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'14 W F 4 N 'Her 'L 47? Is, k .F 61 03:11 Q -M- v 9 b-Inf-if ,X-r. - 7 .ffi ifffnf. -...u 4 -.,si fibaeqiiz' gg: ., f- .EZ1 , ' avg ' gi V1-.f'+v , A 1 'ig 'rw s "if qv i J .4 5.1 x 4. .xfg " ' H. 1 . A t .HL 9:?nQ'P' lf: ,.. " M.. 4 .ng cj 5.1, V T ", r.. ,. . ,. fa' ,E,,,.. .., , v .. -Q U Y 1-51: 'ffifci 1 . Lu .. Q. . . .--:!:,...'-, . ' ' 7.1, -.-tv . H - 11 fggy ,fn-'L,1i . ,w ., Hgfffz - f- .-. 1 - uv. .':' QQ? ..:. Y " LE .1 - - E1 Q 742214 is V, AER N ZA. 3: ,:-L -- -.1 ,-'vii - 5, rt ' ' ,Se.,5,, W., .N x. -af . 'gif ,u:- , wr M' 'nniq V- ia., . 23 Qs ds- , , , ,. jfnrem rn U llvll I l'UllSIlIl'l' Llja' and zfx jvu' ywzrs- 4 wisp uf fog ,H'fIl'f.l'f fm and flu' Nun: -1 01111 fu bufflv, llllll flu' Ilflffll' rfmn' En' flw lux! f'1'l1u llffx wifllill mfr' f'llI'S.H -Lizette Wmfdworth Recs -A '11 Paw Uno in nic ,in 101011 10: 11111021 10101124 1 ning it 1 1 -1 1:1 11011 q vii i-gig animation Again a group of ambitious students come to the end of their high school days and step into the world to build a successful life upon their talents and knowledge. Whatever we, as graduates, do, we realize how much our teachers have come to the aid of all, not only in the dispersing of knowledge and the development of per- sonalities, but in many varied ways which will enable us to succeed. We, the Class of 1947, take this opportunity to express our deepest feelings and gratitude to our new- found friend and counsellor, Mr. John T. Auld, Super- vising Principal. For his helpful guidance during our Senior year, we will eternally be grateful. Although he has been with us only this short time, he has ably helped us to deal with many difficult problems. It is in sincere appreciation of all his efforts and his constant interest in trying to make us better citizens, not only of the school I'-ut the community as well, that we dedicate this issue of The Leonhzzls. Page Two 110194-3:14 if-101 -ic lninicxmnicrifaiqricviriuixriwviu 1 1011 3 14 IOIKQ DQQUQCIQ Board of Education Mr. H. Earle Wright ..,.....................................,.........,,.,....................... .......................................... P resident Dr. Wilson A. Foust ..... ........ V ice President Mr. John H. Martin .......,.... ............. S ecretary Mr. Henry R. Fenninger ,............. ....,...................,...,.........,.............. ...... T 1 'easurer Mr. J. Maurice Smith rl C! IF P! PF During the twelve years of our schooling everyone has certainly noticed and appreciated the work and careful planning done by the Board of Edu- cation. Many troubles and problems have arisen during our school days, which we would never have been able to solve without the help of this ofiicial body. These five prominent leaders of our community have worked unselfishly and without thought of remuneration, solely for the betterment of our school. Many examples of their efforts can be seen and felt in our daily school ex- periences. We, of the Class of 1947, hereby wish to express our gratitude to the Board of Education for the enriched school facilities which they have made possible for us during our past twelve years. A- Pane Three ,W ,, 7----V -+ ffii igg 9 The Faculty 5 I I I l 1 -- Page Four ,, - M'-A-.K 'iii -' Page Five , T fl e F a c u I t an 7777- -7017 , V ,V ,151 4: ' '77 "W Leoninus Staffs Editor-in-Chief ------- James Laniniey Associate Editor - - - Patty Fritz Aff Eflff11f'S Clair Witwer Ida Hepner Sports Editor -----4 Park R321Cl-I Sir:-ff Bill Morrison Chester Reed Betty .laoolnjr Norma Lou Elf-' General Manager ------ Harold Landis Advertsingg Manager - - - Glenn Smith Circulation Manager - Annabelle Usner Sfuff Marie Rodgers Brinton Keenan Laverne Landis Richard Ealiy Jflm El,-1' Phyllis Sclmader 1 Lair: 1 1,1 as as qslixz-1:11113-3.1 cn cz: an-cauqpxi 311 Page Six curl -ii:-1 xiii 141:-ma. 1:-and 1:-up xy :pies 1 -1:43 if f 125 Sentara Url' Ulf 11Ul'l?,lZll1 rm 5 flip .nun anus" , 1 , Hwiflltfllf lI!lSft'.' H'Ifl1nlff rrsff lliud flzy umffo fn thy brz'usf.' ffflll' if ufiflz Uwe' us ll spcfllf Sfnrm or sunslzinc, guard if zrvll. Hush' fmt, Hes! zmf. -Johann Wolfgang Yan Goethe 'f'ff::"'-1 Faye ge U , ,,,7, IW: - MARY ELLEN BRENDLE June 11, 1929 "EWU" Track 1133 Soccer 11,435 Glee Club 11,2,3,43. Mary Ellen is one of the most reserved girls in our class. She was born in Fivepointville, and later moved to Martindale. In our ninth year, many students came to the New Holland School, but none quite like Mary Ellen. A bright smile and a cheery personality are two of her outstanding characteristics. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Brendle se1'ved on the scenery committee for the Senior Play. Soccer and track were Mary Ellen's outstanding abilities in the athletic field. She has decided as to her future, and we know she will be successful because of her patience and willing- ness to help other people. To become a private secretary is one of her main ambitions. When those cold winter months roll around, Ellen can be found ice-skating to her heart's content on the local pond. As far as the opposite sex goes, Brendle plays the safe side by showing no partiality. Whatever Mary Ellen chooses to do, we know that her friendly manner will continue to be an asset. DOROTHY LOUISE BROVVN September 15, 1929 "Dot', Quill Sz Scroll 143g Senior Play 1435 Class Secretary 13,433 G.A.A. 13,435 President of G.A.A. 143, Patrol 11,235 T.C.N. Business Stall' 13,433 Oflice Secretary 143, Senior Trio 1439 Hockey 113, Soccer 11,2,3,43g Basket- ball 11,2,3,43g Glee Club 11,2,3,43g Band 12,33g Or- chestra 12,33. Here's to the clown of the class! We could always count on Dot for some witty remark during one of our boring periods. Can't you just hear that infectious giggle right this minute? Wherever a gang is located, Broum's likely to be present, adding jokes of her own. Who's that blonde "flash" on the gym floor? Yes, there she goes, tearing from her forward to again secure the ball for the Seniors. Dot is popular with everyone, and her activities are varied. If she is not cheering for our team, or ringing buzzers, she is "cutting a rug" to snappy dance tunes. Perhaps "Brown" will become a secretary, but we believe she will settle for that "little dream cottage with the white pick- et fence." Her personality will make her successful. EVELYN ELIZABETH DIEM July 8, 1928 "Evie" Salisbury: Glee Club 11,2,33g Pianist 11,2,33g Volley Ball 11,2,33. Jolly, dark-haired Evelyn Diem is our class example of the old adage "often seen but seldom heard." She always greets us with her pleasant smile. Evelyn is ready for fun and enjoys good jokes. Joining us in our senior year, Evelyn came from Salisbury Township, and is completing her fourth year of high school in New Holland. Her favorite hobby is cooking, but she also enjoys hiking, literature, the radio, typing, and as we have come to know her better, we find she is quite a talker. Evelyn plans to be a first-rate bookkeeper, and is well as- sured of her future in this field for each afternoon and each Sat- urday she is doing a wonderful job as bookkeeper for Snavely's Farm Service in New Holland. Here's wishing her a very suc- cessful future in whatever phase of life you encounter. Page Eight RICHARD WILLIAM EABY February 23, 1930 "AChim6l1-bl!" Class Treasurer 1415 Glee Club 12,3,415 Track 12, 3,415 Yearbook Staff 1415 Soccer 1315 Basketball 121. "Archimeaby" is the "brain" of our class. Be it a problem on square root, logarithms or balancing equations, never fear, for "Rich" can solve it in a short time. Mathematics, however, do not stand in full possession of Eaby's interests, for ever since he was "so big," Richard has gotten a kick out of tinkering around with anything mechanical. He also enjoys as his favorite sports both soccer and track and many of us remember those gay rides we had enroute to baseball games in the "Silver Streak" with "Archie" at the wheel. Along with these activities Richard has aided in the handling of our lighting problems for the Junior-Senior Reception, and, during his last year in high school, he served as treasurer of the senior class. Eaby's plans for college are not definite as yet, but he is aiming toward an engineering course that will offer him a prom- ising future. JOHN ISAAC EBY May 31, 1928 "John" Salisbury: Basketball 11,2,315 Baseball 11,2,315 Glee Club 11,2,315 Play 12,315 Salisbury Highlights 12,- 31, Yearbook Staff 1315 Vice President 11,2,315 New Holland: Glee Club 141 Soccer 1415 Baseball 1415 Track 141. Tall, blonde, good-looking John takes the fancy of the girls of N.H.H.S. This "glamour boy" joined us in our senior year. He came from Salisbury Township, and is completing his fourth year of high school here. John is carefree and jolly, but is al- ways willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. John likes all types of sports. Around home he enjoys hunt- ingg in school any form of activity takes his eye, and his abilities were well displayed as the star fullback on our championship soccer team. Aside from these, he likes ice-skating and roller- skating, which take a great deal of his leisure time. The future is rather hazy as yet for John, and, although he is a well ex- perienced farmer, and has received numerous 4-H awards, he does not think this will be his vocation. Here's wishing him a very prosperous and successful future. NORMA LOU EBY December 10, 1929 "Eby" Glee Club 11,2,3,415 Band 11,2,3,415 Orchestra 11,2,3,415 Patrol 11,215 G.A.A. 1315 Cheerleading 11,2,- 3,415 Basketball Manager 1415 Soccer 11,2,3,415 Class President 1215 Yearbook Staff 1415 Senior Play 141. "Hey, Eby!" That has been the favorite expression heard around the school since our class entered first grade. Her out- standing qualities of neatness, "love for laughter" and dependi- bility have made her a friend to all and an efficient commercial student. She very capably played the part of "Maude," an ec- centric middle-aged woman in the senior play. Cheerleading has claimed a great part in her high school career, as well as man- ager of the girls' basketball team. Norma Lou plans to work at the New Holland Machine Com- pany after graduation. You might ask "Goodie" her plans for the future. She is often heard voicing her opinion on some current problem or arguing cheerfully with her friends about the latest social affairs. No matter what the future holds for Norma Lou, we're sure that the outstanding qualities we have found in her will lead to her success. Page Nine -'C ' 11,5514 1 ' ,Q p . wg il-I - PATRICIA LOUISE FRITZ June 10, 1929 "Fritz" School Pianist 11,2,3,415 Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Or- chestra 1415 T.C.N. 1415 Yearbook Staff 1415 G.A.A. 1315 Class Secretary 1215 Senior Trio 141. Abandoning Terre Hill, "Pat" adopted New Holland High as her Alma Mater in ninth grade, and since that time has proved a valuable asset to our school. Centering her extra curricular work on music, she participates in all phases of that field. She has served as school pianist for a number of years, playing the ac- companiment for the Glee Club and for assembly programs. Fritz is the lilting soprano of the Senior Trio. She doesn't plan to make music her career, since the nursing profession seems to have caught her eye. Her name appears regularly on the first honor roll. "Pat" aired some of her brilliant views as a member of the debating squad when they spoke before the student body and the Rotary Club. She ably .displayed her talent for lead- ership as head of the ushers for the senior play. We have ap- preciated her splendid cooperation in so many school activities, and "Pat" leaves an enviable record in the halls of her Alma Mater. RUSSELL L. GEHMAN March 22, 1929 "Russ" Soccer 12,3,415 Soccer Captain 1415 Baseball 12,315 Track 1215 Glee Club 12,3,41. The girls all swooned, "especially one," when "Russ" came from Greenbank to the ninth grade of old N.H.H.S. Having great abilities in sports. Gehman played thi1'd base on the baseball team, and a fast, driving line position on the soc- cer squad of which he was captain during his senior year. He has often stated that he'd rather play baseball than eat . . . and Gehmanfs stomach has an amazing capacity! "Russ's" friendly grin beneath his dark eyes is a well known sight about the school. He is well liked by everyone and has many friends, both male and female. He enjoys singing and he participates as a member of the Glee Club. Most of his leisure hours are spent working, or at the home of a certain "special'i young lady. His future is definitely unde- cided, although he does have a few prospective interests in view. But whatever he may do and wherever he may go, the friendship of his classmates will follow him. ELIZABETH LOUISE HARTMAN October 1, 1929 "Hartman" Pittsburgh: Honor Society 1115 G.A.A. 1115 Glee Club 1115 Student Council Ofiicer 1115 Cheerleading 111. New Holland: Glee Club 12.33115 Soccer 12,3,41g Track Manager 1313 T.C.N. 12,3,415 Associate Editor of T.C.N. 1415 Quill Sz Scroll 141g Senior Play 1415 Basket- ball 121. In 1944, the city of Pittsburgh sent its first class ambassador in metropolitan charm and poise to New Holland. Since that time "Hartman" has quietly, and, in a most dignified fashion, as- sumed her position as one of the leaders of our student body. No dance or social affair would be complete without her vim and wit. Betty is associate editor of T.C.N., and a member of the Quill Sz Scroll Society. She has taken advantage of all the journalistic opportunities offered in high school. She was a hit as the satir- ist in our senior play. Loquatious but fiuent, Betty put her speak- ing talents to workin the Problems of Democracy Class debate. Advertising intrigues her as a career, and she plans to further her education at Drexel Institute. Page Ten l i IDA NELLIE HEPNER June 28, 1929 "Hell" Glee Club Ql,2,3,-U3 Yearbook Staff 141. This petite titian-haired gal came to New Holland from Potts- town. She entered our class in the Sophomore year and 'twas then we learned of her artistic ability. We could always depend on Ida for posters needed throughout the years. Although "Hep" has never been one of the most talkative Seniors, her pleasant smile and ready grin speak well for this lassie. One of her favorite pastimes is eating, but strange as it may seem, she still is able to retain her girlish figure. Since Ida's interest seldom ventures toward the opposite sex, her main attractions are reading and sports. As to her future plans, nothing definite has been decided. Nevertheless, we all agree that she should further her art career. We will always remember Ida's sincerity and conscientiousness, and we know that these qualities will be as noticeable in her after-school life. EMIVIA BENDER HESS October 3, 1925: "Emma" Glee Club il,3,4J5 Cafeteria 11,2,3,4Jg School Treas- urer Mb. Need a check cashed? Emma's your gal! Her signature has enabled school accounts to be handled quickly and efficiently. When the time rolls around for the books to be balanced, the add- ing machine surely gets a work-out. After many laborious hours, the accounts come out right. "How about going to the game tonight?" "Okay, I'l1 see if I can get the car," answers Emma. And at game time her voice rings out with a "Yea Team!" She certainly is an asset to thc cheering section. What would our class do without Emma to plan the 1'ef1'esh- ments? Her excellent taste and ability to budget certainly keeps the class in amazement. She'll make some lucky man a wonderful wife. The future holds a great deal in store for Emma. Her com- mercial practice has shown her adaptability to secretarial worl-1 and yet we know she would be a grand housewife. JUNE PHYLLIS l-IILLARD June 5, 1929 "HilIr11'4l" Glee Club fl,2,3,4Jg Soccer l1,2,4J. June is that quiet and reserved young lady from Greenbank. She has a happy disposition and pleasing smile to accompany it. Her gracious manner has won her many friends. She is one of the few who know the meaning of friendship and one to whom you can always tell your troubles. June's laugh is familiar to all of us, and is typical of her happy-go-lucky personality. She is quite energetic and he1' name has appeared on the honor roll sev- eral times this year. Her favorite pastimes are reading, going to basketball games, and she enjoys that good Lancaster County food. Her leisure time is spent in playing the piano, and her greatest ambition is to get married and raise a family. June is always willing to do anything asked of her, and we predict that with that pleasing smile and jolly disposition, she will really go places in life. - - - - Page Eleven . fl .T. -is ARLENE MAE HORST November 30, 1929 "Horstie" Glee Club f1,2,3,-135 Student Librarian Q3,4J. "Where can I find information on language?" "What new books have arrived lately?" Those are a few of the questions Arlene hears day after day. Yet she handles each with a pleas- ant answer. For two years the school library has claimed her as its very own, and never once has she complained about the work. Freshmen and seniors alike depend on her for a "quick Find." The school will certainly miss her next year. Her soprano voice was a part of the glee club ever since her arrival in ninth grade. Although her time is limited, "Horstie" always enjoys a good game of volley ball. Giggles, emerging from the back of the room, tell us Arlene and her "gang" are enjoying some gossip. As both seamstress and cook she is quite handy. "Horstie" has chosen the commercial field for her career in the future, and we all know she will be a great success. JULIA ANN HORST July 26, 1929 "Julia," Glee Club Q1,2,3,4J. "Brighten the corner where you are" certainly seems to be Julia's daily motto, as she wanders through the halls of our Alma Mater, for she can invariably be found smiling cheerily no mat- ter how complicated things may seem. Entering New Holland as a lowly Freshman, "Julia" has proved to be a most worthy and loyal member of our class. No matter whether it be soccer, baseball, or basketball she is right there to lend a ready yell for our fighting teams. We wonder where she and "the gang" are scouting every noon! Take it from us, that family car really goes places! We'll always remember "Julia" for her cooperation in every- thing asked of her, no matter how small. Acquiring her ABC's of typing and shorthand. "Julia's" neatness will further her considerably in this field. As far as post-graduate plans are concerned, she remains undecided at present. Here's best wishes to one swell classmate and friend. KATHRYN ROSENE HOWE March 14, 1930 "Rosene" Track 123,439 Soccer 123,455 Glee Club l1,2,3,4Jg Basketball Q2,3l. Rosene has been a member of our class since elementary school. Although she appears shy and quiet on the surface, un- derneath we find an unusual and valued personality. She is one of those energetic commercial students, who always seems to de- vote a great deal of her time studying. Rosene is quite an athlete, and she goes in for most sports, although baseball does not appeal to her. Her favorite pastime is collecting photos of her many friends. Rosene is quite a co- operative student, and you can be sure she is at the basketball or soccer games cheering for our boys. As a commercial student, Rosene does quite well at the type- writer, and it was through this ability that she received a posi- tion in the Stenographic Department of the New Holland Ma- chine Company. At the present she is working there after school hours, and she expects to continue this type of work when school is over. Page Twelve A fri iwg BETTY MABEL JACOBY July 14, 1929 "Betty" Band 1l,2,fl,4Jg Orchestra 11,2,3,4Jg Glee Club 11,2,3,4Jg Track 131: Basketball 11,255 Soccer 11,2,3,4jg Cheerleading 1153 Yearbook Staff 1413 Senior Play 141g G.A.A. 1419 Patrol 11,2J. "Jacoby" could be that tiny-featured miss who can be seen diligently "plugging away" at a local switchboard? Her pleasant "number, please," rings over the wires with a genial sound. As "Verona" in the senior play, she demonstrated with suc- cess her dramatic ability. But Betty's happiest moments are be- neath a moonlit sky in the company of her dashing "Romeo." "Pass it to Betty! Another goal!" These are familiar shouts coming from the sidelines and from the rest of the gills as the girls' soccer team goes struggling on toward another victory. Even though her goal in life had at one time centered about nursing, we feel sure that marriage will be a stronger influence in this young lady's future years. No matter what career "Jacoby" decides to take up, we are confident that she will come out on top. CLARENCE BRINTON KEENAN December 23, 1929 "Brit" Glee Club 11,2,3,4Jg Baseball 12,413 Soccer 12,3,4jg Basketball 13,4J. A noted physical characteristic of this young man is a pair of very long legs which have sent him towering high above most of his classmates. "Brit" was one of the group of students that joined our class in ninth grade. His Iirst eight years of schooling were acquired at Goodville, and altnougn at first ratner sny, hd readily adapted himself to new friends and surroundings. We have learned to anticipate during these past several years, that hearty "Ho Ho" uttered by "Keenan" after an extra special joke has been sprung. Playing basketball occupies most of his spare time and that which is left is usually divided be- tween movies and an occasional dance. Girls, at the present time, don't figure in Keenan's tninking too much, but then, you never can tell about tomorrow! As far as the future is concerned, "Brit" is pretty uncertain. However, for the time being, he will probably continue working on his neighbor's farm, a job he has held for several summers. NORMAN BLAIR KOCHEL September 17, 1929 "Ski'mLie" Glee Club 11,2,3,4Jg Patrol 11,213 Track 12,3,4Jg T.C.N., Business Staff 12,3j. Did you hear a corny joke? That must be, and is, Kochel, the boy with that great sense of humor. His hearty laugh was heard throughout the school from first to twelfth grade. Al- though "Norm'l usually seeks the lighter side of life, he is a very serious thinker when discussing some subject of deep interest. Never outdone in a. witty conversation, Kochel is always ready with a quick reply. Working at Groff's and just "Tearin' around town," as he would put it, takes up most of 'Kochel's" spare time. "Skinhead," as he is known because of his short haircuts, is a great lover of sports and can often be seen participating in intramural games. Hunting, when in season, is another of his favorite occupations. ln the lower grades, Norman's main ambition was to be a truck driver, but he .is not quite sure of his future work at present. The class of 1947 will remember Norman as "a swell guy" and a jolly classmate. Page Thirteen 1- ls-+1 A- RICHARD IRWIN KRICK August 31, 1928 "Dick" Patrol 11,2,3,45: Patrol Captain 1453 Basketball 1255 Sports Manager 135, Track 12,453 Band 11,2,3,45g Orchestra 11,2,3,45g Glee Club 11,2,3,45. This energentic lad joined our class early in his school career. He has been endowed with the abilities of a chemist and an elec- trician. lt is to f'Krick," to whom We owe considerable gratitude for the success of our senior play since he supervised the light- ing effects quite capably and assisted the scenery committee as well. As captain of the school patrol, together with his varied school interests, he was certainly busy much of the time. Never- the less, "Dick" is always willing to further his interests in the numerous sports since he proved his abilities in basketball, track and served as sports manager in his junior year. This all around lad is also musically inclined, for he has contributed his extensive talents to band, orchestra, and glee club. As for the future. we know "Krick" will succeed, for there are many opportunities where abilities are as mumerous as his. JAMES TODD LAMMEY August 2, 1929 "Lam'mey" Soccer 1353 Track 13,453 Band 11,2,3,45g Orchestra 11,2,3,45g T.C.N. 12,3,45g Quill 8x Scroll 1455 Patrol 11,253 Glee Club 11,453 Class President 1355 Yearbook Editor 1459 Senior Play 145. From our very first day of school, Jim's red locks have add- ed that needed touch of color to our class. Not only his hair, but his wit and humor have also been an asset to all who have known him. Lammey has shown his ability as a leader, when he held the offices of President of the class during the junior year, and of Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook Staff during this last year. Music occupies a large place in "Jimmy's" heart. You can always de- pend upon him to remember the name of "that song" you just can't seem to recall. He also takes pride in his clarinet, which he plays in the band. Track is Lammey's favorite sport, followed by soccer. Al- though he has no definite plans for the future, we all feel that his accomplishments will be of great renown. HAROLD HAMILTON LANDIS October 4, 1929 "Had" Glee Club 11,2,3,45g Band 12,3,45g Orchestra 12,3, 45, Film Staff 11,255 Basketball 13,453 Soccer 145g Track 13,453 Yearbook StaH 1453 Class Treasurer 135g Vice President 11,255 Quartet 145. "Had" is one of our out-of-town students who commutes from Groffdale. Starting his New Holland education as a freshman, it didn't take "Landis" long to acquaint himself and establish his station as a top honor student. Also as an active participant in extra curricular work, "Had" took glee club four years and made the senior quartet, rounding out his musical career by playing the clarinet in the band and orchestra. As for sports, Harold likes them all, and has a well-filled athletic curriculum. He has held a number of class offices, among them that of treasurer, where he proved himself quite a financial whizz. This talent won him a number of important committee positions, including chairmanship of the group handling the fi- nances of the senior play. He was also a tireless worker as a member of the film staff. His hearty laugh will surely win him many friends. - Page Fourteen H -S P fe P Reiki JUNE LAVERNE LANDIS Julie 18, 1929 "LOL7LdiS', Basketball 1213 Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Track 12,3,41g Soccer 13,413 Drum Majorette 1413 Patrol 12,3,41g Co- Captain of Patrol 1-11, Yearbook Staff 1415 G.A.A. 13,413 Prompter of Senior Play 141. This young lady needs no introduction, since she, as we all know, is our snappy drum majorette. Laverne is a girl with that rare combination of beauty and brains. She has proved herself to be a great scholar, and as the result, her name has been ap- pearing on the honor rolls. She likes sports, and one of her hobbies is the reading of good books. Oh, yes! Her main interest is centered around Nar- von. Laverne has served faithfully on the patrol and is always eager to do that which is asked of her. She likes music very much as is a valuable asset to the Glee Club. Many times after school we have seen Laverne in Room 3, training some of the girls in the Elementary and Junior High School to handle the baton as skillfully as she does. Laverne has no definite plans for the future, but her one hope is to establish a home of her own. ROBERT MARTIN MAST January 25, 1929 "Bob" Salisbury: Glee Club 11,2,31g Play 12,313 Baseball 12,313 New Holland: Glee Club 1419 Baseball 141. Bob is a jolly boy who loves to tell jokes and have a good laugh. Joining us in our senior year, Bob came from Salisbury Township, and is completing his high school course here. He is always willing and ready to help anyone. This is one of the many fine qualities of this tall, brown-haired and gray-eyed boy. "Bob" likes any type of sports, but around home, horseback riding and hunting take up a great deal of his time, with listen- ing to classical music, as a phase of relaxation, running a close third. He also enjoys baseball. The future of this energentic young man is almost certain, as Bob plans to be another famous Lancaster County farmer, pro- ducing the food for this world, as his family has been doing for a long time. The many 4-H awards in Bob's possession almost assure him of the well-wished success in store for him in this field. ED MERSKY February 17, 1930 "Ed" Senior Play 1413 Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Band 11,215 Orchestia 11,211 Soccer 12341: Baseball 11,3,41g Soc- cer Captain 131: Basketbali 12,3,41: Basketball Captain 141g Quartet 131. Tall, dark and attractive, "Ed" undoubtedly walks away with the sports honors of the class. He has been active in every phase of sports. He has been very outstanding on every team in which he participated, and took part in four county cham- pionship teams. Being very scholarly, "Ed" constantly makes the Hrst honor roll of the school. He has taken part in many school activities, and his dramatic ability was magnificently portrayed as "Mike Turner" in the senior play "Two Gentlemen and Verona." Possessing a deep, bass voice, he did a great deal toward helping the glee club, and was outstanding in his trio, quartet and mixed chorus work. The future is rather uncertain, although he plans to go to college. 'We are sure that whatever field "Ed" chooses, he will malfe an enviable record for himself. 7 ' la. ' il. Y T ' i' Page Fiftffen JU ,,,..m i "O" g il! BETTY JANE MILLER July 29, 1929 "Bettie" Glee Club f1,2,3,4lg Cafeteria l3,4J. Betty is one of the few people who comply with the rule "Silence is golden." Not that she can't express herself when someone asks for her opinion. Yet she can listen to all the "hub- bub" going on and formulate her own opinions, which is a very good thing. For two years she has served as cashier in the cafeteria, and served quite capahly at that. Her experience will come in handy in the future. The opposite sex is of no great interest to Betty at the present time, for her chief interest lies in reading. Play- ing the piano is another of her favorite activities. Whenever there was work to be done, you could always de- pend on "Bettie" to "come through with the goods." Practically every morning before school, she could be found typing in Room 5. Betty's ambition is to become a secretary, and we know she will succeed 1n her chosen profession. WILLIAM JOSEPH MORRISON November 30, 1929 "Morrison" Quill Sz Scroll 141, T.C.N. Q1,2,3,4l, Associate Ed- itor of T.C.N. C453 Glee Club f1,2,4lg Senior Play 1433 Patrol i1,2lg Yearbook Staff 1435 Class President f1,4l. For twelve years the Class of '37 has felt the magnetic pres- ence of Morrison. His dark hair and flashing smile can be seen as he rushes about the school performing his many tasks, as Senior President, Associate Editor of T.C.N., member of Quill 8: Scroll, and Yearbook Staff. Bill is quite a gifted artist, and is often called upon to dis- play his talents. A wide field of activities hold Bill's interest. He finds enjoyment in everything from stamp collecting to a gay lively party, a fact which earned for him his title of class wit. Morrison is never without a witty reply, and does much to keep the classrooms and halls lively. Bill plans to go to college after graduation to study journal- ism, the profession he has chosen as his career. ALFRED ROY OVERLY September 14, 1929 "Fred" Glee Club f1,2,3,4lg Track f3,4l. Ever see this tall, dark, wavy-haired lad whizz past you in his Dad's Plymouth? That's right! It's none other than that East Earl representative, better known to his classmates as Fred. lf he isn't racing to school at the last second you can be assured he's taking a crowd of his numerous friends to a game, since he possesses a keen interest in all sports. Making his debut at NHHS as a f1'eshman, we often wonder how we endured those occasional monotonous periods without his witty remarks. However, on the serious side, "Fred" was always noted for a vivid memory, especially in history class, since this proved to be his most interesting subject. Nevertheless, he also asserted his abilities in all school activities. His leisure time is taken up by skating, hunting, and track. In the crystal ball of the future we see a college career, which we sincerely hope he will attain. Goals are not always reached, but success is derived from attempting to attain them . . . so, Good Luck! "Fred!" Page Sixteen 2 3 PARK JAMES RANCK July 1, 1929 "Houck" Band 11.2,2,41g Orchestra 11,215 T.C.N. 12,3,41g Quill Sz Scroll 141: Quartet 13,413 Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Senior Play 141, Patrol 11,215 Yearbook Staff 141g Sports Manager 111. Always the "spark plug" of our class, this gentleman has been with us since kindergarten days, and through these school years has held firmly to the title of "Romeo" Ranck. Seriously speaking, though, Ranck is a very conscientious student, partici- pating in numerous extra-curricular activities aside from earn- ing well-above-the-average marks in his studies. All phases of sports have held his interest and during his latter high school years he has excelled as sports writer for both the T.C.N. and the New Holland Clarion. He was also presinunt of Quill St Scroll in his senior year. For recreation the "thumps" a mean set of drums. "Jitter- buggingf' too, is right down his alley. Although his plans for the future are as yet somewhat uncertain, they will no doubt include a college course in journalism. CHESTER ALLEN REED December 15, 1929 "Chet" Salisbury: Glee Club 1'l,2,31g Band 12,313 Orchestra 12,31: Basketball 11,2,31g Baseball 12,313 Yearbook Staff 1315 Play 11,2,31g Salisbury Highlights 12,315 Class President 11,2,31g New Holland: Glee Club 141, Band 1415 Orchestra 1413 Yearbook Staff 1415 Track 141g Senior Play Prompter 141. "Chet" comes from the small town of White Horse, and joined our class in his senior year. His friendly manner and kind atti- tude really are a big part of his outstanding personality. There is also plenty of attraction for the opposite sex, which explains why "Chet" is better known as the "Cassanova" of his class. He is very studious and ambitious, and nary an honor roll has come out without Chester's name on it. The trumpet also takes up a lot of his timeg the band couldn't get along without him. l-Ie is always ready to lend a helping hand, and he clearly displayed this quality as prompter for the senior play. "Chet" looks forward to entering college in the fall. His great ambition is to become a business man some day. In any field he chooses, we're sure that success is written in the cards. ROSLYN MARIE RODGERS March 31, 1929 "Rody" Glee Club 11,2,3,41g Yearbook Staff 141. Look who is a part of that group from Blue Ball! None other than that pretty brunette, with the pleasant smile and pleas- ing personality . . . Marie Rodgers. She came to us in her freshman year. and has gained much popularity. Marie is very studious, and her report card shows it. "Rodg," her more familiar name to us, is often seen riding her bicycle on the streets of Blue Ball, or sitting on her front porch, giving a cherry "Hello" to her many friends passing by. Marie likes to drive very much, and you can occasionally see her in that black Oldsmobile. Marie often works in her father's store, which is located in Blue Ball. She has been thinking seriously about becoming a hairdresser. Perhaps she will decide to change her career to that of housewife, but we know that whichever one of these profes- Skips she chooses she has the ability to handle either success- u y. -7 -Y -7-7.4 :ff . Page Seventeen - 75' s I i i Il 4 JEANNE RUTH ROLAND February 24, 1930 "Peaches" Soccer 113,421 Glee Club 11,2,3,4Jg Patrol 11,2,4Jg Orchestra 11,' Band 1135 Basketball 1115 Track 119. Jeanne is one of the youngest members of the class, and she has been with us from the very Hrst day of school. Her large brown eyes and pleasing little giggle have done much to brighten the past years. Roland's job at the "Cut Rate" as otlicial soda jerker, takes up most of her leisure hours, but she can also be found at most of the basketball games, adding her enthusiasm to the cheering section. It is also a known fact that Jeanne has a strong appeal for the opposite sex, which is proven by the number of admirers that always seem to be following her. As a commercial student through high school, Jeanne would like to get an office job as a stenographer following graduation. Whatever you do Jeanne, just remember you have all the wishes your classmates can give to a well-liked, attractive, young lady. PHYLLIS JEAN SCHNADER January 23, 1930 "Phil' Basketball 11,2,3,47g Soccer 11,2,3,4Jg Track 11,2, 3,4Jg Glee Club 1l,2.3,-llg Senior Play 141g Patrol 11,415 T.C.N. Business Staff 141g G.A.A. 13,423 Yearbook Staff 145. With two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the senior girls lead their opponents by a margin of four points. Will they gain a victory? Could anything else be possible with "Phil" out on the floor shooting one basket after another? You can be sure she keeps her guard moving rapidly in many attempts to stop this forward. A whizz on the soccer field . . . the goals mounted with Schnader for our center. As the ever-present J'Flo" in "Two Gentlemen and Verona," her skill in dramatics has been proven. Never will that merry laugh in yonder corner be forgotten, for nothing can be devised to conquer those giggles! Although Chemistry seems to baifle her at times, Schnader has rapidly conquered many obstacles in the "Parkes-vous Francais" class. She is hankering to change to the spotless white uniform of the "Angel of Mercy," and she has many abilities that will prove assets in whatever she may do. 1 VINCENT GLENN SMITH February 18, 1930 "Smitty" Glee Club 1l,2,3,4J3 Patrol 11,2,3Jg Band 11,2,3,4Jg Senior Play 1453 Soccer 13,4lg Baseball 12,3,4Jg Basket- ball 2,3,4J3 Vice President 13,4Dg Yearbook Stal? 143. Bud has been an active participant in sports all through his high school career. This isn't his only talent for he also handles a gusty alto in the band, and has been a class officer for the past two years. 'Srnitty's" most memorable attribute is his wit, for even dur- ing the heaviest of lectures, he can be depended on for a sharp remark, to which many a pedagogue can accredit his or her gray hairs. As advertising manager of the Yearbook, "Smitty" brought out his serious side, and proved to be a capable handler of finan- cial affairs. His trip to New Mexico with a Boy Scout group started "Bud" on public speaking, which gave rise to his interest in debating. This year he became a member of the school debat- ing team, and has become an accomplished orator. Glenn hopes to establish a career in forestry, and, with his athletic background, he should be a great success. Page Eighteen - i ? HAZEI- ALBERTA STONE July 23, 1929 "St0n'ie" Glee Club fl,2,3,4Jg Soccer 11,455 Senior Play MJ. Being the "shortie" of our class has proven anything but an obstacle to this little miss. Hazel, Who, by the way comes from Summitville, entered New Holland High School in her freshman year. During the following four terms, she has prepared for the business career, which she hopes to follow upon graduation. She is noted by her classmates as being very neat in her dress and choice of clothes. She is the possessor of a very ap- pealing giggle, and is the main attraction to the boys of Room 17. Art has remained the pet subject throughout Haze1's school days, for she holds decided talents in this iield. You will seldom hear "Stonie," .for she is the quiet type, but it's a safe bet that through the years to come we'll be remember- ing that "little gal with the big smile" as one of the breaths of freshness which helped to make our school days go by much too quickly. MARY ELIZABETH STORB September 15, 1929 "Sforb" Soccer Q1,2,3,4lg Basketball i1,2,3,4Jg Basketball Captain 143: Track Ql,2,3,4Jg Cheerleading Q1,2,3,4Jg Glee Club Q1,2,3,4lg Band l1,2,3lg Orchestra Q1,2,3lg Senior Play fill: G.A.A. 13319, Quill Sz Scroll 142, T.C.N. f1,2,3,4Jg T.C.N. Editor MJ. A bundle of vitality, that's Mary, and, only five feet two! But don't ever make the mistake of Hkiddingl' her about her height . . . she considers it a definite liability. She is a top honor student, Editor of T.C.N., and a Hash- ing forward on the girls' basketball squad. In her senior year she was presented the D.A.R. Good Cititzen Award. Mary par- ticipates in everything with an abounding amount of vigor. If you can't find her in Room G working on the school paper, try the auditorium, she might be practicing basketball, or maybe in the lower hall practicing with the senior cheerleading squad . . . or in Room 17 doing committee work . . . but most likely she is at the Cut Rate with "Russ" her favorite pastime. Mary is a promising young student, who will be an asset to the nursing profession . . . her chosen career. MARY JANET STROMAN June 26, 1929 "Shaman" Glee Club Q1,2,3,4J. Janet is one of the most popular girls in the class. She was born and reared in Goodville. and joined our class in the ninth grade. Because of her personality and charm, "Stroman" has become very well liked throughout the school. A blue "Olds" speeding down Main Street . . . everyone knows that car . . . of course, there goes "Stroman!" Janet has taken the commercial course in school, but secretarial work is not for her. Whenever a joke is told, Stroman is usually right there! A1- ways in for a good time, and a lot of fun . . . yes, that's our little "Goodvil1e girl!" Dull moments are never heard of when "Stroman" is around. She is always the life of the party. One of her main interests also goes to the opposite sex. Janet has no plans for the future as yet, but we are all sure that in whatever she does, the interest of the Class of '47 will follow her. Page Nineteen T- ,F .Je s Eg. K f xt WW ff' Wu- ,ss , l ANNABELLE LOIS USNER May 23, 1929 "Usual" Glee Club t1,2,3,4J: Yearbook Staff 147. This vivacious and energetic lass joined our class in its freshman year. For four years we have enjoyed her hearty laughter which resounded through our halls. The great out-of-doors appeals to Usner far more than to most girls. When a good basketball game is going on you can be sure that she will be there to lead the team to victory. Anna- belle's terriific "wa1lop" did much to lead the senior girls to victory in their soccer games. Usner says her chief desire is to become a private secretary but we also know that she will be a good wife to that "certain someone. Usner, and her pal, Julia. can be seen together on many of their varied excursions. Despite her many interests, she has maintained a high academic average through high school. Her pleasing personality, her wit and humor will carry her over the rough spots in life. BETTY LOU WEAVER January 24, 1930 "Weaver" Soccer l1,2,3,4Jg Basketball f1,2,3Jg Glee Club Q1,2.3,4l, Track f1,2Jg Patrol 1115 G.A.A. Q3J. Experiencing her childhood debut in Bareville, this attractive brunette has been with us for the past twelve years, during which she has certainly not gone unnoticed. Wherever we find "Weaver" we are almost sure to find laughter and witty remarks. In addition to her jolly disposition, her willingness to participate in the numerous school activities has won her many friends, both in school and outside. Reading, dancing, seeing movies and occasionally going to "Sp1-echei-'s" constitutes some of her sources for recreation. Of course, it is obvious that her interests also turn toward the "gentlemen," for she has numerous admirers. Although Betty Lou is undecided about the future, we all know she will take happiness with her into whatever vocation she chooses. CLAIR EUGENE WITWER October 24, 1929 "CIuir"' Glee Club 113,453 T.C.N., Business Staff QU, Year- book Stai f4j. Upon entering ninth grade, our class found their number s-,lddenly enlarged, one of the additions being our intelligent, dark- haired, brown-eyed Clair, who comes from Bowmansville. This jolly young man is always ready for fun, and is quite often the "life of the party," especially in chemistry class. Ice-skating and roller-skating are the main hobbies of this energetic young man, and he can frequently be seen around "Shep's" in his leisure time. He enjoys all sports and is always ready to take part in a game at any time. Clair is a very scholarly student, and constantly makes the iirst honor roll. Academically, he is one of the leading students of the class. He is our literary genius, and shares his talents by helping others. The future is still undecided for Clair. Whether he will go on to college, or find some position has not yet been decided, but whatever he chooses, we feel that his schoolday-success will con- tinue to follow him. Page Twenty v MEIlVlN MARTIN ZIMNIERMAN August 27, 1929 'A-Uelilfen Glee Club f3,4J. "Melvie," the boy with the dancing eyes, comes from the near-by town of Blue Ball. Through winter and spring he can be seen hitch-hiking to school. and always managing to "dig" a ride with someone. Winter is the best season of the year, according to "Zimmie," for that means ice-skating is here. He is one of the many who visit the famous Bowmansville ice--skating pond. Zimmerman has put his commercial knowledge to good use. For several years he has kept his father's books and aided him in his hardvx are business. lili:lvin's hobbies are reading and baseball. His Saturday nights are well occupied, for he can be found giv- ing a good sales talk to liis many custome1's. When asked about his future plans, "Melvie" gives a definite answer, for he knows that he will be in the hardware business. We know that the future has much in store for Melvin. ,Memories of Our Senior Year, iifm is-.3 We came into our senior year, September 19-16, with a bang, having an enrollment of forty students, including four new classmates from Salisbury High. With Miss Elizabeth Troxel as our advisor, we started housekeeping in Room No. 17. Our first and biggest undertaking of the year was our senior play, "Two Gentlemen and Verona," which was a big' success, thanks to the hard Work ot' the entire class and our advisors. The coming of November saw eighty per cent of the male populace of the class venturing far into the fields enjoying the small game season. The Christmas holidays rolled around, with their usual glorious celebrations and gifts, enjoy- ed by the entire class. New Year's Day found us celebrating in many different ways. We all enjoyed the "big snow" which gave us an extra day of vacation from school, and it was spent in many different activities by the individual students. Our class held the first Senior Prom ever held in our school on March 7. Here we danced to the music of Bob Lyter's Orchestra, and everyone had a wonderful time! April 18 found us being entertained by the Juniors at the reception, which brought back memories of our Junior year, when we were the hosts to the Class of '46. We took our senior trip May 15 and 16, when we went by Conestoga Traction Company bus to make a tour of our nation's Capitol. May 29 brought us to our Commencement exercises, which wound up twelve years of hard work and fun in the halls and classrooms of New Holland High School. W' Page Twenty-one -2 W fi-,-W LQYYT:-T-, W Tag :-i-,mv Informal Snaps - Pa-ze Twenty-three The Senior Play lil' ' Two Gentlemen and Verona ' . umm mi sxow nusr no on we . ' 09 Verona Wood--An actress and heroine of the "Red Barn Players" ...,............... ........ - ........ B etty Jacoby Clyde Colby-The famous soap opera actor ............................................................... ......... J ames Lammey Mrs. Buxton-The housekeeper, who can never collect her rent ........ .............. M ary Storb Sarah Brown--The actress, who gets the screen test .....,......................................... ........ ............. .......... D o 1' othy Brown Marg O'Reilly-The actress, who is pessimistic about her talent ..... . ................. ....... .......,............ . . . Betty Hartman Neila Lansing-The actress with plenty of money, and wants things her way .............................. Hazel Stone Flo Anderson--The actress who is in love with "Mike" ....................................................., ....................... P hyllis Schnadeu- Mike Turner-The gorilla of the play ................. ....., ......,..........................,................ ..................................................... E dward Mersky Mrs. Maude Doolittle-The actress, who was always looking for the silver lining ..........,. Norma Lou Eby Charlie Adams-The manager of the "Red Barn Players" ...,...................................... ......................................... G lenn Smith Bill Kennedy-The dramatic newspaper critic .... ....... ....... ,................................................ .... W i lliam Morrison Milton J. Sweezey-The movie scout, who is disgusted with life ............................. ........................ P ark Ranck Directress - Mrs. Harold Weber Prompters and Understudies - Laverne Landis and Chester Reed "Two Gentlemen and Verona," a three act comedy by Anne Ferring Weatherby, was present- ed by the class of 1947. The play was centered around Verona Wood, an actress and a member of "The Red Barn Players," who make their home at the boarding house of Mrs. Buxton. The players are none too successful and their finances are verv low. The cast is about read: to disband when Charlie receives a letter from ROM Studios, stating that Mr. J. Sweezey, a movie scout, will visit their theatre. After considerable persuasion, the "Players" induce Neila to put up thc money to keep the theatre going, but on her terms, which gives her the leading role for the play and excludes Verona from the cast. Bill Kennedy, a dramatic critic on vacation, makes the mistake of stopping at the "Buxton Boarding House," and is mistaken for Mr. Sweezey, the talent scout. The girls all throw themselves at him, trying to impress him, and Mike scares him frightfully by entering the room with a gorilla suit on. Clyde Colby then shows his talent and Bill decides lie has entered an asylum. Charlie, a boyhood pal of Bill's, saves the day and straightens everything out it seems, when in comes Mr. Sweezey, a hard-boiled man, who can see nothing good about life, and the trouble starts again. Neila tries to break up Verona's chance to display her talent, but Bill, who has grown very much in love with Verona, saves the day and ruins Neila's chance to show her talent, and all ends well. "Two Gentlemen and Verona" offered all of the pace, action and sparkle that varied from chuckles to roars. These combined to make an evening of real humor. --1-l -ff-Y-,-V -4- Page Twenty-four T--H -7 --i- A. , :f1i z g"'0'P'0m and RQCffPi10 " iiiiwy CWRW if fl. 15.T.. ..L.., ' The Class Will ' .We, the Glass. of 1947, in preparation for our approaching departure from our present phase of life, and being in full possession of all our faculties, do sanction and ordain this final class docu- ment, our will and testament. , . ARTICLE I.--To the class of 1948 we bestow our most treasured possession, our class unity. ARTICLE II.-To the faculty we leave our poise, dignity, and position of leadership among the underclassnien. ARTICLE IlI.-To the following underclassmen we leave our personal characteristics and traits: Mary Ellen Brendle's neatness in appearance to Ken Wilkinson. Dorothy Brown's secretarial efiiciency to next year's senior secretary. Evelyn Diem's early dismissal to Lee Reese. Richard Eaby's scientific genius to Jim Witman. John Eby's bashfulness around the opposite sex to Pauline Myers. Norma Lou Eby's splendid record of good health to any of our frequent absentees. Pat Fritz's ability on the piano to Janet Sweigart. Russ Gehman's "perfect man " build to Donald Detter. Betty Hartman's vim and vigor to the Junior boys. Ida Hepner's disregard of the opposite sex to Jean Parmer. Emma Hess' home economic ability to Warner Frazier for use in the Cut Rate. June Hillard's pleasing personality to Paul Weaver. Arlene Horst's early morning library smile to next year's student librarian. Julia Horst's Goodville bus franchise to the Horseshoe Line. Rosene Howe, as baby of the class of '47, leaves her unspoiled position to Jimmy Krick, the baby of the Class of '48. Betty Jacoby's beauty crown to next year's queen. Brinton Keenan's height to . . . as you all have guessed . . . Ardell Gehman. Norman Kochel's angelic class behaviour to Skip Reeser. Richard Krick's five-o'clock-shadow to Davy Lee Yunginger. . James Lan1mey's state of oblivion to Gracie and Ginny. Harold Landis' interest in the sophomore class to any sophomore boy who'll listen to reason. Laverne Landis' twirling ability to Pat Musser. Robert Mast's curly locks to George Bair. Ed Mersky's high basketball scores to Glenn Martin. Betty Miller's cafeteria job to Mildred Geigley. Bill Morrison's infrequent compliments to Phyllis Brubaker. Fred Overly's black wavy hair to Anna Bedi. Park Ranck's wolfish instincts to Tommy Kurtz. Chester Reed's constant mannerliness to Dot Sumner on duty at the door in the morning. Marie Rodgers' patriotic love for Blue Ball to Franklin Townsley. Jeanne Roland's love of food to Ethel Pringle. Phil Schnader's explosive giggles to Richard Fizz. Glenn Smith's sturdy build to Betty Martin. Hazel Stone's sex appeal to Nancy Gilbert. Mary Storb's ability to manage her man to Or pha Yoder. Janet Stroman's romantic troubles to Mable Nelson. Annabelle Usner's cheery disposition to Louise Kurtz. Betty Lou Weaver's quick comments to Janie Clark. Clair Witwer's private booth at Shep's to Jackie Bensinget. Melvin Zimmerman's ,he-man treatment of the commercial class to any early applicant. In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name and set our seal this day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven. THE CLASS OF 1947 - Page Twenty-six -v- 4-, EEL Ukinuernlassmen in--.-,- ., - -- :zu will lrrrzw, lvuzw' uitvll fu the nyc. zvitlzm' 0z"ry yenw, Illvu crm' had, and To c-will new words well s Words are Iikv leaves, some And c1"ry year u yomzgvf' race sllccevds. -Earl XN6I1tXVO1'th Dillon ff ,: Page Twenty-seven ff' ' Y ELHVENTH GRADE- President - - Enoch Frankhouser Mrs. Harold Vvelver Vice President - - Carl Mvllinnis Advisor Sec-re-tary-Treasurer - Maryzcxret Good 'I'I'fN'I'H GRADE! President - - Wayne Gunzenhauser Mr. Robert P. Simon Vice President - - Fred Sm-hnader Miss Janet McCormack Sm-rotary - Betty Martin Advisors Treasvrer - - Thomas Kurtz: - if W7 P:-we 'I'wf-nly-eight ,, , - 'E f NINTH GRADE- President - - - Warren Piersol Miss Ruth Witman Vice President - - - Hill Gable Advisor Secretary-Treasurer - Ben Snyder NINTH GRADE- Miss Jane Cromis Advisor , Page Twenty-nine N EIGHTH GRADE- President - - - Teddy Schaeffer Miss Francis Baum Vice President - - James Martin Advisor Secretary - Mary Margaret Shontz Treasurer ---- Lee Miller SEVENTH GRADE- President - - - Donald Seidhof Mr. Alvin Schmidt Vice President - - Judy Delp Advisor Secretary - - - Larry Frazier Treasurer - - Luke Martin 7, Page Thirty :ig H H '14 ,,,4:j,Di llwi fi rtra 1 urttrular 7W'fFL6b Ja' QM ? All pussvs, Art alum' Ewllflllffllg sfuys fu usp The bm-sr 4mfln.wfN Hu' flwmn The win, Tibvrius. IH8Il1'1' Austin Dobson -4 ,, ,: -' Y Page Thirty-one A- It VARSITY BASKETBALL M1'. Carl S. Driscoll Coach JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Coach M1'. Carl S. Driscoll 'L "Y4Lllli. Page Thirty-two :M -if - i- ATHLETIC MANAGERS Mr. Robert P. Simon Advisor GIRLS' BASKETBALL Miss Elizabeth T1'0xell Coach --- -fi ---f 7- Y Page Thirty-thrve if' Y, ,117 ,W I FILM STAFF Mr. Robert P. Simon Advisor GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Miss Elizabeth Troxell Advisor W' gi: Pam- Thi1'ty4foui' -f f f-iff F X lj l i f"' N r4iirr 1' ,, J PATROL Mr. Carl S. Driscoll Advisor SOCCER Mr. Carl S. Driscoll Coach Page Thirty-five 1: , ,ff , -: ,-: ig - TOVVN CLOCK NEWS Miss Ruth A. Witman EDITORIAL STAFF Advisor TOWN CLOCK NEWS Miss Janet Mc-Cormack BUSINESS STAFF Advisor T l Page Thirty-six - -f-- i 3 -il i i Wniji 4 7L7 . 4l-1 i 1 JYNIOR CHEERLEADERS Miss Jane Cromis Advisor E SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Miss Jane Cromis Advisor 777 77 7, Paze Thirty-an en Y- ' --1 ,H 7 I v? - , , ,, Y, R A N D Mr. Alvin Schmidt Conductor pw QUILL Sz SCROLL Mrs. Harold Weber Advisor 4+ "" lift Pure 'Fhirty-eight -W f 4 1" 1gi v . Q it QU11FI'Ii5l'lTll'1If5 You can fell flzv irlvnls of rr fmfinn by its A1lz'c'rfisf'n1wufs -George Norman Dougla Pane 'Thirty-nine 1,n u-.- C. M. REED'S SONS Dealers in CALVES, EGGS AND POULTRY RICHARD G. LANDIS 1 PLEE-ZING FOOD STORE GROFFDALE - :- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Leola 323-R-12 Shipping Point Residence GAP, PA. WHITE HORSE, PA. Phones: 6-R-11 and 6-R-21 Intercourse STAI,7FFER'S GARAGE EXPERT .AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING GOODVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Terre Hill 239-R-21 Compliments of I RUBINSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE "The Ruby Store" CLOTHING - SHOES - FURNISHINGS Dry Goods and Notions JACOB B. ZIMMERMAN ELECTRICIAN, PLUMBING AND NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA HEATING CONTRACTOR SHIRK'S GROCERY HARDWARE GROCERIES MEATS BLUE BALL PENNSYLVANIA FROZEN FOODS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: New Holland 805-R-21 Phone: 866 BEST IVISHES TO THE CLASS OF '47 W. W. WEAVER COMPLIMENTS JEWELER of 144 East Main Street NEW HOLLAND f -:- PENNSYLVANIA BLUE BALL MACHINE WORKS M. H. EBY BLUE BALL, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: New Holland 946-R-2 P L A N I N G M I L L TRUCK BODY BUILDING BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: New Holland 808-R-21 - Pape Forty f X d i W NEW HOLLAND NAGNINE G0 Congratulations to the Class of 1947 .L- ll. J. H. TROUP MUSIC HOUSE 38 West King Street LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA uLfl'llCflSfE7',S Music Centern fl MUSSELMAN Sz ZIMMERMAN L. B. HERR 8z SON NEW HOLLAND' PA' STATIONERY AND BooKs ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES PRINTING NEW HOLLAND MEAT MARKET 3 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA LANCASTER -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 603-R-2 I 4 ' "" 1 I I H. M. HORNING VV R I G H T ' S CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER GOODVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA BAKERS OF QUALITY BREAD EVELYN REESE . . B E A U T Y S H O P For over szxty-your years GROFFDALE - :- PENNSYLVANIA I Phone: Leola 323-R-12 Page Forty-two -E :.-Z Qbellry School Photographer m COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS Of of hh THE AMERICAN STORES BOB LYTER COMPANY AND HIS ' K ORCHESTRA E Phone: Lancaster 3-3355 T COMPLIMENTS 1 of T Compliments of 1 ENTERPRISE TELEPHONE CO. MOSEMANN'S CUT RATE and Phone: 800 NEW HOLLAND ' PENNSYLVANIA NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Pg F tyth SD L HUMUGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK Ask For It at Your Groce1"S or Phone: 271 EPHRATA for Home Delivery GIRVIN'S FLOWERS M LEOLA -1- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Leola 226-R-2 ll STYER 85 EVANS H Say It With Flowers " A,A i v4 l, REALESTATE AND I N S U R A N C E WHERE ECONOMY RULES M NEW Hor.L,xNn PENNSYLVANIA W M M CLYDE H. KAUFFMAN N P H A R D W A R E TRIMMER'S N Telephone: 928 DEPARTMENT STORE U " Tho Store on the Corner Y , HL A LLL t FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS H I COMPLIMENTS f of NEW HOLLAND PENNSYLVANIA I A GOOD'S MEAT MARKET rv NI-:W HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA N ze Forty-four --W -W - f- - f i COMPLIMENTS ' of WAGAMAN BROS. Printers Congratulations to the Class of 1947 326 South Broad Street LITITZ PENNSYLVANIA BROWN'S SADDLE HOP EARL SAUDER I HAND-CARVED BELTS WESTERN JEWELRY N I RIDING EQUIPMENT GRAIN FEED BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA C 0 A L A --Q F U E L O I L COMPLIMENTS NI-:w HOLLAND - PENNSYLVANIA L 5 of I Compliments of BLUE BALL NATIONAL BANK YOUNG'S 5 AND 10 BLUE BALL PENNSYLVANIA 148 East Main Street NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Page Forty-Eve F l i? I' A. J. RODGERS I I NOTIONS - GROCERIES A. B. C. GROFF I ' SHOES H A R D W A R E BUICK AUTOMOBILES I I BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA w FARM EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES BLUE AND WHITE TRANSFER I I TRUCK TRANSPORTATION NEW HOLLAND PENNSYLVANIA 'I ,I EAST EARL -:- PENNSYLVANIA I . I Phone: New Holland 813-R-11 J. P. RANCK PAINT AND BODY WORK COOPER BAKING CO. BLUE BALL GARAGE i '- LEACOCK PENNSYLVANIA J. C. SHOWALTER CRUSHED STONE - BUILDING STONE Phone: Leola 234 BLACKTOP DRIVEWAYS I BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA If GROPRS HARDWARE COMPLIMENTS South Railroad Avenue I GENERAL HARDWARE - HOUSE FURNISHINGS o I ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SENSE NIG,S STORE A NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA GENERAL MERCHANDISE I JOHN S. EWELL BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA I MILK TRANSPORTATION Phone: 931-R-21 h EAST EARL -:- PENNSYLVANIA l Phone: New Holland 813 I Page Forty-six -A -Y -K i i SPALDING GOLADSMITH S H E N K B R O S . Everything for Sport 30 West King Street LANCASTER - PENNSYLVANIA RAWLINGS REACH PEOPLE'S RESTAURANT NEW HOLLAND PENNSYLVANIA JACK MARTIN'S SHOE STORE Phone: 628-R-12 NEW HOLLAND - I- PENNSYLVANIA BLUE BALL GARAGE C. J. Mellinger GENERAL REPAIRING H1-SPEED GAS Phone: 810-R-12 SPRECHER'S RED ROSE FOOD STORE 438 West Main Street Phone: 911-R-3 New HOLLAND -2- PENNSYLVANIA Red Star Prizes Given Weekly , l P ge Forty-seven K- yil ii- NEW HOLLAND CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. CONCRETE PIPE CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS IVAN LOWRY GROCERIES NEW HOLLAND - :- PENNSYLVANIA Phone : 723 STAUFFEITS DRUG STORE Save With Safety at THE REXALL STORE NEW HOLLIKNIJ PENNSYLVANIA DRUGS KODAKS NEW HOLLAND - PENNSYLVANIA WILLIAM G. DICKINSON GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS IVAN M. MARTIN, INC. NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Q Phone: 836-R-21 r AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE CRUSHED STONE HARRIS BROS. DEPT. STORE CLOTHING - SHOES - RUBBERS BLUE BALL PENNSYLVANIA Dry Goods and Notions NEW HOLLAND - PENNSYLVANIA J. Z. MARTIN U D. S. SENSENIG FRIGIDAIRE and ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES NEW HOLLAND PENNSYLVANIA ELECTRICAL A PPLIANCES NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of NEW HOLLAND PLANING MILL E. B. Weber, Prop. Page Forty-eight A ii. , Wzlefh' awww PIIINIING CUMPANY Y Q EIGHT WEST KING STREET LANCASTER. PENNSYLVANIA ESTABIISHED I 794 THE LITTLE STORE ON MAIN EWELL PONTIAC co. STREET E. P. BROCK p 0 N T 1 A C NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA I Sales and Service -'W--Elgliwfi NEW HOLLAND - PENNSYLVANIA B. Z. MELLIN GER F O R D wif lizv Sales and Service YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA GOOD GULF DEALER Phone: 850 LOHT 8z HUTCHINSON NEW HOLLAND - Z- PENNSYLVANIA Page Forty-nine ALLIS-CHALMERS CASE IRON AGE SNAVELY'S FARM SERVICE Q FARM EQUIPMENT AND YODER'S RESTAURANT Nine Steps Down UNDER 211 EAST MAIN STREET HOME COOKING DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES MUSSELMAN BROS. NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA COAL LUMBER phone, 676 I BUILDING MATERIAL WILSON PHILC0 Il NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 839 I HAROLD W. BENNER GENERAL HAULING Phone: Leola 333-R-12 WENGER'S GREENHOUSE "Flowers For All Occasions" LEAcocx, PA. WAYNE'S BICYCLE SHOP Complete Line of BICYCLE REPAIRS and ACCESSORIES SPORTING GOODS 138 East Main Street Phone: Leda 248-R-31 NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA WHOLESALE POULTRY DEALER COMPLIMENTS For Market Prices of Call or Write DOtN'S NEWS AGENCY LANCASTER NEWSPAPERS RACING FORMS and MAGAZINES Donald R. Martin, Proprietor Phone: 643-R-3 PAUL L. ANDES BAREVILLE, R. 1 -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Leola 365-R-3 A. R. SENSENIG CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 678 Page Firty A-i ii! Lancaster Photo-Engraving Company 33-35 Market Street LANCASTER - :- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 2-7512 , 5 SAUDER BROS. SPRECHER S RESTAURANT l X FORD TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENT V REPAIRING 4: S H E P I S n fi 325-327 West Main Street BOVVMANSVILLE - PENNSYLVANIA NEW HOLLAND 'x' PENNSYLVANIA I A Phone: 716-R-3 I - - -- A WEST END SERVICE STATION - SALES SERVICE Rollin Wolfe, Prop. V C H E V R O L E T GAS, OILS, LUBRICATION, TIRES and AND BATTERIES OLDSMQBILE Phone: 902'R'2 5 JOHN N. SAUDER AUTO CO. NEW HOLLAND -1- PENNSYLVANIA 3 NEW HOLIIAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MUSSER'S FURNITURE STORE YOUR NEW . . ' KELVINATOR DEALER 'I ls il See these Kelvinator Products: GOODVILLE -'- PENNSYLVANIA I ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS li ELECTRIC RANGES ELECTRIC HOT WATER HEATERS I E EC D . F L. G. BALI-'OUR COMPANY I L mc Em' REEZERS ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Also the Class Rings and pins I PETROL OIL BURNERS FOR HOMES Commencement Invitations , Diplomas - Personal Cards ' AM, COMMERCIAL USES Club Insignia - Memorial Plaques Regrressgteg by S h S d S JOHN N. SAUDER AUTO Co. r. . . Ross, 120 out econ t. - Wormleysburg, Penna. , NEW HOLLAND' PA' P iz F'fty-one kgili ii YOU CAN NOW BUY . . . WHIPPING CREAM at Zausner's Cheese Plant NEW HOLLAND Phone: Ne - PENNSYLVANIA W Holland 948 FLORABELLE'S ATLANTIC GAS STATION GAS AND OIL - LUBRICATION Gifts and Novelties 424 W. Main St. Phone: 754-R-13 NEW HOLLAND, PA. GOODVILLE BODY SHOP You Whreck 'em . . . We Fix 'em WHEEL ALIGNMENT - WRECKS REPAIRED Earl Eaby, Prop. Phone: Terre Hill 207-R-2 BASTIAN BROTHER'S CO. R O C H E S T E R H. VV. OBERHOLZER GENERAL STORE G0oDv1LLE - :- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Terre Hill 154-R-2 Compliments of NEW YORK GOODVILLE MUTUAL CASUALTY COMPANY GOODVILLE - :- PENNSYLVANIA SHOVVALTER Sz HORNING DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCK Sales and Service NEVV HOLLAND - Z- PENNSYLVANIA NEW HOLLAND CLARION R. E. Whitmore Editor and Publisher PRINTING SERVICE FOR SEVEN TOWNSHIPS NEW HOLLAND - :- PENNSYLVANIA P F'fty-two f- N 1 ,4 5 1 4 5 , NJN' .ngil Rf'

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