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59Pt. fqlll DW, aww , nftwv 'bmwtfw 4 ow? DW' . .. A..- 'U"wu:9 iii was , l9W"'755, -f-I-' :-"gr" Y fi I-E255-"5 we Pw5e""t ff' 50" 4 . ff' 4 Q XX. ,ff 'J- A' 7 I nz fb f f " 71 ,f 5 f., f. 17 -1 r .sings V r v 1.1. 1. .V QW, li. Y -4. l?,,.,, -Hen, ,Q ,V--- rig...- -, . F -1-if - -. .Y W -fi Kyfi- , V ,IU fs - -Y - - -- QL "1 4 - -- .. .. - T, . t --41--Y .K-Qf,-F Q ,ll- ,i- 3- .2 ,H - Z 1 ff 441-Q1 , ..:g:-74"'f1:gi-, -3: 1-4' -'- A: "f"i'- ""' ' ' -Q V ' AW' A-YSL M ,R , , ' :1:1?LT g,f': 1 ' 4'f- " " ? if if - lil ' :M A... -, . . .A - ' ff'l-' -s F 1 , -i -, v' ,, ' ,lg-r- A ,.3, ' - .i Y f f it-4 v " , r l' 1- ,- a+ - A- - - -'GX -J , -fi - ' ' , -f . ' ,- ,. f :ii g , A. .-,, , I 7 -L .. 3, .1 f- ' Y W 7 :gd A-, i f A 1 f -Q-, 1 V jf.: A - ,Q-: 'Y f' sr ' , f Q, irx , fr --A-Y 1-ii L eo' Ifvlurne 20 New Hollanal High. Scfwal, New 1'-laLla.naL, Perma, 0 X , Page Two -1 2- 1 1 1 iuioioi 10101 3 11030101 ri 1 ni ri ri 1 sz :ini xi 36.64 of Cmfmf., L I. A GENERAL 1. School - History ......................................... 2. Dedication - Miss Troxell ............................. 3. Appreciation - Miss Virginia Hoffman ...... 4. School Calendar ............................................. ADMINISTRATION 1. Board of Education ......................... 2. Faculty ................................................... 3. High School Faculty Informals ....... 4. School Staff ....................................... SENIORS 1. Seniors ..................... 2. Leoninus Staffs .......... 3. Senior Informals ............. 4. Senior Play .......................... 5. Junior-Senior Reception ....... 6. Class Diary .......................... 7. School Life ......................... UNDERCLASSMEN 1. Juniors ................. 2. Sophomores ...... 3. Freshmen ....... 4. Grade 8 ........... 5. Grade 7 .............. 6. Alma Mater ........... SPORTS 1. Varsity Basketball .......................................................... 2. Junior Varsity and Junior High Basketball ............ 3. Soccer and Baseball ........................................... 4. Hockey ................................................................ 5. Tennis and Girls' Basketball .......................... 6. Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders ..... 7. Athletic Managers ............................................ EXTRA CURRICULUM 1. Film Staff and Quill KL Scroll ....... . TCN Staffs ............................... . .. . Senior and Junior Chorus ..... 2 3. Band and Majorettes ................. 4 5. Student Council and Patrol ........ AVERTISEMENTS 1. Patrons .............. Page 3 4 5 6 8 9-13 13 14 16-26 27 28-29 30-31 32-33 34-35 36 38-39 40-41 42-43 44 45-46 46 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 56 57 58 59 60 62-63 rioioxoxo 1011020 301011114 :ic-ioiujojcsioioimric 0 0.4 V l l 3 lr f t C 00 L6 OP? I The first regular established school in the village of New Holland was founded in 1786, and lays claim to being the first "Free Schoolv in Pennsylvania. The founder of the school was Rev. Frederick Melsheimer. This first institution was a German and English school, in which both the German and English languages were spoken and taught. The budding project was begun after subscriptions amounting to 97 pounds, had been taken. These subscriptions were paid with logs, materials and labor. Several other subscriptions were taken later 1 to defray expenses. i Dedication for the first school was held December 26, 1787. The program began with a proces- sion of the scholars, masters, singers, trustees and elders. In 1841 this early schoolhouse was discarded because of the Common School Law of 1835, which went into effect. A new building, which was the Methodist Meeting House enlarged, equipped and di- vided into four rooms, served as the school until 1875. During the summer of 1874, a new school was erected. This was a two-story brick building with a clock tower, basement, four rooms, and a directors' room. In 1913, a two-story additon was erected on the southeast corner, fronting Main Street. The present school building was finished in the spring of 1925. This structure consisted of 12 rooms, auditorium, basement, and office. A two-acre playground was added at that time. ' February 16, 1938 finds the community dedicating an addition to this building. This annex makes i it possible to meet the broader needs of education. Home Making, Industrial Arts, Music, Business ' Education, the regular classical courses and Health Education can be taught more effectively with the i added space and equipment. 3 Page Three i l 1 l 1 l 1 , Page Four L- ,W Lbecbcafion We, the class of "53", would like to dedicate this Leoninus to you, Miss Elizabeth Troxell. We cannot begin to thank you for all the fine words, contributions, and hours of free time you have given to us so willingly. Being our class room advisor for the four years of our high school life has ranked you as being a dependable and patient teacher. Your personality and deep sincerity have won you the gratitude of each one of our class members. Yes, Miss Troxell, We dedicate this yearbook in sincere appreciation for all the cooperation and guidance you have so gratefully given to us. Through your efforts we have attained our goal in our high school career. ,l....i.i- S.- ,A lalarecia fi on As we, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-three, leave the halls of New Holland High School, we realize that our school ties are left behind us. However, the memory of friends and teachers who have been close to us will long' be cherished. We appreciate the part they have played in endearing our school life to us. We feel a particular sense of gratitude to Miss Vir- ginia M. Hoffman, for helping us to make this, our yearbook, a success. This year, Miss Hoffman has sacrificed her time to help and guide us. Without her help, we would not have been able to pub- lish our yearbook successfully. Many times when we thought all was hopeless, it was she who boosted our morale. Although we cannot fully thank her for all she has done in our behalf, we take this opportunity to voice our sincere appre- ciation to our very capable leader . . . Miss Hoffman. Paqe Five Paqe Six fox: xi: 1 1 .giizoof GLEN GU' r Jig? I, Q -.J Sept. 2. Teachers report Sept. 3. Pupils report Sept. 24. Assembly fJack Raymon, Reptiles of North Americaj Oct. 1, 2, 3. Farm Show CSchool closed in the afternoonb Oct. 8. Pennsylvania Week Oct. 15. Magazine contest Oct. 24. Student Council Dance Oct. 30, 31. Lancaster County Teachers' Institute fSchool closedl Nov. 5. Assembly-Mrs. Gantos CPlay by Dramatic Clubj End of first report period Nov. 7. Teachers Visiting Day fSchool closedl Nov. 19. Assembly fPreview of Senior Playj Nov. 20, 21. Senior Play Nov. 27, 28. Thanksgiving Vacation Dec. 4. Assembley fBill Sweene, Ventriloquistj Dec. 17. Assembly-Mrs. Buckwalter 17th Grade Christmas Programj Dec. 18. Christmas Carol Service Dec. 23. School closes for Christmas Vacation Jan. 5. School reopens Jan. 10. Student Council Dance Jan. 19. End of second report period Jan. 28. Assembly-Mr. Scheaffer Feb. 11. Assembly-Mr. Herr Feb. 25. Assembly-Mr. and Mrs, Stockton fGym Showj Feb. 27. Assembly CRollateersg also preview of Junior Playj Feb. 28. Student Council Danceg Evening-Gym Exhibition March 5. Junior Play March 20. T.C.N. Show March 23. End of third report period April 1. Assembly-Miss Witman April 2. School closes for Easter April 7. School reopens April 10. Junior-Senior Reception April 22. Assembly-Mrs. High April 24. Spring Concert April 29. Career Conference - Senior High School May 1. Senior Banquet May 4, 5, 6. Senior Class Trip May 13. Student Council Election Assembly QAuction of lost and found articlesj May 15. Senior Class Night May 18, 19, 20. Senior Exams May 20. Awards Assembly May 21, 22, 25. Exams fGrades 7 - 115 May 24. Baccalaureate Service May 26. Commencement 27 May Q V11 1 1 1:11 1 . School closes 1:1 1 qrozneaw-11:1 1 1 1 1 1 111 an 11 1:1 'f-2-:gif-fa?-TTB: ' ' - , :..q- ,.v. ---T' -5 n---.:E:E 1----' ' -- f :::iiiIl-.- , ,Y4.. :P- llllllllllll - , ...... , ' " 7 X 'L' nluiiiI:"'ll ll X - - f L' ...ll .f:ff:::'------iiE5:. .'31','.'f1 -' I m " ' - is , gwwgxks X 5 ::1i:5:,1 f ,Q X 'Z I 1 X X - Q . ,.., :- --,:: 1" --:sus-S --" 1... YY. Thu ll .isa- -4 5 A 1? -ii. J-5:-1 1 ' - W' Q 3, 575.1 -iwtmi. Vx 4' 'ii-S -----ii. , " EJ X 1 ,W N x, X 1 7 - kg - ---Avi -'Q xxx z ,.k X . 4 iY i Q N N-7 f my i. h- l" -,ill i 51 . Y ,,7..f -. ' ii. - i q I 'rf ' . , "A . S'---1-ii" '5" kx- -T-Qrv ' N' -'L' 'Y " 1li?----f-A-- .2-l y f"'P'-1g- V Q--"l - - 4- . A-4. A A1?:4-'- X 4 1 "" .4 - " ,' - X rl. fi Nl-T - -"'-wwf - Y 'ff 7 Q A X ' - .----.- is - YI ' I W Ar'--9' N-1. a . - '-i- - 41 -T - 1 X - -. -ie ' ff' - Mi f ' I :Inns ' "ig - -- r f -v- 0 0' Ag - X- ,.-,,,1.--74 Mg:- -. VJ,,l-1- viva' - 1 - , I X f 'QW' ff W- f 5 ' -A-- A E - -' --Z.-:-15 'fi " ,. ,. X '-' 5 1 1 ...E +3 g,x i H- .:,. "' E a E' g Z ,fmt B , Q -G5f MT , -1 X i --" 14f . x - f'?, f Eiga-. mx "if 1 -' ix- B X ,. ,ng , -4 A Y ' ,,.- -1- " - W ,,- """'4-N- - X- M-7.14 A - Y ,........x ,Ki L?, -EA Y..- ,-,--,-, v, A Y-. ?- s.wug x do oven! of gjclucafion I Seated Cleft to rightjz Henry R. Fenninger, Treasurer: Wilson A. Foust, M.D., Vice Presidentg H. Earle Wright, Presidentg John J, Sheaffer, D.D.S., and Roy W Hoober. P. A To this body of men, the school owes a great amount of gratitude and appreciation. They have taken time from their varous businesses and professions in an effort to solve the many problems that confront the school. These men, the town's elective representatives, have the task of hiring teach- ers, raising' money, determining School policies, and many other things involving the school. At this time, one of their greatest problems is the consolidation and the building' of a new Junior-Senior High School. H. Earle Wright was appointed to the School Board in 1922, to fill a vacancy, In 1923, he was elected to the board. He was elected president in 1926, and has capably filled that position for the past twenty-four years. Thirteen years ago, Wilson A. Foust, M.D., was elected to serve on the School Board. He was elected to the vice presidency one year ago, He has also served as the school's physician for a number of years. Taking care of the schoolls financial problems has been the duty of Henry R. Fenninpfer, who has served as treasurer for the past fourteen years. He has been a member of the School Board for seventeen years. On of the newer members of the group is John J. Sheaffer, D.D.S. He was elected to the Board of Directors three years ago. Dr. Sheaffer is also one of the school's dentists. The newest member of the staff is Roy W. Hoober, who became a member of the School Board one year ago. He is also an alumni of the school. Page Eiqlli l MR. lOl-IN T. AULD West Virginia University Temple University Supervising Principal MISS VIRGINIA M. HOFFMAN Temple University - Penn Stote Local Studies, Library High School Principal Advisor - Library MR. ROY W. BRANDAU Bloomsburg State Teachers College University of Pctris, France Commercial Grade IUB Advisor A Typing, T.C.N. Business Staff MHS. GRACE E. BUCKWALTER Penn State College Social Studies, English Grade 7A Advisor 3 Iunior Red Cross, Flower Club MR. DANIEL DAGLE Kutztown State Teachers College Grade 9 Ari MHS. RUTH E. GANTOS Fenn State College University of Pittsburgh English Grade IUA Advisor 4 Dramatics +, i 5 T FEEL-f',Q,,p1ii Page Nine we j6tClfl,Ag 'T MRS. BARBARA S. HARBAGE Ashland Iunior College Ohio State University Grade 9 Advisor -- Arts and Crafts MR. I. KENNETH HERR Millersville State Teachers College Industrial Arts Grade 9 Advisor - Leathercraft and Driver Training MRS. MARGARET E. HESS West Chester State Teachers College Grade 7 Advisor - Iunior Red Cross, Advertising MRS PAULINE HIGH Penn State College Home Economics, English SW fi.. V - A ' ' A . gg., .W ,, W X . -T if Z- Q xo-I , , hi Page Teri Advisor - Chef Club MR. EDGAR E. SCHEIRER West Chester State Teachers College Music Advisor - Model Airplanes, Band MR. DONALD A. SHEAFFER Kiitztown State Teachers College Science i Grade ll Q2 Advisor - Photography, Science 1 f ' L ' 'M ' Y iimiti? we g6l,Clfl MRS. ELIZABETH L. STOCKTON Drexel, Temple University Health and Physical Education, l.B.T., Mathematics Grade 7B sor - Dancing, lunior and Senior Leaders' Club Advi MR. RICHARD K. STOCKTCN Temple University Health and Physical Education, Social Studies Grade I2 Advisor - Sports MISS ELIZABETH M. TROXELL Gettysburg College Penn State Colle e 9 Mathematics Grade I2 Advisor A Student Council School Service I MISS RUTH A. WITMAN Temple University Lebanon Valley College Language Grade 8 Advisor - T.C.N., Quill G Scroll MISS MARIA K. BENDER Millersville State Teachers College Grade I MRS. ANNA S. DILLER Millersville State Teachers College Grade 5 Page Eleven we g6LCll,Ag MISS HELEN B. FENNINGER Millersville State Teachers College Grade 6 MISS MARY A. HARSH Millersville Sicrie Teachers College Grcrdes 3 and 4 MRS. EDNA OVERLY Millersville State Teachers College Grade 3 MRS. MARGUERITE SHONTZ Millersville State Teachers College Grades 3 and 4 Page Twelve MR SIGURD SUNDBERG Muhlenberg College Kutztown Slate Teachers College Grades 5 and 6 MRS. HELENE WEAVER Wyoming Seminary Bloomsburg Stole Teachers College Grade l we 'jawn fy MISS GRACE E. ZIMMERMAN Millersville Stale Teachers College Kindergarten MISS SUIE ZIMMERMAN Millersville Siaie Teachers College Grade 2 ire ,szrwf swf! MRS. MIRIAM RITEAU School Nurse MR. IOHN MARTIN School Secretory E Lefi to right: Mr. Edward G. Stguffer, and Mr. George Leli to right: Mrs. Lydia Grant, Mrs. George High, and ' M . Anna Frarilchouser, Cafeteria Helpers S. Good, School Custodxans rs Page Thirteen QQQCHSQS C1113 wma K Classnoem l QLU.,-,,ibQ,,,,R,3 'Dcsvt gg-" Miss Virginia Hoffman Mr. lohn T. Auld Miss Elizabeth Troxell Mrs. Ruth Gantos Mrs. George D. Hiqh 6. Mr. 7. Mr. 8. Mr. 9, Mr IO. Mr Edgar Scheirer Kenneth Herr Richard Stockton Roy Brandau s. Barbara Harbaqe Mr. Donald Sheaiier Miss Ruth Witman Mrs. Richard Stockton Mrs. Grace Buckwalter Mrs. Margaret Hess X 1, M W CULQQJLUXX f WZ f "' 1 M I WW "'N'i77NT , ll gi WW? W X T 5 f ! f X X X W Q M 'IA m y X f x - '-"' A - W W ' f 'W'1" M f W! f Z u ,AT JIIWWWW ww f 'A X i' ' e VV , - L, X?-,X lxiwiqiax ,y . , 1 HFQQ QBQQQ' xy 11-11 1 jlze growluazfin Claude i953 Motto.' Yls a Man Tlzinlfetlz in His Heart, S0 ls He, - Prov. 23: 7 Class Colors: Navy Blue ana' White Class Flower: Wlzife Carnation with Blue Fringe Officers President - - Marcia Russell Vice President - - David Fizz Secretary - - Marqaret Wenger X ii I Treasurer - - loan Terry fean Yvonne Andrew February 10, 1935 "Jeanne', Basketball 123g Band 1455 Patrol C453 Photo Club 1433 Yearbook Business Staff f4J. 'ileannell joined our ranks in grade ten. She came to us from Warwick. Her cheerful manner has made her well liked by everyone. She is most commonly seen working' behind the candy counter at the theatre. If you ever see a yellow Dodge zooming by you, you can be sure it is "Jeanne'l coming' to school. Playing baseball is her favorite sport, at which she excels. Q71 Page Sixteen Alice Ann Brower December 2, 1935 "Alice" Basketball 11,2,45g Hockey 11,253 Tennis 13,453 Band 11,2,35g County Band 1255 Chorus 11,2,3,45g Patrol 1453 Pep Club 1155 Leather Club 145, Junior Play 1355 T.C.N. Business Staff 1459 Yearbook Ed- itorial Staff 145 Co-Artist, Cheerleading 125 Sub. This dark-haired, brown-eyed girl began her first year at New Holland in 1941. Her cheerful manner and bright smile has won her many friends. Because of her ability and love for drawing, she was elected to serve as an artist for our yearbook. Sports, especially basketball occupy much of her leisure time. Her tall figure has proved valuable to the girls' basketball team. Alice is undecided about the future, but will probably get a job in the business world, Phyllis Lorraine Burns December 19, 1935 "Phil" Upper Leacock: Chorus 115. New Holland: Basketball 12,3,45g Hockey 12,3,45g Tennis 13,45g Band 145g Chorus 12,353 Patrol 12,3,45g T.C.N. Busi- ness Staff 1455 Yearbook Editorial Staff 145. "Phil" became a member of the Class of '53 in the tenth grade. She joined our class from Upper Leacock. Her cheerful manner has been of much value to her. As a majorette "Phil" contributed her skill to the band. Hockey and basketball are two sports which interest "Phil" the most. "Phil's" plans after graduation are uncertain, but she is a very capable business worker. Charles Blaine Donner January 10, 1936 "Blaine" Basketball 11,253,453 Soccer 11,2,3,45g Soccer Co- Captain 1455 Baseball 11,2,3,45g Student Council 11,2,3,45g Band 1353 Chorus 11,2,3,45g Sports Editor Yearbook Editorial Staff 1455 Class President 12,35. During his twelve years at New Holland, "Blaine" has taken an active part in the school program. His love of fun and good humor have made him well liked by those who know him. "Blaine" is also a school a' lete, having contributed his skills to the soccer, basketball and baseball teams. Being an active member of the Student Council is an- other of t'Blaine's" accomplishments. At the present he is uncertain about the future, but We feel sure he will succeed in whatever he chooses. Page Seventeen "miL""' E' ' folm Clayton Desliong March 6, 1935 "Junior" West Lampeter: Rifie Team 115. New Holland: Basketball 1455 Chef Club 1455 Photography Club 1455 Yearbook Business Staff 145. This tall lad, journeying from West Lampeter, entered our ranks in our Sophomore year. Since then, he has be- come well-liked because of his cooperative spirit and his ability to get along well with others. "Junior's" favorite pastime is in the field of sports. One of his major activities is hunting, a direct result of his experences while on the rifle team at West Lampeter, Clayton,is undecided as to what career he will choose, but we wish him luck in whatever field he enters. Patsy Ann Dissinger January 3, 1935 "Pat" Cafeteria 1155 Yearbook Business Staff 1455 Photo Club 1455 Social Dance 1455 Driver's Educa- tion 1455 Band 12,3,45. "Pat" became a member of our class in the second grade. This dark-haired lassie has been a majorette in the high school band all during her high school days. This year, she makes a very neat appearance as head majorette. "Pat" also gives majorette lessons to the grade school pupils, "Pat" may often be seen at dancing reviews, since she takes dancing lessons. Tap is her favorite type of dancing. In school, "Pat" takes the Home Economics course. She is an accomplished seamstress. Mary Rebecca Fake January 13, 1936 "Becky" Basketball 1155 Manager 1155 Band 11,2,355 Chorus 1455 Science Club 1255 Art and Crafts Club 1455 Yearbook Editorial Staff 1455 Cafeteria 11,2,- 3,455 1Treasurer 2,3,45. This tall slender brunette has been with us since our first year of school. "Becky" is very quiet but a real active girl, with a good sense of humor. She is a good worker and very reliable. She loves to go horseback riding and collects miniature horses as her hobby. To be an elementary teacher is "Becky's" ambition. Her patience and dependability will lead her to success in her chosen field. 7 Page Eiqhieen David Ralph Fizz October 24, 1935 "Dave" Tennis 13,455 Manager 12,3,455 Band 11,2,3,455 Chorus 11,2,355 County Chorus 1255 Patrol 1155 Student Council 12,3,455 Science Club 1255 Film Staff 11,2,3,455 T.C.N. Editorial Staff 12,3,45, Art- ist5 Junior Play 1355 Senior Play 1455 Yearbook Editorial Staff, Art Editor 1455 Class Secretary 1255 Class Vice President 13,45. llere's another one of the original members of our class. "Dave's" artistic ability is shown throughout this year- book. He has contributed much of his talent to the T.C.N., too. Being good-natured and full of fun ranks "Dave" high among his friends and classmates. Upon graduation, "Dave" will major in Mechanical En- gineering at Penn State. Harold Martin Good August 23, 1935 "Goodie" Soccer 1255 Chorus 1255 Patrol 1155 Film Staff 11,2,3,455 Photo Club 1455 Chef Club 1455 Yearbook Business Staff 145. Here is another of the "Original 13", In school he can often be found operating the movie camera, for he is active on the film staff. At home, model railroading takes most of "Goodie's" spare time. Making miniature train equipment proves inter- esting to him. The future will find 'tGoodie" as a carpenter. We know he will be successful in this chosen field for dependability is one of his outstanding characteristics. Nancy Barbara Good January 3, 19313 "Nancy" Basketball 11,3,455 Hockey 11,2,355 Chorus 11,255 Patrol 11,2,3,455 Tri-Hi-Y Club 1255 Leather Club 1455 Drama Club 1455 T.C.N. Business Staff 1455 Yearbook Staff, General Business Manager 1455 Pep Club 1155 Cafeteria 1355 Archery Club 125. "Nancy" has been with us since first grade. This bru- nette is interested in sports, having participated in basket- ball and hockey. "Nancy's" willingness and cooperation in Working for the class has been admirable. She has shown this to us this year by being the General Business Manager for the Leoni- nus. Earlier in the year she took the responsibility of col- lecting the money for the Senior Play Book ads, Taking the commercial course, Nancy hopes to obtain a secretarial Job upon graduation. Page Ni1iC1een iQg1f-" .Shirley Ann Hillard May ca, 1935 "Skip" Patrol 12,3,43g Patrol President 1433 School Service 1433 Drama Club 1433 Junior Play 1333 Senior Play 1433 TCN Business Manager 1433 Year- book Business Staff 143. As we entered grade ten "Skip" was one of our new members. Her pleasant manner and giggle has added much to the good times of our class. "Skip" enjoys typing the best of all her classes, al- though Gym and Business Law take her interest, too. Be- cause of her ability at typing and shorthand she wants to be a secretary. We are sure that this hard-working girl will make the best of her life. Donald Martin Hunsecleer Apr-11 13, 1935 'fsegf' Upper Leacock: Band 1133 Chorus 113. New Holland: Sports Club 1433 Photo Club 1433 Year- book Business Staff 143. This tall, stalwart lad is one of the original "l3" that entered the school in our first grade. "Seg" is planning to enter the armed forces after gradu- ation and make it a career. "Seg" hopes to become a pilot which has been his desire for many years. He is frequently seen riding his motorcycle around town , . . one of his favorite pastimes. We are sure he will do his best to make his career a successful one, Robert Newton Irons December 1, 1935 "Bob" Basketball 11,333 Soccer 11,2,333 Baseball 11,2, 3,433 Band 11,2,433 Chorus 12,3,433 Patrol 1133 Junior Play 1333 Senior Play 1433 Yearbook Editor- ial Staff 143. "Bob" is one of the original members of the Class of ,53. Throughout those twclve years he has become quite popular in the school. He has livened up many dull moments with a witty re- mark. But t'B0b" has a se1'ious side and when something important has to be accomplished, he is a very willing worker. The future is uncertain but he has frequently thought of making the army his career. ri Page Twenty Charles Edward jenkins June 18, 1935 "Charlie" Basketball 13,45Q Soccer 13,453 Chorus 1253 Sports Club 1453 Secretary-Treasurer, Tumbling Club 11,2,3,453 Senior Play 1453 Yearbook Editorial Staff 145. "Charlie" has been a member of our class since we entered first grade. His wit and personality have won him many friends. He has contributed his athletic ability to the high school's soccer and basketball teams. He also excels in aerobatic tricks. As a member of the yearbook editorial staff he was a valuable aid. "Char1ie's" plans for the future are uncertain but he anticipates some duty in the navy. Kenneth Wanner Kauffman November 11, 1935 "Ken" Manager 11,253 Patrol 1153 TCN Editorial Staf 12,3,45Q TCN Sports Editor 1453 Quill and Scroll 1453 Vice-President, Quill and Scroll 1453 Student Council 11,2,3,453 Treasurer, Student Council 1353 President, Student Council 1453 Senior Play 1453 Associate Editor, Yearbook Editorial Staff 1453 Class President 1153 Class Vice-President 125, "Ken" is one of the original members in our class of '53. We can remember "Ken" as one of the more studious members in our class. He won the American Legion Award in eighth grade. He can usually be seen working in his father's store, or doing something for the Explorer Scouts. After graduation "Ken" plans to attend Gettysburg College to take up Business Administration. foyce Eileen Kendig December 19, 1935 "Joyce" Chorus 12,3,45g Patrol 1453 Tri-Hi-Y 1253 Leather Club 1453 Sciencel Club 1253 Yearbook Editorial Staff 1453 Class Secretary 115. This petite, little lady is one of the original members of our class, She enjoys good humor and is a jovial addition to any group. Her favorite pastimes a1'e sewing and playing the organ at the local Methodist Church. Joyce has been working Dart-time as a telephone oper- ator for the Enterprise Telephone Company. After gradua- tion, she is counting' on continuing her work there as a full- time operator. VVc Wish you, Joyce, a very happy and prosperous future. Paqe Tweniy-one f,f'f?5f":' 'W Ray Earl Lowry September ll, 1935 "Ray" Basketball 11,2,3,45g Chorus 11,2,45g Patrol 1153 Soccer 11,2,3,45g Sports Club 1453 Senior Play 1453 Yearbook Editorial Staff 145, This tall, lanky fellow has been with our class since our first year of school. Ray's main interest is sports. He showed much of his skill playing on the basketball and soccer teams. As "father'i in our senior play, Ray's acting ability was uncovered. Ray likes hunting and can usually be found out on the first day to get his share. He plans to join the service after graduation. foan Fay Miller t'Joan" Salisbury: Chorus 11,2,35g Band 1355 Minstrel Show 1l,25. New Holland: Leather Club 1455 Flower Club 1455 Yearbook Editorial Staff 145. This young lady was the only one to join us from Salis- bury this year. Her cheerfulness has added to our class spirit. She can be seen coming to school each morning in her black Plymouth. Joan enjoys skating and spends a lot of her time at Rocky Springs Roller Rink. For being the smallest member of our class, Joan has high hopes of being employed at the Lancaster Airport. We're sure her friendliness will get her far, fohn Martin Musser June 5, 1935 "Johnnie" Basketball 11,2,3,45g Soccer 12,3,45g Soccer Co-Captain 1453 Baseball 123,455 Chorus 1455 Stud- ent Council 11,2,3,45g Student Council Vice-Presi- dent 1355 Patrol 115g Sports Club 1455 Yearbook Editorial Staff 1453 Class Secretary 135. Here is a fellow who is well liked by his classmates. "Johnnie" is popular and an all-around guy. His ambitious nature is sure to make him a success in life. He is very active in the social life of the school and participates in all the sports, During hunting season he can be found out in the fields getting some game. A'Johnnie" would like to be a game warden but Uncle Sam's Coast Guard will probably claim him. ,ogg Page Twentyalwo 1 l Roy Wilbur Myers August 27, 1935 "Roy" Baseball 12,3,43g Photo Club 1433 Sports Club 1435 Advertising Manager, Yearbook Business Staff 143- Roy came to NHHS in grade nine from Blue Ball. This serious-minded fellow takes the Commercial Course and is, at present, employed by the Machine Shop. His chief interest is baseball in which he excels. Being a member of the baseball team for three years ranks him as a good player, Roy's plans for the future are uncertain but his ability in the commercial field will take him far. Edward Lee Randall August 28, 1935 "Ed" Soccer 1333 Sports Club 1433 Yearbook Business Staff 143. "Ed" joined the class in grade seven. Previous to this he attended the Grottoes School in southern Virginia. He is the clown of the class and is always coming' up with a joke that sends laughter throughout the classroom. His vivid imagination helps him with English essays and also keeps the class laughing. "Ed's" future plans are indefinite, but we all know he will do a fine job in whatever career he may choose. Roy Edward Ream July 22, 1935 "Roy" Chorus 1335 Patrol 11,2,33g Film Staff 13,433 Study Club 1433 Chef Club 1433 Yearbook Business Staff 143. Roy is another one of the thirteen original students ol' our class. He is a quiet fellow, but very ambitious, Our class has found his carpenter talents very useful in building things for the Junior-Senior Reception and in erecting the senior stand. Roy is very cooperative in any- thing he is asked to do. After graduation he expects to help his father in the poultry business and later on start a business of his own. Page Tweniy-three PA' 7 ' ' ' Marcia Irene Russell March 11, 1935 "Russell" Basketball 11,255 Hockey 11,255 Student Coun- cil 11,3,455 Band 11,255 Chorus 12,3,455 Patrol 12, 3,455 Patrol Treasurer 1455 Pep Club 1155 Photo Club 1255 Quill and Scroll 13,455 President, Quill and Scroll 1455 TCN Editorial Staff 12,3,455 TCN Fea- ture Editor 1355 TCN Associate Editor 1455 Year- book Editorial Staff 1455 Class Vice-President 1155 Class President 1455 Student Librarian 145, This blonde, blue-eyed girl is another of the original members of our class. Marcia's cheerful manner and love of fun has won her many friends throughout her school years. Her interests cover several different types of activities. One of "Russell's" favorite pastimes is shopping. Although her plans for the future are uncertain as yet, we are all sure her personality and cheerful smile will help her succeed in anything she does. Howard Martin Sleiles December 21, 1934 "Howdy" Salisbury: Baseball 1155 Minstrel Show 115. New Holland: Soccer 1355 Baseball 12,3,455 Chorus 13,455 Film Staff 13,455 Sports Club 1455 Photo Club 1455 Yearbook Business Staff 145. "Howdy" came to NHHS from Salisbury in his sopho- more year. Since then he has gained the friendship of everyone. His brown, curly hair has been the envy of many girls. "Howdy" can often be seen buzzing around town in his Buick going to and from work at the Acme. "Howdy's" main interest is sports and he excels in baseball. He was star pitcher at Salisbury before coming to New Holland. Margaret Louise Spotts September 5, 1936 'tPeggy" Salisbury: Band 11,255 Chorus 11,255 Minstrel Show 11,255 Class Secretary 125. New Holland: Band 1355 Chorus 13,455 Library Club 1455 Senior Play 1455 TCN Business Staff 1455 Yearbook Editor- ial Staff 145. "Hildegard, you're on stage." Those words were so familiar to "Peggy" because she portrayed the part of Hilde- gard in the senior play. "Peggy" transferred from Salisbury in her junior year and proved to be a good asset to the class. I Her friendly smile and giggle have won her many friends. In her leisure time she enjoys roller skating and reading. A secretarial job claims 'tPeg's" interest after gradua- tion. 'fqii---ei Page Twenty-four Margaret Ann Stauffer August 21, 1935 "Peggy" Manager 12,313 Band 12,3,413 Chorus 11,213 Patrol 12,3,41g Photo Club 1413 Yearbook Business Staff 141. "Peggy" joined our class as we entered our freshman year. She originally came from Emmaus. In her senior year, being Lieutenant of the Corridor Patrol kept "Peggyi' busy. Her sparkling brown eyes tell you she has a pleasing personality and a winning way with people, While in high school she majored in the commercial course. Typing proved to be the most interesting for napeggyvrl To be a home nurse is her desirc after commencement. Patricia Ann Steinman June 21, 1935 "Pat" Basketball 11,2,3,413 Hockey 11,2,3,413 Hockey Co-Captain 1413 Tennis 12,313 Cheerleading 11,2, 413 Student Council 11,2,413 Band 11,213 Chorus 12,3,413 Patrol 11,2,3,41g Patrol Treasurer 1313 Pep Club 1113 Science Club 1213 Photo Club 1213 Junior Play 1311 Quill and Scroll 13,413 TCN Business Staff 11,2,3,413 TCN Editorial Staff 12,3,413 TCN Associate Editor 1313 TCN Editor 1413 Yearbook Editor 141. "Pat" became a member of our class in grade eight when she moved to New Holland from Lititz. She worked hard that hrst year and was the recipient of the Legion Award. "Shoot it!" This has been a cry directed at "Pat" many times for she excels in basketball, As editor of the T.C.N. and of this yearbook, she has displaying her journalistic talent. "Pat" plans to continue her education at the Lancaster General Hospital. fennie Mae Sweigart January 16, 1936 '1Jcnnic'l Basketball 13,413 Basketball Captain 1413 Ten- nis 1313 Hockey 11,2,3,413 Hockey Co-Captain 1413 Cheerleading 11,2,3,413 Student Council 11,2,3,41Q Student Council Secretary 1313 Band 12,313 Chorus 12,3,413 Pep Club President 1113 Science Club 1213 Leather Club 1413 TCN Editorial Staff 121g Year- book Business Staff 141g Class Vice-President 1213 Junior Play 1313 Senior Play 141. This lass with the naturally wavy hair is one of the original members of the class. Jennie's bright smile and friendly manner will take her a long way. Her athletic ability has helped win many games. Sports take up much of her time. She may often be seen practicing cheers in the lower hall. Although Jennie's future is uncertain, she may enter college to become a gym teacher. Page Twenty-five 'f'T"' , ' - " foan Miriam Terry February 24, 1935 "Joan" Basketball 1453 Student Council 1453 Band 11, 2,3,453 Music Treasurer 12,3,453 County Band 11,2, 3,453 District Band 11,2,3,453 State Band 12333453 Chorus 11,2,3,453 Science Club 1251 Senior Play 1453 Yearbook Editorial Staff 1453 Class Treasurer 11,23 3,45. Joan began and finished her education at N.H.H.S. As class treasurer for the past four years, she faced many problems which she came through with Hfiying colors". Reading is one of her major pastimes, although music takes up most of her time. Joan has been playing the piano for eleven years and the clarinet for six years. Joan will be sure to succeed as a nurse because of her dependability and patience. She plans to enter the Reading Hospital for training. Margaret Ann Wenger July 12, 1936 i'Margie" Salisbury: Band 11,253 Chorus 11,253 Minstrel Show 11,253 Class Vice-President 1153 Class Presi- dent 125. New Holland: Band 1353 Chorus 13,453 Drama Club 1453 School Service Club 1453 Senior Play 1453 TCN Business Staff 1453 Yearbook Busi- ness Staff 1453 School Secretary 1453 Class Secre- tary 145. t'How about that!" Yes, any time you hear that, you can be certain that is "Margie". This tall, brown-haired lass entered our class last year. She formerly attended Salisbury. 'fMargie" is noted for her beautiful soprano voice. She has been a soloist in the Christmas Ca1'ol services. As school secretary, "Margie" may be seen typing the master sheets. After graduation, "Margie', plans to be a secretary for her father. Faye Louise Woomert May 15, 1935 "Liz" Upper Leacock: Chorus 1153 Patrol 115. New Holland: Patrol 12,3,453 Patrol Secretary 1453 Science Club 1253 Drama Club 1453 Junior Play 1353 Senior Play 1453 TCN Business Staff 145: Yearbook Business Staff 1453 School Treasurer 145. Having entered N.H.H.S. in grade ten from Upper Lea- cock, "Liz" was elected t'Patrol Queen". This year, "Liz,' has undertaken the duties of student treasurer of the school. She may often be found counting money in the office. Portraying Ellie Mae in the Senior play and taking part in the Junior play, she showed her dramatic ability. Cheering the basketball fellows on to victory is one of "Liz's" favorite pastimes. "Liz's" plans for the future are very indefinite. ' - -- 1f, ff Page Tweniy-six Leoninus Editorial Staff . . . Seated Qleft to rightjz Alice Brower, co-art editor, Marcia Russell, Joyce Kendig, Phyllis Burns, Miss Virginia Hoffman, faculty advisor, Ray Lowry, David Fizz, co-art editor, Robert Irons, and Charles Jenkins. Standing: Peggy Spotts, Blaine Danner, sports editor, John Musser, Pat Steinman, editor, Ken Kauffman, co-editor, and Joan Terry. Leoninus Business Staff . . . Seated fleft to rightbr Mr. Roy Brandau, faculty advisor, Shirley Hillard, Roy Myers, advertising manager: Nancy Good, business managerg Edward Randall, circulation manager, Faye Woomert, and Jean Andrew, Standing: Howard Skiles, Harold Good, Clayton Deshong, Peggy Stauffer, Margie Wen- ger, Jennie Mae Sweigart, Donald Hunsecker, Patsy Dissinger and Roy Ream. Page Twenty-seven SENIOR W9-41 INFORMALS J035 GALOFE nv- ff' fr-M1 X 8:2 eff' 53-1 if m S 'tczjgeixs Hgmg, ntg ' ?f' My pa ' ' ' Neetfb X7-V 0522 Qfoffoael ,,,434K.. A. , A 6 P07559 Zn- XQQJS HCLPH9 En any we 56004 Hze, Fam ig, 'yfiiee Hand? Souflqf - 5122-3' 0: P94173 ag E 3 Q Qgu 4 5 v Z l 1 sf K . AJR ,I-1 3 Y S g ' 'S' 1 'ie' . I 3 g ig? :ml I' l fi X 4 A .,, f ,M , f 1 .1 fffq. , ' 6 'X Q ., W . 'Q f 2 .1 ,Q X ,n,. A X Wm, sk ii 'ii 15, 1 1 , ,A I 5,7 ii' 1, 7. .1 A I ,.,., Q V f . , Q Q , A aiu' A , E in fi' A S Qi X A Q 'K 5: 1 xf M 3, 'S Q ig ,F Q Q W a s M2 555 Me. Denison. WMS. Dolson, SQZQ, .... .... , Jzlfjnmie... Phage-- . ., E!!zLe,f"7a.g..-. ill.. .. heb ffrecfalca- Toxic M12 ,S!?9fJ'7'N9'b 0,5 ffilcfegatde ........ pgnbylirg MLS. Sheimciil. ' ' lag -Q L czst Manufe, C f: .Ives 00-nay-s na-nv ni. ,.s r.- vos -o.s .svn -Q 4 1 We 'LS al, P5999 Sfbfff pay A-CGA-Vg Joan Efvfy Jennie Sweggaficf H06 Lions Chailes knlins Haze! Gund, 2 ei F7 1129 rz Kauffman lziifgy I-ldlatci E m 8 l 6 Qui? K- ' ""' ' 'RW heiffflff , U Jumoi fsewox .7 06265 f""f ,. i 4- Wg-ar Ab- " .7 All- Regevuom 7 , UPU4 333234 ,Z- 1 I '- gl 1 I ,ff f if ax Q," ,ff '.3'1 -4 'L Wgmfzfj as Left but My 6 Q Mgjesfio Nemdfyfi 'lon'-gfellaw A -' 7719, 5UFhz,s1:Lw,-tes 6 6 A 22 '1' f yr , 4 Ag 'M .X...g,4 flu " XM, fggvnxm V. H15 4 A ,LW U TM 'rw .L The leadcfrg Nea L 1- K - 4 nw D A I - Z1 d b X If 6 W, , ,,W,,,, 6 Stagg Section 8 A A on .f man Pawn. Sofffffff LA55 N- 2 Today we had a new and exciting experience, for it was the first time We entered a school. Being in first grade seemed so grown up to us. As Miss Maria Bender took roll, we found out there were 33 of us. The first two months of school slipped by very rapidly, and soon Halloween had arrived. Even the pouring rain didn't stop us from dressing as Witches and goblins to Ss? attend our first social activity. Second grade found us in Room Eleven, under the supervision of Miss Suie Zimmerman. Watching the various stages in the development of a butter- fly interested us very much. Our next two years passed rapidly. The late Mrs. Kathryn Overly served as our third grade teacher, and Miss Mary Harsh was our fourth grade teacher. A Good Citizen's Club was formed in our fifth year of school under Mrs. Anna Diller. This year we were "Mother Natures" helpers, as we built a bird tray and supplied food for the birds. Miss Helen Fenninger guided us through our last year of elementary schooling. We showed our appreciation to her by giving her a "fruit roll" on her birthday. Well, in September, 1947, having completed our first six years of education, we en- tered lunior High School. Kenneth Kauffman led our class as president. Vice President was Gerald Stover, and Iohn Musser acted as Secretary-Treasurer. A Christmas party was our main activity. Miss Ruth Witman supervised our class that year. Room 19 served as our homeroom and Mrs. Sara Fridinger was our advisor in ninth grade. That year our officers were Kenneth Kauffman, President: Marcia Russell, Vice Presi- dentg lohn Musser and Edward Randall, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. . . f it 1. When Freshmen we traveled to the Hershey Arena to see the 1950 lce Follies, as our winter activity. On the last day of our Freshman year, we ventured to Rocky Springs Park to enjoy a wonderful day. We invited the eighth grade as our guests. Miss Elizabeth Troxell was our homeroom teacher. Kenneth Kauffman was again elected President. Vice President DIARY was lennie Mae Sweigart, loyce Kendig acted as Secretary, and loan Terry took over the Treasurer's job. Thirty-four sophomores began their first year of senior high school under the super- vision of Miss Elizabeth Troxell and Mr. Richard Stockton. We elected the following officers: Blaine Danner, Presidentg Kenneth Kauffman, Vice Presidentg David Fizz, Secretary, and loan Terry, Treasurer. As a winter activity the class traveled to Hershey to view the Ice Capades. ln the spring we made a return trip to Hershey to enjoy a day of fun in the amusement park. Blaine Danner, President: David Fizz, Vice President: john Musser Secretary, and Ioan Terry, Treasurer, led thirty-one members of our class into our Iunior Year. We sponsored a re- freshment stand at all the home basketball games. An ice hockey game between Hershey and Pittsburgh, captured the fancy of the class as its first activity. In February we presented our Iunior Play, entitled "Ah, Sweet Mystery". Mrs. Ruth Gantos was the directress. During the first three months of 1952, we spent most of our spare time preparing for our first big for- mal dance. With April fourth arriving, the Iunior-Senior Reception was held. "Somewhere Cver the Rainbow" was our theme. A wishing well, a pot of gold, a flower garden and a waterfall, all made by the class, added much to carry out the theme. We also selected our class colors this year. Our colors being navy blue and white, we got our class jackets blue and gray. We also purchased our class rings. Miss Troxell and Mr. Stockton were again the advisors. Under Miss Troxell and Mr. Stockton, we entered our final year of high school. Thirty-one students became seniors. As president, the class elected Marcia Russell. David Fizz again became vice-president. Margaret Wenger c 9 and Ioan Terry have the responsibilities of secretary and treasurer, respectively. A white carnation with a blue fringe was voted our class flower. "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he," was voted our class motto. lanuary seven- teenth found the seniors enjoying an ice hockey game at Hershey between the Hershey Bears and the Buffalo Bisons. HCIPPH "' ' J do 5 gg g sg 1 f , 1 , J vi? fu , 1 'L wig Y K i is Owlb C fl6f5 nf 3' I, .,f,,,.,,. ., ,gi nf ,g - K . Q4 n.,:af:.x-RI .- dy .1 532 is sw Q 5 ff' Yx if sf . ,wg-ff. - J: 3' A 61 ,,, .V , in ' pxey lull 3. S is-N s 1" , w . . , .A mt, ,K f Xiwflji. ' 4 Q. x' w K-, W!! 2 'H J' . XJ 5 ' rf 1 :V 1 21. ' L gl 1 , 1 A l.n 'ii ,vii f ' L ,'l '07 ' - II qu Y , 1 Q ':. mi ' dnat' fl ' ' lil!! 5: : 3 -Q E 1 EE V ' - N f Z SSITIBIL PM E in M --ff EE! . 1 f E 14 X' . 14 a" -"u wi.. .17 LL inf Il A 'Qt I f Q A: K .". :Eli-! ff r- , ills. Q, l,. In lil A I ll A I ll " X HM fu 5 I .4 'IU' '. - . Ax ' :rw -. - iw 4 ' 'ff--Ju '21 11-2512112 ' A 'lp Y ,.....!!t:::::.:g-rg:::,... , 1' 'ul'-1 in I ' -A1aa::::::1i.:.:.:::::.:: ' Y -'I M 'l"'5i , f',5,"ml',Jfnf .'i!'.E12iLiil'i'E'iii"iiMiI ,Cf Q", ,K fig fgffg, limi' dm ,,f'.',,jf,f, A Q ' " .ffl if: .1 -g. .QQLQEQQQ 'Q 00-"W, Uv -: '!?i,:1:::'f 'ii F" "5 ""f f"':' :"' .'jg.f lm , :! uf Yi! g ff'-aw: " Q fp xx ' "'L' JN "Mn Pful''z.-I-Mffifif''-'cgi X 77 2 1. ff A 1 1 .4,,'.l,?l'I?'pf' u W X 1' . ,ffi l,'p'fw:.'s--:avg ww-' y . Q -1 ' - "H" ' 1 f f' -.f1'1.hvJ'2Q ',-,Q--wx.. nt Aw," , m , 1, ,, f W ,,-52:31. A Am I ! L4 f 7 ..g2f:-'ff"e'5 Q" 's f5"":rf52' I f - ' 'WWE-nl '- ' ' ""'1 tiff N H1 ,," 'ht' , V ' I M' fl ' ' Ilz' ff 1,11 E3 R X X ff X 'J' H ' " L.. H... Q If u Y :ilif 1-ff' if -as-eiiiig X ,X 'gl f 3 f A N ' QLQ'12'i:"" x 'lj 'if' . , ' if og' I5 J 7 W I ,fig I R I I , - Es. X U 1 i -W F ! X ' X X . gg. X :iid IQ 1: N . S555 13:3 H gy, t' EW' f "x .. 4, W! , 7' , ff f gi ! X xx X 1 W f I X XR ' N y 1 X dlllln ulln mum' N I ll I' - I' -A 4 4 My 7 I, 7 'iff 4 I X X X 'X x i 2 970618 AILUQFL . . . Bottom Row fleft to rightjx Betty Ann Gehman, Nancy Weigzand, Margaret Martin, Narene Dyer, Ann Brubaker, Barbara Dyer, Marilyn Ludwig, Joyce Overly, Barbara Coy, and Nancy Witmer. Middle row: Mary Etter, Peg Houck, Shirley Tarbert, Roberta Ann Wittikind, Mary Edna Zimmerman, Bar- bara Ann Musselman, Mary Louise Yoder, Virginia Sensenig, and Anne Futer. Top row: Mr. Donald Sheaffer, Ronald Good, Larry Conrad, Ronald Russell, Barry Reynolds, William Snyder, Clifford De- Vere and Donald Troupe, f UNI ORS Dear luniors! Dear luniors! , Thanks for your friendship true! We will ever grateful be, And again We say our thanks to you. O lunior Class, Dear lunior Class! Your praises we will sing. ..:. . Hail! luniorsl Hail! And thanks for everything! !UNlOR OFFICERS President - - - Margaret Martin Vice President Clifford DeVere Secretary - - Barbara Coy Treasurer Virginia Sensenig Page thirty-eight --ll ' funior Class Diary Dear Diary: As I look back over the past years, how well l remember the good times we all had when we entered Iunior High School. We were so proud the first day we walked down the halls, and how smart we were to go to our first assembly. l remember not listening to a word being said, and how we spent the rest of the day trying to find the right study halls and classes. Our seventh grade activities included several picnics. We'll always remember the one at Mrs. Helene Weaver's cabin, where we went swimming and boating. Traveling to Rocky Springs Park with the Sophomores helped make eighth grade an exciting one. Then in ninth grade We made our first big trip to Hershey in one of those yellow school buses. The ride was a little rough but our classmates overcame that with noise. We had to miss an important basketball game, but it was worth it. By the time we reached tenth grade, our expense account made it pos- sible to travel to Hershey in a Conestoga Transportation Company bus. The reclining seats, blinds on the windows and separate lights on each seat were well worth the money spent. Next came our junior year, packed with lots of experiences. Although this was our hardest year it was the most fun. Our first activity as juniors was another trip to Hershey, which had become an annual event. Then we had our chance at selling food at the basketball games. I .think every junior looks forward to this event. lt's lots of work, sweating over the hot-dogs and cleaning up, but popping bottle tops and eating some of the profits makes it exciting. Our lunior Play, "Seventeen Is Terrific", was the next major activity. Learning lines and working on the committees was a new experience, which we found was lots of fun. The big secret of that year was the junior-Senior Reception. lt was hard work, but it proved itself when it was unveiled to the seniors. As our high school years come to an end, we look back over years well spent. Page Thirty rung QAGLJQ in . . . Front row fleft to rightbz Mrs. Ruth Gantos, advisor, Shirley Harnish, Patricia Ranck, Carol Duck, James West, Edward Wakely. Second row: Gene Lowry, Marian Plank, Adele Gingrich, Phyllis Web- er, Dorothy Plank, Larry Evans. Third row: Vernon Ream, Lester Witwer, Robert Aungst, William Poole, Earls Tolin and Robert Burns. 7' T Sophomore Class Diary We remember those days when all of us were getting into the full swing of high school. Our class was planning ahead for all the activities in our last two years in high school. Sophomore days also remind us of all the studying we were to do before graduation. The Class of 1955's officers in seventh grade were: Larry Evans, Presidentg Vernon Ream, Vice President, Robert Aungst, Secretary. That year the students had a party at the Community Park as their activity. The advisor was Mrs. Carolyn Weber. In eighth grade, the officers were: President, Larry Evansg Vice President, Thomas Witmang Secretary - Treasurer, Robert Aungst. A swimming party and a trip to Hershey Park were the activities held by the class, These activities were also chosen by the students in ninth grade. Mrs. Elizabeth Kneller and Mrs. Carolyn Weber were the faculty ad- visors in eighth grade. Ninth grade found a new group of members in office. Sandra Spotts was elected President, Patty Ranck as Vice President, Sylvia Ruoss, Secretary and Ferne Grubb, Treasurer. Mr, Roy Brandau and Mrs. Ruth Gantos were advisors for 9A and 9B. This year the class journeyed to Hershey to see an ice hockey game between Hershey and Provi- dence. Many of the students in this grade participate in the various sports. Several boys were on the varsity soccer and basketball teams, while others were members of the junior varsity. A number of girls played on the hockey team, Best of wishes to this class which has the fun and hard work of two more years before receiving their diplomas. Page Forty l-iii Class Officers lohn Flora - President Patricia Ranck Vice President Sylvia Ruoss - Secretary Ferne Grubb - Treasurer 0 To the Soplzomores Fare thee well the days we've spent together, Cherished the hours will always beg Arid the time tor parting now has come, And it makes us sad as we can be. l O Sophomores dear, Farewell to thee, J We'll miss you as the years roll on and on, But we must part with this last word to you, Farewell, dear Sophomores, Farewell! Left to right: Sylvia Ruoss, Ferne Grubb and Patty Ranck Front row fleft to rightlz Roy W. Brandau, advisor, Joyce Hoff, Marie Kutz, Joan Lowry, Shirley Kurtz, Ferne Grubb, Glenn Dissinger. Second row: James Weaver, Sylvia Ruoss, Judy Coy, Sandra Spotts, Lucille Gehman, Leon Lichty, James Houck. Third row: Robert Jacoby, Charles Miller, Jack Wagner, Ronald Bensinger, Maxie Talbot, Ronald Taylor, and Thomas Witman. page Foriymne gI"Q:SAl'l'l6Llfl Q65 . . . Left to right: Doris Miller, Robert Stauffer, Russel Etter and Mary Jane Binkley Class Officers Vice Mary lane Binkley Russel Etter - Doris Miller - - Robert Stautter - To the Freshmen O now, Freshmen, 'tis time to part, Our thanks to you betore we start, President President Secretary Treasurer And ere we go a song We will sing To tell you ot the thanks We bring, Our hearts are tull ot gratitude and praise, To you, our Freshmen, oi these days, Then, hail to the Freshmen, and love so true, those We Our hearts Will beat for you upon the ocean blue. bara Platt, June Mentzer. Spotts, Michael Robison. ald Geist, and Lewis Parker. Page PONY' lWO Front row Cleft to rightb: Mildred Sumner, Louise Ranck, Ruth Keiser, Beverly Lineberry, Bar- Second row: J. Kenneth Herr, advisor, Harry Keares, Walter Talbot, Melvin Third row: Jerry Hollinger, Michael Terry, Michael Cope, Theodore Eby, Ron- Front row fleft to rightjz Doris Miller, Elsie Deitz, Norma Daubenberger, Mary Louise Rice, Helen Jackson, Janet Frankhouser. Second row: Glenda Knight, Mary Jane Binkley, James Munro, Merle Snader, Kenneth Shupp, and Mrs, Barbara S. Harbage, advisor. Third row: Russel Etter, Robert Stauffer, Richard Musser, Dale Weaver, and John Arthur. -intlz Gracie History ' Oh! How we remember those good old Freshman days. There were thirty-five in the class, and Mr. Kenneth He'r was our advisor. Class officers were: President, Mary Jane Binkleyg Vice President, Russel Etterg Secretary, Doris Miller, and Treasurer, Robert Stauffer. Our class activity was a trip to see the Globe Trotters at Hershey, A Christmas party was another highlight in our Freshman year. Our memories of eighth grade were pleasant ones. Class 0Hicers were: President, Russel Etterg Vice President, Louise Ranckg Secretary, Marv Jane Binkley, and Michael Robison acted as Treasurer. A swimming party, and a trip to Hershey Park were our activities. We presented a Christmas Play in assembly under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Herr. An English club was formed to practice rules of Parliamentary Procedure, In the Magazine Contest we won the award for selling the most mag- azines. We started our Hrst year of Junior High School in 1949. A swimming party was a big high- light for us. Later on we had a Scavenger Hunt, which proved to be successful, and a lot of fun. Putting on a Minstrel Show in assembly under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Weber was a great ex- perience for us. Our oliicers for that year were: President, Russel Etterg Vice President, Janet Frank- houser, and Robert StauHer, Secretary-Treasurer. ' - Page Forty-three 9065612 . . . Members of the eighth grade fleft to rightb are: Front row: Christ Binkley, James West, Lee Wea- ver, Brenda Sheafer, Delores Cummings, Ronald Danner, Geraldine Hoffman, Patsy Weaver, Barry Weatherholtz, Paul Neff, and Jerry Shirk. Second row: Harry Good, Bill Johnson, Bonnita Mohancik, Thomas Kling, Norma Leid, Roy Herr, Reba Diehm, Donald Zoller, James Stauffer, and Miss Ruth Wit- man advisor. Third row: Patsy Kurtz, George Dissinger, Michael Hess, Judy Irons, Wayne Roach, Lynn Lowry, Sally Maynard, Bill Nonnenmocher, Charles McEvoy and Nancy Frazier. Class Office rs ludy lrons - - President Michael Hess Vice President Nancy Frazier Secretary Brenda Sheahfer Treasurer Left to right, Nancy Frazier, Brenda Sheaf- fer, Judy Irons, and Michael Hess. PGQQ F0TlY'fOl-lf glad Je .SZUQIQ Front row fleft to rightj: Rose Mentzer, Joan Stump, Lois Weaver, Sandra Shirk, Charlotte Delp, Ann Marie High, and Sally Kling, Second row: Donald Welsh, Gordon Plank, Ronald Groff, Diane Campbell, Trudy Wright, Joan Flora, Dorothy Lester, William Unangst. Third row: Dale Myers, David Lefever, Larry Doster, Jerry Gainer, Roy Lahet, John Auld, and Mrs. Grace Buckwalter, advisor. Left to right: Ronald Groff, Gerald Gainer, Rose Mentzer and Joan Flora Class Officers Ronald Grorl - - - President Rose Mentzer - Vice President loan Flora Secretary lerry Gainer Treasurer Page Forlyelive QFCLJQ ,SQUQIQ . . . Front row fleft to rightjz Betty Johnson, Mary Jane Singer, Judy Border, Barbara Weigand, Hazel Freeman, Margaret Freidly, and Virginia Ranck. Second row: Edward Brown, Roy Martin, Noah Stahl, Mardene Sensenig, Rebecca Robison, Faye Harnish and Darlene Smith. Back row: George Shaf- fer, Ronald Dissinger, David Kutz, Kenneth Hollinger, Walter Shirk, Robert Buckwalter, and Mrs. Eliz- abeth Stockton, advisor, Page Alma Mater Alma Mater dear we hail thee now, New Holland High so fine. Thy founders saw in days gone by Thy place in our fair town. So long ago they worked and prayed For strong foundations to be laid ln Education's Hall that we each day Might meet our need. Forty-six May we who share these blessings now Serve thee with might and main, As sons and daughters going forth Add glory to thy name. We'll work and play while in thy halls, And loyal be when duty calls, And go forth in the world to show Our school what we can do. i W + r :XXX i I L Q Z 1 ff,-1,-,, Q X . I , ' A :e f' i W X X ' ii f ,,.ffj ,::?i?Eg': f,2z25E:aEzaeasEs X ff!jil!!::55E:::ill ' f'i'fn!E:5'il!E:2l: , X 'XQJe:'Ill!g5!!'E" x , lgQ155gE:ii!:a: ' Xxx N"'c.p5s5iu XX 'HQ' .gx x 'fi . A VAX-wx sg 3 Q XXX H x, X. ' SQ -5 5 ' - i Q GE - f 55' , - ixg ' x . , NTX .,, , - W , fx X '5i ' , - assi , .li-::..-g-.EQM ---.g,.---:3 - :z X, - I l IP HH --l- lllllllll lg Il ll -1- xl xii' :sir-2!!:2:+ZE5?R 7'- l!:e::s::--Eshst ,j "E+ii:2:iii:'z , ' .:-' -Eg-fa! y' 1 f Eflllgg- 1 ,Z f --r-f , . 5, X - Alf -f , A,-4 fi jf" '41 ' . 4, 1- !'4 , l l 5 I'-' ' lflr-4 -ig, P45 . 3:10 .e fir 5.2 ,-- - -gag? , . 'i3 2? F1 , U I ! 2:1 :gl-.., lll::lll!, I llll , lllllllll lllllllll lllllllll I'-Illljl' lllllllll r "., A 'N 11ff,, if . L - , of J Viv: .Af 11' Y' Ox 4 5 03.9, 555' 'f 5 , f f ' M I '1 Pg we ' A Lf f 'fx '5 V ' ' 'Z ' ' ' 'gx as ' . " f' 'QA - Q: ' 5 Q :gan V 1 I ' I P I I "Cui X' fs" X X K V' 1 - '5 . 'K 5 1 3 M 'Qs Qi. I " Q71 'T' V gs, Q OO" . . , - 4 . Hn - i ff f X' 4 --' '53s foo 'QA ' R H.. x ,N ,Q V, 5 4, i55j'r.g:2 5 at , ,O.,gl f-- g 4 1 I fa- A , X ...,, .ft W f ix fig 1-H ff-Q 9 W fag . 'T wk ""-' N L x ' , ,. . .. 4935? x I Q 1 ' Q. . l OOO.. Q08 f". 1 "--cf-V. X' , . 5 'Q X "" ' "mv Bib A gm X - . msg. , .3 K - u 1 In i 1 . . n H Nl . ' X Q. 40 X E! ff nge' XX gh' X 1 X 'x yx X tl ,fgp f W' I lmimllllv 7.1, ff, vo +2 n,' 154 0' . .4 49 9 O O ,ss .aw O v. ' ' xv o o'o Q' is .6-Q2 1' ' 'A "YS-4 I ,,,. JIYFQ. 'o?fb:'s'N 000. 55. 5 o Q 5,0 ti. 5.0 , .e 'J ' 'WK 0, Q Q - I -- "QQg'st0 96 im? , fr ffm all is Q xx N 3 g .- -Q: 5 2 I wharf? Blaine Danner .1 gg Confad M egg .S ll 'SM . U B111 Poole Charles Jenkins J0h1'1 Flora ff Q xisl' A , I . 43 T f 1 Varsity Basketball Team Left to right: Charles Jenkins, John Flora, Cliiford DeVere, Blaine Danner, John Musser, Robert Aungst, Bill Poole, Larry Conrad Qcaptainj, Ray Lowry. Clayton Deshong, and Mr. Kenneth Herr, coach. K .1, f:Q,.g:r2v . jr , w rf ' V - f 5 ri f . 4 , er,. i f r . 1-,rr i We J3- Cllff' Devere ' V. . "rf" 5 . ffl , fgmfw, li 1 f! J . f l 1? R Q lyy . 2 John Musser "' ' ! W. 1' x 11 r' f K-:Va . . , ki 32,53 ' . rm' M' r 5 9? ..531f ."5151::. V ' 1 1. '15 f ,f , .1 . f 2 ,V, 1952-53 BASKETBALL SEASON -4 4 iv., . A oP1. V . h Q , I To 5 'November 25. Honey Brook ......,..... A.way 45 551 K MI.,-1 , wif A, 'December Z. Warwick Township ...... Home 50 1, A 0 h 'Y 5 "M 'December 5. Ephraia ......................... Away 65 K z?f.f -W' V, jf' 'December 9. Manor .,.. ,...............,. . . Away 51 3 A. : -'f-' . X .gy December 12. Easi Lampeier ..... Away 64 3 ' 5 25. 'December 16. Honey Brook .......,. Home 32 . f gl . December 19. Cocalico Union ....., Home 54 f ' 1 W 135555 1 'nefember za. Alumni ........,.......... Home so , 1 Q i' gf January 6. West Lampeier Away 54 'S A L fl -E Ianrary 9. Paradise ......,....... Home 5-A if , 4 5 .E Ianuary 13. Warwick .... ,... ........ H o me 32 r I 'K ' A 2 Ianuary 16. Upper Leacock ......... Away 62 K 1 , , Q 2 j January 20. East Lampeter ..........,... Home 71 3 . 3 3 k M . 'January 23. Warwick Township ...... Away 48 1 3 R V , I January 27. Cocalico ..................,.....,... Away 66 5 a . 3 " January 30. West Lampeter ...,... Home 39 ,f 4 February 3. Paradise ............... Away 55 Z ' i Clayton 'February 10. Elizabethtown ,.... Home 43 7 f' Deshong February 13. Upper Leacock ....... Home 57 Bob gi J Z . 'Nun-League Games. Aung-st MQQ 1 2:5 Herr R9-Y Coach Lowry fanior Varsity Basketball . . . Back Row Qleft to 1-ightjz Mr, Kenneth Herr, coach, Jerry West, Bill Snyder, Earls Tolin, Barry Reynolds, and Larry Evans. Front Row: James Houck, Gene Lowry, Tommy Whitman, Glen Dissinger and Bob Burns. funior High Basketball . . . Back Row fleft to rightl: James Munro, Bill Nonnenmocher, Wayne Roach, Ted Eby, Lynn Lowry, Russel Etter, Roy Martin, and Mr. Richard Stockton, coach. Front Row: Lewis Parker, Barry W'eatherholtZ, John Auld, Harold Zook, Ronald Grog, Jerry Gain- er, Kenny Hollinger, and Larry Doster. Page Forty-nine l l i ?.l Soccer . . . Back row fleft to rightbz Larry Conrad, Robert Aungst, Bill Poole, Ted Eby, Earls Tolin, John Mus- ser, Vernon Ream, Blaine Danner, and Mr. Richard Stockton, coach. Front Row: Russel Etter, James Munro, Richard Musser, James Houck, Richard Geist, Glenn Dissinger, Charles Jenkins, Gene Lowry, and Lester Witwer. Baseball . . . Back Row fleft to rightj: Robert Aungst, Bill Poole, Larry Conrad, John Musser, Earls Tolin, and Howdy Skiles. Front Row: Larry Evans, Blaine Danner, James Houck, Mr. Kenneth Herr, coach, Lester Witwer, Robert Irons, and Roy Myers. Page Fifly Q. Girls, Hockey . . Front row fleft to rightbz Adele Gingrich, Narene Dyer, Patty Ranck, Ann Brubaker, Joyce Overly, Carol Duck, Margaret Martin, and Dot Plank. Back row lleft to rightjz Joan Lowry, Barbara Ann Musselman, Pat Steinman, Jennie Mae Sweigart, Phyllis Burns, Barbara Coy, Sylvia Ruoss, Phyllis Weber, and Mrs. Elizabeth Stockton, coach. W 1 11 N OPP September 25. West Lampeter Away 1 ' October 3. East Lampeter .......... ...... A way 1 October 9. Solanco ............ Home 1 October 14. West Lampeter ..... ..... H ome 1 October 21. East Lampeter ..... ..... H ome 1 i November 6. Solanco ........ Away 1 N A ,, A 17, , WNW- , , ,Y ,.,,.,,1,,,, ,7,, JI: ' Page Fifty-one Girls' Tennis . . . Standing fleft to rightjz Jennie Mae Sweigart, Phyllis Burns, Margaret Martin, and Mrs. Elizabeth Stockton, coach. Kneeling: Ann Brubaker, Pat Steinman, and Patty Ranck. Girls' Basketball . . . Left to right: Mrs. Elizabeth Stockton, coach, Adele Gingrich, Pat Steinman, Alice Brower, Jennie Mae Sweigart, Joyce Overly, Nancy Good, Margaret Ann Martin, Nancy Witnier, Phyllis Burns, Na- rene Dyer, Joan Terry and Ann Brubaker. Page Fiiiy-two -7 Varsify Cheerleaders . . . Left to right: Narene Dyer, Barbara Ann Musselman, Pat Steinman, Jennie Mae Sweigart, Barbara Coy, Ann Brubaker, and Miss Elizabeth Troxell, coach. funior Varsity Cheerleaders . . . Standing: Miss Elizabeth Troxell, coach. Kneeling' fleft to rightlz Ferne Grubb, Sylvia Ruoss, Carol Duck, Phyllis Weber, and Joyce Overly. Page Fifty-ihree Girls' Managers . . . Managers of the girls' teams are fleft: to rightb: Marilyn Lud- wig, Ann Futer, Peggy Houck and Joyce Hoi. Boys' Managers . . . Page Fifty-four Serving as managers of the boys, teams this year are ileft to rightj seated: Bill Johnson, Ronald Danner, Jerry Shirk and Robert Jacoby. Second row: Paul Neff, George Dissinger and James Stauf- fer. Back row: Mr. Donald Sheaffer, advisory David Fizz, Barry Rey- nolds and Bill Snyder. ...i-1-4 I I I I I L.,1I I II If, I I - v ' ' 5' I 'gel ' 'l'l 1'r'I ': 'I I I ' I 1 I I': 53- . ,I " '-fi '7-.L I' ,Ii IW !-- I W Q! I 1 , :L"'I I' 2 . ,I IN X X X If i I , II '.! II I I ' . V I. . . I 'II I ll ,iii ! 'lil' LUVIV 2 1I'i I . -' I I, 'fr I II I 'IL'1' I .. III -I 4 fl' 12 '-I I Rl fl . I1 I I .IA I:,'I- 'Y-' . ' 'F I-I ,, I . IIIII'-r. I IIIWII' IKI Q I I'I',lIfIIfII'III !fIMI!1'IIf III IIIII II' III'W'I'I"II MII! III" MII'1aI'I"I'III'I,' W T,jfI I If 'I I 'I f'I '7f U I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'III I 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW I'w1,I III' I I II' I :MII 'II IIIIIIM MI, , I IIWIIIIII IEIIII IIIII III IIIII 'III I ry I' I'III.,.I"."f IIIIf 'I Is."III'qII, I IIIIMIII' IIIII I I I',,'IIIf1lI'I,' .w'.I'fI'fIIIII W5 I' I I'!'III1mIfII'.III'n"' IIl,IlII,I,Wlr II III I' I IIIIIIIIII 'MMI 'I II, MII I' II I'IvNIIM,IiIII! H, I' 'H' W5 Q f ,- , f 9 f sn ug' .ILJI'...'11Ii I -- .1 lm- II '.lu.!I.Id, il I H' I KX XX l ' I gl , Q A I l , pd- 'fl'.:f- E r V 41 if f fx ' ff Q ' ,oo- an 9. n QC 'vga .Q-ff 75.1 """,.,.' A,,.p- fn-wk' ,,vv" "f,,,, "' JY"" fs- ,ff if ,vv4f f" fv""', fx ff . ,: in-cr u-::,l':, Elini:-nn.--,I Mwfmgdfwfg 7 I WI Ia II IWW' " "'w " I 21121, Film Staff. . . Seated around the table from left to right are: John Auld, David Kutz. Bill Snyder, Gene Lowry and David Fizz. Standing: Clifford DeVere, Harold Good, Mr, Donald Sheaffer, advisor, Thomas Kling, Roy Ream and Dale Weaver. Quill anal Scroll. . . Standing Cleft to rightbz William Snyder, Barbara Dyer, Miss Ruth A. Witman, advisor, Barbara Coy, and Pat Steinman. Seated: Ann Brubaker, Marcia Russell, Kenneth Kaufman, Margaret Martin. Page Fiflyfsix ?f'?lg TTCN Editorial Siaff. . . Seated fleft to rightjz David Fizz, cartoonist, Ken Kauffman, sports editor, Pat Steinman, editor- in-chiefg Barbara Dyer, associate editor, and Jack Delp, photographer. Standing: Barbara Mussel- man, Miss Ruth Witman, advisor, Jerry Hollinger, Narene Dyer, Bill Snyder, Mary Etter,-James Munro, Clifford DeVere, Margaret Martin, Adele Gingrich, Shirley Harnish, Louise Rice, Joyce Martin, Barbara Coy, Mary Jane Binkley, and Anne Brubaker. TCN Business Staff . . . pp Seated fleft to rightiz Nancy Good, Roy Myers, advertising manager, Shirley Hillard, general managerg Margaret Wenger, circulation manager: Joan Lowry, and Mr. Roy Brandau, advisor. Stand- ing: Marilyn Ludwig, John Auld, Barry Weathe1'holtz, Eddie Brown, Alice Brower. Pat Steinman, Phyllis Burns, Faye Woomert, Peg Spotts, Adele Gingrich, Barbara Musselman, and Louise Ranck. - Page Fifty-seven Band.. Members of the band Qleft to rightj are: Front row: Ronald Russell, Clifford DeVere, Roy La- het, Glenda Knight, Joan Terry, Doris Miller, Charlotte Delp, Larry Evans, David Fizz and Michael Terry. Second row: Robert Stauffer Scott Diffenderfer, Robert Irons, Marian Plank, Ronald Groff, Dot Plank, Judy Irons, Ronald Good, Mildred Summer, Lewis Parker, Lynn Lowry, Barry Reynolds, John Gingrich, Janet Frankhouser, Donald Hollinger, Michael Witmer and Rodney Randow, Standing: Lee Weaver, Lucille Gehman, Margaret Stauffer, Mr. Edgar Scheirer, advisor, Jean Andrew, Margaret Mar- tin, Narene Dyer, Barbara Coy, Barbara Musselman, and Joan Lowry. Ma jorettes . Left to right are: Patsy Kurtz, Pat Dissinger, Carol Duck, Mary Irons, Walter Shirk, Phyllis Burns, Sandra Shirk, and Joyce Overly. Page FiflY'9ifJhl Senior Chorus. . . Bottom fleft to rightlz Ann Brubaker, Patricia Ranck, Narene Dyer, Marie Kutz, Lucille Geh- man, Shirley Kurtz, Louise Ranck, Judy Coy, Mary Louise Yoder, Joan Terry, Pianist, Edgar Scheirer, Director. Second row fleft to rightlz Peggy Spotts, Mary Etter, Peggy Houck, Robert Staufer, CHE- ord DeVere, Kenneth Shupp, Harry Keares, Walter Talbot, Elsie Dietz. Third row fleft to rightl: Margaret Martin, Barbara Ann Musselman, Dorothy Plank, Barry Reynolds, Ronald Russell, John Musser, Jerre Hollinger, Barbara Coy, Marcia Russell, Sylvia Ruoss. Top row fleft to rightl: Pat Steinman, Marian Plank, Adele Gingrich, Robert Irons, Howard Skiles, David Fizz, Blaine Danner, Joyce Overly, Margaret Wenger, Rebecca Fake. funior Chorus. . . Bottom row fleft to rightlz Virginia Ranck, Charlotte Delp, Nancy Frazier, Walter Talbot, James West, Patsy Kurtz, Geraldine Hoffman, Trudy Wright, Joan Flora, Mary Mohancik, Hazel Free- man, Edgar Scheirer, Director. Middle row Cleft to rightl: Joan Stump, Anne Marie High, David Lefever, Walter Shirk, Mardene Sensenig, Gordon Plank, Lois Weaver, Doris Miller, Ellen Singer, Mary Jane Singer, Faye Harnish. Top row fleft to rightj: Sally Kling, Sandra Shirk, Jerry Hollinger, Harry Keares, Michael Hess, Robert Stauifer, Norma Daubenburger, Rose Mentzer, Ruth Keiser, Nor- ma Leid, Helen Jackson, Diane Campbell, Joyce Martin at piano. - - Page Fifty-nine Safety Patrol. . . 17' S Members of the Safety Patrol are fleft to rightbz Beverly Line- berry, Marcia Russell, Alice Brower, Peggy Stauffer, Joyce Kendig, Carol Duck, Norma Leid, Judy Coy, Sylvia Ruoss, Marie Kutz, Joyce Overly, Joyce Hoif, Narene Dyer, Peggy Houck, Ruth Keiser, Barbara Musselman, Shirley Kurtz, Mildred Sumner, Faye Woomert, Jean An- drew, Pat Steinman, Phyllis Burns, Sandra Spotts, Shirley Hillard, Ferne Grubb, Phyllis VVeber, Joan Lowry, Patty Ranck, and Rich- ard Stockton, advisor. Student Council. . . y ,y Page Seated around the table Qleft to rightj are: Miss Elizabeth Troxell, advisor, Mary Jane Binkley, Margaret Martin, Clifford DeVere, vice presidentg Ken Kauffman, president, Barbara Coy, secretary, Marcia Russell, Judy Irons, and Ronald Groif. Other members, standing left to right, are: Brenda Sheaf- fer, Barbara Musselman, Russel Etter, Robert Aungst, Donald Troupe, Gene Lowry, Edward Brown, Bill Snyder, Barry Weatherholtz, Blaine Danner, Janet Frankhouser David Fizz, Louise Ranck, Jennie Mae Sweigart, John Musser, Carol Duck, Rose Mentzer, Ferne Grubb, Faye Harnish, Joyce Overly, Sandra Spotts, Pat Steinman, Roy Lahet, Elsie Dietz, and James Munro, SUNY '? AD VER TI EME T 2 x X 1, an X X1 I 1 Xu ,N Z V 511351111111 x 4 Q55 f ffl!! f 'vwdf ff!! ' 'W 2 2 GN, 2 z, 2 4 , WM' 7 5 1.1 ' -L 5 . gi Mm G74 fi x A 1 A' . ' Q 7 dv W --f K fig! A XXX 1., 5:55 . , -xlxx x x !,,,f4,, , X XX. - N X- , ! , ff, , . W! Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. P q S' pd fl'0l'l5 and Mrs. Merlin K. Analrew and Mrs. Robert W Andrew, fr. and Mrs. Vwlmer W Andrew, Sr. anal Mrs. Roy Bair P. Basciano anal Mrs. ana' Mrs. and Mrs. anal Mrs ana' Mrs. ana' Mrs. and Mrs. ana' Mrs anal Mrs. Earl Baxter Edgar Blessing M Luther Boehringer Lloyd N Burkhart Walter f Barns Alvin C Danner Barney Davis Clayton Deshong Irvin Vf Diffenalerfer Ella Dissinger and Mrs. Harold E Eshenshade Ella Essex -WO gg Mr. Rev. Mr. ana' Mrs. Walter E Essex ana' Mrs. Russel E. Etter and Mrs. Paul A. Fake Mrs. Katie Fizz Mr. Mr. Dr. anal Mrs. anal Mrs. Ralph H Fizz Stanley Flzz Vwlson A. Foust Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Franlghouser A Friend Mr. anal Mrs. Mr. anal Mrs. Mr. ana' Mrs MT. dfid MTS Mrs. fohn S. Raymond' Good M Weaver lilagey . Donalcl R. Hershey George D. High Hillard Mrs. Pearl M Hillarcl Mr. ana' Mrs. fohn A. fackson Mrs. Rose fenhfins Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. ana' Mrs. pd fI"0Ifl6 and Dr. Gunter R Kaiser Catherine Kauffman Harold M Kendig C M Lawrence loan P. Lowry Ellis H Metford Grace O. Moore Ira Mu sser Clyde P. Myers Clarence f Nelson Robert Patton I-L Herbert Poole Melvin Randall Roy E. Ream Mrs. Fanny Yi Renninger Miss Wrginia G. Renninger Mr. and Mrs. Roland Houck Dr. and Mrs. folm Slreaffer Eg Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H Sleiles Mr. and Mrs. Ifwlliam P. Slailes Mr. and Mrs. Ralplz B. Stauffer Spritzler Department Store Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Spotts Howard E. Steinman Donald E. Sweigart Reuben G. Sweigart Gilbert Terry Miss Elizaoetlz Troxe ll Mrs. Lealz Usner Rev. and Mrs. Paul F Walter Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H B. Wanner E. Clair Weber Roy P. Wenger Perri R. Wentz Harold K. Vlfitmer Lester Ufitmer P S h Pat Steinman, right, editor ot this yearbook, and Dave Fizz, class president, hear the story of the adver- tising Campaign behind New Holland's newest Ealer. At left is H. Ioseph Hull, IL, advertising and public relations manager. You've Got to Sell Yomself, Tool When New Holland brought out its brand-new low-cost baler in 1953, there was a complete international sales campaign ready for it. Although it was known farmers ev- erywhere would be tremendously interested in the new Model 66, ev- ery effort was made to make sure they knew all about its outstanding qualities. National advertising. pub- licity, posters . . . throughout the United States and in foreign coun- tries . . . told the story of the Model 66. But all the advertising in the world is no good unless the product is 'Tirst .in Grassland Farming" Page Sncty-four sound! When the chips are down the baler must do the iob and do it well. As a high school graduate, you don't create a big advertising cam- paign to let possible employers know about you . . . or to achieve any goal you set. But you do have to sell yourself. And when you' do. it's how you work . . . how you put yourself into your iob . . . that results in your success. Your high school training will play an important role in achiev- ing that success. To the Class oi 1953, congratula- tions from your friends at the New Holland Machine Company. LLAND :oi iozozmzuioi1101011110103 ioznf, 4 vzvzuioiri 1 1 2 1 2 1:3 111 1:10 34,9 o ! l ! 7 George S. Althouse T R Y ' " ' i 2 P l e e z - 1 n g 2 G - . . 1 n asol1ne,01l, Etc. ' i g ' i i Quality Products i . Q I ' There's None Better I Ph 1 - ' l I . . - one 3 7706 i Aument Brothers, lnc. - Distributors i Ephrata, R. 3 -:- Pennsylvania g Lancaster, Pennsylvania T T T 5 .9 iTTTTTTTiTT" i B Z g Q L. G. Balfour Company Q ' ' I ! "Known wherever there are Schools and I . i i Colleges" i Sales - - SCYVICC Class Rings and Pins G S ' Co ent In 'tat'on ' Today's Most Challenging New Car . . . Q I Diplgr-I-lnarsencgnm Pe!-Slgnal Csrds ! The '53 Mercury g Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ' W- G- BOSS . H i i 120 Second Street Phone' 4'0b61 i Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania ' ------ --- i--i ------'-- -- Q ' ' ' 7 O. B. Blllmyer 8z Son 5 Blllkley 5 Store 5 JEWELERS General Merchandise - Eggs . I Blue Ball, Pennsylvania . . . i i l 'lb East Mam Street We feature the famous ' EPhfaia '2' PennSY1Vania Q -'NORRIS' BRAND PRODUCTS Telephone: 3-2759 Q Phone: New Holland 4-7517 g ! ! 1 B ll ' 1 B k 2 B ue a ation a an i Blue Ball, Pennsylvania CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS ! TRAVELERS' CHEQUES CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT ! BANK MONEY ORDERS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Capital - 580.000 Surplus and Reserves, S385,000 Parking' Lot and Tying Shed for use of the public has recently been completed. - - Page Sixty-fi V9 vzorxoioini 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 31014 l Q g Bolton's Hatchery i Q Phone: 4-2244 Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1.-111:111.-13111021 3 3 ! g John Brubaker JEWELER i Watches - Jewelry g Expert Repairing 5 Theatre Building g New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Viflllliillllliiiilgjjr l -7 5 Clair s Snack Bar Platters Served Daily Q Diller Avenue g New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 6 O en 8:00 a. rn. to 12:00 p. m. , P ! 25010101010101U1niuixrzozoinzozuzoi Q Conestoga Roller Mills i Samuel O. Trupe, Owner g Milk Products GRAIN FEED g Park 5. Pollard Bull Brand 6 Telephones: i Terre Hill: 5-2476 New Holland 4-7251 Page Sixty-six ---""" 1111 1111111114 Worx 3 1010141 1111 1 1:16111 1 101 1....,:.,:.,...,:.,IU:.,:..:..:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,:.,-..g. 48,101 1 1101011nxuznqnnzozuz 1 11 'Log Dick Brubaker Sewing Machines N o t i o n s Venetian Blinds - Storm Windows Phone: 4-8332 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania imx1'1rii1l4xinr1'nl'11i 1- w:mv:nv1-rvz4r1-1x1-sux .g.,-.....-.,- -.,- - - -.,- -0- -.,-.- - Churchtown Supply Co. Farm and Home Appliances 0 Phone: Terre Hill 5-2376 Churchtown, Pennsylvania .g..:.: :-: .- 2 : -...-.- :--1- .g.,-r.:.,:.,:.,-r,-..: ,:....- : .-....- -U.. - - Abe Cohen Store Mitchel - Reber Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Haberdashery Phone: 3-2539 Ephrata -:- Pennsylvania r1r1ax14v1nr1 1 1 1.1 i:n1n1n1o1n1o: iorzoznin1411010111111.: nioznzoiuzoxui The Place to Go When Your Car Needs General Repairs Dickinson's Garage Phone: 4-9621 Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania so N11 1u1r.,.n1n...o1 1 1v1o1n1u4no1oa9 1 1:1 2 2o3t:ozo3o1o1u1. 1 up 11 1 1150, 4 o 0.011 1 zoxroxtvenfmiuiuz cumin Q 4:01 11 - 114, 5 i i O I I ' 3 , A J. Willis Diem Duffy s Meat Market Stone Mason Contractors : Meats - Groceries - ice Cream A ! . 0 0 U ! i i Phone: 4-0107 Q E West Main Street Y ! New Holland -:- Pennsylvania New Holland, R. 2, Pennsylvania ! Phone: 4-0641 ! ! ! i B Q M H E b ' i CheVI'0i6t . . . g 0 0 a y i i ' i i first in engineering i , , A A first in features 5 Truck Body Building i i nrsfinvalues g i i first in sales i Blue Ball, Pa. i I 5 5 El-Mor Chevrolet Company i Ofhce Phone: Residence Phone: Q ! Phone: Mo1'g'antown 6-4000 ' N- H- 4:1351 N- H- 43357 g Elverson -:- Pennsylvania U U 5' Hill' U ,ff U U U 0 I' 6' 6' 17115 U . I V U U Dial: 4 - 0444 Q Members of our efficient staff are always on call, ready to serve you, efficiently, dependably and with attention to every detail. Q Our complete facilities enable us to give distinguished service at moderate prices. II Paul F. Esbenshade 145 West Main Street E New Holland -:- Pennsylvania U U U Page Sixtyase-Ven m1014114 1 1 14 14 111: 1n1n1x1x1n14 601010101 1010101 111 1 111u1r1o1a. Enterprise Telephone Company l Q Phone: 4-2102 l l New Holland -:- Pemisylvania o ,on1o1o1n1u1o1 1r1o1n1n1o1 111 101 I New Holland i Frozen Food Service i Fresh and Frozen Meats g H. s. Cammauf, Manager I Phone: 4-7671 :------ --------.,--,-.,-.,-.,-.- - - -.,-. o .v1o1o1o1o1e1o1 1 1 1 111 111 11,1 F l.. O W E R S . . . For Every Occasion i U Q j G1rv1n's Flowers Phones: Leola 6-2262 Ephrata 3-2674 2. Page Sixgy-.eighi 1- Q 140.9 ogoxozoqnogozoz 1 1 4pmpo1o1o1o1o11 02011 o:on1o1n1o1m 1 1 141101 1101: 1u1'v1n1 John S. Ewell, Inc. Milk Transportation o Phone: New Holland 4-7271 East Earl -:- Pennsylvania .1 101:1n1n1o1u1o1n1o1o1u1o1u1u o.ov1o1o1x1n1 1 1 11:11 1 1 141101110 The Farmers National Bank and Trust Company of New Holland, Pa. .101 1-1 1 1110.1 1 1 1 101:11 rin 1011 1 141014111r1u1u1u1u1n1o11 101 Samuel S. Gerhart Coal, Lumber, Roofing, and Building Materials East Earl -:- Pennsylvania Phone: New Holland 4-7241 3 91.10 1o1o1n1n1o1n 11,1010 1 U14-xozozn o'oa 4 il101010101011llliitl1tl1010Al4!i010 Amos 'Benny' Good For Friendly Farm Bureau Insurance Service Representing Farm Bureau Since 1936 East Jackson Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-9641 1 1r1:'111s1o1 11010141111 1 10 11 2 nz xi r2o1o2o3o1- 111 3:1111 Y O U R . . . Good Beverage Store Dial: 4-2245 208 East Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania xo1-ozozozo1mio:oznzozozozozoioxsfo 4 0:ozozozoz11:01ozozozuzozozozo John Deere Caterpillar T r a c t o r s Power Farm Equipment 0 A. B. C. Groff New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 4.11 in 11-:nic 1411:-ini1o1n1o1o1oio1ao:o 11 131,111 1 111141 1 1 1 1 o Complete Line of Appliances HOME APPLIANCES and GROFF'S HARDWARE New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 111-ozozfvz1,1-4v1-4,1-rizrmziizozozozozoxfozo Elmer R. Witmer Bus Service 0 Phone: New Holland 4-7199 East Earl, R. 1 -:- Pennsylvania e 1 0.011111 1o1u1.r: zoioioz-131111: :mir Goodville Mutual Casualty Company Viayne S. Martin, Secretary 7 Goodville, Lancaster County, Penna. Insurance at Cost Phone: Terre Hill 5-2691 10: 2:1-4w:r1-1 1- 1 iozozuzuivirio 0:0301ozoznzoxol-wifi.:oiozuiozo Best Wishes for Success in Your New Endeavors Groff's Hardware Hardware - Home Furnishings New Holland -:- Pennsylvania r.1o1r1o11,1o1. 1 v1a1o1o1o:r:1n1.y ozonzoioiozoi 1 1111111 xoxo: -crm: luv LeRoy W. Groff STOVES and BOTTLED GAS 517 - 519 West Main Street Phone: 4-0681 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania znvznrxiriisirxz-rv:-:ni 1o:n.T.o:o:o:oi4 010101010:019101010111-ilu:-wiv Gruhe's Barber Shop THREE CHAIRS fBy Appointmentl C Phone: 4-2266 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania -ivzcizrlzruzriinvznrz 1 11-o-in-zozozozz "'-i---'-1 Page 5 ty V171-Y 4:0114 1 1 1 1 11111111 1 1 1:1 1 11, 0:01010 o o o Hackman's Furniture Lancaster County's Newest 1,1 Furniture Store 119 East Main Street Ephrata -:- Pennsylvania Phone 3-2179 1 1 1 1o1n1o1u1u.- 1 1 1 14:11, 1111 it,-iiiiiimz, Oth: bzoluin u 01 u u o 1 Harris Bros. Dept. Store Clothing - Shoes - Rubbers Dry Goods and Notions Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania o:ow-o-o-o-o-n-o- - - y-o-o-o-o-o1o1w:o v14:1x1:1o1o1 1 101 101 1 in James High Feed and Fertilizer "Feed Purina and Wear a Smile" Phone: New Holland 4-0176 Gordonville, R. l -:- Pennsylvania Ienqmuv 9 , 1 3011 U..-U.-:.....,: ,-r,:.,: :.,:..:.,:.,-.,-0-1.3. .1 11111111110 1 0.0 Hilltop Service Station E S S 0 G A S Harlon M, Weaver, Prop. Blue Ball -:- Pennsylvania 1n:1o1o1u-11101 1 -o--o1o1o-n- 1 ------..--..----..g. age Seventy 1 o 0.01: 111 1 1010101010111 111 rx 1 Richard Hagy East End Texaco Station Phone: 4-0031 New Holland. Pennsylvania 101 1111o1o1o1o1o1o1u1o1u1o1 11 41101 101010101 1 1011101 1 1 Jos. S. Harris Company "Your Friendly Store" We Clothe the Family from Head to Foot 5 and 10 Cent Merchandise Ephrata -:- Pennsylvania 1141 1010111 1 1o1u1n1n1o:n1 1: o.oa1s:---------- -- . B. Herr 8: Son Stationery and Books Portable Typewriters School Supplies Printing Q 46-48 West King Street Lancaster - Pennsylvania 1 1 3 101030111 1124111110103 1412110111-1 1:-1111014111 1 2 1 O . ! Horst, Llchty and Frey 5 1 S p o r t s G o o d s 151 - 163 East King Street Lancaster -:- Pennsylvania Phone: Lancaster 2-7249 I Hollig grjs-Egg-SQaiigII - llcCormiek-FarmalP'lH'actoHs g ' i A Size and Style for Every Farm Job Washing - Lubrication : A Accessories International Harvester . l i I 527 West Main Street ' : 2 l New Holland -:- Pennsylvania C h a r l e S B ' H 0 0 b e r Phone. 4-2222 Intercourse, Pennsylvania ' 2 I Telephone: 8-3501 2 - ,-.,:,--.1- -,- - - - - ! ! ' i i TTTTTTTT T T g ?0lQ0l4Il4lltlllrllrililtll 1 it -fllilll' illifif H M H ' ' H f N ' n s ! , a n X '4 . 0 5 1 a H E n I i i Mobilgas Oil and Accessories A 5 J! F i ' A 1 55000 i Lubrication and Car Washing phone: 4,8446 Complete Line of Quality Foods New Holland -:- Pennsylvania New Holland, Penna. - l a7i'3147liii'Tiii'Qililii'li 'il' 'l:1,' ?TTTTT E 1 . . g International Latex Corporation i 1 , l New Holland, Pennsylvania Q ! ! l Page Seventy-one in in 1 Quia, 3 forum: 1 1 1 3 1 1xioxoiniuzui111110101 z.:-41clvcscD4r..-1,1111 11 1 1 gn: 1 2 ini :rg To the Class of l953.. i Your graduation is a great accomplishment in your young life, and with con- i tinued ambition and hard work that which you now have accomplished Q will seem small in relation to your future achievements. i - I g Frank lx i 8: Sons Pennsylvania Corp. g New Holland - Pennsylvania 5 MMU" un-'ii --'H -U U g When You Think of Music . . Q .lohnnie's Barber Shop Q 5 Think of ! l I Kirk .lohnson 8: Co. ! Theatre Building Q s g g g 16 West King Street i New Holland '2' PeIlI1SY1Va11ia Lancaster -:- Pennsylvania Y i Q Serving the Musical Public Over 66 Years - l ! ' , A ! 0 5 Abe Levitt s Store H 3 Llghty Bros, l l l ! 241W9SfMaiHSt1'eet U Q Bod and Fender Service n n n y , Wheel Alignment Q New Holland s Newest Department Q Q C Store East Earl -:- Pennsylvania l U l ! U i --.- g Clyde H. Kauffman 3 g "The Store on the Co1'ne1"' i We Make Keys While You Wait ! Hardware - Home Furnishin s - Gifts l g Phone: 4-0951 Page Seventy-two -Q ' Lancaster Photo - Engraving Company l 1061 North Duke Street Lancaster Pennsylvania Phone: 2-7512 Congratulations, Class of 1953! 'P Your School Photographers Long 8: York Studio 142 East King Street Lancaster Pennsylvania ni imziiinzniazxi---1194--i1 1 1 -' -l 1 1 12 -'IZ 1 'Z 1 101 Pf! S y-th ni ui I 7 ozaxqr an --11111111011110141111111101 1 1114 E Your Good Gulf Dealers I . Loht 8: Hutchinson Q Gulf Pride Oil - Gulfex Lubrication ! Q . Q Phone: 4-2271 g New Holland -:- Pennsylvania E.,.,.,,...,-.,:.,:.,I.,I.,:.,i.,:.,:.,:.,:..:.,:1,:. I M. W. Martin Sz Sons ! All Kinds of Electric Wiring i i Repairing oi Motors A Specialty ! Fixtures, Refrigeration and Appliances E Phone: 4-7706 2 Blue Ball -:- Pennsylvania Q l ! R a y E . M a r t 1 n 2 5 BUILDER I g New Holland -:- Pennsylvania i ! ! g .lack and .I1m Maser, Inc. g Excavating - Grading i Paving g Box 116 i Brownstown -:- Pennsylvania Phone: Ephl-ata 3-4950 ! Paqe S-5 Verily-LOUI A Q, 0:01111 1-11 1c11c11411m11m11o:411m1 1 1 'ORANGE' "TRIPLE-SLIDE" All-Aluminum Combination Storm Windows and Doors Available on Convenient Budget Plan M8zH ALUMINUM SALES CO. West Main Street New Holland, P Phone: 4-2239 Q wie gn- - 1 .- -1-1.-o-o-o-o- - - 1 nf 1 o:o11:1111 1111141101111 1411111411 1 1 14 Menno Martin Distributor of Texaco Petroleum Products New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0041 1 1 1 1 1m11o1411411n1z11 1 11-1 1 .Ip-11-1---1--------.png Martin's Store Phone: 4-8391 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 02011 111 1 1 1 1:11 1 11111 1 11 0:01 1 1 1 101 1:1101 11111111111 1 McCIure's SERVICE STATION Ice Cream Light Lunch Homemade Pies ' Route 23 Near Blue Ball, Pennsylvania 1111-1111u1u1u11411411x11m11m11111411411114 1 101011114111i1-rxuiuiniui 11 A. Z. Mellinger ROOFING Spouting O New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: Store 4-8374 1,1 1 101 1o1o1o1o1o11111049011 1:1:1o1o1o1n1u1u111101:1 1:10111 Mellinger... For Farm Bureau lnsurance Notary Public 582 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0621 1:1 1 1101 11111101111 1 1.11 -11-14-qui-1-i11,14i1 1. 10141:-110114-01 sz. 'Iv 'The Music Studio' Florence B. Bair l 28 South Roberts Avenue New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-8304 ,,.,1,3,,1.1-U1 1 1010141 1 1 it 1014. c.sv1u1o1n1o1o1 1: 1 s1n1u1o1u1n.1aa1u 0:01141 01 n1o1o1o1o1o1o1n1 1011110111111 TEST DRIVE THE BIG '53 FORD at B. Z. Mellinger, lnc. New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0651 0? ,pi nan: 1 an 1049 1 1411111111-1 an lining 101 11111 11111 1 1 1 irirzniwzo Mosemann's Cut Rate and Luncheonette New Holland -:- Pennsylvania H1112-.11 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1.11.03 101:10101o1o1o1o1n1o1n1n1 1 101-of Musselman Bros. Since 1911 Lumber - Building Material - Coal Ready-Mixed Concrete New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1-11 1:1 1 1 1 141101 10101 1 1u1f1m.1nu p41u1u1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 The New Holland Clarion A Newspaper for the Home Featuring Local Columnists A Modern Printing Service Phone: 4-2252 11 1o1n1o1o1u1o1 1 1 1 1 111 1:1 1: 1 1 1 1:101011111110101010101010141101 New Holland, Pennsylvania page 0 0.4 o ofa 10:0 V 9 0:4111 an 1ocun: 1 1o:o1::1o1u1u1 11:1 191:11 141101 in: 101111 1:1 1:1 g New Holland Concrete Products, lnc. Q C o n c r e t e P i p e ! . . . Q Concrete and Cinder Building Blocks i Ready-Mixed Concrete Metal Windows Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Q Phone: 4-2114 i,,,:,:,,:.:.,:.,:.-., - ,.,-, .- - - - - - - - - g Clair Mllsselmall Home-Dressed and Smoked Meats 5 Radio - Television New Holland Meat Market l Sales and Service ! , BUTTER AND CHEESE ! New Holland -:- Pennsylvania l New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 2 Phone: 49721 Phone: 4-8351 b:o.r1l1-----1-- --11 1 e:m:u1na:o:.-0.101o1011-1u1u1n1uT1-01o1u..4,,:, i . i New Holland Paint Store I 215 East Main Street g Paint and Painting Supplies Wallpaper ! Q I i MAHLON KURTZ E Painting Contractor and Proprietor i Narvon, R. 2, Pa. Q . g Peifer Pontiac Co. Q Pontiac . . . The American Beauty I 530 West Main Street : New Holland -:- Pennsylvania i Phone: 4-0601 g G M C T r u c k s Page Seventy-"'x C crest :o1u1n1n1n1n1 v1 u1n1:n1u1o1n1u1uca Phone: 4-0424 New Holland, Pa. New Holland Sales Stables LARGEST LIVESTOCK COMMISSION AUCTION IN THE EAST SALE DAYS Monday-Horses and Mules Wednesday--Dairy Cattle and Hogs Thursday-Beef Cattle and Calves E. H. Witmer, President John H. Gingrich, Manager Q 'dui 1 14111mir11r1oqmvio1n1n1o1o1 1111 010104 014101 ICE CREAM K, .,,,.f..E!gg F 1 , I I "I MJ X -N 7, If 'tAlways a Delicious Treat" :1 1 1vm1:m1w:14'1ux1o1u1n:n1u1o1 101 3:01014-101010141 1 r101010101o1n 1o101o101o10101 1 w10101o1n::o 1111 11.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1511,-9010101o1n1o1o1o1-110101 1111: Peoples Restaurant Laura L. Dommel, Prop. O Phone: 4-2276 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 10101 1 101o1o1010101o1o1o1114 1: Samuel S. Plotnick 8: Son USED AUTO PARTS SCRAP IRON AND METALS Phone: 4-2213 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 111111111111011114 111111 1 1010101o10101 1 1 1 101: IQJQA Q House of Photography A COMPLETE LINE OF CAMERAS Films and Supplies Viewmaster and Reels Developing and Printing 237 E. Main Street New Holland, Pa. 1 111011111 1m10..o1,1x... -- 1 1 1020 Roy E. Ream Your Good Neighborhood Poultry and Egg Dealer New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phones: Oflice 4-8831 Residence 4-8832 14 020111111 1:10101 1 101 101111141410 1014020 o -..g. '.' 010111111101o101o101o101o1 1111 10146, ! A. Clarence Plank Co. ,, i Q ! ! ! New Holland -:- Pennsylvania i Plumbing and Heating Phone: 4-8822 0:01 1 11111111 1 1 1: 1 r1 1 1 1:1-1430 Q gn T h e P u li H o m e C o o k i n g Famous for Delicious Platters and Sandwiches ! East Main Street i New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Closed Sundays Phone: 4-8113 0:01101 10111101111 1 1 1 10101 1111111495 Q ! l M el R a n cl a ll 1 ! 220 Locust Street ! ! New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ! r 2 Roberta s i 1 Q : Chlldren s Shop ' i West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-9722 Q i 1- -T1 - - Seventy-seven l A Q i . i Royer Pharmacy I g Retail Druggists Q ' Main and State Streets Q 4On the Squarej ! Ephrata -:- Pennsylvania g Telephone: 3-2435 ' Oiilllifi l lllltlilllllill-ihllilllllll l lllllfs ozor1o1o1o1o1o1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'moz' FOR THE ! FINEST IN g PHOTOGRAPHY . . . Q ! f., H ., 2 PHOTO SERVICE 23101 111 10141111101 101 1 1 1 1014, ! ! Q Earl Sauder I ! 113 South Railroad Avenue ! Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania I i Phone: 4-0861 Leroy M. Sensenig 0 i i Flour - Feed - Grain i . . i Hardware, Paint, and Poultry Equipment i 5 Phone: Ephrata 3-2009 vlvimpozoz :U-.0:0:o:r:0:0:o:n: : 1.04.4 Page Seventy-eight 51217 iovinir 01101 1:111o1u,.o1u1o1n..u1 1.1 1 Ruhinson's Department Store "The Ruby Store" Clothing - Shoes - Furnishings Dry Goods and Notions New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 11101o1r,1o1o1o1o1n1n1n1n1n1o1a 3.,-.,- - - -.,-.,:.,- :.,:.- : : : : Sauder Bros. Ford Tractors and Implements R E P A I R I N G 325-327 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1o1.m1o1o1r1u1 1 ... :1o1o1u1o..z-1 on.10111014114x1o1o1o1o1o1011:11 1 A. R. Sensenig, Inc. Chrysler and Plymouth Sales and Service I New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-2284 1 1 1,1 1o1u1u1u1u1-1 111:11 M. S. Sensenig FRIGIDAIRE AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HOOVER SWEEPERS New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1o1n1o1oqnn1o1- 1 1v1o1n1n1n1u1 1 1010101 1o1o1o1o::u1f1 1 1011 1- :oqp1n1oupcp1i1:ar1:o11 1111 1 1 1 11- 1 11 1 1 1 1:1 1111111 .lohn N. Sauder Auto Company Chevrolet - Oldsmobile KELVINATOR APPLIANCES r11411111w:uw111111 1:11 1 1010101n1u1o1o1u1u1'z1 1011, P. N. Shirk For Safe, Adequate Wiring Call 4-0631 SHIRK ELECTRIC Appliances - Fixtures New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1u1n1w1uuuu1n1 1 1 1o1o1u1u1o-11 -..-.,:..:.,:.,:U-0.-.,-..,:..: : 1- .-- .-.,....g. A Good Place to Eat. . . Sprecher's On Route 73, Near Bowmansville Dinners and Lunches Phone: Terre Hill 5-2416 :.,:.:,: : - : : : I 20:01 -.:......g. 1:11 1 1 1 coo1ocr 1 1 1 1 1r1.1r1.1,,1,,.,,,,1 gov: 1 1 1n1u1 111141 1010111 1 1 1 Robert S. Shirk Sales - WILLYS - Service 0 East Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-2216 0:01 1 1 1 1:1411 110101 111 qprxox 0.0lltli011r1011l101 1l1t7101U101Kl1'1i4l1 Residence Phone: Business Phone: Terre Hill 5-3751 Terre Hill 5-2731 A. W. Stauffer Electric Welding Repairing of All Kinds of Machinery Terre Hill -:- Pennsylvania v1-'1n1r,1o1u1 1 1 1-o1o1u.1-u1u.1u1u1 111 1 1010101 1 1 1111 1 1 1 111024 141 1 1 1- 1 1 ,1 1 111 1-1:10 Showalter 8: Horning Dodge and Plymouth DODGE "JOB-RATED" TRUCKS Sales and Service NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA 1:1 1 1 1 1v1.1n1fv1r-101010111111 101 xo 1 1 -1-u.1i,1u1n1u1u141 1- :1101-1 1 1 1 "il-1' Page Seventy , ,111 1-111 1-.1111 1 vin , 0 0 L, ,, 010,-,,10,,.01010101u-10...0101010,-010101 1 1 1 101 - 7 o g Snavely s Farm Service Q Allis-Chalmers Philco and Gibson Q Case Stoves and Refrigerators g F a r m E q u i p m e nt Apex Washers and Cleaners Wilson - Steinhorst Freezers ! Complete Farm Equipment Sales and Service g Telephone: 4-2214 New Holland, Pennsylvania V71 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1' 1 "' '- 4 ' ' I 2 t ffer Burner Com an g S au P y Stauffer's Drug Store Plumbing and Heating 0 Q Phone: Tel-1-Q Hill 5-2631 ! Gooclville - Pennsylvania l - - - ! 5 Peggy Stone's Beauty Shop ! Q o ! i 110 North Custer Avenue Q New Holland -:- Pennsylvania g Phone: 4-8533 l Phone: 4-2253 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 111 10101 1 1010101 1 1 1 1 Styer 8: Evans Real Estate and Insurance Phone: 4-2258 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 6,141 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ,. 1 101. 020' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 U riqpiigog Q Try This Combination . . . ! Quality Foods plus Low Everyday g Prices i 7 Q L e w s M a r k et g Meats - Groceries - Produce Frozen Foods g Free Delivery Telephone: 4-0821 Page Eighty ' 0'ov1n101010101010101 1 101 101 :01fg:q 1010101010101010101o1010101,n.. Tailors and Cleaners Hat Cleaning Ted the Cleaner 247 West Main Street New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-8671 1 1.1 1 1 101010.10101 1 1 1 1 1 .1.o1u1u1n1n1 1o1o1o1u1u1 10149 Clifford B. Townsley Building Construction Established 1838 0 16 Brimmer Avenue New Holland -:- Pennsylvania 1:11 1:11 1:1 1 1 1 1:11 1 1111 1 1f1n1-11.y1-11110141 1 1 1 1 111. .lohn H. Troop Music House, lnc. Founded 1881 38 West King Street Lancaster -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 7158 1 QQQNU1 -1n1o1o:u1u1 1 1 1 114 111 1 1 1 1 1 141 1 111 1u1u Dr. A. E. Wascou Optometrist New Holland -:- Pennsylvania - ------,pr-1.11011 1114111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 101' C. R. Weaver Real Estate and Insurance New Holland -:- Pennsylvania ,-H111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 14111 T T T TTiT lil iuillif 1 Q : Trimmer s Department Store i 5 FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS Q Phone: 4-2246 l New Holland -:- Pennsylvania - W P - E 7 Tshudy s Barber Shop Richard Tshudy, Prop. - i 20 North Railroad Avenue i New Holland -- Pennsylvania - 1 1 - ...... - E c M w 8 - 5 . . e 3 V C I' l Dealer in g Sand, Stone, and Cinders i ' Q Box 315 R. D. 2 I New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0260 i -0- 1 1 1u..n1o..u.-u1n1u: 1111.111-11014 o,ov1u-r--1----------- Weaver's Memorials l ' ! l Phone: 4-8621 K l New Holland -:- Pennsylvania i : - : - : : I : I : : -..-...-..-..-..g. f 1f? Paqe Eighty-one L ozonnoiuznii111u11w1s11411411u1u1u:u1n1o111,:, ozori vi: 1 ni ri 1 1 ri: ing-waging an 2 mini ! - ! ! 5 Victor F. Weaver, lnc. g , W W W 2 V 2 . . 1' g New Holland. Pa. e a V e Dressing Plant Jeweler Q Q Q Q O g B u y e r s g g - i of i i Best Wishes to the Class ol 2 Poultry and Eggs i 1953 Phone: 4-0211 3 ! !--- - ----- -- iq,g01,,i,,i,,3l,i,,i,,i1,3 1,1 :g 1 1 :.-011750 5ritricrinrixricrirricrirrzoirvivvzrriu-tvirvi j 'Say I1 With Flowers - . -' Q 3 West End Cleaners 8: Dyers .. i ' 5 Wenger's Flowers 5 ' ! e C Now . . . Wednesday and Saturday E For Every Occasion Pick-up and Delivery Service for C 2 2 Blue Ball ! ' ' ! Q , i ! ' ! Leacock -:- Pennsylvania Phone: 4-0731 g Phone: Leola 6-2911 g New Holland -:- Pennsylvania E - - - - - - - - - Richer Creamier ! Western Auto Associate ! , ! ! 2 Wlnte Oaks Farms ! Store ! n Q . i Dairy Products g Farm Maid lce Cream i 151 East Main Street ' i New Holland -:- Pennsylvania Terre Hill -:- Pennsylvania Q Phone: 4-8376 Q Phone: Terre Hill 5-2511 l ' Q Karin? 1 1 1---1- -i 0.20 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 g e e r s Q W lr ' 5 . g Custom Millwork i . . Q New Holland Planxng Mill, Inc. E Phone: 4-2106 l Page Eighty-two l C D1 anis: anmmnoioxozrrzuzoxoqnozoup 114 0 ozonz 1wzozoqpozoxo:o:o-o-o-o-o- -0- Oi9 i 2 2 : , W IT M E R S Jacob B. Zimmerman Wiring - Plumbing - Heating ELECTRICIANS Apllllances Plumbing and Heating Contractors 0 Hardware 252 East Main Street Blue Ball -:- Pennsylvania New H011and -1- Pennsvlv-mia Q Phone: New Holland 4-7481 ,, I Wolfe's E ii ------- . . David N. Zimmerman Amoco Service Station i i R. Wolfe, Prop. i i P A V I N G GAS - Lubrication - Oll. 0 Tires and Batteries E St E 1 P I . 2 : a al' 'Z' ennsy' vanla. Phone: 4-0721 West Main Street ! ' i Phone: New Holland 4-7301 New Holland -:- Pennsylvania i K- I ' ---Z H-'-i i------------ - 2 S. 0. Zimmerman Q : : Deller 3 55: 100 and ! ! Television and Electrical . ! ! . lFormerly Young sl A P p l I a n c e S l l 148 East Main Street i E 108 East Main Street l New Holland -:- Pennsylvania New Holland -:- Pennsylvania , i i Dlal 4-2267 ASK FOR . . REGENT BRAND Cream Cheese - Cottage Cheese "The Royalty of Dairy Products" I Meyer Zausner, lnc. New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ' - l T? T Page Eighty-th in: 1 T - -rzoir-1020101010101-na:trio.101-min:411020101-ozfuz 1 L- 1 101-trim:

Suggestions in the New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) collection:

New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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