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N We have crossed the bay . . . the ocean lies before us. i-- 1921 1922 1929 P l New Holland High School Honor Roll of Alumni 1917- 1937- LESTER KOCHEL - Army LLOYD HOOVER , Army 1920- 'WROBERT MARTIN - Army JOHN PAUL KOCHEL - Army R-USSELL GROFF - Army EJWIN C. DILLER - Army GRACE YOUNDT - WAC JAMES IRONS - Army 1930 GJOYD GEHR - Army MARK MELLINGER - Army CHARLES REIFSNYDER - Army ROLAND RICHWINE - Navy CARL WEAVER - Army JAMES WENTZ - Navy GEORGE WITMER - Army RICHARD ZEIMER - Army LAVERN WITMER - Army FRANK BAIR - Army ROY BAIR - Army 1941- LEONARD LEVITT - Army JAMES MASER - Army ALBERT PLOTNICK - Army WILLIAM ROHRBACH - Army ROBERT WHITMORE - Army NERINE GEHMAN - WAVE M. YVEAVER HAGEY - Navy 1938'- 1931 CLARENCE RUTT - Army - - :FROBERT GEIST - Army S5335 Airway MARK HOUSHOWER - Army JAMES SANDOE - Navy SFMARTIN HOFFMAN - Army 1932 214 WILLIAM SWEIGART - Army ROY MILLER - Army JOHN RICHARD BAIR - Navy ROBERT REID SEABOLDT - Army CLYDE KAUFFMAN - Navy EMILY BRIMMER - WAC PARKE GROFF - Army 1933- IRVIN DIFFENDERFER - Army 1934- JAMES DAVIS - Army JOHN GARMAN - U.S.N.R. ADAM MARTIN - Army WILLIAM MEARIG - Army HAROLD FRANK - Army LEWIS STONE - Army 1935- BERNARD DAVIS - Army JAMES HARSH - Army ROY HOOBER - Army HARRY IRONS - Army RICHARD KOCHEL - Army WARREN MENTZER - Navy ROBERT MYERS - Army HAROLD POOLE - Army GORDON SMITH - Army EDWARD STIEF - Army ROY DUNN - Army SAMUEL ZIMMERMAN - Army 1936- RICHARD GEIST - Army LESTER KUTZ - U.S.N.R. JOHN RESSLER - Army VERNON REYNOLDS - Army ROBERT RUTTER - Army RICHARD SPRECHER - Army CARROLL STOKES - Army ROBERT WRIGHT - Army ELIZABETH GROFF - WAVE HARRY WITMAN - Army WBENJAMIN BRUBAKER - Army PAUL LAUKHUI-'F - Army DONALD WITMER - Army REID SLICK - Army HAROLD WEBER - Army HARRY WITMAN - Army DONALD WRIGHT - Army A. JACKSON YUNDT - Army ,KEWMIT ZIMMERMAN - Army YVALTER SHULER - Army 1939- 1940 ILLARD GEHMAN - Army LUTHER GEHMAN - Army CHARLES GOOD - Navy GERALD HARSH - Army CHARLES IRONS - Army JOSEPH KURTZ - Marines HENRY MATTIS - Army CLIFFORD OVERLY - Army ROBERT AMES - U.S.N.R. LEWIS BENSINGER - Army BENJAMIN DUNLAP - Army PAUL GABLE - Army RALPH GOOD - Army ELMER KEENAN - Army WILLIAM MARTIN - Army PAUL REESE Merchant Marine GEORGE STORB - Navy JOHN STORB - West Point Military Academy RICHARD USNER - Army CLAYTON ZOLLER - Army GLENN WRIGHT - Army 1942- JAMES EVANS - Navy ROBERT ANDREW - Army ROBERT GILFILLAN - Army LEO GRANT - Coast Guard MARTIN WEAVER - Army FRANKLIN WAID - Army ELRAY WEIDMAN - Army RAYMOND BENSINGER - Navy ROBERT LOETSCHER - Navy JAY OBERHOLZER - Army R. EVERS WHITMORE - Army 1943- HAROLD PLANK - Army RICHARD DIEM - Army STANLEY TUCK ' Navy WILLIAM KURTZ - Navy JOHN WENTZ CLYDE MARTIN - Army Merchant Marine LEON RICHWINE - Navy ROBERT WITMER - Army RAY SENSENIG , Army RICHARD KURTZ ' Army RICHARD LANDIS - Navy - 'MSAMUEL WEAVER - Army JAMES BACHMAN - Army 1944- JAMES CLEMSON - Army EDGAR BECK - Navy HAROLD DILLER - Army ELVIN MUSSELMAN - Navy RAYMOND GEIST - Army JAMES REIFSNYDER - Army IVIURIEL GEHMAN - WAVE BRUCE ROLAND - Army WILLIAM HALL - Army GEORGE STONE - Navy ROBERT KESSLER - Army DONALD SMITH - Army RICHARD LANDIS - Navy EDWIN FRANKHOUSER - Navy PAUL MACKREDIS DONALD NELMS - Army Merchant Marine THOMAS DUNLAP - Army CHARLES MARTIN - Army FACULTY- ROBERT NELMS - Army WII.LIS RANCK - Army MEAZIAR BLASS BETTY RANCK - WAVE JAR1: ASEIEGEE' ' A ' ' KENNETH SELDOMRIDGE - Army R' BER: P S RS 'N rmy ALLEN SHIRK - Army 0 ' IMON ' avy GILBERT STAUFFER SCHOOL DIRECTOR- Merchant Marine DR. WILSON A. FOUST - Army DONALD SWEIGART - Army , WILLIAM SPOHN - Navy "'H0n0rab1y Dlschafged RUTH SEABOLDT - WAVE MKi1led in Action Page Two '20 l l i i Q ' 1 ehiratiun l i 5 i l i We, the Class of 1945. of New Holland High School, 5 2 dedicate this issue of Leoninus to all the Alumni of New Q l Holland High School who are serving in the armed forces I i of the United States of America. Q We wish to express our appreciation and gratitude to ! i those one hundred and sixty-five alumni, two of whom i have made the supreme sacrifice. These patriotic men and i women would gladly give their lives so that our country I Q may continue to embrace the four freedoms of living. l l To us they are a symbol of what we hope to be, of Q the qualities we wish to possess. Because of them and ! many like them, we have worked, played and enjoyed the - privileges education has offered us during the past twelve D ! years. We, the seniors of 1945, are grateful to you who Q l have offered your lives to your country that people such 1 i as we may enjoy the American W'ay of Life. I i I ozorzoioiozozoioivzrznzoz 111 11,11 10101: 10111 si' 1 Page Three i l fjn jiilrmnriam LT. LAMAR K. Buss It is with deep sorrow and profound sympathy that we, the Class of 1945, record the death of one of our most highly respected and best-loved high school teachers, who, after valiantly serving in the United States for 22 months in this war, paid the supreme sacrifice, when, on May 29, 1944, he was killed in action, in Italy. As an instructor in mathematics and industrial arts, and also as the coach of our school sports, Mr. Blass, won the respect and admiration of all who knew him. His generous sharing of his knowledge and experience of life with those who needed it, in addition to his keen sense of sportsmanship and fair play, made Mr. Blass a person of such character that we will long remember him and what he has done for us. In line with his interest in the successful welfare of others, he dutifully entered the service of his country to fight with millions of others in the preser- vation of its safety and freedom. While serving in this capacity he was forced to give his life for the things he loved best. To his wife and parents the Class extends its sympathy and wishes to express the belief that of those who knew him, none can deny that he was every bit the man that they might ever hope to be. - Page Four at l l Board of Education Mr. H. Earle Wright ...... ................. P resident Mr. Charles S. Zwally ....... ......., V ice President Mr. John H. Martin ........... .................. S ecretary Mr. Henry R. Fenninger ................................................................ ......... ...,.... T r easurer Mr. J. Maurice Smith 1 If X if if As the nation, states and community are governed in a democratic way, so are the local schools. The people of the town elect men to represent them in an organization, namely, the Board of Education, whose chief duties are to further education. Students and townspeople alike owe a great deal to these busy men, who spare a portion of their valuable time in order to serve on the Board of Edu- cation. The school directors serve voluntarily . . . they work with determin- ation. Their work involves complicated relationships with the State Depart- ment of Public Instruction, faculty, pupils and taxpayers. They provide the students of New Holland with a modern, progressive school, with a well-rounded curriculum and intellectual faculty. Thanks to them, the graduates of New Holland High School know that they have received the best education obtainable from a school of extremely high standards. - -, - -: Page Five N. Il e! axi- r 1 Page Six School Staff MR. J. HARVEY SHUE Supervising Principal MISS VIRGINIA M. HOFFMAN Assistant Principal Librariang Social Studies MRS. BARTON OVERLY Third Grade MISS MARY HARSH Fourth Grade MRS. ANNA S. DILLER Fifth Grade MISS HELEN B. FENNINGER Sixth Grade MISS SUIE ZIMMERMAN Second Grade MRS. IRWIN R. WEAVER Second Grade MISS MARIA K. BENDER First Grade MRS. WILLIAM U. GRANT MRS. BETTY WILLIAMS Cafeteria ASQQOL Staff MISS NANCY SABO Commercial Department MISS DOROTHY YOST Art, Home Economics MISS LOUISE BEAR Seventh Grade MISS RUTH WITMAN Eighth Grade: Languages MRS. WALTER K. EBERSOLE Music MISS MARY ELLEN WEISER English MISS JANE CROMIS Mathematics MR. CARL DRISCOLL Shop: Physical Education MISS ELIZABETH TROXELL Physical Educationg Sciences ,YW X X IQ Page Seven 'Simi bmwfh-w f' . Qqxs..-'Y I-R5 .i litllfiiiiiiltliiiii 11914 n:1li1n:oi1n1o11nj1vI0:01fnjo1:xjwn1cx14i011nZ1rl bjo1ojoj0101u14l:0:4 .:.Doi0i0ioi4r1OZo14 :ini mia 14 if 102:14 14-1 :oi if 1:11 1oio1oioioi0:o10i1vi1 3 Q 5 3 9 Editorial 5101? g EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ----. MARY ANN MUSSELMAN Q ASSOCIATE EDITOR - - .IOHN SWEIGART 3 ART EDITOR - - - VIRGINIA zERBE I PATTY EENNINGER ROBERT TRIMMER Q BETTY BOWERS NANCY AMBLER S JOAN BOWERS DORIS ARCHER S Business Staf Q GENERAL MANAGER ------ GLADYS MCGINNIS 2 ADVERTISING MANAGER - - HAROLD WRIGHT Q ETHEL RENNINGER HAZEL LOWRY 2 MARILYN DE HART Q CIRCULATION MANAGER ----- JAMES WENGER 3 4, JEAN MASER CLYDE BENSINGER MELVIN LUDWIG FACULTY ADVISORS MISS VIRGINIA M. HOFFMAN MR. J, HARVEY SHUE Qvioitrioioioi ri-:-i41111z4r1c1cu:14114t1oi411ri1v11n1411b:v1:4v:14u14 7 I 7 Page Eight N SENIORS l l ANNA ELIZABETH AMBLER Born May 17, 1927 "Nancy" Senior Play 1415 Glee Club 1l,2,3,415 Patrol 11,2,3,415 T.C.N. Associate Editor 141 5 Quill and Scroll 1415 Community Service 1315 Dramatics 1115 Victory Lcrps 1215 Class Umcer 1115 Sextette 1415 Leoninus 141. This gracious lady of the senior class made her educational debut in New Holland Grade School, but left only to return in Junior High School. Since that time she has played hostess to the class on several occasions at Windsor Forge, Churchtown, and at the Ambler reidence in East New Holland. What high school student hasn't had a wonderful time "raiding the ice box," dancing or celebrating their birthday at "Nan's?" Versatility seems to be one of "Nancy's" outstanding assets. Her acting ability was portrayed by her characterization of Polly Dutton, the handsome dowager in "The Whole Town's Laughing." She very capably carried out her talents in the literary field by being an Associate Editor of Town Clock News, President of the Quill and Scroll Society and a member of the Editorial Staff of the Leoninus. DORIS MAY ARCHER Born June 5, 1928 "Doris" Glee Club 11,2,3,415 Leoninus 1415 Victory Corps 1215 Community Service 1315 Senior Play Usher 141. Doris is one of the younger members of our class. In fact this charming lass rates a close second. Her journalitic ability is outstanding, as she often entertains the class with poems and zompositions. She also served on the editorial staff of the Leoninus and helped to write the class song. She keeps the library busy checking books, because her favorite hobby is reading. Doris is also a dashing figure in intramural basketball in which she participates. But at present she is interested in some- thing more serious. She is using all her spare time in prepara- tion to enter the Cadet Nurse Corps. The Commercial Course has claimed her, and because of her reatness and quietness we predict that she will also fare well in this field. We feel that her willingness to aid her friends and with her attitude, friendliness and ambitiousness will make her succeed in anything. CLYDE C. BENSINGER Born April 25, 1928 "Ben Boom" Glee Club 1415 Basketball 12,3,415 Baseball 13,415 Track 13,415 Soccer 12,3,415 Home Room Officer 141. There is only one thing that means anything to this brown, curly-haired chap and that's sports. Whether it is a football skirmish, a basketball contest, baseball game or swimming or soccer it makes no difference for "Ben" is versatile in all of them. Serving as captain of this year's soccer team, and as a hard- fighting guard on this year's all County Basketball Team, as well as throwing a mean javelin and doing a swell job as catcher on the ball team, this solid-built lad has lived and breathed sports as long as he can remember. As soon as anyone thinks of "Ben Boom," sports is the first thing they usually associate with him, unless it's a swell girl who lives a little distance from New Holland. After graduation "Pently" says it is going to be the Ma- rines for him, which seems to be right down his line. Whatever he does decide to do, here's to the success of one swell guy. Page Ten v a FLORENCE JOAN BOWERS Born October 10, 1927 "Joan" Leoninus 1113 Dramatics 1113 Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Patrol 11,2,3,41g Victory Corps 121, Community Ser- vice 131. The girl with the gleam in her eye . . . that's Joan, and it's a very infectious gleam, too, for one can't help smiling when Joan smiles, or laughing when Joan laughs, that's impossible. She's talented along the music line, having taken piano les- sons and adding her soprano voice to the glee club for four years in high school, but that artistic Hair overpowers allg consequently she's headed straight for Kutztown College next year, where slxe will "establish residence" for the following four years, and after that 'I ? 'I . . . maybe commercial art! What girl in the senior class doesn't envy Joan her brown, curly hair and dark eyes? Nary a one could answer "no" to such a query. With an incurable "pash" for dancing, and any- thing that's nice, she has gained many friends along the way, and everyone knows that Joan is sure to go soaring upward fast and furiously in her first solo flight . . . life! RUTH BRENDLE Born October 13, 1927 "Ruthie" Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Community Service 131, Track 131. "Speech is silver, but silence is golden" is the maxim by which Ruth lives. She is not only one of the quietest, but also one of the shortest members of the class of '45, Ruth knows what is going cn, but is inclined to let the rest talk about it, while she ponders the subject. Since her appearance in New Holland High in ninth grade, Ruth has been a commercial student and is adept in the arts of typing and shorthand. Also an ardent Home Ec. pupil, Ruth has helped to whip up many delectable dishes and has shown her ability to sew a Hne seam. Though often seen, but seldom heard, Ruth's friendly smile is familiar to all. She loves sports and is an outstanding guard in basketball, as well as an able dribbler on the hockey field. Here's to the future, Ruth . . . may it bring you success and happiness. MARILYN ELAINE DE HART Bo1'n July 13, 1927 "Lynn" Glee Club 11,2,31g Cafeteria 13,415 Patrol 12,3,41g T.C.N. 131g Community Service 12,315 Victory Corps 1213 Leoninus 141. Tall dark-haired Marilyn joined us in her Freshman year from Bowmansville. Since then she has proved to be a very worthy member of our class. She has helped solve the financial problem of the cafeteria, by serving as cashier in her junior and senior years. Among her chief delights are bowling and reading. One can always find "Lynn" giving a lusty yell at a basketball game rather than participating in the sport. Patrol and Glee Club have also enlisted her as one of their members. Marilyn has taken the Academic course and after gradua- tion her neatness is bound to help her in her work. Good luck to you, Marilyn, in everything you do. We know you will be a credit to the nursing profession. r 1 Page Eleven i i PATRICIA REYNOLDS FENNINGER Born October 31, 1927 "Pat" Band 11,2,31g Orchestra 11,2,31 3 Glee Club 11,3,41g T.C.N. 11,2,3,41g Leoninus 1413 Quill and Scroll 1413 Class Officer 1119 Senior Play 141g Patrol 11,2,3,41g Cheerleader 13,41 g Home Room Officer 121 3 Sextet 141 5 Victory Corps 121 3 Community Service 12,31. According to the old adage that the best things come in small packages, "Pat" must be made to order 'cause she is really an all- around girl. Popular with everyone, her field of activities is varied. If she is not slaving away as the very capable editor of T.C.N. she might be found cuttin' a sharp figure, dancing to some hot count basic rhythm. or enthusiastically leading the gang in a "yea team!" The Honor Roll seldom comes out minus her name. When asked what's her favorite song, she'll invari- ably answer "Anchors Aweigh' 1who do you think she writes all those letters to anyway, huh?1. Her plans are all made for the next four years, namely the Library Science Course. When you go through those card catalogues, "Pat," locate lots of hap- piness and success for yourself along the way. LEWIS JAY GEHMAN Born January 21, 1927 "Lewie" T.C.N. Moving Picture Manager 12,41g Assistant Manager 11,2,31 : Victory Air Corps 121. "Lewie," who is the shortest fellow if our class, has been with us off and on throughout our high school days. He started school with us in first grade, but in the latter part of second grade he left us to go to Beartown school, then Ephrata, followed by a half year at Greenbank. In ninth grade we welcomed him to our class once more only to lose him to the Air Corps recently. "LeWie" was one of the six ambitious lads who took the summer course in order that he might finish his high school edu- cation before Uncle Sam took him. He is now stationed at an Air Crewmen's Training Center in Tennessee, where he is study- ing to be an aerial gunner. Our last semester was noticeably affected by the loss of his gags and gay laughter in the class rooms, but he is still studying hard and we are heartily backing our share of the Air Corps as hc shoots for success. ELEANOR GRACE LANDIS Born October 30, 1927 "El" Senior Play 1413 Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Band 1415 Orchestra 1415 Patrol 1415 Community Service 1315 Basketball 1415 Cafeteria 1415 Track 131. "Well for gosh sakes!" That was Eleanor's saying in the Class Play, in which she gained great success as Sarah the maid. Eleanor, who is better known to her friends as "El" first saw the light of day in New Holland, but as a tiny tot made the Community of Ephrata her home. After gaining the rest of her education at several schools, she made her debut in New Holland High School as a junior. Since she attended New Holland High School, she has fared well in Home Economics. She can also be seen in the Cafeteria every noon serving food. Among "EPS" chief delights are playing her clarinet and intramural basketball, not to mention her commercial work. The latter falls in with her plan to become a teacher in the future. We know you will succeed in your future ambitions. Page Twelve I I ARVELLA LOUISE LOHT Born May 23, 1927 "Al" Senior Play 141g Glee Club 11,2,41g Patrol 11,2,3, 41g Community Service 1315 Victory Corps 1219 Band 111. Short and jolly, Arvella loves to laugh. Her sense of humor and timely remarks have won her many friends. She is one of the East-end gang who has a reputation for breezing in the door a scant few seconds before the buzzer rings. A strong alto, Arvella has raised her voice in song as a member of the Glee Club for four years. She used to swing it on a clarinet, but gave it up in preference to dancing to a hot number. She is one of the "Farley vous" students, but chemistry is still he1 big mystery. Though she is a southpaw, this jolly miss wields a handy pencil, and is a prominent member of the elective art class. A great deal of her time is spent with pen in hand boosting the morale of a number of English sailors for letter writing is one of her hobbies. It is written in the stars, Arvella, that success will be yours. HAZEL IRENE LOWRY Born December 8, 1927 "Hazel" Glee Club 11,2,31g Community Service 131, Senior Play 1415 Leoninus 1413 Basketball Manager 141. This small young miss with the dark brown eyes has been a member of our class since the freshman year. What the gang would do without Lowry in dull moments is something to con- sider. Where this lass is, conversation is kept buzzing. Hazel, who is a commercial student, is always looking for something to type, especially French papers for Mr. Driscoll. Aside from her studies, Hazel lends her voice in the soprano section of the Glee Club. She served very eiiiciently as manager of the girls' basketball team. Flash! Zoom! Just Lowry dashing about in her Dad's blue Hudson 1when the gas isn't all1. If she isn't taking someone home after school you can rest assured she is taking the kids to Lancaster, where she is studying beauty culture. 'l he principal heart interest of Hazel is "Snau" . . . a worthy use of leisure. MELVIN LUDWIG November 23, 1927 "Mel" Basketball 13,415 Soccer 12,415 Leoninus 1413 Glee Club 121. ltls fifteen seconds till the end of the game with New Hol- land lagging behind by one point, in the final play-oif game for the Lancaster County Championship. It looks bad, but, hold on . . . look! "Mel" has the ball, and calmly from mid-court he shoots and . . . swish! it goes right through the basket, not even touching the rim. Aside from his expert ability in basketball and numerous other sports, "Mel" has been one to whom we go for help in solv- mg those involved "Solid and Trig" problems. We met this mathematical whizz in eighth grade when f'Mel" came to New Holland Schools from the Cross Roads School. Coming to New Holland might have proved to be a turning point in his life, for it was here that he met Ethel. Since then the two have been inseparable . . . like bacon and eggs . . . tr bread and butter. As the story goes, we hope you live happily ever after. Page Thirteen a n A JEAN MASER Born December 27, 1926 ' "Jeanie" Glee Club 11,2,45, Basketball 11,2,3,45g Track 11,2,355 Patrol 11,2,3,45g Leoninus 145, Community Service 135, Dramatics 115, G.A.A. 145, Victory Corps 125. Hear that laugh over in yonder corner? It must be Maser listening to another joke. Her infectious giggle is unmistakable as she flashes another grin and rolls her eyes. "Jeanie" comes a long way to school these days. She's been with us ever since the very first day of first grade, when she lived right outside of New Holland. Last year she moved to Brownstown, but she could not be torn away from her beloved class and insisted upon sticking with us to the very end. A whiz on the basketball court, Maser flashes in and out, startling spectators with her shots. Her voice plays an import- ant part in every cheering section, too, and she can be heard cheering the New Holland team on to victory. Here's hoping that the future holds many victories for you, "Jeanie." GLADYS McGINNIS Born January 16, 1927 "McGfimzis'l Glee Club 11,3,45 3 Orchestra 11,2,3,45 9 Senior Play 145, Basketball 145, Track 1l,3,45g T.C.N. 1453 Quill and Scroll 1455 Class Ofiicer 13,455 Community Service 1353 Dramatics 115, G.A.A. 1455 Ofiice Secretary 145, Leoninus 145, Student Librarian 1359 Victory Corps 1353 Sextette 145. Tall, blonde and ambitious, that's Gladys. She loves argu- ments and never hesitates to enter one whether it be animal, mineral, or chemical. She usually wins too, because as a rule. she knows what shcls talking about, and makes sure she gets in the last word. She's the gal with the ready laugh, and loves lun. An honor roll never appears without Gladys' name at the top, for she's always an industrious student. She hankers for knowledge and took both commercial and academic subjects be- fore deciding upon a career. Gladys aims to be a woman in white and plans to go into training at the Lancaster General Hospital. If ambition and hard work lead to success, Gladys, your future will be bright. MARY ANN MUSSELMAN Born July 7, 1927 "Muz" Community Service 1355 Dramatics 1255 Sextette 1453 Track 11,3,45g Basketball 11,2,3,45g Glee Club 11,3,453 G.A.A. 145g Cheerleaders 13,45g Senior Play 145, T.C.N. 11,3,45g Patrol 11,2,3,45g Leoninus Editor 1455 Quill and Scroll 145, Victory Corps 125. Wanna know anything? Just ask "Muz," and she'll tell you! As one of the brains of the class, who is more qualified than she to answer? Not many an activity in the school, with the exception of band and orchestra, functions without the name, Mary Ann Musselman, on its membership roll. She gets around, in school and outside, too. She, like the other members of the Triumvirate . . . Fen- ninger, Musselman, Ambler, Inc., is also kept quite busy with pen 'n' ink, keeping up the morale of the fellows, and on any quiet Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall evening when there's nothin' doin', she can be found fast and furiously writing. When you go physiotherapy through life, "Muz," take lots of time out for happiness . . . you deserve it! page Fourteen ff 'sAWs ' new f H as ff l l LESTER NELSON Born September 30, 1928 "Les" "Les" joined our ranks in ninth grade when he moved to New Holland from Lancaster, where he went to the Edward Hand Junior High School. Lester is one of the quieter members of our class and hasn't very much to say, but even if you don't hear much from him, he is still there and doing some thinking, too, for when he is called upon he responds with a concise reply. "Les" can very frequently be found at Maple Grove, where he and his friends happily enjoy the art of roller skating, and you will find, too, that he is an expert along that line. His thoughts are also in the air, and Lester is planning his career in the aviation world. Last summer he took a course in fiight training, which he expects to continue this summer, and after passing the same will be qualified for his student pilot's license. Lester hopes and we all hope with him that he can fulfill his dream and as he puts it, "be a pilot just for the fun of it." ROBERT LEE OBERHOLZER E01-n May 11, 1928 "Obie" Glee Club Q3Jg Senior Play 1433 T.C.N. Qljg Man- ager, Stamp Drive 141. From the nearby town of Blue Ball came this light-haired senior. Lee joined us in the Freshman year, after obtaining his first eight years of education from the school in his home town. "Obie" the sole lad among the Senior Commercial students, is not swayed by the opposite sex. They do not bother him! Al- though he does participate in many activities, he has served capably as manager of the Stamp Drive sponsored each week. Leeis name may also be found on the Honor Roll. After school hours, Lee may be found pondering over ac- counts at the Blue Ball Machine Shop. That is why his Ply- mouth or Ford and the passengers that go to and from school with him each day, leave shortly after dismissal. Of course, Lee was wise in taking the commercial course since after gradu- aticn he will be his father's right hand bookkeeper in the country store at Goodville, where this chap moved during the last few weeks of school. HARVEY H. OVERLY Born October 5, 1926 "Harvey" Senior Play 441. This handsome young lad hails from the metropolis of East Earl. He first entered New Holland High School in his fresh- man year. Harvey's congenial disposition has won him the friendship and admiration of all his classmates and under those much-to-be-envied black locks is a brain that has been used to advantage during his high school life. Although Harvey is one of the biggest and huskiest fellows in the class, he is, by repu- tation, the most bashful, turning a lovely shade of pink when he blushes. Harvey could always be depended upon to bring his gang to school every day, rain or shine, in that familiar Plymouth. He has an answer for every question, though of course not always the right one. His time out of school has been taken up mostly with lend- ing a helping hand to his father on the farm. As an added bit of information, Harvey is now in the Navy. The class of '45 wishes you the best of luck on the "sea" of life. ' ' " "iw" Page Fifteen 1 Qian, ETHEL RENNINGER Born March 30, 1928 "Ren', Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Basketball 11,2,3,41g T.C.N. 141 3 Quill and Scroll 141g Hockey 131 g Leoninus 141 5 Victory Corps 1215 Band 11,21g Orchestra 11,213 Of- fice Secretary 1415 Track 11,2,31g Community Service 1315 Senior Play 141. "Shoot it! Shoot it!" shouts the crowd as Ethel swiftly places another ball into the basket and the score goes climbing higher and higher. As a forward on the varsity basketball team we can depend on her to keep our record good and she keeps her opponents stepping. Also her clear soprano voice has become an asset to the glee club in the past four years. By the way, if you hear some silly giggle from the corner of the room, that will be Ethel laughing at some corny joke. At the present time her main in- terest is Melvin. Just what she will do after graduation is in- definite. Perhaps she will become a secretary, although she may settle for a "little red farm house." Well, whatever it is, Ethl, with your capability and personality we know you will succeed. BETTY JANE SENSENICH Born November 17, 1927 "Betty" Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Community Service 1313 Vic- tory Corps 121g T.C.N. 141. Betty, who is an attractive dark-haired lass, was born in Beartown. She is one of the quieter members of the class. She made her debut in New Holland High School as a freshman, and has since made the town her home. Her knowledge in the field of Home Economics is sincerely appreciated by members of the class to whom Betty gives out bits of information. Betty tries to practice the statement, "A friend in need is a friend indeed," by being friendly to everyone. She has taken the commercial course. Her typing ability is appreciated by members of the faculty. When the band is playing the Army Air Corps song, a knowing gleam comes into her eyes as she dreams of days to come. We know her future will be happy . . . whether she chooses a career or settles down in a little white cottage with a picket fence. ELEANOR MARY SIMMONS Born July 16, 1928 "Dude" Glee Club 12,415 Senior Play 141. Eleanor has come to us in her senior year from Salisbury High, where she has graduated from the three-year course. "Dude" is one of the quiet, industrious members of our class, and she is a good friend to everyone. She takes much interest in her school work and is willing to do whatever is asked of her. She is also the youngest member of the class. Eleanor does not spend all her time on lessons, for her hobbies are reading, or playing the piano. She has also added her alto voice to the Glee Club. The commercial course claims most of "Dude's" time and she hopes to become a secretary after graduation. Her commer- cial work has shown the effects of hard work, ability, neatness and accuracy, so she should have no trouble in carrying out het intended career. Here's wishing you lots of luck, "Dude" and hoping that that shorthand of yours transcribes "success." Page Sixteen FLW l l MARY EDNA SKILES Born October 24. 1924 HMGTZIH Giee Club f2,4Jg senior Play 441. Mary joined us in our senior year. She received her first three years of high school education at Salisbury High. You can always tell that Mary is happy, for she is always seen laughing and joking with the rest of the class. Her pleas- ing personality and helpful disposition are well known to all of her classmates. Whether it be work or play, she is always ready to pitch in and help with a smile. She is very studious and ai- ways has her school work well prepared. Mary's favorite hobbies are reading and listening to the radio, although she does like eating rather well. Being a commercial student Mary's chief interests lie in the commercial field, and shorthand has become her favorite subject. Mary's ability will be an asset to her in the business world. With her jolly personalilty, initiative and willingness to work we feel sure she will make an efficient secretary. So . . . keep them dictating! ROBERT SPRECHER Born December 17, 1926 "Bob" Basketball Manager 631. Meet Bob, the boy with the irresistible grin. Although he never has a great deal to say, his pleasant and cheerful smile speak for him. SCh0Ul was never one of nis favorite pastimes, but he found numerous ways to amuse himself. Bob has a complexion that is envied by all of the girls and a uniform which is admired by all the fellows. To say the least, he is one of the most attractive boys in his class. So that he might finish his senior year early he took a summer course and now he has added his services to the Navy. Bob was called into the service just a few weeks after he began his senior year, and the class missed his witty remarks through- out t..e year. it is uncertain what Bob will do after he leaves the Navy . . . perhaps he will become a permanent member of that branch of the service. Whatever it is we know you will be a success . . . so smooth sailing, "Bob!" GLENN SWEIGART Born August 17, 1927 "Dutch" Senior Play f4Jg Glee Club C413 Basketball f2,3, 43, Baseball 03,413 Track f3,4j3 Soccer f2,3,4J3 Class Officer f2,4J. One of the "Gilleyville" gang, Dutch left out a lusty yell on August 17, 1927, and has not gone unnoticed since. There is not a person in the school who does not know this tall athlete. "Dutch" has left his successful mark in N. H. H. S. with his :activities in soccer, baseball, track, and above all, basketball. "That tall Sweigart guy" is known all over Lancaster County as New Holland's star center. It's usually "Dutch" who chalks up those high scores dear to the heart of every basketball fan. Although Glenn's main talents are in the field of sports, he has shown his executive ability when he acted as class officer on several occasions and on varied social committees. He showed "Cassanova" tendencies as handsome Geoffrey Lamont in the Senior Play. Always ready with a fiip remark and an amiable grin, "Dutch" is one of the class of '45,s favorites. ---A -W - 7, , Page Seventeen 1 5 JOHN SWEIGART Born July 18, 1927 "Hoogie" Senior 1-'lay 1415 Glee Club 141g Basketball 13,415 Track 13,415 Soccer 13,415 T.C.N. 1415 Class President 12,3,413 Band 11,21 g Leoninus 141 5 Victory Corps 121. What was Morgantown's loss was New Holland's gain, for who else but "Hoogie" could have ruled the supposedly unruly class of '45? WVith interests scattered all over Lancaster County, he really "gets around" 1in the Ford if he is lucky1. As a steady substitute on the basketball team . . . as another lusty bass voice in the Glee Club . . . as a very capable Douglas in the Senior Play, and as a peppy sports writer for the T.C.N., the word "Success" has emblazoned itself all over him. A corny joke and a hearty laugh characterize Sweigart to a UT." When he's got a job to do he goes at it with a vengeance. Always on the ball, he is frequently seen toting some snazzy chicks around with that gleam in his eye. When you get to be President, "Hoogie," remember us back here in New Holland, will you? ROBERT TRIMMER Born September 26, 1927 "Trim" Senior Play 1413 Leoninus 141. "Bob" is one of the old-timers of the senior class, having started first grade here and spending all his following years of school right here in New Holland. Robert's interests have been varied from time to time, but in the end they all seem to point to some phase of science. Even since the grades he has been experimenting with chemicals, dis- secting animals, or studying the stars. Although science is his first love, Robert's abilities lie in other directions too. In the Senior Play, his portrayal of the dignified "Count" was done in magnificent manner, particularly with the French accent he de- veloped. Oui, oui, 'tBob!" But playing the part of the well-dressed man was right down his alley for Robert presents a very chic appearance in his tidy and well groomed clothes. Perhaps, though the thing that distinguishes him mtst or all is his dark, wavy nair. "Bob" says he thinks his future lies in astronomy, and he's probably right, because success for him, seems sparkled by the stars. MORRIS WEAVER Born December, 1926 "Moe" Track Captain 1315 Basketball 12,31 g Baseball 131. "Moe," the "sharp" boy of the senior class abandoned his sport clothes for "Bell-bottomed trousers, coat of Navy blue" last September. The flash that whizzed past you was not lightning . . . it was "Moe," a star track man. He was athletically inclined in the other sports also, being a member of the varsity basketball team and soccer team in 1944. What a gleam enters every feminine eye when "Moe" drawls, "Wanta dance, Chick?" Music is one of his pet passions and he has quite an extensive record collection. Morris lent his tenor voice to the Glee Club for two successive years. There were few times when "Moe's" name didn't appear on the Honor Rills. He showed outstanding dramatic and excellent speaking ability in several assemblies and programs throughout his school career. But "Moe's" talents are not confined to oration. With your personality and ability, "Moe," success is yours. Good luck! - Page Eighteen - l ' RICHARD WEIDMAN Born January 10, 1927 "Richie" 'tRichie" who is a native of New Holland, has been a member of our class ever since first grade, and has added much to our credit. "Richie" is strongly inclined toward the scien- tific and mathematical lines, and is also an expert at writing compositions and giving extemporaneous speeches. The entire class looked forward to English Class every Thursday, because it was then that they heard him read one of his equisite mas- tcrpieces. Richard, who was known as one of the "summer course boys" because of his ambition and determination to graduate, took a summer course so that he would finish school before his eighteenth birthday. Being interested in electronics and in pre- paring himself for a future job, he took and passed the Eddy test and went to Radar School in the Navy, but afterwards was given a medical discharge. We are confident, however, that with the ability which he possesses, he is bound to make his life a successful one. ELIZABETH JANE WENGER Born June 7, 1927 "Betty" Senior Play 1413 Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Basketball 13,41g Track 111, Patrol 1415 T.C.N. 12,3,41g Quill and Scroll 141g Leoninus 141g Class ofhcer 1419- Dra- matics 111. "Betty" is the cheerful brunette you find standing on patrol in the morning and at noon. All the children like her, and talk to her as they pass to go to their homerooms. Basketball is one of Betty's favorite sports and as a guard she really keeps her forward on the go. She is also frequently seen at varsity basketball games and lends her voice to the cheer- ing section. Betty has for the past four years added her clear soprano voice in song to the Glee Club. Her pleasing personality and smile win her many friends. She came to our school in the freshman year, and certainly was welcomed by all. Betty is our very efiicient class treasurer. Just what she will do after graduation is not quite certain, but with your pleasing and helpful disposition you can only sncct-et.. 1..ey are ,goto traits to nave . . . donit lose them "Betty," JAMES ADDISON WENGER Born April 28, 1928 "Snap" Senior Play 1415 Class Oflicer 1415 Soccer 12,419 Patrol 11,2,3,41g Victory Corps 1213 Leoninus 141. "That did it!" and a hearty laugh sends the entire class into an uproar. "Jim" is always inserting wise cracks . . .especially in history class. James is not always the joker, but he always has a listening ear, so that he might have a good laugh. "Snap" can be serious when the occasion demands. His name has appeared frequently on the Honor Rolls. This lad's dramatic ability as "Uncle Larryj, the Irishman, in the Senior Play is worthy of note. Just mention airplanes, and this healthy, mannerly senior with dark, wavy hair, renders details beyond his friends' com- prehension. course, he is an authority on his hobby. Perhaps 1t,S just to put in time or earn spending money, but nevertheless "Snap" is found at the machine shop doing var- ious Jnbs. This and his pleasing personality will prove valuable in his college career after graduation. E 4: - Pa te Nineteen M 1 ' nl at 1 - ' i L W ALTON RAY WITWER Born May 19, 1927 "Snorky" Baseball 11,2,35g Advertising Staff of the Senior Play 1455 War Bond Drive Captain 145. "Snorky," as Alton is better known to his friends, began his education in Bowmansville, the town where he was born, and joined our class in the freshman year. Never will we forget Alton's fascinating compositions or his corny but catchy cracks. Baseball seems to be A1ton's first choice in the sports line, as he has displayed a keen understanding of the game on the base- ball diamond, and also in his interesting discussions on his fav- orite hero or game. Alton has taken the summer course in order to receive his diploma. Entering the service on February 12, 1945, he now wears the Army khaki. When Alton could not understand a problem he was sure to ask for an explanation, and could not be satisfied until he knew the correct answer. With that perseverance you are sure to suc- ceed, Alton, so may the best of luck be yours. HAROLD WRIGHT Born September 17, 1927 "Wh'ific" Senior Play 1455 Basketball 13,45g Baseball 13,459 Soccer 12,455 Class Oflicer 11,2,35g Leoninus 145. This blond-haired, carefree fellow is another of those sports- loving, Happy-go-lucky senior boys. Harold has spent all twelve of his school years here in good old N. H. H. S. "Whitey's" favorite love has always been sports in which he has participated almost as soon as he could walk. Although short in stature, this energetic lad has many times made up for this by his fine all-around playing ability. This is especially evident by the fact that he was captain of this year's County Championship Basketball Team. Ha1'old's talents, however, are not limited to sports for be has done quite well in many other aspects, especially as the roguish, lovable "Chet" in the Senior Play, where he proved to the public his ability in acting. Then too, his wolfish instincts crop out often and he plays Romeo quite well. More power to you, "Whitie!" VIRGINIA MAE ZERBE Born February 20, 1928 "Ginny" Senior Play 145, Glee Club 1155 Patrol 1353 Leoninus 145 5 Community Service 12,35 5 Victory Corps 125- To all of her friends Virginia is known as "Ginny" Hav- ing joined our class in her freshman year she has become a very vivacious member of thc class. An all around good sport, she can hold her own as a guard in varsity as well as in intramural basketball. "Ginny" also cuts a mean caper to the tune of the juke box . . . putting all her pep and energy into her jitterbugging. Art and Home Economics are Ginny's shining studies. Al- though she is undecided as to which one she will pursue as a career we know she will make good. Her cheery smile and pleasing personality will certainly win her many friends as well as success. During her four years in N. H. H. S. we have found her to be a very willing worker and a good friend. With your ability and personality, success is yours for the asking . . . so good luck "Ginny." Page Twenty a n-f ,ll-,.,-l-? ,il-vi-,ll gill- ifll- ,q -il School Slaff in the Service. Lt. J. Richard Myers Lt. Ralph Eberly SENIORS IN THE SERVICE S2C Robert P. Simon Capt. Wilson A Foust gr.'P""' ,. -asking. Harvey Overly Morris VVeaver Robeirt Sprecher Pvt. Alton Witwer 'Richard Weidman Lewis Gehman S2C S2C 'Medical Discharge SZC A.S. A.S. FORMER CLASSMATES IN THE SERVICE Donald Wassmann Pvt. Lloyd Eahy THE CLASS OF '45 Through education's hall we passed, Responsibility is ours to have and hold, We're ready to meet our future tasksg We'll put into practice what we're toldg With ideal hearts we now shall go, Success awaits we who have learned Prepared to meet our trials and woes. To use the opportunities we have earned. We'll do the best that we can do, And to our Alina Mater we'll be true, As onward to reach our goal We strive, We, the class of nineteen forty-five. -Doris Archer -1 Page Twenty-one -if-1010101011 uoioioioioifrioic 1 4 Informal Snaps 1 1: 112'-::1::i:n11x1:rl1vd 1 r 1 .ni .1 1 010: l fMm 1011: 11: 1:11111 9014,-zoxoioiuicvioin Informal Snaps 1o3o1v1n3u1o1n1oc 111101030101 al l l The Senior Play i ' THE WHOLE TOWN'S LA UGHING ' Douglas Brien-Moore, who is ancestor conscious .......................................... John Sweigart Margaret Brien-Moore, his mother ....................................... .......... M ary Ann Musselman Chester, "Chet," younger carefree brother ............ ......................... H arold Wright Doris Dutton, engaged to Douglas ..,............................. ...................... P at Fenninger Polly Dutton, her mother, a society matron ....... ................. N ancy Ambler Innes Maguire, an old family friend .......................... ........... G ladys McGinnis Sarah Edwards, the maid ..................................................... .......... E leanor Landis Geoffrey Lamont, a rival of Douglas .......................... ......... G lenn Sweigart Uncle Larry O'Brien, an unwelcomed guest .......... ........... J ames Wenger Clara Belle May, Uncle Harry's waitress .............. .. ....... Virginia Zerbe Mary Ellen Sullivan, sincere young lady .......... ............... B etty Wenger Count De Jong, a French visitor ............................................................ ........ R obert Trimmer Countess De Jong, his sister ....................................................,.........A................................. Arvella Loht Prompters and Understudies Ethel Renninger Lewis Gehman Douglas Brien-Moore, who is very conscious of his lilleage, 2iFTiV9S hflme fF0m College to find his mother, Margaret, practically exhausted. She has just received word from her deceased husband's broth- er, Larry, who supported the family through his income from a hot dog stand, telling of the fire which destroyed his business. The family is very much chagrined when Uncle Larry and his two waitresses, Mary Ellen Sullivan and Clara Bell May arrive and are mistaken for the expected royal guests. Of course, "Chet," a sixteen-year-old son, bored by society, drives Douglas and his mother to distraction. Geof- frey Lamont causes no end of trouble by disclosing the true facts of the Brien-Moore ancestry after the real Count and Countess De Jong arrive, Mrs. Dutton, the mother of Doris Dutton, who is the wealthy deceased banker's daughter, to whom Douglas was engaged, is being very humiliated to find the truth about the Count whom she was plan- ning to marry. The news of the mix-up leaks out and the town has the laugh of its life on the Brien-Moores. Just how the tables are turned is credited to Sarah, the family maid and their old friend Innes Maguire, who helps Mary Ellen to unravel the complications. Pate Twenty-four x ref The Class Will - ,Q u We the class of 1945, realizing the nearness of our departure from this school life, do sanction and indite this, our Class Will and testament. Being of sound mind and body, we dedicate our character- istics to those underclassmen most worthy of them. ARTICLE I.-To the class of 1946 we bestow our orderly class meetings and chemistry equations, cooperation, corny jokes, our reserve dignity and love of home room guidance class. ARTICLE II.-To the faculty we hereby give our love of hard work, cheerful disposition and our undying patience. Olll' ARTICLE III.-To the following we leave our personal characteristics and mannerisms: Nancy Ambler's cherry glasses to Billy Morrison. Doris Archer's quiet voice to Mary Storb. Clyde Bensinger's largeness of structure and big feet to Ardell Gehman. Joan Bowefs' brown curly hair to Jimmy Lam ney. Ruth Brendle's quietness to Betty Jacoby. Marilyn DeHart's home economic interests to all home ec. students. Pat Fenninger's femininity to Dot Sheaffer. Lewis Gehman's G. I. haircut to Carl Oxenreider. Eleanor Landis' sweet clarinet to Harvey Shue. Arvella Loht's big brown eyes to Allan Moore. Hazel Lowry's driving skill to Eugene Good. Melvin Ludwig's long basketball shots to Ed. Mershy. Jean Maser's jitterbugging to all hep cats. Gladys McGinnis' pep and energy to Ike Charles. Mary Ann Musselman's artistic skill to Miss H affman. Lester Nelson's quiet reserved manner to Virginia Sumner. Lee Oberholzer's commercial ability to Ruth Brubaker. Harvey Overly's neat appearance to the sophonore boys. Ethel Renninger's typing ability to Marvin Zim nerman. Betty Sensenich's black hair to Dot Brown. Eleanor Simmons' contagious smile to Earl Hosbetter. Mary Skiles' freckles to Lee Reese. Bob Sprecl1er's dimples to Miss Troxell. Glenn Sweigart's height to Jean Parmer. John Swcigart's arguments to George Mussel Bob Trimmer's manly physic to Donald Detter. Morris Weaver's moustache to Clarence Renninger. Richard Weidman's red hair to Jim Stone. Betty Wenger's blushes to Mr. Driscoll. Jim Wenger's patrol posts to Carl McGinnis. Alton Witwer's lengthy speeches to Norman Kvchel. Harold Wright's charming personality to all the junior boys. Virginia Zerbe's originality to all those who are desirious of it. HBH. In witness whereof, we hereunto subscribe our name and set our seal this day of May, in the year of Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-five. THE CLASS OF 1945 Page Twenty-five Wi n D1 211111 1010111 0 110101011020 wgoxoioxwzo Sixih War Loan and War Stamp Drive In the fall Of 1944, the Senior Problenis of Democracy Class sponsored the Sixth War Loan Drive in our school. Miss Virginia Hoffman and Miss Nancy Sabo served as faculty advisors, with James Wenger as general managed, Mary Ann Musselman, pub- licity manager, and Gladys McGinnis, sales manager, of the campaign. All senior mem- bers participated in the drive. Since the senior commercial class already maintained a weekly War Savings Stamp sale, the bond campaign was conducted hangl in hand with that department, and some- what the same principle was followed in the weekly stamp drive in the use of goals. Sen- ior representatives were stationed in each homeroom. All records submitted by the rep- resentatives would then be checked by the committee and the total sales and percentages were computed. This year over S200,600 was netted by the New Holland Schools in the sale of stamps and bonds. In order to increase interest in the campaign, awards were offered. Each week the leading class re- ceived a free luncheon in the cafe- teria. The freshmen led the entire school, and, due to their splendid achievement of being top sales room during the entire drive, they were given a theatre party. The combined school had 90 per cent. of all students buying. qv- - -.- -.- - -.- Q.QlQOQOQUl l Q iQ li i li Sisiuixiiifiii 1 1 q Page Twenty-six n aw LJTIJCTCICISSITICI7 w e TENTH GRADE Miss Mary E. Weiser and Mr. Carl Driscoll Advisors President - Norma Lou Eby Secretary - Patsy Fritz Treasurer - June Hillard ELEVENTH GRADE Miss Elizabeth Troxell, Advisor President - Eugene Good Vice President - Robert Collins Secretary - Rodney Hoober Treasurer - William Kurtz Page Twenty-eight NINTH GRADE President - Richard Wise V. President - Carl McGinnis Treasurer - Louise Kurtz NINTH GRADE Miss Jane Cromis and Mrs. Walter K. Ebersole Advisors r ree SEVENTH GRADE Miss Louise Bear, Advisor EIGHTH GRADE Miss Ruth Witman, Advisor President - Fred Schnader V. President - Fred Musselman Secretary - Gerry Bensinger Treasurer - Donald Oberholzer Page Twenty-nine 1m m The Alma Mater Unis lnJ Musxe L1 Gltn Urs2Lt el MQHMHUHWHJE Ab--M Vhievg Heir we, H211 H-we haw Nu, H.Xl.1,.Ju1l,c,, jgygg. 1-hx gy, Aw we ww. 5 avg Xkeiemessmqs new su-ue. X-Meg Luofh ++ num. 5 'YMHWUMUES Q-JJJ.vgJ.1ftJgJJJ.sq3, J jwf-Aevs saw 'fx 235 E'-1 3 AM5 xfhceipsn aw- jaw' io-vv..w5,l is QAZQMITS Q2 :x.gi5g1.,Q .J aw! TUg:.hJ..'u 155lF5FLLMV JJJJ1JJJJHJJfw+J Luv-Z ago wwkeA 'aux fr-Lid fav Sivavwtsaunfjl-'llov1S X., B, xafx-4 wojk kgs P531 wxuxe ,gm Y 0 qiy Xawxxen AF-t1 Glllg BMA 1 PlPrFFFP5pIp5TTa iqsW'H mfH'l' 'K A-m-cm an-'e Ham Und we e-uk lxVViXtxT'1xQ!. our hee . 'Lo Su-N. Xu Hn. Hum-I6 'fo Sxxgw msd-ij wx-it bull Liv- its - g55H1VFUECCfn3 ,, ----T 71- ,,,, ,:,,ffi,,, iiaijlf iii-53 i W mf! , Extra-Curricular Kg Qi B A S K E TB A L L Capturing the Lancaster County Basketball Championship served as a glorious finale for the wonderful record of achievement established throughout the season by the New Holland High School team. Their schedule was opened November 28, with a game with East Hempfleld, which the latter won, but the season was brought to a close with a championship playoff game between the same two teams, and this time New Holland avenged its only defeat for the entire basketball campaign. After playing East Hempfield in the opener the county champs followed through with several non- league tilts. Among its opponents was the high ranking Downingtown five. New Holland won the first encounter 33-31 and then came through with a more impressive victory against the Main-liners later in the season, defeating them 50-16. The official league schedule for New Holland opened December 12, with East Cocalico, whom they overpowered, and ended with a contest with Paradise, in which the champs were victors. In their own league. New Holland encountered only light opposition, the closest game being with East Lampeter. All other league games, including a second contest with East Lampetcr, were won by a margin of 14 points or better. As a result of their victories, the Driscoll-coached team was eligible to enter either Class A or B competition in the PIAA playoffs, but they chose to compete in the Class B playoffs. In the first round, New Holland bowed to Cornwall, 39-32, in a game played on the Manheim Town- ship court. - - Pate Thirty-two 1:1 fra. A 1 4 ff BASEBALL TEAM Mr. Carl Driscoll Coach Captain - Harold Wright GIRLS TRACK TEAM Miss Elizabeth Troxell Coach Captain - Mary Ann Musselmem Page Thirty-three km SOCCER TEAM Mr. Carl Driscoll Coach Captain - Clyde Beusinger IH CHEERLEADERS Miss Jane Cromis Advisor PATROL Miss Virginia M. Hoffman Supervisor Captain-James Wenger Co-Captain-Mary Ann Mus- selman Lieutenants-Robert Collins and Doris Shaub Page Thirty-four GIRLS' BASKETBALL Miss Elizabeth Troxell Coach Captain--Dorothy Sheaffer Co-Captain-Virginia Sumner TOWN CLOCK NEWS Miss Ruth VVitman Supervisor 'X v w SENIOR GLEE CLUB Mrs. Jane Ebersole Conductor QUILL AND SCROLL Mies Mary Ellen Weiser Advisor Paze Thirty-five imp! I l """'--" I 3 BAND Mrs. Janet Ebersole Conductor JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Mrs. Janet Ebersole Conductor Page Thirty-six ORCHESTRA Mrs. Janet Ebersole Conductor H J TRIMMER'S DEPARTMENT STORE W R1 G H T , S FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS NEW HOLLAND, PENNSYLVANIA BAKERS OF QUALITY BREAD B. Z. MELLINGER FORD -2- MERCURY For over sixty-three years S0168 and Sefvive NEW HOIILAND -2- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 850 THE LITTLE STORE ON MAIN Compliments of STREET YOUNG'S 5 AND 10 E- P- BROCK 148 East Main Street NEW H01-LAND -2- PENNSYLVANIA NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of FRANK IX Sz SONS, INC. NEW HOLLAND - :- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of M. C. BUCKWALTER FURNITURE STORE NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 648-R-2 WAYNE'S BICYCLE SHOP Complete line of BICYCLE REPAIRS and ACCESSORIES SPORTING GOODS 158 East Main Street NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA PEOPLES RESTAURANT NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of KNOTT'S BARBER SHOP 211 East Main Street NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Page Thirty-seven Compliments of E. K. BURKHOLDER E Cflmpliments Of MEATS AND GROCERIES i 427 West Main Street 3 H H E R M A J E S T Y 77 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA UNDERWEAR CO. FLORABELLE'S A ATLANTIC GAS STATION LMA PENNSYLVANIA GAS AND OIL - LUBRICATION l ' A A A LL Gifts and Novelties l 424 West Main Street I NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA A JACOB B. ZIMMERMAN l W. B. GIRVIN ELECTRICAN, PLUMBING AND FLORIST HEATING CONTRACTOR LEoLA - :- PENNSYLVANIA HARDWARE q gt ,th Fl BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA kay 1' 'ml owm Phone 805-R-21, New Holland Exchange I- 1 L L . I LANCASTER BUSINESS COLLEGE Founded 1855 STAUFFER'S GARAGE ' ACCOUNTING AND SECRETARIAL EXPERT AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING COURSES G00DvILLE - :- PENNSYLVANIA 48 North Queen Street Phone: 2381R-21, Terre Hill Exchange LANCASTER - :- PENNSYLVANIA I JOHN S- EWELL Compliments of MILK TRANSPORTATION WILIJIAM S. STROMAN I EAST EARL -:- PENNSYLVANIA HARDWARE Phone: New Holland 813 GOODVILLE -:- PENNSYLVANIA WITMAN'S PAINT 8x BODY SHOP L A, J, RQDGERS Fender and Body Work . . . Auto Refinishing NOTIONS , GROCERIES George Wltman, Prop. S1-1055 HARDWARE GOODVILLE -:- PENNSYLVANIA A BLUE BALL PENNSYLVANIA Page Thirty-eight IO! Q 2 When You Think of PORTR IT Porlrait Studio Ofcial Photographers for the Leoninus NEW HOLLAND CLARION R. E. Whitmore, Prop. QUALITY COMMERCIAL PRINTING NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA I 1 I Modern Funeral Service PAUL F. ESBENSHADE 145 West Main Street NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 753 f IVAN LOWRY Compliments of , ' X M YOUR LANCO STORL NEW HOLLAND PLANING MILL GRQCERIES E. B. Weber, Prop. NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 723 Compliments of Compliments Of , YOUR GULF SERVICE STATION ENTERPRISE TELEPHONE CO. A ACTIONIZED LUBRICATION Phone: 800 Phone: 652 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA I 253-255 E. Main St. NEW HOLLAND, PA I L, . P Th ty ll "-Wh ki! l l Compliments of THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK AN DTRUST COMPANY of NEW HOLLAND J. C. SHOWALTER CRUSHED STONE - BUILDING STONE BLACKTOP DRIVEWAYS BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA IVAN M. MARTIN AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE CRUSHED STONE CONCRETE PIPE CONCRETE BLOCKS BLUE BALL, PA. - NEW HOLLAND, PA Compliments of RUBINSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE "The Ruby Store" CLOTHING - SHOES - FURNISHING Dry Goods and Notions NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA MU SSELMAN BROS. COAL - FEED - LUMBER NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA UNION EMBLEM CO. PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA C. R. WEAVER REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA CLASS PENNANTS RINGS, PINS, COLLEGE JEWELRY ' AND INVITATIONS IVAN SHIRK GROCERIES - MEATS FROZEN FOODS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 866 Dial 6415 fRepresented by Paul H. Nissleyj Compliments of THE AMERICAN STORES COMPANY Page Forty W 1 17 BAIR DECOR ATORS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 751 WILLIAM G. DICKINSON GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 836-R-21 Compliments of THE NEW HOLLAND MACHINE COMPANY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1945 WARREN W. WEAVER Theatre Building NEW HOLLAND - PENNSYLVANIA GROFF'S HARDWARE South Railroad Avenue GENERAL HARDWARE HOUSE FURNISHINGS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MUSSELMAN RADIO SERVICE NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA NEW HOLLAND MEAT MARKET FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone 727-R-11 Lanca ster Photo-Engraving Company 33 - 35 Market Street LANCASTER - PE NN SYLVANIA Phone: 2-7512 Page Forty-one FL T lang! H-mi l You can buy all kinds of CHEESE AND BUTTER Domestic and Imported at ZAUSNER'S CHEESE PLANT NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 948 Compliments of HARRIS BROS. DEPT. STORE CLOTHING - SHOES - RUBBERS Dry Goods and Notions NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA A. B. C. GROFF FARM EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES NEW HOLLAND - I- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MOSEMANN'S CUT RATE STORE NEW HOLLAND - :- PENNSYLVANIA. SAUDER BROS. FORD TRACTORS AND IMFLEMENT REPAIRING 325-327 West Main Street NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 716-R-3 EARL SAUDER GRAIN - FEED - COAL NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA RENNINGER'S GROCERY 436 West Main Street NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Open Evenings Telephone: 745-R-2 STAUFIFER'S DRUG STORE Save with Safety at THE REXALL STORE DRUGS KODAKS NEW HOLLAND - :- PENNSYLVANIA STYER 8z EVANS Compliments of NEW HOLLAND BRASS, BRONZE AND ALUMINUM REAL ESTATE AND COMPANY INSURANCE NEVV HOLLAND -1- PENNSYLVANIA Page Forty-two l l D. G. WEIDMAN LUMBER - COAL - FEED - FLOUR GRAIN - SALT - FERTILIZER Telephone: 808-R-11 I 107 East Main Street NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA WEST END SERVICE STATION Rollin Wolfe, Prop. BLUE BALL PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 902-R-2 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA -I. Z. MARTIN Compliments of ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone: 603-R-2 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA JACK MARTIN'S SHOE STORE Phone: 628-R-12 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA CHARLES A. MENTZER DECORATORS PAINTING THAT PLEASES Phone: 731-R-12 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA TAILORS AND CLEANERS TED THE CLEANER Phone: 670-R-21 125 East Main Street NEW HOLLAND -2- PENNSYLVANIA M. H. EBY PLANNING MILL TRUCK AND BODY BUILDING BLUE BALL - :- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 808-R-21, New Holland Ex. COMPLIMENTS of A F R I E N D Compliments of BLUE BALL NATIONAL BANK BLUE BALI. PENNSYLVANIA RENTSCHLER'S RESTAURANT Where you can eat, meet, and dine . . . and also feel at home. BLUE BALL, PENNSYLVANIA Page Forty-three H ,gf Qjulayvcaffn ,Al

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