33 Adminstration 45 Classes 53 Advertisements 77 3 Dedication Because of your presence which has inspired us when we were discouraged, your humor which has cheered us when we were sad, and your devotion which has warmed us in adversity, we the NUHOSCA staff dedicate this, the 1964 NUHOSCA to you, MRS. CARRAWAY. Besides regular teaching duties, Mrs. Carraway is the sponsor of the NUHOSCA Staff and the Beta Club. When there was a tobacco tying, a paper drive, or any other senior activity, Mrs. Carraway was there. The seniors and the other classes were certain of her presence at any and all events of importance to them. A View From The Top! 5 An Institution Becomes A School ThrougF These faces reflect glow of high school spiril This is the spirit that cheej Pep rallies, classes, clubs, and homework— all are integrated elements in the life of a student. Within the framework of New Hope High, the students react with zest, moments of humor, streaks of mischief, and times of seriousness to the varying events of a day. A few of these moments are captured on the following pages devoted to New Hope ' s student life. Its Students Only Three Minutes . . . Several times daily students run an obstacle course of elbows, locker doors, and jammed halls, in an effort to change classes in three minutes. Time scoots when one tries to cover the distance between the high school build- ing and the far metal buildings on our sprawling campus. 8 Food And Friendship Midday finds our hungry group enjoying lunch in the cafeteria. The thirty-minute limch period is the time to catch up on the latest news over the trays before the last minute dash to class. Flying Fingers . . . ...dominate the scene in a typing class as the students race to beat the time clock. Class periods are fifty-five minutes long. Our day begins with a homeroom period whichstudents may use for study or activities. Five class periods follow. The dismissal bell rings at 3:08 P.M. Quiet Moment Away from slamming doors, running feet, and clashing voices, Diane Hill finds a moment of seclusion in the library. Our students find that the academic pace increases each year, and that periods of concentrated study are vital to the student who would succeed. Finale The 3:08 bell signals the daily exodus as students stream from the six campus buildings. They quickly fill every available bus, the motors roar, and buses slowly pull away. The buildings reflect empty windows in the afternoon sun, and another day of student life at New Hope is ended. 10 Whether working out a chemistry problem, or sewing a fine seam or creating a bulletin board, New Hope ' s Students are active. The following pages capture them at their many activities . . . 1 1 Council, A Representative Voice The Student Government of New Hope plays a very important part in the life of the school. This body of students is the very heart of student co-operation. It serves as a liason group to unite the students with the administration as the student voice. The Student Council sponsors all assemblies, charters all clubs, and is responsible for a Homecoming cermony in Feburary. This year, Student Council has chartered a Pep Club, the Quill and Scroll Club, the French Club, and the new Glee Club. The Student Council Members are: Carolyn Patton, Nancy Smith, Edith Thompson, Mildred Daniels, Joan Strickland, Evelyn Jackson, Delores Lancaster, Gail Garris, Bonnie Strickland, Carol Daly, Annette Daniels, Judy Best, Judy Piner, Ann Summerlin, Rayburn Uzzell, Tim Daw, Linda Daniels, Linda Rogers, Jimmy Bargoil. 12 CAROLYN PAT TON President NANCY SMITH Vice President EDITH THOMPSON S ecretary-Treasurer The officers of the Student Council were chosen by the students in a general election. The President presides at assemblies and at meetings of the student council. The Vice-President assumes these duties in the absence of the President. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for recording the events of the meetings and for keeping the account books. The faculty accepts a student challenge to a duel on the basketball court. An action packed game resulted in a 44-44 tie. The faculty, in no shape to continue the game, made plans for a re-match in Feburary. Mr. King takes the mike at assembly to address the student body. All a s s e mb 1 i e s a r e sponsored by the student government. The presi- dent presides as a representative of all students. Assemblies are called when there is an election, a special entertainment, or a discussion of an issue concerning the whole school. J3 Genius In Action The Science Club is open to any mad scientists in the Junior and Senior classes. They haven ' t created a Mr. Hyde or a Frankenstein, but they have met and discussed various projects. The purpose of this club is to stimulate the students ' interest in all branches of science. The Science Club officers check the supply room for C2H5OH. The officers are President, JOAN STRICKLAND; Vice-President, DARRELL HINNANT; Secretary, HELEN SMITH; and Student Council Representative, ANNETTE DANIELS. 14 Parlez-Vous Franqais? The French Club officers pictured below are JOAN SUTTON, President; LINDA ROGERS, Student Council Representative; SANDRA WHEELER, Treasurer; and PEGGY GRAY, Vice-President. Not pictured, HELEN SMITH, Secretary. Mrs. Hajjar, the Frence Club sponsor, teaches French I and II. Educated in Damascus, Mrs. Hajjar Anyone who has enough nasal resonance can speak speaks several languages fluently. French well. However, most non-Frenchmen speak it only well enough to sound like Americans speaking French. The French Club is composed of all French speaking Americans at New Hope who can maintain a ninety average in the course. Members meet once a month to discuss France and other foreign lands. Mrs. Hajjar, the sponsor, gives a pizza party for the members once a year. Improvement of family and community life as well as that of the individual is the major aim of the Future Homemakers of America. During their high school years, the girls are taught the basic fundamentals of homemaking by Mrs. Kneeshaw. FHA Officers are: NANCY SMITH, County Officer; GAILGARRIS, T r e a s u r e r; JUDY BEST, President; ANNETTE DANIELS, Song Leader; ALMA SUTTON, Secretary; EDITH THOMPSON, Historian; LINDA ROGERS, Piano Player;JOAN LANCASTER, Vice-President; PEGGY GRAY, Parliamentarian; CAROLYN WILLIAMS, Reporter; and MRS. KNEESHAW, Adviser. F.H.A. Debbie Carter, Linda Stroud, and Eula Lancaster fac the prospect of eating their own cooking. As part of Homi Economics training, the girls prepare three meals in theii cooking classes. 16 im Daw and Kenneth Herring groom the F.F.A. Grand hampion Bull. F.F.A. FFA Officers are: President, TIM DAW; Vice President, ALTON SMITH; Secretary, LINWOOD SAULS; Treasurer, KENNETH SAULS; Reporter, FRANKLIN SPENCE; Sentinel, PETE PARKS; Adviser, MR. KNEESHAW. " Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve " is the motto of the Future Farmers of America. With the help of Mr. Kneeshaw, the advisor, the boys are developing their agricultural skills, leadership, co- operation, and citizenship. This year the F.F.A, boys won sixth place in tobacco grading at the State Fair. The F.F.A, educational exhibit and the tractor team took third place honors at the Wayn e County Fair. Their forestry exhibit and the champion chapter owned bull took first place awards. 823? 921? Which is the biography classification? The Dewey Decimal System, card catalogue, and check-out stamp are familiar words to the library practice students. They work daily in the library to learn library routines and tasks. They help Mrs. Dudley, the librarian, to check out the shelve books. They also keep the library bulletin boards up to date. Training For The Future Type a stencil, please. Make a hundred copies of this bulletin before my next class! Check this file please. These are routine tasks that office practice students perform for the faculty every day. In this class they learn how to improve office routine and how to use many types of office machines. Dream Comes True The Yellow Jacket staff saw the fulfillment of a dream this year. For the first time New Hope School had its newspaper professionally printed. The newspaper staff had discussed publishing the Yellow Jacket for months. The biggest problem of the staff was money for publishing costs. By selling ads to different places of business, and by selling subscriptions to the s tu d e nts, the staff made enough money to publish the Yellow Jacket for the first time. It was a happy day when volume 1 of the paper arrived at New Hope school. Now we have a school paper we can be proud of. On The Beat Ann Summerlin, editor, of the Yellow Jacket, Mrs. Burris, sponsor, and staff members proofread the copy before sending it to the publisher. Published By The Newspaper Staff oi New Hope High School YELLOW JACKET STAFF Editor Ann Summerlin Assistant Editor Judy Best News Editor Bonnie Hill Sports Editor Joan Lancaster Business Manager Eddie Hare Humor Editor Janlne Uzzell Art Editor Mickey Phillips Religion Emily Butts Roving Reporter Janet Boone Reporters Greg Potter Cindy Warren, Kay Wheeless Vicky Smith, Vlckl Reneau Photographer Max Best Typists Linda Daly, Evelyn Jackson, Linda Summerlin Advisor Mrs. Linda G. Burris Each fall, before the Wayne County Fair The F.F. A. Sweetheart is chosen by the the Future Homemakers of America select members of the Future Farmers of America, one girl to represent them in the Fair Queen This year ' s Sweetheart is Linda Daniels, contest. This year ' s Queen is Judy Best. School Royalty 20 Judy Best, Home- coming Queen, is sur- rounded by her court of honor. They are Carolyn Patton, Gail Garris, and Carolyn Williams. Home- coming nominees are from thejunior and Senior classes and are voted on by the entire student body. The Holiday Queen was chosen by a majority vote of the Junior and Senior classes. The Queen represents New Hope in Holiday Parade sponsored by the Goldsboro Chamber of Commerce. Mildred D a n i e Is was t h i s year ' s Queen. Bonnie Hill and Tony Creech, King and Queen of the Fall Harvest Festival hold their trophies. Shown with them are the elemen- tary and primary king and queens. These students were chosen by penny ballots. 21 Under the direction of Mrs. Thomas, the Girls ' Chorus is rehearsing selections to be presented before the Parents- chorus is open to all interested girls. It meets twice weekly to learn and rehearse songs. The chorus will perform at this spring. New Hope ' s Sweetest Sounds 23 Cafeteria Style Mrs. Summerlin, our dietician, faces a parent ' s nightmare. Three hundred hungry teenagers flock to her daily for enough calories and vitamins to see them through the afternoon. She and her staff must work very hard to feed the students well balanced lunches and to keep the lunchroom attractive. Mrs. Summerlin has also kept eye catching bulletin boards posted in the lunchrooms to help students learn more about nutrition. We owe her a big vote of thanks. Custodian Mr. Kennedy, school custodian, is responsible for the upkeep of the buildings and grounds. In winter, his day begins early as he fires the boilers to build up heat before the students arrive. The buzz of his lawn mower is a familiar spring sound on campus. 24 Watch The Birdie, Please " Now let me see; I thought I had it, I did, I did! " And probably Max Best did have another picture for the yearbook o r the newspaper. Max has served as the official photographer for both the school publications this year. He has clicked the shutter at ballgames, in the halls, on the roof, under the stairs, and in the closet. Many students have been surprised this year with the words " Smile, you ' re on Beaver ' s camera! " 367 Miles Approximately 979 students are transported daily by our 14 bus drivers. They emphasize the fact that the extent of their safe driving depends largely on the co-operation they get from the students who ride the bus. The bus drivers are: Delores Lancaster, Bessie Jones, Frances Manning, Tim Daw, Earl Lindsey, Eric Johnson, Darrell Hinnant, Edsel Sullivan, Rayburn Uzzell, Billy Gray, Pete Parks, Linwood Earl Sauls, Sammy Rabon, Thomas Roberts. 25 Double, Double Toil And Trouble 26 i 1 Round about the cauldron go; In the scrambled copy throw. Layout, that melted blood and bone, Would not please the heart of stone Of Editor firm, " twould not! Boil it all in a charmed pot! With apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, the annual staff submits the recipe above as a positive method for brewing a yearbook. Beginning in August and continuing for long hours after school, the staff spent much labor and brain power in creating the book they now offer with pride to their readers, the 1964 NUHOSCA. Helen Smith, Connie Mitchell, and Annie Ruth Smith rack their brains for new ideas on layout. Joan Strickland, Editor, and Evelyn Jackson, Business Manager, take a break to examine some old annuals and to make plans for this year ' s book. 27 Beta Club members pictured are Joan Sutton, Carolyn Patton, Nancy Smith, Joan Strickland, Mildred Daniels, Darrell Hinnant, Madge Barrow, and Evelyn Jackson. Not pictured is Helen Smith. Scholastic Achievement The Beta Club is a national honorary society which recognizes students for outstanding academic performance. Beta Club members are school leaders who set examples for others. Students who have maintained a ninety average in their first two years of high school are eligible for membership. These studious, dignified Beta scholars here shown undergoing initiation, perferred to retain their anonmity. 28 Becoming a marshal is one of the highest honors a junior can receive. Only through hard work can this title be achieved, for i t is awarded to the seven juniors who have the highest academic averages in their class. The scholastic marshals aid in graduation and baccalau- reate ceremonies by serving as ushers. They also serve at the Parents ' Tea given after the Bacca- laureate service. Rewarded The marshals for this year are Lenwood Sauls, Mildred Daniels, Evelyn Jackson, Carolyn Patton - Chief Marshal, Joan Strickland, and Delores Lancaster. Joan Strickland is the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen for this year. The award is given toa senior girl chosen by the faculty for her dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. As our D, A. R. citizen, Joan attended the state rally at Edenton, North Carolina. 29 This year, for the first time, New Hope achieved affilliationwiththe Quill andScroll International Honor- ary Society for High School Journalists. The society is open to Juniors and seniors who rank scholastically in the upperthird of their classes and who have done outstanding work in some phase of journalism. The members this year received their pins at a luncheon meeting. They have planned to publish a book of student work in the spring. The members are: Joan Strickland,Evelyn Jackson, Carolyn Patton, Linda Daly, Connie Mitchell, Annie Ruth Smith, Ann Summerlin, Max Best. Essay Contestant For preparing and delivering a speech on " The United Nations and its Role in World Peace, " Carolyn Patton won first place in New Hope ' s contest lastspring. As a contest- ant in the county contest, Carolyn took second place honors. Carolyn practices the delivery of her honor-winning speech. 30 In Case Of Emergency Call a Gray Lady! From cases of flu to sore fingers, the Gray Ladies never have a dull moment. New Hope has approximately twenty-three Gray ladies who take turns at being on duty during the school day. There are always at least two volunteers present to handle the minor cuts and scrapes of the school day. They are trained in first aid and are ready to help in any emergency. New Hope was the first school in Eastern North Carolina to institute a Gray Lady Program. We are very proud of them. 3? Memoriam To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die. " Campbell Lenwood Eugene McKeel June 27, 1945-Sept. 13, 1963 Rixie Charles Wilkerson Sept. 12, 1946-March 12, 1963 32 33 There are no ups and downs about it. New Hope is tops in . . . Letter Men Members of the Monogram Club are those students who have lettered in baseball, basketball, or cheerleading. To letter, one must have participated in over one-half of the total games played in any one season. The purpose of the club is to create a stronger interest in sports among the students. A fund raising project of the club this year was the sale of pins and key chains. President of the Monogram Club is Linwood Sauls. Active School Spirit The Pep Club was organized this year under the direction of Mr. King and the Student Council. The Pep Club has been very active making posters for ball games and other activities of the school. The club has five charter members who were nominated and approved for member- ship this year. The members are Carolyn Patton, Linda Summerlin, Rayburn Uzzell, Carolyn Williams, and Jimmy Bargoil. Wearing their new uniforms, the cheerleading squad is pictured here. Linda Daniels, Head-Cheerleader, and the team, Betsy Kennedy, Nancy Flora, Gloria Jackson, Connie Mitchell, Vicki Reneau, Nancy Smith, and Phyllis Smith, were chosen by the student body in a general election. Prospective cheerleaders go out in the early fall for several weeks of intensive practice. The election is held after a demonstration before the student body. " Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We ' ve got a team and we ' re proud to shout it! They ' re rough, they ' re tough, they ' re hard to bluff! Come on New Hope, strut your stuff! " Hours of practice pay off as the girls boost the spirit of the team to another victory. 35 Big Eleven Touchdowns and goal posts are new words for New Hope this year. Our first football team, under the supervision of Mr. Andrews and Mr. Thompkins, has been organized. Our boys made a good showing in their first game with Aycock, The team has big plans for next year. Batter Up " Take me out to the ball game! " And we ' 11 see the New Hope sluggers at work. The ball team has made a fine record in the Wayne County Base Ball Conference. 36 New Hope ' s welfare has been boosted! This organization of patrons who are interested in the school and its athletic program, has bought the equipment for our football team. They are planning to construct a football field in the near future. In order to support New Hope ' s athletic and playground programs, the Boosters sponsored a fund raising horse show last spring. Pictured above are the Booster Club members. Below, Mr. Herring calls a meeting to order. Intramural sports competition is avail- able to all non-varsity athletes. Teams are made up from the various homerooms for a variety of sports-from volleyball to baseball. Games are played during homeroom period. High School Above, Eula ' s team drives in to set up a play. Below, the girls watch the net to see if they made it. 38 39 Jump balls, foul shots, and half-time conferences keep the girls ' Varsity Basketball teams busy on game nights. The team is pictured above with the coach, Mr. Gainey, and the co-captains, Carolyn Williams and Mildred Daniels. Yellow Jackets Betty Watson toes the line as she sinks another basket in a free shot. Jump Ball! The girls clear the floor in an effort to tip the ball to a teammate. 40 Time Out! The team is in a huddle while Coach Andrews gives the boys a few pointers on the next play. Lenwood Sauls puts some body- English on t h e ball after mak- ing his shot. Pack A Sting Practice sessions and training rules dominate the lives of the players during the basketball season. The team is coached by Mr. Andrews and Mr. Thompkins. The team is pictured below with captain Lenwood Sauls. 41 Help! Lenwood to tJie rescue! A New Hope player battles off two Seven Springs players in an effort to get the ball. These girls look on anxiously as the clock ticks off the seconds of a tensely played game. New Hope has good prospects for the future in girls ' basketball. 44 Readin ' and Ritin ' and ' Rithmetic, Cokes and " Quality Education " are the watchwords of our faculty . . . 45 School Committee The School Committee, chaired by Mr. Tommy- Strickland, meets monthly to discuss the welfare of, and the policies concerning the students of New Hope. They have the responsibility of overseeing the care and maintenance of buildings and facilities, of recommending prospective teachers to the County Board of Education, and of laying down policy forthe functioning of the school. Thecommittee members are Mr. Earl Hering, Mr. Bobby Wilson, Mr. Tommy Strickland, and Mr. Winston Best. Parents and Faculty Join Forces The Parents-Teachers Association affords parents and teachers the opportunity to meet every six weeks to discuss the school and the students. Prior to every meeting, parents are invited to conference sessions with the teachers. As well as planning informative programs for the parents, the associa- tion has helped the school acquire an intercom system, fire ladders, a floor buffer, and an incinerator. Their service to the school is indispensable. Everyone takes a s e a t at the January meeting prior to hearing a speaker on the lunchroom program. The officers of the P.T.A. prepare to give reports to the meet- ing. They are President, Mr. Archie Piner; S e cretary, Mrs. Richard Benton; and Treasurer, Mrs. Harry Ivey. Not present for the picture was Vice-President, Mr, Carlton Parks. Administration Mr. King, our princi- pal, is shown a t his desk writing the day ' s bulletin. Mr. King has the responsi- bility of overseeing the activities of the entire school. He has worked closely with the Student Council as its adviser in an effort to bring the adminis- tration into closer contact with the student body. He is a familiar figure to the students as they see him crossing campus at a run. Mr. N e a 1, combines his teaching duties with the job of Dean of Students. Shown at the right, h e takes a break from his morning duties of checking absences and bus schedules. He is Mr. King ' s right hand and does much to help him in his duties. Mrs. Godwin, school secretary, balances her accounts. In addition to keeping books and tabulat- ing records for the school, she helps manage the school store. Mrs. Godwin also helps the office practice students in their work. 47 48 49 MR. KENNETH NEAL B» S, j E» C« C Social Studies Dean of Students MRS. CAROLYN R. THOMAS A.B., Bob Jones U. English 50 Pedalling, Riding, or Driving, Classes at New Hope are . . . 51 ESTER AYCOCK DOYCE BARNES MERITA BARNES DONNIE BENNETT LARRY BENNETT STEVE BOYETTE CAROL BRADSHAW SHEILA BROWN GEORGE BUCK JANICE BUTLER ROSEMARY BUTTS JAMES CAPPS THOMAS CARRAWAY DEBBIE CARTER JANET CARTER DONNIE CASEY PATSY CASEY JERRY COKER RONNIE COKER LYNNY CO LTRANE Freshmen learn that high school r i il t ' V 1 V f I JUDY COOK CLAYTON CORBETT FA YE CRUSE CAROL DALY DELBERT DANIELS DON EDWARDS DOUGLAS EDWARDS NANCY FLORA KARON GARRIS SHERLENE GARRIS JAMES HAM SHARON HANCHEY KATHY HARE THOMAS HARE BILLY HARRISON FRED HARVELL EDITH HERRING LINWOOD HINES GINGER JACKSON ROBERT JOYNER is a big change . . . BRUCE KENNEDY SUSAN KORNEGAY EARL LANCASTER EULA LANCASTER MIKE LANCASTER LINDA LANE DIANE LYNCH GAIL McINTYRE JO ANN MATTHEWS RITA MATTHEWS FAYE MEWBORN KAYE MEWBORN DAVID MILLER DONALD MILLIGAN STELLA MINSHEW KATHERINE RARICK VICKY ROOF ANN SAULS BRENDA SAULS KAY SAULS PATSY SAULS JUDY SLOAN BOBBY SMITH BONNIE SMITH LA NELLE SMITH SHELBY SMITH JOHN STANLEY ANN STROUD LINDA STROUD BRENDA SUMMERLIN from past years- GEORGE WALKER BENME WILLIFORD LINDA WILSON DEAN TAYLOR J.C. UZZELL " TONI " VANDERBURG CONNIE WADE YVONNE WADE NOT PICTURED JAMES BARNES LESLIE BATSON ROSCOE BRADSHAW DON MOXLEY DANNY RANDALLS SANDRA SMITH The Freshman Officers are: JOHN STANLEY. President FRED HARVELL Vice-President LINDA WILSON S ecretary-Treasurer CAROL DALY Representative to the Student Council Anew dancestep or volley ball? The Freshman Physical Education class demonstrate their ability to play volley ball. This is one of the many activities the freshmen participate in during school. The Sophomore officers are President, TONY CREECH; Vice-President, VICKY SMITH; Secretary- Treasurer, MEREDITH SMITH; Student Council Representative, BONNIE STRICKLAND. Sophomores become . . . DAVID BARGOIL MARGARET BEST WINIFRED BIGGS LINDA BIRD ESTELL BROWN ANNIE BUTTS EMILY BUTTS TONY CREECH BARBARA CRISONA EARL CRUSE 55 JO ANN CRUSE EVELYN DALY BETSY EDWARDS BETTY GARY MICKEY GRAY CHARLOTTE GRIMES JAMES GULLIAMS BENNY HERRING BONNIE HILL DIANE HILL CARLETON HINNANT KAY HINSON MARY HYDE GARY LANCASTER HAROLD LANCASTER enmeshed in studies KENT MILLER DOLLY MOZINGO DAVID NEWMANN EUGENE PARKS B.J. PERSON JAMES PROSSER BARBARA ROBERTS ELLA JEAN SMITH MEREDITH SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH THOMAS SMITH VICKY SMITH BONNIE STRICKLAND CORNELIA SULLIVAN JIMMY SUMMERLIN BONNIE TAYLOR LILLIE TEEL EDITH THOMPSON WILEY THOMPSON JOE TURNER GLORIA TYNDALL JEANETTE UZZELL EDITH WADE KEITH WADE DELMUS WALKER WILLIAM RAY WALKER CINDY WARREN BETTY WATSON SANDRA WHEELER KAY WHEELES and many activities. TOMMY WHISNANT GAIL WILUAMS HAROLD WRIGHT The sophomores tangle on the wrestling mat. Will they be able to match those feet with the proper 57 BILLY GRAY JULLA. GRAY PEGGY GRAY LINDA HAM plan . . . DURWOOD HERRING RUDY HILL EDDIE HARE ERNEST HARRELL DARRELL HINNANT HARRY HINSON POLLY HOWELL ROBERT HYDE DAVID KENNEDY JOAN LANCASTER LINDA LANCASTER STEVE LANGSTON { GEORGE LEWIS SHEILA NEUMANN J. P. PARKS GREGORY POTTER MICKEY PHILLIPS SAMMY RABON ED RACKLEY REGIS WILSON VI OKI RENEAU the Sr. THOMAS ROBERTS LINDA ROGERS GLORIA SAULS KENNETH SAULS MARGARET SKIPPER ALTON SMITH ANN SMITH DALTON SMITH ELIZABETH SMITH HELEN SMITH NANCY SMITH PATRICK SMITH PEGGY SMITH RACHEL SMITH NOT PICTURED BERNARD DANIELS BURNICE MANNING " BUDDY " PARRISH JOHN WORRELL JANET JOHNSON MIKE GARDINER Banquet . . ELIZABETH SMYK FRANKLIN SPENCE ANN SUMMERLIN BUD SUMMERLIN ALMA SUTTON JOAN SUTTON DANNY THOlVlAS JANINE UZZELL RAYBURN UZZELL CHARLIE WHITLEY DICKIE WIGGINS and run the store. Junior class officers are: RAYBURN UZZELL, President; PEGGY GRAY, Vice-Pres ident; ALMA SUTTON, Secretary-Treasurer; and GAIL GARRIS, Representative to the Student Council. Refreshments anyone! The junior store is open during breaks and at home ballgames. Here two juniors wait for the busy crowd at break. The proceeds go for the Junior- Senior Banquet and junior activities. Blindfolded, the juniors await their dire fate. Juniors present at the Beta Club initiation this year were: Joan Sutton, Madge Barrow, and Nancy Smith. 62 MAX RUDOLPH BEST " I am- that age; but I am not that dumb. " Baseball-1, 2, 3; Basketball— 2, 3; F.F.A. - 2, 3,4; News-Paper— 3,4; Bus. Mgr.— 3; Photographer— 4; Annual Staff— 4; Quill and Scroll— 4. LEWIS ALTON CHILDRE " It ' s not what you have, it ' s how you give it. " Home Room Class President— 3; Science Club— 1; Bus Driver— 2, 3; Language Club— 1; Goldsboro High School— 2, 3. JAMES HENRY CLOSSON " Take care of me, good men are scarce. " Basketball— 2, 3; Bus Monitor— 2; Monogram Club— 3; Newspaper— 3; Class Officer— 4. GLORIA JEAN COBB " Born with the gift of laughter. " F.H. A. - I, 2, 4; First Place F.H. A. Fashion Show— 1,2; Class o f f i c e r— 2, 3, 4; Bus Monitor— 2, 3, 4; Jr. Store — 3. Seniors Tim Daw, elected one of the six outstanding seniors, checks the mailbox for the senior class mail, Tim served his class as an officer for three years. As presi- dent of the senior class, he led the seniors to success in their many activities. 63 Mildred Daniels studies the poetry on the bulletin board. As an active member of our class, she has served as an officer, represented us on the Student Council, played Varsity basket- ball, and worked tirelessly on our many activities. She has well earned the title of outstanding senior. LINDA PRICE DALY " Down on your knees, and thank Heaven, fasting, for a good man ' s love. " C 1 a s s Pres.-l; F.H.A.— 1, 2; F.H.A. Officer— 2; F.H.A. Fashion Show Winner- l;Jr. -Sr. Waitress- 1; Jr. -Sr. Hat Check Girl— 2; Bus M o n i t o r- 1 ; Glee Club— 1, 2; Student Gov ' t— 3; Homecoming Contestant— 3; Newspaper— 3, 4; Dramatics Club— 3; Pres.- 3; Jr. Store— 3; Jr. -Sr. Comm.— 3; Annual Staff-4; Quill and Scroll-4. LINDA MARIE DANIELS " Forget the past and look for a brighter future. " Class Officer— 1 ; Home Experience Award— 1; Glee Club— 1, 2; Cheerleader— 1, 2, 3, 4, Ass. Head— 1, 2, Chief— 4;Jr. -Sr. Waitress— 1; Father-Son Ban quet Waitress— 1; F.H.A. -1, 2, 3,4, Officer- 3, 4; 4-H-l, 2; Newspaper— 3; Monogram Club— 3,4; Home- coming Contestant— 3; Office Practice— 4; F.H.A. Sweetheart— 4; Student Gov ' t— 4. MILDRED DIANNE DANIELS " With the help of a surgeon he might yet recover. " F.H.A. -1,2; Basketball Team— 1, 2, 3, 4, Co. -Captain 3; Captain 4; Jr. -Sr. Waitress— 1; Class Pres.- 3; Newspaper— 3; Monogram Club— 3, 4; Beta Club— 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Student Council— 4; Marshal— 3; Lib. Club— 4; Holiday Rep. —4. GARY LEE DAW " Live and learn, but I just live. " F.F.A. -1, 2, 3, 4; Officer- 3, Pres. 4; Tool Contest— 1; Creed Contest— 1; Class Officer— 2, 3, Pres. 4; Bus Driver— 4. enjoy upperclassman 64 Joan Strickland, one of the outstanding s e n i o r s, gives the yearbook a last minute check. As editor of the NUHOSCA, she worked many long hours for the seniors in publishing their annual. She has been an efficient leader of the class. privileges . . KENNETH MAXWELL HERRING, JR. " There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience. " F.F. A. —1, 2, 3, 4; Livestock Judging— 1,2,3, 4; Tobacco Grading— 1, 2; Land Judging— 2, 3,4; 4-H Club— 1; Intramurals — 3, 4. EVELYN LOUISE JACKSON " If you can ' t convince them, confuse them. " Student Council— 1, 3; Glee Club— 1, 2; Bus Monitor— 1, 2, 3,4; Beta Club— 3,4, Officer— 3; Marshal — 3; Newspaper— 3, 4; Editor— 3; Intramurals — 3; Jr. Store— 3; Jr. -Sr. Banquet Comm. — 3; American H i s t o r y Award — 3; NUHOSCA Bus. Man. -4; Lib. Club-4; Quill and Scroll Pres.— 4; Elem. Annual Editor— 4. GLORIA MAE JACKSON " I have seen yesterday, I love today, and I ' m waiting for tomorrow. " Glee Club-1, 2; F.H.A. -1,4; 4-H Club- 1; Bus Monitor— 1, 2; Cheerleader— 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club— 3,4; Paper Staff— 3; Office Worker— 4; Rep. for Fair Flower Arrange- ment— 4. ERIC EDWARD JOHNSON " When a woman says, ' I won ' t be a minute! ' You can bet she ' s telling the truth! " Grantham— 1; F.F.A. — 1,4; Bus Monitor— 2, 3; Bus Driver— 4. 65 BESSIE ANN JONES " Happiness is a perfume you can not pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. " F. H. A. — 1; Office worker— 3; Intramurals — 3; Bus Monitor— 3; Bus Driver— 4; Lib. Club— 4. RUBY DELORES LANCASTER " God made him, and therefore let him pass for a man. " Cheerleader— 1, 2, 3; F.H.A.— 1,2; Mono- gram Club— 3, 4; Marshal— 3; Bus Driver— 4: Paper Staff— 3; Lib. Club— 4; Sr. Class Sec. —4. DOLLY LORRAINE LANCASTER " Life is like a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing. " F.H.A. -1,2, 4; Softball-2; Basketball-3; Photo. Club— 3; Intramurals— 3; Bus Monitor— 3, 4; Jr. Store- 3; Jr. -Sr. Conn. — 3; Office Worker— 4. JO ANN BEST LANE " Marriages are made in Heaven. " F. H. A. — 1; Intramurals— 3; Office Worker— 3; Lib. Club-4. classrings, Glancing through a magazine at break-time, Evelyn Jackson takes a minute from her studies and duties as business manager of the NUHOSCA. As President of the Quill and Scroll, and as a p a rt i c i p a nt in all senior activities, her senior year has been a busy one. She is one of our outstanding seniors. UNDA FA YE LEE " The real problem in life is not so much where we stand, but what we stand for. " F.H.A,— 1; I nt ra m ur a Is — 3, 4; Office Practice— 3; Library Club— 4; Bus Monitor— 4. EARL WOOTEN LINDSEY " Why worry about the future, it comes soon enough. " F.F.A. — 1; Bus Driver-4. FRANCES LEONA MANNING " Cast your cares on God; that anchor holds. " Seven S p r i n gs — 1, 2; Glee Club— 1,2, 3; F. H. A. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer-2, 3; 4-H Club- 1, 2; Librarian- 1, 2, 3; Beta Club— 2, 3; Bus Driver— 3, 4; Newspaper— 4, Intramurals- 3; Office Asst.— 3; Bus Monitor— 1, 2; Library Club-4. RICHARD JACKSON McINTYRE " Truth is always strange. . .stranger than fiction. " senior trip. I Rex Thompson adds the money the seniors earned in their tobacco drive this year. As chairman of the drive, he lined up jobs for us and took care of selling the tobacco we collected. He has been an active participant of the F.F.A, for four years. As one of our outstanding seniors. Rex has earned the admiration of us all. Carolyn Patton, an outstanding senior, takes a break in her activities as President of the Student Body. In her four years of high school, she has achieved the highest academic standing in her class, as well as working on all class projects. PAULINE MINSHEW " Life is like an onion. You peel it away one layer at a time and sometimes you weep. " F.H.A. -1; Librarian-2; G 1 e e-2; Office Practice— 3; Dramatics Club— 3. CONNIE RUTH MITCHELL " Life is not a problem to be solved but a series of situations to be met. " F.H.A. -1; G 1 e e C 1 u b-1, 2; Jr. -Sr. Waitress— 1; Class Officer— 2; Cheerleader— 2, 3, 4, Asst. Head 4; Monogram Club— 3, 4; Dramatics Club— 3; Jr. -Sr. Comm.— 3; Quill and Scroll— 4; Annual Staff— 4; Bus Monitor— 4. PEGGY ANN NEWELL " Learn to live and live to learn. " Jacksonville High— 2, 3; Spanish Club— 2, 3; French Club— 4. MARY CAROLYN PATTON " .. .And I never knew a storm so gray, it didn ' t have its dawning day. " Jacksonville High— 2; Palo Duro High— 3; Class Officer— 1; Student Gov ' t— 1, 4, Pres. 4; Spanish Club— 2, 3; Safety Council— 2; W o rl d Peace T h e m e Winner— 3; Chief Marshal— 3; Beta Club— 4, Officer 4; French Club— 4; Science Club— 4; Annual Staff— 4; Quill and Scroll— 4. and 68 LENWOOD EARL SAULS " Anything worth having is worth working for. " F.F. A. -1, 2, 3, 4, Officer- 2, 3, 4; County Officer— 4; Basketball— 1, 2, 3,4; Captain— 4; Wayne Coimty AU-Star Team— 3; Bus Driver— 2, 3,4; Monogram Club— 3. 4, President— 4; Marshal— 3; F.F. A. Corn Contest Winner— 2, 3; I nt ra m u r a Is— 4, Captain— 4. ANNIE RUTH SMITH " They do not love that do not show their love. " Bus Monitor— 1, 2, 3,4; Glee Club— 1, 2; Jr. Store— 3; Jr. -Sr. Comm. —3; Annual Staff— 4; Quill and Scroll Club-4. look forward KAY DOUGLAS SMITH " For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. " LEWIS McNEIL STEWART " Be kind to dumb animals, especially women. " Baseball— 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer— 1 ; Basket- ball-2. MILDRED JOAN STRICKLAND " I ' ve made a fool of myself many times just trying to prove I wasn ' t an idiot. " F.H.A.— 1,2; Bus M o n i t o r— 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals— 2, 3; F. H. A. Ruritan Award— 2; Fashion Show Winner— l;Beta Club— 3, 4, Pres. 4; M a rs h a 1— 3; Jr. Store— 3; Jr. -Sr. Comm.— 3; Perfect Attendance Award— 3; Quill and Scroll Club— 4; Science Club— 4, Pres.- 4;Lib. Club— 4; Annual Staff— 4, Editor— 4; French Club— 4; DAR Citizenship Award— 4. EDS EL BRANTLEY SULLIVAN " Don ' t let his silence fool you, he has his share of fun. " F.F.A. -3, 4; Bus Driver- 3, 4. 69 LINDA FA YE SUMMERLIN " It takes all sorts to make the World. " Glee Club-1,2; F.H.A.-1,2, Officer-2; Jr. Homemakers Degree— 1;F,H. A. Fashion Show Winner— 1, 2; Newspaper Staff— 3, 4; Dramatics Club— 3; Jr. Store— 3; Jr. -Sr. Comm. —3. ELISHA REX THOMPSON " Life is a theater in which the worst people often have the best seats. " F.F. A. -1, 2, 3, 4;4-H Club-1,2; Livestock Judging Contest— 1, 2, 3; Tool Identification Contest— 1, 2, 3; Land Judging Contest— 2, 3; Ruritan A w a r d— 2, 3; Chapter Star Farmer Award— 2, 3; Chapter Farmer Degree— 3; Science Club— 4. GREGORY ANDREW TURNAGE " Work fascinates me; I can sit and watch it for hours. " Science Club— 1,4; Intramurals— 1 ; Latin Club-2; Lib. Club-3. JAMES KERMIT WHITLEY " Many great men have died, and I ' m not feeling too good myself. " F.F. A.— 2, 3, 4; Newspaper— 3; Bus Driver— 3. CAROLYN GENEVA WILLIAMS " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " F. H. A. - 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer- 2, 3, 4, County Officer-2; 4-H-l; Glee Club-1, 2;Basket- b a 1 1-1,2, 3,4; C a p t a i n-4; J r. -S r. Waitress— 1; Father-Son Waitress— 1; Class O ffi c er— 3; Student Gov ' t. Officer— 3; Dramatics Club— 3; Newspaper— 3; Mono- gram Club— 3, 4; Jr. S t o 1 e— 3; Jr. -Sr. Comm. —3. to Graduation! 70 Take me to your leader! The senior class officers are on official business. They are President, TIM DAW; Vice-Presi- dent, JAMES CLOSSON; Secretary- Treasurer, DELORES LANCASTER; Student Council Representative, MILDRED DANIELS; Reporter, JEAN COBB. Small Fry The senior class mascots. Woody Price and Denise Carlyle, relax before the fireplace after a hard day of play. Mascots bring memor- ies of younger days to the seniors. On commencement night they lead the seniors down the aisle to their seats. We love them. 71 Money! Money! Money! Every year the seniors are faced with the prospect of raising enough money to finance their senior trip. This year the seniors have planned a trip to Washington, D. C. and to the New York World ' s Fair. To achieve this end they have sold magazines, collected and sold tobacco, tied tobacco, sold old papers, and sponsored a chicken stew supper. Competition grows fierce as Kenneth Herring and Lenwood Sauls display the agressive salesmanship that made them the top two magazine salesmen. As good a way to cut class as any, the seniors decide. They are busy bundling the old papers and magazines they collected in their drive . Artistic talent finds an outlet as these creative seniors design posters to advertise their chicken stew supper. Status Symbols The end of the first six weeks find the seniors outside admiring their new class rings. To receive a ring, the senior must pass all the subjects required for graduation. He is then privileged to hold his hands out before him for a day or two so that underclassmen may cast envious eyes on his new possession. The underclassmen accord the seniors the proper respect by rising as the seniors march into assembly. 73 Moments of Madness " Good to the last drop! " Wait! Whatarethe seniors doing back there? Whew! Just clowning for the camera. " Please girls, don ' t pull any more out! " begs Bessie as Evelyn and Mildred tease away to give her the latest in hairstyles. Vanity does have its price! Reward The seniors load up to go out to lunch. Any senior who is exempt from three of five exams has the privilege of leaving campus for lunch during exam week. To be exempt, one must average ninety i n a subject. 74 mmmm l oy, i.,t,. The seniors ransack the library in an effort to find materials for their senior research papers. Their reaction? " These are the times that try mens ' souls. " Preparing for the Big Day Delores climbs up on a chair to measure Clonky ' s head for his mortar-board. The seniors begin to grow impatient now for the night when they will don caps and gowxis for the walk across the stage. 75 It is all over now. The mi:isic has drifted away. The blue gowns are stored away for next year. Diplomas have been awarded. The seniors leave the school for the last time as a group. For they are no longer seniors, but have now joined the ranks of alumni. On this note, they bid New Hope School farewell. 76 The Nuhosca Staff Introduces Our Advertisers . . . 77 t Visit YOUNG FASHIONS For Fashion, Quality and Service Goldsboro North Carolina Prescriptions and Drugs Since 1940 City Wide Delivery CASH DRUG CO. DUBOIS MOTOR CO. " See us for your used cars. 606 S.SI ocumb St. Goldsboro North Carolina CAROLINA RECAPPERS INC. Best in the Business La Grange Morehead City Kinston PRICE BROS. BIdg. Cont. 5-0890 - 5-3617 Compliments of A FRIEND LAGRANGE AUTO PARTS La Grange North Carolina " AH your car needs " DIXIE FERTILIZER SUPPLY CO. " Everything For The Farm " Farm Tested Fertilizer ROBERT T. SMITH GROCERY Hood Swamp LARRY ' S SHOE STORE ' Quality fitting service for all your shoes. " 117 West Walnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina 78 BOULEVARD LANES Greatest Family Sport — Year Around— Goldsboro North Carolina Electricity — The heart of modem living t TRI-tOUniV ELECTRIC mEfflBERSHIP CDRPORflTIOnj 1304 N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C. 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PURE] MALPASS SERVICE STATION UlllflDlEA 734-9674 HUPflBLEj Robert Ma I pass Goldsboro North Carolina GASTERIA Bobby Wilson RE5-0740 YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP Quality Men ' s Wear La Grange North Carolina Compliments of OPEN AIR MARKETS and FARMERS WAREHOUSE COMPLETE TERMITE AND PEST CQNTRDL w p. □. BOX 334 BDLDSBQRa, NORTH CAROLINA BURRI5 Jones PHONE 735-5631 89 HERRING ' S PHILLIPS 66 Dial 4-9782 Goldsboro North Carolina THE La Grange North Carolina Visit JOHNSON COTTON COMPANY Goldsboro North Carolina Am WOOTEN OIL AND FUEL CO. 723 South George Street Goldsboro, North Carolina First in Fashion, First for the Home Since 1865 Compliments of CHARLES STORE INC. Goldsboro North Carolina H. AND H. BODY SHOP Manager-Lantice Hill, Jr. Asst. Mgr. - McGree Hill SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. For all your needs Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of American Plumbing and Electrical Supply Company Ronald Sasser ' s Body Shop Rollin ' s Appliance Center Nelson ' s Photo Shop Smith ' s Grocery Creech ' s Inc. 90 Autographs 91 Autographs I 92 Autographs 93 Autographs 94 Autographs 95 Autographs For Reference Not to be taken from this room COUHTI PUBLIC LIBRABI GOLDSBORO H. C 27530

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