New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL)

 - Class of 1955

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New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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,, . ,F 4 . xv L r L B 5 1 F u A " 5 5 4 ' l 1 ' . ' u I' I 'F , H L ,G-M' X , f , . A 2 ' 'ummm Aw., Z H E 4'I'lD7,g? We the 1955 Senior Class of New Hope High School take pleasure in presenting this edmon of the INDIAN We sincerely hope that in the future it will bring back treasured memories of unforgettable ex- periences together We are gr a te ful to our many friends who have co-operated with us so willingly MMw ' 'Jvloiih ao X MW E .Ht ,3 i P 5 ,,.,...l---ff"f1'Wi"""""M 1 1 1 1 7115 xr Because we W1Sh to show, as have apprecuated her r lngh schoo the to Mlss E CHARLES R. EALY Principal A. R. MEADOWS--Superintendent W. E. POPEJOY--Business Manager Local Board Membels A.H. BUTLER, JR., LEON MARTN C. T, HEREFORD County Board Members L.E. COLLIER, L.E. HEREFORD L. W. COBB, C.M. BREWER A. E. MILLSAPS s nf .H n ww mu-'4 .4-aa " I' ANQM-rv,,,f, N . ' W ww, n x Q .Gras 5851 A I ,J f s Q Y xx 1 EMMA P. KENNEDY B.S. , Florence S.T.C. Third Grade LUCILLE M. BOSTICK I. S.T. C. , Kentucky Second Grade OLGA HOWARD B. S . , Huntingdon Fourth Grade BERTIE M. CARPENTER B.S. , Jacksonville S.T.C. Fifth Grade MARY C. DUNAWAY B.S. , Alabama College Fifth Grade MARY L. WILLIAMS B.S. . Florence S.T.C. Sixth Grade OPHELIA M. SHACKELFORD B. S. , Livingston S. T. C. First Grade CORA W. WHITAKER Florence S. T. C. First Grade DORA W. MARTIN B.S. , Jacksonville S.T.C. Second Grade LUCILLE RICE Florence S.T. C. Second Grade GERTRUDE D. EISENWINE B.S. , Jacksonville S.T.C. Second Grade MARILEE D. BUTLER B.S., Jacksonville S.T.C. Third Grade CURTIS H. PEARSON B.S. , Jacksonville S.T.C. Sixth Grade ELIZABETH CARPENTER B.M. , Huntingdon: B. S. , Peabody: M.A. , New York University Librarian, Music INA POARCH A.B. , Alabama College History MILDRED S. BRAWLEY A.B., George Peabody College English MILDRED S. EALY A.B. , Athensg M.A. , Peabody Commercial GLADYS S. ESSLINGER B.S. , Alabama College Home Economics C. O. MANN, JR. B.S. , Alabama Polytechnic Institute Science SAM GROOMS, IR. my 5644.4 Assistant Principal, Science MATTYE MANN ROBERTS B.S. , Jacksonville S.T.C. Social Sciences JAMES N . ESSLINGER B. S. , A. P. I. Mathematics R. A. CARPENTER A.B. , University of Alabama Coach CHARLOTTE NICHOLS A.B., Athens: M.A. , Peabody English WILLIAM I. CRAWFORD A.B. . Vanderbiltg B.D. , Southern Baptist Theological Seminary English, Social Sciences R. C. GCBGANS B.S., A.P.I. Agriculture Wzdlakzw Staff Seated, left to right: Minerva Sue Whitaker, Business Manager: Glennis Sisk, Circula- tion Managerg Barbara Wright, Typistg Mary Lois Dalton, Artist: Benny Esslinger, Editor Standing: Billy Whitaker, Business Managerg Cecil Parker, Photograph Editorg Elizabeth Hunter, Photograph Editor, Joann Clark, Circulation Managerg Martha Maples Atchley, Typist. Not pictured: Myrmia Jean Smith and Betty Snow Stapler, Artists. 'Y L , ,Q 1zqlQ , V . in ,ff V- Mm. u we f4'f?,g 9' 'X ., . -1551 .4-Y E x Q X 9 'WEN 'if V1-:Qfmv f ' xgfiizi' b a g '- if 2225531 2-1 'M 5.:w, . fi f ew gQ,y3214?im,A-f, I 'Qi MM, 5 A--" 2 -'-- -125 - 5' iii T: '55?:Lft-'mf W' Ixmzw x ws. af H - 15' K VT x S xx Q? . A. gffsgesfffw L Q 1-91- 1:5151 ,X Qfilf 4 wr- . .V . ..Xw?Kf . 'iiifwffff Qsffeszfssz. . ' se fx V57 K 1.1 Q. gm mei N is my mfgzlqflz 2:55 L A iii! , 412 Afsfieyf iw . X fwlf . n . my SK L 'v w gi 5, f ,ff ff H :V S- 1 . ' fs' l ' 7 ,.,. V , 1 ff pe :N -zmiagi f, ,psy -V T ' M QQ QS :E2'.15:.".': 1I'5fr K k , 'L ue, fi MU 4. . .13 45 M' Q L , , x ,WV .gv+?ff' , 3 . ' ' V 'S' VZ? -, 'sf ax ,- In , F 4 5 'f lr :Mg ,ig5,ii- L -ESQ' -4 :,' gf, i:'l1glZ,1r . SS" , gif X J, , S3- Xiyfxmf Yi ff1?iEi5. f' its ,f ai ' xgw Q- .N 3 2Q , i Q3 , xwd " S, Q A 2. 'Z EQ RES ww' on . K , V, L45 i Q: L ff -gwngixgfv M1713 ii 452 axe? 7, F' ,4 gf 1 .. , gf-,cy 55,5 Q: ,J M ' GQ? fig f.1,3:'. uvfiwf Q Q . l .Q:,,fQ,g K ,S ' A V" ':1'::,5L.1:j-Q ,J f N? ul? L 4 A 5, .1 3 x , .1 , Q Q - xxqgi xxx M wi' Egfr? 3 X " Q i s S5535 - X K 5g,55?Qi'i-f.,. , 5 1 2 Q' 'xi my Y Q.. ,Xi S X2 all A 5 ,,.1 W .1,, , ' kg-gi . 1 ii .M K, :ilk iflif 21 ,KW . , 1' :Zff?Y5f5fx E -Mfffvfq X qi Qs gy' V 1545121 2 - x52?1i,f ,A W .. WEE: , A253 gf: az? Q:-rf 'TQEQ 4 5-f , any : , - :J , 7,11-f if - I M1421 ' f gflgmgggqg'51-safzf. MY ,sta veit? ' k Q ,. ,iW,? , 1- ' 'ESX fl fm 'liff-J E 555-fs X f as ,S 5213. 53' 2 H' if 3 wh M52 232 -:f.5,1,a1g ,. 2 "" W f N , 8 frrwi ,- DONALD WILLIAMS 'Joy to the world. " Dramatics Club'55: FFA 53,545 Allied Youth 55: Junior Play 54: Senior Play 55. JERRY WILLIAMS 'Send me your name and address and a dollar ninety- elght. " FFA 53, 54: Dramatics Club 55. THOMA SINE WOODY Will you visit me when school is out, Myrmia?" FTA 53, 54: Allied Youth 54, 553 Glee Club 53-55: Dramatlcs Club 55. BARBARA WRIGHT I have the answers. " Glee Club 53-55, Allied Youth 54, 55: Junior Play 545 Annual Staff 55. Uohn Bunn Woody, not picturedj Zona At the foot of the Appalachians Near the mountains blue, Sands serene our Alma Mater-- To thee, we'll e'er be true. 'Forward gol' be our motto, Striving not to fail. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater! New Hope High, all hail! 5aahfz6Za440ffc2:aw N k ,I . 91 VZ A .K . as 4 f , is f. 1 " u f' 4' 1 , 'r X4 X Q qsl iffy 1361 O X. I U 0 4 J . l44df706Zf We, the Senior Class of Nineteen-hundred-fifty-five, of New Hope High School, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. We wish to leave to our fellow-sufferers our responsibilities and possessions in the following manner: First: We leave to our Alma Mater our honor and devotion. Second: We leave to our teachers our utmost respect. Third: We leave to the Junior Class our place as dignified seniors. Fourth: Individually we bequeath as follows: John Paseur leaves his habit of playing hooky to Joe Donald Smith. W.B, Madewell leaves his guitar to Jimmy Frazier. Molly Ikard leaves her ability to skip study hall to Joyce Barrett. Imogene Martin leaves her slender figure to Wyllodene Patrick. Benny Esslinger leaves his talent for making speeches to Allen Baker. Barbara Wright leaves her talking in English class to anybody who can get by with Geneva Hilliard leaves her backless dresses to Doris Snow and Tinca Lou Hilliard. Betty McCowan leaves her boisterousness to Alice Hindman. Donald Williams leaves his red hair to R.B. Webster. James Burrow leaves his wit to James Watson. Cecil Parker leaves Martha Atkins, but not for any other boy. June Keel leaves her comments on the teachers to Eula Mae Keel. Herman Clark leaves his :economics book to Lloyd Atchley. Mary Lois Dalton leaves her d ark complexion and hair to Magdalene Martin. Myrmia Jean Smith leaves her intelligence to Marlene Lemley. Thomasine Woody leaves her height to Shirley Phillips. Peggy Ledbetter leaves her winning ways with the boys to Wanda Belle Lee. Minerva Whitaker leaves her flirtation to Burtie Faye O'Neal. Mary Nell Adams leaves her curly hair to Catherine Campbell. Mary Frances Maples leaves--and hopes Frances Clark can get by as she did: Joan Clark and Elizabeth.Hunter leave their ability to get along with Mr. Ealy to Class. Dorothy Snead leaves her reducing pills to Alice Pinkerton. Gurtha Doran leaves her smile to Dora Sue Wright. Lillian Watts leaves her ability to keep a secret to Donnie Martin. Billy Gilbert leaves his ability to get along with the girls to Ferrell Maples. Martha Atchley leaves her sweet disposition to Bennie Ruth Shubert and Betty Stew it. all the members of the Junior 3.11. Mary Key leaves her place in the home economics department to Ruby Lemley and Shelby Jean Meeks. Bobby Spivey leaves his skill at playing ball to Robert Spears. Billy Whitaker leaves his tall, dark, and handsome features to Thomas Earl Jones. Jerry Williams leaves his shyness to Ernest Wright. Sammy Mayo leaves his friendliness to Joe McDonald. John Bunn Woody leaves his post as mayor of Buggs Chapel to Charles Davis. James Stephens leaves his big brown eyes to Billy Ray Cloud. Alton Maples leaves his salesmanship to Joe Hillis. Sherrill Esslinger leaves his crew cut to James Marvin Thomason. Sarah Ann Medlin leaves her high temper to Lyla Lemley. Garna Kate Walker leaves her neatness to Glennis Adair and Flora Mae McKinney. Gracie Bennett leaves her quiet ways to Peggy Keel and Dorothy Owen. Myrtis Grayson leaves her love for hillbilly music to Betty Hall, Betty Madewell, Faye Esslinger leaves her giggling to Lillie Bell Burrow and Shirley Pugh. Betty Stapler leaves her artistic ability to Peggy Martin. Shirley Usrey leaves her blond hair to Nancy Whitaker. Jimmy Vann leaves his "pestering" ways to Larry Martin and Carl Hugh Warren. Howard Manning leaves his love to Betty Jane Guerin. ' And I, Glennis Sisk, leave my weight to anyone who can take all the teasing that and Mary Frances Ledbetter goes with it. Glennis Sisk and Barbara Wright Testators The year is 1965. The place is New Hope High School, where I, Minerva Whitaker, am a teacher of home economics, having succeeded Mrs. Esslinger upon her retirement. The object which turns my thoughts backward and arouses tender memories is a-letter I have just received from one of my favorite high school classmates, Joann Clark, who has recently become private secretary to the President of the United States. And who is the President of the United States in this prosperous year of 1965? Why, none other than Alton Maples, our former class president. Joann, now in the hubbub of the nation's capital, has recently received calls from several other classmates who, she informs me, have given her the latest news about each member of our graduating class of ten years ago. Benny Esslinger is now editor of the NEW YORK TIMES, and Joann says she sees him often: Barbara Wright is the first lady editor of LIFE magazine: Mary Lois Dalton lives in Califomia where she designs dresses for the movie stars: Elizabeth Hunter owns and operates an exclusive dress shop in New York: Geneva Hilliard and Mary Nell Adams are two of the most successful nurses at Mayo Clinic: Billy Gil- bert is a celebrated doctor who studies and practices in Vienna, and Peggy Ledbetter is his very capable assistant in surgery: Sherrill Esslinger is the current heavyweight champion of the world, and John Bunn Woody is his manager. In the field of sports Cecil Parker is the present manager for the world champion New York Giants, and John Paseur is the star forward for the Harlem Globe Trotters. Betty Snow Stapler is studying art in Paris, and her instructor is none other than Bobby Spivey: Molly Ikard and Gama Kate Walker are two of the most highly paid models in Europe: Gurtha Lanier Doran, Martha Maples Atchley, Shirley Maples Usrey, and Imogene Martin Clayton all live in the suburbs of Owens Cross Roads, and they see each other every Sunday as they stroll their children through the park. The former Betty McCowan is living in Florida and enjoying the beaches. She often sees James Burrow, who has made a great success of raising turkeys on his two-hundred acre farm. Thomasine Woody is a missionary to Japan, and she loves her work. June Keel and Myrtis Grayson, who are both doing well in show business, have an apartment together in New York. The former Faye Esslinger and Donald Williams live in Oregon, where he has made his first million in the lumber business. Jimmy Vann is a movie producer, and Myrmia Smith is his leading lady in his first full-length film. Herman Clark is a famous detective with the Pinkerton Agency: Glennis Sisk Edmonds is a well-known poet: and Billy Whitaker has a chain of filling stations across the United States. Samuel Mayo is teaching science in a large South Alabama high school: Dorothy Sneed teaches a kinder- garten class in Nashville, Tennessee. W. B. Madewell appears regularly on the Grand Ole Opry programs each Saturday night, and is a favorite with his listeners. Sarah Ann Medlin's red hair has brought her wide acclaim, for she is now considered the most beautiful redhead in America. Lilliam Watts is a first grade teacher in Chicago: and Gracie Bennett is a guide in the United Nations building. Jerry Williams and Howard Manning, who have gained world- wide fame as explorers, returned home last week from a trip to the heart of Africa. Mary Frances Maples Glover and husband are the proud parents of quintuplets, and, consequently, are much in the news. As the recess period nears the end, James Stephens, the new high school principal, enters to inform me that I am wanted on the telephone. I put aside my letter from Joann and follow as if in a trance. As I pass through the long corridors of our handsome new school building, I see again each happy face of those forty-three classmates of the 1955 graduating class, now widely scattered, but happy and success- ful citizens of our own United States of America. Minerva Whitaker Class Prophet :Q K.. LM if fin !f2'sia Q 'if QM :gm x 'im ,gil- 559 532- 'C gm H 45 1 Y s -L 'Qi f, V V. s M' ...Y I' .QHYIQQX I . bt l', it 933 A 4 .W ,nk -kt. 's ,Ag x fs' S134 Wx 1 Q .Q-.f ' i 'ff km. YK.. af"'4i 7-if' ,fi L1 Wk K 3 Q .W- igvgxx F' . . C4 Q MARTHA ADKINS LOYD ATCHLEY ALLEN BAKER IOYCE BARRETT JOE BROCKWAY LILLIE BELLE BURROW CATHERINE CAMPBELL FRANCES E. CLARK CHARLES T. DAVIS JIMMY FRAZIER BETTY JANE GUERIN ALICE HINDMAN EULA MAE KEEL PEGGY KEEL FRANCES LEDBETTER LILA LEMLEY MERLENE LEMLEY RUBY LEMLEY JOE MCDONALD FLORA MCKINNEY FERRELL MAPLES DONNIE MARTIN MAGDALENE MARTIN PEGGY ANN MARTIN ISIIRTIE EAYIE U'NEAl, DOROTHY JEAN OWENS WYLLODENE PATRICK ALICE PINKERTON SHIRLEY I'UGH BENNIE SHUIKERT JOE DONALD SMITH DORIS MYRA SNOW ROBERT SPEARS I. MARVIN TIIOMASON CJARI. HUGH WARREN JAMES WATSON R. Ii. WEBSTER NANCY L. WHITAKER DORA SUE WRIGHT ERNEST WRIGHT 2' if 'B' ft 'A IRR 1 ,. if 'JY .E ex' f. ,ji I Q fs, . . , A , C? 'i X X X Xgm Q1 , ' we I M, is I X X, Xa X N? X Q 3- Xxx N N1 S I N Ng EN 2 Qu if X i ,ff :W I 'ci ' Tv. F 'H 4,5 ,,,...? A 5 AMD V, ' N,-I I u , k Z"w. 51 N - ,Q 1 A a ff, v ' , A Q ,yy A ' Q .. gk xw I .off , X a"Q g R ' f' x A l , .3 N- AW' el 4 " ,S W--r f-0 Berry Hall, Tinca Hilliard, Thomas Jones, Betty Madewell, Jean Meeks, Shirley Phillips, not shown. f"'x. 'Q X 44, 1, 4 38,52 -isvh ' X gifs' K X wig .M 7 ' I fm ,g S53 ,mga Q E b .4'. 1 2' ..- .gg f 'A 3, 'wr :dv a-1641 9 4"'x-': f 4 X. qt. fa .4 5 3.1 XJ' K' vm F? Q if -'LA 1 f.X ,1 ,px QP, ,ME Q4 A -4 Y- X Q , Q -W , w n 'x l,, .IN 5 . if , X' nv ,lg W5 K pf . hx- V .Q mv Q? A 3.-xx Q., ' ' . K. A S , , , Y , , , , . 6 L ,.,. , 'aw' 'T Qi" ' K- 'Q' Kr A Tk", 1-gf. S F xg' 'RA' . 'yd ,.,?-1. ,N .afy X A , '- S .R is -W if ,af ,. . . -,, Y "J CN .. n "A Qi ir 1 Q34 .4 A 5 Q- 'V .M , 5 ,. ,., , Q Y .-1 5 - -s-.sq 1 Q 4, fi, 3, -1 ayehf x ff . .. . Q xx ' A , 1' A ,. .y G ! Q V I 'Q S . xx " ' Y fx P An K' 'K 0 3 J- 1 ... A 9 wwrl .xx fs X. - SSR - N X 1- -xx-.sir x X .X, m xi I I Q I 1 E 3 'S E A 3 i 3 S S S S 5 3 Q x E x A . ii 5 S A X X: Q K ' .wifi ww. 1 E .say 4.2 , vw. X fi. 5551 W . ff wifi Q, U1 y 5 .5 fa w- x Q3 i .ig ,Q - Y j X . xx X X S X X xl ' 1 5 Q P.: Q W 0 wg X iiwjj 1-Us uhm .ggisw ' 3? 1 Q fs: E . W ,T . sf' K A 55 X wi L V i X Q lx Q. , . iv ., . X 'X 3355 5 vt 4' la , Q X K sg 4 2 Nix .K ik . Q Egifsf .5 . . ... ..:.,...,..b W' - Rf ' f -we .. WL gig 5 .VH f :SW E? iimgr,-Y eww. ,zksmi as h-1, , Q my 5323, eww - my xg JI L.L, 7 -Q -535,2 my 1 Sa K , ,Q , M H ? LL X L A . m V- 'ii B 1-life, ' - 'B' .1 i 5 N w""B9 , , , 5 2 . L Q5 I :ax 1 N552 x r . .. ,. 5 f ' - ,gi .Q .WX 2. - , A -Qsiwk A. . 1 A 'gf . zi. , LWA.W J .... 5421+ K Wifi- - 1? fe Lim: sf - f l ,Q . "11: 2 L Y' 1253? . . K, ' G., Q 1 WH v?x"l:X?-f 'if is Flin A L 1"V ii'-if Wanda Ruth Adams Earline Atchley Fred Bailey Barbara Baker Bobby Baker Sue Baker Don Bates Craig Brockway Aretta Bullock Ann Bush Frank Carpenter, Jr. Jimmie R. Carpenter Patsy Carpenter Bailey Clark E. B. Clark Harold Gene Clark Mary Walton Clark Wanda Ruth Clark Dickey Cloud - Fannie Mae Cloud ,- Linda Fay Cobb Bonnie Cooper Sandra Kay Cooper Linda Crowson John Ed Frazier Dean Harris Theodora Hereford Martha Jo Hyatt Coy Jacobs Brenda Jones Ray Keel Clara Lanier Atlas Largen Jewel Lipscomb Carolyn McDaniel James A. Maples Billy Martin Joycie Bea Martin Gordon Meeks Cordelia Mitchell Hazel Moon Doyle Myers Connie O'Neal Jerry Self Shirrell Shubert Paul Simmons Bobby Glenn Smith Rebajo Snow Jewel Stapler Wayne Stapler Curtis Sutton Eva Nell Walling Wanda Sue Warren Doris Ann Watts Nell Whitaker Mickey Williams Mary Lillie Woody Frances Wright Johnny Wright f ff Q . X E it X F if 'if .., x f R -XM was x . .X .XA-Q XX ' fzf xgf I NX X Q AMX Ml 1 .. 17 'ffl X X 11:1 3 ,J X, Q k ff 4 7 I ix Rm 7552? Q S ' fi' :v . V 'xx , ..fg,Jk, a mv, Q X Q x X-x ' max ' -Q " . Riff , .wg , if T 5. by 1-5- WW f E' , wx I 3 ? D I Y I M, 'E a c Q , , v 5 ma ffm, ' V ,Wigs - Q . 5 . XF 0 .7 y a, Mx a .KX Nav' Q, Q wx ANNE, R ., .MQ ,K 3,..-- , i as-X 5' ix. Qlfwd ,, - fu,-w,f4hg.,i'f , Jw is if '11 CS .. nn 3.44 Bw Y 1-,fx w H. if Saud .w ggkgmqn. , ,..,, -f K 1 , , - 'Ning' "f 23 rw .Y , 1. , , Q i xv A f 1 N of, X 9 A D 3 . 9 I 1 '- F""i VW 1' 5 XJ ,.,.,,,. Q M :nasal Nh m 55,3 'CN ,IU X3 'xii --vwnww.-nf ..,... M- X - mu.. 1-v Ng' 3 L,sa fe Cc Q75 'ue- M SSL 6 ii , , .1 . i 3 A QQBLA SSMTL Liu ' H - u 5 'X Wi: , -Egv ' N? '.eQ A rw' .ml M :P 741,-wlQzade vamzqmfe 5 2 Q v- --vw K-1 X www!! f Lxlvlwlivrf ws lm I Qi ii . - ,,h. K , 1 .01 AE? 7ffwf?Wfe 17 ' iw an 1 Kfiijlg Q4 . :S S" 'L :infix ?mf?'W Y- W ,Q ,. 'l ' :,, " ' :if V Q' fi iz' "' Vw I cr 9 ,I ig 'f ' 4' X2-bf' "'?'f..?'Y'-f 531, 341 ' f"J'ff W my QV caoy X M Gfov- L. H V A, I If C7 cf - N ' f' 4 ' r' , . I , 1-L 1. - vc' gy, X is A S t . :Waxf ,- R' Q,-lvl kf ' 14 ,v5,,:5Aff,IWg7f My M34 N ,fx H, f47'5f'NX. if - ' few fm EAW ' 0'f1!f2f4:f we ff X K' w'C'r ff .HV X ' 'L fm X 'r 4 P ' X 7" A . i ,.,,, ,A Ny Goan. K f Q X ' J '54 1'S Cvolicl l 'sv 'iw-P " V f I-:pf ' ,,: , I' XX X: ' A, V M23 74 5-im' vii M va A -f ' ""U'3',fhu pr 43555113 - V " 'S-. '-- If-jflylr f A J ff X -l 52' X K' n N i V -su I X X M fi, fluzx I .56 bw' ll Ganga gui fa' X lf ., N , , gg 'V fa 1' ' U u " Q, ' 'vi Q hall- Af O E " ,' :9ls5 -M5 Mil A2427 ZIQQTAAQAMV HUNTING' 49pMa!.,6 X ff X'-j,WLg4fc A110WED I ' I 1l!l,,l" M f ,, Q, gs - Q ., K 7 X L' 'J K I 4 X A A "2-9--MW N Iliff., ..- -i e Muiggylpa Q ,Q M Cf , ' Q ff, .X ent. 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N-Q-....., 'N ix., ' MK ui iv X ,Q r Zqwafial- ww px, 9. v A ,W wa 1- -.-39' fm si NEW HDPE CHAPTER INDIANS N i 1 QQ N Q GFA 'Rb W if if Q vfs.-tff U M!5Y!!l WXNIIIIJWS 5 Em 6641 4-if Zaye E E Q 4 1 is Q,-H X- X .M A is I flfw iw . 5 . ff View Q f ff sf? " .f QQ Q43 ' C 1 SSX ' 'wx ff- I X . QI L ' 'YN ma X mx-.V+ . x ,nj 3 -x ,vm Q ' 2 xv ' vu -.- 1. -T WT? wy- Q . Y W Axy . gf Q . Y ks: sw W ' 'J -n QAWVUQIYQJA 7Zfwcq aa 704cL'46efz 'Wk ff fy .ty 'I . 1 v ,Q f .r v JIMMIE WARREN JAMES PRITCHETT NANCY CHILDERS MURRAY MARTIN BETTY MCCOWAN DONNIE MART IN -W,,v V '7 ELIZABETH HUNTER CARL HUGH WARREN MINERVA SUE WHITAKER BENNY ESSLINGER Zaeelq to JOY LEE JACOBS HERMAN CLARK Www: 2364! 1435- f4fzomwi W . 1w iw-1 M -Q K Q xnsiwlh iillmf 'i Awiiigg war .i 555 wsswfi 1 L fm www'-2 wumwff 12353351 "Sass Ai, ww! W, , if i J ff -. 0 gn ' JE, 4? 3 . ,, M , ", I If ci-I'-f lj I , ,f LL,,.,, , Wiz, , 5531? 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Webster, Murril Martin, Joe Lemley, Bailey Clark, Murray Martin, Bobby Joe Clark, Craig Brockway, Frank Carpenter, Jr. a A 2' Ei 1 Q ,I Sv 8 5 4 S i S E i if .f .2 3 M, ,xii 2 'ww ia lem ,imap v,,. MW- mcxwsmnunnwww.,,w,,m m,m:Ww f,-- f, aww 2W3i'7b'bC4f2?5Ysii'?, -if mn-Q m ,.'m'-U ,Q ,, -g'A'l74f y-005111 Xgw f W fi AMW f . F gf f f f f 2 1 J 1 f f f ju I is Senior: NANCY LOU WHITAKER Junior: PATSY CARPENTER 4 lk Runners-Up: MYRMIA SMITH, GAIL FLOYD, and VIRGINIA SUTTON V! 413 + WL E S X 3 x V- M, in k,..,,-S o En . 4- Nh K, ft Q " X X J 'Ng . ywkx , ,ff . f y - 2, 4 "' "1 . - Kid' N K,-1' E , -' K ' ,,r"r Q ,M,.,Ng1t'?f - K, MAF ' , f" '0 "' .4-"" " Q ir., 1 x ,f 'NA 1 ff' V, vb 11' 4, V, ' is X wa, x RL XX ka'-'f4f.--xxx'--W- Xxx '-'H J 6 - xg- -,Q - .f Xxxf f ff QQ. L' L . 6 J" 8. , .J 1 . Q Q--""" Iffffw? 2' '. W 'ff' K f ,,f3'37' " L 95, ,fy A' . 'J " ,, f ' f-ff?-' 'I ',,f'Wf . X,- v,,:,-'ZA if K A+,-M' M, ,f , N! 1 XA W A 5 Z . 'W' I f' hwy- x. K ' ' , , if ' ,K ,wwf-Mskkzf' ,fr wt 3 sky' '4J MWA gf ,fp V ,ss A My-' ,ff K M Mi3"' W W 5 if , - ,J ,aa M4 Lx C ompliment s of 1 la ,,,-qs' 154575-I 1 1.5! Home of Quality Merchandise General Merchandise . . Electric Appliances. . Furniture Ambulance Service Modern Gin . . . Cotton and Seed Buyers John Deere Tractors . . . Bonded Warehouse New Hope, Alabama NEW Hows Mwkziz QL State Bonded and Sprinkled Throughout Your Business Appreciated C ompliment s of x ,f I, 4 Reliable Merchandise Since Establishment in 1879 Wholesale Grocers Huntsville, Ala. NEW HODE DRUG CO. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Toilet Articles - Gifts Kfafiiff ""' ' . ,1"" ,n"', V", , y Ahh, HHN, -'iq 1 X X I pf ," ,' '- 'H lg 5 .:' X ' . --N -. A f 'xml' If' f' ', 'N 'NN I Q31 X' V 'R NZ gf xx' 5 1' - Huntsville, Alabama Farm Equipment . Sales and Service Refrigerators . . . Freezers . . . Motor Trucks IVIANIXI New Hope , Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF DT2. New Hope , Alabama Colfnplirnents of ClL.JIVI!VHlXIC:J5 COTTON COMPANY Huntsville , Alabama C ompliments of NOIZTI-I ALABAMA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Struve Building 6 Huntsville , Alabama C ompliment s of gmwiwfi FURNITURE CO. Guntersville, Alabama C ompliment s of GL! NTEI2?Vl LLE The Rexall Drug Store - Prescription Druggist Fishing Tackle - Cool Off at Our Fountain When in Guntersville 5 QQ? PCD . ,fi -' N - ,T J W UB U 1 MBBBi5eg.:i'f ' .. .mfzlfgf 1" Je 1 - ' ' -'Y it-2 Sf e ' in hi, .t 5' ' , Y X 1 Oak or Pine Rough or Dressed On Highway 431 Building Materials of A11 Kinds Quality Materials at Reasonable Prices - Free Estimates Northwest of New Hope ffm! BREAD Huntsville , Alabama HAMMEIZS Store Locations Bridgeport, Alabama Scottsboro, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Guntersville, Alabama Clinton, 'Tennessee Haleyville, Alabama London, Tennessee Boaz, Alabama DOUBLE MEASURE M55 QQ BOTTLING CO. Huntsville, Alabama ' DOUBLE PLEASURE Compliments of Compliments of UNIVERSAL PHOTO SERVICE WIMPY'S GRILL Huntsville , Alabama Huntsville , Alabama eg, GALE T 4 . THEATER ' ' W XXX Zi QW! ' MEAE New Hope, Alabama E4 U we WW 2 GIN ........ E. One Variety Cotton Huntsville, Alabama -Qu I l C ompliment s of MADISON! COUNTY LIVES TOCK Huntsville , Alabama YOUR SEARCH EIIDS I IVIANNS " 92, A VARIETY STORE . R f. wma., f-Af 162' U4 if f I 'KA ' Qfl' Q ir 5' -1 ' " A it M New Hope, Alabama AEMLEVV OFFICE MACHINE COMPANY J. H. RIGNEY, Agency 602. Meridian Street Huntsville Agents for Underwood Typew rite rs Sundstrand Adding Machines Bookkeeping Machines - Accounting Machines Service On All Types Typewriters, Adding and Office Machines BILHMHC. 5275553 STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photography 111 E. Clinton Street Brown Building Huntsville, Alabama Scottsboro, Alabama Compliments of EUTLEE FROZEN FOODS Huntsville, Alabama Huntsville's Home of Nationally Advertised Wearables for Men W omen and Children 9 mania Q3 -' 6+ 4 'QEQXS' 40 Years of -Quality COMPLIMENTS OF ' 5 WZZMQ Huntsville, Alabama . ff ., . ..., , f - 1-:'W,, 5 ?523:2:5E:5:V.:2:My-ifg3:2:5:3?32i?2?ES4:Q:5:E:E:EIES'I:2:1Qic1:15.ETE:::i1.E-E:11s:':1:1.- ,2-I-rs::1ym4s:g1,15i:2:E:ErE2EE1:' 21:25 t2::.1:5.5:5:.f:::'3f ':r:2-:,2"22:j:1.. vvjfggiggz-.fagf:-.::-.f,. 133:555139355,:-'1::5.2:5:3.5:1:,g::3. A' A32 ' 551-" :'11" ' If 2.1 : .-1:2f1"'---"'z:?""' "fi " .. :'f:.' ' '-1 ---' ' -:N -:.ggg55:5:,,v zz. 42. :g1j5f:2:::3f:41j:,:5:35:E:5:5.33E'-,r:2:':3' , ' ' 1 ' -5:51 , .,, ' ,.5,ss:f:.:?g'g1j,5- -j,:j:1:.E-pg:I-5:-121,52-f:1:f 12.2-j:Q:5:,.E r. -1 34: 111. 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BEENE, Manager Chocolate -1.1- Regular .ll 'Ml LK Homogenized i...-i C ottage Cheese MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES Huntsville , Alabama CHARLIE NIAVLES SHEET METAL WORKS New Hope, Alabama My W5 Diplomas - Invitations - Certificates Class Rings - Pins - Medals Caps and Gowns DIGGLY VVIGGLY 968 'tithe SERVICE WHEN Q G You NEED IT is X A W C QS if G my , .4 ' ? ,E , 'I-16 New Hope., Alabama Huntsville, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF M5676 WWWQQJ- COMPLIMENTS OF SA: NTS FLOOR SERVICE 1518 Whitesburg Drive Huntsville, Alabama MAPLES SHEET METAL WORKS R oofing Heating Huntsville , Alabama Save Hu., if Compliments of at XJ U A ' Z . Qxij f QUE M f Q' S PROBATE JUDGE New Hope , Huntsville , Alabama Alabama Compliments of 12.E,vANN G'ttRfQ'fL'-5 Compliments of New Hope, Alabama Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of Compliments of RHETT WOOD Mzlvlsom Qou mv and EXCHANGE WOODY'S DRIVE-IN THEATRE Huntsville, Alabama Hunts ville , Alabama LEEDS U . JEWELRY - Gifts for 3 C All Occasions .. Washington Street W Huntsville LOVVE HEREFORD FARMS Polled Herefords Huntsville - Madison Alabama Alabama MAD! SON f iz PIANO CO. In -tz::.: M Baldwin Electric Appliances Cable Maytag 4 .,,,,A, ,,,,, Lester Hotpoint ' T Furniture L, ' 117 Jefferson Street Huntsville, Alabama MASON FURNITURE CO. Huntsville , Alabama Compliment s of Z MMM Compliments of STA T2 MARKE T Huntsville , Alabama ESUVEIA VL! Vtzld PENNY SAVER Cash Talks We Never Close Gunter svi lle , Alabama I 1 Ziff? Dry Goods - Clothing Shoes South Side Square Huntsville, Alabama G-1 LJ NTEIZSVI L.L.E SHEET METAL WORKS Heating - Ventilation - Roofing REYNOLD I. LURWIG, Proprietor 1816 Dunlap Avenue Guntersville, Alabama Phone 3073 -rv- 3 1 AND r SA VE A514115 -1" I-I. AT I-lO12NBLJCI4L.'E GROCERY New Hope , Ala. I-I LJ NTSVI LLE BUTANE GAS COMPANY Sales and Service 203 E. Fifth Street Huntsville, Alabama JACK AND JAMES COPE JA EESOQNS U51 0111111111150 Appliance Repair Specialist No. 1 South Side Square Phone .IE Z-8721 Huntsville, Alabama J EVVE I. SHOP Home of Diamond Values Huntsville, Alabama 6.W1JONES AND SONS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 307 Franklin Street Huntsville, Alabama C ompliment s of ZQZQZZ- SERVIC E STATION If Miles South of New Hope LATZKIN -UAV! 5 SUPPLY STORE AND SERVICE STATIONS Huntsville , Alabama C ompliments of BEN 1: 1- I ELUS Mmm Watches - Diamonds QIL COMPANY H 'l d Ch' avl an Ina 'xnxx . Petroleum International Sterling Products 'f o Guntersville, Alabama 089 Compliments of Compliments of AUTO 1 -3 ELECTRIC A IJ 'P COMPANY C5 SALVAGE COMPANY A Huntsville, f fp Alabama , Huntsville , Alabama Q ' Compliments of E N J U Shoes - Ready-to-Wear - Dry Goods Huntsville, Alabama Cullman, Alabama Huntsville , Alabama MEN'S WEAR M Alabama 0 'O' I E : f Xl-J A Zaaldtq Q sNx,"x""',, mi.. l in ,N ,,, px Huntsville, l 1 ,fi 1 Y. 5 If ' ig Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of Z I Huntsville , Alabama C ompliments of BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Huntsville , Alabama C ompliments of cjcjaclbvlelaffb C LE ANE RS New Hope , Alabama Compliments of ffm- MQ BOT TLING COMPANY Hunts ville., Alabama Compliments of D12 T F. Dil EWOTZTH Huntsville , Alabama C ompliments of HQZWML GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Huntsville, Alabama VJ. Fl EMQIZF Guntersville , Alabama Compliments of IFIQWLEIZS DEPARTMENT STORE Hqntsville , Alabama Compliments of L. P. "PAT" MILLER Your State Farm Agent Compliments of ORR AND DAVIS Huntsville, Alabama POST OFFICE CAFE Huntsville, Alabama ROPER'S FLOWERS Huntsville , Alabama SOUTHERN SHOE STORE The Best Place to Buy Your School Shoes Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of STAR NEWS STAND Huntsville, Alabama TOTS AND TEENS 111 South Jefferson Street Huntsville, Alabama LOUISE SHOPPE KUHLMAN'S DAIRY HUT LEE SALES 8: RENTAL COMPANY UNION DRY GOODS COMPANY - Boosters - JOHN E. BIZOYLES AGENCY All Types of Fire and Casualty Insurance At a Savings of as Much as 3070 on Cost C ompliment s of CITY BODY AND FENDER WORKS Auto Glass Installed Collision Damage Repair Auto Painting - Convertible Tops 230 Washington Street Huntsville , Alabama Compliments of VVI-IITE PRINTING COMPANY For Your Printing Needs Call JE 6-3402 Compliments of NEW HOPE FEED AND SEED COMPANY Wayne Poultry, Cow, Hog, and Horse Feeds Baby Chickens C ompliment s of ALLEN'S Huntsville , Alabama C ompliment s of ASHBURN AND GRAY Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of BECKER'S Huntsville , Alabama Compliments of DR. LOWELL H. BECRAFT OPTOMETRIST Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of C. I. BRADFORD Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of SARAH B. BUTLER New Hope, Alabama Compliments of EARL CLOUD Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of DAVID LEE'S Guntersville, Alabama Compliments of CRYSTAL DRUG CO. Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of FRANCES MAPLES BEAUTY SHOP New Hope, Alabama Compliments of HOWARD GENTLE Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of GRAND CLEANERS Huntsville, Alabama HALE BROTHERS FURNITURE Better Furniture for Less 112 West Clinton Street Huntsville, Alabama Across from Russel Erskine Compliments of HUNTSVILLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Huntsville, Alabama Compliments of HUNTSVILLE MEMORY GARDEN Huntsville, Alabama C ompliment s of LEW TER' S Huntsville , Alabama Compliments of yiwifm BUTANE SERVICE Butane and Propane Gas and Appliances Tractor Conversions New Hope, Ala. Phone 3-4182 . W. H. 8: RANDALL MULLINS Compliments of Doing Business As ALABAMA TRUCK LINE ALABAMA TRUCK LINE Huntsville, Alabama Crating Packing .Storage Agents for NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES, INC. 315 Dallas Ave. L Dial IE 6-1544 rm, ,f5,,,4. . - LW , . 4..w.1u.:mvm',umM.e.1:Ju,:mam , .ff D .Q . u . '- sg" gf- . . , ,ww ' Y 0 , , . , V 4 U A 1, .5 . 1 4, L n Q ' I . I u 1 fl' A A 3 f 1" .0 -A 1 S s ,Q , I Q . , g 4' 't A '1 4 I 3 n . ' A Q. -4. ' ' . x ,Q 5 , . . . 1 4' L, t . 1 ' 4 4 ,. 4 ,p . w , I ' 'K V 1 . . Y L' F ' L Q . . . Q ,, 9 . ,L . 4 I" Il I ' XM ', ' 1, ' fy., 4 Q ' , if 4 1 ' ,i , , . x v , A, . 1 A' 1 5 . ' , K 5 ',, .iq . v U . 9 ' g A 'I 'Q I v 3. l, C, 1 .V - . . V l JI - ' J , . i 3 1 J , , E I l 5 I n I ,,, 4 I . s Q. I - .5 K . if .GJ i ' ' .' 4 ' g n 47 A .V . 'lr - ' . i 1 T n Q , x Q v . . '- ' . 91 , - ,' , 1 sd . if . Q Q .Q it I f ,gf 3 - K y: A ". fi , .5 D .arf fp- ll ' ' 'QQ " 4 r IA 13 e .rf . 5 'if ' . ,, J YW .' A is 1 ' 1 :' 3 If A 1 P5 ' l " ' 1 4? xx, r . X 1' 1 1 f . . ,L 5 Q Q ' l

Suggestions in the New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) collection:

New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 8

1955, pg 8

New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 46

1955, pg 46

New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 37

1955, pg 37

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