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D I l-1, ' up ICAT .-.....q nn..- -':a4L..s-.-lei" r 1 1 I I ' ----M 1 .Q ..., ,, ,U F N -Q .411 I FAC ULTY' NLR JOHNJ WAN Huss PRINCIPAL Mathematics Science Illinois State Normal University B E D Lawerence Institute of Technology fDeh'oitj Uxuversity oi Illmnls M S Advisor of Senior Class MISS BETTY j BORCHERS Cornxnerciul Universxty of Illinois B A Advisor of Class Advisor of Pep Club PAUL E RANKIN Musxc Lxncoln College MISS RUTH BAKLR Home Economics Phys lc al Educ atxon Northern Ill Teachers College B E D Graduate work at College A and M Advxsor of jumor Class F H A andG A A MISS VIRGINIA HOLLAND Enghsh Universxty of Illmols B A Unxverszty oi Michxgan M A Adv1sor of Semor Class Dxrector of junior Play and Sexuor Play MAC WALDRIP Bxology ocml Sc zence Eastern Ill State Teachers Umversxty of Colorado Advlsor of Sophomore Class Advlsor of Varsxty Club NIRS JOHN BEAVER Latxn I Lmcoln College College of St Catherine Rollms College B A JOHN SAPP Agrxculture Illuloxs State Normal Unxversxty Umversxty of Illxnols B S Advisor of junxor Class F F A , and Swxne Club ' , . . College B. E. D. F1011 V0 Nlller kutl L5 ru-ends Bxl1Dan1ey Sandri Nlchexl BHCR ROW Donna Schroeder Iohn Rock and llllblll' Caedtkd President Vice Pr esident Tr ensur er Advisor STUDENT COUNCIL Vlrginia McNeil john Beck Darrell Maller Mr Sapp A student council was formed thxs year at the suggestxon of the student body A commzttee of exght was chosen by the classes to draw up the constitution After the constxtutxon was read and approved by the student body a council of exght two from each class was chosen They were as follows Semors Vxrginil McNeil and W1lbur Gaedtka juxuors Donna Jeanne Schroeder and john Beck, Sophomores Sandra McNex1 and B111 Danley Freshmen Ruth Behrends and Darrell Miller Then- chxef arm was to provide noon hour recreatxon facxlxties and to keep the school premxses clean Secretary - - - - ---- - - ----- Sandra McNeil S Virginia McNeil Pep Club - Z,3,4g Sec.Treas,-3 F. H. A.-Z,3,4g Sec. Treas. -Z, 45 G. A. A. -2,3,4g 4-H Club - l,Z,3,4g P1-esideni of Class-2,4 Research Club - Z7 Sec. Tre-as of Research Club- Zg Editor of Hi-Lite and lwierror - 45 Girls' Chorus - l,Z,3,4g Play, "Mad Hattex-s" -33 Library Club -25 Student Council - 4g Prompter for plays W ayne S emple Basketball Z 3 4 H Club 3 4 F F A 1 Z 3,4 Watchdog of F F A 4 Research Club Z Rifle Club 3 Track 2 Mirneographer oi Hx Lite 4 Business Manager of Mirror 4 Dor1sGeh1-ke Sec Treas of Class 1 Pep F H A ClubZ 34 Chorus l 4 Sec Trees G A A Pres ofGAAandI' HA 4 4 Il 3 4 Reporter 4 Play Mad Hatters 3 Assistant Eid of I-li Lite and Mirror 4 Vice Ires Pep Club 3 - 3,-1. - 1 : - - . 1 . . . - , , I ' - : - . 3: .- . - yr. Club-Z,3,4g'G. A. A. Club Z,3,4 . . - . . s . 2.3. 1 - ---- -2 ' - . : - s Frances Douglas President of Class - lg Sec.- Treas. of Class-45 F.H,A.-2,3 Research Club-Z5 Chorus-l,Z,3g Pep Club-2,3,4g G.A.A.-Z,3,4g President of G. A. A. -3g Play "Mad Hatter-s"g Sports Editor of Hi-Lite and Mirror -4g Library Club-Z5 Prompter for play -3,4 Sec.-Treas. of 4-H Club - 3. Wilbur Gaedtka Vxce President of Class Presxdent of Class 3 F F' A 12 3 4 Presldent of F F 4 Treasurer 0fF F A Varslty Club 4 u 12,3 4- Research Club Z Rifle Club 3 Basketball 12 3 4 Track Z 3 Play Mad Hatters 3 Business Manager Hi Lite and Mxrror 4 Student Councxl 4 RuthGer1ets G A A "1ublZ34 PepCub Councrl 2 Cheerleauer 3 4- Latm Club 7 3 Club Edxtor H1 Lxte 1nrl Sen1or TYPIS of Mu-ror Staff 4 N Pres OfF H ec Tre ls ofG A A N Utes of Latxn Club Z Pres of Class 1 X Pres of Class 3 Play s Mad Hatters 3 june Mad 4 The Youngest 3 ' -2,45 , , , 5 ' . . A. - Q . . . -31 ' - z,3, 54-H Cl b . , -sf - . . . : 1 1,2,3,4g F.H. A. 3,45 Student ' - : ', . . .A.- 4g S , I . . . . -4 Margaret Bax-trnan Chorus 12 3 4 Pep Club 2 3, Pres of Pep Club 3 4 H Club 12,3 4 Vice Pres of F H Club Z3 F H A C1ubZ34 Sec Treas oi 4 HC1u.b 4- ec Treas oi C1-us 3 G A A Club 2,34 Sec Tren: ofG A A 3 Play Mud Hatter: 3,june Mad 4 Class Ed of Hi Lite 4 Club Bd of Mirror 4 jail lhvers Baxkethall Z 3 4 Track 2,3 ,A 1234 4-HClub 1, 3 4 Research Club Z Rifle Club 3 Swme Club 4 Play Mad Hatters 3 Mxmeographer li the Hi Late 4 Picture ed hor of the Mirror 4 Treas ux-er of the F F A 4 Norma Been Gir1sChorus 1234 Pep C1ubZ34 F H A Z G A A C1ub1Z34 Club Edxtor of H1 Lxte 4 -...s -.4 . -Q- , .3 . ..A. -.:... ..z . . - -QS. ,, . 1 --q' . - - -: -..: -: F.F.-...:- -2 ,: -: - -3 - ' -,,.: ,,:....3.4'i .,.:' Peggy Max-tm C A A Z 3,4 Vzce Pres H S 234 PepC1ubZ es 4 4 H 1 Z Class Sec Treas 2 Class Reporter 4 H1 Lxte Humor Ed 4 Mxrror Feature Ed 4 G1r1s Trm 3 4 Gzrls Quartet Z Gxrls Chorus 1 Z 3 4 jumor Play Mad Hat ters june Mad r 4 Cheer Leader IZ 3 4 F H A 2 3,4 Pres Z Reporter 4 Pep Club 2 3,4 Reporter 4 Quartet G A Z 3,4 4 H C111 Z 3 4 Trio 3,4 Vxce Pres of Class 1 jumor Play Mad Hat ers junior Play june Mad 4 H1 Lxte Ad Mumger Mirror Soc1etyEd 4 Girls Chorus 1. . .- . - ' .-3: F. . . - . , 3 .3.4 Pr . : - .,3.4: .-: ' '- . : ., . : ' " - Donna jean Kromminga ' 1 1 1 I - - ' 2: .A. . , , - ' b-1, . . 9 '- z ' . , - .. - Z .- . -- 'I ---4: CLASS PROPHECY One dark dreary mght m May 1960 m the desolate ruxns of an old build mg whr h we recognxze as the rums of N H C H S we come upon two old gray m1ce Pat and Mlke remmlscmg over the tune when they were young and Say Remernbermg the year 1947 they gosslp about the gay lxvely sen1ors and how they have prospered these past years Gnawmg on the pag es of an English book and taking a big blte of a verb, Pat says Mlke remember Moneybags Gaedtka'7 I wonder how he carne out? Mlke says, Yeah Iheard he 1S Presldent of the You Trust Me Bank When he stoops over so much money falls out of h1s pockets he doesn t even bother to plck It up But d1d you hear about john Ewers 'P He became Heavywe1ght Chaxnpxon of the Xforld defeatmg joe Louls last mght by a knockout I guess he s 1n the Ivhke speaks up Tallung about dough thuxk of Lover Semple He plays the lead 1n Now I ve Got You w1th hxs blonde w1.fe playmg opposxte hun Fvery nlght after stage hours they hurry home to then' pr1de and Joy, thelr twins Donna Mae and Wayne jr Pat says, Yea, but thumk of Ruth Ger1ets who marrzed that telephone operator The rumor 1S that they will own the Bell Telephone Company 111 a few years Then there was Frances Douglas Sh has taken over the Dr I Q Program 1n wh1ch she announces I have a gentleman ' Yes but haven 'C YOU heard about Norma Been rxdmg around Hollywood on Trxgger wxth Roy Rogers 'P - I I . 0 . . - ..... ' 1 , . . . . I0 ' 'I I I ' ' ll ' ' ls - - - in I 1 a I I ' " Il . ,, . . . I, . . . . . . li dough now, A ,, . . , . . .4 v n . . . . . . . " Q I! , . ,, , . . I . II . ll D . - . . . ' lb gg , . . .... . . I V . . I , . 1 1 II Pat says Well, well remember Dor1s Gehx-ke? Her dreams flnally carne true and she 1S happrly m r1ed to the man of her dream Thelr son, Franlue IS the sarne age as the Semple twms How dld that happen? Slnce Peggy Martm has been marr1ed and dxvorced f1ve tunes, she IS now trymg for a slxth As Presldent of the Lonely Hearts Club and through the efforts of her Matr1mon1al Magazlnes she has brought together many lonely people Say Pat, I heard that Margaret Bartman owns the Yellow Cab Company now and drlves a cab herself Mlke you remember Donna j Krommmga don t you? Well sxnce she quit slngmg for Tex Beneke to marry that blg 1ndustr1al1st of Peor1a that used to work on the swlng slnft he has her Slnglng to h1s workers to keep up productlon That was Vu-guna McNe11 who graduated from college with all those hxgh honors B S B A , B O and the hke, wasn t 1t'P I understand she 15 a famous research sc1ent1st ln a glue factory, workmg her fmgers to the bone trymg to perfect a more perfect glue Pat remembers There were some teachers around here too weren t there? ' Why yes Pat, there was the Prmczpal Mr Van Huss He s head professor at Oxyale College After a few years he can retxre and work on h1s radxo and trade h1s Terraplane 1n on a new car I hear that since New Holland won the Logan County Tournaxnent m 1947 the coach Mr Waldrzp has been producmg so many wuuung tearns that the U of I fmally persuaded hun to be the head coach Smce then he has retxred to advertxsmg toothpaste HIS Pepsodent Smde always gets em That was really somethmg when Mr Sapp was shocked by 60 608 volts on ' ' 1 1 - al S. , . . . va , . H . . . . . . . . . . H gy - 1 11 . su - n . U . . 1 . 1 - 1 - I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,, , . H . . . . . . , . . -- . ., . . . . . n . u u 1 1 11 A - - 1 1 1 - - . . . . - - vl . ,, Q . ' 1 , . . . . . . I . 1 n - . me ' ' 1 m shopwork that tr agxc year and was transformed mio Volto jr He now has the power to attract W aacs W1th Ins rlght arm and repel Waves with his left Mr Paul fTommy Dorseyj Rankm now has an orchestra of his own hasn he9 And Ihear he 1S really makmg progress wxth the Fred Waring Gle Clu Nhke Mr Charles Anderson lS now doorman at the Waldorf Astor1a yOu know Mlss Baker IS now marrled to lom Breneman and prepares Breakfast 1n Hollywood I heard that Mlss Borchers IS Henry Ford s best secretary and she de hghts 111 gzvmg away Ford cars s1nce she recelves one out of every hundred produced lvhss Holland has won the Indlanapolls Speedway four tunes and w1l1 try a f1fth to show these young upstarts how to drwe Irs Beaver IS 111 Italy translatmg the Latm language to the modern Romans Say Pat, you remember that cook that used to chase us around and set out mousetraps for us CI beheve her natne was Ivlrs Elmore She IS head cook for Pres1dent Truman now The Presldent says she is the best cook he has had for ten years Say have you heard about john L.ohren.z" He 1S the Presldent of the Grey hound Bus Co and strxctly enforces the rule that no Semors of 4-7 of N H C H are to be allowed to r1de on h1s buses He says four years of haullng most ui them around was enough You may wonder how these wonder m1ce could know these thmgs and talk bout them Ve were wonderlng ourselves but we shall never know just as we asked them they got a b1te of the Rat Baxt the F F' A of 47 put out -1. . . . , . , . . . n . an ' ' . . 'C . . . . Ol , e b. an A ' - 0 ' 1 Ol - . A, 4 . Q f. Ol . on as .. H ' U - . . 1 . . . n ,, . . . . ., f an vo - n . ,.. , . . . Lv o if sn , - 7- . . !l m - - 1 - ' ' H . is . . . . . . no . Y . -3 , 1 , F , , - 1 - 4 1 . . . . CLASS WILL We the Senlors of 1947 bemg wholly unsound m mxnd and weak m body do hereby make our last w1ll and testament I Frances Douglas, bequeath my abLl1ty to keep my locker ln a bxg mess Ruthle Behrends I Norma Been, w1ll rny qu1etness to Ann Tomlm I Ruth Gerlets, leave my red han' and knack for apo1og1z1ng to Sandra McNe1l I Margaret Bartman, bequeath my 1I1D.OC8Dt look 1I1 E.I1gl1Sh Class to B111 Danley I Dor1s Gehrke, W111 my love of school act1v1t1es to Irma Utech I Peggy Martxn, bequeath my ab1l1ty to wr1te poetry to Bugs Pet1tt I Wayne Semple, w1ll my ab1l1ty to keep out of other peoples busmess to Merle Delss I Donna jean Krorfunlnga, leave my ab1l1ty to keep a steady boy fr 1endto I V1rg1n1a McNe1l, leave my good grades to my slster, jane I, W1lbur Gaedtka bequeath my extreme love for Engllsh to Donna Jeanne Schroeder I john Fwers wlll mv trouble to Darrell M1ller We, the Senlors, leave '1-F. nrnan Class our love for school act1v1t1es e, the Senlors, leave c ablhty to co operate to the Sophomore Class We, the Semor Class leave the jumors our ab1l1ty to get H1 L1te BSSISH ments m on tune To Mr Rank.n, we leave our envy for h1s new car I . , . . . . , 9 to A , , . , , i , . A , . . ,, ,, . , . 9 Y Jeannine Kirby. , . I n J n , Hi-U I - W . A In A . . - I , - . . - 4 We, the SGHIOTS, leave all our worries Over the Ili-Lzte to lxliss Borchers. We, the Sen1or Class, leave our replles of "who, me?" and "or su1npin's" Mr Wal irip 'Ve the Sen1ors leave to Ixlr X an lluss our xx ads of wum and prevlously carved 1n1t1 ls on the desks To lx,'1ss Holland we leave ou cmancvlxnw part1c1ples spllt 1I1l-1I'1'C1V6S and all other everyday nghsh f aults 10 Mr Sapp we le ve tl e S011 we have tr acked 1n and our CORNY Jokes to start a good CORNI crop To Ivhss Baker we leave our Crazy color comb1nat1ons and taste for good food To Mrs Beaver we leave our perfect mlsunderstandlng of L.at1n and chance meetlngs on the sta1rs 'Vo Charlle we leave the tra e of our spllled 111k To Mrs Elmore X e leave our ab1l1ty to cheer at basketball galhes To johnny we leave our lost art1cles, old Jokes ann gr1pes ' e hereby s1gn our last wlll and 'cestarne t Slgnecl CLASS HISTORY When we started 1n the FITST Grace we had s1x members Our teacher was X 1ss Stone Nfamely our class CC1'1S1Sf6Cl of V rren l eters jun1or Schroeder lrml l essen, X 1r01n1 N ch e1l Lors jones inf N arfv ret Bartnm n In the seconc ra e el f tl e s .rue teacher anc s me stur ents to , c , , V - Y , , I K G Q G . . L , , ' L L O O L , . , 'T' V - -J L I F. - f , G ll, I , Cv K , L c sa ' vs A - -- K.. . I , A xv' Q v Q .- .. -. . 1 - c , A 1 r vw I1 , ,- A I f, , f 1, fa,-r , ' f -1.2, O f I jr Q-f-'.Oi.4 - 9'.rQ'f'-, - . 1-1. ..- nil. 1 - - 1 , - C ' , . . 4 lv . , 5 J 1 . . L . A , . , . c. , , , I A f - W W , XY - F I . X . fl , ,Q 1 , O F. .. O Q. . . .. , r . .Ur Ur. .. , . v A , xii 1 , JP l - 1 C: , 1 S As we entered the third grade we were joined by Robert and Roy Leamon, Geneva Lorene Hayes, Mar ilynn Rell and Verma Mae Hutchison. Our teacher was Doris Zilnnierman, During the course of the year Robert and Roy Learnon, Geneva Lor ene Hayes, Verma Mae Hutchison, and Virgil Lessen left our class. Entering the fourth gr ade we were Joined by Betty Lou Reynolds, who left us during the course of the year with Marilynn Bell. Our class now consisted of junior Schroeder Warren Peters Virginia McNeil Lois jones and Margaret Btrtman As we entered the fifth grade we were Jomed by Doris Sutton Gur teacher during this year was Doris .Lunmernian When we entered the Grlrrunar P oom in the sixth grade, we had Mrs Deacon as our teacher Dur xng the course of the yea we lost Lois jones and Doris Sutton but we gained Robert Wheeler and Betty jones Ffntering the seventh grade the member of our class were Margaret Bartman, Betty Jones, Virvinia IvlcNe11 Warren Peters and junior Schroeder We lost junior Schroeder during he cour e of the year At the beginning of the eighth gr ide we were joined by jack Miller, Dolores and Tleanor Utech We graduated with si, member with Mrs Deacon as our teacher ln the fall of 43 our class sfartcd 1s green freshies Namelv our rla s con slsted of jack Ivliller Dolores 'xd V leanor Utech, 1 ren P eters 71.TUl1'11E fXlCN81l and Ixlargaret Bartman e x ere join fi by Doris Cehrke rances Dougl Wilbur Gaedtka john Iwers 'Jew X Ixlartir' Doi De n Donna Kromrninrv 'Nlorrna ters ant .le mor I is Ort I r f 1 Doro 5 lligan IX no left s I J I C - 1 C t , ' . . r ' ' W , ,.. O , S Q. ' I ' Q 2 ' ' ' I' ' ' t s . 41 . .V C . Q . C g ' r . 1 rf , 5 L - A ,, A . I , D .. 3 ' , a, if 'ffl r i , E O' r t . f f , IV ' ee : I ' , F ' as, ' 1 1 .17 ll 03,7 I ' ' 'J " 7 'H I ' 5 oar ' Been and Wayne Semplo, flnzrung time YOLITSO of the year jar 11, Miller, 'V'-'arren Pe' , I If L f ef E1 lf-fl Ili 'mr ie-avi.:-,-'fe 'mem'--g iiup i 0, NYC-10, Na :fir-, r11'ita 2 , .lairxlu . :jim xx ' , Jr gi fu. , a ..r lf rip, ..'. u. F1rst we ll take X 1rcv1n1a XKCNEU. hom all of us adore She s lx ays been the br un of thmgs .and ton honors galore Then comes curly headed rayne, 11th h1S bashful look 1nd sm1le HIS grades ire best of 311111 A A farrrun IS h1s style Newt on the 11st IS Normi een A quxet gxrl 1S she She never talks so very much She s busy as a bee Now along comes blonde han-ed Marvaret, Jlth eyes of blue so b1g She Wa1lS, and weeps for hwher grades While some don t care a iw Now let us turn to a sweet faced g1rl Who works on v1th a w1ll Dor1s Gerhke IS her name 1-lere comes the g1r1 who wrxtes the sports Frances 15 her name She gets good Grades and honors too, Teach1ng 1S her alrn Tall Gaedtka 15 a Jolly guy Nho loves to torment LS He s always got a funny cr ck You ll never see hun fuss Look closely now and you w1l1 see Our blue eyed Donnajean Sweet and blonde and always true None n1cer ever een Red headed Ruth 1S ne,-it 1n l1ne ho cheers w1th zest ans, zeal She s full of lxfe and on th b ll To all she does appeal' .fa broad strong lad IS our john Vwers A ful 1t rnan 15 he 1 e ax ys loves to tear o r Ano fu' lt up you see - V . I, . , D L A 4 ' ' 1 . 5 V . v C ' . K' 1 c , WI' - L v WI' W ' c , gy . D I I al V ' D ,,. . I ' 9 1 Q I D. I x ' ' v - A in Her drearn w1ll come true st1ll. . O I 1 W 1 2 . 'W C' 1 , . D - : ' r I . C ., . S ' I 11' - I h . . A 6 . c , . 1 , I . , -- . 1 'I .ln . 'i 'lva ' 0. a t, , . A- .' . Front Row Frances Douglas Peggy Martm Dorxs Gehrke Margaret Barhnan Ruth Gerxets Donna Krommmga Norma Been Second Row Mr Van Huss Wayne Semple Vllbur Gaedtka john Fwers SENIOR C LASS President Vuginla McNeil Vice Presuient Wllbur Gaedtka. Sec Tres Frances Douglas Sponsors -r Mr Van I-Iuss Nliss Holland Class Motto Seek and ye shall find flviatizhew 7 7, Class Flowers Sweet Peas Class Colors Pink, Blue, and White The year of 46 47 brought many cares and Joys to the Semors There seem.ed to be no dull moments for the eleven would be graduates The Seniors edited the school paper, the Hi Lite and also tins book the Mirror The class carried on 1ts money making lfttlvltlts by selling Ch.r1s'I:mas Cards Ruth Gerlets, Margaret Bartman, Donna Kronurnilga, and Peggy Mar-tm were members of the cast of the junior Play june Mud Peggy Mm-tm and Donna Kromnunga were members of the Girl s Trio john Ewers and Wllbu Gaedtka were rnembers of the basketball squad nd both won major letters Virgmia McNe1.1, for her outstandmg work, received the D A R Award Frances Douglas and Vxrguua McNeil were elected to write the Pepsx Cola Scholushlp Test, but due to xllness Virginia was unable to write lf The Semors gave the play, Ever Smce Eve' , early in April The play, a huge success, was under the du-ection of Miss Virginia Holland Reporter ------------- Peggy Martin ll x ' II l vyn 'ij UNDER GRADE f :J X U . f ll N 1 4 Q - . , 1 rom Row Mxss Baker jane McNe:.l Donna Schroeder jeamune Kxrby Mr Sapp Second Row Darrell Semple B1llR1chards Merle De-iss john Beck B111 jones Maurice Elmore Buck Row Dean Maaks, Marvin Parr Dxck Blaum Donald H wrnacke Merle Armintrout Danny Berger Cordon Bc-wver Presldent Secr etary Tr easur er Reporter Sponsors Class Motto Class Colors Class Flower jUNIOR C LASS Donald Harnacke Merle Armmtrout john Beck Donna jefmne Schroeder Mr Sapp Miss Baker Launched but not anchored Red and Whxte Red Rose The jumor Class whxch has 16 students have lost only one student smce the Freshnmen year Miss Baker and Mr Sapp are the home room advisors Our class has taken part inmany actxvxnes this year We are proud to say thnt we have 9 boys takmg an active part um basketball Maurice Elmore Vice-President - --------- Bill jones Drck Blaum Danny Berger, Gordon Beaver and Casey jones are the first five Marvin Parr john Beck Merle Dexss and Donald Harnacke make up the first :une All the junmr boys went out for baseball Those on the team that received major letters are Merle Armlntrout, Danny Berger Dick Blaum, Maurxce Elmore Casey jones, Merle Deiss Marvm Parr, Donald Harnacke and john Beck Gordon Beaver received his minor letter The date for the prom has been set for May 9 We have been selling mer chandise at basketball games to secure funds The three junior girls are ux the gxrls chorus Donnnj Schroeder is soprano of the girl 5 trio john Beck and Donna Schrouder are mernbers of the Student Coulcil yumon PLAY cAs1- Front Row I eggy Max-tm jane McNe1.l Donna Schroeder Margaret Bartman Ruth Gerlets Donna jean Krommmga Mxss Holland Dxrector Second Row Dax1.nyGerger Merle Dexss Bill Richards ohn Beck Maurxce Ellrnore Back Row Richard Blaum and Gordon Beaver , . I I - , . , . I - , - , . . J . . . , . . , . . , . : . . ' J , . "JUNE lv'lAD" Nho ever Sald the course of true love r1n srnoothly '7 Flfteen year old Penny Wood Donna jeanne Schroeder has qu1te another story to tell when her Uncle Ixlervyn Danny Berger who IS only f1VQ years older than herself, comes home from college w1th handsonue heart throb Roger Van Vleck Uay Beck town Penny makes a valnnt effort to chance from a tom boy mto Betty Grable over mght There 1 also somethlnw about 1 strapless evenmg dress ard shoe pol1sh blackmg wh1ch th1ckens the plot Nuff s 1d What Chuck Har-r1s !B1ll R1chards who h1s l1ved next door to Penny for all of h1S l1fe tn1nks of her gouuos on can be very n1cely surnrned up xn the word Swacky' Chuck has h1s hands full trymg to keep h1S lawyer dad Maurlce Elmore from destroymg h1S b1g glmer wh1ch he bu1lt and wants to fly h1rnself, and try1ng to keep out of the way of all Root1 toot dimes tl'-at one has to be pol1te to Yes th1s qulte pleasantlv mai, modern household w1th Ixlrs Woods Margaret Bartman is the unoerstand1ng mother who 15 1 real pal to n r daughter and Dr Wood Gordon Beaver is the Lrnposed upon dad who xull toler ite anvthlnv except Van Vleck s caterw aullng of love song 15 a t'anw1'y Joy 11l lone remember The1r servant problem 13 rucely solved ln th oe on o V..ff1e the ma1d, ane IxIcINe1l whose Sllp 15 11x iys QhOW1I'1g Llruez luttle, rrener 11 handy man around the house Merle Dexss te ls k1SSeS from E1f1e x hen the adolescent Crowd who are always around the hoase ren t steihng ler glngerbread' The soph1 tlcated U11 1n the play sl1ps out of Nlervyn s arnms rlght 1nto NVZi1f 1no olf N in X leck s IS of cou se none other than Well nyhoo her ha1r 1s on I l c '. C 7 - f l L lr - , - Dm P I C I Q . .C . K , - . - D t 1 . . . , , . 5 . , D c A . - . . ,, ,, . O- ,, ,, . . , , C . R . U . .. - 4, A w 11 , , 1 . . , q 1 f . , . , JC L Q S , , C J' 1 I Q 4 o ' 1 gg V - C vw ' ' , ' , ,,, 1 o, 1 ,- ,. O , .e A rs 1 1 , , T ' ' -f V' P . "' V , F U 7 L N ,. , , 3 . C V V ,Q , . . L. c I ' , A . . . , . . . J ral , 6 Y!! Y ' , ' w- l 'K l O-.. L A --. , rr A , the hunk o golden moonlight order Then, of course, there is the nexghborhood brat 13 year old pam In the neck Mxlly Lou, who has an rmwful crush on Mervyn and Is always gumshoexng hun Her naxne'7 Donna Krommmga She practxcally lxves at the Woods dom Icxle and drags In unmvlted all the other brats, Shu-ley fPeggy Martxn and Ralph Wentworth Blauxnj to have dmner wxth the Woods famxly . mf iw 'fr 1 no-If 1 Front Row Sandra McNeil Norma Bartznan, Wxlmn Gehrke Norma u.h.l Second Row VN xllhm LaForge, Donald Monks Dale Blaurn john Bracey, Wayne La.Foz-ge, Charles Podbelsek Third Row Robert Gerxets Bill Danley, Robert Petxtt Mr Wal dr xp SOPHOMORE CLASS President Y Ice Presxdent Sec Tr eas R eporter Sponsor 'I will jf' "',' I2 ' .. .. 5'R""-- -1- .. 1 -- f, 1i?f'f".fzf, . Q 1: i.'.II1 QOH ,jr .gli7" D im.. ' - In-5. r , ' . . I , ' . I I D I . - , , I ' , I 4 . I ' , I I I I ' , I I , . I ' , I I . I I ' , I I - ' ' I ' , I I ' ' I ' , I I , I I ' , I I . I : I I I ' I I I . I I I I I I I , I I ' I ' , I I I ' I - 5 Robert Gerxets Donald Maaks Wxlrna Gehrke Norma Barman Mr Waldrlp SOPHOMOR E CLASS Class Motto There s always room at the top Class Colors Navy and Wlute Clas s Flower C arnatwn A paper drlve and class party were held LD October The Sophomores won a prize of S5 O0 m the paper drive Front Row jumor Schmock Donald Cooper Dmk Beck Marvm juhl Darrell Miller, Edward Mangold Back Row Irma Utech Aan Tovnlln, Ruih Behx-ends Virginia Ewers Marlene Kirby, Minn Borchzrs sponsor FRIBHMAN CLASS Pr es :dent Sec Treas Reporier Sponsor Class Motto Alwavs forward Class Colors Green and Black Class I-lower Carnatxon The class held a party on October 13, Dick Beck Ann Tomlm Ruthie Behrends Miss Borchers backward never 1946 They also held e welner rout , U . .. : ' , . ' 1 A 5 1 a n ' ' . Vice-President - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Donald Cooper . n vu . , , . o 44-ll? X32 , fkxwrt FX .L AT H .5 If ront Row M rvinjuhl Don Masks Charles 1 odbelsek Coach Wal drip Second Row Bill jones Merle Xrmmtrout Dxck Beck john Bracey Maurice Elmore Danny Berger Third Row Merle Dexss Dick Blaum john Beck Don Harnacke arvxn Parr BASEBALL New Holland played their first baseball game of the season, September 10 Seven lettermen turned out at the start of the season with many others making their bid for a posltmn The season wasn t very successful as the team only won two and lost six The team perked up m the last garne of the season to thoroughly tx-ounce Hnrtsburg by a score of 19 8 Merle A1-mxntrout was the bxg gun on the New Holland squad and led in bat-tmg wxth an average of 444 rmintrout Podbelsek Berger Blaum Delss j Beck jones Harxmcke Elmore D Beck uhl 444 0 OO 286 Z8 280 Z 7 48 4 048 H use N N H n . A Vu 7 M ' . ' Pla er A. B. R. H. E. Pct X 27 4 12 11 . Z5 5 9 7 .36 Z0 4 6 5 .3 Z1 5 6 5 . ' 7 1 2 Z . 6 . 25 10 7 Z . 23 6 5 3 . 1 18 3 3 1 .167 Z7 6 4 3 .I . 7 0 1 0 .1 3 J Z1 4 1 3 . BASEBALL CONT Player A B Beaver 5 Don Maaks Parr Pct 0 0 000 000 Magor letters were awarded to the iollowmg Armxntrout, Podbelsek, Berger, Blaurn, Deiss, Juhl j Beck, jones, Harnacke, Elmore fCapta.mj D Beck, and Parr Gordon Beaver and Don Masks recewed minor letters Beaver was lost m the first part oi the season due to mjuries Dale Blaum served as manager The Nun vu coached by Mac Wald:-ip FIRST TEAM smconn TEAM Front Row Back Row Front Row Back Row B111 jones Danny Berger Dxck Blauxn Gordon Beaver Maurlce Elmore Mr Waldrzp, coach Dale Blau!-n, Manager Merle Dexss, Marvin Parr Wllbur Gaedtka Donald Harnacke john Beck Max-vmjuh' Charles Radbelsek Robert Petxtt Marvxnjuhl B111 Danley Dxck Beck, Donald Iwiaaks Dale Blaurn, Manager Edward Mangold, Darrell Miller Wayne L.aFox-ge, Bob Gerxets B111 L.aFox-ge, jumor Sghmock and Mac Waldrxp . . R. H. E. . "" T 'O' T .0 z o o o . z o o 1 . ,. , . BASKETBALL As soon as the baseball season ceased, Coach Waldrlp called basketball practlce Four letter w1nners Elmore, jones Blaum and Gaedtka and a great deal more enthusnstlc basketball contenders answered the call An all un1or team made up the startmg f1V8 The teim was mcons lstent One game they would be hot and the next cold Earlyjanuary found the Wlldcats 1n a th1rd place t1e However, the end of the season found the Wlldcats 1n seventh place The V1ldcats although h1t then' Stflde 1n the Logan County Tournament and took the coveted trophy away from such favor1tes as Atlanta and Hartsburg lt seemed as though thelr tournament takmg was to contmue m the D1StT1Ct Tournarnent held at New Holland u1 February They trounced Mlddletown 111. turned out to be the Wlldc t most thr1ll1ng game At the end of the garne the score was t1ed Z6 Z6 Two overtlmes were played before Arrrungton scored the basket that broke the New Holland fans hearts Twelve major letters were awarded to the follow1ng l"ln1ore Blaurn Honor 11-y Cuptaxn , jones Gaedtk Ewers DCISS, J Beck Beaver, juhl Harn acke Parr and Berger A small but peppery Freshrnan Sophomore tearn played some very good ball th1s year The teanfm won ten out of thexr fxfteen games Wzth those results It looks to me as Lf New Holland w1ll have some pretty good ball tearns 1n the next few ye 1 5 J . . . u L , . I X . . . . , V 1 t the first game, 50-20, Armington was their opponent the next night, This gazne K ' K Q J I an 1 . - a 1 ' I I ' 4 u . A. . . , Front Row Dxck Blaum, Billjones Mnunce Elmore, Gordon beaver Danny Berger, Coach Mac Waldrip Back Row Manager john Evers, Marvin Parr Marvin juhl, Wxlbur Gael tka john Beck Merle Deiss Manager Dale Blaum WLLDCATS WIN COUNTY TOURNEY The New Holland Wxldcats, deternuned to win, fought then- way through to could stop the team New Holland took an early lead zntheu' fu-st tournaxneni galne against Middle town The Comets were unable to he the score New Holland led at the hal! by e score of 24 9 The team kept pouring xn the points and the game ended 47 Z5 The New Holland Wxldcats were not to be denied as they met the favored Hartsburg Stags m the semi finals of the County Tournament The final score was 33 30 win the Logan County Tournament. Neither Middletown, Ha.:-tsburg, or Beason. atb E ,Z T Q if FR ESHMAN INITIATION YEARBOOK STAFF CHEERLEADERS Jornmr umm cnonus GIRLS TRIO F H A MOTHERS TEA .1 -u 'G 4 . . wk 1 ' , I - . n -...-.. ,.htu.4. .gan ii.. L.. x' ' fi F ., fx, f-1..L" 1,4 Ov r-1 -1099 Front Roll Frances Douglas Peggy Martin., Doris Gehrkl Margaret Baa-tma.n, Ruth Gerieta Donna jean Kromminga and Norma Been BackRo1l Miss Borchers sponsor Wayne Semple Wilbur Gaedtka and john Ewers HI LITE Edxtor Asszstant Editor Sports Eldxtor Feature Editor Club Eidxtor s Bus mess Manager Advertising Manager Muneogr aphers Sponsor Vughua McNeil Doris Gehrke Frances Douglas Peggy Martin Ruth G erxets Norma Been Wllbur Gaedtka Donna Krommxnga Wayne Semple john Fwers Mxss Bor chers The Hi Lxte IS the New Holland Conununity Hxgh School Pubhcatxon, pub lished every second Friday by the Semor Class Dorxs Gehrke jane McNe1l Marvm Parr and Wayne Semple accompanied Mxss Borchers to the ISHSPA Conventxon at the Unxversxty oi Illmnxs September 14 V : , 1 Class Editor - -------- - - - -Margaret Bax-tnxal. I I - I I I 'Q i"'NT I- ront Rowg Norma Been, Norma juhl Mirlene Kirby, D01'lS Gehrke Norma Bartman W1lrnaGehx-ke Donna Schroeder jane McNe1l Sandra INf1CNEL1 Back Row Peggy Nlartxn V1.rcu.m.a Fwers, Margaret Birtnman Ruthle Behrexxds Mxss Baker jeannlnehlrby Ruthferxets Ann Tomlxn Donna Kromrnmga Irma Utech President Vxce Presxdent R eporter Par harnentarxan Ihstor 15.11 Song Leader Sponsor FHA Dorm Gehrke Ruth C erleis Donnx Krommlnga 1 cggy Ixhrt jane IN1cINe11 Donna Schroeder Ixhss Baker Thxs ye-'ar the If H P hxs partlcxpated in many EiC'C1V1tlCS ind h been very successful In September we organlzed our club ind elected offxcers for the year Duflhg October our club held A Bo: Socxal ind Square Dwnce On October fxfth Ixhss Baker, our QponQ,or 1nd Dorm Gehrke 'xttcndm K the Sectxonal 1- H X meetxng 1n M1111k un Uruversxty at Dec xtur iilfit ,D I 224-1-, 5 P T . . 1 . I I I I , . : , C, . . I I r I I D , . . '- l' ------..--..- 3, Sec,-Treas.------ ----- --Virginia McNeil ' ' - ----- ----J K ln . . , ----..-------....L 4 . 1 1, lx, A A' V V ,z . . V . , ,K U, 1 ll A Thanksgiving Luncheon was served on November 27th to the faculty and all the Club mernbers InDecexnber we had a Chrxstxnas Serru Formal Dance at the I-hgh School The club and the student body went carollng A new year was brought in with a bang by holdmg an initiatxon party for the Freshman gu-ls who became new members They are as follows Irma Utech, Vu-gm1a Ewers, Marlene Kirby, AnnTorn.1m, and Ruth Behrends In February the club held a Mothers Tea for all the mothers of the guls Ln the club Our March actxvlty was a slurnber party at the hxgh school In Aprxl we had a Mother and Daughter Banquet which was one of the largest events of thxs year We fmxshed wlth a spring picnic inMay GAA Front Row Frances Douglu Peggy Max-tux, Ruth Gerxets Nxrgxma Ewers Ruth Behrends Mxss Baker sponsor jeannme Kirby Margaret Barirnan AnnTom11n Donna jean Krornmmga Irma Utech Second Row Norma Been Norma juhl Ma.:-1 e Ifxlrby Dons Cehrke Norma Bartman, Wxlma Gehrke mna Jeanne Schroeder lane McNeil Sandra McNeil u n - u ll v 7 1 1 1 1 1 , n 1 A 1 , . . fn ,. . - x 1 s - 1 1 I - x . .. , , . G A A President Dorxs Gehrke Vxce Presxdent Norma Juhl Sec Treas Ruth Gerlets Reporter Wllxna Gehrke Advxsor Mass Baker Our C A A Club has had a very successful year In September, we held an Lmtxatron party at whxch we uutxated the new members to our club Durmg our November meetmg Vu'gi.n1a McNe1l Frances Douglas, Ruth and Dons Gehrke recexved thexr 46 G A A Eknblems They were selected on the basu: of the pomt system Our club planned a G A A Play Day but xt was canceled PFP CLUB r ront Roll Norma Been, Norma juhl Marlene P xrby Dorxs Fehrke Norma Bax-tman Wxlma Gehrke Donna je nm- Sc roeder jane McNeil Sandra McNe1l Back Ro Frances Douglas, Peggy Martm Rlthf ermts X xrvmn Fwers Ruth Behrends, Nlxss Borchr-rs je nnmez xrbx Mxrgaret Bartman Ann Tomlxn Donn jr-mn Fror mmg and lrrna Utech Geriets, Peggy Martin, Donna Kromminga, Margaret Bartrnan, Norma Been, I ront Pow Ch n-he Podbelsek Dxck Beck Mmrvm juhl Merle Dexss john Beck Second Rove Danny Berger B111 jones Merle Armxntrout Nlaurlce P lnmore Back Ron Marun Ifarr Dxck Blaum Donald lhrnacke 'Vxlbur C' dedtkx Cordon Beaver ind Mr 'V dldrxp ponsor VARSITY CLUB Pr es xdent Sec Treas Reporter Sponsor Thxs year the Varszty Club up and accepted by the members Maur 1C e Elrnor e Dlck Blaum Gordon Beaver Mr Waldrxp was reorganlzed A new constxtutxon was drawn The purpose of the new club xs to promote mterest 1n good sportsmanshxp, athletxcs and to and ln the admxnstratxon of the school Only wmners of a m or letter are ellgxble for membership By a unammous vote of me-mber lt was decxded that mmor letter wxnners be allowed to hsten to club proceedmgs The X arsxty Club has sponsored a serxes of movxes to ralse funds for a new score board A class Tourney was held after the basketball season 7 Y Y K, 4' x : 1 ' . ' . 4 ' . . ' I ': 1 . ' . . ,: I , 1 , ' , K . , ' .. Q, 1 Q . , 'Hr , s . Vice President - - - - - - - - - - - - john Beck If ront Row Darrell Mxller john Bracey B111 LAI otge and Wayne LaForge Back Row Marvin Parr Merle Delss john Sapp Ixierle Arm mtrout and Gordon Beav SWINE CLUB Pr eszdent -Gordon Beaver Vme Pr es 1dent Merle Armiltrcut Reporter Marvin Parr Sponsor Mr Sapp Thxs year a Swine Club was organized by the boys of the New Holland F F' A Chapter There are seven rnexnbers and Mr Sapp LS the advisor There xs no diflllte date for meetmgs The purpose of the club 15 to arouse interest in swme projects A contest was held to see who could get the best gain on pigs for A certain length of thne A prize w1l1 be awarded to the winner of the contest Tlns will not only tend to courage the boys to take better care of their pigs but wxll also put the pigs in better shape for the fans The mernbers are john Bracey, john Evers, Gordon Beaver, Merle Deias, Merle A1-muh-out, Darrell Miller, and Marvil Pl-rl' . : . ' ' . L 7 : . ' . el . - V PV' Sec.-Treag, - - - - - - - - - - - - Merle Deus . . . el- QQI pr ICQ. C 4 oc Tr fm Renoz 0 Spong J lq l!'1 Sa! OT 10 O Q Svnnn CL 'U 1 PYLLWCY UPI 'JU' T I 8 X 1'l.OU.S DlOjCC S J 'mt' O Iafm .J F"'ClHf ' GTK T91 r31rTruEm 0 is C eh 1:0 P 1 0 elecfef nd my W 'Uwl ell TXHIIOY on 7 ofuon Je vs T11 Darle llT1CS P P1 Jlrrlw U1 I IHC U LC.c YC H115 P 4--,I N E'r+.,,, ...1 ---------------- Rr:iJur1f'? 'lrii 1 iTElJ1'l?I'1'. ----- - ------- Gorrlnti Bcwver S. ea,---- -----.----- '. -M . A 'Tr ---------------- D 1 r'. X 'or - ---------------- P11133 p .-'ws jr t I Her: f :lx '1 A ' 4' tx X,f.' ere A 5 . 3- tl .1 We 'I F11 3 E3 Gi ------------------ D fL-i fX1fL'kS ,, airy - ----- ------------ f I ff F ' Kr I'OLlT1'1,' ----------------- 3, 1 f . 1? - - ------------- - Ixffg 131 Ore i 'I' M- :,1u:l1'X ' 1. 'fic H L mic-rs CILIXV, rg' jx.. 'zxnugz fzxdlg ' 3 5.1111 H 1.. th-'A Iii 2:11115 A 4. Olrx. 'f'.11.'1'1- '. -Q hx, flQf2:'1nx.i, f2f7T'lV.CD EULA or, iflzyllre I -.e.a, '."5f,1,'r.LA -Emzzwlf, Txlfngt' 'will K. f.A"T'-E?TD:'1Qf 1' -ive! .vf.'f.- if gzi- '31 ft' for 2.,wL: 011' 111711213 pro- Front Row Donald Cooper Eddxe Mangold Darrell Mxller Marvm juhl Rxchard Beck Paul Sch.:-nock Second Row Robert Gerxets Charles Podbelsek Donald lvlaaks john Bracey B111 Danley Lllxam Lalforge Wayne LaForge Darrell Semple Thxrd Row Mr Sapp Robert john Beck Danny Berger Merle Delss B111 j0nes Maurlce Emore Wayne Semple Fourth Row Dean Maaks Dale Balum B111 Rlchards john Fwers Wllbur Caedtka Dlck Blalun Merle Armmtrout Gordon Beaver Mnrvxn Parr F F A President Wilbur Gaedtka Vice President Merle Armintrout Secretary Gordon Beaver W atchdog Wayne S emple Advisor Mr Sapp The F F A is a national orgamzation made up of boys mterested m farm mg The baszc auns oi thzs thrlvung organizatlon 15 to develop leadershxp and responsnbihty and to create a desire to xmprove rural hfe Our chapter has 33 members this year, and for the fu-st tune on record a program of work has been set up to help us organmze our actxvltxes One of our activities thxs season was the county wxde Rat Control Prograxn Approxhnately 35 farmers in this cmnmumty Jomed us rn our effort to ellrnlnate fha Brown Rat population A 1 lf3 acre plot of hybrid corn north oi the ball diamond furnished the chapter with a fairly large treasury mcrease Wilbur Gaedtka represented the local chapter at the Lnternntxonal Livestock Show this year with lus Angus steer M Deiss, D Harnacke, G Beaver, and M Armintrout also attended the great show In the poultry and grain Judgmg contest held at Petersburg, New Holland placed second and mnth respectxvely Poultryjudges were M Deiss, B La.F'orge C Podbelsek, W LaForge, W jones Gram Judges were D Miller j Ewers, D Cooper J Bracey, and W Semple Twenty schools besxdes our own partxcnpated U1 the contest The annual Father and Son Banquet was held Ln Aprxl : ' . Y V. I . I - 3 . : ' , , u A s 'xx' V 1 , . ' : . , , , , . , . I . I K U 7 I 1 1 V 1 '- 1 1 I l I I I I . . Treasure ............... j ohn Ewers ' ' . ' : . . , . . . . ' ' : . . . . August 26 Adgust 2 9 September September September September September September September S ept emb er October Octob er 4 October October October October 30 Reg 1str at1on Log an County 1nst1tute L.1ncoln Labor Day Ho11day 4 H Meetmg Baseball Beason Here Baseball Atlanta There Baseball Latharn Here New I- olland Hornecorrung a half day vacat1on Bas eb all Elkhart Freshman In1t1at1on B as eb all Mlddletown B as eb all Mas on C 1ty Baseball Mt Pulaskl G A A ln1t1at10n Baseball Hartsburg First Su Weeks Tests 4 H Meet1ng There There There Here There Sophomore Class Party November November November November November November November November November November November December D ec emb er D ec emb er Dec emb er D ec emb er Dec ember D ec emb er December December janu ar y january j anu ary 8 January january january january F H A Box Soc1a1 Basketball Emden Basketball Armmgton Armlstlce Day Hol1day Basketball Easton Here There There Bas ketb all Waynesvmlle Her e Basketball McLean jumor Play june Mad Basketball Kenney Second S1x Weeks Test Basketball Latharn There There Here F H A Noon Luncheon Thanks g 1v1ng Holld ay Basketball Beason Basketball Hartsburg 4 H Meeting Here There Basketball Middletown Here Kiwanis Club Dinner Basketball Atlanta There Basketball Mas on City Here Christmas Dance Christrnas Holiday beg School Opens Athens Tourney Basketball Elkhart Basketball Beason Eirst Semester Tests 4-H Ivleeting ins There There Basketball Waynesville There Basketball Armington Here january 21-24 Logan County Tournament fLinc01-Bl CALANDER OF EVENTS - - ' c' 9 Z . 9 - M . 10 A 13 17 18 I ' f 20 27 ' 1 . 8 11 " ' 14 - ' 18 October 23 , , , E 5 S . 11 . , . 12. 15 ' 19 20 ' -- 22 26 27 . . . 28-29 ' 4 ' 3 6 9 - 10 11 13 17 23 24 2 6 10 13 14 17 janulry j nuary 2 nuary 3 nuary 1 ebruary ebruary ebruary ebruary ebruary ebruiry ebru try february eoruary L PDTU M rcn P8 xprl 1 orxl Z P 11 4 I lxhy Nlay klay May IN if It ay 4 9 O Ba ketball Atlanta Here Movle Topper Returns V H A In1t1at1on Basketball ll'i.I'lSbLlI'g Here Bisketball Ivllddletown Here 4 H Ixleetlng Basketball Llkhart Here Llncoln s Bu-thd xy fHo11day Basketball McLean Here Basketball Drmden There Mother s Tea B lsketball Lathaln 1 here lVlOV1E? One Ramy Arternoon Blsketball Mason Clty There Basketball Greenvlew There F ourth SIX Weeks Tests D1str1ct Tournament New Holland Semor Play Ever S1nce Eve F1.fth S1.x Weeks Tests Open House Good Fr1day Holzd xy 4 H Meetlng Semor Sk1p Day umor Sen1or Prorn 4 H Meetmg Semester Tests Commencement Last day of school was jgwff WM 544161 WALSWORTH BROTHERS M l M U 9 f 26 S c . J1 f A . . . ' ja ll c . lf 4' L D F 10 - ' ' li' 11 - ' F A 12 ' ' A z P ' Q lf' 13 . F Q I4 ' F , 2 17 -- . lf, Q l8 4 ' f F ' Z1 ' ' 52131 25.428 ' Q j Mareh 19 4-H Meeting L 'TL T 1- .1 , . Xrlril 14 - ' . Z ' ' L 9 J . - M f 12 - ' lf -15 la f lo .1 19 , , 'WJ esp . Lnnognpn.-u A Huund ay IXCQ Ura. 0 . A xlvxlxfvxfr TCDGRAPI-I 2,3 ADVERTISI G Z" -It L --H l---f- --W 1 'V 9 n X r K+ f1v::f 1 I' 1 , Z'T:"g N331--,A IE' ' I u-I .Vi , 'f . . I 1' , W Xl x! ' ' ,I LLJ AUTPORIZED BUICK Ei C nEVROLET DEALERS L1nco1r1 I111no1s Dhoie 44 Augspurger 84 Clemes Inc o--5, --"""""' '1...g,-of" PROMPT REPAIR SERVICE 14 EXPERIENCED UTO IVIECH. NICS 5 EXPERT BODY 'MEIN ,,. .. , .L 1 l . , , A ' Q Q af 1 fs' 44 ' 'e 4 5? 1? H 2 .39 5 . V , 4 4 - pl, 1, Q, 4 - 4 V ' .ty I . ,' . 2 .. , , V .1 - V. - ' ' W 259 ,1 xii. ' ,., A f A.: V - 5 51, -3 I-rA5f,,.k, U .. by if - . Fff :L ' il, 7l3'w""gri mlm ' 1 -' .A : ' V, ' A f .. , .1. ,. . , A h f - . f ' ' M. 'ff 4 T- - . L , D ' .,A.',l. . .-... ' 3. bf- wx." VV. R, ll' '- . V v - - A 533- 'N . W, .vi -aw ..f wat' ' Q ' I' D . , 1 . 4. Ml ,. x 1 r. ma L . - I Q'4,H1.'V1t':f-.X '- Chas C Strohl 1 l LINC ULN, I1 Q.7fQy 12,1 Llneeln 84 Grand Theatres Leslie D. Dey Segraves Rexall Drug Store Sollars Brothers CO OF I Hu Spot Confectionery FOUNTAIN SERVICE SANDWICHES MAGAZINES TOBACCO CANDY Ulrught FUNERAL HOME. I..1ncoIn IIIIDOIS AMBULANCE SFRVICE Telephone DAY 8: NIGHT I..1nco1n 55 0 o 4-18 Broadway Lincoln, Illinois 0 7 COMPLIMENTS OF L nn R Parker 84 Son W. A Grand BUILDING MATERIALS COAL. Phone 51B Mason C1ty Ill O 507 Pulaski-St. I..1nco1n Phone 890 f . 9 Auto Electrlc Ser uce HL P K' 1 di-iii Phone 267 L RBUP1 I V9 IAQNIQXI' 5 BRIGGS 8: DOW Bef-vxfe ZH Arcade bldf Llncoln Ilhnoxs GAQLH1 IJ lJlAIV101N w 11 LJ J. J 1 ThE. PLACE TO BU! JILV ELRY l I I ,.. v.. ., f ,. ' ' . LJ XL. fw Q' "U EL, LJZIC fi , :fa ' ' fr 111215, A f " STRAMI"i'f1.DN W V3 AUTU4f2'i5J'55flLEQ EI . HC TI-1 LCIAI., W ORK s- 91 " A, fl ...1 " ,. 'L A.: .1 .1 J I , , .V . b, ., Q N3 f Q ,' 'lf' 'FI x A,"CE ' Li' T f Y ' 'V JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT HARDWARE SEEDS C C Hawes A DEPPING DENTIST 8: X RAY Mason C1tV Ilhnom ARTIN T A N D A R PAUL V MARTINIE Prop Mason C1ty Ill1no1s RVIC 0 0 1 D R. G. . Phone 54-W I E' S S D S E Hardware Hot Air Furnaces Copper Clad, Monogram and Gibraltar and Weir Quick Meal Ranges Warm Morning Heaters Furniture Paints Wan keeper Electrical and Tin Work OFFICE F ' b k M P d air an s Rsgiii ro ucts P. H. Perfection Coal Oil Stoves Bri-Gas HARDWARE Roper Bottled Gas Ranges New Holland 4-O Appliances Telephones--Mason City 1010 Maytag and A.B.C. Washers Residence Refrigerators New Holland 13 NEW HOLLAND ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF MC ell Gram Co New Holland Illinois Longs Service Stetson GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRUIG ILLICO OILS AND GASOLINE Phone 95 New Holland Ill GREASING 2: WASHING :: TIRE REPAIRING GI'lkQ1Cr1n.Ir,.T vp :., .I 2 xYvu':u- '- LQC K ER iii?-eVICI1l George Egiesee 34 Son New E-I-elbmi, Illmois F L Baum Gall Palmer J 141 Ce in UM, Us 0 U I X n f 1' ' C ,, cx1eJ:c3e-+.:'.- Ti The Sheets Funeral Home MARVLN C H ET Jrop AIXABUL 1 5 RV1 E Phone 541 L1nco1n I111no1s Mareucel S Confectuonery HOMIE X1nDI: ICE CREAM CFJTDIES FOUNTALN SERVICE L UNCHICS WHERE EVERYONE IMEETS 528 Broadway Dhone 199 LAND UERS MENS STORE L D115 br-IOP WEARING APPAREL FUR Tr-1E ENTIRE FAMILY L1ncoln, 111111015 I ' , l'ilJfCi1C'.Ar , lr . .fxl-i-fl .CE 'C DON. HOLLAND .fXSSOC1iit1OI'1 EIL GOFF I 0, 0 U A L" 'K . W 4. 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CO' 64,-fx I , ' Q Ia Maw., I Q . 1 ITE D - If as 1 ' C' ' , I 5 I .' a A 1170 X na som.: au LO o o R T gs' 1 W "'V ' H 'Li - Vfgg N K J E N N I ' Cr S Established in 5875 U R C I-1 E T b O N GENERAL MERC1 ANDISE New Holland Ill1no1s Phone 15 Complunents of ODSON DRUG TOR Mason C1ty lllxnol s Compllments of AVERY COMSTOCK L1ncoln Il11no1s E t At The BROADWAY CAFE Seasoned Cooklng Hours 6A M 813 M Dally lx, H Nl at W INFIELD F' BATES Prop JOHNSON s cmocam Grocerles 8: Meats Frozen Foods Mason Clty Il11no1 s CARL NN HEMBREIKER GRFENHOUSES State St at Elghth Flower Phone 590 Indxwdually Styled Flowers For All Occaswns Local Agent GEO BUSE GROCERY L. B ' T 81 ' D ' S S E - C ' 7 Cornplete Home Furnishings

Suggestions in the New Holland High School - Mirror Yearbook (New Holland, IL) collection:

New Holland High School - Mirror Yearbook (New Holland, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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1947, pg 16

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1947, pg 95

New Holland High School - Mirror Yearbook (New Holland, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 77

1947, pg 77

New Holland High School - Mirror Yearbook (New Holland, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 6

1947, pg 6

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