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New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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4, . f L. ,C .,,, .yy J. ' .- - '-el. . 'fm '55, . - ,-.42 535. -f , 'nl 5. r 'C 'Iii' . eel ,,- f . ii: Ne-- .g.v F' 5' , ?'9' . yi a ,. ..,-:QI N . A-.ef 5543 ii:-:Ex ' 1 :Sta -Ac: Zghn E.-.-.Q HAY! 5325: 9. . Y . v..,, mf: V4 5514.-r IQ ' . . 23? WY 5 -iq CCE FQ? ff. P??T'P 553215, 11 -.-34 -11211 .H Syeswwffylnf' fy if-, 5.5, ' '-5513245 " ,zfiffizf-'fi Q., " .v'23!??f'I5?f?3?:2':Q,-Eff'-1 ZF?-i?E?f?15' +5955 M 55' L"""' 'W "1""'S"' 'H' A. ..,, ,L,,.,.. 4,1-zff ,,a,2,.g-f. f .jwftafif-'4st124s1:':f'f?'t"f v". .'-wffftfifff X "QA4l!'1:' ZL',':'f-E5-":'1:,T.slvpr2:4 "t"v-eryf"vk.vza.,Hf- CJJ.', Jai' -1,-151-Lin-,Q ..- ,,., A.- , -. -.-Q,--.W - - ,mg -N-Y-m-.1 L -,-,--I rx:-. " ' .- GSE- , .- .'3'7Q'5D'F': Aggqzfi-fP? fz vf'4'2i-'L' ,- if SW mm ...W M,A,H g gimp,-6' , , ,,,,,L,M, U ' 4 A X an YW ,NAM ,, XM? , wfik 5155: fyzsix 951: 5 .-.,f-ffm: '2 3 .nf 2, f, -R-WW' -b ' "' ' :.w"A'!"' -4 M. 1 V' , 'V f ' 1 . " "' bi.-." x: Y V 'A ' ,Wi ,gl .V ,LQ ,f-. V ., Q M s2,.gi,Q'ff? . ,f f2,f4:2f f wg , ' " 1 ,,.1' ' ' , gF,.5j14zK5g51fQ? 'M - 1 ,Tiffi lil. ""'S"' Q' 1 A 3 Um- ""'. ,. - 5 ,ff V - gif is ii L- W-ii? A ZF 5 11kf?wf'?iWfr'+Tg'1i?-2-V1 'W , A 'L X ,wsiis mf! f ' 'L ' " ' 31141 irq' 1' W X W- .M PM ' ggi? W 'x gg - ' V 57.29 Ia., dwarf 4' ' ' w Y ,air L -N wa-ii :tiff-. '- '- " ' Mba ' sg:-,' ,1.-aft' +V.. - ., ,. A 4 A M15 . f . . , '.. - .44-J: 1:-,.v-Q,:.,,. 1 I 1 'ir -J. 4 Y. E Q 2 , , :L 53 , ,. L ,S 3.9 3 1 if gf A ,. A 3 V 2 A .sn-xq?.,.,,,,,, jg 'I Wmnfw A W - v, '?'r'fig . - inns- Q . m W. ,Q u...m,'s , 2' . My X , 'rn' ,AfgfVm4v,.5.-45,-mI1f:af:q,s.4sf3fi? AG!Z:?Qf.3sv:gsp534a1??4g .3Mt1'f:2 ' +'?7"f" f X V Y - "u 1,f. F " f' 1k , uw. I ' , L H NI V -W , A 1 "1 ' Qifzil ,iz -4 ' A , AL l1 , 4. Ji' ,K , 'V 9.3 Vw w - , xxx?" - A . ,,. . . NH--Q ' . Q1 ,J I .5 . 1,1 Annual ta TOP ROW Mabel N lan Judy Goldenbogan Crarl tte Dalton Bernlce Re 1 ke Nancy Gramlxcn D r my Wllhams Dororhy Rlnke Loretta Johnson Mr Lescehus SITTING D rorh, srckney Pa xawfcri Barbaralia allnas .sherle Trombly Gmger Seter We hope you w1ll enJoy the 1958 ROCKET Tr Staff has endeavored to produce a yearbook of ment and of lastlng value As you look through the pages of the ROCKET nov, and 1n the years to come, may lt be a plctorlal remlnder of happy days at New Haven Hlgh School Our speclal thanks goes to all our contrlhutors ana advertlsers who have made thls book posslble Co Edltors, Sherle and Glnger Jackson, Bob McPhedran, Ken Tomayko, Frank Lee, Marran Korlxer, Joyce Bettcher, lngalill Erlcksson, Alxce Moore, Janet ' ' . .e C . We Dedlcate To a man who 1S well liked by all capable of turmng out a cha: plonship football and baseball team and to one who has put in a good portlon of hls time helpmg others We the annual staff w1sh to dedlcate thls the 58 ROCKET to Coach John Flscher a man of outstandmg abllitles ln the f1e1d of sports X 5 v I . 7 . D. I . . . . I I I l , . Board of Education The members of the Board of Educatlon are Theodore Matthews Trustee Carl Iones Trustee Arthur Teschler Vlce Presldent Robert Schindler Pres1dent Dorothy Hewelt Secretary Edward Slefert Superlntendent and Prank Lemmon Treasurer They are SSFVIHQ a school d1str1ct coverlng approxlmately forty f1Ve square mrles It has two elementary schools and one hlgh school with a total school populatlon of over one thousand students About slxty per cent of the student body 1S bussed to and from The hlgh school serves grades 7 12 About 350 students are 1n grades 7 12 Through the efforts of the tugh school faculty and the Board of Educatlon the hlgh school offers a well rounded currlculum whfch glves students the bas1c knowledge whlch wrll enable them to enter college offfce work or factory work whroh ever they prefer It 1S the hope of the Board of Education that the New Haven Commumty School D1str1ct can expand thelr f5CllltlES and attract well tralned teachers so they can meet the challenge of the future and each student who graduates from the New Haven Commumty Schools w1ll be able to flnd hrs rlghtful place rn our soclety ' , 7 . : , ' - ' : , ' 1 , I ' 1 ' I I - school each day . A . . I . I I I I I ' Superintendent Supermtendent Mr Sxefert Secretarxes Mrs Hewelt Mrs Gero Przncqoal ,.,f"" Mr W1sur1 Princxpal Mrs IeanCl1fford Secretary nm, I WEN .mfg 1? ' , . ' I ' , . , . W. . . 'W RN -xxx xx X' V... l k X. - K A ,AA A' . xx , Y. lf -, 1, . . ' ', ' 2 . ' , . JOHN FISCHER ROSEMARY WISURX History Coach Eighth Grade BETTY UHAZIE CHARLES UHAZIE Music Agriculture Maunual Arts DALE GEROW MARION SIEPERT ANDY BALENT PUSIOYY COGCYI Homemaklng Civics Band FLOYD SEITER Science JOSEPH Lsscnuus Business Education Not Pictured MRS KRING English Coach BESSIE SEITER ELHXNOR BREWER English History Mathematics DALE GLOSSOP HAZEL ESTES EVERETT COBN English French Seventh Grade Seventh Grade Senior Ilhstory THE TIME HAS COME THE SENIORS SAY yes the time has come to close a few chapters of our lives chapters filled wrth both happiness and sorrow these past four years have been the most eventful of our llves they have been full of successes but also mingled with failures let's flash back now and review these chapters Chapter! W1th strong determmed hands we overcame the uneasiness and doubtfulness that accompany a fre snman rn hrgh school we adapted ourselves to the ways of N H H S received gu1dance from Mr Lourselle elected class officers Bill Chopp presrdent Bill Neely vice president Iudy Marocco secretary and treasurer Alice Moore and Paul Matthews student councll Chapter II Sophomore our hands proudly wore the symbols of th1s year our rings mo to I ourselves our future l1e flower orchld class colors orchld and silver the off1cers Erlc Stler Ken Tomayko Gall M1ller Ioyce Kuchenmeister student councll Ginger Seter and Terry Foss Advlsor Mr Loulselle Chapter III sparkllng stars soft blue streamer and plllars Saddle Hawkins Dance vv1th Pumpklns and cornstalks Our play The Magrc Touch was very successful under the guldance of Mr Glossop Our tnbute to the sen1ors was the banquet 1t was held at the Star Ball Room whlch 1S tradltlonal offlcers B1ll Chopp Kelth Gr1ff1n Loretta Iohnson Alice Moore student councrl Joyce Kuchenmerster and Terry Foss our advisor Mr Gerow Chapter IV Offrcers Kerth Grrffrn Sherle Trombly Beverly Tessmer Ginger Seter student COUHC11 Ioyce Kuchenmelster and Rrchard Garcxa adv1sor Mr Gerow record hops carmval and sellrng Chrlstmas cards helped to make 1t possrble to go to New York on a f1Ve day trlp attended Baccalaureate Havlng revlewed these past four years we prepared to leave N H H S and sm1l1ng through our tears we gracefully walk up the graduatlon a1s1e to recelve our dlplomas , . . . , . ' . . . ' . . . , ' : , - 1 . . . ' , . . . t . . " n With successful hands, we created our Junior Prom. . ."In The Still Of The Night", with ll ' ll ' ' : ' ' ' , , , . . . ' : ' , ' ' . .. ' : . . . . , ' h . . . KEITH GRIFFIN Goop Laugh and be well President V1ce President Play Basketball Football Baseball Track Band Varsity M:-S 4- if 'Yr' -A SHERLE TROMBLY Sherl She is pretty to walk wrt An witty to talk with Vlce President Play Paper Staff Annual Staff VIRGINIA SETER Ginger Whatever ls worth doing at a ls worth doing well Treasurer Play Annual Staff Basketball Cheerleading Honor Society Band The Day IS Near the Semors Say To Remember Many Thmgs BEVERLY TESSMER Big Tess Nothing is so difficult but that lt may be found out by seeking Librarian Secretary Glee Club 3 Office Girl 3 Play 2 , 3 ,4 1 QD fi M RICHARD GARCIA Blow Good to be merry and w'se Tumbling Student Council JOYCE KUCHENMEISTER Dimples Lives a woman true and fair Glee Club Play Librarian Office Glrl Student Council 3 Honor Society 3 - rf , t I ' f F514 ' , I , f -I S434 " .ll ll h d ll - - ....... .4 .. ........ . . .... ...... ....3 2,3,4 OfficeGlrl.........3,4 PaperSrafi------.1.2.3 .........2,3,4 .........3,4 ........2,3,4 .... .4 ..........2,3,4 ..... ..........2,3,4 ......2,3 ..... 3,4 ....... 1,2 n I . I JK I, 5 F I U I' ll ll 0 II ' H A 'll ll ' ----- ----- 1,2 t.. .-.- 4 ... ........ .. ....... 4 IOYCE APHELIN "Let us not speak of them, but look and pass on." WILLIAM Cl-IOPP "Bill" 'To insure Peace of Mind ignore the Rules and Regulations. " Basketball .......... 2 Football Play President Track IANETTE DEINZER "Chalie" "Love truth, but pardon error." Glee Club ....... l,Z,3,4 Play .............. 3 The Carmval and lunzor Prom The Play We Dzd So Well IUDITH BURBSH ERIK STIER Iudy Good words are worth much and cost little Glee Club Erik Samt at home Devil abroad Track Football President KAREN WBRDERMAN Aunty Dee It ls quality rather than quanlty that matters Glee Club Offlce Glrl Cheerleader Band Basketball ............l,3 I I - o , ooo: 3 3 4' V tl ." .... .I ........ 2 ." Office ..-..------- 4 Baseball ........... 1 Play ........ . . . . - .3 .........1,3,4 ' .......... 4 ..........1,2,3.4 .........1,2 DARRELL BEI-ILKE Too much and too httle educatlon hmder the mind Play ALICE MOORE Pudgy RICHARD ENGELBERT Hoot ThOugh I am always ln 115519 I never let studles mterfere wxth I am never m a hurry mY ed'-ICGUOU Glee Club Band Cheerleader Basketball Annual Staff Oiflce Class Treasurer Honor SOCIEIY Of Caps and Gowns and College Towns and Many Dzamond Rmgs IESSIE HERNANDEZ Everythxng comes 1f a man w1ll only walt 12 IUDITH MAROCCO TERRY FOSS Judy Bl.ltCh The very pmk of courtesy Common sense IS not so c Play Secretary Treasurer Glee Club Band Offxce Forenslcs Lxbrarxan mon Baseball Basketball Football Play Student Counc11 Varsity Club Vrce Presxdent PAUL MATTHEWS Pete No matter how thin you slice lt lt s still boloney Football Band Varsity Club Student Council Tumbling GAII. MILLER Shorty Lost time ls never found agaln Glee Club Band Basketball Cheerleader Honor Society Class Secretary Play WILLIAM NEELY B1 It ts grievous to be caught Vtce President Basketball Well Close the Door On H N H S and Softly Turn The Lock ROBERT McPHEDRAN Bob Patience ts the best remedy for every trouble Football Baseball Glee Club 3 4 Annual Sufi 2,3,4 Varslty Club 3 ,4 TWANDA RICHARDS Chanda Every sweet has tts sour every evil xt good Play Oiflce 4 Glee Club 2, 3,4 Basketball 2 4 H 1,2 3 CLPFORD SCI-IROEDER Hammer He t o W1 e 'nan that wxll qult a certa nty for an uncertatnty .iw Q - '-,Q "",'Q': C ' It it .1 A .. .. .I H I, N H un ' .... 2,3,4 ., I ..-. '1 --------112.34 ..........1,2,3,4 " '1234 ----------112,314 off1ce....... ..... 2 ----0.21314 ...... ...1,2 ........3,4 ..'.'.2,3'4 .. ..... .2 .. ............ 3 4-1-r.............1,3 I O I O U ,H i 77777 ml i,, .. .. ........1,2,3,4 "L ' ' ........1,2,3,4 ' ELWOOD SCI-IWARK LAUREL ULLRICH 'Peachy' "Big Laurel" "Del EVBFY min mind his Own bus' 'Never leave that till tomorrow lness. " which you can do today." 1,2,3.4 Librarian. .... Play.. . . . . . Band. . .. . .. Office Glrl .... Glee Club Forensics DONAID BETTCHER 'Don' 'Beware the fury of a patient man Tumbling ........... So We Sadly Leave Wzth Memorzes of Thmgs That Aren I Forgot ALBERT HOF MAN No one knows what he can do ull he trles Track Lxbrarian Varsxty Club Football SHIRLEY TUCKIR KENNETH TOMAYKO B19 P " Ken Nothlng great was ever achlex ed Manners maketh man without enthusiasm Play Glee Club Band Annual Forensics Llbrarlan Office Girl Football Annual Staff Play Vice President 4 4-H ........... l,2,3 I I I I ,ii N' -'Alu .1 9-.. .. .. "" ." .......... 3,4 N ............. 2 .............. 3 Varsity Club ......., 3,4 4 ........... 4 .......... 3,4 ........ 3,4 .........3,4 ...........1,3,4 .........l,2,3,4 - ' .......... .4 .........3,4 MARIAN KOTLIER Where there IS a will there is way Annual Paper Staff Basketball Manager Office Glrl 'Nw GENE WEIG LORETTA IOHNSON Rocket Duckie What hath night to do with sleep ? Basketball Baseball Track Small folk seem to fill a p a that no other can replace Secretary of class Play Librarian Glee Club Annual Staff Basketball Band ce Goodby Hall, Goodby Locker Goodby Desks And All The Rest Norron I can reslst everything except tempatlon Play Varsity Club Baseball Football ICO Captaml Basketball Track NORRON l. E HAZEL DODDS LEROY HOPP Omer persons Often lead more The world ls a wheel and nw111 useful llves than their norsy au come round righv frlenus Glee Club Teacher s Assistant x a ff" 4 ,,,,, .J -- r 5 .. .. .. .. ." ul ll ll A 1 4-H .............. l , .,,,,, 1I2l3I4 .-- PaperStaff .......... 4 .........1,2 ..........l,2,3,4 I n o , I I 'x fi .fb ' , f, gf ,uf E .......... a ' ....... 1,Z,3,4 ......l,2,3,4 .' ........l,Z,3,4 - ' .... 4 Class Prophecy It IS now the year 1985 and we f1nd Grandpa Dale" surrounded by his grandchildren and lookmg back to hrs sen1or class of 1958 He tells them about the class president Ke1th Gr1ff1n who owns a cha1n of Pure gas stations 1n Mercury Montana Th1s reminds h1m of the v1ce president Sherle Tromble now the owner of a home for old ma1ds S1nce she 11keS plZZ5 she 1S seen part time at Ginger Seter s P1zzar1a and Club for Bachelors 1n Port Huron G1nger 1S our treasurer and 1S also pen pal to our sec retary Beverly Tessmer who 1S a noted baby sltter and owner of the famous Meade P1ckle Factory He also tells them about Janette De1nzer now the head nurse at General Hospital where she IS famous for 1solat1ng the pneumon1a germ EIIC Stler has a gun shop 1n the Ubang1 Swamp Pete Matthews has also gone 1n business for h1mself as he has a Mercury Hotrod Repalr Shop 1n Grosse Po1nt Twanda R1chards has become a famous dress designer for Vogue 1n New York C1ty Her model lS Joyce Aphelln who had Just retlred as a solo dancer 1n B1ll Neely s Hamburger Shack Loretta Johnson 1S now a good home econom1cs teacher and also owns a restaurant 1n wh1ch Narron Lee 1S featured as a tap dancer Marlan Kotller owns a candy shop 1n Boston Her bookkeeper lS Darrell Bahlke Judy Buresh and Karen Werderman are now famous drivers 1n midget car racing at the Motor C1ty Speedway wh1ch lS owned by Laurel UlLr1ch B1ll Chopp 1S now a foreman at Stroh s Brewery Work1ng under h1m lS Gene W1eg who tastes for flavor slow boat to Chlna to become a m1ss1onary 1n Bay P1ng As Grandpa Dale turns on his rad1o he hears the VOICE of Ahce Moore teachlng cheerlead 1ng at a m1ss1onary school 1n India Later there 1s a news bullet1n about Judy Marocco who has Just won f1rst place ln womens raclng for the Olymp1C Team Joyce Kuchenme1ster then mterrupts to advert1se Maypo cereal on N B C Grandpa Dale now reads in the paper where Rlchard Garcla 1S taklng the lead part on the Wyatt Earp Show Also as an act1ng partner 1S h1s cous1n Jesse Hernandez who 1S the outlaw The Al Hofman Be Bop Show 1S featurlng a sound affects woman who is none other than Shlrley Tucker Bob McPhedran 1S supervlsor ofthe Jan1tors at M1ch1gan State Un1vers1ty and whlle sweep 1ng the floor to the l1brary he fmds Ken Tomayko condensmg boods for Readers DIQSSL Chfford Schroeder and Don Bettcher are partners 1n a photography shop 1n Meade where they take part 1n photographmg the launch1ngs of satellltes This satelhte launchmg fleld 1 owned by the great sc1ent1 st Richard Engelbert Leroy Hopp has Just volunteered to be the frrst spaceman As Grandpa Dale sends h1s children off to bed he remlnds them that soon they w1ll be able to take a tr1p to the moon Just as Hazel Dodds d1d last week ' ' ll I I . . . I . U I ' I . I - I I 0 I I I 1 I I ' I . I . J . , . . . . . . . . , . . I . . . . . . , . . . . Gail Miller is a scrub woman of a fast boat to Germany, while Elwood Schwark is on a ll Il ' I ' ' -' C I L I ll ll ' ' ' ' ' I I l l I I ' - - - - u ' u , . .C . . . Last IMI! And Testament Ioyce Aphelm w1ll my short halr to V1v1an Perklns Darrell Behlke w1ll my curly halr to Tom Kamlay Donald Bettcher w1ll my broad shoulders to Charles Rowland Iudy Buresh w1ll my natural curly ha1r to Rachael Moreno W1ll1am Chopp w1ll the slack ln my pants to Dean Burden Ianette Demzer w1ll my baggy sweaters to Rua Card Rlchard Engelbert w1ll my long ha1r to Larry Slefert Terry Foss w1ll my concelt to Robert Schmdler Rlchard Garcla w1ll all my glrls 1n Armada to anyone who can Kelth Gr1ff1n w1ll my Mercury ln wlth Pete Matthew s deal Iessle Hernandez w1ll my educatlon to Ilmmy Lelbzeit Albert Hofman w1ll my drlvlng ab1l1ty to Iean Battestilll Leroy Hopp w1ll my qu1etness to Freddy Delnzer Loretta Iohnson w1ll my pony tall to Dorothy W11llamS Marlan Kotller w1ll my knee socks to Barbara Kavalunas Ioyce Kuchenmelster w1ll my crown to the future queen Norron Lee w1ll my athletlc ab1l1ty to Lanry Br1ll Robert McPhedran w1ll my skatmg ab1l1ty to Larry Br1ll Iudlth Marocco w1ll my qu1etness to Betty Kachllo afford them Pete Matthews w1ll my Mercury to anyone who wants lt and S5 to whoever takes lt Gall Mlller w1ll my whats and whos to Iames Leaver AIICS Moore w1ll my rushlng around ln school to Gary Duncan W1ll1am Neely w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along wlth Mrs Sel er to Iohn Hornak Twanda Rlchards w1ll my dlrtv shoes to Ingallll Eriksson Cllfford Schroeder w1ll my blond ha1r to Denms Kendnck . . I . . .. . . I I I 9 , ' Q I I . I . . I . . I . I . . . . I . . . . I ' l I u . . I . . . . . . . . . , , . . I . . . . I I . .. .. .. I I I l a I ' l l ' n . . I . -. . . I . . I . . 1 I l 0 I 1 I 'l ' ' . I . . . . I Q I O ' - - u n I 0 l I V l l 0 1 . L. . I . . - . I ' I 1 I ' I 0 Ioyc Marian Eric e WD arg Loretta ...M Ken X we ax W' v..-.1-up' Bob Sherle Bev B Alice Shmrley Gaxl 'iv I 'nv gif: Iud 'VN Judy B Ginger Twanda Q Y M- Laurel Karen Janette Keith 1 A-0 CJ "ii 5 .E YH A s 'CD I-Brno s , ,gut .7 1 Class 0 5 W -9 JN Presxdent Tom Kamlay Vlce Presldent Iean Battestxllx Secretary Mabel Nolan easurer Sharon Dodge Student Council Ianet Rinke B1ll Kjerrumgaard Iames Albers Reggxe Akers Peggy Aphelm Ierry Baade Larry Brill Iudy Chavez Mary Clawson 'nes Craft t Crawford harlotte Dalton red Demzer Edxth Dodds udy Goldenbogen Nancy Gramlxch Carol Harms Dorothy Hemrich Donald Hoffman Barbara Kavalunas Richard Keeler Bob Kenny Carol Klockow Nancy Knusr James Leaver Frank lee James Liebziet Nathaniel Petty Bernice Redluske Alan Robertson Rosemary Rogan Bobby Seter B111 Sm1t.h Elmer Stark Dorothy Stlckney Richard Webb Dorothy Swlnk Darryl Winn Larry Welg Not P1ctured Bob Cendrowskl Lmda Chaffee Conrad Harm Bill Schwark Class of 9610 Oh K. ,ik w Q gaze I. is Q-Rr-4' 'fra' s f-32. fu W' as ' ,.a Secretary Loretta Marocco Treasurer Ingallll Enksson Student Council Joyce Bettcher Glxfton Akers Henry Bardeckr Gerald Buckley Dean Burden Wxllle Ioe Calhoun Rita Card Teresa Chavez Edward Clbor Richard Craudell Odessa Henry Thomas Hope Iohn Homak Ioyce Howard Betty Kachilo James Kamlay Gary Kenney Gerald Kllmowski Mary Kubxk Linda Lightfoot Prctures Not Available President John Stler Vxce President Gary Duncan Student Council Bob Bridgeman Gerald Amlck Barbara Baade Larry Cornell TTY 'fx N"" Xttv 1. fin 15+ 'CI ws, QQ Pictures Not Available Addie Iackaon Gerald Rlnke T M env eyer Dorothy Iackson Robert Schindler Rlchafd Ne91Y Rlchard Sxmon Clarence Nelaon Zellie Thomas Carol Pearo 'Q- Michael Lovelace Iames Luchtman Diane Luitje Eileen Martin Richard Miller Leslie Moon Ilm Moore Rita Moore Gerald Murray Rosemary Oleszkowlcz George Oram Mary Petty Carol Sakowskl Larry Schulz Marlon Schwark Sherry Thurman Donald Vexth Gale Williams Wllbert Williams Darene Zenlck I . Class 0 W, ,F Q-5 Q-nr gee vu. Y- 5-CI 4 961 x 9' X 'Q 'lug Barbara Green Marilyn Harm Marie Herman President Dennis Kendrlch Vice-President Barb Battestilll Secretary Susan Marocco Treasurer Kerry Wegner Student Council Donna Seter Albert Smith John Akers Nellie Akers Phyllis Avendt Lynn Baumgarten Iames Behlke Donald Byerlein Gerald Browning Carolln Bronklowski Robert Buckley Richard Bruder Sandra Buresh Ioan Campbell Cynthia Chaffee Loretta Chamberlain Diane Churchill Arthur Clbor Marlene Crawford David DeVlamlnch Stephen Diaz Danny Dodge Pamala Fordyce Douglas Foss udlth Prledeman Pictures Not Available Robert Aldis Geraldine Calhoun Carol Curfman Ioseph Foster Doris Ivery Ronald Keeler Albert Smlth Q fi:-X? 1, , -' 6 ,SA A V A Q- 1 5 A ' Ai D, K . g K , , 'SQ C an 1 7 ' Q L A l -A r he A 1 'Xxxkh .C L, -A Q - x 93 W' '1 X Q X - xl . A C ' 2- - L f ' ak-TE? R ' -v fqsygf- 5 - .Q ' , -, ,, A J - V. ff l , f l -glzfiiz K .3 , Q V -. . Gary Coopersmlth S X ', 3 ' f A I -- K 4 .- , f 'l' W A 5355 I V - , A C A 5 . ,viii . - i g, ' ,,,,. k Lx ra W? A ' 0 . is , va if ,A 2- lEkTi2fg,w Y ' ,QQN fl ' Ns. s- 45 95019, """1" f s-...f 4 6 NNN le r 'K 5 QQ ap, I New va.. -.5 X sq, 'Uv' ...M .rl 'X N Q if s., -1 3 S-raid 4-5, iv' my eb 'T Q X1 ll' dii f "Zvi s. 4' -5 l Q- 1-1 brig? Ax and by-Q 1 iiiwx 1 David Hirsack Robert Hoffman Joann Iagoda Ioe Kozub Larry Kukuk George LaGraif Eddie Llebzeit Iimmy Light Robert Mack Kent Meyer Joyce Murray David Nagnegast Iames Neely Nancy Nelson Vera Nolan Toni Norkaltus Earl Plllivant Terry Prater Lester Pringle Helene Ranger Ieanne Ranger Bonnie Reid arlotte Schutt Iohn Seraphln Carol Sheppard Larry Slefert lim Smith Iohn Spaller Pat Thompson Don Tomayko Gary Webb Carol Weidman Ioe Wlerzblski Tylene Werderman 4 L 'Lglf I " 5 352 ' W V f4 . 1 L 5551? L L ,,..,,. , LL I L V L 'L ' Y 4 I' L, -' ' - 514 ' 3 H. , L Q ' , gg A LL: X ' f K "L 'X , L L 5 ' C 'A i fix ' W4 mx' Q L -f L f sfg R J: L 1-1 L: L Lf S' - -- L v f - emi' .f L - ' 1. 'S LX L1 L L R new , L LL .L ' R an 1 lr, new X L 4 M xv - K u fi ,L ' J L gg, , - W L ' .. 5.11, L r F 4.1 I A 'L-L Q L E' ,-,XMX M L Q " L R 1 f' R - or R L L ' . R L eer ' R V Q I 5 L Lf L, M, 6 T ,,Ak L I 'il tl-, it r .Q 'xi ig 6 d IMI? ' L f K fv- - , f L gp L 1 QW Xl L xmas 1 L - .A 5 L , L 'A iff R G. - "' LL ' "VL " A R Q ' L .. . LL wif? Ch L - I . -L , .Lm N, -' 3' N ' L , ,Ls-' S . LL , X if f L ,Lrg ,pw f ' 2 -f ' . f' AM . " - L. I ' 'L A L x A L f' -I .X 'L x l. A Lil" L i r L fl.: L . L f 6? 'tfaflx 1 R . - " I L f- 1 Q, 4- L ' e x ' Q.. l L I L A X iii f f - Ti, ,' Q W L QL V rx V ' ' i ff .1 j f , fi? ' f 321 of "' 'P L 4 1 - L .,. WL f'L, fre- L L L' 52, W 'W ' .- X 1 , "Li :Lu ' 1 R J .L X , LL W K- 122 f'z7'!'1f 5 3 - ' X Warn L I M "Eff, Class 0 62 ' X 'R-Y K5 8 ry QQ 54 iiiki ,M- Y' ir'-v XL! L qi v an 3 - aw L 'im vnu, 3 T' P' 'va C QY. ul o "NK 1 lx Chai' :br ,, ag XX Rx QAXG? A-ua Aix A '19 vt-1 15.45 s.. 'W 'se A mafgir' ""? President Alan Chaffee Vxce Presrdent Tom Torres Treasurer Peggy Crawford Student Council Carol Seter Irvin Chopp Rxchard Albers Karen Alldredge Claudia Anderson Phlllp Brass Nancy Brockman Predenck Chapman Connie Cornett James Craudell Ronald Crawford Karen Darch Iudlth Daunt Iames Dedenback Iuamta De1nzer Ralph Dlaz Alma Duncan Iudlth Duncan Sharon Fxstler Marie Foster Susan Furton Mane Garcla Robert Garcia Iames Gleason Gary Hagen Linda Hennessey Pat Hernden Fred Kark Q is -0 .an ag an 1- -Q.-f wx +- 5 :rx Sandra Chamberlam Iohn Poster Gerald Harris Iay Higgins Sammy Iohnson up-.,4 J' ...A n. -wr X V qw' 4' Plctures Not Avaxlable Wesley Iohnson Roderick Kavalunas Percy lee Ronald Lee Patsy Lester wr up N 1 .-4 MS 4' Iames Moore Secretary Alfred Petty Charles Rowland Charles Toney Jimmy Wolak arl Kuchenmelster Diana LaPorest Edith Mack Dave Maxwell Rachel Moreno Bonnie Plngel Melody Rinker Daniel Moore Ioe Mullen Phyllis Pearo Mary Ann Periat Paul Perlat Vivian Perkins Melody Pilllvant Iames Rogan Debra Rogan Sharon Schmdler Mary Ann Sen1w Betty Sherman Tom Slkon Ronald Sxereckl Karl Simon Roy Smith William Stroth Eric Taschner Charles Tlnes Walter Wclslo Dorothy Wa1te Roberta Weldeman Deborah Wxlliams Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct . Oct . Oct . Oct . Nov . Nov. Nov. Nov . Nov. Dec. Dec. 9 School Opens Clintondale vs. New Haven-- Here: Senior dance Teen Club dance Almont vs. New Haven--Here: Senior dance A Homecoming, Brown City vs. New Haven Capac vs. New Haven--There Halloween Parade Dryden vs. New Haven--There: Senior dance Brown City vs . New Haven--Here: Sadie Hawkins dance Girls' Basketball, Brown City vs. New Haven--Here Thanksgiving A Girls, Brown City vs. New Haven ---There Basketball Season Opens Dryden vs . New Haven--There Memphis vs. New Haven--Here, Senior dance Dec Dec Dec . Dec . Dec Dec Dec . Ian . Ian. Ian . Ian . Ian . Ian. jan. Ian. 3525 Girls, Almont vs. New Haven-- There Brown City vs . New Haven--Here: Senior dance Girls, Capac vs. New Haven-- There Christmas Concert, Band G Glee Club Almont vs. New Haven--Here: Senior dance Christmas Vacation Honor 'Society Party School reopens Freshman dance Armada vs. New Haven--There Sophomore dance Girls, Memphis vs. New Haven-- Here Dryden vs. New Haven-fHerep Senior dance Girls, Capac vs. New Haven-- There Exam week , Ian . Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar . Mar . Mar . Apr . QXLP' -' Memphis vs. New Haven--there Girls, Armada vs. New Haven-- here Brovm City vs . New Haven--there L'Anse Creuse vs. New Haven-- there Capac vs. New Haven--there Almont vs. New Haven--there Armada vs. New Haven--herep Senior Dance Band 6. Glee Club Variety Show L'Anse Creuse vs. New Haven-- Here: Senior Dance Tournaments Band festival Senior Carnival Easter Vacation if Apr . Apr . Apr . Apr . Apr . Apr . May May May May Iune Iune Iune Iune IOHN FISCHER Coach NORRON LEE Co-Captain Senior , Haliback CWe Booted O FIRST ROW: Iohn Stier, Soph. , Line Backer: Ken Tomayko,-Sr. , Helfbacky Halfbackg Tom Kamlay, Ir. , Fullbackg Keith Griffin: Norron Lee: Nathaniel Center: Pete Matthews, Sr., Center. SECOND ROW: Bill Kjerrumgaard, Ir. , Cibor, Soph., Line: Bob Seter, Ir. , Halfback: Bob Bridqemari, Sqph., Taekleg Diaz, Fresh., Tackle. THIRD ROW: Henry Bardecki, Soph. , Line: Mr. Conrad Harm, Ir. , Tackle: lim Liebzeit, Ir. , Tackle.' ' I , The Plg.S',Cl.l1 1 A1 Hofman, Sr., Tackle, Bob McPhedran, Sr. , Right Back, Fred Deinzer, Ir. , f Petty, Ir. , End: Tom Griffin, Fresh., Halfbackg Eddie Liebzeit, Fresh., End, Iim Smith, Fresh. , Tackle: Ioe Kozub, Fresh. , Quarterback, Eddie Gary Duncan, Soph. , Right Guard: Iim Moore, Soph. , Left Guard: Steve f Fischergllim Craft, Ir., Guard. NOT PICTURED: Terry Foss, Sr., End: S I P ? 1 i 4 DALE GEROW As slstant Coach KEITH GRIFFIN Co-Captain Senior, Quarterback Homecomm ueen Yi? if Queen Joyce crowned by Keith Griffin Football Co-Captain 1 I LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Duncan Rita Card Queen Joyce Kuchenmeister Peggy Aphelin 'hjlene Werderman T' K ,, J 4. 9 x'vl e V 5 of , V4 'M' .3 K . A . 1 1 . ' A to A ' ' F3- ' W 'o" Y, 5' ., V I A . A rw w .Q J 9 , , K 0' Q X 1' " 3 Boys, Varsit STANDING: Mr. Gerow, B111 Kjerrumbaard, Terry Foss, Norron Lee, Gene Wieg KNEELING: Nathaniel Petty, Keith Griffin, Fred Deinzer, Reggie Akers, Bob McPhedran Junior Varsit STANDING Tonl Norkalms Marlene Crawford Ieanie Ranger Nellie Akers KNEBLING Cynthia Chaffee Ioyce Murray Sandra Buresh Bonnie Reed Betty Sherman Clrls Varslt lucy Chavaz Miss Parrish Coach KNEELING Gall Williams Odessa Henry lean Battestllll Barbara Kavalunas Pat Crawford Marian Kotlier 0 7 Q STANDING: Mary Petty, Rosemaw Rogan, Dorothy Williams, Ianet Rlnke, Alice Moore, 'ki' if Cheerleaders rr qw 'Q-.., ,,.,-Q. Sharon D0d9e Karen Werderman Gail Miller Loretta Marocco Alice Moore lean Battestilli IWW Duncan Connie Comett Donna Seter Barbara Battestilli Susan Marocco Juanita Deinz r Clee Club TOP ROW: Charlotte Schutt, Doris Ivery, Toni Norkaitus, lean Ranger, Iudy Chavez, Nellie Akers. SECOND ROW: Ioyce Murray, Carole Curiman, Nancy Knust, DOYOY-hY Heinrich, Iudy Prledeman, Barbara Green, Helene Ranger. TOP ROW: Karen Werderman, Linda Lightfoot, Shirley Tucker, Twanda Richards, Ingalill Hlksson. SECOND ROW: Loretta Iohnson, Gall Miller, Alice Moore, Loretta Marocco, Rosemary Oleszhowicz, Iudy Marocco. Carol Harmi, Di-TBCTOT MTS- Uhazie' th Grade Clee Club THIRD ROW: James Craudell, Alfred Petty, Karen Alldredge, Dorothy Waltte, Iames Gleason, Dave Maxwell, Fred Chapman. SECOND ROW: Sharon Flstler, Alma Duncan, Vivian Perkins, Nancy Brockman, Juanita Delnzer, Connie Comett, Peggy Crawford. FIRST ROW: Edith Mack, Deborah Williams, Debra Rogan, Sandra Chamberlain, Susan Purton, Carole Seter, Iudy Duncan. YD Gym Class Study Hall Sth Grade Sclence .44 IH h cho "' 'HiW1MQk X1 S0400 , I D " -M: TOP ROW: Karl Kuchenmeister, Gary Coopersmith, Arthur Clbor, Larry Siefert, Ioe Wierzblski, Ioyce Bettcher, Steve Diaz, Karen Dodge, Iohn Akers, Don Hoffman, laurel Ullrich, Paul Matthews, Kexth Griffin, Shirley Tucker, Gall Miller, Charles Rowland, Fred Kark. Dorothy Stickney, Nancy Nelson, Ioan Campbell, Carole Seter, Sharon Schindler. chool Concert ry. o ff I 4 as MZ. ,xv i4f'wwakaa+ 'f -1 . w:lga2f'1e i .?-ff? L if imp- 4312 .E Rlhdhfl' , . ' 'S . 6.9932 " W A, ol Band an ISR 'X U 1 .WAC HW 1 Q 'Q -, f A-,WV gf, .Mt- yf., . Werderman, David Nagengast, Jlm Kamlay. SECOND ROW: Director, Mr. Balent, Danny THIRD ROW: Loretta Johnson, Susan Marocco, Alice Moore, Pat Thompson, Judy Chavez, enior Band TOP ROW: Paul Matthews, Alice Moore, Keith Griffin. BOTTOM ROW: Gall Miller, Loretta Johnson, Shirley Tucker, Karen Werderman, Laurel Ullrlch. The past year was a most eventful one for the New Haven High School Band. The summer months were marked by a trip to Bob Lo Island and the 4th of July Parade ln Utica. Wlth the resump- tion of school, the band 901 busy and for the first time marched at three of our football games . As winter came the band turned to the concert stage. A Christmas Concert was held ln Mid-December, and the Glee Club-Band Variety Show held in February was a huge success. April was the month for the Spring Concert. New Haven was host to the Macomb County Junior Band Festival. May brought the Memorial Day Parade , and the year ended with the band playing for the Commencement Excerlses . 393 tudent Council TOP ROW: Richard Garcia, Bill Kjerrumgaard, Bob Bridgeman, Al Smith, Irving Chopp. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wisuri, Ioyce Kuchenmeister, If-met' Rinke, Ioyce Bettcher, Donna Seter, Carol Seter . Forensics 0-is lim Leaver, Alice Moore, Tom Kamlay, Judy Marocco, Laurel Ullrich, Loretta Iohnson, Mrs . Seiter . Honor ocietv Miss Brewer, Iean Battestilli, Ginger Seter, Carol Klockow, Kuchenmeister. Alice Moore, Gail Miller. Tom Kamlay, Joyce 1 I S Librarians wx? , w -1 Ken Tomayko, Al Hofman, Iohn Hornak, Doris Ivery, Nellie Akers, Phyllis Avendt, Carol Klockow, Shlrley Tucker, Laurel Ullrich, Mrs. Seiter, Nancy Gramllch, Bernice Redluske. Uffce Girls v-' J ,fe V. vw,,fv" Ig, v ll Loretta Marocco, Dorothy Stickney, Judy Buresh, Laurel Ullrlch, Beverly Tessmer, Twanda Richards, Carol Klockow, Ginger Seter, Marlon Kotlier, Joyce Kuchenrneister, Karen Werderman, Carol Harms. Driver T rainin -,e 'U P gf 9 " V-an Paper Staff Tl Home Ec Safety Patrol 5- '75 fi njfi 7 1 WT' Shorthand Haifa f-':"'..f uQ Shop 'Qui T g X Cooks Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Hagen, Mrs. I-lngelbert, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Iohnson Lunch Room Mr. Werderman, Mr. Lee, Mr. Martin, Mr. Baade. Custodlans Owen IGA Market in. .P A P 29 gi r iii: M I I f Q Vegetables Groceries Meats Barbier's Sports 6? Marine Sales Hunting, Fishing Supplies Marine Hardware 61 Paint 5l7l5N Gratiot Phone HO 3 8762 ADVERTISEMENTS Alway U e M1IIer Bros Creamery Heck s Sunoco Servrce Pr out: Tire Acce ories E L 1-sguwu co-f . I . ' , , . P , , ' H S S I l l O ,,,j A, - . NJ Lb S ' " ' SS fi X f ff Rx P.'ifJl1p IO. 3-4571 VO mtclgz ML. Clem -ns r ' We Invite You To Vlsit NORTH MACOMB S MOST MODERN BEAUTY SALON Cut N Curl We Don t Expect Everyone s Bus1ness New Haven JUST YOURS P 9 3 1 COMPLIMENTS New Haven Foundry I ij? A O, V e .I ,x,, , IF I I ' I. - 15 OF Duncan Funeral Home Ambulance Service Hammond Organ Phone PI 9 5141 New Haven M1ch1gan Marx Agency 0fflCe 6- Factory Equlpment Phone YU 5 6680 813 Bancroft Street Port Huron Mlchlgan Beversdori 62 Ryan Bulldozmg And Trucklng Foundry Slag 61 Road Gravel End Loader Servlce Cement Gravel Top So1l F111 Dlrt Phones PI 9 5636 63400 Rlchmond Road 9 5212 New Haven M1ch1gan Comphments Wayne U Muslc Shop VA 2 2060 W A Hummel 44870 North Grat1ot Avenue Phone HO 3 0549 Mt Clemens Mlchlgan Edward D Hondt CUT STONE Phone HO 8 5320 48205 North Gratlot Mt Clemens M1Ch1Qan Compliments Of Toney Baade Mt Clemens M1Ch1QaH Coopersmzth and Iones Bulldlng Contractors Phone PI 9 5769 New Haven Mlohlgan Cass Auto Parts P O Box 189 300 Cass Avenue Mt Clemens Mlchlgan Bockstanz Brothers Company Detrozt Stan NOW1CQ1 Locan Representatlve Wax Soap Iamtor Supplles 2669 Robbms Ct Port Huron Yukon 4 1885 I Pl. 9-5712 . ,. - . Compliments Of Haven Manufacturing Co. New Haven M1Ch1QaH Harry I Leiurgey State Farm Insurance Companles Auto Llfe Flre Save On Auto Fmancl ng And Insurance Thru The State Farm Bank Plan us Ho50497 Rs P1957 Comphments Of Gordon Bakzng Company SILVERCUP BREAD Compllments Of Wzll 6 Sch warzkoif Funeral Home Mt Clemens Mlchlgan Val Dzstrzbutzng Company Say PGDSI Plea e Pepsl Cola Nehl Par T Pak Phone HO 3 1531 43550 M 97 At Ehzabeth M Clemens MICHIC n DUNCAN S Compllment Of LOG CABIN DEAN SAMUEL D V M 26 M11e 6: Gratlot I B .: . - e .: . -04 I I -I I I l li ' ll , S ' - " 411. , Ja I - S , . . . - 1 l L 61 S MARKET Grocerles Meats SYOII DENTON S DRUG STORE Prescrlptlons Drugs WEYHING BROTHERS Manufacturmg Company Iewelers Detrlot M1ch1gan RAY S MARKET 50189 N Gratlot Phone HO 3 7444 Mt Clemens Mlchlgan Compllments GLEN S HUT LEFURGEY SERVICE Hardware Gas 6: O11 Meade Mlchlgan HANDY SUPER MARKETS Grocer1es Meats Compllments LEO 6: PETE FRANCHUK S SERVICE Road SGFVICG STANDARD SERVICE Phone PI 9 9188 New Haven Mlchlgan Compllments W H FROH Incorporated HARMS Lumber 8: Hardware New Haven Mlchtgan LEIGH S CLEANERS Laundry Servlce Phone PI 93166 New Haven Mlchlgan Of I Of Phone: PI. 9-5284 A North Avenue 6: 23 Mile Rd. I Cf FRANK MILES Lenox Cement Products Company Compliments NEW HAVEN SAVINGS BANK NEXN HAVEN FARMERS ELEVATOR Feed Coal Produce Farm Implements CARSON BROCKMAN Standard O11 Products CIBOR S CLEANERS Dry Cleanlng And Presslng Phone PI 9 5381 PENN RICH ROOFING CO 47945 N Gratiot Phone HO8 6072 MEADE BARBER SHOP Phone PI 9 5634 Meade Mlchlgan CHAPMAN S HEATING 6: PLUMBING SKELGAS Meade Mlchlgan CLINTON CRAWFORD Trucklng Sand 6: Gravel Phone PI 9 5074 26240 26 Mlle Road Meade Mlchlgan NEW HAVEN GARAGE 24 Hour Srecker Servlce P 9 5117 57660 N Gratlot 9 5812 GIBSON TRAILER SALES 45075 North Gratlot Phone HO 8 8424 Mt Clemens Mlchlgan LENDZION S 5 75 3 0 Gratlot Phone PI 9 5801 New Haven Mlchlgan Of D Phone: PI. 9-3176 . I - I Compliments Of MEADE BUILDING CORP. All Types Of Construction Meade Michigan ED HARM'S SERVICE New Haven Michlgan Compliments Of MEADE LUMBER CO Meade Michlgan Compliments Of NEW HAVEN HERALD Walter W Schultz Publlsher ADAM S SHELL SERVICE Gas O11 Lubr1cat1on BEIER FLOWERS 61 GIFT SHOP Weddmg Bands 6: Watches Phone PI 9 5892 RA 96 f2 63 591 Gratiot North Compllments Of MR GMRS M E SKINNER BUICK MEADE GENERAL STORE Jos 5: Anna Drielts Phone PI 9 5511 General Insurance Phone 9 5153 58860 Ma1n Street New Haven M1Ch1QaH Real Estate Broker Auctloneer Phone PI 9 5223 P 95 5 Best W1 shes From GENE CHAMBERLAIN Inc Sales Servlce Rlchmond Phone RA 7 3415 M1Ch1QaH I A : , - L 1 I AJ. BENNETT AGENCY THEO. H. MATTHEWS ' ' I.. - 12 , . .11-':--E132'-'r-Fig.-1-,7.:3' Q- -511:11 7""i--.-:gffjt g', -, IQ, 3-31,ggiFrf,14-i-j313:-gggfi-1?-Sfgjlqxflf-53:1'3"-1' 1-15?g,:F-TPS-'lffv-.-:ki3321- 'fi'-1 'I "pf: - 13'-: 13115 .Z. 5- ' -?"i- ,iz-.iv-1d.,., .. wi. A.: V. , , ,, ,J .V , , ,, . . , , , ww- as , 1.1.1 A, .4 X' 4. ...J B. x WEE , V ,. 2215135 .-tizfgili :iii t i.i':w,i-.:A:-,+gwg,. . ..g.,-.-.1-1.-ff--. v.-:,t',: :'.i-zgw:q:::.5v3fsQ1'1.--:Ii-i'Za-45317:.":'' -:':I1:a:e1-.F - j:,::'f.' 1-fgtfg.-3 ' ' ' 'i -1' ':- - '. M-:f: -- 1i'j.'.-t-'f:'-1,,-1421-31+-1'--4'-n-1-x-.-1I-2-311511:-3,.foal-:-:fi,,,.g.em-4-gg:-3'-4.5 -"'-'o15:3w,f:A:g-::.rf "1-ff ,-L:-,g,-f-7-'.f'iffZ4,'-,:-" 5-f - -' ' -1' - 1 1 -- - , ,, ' ,'::.-15-'.1:."-Q-jx kj-Q-Z " . - ' - -'K -'.I, , J , 1 " ' j'1f'i'?.aIi+l. -j'.'f-f'j-A ':.-L.,-11,5 5.-.J "':'.g-5-'.'I-'.V-"Ag" 1'-2132-Q-'-SP2 , 'J-:E-" -',i-"T" - ' '-:I'j.' -' ' . , ',3-fs'.-'f':.':.-I5-gin-Q-j"Ii-j1g'E1L Lg- ' kgzj,f-- 'il ' 'f - " .S

Suggestions in the New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) collection:

New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 24

1958, pg 24

New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 35

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New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 57

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New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 51

1958, pg 51

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