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 - Class of 1951

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A 5 i 3 2 2 E 5 A 5 E E 5 2' 1 s 3 Z E n Y Etalfi. Xomrfz, 'I're'.f:1 Amcl- , Y1cHe11'T. Cole f vs. 'I ll ' 13? ll x as ' 1 ,K VR CIVFEWIXEAT CGC E 1 S":it,h L' r fl i I Q rin. eww, 11 ,,,,, QR SEHIUHS JOE TEGLOVU' V ll l ll ALLAN C014 Mix. l3, V757 IM?-. l3, 2033 IWW. lb, lfyll Hum frm. 1-3-L, owe Club 1-2-3-25. gnu pr-M. 3 Basket? all P-3-Ll English Drarnatlrvfs 3 Basketball l-Q-3-M Glen Club 1-2-3 Plxys. Pd. l-2-2. Clam: Treazz. P4 Bnmliwll l-7'-j-ll Sfrnlfsr Clww Vlay L, Baswwll l-1-1-' Vivo Pres. 7 Class "f?f'2'Of.'11'y 2-3-L Glmw fflull 2-7 ROGER BABCOCK l,l,O'ff3 BUCKTNGHAM LEE KALE Feb. 111, 193' June 53, l933 May 21, 1933 Wir. flnfsohnll l-2 Clfvss 'I'r-mm. 3 Cleo Club 1 Mgr. Basketball l-2 Vice Pros. lp Bankotlmll l-2-3 1 F. F. A. 1-2 Vwwfrntlmll 3-ll Enfsebnll 1-3-ll . x X j X Muzdc l SOT'L4f5T" Flay' lg. Public Smmlrlng PEW Qr. Plnv M. 11. JA. 1-2 zenmr- may Il 3 X f ,,,. , ,IVF X' ,ff ' f JJ, -.fqg,, LA.xQ HEHMAN NEWMYER PAUIJINE KOK GLEN ALAN PENHOS April 31, 1032 Avg. 10, 1032 Aug. 31, 1033 one rub 2 'flee cum 1-2-3-Z, Hwfvball 2-3-LL Pnwkntbnll 1-F-3 Whus. Fd. 1-2-3 Egwketball 2-3-M 'ienifwr' "law M S'3f1YT1Sh Club 2 Troma. 2 News Rerwwter' 3 Sen'fvr' Play I+ 'Senior' "1Q,v PV Ginn Club 2 GENE RITZ MARGARET HITZ REUBEN TURNER Swat. 2, 1931 Marcin 15, 1933 Jfm. 17, 193551 Basketball 1-2-?-L Phys. Ed. L-2-3-L Senior Flay Q f , Bfucbnll 1-2-3-E. glee Club 2 V. V. A. 1-2 .J U ' F. F. A. I-2 Semin? Flay L J Trowa. 1 X, P h 3p1n'sh Club 2 w,f y a 1 A f A- Smarts Repnrter 3 M an 'f IX Q!! ,W J 60444 Qfwzmq' One September morning, in the fall of 1939, twenty three members of our original class set sail in search for the Golden Fleece of Knowledge with Mrs. Marguerite Wilcox as our Captain. In our first grade there were the following: Carolyn Arnold, Roger Babcok, Lloyd Buckingham, Margene Buckingham, Phyllis Coleman, Janice Danhoff, Ruth Farnwalt, Gilbert Mathews, Michael McKown, Glen Penrose, Wanda Penwell, Henry Phillips, Gordon Roe, Cleopus Row, Thelma VanNauler, and Kenneth Wilson. ' In our second year we were quick in picking up the tactics of learning from our same teacher, Mrs. Wilcox. We passed on to the third grade, and, as school started this year, Margaret Ritz joined our crew, and Glen Penrose left. We were under the leader- ship of Mrs. Hermina Osborn. In the fourth year, joining our staff, under the command of Mrs. Aleda Peck was Reuben Turner. We cruised on down stream with Mrs. McCullough as our pilot in the fifth grade. Keeping the same pilot we sailed on to the sixth grade. Entering Junior High with Mr. Townsend, as Captain, the fol- lowing passengers joined us: Glen Penrose, Gene Ritz and Lee Kale. Gliding on to the Eighth Grade with Mr. Duffy as our Navigator, we acquired two new members, Pauline Kok and Joe Teglovic. Drifting into High School with Russell Heisler as our Captain, we were joined by Herman Newmeyer, and Allan Cok. Mrs. Slessman piloted us on down stream in our Sophomore year. P Our number remaining the same. Navigating on to our Junior Year with Mrs. Weaver and Mr. Sackett as our co-pilots we worked hard and earnest to put on a Junior-Senior banquet. Our theme was based on a circus. As we pulled into dock in our Senior year, the following students still remained in our crew: Roger Babcock, LLoyd Buckingham, Margene Buckingham, Allan Cok, Pauline Kok, Lee Kale, Herman Newmyer, Glen Penrose, Gene Ritz, Margaret Ritz, Joe Teg- lovic and Reuben Turner. During this year we worked toward a trip. We, the Senior Class of 1951, wish to say as our parting words, that we have greatly enjoyed these twelve years of school life. We wish to thank those teachers who have willingly and untiringly helped us through our four years of High School. They are Mr. Sackett, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Slessman, Mr. Townsend, Mr. Carrick, Mr. Bednarczuk, Mrs. Conley, Miss Arce, Mrs. Weaver, Mr. Goldsbury, Mr. Leininger, Miss Welly, Miss Kinnear, Mrs. Blair, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Heisler. NGood-byen to vou, our teachers and schoolmates. 6544470411 We, the Senior Class of New Haven High School, City of New Haven, County of Huron, Commonwealth of Ohio, being of sound mind C?D and memory, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testimony, in manner and form as follows: Item: To Mr. Townsend, our Superintendent, we do hereby give and bequeath all the noise we made during the past four years, all future sneak trips to the photographer, and all unnecessary excuses to go home. Item: To Mr. Sackett, our home room teacher and Class Advisor, we give and bequeath all headaches with future class plays, our per- fect attendance at play practice and all broken seats in Room 6. Item: To Mrs. Smith, our Commercial teacher, we leave all future Shorthand students, the power to keep students in the room until the bell rings, and the ability to watch students sneak to the store and restaurant. Item: To Mrs. Conley, our music teacher, we leave our faithful attention and singing during music period, all musical instruments and their players, and the old beat up piano. Item: To Mrs. Slessman, our Cafeteria Supervisor and Home Ec. teacher, we leave all future Home Economic projects and all griping about meals in the Cafeteria. Item: To Mr, Bednarczuk, our Industrial Art and Chemistry teacher we leave our ability for having the same answers in Chemistry Class, our faithful attention in your classes, all left over parts of motors put together in the farm shop, and all future trips to Willard??? Item: To Mr. Carrick, our coach, we leave the paddle in the top drawer, and all leftover basketball players. Item: To Cecil, our Janitor, we leave the old schoolhouse, and any waste paper and dirt we left on the floors accidentally. Item: To the Junior Class, we leave our ambitious advisor, any leftover Seniors, and twelve empty seats in Room 6, may you profit from them more than we have. E Item: To the Sophomore Class, we leave the ability to make money for a future banquet.' A Item: To the Freshman Class, we leave our superior grade cards, and all chewing gum to be chewed in Carrick's classes. In addition to these we wish to mention a few items which we bequeath personally. Item: I, Roger Babcock, do hereby give and bequeath my stub- bornish to Roberta Mock, to Gwendale Vanderpool my shape, and all future chauffeuring to Eddie Heckman. D Item: I, Lloyd Buckingham, do hereby give and bequeath my good looks to Gilbert Mathews, my height goes to Quince Vanderpool, and my basketball ability I leave to brother Jim. Item: I, Margene Buckingham, do hereby give and bequeath m high grades to Danny Van Wagner, my ability to get my own lessons to Richard McKenzie, and to my sister Bernice I give my quiet disposit- ion. Item: I, Allan Cok, do hereby give and bequeath my job as Assistant Sunt. to Dan Van Wagner, my ability to make MS points in one basketball game to Bob Ritz, and my ability to study with two girls at once I leave to any one who can get it. ' Item: I, Lee Kale, do hereby give and bequeath my ability to be in school the last period to any lucky underclassman, I give my height to Glen Newmyer, and my ability to fit into a baseball suit to Sammp Predieri. ' Item: I, Pauline Kok, do hereby give and bequeath my natural curly hair to Roberta Bailey, all future trips to Vogel Center to Ruth Buurma, and my Shorthand Book I leave to Martha Palmer. Item: I Herman Newmyer, do hereby give and bequeath my ability to show off in class to Billy Van Zoest, my high grades to my brother Glen, and my red hair and freckles to Margaret Moore. Item: I, Gene Ritz, do hereby give and bequeath to Danny Van Wagner my ability to act stupid and my ability to get along with girls. Item: I, Glen Penrose, do hereby give and bequeath my bash- fulness to Stanton Holthouse, my ability to get kicked out of class to Frances Vanderpool and my manly physique I leave to Johnny Fate. ' Item: I, Margaret Ritz, do hereby give and bequeath my high batting average to any Freshman boy who can surpass me, my blond hair to Joyce Wyandt, and my temper I leave to Janet Chapman. Item: L, Joe Teglovic, do hereby give and bequeath my ability to flirt with the girls to Eddie Hackman, my basketball ability to skip school and not get caught to Wilma Newmyer. All the rest of our property, whatsoever and whersoever, and of what nature we leave to our New Haven School Board. May they have an auction of it and grow rich and independent from the proceeds. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand seal, and declare this to be our last will. The Seniors of 'Sl 61444 poem We're wondering how as time takes its' course New Haven will manage without our force, We've worked and played for twelve long years, And then ended up with twelve little dears. So first of all comes Margaret Lee A fair young lassie is she Make her mad and she'll knock you down A better girl could never be found. Here comes Pauline The girl of our dreams She leaves her imprint Wherever she leans. Now here's a fellow not so smart in a quiz But playing basketball he's really a whiz, To his classmates he is known as uBuckn To hdm we say Good Luck. Next in line comes Glen Penrose A lad whom everyone knows Whatever you say Wise cracking is his way. Now we come to Roger Who will always a farmer be He's quite the happy go lucky guy And fills his friends with glee. This is a girl whom I think we all know She's a very good worker with lots of git up and When it comes to her lessons she knows them well Her name is Margene, by this poem you can tell. The next person is of a pretty good sort He's a very good worker and his hobby is sports He by no means is a dope Who is this lad? Why 1t's Allan Cok. We now come to Herman The clown of the class His dazziling red hair And his temper will pass. Next in line comes a firey lad Sometimes happy, sometimes sad But a very quick learner Is our Reuben Turner. Now here's a fellow I'd like you to know He has blond curly hair and a nice, "Hello" In basketball he can shoot them high or low Yep-you know who we mean, our President Joe. Last but not least comes Gene Driving a Chevy he can be seen A success he'll be in what he chooses As down life's great highway he cruises. And now our poem is ended We've introduced each laddy and lass The time has come, that we must part We'll always remember where we got our start. , ,- ,V x ., V xr Il,-P-w,,v1r f x , X f0f?!4,Cf,Q gf? UHDEHCLHSSHHH O 'N ef P4 U TI 73 'C ,,., V,-, f., L, L., .-AQ". JMAJJ Mrs. Slessman, Frazxcls 'J1ndorwol, Stxmtorm 'TW1ff'.V'1l"f?, .len Tim-r-Yee4ffer', iamlgm ATYXCIY, Q' '.'Jj.'a1xN!t, -Ewenfiale Lfandrgrpoml. Fw.cK Row: Eddie 1i6Ck'Zl?l!'1, Wayne Holthozme, Tx?-1Y'lI'1:,7 '!a1m1'I.a."er', 'er'.L1"e f:'l"rC1T'l,I.Q'T1, '.'.'1iqna FYevf"m'1-rr, Jackie Ffuurwzza, Roberta IIJCK. Avent, P.f1:'gg'frfat Moore. ZCHMBL PATROL Larrf Preiieri, ,Vamefs Moyer, 'iafecher' C11-iill, '.J1u1ica 'Jfxrxfiarxmfnl . f1'1w,,m. Vim Whack 7 fl ..- E! Ifis, q:I.IA'I 11.112 Clara lJeW1t,t,, 'i!l63?'I'll :'u:r1.a, P111 lux, Lizgrlay 1,-rawxz..-rk, L,f.z'bef ieallzwar, 'uma fww: Frm ?'a1'mv', -krnf 1 Rismer, Ja.:n:1 Iillffrlllxgilxli., 'dui Fate, fiw-mf, Mhz, .1r. Cam-ici. , , W . lj, Pi:g?.1.jREl CLA.3.3 l..:,.:4 'Ja:A.'rg., -, '9.W::...r1 Zutz, Lilzfert ..1atr,:1ew.1, Caryl Firm, Roiwfarta '4a.le', Ei.cna1'i '.'c:Lu:1.'re, 'lliliiau '.'a:.LsQaL, OIQVLB Q,,'xi:.a, Fam. Bw: hir. ?', Carol "uu1'..a, f'Q3',fl':l' Japmr, Thru ?-,mr'::.a, .1-if..Lrjfifl , .'ar.1,'w lyk, ' yy, '-lwm, 26111:--al Cole. O Ti 'JVM DEC F3r'3', How: Jack Termwa-e, 'Wavid Rerft,-ar', Cimrlvs Cwuniru 112, Clif'f'fw2 Arrml-i, I,iz1'ia 3YlZ"l1t'Z', Kam-V 'w:fat', Ilelorefi De3'.'itt:. Raef How: FAN. Srnitlx, Carolyn R:1'iI"f, Gary Parfum, Ralph Kezmari, Tilriem 1, Eiorzrg' Cole, Wilma '?oN'xaf:n, Absent.: 'Nagme flobinsfm, Fld fig 'iisaeru - vi --1 '71 TI "5 L for za? BRMJE I I at fxm:.', fiwvv: 'MVC-1 'Ienfif-rpm-'11, Jean lrwmor, I.aV'm iurmzxrfi, Heechor glauzmll, Euzrmce .2ar'1.cLf., .lanua Y,1oyur', 'Imrlne Palmer, Larry Prudieri. Sacumi Hfm: Janet Cimprruar., Patty Posbamn, Suirley Mvifanzle, DU!.lll'f Lykins, ,Whn nlf.',l,'!, 'Kofi-amarv' '33flT1'f8f'9, Nancy Amxfwld, Mr. Carrick. Absram: Jim Black, Gerald McKnvm, Hanwl Wright. ' P .1 AQRHZEE I-'Lrsst Hon: Lenvel Euzmett Roved, i'r+3.ifzr'1 ?m1,':1,:M: ',LHf11w"..xf., "'.lg.'a . Emma Trnr. Humax- '.'!1:1-a1,t'a .Em-an 9 3 4, D I ! Ka'.:nf,'1. Iuka. Sncfmi Fswz Leon Uilrn, E1ic'1w'J fart'-'at,f, fizllgwm 'T0eeleej.', lima t.'fY'i,Qf.f,, 'Nil in Thrvvu, 'Zcfmt,t,a .re'f:z,'3. Iiull. Au.. . ,. . .. . . .. . M. A. - . :Ji TT: .LTAYEE I- :Hr Vu.-J: T4 M1 ?"1ta',a, Am.f:t',a '.':L:.d1xt'gv'ol, ,?o:a:1:m '1'nit,n, 7.1a:'l4+ma if-mrvnrf, Jun: Qiilb,-f. .'iiL.L.1, i,..,3v .4 ,. 'Tm'-wi Wow: Harem nf-1cfii'1,1H,-11, f3ni:'L-'y Cvlfa, hlarilyxd Ch:-L-1, ezwvqi 'bww -'fm-.frL:, . Lnff, 5,-rua!-i Prfaiiuri, ','Ji11i'1" iT5l'.j,'fz"2, Yiuyi 7J1'l,fe1's. 'Wifi Row: Vfftrewa NP'Alx'4,' 'Q-pm ri .1 ,-.1 , ZXvr'.wf,!xy 5.1 ure, ilrn. Ticdllurlwjix, f,if1'ZJi Wiiewn, Patriria Lykims, Lou film-rx " 5.'X'4'4.?-Z "vans-Ar' 'al 'igxrij 'ev'Hir150n. , 'wriw ', u.w..4'1:'w11T , "J imil. z'if"AHf' Om , ,. 4 'E 'fl' -Uillifi 1 -u my ,--'xx "eww emwa N .. . .S , .MV v v- v U ff A ,, , v. , . . 37 1, xf up 'W' M Joni , MOA OX' rr'-Ng.T, .1 Hu: ". .xv .. 4. fl-191.-f:rr'gf. '. 3-Auf??', 5- Ja Q- FGQMBFI, .. ,ru 1 ,, . . - 1 9 Viffld 'fwwz '. ,aw f., 5. ':r.1:,:z. ,. pi null., L. :Jim F- 79513-'3'x'. T. 'vixfffru 5- USTYWI, W- A1"f101h K- Hale, -va'-1 40911 . .. , '. I':'m,:r'. 5.1. if r za. "rw, Larw, TN. Yuri: f . . Liu-211, Fern. ax' . !VUf1"! K, Y 'iOf'fH30Y1- Y'our'tx1 Grade ' 'xrsa Zim: Jazwas I0 ul, Elerm Palmer, 7i'avi'i Jrivmer, 'llnsent '1131,, the Per rmf, Harp' i-lllfan Stone, e thrice RQ '.w.a wrx. Ilan: 'ni fww: Ronnie 'Ian tfarpwol, William lwetruar, 'Xwia,a, qmirley Q nrrxazlasz, i.cE..4r-,1 Rainer, f.1'xrt.:1a 'filmr-, Jgvnce '7I'8i3IK, Mrs. Hull. I" I RST SHADE First Row: Tlancy Jonnsor., Ployia Qonanson, Amos Holden, Ruben Luna, Billy White, Marcus Green, Shirley Ross, fiethy P-oetcher. Second Row: Amos Collins, Roy Dunsesth, Vir,jini.a Carnahan, Tom Gray, Alvin Lb inaon. .Jana I-Ning, Jin Penrose, Ruth Shrador. Third fiom Louis Fiinnorlin, Don Hailey, Ernest Gillebt, Lois Wright, Melvin it-annens, Roxvxlfi iireen, Alicia Cummings, Paul ??u:rQir1pj!urnf Back How: SECOND QHADE Mrs. Liitcaell, I. Bisingnano, C. Kimberlin, J. Smith, I. Stephens, M. Moore, W. Stephens, D. Stephens, A. Collin S. Johnson, Tl. Channing, R. Striker. Middle Row: H. Luna, J. Vogel, R. Luna, K. Turner, R. Johnson, C. Reed, R. Webb, P. Eioetmner, J. Cole. Front Row: T. Solen, J. Kennarfi, S. Wilson, D. McKo1m, G. Green, E. Channing, C. Robinson, K. Cline, Il. Bauer. D - 7 -1 -A -1' VAW5T'T'Y !5Af3LT'I'TWAf,I, Fr.,-:rt Qfw: Elon Penrose, Gene Ritz., Starztfm 1?OlTJ'lU11E!-9, Joe Te,jlov'c, Allan Cox, 'Amen Qarrlck, uc-. 'wow '.V'1g,'ma Znltzmwe, P1-xl 50.-1, Llfwyri ?3uckin,iha'Q, Willy 'fan?5oeat, Emile ileckvvm. 'ZEYSFIY YE '?AI3?1F,T3ALL Bottom Huw: Fflomrt, jiinz, P311 Com Glen Flewrnever Jafes Rwckin 'hm Tlfci' Ritz Racfc Row: Cumrh Sacks . S . 7 1 7 9 I L L C flsxmy 'Jag 'Nf1,, 'lir:nar:: 'lclezzieg Absanu, fred Palwer, .Jam Pre xeri L1 he Varxloegt 'OPW4 d X x X COYQS Qmrwahf m ., Lose A msnlest' ,"' . , NNN J xnkvrxxs :Manu F".:g,, xxx 0 53 xu - Nkownxvk Nmdw QQJHYY- NW . Hgwvv- 'f N 'W . A-axx':urxfWi Allah COX pml'XlN 4 Q, 1 H PM in A Forward 6'1" cw Hxw0l'f .puff- n tht' OVLX '1 50. SIBN Gene 'iitz "r CG'Xtc3"' UQ" 31-an Penrose Sy, llllilfd lam! liuivrl an fm.-5 Q 'Wk ,lx 'Uh nl ,,f 't'-171 In HM Wf' "' :Tn :mf mm 4 H ' . , dilrzzppfy Q V. . fur qgxn C.',,k:'2g'I1xx-wh I I ' ' X ' x H" ,ff rvL,f,f"ff-:X Hwffj Y thi. hqgffluiuf, . lo r 1 S. fl Musa Ypllom Irkpor .nm mm M, vd 77 For Ml' ew H v. ay . , dlreg 21, 01' Five I .wen . X Q0I'e ok 'kgx ' lu Nt , fu . ' 1 , ,d up - I 161 Nz It exams of Qhtkw ll,-W' 5 - fmcvs um R 'f' -Rr 5 1 A mc 11, . . hmshffd . m QHJ I -I 5, we wearing wi 'P,.,,.,m'l'z1, 1' 1' J' , H mga . I NWN' ' 'Ab Pm, , 34 - . 15 gf-is - . '05, , A gl lcmxxqlcfic Pcnrusfv, ff IEIZQ, A 33, 1 -- , , more V '114.,,,, I ,, In ye-Q amen. h 1, tk At Joe Teglovic Sr. Wu' 1,50 sf-.,,., -' . 1 ln 'Vw I "'V'l: ' 'Pr Guard 5 1 anmiw, N H, '. vy'I1 1--' ,' -ug , lg .. x:ikg1tlLX1L'i'l' lwk 9' lnaiih U 4 Hickey '3 X Q l?:U7U1Sv gn 536' qhit' 0 X5 gimhixgu 4 2 W K ,lltflf I1 4 IQ QW. V fix' ' 'HI 2 4 -'rlrw C' . 3 1 Y A A x gnu 3 1 i l:W7I'I:ifir 9 A? Rini: Jtdrzton iolthxouse U rc 8 015 Jnhn, , , i iefsz . M1-ff by "Has xz 95 Lloyd Buckirlghlm 51" Center If-,mi 3 ,,'-YKUM' Forward mu.. N I7"'7X 1? 1 16131011 R Wu, I I igwwl A Ulm-sf layna Holthouso Jr. 'Buard 5'8" hddie Hackman Jr. Guard 5' B' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE We Hopewell Louden 26 Sullivan L8 Milan S5 Greenwich 58 Attica. 62 Townsend 98 Tiffin Calvert Z6 Nova 3 New London SO Greenwich 97 Monroeville H8 North Fairfield Z0 Tiro 2 Plymouth 6h McCutchenvi11e 65 Wakeman 72 Milan Eg Monroeville They M9 22 53 38 27 55 6 25 M8 E7 O From the above scores you can see'that we had a very success ful team this year. We were the Champions of the Huron County League. Huron County Tournament Monroeville M7 39 Townsend 75 32 Wakeman S8 A6 We were very proud of the fact that we also were the Champ ions at the Huron County Tournament. From the Huron County Tour nament we went to the District Tournament which was held in Bucyrus . . , Q uf. z .mmf l"rur.t Yew: Lee Kxhe, Jie vim, fuse 2.64, mir. C,-1, lien ?e:1:'.::a'z, I!i'i :lu fiww: Thin.: '!:4:1'Ji1 ,I,t?!', Wayne liC1tIlOUI?B, Brine ieckfnm, Stxntuzz 'L ltiawvzsez, 'iiljf b"f:,Z.-em, Fir. wirmricrf, 'nf-L' Qxw: F3gYv1r't Wann, Saw Pr'e'Her'1, Arrxiwli Wiarier, Vrfv' Ffxivwr. Jwninr Eli 'h Raswkotkrlll C lv- Vrnm, Row: Larry Pmdieri, Jim Flack, Tjriwie Eisner, David Ilruzter, Rack Flaw: :Touch Wed' xrcmm, iff-fchex' Cauimll, Wayne Rohinsfm, Uorwalfi lffkii s, John Tuttle. I ,J 1.1, ,Q VIU1 ' '1 'g.v" Mex Wow: 'v'3Y'f":I'9t Qitz, Kzanhlnnfx Atjrec, 217-01 Vinx, 'Thru De1'.'it,t, Sherril ?+'u'1rz:.a, Ruth Ruunua, Jacky Buurma 'Jf1'f'J"1 Wow: !.f'1r'L'.a Palmer, Linda 'lnzviarg-col, Fiowfrta Hailey, Joyce Wxrr, Shirley Slesqznan, Liarilyn Cok, io'm't11 7.1-ck, 'lrmgl lfxvnrfua, 'Jhir1eyfZeHmer'. Mm. ?-vim ','ff1i'?Af!!". Ahfwmt, E.',fxrg'1ret P.icmrv, Wilma Tlewfueyer. CHEER LEAD!-IRS Roberta Mock, Jacky Buurma, Carol Phxwxrrrna. i1,i,,4,,7E, Lz.,,,, ,,,k,,:'4 , -N Ht. , . , .. V, ' HCTIVITIES . . he L ,Pk r , .,. C , ..., TD Ar .F -'I :vin 7 31 gy 4-:Y -43 Not, ww W wa Y'ILlZ'1.Q! Zellner, 'io'-wrzx ,' W., Clsrw., :"X'lF'Tt3i, Jamcy 1"lllX!'I7l8, Joyce 'Njm:1dt,, Srurley E71-a:1a:'rn:, Fruzncis " 1:1 l, ''1 'fe'?i.t,' , .Tec ' Rvw: 'lyme Flzact, Carwlyn Amvbi, Markjene 1'llCKlIly:l'l1TTl, Txfarxlyn Cok, Y-Li'lll'.'f Kofi, Brimer L"i'1"ff', ?ilw+fr'?,,1 '1,.+'., ,Jwrf ,',' a Val'-BT, MN. CQ:1nle5.', Zami HM: Bwerpzalw Uazxfiergf-1-1, Carol Flu, ?1:w,,.1wz:, Atgelz, Hemlze Vzc4:1m".'1 , QNfli3!'l',l Quxmrm, Yiilm Yewrueyer, Dlivia Lyvcius: Absent: Linda Vxmwmr. Nl. Mismn-r'faL I,'Lwt'e Secmd Grade Rhythm Rami Esacx Row: Lira. Liitc. ell, Jirnxy Cole, :iilua Luna., Ruth Johzxsox., Que ilruez., Avvmalle Collipfr, Ten -el Efisimarx Kenneth Turner, Mrs. Conley. Middle How: Margzxret Moore, Paul '1oet,c:ier, ilandra Wilswn, ll: irley Jonnscrx, Row-rt Kipp, Den: Ls .vlCKOWf., Ralph Wahl. From, Raw: Jmiirm Vu jel, Jefaszetie Kem mi, Howarw Wxuer, Kenneth Cline, Hignarri Caaxming, if-aliewxar' Lula. Iileem Cha ning. O r . may , M- X 7 1-rv'-1. 'H 9? urn 1"9 'J .mf 1 r..1?.'m. Q E v . , Wu... .. 9 WH., V-, W., , rmcml .'1:mur:1f, -1, J Tlvx:.4if,, wen i L19 Qnfiwzvjwl, M'i!':'fGz-2 AM..-Kinfjf.fam, Mrs. Slerisman, Caxwljfn A1110 d ,Q ,M ,. pw , -ff '.', , 1' v ryf. . I f Aw' ,. .'gf'X., 5 v is 1 ' 7. 'fl ,fl' O N -4 T' 'TP N. .4- A ...dl iTAFEi TEEN A ick lim, Uiiweri, jAat.1,:newa, Jamlgm Anmli, Lira. .xart-amz, Lira. Hwy, Lira. Zve'!iit,t,, werwicza I1:c:ki,1,ghzm, . Ara. Sleeismzm, Jcnyce Wy-'1m!t., Mr. 3af:4et,.., 'Nfayrafa 2iolt'm:zSe. A - . " ,M , x ,,.f X -."' -.1 '- -HW' 'A 1 . S- AY' , Tir. Q, xr ., Af.. 11.1, 'Jam 17.1 . , 2' L-,, .1 .4 I ' Synopsis of School Year l95O-El The Tuesday after Labor Day the school house doors were opened for another school year. There were 230 reported for enrollment. There were twelve teachers to guide the pupils through the year. Mrs. Dean was our new first grade teacher, she had taught previously in Gloucester and Elyria. Mrs. Mitchell was the second grade teach- er she had been in the New Haven Staff for the past six years. These two teachers were in charge of the portable building. The other teachers and the number of years they have previous- ly been with New Haven are Mrs. Milano,th1rd grade two years, Mrs. Hull, fourth and fifth grades, four years: Mrs. McCullough, sixth grade, eight years: Mr. Townsend, Superintendent, five years, Mr. Carrick, coach, one year, Mr. Sackett, English, one semester: Mrs. Slessman, Home Economics, two years: Mrs. Smith, Commercial, seven years, other new teachers were Mrs. Conley, music, who had formerly taught in Kansas and Mr. Bednarczuk, Science. Supt. Ralph Brown, and Mr. Goodrich should also be mentioned with the instruction force Mr. Goodrich being new this year as Assistant County Superintendent, supervising the elementary work. Cecil Smith returned as custodian for his tenth year. The Bus drivers were Mr. Ralph Moore, Mrs. Treva Arnold and Mr. Robert Cole. The Cafeteria cooks were Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Coy and Mrs. DeWitt. The members of the Board of Education were, Neil Slessman, Pres Al Saas, Vice Pres.: Wm. Arnold, Willard Baxter and Lottie Babcock, Marjorie Smith, clerk. This year the State Inspector of Schools, Dr. Rich made us a visit. This was his second inspection of the New Haven School. The other one was three years ago. His report this time was more favor- able than the last one. We had various assembly programmes during the year. A group of two or more grades were responsible for the programmes at dif- ferent times. During the time of the Huron County Fair school was dismissed for two days. These days were made up at the end of the year. In December and February school was closed for several days on account of the snow. We also had two holidays this year that we never had before, George Washington's Birthday, and Good Friday. Mr. Sheilds of Willard took the Senior pictures this year and was good enough to come take the pictures for our year book. We are very grateful to him for this. The Senior Class Play, nThe Ghost Shipn, was given the latter part of April. Mr. Sackett directed the play. i ,,..A-- .,.,?""' N X7 fp X X ' f V! f If 79 ,ff fy , X ,iff If ff I f, 1 I I I 1 If I , f I I 1' 1 ,1 ll if HUTUGRHPHS . x mf X X I , ': -Lf' i ,IP fff HUTUHHHPHS I 5 1 Cf ' ' , do ffl Mak'- x w,P-'xlhl N ' X, , 1 uf' gx ann ' 4 J CI. 'QFD' ,, 'M W Q .A'. V . SEWQ ff ' fm +1 , , N Y! ,, 5' Ox 1 I ' 9 Q 49 ,fi fr f V X SP 2' X. fl bf , I C5- rw Xl ' , "5 V Q ii f 1 fm Q exif' ' f W L f ,JAJ gf! w '- ,, f N If E, N , fWM754 , 9 sw," ,X QS 5 ,W ML faq W Q3 ku Hurnsmwns fl .. L. f-lc..MmQ Tl, CHS ll I I I ff' 4, ' J M K Nw f Q qi ' -. 'JY QP ' , SX sv' LL " xo UVM t W Tj Qwfxw 132' h H ,av 45515 435-3, gw u 5gfQ2tJf' F- . 1 If" "' 3"3N'B"?'f?'5 TF V77 4 JT' "f'f.?f'f5"3' 'fk?"1P":95f' "T ITV ' ' if ' wa. W , J UN , ,,VwA,,,,, .P jf, .,, . -V V ' 1, . -v D v , . , 4 ' -1- i .l" - ..., v- .1 .iff . -9 - .-2 ..-. 1- 1 i -"' 1- 1- T -if .1--i' -"'-1 ,,....,- -. ..,- .. -1 ii' i-11- -9 .-,1--11 11- HDVEHTISIHG Congratulations to the Class of 1951 NEW HAVEN SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Plumbing, Heating and Industrial Supply New Haven, Ohio Compliments to the Class of '51 THE POINT MARKET Complete Line of Meats, Groceries, Fresh Fruits E6 Vegetables New Haven, Ohio Compliments Compliments of J. Wiers and Sons of Growers and Truckers Brown 8: Miller W of Celery and Other Vegetables l Plymouth, Ohio Phone 4486 Willard, Ohio Compliments Best Luck Clasq of '51 of Palmer and Fink Garage Shell Gas and Oil 24 hours service Phone 3464 New Haven, Ohio Gerrit Shaarda 8: Son Specializing in all Carpenter Work Celeryville, Ohio Compliments of HEISLER'S, INC. Airport - Truck Terminal WILLARD -4 Phone 267 - OHIO Compliments of HOLLAND MARKET Specializing in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Phone 5272 Corner of Myrtle Ave. and Route 224 Compliments of WILLARD UNITED BANK Willard, Ohio Member oli Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured to 310,000.00 THE GARDEN OF EAT'N Fine Food Quick Service Chicken in the Rough Steak Dinners Plate Lunches Home Made Pies We cater to private parties New Haven, Ohio Routes 61 - 224 Compliments of Gene s Tip Top Cleaners Quality Cleaning that will please Phone 68 28 Sandusky Street Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of C. E. Davis General Merchand ise New Haven, Ohio Compliments of Petes Pullman Fine Foods Phone 623 1 Compliments of Wiers Bros. Fresh Produce Willard, Ohio Slessman Excavating Carl Harold Neil Bulldozer Crane Tiling Machine Paint Wallpaper Mirrors Tile For Your Home At Wilkinson's Willard, Ohio Ideal Laundry C. K. Moles, Proprietor All Types of Laundry Work Lace Curtains our Specialty Phone 217 Willard, Ohio The Willard Farm-ers Exchange Company Dealers in Grain, Flour, Feed Coal, Tile, Fence Phone 3701 Willard, Ohio Compliments of Lofland Dairy Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Landefeld 8: Lowery Willard, Ohio Curpins Jewelers 8: Gift Shop Your Headquarters For Elgin, Gruen, Bulova, Hamilton Harvel Watches Diamonds, Jewelry, Gifts. Parker 51 Eversharp, Sheaffer Lifetime Pen Y5 Pencils Plymouth, Ohio People's Nat'l Bank Building Best Wishes From Smith Electric Your Dealer For Nlaytag Washers Prigidalre Products R.C.A. Television fd Radio Small Appliances 103 Myrtle Avenue ' Willard, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of R. P. Sharick Co. White's Hardware The Leading Jewelers 11 Myrtle Avenue Willard Ohio Willard, Ohio Compliments to Heck Cleaner's The Class of 1951 Satisfaction Guaranteed Bogner's Marathon Service Tom 25 Bob, Prop, 3751 - Willard 1505 - Plymouth Willard, O. Phone 4841 s ,I Compliments of McQuates Funeral Home Bevier's Furniture Store Everything in Ready to Wear Phone 43 Dry Good and Notions Willard, Qhio Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Congratulations IO . . C1 f "5l' R1chard's Construction ass O from Jud Morrison Sohio Willard, Ohio Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Buurma Bros. 25 Years of Serving You With Top Quality Garden Pr-oduce Compliments of Davis 8: McCarty Kaiser 8 Frazer Sales if Service i A . N Phone 5735 f' i' New and Used Cars 'E Willard, Ohio X ,r 141039 4614 Willard, Olii ,, XM Compliments Compliments Willard's Food Service of Lockers U Processing Willard Parts Co. Meats, Frozen Food's, Groceries Willard Locker Market Inc. 22 Myrtle Avenue South Dale Ave. Phone 273 Phone 254 Hours 7:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. m. Sunday 10:00 a. m. to 5:30 p, rn, Auto Parts and Supplies Willard, Ohio Compliments ' of Jackson's Pharmacy For Accurate, Compounded Prescriptions, Sundies Willard, Ohio Compliments of Costein's Restaurant Willard, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1951 A. S. Hunter 8z Son E. V. Myers-Prop, The Corner Hardware Plumbing, Heating, Hardware Willard, Ohio Compliments lirom the Feichtner Store Men's and Boy's Wear Shoes for the Entire Family Willard, Ohio Compliments of Wilcles' Motor Sales Studebaker Sales '65 Service Phone 7901 Route 224 Willard, Ohio Compliments and Best Wishes Of Willard Dairy Willard, Ohio Compliments of Burras Motor Sales Willard, Ohio Buick Pontiac Compliments of Mobil Gas Station Mobilgas Products Tires - Batteries Road Service Auto Ac cess ories Phone 256 202 Myrtle Ave Willard, Ohio OHIO ,b1sIIiW :nfl , -'I Jbiuil :lo 2Jnum?IqmoD noiisia asD IidoNI zJaubo1CI u,gIidoM zsixsnsii - za1iT saivxaii bsofl zaiwzz aJJ1 ' x oJuB. sv!-X SIJIYM SOS DES sncdq oidO ,b1sIliW SJRVISZ 8 29182 PSS 9111051 IOQY snoriq oiriO ,b1nIli'W bus aJnsmiIqmofJ i0 asdaiW 21398 Wiisfl b1sIliW oidO .bIsIIiW Congratulations to New Haven Class of "Lil" Weber's Cafe P Plymouth, Ohio Best Wishes Celeryville Greenhouse and Gift Shop Route Compliments of Peek-a-boo Inn 61 New Haven, Ohio Compliments of McCarty's Restaurant For The Best Home Cooked Meals Willard, Ohio Compliments of Bob's Barber Shop Plymouth, Ohio C-ompliments of H-olthouse Bros. 27 Yrs. of serving you with Mineral Fed Produce Phone 5731 Willard, Ohio Compliments of Moll's At Celeryville Compliments of New Myers Bros. 40 years of serving you With Top quality Vegetables Phone 6510 Willard, Ohio Joe 8: Clyde Barber Shop Congratulations to the Class of "51" Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Perfection Motor Sales Dependable Used Cars Phone 4531 118 E. Pearl Street Willard, Ohio Robby's Frigidaire Appliance 20 Public Square Plymouth, Ohio Harry V. Jump Real Estate and Insurance 13 East Pearl Street Phone 3921 Willard, Ohio Compliments of Stanfield Sinclair Service Corner Pearl Z6 Woodbine Phone 3753 Willard, Ohio Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 From the New Haven Board of Education 8: New Haven Faculty Compliments of Schneider Lumber Company Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Don's Grill Plymouth, Ohio The Peoples National Bank Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Cornell's Plymouth, Ohio F ackler Juvenile Shop Apparel if Accessories 'For the teen-ager 'E5 Junior Miss' Women and Children Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Plymouth Elevator Plymouth. Ohio Compliments of R-oss Texaco Station Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of Crispins 5 8: 10 Plymouth, Ohio Cashman's Shore Store "Shoes for all the Family" Plymouth, Ohio Compliments of PIONEER RUBBER COMPANY Willard, ohio i ' .9 .11 f Z 'N xi'.' ,r i J rgpzfii' W l We gratefully acknowledge the splendid cooperation oi, 'ifhosefadvertisers who appear in our year book, making it possible for our school t,oi'publish this annual V Congratulations . . . Class of "5l" SHIELD'S STUDIOS Your School Photographer 513 Euclid Avesue Willard, Ohio Phone 7921 THANKS TO THE ADVERTISERS Ku rg, . KV, Ji JU, UF THE IILHSS UF 1951 a l i Q., mf LY. K 1 -Nv....9f..-i ...1...--...-m.1-.f.-v.n- - . M, V -W-in-..f, - L

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