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UOAIMII jUl:'I'1 "0l'lC' 7 954 Wea! xjvloffarwf .gyclzoof Wm ,u,,ffa,,,4 10M,zzf,,,ff, --- - --1036110111: LIIIQQIKT Yalii- 111 ,- 'KWH K lu' . ' mmmtilil ,ma Wafer Alma Mater dear we hail thee now, New Holland High so fine. Thy founders saw in days gone by Thy place in our fair town. So long ago they worked and prayed For strong foundations to be laid ln Education's Hall that we each day Might meet our need. May we who share these blessings now Serve thee with might and main: As sons and daughters going forth Add glory to thy name. We'1l work and play while in thy halls, And loyal be when duty calls, And go forth in the world to show Our school what we can do. 1 1 121: 1:1110 L IZ! -ll n-ll A lilll :anim-ln SHUI' B111 rg' gg- nl Klil ini:-n IIE!!-I ggmgqq 1111! C19 Two 'idl Afma Ynczfer clear we fuxif New Hoffancl High 40 fn Page Four E Z eizbevkcafion To you, our patient advisor, Mr. Donald Sheaffer, we the class of 1954 dedicate this publication. We do this in return for your sincere interest, guidance and supervision during our last three years at New Holland High. Our memories of you will not only be those of classroom hours, but also of the many ordeals you have pulled us through and your kindness and patience during these trying years. Accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the num- erous extra hours you have spent With us to make our school years truly memorable ones. - laiarecia fion VVe, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-four, wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to you, Mrs. A. Mary Sinclair, in appreciation of your helpfulness in direct- ing our amateur players with a professional hand during those tense days last November. When our class was divided for the first time during our school career, it was you who accepted the overHow and led us through our final year with motherly kindness. Yes, Mrs. Sin- clair, in appreciation for these, and all the other "little things" which at the time seemed unimportant but which we will cherish forever, we again express our warmest 'tthank you". Page Five Page Six 0111- -3112111111 ig-ir: 1 10112-1111111 of COI'lfel'llf5 Qi GENERAL 1. Alma Mater - - - 2. School Picture ---- 3. Dedication - Mr. Donald Sheaffer - 4. Appreciation - Mrs. A. Mary Sinclair ADMINISTRATION 1. Board of Education 2. Faculty - - 3. School Staff - 4. Leoninus Staffs SENIORS 1 Seniors - - 2 Junior Play - - 3 Senior Play - - 4 Junior-Senior Reception 5. Senior Informals - UNDERCLASSMEN 1 Juniors - - 2 Sophomores - - 3 High School Activities 4 Freshmen - - 5 Grade 8 - - 6 Grade 7 - 7 School Calendar SPORTS 1 Varsity Basketball and Cheerleaders - 2 Junior Varsity Basketball and Cheerleaders 3 Junior High Basketball and Cheerleaders 4 Soccer and Baseball - - - 5 Hockey and Tennis - - - 6 Athletic Managers EXTRA CURRICULUM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Student Council - - - Patrol and Film Staif - - - T.C.N. Editorial Staff - - - T.C.N. Business Staff and Quill 8z Scroll Band and Majorettes - - - Junior and Senior Chorus - - Driver Training - - ADVERTISEMENTS 1. Patrons - ,-.,l.i-l- L-L4...T-,.. Page 2 3 4 5 8 S-14 15 16 18-31 32-33 34-35 36-37 38-40 42-43 44-45 46 47 48-49 50-51 52 54-55 56 57 58 59 60 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 70-71 SCHOOL LAWS awww 'ww A. PENNSYLVANSA NSS S0 Kong 6lg0 LUOPLQJ Gllflbl l0l"0lgQ6l gov zifrong founclafiorw fo Le Kai gowns! of gclucafzon Seated above, at their monthly meeting, are the members of the Board of Educa- tion. They are Mr. Robert L. Ressler, Vice Presidentg Mr. Roy W. Hoober, Treas- urerg Mr. H. Earle Wright, Presidentg John J. Sheaffer, D.D.S., Secretaryg and Mr. Henry R. Fcnninger. S Page Eiqhm ' jlze gawk? Fel-? Mr. John TI Auld CSupervisingj Principalj West Virginia University Temple University Mr. Auld's friendly attitude toward students and teachers has made him an understanding principal. Although Mr, Auld, as principal, has had many school problems to cope with, he has successfully administered eight years of principaling at New Holland High School. Miss Wrginia M Hoffman LSocial Studies, Principalj Temple University Pennsylvania State University Miss Hofman has taught many a history class in our Alma Mater. She is always very busy keeping her library in order or rushing to the scene of an accident when the nurse isn't around. Miss Hoffman is well known by her sense of humor in her classes. "Qi we jacu f ooii Miss Grace Zimmerman fKinderg'artenJ Millersville State Teachers College This little lady is kept very busy for she has two classes of kindergarten, one in the morning: and one in the afternoon. Miss Zimmerman has a "natural way with children" which helps her cope with the many problems presented to her by her pupils. Miss Maria K Bender 1 Grade 13 Millersville State Teachers College Miss Bender is well-known by this year's graduating class since she helped many of them through their first year of school. Since school life is all new to her pupils, she has many disciplinary problems, which she handles well. A Mrs. Helene M Weaver Sv- CG1'ade 1 J Wyoming: Seminary 4'-ff' Bloomsburgr State Teachers College . Many of the seniors will remember Mrs. Weaver as their kindergarten teacher for at one time she conducted a private kindergarten at her home. Her artistic talents are used aptly to keep her room cheer- fully decorated. Mrs. Safe Wor.9I CG1-ade 29 Millersville State Teachers College Through their own experiences the original members of the class of '54 know of Mrs. W0rst's genial attitude toward her pupils. Her constant effort to make their studies more interest- ing' have made every one of her students appreciate her sincere interest in them. fE,.L Page Nine Her cordial manner has won her the respect of her students jlze jacugg rrr' Miss Lucinda Taylor fGrade 25 Pennsylvania State University Miss Taylor is one of the new teachers this year. She has taken charge of the second grade in the Borough Building. l Her ability to cope with children is reflected in the admira- tion of her pupils toward her. Mrs. Edna Overly fGrade 35 Millersville State Teachers College ' Mrs. Overly is now teaching third grade in the AmVet Building. She has been teaching in New Holland for five years. and other teachers. Miss Mary A. Harsh fGrade 45 Millersville State Teachers College During Miss Harsh's many years at New Holland, she has won the admiration of numerous graduating students as they remember their grade school life. Her experience and educational background is indeed a good foundation for student education. Mrs. Marguerite Shoniz C Grade 45 Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University Mrs. Shontz has been teaching in the Borough Building for the past two years. Her previous years of teaching have helped her greatly in the education of her students and in the winning of many friends. Page Tex iii Q24-4 'ff xi- or -s R -4 Q 'lf' 'gift 'i 1, Ml,-N law i ,Q E xl- lug!! 'Em X Wir m v ,r 5 4 e . fefiw? I 'f f H iffr'-in K lil . W A I .jf -. - V I: ,gf k . Nez, 171 s f ' ' -1. , 'Kidd "fr ' wifllm ""Z'1w as 1. , ., , '-ETL! we ra- ,Quan mi w 1 , af, ' Q: 53 "-ig' ff , 1' .1 A -- ai ' , 1 I vi ,- '2 ,, ' ,wr t " .M Y. 6331? X , ,gi W ag 3-um g,,Q1.2.' JV' . r m vw if 'ff Q33-'E -1 l ima: f" Q . ...L 2 - laws an Via.. s t .MA -M vw . wi tif' ... ' 'Q . 'hx 'af' x 9 11.1 ,,, 1 F' n f 2 .l7Ae gacu f girl? TTT Mrs. Anna S. Diller CGrade 5J Millersville State Teachers College Mrs. Diller enjoys teaching fifth grade because she believes the students are at an interesting age. She and her pupils have organized a Good Citizens Club. The purpose behind this group is to further the students' knowledge of class meetings and elections. Mrs. Grace Simmers fGrades 5-GJ Towson State Teachers College University of Delaware Mrs. Simmers is teacher of the combined fifth and sixth grade section. She has taken her pupils on quite a few field trips. The students have toured several local industries on these trips. Miss Hefen B. Fenrzinger CGrade GD Millersville State Teachers College and story hours. Mr. Roy W Brarzdau fCommercialJ University of Paris, France Bloomsburg State Teachers College produced many good secretaries. the nearest stream for a day of angling. Miss Fenninger, the sixth grade teacher, is no stranger to our halls. During her years at New Holland she has capably prepared many students to enter junior high school. All her students will long remember her friendly guidance During Mr. Brandau's five years at New Holland, he has His summer pastime is directing the Recreation Program at the Community Park. Quite often he can be seen headed for Purge Eleven C we gCLClfl,Ay TTT Mr. Kenneth Herr flndustrial Artsj A Millersville State Teachers College Mr. Herr is the homeroom advisor for the sophomores and is well liked by all the students. He is coach of the high school baseball and basketball teams. Mr. Herr is also the Driver Training instructor and is in charge of the Leathercraft Club. Mrs. Margaret E. Hess X fS0cial Studiesl West Chester State Teachers College Mrs. Hess has charge of the A section of eighth grade. She is best known by the junior high pupils since she teaches most of their subjects. The Advertising Club claims her as their advisor. Miss Marna Keay CPhysical Education, Mathematicsj West Chester State Teachers College Miss Keay has only been with our Alma Mater for .half of the year but she has already done much in creating new interest in sports and activities. Having to come quite a distance, she relies on her depend- able little ujeepf' May L Kline fHome Economicsj Mansfield State Teachers College Beaver College Although Miss Kline has been in New Holland only a year, she has already won the friendship of many students. Managing the cafeteria has kept her busy, but she still has time to play a practical joke. Paqe Twelve i4,-.F..... 1-1+ ' ff' lfglm we jacu fy Mr. Donala' A. Shcaffer fScien-:feb Kutztown State Teachers College Mr. Sheaffer is the homeroom advisor for the academic sec- tion of the senior class. . He is in charge of the boys' athletic managers, and the science and photography clubs. In addition to these activities, he also gives trumpet lessons after school. Mrs. A. Mary Sinclair fEng1ishJ Albright College Mrs. Sinclair is a new member of the teaching staff, but even during this brief period she has gained the confidence and admiration of her students. She injects humor into her classes, thus making the pupils appreciate their school life. Mrs. Elizabeth L. Slocfffon lPhysical Education, Mathematicsj Drexel Temple University Before the hockey games you can always hear Mrs. Stockton saying, "Now, let's get in there and fight". During school she is kept very busy with all her extra activities and gym classes. Since January she has been on a leave of absence. Mr. Richard K .Stockton fPhysical Education? Temple University During Mr. Stockton's four years of teaching, he has done much for the school in the way of gymnastics. He started the gym show, which has become an annual event. He is also the advisor of the Safety Patrol. 'ff-gf Q W., 7 Page Thirteen -rw' 'WW je jacuhg Miss Elizabeth M Troxell iMathematicsJ Gettysburg College Pennsylvania State University Miss Troxell has spent many extra hours at school helping to decorate for dances or cheering the basketball team to victory. She has been a friend to all, and has given many students guidance in finding their suited careers. Mis.s foanne Wehler CArtJ Indiana State Teachers College This is Miss Wehler's first year of teaching in New Hol- land. Through her interest in art, which she teaches, many new projects have been started and interest aroused in old ones. Mr. Paul H White fMusicJ Lebanon Valley College Mr. White is New Holland High's talented music instructor. He has organized a dance band and has created a new enthusiasm in the band, and the junior and senior choruses. His cordial manner and love of music is well-known to all the students. Miss Ruili A. Witnlan fLanguagesJ Temple University Lebanon Valley College As the advisor of the Town Clock News, Miss Witman has plenty of worries. Besides her many school activities, she also has a very in- teresting hobby, as antique cars seem to fill her spare time. Page Fourteen f7AQ SZAOJ Mr. George Good and Mr. Edwin Stauffer fr, , Auf' Mrs. Anna Frankhouser K, 93, SZ! Mrs. Miriam Riteau Mrs. Lydia Grant Page Fifteen Leoninus Editorial Staff . . . i Seated: Barry Reynolds, Barbara Coy, editor, Miss Virginia Hoffman, advisor, Margaret Martin, associate editorg Jack Delp, staff photographerg Barbara Musselman, art editor. Standing: Barbara Dyer, Bill Snyder, sports editorg Anne Brubaker, Janet Sensenig, Earl Pickel, Tom Ford, Anne Futer, Narene Dyer, Mary Ann Hostetter and Mary Etter. Leoninus Business Staff . . . Seated: Mr. Roy Brandau, advisor, Nancy VV'itmer, Rosene Geist. Standing: Shirley Tarbert, Bet ty Ann Gehman, Mary Edna Zimmerman, Peg Houck, Reba Martin, Virginia Sensenig, Roberta Wid dekind, Don Troupe, circulation managerg Glenn Hillard, Roger Martin, Joyce Overly, business man agerg Ronald Good and Marilyn Ludwig, advertising manager. Paqe Sixteen 1 ii , 1 S 1 4 . Q 2 4 ,, I .7 e gravlujazfing CKOLZM 1954 are Q,ifv Motto.- "It Matters Not How Long He Lives, But Howu Class Colors: Black ana' Gofa' Class Flower: The Yelfow Rose Officers President - - Marqarei Ann Martin Vice President - - 1 Narene Dyer Secretary - - - Barbara Coy Treasurer - Virginia Seriseniq Anne He len Brubaker . July 5, 1936 "Shortie' Student Council Alternate 1255 Class Vice Pres- ' "" " ii ident 1155 Leoninus Editorial Staff 1455 TCN Edi- limi ..., 1, torial Staff 12,3,455 Quill Sz Scroll 13,455 Chorus 12, Wfrszg, .1 3,455 Basketball 12,355 Hockey 11,2,3,455 Tennis ggsggi, .ww 12,455 Cheerleading: 11,2,3,-455 Junior Play 1355 Sen- ior Play 145. ,A This pert little miss is a bundle of energy. Where there's .4 laughter and fun, there's Anne. ff' 'tShortie", as she's known to all, makes the most of her athletic ability and cheering' the basketball team to victory also captivates her interest. 'E Although her future plans are uncertain, college may find its place in her life. s y 5 mi f 1- as ef 51 - - Barbara Ann Coy March 18, 1936 'tCoy', Student Council 11,253,455 Student Council Sec- s 1'etary 1355 Class Secretary 123,455 Leoninus Editor 5 1453 TCN Editorial Staff 123,455 Quill KL Scroll 62' M 13,455 Color Giard 13,455 Chorus 123,455 Cheer- leading 12,3,455 Hockey 112,355 Manag'er 1155 Jun- ior Play 1355 County Chorus 145. , Our class received a valuable asset when Barbara joined us in eighth grade. She is a Very S61'l0l1S and intelligent member of our class and always does her work to the best of her ability. "Coy" has been our class secretary for the past three years and was secretarv of Student Council last ear. - 7 N Barbara, with all her ambition, will certainly be a very capable "angel of mercyn. folin Roy Delp , 5 Apr-11 28, 1936 "Jada, Leoninus Editorial Staff, Student Photographer V K, M 1455 TCN Staff Photographer 13,455 Chorus 13,455 1 C2 A A Senior Play 1455 Film Staff 11,2,45. L ,M "Jack" is one of the original members of our class. ' an 4' There is never a dull moment when Jack is around. His ,,,,, Q -',. ylly witty remarks always pop up at the most unexpected times. it is Portrayingr "Luigi" in the senior play, he displayed his if ,jjj it ,.- d- t' talent. 5 Photography takes up most of Jack's spare time. He hopes to further his study in this subject at Rochester ln- stitute of Technology. '-fi - ,AMW ' llirjff ixllllcltt. Clifford De Vere July 4, 1936 "Cliff" Student Council 11,2,3,45g Student Council Vice- President 1355 Student Council President 1455 Class president 1155 Class Vice President 1355 TCN Edi- torial Staff 13,455 Band 11,2,3,455 Chorus 13,453 Chorus President 1455 Soccer 11,2,3,455 Basketball 11,2,3,45g Patrol 11,25. "Cliff" can be seen participating' in any sport, whether it is interscholastic or intramural. His ability in sports has helped New Holland win many soccer and basketball games. As president of the school this year, Cliff has served his fellow students well. His frequent smile is sure to bc an asset in his navy career. fanet Catherine Diem June zo, 1936 t'T00tS" Salisbury: Band 11,2,355 Chorus 11,2,355 County Chorus 12,355 Operetta 12,355 Minstrel Show 115. New Holland: Band 1455 Chorus 145. "Janet" is one of the Salisbury Township members of our class. Her wit and humor, known best to her friends, make her her a very enjoyable person. 'tToots" spends her leisure time practicing on her Ham- mond Organ. Janet is taking the Commercial course, and plans to be a secretary. Barbara Elaine Dyer February 26, 15136 "Barby" Class Treasurer 1255 Leoninus Editorial Staff 1455 TCN Editorial Staf 12,3,455 TCN Associate Ed- itor 1355 TCN Editor 1455 Quill Sz Scroll 13,455 Chorus 13,455 Cheerleading 1155 Manager 1255 Pa- l trol 145. t'Are your articles iinished?7? Yes, those are the fa- miliar words which "BarbyU, as editor of the school paper, can so often be heard saying. Her spare time is spent waiting on customers at the New Holland Diner. In the future she plans to enter the business world to put her commercial training to work. Page Twenly August Sl, 1936 "Reni9', Student Council 145, Class Secretary 115, Class Vice President 1453 Leoninus Editorial Staff 1453 TCN Editorial Staff 13,453 Color Guard 13,453 Cho1'- us 12,3,453 Cheerleading 1l,3,45Q Hockey 11,2,3,453 Basketball 1l,2,35Q Junior Play 1353 Senior Play MM 1453 Patrol 13,453 County Chorus 145. This ambitious young' lady is one of the oripginal mem- bers of our class. Throughout her high school years, 'tRenie" has been very active. Cheerleading' and hockey have taken up a lot of her time. Narene's dramatic ability has been proven by her roles in the junior and senior plays. Secretarial work will probably claim Renie in the future. Narene Kay Dyer Mary Louise Etter :X October 31, 155313 "Mary" Leoninus Editorial Staff 1453 TCN Editorial Staff 12,3,45Q Chorus 12333453 Hockey 11,453 Junior Play 135: Senior Play 145. 'Q W r "Maryys" vivacious personality has added gaiety to the class of '54 since seventh grade, when she joined our Alma Mater. As Mrs. Morlock in the Senior Play, and Nancy in the Junior Play, Mary's acting' abilities were cabably displayed. Mary plans to enter Lebanon Valley College and with her variety of interests and abilities, her future will un- doubtedly hc brigrht. Thomas C lf Ford July 24, 155315 'tTom" I Salisbury: Band 11,2,353 Chorus 11,2,353 Oper- ' etta 12,353 Baseball 11,2,353 Minstrel Show 115. ,E If., ff New Holland: Leoninus Editorial Staff 1453 TCN V. Editorial Stixfl' 1453 Band 1453 Chorus 1453 Soccer 5. R., M.. 1453 County Chorus 12,35. Exam... "Tom" is one of the new members of the senior class Fwavyfw from Salisbury. -ff? ' He has played baseball in all four years of high school, V ' and roller skating' is his favorite pastime. "Tomls" musical accomplishments have added much to 1 the chorus and band, and he has participated in various ' ' H music festivals. '-'gil-T-if - V-rl Pride Twenty-one l v Anne Arifza Futer May HAHUQH Leoninus Editorial Staff 4459 TCN Business Staff f45g Chorus f2,3,45g Chorus Secretary M55 Hockey 1155 Cheerleading 1455 Manager C2,3,45g Senior Play 445g Patrol f2,45. t'Anne is one of the seventeen original members of our class. Her friendly smile and humor has been an attribute to her personality. "Single Iilen, are two of Anne's most often heard Words, as she stands on her corridor patrol post. After graduation, Anne wishes to do secretarial Work. Betty Ann Gehman March 21, 1936 "Betts" Leoninus Business Staff f45g TCN Business Stalf 4453 Chorus 145, Senior Play C45. This vivacious blonde joined the class of '54 in the fifth . grade, and in the years that followed added her laughter to the class. One of "B-etts"' favorite pastimes is attending Youth for Christ Rallies at the Y.M.C.A. In the future she hopes to become a secretary and later enter Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. V M.,-Mwswr.. 4 MM.. ..r,m,.W,.. ' ng: - we W' 1: it Page Twenty-two Rosene Mae Geist February fi, 1936 "Rosene" Leoninus Business Staff 1453 TCN Business Staff f45g Junior Play K35: Patrol f2,45g Cafeteria Q2,35. "Roselle", one of our commercial students, can always be found on her corridor patrol post, smiling and joking with everyone. If there is a job to be done, you can always depend on Rosene. She very capably portrayed the maid in the Junior Play. Although her future plans are uncertain, she may be- come a beautleian. January 7, 121315 "Goodie" Michael Ronald Good Upper Leacock: Band 11,215 Chorus 11,21g Typing Club 1215 Track Meet 121. New Holland: Band 13,415 Chorus 1415 Senior Play 141. if-- Wwe - wana s "Goodie" joined our class in eleventh grade from Upper 'Naya' Leacoek. He brought with him his musical talent, which proved an asset to the clarinet section of the high school band. 5, I When he is not working' for the West End Cleaners, -1 - - 1 'tGoodie" can be found spending' his leisure time at the Leola ' 4 -- -- War Memorial Building: Q 15 Tig ,X 3. E ii., 'f ? E .,,lc 3 Carolyn Nancy Gosserz' July 1, wars 'fnonyf' -sa ,M .--i' , p . , 5, Q Salisbury: Band 12,315 Lhorus 11,2,31g Oper- , , Q etta 12,315 Minstrel Show 111. f Carolyn was born in Wfhite Horse, and she spent all her ""i ' ' 52 life around her home town. C "Dolly" came to New Holland for her fourth year of ' high school education, and is taking' the commercial course he1'e. After graduation, Carolyn wants to become a beautician. Glenn Leroy Hillara' September 17, 111315 'fHillard'l Salisbury: Yearbook Staff 15315 Band 11,2313 County Band 12,315 Chorus 11,253,415 Baseball 11,2,31. New Holland: Leoninus Business Staff 1415 Band 1-115 Chorus 1415 Baseball 1415 Soccer 141. Glenn joined our class this year from Salisbury. During' his senior year at New Holland High School, he was active in soccer and baseball. "Hillard" is always willing' to help in any way he can, and thus has won many friends. He is planning' to become a carpenter after gradua- tion. S if 5 if 4 Q 11 if? 4 em rl 5 ag f "4-We f if .: ..., p - Y .1 7. 1 - pgs :Q - 7 ta .f 55 x, 3 A + 1 ' X L31 N 1,-V-2----+- : Twenty-alirce 1 2 5 'f wx Ia:-za-35: Weim 5 ji.: f , - 1-ni M -. 35 is at , Ty 3 e . A Q' 5 E' 'WW .avlknwrme fn. 0S Mary Ann Hostetter Jllile 30, 1936 "lVIy1'11ie" Salisbury: Class Secretary 1335 Yearbook Erl- itorial Staff 133g Band 11,2,33g Chorus 11,2,33g Senior Play 1333 Operetta 123g Minstrel Show 113. New Holland: Leoninus Editorial Staff 1435 Band 1432gqB4zKnd Secretary 1435 Chorus 1435 County Band Although Mary Ann has been with the class for less than a year, she has made many friends with her winning smile. Most of "Myrnie's" spare time at school is spent separ- ating band music, for she is the able secretary of that or- ganization. After graduation, Mary Ann plans to train for nursing. Peggy Ruth Houck November 8, 1936 "Peril, V' Leoninus Business Staff 143g Chorus 12,3,43g 1 M ...QP 3 Manager 12,2335 Patrol 12,3,43. V A ". iii' l "Peg, is one of the "seventeen original" members of our A class. 1 Roller skating takes up some of her leisure time. ' ' A member of the patrol for three years, she can be seen at her post every noon, V Pegfs plans for the future are uncertain, although she 1 5 may further her career in college. , M, few Page 'Twenty-loui Marilyn Belle Ludwig February G, 1936 "Marilyn" Leoninus Advertising Manager 1435 TCN Busi- ness Staff 13,43g TCN Business Manager 143: Color Guard 1433 Chorus 143g Manager 13,435 Patrol 123,43- Hear that giggle in the back of the room? Yes, that's "Marilynl'. This little bundle of energy has been a member of the class of '54 intermittently. During the hockey season, she can be seen handing out hockey sticks and balls. In the near future, you will probably see "Marilyn" working in an office. Margaret Anne Martin March 10, 1936 "lllarg'y" 5 Student Council 13,41g Student Council Alter- - nate 11,215 Class President 13,415 Leoninus Co-ed- itor 141g TCN Editorial Staff 123,415 TCN Associate Editor 1415 Quill 8: Scroll 13,415 Band 11,2,3,41 Chorus 12,3,-113 Hockev 11,2,3,41g Basketball 12,31 4, Tennis 12,413 Cheerleading' 11,2,3,41g Hockey Coi ri captain 141g Junior Play 1313 Senior Play 141g Pm wwf, E trol 13,413 County Orchestra 11,2,3,41g District Or- chestra 1l,2,3,41g State Orchestra 121. This slender, dark-haired girl has been a popular Miss ever since first grade. "Everyone in favor say aye". Yes, that's our very cap- able class president for the past two years. "Mar,Q'y's" main interests are sports, cheerleading, and music. . After graduation "Marg'y" will probably further her education at college. y Reba Martin snm.'N . December 23, 12135 "Reba" Leoninus Business Stall' 1413 Chorus 12,313 School Librarian 141. "Reba" joined our class in tenth grade from Coodville. "You have a book overdue". That's the phrase most commonly uttered by our student librarian. Her duties often keep her stepping' lively, but her patience always carries her through the crisis. For her career, Reba plans to enter the business world, and her winning' ways will certainly make her a very effi- cient secretary. Roger William Martin June 20, 1936 "Roger" ball 1l,2,31g Senior Play 131. New Holland: Band 1413 Chorus 1413 Leoninus Business Staff 141. There comes Roger whizzing' to school in his '48 Chevy. This lanky fellow came from Salisbury this year, and has won many friends since. Roger is a faithful member of the band, in which he plays the trumpet. His very pleasant personality will help him succeed as a mechanic, his chosen work. Salisbury: Band 11,2,31g Chorus 11,21: Base- 'L if '33 W .Kg p K JF . . 'T Lrgvwv Y Pain- Twenty-live just ask her. foyce Elaine Overly March 20, 1936 Barbara Ann Musselman December 20, 1936 "Babs' Student Council 11,253,415 Class Vice President 1215 Class Treasurer 1115 Leoninus Art Editor 1415 TCN Editorial Staff 12,3,415 TCN Business Staff 11, 2,3,415 Color Guard 13,415 Chorus 13,415 Cheerlead- ing 11,2,3,415 Hockey 11,2,3,415 Basketball 11,215 Junior Play understudy and prompter 1315 Senior 1 Play 1415 Pat1'ol 13,41. Barbara's pleasing personality has made her an all around girl. As a member of the Student Council, she has always been very active. Sports and cheerleading captivate her interests, and when you want a picture drawn or an artist's point of view "Babs" is planning' to continue her schooling at Millers ville State Teachers College. uJ0y7J Student Council Alternate 1315 Leoninus Busi- ness Manager 1415 TCN Circulation Manager 141 Majorette 13,415 Chorus 12,3,415 Cheerleading 13,41 7 Hockey 11,2,3,415 Basketball 11,2,315 School Secre: tary 1415 Patrol 12,3,41. "Joy", a twelve year member of our class, has been active all through her high school years. very Much of her leisure time is taken up by sports and her secretarial duties at school. W'e feel sure that "Joy's" outstanding' abilities in COIYI- mercial work will lead her to a high secretarial position. October 1, 1 an. ,W N . 'w--. 'TW--v Page Tvlentyrslx 'ij.i:.:Lr" S136 5 e ienr 1 S l pp 4A'A 3 Vp A img Earl fames Picleel "Sonnie Salisbury: Band 11,2,315 Chorus 11,2,315 Oper- etta 12,315 Minstrel Show 1115 Manager 112,315 Senior Play 131. New Holland: Leoninus Editorial Staff 1415 TCN Editorial Stal? 1415 Band President 1415 Chorus 1415 Manager 1415 Senior Play 1415 County Band 1315 County Chorus 13,415 District Chorus 13,415 State Chorus 13,41. "Sonnie" is one of the eleven new members of the senior class, hailing from Salisbury Township. During: his days with us he has added his musical talents to the band and chorus. As "Mr, Morlock" in the senior play, he displayed his acting' ability. Because of his musical inclinations, "Sonnie" plans to enter Lebanon Valley College after graduation. Zelma Catherine Ranck September 20, 12336 "Sis" Salisbury: Chorus 11,2,33g Operetta 12,335 Min- strel Show 113. Zelma is one of the members of the class who came to us from Salisbury Township. She is taking the commercial course. Although "Sis" is quiet and rather bashful, she is friend- ly and very reliable. Her cute little laugh is quite infectious. F5 Most of Zelma's spare time is spent in reading. A 5' , Q' at 'Vi l The X i Y. 1 September 13, 19313 us 143. faithful black Plymouth. livestock of his own. class this year from Salisbury. eff Wayne M Reiter Salisbury: Chorus 11,2,33. New Holland 1 hoi Wayne is another of the new members who l01I16Ll our This rather quiet lad travels to school each d iv in his VVayne is rather active in 4-H work and iuscs some He plans to enter the farming occupation aftci izdu ation. Barry Pryce Reynolds , July 4, 1533313 "Barry" ' Q 5 4 . ., , Leoninus Editorial Staff 1-133 TCN Editorial . Staff 1433 Band 11,253,435 Chorus 13,433 Soccer 1233 is ., Basketball 123,435 Manager 13,435 Junior Play 1333 gl? ' Senior Play 1433 Patrol 113. gi W, . This tall, likable fellow has been in our midst since 5 il fl!-Sl, g-1-a1lC- EE ,ft Most of "Barry's'l leisure time is spent working at the A1 local Sunoco Station. gg., lncluded in the junior and senior play casts, he proved his dramatic ability. t hir N if Shortly after graduation, he plans to enter the Navy. Page l uy ami I sf' Ca fn 1 i A K S Q K' 3 Q , if fi im if 1- "" 4 e 'E if Q .. , . in as 21 S 5 -s 3 i 5 H, f i its 3 if jk if 2 Z J 5 3 Lt E Ronald Paul Russell Julie 2, 19313 "Russ" Band 11,2,3,453 Chorus 135,453 Basketball 11,253 Soccer 11,253 Tennis 125. This tall, blond, wavy-haired fellow has been with our class ever since first grade. When "Russ" isn't working at the Acme, he can usually be seen taking: a carload of laughing "kids" joy-riding. One of Ronald's main interests is the playing' of his "shiny" trombone in the high school band. fanet LaR ue Sensenig . May 25, 1036 "Janeti' Student Council Alternate 145, Leoninus Edi- torial Staff 1453 TCN Editorial Staff 1353 Chorus 12,3,45Q Patrol 11,2,3,45. ' Janet is a ten-year member of our class, having joined us in second grade. She is quite lively and is always full of fun. Janet is an alto, and has been a faithful member of the 3 chorus. The business world will probably occupy a large part of her future. W, W V i fgi Hia Semefiig Q I ' January 255, 1936 "Ginny" A lllv, '-' Class Treasurer 13,453 Leoninus Business Staff ff ' ,gf yariv ' In 1453 TCN Business Staff 1452 Chorus 123,455 Bas- f . ,I ,,,,' ketball 1153 Patrol 125. W ,IV A ' V t'Ginny" joined the class of '54 in eighth grade. During ' ,,,, .-" i s her junior and senior years, she served quite efiiciently as '----.-'- ' if class treasurer. Her pleasant smile and personiility have Won her many friends. A Immediately after graduation, "Ginnyl' plans to do za secretarial work, and later will enter Moody Bible Institute. Page lwenly-eiqhl William Lee Snyder February 22, 1936 1'Bi11" Student Council 123, Student Council Alternate 11,3,43g Class President 1235 Leoninus Sports Editor -' g 143' TCN Editorial Staff 12343' TCN Sports Fd- 2' it 1' 143' Quill Sz Scroll 1.1433 Band 11233 Chorus .. WWW ',4i ' County B' nd 123' Soccer 1123' Basket '1 - ' Te '. ' I 13' lll'U1'1,g'6l' 11 23' Junior 'iy 1'33' Senior Play 143' Film Staff 12343. A sly or witty remark coming from the senior class- " room can usually be traced back to "Bill", but he can always be depended on. 4. Trying' to skip class for some reason or other is Bill's iii , i K A 7, ,A,4 i A A afte r graduation. V f f 0 1 1 v K J 0 i rf l 1.4 3, f 1 cl ',. , ,' . an Q5 12,1 2 ' . C , 3, l l1I11S11,,h,4 ,W 1 4, , P1 pw KA ' ' L ' ' ix ' ii, Q K. i-'swf me sz ' 3 5 2 Q 2 5 favorite pastime. bg 5 5 2 He hopes to further his study of mechanical drawing' ...M ,1........ ...Mfg Shirley Ann Tarberi oninus Business Staff 113, Patrol 143. year. hours are spent at the nearby rinks. actually is very lively. November 233, 19315 "Shi1l Upper Leacock: Chorus 113. New Holland: Le- 7 Shirle became a member of our class in our 'uniol Y . Roller skating' is one of her favorite pastimes, and many "Shirl" appears to be one of the quieter seniors, but f f A glance into the crystal ball may find Shirley in an ' 'A " office, using' her commercial training. folm Walter Tennis 3 W December 13, 15336 'tJohn" W Qlzzi l,'l, in H Salisbury: Band 11,2333 Chorus 11,2333 Base- W ' ball 11,2,33. New Holland: Band 1435 Chorus 1435 - 'T ' Baseball 1-135 Senior Play 1433 County Band 13,43. . 'QI 'J v...., 3 , Although John has been with us only one school term, Ja he has acquired many friends through his witty personality. V. Q. John displays his musical talents by playing: the trumpet ii in the band and singing bass in chorus. 1 . ' x His plans for the future are indefinite, but the life of a 1 ' 1 grocer will most likely claim him. ' ' 3,1 . V K x -' age l".'.'ezltyAn M ' Q Mary Caroline Trego 2' x Salisbury: Chorus 11,2,35g Operetta 12,355 Min- . ' my strel show 1155 Senior Play 135. New Holland F Chorus 145. 2 i L f Caroline is one of the eleven students who came to New "': Holland from Salisbury Township for her fourth year. 'lf ii She can often be seen driving around her home town of Cambridge in a 1948 "Chevie". Caroline is a commercial student, and is planning' a career as a secretary. 5 -'A: ' ii November 5, 1936 "Caroline', Wye? 5 K 51 Donald fames Troupe my May 31, 1936 "Whitey', G Student Council 13,45 g Leoninus Circulation ,C .V b . T D Manager 1455 TCN Editorial Staff 1453 Chorus M 5 1459 Soccer 11,2,45g Junior Play 135g Senior Play nw 1453 Patrol 11,25. . Being an original member of our class, 'tWhitey" has ii' 2 acquired many friends. ' L Activities around school, a job, and hunting claim much X fix, i g? , g of his spare time. 5.3.8 .4 Portraying' "Lucifer" in the senior play, and taking part f it -3- in the junior play, "Troupey" proved his acting' ability. Mi Axy, K' 1. His plans for the future are uncertain. my N Roberta Ann Widdekind lg "i.,g ,El Apr-ii 5, 19:57 1-isobbier 2, ,jf :""1 A Leoninus Business Staff 1453 TCN Business uf 'A , V ' R,,,, V. Staif 145: Chorus 1455 Patrol 13,45. Y , 1 I 3 ' "Bobbie" joined our ranks in ninth grade from Lan- . A- r j 'Xt 2 caster. Her smile and cheerfulness have won her many fmds' 5:7 A She can be seen almost daily at her patrol post. 1 iwfe ' 1 l Most of "Bobbie's" leisure hours are claimed by her job. . V In the future she will probably do secretarial or general Q, X, W office work. Page Thirty LJ, Nancy Wifmer January 25, 153237 "N311Qy" K Leoninus Business Staff 1433 TCN Business Staff 143: Hockey 11,231 Basketball 11,2,33g Junior Play 1333 Senior Play 1435 School Treasurer 1433 ,w-""c'-5' Patrol 123. 32 This dark-haired lass entered the class of '54 in first j grade. "Are all the treasurers' reports in?" Yes, that's Nancy, our very efiicient school treasurer. She showed her dramatic ability by portraying' the 4. grandmother in our Junior Play and the maid in the Senior ' Play. After graduation "Nancy" looks forward to marriage. 3 Mary Louise Yoder August 18, 153315 'tlVIary Louise" TCN Editorial Sfail' 1331 Chorus 123,435 Bas- ketball 1l3g Senior Play Understudy and prompter 1435 Patrol 143. "Mary Louisel' has been a member of our class since first grade. 'FRN ,,-r She is very quiet and sincere. All throu,-2'h high school, she showed a great deal of interest in all her studies and her lessons were always well prepared. Having a desire to become a teacher, we may some day Gnd her busily engaged in elementary teaching. Mary Edna Zimmerman , - .fr V July 7, 1936 :sMeg.giexv ..,. z v,-v Lancaster Mennonite School: Junior Chorus qbblb' it 113. New Holland: TCN Business Staff 1435 Le- 5 5,326 oninus Business Staff 1433 Chorus 123,433 County L sd , Chorus 13,43 .ef "Megg'ie" joined the class of '54 while we were in our Sophomore year, and is a Commercial student. ffffy. 3 Among' her favorite pastimes, she enjoys driving' a group 5' 55113 . Af of girls around in her Chrysler. A Her plans are indefinite, although pots and pans will most likely clatter in her future. .... .LM .,..., .MM . "'L- " ' Page Tliiiry-om IUNJURP U-W r you Hz-we Ich S2555 IN p, Rgorfw To uno QUQH My FEET TH AT,fy OMC MIA-Y -I---O TNF! . 7'HiNiSFAm'Lv ljg-,Hi CHUCIK5 111 111111: 1 1 3 1 3 11111 1 1 111:11 1 1 3 1 2 1 1 311 2 20101111 C 7 even feen A jrri ic By Esther E. Olson CAST OF CHARACTERS DR. ALLENBY, a dentist ------ MRS. WAGNER C"Grandma"i, Dr. Allenby's mother-in-law HANNAH HAWKS, the hired girl ---- CHUCK ALLENBY, who has a knack tor losing money BARBIE ALLENBY, his sister ---- IANIE ALLENBY, another sister - - - BILLIE ALLENBY, the "baby" brother and a "sleuth" PATSY GARDNER, a neighbor girl - - - NANCY POMEROY, Barbie's friend - - HUGO IARVIS, a sophisticated youth - GEORGE BENNET, friend and ally ot Chuck - GINNY GRANT, Cl'1uck's girl friend ---- Clair Hibshman - Nancy Witmer - Rosene Geist Barry Reynolds - Barbara Coy Margaret Martin Clifford DeVere Anne Brubaker Mary Etter Donald Troupe Bill Snyder Narene Dyer Understudy and Prompter - Barbara Musselman Director - Mrs. Ruth Gantos. Place: The living room of the Allenby home. Time: The present. Spring. Act One: Late afternoon on a Saturday in May. Act Two: Early Friday evening, two weeks later. Act Three: The next evening, the night oi the dance. 5: :g :gf :gr :gr SYNOPSIS "Seventeen Is Terrific" takes place in the home of a raving dentist, who has lots of problem children to take care of. There are Barbie, his excitable young daughter, Janie, a fourteen-year-old, whose one and only interest is in becoming a school cheer- leader, and Billie, the sleuth of the family, who is always looking for a mystery. He also has to contend with the neighbors' children, who constantly clutter up his house. And poor Chuck, his seventeen-year-old son has so much trouble getting and keeping his money to take Ginny, his girlfriend to the Spring Dance. But in the end everyone is happy. JUNIOR PLAY COMMITTEE Property and Stage: Bobbie Widdekind, Ronald Good, Jack Delp, Ronald Russell, Larry Conrad, Clair Hibshman, Mary Yoder, Anne Futer, and Mr. Kenneth Herr, ad- visor. Program: Barbara Dyer, Jack Delp, Larry Conrad, Peg Houck, Joyce Overly, Shirley Tarbert, Nancy Weigand, and advisors, Mr. Edgar Scheirer and Mr. Donald Sheaffer. Publicity: Anne Brubaker, Barbara Ann Musselman, Betty Ann Gehman, Mary Edna Zimmerman, Margaret Martin, and Miss Ruth Witman, advisor. Tickets: Virginia Sensenig, Reba Martin, and Mr. Roy W. Brandau, advisor. Make-up: Marilyn Ludwig, Janet Sensenig, and Miss Virginia Hoffman, advisor. Ushers: Betty Ann Gehman, Joyce Overly, Mary Edna Zimmerman, Reba Martin, Anne Futer, Barbara Dyer, Mary Yoder, Shirley Tarbert, Peg Houck, and Virginia Sensenig. Q it ! Q ! ! i Q ! 11:1 111 2 1 1 1 1 as as en in 111 1 111 an 1 1 111 1 1a1r1o3o:oio1o1uo!o Page 'Thirty-three VN SY W PM L'-ff' ZW . ,W-4, W, . NC, ear' mfff F QGF f www ui 5 aio g3xY59" LUHH7' .mf THQ WOQL D ARE D raps, 1-U AN vovfl SC. TQQEY- . unvfg' sifNDU1 Now H YOUR' pl OLD 5 You Two Daiwa? 1 11:3 1 11101 111 1 111010101 113111 1 vi 1 111 14 1 ri in 1 xiuioiniuifozo mai .fdaaure By Donald Payton THE CAST OF CHARACTERS MR. MORLOCK, the nervous and excitable father MRS. MORLOCK, his wiie ---- MARY, their daughter - lESSlCA, the younger daughter MILDRED, the maid - f IOE LANCONI, Mary's fiance LUlGl LANCONI, loe's papa - MARTHA, Luigi's departed wite LUCIFER, from "Down Below" - MISS AKERS, Mr. Morlock's secretary GEORGE PLEW, Attorney - - Q ll ! ! ! U U II U - Earl Pickel ll - Mary Etter Barbara Musselman - Anne Brubaker S - Nancy Witmer Clifford DeVere - lack Delp ll Margaret Martin Donald Troupe - Narene Dyer - Barry Reynolds U MRS. SCHMALTZ, a middle-aged lady Betty Ann Gehman DR. BROWN, the family phyiscan - - Bill Snyder U MR. BLACK, a mortician - - lohn Tennis lj JAKE, a newsboy ---- Ronald Good MRS. FRINCK, a German washerwoman ---- Anne Futer S Understudy and Prompter - Mary Louise Yoder Director - Mrs. Mary A. Sinclair Place: The living room oi the Morlock home. Time: The present. Act One: An evening. Scene one: An hour or so later. Scene two! The next day. Act Two: Act Three: The next day. ik I' i' 1' SYNOPSIS Mr. Morlock is a nervous, grouchy man, who likes only money, and who won't let Q his family do anything. He is always griping about his pains. He won't let his daugh- ' ter, Mary, marry Joe Lanconi, because Joe's papa is a poor meat cutter. Joe's father, U Luigi, comes to plead his son's case, and the two have a scuiiie, but Luigi konks out i because of a bad heart. Luigi gets permission to haunt Mr. Morlock until he gives permission for the marriage of Joe and Mary. Lucifer, the fellow from "down below", enters into the confusion. But in the end peace reigns at the Morlock's, and Mr. Mor- lock finally okays the wedding. SENIOR PLAY CO MMITTEES Stage and Property: Joyce Overly, Wayne Reiter, Ronald Russell, Barbara Coy, Thomas Ford, Marilyn Ludwig, Roger Martin, and advisors, Mr. J. Kenneth Herr and Miss Joanne Wehler. Publicity: Mary Edna Zimmerman, Roberta Widdekind, Mary Ann Hostetter, Zelma Ranck, Caroline Trego, Mary Louise Yoder, and Miss Ruth Wit- man, advisor. Tickets and Programs: Virginia Sensenig, Carolyn Gossert, Reba Mar- tin, Shirley Tarbert, Glenn Hillard, and advisors, Mr. Donald Sheaffer and Mr. Roy W. Brandau. Make-up: Rosene Geist, Barbara Dyer, Janet Diem, Janet Sensenig, Peggy Houck and Miss Virginia Hoifman. advisor. Ushers: Barbara Coy, Mary Ann Hostet- ter, Virginia Sensenig, Reba Martin, Mary Edna Zimmerman, Rosene Geist, Peggy Houck, Shirley Tarbert, Barbara Dyer, Roberta Widdekind, Carolyn Gossert, Caroline Trego, Janet Diem and Zelma Ranck. nxoioit-:nxt1111010.1-0:4110:mini-in 1 1-trivia.-4 L- 1 um in 1 1114 11431101 Page Thirty five SH H QQQQX W M N S 1953 -4: Donald Troupe-He was a hunter of the hills, Had followed there the deer and wolf. Earl Pickel - Music, When soft voices die, Vibrate in the mem- ory. Ronald Russell-A kind and gentle heart he had, To comfort friend and foe. Ronald Good-A good-natured soul as ever trod on shoe leather. John Tennis-Wit makes its own welcome, and levels all distinc- tions. 'lm Page Thirty-eight "1-i::'.f'sm -'iw es, ' i flTOGRllPH Anne Futer - And when she had passed, it seemed like the ceas- ing of exquisite music. Jack Delp - Of science and logic he chattersg As loud and as fast as he can. Q CTl1e-se Covers have been reprinted by per- mission ol the publishersj I Betty Ann Gehman-And the heart that is unselfish makes the weary to rejoice. Narene Dyer-The sweetest noise on earthg a Woman's tongue, a string which hath no discord. uxnmfl f u J Barbara Dyer-True ease in writ- ing' comes from art, not chance. Margaret Martin - Born for suc- cess she seemed . . . With grace to wing with heart to hold, With shining gifts that took all eyes. Wayne Reiter-He plows the sand, and, at his hardest need, he sows himself for seed. Roger Martin-I was a man who had many friends, and many friends had me. if ' nor ms or -. ,',,, , H V ,:+- . e Q.. L: W, ' 4 V. 6 4 n . . JET V .balgffii :Zn Y? ' t e .1 'egiffw' , fe A is .... , .. , . f, Q 1 n ,,,, .. .- Q i 3 f V es m'Wh ., , , g i Mary Louise Yoder-When I 1-9- ' ""':' ' ""'-": if lf' i semble her to thee, How sweet and fair she seems to be. Virginia Sensenig - God hath sworn to lift on high, Who sinks himself in by true humility. Roberta Widdekind-A myriad of lovely blossoms may endorse, But whatsoe'er hath been there still must be-Room for another rose. I Zelma Ranck - Like stars half quenched in the mists of silvery dew. Rosene Geist - Her smile is the sweetest that ever w3s seen, Her cheek like the rose is. Glenn Hillard--He speaketh notg and yet the1'e lies a conversation in his eyes. Thomas Ford - Greatness and goodness are not means, but ends! Hath he not always treasures, always friends? fThese Lovers have been reprinted by per- mission of the publishersj Nancy Wilmer-Of all the best things upon the earth, I hold that a faithful friend is the best. Joyce Overly - Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. 233 i' Mary Ann Hostetter - A lovely lady, garment in light from her own beauty. Barbara Coy-She is as kind as she is fairg for beauty lives with kindness. Mary Etter-Fashioned so slend- erly, Young and so fair. Barbara Musselman-In framing an artist, Art hath thus decreed, To make some goody but others to succeed. P6139 ThiffY'UiU9 " 1' . :ff Q, ,M . in W' K : , ,, up it , '1g:.E.:,.,Z,.::. 5 'wimivzwffffef ' Shirley Tarbert-A passing salute to this World and her striking beauty. Peg Houck-The smiles that even, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent. Janet Sensenig-Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Marilyn Ludwig-For smiles from reason How-To brute denyld. and of love the food. Page Forty ,, ,, , XXllil1'HlXX HHH. ' Bill Snyder-He 9-'ave the people Janet Diem - A rose with its of his best: His worst he kept, his best he gave. sweetest leaves yet folded. Carolyn Gossert--She is not difli- BHFYY Reynolds -, F01' 3 bright cult to pleaseg she can be silent manhood there is no such a as the trees. word as "fail." Caroline Trego-As though a rose should shut, and be a bud again. Whose covers have been reprinted by per- mission of the publishersj Reba Martin-And all that's best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes. Mary Edna Zimmerman - The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. fi ,fin p .ay eadei s . lkigvsi 1 Alme Brubaker-It is better to be small and shine than to be big and cast a shadow. Cliff DeVere-No tree in all the grove but has its charms, Though each its hue peculiar. Q15 , I fuk of unior CALM . . . if Front row: Charlotte Davis, Shirley Harnish, Jack Rutter, Lester 'Witwer, Gene Lowry, John Flora, Patty Ranck, Carol Duck. Second row: Phyllis VVeaver, Bob Burns, Tom Witman, Leon Lich- ty, Larry Evans, John Wagner, Edward Wakely, Marion Plank. Back row: Miss Marna Keay, advisor, Adele Gingrich, Richard Dommel, Earls Tolin, Vernon Ream, Jerry West, Ronald Bensinger, Robert Aungst, and Dorothy Plank. 1 L U' A unior Activities Thirty-nine members of the junior class spent a very busy year in the '53-54 term. Heading' the class was John Flora, who was assisted by Gene Lowry, vice president, Carol Duck, treasurer, and Sylvia Ruoss, secretary. We chose Proverbs 3:13, "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom" as our class motto. Red and white were selected as our class colors and were carried out in the corduroy jackets we purchased. A white rose with red tingre was our choice for our class flower. We sponsored the food stand at all home basketball games and five dances after the games. On April 2, we presented our junior play, Babies' Night Outll. April 30 marked the Junior-Sem ior Reception, the theme being kept secret until the night of the dance, in the traditional manner. Page Fortyaiwo 'Wi ,QF Class Qfficers President - John Flora Vice president Gene Lowry Secretary - Sylvia Ruoss Treasurer - Carol Duck il ,Wifi i Front row: Ronald Taylor, Judy Coy, Sylvia Ruoss, Joan Lowry, Glenn Dissinger, Mr. Roy Bran- clau, advisor. Second row: Marie Kutz, Mary Jane Horningr, James Houck, Shirley Kurtz, Ferne Grubb. Back row: Robert Jacoby, Ted Simmons, Sandra Spotts, Maxie Talbot, and Charles Miller. Page Forty-three ,SJOIUAOIGQOPQ 64155 . . . -nr Front row: Mr. J. Kenneth Herr, advisor, Walter' Talbot, Louise Ranck, Melvin Spotts, Mary Louise Rice, Doris Miller, Miss Joanne W'ehler, advisor. Second row: Michael Terry, Elsie Dietz, Robert Stauffer, Michael Cope, Helen Jackson. Back row: Joyce Martin, Jerry Hollinger, Merle Snader, John Arthur, Richard Musser, and Ruth Keiser. b A Sophomore Memories All of us who are members of the Class of '56 remember the good old days when we first entered Junior High. Our advisor that year was Mr. Robert Simon. Two class activities were held that year. They were a swimming' party, and a scavenger hunt. Russel Etter was our president, with Janet Frankhouser as vice president, and Robert Stauffer as secretary-treasurer. The following' year, Mr. J. Kenneth Herr served as our homeroom teacher, and Russel Etter was again our president. Louise Ranck served as vice president. The offices of secretary and treasurer were filled by Mary Jane Binkley and Michael Robison, respectively. Our class membership had risen to 35 in our Freshman year. As a class activity that year, we journeyed to Hershey to see the Harlem Globe Trotters. Mr. Herr was again our advisor. Mary Jane Binkley was president, with Russel Etter as vice president, Doris Miller, secretary, and Robert Stauf- fer, treasurer. This year under the guidance of Mr. Herr, we held a Christmas party. Our officers were: Lewis Parker, president, Russel Etter, vice presidentg Doris Miller, secretary, and Janet Frankhouser, treas- urer. Page Forty-four 4 Front row: Mr. J. Kenneth Herr, advisor, Patsy Blair, Janet Frankhouser, Ronald Ster Lineberry, Barbara Platt. Second row: Mary Jane Binkley, Russel Etter, Norma Dau n7 be Beverly nberger, Kenneth Shupp, Evelyn Zl1'I'1l1lC1'lll2:1I1. Back row: Glenn Snavely, Michael Robison, Theodore Eby, Ron- ald Geist, and Paul Umberger. L A Class Officers President - - Lewis Parker Vice President Russel Etter Secretary - - Doris Miller Treasurer Janet Frankhouser - "-iff?-E Page Forty-five enior QA .gyclzoof mm ff MN M- x A FY Q " ' 5 f Q M V a, 3 2 , : A is xg EM ! uj, ,,fi: HOME Nunszs LUNQ' gLUm De GYM Suow H TXVAE' QATRO Vg ' Tford L POSTS jl"8Z5Al'l'l6llfL Cfafiff . . . Front row: Miss Ruth Witnian, advisor, Paul Wise, June Mentzer, Geraldine Hoffman, Dawn Wea- ver, Ellen Singer, James West, Ann Stern, Christ Binkley, Gerald Fern. Second row: Mary Mohancik, Lee Weaver, Barry Weatherholtz, Paul Neff, Bill Johnson, Donald Zoller, Brenda Sheaffer, Patsy Kurtz, Michael Hess. Back row: Judy Irons, James Stauffer, Sylvester Thomas, Harry Good, Lynn Lowry, VVilliam Nonnenmocher, George Dissingrer, Ronald Danner, and Nancie Frazier. Class Officers President - Barry Weatherholtz Vice President - Michael Hess Secretary Nancie Frazier Treasurer Brenda Sheaifer Freshman Class Notes We freshmen have certainly been kept busy this year. Two class activities were held. They were 51 Christmas dance, and a swimming' party. Three Held trips were taken by our Civics Class. On these trips we visited Wheatland, Lundisville Museum, and the Cloisters. Our advisor was Miss Ruth 'Wit- man. We had thirty-two members in eighth grade. Judy Irons served as president, with Michael Hess as vice president. Filling' the offices of secretary and treasurer were Nancie Frazier and Brenda Sheaf- fer, respectively. A Christmas party and a swimming: party were our two activities. Barry Weaiherholtz, president, Ronald Danner, vice president, Ellen Singer, secretary, and Brenda Sheaifer, treasurer, were our officers in seventh grade. Mrs. Elizabeth Stockton was ou1' advisor, and helped us greatly when we presented a play in assembly. For our activity we had a swimming party. i ,.,...,,. 'f Page Forty-seven Qglfll Qmle . .. Class Office rs President - Charlotte Delp Vice President - Rose Mentzer Secretary - - Joan Flora Treasurer - Judy Border Front row: William Unangst, Roy Lahet, Janet 'Weaveig Kenneth Hollinger, Trudy Wright, Char- lotte Delp, Gordon Plank, Walter Shirk, Mrs. Margaret Hess, advisor. Second row: Dale Myers, Ron- ald Grof, Donald Welsh, Harold Zook, Anne Marie High, Shirley Martin, Dorothy Lester, Helen Bru- baker. Back row: Joan Flora, Diane Campbell, Sally Klingy, David llefever, Sandra Shirk, Jerry Gainer, Rose Mentzer, and Lois Weaver. Page PONY-Giqlll Front row: David Kutz, Betty Johnson, Margaret Friedly, Darlene Smith, Gerald Shirk, Hazel Freeman, Virginia lianck, and Patsy VVeaver. Second row: Judy Border, Allen Fink, Miriam Horst, Mary Jane Singer, Faye Harnish, Betty Jacobs, Barbara Weigand. Back row: Mardene Sensenig, Roy Martin, Rebecca Robinson, Thomas Kling, Robert Buckwalter, George Sheaffer, Dorothy Musser, and Miss May Kline, advisor. EWS Eighth Gracie Activities f Our class has been very active this year. We are very proud of our treasury. This fund has been built up through money earned from the magazine contest, dues, and Winning' the Parent-Teacher Asso- ciation plaque last year. On January 123, we held our first activity, which was a swimming' party. Our second activity was a class dance, held on March 26. Our advisors this year were Mrs. Margaret Hess and Miss May Kline. Charlotte Delp served as our president and Rose Mentzer as vice president. Secretary and treasurer were Joan Flora and Judy Border, respectively. LW '1 Page Forty-nin 8UQl'lfA gl"0L6!Q . . . Front row: Michael Witmer, Rodney Randow, Arthur Futer, Lamar Martin, Barry Hoffard, Larry Stone, and Miss Elizabeth Troxell, advisor. Secoond row: Marjory Weng'ei', Dorothy Duffy. Third row: Barbara Deller, Jean Ann Buckwalter, Linda Weber, Linda Binkley, Joyce Rutt, Ruth Ann Mus- ser, Robert Foust, Noah Stahl, Robley Evans. Back row: Diane Groff, Ronald Dissinger, John Ging- rich,hDonald Raum, Richard Boyer, Donald Hollinger, Susan Whitehead, Harry Meek and Harry Peac y. Class Qficers President - - Robert Foust Vice President Delores Arnold Secretary - Susan Whitehead Treasurer - Joyce Rutt Page Filly ,,l J Front row: Janice Hagey, Patsy McKinney, Jane Shirk, Sandra Hannon, Betty VVeaver, and Carol Felty. Second row: Ronald Fox, Myron Newswanger, Delores Arnold, Vera Hutchinson, Suzanne Gudikunst, and Jean Rogers. Third row: Kenneth Good, Lamar Brenneman, Veronica Donahue, Joyce Roberts, Joey Quinn, and Linda Daubcnberyger. Back row: Linda Witmer, llay Duffy, Bruce Weather- holtz, Norma Creswell, Scott llitfenderfcr, John Kurtz, and Miss Elizabeth Troxell, advisor. fb 1 L A Seventh Grade History There were fifty-four members of our class when we entered Junior High School. This was a very new experience for us. Miss Elizabeth Troxell and Mr. Richard Stockton were our advisors. Robert Foust was our president, and Delores Arnold, our vice president. Susan VVhitehead and Joyce Rutt as- sumed the duties of secretary and treasurer, respectively. A swimming' party and a Christmas party were chosen to be the activities of the year. During' our homeroom periods we prepared activities to present before the class. Each student served on one of the following' committees: Joke Scssion, Play, Usc of' Library, Volleyball Rules, l.emlersliip, Jam! boree 19533, Planning for Study and Patriotism. - ,fgf , 'fi Page Fifty-one czorioi ni 1 4200-pt 3 1011-Q viii 1 111.1 2 1 ivan-visit: 51.31 1:1 SCA00! E124 . WZ!! . Teachers report 9. Pupils report Sept. 8 Sept. Sept. 30 Oct. 14. Oct. 29, Nov. ll. Nov. 13. Nov. 19, Nov. 26, Dec. 18. Dec. 19. Dec. 23. lan. 4. Ian. 26. Feb. 19. Feb. 26. March , Oct. l, 2. Farm Show tSchool closed in afternoonl Magazine contest 30. Lancaster County Teachers' Institute tSchoo1 closedl First report period ends Student Council Dance 20. Senior Play 27. Thanksgiving Vacation Christmas Carol Service Student Council Christmas Dance School closes tor Christmas vacation. School reopens Second report period ends Student Council Dance Gym Show 5. TCN Show March 19. Oueen's Buzz March 30. Third report period ends April 2. Iunior Play April 9. Spring Concert April 16. School closes tor Easter vacation April 20. School reopens April 30. lunior-Senior Reception May 4, 5, 6. Senior Class Trip May 21. Class Night May 23. Baccalaureate Service May 25, 26, 27. Senior Exams May 26. Awards Assembly May 28, lune l, 2. Exams CGrades 7 - 111 May 31. Memorial Day CSchool closedl lune 2. Commencement lune 4. School closes Page Fifty-'wo 1, ,f'41,f"Q,,. ' 4 -2 -fy. X vp Wk Varsity Basketball . . Front row: John Flora, Cliff DeVe1'e, Tom Witman, Ronald Taylor. Back row: Robert Aungst, Theodore Eby, Mr. J. Kenneth Herr, coach, Barry Reynolds and Larry Evans. Varsify Cheerleaders . . . Carol Duck, Anne Brubaker, Narene Dyer, Barbarzl Coy, B2l1'b211'21 Musselman, Margaret Martin Page Fmy-four Lfgfnwf' ' Lim SNES IN ACTION WE GUTWX T-' EMAMN fanior Varsity Basketball .. Front row: Mr. J. Kenneth Herr, coach, Gene Lowry, Robert StauHe1'. Second row: Richard Musscr, Lester Witwer, Richard Dommel, Russel Etter. Back row: Jerry West and Ronald Geist. junior Varsity Clzeerleaalers. .. Joan Lowry, Phyllis Weber, Joyce Overly, Miss Elizabeth Troxell, advisor, Sylvia Ruoss and Patty Ranck. Page Fifty-six 1. W 'A' funior High Basketball . Kneeling: Michael Hess, William Nonnenmocher. Standing: Larry Stone, Walter Shirk, Lamar Martin, Arthur Futer, John Gingrich, Ronald Danner, Roy Martin, Mr. Richard Stockton, coach, James West, Jerry Gainer, Barry Weatherholtz, Harold Zook, Bruce Weatherholtz, Ronald Groff and Kenneth Hollinger. funior High Cheerleaders Patsy Kurtz, Charlotte Delp, Miss Elizabeth Troxell, advisor, Joan Flora, and Judy Border. Paqe Filly-Seven Soccer... 'ww - . Front row: Gene Lowry, James Houck, John Flora, Glenn Dissinger, Tom Witman. Second row: Russel Etter, Donald Troupe, Larry Evans, Glenn Hillard, Lester Witwer, Bill Johnson, Robert Stauffer. Back row: William Nonnenmocher, Theodore Eby, Vernon Ream, Richard Musser, Earls Tolin, Robert Aungst and Mr. Richard Stockton, coach. Baseball.. Mr. J. Kenneth Herr, coach, Roger Martin, Earls Tolin, Theodore Eby, Thomas Fo1'd, VVilliam Nonnenrnocher, Tom Xvltlllilll, Ronald Geist, Larry Evans, Richard Musser, Glenn Hillard, Russel Etter, Ronald Taylor and Lester Witwer. Page Fifty-eight 3ff'i"'i?'H ff0ckey.H Kneeling: Patty Ranck, Anne Brubaker, Margaret Martin, Narene Dyer, Barbara Musselman, Carol Duck. Standing: Adele Gingrich, Dorothy Plank, Sylvia Ruoss, Joan Lowry, Phyllis Weber, Mary Etter and Mrs. Elizabeth Stockton, coach. Tcnnisu. Left row Qfront to backb: Melvin Spotts, Jerry West, Gene Lowry, Mr. Richard Stockton, coach. Right row: Ronald Taylor, Robert Aungst, John Flora and Bill Snyder. Page Fifty-nine l Boys' Sports Managers . . These are the boys who work behind the scenes. Be- fore each game they must secure a referee and see that the equipment is properly taken care of. They are: Front row, James Stauffer, Christ Binkley, and Ronald Stern Second row: Gerald Shirk. Third row: Jerry Hollinger, Robert Jacoby, Mr. Donald Sheafler, advisor, Earl Pickel, and George Dissinger. I 1953 VARSITY BASKETBALL Manheim Township Manor ---- Manheim Township - Z5iCocalico Union Wlast Lampeter "West Lampeter Alumni - - ':Warwick - i:Upper Leacock ff:Paradise - '1Cocalico Union '-'East Lampeter l:West Lampeter Warwick - '-'Upper Leacock i:Paradise - League games G won, 6 lost. Girls' Sports Managers . . Page Sixty "r'f l' 1954 N.H. Opp. 47 63 41 50 38 58 60 54 47 80 47 45 36 40 43 59 45 46 58 51 60 58 56 66 41 48 42 47 66 58 92 54 These girls take care of all the hockey equipment. In addition, they are in charge of the girls' softball and basketball equipment. They are: Louise Ranck, Marilyn Ludwig, and Anne Futer. I GIRLS' HOCKEY N.H. Opp East Lampeter - - 2 O West Lampeter - - 1 3 Solanco - - - 1 3 East Lampeter - 2 2 West Lampeter - - 2 4 Solanco - - - 1 3 Paradise - - 2 O U u,Mfw""""f"wwwWNM'ww mb Q CQ at nf Ni RQ hswiixii' .Mw,,fw"""" M, Wwe W.,-f ,pw-f' AE, ,N-N,.-1-h""""'p'm'vW n wif x, 3, an am Hired'-a m ms K ion ' U., NM ht, bin hw ' x Y' rf :uw ine Nswifh gvrnl' Skins 1' 11 umrivrtv fiiifww. in ,f"A,nfi3h Q hifxi' u Rv Q ksgslr M 4 urns WW' 'W WE-Asn" W,- Mwum f i i-I Studeni Council.. l N i Standing: Cliiord DeVere. Front row: Joan Lowry, Miss Elizabeth Troxell, advisor, Veronica Donahue, John Flora, Russel Etter, Robert Foust. Second row: Michael Hess, Judy Irons, Brenda Sheaffer, Barbara Musselman, Narene Dyer. Third row: Larry Evans, Robert Aungst, Carol Duck, Kenneth Shupp, Robert Stauifer. Fourth row: Donald Troupe, Barbara Coy, Margaret Martin, Roy i Lahet. Back row: Barry Weatherholtz and John Gingrich. ' LE J A President - Clifford DeVere Secretary - Joan Lowry Vice President - - - John Flora Treasurer - - - - Russel Etter Advisor ---- Miss Elizabeth Troxell The Student Council has become a very permanent part of our school life since its formation seven years ago. Under the capable supervision of Miss Elizabeth Troxell, this group has made outstand- ing achievements. Our Student Council originated the plan for a Lancaster County Student Council Association. This group now meets annually in different high schools throughout the county. New Holland's Student Council also takes part in State and District conventions which are held once a year. School elections are conducted by the Student Council for both Council members and class om- cers. This is part of their program of holding more democratic school elections. Dances, which are held throughout the year, constitute the main social activity sponsored by this group. Many school projects are directed by the Student Council. Some of these are: the annual Lost and Found Auction, choosing the outside assemblies, and purchasing and replacing equipment needed by various groups around the school. f Because of the large part that the Student Council plays in our school life, it certainly deserves all the recognition and credit that it receives. Page Sixiyflvvo 'Q'?T'F' "i" Patrol.. Left row ifront to backj: Mr. Richard Stockton, advisor, Shirley Tarbert, Peg Houck, Barbara Dyer, Beverly Lineberry, Marie Kutz. Second row: Carol Duck, Ann Stern, Mary Mohancik, Mar- garet Martin, Barbara Platt, Shirley Kurtz. Third row: Ellen Singer, Patty Ranck, Narene Dyer, Anne Futer. Right row: Sylvia Ruoss, Judy Coy, Joan Lowry, Barbara Musselman, Roberta Widde- kind, Elsie Dietz, Mary Louise Yoder and Ruth Keiser. Film Staff... w 3 ,, , Seated: Ronald Taylor, William Unangst. Standing: John W'ag'ner, Richard Dolnmel, Ronald Bensainger, Tom Klingr, Mr. Donald Sheaffer, advisor, Gene Lowry, Bill Snyder, Clitforcl D1-Vero, Jack Delp, Richard Musscr, Bill Johnson, Robert Faust, Robert Jacoby and Roy Lahet. Page Sixty-three TTCN Editorial Staff .. .4-wa, Seated: Bill Snyder, Sylvia Ruoss, Barbara Dyer, Margaret Martin, Jack Delp. Standing: Carol Duck, Anne Brubaker, Jerry Hollinger, Gene Lowry, Kenneth Shupp, Donald Troupe, Barbara Coy, Tom Ford, Earl Pickel, Ronald Taylor, Nancie Frazier, Barry Reynolds, Brenda Sheaffer, Adele Gingrich, Shirley Harnish, John Flora, Mary Louise Rice, Clifford DeVere, Joyce Martin, Janet Frank- houser, Mary Jane Binkley, Robert Stauffer, Elsie Dietz, Mary Etter, Narene Dyer, Barbara Mussel- Hg JOURNALISM Many schools which fall into the same attendance category with New Holland High School are not served by the complete journalistic outlets which New Holland possesses. Interested students can channel their abilities in three high school organizations, the editorial staff of the Town Clock News, the annual Leoninus, and an international honorary society for high school journalists known as Quill and Scro . man, and Miss Ruth Witman, advisor. Publication of' the Town Clock News is made monthly by an editorial staH of thirty members headed by Miss Ruth A. Witman and student editors Barbara Dyer, Margaret Martin, Sylvia Ruoss and Bill Snyder. For the past two years this literary effort has received a second place rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and last year was rated first in the Pennsylvania competi- tion. Next year will mark the twentieth anniversary of the TCN. After many months of preparation. each spring the Leoninus is published by the Senior Class. It too, like the Town Clock News, has received a second place rating from the Columbia Press Asso- ciation for the past two years. This year's edition marks the twenty-first year of publication. Quill and Scroll is the newest member of this Journalism family, being introduced in 1938. Twelve Junior and Senior students comprise the membership of' this organization through whose en- deavors the news and happenings of' the school are brought to the eyes of the townspeople through the medium of the New Holland Clarion. They bi-weekly post bulletins and also maintain the file of dead copies of the Town Clock News. XVith these three journalistic groups bringing weekly news to the public, the Town Clock News publishing school news eight times annually, and the Leoninus summing up all the events of the school year, the students of our Alma Mater can voice their opinions and ideals via the printing press. Page Sixty-four lil iff' 71 CN Business Staff.. Seated: Mr. Roy Brandau, advisorg Joyce Overly, circulation manager, Marilyn Ludwig, business managerg Joan Lowry, advertising' managjerg Barbara Musselinun. Standing: Barry Weatherholtz, Rosene Geist, Betty Ann Gehman, Nancy NVitmer, Mary Edna Zimmerman, Virginia Sensenig, Janet Sensenig, Shirley Harnish, Joan Flora, Judy Coy, Faye Harnish, Roberta VViddekind, Louise Ranck, Anne Futer, Joey Quinn and Larry Stone. Quill 6 Scroll. . . Left row lfront to lm:-kb: Ronald Taylor, Carol Duck, Adele Ginggrirh, Miss Ruth Witman, advis- o1'. Middle row: Barbara Dyer, Margaret Martin, Barbara Coy. Right row: John Flora, Bill Snyder, Sylvia liuoss, Shirley Harnish, Anne Brubaker and Jack Dolp. Page Sixty-live f3ancf... -g fwfr: e , W af' fs ffy? . , insist' Left row ffront to backjz Faye Harnish, VVilliam Unangst. Second row: Doris Miller, Dorothy Plank, Judy Irons, Barry Reynolds, Roy Lahet. Third row: Ronald Good, Ronald Groff, Marian Plank, Mary Ann Hostetter, Clifford DeVere, Glenn Hillard, Ronald Russell, Tom Ford, Earl Pickel. Fourth row: Michael Terry, Roger Martin, John Tennis, Adele Gingrich, Robert Aungst. Fifth row: Paul Um- berger, Lynn Lowry, John Gingrich, Donald Hollinger, Russel Etter. Right row: Janet Frankhouser, Rodney Randow, Michael Witmer, Gladys Ream, Thomas Overly, John Flora. Standing: Robert Stauff- er, Lee Weaver, Patty Ranck, Marilyn Ludwig, Richard Boyer, Narene Dyer, Virginia Ranck, Mar- garet Martin, Barbara Coy, Mr. Paul White, director, Joan Lowry, Nancie Frazier, Barbara Musselman. dfajorettes... Kneeling: Walter Shirk, Standing: Joyce Overly, Sandra Shirk, Judy Coy, Patsy Kurtz, Carol Duck, Charlotte Delp and Mary Irons. Rage Sixiy-six gi, L "1 3' - Senior Chorus . S'-Ml, fr .favii Front row: Ruth Keiser, Doris Miller, Mary Louise Yoder, Mary Etter, Rosene Geist, Barbara Dyer, Carol Duck, Virginia Sensenig, Glenda Knight, Janet Sensenig, Barbara Musselman, Anne Fu- ter, Walter Talbot, Lewis Parker, Donald Troupe, Mr. Paul White, director. Second row: Sylvia Ruoss, Phyllis Weber, Charlotte Davis, Evelyn Zimmerman, Mary Louise Rice, Judy Coy, Patty Ranck, Janet Frankhouser, Elsie Dietz, Anne Brubaker, Marilyn Ludwig, Kenneth Shupp, Glenn Hillard, John Flora, Ronald Good, Russel Etter. Third row: Barbara Coy, Louise Ranck, Shirley Harnish, Janet Diem, Caroline Trego, Peg' Houck, Norma Daubenberger, Mary Jane Binkley, Narene Dyer, Robert StauH'er, Jerry Hollinger, Thomas Ford, Richard Musser, Clifford DeVere. Back row: Helen Jackson, Joyce Overly, Roberta Widdekind, Marion Plank, Adele Gingrich, Lucille Gehman, Marie Kutz, Doro- thy Plank, Mary Edna Zimmerman, Mary Ann Hostetter, Margaret Martin, Betty Ann Gehman, Earl Pickel, Roger Martin, Barry Reynolds, Ronald Russell, Bill Snyder and Paul Umberger. funior Chorus. . fri? Front row: Charlotte Delp, Hazel Freemen, Vera Hutchinson, Janice Hagey, Carol Felty, Jane Shirk, Delores Arnold, Marjorie VVeng'er, Dorothy Duffy, Joyce Roberts, Joyce Rutt, Robley Evans, Robert Foust, Ronald Fox, Mr. Paul White, director. Second row: Mary Mohancik, Joan Flora, Trudy Wright, Linda Weber, Jean Rogers, Patsy McKinney, Suzanne Gudikunst, Sandra Hannon, Barbara Weigand, Judy Border, Margaret Fricdley, Rodney Randow, Michael Witmer, Gordon Plank, Joey Quinn, Bill Johnson. Third row: Mary Jane Singer, Shirley Martin, June Mentzer, Betty Johnson, Betty Weave1', Ann Stern, Jean Ann Buckwalter, Faye Harnish, Linda Daubenbergrer, Norma Clress- well, Nancie Frazier, Brenda Sheaffer, Susan Whitehead, John Kurtz, Barry Hufford, Scott Diffen- derfer, James VVest, Ronald Danner. Back row: Sandra Shirk, Veronica Donahue, Ellen Singer, Patsy Kurtz, Darlene Smith, Rose Mentzer, Diane Campbell, Linda Witmer, Janet Weaver, Dorothy Lester, Barbara Deller, Anne Marie High, Sally Kling, Richard Boyer, Don llollinger, John Gingrich, Michael Hess, and VVilliam Nonnenmocher. ' W ,QYL Page Sixty-seven Driver Training. . ..L, T D Ai If . 5 6 CES-.. mn - M Front row: Ronald Stern, Patsy Blair, Mary Louise Rice, Doris Miller, Patty Ranck, Louise Ranck, Mary Jane Binkley, Elsie Dietz, Evelyn Zimmerman, Carolyn Gossert, Mr. J. Kenneth Herr, advisor. Second row: Leon Lichty, Jack Rutter, Barbara Platt, Beverly Lineberry, Shirley Kurtz, Merle Sna- der, Ruth Keiser, Helen Jackson, Joyce Martin, Norma Daubenberger, Janet Frankhouser, Nancy YVit- mer. Back row: Ronald Geist, Michael Terry, Walter Talbot, Kenneth Shupp, Michael Robison, Theo- dore Eby, Russel Etter, Richard Musser, Marion Plank, Marie Kutz, Dorothy Plank, Zelina Ranck, Shirley Tarbert and Michael Cope. For the past four years, Mr. J. Ken- neth Herr has been advisor to the Driv- er Education Course. During this time he has helped about one hundred stu- dents pass their drivers, tests. The course includes book work, which most of the students have taken, and about eight hours of driving. The book work is taken during: the club periods at school. In this class, they learn the - principles of driving, and thc parts of 'si the car. - ...:4Q.g... g,g, il The John N. Sauder Auto Company each year donates the dual control car ..., V " "i' ' Ji'- . fu used by the Driver Training students. 1 , ,i,, - M' J Mipi ,,,,. .,,,, r 5 f ' 3 , .AIV ' -j . , ,,,, A .j:- , .,,.,. ..., ' . A W Page Sixty-eight fl?-2 35131-T And go forffz In ffleqg orfcfqfo dfvoaf g A.. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rev. Dr. Mr. Mr. pd tIf'0l'l5. and Mrs. Benjamin Baxter anal Mrs. R. H Brulralfer ana' Mrs. fames R. Carson Abe Cohen and Mrs. Truman Coy anal Mrs. Alvin Danner ana' Mrs. C A. DeBaugh and Mrs. Austin Dyer and Mrs. Lester Dyer ana' Mrs. Richard A. Dyer and Mrs. Walter F Essex anal Mrs. Russel E. Etter and Mrs. Ifwlson A. Foust anal Mrs. Arthur A. Futcr ana' Mrs. Harola' B. Gehman p S F HH Boll Gehman Miss Robin Geist Mr. Ronald Geist George S. Gooa' George M Good Alfred Graham Carl H Graff Porfee Graff L. Leroy Hillard Henry M Horning George Hostetter Chester Houck jason Houck Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. ana' Mrs. Mr. ana' Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. ana' Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Ruth Houck Mr. ana' Mrs. Harvey S. Huyett Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Keenan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M Kline Mrs. lfwlliam Kronmeyer Pvt. Wm. Theodore Kurtz Mrs. Catherine Lafferty Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Dr. john M Martin Mr. and Mrs. R. Warren Mentzer Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe C Miller, fr Mr. and Mrs. H Clair Musselman Mr. foseph Nagle Mr. and Mrs. C S. Overly Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Overly Mr. Ben Parmer Mr. and Mrs. C Clarence Ruoss EE Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Zip Mr. pa fI'0ll:f and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. Paul M Russell Paul M Sensenig Arthur Smith Benjamin Snyder Edward Stief Floyd Trego Raymond F Weaver Ralph Weber Robert K lfwddeleind lohn R. Whse Corvin K Hhtmer E Lacey Wright Robert C Yoder and Thomas Zerman and Mrs. jacob S. Zimmerman p S . ?' . 1 A First You Start With A Great Idea Not long before you Senirirs iirst started in kindergarten, a few men in and around New Holland had a great idea. It was an idea that has revolution- ized farming in the United States. It mechanized the hayiields, eliminated a lot of back-breaking work, improv- ed the quality of hay, and built a large corporation. The idea was to mass produce an automatic pick-up hay baler, invent- ed by a local farmer. Since 1940, when New Holland produced the iirst baler, a lot ot thought, time, energy, skill, and money has been at work, making that great idea come true. A lot of agri- cultural advances have been made. and a lot oi rewarding employment has resulted. A successtul man once confided that he always had a ten-year proiect laid out before him . . . a great idea to work for, and to work out. So, remember, first you start with a great idea! Then, with the idea always in mind, you plan and work to make itcome true. To the Class of 1954, congratula- tions trom your friends at the New Holland Machine Company. , l N 1: w I-I o L L A "First in Grassland Farming" P g Seventy-two +111- 111111 1 111: 111 1111 1111 1 1111 11, B. Z. Motors Sales - MERCURY - Service 'l'oday's Most Challenging New Car . . . The '54 Mercury New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-2161 um 111:-11 1 1411 1 1111141141 1 1 1 101 1111411111411111-11411111411-111 1 1141142 Binkley's Store General Merchandise - Eggs Blue Ball, Pennsylvania We feature the famous "NORRIS" BRAND PRODUCTS Phone: New Holland 4-7517 if 1 1:11:11 11111411n1411r11o1r11o1 11 11105 OI' 1 11111i11f11411r11r1111111111 1 1 1 11 Dick Brubaker Sewing Machines N o tio n s Venetian Blinds - Storm Windows Phone: 4-8332 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 111 1:11-1 -1411 111 1 1-.1 11111 11111 o 0.01: -4: L. G. Balfour Company "Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges" Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies W. G. ROSS 120 Second Street Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania 1m11:11n1r11111o1c11o1i11r11r11411r11 111 1011111111111 1 1 111 1 1 1 1411 Bolton's Hatchery Phone: 4-2244 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1111 11 1:1 1111111111 111111411 1111 1011111111101 1r11r11r11r11111r11 1 1 1 John Brubaker JEWELER Expert Repairing KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Theatre Building New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 111 1 11111 1:11-1111 111-1111 11111 ..1111--111 11 1 1411 111141 111141111 1 11111 Blue Ball ational Bank Blue Ball, Pennsylvania CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRAVELERS' CHEQUES CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT BANK MONEY ORDERS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Capital - 5100.000 Surplus and Reserves. 5429.000 - Ample Parking Space for Patrons - " YYVY n 3 Page Seventy-th 111111411111o1111111s1111111111111111111111 1 1:-1:-1111111111 1 1111111111-111111111111 1c12u1u1uiu2o:u1-r1u1u1u1o14 :min 10111411n11111u1ir1o2uiu:n14x:o1win zu: Z 1111: ix: 1 1 1:1 1:1 in ini 11010101 iniuznzninz xiuiuqru :ug 1 1 1 101010101111 11 3 :rin Churchtown Supply Co. Farm and Home Appliances 0 Phone: Terre Hill 5-2376 Churchtown. Pennsylvania 1 1:2 1 111 iii iv: 1 2 11:1 101: 1010101111011rinioiuiuiuiui xiuioiz Conestoga Roller Mills Samuel O. Trupe, Owner Milk Products GRAIN FEED Park 6. Pollard Bull Brand Telephones: Terre Hill: 5-2476 New Holland 4-7251 g,eqn...--..,...,Qo....- I-Nqr.-.,gm-ry.--,qu-mg. The Place to Go When Your Car Needs General Repairs Dickinson's Garage Phone: 4-9621 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Duffy's Meat Market Meats - Groceries - Ice Cream 0 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0641 ge Se e ty-iou ' 4- ,:, Aiqoqp 14 ,tg 5 v 1103 Q3 in . -ap '.' Clair's Snack Bar Platters Served Daily Diller Avenue New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Open 8:00 a. m. to 12:00 p. m, oiixiiiiiiiiimiiix Deller's 5c, l0c and 31.00 lFormerly Young'sl 148 East Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania o gcuinas 1:11111 cs 1 1 1:1 111 1 1 Q 040101 in 14110101011miuioinzozr 1 1: J. Willis Diem Stone Mason Contractors . Phone: 4-0107 New Holland. R. 2, Pennsylvania :U:..:.,:.,:.,:.,-.,:.,:.,....,:.,-..-.,- John S. Ewell, lnc. Milk Transportation o Phone: New Holland 4-7271 East Earl -:- Pennsylvania 11110:-01011112 i.: 1 11:10:01-uiuziui 1 rink 11. iucsuiuiui 1111112111 uioiuioi :ini riniuiuioiui 2010101010101i-zo-0104-p0T.010cn nano Groff Buick, lnc. BUICK Sales and Service I New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-2215 xr: 10:11 70: :X zenzfxun-,101 nz : xi 20101101' 1 2-1010101110101 10-10:4 The Farmers National Bank and Trust Company of New Holland, Pa. 1 3 ia: 1 zrzixzfrinnzrxzlrz 10: 1 11. Samuel S. Gerhart Coal, Lumber, Roofing, and Building Materials East Earl -:- Pennsylvania Phone: New Holland 4-7241 :ni 10:01 :oz Qivziviiwlilirnzfwz in 1010101010101010101-i:i030:0i-vzoz g.. Goodville Mutual Casualty Company VVayne s. Martin, sw-eral-y Goodville, Lancaster County, Penna. Insurance at Cost Phone: Terre Hill 5-2691 1 103010: 11.101110101014114 2 in , 1... 30:0 0,4 .10:0qp0qp0-90 o 50:01 1 1,1 111.1 :fri 1-1 an 101 Enterprise Telephone Company Phone: 4-2102 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 0101 111 -:- 11- 1 1 1 -:- 1 io: ---L..1,-,,,,,,,, o ,0r3010,0,-010101 1 1 ,- 1 1 1,1 -, -, F L 0 W E R S . . . For Every Occasion Q 0 Q Glrvln s Flowers LEOLA, PENNSYLVANIA Branch Shops . . . Barr's Flower Shop - - Lancaster Ephrata Flower Shop - - Ephrata 0:4110zuzuiozozuz0:0101ozrmiuzninz 0 50:1010-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0:0-0-0- John Deere Caterpillar Tractors Power Farm Equipment Q A. B. C. Groff New Holland -:- Pennsylvania T Z' 'iE.,, ij Page Seventy-l 10101 -1v0g0101010qq01o1 0:01014vitif111vi:riniuinxiozninzzxiui o U4-. .3 .g.,-...- - - -.,- - -.,..f,-.,- --.- I , - . 5 Hostetter's Atlantic Service Q ' E I I Motor Tune-up - Wash - Lubrication Complete Lme of Apphances E Accessgrigs K E H West Main Street ! Q , and Q Phonm-Sm GRoFF s HARDWARE New Holland -:- Pennsylvania i i New Holland -:- PennsY1Vi'1!1iH 1930301 ,z 14,iuioingninznzvoil Oi' 141241:-flifvifwiflifri 1 riozoizrznzo I I I 1---11-'H E Best Wishes for Success in Your 2 L e R 0 y W . G I. 0 New Endeavors , S 2 I s T o v E s ' - e and I I I g Groffk Hardware Q Q B 0 1' T L E D G AS I Hardware - Home Furnishings I 517 - 519 West Main Street l I E Phone: 4-0681 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 2 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 3010111 101 1 1 1 1 1 '1 11111 '1 1301 71 1'1"'1"1"1 101 1 '11 1 1 31714 i ... T.. '-'ff' .- -'-""".- , .... I .r , 1 'f ':.:.- ':-. "-' 4 442-V' '- ' -ff .:' Q ,A 3, 1 A ...- ' -' 1 H, ' A 0 "-'ik --- i .f sm ..........,. ,...,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, , I I., ,,,,,. ,....,,. LJ. Q, --L. : 'IL' ' A 'f '..:.x 7 71' '-':'::1vw"1 '111-'-:-T- ::'. "T""i'-'- S I f'- I- fmsefztgzzz' 54' E Iilllllil l :ggi-Ii.-Sf? xii: wif? -?i-z'- -izliq' sQ f?w'- ' - F 1:-W' '75-' A 3 i - 1225 sa: + ff A 22:2 E I ' ', gggiiii E W E1 EW ? Eiiiifi. A JZ. - ' T1:..- 'ffL'qf" I' f' i 1.3 ' ' g ,I I - i -gziirfeiiiawtliiff Lgrlfgilg-isa,-:LZ-k4'AiuA.'.-L.. . . . i fi 1- i s e "wi ii "7 3 Our many years of experience in your community is your assurance of dependable service I Esbenshade Funeral Home Phone: 4-O444 I I NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA 301010101 1 1 1 101'Y1IF14Y1"1'Y14'1'Y1'71 1' 1 '7 5' 14'1'1'1"1l'14'1U1 '14 1 1 1 101 Page Seveniy- ix v10..0..0101 101 101 ...101 1 1 Crube's Barber Shop THREE CHAIRS fBy Appointnientl I Phone: 4-2266 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1-01-101-110141 1 10101010101 1- r1:1410101u10101r1 1 1: 1 101014 Richard Hagy East End Texaco Station Phone: 4-0031 New Holland, Pennsylvania 1010101010101010101010101 1 1010101 1 1010101 101010101 l'lollinger's Esso Station Washing - Lubrication Accessories 527 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phono: -1-2222 .2 V- :. :.,-..: :..:.,:..: I - I .:..-..g. v101010101010101010101011-1010 McCormick Farmall Tractors A Size and Style for Every Farm Job lnternational H Harvester Charles B. Hoober Intercourse. Pennsylvania Telephone: 8-3501 -01110101010101-010101 1. 1 1 o 501: f101010qn01010cn 10:11 1 1 1 1 Hackman's Furniture Lancaster County's Newest Furniture Store 119 East Main Street Ephrata -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 3-2179 V1-111.111 101 1 1010111 1 1 10: 1 .0-14101 1 .-0101 1r101-10:010qr 1 1 Harris Bros. Dept. Store Clothing - Shoes - Rubbers Dry Goods and Notions o New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ,1010101:-10101 1 101010101-0.10101 o:ov:1r1.1111111 111 1 L. B. Herr 8: Son Stati oner y and Books Portable Typewriters School Supplies Printing . 46-48 West King Street Lancaster - Pennsylvania o .11-10101l1f11141f-1,1 ,101 14111 101 M3237 " Paqe Sevenly- ' 1111 1111g11,,1,-,,.--,111.,11l,1111l,111i1 zu: 1 1 1: o n o 010 o r i 1 ,,-1,-Yi 1111. --. - --111111111 1, Horst, Lichty and Frey S p o rts G o o d s VARSITY SWEATERS 161 - 163 East King Street Lancaster -:- Pennsylvania Phone: Lancaster 2-7249 ' Z 3 : 2:0202 321:12 I 2 xii' P - -.azuzf-Q:1,2021-mmf2 '- Aezi. K H. M. Howe Q Q NE' ! H '! rs ' ' J F TW Mohilgas, Oil and Accessories i Q I EJ 1 l 1 Lubrication and Car Washing Phone: 4-8446 Complete Line of Quality Foods New Holland -:- Pennsylvania New Holland' Penna- ------------ -1 1 ' ' - 1 When You Think of Music . . E i Abe Levitt S Store Think of Q i Kirk Johnson 8: Co. i 16 West King Street - . ' 241 West Main Street l i New Holland's Newest Department Lancaster -:- Pennsylvania 2 . Store Serving the Musical Public Over 66 Years U 1 1 1010.11 10.1-11-i1' 1u1u1o1u1oqpr1n1nq:4i1oqa 111 1 as 1 1 1 1 in To The Class of 1954... Your graduation is a great accomplishment in your young life, and with con- tinued ambition and hard work that which you now have accomplished will seem small in relation to your future achievements. Frank lx 8: Sons Pemisylvania Corp. New Holland - Pennsylvania 101411 1 1U ge Seventyfeight 1 1 101n1n1u..o1o1u,1.nqpm1 1 1111n1u1u1o1o:u1u1o1 111 .1-1 1 10 111.11 111111111-111111111 111111111111111111 1111111191111 1 1 1111111111 1111111 11111105 o Lichty Bros. Body and Fender Service Wheel Alignment East Earl Pennsylvania EAGLE PICHER "TRIPLE-SLIDE" All-Aluminum Combination Storm Windows and Doors Available on Convenient Budget Plan M8zH ALUMINUM SALES C0. West Main Street New Holland, P Phone: 4-2239 1111111111111 11111111111111111011111111 1 11111 11111 11i111111111111111 11111 1 1 111 N. E. Martin Structural Steel Leola - - Pennsylvania Telephone: Leola 6-2254 qv-.- 1430.0 Clyde H. Kauffman "The Store on the Corner" WE MAKE KEYS WHILE YOU WAIT! Hardware - Home Furnishings - Gifts C Phone: 4-0951 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1 Luz: 0:0111 11111111111111v11 1 1 11r1111111111111111 11111111111111111111-1-1111111111111111111111111111 LEW'S I.G.A. MARKET O Our Policy . . . FRIENDLINESS . . . CLEANLINESS and EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Free Delivery Phone: 4-0821 111020 .:.11111111111111 1 1 1 1 11111.-1110-f1-11- .:.11-.-.1- -0- -11-1-.1- -.1-11-11- - --1- M. W. Martin 8: Sons All Kinds of Electric Wiring Repairing of Motors A Specialty Fixtures, Refrigeration and Appliances Phone: 4-7706 Blue Ball -:- Pennsylvania 1..- -..11-.1-..- 111..1.-.,-11-..- - -.1-..g. .g.1-.,-......-.,-.1-. 1111111 1 1 1 1 111111 11111- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 11111111111 lntemational Latex Corporation New Holland, Pennsylvania 111111111111111111 11111111111111111111p1 111111111 '43 'll-,fl 15 Page Seventy' 111111111:1111111111111111111111111 1111 iq 11 1111111111111111 11 1111111101111 ini 11 1030: 201011 Lancaster Photo - Engraving Company C 1061 North Duke Street Lancaster Pennsylvania Phone: 2-7512 Your School Photographers . . Peel's Studio 1-n..u.. Q E qhw 141114-p1.qm.1n1o1..1l1 1114-1 .141 1-1 1 1:1 1:1 11-1 1 1 1 111014011 Menno Martin Distributor of Texaco Petroleum Products Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0041 1 .- 1 111-11 1 10111 1 1 11 14-101-01.u1o1n1u1::1o1 1,141.1-010 Martin's Store O Phone: 4-8391 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1 1111011.49 E ! ! ! ! .- -.-,- - - -.,-..-.- - - - - -.-..-1 - .-..-wg .g.,-.,...:.,:.,:..:.,:.,-....,:.,::,:..:.,:1::nz. .lack and Jim Maser, Inc. Excavating - Grading Paving Box 116 Brownstown -:- Pennsylvania Phone: Ephrata 3-4950 111 1 n1nq:u1 n1u1u1u1o1u1n1u1 1 1 11111 1 11110101 1 1 1 1 1 1 YOU GET MORE IN '54 at B. Z. Mellinger, lnc. New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0651 1: 1: 1 1nu14x14w1n1u,1u-11111 1 11 101: 111111 1 1 111-111 1 1 111114. Mosemann's Cut Rate and Luncheonette New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ...,-..g. .g. i i : o 14? A . Z. Mellinger R 0 0 F I N G Spouting 0 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: Store 4-8374 M e l l i n g e r . . For Farm Bureau lnsuranc e Notary Public 582 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0621 .,..-,.-..-.,:.,:.,:.,:.,- ,:..-.,:.,: qw-. - .-. - .-. -. -. - - .- - . 'The Music Studio' Florence B. Bair I 28 South Roberts Avenue New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-8304 n1o1m1o14.0:u Q ,Qt am.-. ,:. i o 0:0 .- -f -.,-.... -......-i.g. Page Eighty-one 1 10111 1o1u1u1n1o1n1.u1U11 1 11: 1 1u1u1o1u..1n1-11 1 1:11-u1u1u1o1n 1011111,1u1o1n1u1o1n1n1u1u1u1o1o our-ann: 1 -1v1m-1u1n1u1u1u1 '11 1 r1u Musselman Bros. Since 1911 Lumber - Building Material - Coal Ready-Mixed Concrete New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Q 1 141101011110101010101-01 101 v1 1 n1u,:, 9,0 New Holland Cut Rate 413 West Main Street I Candy - Sundries - Cosmetics Photo Service and Supplies Cosmetics - Hallmark Cards FOUNTAIN SERVICE 10101 1411: 101-014114111 11110111 1011: Home-Dressed and Smoked Meats New Holland Meat Market BUTCHERS BUTTER AND CHEESE New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-8351 101111111 1 1 1 1010101 10111111 1n1o1u1in1: 10,24 0:01:11 Y 0 zu: :rg Q 11:14 0,4 rr H. Clair Musselman Radio - Television Sales and Service New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-9721 1 -- 1 1 1u1u11u1n1 1: 1 1 1 -1 11f1v1o1o1o1.o10101411 1 1 1 New Holland Frozen Food Service 0 Fresh and Smoked Meats 0 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-7671 10101U101010101o1o1u1u1u1n1o1. New Holland Paint Store 215 East Main Street Paint and Painting Supplies Wallpaper O MAHLON KURTZ Painting Contractor and Proprietor Narvon, R. 2, Pa. 1-1111010101o1o1n1n1n1-v11:10111 1101111141 1:1 1:1 111- 1 1 1.1 The New Holland Clarion A Newspaper for the Home Featuring Local Columnists A Modern .Frinting Service Phone: 4-2252 New Holland, Pennsylvania nu1u1q 1014111110101 1 1 111111911 1 1 1,1 111 1n1u1u1n11:1-n1u1u1u1o1n1nz P Q9 EiQhlY'lW0 0101014x11i1n1xx1u1u1n1u1u14 14 1o1o14,1o1o1n1: 1 1 11:1-l1o1o1o1o 111111 1 v1 11411111-11011 1o1o1n1o1o1o1 in me 1:r1o1o1o1u1o1o1u1o1u141 1 '11 ew Holland Concrete Products, Inc. Concrete Pipe Concrete and Cinder Building Blocks Ready-Mixed Concrete Metal Windows New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-21 14 101-o1u1o1o.1o1 14 101-010101-01.01011 Phone: 4-0424 New Holland, Pa. New Holland Sales Stables LARGEST LIVESTOCK COMMISSION AUCTION IN THE EAST SALE DAYS Monday-Horses and Mules Wednesday-Dairy Cattle and Hogs Thursday--Beef Cattle and Calves E. H. Witmer, President John H. Gingrich, Manager o 101 11-1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1 1011029 'o' uro1o-o-o1o-u- - - - - - - - - 1111..111111.....1u. Dsucious DAIRY Pnonucrs For Over 50 Years H IC E CREAM I 1 we 'i ma Mil 572 231: , H ' -1- 1nCe .ew-A -5 if .ffl ET lce Cream ' v 1,-'I - inn' Since 1904 :.,:..-.:.,:.,:.,:..:..: : -,:.,:.,:.,::. -..-.,:.,...,:.,: : :,:.,:.,:.:.,:.,: 2 A. Clarence Plank Co. Plumbing and Heating Phone: 4-8822 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania -..g. ...wp . -ap -,- --1o1n1o1:1v1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1v1r1n fu: 10--1:10101 1411 101 1 1.1 1 11111....111111n1n Peifer Pontiac Co. Pontiac . . . The American Beauty 530 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0601 GMC Trucks ,141 1 1o1411.o1n1o1n1o1o1o1 1 11 0.411 -1-0101x101 1u1 111 1 1 11: Peoples Restaurant Laura L. Kreider, Prop. O Phone: 4-2276 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania n1u1u1o1o1o1o1 1 1 11,101-010101: .g.,-.....,: 2 ::,:.,:.,:..-.,:.,:..:..:r.: -, Samuel S. Plotnick 8: Son USED AUTO PARTS SCRAP IRON AND METALS Phone: 4-2213 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ,1n1o1o1o1n14-1:1 11 x1o1o1o1oio14 " P3Q9 Eiqhir I 1 1 111010101 1411110111 1 1 The Pub H o m e C o o lc i n g Famous for Delicious Platters and Sandwiches East Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Closed Sundays Phone: 4-8113 11 ,za 1011-101111010101 1 1101010101-0101 111 -.11 1, 101 1 111010 0 0 010 0 10 Roy E. Ream Your Good Neighborhood Poultry and Egg Dealer New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phones: Office 4-8831 Residence 4-8832 10141101010 010 0 4110 0 010 0 0 1 - - - - - - -wie 0:01 Royer Pharmacy Retail Druggists Main and State Streets Ephrata fOn the Squarej -:- Pennsylvania Telephone: 3-2435 1 1 1 1 1-010141101010101 1 1 1 into 101014110101 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 111 FOR THE FINEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY . . . l 1 : PHOTO SERVICE ,-U-3-1,-..-U:A-:.....1:.1:-..1:.,:.1:..-4.-..1-r.g. qua Eiql1lY-fOL1f 1 o 0.41111 1 1 1 101010101 1 1 1 1 1:10.00 a 164,42 House of Photography A COMPLETE LINE or CAMERAS Films and Supplies Viewmaster and Reels Developing and Printing 327 E. Main Street New Holland, Pa. Rol1erta's Children's Shop 0 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-9722 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 14114 111 111 .101-0101 1 101 1 11111110 Rul1inson's Department Store "The Ruby Store" Clothing - Shoes - Furnishings Dry Goods and Notions New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 10101010101 1 1 1 11.-:010101-01411: 511410101 101110: 101 1 141 1 1010 Sauder Bros. Ford Tractors and Implements R E P A l R l N G 325-327 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ,-.,:.,:..:..:..:.,- - :.-.,:.1....-.,:.,...,-..g. 11411 1 1 1 1010-11101411 1 1 1:1110 biliiiiiiiiiiliiiicimgzg o 0311- 111 1-030111-o:11-u-n-n-o- -01 3 Q l 1 l Lero M Senseni Earl Sauder 1 Q y g l I ' 113 s 11 P. '11 d A l l . out alma Venue Q i Flour - Feed - Gram N H ll 11 -1- P 1 ' i ' ew 0 an ennsy vama ' Hardware, Paint, and Poultry Equipment l , Phone: 4-0861 I . i Phone: Ephrata 3-2009 l i ' 2 :mzuzi:U:i,:l:i:i"ixml' in 'izwzifizlf ggfzfuzi :U M. S. Sensemg U ! - - U' 5 For Safe, Adequate Wiring C311 4-0631 APPLIANCES ! U Q SHIRK ELECTRIC HOOVER SWEEPERS U Appliances - Fixtures , l New Holland -:- Pennsylvania New Holland -:- Pennsylvania H l ' ' A Good Plzle to Ea? - - Snavely s Farm Service ' ' ' - l 5 S p r e c h e r ' s Allis-Chalmers and Mall i i Simplicity On Route 73, Near Bowmansville Ph'lco and W'l n 2 e . I Iso l ! Dinners and Lunches Phone: 4-2214 Q Q New Holland -2- Pennsylvania Phone: Terre H111 52416 111111111 1 111ii1qz11,111.111-4211111-110 .lohn . Sauder Auto Company Chevrolet - Oldsmobile KELVINATOR APPLIANCES 111 1 1 1-1 1 1 1--111 1 1 11111119-13111 - 'A"'i-1113 Page Eighty f g 52512651 13335: as:::s::F'sP5s: 5 Stauffer Burner Company E E Q Q Stauffer Plumbing and Heating g Electric Welding i i , i Repairing of All Kinds of Machinery g i Phone: Terre Hill 5-2081 i Terre Hill Pennsylvania Goodville - Pennsylvania i ! ! Q - - - P E Q - 2 , Styer Kr Evans Q Stauffer s Drug Store 5 i E i 5 RealEstate and 2 Phone: 4-2253 In S u r a n C e E Phone: 4-2258 Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ! New Holland -:- Pennsylvania . ! ! 30-02 2 2 2 2,2 2 2 2 2 2 2 .4.. H 2 2 2 2 2 2--X2 2-2 2 2-2 2.3, Q "l' ' ,,E5,, '- ! Q? ., .,,.,.,. ,l,' Q ! P 2 ,..,,..,,, ,.,.. 4 ' """ ..:', 1 ..,.,. .:.. "" ,Ni l - 1.2237 - X ., . , -. ----e 2 l 11:e1s:e:2:121f1f221-1-2-sf- '-"' -' i I b.,, ., i i NEW YORKER 6 PASSENGER SEDAN i CHRYSLER Q America's First Family of Fine Cars See and Drive the Beautiful Chrysler for 1954 3 A. R. SENSENIG, lnc. - New Holland, a. ofopuqnnq-501411 4:01 :oils-miami--m-:num110121 gunz 2 1 10142.ani-11,1015--10102-up apo: 1 21 Page Eighty-six ,2 Q ozerixxiniuiuivriuix1 10101-wiwwiniwxngawz, 5.013 1311111301 311111 3 14111111 in 2:1 1 1:1v1u1o1u1o1n1o1o1 1 1 'l'rimmer's Department Store FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS Phone: 4-2246 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1o1o1o11-101 1 1 1o1u1o1o1o1:1vo.o Dr. A. E. Wascou Optometrist New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 111111111111111 W. W. Weaver Jeweler Best Wishes to the Class ol 1954 141111 ucbooza 0311111 1 U1 Pl 0:0101 1o1o1o1o1ocn4ngoqpnqnuxoxuzux Tshudy's Barber Shop Richard Tshudy, P1-Op. o 20 North Railroad Avenue New Holland -:- Pennsylvania o:o1111111r111x11111114 Geo. A. Weaver Real Estate and Insurance New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1 1 1:1 1 1111010141 1 1 1 1 Weaver's Memorials Phone: 4-8621 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 14: 111 1 1n1oqn1 1 1 1 1 1014414 0200 1114, 0 U U 0 0 0 U U 0 1:1 1 1 1 10101411 1 1:1141 1 1 1u1wap 1u111f1111:111111 Showalter 8: Horning Doclge and Plymouth DODGE "JOB-RATED" TRUCKS Sales and Service NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA 14 1 1 1 1n1o1n1o14-1011:111 14 1,1 1u1u14x14u1xr1n1u1x1 1 101 157 fl P gn Elqlxly r11s1o:cni01o1n11r11s11.1,:, l ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! s u s u u u f WlTMER'S Wiring - Plumbing - Heating A p p li a n c e s e 252 East Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania xozuznzozozoz 1 1 :o:u:n1o1n1o1no.e 'Say It With Flowers . . .' Wenger's Flowers o 14,3 0.0: 1 1 101411011r3o1u:o1n1o3u1 xi Q E 2 i Elmer R. Witmer g B u s S e r v i c e i i ! Q ' g g Phone: New Holland 4-7199 i East Earl, R. l -2- Pennsylvania i o o ning., 3014114nzoxoiozcrquocsnzoanmizuiogozoxoi 5 5 West End Cleaners 8: Dyers e Now . . . Wednesday and Saturday 2 For Every Occasion Pick-up and Delivery Service for i Blue Ball . - A i Q Q ' Q Leacock -:- Pennsylvania ! Phone- 4-0731 5 Phone: Leola 6,2911 ' New Holland - Pennsylvania Q ! A 1 1011110111101 2:14 zmxiuioiuiogq i - - . i l Richer Creamier l Western Auto Associate , l e e White Oaks Farms ! Store ! D 2 ' Q i Dairy Products i Farm Maid Ice Cream 151 East Main Street C : l ! ! Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Terre Hill -:- Pennsylvania I Phone: 4-8376 Q Q Phone: Terre Hin 5-2511 l l ! 02.101 1 ioioioirvioioilviui 110101011021 'vngrugrpiqnixni 1141 iuiuinioioioicvi Q Q C 6 I' S ! W lm ' 2 . E Custom Millwork P1-0101011 rg 52014 CJ New Holland Planing Mill, lnc. :oi :zz zcziznizfiznzrxzlziazi1 :nil Q6 Eqhllf' 'Qhl Phone: 4-2 l 06 bqb4fini014:l:xi:l:r14 31:1 :ez 1 iz 1 1010101 1411111111111111111114 101 1 1 111o1u1111o1f1111 1 1 11111 Wolfe's Amoco Service Station R. Wolfe, Prop. Cooper Tire Distributor Lubrication and Batteries Phone: 4-0721 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1111411111111111111111 111-11114114111114111: 10111 11111 111 1111 1 1 1 1 11114 New Holland Farmers Market o New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 101111411411111f111111111111111111111111 11114.20 Jacob B. Zimmerman ELECTRICIANS Plumbing and Heating Contractors Hardware Blue Ball -:- Pennsylvania Phone: New Holland 4-7481 -.: .- :.1.-1:.,:.,-.,-.,.-.1-.1:..:.,: ::-..g. 141111111411111111411111 1 111141141111111111 11 0:0 0:0 111 1 1411111 111141111111 1 1 1 111111 W. C. Tennis General Merchandise Spring Garden - Pennsylvania Phone: lntercourse 8-8111 11 1 1 11111101411 111111111111 1 1- 4.1-62 2.,-.,:.,:.,:1,:.,:.,-1,:.,:.,:.,.-0.-1, Jacob S. Zimmerman Cabinet and Millwork Formica and Stainless Steel Sink Tops Phone: Terre Hill 5-2426 Goodville -:- Pennsylvania 11 11111-11111111-1 1 -111111111-1111114114111 111411 1411111111111111111-111111111411 1 11111 S. 0. Zimmerman Television and Electrical Appliances 108 East Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Dial 4-2267 4..- - .-.- - -.- -1 ASK FOR . . 1c1111411u1111111 1 1 111 141 1 ini REGENT ' BRAND Cream Cheese - Cottage Cheese "The Royalty of Dairy Products" Meyer Zausner, lnc. New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1111 11-111 1 1 1111:11111:11411111111151 111-11-111111111111111111111111 1 1 111 1 1111111 - ---17:2 Paqe Eiqlily-rl 1 o :or1oiu1u1u3m 1 :uit :mitral 1 2 1 101: ,zg 9.01 11 1 it it 10:1 101:13 1 is 2 1 az' if ! I ' l l Wri ht's Victor F. Weaver Q Q g 'NCORPORATED l Bakers of Quality Bread New Holland, Pennsylvania ik For Over Sixty-seven Years Q i ' Buyers of Quality Poultry Bakery F00Bl:pllfeY0ur Meals From Local Raisers ,2..-,-,- - - ., -.,-,,-,,-,- - - ,,,,,:, -A' ! 0:01011ianztrzfxztn..-:ninzniozniuiuz init' Processors and Packers of i Your Good Gulf Dealers ' i ! . j Loht 8: Hutchlnson l 1 . . . ,t V- i I lf P d l - l ' eg g ! Gu rl e 01 flu fex Lubrication ,, - S I 2 ! Phone: 4-2271 F R O Z E N P 0 U L T R Y New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 041010: n 1 0101411010 1030 1 u :nits zoiozwxs :wink 1 2 11: :wifi 1131101 1111111 10119114 2 it .5 fone:-Q.: 1pzuztt..-Quilt..-fig-tt.: 1 2 -- ..- --fs ..-:vziz -1- 1 1 1 .2 zu: 1- 1 qw:-1 -9- Page Nin 1 rf ru 1 it-:.-1:1-zz: 1 :oz .911 .fglalareci a fi on L A The 1954 Leoninus Business Staff wishes to thank the students, the tac- ulty, and all other organizations that have made possible the publication ot this Yearbook. We are especially grateful to the subscribers ot our advertisements who have helped to make this book a success. Let us show our appreciation by reading their contributions and by patronizing the contributors. 9lY ' - -. -..Q 901 0:5

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