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National News — 1965 1 A Wave for Friends— Cuban refugees waved to Cuban exiles on shore as their coast guard cutter approached Key West last fall. Such emotional scenes occurred frequently after Castro announced his " open door " policy, allowing certain groups of Cubans to leave his dictatorship. 2 Pioneer in Space — Astronaut Edward White stepped from his Gemini IV space capsule and into the void of space last June. Maj. James McDivitt, his companion on a 3 ' 2-day orbital flight, had to coax White back into the capsule after he had traveled 20 minutes sus- pended from Gemini IV. Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad were the next space twins to orbit the earth. They completed their 8-day flight in Gemini V during August. 3 Medicare Bill Signed — President Johnson signed the Medicare Bill into law July 30 with former President Truman at his side. Witness- ing the event that had far-reaching effects on Social Security benefits for the elderly were (left to right) Lady Birdjohnson, Vice President Humphrey and Bess Truman. The ceremony was held in Truman Library in Independence, Mo. 4 Temporary Mood— Dodgers Manager Walter Alston ' s mood of de- jection after the Minnesota Twins won the sixth World Series game did not last long. The Dodgers emerged victorious in the 7th game and captured the pennant. 5 Double Space Spectacular — Astronauts Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford got this view of the Gemini 7 spaceship December 15 while traveling in their Gemini 6 craft for their historic rendezvous adven- ture. Schirra and Stafford rode their red-hot craft back to earth the following day, but Gemini 7 completed a 14-day mission before its re-entry. Making the longest and most significant voyage in space in Gemini 7 were Frank Borman and James Lovell,Jr. 6 Plea for Peace— Pope Paul VI stood before the United Nations General Assembly in New York on October 4 to deliver his plea for MIRAGE 1966 Volume XXVII New Haven High School New Haven, Indiana nwvii .UUHiy Jul; - ,«iy ft. Wayne, Indiana When the school bells rang in September, 1965, more young people were summoned to the classrooms than ever before in the history of our nation. As a consequence of this " education explosion, " the Congress, at the President ' s request, passed the education acts and more federal aid was granted to the public schools. Businessmen, scientists, politicians, and intellectuals took new interest in educating the American youth. The words " excellence " and " change " became familiar. In this atmosphere 1076 students enrolled at New Haven High School and planned their schedules for the 1965-1966 year. Under the guidance and direc- tion of able teachers. New Haven students spent many hours in serious study. They reached important decisions, formed new values, set new patterns; they fulfilled their social needs and made lasting friendships. Aware of the signifi- cance of education, each student planned his future in the ever-changing world. Classes 9 Administration 19 Faculty 23 Sports 29 Organizations 45 Social 75 Seniors 85 Juniors 115 Sophomores 123 Index 133 Ads 141 Caught by Mr. Bandelier takes great pride in his greenhouse. Happiness is a group of congenial friends. May I have your autograph? ' It sounds O.K. " Now, fork over the dime! One of the most lively places at noon. Just a few spare minutes for a friendly chat. Students get involved in political activity. KLINE ' S YOUNG FASHIONS AND SHOES 510 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana 749-4717 Infant ' s Children to Size 14 the Camera Students assembled to hear the program, " This Atomic World. " The able promoters of Casey ' s Coffins. PRIBBLE PLASTICS PRODUCTS, INC. New Haven, Indiana When you think of Plastics; Think of Pribble Plastics. Mrs. West — her spirit undaunted! At Random New Haven is represented by Jan Swank and Ron Becker on It ' s Academic. Rosella braved the August heat for her senior pictures! Off it comes!! PENSINGER JEWELRY 908 Main Street, New Haven, Indiana Seeing Double Richard and Ronald Imel Anita and Juanita Westerfield ROTO ROOTER SEWER SERVICE Mrs. George C. Graves 1714 Lake Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana Our Team ' s Finest Hour New Haven 65, Central 63 (Sectional) BLiASSE The Arts Busy with brushes! Budding young Rembrandts. The art department consists of the band, the choir, and the art classes. The arts add beauty and pleasure to student life. The band makes its contribution by presenting concerts and instilling school spirit at sports events; the choir holds concerts and provides music at assemblies; the art classes supply the creative works which adorn the school halls. The band swings! Business The Business Department offers students a variety of classes to acquaint them with the business world. Courses such as typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, general business, sales, and business law teach useful skills that often " pave the way " to an exciting career. Ready — get set- Mr. Oberlin and Denny Trzynka discuss a novel way to get to school, (a sales demonstration). ZOLLINGER MOTOR SALES " Finest in new used cars " 416-18 Ann St., New Haven, Indiana, 749-5159 English — Literature Rules of correct grammar are stressed in English and composition classes A scene from the Old Lady Shows her Medals. In order that a person may convey well his ideas to others he must be able to speak and write. English courses are so important that they are required each year of high school. At New Haven the English courses are of three types: literature, speech, and grammar. The Grapes of Wrath is one of many novels studied in literature. Home Economics — Industrial Arts Charlotte Klenke and the student home-economics teacher. Dave Staher gets a helping hand. Courses in drafting, woodworking, and automotive study are offered as the industrial arts curriculum. Each skill learned is one that will be used later whether in a specific job or in the home. Patience, accuracy, and an understanding of tools are needed by each industrial arts student. Competent homemakers are produced in N.H.H.S. home- economics classes. Suits and dresses made in advanced sewing classes show style and good workmanship. Complete dinners are prepared in the cooking room. These skills are invalu- able to the students in everyday living. Jim Brown works with a lapidary unit. Seamstress, Nancy Cronkhite. Mike Lee at the drawing board. OLD FORT SUPPLY CO., INC 2013 South . ' nthony Boulevard Pioneers in Building Products Max Harnish examines part of a motor. Languages A map study of Germany. Translation — an integral part of Latin classes. Three languages are taught at New Haven — French, German, and Latin. Grammar, vocabulary, mechanics, and pronounciation are stressed in each of these subjects. As students become familiar with the customs of France, Ger- many, and ancient Rome, their knowledge of other peoples is broadened. Concentration in study hall. :ho ' j hts ar ' .- focused on learning French. In the game, Hangman, " Raoul " Snyder supplies the French verb while the class guesses. E HARPER SON FUNERAL HOME New Haven, Indiana Math — Science Trig — Secants and sines tax their minds Chemistry — The experiments were engrossing, but oh, those lab reports ! The math courses — business arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and college algebra — teach students skills that will form the basis for further training. In any of the science fields — physics, physical science, biology, or chemis- try — perception is gained into the make-up of matter. Most students include either a math or a science course on their schedules because both have practical applications. Biology — Bees, bugs, and bookworms! LYNN SHAW ' S BARBER SHOP 617 1 2 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana 749-1046 " Appointments Honored " Zoology — Judy Edwards and Sherry Cox disect fetal pigs. Algebra — The way to correct answers — a helpful teacher. ' REM EXIT BX Physical Education Increased emphasis has been placed upon physical fitness; Sophomores and juniors devote one period each day to physical education. The exercises and games in the classes are designed to teach coordination and develop physical fitness. Because a fit body enables a person to be more mentally alert, physical educa- tion is a necessary part of all school work. Heads up, mouths open, Go! Steeple chase? No, just an obstacle course (Bonnie Bunch) Good — for a two point landing Social Studies New Haven was pleased to have Congressman E. Ross Adair address this assembly of seniors. From behind this lectern Mr. Kyle teaches government. Social -Studies associate the student with the different divisions of society today and yesterday. These divisions include prehistoric and historic achievements, fundamentals of the United States govern- mental system and its operation, scientific study of behavior and social conditions, people ' s desires for materials and the means of attaining them, and principles of the world ' s financial structure. Subjects which deal with these topics are U. S. History, U. S. Government, Psy- chology, Sociology, and Economics. The Civil Defense program was presented to seniors in all East Allen County Schools. The history of the world is explored through visual aids. m r NEW HAVEN MOTOR SALES, 637 Broadway New Haven, Indiana 749-4712 Terry Byroade April 9, 1948— December 26, 1965 In Memoriam This page is dedicated to the memory of Terry Byroade, a senior classmate. His friendly manner and cheery smile will long remain in the hearts of New Haven students and faculty. — r- 1 _ t T- , j _ _ 4 ! i gggMmim ADMINISTRATION Administration MR. PAUL HARDING Superintendent of East Allen County Schools Butler University A.B. Indiana University M.S. MR. STANLEY H. GUENTHER Assistant Superintendent in charge of Transportation Ball State Teachers College B.S. Indiana University M.S. MR. MAYXARD HENWOOD Principal of New Haven High School Earlham College A.B. Indiana University M.S. SCHOOL BOARD ROW 1: Left to right: W. Gordon Jackson, Secretary; Chris Roemke, Vice-President; Donald R. Johnson, President; John C. Bollinger, Treasurer. ROW 2: Thomas Kurtz, Walter M. Oehler, Charles H. Reynolds. ISENBARGER KUMMING INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE New Haven, Indiana 749-2938 Administration MR. SCOTT T. ARMSTRONG Athletic Director Principal of New Haven Junior High School Butler University — B.S. Indiana University -M.S. MR. ROBERT E. HOLT Administrative Assistant Indiana Central — B.S. Ball State Teachers College— M.S. SPECIAL PERSONNEL RICHARD MILLER Director of Operations and Maintenance University of Michigan — B.S. MRS. WILBERTA D. EDGINGTON Psychometrist Oklahoma State University — B.S. Oklahoma State University — M.S. RALPH A. FERGUSON Fiscal Officer Franklin College — A.B. Ball State Teachers College — M.A. JOHN M. REIFSNIDER Coordinator of Special Services Ball State Teachers College— B.S. Ball State Teachers College— M.A. MR. JOHN H. YOUNG Assistant Superintendent in charge of New Buildings Ball State Teachers College— B.S. Indiana University — M.S. Mr. Young is retiring at the end of this school year after serving in the educational field for a period of forty-one years, thirty-seven of which were served in the New Haven school system. NEW HAVEN ATHLETIC COUNCIL ROW J, left to right: Everett Cass; Scott Armstrong, Secretary; Maynard Hen- wood, Chairman; Paul Armstrong; Frank Clark. ROW 2: Stanley Hostetler; Jerry Goeglein; Don HumI; Jerry Mitchel; John Becker; and Robert Wiant. DOT ' S BEAUTY SHOP 625 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana 749-1261 " For Your Hair Care " Non-Teaching Personnel Administrative Secretaries Left to right: Dorothy Mortorff, Patricia Ort, Deloris Pfeiffer, Carol Louden, Kay Guillaume, and Vivian Purvis. High School Secretaries Left to right: Imogene Brubaker, Cathryn Lippott, Carol Symonds, and lona Richhart. Cooks Left to right: Dorothy Bearman, Mildred Clark, Carolyn Drayer, Margaret Okuly, Leona Longardner, Edith Hanefeld, and Ocie Miller. Custodians Left to right: Orval Kain, Cornelius Hendrickson, Kenneth Hanefeld, and Viola Carter. AC Faculty KENNETH J. BA NDELIER— Biology, Botany, Zoology; Purdue University, University of Montana B.S.A., M.S.E., M.S.T. Interests are hiking, gardening, and camping. DENNY M. BENSON— Mechanical Drawing; Miami Univershy, Ball State University B.A. Interests are broadway shows, singing, and architectural design. ANNE BERKEVPILE — Girls ' Physical Education; Indiana University, Goshen College, De- Pauw University B.A. Interests are music, travel, and sports. J. F. BEUGNOT— Psychology, Sociology; Indiana University, Ball State B.S., M.S. Hobbies are bowling and stamp collecting. OPAL B. BOWER — U.S. Government, Library; Ohio Northern University, Indiana University M.S.. B.S. Interests are traveling, fishing, and cars. DANIEL W. BOYLAN— Junior English, Composition 12, English Literature; Ball State University M .A. interest outside of school is family. M. JANICE CHASE — Advanced .Algebra, .Algebra l-II; Ball State University, Earlham College B.S. interests are bowling, and bridge. SAMUEL D. COrf.VlA i Industiial Arts; Ball State University, Purdue University B.S., M.A. Interests sre caveling and camping. MILDRED COLDERBANK--Hon:e Economics, Girls ' Foods, Boys ' Foods, Home Management; Indiana Sta-e Teachers College, Purdue University, St. Francis College B.S. int- re.- ' ;: .-re- ' smily, sewing, and swimming. MAX E. CROWNOVER— Sp :ciai Education for Retarded; Purdue University, Ball State University, St. Francis C:o!lcge B.S., M.S. Interests are sports, auto mechanics, and wood working. HARRIET M. DANIELS— English; Wittenberg University, Northwestern University, Western Reserve University, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, Bowling Green State University. Hobbies are refinishing antique furniture, knitting, reading, and embroidering. BYRON E. DOWNEY— Typewriting, Business Law; Indiana University, Defiance College, Manchester College, B.S., M.S. Interest is fishing. JAMES M. DUPONT— Drafting, Electronics; Ball State University, University of Oklahoma, Indiana University B.S., M.A. Interests are Indiana Jaycees, and sports. Faculty BEULAH FAULSTICK— Child Care, Home Nursing; Ball State University B.S. Hobbies are her children, camping, sewing, euchre, and square dancing. EVERETT FROCK— U.S. History; Tri-State College, Manchester College, Saint Francis College B.S. Hobbies are weapons, hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. CLARON HANEFELD— Algebra, General Math; Purdue University, Indiana Institute of Tech nology B.S. Hobbies are sports, music, and reading. JERRY GOEGLEIN — General Business, Business Mathematics versity of Illinois B.S., M.S. Hobbiesaregolf and athletics. RADFORD HUFF — American Literature, World Literature, Algebra; Technology, Indiana University, Saint Francis College B.S. Interests photography, and stereo. Valparaiso University, Uni- Indiana Institute of are athletics, reading. ELMER ' S SUNOCO 803 Lincoln Highway West New Haven, Indiana Tire, Batteries, Accessories " Serving you is a pleasure to us " U-Haul Trailers andTrucks Rental THOMAS HUFFORD— U.S. History, Economics, Government; Indiana University B.A., M.A. Interests are music and traveling. DON F. HUML — Biology, Botany, Zoology, Coaching; University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, University of Arizona B.S., M.S. Interests are woodworking, gardening, and sports officiating. KEITH HUNNINGS— Chemistry, Math; Hardin-Simmons University, McMurray College, Indiana State University, University of New Hampshire, University of Pacific, Denver University, B.S., M.S. Interests are rockhounding, cooking, and crystallography. RUTH LYNNE IBRAHIM— German, English; Manchester College, Phillips University B.A. Interests are history, camping, and dogs. JOE E. KYLE — US Government, U.S. History; Ball State University, University of Wisconsin, Indiana University B.S., M.A. THOMAS LAMB — English, Social Studies; Bowling Green State University B.S. Interest is sports. BETTY J. LEUENBERGER— U.S. Government; Ball State University B.S., M.A. Interests are reading and travel. MARY M. MANIFOLD — Art; Ball State University, Cincinnati Art Academy, Wayne University, Detroit, Chicago Art Institute B.S., M.A. Interests are painting and reading. Faculty FRANCIS MAY — Speech, Grammar 12; Ball State University A.B., University of Michigan, I.A. Interests are camping and travel, bridge and euchre. SAMUEL MAY — Health, Physical Education, World History; University of Miami, B.Ed. In- terests are hunting, golfing, and flying. PAUL MILLIMAN — Instrumental Music; Bob Jones University, Northwestern University, In- diana University, Indiana State University, B.S. and M.S. Interests are water sports, music, and family activities. CARL NICHOLAS— Vocal Music; Butler University, Ball State University, B.M., M.A. In- terests are music and reading. CAROLYN NULL — American Literature, DePauw University, Indiana University, Evans- ville College, Ball State University, Arizona State University, A.B. Interests are swimming, reading, traveling, buying clothes from other parts of the country. VERL OBERLIN — Bookkeeping, Sales, Business Law; Ball State, University, St. Francis Col- lege, B.S. Interests are fishing, camping, photography, and stereo. i;., DePauw University, A.B. Interests are reading, -Math, Science; Case Institute, St. Francis College, ichestcr College, B.S., M.S. Interests are wood working. vi ;,•■.;, xu ' .ijRi— La knittmg, and travelinK. EVERETT .SAUDERS- Purdue University, .Ma and flying RICHARD .SCHILLING— Coiifge Algebra, Trigonometry, Plane Geometry; Purdue University, B.S. !! ' »c:fe. ' . ' . r?SDOrtsand umpiring baseball. HENRY SEGER— Latin .irij Fnglish; Indiana University, A.B., M.S. Interests are studying modern aril .-J?s: :ca! ' anguages and gardening. JIM SHERRON— English l!:: ?■ : , ' :;. .• l.iiversity, St. Francis College, B.S., M.S. Interests are sports, reading, and social history LOIS SIDELL — Library; Manchester College, Ball State University, A.B., A.M. Interests are needlepointing, hooking rugs, riding horses, travel, and gardening. MILTON SINN— Speech, English, and Drama; Fort Wayne Bible College, St. Francis College, B.S., M.S. Interests are sports and music. DON STEBING — Bookkeeping I, Business Law; Wittenberg University, Ball State University, B.S., M.A. Interests are photography, coin collecting, gardening, and Hi-Y. Faculty NORMAN STEPHAN— General Business, Typing, Office Practice; Indiana University B.S., M.S. Hobbies are bridge, table tennis, and chess. WILLARD TRAVIS— Speech, Debate, Literature; Indiana University B.S. Hobbies are danc- ing, bridge, and theatre. PHILIP STUCKEY— Industrial Arts; Ball State University B.S. Interest is sports. SANDRA JEAN TUCKER — French; Indiana University B.A. Interests are music, drama, and travel. HELEN TROVER— Clothing; Purdue University, Franklin College A.B. Hobbies are sewing, photography, and philanthropic work. GEORGE H. TURNER — Industrial Arts, Vocational Machine Shop; Indiana State University, Ball State University B.S., M.A. Interests are fishing, and camping. ETTA WOLF — Shorthand, Typing; Bali State University, Purdue University, Manchester College, Saint Francis College B.S. Interests are fishing, golf, antiques, and piano. BETTE CHARLENE WERNER— English; Saint Mary ' s College, Central Michigan University, Indiana University B.A. Hobby is drawing. ROBERT G. WOLFE — Geometry; Indiana State University, Indiana University B.S., M.E. Hobbies are traveUng, camping, and nature study. ROBERT P. WIANT— Biology; Manchester College B.S. Hobbies are hunting. fishing, and sports. EDMUND A. ZAPP— Sociology, World History; DePauw University, Ball State University B.S. Interests are model railroading, and the world wars. ARTHUR J. WILDER— Algebra, Chemistry, Physics; Indiana University, Ball State University, Miami University, Purdue University B.S., M.S. Interests are photography, and sports. KARL F. ZIMMERMAN— U.S. History, U.S. Government; Ball State University B.S. Interests are golf, and travel. Guidance Department MR. PAUL GOEGLEIN Guidance Director Manchester College — B.S. Indiana University — M.S. Interests are bowling and water sports The school offers complete guidance services. The guidance counselors are available at any time during the day. The guidance staff will help a student or parent with personal, vocational, or educational problems. Counselors do not solve students ' problems. Instead, they try to help the students solve their own problems. The counselor attempts to secure the facts necessary to guide the thinking of the student toward possible solutions. During the year, the guidance department will carry on an extensive testing program. Scholarships are also handled by the counselors. MR. PAUL J. ARMSTRONG Guidance Counselor Butler University — B.S. Indiana University, Ball State, and St. Francis — M.A. Interests are sports, fishing, and reading MRS. VIRGINIA WEST Guidance Counselor Indiana State University — B.S. St. Francis College and Ball State — M.S. Interests are bridge, reading, and gardening, and music MRS. CAROL SUELZER Guidance Counselor University of Michigan — B.A. and M.A. Interests are reading, sewing, cooking, water sports, and walking SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Perrin is the school nurse and inherits the responsibility of caring for the general health of the student body. 4i MRS. MARIE PERRIN, R.N. 28 mmBmmmmmtmMm m _-« nm m ' S mmm SSSm SSSSmt m ■1 M VI HJlH kJA r V ' 9 ' V 4fe %» immmm f t , J %.. 4 w£ " ■ t i ; n ljL I ' l ' ' ■ BR W WP W n .73 f«l-l» ' KIULIIOMK IL R. 1.SI1I. (;.S 12 1 Hniiiduav. .New 1 lavi ' n. Indiana. Hhonr ' Varsity Footbal ' % 3a so opponents South Side 6 (Jamboree; 6 6 13 7E- -65 luriu-r- KdMau 2i ' ' ;4 i % 2?c 0 Psst! Coach, I think he needs help! Diehl plunges for extra yardage Action Good blocking and expert running prove helpful ! Whoops — wrong receiver! ■f. brink ' s Bulldogs closer to goal line! iJiC.-; ..•■■.DaRD service U.S. 30 Green Rd. rv- ' .v Haven, Indiana 749-1812 Reserve Football 1 2 ]t m% ,0 : _ ' qO 74 83 q ' 4 17 73 4 ?s ?0 sg B-mm ywm. ' m: FRONT ROW, left to right; G. Williams, L. Koeneman, B. Farrell, E. Merz, D. Partridge, R. Montgomery, C. Ketzler, T. Cunningham, S. Lowden, D. Lothamer; SECOND ROW: Coach Don Huml, D. Replogle, M. Reinking, S. Zimmerman, C. Sadler, W. Notestine, D. Richter, E. Varsity Notes The 1965 New Haven Football Team won 6, lost 2, and tied 1, for a fine season record. The defending champion Bulldogs had to be satisfied with second place in the North- east Indiana Conference, due to a 7 — 7 tie with Concordia. Garrett was the conference champion. Leading scorers on the team were Al Diehl and Dave Dew with 42 points each. All-conference honor team selec- tions were Dave Dew at halfback and Dan Nix at guard. Honorary captains for the year were Mike Lepper and Chuck Turner. Joe Ringenberg was selected as the player with the best mental attitude. The team scored 132 points to 58 for the opponents. One of the more interesting games of the season was the 1 3 — victory over Bishop Luers, the first in four meetings with them. The Junior Varsity team finished with a 5 — 2 — 1 record. Many of the underclassmen displayed good talent and will make future prospects bright. The squad consisted of 22 jun- iors and 26 sophomores. WANE-TV Channel 15, Wayne Radio 1450 Pearson, M. Murua, G. Wilson, Coach Jerry Mitchell; THIRD ROW: J. Gear, G. Thieme, B. Same, T. Hoover, S. Geels, L. Knipstein, R. Shimes, D. Lowe, M. Brinkman. Varsity Captains Coach Armstrong presents the Captain awards to Chuck Turner and Mike Lepper. Basketball VARSITY SQUAD ROW 7, left to right: B. Farrell, D. McHenry, D. McClure, and M. Ehinger. Coach Bob Wiant, R. Fredrick, B. Oliphant, R. Moody, R. Burton, J. Pickett, and A. Peterson. This year ' s Bulldog basketball squad, led by seniors Russ Moody and Dave McClure, fought hard all season to keep from ending with a losing record. They succeeded in posting a .500 season — winning eleven and losing eleven. With a little luck, several of the close games could have gone our way. One game was lost in overtime, a game with North Side was lost by one point, and two other games were lost by a margin of four points. The highlight of the season, however, was the showing against 10th ranked Central in the sectional tourney which resulted in a 65 — 63 victory for our Bulldogs. We went on to meet North Side in the championship game and were defeated. Back for next year will be eight juniors and a fine reserve team that compiled a record of thirteen wins and six losses. New Haven Schedule 74 Central Catholic 69 Columbia City 49 Central 68 Concordia 77 Hoagland 79 Angola 59 Woodlan Huntington Tourney 63 Auburn 68 60 59 62 55 63 53 71 68 60 85 Sectional Tourney Greencastle Monroeville Leo North Side Bishop Luers Kendallville Bluffton Huntertown Decatur Elmhurst Berne Areola Central (Overtime) ' -■■th Side BILLCHAP.V! -C A PING SERVICE 525 L : ■ ' 50 East New Have., ■■ .ir . -.a 749-2917 All Landscaping, . ' ■ ric«d Erection 70 86 81 83 66 62 64 50 87 51 50 63 51 67 82 75 55 70 49 68 63 64 RESERVE SQUAD ROW 1, left to right; P. Gilley, G. Thieme, B. Quandt, T. Swihart, and B. Gulp (Student Manager). ROW 2: Coach Jerry Mitchel, R. Montgomery, D. Hannie, C. Ketzler, and B. Farrell. Cross Country ROW J, left to right: B. Shrock, D. McHenry, D. Wylie, J. Hale, J. Svvanson, T. Armour, and J. Kelty. ROW 2, D. Lonis, S. Bultemeir, S. Love, C. Porter, L. Stroble, N. Wylie, G. Stoltz, and M. Moore,. ROW 3, The 1965 Cross-Country season started with the first practice session on August 16. In the Cross-Country run, boys are pitted against opponents, terrain, elements, and the stop watch for a distance of two miles. The boys who finished in the top ten in varsity competition earned points toward varsity awards. Forty-seven boys comprised this year ' s squad. Fourteen varsity and reserve meets were run. Both varsity and reserves finished with ten wins and four losses. The varsity also finished fifth in the Goshen Invitational, fourth in the Warm-Up Time! Coach Everett Cass, M. Ortlieb, D. Simons, R. Thompso D. Schroeder, D. Hannie, J. Suciu. R. Fredericks, N.E.I.A.C, third in the I.H.S.A.A. Sectional and twelfth in the Regional. The following boys earned a varsity award: Seniors — Jeff Hale, Jack Swanson, Doug Wylie; Juniors — Tom Armour, Joe Kelty, Dan McHenry, Bill Shrock, Larry Stroble; Captain — Doug Wylie; Managers — Jim Suciu, Dave Lonis. Joe Kelty finished in the top ten in the fourteen scheduled meets, while Jack Swanson finished in the top ten thirteen times. Coach Cass records time results! HALL.MARK HOUSt., GKEETiNG CARD.S- . " ouihgaic Plaza Wrestling ROW 1, left to right: R. Dressier, S. Bultemeier, M. Bishton, T. Lomont. ROW 2: Coach J. Goeglein, S. Lepper, D. Leeka, S. Geels, K. Shive, Coach S. Hostetler. ROW 3: J. Ringenberg, L. Larrance, E. Mattingly, C. Turner, A. Diehl. The 1965-66 Bulldog wrestling squad compiled an excellent record of nine wins and three losses, under the direction of Coach Stan Hostetler and Assistant Coach Jerry Goeglein. This season record was ended by a second place in the sectional tourney and an eleventh place finish in the regional tourney. Two seniors advanced to the regional tourney where Ed Mattingly placed second and Larry Larrance placed third. Steve Lepper Track VARSITY SQUAD ROW ;, left to right: D. Lonis (student manager), E. Schinnerer, M. Scheele, D. Wylie, B. Kolbow, S. Bultemier, E. Pearson, C. Gear (stu- dent manager). ROW 2: D. Dew, J. Kelty, E. Hanson, C. Sadler, D. Part- ridge, B. Shrock, L. Stroble, J. Koehlinger, S. Love, J. Hale, D. Symonds, G. Stultz, G. Pearson. ROW 3: Ass ' t Coach Bob Wiant, R. Boren, T. Armour, R. Losher, R. Montgomery, B. Ohphant, R. Burton, S. Schroeder, G. Williams, B. Quandt, C. Ketzler, D. Ehle, Coach Everett Cass. The track season officially opens the first Monday after the Sectional basketball tournament is completed. However, the boys who are not out for winter sports start a condition- ing program the first week in February. With the new grasstex track the boys can work outdoors in almost all kinds of weather. The weather this spring was very cold and damp, hamper- ing the conditioning program of the squad. Pulled muscles and injuries to key personnel kept these boys from performing to their best ability. This also hurt the " won and lost " record. Of the forty-six boys who completed the season, only eight will be lost by graduation. The prospects for a success- ful track season rit J. year look good. SCHEDULE New Haven 45 1 2 Kendallville 72 1 2 35 North Side 83 36 Columbia City 81 53 South Side 65 58 Snider 60 86 Central Catholic 32 32 Elmhurst 86 35 Central 85 Bishop Luers 48 New Haven scored three points in the North Side Re- lays, finished third in the New Haven Relays with 53 1 2 points, finished fifth in the N.E.I.A.C. with 30 1 2 points, and failed to score in the I.H.S.A.A. sectional meet. David Dew set the only new school record in the long jump with a leap of 20 feet, 5 1 2 inches. Since this was the first year for the two-mile run, Joe Kelty ' s time of 10 minutes and 10.3 seconds will stand as the school record in this event. Track B. Shrock— 440 yard dash! D. Ehle— Low Hurdles! J. Koehlinger — Long Jump E. Hanson and L. Stroble — Mile Relay Baton Exchange! Baseball VARSITY SQUAD ROW 1, left to right: S. Winchester (Student Manager), M. Reinking, M. Brinkman, D. Replogle, R. Schaffer, G. Davis (Student Manager). ROW 2: T. Mathis, T. Lomont, L. Koeneman, D. Rork, M. Meyer, D. GilUe, E. Merz, D. BUss, N. Cass, E. Edgar, R. Ferguson. ROW 3: A. Keltner, C. Diehl, D. Hannie, B. Lowden, R. Thompson, S. Lepper, D. McHenry, J. Nott. ROW 4: Ass ' t Coach Jerry Mitchel, T. Howell, J. Reinking, S. Peters, B. Kibbe, J. Pickett, R. Moody, J. Howell, D. Nix, D. Leeka, J. Kuroski, and Coach Paul Armstrong. 1966 BASEBALL RECORD Mr. Paul Armstrong, coach of the New Haven Bulldogs, defending N.E.LA.C. Champions, called the first organized practice for this spring. The first few weeks of practice were confined to the boys ' gym; however, when the weather broke, the team was moved outdoors. Only two lettermen, Jon Nott and Russ Moody returned from last year ' s team but there was a very strong supporting squad of juniors and a few seniors. After a slow start, the fighting bulldogs have again climbed to the top of the N.E.LA.C. standings and appear to be strong contenders for the crown both this year and for the next several years. Overall record: Won 6, Lost 7 Conference record: Won 4, Lost 4 New Haven 4 3 Huntington Decatur Catholic 5 4 6 5 Crestview Van Wert 3 6 (10 innings) 19 3 Antwerp Columbia City 6 4 (10 innings) 6 Bluflfton 2 22 Auburn 9 13 Berne 1 3 Decatur 1 2 Concordia 5 2 Angola 3 (8 innings) 7 Garrett 2 Baseball Golf THE SQUAD Left to right: P. DeRemer, D. Ruhl, M. Lee, C. Hooker, and Coach Frank Clark D. Ruhl — driving M. Lee — putting z:- ' The New Haven golf team, under the able coaching of Mr. Frank Clark, turned in an impressive record of ten wins and five losses this year. The varsity squad, con- sisting of Mike Lee, Doug Ruhl, Craig Hooker, and Pat DeRemer, placed second in the NEIC and sixth in the sectional. Backing up the varsity players were mem- bers of the junior varsity squad — Tim Morrison, Jeff Rocke, Jim Ulm, JefT Koeh- linger, and Dave Richter. The team ' s home matches were played at Havenhurst, but the " men of the links " tested their ability on many an area course. Girls ' Athletic Association GAA officers: R. Hagadorn, Treasurer; S. Nahrwold, Vice-President; S. Ortlieb, Secretary, A. Wietfeldt, Point Recorder; S. Rowe, President. Terri has what it takes — coordination, balance, and endurance. Teamwork — a quahty of GAA members. New Haven is the school for athletic young ladies! Participating in GAA is a great way to relax after a rough day at school. The ac- tivities that were offered this year included basketball, softball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, bowling, golf, kick ball, hand- ball, archery, and golf and tennis instruction. Interschool competition, sponsored by Miss Anne Berkeypile, proved to be a big success for the New Haven GAA members. The teams won 3 interschool basketball games and 6 volleyball games finishing both sports undefeated. The outlook is good that inter- school activities will continue to be a part of the GAA program in years ahead. The girls ' sports season ended with a big swim party and awards presentation held at Club Olympia. Volleyball . . . the sport for active people! WIMP ' S AUTO SALES, 328 Lincoln Highway East New Haven, Indiana 749-1415 New and Used Cars, All Makes Intramurals Under the direction of Mr. Samuel May, New Haven had one of its most successful years in intramural sports. Soccer, which started the activities, was followed by flag football, volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Intramural sports are open to those boys who are not on varsity teams. By partici- pating in intramural sports these boys are provided with a constructive outlet for their abilities. TOURNAMENT CHAMPS ROW 1, left to right: L. Kunneman, J. Reinking, D, Schackow, B. Kolbow. ROW 2: K, Herman, A. Bearman. ROWS:]. Kelty. SEASON CHAMPS ROW 1, left to right: M. Tucker, B. Becker, K. Schultz. ROW 2: B. Lowden, D. Herman, R. Kunneman, J. Bender. FLAG FOOTBALL TEAM ROW 7, left to right: K. Herman, D. Herman, C. Byroade, K. Ketzler, C. Blosser. ROW 2: B. Kolbow, D. Schackow, D. Stalter, B. Ammerman. MIRAGE RIFLE CLUB FUTURE NURSES baIndi GERMAN CLUB Y-TEEN INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB CHESS CLUB HOME ECONOMICS CLUB COMMERCIAL CLUB HISTORY CLUB PROJECTIONISTS ' CLUB STUDENT COUNCIL ORGANIZATIONS Student Council Left to right, ROW 1: D. Dew, President; T. Morrison, Vice-President; D. Hursh, Treasurer; J. Swank, C. Cogswell, Secretary; ROW 2: D. Boester, J. Reinking, G. Parnin, J. Howell, B. Gulp, B. Coles, B. Mc- Connell, B. Kortenber, T. Smith, K. Zimmerman; ROW 3: K. Kummer, S. Stanley, M. Heck, L. Feasel, G. Tumbleson, L. Vonderau, C. Bleeke, J. Bleeke, S. Yeoman, G. Renier, S. Bergman; ROW 4: T. Swihart, R. Frede- rick, D. Ludwig, A. Hearn, G. Hooker, M. Ehinger, D. Symonds, S. Love, D. Endres, P. Gilley; ROW 5: K. Shaffer, M. Maul, B. Quandt, P. Blosser, J. Bircheff, V. Perrin, L. Weekly, C. Mervine. The Student Council is the students ' link between them- selves and the school administration. Elected from each home room are student representatives, whose purpose is to voice the opinion of their home rooms on matters involving the school, the students, and the activities. The Student Council ' s aim is to attain, through cooperation with the school administration a harmonious school atmosphere in which the student may develop his abilities. Representatives hold discussion at weekly council meetings. Michelle .Maul and Craig Hooker decorate for the annual Snowball Hop. Compliments of DR. C. W. DAHLING New Haven, Indiana 749-4914 Lettermen ' s Club Best mental attitude — Joe Ringenberg. Captains of track and cross country, Jerry Schmutz and Doug Wylie, receive stars for their letter jackets. L- ' ' - Boys earning letter jackets at the fall banquet were these: Doug Wylie, Dan Nix, Joe Ringenberg, Joe Kelty, Jack Swanson, Denny Boester, Larry Larrance, Dave Werling, Steve dinger, Jim Suciu. Best offensive player — Dave Dew, Best defensive player — Dan Nix (no photo available). Lettermen ' s Club is an organiza- tion of boys who have received awards for their participation in varsity athletics. To remain active in the club, a member must con- tinue to participate in sports throughout high school. The pur- pose of this organization is to pro- mote the values of athletics by good sportsmanship and competition. The club holds fall, winter, and spring athletic banquets for boys partici- pating in sports during these sea- Delmar M . Byroade BYROADE BROS. SIDING AND AWNING SALES 47 1 5 Wayne Trace Fort Wayne, Indiana Left to right, ROW 1: S. Olinger, D. Boester, D. McClure, T. Armour, Secretary; J. Ringenberg, Vice-President; R. Moody, President; J. Kelty, Treasurer; D. Wylie, C. Turner, A. Diehl, D. Dew; ROW 2: Mr. P. Armstrong, sponsor; L. Larrance, J. Suciu, D. Nix, E. Hanson, R. Dress- ier, M. Lepper, J. Schmutz, J. Hale, J. Swanson, D. Werling, Mr B. Wiant, sponsor; ROW 3: G. Davis, B. Ferrel, B. Gulp, T. Howell, J. Reinking, D. Johnson, J. Nott, B Barwiler, E. Mattingly, J. Koehlinger, G. Pearson; ROW 4: D. Lonis, S. Lepper, A. Peterson, D. Leeka, R. Burton, R. McCague, D. McHenry, R. Thompson, B. Shrock, L. Stroble, B. Oliphant. Varsity Pep Club— Bulldog Boosters Left ro Right: ROW 7: S. Urick, A. Wietfeldt, T. Roberts, C. Tumbleson, D. Windmiller, D. Jennings Secretary, S. Stanley Vice-President, M. Heck President, j. Edwards Treasurer, B. Chapman, K. Clem, L. Waikel, G. Mooney, L. Ramsey, J. Meyers, P. Wedler. ROW 2: K. Young, E. Singer, P. Shirk, J. Woodcox, M. Louraine, S. Rowe, S. Rhoades, M. Ridgley. C. Lake, A. Westerfield, N. Wagner, J. Westerfield, L. Vonderau, P. Meyer, K. Ehle, S. Goeglein. ROW 3: M. Sullivan, S. Turk, N. Getting. D. Russell, N. Briggs, L, Rothgeb, K. Sprunger, J. Bearman, C, Bleeke, J. Cameron, L. Sowers, S. Koehlinger, B. Ramp, C. Martin, S. TenBarge, J. Lillich. ROW 4: C. Cogswell, D. Zubuch, K. Youtz, S. Rennecker, J. Bennett, S. Maddox, S. Neff, P. Cool, C. Eynon, N. Dieckman, M. Maul, P. Kroehl, C. Gremaux, H. Louraine, S. Rulka, R. Ratliff. ROW 5: P. Buuck, C. Buhr, J. Wedler, S. Galium, J. Ross- wurm, R. Holbrock, A. Hertzog, J. Bircheff, B. Delp, J. France, V. Taylor, J. Johnson, K. Shaffer, N. Fitting, B. Snyder, N. Saylor. ROW 6: C. Spriggs, C. Soest, V. Busche, J. Barton, J. Vachon, C. Smith, L. Grabner, D. Weller, J. Flory, C. Want, C. Zink, S. Hilt, K. Burgette, K. Keck, V. Alber, S. Campbell. ROW 7: B. Kruse, S. Wick, D. Smith, M. Jones, C. Apple, S. Atwood, N. Cronkite, C. Eltzroth, J. Shepler, J. Wiese, J. Sievers, P. Montague, L. Turner, S. Worden, A. Momical. Active school spirit is always demonstrated by the organi- zations at New Haven designed for that one purpose — the pep clubs. The Pep Club has given its members many moments of fun, and excitement while they cheered for our teams under the direction of its sponsor, Miss Berkey- pile. The Junior Varsity Pep Club has also backed the J. V. team enthusiastically by holding car washes and posting victory signs in the halls. In addition to these groups the Bulldog Boosters, sponsored by Mr. Wolfe, has helped add volume to the ever faithful cheering blocks. COLONY DRESS SHOP 431 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana 749-1771 Left to Right: ROW 1: D. Wylie Vice-President, A. Hearn, D. Nix, C. Turner President, T. Howell, G. Stahl, E. Weisenburger, J. Nott, W. Penrod, M. Lee, D. Boester, J. Ringenberg, D. Johnson. ROW 2: E, Hansen, R. Dressier, J. Howell, B. Gulp, S. Ernst, J. Kuroski, D. Dew, C. Porter, D. Swanson, D. Shackow, B. Kolbow, D. Werl- ing, J. Koehlinger. ROW 3: D. Statler, R. Becker, S. Marks, S. Peters, S. Ohneck, J. Louraine, C. Conrad, R. Losher, J. Arnett, B. Boester, K. Schulz, K. Boldt, B. Koepke. ROW 4: S. Lepper, R. Frederick, S. Goldthwaite, L. Koeneman, D. Ely, J. Melcher, R. Boren, D. Herman, D. Lonis, M. Ortlieb, S. Archbold, f. Bandt, S. Winchester. ROW 5: }. Liechty, B. Quandt, R. Montgomery, C. Sadler, E. Pearson, B. Same, B. Bircheff, G. Davis, D. Simons, S. Love, B. Blosser, D. Valentine, B. Becker. ROW 6: G. Stultz, P. Gille, E. Rose, B. Parrel, D. Lothamer, K. Rode, (J. Reinking, Treasurer, absent). Reserve Pep Club — Cheerleaders ROW 7, left to right L Rice, J. Barnes, L. Batdorf, L. Robbins, L. Williams, M. Morgan, B. Rennecker, Sopho- more Representative; M. Crance, G. Renier; ROW 2: C. Yates, P. Darst, S. Cunningham, B. Laur, S. Davis, J. Gaskill, P, Mayle, C. Williams; ROW 3: S. Hook, L. Girardot, B. Blosser, K. Patton, M. Memmer, K. Dailey, J. Combs, K. Sullivan, J. Bleeke; ROW 4: S. Bennett, P. Lepper, C. Speith, R. Berger, L. Werling, M. Heckman, D. Nichter, R. Guillow, B. Shrock. RAY ' S BARBER SHOP 508 Broadway New Haven, Indiana Varsity— J. Parent, K. Kummer, S. Geels, N. Wat- kins, C. Krueckeberg. Reserve — B. Quandt, S. Nether- land, S. Winans. ««»si ir ' - ?- A Red Cross — Projectionists ' Club D ROW 1, left to right: Mr. Boylan, sponsor; B. Wesner, Chapter House Representative; W Oehler, Vice-President; B. Stuerzenberger, President; L. Waikel, Secretary; V. Taylor, Treas- urer; R. Hagadorn, Chapter House Representative; Mrs. Werner, sponsor; ROW 2: S Geels, K. Clem, K. Kummer, M. Heck, L. Markoff, L. Ramsey, M. Knipper, K. Glosser D. Windmiller, S. Heckler, N. Wagner, S. dinger; ROW 3: S. Ramp, C. Dornte, M. Maul S. Hih, S. Barker, B. Schulthies, J. Matthews, P. Miller, J. Agee, C. Lake, S. Koehlinger T. . ' Lrmor, R. Hobrock, L. Sherman; ROW 4: R. Woodard, R. Shrock, D. Bristow, R. Roberts C. Getting, J. Barnes, R. Guillow, M. StoUer, L. Emenhiser, J. Shepler, A. Peterson, B Quandt, S. Wick, J. Koehlinger; ROW 5: G. Theurer,]. Merriman, J. Lien. RED CROSS The purpose of Red Cross is to render help and be of service to all people. Outstanding projects this year included sponsoring a clothing drive, soliciting members for the National Red Cross, sending Christmas cards to the local rest homes, and giving an Easter part for the State School. An annual banquet was held in the spring to conclude the year ' s activities. PROJECTIONISTS ' CLUB The Projectionists ' Club, sponsored by Mr. Huml, is a service organization. The club members operate audio-visual equipment for classes and extra-curricular activities. The services of the Projectionists ' Club are available to all teachers in the high school. A N.H.H.S. student proves his loyalty! ROW 7, left to right: K. Lucterhand, Secretary-Treasurer; B. Shrock, President; S. Towsley, Vice-President; G. Davis, D. Nix; ROW 2, S. Loeschner, Mr. Huml, sponsor; S. Andrews, B. Boester, K. Boldt, R. Myers, R. Boren, K. Schultz, B. Craig. NEW HAVEN ALLEN COUNTY TIMES .Serving New Haven and Eastern Allen County Home Economics — Industrial Arts The Home Economics Club of N.H.H.S. was or- ganized five years ago. The purpose of the organiza- tion is to promote interest in the field of home economics, in order that students may be trained to become home- makers or to enter this field of employment. Special programs for this year included a talk and film, " Pennsylvania Country Cooking, " from the Gas Com- pany; a hat-making demonstration; film strips on pan selection; and a style show in which New Haven girls were the models. Red Cross Friendship Kits were made at Christmas time and an inexpensive " Hope Chest " party was held. ROW 7, left to right: S. Heckler, President; R. Hagadorn, Vice Presi- dent; L. Emenhiser, Secretary; P. Kroehl, Treasurer; ROW 2: C. Bultemeier, M. Getting, S. Heddon, K. Sprunger, A. Wietfeldt, S. Urick, S. Boese, S. Rhoades, M. Ridgley; ROW 3: N. Getting, J. Bennett, K. Sovine, L. Turner, R. Harvey, K. Wetoskey, F. Wietfeldt, V. Taylor, J. Rosswurm, L. Heim, S. Thiele; ROW 4: A. Rose, L. Smith, L. Getting, C. Lelja, S. Bennett, M. Crance, M. Memmer, J. Barnes, B. Moring, M: Pemberton, L. King, C. Klenke, J. Sefcik. j - W-. . . , ■ f 9Q r , Cm -xl. 3 m§K% Jmmlmr AM ■ VBwNlI Vj TA M m BFtB M mm M ri H ' f!!teM Ht - P Bk-S 1 ■i ■ ijjBff 1 L N v Lim 1 H I WKim i 9 V Wl ' t W ii ' -; Y Hl fl Bi H H Hh , IUk9iv Mjj ' l ' M hBt ' . K_l yM pi -4mHH The Industrial Arts Club is for students participating in one of the six areas of Industrial Arts. The club cleaned, re- paired, and painted toys at Christmas time for their " Toys for Tots " project. This year there were several boxes of toys turned over to the Christmas Bureau. An awards program for outstanding students in Industrial Arts is being established by the club. In the spring of the year the recipients of the awards will be an- nounced at the annual I. A. Banquet. A tour of local industries is also a part of the spring plans. ROW 1: left to right: Mr. Benson, sponsor; S. Goldthwaite, Vice-President; D. Larson, Secretary- Treasurer; D Doehrman, President; Mr. Coffman, sponsor; Mr. Turner, sponsor. ROW 2: P. Larson, S Ohneck, D. Teegardin, D DeLeon, J. Louraine, T. Watts. ROW 3: XL Buchtman, S. Evertson, S. Peters, G Kohlmeyer, D. Brudi, L. Knipstein, S. Minich. ROW 4: E. Treace, L. Rorick, , I. Kelly, D. Lewis, P. Stroher, C. Jaessing. KORTE PAPER COMPANY, 1825 West Main Fort Wayne, Indiana 742-141 1 Masque and Gavel ROW 1: C. Nelson, President; P. Heine, Vice-President; E. Parent, Secretary; L. Kelty, Treasurer; ROW 2: S. Cox, M. Oberlin, C. Reed, J. Swank, S. Pettyjohn, R. Gee, J. Kuroski, B. Cockrum. D. Springer; ROW 3: L. Vonderau, L. Joyner, V. Alber, S. Neff, D. Lebrecht, L. Koeneman, E. Schinnerer; K. Zimmerman, T. Smith; ROW 4: S. Geels, B. Quandt, P. Blosser, N. Dieckman, C. Eynon, G. Theurer, G. Purvis, B. Winans, C. Newhall, L. Kohlmeier, D. Snyder; ROW 5: B. Swank, S. Netherland, S. Winans, C. Cogswell, C. Krueckeberg, M. Berning, V. Perrin, L. Rice, C. Yates, C. Hooker, T. Morrison. Masque and Gavel has as its main goal the promotion of speech activities within the school and in the community. One of the organization ' s earliest activities is working with National Forensic League to present the annual New Haven speech tourney. Before the end of the first semester one-act plays are cast and rehearsals begun; this year the three plays were " A Feminine Monkey Wrench, " " Shock of His Life, " and " Jerry Breaks a Date. " The big event of each year is the three-act play; this year ' s " January Thaw " was presented on March 11 and 12 after six weeks of rehearsal. Guided by the sponsors, Mr. Francis May, Mr. Milton Sinn, and Mr. Willard Travis, Masque and Gavelites strive to make each year profitable as they gain new speaking skills. M G involves manual labor, too. " Feminine Monkey Wrench, " one of four one-act plays, is pre- sented to a school club. This is the way it looked before the audience came. NEW HAVEN LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY New Haven, Indiana " Call the Lumber Number 749-4567 ' ' Masque and Gavel Cast of " January Thaw " ROW 7, left to right: Suzi Winans, Cindy Eynon, Sherry Cox, Doug Lebrecht, Elora Parent, Bev Quandt. ROW 2: Don Springer, Tim Morrison, Carol Nelson, Clark Newhall, Jan Swank, David Snyder, Steve Pettyjohn, Brad Swank. Jan has a discussion with Dave during 3-act. ' I happen to like outdoor plumbing. " " You know that cow you saved from the burning barn? WILMA ' S TOWN CASUAL 4345 South Anthony, Fort Wayne, Indiana 456-2007 National Forensic League ROW 7, left to right: B. Cockrum, C. Nelson, K. Berkheiser, C. Eynon, Secretary; T. Morrison, Treasurer. ROW 2: C. Hooker, L. Koeneman, S. Friedley, L. Grabner, K. Ehle, S. Towsley, C. Reed, S. Cox, C. New- hall, J. Johnson. ROW 3: C. Apple, K. Harper, C. Want, M. OberUn, P. Meyer, V. Alber, N. Briggs, K. Boese, M. Jones, S. Winans, B. Winans. ROW 4: D. Hirschman, S. Atwood, N. Dieckman, M. Maul, L. Joyner, D. Hoagland, G. Theurer, G. Boldt, P. Acquino, B. Kortenber. ROW 5: G. Winicker, M. Berning, M. Crance, V. Perrin, J. Hensley, L. Weekly, C. Yates, B. Rennecker, M. Knipper, K. Burgette. ROW 6: T. Remenschneider, P. Blosser, J. Swank, President (absent). The National Forensic League, coached by Mr. F. May, Mr. Sinn, and Mr. Travis, is an organization devoted to the perfection of skills in speaking. Throughout the year some sixty NFL ' ers participated in ten invitational speech tourneys within the state. NFL is divided into ten areas as to their type of presentation — Humorous, Dramatic, Ora- torical Interpretation, Original Oratory, Poetry, Girls ' and Boys ' Extemporaneous, Discussion, Radio, and Debate. Two highlights of the year ' s activities were the annual New Haven Invitational Speech Tourney held in November and the NFL assembly presented in February. The goal of the team was reached when it won the state speech champion- ship for the second consecutive year. Busy messengers make the rounds run smoothly. Cindy in action! NEW HAVEN BAKERY 915 Lincoln Highway East, New Haven, Indiana 749-2161 National Forensic League Debate Varsity ROW 7, left to right: Mr. Travis, Coach; K. Berk- heiser; ROW 2: S. Tows- ley; B. Cockrum, J. Swank. Sub-Varsity ROW 1: left to right: J. Johnson; M. Jones; B. Laur; ROW 2: B. Korten- ber; K. Lucterhand; B. Swank; C. Newhall. Debate is a series of formal oral argu- ments for and against a definite proposal. Constituted of considerable research and effective presentation, debates are held in inter-city meets scheduled throughout the year. The winnings included second place team sweepstakes ribbons at Howe Military and a first place sweepstakes team trophy from Tri-Lakes Invitational Tournament. Part of the team also rep- resented New Haven as one of three schools invited to debate at a Purdue University debate demonstration. BEAUTY BOTIQUE, 613 Broadway New Haven, Indiana 749-1 722 Open 9 — 7:30, Evenings by Appointment High-styling is our Specialty Left to right: C. Newhall. J Swank, C. Nelson, B Cockr Latin Club Consul — Doug Lebrecht. Latin Club — sponsored by Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Seger, and Mrs. Sidell — stimulates interest in Roman culture and the Latin language through its skits and the annual banquet. This year several members of the club presented a skit at the Junior Classical League Convention at Bloomington, In- diana. Latin Club gives a scholarship annually, and spon- sors delegates at the Indiana University Summer Workshop. Latin Club was organized in 1957 with 54 members; since that time, the membership has grown to 175 students. Of- ficers for this year are: Doug Lebrecht and Rich Burton, consuls; Charlotte Want, quaestor; and Anita Westerfield, scriba. The Christmas Play. Latin Club holds fall initiation. Compliments of DR. LELAND POLLOCK, Chiropractor 1021 Middle .Street, New Haven, Indiana German Club — Chess Club ROW 1, left to right: Mrs. Ibrahim, sponsor; C. Rossman, Treasurer; K. Boldt, Vice-President; T. Ellsworth, President; J. Duffey, Secretary. ROW 2: B. Michel, S. Winchester, M. Bishton, C. Scharpenberg, A. Rode, L, Dutt, S. Nahrwold, N. Getting, M. Ellsworth. G. Boldt, T. Knight. Open to all students who have taken or are now taking second year German is the New Haven German Club. This club combines both fun and learning, the latter including language arts and customs of the German people. Activities include such events as the spring banquet. Money en- tered the kitty as the club operated the canteen at the year ' s end. This white thing with the stuff on top is a queen. German Club members listen as Tim explains banquet plans. ROW V. J. Johnson, N. Edgell, B. Perry, G. Boldt, M. Bishton. ROW 2: D. Wolfe, Mr. Stephan, sponsor; G. Higginbotham, R. Frederick, K. Rode, J. Crance, S. Huddleston, P. Geroff. Chess, the Royal Game which was played in India at least twelve hundred years ago, was just introduced this year to the list of activities at New Haven. Intra-club com- petition is held between members of the club in an eflfort to increase their knowledge of the p;ame of chess. GEORGE W. THOMPSON, Auctioneer Complete Sales Service 369 Tweedwood Drive New Haven, Indiana 749-1662 Lajacquerie Left to right, ROW 1: P. Foltz, J. Gear, Vice-President; C. Eynon, Secre- tary; M. Maui. Treasurer; S. Cox, President. ROW 2: ]. Agee, R. Gee, S. Marlis. P. Markey, M. Ferguson, B. Campbell, W. Coles, J. Cave, K. Zimmerman. ROW 3: ]. Forsyth, C. Smith, J. Johnson, P. Kroehl, L. Emen- hiser. J. Kettering, L. Sherman, B. Boys, S. Cullum, V. Busche. ROW 4: C. Sadler, B. Laur, J. Liechty, P. Himelstein, L. Williams, S. Davis, L. Weekly, D. Ayres, M. Muntian, P. Mayle, C. Williams. ROW 5: R. Roberts, T. Weidler, B. Snyder, C. Gear, S. Campbell, K. Ringer, D. Bristow, L. Girardot, B. Rider. The N.H.H.S. French Club is a noted organization. Its monthly programs are varied, dealing with the country, customs and culture of France. On the evening of March 30, 1966, the members ventured to the New Haven High School for the " Moulin Rouge. " An honor banquet was held at the Hotel Van Orman on May 3, 1966, where the members partook of a real French cuisine. An outstanding member from each class was honored for his contribution to the club ' s functions. MOULIN ROUGE MOTEL WAYNE 7001 New Haven Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana 749-8579 Rifle Club — History Club Members examine fine points of the rifles. Come to the Book Fair " was the Battle Cry. Rifle Club ROW 1, left to right: Mr. E. Frock, sponsor; Joe Louraine, Vice-Presi- dent; Larry Cocks, Pres. ROW 2: S. Evertson, R. Losher, D. Richter. ROWS: D. Valentine, J. Brown, L. Girardot. RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club, having operated for four years, is one of the newer or- ganizations in the school. The object of the club is to teach good marks- manship and safety in the use of firearms. The club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and operates under a charter from it. The club ' s sponsor, Mr. Frock, is a Certified Rifle and Pistol Instructor. Some former members are furthering their interest in weapons while in the armed forces. HISTORY CLUB This group of students was organized to discuss and to take part in activities concerning any phase of social studies: history, geography, psychology, sociology, etc. Members of this club were divided into teams whose members took part in lively panel discussions concerning current events. History Club was also responsible for the book fairs at which paper- back books were made available to all students. HISTORY CLUB ROW 1, left to right: K. Ehle, K. Youtz, C. Rossman, Treasurer; D. Hursh, President; E. Hanson, Vice-President; B. Chapman, Secretary; J. Johnson, S. Meddock. ROW 2: H. Louraine, S. Spiker, B. Kolbow, . I Knipper, L. Feasel, D. Willig, C. Cogswell, P. Albert. S. Netherland. ROWS: T. Tatro, W. Penrod, S. Pettyjohn, B. Klage. ELY MOTEL 743 U.S. 30 By-Pass North Fort Wayne, Indiana 742-7408 Science Club ROW 1, left to right; K. Lucterhand, Treasurer; J. Spreen, Vice-President; L. Kelty, Secretary; B. Craig, President; S. Stanley. ROW 2: M. Blodgett, S. Marks, J. Beyrau, J. Thomas, J. Agee, J. Duffey. ROW 3: S. Winans, M. Ellsworth, D. Sentman, L. Pensinger, K. Menze, T. Avery, D. Werling, J. Koehlinger. ROW 4: C. Krueckeberg, K. Kummer, J. Parent, B. Deinin- ger, R. Haynie, L. Kohlmeier. ROW 5: J. Hughes, B. Quandt, S. Geels, J. Edwards, M. Ehinger, K. Boldt, T. Ellsworth, K. Harper, S. Williams, R. Gee, J. Brown. PHYSIOLOGY ROW 1, left to right; J. Edwards, M. Blodgett, B. Quandt, S. Williams. ROW 2: K. Harper, L. Kelty, S. Winans, S. Geels, C. Krueckeberg, S. Stanley, J. Parent, S. Marks. ASTRONOMY ROW 1, left to right J Thomas, R Gee, J Agee ROW 2 J Brown, T Avery, J Beyrau Students dissect tough-skinned shark. NEW HAVEN LOCKER, 710 Broadway New Haven, Indiana 749-4100 Science Club REFRESHMENT BREAK Science Club Twice monthly Science Club meets as a whole. During the other weeks each of the five sections meets as individual clubs. Members act as judges at science fairs and operate the coat check at basketball games and at the Kiwanis pro- grams. The Radio Section, sponsored by Mr. Sauders, is attempt- ing to secure a ham radio license from the Federal Com- munications Commission. The Physiology Section, sponsored by Mr. Bandelier, is studying the anatomy of a shark. The Photography Section, sponsored by Mr. Wilder, is studying the many phases of photography. In Math Club, Mr. SchilUng is teaching ad- vanced forms of mathematics not offered in high school. Mr. Runnings is responsible for the Geology-Astronomy Section initiated this year. Geology members are gathering parts for the construction of a stone polisher and Astronomy members are assembling a six-inch telescope. 9 m Photo Club — Row 1, left to right: R. Gee, L. Cox, J. Agee, B. Craig. Math Club— .ROW 7, left to right: B. Deininger, D. Werling, J. Koehlinger, K. Kummer, J. Spreen, J. Hughes; ROW2: L. Kohlmeier. Radio C ub— ROW 1, left to right: R. Haynie. J. DufTey, T. Ells- worth; ROW 2: M. Ellsworth, D. Sentman, L. Pensinger, K. Menze. Mirage BUSINESS STAFF (Subscription) ROW 7, left to right: L. Williams, L. Sherman, Assistant Business Man- ager; L. Maul, Business Vlanager; M. Trulock, J. Neireiter. ROW 2: T. Smith, A. Westerfield, B. Wesner, S. Meddock, L. Markoff, G. Mooney, K. Clem, K. Glosser, S. Hernicz. ROW 3: D. Vinson, M. Stoller, D. Zurbuch, P. Meyer, L. Vonderau, S. Schmidt, B. Trickey, R. Hobrock. ROW 4: G. Purvis, G. Grostefon, D. Sovine, J. Moore, L. Rice, S. Davis, S. Rulka, D. Weller, J. Flory. ROW 5: G. Theurer, L. Marlow, N. Watkins, M. Berning, J. Combs, L. Faulkner, L. Johnson, A. Morrical, C. Soest, C. Turner. PHOTOGRAPHERS Left to right: L. Cocks, R. Gee, M. Cooper, B. Cockrum, D. Doehrman. BUSINESS STAFF (Advertising) ROW 7, left to right: j. Matthews, S. Atwood, P. Kroehl, S. Burns, T. Foltz. ROW 2: B. Stuerzenberger, P Buuck, B. BirchefiT, J. Parent, C. Martin, S. Ohneck, V. Taylor, L. Emen- hiser, A Schneider. C. Buhr. MARION FEASEL INSURANCE AGENCY Tax Sheltered Annuities Office across from Administration Building, New Haven, Indiana Mirage TYPISTS JiOW 1, left to right: K. Ehinger, C. Hanks. ROW 2: Barker, S. Heddon, Mrs. Wolf, D.Jennings, V. Miller. L. Rothgeb, K. Ehle, J. Bennett, S. ADVISERS Mrs. Wolf, Mr. Oberlin, and Mrs. West. Without them this Mirage would not have been possible. Duties of the Mirage Editorial Staff include the setting up and taking of pictures, the making of identifications, the securing and proofreading of copy, and the typ- ing of all copy. The fact that the staff meets only one hour each month compels each member to work " after hours " to realize the staffs goal — production of a good yearbook. EDITORIAL STAFF ROW h S. Rennecker, M. Louraine, P. Gasper, J. Barkley, J. Edwards, 2: A. Hertzog, P. Hensley, P. Blosser, D. Boester, S. Spiker, B. Neff, J. Cave, editor; C. Want, assistant editor; C. Rossman, W. Coles. ROW D. Hoagland, D. Williams, R. Ahlersmeyer, H. Louraine, ). Bircheff. The Mirage Business Staff is made up of the Subscription Staff and the Ad Staff. The Subscription Staff is divided into a Publicity Committee and Home-Room agents. The main function of the Business Staff is to attend to the financial aspects of publish- ing the yearbook. The Subscription Staff is in charge of the yearbook sales campaign working on both publicity and sales to the student body. The Ad Staff provides a financial mainstay of the yearbook by the sale of advertisements. FEDERSPIEL PHOTOGRAPHY " If the picture is Real, it ' s by Federspiel " 319 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana, Professional Photographers of America, Inc. Y-Teens ROW 1, left to right: S. Koehlinger, President; B. Stuerzenberger, Vice- President; S. Winans, Treasurer; C. Krueckeberg, Secretary; ROW 2: C. Lake, J. Westerfield, N. Wagner, G. Mooney, L. Markoff, L. Ramsey, L. Waikel. C. Tumbleson, S. Thiele, S. Berning, B. Wesner, J. Cameron; ROWS: D. Tribolet, J. Bowman, P. Boomershine, G. Same, S. Schmidt, S. Geels, J. Bearman, L. Sowers, L. Laisure, C. Richards, M. Getting, N. Getting; ROW 4: S. Bender, L. Turner, P. Robeson, J. Bircheff, R. Hob- rock, L. Grabner, D. Weller, J. Flory, S. Nahrwold, C. Lelja, R. Ahlers- meyer, B. Schulthies; ROWS: D. Smith, B. Kruse, T. Foltz, A. Morrical, L. Getting, L. Smith, C. Scharpenberg, M. SulUvan, C. Spriggs, L. Mar- low, D. James, P. Buuck; ROW 6: C. Buhr, C. Cogswell, S. Netherland, S. Wick, C. Gengo, J. Phillips, C. Gremaux, R. Ratliff, P. Blosser, D. Johnson, S. Atwood, C. Apple, R. Hagadorn. During the 1965-66 school year the Y-Teen Club under- took various social, service, religious, and community ac- tivities. Under the able direction of the faculty sponsors. Miss Manifold and Miss Leuenberger, the club members vkfere able to carry through such projects as the collection and distribution of Thanksgiving food baskets to needy families in the New Haven area. During the Christmas season tray favors were made for the patients at the Veterans ' Hospital, and Christmas murals were hung at the Fort Wayne Y.W.C.A. In mid-February a swim and pizza party was held for the enjoyment of all members, and many of the New Haven Y-Teens also attended a city-wide " Nite Owl " slumber party that was held at the Y.W.C.A. in March. A special Easter project and a Y-Teen Banquet closed the year for this active organization. Y-TEEN A local charm school instructor demonstrates correct posture. Your Friendly Camera Shop— .SUNNY SGHIGK CAMERA SHOP 407 West Washington Boulevard, Fort Wayne, Indiana V-TEEN ROW 1, left to right: J. Gaskill, Secretary; T. Kocks, Treasurer; P. Darst, Devotions Chair- man; J. Barnes, Vice-President; and B. Rennecker, President. ROW 2: L. Werhng, S. Bennett, K. Dailey, S. Cunningham, ;M. Haynes, C. Mervine, J. Lett. ROW 3: J. Combs, C. Spieth, E. Handhn, D, Lyman, R. .; Guillow, J, Pollack, J. Wiese, D. Johnson. ROW 4: Mrs. Null and Mrs. Troyer. j Sophomore Y-Teens wm mmmM The Sophomore Y-Teen Club at New Haven is a comparatively new club. However, girls have shown an interest in this club and it continues to grow. Sophomore Y-Teen members, as well as thousands of other Y-Teen members all over the world, have three main goals to achieve — to grow as a person; to grow in friendship with peoples of other races, creeds, and nationalities; andL to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Programs involving personal service, religiouS and social activities are on the agenda for the Y-Teens. Collecting food and money for the needy, sponsoring an after-game dance, selling potato chips, and participating in YWCA pro- grams have offered these girls many opportunities to meet and learn about different people. Club members busily engaged in the Thanksgiving food project. Future Teachers — Future Nurses 1 r O c n fs O The Future Nurses club began the year ' s activities with formal and informal initiations of new members. Near the Christmas holi- days members held a mother-daughter tea. As a service project the future nurses gave a party at the Lutheran Old People ' s Home. The club enjoyed its banquet at the Cedars of Lebanon. The membership awarded Linda Sowers the Future Nurses Scholarship in recognition of her efforts. Spreading cheer at the Lutheran Old People ' s Home. ROW 7, left to right: Mr. Huff, sponsor; C. Rossman, President; S. Ortlieb, Vice-Presi- dent; L. Feasel, Secretary; C. Bleeke, Treasurer; ROW 2: J. Schlegel, M. Knipper, A. Westerfield, M. Oberlin, K. Youtz, S. Meddock, K. Ehinger, M. Louraine, C. Nelson, J. .Myers, J. Neireiter, W. Coles, J. Cave; ROW 3: M. Crance, C. Yates, M. Morgan, K. Berkheiser, B. Campbell, N. Edgell, S. Maddox, E. Parent, J. Matthews, P. Kroehl, K. Harper, J. Hoevel, R. Lemish; ROW 4: P. Gasper, S. Bergman, B. Neff, S. Cullum, C. Soest, D. Rider, J. Kettering, S. Friedley, P. Robeson, J. Bleeke, J. Martin, L. Sharer, P. Hensley, L. Newman, L. Vonderau, L. Grabner, J. Jones, K. Boldt, D. Campbell, J. Gear, L. Boone, C. Tancil, P. Montague, J. Johnson. A special breakfast for teachers in September was the first of the service projects of the Future Teachers club. The members participated in the teachers ' aide program, in which they graded papers, recorded grades, and assisted the teacher. In April, radio, television, and posters advertised Teaching Career Month. At school the club was honored with a luncheon given by the teachers. The F.T.A. closed activities with a banquet at the Golden Dragon at which the two outstanding seniors, Claire Rossman and Suzanne Ortlieb, were honored. Pipe cleaner figures were given i e teachers. ROW 1, left to right: P. Cool, Vice-President, L. Sowers, President; P. Shirk, Secretary; Mrs. Faulstick, sponsor; ROW 2: S. Berning, J. Cameron, C. Lake, M. Blodgett, S. Rowe, M. Sullivan; ROW 3: S. Rulka, H. Louraine, K. Shaffer, N. Fitting, J. Melton, D. Smith; ROW 4: K. Boese, V. Mclntire, S. Ellenwood, P. Montague, P. Fort- man, B. Kruse; ROW 5: B. Thomas, S. Ulrey, D. Urick, J. Tope, M. Stalter, j, Ternet, J. Woodcox, Treasurer — absent. Commercial Club — Hi-Y ROW 1, left to right: S. Turley, Secretary-Treasurer; G. Same, Vice-President; N. Briggs, President; ROW 2: S. Heddon, S. Schmidt, K. Busche, P. Smith, S. Rhoades, M. Ridgley, S. Urick, L. Rothgeb, S. Cunningham; ROW 3: N. Watkins, K. Wah, J. Bircheff, P. Hensley, M. Getting, C. Buhemeier, J. Smith, K. Nichter, P. Wedler; ROW 4: J. Philhps, K. Gengo, V. Baney, M. Blodgett, A. Rose, S. Straley, R. Bledsoe, J. Bennett. Hi-Y is a service organization whose purpose is to " create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. " To attain this high purpose, Hi-Y initiated a number of service projects such as providing a student directory, aiding in the distribution of Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, and helping in the Christ Child Festival. The Hi-Y Basketball Team won the county-wide championship this year, and also, participated in the YMCA Youth and Government program. This year the Club sent a shipment of books to Fred Cass, a former president of the club, for use in his Peace Corps project in Venezuela. Commercial Club is an organiza- tion whose purpose is advancing the interests of commercial students in the business field. Each month a qualified speaker is invited from various business fields to talk at the meetings and to answer questions put forth by the girls. Commercial Club has thirty-two members spon- sored by Mr. Goeglein and Mr. Downey. The New Haven Methodist Chruch was the setting for Dr. Little ' s talk to the Hi-V. ■ Commercial Club in session! EDWIN E. STUMPF, M.D. ROW 1, left to right: Mr. Stebing, sponsor; B. Culp, Secretary; |. Howell, R. Dressier, President; J. Kuroski, Treasurer; G. Parnin, Vice-President; J. Schmutz, . lr. Hufford, spon- sor. ROW 2: S. Ferree, S. Ohneck, S Goldthwaite, M. Lepper. . . Peterson, T Howell, E. Hanson, . I. Lee. ROW 3: D. Wylie, D. Dew, S. Ernst. B. Bircheff, .-K. Keltner, S. Lepper, D. Leeka, R. Burton, B. Swank. ROW 4: B. Koepke, .). Reinking, S. Lewis, K. Hearn, D. Hannie, L. Stroble, T. Armor, W. Sorg, P. Geroff, ). Duffy. m. • fM iw ROW I left to right: D. Rider, S. Friedley, L. Berkheiser, B. Neff, T. Foltz. HOW 2: D. Sudmann, J. Matthews, L. Kohlmeier, P. Miller, J. Doty, S. Schmidt, D. Campbell, J. Schlegel, V. Baney, C. Voirol. R0W3: B. Moore, E. Parent, M. Trulock, J. Kettering, C. Rossman, D. Bristow, B. Boardman, D. Rork, J. Washburn, S. Pettyjohn, B. Wilcox, B. Snyder, " Z3 " J. Gear. ROW 4: D. Endres, M. Nelson, G. Griffin, J. Recke, D. Symonds, D. Snyder, R. HoUandsworth, B. Perry, G. Henline. ROW 5: B. Rider, C. Knerr, D. Springer, J. Wonderly, Mr. Lininger, Mr. Best, Mr. Milliman, M. Brinkman.J. Jones. Majorettes TOP: Barb Wesner. BOTTOM: Ellen Handlin, Barb Stuerzenberger , and Sheryl Friedley. Concert The New Haven Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Paul Milliman, Mr. Ron Best, and Mr. Howard Lininger, is one of the largest organizations in New Haven High School. It has established an enviable record in competition during the past year. The public is treated not only to excellent concerts but to spirited music during home basketball and football games. Drum majors during the past year were Don Campbell and Nelson Coats. Majorettes were Barb Wesner, Barb Stuerzenberger, Ellen Handlin, and Sheryl Friedley. The stage dance band usually meets an hour and a half one night a week with special rehearsals as needed. A large instrumentation is used since the stage band is also a trainiiig_group in whick older--members-JieIp-:.itaiiu4he B£weE=jaembariSi..i.A normal size group is selected from the larger group for programs, dances, and other occasions. The stage band adds another facet to a well-rounded music department since it offers more advanced music students a chance to study and perform music of a type not usually played by the concert band. I A i ROW 7, left to right: B. Boys, J. Boys, J. Martin, L. Carmin, C. Craven, M. Weldishofer. ROW 2: S. Andrews, R. Ward, E. Handlin, P. Milli- man, N. Coats, M. Berning, L. Emenhiser, B. Stuerzenberger, M. Snyder, T. Morrison. ROW 3: J. Treese, V. Mclntire, T. Remenschneider, T. Avery, T. Weidler, L. Moennig, S. Cunningham, T. Deimiing, S. Uhrick, P. Pollock, T. Hoover, S. Heckler, P. Robeson. ROW 4: D. DeVoe, D. Dohm, B. Oliphant, J. Thomas, G. Theurer, J. Rosenthal, G. Purvis, C. Gear, L.Jones, B. Wesner. Band Boys ' Glee Club— Girls ' Glee Club ROW 1: K. Freiburger, M. Lee, M. Reinking, M. Tucker, D. Purvis, J. Caccamo; ROW 2: A. Bearman, T. Howell, Vice-President S. Winchester, J. Reinking, President, J. Koehlinger. ROW 3: S. Oh- neck, S. Goldthwaite, D. Boester, S. Lewis, D. Johnson, Secretary, D. Wietfeldt; ROW 4: K. Herman, Treasurer, j. Pickett, T. Ells- worth, D. Van Wald, S. Lepper, S. Peters, B. Michel. Boy ' s Glee Club, now in its second year, has twenty-three members who work to keep the tradition of superior N.H.H.S. singing. This year the Girls ' Glee Club consists of sixty-five voices. Performing for spring and winter concerts, state contest, school assemblies, and diflferent community organizations keeps the choir busy throughout the year. The girls strive to ROW 1: G. Grostefon, R. Ahlersmeyer, V. Busche, K. Boese, C. Buhr, J. Moore, B. Rennecker, C. Want Secretary, K. Patten, K. Keck, J. Barnes, N. Watkins, C. Soest, D. Hirschman; ROW 2: K. Dailey, V. Alber, G. Schreiber, C. Krueckberg, R. Hagadorn, V. Taylor, C. Smith, C. Apple, S. Atwood, C. Tancil, S. Campbell, C. Yates, J. Sefcik, L. Turner; ROW 3: ? Fisher, P. Lepper, G. Renier, j. Shepler, S. win first place at state contest — an accomplishment of past consecutive years. Girls ' Glee Club offers the members an opportunity for self-improvement, fellowship and fun. Dalman, C. Spieth, C. Dornte, S. Yeoman, J. Melton, S. Housh, B. Schulthies, S. Barker, S. Hilt; ROW 4: J. Johnson, P. Buuck, A. Schneider, J. Combs, D. Johnson, S. Rulka, K. Harper, L. Girardot, P. Boomershire, K. Thomas, M. Stoller, B. Kruse, P. Kroehl, D. Braun, V. Perrin, B. Trickey, S. Spiker, N. Dieckman Vice-President, K. Bur- gette, D. Hanson. i f ' jl . ■ " ■sv ' ' ' V ■ ' ■ - V ' - HBiC Wf Concert Choir IH TWI ROW 1: P. Markey, L. Waikel, K. Youtz, S. Rennecker, L. Sharer, K. Berkheiser, N. Cass, F. Jackson, J. Gear, M. Snyder, J. Bearman, N. Wagner, S. Hernicz, J. Westerfield; ROW 2: S. Meddock, S. Geels, P. Gasper, L. Holden, W. Coles, P. Cool, D. Allard, R. Burkett, J. Kuroski, B. Gulp, S. Cox, N. Briggs, J. Bennett, B. Conrad, S. Heckler; ROW 3: J. Meyers, J. Woodcox, P. Shirk, M. Heck; ROWS: J. Lillich, D. Valentine, J. Williams, K. Zimmerman, L. Koeneman, B. Swank, J. Alkire, E. Hanson, M. Lepper, J. Schmutz, L. Ramsey, G. Holcomb, R. Lemish; ROW 4: C. Reed, L. Holden, D. Dew, J. Ringenberg. B. Critell, B. Shrock, T. Swihart, T. Moorman, J. Swank, G. Parnin, R. Gee, W. Oehler, R. Seddelmeyer, M. Tarr, D. Werling, E. Singer, L. Sowers, C. Martin, S, Ortlieb. Mr. Nick directs. The Concert Choir is a select group of singers composed of seniors and a limited number of sophomores and juniors. It is the principal performing group of the vocal music department and is kept busy throughout the school year preparing for many concert performances, including the annual N.I.S.B.O.V.A. contest each spring. The group rehearses one hour a day, five days a week, and talented individuals spend extra time in outside rehearsal. Under the able direction of Mr. Carl Nicholas, the New Haven Concert Choir has gained a fine repu- tation, and it will continue to rank among the top choirs in the state. MODERN CLEANERS Cleaning and Laundry 1221 Hartzell Street New Haven, Indiana National Honor KAREN BERKHEISER CHERYL COX WILLIAM CULP DAVID DEW STEVEN ERNST ELIZABETH FEASEL KATHY KUMMER RUSSELL MOODY CAROL NELSON National Honor MARY OBERLIN GREGORY PARNIN JERRY SCHMUTZ SUSAN STANLEY JAN SWANK LINDA VONDERAU The National Honor Society of New Haven High School honors students for character, scholarship, leadership, and service. To be tapped for National Honor, the student is required to have a " B " average which he must maintain during his membership. The chapter has regular monthly meetings to carry on the routine business associated with its activities. These consist of two moneymaking projects, an all-school assembly at which new members are tapped, a tea honoring the new members and their parents, a banquet for the Society and invited guests, and an installation of officers. ANITA WESTERFIELD JUANITA WESTERFIELD National Honor Society ROW 1, left to right: N. Coats, T. Morrison, D. Lebrecht, B. McConnell, A. Hearn, C. Hooker, J. Spreen; ROW 2: L. Joyner, K. Harper, C. Ross- man, C. Cogswell, S. Netherland, K. Keck, S. Campbell. M. Stoller, K. On Tuesday, March 15, the National Honor So- ciety tapped ten seniors and nineteen juniors as new members. Those scholars who were chosen spent a memorable evening at the informal initiation at Hall ' s Gas House. Claudia Bleeke receives her pin. Youtz, S. Rennecker; ROW 3: W. Coles, J. Cave, S. Friedley,J. Kettering, L. Grabner, C. Bleeke, H. Louraine, J. Bircheff, P. Hensley, J. Schlegel, K. Ehinger, M. Louraine. ZELT ' .S .SERVICE .ST.ATION Hartzell Rd. U.S. 30 New H;,v en. Indiana 749-1 585 An informal tea followed the program. The new members recite the pledge for the first time. ■H-tfUSt SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Snowball Below: Larry Koeneman and Connie Apple have found their favorite spot at the Hop! December 18, 1965, was the date set by the Student Council for its annual Snowball Hop. The decorations built around the theme " As If By Magic " and the theme colors, blue and white, were the results of hours of preparation. From 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. the couples danced to the music provided by the Dee Gees from Defiance College. Those couples desiring to rest went to the girls ' gym where refreshments were served. " Where did she go? • ' Off my toe, Bob! Our hardest workers??????? it Prom 1966 Carousel prom court, left to right: S. Winans, R. Burton, S. Turley, D. Boester, K. Boylan, B. Wesner, C. Krueckeberg, D. Ludwig, J. Schmutz, D. Stephan, J. Ringenberg, J. Parent, C. Eynon, S. Ohneck. RLHL HOME FURNISHINGS 424 Broadwav, New Haven, Indiana 749-4717 Carousel On Saturday, May 7, 1966, the Scottish Rite Ballroom came alive with ladies and their escorts, for this was the eve of " Carousel " — the Junior-Senior Prom. From 8:30 to 12:00 p.m. gay couples danced around a pink and green merry-go-round to the music of Woody NefFs band. The King and Queen, Denny Ludwig and Cheri Kruecke- berg, were crowned by the royal couple of 1965, Jerry Schmutz and Barb Wesner. After the Prom, with spirits undampened by the pour- ing rain, the group gathered at Cutter ' s Chalet. The Surf Sons pro- vided music for more dancing and merrymaking. Come one, come all — and thev didl They danced until midnight. Awards Day On Awards Day, May 20, 1966, seniors enter the auditorium for the last time. Awards for outstanding work in the field of science are presented to Steve Marks and Jon Thomas. Cheerleaders Kathy Kummer and Sheila Geels accept their plaques Baccalaureate New Haven Senior High School BACCALAUREATE Sunday, May 22, 1966 7:45 P.M. Processional — " War March of the Priests " from " Athalia " Mendelssohn Invocation Rev. Stratford Eynon " Onward, Ye Peoples! " Sibelius " Hallelujah Chorus " (Messiah) Handel Concert Choir Address Rev. Stratford Eynon " You ' ll Never Walk Alone " . Rogers and Hammerstein Concert Choir " Choral Benediction " Lutkin Recessional Katherine Keck Concert Choir under the direction of Mr. Carl W. Nicholas The Hallelujah Chorus Commencement Valedictorian — Karen Berkheiser Salutatorian — Carol Ann Nelson New Haven Senior High School COMMENCEMENT Friday, May 27, 1966 8:00 P.M. Processional — " Pomp and Circumstance " Elgar Invocation Rev. Edward W. Roswog Address Dr. Harvey C. Hahn Overture — " One Beautiful Day " Hildreth Presentation of Class Principal Maynard Henwood Response Superintendent Paul Harding Presentation of Diplomas Mr. Donald R. Johnson, President and Mr. Walter Oehler, East Allen County Board of School Trustees Recessional — " Triumphal March " Verdi Music by the Concert Band Mr. Paul Milliman, Director The final grade cards! ! It ' s Over!! Happiness to Jackie is receiving her diploma! Mr. Henu ' oo d. portrayed by Sherrv Meddock, reads the daily announcements. " Today we launch . . . where will we anchor? Senior Party At 7:00 P.M., May 25, the Class of 1966 assembled at the Baer Field Inn for the Senior Dinner-Dance. Ships and an anchor symbolized the theme " Today we launch . . . where will we anchor? " Centerpieces were awarded as door prizes. The entertainment consisted of the following skits by Tim Morrison: " Bulldog 500, " " Split Lunch, " " Honor Study Hall, " and " The Day They Took the Chimes. " Following the entertainment, " Sir Winston and the Commons " played for dancing until midnight. Seniors and their class sponsors dine at the Baer Field Inn. " Sir Winston and the Commons " furnish mu- sic for the dance. Dancing feet resf. ' - Mr. Huff and Mr. Kyle (Steve Pettyjohn and Bob Cockrum) in the skit, " The Day They Took the Chimes. " SENIORS Seniors JAMES EDWIN AGEE French Club 2,3,4, Vice-president 3; Red Cross 4: Science Club 4. PATRICIA ANN ALBERT FNA 2,3,4; History Club 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Training Choir 2. JOHN D ALKIRE Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; History Club 2; Intramurals 2,3; Latin Club 2, 3,4. DAVID V. ALLARD Bulldog Boosters 2,3; Chess Club 3; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Varsity Golf 2,3; History Club 2; Hi-Y 2,3; Vice-president 3; Latin Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 2,3; Student Council 3. BETTY RUTHANN ALTIC ROBERT THOMAS AMMERMAN Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. KATHY SUSAN ARNETT FNA 2; GAA 3; Red Cross 3. KARON KAY BANDELIER GAA 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club Y-Teens 2,3. SHARON MAY BANDELIER GAA 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 3; Y-Teens 2,3. VICKIE MARIE BANEY Commercial Club 4; Concert Band 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Latin Club 2,3,4. JANE INEZ ■ BARKLEY Home Ec. Club 2; Librarian 4; Mirage Editorial, .Senior Editor 4; P,ed Cross 3; Training Choir 2; Y-leeni 3. ROBERT JOE BARWILER Football 2,3,4; Intramurals 3; Let- termen ' s Club 4; Track 2,3; Wres- tling 2,4. SCHNELKER MARINE, " Factory Trained Mechanics " 640 Lincoln Highway West, New Haven, Ind. ALAN DUANE BEARMAN Boys ' Glee Club 4; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Country 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Wrestling 3. JULIE LOY BEARMAN Concert Choir 4; GAA 2,3,4; Point Recorder 3; Girls ' Glee Club 3, Librarian 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Senior Council 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4, President 2. i ARLIN LEE BECHTOLD Concert Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 4; Rifle Club 2. RONALD JAMES BECKER Baseball 2; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Chess Club 3; Cross Country 2,3; German Club 2; Hi-Y 3,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4. MARCIA LOUISE BEHNKE History Club 2; Red Cross 3; Teens 3. PHYLLIS JEAN BENDELE SHARON JEAN BENDER Future Nurses 2,3; Red Cross 3,4; Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 4. JUDY KAY BENNETT Concert Choir 4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Home Ec. Club 4; Mirage Editorial 4; Pep Club 4. MARK LOUIS BENNETT KAREN SUE BERKHEISER Concert Choir 3,4, Secretary 4; Debate 2,3,4; Girls ' State 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; National Honor 3,4, President 4; NFL 2,3,4; Student Council 2. SHARON ELAINE BERNING FNA 4; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 2, 3,4. RUTH JOAN BLEDSOE Commercial Cl ub 4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2. KAYSER HOUSE OF BEAUTY 5803 Decatur Rd. at Paulding Rd. Seniors CLAUDIA LV BLEEKE GAA 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 2,3; FTA 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. MARY ALTA BLODGETT Concert Band 2; FNA 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 4. CHARLES SHERMAN BLOSSER Intramurals 3,4. SUE ANN BOESE Commercial Club 4; GAA 2,3; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3. DENNIS ERVIN BOESTER Basketball 2,3; Boys ' Glee Club 4; Bulldog Boosters 4; Chess Club 3; Football 2,3,4; Intramurals 4; Latin Club 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Mirage Editorial 4, Sports Editor 4; Prom Attendant 3; Senior Council 4; Stu- dent Council 3,4. DAVID T. BONTA Chess Club 3; Football 2; Intramu- rals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2; Wrestling 2. PAULA MARIE BOOMERSHINE Pep Club 2; Red Cross 3; Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 2,4. STEVEN LYNN BOULWARE French Club 4. JACK LEE BOUSE Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2. JACQUELINE SUE BOWMAN Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 2,3,4, Secretary 2. DAVID ALLEN LINDA ELAINE BREISCH Pep Club 2. DELUXE CLEANERS, 919 Middle Street, New Haven, Ind. Phone 749-2918, " Your Clothes ' Best Friend " LARRY ROBERT BRICKER Chess Club 3; Football 2; Golf 4; Intramurals 3,4; Projectionists ' Club 2,3; Red Cross 4; Science Club 2,3; Track2; YFC3. NANCY KAYE BRIGGS Commercial Club 4, President 4; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Mirage Editorial 4; NFL 3,4; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 4; Attended Auburn High School Auburn, Indiana 2. ROGER VINCENT BRINKMAN Rifle Club 2,3,4. GEORGE EDWARD BROUGHTON Mirage Business 4. CHERYL LYNN BULTEMEIER Commercial Club 4; GAA 2,4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; YFC 3,4. BARRY LEE BURNS Intramurals 2,3.4. KAY ANN BUSCHE Commercial Club 4; Mirage Busi- ness 4; Attended Eastside High School, Butler, Indiana 2. CHARLES RUSSELL BUSHKILL Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2; Football 2; Latin Club 2; Masque and Gavel 3; Student Council 2; Allen County Teen-age Safety Council 4. CHARLES LEE BYROADE Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2. TERRY THOM.AS BVROADE JERRY LEE CACCAMO Intramurals 2; YFC 4. ROBERT EDWARD CADMUS Projectionists ' Club 2.3,4; Science Club 2. i Seniors JENNIFER ANNE CAMERON Debate 2; FNA 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 4; Training Choir 2; VFC2,3; Y-Teens4. BARBARA JANE CAMPBELL French Club 3,4; FTA 2,3,4; Train- ing Choir 2. LORETTA ANN CARBAUGH FNA 2,3; Latin Club 2; Train- ing Choir 2; YFC 2. RICHARD CHARLES CARLSON Intramurals 2,3,4; YFC 3,4. JANICE ANN CAVE French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 2,3,4, Sophomore Editor 2,3, Editor 4; Red Cross 2; FTA 4. BETH ELLEN CHAPMAN Concert Choir 3; FTA 2; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; History Club 4, Secretary 4; Latin Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2; Senior Council 4; YFC 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3, Secretary 3. i RANDY CHARLES CHAPMAN Intramurals 2; Training Choir 2. KATHLEEN MARIE CLEM GAA 2,3; History Club 4; Latin Club 2,3; Mirage Business 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Y- Teens2,3. DAVID ALAN COATES Chess Club 3; Golf 3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Ossian High School, Attended Os- sian High School, Ossian, Indiana 2. ROBERT BARRET COCKRUM Boys ' State 3; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Debate 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Masque and Gavel 3,4; Mirage Editorial 2,3,4, Photog- rapher; NFL 2,3,4. LARRY LEE COCKS Chess Club 3; Mirage Editorial 3,4, Photographer; Rifle Club 2; Science Club 2,3,4; Training Choir 2. THOMAS MICHAEL COLE Rifle Club 2; YFC 2,3,4, President 3,4. GRABILL CABINET CO. Grabill, Indiana Phone 627-2131 WENDY LOUISE COLES Concert Choir 4; French Club 3,4; FTA 2,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Training Choir 2; Mirage Editorial 2,3,4, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Editors. BARBARA JEAN CONRAD Concert Choir ' 4; GAA 2,3; Girls Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2,3; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 3. MARK ALAN COOPER Chess Club 3; Mirage Editorial 2, 3,4, Photographer; Projectionists ' Club 2; Science Club 2,3, Vice- President 3. CHERYL LORANE COX Concert Choir 4; French Club 2,3, 4, President 4; FTA 2; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Masque and Gavel 3,4; National Honor 3,4; NFL 3,4; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 3; Red Cross 2; Attended Anderson High School, Cincinatti, Ohio 2. BYRON DENNIS CRAIG Bulldog Boosters 3; Projectionists ' Club 3,4; Science Club 3,4, Presi- dent 4. JACK ROBERT CRANCE II Chess Club 3,4. « ROBERT WILLIAM CRITELL Concert Choir 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4. WILLIAM GULP Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Cross Country 2; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 3,4; Intramurals 2, 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; National Honor 3,4; Stu- dent Council 4; Student manager- Track 2, Basketball 3,4. SANDRA LEE CUNNINGHAM Commer cial Club 4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Debate 3; GAA 2. DALE ALA.X DeLEOX Bulldog Boosters 2,3; Industrial Arts Club 3,4; Intramurals 2; Rifle Club 2. DANIEL MAURICE DENNIS Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. DAVID CHARLES DEW Baseball 3; Basketball 2; Boys ' State 3; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Concert Choir 3, 4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Intra- murals 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4. Treas- urer 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Na- tional Honor 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4, President 4; Track 2,3,4. WOODBURN LANES, INC.— Woodburn, Indiana " Bowl Your Cares Away " Seniors ALAN D. DIEHL Bulldog Boosters 3,4. Sergeant-at- arms 4; Football 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Red Cross 3,4; Track 2,3; Wrestling 3,4. KAREN ANN DOCTOR Chess Club 3; GAA 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 2,3; Librarian 4; Pep Club 2; Red Cross 2; YFC 2,3. DAVID ALLEN DOEHRMAN Bulldog Boosters 4; Industrial . rts Club 3,4, Director 3, Presi- dent 4; Science Club 3,4; At- dended Concordia High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2. ERVIN FREDERICK DOEHRMAN RONALD LYNN DRESSLER Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4, Vice-presi- dent 3; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treas- urer 3, President 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Track 3,4; WrestUng 2,3,4. JON SCOTT DUFFEY Concert Band 2,3; Dance Band 2,3; German Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Intramurals 2; Science Club 2,3,4; Training Choir 2; YFC 2,3, DAVID CHARLES DYARMAN Intramurals 2. NANCY JANE EDGELL Chess Club 4; FTA 4; GAA 3,4. JUDITH KAY EDWARDS Concert Choir 4; FTA 3; GAA 2, 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3; Mirage Business 2,3; Mirage Editorial 4; Pep Club 2,3,4, Treas- urer 4; Science Club 4; Senior Coun- cil 4; YFC 2,4; Y-Teens2,3. KATHLEEN ANNE EHINGER Commercial Club 4; FTA 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Business 3; Mirage Editorial Typist 4; Pep Club 2,3. f ■; . KAREN SUE EHLE FTA 4; GAA 2,3,4; History Club 4; Latin Club 3,4; Mirage Business 3; .Vlirage Editorial Typist 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; NFL 3,4. MARTIN FREDRICK EIFRED Baseball 2; Bulldog Boosters 2,3; Industrial Arts Club 3; Intramurals 2,3; Wrestling 2. DEHNERT ' S LANES BILLIARDS, Fort Wayne, Indiana 744-9641 , Let ' s go Bowling TIMOTHY PARKER ELLSWORTH Boys ' Glee Club 3,4; German Club 3,4; Math Club 3; Science Club 2, 3,4. STEVEN BRYCE ERNST Baseball 2,3; Basketball 2; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Football 2,3; Hi- ' 4- Intramurals 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4, Consul 2; National Honor 3,4; Stu- dent Council 2,3; Track 3. %,;.» ' ELIZABETH ANN FEASEL Debate 2,3; FTA 2,3,4, Secretary 4; GAA 2,3,4, Secretary 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; History Club 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; National Honor 3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Student Council 4. LARRY KENNETH FEICHTER Basketball 2; Bulldog Boosters 3; Football 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 3; Track 2. MARY ANN FERGUSON Concert Choir 3,4; French Club 3, 4; FTA 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Pep Club 2,3,4. JAKE FRANKLIN FORD Intramurals 3; TC: 3. JULIE ANN FOREMAN YFC 2; Attended South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2. KEITH WILLIAM FREIBURGER Bulldog Boosters 3; Cross Country 4; Football 2,3; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Track 3; Wrestling 2,3,4, RICHARD ALLEN FULLERTON PEGG ' EDNA GASPER Concert Choir 4; FTA 4; GAA 2,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; Faculty editor 3,4; Pep Club 2: Training Choir 2: YFC 2. RANDY GEE Concert Choir 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; Photographer; Science Club 4. SHEILA )0 GEELS Cheerleader 4; Concert Choir 3,4; GAA 2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Latin Club 2,3,4, Scribs 2; Masque and Gavel 3,4; NFL 2; Red Cross 2,3,4, Vice-President 3; Science Club 4; V-Teens 2,3,4, Devotion (chairman, GRABILL BANK— Grabill, Indiana Member of F.D.I. C. JAMES WILLIAM GILL YFC 2,3,4. Seniors WALT GILLENWATER Bulldog Boosters 3; Rifle Club 2,3 LEE DELL GIRARDOT Bulldog Boosters 3; Football 2. LESLIE EDWARD GIRARDOT Chess Club 3; Intramurals 2; Latin Club 2,3; Math Club 4; Science Club 4. KAREN ANNE GLOSSER Commercial Club 4; Mirage Busi- ness 4; Red Cross 4; Y-Teens 2,3. SANDRA KAY GOEGLEIN GAA 2; Latin Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. DOROTHY MARIE GOWEN GAA 3; Latin Club 3; Y-Teens 3. AL GROVES Industrial Arts Club 3; Intramurals 2. GERRY ARTHUR GRUNDEN Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Wrestling 2; Chess Club 3. JEFF KENT HALE Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Letter- men ' s Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Wres- tling 3. FNA Cross CHERYL ANN HANKS 2; Mirage Editorial EDWARD GEORGE HANSON Boys ' Glee Club 3,4; Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3, 4; History Club 4, Vice-President 4; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 4; Letter- men ' s Club 2,3,4; Senior Council 4; Track 2,3,4. .SOUDER ' S HOME CENTER— GrabiU, Indiana Phone 627-2197 MAX MICHEAL HARNISH Attended Bluffton High Bluffton, Indiana 2. JACKIE SUE HART GAA 2,3; Pep °Club 2,3; Red Cross 2,3. STAN JOSEPH HAUSE MARGOT JEAN HECK Concert Choir 4; GAA 2,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Home Ec. Club 2,3; Librarian 4; Pep Club 2,3,4, Presi- dent 4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Y-Teens 2,3. SHARON DAWN HECKLER Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 2,3,4, Presi- dent 4, Point Recorder 3; Mirage Business 2; Red Cross 2,3,4; Y- Teens 3. THOMAS C. HECKMAN Intramurals 2,3. SANDRA ANN HEDDON Commercial Club 4, President 4; Home Ec. Club 4; Mirage Business 4; Mirage Editorial 4; Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 3,4. MICHAEL DAVID HEEMSOTH Industrial Arts Club 3. PAUL WILLIAM HEINE Bulldog Boosters 2; Latin Club 2, 3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, Vice- President 4; Student Council 3. GARY LEE HENLINE Concert Band 2,3,4, Quarter Master 3,4. KEITH HOWARD HERMAN Boys ' Glee Club 3,4; Bulldog Boosters 3,4, Sergeant at Arms 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. SUSAN DIANE HERNICZ Concert Choir 3,4; Mirage Business 4; Mirage Editorial 4; Attended Washington High School, South Bend, Indiana 2. Seniors CHRISTINE MARY HLAVVATSCH Commercial Club 4; German Club 2,3,4. GWENDOLYN A. HOLCOMB Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; NFL 2; Red Cross 3. 1 I LARAIXE ELLEN LYNN RUTH RONALD ALLEN DON W. HOLDEN HOLDEN HOLLANDSWORTH HOLMES Concert Choir 3.4; GAA 2,3,4; Concert Choir 4; GAA 2,3,4; Girls ' Bulldog Boosters 4; Concert Band Bulldog Boosters 4. Girls ' Glee Club 2; Latin Club Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2; Mirage 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 2; Mirage Business 3; Pep Business 4; Pep Club 2. Club 2; Student Council 2. JAY H. HOWELL Basketball 2; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Chess Club 3; Cross Coun- try 2; Hi-Y 3,4, Sergeant at Arms; Intramurals 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Student Council 4; Track 2. THOMAS HOWELL Baseball 3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 3,4, Vice-President 3,4; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4; Intra- murals 2; Lettermens Club 4; Track 3; Wrestling 2,3,4; Red Cross 4. PATSY DIANE HOWER GAA 2,3,4; Math Club Club 2,3,4; Science Club 4. JAMES NICOLAS HUGHES Pep Latin Club 2,4; Math Club 4; enceClub4. | ■ GUY O. HUNT Bulldog B oosters 2,3; Chess Club 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2. DANIEL LLOYD HURSH Bulldog Boosters 2,3; Debate 3; French Club 3,4, Sergeant at Arms; History Club 3,4; NFL 3,4; Stu- dent Council 4, Treasurer 3. RONALD W. ' IMEL GERMAINE INMAN FNA2;GAA3,4 CARL EDWARD JACKSON Cross Country 2,3; Intramurals 2, 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Track 2,3. FLOYD E. JACKSON Baseball 2; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Wrestling 2; YFC2,3. ROGER L. JACKSON Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 3. CAROLYN D. JACQUAY Attended Ocean Springs High :hool. Ocean Springs, Missouri 3; ttended New Haven High School, •Jew Haven, Indiana 2,4. CHARLES E. JAESSING Industrial Arts Club 3,4. DEBORAH LEE JENNINGS Girls ' Glee Club 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 4; Pep Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. DONALD JOHNSON Boys ' Glee Club 3,4; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Rifle Club 2; Track 3,4. MARK STEVEN JORNOD Bulldog Boosters 3; Concert Choir 2; Cross Country 2; Intramurals 2; Wrestling 2,3,4, Student Manager 3; Track 2. DAVE W. JUMP Baseball 2; Bulldog Boosters 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. Seniors INA LEE JUMP Attended Dyer Central High School, Dyer, Indiana 2. LOUISE ANN KELTY Girls ' State 3, City Defense At- torney, Masque and Gavel 3,4, Treasurer 4; National Honor 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; NFL 3,4; Pep Club 4; Science Club 3,4, Sec- retary 4. -5 MICHAEL L. KENDALL Attended Cuyahoga Falls High School, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 2,3. RON L. KERN History Club 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. KENNETH RAYMOND KETZLER Bulldog Boosters 3; Intramurals 2, 3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4. ROBERT DAVID KIBBE Baseball 2; Bulldog Boosters 3; Cross Country 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. WILLIAM D KITZMILLER BILL KLAGE Bulldog Boosters 2; Chess Club 3, 4; History Club 4; Intramurals 2,3; Latin Club 2,3. JAMES TERRY KNIGHT Bulldog Boosters 3; German Club 4; Attended Shades Valley High School, Birmingham, Alabama 2. MARTHA JEAN KNIPPER History Club 4; NFL 3,4; Red Cross 4; Science Club 3,4; Future Teachers 4. THOMAS ALLAN KOCKS Football 2. JAMES RAY KOEHLINGER Bulldog Boosers 3,4; Concert Choir 2; Football 2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 4; Math Club 4; Science Club 4; Student Council 2,3; Track 2,3,4. THE V M SHOE STORE, Shoes for the Entire Family 501 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana 749-4463 SHERRY LYNNE KOEHLINGER Debate 2; Girls ' State 3; NFL 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 2,3,4, President 4; Vice- President 2, Treasurer 3. WILLIAM DOUGLAS KOEPKE Bulldog BoostSrs 2,3,4; Go Hi-Y3,4. BARRY NORMAN KOLBOW Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Coun- try 2,4; French Club 4; History Club 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; NFL 2, 3,4; Track 2,3,4. KATHY ANN KROEMER GAA 4; Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 2,3. KATHY DIANE KUMMER Cheerleader 2,3,4; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4, Censor 2; Math Club 4; National Honor 3,4; Prom At- tendant 3; Red Cross 3,4; Science Club 4; Student Council 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; YFC 3; Y-Teens 2. LONNEY RAY KUNNEMAN Projectionists " Club 3,4. JEFFREY STANLEY KUROSKI Baseball 2; Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Football 2; Hi-Y 3,4, Treasurer 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 4. LINDA L. LAISURE Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 2,3,4. CYNTHIA JANE LAKE FNA 4; GAA 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 2,3,4. LARRY WAYNE LARRANCE Baseball 3; Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Football 3,4; Intramu- rals 2,3; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Track 3; Wrestling 2,3,4. PAUL JUDE LARSON Industrial Arts Club 4; Intramurals 2,4. MICHAEL WAYNE LA VINE Bulldog Boosters 3; Cross Country 2,3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Rifle Club 2; Track 2,3. HOBBY RANCH PANCAKE HOUSE, Lincoln Hwy. West 749-4121, Original Pancakes — Chicken and U.S. Choice Steaks " plus a fast pick-up window service " Seniors ROSELLA KAY LEAMAN Chess Club 3,4; Mirage Business 3; Pep Club 3; Y-Teens 2,3. MICHAEL KENT LEE Boys ' Glee Club 4; Bulldog Boost- ers 2,3,4; Golf 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Sergeam-at-Arms 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Red Cross 3,4; YFC 2,3,4. m RITA LOUISE LEMISH Concert Choir 4; FTA 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2.3,4; Science Club 2; Training Choir 2. MICHAEL DAVID LEPPER Baseball 3; Basketball 2,3,4; Con- cert Choir 2,3,4, Vice-president 4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Student Council 3; Track 3. STEVEN RONALD LEWIS Boys ' Glee Club 4; Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4; In- dustrial Arts Club 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Wres- tling, Student Manager 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; YFC 2,3,4. JUDITH ANN LILLICH Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Mirage Business 3; Pep Club 2, 3,4; Training Choir 2. CHARLES R. LIPP Intramurals 2,3,4. MARY FLORENCE LOURAINE Commercial Club 4; FTA 4; GAA 4; History Club 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 3,4, Junior Editor, Senior Editor; Pep Club 3,4; Senior Council 4. KENNETH LEE LUCTERHAND Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Debate 3,4; FTA 3,4; Librarian 4; Math Club 4; NFL 3,4; Projectionists ' Club 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Science Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; YFC 3,4. PAULA WILGUS MARKEY Concert Choir 3,4; French Club 2, 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; YFC 2,3,4. LENKA JEAN MARKOFF FNA 3; GAA 2,3; Latin Club 2,3; Mirage Business 2,3,4; Pep Club 2, 3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4. PAMELA ANN MARKS GAA 2; Pep Club 2,3; YFC 2; Y-Teens 2,3. R. W.WADE, M.D. Office 1018 Bell Avenue, New Haven, Indiana STEVEN MICHAEL MARKS Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Coun- try 3,4; French Club 3,4; Science Club 4; Wrestling 2,3,4. CAROLINE ROSE MARTIN FNA 2,3; Lati ' n Club 3,4; Mirage Business 3; Pep Club 2,4. (• J: CATHY DAWN MARTIN Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Mirage Business 4; Red Cross 3. JOYCE DIANN MARTIN Concert Band 2,3,4; French Club 2,3;FTA4; YFC2,3,4. RICHARD J. MARTIN III Boys ' Glee Club 4; Bulldog Boost- ers 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 2,3, 4; Latin Club 2,3j4. MICHAEL PATRICK MASON Basketball 2; Bulldog Boosters 4; Football 2; Track 2; At- tended North Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 3. DANIEL LOWELL LYNNE KATHERINE HENRY JEFF DAVID A. MATTICE MAUL McCARD McCELLAN 2; YFC2,3. Latin Club 2,3,4; Math Club 4; Mirage Business 3,4, Business Manager 4; Red Cross 3. Intramurals 2,3,4; Wrestling 3. DAVID G. McCLURE Basketball 2,3,4, Captain 4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Letter- men ' s Club 2,3,4; Student Council 2; Track 3,4. ROBERT CLYDE McCONNELL Bulldog Boosters 3; Chess Club 3; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4. BLACKWELL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Furniture Rugs New Haven 749-1912 (open Fri. Wed. Till 9 p.m.) Seniors DONALD EDWARD McCOY Industrial Arts Club 3,4. STEPHEN HENRY McDOUGALL Industrial Arts Club 2. MICHAEL KENNETH McKEE Football — Student Manager 3; Intramurals 2,3; Lettermen ' s Club 3; Track 3. SHERRY LYNN MEDDOCK Concert Choir 4; History Club 4; Latin Club 4; Mirage Business 4; National Honor 4; FTA 4; At- tended Greenfield High School, Greenfield, Indiana 2,3. PAMELA KAY MEYER GAA 2,3,4; History Club 4; Latin Club 4; Mirage Business 3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. VICKI RAEJEAN MILLER Mirage Editorial 4; YFC 2,3,4. LINDA KAY MIX Concert Choir 4; Attended Hoagland High School. Hoag- land, Indiana 2,3; Attended .South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 3. LYNN WILLIAM MOENNIG Concert Band 2,3,4; Cross Country 2; Dance Band 2,3,4; Golf 3,4. RUSSELL ERNEST MOODY Baseball 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4, Cap- tain 4; Bulldog Boosters 3; Cross Country 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4, President 4; National Honor 3,4, Vice-President 4; Prom Attendant 3; Senior Council 4; Track 2,3. GAIL KATHRYN MOONEY Home Ec Club 3; Latin Club 3,4; Mirage Business 4; Pep Club 3,4; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 4; Attended South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2. MICHAEL GENE MOORE Chess Club 2; Science Club 2. TIM ROBERT MOORMAN Boys ' Glee Club 3; Bulldog Boosters 102 3,4; Chess Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Intramurals 3,4; Rifle Club 2. JOHN EVERETT MULLENHOUR JUDITH ANN MYERS Concert Choir 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; FTA 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 3,4; YFC 2,3,4. BARBARA CHASE MYNETT Latin Club 2; YFC 3. LADONNA SUE NEFF Concert Band 2,3; Attended Clear Creek High School, Huntington, Indiana 2. JENNIFER SUE NEIREITER FTA 2,3,4; Mirage Business 3, 4; Mirage Editorial 2. CAROL ANN NELSON FTA 2,3,4, Vice-President 3; Girls ' State 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, President 4; Secre- tary 3; National Honor 3,4; NFL 2, 3,4. JOHN DANIEL NIX Baseball 2; Bulldog Boosters 3; Chess Club 2; Football 4; Projection- ists ' Club 2; Track 2; Wrestling 3. JON ALAN NOTT Baseball 3,4, Treasurer 3; Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club DAVID ALLEN NUTTLE French Club 3; Industrial Arts Club 3; Training Choir 2. MARY PRUDENCE OBERLIN Concert Choir 3,4; French Club 2; FTA 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Mirage Business 4; Mirage Editorial iga 3; National Honor 3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Pep Club 2. WALTER MORRIS OEHLER, JR. Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2.3,4; Industrial Arts Club 3; Intramurals 2; Red Cross 3,4, Vice- President 4. MARILYN GETTING Commercial Club 4; GAA 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 4; Latin Club 2,3, 4; YFC3,4: Y-Teens3,4. Seniors NANCY GETTING FTA 2,3; GAA 4; German Club 2, 3,4, Secretary 3; Home Ec. Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; YFC 4; Y-Teens 3,4. STEVEN J. GLINGER Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Foot- ball, Student Manager 3,4; In- dustrial Arts Club 3; Intramu- rals 2; Letterman ' s Club 3, 4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Wrestling, Student Manager 3,4. SUZANNE ORTLIEB Concert Choir 4; FTA 2,3,4, Vice- president 4; GAA 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3, President 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Senior Council DENNIS J. PANE Football 2,3; Intramurals 4; Red Cross 3; Track 2,3; Attended Hills Brough High School, Tampa, Florida 2. SARA JILL PARENT Cheerleader 3,4; Concert Choir 4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Mirage Business 3,4; Pep Club 2; Prom Attendant 3; Science Club 3,4. GREGORY A. PARNIN Basketball 2,3; Bulldog Boost- ers 4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Football 2,3; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice- President 4; Intramurals 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Consel 2; National Honor 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Track 2,3. WAYNE EDWARD PENROD Bulldog Boosters 4; Cross Country 2; Debate 2,3; History Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; NFL 2,3; Science Club 3,4; YFC 3,4. MICKEY PETTYJOHN Concert Choir 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2. STEVEN ALLEN PETTYJOHN Concert Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 3, 4; History Club 3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4. KAY B.ARBARA PHILLIPS , ttended Philipsburg-Osceola High .School, Pilipsburg, Pennsylvania 2.3. CLIFFORD EARL PORTER Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Track 2, 3,4. MURPHY INSURANCE CENTER— All Lines of Insurance Bonds 626 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana, 749-1812 RAYMOND PURK Bulldog Boosters 3; Industrials Arts Club 3: Intramurals 2. DAVID ALLEN QUANDT Concert Choir 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3; German Club 2,3; Intramurals 3,4; Rifle Club 2; YFC 3. JOYCE MARIE QUANDT German Club 2,3; Pep Club 2; YFC2,3; Y-Teens3. REBECCA JEAN RAMP Pep Club 4. LINDA LEE RAMSEY Concert Choir 4; German Club 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. CYNTHIA DAWN REED Concert Choir 3,4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Masque and Gavel 3,4; NFL 3,4. HARRIET JUANITA REED GAA 3,4. JACK WALTER REINKING Baseball 2,3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Bulldog Boosters 3,4, Treasurer 4; Football 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4; Student Council 4; Track 3; Wrestling 3,4. TOM ALLEN RENIER Bulldog Boosters 3; Basketball-Stu- dent manager 2. SHARON ELAINE REWECKER Concert Choir 3,4; FNA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; FTA 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Editor- ial 4; Pep Club 4. CHARLES LEON REYNOLDS Radio Club 2. SHIRLEY ANN RHOADES Commercial Club 4; GAA 4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; YFC R. L.BARRETT ' S 5 1 TO SI STORE Lincoln Plaza Shopping Center New Haven, Indiana Seniors CHERYL ANN RICHARDS Librarian 4; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 4; FTA2,3. MARTINI LEE RIDGLEY Commercial Club 4; Home Ec Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; YFC4. JOE AREHART RINGENBERG Bulldog Boosters 4; Concert Choir 3,4 Quartermaster 4; Football 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3, 4, Janitor 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4 Vice-President 4; Track 2, 3; Wrestling 2,3,4. DENNIS WILSON RISK Latin Club 3,4; Football Student Manager 2. FLORENCE THERESA ROBERTS Commercial Club 4; FNA 3; GAA 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 3, 4; YFC 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4, Devotions Chairman 2. WILLIAM ERIC ROBERTS Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Chess Club 3; French Club 3; Golf 2; Intramurab 4. = s ' k p p K R i KLAUS D. RODE Bulldog Boosters 4; Chess Club 3,4; Football 2; French Club 2, 3,4; German Club 2,3; .Science Club4;Track2; Wresthng2. ALICE MARLENE ROSE Commercial Club 4; Home Ec Club 4, Math Club 4, Science Club 4. CHARLOTTE CLAIRE ROSSMAN Concert Band 2,3,4; GAA 4; Ger- man Club 2,3,4 Treasurer 4; His- tory Club 3,4 Treasurer 4; FTA 2,3, 4 President 4; .Mirage Editorial 2, 3,4; Student Council 2,3. LINDA L. ROTHGEB Commercial Club 4; Librarian 4; Mirage Business 4; Pep Club 2,4; Red Cross 2. SHERRI PATRICIA ROWE FNA 4; GAA 2,3,4 President 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Training Choir 2. DOUGLAS EUGENE RUHL Golf2,3,4. GUILLAUME ' S FOOD STORE— Fresh Meats Groceries 749-2013 New Haven, Indiana Attended Bluffton, 1 MIKE JOE RUPLEY Bluffton High School, -ri.;ni.;2.3. PHYLLIS DIANE RUSSEL ' Debate 3; Home Ec Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4f Mirage Editorial 3, Assistant Editor; Pep Club 4; Red Cross 3; YFC 2,4. A GAIL ANN SAME Commercial Club 4, Vice-President; RedCross3; Y-Teens2,4. DAVID M. SCHACKOW Bulldog Boosters 4; Intramurals 3,4; Latin Club 2. KENNETH PAUL SCHARPENBERG German Club 3. GARY DONALD SCHEELE Intramurals 2; Rifle Club 2,3,4. JEANETTE LUE SCHLEGEL Concert Band 2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Senior Council 4. SANDRA LOU SCHMIDT Commercial Club 4; Concert Band 2,3,4; GAA 2; Mirage Business 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. RALPH HERMAN SEDDELMEYER Concert Choir 3,4; Intramurals 2; Training Choir 2. 107 JERRY DANIEL SCHMUTZ Basketball 2,3; Bulldog Boosters 3, 4; Class Officer 2,3,4, President 2. 3,4; Concert Band 2; Concert Choir 2,3,4, President 4; Cross Coimtry 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4, Chaplain 4; Intra- murals 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Na- tional Honor 3,4; Prom Attendant 4; Prom King 3; Senior Council 4; Track 2,3,4. KEITH ALLAN SEITZ Latin Club 2,3. ELWYN SCOTT SHIRLEY JEAN SEXTON Training Choir 2. Seniors ANN MARIE SHANK GAA 2,3,4; Home Ec Club 4 LORNA SHARER Concert Choir 4; FTA 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Attended North Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2. ROGER SHIE Chess Club 3. PATRICIA JOAN SHIRK Concert Choir 4; FNA 2,3,4, Secre- tary 4; GAA 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mirage Edi- torial 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 3. KERRY BRANT SHIVE Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Intramurals 4; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4. KENNETH WAYNE SHROPSHIRE Bulldog Boosters 2; Chess Club 3; Science Club 2. EILEEN MARIE SINGER Concert Choir 3,4; FNA 3,4; GAA 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. MICHAEL ALLEN .SNYDER Boys ' Glee Club 4; Concert Band 2, 3,4; Concert Choir 4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4. ROGER P. SMITH Boys ' Glee Club 3,4; Bulldog Boost- ers 3,4; Chess Club 3; Cross Country 2; French Club 2,3; Hi-Y 3; Intra- murals 2,3; Rifle Club 2; Track 2; Allen County Teenage Safety Coun- cil 4. LINDA JANE SOWERS Concert Choir 4; FNA 2,3,4, Vice- President 3, President 4; GAA 2,3, 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 4; Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 3,4. DAVID ROBERT SNYDER Industrial Arts Club 4; Latin Club 2, 3. r ' r Compliments of J. S. SHEPHERD, OPTOMETRIST DONALD GAYLORD SPRINGER Concert Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 2, 3,4; Intramurals 2; Latin Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 4; Projectionist Club 2; Senior Council 4. KAREN ANN SPRUNGER Home Ec Club 4j Latin Club 2,3 Pep Club 4. GARY LYNN STAHL Bulldog Boosters 3,4, Secretary 3; Cross Country 2,3,4; Intramurals 2; Latin Club 2; Lettermen ' s Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 3; Rifle Club 2; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4. DAVID LAVERN STALTER Bulldog Boosters 4; Intramurals 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 2. SUSAN LYNN STANLEY Concert Choir 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Math Club 2,3; Mirage Business 3,4; National Honor 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4, Vice- President 4; Science Club 3,4, Liaison 4; Student Council 4; Y-Teens 2,3, Secretary 2. DENNIS L. STIER Intramurals 2. SANDRA JEAN STRALEY Commercial Club 4; Latin Club 2,3 . BARBARA ROSE STUERZENBERGER Class Officer, Treasurer 4; Concert Band 2,3,4, Librarian 2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; German Club 2,3; Majorette 4; Mirage Busi- ness 3,4; Mirage Editorial 4; Red Cross 2,3,4, Chapter House Repre- sentative 3, President 4; Y-Teens 3,4, Vice-President 4. CAROL ANN SUNIER YFC 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3. JIM RICHARD SUCIU Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2,3; Track 3; Wrestling 2,3. DEAN WILLIS SUDMANN Concert Band 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2.3; Dance Band 3,4; Student Band Conductor 4. JAN D. SWANK Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Chess Club 3; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Cross Coun- try 3; Debate 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 3; Intramurals 2; Latin Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; National Honor 3,4; NFL 2,3,4, President 4; Student Council 2,3,4. li JACK RAE SWANSON Cross Country 3,4; Intramurals 2, 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Track 2, 3,4. Seniors MAURICE ELMER THOMAS M. TARR TATRO Concert Choir 2,3,4; Intramu- Bulldog Boosters 2,3,4; Debate 2,3; rals3;YFC2. French Club 2,3,4; History Club 4; NFL 3,4. MICHAEL E. TAYLOR Boys ' Glee Club 3; Chess Club 3. RUTH LOUISE TAYLOR GAA 2; Home Ec. Club 2,3; Pep Club2; YFC2,3; Y-Teens2. MARY SUE LANA RAE TENBARGE TERNET GAA 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Attended Central Catholic High Mirage Business 3; Pep Club 2, School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2. 3.4; .Senior Council 4. GARY LEE SANDRA K. TERRELL THIELE Intramurals 2; Rifle Club 2; YFC 2, GAA 2,3; Home Ec. Club 4; Y- 3,4. Teens 4. JON CHARLES THOMAS Concert Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 2, 3,4; Science Club 3,4. DIANA SUE TINTSMAN FNA2:GAA3,4. REBECCA DAWN TREACE MARGARET ELAINE TREESH GAA 3,4, Point Recorder 4; Club 3,4; Red Cross 3,4. Pep DIANA LYNN TRIBOLET Training Choir 2; Y-Teens 2,3,4. BARBARA JANE TRICKEY Mirage Business 4; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 2. DENNIS LESLIE TRZYNKA Chess Club 3; Intramurals YFC 2,3: Rifle Club 2. RICHARD LYNN TUCKER Football 2; Track 2. CHERYL C. TUMBLESON FNA 4; GAA 2,4; Latin Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,4; Red Cross 2; Stu- dent Council 3,4; YFC 2; Y-Teens 2,3, Reporter 2. SONDRA KAY TURLEY Commercial Club 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4; German Club 2; Mirage Business 4; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 2, 3,4. CHARLES LEONARD TURNER Basketball 2,4; Boys " Glee Club 4; Bulldog Boosters 3,4. Presi- dent 4; Football 2,3,4; German Club 3; Intramurals 2,3; Let- termen ' s Club 3.4; Red Cross 4; Track 3; Wrestling 2,3,4. LARRY PAUL ULREY SHIRLEY JOAN URICK Home Ec. Club 3,4; Pep Club 3,4. Stop At The Sign Of The Root Beer Mug Try A Glass Take Home A Jug B-K ROOT BEER DRIVE IN " Best Kind " Seniors LINDA ANN VONDERAU GAA 2,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Masque Gavel 3,4; Mirage Business 2,3,4 National Honor 3,4; NFL 2,3,4 Pep Club 2,3,4; Student Council 4 Training Choir 2; FTA 4. NANCY SUE WAGNER Concert Choir 2,3,4; Assistant Librarian 3, Librarian 4; GAA 2; Latin Club 2,3; Pep Club 3,4; Red Cross 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. LINDA KAY WAIKEL Concert Choir 4; FNA 3,4; GAA 2, 3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3, Secretary 3, Latin Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4. JERRY CLARENCE WASHBURN Concert Band 4; Dance Band Intramurals 2,3,4. TIMOTHY WILLIAM WATTS Industrial Arts 4. PATRICIA LYNN WEDLER Commercial Club 4; Debate 3; GAA 2; NFL 4; Pep Club 2 4; YFC 3.4. ROGER LEE WEIDLER Bulldog Boosters 2; Intramurals 2, 3,4; Training Choir 2. EDWARD RAY WEISENBURGER Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Intramurals 2,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Red Cross 3; Track 3; Wresthng 3,4. SHARON ROSE WELLS Attended Orleans High School, Or- leans, Indiana 2; GAA 4. DAVID E. WERLING Bulldog Boosters 3,4; Chess Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Football 2,3,4; atin Club 2,3; Lettermen ' s Club ■ Math Club 4; Science Club 4; i ' 4:2,3; Wrestling 2,3. BARBARA ANN WESNER Concert Band 2,3,4, Librarian 2,3, 4; Majorette 3,4; Mirage Business 4; Prom Queen 3; Red Cross 3,4; Stu- dent Council 3; Y-Teens 2,3,4. ANITA LOU WESTERFIELD Class Officer 2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3,4; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Mirage Business 3,4; National Honor 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Student Council 2; Senior Council 4; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Y-Teens3. JUANITA SUE WESTERFIELD Class Officer 2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Sec- retary 3,4; Concert Choir 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Latin Club 2,3; Mi- rage Business 3; National Honor 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Senior Council 4; Y-Teens3,4. ARLENE FLORA WIETFELDT GAA 2,3,4, Point Recorder 4; Home Ec Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 4. DENNIS ALLEN WIETFELDT Boys ' Glee Club 4. DIANA KAY WILLIG FNA 2,3; History Club 4; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 3,4. DEBORA GAY WINDMILLER GAA 2,3; Pep Club 3,4; Red Cross 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3. DAVID EUGENE WOLFE Concert Choir 2; YFC 2,3,4. JOHN CHARLES WONDERLY Bulldog Boosters 4; Chess Club 4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Golf 2,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Math Club 4; Science Club 4. RICHARD LYNN WOODARD Attended Concordia Lutheran High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2. JANE ELLEN WOODCOX Concert Choir 4; FNA 2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3, Vice-President 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Mi- rage Business 3; Red Cross 3; Y-Teens 3. DOUGLAS MACKAY WYLIE Bulldog Boosters 4; Chess Club 3; Cross Country 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4. KATHLEEN SUE YOUNG Concert Band 2,3; GAA 2; Y-Teens 2,3; Pep Club 4. v " ' 1 f H i i Seniors KATHLEEN ANNE YOUTZ Concert Choir 3,4; French Club 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2; History Club 3,4; Latin Club 4; Mirage Editorial 3,4; National Honor 4; Pep Club 4; FTA 2,3,4; Red Cross 2. DIANE MARIE ZURBUCH Mirage Business 4; Pep Club 2,4. MICHAEL Z.J1CHRICH Concert Band 2,3,4. STEPHEN LEE ZIMMERLEE Football 2,3; Intramurals 2; Track 2. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROW 7, left to right: Anita Westerfield, Vice-Presi- dent; Juanita Westerfield, Secretary; ROW 2: Bar- bara Stuerzenberger, Treasurer; Jerry Schmutz, Presi- dent. SENIOR COUNCIL ROW 1, left to right: Mr. Zapp, sponsor; B. Stuerzenberger, Treasurer; J. Westerfield, Secre- tary; J. Schmutz, President; A. Westerfield, Vice-President; Mr. HufT, sponsor. ROW 2: S. Ortlieb, B. Chapman, J. Edwards, D. Wylie, K. Ketzler, E. Hanson, R. Moody. ROW 3: D. McClure, D. Boester, M. Louraine, S. TenBarge, J. Schlegel, J. Bearman, D. Springer. VIRGIL DUNCAN STUDIOS, 4525 East State, Fort Wayne, Indiana 8-16 mm. 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Sorg, Vice-President; P. Buuck, Secrctarv; I). Ludwii;, President; S. Ohneck, Treasurer. Boys ' State Representatives — T. Morrison, S. Towsley. Girls " State Representatives — ROW 1, left to right; C. Gremaux, K. Harper; ROW 2, C. Cogswell, P. Blosser. BILL McCORMACK CHEVROLET, 1200 Lincoln Highway East 749-5128 " Home of Low Dollar Willie " ORES Jb Jh V A B M. 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Snyder, Bob Spencer, Steve Spieth, Cheryl Springer, Dave Sroufe, Larry Stalter, Mary w ' i-« ; fjl -s m © R . r , ' Stevens, Carol Stine, Dean Straley, Sherry Stults, Greg Sunier, M ary Alice Swartz, Barb Symonds, Dan Taylor, Cindy Teegardin, Dave Ternet, Jo Theurer, Greg Thieme, Gary Thomas, Beth Tisher, Lloyd Tope, Judy Treace, Edgar Treese, Jay Tucker, Mike Turk, Raymond Turner, Cindy Uhrick, Steve Ulrey, Sue Valentine, Dave Vinson, Donna Voirol, Corinne Walker, Tim Ward, Ron Waters, Betty Watts, Dan Webb, Terry Weekly, Linda Weidler, Terri Weldishorer, Milli Werling, Linda Wiese,Jeri Compliments of DR. DALY, DENTIST Wietfeldt,June Wietfeldt, Mel Wilcox, Bill Williams, Cheryl Williams, Dave Williams, Galen Williams, Gary Williams, Linda Wilson, Gary Winans, Brent Wingerter, Carol Winicker, Christina Wise, Chuck Wolfe, Dan Woodard, Rhonda Woodley, Maria Worman, Gary Worman, Terry Wormcastle, Joe Wylie, Newton Yates, Carol Yeoman, Sandra Yoder, Gwen Zick, Sally Zimmerman, Stan Zimmerman, Taylor Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ROW 1: J. Bleeke, Secretary; B. Bunch, Treasurer; B. Ren- necker, Vice-President; B. Quandt, President. ROW 7: B. Rennecker, D. Vinson, B. Quandt, L. Faulkner, M. Muntain. man, C. Ketzler, D. Partridge, E. Handlin, M. Berning, Mrs. Null, spon- ROW 2: Mr. Boylan, sponsor; D. Bliss, D. Lowe, M. Crance, M. Silver- sor. " Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road. Healthy, free, the world before me, The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose. " — Walt Whitman Loyal Staff Members Spell Success! Pictured here are a few of the key meinbers of this year ' s staffs whose loyalty and willingness to spend more than their share of time have made it possible to complete this book. After asking the question " What is my job? " , they followed up with another question even more important — " What else can I do to help? " 1966 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor: Janice Cave Assistant Editor: Charlotte Want Copy Editor: Peg Blosser Assistant Copy Editor: Pat Hensley Organization Editors: Sharon Rennecker and Judy Edwards Faculty Editors: Peg Gasper and Joyce Bircheff Senior Editors: Mary Louraine, Wendy Coles, Jane Barkley, and Claire Rossman. Junior Editors: Helen Louraine, Sandy Spiker, Ann Hert- zog, and Rene Ahlersmeyer. Sophomore Editors: Richard Hoagland, David Williams, Barb Neff, and Dan Niccum. Kathy Youtz was the ad- viser. Boys ' Sports Editor: Denny Boester Girls ' Sports Editor: Barb Stuerzenberger Photographers: Bob Cockrum, Mark Cooper, Dave Doehr- man, Larry Cocks, and Randy Gee Typists: Sue Barker, Judy Bennett, Nancy Briggs, Kathy Ehinger, Karen Ehle, Cheryl Hanks, Sandy Heddon, Sue Hernicz, Debbie Jennings, Vicki Miller, and Linda Rothgeb. Editorial Sponsor: Mr. Verl Oberlin Business Sponsor: Mrs. Virginia West Typing Sponsor: Mrs. Etta Wolf 1966 BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: Lynn Maul Assistant Business Manager: Alene Schneider (Subscriptions Staff) Martha Berning, Debbie Blubaugh, Denny Boester, Kay Busche, Sharon Churchward, Kathy Clem, Janet Combs, Nancy Cronkhite, Shelly Davis, Cheryl Eltzroth, Linda Faulkner, Joyce Flory, Karen Glosser, Gwen Grostefon, Sue Hernicz, Renee Hobrock, Dorena Johnson, Lenka Markoff, Lynda Marlow, Sherry Meddock, Pamela Meyers, Gail Mooney, Johnny Moore, Ann Morrical, Jennie Neireiter, Mary Oberlin, Stan Ohneck, Greg Purvis, Linda Rice, Shirley Rulka, Sandy Schmidt, Linda Sherman, Tom Smith, Cindy Soest, Kathy Sovine, Susie Stanley, Marilyn Stoller, Greg Theurer, Barb Trickey, Michael Trulock, Sondra Turley, Cindy Turner, Donna Vinson, Linda Von- derau, Nancy Watkins, Linda Weekly, Dorene Weller, Barb Wesner, Anita Westerfield, Linda Williams, and Diane Zurbuch. (Advertising StafT) Susie Atwood, Bart Bircheff ' , Carol Buhr, Cheryl Burns, Phyllis Buuck, Linda Emenhiser, Tannie Foltz, Pam Kroehl, Kathy Martin, JoAnn Matthews, Stan Ohneck, Jill Parent, Barb Stuerzenberger, and Vicki Taylor. 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Mark Steven 97 Jump, Dave W. 97 Index Jump, Ina Lee 98 K Kelty, Louise Ann 52,60,98 Kendall, Michael L. 98 Kern, Ron L. 98 Ketzler, Kenneth Raymond 98, 11 4 Kibbe, Robert David 98 Kitzmiller. William D. 98 Klage, Bill 59,98 Knight, James Terry 57,98 Knipper, Martha 50,54,59,98 Kocks, Thomas Allan 98 Koehlinger, James Ray 30,3 1 ,98 Koehlinger, Sherry Lynn 48,50,64,99 Koepke, William Douglas 48,67,99 Kolbow, Barry Norman 48,59,99 Kroemer, Kathy .Ann 99 Kummer, Kathy Diane 46,49,50,72,60, 61,99 Kunneman, Lonney Ray 99 Kuroski,Jeffrey Stanley 48,52,67,71,99 Laisure, Linda L. 64,99 Lake, Cynthia Jane 48,50,64,66,99 Larrance, Larry Wayne 30,37,47,99 Larson, Paul Jude 51 ,99 Lavine, Michael Wayne 99 Leaman, Rosella Kay 100 Lee, Michael Kent 13,48,67,70,100 Lemish, Rita Louise 71,100 Lepper, Michael David 30,31,33,47, 67,71,100 Lewis, Steven Ronald 30,31,67,70,100 Lillich,Judith Ann 48,71,100 Lipp, Charles R. 100 Louraine, Mary Florence 48,63,74, 100,114 Lucterhand, Kenneth Lee 50,55,60,100 M Markey, Paula Wilgus 58,71,100 Markoff, Lenkajean 50,62,64,100 Marks, Pamela Ann 100 Marks, Steven Michael 48,58,60,101 Martin, Caroline Rose 48,101 Martin, Cathy Dawn 71,101 Martin, Joyce Diann 69,101 Martin in, Richard). 101 Mason, Michael Patrick 101 Vlattice, Daniel Lowell 101 Mattingly, Ed 37 Maul, Lynn Katherine 62,101 McCard, Henry Jeffl 01 McClellan, David A, 101 McClure, David G. 34,47,101,114 McConnell, Robert Clyde 46,74,101 McCoy, Donald Edward 102 McDougall, Stephen Henry 102 McKee, Michael Kenneth 102 Meddock, Sherry Lynn 59,71,102 Meyer, Pamela Kay 48,54,62,102 Miller, Vicki Raejean 63,102 Mix, Linda Kay 102 Moennig, Lynn William 69,102 Moody, Russell Ernest 47,72,34,102, 114 Mooney, Gail Kathryn 48,62,64,102 Moore, Michael Gene 102 Moorman, Tim Robert 71,102 Mullenhour, John Everett 103 Murua, Rebecca Louise 103 Myers, J udith Ann 48,7 1 , 1 03 Mynett, Barbara Chase 103 N Neff, LadonnaSuel03 Neireiter, Jennifer Sue 62,103 Nelson, Carol Ann 52,54,55,72,103 Nix, John Daniel 30,31,47,48,50,103 Nott!jon Alan 47,48,103 Nuttle, David Allen 103 o Oberlin, Mary Prudence 52,54,72,103 Oehler, Walter Morris Jr. 50,71,103 Getting, Marilyn 51,64,67,104 Getting, Nancy 48,51,57,104 Olinger, StevenJ. 30,47,50,104 Ortlieb, Suzanne 43,71, 104,1 14 Pane, Dennis G. 104 Parent, Sara Jill 49,60,104 Parnin, Gregory A. 46,67,71,73,104 Penrod, Wayne Edward 48,59,104 Pettyjohn, Mickey 104 Pettyjohn, Steven Allen 52,59,68,69, 104 Phillips, Kay Barbara 104 Porter, Clifford Earl 36,48,104 Purk, Raymond 105 Q Quandt, David Allen 105 Quandt, Joyce Marie 105 R Ramp, Rebecca Jean 48,105 Ramsey, Linda Lee 48,50,64,71,105 Reed, Cynthia Dawn 52,54,71 ,105 Reed, Harriet Juanita 105 Reinking, Jack Walter 30,3 1 ,46, 47,67,70,105 Renier, Tom Allen 105 Rennecker, Sharon Elaine 48,50,63,74, 105 Reynolds, Charles Leon 105 Rhoades, Shirley Ann 48,51,67,105 Richards, Cheryl Ann 74,106 Ridgley, Martini Lee 48,51,67,106 Ringenberg, Joe Arehart 30,37,47,48, 71,106 Risk, Dennis Wilson 106 Roberts, Florence Theresa 48,106 Roberts, William Eric 106 Rode, Klaus K. 48,57,106 Rose, Alice Marlene 51,67,106 Rossman, Charlotte Claire 57,59,63, 68,74,106 Rothgeb, Linda L. 48,63,67,106 Rowe, Sherri Patricia 48,66,106 Ruhl, Douglas Eugene 106 Rupley, Mike Joe 107 Russell, Phyllis Diane 48,107 Same, Gail Ann 64,67,107 Schackow, David M. 48,107 Scharpenberg, Kenneth Paul 1 07 Scheele, Gary Donald 107 Schlegel,JeanetteLue 68,74,104,1 14 Schmidt, Sandra Lou 62,64,67,68,107 Schmutz,Jerry Daniel 47,67,71,73,107 114 Scott, Elwyn 107 Seddelmeyer, Ralph Herman 107 Seitz, Keith Allan 107 Sexton, Shirley Jean 108 Shank, Ann Marie 108 Sharer, Lorna 7 1 , 1 08 Shie, Roger 108 Shirk, Patricia 48,66,71,108 Shive, Kerry Brant 37,108 Shropshire, Kenneth Wayne 108 Singer, Eileen Marie 48 ,7 1 , 1 08 Smith, Roger P. 108 Snyder, David Robert 108 Snyder, Michael Allen 69,7 1 , 1 08 Sowers, Linda Jane 48,64,66,7 1 ,1 08 Springer, Donald Gaylord 52,68,69, 109,114 Sprunger, Karen Ann 48,51,109 Stahl, Gary Lynn 48,109 Stalter, David Lavern 13,48,109 Stanley, Susan Lynn 46,48,60,72,109 Stier, Dennis L. 109 Straley, Sandra Jean 67,109 Stuerzenberger, Barbara Rose 50,62, 68,69,74,109,114 Index Suciu, Jim Richard 36,47,109 Sudmann, Dean Willis 68,69,109 Sunier, Caeol Ann 109 Swank, Jan 46,52,53,54,55,71,73,109 Swanson, Jack Rae 36,47,1 10 Swanson, Richard Lee 48,1 10 Tarr, Maurice Elmer 71,110 Tatro, Thomas M. 59,1 10 Taylor, Michael E. 1 10 Taylor, Ruth Louise 110 Tenbarge, Mary Sue 48,1 10,1 14 Ternet, Lana Rae 110 Terrell, Gary Lee 110 Thiele, Sandra K. 51,64,110 Thieme, Leslie A. 1 1 Thomas, Jon Charles 60,69,110 Tintsman, Diana Sue 111 Treace, Rebecca Dawn 111 Treesh, Margaret Elaine 111 Tribolet, Diana Lynn 64,1 1 1 Trickey, Barbara Jane 62,70,111 Tryzynka, Dennis Leslie 11,111 Tucker, Richard Lynn 111 Tumbleson, Cheryl C. 46,48,64,1 1 1 Turley, Sondra Kay 67,1 1 1 Turner, Charles Leonard 30,31 ,37, 47,111 u Ulrey, Larry Paul 1 1 1 Urick, Shirley Joan 48,51, 67,69,1 11 V Van Kirk, Tim Richard 112 Vonderau, Linda Ann 46,48,52,62,73, 112 w Wagner, Nancy Sue 48,50,64,71 ,1 12 Waikel, Linda Kay 48,50,64,71 ,1 12 Washburn, Jerry Clarence 68,1 12 Watts, Timothy William 51,112 Wedler, Patricia Lynn 48,67,1 12 Weidler, Roger Lee 1 12 Weisenburger, Edward Ray 48,1 12 Wells, Sharon Rose 112 Werling, David E. 30,47,48,60,71,112 Wesner, Barbara Ann 50,62,64,68,69,1 12 Westerfield, Anita Lou 7,48,62,73,1 13, 114 Westerfield, Juanita Sue 7,48,64,71,73, 113,114 Wietfeldt, Arlene Flora 43,48,51 ,1 13 Wietfeldt, Dennis Allen 70,1 13 Willig, Diana Kay 59,1 13 Windmiller, Debora Gay 48,50,113 Wolfe, David Eugene 1 1 3 Wonderly , John Charles 68, 1 1 3 Woodard, Richard Lynn 50,1 13 Woodcox, Jane Ellen 48,71 ,1 13 Wyhe, Douglas, Mackay 36,47,48,67, 113,114 Y Young, Kathleen Sue 48,1 13 Youtz, Kathy 48,59,71 ,74,1 14 Zachrich, Michael Lee 114 Zimmerman, Stephen Lee 114 Zurbuch, Dianne 48,62,1 14 Juniors Adams, Carol 1 1 6 Ahlersmeyer, Rene ' 63,64,70,1 16 Alber, Vicki 48,52,54,70,1 16 Altic, Michael 116 Ames, Linda 116 Andersen, Kristine 116 Anderson, David 116 Apple, Connie 48,54,64,70,76 Archbold, Steve 30,48,1 16 Armor, Tom 36,47,50,67,116 Arnett, James 48 , 1 1 6 Atwood, Susie 48,54,62,64,70,1 16 Ayres, Mark 1 1 6 B Bandt, Tom48,116 Barker, Sue 50,63,70,116 Barton, Jody 48,1 16 Basile, John 116 Bauer, Randy 30,1 16 Becker, Bill 48,1 16 Bender, John 116 Berry, Ben 116 Beyrau, John 60, 1 1 6 Bircheff " , Joyce 46,48,62,63,64,67,74, 116 Black, Nancy 116 Blair, Mark 116 Blaising, Terri 43 , 1 1 6 Bland, Dwain 116 Blosser, Peggy 46,52,54,63,64,1 16,122 Boardman, Pat 1 1 6 Boehm, Linda 116 Boester, Bruce 48,50,1 16 Boldt, Ken 48,50,57,60,1 16 Boone, Linda 116 Borcherding, John 1 16 Boren, Rick 48,50,1 16 Bowers, Randy 116 Boys, Rebecca 58,69,1 16 Brooks, Douglas 1 1 6 Buhr, Carol 48,62,64,70,1 16 Bultemeier, Michael 1 16 Burgette, Karen 48,54,60,1 16 Burkett, Dick71,116 Burns, Sheryl 62,116 Burnworth, Steve 116 Burton, Rich 30,32,34,47,67,1 16 Burton, Sue 116 Burwell, Dick 116 Busche, Vicki, 48,70 Buuck, Phyllis 48,62,64,70,1 16,122 c Caldwell, Linda 116 Campbell, Don 68,69,1 16 Campbell, Sally 48,70,74,1 16 Carmin, Leslie 69,1 16 Chamberlain, Sheryl 116 Charleston, Rick 116 Childress, Gary 116 Coates, Kenny 1 1 6 Coats, Nelson 69,74,116 CoflFey, Doris 116 Cogswell, Chris 46,48,52,59,64,74, 116,122 Conner, Michael 116 Conrad, Chris 116 Cool, Pat 48,66,71,1 16 Cronkhite, Nancy 13,48,1 17 Cullum,Shari 48,58,1 17 Czech, Jenny 117 D Dancer, Bob 117 Deininger, Bob 60,61,1 17 Dellinger, Keith 117 Delp, Brenda48,117 DeRemer, Pat 117 DeVoe, Dave 69,1 17 Deyo, Danll7 Dieckman, Nancy 48,52,54,70,1 17 Diehl, Chris 117 Disler, Dennis 117 Doan, Billll7 Dohm, Dave 69,1 17 Dornte, Cheryl 50,70,117 Doty,Jim68,117 E Edgar, Dixie 1 1 7 135 Index Ehinger, Mike 34,46,60,1 17 Eltzroth, Cheryl 48,117 Ely, Dennis 48,1 17 Emenhiser, Linda 50,51,58,62,69,117 Estes, Pam 1 17 Eynon, Cindy 48,52,54,58,1 17 Federspiel, Roger 117 Ferree, Steve 30,67,1 17 Fisher, Jim 117 Fisher, Tom 117 Fitting, Nancy 48,66,1 17 Flory,Joyce 48,62,64,1 17 Foerster, Shirley 117 Foltz, Tannic 62,64,68,117 Forsyth, Joan 58,117 Foust, Nancy 1 17 Fowler, Steve 117 Fox, Phyllis 117 France, Jeanne 48,117 Franks, Perry 117 Frederick, Rick 34,36,46,48,57,1 17 Friedley, Sheryl 54,68,74,117 Fromm, Calvin 117 G Gear, John 58,68,69,71,117 Gengo, Cathy 64,1 17 Gepfert, Rex 117 Gerardot, Jane 117 Geroff, Pete 57,117 Girardot, Mike 117 Goldthwaite, Steve 30,48,51,67,70, 117 Goodrich, Susan 117 Grabner, Terry 1 17 Graves, Stan 117 Gremaux, Cheryl 48,64,1 17,122 Griffith, Glen 117 Grostefon, Gvk ' enda 62,70,1 17 Guenther, Bruce 117 H Hagadorn, Rosalyn 43,50,51,64,70, 117 Hallberg, Scott 117 Hannie, Dan 34,36,67,117 Hansen, Linda 1 17 Harding, Eric 117 Harper, Kris 54,60,70,74,117,122 Harris, Judy 117 Harris, Mary 118 Harvey, Rose 51,1 18 Haynie, Roger 60,61,1 18 Headlee, Charlotte 118 Hearn, Allen 30,46,48,67,74,1 18 Heim, Linda 51,118 Henn, Garden 118 Henry, Frances 118 Hensley, Pat 63,67,74,118 Herman, DuWayne, 48,1 18 Hertzog, Ann 48,63,1 18 Hilt, Susan 48,50,70,1 18 Hirschbiel, Karen 118 Hitzelmann, Fred 118 Hobrock, Renee 48,50,62,64,1 18 Hoevel, Jeanne 1 1 8 Hohenstein, Paul 118 Hooker, Craig 46,54,74,1 18 Hovis, Marion 118 Howe, Maxine 118 Huddleston, Steve 57,1 18 Hutsell, Steve 118 Jacobs, Bill 118 James, Donna 64,1 18 Johnson, Dorena 64, 118 Johnson, Jan 48,54,55,57,58,70,1 18 Jones, Ed 69,1 18 Jones,John68,118 Jones, Marilyn 48,54,55,1 18 Joyner, Leslie 52,54,74,1 18 K Kane, Dan 118 Karrick, Lois 118 Keck, Kathy 48,70,74,1 18 Kelly, Mike 51,118 Keltner,Al 30,67,1 18 Kelty, Joe 36,47,1 18 Kettering, Judy 58,68,74,118 King, Linda 51,1 18 Kirby, George 118 Kirk, Ron 118 Klenke, Charlotte 13,51,118 Knerr, Colby 68,69,1 18 Koehlinger, Jeff 47,48,50,61 ,70, 1 1 8 Kohlmeyer, Garry 52,1 18 Kroehl, Pam 48,51, 58,62,70,1 18 Krueckeberg, Cheri 49,52,60,70,74, 118 Kruse, Brenda 48,64,66,70,118 Kuhlmeier, Lee61,68,118 Kunneman, Ritch 118 Lahrman, Rick 118 Larsen, David 51,118 Lebrecht, Doug 52,56,74,1 18 Leeka, Dave 30,37,47,67,1 18 Lehman, Ken 1 1 8 Leis, RogllS Lelja, Cheryl 51,64,118 Lepper, Steve 30,37,40,67,70,1 18 Lett, Carl 118 Lewis, Dale 51,1 18 Lichtsinn, Linda 118 Lillo, Tony 118 Long, Clyde 118 Long, Steve 119 Lonis, Dave 36,47,48,1 19 Losher, Rick 30,48,1 19 Louraine, Helen 48,59,63,66,74,1 19 Louraine, Joe 48,5 1 , 1 1 9 Lovely, Steve 119 Lowden, Steve 119 Lowden, Bobll9 Ludwig, Denny 30,46,1 19,122 M Maddox, Susan 48,1 19 Malone, Bobll9 Marchal, Tim 119 Marlow, Lynda 62,64,119 Mathews, Joanne 50,62,68,119 Maul, Michelle 46,48,50,54,58,1 19 McAbee, Tim 119 McBee, Jean 119 McCague, Ronll9 McCoy, Sue 119 McHenry, Dan 34,36,47,1 19 Melcher,Jim48,119 Melton, Judy 66,70,119 Meyers, Paul 1 1 9 Michel, Bill 57,70,1 19 Miller, Patti 50,68,69,119 Miller, Roger 119 Minich, Steve 119 Mohr, Chuck 119 Monhollen, Mildred 119 Montague, Pam 48,66,1 19 Moore, Johnny 62,70,119 Moring, Barb 51,119 Morrical, Ann 48,62,64,1 19 Morrison, Tim 46,54,69,74,1 19,122 Mowery, Vicky 119 Myers, Rick 119 Mynett, Tomll9 N Nahrwold, Donald 119 Nahrwold, Suzie 43,57,64,1 19 Neff, Sandy 48,52,1 19 Netherland, Sally 49,59,64,74,119 Netzley, Beth 119 Nichter, Kathy 67,1 19 Nieno, Robert 119 Nofziger, Lois 119 Index o Odem, Leota 119 Getting, Linda 51,64,119 Ohneck, Stan 48,51,62,67,70,1 19,122 Oliphant, Bill 30,34,47,1 19 Oliphant, Bob69,119 Ortlieb, Mark 36,48,1 19 Overholt, Brinton 1 1 9 Parent, Elora 52,62,68,119 Parker, Sherry 119 Pearson, Greg 30,47,1 19 Peden, John 119 Perrine, Richard 119 Peters, Stan 48,70,1 19 Peterson, Al 30,34,47,50,67,119 Phillips, Joanne 64,67,1 19 Pickett.Jim 34,70,1 19 Poeppel, Donna 1 1 9 PoUom, Rick 119 Potts, Sharon 119 Puckett, John 120 Q Quandt, Bev. 46,49,50,52,60,120 R Ramp, Sally 50,120 Ratliff, Rose 48,64 Remenschneider, Tom 54,69,120 Richards, Don 120 Rider, Donna 68,120 Rieman, George 1 20 Roach, Janet 120 Robeson, Patricia 64,69,120 Robinson, David 1 20 Rode, Annamarie 57,120 Rodey, Charles 120 Rosenthal, Jane 69,120 Rosswurm, Judy 48,51,120 Rulka, Shirley 48,62,66,70,120 Savieo, Margie 120 Saylor, Nancy 48,120 Saylor, Peggy 120 Scharpenberg, Carol 64,120 Shimoller, Joyce 120 Schinnerer, Ed 30,52,120 Schmeling, Gary 120 Schmutts, Dave 120 Schneider, Aleen 62,70,120 Schreiber, Gloria 70,120 Schulthies, Barbara 50,64,70,120 Schultz, Ken 48,50,120 Schwehn, Edl20 Scott, Carla 120 Sefcik, Julia 51,70,120 Shaffer, Kathy 46,48,66,120 Shephard, Ron 120 Shepler, Jan 48,50,70,120 Sherman, Linda 50,58,62,120 Shoppell, Mike 120 Shrock, Bill 36,46,50,71,120 Sievers, Jackie 48 , 1 20 Smith, Carolyn 120 Smith, Cynthia 48,58,70,120 Smith, Darla 120 Smith, Donna 120 Smith, Greg 120 Smith, Judy 67,120 Smith, Linda 51,64,120 Smith, Tom 46,52,62,120 Smith, Trudy 120 Snyder, Barb 48,120 Snyder, David 52,68,69,120 Soest, Cindy 48,62,70,120 Sorg,Wah 67,120,122 South, Charles 120 Sovine,Kayhy 51,62,120 Spice, Philip 120 Spiker,Snady 59,63,70,120 Spreen, James 60,61 ,74, 1 20 Spriggs, Cherry 48,74,120 Spurr, Keith 120 Squire, Tom 30,121 Standiford, Paul 121 Steele, Phyllis 121 Stocker, Anita 121 Stoller, Marilyn 50,62,70,74,121 Stolte, Martha 121 Stroble, Larry 36,47,67,121 Swank, Bradd 52,55,67,71,121 Swick, Doug 121 Swihart, Tom 34,46,71,121 Tancil, Cathy 70,121 Taylor, Dave 121 Taylor, Vicki 48,50,51,62,70,121 Teeple, Tim 121 Ternet, Charles 121 Thomas, Karen 70,121 Thompson, Richard 36,47,121 Thornton, Joan 121 Tinstman, Donna 121 Towsley, Steve 50,54,55,121,122 Treace, Steve 121 Trentadue, Fred 121 Trulock, Mike 62,68,121 Tryzynka, Tim 121 Tucker, Mark 68,70,121 Turk, Sandra 48,121 Turner, Brenda 121 Turner, Lana 51,64,70,121 Ttirner, Lynda 48,121 Turner, Terry 121 Tuttle, Wayne 121 Ulm,Jiml21 u V Vachon, Jane 48,121 Voors, Mike 121 w Waikel, David 121 Walder, Steve 121 Walt, Karyn 67,121 Want, Charlotte 48,54,63,70,121 Waters, Peg 121 Watkins, Nancy 49,62,67,70,121 Wedler, Joyce 48,121 Webb, Pamela 121 Weller, Dorene 48,62,64,121 Werling, David 61,121 Wetoskey, Karen 51,121 Wick, Susie 48,50,64,121 Wiese, Janice 48, 1 2 1 Wiefeldt, Florence 51,121 Williams, Jay 121 Williams, Joe 71,121 Wilson, Ron 121 Winchester, Steve 57,70,121 Winans, Suzi 49,52,54,60,64,121 Winicker, Steve 48,121 Worden,Sandi 48,121 Yam, David 121 Young, Stan 121 Zimmerman, Kermit 30,46,52,58,71, 121 Zink, Cindy 48,121 Sophomores A Abbott, Bill 124 Acquino, Pete 54,124 Adams, John 124 Adams, Linda 124 Aker, Cindy 124 Index Anderson, Denice 124 Andrews, Stephen 50,69,124 Andrigo, Mike 124 Ashenfeiter, Tim 124 Avery, Tom 60,69,124 Ayres,Debby 58,124 B Bandelier, Linda 124 Bandelier, Nancie 124 Barnes, Jean 45,50,51,65,70, 124 Barnes, Mike 124 Bartels, Ron 124 Bechtold, Joel 124 Behnke, Jim 124 Bement, Barry 124 Bender, Emily 124 Bennett, Sharon 49,51,65,124 Bergman, Sylvia 46,49,124 Berkheiser, Linda 68,124 Berning, Martha 52,54,62,69,124 Bircheff, Bart 48,67,124 Bishton, Mark 37,57,124 Bivens, Art 124 Bleeke, Jewell 46,49,124 Bliss, David 124 Blosser, Bobbie 49,124 Blosser, William 48,124 Blubaugh, Debee 1 24 Boardman, Betsy 68,124 Boerger, Roanne 49,124 Boese, Kay 54,66,70,124 Boldt, Gerald 54,57,124 Bolenbaugh, Vivian 124 Bonjour, Barbara 124 Boys, Joanne 69,124 Brandt, Walter 30,124 Bristow, Dor 50,58,68,124 Brooks, James 124 Brooks, Janet 124 Brown, Jim 13,60,124 Brudi, Dave 124 Bryan, Jerry 124 Buchtman, Michael 124 Buesking, Beverly 124 Bultemeier, Kenneth 124 Bultemeier, Steven 36,37,124 Bunch, Bonnie 124 Bure, Mark 124 Butz, David 124 c Campbell, Steve 58,124 Carmack, Bob 124 Carroll, Larry 124 Cass, Norm71,124 Churchward, Jean 124 Churchward, Sharon 124 Clark, Judy 125 Clymer, Sue 125 Cole, Sue 125 Coles, Bruce 46,125 Combs, Jan 49,62,65,70,125 Conley, Mike 125 Connin, Patty 125 Cowles, Robert 125 Crance, Margaret 49,51,54,125 Craven, Cheryl 69,125 Crawford, Clifton 125 Croy, Shirley 125 Cullum, Pegl25 Cunningham, Cathy 125 Cunningham, Sheri 125 Cunningham, Terry 33,125 Cutright, Dennis 125 D Dailey, Karen 49,65,70,125 Dallas, Daniel 125 Dalman,Sandi 66,70,125 Darst, Pat 49,65,125 Davis, Gary 30,47,48,50,125 Davis, Shelly 49,58,62,125 Deimling, Tim 69,125 Doan, Daisy 125 Downey, Harriet 125 Duffey, Jim 125 Durnell, Jaynee 125 Dutt, Linda 57,125 E Edgar, Ernie 1 25 Edgar, Terry 125 Edgell, Carol 125 Ehinger, Philip 125 Ellenwood, Sara 66,125 Ellis, Steve 125 Ellsworth, Mark 57,60,61,125 Endres, Dave 46,68,125 Evertson, Steve 125 Farrell, Bob 33,34,47,48,125 Faulkner, Linda 125 Ferguson, Bob 125 Fisher, Paula 70,125 Foltz, Patty 58,125 Forsyth, Joyce 125 Fortman, John 125 Fortman, Pat 55,125 France, Dave 125 FuUerton, Barb 125 G Galligher, Barb 125 Garr, Pat 125 Gaskill, Jan 49,65,125 Gear, Carl 33,58,69,125 Geels, Stan 33,37,125 George, Rick 125 Gibson, Jim 125 Gick, Clarence 125 Gilbert, Janice 125 Gillenwater, Galen 125 Gilley, Paul 34,46,48,125 Girardot, Chris 125 Girardot, Lynn 49,58,70,126 Glosser, Kathy 126 Griffith, Diane 126 Griffin, Greg 68,126 Grostefon, Dan 126 Guillow, Roxanne 49,50,65,126 H Hambrock, Dan 126 Handlin, Ellen 65,68,69,126 Hanson, Debby 70,126 Hart, Judy 126 Haynes, Merrie 65,126 Heckman, Margaret 49,126 Hemrick, Barb 126 Hendricks, Mike 126 Henefeld, Gene 126 Hensch, Steve 126 Hensley, Janice 54,126 Higginbotham, Garry 126 Higginbotham, Larry 57,126 Hill, John 126 Himelstein, Phil 58,126 Hinricks, Karen 126 Hirschman, Deb 54,70,126 Hitzemann, Gerald 126 Hoagland, Richard 54,63,126 Holocher, Cathy 126 Hook, Susie 49,126 Hoover, Tim 33,69,126 Housh, Susan 70,126 Hull, Jane 126 Hunt, Sally 126 Jackson, Mike 126 Jacquay, Larry 126 Jacquay, Russell 126 Johnson, Debbie 65,70,126 K Katzenmaier, Lou Ann 126 Kee, Donellen 126 Index Kessler, Dandee 126 Ketzler,Cal 33,34,126 Kitzmiller, Sue 126 Knipstein, Lynn 33,126 Kocks, Terri 65,126 Koeneman, Larry 33,48,52,54,71,126 Kohlmeier, Lee 126 Koogler, Douglas 126 Kortenber, Bob 46,54,55,126 Krueckeberg, Rick 126 Kunnemann, Steve 126 La Fever, Linda 1 26 Laur, Barbara 49,55,58,126 Laymen, Patricia 126 Leamon, Mary 126 Leamon, Velma 126 Lepper, Pennie 49,70,126 Lett, Judy 65,126 Liechty, Jason 48,58,126 Lien, Jeanie 50,126 Lipp, Kevin 126 Leischner, Stephen 50,126 Loftin, Ken 126 Lomont, Dan 126 Lomont, Jerry 126 Lomont, Tom 37,126 Lothamer, Dennie 33,48,126 Lothamer, Michael 126,127 _Lpve, Steve 36,46,48,127 Lowden, Steve 33,127 Lowe, Dennis 33,127 Luebking, Dale 127 Lyman, Dara 65,127 M Mainord, Karen 127 Marks, Alan 127 Martin, Becky 127 Martin, Pat 127 Martin, Tim 127 Marty, Linda 127 Mason, Shirley 127 Mathis, Toml27 Mayle,Pam 49,58,127 McAbee, Bev 127 McBride, Ella 127 McCard, Harold 127 McClellan, Dana 127 McDaniel,Jiml27 Mclntire, Viann 66,69,127 McKee, Maury 127 Meier, Ed 127 Memmer, Bruce 127 Memmer, Margie 51,127 Menze, Keith 60,61,127 Meredith, Sandy 127 Merriman, James 50,127 Mervine, Cindy 46,65,127 Merz, Ed 33,127 Meyer, Mitchel 127 Miller, Jackie 127 Milliman, Paul 69,127 Minck, Mike 127 Minck, Diane 127 MonhoUen, Jane 127 Montgomery, Roger 33,34,48,127 Moore, Jim 127 Morgan, Martha 49,127 Moser, Phil 127 Mullenhour, Bob 127 Muntian, Mary Ann 58,127 Murua, Mike 33,127 Myers, Richard 50,127 Mynett, Chuck 127 N Neff, Barb 63,68,127 Nelson, Mary 68,127 Newhall, Clark 52,54,55,127 Newman, Linda 127 Newton, Larry 127 Niccum, Dan 127 Nichter, Devona 49,127 Notestine, Warren 33,127 o Ober, Arden 127 Odem,Joe 127 Getting, Carol 50,127 Getting, Shirley 127 Gsborn, Michael 127 Partridge, Dennis 33,127 Patton,Kathy 49,70,127 Pearson, Edwin 33,48,127 Pensinger, Larry 60,61,127 Perrin, Vicki 46,52,54,70,127 Perry, Bob 57,68,128 Perry, Connie 128 Pharr, Shirley 128 Pollock, Jeannie 65,128 Pollock, Paul 69,128 Potts, Karen 128 Profogle, Janet 128 Purvis, David 70,128 Purvis, Greg 52,62,69,128 Q Quandt, Brian 34,48,128 R Rapp, Cindy 128 Reche, John 68,69,128 Rehm, Karen 128 Reinholt, Nick 128 Reinking, Mike33,128 Rennecker, Becky 49,54,65,70,128 Renier, Gail 46,49,70,128 Replogle, Dan 33,128 Revert, Carol 128 Rice, Linda 49,52,62,128 Richards, Al 128 Rickter, Dave 33,128 Rider, Brenda 58,68,128 Rigby, Terry 128 Ringer, Ken 58,128 Robbins, Linda 49,128 Roberts, Rosemarie 50,58,128 Robertson, Dave 128 Robinson, Wayne 128 Rocke,JefT128 Rogers, Craig 128 Rorick, Alan 128 Rorick, Leonard 51,128 Rork, Don 68,128 Rose, Ed 48,128 Rowan, Bob 128 Saalfrank, Nedl28 Sadler, Charlie 33,48,58,128 Same, Bill 33,48,128 Saylor, Lou Ann 128 Saylor, Lylia 128 Schaefer, Ann 128 Scheele. Michael 128 SchimmoUer, Ron 128 Schroeder, Dan 36,128 Seifer, Doug 128 Sentman, Dave 60,61,128 Shaffer, Larry 128 Shank, Tom 128 Shepler, John 128 Shrock, Rebecca 49,50,128 Shropshire, Cindy 128 Silverman, Martin 128 Smith, Linda Lou 128 Smith, Linda M. 128 Snyder, Bob 14,58,68,128 Spencer, Steve 128 Spieth, Cheryl 49,65,70,128 Springer, Dave 128 Sroufe, Larry 128 Stalter, Mary 66,128 Stevens, Carol 129 Stine, Dean 129 Straley, Sherry 129 Stults, Greg 48.129 Index Sunier, Mary Alice 129 Swartz, Barb 129 Symonds, Dan 36.46,48,68, T .29 Taylor, Cindy 129 Teegardin, Dave 51,129 Ternet, Jo 66,129 Theurer, Greg 50,52,54,62,69,129 Thieme, Gary 33,34,129 Thomas, Beth 66,129 Tisher, Lloyd 129 Tope, Judy 66,129 Treace, Edgar 129 Treese, Jay 69,129 Tucker, Mike 129 Turk, Raymond 129 Turner, Cindy 62, 1 29 u Uhrick, Steve 66,129 Ulrey, Sue 66,129 V Valentine, Dave 48,71,129 Vinson, Donna 129 Voirol,Corinne 68,129 w Walker, Tim 129 Ward, Ron 69,129 Waters, Betty 129 Watts, Dan 129 Webb, Terry 129 Weekly, Linda 46,54,58,129 Wedler,Terri 58,69,129 Weldishorer,Milli 69,129 Werling, Linda 49,65,129 Wiese,Jeri 65,129 Wietfeidt, June 129 Wietfeldt,Mell29 Wilcox, Bill 68,129 Williams, Cheryl 49,58,129 Williams, Dave 63,129 Williams, Galen 129 Williams, Gary 33,129 Williams, Linda 49,58,62,129 Wilson, Gary 33,129 Winans, Brent 52,54,129 Wingerter, Carol 129 Winicker, Chris 54,129 Wise, Chuck 129 Wolfe, Dan 57,129 Woodard, Rhonda 129 Woodley, Maria 129 Worman, Terry 129 Worman, Gary 129 Wormcastle, Joe 129 Wylie, Newton 36,129 Y Yates, Carol 49,54,70,129 Yeoman, Sandra 46,70,129 Yoder, Gwen 129 Zick, Sally 129 Zimmerman, Stan 33,129 Zimmerman, Taylor 129 ' - » .7 ADVERTI G DRIVE-INS STREETS INDUSTRIAL- FUEL OIL ROAD OILING 745-7086 BLEEKE OIL COMPANY PLANT: Tillman at Hartzell Road OFFICE: 1920 East Fairfax Quality Shoes for the Family THE HOME OF • " SPRITE " VILLAGE SHOE STORE Anthony Wayne Village ■ • COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 4343 South Anthony OF FORT WAYNE 1631 E. Pontiac St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Phone 744-2163 SIX MILE PALACE Family Room Available Tillman at Waynetrace C J Auto Parts New Used Auto Parts Phone 744-2221 2529 East Pontiac Ft. Wayne, Indiana THE MOON and beyond Bright, new horizons await today ' s students . . . new technologies . . . new advancements on all fronts . . . even the moon and whatever lies beyond. How far you go in this space age depends partly on your imagination but primarily on your education and training. Conquering new horizons will demand more of today ' s graduates — more knowledge, more skills, more training and more specialization. Our Free Enterprise system, with its high living standards, gives you an opportunity to " shoot for the moon " in any field. Whether or not your target is reached depends on how well trained you are to launch your career. Indiana Michigan ELECTRIC COMPANY An tnmlar-Oumvt Putl s UIIIHf uuiua a cTi.c C ig ro.ia kitu DELAGRANGE FORD SALES . 749-1185 . Junction U. S. 24 30 . New Haven, Indiana ' Every Deal Backed by Our Reputation ' MUSIC GIFT SHOPPE • 401 Broadv ay New Haven, Indiana 749-4469 DAN PURVIS " Rexall " DRUGS Visit Our Student Supply and Handy Pantry Dial . . . 749-1108 LINCOLN PLAZA CENTER, NEW HAVEN Congratulations NORM ' S CLASS of 1966 from . . . JO DAMN ' S GIFT SHOP POINT SERVICE 4 4 5 . Graduation Gifts L 1 . Wedding Gifts N c . Unusual Gifts O REMEMBER— " No Charge for Browsing " L N HENRY MARGE RECHE W. — Owners — Dial 749-9127 " Congratulations To The Class of 1966 " SCHINNERER TRUEMPER, Inc. General Building Contractors 5212 South Hanna St. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806 KENNETH CASTOR WILLIAM H. VONERAU Insurance Agency " Insurance for all Purposes " PHONES 749-5721 749-4716 Von-Aker Building 409 Broadway New Haven, Indiana " Congratulations To The Class of 1966 " RHOADS EQUIPMENT COMPANY, Inc. Complete Food Service Equipment Contractors 1530 Oxford Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone 744-4175 BEST WISHES to the 1966 GRADUATES from the B. F. GOODRICH TIRE COMPANY Fort Wayne Plant NORTH AMERICAN MORELL WAREHOUSE INC. MEN ' S WEAR Moving Local South Gate Plaza Long Distance Office 745-8181 Packing-Crating Storage AGENT FOR: JOHN J. MORELL North American Van Line 2122 Bremer Road STEWARD W. TRULOCK Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone 742-4 ERIE-HAVEN INC. 720 Taylor St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana READY MIXED CONCRETE BUILDERS SUPPLIES 744-2214 V 8 R f fsTi n9 h Ne DELAGRANGE SUMMIT SECURITIES, INC. HOMES We Specialize in 1409 Lincoln . Insurance . Finance . Highway Industrial Now Building in 3824 South Calhoun Fort Wayne, Indiana Area Code 219 Phone 744-2172 HIGHLAND TERRACE " Quality Construction at Reasonable Prices " — YOU CAN INVEST WITH CONFIDENCE — Models Open Daily 749-5121 GIRARDOT ' S TEXACO MODEL PP202B Two 9 " X 6 " speakers In detachable speaker wings Automatic Record Clianger. Loudness, Treble, Bass Balance Controls. 10 watts instantaneous pea power output. (EIA Music Power Output Rating - S watts). . ' JCT. k LOUIS W. DILLER US - 24-14 WEST SIDE T.V. SALES «. 104 Lincoln Highway East 749-8409 i mAm New Haven, Indiana jri Phone 749-4512 cV DOC CACCAMO ' S PIZZERIA 5520 Decatur Rd. 745-9124 Where Friends Meet After the Games Dances and Chat Over a HOT " PIZZA " Private Rooms For Parties Monday Thru Thurs. 4 P.M.-12:30 A.M. Fri. Sat. 4 P.M. -2 A.M. GOOD-LUCK CLASS OF " 66 ' CHARLES PURVIS REXALL DRUGS 749-1159 514 Broadway New Haven, Indiana ROBERT ' S STUDIO 1014 Ewing St. Ft. Wayne New Haven ' s Undergrad — Pictures M-C PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS The Surfsuns Promotion Mgr. — Mark A. Cooper (219) 442-4302 — 4924 Werling Dr. Ft. Wayne, Ind. THE BEAUTIFUL NEW REMINGTON STANDARD TYPEWRITER " It Seems to Read Your Fingertips " OFFICE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY REMINGTON RAND AGENCY 5202 Werling Drive Phone 744-3149 INDIANA BANK TRUST CO. 4.57% on Passbook Time Deposits U.S. 24 at Hartzell Rd. New Haven 743-9661 HOW TO SUCCEED KEEP UP THE FIRES OF THOUGHT, AND ALL WILL GO WELL . . . YOU FAIL IN YOUR THOUGHTS OR YOU PREVAIL IN YOUR THOUGHTS ALONE — THOREAU — (7 . 1 Y 1 1 I I 1 M Thomas Sheila Walker WALKER ' S HOUSE OF PHOTOGRAPHY INC. 516 Washington Blvd. 743-1895 Fort Wayne, Indiana • Natural Color • Weddings . Portraiture Congratulations Senior Class 1966 It has been a pleasure working with each of you and the New Haven High School 7 Tp ' SCS ' S: ' : World News— 1965 1 Humanitarian Dies — Dr. Albert Schweitzer died in September at Lambarene, his primitive hospital at the African jungle outpost of Gabon. The famed physician, who reached his 90th birthday in January, worked most of his life to relieve the suffering of jungle natives. 2 Queen Speaks— Queen Elizabeth II dedicated the John F. Kennedy memo rial at Runnymede, England on May 14. Mrs. Kennedy is seated to the left and Prince Philip to the right of the queen. Carolyn Kennedy is seated between the queen and her mother, and Sen. Robert Kennedy stands behind Mrs. Kennedy. 3 Miss Universe — The reigning queen of beauty in the universe dur- ing the year was a representative from Thailand. 4 Bosch Returns— Former Dominican Republic President Juan Bosch was vehement in his address at a rally September 25, shortly after his return to Santo Domingo. 5 Wins m Run- Off— Char es deGaulle polled 55.2 per cent of the vote in a run-off election against Francois Mitterrand on December 19. The vote gave DeGaulle the French presidency for another 7 years, but the strength of the Socialist-Communistic candidate corroded the popularity of the 71 -year-old president.. 6 Agrees to Cease-Fire — Pakistani Foreign Minister Zulfikar Bhutto (right) agreed in the U.N. Security Council on September 22 to ac- cept the Council ' s cease-fire order in the undeclared war between Pakistan and India. Pakistan ' s announcement came after India had agreed to the order. 7 Abortive Coup Ffli j— Indonesian President Sukarno was toppled from power for a brief 20 hours last fall. He gestured at a cabinet meeting on October 6 during his first public appearance after the coup, which seriously shook his one-man rule. 8 Soviel Winner — Russian author Mikhail Sholokhov was vacationing in the Ural region on October 18 when he heard he had been awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize for Literature. The December award ceremony was held in Stockholm. 9 Return to Desolation — Hundreds of families returned to the wreckage of their homes, destroyed by eruption of Taal volcano, south of Ma- nila, on September 28. Volcanic ash covered a six-mile-square area. The death toll was estimated at 500. 1 Price of War — The number of casualties increased as the U.S. stepped up its military action in Vietnam. American advisors took part in many helicopter missions, carrying wounded soldiers, both Vietnamese and American, to copters on makeshift litters for evac- uation to Saigon. 1 1 Reason to Celebrate — Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of West Germany waved to a cheering crowd in Bonn after his Christian Democrats surged to victory in the September 19 parliamentary elections. Mayor Willy Brandt ' s Social Democrats suffered defeat in the voting. 1 2 Colonial Rule Shaken — Rhodesian Premier Ian Smith broadcast a proclamation of sovereign independence for Rhodesia on November U. The split from Britain was made in an attempt to insure a white minority rule of the African colony. It was the first such move against Britain since the American colonies broke away in 1776. Britain re- taliated swiftly and took the problem to the U.N. Security Council, which asked all nations to enforce an oil embargo against the Afri- can colony.

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New Haven High School - Mirage Yearbook (New Haven, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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