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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1943 volume:

,fmt OWN -wx J, WJ, W ,- , MVA.. J r "M'Mv,. Aw v-W... 4 , 1 'ia f E A -F ,JH ,. Q.-5'-,,.f.f ' . "f ' 4, V Q I N r '1- ,3 5-5-Jf.":. 4 fl". f, ..- .En fi f 5,13 1 x S W Q 1 4 Q ., 2? A PARAGAN Pnooucrodn ' 57 . tl Uh Qlfllll IQKIII IONYOOKIIY, MARIA f'T?'fi9f2?71A7W'fQ-TWT? J 5' W. 1. -f?:?' ws ,U , . S 1 Q . , . 1- 1: . "avi A 5' 1 1 ,'?2Q:1gga9If?f11 'fzfqz 9-QE,2'1fV5'Qfi iii . 1, . ink M11 ., . i ' 1 1. 1 1 1 -1 1 - 1 1 1 . 1 .AJ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 - 1 4 0 5 f'D XM ,Q 9 LAGQ Q mxiggjx DZQMLW L if QGRMGW 'x ,Q J! P T T656 Neje cjemged New H0933 Q15 bl UP If LAYELSS en EXEQHOQK aa. me. 62 Rav the faces and personalities revealed within tha pages of this back recall p1eaSant memoriwsg may the remembrance of those that ara missing because they are in the service of our Country inspire us to do all that we can for them and for the restoration of peace A --The Staff Z5 1 r' - O. S. Ledbetter .... . . . . . . Editor Jewel MoKe1vey . . Assistant Editor Imogene Baker .... . . Business Manager Edna Moon . . . Assistant Business Manager Virginia Clark . . . Advertising Manager Mary Alice Butler . ..... Art ditor Odie Hill ......... Sports Editor Yauline Putman . . . Circulatimn Hamager Stella Mae Ucmillan . . Photograph Editor Sarah Iayne .'. . . , . . . , Typist Jean Woody . , . 1 . Typist Imogene Embrey . Sports Editor FFVNKN' ff? fl my W3 VW? f mf-1 rw , I: 41 I, ,. g,?b'," - 5L"T I wf,rN'fX ff fxbfg 2QN7Sb 'fix K lm ' ky Q "' fr-"+-'xifbfx j--1 rf: vEi' ':':r: rrirf-rn!-' CW N QE' , UC""!"' rrrrfii lI""L-Jie hfwx M'- +f, -- wma V Win -1-rw xx 4E'fQfQ-"0 , 'hu Ibn- L Lal. g, U 8 X L.FlRRSH ff? XM 'X DEIQNCLATIQN TO -H7052 mc Uwe faculjtg ancs sJcuJenJcboA5 who Have gone, from Hwfs Sd-.cox 'fo defend onuf latmerfcan mag OF life, Eancb Jco m aka-1'Hfwf5 as EQJCEQY- Ludvlcl Cry whfch To l sifef---J we CiQCxllC.S'l-QJ HME qeax book QF iq'-lZa.,Z HOMIE CHAFIVIAH PRINCIPAL NEW HOPE HIGH SCHOOL 2'f!Z'3721-il! X M5 ,U AGRICULTURE BUILDING ,EM mmNBUf1.ofNcv New x-vow?- x-Q Us-H SSA-lOOl...a HOEVNE ,E C, BLMLDI NG .figs-J 'VTE QJYIYX ll Mr. Phillips Coach 4 Es s linger Mathematics 5 Hrs . Baggh Sgxth Grade F' A ULTYEQL Mrs. Weaver Mrs. Defenderfer Mr. Power Mrs . Esslinger Home Ee onomi cz S Engli sh Sc ience Agr iculture Mrs. Roberts Mrs. Marsh Missa Carpenter Mrs. Butler Junior English History Typing Music 2 , X X i L H 'X if Mrs. Carpegxter Miss Maples Miss Dilworth Miss Holland Fifth Grade Fourth Grade ' Third Grade Second Grade -Q 4-if Mrs. Bostick: Mrs. Martin Second Grade First Grade A,f-WV' A Ay" ,MP CLASSES lf V- K J W M? 'gf' W- , v nf ' f jf' f f f - X- F --QMS ,R , A, . . i I KAI wx R ""' X . 4--A ,.QMfmmHm ff 2--..., 'fs 41,- V D f" , 1,0 " W f,' ,,,i,,, f, N x Y U , -- "mf---...iff 7 SE IOR EARL BAKER HHe likes the girls, especially Nina Sue.' IMOGENE BAKER 'Order is a lovely thing.n Annual Staffg Who's Who '42, '45, Librarian '45. OLLIE MAE BAKER 'Always working, and more work ahead.n MARY ALICE BUTLER NShe has a voice of glad ness and a smile worthwhile.n Annual Staff Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class, Cheer Leader '45g Glee Club '41, '42, '45, Music '40, '41, '42, French Club '42, '43: Senior Play. VIRGINIA CLARK nShe has a weakness for Army doctors.N Annual Staff. DOROTHY CRAFT 'Give her a pair of skates and she'll be happy.n 4-H Club, French Club '42, '43. NINA SUE DRAKE 'She has a weakness for Earl C.n IMOGENE EMBREY Wwe know little of her and that is good.' Who's Who '45: Basketball '42g Home Economics Club '42, '45, Annual Staff. WAID ESSLINGER nIt's a good thing it doesn't take gasoline for my bicycle.' BETTY JO GROOMS nShe has a merry giggle and a happy-go-lucky way.' 4-H Club, French Club '42, '45g Senior Play. FLORENE GROOMS NShe's little, but she gets around.' French Club '42, '45. ANNIE HILL nLet's go to the post office: I might get a letter.' 8 OQIE HILL 'He knows all about himself.' Football '41-'42g Annual Staffg President of F. F. A. '42-'45, O.S. LEDBETTER 'He has the gift of gab.' Football '41-'42g Basketball '42-'45g Vice President of Senior Classg Who's Who '42g Annual Staffg Senior Play. JEWEL MDKELVEY 'It's a great life if you don't weaken.' Annual Staffg Who's Who '43: Vice President of 4-H Club '43g Home Economics Club '42-'45, STELLA MAE MCMILLAN 'The better you know her, the better you like her.' 4-H Clubg Who's Who '45g Annual Staff. JESSLE MAE MDPETERS 'She likes geometry: she has a plane mind.' ALBERT MINN, JR. 'If you want to know anything about machinery, ask him.' Who's Who '43g Basketball '42, '43g F. F. A.g Football '40-'4lg N Club. ANH'MAPLES 'She likes BhOW8.n EUGENE MLPLES 'He's not lazy: he just doesn't want to be rich.' F. F. A.g Foot- ball '4O-'4l: Basketball '41-'42, '43g N Club. SARA MARTIN 'Little but loud: precise and proud.' Glee Club '41, '423 4-H Club '42, '45g Club Leader '425 Senior Play. GERTRUDE M RRELL 'Her heart is in an Army Camp.' EDNA MOON 'I'l1 never die from over work.' Senior Class Presidentg Secretary and Treasurer of 4-H Club '45g Glee Club '41, '42, '45g Who's Who '42, '45g Cheer Leader '455 Annual Staffg Senior Play. LOLA MOON 'A soft voice is not a sign of weakness.' Librarian '45. 9 PAULINE MURPHY 'Better faithful than fai1ure.' Senior Play. EVELYN PATTERSON 'A more sincere girl yo will never find.' French Club '42, '45. SARAH PAYNE 'If you want to know a joke, ask me.' Annual Staffs 4-H Club. LUCILLE PENCE 'Give me a Nash, and I'1l leave town.' Librarian '45. PAULINE PUTHAN 'The essence of friendli- ness, the model of neatness.' Who's Who '43s Annual Staff. MARGARET SCHRIMSHER 'If music be the food of love, play ont' President of Class '42 Vice President of Class '4l3 Glee Club '41 '42, '45: 4-H Clubg Cheer Leader '45g Music '41, '42, Senior Play. MARTHA JACK TURNER 'And now she has fixed her affections on one.' BILLY JO WALLS 'Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed.' Senior Play. TC ED WEBSTER 'I am too busy to make a no1se.' F. F. A., Secretary of New Hope Chapter '41-'42g Secretary of District F. F. A. '41-'423 4-H Club. MARTHA WHITAKER 'Quietly she Works away, faithful to each day.' JEAN WOODY 'What would Mr. Chapman do without her!' Annual Staffg Cheer Leader '45s French Club '42, '45g Senior Play: Librarian '45. IO crass HISTORY ' 'Ship ahoyln was the call our class heard from Albert Mann, Jr., our president in 1959, as our crew of fifty-four embarked on the imaginary vessel, 'Knowledge,n for the first of our four voyages. Our vice presi- dent was Mary Alice Butlerg our secretary and treasurer, Hoyt Hamer: and in case of mutiny our sponsor, Mr. Charles R. Ealy, suggested that we elect Thomas Moon seargent-at-arms. Perhaps the experience he got at that time is now helping him fight the U-Boats in the Atlantic. In our sophomore year we had a larger crew on our ship, for we were joined by'the graduates of near-by junior high schools. Our former spon- sor, Mr. Ealy, was drafted into the U. S. Army, and we were placed under the guidance of Miss Elizabeth Carpenter. One of the red-letter days in the history of our voyages occurred during our junior year, when we entertained the seniors with a trip to Lookout Motntain. Coach Tuerman Wilson, who is now serving in the Army Air Corps, was our sponsor, and Professor Howe Chapman succeeded Profes- sor S. L. Mathison as our principal. It was during this year that we gave up, regretfully, two of our most likable classmates, Dewey Craft and Oli- vette Percival. Both are now serving their country well--Olivette as a typist in Washington, and Dewey as an antagonist of the U-Boats in the Pacific. In 1942 we embarked on the fourth and final of our high school voy- ages. This was an eventful year, spent under the guidance of our former sponsor, Miss Elizabeth Carpenter. The first of our enterprises as sen- iors was a Sock Supper, given for the purpose of securing funds for pub- lishing the yearbookg this proved to be a success. Then came the business of selling ads, and the final editing, which called for work. However, as we viewed the finished product, we experienced a sense of satisfaction, not because our work was perfect, but because we had done our best. Another undertaking requiring co-operation and patience was our sen- ior play. we presented Wlother-in-Law Blues,' in which O. S. Ledbetter and Mary Alice Butler were starred as a young married couple, and Edna Moon as the mother-in-law. we remember with pleasure the trip to Little Jerusalem and the de- lightful picnic which the junior class gave us at Thanksgiving time. It was with regret that we said goodby to Coach Smith, who Joined the Army Air Corps at the beginning of the year. Three of our classmates, also, felt the patriotic urge to defend their country's freedom, and for that reason we lost Gardner Maples, Frank Maples, and Tom Ed Webster. This- left only thirty-four members of the crew..0n this fourth voyage Martha Jack Turner and Jewel McKe1vey fell overboard for two outsidersg however, they remained with us to complete the voyage. All along our way we had felt that at the end of the last voyage, our good ship, "Knowledge," would make a happy landing, and all members of the crew would then be free from cares and worries: but we now realize that the end of high school days is only the beginning of a richer and fuller life. As we take our places in a war-torn world, we feel that we need a strong, sustaining force to replace the guidance of our parents and teachers, and we say with'the hymn writer, J. E. Gould, - nJesus, Savior, pilot me - Over life's tempestuous seag Unknown waves before me roll Hiding rockspand treacherous shoalg Chart and compass come from Thee: , Jesus, Savior, pilot me.' s --0. S. Ledbetter :- Aday Baker Ballew Branum Brazelton Butler Butler Butler Butler Cambron UN OR if Clayton Cloud Cobb Cooper Davis Elkins Hamer Hindman Ikard Kennedy Ledbetter McCul1ey McWhorter Mann Mann Maples Maples Hartin Hoon Hoore Paseur Perkins Rich Rogers Russell Solomon Stapler Stapler Syler Thomason Turner -I We W A ,, ! 5 f 9 .5 ber? Mfvth ' K 4 It 1 -af e I 1 f r Q -5 fjxgwrgdlf J I - fi IWJ Alverson Baker Barnard' Blackburn Burgess Butler Butler Cambron' Carpenter Carpenter Chambers Chapman Childers OPHOIVIURES Clark' Clark' Cooper' Craft Days Duncan' Gardiner Gardiner' Guthrie Hale Helton Hornbuckle Hunt Jasmer Jones' Kelley Kent' Kilgore Kilgore Lipscomb Lyon' Lyon McDonald MaMi1lan Maples Maples 'No Picture Moon' Moore Morring' Parsons Paseur Perkins Phillips Pritchett Rice' Self Self Siniard Stapler' Stewart Stewart' Tabor Tabor Turner Turner Webster Whitaker Whitaker Wilhelm' Williams Woody il il 33 O In A " V - f .. y ' 1: Q 5 aw! A . P94 sw' , ' f i du ...x fix , s if if-v 1' - ' wel. Y 3 . 'F Q A aa , 2 E X l E -U -if .155 ' , A ' In 'IK Adams Aday Artis Atchley Baker Baker' Branum' Bridges Bush Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Cambron Church Dalton Dalton Dalton Davis' Dickey Doran N., il FRESHIVIEN Drake Elkins' Hagler' Holt Hunkapillar Hunt Johnson Johnson Jones Keel Kilgore' Lemley Lemley' McMillan McMinn' McPeters McPeters Mann Maples Martin Meeks Moon 'No Picture Moon' Nash Paseur Rich Salmon Taylor' Taylor- Thomason Turner Vann Vann 'in Vann Walls Warren Warren Whitaker Whitaker Woody Woodyr A. 'Feta A ,... - stung- ,N 1 Ne .:..: I I -1 512' 2 """"l ,gf I I 'fx if '1 '-x ,.sw, 1 ,1, WW X 1 Uh .1 ,Ev zggmenie ' m f a-Ili I' gL'1'QF P A ?i 'Wu X s P' wwf- 5 ' P P Z 4 E1 fiQwg :,- N f B Q , 1 A L B 1 " S C Q 'W , on Fe , , we 4- P We b .1 SQQQ3 el g ug Jqc- j W M52 E ESX,g'n , i ,.,. x V zbq r Ak : Ay A V bl , i . I 3 ., 1 A l Qi Q M A - P i ,ri . L or L 'A' mf Z in . 1123 wi ' M3 l .P sz- "" ' " V f- ' "'f' W EQ ""- M Q y E mxfk 1'A SANS 1 1 if L , 1 f 5? 3 P 2 , bf N X X U . .. 1 r 1 M, yy M is , I .ga i y 4,,:.- K f 9' if 1 4 'Q . Ei i't fm A A xx tj XJPQV 41piv 'tab at f,ay, 5 A i P X, V ' ff Q .fi , P- .V W V w , iii C. m k if v . 1' ' I , ff' - W 3 .Q f A I L-,:, Q Q . A x I ,xmf , VVIL A . y ' 4 , . Q . 'N f,,1 K V M Y 1 1 X 1 I A Q ,N S " X , L x . ' L. ss? igqkfw KWVH Nyyo E!,,.l! Egg L,, V ,WM Illlliiir N Adams Anderson Baker Barkley Branum Branu Bridges Brooks Brooks Butler Byrom' Childers Childers Clark Cobb Cooper' Dickey Floyd Harrell Hillard Hornbuckle Hunkapillar Jones Keel Keel Kilgore Lemley' Lewis Lusk Lyon McDonald Mann Maples 'No Picture Maples Martin Meeks Millner Payne Pence' Perkins Reeder Rich Pritchett Russell Sandlin Smith Smith Stephens Stephens Tabor Webster Whitaker Whitaker Whitaker ,, wg, V. 4? P xo, "9 gg, I 4, 'it Q- 4 , Mi E me of 4, . it k send, Q f Q f , ' ' 1 5. ' 3 ' Qggfg .2 M. A w- ,Ag ae -f ,r , aa : o N at R A 5 ' 1' i x I 2? N J, ., k - .reno -if V Q ,I ,. 2, 'ss -. Q ix K Q A 3 e Q -:Q V- 1 , K - s-'m . f ,Q f x 'Qff ,, 'E 'af A B. 3 .f fl AA J 5 fl ,e 0 1 fd 4 u h ol si M had .Pax l V 1 ,, ,, I: I .. A Angel Atchley Baker Bearden Birchfield Brooks Bullocks Bullocks Burroughs But ler Cambron JUNIOR I CLASS Chi lders C lark C lark C lark C loud' C loud Cloud' C owan Dalton Dickey Drake Eubanks Guer in' Guerin Hodge s Hunt I vy Kee 1 Lemley Lemley L ipscomb McCormick McMin.n McPeters 'f Mann Maples Martin Martin Martin Martin Meeks' Millner Moore 'No Picture Moore Paseur Rich Self Sente 11 Smith Smith Stapler S tephens S tephens Taylor Yann Watson Watson Whitaker Whitaker White Woody Woody Hoody :W 4,0 X 22' A 11:1 it Q1 fx 1623 Srl-" M' MEF? S5533 ATL-lLETNC. 17 BASKETBALL gg, if q fsz sm: ,ggi W Q E ws Mwwwwmwm all 18 Q Q 1 W A A VARSITY SQUAD John Davis Mann Murray Maples Eugene Maples Leonard Maples George Butler, Jr. Harry Baker Neil Cooper Willie Kent Joe Ledbetter . . . Manager Mr. Phillips . . Coach 19 BASKETBALL B TEAM G. W. McDonald S. L. Pritchett O. S. Leclbetter Albert Mann, Jr. Oneal Martin George Mward Chapman Valgene Rice John Garland Butler Elo is Siniard Joe Ledbetter . . . Manager Mr. Phillips . . . Coach ' 1. Il" 1 E 1 1 A "' nw , AAN b Nl l Ln ,-BJ ."' , X , 'Ev A 1 . o ' IX ' 5 V 'S' - . A . 'NA -uf'---b J I 4-f' x --M . fx . f M. L.L- A ,Z , . M xi :N ab Q gi, ',l- v S . A i : N Q 3 , K lv? Q 8 4N M l KX , N X Ikyk .Q" V 'E igE'1iiL, tN"N ,J ' gf , ' m wx x-F! XY' M ga Q xi 3 7.5 ' Y ., f , Q N - 4525 jj? i' ! S, X ,ft 5 'lf' .a:.-:-:.:...'- ' --2... ---+15 ,fig , , r -w'4:5,,. """SS Q j U Mffj Wvvbivvfm ah ,U j jj!! fe: g. Q5 f . . , by Sf! 0 "N Q? 5 A 1 ef' 9 ' .Q .Q rj? ' A .v ' f . 3 02-QE 4 'fi ff 9' 35' ' , ' " A fx, 1 if , if l 1 AA, 5 Q A . 4 .1 ' ix ' ' AA .ff , ' is . , I u X Ill ' ,N 1. nge J 'twin r "' :::. Q -a.. i :,:, gm 493 an i , - - Q in , H ,Best A11-Roma Most Popular Moss Intelligent Stella McMillan Jewel McKe1vey Imogene Baker Billy gardiner Willie Kent Joe Ledbetter T A V E -fxv-f-':: -- Q3S6www-- - P1383 g J g A ' wi , Q JH , kg .Q F I IHi Q m,-, V,, , Lazies5WW Edna Moon Imogene Embrey Mary Belle Elkins Albert Yann, Jr. S. L. Pritchett Neil Cooper L 12 ,X rl I 1 Best Athlete Murray Map le S Pauline ?utman NGQHMSAC TIVITI E SME' Cf fiifn . ki P? A A fuk A Sewing vxL5-'Pegg-gl A' Lgsnlfnrs GARDENS' f-TQ 623513 CSTTIZN A A 2 Q N 'TERM Wvx -lf? of J'SfXf ,-fl-jgb FHLITARY 'RQHUZWG1 bRxL'L".-NJ 'BG-11-JQC1es,J I dvi? SCRAP QOLLECH l lJv'V.iYL swfuouzzs CKE -.llll , -. NQDIL -I TLHNES 2'5 'ff' ""'l fVlCT YCORP5 -- 2 Jean Woody President .Adams , Artis , Baker, Baker, Ballon, Branum. Frankie lisa' Doris Imogene Ollie Hao Og-lier -A Ruth Braeelton, Lule. Mae Bridges, Eliza-beth Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Corinne Annie Sue Charles Owen Dan Dorothy Szie John Bk! f Jovrilla. Mary Alice YC ambron, Game ll Craft, Arline Craft, Davie , Embrey, Grooms , Grooms, Hamer, Dorothy Sara Bell Imogene Betty J o Florene Martha Alice Johnson, Billy Johnson, Harry Charles O. Butler e Vioe-President Jones, James 0. Kelly, Elma Holt, Donald Hill, Annie V Faculty Advisefirz Mr. Power l 5 sv June Turner Seoxfe tary-Tre asurer Mann, Albert Jr. Mann, Imogene Mann, Lyla. Seay liartin, Belyn Martin, Safah ' Maplea, Eugene l Maples, Mogene . 4 Montero, Jessie Mae Moon, Dorothy Jean Moon, E'-dna Moon, Lola Murphy, Pauline Nash, Lillian Payne, Sarah Parsons, Vernon ' Pence, ,Lucille Perkins, Marie Perkins, Mary Jane Reeder, Jimmie Rogers, Thlma Sancilin, Woodfin Sohrimeher, Margaret Turner, Bernard. Turner, June ' Yann, Lorena Walls, Wanda Ruth Warren, James T.. Whitaker, Martha Williams, James Woody, Jean Woody, Ruby , l 1 , Counselors: Mary A. Bntlez',:. 1 gene Embrey, Imogene Baker, Junior Jones :- .rf 1+ I A xii' M 9' 'EA . wir 5,4 A A Y CLUB ffffd I?-fllf!-MX, 25 f -kJ .2 '-ff QmLs4'HCLUB 6' p Bo-fs 4'HCLUB 26 KGBDBE FHNIDE E ' I .5 sm in F21 UHRTET E: ' '1-""" 14 ---1--- HGIVKIQ E C CI l I3 1 W .. Ami V - , L ffviig vu. if S GL PD, 5 C4 ,LID ---R-Jdnffg +4 Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories fl 1 S .Q gh rg. " r ta JF - z GQ xv- ' , ,,., fx -2. 5 if J .4 . fl 'S if I Q , Wwvk 1 vm Sf' . A ii -K, kr fsiikii, Q" 2. ix. ' vw ! .. -in L. if . -ra 'xg-J, ..,, .. 1 fm QM? - ,,,,. g, . ,Q as " , L f 5 ' H- 3225 ' 1 -. K -'- . ffgmfk kij f . , ' MEM F i I, L . 3, .K m y ,. Mxmam gsm ' " ' . ia 4:45 at I -' 'wg , 4 ' 1 -we-7 if V 4 . --hi K - W.,-w,,, ' 9 Ng ' ff a 'x E Bk-mmm? gem'- "' ,ad X 5-54. sf-,, 115, N5 11 z ig f i, ,- ix H 1 3. i 4 .f QSQSSSQ ----------------------------q STOCTON MOTU? CAIR C0. Buick. . . Oldsmobile General Motors Trucks Huntsville Alabama I I I I I I I I I I I I ""'-"--'"-""'-"""""""""""l I QNTTHERN SHOE STORE Huntsville' s Popular Priced Family Shoe Store North Washington St. Huntsville Alabama - ---- - --.-- ---- ...- - .-.-. ---J I GOODYEAR SHOE SHOP Old Shoes Made New We Can Please You Hunt svi lle Alabama I I A Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Seniors Our Government Needs Stenographers Let us train you to render this patriotic service! NORTH ALABAMA BUSINESS COLLEGE Huntsville, Ala. --------------------- -u-un------- Compliments of LAWRENCE IVY SERVICE STATION Huntsville, Ala. Compliments of 1. SCHIFFMAN moron co. Huntsville , Ala. Compliments of Y C O . JACOB BATTER Huntsville, Ala. Compliments of RAY AUTO COMPANY Huntsville, Ala. ----------u----51.--.-----------.--------------------- GOD BLESS AMERICA Presented in the Interest of True Americanism By .. !2A lllllll lRs.6ii5' r'f ,J Illllll i AX 235 THE HGME OF QUALITY M RCHANDISE General Merchandise . . . Electric Appliances Ambulance Service Modern Gin . . . Cotton and Seed Buyers John Deere Tractors . . . Bonded Whrehouse New Hope, Alabama X . R O B E B T I 0 0 N District Agent COLUM IAH MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CGMTANY ' New Hope, Alabama ..- --------..--........--..---...' -1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -.l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I L- I I I-----a--.---------- Compliments of W. E. P O P E J O Y Huntsville, Ala. Compliments of BECKER' s DEPARTMENT smonm Huntsville, Ala. Compliments of DOUBLE COLA BOTTLING CO. Huntsville, Ala. Compliments or THE POST OFFICE CAFE Huntsville, Ala. ----P--------- .... ------------- Compliments of DR. HARRY J. COONS Huntsville, Ala. Compliments of THE SERVICE CLEANERS One Day Service Out of Town Huntsville, Ala. GRAND SHINE PARLOR Cleaners and Hatters Huntsville Alabama Compliments of C L A R K - S T E A D M A N ' Huntsville, Ala. ---------I-n----I-un----nn-u--an---.nun H U N T S V I L L E ' S Q U A L I T Y C E N T E R 1 ' 5 4 , .. L Compliments of HUNTSVILLE HOME OF NATIONALLY KNOWN AND ADVERTISED WEARABLES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Modern Beauty Salon G. E. Appliances Venetian Blinds ICE CREAM 81 CREAMERY C0. Huntsville 601 W. Clinton Phone 47 Alabama Compliments of M A X L U T H E R Huntsville, Ala. W. L. HALSEY GROCERY CGEPANY Wholesale Grocers Reliable Merchandise for Sixty-Four Years Huntsville, Ala. Compliments of THOS. W. JONES Compliments of LEWTER HARDWARE CO. Huntsville, Ala. For Prompt, Efficient . WDCO PEP IECAPPING ,SERVICE STATION Service,.Bring Your 400 Mldimn lst' Tires to Us. Q moosnn PLANT Q SKILLED WORKM EN LYRIC AMUSEMENT CO., INC. Lyric, Grand, and Elks Theatres Huntsville Allbama B.F. GILES COAL CO. 'We Solve The Burning Question' Jefferson Street Telephone 250 Huntsville, Ala.. NORTH ALABAMA'S LARGEST FURNITURE STORE Huntsville Alabama . "Great Is The Power Oi Cash" T. T. TERRY Clothing . . Shoes . . Ladies' Ready-To-Wear . . Piece Goods . . Groceries T H E F A M I L Y S T O R E Huntsville, Ala. When It's Flowers Remember ROPERS Phone 544 Huntsville, Alabama Fon rosa slum ctomms I Compliments Come to I Of LOUISE SHOPPE : HOLMES FURNITURE COMPANY North Side Square Huntsville, Ala. 1 Huntsville Alabama Compliments : Compliments I of : gf JAMES H. TERRY :CANTRELL TIRE CO. Huntsville, Ala. : Huntsville, Ala. iii31111-'1111371111'-"""'??131111T1P'1111-iiI-iitlillti-lit-m111111111 Compliments : Compliments of I of TWICKENHAM BARBER SHOP I ARNOLD CLOTHING COMPANY Bob Moore, Prop. Huntsville, Ala.: Huntsville, Ala. 111l-an-asulruu11111:-ng:gsnnnun11gg..p111-11-.1-1111g11,..--,3133,.g1-.1-,g131 Compliments f of : A. L. H I P P C E N T R A L C A F E : Jeweler and Optometrist L- Huntsville, Ala. 1 Huntsville Alabama -....-----..-..-..--------..-..........--I..-....--..-..-....-....----....--..........- Comfiments I R. L. DE YOUNG BARBER SHOP . I A JAMES STEAK Housm g "I"PaYSt0100k"e11" Huntsville, Ala.. : Huntsville Alabama rv D----------- ir ----------------- T --------------------------- ..- I E. L. FANNING :CITY DRUG COMPANY General Merchandise Q T0111 D8-Tk, Drllggisli Redstone Park : East Side Square Huntsville, Ale. r- ---------------------- -- ---- + ----- A ---------------------- ..- Com liments : Compliments Pof : of UNCLE SAM LOAN OFFICE : Qu 1131: AC Rug CA tlgi' S a re o ers -. .......... If 11"fEXi?.1f:.'iiag ....... 1 ........ alllssxsne. A18- I """"""' CDUPH-,ments 2 Complgments - o LIBERTY CAFE E THE BOOTERY ,.'fi1fff.'f?'f1.NigfL--Ff'i'fi'13fiLf3fLi ........ Ef1:f1tfZiE2-fiB' ' Compliments f Compliments of : of UNION DRY GOODS CO. 1 NU WAY LUNCH L. Harrison, Mgr. Huntsville, Ala.: Huntsville, Ala. I- ----------.--...... ........ 4. -...I-----N -------.--........ ....... .. ' Complgments E Compliments 0 of wnsows mmmnYlNnDBYc1.mN1NGcoiT IMES BEAUTY SHOP Huntsville, Ala. : H'l1!lt9Vi-119, Alas """"""""""""""""---"'---'----------------"---"b-r-------u------ann E Compliments : I of i : S. H. K H E S S : I ..----?.:lQ:ZQ-Q2n1.Q1aQrss------...l --------. --------- ------------- Compliments of ALABAMA GROCERY C Wholesale Grocers Huntsville, Ala. I.. .....------ --.. ----- -. ----- --- I Compliments of MA.SON'S FURNITURE COMPANY Huntsville, Ala. --I-,---.-.---.-.--...-------.------.--. Xt LBA XXII A -1 flu xi A ag M u.s.w - Bo S J A IX gk, I , M I 4 -il' an V I Slzmps I HILL Bmw Chevrolet C o. Day 8. Night Wrecker Service 103 Meridian St. Phone 91 -IUNTSYIILI, 4AEA O. ----------------------f---------------------------- -1 I I : Compliments l I of I : B. F. GOODRICH SILVERTOWN STORES I I I u I : South Square Huntsville, Ala. l -L ...................... 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UPTAlN'S Footwear Huntsville's Newest LADIES' SHOE STORE i O -... Specializing in Ladies' Novelty Shoes Washington St R, 1533-1-asia PRESCRIPTION SERVICE We'll cheerful! abide by his verdlet. Crystal Drug QL'!!Lf.9 Typewriter Cleaning Jlwwve Phone 71 for a war time checkup. We'11 put your tydewriter in smooth run- ning order at a small cost. BIZNESS EQUIPMENT CO. Phone 71 FURNITURE N1-:VI af U-SED E S L I C K Furniture Co. lNext Door City Hall! CORRECT STYLES in Clothing, Shoes, Ready To Wear at FOWLER CHANEY .,-,--..,:,. ,N-A . ,. , ,W ,,,,,- 'A V , , ,C H D V 4-Q" ' 5.51 1 I NY ywfffrm ., 7' Q1- :W -s. ' ' n A ' 'irfi-1 M v "1 pg , V 2 -X . F 3:1-QV. ,,Lg..w 5155333 B151 Qs, rf . 1 1 , : ' .' ' KLAJQ ' 4, -Lp filer ,, , , Q ' Fwg-1 " ' XAu,n fl? ,E 11- f, . ' Sf ' 'f I 7,513,535-".rQ . ' Q fl: j - 'Q -. r N X' n J A 1 fini ri 1 , 5 ' . , ll . , A ,, 1 Q: rgslizg, 'f 1-,fa A ' .', V , ' Vx 5' ' -' fe-fr ' ax R, ag? . , ' LA ,Q s " . 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Suggestions in the New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) collection:

New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 9

1943, pg 9

New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 49

1943, pg 49

New Hope High School - Indian Yearbook (New Hope, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 8

1943, pg 8

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