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...... -...- ,-....., -,..4,... .....3--- 7-T . --.- .- - - -.- f N , , C'Iflf!J ,u. If .. . . , Ll 3 A., '. r. .X : .. L .,.,.,4'.,x I ' gf' sf M' 2, A gnsv' ' , - 'A r. if A LQ ' . Q 1125615 ,. 3 sfffji, Q, - "LU", Qs, , Q, if 'QW HH V 5' V A-fV 4 Q35 if Za F' aiu, ' QQ ' Yak if , O Vi A6 MSC! 0 O Q ,P tk. " fx' 1: 23 Ml: V ' 1: UT- 1 '7" 1' ' J- rv? ' ' E ,Q 3 4 fzfhwiq 'L Q "?"L' E55 '. fi law' gif? 'gfizff' " Q kg? if YW 1 fl? .-Q? 3- ff A ai -'--- f - - if f" ' W -. " '..... I x X vw H M f m fmt' "5 ffwwff So that high school days may never slip into the forgetable past, we pause to record here some of our happy memories We will always remember our high school and the pleasant times had while working together Although we are now saying good-by to our high school days, we will always remember the friendships and the asso- ciations we enjoyed and the ideals we have formed. X , F5 5 ad comm - Qwfff OP- 1940 K I -'- K .ummm I L V iv - Ooieclio oljfoo KN ig5 'E.T??.f,, -I ulvgz, qt ,mga :::::: 1 E O v I J We, the class of 1940, dedicate our first volume of nThe Colonyn to a group which has been our greatest guide and our best friend during the years we have spent within our school. May we, in some small measure, show our sincere appreciation and dedicate this book to the faculty of New Hope High School. I 'I ai X r Tr-+5-ootorw 0 ctflfff ov- E Q W VW ffEW0Q'f O L, O ,NOW NXWWWX CAD , o , A 'mlff 0 UCI O O Ofhfmfxvxj-7 X QDIUXTWQU ACT M O MQW fi. A A COLOUY ' CLIN!! QF-1940 L. ,'?':f" 'r' 'i: v-'ov - , A V -n W- -4 i.-un --ni. ,-11. --1-1 Q...1-- New 1-some --M Huss-Q fan-moon. 'Tj 5 .f Lf? H gi.-5-ff-'W - F' J-W1 - Q X M , . :,N X I " ' -H-"'Tf ' ...g.:.m'.:-.1 '-an-li ""-'Y 'Q , ,,,, , .. V ..-... 5-i'L,. ., .Y - , Q- -- -u---n-u- X5 I U 1 -.Q ,I AL. 21,7 1 ' 53' V -53" -My '?f-rfliif -- S :Vis fflffif' 'H 42' ff". ,-K' ' 0 -1' .gf . .7 1414- . J, 7, . ,-,Lia I -:gg-gi. 1.7 gg-, .A JR ,.,,,.,.,.,,,.- .1 YW, YY cl eff refide mt? l f N" 1 1 ,fi ' , ,lf fd .F lf n gf , , ,gy Mg. 4 , f !g s eg! QD G9 ! To the Class of 1940: Q We came into the halls of New Hope High School for the purpose of studying and becoming good and worth- i while citizens. During the four years we have been in , school, we, as a class, have helped in a small way to make N. H. H. S. what it is now, and hope that future classes will do better. The cooperation we have re- ' ceived from our supervisors has been splendid, and we will miss it in our future work. As we leave these dear old halls, we leave behind four years of hard studying which have been happiness for some, regret for others, but all have enjoyed them very much. We leave also, best wishes for the coming classes. As the old saying goes, uAll good things must come to an end."' l Edward Flood, President n Q 5 W f ax Tse colorw OQLA-ff A Ci cw GHWICQVX . E-DUJGVNE T ' ' , 2 - Ps K , PF'-P! k'23.i2fmEf1T EL," W ff-H VICE E-Ynpsxf, ' . : is-9LT'EPx QQOCTOK Pu ' I ' 4 4 4vEPiEplUP'wE- p"' I E 1 Er -A o O L0 P-NXTE' YYBLSE- WRU MPN 0 F-f-LGU-M' H is FA PK D E' n X fl -W CLQQ!! VTNOTTO .E emma THQ' Tu-15, . pwQCw'fwf BE- mweee-D. X 14: Q ' , :Q - T COLODY 'Cljlvff 011- up 940 if I BAIR, EARL C. General New Hope, Pennsylvania Soccer 2, 5, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 63 Vice President 5, 43 Junior Play, Senior .Play, Operettag Athletic Club. Favorite sport, camping, 'as pastime, ping-pong. Favor- ite expression, UAh Shucks.U As an actor, Bairdy likes James Cagney...Actress, Judy Garland. His ambition is to become a newspaper reporter. CRAMER, CHRISTINE R. ' Home Economics New Hope, Pennsylvania Hockey 5, 43 Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta 2, 53 Clubs: Music, Mimeographing. As an actress Christine likes Deanna Durbin. Her favorite sport is Hockey... expression, nCan't serve God and Devil too.n Her ambi- tion is to tour the United States. 1'11Q I-in-4. ,,',Jw-ulnlhdd-I' , .. ,ffffxxt x""1-QQ-r I , 25' 7 if X L, X ml A ,ww vt! was cotorw 0 cmtff omj twgof 'fr 1 ,V Y' .nfs-ga 'M ..,, ff: Q55 f '1t3u L Z' ff 4, ak, iii! ' 'K-' 67 ' - fS2:g ,.! ,,,! .1 Xfr fi' f ' -II? ', 1 1, 1, I I f f' ff ff 'm W? itiilywgigysxuj I. 'lll. COLGVWY ff N DAVIS, CLYDE General Solebury, Pennsylvania Junior Play, Senior Play, Clubs: Dancing, Athletic. As an actor, Solebury flash likes Clark Gable...Actress, Hedy Lamarr. His favorite sport is Footbal1...pastime, Rifle Shooting. His ambi- tion is a placement in Avia- tion industry. ENT, MARY K. Home Economics New Hope, Pennsylvania Hockey l, 23 Senior Play, Operetta 2, 35 Clubs: Danc- ing, Commercial, Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 40 ' As an actor, Kay 'likes Tyrone Power ... Actress Eleanor Powell. Her favorite sport is swimming...pastime, dancing...Expression, NAM no you don't.n Her ambition is to become a beautician. 0 Ctfvf of- 1940 EVANS, HELEN L. Com ercial New Hope, Pennsylvania Hockey 1, 2, 5, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Captain of the Hockey Squad 33 Student Council 5, 43 Operetta 2, 55 Clubs:' Commercial, Dancing, Hiking, Glee Club 1, 2, 53 Newspaper. Evans likes Gary Cooper as an actor...Actress, Bette Davis...Favorite sport is Hockey...Expression, UAW, go 'way. Her ambition is to be a good housewife. EVERETT , WALTER General New Hope, Pennsylvania Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4g Soccer 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 23 Junior Play, Clubs: Sport.' As an actor, Angel likes Spencer Tracy ... Actress, Alice Faye ... Favorite ex- pression, ult makes no dif- His ambition ference now.u is to get into the field of aviation. X 'QNX NW ' wiht xl bi KK K1 Q? S5 XSsv X lox 1-1 nlul E 3 5 'rn-we ccnorw -'CLIXIX o i is Uhr! N., 5 vnu.-in. X gan! N q .-vi.-. .ff -'ff f gynbjwvkx HWY 1' , """x. ff? I ffffi.. i 'ff F I M lb XJ .1 , , , 'PW A 'V rw, 'ti' 'Q, ,aw ,, Y , 1 'N ..., . .., .3507 '15 'f '- .' 51 - fi'-1 '-if 51 '- 4: I ',r..:x." A fh?3w . :pd FLOOD, EDWARD F. Academic New Hope, Pennsylvania Baseball 2, 5, 45 Soccer 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 53 Student Council 5, 43 Class President 1, 2, 5, 45 Junior Play, Senior Play,, Operetta 2, 53 Clubs: Leaders, Danc- ing, Home Economic, Year- book Staff, Newspaper Staff. As an actor, Ed likes Thomas Mitchell ... Actress, Judy Garland ... Favorite expres- sion, UThat's what you think.u His ambition is to become a business man. c ' - JOHNSON, KENNETH General Lumberville, Pennsylvania Student Council 5, 43 Junior Play, Senior Play, Clubs: Cooking, Athletic, Yearbook Staff. Clark Gable is Kenneth's favorite actor ... Actress, Lana Turner ... Sport, swim- ming ... Expression, UHi Ya Stuff.n His ambition is to travel around the country. COLOUY 0 CLA!! OF- i940 KOOKER, DONALD General New Hope, Pennsylvania Baseball l, 2, 5, 43 Soccer 5, 43 Football l, 23 Basket- ball 2, 33 Track 5, 4g Student Council President 4, vice president 53 Class Treasurer 23 Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta 2, 33 Clubs: Art, Science, Leaders' Glee Club, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff. As an actor, Dinny likes Paul Muni...Actress, Marg- aret Sullivan ... Favorite sport, Ice Skating...pastime is Crow Hunting...Expression is WJeepers Creeper.n His ambition is to live a life of ease. LABAW, MARGARET Academic New Hope, Pennsylvania Junior Class Secretary while at Yardley, also Junior Play and Dramatic Club 1, 2, 5, at Yardley. In New wHope High School she has been Exchange editor of the school paper,' president of Dramatic Club, in the Senior Play, and member of Dramatky Hiking and Newspaper Clubs. As an actor, Margaret likes John Garfield ... Actress, Ginger Rogers ... Favorite sport, Hockey...pastime is reading...Expression,uGosh.n Her ambition is to be a Home Economist. 3. -IL, , . "sg-, Tj f'g?'SgE FESQ K f gg? N,- is awhr- ' 'YFi2 2 C 'F J xg x ph X JM we K f N MV 1 : 4 E24 ' I -LC-A X A a v x ' ,X Q, N Q-X 5 N A 31 'ra-fe colorw 0 CLA!! w as ,ers If--.Al '.72"Lx' - i . , ff. ,Inav-9 X X .f f,V!vM X ' 1' " . 5 . , 12 , dx Tk nf f ffff' Q' 66246 fl K 1 ,Q - -lil-. ,,., Y. 35' fi mi Q5 ' 6' bn., 7.1 , -. ..., COLOVWY LIVEZEY, ELIZABETH A Commercial New Hope, Pennsylvania Hockey 2, 5, 43 Student Council 5, 43 Secretary of Class 43 Editor of Yearbook 43 Operetta 2, '53 Clubs: Glee, 'Commercial, Dancing, Hiking, Yearbook, Newspaper. As an actor, Lib likes Robert Taylor ... Actress, Joan 'Bennett ... Favorite sport, Hockey...Express1on, WI don't believe it.n U s LUKASZOW, PETER J. Academic New Hope, Pennsylvania Soccer l 3, 43 Track 53 Basketball 43 Student Coun- eil 43 Vice President of class 13 Treasurer of Stu- dent Council 4s Junior Play: Senior Play3 Yearbook Staff. Pete's favorite sport is Ice Hockey...Pastime is Wander- lust in the country...His ambition is None at present. CLA!! OP CD40 McCAUGHEY, HANNAH M. ' Commercial Lahaska, Pennsylvania Hockey 1, 2, 5, 43 Baseball l, 2, 5, 43 Captain of base- ball 23 Manager of baseball ls Business manager of year- book 43 Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta 2,'53 Clubs: Glee, Commercial, Dancing, Hiking. Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff, As an actor, Hannah likes Clark Gable...Actress, Sonja Henie...Favorite sport is baseba1l...Pastime is Horse- back riding...Expression is NOhl Nuts!!n...Ambition is to be a secretary. MILLER, VIRGINIA Academic New Hope, Pennsylvania Baseball 1, 2, 5, 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Class Treasurer 5, Vice- president of Student Council 4, Editor of school paper 4, Junior Play, Senior Play3 Clubs: ' Art, Photography, Dancing, Hikingg Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff. Gary Cooper is Ginny's fa- vorite actor ... Actress is Margaret Sullivan...Favorite sport is Tennis...Expression is nFish.U Her ambition is to be a success. 4 u I D 1 -..-113, U J 5 5 if ,hx NN sale 3 . l. ,. A -AN A ll"l'E' CQLCUV 0 CLf5vff OF- It 9 ,sf Leith: yi L. 15.13, ,gi '134 N " ,I .4151 Yagi? 40 unify napkin!" I . k E i 5 i I 1 K i F r A le. A A Q W C' . . 1-,7 QS Kh5X9LLgZb EQ Vcc ' mbfwlxf f aa PICKETT, MARGARET E. ' Home Economics New Hope, Pennsylvania Hockey'l3 Junior Playg Oper- etta 2, '55 Clubs: Camera, Dramatic, Glee Club, Hiking. As an actor, Pickett likes Jenny Stewart ... Actress, Priscilla Lane ... Favorite sport is Baseba1l...Pastime, Walking...Expression, nHello you.n...Ambition, To be able to cook. POECHER, MARY A. Academic R. D. H2 Doylestown, Pennsylvania Hockey l, 2, 5, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 53 Secretary Student Council 43 Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta 2, 53 Clubs: Dancing, Cooking, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff. ' As an actor, Mary likes Dennis Mongan ... Actress, Hedy Lamarr...Favorite sport is Hockey...Expression, UOhl Boy.W Her ambition is to advance in music. ..., T COLCUY ' CLf3vff OF-1940 9 PROCTOR, WALTER S. General New Hope, Pennsylvania Soccer 3, 43 Track 53 Trease urer of Class 43 Junior Hwy, Senior Play, Clubs: Dancing, Cooking, Yearbook Staff. As an actor, Walt likes Wallace Berry ... Actress, Sonja Henie...Favorite sport is riding horseback. Pastime is reading. Walt's ambition is to be better educated. RUTHERFORD, VIRGINIA ' Commercial Centre-Bridge, Pennsylvania Student Council 43 Secretary of Class 1, 2, 53 Cperetta 2, 53 Clubs: Dancing, Hiking, Glee Club. ' As an actor, Ginny' likes Clark Gable...Actress, Lana Turner ... Favorite ' sport, Football ... Pastime, radio and magazines...Expression, "What's the use." Ginny's ambition is to be a dress model. FRN H -.Eh QP V53 XX ' 'Pi ,Ju-1, , Juana, 4F'b "i'A'NS?i3. IHE COLOVNY Q CLA!! GV 9A ' 5 XX n I X sl : 'lllllillll L ----fb f 1. fffff 1-XVYNTN MJ? . K xx X 12"--5-ax fx!! 4i?:off1 div I f , ,,,..,.g,, if , r V.Wl,..uut SCOTT, MARY E. Academic New Hope, Pennsylvania Hockey Manager 5, 4, Senior Play, Operetta '25 Clubs: Dramatic, Cooking, Glee dnb, Newspaper Staff. As an actor, Scotty likes James Stewart ... Actress, Priscilla Lane ... Favorite sport is Hockey, Pastime, Roller Skating, Expression, uIxnay.W Scotty's ambition is to become a nurse. WIGGINS, ALBERT General New Hope, Pennsylvania Class treasurer 2, Junior Play, Clubs: Hunting and Fishing, Cooking. As an actor, Wiggy likes Oliver Hardy...Actresa, Hedy Lamarr...Favorite sport is Hunting and Fishing, Pastime is Fishing ... Expression, nWhat's the use.' Wiggy's ambition is to be an auto- mobile mechanic. if CQLOUY 'Cljlvff QF-1940 ,, nf.5'ffQ3' 4 ',' :SI -uf -'iii-' 5'-L17 3g,.:.:-A K-..:P,,y Ewwh . 4, .V ., .' - 1 ..,1.,..-,,, , Q ,,,Mx ,T-. fn.. .VT - ,155 V lx,-1-Z--v-4-rg..-f-,hi-rv .1 M. I , Y - FJLATW--JOQJE - - - a' P' W -M d O al rbi XW7 V f 1 A' FU -. ,ii ..f-'- f - """"'f'f J 'E ,,,,""' l',,f,l4A Q ffw'f -'f 6 A f v-1 5 1 JL x.. I, 'SPG , qq:-I .rig -5' ,A-'SQ'fE',-' A 0,f+3,q3. my ESQ,-,f ,gag f rpm, sw ,',- v iv ,.-5: 1- . ,,f gf' ' -1- Q- Qs, :1,,',-1-in GQ-fri. f" Q-au V . . . 4 ,- . fl - , . J , . gg. ,...-. . AJ. .3-. ,Ag , ,., ,. .4.,- 1 yy .-,. .. , ,. 71. Q mf-+1 ,H uf! , ,ini-.f4-. -pgs: :Zz-1ff'.5g' 5, 'f- 4: ins. ,lr 1, --.vw ,.:+gg' -4?-W -,wx ,S ,QQ ,Q ,1-,Vg-,U ,Lwgr ' , f. -' . - 1 Li. ,, -. J ' 1 is ,M 4, 5 ,,,.,,M,? ASHTON, MARY C., B. S. Trenton State Teachers College English, School Librarian Miss Ashton's favorite sports are baseball and swimming. John Garfield and Priscilla Lane are the choice of the starsg red is her favorite color, she likes best books dealing with fiction. "Have I lived to stand at the taunt of one that makes fretters of English." Shakespeare BEIDLER, JAMES H., B. S. Bucknell University Sciences Mr. Beidler's favorite sport is football, stars, Gary Cooper and Myrna Loy, the favorite color is brown and he prefers oysters, corn, and brown betty. He prefers business clothes and organ music. "Life is not so short but that there is time enough for courtesy." Emerson -si. llrl-E CCDLCVNY 0 CLA!! OF- A Of? 'x ,, I 'THX -' fs-, 25' . X BITTING, WAYNE S., B. S. Pennsylvania State College Agriculture Mr. Bitting's favorite sport is fishing. He prefers the color gray, chicken, potatoes, and ice cream rate high on the menu. The diamond is his choice of precious gems, he likes sports clothes and travel by automobile. HA joke is a very serious thing.n Churchill DAVIS, CLYDE M., B. S. Temple University Social Studies, Physical Education Mr. Davis's favorite sport is track, Irene Dunn and George Arliss are his choice of the stars, he likes best to travel by automobile and to read books dealing with biography. uThe game is not over 'til the last ardgs run--no race is lost until it's Ono Y W S Tm-if COLOOY 'Cljsvff OF- 4940 .uzff-.-I - Af-1129 ,g-ns, . !'3.i:1f U- Q5 ,-A,--'b . , , , - -mg-,I -2. '50 ya.-N ab- f':.. 1 f--'..Q,:!, - 41- :.-:gf EgW,, FRANTZ, MABEL V. Taylor Business College Commercial Subjects Miss Frantz's ideal menu would consist of chicken, corn, and lemon meringue pie. Her favorite sport is tennis. She likes afternoon clothes, semi- classical music and travel by airplane. Uwhatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.U Earl of Chesterfield GALE, ROSS M., B. S. Pennsylvania State College Industrial Arts Mr. Ga1e's favorite star is Alice Faye, while his favorite sport is swimming. Sirloin steak and apple pie with cheese also rate high. He prefers sports clothes and likes best to travel by auto- mobile. - nwhat I must do is all that concerns me, not what people think.n rl TH-E COLCDUY 0 CLA!! OX- 940 ' "gg".,',.. ' WEE. 11-. .iff QW" I.-.1'-:JV . .. . , GOTTLIEB, THEODORE R., A. B., M. A. University of Pennsylvania Columbia University' Personal Adjustment, Salesmanship, Guidance Mr. Gottl1eb's favorite sports football, steak and chocolate ice are tennis and cream rate high on most menus, he prefers business clothes and dance music if it is not too extreme. u what he will.n MORRISON, E. HOPE, B. S. Drexel Institute of Technology Vocational Home Making, Practical Miss Morrison's choice in the archery. She prefers sirloin clothes, semi-classical music and likes to travel by automobile. HA lovely lady, garmented in her own beauty.U I M ab 5 He that can have patience can have Shakespeare Arts sports' line is steak, formal also jazz. She light from I-- COLGIWY ' CL.f3vff OF- i940 if I r 4 V4 1- i ... ..1f.Yfaf'iA-K' ' fgff' 313' lis a MF: 53:6 l 4':if3-- 1.-aS'A",' ' wif: ' if' . '-'T if-V NAYLOR, FLORENCE L., B. S. West Chester State Teachers College English, Social Studies, Physical Education Miss Naylor likes baked ham and pineapple to head the menug Richard Greene and Joan Crawford are favorite stars, she likes formal clothes, and books dealing with mystery. nThough pleased to see the dolphins Play: I mind my compass and my way.n Matthew Green PEIFFER, JUNE L., B. S. Kutztown State Teachers College Art Education Miss Peiffer's favorite sport is tennis while steak, potatoes, and cherry cobbler are the fa- vorites on the menu. The preferred color is red and onyx is her favorite precious gem. She likes sports clothes and travel by automobile. nHere comes the lady! O, so light a-foot Will ne'er wear out the everlasting flintf' Shakespeare A A A Ts-1-E cmorw Q cusff O1-T9 '5'f3'f32. Q., 3-sg. fi: g ,H x if f5E5:.'?f3' RUIJE, Go, Al Bo Ursinus College Mathematics, Foreign Languages Miss Rule likes baseball and swimming best in the field of sports. Blue is the color which appeals to her most. Music, books, and food are her fa- vorite diversions. HA straight line is not always the shortest distance between two points in dealing with peop1e.n Joseph H. Odell SHANE, CHARLES T., B. S. Temple University Music Mr. Shane likes thick, juicy beef steak, cauli- flower, pie and ice cream. He prefers .sports clothes, classical and pipe organ music, he likes best to travel by boat. nRemember the teakettle: 'though up to its neck in hot water, it continues to sing.n lic. 5? T tcofoow - CLA-ff ov- 1940 FF "HF, "lfgf"""4.4.""f' Q T "" 'w'f-1,33 "6-gf-1ff4f.i.4iH, Az: , ' ,-tiii.. 4-:A J? . , 1 . lf! 1 L L I I3AJ MJTNWI L, Li ' 'I 1:7 M EEL? t Q 9'-?TC'Q9K! wx- --........ 1 W -....-..-x X -.-X , .--.-ii, - ---1. 1' -' ----o , I .- -..... - -... 1. , 0 - -. "'. 7 - - ,... X X ' - ' -.............. , . .., ... , - 1 I 1-1-:fl ,-. i-Q , A ..,-,-, . - A-0-.M , - .-.........,..- -1-1 n " ---y ---'-v' H ...--- - , ,. ..........--. "Q, V"" J L 'A j:"""-"nf -..L ' ."""" .. ,...- ,,..,..... V--- , ... .- YE 9:3 ,ZX ,fx ' -. Ya? XX Ji M mx V f ?Q?53'-6 ,QA'i5I?f fx: P: 9559!-77 . gig. '!" 'f42.-is iff? '35 49 '. HL' in ire-1. ,:ei-3.. I '.f:-iw: :Q fafzfh 1 25 ew V? I Fl rf : 2 3 4 5 T s E z 3 1 1, 4. 4 2 1 2 5 f, 1 . I -I 42 3 , I f ? e 5 ! I 'f P s 1 ? ? E S fs f E 3 LTUPNE SHOP' HOITIF EC. -- -' - H- -f-- --- -.1-up-uvl. .LW -- , - In the past year our school has witnessed, aside from our regular school activities, many social events and joyous gatherings, times when we -togged up in tuxedos, dinner jackets, evening dresses, wraps, and silver slippers, the thrill of tripping the light Huh- tastic for four glorious hours, with a few minutes' visit now and then to the punch bowl. On the other hand, we have whiled away the hours in an informal manner. Those good old plaid skirts, accompanied with shetland sweaters and saddle shoes, also had some glorious times. Reversing the scene we see girls walking up to the lads and asking them for Uthis dance.u Once or twice this year we gazed upon the dra- matic ability of our school chums. Even though we realize it was a lot of effort on the part of those who produced the finished product, we all enjoyed it and were thrilled at the thought of seeing them on the stage. Most of us, although we were not on the stage, dressed up in costume and mask once this year. Some of us were walking around in the fashion of skeletons, black cats, and, on the royal side of life, as Kings and Queens. Passing the broom from one couple to the next, we all had the opportunity of meeting when or nshe.V With blue lights aglow and an atmosphere of the holiday season, we all did the Paul Jones, and the Virginia Reel. And last, but not least, there were Jitterbugs, which always' add to the scene. Even though the events are over, the fine memories linger . Q fp 'o +ggEi iiifigifhiibgvg la lll-E COLOUR! 0 CLA!! OF- QA -:nn-L-1-n-l-.. -----F-v.,f..,.. , , f?WM W QQENQ QPRQE if Q . , l ,J 'N Q -VK f. g f A , -'..'e Q2-Qkxfrgg. . E-' ff'-fm ' A-i.:,gd'L . i Q xgeu-ww , I A - v H A X lr. H 5 I , N' r, 'E 3 4. ' X-kv F x O 3 Editor ----- Elizabeth Livezey Business Manager - Hannah McCaughey Senior Division Edward Flood Hannah McCaughey Clubs Marion Smith Features Walter Proctor George Fitzgerald General Faculty Adviser ------- Mimcographing Director - Advertising Adviser - - - QLEQ -- ,gvffij 5' HQWFGM . fu- uv 'lt-iii? his Su '-3 gh' QEQQQQ , .q,1'i,f7j..,".- .-,,,,. Art Marion Smith Virginia Miller Dona1d.Kooker Athletics Ruth McDonnell Peter Lukaszow June L. Peiffer Mabel V. Frantz Clyde M. Davis cotomw Q CLA-ff ot- :alto COITHTIEPQCIAL - AC,ADE5THC,:,L,lB P1APQrf . .l LY, Dorljiefs HALLOWE'EN PARTY During the afternoon of October 31, the students of the Junior and Senior High School held a party to celebrate Hallowe'en. For assembly Miss Frantz directed a hilarious one-word play entitled UJerry Walks Inu written by Patsy Franck, '42. After the play the students were divided into ten groups which rotated from room to l room for games. Then original masks were donned in the corridor. Prizes were awarded. After an afternoon of fun, refreshments were served in the lunch room. A social committee which was formed at the beginning of the first semester was in charge of the T celebration. 1 1 CHRISTMAS PARTY it On December 22, a very interesting assembly was ' held in the first part of the afternoon. It was fol- I lowed by individual home-room parties. Gifts were ex- A changed by those who participated in the name-drawing. v After the excitement of this was over, everyone It was treated to ice cream and various kinds of cakes made by the students' mothers. Everyone had a very T enjoyable time that afternoon with a ten-day vacation A in view. , School was then dismissed early. -4s Ta-1-E cowrw OCLXXU ov- sho 2 5 ,Q 2 3 N-.JL p ff: ' '-4 R ,- . : 51 - -A-'H - 1' fcamcbf mild SENIOR PLAY OF 194C The Senior Class of 1940 presented UOne Mad Night,n a melodrama in .three acts at Worthington's Hall on March 29 and 30. The director, Mr. C. M. Davis, social science instructor, gave much time for the seniors' benefit. Characters of the play were as follows: ' Don Cutter . . . Wing . . . Priscilla . Mr. Hyde . . . Lady Macbeth . . John Alden . . Lucille Marcy . Doctor Bunn . Mrs. Kluck . Mrs. Finch . . Depression . . . Gertrude Finch . Artemus Burke . . Danny Siletto . Donald Kooker . . Edward Flood Virginia Miller Kenneth Johnson . . . Mary Scott . Peter Lukaszow . . Mary Poecher . Walter Proctor . Katherine Ent Christine Cramer Hannah McCaughey . Margaret Labaw o Q Q Earl Bair' . . Clyde Davis Albert Wiggins and Walter Everett proved very valuable as sound-effect men. Much assistance was obtained from citizens of 'ke the community who were willing to help the Seniors. M? Til COLOUR! Q CL!-N!! OF- H340 's ..eif7'i5:' 'L' 9- , MT ' .EBYEP-I-,mfg 7? V it-'IH' -aj Q '3Q5T',-, -93: H3QW? ' 6,5g3.:.w- ' "" r Jumonf Ho The Junior Class of New Hope High School pre sented a fine performance of nThe Bratu on January nineteenth, 1940, at the Bucks County Playhouse. Miss Hope Morrison directed the production. The cast of the three-act comedy included: Mw.WMw ...... Mrs. Forester . Bishop . . . Timson . . Jane Depew . Angela Smythe . Dot - ..... . Mac Forester . Margot . . . The Brat ...... In preparation, the cast . . . Sara Rex Ruth McDonnell Arthur Proctor Chester Hamilton . Mary McNamara . Nancy Poecher Katherine Keenan . . Ralph Earl . . Ethel Isler Louise Schwartz had many enjoyable evenings together which will always be remembered by those who took part. --1. llrl-E CQLCDVNY 0 CLA!! OV CDA af Q is yo as ca Ei ro ' J V A O 1 Since 1940 was a leap year, the Social Committee sponsored a novel Leap Year Dance. The committee was composed of members of the student body with Miss Hope Morrison in charge. The following served on the committee: Margaret Pickett Edward Flood Louise Schwartz George Fitzgerald Mary Poecher Christine Cramer Arthur Proctor Hope Morrisony Adviser The dance took place at Worthington's Hall on January 6. Mr. Gale, the industrial arts instructor, acted as master of ceremonies. Many novelty dances such as the Paul Jones, the broom dance, and the tag dance took place. Refresh, ments were sold to eager buyers. The dance was a great success, and the school is ,L looking forward to another leap year dance in 1944. st? -n-1- COLODY QCLAJX OF-4940 'aff 'ml all f f i 5' fl '--. on ,JW 'Quai ' :Zigi 1.-. i l ,1- JUVWTQV Won In the spring of 1940, the Senior Class as guests of the Juniors were entertained at the Junior Prom which was held on May seventeenth, at Worthington's Hall. Under a canopy Aof blue and white and to the strains of Clyde Walton's music the annual Junior Prom became a school memory not soon to be forgotten. Being the one formal affair of the year, the boys stressed spring in their clothes and the frills of the summer evening gowns crowded the dancers as they swirled about the floor. Everyone is looking forward to a similar occasion next year, since this is perhaps the most gala event in the social calendar of the high school. Y. www., fs as e l -Q1 -'5 mfg sf as it ' X of w l H5 COLCDVNY 0 Cl.f5vff QF- 6419" n, . M74 gif., f,vj5f:1'fii'!f 'www "War" ' ' NEW HOPE DIRECTORS Alvin Worthington President R. A. Large Vice President H. R. Kooker Secretary I. S. Worthington Treasurer 1945 1941 1945 1945 NEW HOPE--SOLEBURY JGINT VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT xn- Gilbert Mead President 1941 Alvin Worthington Vice President 1945 Robert W. Shaw Secretary 1945 I. S. Worthington Treasurer 1945 R. A. Large 1941 H. R. Kooker 1943 L. Scott Oblinger 1945 Emma Tinsman 1945 Eva G. Quimby 1945 Russell L. Jamison 1945 me' 1 J Qgf Tel,-fivxooloaww 'CLK-Nff or .4 1:41-.AY gp: .,',.,,.Q ,VII i-21 f 940 fl KW? V -ICANWIAL BPwlD6L? 0 - 1 1.1:-v-' H.,- ET? fm ,fwii V C cry ' 5 W N. ?' Q-'rf M J -3 ie WEB? x, X W frX:,X'Qx 'LW' 1 fp Q ,Zi-L-gx 55 X l Q Lf X!! I. -Q I ,. I, ., HW, , 79 , ga: f-:pw avg'-J if 0 .I . H eg -f .z:'if-:- fx v 1, fs- , Qi .4 if is-l Q:-1' I fi' iv- 1' , 919 -' P, ..- sw E K www X. L' v.. ,, 1 5- . Firm. ,I , 4,-4 ' . . A , Tig. .. '..'1'1wi , N Nr,-y . ,Q wif-L .b . ' " F . :ff . 'Vis' I, ,... -.:.4 '-' 4 agp, kt .y - , 4 543- -' ' ,Jjg-x., .P f 1 ryf' , " 'bil .W ,,n..- in 4 lu. V I 'Tal ,vi Q, Q .R , . -L1 , - f'???5iyi:5'E3f,'f ' .19 1 5 4 ' -A 2,1 3 , ., ' i m ,M-' 931' ..Q' " . ' 1 I K .V Q-1' - 5, . '34 "gi, W, f, .,. 'l 'Pa ,J Q' 5' 4-351. in "wr - .-1' wr- ,,-, . ,4 iq' iv- ul 'V A - 'N' 4 , - 1 ,,.,1 ,..J ,I .v 1? . w .gg .W fm! ' .1 ff T . 2-,, . I9 I I f 1 ' Ptibyzx W -.19 . ,,,.4.. x'.j"!qi ,J .,- A fXPJ' c:LLJB 'Z C!-XUWE1Pw!-N . F01 - --- - pn-, . ,V .pr . Donald Kooker, Pres. Katherine Austin, V. Pres. Leta Oblinger, Seo. Evelyn Feiler, Treas. The Art Club was organ- ized for those who have spe- cial interests and talents in the art fields. Masks, poster work, marionettes,' outdoor sketching, portraits, painthug and tiles were some of the activities this year. QMLJB' ,T1gi5t i Walter Cook, Pres. ' Marguerite Propsner, V. Pres. Minnie Morgan, Treas. ft ip fl I The camera club stimu- lated an interest in photog- raphy by increasing knowledge 4 and skill in the taking, de- N Q veloping, and printing of 0 photographic pictures. The members engage 'in activities, g.JLfQ5 My ,.H1,, such as hiking, picture con- 'T tests, and the development of , display charts in photography. COOAJUG CLUB- f1'1s 1 A The cooking club devel- oped for those students who otherwise did not have an op- : portunity to take Home Eco- nomics. The purpose of the club is to develop a basic knowledge of cooking as well it as developing students as ideal guests, hosts or host- SSSGS 0 A dinner at the end of the season will terminate and test the success of the club. ll X F I Tr-+5 coLorw 'CL!5vff ox- ja D!M'WCiUG CLUV3 ll " f'f'i1'lli'f91f Cf fu? uljl 1-V -J Homer Davis, Pres. Virginia Rutherford, V. Pres. Mary McNamara, Manager Since dancing is one of the favorite pastimes for H. H. H. S. students, a club was organized. The beginners were taught by some of the more ex- perienced dancers while the 'old - timersu twisted and turned to the strains of modern recordings. Walter Maximuck, Pres. William Wiggins, V. Pres. Nancy Poecher, Sec. Arthur Proctor, Treas. The purpose of the .Now Hope - Solebury Future Farmers Club is to stimulate interest rf- UTLMQXQ Pagans-af CLUB E I We gi., in farming as a life work. Many 'activities such as bane quets, pie and cake sales, educational tours, brooding ,QQ sw, ,JZSNf.v1 1-men HGAFCLLJL5 F 1 e r f Qmic 2, :nf W Kill., Lxglg iff X H chicks, and skating parties took place this year. V Elizabeth Livezey, Manager For the energetic, ath- letic type, a hiking club was organized. This large group consisting mostly of girls takes trips every Thursday providing the weather is fa- vorable. If you get lost in Bucks County consult any member of the hiking club because they have traveled and know every nook and corner. COLCDVWY 0 CLA!! OF I9-40 X H-OBBY GLU E5 - ' ' 'A ytlunlycl -' "- aa , 5 ' 1-.. 1 a 6 C, Donald Cressman, Manager rThis group, consisting of boys, take an interest in dis- cussion of various types of airplanes. Motors are stud- ied, models are built and flown. Whenever you see a tiny plane encircling the school, you will know the boys are testing their club models. Z' 5 2 m un The club was organized for the purpose' of collecting current events, movie stars, stamps, and other types of pictures which seem to have glamour. O O O eff NOW, , J S . Z' N f N Coils, wires, bells and push buttons are eventually straightened out by this group. Popular Mechanics seems to be the text and much time is spent in performing experiments in the mysterious field of electricity. 13-. E '-1 i QA -m-+9 cotorw GCLA-ff of-S 40 TL lr.. z m.3 ..,. . v... ..9."'q'- iffy? 'Lrff-. X nh.-'jf ."-:' is QW Q5mdW 'SQEQEQEF5' L, I BIXAIRY .1156 ' x xbigi fm- Til, W nil -.4-Q.. Crisp. .,. '--I ,J ' Mae Beep, Pres. Phoebe Proctor, V. Pres. These are the girls to whom we are indebted for the efficiency and care of our library. The various girls take charge of the library at different times. Through tours to other schools they are endeavoring to build up the best methods of library management. UT N EOGIAB IT' I-8 C L UB "'....."'::"'....."':.-::.. A ZfFgjiE::ID::wZwk.-- IX t XX c RECIREFTIOIW , . .1 NJ , i Q ,655 i9 E157 1 I -......- L. Rx .4 'xfjj Ruth Labaw, Pres. This club was organized to teach students how to op- erate and to develop profi- ciency in the handling of the mimeograph machine. This group can always be found working on the school news- paper, programs, posters, etc, which always need to be done in busy N. H. H. S. ctos- 1 Walter Everett, Manager To this group are dele- gated those persons who are interested in the care of ath- letic equipment. They are also responsible for the good condition of the athletic field for the past season. It is one of the largest 'club groups and in proportion, it could be judged as one of the most successful. coiorw 0 ctxsff OP 1940 bg O 6 A IW Mmfw N ,,.,--0- gf gll IE nl , 5. jf Q- QE gff, X W W fi X + I N Q V-F-25-..-v... ,fl gg i. , , Q-wk Ace- 'QWWHF , bf ff? 'd3?f Competitive sports for boys originated in the Hschool on the hilln about the year 1920 in the forms of track and baseball. The teams were coached by va- rious people in the commu- nity. ' In 1950, Mr. Willard S. Campbell, Jr., the science teacher, served as coach for Nu Ho Ho so During his stay of six years, many trophies were won in track, baseball and football. ' Mr. Clyde M. Davis, our present coach, came to us in the year 1958 from Temple University. At this time, physical educa- tion was introduced as a regular course in N. H. H. S. and extra - curricular J H, r -5 R 1 A . f 1 1 K , If K If 4 QQ Qxff A w . A KNOW AX' l T xg X m rl X' IsQ2w.YE4f ff lm X L-Vl?-Q1 -8. 1 P W 'xg ' N Ix.3K, --.. 5" X I tl kR.',!x' T . in W V' Y' ' " ' I' "li -. ,. x, 'tl CQAQI-u ww If all athletics 'were reorganized placing stress on soccer, basketball, baseball, and track. Great strides were taken in renovating the ath- H letic'field. The boys, under the supervision of Coach T Davis, have graded and rolled the baseball diamond, built bleachers and backstops, lined off basketball, soccer, track and volley ball areas. Indoor sports are also on the athletic program, ping-pong and quoits being the most popular. ' Due to the keen interest of the students, and the able leadership of Coach Davis, N. H. H. S. athletics rate with the best in its class. lx J I Il YB THE- COLOUY O CLIN!! OF- f , .A x fl "- I 1 fl ,TQ -ffm- TQPEQ' +V- 3-ui ,, ..r, , ,u.,, N11- D '--"LwJ'.'5P'-:4..- .. ng'- AMWM? Mwwwv -...".f. " W':'e.!'-if .f n EQGWESQVAWQQF , f A vfsrf3ae?5f -t..'45Q'.pq4i '- :F .' Q 9?-F , u- 1 u I 1 ':.:'f?:j"'l , 1, Q-9? Lu . . 65555 , 4,.,:,', - ,' ' ,, ' .' J.- 5:31. i-Ielmhg ,wma vt.. Lifes. , -7.-.fry .N- SF J- fgiil -W" ' -..A Qian. . . XS, W H dfgbg l fl NNW f J fi? is Vi! I Ll! Originally the girls' sports at New Hope High School were not in the fields of hockey or base- ball but in track. In the spring fof 1929, the girls went to George H School for their first meet. The coach, Miss Mildred Rossiter, was a student of N. H. H. S. at that time. Yearly the girls entered the meets usually coming away with first place, sometimes T with the help of the boys but often due to their own merits alone. These meets continued until several years ago at which time Play Day was SCAC!-1 mf-xvtooi In the fall of 1955 hockey was started for the first time in New Hope under the coaching of Miss Rule. ln the following spring baseball was also started. These sports have proved very popular with the girls. It is the hope and expectation of nThe Colonyu that the girls will continue to be as successful as they have instigated for Class B schools. been in preceding years. I V 'Zn' lr : ' . 1 ,,.QL,L4 1-.ln . ".-iv.-" Q F4 vii I L7THfGmHl+ -r 4 ff' VN f .u1- iiiwt' ,f"' VQWQ- .yjyp 5 l - N-af. is r so T, lg, " COLOVWY 0 CLA!! CDF V940 4-gg:-3 Amgggi-,p :Z1y:'..qj4-' T., anew - hwawaaeag Us - - M -5 J l if I 4 .A i . A . N 52. ,yi wc. 1 fx- 1 . ffhf a. ' 4 I ra.. , , V .fn-1. ' fe" 1 . 'H af z ' , 1 A . 4:1 af ' .. H 4 I , . 35 mx, ..,, -I, ' . fe A vfbrfh, ' ,. 2 , I . - ,X , 'R -my V '-'fi 3.1-" '-. " f' w: ef M. 1 . . f'11ur,v L ' X e H ' ex? nf. . . ., 1, 4 ff. 4.. a.f..121:fvf' ,,, .4 ....--1" - ,. , .. F s - h f 1 v Mm., '11- ..-,A-K . '- , Y X ,l,,W1,'- g me :, gl Q ' 1. 1. . ,-A -v if F 4 m . rr! .1 , F. -' Qi-,gf " 12. 5 ' ,A fax mg -:gf 'Q - Q . ,:,,-. .Ay Y . .V ',N .1 fi 1295 'A " ia? xr' 12 Y -. E,i-'f'!1 sf. L. , --3 -ai K J 3, ,Q PK ,1pL,Yjf5:L'g:,af. f'g .3-.. nil. n , . I 1.-.' . .. ,.Q.- Y " S155 wx 9 is .ls ,Zi ff . -Q 4 ff iw . 5 C. :x -2ggfff,x-f- L 5 45,4 ,Q xi ,M 'Q H 446 . V P, 52,55 R , Y N , . :Mi 2553 ,1 35? . -A5 , , K U., ,. ,f3ii'3? YA 331- ' .29 .f-f be f Q C C ll-P iifwflfi P For the past two years, soccer has been considered one of the major sports, taking the place of football. The following lads have worked hard and faithfully for H H S Ns 0 0 af CF - Donald Kooker Earl Bair - RH RI - Willard Williamson William Gladfelter - LH LI - Peter Lukaszow Walter Proctor - LF 5 OL - Edward Flood - Willard Dillon -QRF I OR - John Pickett Homer Davis - G CH - Chester Hambleton Walter Everett - RF Substitutes: Fred Hooker James McKeown, Edward Davis, Howard Everett, Jack Harrison, Calvin Ely, 2 Albert Everett . - T I In spite of the fact that the boys did not come out with top honors, they still have plenty of spirit and are looking forward to a more victorious season in 1940-1941. X X-Rf Vat-T B!-N LL The class of l939-1940 basketball season resulted with a splashing victory for the Purple and Gold drib- blers. A The most exciting game of the season was played at Buckingham at which time the N. H. H. S. lads brought home a 21-18 victory. The following was the season1s line-up: Fullback - - - Raymond Evans ---- Captain Fullback - - - Walter Everett Center ----- Homer Davis Guard ---- Harry Markey J Guard - - - Peter Lukaszow Substitutes William Wiggins Howard Everett John Pickett Herbert Deen Edward Davis Fred Hooker N. H. H. S. students wish to extend their thanks to the administrators of the Solebury Boys School for 1 the use of their gymnasium. Without that cooperation ' our season might not have been so successful. , ' THE- COLOVNY 0 CL!3fff OF- R' Q if '33 JW Y' u Q. ,fha-Q ? ,: ' 4-av. ,Je 'fif,1 1l. 'yu ,sw- F.if1f-'1' l f 3 At N. H. H. S., baseball is the UKingn of sports. The students under the supervision of Coach Davis made an excellent hard ball diamond, in fact, it is one of the best in the Bucks County League. The following hurlers played throughout the season: Edward Davis . . . Manager Walter Everett . . . . Captain P. . John McCauley C. . Walter Everett Substitutes lst . Donald Kooker Harry Markey 2d . Fred Kooker 5d . William Wiggins S F Jack Harrison Howard Everett S. . Raymond Evans L. . Homer Davis Herbert Deen C. F. Dale Dillon PQXH. F. Peter Lukaszow V New Hope Places 5d in Bucks County Track Meet On Saturday, May ll, the seven-man New Hope Track Team traveled to Sellersville-Perkasie and scored third in the county competition after giving Newtown and Fallsington a stiff fight for top honors. Don Kooker won two county championships, the 880-yard run and the 1216 shot put. William Wiggins placed Bd in a record-breaking 220-yard dash, and 4th in the 100-yard dash. Pete Lukaszow scored Sd in the half-mileg Ed Flood tied for Sd in the broad-jumpg Albert Wiggins placed 4th in the shot putg Homer Davis came in 5th in the high-jump. ' ' The Mile Relay Team, composed of Don Kooker, Pete Lukaszow, Howard Stintsman, placed second in the final event. The final standings were as lst Newtown 34 Fallsington 29 and Bill Wiggins, follows: points points New Hope 272 points CCDLGVWY CLA!! OF I9-40 2d 5d - ? M95 . we N O I I-I-GC I4-E Yi H The fall of every year brings excitement and anxie- ty to the girls of N. H. H. S. for everyone is wondering who will make the varsity. For the past few years the girls put New Hope on the map during the months of Octo- ber and November Cno reflection on the boys, howeverl. New Hope has belonged to the Lower Bucks County League for several years and up until the present year, the team has been coached by Miss Zule, a member of the faculty. 'This year Miss Naylor, he physical education instructor, took over the coaching and has been quite successful. Last year Miss Rulefs nLittle Wild Kittensn were defeated by Buckingham, 2-1, thus placing them second in the league. This year, however, not even Buckingham could stop the girls and they nwalked offu with first place. With the honors. went also the cup and a deli- cious banquet. High scorers for Purple and Gold las- sies were: Captain Helen Evans, centereforwardg Louise Schwartz, right-inside, and Rita Flood, left-inside. Members of the varsity were: Right wing -------- Ruth McDonnell Right inside ------ Louise Schwartz Center forward ------ -- Helen Evans Left inside --------- Rita Flood Left wing - Patsy Franck, Nancy Poecher Right half-back Center half-back - Left half-back - Right full-back Left full-back - Goalie - - - - - - Vir - - - Chri - - - Eliza ginia Miller stine Cramer beth Livezey Mary Poecher - -1- - Hannah McCaughey Ethel lsler Substitutes: Josephine Delany, Rita Sutterley, Mary Mategik, Laura Bennett The 1959 hockey schedule was: October 5 - - Bensalem at New Hope October 10 - Langhorne at New Hope October 15 - - New Hope at Newtown October 24 New Hope at Southampton November 7 - - New Hope at Richboro November 15 - Flemington at New Hope November 16 Lambcrtville at New Hope November 17 - Rwmhgmm at New Hope N , A, Nix Tl-HE COLOVNY 0 QLf3vff OF- E V5 3 a 5 - ' ,.,w "x U is ..... . -.. x'17u"2-1. ' gifiq r'J'.i,g' 4 :Q - M' off ' ..,E'T,, Magma HJ, 5:53 B!-if E' Bftlala -B With spring fever comes also the girls' enthusi- asm for baseball. This team has been growing steadily for about the last five years and has belonged to the league for several years. Other members of the Lower Bucks County League for baseball are: Buekinghamy Southampton, Langhorne, Newtown, Bensalem, Richboro, and Bristol. Virginia Miller was elected captain of the team A again this year and Mary McNamara was chosen manager. There are approximately fifteen girls out for this sport. Members of the varsity are: Catcher ---- Pitcher - - - First base - - - Second base - - Third base - - - Short-short stop Short stop - - - Left field - - - Center field - - - Mabel Eichlin Louise Schwartz Ruth McDonnell - Patsy Franck Hannah McCaughey - - Rita Flood Virginia Miller - - Helen Evans Marjorie Naylor - - - - Josephine Delany Right field Rita Sutterley Substitutes --------- - - - - - - - Nancy Poecher ---- -----VeraBaker - - - - - - Mary Poecher - - - - - - Ethel Isler - - - - - - - - - Barbara Bullock The 1940 baseball schedule: New Hope at Buckingham April 17 ---- April 24 ---- Southampton at New Hope May 1 ------ Langhorne at New Hope May B - - - - - - New Hope at Bensalem New Hope at Richboro May 22 ------- New Hope at Bristol May 27 ------- Newtown at New Hope May 15 ------ COLOVWY 0 CLA!! OF- I9-430 -J T 97.1 OD., - x ., 15-k,'f""' ,f 'Tf. X 4 if 1 Q" .gg-: -'- I gf-'I f 1'-++ Y. V- '- 'F-1 fda-2-Nfl ' W -22" -4,12 M. .rw 'N NJ Sm x J H wr- iisfeg. ,"- ,ggf E wggwzi 9 , 1 tfff' Y 5 E E 2 S E 5 ? 3. fe S 4 J F in E 'L 5 Z 25 31 I 5 n ? g 3 J S 3 ii a S -Ju-W V... tv,--3 Y- .- L.,--l. 1 Iggy: A - 1, , ,,,. CQHNm1mEmU Cf L1B.KLuWE-855mm 2 ,coxffmi EA THREHD NEEDLE O YNELU HOPE' NEEDLE POI NT SEWI NG EMBROIDERY KNI TTI NG HOSIERY LINGERIE JEWELRY HAND BAGS COW D QW ENT! O LHUWBEIRTVILLE- C-1 Q Fx P1 ey E LOUOJ fGOsl PYRO? CGW PL 1 m E-UT! of Pr- PI1wI4f'IWD CQUWPLI WE-ITU of J I VW f 13+ VW Df Rep. PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO Phone 456 W. .- W .nu-nn , CON DEJVUE-UT! Oo BEFHIR CUT PXHTE- DSRLJGI 4 North Union Street LAMBERTVILLE, N. J DRUGS PERFUMES PRESCRIPTIONS commum emf of 1--:o1.Comx5 Elf' SMA' fE'FwVlCE'VXTlE'l1.f' T HE H O WF! DUN " X-gffmojilf Q HANDWOVEN MATERIALS for WOMEN'S SUITS SKIRTS JACKETS MEN'S SUITS TOPCOATS TTNRJ, D. FN, DAVENPORT CHm mmyJQwJ? if 1345, AE6!?,LU'Z,-J NJEVX! HGPE' CIRHFT IHCDPG NEVV Hox L DH CQlxml3l9lfUEmTf HLOT O LU PM Pr S. 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HAIR DRESSING OF DISTINCTION PHONE 571 NEW HOPE, PA. " A' dsl, W A T E R S Y S T E M S V+. E5E?Y5-VN ARTESIAN WELL DRILLER New weve-, PH PH-CUE' ' ' li6J ' H "1 ,I '41-I1 lF?-- J , , f -9"!iW pf , P1 V+ LF'rPw6E- CONTR!!! CTOR new moms-, Pm. P-LQODIJ SODA FOUNTAIN and LUNG IIEONETTE HOME-MADE PIES AND CAKES DAIEY PHOr'Nx5-- -,277 CGW DKQAUWEDTI 1.121565-PJ mm LNWMBE PxTvlx.m.E-I IN. J. DE vw 'J HWHNQET ML ,apyyaaa 72257 KL- Efawff L61 rw. mmm IT. DEUJ HOPE Open, c5fm5fuf27A,f COml3LlmE-IW! of l4EHTH X,mLLEU QQMZTL CO UW P L I TU ENT! O LUOIRTI-IIHGTOKX em PX!-WEE 5-1 In P-.PNY wo Dru-a f n even, fLL7q" AGENCY OF HRYSLER Sc MS COWPLNUEHTI of mm HOPE D me CORE 3 M726 BEVXJHITHU flDODd PHHR. amoee fi mmm fm- -Prw.e2.2 Y.' , luv-1' , , r com PL: nw E DT! of ICD L HEUPSV DHTiOfNHL Bama COITWPLI O f ma. Jonwm M. Hocus DE'l'NTl.fT mt-w Hom?-I pm. msw HOPE, PH. NE-AL B ROL New Home mx cz,f Cza4 wfL aw rwm f' IIN. . ffff ki ,., QQ Pe-nom? ' - 7,0 5 lla TAt'nnZAffAa TJQfBQf WE-U 'J CLOTH! 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Suggestions in the New Hope High School - Colony Yearbook (New Hope, PA) collection:

New Hope High School - Colony Yearbook (New Hope, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 80

1940, pg 80

New Hope High School - Colony Yearbook (New Hope, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 83

1940, pg 83

New Hope High School - Colony Yearbook (New Hope, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 38

1940, pg 38

New Hope High School - Colony Yearbook (New Hope, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 73

1940, pg 73

New Hope High School - Colony Yearbook (New Hope, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 32

1940, pg 32

New Hope High School - Colony Yearbook (New Hope, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 68

1940, pg 68

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