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REFLECTIONS 1947 Sponsored by the Senior Class of NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL Editor"in- l Associate Editors Advertising . . . Annual Staff soueeoniolee one so Faculty Advisor. . . . REFLEC TIONS' ' Eleanor Shaarda Ammjeane Newmeyer Teannene McKown Herbert Snyder Azmajeane Newnieyer Eleanor Shaarda jeannene Mc Kown Ray Van Loo Bob Buurma Richard Babcock Dick Mitch:-11 Paul Risner Mrs. Margaret Roe ' . K ,, ,. N-fs-Q R' ... ., ' - ff' ff' . w4pffjQ4M4fff f 1 1 ff R NEW HAVEN LOCAL SCHOOL OH, WE WILL RAISE A CHEER FOR OUR NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL PROUD AND TRUE, OBEDIENCE AND LOYALTY, FOREVERMORE SHALL RULE, RAH, RAH, RAH. THREE BIG CHEERS FOR THAT SCHOOL or OURS, WE'LL STAND BY HER THROUGH RAIN OR THROUGH SHOWERS HAIL., HAIL, THE GANG's ALL HERE, PURPLE AND GOLD SHALL NEVER DIE. RAH, RAH, RAH. DICATI J ... c ,+ fb 5' w, x f f 166 9 15, . ' a Q z. 9 5 E 5 B , 2 SUPT. WAYNE L. TOWNSEND Two years ago, our superintendent came to New Haven. Last year as the principal, and this year advancing to Superintendent. He is a very good friend of all the students and is interested in each oi them. He is also ln- terested in sports, golf, and photography. THREE CHEERS FOR OUR SUPERINTENDENT A 4 . QV? 'wg ,N 1,3 gefllfe L21 Qi' fm , Q, k , ff., Tm r ,s ,x qv' YQ? , ,L s-2. L. Us ,fx mfg S1153 '1' Vx: dig ,gl . 'fel -WF! ,wx 6 3' ,:q:, .U 1, nf, H11 12,3 A ,Q-at -123, '14, . 'T fi? .Q nf FACULTY HARRY DUFFY Denison Univ. - B. A. lhglilh - Mah - liilqgiral Bei. Special Phi. Ed. Coaching MR. LYLE MYERS Ohio lhh - B. 5. Vocational Agriesltln i MARGARET H. ROE MARJORIE R. SMITH B. A. - wbdlhf Collegl TUB: Udvcrliiy Post Grnduh - Alhlnd In Woontat Anhllnd Gallup Lnququ - History - English Commercial Gllrk o! Bd. ol lid. M. LEORA KUHN MAE HCCULLOUGH B. S. M. Witbibcrg Collage lhidolblrg Poli. Grad. Ohio Shia Kami Stat: M. S. 4 Helhrx Renrn Grads! - 5 - 7 Englilh - Hom: Ee. - Mill! . NELLIE M. I-IAUIIS St. Clairnvllll Normal Grads: -3 - 4 OLETA R. MITCHELL Wooatar Normal Oberlin School of Commerce Znd Grads xg' X- kkfm W, Q, ni, -' - vm NETTIE M. HULL Klllf Sth Gradda - 4- 5 k .mi a W 55 ' K - ,LA Q L'.- NX Wm' nk g iu f kl Q ww .kk. it ,E N , I , ... . l l: 5 In ri - , yqsuwf ' fi' f'- ' ' " A ' ' M QR-dnillk .A'A ,.L ,F I 'ilk WW LK:" fff"'A X f '1 .,., .:.. ,ff , an jk kiik E i N gk, X Q 5, gtikb 4,-ag I +-k . ,. , - w b? X EaS ',1'., I KATQ1 mxmpvmv cmcu. smrrn Uaaitorl if Firat Grade Guardian and Custodian Bowling Green Huron C. Normal Baa Driver s, 5 L- X X RICHARD MITCHELL Army Veteran Baseball 1 Z 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Senior Play JEANNENE MC KOWN Glue Chl: l-Z-3-4 Clncrllanlar -3 Sandor Play --Claaa Omen' 1-3-4 Senior Play-- lnhamual Sports l-Z-3-4 ANNAJEANE NEWMEYER Student Council -4 Glea Club 1-Z-3 lntramual Sports l-Z-3 Relfsctor Stal!--jx-.fSr. Play Senior Play Annual Staff --PAUL R1SNER-- --RICHARD BABCOCKH Basketball Reserve 1-2 Varsity 3-4 l".F.A. 1-Z-3-4-Balklfblll l-2 Baseball l-Z-3-4 -- Class Officer 1-3 3-4 Baaeball l-2-3-4 jr.- Sr- Play Senior, Play--Reflector Sta!! - 3 --ROBERT BUURMA-- - -ELEANOR SHAARDA- - 3l.k,ty,.11 gen,-ve 1-2-3 vu-.ity Cbaaxlander 2-3-4 Glas Club 4 Baseball 1-Z-3-4 Annual Blat! I-2'3 Il'--5h Pl!! Cllll 015' jr.-51-. Play Senior Play Glee Club 1-Z-3 Class Officer I-3. ear 2-3-4 Student Coum:il4 Reflector Stall' Senior Play -Annllll Edif0l"il'cM9f- --HERBERT SNYDER-- Army Vetaran--Student Council P'l'llidQIlf Senior Play--Baskeb ball I-2-3 Baseball I-2-3 Class Otfieer l-2-3 Annual Sta!! --nsmonn VAN Loo-- - Baskltball Rssax-va 1 Varsity Z-3-4 Glue Club l-2-3-4 jr Br. Play Ballot Play Aggggi Shi!--President of the Baulm- Clsas 2-3-4 CLASS POEM As the days go by, and the years roll on, There comes a time when we must don, The caps and gowns we strived to wear, with earnest thought and meaning care. We've handed the teachers quite a line, And they've dwindled us down to a feeble just three little girls and six little boys, nine. But get them together, and there's plenty of noise First in line is Rip-Roaring-Ray. At. least, thats what his classmates say. we all agree, it's quite the name, Keep your eye on 'Ray, and you'll say the A handsome youth, and six feet tall, And a whiz at the garne of basketball. His main position is a Varsity Guard, He's a speedy hd, though his job is hard. The laughing stock of all the school, A crazy clown, as the general rule. As for success, he'll never stop, just keep on struggling to reach the top. Coming up next, is a very tall lad, In our 12 long years, he's the biggest we As Butler Boggins he was O. K. A lot of compliments came his way. We think he's off to Michigan, In another year or uso, But as for going to College there, I'm sure I wou1dn't know. Oh, yes, he's quite a handy man And always on the job. By now you've surely guessed him, That Buurma boy called Bob. Now, here is a girl, with a heap of hope, And it isn't over some silly dope. She works as hard, as a hive of bee's As she waits for Russell, who's over the Shine. 've had, Before he came home, he no future could see, So he signed up for three years, to see how it would be For this glorious fete, he got a 30 day leave, But when he met Jeanie, Oh! How he did grieve. She's been engaged now for over a year, But. has her hope, and has her fear. Sharing the honors, is the girl keen, Our best wishes of all to our, Annajeane. Oh, No, we can't forget the lad, Whom we call Herbert Snyder. He came to us back from the War, Where he was quite a fighter. A perfect gentleman, as you can see, A farmer lad, by trade. We're sure he's got some good ideals For that we're not afraid. Yes, There is another chap, Who thinks he's quite the chick: james Richard is his society name But to us, he's known as Dick. He, too, has come to us this year, With his discharge floating high. As a Recruiting Officer he'd be fine, 'Cause he is such an encouraging guy. Northwestern is his college plans, To wln the fame of Doctor Dick. So if you have an ache or pain, I-Ie can fix you up real quick. Next comes Eleanor The blond of our class. .A lot of good energy Has this fair haired lass. She's quite a whiz in typing, Does O.K. in Shorthand, too. The handy girl of the ofhce, When there's extra work to do. She has a lot of good ambitions , But the one that beats them all, Is to lead a cheer that will raise the score, In the game of Basketball. Here comes a lad, Who has plenty of punch. Paul is his name, The fighter of the bunch. He drives a. cute little Willy's I-le's named it Gsshouse Gus. And when the outfit wants to sneak, They find it quite the bus. Next in view is jeannene Mc Kown, The giggliest girl in the whole blame town. She has pretty red hair, but with that we'1l not stop, A pretty pink bow, wbuld look nice on top. Sometime when you see her so sweet and so cozy, Her Irish will show, if you just cull her Rosy. She's nearing the top for the honors clean The best in the world to you, jesnnene. A farmer lad is now in view. He raises cain and' cattle, too. Earned for himself an Ag, degree Quite a boy as you can see. This fellow does some office work, There is no job, that he will shirk UQ To run an errand, or type a letter, I don't lmow where you'd find one better. A little noisy at times, 'tis true But a. loyal classmate through and through, Thou through the halls he makes quite a clatter, Still we'1l miss Bahby's cheerful chatter. -87 x 1 i . 1 1 p ix CLASS HISTORY Any Senior can say he is a member of the class in school. Since the 14 small wonders who started in 1936 there has been many changes. In our first grade there had been the following: Richard Babcock, Panl Risner, Martha Phillips, Charles Wilson, Clara Mae Capell, Alean Coffy, Delores Dykes, Mary jane Teglovlc, Gerald Eastman, Donald Ham- mons, Bob Mathews, jeannene McKown, Irene Phillips, Leo Rang, Nora Slocum. . We were quick to take the Iunadmanetalm of learning from our new teacher Miss Vander Molen. We passed on to the second grade and as school took np this year we found that some of the students had left and we gained some new ones, including Robert Danholf, Elmer Clark, Parnell Kennard, hene Lillo, Ralph Lillo, jewel Lykins, and Walter Means. Thoseleaving were Clara Capell, Alean Coffv. Delores Dykes, Donald I-lammon, and Charles Wilson, and Bob Mathews. In the third grade we were to welcome a new room on the stage, a new teacher, Miss Kruger, and a few new students. Among them were Dortha Taulbee, and Emily Rowe. In the fourth grade we still had the same teacher, but many more new students including, Annajeane, and Jennie Newmeyer, Elbert Elliot, Alma Patrick, Betty Martin, and Jim Stevens. All of these new students left during theyear except Annajeane .and Jennie Newmeyer. In the next year, we lost our room and many students but we acquired a new teacher, Miss Harriet. Babcock, and one new student, Eunice Snyder. Those leaving were Martha Phillips, Leo Rang, Emily Rowe, and Mary jane Teglovic. In the sixth grade we picked up a few in their place of which we had lost in the fifth grade. They were Wayde Garrett, Florence Rapp, Carl Corwin, Gene Carrick and Burton Thornsbnrry. I-low things did change the next year. We were in our Junior High Departmentaand upstairs now. For a change we had a man teacher, Mr. Charles Mc Clarran and also three new students, William Arnold, Rose Prediere, and Pauline Prediere. In the middle of the year Mr. McClarran left and we got a new teacher Mrs. Mabel Lanins from Plymouth. Then the High School days came. As freshmen we got many new pupils, Bob Bunrma, Dorthy Cok, Eleanor Shaarda and Raymond Van Loo from Celeryville, Betty Mitchell from Garret, Indian and Paul Risner from Greenwich. During the year we lost two students Walter Meens to Shiloh and Carl Corwin to Delaware. L Then as Sophomores we had all the students in the previous year ex- cept. Pauline Prediere and Dorthy Cok and during the year Wade Garrett leftffor the navy. No changes were made then until our Senior year when we got two new students and two left. Those that came in were Dick Mitchell and Herbert Snyder both from the Army. Those to leave were Dorthy Taulbee and Betty So IQIYBI u the Glorious Nmgsososooo.ualososlseuooooooooss Written by Richard Babcock and jeannene MeK.own , CLASS WILL ws, 'the senior cms of New Haven High School, City of New Haven, calmly of Huron, Commonwealth of Ohio, being of Bound mind and memory. do make nublish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, in manner and form as follows: ITEM: ,To our Supt. Mr. Townsend, we hereby give and bequeath all future trips to the office, home-made excuses, 5 Chemistry Books, all the broken science equipment, future trips to Washington trips to supervise, and the typewriter in the office, for hunt and peck system. ITEM: To Miss Kuhn, our music teacher, we leave all our sour notes, the empty seats in Room 6, and all the expert knowledge of our adverbs, nouns, pronouns, and etc. ITEM: To Mr. Duffy, our coach, we leave the Junior Class to be the oncoming Basketball stars. Also a new pair of heavy-duty shoes, so he can walk over to the slop house for his daily cup of coffee. In additionfwe leave all the black marks on the gym floor, all sniped cigarette butts, and old dell-used chewins tobacco which was consumed during the past basketball season. ITEM: To Mrs. Roe, our class advisor, we bequeath all our well used His- tory and English Books, all our high grades in tests, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, especially the Battle of Gettysburg, Wordsworth, and Shakespeare and- all those old dry poets, plus all the plays to be directed. ITEM: To Mrs. Smith, our Commercial teacher, we wish to give all the broken typewriters, worn out ribbons, mistakes not marked , and all the sym- bols written with our elbows in shorthand. ITEM: To Mr. Myers, our Vo-Ag teacher, we leave all unrecorded and un- signed project books, the job of making a new back stop on the ball diamond. all soil amd milk tests, the broken F. F. A. chairs and tables, and all the ,crumbs left in the lab. after dinner is eaten. ITEM: To the junior Class.--We leave our excellent behavior in class, all erasers to be flung in the halls or study hallsand all the alibi's we've fed the faculty. They fell for them all. ITEM: To the Sophomore Class, we have all the waste paper stuffed in the desks in the rooms upstairs, all the paper wads manufactured during the year, and all our book reports, whether they be real or phony. fMostly.J ITEM: To the Freshman Class, we leave our superior' grade cards with the excellent marks, also all future good-will trips th the office plus some ei- cellent advice. Always chew gum in Miss Kuhn's class, and always hold up your hand whether you know the answer or not, always be the eager beaver type, and in four years you hold the seats of dignity that we do. ITEM: To the Eighth Grade, we give and bequeath our seats in room 6, some in room 5, all future walls to be washed, and the empty spots on the Baseball and Basketball 'beams to be replaced. Besides these items we personally have a few things to leave: ITEM: I, Ilay Van hoo, hereby give and bequeath my glowing ability to Cloyce Slessman. To Clair Buckingham, I give my special and speedy ability of getting rebounds off the bankboards, also my boundless ambition to Donald Risner. ITEM: I, Bob Buurma, hereby give and bequeath my tallness to Kenny Danhoff. My speedlness on the Basketball court, I wish to leave to Elmer Clark. All future trips to Michigan, I leave to Brother jim, ITEM: I, Annajeane Newmeyer, hereby give and bequeath my engagement ring to Patty Roe, also all my old flames, I leave to the bncoming seniors girls. All my air-mail letters from Europe, will go to Sister Jennie. ITEM: I, Paul Risner, do hereby give and bequeath a black eye to anyone who tries to go with a certain junior girl. All my ability to throw erasers wbll be left to Phil Vanderpool, my school boy figure is: left to Ralph McKe1vey. ITEM: I, Eleanor Shaarda, hereby give and bequeath my blond hair to Mary Fink. My ability to sing soprano, goes to Louise Diehl. My accomplishments in typing is left to the person who uses the first typewriter in the second row. .Also my cheerleading ability, I wish to leave to the girl who learns how to do a back flip this summer. ITEM: I, Herbert Snyder, do hereby give and bequeath all my pet names to Dora Buurma. My dark eyelashes go to Mary McKown. All the dark curls I possess, are left to Donald Jamison. My manly physique are for Robert Nickler. ITEM: I, Richard Mitchell, do hereby give and bequeath the honor of escorting Dora to all the school activities, to Donald Gurney and Elmer Clark to fight over My accomplishments on the pin ball game are left for Miss Kuhn. My curly locks I leave to Arsella Barnett. ITEM: 1, jeannene McKown, do hereby give and bequeath my giitfire temper to Ruth Ritz, my red hair to Evelyn Newmeyer, and my good grades by not studying are left for Patty Roe. My ability to play the part of Vicky in the class play are left to the junior Class girls to fight over next year. In Testimoney Whereof, we hereunto set out hand and seal and declare this to be our last Will and Testament, on this Fifteenth day of May, In the Year of our-Lord, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVENF THE SENIORS OF 1947 Written by DICK MITCHELL ---ELEANOR SHAARDA N f i E Q is 2 Yi v 1 4 k Y Z n x s 1 Nw N .43 CLASS PROPHECY While I was walking down a street in New York, not so long ago, I was sudden- ly assailed with a feeling of loneliness. I saw a group of school children going down the other side of the street and suddenly felt a great longing to see my old pals and classmates. But how was this to be done? For all I knew, they were scattered all over the United States, or maybe, even some other country. Then I saw the sign. It read, "PAY 51.00 TO SEE OLD FRIENDS OR ACQUAINTANCES OVER THE MODERN DE LUXE TELEVISION SET -- JUST STEP INSIDE." So--- I stepped in- side, deposited my dollar in the box at the door and went into a dimly lighted room. A well groomed man came over to me. I gave him a list of all my classmates names. At first he looked puzzled and then flashed a bright toothed smiled my way and said, "Please step over this way." First., he pushed a small gold button and,a large ob- ject lighted up over in the corner. There were two lenses to look through. I was startled at first, because all I saw was smoke and flames, then the man said to me, "Perhaps we may be able to find one at this place. That is the Abe Lincoln Hotel in Nebraska, and is in flames, as you can see. Maybe we shall find one of your friends here." I watched closely. Boy! It really was burning. Firemen were running up and down ladders carrying sacks over their shoulders --- no! they were peoplel People were jumping right and left, out of the windows, into the nets, of course.BeyI There is one brave fireman. He has a woman over either shoulder and is sliding down the drain pipe, gripping it by his knees. Suddenly I looked closer. Could it be-- YesJ it was. Our hero was none other than Richard Bhhcockl Imagine! A fireman! Who would have thoughtilt? So I told the man I'd seen one and for him to connect with another place. He said, "This is Reno, perhaps one of your lady friends will be here." I just shrugged and said. "Tune inf and looked into the lenses again. The Club Copacabana was the first place I saw and I told the man that I wanted to look in. It was very nice inside, palm trees, dim, pretty colored lights, a nice orchestra, a pretty singer -- suddenly I looked closer. I thought I had recognized a mop of orange, red hair, and I was correct! The singer was jeannene McKown. I guess her idea of becoming a teacher went flat. From what I saw they really liked her, and the applause was deafening. She was going to sing again. This time she warbled, "A Red Haired Woman" and "Two Gun Pete". Most of the applause from a table in the cor- ner, where a great big, handsome farmer sat. Yes I believe he was her old flame from N. Fairfield. I signaled the man to switch over to some place else and next he connected a city in Michigan. All I saw were farms, and more farms and on' one of the mail boxes, I spied the name, Mr. Raymond Van Loo. All about the place were children. I counted fourteen, and then stopped to catch my breath :and was beginning again when a man came out of the house. He looked familiar and when he smiled, I knew him all right. No one else could imitate that old familiar grin. He called them into the house, to dinner I suppose, then I told the man to connect another place. This time he said, "We'll connect Ohio." "O K". I looked into the Television set a few scenes flashed by and then I saw a huge store on the main street of New Haven and motioned the man to stop. Why, New Haven, was were I went to school. I looked at the store more closely and spied inside, a little girl skipping around the store' with a little boy. The door opened and guess who came in- .Annajeane and Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, to us. I guess the little boy and girl were twins, because Anna- jeane called them, Jeanne and Dianne. I could see they were very happy, so I told the man to get some place else. We switched over to Willard. Dear old Willard and the B 8: O railroad was going full blast. The chief engineer of a train setting there, was strutting up and down the sidewalk talking to the ladies looking out of the windows. Yes, you guessed it, that ladies man was none other than Paul Risner. He always was a casanova around school, chasing the girls. Well let's see that was five of them, now to find the others. I'd let the man worry about that. He then connected the Great Lakes, There were several big ships standing around and I just merely glanced at them, then the sailors standing around, when suddenly I glanced back again. That tall guy, the one towering above the rest of them two or three feet. Could that be Bob Buurma? He was evidently a commander or something and he was really ordering those gobs around. Yes, just as bossy as ever. Well, that left Eleanor yet of the girls. I cou1dn't think where I could find her. Not the slight- est idea. The man connected with Ohio State University and I saw a large flash of light. I looked again and sure enough there was someone taking a flash picture. But who could be at O. S. U. Yes, you guessed it. There was a basketball game going on and this person who took the flash was taking a picture of Eleanor Shaarda who is still leading cheers having got her start at New Haven where she cheered for three years. And then to the City Hall in Willard. The man went to the re- cruiting office and there sat Dick Mitchell, an officer of the State Guards. And, still as big as ever. He flashed to Lincoln, Nebraska, to a small farm house with a lot of trees around it. A door opened and after a look inside I met Herbert Snyder, very contented with his wife and two children. Back to New York, my dollar ran out and so I thanked the man very much for helping me get over my loneliness. T A 1 IE 1 1, 4 Eleanor Blau-all Bob Blarmn laylamd Yun Loo Juana Meknwn Allljllll Nnrmeyor llahrtl Blitlck UNDER GRADS JUNIOR culss I... to R. lst Row. Martha Ann Phillips, Patty Roe, Ruth Ritz, Delores Saunders, Dora Turner, Jennie Nevmeyer. Znd Row: john 'IHu'ner, Stanley Cok, Claire Buckingham, Cloyce Sleasman, Elmer Clark, Donald Gurney, Donald Jamison, Miss Kuhn. Absent - Donald Sharpless. FRESHMEN CLASS lto r. lst row: Carol Palmer, Elaine Olson, Mary - -..s, Charlotte Lucas, Avanel Vanderpool Znd row: Eddie Wiers, Lois Zellner, Ann Zetta Buckingham, Ruth Kilgore, Nell Saunders, Mary MeKown, MI.'TOWll8ldn 3rd row: jack Shaarda, jim Buurms, Ralph Mclielvey, Lee Black, Leo Phillips, Robert Hillis, Kenneth Danhoil, Freddie Buurms. .V V, SOPHOMORE CLASS L. to R. lst Row. Louise Diehl, Iva jean Stevens, Janice Atyeo, Evelyn Newmeyer, Roberta Brill Znd Row: Carl De Witt, Donald Risner, Dora Bnerns, Helen Gremmer, Phil Vanderpool, Jordon Holthonse. 3rd row: Duane Slessman, Clyde Phillips, Earl Bauer, Ervin Sharpless, Mr. Townsend. EIGHT!! GRADE l to r. lan row: Hilda Dunham, Mary Ellen Turner, Wands Penwell, Pauline Kok, Margaret Rita, Margene Buckingham, 2nd row: Glenn Penrose, Henry Phillips, Gordon Roe, Roger Babcock, Lloyd Buckingham, Gene Rite, Joe Teglovlc, Kenneth Wilson, Lee Kale, Mrs. Roe. ,L R f . , . , , , - , 6th - 7th GRADES 411, - 51-,h GRADES MAE Mc CULLOUGH, Teacher NETTIE HULL' 1-cache, 3rd - 4th GRADES SECOND GRADE NELLIE HAINES, Teacher OLETA MITCHELL, Teacher IST. ummm: - uns. mxmnvnr, 1-nun REYLECTOR STAFF Th luv Fhvcl Rkeilectorn , nchuol paper il pnblillcil every 6 weeks. All work il done by ill lidllil. Shnley Cok - Bihar: -ml-Cl-lol' Bland! li Ammjene Newmeyer - Blliltll mill Haunt Shaud: and Ayajeui Naw- ialycr - Typhtl. T K IVITIES GLB! CLUB - MISS KUHN, Director F. F. A. - Mr. Myers, Teacher FIRST ROW,1to r. Richard Babcock, Donald Gurney, Clair Buckingham, Donald Jamison, Duane Sleaaman. Back Row: Earl Bauer, Lee Black, Robert Hillia, Clyde Phillipl, Ralph Mc Kelvey, Leo Phillips, Donald Rllmer, Paul Rlsner, Mr. Lyle Myers, Advisor. Prel. - Clair Buckingham: V. Prel. - Elmer Clark: Sec. - Donald Gnruyi Treal. - Duane Slesl- mani Reporter - Earl Bauer: Sentinel - Cloyce Slellman x PLAY CAST OF "Pnorn:sson, HOW COULD YOU?1' First Row - L. to R. - Eddie Hickman - joune Smith - Roger Roe. Second Row - L. to R. - Jeumene Mckovmf Dick Mitchell - Martha Phillips. Third Row - L. to R. - Boh Blmrml - Rey Vu: Loo - Annnjenne Newmeyer - Delores Sounders - Eleanor Shnordn - Ricluud Babcock - Herbert Snyder Mrl. Roe - Director Folrth Row - L. to R. - Pull Rilner, Stage Mlllglr - Patty Roe - Prompter. SCENE FROM PLAY nY7TVT 5 vQ9g552'vv' X '45 tv 'Ny ' FX S . rv AT I-IL Yellow Jacket: Baaeball 'ham Left to Right: Front Row - Paul Rlaner, Duane Sleaaman, Richard Babcock, Ray Yan Loo, Bob Bnurma, Elmer Clark, Donald Car-ny, Dua liasr. Second Row - Coach Harry Daffy, jack Blaarda, Sally Col, Clair lacklagham Earl Bauer, Donald Juniaon, Kenny Danhdf, Jordan lldilnal. Bda Whra, Gerald Shlrey - Manager. - ' 1946-47 Huron Co, Co-Olamploaa Left to Right: First Row - Coach Harry Duffy, Pall Rlaaer, Ray Van Loo, Donald Gurney, Elmer Clark, Capt., Bob Bnurma, Clair Buckingham, Donald jamiaon, Clyde Philllpa. Second Row - jack Shaarda, Duane sllllllll, Richard Babcock, Donald Ria- ner, Earl Bauer, Stanley Cok, Kenny Danholi. NEW HAVEN BASEBALL TEAM In the baseball season of 1946 - 4-7 the Yellow jacket have been doing fairly goood. Of course, allowing for the rainy and snowy weather. Two games were cancelled this spring, amd if weather permits, the schedule will be resumed as usual. I BASKETBALL HURON COUNTY LEAGUE - CC - CHAMPS The New Haven basketball squad paced into the league running when they defeated Wakeman High for the league Co- Champions. xi .9 5 4 New Haven Vu-nity Five and Mr. Duify. Clockvlle - Ray Van Loo, Mr. Duffy, Paul Rilner, Donald Gurney, Elmer Cllrk, Don junilon. Cheerlenderl: Left to Right, Ruth Fifi, Elqulor Slmnrdn, Patty Roe I-I U M CD R Typical Halal .ru B., . . ., -, W wg ., . ., M , Buck Row: Annjsul Nevmlycr, Hubert , ' -'A, F w '. , 52-74215 521101 911141: B05 Billflllf ll! AQ? W-', ' - .Q ,mL- ' Q :W i l vll Loo. f" h ,3 ' L ' tv'-1 ,ff rn.: nov: Paul mum, magma annum, "fl-4 V! fi , jeux Mckovm. A . 1 'I . fm-' 'f 1 V jf 1 ' 1 ' 3 5 -b 5 wr Q3 EW' 2 , . A 53, ,wx 5 K , ,V f 5 Ol: Cllll w janlie 41 HHN' mana Q x Ki ' m ' iw YQ-vvwwsutk' X , jordan Ol! lltchlr Ulm! I Milli! BM Qx 1 2s The boys welt over to Louis B1oom.f1eld'l farm Elmer goxrzs nf- zeache- was swing a lesson or the mrnrn- uf :he year. What is it she asked "That comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?" 'Father ," replied young Duffy. aura: Elmer: What, your father is an undertaker? I thought you said he was a doctor 7 Clair: No, I said he followed the medical profession. mum What is the difference between ammonia and pneumonia? Search me. Q "Why, ammonia comes in bottles, and pneumonia comes in chests." 1114 A young man and his wife, only recently married, had a love spat while driving along the country road. Neither spoke, until a mule brayed. "One of your relatives?" he asked. "Yes'I snapped his wife, "by marriage." tiii Don't worry about butter. You can make it from grass. All you need is a cow and a churn. 1188 Mrs. Townsend showed her husband a lamp shade, which she had just bought, saying, "Isn't it lovely, dear?" Wayne, looking anything but pleased, replied, "If you wear that to church tomorrow, you'll go alone." iii? Ray: Dad, ivhat is experience? I Dad: Generally speaking, Ray, experience is what you have left after you've lost everything else. 4i!t Grocer: fAfter filling molasses jug,--Here's your molasses, sonny. Where's your dime? Don Gurney: I left it in the jug. 4444: I Paul: "I fell and hit my head against the piano." Bob: "Didn't you hurt yourself?" Paul: "No, I hh: the soft pedal." this Ruth, the aggressive wife of meek, little Carl was hauling him over the coals when some friends dropped in for a call. Little Carl was sitting in dejected silence in the corner when his wife shouted: "And don't sit there making fists at me in your pockets J" p iii! Smart Ervin: "How much are these 56. shoes." Alert Clerk: "Three dollars a foot." iii! Still Green Young Housewife: "These eggs are very small." Grocer: "Straight from the farm this morning, rnadam." "That's the trouble with these iarmersg they're so anxious to get their eggs sold they take them off the nest to soon." iii? VARIABLE WEATHER In Mexico it's chili today and hot tamale. nn "So your husband's out of the army now, Mrs. Worritt?'f "What was he?" They made him a gunner, and that's what he's been ever since I married him." "Always been a gunner?" "Yes, ever since I knew him h.e's been 'gunner do this' and 'gunner do that' iiii Mandy surrounded by her brood was talking to a spinster settlement worker "Yes'm, birth control am all right for you all, but me, ah's'married, and doan need it." iii! When you put a mama duck, a papa duck and five little ducks in a box and shake them up, what do you have ? A box of quackers. iii! The discharged sergeant walked into the barber shop, draped himself into the barber chair and without a second glance said to the barber: "Shave and a haircut." The barber picked up the brush and started to lather the face. He stoppediin the middle of the operation, a smile of enormous proportions spreading over his face as he reached for the razor: "Well," he said heartily, "If it isn't my old sergeant I" iii? First Window Washer: "Look at that guy in there kissing another man's wife.'s go in after the big bum." Second Window Washer: "All right, how soon do you think he'1l leave?" iii! "Doctor, I'm scared to death. This will be my first operation." "Sure, I know just how you feel. You're my first patient." iii? A MAN AND HIS MONEY If a man runs after money, he's money mad. If he keeps it, he's a capitalist. If he spend! it, he's a playboy. If he doesn't git it, he lacks ambition. If he gets it without working, he's a parasite. If he gets it after a life of hard labor, he's a fool who got nothing from life. Ili! This afternoon we shall take Mr. Frog apart and see what makes him croak, said the professor to his zology class. I have a frog in my pocket to be used as a specimen. He reached into his pocket and drew out a paper bag, which he emptied onto the table. Out. rolled a badly squashed ham sandwich. The professor mopped his brow, "My goodness F' he stammered. "I distinctly remember eating my lunch. l iiii "I guess I've lost. another pupil" said the professor, as his glass eye rolled down the sink. iii? Mrs.--Our new neighbors are very devoted. He kisses her every morning when he leaves for work, and every evening when he returns. Why don't you do that? Mr .--I don't know her well enough. iii! Pop, what is a pedestrian? A pedestrian, son, is the raw material for an accident. itil! An elderly lady sat in the Union Station, tears in her eyes. A gentle- man stopped 'and talked quietly with her. Then, lifting his hand for attention he addressed the crowded waiting room: "Friends, this good woman wants only enough money to take her to her relatives in Denver. l'm a poor man, but I'll start the collection with a S10. bill. What will you give?" In a few moments more than 5100. was raised. With a bow he presented it to the delighted lady. A man approached the gentleman who 1-had made the appeal. "Hello. Aren't you John Brown?" "Why, yes, my friend, I'm Brown." "I thought sol And, isn't, this lady your wife?" "Yes, of course she iss and Ithink it's a sorry husband who won't give his wife 510 so the can take a vacation once in a while." liii Patient's Wife: Doctor, is there no hope for my husband? Doctor: I'm 1--'raid ha won't recover, but to make sure I'll call in another physician. iii? "What kind of a guy is our first sergeant?" "Well, it' s like this: when you first meet him, you don't like him, but after you get to know him better, you fairly hate him." mr-ra: "Aren't you ashamed to have your wife support you by taking in ?washings?"' "Yes, I am. But she isn't trained to do anything else." mass Teacher: The earth is known to be round, and it hangs in the airlwith- I9 0 out support. Tommy Smith, tell the class how you prove it. Tommy: I don't have to prove it. I never said it was. tt!! Girl: I'm knitting something to make the sailors happy. Friend: A sweater? Girl: No, a bathing suit. iii! 1 i S' 'F Q w 1 r, , 5: 3 3 Q Q- I H" : pf 3 K I . W S , ? f v 1 I E 3 1 4 J 4 ,FR Q r, 1 J. Pa if Wave: Doctor, will my operation fappendectomyl show? Doctor: Not if you're careful. iii! It must be quite difficult to eat soup with a mustache? Yes, it's quite a strain. un Amos Tash: What is the difference between a church bell and a politician? Hi-Brow: One peals from the steeple -- the other steals from the people. sumo: Old Lady Q to little boy smoking a cigarettej. You had better stop doing that, otherwise you'1l never become president. Little Boy: Oh, that's all right, lady. I'm a repubhcan anyway. kill Prospective Employee: Do you give your help two week's vacation? Boss: No, a month. Two weeks whenl go on my vacation, and two weeks when they go on theres. rum Major: But, Rastus, why do you call cooties "arithmetic bugs?" Rastus: Cause day add to my miseryg subtract from my pleasure: divide my attention and multiply like the dickens. iii! ' A touching sory conerns a wisp of a man who bought a ferocious tiger at an suction, outbidding several prominent circus proprietors. "What are you gonna do with that man eating beat?" he was asked by the head of a wild animal act. "Going in competition with us?" "Oh, no," said the little man, "it isn't that. But my poor wife died last week and I'm lonely." l nn Bachelor: What do you prefer in a husband - brains, money, or ap- pearance? ' Young Lady: Appearance - and the sooner the better. nn "Would you like to see a model home?" "Glad to. What time does she get off work?" iii? Lilhognphod I Bound by WALSWORTH BHOTHERI Masculine, Mo.. U. B. A I h WN ,W fs My W AUTQQ-RAP1-Is C . L i 1 Jl. u 'l'lr Cl VERTISING U.J lllillard United Bank OFFICES WILLARD - NORTH FAIRFIELD - GREENWICH OHIO CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1947 Stoc:kIey's Market BETTER MEATS COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES FRUTTS AND VEGETABLES IACK STOCKLEY - Prop. 12 MYRTLE AVENUE WTLLARD, OHIO IMENTS Pioneer Rubber Ce RK RD, MA KE Curperfs Jewelry and Gilt Shop YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR PARKER 51 - EVERSHARP Sz SHEAFFER LIFE TIME PEN Sz PENCILS - ELGIN - GRUEN A BULOVA - HAMILTON - WALTHAM WATCHES GIFTS PLYMO UTH, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF The Peoples National Bank ESTABLISHED IN 1903 HAVE BEEN GOING STRONG EVER SINCE SAFETY BOXES FOR RENT MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. DIRECTORS IOHN I. BEELMAN - C. M. LOFLAND - I. W. MCINTYEE I. M. NIMMONS - I. E. NIMMONS - IOHN A. ROOT - ROBERT H. WARCH PLYMOUTH, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Ideal Laundry ., C. K. MOLES, Prop DAMP WASH - THRIFT-T-WASH BUNDLE WORK - FLUFFY WASH ROUGH DRY - FLAT WORK HLACE CURTAINS OUR SPECIALTY" RUG CLEANING WILL BE RESUMED WHEN CONDITIONS PERMIT PHONE 217 - WILLARD, OHIO SHELBY OFFICE - 26 N. BROADWAY - PHONE362 C OMPLIMENTS OF Davies Tractor COMPLIMENTS OF Western uto Associate Store BICYCLE RE PAIRING EVERYTHING FOR THE AUTOMOBILE AND HOME A FULL LINE OF SPORTING GOODS A FULL LINE OF PAINTS AND BRUSHES ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, TIRES, BATTERIES GUNS AND AMMUNITION BRIGGS - SHAW - OWnerS PHONE 6101 WILLARD, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Lendefield 84 Lowery FANCY HOME DRESSED MEATS QUALITY GROCERIES PHONE 225 - 226 WILLARD, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Duff's Shoe Store FOOTWEAR - HOSIERY - HANDBAGS X-RAY SHOE FITTING 2 STORES NEAR YOU NEXT TO TEMPLE THEATRE 50 W. MAIN ST WILLARD, OHIO SHELBY, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF AS. Hunters 84 Son E. V. MYERS, Prop. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 O I I I Ia rd Da I ry GRADE A MILK PRODUCTS FINE ICE CREAM CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK TO CLASS OF 1947 JUMITS CLOTHING AND SHOES WILLARD PLYMOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF Warch otor Sales PLYMOUTH AND DODGE CARS DODGE TRUCKS WILLARD, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Buurma Bros. GARDEN PRODUCE PHONE 5735 WILLARD, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF VVCst's allpaper 84 Paint Store Voss WASIIERS PRESTELINE ELECTRIC STOVES ELECTRIC APPLIANCES PHONE 1233 PUBLIC SQUARE PLYIvIoUTI-I, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Black 84 Gold Soda Grill WE MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM FINE FOODS Pk wk sf :lr :lf CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW HAVEN GRADUATING CLASS PLYMOUTH, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF The B. F. Fink Co. HOME FURNISHINGS Sz ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SIMMONS, BEAUTYREST MATTRESSES BIGELOW HARFORD CARPETS Sn RUGS ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM Sz FLOOR COVERING WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - HAVE CEDAR CHESTS THE FINEST QUALITY IN LIVING ROOM - DINING ROOM Sz BED ROOM FURNISHINGS WILLARD, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Fink Funeral Home COMPLETE FUNERAL SERVICE DISTINCTIVE, DIGNIFIED, COURTEOUS AMBULANCE INVALID CAR SERVICE PHONE 286 WILLARD, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF E. Raymond Seoor FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTORS A AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 280 WILLARD, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1947 Brooke Cleaners CLEANING - PRESSING - REPAIRING SPREADS - DRAPES - RUC1S HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED 1 DAY SERVICE PHONE 223 20 MYRTLE AVENUE Garden of Eafn Mr. Sz Mrs. A. D. POINTS, Prop. NEW HAVEN, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Schodorfs Dair lfxwl'1':rm,Iv11-:lv umcwu I AND 1vA11c.v'::'1'w1'1-. IIICHNI M Wll.l..'NH.lN OHIO BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS OF GRADUATHXTG CLASS OF 1947 PI mouth Grain Elevator PLYMOUTH, OHIO TroxeI's 'GEVERYTHING FOR THE FARM AND HOME" HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY STORE- ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - KITCHEN EQUIPMENT TIRES - BATTERIES - TOYS PHONE 3812 FARM SUPPLY STORE QLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT - MISC. FARM SUPPLIES WELDING - SALES - SERVICE PHONE 25775 ' GREENWICH, OHIO COMPLIMENTS The Willard Lumber Ce. LUMBER, LATH, SHINGLES, PAINTS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1947 R. E. CRALL WILLARD, OHIO FRANK CRALL COMPLIMENTS OF Smith's Greenhouse . 'SWE TELEGRAPH FLOWERSH :PHONE 255 WILLARD. OHIO Compliments Of CELERYVILLH GREENHOUSE Plants And Cut Flowers Pottery Phone 4483 Celeryville, Ohio Best Wishes To The New Haven Class Of 1947 From M O L L ' S S T O R E NICHOLAS MOLL - Prop. Phone 6511 Celeryville, Ohio Congratulations To The Class Of 1947 PLYMOUTH SHOE STORE Quality Shoes And Boots For All The Family HAROLD CASHMAN On The Square Plymouth, Ohio All Work And No Movies Makes Jack A Dull Boy Attend The PLYMOUTH THEATRE Congratulations To The Senior Class MOORE'S GROCERY Sz GAS STATION Sinclair - Gas, Oil And Cigars, Cigarettes, Candy, Groceries Open Every Day 7 A. M. -, 9 P. M. Compliments Of COLONIAL FINANCE CO. Your Local Loan Co. GEORGE HINESMAN - Mgr. 109 Myrtle Ave. ' Willard, Ohio Compliments Of FIRESTONE DEALERS STORE Willard, Ohio Q Compliments Of W I L K E N S O N' S Wallpaper - Paint - Mirrors Phone 4283 Willard, Ohio Variety Is The Spice Of Life Shop At The WILLARD VARIETY STORE 16 Myrtle Avenue Willard, Ohio Compliments Of WILCOX MARKET S POT Good Luck Class Of '47 Phone 275 14 Myrtle Avenue Compliments Of C. E. D A V I S General Merchandise Compliments Of THE WILLARD FARMERS EXCHANGE CO. Compliments Of RICHARIYS CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone237 Willard, Ohio Congratulations Senior Class IACKSON'S DRUG STORE 112 Myrtle Ave. Phone 271 WILLARD PARTS CO. 22 Myrtle Ave. Phone 254 Willard, Ohio Congratulates The Class Of 1947 Compliments To The Class Of '47 H E I S L E R S Air Port And Truck Terminal Phone 267 Willard, Ohio W E I N B E R G ' S Willard's Popular Price Department Store Congratulates The Class Of 1947 Compliments To The Senior Class From THE FEICHTNER STORE Store For Men And Boys Shoes For The Entire Family Compliments Of KElTH'S BARBER SHOP Plymouth, Ohio I. F. BLACKFORD Local And Long Distance Hauling Live Stock Our Specialty Coal And Building Supplier: Plym oulh, V, hi J Congratulations To The Class Of 1947' BoB's BARBER SHOP Plymouth, Ohio Compliments Of FETTER'S RADIO ELECTRIC Radios - Records - Appliances Plymouth, Ohio Congratulations And Best Wishes Class Of '47 From SUTTLES CLOVER FARM STORE Plymouth Complete Self-Service Food Market PLYMOUTH CASH MARKET Compliments Of Meats CONCERTS RELSTAURJNNT Groceries Refi. MK.'f'l.113 Veggetablozgs Liztnfiwlcrlwzs Plymouth, Ohio l'1ym0uth, Ohio Best Of Luck Class Of '47 DANHOFF'S GARAGE Sunoco Gas Sz Oil Motor Tune-Up - Brake Service Compliments Of WILLlAM'S PHARMACY R. K. Williams, Prop. Phone 3504 8 E. Tiffin St. Willard, Ohio Compliments Of Compliments SHRECK'S MKT. Of The Complete Food Store Phone 251 Willard, Ohio CRISPIN 5 Sz 10 Public Square Plymouth, Ohio Compliments Of WHITE'S HARDWARE E. H. White, Prop. Phone 4511 Willard, Ohio Compliments Of BEN FRANKLIN And FEDERATED STORE Willard, Ohio Congratulations To Class Of '47 THE FANFARE Popular Records Sz Albums Willard, Ohio Compliments Of KOSER BROS. BAKERY Baked Goods Fresh Daily Vegetables - Fruits Plymouth, Chiu Compliments Of ROBBIES Frigidaire R. C. A. Victor Plymouth, Ohio Compliments Of STEVENS RESTAURANT Open 6 A.M. - 2 A.M. Reg., Meals Special Sunday Dinners Plymouth, Ohio Compliments Of SMITH ELECTRIC Maytag Sz Frigidiare Sales 85 Service Willard, Ohio Best Wishes To New Haven Class Of 1947 Celery - Vegetables VAN ZOEST BROTHERS Celeryville, Ohio ADVERTISERS THANKS

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