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G f Uuyl i XJiJL-J. 1969 Mirage New Haven High School New Haven, Indiana 46774 Volume XXX Alien County Pubi . „f ' » Table of Contents Opening 2-13 Academics 14-33 Sports 34-51 Organizations 52-93 People 94-151 Advertising 152-169 Index 170-175 Closing 176 Here at New Haven The year belonged to us : To win, to lose, to cry, to laugh. Doing was ours. We produced our first musical, " Brigadoon, " We conquered teams in sports, and speech; We grew in knowledge and number. We were. . . Anxious, Ready, And Eager to build for tomorrow and Be part of The Involved Generation Students interview Mr. Allen Bloom (front), Indiana Senate Majority Leader, on the television show, " Youth Asks. " Panel members are Pete Mailers, John Summers, Mr. Michael Bonahoom (assistant principal), Mr. Dick Rice (moderator), Cindy Clause, and Betsy Goehring. Principal Maynard Henwood holds the microphone for Christy Darnell who tries to sell play tickets on the 8:05 morning announcements. Students take active roles in community The 1,400 New Havenites were iissets to the Fort Wayne-New Ha en com- munity by serving ;is Sunday School teachers, candy stripers at local hos- pitals, and camp counselors. At Thanksgiving and Christmiis, New Haven clubs and students sent baskets of food to needy families in the area. The NJROTC unit marched in the ' eteran ' s Day Parade. New Havenites aided dental re- search when the metal shop made monkey cages for dental experiments. New Ha en students performed many services for the community, but most of these were learning sei-vices that aided in each student ' s growth. Mar ' Nichter studies election posters for the NHHS mock National Elections. NHHS spirit soars with great teams With a winning team goes winning spirit. New Haven had both in 1969. For the first time the Gym had sellout crowds. Just about everyone was New Haven all the way. And in the minds of most students, going to a basketball game was more important than study- ing for a test. Pep sessions became less frequent because nobody needed a pep session to get pep for a game; it was just there. A bare wall was an uncommon sight at NHHS, as well-wishers plas- tered the corridors with signs of en- couragement, signs of advice, and signs just to wish the teams good luck. A familiar sight at every New Haven game, the spirit bone was constantly aloft. At a Sectional pep session, Mr. Schilling, judge, hugs Queen of the Joust, Mr. Stephan. New addition to the Sectional faculty pep session was teachers wishing team members luck. " Miss New Haven, " Kathy Poorman, receives Miles and miles of purple and gold crepe paper and even more tape adorned cars, trucks, and tribute from varsity cheerleaders. floats in the annual NHHS caravan to the Coliseum. Vicki Morris finds a drink of water is hard to get in crowded halls and short time. A few of the injured that walked the NHHS halls are Brad Fisher, Steve Yates, and Ed Foss. Short feet, wide feet, skinny feet, and flat feet came to NHHS in 1969 with new ugly shoes. Bill Colderbank gives his sister Kathy beginner ' s lessons on how to tie a man ' s tie. Crutches new fad at NHHS Everything from classes to clothes changed at New Haven in 1969. New Havenites were willing to tr ' all the new fads and fashions. Instead of the old loafers, girls wore uglv shoes with buckles, bows, and flat toes. It was girls with ties and bo ' S with longer hair. The new things were bell bottoms instead of tapered slacks and shirtwaists instead of shifts for girls. The new trend that was distinctive- ly New Haven turned out to be bro- ken legs and ankles which brought casts and crutches to the halls of NHHS— and got some students out of class earh- e er - period. Leah Garwood wears bell bottoms and Bev Hege a leather vest, all new for fall 1968. All eyes are on the cheerleaders waiting for the Homecoming bonfire to be kindled. Outhouses, diving boards, picnic tables, and bleachers helped make the Homecoming bonfire. ift ' te ' Rain gods dampen kindling for pre -Homecoming bonfire Rain kept the Homecoming bonfire from burning Oct. 2, but Oct. 3 New Haven had its first dayhght bonfire. Friday started with a Homecoming pep session where Homecoming queen candidates Leah Beuscher, Joyce Oehler, Debby Springer, and Jackie Ulm were announced. Under- class attendants were junior Kathy Taylor and sophomore Linda Burczak. The juniors ' float " Chew Um Up " kept up the tradition of winning first place. Pep Cl ub ' s float was second, with the Sophomore Class third. New Haven won the football game against Frankfort for the first time in the history of three Homecomings with a score of 46-7. Queen Leah Beuscher was announced at the game. A dance featuring the Fewdle Lords finished off the evening. At 10:30 p.m., 3,000 balloons dropped on dancers from a bag attached to the ceiling of the Girls ' Gym. Homecoming queen candidates were Debby Springer, Linda Carl, Leah Beuscher, Joyce Oehler, Jackie Ulm; Homecoming attendants, Greg Harper, Steve Hobrock, Ken Stout, Jeff Stout, Ted Wall. Junior varsit - cheerleaders decorate their car that never started for the Homecoming parade. At the Homecoming dance, balloons dropped on dancers from a bag attached to the ceiling. Tommy Albright (Mark Chapman) captures Fiona MacLaren ' s (Elaine Snyder) heart when he sings " Almost Like Being in Love. " After their wedding ceremony, Jean MacLaren __(Carol Baker) and Charhe Dalrymple (Jon Sharer) dance to the wedding music of " Brigadoon. " Doug Beatty becomes Archie Beaton when Trudy Pensinger grays his hair before the play. Not believing he is in " Brigadoon, " Jeff Douglas (Jim Schmidt) asks Meg (Christy Darnell). Four sell-out crowds view first musical More than 2,(540 persons saw New Haven ' s first musical, " Brigadoon. " The new addition to New Haven was a complete sell-out in the high school auditorium Nov. 21, 22, 2.3, and 2.5. Work started on " Brigadoon " two weeks after the opening of school. This was the first time a New Ha- ven production was presented by the entire student body. Students became actors, builders, singers, and dancers, under the direction of Mr. Milton Sinn, Mr. Carl Nicholas, Mr. Dennis Benson, and Mrs. Julia Tracy. The 29-piece orchestra directed by Mr. Ron Best was a combination of volunteers from the Band. All back- stage work was done by seven student committees. The costume committee had last- minute trouble when the rented cos- tumes got lost on the way from Phil- adelphia to New Haven. After two days of trying to find the costumes, they appeared at Baer Field. Jeff Douclas Umi Schnudti tells his prob- lems to Frank ' (Jim NkRae the Bartender after returning to New York from Brigadoon. Wondering who belongs where, strangers and citizens of Brigadoon stare in disbelief. 5? Here at New Haven Learning was for everyone: To experiment, to memorize, to reinact. Knowledge was for us. We brought the world Into New Haven Through . . . Elections, Stock meetings. And A new course, Bible Literature. We were willing To add To our store of knowledge by being Involved in Learning NJROTC takes plunge in school life In the second year the Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps be- came an integral part of New Haven. An NJROTC unit of 42 second-year cadets marched in the New Haven Homecoming Parade and were on performance in the Fort Wayne Vet- erans ' Day Parade. The 128 cadets received three dif- ferent uniforms at the beginning of the year. They wore one of these on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Classroom lectures were given by Lt. Col. Robert Krippner. The first- year cadets learned modern warfare and naval history, while the advanced classes studied the more complex fields of seamanship and navigation. Chief Chester Dodd instructed the classes in marching and rifle skills. In the early fall, the cadets were taught elementary life-saving techniques by Mr. Don Huml, science teacher. Cadet Lieutenant Commander Pete Mailers tells second-year cadet Reed Romanowski to straighten his tie during one of the inspections of the NJROTC. Future NJROTC activities are formulated by staff officers at their regular meetings. Glenn Leach and Mike Roper strive to become first class swimmers during the first NJROTC hfe-saving program taught in the warm days of early September. The posting of the colors by NJROTC was an added feature of all home basketball games. Second-year NJROTC cadets improve their marching skill during drill practice. Two students attend Texas science fair Scalpels, probes, and forceps were fa miliar words to zoology students. These tools were common to the nine week ' s lab where fetal pigs were used in operating practice, while biology students dissected frogs. Projects were required for all sci- ence students. Bob Humphrey and Janet Marshall were chosen to repre- sent NHHS at the international sci- ence fair in Fort Worth, Texas. Bob ' s project was continued from his 1968 project for investigation of the teapot effect. " The Uses of Matrix in Balanc- ing Chemical Equations " won Janet the right to compete at internationals also. Algebra classes, were taught the whys and hows of equation solving, while lectures and private study were introduced to trigonometry students to sharpen thinking power. Attending her first science fair junior Jan Marshall placed first in the math division earning her the right to compete at the Texas International Science Fair. " Breathe in " is Mr. Huml ' s instruction as Becky HufBnan tries to save a " dummy ' s " hfe. |S8(SSfSS ' «j ' " ' I ' HK »ASIC MATIIEMATICA MEIIIODS Of BALAi X:iNG CHEMICAL KQUATHW.V WI ' I ' U S ' l ' llKSS « « TIIK To study germination, students count beans with the help of Miss Susan King, student teacher. Choir members clap their hands to ne music to achieve the correct rhythm. Art students Michele Dancer and Shirley Muntian draw fall scenes in Schnelker Park. Taking pottery that has just been fired out of the kiln are Dave Waikel and Mrs. Franke. I I r Miss Manifold explains basic art principles to first-year art student Richard Bendele. Arts classes i cultured air New Haven ' s art and music depart- ments provided culture for the school and the community with their concerts and original creations. The beginning art classes decorated the halls with self-portraits drawn from their mirrored reflections. Thev also painted still-lifes of plants and designed fire prevention posters for the annual competition. The advanced art classes made wall hangings and stitcheries, silver and wood jewelry, wood sculptures, and block printings. In the fall the ad- vanced classes made collages from useless litter and called their creations " A Walk in Schnelker Park. " To learn a new score of music the Band used many techniques but mainly it was repeating the song until it sounded good. The approach used bv Choir to learn a new song was different from the Band ' s. The Choir tried clapping, dancing, and talking with the songs to achieve the correct rh thm. The main goal in both Choir and Band was to gain a sense of accom- plishment and learn the b;isics of music theorw Siie Sams waits for just the right time in the score to play the xylophone. Law classes make court appearance This take is at 100 words a minute for three minutes . . . Ready . . . Dear Sir . . . This is familiar to shorthand classes preparing for dictation. In- creased speed was the goal of all shorthand students. In other areas of the business de- partment, over $10,000 worth of elec- tric typewriters alone are used daily by students. They operate rotary cal- culators, 10-key adding machines, transcribing machines, and fluid and stencil duplicators. Steno-lab girls spent three periods daily in an office situation, while Clerical-lab students spent two hours daily in the lab. The requirements for the Steno-lab are a minimum typing speed of 55 words a minute and a shorthand speed of 80 words a minute. Business law classes took a field trip to the Fort Wayne Circuit Court where they witnessed an actual crimi- nal trial. Sergeant Charles Meeks showed a film and spoke to the classes, warning them about the dangers of narcotics. Transcriber Sue Hinrichs listens to auto- matic speed tapes then types the message. Debbie Jackson carefully listens to a tape as she transcribes letters in Steno-lab. In preparation for the model United Nations in world history class, Denise Jackson does re- search to represent the Soviet Union. While studying Indiana government Karen Claypool, Ed Benedict, and Jeanette Wick com- pare Indiana with other states on the United States map. Mrs. Lincoln (Kathi Williams) looks on in horror as Abe (Mike Minglin) is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth (Ted Getting) in U.S. history class. Abe ' s death replayed in U.S. history World affairs, city structure, and for- eign policies entered the social studies classes in 1969 to give history, psy- chology, and sociology everyday im- portance. The mock United Nations in Mr. Zapp ' s world history class discussed everything from Red China, Russia ' s invasion of Czechoslovakia, and the situation in the Middle East. To solve the problems of school and community, a model city came into being in sociology classes. Racial dis- turbances, urban renewal, and bus transportation were some of the com- munity ' s problems. Students filled positions of mayor, councilmen, school board, and interested citizens trying to solve issues. Government and U.S. history classes studied aspects of the Novem- ber national elections whose results coincided with the NHHS mock elec- tion ' s victory for Richard Nixon. Mr. Ross and Kathy Kelly listen carefully as Victor Cozma, new student from Romania, ex- plains a French lesson with the help of photographs. As a basic part of French curriculum, Doug Eifred copies French word patterns. Mr. Lutz looks on as " Ursala " Bonnie Runn- ings and " Fritz " Peter Mireau in typical German costume read a German magazine. Kevin Mattingly, second-year Latin student, demonstrates his class project, an ancient Latin weapon known as a catapult. NHHS languages come alive with foreign embassy aids Outside materials added to practical knowledge gained in New Haven ' s foreign language classes. Pictures and maps from foreign embassies were used to bring cultures to life. Second- and third-year French classes emphasized the colloquial lan- guage to keep up with the French that is spoken in France. Magazines and tapes were used to give the students background information, and conver- sations were memorized. First-year classes practiced live situations by acting skits and playing games. Listening to taped conversations with headphones was a new way to practice German. Students listened to series of conversations, then tested their knowledge of the tapes by re- peating the conversations. Although Latin has been considered a dead language for several centuries, inquisitive Latin classes investigated Roman culture and language through translations, independent study, and projects. " Monika " Denise Eltzroth and " Max " Jay Daily listen to taped German conversations. Dave McHenry carves the turkey for the boys ' foods banquet given for men teachers. Sandy Khnger stands straight as Kathy Klenke measures the robe she made for advanced sew- ing. With the help of Mr. Isch, metals shop students finish experimental monkey cages. Making sure a board measures the right length on a radical arm is senior Mike Roper. Metals class builds cages for research Aiding medical science, metal shop made research restraining units for monkeys having experiments done on their teeth. In return for aiding the lU Medical Center the NHHS weld- ing class got free material and a new metal shear. Architectural drawing classes earned 45 blue ribbons for blue prints sent to the annual convention in Indi- anapolis. After making the blueprints these classes made scales of the model homes. The model homes were on dis- play at the NHHS model home show May 14 to 16 for the students to judge. Advanced food classes made a budget for a young married couple, based on real salar ' for an 18- or 19- year-old couple. To continue this proj- ect each girl made plans for her ideal kitchen which included everything from the wall paper design to the stove that would best suit her needs. Girls in home nursing learned to take patients ' pulses, make hospital beds, and feed helpless patients. Thev also used the cooking room for two weeks and prepared soft and liquid diets. The girls in child care went to nurs- ery school classes and taught children games. The girls also learned how to take proper care of a babv. Demonstrating the proper way to feed a bab Debbie WmCleve makes sure to hold the baby ' s head slightly up. Required NH gym classes offer hidden advantages While doing push-ups, boys in gym class try to arch backs, flex elbows, and straighten knees. Even though gym classes are re- quired, they do offer hidden benefits. Go-getting young males build up muscles through strenuous exercises, while diet-conscious females work away extra pounds by burning calories in organized group games. In boys ' physical education, a nine- week gymnastics course involved tumbling, parallel bars, and stunts on the trampoline. They combined out- door weather with learning by play- ing flag football and Softball. Inteipretative dancing was added to the girls ' physical education cur- riculum to encourage individual co- ordination. Girls divided into groups and worked out dance routines to music. In the spring, both the girls and the boys classes tested their knowledge and physical ability by taking the President ' s Physical Fitness Test. Steve Holt and Jerry Furhman develop their leg muscles with " crabwalking. " Girls practice touching their toes, a basic exercise in all g ' m classes. Exodus joins Caesar on reading list The books of Exodus and Leviticus joined Julius Caesar and The Red Badge of Courage as the newest addition to the English Department. BibHcal Literature started its first class in January. Class members studied passages from The Bible, which made it possible for them to write themes on subjects from evolution to the American idea of God. In October during National News- paper Week, the journalism class visited the Fort Wayne Newspapers building to see a paper put to press. Linguistics, a new method of learning grammar, was introduced in some Eng- lish III classes. Exercises were practiced to develop skill at identifying parts of speech. The English V classes found that writ- ing the first chapter of a novel involved false starts, wasted reams of paper, and much hard work. Penny Larson explains to her English IV class the status involved with the seating in the galleries of a Shakespearean theatre. Val Oliver plays the role of the everyday housewife as she demonstrates the technique of making peanut butter sandwiches in sophomore speech class. while visiting WANE-TV, journalism students hear News Director Ken Kurtz explain the use of a camera designed for news reporting. Extra Kevin hours of outside Tolliver spends ; study and research are necessary to complete Grammar XII term papers mother Saturday morning at the public library. Here at New Haven Sports are more than just winning Sports are Hard work, Dedication, And Practice. Hours after school and before Of sweat In preparation For the big game Against a Fort Waijne or NEIC school. But winning is A by-product of preparation. In 1969 NHHS learned how To accept victory and defeat By being Involved in Sports Harriers add 6th in state to record New Haven ' s hustlin ' harriers battled cramps, blisters, colds, the elements of nature, and the clock, but came out with flying colors in 1968. The Bulldogs won the NEIAC championship and ended up sixth in the IHSAA State Finals in Indian- apolis. In addition, Coach Everett Cass ' s crew sported a 13-2 record in regular season dual meets. Earning letters were seniors Donn Treese, Ted Cameron, and Geary Hoeppner; juniors Dan Koonce, Kerry Hoeppner, Rick Clark, and Joe Shull, and sophomore Bob Muth. Treese turned in the best time of 9:24 at the two-mile course at Haven- hurst Golf Course in a dual meet with Bishop Luers. Treese was elected captain at the end of the season and was the top New Haven runner in the state meet with a 15th place finish. Geary Hoeppner was the first Bulldog across the line in the regional placing seventh. Seniors Geary Hoeppner (83) and Ted Cameron (80) cross the finish line in the NEIAC meet that the Bulldogs won for the second year in a row. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM— (Front row) Rich Clark, Bob Muth, Ion Sauers, Dan Koonce, Jerry Fuhrman, Kerry Hoeppner, Lynn Stroble, Donn Treese, Ted Cameron. (Row two) Craig Yoder, Grant Wylie, Tim Shriner, Joe Hunt, Paul Diehl, Tim Wiegan, Dave Coates, Coach Everett-Cass. (Row three) Manager Mike Pfundstein, Joe Shull, Steve Farrier, Craig Chaney, Kevin Mattingly, Mike Beuchel, Jim Quandt, Don Wharton. ' MM. Senior Donn Treese grabs another one of his first place sticks as NH downs Snider. The varsity harriers warm up for their successful NEIAC title defense. Coach Everett Cass checks the times with Dan Koonce, Ted Cameron, and manager Mike Pfundstein. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY RECORD NH 15 Carroll 43 NH 21 East Noble 34 NH 17 DeKalb 43 NH 24 Snider 33 NH 17 Concordia 42 NH 28 South Side 29 NH 21 Central Catholic 38 NH 39 North Side 20 NH 31 Snider 28 NH 20 Central 41 NH 24 Bishop Dwenger 33 NH 20 Concordia 37 NH 16 Bishop Luers 47 NH 25 Elmhurst 31 NH 16 Bishop Luers 47 Junior defensive halfback Tony Patton hits a Concordia Cadet to jar the ball loose for an incomplete pass. Junior fullback Ed Nix sweeps right end against the Bishop Dwenger Saints. Gridmen overcome injuries; Win first Homecoming game With 10 lettermen returning, the 1969 Bulldog footballers built a respectable team, despite numerous injuries to key players. The gridders posted a 4-4-1 record and racked up three wins in NEIC competition. The victory over Frankfort was a milestone in two ways. It was the first Homecoming triumph in its three-year history and the 100th varsity football victory in the history of the school. Senior award winners were Denny Becker, captain and best offensive lineman; John Clem, best offensive back; Jerry Chapman, best defensive player; and Randy Reifsnider, best mental attitude. Reifsnider, Becker, and junior Rob Davis won berths on the all-NEIC second team line. Junior Ed Nix was selected to the third team backfield. Juniors Ed Foss, Steve Bruce, and Brad Fisher were lost for the entire season because of injuries. Chapman and Reifsnider were injured during the season but came back to play later on. Clem led the team in points scored with 25, followed by Nix with 21 and senior Dave McHenry with 18. VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD NH OPPONENTS Central Catholic 7 Central 13 19 Bellmont 13 South Side 13 19 Concordia 7 26 Frankfort 7 Dwenger 49 14 Snider 14 13 Columbia City 7 3 Bishop Luers 9 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM— (Front row) John Barnes, Mike Poep- pel, Randy Reifsnider, Dave McHenry, Denny Becker, Mike Harnish. (Row two) Mike McMillen, Brad Fisher, Doug Lohse, Steve Bruce, Tony Patten, Mike Stratton, Dan Eakright. (Row three) Dave Em- eniser, Gary Snyder, John Clem, Ed Foss, Ed Nix, Doug Morris. (Row four) Richard Boys, Rob Davis, Ken Schnelker, Dave McDowell, Pat Winchester, Jerry Chapmen, mgr. Richard Pfeiffer. (Row five) Mgr. Steve Wyman, Head Coach Paul Armstrong, Asst. Coach Jern- Goe- glein, Jim Stratton, Stan Jacquay, Asst. Coach Don Huml, Asst. ' Coach Jerry Mitchel, Asst. Coach John Becker. Senior co-captains Denny Becker (64) and Dave McHenr (10) listen to the referee ' s instnic tions before the Bulldogs beat Frankfort in the Homecoming game, 26-7. Senior Dave McHenry snags a pass and heads for more yardage in New Haven ' s 13- 7 loss to Central. Poised in mid air, season high scorer Dave McHenry hooks in two points against Concordia. Bulldogs post 19-4 record; stun Trojans The 1968-69 New Haven roundballers took a seven-game winning streak into the final game of Fort Wayne Sec- tional II, hoping to stretch that string to eight and win the school ' s first Sec- tional title. However, the hopes, the streak, and the season ended that night as old rival North Side downed the gallant Bulldogs 69-58, much to the dismay of the enormous New Haven cheering section. The quick, aggressive hoopsters of Coach Jerry Mitchel scored many an impressive win during the season. One such was a 64-62 win over Elm- hurst in which the Bu lldogs had to outscore the Trojans by eight points in the final quarter to nip the 10th- ranked team in the state. Senior Dave McHenry led the team in scoring with 435 points, followed by seniors Al Lahr (394) and Ross Gick (309). A 70-point offensive average and a defensive average of 64 points helped the Bulldogs to claim their 19-4 sea- ' son, tying the school record for best record in a season. Bill Shumaker takes aim for two points. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM— (Front row) Rich Clark, Bob Himelstein, Dave McHenry. (Row two) Bill Shumaker, Gary Peterson, Jerry Chapman, Herb Baatz. (Row three) Ed Nix, Jon Sauers, Ross Gick, Al Lahr. (Row four) Head Coach Jerry Mitchel, manager Steve Wyman, Don Wilkins, manager Richard Pfeiffer, Assistant Coach John Becker. Al Lahr (21) hurtles through the air with the greatest of ease against South Side. Don Wilkins (33) fights for a rebound against Elmhurst ' s Steve Handy. VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD NH Opponents 84 Columbia City 75 74 Central 78 66 Concordia 60 72 Angola 46 69 Heritage 61 71 Woodlan 65 53 South Side 52 71 Bedford 77 69 Lakeland 67 67 East Noble 52 69 Leo 67 59 North Side 58 79 Snider 41 73 Bishop Luers 60 6a Bluffton 65 83 Carroll 81 68 Bellmont 63 84 South Adams 72 64 Elmhurst 62 69 Central Catholic 68 69 Bishop Luers 61 79 Carroll 72 58 North Side 69 Ross Gick (45) wasn ' t faking on this phiy against Bishop Luers in the Sectional. mi Jim Lahr (foreground) blocks out his man while Don Wharton (44) and Dean Roney (53) try for the rebound against C. C. JV BASKETBALL TEAM— (Front row) Jerry Fuhrman, Kevin Mattingly, Bob Muth, Steve Holt, Jeff Graves. (Row two) Jay Johnson, Bob Rutledge, Jim Lahr, Jerry Craig, Don Wharton. (Row three) Coach Armond Ball, manager Craig Yoder, Dean Roney, Martin Kristy, Scott Crouch, Coach John Becker. JV gridmeriy hoopsters score winning seasons JV FOOTBALL TEAM— (Front row) Jim Lahr, Dale Parker, Brad Shafer, Dean Reinking, Mark Johnson. (Row two) Dave Rose, Gerry Edwards, Jeff Becker, Bob Rutledge, Jeff Graves. (Row three) Dave Wagner, Steve Holt, Ron Comito, Mike Alber, Jim Guillow. (Row four) Dennis Reinking, Steve Hermann, Jim Fox, Jim Boyer, Bob Grain, Stacey Beavers. (Row five) Coach John Becker, manager Mike Barrientos, Tim Moore, Glenn Thornton, Coach Jerry Mitchel. The JV football team scored a 5-3 rec- ord this year and was led in scoring by sophomores Jeff Graves with 37 points and Glenn Thornton with 20 points. Sophomore Bob Rutledge threw five touchdown passes and also scored 13 points for the gridders. The junior varsity roundballers notched a record of 10-10 and were led in scoring by junior Don Wharton with 153 points. Junior Jerry Craig was next with 128, while sophomore Kevin Mattingly tossed in 106. Both teams came up with some ex- citing contests during their respective se; sons. The footballers tallied a 19-0 victory over North Side after being tied with the Redskins at half-time. The hardwood men took out a strong Woodlan team 42-40 and stopped the C. C. Irish 46-43 in the season finale. Senior Geary Hoeppner attempts to gain one point via escape against the Central Tigers. Matmen win holiday meet The grapplers took a 0-5 record into the New Haven Holiday tourney, but knocked off Goshen, North Side, and Marion to take the first title since Mr. Stan Hostetler became head coach. The Bulldog matmen finished the season with a 4-8 record and a second place finish in the NEIC. In the Sectional meet, seniors Gearv Hoeppner (1,38) and Pat Winchester (178) took third place finishes. Sopho- more Marty Moord was runner-up in the 106 class, and junior Kerry Hoepp- ner scored a first in the llS-pound weight division. Kern, ' went on to place second in the Regional. WRESTLING TEAM-(Front row) Dan Eakright, Gear ' Hoeppner, Larrv Sanderlin. Kerr ' Hoeppner, Marty Moord, Von Putman. (Row two) Manager Mike Pfundstein, Dave McDowell, Pat Winchester, Mike Lazenby, Ed Foss, Mark Ringenberg. (Row three) Stan Jacqiiav, Jim Boyer, Dave Coates, Paul Diehl, Dale Parker, Kevin Giant, Dave Rose. (Row four) Coach ]eiry Goeglein, Head Coach Stan Hostetler, Brad Shafer, Mike McMillen, Tony Patton, manager Mike Barrientos, manager Ron Furniss. Junior Kerry Hoeppner wins the Sectional title in the 115-pound class. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM— (Front row) Manager Steve Wyman, Scorekeeper Tom Ropp, Manager Ron Ternet. (Row two) Mike Myers, Jim Harter, Dave McHenry, Denny Bradtmiller, Monte McComb, Charlie Cox, Orlando Gonzales, Greg Drummond, Mark Kleppinger, Jon Sauers. (Row three) Head Coach Don Huml, Steve Hormann, Hal Springer, Bob Rutledge, Bradd Fisher, Bill Shumaker, Jim Heemsoth, Ross Gick, Rich Boys, Don Wharto n, Assistant Coach Fred Cass. Baseball squad loses several close games VARSITY BASEBALL RECORD Jim Heemsoth rounds first after stroking an- other single to right field. A run here and another there could have made the difference in several ballgames of the 1969 Bulldog base- ball team. Senior Jim Heemsoth led the team in hitting with a .345 average, followed by junior Don Wharton at .318 and senior Greg Drummond with a .308 average. Junior Bill Shumaker led the pitch- ing staff with a 3-2 record, posting two shutouts. The Junior Varsity won their first three games but dropped the last two to post a respectable 3-2 record. JV BASEBALL TEAM— (Front row) Jim McRae, Jim Lahr, Dennis Reinking, Terry Bland, Paul Chaney, Jeff Drummond, Glenn Thornton, Bob Marshall. (Row two) Dean Roney, Dave Rose, Martin Kristy, Jerry Judt, Dave Emenhiser, Assistant Coach Fred Cass. NH Opponents 1 Bellmont 7 Huntington 1 5 Crestview 2 8 Garrett 3 5 Culver 3 2 Concordia 5 2 Concordia 3 Bellmont 4 3 East Noble 4 South Adams 5 4 DeKalb 4 Bluffton 6 4 Columbia City 5 Doug Lohse watches Mike Schannen putt out on the ninth green at Havenhurst. Golfers take NEIC second The 1969 New Haven golf team under coach Frank Chirk posted a record of 12 wins and 5 losses in regular season play. In the NEIC meet at Havenhurst Golf Course, the Bulldogs took second place just two strokes behind cham- pion DeKalb. Senior Stacey Clark was the medalist for the meet shooting a three-over-par 73. The Bulldogs placed third out of 19 teams in the IHSAA Sectional meet at Brookwood Golf Course. They shot a 324, six strokes behind first place finisher South Side. New Haven placed eighth in the 12-team Regional field with a score of 322. Earning letters for the linksmen were seniors Stacey Clark and Mike Schannen and juniors Rich Clark, Doug Lohse, and Gary Lonis. Stacey Clark checks the scorecard as his brother Rich watches carefulK GOLF TEAM— Gary Lonis, Larry Gulp, Doug Lohse, Bill Rutledge Glark, Steve Koch, Rich Glark, and Mike Schannen. Goach Frank Glark. Stacev Ed Foss who placed fifth in the IHSAA State meet clears this heighth easily during the New Haven Relays. Kevin Mattniglv hands off to Dan Eakright for the anchor leg of the record mile relay run. TRACK TEAM — (Front row) Stacey Beavers, Jeff Graves, Steve Far- rier, Mike Alber, Dave Coats, Jerry Fuhrman, Tim Shriner, Kevin Mattingly, Bob Muth, Mark Johnson, Mike Beuchel, Jim Boyer, Craig Yoder, Manager Paul Niccum. (Row two) Coach Pat Monoghan, Joe ShuU, Mike Lazenby, Tony Fatten, Gary Lambroff, Dan Eakright, Steve Bruce, Jerry Craig, Geary Hoeppner, Lynn Stroble, Dan Kbonce, Jim Kratzart, Craig Chaney, Kerry Hoeppner. (Row three) Head Coach Everett Cass, Manager Mike Pfundstein, Mike McMillen, Ed Nix, Ted Cameron, Ed Foss, Dave McDowell, Rob Davis, Herb Baatz, Phil Evard, Al Lahr, Donn Treese, Coach John Becker. Track team takes NEIC; Ed Foss goes to state New Haven ' s 1969 track team won both the NEIC and New Haven relays titles and also broke five records. Junior Ed Foss placed fifth in the IHSAA State meet in Indianapolis in the pole vault with a jump of 14 feet 3 inches, a New Haven record. Other record-breaking performances were made by senior Ted Cameron in the mile at 4:29.5; junior Steve Bruce with a 51.2 440; junior Dan Koonce, captain, in the two-mile with a time of 9:56; and the mile relay team of Bruce, Cameron, sophomore Kevin Mat- tingly, and junior Dan Eakright with a time of 3:27. In the Sectional meet, Cameron placed third in the mile and Koonce second in the two-mile. Foss won the pole vault, and junior Ed Nix scored a first in the long jump. Foss placed first in the Regional meet at Northrup Field. Nix was high point man for the year with 131, followed by Bruce (81), Cameron (71.75), senior Al Lahr (69. 75), and Eakright (64). Coach Everett Cass announced his retirement at the end of the season after being head coach for five years. Ed Ni. flies through the air in the long jump, one of his many specialities. ' ARSITY TRACK RECORD NH Opponents 51.5 Elmhurst 62.1 Dwenger 53.875 33 North Side 85 43.5 DeKalb 57.5 Eiist Noble 47 72 Columbia Cit - 46 103 Bellmont 15 58. 5 South Side 59.5 66 East Noble 52 28 Snider 90 65 Bishop Lucre 52 91 Central 27 Steve Bruce breaks the tape for a 51.2 quarter mile, a New Haven record. BOWLING CLUB— (Front row) Jan Foltz, Pam Lawburgh, Dave Waikel, Rod Van Zant, Jody Eckert, Barb Foerster, Tim Werling. (Row two) Gary Bandelier, Denny Bradtmiller, Jerry Judt, Venus Rath, Mike Roper, Charles Spencer. (Row three) Grant Messman, Dave Cheviron, Steve Bradshaw, Larry Mynett, Grant Wyhe, Rich Bodie, Wes Jones. REGULAR SEASON BASKETBALL CHAMPS— (Front row) Steve Bruce, Kim Goodin, De- wayne Culbertson, Doug Beatty. (Row two) Rick Boaster, Ken Borcherding, Jim Michel, Doug Lohse. GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION— (Front row) Mrs. Patricia Mar- tin (Spon.), Jacki Zobrosky, Ann Voigt, Diana Bennett, Sharon Miller, Janet Smith, Kay Sorg, Jan Foltz, Judy Pensinger (Treas.), Trudy Pensinger (Sec), Vickie Rodemeyer (Rec.), Brenda Shaffer (V-P), Nancy Meyer (Pres.), Cathy Stone, Miss Charlotte Clark (Spon.). (Row two) Loha Murphy, Lynda Mowery, Donna Bendel, Denise Jackson, Jan Winicker, Deboie Hanley, Debi McCroy, Pat Cain, Georgia Odum, Lorinda Uhrick, Debbie Brockway, LuAnn Barnes, Marilyn Wade, Je an Voors, Ronita Deveux, Robin Meyer, Nancy Richmond. (Row three) Joyce Coffey, Linda Ruger, Diane Somers, Colleen Saunders, Pam Lawrence, Mary Martin, Mariann Werling, Kathy Thatcher, Kathy Leed, Nancy Grider, Janet Bultemeier, Sandy Frederick, Kathy Colderback, Melanie Schneider, Jeanine Shirk, Kathy Springer, Carol Gear, Chris Tustison. (Row four) Oreon Trickey, Ruth Quandt, Sandy Wetoskey, Cinda Briner, Eunice Grostefon, Becky Robinson, Janet Moyer, Ramona Barwiler, Sandy Potts, Pam Brown, Debby Jackson, Connie Rondot, LuAnn Bollinger, Rose Hower, Janet Richhart, Tami Zimmerman, Joyce Winchester, Terri Baatz, Sandy Dawson. Sophomores Marylin Wade and Deb Meyer lead " Tony " back to the stable while on the GAA horseback ride during October. Bowling Cluh formed at NHHS GAA sported teams in basketball, vol- leyball, and gymnastics. The latter competed in a meet at Muncie and later attended a clinic in Wabash. Al- though they didn ' t score any points in the meet at Muncie, GAA sponsors Mrs. Pat Martin and Miss Charlotte Clark said the team worked very hard and did a good job. Mr. Sam May was again the head of the Intramural program. This year league action included basketball and football. Seniors Denny Bradtmiller and Chuck Peters were awarded serv- ice bars for participating in IM sports for three years. New Haven ' s Bowling Club was organized by junior Rod ' an Zant. Mr. Gerald Isch was the faculty ad- viser. Bowling Club met for two hours at Hillcrest Lanes on Monday eve- nings. Senior Tom Ropp had the best average of 153. FOOTBALL CHAMPS— (Front row) Ross Gick, Chuck Peters, Don Wilkins, Gary Trowbridge. (Row two) John Stemmler, Steve Yates, Doug Lawson, Denny Bradtmiller, Tom Ropp. BASKETBALL TOURNEY CHAMPS— (Front row) Chuck Peters, Denny Bradmiller, John Stemmler, Denn Becker. (Row two) Tom Reinking, Jim Stratton, Bruce Towsley, Greg Harper, Mark Chapman. I ' arsity cheerleaders, Nancy Netherland, Joyce Siegers, Lori Bearman, Carol Baker, and Jackie 5nyder practice their award-winning cheer " Hello. " m e o " Vic " the Bulldog, senior Stan Taylor, New Haven ' s live mascot, cheers the team on to victory at all games. 1 5r iss f BOYS ' BOOSTERS— (Front row) S. Yates, D. McDowell, J. Stout, J. Chapman, J. Melcher, P. Winchester, R. Gardiner, T. Reinking, D. Becker. (Row two) Mr. Wolfe, G. Snyder, M. Schan- nen, D. Benedict, B. Brown, M. Furniss, R. Romanowski, G. Messman, C. Rossman. (Row three) J. Stemmler, R. Reifsnider, S. Warden, K. Umber, K. Tolliver, B. Ahlersmeyer, G. Trowbridge, G. Peters, L. Fitzwater, J. Stratton. (Row four) D. Hirschy, H. Resor, D. Rhodes, M. Pfund- stein, R. Furniss, W. Schroeder, J. Mazock, V. Putnam, t. Brennen, M. Brown, P. Jaessing. (Row five) P. Mirek, S. Blacklidge, S. Bruce, R. Boester, R. Davis, D. Lohse, M. Stratton, D. Lazzer, J. Kelty, T. Werling, R. Goodin. A f .n j?ja-S? ,.0 fi A n G «1» J t% §. PEP CLUB— (Front row) K. Merz, J. Sloan, J. Asher, C. Bauser- man, S. Van Alstine, P. Moord, J. Richhart (Treas.) K. Lake (Sec.) K. Poorman (Pres.) A. Griest, M. Love, L. McRae, C. Hille, P. Baumgartner, N. Soest. (Row two) K. Stark, C. Niday, D. Tews, R. James, J, Partridge, S. Spohr, D. Thomas, N. Cunningham, S. Silverman, P. Stumpf, S. Lelja, L. Mosel, J. Kelty, N. Meyer, S. Arnold, S. Harclerode. (Row three) M. Lomont, S. Mehalecko, J. Smith, V. Wallace, C. Clause, L. Beuscher, J. Oehler, L. Carl, D. Springer, D. Suthers, D. Schulthies, K. Cook, C. Heine, J. Harken- rider, K. Claypool, J. Losher, C. Hemsoth, B. Ammerman. (Row four) D. Jump, M. Larson, G. Rennecker, B. Shaffer, K. Fracassini, C. Rondot, D. Jackson, M. Beuchel, P. Prather, L. Bricker, S. Mooney, J. Byrum, M. Lewis, B. Goehring, B. Schmidt, C. Grubb, S. Dager, M. Nulf, K. Sorg, B. Robinson. (Row five) S. Heine, C. Sandy, B. Merz, D. DeRemer, J. Lynch, B. Caudle, D. Gasper, B. Jennings, D. Eltzroth, G. Odum, R. Quandt, V. Rodemeyer, V. Beahrs, C. Bruick, M. Lentz, G. Hart, V. Spirou, C. Knox, K. Tourin, J. Hayes, J. Augenstein. (Row six) J. Foltz, R. Chapman, P. Lawburgh, M. Pfundstein, D. Sommers, S. Beuchel, L. Schei- mann, G. Scheeler, J. Bremer, K. Melcher, P. Savior, C. Thompson, L. Snyder, M. Stark, M. Roth, K. Schweigel, M ' . Nichter, B. Hege, S. Bliss, B. Hege, L Silverman, C. Saunders. (Row seven) L. Cock- rum, P. Schinnerer, P. Larsen, S. Moore, S. Trulock, S. Ellen- berger, D. Wheeler, J. Howell, D. Graft, T. Porter, V. Rath, S. Sievers, D. Lovely, C. Pearson, T. Janson, B. Lake, K. Girardot. L. Dent, T. Zimmerman, K. Merchant, S. Roemer, C. Campbell, D. Jackson, L. Beuscher, L. Baatz, K. Colderbank, C. Gick, R. Bar- wiler, D. Gaskill, M. Armstrong, M. Westerfield, D. Kuhne, L. Ruger, J. Voors, S. Stumpf, S. Wetosky, T. Felger, S. Sievers. C. Mattucks, D. Salisbury, J. Bultemeier, J. McCrea, J. Mover, D. Taylor, P. Lawrence. ' Vic the Bulldog newest addition to NHHS spirit Pep Club and Boys ' Booster Club helped raise New Haven ' s spirit in 1969. New cheers, signs, and purple and gold shakers contributed to the excitement of all ball games. In October the two clubs combined their talents and made the float, " Dog Eats Dog, " which captured second place in the Homecoming float com- petition. Last summer, varsity cheerleaders attended a Vincennes University workshop. At the end of the two weeks, the group brought home the second place trophy for competition. This year, New Haven had its own live mascot, " Vic " the Bulldog, played by Stan Taylor. Sponsored by Pep Club, " Vic " became a reality after riding in the Homecoming Parade. " Vic " made such a hit that he was al- lowed to remain and become an offi- cial mascot at all NHHS games. Junior varsity cheerleaders— Nancy Brandt, Kathy Ta lor, Lana Baker, and Kim Netherland. Here at New Haven Clubs are an extension of classes. Members learn by doing: Serving and creating, Attending meetings before And After school, Planning, Rehearsing, Competing, And, Initiating. Students at New Haven learn To work together By being Involved in Organizations Filing major news stories is necessary for Jim Kart and Joe Shull to keep their rebuttals up-to- date in NFL Debate. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE— (Front row) Mr. Hamilton Kart (Spon.), Brad Loar, Mike Crawford, Sonja Mehalechko, Mike Harnish (Pres.), Joyce Oehler (Treas.), Jill Schmidt (Sec), Christy Darnell, Bev Hower, Mr. Milton Sinn (Spon.). (Row two) Debby Springer, Becky Wolf, Clark May, Paul Juessing, Linda McRae, Linda Mosel, Trudy Pensinger, Sharon Bowers, Sandra Boese, Kathy Kelly, Pam Schin- nerer. Nan Friedley. (Row three) Jim McRae, Cheryl Jackemeyer, Rick Haynie, Mike Myers, Ken Kokinakis, Jim Ringenberg, Judy Pen- singer, Cynthia Campbell, Rachel Koontz, Jan Asher, Peggy Stumpf, Allison Lowery, Diane Jackson. (Row four) M r. Francis May (Spon.), Jim Kart, Dennis Sheron, Glenn Emley, Joe Shull, Steve Jackson, Steve Koch, Mike Brown, John Summers, Kerry Umber, Jim Schmidt, Bob Stewart. Three sophomores place in state NFL ratings New Haven ' s National Forensic League attended 14 speech tourneys in 1969 and brought home a total of 76 ribbons. NFL changed its format by adding the impromptu division and changing the old radio division to television. Mike Harnish, president, had his name engraved on the Campbell Trophy as the only NFL member to earn over 500 points in three years. Mike was also awarded a plaque for being outstanding speaker in the opinion of the sponsors. At the state speech tourney April 12, three sophomores were the only ones to place. Diane Jackson won sixth in impromptu, Kathy Kelly sixth .in girls ' extemp, and Ron Ringenberg second in impromptu. In the final NFL state ranking New Haven was named ninth in the state. Kathy Kelly, extemper, pastes her 12 NFL ribbons in a scrapbook for future reference. Mike Harnish, NFL president, holds his awards for outstanding speaker, earning 500 NFL points in three years. Leo McEroy (Mike Crawford) and Dick Winters (Jim Schmidt) try to calm Cornelia Skinner (Christy Darnell) and Emily Kimbrough (Elaine Snyder) after Emily thinks she has pushed a man overboard on their trip to Paris in the play Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. " Mother, No! " CorneUia (Christy Darnell) yells as Mrs. Skinner (Sonja Mehalechko) fastens a safety pocket around her waist. MASQUE AND GAVEL— (Front row) Mr. Faucis May (Spon.), Mr. Dennis Benson (Spon.), Mr. Milton Sinn (Spon.), Tanya Maul, Debbi Suthers, Nancy Netherland, Sonja Mehalechko, Connie Notestine, Pete Mailers, (Treas.), Lee Beuscher (Sec), Debbie Springer (Pres.), Christy Darnell (V-P), Elaine Snyder, Linda Carl. (Row two) Sharon Silverman, Trudy Pensinger, Jan Asher, JoAnna Quandt, Phil Hart- mann, Judy Pensinger, Jill Schmidt, Linda Jenkins, Linda Mosel, Jim McRae, Sandy Boese, Kathi Williams, Sandy Roemer, Janet Rich- hart, Janet Leavel, Ken Kokinakis. (Row three) Nan Friedley, Kevin Tolliver, Sue Heine, Georgianne Morrison, Becky Wolf, Eric Ander- sen, Mike Alber, Don Hoagland, Clark May. (Row four) Gary Hazlett, Allison Lowery, Mike Brown, Mike Crawford, Kerry Umber, Mike Harnish, Jim Schmidt, John Summers, Bob Humphreys, Dave Ander- sen, Howard Ericson. MirG actors take ship to Paris in annual play Masque and Gavel ' s old model T truck puttered along in the Home- coming parade as the first M G proj- ect of the school year. They continued to work on the one-act plays, No Greater Love and Suitable for Charity, that appeared at various community functions during the year. December brought tryouts for the three-act play Our Hearts Were Young and Gay by Cornelia Skinner and Emily Kimbrough. The play ran March 6 to 8 in the Auditorium. After Saturday ' s performance Christy Dar- nell had a cast party for Masque and Gavel members. M G ' s first ticket banquet of the year after the three-act play featured the humorous Francis Awards given for " achievement " during the course of Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. The second banquet. May 7, was to honor seniors and initiate new mem- bers. Before the 8: 15 performance, make-up committee members transform students into actors. Just before leaving the ship to enter Paris Cornelia (Christy Darnell) develops a case of measles. Emily (Elaine Snyder) solves the problem by powdering Cornelia ' s face to " fool " the French officials. Barb Foerster and Karen Melcher test out the telescopes Y-Teens made for Saint Mary ' s school in Fort Wayne to help them raise funds to stay in operation. Mark Chapman leads Hi-Y in a priyer before the meeting at the New Haven Methodist Church. Mary Mani- ell Y-TEENS— (Front row) Mrs. Helen Troyer (Spon.), Mi.,. , fold (Spon.), Nancy Meyer, Becky Jump, Sue Lelja, Lana Barfell (Sec), Vicki Dommer (V-P), Doris Schulthies (Pres.), Karen Lepper (Treas,), Debbie Geller, Donna Tews, Kathy Armbrust. (Row two) Bev Hege, Linda Scheimann, Karen Fracassini, Kathy Poorman, Kathy Lake, Karen Melcher, Owen Kruse, Nancy Wacker, Jennie Lynch, Becky Schmidt. Sandy Ferine, Jody Eckert, Sue Richards. (Row three) Sue Bliss, Janet Moyer, Susan Stumpf, Jean Tews, Vicki Mohr, Barb Hege, Judy Bandelier, Annette Griest, Jan Benjamin, Cris Roberts, Muriel Roth, Karla Doty, Connie Ferine, Kathy Springer, Barb Foerster, Peg Lynch, Diann Basile, Nancy Budde, Karen Girardot, Dawn Kuhne, Cindy Hille, Mary Stearns, Gwen Scheeler, Pam Saylor, Connie Ron- dot, Kathy Hinricns. Hi-Y and Y-Teen members get ready to put donations in the car for the Thanksgiving families. HI-Y — (Front row) Jerry Chapman, Stan Taylor (Treas.), Mark Chapman (Pres.), Kerr - Umber (Sec). (Row two) Doug Morris, Pete Mailers, Jim McRae, Charlie Cox, Gary Lambroff, Kevin Tolliver, Lynn Stroble. (Row three) Dean Hirschy, Dave Lazzer, Mark Kleppinger, Chuck Heine, Tom Neusis, Mr. Thomas Hufford (Spon.). (Row four) Mr. Edmund Zapp (Spon.), Greg Harper, Mike Crawford, Gary Waldron, Doug Lohse, Steve Hobrock. NHHS clubs donate gifts for needy Both Hi-Y and Y-Teens worked with the local YMCA and Y VCA as sen- ice organizations for the communitv. Together the clubs made Thanks- giving baskets and dehvered them to needy famihes. Hi-Y sponsored the NHHS Easter Assembly. The speaker, the Rev. Frank White of the First Presbvterian Church of Fort Wavne, compared the musical, Hair, with the teenager ' s search for meaning in life. Y-Teens made telescopes for the Saint Mary ' s School to raise money needed to keep the school in opera- tion. The girls also collected buttons and needles to send to Haiti. Five bovs in Hi-Y attended the model legislature in Indianapolis April 5. Two delegates earned higher offices for the NHHS Hi-Y club than were ever earned before. Greg Har- per was appointed chaplin of the Senate and L Tin Stroble, assistant bill coordinator. The girls finished the year with an April 24 senior recognition banquet at Halls " Smorgiisbord. Nancy Meyer was elected top senior b ' fellow club members. The bovs closed the year in the same manner with a picnic at Hodell Acres Mav IS. Sharon Silverman, editor-in-chief, shows Miss Linda Gregory, adviser, a tentative layout before drawing it up in final form. MIRAGE EDITORIAL STAFF— (Front row) Sharon Silverman (editor-in-chief), Stan Taylor (Photographic editor). (Row two) Sue Sams, Judy Overholt (ass ' t. editor), Illene Silverman, Cindy Hille. (Row three) Steve Warden, Peggy Stumpf, Bob Brown. Taking care of the paper cutting ceremonies to show that all the yearbook ads have been sold are ad manager Bob Brown and assist- ant ad manager Kathy Klenke. New photo silhouetted pictures add to theme The New Haven Mirage sold a rec- ord of 1,090 yearbooks. The book made many changes to try to conform to the school ' s wants and needs. The photo silhouetted division pages with only one picture were used to add to the theme, " The in- volved Generation " and help carry it out throughout the book. Stan Taylor took almost all the pic- tures for the ' 69 Mirage. He gained some experience by attending the Indiana University summer workship for beginning photographers. Sharon Silverman, editor-in-chief, learned more about yearbook produc- tion by attending the yearbook insti- tute for editors at I.U. The staff celebrated Christmas with a party at Miss Linda Gregory ' s, ad- viser, house. The dinner featured lasagne with and without cheese. Miss Gregory was presented with a black and white puppy called " Mirage " for a Christmas present. The staff finished off the year with a picnic at Peggy Stumpfs house. The staff went swimming in the rain, played volleyball in the rain, and while they were soaking wet, ate dinner. Stan Taylor, business manager, goes over the books with circulation manager Kathy Poorman. MIRAGE BUSINESS STAFF— (Front row) Bob Brown, (Ad manager), Betsy Goehring, Cindy Hille, Kathy Poorman (Subscription manager). (Row two) Dave Rhodes, Vicki Spirou, Sue Lelja, Venus Rath, Jan Schmehng. (Row three) Stan Taylor, Kathy Klenke, Illene Silverman, Kerry Umber, Linda Comito, Sandy Dawson. SC donations used to help needy people School began in September, but Stu- dent Congress ' s duties started in Au- gust when plans for the Homecoming Parade were undertaken. The judges were chosen and all was set by the time Oct. 4 came. The congress was especially con- cerned with needy families. Money from Homecoming was used to buy turkeys for four families in the com- munity. Members also sponsored a family at Christmas, providing them with a tree, presents, food, and clothing. Other projects included sup- porting a child through the Christian Children ' s Fund and helping pay for New Haven OEA girls ' expenses at the National Convention. To replace the traditional Snowball hop, Student Congress initiated a Winter Whispers dance Feb. 1. Blue, green, and silver decorations formed winter scenes in the halls and cafeteria. Student Congress had an orphans ' Easter party featuring baskets, egg hunts, games, and food for everyone. Mrs. Etta Wolf, sponsor, carefully serves punch at Winter Whispers. Donna Bahler finds that trying to make a basketball net look good takes patience and skill. Kevin Tolliver patiently waits to put away Sue Heine ' s corsage before leaving the dance. Barb Hege and Kevin Tolliver lav the ground work of a winter scene for the Feb. 1 Winter Whispers dance. STUDENT CONGRESS-(Front row) Jan Sloan, Denise Jackson Sally Trulock, Kim Netherland, Barbara Hege, Glenna Rennecker Beverly Hege, Vicki Morris, Donna Bahler, Nancy Netherland (Sec.) Linda Carl, Kay Sorg, Sandy Boese, Linda Burczak, Paula Slagle. (Row two) Diane Basile, Carol Bauserman, Rhonda James, Kathy Lake, Diane Taylor, Linda Baatz, Twianne Stoller, Carol Baker, Gerr Gaskill, Cindy Wales, Diane Rehm, Linda McRae, Tami Zimmer- man, Kathy Taylor, Janet Leavel, Joyce Siegers. (Row three) Sand - OEA, FBLA cover state for club conferences Nell Servos pins an OEA greeting written in shorthand on Mr. Reynold ' s jacket to help cele- brate National Secretaries Week. State conferences were on the agenda for both the Office Education Asso- ciation and the Future Business Leaders of America. OEA, a new NHHS club, attended the OEA State Conference Jan. 25 at the State Teachers Association build- ing in Indianapolis. The purpose was to elect state officers for the school year, and for the girls to become acquainted with other OEA members in the state. March 28 Future Business Lead- ers of America attended the state con- vention at Ball State University in Muncie. The NHHS FBLA earned a first place in the scrapbook ratings. FBLA also sponsored a Christmas party for 23 children of the St. Vincent Villa in the Cafeteria. Members brought gifts and served cookies and milk to the children. The Woodlan Steno Lab students were guests of the New Haven OEA Dec. 17. Lincoln Life executive secre- tary Mary Bringman spoke to the girls on poise, chann, and attitude in doing office work. OEA— (Front row) Deborah Kohrman, Flora Root, Millie Brown, Vanette Perrine, Leah Gar- wood. (Row two) Kathy Morris, Connie Notestine, Nancy Meyer, Judy Overholt, Lisa Snvder. (Row three) Lana Barfell, Becky Jump, Mary Schwehn, Vicki Dommer, Barbara Scales, Cheryl Thompson. Santa Glaus (Kathy Hinrichs) leads Rudolph (Betsy Goehring) around the room at the FBLA Ghristmas Party for the child ren of St. Vincent Villa. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERIGA— (Front row) Mary Schwehn (V-P), Nancy Meyer (Hist.), Lisa Snyder (Sec), Sue Schei- mann (Pres.), Mrs. Margaret Schwabel (Spon.), Mr. Don Stebing (Spon.), Mr. Arnie Ball (Spon.). (Row two) Donna Gowen, Martha Lomont, Janis Harkenrider, Georgia Odum, Lori Anger, Judy Franks, Debbie Geller, Cher I Crawford. (Row three) Karen Girardot, Nancy Budde (Reporter), Debbie Doll, Karen Melcher, Sue Richards. Cher l Thompson, Pat Kunnemann, Linda Keller. (Row four) Robert Davis, Gonnie Notestine, Pat Laynion, Diann Basile, Peg Lynch, Janice Williams, Barbara Scales, Joan Smiley, Lisa Dent. Gary Helmke and Glenn Emley polish the telescope lens in preparation for an evening of star-gazing. SCIENCE CLUB— (Front row) Tom Repp, Rachel Koontz (Pres.), Rick Havnie (Treas.), Paul Jaessing (Sec), Gary Trowbcidge. (Row two) Rick Boester, Diana Bennett, Georgia Odum, Karen Fracassini, Pat Ladig, Allan South. (Row three) Rick Bodie, Dave Motter, Oreon Trickey, Colleen Singer, Pam Lawburgh, Phil Hartmann, Mr. Lynn Klopfenstein (Spon.). (Row four) Bill Rosswurm (V-P), Grant Wvlie, Mark Rosswurm, Jerry Mazock, Michael Surface, Gary Helmke, Glenn Emley, Mr. Keith Hunnings (Spon.). Attaching the wires to the rocket engine, Tom Ropp prepares for count down. Salt water experiments done by science section Each section of science club pursued its own interests in 1969. The ich- thyology section did experiments on fresh and salt water fish, while rocket section had its first underwater rocker launching. The members of the psychology section that believed in the theory of ESP conducted tests on each other by using cards, colors, and odd shaped objects. The ichthyology section raised money by selling sensitive plants that curl up when touched. The money went to pay for the acquariums used in experiments. This section found that sea horses, usually a salt water fish, survived in fresh water, and the fresh water guppies lived in salt water. The astronomy section joined the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society to get inside information on the heavens. They also learned proper use of a telescope and even tried star-gazing at night. Rick Coker checks for good negatives to print in the Science Club darkroom. Page editors Teresa Gatton, Kathy Merchant, and Nancy Shifley sort papers to complete sets for an up-to-date newspaper file. Stan Taylor, photographic editor for the Mirage and Herald, sorts through the nega- tives to find the best pictures for printing. Journalism class members Jim Boyer and Bev Hege work on stories for The Herald. Miss Line American la Gregory, adviser, shows Peggy Stumpf, editor-in-chief, suggestions made in the All- rating book from the National Scholastic Press Association. NH Herald earns first All -American For the first time in three years of publishing, The New Haven Herald earned an All-American rating from the National Scholastic Press Associa- tion rating service of the University of Minnesota. This is the highest rating a high school newspaper can earn from the NSPA. The Herald was rated on coverage, content, page make-up, headlines, and photography. Staff members worked on The Herald first period every day and pasted up the paper every Wednesday before the issure went to press. In December the journalism class started contributing to the paper by writing stories from their beats and collecting leads for other stories. Editor-in-chief Peggy Stumpf at- tended the Indiana University editor ' s workshop to gain everyday news- paper knowledge. Peggy also hosted the May 18 com- bined picnic for the Herald, Mirage, and Quill and Scroll. HERALD — (Front row) Diana Bennett (Manag. Ed.), Steve Warden (sports ed.), Peggy Stumpf (ed. -in -chief), Nancy Shifley (Pg. two ed.), Teresa Gatton (Pg. three ed.). (Row two) Barb Hege, Trlsh Janson, Dave Rhodes (Asst. Managing editor), Elaine Snyder, Kathy Poorman (Giro, man- ager), (Row three) Stan Taylor (Bus. manager, photographer), Marilyn Wade, Bev Hege, lUene Silverman, Doug Morris. (Row four) Kathy Gillian, Becky Schmidt, Cindy Hille, Dennis Sheron. Requirements for future jobs told to NHHS clubs A windy business is taken on by Tarn Keener, pare for FNC ' s Sadie Hawkins Dance booth. Mrs. Faulstick, and Cathy Zuercher as they pre- Speakers from the community brought their ideas to Future Teachers and Future Nurses to help them plan for their professions. Future Teachers listened to a coun- selor from the I. U. -Purdue Regional Campus discuss the requirements needed to become a teacher. A practi- cal nurse, also from the Regional Campus, talked about the advantages of a career in dental technology. At Christmas time, the Future Nurses Club gave coloring books and crayons to the pediatric section of Lutheran Hospital, while Future Teachers of America made favors for the teachers as they did every month of the school year. FTA practiced their future careers by serving as teaching assistants help- ing teachers grade papers and record grades. Both clubs ended their year with banquets at Hall ' s Smorgasbord, hon- oring the senior members. The two outstanding seniors, Sue Hannie and Ramona Keller, were se- lected by FTA members and an- nounced at the banquet. FUTURE NURSES CLUB— (Front row) Sharon Beuchel (V-P), Kasandra Cox (Pres.), Mary Larson (Sec.), Pat Ladig (Treas.). (Row two) Debby Okuly, Barb Larrance, Theresa Erpelding, Tamara Keener, Mrs. Beulah Faulstick (Spon.). (Row three) Cheryl Bruick, Cathy Zuercher, Sharon Spohr, Brenda Regenold, Juanita Cunningham, Kathy Hinrichs. Miss Daniels, FTA sponsor, accepts punch from president Ramona Keller, as Mrs. Troyer waits her turn at the Teacher ' s Christmas tea sponsored Dy FTA. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-(Front row) Miss Harriet Daniels (Spon.), Karen Claypool, Cindy Clause, Ramona Keller (Pres ) Sue Hannie (V-P), Nell Servos (Sec), Linda Comito (Treas.), Peggy Stumpf, Mane Beuchel, Jeanette Wick. (Row two) Linda Wick Allan South, Bonnie Hunnings, Cheryl Potter, Colleen Heine, Bey ' Hege Trudy Pensinger, Barb Hege, Debby Jackson, Carol Bauserman ' Jackie Doell, Mary Jenkins. (Row three) Kathy Lake, Julie Kelty Sue Lelja, Rose Hower, Janet Richhart, Lisa Dent, Joan Smiley. Jeanie Shirk, Cynthia Campbell, Linda Scheimann, Cindy Shaef er, Jim Critell. (Row lour) Kathy Poorman, Becks- Schmidt, Janet Bremer, Gweu Scheeler, Muriel Roth, Margie Stark, Jan Nieno. Linda Jen- kins, Bob Brown, John Summers, John Bremer, Paul Niccum, R.uidy Johnson. National Honor Society inducts new high of 66 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY JUNIORS— (Front row) Glenna Rennecker, Debbi McCrory, Teresa Gatton, Judy Overholt, Barb Hege, Judy Pensinger, Bev Hege. (Row two) Brenda Zur- cher, Nancy Shifley, Lisa Snyder, Rachel Koontz, Cheryl Potter, Jan Richhart, Kathi Williams. (Row three) Kathi Tourin, Kendra Fraser, Pat Ladig, Mary Larson, Cindy Campbell, Cheryl Thompson, Jill Schmidt, Jackie Snyder. (Row four) Jim McRae, Paul Jaessing, Glenn Emley, Mike Brown, Joe Shull, Steve Jackson, Lynn Stroble. March 14, New Haven ' s National Honor Society inducted 66 new mem- bers. The number inducted reached an all-time high under new qualifications. The change allowed all students with " B " averages and junior or senior standing to be eligible. Teachers then rated each eligible person on scholar- ship, leadership, character, and serv- ice. At the induction each officer gave a speech on one of the qualities of NHS. An informal tea honored new mem- bers and their parents in the Junior High Cafeteria following the induc- tion ceremony. Mrs. JoAnn Lantz, former New Haven guidiance counselor, was the main speaker at the National Honor banquet in April at the Sheraton Inn. National Honor ' s last project of the year was a picnic May 1, planned by the juniors to initiate the old mem- bers. OLD SENIOR MEMBERS— (Front row) Elaine Snyder, Jan Asher, Cindy Clause, Kathy Lake, Joanna Quandt, Joyce Partridge, Linda Comito, Peggy Stumpf, Linda Carl. (Row two) Ramona Keller, Twi- anne Stoller, Jackie Ulm, Joyce Oehler, Debbie Springer, Linda Mosel, Linda Jenkins, Linda McRae. (Row three) Eric Andersen, Lillian Winzeler, Pete Mailers, Eric Kuhne, Denny Becker, Donn Treese, Jim Schmidt, Mr. Steve Simon (Spon.). President of National Honor Society, Pete Mailers, introduces new members at the March 14 induction. Senior Betsy Goehring and her parents enjoy the food at the reception for parents and new members in the Junior High Cafeteria after the induction ceremony. NEW SENIOR MEMBERS— (Front row) Kathy Stark, Jan Sloan, Rhonda James, Nancy Netherland, Chris Wauer, Kathy Armbrust, Debbie Kohrman, Sheryl Smith. (Row two) Jan Smith, Carolyn Kelt- ner. Sue Scheimann, Jill Swaidner, Cheryl Jackemeyer, Carol Baker, Jeanette Wick, Connie Notestine. (Row three) Larry Fitzwater, Robert Humphreys, Mike Pfundstein, Man- Schwen. Carol Bauserman. Becky- Schmidt, Betsv Goehrine. Ted Wall, Gi T - Trowbridge. (Row- four) Bill Rutledge, ' Bruce Towsle -, Stac - Clark. Mike Crawford, Mark Chapman, A Lahr, Brad Loar, Kevin Tolliver, John Summers. Bob Brown, editor-in-chief, and Jill Swaid- ner put plastic bindings on completed Vi- sions. Vision III staff members Linda Burczak and Linda Comito arrange pages of the Vision as they come off the stencil machine. VISION III— (Front row) Linda Burczak, Nancy Meyer, Vannette Perrine, Patty Prather, Jill Swaidner, Mr. Richard Huey, (adviser). (Row two) Linda Comito, Diana Bennett, Cindy Hille, Becky Jump, Leah Garwood, Marcy Blair, Lana Barfell. (Row three) Jim McRae, Mike Snyder, Bob Brown, Dour Morris, Mary Schwehn, Roxanne Bruns, Tom Ropp. New plastic bindings change look of Vision Plastic bindings were used instead of staples to give the Vision III, New Haven ' s literary magazine, a more professional look. Outside changes also include the use of a more con- ventional cover. Thirty New Haven students con- tributed 54 poems, stories, and essays to the magazine. The staff and new adviser Mr. Richard Huey spent 35 after-school hours in production of the magazine. Vision III finished the year with an awards picnic at Foster Park May 16. Eleven new members were in- ducted into the national journalism honorary Quill and Scroll. The club that is two years old at New Haven has the following national require- ments: The person must be at least a junior, he must be in the upper third of his class in scholastic standing, he must have done superior work in some phase of journalism or school publications work, and he must be recommended by the supervisor. Quill and Scroll had a combined picnic with the Herald, and Mirage May 18 at Peggy Stumpfs house. QUILL AND SCROLL— (Front row) Teresa Gatton, Barb Hege, Tudy Overholt, Bev Hege. (Row two) Kathi Tourin, Nancy Shifley, Kathy Klenke. (Row three) Sue Sams, Sharon Silver- man, Kathy Merchant, Kathy Poorman. (Row four) Miss Linda Gregon.- (, dviser), Peggy Stumpf, Stan Taylor, Steve Warden. At the Quill and Scroll picnic Kathy Poorman hands a membership card to Barb Hege, newlv inducted member of the national journalism honorary society. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES-{Front row) Kerry Hoeppner (V-P), Don Whar- ton, Ted Cameron (Sec.-Treas.), Donn Treese (Captain), Geary Hoeppner. (Row two) Stacy Clark, Paul Diehl, Ritchie Clark, Mark Bristow, Mike Myers, Bob Muth, Jerry Fuhrmann. (Row three) Ron Furniss, Stan Jacquay, Grant Messman, Craig Yoder, Dan Koonce, Jim Lahr, Kevin Mattingly, Jay Johnson. (Row four) Greg Messman, Mike Harnish, Al Lahr, Don Wilkins, Pat Winchester. Mr. Ball comes up from under the basket for a lay-up to score two points for the faculty at the FCA Alumni game. S PORTSMANSHIP COUNCIL— (Front row) Mr. Robert Wolfe (Spon), Lorie Bearman, Nancy Netherland, Kathy Taylor (Sec), Carol Pearson (Treas.), Debby Springer, Vicki Dommer. (Row two) Cindy Deitering, Jackie Snyder, Von Putman, Kim Netherland, Lana Baker, Joyce Siegers, Nancy Brandt, Jan Asher. (Row three) Doug Lohse, Jerry Chapman, Lynn Stroble, Steve Yates, Carol Baker, Kathy Poorman, Joyce Partridge. (Row four) Pat Winchester, Beth Lake, Steve Hobrock, Janet Richhart, Tami Zimmerman, Sandy Roemer, Kathi Williams, Mike Brown. Lettermen Randy Reifsnider and Al Lahr confer lems. I ' ith Coach Mitchel on NHHS athletic prob- FCA Alumni game nets club $500 Fellowship of Christian Athletes was a new addition to the ranks of NHHS extra-curricular activities in 1969. FCA raised $500 on the alumni bas- ketball game they sponsored Dec. 21, in the Boys ' Gym. Alumni from 19.55- 67 were invited to play the faculty of NHHS. A game between the Village Woods Junior High faculty and the faculty of NHJHS preceded the alumni game. FCA used the money earned from the game to send four members to a national FCA conference Aug. 3-8. The rest of the money was used to buy a bulletin board to put in front of the Boys ' Gym. May 14, Lettermens ' Club spon- sored an athletic banquet in the Cafe- teria. The banquet featured Don Odle, coach at Taylor University ' . Sportsmanship Council created one of the largest Homecoming Bonfires NHHS has ever had. After being rained out at the first try— it finally kindled Oct. 3, in the stadium parking lot. LETTERMEN— (Front row) Steve Foster, Randy Reifsnider, Denny Becker (V-P), Al Lahr (Pres.), Jerry Chapman (Sgt.-at-arms), Dave McHenry (Sgt.-at-arms). (Row two) Kerry Hoeppner, Danny Bradt- miller, Geary Hoeppner, Ross Gick, Doug Lohse, Rob Davis, Donn Treese, Mr. Everett Cass (Spon.). (Row three) Tony Patton, Richird Pfeiffer, Stan Jacquay, Dan Eakright, Steve " man. Bob Muth, Ritchie Chirk, Dan Koontz. (Row four) Mike Hamish, Bill Shumaker, Ed Ni. , Dave McDowell, Ed Foss, Don Wilkins, Pat Winchester, Ted Cameron, Jim Heemsoth. Bakers Sheryl Smith, Bev Hower, and Cheryl Jackemeyer are in the process of making cookies for Home Economics Club to sell at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Instructor from the Old Fort Rifle Club Terry Hivlet explains the proper use and safety precautions in the use of a rifle to Vincent Buchtman. RIFLE CLUB-(Front row) James Bloomfield (Exec. Off.), John Shive (Treas.), R°bbie Gardi- ner (Fres.), Gary Waldron (V-P). (Row two) Grant XVylie, Steve Everson, Vmcent Buchbnan Steven Spohr, Jack Bloomfield. (Row three) Howard Ericson, Bob Spencer, Chuck Rossman (Sec), Kenneth Filler, Greg Peters, Craig CampbelU. New Rifle Club trophy honors best marksman Rifle Club participated in postal matches by mailing their best scores to other high schools with rifle clubs and comparing the scores. This placed them in the competition for the state-wide meet April 5. Home Economics Club members learned how to blow out eggs for Easter in preparation for an Easter party given for the children of St. Vincent ' s Villa. Hair styling and good grooming tips were offered by Mrs. Myhn from Wayne University of Cosmetology for the members of Home Ec Club. The girls also sold stationery and cards to enlarge their treasury. Instead of enlarging, Rifle Club emptied its treasury by investing money in a trophy to honor sopho- more Bob Spencer who was best marksman. Rifle Club finished its second year at NHHS successfully with two vic- tories and one less in matches. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB— (Front row) Brenda Sovine, Mary Schwen (Sec), Cher l Jacke- meyer (Pres.), Rose Hower (V-P), Bev Hovver (Treas.), Sheryl Smith. (Row two) Karen Cook, Chris Roberts, Sue Scheimann, Karen Fracassini, Vicki Nichter, Kathy Klenke, Sue Dager. (Row three) Susan Stumpf, Venus Rath, Pam Lawburgh, Marie Beuchel, Debby Jackson, Connie Ron- dot, Nancy Fortman. (Row four) Sue Richards, Linda Keller, Pat Kunneman, Judy Overholt, Janice Williams, Barbara Scales, Nancy Wacker, Sandy Wetosky. In preparation for their Easter party, Kathy Ferguson, Vicki Nichter, and Joan Rife cut and decorate eggs. NHHS Chess Club ranks 12 in state The 20-member Chess Club spent the year playing chess at their meetings. The meetings started with a lecture given by Mr. Stephen or one of the advanced members on beginning chess moves, tactics, and the basis of playing a good chess game. The members continued to compete against each other to determine the four best players to represent the club at the Indiana State Chess tournament in Indianapolis. New Haven ' s team consisted of Robbie Gardiner, Rick Boester, John Shive, and Steve Clause. New Haven ranked 12th in the state. Social Studies Club ' s meetings con- sisted of current event films and dis- cussions afterward. The annual book fair was co-spon- sored by Social Studies Club and Atheneum Club during April. Social Studies Club finished the year with a banquet at the Swedish House. Entertainment was provided by Jill Swaidner who showed slides of her trip to England and Greece. Refilling the stands with paperback books for the annual book fair is Social Studies Club Presi- dent Dave Rhodes. CHESS CLUB— (Front row) Bev Hower, Steve Clause. (Row two) Ken Kokinakis, John Shive, Jim Kart. (Row three) Steve Koch, Steve Jackson, Harry Zimmerman, Robbie Gardiner. i i 1 ' . « L. 1 1 . f Steve Jackson slowly moves his pawn into Robbie Gardiner ' s territory during a NHHS chess tournament for the trophies in the background. SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB— (Front row) Brad Loar (V-P), Dave Ph llis DeBender. (Row three) Mike Schnelker, Diana Bennett, Rhodes (Pres.), Lillian Winzeler (Sec.-Treas.), Debby Jackson. (Row Monte McComb, John Summers, two) Allan South, Karen Fracassini, Marie Beuchel, Dee Louraine, clubs set ' B ' average, give test for membership Both Math and Audio-Visual Clubs have certain requirements for new members. Math Club requires that all applicants have a " B " average in all math courses. A test on the parts of a projector was given to all new mem- bers of A-V Club. Audio-Visual Club didn ' t have specific meeting dates, but served the NHHS teachers by running projectors for teachers who didn ' t know how. They were also able to make minor re- pairs on the equipment. At Math Club ' s general Thursday meetings, members gave speeches on phases of mathematics. Math Club celebrated Christmas by having a tree in Mr. Schilling ' s room decorated with polygons, tri- angles, hexagons, and squares. The May 18 Math Club picnic at McMillen Park featured installation of new officers, volleyball, and Softball. As part of his Audio-Visual Club training, Jerry Chapman threads the projector for a cla ing a film. i rtii ii r m ' AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB— (Front row) Michael Adams, Jerry Chapman, Gary Trowbridge. (Row two) Steve Bruce, Jerry Craig. (Row three) Russell Noble, Rob Davis, Dan Gibson. Mathematical theorems play a major part in Kerry Umber and Eric Andersen ' s moves in an in- volved three-dimensional chess game. MATH CLUB— (Front row) Steve Clause, Lin McRae (Sec-Treas.), Kerry Umber, Mary Larson, Doug Archbold, Ken Kokinakis, Randy Eric Andersen (Pres.), Linda Carl (V-P). (Row two) Pat Ladig, Jane Reifsnider. Vernard, Cindy Clause, Joyce Partridge, Larry Fitzwater. (Row three) Dixieland music showed some of the hidden talents of NHHS students Mike Minglin, Mark Bristow, Steve Koch, and Chris Callahan. Guitar players like Larry Monroe provided variety in " Happening ' 69 " with a change in music tempo and sitting position. ATHENEUM CLUB— (Front row) Diana Bennett, Marilyn Nulf, Nita Cunningham, Debbie Thomas. (Row two) Henry Gunder, Gary Helmke, Sharon Spohr. Rick Kirk plays his guitar at New Haven ' s Fine Arts Talent Show in the Auditorium May 12. NHHS talent shown in ' 69 Happenings Atheneum, or Library Club, brought a new club to New Haven and Fine Arts Club changed its name from Music Club and instilled a new pur- pose. Atheneum Club members assisted the Library. The club presented the film " The Poppy is Also a Flower " Jan. 22 in the Girls ' Gym. Music Club became Fine Arts Club after the constitution was amended. Its new purpose was to stimulate fine arts at New Haven. Nov. 13 Fine Arts Club went to see the " Apple Tree " at Ball State Univer- sity in Muncie. " Happening ' 69 " was the name of the Fine Arts Talent Show. NFL cut- tings, dancing, singing, guitar playing and a Dixieland combo were some of the talents at the show. Atheneum Club also sponsored the annual book fair beginning April 2L The bookfair was conducted in ac- cordance with National Library Week. FINE ARTS CLUB— (Front row) Linda Comito, Lin McRae, Sue Sams, Allison Lowery, Paula Stagle, Linda Burczak, Jill Schmidt, Connie Notestine, Nancy Meyer, Rachel Koontz. (Row two) Kendra Fraser, Cindi Hille, Betsy Goehring, Becky Wolf, Nancv Gunder, Sue Hannie, Jeanette Wick, Brenda Zurcher, Jackie Doell. (Row three) Rick Kirk, Jim Schmidt, Chris Callahan, John Shi e, Chris Persing, Debbie Korte, Marcy Blair, Ro.vanne Bruns. (Row four) Bob Brown, Larry Goshorn, Kerr ' Umber, Mike Crawford, Paul Jaessing, Donn Treese, Mike Minglin, Craig Campbell. Steve Koch. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS AND SPONSORS-(Front row) Tanya Maul (V-P), Jan Sloan (Pres.), Trish Janson (Treas.), Linda Jenkins (Sec), Carol Bauserman. (Row two) Sharon Silver- man, Linda Mosel, Nell Servos, Jeanette Wick, Sue Scheimann, Karen Fracassini. (Row three) Marcy Blair, Brenda Sovine, Chris Persing, Betsv Goehring, Elaine Snyder, Kathy Kelly. (Row four) Roxanne Bruns, Sue Lelja, Cindy Hille, Mark Chapman, Dan Gibson, Dave Rhodes. Jerry Mazock steadies the ball at a German- French Club soccer match to put a high flyer into the air for a French Club victory. German Club members stand ready with skis and poles to leave for their Christmas ski weekend at Mount Wawasee. Mr. Ron Wade, English teacher, gets the bucket from Harry Zimmerman at German Ckib ' s Sadie Hawkins County Fair booth. GERMAN CLUB— (Front row) Donn Treese, Doris Schulthies, Mike Pfundstein (Pres.), Glenna Rennecker (V-P), Cheryl Milliman (Treas.), Paul Jaessing, Jim Schmidt. (Row two) Bonnie Hunnings, Linda Scheimann, Linda Baatz, Kim Netherland, lane Westrick, Kay Sorg, Mari- anne Werling, Elaine Jones, Allan South, Lori Anger. (Row three) Don Kaweicki, Jerrs- Judt. Alice Lowery, Georganna Morrison, Anne Rocke, Jackie Doell, Marilyn Trzynka, Ramona Bar- wiler Linda Wick, Christine Wauer, Colleen Singer. (Row four) Dave Malone, John Fisher, Ken Johnston, Bob Jones, Clark May, Tim Werling, Mike Timmons, Mike Beuchel, Jon Cooper, Mike Crawford. Soccer games unite French and Germans The European sport, soccer, brought the New Haven German and French Clubs together for the first time on the phiying field. They played a total of six games, which resulted in three German wins, two French wins, and one tie. French Club spent much time earn- ing money during the year. A lunch- time bake sale in the Cafeteria fea- tured cookies, cakes, and candies. The club also sold NHHS chiss pins and purple and gold garters for Sectionals. A ski weekend at Mount Wawiisee was German Club ' s way of celebrat- ing Christmiis. The club left early Sunday morning and spent the day learning to ski. French Club ended the year with a banquet at Cafe Johnell where tnie French cuisine was served. The ban- quet was covered bv ' ANE-T ' ;is a human interest ston-. German Club closed the ear with a May 6 banquet at the Sheraton Hotel. Mike Crawford provided the entertainment bv gi ' ing his NFL cut- ting from Huckleberry Finn. NH Marching Band films commercial for grocery DANCE BAND— (Front row) Mark Bristovv, Mike McMillen, Chris Callahan, Becky Schmidt, Linda Blair, Chris Parsing, Terry Wilson, Brad Loar. (Row two) Susan Hannie, Mr. Ron Best (director) Mike Minglin, John Shive, Jim Critell, Harry Resor, Steve Koch, Donn Treese, Norm Moser. (Row three) Larry Goshorn, Candy Darnell. Camp Potawotami was the location of Band Camp in August 1968. New march- ing techniques were learned during the week. The program for marching contest and several half-times shows for h ome football games were rehearsed. The Band earned an excellent rating at the Goshen marching contest Oct. 5. All Band members participated in the solo-ensemble contest at Portage Junior High with 47 per cent of the entries earning superior ratings. The Band presented a Winter Concert, Pop Concert, and the Formal Spring Concert. Proceeds were put into a fund to buy blazers. Twenty-five members filmed a com- mercial during Christmas vacation. The filming was shot in segments at a local supermarket and the music was pre-re- corded. The agency donated $200 to be used for blazers. CONCERT BAND— (Front row) C. Persing, E. Jones, G. Morrison, K. Fraser, N. Shifley, L. Burczak, L. Comito, K. Springer, A. Rocke, C. Overholt, B. Sovine, J. Rocke, L. Stahl, R. Voiral. (Row two) C. Callahan, K. Williams, J. Koch, D. Springer, J. Lahr, J. Ray, S. Hannie, C. Campbell, D. Kundred, R. Johnson, B. Wolf, N. Friedley, J. Schmidt, J. Shirk, C. Lantz, B. Hunnings, S. Fox, J. Doell, R. Keller. (Row three) D. Korte, D. Kearns, S. Ernst, K. Lucter- hand, S. Ahlersmeyer, B. Schmidt, C. Milliman, L. Blair, G. Waldron, T. Wilson, D. Fullerton, D. Hill, G. Pemberton, C. Zuver, D. Koester, M. George, N. Servos, K. Bearman, L. Wick, D. New Haven ' s only girl tuba player, Lillian Winzeler, practices after school to keep her good standing in the section. Drum majors— (Standing) Donn Treese and Jim Schmidt, and Mike Minglin. W mM - V M fr P SI .1 r ;i? " " ° ' ' ' ' T cu : ' H ' " x ,L " ' - (« " " • fo " ) N. Minnich, C. Hasty, V. Murua, P. Slagle, G. Sherman, J. Shive, M, Minghn, R. Chamberlain, K. Anger, N. Moser t r Celr ' R ° " ' - t h " ' - ??T,- ' - ' j:- - B " kmaster, J. Quandt, J. Critell, D Pot M ' iJ-ll m Lew ' s J Hoppe, M. McComb, G. Koch, S. Koch, A. Lahr, D. Treese, B Tones M Ml " " - (Row five) A, Loweo ' , L. Goshorn, J. Schmidt, D. Beattv, S. Sams, Mr. Pau MiCn L Long ' E w ' 1 " ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' " ' ' " ' - ' ' ' " ■ ' ' ° ' ' - W ' nzeler, L Ford, G. Hazde IT ' ) ,. Twirlers— (Front row) Sue Hannie (Head Majorette). (Row two) Nan Friedlev, Lisa Stahl. (Row three) Gloria Pemberton. Beck - Wolf, Nanc - Minich. (Row four) Ramon ' a Keller, Beckv Huffman. NH Latin Club perforins authentic Roman wedding LATIN CLUB SENIORS— (Front row) Cindy Clause, Kathy Poorman (lanitor), Nancy Nether- land (Treas.), Kathy Williams (Censor), Janet Richhart (Sec). (Row two) Sharon Spohr Bev Hower Connie Notestine, Kathy Armbrust, Betsy Goehring, Debby Springer. (Row three) Lric Andersen, Colleen Heine, Debby Jackson, Peggy Stumpf, Kathy Lake Juanita Cunningham. (Row four) Becky Schmidt, Linda Comito, Kerry Umber (Consul), David Wass, Kevin Tolhver, John Summers (Consul), Cheryl Jackemeyer. The NHHS- Latin Club wedding closely resembled an authentic Roman wedding of old. The husband stole the wife from her family, this was fol- lowed by a nighttime torch-light pro- cessional through the streets escort- ing the bride and groom to their new home. The refreshments after the ceremony included a Latin wedding cake made of lard and grape wine. Following the January meeting the seniors put on a Roman fashion show. They modeled togas, tunics, pallas, footwear, jewelry, hairstyles, and soldier ' s garb. Latin club finished the year with an April 20 banquet complete with slaves and a Latin laugh-in. Both Varsity Choir and Girls ' Glee Club attended the Northern Indiana School Band Orchestra and Vocal As- sociation State Choir Contest. The choral department celebrated Christmas with an annual open house at the home of Mr. Carl Nicholas, choir director. At the annual choir banquet May 13 in the Cafeteria Betsy Goehring and Steve Warden were awarded plaques for being outstanding varsity choir members. £.-£.Af VARSITY CHOIR— (Front row) Joyce Siegers, Trish Janson, Lee Bricker, Betsy Goehring, Bruch Backofen, Paul Niccum, Sonja Me- halechko, Cindy Hille, Karen Cook. (Row two) Carla Slane, Martha Lomont, Paula Percy, Mark Weigand, Larry Monroe, Dan Coats, Patty Prather, Marilyn Lewis, Debbie Lovely. (Row three) Peggy Moord, Linda Brown, Vicky Leonard, Jim Reams, John Mehalechko, Mike Alber, Shirley Muntian, Debbie Suthers, Sue Lelja, RaNelle Talley. (Row four) Vicki Dommer, Linda Hamilton, Julie Kelty, Dan Headlee, Mark Carman, Mike Schannen, Steve Warden, Kathi Hin- richs, Karen Bearman, Sandy Van Alstine, Sue Heine. Groom Steve Holt and bride Marcia Westerfleld take their Latin wedding vows at the NHHS Latin Club wedding. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB— (Front row) Marcia Westerfleld. Kim Nether- land, Linda Cochrum, Sheryl Moore, Sharon Stoller, Rachel Koontz, Rosie Chapman, Diana Dillman, Sandy Perrine, Lana Baker, Melanie Armstrong, Jerry Gaskill, Pat Lien, Jan Foltz. (Row two) Sally Tru- lock, Cindy Wales, Diane Rehm, Del Piebengo, Mary Nichter, Kathy Merz, Pat Cain, Neva Turley, Kathy Hoover, Pam Schinnerer, Gwen Kruse, Sandy Arnold, Peggy Blair, Vicki Morris, Trudy Pensinger, Sharon Bade, Nancy Netherland. (Row three) Kris Kelly, Lynn Beu- schei. Michele D.uicer, Janet Le.i el, Karen Twitchell, Sandy Roemer, Jan Winicker, Diane DeRemer, Linda Stellhorn. Dona B.ihler, Susie Stumpf, Cind - Hormann, Linda Flora. Karla Dot . Jud - Grossman, Margie Osborn. (Row four) Shelly Crawford. Karen Morris. Peeg - Gable, June Guillaume, Janice Stalter. Dawn Khune, Joyce Oehler, Trudv Tope, Melody Sclieele, Ramona Barwiler. Beth Lake. " alerie Oliver, Barb Foerster. Kath Merchant, Pegg - L -nch, Deb Meyer, Jo ce Coffey, Melanie Schneider. Swing Choir makes 32 personal appearances Mr. Carl Nicholas, Choir Director, presents Larry Goshorn his silver key for two years partici- pation in choral activities at New Haven. Concert Choir and Swing Choir spent most of their- time making personal appearances in 1969. Some of Concert Choir ' s appear- ances were for the Indiana State Teacher ' s Convention, Christ Child Pageant, Christmas Convocation, Veteran ' s Hospital, and the Easter Convocation. Swing Choir made personal ap- pearances at 32 concerts for social and civic groups in the area. Students from all the choral depart- ments tried to track down prospective magazine buyers during the annual magazine sale. The profit from the magazines helped pay for many of the trips taken to concert destinations during the year. The money also paid for clean- ing the 200 choir robes. May 13 the Choral department had its annual banquet in the Cafeteria. Outstanding members plaques were awarded to Jackie Ulm and John Oberlin in Concert Choir. Gold Keys were awarded for three years partici- pation in choral activities. Silver keys were given for two, and bronze keys for one year participation. CONCERT CHOIR— (Front row) Lin McRae, Judy Pensinger, Barb Pass, Connie Hemsooth, Cheryl Welsch, Elaine Snyder, Christy Dar- nell, Pam Taylor, Leah Beuscher, Linda Carl, Colleen Knox, Cheryl Smith, Nancy Learn, Marcy Blair, Kathy Lake, Brenda Zurcher. (Row two) Gary Snyder, Jan Smith, Debbie Springer, Valerie Rodey, Kathy Poorman, Twiane Stoller, Tami Zimmerman, Lori Bearman, Carol Baker, Janet Richhart, Joyce Partridge, Linda Mosel, Jan Asher, Delia Klenke, Cindy Speith, Dale Turner. (Row three) Roxanne Bruns, Mike Moennig, Stan Taylor, Maurice Ralston, Linda Burgette, Done; Mor- ris, Mark Chapman, Tom Reinking, Kasandra Cox, Riclc Kirk, Jon Sharer, Don Treese, Jackie Ulm, Jim Schmidt, Peter Mailers, Dave Wirt, Steve Hobrock, Phil Schwafm. (Row four) Lana Barfell, Rick Boester, Ed Benedict, Duncan Whyte, Ron Neuenschwander, Paul Jaessing, Greg Harper, Bruce Campbell, Colleen Singer, Jim McRae, John Oberlin, Kerry Umber, Mike Lough, Steve Yates, Randy Swank, Jerry Chapman, Mike Crawford, Bob Brown, Dave Tatro, Paula Rodenbeck, Steve Shappell. Junior Rotarians Eric Kuhne, Greg Harper, Al Lahr, and Mark Chapman present their version of " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream " for the Choir banquet. SWING CHOIR— (At piano) Jackie Ulm. (Front row) Elaine Snyder, Barb Pass, Carol Baker, Christy Darnell, Debbie Springer. (At drums) Larry Goshorn. (Row two) RicK Kirk, Jan Asher, John Sharer, Brenda Zurcher, Kathy Poorman, Gar.- Snyder. (Row three) Mark Chapman, Kerry Umber, Randy Swank, Greg Harper, Mike Hough, Jim McRae. 4, at " ■,,- 4? Here at New Haven People care about each other: Anxious spectators mob the floor to congratulate the team, Friends make surprise lunchtime birthday parties; Boys slowly walk girls to classes; Bus riders save extra seats for friends. New Havenites Are Interested, Aware, And Active. Each person adds to the growth Of New Haven By being Involved with People - 3 .■;-Ti-jKS " 3 ■ Part of Mr. Bonahoom ' s (assistant principal) and Mr. Kenwood ' s (principal) job was serving as Grand Marshall in New Haven ' s annual Homecoming parade. MR. PAUL HARDING Superintendent of East Allen County Schools from 1954-1968, died August 7, 1968, in heart surgery at Parkview Memorial Hospital. A vocational scholarship fund has been established in his memory. Administrative assistant Mr. Robert Holt helps Dr. Richard Miller, new superintendent, become acquainted with his duties. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS-(Front row) Mr. Ray Lehman, Mr. Robert Holt, Mr. Rich- ard Miller. (Row two) Mr. Carlton Giant, Mr. Ralph Ferguson, Mr. John Reifsnider, Mr. Donald Gehrig, Mr. William Wise. Dr. Miller takes over superintendent ' s post East Allen County School ' s new su- perintendent Dr. Richard Miller, re- placed the late Mr. Paul Harding. Dr. Miller was formerly superintendent of Logansport Community Schools. Mr. Robert Holt was acting super- intendent until April 1 when Dr. Miller officially assumed the post of superintendent. The Athletic Council met every two weeks at the Pancake House for breakfast to discuss and solve athletic policies and problems for the seven major interscholastic sports. The council was composed of Mr. May- nard Henwood, principal, and all coaches in senior high sports. Two new members were added to the School Board this year. They were Mrs. Jeanne Miller and Mr. Chester Schmidt. Mr. Michael Bonahoom, assistant principal, worked the second semester on educational specifications for the new high school that is to be com- pleted by September 1972. The high school will be located across from Southwick Elementary School. SCHOOL BOARD— (Front row) Mr. Tom Kurtz, Mr. Charles Reynolds, Mrs. Jeanne Miller, Mr. Gordon Jackson. (Row two) Mr. Chris Roemke, Mr. Richard Hartigan, Mr. Chester Schmidt. ATHLETIC COUNCIL— (Front row) Mr. Jerry Mitchel, Mr. Paul Armstrong, Mr. Maynard Henwood, Mr. Everett Cass. (Row two) Mr. Jerry Goeglein, Mr. Fred Clark, Mr. Don Huml, Mr. Fred Cass, Mr. Armond Ball, Mr. John Becker, Mr. Pat Monaghan. .Mr. Stan Hostetler. Teachers urge more support Mr. Verl Oberlin finds the first school day involves more work than homework when he adds up book-rental money. MR. PAUL J. ARMSTRONG— Guidance-Head Football Coach. Athletic Director MR. ARMOND J. BALL— Business Mathematics, General Business — Future Business Leaders of America MRS. LUANN BEAMAN-Librarian— Atheneum Club MR. JOHN BECKER-U.S. History, U.S. Government— Social Studies Club, Assistant Football, Basketball, and Track Coach MR. DENNIS BENSON-Architectural Drafting, Welding— Mas- que and Gavel MR. JEAN F. BEUGNOT-Psychology, Sociology, Exploratory Teaching — Social Studies Club MR. THOMAS J. BYANSKI— English V— Latin Club MR. EVERETT L. CASS— U.S. History, Psycholog — Lettermen ' s Club, Head Cross Country and Track Coach MRS. M. JANICE CHASE— Algebra I-IV, Plane Geometr — Junior Red Gross MISS CHARLOTTE GLARK-Girls ' Physical Education— Girls ' Athletic Association MRS. MILDRED COLDERBANK— Advanced Foods, Boys " Fo ods — Home Economics Club MR. MAX CROWNOVER— Special Education MISS HARRIET M. DANIELS-English III, English Literature- Future Teachers of America MR. JOHN N. DIGKMEYER-Latin MI— Latin Club SR. CHIEF CHESTER L, DODD— National Junior Reserve Offi- cers Training Corps MR. ROBERT F. DYE— Developmental Reading— Audio-Visual Club MRS. BEULAH FAULSTICK— Child Care, Home Nursing, Sewing I -II — Future Nurses of America MR. A. JAY FISHER— Literature IV— Science Club for State ' s schools MRS. JULIE FRANKE-Art III-IV, Ceramics— Pep Club Boys ' Boosters, Cheerleaders MR. JERRY GOEGLEIN-Typing I-III, Bookkeeping I-IV-Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes MR. PAUL GOEGLEIN— Guidance Director MISS LINDA GREGORY— Journalism, English III— Mirage, Herald, Quill and Scroll MR. CLARON HANEFELD— Plane Geometry— Math Club MR. GORDON V. HARTER— English V— Student Congress MR. RICHARD D. HUEY— English III,V— Vision III MR. R. LAWRENCE HUFF— American Literature VI— National Honor Society MR. THOMAS E. HUFFORD— Economics, U.S. History-Hi-Y MR. DON F. HUMI Biology, Botony, Zoology— Audio-Visual Club, Head Baseball Coach MR. KEITH HUNNINGS— Chemistry I-IV, Physical Science— Sci- ence Club MR. GERALD E. ISCH— Advanced Metals, Advanced Woods- Industrial Arts Club MR, DENNIS JOHNSON— General Business, Typing MI— Student Congress MR. H. HAMILTON KART— Speech, English V-National Foren- sic League, Debate MRS. ANITA L. KINZIE— English IV-V— Student Congress MR. LYNN KLOPFENSTEIN— Biology, Botony, Zoology— Science Club LT. COL. ROBERT M. KRIPPNER— Naval Junior Reserve Offi- cers Training Corps MR. THOMAS J. LAMB— U.S. History— Social Studies Club MISS BETTY J. LEUENBERGER— U.S. Government— Y -Teens MR. DAVID L. LUTZ-German I-VI-German Club MISS MARY MANIFOLI -Art I-II— Y-Teens MRS. DORIS MANN— English III-IV— Pep Club MRS. PATRICIA A. MARTIN— Girls ' Physical Education— Girls ' Athletic Association MR. FRANCIS E. MAY— Speech, Grammar 12— Masque and Gavel, National Forensic League Civic organizations MR. SAMUEL W. MAY— Boys ' Physical Education— Intramurals MR. PAUL E. MILLIMAN— Concert Band— Fine Arts Club MR. JERRY MITCHEL— U.S. History— Lettermen ' s Club, Head Basketball Coach MR. CARL W. NICHOLAS— Music Theory, Varsity Choir, Girls ' Glee Club, Concert Choir, Swing Choir — Fine Arts Club MR. WILLIS R. NORTON— Industrial Arts, Auto Mechanics MR. VERL A. OBERLIN— Sales, Business Law— National Honor Society elect NH teachers as officers Mi . Hi-leii Trovfi pins hfi Christmas c.ird on tlu- bulletin to.ird with all the other fac- iilt members ' Christmas earils. MRS. VIRGINIA WEST— Guidance, Steno Lab— National Honor Society, OfBce Education Association MR. ARTHUR J. WILDER— Chemistry, Algebra MI, Physical Science — Science Club MRS. ETTA WOLF— Guidance— Student Congress MR. ROBERT G. WOLFE— Biology, Algebra I-II— Boys ' Boosters, Sportsmanship Council MR. EDMUND A. ZAPP— Sociology, World History— Hi-Y MISS MARY JO PURVIS— French III -VIII— French Club MR. ROBERT REYNOLDS— U.S. Government, . .ssistant Librar- ian—Rifle Club MRS. VIVIAN ROGERS— Latin III-VIII— Latin Club MR. TERRY L. ROSS— French I-IV— French Club MR. EVERETT SAUDERS— Physics, Physical Science, Algebra III -IV-Science Club MR. RICHARD SCHILLING— Algebra III-V, Plane Geometry-, Trigonometry — Math Club MRS. MARGARET C. SCHWABEI General Business, Typing I -II — Future Business Leaders of America MR. STEPHEN G. SIMON— U.S. Government— National Honor Society MR. MILTON J. SINN— Composition 12, Speech, Biblical Litera- ture — National Forensic League, Masque and Gavel MR. CARL A. SIPE— Typing I-II, Bookkeeping I-II, Sales— Boys ' Boosters, Pep Club MR. DON STEBING— Bookkeeping I-II, Typing III, Business Ma- chines — Future Business Leaders of America MR, NORMAN STEPHAN— Business Machines, Clerical Lab- Chess Club MR. DON STEWARD— Drafting, Electricitv— Industrial Arts Club MRS. CAROL STRAYER— Shorthand I-II, General Business- Junior Red Cross MR. WILLIAM THOMPSON— Biology, Physical Science— Science Club MRS. HELEN TROYER— Sewing I-IV— Y -Teens MR. GEORGE TURNER— Industrial Arts, Machine Metals- Rifle Club MR. RONALD WADE— English IV-V— Future Teachers of Amer- give teachers puttering time Being a teacher requires much time and effort, but NH teachers are able to find time for hobbies and personal and professional interests. Many NH teachers enjoy playing bridge, and some of the more active men teachers enjoy outdoor sports, such as fishing, golfing, and boating. Several of the teachers claim that what they enjoy most of all is spend- ing time with their families. Several of New Haven ' s teachers are active in civic organizations. Miss Harriet Daniels was president of Fort Wayne ' s Business and Professional Women ' s Club, and Mrs. Virginia West is regional representative for Indiana Business Education Associa- tion. Mr. Milton Sinn is active as a church tre; surer. Thirty-five of New Haven ' s teachers went to Indianapolis Feb. 23 to ;isk for better educational facilities and more money to operate the state schools. More than 15,000 Hoosier teachers attended. Working with old clocks is a favorite pastime for Mr. Keith Hunnings. This antique clock has been in his family for more than a hundred years. HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARIES— Miss Barb Snyder, Mrs. Carol Symonds, Mrs. lona Richhart, Mrs. Imogene Brubaker. Mr. Neil Hendrickson, head custodian, does his part to keep New Haven clean by polish- ing the floor. ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARIES— (Front row) Mrs. Debbie Teegardin, Mrs. Monica Lepper, Mrs. Vivian Purvis. (Row two) Miss Pat Ort, Mrs. Carol Wake, Mrs. Joan HofiVnan, Mrs. Deloris Pfeiffer, Mrs. Margaret Rodgers, Mrs. Anna Lowden, Miss Trudy Smith. Non-teaching staff of 21 keeps school going It takes four high school secretaries, eleven cooks, one nurse, and five cus- todians to keep New Haven running smoothly every school day. More than 1,000 students a month kept Mrs. Marie Perrin, the school nurse, quite busy. She dispensed over 7,000 aspirin and 2,000 lozenges, and applied 900 adhesive bandages. The high school secretaries do much more each day than type letters and answer the phone. They are kept busy balancing club treasury books and keeping track of attendance. This year the cooks served about 850 students daily. The students had their choice of buying the plate lunch for $.40 or getting their lunch from the ala carte line. The school was maintained by the custodians who worked around the clock in two shifts to polish floors, paint rooms, and make repairs through- out the school physical plant. Mrs. Marie Perrin, nurse, fills out necessary reports after treating each student. HIGH SCHOOL COOKS— (Front row) Mrs. Margaret Okulv, Mrs. Helen lones, Mrs. Dorothy Bearman, Mrs. Margaret Suciu, Mrs. Carol Frosch. (Row two) Mrs. Hilda Schnelker. Mrs. Lor- etta Chupool, Mrs. Edith Hanefeld, Mrs. Ocie Miller, Mrs. Mildred Bowers, Mrs. Carolyn Drayer, Mrs. Agnes Jacquay. Mr. Dick Lake, custodian, polishes the fire extinguisher to make sure everything is in good working condition. MIKE ADAMS— Audio-Visual Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 2. PATRICK D. ADAMS— Social Studies Club 3,4. BILL AHLERSMEYER— Boys ' Boosters 2, 3,4; German Club 3,4; Hi-Y 4; Sportsman- ship Council 4; Track 3. JERRY AMBROSINI— FBLA 4; Bishop Luers High School, 2. REBECCA JEAN AMMERMAN— GAA 2,3; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 2,3,4. ERIC ANDERSEN— " Brigadoon " ; Latm Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3 (Pres. 4); National Honor Society 3,4. LORENE M. ANGER— " Brigadoon ; FBLA 4; German Club 3,4. KATHRYN ARMBRUST-FNC 4; GAA 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Business 2; Pep Club 2,3; Y-Teens 3,4. LINDA SUZANNE ARNETT— Home Ec Club 2. SANDRA SUE ARNOLD— Girls ' Glee Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4. JANET FAYE ASH ER— " Brigadoon " ; Con- cert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; NFL 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3 (Sec-Treas. 4); Pep Club 2,3,4; Sportsmanship Council 2,3,4; Swing Choir 4. GARY D. AUBREY. CAROL BAKER— " Brigadoon " ; Cheerleader JV 2, Varsitv 3,4; Concert Choir 3 (Sec. 4); GAA 2,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Latin Club 2, 3; Red Cross 2; Sportsmanship Council 2,3, 4; Student Congress 4; Swing Choir 3,4. LANA K. BARFELL— Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2; OEA 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2,3, (Sec. 4). JOHN E. BARNES— Bovs ' Boosters 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4. PAMELA JO BAUMGARTNER-GAA 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2; Sportsmanship Council 4. CAROL ANN BAUSERMAN— French Club 2,3,4; FTA 4; GAA 2; Pep Club 3,4; Student Congress 4. KAREN SUE BEARMAN— Band 2,3,4; GAA 2; Mirage Business 2; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 2,3. LORIE LINN BEARMAN— " Brigadoon " ; Cheerleader JV 2, Varsity 3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Red Cross 2; Sportsmanship Council 2,3,4; Swing Choir 4; Y-Teens 2. SHERYL BEAVERS. DENNIS BECKER— Baseball 2,3,4; Boys ' Boosters 3 (VP 4); Chess Club 2; Senior Council; Football 2,3 (Capt. 4); Hi-Y 2,3 (VP 4); Intramurals 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 3 (VP 4); Math Club 2; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Prom King; Sportsmanship Council 2,3; ' Student Congress 2,3,4; Wrestling 2. MARGO BELOW. EDWARD R. BENEDICT-Boys ' Boosters 4; Boys ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4. CARL W. BERRY. At a pep session senior Eric Kuhne drives the Bulldog Express, loaded with the spirit bone, around the victory bell. Spirit grows with senior assistance MARIE REGINA BEUCHEL— FTA 3,4; GAA 2; Home Ec Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Social Studies Club 3,4. LEAH ANN BEUSCHER— " Brigadoon " ; Senior Class Sec; Senior Council; Concert Choir 4; French Club 2,3; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Homecoming Queen 4; Mas- que and Gavel 3 (Sec. 4); Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2; Science Club 3; Y -Teens 2,3. DIANE KAY BIENZ-FTA 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 3,4. MARCY LYNN BLAIR-Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; GAA 2 (Sec. 3); Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Home Ec Club 2; Mirage Business 2,3; Science Club 3; Vision III. JACK L. BLOOMFIELD— Rifle Club 3,4. JAMES L. BLOOMFIELD— Rifle Club 3,4. JACK STEWART BOCK— Bovs ' Boosters 2; Hi-Y 2; Intraniurals 2,3. JANE A. BOOMERSHINE— " Bngadoon " ; FTA 4; German Club 2. RONNIE BORK. JANIS BOULWARE— Home Ec Club 4; Latin Club 2. DENNIS BRADTMILLER— Baseball 2,3,4; Senior Council; FTA 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Bowling Club 4. WILLIAM H. BREMER. Drum Major Donn Treese, fills one of his duties by assisting Band Director, Mr. Milli- man at home games. Senority makes activity ' experts ' TERRY RICHARD BRENNAN— Boys ' Boosters 4. LEE ANNE BRICKER— GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Y- Teens 2. KENNETH EUGENE BROCKWAY— Indus- trial Arts Club 2; Rifle Club 3. RICK BROOKS. DUANE E. BROWN— Boys ' Boosters 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. LINDA JEAN BROWN-Varsity Choir 4; John Adams High School, South Bend 2,3. MILLIE L. BROWN— OEA 4. ROBERT BROWN— Boys ' Booster 4; " Brig- adoon " ; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; FTA 3,4; Mirage Business 3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; Vision III Editor. ROXANNE CHARLENE BRUNS— Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2, 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Vision III. LYNDA LEE BURGETTE-Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3. GUY D. BURNETT-Intramurals 2,3; Track 2. CHARLES E. BURWELL. JEANNIE M. BYRAM— GAA 2; Pep Club 2, 3,4; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 2. JANICE CACCAMO— FBLA 4. THEODORE K. CAMERON— Cross Coun- try 2,3,4; FCA 4 (Sec-Treas.); Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 2. JOHN BRUCE CAMPBELL— " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Swing Choir 3,4. LINDA SUE CARI Class Treas. 2,3,4; Senior Council; Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Homecoming Court 4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Math Club (Sec-Treas. 3, VP 4); National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Student Congress 2,4; Y-Teens 2. I C. GARY. JERRY CHAPMAN— Audio-Visual Club 2,3 (Pres. 4); Basketball 2,3,4; Boys ' Boosters 4; Boys ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Sportsmanship Coun- cil 4; Track 2,3. MARK CHAPMAN— Baseball 2; Basketball 2; Boys ' Boosters 4; " Brigadoon " ; Junior Class Pres.; Concert Choir 2 (Pres. 4, VP 3); French Club 4; Hi-Y 2,3 (Pres. 4); Intra- murals 3,4; Prom Court 3; Student Congress 2,3,4; Swing Choir 3,4. KATHY CHARLESTON— GAA 2. WILLIAM CHARLESTON— Band 2. RICHARD MILES CHEEK— Red Cross Club 2; Social Studies Club 4. JOHN CHEW. DAVE CLARK. STAGY CLARK— Boys ' Boosters 4; FCA 4; Golf 3,4. CYNTHIA LOUISE CLAUSE— FTA 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2; Girls ' State. JOHN JOSEPH CLEM— Audio-Visual Club 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3; Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Track 2,3. LETIS I GOAK DIANE COBLENTZ— FBLA 3,4; OEA 4. DEBORAH GOBURN— Herald 3. MICHAEL COCKS- Science Club VP 4. DANNY KAYE COE. RICK COKER— Science Club 2. WILLIAM COLDERBANK-Rifle Club 3. MICHAEL COLE. LINDA COMITO— Band 2,3,4; Senior Council; Fine Arts Club 4; FTA 3 (Treas. 4); GAA 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2; Mirage Business 2,3,4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4. CYNTHIA CONNER. KIT CONRAD. KAREN COOK-FNC 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; Girls Glee Club 2,3; Home Ec Club 2; Mirage Business 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross Club 2 3,4; Social Studies Club 2; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2,3. PHIL COONROD— Rifle Club 3,4. KASANDRA LYN COX— Concert Choir 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3; FNC 2,3 (Pres. 4); Girls ' Glee Club 2. CHERYL LYNN CRAWFORD— French Club 2; FBLA 3,4; GAA 2; Pep Club 4; Y- Teens 2,3. MIKE CRAWFORD— " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 4; German Club 3,4; Hi-Y 4; Latin Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4. TUANITA CUNNINGHAM— Atheneura Club 4; Fine Arts Club 3; FNC 2,3,4; Girls- Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Busi- ness 2- Mirage Editorial 3; Pep Club 3,4; Red Cross Club 3 (Pres. 4); Varsity Choir 4. MICHELLE DANCER— Girls ' Glee Club 4; Pep Club 2,3. SANDRA KAY DANIELS— Antheneum Club 4; GAA 2. „ CHRISTY DARNELL— " Brigadoon ; Senior Council; Concert Choir 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,4; Masque and Gavel 2 ' 3 4; NFL 3,4; Swing Choir 3,4. SANDRA DAWSON— GAA 2; Mirage Busi- ness 4. LINDA DAY— Home Ec Club 2; Red Cross Club 2. KENT W. DELP— Bovs ' Boosters 3. ROBERT MARK DICKE-Band 2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 3. DEBRA LYNN DILLON— GAA 3; Pep Club 3; Y-Teens 4. DEBORAH ANN DOLL-FBLA 4; Pep Club 2. VICKI DOMMER— GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Mirage Business 3; OEA (VP 4); Pep Club 2,3,4; Sportsmanship Council 3,4; Student Congress 3,4; Vision III; Y-Teens 3 (VP 4); Varsity Choir 4. CHARLES DOSTER. DAVID DOTY— Rifle Club 3,4. MIKE DOWNEY. GREG DRUMMOND— BasebaU 3; Intra- murals 2. „■ u o . GARY E. DYARMAN— Science Club 3,4. With the assurance of having a parking place in the " senior row, " Jan Sloan slowly leaves the car for another day of school. Senior Row grants parking places MICHAEL DYER. JANET ROSE ECKERT— GAA 2. JANICE ECKERT— FTA 3; GAA 2; Red Cross Club 2. LOUIS H. EHINGER-Latin Club 2. MICHAEL K. ELWOOD— Lake High School, Millbury, Ohio 2. KATHLEEN ENGDAHI FBLA 4. MIKE ENGLISH. GARY FENSLER— Hi-Y 3; Intramurals 3,4; Latin Club 3; Masque and Gavel 3; Student Congress 3. KATHY FERGUSON— Home Ec Club 4; Y-Teens 3. JOHN LAWRENCE FISHER. TIMOTHY I. FITZGERALD— Baseball 2,3, 4; Latin Club 2,3. LARRY D. FITZWATER-Bovs ' Boosters 4; Math Club 3,4; Science Club 4. Mr. Paul Geoglein gives senior John Sum- mers notification that he has been selected as a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Varied awards bring honor to seniors CAROL FLECK— French Club 3. GARY W. FOLK— Boys ' Boosters 2; Intra- murals 2,3; Latin Club 2,3. JOAN FOREMAN— German Club 2 (Sec.). STEVEN WAYNE FOSTER— Boys ' Boost- ers 3; Cross Country 2,3; Intramurals 2,3; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3; Swing Choir 3; Track 3. KAREN LEE FRACASSINI— French Club 2,3,4; GAA 2; Home Ec Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Science Club 4; Social Studies Club 4; DAR Award 4; Y-Teens 4. STEPHEN FRANKS-Band 2,3; Dance Band 2; Golf 2. MICHAEL FROSCH-Boys ' Boosters 4; Mirage Business 3. MICHAEL FURNISS— Baseball 2,3; Boys ' Boosters 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Wrestling 3. TOM GALVIN— Intramurals 2,3. ROBERT ALLEN GARDINER— Boys ' Boosters 3 (Sgt.-at-arms 4); Chess Club 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Rifle Club (Pres. 4, VP 3); Science Club 4. DIANNA GARMAN-Pep Club 2. LEAH GARWOOD-OEA 4; Pep Club 4; Monmouth High School 2. PAT GEISE. DEBRA LYNN GELLER-FBLA 2 3 4- Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. ROSS GICK-Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3, 4; Intramurals 3,4; Lettermans ' Club 3,4. DON GIRARDOT. ELIZABETH ANN GOEHRING-Senior Class VP; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Business .3,4; Pep Club 2 3 4- Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2 ' ' LARRY F. GOSHORN-Band 2,3,4; " Briga- doon ; Dance Band 3,4; Intramurals 4; Swing Choir 4. ANNETTE SUE GRIEST-GAA 2- Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 4. JEANNE MIRIAM GROSSMAN-Senior Council; French Club 2,3,4; GAA 2; Science Club 3,4; Vision III. HENRY GUNDER— Atheneum Club 4. CHARLIE HAGAN. LINDA HAMILTON-Varisty Choir 4; Thibodaux High School, Thibodaux, La. 2 3. SUSAN .MARY HANNIE-Band 2,3,4; " Brigadoon " ; Dance Band 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3 (Treas. 4); FTA 2,3 (VP 4); Latin Club 2,3; Majorette 2,3,4. TERRY HARDING— East Noble High School, 2. JANICE SUE HARKENRIDER— French Club 2; FBLA 4; GAA 2; Pep Club 3,4. MICHAEL W. HARNISH— Boys ' Boosters 4; Debate 2,3,4; FCA 4; Football 4; Intra- murlas 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; NFL 2,3 (Pres. 4); Science Club 3 (Treas. 4); Student Congress 2; Track 3,4. GREGORY HARPER— " Brigadoon " ; Con- cert Choir 2,3 (VP 4); Intramurals 3,4; Latin Club 2; Science Club 2 (VP 3); Student Congress 3,4; Swing Choir 4. BARBARA ANN HARRIS. RHONDA HAUPERT-OEA 4. STEVEN HAWK— Concordia High School, MICHAEL L. HAYDEN-Intramurals 2,3. COLLEEN SUE HEINE-FBLA 3; FTA 4- Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 3,4. STEVE HEINE-Bovs ' Boosters 4. SUSAN KAY HEMRICK-Band 2; GAA 2 3 4; Latin Club 2,3. CONNIE LOUISE HEMSOTH— Concert Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Home Ec Club 2, Pep Club 3,4. JIM HEEMSOTH— Baseball 2,3,4; Intra- murals 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 3,4. CYNTHIA L. HILLE— Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Herald 3,4; Mirage-Business 3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; NFL 4; Pep Club 2,3, 4; Science Club 4; Student Congress 2; Var- sity Choir 4; Vision III; Y-Teens 4. KATHLEEN HINRICHS— FNC 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Mirage Business 2; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 4. MIKE HINRICHS. STEPHEN R, HOBROCK-Boys ' Boosters 3,4; " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 3,4; Ger- man Club 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Intramurals 4; Sportsmanship Council 3,4; Student Con- gress 3. GEARY HOEPPNER— Cross C ountry 2,3,4; FCA 4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4. KATHLEEN HOOVER-French Club 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 4. DARWIN D. HORMANN— Baseball 2; Boys ' Boosters 3; Intramurals 3; Math Club BEV HOWER-Chess Club 2 (Sec. 3); Home Ec Club 4 (Treas.) Latin Club 4; NFL 4. STEVE HOY-Concert Choir 2,3; Intra- murals 2,3,4. REBECCA LOREE HUFFMAN— Band 3,4; Senior Council; FTA 4; Latin Club 3; Major- ette 4; Vision II; Y-Teens 3; Elida High School, Elida, Ohio, 2. LARRY HUGHES. ROBERT HUMPHREYS-German Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Science Club 3. THOMAS EDWARD HUTTINGER— Bis- hop Luers High School 2. JON lANNUClLLI. CHERYL KAY JACKEMEYER— GAA 2; Home Ec Club 2 (Pres. 4, VP 3); Latin Club 2,3,4; NFL 2,.3,4. DERBY JACKSON-FTA 4; GAA 2,3 4- Home Ec Club 4; Latin Club 4; NFL 2,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Social Studies Club 4; Y- Teens 4. RHONDA E. JAMES— Senior Council; Pep Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3; Student Con- gress 4; Y-Teens 3. LINDA MARIE JENKINS- ' Brigadoon " ; French Club 2,3 (Sec. 4); FTA 2,3,4; Mas- que and Gavel 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2. BOB JENNINGS-Football 3,4; Latin Club 3. BOB JOHNSON. HOWARD W. JONES. DEBRA L. JUMP-Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Herald 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Varsity Choir 4. REBECCA LYNNE JUMP-GAA 2; Latin Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4; OEA 4 (Pres.). Trading class pictures for the last time, in the Cafeteria, are seniors Lorie BeaVman, Cheryl Welsch, and Joyce Oehler. Pictures signify beginning of end JERRY KAGE. DOUGLAS G. KALKO— Latin Club 2; Audio-Visual Club 2; Math Club 2. GARY KARBACH— Cross Country 2,3; Hi-Y 2; Wrestling 2. GARY JAMES KEELER— Band 2; Boys ' Boosters 3; Intramurals 2,3; Track 2. RAMONA JEAN KELLER— Band 2,3 (Sec. 4); " Brigadoon " ; Fine Arts Club 3; ETA 2 (Pres. 4, Treas. 3); Latin Club 3; Majorette 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Vision H. CAROLYN KELTNER-Debate 2,3; GAA 2; Latin Club 2,3; Math Club 3,4; NFL 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4. JULIE KELTY-FTA 2,3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2; Mirage Edi- torial 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. DELLA MARIE KLENKE— Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Home Ec Club 2. GARY KLINE. SANDY KLINGER— Latin Club 2,3,4; Mir- age Business 4; Pep Club 4. DON KOCKS-Football 2; Track 2. DEBORAH KOHRMAN— French Club 3; OEA 4 (Treas.); Y-Teens 4; Central Catholic High School 2. Seniors Debby Jackson, Connie Rondot, and Karen Fracassini help cheer the Bulldogs at the first Sectional game. Win or lose seniors follow teams TERRY LEIS— Intramurals 3,4. SUSAN ANN LELJA— Fine Arts Club 3; French Club 2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Mirage Business 3,4; Pep Club 2,3, 4; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 4. VICKI C. LEONARD— Girls ' Glee Club 3; Varsity Choir 4; Bishop Luers High School 2. KAREN SUE LEPPER— Fine Arts Club 3; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 2,3; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2,3 (Treas. 4). MIKE LESTER— Football 3; Track 3; Tell Citv High School 2. MARILYN ANN LEWIS— GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2,3. ROGER A. LICHTSINN— Industrial Arts Club 2. BRAD GREGORY LOAR— Band 2,3,4; Base- ball 2,3; " Brigadoon " ; Senior Council; Dance Band 3,4; Debate 2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; FTA 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; NFL 2,3,4; Social Studies Club VP 4. MARTHA ANN LOMONT— FBLA 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4. STEVEN CARL LONG-Band 2,3,4. JANE LEE LOSHER-French Club 2,3; GAA 2; Pep Club 2,4. RON LOTHAMER. ERIC ROBERT KUHNE— " Brigadoon " ; Senior Council; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Intramurals 3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3 (VP 4); Student Congress 3,4. ALAN DALE LAHR-Band 2,3,4; Basket- ball 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3; FCA 4; Intra- murals 4; Letterman ' s Club 2 (Pres. 4, Sec. 3); Math Club 2; Student Congress 2; Track 2 3 4. CATHY JO LAHRMAN— FNC 2; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 2,4; Varsity Choir 4. LARRY LAISURE— Wrestling 2,3, KATHRYN ANN LAKE-Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; FTA 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2 (Pres. 3); Latin Club 3,4; Mir- age Business 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3 (Sec. 4); Student Congress 3,4; Y-Teens 3,4. VERN LANGE-Intramurals 2,3. DOUG ALLEN LA WSON— Intramurals 2,3, 4; Math Club 2. MYRNA LAYMON-OEA 4; Pep Club 4. PATRICIA LAYMON-FBLA 4. GLENN GROVER LEACH— Bowling Club 4. NANCY JEAN LEARN— Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3. CATHY SUE LEFEVRA— Home Ec Club 3; Pep Club 2. CARL RAYMOND LOURAINE— French Club 3; Our Lady of the Lake Seminary, Syracuse 2. MARSHA LOVE— Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2 3. KAREN SUE LUCTERHAND— Band 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; FTA 3,4. KENT H. MAGGART— Boys ' Boosters 3; Intramurals 3; Latin Club 2,3. JOHN V. MALAY, JR. PETER G. MALLERS— Baseball 2; " Briga- doon " ; Concert Choir 4; Debate 2; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3 (Treas. 4); NFL 2,3; National Honor Society 3 (Pres. 4); Student Congress 2,3,4. TOM MARHOOVER. JOHN W. MARTIN-Football 2; Intra- murals 2,3,4. TANYA R. MAUI French Club 2 (VP 4, Sec. 3); Herald 3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. MONTE C. McCOMB— Band 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Social Studies Club 4. SUE JO McCULLOCH— FBLA 2. GLENNA McHATTON-Cowan High School, Muncie 2,3. DAVE McHENRY— Baseball 2,3,4; Basket- ball 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Sportsmanship Council 2,3. JOHN McINTOSH. LINDA CATHERINE McRAE- " Briga- doon " ; Junior Class Sec; Junior Council; Concert Choir 3,4; Debate 2; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Math Club 3 (Sec-Treas. 4); NFL 2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Student Congress 2,4; Girls ' State. SONJA MEHALECHKO-GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Mirage Business 2; NFL 2,3,4; Pep Club 2, 3,4; Sportsmanship Council 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2. JAY MELCHER— Boys ' Boosters 3,4; Intra- murals 3. KATHY MERZ— GAA 2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Home Ec Club 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3. GREG K. MESSMANN-Basketball 2; Boys ' Boosters 4; Cross Country 3; FCA 4; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 3,4; Track 3. NANCY LOU MEYER— FBLA 4; GAA 2 (Pres. 4, Treas. 3); OEA 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 3,4. JIM MIDDLETON. CHERYL RUTH MILLIMAN— Band 2,3,4; " Brigadoon " ; Dance Band 3; FTA 3; Ger- man Club 3 (Treas. 4); Majorette 2,3,4; Red Cross 2 (Sec-Treas. 4, Sec. 3). DAVID NHNER. NANCY MINICH— Band 2,3,4; GAA 2; Majorette 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3. DAVID MIX. MIKE MONTGOMERY. SARA MOONEY— Mirage Business 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; JV Cheerleader 3; Sportsman- ship Council 3 (VP 4); Y-Teens 3. PEGGY J. MOORD— Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 3; Senior Council. DOUG MORRIS— " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 4; Football 2,3,4; Herald 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Letterman ' s Club 4; Math Club 2,3,4; Vision III. KATHLEEN MORRIS— OEA 4; Pep Club 4. LINDA MOSEL— " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 3,4; Debate 2; French Club 2,3,4; FNC 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; NFL 2,3 (Sec. 4); National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2. NORMAN O. MOSER— Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 3,4. DAVID P. M OTTER— Concert Choir 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3. LYNDA MOWERY— GAA 2. SHIRLEY JEAN MUNTIAN— French Club 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Home Ec Club 2; Varsity Choir 4. CONNIE DARLENE NEFF. Senior Margo Below counts pennies to pay for achievement tests after Mr. Paul Geogtein loses count. Tests force seniors to break banks NANCY NETHERLAND-Cheerleader 3,4 Debate 2; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3,4 Latin Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4 Pep Club 2; Prom Queen 3; Prom Court 4 Sportsmanship Council 2,3,4; Student Con grass 3 (Sec. 4); Y-Teens 2. RACHEL NEWMAN. MIKE NIBLICK-Intramurals 2. VICTORIA LOUISE NICHTER-GAA 3 Home Ec Club 3. CANDY NIDAY-Pep Club 2,4; Y-Teens 2. CONNIE NOTESTINE-Band 2,3,4; " Brig- adoon " ; Fine Arts Club 3 (Sec. 4); FBLA 4- GAA 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 2,3; OEA 4; Y-Teens 3,4. JOHN VERL OBERLIN-Basketball 2; Boys ' Boosters 3,4; " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; FCA 4; Golf 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Swing Choir 3,4. JOYCE ELLEN OEHLER- ' -Brigadoon " ; Homecoming Court 4; Latin Club 2,3; NFL 2,3 (Treas. 4); National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Sportsmanship Council 3; Student Congress 2. JUDY KAY OETTING-French Club 2; FTA 2. DERBY LYNN OKULY-FNC 2,3,4; Y- ANTOINETTE KAY PARKER. JOYCE MARIE PARTRIDGE- ' Briga- doon " ; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2; Math Club 3 (VP 4); Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Sportsmanship Council 2,3,4. Pep Club President, Kathy Poorman, and Boys ' Booster President, Steve Yates, present senior cheerleaders Lori Bearman, Nancy Netherland, and Carol Baker with corsages at the last home basketball game. Cheerleaders honored for service BARBARA LYNN PASS— " Brigadoon " ; Con- cert Choir 4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Math Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross Club 2; Swing Choir 4. RICKY PATTON— Concert Choir 2; Foot- ball 2,3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2; Red Cross Club 2; Track 2,3; Wres- tling 2. GLORIA RAE PEMBERTON— Band 2,3,4; GAA 2; Majorette 2,3,4. VANETTE B. PERRINE— French Club 2; FBLA 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; OEA 4; Pep Club 2, 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. CHRISTINE E. PERSING— Atheneum Club VP 4; Band 2,3,4; " Brigadoon " ; Dance Band 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4. CHARLES D. PETERS— Boys ' Boosters 2,3; Intramurals 2,.3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4. GREGORY A. PETERS— Bovs ' Boosters 3,4; Football 2; Rifle Club 3,4. MICHAEL A. PFUNDSTEIN— Boys ' Boost- ers 3,4; German Club 2,3 (Pres. 4); Letter- man ' s Club 3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Cross Country, Track, Wrestling Student Manager 3,4. STEVEN DALE PLOTKIN. MICHAEL DAVID POEPPEL— Baseball 2; Football 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3; Letterman ' s Club 3,4. KAREN R. POLLOCK— Bishop Luers High School 2. KATHRYNJEANPOORM AN— " Brigadoon " ; Senior Council; Concert Choir 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; FTA 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Herald 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Business 2,3,4; Pep Club 2 (Pres. 4, Treas. 3); Quill and Scroll 3,4; Sportsmanship Council 4; Swing Choir 4; Y-Teens 3,4. ROBERTA ANN PORTER-FBLA 3; Home Ec Club 2. PATTI LYNN PRATHER— FBLA 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. JOANNA QUANDT-Band 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 2,4 (Sec. 3); National Honor Society 3,4; Sportsmanship Council 2; Student Congress 2. MAURICE ERNEST RALSTON— Concert Choir 2,3,4. DAYTON F. REAMS-Intramurals 2,3. JIM REAMS— Intramurals 2,3; Varsity Choir 4. DEBORAH REICHENBACH— Y-Teens 2. RANDAL JOHN REIFSNIDER-Basketball 2; Boys ' Boosters 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Intra- murals 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Math Club .3,4. THOMAS SCOTT REINKING— Baseball 2; Bovs ' Boosters 2,3 (Pres. 4); Boys ' Glee Club 3; Class Officer (Pres. 2,4, VP 3); Concert Choir 4; Football 2,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 4; Prom Court 3; Sportsmanship Council 2 (VP 3, Pres. 4); Student Congress 3,4; Wrestling 2,3. HARRY RESOR— Band 2,3,4; Boys ' Boost- ers 4; Dance Band 4. DAVID DOUGLAS RHODES-Atheneum Club 4; Boys ' Boosters 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3; French Club 3,4; FTA 2; Herald 3,4; Mirage Business 2,3,4; Social Studies Club 2,3 (Pres. 4). BARBARA ANN RICHARDSON-French Club 3,4; FBLA 4. CHARLES EUGENE RICHMOND. JOAN ARLENE RIFE— Home Ec Club 4. PAULA RODENBECK— " Brigadoon " ; Con- cert Choir 3,4; Debate 2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 3; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Math Club 2; NFL 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Swing Choir 3, 4. VALERIE LOU RODEY-Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2; Mirage Business 2; Pep Club 3. REED A. ROMANOWSKI— Boys ' Boosters 4; Science Club (VP 3, Treas. 4). CONSTANCE M. RONDOT— French Club 2,3; GAA 2,3,4; Home Ec Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 4. PAUL M. ROPER— Jefferson High School, Delphos, Ohio 2. EARL THOMAS ROPP— Baseball 2,3; In- tramurals 4; Science Club 3,4; Bowling Club 4. oys 2,3,4; Senior Council; Football 3; Intra- murals 4; Rifle Club 3 (Sec. 4); Track 3. WILLIAM DOUGLAS ROSSWURM— Audio-Visual Club 3,4; Intramurals 4; Rifle Club 3; Science Club 2,3 (VP 4). DENNY RUDOLPH— " Brigadoon " ; Bishop Dwenger High School 2. NEIL R. RUGER. LINDA RULKA— FNC 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; PepClub2; Y-Teens3,4. WILLIAM MICHAEL RUTLEDGE— Base- ball 2; Football 2,3; Golf 3; Intramurals 2. GARY A. SANDERLIN— Intramurals 4. LARRY W. SANDERLIN— Wrestling 2,3,4. CYNTHIA SANDY— Pep Club 3. DENVER W. SARVER— Rifle Club 3. CYNTHIA A. SAURER— French Club 2; GAA 2; Pep Club 2; Red Cross 2; Sports- manship Council 4; Y-Teens 3,4. BARBARA ANN SCALES-French Club 3; FBLA 4; Home Ec Club 3,4. MICHAEL ALLEN SCHANNEN— Boys ' Boosters 4; Golf 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Intra- murals 2; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4. DALE RICHARD SCHARPENBERG. DAN SCHEELE. MELODY SCHEELE-Girls ' Glee Club 3,4; Science Club 4. SUE ELLEN SCHEIMANN— Senior Coun- cil; French Club 2,3,4; FBLA 3 (Pres. 4); FTA 4; GAA 2; Home Ec Club 3,4. BECKY SCHMIDT-Band 2,3,4; " Briga- doon " ; Dance Band 2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; FBLA Treas. 4; GAA 2; Mirage Business 4; Student Congress 3. JAMES ROBERT SCHMIDT-Band 2 (Dr. Mjr. 3,4); " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; German Club 3,4; Mas- que and Gavel 2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Congress 2 (Pres. 4, VP 3); Vision II. REBECCA LYNN SCHMIDT— " Brigadoon " ; Junior Council; FTA 4; GAA 2; Herald 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Business 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Vision III; Y-Teens 4. KAREN SCHMUTTE. KENNETH LYNN SCHNELKER— Audio- Visual Club 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3; Football 2, 3,4; Latin Club 2; Letterman ' s Club 3,4; Science Club 3; " Wrestling 2. TIM SCHROCK. DORIS PATRICIA SCHULTHIES-Ger- man Club 2,4 (Treas. 3); NFL 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2 (Pres. 4, VP 3). KATHY SCHWARTZKOPF. MARY LOUISE SCHWEHN— FBLA 3 (VP 4); Home Ec Club 2,3 (Sec. 4); OEA Sec. 4. MARGARET SEELIG. NELL SERVOS-Band 2,3,4; " Brigadoon " ; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; FTA 2,3 (Sec. 4). Paula Rodenbeck is one of the seniors who spends study time in the Cafeteria collecting lunch money. Seniors help out in extra time SANDRA SEXTON— Atheneum Club 4; French Club 2; GAA 2; Herald 4; Home Ec Club 4. JON OWEN SHARER— " Brigadoon " ; Con- cert Choir 3,4; Swing Choir 3,4. JERRY M. SHARP— Intramurals 2,3,4. JAYNE SHARPS-1 atin Club 4. STEVEN NEAL SHOPPELL-Intramurals 2; Track 2. NANCY L. SIEGERS-Home Ec Club 4: Pep Club 4. ROBERT TODD SIEVERS-Boys ' Boosters 3; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Science Club 3. SHARON SILVERMAN-French Club 2,3, 4; Herald 3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 2,3 (Editor 4); NFL 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4. COLLEEN ANNE SINGER-Concert Choir 3,4; Fine Arts Club 2,3; FTA 2,3; German Club 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Math Club 3,4; Science Club 4. CARLA R. SLANE— Concert Choir 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Varsity Choir 4. JAN SLOAN— French Club 2 (Pres. 4, Treas. 3); NFL 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4. JANET L. SMITH— GAA 2,3,4. SENIOR COUNCIL— (Front row) Brad Loar, Tom Reinking (pres.), Dennis Bradt- miller, Chuck Rossman, Denny Becker. (Row two) Peggy Moord, Kathy Poorman, Besty Goehring (v-p), Jeanne Grossman, Linda Carl (treas.), Leah Beuscher (sec). (Row three) Linda Comito, Becky Huffman, Jan Smith, Rhonda James, Debbie Suthers, Sandy VanAlstine, Sue Scheimann. Class sponsors second Sadie Dance JANICE LYNN SMITH— Senior Council; Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3; French Club 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Pep Club 2; Sportsmanship Council 4; Y-Teens 2. KEN SMITH. SANDRA SMITH— Girls ' Glee Club 2; Pep Club 3,4. SHERYL ALANE SMITH— Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3,4; Home Ec Club 2,3,4; NFL 3; Pep Club 3,4. ELAINE CLARISSA SNYDER— " Briga- doon " ; Concert Choir 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Swing Choir 3, 4. GARY WAYNE SNYDER— Audio-Visual Club 4; Boys ' Boosters 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Cross Country 2; Football 4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Letterman ' s Club 4; Sportsmanship Council 4; Student Con- gress 2; Swing Cnoir 2,3,4; Wrestling 3. NANCY GAIL SOEST-GAA 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2. BRENDA SUE SOVINE— Band 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Home Ec Club 2,3,4. RICH ANAN SOWERS— Intramurals 3,4. TODD M. SPADE— Intramurals 2,4. SHARON SPOHR— Atheneum Club (Sec- Treas. 4); FNC 2,3,4; Latin Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2. AL SPRINGER-Intramurals 3,4. DEBORAH CHRISTINE SPRINGER— " Brigadoon " ; Soph. Treas.; Concert Choir 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Homecoming Court 3,4; Latin Club 2,4 (Sec. 3); Masque and Gavel 2,3 (Pres. 4); NFL 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Sportsmanship Council 2,3,4; Stu- dent Congress 4 (Sec. 3); Swing Choir 4; Y- Teens 2. LISA N. STAHI Band 2,3,4; GAA 2; Ma- jorette 2,3,4; Red Cross 2. CAROLYN STAHLY— FBLA 3,4; Home Ec Club 3; OEA 4. JEFF STAHLY— FBLA 4. KAREN STAHLY— FNC 3,4; CAA 2; Home Ec Club 4. KATHY STARK— French, Club 4; GAA 2; Home Ec Club 2,4; Math Club 2,3,4; Mir- age Editorial 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2. IRA EDWARD STEIGERWALD— Intra- murals 2,3,4. LINDA JANE STELLHORN— GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,.3,4; Mirage Business 3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3. JOHN STEMMLER— Basketball 2; Boys ' Boosters 2,3,4; Cross Country 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Track 2. ROBERT STANLEY STEVENS, Jr.— Boys ' Boosters 3; Football 3; FBLA 4; Intramurals 3,4; Track 3; Latin Club 3. TWIANNE SUE STOLLER— Concert Choir 3,4; FNC 2,4 (VP 3); Girls ' Glee Club 2; Latin Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Congress 3,4. JEFF STOUT— Boys ' Boosters 2,3,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4. JAMES A. STRATTON-Boys ' Boosters 2,3, 4; Football 4; Hi-Y 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 4; Mirage Business 3; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 4. MARGARET A. STUMPF— FTA 3,4; GAA 2; Herald 3 (Editor 4); Home Ec Club 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; NFL 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2, 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Y-Teens 3,4. JOHN E. SUMMERS, Jr.-FTA 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3 (Consul 4); Masque and Gavel 3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Social Studies Club 4; National Merit Semi -Finalist. DEBRA KAY SUTHERS- ' Brigadoon " Senior Council; German Club 3,4; GAA 2 Girls ' Glee Club 3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, Mirage Business 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2. JILL SWAIDNER— French Club 3,4; Vision II, III; American Academy, Athens, Greece 2. PAMELA TAYLOR— Concert Choir 3,4; FNC 2; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Mirage Business 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Sportsmanship Council 4; Y-Teens 2. STANLEY E. TAYLOR— Boys ' Boosters 3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Herald 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Mirage Busi- ness 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Bulldog Mascot 4. DONNA JEAN TEWS— Mirage Editorial 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 3,4. DEBORAH LYNN THOMAS-Atheneum Club (Pres. 4); Pep Club 2,3,4. DON TINKER. JOAN TOLLIVER. KEVIN TOLLIVER— Boys ' Boosters 4; Hi-Y 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3, 4; Science Club 3; Student Congress 2,4. BRUCE WILLIAM TOWSLEY— Football 2,3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Track 2. DONN TREESE— Band 2 (Dr. Mjr. 3,4); " Brigadoon " ; Cross Country 2,3 (Capt. 4); FCA Capt. 4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; German Club 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,4 (Treas. 3); National Honor Society 3,4; Track 2,3,4. GARY LEE TRIBOLET. BILLTRICKEY. GARY W. TROWBRIDGE— Audio-Visual Club 2 (VP 4, Sec -Treas. 3); Football 2; In- tramurals 3,4; Science Club 3,4. MICHAEL EUGENE TRZYNKA— Indus- trial Arts Club 2; Intramurals 2,3. RICHARD N. TRZYNKA. KEVIN CHRIS TSETSE— Intramurals 2,3,4. L. DALE TURNER— Boys ' Boosters 3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Foot- ball 2; Intramurals 3,4. KAREN KAY TWITCHELL— French Club 2; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Pep Club 3. JACKIE ULM— " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Homecoming Court 4; Latin Club 2,3; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Student Congress 2,3,4; Swing Choir 3,4; Y-Teens 2. KERRY UMBER— Boys ' Boosters 4; " Briga- doon " ; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; Hi-Y 3 (Sec. 4); Intramurals 3; Latin Club 2,3, (Consul 4); Masque and Gavel 2,3, 4; Math Club 2,3,4; Mirage Business 3,4; NFL 4; Science Club 2,3; Swing Choir 4. SANDY VAN ALSTINE— Senior Council; French Club 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Mirage Business 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Y-Teens 2. TED WALL — " Brigadoon " ; Sophomore Class VP; Debate 2; Latin Club 2. VICKI J. WALLACE— FTA 4; Pep Club 4; Tilghman High School, Paducah, Ky., 2,3. STEVE WARDEN— Basketball 2; Boys ' Boosters 2,3,4; Herald 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Varsity Choir 4; Vision II. DAVID MICHAEL WASS— Boys ' Boosters 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3, 4; Science Club .3,4. CHRISTINE DENISE WAUER— German Club 3,4; Oscar A. Carlson High School, Gibraltar, Mich., 2. GALE A. WELLER— Intramurals 2,3. CHERYL WELSCH— Concert Choir 4; Fine Arts Club 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Herald 3; Mirage Business 3; Mirage Editorial 3; Pep Club 2,3; Quill and Scroll 3; Sportsmanship Council 4; Y-Teens 2. MARK WHEELER. JEANETTE KAY WICK— Band 3,4; Fine Arts Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; FTA 4; GAA 2; Pep Club 3; Vision II. DONALD LYN WILKINS— Basketball 2,3,4; Boys ' Boosters 4; Cross Country 2,3; FCA 4; Hi-Y 2,3 (Chap. 4); Intramurals 4; Letter- man ' s Club 3,4; Track 2. JANICE IRENE WILLIAMS— Home Ec Club 2. Working in the clinic senior Kathy Armbrust checks Debbie Reichenbach ' s temperature. Seniors aid ailing students in clinic PATRICK WINCHESTER-Baseball 2,3; Basketball student manager 2; Boys ' Boost- ers 2,3,4; FCA 4; Football 2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,4; Sportsmanship Council 2,3,4; Wrestling 3,4. LILLIAN MARIE WINZELER-Band 2, 3,4; " Brigadoon " ; French Club 2,3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Social Studies 2,3 (Sec-Treas. 4). DAVE WIRT— Audio-Visual Club 3,4; Boys ' Boosters 4; " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 2,3, 4; Fine Arts Club 3; Football 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4 Intramurals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Track 2 Wresding 2. DIANNE SUE WOLFE— Pep Club 3; Lan- caster Central High School 2. STEVEN E. YATES— Boys ' Boosters (VP 3, Pres. 4); " Brigadoon " ; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Sportsmanship Council 3,4. KEN YOUNG. BRENDA J. YOUNGER. JAMES EUGENE ZEHR. CATHERINE CHERYL ZUERCHER- FNC 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3. May 25, 402 seniors get diplomas At 7:30 P.m., May 25, 1969, 402 seniors from New Haven High School gradu- ated at the War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne. The Rev. Paul Keck was the speaker for baccalaurette. The Concert Choir sang " The Lord is My Shepherd, " " You ' ll Never Walk Alone, " and the service closed with the " Benediction. " The speaker for the commencement was Ray Monsalvatge of Dayton, Ohio. His speech centered on the theme " Uncork Your Hidden Talents. " He wiis a funny philosopher, mixing his exceptional memorv with g ood stories. To make sure Marsha Love looks just right straightens the back of her hair. vhen she receives her diploma, Cathy Lahrman Some seniors find that returning the gowns after graduation is the hardest part. Together as a class for the last time, Seniors march in to the music of " Pomp and Cir- cumstance. " PROM COURT— Bill Shumaker, Jackie Snyder, Pete Mailers, Jackie Ulm, Joyce Siegers (queen), Rob Davis (king), Carol Baker, Ted Wall, Kathy Taylor, Doug Lohse. Making sure his car will shine for his prom date is junior Mark Ringenberg. Now Mark Ringenberg has made the big change from washing his car to h,;ving his prom pic- ture taken with his date Jan Richhart. Dancing to the song in their honor are queen Joyce Siegers and king Rob Davis. Decorations make couples feel dreamy May 3, 1969, from 9 until midnight New Haven couples danced to the music of Dick Siegers and his Orches- tra at the Junior-Senior prom, " Be ond Our Dreams. ' The Scottish Rite Ballroom was decorated to make the couples feel like they were dreaming. Gifts of charms for the girls and tie tacks for the boys were given to senior couples as a remembrance of the prom. The prom court wiis elected bv junior and senior homerooms. ' hen the court was announced juniors and seniors again voted for prom king and queen. The theme song for the prom w;is " Out of My Dreams. " This song w;is from the musical " Oklahoma. " The after-prom part ' , sponsored b ' junior parents, wiis at Goegleins Bam from 1 a.m. until 4. The theme of the after prom party was " Happiness Is. " Decorations for the after-prom centered on Charlie Brown charac- ter, and " The Enchantments " pro- ided the music. Food at the after-prom included hamburgers, potato chips, sand- wiches, relish trays, cake, and pop. Juniors came back liom " Beyond Their Dreams " long enough to clean the Scottish Rite Ball- room. Dusting off their trophies are Valedictorian Debbie Springer, Bob Humphreys and Betsy Goehring, co-salutatorians. NHHS students represent New Haven in community Bob Humphreys, winner of the Rotary Award, shows Karen Fracassini, winner of the Daughters of the American Revohition Award, where his name will be engraved. Students from New Haven repre- sented the school well in the com- munity. Aside from just participating. New Havenites moved ahead to win many awards. The American Legion Awards, valedictorian and salutori- ans, DAR, and Rotary are just a few, but these not only credit the individ- ual, but also the school. The American Legion is the backer of numerous awards and scholarships for New Haven students. The Ameri- can Legion, sends the students going to Girls ' and Boys ' State, and awards many honors to graduating seniors for outstanding achievement. The Daughters of the American Revolution test is given to anyone interested at their own high school. The social studies teachers make up the test and the person with the high- est score represents the school. The Rotary award is presented to the Junior Rotarian with the highest scholastic averaee. Greg Harper accepts his American Legion Good Citizenship medal from an American Legion representative at the senior banquet. GIRLS ' AND BOYS ' STATE REPRESENTATIVES— Tami Zimmerman, Mike Brown, Jan Richhart, Chris Callahan, Jill Schmidt. Adams, Denny Ahlersmeyer, Sue Allen, Nancy Anastasia, Pete Anderson, Greg Anderson, John Anderson, Kay Anderson, Linda Ault, Jane Ault, Robert Baatz, Herb Bair, Peggy Bandelier, Judy Barkley, Dan Barlow, William Barton, Patricia Basile, Diann Bay, Debbie Beahrs, Vickie Bearman, Rick Beatty, Doug Bennett, Diana Bermes, Chuck Bermes, Diana Beuchel, Sharon Blacklidge, Steve Blotkemp, Sam Bleke, Tresa Homecoming float wins trophy again Bliss, Susan Bliznoff, Dina Blosser, Gary Bodie, Rick Boester, Ricky Bollinger, LuAnn Bonjour, Karen Bonta, Pamela Borcherding, Kenneth Boulware, Gary Bouse, Steven Boys, Richard Bradtmueller, Victor Braley, Cheryl Brancfield, Mike Bremer, Janet Brenton, Michael Brewer, Mike Bringman, Pete Bristow, Mark Brown, Mike Bruce, Steven Bruick, Cheiyl Buchtman, Vincent Buck, Brian Budde, Nancy Burgette, Jeff Busche, Mike Cain, Jack Cain, Pat Callahan, Christopher Campbell, Cynthia Campbell, James Carcione, Curt Carlson, Darrell Carlson, Donna Carmin, Mark Carpenter, Mark Carroll, Kathleen Cary, Lyn Caudle, Betty Cayot, Tony Chaney, Craig Chism, Lori Clark, Kathie Clark, Ritchie Coates, Mark Coleman, John Cooper, Jon Cowan, Ed Coward, Reynolds Cox, Charles Craig, Jenny Craig, Jeremey Critell, James Croy, t)ave Crum, Arley Culbertson, Dewayne Cutright, Dave Czech, Mary Dager, Susan Dailey, Jay Davis, Kaye Davis, Rob Davis, Robert Deitering, Cindi Dellinger, Jeanine Dennie, Linda Dent, Lisa DeRemer, Diane Diedrich, Mike Diehl, Paul Dillman, Diana Dillon, Linda Doty, janis Draper, Bonnie Dumont, Walter Eakright, Danny Eakright, Marcia Ebv, Jeff Eckert, Jody Ehinger, Richard Eltzroth, Denise Emenhiser, Dave Emiey, Glenn Ernst, Sandy Erpelding, Patricia Evard, Phil Filler, Dale Filler, Kenneth Fisher, Bradd f?f£ Fisher, John Fitzgerald, Larry Foerster, Barbara Foreman, John Foreman, Mike Fortman, Nancy Fortriede, Ralph Foss, Edward Fox, Susan France, Ricky Franks, Jjidy Fraser, Ktndra Frederick, Mike Freeman, Windy Friedley, Nannette Fry, Terry Furniss, Ronald Garber, Charles Gardiner, Lynda Garren, Ruth Garwood, Dan Gaskill, Nancy Gasper, Debbie Gatton, Teresa Gibson, Daniel Gillenwater, Harry Gillev, George Gillian, Kathy Gillingham, Dave Girardot, Karen Gladieux, Gary Glendening, Jerry Glenn, Steven Gonzalez, Orlando Goodin, Kim Gowen, Donna Grabner, Alan Graham, Kathy Gremaux, Greg Grostefon, Wesley Grubb, Claudia Guillaume, June Gumbert, Kathy Hake, Dave Hammond, LeRoy Hammond, Richard Harclerode, Susan Hambrock, Paul Hamilton, Robert Harnish, Bruce Harter, James Hart, Virginia Harvey, Richard Hasty, Carolyn Haynie, Rick Heckman, Deborah Hege, Barbara Hege, Beverley Heine, Charles Heine, Susan Helmke, Gary Henderson, Janet Hendrickson, Sue Henry, Cynthia Hill, Patricia Himelstein, Bob Hinrichs, Suzanne Hirschy, Dean Hoeppner, Kerry Holcomb, William Hermann, Cindy Hovis, Becky Howard, Vicki Hower, Rose Howey, Shelly Hughes, Herbert Hull, Rodney Hummel, Cathy Hunnings, Bonnie Hunsberger, Patrice Hunter, Greg Jackson, Steven Jacobs, Donald Jacquay, Stan Jaessing, Paul Janson, Patricia Jennings, Barbara Jett, Connie Johnson, Noel Jones, Robert Jones, Sharon V I % ml Jr Females fill top roles for juniors Kart, James Kates, Sheryl Keller, Steve Kelty, James Keirn, Nick Ketron, Ken Ketzler, Larry King, Richard Kirby, Stephen Kirk, Richard Klenke, Kathleen Kleppinger, Mark Knox, Cheryl Knox, Colleen Koch, Gary K och, Stephen Koester, David Koogler, John Koonce, Dan Koontz, Rachel Kundred, David Ladig, Patricia Lahrman, Nancy Lake, Beth Lambroff, Gary Langley, Mike Lantz, Daniel Larson, Mary Larsen, Penny Lawburgh, Pamela Lazenby, Michael Lazzer, David Leave!, Janet Lehman, Cathy Leiter, Mike Lentz, Marlene Lien, Patricia Lohse, Doug Lonis, Gary Lortie, Ed Lortie, Timothy Lothamer, Linda Lough, Michael Lovely, Debbie Lowery, Allison Lynch, Jennifer Lynch, Peggy Malone, David Marhenke, Linda Marsden, Mike Mason, Debbie Mathis, John Mattice, Debra Mazock, Jerry McAbee, Don McBride, Charlene Juniors invite Santa to dance McCagiie, Sheila McCrorv, Debbie McDevitt, Bob McDowell, David McGuire, Melanie McHenry, Gordon Mclntire, David McKee, Ronald McLeester, James McMillen, Mike McRae, Jim Meadows, Terri Melcher, Karen Melton, George Melvin, Loren Merchant, Kathy Merriman, David Merz, Barb Messmann, Grant Meyers, Ruth Michel, Jim Mierau, Peter Miller, Sharon Minglin, Michael Mirek, Paul Moenning, Mike Mohr, Tom Montague, Patti Moore, Trudy Morris, Vickie Murphy, Loha Murphy, Richard Murua, Virginia Myers, Marcia Myers, Mike Mynett, Lawrence Neviensch wander, Ronald Neusiis, Thomas Newhall, Catherine Newman, Patricia Nichter, Mary Nieno, Jan Nix, Edward Noble, Russell Nulf, Marilyn Nuttle, David Nuttle, Jim Nuttle, Nancy Odum, Georgia Getting, Janet Getting, Ted Gsborn, Dan Gsborn, Marjorie Oswald, Dennis Ott, Steven Overholt, Judy Patton, Tony Parker, Martin Parker, Rose Parsons, Brenda Pearson, Carol Pensinger, Judith Pensinger, Trudy Percy, Art Perrine, Sandy Perry, James Peterson, Gary Pfeiffer, Richard Pfundstein, Mary Pharr, Karen Piebenga, Del Pollock, Deborah Potter, Cheryl Price, John Prine, Charlene Purk, Charlotte Putman, Von Quandt, Ruth Raatz, Greg Rath, Venus Rausch, Jim Ray, Jim Register, Judy Reising, Kathleen Rennecker, Glenna Richards, Sue Richhart, Dale Richhart, Janet Ringenburg, Mark Roberts, Chris Roberts, Kathy Robinette, Doug Robison, Phillip Rocke, Jane Rodemeyer, Vickie Roemer, Sandy Roper, Steve Rorick, Roseann Rork, Tony Ross, Dena Roth, Muriel Roth, Ron Rowe, Susan Ruger, Janet Sams, Sue Sauers, Jon Saylor, Jo Saylor, Pam Scheeler, Gwen Scheimann, Linda Schmeling, Janet Schmidt, Jill Schnelker, Michael Schram, Sharon Schroeder, Walter Schvvalm, Phillip Schweigel, Karen Seitz, Jerry Seitz, Lawrence Shaefer, Cynthia Shaffer, Brenda Shappell, Steve Sharps, Cindy Sheron, Denny Shifley, Nancy Shive, John ShuU, Joseph Shumaker, Bill Siegers, Joyce Sievers, Sue Smiley, Joan Snyder, Dave Snyder, Jackie Snyder, Lisa Soderquist, Karen Somers, Diane South, Allan Spears, Pamela Spencer, Charles Spieth, Cynthia Spieth, Rita Spirou, Victoria Spriggs, Judith Springer, Hal Springer, Steven Squier, Keith Squier, Kenneth Staak, Thom Stark, Margie Stearns, Mary Steele, Deborah Stevens, Dan Stewart, Bob Stout, Charles Stratton, Michael Stroble, Lynn Strouts, Paul Sutton, Susan Swain, Diane Swank, Randy Talley, Ra-Nelle Tatro, David Taylor, Kathy Ternet, Ron Thompson, Cheryl Tilley, Debbie Tope, Trudi Tourin, Katherine Trobaugh, Bill Tsetse, Kandi Urick, Eileen Urick, Irene Utterback, Mark Vachon, Sandra Valentine, Roxann VanZant, Rod Vernard, Jane Vinson, Linda Virts, Brent Vollmer, Don Waikel, David Waldron, Gary m (Si S is Day-long Otis tests tell junior I.Q. ' s Weaver, Mark Webb, Dennie Werling, Timothy Wharton, Don White, Frances White, Shirley Whyte, Duncan Wick, Linda Wickern, Gary Widenhofer, Gary Wietfeldt, Nila Wilcox, Joyce Williams, Kathleen Willig, Cheryl Wilson, Terry Winchester, Joyce Wise, Rex Witte, Robert Wolcott, Dale Wolf, Becky Wyman, Steve Yerington, Shelly Zachrich, Cindy Zent, Dale Zimmerman, Harry Zimmerman, Tami Zollinger, Cindy Zuber, Keith Zurcher, Brenda Zuver, Anthony Bradtmiller, Karen Classes pay dues and plan dances Underclassmen started off the year by electing officers and class councils, collecting dues and trying to make Homecoming floats. In the 1968 Homecoming, the Junior Class took first place in float competition with their float " Chew ' Em Up. " The sophomores won third place with " Ding, Dong, the Hot Dog ' s Dead. " The Junior Class sponsored an after-game Christmas dance in the Girls ' Gym. Live music was provided by the " Story " and a visit from St. Nick himself completed the celebra- tion. May 3, the Junior Class sponsored the Prom, " Beyond our Dreams, " for the Senior Class at the Scottish Rite Auditorium. Sophomore Linda Blair finds time during a busy day to clean her locker. The Junior Class sponsored a Christmas dance under the direction of class officers Kathy Taylor (treas.), Jan Richhart (v-p), Kathi Williams (pres.), and Tami Zimmerman (sect.). Sophomore officers — Grant Wylie (v-p), Paula Groves (treas.), Gerry Gaskill (sect.), and Linda Burczak (pres.) — check class dues roster. Larry Ketzler, junior, prepares for his driver ' s test with some last minute cram- ming. Juniors Jim Kratzat, Sandy Roemer, and Jim McRae sign up to fill vacancies on commit- tees for the Junior-Senior Prom. Alber, Mike Allgood, Debbie Amorosini, Steve Ames, Georgia Ammerman, Darlene Anastasia, Marie Anders, Christine Andersen, Dave Anger, Ken Anweiler, Tina Archbold, Doug Armstrong, Melanie Achliman, Robert Augenstein, Jean . mr . Avery, Gerald Baatz, Linda Baatz, Terri Backofen, Bruce Bade, Sharon Bahler, Dona Bair, Karen Bak, Lawrence Baker, Lana Bandelier, Gary Barnes, Luane Barrientos, Michael Bartles, Mark Barwiler, Ramona Bauer, Cheryl Bauer, Sherrill Beaver, Debra Beavers, Stacey Becker, Jeffrey Beckman, Patty Bendel, Donna Bendele, John Bendele, Richard Bender, Alan Benjamin, Janelle Benner, Judy Bertsch, Randy Beuchel, Michael ' Sophomores are ya with us? ' Beuscher, Lynn Bishop, Cindy Bivens, Mike Blair, Linda Bland, Terry Blossom, Richard Boese, Sandra Bogner, Bruce Bohrer, Charles Bojrab, Jodi Bonjour, Linda Bowers, Sharon Boyer, Jim Bracht, Victor Bradshaw, Steve Brancefield, Vicki Brandt, Nancy Braun, Douglas Bremer, John Brennan, Janice Briggs, Tim Brincfield, Dennis Briner, Cinda Brinner, Kenneth Brockman, Sandra Brockwa ' , Debbie Brophy, Ruth Brown, Pam Brubaker, Kelvin Buckmaster, Ned Bultemeier, Janet Burczak, Linda Burkett, Diane Bute, Keith Chamberlain, Ronald Chaney, Paul Chapman, Rosie Charleston, Karen Cheviron, Dave Childress, Wanda Chovan, Michael S. Christman, J.K. Clause, Steven Clem, Christina Clymer, Kenneth Coak, Deborah Coats, David Cockrum, Linda Coffey, Joyce Colderbank, Kathryn Comito, Ron Connin, Michael Craft, William Grain, Robert Crawford, Michele Criswell, Dale Crouch, Scott Culp, Larry Daggett, Juhe Dailey, Rex Davies, Kay Davis, Steve Dawson, Connie DeBender, Phyllis Denis, Joe Denny, Doris DePrey, Lisa Dettmer, Timothy Devaux, Ronita Diehm, April Doell, Jackie Dohn, Dan Dot ' , Aline Doty, Karla Draper, Michael Drewery, Charles Drummond, Jeff Edgar, Kay Edwards, Gerry Eifrid, Jenni Ellenburger, Cheryl Ellis, Karen Elwood, Karen Endres, Carol Erb, Janice Ericson, Howard Erpelding, Theresa Everson, Steve Farrier, Stephen Feiertag, Gregg Ferguson, Janice Felger, Teri Finchum, Carmalita Fisher, James Fleckenstein, Sandy Flora, Linda Foltz, Janice Ford, Larry Fox, James Fox, Kevin Franklin, Joyce Frederick, James Frederick, Sandy Fuhrmann, Jerry Fullerton, Debra Gable Gage, John Gaskill, Geraldine Gasper, Sue Gear, Carol George, Mark Gerke, John Gerrard, Gaylene Giant, Kevin Gick, Carol Gick, Dennis Gillenwater, Dave Gillenwater, William Girardot, Darvin Girardot, Tim Gladieux, David Glenn, Anne Glover, William Graft, Debra Graue, Deloris Graue, Doris Graves, JefF Grayless, Richard Greenwood, Charles Grider, Nancy Grossman, Judy Grostefon, Eunice Groves, Paula Guillow, Jim Hall, Randv Hallberg, Glenn Hammond, Beverly Hanke, Frank Hanley, Debbie Hannah, Wayne Harn, Susan Harper, Lisa Harrington, Diana Hart, Roberta Hartmann, Philip Hartwig, John Harvev, Carol Hause, Heniy Havener, Randy Havert, Ann Hayes, Jane Haynes, Michael Haynes, Stanley Hazlett, Gary Headlee, Daniel Heemsoth, William Heimann, Kenneth Hendrickson, Brenda Hendrickson, Carl Hill, David Hill, Pat Hirschy, John Hitzeman, Howard Hoagland, Donald Hockemeyer, Rex Holocher, Debbie Holt, Steve Hoppe, John Hormann, Julie Hormann, Steve Howell, Bill Howell, Joyce Huffman, Klarilyi Hunt, Joe Jackson, Denise Jackson, Diane Jackson, Rebecca Jacquay, John Jenkins, Mary Jett, Paula Johnson, Dave Johnson, Jay Sophomores fill more seats in convos Johnson, Marga Johnson, Mark Johnson, Randal Johnston, Kenneth IPV Jones, Mary He|U t - 1 Joslin, Sandra VMJB ' ' ' ' 1 Judt, jerry l HI IW B 1 ' Kage, Paula Kane, Jeff Kanter, Marcie Karrick, Charles Kawiecki, Donald Kaylor, Steven Kearns, Diane Keller, Linda Kelly, Kathryn Kelly, Kris Kennedy, Karen Kennedy, Kathy Kenner, Tamara Kever, Linda King, Dixie Klopfenstein, Marcia Klopfenstein, Mary Klotz, Bob Koch, Jean Kokinakis, Kenneth Korte, Deborah W- JP Krebs, Becky Kristy, Martin Kruse, Gwen Kuhne, Dawn Kunifer, Michael Kunnemann, Patricia Kute, Sylvia LaFever, Vickie Lahr, James Lane, Susan Langley, Diane Lantz, Kathleen Larrance, Barbara Larsen, John Lawrence, Pam Lebrecht, Ruth Leed, Kathy Lepper, Nancy Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Linda Lichtsinn, Patricia Lichtsinn, Peggy Lipp, Keith Lipp, Mike Long, Larry Lopshire, Jerry Louraine, Delores Lynch, Sandra Initiates wear funny clothes Marlow, Carla Martin, Mary Martin, Robert Mattingly, Daryll MattucKs, Christine Matuska, Cynthia Mav, Clark Maves, Bonnie McBride, Debbie McCelland, Gary McClain, Earl McCrea, Janet McDonnell, Ben Mcllveen, Robert McKee, Patricia Meddock, Mardene Mehalechko, John Menze, David Merz, Janette Meyer, Debra Meyer, Robin Miller, Mike Miner, Charles Mohr, Vieki Monhollen, Robert Monroe, Larry Montague, Jacqueline Moord, Marty Moore, Sheryl Moore, Timothy Morris, Karen Morrison, Georgianne Moyer, Janet Moyer, Sherrie Murnam, Pamela Murphy, Mark Muth, Robert Neff, Debbie Nelson, Kent Netherland, Kim Niblick, Leo Niccum, Paul Nichter, Richard Nuttle, Gerald Oakman, Garry Oberlin, Joseph Getting, Diane Getting, Richard Oliver, Val Onion, Glenn Ortlieb, Paul Osborn, Mark Osborn, Terry Overholt, Cheryl Parker, Dale Parsons, Kip Patnoude, Patrick Pemberton, Diane Perkins, Ann Perrine, Connie Place, Gene Pollock, Mike Pollock, Ray Porter, Terry Potter, James Potts, Sandra Puff, Mark Pyle, Fred Quandt, Herrold Quandt, Jim Raatz, Nancy Ramsey, Charles Regenold, Brenda Rehm, Cindy Rehm, Diane Reinking, Dean Reinking, Dennis Reinking, Sue Resor, Stephen Richmond, Nancy Ringenberg, James Robinson, Rebecca Robison, Geoff Rocke, Ann Rodenbeck, Renee Roe, Greg Rogers, Judy Romanowski, Rhonda Rondot, Kathleen Roney, Dean Roos, Eric ' A L Rorick, Michael Rose, David Rose, Paul Rossworm, Mark Ruger, Linda Rulka, Diane Rutledge, Robert Saladrigas, Jimmy Salisbury, Denise Saunders, Colleen Sa lor, Ann Savior, John Sa lor, Thomas Schimmoller, Randy Schinnerer, Pamela Schmidt, Janet Schneider, Melanie Scholle, Kam Schwartz, Debbie Sexton, James Shafer, Bradley Sherman, Gary Shirk, Jeanine Shive, Nancy Shriner, Tim Siegers, Rhonda Sievers, Sandy Silverman, Illene Simmons, Greg Slagle, Paula Smith, Brenda Smith, Jim Smith, Lynn Smith, Randy Smock, Louis Snyder, Michael Snyder, Tom Sorg, Kay Spade, Carol Spencer, Rich Spencer, Robert Spohr, Steven Springer, Bev Springer, Donna Springer, Kathleen Squier, Connie Stalter, Janice Steinbacher, Steve Steinman, Allen Stevens, Alan Stevens, Linda Stier, Jackie Stoller, Sharon Stone, Cathy Stumpf, Susan Swaidner, Jed Sweeney, Sue Switzer, Lisa Talbott, Mike Taylor, Diane Taylor, Leroy Temple, Jeff Tews, Jean Thatcher, Kathy Thieme, Dennis Tholen, Dave Thorton, Glenn Timmons, Michael Tinker, Dennis Tinsley, Charlotte Tolliver, Kent Tracey, William Trickey, Oreon TrulocK, Sally Trzynka, David Trzynka, Marilyn Turley, Neva Tustison, Chris Uhrick, Lorinda Vachon, Steven VanCleave, Debra VanWinkle, Cheryl Velez, William Vidra, Susan Voight, Ann Voirol, Bobbi Voors, Jean Vredenburg, Robert Wacker, Nancy Wade, Marilyn Wagner, David Being ' lowlies ' new experience Wales, Cynthia Walsh, Steve Wann, Ronald Wasson, Jane Watkins, Brenda Weigand, Mark Wells, Ted Werling, Marianne Werner, Gigi Westerfield, Marcia Westrick, Jane Wetoskey, Sandra Wetzel, Mark Wheeler, Debbie Whittaker, Clarice Widenhoefer, Duane Wiegand, Steve Wilson, Rick Winans, Kent Winicker, Janice Winzler, Elias Wonderly, Richard Woodward, Cathy Wylie, Grant Yoder, Craig Young, Mike Zobrosky, Jacki Zuver, Cindy 23» Here at New Haven The students are the consumers: Buyers of today and Producers of tomorrow, Contributing to the community ' s economy. They are the next decades ' Customers, Merchants, And Investors. Every day Students add to the economic growth of New Haven and Fort Wa Tie By being Involved in Buying Trust your car to the man who wears the star Girardot ' s Texaco B. F. Goodrich Tires 634 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-8409 Complete Office— Photography- School Supplies Charles Purvis Rexall Drugs 514 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-1159 Kathy Poorman In at 10 dirty, clean by 4:30 Castle Cleaners 3328 Wayne Trace Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 745-9318 Sharon and lllene Silverman The store you know for quality Southgate Plaza Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 456-8181 Sally Trulock and Dave Wagner New Haven Undergrads ' Pictures By Roberts ' Studio 1014 Ewing Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 422-8772 Debra Fullerton Quality shoes for the family Village Shoe Store 4343 South Anthony Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 745-3228 Judy Overholt " Everything for the lawn and garden " Bremers ' Home and Garden Store (Formerly Vaughn ' s) 1335 Highway 14 East New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-1156 John Bremer Fort Wayne ' s Only Opel Dealer Jim Kelley Buick 1819 South Calhoun Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone:456-1211 Stan Taylor— Vic the Bulldog We create a fine printing job Moon Printing Co. Allen County Times 621 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-9538 Peggy Stumpf Your Friendly Camera Shop Sunny Schicks ' 407 West Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 742-9119 Trish Janson Kayser House of Beauty 5803 Decatur Road Phone: 745-7568 Gold Room Beauty Salon 1115 West State Phone: 743-1826 Collins One HOUR " mmims: THE iMOST IN DRY CLEANING 7510 K-Mart Plaza South Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 745-7374 Sue Sams At your door or favorite store Cindy Hille Thanks to the 1969 class from all of us at Walker ' s 516 West Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Tom and Sheila Walker Beverly Quandt Barbara Schroeder Mile-maker Regular and Super-M Premium Gasoline Quality Motor Oils Norm ' s Point Service 445 Lincoln Highway West New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-9127 Mr. Jay Fisher Everything for the well appointed house Ruhl Home Furnishings 424 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-4717 Flexstell— Kelvinator— RCA— Electrohome Julie Kelty Dan Rhodes Agency Insurance — Real Estate 3019 Oxford Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 745-5917 Kathy Klenke You expect more from Standard and you get it Loudens Standard Service 706 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-9102 Dave Andersen ■ ' 2 Stores to serve you " Dan Purvis Rexall Drugs Lincoln Center New Haven, Indiana Casselwood Center Fort Wayne, Indiana Sandy Klinger b Bill Colderbank Your Dependable Electric Servant I M Electric Company 2101 Spy Run Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 743-0331 Hardware— Gifts— Housewares Rudy ' s 618 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-2512 Dennis She r on WANE TVIS Television Fort Wayne, Indiana Concert Choir Motor Tune-ups, Batteries, «!»il Accessories, Muffler and Tailpipes Dick ' s Standard Service U.S. 30 at Green Road New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-9780 Janet Richhart Best wishes to the graduating seniors and good luck in the future B.F. Goodrich Tire Company Fort Wayne, Indiana After you look at the rest, Come buy the best— a Remington Office Equipment Supply Company 1508 Oxford Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 744-3149 Gary Tribolet, junior salesman The store for class rings Pensinger Jewelry Store 908 Main Street New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-4315 Judy and Trudy Pensinger and Kerry Umber Every deal is backed by our reputation for fair dealing! Delegrange Ford Sales Junction of Routes 24 30 West of New Haven, Indiana Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Flowers for all occasions designed " Especially for you " Westhaven Floral, Inc. 207 Lincoln Highway West New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-5180 Deborah Coburn and Bob Brown Nobody makes flavors like Faygo Faygo Beverage Company Debby Springer, Mark Chapman, and Greg Harper 359 Lincoln Highway West New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-0411 Barb Hege " Your clothes ' best friend ' Deluxe Cleaners 919 Middle Street New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-2918 Allison Lowery, Jane Rocke, and Mark Bristow Dick Van Kirk Insurance Real Estate 526 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-1147 Jan Asher Home furnishings and ready to wear Blackwell ' s Department Store 909 Main Street New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-1912 Sandy Smith and Greg Peters Remember .... Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow —Emerson Maloley ' s Serving you better Saving you more Dewaijne Culbertson Complete automotive service Don Yeoman Servicenter Free pick-up and delivery 540 East Pettit Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 745-3970 Lorie Bearman CMC The first word in transportation the last word in trucks General Truck Sales Corp. 5905 U.S. 30 East New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-5181 Don Wharton Shoes for the entire family V.M. Shoe Store 501 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-4463 Dianna Bennett Pamin Standard Station 402 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Phone: 749-9129 Beverly Hege The largest service center in the area, under one roof. " VVe service what we sell! " Bill McCormack Chevrolet 624 U.S. 30 East New Haven, Indiana Jim Boyer Best wishes 128 West Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 742-8373 GROUP W0W0R§8 ' °W General Telephone, 1968 j H Hatqm Schinnerer Truemper, Inc. 5212 South Hanna Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 744-3291 Sheraton Inn, 1969 who ' s where in 1969 Faculty and Stajf Armstrong, Paul 39,97,99 Ball, Armond 42,65,77,97,99 Beainaii, Mrs. LuAnn 99 Bearnian, Mrs. Dorothy 105 Becker, John 39,40,42,46,97,99 Benson, Dennis 56,99 Best, Ron 88 Beugnot, Jean 99 Bonahoom, Michael 4,96 Bowers, Mrs. Mildred 105 Brubaker, Mrs. Imogene 104 Byanski, Thomas 99 Cass, Everett 36,37,46,77,97,99 Cass, Fred 44,97 Chase, Mrs. Janice 99 Clark, Miss Charlotte 48,99 Clark, Fred 45,97 Clav ' pool, Mrs. Loretta 105 Col ' derbank, Mrs. Mildred 99 Crownover, Max 99 Daniels, Miss Harriet 71,99 Dickmeyer, John 99 Dodd, Chester 99 Drayer, Mrs. Carolyn 105 Dye, Robert 99 Faulstick, Mrs. Beulah 70,99 Ferguson, Ralph 96 Fisher, A.J. 99,159 Franke, Mrs. Julia 20,99 Frosch, Mrs. Carol 105 Gehrig, Donald 96 Giant, Carlton 96 Goeglein, Jerry 39,43,97,99 Goeglein, Paul 99,112 Gregory, Miss Linda 62,65,75,99 Hanefeld, Claron 99 Hanefeld, Mrs. Edith 105 Harter, Gordon 63,99 Hartigan, Richard 97 Hendrickson, Neil 104 Henwood, Maynard 5,96 Hoffman, Mrs. Joan 104 Holt, Robert 96 Hostetler, Stan 43 Huev, Richard 74,100 Huflf, Lawrence 100 Hufford, Thomas 59,100 Huml, Don 18,39,44,97,100 Hunnings, Keith 66,100,103 Jackson, Gordon 97 Jacquay, Mrs. Agnes 105 Johnson, Dennis 63,77,100 Jones, Mrs. Helen 105 Isch, Gerald 28,100 Kart, Hamilton 54,100 Kinzie, Mrs. Anita 100 Klopfenstein, Lynn 66,100 Krippner, Robert 100 Kurtz, Tom 97 Lake, Richard 105 Lamb, Tom 100 Lehman, Ray 96 Lepper, Mrs. Monica 104 Leuenberger, Miss Betty 100 Lowden, Mrs. Anna 105 L utz, David 26,100 Manifold, Miss Mary 21,58,100 Mann, Mrs. Doris 100 Martin, Mrs. Patricia 48,100 May, Francis 54,56,100 May, Sam 100 Miller, Mrs. Jeanne 97 Miller, Mrs. Ocie 105 Miller, Richard 96 Miller, Dr. Richard 96 Milliman, Paul 88,100 Mitchel, Jerry 39,40,42,76,79,100 Monaghan, Pat 46,97 Nicholas, Carl 100 Norton, Willis 100 Oberlin,Verl 98,100 Okulv, Mrs. Margaret 105 Ort, Mrs. Pat 104 Perrin, Mrs. Marie 105 Pfeiffer, Mrs. Debris 104 Purvis, Miss Mary Jo 103 Purvis, Mrs. Vivian 104 Reifsnider, John 96 Reynolds, Charles 97 Reynolds, Robert 64,103 Richhart, Mrs. lona 104 Rodgers, Mrs. Margaret 104 Roemke, Chris 97 Rogers, Mrs. Vivian 103 Ross, Terry 26, 103 Sanders, Everett 103 Schil ling, Richard 6,103 Schmidt, Chester 97 Schnelker, Mrs. Hilda 105 Schwabel, Mrs. Margaret 103 Simon, Stephen 72,103 Sinn, Milton 54,56,103 Sipe, Carl 103 Smith, Miss Trudy 104 Snyder, Miss Barbara 104 Stebing, Don 65,103 Stephan, Norman 6,103 Steward, Donald 103 Strayer, Mrs. Carolyn 103 Strayer, Mrs. Doris 105 Suciu, Mrs. Margaret 105 Symonds, Mrs. Carol 104 Teegardin, Mrs. Debbie 104 Thompson, William 103 Troyer, Mrs. Helen 58,71,101,103 Turner, George 103 Wade, Ronald 87,103 Wake, Mrs. Carol 104 West, Mrs. Virginia 103 Wilder, Arthur 103 Wise, William 96 Wolf, Mrs. Etta 62,103 Wolfe, Robert 50,76,103 Zapp, Edmund 59,103 Organizations Atheneum Club 84 Audio-Visual Club 82 Band 88,89 Baseball 44 Basketball 40,41,42 Bowling Club 48 Boys ' Booster Club 50 Cheerleaders 50,51 Chess Club 80 Concert Choir 92 Cross Country 36,37 Dance Band 89 Drum Majors 89 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 76 Fine Arts Club 85 Football 38.39,42 French Club 86 Future Business Leaders 64 Future Nurses Club 72 Future Teachers 71 German Club 87 Girls ' Athletic Association 48 Girls ' Glee Club 91 Golf 45 Herald 68,69 Hi-Y 58 Home Ec Club 79 Intramurals 48,49 Latin Club 90 Letterman ' s Club 77 Majorettes 89 Masque and Gavel 58,59 Math Club 83 Mirage 60,61 National Forensic League 56,57 National Honor Society 72,7.3 Office Education Association 65 Pep Club 51 Quill and Scroll 75 Rifle Club 78 Science Club 66,67 Social Studies Club 81 Sportsmanship Council 76 Student Congress 62,63 Swing Choir 92 Track 46,47 Varsity Choir 91 Vision 74 Wrestling 43 Y -Teens 59 Advertisers Allen Dairy 158 Blackwell ' s Department Store 166 Bremer ' s Home and Garden Store 156 Castle Cleaners 165 Charles Purvis Drugs 155 Collin ' s One-Hour Martinizing 158 Dan Purvis Drugs 161 Dan Rhodes Agency 160 Delagrange Ford Sales 164 Deluxe Cleaners 165 Dick Van Kirk Insurance 166 Dick ' s Standard Service 162 Don Yeoman Servicenter 167 Faygo Beverage Company 165 General Truck Sales 167 Girardot ' s Texaco 154 Goodrich Tire Company 163 1 M Electric Company 161 Jim Kelley Buick 157 Kayser House of Beauty 158 Louden ' s Standard Service 160 Maloley ' s 166 McCormack ' s Chevrolet 168 Moon Printing Company 157 Norm ' s Point Service 159 Office Equipment Supply 163 Parnin Standard Station 168 Pensinger Jewelry Store 164 Robert ' s Studio 156 Rudy ' s Hardware 161 Schinnerer Truemper 169 Sunny Schick ' s 157 Tele-quik 165 Trulock ' s Men ' s Wear 155 Village Shoe Store 156 V. M. Shoe Store 167 Walker ' s House of Photography 159 WANE-TV 162 Westhaven Foral, Inc. 164 WOWO 168 Students B Adams, Denny (11) 134 Adams, Michael (12) 82,106 Adams, Patrick (12) 106 Ahlersmeyer, Sue (11) 23,88,134 Ahlersmeyer, William (12) 50, 106 Alber, Michael (10) 42,46,56,90, 143 Allen, Nancy (11) 134 Allgood, Debra(lO) 143 Ambrosini, Jerry (12) 106 Ambrosini, Steve (10) 143 Ames, Georgia (10) 143 Ammerman, Darlene (10) 143 Ammerman, Rebecca (12) 51,106 Anastasia, Marie (10) 143 Anastasia, Peter (11) 134 Anders, Christine (10) 143 Andersen, Dave (10) 56,143,160 Andersen, Eric (12) 56,72,83,90, 160 Anderson, Greg (11) 134 Anderson, John (ll) 134 Anderson, Kay (11) 1.34 Anderson, Linda (11) 134 Anger, Kenneth (10) 88,143 Anger, Lori( 12) 65,87,106 Anweiler, Tina(lO) 143 Armbrust, Kathy (12) 58,73,90, 106,127 Archbold, Doug (10) 83,143 Armstrong, Melanie (10) 51,91, 143 Arnett, Linda (12) 106 Arnold, Sandra (12) 51,91,106 Aschliman, Robert (10) 143 Asher, Janet (12) 51,54,56,72,76, 92,93,106,166 Aubrey, Gary (12) 106 Augenstein, Jean (10) 51,143 Ault, Jane(ll) 134 Ault, Robert (11) 134 Avery, Gerald (10) 144 Baatz, Herb (11) 40,46,134 Baatz, Linda (10) 51,63,87,144 Baatz, Terri( 10) 48,144 Backofen, Bruce (10) 90,144 Bade, Sharon (10) 91,144 Bahler, Dona (10) 62,6.3,91,144 Bair, Karen (10) 144 Bair, Peggy (11) 91,134 Bak, Lawrence (10) 88,144 Baker, Carol (12) 12,50,63,73,76, 92,93,106,120,130 Baker, Lana (10) 51,76,91,144 Bandelier, Gary (10) 48,144 Bandelier, Judv (11) 58,134 Barfell, Lana (12) 58.64,74,92,106 Barkley, Dan (11) 134 Barlow, William (11) 134 Barnes, John (12) 39,106 Barnes, Luane (10) 48,144 Barrientos, Michael (10) 42,43, 144 Bartels, Mark (10) 144 Barton, Patricia (11) 134 Barwiler, Ramona (10) 48,51,87, 97,144 Basile, Diane (11) 58,63,65,134 Baumgartner, Pam (12) 51,106 Bauer, Cheryl (10) 144 Bauer, Sherrill (10) 144 Bauserman, Carol (12) 51,63,71, 73,86,106 Bay, Debbie (11) 134 Be;ihrs, Vickie (11) 51,134 Bearman, Karen (12) 88,90,106 Bearman, Lorie (12) 50,76,92, 106,115,120,167 Bearman, Rick (11) 134 Beatty, Doug (11) 12,48,88,134 Beaver, Debra( 10) 144 Beavers, Stacey (10) 42,46,144 Beavers, Sheryl (12) 106 Becker, Denny (12) 39,49,50,63, 72,77,106,125 Becker, Jeffrey (10) 42,144 Beckman, Patty (10) 144 Below, Margo(12) 106 Bendel, Donna (10) 48,144 Bendele, John (10) 144 Bendele, Richard (10) 21,144 Bender, Alan (10) 144 Benedict, Ed (12) 25,50,92,106 Benjamin, Jan (10) 58,144 Benner, Jndith (10) 144 Bennett, Diana (11) 48,66,69,74, 81,84,134,167 Bermes, Chuck (11) 134 Bermes, Diane (11) 134 Berry, Carl (12) 106 Bertsch, Randy (10) 144 Beuchel, Marie (12) 51,71,79,81 107 Beuchel, Michael (10) 36,46.87, 144 Beuchel, Sharon (11) 51,70,134 Beuscher, Leah (12) 11,51,56,92, 107,125 Beuscher, Lynn (10) 51,91,144 Bienz, Diane (12) 107 Bishop, Cynthia (10) 144 Bivens, Mike (10) 144 Blacklidge, James (11) 50,134 Blair, Linda (10) 88,142,144 Blair, Marcy (12) 74,85,86,92,107 Bland, Terrv (10) 44,144 Bleke, Tresa(ll) 134 Bliss, Susan (11) 51,58,134 Bhznoff, Dina(U) 134 Bloomfield, Jack (12) 78,107 Bloomfield, James (12) 78,107 Blosser, Gary (11) 134 Blossom, Richard (10) 144 Blotkemp, Sam (11) 134 Bock, Jack (12) 107 Bodie, Richard (11) 48,66,134 Boese, Sandra (10) 54,56,63,144 Boester, Rick (11) 48,50,66,92, 134 Bogner, Bruce (10) 144 Bohrer, Charles (10) 144 Bojab, Jodi (10) 144 Bollinger, Luann (11) 48,134 Bonjour, Karen (11) 134 Bonjour, Linda (10) 144 Bonta, Pam (11) 134 Boomershine, Jane (12) 107 Borcherding, Ken (11) 48 134 Bork, Ronnie (12) 107 Boulware, Janis (12) 107 Bouse, Steve (11) 134 Bowers, Sharon (10) 54,144 Beyer, Jim (10) 42,43,46,68,144 168 Boys, Richard (11) 39,44,134 Bracht, Victor (10) 144 Bradshaw, Steve (10) 48,144 Bradtmiller, Denny (12) 44,48,49, 77,107,125 Bradtmueller, Karen (11) 142 Bradtmueller, Victor (11) 134 Braley, Cheryl (11) 134 Brancfield, Mike (11) 134 Brancfield, Vicky (10) 144 Brandt, Nancy (10) 51,76,144 Braun, Doug(lO) 144 Bremer, Janet (11) 51,71,134 Bremer, John (10) 71,144,156 Bremer, William (12) 107 Brennan, Janice (10) 144 Brennan, Terry (12) 50,108 Brenton, Michael (11) 134 Brewer, James (11) 134 Bricker, Lee (12) 51,90,108,131 Briggs, Tim (10) 144 Brincifield, Dennis (10) 144 Briner, Cinda (10) 48,144 Bringman, Pete (11) 134 Brinkley, Ken (10) 144 Bristow, Mark (11) 76,84,88,134, 165 Brockman, Sandra (10) 144 Brockway, Debbie (10) 48,144 Brockway, Ken (12) 108 Brooks, Richard (12) 108 Brophy, Ruth (10) 144 Brown, Duane(12) 108 Brown, Linda (12) 90,108 Brown, Mike (11) 50,54,56,72,76, 133,134 Brown, jMillie (12) 64,108 Brown, Pam (10) 48,144 Brown, Robert (12) 50,60,61,71 74,85,92,108 Brubaker, Kelvin (10) 145 Bruce, Steve (11) 39,46,47,48,50, 82,134 Bruick, Cheryl (11) 51,70,134 Bruns, Roxanne (12) 74,85,86,92, 108 Buchtman, Vincent (11) 78,134 Buck, Brian (11) 134 Buckmaster, Ned (10) 88,145 Budde, Nancy (11) 58,65,134 Bultemeier, Janet (10) 48,51,145 Burczak, Linda (10) 63,74,85,143 145 Burgette, Jeff(ll) 134 Burgette, Lynda (12) 92,108 Burkett, Diane (10) 145 Burnett, Guy (12) 108 Burwell, Charles (12) 108 Busche, Mike (11) 134 Bute, Keith (10) 145 Byram, Jeannie (12) 51,109 Caccamo, Janice (12) 109 Cain, Jack (11) 135 Cain, Patricia (11) 48,91,135 Callahan, Chris (11) 84,85,88, 133 135 Car eron, Ted (12) 36,37,46,77, 109 Campbell, Craig (12) 78,85 Campbell, Cynthia (11) 51,54,71, 72,88,135 Campbell, James (11) 135 Campbell, John (12) 92,109 Carcion, Curt (11) 135 Carl, Linda (12) 11,51,56,63,72, 83 92 109 Carlson, Darrell(ll) 135 Carlson, Donna (11) 135 Carmin, Robert (11) 90,135 Carpenter, Mark (11) 135 Carroll, Kathy (11) 135 Gary, James ( 12) 109 Gary, Lyn(ll) 135 Caudle, Betty (11) 51,135 Gayot, Tony(ll) 135 Chamberlain, Ron (10) 88,145 Ghaney, Craig (11) 36,46,135 Chaney, Paul (10) 44,145 Chapman, Jerrv (12) 39,40,50,59, 76,77,82,92,109 Chapman, Mark (12) 12,49,58,59, 63,73,86,92,93,109,165 Chapman, Rosalie (10) 51,91,145 Charleston, Karen (10) 145 Charleston, Kathy (12) 109 Charleston, William (12) 109 Cheek, Rickard( 12) 109 Cheriron, Dave (10) 48,145 Chew, John (12) 109 Childress, Wanda (10) 145 Chism, Loria(ll) 135 Chovan, Michael (10) 145 Christman, Jerry (10) 145 Clark, Dave (12) 109 Clark, Kathie( 11) 135 Clark, Ricthie (11) 36,40,45,76, 77,135 Clark, Stacy (12) 45,73,76,109 Clause, Cynthia (12) 4,51,71,72, 83,90,109 Clause, Steve (10) 80,83,145 Claypool, Karen (12) 25,51,71 Clem, Christina (10) 145 Clem, John (12) 39,109 Clymer, Ken(lO) 145 Coak, Deborah (10) 145 Coak, Letis(12) 109 Coates, Mark (11) 135 Coats, Dave (10) 36,43,46,90,145 Coblentz, Diane (12) 109 Coburn, Deborah (12) 109 Cockrum, Linda (10) 51,91,145 Cocks, Michael (12) 109 Coe, Danny (12) 109 Coffey, Joyce (10) 48,91,145 Coker, Richard (12) 66,67,109 Coleman, John (11) 135 Colderbank, Kathy (10) 9,48,51, 145 Colderbank, William (12) 9,109, 161 Cole, Mike (12) 109 Comito, Linda (12) 61,71 72 74 85,88,90,110,125 ' ' Comito, Ron (10) 42,88,145 Conner, Cynthia (12) 110 Connin, Michael (10) 145 Conrad, Kit (12) 110 Cook, Karen (12) 51,78,90,110 Coonrod, Phillip (12) 110 Cooper, Jon (11)87,135 Cowan, Ed (11) 135 Coward, Reynolds (11) 135 Cox, Charles (11) 44,59,135 Cox, Kasandra (12) 70,92,110 Cozma, Victor (11) 26 Craft, William (10) 145 Craig, Jerry (11) 42,46,82,135 Craig, Jennv (11) 135 Grain, Robert (10) 42,145 Crawford, Cheryl (12) 65,110 Crawford, Michael (12) 54,56 59 73,85,87,92,110 Crawford, Michele (10) 91,145 Griswell, Dale(lO) 145 Critell, James (11) 71,88,135 Crouch, Scott (10)42,145 Crov, Dave(ll) 135 Crum, Arley (11) 135 Culbertson, De Wayne (11) 48 135,166 Culp, Larry (10) 145 Cunningham, Juanita (12) 51,70 84,90,110 Cutright, Dave(ll) 135 Czech, Mary (11) 135 D Dager, Susan (11) 51,79,135 Daggett, Julie (10) 145 Dailey, James (10) 145 Dailey, Jay (11) 27,135 Dancer, Michele (12) 20,91,110 Daniels, Sandra (12) 110 Darnell, Christy (12) 5,13,54,56, 57,92,93,110 Davies, Kav(lO) 145 Davis, Kaye(ll) 135 Davis, Rob (11) 39,46,50,77,82, 130,135 Davis, Robert (11) 65,135 Davis, Stephen (10) 145 Dawson, Connie (10) 145 Dawson, Sandy (12) 48,61,110 Day, Linda (12) 110 DeBender, Phvllis (10) 81,145 Deitering, Cindi (11) 76,135 Delhnger, Jeanine (11) 135 Delp, Kent(12) 110 Denis, Joe (10) 145 Dennie, Linda (11) 135 Denny, Doris (10) 145 Dent, Lisa (11) 51,63,65,71,135 Deprey, Lisa(lO) 145 DeRemer, Diane (11) 51,91,135 Dettmer, Tim(lO) 145 DeVaux, Ronita (10) 48,145 Dicke, Robert (12)88,110 Diedrich, Mike (11) 135 Diehl, Paul (11) 36,43,76,135 Diehm, April (10) 145 Dillman, Diana (11) 91,135 Dillon, Debra(12) 110 Dillon, Linda (11) 135 Doell, Jackie (10) 71,85,87,88. 145 Dohn, Dan(lO) 145 Doll, Debbie (12) 65,110 Dommer, Vicki (12) 58,63,64,76, 90,110 Doster, Charles (12) 110 Dot% ' , Aline (10) 145 Dotv, David (12) 110 Dotv ' , Janis (11) 135 Doty, Karla( 10) 58,91,145 Downey, Mike (12) 110 Draper, Bonnie (11) 135 Draper, Michael (10) 145 Drewery, Charles ' 10) 145 Drummond, Greg (12; 44.110 Drummond, JeffdO; 44,145 Dumont, Walter (11; 1.35 Dyarman, Gary (12) 110 Dyer, Mike (12) 111 Eakright, Danny (11) 39,43,46, 77,135 Eakright, Marcia(ll) 1.35 Eby, Jeffdl) 135 Eckert, Janet (12) 111 Eckert, Janice (12) HI Eckert, Jodv (11) 48,58,1.35 Edgar, Kav( 10) 145 Edwards, Gerry (10) 42,145 Ehinger, Louis (12) 111 Ehinger, Richard (11) 135 Eifred, Doug (11) 26 Eifred, Jennifer (10) 145 Ellenberger, Cheryl (10) 51,145 Ellis, Karen (10) 145 Eltzroth, Denise (11) 27,51,135 Elwood, Karen (10) 145 Elwood, Michael (12) 111 Emenhiser, Dave (11) 39,44,1.35 Emley, Glenn (11) 54,63,66,72, 1.35 Endres, Carol (10) 145 Engdahl, Kathv(12) 111 English, .Michael (12) 111 Erb, Javnce(lO) 145 Ericson, Howard (10) .56,78,145 Ernst, Sandv (11) 6.3,88,135 Erpelding, Pat(ll) 1.35 Erpelding, Theresa (10) 56,78, 145 Ernst, Sandv (11) 63,88,135 Erpelding, Pat (11) 135 Erpelding, Theresa (10) 70,145 Evard, Phil (11)46,1.35 Everson, Steve (10) 78,145 Farrier, Steve (10) 36,47,145 Feiertag, Greg (10) 145 Felger, Theresa (10) 51,146 Fensler, Gary (12) 111 Ferguson, Janice (10) 145 Ferguson, Kathv ( 12) 79, 1 1 1 Filler, Dale (11) 135 Filler, Ken (11) 78,1.35 Finchum, Garmali (10) 146 Fisher, Bradd (11) 8,.39,44,135 Fisher, James (10) 146 Fisher, John (12) 111 Fisher, John (11) 87,136 Fitzgerald, Larr (ll) 136 Fitzgerald, Tim (12) 111 Fitzwater, Larrv (12) 50,73.83, 111 Fleck, Carol (12) 112 Fleckenstein, Sandv (10) 146 Flora, Linda (10) 91,146 Foerster, Barbara (11) 48,58,91, 136 Folk, Gary (12) 112 Foltz, Janice (10) 48.51,91,146 Ford, Larr - (10) 88,146 Foreman, Joan (12) 112 Foreman, John (11) 136 Foreman, Mike (11) 136 Fortman, Nancv (11) 79.136 Fortriede, Ralph (11) 136 Foss, Ed (11),136 Foster, Steven (12)77.112 Fox, James (10) 42,146 Fox, Kevin (10) 146 Fox, Susan (11) 88,136 Fracassini, Karen (12) 51,58,66, 79.81, France, Rickv (11) 136 Franklin. Jovce( 10) 146 Franks, Judvd 1)65.136 Franks. Stephen (12) 112 Eraser, Kendra (11) 72.85.88,136 Frederick, James (10) 146 Frederick, Mike (11) 136 Frederick, Sandra (10) 48,146 Freeman, Windy (11) 136 Friedley, Nannette (11) 54,56,88, 89,136 Frosch, Mike(12) 112 Fr -, Terrv(ll) 136 Fuhrman, Jerry (10) 30,36,42,46, 76,146 Fullerton, Debra (10) 88, 146,156 Furniss, Mickael (12) 43,50,112 Furniss, Ronald (11) 50,76,136 Gable, Peggv (10) 91,146 Gage, John (lO) 146 Galvin, Tom (12) 112 Garber, Charles (11) 136 Gardiner, Lynda (11) 136 Gardiner, Robert (12) 50,78,80, 112 Garman, Diana (12) 112 Garren, Ruth(ll) 136 Garwood, Leah (12) 9,64,74,112 Gaskaill, Geraldine (10) 51,63,91, 143,146 Gaskill, Nancy (11) 136 Gasper, Connie (10) 146 Gasper, Debbie (11) 51,136 Gatton, Teresa (11) 68,69,72,75, 136 Gear, Carol (10) 48,88,146 Geiser, Pat(12) 113 Geller, Debra (12) 58,65,113 George, Mark (10) 88,146 Gerke, john(lO) 146 Gerrard, Gavlene (10) 146 Giant, Kevin (10) 43,146 Gibson, Dan (11) 82,86,136 Gick, Carol (10) 51,146 Gick, Dennis (10) 146 Gick, Ross (12) 40,41,44,49,77, 113 Gillenwater, Dave (10) 146 Gillenwater, Harry (11) 136 Gillenwater, William (10) 146 Gilley, George (11) 136 Gillian, Kathv (11) 69,136 GilHngham, Dave (11) 136 Girardot, Darvin (10) 146 Girardot, Don (12) 113 Girardot, Karen (11) 51,58,65,136 Girardot, Tim (10) 146 Gladieux, David (10) 146 Gladieux, Garv(ll) 136 Glendening, Jerry (11) 136 Glenn, Anne (10) 146 Glenn, Stephen (11) 146 Glover, William (10) 146 Goehring, EHzabeth (12) 4,51,63, 65,73,85,86,90,113,125,132 Gonzalez, Orlando (11) 44,136 Goodin, Kim (11) 48,50,136 Goshorn, Larry (12) 85,88,93,113 Gowen, Donna (11) 65,136 Grabner, Alan(ll) 136 Gradft,Debrae (10) 51,146 Graham, Kathv (11) 136 Graue, Doris (10) 146 Graue, Doloris (10) 146 Graves, Jeff (10) 42,46,146 Grayless, Richard (10) 146 Greenwood, Charles (10) 146 Gremaux, Greg(ll) 136 Grider, Nancv (10) 48,85,146 Griest, Annette (12) 51,58,113 Grossman, Jeanne (12) 113,125 Grossman, Judy (10) 91,146 Grostefon, Eunice (10) 48,146 Grostefon, Wes(ll) 136 Groves, Paula (10) 143,146 Grubb, Claudia (11) 51,136 Guillaume, June (11) 91,136 Guillow, Jim (10) 42,146 Gumbert, Kathy (11) 136 Gunder, Henry (12) 84,113 H Hagan, Charles (12) 113 Hake, Dave (11) 136 Hall. Randv(lO) 146 Hallberg, Glenn (10) 146 Hambrock, Paul(ll) 136 Hamilton, Linda (12) 90,113 Hamilton, Robert (11) 136 Hammond, Beverly (10) 146 Hammond, LeRov (J 1) 136 Hammond, Richard (11) 136 Hanke, Frank (10) 146 Hanlev, Debbie (10) 31,48,146 Hannah, Wayne (10) 146 Hannie, Susan (12) 71,85,88,89, 113 Harclerode, Susan (11) 51,136 Harding, Terry (12) 113 Harkenrider, Janice (12) 51,65, 113 Harn, Susan (10) 146 Harnish, Bruce (11) 136 Harnish, Michael (12) 19,39,54, 55,56,76,77,113 Harper, Greg (12) 11,49,59,63,92, 92,113,133,165 Harper, Lisa (10) 146 Harrington, Diane (10) 146 Harris, Barbara (12) 113 Hart, Roberta (10) 146 Hart, Virginia (11) 51,136 Harter, Jim (11) 44,136 Hartmann, Phil (10) 56,66,146 Hartwig, John(lO) 146 Harvey, Carol (10) 146 Harvey, Richard (11) 136 Hastv,Carolvn(l 1)88,1 36 Haupert, Rhonda (12) 113 Hause, Henrv (10) 146 Havener, Randv(lO) 146 Havert, Ann(l6) 146 Hawk, Steve (12) 113 Hayden, Michael (12) 113 Hayes, Jane (10) 51,146 Haynes, Michael (10) 146 Haynes, Stanley (10) 146 Haynie, Rick (11) 54,66,136 Hazlett, Gary (10) 56,88,146 Headlee, Daniel (10) 90,147 Heckman, Debra (11) 136 Heemsoth, Jim (12) 44,77,114 Heemsoth, William (10) 147 Hege, Barbara (11) 51,58,63,69, 71,72,75,136,165 Hege, Beverly (11) 9,51, 58,63, 68,69,71,72,75,136,168 Heimann, Ken (10) 147 Heine, Charles (11) 59,136 Heine, Colleen (12) 51,71,90,113 Heine, Steve (12) 113 Helmke, Gary (11) 66,84,136 Hemrick, Sue(12) 113 Hemsoth, Connie (12) 51,92,113 Henderson, Janet (11) 136 Hendrickson, Brenda (10) 147 Hendrickson, Carl (10) 147 Hendrickson, Sue (11) 136 Henrv, Cynthia (11) 137 Hill, David (10) 88,147 Hill, Pat (10) 147 Hill, Pat (11) 137 Hille, Cynthia (12) 51,58.60,61, 69,74,85,86,90,114,158 Himelstein, Robert (11) 40,137 Hinrichs, Kathy (12) 58,65,70,90 114 Hinrichs, Mike (12) 114 Hinrichs, Suzann (11) 22,137 Hirschy, Dean (11) 50,59,137 Hirschy, John (10) 63,147 Hitzeman, Howard (10) 147 Hoagland, Donald (10) 56,147 Hobrock, Steve (12) 11,59,76,92, 114 Hockemeyer, Rex (10) 147 Hoeppner, Geary (12) 36,43,46, 76,77,114 Hoeppner, Kerry (11) 36,43,46, 76,77,137 Holcomb, Bill (11) 137 Holocher, Debbie (10) 147 Holt, Steve (10) 30,42,88,147 Hoover, Kathy (12)91,114 Hoppe, John (10) 88,147 Hormann, Cindy (11) 137 Hormann, Darwin (12) 114 Hormann, Julie (10) 91,147 Hormann, Steve (10) 42,44,147 Hovis, Rebecca (11) 137 Howard, Victor (11) 137 Howell, Joyce (10) 51,147 Howell, Warren (10) 147 Hower, Beverly (12) 54,78,79,80, 90,114 Hower, Rose (11) 48,71,79,137 Howev, Shelley (11) 137 Hoy, Steven (12) 114 Huffman, Marilyn (10) 147 Huffman, Rebecca (12) 18,89,114, 125 Hughes, Herbert (11) 137 Hughes, Larry (12) 114 Hull, Rodney (11) 137 Hummel, Cathy (11) 137 Humphreys, Robert (12) 56,73, 114,132 Hunnings, Bonnie (11) 26,71,87, 88,137 Hunsberger, Pat(ll) 137 Hunt, Joe (10) 36,147 Hunter, Greg (11) 137 Huttinger, Tom(12) 114 I lannucilli, Jon(12) 114 J Jackemeyer, Cheryl (12) 54,73,78, 79,90,114 Jackson, Debby (12) 22,48,71,79, 81,90,114,116 Jackson, Denise (10) 24,48,51,63, 147 Jackson, Diane (10) 51,54,147 Jackson, Rebecca (10) 147 Jackson, Steve (11) 54,72,80,137 Jacobs, Donald (11) 137 Jacquay, John (10) 147 Jacquay, Stan (11) 39,43,76,77, 137 Jaessing, Paul (11) 50,54,63,66, 72,85,87,92,137 James, Rhonda (12) 51,63,73,114, 125 Janson, Patricia (11) 51,69,86,90, 137,157 Jenkins, Linda (12) 56,71,72,86, 114 Jenkins, Mary (10) 71,147 Jennings, Barbara (11) 51,137 Jennings, Robert (12) 114 Jett, Constance (11) 137 Jett, Paula (10) 147 Johnson, Dave (10) 147 Johnson, Jay (10) 42,76,147 Johnson, Margaret (10) 147 Johnson, Mark (10) 42,46,147 Johnson, Noel (11) 137 Johnson, Randy (10) 71,88,147 Johnson, Robert (12) 114 Johnston, Ken (10) 87,147 Jones, Elaine (10) 87,88 Jones, Howard (12) 48,114 Jones, Mary (10) 147 Jones, Robert (11) 87,88,137 Jones, Sharon (11) 137 Joshn, Sandra (10) 147 Judt, Jerry (10) 44,48,87,147 Jump, Becky (12) 58,64,74,114 Jump, Debbe (12) 51,114 Kage, Gerald (12) 115 Kage, Paula (10) 147 Kalko, Douglas (12) 115 Kane, Jeff (10) 147 Kanter, Marcie(lO) 147 Karbach, Gary (12) 115 Karrick, Charles (10) 147 Kart, Jim (11) 54,80,137 Kates, Sheryl (11) 137 Kawiecki, Donald (10) 87,147 Kaylor, Steven (10) 147 Kearns, Diane (10) 88,147 Keeler, Gary (12) 115 Keener, Tamara (10) 70,147 Keirn, Don(ll) 137 Keller, Linda (10) 65,79,147 Keller, Ramona (12) 71,72,88,89 115 Keller, Steve (11) 137 Kelly, Kathy (10) 26,54,55,86,147 Kelly, Kris (10) 147 Keltner, Carolyn (12) 73,115 Kelty, James (11) 50,137 Kelty, Julie (12) 51,71,90,115,160 Kennedy, Karen (10) 147 Kennedy, Kathv (10) 147 Ketron, Ken(li) 137 Ketzler, Larry (11) 137,143 King, Dixie (10) 147 King, Richard (11) 137 Kirby, Stephen (11) 137 Kirk, Richard (11) 85,92,93,137 Klenke, Delia (12) 92,115 Klenke, Kathy (11) 28,60,61,75 79,137,160 Kleppinger, Mark (11) 44,59,137 Kline, Gary (12) 115 Klinger, Sandy (12) 28,115,161 Klopfenstein, Marcia (10) 147 Klopfenstein, Mary (10) 147 Klotz, Robert (10) 147 Knox, Cheryl (11) 51,137 Knox, Colleen (11) 92,137 Koch, Gary (11) 88,137 Koch, Jean (10) 88,147 Koch, Stephen (11) 45,54,80,84, 85,88,137 Kocks, Doanld(12) 115 Koester, Dave (11) 63,88,137 Kohrman, Deborah (12) 64,73, 115 Kokinakis, Ken (10) 54,56,63,80, 83,147 Koogler, John(ll) 137 Koonce, Dan (11) 36,37,46,76,77, 137 Koontz, Rachel (11) 54,66,72,85, 91,137 Korte, Deborah (10) 85,88,147 Kratzat, Jim (11) 46,88,143 Krebs, Becky (10) 148 Kristy, Martin (10) 42,44,148 Kruse, Gwen (10) 58,91,148 Kuhne, Dawn (10) 51,58,91,148 Kuhne, Eric (12) 63,72,107,116 Kumfer, Michael (10) 148 Kunderd, David (11) 88,137 Kunneman, Pat (10) 65,79,148 Kute, Sylvia (10) 148 Ladig, Pat (11) 66,70,72,83,137 Lafever, Vickie (10) 148 Lahr, Al (12) 40,41,46,73,76,77, 88,116 Lahr, James (10) 42,44,76,88,148 Lahrman, Cathy (12) 116 Lahrman, Nancy (11) 137 Laisure, Larry (12) 116 Lake, Beth (11) 51,76,91,137 Lake, Kathy (12) 51,58,63,71,72, 90,92,116 Lambroff, Gary (11) 46,59,137 Lane, Susan (10) 148 Lange, Vernon (12) 116 Langley, Diana (10) 148 Langley, Michael (11) 137 Lantz, Daniel (11) 88,137 Lantz, Kathleen (10) 88,148 Larrance, Barbara (10) 70,148 Larsen, John(lO) 148 Larsen, Penelope (11) 32,51,138 Larson, Mary (11) 51,70,72,83, 138 Lawburgh, Pam (11) 48,51,66,79, 138 Lawrence, Pam (10) 48,51,148 Lawson, Doug (12) 49,116 Laymon, Mary (12) 116 Laymon, Pat (12) 65,116 Lazenby, Michael (11) 43,46,138 Lazzer, David (11) 50,59,138 Leach, Glenn (12) 17,116 Learn, Nancy (12)92,116 Leavel, Janet (11) 56,63,91,138 Lebrecht, Ruth (10) 148 Leed. Kathy (10) 48,148 Lefevra, Cathy (12) 116 Lehman, Cathy (11) 138 Leis, Terry (12) 117 Leiter, Mike (11) 138 Lelja, Susan (12) 51,58,61,71,86, 90,117 Lentz,MarIene (11) 51,138 Leonard, Vicki (12) 90,117 Lepper, Karen (12) 58,117 Lepper, Nancy (10) 148 Lester, Michael (12) 117 Lewis, Barbara (10) 88,148 Lewis, Linda (10) 148 Lewis, Marilyn (12) 51,90,117 Lichtsinn, Margaret (10) 148 Lichtsinn, Roger (12) 117 Lien, Pat (11) 91,138 Lipp, Kevin (10) 148 Lipp, Michael (10) 148 Loar, Brad (12) 54,73,81,88,117, 125 Lohse, Doug (11) 39,45,48,50,59, 76,77,130,138 Lomont, Martha (12) 51,65,90, 117 Long, Larry (10)88,148 Long, Steven (12) 88,117 Lonis,Cary (11)45,138 Lopshire, Jerry (10) 148 Lortie, Ed(ll) 138 Lortie, Tim(ll) 138 Losher, Jane (12) 51,117 Lothamer, Linda (11) 138 Lothamer, Ron (12) 117 Lough, Michael (11) 92,93,138 Louraine, Carl(12) 117 Louraine, Delores (10) 81,148 Love, Marsha (12) 51,117 Lovely, Debbie (11) 51,90,138 Lowery, Allison (11) 54,56,85,87, 88,138,165 Lucterhand, Karen (12) 88,117 Lynch, Jenny (11) 51,58,138 Lynch, Peggy (11) 58,65,91,138 Lynch, Sandra (10) 148 M Maggart, Kent(12) 117 Malay, John (12) 117 Mailers, Pete (12) 4,16,56,59,72, 73,92,117,130 Malone, Dave (11) 87,138 Marhenke, Linda (11) 138 Marhoover, Tom (12) 117 Marlow, Carla(lO) 148 Marsden, Mike (11) 138 Marshall, Janet (11) 18 Martin, John (12) 117 Martin, Mary (10) 48,148 Martin, Robert (10) 148 Mason, Debbie (11) 138 Mathis, John (11) 138 Mattice, Debra(ll) 138 Mattingly, Kevin (10) 27,36,42, 46,76,148 Mattucks, Chris (10) 51,148 Matuska, Cynthia (10) 148 Maul, Tanya (12) 56,86,117 May, Clark (10) 54,56,87,148 Mayes, Bonnie (10) 148 Mazock, Jerry (11) 50,66,86,138 McAbee, Don(ll) 138 McBride, Charles (11) 138 McBride, Debbie (10) 148 McCague, Sheha(ll) 138 McClain, Earl(lO) 148 McClelland, Gary (10) 148 McComb, Monte (12) 44,81,88, 117 McCrea, Janet (10)51,148 McCrory, Debbie (11) 48,72,138 McCuUoch, Sue(12) 117 McDevitt, Robert (11) 138 McDowell, Ben (10) 148 McDowell, Dave (11) 39,43,46, 50,77,138 McGuire, Melanie(ll) 138 McHatton, Glenna (12) 117 McHenry, Dave (12) 28,39,40,44, 77,118 McHenry, Gordon (11) 138 Mcllveen, Robert (10) 148 Mclntire, Dave (11) 88,138 Mcintosh, John (12) 118 McKee, Patricia (10) 148 McKee, Ronald (11) 138 McLeester, James (11) 138 McMillen, Mike (11) 39,43,46,88, 138 McRae, Jim (11) 13,44,54,56,59, 63,72,74,92,93,138,143 McRae, Linda (12) 51,54,63,73, 83,85,92,118,125 Meadows, Theresa (11) 138 Meddock, Mardene (10) 148 Mehalechko, John (10) 90,148 Mehalechko, Sonja (12) 51,54,56, 90,118 Melcher, Jay (12) 23,50,118 Melcher, Karen (11) 51,58,65,138 Melton, George (11) 138 Melvin, Loren(ll) 138 Menze, Dave(lO) 148 Merchant, Kathy (11) 51,68,69, 75,91,138 Merriman, David (11) 138 Merz, Barb (11) 51,138 Merz, Jeanette(lO) 148 Merz, Kathy (12) 51,91,118 Messman, Grant (11) 48,76,138 Messman, Greg ( 12) 50,76, 1 18 Meyer, Debra (10) 48,91,148 Meyer, Nancy (12) 48,51,58,64, 65,74,85,118 Meyer, Robin (10) 48,148 Meyers, Ruth (11) 138 Michel, James (11) 48,138 Middleton, James (12) 118 Mierau, Peter (11) 26,138 Miller, Michael (10) 88,148 Miller, Sharon (11) 48,138 Milliman, Cheryl (12) 87,88,118 Miner, Charles (10) 148 Miner, David (12) 118 Minglin, Michael (11) 25,84,85, 88,89,138 Minich, Nancy (12) 88,89,118 Mirek, Paul (11) 50,138 Mix, David (12) 118 Moennig, Michael (11) 92,131, 138 Mohr, Tom(ll) 138 Mohr, Vicki (10) 58,148 Monhollen, Robert (10) 148 Monroe, Larry (11) 84,90,148 Montague, Jackie (10) 148 Montague, Patti (11) 138 Mooney, Sara (12) 51,118 Moord, Marty (10) 43,148 Moord, Peggy (12) 50,90,118, 125 Moore, Sheryl (10) 51,91,149 Moore, Tim (10)42,149 Moore, Trudy (11) 139 Morris, Doug (12) 39,59,69,74, 92,118 Morris, Karen (10) 91,149 Morris, Kathy (12)64,118 Morris, Vickie (11) 8,63,91,139 Morrison, Georgianna (10) 56,87, 88,149 Mosel, Linda (12) 51,54,56,72,86, 92,118 Moser, Norm (12) 88,118 Motter, David (12) 66,118 Mowerv, Linda (12) 48,118 Moyer, Janet (10) 48,51,58,149 Mover, Sherrie( 10) 149 Muntian, Shirlev (12) 20,90,118 Murnan, Pam(lO) 149 Murphy, Loha (11) 48,139 Murphy, Mark (10) 149 Murua, Virginia (11) 88,139 Muth, Robert (10) 36,42,46,76, 77,149 Myers, Marcia (11) 139 Myers, Michael (11) 44,54,76,139 Mynett, Larry (11) 48,139 N Neff, Connie (12) 118 Neff, Debbie (10) 149 Netherland, Kim (10) 51,63,76, 87,91,149 Netherland, Nancy (12) 50,56,63, 73,76,90,91,119,120 Neuensch wander, Ron (11) 92, 139 Neusiis, Tom (11) 59,139 Newhall, Cathy (11) 139 Newman, Pat (U) 139 Newman, Rachel (12) 119 Niblick, Leo (10) 149 Niblick, Michael (12) 119 Niccum, Paul (10) 46,63,71,90, 149 Nichter, Mary (11) 5,51,91,139 Nichter, Richard (10) 149 Nichter, Vicki (12) 79,119 Niday, Candy (12) 51,1 19 Nieno, Jan (11) 71,139 Nix, Ed (11) 38,39,40,46,47,77, 139 Noble, Russell (11) 82,139 Notestine, Connie (12) 56,64,65, 73,85,90,119 Nulf, Marilyn (11) 51,84,139 Nuttle, David (11) 139 Nuttle, Gerald (10) 149 Nuttle, Jim (11) 139 Nuttle, Nancy (11) 139 O Oakman, Garry (10) 149 Oberlin, John (12) 92,119 Oberlin, Joe(lO) 149 Odum, Georgia (11) 48,51,65,66, 139 Oehler, Joyce (12) 11,51,54,72, 91,115,119 Getting, Diane (10) 149 Getting, Janet (11) 139 Getting, Judv( 12) 119 Getting, Richard (10) 149 Getting, Ted (11) 25,139 Okuly, Deborah (12) 70,119 Oliver, Valerie (10) 32,91,149 Onion, Glenn (10) 149 Ortlieb, Paul(lO) 149 Osborn, Dan (11) 139 Osborn, Marjorie (11) 91,139 Osborn, Mark (10) 149 Osborn, Terrv( 10) 149 Oswald, Dennis (11) 139 Ott, Steve (11) 139 Overholt, Cheryl (10) 88,149 Overholt, Judv (11) 60,64,72,75, 79,139,156 Parker, Antoinette (12) 119 Parker, Dale (10) 42,43,149 Parker, Martin (11) 139 Parker, Rose (11) 139 Parsons, Brenda(ll) 139 Parsons, Kip (10) 149 Partridge, Joyce (12) 51,72,76,83, 92,119 Pass, Barbara (12) 92,93,120 Patronude, Pat(lO) 149 Patton, Richard (12) 120 Patton, Tonv (11) 38,39,43,46, 76,77,139 Pearson, Carol (11) 51,76,139 Pemberton, Diana (10) 149 Pemberton, Gloria (12) 88,89,120 Pensinger, Judv (11) 48,54,56,72, 92,139,164 Pensinger, Trudv (11) 12,48,54, 56,91,139,164 Percy, Art (11) 139 Percv, Paula(12)90 Perkins, Annabelle (10) 149 Perrine, Connie (10) 58,149 Perrine, Sandv (11) 58,91,139 Perrine, Vanette (12) 64,74.120 Perrv, James (11) 139 Persing, Christine (12) 85,86,88, 120 Peters, Charles (12) 49.120 Peters, Greg (12) 50,78,120,166 Peterson, Garv (11) 40,139 Pfeiffer, Richard (11) 39,40,77. 139 Pfundstem, Man- (11) 51,139 Pfundstein, Michael (12) 36,37, 43,46,50,73,87,120 Pharr, Karen (Hi 139 Piebenga, Del (11)91,139 Place, Eugene (10) 149 Plotkin, Steve (12) 120 Poeppel, Michael (12) 39,120 Pollock, Deborah (11) 139 Pollock, Karen ' 12) 120 Pollock, Michael (10) 149 Pollock, Raymond (10) 149 Poorman, Kathy (12) 7,51,58,61, 69,71,76,90,92,93,120,125,155 Porter, Robert (12) 121 Porter, Terry (10)51,149 Potter, Cheryl (11) 71,72,139 Potter, James (10)88,149 Potts, Sandra (10) 48,149 Prather, Patti (12; 51,74,90,121 Price, John (11) 139 Prine, Charlene(ll) 139 Puff, Mark (10) 149 Purk, Charlotte (11) 139 Putman, Von (11) 43,50,76,139 Pyle, Freddie (10) 149 Q Quandt, Herrold(lO) 149 Quandt, James (10) 36,88,149 Quandt, Joanna (12) 56,72,121 Quandt, Ruth (11) 51,48,139 R Raatz, Greg(ll) 139 Raatz, Nancv(lO) 149 Ralston, Maurice (12) 92,121 Ramsev, Charles (10) 149 Rath, Venus (11) 48.51,61,79,139 Rausch, Jim(ll) 139 Rav, Jim (11) 88,139 Reams, Davton(12) 121 Reams, Jim (12)90.121 Regenold. Brenda (10) 70.149 Register, Judv (11) 139 Rehm, Cindv(lO) 149 Rehm, Diane (10) 63,91,149 Reichenbach, Debbie (12) 121, 127 Reifsnider, Randv (12) 39,50,76, 77,83,121 Reinking, Dean (10) 42,149 Reinking, Dennis (10) 42,44,149 Reinking, Sue (10) 149 Reinking, Tom (12) 49.50,63.92, 121,125 Reising, Kathy (11) 139 Rennecker, Glenna (11) 51,63,72, 87,139 Resor, Harn,- (12) 50,88,121 Resor, Steve (10) 149 Rhodes, Dave (12),81. 86.121 Richards. :jue (11) 58.65.79,139 Richardson, Barb (12) 121 Richhart, Dale(ll) 139 Richhart, lanet (11) 48,51,56,63, 71,72, Richmond. Charles (12) 121 Richmond. Xancv (10) 48.149 Rife. loan (12) 79.121 Ringenberg. Jim (10) 54.63.149 Ringenberg. Mark (121) 43.130. 139 Roberts. Chris (11) 58.79.139 Roberts. Kathv (11) 139 Robinette. Doug (ID 140 Robinson, Phil (11) 140 Robinson. Rebecca (10) 48.51, 149 Robison. Geoff (10) 149 Rocke. Ann (10) 87,88.149 Rocke. Jane (ID SS. 140. 165 Rodemever. Vicki (ID 48.51.140 Rodenbeck. Paula (12) 92.121 Rodenbeck. Renee (10) 149 Rodev. Valerie (12) 92.121.123 Roe. Greg (10) 149 Roemer. Sandv ( 1 D 140.143 Rogers. Iud (10) 149 Romanowski, Reed (12) 16,50,121 Romaiiowski, Rhonda (10) 149 Rondot, Connie (12) 48,51,58,79, 116,121 Rondot, Kathv( 10) 149 Ronev, Dean (10) 42,149 Roos, ' Eric(10) 149 Root, Flora (12) 64 Roper, Paul (12) 17,29,48,121 Roper, Steve (11) 140 Ropp, Tom (12) 44,48,49,66,67, 74,121 Rorick, Michael (10) 150 Rorick, Roseann(ll) 140 Rork, Tonv(ll) 140 Rose, David (10) 42,43,63,150 Rose, Paul (10) 150 Ross, Dena(ll) 140 Rossman, Charles (12) 50,78,121, 125 Rosswurm, Bill (12) 66,121 Rosswurm, Mark (10) 66,150 Roth, Muriel (11) 50,58,71,140 Roth, Ron (11) 140 Rowe, Susan (10) 88,140 Rudolph, Dennis (12) 121 Ruger, Janet (11) 140 Ruger, Linda (10) 48,51,150 Ruger, Neil (12) 121 Rulka, Diane (10) 150 Rulka, Linda (12) 122 Rutledge, Robert (10) 42,44,150 Rutledge, William (12) 45,73,122 Saladrigas, Jini(lO) 150 Salisburv, Dennis (10) 51,150 Sams, Sue (11) 21,60,75,85,88, 140,158 Sanderlin, Gary (12) 122 Saunderhn, Larrv (12) 43,122 Sandy, Cvnthia (12) 51,122 Sarver, Denver (12) 122 Sauers, Jon (11) 36,40,44,140 Saunders, Colleen (10) 48,51,150 Saurer, Cynthia (12) 122 Saylor, Ann(lO) 150 Saylor, Jo(ll) 140 Saylor, John (10) 150 Saylor, Pam (11) 51,58,140 Saylor, Thomas (10) 150 Scales, Barbara (12) 64,65,79,122 Schannen, Michael (12) 45,50,90, 122 Scharpenberg, Dale (12) 122 Scheele, Daniel (12) 122 Scheele, Melody (12) 91,122 Scheeler, Gwen (11) 51,58,71,140 Scheimann, Linda (11) 51,58,71,87, 140 Scheimann, Sue (12) 65,73,79,86, 122,125 Schimmoller, Randy (10) 150 Schinnerer, Pam (10) 51,54,63, 91,150 Schmehng, Janet (11) 61,140 Schmidt, Becky (12) 51,58,69,73, 90,122 Schmidt, James (12) 13,54,56,63, 72,87,88,89,92,122 Schmidt, Janet (10) 150 Schmidt, Jill (11) 54,56,63,72,85, 88,133,140 Schmidt, Rebecca (12) 71,85,88, 122 Schmutte, Karen (12) 122 Schneider, Melanie (10) 48,91, 150 Schnelker, Ken (12) 39,81,122 Schnelker, Michael (11) 140 Scholle, Kama(lO) 150 Schram, Sharon (11) 140 Schrock, Tim(12) 122 Schroeder, Walt (11) 50,140 Schulthies, Doris (12) 51,58,87, 122 Schwalm, Phil (11) 92,140 Schwartz, Debbie (10) 150 Schwartzkopf, Kathy (12) 122 Schwen, Mary (12) 64,65,73,74, 79 122 Schweigel, Karen (11) 51,140 Seehg, Margaret (12) 122 Seitz, Jerry (11) 140 Seitz, Lawrence (11) 140 Servos, Nellwyn (12) 71,86,88, 122 Sexton, James (10) 150 Sexton, Sandra (12) 123 Shaefer, Cynthia (11) 71,140 Shafer, Bradley (10) 42,43,150 Shaffer, Brenda (11) 23,48,51,140 Shappell, Steve (11) 140 Sharer, John (12) 12,92,93,123 Sharp, Jerry (12) 123 Sharps, Cindy (11) 140 Sharps, Jayne( 12) 123 Sherman, Gary (10) 88,150 Sheron, Dennis (11) 54,69,140, 161 ShiOev, Nancv (11) 68,69,72,75, 88,140 Shirk, Jeanine (10) 48,71,88,150 Shive, John (11) 78,80,85,88,140 Shive, Nancy (10) 150 Shoppell, Steve (12) 92,123 Shriner, Tim (10) 36,46,150 Shull, Joe (11) 36,46,54,63,72,140 Shumaker, William (11) 40,44,77, 130,140 Siegers, Jovce (11) 50,63,76,90, 130,140 Siegers, Nancy (12) 123 Siegers, Rhonda (10) 150 Sievers, Robert (12) 123 Sievers,Sandv (10) 51,150 Sievers, Sue (11) 51,140 Silverman, Illene (10) 51,60,61, 69,150,155 Silverman, Sharon (12) 51,56,60, 75,86,123,155 Simmons, Greg (10) 150 Singer, Colleen (12) 66,87,92,123 Slagle, Paula (10) 63,85,88,150 Slane,Carla( 12) 90,123 Sloan, Jan (12) 51,63,73,86,111, 123,125 Smilev, Joan (11) 65,71,140 Smith, Brenda (10) 150 Smith, Janet (12) 48,51,73,92,123 Smith, Janice (12) 124 Smith, Jim (10) 150 Smith, Lynn (10) 150 Smith, Ken (12) 124 Smith, Randy (10) 150 Smith, Sandy (12) 124,166 Smith, Sheryl (12) 73,78,79,92, 124 Smock, Louis (10) 150 Snyder, Dave (11) 140 Snyder, Elaine (12) 12,56,57,69, 72,86,92,93,124 Snyder, Gary (12) 39,50,92,93, 124 Snvder, Jackie (11) 50,63,72,76, 130,140 Snvder, Lisa (11) 51,64,65,72,140 Snyder, Michael (10) 74,150 Snyder, Thomas (10) 150 Soderquist, Karen (11) 140 Soest, Nancy (12) 51,124 Somers, Diane (11) 48,51,140 Sorg, Kay (10) 48,51,63,87,150 South, Allan (11) 66,71,81,87,140 Sovine, Brenda (12) 79,86,88,124 Sowers, Rick (12) 124 Spade, Carol (10) 150 Spade, Todd (12) 124 Spears, Pam (11) 140 Spencer, Charles (11) 48,140 Spencer, Richard (10) 150 Spencer, Robert (10) 78,150 Spieth, Cvnthia (11) 92,140 Spieth, Rita(ll) 140 Spirou,Vicki (11) 51,61,140 Spohr, Sharon (12) 51,70,84,90,124 Spohr, Steve (10) 78,150 Spriggs, Judith (11) 140 Springer, Al( 12) 124 Springer, Bev(lO) 150 Springer, Deborah (12) 11,51,54, 56,63,72,76,90,92,93,125,132,165 Springer, Donna (10) 88,150 Springer, Hal (11) 44,140 Springer, Kathy (10) 48,58,88,150 Springer, Steve (11) 140 Squirer, Connie (10) 150 Squier, Keith (11) 140 Squier, Ken(ll) 140 Staak, Tom(ll) 140 Stahl, Lisa (12) 88,89,125 Stahly,Jeff(12) 125 Stahly, Carolvn(12) 125 Stahlv, Karen (12) 125 Stalter, Janice (10) 91,150 Stark, Kathv( 12) 51,73,125 Stark, Margie (11) 51,71,140 Stearns, Marv (11) 58,140 Steele, Deborah (11) 140 Steigerwald, Ira(12) 125 Steinbacher, Steve (10) 150 Steinman, Allen (10) 150 Stellhorn, Linda (12) 91,125 Stemmler, John (12) 49,50,125 Stevens, Alan (10) 150 Stevens, Dan 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69,75,92,125,157 Teeple, Jeff(lO) 150 Ternet, Ron (11) 44,141 Tews, Donna (12) 51,58,125 Tews, Jean (10)58,150 Thatcher, Kathy (10) 48,150 Thieme, Dennis (10) 150 Tholen, Dave(lO) 150 Thomas, Debbie (12) 51,84,125 Thompson, Chei-vl (11) 51,64,65, 72,141 Thornton, Glenn (10) 42,44,150 Tilley, Debbie (11) 141 Timmons, Michael (10) 87,150 Tinker, Dennis (10) 150 Tinker, Don (12) 125 Tinsley, Charlotte (10) 150 Tolliver, Joan(12) 125 Tolliver, Kent (10) 151 Tolliver, Kevin (12) 33,50,56,59, 63,73,90,125 Tope, Trudi (11) 91,141 Tourin, Kathi (11) 51,72,75,141 Towsley, Bruce (12) 49,73,126 Tracev, William (10) 151 Treese, Donn (12) 36,37,46,72, 76,77,85,88,89,92,108,126 Tribolet, Gary (12) 126,163 Trickev, Oreon (10) 48,66,151 Trickev, William (12) 126 Trobaugh, Bill(ll)141 Trowbridge, Gary (12) 49,50,66, 73,82,126 Trulock, Sallv (10) 51,63,91,151, 154 Trzynka, Dave(lO) 151 Trzynka, Marilyn (10) 87,151 Trzvnka, Michael (12) 126 Trzynka, Richard (12) 126 Tsetse, Kandi (11) 141 Tsetse, Kevin (12) 126 Turley, Neva (10) 91,151 Turner, Dale (12) 92,126 Tustison, Chris (10) 48,151 Twitchell, Karen (12) 91,126 U Uhrick, Lorinda (10) 48,151 Ulm, Jackie (12) 11,63,72,92,93, 126,130 Umber, Kerrv (12) 50,54,56,59, 61,83,85,90,92,93,126,164 Urick, Eileen (11) 141 Urick, Irene (11) 141 Utterback, Mark (11) 141 V Vachon, Sandra (11) 141 Vachon, Steve (10) 151 Valentine, Roxanne (11) 141 VanAlstine, Sandra (12) 51,90, 125,126 VanCleave, Debra (10) 29,88,151 VanWinkle, Cheryl (10) 151 Van Zant, Rod (11) 48,141 Velez, Will(lO) 151 Vernard, Jane (11) 83,141 Vidra, Susan (10) 151 Vinson, Linda (11) 141 Virts, Brent (11) 141 Voigt, Ann (10) 48,151 Voirol, Robert (10) 88,151 Vollmer, Don(ll) 141 Voors, Jean (10) 48,51,151 Vredenberg, Bob(lO) 151 W Wacker, Nancv (10) 58,79,151 Wade, Marilyn (10) 48,49.69,151 Wagner, David (10) 42,151,155 Waikel, Dave (11) 20,48,141 Waldron, Gary (11) 59,78,88,141 Wales, Cynthia (10) 63,91,151 Wall, Ted (12) 11, 73,126,130 Wallace, Vicki (12) 51,126 Walsh, Steve (10) 151 Wann, Ronald (10) 151 Warden, Steve (12) 50,60,69,75, 90,126 Wass, Dave (12) 90,126 Wasson, Martha (10) 151 Watkins, Brenda (10) 151 Wauer, Christine (12) 73,87,126 Weaver, Mark (11) 141 Webb, Dennis (11) 141 Weigand, Mark (10) 36,90,151 Weller, Gale(12)126 Wells, Teddy (10) 151 Welsch, Cheryl (12) 92,115,126 Werling, Mariann (10) 48,87,151 Werling, Tim (11) 48,50,87,141 Werner, Georgianna (10) 151 Westerfleld, Marv (10) 51,91,151 Westrick, Jane (10) 87,151 Wetosky, Sandy (10) 48,51,79, 151 Wetzel, Mark (10) 151 Wharton, Don (11) 36,42,44,63, 76,141,167 Wheeler, Mark (12) 126 White, Frances (11) 141 White, Shirlev (11) 141 Whittaker, Clarice (10) 151 Whvte, Duncan (11) 92,141 Wichern, Garv(ll) 141 Wick, Jeanette (112) 25,71,73, 85,86,88,126 Wick, Linda (11) 71,87,88,141 Widenhofer, Duane (10) 151 Wiegand, Steve (10) 151 Wietfeldt, Nil(ll) 141 Wilcox, Joyce (11) 141 Wilkins, Don (12) 40,41,49,76,77, 126 Williams, Janice (12) 65,79,126 Williams, Kathi (11) 25,56,63,72, 76,88,90,141,142 Wiilig, Cheryl (11) 141 Wilson, Rick (10) 151 Wilson, Terry (11)88,141 Winans, Kent(lO) 151 Winchester, Joyce (11) 48,141 Winchester, Pat (12) 39,43,50,76, 77,127 Winicker, Jan (10) 48,91,151 Winzeler, Elias (10) 63,88,151 Winzeler, Lillian (12) 72,81,88, 127 Wirt, Dave (12) 92,127 Wise, Rex (11) 141 Witte, Robert (11) 141 Wolcott, Dale(ll) 141 Wolf, Becky (11) 54,56,85,88,89, 141 Wolfe, Diane (12) 127 Wonderly, Richard (10) 151 Woodward, Cathy (10) 151 Wylie, Grant (10) 36,48,66,78, 143,151 Wyman, Steve (11) 39,40,44,77, 141 Yates, Steve (12) 8,49,50,76,92, 120,127 Yerington, Shelley (11) 141 Yoder, Craig (10) 36,42,46,76,151 Young, Ken (12) 127 Young, Mike (10) 151 Younger, Brenda (12) 127 Zachrich, Cindy (11) 141 Zehr, James (12) 127 Zent, Dale(ll) 141 Zimmerman, Harry (11) 80,87, 141 Zimmerman, Tami (11) 48,51,63, 76,92,133,141,142 Zobroskv, Jackie (10) 48,151 Zollinger, Cindy (11) 141 Znber, Keith (11) 141 Zuercher, Cathy (12) 70,127 Zurcher, Brenda (11) 7 2,85,92, 93 Zuver, Anthony (11) 142 Zuver, Cynthia (10) 88,15; 1969 Mirage To the involved generation of New Haven High School it can be said that this is your year. This is telHng it hke it is— hke it or not. But to tell the story of the year is a job that requires much time, sweat, tears, and results in a lot of memories. This book would not have been possible without the work done by Stan Taylor, for what would a year- book be without pictures? Stan, now is the only time to apologize for Satur- day morning and Sunday pictures: I know you usually had only three hours sleep before taking most pic- tures. Still it will be hard for me to forget the long-cuts you took during sixth period when you went to take an ad picture. Stan, your humor light- ened up the journalism room and we all feel privileged when you let us come into " your " office. Thanks are due to Sue Sams and Judy Overholt both of you are tal- ented girls in your own way. Also you both have your own goals, follow them, but also work for the yearbook next year because you both have a lot to contribute. Sue, a word to the wise, " Don ' t go traveling too much. " Thanks are also due to Jan Asher, Kathy Poorman, Linda Stellhorn, and Trish Janson, for your labor and mak- ing things lively sixth period. To a great sports editor, Don Whar- ton, there is only thing to say — you really know how to move the cabinet when you need to find a picture ect., ect., ect. The greatest factfinder I know is my sister, Illene Silverman, without you there would be no organization section in the 1969 Mirage. Don ' t think I didn ' t notice the hours you spent on the phone setting up pic- tures and getting copy information. Most of all I want to thank you for being a little sister and tolerating me even in my worst moments of frustra- tion. With Bob Brown and Kathy Klenke doing the ad section it went real smooth and the ads sold in record breaking time. A great deal of thanks is due to both of you. Being able to tolerate a dumb edi- tor that couldn ' t learn how to use a proportion rule is an atribute of Miss Linda Gregory, alias the Queen. I kept telling you that we would meet the deadline and here we are finished five days early. It has been a real ex- perience working with you for the past three years and never knowing what to expect— but now I know that we are both leaving and it is off to I.U. Thanks also to Larry Glaze of Para- gon Press for your friendly visits and good ideas. To Mr. Walker of House of Photographv, thanks for all your Fridays, Saturdays, and weekdays, also an apology for making you walk to the top of the coliseum for the grad- uation pictures. For my poor parents that had to pa - the gas bill for me driving to school everyday, I can only say thanks. I also know that sometimes it got hard to sleep at night with the typewriter banging at two o ' clock in the morning, but it is all over now and things can retiun to " normal. " Last, but not least, I would like to thank Richard Eugene Hoagland, 1968 Mirage editor, for teaching me practically everything I know. I ' ll never forget all the good times we had putting together the Mirage and it never seemed quite right without you here this year, but somehow we man- aged. Thanks for being an individual. This is the end of one more year that will pass on as all the rest and only we will notice the difference. Sharon Silverman Editor-in-chief

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