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572 f i 'I K E E . 'X K ff gf' X P3 3 3 if Q N, - i f 5 lg ., . .. -A 64 gms--, K ,H M, ,.AW..t"'M -5 J++- hr A Q N JN ""' .4 . Q my f V ,wg L," - Q . ,L K :Q - X' , 1. ' ' bw' Q ,,-Www ' A A 9 f- ., , - , IEW 'i-H' ' ' A 7Zew fffaaen Sedan! 7204 Www, O To our Mothers and Fathers-- whose interests have been in the improvement of our 1ives-- whose love and encouragement have been inspirational and whose never ending sacrifices have made possible these four years of high school--we respectfully dedicate "The Rocket" of 1957. 'J gddfbddfg ' . f"""" George Neely, Secretaryg Theodore Matthews, Presidentg Robert Schindler, Trustee, Edward Siefer, Superin tendentg Arthur Teschler, Trustee: Frank Lemmon. Treasurer, Dorothy Hewelt. The present board of education has been an active group. Together with the super- intendent they have planned new facilities, for the children of this school district and have seen their plans materialize. In the past two years we have seen eight new ele- mentary rooms, a new gymnasium-auditorium, a new shop, science and home econo- mics rooms, a new cateteria, and a new bus garage built and equipped. This has been no easy task and it is to the board of education and the superintendents credit that these forward-looking plans have been completed. They are not resting however, for there is much to be done. With the increasing population of this area, many problems will arise and judging from past actions, the people of this community can be assured the problems will be taken care of in the best way possible. New Haven High School is accredited by the University of Michigan and is also a Michigan College Agreement School. The students can choose from a wide variety of subjects and have some of the finest instructors available teaching them. 3 N... 9 g X Superintendent, Mr. Siefert, Secretariesg Mrs. Hewelt, Miss McPhederan ' 'W ' 'M Q, U . 1 9 Aw A r r 1, -W'-:'y,,:i,,. M . li' wr. V i -in.. Mr. Wisuri, Principal, Miss Alta Howard, Secretary 4 Mrs. BESSIE SEITER Miss ELEANOR BREWER Mr. FLOYD SEITER English-Speech Mathematics Science Mrs. BETTY UHAZIE Mr. CHARLES UHAZIE Music - English Manual Arts - Agriculture Mrs. MARION SIEFERT Mr. DALE GLOSSOP Homemaking - Math English - French 5 74wW 1 MT- ANDY HAI-l3NT Miss CORNELIA MOMAN Mr. EVERETT COEN Band Commercial Seventh Grade Mrs. IXAZEL ESTES MI. JOHN FISCHER SCVQHLI1 Gfadg History - COHCII Miss PAT PARRISH Mr. DALE GEROW English - Coach History - Coach 6 5545! TOP ROW: Bob McPhedran, Miss Moman, Ken Tomayko, Elaine Wikowski and Larry Siefert. BOTTOM ROW: Ginger Seter, Linda Calhoun, Janet Rinke, Marie Van DeWater, Barbara Blake, Joyce Bettcher, and Alice Moore. As Co-Editors we wish to express our appreciation to the business- men, faculty, student body, and especially to the members of the sta ff, Miss Moman and Mr. Lescelius for their time and effort con- tributed to make this 1957 year book a better one. Butch and Marie 7 SM!! Left to Right: Carol Nolan, Nancy Luchtman, Anne Kniffel, Irene Sakowski, John Chaffee, Janet Rinke, Tom Kamlay Linda Calhoun, Barbara Blake, Nina Bridgman, Miss Moman, Shirley Trornbley, and Ginger Seter. 8 i V ': vw: ' . IQ i V W RICHARD S IEFERT "Dick-' W ti "Whatever worth doing at all, is worth doing J el.,-s wel1." Band 1 ,2 ,3 ,4, Football 'Nur f 9 lllv Q l,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Nw-f 2,3,4, Play 3,45 Vice President 45 Track 2, 3,45 Honor Society 3, 45 4-H 1,2. AMOS CLU'l'k"l5QL ILK llACe ll "Some say he's bashful, others doubt it." Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4g Pla 3,45 Varsity Club 3,43 Glee Club 2,3,43 4-H 1,25 President 4, Vice President 35 Student Cotmcil 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Tumbling 2. I , ,E .A W. 31 , ff' , .' X, ff' if I 45 Y 1, g,.n., -Q' , NINA BRIDGEMAN "Little Bit" "Her voice was ever soft. Gentle and low, an excellent thing in wo man." Paper Staff l,2,3,45 4-H 1,23 Honor Society 2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Treasurer 3,43 Student Council 25 Play 3,4, Librarian 4. lil JOAN KUCHENMEISTER "Joanie" "To know her is to love her." Play 4, Secretary 1,45 Majorette 1,2,3,45 4-H 1, 23 Librarian 2. 4-nm, DAVID ANSON "Dave" "He may look shy, quiet and naive, but if you know David its hard to believe." ALICE ADAMS nA1u "She dances away her cares." Paper Staff 43 Glee Club 1. MARY ALBERS "In silence also there's a worth that brings no risk. " I .YLE BEAVNIER "I find my classes not so tough, all V 1 do is pun a muff." j j Football 25 Track 2,3. I-Ii I I ? 9 H P qi" qliQ'a BETTY BLACKBURN "Shorty" "Little gal with big ideas." Band 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 4-H 1, 2. BARBARA BLAKE llBarbll "Sweet and sereneg our football queen." 4-H 1,25 Glee Club 1,2,3g Play 45 Paper Staff 45 An- nual Staff 1,2,3,4g Cheer- leader 1,23 President 1. if LINDA CALHOUN "Butch" "She is certain to be seen where fun and mischief beam." Basketball 2,3,-45 Honor Society 2,3, 45 President 35 Paper Staff 45 An- nual Staff 2,3,45 Play 3,4. 12 BARBARA BRILL "BrlllO" "A rose is sweeter in the bud, then in full bloom." Band 1,2,35 Play 3,43 Glec Club 15 Basketball 1,2,3,4 4-H 1,2. HAZEL DODDS "With a smile on her lips, and a tear in her eye." Glee Club 1,2,3,4. KICHARD CIBOR "Dick" "There is nothing I love as much as a good fight." Football l,2,3,45 Track 2, 3,43 Boy Scouts 2,45 4-H 29 Varsity Club 3,43 Play 3,4. FRED DRIELTS "Freddy" "Music and women, I cannot but give way to whatever my business is." Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Base- ball 1.2,3,4g Basketball 3. I3 K1-sf DORIS DeSEI..M "Thought is deeper than all specch.' SIGRID ERIKSSON llsigll "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." Basketball 1,2,3,4g Play 3,45 Seerc tary 25 Glee Club 1,43 4HH l,2. STANLEY GLEASON llsarnll "So little in his purse, so much on his back." Basketball 1,2,3,45 Foot- ball 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. . 5, ik RICHARD JOHNSON llTigerll "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men." Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,43 Baseball 1,4g Boy Scouts 1,25 Glee Club 2. 14 I ,mise N P S s ,im GLORIA 1-LAGF N "Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body." Slee Club 1,2,3,4g Play 43 Secretary 3. 3 NANCY LUCHTMAN "Dimples" "The Gods help those that help themselves." Cheerleader 1,2,33 Basket - ball 1,23 4-H 1,25 Treas- urer 23 Play 3s Paper Staff 3,4. ANNE KNIFFEL "Annie" "Love is the greatest of all e ducators. " Basketball 1,23 Cheerlead- er l,2,3,43 4-H 1,23 Treas- urer 23 Play 33 Paper Staff 3,4. CAROL NOLAN "Carrie" "Napoleon too was small." Treasurer 13 Paper Staff 3,4. 15 MARION KNUST "Deeds are greater than words.' Glee Club 1,43 Basketball l,2. 2 NR CHARLES PILLIVANT nskipn "He who loves not wine, women and song and remains a fool his whole life long." i X THOMAS PRA TER llNubll "Laugh and the world laughs with you." Basketball 2,3 ,45 Tum- bling 1,2,3g Track 3,45 4-H 1 PAUL SCHULTZ "Pau1ie" "Back of the job-the dreamer, who's making the dream come true." Football 45 Basketball 3 ,4, Baseball 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 4-H 1,2,3,45 Boy Scouts 2,33 Play 3. 16 M We ,l 'PQ' KENNETH SCHRAMM llKennyll "Dynamite comes in small packages." - ROBERT TESSMER llBObll "Busy hands produce great things." Baseball 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,4g Play 43 Track 3,45 Glee Club 35 Varsity Club 3,4. LEON S EIT ER III-'eonll "Justice, sir, is the great- est interest of men on earth. " Football l,2,3,4g Basket- ball l,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3, 43 FFA li Play 3QB3I1d 1, 2,3,4. Ffviyg 9 'Q?""'1" IRENE SAKOWSKI "Renie" "A blush can be beautiful, but often inconvenient." Paper Staff 3,43 Band 1,2,3,45 Play 4. 17 d""""'l'1nr mn! KN15- SPY NELSON ST EINER IINCISII "Better the dayg better the deed." 4-H 1. ROSEMARY 'IOMASOVIC "Rosie" "Mischief in every dirr1ple." Play 3,4. PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Lee Phillips John Chaffee Carl Cendrowski Don Earheart John Skowski 18 MARIE VAN DE WATER NRE!-'jen "The best of healers is good cheer." Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band l,2,3g Glee Club 1,2,35 Play 45 Annual Staff 1, 2,3,4g Student Council 3,45 4-H 1, 2,3,43 Secretary 2. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. I I I I I I. I. L I. I. I I I I I I I I I I 44170615 Nina Bridgeman, will my height to Diane King. Barbara Brill, will to Joyce How ard my ability to get a man and keep him. Werner Thurman, will my black Mercury to anyone who can afford it. Nelson Steiner, will my excuses to anyone who is smart enough to get them. Thomas Prater, will my running ability to Zellie Thomas. Rosemary fTrudiej Tomasovic, will my two sisters Judy and Ludie to the class Skip Pillivant. will my flirting ability to Slack Martin. Marie Van Dewater, will my letter writing to the typing class. Tiger Johnson, will my basketball ability to Don Tomayko. Barbara Blake, will my grey hair to those who have trouble. Richard Cibor, will to Jim Leaver my position on the football team. Lee Phillips, will my football helmet to Freddie Deinzer. John Chaffee, will my extra weight to Robert Schindler. Paul Schultz, will my ability to cheat in history class to "Goop" Griffin. Ace Clotfelter, will to Leroy Hopp my ability as class president. Nancy Luchtman, will my long dark hair to Joyce Aphelin. Linda Calhoun, will the high school back to the Indians, I hope they scalp it. Betty Blackburn, will my horn to Joyce Bettcher. Anne Kniffel, will my cheering ability to Barbara Baade. Fred Drielts, will to John Valentine my ability to "love em and leave em." Carol Nolan, will my joke column to Carol Klockow. Joan Kuchenmeister, will to Rita Card, my modesty. Alice Adams, will my typing ability to Loretta Johnson. Richard Siefert, will my position on the football team to Willie Joe Calhoun. Sigrid Eriksson, will to the homemaking class my dieting system. Bob Tessmer, "will" leave the girls alone. Carol Cendrowski, will to Hal Deadman, my timidness. Ken Schramm, will my crazy driving during noon hour to the class of 58 fgood lucky Marion Knust, will my ability to play the accordion to Pete Matthews. Don Earhart, will to Bill Schwark my Presley Sideburns. Hazel Dodds, will to Betty Kachilo, my quietness. Lyle Beaviner, will my height to Gary Duncan. Stan Gleason, will my position as girls basketball coach to Terry Foss. Leon Seiter, will my violin to Dean Burden. Gloria Hagen, will my ability to study to Bob Bridgeman. Doris DeSe1m, will my giggle to Carol Pearo. Irene Sakowski, will my long hair to Sherry Thurman. Mary Albers, will my good nature to the tired crabby teachers. David Anson, will my trap line to Gerry Rinke. John Skawski, will my job at Whiteys to Bill Chopp. of '58. 19 It is now the year of 1973 and as we attend the Alumni Banquet of New Haven High, we see many of the students of 1957 gathered around the table. First we talk to the class president, ACE CLOTFELTER, who now is president of Grandma Gerties Snappy Garters. Seated next to Ace is DICK SIEFERT, who was once the bestdressed Senior boy. Now he owns and operates the second hand dress shop on Broadway in Mt. Clemens. JOAN KUCHENMEISTER, the secretary of the class of '57, now cleans guitar strings for Elvis Presley. NINA BRIDGEMAN, treasurer of our class, is now billed in the circus as the world 's tallest woman. Going down the row we also see Student Council member MARIE VAN DE WATER, who is now a powderpuff paratrooper and takes orders from Buck Private Alexy. LEE PHILLIPS, male member of the Student Council in that year, who skipped school many a winter day to play hockey, is now a star for the world champion Detroit Red Wings. Seated at the head of the table is NANCY LUCHTMAN, who is now Mrs. Kandt, and in her spare time has the job of taking embroidery out of pillowcases. Then we spy BUTCH CALHOUN, who owns her own Hot Rod Repair Shop down in Mt. Clemens. Our basketball star of those years, STAN GLEA SON, isn't here tonight because at the moment he is travelling around the world with the world famous Harlem Globe- trotters. BARBARA BRILL, gossip columnist for the New York Daily Tribune, has just finished talking to SIGRID ERIKSSON, a scrub woman on the Transcontinental Boat Line to Sweden. LYLE BEAVNIER isn't doing too badly either. We find he makes gloves for 4 112 fingered men. Alongside Lyle sits KEN SCHRA MM, who raises giant tsetse flies in the Ubangi Swamp. Near him is FRED DRIELTS, who makes glue for broken hearts. MARION KNUST, who is now a famous accordion soloist with Spike Jones, is talking to her old friend BETTY BLACKBURN, now a Baroslevitsinski missionary. BARBARA BLAKE, wife of Fred D:ie1ts, has brought her twelve little Drielts's and is talking to DORIS DESELM about her fifteen little ones fparakeets, that isj. Seated next to Barbara is CARL CENDROW SKI, known all through high school as Cheyenne, now emcee's the Time for Beany show. ANNE KNIFFEL lives at an Old Ma id's Home and pays her board by plucking old maid's chin ha irs. Seated next to her is NEI.SON STEINER, an international war cor- respondent for Kenvosmerlowski, the capital of Boo. Being a triplet in the Senior Play must have affected GLORIA HAGEN and ROSE- MARY TOMASOVIC, for they each have two sets of their own. LEON SEITER, who was a great violinist in this class, now has taken George 's place on T.V. He is talking to RICHARD CIBOR, who is president of the U.S.A. CUnited Stealers Association, that is.J TIGER JOHNSON is now an internationally famous horse trainer fHorse flies, that is.J HAZEL DODDS, who was very quiet in school, now is the sound effects woman on ALICE A DA MS Bop show. JOHN CHAFFEE now works for the Lucky Strike Cigarette Company as a Nicotine Inspector. PAUL SCHULTZ is now the world's famous artist. He draws flies. BOB TESSMER and CA ROL NOLAN are teamed up as a circus act as the skinniest man and the fattest woman. IRENE SAKOWSKI, who is now Mrs. Van DeWater, is chatting with MARY ALBERS, the great opera singer in JOHN SKAWSKI'S production "The Floating Petunia", which is now playing in Cl-IARLES Pl1.LIVANT'S Opera House in Meade. 20 "Alice" 'Marion" IlTigerlI "Gloria " .L..,,..1 Vq., I! JL ,..T,.. ,w W...w,..z. .1 M.. - , , .L.m,....i. , - ,wa bf., ,. M. - .,...,i... , N... T-Ah ..T...i- X. .. E. .. ..,.,Y.......,. EQ llBettyll "Rosie" JN' s ,. li Qui... X f "David h 7 1' kf4h"14-f fiK.?'x:" llAnnell 21 M 7 war "Nina" t "Sigrid" ,, . A, ki gg M ix X llNancyll . i , A " "WLT" '32:ffg 5-f 75 A ' K'7lEZ?.1f'1 -sg Q "Tiger 8cJoanie" "Butch" llRiChH "Barb" 22 ,-.MW sa wifi, : R S E- ak ' -gl KLVK I ,it ' . 2 ze - ew W: za nre ,H Bill Chopp Keith Griffin Alice Moore Loretta Jghngon President Vi ce -President Treasurer S ecretary H3 'W' mf Terry Foss Ginger Seter Bob McPhedran Ken Tomayko Student Council Annual Staff Annual Staff Annual Staff Darrell Behlke Donald Bettcher Judy Buresh Jeanette Deinzer Richard Engelbert Richard Garcia Lorne Haase Albert Hoffman 24 JQSSQ Hernandez Lefgy MHIlOD KOt1iCI Narron LCC dodddo 'Y -- f - M ' 5 wx ,' Twanda Richards Gail Miller Judy Marocco Bill Nee1Y an xo 4, Q. Clifford Schroeder Elwood Schwark Eric Stier David Torres Sherle Trombley Laurel Ullrich Gene Wieg Karen Werdermh, 25 'iyw Richard Keeler Darryl Winn Sharon Dodge President Secretary Treasurer Reggie Akers James Albers Jerry Baade Jerry Blake Larry Brill Richard Burden fig., G V t V at ,E Lrrr' ,iv ' , Mary Clawson Jim Craft Patricia Crawford 26 Janet Rinke Student Council Jean Battestelli Linda Chaffee Charlotte Dalton Bill Kjerrumgaard Student Council Mary Beavni er Judy Chavez Walter Davis 1 Fred Deinzer Dorthy DeSe1m Edith Dodds Judy Goldenbogen Nancy Gramlich Conrad Harm Carol Harms Dorthy Heinrich Franklin Henson Judy Hernden ,if ' ' ' if 5 ' im age? -a . Q'gf 1 Z,, 2 ff57EYfiZ' Nk:k-'- is Don Hoffman Tom Kamley Robert Kenney Dianne King Carol Klockow Nancy Knust Jim Lever Frank Lee Victor Maas Kenneth Martin 27 Ri chard Moulton Rosemary Rogan Dorothy Swink Larry Weig Mabel Nolan Nathaniel Petty Bernice Redluske Alan Robertson . , 'Q ,z .1 I - f H - twgffagszg f ' '3'5f.f55 - . f R 535 R af or it His, it Bob Seter Bill Smith Elmer Stark Dorothy Stichney Clayford Titchenell Playford Titchenell Richard Webb Ronald Wolosian 28 hav " .. ,4 K X Y Robert Schindler John Sticr President gy .1729 if .5 eb, . Ingalill Eriksse Treasurer fur W X' 1 B 'ff wgf rkigx K Q, 5 K r r -r , ,f 4 U R ,K , ., ffl, ,,' . rr, ,ri gba, Joan Bennett Joyce Bettgher Barbara Roy Vice PIeSidel'lI Secretary Edward Adam- Clifton Akers 3 7 L . Ya' X' N-4:1 x Robert Aldis Barbara Baade Henry Bardecki Robert Bridgeman Gerald Buckley Dean Burden 29 N . Mary Bushey Willie Calhoun Rita Card .gk ,iq k if .f 5 , S 1 Teresa Chavez Edward Cibor Larry Corneil Jane Hensley Jolm Hornak Richard Craudell Thomas Hopp 30 Gary Duncan Odessa Henry Joyce Howard Betty Kachilo ,, Jinx Sur . 3' -aww . . , X r . X 51 ii? A x- ii . xr . X 5 u jim I X- ' I James Kamlay Gary Kenny Q' 'Ve , x .I G ? fv- , rx as 72 x' ' tg! X N M, . Y N X 'Ink Linda Lightfoot N: . a g e ' T? 9' X M Q .mv f O f .QW Rita Moore Loretta Morocco . '.f. -- -:.,. N' we ,, 4 Michael Lovelace p-Q. 'O '28 G- 531 av' i 5' 'N , we 4. cliff, L N .Q V - X X' . w-we fr- Dianne Luitje Richard Miller .1 R Ps: A gs L. 1 Gerald Murray Richard Neely 31 Gerald Klimowski X 'F x Q fs.-f ' 'TS i calf. 'za I James Luchtman iv'- QXA . Leslie Moon l ff' Clarence Nelson v... 3 ,.' -4, Q . gp in U 1 gh? Q 1 Yi' "' " 1 jr .2 3 F- 'CSI' if f V , A , , V 2. if r . Carol Pearo Gerald Rinke Carol Sakowski 43 Larry Schultz . Q fm is 11 1 Shirley Shepard 3-ug fi if' "V K' xr r Joseph Tomasomc Donald Veith Gail Williams 32 Marion Schwark Zellie Thomas N 2' - ' Wilbert Williams .Af ,W Q in xv' L as New Richard Simon -9- r Y LFS Sherry Thurman 9 Darene Zenick .- --, ...w -f Ao f 5 f. 4-. .- f' 4' ?7 K, 4.-6 , ,-- X- x 'wh John Akers Nellie Akerx Gerald Browning Lynn Baumgarten 'VU' Sandra Buresh Geraldine Calhoun J oa.n Campbell Cynthia Chaffee rr, D We for-1 Arthur Cibor Marlene Crawford Carol Curfman James Dedenbach Judy DeSelm Steve Diaz Douglas Foss Robert Garcia Diane Churchill, Dick Bruder, John Seraphim, Joe Foster, Carol Wiecleman. 34 'Q Marie Herman Tiff 'J iff -v,:.:s. 2 Q 1 I Rooert Hoffman Doris lvery Demais Kendrick Y' "' is---. Ya James Light if if .Nr Tiff?-" a - ' Q New ,Q . an i Jim Neely 'P' 1 Q3 T 9. Ronald Keeler 506 Kozub og - 3 Y.:- Q 's r K 'Y x -N.. -5 'M r as +55 I Robert Mack Susan Marocco cl? vw' Nancy Nelson Vera Nolan 554 Joann J ogoda David Leaver ,,-vs. -1 'iii Joyce Murray Toni Norkaitus Dan Dodge, Jim Valentine, Earl Pillivant, Tom Griffin, Robert Buckley. X N N il Marion Pasley Terry Prater Lester Pringle Helene Ranger new - Q .. T 35 Q 1. wwf ps, X 32,37 N Eg ' zgi ' S S Jeanne Ranger Bonnie Reid Noreen Roy Donna Serey Albert Smith James Smith Roy Smith Kerry Wagner AWE fini New -fd 'Qw- Pf S QSQ "' : - iffffi : A Agfa' f ' Q , Fffw.. X V if ' sr 9' J' N ,W , , . - . V - V ,,N.wwsummm:eua..-Wm,,M,r. Gary Webb Bob Williamson Tom Williamson Elaine Witkowski Jim Moore, Pat Thompson, Joe Wierzbicki, Don Tomayko, Larry Siefert- 36 4 I 0 O XM VWYQ Crowning of Homecoming Queen, Barbara Blake, by the Foot- ball Captain Amos Clotfelter. QUEEN and HER COURT: Susan Morocco, Loretta Morocco, Queen Barbara, Mabel Nolan, Sherle Trombly. 38 i 'Q QI umm-a Zf ,Q .,, T W 5 W 1 3 W is 1 . J Q Q5 1 M A 5 5 'YQ ' 3""' ,,.- L 4 2,5-gi SQ XL .H-H I 3 N if V 3 2 FC.. O rv o O S. -'S if D4 :E .D cg ai O Lu E H E o -: E cv -CI .o Q2 nn H f-a 0 ,,-4 I-4 Q 'U GJ u I-I-e 5 .11 0 cn 'S ni CL. H.. 3 cu cu D-4 'U H v-C .91 ad H.. U -C1 0 V3 rv-1 FX-1 2 rs. 3 o O 6 E 42 K-' va 15 an 4 qua!! ,wr TOP ROW R1cha.rd Johnson Rxchard S1efert Fred Dnelts Robert Tessmer. BOTTOM ROW 5 O lt ln TOP ROW: Leon Seiter, Bob McPhedran, Amos Clotfelter, Keith Griffin. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Prater, Paul Schultz, Stan Gleason, Richard Siefert. ' Wwudq TOP ROW: Larry Schultz, Ed Adams, Nathaniel Petty, Bill Kjemungaard, Zellie Thomas, Tom Kamley 41 "Paul" lIAcelI llTigerll ll Stan!! llxeithli 42 lIN1lbll Wwmwm- "Dick" Bob kg, .K 1, lvrerryll 43 "Leon TOP ROW: Miss Parrish, Coach, Judy Chavez, Manager, Rosemary Rogan, Alice Moore, Mary Beaviner, Sharon Dodge, Dorothy Swirlk, Mary Petty, Odessa Henry, Barbara Brill. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Crawford, Janet Rinke, Marie Van De Water, Butch Calholm, Barbara Kavalunas, Jean Battestilli, Dorothy Stickney. ' xr cf Off' j Janet 5 Butch xi Mari e Dorothy J M of Barb J .J ea.n Left to Right: Ginger Seter, Alice Moore, Anne Kniffel, Gail Miller, Jean Battestilli o Left to Right: Barbara Bartestilli, Ingallil Eriksson, Barbara Roy, Loretta Morocco. -45 TOP ROW: Lee Phillips, Norron Lee. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Prater, Richard Keeler, Tom Kamlay, Ken Tomay- ko, Dave Torres, Jim Liebzeit. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Tessmer, Skip Pillivant, Dick Siefert, Leon Seiter, Richard Cibor, A.mos Clotfelter, Keith Griffin. ' WMM ' 5 E Q Y 2 LEFT to RIGHT: Miss Brewer, Sponsorg Nina Bridgeman, Ginger Seter, Dick Siefert, Linda Calhoun, Nancy Luchtman, Gail Miller. 46 SW qfome -. .l L, - JJ wi 4 Aqaba 46Q:a::s 18 Zahmmw cuwl77h4, Sedefz 7f4ZZ77Zaa6z'afz4 19 u n We ' . Q Q' so-f Nancy Luchtman, Alice Moore, Anne Kniffel, Jean Battestilli, Barbara Brill, Carol Nolan, Rosemary Tomasovic Judy Marocco, Sherle Trombly, Ginger Seter. Q l U fag ' Smile , ' PM A . l K NN c 'wx ' W - A Lvle Bcnvinei, Barbara Kavalunas. Dick Burden, MI. Glossop. the Zenom T v : ,.-Af 59 .wx Q -X I D 4 .if f ..,, lil .4 Q 4. xg I -' f l 135 .f QI 631' uv- f - fs 4 M 5 I ' Q 'N ' , ' a , ' j JS Y , Q R' .5 w - M ' Q , ni A , '. , r5i,.x?:'--REIQ ,.. E:X?k..5g1:. x MM S i sg .- Xilinx + 5- J 4 if ' "' n , . W L , .., - .-f . ERN - i Q In K ,- Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Van De Water, Mrs. Hagen. fPicture not availablej. v Mr. Lee, Mr. Wederman. pfaceoj fed OUR STUDY HALL . -F 1. - 322 . s -1 X ' - ' 'X Sidi .s g 1 :M , 'Sf U PALM!- , 32. 4-. -3. . ' 5 Q L - gr- if '.f':7..Zi :um ff ' - M 1-S9135 f U 1 ,A ,, wif' . , as-fviff X! K- k1:1K?.f,-1-:J f iiflkj' - L ssl "Champs" "Lonesome "? ? '7 I I 4 Y I D A ll if 'f 1 -ff 2 fo A -ai ' "So S "Legs" ! ! ad" Msg? 'ig wg? 5. V. isa Y' V "Bashful" ' ' 'Q Y 'R w "Rea1ly"??? "Master" 1 J,- 15' 'rf . f-uoasuru-va X , P . Q N... 'HE R . f' , W S . is - X . K! 5 :Y- .fi 5 "So Happy" -4 . ,i -53 " 15" iff? A P 1 an-gg, . 'nt - " iw 2 V f-X g fir . Sf i so ' f . K K 'Y A f sf . 3 1 aku, .W i X .f. - f X Q "Swish" 'MQisag,,Rw5i ' N ,,g . L my , "Our Guy" 3, A -Asn? i -- . Af-Ni1'asn5im?yfgg ' fs! Q- f Vfz- 01+-Wxisfsfiv Kiki, k i ig Qmfkififi-wks. 1.-T . H --,W--cvs.. F,-i kif:f?'?5?iN?55Lf4f. 1 .Iii 6 'fi' Q, 'BWP' 1 W 'i ii' s s . Q "Wow" - X , , "AngeLs"??? ...M W ,., ncozyll

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New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 46

1957, pg 46

New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 17

1957, pg 17

New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 45

1957, pg 45

New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 45

1957, pg 45

New Haven High School - Rocket Yearbook (New Haven, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 24

1957, pg 24

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