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AUG 1 4 2019 for reference Do Not Take From This Room ScUtecC h 76e ? 96 ? ' Tta uteca l oicttne XV 74e Seta, (?ta 4 ' Tfecv ‘rfyafre SeAooC 7R,oute $ r 0 CeU i f ' TtentA (? si lc4M% (fytottc “pn Mt %mcC ' Jtc si , cuuC Dedic4tto t We, the Beta Club, wish to dedicate the 1961 NUHOSCA to you, Mrs. May Taylor Allen, a fine teacher and a true friend. You are an inspiration to all be¬ cause of your patience, understanding, and faithful service. You are worthy of our high¬ est esteem and warmest affection. %W. Jftay s4(£e t In addition to her regular classroom teaching and senior activities, Mrs. Allen plans all high school trips and serves as guidance counselor, giving students personal assistance in many areas. Here, she is hav¬ ing a conference with one of the sophomore girls. h 4 ' SWS Dosia Smith Vice -President Gloria Uzzell President Sandra Ellis Sandra Uzzell Secretary Gene Daly Treasurer Ann Hare Asst. Secretary ■character] Linda Grady Bus. Mgr. Asa member of the Beta Club and as a citizen of my com¬ munity, state, and nation, I believe in and shall strive to promote the principles of: Charles Sutton Linwood Anderson Photographer Industriousness Responsibility Cooperation Humility Service Justice Honesty Charity Rosemary Keel Pat Chaffin W. P. Joyner Adviser- Pat Lancaster I shall then be able to contribute to the happiness of myself and others. s4cC fu u4 i sitio t Scbwl (? K tittee mm; mmmmimiiiii miiiiiiiiiiiii n u Mr. Winston Best Mr. Carl Mewborn Mr. Roland Webber Mrs. Theodore Smith Mr. Russell G. Spence (Not Pictured) MR. RUSSELL G. SPENCE Chairman MR. WINSTON BEST Secretary 1 h® School Committee, although it is not seen by the students in every day school life, is the guiding force by which our school functions. It has, at a., times, the welfare of the school and student body in mind. Committee members give or their time unselfishly to serve the school in order that the needs of students may be met. The service they render helps to make our school one of which we can be proud. icuiUcf MRS. MAY T. ALLEN A.B., Atlantic Christian College English and Guidance MR. R. L. MCDONALD A.B., Duke University Principal, General Business MR. J. K. THOMPSON B.S., East Carolina College M.A., East Carolina College Bus. Educ. and School Treasurer MRS. JO ANNE HOLLOWELL A.B., Atlantic Christian College English, French, Librarian MR. W. H. DAVIS B.S., Atlantic Christian College M. A., East Carolina College Science MR. WILLIAM W. LEWIS B.S., Atlantic Christian College Social Studies and Dramatics Gen. Bus. MR. HIRAM J. GUEDALIA B.S., University of Alabama M.A., University of Alabama Prof. Degree, Teachers College, Columbia University Coach, Health and Science MR. WM. DOUGLAS JOYNER A.B., Atlantic Christian College M.A., East Carolina College Mathematics Beta Club Adviser Yearbook Adviser MR. D. WAYNE KNEESHAW B.S., University of Florida Agriculture and Shop F.F.A. Adviser MRS. ELIZABETH H. KNEESHAW A.E., East Carolina College Home Economics F.H.A. Adviser 8 MRS. PEGGY W. SCROGGS A.B., Wake Forest. College Eighth Grade MRS. SARAH T. LEWIS A. B., Atlantic Christian College Eighth Grade MRS. ELLEN G. WEST A.B., Atlantic Christian College Eighth Grade MRS. MARY W. GARRIS A. B., Atlantic Christian College Elementary Librarian Seventh Grade MRS. HYACINTH W. LANCASTER A. B., University of North Carolina M.A., East Carolina College Seventh Grade MRS. FRANCES Y. DAVIS A. B., Atlantic Christian College Sixth Grade 9 MRS. RUTH L. WETHINGTON B.S., Western Carolina College Sixth Grade MRS. ANNETTE L. PATE B.S., East Carolina College Sixth Grade MRS. ELSIE J. TURNER B.S., Atlantic Christian College Fifth Grade MRS. EDNA M. JOYNER A. B., Atlantic Christian College M.A., East Carolina College Fifth Grade MRS. ARVILLE Y. SAULS A. B., Atlantic Christian College Fourth Grade MRS. SARAH L. HERNDON A. B., Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina Fourth Grade 10 MRS. WILMA H. MONSEES B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College Third Grade MRS. NELLIE H. ARANT B.S., Western Carolina College Third Grade MRS. PEGGY D. MARTIN A.B., Atlantic Christian College Third Grade MISS RUBY GAIL FOYLES A.B., Flora Macdonald College Second Grade MRS. JESSIE W. MOYE A. B., Atlantic Christian College Second Grade MRS. ADA B. BELL Peace College Graduate Primary " A " Certificate East Carolina College First Grade 1 I MRS. IRMA H. BLANN A. B., Atlantic Christian College First Grade MRS. ALICE D. FINCH A. B., A tlantic Christian College First Grade MRS. IRIS S. RUFFIN East Carolina College and Atlantic Christian Col lege, Primary Normal Certificate First Grade MRS. JAMES L. BUTLER A.A., Pineland College Piano 12 MRS, TOM COOMBS Cafeteria Manager MISS HILDA SMITH Secretary to Mr. McDonald MW: President - - - Vice-President Secretary - - - Treasurer • A ' , .vv . Si6 Mascots - KIM GR ' AY KENNETH STANTON ALDRIDGE " I wouldn ' t run around the corner to see the world blow up. " Transfer from Goldsboro Hi. 3; F.F.A. 3,4; Shop 1-4. JAMES FRANKLIN ANDERSON " That is as well said as if I had said it myself. " Class Officer 2,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Junior Play 3; Baseball 1,2; Beta Club 3;Super- lative 4; F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Of¬ ficer 2, 3, 4. LINWOOD ROY ANDERSON " Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching that cannot lie. " Substitute Bus Driver 3; Bus Driver 4; Beta Club 3,4; NUHOSCA Photographer 3,4; Marshal 3. GENE BOYETTE " I have a healthy regard for work; I can sit and watch it all day. " F.F.A 3,4; 4-H Club 1,2. JAMES FRANKLIN BUTLER " Talk is cheap. " F.F.A. 1,2,3; 4-H Club 1,2, 3; F. F. A. Officer 2; Superlative 4; Basketball 2, 3. WILLIAM L. CLOSSON " Stolen sweets are the best. " Transfer from North Charleston Hi. 4; Science Club 2; N.C.O. Club 2; Latin Club 3. LARRY COKER " Great men are not always wise. " F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4. NANCY MAE CORMAN " Love your enemies and drive ' em nuts. F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Library Worker 4. VPJRlP GENE DALY " Love is an ocean of emotions, entirely surrounded by expenses. ” F. F, A. 1, 2, 3; Class Officer 1, 2, 3,4; Junior Play 3; Superlative 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Beta Club Treasurer 4; Marshal 3. JESSIE DANIELS " Many great women have died and I’m not feeling so well. " F.H.A. 1; 4-H Club 1; Glee Club 1,2, 3; Superlative 4; Librarian 2. DONALD EDWARDS " Talkers are no good doers. " F.F.A. 4; Bus Driver 4. BUREN ELLIS " Good luck is a lazy man ' s estimate of a worker ' s success. " F.F.A 1,4. EVELYN GURLEY EZZELL " Happiness is the essence of life. " Glee Club 1,2; F.H.A. 1; 4-H 1; Cheer¬ leader 2, 3. BETTY LOU GINN " Love conquers all. " Basketball 1,2, 3,4; F.H.A. 1.4; Class Officer 1, 3; Popularity Queen 1, 3; Basketball Co-Captain 3; Basketball Captain 4; Glee Club 1. RUBY JEAN GOODSON " Come live in my heart and pay no rent. F.H.A. 1; Library Worker 2, 3,4; Office Worker 2. LINDA CAROL GRADY " Don’t meet trouble half way; it isn ' t worth the trouble. " Glee Club 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; F.H.A. Officer 3; Superlative 4; Beta Club 3,4; NUFIOSCA Assistant Business Manager 3; NUHOSCA Business Man¬ ager 4. JOANNE EDWARDS GRAY " Love will find a way. " F.H.A, 1, 3,4; Cheerleader 2, 3; As¬ sistant Head Cheerleader 3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Class Officer 1; Superlative 4; Popularity Queen 1. PATSY JEAN GRAY " The course of true love never did run smooth. " Superlative 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. Secretary 4; Basketball Co-Captain 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Glee Club 1,2,3. SARAH MARIE GURGANUS " If I go to heaven I want to take my reason with me. " F.H.A. 1,2; Glee Club 1,2, 3; Office Worker 4; Librarian 2; Superlative 4. RUTH GAIL HERRING " Five minutes! Goodness! I ' ve been five minutes late all my life. " Glee Club 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1; 4-H Club 1,2; Librarian 2. CHARLES JOHNSON " I came, I saw, and I ' m ready to leave. F.F.A 1-4; F.F.A. Officer 3,4; Beta Club 3; Junior Play 3; Bus Driver 3; Class Officer 3; Superlative 4; President of Student Organization 4. ROSEMARY KEEL " Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. ” F.H.A. 1; Marshal 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Library Worker 2,4; Junior Play 3; Glee Club 1,2. DIANA JEAN KING " The highest duty is to respect authority. Girls ' Athletic Association 2; Glee Club 3; Transfer from West Palm Beach Hi. EVERETTE LANCASTER " Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter. " 4-H 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2,3, 4; F.F.A. Of¬ ficer 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Basketball 2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Vice-President of Student Organization 4. GERALDINE LANCASTER " A small, loud thing, and they call her ' Squirreldine ' . " F.H.A, 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3. LINDA FAYE LANCASTER " A little bit good, a little bit bad; but don’t tell me so or I’ll get mad. " 4-H 1; F.H.A, 1,2; Junior Play 3; Library Worker 2,3,4; Office Worker 4. JUDY EZZELL MULLEN " The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. " Transfer from Goldsboro Hi. 4; Social Committee 3; Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 3; Office Assistant 1,3; Homeroom Chairman of Float Commit¬ tee 2,3; Homeroom Chairman for Stunt Night 3; Homeroom Officer 3; F.H.A. 4. RACHEL OVERMAN " A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. ” F.H.A. 1,2,3; Office Worker 1,2; 4-H 1, 2; Junior Play 3; First Grade Helper 2, 3. JOYCE CAROLE OWENS " The mouth will run for an hour after the soul has gone. " F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 1, 2; Basket¬ ball 1,2, 3,4; Class Officer 1,3,4; Super¬ lative 4; Marshal 3. REBECCA PARKS " What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine. " F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 1. SAMUEL STONEWALL PARKS " It is better to learn late than never. " F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4; Shop 1; Bus Driver 3,4. DURWOOD PEELE " Genius is only great patience. " F.F.A. 1,2,3; Shop 4, Outstanding Shop Award 1959-’60. EFFIE ANN PRICE " It ' s love, it’s love that makes the world go round. " Glee Club 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1; 4-H 1,2; Superlative 4; Librarian 2; Miss Holiday Season Entry 4. EVERETTE ACE ROBBINS " Always borrowing a pen or paper, some¬ times answers. " Basketball 2,3,4; Shop 4; F.F.A. 4; Superlative 4; Basketball Captain 3,4. JOE ROBERTS " Behave to your purse as you would to your best friend. " F.F.A. 1,2; Bus Driver 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4. GEORGE SMITH " While we live, let’s live in clover, for when we ' re dead, we’re dead all over. " Class Officer 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. Officer 2,3,4; Junior Play 3; Basketball 2, 3,4; Superlative 4; 4-H 1. FLEET A MAE SMITH " Believe only half of what you see an nothing that you hear. " F.H.A. 1,4; Library Worker 2,4. JUDITH ANN SMITH " Anything worth having is worth waiting for. " Superlative 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3; Cheer¬ leader 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Popularity Queen Entry 4. SANDRA SMITH " That’s not half what I could ' ve said if I ' d chosen. " F.H.A. Officer 2,3,4; Class Officer 3, 4; Glee Club 1,2; Cheerleader 1,2; Marshal 3; Superlative 4; D.A.R. Cit¬ izenship Winner; School and County World Peace Winner 3; Secretary-Treas¬ urer of Student Organization 4. PHILLIP SUTTON " She has more goodness in her little fin¬ ger than he has in his whole body. ” F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Super¬ lative 4; 4-H 1,2; Class Officer 1. KENDALL TEACHEY " Energy unlimited. " F.F.A. 1,4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Superlative 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4. JOHN THADDEUS THOMAS " Leave silence to the Saints, I ' m noth¬ ing but human. " F.F.A. 4; Baseball 2; Superlative 4. GRACE DAWSON THOMPSON " There is only one kind of love but there are a thousand imitations. " 4-H 1,2; 4-H Officer 2; F.H.A. 1,2,3; Library Worker 1; 1st Grade Helper 2. GLORIA GOULD UZZELL " Absence makes the heart grow fonder. " Beta Club 3,4; NUHOSCA Assistant Editor 3; Beta Club President 4; NUHOSCA Editor 4; F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; F. H. A. Sec¬ retary 3; Glee Club 1,2; Class Officer 3; Ruritan F.H.A. Award 2; Marshal 3. SANDRA UZZELL " There is nothing impossible to a willing heart. " F.H.A. 1-4; Glee Club 1,2; Beta Club 3,4; Assistant Secretary 3; Secretary 4; Bus Driver 4; 4-H Club 1; Superlative 4; Guidance Assistant 4, Chief Marshal 3; W.O.W. History Award 3. TERRY VANDERBURG " A rolling stone gathers no moss. " Transfer from Goldsboro Hi. 4; J.V. Football 1, 2. PATRICIA ANN WELLS " Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. " F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 1,2. REBECCA LEE WHISNANT " If you would be loved, love and be lovable. " F.H.A. 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; 4-H Club 1,2; Class Officer 4; Library Worker 1,2; 1st Grade Helper 3. WALTER WHITFIELD " Live and learn. I’ve been living all my life. ” F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Superlative 4; 4-H Club 1.2. DAVID EARL WILLIAMS " Come a little closer; you might like it. " F.F.A. 4; Basketball 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1,2. 3, 4. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED SHERAN D. ALLEN " The mind has a thousand eyes, and the heart but one; yet the light of a whole life dies, when love is done. ” Transfer from Itazuke Dependent Hi School, Itazuke, Japan 4; F. H. A. 1,2; F. H. A. Officer 2; Basketball 2,3; Bas¬ ketball Captain 3; Bamboo Annual Staff 3; Cobra Charmer Paper Staff 3; Pep Squad 3. When we were 5th graders in Mrs. Raynor ' s room and Mrs. Davis ' room in 1953-54. £ £44 ‘P ' uxfe lecy When I returned to New Hope today after being away ten years, I met Rebecca Whisnant Jackson and her two lovely children. She continued her chattering ways and told me that Linwood Anderson was the manager of the new Colonial Store in Elroy. Grace Thompson Raynor is celebrating her 10th Wedding Anniversary and is the proud mother of triplets. Frank and Joyce Owens Butler are increasing the population of Win¬ ston-Salem. Ann Price Tyndall has just returned to her home after winning the Mrs. America title in Miami, Florida. Rachel Overman Swinson is now teaching school at Brogden. As I was going back toward my old home, I saw Phillip Sutton, Durwood Peele, Sammy Parks and Buren Ellis busily planting their spring crops. Phillip told me that he and Dot have two sets of twins. Frank Anderson is the new agriculture teacher at New Hope High School. I continued on my w r ay and met John Thomas in his ' 71 Pon¬ tiac followed by Gene Boyette in his new ' 71 Impala. I stopped at Patsy Gray Ginn ' s house and she told me that Betty Lou Ginn Wiggins, Evelyn Gurley Ezzell and Joann Edwards Gray each have four children. Sandra Uzzell Creech has stopped nursing at Wayne Memorial Hospital to care for her ever increas¬ ing family. Kenneth is still working in Goldsboro. Everette Lancaster is now r Physics Pro¬ fessor at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia. Gloria Uzzell is still lending her boy friends to Uncle Sam. Ann Smith Gray and her family have moved to Goldsboro. Going back toward Adamsville, I saw Ace Robbins relaxing at Lakeview. He told me that Diana King, William Closson, Judy Mullen and Kenneth Aldridge have been transferred from Seymour-Johnson Field to Alaska. Sheran Allen returned to Japan recently when her husband was transferred to Itazuke Air Force Base. Doug and Jessie Daniels Herring are raising ponies and little Herrings. Gail Herring and Rosemary Keel are now working at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. Linda Lancaster is a private secretary in California, while Ruby Jean Goodson Fail is working in an office in Goldsboro. Linda Grady is working in New York City as secretary to one of the fore¬ most lawyers of that city, Mr. Kenneth Royal. Rebecca Parks Smith and her husband, William, now operate the Play-More Recreation Center in Kansas City. Charles John¬ son, George Smith and David Earl Williams are still " Catting Around. " Walter Whit¬ field is working hard trying to feed Delores and all the little Whitfields. Judy Smith Parrott and Sandra Smith Roberts have one child each in school at New Hope. Donald Edwards has opened a new drive-in-theater in Adamsville. Nancy Corman is working at Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood, California as a makeup artist. Fleeta Smith has moved to Seven Springs where she operates her own beauty salon. When I stopped at the old favorite, the Drive-N-Grill, I saw Gene and Linda Daly. While we were talking they told me that Terry Vanderburg is working in Goldsboro and Kendall Teachey is working with Barnum-Bailey ' s Circus as a lion tamer. Marie Gur- ganus, Geraldine Lancaster and Pat Wells are working in Kinston. Joe Roberts is now assistant basketball coach at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. As I returned to my home, I was filled with pleasure over learning the progress of the ' 61 New Hope High School Senior Class. SmWvS ? vi . Linda and Frank Charles and Sandra I ■ : I “Wt tf s4t ttetcc ACE and PATSY FRANK and JUDY yam] 23 JOHN and JOANN wmm Us . t V ■ . V GENE and ANN 1 r - _ fM R i ' i 1® 1 J PHILLIP and SANDRA v-. - . mmmm WALTER and JOYCE r gv yt fl j jj ifv S||: $s Jp jSs£ $■ Q’fyWSV® rtfjL-SJ.--VrW ' TraL ■ ' A. • •P- ' ' 4 SBS JSSfigtSa egSpmgigwK aggwy ' jy •_. ' «. ‘ Afy;.{ $ zd t ' Ti tCC si tcC 7e4 UHe t£ We, the Senior Class of 1961, of New Hope School, being of sound mind, memory and judg¬ ment, having finished our years of high school, do hereby relinquish and make the following dispensations of our possessions: To Mr. R. L. McDonald and to all our teachers, we bequeath our most humble appreciation for all the assistance they have given us. To the Juniors, we bequeath the Senior Class homeroom, Mrs. Allen, and the ability to get away with almost anything. To the Sophomores, we bequeath the stamina to stand up under the responsibilities of being a Junior. To the Freshmen, we bequeath our dignity and courage, for they will need it. I, Linwood Anderson, do will my bus, No. 130, to Edward Lee Daniels. " Treat her nice. " I, Kendall Teachey, do will my outstanding statement, ”1 don ' t know nuthin ' , " to Gail Garris. We, Rebecca Parks, Joann Gray, and Evelyn Ezzell, do will our ability to get our man to all girls that aren’t having much luck. I, Rosemary Keel, do will my brother, Stanley, to anyone who can put up with him. I, Linda Lancaster, do will my ability to get into mischief to my sister, Pat. I, Frank Anderson, do will my rosy complexion to all who don’t have red hair. I, Marie Gurganus, do will my love for fun to Thomas Nathan Hanchey. We, Ace Robbins and Everette Lancaster, do will our bashful ways to Charles Sutton. I, Nancy Corman, do will my favorite saying, " But, Mrs. Allen, " to all future English classes. I, Pat Wells, do will my dancing shoes to Judy Gray. I, Rachel Overman, do will my love for arguing to Elizabeth Long. I, Kenneth Aldridge, do will my red shoes to Mr. Thompson. I, Ruby Jean Goodson, do will my ability to get out of third period study hall to Billy Fail. I, Diana King, do will my vacant desk in the Senior Class to Sandy. I, Fleeta Smith, do will New Hope School to everybody. We, Jessie Daniels, Gail Herring, and Judy Smith do leave period! (We hope.) I, Sandra Smith, do will my argumentative ways to Pat Chaffin. I, Rebecca Whisnant, do will my loud mouth and happy ways to Ann Hare. I, Gene Boyette, do will my driver ' s license to Willie Rogers. I, Patsy Gray, do will to the Juniors the fun I had pouring water out of the hotel window in Washington at 2 A.M. I, John Thomas, do will my neatness to Paul Uzzell. I, Donald Edwards, do will my " blue Impala " to Myra Gray. I, Walter Whitfield, do will the deck of cards I left in Washington to whoever has plenty of money. I, Gene Daly, do will my " wore-out” Ford to Linda Price. I, Ann Price, do will my title, " Miss New Hope Holiday Season, " to Dorothy Sanders. We, Linda Grady, Gloria Uzzell, Betty Lou Wiggins, and Geraldine Lancaster, do will our abil¬ ity to get left the first morning in Washington, D.C., to all sleepy-headed Juniors. I, William Closson, do will Mrs. Allen to my brother, James. 1, Charles Johnson, do will my title, " Most Likely to Succeed, " to Bobby Forrest. I, Durwood Peele, do will all my problems to Phillip Allen. I, Sammy Parks, do will my love for racing to Paul Uzzell. I, George Smith, do will my love for sleeping to " Tadpole " Daniels. I, Phil Sutton, do will all my courteousness and love to Dot Cruse. We. Joe Roberts, Buren Ellis, and Terry Vanderburg, do will " Possum Town " to all the " Little Possums. " We, Joyce Owens and Frank Butler, Sandra Uzzell and Kenneth Creech, " Ain’t leaving nothing. V e need it all. " Executed at New Hope School, Route 4, Goldsboro, North Carolina on January eleventh, nineteen hundred sixty-one. Witnessed by: Rosemary Keel Pat Chaffin President -- Vice-President - ..Secretary - - - - Treasurer - - - - Reporter - - - - - - TOBY ■-ANN GRAY CHRIS LANCASTER -PAT CHAFFIN 30 EVELYN BEST HORACE BEST PAT CHAFFIN LINDA CORBETT KENNETH CREECH DOT CRUSE WAYNE COUNT UJ B ntion . 1001 EAST ASH STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530 E. C. DAVIS RONALD EDWARDS SANDRA ELLIS BRENDA GAY It ' s exam time again! SANDY KING DAVID KNEESHAW CHRIS LANCASTER FAYE LANCASTER SPENCER LANGSTON PAT LANCASTER I wonder if we passed SARA PATE JANE PEELE BOBBY PERSON TOBY ROBERTS We ' re almost seniors! DENNIS SMITH DURWOOD SMITH LINDA SMITH RAY SMITH ’HEODOSIA SMITH FAYE STRICKLAND We had fun, too! 35 62 NOT PHOTOGRAPHED BOBBY HARRIS DERWOOD SMITH LARRY SMITH BECKIE SUTTON CHARLES SUTTON JUDY TILLMAN HILDA GRACE TYNDALL CAROL VANDIFORD FRANKIE WATSON |M§$ s£j . -$J r i BARBARA ANDERSON CLIFTON ANDERSON FARRELL ANDERSON ROSE ANDERSON CAROLYN BEST GEORGE BEST S yk£ Mtone4 BECKY BOYD TONY BRILL CAROLYN BRITT JAMES COLVIN GARY CORBETT CAROL ANNE CORMAN 38 BOBBY DAUGHTRY CAROLYN EDWARDS MATT EDWARDS JANET ELLIOTT BOBBY FORREST FRED FUTRELLE ?963 BETTY JO GARRIS JACKIE GRAY JUDY GRAY RONNIE GRAY WILLIE GRAY RICKY GURGANUS 39 THOMAS HANCHEY DARWIN HERRING BOBBY LEE HINNANT WILLIAM HINNANT CARL HINSON BRENDA MAY JOHNSON Sofc64 ft vie4. LYNDA JOHNSON WADE JONES STANLEY KEEL GARY LINDSEY FAYE LONG JANE MARTIN 40 PAULINE MIN SHEW MILDRED MOORE FAYE PARKS GLENN PARKS DANNY RHODES BETTY RUTH ROUSE ?963 JIM ROUSE JOE ROUSE DOT SANDERS ALBERTA SAULS DARIUS SMITH EUGENE SMITH 41 GLENDA SMITH GRACE SMITH JAMES SMITH LINDA FAYE SMITH LINDA GAIL SMITH LORRAINE SMITH PAULETTE SMITH BOBBY STRICKLAND JIMMY STROUD EDSEL SULLIVAN DWIGHT TAYLOR BARBARA ANN TRIPLETT PAUL UZZELL CARLTON WADE JUDY WHEELESS KERMIT WHITLEY DENNIS WILSON ANNETTE WORRELL NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: HAROLD COLIE BILLY FAIL LINWOOD GURLEY KEN SMITH GILBERT WALKER JOHN WORRELL JOYCE WORRELL s4«ut aM ttot dtucUf — cite dccC fttacea — Ronnie, Jim, Colin, Willie, Joe, Thomas and Horace toured the Naval Air Station at Norfolk, V irginia. OUR FRESHMAN TRIP TO FAYETTEVILLE AND FORT BRAGG IN MAY 1960 WITH MR. GUEDALIA AND MR. JOYNER 43 President Vice -President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Reporter- Parliamentarian --LINDA PRICE - - - - MAC STEWART SHARON RADABAUGH -LINDA DANIELS .GAIL COKER - CAROLYN PATTON 44 ' 64 Annie Mae Anderson Aubrey Anderson Evie Baisley Edward E. Best Jo Ann Best Max Best Barbara Chesser James Closson Thomas Coats Jean Cobb Gail Coker Clyde Colvin Bernard Daniels Linda Daniels Mildred Daniels Yvonne Edwards May Evans Betty Ezzell Linda Gurley Ronnie Harrell 0 P%e46 He t Kenneth Herring Sherrill Herring Donnie Hill Evelyn Jackson Gloria Jackson Ben Jones Bessie Jones Lanora Kroeker Delores Lancaster Dolly Lancaster Linda Lee Earl Lindsey Gene McKeel Karen McLaughlin Connie Mitchell Charlotte Morgan Diane Mozingo Judy Mozingo Carolyn Patton Linda Peele - t964 — Linda Price Sharon Radabaugh Lenwood Sauls Annie Ruth Smith Donald Smith Geraldine Smith James D. Smith Linda Lou Smith Linda Stafford Mac Stewart Joan Strickland Linda Summerlin Charles Teel Rex Thompson Wiley K. Thompson Arlow Triplett Curtis Tripp Glenda Uzzell Becky Wade Loroyce Wells CAROLYN WILLIAMS FRESHMEN NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: Ann Daniels Shelton Davis T im Daw Charles Hendrickson Eric Johnson Carolyn Jones Karen Smith Kay Smith Billy Ray Teel Margaret Wilkins Eighth Grade Graduation 5 26 60 Gary Lindsey, James W. Smith, and Danny Rhodes enjoy a ride on the city policeman ' s motorcycle in Fayetteville. C .i, • III law 1 Our Eighth Grade trip to Raleigh in April ' 60. " True Love " Gene and Linda ' • utJ V " Like our hats? " Glenda Smith and Sara Pat The Johnson twins, Carolyn Best and Deanna Geisler in Fayetteville City Park. 48 49 Vernon Anderson Madge Barrow Francis Batson Judy Best Paul Best Tom Best Wayne Blizzard Ann Boyd Ronnie Coker Roy Colvin Earl Cruse Annette Daniels Katherine Davis Johnnie Edwards Melvin Elliott Debra Gay Gail Garris Billy Gray Julia Gray Peggy Gray Linda Ham Eddie Hare Durwood Herring Rudy Hill Darrell Hinnant Harry Hinson Polly Howell Bobby Hyde Sue Jacobs David Kennedy C. P. Lancaster Joan Lancaster Linda Lancaster Steve Langston Janice Lee George Lewis Robert Lee Mozingo Pat Murvin Sheila Neumann Eugene Parks J. P. Parks Greg Potter Sammy Rabon Ed Rackley Billy Richards Thomas Roberts Gloria Sauls Kenneth Sauls Alton Smith Dalton Smith Elizabeth Smith Gail Smith Helen Smith Nancy Smith Pat Smith Peggy Smith (footle 50 Rachel Smith Sally Smith Sandra Smith Vickey Smith Elizabeth Smyk Franklin Spence Ann Summerlin Bud Summerlin Alma Sutton Joan Sutton Lillie Teel Rebecca Teitloff Danny Thomas Rayburn Uzzell Ray Walker Charlie Whitley Dicky Wiggins Lily Wilkins Regis Wilson NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Joyce Goff Ann Smith Scve tt6- Ruth Anderson Wilton Bailey Merita Barnes Margaret Best Winifred Biggs Steve Boyette Annie Butts Emily Butts Willie Butts Mary Ann Coats Tony Creech Jo Ann Cruse Evelyn Daly George Davis Betsy Edwards James Ellis Nancy Flora Mamie Gooding Mickey Gray Charlotte Grimes Benny Herring Edith Herring Bonnie Hill Diane Hill Carleton Hinnant Linda Kay Hinson Mary Hyde Johnny Jackson 51 Nancy Jacobs Betsy Kennedy Gary Lancaster Harold Lancaster Jo Ann Matthews Rita Matthews Clare McCrea Kent Miller Eula Minshew Dolly Mozingo Kenneth Mozingo David Neumann Brenda Newell Karl Newell Linda Newell Linda Outlaw B. J. Person Barbara Roberts Patsy Sauls Shirley Simpson Bobby Smith Ella Jean Smith Meredith Smith Thomas Smith Bonnie Strickland Cornelia Sullivan Jimmy Summerlin Edith Thompson Joe Turner Gloria Tyndall Jeanette Uzzell Toni Vanderburg Edith Wade Keith Wade Delmus Walker Betty Watson Sandra Wheeler Kay Wheeless Tommy Whisnant Gail Williams Linda Worrell Nora Janet Worrell NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: Linda Bird Janet Carter Larry Futrelle Walter Goff Larry Lee Alfred Parks Cynthia Spurlock Jimmy Anderson Janice Arbuckle Adell Bailey Atlas Best Dianna Best Jimmy Best Carol Bradshaw SixtJl denude 52 Toscoe Bradshaw Janice Butler Jimmy Butts Rose Mary Butts Donny Casey Patsy Casey Jerry Harold Coker Lynny Coltrane Clayton Corbett David Ray Cruse Faye Cruse Delbert Daniels Don Edwards Douglas Earl Edwards Bonnie Elliott James Ezzell James Futrelle Karon Garris Sherlene Garris Dwight Louis Grady Portia Gail Grant James Ham Sharon Hanchey Kathy Hare Tommy Hare Fred Harvell Gary Hill Linwood Hines Fred Ingram Susan Kornegay Earl Lancaster Eula Lancaster Michael Lancaster Linda Delois Lane Diane Lynch Faye Mewborn Kaye Mewborn David Miller Stella Minshew Wayne Morgan Chris Newman Jimmy Newsome Ava Jean Owens Jackie Parks Judith Piner Connie Price Linda Radford Kathrine Ravick Bob Robbins Gary Rollins Wilbur Sasser Ann Sauls Brenda Sauls Kay Sauls William Sauls Barry Dean Shoemaker 53 Bobby Smith Bonnie Smith Hope Smith La Nelle Smith Shelby Smith Tony Smith Thomas Stafford Andy Stanley Be Lynda Strickland Ann Stroud Linda Stroud Benny Sullivan Brenda Summerlin Dean Taylor Jeffrey Teitloff Connie Wade Yvonne Wade George Walker Douglas Wiggins Lucille Wilkins Linda Wilson NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: Thomas Carraway Steve Gooding Peggy Jones Vickie Roof J. C. Uzzell Paul Anderson Kenneth Avery Cathy Bailey Paul Boswell James Brill Brenda Caraway Mary Alice Colvin Kathy Creech Walter Daniels Marky Daw Elizabeth Edmundson Bobby Edwards Glenn Edwards Mahala Flora Rachel Gay Charlene Grady Joel Grissom Teresa Gurley Niki Ham Danny Hamer Kaye Hare Donald Harrell Ray Heath Greg Herring Carl Hill Linda Hill Wayne Hinnant Shelia Howell 54 David Hyde Max Isler Ted Ivey Coralynn Jolly Michael Kennedy Ronnie Langston Betty Lee Roger Lewis Pat Lindsey Diana McCrea Kenneth Mozingo Ruby Mozingo Sharon Mozingo A1 Musgrave Debbie Nickens Mar-Lane Oliver Glenn Outlaw Mary Ann Parks Barry Patton Robert Peele Kay Pelt Gail Sasser Randy Shoemaker Linda Simpson Gladys Smith Glenn Smith Jarvis Smith Pete Smith Sheila Smith Beth Strickland Bobby Strickland Willie Summerlin Ronnie Teachey Erlinda Tercero Linda Sue Tipton Charles Tripp Donald Tyndall Peggy Tyndhll Jerry Vandiford Howard Vaughn Libby Vinson Eugene Walker Jimmy Walker Sandy Wallace Gaynelle Waters Jimmy Webber Margaret West Diana Wiggins Rebecca Wilkins Rita Williams NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Joel Grissom Fred Herring Danny Johnson Kristan Spurlock 55 Horace Anderson Bill Baisley Fonnie Best Myrtle Best Mary Chaffin Janice Combs Sally Crawford Kenneth Cruse Wm, Earl Cruse Mary Deans Martin Drake Dennis Gardner Derry Garris Don Garris Virginia Godfrey Ben Gooding Daphine Gooding Vickie Grady Brinda Gray Eleanor Gray Kathy Gurley Jill Ham Jewell Herring John Herring Warren Herring Lynn Holland Debra Howell Debra Hutchings Donald Ray Kearney Dean Kennedy De Lena Lancaster David Lane Donnie Lewis Debra Metchum Walter Minshew Sharon Mitchell Cathy Mozingo Stevie Murphy Billy Newell Maxine Overman Joan Pelt Susan Pelt Vickie Ann Pinnix Ricky Price Vickie Pridgeon Annette Smith Joan Smith Keith Smith Kent Smith Louellen Smith Randy Smith Rose Smith Sandra Smith Frances Stroud Ivey Stroud Frankie Sutton tyt ctc 56 Doris Wells Karen Wilson Lamont Wilson Mike Woodard uxcte Jerry Sutton Sue Ellen Sutton Gail Taylor Rhonda Taylor Nell Thompson Wayne Turner David Uzzell Monte Uzzell David Walker Eugene Walker Eugenia Wallace Gloria Ward Deborah Waters Bobby Webber NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Junior Caraway William Caraway Pamela Edwards Faye Etheridge Mona Hendrickson George Kornegay Jerry Lee Ann Allsbrook Tony Anderson Darlene Aydelott Keith Aydelott Belmon Bailey Robert Baisley Beverly Barber Roger Bedford Charles Best Rudy Blalock David Boyette Wm. Otto Britt, Jr. Gary Carter Barbara Casey Harriette Casey Rebecca Cash Jimmy Cauthen Cathy Coker Dwight Corbett Sandra Corbett Keith Daly Lillie Daly Bennette Daniels Wanda Daniels Danny Eason Jack Eason Dean Edmundson Joyce Edmundson 57 Dianne Edwards Tommy Edwards Virgil Edwards Randy Fields Phillip Gardner Ann Garris Edsel Garris Treva Gray Trudy Gray Johnny Gurley Janet Hamer Sherwin Herring Steve Hinnant Cathy Honaker Jolene Howell Betty Hyde Cheryl Ingram Danny Jackson Paula Johnson Rex Kearney Timothy Kearney Carl Lancaster Judy Lancaster Michael Lancaster Michael S. Lee Ronnie Lindsey John D. Matthews Laura McCrea Beverly McDonald Danny Minshew Jerry Mitchell Craig Newman Joann Newsome Jerry S. Peele Pamela Piner Eugene Pope Pam Porter Stephen Powell Rhonda Radabaugh Patricia Radford Charlene Rarick Sharon Roberts Eunice Rouse Douglas Sauls Stephanie Sawyer Charles Smith Diane Smith Linda Smith Roger Smith Zeb Smith Roy Strickland, Jr. Brenda Kay Tayior Cathy Turnage James Vail Ronnie Wahab Debra Walker 58 Sec mC (fatuCe Robert H. Walker Deborah Wheeler Carl Wilson Mary Alma Wilson Mike Woodard Jimmy Wright NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Steve Collins Mary Johnson Artie Lankford Timmie Massey Ronald K. Anderson Michael Avery Linda Bailey Kay Best Sheldon Biggs Alta Sue Bradley Debra Carlyle Debbie Coltrane Jimmy Daniels Douglas Davis Carol Drake Brenda Eason Jerry Edmundson Mary Edwards Cathie Garris Sarah Garris Fawn Goree Rhonda Grant Becky Grubb Margaret Hamby Henry Herndon Glenn Herring Gloria Herring Tory Hill Phyllis Hinson Denise Hutching Barbara Ipock Dixie Jackson Shirley Jones Sammy Kuhns Yvonne Lane Steve Lancaster Peggy Lee Vicky Malpass Sharon McCracken William McKinney Janette Morris Betty Mozingo Peggy Musgrave Debra Newell Margaret Norman Marcia Oliver 59 Deborah Outlaw Caron Paddock Jesse Parks Diana Patton J. F. Peele Michael Peele Johnny Price Linda Reeves Jenny Rollins Dwight Smith James Smith Nadine Smith Susann Jo Smith Charles Strickland Needham Stroud David Teitloff Bonnie Tipton Thomas Uzzell Peggy Wheeler Louise Wilson Jerry Woodard NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: Carol Bird Norman Chatigny Harry Goff Charles Johnson Mark Spurlock Johnny Allsbrook Ernest Anderson Joyce Ann Arbuckle Aggie Avery Laura Barbour Donald Best Johnny Best Daries Biggerstaff Debra Boswell Patricia Boykin Philip Bryant Connie Butcher Pamela Butts Ronnel Butts Ike Carter Ronnie Carter Kenneth Carrison Beverly Casey Annell Colevins Allen Corbett Woody Creech Brenda Cox Patricia Daniels Sylvia Daniels Donald Davis Dianne Dudley Gary Eason Delmar Edwards 60 Ralph Edwards Thelma Rose Edwards Iris Fincher Michael Gardner Eugene Garris Clarence Garvin Allen Godfrey Margaret Jan Goree Keith Grady Larry Grady Loraine Grady Royce Gray William Grimes Jealoux Grissom Debbie Lee Grubb Gary Gurley Joanne Harris Martha Herndon Michael Herring Vickie Howell Kent Ingram Phyllis Isler Bob Ivey Michelle Jolly Darrell Kerr Carrie Lancaster Thlanda Lancaster Sandra Lane Karen Lynch Barbara Mayfield Barbara McCrea Phyllis McDonald Deborah Jean Miller Clay Minshew Barbara Mitchell Deborah Montague Dennis Morse Kim Mozingo Trudy Mozingo Gary Paddock Sharon Peele Jackie Pope Marilyn Porter Sherri Porter Sherry Pridgeon Stephen Radford Shelia Ricks Darlene Riggs Stan Robinson Rodney Sawyer Renae Shoemaker Eugene Smith Guy Smith Johnny Mack Smith Keith Smith Larry Strickland 61 Ray Smith Teresa Smith Miriam Stanley Richard Stewart Marianna Strickland Brenda Summerlin Phillip Taylor Ray Taylor Teresa Taylor Connie Teachey Sharon Teachey Ellen Teitloff Leta Thurman Norma Tipton Luby Tyner, Jr. Katherine Vaughan Dennis Vaughn Dale Vinson Danny Vinson Patsy Walker William E. Waters j N NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Sandra Beverly Donnie Edwards Shirley Gooding Glenn Johnson Marilyn Kaler Yvonne Lancaster Joel Massey Deborah Smith Elane Watson Eddie Whitley Annie Wilson Sharon Wilson Scott Spurlock Deborah Watkins Peggy Lee and Susann Smith turning the rope for Sharon Kaye McCracken " Watch the birdie. " Rodney Sawyer has his picture taken with Mrs. Irma Blann’s First Grade for the school annual. ' t mm. r nim j • ,, | ; r ' i — ■ T Sift ’ .. afe-irt ! -, jr „ f_ tapM? Stadeat On UtifeitcM The officers of the Student Or¬ ganization were elected by popular vote by the high school student body and faculty. Because of their strength of character and high ideals, their fellow students look to them for leadership. These officers work with the principal and faculty to improve our school. OFFICERS President.CHARLES JOHNSON Vice-President.EVERETTE LANCASTER Secretary -.SANDRA SMITH The highest honor a junior can receive is that of being a marshal. The seven juniors attaining the high¬ est averages during their first three years in high school are selected to serve as marshals at commencement exercises. The marshals for 1960 with averages ranging from 91. 85 to 95.85 were Joyce Owens, Lin- wood Anderson, Gene Daly, Rose¬ mary Keel, Gloria Uzzell, Sandra Smith, and Sandra Uzzell, Chief. High School Assembly Meeting MARSHALS j4. I OFFICERS President, Sandra Smith; Vice-President, Ann Gray; Secretary, Patsy Gray; Treasurer, Rose Anderson; Song Leader, Dot Cruse; Reporter, ' Jackie Gray; Historian, Linda Faye Smith; Parliamentarian, Dosia Smith; Pianist, Ann Hare; Adviser, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Kneeshaw. A national organization, the Future Homemakers Club is com¬ posed of students studying home- making. As an integral part of the program, F.H.A. provides oppor¬ tunities for students to have addi¬ tional experiences in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. NEW HOPE F.H.A. The night of Nov. 3, 1960 was a night to remember in the lives of newly ini¬ tiated members into the F. H. A. Club as evidenced by these pictures. ? ' p.s4. A national organization, the F.F.A. is composed of students studying farming. Tak¬ ing tours of fellow members ' farms, making and selling mail box posts, selling magazines and pecan trees, laying concrete walkways at school, building and repairing farm equip¬ ment obtain for members a more complete understanding of agricultural work. The boys become efficient in proper parliamentary procedure. Various contests entered include seed and tool identification, livestock judg¬ ing and tobacco grading. A New Hope Chap¬ ter team placed second in Wayne County and third in the Eastern Division this year in the tobacco grading contest. OFFICERS President, Everette Lancaster; Vice-President, George Smith; Secretary, Charles Johnson; Treasurer, Edward Lee Daniels; Reporter, Frank Anderson; Sentinel, Toby Roberts; Chapter Sweet¬ heart, Linda Faye Smith; Adviser, Mr. D. Wayne Kneeshaw. NEW HOPE F.F.A. Future Farmers of America follow motto: Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve. 66 c5etue tCo i KNEELING: Kenneth Aldridge Danny Rhodes Tony Brill Glenn Parks James Closson William Closson Gary Lindsey STANDING: Pat Chaffin Jane Martin Carolyn Best Lynda Johnson Brenda Johnson Linda Faye Smith Judy Tillman Mildred Moore Mr. R. H. Mason, Instructor Driver Education training was ' added to the curriculum this year. Students learn to drive safely under the instruction of Mr. R. H. Mason. The students spend the first 30 hours in the classroom after which they are divided into groups of three for actual driving one hour per day. Each student receives six hours driving time. Upon successful completion of the training they are awarded certificates. 2W cOicvesui cvie fat 950 Cive . There is no greater task placed in the hands of students than that of transporting boys and girls to and from school. The thirteen bus drivers of New Hope drive an average of 294 miles daily, transporting 950 students. Theirs is a great trust and responsibility. Their faithfulness and care is an excellent example for all who follow them. Mr. Thomas M. Benton, Administrative Assistant to Wayne County Supt. R. S. Proctor, discusses with bus drivers the added safety features of the new, wider, two-light stop sign. Albert Smith Bobby Person Frank Anderson Chris Lancaster Mr. Thomas M. Benton Sandra Uzzell T oby Roberts Sammy Parks Phillip Sutton Gene Daly Linwood Anderson Everette Lancaster Joe Roberts Donald Edwards f-: -V •• ' i IPtOzt® Studeatd Music is an important part of the curriculum in our school. Students learn to play the piano under the direction of Mrs. James L. Butler, piano teacher. Thirty minute lessons are offered twice a week. J f 1 ' i FIRST ROW: Beverly Barbour, Paula Johnson, Trudy Gray, Janice Coombs, Karen Wilson, Jolene Howell, Doris Wells, Nell Thompson, Shirley Simpson, Mrs. Butler, James Brill. SECOND ROW: Tony Creech, Cathy Bailey, Linda Simpson, Teresa Gurley, Mary Ann Parks, Gloria Ward, Rhonda Taylor, Sally Crawford, Jewel Herring, Madge Barrow, Sheila Neuman, Betsy Kennedy, Edith Thompson, J. P. Parks. THIRD ROW: Janice Arbuckle, Janice Butler, Bonnie Strickland, Ann Sauls, Bonnie Hill, Clare McRea, Ava Owens, Bonnie Smith. NOT PHO¬ TOGRAPHED; Dwight Corbett, Sandra Corbett, Sharon Hanchey, Luellen Smith, Brenda Summerlin. Mrs. Tom Coombs, cafeteria manager, and her six helpers serve lunches to approximately 900 students daily. Because of their careful planning and effi¬ ciency, meals are always well prepared and served on time. The cafeteria under Mrs. Coombs ' man¬ agement maintains a Grade A rating. CAST £et Jfte Out Marshall is in a jam when he discovers that Garret has " borrowed " his trousers. " Excuse me, but I just can ' t remain concealed any longer. It ' s getting late . . . I ' ve an important appointment. " by J. VINCENT BARRETT A Farce-Comedy in Three Acts Presented with the permission of The Heuer Publishing Co. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Presented by the Junior Class on Dec. 15, 1960. Stevie, the elevator boy, turns sweet on Hazel, the maid. Mr. Lewis Director Eve Boyd-Sandra Ellis Bona Lynn - --- - Dosia Smith Bessie Rhodes-- - - - Ann Hare Hazel Miles ------ Carolyn Sanderson Stevie Cobb ------- Spencer Langston Garret Lynn --Horace Best Victor Ward - -- -- -- -- Bobby Person Angela Boyd - -- -- -- -- Brinda Smith Linda Smith Gifford Morton - -- -- -- - Phillip Allen Marshall Ward ------ Ronald Edwards Director -.. . Mr. William Lewis Committee Chairmen- Mrs. Jo Anne Hollowell Mr. J. K. Thompson Garret dressed as a woman loses his skirt. As Vic. enters he stands breathless and frozen at Garret ' s predicament. Vic: " Garry! Oh, Garry! What the dickens are you doing . . . playing a game? " Angela smiles for the first time when she realizes what a fool she has been and how much Eve really means to her. Thinking that Stevie is the culprit when Marshall Ward ' s trousers are taken Mrs. Rhodes says, " That ' s all I wanted to know! So you ' re the one who’s been taking things, are you, Stevie? " 69 I I OuttaVi TfalCf, 6 ‘Dtytuty, excite cli ux% cueetbc UOKMCKty, XKcC KING ' S COURT The banquet featured a Cinderella ' s Ball theme with Robert Lee Smith and Carolyn Lassiter Pittman reigning as King and Queen. They were chosen by the Juniors as the most popular members of the Senior Class. Their Court was made up of superlatives from the Senior Class. Members of the Court were Donald Barrow, Linda Gardner, Ben Casey, Shelby Jean Hill, Walter Smith, Florence Ramsey, Lynda Langston, Elton Smith, Lee Blann, Lloyd Gray, Frances Coker Creech, and Gary Coker. The Junior Class bids the Seniors a fond farewell in song. Waitresses for the banquet were chosen from the fresh¬ man and sophomore home economics classes. Waitresses shown are Rose Anderson, Dot Cruse, Linda Faye Smith, Ann Gray, Jackie Gray, Dorothy Sanders, and Betty Jo Garris. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: San¬ dra Ellis, Jane Peele, and Faye Strickland. a- % • t v. V X ® rnrlev Ezzell j atST J5 - J WPI1 , G , aY and Evelyn Gurl y Gloria Uzzell. Patsy Y ed for Me . Joyce Owens, sing " Tire Waltz form a quartette to stng 71 Winners, Wayne County Conference Southern Division 960 ‘Conference games Nov. 4 Nov. 15 Nov. 18 Nov. 22 Nov. 29 •Dec. 2 Dec. 6 •Dec. 9 •Dec. 13 •Dec. 20 Jan. 3 Jan. 10 •Jan. 13 Jan. 17 •Jan. 20 •Jan. 24 Jan. 31 •Feb. 8 Feb. 10 Schedule Princeton Rosewood Moss Hill Rosewood Moss Hill Seven Springs Pikeville Grantham Mt. Olive Brogden La Grange Pikeville Seven Springs Fremont Grantham Mt. Olive Pikeville Brogden Fremont 96 N.H. 66 32 57 37 61 39 72 49 62 26 67 41 50 42 55 22 58 45 66 25 61 44 50 48 79 71 50 30 57 27 57 48 52 45 62 46 59 42 With seven return¬ ing veterans to form a nucleus, the " Yellow Jackets " formed a team which became the envy of the county. Through hard work and unselfish teamwork, the boys amassed an enviable record of nineteen wins and no losses, and clinched the conference championship which they shared with Mt. Olive in 1960. KNEcLING: Everette Lancaster, Joe Roberts, David Williams, Kendall Teachey, David Kneeshaw, Frankie Watson, Kay i»mtth. Mgr. STANDING: Coach Guedalia, Bobby Strickland, Toby Roberts, Stanley Keel, Ace Robbins, Thomas Hanchey, Lenwood Sauls, George Smith, and Wiley Thompson, Manager. Left - Toby Roberts (No. 12) goes in the air to score two points against Brogden. Right - Tall, evasive Ace Robbins (No. 15) easily slips around a Brogden guard to drop two more in the basket for New Hope. ■m. 60 Schedule 6 Nov. 4 Princeton Nov. 15 Rosewood Nov. 18 Moss Hill Nov. 22 Rosewood Nov. 29 Moss Hill Dec. 2 Seven Springs Dec. 6 Pikeville •Dec. 9 Grantham •Dec. 13 Mt. Olive •Dec. 20 Brogden N.H. 38 36 Jan. 3 25 18 Jan. 10 41 36 •Jan. 13 51 28 Jan. 17 44 33 •Jan. 20 47 49 •Jan. 24 52 40 Jan. 31 39 46 •Feb. 8 38 37 Feb. 10 22 41 •Conference La Grange N.H. 48 47 Pikeville 50 49 Seven Springs 47 39 Fremont 35 36 Grantham 49 34 Mt. Olive 39 41 Pikeville 49 35 Brogden 46 43 Fremont 41 40 Games Sandra Ellis (No. 3) gets off an overhead shot to Joyce Owens (No. 23) against Mt. Olive. Efforts of fifteen Yellow Jackets comprise the feminine side of New Hope ' s sports program. KNEELING: Becky Boyd, Trainer; Patsy Gray, Betty Lou Ginn, and Coach Guedalia. STANDING: Gail Coker, Mildred Daniels, Faye Strickland, Jackie Gray, Rose Anderson, Joyce Owens, Carolyn Williams, Dosia Smith, Annette Worrell, Barbara Triplett, Sandra Ellis, and Sara Pate (Absent). Anxious eyes watch the seconds tick off the clock as New Hope loses their first game to the Seven Springs girls. Seven Springs pulled out two points five seconds to end of game. ' Jtem ' rfyofie ' tyeCCacv fl zc6ete t t zetau€ Left - Dosia Smith reaches for a high one. Right - Joyce Owens ' long arms give her the edge over the three Seven Springs players. - Left - Lenwood Sauls sneaks the ball right out of the Brogden player ' s hand. Right - David Williams has the ball and the court all to himself as he does a fast dribble away from the Brog¬ den five. " Two points cornin ' up. " Left - Toby Roberts hastily decides that he must go over the Pikeville guard in order to sink his two points. Right - Ace Robbins (No. 14) gives his all in order to snag this one out of the air against four Seven Springs players. I i As the NUHOSCA for 1961 went to press on Tuesday, Feb. 14th, the Southern Division of The Wayne County Basketball Tournament started with New Hope as host. On Wednesday night, Feb. 15th, New Hope boys played the winner of Tuesday night ' s Brogden-Grantham match. And on Thursday night the New Hope girls played the second place Brogden girls. The New Hope boys were on top with a 19 to zero win-loss record and the girls were in third place with a 13 to 6 win-loss record. 74 ( 26 e UeacCe 6ead afivut cCefetfsifatettt KNEELING: Mildred Moore; Linda Faye Smith, Head-Cheerleader; Linda Daniels, Assistant Head-Cheerleader. STANDING: Delores Lancaster; Paulette Smith; Pat Chaffin; Linda Corbett; and Sharon Radabaugh. Let ' s Go, Yellowjackets! Tfeiv ' Z ofie ' Sa e aCC 7 c z k We got the coach We got the team We ' ve got the pep We ' ve got the steam The Coach, The Team The pep and the steam Fifteen rahs for the New Hope team. i SEATED; Joe Roberts Everette Lancaster Toby Roberts Chris Lancaster Horace Best Bobby Hinnant Kendall Teachey Frankie Watson STANDING: Coach Guedalia Edward E. Best Jimmy Stroud Thomas Hanchey David Williams E. C. Davis Wiley Thompson, Manager COUNTY F. H. A. F. H. A. CHAPTER PRESIDENT AWARD Theodosia Smith Gloria Uzzell F. H. A. CHAPTER AWARQ and AMER¬ ICAN ' HISTORY AWARD Sandra Uzzell COUNTY F.H. A. 1960 HOME EX- REPRESENTATIVE PERIENCE AWARD Sandra Smith Becky Boyd Students p C xced HIGH SCHOOL QUEEN Dorothy Sanders NEW HOPE RURITAN AWARD HOLIDAY OUTSTANDING QUEEN 4-H MEMBER Ann Price Linda Daniels TOBACCO GRADING TEAM ELEMENTARY QUEEN Second Place County Winners; HIGH SCHOOL QUEEN Frank Anderson, Everette Lancaster, and Charles Daniels PRIMARY QUEEN BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER AWARD Rebecca Whisnant RURITAN AWARD TOBACCO GRADER CORN GROWING Kay Hinson, Dorothy Sanders, Cathy Turnage. OUTSTANDING COUNTY WINNER CONTEST WINNER F. F. A. MEMBER Everette Lancaster Toby Roberts Frank Anderson PIANO AWARD AMERICAN HISTORY Shirley Simpson AWARD Diane Lynch ADVERTISERS BEN ELLIS Good Clothes for the Boy From 6 to 60 Goldsboro, N. C. T. E. WILSON’S GARAGE " Gas for Less " Oil General Repairs on All Cars Dial RE 4-4879 Kinston Highway Goldsboro North Carolina For All the News Visit HARRELL ' S NEWS STAND Goldsboro N. C WHITE ' S TIRE SERVICE " Eastern Carolina ' s Largest Recapping Service " Dial RE 4-2132 Goldsboro N. C, SAULS ' WHEEL ALIGNMENT Specialize in Wheel Alignment and Power Drive Transmissions Snow Hill Hwy. RE 4-5866 Goldsboro N. C. NEW HOPE MILLING COMPANY Custom Grinding and Mixing Broiler Program Grain Dealers Wayne Feeds J. R. WEBBER Goldsboro Dial RE 5-2646 Route 4 HAROLD WEBBER North Carolina CASH DRUG CO. 133 East Walnut St. Dial RE 4-4221 Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. General Agency 616 Wachovia Bank Building OTTIS BARROW K. E. WHITE - NORMAN ARANT BILL CHAFFIN JACKSON r ROBBINS GARAGE Motor Overhaul and Automatic T ransmis sion Service and Overhaul Brake Service Motor Tune-Up Adamsville N. C. Shop With Confidence LEDERS ' , INC. and Wear With Pride Goldsboro North Carolina YOUNG FASHIONS Jr. Deb Balcony 105 S. Center St., Goldsboro, N. C. RICHARDS JEWELERS, INC Gifts for Every Occasion 106 North Center Street Goldsboro North Carolina ROSE WAYSIDE FURNITURE Goldsboro North Carolina MARK S. EDWARDS General Mdse. - Auto Repairs Phone RE 5-0250 Goldsboro c. ROBERT SMITH ' S GROCERY Route 4 Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of WORLEY TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Royal Typewriters 156 S. Center Dial RE 4-0845 Goldsboro N, Q. Goldsboro Congratulations, Class of ' 61 BRANCH BANKING TRUST CO. " The Safe Executor " 200 East Walnut St. Dial RE 5-2621 -- RE 5-2622 Member F.D.I.C. North Carolina RALPH FAIL GROCERY Fruit and Produce Our Specialty Top O ' Hill in Adamsville Open 7 Days, Everyday For Appointments Phone: RE 4-3747 SUNRISE HAIR STYLISTS Sunrise Shopping Center COKER FEED MILL Custom Grinding and Mixing Livestock and Poultry Feeds Tel. RE 5-3588 Route 4 Goldsboro North Carolina TOWN AND COUNTRY GAS CO., INC. NAOMI PARKS, Owner Goldsboro, N. C. L. P. Bulk and Bottled Gas SERVING EASTERN CAROLINA Come One, Come Ail to the ADAMSVILLE BARBER SHOP For the Best of Service Goldsboro N. C. F r om- Goldsboro -Fremont-Selma- Kinston- and Tarboro Tappan Distributor DEWEY BROS., INC. Founders, Machinists, Mill Supplies Metal Building Supplies - Steel Fabricators We Are Proud of Our " Home Team. " From Management to Employees You ' ll Find Local Folks Helping a Local Industry. Goldsboro North Carolina Telephone REpublic 4-3411 80 W { itflt IEBUCK AN B D CO A " Shop and Save at Sears " 215 West Walnut Street Goldsboro, N. C. Phone RE 5-2311 GASTERIA Save 3£ Per Gallon Dial RE 5-0740 BOBBY WILSON Goldsboro, N. C. in Adamsville MYRTLE’S BEAUTY SHOP Pinewood Community Phone RE 5-0451 Goldsboro North Carolina MOTOR PARTS MACHINE SERVICE, INC. Wholesale Auto Parts 1302 N. William St., and Adamsville DILLON SUPPLY CO. Established 1914 " Machinery - Mill Supplies " Telephone RE 5-2421 Goldsboro North Carolina O ' NEAL SMITH ' S STATION GROCERY Snow Hill Highway Goldsboro N. C. WATERS Atlas Tires Esso SERVICE LITTLE RIVER OIL CO. Richfield Petroleum Products Raleigh Highway Dial RE 5-0893 DIALER Tubes - Access Goldsboro North Carolina La Grange N. C. CORBIN ' S SERVICE STATION Republic Products Goodyear Tires - Batteries Washing Greasing Dial LO 6-3401 La Grange, N. C HILLCREST BEAUTY SALON Franchised for Hidden Support by Eska Creative Styling by INEZ STRICKLAND AND KATHRYN GARRIS Compliments of WOMACK ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Goldsboro, N. C. " You Can ' t Beat Electric Heat. " FISHER TIRE CO. U. S. Royal Tires Mount Olive Highway Goldsboro North Carolina LITTLE ' S TV b RADIO SERVICE Reliable, Guaranteed Service on All Makes of TV, Radio and Phonographs Goldsboro North Carolina MOORING OIL CO. Goodyear Tires Fuel of All Kinds Phone LO 6-7201 La Grange N. 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Ash St. in Adamsville Bear Alignment Service HOLLINGSWORTH INSURANCE " The Agency With Personal Service " YOUR Insurance " SERVES ndependent AGENT La Grange FIRST " North Carolina CITIZENS SAVINGS ■ .LOANS ASSOCIATION Insured Savings - Home Loans Goldsboro North Carolina BERNEY ' S LOAN CO. 201 East Walnut Street Dial RE 5-2983 Goldsboro N. C Compliments of AMERICAN BANK Member of F. D. I. C Goldsboro N. C WAYNE BARBER SHOP Goldsboro North Carolina DUMAS-GIDDENS OIL CO. Jobber Pure Petroleum Products Dial RE 5-057 1 Goldsboro, N. C. Be Sure With Pure FOSS - DENNIS " Your Friendly Ford Dealer " LOgan 6-7471 La Grange - Bethel N. C FARMER’S FURNITURE CO. " Complete Line of Furniture " Dial LO 6-3 671 La Grange North Carolina Best Wishes From a Friend JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INS. Goldsboro N. C. Westinghouse and Maytag Appliance s TOM R. BEST STORE " The House of One Thousand Suits " 119 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro N. C. MUSIC SPORTS Musical Instr . Pianos, Organs Sheet Music Sporting Goods TV ' s and Stereos Dial 4-2871 202-204 E. Walnut Goldsboro WILLIAMS ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORKS Warm Air Heating - Skylights - Gutters Blow Pipe-Ventilators Warm Air Heating Installation and Repair Telephone RE 4-5483 816 N. Greenleaf St. Goldsboro, N. C. HEATH ' S RED b WHITE SUPER MARKET " Better Food for Better Living " at Red • White 2608 E. Ash St. Goldsboro, N. C, BELL-STUART FURNITURE CO., INCORPORATED Bedroom and Living Room Furniture Philco and Hotpoint Appliances La Grange N. C 1 1 jgp % ffc f ; ' - : • . ' tV.VWAftw r ' v fc ‘ “ WELLS MOTOR SALES New - Used Cars Next to Open Air Market Wilson Hwy. Phone 73 5-62 60 NORWOOD WELLS, Owner Goldsboro COGDELL SPORT CENTER Evinrude Motors - Sales and Service Boats - Baits - Tackle 2510 E. Ash St. Goldsboro Nice Clean Used Cars HAM ' S USED CARS Adamsville - N. C Dial RE 5-1424 Compliments of THE STYLE SHOP Ladies ' Apparel Dial LOgan 6-3166 La Grange North Carolina A. O. PRICE GROCERY Gas - Oil - Notions Groceries - Meats Dial RE 4-2870 Highway 111 North Carolina COMMUNITY MOTORS CORPORATION Sale s Goldsboro Service North Carolina Goldsboro SUNRISE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY One-Hour Service Sunrise Shopping Center Goldsboro North Carolina CREECH’S GROCERY Groceries - Meats Gas - Oil Dial RE 5-2851 Route 4 Snow Hill Hwy. Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of ROBINSON’S DRUG STORE 147 S . Center St. Dial RE 4-0911 Goldsboro North Carolina GARRIS JEWELERS Your Local Jewelers 108 North Center St. Goldsboro, N. C. CARL COKER’S SERVICE STATION AND GROCERY Dial RE 5-0354 Route 4 Goldsboro North Carolina - . . ' Vt .. , NEW HOPE OIL COMPANY " We Keep Warm Customers " Dial RE 4-5575 New Hope Compliments of MADE-RITE BAKERY Bakers of Made-Rite Sunbeam Bread and Rolls Goldsboro North Carolina Dial RE 5-0344 WAYCO CORP. Complete Food Processing Service HUB DEPARTMENT STORE 508 N. William St. Dial RE 5-3962 N. C. 105 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro North Carolina Goldsboro WAYNE DAIRY Owned and Operated by Local Dairy Farmers " Visit Our Beautiful Dairy Bar " on East Ash St. Goldsboro North Carolina GRIFFIN’S BARBECUE Barbecue Pig and Chicken 806 South George Street Phone RE 5-4242 Goldsboro North Carolina NORTH SIDE OPEN AIR MARKET North William Street North William Street Goldsboro North Carolina Shop and Save Choice Meats - Produce Staple and Fancy Groceries BROOKSIDE OPEN AIR MARKET South Slocumb Street Goldsboro North Carolina USED CAR viy U4 ELM STREET MOTORS Cleanest Used Cars in Town Cor. Elm and Slocumb Sts. JOE DUBOIS Owner and Mgr. Phone RE 5-3577 Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of QUALITY PLUMBING HEATING CO. 1013 North William St. Dial RE 5-4981 Goldsboro North Carolina EAST CAROLINA GRAIN COMPANY Buyers of All Kinds of Grain Dial RE 5-2411 5-2412 Goldsboro North Carolina OLIVER " Finest in I g£$||J Farm Machinery " GEORGE W. AYCOCK SONS RE 4-0151 P. O. Box 307 Goldsboro North Carolina FOR THE SALE OF LEAF TOBACCO CLARENCE WHITLEY Phone RE 5-2075 gjHgjJSE vicTOKOi RiCHARD GRAY CLARENCE WHITLEY . a ' i,.. ' ' • Leads the Goldsboro Market RICHARD GRAY Goldsboro, N. C. STEWART CONSTRUCTION CO. , INC. Stone - Gravel - Sand - Fill Heavy Equipment Day RE 5-3029 Nite RE 5-27 63 Box 1134, Mt. Olive Hwy. Goldsboro, N. C. MOORING MOTOR CO. Sale s Service LOgan 6-7421 La Grange North Carolina R H OIL COMPANY Conoco Motor Oils and Greases Full- O- Pep-Gasoline Kerosene and Fuel Oils Highway 117 South of Goldsboro Dial RE 5-3718 P. O. Box 1214 HEILIG-MEYERS COMPANY Furniture and House Furnishings 13 8 East Walnut Street Dial RE 5-3561 Goldsboro North Carolina All Forms of Insurance Compliments of LA GRANGE CHICKEN KING DRIVE-IN INSURANCE AGENCY Life - Auto - Fire - Hail - Liability Bonds - Hospital Famous for TUB-O-CHICKEN King Chicken Burger and Beefburger JAMES F. BRITT La Grange, N. C. Manager Are Your Fully Protected? 1903 N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C. Dial RE 4-5022 PATE-DAWSON PRODUCE CO. Compliments of Whole sale ISAACS-KAHN Fresh Fruits and Vegetables FURNITURE CO., INC. " There ' s No Substitute for Freshness " 118-22 N. Center St. Dial RE 5-3921 Dial RE 5-2581 Goldsboro North Carolina Goldsboro North Carolina WALTERS INSURANCE AGENCY A Satisfied Customer Is Our First Consideration Telephones NU-LIFE BATTERY LO 6-3052 LO 6-7461 MANUFACTURING COMPANY La Grange, North Carolina Batteries - Cables Nu-Life Car Wash Ignition Parts - Generators - Starters Armatures - Brushes Repairs Gravely Tractors White Wall Sales - Service Parts Tire Cleaners RUBY’S BEAUTY SHOP Dial RE 4-2786 Snow Hill Hwy. RUBY SMITH ELMA SMITH Goldsboro, N. C. ANN MYERS RE 4-3863 Snow Hill Highway Route 4 Goldsboro, N. C. EDWARD ' S YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP 200 North Center Street Dial RE 4-4391 Goldsboro North Carolina CORBETTS STORE TRAILER COURT Gulf Gas and Oil Service ' Pleasing You Pleases Us. Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of SOUTHERLAND FURNITURE CO. " Your Friendly Furniture Store " Dial RE 4-4011 1 12 N. John St. Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of JOHNSON COTTON CO. Goldsboro, N. C. Furniture Hardware John Deere Equipment F ertilizer 132 E. Wal. St. Dial RE 5-3021 LAKEVIEW TRAILER SALES AND ROBBINS TRAILER COURT " Check the Difference " Dial RE 4-1172 in Adamsville BOB ROBBINS - Owner Goldsboro, N. C. SETH B. HOLLOWELL OIL COMPANY Two Way Radio Dispatched Trucks Atlantic Petroleum Products Household Appliances - Tires - Auto Accessories Located in Adamsville Dial RE 4-5493 Goldsboro North Carolina Your Store of Fashion Quality and Service Serving You and Yours 96 Years Goldsboro North Carolina ROLLINS APPLIANCE CENTER W e stinghouse Sales and Service 201 S. Center Dial RE 4-6282 Goldsboro North Carolina Bus. Phone RE 5-2565 TRADE RITE MOTORS We Buy and Sell Clean Used Cars Cor. Center and Oak Sts. Owners and Operators JOHNNIE LANCASTER, Fremont, N. C. Phone 4371 O. L. STARLING, Phone Goldsboro RE 5-1806 Beta Club Initiation Seniors selecting mascots, Teresa Smith and Kim Gray. Working to meet the dead¬ line on the 1961 Nuhosca. (GeneD., Rosemary K., Charles S. , Mr. Joyner, Pat L., and Linda Grady). The Faculty Christmas Party Linda Daniels being initiated. Spencer Langston imper- Patsy Gray and Gloria Uzzell locked in the sonating Little Richard. pillory in Williamsburg, Va. Se U vi ' pcwecvelC As we pass slowly out of these doors that have seen so many come and go, all too quickly we hear the doors of the years past, quietly shutting behind us; and we go forth eagerly to open the doors to the future and whatever it may bring. ? For when one door is shut---another opens. 92 ■yijLc 2Jt- , ' t-. 2 _J _ ' 7 - U y c — iu- 6 tv- ' Y , ., ' tW-t.,, .; d-ULy jZ JU, t 4 t- t«2 ‘} ' y x UU 7Z- € Jb TtCe-v zJZzC JC 7l sy ' a c- iZ ' y- j--t2-) ay ' ' sJJ ' ' ZZ-£k-C-c ' ■y oSK- . 7 ,i A J C, £ I JL , U S. j - C(T» vOL_ 2 , (4L ' U U-JZ_ A _s JUst, —t- —£-a_o-c_-0 a {y+L c., k (A L , JJXS- { jj ' -ex- ' X L—C- - ' jt " UtUU yg’t.-ZSi 6 ' jl t ‘yp-B-z J -C Y - ' t ' C ' -e.. oJr OJuXl UA- .o wtli, ui-c C4 • i- t - ,, - U-yeJL y-xs-L (4-6-- ? H ( J Xt ' ■fli -CkS 7 A - 3urt 4. fcuockt oJycsvv owid JL oJyOt l, y ' AYV XoJk txdln W. UoOAptoZ YEARBOOKS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " I A-p ' y jjA x - l J A s -™T 7 t L Ju TM A z- - j L u doA- A - n :tA tf-TUZ ' Qax A mL A iM pL P-; f- ' L , ■nL XU ■ ■ ” ■ ■ ?, p t " „ p»£ yffljyp pS.MfPk’ ' ■■ ' ■ JA,jPjS JxdyC pOu. p+x- -r r r + It ol J A y x pL -r«AXiA xApd 4 -rJxAju c oj CU - xr ojq a for reference fJA siApA Do Not Take From This Room tAA HAlAcix , • V M yf n y jJ oLs. xAp-P ' jU jAa ■ aaj k k ' • y A? QJb [h frju n £ JL j_J akk 2- o l a , Ji’ cL M - ay lap xL -j dAtu jL uu puJb WAYNE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 1001 EAST ASH STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530 y- ' Uapc ' d (foJs jfcvUAC j, l C GOLDSBORO, NC 27530 yiy zw r 8h 0 ( A SL dto s 7 lAj J - 11 v ' J J-tZ n -t Uis X CuA jC ' , -A t aA y WAYNE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 1001 EAST ASH STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530 Wayne County Public Library 6401 9100 401 709 5

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