New Home High School - El Leopardo Yearbook (New Home, TX)

 - Class of 1973

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New Home High School - El Leopardo Yearbook (New Home, TX) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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,cg , .1-,.,,...,:,,:.,g-,. 1,2-1f'1-vzzf, ,a-,-4-,M -.W - 1 g. Ay- ,,.,Q..,L-,.,,,.,1'i.m-4 ,-:Q-12511741.-f:54E574L:i5gw.'z::if-f:1v'1::.'g-,-,L',I ,1,i-1,-.,,-1.41151'sf.,Z'i5f.,f' " "f' ' " " 'M 'U' ' A ' ' ,,. .-,, ,J ,U - ,. ,. . . , , ,Q s 1 , ,,-w 1,-Q,.,.f,., , - V, f1-,,,..,, .,, ,,- A gn-:fag--s'4f-'5:12,-2'f wfdv-'-:-As" - -' WY - ,. ., Fyt ' ,fr 1-2 ,qq9"f,'1" Ku ' J! .mx ,, ml-fm 0 na P4 , w ww ll' dw 1. "4 vu , 15 r A ,..-Y ,S f mf' V1 5 1 F ' : ,fb -1- n, I , 'Q '- ,1 X , ,qw :min ' l f we ii , , W r i 2 ,Q "5 ' 34? ag! f ff 1 N 5' Q I , ' 6 'Z W M AW. K ?"f?ifgKw1gf:L'Q,QMW ,mm Diff ,, u TN 2 ,Z ,Q'5Af,f7ff6lLQ1Q-'Hg'MM-W' , M g +11 ,. ' ' ' ' V 2? " 'bw , . Mg My ' S , 'F . 'LJ iiwiwmvfit 13567 1 K . , V ww mf - 4- ' aw -- .,,, ,,, Luca we Jew you Zcaya ok: WCM llama JQIQQ uwi fmol aimffai, fffed Mc w2cvf2faf:w?r'c5 LMC W cficffidsfza fl-1 ff: were wed af day fha ffici vwawzy 506485 Zcfiijua Spa waz? iam lk Ofc! cwfcfffcf' af' C75 God, Nasa? jf0cfi.1 . ,flcfm Miz. 77540 Yffbvffic T Hnfz 1.i,n!f!' fi? ?L.49Il d1 Dalicatiaa Mrs. Nancy Jeffreys Senior Sponsor 1 972-I 973 The 1973 Senior Class would like to dedicate this annual to Mrs. Nancy Jeffreys, for her constant loyalty and assistance to us. We look upon her not only as a dedicated teacher, but a friend. Later in life as we look back at our high school years, we will remem- ber Mrs. Jeffreys as the one who stood by us all the way. ADMYNJS E764 ZION Y 5, QMI. 161155511 Howie - Superintmdmt Mr. fylllfl Denton - ffqlf Salma! Zfriuczjml Mr. fylllfl johnsau - Yr. High Priuczyuzl ,Mn Harold Gaber - Slemcnfury Zfrinczjvnl Salma! l6'rfard Left to Right: Russel Howle, Robbie Gill, George Sealy, Elmer Schoppa, O. R. Phifer Jr., Charles Louder, Dick Turner, and B. L. Ernst. E Betty Unfred Tax Assessor Collector Secretary Herb Williams Counselor J-A751-f S'6ff00,C LE TICIA CABA LLER O KARON EDWARDS 507.70165 Q MEL VA CABALLERO PEDRO ESCAMILLA 73 STA C Y GILI, ANlJYI"lI,l,lNllI11l IIMNIIICI, CONZA LES PICIIRO l"l,OR lCS ' PAM JOHNSTON STAN! FY Mr-NEICLY DA LE McCULLOUGH .IOIIN MLNDOAA W MIKE PEREZ PA TTI NETTLES GENE HOBERSON .IE R R Y PE C TOL Cfl ROI, Slaffl I, Y S YI, VIA IIOIIIA N IIA If VIC Y SIfIIOI'I'.II I,-l MES SIM III' LISA TUVKIUR A1,lflfR'I' VA SQUILZ .IOSIC TORRISS IJRNIJST 'FIIUMAS DAN WILLIAMS MIKE WHITE Senior 611155 0Mcsrs President. . . . . Andy Silliugim Vice-Prcsidrznt . . . . . Stacy Gi!! Sccrefary . . . . . Karan Sdufards Zfrmsurcr . . . . Dale ,Mc6ul!rfugl1 Diana Caballero Wayne Eakin Linda Harmonson Rosa Linda Cantu Antonia Estrada Vickie Harmonson Mark Clem Delia Gomez Mary Hernandez Susy DeLaR0sa Mike Gonzales Irene Hiraclzeta 'k..Sl7 , ,M df! Nicky Hodges Richard Morris Judy Tamer Sheila McClintock Rudolpho Riojas Debbie White Pedro Mendoza Joe Rodriquez Lorretta Wuensche Roger Moreno Dave Smith Edward Zavala We Arc Hatter Uma flag Kcfnrc 'Hausa' Wire U15 Scaiars af '74 jnniar Zlase Ofweers President . . . Hager ,flflarena Creasnrer. . Sneila ,rlfledinfaek Viee-President . . ,Yang Cnrner keparfer . . Viekie Jfarrnansan Secretary . . . Diana Haballera Keparter . . Mary Hernandez Sidney Burrows Ninfa Flores Menette Maloney Barry Ncttlcs Julio Caballero Oralia Gonzales Sheila McNeely Flora Oliva Beverly Canady Kyle Johnston Elvera Mendoza Ruben Ortega Elva Flores Nancy Louder joe Mendoza Randy Overrnan Brenda Parker Peri Phifer Yolanda Riojas Johnny Rodriquez Mike Rodriquez Cindy Tedder Angelina Zavala Ricky Clem Delia DeLaRosa Mary DeLe0n Esmeralda Garza Ware U16 l6'esf Glass ,lllilfe 'Hausa We W E715 Senivrs af 175 Seplrelreere Lfltzee Ofjeers President . . . Sidney I6't1rreWs Cretzsurer . . ,Merrette Maloney Vice-Fresidezrt . ,Mike kedriquez Reporter . . . ,fllrgelilttz Zezmltz Secretary .... Qlertz Olim Reporter . . . Ifeltzmle kiejas 41' if Donna Arrnes Dale Clem Terry DeLeon John Edwards Sharon Ernst Chris Ford Terry Pee tol Mary Escamilla RosaLinda Gomez Mary Rodriquez Rose Escamilla Cindy Johnston O-felia Salinas Pam Estrada Oralia Ortega Ronny Sharp 5 ,rs all Reyes Carrillo Luis Estrada Jimmy Correa Janie Rodriquez Danny Emerson Calistro Rodriquez Paul Garza Hoy Villarreal Deanna Weunsche Mary Zavala Roman Zavala We nf Che l6'csf Um! VIII! 61114 Pick 'Kansa We he U16 Seaiars nf '76 greshmrzle Hess Oweers President . . Viee-President Secretary . . Zfrerzeurer . . Reporter . . - - We Wllarreal . . .... Komen Zrzmlrz ,Mary Sllelr Sserzrezilla . . . kenny Sharp . . Slzarelr Srlrsf fffaff 864006 9116111 mf HIGH EHOOL' C524 KHIEIQS Mrs. Sappington Mr. Zant Mrs. Howle Mr. Ballard Speech-Spanish Science English Agriculture Bus. English Asst. Coach Mrs. McAllister Miss Biddle Mrs. Brewster Mr. Brewster Homemaking Business Librarian Boys, Coach nf Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Denton Mrs. McNeely Mrs. Hiracheta Lunchroorn Lunchroom Lunchroom Lunchroom 5 K if I ' M kb, ty Mrs. Hiracheta Oscar Roman Anita Roman .lanie Caballero Lunchroom Custodian Custodian Custodian Roy Caballero Mr. Howle Mr. Denton Mrs. Wheeler Custodian Bus Driver Bus Driver Nurse Who said, "Shut your mouth ducky?,' You want me for centerfold!" Why, you little devil! "Are you the super?' "Fm going to be afather again? 9,4 V0l?7Z'5S X..,.. - Mn NHHS Stacy Gill ts ofMr. and Mrs. Robbie C ll Miss NJ-HKS gllffff Sealy C pliments ofMr. and Mrs. George S ly Ax 153515 5 ii E lg Q ' 52 1 3 fs awww-+V Debbie Menette - U, 'X - 1 9 :M- U' x '.I I ' -'Y ? .,,, i. ,K I X In X K , X, The New Home girls bested Spade 54-21 taking the champ- ionship title in the Anton 10th Invitational Tournament.Car- ol Sealy lead the action with 27 points. Sherry McCoy lead Spade with 10. Before getting to the fin Niew Home beat Bledsoe to 20 with Carol Sealy ting in 32 points. Friday New Home girls bloted F: ship 53 to 50. Carol S4 put in 29 points in the cl game. Carol Sealy was again! ored with the Most Valu: New Honra ragged its sew scoring pea , r ing Smlilii B7-50 in a second-half lzidllii Stanley and Roi Zavala each put in 16 -for Leopards and Mike W ehipped in 14. Joe Bea' scored 21 for 'Southland Jerry Winterrowd 13. i New I-lome's girls, I fscored a 71-40 Win, with I Johnston hitting 23. Connie ishitre me 18 for Southland. lor the girls title as Carol Se outscored Shefrry McCoy 27-1 In other fem action, Frens took third place, besting Ar 54-31 as Denise Kin-ner sec 18. Christi Stone and M Fisher split 20 for the losers Cotton Center took the c solation title with a 73-41 wa over Whitharral as Patti R bertson outscored Darle Burns, 30-19. Miss Sealy v MVP. Wilson tripped New Home 36, coming alive in the sect half after the losers tried a lay most of the first half 2 railed only 18-11 at intern sion. Greg Wied led a balam ustang attack with 12 poir anny Trotter and'Chris Cc an each netted 11 and Da' able scored 10, Jerry Pectc ix -points led the Leopards, vs railed 7-4 at the quarter. The New I-gomeil girls won , 1 aro Se hitting 1116922 a netted lgyfor wus. Player and Karon Edwards was named an all-tournament guard and Pam Johnston, an all-tournament forward. The New Home girls and 15 mark to 10-4 S1143 Mtifm, Meadow l lacuce Victory ed New Hgme 42.39, Ropes New Ijlome and Spade collid Rackler mt 28 led Spayde 52-41, seagmwes It 8 tonight in the championshi Smyer. Johnged O, 11 56,49 andilt of the Spade Tournamel Home with 16' eface beat Wuwn 56.45. .nd the girls chamlpionshi 9 gms upped King lied Mewduw with ame pits New Home again: - ' a n ' ' I . . . t-,020 th CaI01SeaIys0ped319IJat530Pm boys will begin action in the Sealy W1 105,91-S3 Glam? Mamie In boys' action Friday bot ,,,m,30P9S Thugllsr-Jam, mr New Home and Spade took bi x,. i x ,,.,. n-.Air -Q iz 'i'7'3'2ff "' is to advance to the champ if hip tonight. ...J W pade blasted Smyer 83-51 2. il- David Gray netting 21 rvi-n Matthews 23 and Rand my 21 to pace the victors. ew Home downed Lazbuddi 1 with Pete Pectol and Rai Zavala netting 18 each. Gar 'ris scored 13 for the loser. ew Home tripped Dawson i games, and by almoq vtical scores. The Ne' ie boys won 52-43 and tl s 51-42. Jerry Pectol hit I Kyle John-ston and Roma ala 12 each, in the boy me for the winners. Johnr :on hit 15 for Dawson. Ne' ie is now 4-9, Dawson 3-5. ew Home girls were led l D1 Sealy's 35 points and Te iearden scored 20 for Dav District 7-B Lyle Johnston hit an 185 np shot at the buzzer, lift W Home to a 62-60 double ftime victory over Sundc a 7-B lid-lifter. the game was knotted at lregulation and each c naged two points during 1 it Uhlree-m'inul'oe extra sessf ohnston led New Home v points, Jerry Pectol addet l Gene Roberson 11. M ygood scored 18 for Sundai h Phillip Smith netting 12, 'he Sundown girls won 4! overtime, outscoring l' ne 3-0 in the extra per hy Wood led Sundowndx itatwliatipiiwnitdiia 6 as Mike Waygood sco1 aoimlts. Sundown is now 6- and New Home fell to 6- marks. n won the girls ga' as Kathy Robins: ind Pam Shaw 19 eat if had so for the iones M1 nglekmg h. 1 nb dd'e, ' L'i'hree A3335 we 15',451csz1s',4zfz Qll56W ND ww , Spade had 2 n-J 'am E e a Three msg Haro! Sealy Gem' ltrfberfsau 44.3, 'ff at 2 fm C Lvelyn Et 1 :30 areth. 'th Laz- ng at it tion I ne and uddle! at 9:30 and ml Pep Compliments ofMn and Mrs. Danny Nettles 'i Eng' 34 le. 91104 l6'5,4ll and 9524 5 W55 5162473 Z' Stacy Gil! ,Ciszz Canker Compliments 0fMr. and Mrs. Calvin Tucker Spanien Eine King nne! .Qneen ,Albert Vasquez Irene ffimenetn SPANJSH 61? ll 16' HANDJDV4 2785 Leticia Caballero Roger Moreno Mary Hernandez Compliments ofMr. and Mrs. Eddie Martinez yufwofe ew ss 9,4 zfofefzss Dave Smith Mary Hernandez 35377016 66455 Z4 VOl67Z'55' Stanley McNeely Lisa Tucker 9l655f!JT4y4,!V 613,455 Z4 VOIZJCE5 Cindy Johnston Jimmy Correa 5027!-KOWIOISE 612455 954 VOKJCSS Ruben Ortega Flo ' 39 E S 3 Z 2 2 E E E E 2 1 2 2 E S 2 2 . 2 2 2 5 1 E E 2 Z 2 E 2 2 2 2 E i . 2 5 5 E ! 2 E z ? 2 2 i 4 S E 5 E 2 2 s 2 2 2 s 2 E 2 ? E 2 i E E E2?,EfN5Z:5 W , F""""""', ,W ' W f-"'W"""'T'f' W, -W.,If.,.,.,v?.nlEzSmS 2 E E S s 5 E 3 x 5 5 s i E Q Z E 1 3 3 2 2 2 5 E 5 5 E f f f EEZKM . f fn ,, , , W ' ' ,nkasiai ik EOEMWRSZEZ mb ,I .552 ,Nw V46 C7147 C755 99,4 0Mcers President .... . . .Stanley McNeely Vice-President . . ..... Mike White Sentinel . . . .... Brad Smith Secretary . . ..... Stacy Gill Treasurer . . . . .Andy Fillingim Reporter . .......... Dan Williams Compliments of Mn and Mrs. Herb Williams f 1 Qufurff Qarmers of ,wzfrica C pliments of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer S h pp 9554 0Wcers President ................... Karon Edwards 1st Vice-President . . . . . SheilaMcClintock 2nd Vice-President . . ....... PeriPhQfer 3rd Vice-President . . . . . Vickie Harmonson 4th Vice-President . . . . .RosaLinda Cantu Secretary ..... .... D ebbie White Treasurer ..... . . Diana Caballero Parliarnentarian . . . . .Menette Maloney Historian .... ..... B renda Parker Reporter ......... ....... J udy Turner Compliments of FHA Chapter - 52 j7n,3iT': ,M wil , KM Af' :Z -rf, V :L V , 5 iilmirl Vik kkrr K , ,, V, -Q fum. figs 9ufurc' ffvmcmakers af America A Compliments ofMr. and Mrs. Harold Nettles 7 Spanish 61116 Owcers President .......... Pedro Eseamilla Vice-President . . . . . .Mary Hernandez 2nd Vice-President ..... Manuel Gonzales 3rd Vice-President ........ Elva Flores Secretary ......... Johnny Rodriquez Treasurer ..... ...... B like Perez PSAF Chairman . . . Jimmy Correa Reporter ............ Ninfa Flores Compliments ofMr. Manuel Gonzales ?Xl?-iwk Spanish 61116 - ya C pl' t . . lmen s 0fMr and Mrs Osca R 49 Smiar-Jlflailzvr Basketball Game ZIZC 60jV?755Z',4jVZZS' Menette Maloney Jerry Pectol . . . Dale McCullough Randy Overman Patti Nettles . . Barry Nettles . . Sheila McClintock Sidney Burrow . Sharon Ernest . . Loretta Wuensche Nancy Louder . Deanna Wuensche Rebecca Ibarra . .ludy Turner . . ....................ReadyWriting .........Prose District 4' 2nd . . Poetry Interpretation District 4' 3rd . ............... Slide Rule Number Sense District 4' 2nd fS.R.j ...............Spelling . . Slide Rule .....SlideRule . ............... Slide Rule Number Sense District 4' Ist fbothj . ............... Spelling .......Prose District 4' 2nd . . . . .Typing District 4' 3rd . . . . Spelling . . . . . Typing District 4' Ist . . Ready Writing District 4' 3rd 11 If 0145 Act Play- Biffle Wzwfzeu if it 2 fu if 1. fi fe A , g Q' ' W QZW ik . U-iid. .f ' f' , I WNJOIZ PLA Z! - 1973 "Che Haunted Glzaif' Hillcrest Sn Dinner X is 1973- ,711 -Sr. Kauqucf 4 if '24 Nlylzf Jn Jlflcxfiwv C " High Salam! ,411-Sports Hanqucf A "Mid: . ,L M 527016 CS Pep Squad 5? ww Q53-ng N e-NR' D389 S N53 ev. Z' 3 2.2 3 Cb QSC No. 10 Mike White No. 42 Stanley McNeely Lynn Maxwell Leland Zant Charles Brewster Lynn Johnston ANDY FILLINCIM S TAC Y CILL STANLEY McNEELY Guard End F ullback 1658? MMHZV we H 6167 , L'50l7y4lCZ95' .IERR YPECTOL End HAR VEY SCHOPPA JAMES SHARP ERNEST THOMAS Center Tailback Tailback MIKE WHITE MARK CLEM WAYNE EAKIN Halfback Guard Tackle f- ,,.. Mjgjfzy M9527 ZSOPAICDS Cm! 610 , PEDRO MENDOZA End RUDOLFO RIOJAS .IOERODRIQUEZ DA VID SMITH Tackle Guard uarterback Q 63 RI CKE Y CLEM BARR Y NE TTLES J UHNN Y R ODRI Q UEZ Tackle Guard Halfback ALC 414175 CHE CHE WAX! Wfly MIKE RODRI Q UEZ Guard DA LE CLEM JIMMY C ORREA DANNY EMERSON Center End Tailback UIS ES TRADA CHRIS FORD TERR Y PEC T End Wingback Guard ONN Y SHARP ROY VILLARREAL ROMAN ZA VA Guard Wingback Q uarterbac 1666? 01V 51611616071 Ulf! W6 6V6N 1117 27116 560166 ANZ? 271611616 ANU 511616 1116501611 1616115 0115 C116 230016 ffvmeeamiug Activities New Hams Lanyards "V"a14d 'H It Var ity STANLEY McNEEL Y I ERR Y PEC TOL 8 K R . ,, . - . .-72,12 A " GENE ROBERSON Q E' 151 ' M H. . L'Yk' 1 ' 1 ' . 1 'J 53 0454 ' fi A .... Af A ..,. A .. , , H Y I gl E ww A A A fig ff ,'.' ' KYLE JQHNSTON V H ,.L , :YL ,,n,yf .Q:,L. , . . .- W: W ' V . 1 1. DJ' . mwyeffii' s X ..LL M,,A,,,z X F 2 su , WgzmXs1s.sev Q' z5i?ivgFf':ffQz 4 x , a:. fgx. ' f?fs,':zf 'Q Qaaif5wf?fSzI:mQ ' af . I 2 if-1 ,,.,::. ,. , ,Y' : ,Q ,:,. . 6 "v-,,:',.:5a.,a:11:a1-1551 V ROMAN ZA VALA 5 - .si .wr 'ew Ai,. 5 1 My f f 6 ' M., uma" 2 1. 3255 V .. ,.. .- 1 5 5c2::..,,.' J, -, ., f 1 ,P X.. , ..,, K I 1 4' N u 2 id I , 4 px f sfQ5ffwQf2k?Q2f K Y sf. , SP Z N 3 A. :Eff .5 J' Q V w i g xi f 5 S 4 , J MM G if , M, Aj f . I ,Y i ,,f?Tvfggf,335go,y if-' IX W N! xv I ' S' ' E Q fl - Q. ', 'b S H . l 7 " V ' -5:-L . 11 f'-h ,- w,v. -fifffmmmhfsggmm 1' , N! X, STA CY GILL MIKE WHITE DA VE SMITH ROY VILLEREAL JAMES SHARP New Hama Leopards "If" and 7 Il Varsity KARON EDWARDS ALL-DISTRICT PAM JOHNSTON HON. MEN. CAROL SEALY ALL-DIS TRIC T VICKIE HARMONSON SHEILA MCCLIN TO CK HON. MEN. BRENDA PARKER JUDY TURNER DEBBIE WHITE HON. MEN PERI PHIFER HON. MEN. SHEILA McNEEL Y DONNA ARMES CINDYJOHNSTON ws fa, , Q an 4 mi x 1 5 Nfl!! H0045 27164616 Wayne Eakin . . Rodolfo Riojas . Stacy Gill .... Randy Overman Stanley McNeely Mark Clem . . . Mike White . . . Earnest Thomas . Jimmy Correa . . Albert Vasquez . Gene Roberson . Chris Ford . . . Johnny Rodriquez Mike Rodriquez . Pedro Mendoza . ............ShotPut .............MileRun . . .Mile Run, Regional Qualifieri' .. . . . . . . . .440yd.dash ..................ShotPut .. . . . . . . . . . . 440Relay,MileRelay 0 n Mile Relay, 440 yd. dash, 330 Int. Hurdles . . . 100 yd. dash, 220 yd. dash, Broad Jump, 440 Relay, Mile Relay, Regional Qualifier af' . . . 330 Int. Hurdles, 880 yd. run, Mile Relay, Regional Qualifier 4' ..................MileRun ...........440Relay . . 330Int. Hurdles, 880yd. run ..........440Relay . . 220 yd. dash, Broad Jump AW, ,nf ... .Q ,WV f fm :gg K3 X,l, V I V6 mf 5 FW ifs 3 2161" w - - A V ,g,, 1 4335, ,, if ., qw? '- ' 1. 5.5 " ,A-QE 4? -vi -9f'x, .J-'im If 1 ill x 't f, Q ,K . K., U I , Z ' x -9 27 N5 W HOMS ZZNMVJS' Carol Sealy . Peri Phifer ........... Donna Armes 62 Cindy Johnston Menette Maloney :Ye Judy Turner Kyle Johnston Sc Mike White . . Stacy Gill . . . Louis Estrada ........ Jerry Pectol 62 Ronny Sharp . Q Q Q :Q : 'Q i . 0 Q' O.qb Q lQ'Q'l4 lQ'l fl 0':' Q 'Q UQ. 'Q:Q vig. Qg. . .Q.Ql.h QQ. -'Q Q, Q . Q I 5 . Singles Dist as . Singles Doubles Doubles Doubles Dist pf' . Singles . Singles Doubles Q :Q Q I-Ffiiiylfe. ww- :. ' -::. 'Q'Qh'Q' Q':Q':Q v Q QQ .Q Q ,Q ,Q ,'Q,'QQ',Q'.Q QQ,Q . .Q ,Q .Q,Q , Qf Q Q9 . Qi :Q v, ,Q QQ, Q, Q. Q' QI Q H 0 Q Q 'Q' W.. E! 'Q,.?' Q5 : :..Q, 5 5 gb t H NSW HOME 5019 Z'5t4Wl Stacy Gill, Jerry Pectol Stanley NcNeely, Kyle Johnston, Barry Nettles ......... Winners? PeriPhifer . . 5th Regional . . . .District 6th Regional . District Winneri' 006 006 S S ,4msa,,fw:Mi-mis 5 i v-M -QM, ' ' we W 1 ..f N .. ,K -.fu-w,,. ,lffaqggr A QM? . . .W . -- NEW HOME l6L45'8l6'a4lT1T James Sharp, Wayne Eahin, Stanley McNeely, Brad Smith, Joe Rodriquez, Roger Moreno, Jerry Pectol, Danny Emerson, Edward Zavala, Ronny Sharp, John Edwards, Kyle Johnston, Reyes Corrilla Roman Zavala, Roy Villareal Coach: Mike Wallace Disfrivf and l6'i-Distric! Ehamps T9 X. X l- rm .. X . ,v . W , -: -,ff. -- f ,qw Q4 X Vvllcybzzll Umm Hgh Salma! Ccachcr af the llmr The New Home High School student body of 1972-1973 elected Mr. Leland Zant High School Teacher of the Year for his enthusiastic spirit, loyalty, and his constant friendship with a remaining division between student and teacher. Mr. Zant gained the respect of the students which they will always hold. YZLXWOK HJGH -1 ex lf! New flame jr. ffzylz l?l70k5' 1' Zfrward LQ? '-"-?Z.--.,-- :bmw vm Szylzfh Grade .fvx K ,Q W' 255 Jolene Armontrout Tony Burrows Mitch Clem Tina DelGado Lorna B lakney Cindy Bush Sylvia Correa Urbano Estrada Rhoda Blakney Lorenza Cantu Linda Davis DeL0res Foerster Kent Bruton Judi Clem Nora DelCado Jesse Garza Diane Escamilla Johnny Sandoval Robert Salas W Johnny Hamlin Sam Louder Lupe Rodriquez ox J oe Zavala P ff ,tx H Dahlen Hancock Q Scott McAllister Mary Alice Smith mom not Brian K ieth AVAILABLE Kim Howle Ahn Nettles Bonita Wuensche Rhonda Huddleston Sandra Roberson ,I oe Zant g 7?-5 S 9-1 W 1 Nm H gl- flylzih Grade Graduation Seventh Grade Johnny Alonzo Angela Cowling Janie Estrada Ignacio Gonzales Sylvia Alonzo Richard Da Villa Laura Estrada Tommy Harmonson Elzkabeth Caballero DelRoy DeGrate Chris Fails Mary Edna H irache ta Billy Canady Johnny Emerson Cathy Followill Sylvia DelGrate Manuel Cantu Pat Escamilla Susie Ford Ramiro Villareal Roy Mendoza ' Ein- Q A 1-.- an Debbie Martinez Mamie Ortega Ranae Reeves Louis Riojas Lisa Martinez Lynna Poer Cindy Rodriquez Floyd Smith Bret McAllister Jesus Ramirez Mario Rodriq uez Raul Villareal Marty McClintock Pablo Ramirez Richard Rodriquez Josephine Zavala 811411 Grad: Reena Burrows Mary Caballero Laurie Cole Ester Estrada Jimmy Estrada Debra Hamlin Donette Hancock Ronnie Harmonson Beatrice Hernandez Henry Hernandez Mario Hernandez Bobby Hirecheta Betty Garcia Oralia Gonzales Jamie Johnston Monte Maloney Phil PhU'er Sammy Pridmore Rosie Ramirez Isiah Roberson Tony Rodriquez Tracy Smith Tesea Tedder Robert Turner Ruby Canady Mike Wallace History :UN Inez Smith Lynn Maxwell English Math Hmmm? Judi Clem Sylvia Correa Rhonda Huddlest Glmmm mmm r New flame Kittens fn fllylz Kaskcfball 'L4 " and '76' jr. High Girls' l6'z1skc'fbf1lll973 '72 - ,73 NSW H0345 4716. J-UG!! 1619 E24 60113 Tony Burrows Cathy Followill Sam Louder Reena Burrows Sponsor Inez Smzth 94 X w jr. High flfhlefiv Banquet ef: Mrs. Inez Smith SLTSMEN 6416 If La Vonne Sharp Delores Price I 0A nn Kieth Kindergarten Ist Grade 2nd Grade XM' 4 Ms . -W: f, f-were My ,eee MQ Joyce Davies La Verne Lewis Evelyn WoU'farth 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade Peggy Lorrance Janie F lores Adela Hernandez Migrant Migrant Migrant Slementezry Sweethearts and l6'eezus Kindergarten 1815 Grade Kim Smith Kyle James Shree Bruton Lance Kieth X 2nd Grade 3rd Grade Sindy Ramirez Joe Deleon Lllflll Kiefll Ricky Pectol -:Ye R X me . I 1 LW . 4th Grade 5th Grade Gloria Hernandez Stoney Gill Renee Colley Brad Brewster Compliments ofMr. and Mrs. Freddie Kieth Isabel Alonzo Brad Brewster Rene Cantu Renee Cooley Pam Cowling Sylvia Darilla Angelita Delgado Diana Delgado Louis DeCrate Andrea Eades Susono Esparza Angelita Estrada Jessie Estrada Juanita F lores Henry Garza Juan Garza .lesse Gonzales Diana H iracheta Mickey Kieth Julia Martinez Dana Poor Lilia Riojas Juan Rivera Ricky Roberson Rosa Rodriquez Rita Roman Diana Sanchez Bennie Lee Smith Bob Villareal Gayland Zant 100 Zfth Grade Vicki Zant Ambrosio Zavala Il x'N V ?..L. - - Qourflz Grade Frank Roman F rutoso Valencia Raul Valencia Devone Vickers Bebe Caballero Nora Caballero Robert Caballero Roy Caballero .lames Cantu Gloria Correal Eddie Castro Brenda Cooley Alex DeLa.Rosa Alan Eades Sammy Emmerson Patricia Escamilla Francis Esparaza Ester Gallegos Stoney Gill Emma Lou Gomez Eugene CrQ'fin Glorzlz Hernandez Sally Hernandez Gena Johnston Murray Kieth Andy Madkins Randy Madkins Mitzi McAllister Mickey McClintock Pamela Moreno Billy Paul Delores Ramirez Mary Ellen Riojas Diana Rodriquez 101 Laurie Balch Edward Canady Chavela Cantu Willie DeCrate Ofalia Delgado Danny Estrada Robert Estrada Dionisio Flores Margarita Garza George Gonzales Robert Hiracheta Irene Huey Lana Kieth Angela Paul Ricky Pectol Tony Rodriquez Ruben Sandoval Sylvia Valencia I ' fm ., NH 1 ' Que ff ,i fx ,x '.,. 2 K I Q. 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Qnzdc Raymond Valencia Linda Villarreal Ricky Zavala Kindergarten Greg Balch Micheal Eakin Robert Poer Pete Rodriquez Angel Martinez Sandra Torres Raye Rivera Jerry Miller Albert Villereal Lloyd Escamilla Michael Rodruguez Bernabe Flores Sherri Swinson Nancy Hiracheta Marisa Castro Ernestine Huey Mary Jane Hernandez Laurie Ann Speckman Jeanie Williams Norma Delgato Sally Gomez Tammy Workman Gloria Gonzales Kim Smith Lisa Estrada Scott Smith Kyle James Shawn Cooley WM' vffmy A GIZADNA C7037 lgzzcmlaumzfc I 9 7 3 I 5 if l E .f s Q -isilmxqv ., ,,,., ' 2 PQ3., - - V 5 Seniar ,flccamplishmrnts LETICIA CABELLERO- Spanish Club 3 yrs., FHA 2 yrs., Spanish Club Princess 2 yrs., Junior Play, Class Favorite 1 yr., Pep Squad 2 yrs. MEL VA CABELLERO- Spanish Club 3 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Pep Squad 2 yrs., Junior Play. KARON EDWARDS- Crisco Homemaking Award, All-District Guard 2 yrs., Anton All-Tourney Guard, Basketball 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Cheerleader 1 yr., National Merit Society of Outstanding High School Students, Outstanding Teenager of America, Society of Outstanding High School Students in America, Class Officer 2 yrs., AssistantEditor ofAnnual, FHA 4 yrs., FHA President 1 yr., FHA Officer 2 yrs., Science Club lyr.', JuniorPlay, Most SchoolSpirit 1 yr., Homecoming Queen 1 yr., One-Act Play, Homemaking Award 2 yrs., Typing Award 1 yr., English Award 3 yrs., Science Award 1 yr., Salutatorian Award 1 yr., Junior and Chapter Degrees in FHA, Basketball Captain 1 yr., Pep Squad 3 yrs. ANDY FILLINCIM- Class Officer 4 yrs., President 3 yrs., Football 4 yrs., Honorable Mention All-District 2 yrs., All-District Offensive Second Team 1 yr., FHA 4 yrs., Officer 3 yrs., Lone Star Farmer Degree, Baseball 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Class Favorite 2 yrs., Cutest 1 yr., Most Handsome 1 yr., Football Homecoming King Candidate 2 yrs., Junior Play, Science Club 1 yr. PEDRO FLORES- Baseball 3 yrs., Spanish Club 4 yrs., Spanish Club Officer 2 yrs., Spanish III Award, Spanish Club King Candidate 2 yrs., Track 1 yr., Football 1 yr. STACY CILL- Football 4 yrs., Honorable Mention All-District 1 yr., Track 2 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., Baseball 1 yr., Colf3 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., FFA Officer 2 yrs., Lone Star Farmer Degree, Class Officer 2 yrs., Science Club 3 yrs., FHA Beau, Junior Play, Financial Advisor ofAnnual, Mr. NHHS. MANUEL CONZALES- Spanish Club 4 yrs., Spanish Club Officer 3 yrs., Spanish MeritAward 1 yr. PAM JOHNSTON- FHA 3 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., FTA 3 yrs., Spanish Club 2 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Science Club 1 yr., Student Council Representative 1 yr., Choir 2 yrs., Band 1 yr., Pep Squad 4 yrs., Annual Staff 1 yr., Hornet's Nest 2 yrs., Junior-Senior Play. DALE McCULLOUCH- FHA 4 yrs., Track 1 yr., Basketball 2 yrs., Manager 1 yr., Science Club 3 yrs., Class Officer 1 yr., Pep Squad 4 yrs., UIL Poetry 1 yr., Annual Staff 1 yr., Junior Play, One-ActPlay. STANLEY MCNEELY- FFA 4 yrs., Officer 1 yr., Friendliest 2 yrs., MostAthletic 2 yrs., Football King 1 yr., Football 4 yrs., All-District Offensive Team 1 yr., All-District Defensive Team I yr., Honorable Mention Offensive Team 1 yr., Honorable Mention Defensive Team 1 y.., Junior Play, Baseball 4 yrs., Class Favorite 1 yr., State Judging Team I yr. JOHN MENDOZA Football 3 yrs., Track 4 yrs., District Track 3 yrs. PA TTI NETTLES- Class Officer 3 yrs., FHA 4 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Manager 1 yr., Spanish Club 3 yrs., Science Club 1 yr., Pep Squad 3 yrs., UIL Spelling 4 yrs., District Winner UIL 1 yr., Junior Play, Betty Crocker Award 1 yr. JERRYPECTOL- Basketball 2 yrs., Football 1 yr., Baseball 2 yrs., Honor Society 2 yrs. MIKE PEREZ- Science Club 3 yrs., Spanish Club 4 yrs., Spanish Club Secretary 1 yr., Baseball 3 yrs., Spanish Award 2 yrs. GENE ROBERSON- Basketball I yr., Basketball King I yr., Football 2 yrs., Track 4 yrs., FFA 4 yrs. SYL VIA ROMAN- Spanish Club 4 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Pep Squad 2 yrs., Junior Play, Most Beautiful I yr. HARVEY SCHOPPA- Football 4 yrs., All-District Defensive Team I yr., Honorable Mention Offensive Team I yr., FFA 4 yrs., Lone Star Farmer Degree, Outstanding Livestock Farmer Award, State Livestock Judging Team I yr., Track 1 yr., Junior Play, Basketball 1 yr. CAROL SEALY- Basketball 4 yrs., Captain 1 yr., Most Valuable Player 2 yrs., Honorable Mention 1 yr., All-District Forward 3 yrs., Track 4 yrs., Tennis 4 yrs., Class Officer 3 yrs., Algebra Award, Biology Award, BKKP Award, Chemistry Award, Valedictorial I yr., Junior Play, One-Act Play, Annual Staff Pep Squad 4 yrs., Science Club 2 yrs., Spanish Club I yr., FHA 2 yrs., Most Athletic 2 yrs., Wittiest 3 yrs., Basketball Queen I yr., Miss NHHS, Class Favorite I yr., Outstanding Teenager of America, Meritis Society of Who,s Who, Society of Outstanding American High School Stu- dents, All-State Forward Second Team. JAMES SHARP- Football 4 yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., Baseball 4 yrs., FFA 2 yrs., Science Club 2yrs., Spanish Club I yr., Junior Play, UIL One-Act Play. EARNEST THOMAS- Track 4 yrs., Football 3 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., Class Officer 1 yr., Honorable Mention in Football, State Finalist in Mile Relay. JOSE TORRES- Science Club 3 yrs., Spanish Club 4 yrs., Junior Class Favorite, Spanish IAward. LISA TUCKER- Class Officer 3 yrs., Annual Editor, FHA 4 yrs., Science Club I yr., Junior Play, Basketball 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs., Cheerleader I yr., English Award 2 yrs., Valedictorran Award 2 yrs., Math Award, History Award, Best Dressed 2 yrs., Cutest I yr., FFA Sweetheart, Society of Outstanding Students, One-Act Play, Class Favorite 2 yrs., Pep Squad 2 yrs. ALBERT VASQUEZ- Track 4 yrs., FFA 2 yrs., Spanish Club 4 yrs., Spanish Club King I yrs., Football 2 yrs. MIKE WHITE- Football 4 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., Honorable Mention All-District Football I yr., Class Officer 3 yrs., Junior Play, One-Act Play, Baseball 3 yrs., Lone Star Farmer Degree, FFA 4 yrs., FFA Officer 2 yrs., FFA District Ojficer I yr., State Livestock Judging Team, Most School Spirit I yr., Track 2 yrs., Best Dressed 2 yrs., Science Club 3 yrs., Officer I yr., Football King Candidate I yr. DAN WILLIAMS- Basketball 1 yr., Basketball, Football, and Track Manager 3 yrs., FFA 3 yrs., FFA Officer I yr. 113 fast Will and Ctstammt We, the Senior Class of 1972-73, being of sound mind and body do hereby make this our last will and testament. There are several individual and double bequeaths, before we state who receives the bulk of our fortunes. Letecia Caballero bequeaths her quiet ways to Vickie Harmonson and Mike Gonzales, who could use a few. Albert Vasquez leaves his small ability for the mile, his dearest possession, his boots, his good looks, personality, and brain to Rudolfo Riojas. What more could he ask for? John Mendoza leaves his wise-cracks to Joe Rodriquez and Edward Zavala, to help make life unbearable for the study hall keeper of next year. Andy Fillingim and Mike White leave Wayne Eakin, and Niekey Hodges their talentfor being ladies men. The girls will not have a chance!! Melva Caballero and Sylvia Roman, to try to even up the odds with the boys, leave Delia Gomez, Diana Caballero, and Sheila McClintock their flirty ways. Karon Edwards bequeaths her Cinderalla Band-Aids, left to Karon by Becky Blevins last year, to Debbie White, although Debbie may need a couple more. Lisa Tucker leaves her Lifesavers and tricks on how to catch a man and keep him to Mary Hernandez and Judy Turner. Good luck next year girls!! Jerry Pectol and Gene Roberson leave their jump-shots and basketball playing abilities to Dave Smith. We hope Dave will be able to improve them. Harvey Schoppa and Stacy Gill leave their height, strength, and good looks to Roger Moreno, who could use some extra????? Pedro Flores and Manuel Gonzales leave their charm to Linda Harmonson, with no comments attached. Earnest Thomas bequeaths his speed to Pedro Mendoza with a slight condition clause attached, his speed is not to be used to chase girls!.' And now for the moment you've all been waiting for. Loretta Wuensche and Mark Clem receive the bulk of our fortunes: Patti Nettles leaves her temper to Loretta in the hope that shelll use it. Pam Johnston leaves her nickname SALT to Loretta. Dale McCullough leaves her sarcastic remarks to Loretta. Carol Sealy leaves her ever undying wit to Loretta. Make good use of these bequeaths, Loretta!!!! Dan Williams wills his determination and ability to keep out of trouble to Mark Clem. Stanley McNeely leaves his ability to talk to girls to Mark. Jose Torres leaves his nice manners to Mark in the hope that they may help give us a new Mark!!!! Finally, James Sharp wills his headband to the whole Junior Class to keep them from getting the "big headl' when they become seniors. And last, but not least, Miss Bibble just leaves . . . M Kjwww fawmaw Q? wwdcgigjf. W WJ 0 5339935556 ummm? amysfffffw xg? 5 MXMWSRQ PP 7fWf5mff3f5 N35 LEOPAKD MWNZIMLC 5 2214 99 Editor ..... Asst. Editor . . Business Manager A nnual Assistants Sponsor . . . Lisa Tucker .Karon Edwards . . . Stacy Gill . . .Car0lSealy Dale McCullough PattiNettles . . .MissBiddle :lk '7'7ll fp ... X5 use . "rf -I 1 ' . .-X 'Egg I.7"!,' .7 .-Q, . 4, v:,..',' ,A .1 jig: . " --I:'.Ia:::r:. ' - . :-. ,.. "-Sag. 'f55::2i::gQ1 ,- -r ---::::.. . . .... ::::::.,, 'Liv ' ,g::.. Q-!vZ5I' : -,Q .j. -.... ..... ig, eg-1.'12....f!ZQ- '- 'X . -...itfkgf vjgqffftg .- -.3 ,'f-. ig -3-.::::.:.'. -:."u1'-:Y-2z:::::'1I! "--1:12-:'::r!Y I-QM'-. " ' ,-' gag... ..:..-- '- ":11?fr"I".IZf 'g'n '4.1.:3:-....... I-,-P-. --1---::::::::. . ,- ..,. .... . . f -5: F ,, l"155:SiEEE?E3 . ,,- A :L::....:g 'f. '. c - '.-,.:.4-I.. ' -1-v: :-.55 . 4 :zz- ' Q". 'I 'nn. -,: .f-.:-- .... ,'.,::. 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Garza Slaton, T Downtown Briercrott 1501 Ave.O 53rd atAve Q 765 5704 747 4134 Everything in Electronics and Appliances ED'S EBLEN PHARMACY WAGQN WHEEL 3, 245 W Lubbock, Texas Box I86 I630 - I3tI'I St. Slaton, Texas Ph. PO 2-4445 Lubbock, Texas ED BARCLAY, Owner r 'I' I ' Name Brand Western Wear vl I 4 In 2 . 3 Stetson Hats Justin Boots gb- M. L. Leddy Boots Gross Suits Levis WILSCN INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone 628-29I I Box I88 Wilson, Texas It You Have An Insurance Problem We Have A Policy To Fit It WILSON STATE BANK Wilson, Texas Member of F.D.l.C. Old Fashioned Courieous Service We Welcome Your Accouni BRIERCROFT SAVINGS 8: LOAN P. O. BOX 6190 50th and Ave. Q. . -,.- 7 W"' 1 If :E 'V1, .4.- 3 ,154 "1"Q 9 if I I' Q, X ICS? gczyb, A fx L bb k 5' X '1 T as SOUTHSIDE AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY 47181-x Q Lbb kT Ph 747 3471 O B bBl k IVI yC Ph 7951277 MONTEREY P T E BARBER SHOP F55 5 F 1iQ1 IEEE I IISSII 7E,I7. IIE, A IITE7 I, I 1 E... K df ,W 6 f . 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Suggestions in the New Home High School - El Leopardo Yearbook (New Home, TX) collection:

New Home High School - El Leopardo Yearbook (New Home, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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New Home High School - El Leopardo Yearbook (New Home, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


New Home High School - El Leopardo Yearbook (New Home, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


New Home High School - El Leopardo Yearbook (New Home, TX) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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