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 - Class of 1953

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Sw lh xllll HHN 3 Illl h, v c 4 , V 7 I. , 1 M , P 4 , N V J 4 L K ,H 'T UF 'ug nl ., , 13 1 1 , xW -51 mn wr r 1 my 4, fu 4, T W f we 1-3? Q93 wb' U Z' im lr 'J' hr . 5 M' QJA Q12 4, vw f 4 1: ,Q 1 4 S J- I 5 ,N W 'i lf, Q1 11. w r . , I f 1 L ,S a ZW 4, xg, ra Si le , .,t Fi' ? . gl A .gg 'J ff Ti P fu, as 1? vii ,mi in wif? my :E 11 'N , W X lr! ,H F15 Wt., A L , 6' 4 iizmurufff nf '53 NEW HAVEN SCHOOLS NEW HAVEN, on-no We. the members of the staff present 'Memories of '55' We hope that you will enjoy it now and trust that in the years to come it 1111 mean even more to you. Co'Qd1t0rloee eeeecarol Buurma eeooe oeeeB111 VBR Zoest Ph0t0gP8phyoaoeo oecceceauth BUUTMI eeeoeuoeeoKBth100n Atyeo Business lsnagers.....O11v1a Lykins eeeeJ1m Buckingham 3p0rtSeeoe e ooseB111 van Zoest one ....Jerry ICKOWD . .. ....B0b Patterson lake-up... ....Esther Bauer ec e eeeeJ01C0 Black . ....C1sra Dewitt ..... ...Arnold Risner Advartilingeeeseeeaeeoececarol Fink .. ....Sh1r1ey Berberick . ...Gilbert Matthews 6 0 cgfgofb QC hiuidinn I k V -fuk, Q f , . , . - fx-' x K uvyf . 1. . 'Mf,,.e?e,i2 'J fl 'B' 3? W ae 5 mgfl?Wa ,fa-5 4 My .B J -fl: ,EJ .bl-1 gf .bl l1l true.l..... O'er the sea of Mem - 0 - ry I'm , f. XJ 7 . . I QI I I' 11 I Il -I 11 I -Ir QC l E : -'1 " NEW HAVEN SCHOOL SONG 'T-2-' Oh, we will raise a cheer For our New Haven High School proud and true Lxr 0b0d19D.C8 and Lflyalty gig Forevermore shall rule, :.'L-'GSS Rah! Rah: Rah: ' Three big cheers for that school of ours, We'11 stand by her through rain or through lhovers 'ig Hail, Hail, the gsng'a 0.11 here, , df AL gurple and Gold shall never die. 1 drif Rahl Rah: Rah! YS, ., f-X gg . 1 ,, - I ' i -- ! , LJ J J E QV- N he e r YQ 1 1 E Jdbli fbi PLA. J 55' XJ Wild - wood days a - mong the birds and beesg.T...- You Z f" tr 4 I ?-xx I, gh- N Q I Q if Q L ,QF Q Q I gf? '-X111 - ,,. lv, P 5 e -f' I n irmi11i5trntinn T V' 1 ,fi ' , :H THQ H 4 Fx '13 ll 0 B 'NO gfumngenf K , Mr. Helmlinger Mr, Kghli Industrial Arts Music i 'iii Annnr 'WWUF Mrs. Slessman MPS- Schantz Home Economics English lpg, Smith lr. W61t0n colerc Athletics Although Hr. Smith, our Custodian, is not a member of our faculty proper, his willingness to aid our every undertaking has endeared him to teacher and pupil alike. 's 'Q 5 Www' W A -140 GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY Left to rignt: Hrs. Hull, Ire. Sherplese, Ire. loCu11ough, Ire. Mitchell, lr. Townsend, Ure. lcleel 'fx M'-1A?..':-zz,-s-w' '--'-4 ' 1 . SCHOOL BOLRD IEIBQ Left to right: Joe Roeenberry, Neil Sleumen, Fred Ven Zoeet, llllerd Baxter, Lottie Babcock, Ed Poeetmn. 5, mznirnfs O A ,N u, , M, YE? JJ ii? ,Ml M, ww W W ww ui' W 'my www 4 Jr N J x 2, f i! Y H 44 1 e 5 Q 1 - KATHLEEN ILO ATYEO 'Katy' Officer 1- -lg llusic 1-2-li Annual Staff M Drama 3-M Cheerleader 3 Phys. Bd 1-2-3-Lg. Spanish Club 1 I , f x r iiu mains! JOYCE ELAINE BLACK NJOII Officer M lusic 1-2-3-M Annual Staff M Drama 3-h phye. Ed 1-2-3-M Spanish Club 1 CAROL FAITH BUURIA ESTHER JOANNR BAUER 'Carol' 'Esther' Officer 1- Orrioer M luaio 1-2-3 lusio 1-2-3-M Annual scarf A Mull 3'l+ Dram. 3,J+ Drill M Cheerleader 1-2-3 Band 3 Phys. Ed 1-2-3-M C of - RUTH ANNE BUURHA CAROL ELAINE FINK 'Ruthie' NCaro1n Officer 1-2- Officer 2 luaic 1-2-3- Music 1-2-3-M Annual Staff M Annual Staff H Spanish Club 1 Spanish Club 1 Drama 3-A Phys. Ed 1-2-3-M Phys. ld 1-2-3-M Drama 3-M Cheerleader 3 4F'5V OLIVIA LYKINS GILBERT LEWELLYN MATTHEWS 'L1vyn nGi1bertn officer A Ind. Arts 1-2-3-M Music 1-3-H Loud Speaker L Annual Staff M Drama M Phys. Ed 1-2-3'h Yi igE?gi5f5M e ee f?5ff3gf e . - new K if L f IILLIAI B RIARD V AN 'B111' Officer 1-2- -M lueic 1-2-3 Annual Staff 3-M Drama h Inn. Arte 1-2-3-M Bllkltblll 1-2- -h Baseball 1-2-3 SENIOR OFFICERS ZOEST Kathleen Atyeo, Vice President: B111 VanZoeet, PTOSIGGRC' Esther Bauer, Treasurerg Olivia Lykine, Secretary: Joiee, Black, Reporter. Senior '15is-torn' In the year 1941, a new first grade entered New Haven. This spring finds only two of the original class completing high school. These are Kathleen Atyeo and Esther Bauer. Our teacher was llrs. lllcox who also helped us through the second grade. In the third year we were welcomed by a new teacher, Irs. Killer. Olivia Lykins came to our class that year. le must have been much like ordinary third graders for we seem to have attracted little notice, but we did manage to pass to the fourth grade. In the fourth grade Irs. Kitchell was our teacher and two new members were added to our group-Joyce Black and Carol Fink. Hrs. McCullough helped us through the ordeal of fifth and sixth grades. New subjects were added to the curriculum and one new boy, Gilbert llatthew struggled through them with the rest of us. The 'big shots' of the sixth grade eventually became seventh graders and went upstairs to be with the junior md senior high school people. This was our first encounter with changing classes, different teachers, etc. It was a trifle confusing, but we finally made the adjustment. Irs. Smith, our adviser in the eighth grade, helped us to clear up a few of our many problems, and we felt that we were definitely ready for high school. At last came the big day: We were Freshmen at New Haven High. We were so confused by the choice of subjects offered that some of us tried to take six: Never since that first day of high school, have we been so ambitious. Carol and Ruth hurma and Bill Van Zoest cpe to us from Celeryville, and Irs. Smith as class adviser, helped us solve the problems which came with the experience of beizg high school students. lr. Bednarczuk was our class sponsor during our sophomore year. This year we increased our efforts to add to the class treasury for we began thinking in terms of junior-senior banquet and the class trip. Our junior year with lr. Bednarcauk again acting as olass adviser, was full of activities. In December, we presented our class play, Strictly Confidential which proved a 'howling' success. Everyone who saw it said that the juniors had presented a play of which they could be proud. We sold refreshments at all home basketball games thus added to our financial resources. The climax of the year was the junior-senior banquet in lay. The entire class worked long and hard, but in the beautifully decorated gym, eating the course dinner, enjoying the entertainment we had planned, end listening to the compliments of our guests, we felt it was all worth while. 'Blossom Time was a real success. Guess what, Seniors already. Why it seems like yesterday that we all started to school. Irs. Slessmn was chosen gs our sponsor for this year and she is working just as hard to make this year a success as we are. There are nine seniors-Kathleen Atieo, Esther Bauer, Joyce Black, Carol Buurma, Ruth Buurma, Carol Fink 0 lvla Lykins, Gilbert Matthews, and Bill Van Zoest who are planning with the juniors a trip ln lay. Of course, we are all looking forward to graduation with some feeling of regret, but time passes on, and we hope to make our place in the world. In the days to come, we shall look back on our days at New Haven High as the happiest days of our lives. Senior Drophzcg While doing the spring house cleaning, I came across the l953 Memories which I had put away almost ten years ago. The book fell open and Bill Van Zoest's likness stared up at me. 1 have often wondered what happened to him, I thought. I remembered his saying once that he was going to be a farmer. I'll bet that Carol Buurma knows what he is doing. I am pretty sure that shevvrltes the Celeryville news for the Willard Times. I think that I'll call her now. I hope she 1sn't specialing a patient at the hospital today. She must have been working, because no one answered the phone. I decided to call Kathleen instead. Kathleen was at home, and she invited me to her home in Celeryvllle. While we were drinking coffee and discussing NMemoriesu, Carol Fink walked in. Since she and Kathleen were secretary and treasurer respectively of the Golden Rule, they had business to complete. Carol is happily married to Jack Shaarda and has a darling little boy and girl. As I was leaving the house, Esther came running up the walk waving a letter she had received asking her to play at a concert in Carnegie Hall. While talking with Esther, I was surprised to hear that Joyce Black had finally settled down and has three children. After talking to Esther, I decided it was really time to go home because I was having dinner guests. When I arrived home, my dinner guests Ruth Buurma and Olivia Lykins, had arrived. Talking with them, I found that Ruth had been working at the Childrens Hospital in Elyria for the past five years. Olivia told us that she is married and is living in Attica. Last but not least, I found that Gilbert is the head mechanic at General Motors. Senior will Ie, The Senior Class of New Haven High School, City of New Haven, county of Huron, Commonwealth of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, do publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, in the manner in which it follows: Item: To Mr. Townsend, our Superintendent, we hereby give and bequeath all promised excuses from home and the reminder of the school pupils to discipline. Item To lr. Welton, our coach, all baskets that weren't made and all training rules that might have been broken. Item: To Mrs. Smith, our commercial teacher, all the shorthand notebooks filled during the year and all unused paper releases. Items To Hrs. Schantz, our English teacher, all old magazines and newspapers :Ln room 6 and any bubble gum that she may find under the seats. Item: To lr. Helmlinger, our Industrial Arts teacher, all unpleasant odors in chemistry and the eighth grade Elrls to keep him occupied. Item. To Hrs. Slessman, our Home Economics teacher, all food bought at Ph1l's when we werenft satisfied in cafeteria. Also the coming senior class to advise. Item: To Mr. Kohli, our Music teacher, the beat up piano in room 6 and the remainder of the students duo can sing as well as the seniors. Items To Cecil, our Custodian and Janitor, all pop bottles we d1dn't pick up and all papers left on the floor. Item: To the Junior Class we leave all absences and tardy slips , also our good behavior. Items To the Sophomore Class ve leave all our concessions at the basketball games. Item: To the Freshman Class we leave all empty seats they may find in room 6. Item: I, Kathleen Atyeo, leave sq height and slenderness to Ellen Hcliown. Hy job at Ted's to Shirley Zellner. Item: I, Esther Bauer, leave my ability to play the piano to Mr. Kchli, my Hawaiian cousin to anyone who likes hula dl-ncinge Item: I, Joyce Black, leave all old engagement rings to Nancy Boetcher. IU ability to skip school to nv brother Jim Item: I, Carol Buunna, leave my long hair to Janet Chapman. lly trials and tribulations to Pat Poestma. Item: I, Ruth Buurma, leave all soldier boys to anyone else that likes uniforms. IU theme song 'Ten Little Soldiers on a Ten Day Leave' to Rosemary Saunders. Item: I, Carol Fink, leave all ten minute typing tests to anyone who will type them for me. lb tardy excuses to Gerald llcKown. Item: I, Olivia Lykins, leave all trips to Attica to anyone who can beat my time. IU quietness to Arnold Risner Item: I, Gilbert Matthews, leave my friend John to anyone who will have him. ly mechanical ability to Clifford Arnold Item: I, Bill Van Zoest, leave my ability to play basketball to Ronney Postema. lb car to my sister Janet when she learns to drive it. Senior Doom Has anyone here forgotten the Seniors? If he nas, 1et's remind mlm or the 'nine'-'ss' In union there's strength and our 'nine' slave together Facing troubles together wherever we be. Therefs Kathleen, the gal with the sensitive nature So kind and considerate of all whom she meets Tis said, and quite truly, her charm is bewitching' As basketball cheerleader, she's hard to beat. Now Esther our musician of piano and drum She plays for the Glee Club, and band practice, too To our rescue she comes whatever the chore An excellent typist-e good frl nd for you. The blond one is Joyce, always friendly and sweet We know you will like her-her cook1ng's a treat. The stars in her eyes make many males sigh, But 'I'm sorry, I'm taken' is her usual reply. Leng, ourly hair marks a lass of good taste, In this case its Carol-did you ere see such grace? Ambitious, dependable, and neat as a pin, And all through her life many friends she will win. Ruthie's a tall miss, has laughing blue eyes With all she encounters flirting she tries Attractive and carefree with her studies a whizz Her future looks rosy wherever she is. Now next in line is Carol Elaine In all kinds of trouble a friend she'll remain. A sweet personality, a friendly smile, We're sure she'll be missed for quite a while. And Olivia? she's quiet and OH: d Her work's always done,'her purpogg sgmgsre. Wherever she's needed-she's always on time, 3he'll be e success, 'cause we know she's fine. There's Gilbert, the lad with the mechanical mind, At fixinz loud sneakers he sure is a find. When New Haven at last makes connections with Mars, We'l1 tune in each night to G1b's lineup of stars. Last but not least is our basketball star For his skill with a ball he is known near and far Rather quiet, unexcitable, a hard worker toog When there's work to be done, why Bill will come through Yes, we are the Seniors of New Haven High And we've come a long way since we've entered the door, We're a happy-go-lucky and fun-loving group, Our heads we have crammed with knowledge galore. i"qr' Good S tudifgus b' .1 ' Unch .J g W 9 XJ s0Yw X '-BM K X Q. G oss who? 'U 'TN , 1 O 0' QQ F . QV A M Q 9 Q31 0 Um u 3 " O -5: V733 CK :N o GO G 'ii GZ T UA LC - ,. , AI O 15 O F0 sv Q55 xxx P GT C Q, , ' if, ic W 6650 '7 GY 'F f C f: xv f, W Q95 wil 13 uw W W 4F M ' w 3 fn J Wu! M y :UT W gn 11 . A . ,,L.. , A A-fx A153 SHIRLEY HEERICK nm ,uc-KI-'QA' CLARA DE WI'I'1' J OKI FATE iv N X I 9 -1 s SAM PREDIERI ARNOLD RISNER' . -1. SH I RLEY ZELLNER REUBEN S TEVENS iv WD 6 0 ,ol Y' c 'N Tr 1'H1155nu:n K A ' wi L ' rx xo . 'C 'S K N R J' fx SOPHOMORE First row: Larry Predieri, Janet Van Zoest, Pat Postema, Shirley McKenzie, Rosemary Saunders, Nancy Arnold, Janet Chapman, Huince Vanderpool Second row: Beecher Caudill, Honald Postema, Donald Lykins, Bob Newmyer, Jim Moyer, Gerald McKown, Jim Black, Mrs. 5chantz ig f 15 l A Wlllf FRESHMAN First row: Carol Clark, Nancy Boetcher, Delores DeWitt, Pauline Waddle, Wilma Robinson, Newana Van Zoest, Ruth Qhrader Second row: David Baxter, Jack Penrose, Aron Stevens, hldean Burling, Clifford Arnold, Eddie Risner, Mrs. Smith Lf:-we M. EIGHTH GRADE Front row: Annette Vanderpool, Marilyn Clark, Pat Lykins, Karen Buckingham, Ann Gullett, Shirley Cole, Ellen McKown, Second row: Jerrill Ivy, Thelma Barnett, Jean Martin, Wilma Stevens, Linda Wilson, Charlotte Hamons, Gordon McKenzie, Mr. Welton Third row: Elizar Garcia, Hardy Robinson, William Salyers, Kenny Fink, Jim Poetema, Billy Chapman, Boyd Salyers,,Honn1e Prcdieri 1'--'-Q-Unv'i xhi an' SEVENTH GRADE Front Row: Rosetta Green, Margie Meyers, Kathy Cole, Wanetta Green, Jean Wright, Robert Patterson, Linvel Barnett, Robert Predieri, Second Row: Howard Thornsberry, Raymond Slessman, Richard Garrett, Mr. Welton, Marvin Hall, Ralph Neely, William Burns, Cleophas Sloane, I FIFTH GRADE Front row: Jackie Robinson, Gloria Caudill, Imo Holbrook Eugene Predieri. Virzinia Bauer. Sue Rosenberry, Jerry Second row: Gilbert Carpenter, Fallen Neeley, Elveto Slone, Mary Burns, Shirley Robinson, Donna Arnold, Mrs. Mc Cullough Back row: Donald Grimmer, Leslie Dole, Eugene Palmer, Fredrick Baxter. Melvin Matteson. Kenneth Barnett. Absent: Kathy Hole, Eugene Reed ,glow f e E 6 HH O ""'-G-, SIXTH GRADE Front row, Vincent Bisignano, Wilma Martin, Mary Ellen Stone, Lois Hamona, Beatrice Robinson, Opal Holbrook, David Grimmer. Back row: Joe Penrose, Jerry Martin, Mac Donald Montgomery Mrs. McCullough, William Boetcher, Robert Meyer, Tommie Waddles Absent: Leon Wilson. Joyce Green uve--qq l A xv' ,Y-. FOURTH GRADE Front row: Coleen Robinson, Thelma Bolen, Isola Shepherd, Sandra Wislon, Gloria Green, Eileen Channing Second Row: Mrs. Hull, Paul Boetcher, Robert Kipp, Ezra Shepherd, Jake Stevens, Robert Cole, Kenneth Moyer Third row: Kenneth Cline, Richard Channing, Larry Briggs, Charles Reed, Kenneth Turner, Dennis McKown, Howard Bauer -DI I K Q it - I ' ' " ' F THIRD GRADE Front row, Alicia Cummings, Aaron Slone, Jim Penrose, Marcus Green, Paul Buckingham, Doris lever, Donna Vanderpool, Shirley Ross, Ruth Shrader, Amos Bolen Second row: Ernest Gillett, Lois Wright, Marie Shepher, Isabel Bisignano, Sandra Hamons, Betty Boetcher Eugene Holbrook, Thomas Gray, James Cole Third rowg Ralph Webb, Alvin Robinson, Carl Kimberlin, Richard Holmes, Robie Shepherd, William Hammond, Alvin Thornsberry, Darrel Ivy, Ronald Green, Carl Neeley SECOND GRADE Front row: Janice Smith, Emma Shepherd, Martha Holbrook, Thelma Shepherd, Janice Barnett, Jean Holmes, Joan Wilson, Inez Slessman. Second row: Susanne Kipp, Bonnie Wyandt, Mattie Gullett, Wilmer lontzomery, Gordon Wyandt, Carl Stevens, Hoy Robinson. Third row: Walter Meyer, Judy Henry, Magdalene Green, Mander Thornsberry, Gene Osborn, Louis Kinberlin, Troy Collins. Hrs. Mitchell. es fs -...ff 9 Aff FIRST GRADE Front row: Emma Jean Patterson, Nawanta Sloan, Brenda Green, Mary Robinson, Ruth Klmberlin, Earma Jean Green, Bobby B1s'gnano, Billy Miller, Lardine Hall, Reford Bolen, Nancv Cline, Second row: Marie Gullett, Lizzie Montgomery, Harold Carpenter, Clifford Sloan, Jim Arnold, Dick Chapman, James Neeley, Inis Hall, Joan Stevens, Third row: Shirlene Reed, Barbara Baxter, Robert Hamons, Calvin Robinson, Claudette Bauer, Evelyna Roberts, Carol Jean Elston, Dean Smith, Thomas Wright, Billy Briggs, Truman Holbrook, i rfinifir5 0 0 It I 9 I 'X 0 ' 1. , WL M W H 4 a M w is Hx 'H M W ,V 9 W 4 P w 1 , w Y, WL F53 W Ei W GE wi W i , . T27 NEWSPAPER STAFF Left to right! Ruth Buurma, Carol Fink, Joice Black, Mrs. Smith, Shirley Berberick, Kathleen Atyeo, Carol Buurma, Olivia Lykins 'S Q 5 .vi ANNUAL STAFF Left to right! Carol Buurma, Shirley Berberick, Joice Black B111 V Z an oest, Carol Fink, Kathleen Atyeo, Gerald McKown, , Gilbert Mathews, Ruth Buurma, Jim Buckingham Olivia L klns Y Clara DeWitt, Arnold Risner, Esther Bauer, mrs. Dlessman, , Nancy Boetcher BAND Front row, Marilyn Rosenberry, Virginia Bauer, Jerry Osborn, Leslie Dole, Ellen McKown, Karen Buckingham, Mr. Kohli. Back row, Jean Martin, Wilma Stevens, Richard Channing, Howard Bauer, Eldean Burling, Clifford Arnold, Aron Stevens, Linda Wilson. GLEL. CLUB Front rowg Nancy Boetcher, Olivia Lykins, Linda Shrader, Shirley Berberick, Eldean Burling, Carol Clark, Clara Dewitt, Pauline Wadd Second row, Delores Dewitt, Janet Chapman, Shirley Zellner, Pat Postema, Carol Buurma, Joice Black, Wilma Robinson. Third row, Gerald McKown, Bill VanZoest, Kathleen Atyeo, Ruth Buurma, Esther Bauer, Beecher Caudill, Mr. Kohli. Fourth rowg Jack Penrose, Aron Stevens, Jim Buckingham, Donald Lyklns, Arnold Eisner, Ruben Stevens, Quince Vanderpool. 16 1' STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: Mr. Townsend, Sam Predieri, Gerald MCKOWH, Beecher Caudill Seated: Karen Buckingham, Ronald Predieri, Aron Stevens, Newana Van Zoest, Kathleen Atyeo, Ruth Buurma, Mr. Welton, Jim Buckingham, Howard Thornsberry, Robert Predieri SAFETY PATROL Front row: Jim Postema, Howard Thornsberry, Ronald Predierl, Kenny Fink, Lenvil Barnett Second row: Bill Burns, Marvin Hall, Dlnnie Tuttle, Mr. Helm- linger, Richard Garrett, Boyd Salyers, Hardy Robinson 'Q 'W' - w ...- .:-, 1.. gs , QW , ,: 3'3" saln ' ffgig , I 43 Q NEW HAVEN LOCAL scam mem 10" BUS DRIVERS Dick Mitchell, Joe Milano, Treva Arnold 'S CAFETERIA Left to rightg Mrs. 51essman, Mrs. Dewitt, Mrs. Coy Yo 9 r 6' .Q 59 Q. O IU 0 as O w, fb: 11:5 qw EEN. W lh, 313: 'W mb hal ,U wyqz, W , iig ,W xl , YN, Gi' 1 U ww wb W 5 55 MV w v .qv mf W QI lu -... 9 e A Z v',. to .. K , .4 B I L 4 . - .. J , K .- ,gs B BASEBALL Front row: Larry Predieri, David Baxter, Jim Poestma, Hardy Robinson, Eddie Risner, Sam Predieri. Back row: Donald Lykine, B111 Van Zoest, Jerry MoKo n, Beecher Caudill, Jim Buckingham, Arnold Risner, Coach Welton. BASKETBALL Back row: Beecher Caudill, Uonald Lykins, Jim Buckingham, Bob Newmyer, Bill Van Zoest, Gerald McKown, 5am Predieri oach Welton Front row: Larry Predieri, David Baxter, Hardy Robinson, mgr., Arnold Risner, Jack Penrose, mgr., Eddie Eisner fx. bi x wif x r , N X ' +R' 3 R I , wg 1 X s gf 5 flu 'BOUGHT' lsilll 4 :IEW HAVEN mg! BASKETBALL scmsznvms jx 1952-1955 i Nov. B100m'Vi1l0oloocoooooHOI'9 Nov. Sh11OhooooaooooooooThCI'8 NOVQ lil-lnooooo009uvoooouHOI'9 Nov. Norwalk St. Pau1....Horo 'Buck' D090 P1ym0llth0oocoooooooTh3re D000 GI'90n'13hQoooooaoooTh0r9 Dee. Alumniu... ....Here mot T1ro0o0oooaa0 savour' mco ll' mndfooloooooomarf may llonroovillo. o 0 0 0 0 0 umm Jm. Iooav111o..........Thoro A Jlno no FII-l'f191dnoooooooH0l'0 X 5 Jlna lil.-nooso0ooooooooaTh9I'O ,X . Jan. Gr.0n'1ohoosoaooooucHDr. V 7 'NSN Jan. B100ll'111.0ooooooo0Thlr0 H Jan. 'lk9lIllnouoooosa ooooBOI'0 Feb. Att,-olosoooooocooocoaara Fabo N0 Fl!-rfi01dooonaooThQrO Feb. l0nro0'1110soooooounHQrQ Feb. 19'21eoooooT0ll1"DlIlO1'lt At New London Q K .Bl-lily' xx A XX- ' S- . ta 1 Xxx X, 4 a XE qw, I 1 g f ! 'non' 'Swv' 'Gerry' fi fi rk iw.. 'wayne' 0 ,Ni fa . n A Q 73 ' f 1 'Don' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Pat Poltell Shirley leKenziQ RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Nancy Boetcher Delores DeWitt JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Back row: Jerrill Ivy, Richard Garrett, Howard Thornsberry, Bill Chapman, Hardy Robinson, Mr. Townsend Front row: Raymond Slessman, mgr., Robert Freda-I-1, Jim Postema, Cleophas Slone, Kenny Fink, Bob Patterson, mgr. , '9 vb D- wi 0 6 4 Q nfrfl nyg eg o 1- eg: I V: rf! 1:32 Iwi ,vi 1: ' , NR W Fw wh ,,,r ,, W, ,N UL! f 1 M W W f nr W M N M W . , , E iw 'M p. v lu wi Q19 Wg Qalftilgali Qfndia NORWALK,0 5612 Udofzfk ME-MADE ICE CREAM WILLARD, oH1 1 The GARDEN of EAT'N STEAK DINNERS CHICKEN IN THE ROUGH HOME MADE PIES NEW HAVEN, 0HIO Q 541 ,- w4a,s5v?fW' R The POINT Market NEW HAVEN, 0HIO ICT 61 - 224 Compliments of WIERS BROTHERS PRODUCE CELERY - RADISHES - ONIONS - CARROTS WILLARD, OHIO ai.. NEIL 8 HAROLD SLESSM AN EXCAVAUNG AND DREDQING WILLARD. OHIO W ' ' QW I 5 'H' -v I I I 'llllllll WA'- a -1 E ' 'f 1 Compliments of Pioneer Rubber Company WILLARD OHIO I 9 5 3 New Haven Supply Company WHOLESALE PLUMBING ' HEATING AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES NEW HAVEN OHIO Glurpnfz Ilemrlrg 8: Gift Shun Peoples' National Bank Building Plymouth, Ohio Heis1er's Inc. 'fyE!JEll:l Ei' CD WILLARD, OHIO The Willard nited Bank WILLARD NORTH FAIRFIELD ICH D OSIIS Insured LU 'YIUOOO MILV- i.L 9 mane COMPLIMENTS AND IIITUG ' F. A. SCHNEIDER BEST WISHES PI,YMOU'I'H. OHIO WILLARD DAIRY WILIARD, OHIO Willard, Ohio Compliments of Ru urma Bro s. Top Quality Garden Produce Phone 5735 COIWPLIMENTS OF BlNO'S FURNITURE STORE 'YES' SHELBY COMPLIMENTS OF BISHOP'S MOTOR SALES PHONE 2411 NEW WASHINGTON COMPLIMENTS OF KESSLEH K PAGEL Marathon Servic PLYMOUTH. OHIO .ffm N fl '2?3.g, . N 1 Q Jil BACHRAEH CO. HEREFORD FEEDER R CALVES E FIELD SEEDS PHONE SLT PHQNE 62 PLYMOUTH, OHIO COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES OF NEW HAVEN , OHIO THE PREIS STORE SPORTSWEAR NORWMK OHIO BEST WISHES T0 CLASS OF 1953 Sh d B GARDEN PRODUCE Celeryville, Oh COMPTIMENTS OF ROSS TEXACO STATION PLYMOUTH OHIO O PLYMOUTH ELEVATOR GRAIN. FEED. COM. EERTHIZER. FENCE, HAY, STRAW, lIME COMPUMFNTS McOUATE'S PHONE 37 PHONE 43 PLYMOUTH, OHIO PLYMOUTH, OHIO cozvonfa TULA Tzozvs COMPLIMENTS OF CASHMAN'S SHOE STORE TIP TOP Oualily Boots and Shoes for UUA'-'TY CLEANHVG - - - "H" All lhe Familv HAROLD CASHMAN Will Please You PHONE 68 18 Sandusky St. n the Square Plymouth, Ohio PLYMOUTH. OHIO v '91 " r X ' 4 "' 'Fifi IM-:4 4.3 15733111 zlgfgaeg 'Ei"q.2'55? -dmv I ' N THE HOLLAND MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables WILLARD OHIO " . : " "X 'Me Semhf Q94161, r,u,,d,q" K R' CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIOR CLASS IDEAL lAUNDRY WILLARD. Ol IIO R. E IX T 7' if , . THE WlllARD FARMERS' EXCHANGE CO. sum. noun. fem. com WILLARD. OHIO N A man: n .551 an ml lo N' Run COMPLIMENTS OF B06NER'S MARATHON SERVICE Willard, O. COMPLIMENTS BUCKINGHAM FARM MACHINERY DEAIER WILLARD, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF SECOR'S FURNITURE STORE FUNERAL DIRECTORS WILLARD, OHIO 'As M 0 0 COMPLIMENTS OF C. E. DAVIS CORNEll'S FOR HoME-MADE ICE CREAM ggoqfmfg MEM5 Ply h Oho New Haven, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF WILLARD PARTS CO. Auto mrs Ann suvvufs 22 Myrtle Avenue PHONE 254 WILLARD, OHIO A SURPRISING LOT OF NICE THINGS AT M0ll'S STORE CELERYVILLE, OHIO THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK OPEN EVERY BUSINESS DAY SINCE JANUARY 1, 1904 Plymouth, Ohio Member F. D. I. C. CONGRA TULA TIONS The Comer Hardware A. S. HUNTER 8. SON PLUMBING, Hmmo. WILLAR D, OHIO COMPLIMENTS EACKlER'S JUVENILE SHOP APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES "For The Teen-Ager and Junior Miss" Phone 19 PlYm0l-ith, ECKSTEINS HARDWARE PLYMOUTH, OHIO HECK'S CLEANERS PLYMOUTH E WILLARD WILLARD TAXI WILLARD, oxuo BEST WISHES .... SHERCK'S MARKET GROCERI ES MEATS Ohio COMPllMEIlTS OF R.P. SHARICK CO. ER JEWEL WILLARD, OHIO WILLARD OHIO NORWALK TRUCK LINE NORWALK, OHIO BOB'S BARBER SHOP PLYMOUTH, OHIO CONEY ISLAND SHELBY, OHIO Compliments RINGHOLZ-MEYERS MEN'S R BOYS' CLOTHING NORWALK, OHIO EBERT R SON MOTOR SALES INC. NORWALK. OHIO CELERYVILLE GREENHOUSE k GIFT SHOP WILLARD, OHIO KOSHER'S SELF SERVICE MARKET PLYMOUTH, OHIO HATCH'S DRESS SHOP PLYMOUTH C WILLARD VERDEKAL'S SHOE STORE WILLARD, OHIO of LOUIS O'DELL JEWELER NORWALK, OHIO JUD MORRISON'S SOHIO FILLING STATION PLYMOUTH, OHIO POHL'S CLOTHING as sHoEs NomvALK, OHIO ROBBY'S R.C.A. VICTOR TELEVISION PLYMOUTH, OHIO SMITH'S ELECTRIC FRIGIDAIRE 8 MAYTAG WILLARD, OHIO PLYMOUTH CASH MARKET PLYMOUTH, OHIO DURNWALD'S LUNCH NEW WASHINGTON, OHIO L 9 nn i gc an , W :R M 1 4 , Q 'W- G? Q1 fb 1 ?'w r 'Qs ,S I1 11 S! . 3 . E S? -2 1 3? 1 . we Vi Q z V: Jw-Q Fl" H wh, -A wi 'Wa w wi W , , it wi' GI f W 'BN my uf, 1 1 W v H lan ' H ,mv ,. 1 3 ! Q H 4' 44 ii 55 , .Q il: li' W Xa: .rt E14 5 Z2 M! 2? 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