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.- 4+ 5...-,1,5i' J A , A ,. , . 2 ,' , SJ ., ,:' 'rl .-131' '- ' ' , f '-wks:-1 fvffff . J. , if - A.,.' .. -,QZQ9 ',:P'9-fz7,',lf,. "' ' ,.,. 9- 1 ,L -' , Luna?" ' . ' 7-Q .4 95' 'tl 'a-"' 3. jeff .,f,-- 1 V .iff '- .FA S ,., 'vv nr- ,MILF KS: L. 3.5 V' 1.5, 1, , 4' '- . 'I 1, i Q, ilwgbm If-.0 2 52,7 W--., , ,JV L - . 5,-.-,: 9.1" .- " . x an l , ., , , ,.. 3.12 :1".'. an 'HJ - . if Q7 'fikl 3, ., Nw Q5 Q 'wa-,. f.. nf,".',1gf,',..,3.:, ,A , , -1 --eq-W .-Q-yum-3 5 ,M . 1 1, ,.xp:.': 24 .- 2, 1 , , Q , Wx .VW 4 Q, v V -4. V, , 'f -J -' ,-,',, - fix ' .1. ai -gr f Rfb 1-. Vi'-fl? mf,- lff' r wx" FI. .1- mw.. 1 L ki ' :.- fy v . - 1 4 ..1.,::A1 ., ,- 46' ' Q- W A -3 - -'i'v,Qi,"+,. -' J'---.ef 1 , M - .E -,, -, ., , V , ' . 6? , .' af M ' ' ' ' ,lix X ,,Av'Q.':d2,ii... ' ' .-A ' " ' ' - f ' Q, m., M H r NST' 'S' f Kat if 'F ,GLmEgk'R,.x -- ,,, ., '5iX,-xgfvf ,vt , J V. , V Q ,, X 'Ah 1 , , . f f ... wiv- ff lm :mg -F--2,1 915-if 'ff f ' .sf4f wi: ' ... , , , aa'-as-4 w, wfw'-2-E 'i1 5352- ff .gf pill"-5?WanX1iNvf'i gig-" Q 'Ha Q--f 1 ' 1 "5QMZln11l'.'Q-p':f,4f,,ffi133, . 44, igkxvg WK ',g3"'.S'.-s.':Ff2",'fh 'f,?.!'f'f.'i'5'..-A'gk,wW'4i'u-Q - -J A 'Eff ww- QMN 3 44??KY 7 M 4 N"53i:,'i'L.'h54f'l an fp Q if L 11 , 1?w..w . M 'H,,Q..w2A+,2w:Qszif'A'? V j 1. g2EWi3g.ii , 1i!g,E,wp3i.51y3,,gefQfi,Zf!f54 , H 'I ' ." . as xh5.?3e. 5, 44 I A, , :1M"7-F-'Qi I 4' ' ' ,qsitx l '41, x7,!e.Ews--,,g my-,d'1W'Fg-fb 141f'fLfie'-L' -Q Masq! mQssx4, f5.,. 4-sw-1-swqf qWfgQf,sA Wig- L' si -. "' ""Jf'i:""':'?,"'5'Xi k.41':?W'i'? ' ffmf ASX -wflsifffiizk iw, f?WAi?l3?i?SQQtwYQr45.?QGi?Iiff-?'Egl f .. ,f isfy , , Wfag3gav , q4, f iwgvzs, QM. 1 ,,w:.,,. . xxwe-Jay 49fbY15:,:1::sfmh,gv:-Q-A-:Q-.gffa 4 we '- rf xxd fag...-Mf4rxi"--I--L .raw ..., g,4bAaV6"2f+'-1-'9Qg34Z',:S' :X --40 -1-.Q . "NL, ii1A W 1 -ff'-W Xxvxqdff 'fs-as-Wfaw.-'a 1!F23w-r2- 1 f V. 1, NQRAAYWXBXW .N . 15,5 ., s 1 'xxx 'xy sf:QM,s1:g.s?-,fzb'?Hy'fvf Q! gfffffprixfm v,af':-...arf 'WS Q-12's-1-:1':..'3w "'x1'zQ'ff1 yy 4,42-9 i3- 31' QLt4wfSgf?f ,iktffafgg-'ggq ' ifmwf-'S'S'S5a'?,?iXY53wS'i?5K 49:-33953359 a!?zfi"E5?.f-TQSFLZ r..g ff N .ning-, ...Q b .1-'ip-.....4.-Q.---Aw-' 4 45,ar.,.n.w.yf 3? fra-3-1-41--2 Qekhf-A-, M 1dSw- fm-..-J--f ' w1s's.fmM.wvZ. "N-1:1-ff-A2?f?fffQffQ1.fAf 71-ff..,5 " -:.-'N NVQ- :if ff' :M fn. QQSRQKQYY 41 sgizfgg 5 fy ' 5 fmwwl gi' Q ' fig mee 4?-5: -3:,347Wf,.g v xQ'f'-M254 x"W"v: wi Q 1 il!! , 1 : Z nf' 4.1. XV- QS:--Q 'r if llifzik' 1? F A H1535 , Q A , 5gi,h .14 Qfqbvy, gli I 4 .I , , is 9, .2 5 if A sg!--s'1 w rwf 1 if . .X ,fl -,V N , 1 'L ' w, ,q .'- ' ' I' x ' " ' - '. ' - -""" ff' Q . ' f XL - I ., , F' V A f,""""vgn- -.rv ' T rl f "'s V "Qi 1 0- AM. -.x gi ll. 'f" """-1-" ' , -f f" "" "'-N A '- 1 EHUFPIIIHFD Il'f"1'f' passwd flzrulrgll days of foil um fm Our swrls uw' f0ll'1'l'I'Ilg high, Iluf mm' our liff' has jus! lwgnu- 4 world of joy and lfIfll0?"S nigh. Page One ,Y if eeee a A T, ,, , ii 1 YYYlllZV YYYY Y 27 Y YY Lg W- ' r ill V l l i 1 l l l I l , wh' Li' l l l 3lBvhiraIiun EACH PASSING YEAR brings to an end the school days oi' a group of New Holland High School pupils . . . brings to an end years of labor, of play, of joy and of sorrow. During their stay within the walls of the dear old school, the members of each succeeding class have become con- scious of the fact that they have been a great responsibility to those members of the faculty in whose skillful hands lies the final moulding of the character and ability which must be developed to aid them in the coming feats of life. To those faithful teachers, we of the Class of '36 acknowl- edge our indebtedness and offer our sincere thanks. And to Miss Virginia Hoffman, our Home Room teacher, whose kindness to us, and whose rare ability to bring out the best that lies in each individual member, do we offer as a testi- monial of our highest esteem the dedication of this issue of the Leoninus. Page Two -11 - 5, i 4 l 'J l la Table of Contents ,. Foreword ........ .,...... 1 Dedication ......................... 2 Year Book Staff ............... 4 Board of Education .......... 6 Faculty ........................................... 7 Autographs ......................................... 8 Title Page for Seniors .............. 9 Individual Senior Write-ups ....... 10-21 Diary ...,.........,................ .,....v....................... 2 2 Class Poem and Song ........... 23 Class Prophecy ............................................. 24 Class Will ....,.............................................................. ....... 2 5 Baby Pictures fKey on Page 301 ......... ............ 2 6-27 School Scenes ..,..,...................,.............................. ........... 2 8-29 Class Day ................,........ ..... ..... 3 0 Commencement ..............,... 31 Senior Play ..................... . ........ 32 'Title Page for Classes ....... 33 Classes ................................................ 34-36 Title Page for Activities ......... 37 Basketball .......,.......................,.. 38 Baseball ....... 39 Tennis ...................... 40 Cheerleaders ........ 41 Orchestra ..........,.. 42 Glee Club ........ 43 Operetta ......................... 44 Alma Mater ...................... 45 Town Clock News ......... ............ 4 6-47 Patrol ............................,........ 48 Advertisements ...... ,,,, ,,,,, 4 9 -56 Page Three Yfffif ,EO 0i5ff1ff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - - - - - EVA MELLINGER ASSOCIATE EDITOR -------- BENJAMIN BRUBAKER EDITORIAL STAFF CLASS EDITORS MII,IvRI-:II TRIIUP RUTH S'I'AUFI-'ER ELIZABETH GRIIPF ART RICHARD SPRECHER PAUIIINE GEHMAN SPIIRTS -------- JIIIIN REss1.I-:R CARTOONISTS RUTH VVITMER KATIIRYN FARRER AIIvIsoR- -M ISS VIRGIN IA HUI-'FMA N BUSINESS STA FF' MANAGER - ----- - DONALD WITMER CIRCULATION HEI,EN WENTZ C'AImoI,I. STIIKES VERNIIN REYNOLDS ANNA MAE SHEPLER ADVERTISING RIIBERT RUTTER LESTER KUTZ RIIBERT WRIGHT KATHIWN ZWALLY AIvvIsoR-MR. J. HARVEY SHUE ff- - ---- f-- Pane Four -- - J n u NEW HOLLAND HIGH SCHOOL NEW HOLLAND, PA. 7-fi gf Pane Five Lf - f The Boecdetefl-'i4UC0ffQten Qu SCHOOL DIRECTORS MR. H. EARLE WRIGHT, PRESIDENT MR. CHARLES S. ZWALLY, VICE PRESIDENT MR. JOHN H. MARTIN, SECRETARY MR. .I. MAURICE SMITH, TREASURER MR. HENRY FENNINGER This spare in our year book is dedicated to the Board oi' Education of the New Holland School, to whom we are indebted for the position of our School today. the many privileges and opportunities of modern education afforded us and the constant concern and interest they have taken in our welfare. To the present members and officers of the Board and to those who have Served in preceeding years. we wish to express our gratitude for the mental, moral and physical education they have made possible for us. ...-,- , , L i 1: , fl Page Six 1 W 1, f -f Air The Fewlfy MR. J. HARVEY SI-IUE, SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL Shippensburg State Teachers College Franklin and Marshall College . . . B. S. Degree Columbia University . . . M. A. Miss VIRGINIA M. HOFFMAN MR. STEWART J. BARTHOLD Temple University . . . B. S. Degree Lebanon Valley College . . . B. S. Degree History and Social Scicm-c Illathcmatics MR. WILLIAM D. BURLEY Miss RUTH E. CALDWELL West Chester State Teachers College . . . B. S. Degree Temple University . . . A. B. Degree Music Latin and History MRS. IRMA M. DITZLER MR. LEoN B. DISSINGER Hood College . . . A. B. Degree Millersville State Teachers College . . . A. B. Degree Home Economil-s, Mathematics and English Mrrnual Training and Physical Eflumtion MR. CHARLES R. FURLONG Miss RUTH M. FREYBERGER Lebanon Valley College . . . B. S. Degree Kutztown State Teachers College . . . B. S. Degree Science Art and Physical Education Miss MARY A. PERRELL Cornell University . . . B. S. Degree English and French, Miss HELEN B. FENNINGER Miss KATHRYN WANNER Sixth Grade Third Grade MRS. ANNA S. DILLER Miss MILDRED A. STAUFFER Fifth Grade Second Grade Miss MARY HARSH Miss MARIA K. BENDER Fourth Grade First Grade - -- ff--'- ll' -if-ff' 21 Page Seven 43 -- iff- ---fi, ,inf-f--1:- NU! ,4 'N :X r . N ' E r A ,Y,n , , , Y-? Ks?-if-I 's i f'Y A,Uf0gf0PhS, Yi g be bemnrs mP'llP rlimhvh the Hill . . . thr fmluuntain lim hrfurv un 4 i'1i iI P N ' l,v iq pasta.- - BENJAMIN MUSSELMAN BRUBAKER FEBRUARY 14, 1919 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Class Oflicer 1415 Glee Club 1415 Clubs- Travel 121, Hi-Y 1315 Town Clock News 141. Operetta 141. Sometimes beliefs don't come true. Here is Benny, who was born on St. Valentine's Day, and sometimes we think he doesn't have any heart, but he does. It's just that all his time is spent in studying. Benny came to us in the ninth grade, and has walked away with all honors other years, and has been on every first honor group this year. He has not decided what he would like to do after gradu- ation, but we think he will take up farming, because he has helped on his father's farm during the past several summers, and has some very good ideas about that occupation. ELOISE LUCILLE BACHMAN JULY 31, 1918 NEW HoLLANn, PA. Class Secretary 1115 Class Treasurer 1215 Hitz-en-Bitz 131 5 Orchestra 13, 41 5 Town Clock News Staff 1415 Latin Club 1215 Conduct and Manners 1315 Cheerleader 1315 Operetta 11, 2, 315 Glee Club 1415 Monitor 131. Almost eighteen years ago our friend the stork left a tiny, curly-headed baby in Osterburg, Pa. At the age of three months the baby was brought to New Holland by her parents, and here was christened "Eloise Lucille." She was always interested in music, and as a youngster directed her kid brother and chulns in singing. "Squeezer" hopes some day to have an orchestra of her own, patterned after Guy Lombardo's . . . hence she has a hobby of collecting autographs of famous musicians and tooting away on "Mick- ey," her sax. Her chief pastime is being in the company of "Sid," the daVinci of tomorrow. It you hear a high soprano giggle or her pet saying, "Gimme some gum," you'll recognize at once this blue-eyed blonde-a popular lass and a pal. PHILIP EDGAR BRUBAKER, JR. SEPTEMBER 22, 1917 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Science Club 1215 Construction Club 131. Dick was born two miles south of New Holland, and started his school life in the New Holland Schools. His fa- vorite sports are baseball and fox-hunting. He considers sleeping and visiting Gap about once a month his main hobbies. After school is over he expects to keep on farming until some better job turns up. The Senior Class wishes you the best of luck in what- ever you may choose as your life work. ' Plge Ten ,J 1 ALTA KATHRYN FARRER l1lAY 13, 1918 NEW HOLLAND, PA Operetta 12, 3, 41 5 Glee Club 141 g Home Craft Club 1213 Tri-Hi-Y 131 3 Junior Play 131 9 Class Secretary 131, Leoninus 141. First in laughter, first in fun, first in the hearts of her classmates. In spite of being born on the thirteenth "Kas" 1or Jack if you will1 is very popular in New Holland High. A fine disposition, a good nature and winning smile brand her as an all-around pal. This pretty curly-headed miss has taken part in many assembly programs and entertainments during her four years in the New Holland school. Basketball games find her a jolly good fan-and can she cheer. Her chief pastimes are running errands to the American Store for "groceries" and taking daily noon rides in a Ford. She hasn't decided which she likes best, the Ford or the Chevy. Here's to your happiness, "Kas," RICHARD DONALD GEIST NOVEMBER 26, 1918 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41 3 Science Club 121 9 Con- struction Club 131. "Rit." a native of New Holland, spent three years of his young life in Intercourse after which he returned and finished his school career in New Holland High School. Being interested in sports "Rit" has been star pitcher of the High school baseball team for the past four years, steer- ing the team to many victories. Intramural basketball on the Senior "beef" team was his pastime during the winter. Horse- back riding and "back-seat driving" are also favorite sports of our freckle-faced friend. "Rit" has always been rather bashful among the fair sex but we find that Mabel is breaking him of the habit. Good luck in whatever you undertake, "Rit." PAULINE ANNE GEHMAN RIAY 10, 1918 Ni-:w HOLLAND, PA. Operetta 11, 413 Baseball 1113 Glee Club 3, 413 Art Club 12, 31, Town Clock News 141. Pauline, better known as "Polly" has been with us ever since Iirst grade and her favorite expression, "you don't say," can be heard anywhere around school. "Polly" is known as the artist of the class and is always willing to put the final touches to the picture any art student is working on. These touches are often half the picture. We thank you, "Polly." Recently her attitude about letter writing has changed: could the reason be a red-headed hero from Harrisburg. Her smiles have won her a place in the hearts of all her classmates and also patrons of the Cut Rate Store. We hope that she will go far in that business, or gain great heights in the realm of art. Page Eleven , Page Twelve - -f 4 :H--HH ROBERT BARTON GOOD MAY 13, 1918 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Orchestra 1113 Science Club 121g Construc- tion Club 1313 Glee Club 1411 Operetta 141. "Soccer's" aim in school was only to learn things that would prove useful to him a little later in life. This lad is very much interested in physics, chemistry and all things dealing with Science. He has proven his talent and ability in this line more than once. One of the things 'fSoccer" en- joys is to use the largest and most complicated words that he knows, when giving oral topics. After graduation "Soc- cer" is interested in learning the plumbing trade more thor- oughly and working with his father. According to his ability shown in school along this trend we think that "Soccer" will become a very successful plumber. EDNA ELIZABETH GROFF FEBRUARY 18, 1918 New HOLLAND, PA.. Cheerleader 131: Home Room Officer 141: Class Officer 11, 3, 41 5 Baseball 1313 Glee Club 12, 411 Clubs' Latin 1213 Tri-Hi-Y 131gfHitz- en-Bitz 11, 2, 31g Town Clock News 1415 Or- chestra 1l1g Operetta, 13, 41. Groffy is and has been, ever since first grade, the most active member of our class. She has participated in almost every activity in school and is always Willing to help some struggling Latin student. She is now Editor-in-Chief of the Town Clock News. The school feels that it was through her work that the paper has won the high degree of popularity that it did this year. Her hobby is collecting souvenirs and autographs for her "School Memories." Groffy is undecided what she wants to do after school, but we know she will succeed in whatever field she finally decides upon. , No folks, she doesn't have insomnia, but is patiently wait- ing' for the milkman. Don't be late "Wimpy." SAMUEL WEAVER HIGH FEBRUARY 2, 1919 BLUE BALL, PA. Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41 Q Science Club 131 3 Jun- ior Play 131g Operetta 1315 Sports Club 1213 Patrol 131. Sam, otherwise known as "Sylvia," attended grammar school in Blue Ball and made a timid entrance into our Fresh- man class in '32. He soon made himself known until now in his Senior year, wherever you go, someone wants to know "Where's Sam?" This happy-go-lucky lad is famous for his certain comic imitations and his original basketball cheer. For two years Sam played a clarinet in the orchestra and for the last two years has been punishing his "sax." "Sylvia's" favorite subject is "study hall" and his favorite sport is swimming 1in addition to dancing with "Ag'gie"1. Ten years hence we shall find friend Sam an accomplished engineer. ,f X t l - - 1. LESTER WEAVER KUTZ NOVEMBER 10, 1919 BLUE BALL, PA. Science Club 1213 Orchestra 13, 413 Junior Play 1313 Senior Play 1412 Cheerleader 1413 Leoninus 141. Although born in New Holland, "Kutzie," after spend- ing the first year of his life in this town decided he'd rather live in the suburbs so he moved to Blue Ball,f Having com- pleted seven years of study in Blue Ball grammar school "Kutzie', joined us in New Holland High School, where he became a friend to all because of his wit and good nature. Should you hear someone whistling "The First Move- ment of Foust" or inquiring "Did you see Yost anywhere"-- that's Kutz. Perhaps he is planning his career of Electrical Engineering while taking those daily walks down East Main stieet. Or is Betty the magnetic force? BLANCHE ELIZABETH HOFFARD FEBRUARY 13, 1918 CHURCHTQWN, PA. Home Economics Club 1113 Home Craft Club 121 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1313 Junior Play 1313 Glee Club 141. This cheerful lassie was born at Windsor Forge, but soon moved to Churchtown, where she got her first 8 years of schooling. She has won many friends with her cheery smile and hearty laugh during her 4 years spent at New Holland. Vs hen there are any tricks to be played on people or any jokes to be told, "Blimp" is right there with her laughs and ideas. She can often be seen in Churchtown with someone who is a painter. Blanche would like to be either a very com- petent housewife or a nurse. We are sure she would be an excellent nurse because she has personality and cheerfulness. But whatever "Blimp" may attempt she can be assured that the Senior Class is back of her. PAUL IRVIN LAUKHUFF DECEMBER 17, 1916 BLUE BALL, PA. Baseball 13, 413 Sports Club 12, 31Q Orches- tra 111. Paul. better known as "Wimpie" has earned himself this name because of his drowsiness. The reason for this can be traced directly to his job as a milk man. Recently he has taken a new interest in the milk business because of a certain blonde senior on Main street. We won't tell, "Wimpie." He is a very dependable student and has won recognition by his work on committees of the various school functions. His favorite pastime is roller skating' and eating ham- burgers and in school his fondness for chemistry is shown by the marks he gets. After leaving school we think he will be in the milk business. If so, "Wimpie," the Class of '36 will be your regular customers. Page Thirteen w-l-L Page Fourteen W gl 1 1- ELI M. MARTIN NOVEMBER 8, 1918 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Dramatics Club 121g Science Club 1315 Glee Club 1413 Operetta 141. This young fellow was born three days before the whistles blew, signifying armistice day, and it is said that he rather objected to all the noise. He started school at the Weaver home under the supervision of Mrs. Weaver. Eli could be seen selling farm products at a very early age and we still see him selling celery or passing circulars for prominent business men. The business side of life seems to appeal to Eli, and it appears that in that profession he will find suc- cess. He is most industrious and efficient. He- is known around the school for his hot arguments and his love for debating. "Speedo" has not fully decided on his future but he expects to further his education in some way. May life offer you a big reward! HAROLD WAYNE MARTIN OCTOBER 30, 1916 BLUE BALL, PA. Travel Club 1213 Construction Club 1319 Op- eretta 131. Harold began his education in Blue Ball in 1921, and joined us in our Freshman year. Should you see Harold perched on a cushion while driving his Ford you will under- stand why we call him "Pigmy," but good things come in small packages. Harold. Travel is one of the main attractions in "Pigmy's" life, he having visited eleven states, and covered about fourteen thousand miles in travel. He has been to Canada, Niagara and in 1933 drove the Ford out to the Chicago World's Fair. For a hobby "Pigmy" is taking a radio course by correspond- ence and hopes to continue his studies in the electrical field when he leaves New Holland High School. JOHN K. MASER, JR. MARCH 12, 1918 NEW HOLLAND, R. D. 1, PA. Cperetta 11, 313 Sports Club 1213 Hi-Y 1313 Manager of basketball team 141. "Jack," although not a native born citizen has been with us ever since first grade, where he along with 23 others, start- ed school in the home of Mrs. Weaver. His agreeable ways and smiling face has made him a favorite of the whole class. Although not a basketball hero, Jack has played his part as manager of the team. His "Chevie" has won favor with the girls, not only in New Holland, but Brownstown as well. "Jack" also added to the success of the two class plays, not on the stage. but as stage manager. He hasn't decided what his future work will be, but since he is now taking up business at Lancaster Business College we feel sure it will be in that line. 1 11 1" EVA PEARL MELLINGER MAY 17, 1917 NEW HoLLAND, PA. Science Club1233 Tri-Hi-Y 1333 Operetta 11, 23 3 Glee Club 11, 23 3 Junior Play 143 3 Sen- ior Play 1435 Leoninus 143, Cheerleader 143. Eva hailed from West Main street, and has spent most of her life so far in New Holland, and always attended the New Holland schools. She ,frenerally has an opinion about everything, and furthermore, is not afraid to express it. lf you hear a hearty laugh issuing' from a group of noisy stud- ents you can count on it that Eva has a new joke. Perhaps it is this lively spirit in her which makes the class such an active cheerleader. We can always depend on Eva as a friend in need. As for the future, Eva considers interior decoration and dress designing or perhaps being' housewife for "Gib." DOROTHY CATHERINE MOHLER AL'oL's'r 14, 1918 Nr-:w HOLLANI3, PA. Operetta 11, 2, 3, 43 5 Travel Club 1233 Con- duct and Manners 133g Town Clock News 1433 Cheerleader 143 3 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 43. Did you ever hear of "Shorty?" Well folks, that's Dot. Her favorite expression, "Gee, that burns me up," can be heard anywhere around school. She is business manager of the Town Clock News and is a cheerleader. Recently she has taken a new interest in basketball and pays the paper boy in pennies because it takes longer. We wonder why? Her spare time is divided between "Buck" and her knitting. Dot hopes to be a hair dresser, and we feel sure that she will soon own an establishment of her own. HELEN NAOMI MYERS AL'f:Us1' 9, 1918 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Glee Club 11, 2, 435 Home Craft Club 1233 Tri-Hi-Y Club 1333 Baseball team 12, 33, Bas- ketball 13, 43. To say that she is quiet and reserved does not mean that "Dolly" isn't with the class, for she always participates in its activities. "Dolly" has been with us for the twelve years, and has proven a worthy and faithful student. She always has a smile to greet her friends and is always willing to help another student. "Dolly" has taken a great interest in sports. Many a time she has led the Senior Girls' basketball team to victory. Who made that goal? Of course, it was "Dolly." She has no particular vocation in view, but we're sure she'll be successful in whatever she attempts. -T Page Fifteen - - JOHN HARRY RESSLER APR11, 10, 1918 NEW HoLLANn, PA. Basketball 13, 41g Baseball 12, 3, 41, Junior Play 131 g Senior Play 141 3 Orchestra 11, 2. 41 5 Sports Club 1213 Construction Club 1313 Moni- tor 131: Hitz-en-Bitz Staff 12, 315 Town Clock News 1413 Safety Patrol 141, Leoninus 1415 Class President 13, 41. As a guide takes the lead in sealing a hih mountain, so Johnny takes the lead in the functions of our class, popular among his schoolmates and energetic in his work. This na- tive born Ephratan whom we all knew as "Bug" in his young'- er years, is a star athlete on the baseball diamond and es- pecially on the basketball court. He not only plays the game but also gives us the "dope" in black and white in our school newspaper. We are confident that some day, with his journal- istic background. Johnny will be one of the foremost sports commentators of the United States. VERNON MARKS REYNOLDS Bl!-RCI! 28, 1918 NEW HoI.LANu, PA. Operetta 11, 2, 313 Science Club 121g Hi-Y- Club 1313 Leoninus 141. Vernon is the Don Juan of the class and you are sure to find girls wherever you find Vernon. He loves to talk and the teachers are always reminding him that there is a law in Physics which states that two or more persons talking' at the same time in a room produces a clashing of sound waves. He likes swimming, hiking, Chemistry, and French, but is not so sure what he would like to take up after school. He does, however. have some ideas about landscape gardening: Here's luck. Vernon. ROBERT ECKERT RUTTER DECEMBER 27. 1919 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Operetta 11, 413 Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Junior Play 131: Senior Play 141, Science Club 1213 Sports Club 1213 Patrol 121g Leoninus 141. Bob has a smile for everyone he meets and an answer for everyone who talks to him. His ability as an Algebra or Chemistry student is proven. Hu has shown us not only his ability to act the part of a young college man but also that of an Englishman of leisure His favorite sport is swimming' and you can see Bob at Wil- low Brook on any hot summer day. Bob has kept us all guessing as to what he will be in the future, actor, Olympic swimming champion, or chemist, but whatever he does decide upon, the class will cheer for him as he cheered for the basketball team this year. " P329 SIXWPYI :W 4 ,iff .-- X I ANNA MAE SHEPLER Oorosrn 4, 1918 BLUE BALL, PA. Home Economics Club 111g Homecraft Club 1215 Tri-Hi-Y 1313 Glee Club 1413 Leoninus Staff 1413 Office Work 1119 Patrol 13, 41: Op- eretta 141. Before entering New Holland as a Freshman, Anna Mac attended the Blue Ball school. If you are greeted by the ex- pression "Hi Toots" you can be sure it's "Shepler." She is always in good humor and often proves to us her wittinessg but or' course we all know that it is only the "Irish in her." Clarabel rates among one of the highest of her friends. 1f'larabel is her Ford1. Anna Mae is taking a business course at Lancaster Busi- ness College: this and entertaining her friend from Church- town keeps her very busy. Her main ambition is to be a private- secretary in Churchtown or New Holland, although she has not decided which, because she is quite interested in a certain artist in the Junior class. We wish you unbounded success. Shepler, in whatever you attempt. ROBERT STYER SHIRK DECEMBER 10, 1916 CHURCHTOXVN, PA. Science Club 1215 Conduct and Manners Club 131: Patrol 141. "Bob" came to New Holland in 1931 from the Church- town school. He is better known to everyone as "Chicken." "Chicken's" favorite sport is racing on land, sea and air. His hobby is tuning up a car to its highest efficiency. You will probably hear of him winning the next Indianapolis race. "'Shirk" believes in the old saying "Variety is the spice of life." especially if the variety is attired in a dress and has blonde hair. Chicken's ambition is to do hauling after he is out of school. Good luck, Bob. MILDRED DOLORES SHULER JANUARY 10, 1918 NARVON, PA. Glee Club 11, 2, 3. 41 3 Science Club, 121 3 Tri- Hi-Y 131 3 Operetta 12, 3, 41 3 Town Clock News 141: Junior Play 1315 Senior Play 141. Four years ago Milly came scampering into dear old New Holland High School with the rest of those little and at firsi timid "Blue Balliansf' But it didn't take long for Milly to get acquainted and she soon Won popularity with her singing and dancing. Although dancing is her hobby you can sometimes see Milly sketching the profiles of her class- mates or drawing some dancing figure. Milly plans to study dramatics sometime and we know she will succeed for she has shown us her talent in our class plays and operettas. Best of luck to you Milly and may your cherished hopes come true. Page Seventeen - - l l 1 1 iiri V lgilv - Yiffil. i,x,53 .:g ll DOROTHY MARIE SNADER Noveivmsn 23. 1918 NEW HoL1.ANo, PA. Glee Club gl, 2, 3, 41: Operetta 11, 2, 3, 413 Good Housekeeping Club 1313 Patrol 13, 4lg Junior Play l3h 3 Senior Play 443. Those eyes! . . . of course they belong to no other than "Snader," who is near the top of the girls in height. "Snade1"' is usually found dashing around in the hall seeing that the patrol, of which she is captain. is doing its duty! She devotes much of her time to piano playing and residents of Ephrata and Morgantown. Dot seems to favor Albright College. We wonder why? Her favorite expression the morning after the night before is, "Boy, can he dance!" Well, Dot, here is luck to you as an athletic coach and we feel you will be high scorer in the game. H11 HARD FILLMORE SPRECHER Just: 1, 1912-l BOWMANSVILLE, PA. Art Club 121: Hi-Y Club 131: Home Room Vice President 1-ll: Leoninus bil. "Sugar," who is the heavyweight of the class, hails from Bowmansville. If you doubt that he is a heavyweight, just try to push him around and you will be convinced. Some of his artistic ability may be seen within this book. "Sugar" is very sociable and is always in a good humor. Out-door sports are a great enjoyment to Richard. When he puts every ounce of his strength into something, hc cer- tainly can do things. As yet, Richard has not decided upon his life's work but whatever his choice may be we all hope he will be successful. RUTH IRENE STAUFFER Dsci-:Miami 1, 1917 GOODVILLE, PA. Home Economics Club ill 1 Home Craft Club 1215 Tri-Hi-Y ITN: Leoninus, 14l. Although "Ruthie" is the smallest girl in the class she certainly has a big heart. She is always willing to help an- othei classmate in any possible way. "Ruthie" has formed many friendships. by her charming ways and is considered a 'food friend and student. If you ask "Ruthie" what type of boy-friends she pre- fers, she will say "tall, dark and handsome." Maybe it's be- cause she's so small. "Ruthie" hasn't made up her mind as yet what she will attempt after her graduation, but we be- lieve- that before many years roll by she will be busily en- gaged as a housekeeper. HW- Page Eighteen f+ Ay 1 1 KATHRYN YODER STEFFY MAY ll. 1918 New HOLLAND. PA. Operetta 11, 21 5 Glee Club 11, 2, 41 5 Orches- tra 11, 2, 31 3 Home Economics Club 121 3 Assist- ant Editor of Town Clock News 1415 Basket- ball 11, 2, 41. This girl. known as "Steffy," gives the teachers many a chance to "Sh" her talking. Steffy can very easily be digni- fied and reserved if she wants to. You can usually hear her asking someone 'tD'ya have anything to eat?" As assistant editor of the Town Clock News, Kathryn shows her skill with a pen. Her chief hobby is reading or writing poetry. Although SteHy is not the oldest girl she is the largest. She seems to have a great fondness for "soldiers" We won- der why? Kathryn's ambition is to become a nurse in Jef- ferson Hospital. We're sure she'll be a success. CARROLL WITMER STOKES OCTOBER 25, 1917 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41 g Sports Club 111 g Ten- nis 13, 41: Orchestra 11, 2, 413 Construction Club 1313 Leoninus 141. Will any of us ever forget "Stokes?" No! He just vxon't let us for he has impressed himself so indelibly upon us that we cannot. He has won great laurels in athletics, es- pecially in basketball. More than that, he always exhibited a high standard of sportsmanship which shows the "real stulT"' of which he is made, and which is more than all the victories he has ever made possible. Besides sports he has attained success in music. His merry pranks make him hu- man. One of his favorite expressions is: "Paper, lady!" Thoughtful, gay, intellectual, athleticg balance, perfect bal- ance. To you, our classmate, we wish success. MILDRED EVELYN TROOP Oc'roBER 5, 1918 CHURCHTOWN, PA. Glee Club 13, 413 Clubs: Home Craft 1215 Tri-Hi-Y 131: Operetta 141. If you have seen a girl around school who has big, brown eyes you can feel sure that it was "Milly." We can't decide just what Milly's plans are after school, because sometimes she says it's hairdressing and sometimes it's butchering. Does "Chappy" have anything to do with the latter, "Milly." Mildred came to us in the ninth grade and since then has been an active member of the class, taking part in sports, newspaper work, and all class activities. Whatever you do after graduation the Class of '36 will be with you. Page Nineteen fff -4' - ffm- 2-f - 'fa 1 1 - DONALD BOYER WITMER APRIL 17, 11118 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Orchestra 11, 2, 413 Operetta 13, 413 Junior Play 1313 Senior Play 1413 Construction Club 131 1 Sports Club 121 3 Basketball 13, 41 3 Tennis 13. 413 Class Treasurer 1413 Leoninus 141. This young' man, known to some as "Donny," to others as "Whit," and to Carroll Stokes as "Uncle Donny," is the type of American man that every youngster envies and some day hopes to equal. He is a keen student and a boy that everyone is proud to call a pal. "Donny" blows a mean trumpet in the orchestra and in the Junior and Senior plays has proved that he can "out- Gableu Clark Gable himself. His acting in these performances has caused many a feminine heart to skip a beat, but what heart minds skipping' a beat when it's over "Donny," He is a wow at sports, wielding: an uncanny racket in tennis, and a heavy bat in baseball, but his greatest glory has been in basketball. His hobby is radio and he plans to make a name for himself in this Field. Here's luck! HELEN KOHLER WENTZ Ucroisrtn 251. 1918 NEW HOLLAND, PA. School Safety Patrol 1413 Town Clock News 141 1 Operetta 1l, 2, 3, 41 3 Monitor 131 3 Senior Play 1413 Glee Club 11, 2, 413 Tri-Hi-Y 1313 Travel Club 1313 Leoninus 141. A tiny. squabblingr baby girl with the most beautiful brown eyes came into the Wentz household on a bright Oc- tober morn. To keep in accordance with the month her dad decided to nickname her "Spook," by which she is still known today. Betrayimr her slow easy manner, "Spook' 'is indus- triousness personified 1ask any member of the Town Clock News staff1. Swimming, tennis, hiking, dancing, cocoanut mounds and "Honey." her pet bull dogg take up most of her leisure time. There is also some time for a certain college lad. When she graduates "Spook" intends going to college and later become a great asset to the future generations. HARRY SHELLEY WITMER MARC!! 20. 1918 NARVON, PA. Science Club 121 3 Junior Play 131 3 Construc- tion Club 1313 Senior Play 1412 Glee Club 141. . Whenever you see a Ford full of boisterous school kids coming up Main street you can be sure that Shelley has been telling' one of his many stories and if you ever heard of a Witmer who makes visits to East Lampeter you can be sure that it's Harry. Harry has displayed his wit and talent to most of us in the Junior and Senior plays. Hari-y's favorite subjects are mathematics and chem- istry and his hobby is stamp collecting. Harry is very much interested in electricity and we are sure that in the future years he will invent some beneficial electrical apparatus. Here's hoping for the best. Page Twenty ,V ,Y , , H ,7,,,,4A ,, .74 1 RUTH ANNA WITMER S1-irrmisax 8, 1918 Gooovima, PA. Home Economics Club 115 1 Home Craft Club 125 1 Tri-Hi-Y Club 135 g Leoninus 1453 Basket- ball 145g Operetta 145. Ruth is the tall, blonde girl of our class. She attended the Goodville school before entering New Holland as a Fresh- man. Her favorite expression is "Dear, dear." She has tak- en a great interest in class activities, sports, clubs, etc. Ruth is very fond of music and especially "baritone sing- We wonder why? A favorite pastime of Ruth's is driving that Ford. The greatest ambition which she has is to be a physical education instructor. We're certain she'll succeed in whatever she may attempt. ROBERT EARLE WRIGHT DECEMBER 4, 1917 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Basketball 13, 45 g Tennis 13, 45 5 Sports Club 125: Hi-Y 1353 Orchestra 1455 Class President 1155 Leoninus 145, "Bob," that flashy forward of the New Holland basket- ball champs, has been attending the New Holland schools since 1924. and has from the start been popular among his classmates. Always much concerned in seeing that New Holland be at the top in sports, 'tBob" has created a fine example of sportsmanship. As for hobbies he is perfectly content when he can bury himself in a book, and for pastime he Wal'mS up his sax. Being interested in chemistry and in following the business of his father, ou1' blue-eyed, blonde-haired classmate promises to be "the" baker of tomorrow. Here's hoping you roll in a lot of "dough," Bob. KATHRYN MATILDA ZWALLY Ffzsarixm' 19, 1918 NEW HOLLAND, PA. Operetta 11, 45, Glee Club 11, 2, 45, Travel Club 1255 Tri-Hi-Y 1355 Basketball 11, 2, 453 Town Clock News 1455 Patrol 1459 Leoninus 145. "Speech is silver, silence is golden," but this young lady is satisfied with silver. Always in a hurry, yet not too rushed to lend a helping hand or give a friendly smile, that's "Zwal- ly." Kathryn has spent her entire school career in the New Holland school. "Kitty" has always been very active in her studies as well as the extra curricular activities. One of You can usually find "Zwally" laughing and joking some- where in the building. Although you have not decided upon your life's career, the Class of '36 wishes you success. Page Twenty-one - Qfffi D-e?E'H SEPTEMBER 3, 1932 We entered New Holland High, eager to meet old faces and get acquainted with new ones. The group was placed in Room 9, under the supervision of Miss Gladys Jenkins. Robert Wright was elected pI'esident. SEPTEMBER 5, 1933 We started our Sophomore year with only a few missing. The class assembled in Room 10 with Miss Caldwell as our chief advisor. Elizabeth Groff was elected president. SI-:I"rE!vlBI-:R 3, 1934 Again a few more classmates dropped out of our class. We were all eager to start our Junior year. Mr. Wenger was our Home Room Advisor, and John Ressler was elected presi- dent. OCTOBER 19, 1935 An enjoyable evening was spent when the Juniors held a skating party at Schaum's. Many were bruised from falling, but the most serious was Richard Sprecher, when he fell near the close of the party ibut was not seriously hurtj. The chaperones were Miss Caldwell and Mr. Wenger. JANUARY 18, 1935 Under the supervision of Mr. Wenger, the Junior Play was a big success. The auditor- ium was filled to capacity. It was a three-act comedy entitled "Home Town Girl." MAY 28, 1935 A picnic was held at Wright's Pond. The afternoon was spent canoeing' and quoit pitching. Samuel High and Lester Kutz spent most of their afternoon swimming. We all had an enjoy- able time even though we returned home soaked and dirty. Miss Hoffman was our Chaperone. SEPTEMBER 3, 1935 Much to our surprise we are about to enter the last year in New Holland High School. To our sorrow, Flora Nelson, a friend to everyone, did not return for her last year, and the class misses her very much. We are also glad to welcome to the Class of '36, Gordon Smith, a member of the Class of '35, who is taking post graduate work. Miss Hoffman is our Home Room Supervisor. OCTOBER 31, 1935 A Hallowc'en Party for the Senior High School was held in the High School auditorium. The classes were asked to offer a short program. The Senior Class won the prize. The party was in the form of a masquerade. The entire faculty, as well as their wives, were present. DECEMBER 13, 1935 D The Senior Play was held as one of the main events of our Senior Year. It was a three-act farce entitled "The Arrival of Kitty." and was given under the direction of Miss Mary A. Per- rell. We are very sorry to lose Helen Wanner, another member of our class, due to missing a great deal of school on account of an operation. JANUARY 17, 1936 . The Juniors and Seniors went on a skating party to Schaum's. The entire faculty was invited but unfortunately a few were unable to be with us. We all had an enjoyable time in spite of all the falls. MARCH 20, 1936 I . The girls held a leap year party at "Ye Colonial Inn," Bareville. We are sure the boys had a good time at the girls' expense. The chaperones were Miss Virginia Hoffman and Mrs. J. Harvey Shue. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-JOHN HARRY RESSLER VICE PRESIDENT-E. ELIZABETH GROFF SECRETARY-BENJAMIN M. BRURARER TREASURER-DONALD BOYER WITMER Class Advisors VIRGINIA M. Hoi-'I-'MAN J. HARVEY SHUE 1 Page Twenty-two -- , , C12 Poem WE'VE CLIMBED THE HILL ,' THE MOUNTAIN LIES BEFORE US High school days of fun and labor, Victories made and battles won, Twelve fond years of constant friendship, Years containing work and hardship, 1. Years that strengthened schoolday kinship- gif These are ended . . . life begun. fl. I All this time we've been a-climbing X 3 Often stumbling, falling backward: ' l Teachers dear then to the rescue, Protected us from savage vulture, , Strengthened us with staffs of virtue, 1 Urged us onward . . . ever onward. il I l l After twelve long years of climbing, I oked so stately, H Soon the summit was upon us, E The same crest which had lo 5 Seemed so steep from valleys shadyg sa But, lo, from here a far more lofty HN Towering mountain lies before us. -. --Elizabeth Groj' Class Song Now at last our high school days are over, We have climbed the hill, and we've succeeded, We into the field of life must go, Though the mountain lies before us still, Though the path was rugged and we stumbled, We will always love our Alma Mater, We our courage never failed to show. Which our later life with joy wi.ll fill. -Mildred Troop CLASS FLOWER- CLASS COLORS- THE WHITE ROSE NAVY BLUE AND WHITE Page Twenty-three ..,. Class Prophecy As we gaze into the crystal it clears, and we see one of the most original and most successful classes ever graduated from New Holland High School. The Class of '36 has now given to the world inventions, services, artists, manufacturers and politicians. The first person whose life we gaze on is that of John Ressler, who was president of the class for the last two years of school. He and Samuel High are making famous names for themselves by performing as comedians with the well-known Bar- num and Bailey Circus. Next we see Mildred Shuler who has just returned from Europe from making her debut as an o mera sin er. I Robert Wright has indeed made a great fortune for himself by discovering a type of bread which not onlv is healthful, but also contains the proper vitamins for making the user beautiful. Q A few months after we graduated Eva Mellinger entered into the holy bonds of matrimony with "Gib." They have lived happily ever since. The most studious member of our class, Benjamin Brubaker, is busily engaged at Washington, D. C., as Secretary of Agriculture. We also have learned that Phillip Brubaker is head of the National Farm Loan Bureau. Mildred Troop is the owner of a famous beauty shop in Philadelphia, where she gives weekly treatments to Dorothy Snader, who is the wife of a Philadelphia millionaire. Harry Witmer tried his hand at inventing a lie detector machine but failed. He is now trying to invent a trackless railroad. Ruth Stauffer is touring Europe with a show as the smallest girl in the world. Paul Laukhuif has slept so much that it is now decided he has "slept-outg" he is now the suc- cessful manager of the Blue Ball Dairy. The dress designer about whom everybody has heard so much is none other than Vernon Rey- nolrls. Blanche Hoffard embarked on the sea of matrimony with that famous house painter from Churchtown. She is kept very busy caring for all the little housepainters. That famous cornet player of the "Blue Ball Symphony Orchestra" which everybody has hea1'd so much about is none other than Lester Kutz. Dorothy Mohler is now teaching a tap dancing class in the Harner Theatre, New Holland. VVe learn that Harold Martin is now busily engaged in writing up his experience for the True Story Magazine. Robert Good has always been such a faithful buyer of life savers that he is at last the owner of one of the factories. Eloise Bachman is kept busy posing for drawings for that artistic husband of hers. Eli Martin is NOW busily Gnilaifefl making political addresses for the coming election. The American Stores are still in existence and the wife of the New Holland manager is no other than Kathryn Farrer. Her maid is Helen Myers. Kathryn Steffy is one of the head nurses in the Jefferson Hospital. Anna Mae Shepler has just been given the position of private secretary for Sam Rubinson's Store in Churchtown. Robert Rutter is still in the business of heart-breaking, as he is now the Romeo of Hollywood, and breaking twice as many hearts as he did in New Holland. Jack Maser is married to a famous roller skating champion. They are breaking records to- gether. Kathryn Zwally is busily engaged as librarian in the new Public Library which has just been established in New Holland. Richard Sprecher is living retired as he has gained a large fortune by submitting his picture for an adve1'tisement on "How to Gain Pounds Easily." Pauline Gehman has just returned from Europe where she has been studying as an artist. The only aviator of the class is Robert Shirk. Richard Geist is now owner and instructor of the New Holland Riding Academy. Elizabeth Grotf and Ruth Witmer have again returned to New Holland, but as teachers. Ruth instructs in Physical Education while Elizabeth is head of the Latin Department. Donald Witmer has gone from paper boy to radio. He is announcer over WGAL. Last, but not least we have Carroll Stokes and Helen Wentz, who were the champions of the class. Helen has won the championship over women hurdle races while Carroll has proved his in wrestling. The crystal is now fading and we can see no more, but the mystic sights have given us a most interesting view of the lives of the Class of '36. ' ability .lwrrv ., f . f .-l. Page Twenty-four ' ,V A l l Class Will ln September 1932, we of this graduating Class started on the road towards building up a gen- eral fund to be used in climbing the hills of life. Through the cooperation and strict supervision of the faculty we know that we have climbed the hills, even though the mountain still lies before us. At this time we have many things that we can discard and without which we feel sure we can fight the battles of life. We also feel that many of these traits will be of very great benefit to some of the future graduating classes. Therefore, we, the class of 1936, being of sound mind and having the sanction of our faculty, the Board of Education, and especially of our parents who are inclined to think this is a good move, bequeath to them our superior knowledge, experiences, and traits. Eloise Bachman's giggles to Leila Sauder. Benjamin Brubaker's studiousness to Mark Mellinger. Junior Brubaker's horsemanship to Mr. Barthold. Kathryn Farrer's slowness in catching a joke to Irene Witwer. Pauline Gehman's ability to attract the opposite sex to Margaret Snader. Richard Geist's baseball ability to Clarence Rutt. Robert G0od's plumbing ability to Charles Reifsnyder. Elizabeth Gr9ff's scholastic standing to Ruth Brendle. Samuel High's sense of humor and witty sayings to Lloyd Hoover. Blanche Hoffard's shock of naturally wavy hair to Evelyn Eppley. Lester Kutz's sweetheart will be put in care of Roland Richwine. Paul Laukhuff's finger wave to "Weber," Eli Martin's love for arguments and debates to Eugene Good. Harold Martin's quietness to Jim Maser. Jack Maser's ability and love of skating to Miss Virginia Hoffman. Eva Mellinger's ability to keep a boyfriend for more than a week to Annabelle Mentzer. fYou'd better find out Eva's technique.J Dot Mohler's happy-go-lucky way to Clarence Mentzer. Helen Myer's figure to Gertrude Swope. John Ressler's wavy hair to William Rohrbach. Vernon Reynold's gift of gab to Harold Shirk. Robert Rutter's pep in cheer leading to Jane Stauffer. Anna Mae Shepler's ford to Mr. Furlong. Robert Shirk's white shoes to Raymond Shirk. Mildred Shuler's singing ability to Betty Weaver. Dorothy Snader's dates to Helen Andrew. Richard Sprecher's artistic ability to Miss Mary Perrell. Ruth Stauffer's smallness to Reed Slick. Kathryn Steffy's big feet to Alice Burkholder. Carroll Stokes' muscular form to Amos Seldomridge. Mildred Troop's teeth to Raymond Shirk. Helen Wentz's refined manner and poise to Dorothy Ressler. Donald Witmers' basketball fame to Bob VVhitmore. Harry Witmer's scientific ability to Arletta Longenecker. Ruth Witmer's math ability to Margaret Stroman. Robert Wright's record for long shots in basketball to Kenneth Martin. Kathryn Zwally's slimness to Ruth Stone. ,,-,, ,7 YAYM Page Twenty-Five , I l 1 2 8 7 " fx l'wen l V K A , ,WLS 5 5, I 4, I A 3 " ,rr '71 , Q2-Tj Ng L , Q pci X , 3 '.. ,gg ?f -, 45- af L ' W i 1 .ze 1 L linxegffi-" M ki 3' N . ,, l 4 Q 2 ' X f 6? , Q 'wk 5 J sa gl? Lv ,Q 5 xl i -1-2 -fl' 37- 31 if . From Our Family flrt Galleries Page Twenty-seven 36 V g Page 'Fwenty-cipzht - V 'ff L4 Y Y YV - Y?-Y twirl YW . ' A :I S ' -.. .,,.x ,- Q 4. ' "L f r . I ,. J g a ,. N I Z :Q , K x M ' z 1 5 X 1 , , Y QL., I b , V 0, ' if 5. V, 1 ,. 4 . g v ' , ' . Hdlo Mn. 5' ,5 -' "u"""' gmiln ,, . ,l ... 1 lg ' ' ' -N5 :. rx Smit. 4... :u.,,r,.,a7 X ' s-ruff' If' ' ' Arif ,, I T vw: X ' , 5 7 v 1' h - 3?4l 5 X p ' ' .., fvk xl X Q -avi A P, 5 ' I . h I . Q V if--QM' ' - - i ' ,f Mi' . 1 71.5, X ,.., f1'-ix-V 't E W. . ,i p x S . 'k inf' ' ., Q Y. fi,L.K in MS . , - M 71-N-4.1 5 ww, .,,. U ,N W i w..,. W- O 'wi A . N f eff" 76- f fits RY "1-V Q - - . 2 I , 2 .. A 4' Z ,K ?' -y X ' ' .f' , , 5 6' .I H, L T mv.. n.,.u....Q I A , gi , in f. fo, ,. 1 ' V 1 K X , .4 K 'We-. - Y' ' , .Ili " 1' 'Num 'W in L 1 - i K E. K Qf, 4 m..x K , M ' '7'-QQ"-N , ' - 'Q-v ' H ' YYY" 'w,u..'.us-Q?" 3 ' ' S we Z 1. ' if u., P . 3 ' A X -Arn' .L K ,f - X Q X W M 1 Ju ' Q i ' 17 1 ,K f . Q .N , ' If 1 As -. gh X ,. H x S Q ' Lu QQ'-xp wwgy Q "'M , I" . 1 70 '- Qxuxf 'U' U " 5. U"'k V 6"'lf' .fra iwflb ' 1 sms. fn!" D' 'I u , Tl 5 4 is . , , 5 -. ' 1 f 6. b. """ m""""" ' Big PMA Q umfnmk' Q Clippings from the Senior Scrapboo . -' ' Effie X,ai+- -A ini U gil a i E givin: K me 5 . ru il W Ink ,K iff 1- r ?"' Ye fDignMed Seniors Unbend a Bit Page Twenty nine A "1 a A, . Q -,M , Mug Class Day Exercises The play entitled "The Judgement Bar," which featured the Class Day Exercises on May 22 was directed by Miss Virginia Hoffman and Mr. Charles Furlong. The cast of characters was as fol- lows: Farmer John - Paul Laukhuff Farmer Jim - - Robert Wright Judge ---- Richard Sprecher Lawyer for Defense - Donald Witmer Lawyer for Plaintiff - Dorothy Snader Clerk of Court - - Robert Good Sheriff ---- Robert Rutter Newspaper Reporters - - Kathryn Zwally Helen Myers Witnesses for Plaintiff- Mr. A. Critical Patron - - Eli Martin Miss Ida Donethisway - - Eva Mellinger Miss Faultfinder - - - Dorothy Mohler John Forte, the Janitor - - Harry Witmer Witnesses for Defense Class President - - John Ressler Histo1'ian - - - - Mildred Troop Testator-Class Will - - Benjamin Brubaker Poet - - - ---- Ruth Stauffer Prophet ------- Helen Wentz Captain of Basketball Team - Carroll Stokes The Jury Philip Brubaker, Jr. Lester Kutz Richard Geist Blanche Hoffard Harold Martin Mildred Shuler Ruth Witmer Vernon Reynolds Anna Mae Shepler Robert Shirk Kathryn Steffy Eloise Bachman Foreman - - Vernon Reynolds Synopsis The "Judgement Bar" is a cleverly arranged play which has as its purpose the proper educa- tion of the people of the community, to the fine and constructive work that the schools accomplish. In a farcial manner a court room scene portrays a trial of members of a class in which they are accused of not having fulfilled the necessary requirements for graduation. The accused, including the Class Poet, Prophet, and Historian, defend themselves in a forcefui manner and prove to the jury that the plaintiffs have been grossly misinformed and prejudiced. Af- ter considerable cross examination of witnesses for the defense as well as the plaintiff, the jury decides in favor of the class and the judge states that they should be awarded their diplomas on May 28, and that the accusers be required to make stated visits to the school the following year in order to become more familiar with its activities. -S99 1. 2 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Eli Martin Junior Brubaker Mildred Troop Robert Wright Carroll Stokes Kathryn Steffy Harold Martin Vernon Reynolds Kathryn Zwally KEY TO BABY PICTURES Eloise Bachman Richard Sprecher Eva Mellinger Robert Shirk Anna Mae Shepler Samuel High Kathryn Farrer Helen Myers Donald Witmer 19 20 21 22 23 24 Page Thirty 25 26. 27 Ruth Witmer Helen Wentz Pauline Gehman Paul Laukhuff Richard Geist Lester Kutz Ruth Stauffer Dorothy Mohler Blanche Hoffard Mildred Shuler Jack Maser Elizabeth Groff Robert Rutter Johnny Ressler Harry Witmer Dorothy Snader Benjamin Bruba Robert Good ker ""N I Commencement Exercises SYNOPSIS OF' THE PAGEANT "EDUCATION TRIUMPHANTH "Education Triumphant," is the story of education in New Holland. It is developed by the contrast between the two families, the MacDonalds who have rejected, and the Corvettes, who have cherished education. The first act takes place in 1935, when Grandfather MacDonald and Old Doc Corvette firmly disagree on the subject of education. In Scene I, of the second act, Grandfather MacDonald, by means of a dream, is carried back to his schoolboy days, 118501 when he sees himself taken from school by his father. In Scene II of the same act, he sees the graduating class of 1890 in which is the son of his friend, Doc Corvette. Bit- ter, though stubborn, grandfather MacDonald upon the stage sees the things his son might have been if he were a member of the graduating class of 1890. In the third act, Grandfather MacDonald is awakened in time to receive an invitation to his grandson's commencement, who, against his will has gone to High School. Pensive because of his re- cent dream, Grandfather MacDonald decides to attend. The winning of MacDonald to the cause of education, the Commencement of the Class of 1936, the glorious future of this class, all these in swift su :cession of events bring education triumphantly to New Holland. PROGRAM Prelude ....... .... ................. .......................... ,.................... O r c h estra Invocation ........................................ ..,..... D r. H. V. Givler Presentation of Awards- Lions Club Service Prize .............,.... Educational Committee, New Holland Lions Club Dr. J. A. Hoffman Business and Professional Women's Prize .............. .......... R uth E. Caldwell Scholarship Cup by John H. Sensenig .........,.. ......... V irginia M. Hoffman Overture ....................................................................................... ....,............. ................................ ..............,.............. O r c hestra Soloist-Charles Reifsnyder Class Pageant ......... ..... ....... ' ' Education Triumphant" Alma Mater ...... ........................ C lass of 1936 Postlude ............. .... ................. O 1 'chestra THE HONOR GROUPS FIRST HONORS SECOND HONORS BENJAMIN BRUBAKER ELI MARTIN ELIZABETH GROFF RICHARD SPRECHER RUTH STAUFFER MILDRED Taoor DONALD WITMER Page Thirty-one - i2E?fff Q r::l'i2 l l V at i:?s1,4i,l:' ,Se V7 fffflfig ! The Senior class of the New Holland High School presented a farce, "The Arrival of Kitty," on Friday, December lil, at 8 o'clock. in the Hiprh School Auditorium, with Miss Mary A. Perrell, as coach. The cast, in the order of their appearance, follows: William Winkler ---- - Donald Witmer Aunt Jane, his sister f - EVH Mellilif-Tel' Jane, his niece - - - D0l'0thY Sflaflel' Bobbie Baxter - - Lester Kutz Benjamin More A - -l0l1Il R8SSl9l' Ting, a bell boy - - - - Robert Rutter Sam, a colored porter - - Harry Witmer Suzette, Aunt Jane's Maid - - Helen Wentz Kitty, an actress - - - - Mildred Shuler Understudies - - - - - Samuel High and Kathryn Farrer Stage manalrcrs, an advertising: committee, a business staff, and costuming' committee were all selected from the Senior class, and cooperated with the cast and faculty advisors in producing the play. The play is well-known, and was originally produced at the West End Theatre, New York City, the actor taking' the part of Bobbie Baxter having' since appeared in the pa1't over two thousand times. The action takes place in the office of the Halcyon House, in the Catskill Mountains, where Wil- liam Winkler, Aunt Jane, Jane and Suzette are vacationing: Jane is to be forced into a marriage by her Uncle William for the purpose of fulfilling' a will made by her father. The fact that Jane is deeply in love with Bobbie Baxter has no effect on Uncle Wil- liam. Aunt Jane, in the bargain, has many peculiar ideas concerning the circumstance. Bobbie Baxter, determined to save his beloved from the dreadful marriage, does his part to make the play a laug'h-provoking', exciting' and stirring' farce. -" YA' ' PHLZP Thirty-two - f fx Y Y Q Y nv l , Y V 155585 X CS Tlzf-Ir gallant ship is lurzfffrl sfrrrfglzf For vJc'z'm'y's shun filly aim: Their cn 14' fs gmafesf of fha' gfwzf Tlzqfrv wefrking In uphold tlzvir na Page Thirty-th ree IHC. PT! ! f me I i J IT I 'STlFI,A1lII,1z' SICFI 'L N OHLE I 0 R S DEA LIST5 IIEDIENT Iz'f'kIi'.-1T1VE 4IiAC'l0l'S Prcsicicnt - 'Mic-L President S9l'l'6I8l'j' - Ti-e'a:xL11'e1' - Advisor - - :aging Offi1'c'1's Leonard Levitt - - - Amos Seldomridge Alice Burkholder - - - Arletta Longenecker Miss Mary A. Perrell S f'11'I'l'l'L0l'S 0 llSE'In'l'l.X'fi P Alf h'X!'ELl,ENl'E H lz'1.l'FI'L O IQLIGING M EDIATIVE 0 l"FE.'VSELla'SS R OYAI, S ELF-FUNTROLLING E l,E'GA.'VT President - Vice President Si'Cl'Q12l'y - Treasurer' - Advisor Page 'I'hir1,y-four - Officers M1'. Stewart J. 7+ -----Y ---- - I r Raymond Shirk Harold Weber Richard Smith Dorothy Stokes Barthold A A S i t 1 'A' , , lui ZMINEC IJ .NINEC2 i F R E S H M E N RIENDLY EFINED LOQUEN T A TISF YING ANDSOME A GNIFICENT ND URING OTE WOR TH Y COMBINED CLASS OFFICERS President -------- Robert Young Vice President - - Grace Cooper Secretary - - - Dorothy Yost Treasurer ------- Margaret Farrer A dviso rs Miss Ruth E. Caldwell -:- Mr. Leon B. Dissinger ff- Page Thirty-five -e if - ,,,l IX, W l-1 r . . , Y I I r x , 5 X . THE EIGHTH GRADE President - Vice President Secretary - Tl'03SLll'El' - Advisor - - EVE 'Arr' Ufffrwrs - - James Clemson - Donald Sweigart - - - - Frank Bair - - - - Hazel Weaver Mr. William D. Burley THE SEVENTH GRADE President - Vice President Secretary - 'l'reasu1'er - Advisor 1 -f ' Panic' Thirty-six f,1'f'll'l'I'S - - - George Storb - Dorothv Mentzer - - - - Arthur Keith - - - - Nettie Brendle Mr. Charles R. Furlong' 'I' J? P- 1 94' IRW- 1- nf- Q H- ,,M,k 4 lu' 1 -glfn.-Z 1 - mu 4 .1 1 lk n win I0 'Was , :- 'vx .4 J. M ',,. 1 , .fu N Q .QQ xa l s k S1 If. xr r Q- :-? 1 yy. vu! 1 -. N nfl- .. 1' . 1 ll 6 H' '-S .w Q I ff agar YC.,-,.,.f?2.,, . 4 J1- ' x , A.. , "f ,x an fi +7- lu., ua- N1 43 A :Sf 'lwx -. 'al " Ex., x 'NNQF7 h1'i'r:.' xg, 3 ' J Wx MF.: M3- -Y '.r""-G35 -all 1' wifi -fic x., ' 5!,:'9'7-'fm f fl -z 5' ' A .f'f':l, , snug up ' A imf r V -1 g- -A ,"75'T L :fa -:bf a ' . " . . -'Y'-,-1.1-!2'.'. 7-ng:4-:Ra-11'.:-,.'i'.P ., Ia- .F-'--Q.,-1-,y '-..'-.2 3.- ii - Q", .:'E'iE-"-R':13E.5'fi-gf".-Q.. Rf"'?:5.g:.x:,.-2'-".1'-"E,-'I-'"C-1 "-iff,Eg5'3.j12:,'-PT31-4.j1,:T'i"g,:'5'-'F ...-.3 -H-,'.-.-1-4.'s",.p: ,."ri.7. :,l.,.-if ., ' - . . --:gf 1 1f?:.'-39-f.'-'21-1 "Eff-f-1,1fQf'.-:':. - 'J Z- .- J 4 1"l""7':,:fEU.'-5-'1':'!17-1 1.7: -.'.--r.-7-6-13 'M ,1.-.-'.-'......,: .-.qw-I.-'-g. -1-5. 4, - 1,. , 4'.,1 -f.,.--.-A -'., -. ,..,4q, 4-.21-Q1-2 f . ----wivqn,g.".-5'.-j,f,f5:4-2---,-. ,. .. - -. :,--' f...-yn' v .-3.-Q f. .- ':-G.- 1-+11 'F' ' 4:21?fIT'I4i5551Q'-1, 1'-"flf'fs?f:'?-if'ff : -3.1-f.'fr if !:.2's.3x :L---.-'-1 57-1.Z5ifii':'4 I In 'T WYQFE'-"n'l::f3 ' 1 ffl- : :5::i1::5:f- -f2-fL'-'- I-f--ff:'. f.-'::-- 1 . - -',ar,.,1.-H-: ,- -' - - 'J ' :-:--f::,.:: '-11-:7-,-.- - --.3-1 H .Y .. .v...4,,'.,' ' "s - g::!I::g:i:-, -1 -- - 1 ' , mg., ,111 Y ' ::f5:.,.. iijl .ig3'1.5.,-- x'.-.A-. I -.1f'::s' gr '.,.g3:q.1r.,. j'. E7 V ':::i:::::::-r --1--.'.-11,5 . '- f- - '--wg. . ---we--',y,fw . x f::-:::.::-: '..-'ix - . Xgffif' -v 'nga' - ' . - 1:51r:5r::" .-a.r:"'- 1 -1 ' ' : flw.-' , -.. - --:::-::- , .-1,1-. .- - - - ' - ' . .-l.1,,-- .-4-Fa ,,:-5-551-'gf' - .' -1-.sf..v5:A - 2 -IL-.-.Lfh-, ' ' 13. 41?-ELEPT,-1 ' - ff?-' 1 .X s ' Q z , , . 2-3. 1 '.i'-95.9, ' 1 fl In--.5.-1 - ,A-Vx: , H u- .-I' .. r .-., .V-. ,- Y' ' .-.1,'?, 'V 1 --uf-fa.-,.-:.' . ., ' . .QB-7g --S -,2z'f-gl.,-:fi-' '-f':-1131.5 - ' 2- Q i -R "--ffF:4I1..'f' -.1 -. 4:1Q1TLg21-'-'-L'j-".5---'iLZ'7." 'Y '-1'-- . N' 2' K :SQ-3--',i-'-1 13- V ' ffl A '-2'ifI.:?'n?3gg'r-123215-iiig 'g. -' ,V I .LQLG . 3- - -.1-.fzsf--,:3'.-,--., f ' f"k':1'-,-7',-,'f- -J' -4 'L-L 'Q.s1..f..-ii-1.-f-"IA--.-L A . . 'f 'iii--.-.':' -:. 1 5. '-Stfffr-1.'-'1':"'-' af?-1 Q -.Lf-Z-vljtfz-r'. .' . .- ,' ' --1. f, :-3513.5-.-4':jQv1A. . h H iq-4, '.5,.-"'.gT:H:'f,4.,- .j'..,.-, ' 51' 5 . ,fr ' 2.51: mf- -1--11-' 'Q 53-fy, 1-5i+Qiqy,'LrP-'ga -1' -, Q. 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'K 1- '-H'--'-5-.-1 -rg-5, . . j, ..- ir-1-?.f.-YQ-1-513-'ffgff' . --5-"'L?"':---.--P? 4 "2 11'-Eff A .-1 -'ff-ff-1aff'f'-:AEP -4,-1"f'f??45:il?--r:"11- -' ' ' - V ' -. ' . Q' 3.--ika'-'f'-:'f.'5!'-.-'A 1: -7 ':.11T'1'Z',I":'fS:?H'-F'v"- ' ' f - fm-f',-f,.--,1-'-5 '. ' " .': ,5:.1'- ' -44' , r" :Lf-"q-:-,..- ' z . 4-.', .Q-.f7-5. J . b I ,,..-5-, -, . . .V - V-,s,.-. . 1 I, it :lf A ' .1-'4.1:1Sf.g ,.1I.f'-. p ny . . Q , . '-f':112eif7---. 5 H - '- .' 31"-' .. 1 ,',f."-1J,f,', .' , ' " "FFT I - 1 .'S:-wr: '- - 1 : X-. . ..-5,-I ' 'Q v '--5. ,ugrv .- 4 J . 1 ' jim -, -.i---J-T.:-. , 'j"Gl,- -. - .,v' 3'. Q, A I. . .-4-9: f I -, .. .- , . - . - . , .,-1.1:-s':1 X .,.-'::,.-L-- . . 1- -' :JT-",.-1'--'11 . J H, 'wg-. - -f .. ,.-.. ., .,7--.-:-'41 . ,'.-1, Jr.--' ' .z-.-: 1. .- ,J--?"..'. .,'11""4 ' ' ' . ,- -1.1- ,fff 1. -. f1'- --I-.-'-1-in ,-- ' If 6-43. "--1,,. , - wr- -1 f- - - - - v- --::1,'..- . sm- -.1 1'-"Q-:i.t'1r,'-uf u'2-35f'1'::1"fZ'-'- X -. 5 -' E. :,f7P!.-gqgf:'3r-.5--Ikxzfftf."J :I 'f'l!-1'-c1175 ff:If"'T'-'5'?'3'-'15-4-fir' T' : f - 1 ,ff T."-.5112 Q4 'f:'if3GffI'1ff'F'5'! 2 -' I 'Q-1,'f.'1: fiifaiiziif-rfffbffiffi jS'iaj??sZ?L'r'-'f5- 52 'f:fif-f7.'iQ2gZ'4if5-94 1' 1 A ' zffri'-'.T' 5'f 61, .L-5-1' -3' '-15: - -S I-':'-. 4-.1 --Q-531313 -1--'f.I-'x :--Lf:-f-3 .:g:..:111fE' .- :-1:'-:'..r-L".'- 'v -Zz' '- ','-:'I'-.. .:g..g fu - J: " -3 -r"- " .-'f 3 '..'.f,-5132. ey,-.",yg. .-: -3:-'n-1..g,'.j .5 -11 .-L'f1.',.1.,-. J..-1.13 ,- A,-.. ,." -4' ..- - -- -5,-1-J"3x,-3.-4,fqf 'TP-'L ,..,-7 fy:---.-1'--.,:,,,gf,.5 -N 'Jov:E1L'.'1-I-fg.7",j-'i"j:5L", 2-1-1-f: ' ' ACTI ITIES mne throug h all the duysg In every g ., ' tried to be- Good sports we ve best in every way, To do our ' t,r - then to see. Our 'work to mas e Page Thirty-seven 'T-.v-iiI"7" ' "YW ' '-- 'n" i' 'Nt ' ' --W ff i "ln, W, -,, QL,,YQE- 7 7 V ' Y The Varsity Baslqfeiiiall Team Reading' from left to right-Standing: Robert Wriszht, Raymond Shirk, Mr. Leon H. Dissing- cr, Coach: Carroll Stokes, Charles ll. Furlong, Faculty Manager: Donald Witmer, Albert Plotnick, and Jack Maser, Student Manager. Kneeling: Charles Reifsnyder and John Ressler. 'i P Above we present the varsity basketball team of New Holland High School, which completed the season of 19735-316 with one of the best records ever attained by a New Holland team. Its record, un- der the direction of Coach Leon B. Dissinger, was iifteen victories and four defeats, and included the winiiing' of the championship cup in Section No. Il, as well as the championship of Section No. 1, defeat- ing thc Maytown team to become runner-up for county honors In the final playoff, New Holland dropped the championship match to the team representinf,1' the Lititz High School. Four of the seven members it' the varsity squad will pgraduate this year. LE.-lGI'E IJAJIIES AND SVORES New Holland ........ .....................,........ I ET 'Ferre Hill ............ 12 New Holland 29 East Cocalico New Holland Iii Upper Leacock New Holland 40 East Lampeter New Holland Zio Denver ............... New Holland 52 Terre Hill ..... New Holland 21? Denver ,.,............ New Holland 245 East Cocalico New Holland 25 East Lampeter New Holland 135 Upper Leacoclc PLA YOFFS Section No. -I New Holland ..........., 27 East Cocalico Swrfioi' Nos. I and J New Holland .................. ...,.... .,....,,..,..,,. I +3 o Maytown ............ flllIlIH1Ii0IISlIi1I of Lfu1r'11sfr'r Foiiniy New Holland .......................,,.........,....... 27 Lititz ......,.......,....... ff 'jg if Pare Thirty-eight il--H' 45113431 1 ffif? l ifaselm H Reading left to right-Top Row: Carl Sauder. Mark Mellinger, Richard Geist, Mr. Stewart J. Barthold, coach, Albert Plotnick, Todd Myers, Robert Rutter. Raymond Shirk, Richard Sprecher and Jack Maser, student manager. Bottom Row: Roy Bair, John Ressler, Richard Wright. Gerald Harsh, Paul Laukhuff and Clifford Overly. saga With the approach of the 1936 High School Baseball season. the call for candidates was is- sued and resulted in the reporting of a group of thirty-four prospects from the seventh to twelfth grades. The candidates started practice early in April under the direction of Coach Stewart J. Barthold, former Lebanon Valley College letter man. Our team was entered in the Eastern High School Baseball League. Much credit goes to the boys and the coach for the interest, enthusiasm and record they made during the season with practical- ly a new team bearing' the colors of the school. The season's results follow: New Holland ....... .... t I Terre Hill ..... New Holland ......... .... 4 East Cocalico New Holland ......... ..... -i Denver ............. . New Holland ......... ..... 1 U Brownstown .. New Holland ....... ..... 1 Hrownstown New Holland ......... ..... 8 East Cocalico New Holland ......... 5 UUW61' -.---------.-- - New Holland ......... ..... 4 Terre Hill ..... . A Page Thirty-nine "' 1 a- i- - f+1----i--f---- ' .. Y.. Ti- ,, . - ff- -- ' Ai'f"'T3i 1 " M42 f,fe+-f ---A---f-- al Tennis eel l Reading' from left to right-Top Row: Gordon Smith, Mr. Leon B. Dissinger, Coach: Don- ald Witmer, and Carroll Stokes. Bottom Row: Robert Wright, Harold Shirk and William Rohrbach. Tennis aroused so much interest and enthusiasm among' the students that it became an out- standing sport in the New Holland Schools. Our net team was entered in the Inter-Lancaster Coun- ty Scholastic Tennis League. The team, under the tutorship of Mr. Leon B. Dissinger, had a very successful season, striving' for true sportsmanship and a good standing: in the league. The Leaxrue was composed of teams from New Holland, Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, Manheim Township, Lititz, Manheim, Middletown, and Patton Trade. The following: is a brief summary of the standing! of the League: New Holland ....,..,.. ........................... 4 Elizabethtown ........... . 0 New Holland ...... . 5 Middletown ........... . 1 New Holland ...... . 0 Mount Joy ....................... . ti New Holland ....,... l Manheim .......,...........,........... . 5 New Holland ..... :J Manheim Township ........ . 1 New Holland 1 Lititz .............,.......................... . 5 New Holland ,.,.. ..... 1 i Patto Trade ................ ..... 0 Total Points ,.... ..... 2 2 Total Points ......... ...... 1 8 ffflif Pair' lforty A - --- f - -f , 24, Yi! elif-:ifgl T! M4 l ' The Cheerleaders Reading from left to right, the cheerleaders are: Bottom Row-Eva Mellinger, Dorothy Mohler and Jane StauH'er. Top Row-Lester Kutz, Dorothy Ressler and Robert Rutter. The New Holland High School cheering section was well organized this year, and, led by the above cheerleaders, gave the varsity basketball squad its hearty support. The cheerleaders were select- ed according to their ability and soon became a smooth working unit that aided greatly in giving the boys the fighting qualities that carried them through to two championships and a record that will be a mark for the future teams to strive for. NEW HOLLAND HIGH SCHOOL CHEEHS S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s Boom! Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h- H. H. S. N. H. H. S. Rah ! Rah! Rah ! Formation Yell Fight Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight New Holland Fight! Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, New Holland Fight! Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, New Holland Fight! Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, New Holland Fight! Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, New Holland Fight! Fight! Fight! New Holland! Locomofitie N-e-w H-0-l-l-a-n-d fSlowJ N-e-w H-0-l-l-a-n-d fFasterJ N-e-w H-0-l-l-a-n-d 1Ve1'y fastj New Holland Team! Team! Team! L Page l' orty-one i f i' . 1, ' -' 5g- : !L " "5 mg + f- The Orchestra I The members of the New Holland High School Orchestra under the leadership of Mr. VVillianx D. Hurley, worked hard and diligently during' the year to make it an outstanding' organization of the school. lt has cooperated with many school functions and added zest and color to the presentation ofthe Senior Class Play, Christmas Carol Services, School Operetta, Class Day Exercises, Commence- ment Ext-rcises and many assembly prog'rams. THH .ll EM REITS Donald Witmor James Flachman Lester Kutz Kenneth Martin Charles Reifsnyder Robert Whitmore Joseph Kurtz Joyce Hoober Richard Landes Stanley Tuck .John Wentz Leonard Levitt Carroll Stokes Martin Hoffman John Ressler Betty Yost Robert Wright John Seifred Samuel High Eloise Bachman Accompanists - Ruth B1'endle and Glenn VVrig'ht -0-J-.TfYAfA, -Y -- f l'gr:e- l"m'ty-two l-- f-'l-:r il. The Glee Club Eloise Bachman, Benjamin Brubaker, Kathryn Farrer, Pauline Gehman, Robert Good, Elizabeth Groff, Blanche Hoffard, Eli Ma1'tin, Harold Ma1'tin, Dorothy Mohler, Helen Myers, Dorothy Snader, Kath- ryn Steffy, Mildred Shuler, Anna Mae Shepler, Mildred Troop, Helen Wanner, Helen Wentz, Harry Wit- mer, Kathryn Zwally, Marguerite Getz, Kenneth Martin, Robert Martin, Annabelle Mentzer, Dorothy Ressler, Marguerite Snader, Charles Reifsnyder, Robert Whitmore, Betty Yost, Leonard Levitt, Ethel Brendle, Kathryn Frankhouser, Luella Gehman, Martin Hoffman, Jr., .Mark Houshower, Dorothy Mar- tin, F1'ancis Ohl, Carl Sauder, Richard Smith, Reid Slick, Dorothy Stokes, Mary Weaver, LaVerne Wise, Harry Whitman, Jackson Yundt, Dorothy Zuck, Robert Geist, Iva Yost, Kermit Zimmerman, Evelyn Ep- pley and Jane Stauffer. Pianists - - - Ruth Brendle and Glenn Wright Director - - Mr. William D. Burley tit The Glee Club, or High School Chorus, made up of Sophomores, Juniors, and Senio1's interested in the course, boasts fifty-one members under the direction of Mr. William D. Burley, music supervisor. The organization has done splendid work throughout the term, making its first public appear- ance at the Christmas Carol Service held by the New Holland Schools, December 20, 1935. The majority of the chorus was present at the annual Lancaster County Music Festival, held at the Manheim Township High School. Having been entered in the county Forensic and Music contest at Lititz, April 4, the chorus be- came the representatives of Lancaster County, to be entered in the southern district contest at John Har- ris High School, Harrisburg, April 18. Although having put on a good show the chorus was obliged to bow to Mercersburg's mixed chorus group. Page Forty-th ree THE CHORUS Lice . ue, M .- at e Ve.. e .V M.-e-e.-, TEBQP Wife The High School Operetta, "Southern Heirs." was presented April 17, to a capacity audience The dramatic cast follows: Dorothy Mohler Annabelle Mentzer Arletta Lonfrenecker Eva Mellinger Ruth Witmer Helen Wentz Anna Mae Shepler Mary Vanderpool - Mrs. Vanderpool Gloria - - - The Butler - Hurton Bolnes - Billy - - - Stoogre - - Count de Pennies Detective - - Vops - - - Dorothy Stokes Kathryn Zwally Luella Gehman Dorothy Ressler Elizabeth Groff Pauline Gehman Dorothy Snader Mildred Shuler Kathryn Farrer Marguerite Getz Charles Good Donald Witmer Robert Lowry Robert Good Robert Rutter Mark Mellinger Kermit Zimmeri James Maser Mildred Troop Ruth Stauffer Mary Weaver Margaret Snader Benjamin Brubaker Harold Martin Carl Sauder 'T Tlafl Amos Seldomridge Reid Slick Robert Good Eli Martin Richard Smith Mark Houshower Robert Geist Directors - - - Miss Mary A. Perrell and Mr. William D. Burley The story takes place at a party at the home of Mrs. Vanderpool, in Florida. Hurton Bolnes, a traveler who is being' hunted by the police for selling' under-water real estate, is to be the honored guest. As the only means of escape, Hurton turns over his lecture and equipment to Billy, who decides that this is the only way to see Mary Vanderpool with whom he is in love. Mrs. Vanderpool wants Mary to marry the rich Count as their home is on the verge of being taken. Billy is taken by the cops for Bolnes, but after Mai-y's explanation he is set. free. Later he is charged with taking Mrs. Vanderpool's bracelet. When it is discovered that it was taken by the Count, and placed in Billy's pocket, he receives a reward. Billy proves to be a wonderful hero, but Oh! what a lecturer! -g:1:- ,Y -, Page Forty-four l lle E The Alma Maier l ll ll lll l ll l l.l V lil l Il I l? fel JN WWE V NNN GLENN Wnmm' The Alma Mater was presented to the New Holland High School on February twenty-sixth, by the High School Orchestra under the supervision of Mr. William D. Burley. It was composed by a seventh grade boy, Glenn Wright. Not many schools in the United States have an Alma Mater composed by one of its students. At least very few of them have one composed by a twelve-year-old student. The Alma Mater is composed of a simple melody and consists of two verses, the first honoring the former generations who built the New Holland school and the second revealing the pledge of the present generation to maintain and add to the glory of its name. NEW HOLLAND ALMA MATER H4-JESTIC , , , GLENN WRIGHT J I I I 1 J J 4 ! 1 J f 1 AFS... Mar.. .im ... :ml fl... M- Nl- Mauna my ,. f..... TI-17 ,f.i..4.r. nt. i. Mly we who Snare mnrsc blessings new serve the mm ri QM and nam. Ag wg, ...A 4 JMU, v f I l nf' Fl" 57' UV Flu! lf' WF Jill' Y wh. Sv long A-go they worlud and P:-.xyed Jor strong Jaun-da-tion: gf'-iflj -fvfih A-H glo-ny la thy Mme, Will wark an plxy whsle an thy halls and luyal be when 2 JLffl,.lfw':JflJ-J' J 4 , J J 1 J 1 4 to be laid n Ed - -4 - cp tiarfs Hull nu we :uh dxy might med our nad. Ju - ty calls 4nd do Jar-th in the vm-Id tn ihaw our .nhool une wg QU, A.. .L Paze Forty-Five -N W .- c E Y - -----lf - A4 i -is , HL -ff.. -.W ----f:-: f3'- - l . The ewspopej Staff The "Town Clock News," the monthly high school publication, issued by the students of the New Holland High School, claims 1935 as its birth-date. This new extra curricular activity has been welcomed and supported by the students, faculty, and town patrons. At a recent Columbia Press Asso-V ciation Convention, held in New York City. it was awarded second place in its class of school publications. All staff members have attained their positions through competitive work and are working toward an ultimate award to be given to worthy members at the close of their Senior year. The name which the publication bears was selected from many suggestions offered by the stu- dents in a name contest. Kathryn StefTy's suggestion, "Town Clock News," because of its significant meaning, was chosen. As a result Miss Steffy received a year's subscription free of charge. Throughout the year the "Town Clock News" was represented at two Newspaper Conventions- tlie Tri-County Press Association Convention, held at Manheim High School and the Columbia Press Association Convention, held at Columbia University, New York City. The two staffs under the supervision of Miss Ma1'y A. Perrell and Mr. J. Harvey Shue, have endeavored to create through this publication an interest in High School students for their Alma Mater. its activities and accomplishments. EIJITORIAI, STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Editor-in-i'hiei' ---- Elizabeth G1-off Business Manager- Assistant Editors Dorothy Mohler Kathryn Stetfy Helen Wentz Advertising- Manager- Associate Editors: Kathryn Zwally Sports - - - John Ressler , ,lssislunl - - Leonard Levitt Assmtams- I'l1'llfHI'I' - - Dorothy Ressler Charles Good lim:-lmnyw - - Eloise Bachman James Bachman .-ilnmni - - Pauline Gehmai: Charles Reifsnyder .Ywu-s - - Betty Yost v, , Ninth-ed Troop fll'l'lll3.tlOl1 Manager- Mildred Shuler Kenneth Martin Reporters Assistants- Henjamin Brubaker Robert Whitmore Betty Yost Helen Andrew Alice Burkholder William Rohrbach Dorothy Buzzard Clarence Rutt livclyn l-Ippley Arlene Brill Dorothy Yost Richard Smith Ilorothy Martin Marian Wright Bobby Ames Margaret Ulrich Lois Martin Esther Maser Beatrice Spink Frances Young Faculty Advisors Mary A. Perrell J. Harvey Shue ' Page lforty-six ' igfwi f ' W Jawa, vr Y Y 0 4 ' 0 . COMPETE FOI! 9 v 1 - A , Q 1 i 1 comme. T0 oUR :in 1:5 IH 5 ul! he 5: SERVICE Pmzx-:s t 5 TRACK Ml-:l-:'r1 A vol.. l, Nu. 1 V W Y A gl-IW l-lol.LAND mlm Yllolillllllgl, PA. . 777 LY QCT6BER lim CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE GIVEN 5 BY THE NEW HQLLANDSCHOOIS: -- l Under Direction ol Mr. William Burley: Draws Llrge Crowd M-ny ,mph ummm mm Crum- mu C-ml urvice given hy me New Hull-nn svnwl-. Friday wming, De- .-rmbu 20. umlu nw dimnon ul lf. w!'!'!'!'. F"E"Y'.- y.-ln-.-.v New Award Syslqm Is I n tfo d u c e d ln H. mfulm In Ewlmm .vw flirt I0 Sl Ill New Hull-md :wh saw! sum. plum. . nw .ll ,.r.....l W.,-llg ,lmmwa by me lm.. xlul: Amd the Ullullel! Ind Pruitt ,Null mmenx uma, ww .mm-lllwl M. mf mp. -clml M..-muy on Janu- ..y mm. by unch. ml-um l-Wlu, ..l..m ull, lveplguumw ml Mn: Thirty-three Senior: Present 4 Al Novi! Lelp Yelr Party: Planned by Girls 'rn' mn-lr dw ul New Hullum High School mln I Lup Yen p-ny, larch eo. -z vm Coloninl lm, sm-ll vine. vm nlmy-me. serum Km. I ma for ul evening of from -ml mn seller girl- me ben umnly pm.. mu the um for mm. um .ml wr. , c-ua up to me lm any in cumulus ' :mm me bay- the plum -ml me pl-rv chosen my me party. Tm group lu 'un school noun -1 ms p. m. 5 I SENIOR GIRIA VICTORIOUS - IN INTRAMURAL GANIEH ln mlnmurll blnkelblll mu. mm mm. l-'nybel-gn .1 mm. nm be-l umm! .mf xml practxru une 4.3 mr. week nl rm- exml um lu N pnyea ,Q pnllmmmea w nl. bm- v-may pm, on uw Gxrls hom Ends: 7-I2 inlerelwd . W- '. , I 1 .I A 333.5555 rll-nrglfg, lx.r sg Lulu f.-.., SENIORS PRESENT LINCOLN PROGRAM "W'l'l'l'l FIFE AND DRUM" 'rue uumbly mum summed my me smear clwv I-'em-my ls, un- au mn direction of um virgini- lluanun. vu in wmmmar-mn or Llml.-'I Birthday, ma lmluaed I -kewl: an uw .vu ulled, -'wma me me Drum." "W-an Flu und Drum" vu 1 :wry PAGEANT T0 FEATURECLASS DAY MAY 22 -'ne nag,-..l.m snr." Nm- mm ul' ffm my Ellmnm.. mtrll Jitsu' nv okcnssnm Tm mlm of was wlll giv. A new we or clm my plenum on my zz, mm. my -.ll pl-mn: I lngum. "Tm Judgement lm." alrmm by ,,,s,,,,,,,,,,, ,mmjmn H 4- Mm vifgm.. llnnm.L-na- . 'Ml A585001 Ofel -A9 .vnvmk .wells I The Mm- rm. M-Muay will-lu-nl 1 .am mum. .ml ww.. NM nf.-..l.-.l .mn nw W. .-..,ll,l.l' an' lmmlm--.-mx Q.. ln- ma, -ml 1.-2 fl., .lung nm l.-.y in,, nw ye... X ll.-u, 'lm mm. .mx rl.-ww me mea uw. m . l.nme.f..,m pcm.: ...mlum-.4 ul nl. V..-. ,,..'l..x.-nl. lf.-.-m uw .L., g-.llfllllml r-,V nw mn., mmf, Mrlllmlfrr-m-1 ff-'lm Ffyfffv, 'THIRTEEN STAFF M SENIOR YEAR BOOK STAFF BEGINS WORK A wmmlmf compvszd of the nwlly .ml mum nm umm: hu mme.: me mfr rm- publishing the .Mu-l ym l bmll. 'rm :lm of wal ww me nm, nu pulllml mn . mu an New null-nal l-ligh mmol me em. ,lm-eww :xml his imma -n mmmng nemma for me publimlm.. wma ll., -lm-1, when mme on the mx, wma. ls W be mm mm iz us lm yur. The .mr includrs me fnllnwinzz 5 I-:MBERS ATIENHA CAPACITY HOUsE AT SENIOR PLAY FRIDAY Tl-IE 13T" Three-acl. Farce. 'The Arrival oI larry," Well .mmam De- spile lnclemenl Weather "The Arrlul of bmw." nw smwr Ulm pl.,-, ammo by M155 .la-ry A, Pemll. mlllm lr. - upmly num .MPM lmlzmm W-mlm-. ,xlnlwgn me plny wh new on l-1-my, me maf- Mnn., ull- mln mm.: winch Elm-.1 PAULINE GEHMAN IS BABY PARADE QUEEN ,lu...f1u..f. cm.-,l ffwm s.-ml Pull... afhmm, . su-snr, by I , vol.. W., .num Queen' ur me annum! any Pnnde nr F..-my er. week. mf meml.m,. ll.n.ffn rm., .ma nomrly slum .fe -ll.. 1.-.lm lr.. mam nw. sum 7,7 , A . . KATHRYN STE!-'FY Sl'llMI'Ri WINNING NEWSPAPER NAME liulmll sum. a .lmnlm nl ln. xml.. .lu-A, vllmmn--ll me Mmlw I f. wh., ll-vl.l num ln' me -.mln nl-wpup.-I Tum rlml x.-ll-3' ln I flmlm I-1-emly ln me ln.: M.-mbly , mp lm. me ..,.wmg uf my .-mlm! uf NEW HOLLAND HIGH SCHOOL CAPTURES CHAMPIONSHIP 0F DISTRICTS NOS. 1 AND 3 Pol- me um.: mmullw yur. and ww ullyngwn r :Au wqllw me ,wma mum me nmnlllfhlll Uv Q, ,L ,,,1,,,,,, ,, 'Q 'g 'E fum. LW. omlym, nw Nmyllul, ming 'Q : g -glgglhjflr 5 3 Q smuons SELECT lI'aE4.?'a,I 1 Ifilrtff I 1 I , lm.-. C w. . : UMASS PENNANT' anna. Q5 E E Ei g..fl'L1.l Q I 3 Aww TW! sm L'-fd tsl-::.L: 'Emi F' v...l. T T Z 1 x.. n.n.,.1 .. l l s N1 The Semvr Ulm u I few!! uf I- ' M3513"Zi"'u-l..f'...1...L..f'flL..- ,,,,j,,,.n, WL, M, C,,,,,,,, , NU, Bm, . .l..,l....... w..... f... .1 .....4,. l ,..l.-..l.. .na wnlmf rm pummm, ll-ml ll new 1 r , L,-pe ml wma. wlll be In mnomlllu GAHHUGI fnagalllle .1 New Hull-na Hugh Svhzwl. new , p-mm: frllm me Us-nl Leon ml, gnel LOIIICSZ l"l'0V6S nw ulmlun fum-.5 me flu, mg. gn-bum, mm mlxcwul mlm N. H. Quccgssful NEW HOLLAND ' 'JUNIOR WINS MUSIC HONORS,1 Lf.-.rr lx .ww sum z'ln.1.l.'v Ummm: uma vnom nw. an .urn-ff.-,l...l,, in nl-mf: rmlml l.wn-ld, Junior U1 New Hvllml lngll sgnwl. mm me alum: .rl-mul-'mnllw ln me Sum llqie -ng, SENIURS PROFIT AT FARM SHOW STANDS l 4 ' a . un lv llmwum-Q-1. uw mnne. ..r un .-uw, .S lm mend, M ml. l Am' 1 m.,.l..... K.. ull- --Tw.. 4-lull xww I r...m ll tf nm.. A ,Ulm rmnl- .ml ,lllmm M ms. me llllmmg mlm ,Um mm, ml .,. wllmlufll. lnllllm of me 11m.l,l..l l...klfl.m.l.l and ,mul-r .ell-llnm ml- llwlell wllh Ihr' hlvln rlmk num Iuhnll ,gg um mv. , f ll. .M ,.. .....ll...,., SENIURS TOP E loo P. C. MARK l 1 sopn-mmm Follow wan. Stall 1 Taking Third Place ' HTH GRADE SFDRES LOW 11.0. -All Tnwn 'nw Xul.mlpu..n .Umm W by me u.l...1.-A ,un ..l nl. cum-ll sm," MN mm l.. me sllm. fm.. wmfh ns me tim nl. mv nw TRI-COUNTY Pm-ss o0rgE1m0N "f",,,51gQ:9QgfEgg,, A Manheim High scnwl Sponsor! Cmwenllnn. Saturday, Na- vember 2:1 ' 'rlm-1.-.-fl .ummm .lr lm- 'rl-mn ':l...u mn. llufllllm ull- 'ruxullnsv . . ,.. ANNUAL ART AND CRAFT EXHIBIT HELD sw-4.1 um: elm.. il. r..-Q n.. wmv. Were w.n....f4 In Atlion MANY ATTEND EVEN12.-IFRIL QL The lllllull lil. llld Crlfl lxhlbillurl vu neu .Q Nw Houma mn .fn-mol. rum, Apm za. rr.. splmam mm- m of mv.. mph .na pmpl. .mums ln. mmmlmny helped ln mm lm urllmwn - -um... lm:-ma in nl. mlm. -fm .fa work mm me man .na mp. mms, Qsomo .wmmlu ang:-yu, umm-N Alma Maier Is Written By 7111 Grade Boy. ,uw-.z.l,, clmauflfa ny clflflwxm, Hmm umm. llwlgm, u,...,,...,, uf me saw 'rmnyu .mmllly ,,r.,,,,,,, mg cr-lin Dflhlghzerluiersnndmhe U.-.ial..,l.l.l ,,...l-..l. ...lm .ll l.l....,, 'X' " WI' 'fifth' in Viv: inlrn- hu! fn , -llll lp hu uhm! lv VHARMONY cuss ",W'.h.'.,:1f.w A H' M K." ', 1 IS lNAucunA'rl-:n ' IN mon scnool. ' A lnmwny ul-5, nn, been lmllgur, usd ln New Holland lllgh School under the vuifervvsinfl nf lr. Bur- l.,. - -..4 -Q Mr Burley wlll W I new mmm ln z-mlm, nm enum. ll is 1 -mh- od used n mf pn-mu me by m-ny ml- schools M wfll .S by nl. um. velxlly of New York Ind Cornzll. and N ls .mb -rm: ,mn run bla. When interviewrd, Mr, Burley uid. Anne yur nf rlumny 1. Qq-nl no ml. yum ul nun may on me plum F vl l lu I 1 .- .1 Human! lx rdlulred. ln ll! musk' SPEECHBS FEATl' RED The ,wp mmm! mm pull me mnllmu New Hull-nu-lla wkfmll vlmllr uh .W--,,..x .lus n.. lm.. .-fl ul' ,wp ,pl-.-.-M, .ml y.ll+. xl.. lwglu. ,-mluml Us my ,.r...,l nm..-l ml an .ul-W.-ll. lf mm. ..r..K.1 nlnlu..-, , me ll..-Wlll mlfl- I ,.,l....1 .ml Mm .5 Wu ll. ll..- .-nl, nw my lm-fn Ml ml..-rl -l.,l,,..,l l h ln me mm My -mmunl-Q-l l um rl-, New Type Report lam, ,vw l', vlm spill sim..-1' -nl, lm, lmml- ..,.l.l...lf.l .lumm l'....mX my nl- lm- S.-my uw .ll fm, lllllll-rm: ll w.-ll I-.lllwl plum rm' nw .law lmuxul, 'rlw mn prnlin: fm., lm, M.,.14 ll, ..-,M 1.-ll by mf rulnllllllut' nel lf SIE ull The ur vlvllll -lam. lmmllm rc..h.1-lg ,.l-nlm. um l.-ml.-flfumull by uw swml ll--ll :Jann ll.,.ml.l mwmm .ll .lm-gf, um. "1h.,.a.l.ll -mms ll, me sum. mm, .nl Flml,--nl qu.4LuL.n.lL-u. ART ,mn CRAF1' EXHIBITION 10 TAKE l I-LAM: APRIL 24 The lnnunl ml und uni! vxhlblllon mxll be huld ll New Hulllnll Hugh wchovl, Flldly, Alllll 24. lncludn-nl nl the exhlhxm vull be an woxk from tht xlldes Ind hllh whml. mlm! mnwulf, ul-plum m-mul 1-.Lnmg uhlbm, . mam- lllspluy, and l-mow -m.n,.l,Ql.l--full .ll N Y. A shudellts of the school. ln wgm: an m. mr. mme wlll nm il, owl. qlfml .wha ll. ll, home mum I-'mul Linde wlll fellule nm"ll'.,l':,wzr'.,luHl4ls,,lfl1lllllllZ'w1l:he ' v s Ugln tht lr! nl K "Southern Heirs," To Be Pr Helen Warmer Recovering Frm All opmmm llelen wulner ul me smmr Class. 4 1 ln s-mmm... .sum The fu-gum mmm, lwmwml by .nv Lum. rlmlmllg mluyllly, VM. W lu W 1 ,mm-. lu nuuwllpllulu wel-U mu ml u mul ua nhl.,-1. l A wnnu wunu- un unuy guru w mg mm um, v-pl-law ny mwuly ne.. gr. ww mlm .W .uml--pu-nl., wm- luw ul N .-mel-lpuvn. mm ny me Kztll helm Wll-0 MDD!!! ltllllu la ....L..llL Y , Y New Holland 'Hi Receives Rating New lmlmlu mp. mml ll one 0 25 ,ewmlury Mrml. m me -1m,.n. ne uf me wlmuuy xuhwls ln mu mm calmly m bf uwleqlllwlvuy ll.. uonlmmwn ml sewn-1-ry smwl, .. .. me Ml-ml, sum A-mm.-nun ur ml new -na Secumllry svlmll, 'rm lm lnflu-in zzs In 1-um-,-1 mm. no .rl MW Yum, una ul l. blew 11-my. Mlm-na nu as mmol, n me lm, umm: ol column... zu, elm-rg, la -ml me Panama l'm.,.. SKA TING PARTY IS HELD .r.l,,l..,T, ms s.l...,,-. ual.: AM, .4 sclmml .lwmmm on l-'ml-y ewllmg, .v..,,...,, 17, um Jlllnm, lm-l s.-l..f.r.- hrlu l. mmf. bkuung puny M slhlmmx Aualm. mm. ml- u.lll,lm.lwn. - fflnm nw 'r.l..- mu-MW ll..ll,.,..1 Dum Coaches Say... --The ouuwu 1- very bngm lm- ul. mlm- blnkethull mm, bu: the .1-mm mm l-cu, .1 I Q Pfriznce Ind will hlvt U warn lm.: ll they we-ll mlm. -ue. m," me cn-:nu -nd Operetta, esenled April I7 .gn smug: :ml-mm Will Aww. ,l..w L'A.,1-4.10-. .N mm.-lil, umm- lemasllml H gun-Ae-wma .n np-nlmn for -ppemll, iv ' ' ' 'H lawn-N Tnlmuq, umnlml- lz, u nw Cards Std In Clock ken... Whvc . , lm- M-rm um-in bl--w , . .-Q, H . . . Inlroducecl in . H. Schoolsli-MSS of -'36 NEW STAGE CURTAIN USED AT 0PERE'l'l'A 'rm ludirnm-e wma. blled w nw- flowing me mn umm: .ualnmum an me-y. Apfll 11, ul we me pn- mmmm of me aww. -s.,.,,,,,,,, Hum," vm mam .na mp,-me Page Forty-seven Commencement lo be Held On Tuesdny, May 28 'rm mmrwlun-em umim nl the gnu-ling elm ul me an he held ln me mgll ml-ml nudilonum. Tnurmny. my 28. will be nreufnud in ul- :nm nl a pup-nr. 'rn' pqmll will mm me nd- unun ma mmry utrmumiml i ENTERS SR. Y EAR rn..v,,.sW.-ll ,aff smllfa runny of me any-nw pupn. vm ul-we mar .autumn sep:-mba 3, 924 in mm me Nw Hall-na Huule . I num or -1 ul. lm... ur Mm Hlknl wnur. on North lmxru Avznue, m -mom: the nnlrzyuven who wlll vl. rm- the wma divlnmu nm rinl. .fljiii l l L L ee- l it The Scfzool Safety Patrol FIRST Row' Helen Snader, Helen Wentz, Charles Reifsnyder, Kathryn Zwally, .lohn Ressler, Betty Yost. Dorothy Snader, Leonard Levitt, Anna Mae Shepler, Kenneth Martin, Betty Vlfeaver, Robert Ames, Anna Troop, Martin Hoffman. Sl-ICUNII Row-Mr. Leon R. Dissinger, faculty supervisor, James Bachman, Dorothy Stokes, Roland Rich- wine, Dorothy Ressler, Dorothy Zuck, Robert Lowry, Richard Wright, Marguerite Getz, Doro- thy Yost, Jackson Yundt, Velma Bowman, and Dorothy Mentzer. The School Safety Patrol sponsored by the Lancaster Automobile Club. was reorganized this year with Dorothy Snader as Captain, and her assistants, Lieutenants Betty Yost and Leonard Levitt. Mr. Leon B. Dissingrer was the faculty supervisor. The Patrol has given much service to the New Holland School and also to the community in directing traffic for the children. In their work the members were very appreciative of the help gciven by the trallic officer of New Holland. The Patrol grave an educational assembly program on "Safety Patrol." The guest speaker was Dean Gable, Secretary of the Lancaster Automobile Club, who gave a very instructive talk. Mr. Nonnenmocher, patrolman, of Lancaster City also spoke on the value of the patrol, after which pic- tures were shown, proving' the necessity of safety. Leonard Levitt, one of the Lieutenants of the patrol, was a delegate to the Convention on School Patrol. ' ' ' 74, 7' :Pale FOFCY-etbtllt 13 , 7 ' ' T' " 4' 4, +7 , , i X - Compliments of- WM. S. STROMAN Compliments of S M. WENGER 85 SONS LEACOCK, PENNSYLVANIA I I I HARDWARE FLORISTS I GOODVILLE -:- PENNSYLVANIA usay It with Flowery, E Compliments of JOHN S. EWELL MILK TRANSPORTATION EAST EARL, PA. BEN FRANKLIN STORE 5c, IOC, 250 to 51.00 Fred A. Malsnee 148 East Main Street I NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA C. R. WEAVER REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE NEW HOLLAND, PA. Compliments of GOODVILLE DUCO SHOP FENDER AND BODY WORK AU'ro REFINISHING George C. Witman, Prop. I I GOODVILLE -:- PENNSYLVANIA WM. H. DORWART SHENK BROS. THE HOME OF GOOD WATCHES SPORTING GOODS AND TOYS I FOR GRADUATION Theatre Building NEW HOLLAND, PA. 30 W. King sn. LANCASTER - :- PENNSYLVANIA I I FOR THAT COOL DELIGHTFUL PAUSE . . . Visit Our Soda Fountain BREYER'S ICE CREAM WIIIT1vIAN's SYRUPS COMMUNITY CUT RATE STORE IVAN M. MARTIN CRUSHED STONE BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA Page Forty-nine li li .LII Lf ' V, 1 STAUFFER'S GARAGE EXPERT AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING Auto Top Work Gulf Gas GooIIVII,I.I-: -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone 239-R-2, Terre Hill Ex. Compliments. of I THE ENTERPRISE TELEPHONE SCREENS WEATHERSTRIPPING H. H. GEHMAN 107 Franklin St. NEw HoLI.AND, PA Phone 915-R-21 DILLER Sz RESER Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE NEW HIILLANII -1- PENNSYLVANIA COMPANY ' NEW H4lI.LANll -:- PENNSYLVANIA LUDWIG CO. HOME IJRESSED FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS NI-:wHoI.I,ANII -:- PENNSYLVANIA STAUFFER'S DRUG STORE Save with Safety at THE REXALL STORE DRUGS KOIIAKS NEW I-IoIII,ANIm, PA. L. B. HERR 8: SON Compliments of MARTIN HOFFMAN QUALITY SHOES AND SHOE REPAIRING South Railroad Ave. NEW HOLLAND -1- PENNSYLVANIA IVAN G. ZIMMERMAN PAINTER AND PAPER HANGER GOODVILLE - PENNSYLVANIA STYER SL EVANS STATIONERY B O 0 K S SCHOOL SUPPLIES REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE PRINTING 46-48 West King Street NEW HOLLAND, PA- LANCASTER -:- PENNSYLVANIA it-,lgiin 3, Page Fifty I A. B. C. GROFF FARM EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of EAST EARL GARAGE S. H. Gehmcm, Jr., Prop. EAST EARL, PENNSYLVANIA J. J. STAUFFER PAINTER AND PAPER HANGER GOODVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 242-R-2, Terre Hill Ex. Compliments of 'I'RIMMER'S DEPARTMENT STORE NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA CLASS OF 1936- You have earned the confidence and re- spect of the community through your school days. May your future actions warrant that confidence and respect tc follow you through life. THE WRIGHT BAKERY SA UDER 8: RUTT Sales PONTIAC Service More beautiful than ever and built to last 100,000 miles NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of JACK LAWRENCE Your G R E E N G R O C E R NEw HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of NEW HOLLAND MILLING CO. COAL -:- FEED -:- GRAIN NEW HOLLAND, PA. GORDONVILLE, PA J . Z . M A R T I N General Electric' RADIOS AND REFRIGERATORS SINGER SEWING MACHINES MAYTAG WASHERS BLUE BALL QUARRIE-S J. C. Showalter, Prop. CRUSHED STONE AND BUILDING STONE Phone 209 NEW HOLLAND, PA. BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA Page Fifty-one I II SPIES BROTHERS, INC. "Reliable Since 1878" Manufacturers of CLASS PINS CLASS RINGS CLUB EMBLEMS MEDALS TROPHIES l"rnf1'rnify and Sororify Jr'wc'lry Diplomas and fl7Hl0IlllCi'llll'llfS DU-TIFI' Progrnnzs, Bids nud Favors Sales OfIice and Show Rooms, 27 East Monroe St. Factory, 1140 Cornelia Ave. CIIICAGII, ILL. FURNITURE R U G s PAUL F. ESBENSHADE 101-103 S Railroad Ave. NI-Jw HIILLANII -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone: FUNERAL Store filiii SERVICE Res. 7523 Compliments of BLUE BALL NATIONAL BANK BLUE BALI., PA. Compliments of E. M. RUTTER Sz CO. COAL -:- LUMBER -:- FEED NEW HOLLAND, PA. S H IR K I E 'S FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD STORE 211 Brimmer Ave. GROCERIES ICE CREAM PAsTRIEs Phone 613-X NEW HOLLAND, PA. LANCASTER BUSINESS COLLEGE LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA Ifuunmled 1855 ACCOUNTING, SECRETARIAL AND STENOGRAPHIC COURSES OLDSMOBILE . . . The car that has everything CHEVROLET... The only complete low-priced car JOHN N. SAUDER AUTO CO. NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA M. O. SI N G E R GENERAL MERCHANDISE FARM SUPPLIES GOODVILLE - -- PEN NsYLvANIA Compliments of SCHAUIVFS AUDITORIUM Frank EI'Zl"Ilf, Proprietor BROWNSTOWN, PA. Phone 19-R-2, Ephrata Ex. 1 i, nw, Page Fifty-two , iiffw i f ' - W -I h is -4- - X4--' I, Compliments of- JAMES S. BAIR 8: SONS DECORATORS F A R M E R S - Bring Your Eggs and Poultry to the LANCASTER COUNTY EGG AUCTION SIGNS Phone 915-R-2 NEW HOLLAND, PA. NEW HOLLAND -1- PENNSYLVANIA "A Good Price IVIeans cz. Good Deal" I i LANCASTER COUNTY I W - B - GI R V1 N Q SWISS CHEESE COMPANY I Manufacturers of l SWISS CHEESE AND BUTTER I I I GORDONVILLE, R. 2, PA. FLORIST LEOLA -:- PENNSYLVANIA "Say If With Flowers" 1 LEWIS GRAY 82 SON BLUE BALL GARAGE ' Dealer in l LUMBER AND FIRE WOOD CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH I East Earl, R. D. 1, Pa. CEDAR LANE PARK Sales and Service ElIff'l'fCL'i7l.TVl.671f Residence Phone: Dancing 921-R-13 N. H. Ex. l Swimminxg BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA i NEW HOLLAND CLARION Compliments of - lEst.ablished in 1873l A R. E. WHITMORE, Proprietor H A R T , S I N N l Quality BROWNSTOWN -:- PENNSYLVANIA I COMMERCIAL PRINTING NEW HOLLAND -1- PENNSYLVANIA M- S- Wolf, PPOD- Complimerlts Of- WEST END SERVICE STATION Ed. G h , P' . NEW HOLLAND BRASS, 6 'mm wp SINCLAIR GAS . . . BRONZE AND ALUMINUM CO. . . . TIRES AND ACCESSORIES NEW HOLLAND, PA. GROCERIES L U N c H I. Page Fifty-three I AMOS R. GOOD PLUMBING AND HEATING PUMPS AND OIL BURNERS NEW I-IHLLANIJ -:- PENNSYLVANIA flffllll' fbnlpnny llwralm' FOR EYE COMFORT . . . : I DH. JOHN H. SENSENIG l Oplumwfrisf NI-IVV HoLLANn -:- PENNSYLVANIA I Compliments of BLUE BALL MACHINE WORKS ULIIE BALI., PA. Y Y-A ?Y T 1- W fail When you want Qualify and Sl'I'I'II'f' in Dry lileaningr, I'reSSim.5 and Tailoring Compliments of KEISER'S FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FISH AND CLAMS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA UOl1llJllllIClItS of DOREEN SEVERN SPINK HARNER'S THEATRE NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of FRANK IX 8: SONS, INC. SILK MANUFACTURERS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA AMANDUS STETLER Teacher of See INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC SIJEEDWAY CLEANING C0 Class at Farmers National Bank, New Hol land, every Friday 125 E. Main St. NEW HOLLAND, PA. Directm, Lancaster Military Band Will Call fill' 211111 fieliwdl' 327 Lancaster Ave. LANCASTER, PA Open 13:30 a. m. to 9 p. m. Tel. 628-R-21 Dial 2-0544 Telephone G35-R-Z Established 1832s JACOB B. ZIIVIMERMAN ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA Phone 721-R-5, New Holland Ex. CLIFFORD B. TOWNSLEY BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 16 Brimmer Avenue NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA -- Page l"it'ty-four - l l P BLACKSMITHING AND REPAIR PAINTING THAT PLEASES MENTZER'S DECORATORS WORK " The M.D.'s of the Pairzfing Iiusizzvssn W A LT E R K U T Z 317 BI-immer Avenue -1- NEW HOLLAND, PA. Phone 731-R-12 BLUE BALL -:- PENNSYLVANIA 624 W. Walnut St., Lancaster, Pa. Compliments of THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF NEW HOLLAND L. M. STORB H. K. STORE T. M. STORB'S SONS MARBLE AND GRANITE WORKS NEW HOLLAND, PA. MOBILGAS STATION SPECIALIZING IN LUBRICATING TIRES -:- GAS AND OIL -:- BATTERIES NEW HOLLAND, PA. Compliments of RUBINSON'S DEPT. STORE "The Ruby Share" CLOTHING - SHOES - FURNISHINGS DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA DODGE AND PLYMOUTH A. R. SENSENIG NEW HOLLAND, PA. WAYNE S. MARTIN FIRE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE GOODVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of PARKE M. GEIST NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA JOHN L. KOLB PLUMBING AND AUTOMATIC HEATING NEW HOLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA Page Fifty-five Y l li I I N ixxlhw I 'ig' "",,,..-.- I lf STONER STUDIO EPIIRATA, PA. QVALITY PORTRAITS Happy .Ilomring Sfurfs nf flu' Essn Sign THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET GAS - :- ACCESSORIES - :- OIL Rf'fr1'sh in r' ll ts Alum: Route 231, East of Blue Ball, Pa. UNION EMBLEM COMPANY Valley Trust Building PALMYRA - :- PENNSYLVANIA Manufacturers of CLASS PENNANTS, CAPS AND FELT NOVELTIES Full Line of CLASS RINGS, PINS, COLLEGE JEWELRY AND INVITATIONS KRW: 1'1' svuferl by Paul H. Nisslvyj GROFF'S HARDWARE llarrlware, Electrical Appliances, Paints RAIIIIIS ANII KI-1I.vINA'rImS NI:wHuI.1.ANn -:- PENNSYLVANIA Nu Matter Where Your Live . , . COOK WITH NATURAL GAS Ask for Circular LEROY W. GROFF 216 W. Main St. NEW HoI,I.ANIm, PA. Vompliments of- LANCASTER PHOTO-ENGRAVING CO. 323-C55 N. Market St. IIANCASTI-III -:- PENNSYLVANIA . .... . MUSSEILMAN BROS. COAL -:- LUMBER -:- FEED BUILDING MATERIALS NEW HIJLLAND -:- PENNSYLVANIA B. Z. MELLINGER S Fl I 1' S F O R D S1'rl'ir'I' NEW HOLLAND, PA. MENTZEIVS GARAGE Sales and Servirfv HUDSON - TERRAPLANE Phone 9-19 NEW HOLLAND, PA - ' Pasle Fiftyx-mix - ,W 77, Y W ffffw waw--1 get " X 4 'Ways N Q"f"0W'imvw"g! xg? gi eggs 4 i--Muff, ff. 9 ?'5-S5343 4 ' -nw:-'mv +53 0.2M gf- .MM ixsiagyiwwyfgsfygmliw--3531 igiglrgli Ylxwg, , bi 'I N , '2"-1""W'5f'2 3 QSQ.-:-..-"-32. - wigyffew X N" g k ' , y ,.fz'+'Ss Sirfablfj' sf 'fy' -f:-.:'?2"f"-N'5353'f-f 'Qi' V 15f Q?,'i.4. , wxfflfr ,,,3.W ' i!11f5f,'a-wb 4':,' !'fA,"""'-U L df dw-14+ ei -wfswfifl g i 'v,mzl"QiOQ -F' , I ,L iqkxbilva 1 1' A , l -f43W'ff'-'-!1iZm":x1?f-Wh S"2'i3-ff.f?p'i',f"P'WW5-1f'cs.v' "if z , , . .,,,. 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Suggestions in the New Holland High School - Leoninus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) collection:

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