New Hope High School - Nuhosca Yearbook (Goldsboro, NC)

 - Class of 1959

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New Hope High School - Nuhosca Yearbook (Goldsboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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1 xl' E3 r 671, Yr" if 4, M ml 1' uc- ?v"'i 6- ,' I 44 , l y' .-I wb at , m --Cbff .- Q 1 . 1 Q x 4 ,ff "L, fx 1 , 1 11 . 1 . .1 I 7' 1 11, 'I 1 1 1 M P' " 1 '11-B1 '1 11 J 1 '-11 1 X 1 -1 1 , ,W 1 +115 11 ,,I1. -11 I, J 4 1 , If 1. 11 1, 1 1u'. ' ',-2. 1" .,1r1 V fl, 1,'.f',1g lv fi'1'7 ,f ,,, -311 "-3' ef. 1 1,1 ' Y 11' ' 1 1 1--7 H-9 q , xl, 711, .Y N '11 f.g!. 1 .1 , W1 11 1 .V ' C1 ,-I b ' 1-ml ,-.' .-1x1 X, 1k W , W I' .-Q -, 'M .11 1 1 11 , 1 , 1 , 1' w .N f I ' 4. 1 ,mfg-1 , 1.:f-'Wa'-., 1 . -1: , ,V 4 Q, W. 1. 1 Y 1-14 'Q .1 1r'..'.1.-'A V.. ' , yfl, I 1 'J .1 V., " 1 , xi ' ' 1 s..: l., s 'A ' FJ. Jlvfim lftfcfo - L !-- I' . A, 1 THE 1959 NUHUSCA... Edited By THE BETA CLUB of NEW HOPE HIGH SCHGOL Rouie 4, Goldsboro, N.C. X zyjezameyoy. 5' ii iw , ., . k , E.. ,A 9 !"flV"": ' if ' ff . ' 2 ' M ' 9 fl: I W' 2. Ma A X 'R V .I f ,av ag w bw! ',f 1-if ff rv, X,-Q "W B Q ,w-0'-7-7""" sf M:,:w.1if 'vw W 'Grave fi 4 K LEE BLANN Secretary ""N-Q ,... Pix? 3, Qw- SHELBY HILL Asst. Business Manager 9- ..- , W.. ANN MEWBORN , 'X A V ,,V,,b T WALTER SMITH, JR. If s,..'iw 5-We., . .1 .Q ' -'I '- .v .y, V, 4 .r LINDA GARDNER Vice- President ,E ,dl 'Q---' , 55- - .., SUE ELLA KNEESHAW President . . e 1 11 S A R' by I ' xv ALENE WILLIAMSON Editor N ng! I MRS. D. W. KNEESHAW Advisor ww ws... TONY ANDERSON PAULINE SMITH Business Manager EVAN KEEL .. Aw W , f 1 ELTON SMITH Treasurer PQ i Us Q in ' Wg- .S , M.. 1? Q - LINDA LANGSTON Asst. Secretary f M'-qs z4Y N4 , f x KAR 5 X ' in A ' ffl , Agar' 1:3154 :W COLIN SMITH Y, BEN CASEY 4 fe- ' M ' zu ' ADMINISTRATION chan! Eammittee RUSSELL SPENCE Chairman .I ROLAND WEBBER K CARL MEWBORN 5 WINSTON BEST MRS. THEODORE SMITH . . ., ' 1 Hacully PRINCIPAL R. L. McDONALD General Business MRS. H. W. ALLEN English-Guidance J. K. THOMPSON Commerce I iv , Q if . 'al JOE L. CROSSWELL Social Studies W. H . DAVIS Science MRS. RUTH TUGWELL TAYLOR French- English- Librarian HIRAM JOSEPH GUEDALIA Coach-Hea1th- Civics- Science DOUGLAS J OYNER Mathematics A nf, MRS. JAMES L. BUTLER Piano MRS. TOM COOMBS Cafeteria Manager D. W. KNEESHAW Agriculture MRS. D. W. KNEESHAW Home Economics -1 , . Q.- ..I..ni2?n .- M4 ,, Ll N ggi Q 11 I ' 'W Q 3 i 'N QQ : P Q14 . . . I ff M an 4"L 00 X 4? w Q a g. fi . Q 'mfr ' ' ' . -X 44.1 ' ' ' k ,J f qZ1R5.7Cr ' H 'fill A1 '. ' F' , . ' 5 ' i,9W'f'M'...f WOODROW ANTONIA ANDERSON "If Dreams Came True" FFA 1-4, Pres. 4g Class Officer 3, Superlativeg Baseball 2,3 3 Beta Club 3, 4g Marshal. DONNIE MORRIS BUTTS "Mosbey " N, an in-..,,.,,,,.,.' ZFX WILLIAM CARROLL FIELDS Hstemil Substitute Bus Driver, FFA 1,2,3,4g 4-H Club 1. PATSEY MARIE FUTRELLE "A Part of Me" 4-H Club 15 FHA 1-4, Officer 3, Glee Club 3, Office Worker 3. 'Wx il Afyv '0- MARY LYNDA COKER "Jackie" Cheerleader 1,2,3g Basketball 4, Popu- larity Queen 3,4g FHA lg Glee Club 1,2, 35 Library Worker 35 Dixie Minstrel, 4-H Club 1,2. CAROLYN ROSE DAVIS "Please Love Me Forever" FHA 1,23 Library Worker 1,2,3. 'D'- , .,,, 1 - , me C. lava-W MARNELL GURLEY "Nellie Belle" FHA 1,2,3g 4-H Club 1. DOUGLAS MILLER HEAD "Spaghetti" Libr ary Worke r 2g Dixie Minstrel Senior Superlative . IRA LEE GINN "Hopgood" Bus Driver 4g FFA lg Dixie Minstrelg Senior Superlativeg 4-H Club 1,2. S SPENCER RAY GRADY "Ghost" Basketball 2,3,4gDixie Minstrelg Jr. Class Presg Beta Club 35 Senior V. Pres., Superlativeg FFA 1-4g Bus Driver 4. will-0 J UDITH ANN HERRING "Yakkity Yak" Class Officer lg Glee Club 3g Senior Superlativeg FHA l,2,3,4g 4-H Club 1. JANET FAYE HOWELL "Blondie" FHA 1,2,4g 4-H Club 1. EVAN RICHARD KEEL "Slim" Basketball 2,3,4g Beta Club 3,45 Base- ball 2,3g Dixie Minstrel, Marshal, Senior Superlativeg FFA 1-4, Bus Driver 3,4. JIMMY KENNEDY "Spider" Goldsboro l,2g Basketball 3,4g S e n i o r Superlative. 'FX WESLEY RONALD MOORE "They call me 'Mooreboy" Bus Driver 3,4g FFA 4. ANNIE GRAY NEWCOMB "Rock-a-bye Baby" FHA 1, 4-H Club 1,2. A no Z ff AW SUE ELLA KNEESHAW "Sue Ne1la" Class Officer 1,49 FHA 1-4, Pres. 2, Co. Officer 2,4g Beta Club 3,4, Pres. 45 Basketball 2-45 Superlativeg Glee Club 2,33 Marshal. HATTIE ELAINE LANCASTER "Mischievous" Dixie Minstrel, FHA 1. an-5 1115 JAMES ALLISON ROBERTS "Forget Me Not" Baseball 35 Dixie Minstrelg FFA 1,2535 Bus Driver 3,4. HUGH THOMAS ROUSE "Just Between You and Me" Class Officer 35 Dixie Minstrel5 Marshalg FFA 152,35 Bus Driver 45 Beta Club 3. 'ff' main BARBARA ANN PARKS "Little Miss Bobby Socks" FHA l,2,3,45 4-H Club 15 Glee Club 3. LOIS ROBBINS "Return to Me" Class Se c r e tar y 25 FHA 1,25 Library Worker 2,3. K Bihar 'AHF Q 'Gm LEONARD ROUSE, JR. "Western Movies" FFA 1,2,3,45 Bus Driver Substituteg Dixie Minstrel. BOB STEELE SMITH "Steeley" FFA 1,2,4g Bus Driver 3,45 4-H Club 1, 2,3. JANICE JACKSON SMITH "Rockin' Robin" Beta Club 3g FHA l,2g Marshalg Library Worker 3g Superlativeg Cheerleader 23 Class Officer 2,4. MITCHELL DEAN SMITH 'lMickey'l FFA 1,2. 415' 'S BRENDA FAYE SULLIVAN "Vice-y" C-lass Officer 45 Superlativeg FHA Officer 1-45 Office Worker 3gDixie Minstrelg Glee Club 1,2,3. ROBERT SUTTON "Brat" FFA 1,2,3,4g Senior Superlativeg Class Officer 4. dulkw-... 'Ei xi-I-f' PAULINE SMITH "Precious Memories" Beta Club 3,45 Marshalg Superlativeg Nuhosca Business Manager 45 Library Worker 1,3,4. ERNEST LEE SPIVEY "Chantilly Lace" ,FFA 1,2,3,4g Bus Driver 3,4. :Fix VI 4. bi X ww MAJHNE IRENE TEACHEY YYwheatVl Basketball l,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3g Dixie Minstrelg FFA Chapter Sweetheartg FHA Officer 1,2,3,4. JAMES CAREY THOMAS "Jimmy" Class Officer 1,2,3g Dixie Minstrelg FFA 4g Bus Driver. DELINDA ANN TYNDALL "Suzie Dar1in"' Beta Club 3g Marshalg Superlativeg FHA 1,2g Library Worker 3. RUTH ALENE WILLIAMSON "Far Away Places" Benhaven lg Marshalg Superlativeg Beta 3,4g Class Treasurer 3g Nuhosca Editor .191-v 2 , . ,sw .,,-A , , ff y alfa Will! BILLY RAY WORRELL vvIv11 Tryvv 'Kung-...., ,1 Bus Driver 4g FFA Officer 3. Basketball 3,4g FFA 1,3gSuper1ativeg Q,-.f.:m.,M!" ,Cust Will And Testament We, the Senior Clas s of 1959, of New Hope High School, being of sound mind, memory, and judgement, having finished our y e ar s of high school, do hereby relinquish and make the following dispensations of our possessions: To our advisor, Mrs. H. W. Allen, we leave our most sincere gratitude for her help and interest in all of our activities. To our other te acher s we leav e not only gratitude but also our hope that the classes to follow will be half as courteous to them as we have been. Individual bequests are the following: Janice Smith leav e s her ability to get the one she lov e s to Robert Lee Smith. CF10pJ Tommy Rouse leaves his heart to Marcia and a black eye to the boy who winks at her. Janet Howell leaves her hair to all peroxide blondes. Leonard Rouse leaves his physique to Linwood Anderson. Maxine, Lynn, Sue, Donnie, and Ira Lee leave their means of getting pepsis and hamburgers to anyone who is slick enough to get by with it. James Roberts leaves his ability to sleep any time, any place to all Juniors who keep late hours. Ira Lee Ginn leaves his capacity to learn American History to Philip Overman. Mickey Smith leaves his ability to burn out the motor of a Chevrolet to "Hoss" Gray. Jimmy Thomas leaves his heavy foot to his brother, J.T. William Fields wills whatever he has to anyone who will take it. Judy Herring leaves her personality to Lynda Kay Langston. Bob Smith leaves all his cards to Walter Smith. Doug Head leaves his ability as a photographer to Cleveland Coker. Lois Robbins leaves her red hair to anyone who is dissatisfied with the color he already has. Linda Tyndall leaves her favorite saying, "Mr. Thompson, let's go to lunch," to him whose stomach needs more feeding than his brain. Pauline Smith wills her good times to the sophomore girls in first period study hall. Sue Kneeshaw relinquishes her office of Beta President to Linda Gardner. Marnell Gurley leaves . . . she hopes. Elaine Lancaster leaves her ability to sound off her mouth to Hilda Smith. Carolyn Davis leaves her ability tobe truthful and leave other girl's "beans" alone to Betty Pate. Robert Sutton wills his privilege to be late for school to Paul Uzzelle. Billy Worrell wishes to leave the school building in one piece to the Seniors of '60, "Be kind to it." Alene Williamson leaves her slim figure to Rebecca W. who'll need it if she keeps eating so much. Jimmy Kennedy leaves his ability in General Business to Kendall Teachey. Patsey Futrelle wills her ability to get out of s ho r thand every day possible to Rebecca Moore. Brenda Sullivan leaves her "cracking funnies" to Carol Robbins. Donnie Butts leaves his skill for getting out of class to any one smart enough to get by with it. Tony Anderson leaves his height to Charles Daniels. Spencer Grady wills his nickname, "Smoochy", to Betty Lou Ginn. Barbara Parks leaves her height to Joyce Owens. Ernest Spivey leaves his school bus and a bottle of aspirin to Mr. McDonald. Lynn Coker and Maxine Teachey leave their love for loafing and pepsis to Carolyn Lassiter and Frances Coker. I Ronald Moore-"Ain't leaving nothing, 'cause there ain't nothing left." Annie Bruce Newcomb wills her "Wedding Bells" to Ann H. Evan Keel wills his height to the coach to use as he sees fit. Executed at New Hope High School, Route four, Goldsboro, North Car olina on November fourteenth, nineteen hundred fifty-eight. Witnessed by Lynda Coker Pauline Smith Sue Kneeshaw I5 BEST ALL AROUND SUE and SPENCER -'ll-aug 'W'-lung """'-I-an """----- ----1......, "1"----1 :gg Fffrmifl' ' 5, ., Wg.. 4 1 ..-uv-m .......""'T 'gi .....,,,'m ....,..,..,,..4 IGN --......,,,, '91 , if 3 .- 'Q an "E U Pi J 111 1.1 F? 515 S ll M 454, M 5 ff MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED TONY and PAULINE 1 MOST ATHLETIC BILLY and MAXINE 44 - MOST DEPENDABLE EVAN and ALENE 477 "QM WITTIEST JIMMY and BRENDA ' ,ww i f 2 a QI, .,7 ,Ml ,,,,..,f M0 ,Q am-f-',--' "4 My-,AWA 1 L., 5 'sr--fQ 3 i MOST COURT EOUS LINDA and DOUG LAS I r 1 r 1 S 0 w K -5 , X, In l A N Ar, A A I if s 4 , , f J 9? , .,,: if Q 1 W c M ' K K A ' , N 2 , T Q ' 'A,' ,, 0 Q, X , l -1+--.: f T"'fJ- 72 N 'X fx f 4 'iff' .43 j , in wif 1' T' LT! ,qv f X ,F 1 i .KA sq :WW ,tilt iii: A 4 Av 4 , Z' Mg ,,..m. -9-v-I Th IQ-" H, f --!4-0-!u-- ,fp Q -L X A f-' 'f' ff 1. ,. ,,... 'L' Qf- -J-gb-r "1 41 ,..q..-.'- ' , w Q , 1 , , . X.. . , 4. . X new L . ,xN" .13 H L - :HW ' , , 4 L , lf' ll ix xy 3' ' .s.S?f"w!ggi '- X J eq ,' ,Q X ' ff -ii xtfisiiv t if 9 7 ff, . 91 '-52" 5,12 - 4 , - ..i.,,,...!-l1iLe , 'W' Q - 9 5257 -1'-wifi? '-'if' N ...- N, A ,W X,.,.,,,,1,, f 4 , 3' 4h 1, '- - . . 'f 1,, ' x T' L -, M' few . ,, ,. 4, f-4.,X,," Sw -. f 2 .4 -1---ff 2 ,,-, , qw' 4? " 4535 if ,X ' ,g 4, 1 f, ,Wg . .. f 1,0 ,A 'kv-1 ns. ncaa. Gary Coker ,Nw ,,,. nw JY' yi?" .wi 79, ,wx , aillxqgf' ff-rg-Q W. dy,,,,,,, Wu! Charles Anderson Paul Anderson Donald Barrow Lee Blann Linda Bonham Archie Butts Ben Casey Frances Coker , ,., Gary Coker Charles Franks M, 9 . ,- Linda Gardner Joe Gay Ann Herring 4i"'M5, qw., Lloyd Gray Barbara Gurley James Head Shelby Hill Judy Hinnant .Fifi f Q' ef . V? kgs" his-V-" Rodney Kearney Ruth Kennedy Bobby Lancaster Q W, 'Dm Lynda Langston Carolyn Lassiter Ann Mewborn Rebecca Moore MN Charles Morse Philip 0VeI'1T121H Wx its V9 I Q95 'Hx 'Y k"'l"--1-f H Jimmy Parks Carol Robbins Douglas Sauls fl! or YES Wkgwx 2 K 3 Wm ' a c .. ..!L, '. ' ff A 9 l t, V M, V , "H PX' 4' I V ,L y x " i .' s "-4 '54 fin , i ' ik 1 ' "" an A flash A1 L ' Q 11 49:1 ' 1 f- .,,f,.,'?f.' 0 A J QQ, ? MJ: N-,L 5, 4. ,L 5. Y. -,,f,Y,,1.A L, fi L4 ,, fQf9,aj. 1,-. .. . A ' i Evelyn Smith im Conn Smith Elaine Smith Elton Smlth James Smith QS 4 Linwood Smith ll' A49-x in ,HV we wfgig, X 31.-oz... Q RW, aw - ex mwwv' ' W aw " .ef Ji Sea My ,X Wkiv- -A "?Qq . Peggy Smith Robert Lee Smith .3 aff . if Qwit-'gt sf-jf: am 95 D at . wt - .jffffvi Mai. ' f x 'A -Ig 532 ilk.. , . We 9 I f:':.- gal R Q", 1 -43. " Qtafni-Q., 5, 1081 William Smith Glenwood Spence Billy Tillman WH Walter Smith Marvin Uzzell Betty Walker Dotty Williamson Q Juniors Not Photographed Cleveland Coker George Fields Gerald Smith Hilda Smith James Sutton John Vandiford F' ,, if in " 78' " N , I. , , Q Soflzonwrc Q X -. ' .V ir 4 ' , V X ,,,,WAefx ,MW -.Q Offffff 1 ., f, A President' . . . Charles Johnson el Vice President . . .U . ,Frank Ayfdersbn Secretary . . .e . .CfBetty Lou 'Gixgj Treasurer . . . Gene Daly e Reporter. . V. Ciegzfge Smith f ' f f' e ,- .ee4f.,N , ' , Y '?gww,'t , wwe. X-A ,Q ifffl' 'Vx 'UQ ,ff 'z ,gguvlw AU K af, ' W Q.. 6 'HDI-e.-y..... A is Frank Anderson Glennie Anderson Linwood Anderson Evelyn Best Gene Boyette Frank Butler Larry Coker Nancy Corman Kenneth Creech Gene Daly Jessie Daniels Betty Eakes Donald Edwards Joann Edwards Buren Ellis Delma Evans Louise Everhart L. G. Faircloth Bobby Forrest Betty Lou Ginn Ruby Jean Goodson Linda Grady Patsy Gray Marie Gurganus A111 new-1 Q5 'E M x nqxrz. K l P , N, . "W "T- 1 I hw ' I 1 UWM Dean Gurley Evelyn Gurley David Herring Gail Herring Vicky Jacobs Charles Johnson Billy Jordan Rosemary Keel Everette Lancaster Geraldine Lancaster Linda Lancaster Margaret Mann Dolly Minshew Donald Moore George Moye Cedric Newell Rachel Overman Joyce Owens Rebecca Parks Sammy Parks Durwood Peele Ann Price Ace Robbins Joe Roberts fm- -my In 3 I I , f av 1 '4 .Q 'Kb ,1 KR' 1' S CQ K ij? 'X 1 Ml Rose Marie Rhodes Derwood Smith Fleeta Mae Smith George Smith Larry Smith Sandra Smith fy! Phillip Sutton Kendall Teachey John Thomas - A in 7 if W0 Grace Thompson Gloria Uzzell Sandra Uzzell Frankie Watson Patricia Wells Rebecca Whisnant Walter Whitfield Brent Williams David Williams Valeria Worrell Not Photographed Ruth Colie Judy Smith pv- it 'glut x , p. Q 5 an 13' 'Mt 4573? Lx-'New' 'iwwt W fm if I MK Y Viffdi Q, qi., . favs-,fi wi I- 'W if V 3, ,N .ly iffy ,qw Clifton Anderson Farrell Anderson Betty Lou Benton George Best Horace Best Larry Bunn Frances Caudle Pat Chaffin Rose Coker Linda Corbett Dot Cruse Charles Daniels Edward Lee Daniels E. C. Davis Sandra Ellis Brenda Gay Wayne Grady Ann Gray Ann Hare Darwin Herring Louis Herring Bobby Hinnant William Hinnant Wade Jones 'N g k AI 'Y M. ,,, 15591 4 1 .L ' ' 4.6 ' .-.L tfffaffz t ,J if N , Mgr-.-N-- ww. '1 i ' r KS. 4 1. 'Vw iw'- QX. X. C' 'H."2, t yy z"g!?' if i xg' Qi Qin af S! ' gl A p . Lb f ruM'fg 'di 1ix '- a ,jg?fQ!?H alia efiieyi aw-'53 ,Jain "J .' 'fr it , 5 nil! Qt IVY, A 'W H. . 1 ,' ,X E ' Mg lillg , 7 Ig -6 ,, Q Q Us Qi. 'P l 5, x- ,Ax Q V in 3 5' w w imm- Faye Kearney Q David Kneeshaw Chris Lancaster Faye Lancaster Pat Lancaster Marsha Londenberg Elizabeth Long Ronald Morago James Parham 'gm Linwood Parks Betty Lou Pate Jane Peele Robert Person Veronica Person .r,r ef if '91 f Q y , Donald Rice Toby Roberts Carolyn Sanderson 2 A Thelma Sauls . -a, fi , A Mary Schmacker ,P 4 Albert smith ir' S ll i .K M - AA., . .X J, .a.,,. '20 Brenda Smith Durwood Smith Edna Faye Smith Eugene Smith Linda Smith Ray Smith Theodosia Smith Faye Strickland Charles Sutton Becky Sutton Bobby Taylor Judy Tillman Hilda Grace Tyndall Paul Uzzell Carol Vandiford Rayburn Wade YT 'UN 5 'i 'fiY"Q119P4l8 g T ix f w .- 211 , ' 'f 1 -N" N . ' ,L 'iff' M 5179 fi fm ff Mal' Y Waycaster Nancy Williamson rig 'aw I I 5 f 1 ff ,ff F,-1 ff Eff Mn I ,af Q ,Our Dreams ,Are Answered---A WW! 1 ' e' ' 2. , ' ' 454 ,A - - M --m, -Y ,f"lff'5 A 'H' 'V , , ' " ' K It begins to grow! It begins to take shape If One P. T, A. donation First meeting in gym Dedication 45 'Q 7 'P We play I We practice K ,VM Ifarszfy 'III P ia 'flllli' If f""WQm,g,'b Khecrlmders Vx- A ,xi . I, ?'s,z'f"' F M,.,, ,"l LYVJ A. ifvxasg 1' 5 xxx ., ' t i A 4 M, , . , M- ,.,4vl-.MH nd-,..f-" ..- - M, mv- ! il N-I M ww. . L if " 'E FE Varszfy 1 5 K 145 R W f A Q4 Z , , K ji, Marshals 5 ,Z a X ' i 5- ,, 1 X ...M , , Q U 4, i X We wx . .kgs 'X l5'us Drwers X8 Xxx 2 'X wx ,A x XX, 'X . X s x 4 w ?i'4??g1' .' if , Q L, w 'K sw-1 ' ,SK wif 1 .gel "QE 1,7 . 41 3? A unsung 4 IK G. A M f f J 1 at S -, N. x sv-an-1, ' f inns ,,f,.,f""'UM0wrlvff. M. ,mm -Hwwwzv ff 4 wma ..v. Q, . 26,- - xvib M. t 'WIC-taunt! Q M ' X :semi-nn,-..5,,,,, .ff af " ff-'1 Z 3 2 tl i 4 f +1 w f ' Q- Q y Jw 4 - ' 4 ' ff Q. w 1 'si ' , V lf A., ,, . 'ff x ff' M, U ,W , Y ia, -J -A wif ff! , M A , xv. 9 H :74 . o o W , W f is ' ' JW was U -V "C M ,, ,f ff'-33, ,hf..?'2g5gZi ,J iq W ec - 1 V I 25: 2 2 . if W A 1 ,Q W-SW I x x' .- .. ,. 12' G ' f L i 111 If -F .. eff' , 1,1 1 N ., ,. fi-'fix 151: -fi:-:Y If 5 511 iii' .li i ,A ,. .J . glfg- 2 ', ' , B" 1 3 1 X. IU! Q-r We are proud of the contributions of this and the many other families of NEW HOPE SCHOOL to our organization. DEWEY BRUS. INC 'Yr X C"n""i"'n'S " LA GRANGE PHARMACY Prescriptions SID J. MYERS INSURANCE AGENCY "Insurance of All Kinds" Druggists Dial Logan 6-4441 Dial LO 6-3781 La. Grange North Carolina La Grange North Carolina Compliments of FARMERS SUPPLY CO. FARMER'S FURNITURE CO. H Goldsboro North Carolina Dial RE 4-20 94 "Complete Line of Furniture Dial LO 6-3671 La Grange North Carolina Compliments of Friends Compliments of Compliments of THE STYLE SHOPPE EN-CEE-CUE Ladie s' Apparel Ash Street Dial Logan 6-3166 Goldsboro North Carolina La Grange North Carolina Refrigeration Trouble ? Commercial Refrigeration Groceries Gas O11 Eason Route 4 Goldsboro North Carolina Refrigeration Service Dial RE 5- 3244 710 S. Oleander Ave. Goldsboro North Carolina PATE-DAWSON PRODUCE CO. Wholesale Fresh Fruits and Vegetables "There's No Substitute for Freshness" Dial RE 5-3921 Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of ISAACS-KAHNS FURNITURE CO., INC. 118-22 N. Center Street Dial RE 5-2581 Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of CASH DRUG CO. Prescription Specialists Dial RE 4-4221 Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of HERRING and PEELE TEXACO SERVICE STATION Dial RE 4-9832 Goldsboro North Carolina HEILIG-MEYERS COMPANY Furniture and House Furnishings 138 East Walnut Street Dial RE 5-3561 Goldsboro North Carolina EDWA.RD'S YOUNG MEN'S SHOP 200 North Center Street Dial RE 4-4391 Goldsboro North Carolina VINSON'S BEAUTY SHOP 103 lf2 Center Street Upstairs Entrance Next to Harrell's Newstand Dial RE 4-5552 Compliments of GOLDSBORO BUILDING 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION 116 East Walnut Street Goldsboro North Carolina QLQ4. In GOLDSHORO 94 Years of Service to the Youth of Eastern Carolina Goldsboro North Carolina DIXIE FERTILIZER SUPPLY "Anhydrous Nitrogen" D. S. Wood Herman Wiggins Dial Logan 6-4101 La Grange North Carolina A Satisfied Customer is Our First Consideration Z 0'-'4-y-J! - Xiilrll-:-A - .-Q. , ff-' .i . , - 8 , 7 V476-Q-J' 0-Qu! VZQ!Q,4 Ai.-r-.,I' .' ,M Bat eries-C ables "YN , Nu-Life Car Wash ffv- f1.,?,4.ff'fv,d.A.l .-.J f ,-,r,z.f,f,cJ J . 5 4-flaaj, Igniyon Pfrts-Generators Q! White all Tire Clea rs . rl 2.43 J .1 fa.:-I .Q,f7,,' 1,442 UQ l f-.J ' ' 4 V Starters-Azfmatjlfei-Brushes I 'K I J! Gravely Tfgmeqors fav, ' f ' . " S -S ' 2 t ff, J ff.-,f "J-'5.J 44-11 4932177112 !p,yf,a-51:25 ez!-lie ar ,f27-4.9 ,jjajk V. - f.,,, 1, f ' ff ,..--.JJ 514,41 Of: fjil' - 11.422 544 NU-EI FE BATTER9 I 1 1' oniefr .-f,,4e- .1 ,L ,vf 7,.,..,,fJ naf.7,l-A.U.,..-ul, fo--if-QJ4 ,- .,,Y,,,j .9 4' I Dial RE 4-2786 I Snow Hill Hwy. 5 . ff 3- ,Z!...'..JT.1a-605305211-:f.C:4..f' 1,..J 2742.--Z:1,,C..Q, 9.1 .fQ,1,.'--i , K.-4- Y' ' V x if? 1 Sell at LITTLETON'S WAREHOUSE "For the High Dollar" Owned and Operated bv O. L. Littleton Jock Thompson Durwood Price ERNEST GLASS COMPANY Plate Glass-Auto Glass-Mirrors Desk Tops-Picture Framing Dial RE 5-2165 518 East Ash Street Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of TROY SMlTH'S GROCERY 8: SERVICE STATION Hwy. 102 Goldsboro North Carolina MERRITT 'S SUPER MARKET "We Wrap Our Future in Every Package of Meat We Sell" Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of SOUTHERLAND FURNITURE CO. "Your Friendly Furniture Store" Dial RE 4-4011 112 N. John St. G0ldSb01?O North Carolina H. W. TATUM REALTY CO. Insurance-Real Estate 106 North John Street Goldsboro North Carolina AUTOMOTIVE WHOLESALERS CO. 119 E. Mulberry St. Dial RE 5-3236 Goldsboro North Carolina CARL COKER'S SERVICE STATION AND GROCERY Dial RE 5-O 354 Route 4 Goldsboro North Carolina MICKEY'S PASTRY SHOP Cakes Pies Dial RE 4-4741 212 North Center Street Goldsboro North Carolina GRIFFIN'S RESTAURANT Catering to Parties Adarnsville Goldsboro North Carolina J. B. EASON'S STORE "We Sell Wolverine Shoes and Redhead Hunting Clothes" Best Station LA GRANGE PAINT STORE Sherwin-Williams Paints Dial Logan 7886 107 E. Railroad St. La Grange North Carolina GOLDSBORO INSURANCE AND REALTY CO. Reliable Insurance Service 203 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro North Carolina GIDDENS JEWELRY STORE North Carolina's Oldest Jewelers Dial RE 5- 1270 Goldsboro North Carolina FEDERAL OIL COMPANY Distributor - Sales and Service 239 N. John St. Dial RE 4-0832 KNOTT FASHION FABRICS Mt. Vernon Park Goldsboro Highway Goldsboro North Carolina Kinston North Carolina GARRIS JEWE LERS 142 North Center Street Goldsboro North Carolina BRITT-DENMARK CO. Royster Fertilizers Ph. Logan 6-7261 LaGrange North Carolina Compliments of CAROLINA TRACTORS, INC. Massey Ferguson Sales Service Dial RE 4-0781 Goldsboro North Carolina TRIANGLE DRIVE-INN Milk Shakes Cold Drinks Plate Lunches Sandwiches Dial RE 4-9861 William Street Ext. Goldsboro North Carolina ELROY MEAT MARKET Quality Groceries Sz Meats Kinston Highway Route 4 Goldsboro North Carolina ADAMS DRUG CO. "Prescriptions a Specialty" Drugs, Toilet Articles, etc. LaGrange North Carolina WILLIAMS SHEET METAL WORKS Roofings-Awnings-Skylights Furnice s-Gutters-Ventilator s Warm Air Heating Installation and Repair Dial RE 4-5483 816 N. Greenleaf Street Goldsboro North Carolina T. E. WILSON'S GARAGE "Gas For Less" Oil General Repairs on All Cars Dial RE 4-4879 Kinston Hwy. Goldsboro North Carolina WAYCO CORPORATION "Better Living Through Freezing" 508 N. William St. Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of N 4 1. SAM JERNIGAN at SONS 1 Comp 'mms Ash Street Extension X I G01CISbO1'O North Carolina S 147 S. Center St. Compliments of r ' Dial RE 4-0911 MONTGOMERY WARD 205 W. Walnut St. Goldsboro North Carolina T Goldsboro North Carolina I ,T I 4 it S i TALLEY'S PASTRY SHOP Compliments ol "We Specialize in wedding at Party cakes" WORLEY TYPEWRITER Dial RE 4-3961 107 E. Mulberry Goldsboro North Carolina Royal Typewriters C0mPlf"l9f1fS of 156 S. Center St. GURLEY BARBER SHOP Dial RE 4-0845 Goldsboro North Carolina I Goldsboro North Carolina CITIZENS HEATH'S RED 8. WHITE SUPER MARKET SAVINGS 8. LOANS ASSOCIATION Located in Adamsville Insured Savings - Home Loans Dial RE 5-3245 Goldsboro North Carolina Goldsboro North Carolina SETH B. H0llOWEll Oll COMPANY Atlantic Premium Products Household Appliances - Tires - Auto Accessories Located in Adamsville Dial RE 4-5493 Goldsboro North Carolina WAYNE DAIRY SUNRISE HAIR STYLISTS Sunrise Shopping Center Goldsboro, N. C. 8 Dial RE 4-3747 GRIFFIN MOTOR CO. Owned and Operated Sony Sauls Dan Ward by Local Dairy Farmers 311 N' Ceflter Street Goldsboro, N. C. Dial RE 4-2291 "Visit Our Beautiful I DAIRY BAR 1 on East Ash Street" STEWART'S CONSTRUCTION Fresher Dairy Products Co' as All Milk is Produced on ' Nearby Grade "A" Dairy Farms Goldsboro' N' C' . . Phone 1104 . ll . N W1 lam St RE 5-3029 .Day Goldsboro North Carolina RE 5'2703 ' Night ' Brick Sand, Sandy Gravel, Clay Gravel, Crushed Stone 8: Top Soil C,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0, ADAMSVILLE BARBER SHOP "Save on Barber Service" srsl- M4 Complete Service for the Family 110 West Chestnut Street North Carolina Adarnsville North Carolina Gold sboro MARK S. EDWARDS General Mdse.-Auto Repairs Phone RE 5-0250 ANDERSON'S FLORIST "Flowers for Every Occasion" East Elm Extension Goldsboro North Carolina COCA-COI.A BOTTL ING COMPANY ?OQlff5',-f'f?' ffm ff fb XXQMW 'yijiyffft H, 'A' Ypwfxfffyffjmm Eff fyfiofiiif ZW NZM tffgfiwfwaff W3j,JKj,JTf!,,5 .J-M Mgdgif yeyQ,P'ydMa V gif' fffffw for it i5'Q7WJ"WWfiQQ? 4 3 5 G ries Motor Tune Ignition Parts Kinston Hwy, 70 East "Fo ood Candy ce C a ' Remem . . l , GOLDSBO O AN C J l nte . 5' 1 y 2' I 9 i I WOR EL STATION i G roceries y 1 ston Highway ldsboro North Ca W. L. Genet Elroy J U THOMPSON MADELINES' BEAUTY SHOP L F E NNW ff' Dial RE 5-2032 y Nort Compliments of IDEAL BARBER SHOP 134 S. Caswell St. La Grange North Carolina COKER FEED MILL Custom Grinding 8: Mixing LUPTON'S WELDING SHOP Ornamental Wrought Iron Dial RE 5-2040 701 Second Street L' t k 8: P 1 F d Ives OC Ou try ee S Goldsboro North Carolina Route 4 G0ldSb01'O North Carolina BERNEY 'S LOAN CO. 201 East Walnut Street Dial RE 5-2983 Goldsboro North Carolina PEELE BROS. Chicks Feeds 123 N. John St. Dial RE 4-1781 Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of MUSIC 8. SPORTS Musical Instruments Sports Equipment 202 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro North Carolina C. E. EDGERTON Minneapolis Moline Dial RE 4-1986 Goldsboro North Carolina A. O, PRICE GROCERY Gas - Oil - Notions Groceries - Meats Dial RE 4-0754 Goldsboro North Carolina Congratulations, Class of '59 BRANCH BANKING 8. TRUST CO. "The Safe Executor" Dial RE 5-2621 -- RE 5-2622 Goldsboro Nor th Carolina HUB DEPARTMENT STORE 105 E. Walnut St. Goldsboro North Carolina H. T. ABBOTT 8: SON "The One Price Cash Store" Dry Goods, Shoes, Notions, and Novelties Gent's Furnishings - Ladies' Ready-to-Wear La Grange North Carolina BUILDERS SUPPLIES CO. INC. Retail 8: Wholesale Building Materials Ready Mixed Concrete-Lumber-Sand-etc. Dial RE 4-4321 109 W. Vine St. Goldsboro North Carol ina DILLON SUPPLY CO. "Machinery-Mill Supplies" Dial RE 5-2421 -. 1035 N. William St. Goldsboro North Carolina BIG BRICK WAREHOUSE J. R. MUSC-RAVE, LTD. Dial RE 4-5044 510-512 N. John St. Goldsboro North Carolina CASH SUPPLY STORE Building Supplies Fertilizer Feed-Seed Heavy Groceries Hot Point Appliances Dial LO 6-3311 LA GRANGE INSURANCE AGENCY Life -Auto-Fire -Hail Liability-Bond s-Hospital James F. Britt, Manager La Grange North Carolina La Grange North Carolina I W O S 1 1 WAYNE BODY WORKS NELSON'S PHOTO SHOP 1 Specializing In Everything Photographic Oven Baked Painting 118 S. Center St. 1 N. William St. Ext. 3 Route 2 Dial RE 4-3631 Goldsboro 1 Dial RE 5-0882 Goldsboro, N. C. WHITLEY MILLING CO. HOLMES' HI-WAY DINER Grain Brokers 1 Livestock and Poultry Feeds Dial RE 5-3184 Goldsboro North Carolina One -fourth Mile E, Adamsville "Meet and Eat with Friends" NEIGHBORHOOD GROC ERY Meats 8: Groceries Dial RE 4-5561 Georgetown Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of QUALITY BICYCLE SHOP Owner-Bryon J. Greene Dia-1 RE 4-2478 209 N. John St. Goldsboro North Carolina Compliments of FLAKE'S TIRE SERVICE 201 N. Center St. Goldsboro North Carolina Best In Sandwiches-Pizza-Milkshakes Four Hours of Request Party SAM'S DRIVE IN N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C. RAINBOW CLEANERS 8: LAUNDRY CREECH'S GROCERY Dial RE 4-330, Groceries-Meats Goldsboro North Carolina C-as-Oil 1 CREECH'S INC. Dial RE 5-2851 "Furniture of Distinction" R t 4 ou e 209 W. Walnut St. Goldsboro North Carolina Goldsboro North Carolina COMMUNITY MOTORS CORPORATION VICTORY WAREHOUSE For the Sale of Leaf Tobacco Jim Hopewell Richard Gray Sales-Service Dial RE 5-2075 Goldsboro North Carolina Goldsboro North Carolina ASH STREET PHARMACY "Your Neighborhood Drug Store" Dial RE 5-1827 JOHN R. CRAWFORD, INC. 814 E, Ash St, Goldsboro North Carolina Bonds-Fire-Automobile Insurance Since 1892 GASTERIA Dial RE 4-4966 Save 3? Per Gallon Dial RE 5-0740 Bobby Wilson Goldsboro North Carolina Route 3 Goldsboro, N. C. Shop With C onfidence LITTLE RIVER on co. I-EDER BROS- Richfield Petroleum Products and Dial RE 5-0893 Wear With Pride G01dSb01'O North Carolina Goldsboro North Carolina R.O. CREECH 81 SON, AGTS. FARMERS QUALITY FERTILIZERS "Easy to Sow, Sure to Grow" Distributors of Gulf Oil Products Tires, Batteries, Accessories La Grange Dial LO 6-7441 8: 6-4591 North Carolina Goldsboro i Dial RE 5-0014 North Carolina NEW HOPE MILLING COMPANY Custom Grinding and Mixing Broiler Program Grain Dealers Wayne Feeds J. R. Webber Harold Webber Dial RE 5-2646 GOldSbOI'O Route 3 North Carolina yJAC-Lifbw Lffgdy M!44zi1.MJ?WfJw ' ,Km W Zi' . M 5 QWi10ffi.,MM,Z 2227 M eww A5fwPlQJfwff4fW'7 2004.4 WWW KM KWWL ZW M4 xv 1' , , ,. , 4 Y g P I .-1 'U dy P Q - 1 .,- z.. . , -xv., 1 W - ,-,',.,. , .. ,, A'vf1g, Y.,'. , L 'fx " ,H -.- -1 -.1 . "3 1' !,A,f Lfjyg' ' ' if ' uf 'BZ-. n.m.:t-.J 1: r'fm:.fLlh-J ' W J H5' sr , f, 1.,b, .F-.iw .WM F .1-'..'.-,q T131 P-3-,?'1:"-1 . ..g VI 'Q' I.-Q .- Wa! fQf"73',:f P ,g.,t, l Ky A A 4,1 r. , .gg yt f.--' , -Q 1 :ga ,2jJu9H'2 Q9 O .fqflfvus 6 ., 0 ygw ' LW -0-H-QJ 0.1 ,QJUJQQTQ D WCW GLU' JOZMQ LMJQ, W LOMQ 4,- 4,0-919-CZQV JQJJ-LJCQLJ 4j3wQ,Uf4, DEAYJ. v Njfzzfyuejlsjbc, QJ JXWJOL VQJ WQXCUJJJ ,,QfwUg.U"'?2CQH' 'fi JW VE QL! QQQQLMJ A, A J . QT f' , UEJQJUJLJ UJQZJLQ JJ ,JJ-f9.,f,..Q,,,4N 4 ,Q J, 440.7 ff MM ,W V7.1 fjfb ZXLLZQQZZY ! fum! J fa f I X -,L'S'Qx,g1jflf, .' ' X . ., 4 qvgi '-1.1 ,. q yffbnvmfwdw' WffM WM' 7 JMZLLQ4 iijikl, fwfdzfy wwf X- 1,9 f Hqwpw wWWW JQW6WWw W , WMM' WWW' M3331 WWW fw W W Owjfxf WM f X ipfaflwil QW Wffifw QWQ jywfff f WM! fijf WZVMM WiL'f'Ww W 07 f W 1 W MZWWMQM UV 'f7Wf?af5L,fVfQ,ff5 WW' . J Qjgjff Wi WJ? J W MQW W A WD ij? WJQ ' QW sf? wi M J rw I, W 0 ' W W ff'??f2yf5W3Jfi?fQVM MLM? in nun 'Ulf fx' V ,IM 1 .,. . . M :fm:7 'E.',i.:f4 'F ' ?.5'f. 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Suggestions in the New Hope High School - Nuhosca Yearbook (Goldsboro, NC) collection:

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