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6k l LEN COUfJTi ' PlJhJI IC LIBRARY 3 1833 00088 7494 Gc 977.202 N354nh 1965 [New Haven High School (New ! Haven, I nd . ) H i rage MIRAGE VOLUME XXVI NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL NEW HAVEN, INDIANA Ailen County fut)ik uanuy Ft. Wayne, Indlano CONTENTS School Life 4 Academic ' 3 Administration 33 Faculty 37 Seniors 45 Juniors 81 Sophomores 93 Organizations 105 Sports 1 35 1964 153 Index 160 Ads 169 New Haven ' s the School MAC ' S BARBER SHOP, 512 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana First Class Service ;i - vf i ; New Haven High School awakened from its summer slumber once more on September 9 and prepared to meet 1964-1965. The sounds of youth, with its un- quenchable thirst for knowledge, filled every corner of NHHS. Some of the school ' s growing pains were eased this year when the new elementary building and the John H, Young stadium were put into use. As the routine of announcements, classes, activities, and homework again became familiar, formal classroom instruction joined forces with out-of-class discussions to give New Haven ' s students a rounded, solid foundation of knowledge. Everyone wants to belong, especially youth. In their attempts for acceptance NHHSers al- lowed new ideas to educate them unknowingly during the day. The typical student learned to appreciate each facet of high school. New Haven style: classroom situa- tions, extra-curricular organizations, ballgames, Snow- ball Hop, pep sessions, and Prom each added their portions of education and fun. By May 28 New Haven had done its best for this year, and, as the halls echoed for the last time with the laughter and footsteps of those who thought young in 1964-1965, the school began to settle for the summer. for Those Who Think Young NEW HAVEN LANES, Open and League Bowling, 7-clays a week Phone 749-2011 Manager, Bob Longardner New Haven ' s the School Rare is the student who goes home empty-handed. 7:55 . . . And I rush into school literally only half there, remembering everything that I forgot to bring and do . . . I scrounge through my tornado-racked locker for the morn- ing ' s books and chatter with Linda about the current gossip ... I borrow somebody ' s comb and squeeze through the mob ' til I gain a small corner of a mirror ... I grab my books in the scurry, rush down the hall, and burst into American Literature with the sound of the bell. 9:26 ... I meet Jim in the hall, and we complain incessantly about term paper writing until we walk into room 30— Mr. May boasts his usual sly smile, knowing he ' s working us " to death. " 10:40 . . . Now I meet my Waterloo, a psychology test . . . I hurry for those few minutes of cramming . . . Finished, but Mr. Beugnot never considers letting us out early. " This is living! Lively conversation, cheerful componion- ship, and my Madl " 12:10 ... At last— lunch ... I grab my government book and head for the cafeteria ... I meet Sharon on the stairs, and she starts telling me about a composition she wrote today . . . We decide to buy a candy bar (I ' m on a diet!) for lunch ... I talk, eat, and attempt to read government ' til the first bell. 1:58 ... I stand in line at the water fountain . . . Then I walk slowly to algebra class with Bob . . . We ration- alize about yesterday ' s " flunk. " 3:00 ... I give— How do you find the equation for a parabola? 3:15 . . . After fighting my way to my locker, I see what needs to be done tonight and pile about five books into a large stack . . . time to head for the bus . . . Under- classmen everywhere and no place to sit . . . Oh, well, at least it ' s Friday! for a Hectic Day Underclassmen line up for the gruesome process of having pictures taken. Caroling in the halls adds to the Christmas spirit. Grov Iing stomachs find their peace as the lunch trays are emptied. Many diets go to their graves here and at the gym canteen. Student Council Refreshments complement evening. Dancers view winter scene through a window. GRABILL BANK Grobill, Indiana f ' Member of F.D.I.C. Makes Hop Success The Snowball Hop, slated for December 12, 1964 from 8:00 to 1 1 :00 p.m. in the New Haven High School Cafeteria, was the end product of hard work and en- thusiasm on the part of Student Council members and sponsors. After hours of contemplating the theme, " Silhouettes in Silver, " and the colors, silver and scar- let, were chosen to set the mood for the pre-Christmos " winterlude. " A picturesque scene of life-like wildcats, chipmunks, and squirrels in a surrounding of snow, trees, and logs could be seen through a large picture window at the end of the dance floor. Dancers enjoyed the music of Dick Seiger ' s orchestra while dancing under the silver bells that hung from the net-draped lights. Black silhouettes and silver Christmas trees were hung on the white, satin-lined walls of the cafeteria. Punch, cookies, and a rest for tired feet were provided in the Girls ' Gym. A lighted silver Christmas tree, placed in the middle of the circle of tables, added a bit of sparkle. Council members find fun in work. Decorating cafeteria becomes major task. PARNIN ' S STANDARD Front End Alignment— Tune Up— Free Pick-Up and Delivery 402 Broadway 749-1929 Cotillion " Had All the Mr. Huff and Miss HumI proudly bear the crowns to the awaiting court. The following graced the 1965 prom court: Junior attendants — Denny Boester, Jill Parent, Kathy Kummer, and Russ Moody; Miss Huml; 1964 Queen Linda Richhart; Queen Barb Wesner; King Jerry Schmutz; Mr. Huff; 1964 King Bob Rohrobaker; Senior attend- ants—Carol Holloway, Karen Kern, Neol Cornes (not seen), and Dennv Herman. Denny Herman IJ i (H 1 f 1 " Warmth and Charm of a Revolutionary Ball " A prom? With no money? Impos- sible! " These were the cries heard around the school, but the industri- ous juniors saved the day. Careful planning started the prom prepara- tions and " The Dance of the 400 " made these plans reality. The Scottish Rite ballroom took shape as flowers appeared along with lovely trees and a bench. " Cotil- lion " came to life at 8:30 P.M. May 15, 1965, as the first dancers were announced by a colonial page. Dur- ing the coronation a surprised Barb Wesner and Jerry Schmutz were crowned Queen and King for 1965. After the ball was over— the eve- ning still being young— the couples stepped into casual clothes and headed to Goeglein ' s Barn and the After-Prom Party. Here they danced until 4:00 A.M., and then finally went home to collapse. Mr. Westerfield, dressed in the colonial cos- tume, announced each couple as stepped onto the dance floor. FlowerSj smiles, and sore feet played major parts ening drew to a close. WANE-TV Channel 15 Wane Radio 1450 The food was good, and everyone looked so different because they were dressed up. Twelve Long Years End After Two con one man hove so many corny jokes Seniors vacationed from school May 19, 1965-Senior Day. A 7:30 breakfast started the anticipated day. Highlights of the 7:30 dinner served at the Van Orman Hotel v ere the recognition of the vale- dictorian and the Salutatorian plus a humorous talk by R. Nelson Snider. Graduates-to-be " lived it up " to the music of the " Chosen Ones " at a party at Goeglein ' s Barn Friday, May 21. On Wednesday, May 26, seniors were presented awards for four years of outstanding scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and mem- bership. Thirteen student-portrayed teachers were presented with awards for their " outstanding " characteristics. At this Program the Senior Class made a gift to the school for the purchase of shrubs for the west high school. Fun-Filled Weeks Baccalaureate gave the 369 graduates-to-be serious thoughts on their future life. It ' s so easy to smile when you have your hand on your diploma! A scurry to get in line, a last minute check on the caps, a search for the lost partner, a smile and a straight back, and in you go. You half listen to the speakers and are half lost in thoughts of the past and the future. At last they start giving those long-awaited documents— the diplomas. Finally your row marches to the stage. Your name is next. A smile and a handshake— twelve years are over. Now it ' s no work to stand straight, smile brilliantly, and walk sprightly for you hove a key to the future— a future of living and learn- ing. Spring Brings New Above top— " Dance of the 400 " set the pace for the prom. Above bottom— NHHS students go for politics in a big way as shown by presidential candidate Jon Swank. Dances, Campaigns, and Clubs Club members concentrate on the art of playing che New Haven ' s school syst elementary school building N. . m NEW HAVEN ' S THE SCHOOL FOR STUDENT; The English Department of New Haven High School is rapidly expending and beginning to offer many courses. The most general course involves the study of English grammar and is required material for all students. In English grammar, one learns basically just that: grammar. A study of the structure and foundation of our language is essential to all, no matter v hat endeavors are undertaken in the years after graduation. The grammar classes are livened up, however, by brief contacts with specialized fields. Composition and speech are introduced to the stu- dent via several themes and book reports, which ore required each semester. Birthplace of much inspiration is the library, which is frequented by students during classes, activities, and whenever their fines become unbearable. English requires concentration and intelligence. ' ._ iL Juniors in Mr. Boylon ' s class learn the fundamentals of the English language. Novels and Poems Harass Lit Students American Literature, here taught by Mrs. Null, is a course required of all seniors. There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry. —Emily Dickinson The high school literature ore but In- vestigations of these ships. American Lit- erature offers a glimpse of Benet ' s, Emerson ' s Frost ' s, Twain ' s, Wilder ' s, and Poe ' s works. High points of our history tie in with the literature of the period. English literature gives this frigate class and dignity with the works of Byron, Shelley, Keats, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and the Brown- ings. Junior Literature is an international ocean liner because it offers a mixed wealth of literature from around the world. Right above; English literature students interpret the TRAGEDY Riders to the Sec. Right: The Old Lady Shows Her Medals as interpreted by Mr. Boylon ' s third period class. There Is More to Speech Than Just Talk Fourth period dramatists take time out from make-up practice, short plays, and term papers for o panel discussion. New Haven High School has one of the finest speech programs in this area. All students are required to take a basic speech course, and those who wish to study further in this field may choose either debate or drama. Debate has been offered at New Haven for several years, and has been considered the secondary speech course until this year. After studying the fundamentals in a text, the student immediately begins work on his first debate. Current events topics are used; they may be assigned or selected by the students themselves. Great use is made of the school and public libraries as the debaters search for material needed to develop their arguments. A number of these students join the debating team and apply their acquired techniques. Drama is the second specialized course in speech and has been offered at New Haven for the first time this year. The drama student learns the various aspects of the theater: not only acting, but also make-up, stage design, directing, and history of drama. Exams are few, so the basic grade is taken from ploy analysis and a series of papers about the theater. These give each student a better appreciation of theater works, and help each individual to pursue his own interests in special phases of drama. BABER ' S JEVVELRY STORE corner of Berry and Calhoun, Fort Wayne, Indiana Jewelers Since 1900 French students learn the language " conversationally " by assuming French names and speaking French almost entirely during the class period. Pictures and hand movements convey the meaning to the students. The French sentences ore learned by repetition. In the ad- vanced classes more emphasis is put on reading French and writing themes in the language. Games, songs, and acting our scenes of French stor part of learning a new language. Parlez-Vous Francais . . . What? Do you suppose they understand what Miss Burke is writing? Group translation is a major part of the advanced LatiQ classes. Latin Is one of the fundamental languages of the world. Many of our English words and phrases have been derived from Latin. In the first year of study students ore taught vocabulary and grammar. Some of the Roman customs ore also studied. In the second year students continue their study of grammar and, in addition, translate short articles and " Caesar ' s Commentaries on the Gallic War. " Transla- tion is done in groups of four or five. Third and fourth year students translate works of Cicero, Virgil and other Roman authors. The Latin student completing four years of study is well versed in the customs, language, religion, and philosophy of the ancient Roman people. Languages and Customs Lesson from the greats —Cicero and Virgil. Flowers For All Occasions, LANTERNIER Florist 1205 S. Calhoun Phone 742-1252 Free Perking in Lot Across Street Mrs. Rogers was presented with a dozen long-stemmed roses and " Romanish " cake for being such an understanding teacher. of Old Rome Introduced to Eager Minds The finished product was much better than this backstage peepi After all the votes have been cast, govern menf students tackle the task of counting precious votes. Because " history repeats itself, " a study of the past is necessary to all. N.H.H.S. offers three history courses: world history. United States history, and United States government. Anyone desiring a major in social studies may take world history. It is a study of the world from prehistoric times to present day events. World history shows the student the relationship of one country to another in war and in peace. United States history is a required course for all juniors. It teaches of the founding of America as a colony and its growth and development until the American Revolu- tion. Then follows a study of the economic, social, cultural, and political developments up until the present day. Some classes also study current events, holding debates and informal discussions on past and present situations, and give book reviews. These are basically in the " team- teaching " classes— another first this year— where there ore several teachers to instruct. United States government is the second required social studies course, and it is taken in the senior year. It is the study of the beginning of our government, its founda- tion, and make-up. The Constitutions of the United States and of the state of Indiana are examined for a better understanding of our governmental system. As future voters, we must be well-informed in the mechanisms of government. Psycology and sociology, in addition to history, are considered in the field of social studies. Psychology is the study of man ' s actions with the individual person, whereas sociology deals with an entire society. The customs, speech, and mannerisms of a country ' s people, or a sec- tion of the country, are studied for their beginnings and background. Social Studies Classes Discuss Past and Present Above: " AUH20 " Supporters engage in a little active " poli- ticing. " Below: " LBJ for USA! " So soy the Democratic followers at NHHS. U.S. History students get first-hand voting experience by exam- ining o voting machine. WM. H. VONDERAU, INSURANCE AGENCY 409 Broadway, Von Aker BIdg. NHV-749-4716 New Haven, Indiana 46774 The spirits guard over Kathy ' s solution of this problen Math Contemporaries The teaching of mathematics will always form on im- portant part of our educational program. A person with some skill in moth is better equipped for almost any calling. Modern science is constantly relying on the aid of the mathematician. Algebra is the first special course in math; most stu- dents take their first year in junior high school as fresh- men. This primary year introduces the student to the fundamentals of algebra, which will be helpful in all later math courses. A second year of algebra and a fifth semester are available to the students, but these ore usually taken after plane geometry. These courses ore simply more detailed courses in algebra, and the fifth semester is composed almost entirely of fundamental theory. Plane geometry is a fascinating study of planes, angles, and figures. The fundamental truths, or assumptions, ore substantiated by theorems and corollaries, which must be proven by the student. Solid geometry is not yet offered as a separate course to New Haven students, but some of the more advanced students are introduced to It during the fourth quarter of plane geometry. Trigonometry, the study of solids, is offered as a one- semester course following college algebra. It is the high- est mathematics course offered at New Haven and one which math students find most interesting. Struggle Through Addition and Geometry First period geometry: when they ' re that eager, you l now it ' s posed. Multiplication is vexation. Division is as bad; The rule of three doth puzzle me, And practice drives me mad. Lab Periods Can Be Fun! Zoology students learn much about the inner workings of animals through first hand observations. Biology students explore the world of minute organisms during a laboratory session. Mr. Young uses the opaque proiector to illustrate a chemistry problem. " The usual result! " The Scientific Mind Is Not a Vessel to Be Filled but a Fire to Be Kindled Biology is a prerequisite for all special science courses. It is the study of life-human, plant, and animal. Many phases of life are covered; each is studied as deeply as possible in the one-year course. Most students prefer to take biology in their freshman or sophomore year. Botany or zoology are usually token in the some year-one course each semester. Botany is the study of plant life, from the simplest forms to the most complex. The most common trees, plants, and shrubs are introduced to the student. By the end of the semester, he is familiar with most of them. Zoology is the study of animal life, and this semester ' s agendo usually includes several field trips. Through dissection the zoology student learns much about anatomy from studying the inner parts of his " prey. " First-year chemistry is much like biology, an introductory course. It deals with the chemical make-up of sub- stances and starts the student on his way toward laboratory work. Most of the facts are taken from the text and lectures; this " book-learning " is then put to practical use in the lab. Chemistry may lead a student into either of two other courses: physics or analytical chemistry. In physics the physical make-up of the universe rather than the chemical is studied. Here is where much of one ' s mathematical background is used, for there are many types of problems which call for knowledge of fundamental algebra. Analytical chemistry is a special class for those students who excel in first-year chem- istry. Lab work is done almost every day, and the individual student works almost entirely on his own. Congratulations are in order for Jim Oberjin who represented NHHS at the Notional Science Fair in St. L ouis, Missouri. Commercial students gain speed and proficiency with numbers by using adding machines. Nimble Fingers and Clever Minds Mr. Oberlin ' s first period class struggles with the world of bookkeeping. . and then after the movie, he took me to Students receiving secretarial training in NHHS business classes will not find it hard to get a job after graduation. There are special classes for students wanting to enter accounting, sales, and management fields. Other students find courses in shorthand, typ- ing, bookkeeping, general business, sales, and busi- ness law valuable in daily life. Penetrate the High School Business World But how can [ pose when I ' m taking a time test? ri " M M ' .■ Future homemakers? Help! , . . the Boys Have Invaded Hoping for the best! ALLEN COUNTY CO-OP ASSOCIATION Farm Supplies— Grain Marketing New Haven, Indiana-Phone: 749-5139 the Kitchens Future homemakers are given a chance to develop their skills in the New Haven ' s home economics classes. All the aspects of managing a home are covered in these classes. Home management is a general course, designed to help girls in caring for the entire home. The skills necessary for budgeting and decorating are reviev ed in this class. Child core— a course showing how to care for young children— would be helpful to almost all girls. Text education is supplemented with demon- strations. Home nursing is an introduction to the field of nursing— yet it is helpful to anyone. Simple first aid for home use is taught along with more complicated pro- cedures. Girls who ore particularly skilled in sewing or cooking find advanced home economics suited to their needs. The cooking classes teach not only how to cook a good meal, but also how to make attractive meals and table settings, and how to make each meal fulfill basic nutritional requirements. Home economics, however, be- comes even more interesting when it ' s time to eat! Sewing students are taught not only how to use a sewing machine, but also how to choose correct styles and coordinate colors. When the course is completed, each girl has enriched her wardrobe with several new articles of clothing. Students in the more advanced classes ore required to work with more complex patterns and mate- rials. The year 1965 saw the first boys ' home economics class at NHHS. The class was taught like the girls ' and was received with much enthusiasm this year. Some great concoctions were created in that classroom! Occupational Skills Begin in the Classroom Accurateness make outsta and nding mathematical precision combine to Industrial Arts students. An understai possible for iding every of each piece of machinery makes it student to perfect his abilities. In industrial arts classes boys learn to further develop skills which they acquired in the junior high school shop. These skills will be useful in their future jobs and in their homes. Mechanical drawing is a course designed to help those boys interested in architectural designing. The boys draw everything from simple gears to complex motors and houses. They moke it look easy; but, in reality, precision, accuracy, and high concentration are essential. Girls are permitted to take these courses, but only a few have done it. Shop students learn to operate the new equipment in the Industrial Arts NHHS gymnasts combine strength and precision for impressive formations. " He flies through the air with the greatest of ease! " School Encourages " Steal the Bacon " tests the speed and accurateness of two physical education students. " Muscles ore a Must! " The saying " A sound body ... a sound mind " is very true, and the gym teachers at New Haven realize this. Physical education is one of our most important subjects. Students do strenuous exercises every day. The individual con develop himself in any sport offered. Rules of the various sports are taught through study sheets and actual participation in games. This was the first year that New Haven held gym sessions on a five-day-o-week basis. Physi- cal education is required for oil sophomores, and there are hopes that soon there will be physical education classes for all who are interested. One of the most significant statistics of our time is tfict stadium seats are being made four inches wider. —Charles B. Wilkinson Special Consultant to the President ' s Council on Youth Fitness President ' s Program on Physical Fitness " Up and over " — The password for the Girls ' Volleyball Team! Choir banquet yields this refuge from Mary Poppins; the poor man ' s Dick Van Dyke There are three separate singing groups at New Haven for those with musical ability. Concert Choir, under the direction of Mr. Carl Nicholas meets every day in the choir room. Strains of melody often leak out to nearby classrooms as the door opens and shuts. Concerts ore given several times a year, and the choir takes part in many school assemblies. Girls ' glee club is another section of the New Haven music department. They often join the concert choir in giving concerts. Many of the girls from girls ' glee club eventually find themselves in concert choir. Boys ' glee club is " Mr. Nick ' s " " pet project " : up until this year it did not exist. This group has made an impressive beginning, and everyone is encouraging the boys to keep up their good work. Classes Make Music Observe the dignity of the " Old English Madrigall " Right above: 1, 2, oops— New picturelll Right: The N.H.H.S. choir gives the Easter Assembly inspiration. ♦ ♦ . but Only Practise Makes Perfect The band, under the direction of Mr. Paul E. Milliman, has done on excellent job of providing music at New Haven. One assembly each year is devoted exclusively to a band concert, and what a concert it is! Students always look forward to this assembly. Advancement and practice ore encour- aged within the band: students are allowed to chal- lenge each other ' s positions. The one who finally attains " first chair " must " fight " to keep ahead of the " pack, " or he may find himself ousted. Concert Band in practice. New Haven boasts an industrious art department. An over-the-shoulder peek at the artist ot work. The Van Goghs and Rockwells of the future are given on opportunity to develop their talents under the guiding hand of Miss Mary Manifold. Competition is high and individuality in creation encouraged. The students v ork not only on sketches and paintings but also on chalk drawings, sculpture, clay molding, and jewelry design. The art room is always fascinating to visit. Entering the room you see students working in deep concentration; each individual ' s ability appears in his work. The entire school, however, is able to view the art students ' projects whether they visit the art room or not. The best sketches and paintings are put up in the cafeteria and in the halls. Many of the sculptured objects are placed in the showcase by the cafeteria. •MP " -i. ' -■ " •• ' i 2:s » te. »v. ; - ;«t: -. ' !!- ' - -i .V3 East Allen County School Board— SEATED left to right— Thomas Kurtz, Chris Roemke, Donald R. Johnson, John C. Bollinger, Fred H. King. STANDING-W. Gordon Jackson, Walter M. Oehler. Administrators Adjust MR. ROBERT E. HOLT Administrative Assistant Indiana Central B.S. Ball State Teacher ' s College M.S. MR. PAUL HARDING Superintendent of East Allen County Schools Butler University A.B. Indiana University M.S. 4 MR. STANLEY H. GUENTHER Assistant Superintendent in charge of Maintenance ond Transportation Boll State Teaclier ' s College B.S. Indiono University M.S. MR. MAYNARD HENWOOD Principal Earlhom College A.B. Indiana University M.S. to New School System MR. JOHN H. YOUNG Assistant Superintendent in charge of New Buildings Ball State Teacher ' s College B.S. Indiana University M.S. MR. MICHAEL J. BONAHOOM Assistant Principal University of Dayton B.S. Indiana University M.S. MR. SCOTT T. ARMSTRONG Athletic Director Principal of New Haven Junior High Butler University B.S. Indiana University M.S. Efficient Workers Grease School Machinery Above, these people help prepare the food for our noon meals, right to left: Mildred Clark, Edith Hanefeld, Carolyn Drayer, Ocie Miller, Leono Longardner, Margaret Okuly, and Dorothy Beorrran. Custodians: Cornelius Hendrickson, Charles Roemer, Kenneth Hanefeld, Orval Kain, and Viola Carter. Left top. Guidance Counselors left to right: Mr. Paul F. Goe- glein, Mrs. Joanne Lantz, and Mr. Paul J. Armstrong. Left middle. High School Secretaries, left to right: Cathryn Lippott, lona Richhart, and Imogene Brubaker. Left bottom, administrative Secretaries left to right: Vivian Purvis, Geneva Doehrman, and Kay Guillaume. NEW HAVEN ' S THE SCHOOL FOR A FAilHFUL FACUL " Unprepared ' Scholars ' ' Make Life Hectic KENNETH J. BANDELIER - Biology; Junior Class Sponsor; Science Club Sponsor; Pur- due University B.S.A, M.S.E., Montana State University M.S.T., Interests are hiking and research. NEVA BEERBOWER-Home Economics; Fu- ture Nurses Sponsor; Ball State, Purdue University B.S.; Interests ore sewing, knitt- ing, and water skiing. DENNY M. BENSON — Industrial Arts; In- dustrial Arts Club Sponsor; Boll State B.S. Interests are drama and vocal music. ANNE BERKEYPILE - Physical Education; GAA, Pep Club, and Cheerleader Spon- sor; Indiana University, Goshen College, De- Pauw University B.A. Interests are music, sports, and travel. RONNIE J. BEST - Band; Dance Band Sponsor; Indiana State B.S., Boll State M.S.; Interest is golf. JEAN BEUGNOT - Social Studies; Junior Class Sponsor; History Club Sponsor; In- diana University B.S., M.S. Interests are stamp collecting and bowling. OPAL B. BOWER - Social Studies; Sopho- more Class Sponsor; National Honor So- ciety Sponsor; Ohio Northern University B.S., Indiana University M.S. Interests are fishing and traveling. DANIEL W. BOYLAN — English; Senior Class Sponsor; Masque Gavel and Na- tional Forensic League Sponsor; Ball State M.A. Interest is his family. SANDRA BURKE — French; Senior Class Sponsor; French Club Sponsor; Indiana University A.B. Interests are music and trav- eling. for NHHS Jacks-of-AII Trade. -T T - n SAMUEL COFFMAN - Indsutrial Arts,- In- dustrial Arts Club Sponsor; Ball State B.S., M.A. Interest is refinishing antiques. MILDRED COLDERBANK - Home Econom- ics; Home Ec. Club Sponsor; Indiana State B.S. Interests ore church work, sewing, swimming. SUE DISHON - English; Junior Class Spon- sor; Sophomore Y-Teens Sponsor; Olivet Nazarene College A.B. BYRON E. DOWNEY - Business Educa- tion; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Student Council Sponsor; Indiana University B.S., M.S. Interest is fishing. JAMES DUPONT - Industrial Arts; Letter- man ' s Club Sponsor; University of Okla- homa, Ball State, Indiana University B.S., M.A. Activities include Jaycees. EVEREn FROCK - Social Studies; Senior Class Sponsor; Rifle Club Sponsor; Tri- Stote College, Manchester College B.S. Interests are hunting, fishing, and weapons. JERRY HOLTREY - Mathematics; University of Michigan, Indiana University B.S. Inter- ests are sports and competitive swimming. R. LAWRENCE HUFF - Mathematics, Eng- lish; Junior Class Sponsor; Future Teachers of America Sponsor; Indiana Institute of Technology B.S., Indiana University, St. Francis. THOMAS E. HUFFORD - Social Studies; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Future Teachers of America Sponsor; Indiana University B.A., M.A. Interest is traveling. New Faculty Lunchroom Relieves Pressure DON F. HUML - Science, Coach; Junior Class Sponsor; Projectionist Club Sponsor; University of Notre Dome B.S.P.E., Purdue University M.P.E. Interests are sports, v ork- ing around the house, and officiating sports. KEITH RUNNINGS — Mathematics, Sci- ence; Junior Class Sponsor; Science Club Sponsor; Hardin-Simmons University, Mc- Marry College, University of New Hamp- shire, Indiana State B.S., M.S., University of Pacific, Denver University. Interests ore Mineralogy, archery, fishing. RUTH L. IBRAHIM — German; Sophomore Class Sponsor; German Club Sponsor; Manchester College B.A., Phillips Univer- sitat. Interest is history. JOE E. KYLE - Social Studies; Senior Class Sponsor; Science Club Sponsor; Ball State, University of Wisconsin B.S., Indiana Uni- versity. THOMAS J. LAMB - English, Sociol Studies; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Red Cross Sponsor; Bowling Green State University. BETTY J. LEUENBERGER — Social Studies; Senior Class Sponsor; Senior Y-Teens Spon- sor; Boll State B.S., M.A. Interests ore read- ing and travel. MARY MANIFOLD — Art; Senior Class Sponsor; Senior Y-Teen Sponsor; Ball State B.S., M.A., Cincinnati Art Academy, Wayne University, Chicago Art Acodemy. EARL M. MARSHALL — Mathematics; Sen- ior Class Sponsor; Moth Club Sponsor; Ball State B.S. Indiana University M.S. FRANCIS E. MAY - English, Speech; Soph- omore Class Sponsor; Masque Gavel, Nationol Forensic League, and National Honor Society Sponsor; Ball State A.B., University of Michigan M.A. Interests ore camping, euchre, bridge, pinochle. from Outside World. ROBERT MILLER - tramurals Sponsor, is gymnastics. Physical Education; In- Ball State B.S. Interest PAUL E. MILLIMAN — Band; Concert Band Sponsor; Bob Jones University B.S., Ball State, Northwestern University, Indi- ana University, Indiana State, M.S. Interests ore golf and water sports. CARL W. NICHOLAS - Vocal Music; Girls ' Glee Club, Boys ' Glee Club, and Concert Choir Sponsor; Jordan College of Music, Butler University, B.A., Ball State M.A. Interest is music (choral and jazz). CAROLYN NULL — English; Senior Class Sponsor; Sophomore Y-Teens Sponsor; De- Panw University, Indiana University A.B., Ball State, Evansville College, Arizona State University. Interests are Jaycee wives, swimming and spectator sports. VERL OBERLIN — Business Education; Mi- rage Sponsor; Ball State B.S., St. Francis College. Interests are photography, fish- ing, camping, sports. LESLIE PENSINGER - Industrial Arts; Sen- ior Class Sponsor; Industrial Arts Club Sponsor; Ball State B.S. Interest is fishing. C. EUGENE PRICE - English, Speech, Debate; Junior Class Sponsor; NFL and Debate Sponsor; Otterbein College B.A., St. Fran- cis College M.S. Interests are sports and reading (history). MARY JO REISING - Business Education; Junior Class Sponsor; Red Cross Sponsor; Indiana State B.S. Interests ore golf and bridge. VIVIAN ROGERS - Latin; Senior Class Sponsor; Latin Club Sponsor; DePauw Uni- versity A.B. Interests are reading and travel. 3:I0-Phew! EVEREH H. SAUDERS - Mathematics, Science; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Science Club Sponsor, Radio Club Sponsor; Man- chester College B.S., St. Francis College M.S. Interests are flying and woodworking. RICHARD SCHILLING - Mathematics; Jun- ior Class Sponsor; Math Club Sponsor; Pur- due University B.S. Interests are baseball and umpiring. HENRY B. SEGER - Latin, English; Sopho- more Class Sponsor; Latin Club Sponsor; Indiana University A.B., M.S. Interest is ath- letics. JIM SHERRON - English; Junior Class Sponsor; Student Council Sponsor; Ball State B.S. LOIS SIDELL — Library; Student Council Sponsor; Manchester College A.B., Ball State M.A. Interests ore rocking the twins, hooking rugs, and euchre. MILTON J. SINN - Speech, Drama, Eng- lish; Sophomore Closs Sponsor; Notional Forensic League and Masque Govel Sponsor; Fort Wayne Bible College B.S., St. Francis College M.S. Interests are sports and music. DON STEBING — Business Education; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Hi-Y Sponsor; Wittenberg University B.S., Ball Stote M.A. Interests are gardening, photography, and coin collecting. NORMAN STEPHAN - Business Education; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Business Occu- pations Club Sponsor; Indiana University B.S., M.S. Interests are chess, fishing, and bridge. HELEN TROYER - Home Economics; Future Nurses Sponsor; Franklin College A.B., Pur- due University. Interests are reading, sew- ing, and knitting. . . , Another Day! CHARLENE WERNER - English; St. Mary ' s College, Central Michigan University B.A. VIRGINIA WEST - Business Education, Guidance; Senior Class Sponsor; Mirage Business Staff Sponsor; Indiana State B.S., St. Francis College M.S. Interests ore read- ing, bridge, and music. ROBERT WIANT - Science, Health, Coach; Senior Class Sponsor; Letterman ' s Club Sponsor; Manchester College B.S. Interests are sports, hunting, and fishing. ARTHUR J. WILDER - Mathematics; Junior Class Sponsor; Science Club Photography Sponsor; Ball State B.S., M.S. Indiana Uni- versity, Purdue University, University of Miami. Interests ore sports and photog- raphy. ETTA WOLF — Business Education; Junior Class Sponsor; Mirage Editorial Sponsor; Boll State Manchester College, B.S. In- terests ore golf, piano, fishing and an- tiques. ROBERT G. WOLFE — Mathematics; Senior Class Sponsor; Pep Club, Bulldog Booster Club, Cheer Leader Sponsor; Indiana Stote B.S., Indiana University M.E. Interests are traveling and camping. JUDITH YOCKEY - English; Senior Class Sponsor; Student Council Sponsor; Boll State B.A. Interests ore music and painting. EDMUND A. ZAPP JR. - Social Studies; Junior Class Sponsor; History Club Spon- sor; Boll State B.S. KARL ZIMMERMAN - Social Studies; Sophomore Class Sponsor; Bulldog Boosters Sponsor; Ball State B.S. Oh! If I could only hold if down for a few more min- utes. Phew! That buttermilk tasted so good when I was young. Blizzard hits New Haven Leo Stop! No school tomorrow Stop Entire faculty joining you immediately Stop At your expense Stop? Situation normal! Wild Day, Everything under co ntrol. Stop Love Kisses The Faculty Left— This one sings a C but is only worth a D " Right— NO! This is not a basl etball trophy. 1965 Sequel to 1964 Elegy written on School Parking Lot. And Still the curfew tolls the hell of parting day The grumbling herd sinks slowly through the cloy The public servant homeward plods his weary way To clean his shoes and house and car for— come what may. The breezy call of incense-breathing morn The swallow twittering (just like him!) from the straw built shed The clock ' s shrill clarion, the chauffeur ' s horn Remind us of that muck we dread. For us no more the polished shoe will gleam No more the halls will shine with loving care The VIP ' s— they plot and plan and scheme But do what they may— that mud ' s still there! As oft the yellow mon ster digs and scrapes So oft the rocks recede in slime Pray thou, " O Tax, bring soon that which it takes To remove forever this unspeakable grime. " Then came that day in a torrent of rain Through came the message, both loud and clear " Teachers who park on yon parking pain. Right now, get your car the heck out of there! So pray, all ye, ' fore ' nother year rolls round. There be no need for poet " low-rate " to sound. But may we all be able to stand up and cheer. " Thank God, the black top ' s finally here. " Poet lowest-rate GLADIEUX REFINERY, INC. Premium Products at Lowest Cost Below — We don ' t need guidance, we ' re good kids. NEW HAVEN ' S THE SCHOOL FOR S4UCYJENIORS Twelve Years Hard Labor Pays ROBERT ADAMS-French Club 1; Football 1; Track 2; Cross Country 2,3; Boys ' Booster Club 2,3; Intramu- rals 1,2,3,4; NFL 2,3. ROBERT AHLERSMEYER— Notional Honor 3,4, Presi- dent 4; Moth Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; History Club 4; Science Club 3; Track 1,2, Student Monoger; Cross Country 3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 2,3,4; Intramurols 2,3, 4; Concert Choir 4; FTA 3,4; Miroge Editorial 4, Sports Editor 4. JIM ALCORN-Math Club 3; Track 1; Intramurols 1, 2,3,4. CATHARINE ALEXANDER-Concert Choir 4; FNA 4; Carl Sandburg High School, Orion Pork, Illinois I, 2,3. PATRICIA ALEXANDER-Nationol Honor 3,4; Girls ' State 4; Red Cross I; Moth Club 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4; Latin Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 2; Science Club 3, 4; Pep Club 1,3,4; GAA 1; NFL 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, Secretary 3; Bond 1,2; Class Treasurer 2, Secretary 3. JOHN ALLSPAUGH-Student Council 4, President 4; Moth Club 3; Latin Club 2, Consul 2; Science Club 3; Wrestling 1; Golf 2,3,4; Cross Country 1; Boys ' Booster Club 3,4; Intramurols 1,2,3; Masque and Gav- el 2,3,4, Treasurers; Bond 1. CAROLYN ALTEKRUSE-Nationol Honor 3,4; Y- Teens 1; Latin ciub 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Concert Choir 4; FTA 1. BILL ALTIC— Industrial Arts Club 4; Intramurols 3, 4; Bond 1. SHARON ANWEILER-Y-Teens 1; Home Ec. Club 4; French Club 2,4; Science Club 1,2; GAA ). GARY ARMSTRONG-lndustrial Arts Club 4; Wres- tling 1,3,4; Football 1; Rifle Club 3; Track 4; Cross Country 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intramurols 2,3,4; NFL DIANE ARNOLD-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 2; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4. LYNN SHAW ' S BARBER SHOP, 6UV2 Broadway, Phone 749-1046 New Haven, Indiana, " Appointments Honored " Off , . . Seniors at Last! SUE ASHER-Y-Teens 1,2; Latin Club 2; GAA 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4. STEVE AUGENSTEIN-Latin Club 2,3,4, Consul 2; Commercial Club 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 1,2; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Cross Country 3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 4, Presi- dent 4; Class Vice-President 3. KARL AUSTRUP-lndustrial Arts Club 4; Football 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1,2,4; Lettermons ' Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4, RONALD BABBin-Bond 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 3,4. SHERYL BAKER-Y-Teens 1,2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4, Secretary 2; Pep Club 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; FTA 3. CAROL BALTES-Y-Teens 1,2; Home Ec. Club 4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; FNA 4. LINDA BARNES-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,3; GAA 4; Mirage Business 4. DEBBIE BEARMAN-Y-Teens 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Pep Club I; Cheerleader 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Class Officer— Treasurer 1. JAN BEARMAN-Y-Teens 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 4. ROGER BEARMAN-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; Bas- ketball I; Boys ' Booster Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 4. RITA BECK-Y-Teens 1; Home Ec. Club 3,4. PAL ' S TRUCK STOP RESTAURANT Lincoln Highway West, New Haven, Indiana Enthusiastic Cheer Blocks Boost Morale LARRY BECKER-Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Golf 2,4; Cross Country 1; Boys ' Booster Club 1,3; Intramurols 2,4; NFL ],2. MARY BECKER-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; GAA 4; Concert Choir 3,4; Mirage Business 4. DOROTHY BEGIER-Y-Teens 1,2,4; French Club 1, 2,3; GAA 2. CHERYL BeMENT— Y-Teens 2,3,4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Mirage Business 4; Grand Rapids, Michigan 1. MARTHA BENDER- Y-Teens 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. MARIAN BENNETT- Y-Teens 1,2,3; Pep Club 2. DAVID BENSCHNEIDER-Lofin Club 2,3,4; Football 1; Track 1; Intramurols 2,3,4. JACK BEYRAU-Projectionists Club 2; Intramurols 1, 2. LINDA BIVENS-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; FNA 1,3,4. LINDA BLAIR-Red Cross 2,3.4, President 4; Pep Club 3; GAA 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4; FTA 1. DOROTHY BLAISING-Commercial Club 4; GAA 2,3,4; FNA 3. MOUREY-ISENBARGER KUMMING, INSURANCE REAL ESTATE New Haven, Indiana, Phone 749-2938 of Basketball Team! FRED BLEDSOE-lntramurals 4. WILLIAM BLESSING-Science Club 1,2,3,4. CYNTHIA BLOMENBERG-Red Cross 3; Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4. SHARON BOGAN-Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; FTA 1,2,3,4. BRUCE BOHNKE-Basketball I; Intramurals 2,3,4. MONIKA BOLDT-Y-Teens 1,4; German Club 1,2,3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3; History Club 4, Treasurer 4; GAA 3,4; FTA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Mirage Busi- ness 4; Mirage Editorial 3. TOHMIE SUE BOREN-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Mirage Business 4. CAROL BOWLES- Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3, 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; FNA 1. JAY BOYERS-Math Club 4; Latin Club 2. JAMES BOYS-Latin Club 2; Industi Science Club 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 1,2,4. NANCY BRADTMILLER-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2; Home Ec. Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,4. COLONY DRESS SHOP, New Haven— 431 Broadway, Phone 749-1771 Waynedale— 6423 Bluff ton Road, Phone 747-3933 Cash Mounts from Halloween Cake Walks . , JAMES BRINGMAN— Latin Club 2,3,4; Inframurals 1,2,3. PATRICIA BROWNE-FNA 1. CANDICE BRUBAKER-National Honor 3,4; Girls ' State 3; Y-Teens 2, Devotions Chairman 2; Student Council 1,3,4, Secretary 4; Moth Club 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1; NFL 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; FNA 1; Miroge Business 2,3. CHERYL BRUBAKER— Red Cross 1; Commercial Club 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4. LINDA BRUCE-Y-Teens 1.2; Latin Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. ROBERT BRUCE— Intromurals 1,3,4; Bond 1,2,3,4, Captoin 4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4. PAULA BUCKMASTER-Student Council 2,4; French Club 1,2; GAA 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4. DIANE BUESKING-Y-Teens 3,4; Washington High School, South Bend, Indiana, 1. KENNETH BULTEMEIER-Rifle Club 2,3; Track I; Boys ' Glee Club 4. REBECCA BUMGARDNER- Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 1; Home Ec. Club 4; GAA 4; Mirage Business 4. DANIEL BURGETTE— Rifle Club 2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 3,4; Intromurals 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4. WOODBURN LANES, INC., Woodburn, Indian " Bov l Your Cares Away " but Spent on Senior Activities! PEGGY JEAN BURNS- Red Cross 1; French Club 2. KENNETH BUUCK-Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball I; Track I; Cross Country 2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intromurols 2,3,4. LARRY BUUCK-Basketboll I; Track I; Boys ' Boostef Club 4; Intromurols 1,2,3,4. PAMELA BUSCHE-Y-Teens 1,2; Pep Club 3; GAA 1. JOE CACCAMO— Intromurols 2,3,4. KEN CAMPBELL-Moth Club 4; Science Club 4; Golf 2; Intromurols 1,2; Bond 1,2,3,4. PETER CARLSON— Red Cross 2; Hi-Y 2; Moth Club 4; Science Club 1,2,4; Trock 1; Boys ' Booster Club 2; Intromurols 1,3,4. ROBERT CARNES-Red Cross 1,2,3,4, Vice President 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Intromurols 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Closs Treosurer 3. DARRELYN CARPENTER- Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1; Student Council 2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; FNA 2,3,4; Miroge Busi- ness 3. ITiiiJ JUDY CHAPMAN-Notional Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 1; Red Cross I; Lotin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4, Corresponding Secretary 4; FNA 3,4; Mirage Editorial 4, Faculty Editor 4; Mi- rage Business 2,3. MARTHA CHAPMAN-Y-Teens 1; Lotin Club 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 4; NFL 2; FNA 2,j, ; M.r ye busi- ness 3,4. URBINE PHARMACY, 6656 St. Joe Rood, Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone 748-6533 Senior ROBERT CHEEK-Hi-Y 2; Intramurols 1,4; Van Wert High School, Van Wert, Ohio 1. DALE CHESTER-lntramurals 4; Lakeside Jr. High School, Ft. Woyne, indiona 1. CHARLES CHILDRESS-lndustrial Arts Club 4; In- tromurals 3,4. JAMES CHRISTMAN-Latin Club 2; French Club 3, 4; History Club 3,4; Central Catholic High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1. LOUIS CLARK— National Honor 3,4, Vice-President 4; Student Council 4; Math Club 3,4, President 4; Ger- man Club 3,4; Science Club 3,4; NFL 3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4; History Club 3; Concert Choir 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4; FTA 4; Westfield High School, Westfield, Indiana 1. PATTY CLARK— Y-Teens 1,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Mirage Business 3. STAN CLARK— Industrial Arts Club 4. THOMAS CLYMER-Rifle Club 2,3,4; Track 1. MALCOLM COLE-French Club 1,2,3,4; Track 1. CONNIE CONNER-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1; Home Ec. Club 4. NORMA COONROD-Red Cross 1,2,3,4; Commer cial Club 4. FUELLING DRUG STORE, Woodburn, Indiana Prompt Prescription Service Vote Initiates Mirage Summer Delivery! SHARON CRONKHITE-Y-Teens 1,2,4. CAROL CUNNINGHAM-French Club 1,2,3; Sci- ence Club 4; FNA 1,2,3,4; Mirage Business 3. JAMES DAGER-Football 1,2; Rifle Club 1,2; Track 1,2; Boys ' Booster Club 2; Intromurals 3. MICHAEL DARST-Latin Club 3,4; Concert Choir 3, 4. JAMES DAVIS-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Projectionists Club 2,3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 3; In- tr omurals 3. PENNY DAVIS-Y-Teens 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4, Presi- dent 4; GAA 2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; FTA 3,4; Mirage Business 4; Angola High, Angola, In- diana 1. BARBARA DAY-Y-Teens 3; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Huntington High School, Huntington, Indiana 1,2. BONNIE DEERMER-Ashland High School, Ashland, Ohio 1,2. LESLIE DICKENSON-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2; Student Council 3; French Club 2; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; GAA 1 ,2,3. JACQUELYN DIECKMAN-Y-Teens 2; Student Coun- cil 4; German Club 3,4, President 4; Science Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Madison-Marion Consolidated, Hoag- land, Indiana 1. MICHAEL DIEHL-Baseball 4; Football 3,4; Track 4; Lefterman ' s Club 3,4; Inframurols 3,4; Our Lady of Lake Huron, Harbor Beach, Michigan 1,2. GRABILL CABINET COMPANY Grabill, Indiana, Phone 627-2131 Great Achievements Attained Through DIANA DILLON— Girls ' Glee Club 4; Miroge Business 4; Glenbard High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 1,2. ROSALIE DISLER-Y-Teens 1; Lotin Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4; Mirage Business 4. LINDA DOCTOR-Pep Club 1,2. DONNA DOEHRMAN-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 2; History Club 3; Bond 1,2. NANCY DOMINY-Comrrercial Club 4; GAA 3; Mi- rage Business 4; South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1,2. RICHARD DOWNEY-German Club 1,2. CAROL DRESSLER-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4; Mirage Business 4. MARTHA DUMFORD-Nationol Honor 3,4; Student Council 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Point Recorder 3, Treasurer 4; FTA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, President 4. DAVID EDGAR-lndustrial Arts Club 4; Football 1. THOMAS EHINGER-Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 2, 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 3,4; Intromu- rois 2,3,4. DIANE EHLE-Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; FTA 1. SOUDER ' S HOME CENTER Grabill, Indiana, Phone 627-2197 Extra-Curricular Organizations LARRY EICHER-lndustrial Arts Club 4. RONALD EITER-Baseball 2,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JANE EMENHISER-Notional Honor 3,4; Student Council 1,2; French Club 2,3,4; President 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; FTA 1,3; Mirage Editorial 3,4, Copy Editor 3,4. CHRISTINE ESTES-Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 4; Latin Club 4; GAA 4; Bond 1,2; FNA 3,4; Mirage Business 3,4. MARGARET FEICHTER-Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 1,2; French Club 1,2,3; History Club 3; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,3; GAA 1,2; Band 1,2. CAROL FERCKEL-Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 3,4; Com- mercial Club 4. DIANA FERREE-Red Cross 1,4; French Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2; FNA 2. STEPHAN FILLER-History Club 3; Industrial Arts Club 4; Boys ' Booster Club 1,3; Intramurals 2,3. DAVID FINTON-Lotin Club 4; North Side High School, Fort Woyne, Indiana 1. MARY ELLEN FISHER-Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 1; Pep Club 4. CAROL FOERSTER Compliments of o Friend Excellent Band and Choir Concerts DAVID FOLTZ-Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 3; Intromurols 1, 2; NFL 1,2,3,4; History Club 3,4, President 4. STEVE FORRESTER— Boys ' Booster Club 1,2,3; In- tromurols 1,2,3,4; History Club 3; Industrial Arts Club 4. ROGER FOWLER MARYANN FOX-Y-Teens 1; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 4; Mirage Business 4. JEROME FRANCE-lntramurals 3,4. JUDY FRANCE— Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 1; Latin Club 3,4; History Club 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 4; Mirage Editorial 4, typist 4; Mirage Business 3. DANIEL FULTZ— Industrial Arts Club 4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1,2; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intromurols 1,2. JOYCE GALBREATH-Y-Teens 3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4. JUDY GALLIGHER— Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1; Home Ec. Club 4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2. BONNIE GARTON-Y-Teens 2,3; Red Cross 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; FTA 3,4; FNA 1; Mirage Business 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,3,4. SHARON GEELS-Y-Teens 1,3,4, Vice-President Latin Club 2,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3, NFL 2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3, Assistant Librarian 3, Concert Choir 4. RUDY ' S HARDWARE, 618 Broadway New Haven, Indiana — Hardware, Housewares, Garden Shop Entertain Large Crowds, JANICE GERBERS-Y-Teens 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA GEROFF-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Point Recorder 4; FNA 4; Mirage Business 3,4. WAYNE GIBSON-Red Cross 3; Band 3,4; Cen- tral High School, Evansville, Indiana 1; Bosse High School, Evansville, Indiana 1,2; North Side High School Fort Wayne, Indiana 2,3. STEVEN GILLENWATER-Arvada Senior High School, Arvada, Colorado 3. MARCIA GILLEY-Y-Teens 1,2; Math Club 3,4, Secre- tary 3, Vice-President 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Pep Club 3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; Band 1, 2,3. ROBERT GODFREY— Student Council 3,4; German Club 1; Mosque and Gavel 3,4; President 4; Band 1,2,3,4, Student Conductor 4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4. DIANE GOLDEN-Y-Teens 1; Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. FRANCES GOLEMBIEWSKI-Y-Teens 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4; History Club 4; FTA 1,2,3,4; Mirage Business 3. PATRICIA GOSHORN-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1; Lat- in Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; FNA 2,3,4. Club Football RALPH GRAFT-Gei Club 1,2,3,4. WANDA GREEN-Home Ec. Club 2,3,4; North Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1. PRIBBLE PLASTICS PRODUCTS, INC., New Haven, Indiana When You think of Plastics think of Pribble Plastics Roaring Crowds Cheer School REBECCA GREMAUX-Girl ' s Stofe 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3, 4, President 3; Red Cross 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,- FTA 1,2. PATRICIA GROGG-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3, 4; Science Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 4. JANET GROSSMAN-Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 1,2. PAMELA GROVES-Y-Teens 1,2,4; Red Cross 1,2, 3,4; German Club 3,4. PATRICIA GRUBB-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3; Red Cross 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; FTA 1,4; Mirage Business 3. BARBARA GRUEB-Red Cross 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4; FNA 1,2,3,4. SANDRA GUILIAUME-Y-Teens 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Band 1. NANCY HALE-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3. BRUCE HALLBERG-Footboll 1; Track 1. GAYE HAMM- Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2; Com- mercial Club 4; GAA 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3. KATHRYN HANLON— Y-Teens 1,2,4; Red Cross 1; Lat- in Club 3,4; History Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Mirage Business 3,4. FORT WAYNE BEAUTY COLLEGE, M. PAUL INSTITUTE OF HAIR DESIGN Paul Raymcnn, Style Director, 1327 S. Calhoun, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Teams to Victories, LARAINE HARDING-Y-Teens 2,3,4; Lotin Club 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; FTA 4; Bryan High School, Bryan, Ohio 1. ROBERT HARKENRIDER-Moth Club 3; Latin Club 2; Football 1; Track I. JOAN HARRELL-Lotin Club 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; FNA 1,2,3,4. MARY HARRIS-Red Cross 1,2; Home Ec. Club 1,3; Y-Teens 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA ],2; Mirage Business 2. JANET HART-Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. JAMES HARTMAN— Student Council 2,3,4; Math Club 4; Latin Club 2; Science Club 1,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4, Vice-President 4; Band 1,2,3,4. JOAN HEMRICK-Y-Teens 3,4; L atin Club 2,3,4; Sci- ence Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; G ' AA 1,2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4, Secretary 4; FTA 3; FNA 1,2; Mirage Eritorial 4, Senior Editor 4. KEN HENDRICKS-Red Cross 2,3; Projectionists Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4, Consul 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club I; Lettermon ' s Club 3,4; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; FTA 2,3; Class President I. SALLY HENSLEY-National Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Mirage Business 3,4. DENNIS HERMAN-Prom Attendant 3; German Club 2,3, President 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Track I; Cross Country 1,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1; Lettermon ' s Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3, 4; Concert Choir 3,4, Quartermaster 4; Class Presi- dent 2, Vice-President 4. TERRY HETRICK-Latin Club 2; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Football 1; Cross Country 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,4; Bulldog Boosters 3,4, President 4. Complii ents o f J.S. SHEPHARD Optometrist Masque and Gavel Stages ARLENE HIRSCHBIEL-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1,2,4; Home Ec. Club 4; GAA 1; FNA 2,3,4. MICHAELINE HIRSCHMAN-National Honor 3,4; Y- Teens 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3; Latin Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Point Recorder 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Class Secretary 2. JOELYN HOETZER-Y-Teens 1; Home Ec. Club 3,4, Secretary 4; French Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2. MARY ANN HOFF-Y-Teens 1,2,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; GAA 4; NFL 1,2,3,4; Mirage Business 2,3,4, As- sistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4. LYNN HOGGARD-Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; His- tory Club 4; Pep Club 4; NFL 2,3; Masque and Gav- el 2,3,4; FTA 3,4. BILL HOLDEN-Golf 2; Basketball 1; Track 1. CONNIE HOLLANDSWORTH-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 3; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commericol Club 4; GAA 1,2, 3,4. CAROL HOLLOWAY-Prom attendant 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, President 2, Secretary 3; Student Council 4; Latin Club 2,3,4, Janitor 2; Band 1,2,3,4. SYLVIA HOOVER-National Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 4; Mirage Editorial 2,3,4, Sophomore, Junior, and Sen- ior Editor. ROSANNE HORMAN-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2, 3,4; Pep Club 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Girl ' s Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4. STEPHAN HOSIER-Wrestling 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Track 1; Boys ' Booster Club 1,2; Let- termen ' s Club 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. DOT ' S BEAUTY SHOP, 625 Broadway, New Haven, Indi, Phone 749-1261 " For Your Hair Care " Spectacular Three-Act Performances! CHERYL HOSTETLER-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Corrmercial Club 4; GAA 1; NFL 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3, Recording Secretary 3; Concert Choir 4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4; Mirage Business 3. DONNA HOWE-Commercial Club 4. SHARON HOWELL-Y-Teens 1,2,3; Home Ec. Club 4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. BEATRICE HOY-Y-Teens 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 4; Sci- ence Club 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; Lancaster High School, Lancaster, Ohio 1. JUDITH HUGHES-Y-Teens 1,4; Pep Club 3,4, DUANE HUMPHREYS-Math Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; NFL 3; Bond 2,3,4; German Club 2,3,4. TIMOTHY HUNT-Red Cross 1; Math Club 3; German Club 2,3; Science Club 3; Wrestling 4; Track 1; Intramurals I; Band 1,2,3,4, Quartermaster 2,3; Dance Bond 2,3. JAMES IHRIE-Lotin Club 2,3,4; French Club 3; 4; Baseball 3; Tracl 1,2,3; Boys ' Booster Club 1; Intramurals I; Concert Choir 2,3,4. JUDY INMAN-FNA 1,2. STEVEN IRWIN-Germon Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 1, Vice-President 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. THOMAS ISENBARGER-Golf 1,2; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4. NEW HAVEN-THURMAN EQUITY EXCHANGE, New Haven, Indio Feed, Grain, Form Supplies, Lumber Fuel, Phone 749-1171 Twenty-Four Thrilled Students Become SANDRA JACKEMEYER— Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1; Home Ec. Club 4; Latin Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; FNA 2,3,4. GERALD JACOBS CAROLYN JACQUAY RICHARD JOHNSON-Latin Club 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2, 3,4. KAREN JONES— Y-Teens 1,2,4; Red Cross 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 2; Bond 1,2,3, Reserve Twirler 2,3; FNA 1,2. JOHN KECK-Lotin Club 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 2,3; Intramurols 1,2,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4. JOHN KEELER-Student Council 1,2; Science Club 1, 2; Wrestling 2,3; Golf 2; Cross Country 3; Intramu- rols 1,2,4; Band 2,3,4, Drum Major 3,4. SANDRA KELTNER-Red Cross 1; Student Council 3,4, Member-ot-Large 4; Home Ec. Club 4; French Club 1, 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. ROBERT KELTY-Math Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Sci- ence Club 3,4; Boys ' booster Club 3,4. KAREN KERN-Prom Attendant 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2; Red Cross 3,4, Secretary 4; Mirage Busi- ness 4; Class Secretary 4. LARRY KIEFER-lndustrial Arts Club 4; Intramurols 1, 2,3. MARION FEASEL INSURANCE AGENCY, Tax Sheltered Annuities Office Across From Administration Building, New Haven, Indiona National Honor Members! DAVID KITE-lntramurals 2,3; Concert Choir 3,4. DONALD KLINE-Bunnerdole Seminary High School, Canton, Ohio 1,2. MARILYN KNIPSTEIN-National Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross I; Home Ec. Club 2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 4; History Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Com- mercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Point Recorder 3; FTA I; Mirage Editorial 1,2,3, Freshman Editor 1, Sophomore Editor 2, Faculty Editor 3. LINDA KOCH-Y-Teens 1,2; Pep Club 1,2. MIKE KOEHLINGER-lntramurols 1,2,3,4. DIANE KOENEMAN-National Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 1, 2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice Presi- dent 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4, Recording Secre- tary 4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4. LINDA KOESTER-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1; Com- mercial Club 4; Pep Club 4; GAA 2,3,4; Mirage Busi- ness 4. SUSAN KRAMER-Y-Teens 1; Student Council 1; French Club 2,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 4; Concert Choir 3,4; FNA 3,4; Mirage Busi- ness 4. RONALD KREEGAR-lntromurals 3; Argos High School, Anderson, Indiana 1; Highland High School, Anderson, Indiana 2. STEVE KREIGH— Intramurols 1,4. IRILA KRENKLIS NEW HAVEN MOTOR SALES, 637 Broadway New Haven, Indiana, Phone 749-4712 Elaborate Decor Sets JOHN KRESSLEY RITA KYLER— Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Devotions Chairman 3, Inter-Club President 4; Red Cross 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 4, Senior Editor 4; Mirage Business 3. BERNARD LADIG-History Club 3,4; Intromurals 3; Lakeside Jr. High, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1. GENE LADIG— Football 1; Track 1,3; Cross Country 3; Intromurals 1,2,3,4. GARY LAKE-Student Council 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Intromurals 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; FTA 2,3, Vice- President 3. CONNIE LAMB STEVE LANTZ-lntromurals 4; Northwood Jr. High, Fort V ayne, Indiana, 1. DON LEAMON-lntromurols 3. LINDA LEAVEL- Y-Teens 1,2,3; Latin Club 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Mirage Business 3. MARTHA LEBRECHT-National Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Mirage Busi- ness 3,4. JEANNETTA LITZENBERG- Y-Teens 1; GAA 1,2; FTA 2. NEW HAVEN HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS 504 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana Mood for Camelot! GARY LOCKRIDGE-Latin Club 2; Concert Choir 3. MARYANN LOGAN-Latin Club 4; Pep Club 1,4; GAA 1,4. CHERYL LOHSE-Y-Teens I; Student Council 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; FNA 3,4, Secretary 4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4; Mirage Busi- ness 3,4. RON LOMONT-lndustrial Arts Club 4; Track 1. ROBERT LONG CAROL LOUDEN-Y-Teens 1; Home Ec. Club 4; Com- mercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Mirage Business 3,4. DEBORAH LOWE-Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; FNA 1,2,3,4. NANCY MARKIN-Y-Teens 2,3,4; Red Cross 4; Com- mercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; FNA 4; Mirage Business 3; South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1. WILLARD MASON-Bosketball 2; Intromurols 2,3,4; Central High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1. JAMES McABEE— Projectionists Club 3; Track I; In- tromurols 1,2,3,4. JUDI McBEE-Y-Teens 2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4; German Club 3,4. THE GIBSON COMPANY, 635 Hortzell Rood, New Haven, Indiana Phone 749-5137 " Everything Automotive " Gala ' Silhouttes in FRAN McCARD-Y-Teens 3,4; Home Ec. Club 4; Laf- inClub 2; FNA 1,2,3. TOM McCOMB-lntramurols 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4. DENNIS McCOY-Studert Council 2; Latin Club 2,3, 4; Science Club 1; Boys ' Booster Club 1,2,3; Intro- murals 1,2,3. ROGER MELCHER— Red Cross 2,3, Vice-President 3; Projectionists Club 2; Boys ' Booster Club 2,3,- Miroge Business 2. ROBERT MELLON-Moth Club 3; German Club 2,3, 4, Vice-President 3; Science Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 1, 2; Golf 2,3; Cross Country 2. WALTER MELTON-Math Club 3,4; French Club 1, 2; Golf 2. JULIA MERVINE-Home Ec. Club 1,2; Latin Club 2,3, 4; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3,4. KENNETH MEYER-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Industrial Arts Club 4; Track 1; Cross Country 1,2; Boys ' Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Intromurols 1,2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 1,2. JAMES MEYERS SUSAN MEYER-Y-Teens 1,2,3; Bond 1,2,3,4. DAVID MICHEL-Bcnd 4; South High School, Tor- rance, California 1,2,3. ELMER ' S SUNOCO, 803 Lincoln Highway West, New Haven, Indiona Tire, Batteries, Accessories Serving you is a pleasure to us. Silver ' ' Final Snowball Hop for Seniors! DONALD MILLER-lntramurals 1,2,3. KENTON MONESMITH-Projectionists Club 3,4; Stu- dent Council 4; French Club 1,2; Baseball 3,4, Student Manager 3,4; Football 3,4, Student Manager 3,4; Basketball 3,4, Student Manager 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4. JUDY MORING-Y-Teens 1,2,4; Student Council 1; Pep Club 1,2; GAA 1. DELORES MORRISON-French Club 1,2; Girl ' s Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; FTA 1,2. JAMES MOSEL— Boys ' Booster Club 3; Intramurols 3. CHERYL MUNDERICH-Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2; GAA 1,2; FTA 1,2; Mi- rage Business 2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4. DONALD MURPHY-lndustriol Arts Club A, Intro- murals 1,2. MICHAEL MUSSER-Wrestling 1,2; Football 1,2; Rifle Club 4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Infromurals 1,2,3,4. ROGER NASH-German Club 1,2,3; History Club 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2; Track 1; Cross Country 3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intramurols 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Glee Club 4. SUZANNE NASH-Red Cross I; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; FNA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice- President 3, President 4; Mirage Editorial 4, Organiza- tions Editor 4. GLORIA NORTON-Y-Teens 2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; Defiance and Napoleon High Schools, Ohio 1. V- GERARDOT SON, Monuments 749 East Lincoln Highway, New Haven, Indiana Seniors Proudly Receive Recognition at JAMES OBERLIN-Notional Honor 3,4; Lotin Club 2, 3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4. ELAINE OETTING-Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commercial Club 4. BRYCE OHNECK-Student Council 1,2,3,4; Industrial Arts Club 4, President 4; Wrestling 1; Track 1; Masque and Gavel 2,3; Concert Choir 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Class Vice President 1. JOYCE OLINGER-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 3,4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA ORT-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 3; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commercial Club 4; Mirage Business 4. LINDA OSBORN-Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commercial Club 4. SUZI OVERTON-Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2, 3,4, Vice-PresicJent 3, Liaison 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Point Recorder 2, Treasurer 3; NFL 2,4; Con- cert Choir 4; Mirage Editoriol 3,4; Sports Editor 3,4; Mirage Business 2. KANDICE PABST— Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Mirage Business 4. NEAL PARE. JAMES PARK— Projectionists Club 1; Commercial Club 4; Wrestling 3,4; Baseball 3; Track 1; Cross Country 1,3,4; Intramurals 2; Bond 1; Boys ' Glee Club 4. STEVE PENROD— Notional Honor 3,4; Boys ' State 3; Math Club 4; Lotin Club 2,3,4; History Club 3,4; Science Club 1,2,4; Intramurals 1,2; NFL 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Masque and Gove! 3,4. PENNEY ' S SOUTHGATE PLAZA Shop Penney ' s for Your Entire Family Needs. Cash, Charge, or Layowoy Awards Night. " TERRY PETERSON-lrdustrial Arts Club 4; Football 2; Track 2; Central High School, Fort Wayne, Indi- ana 1,2. PATRICIA POLLOCK-Y-Teens 2,3; Lotin Club 3- GAA 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4. ARLENE POORMAN-Y-Teens 1,2,3; Student Council 3; Latin Club 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Secretory-Treos- urer 3; GAA I; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; FTA 4; Mirage Business 2,3,4. JOHN PRIEST-Boseboll 2; Football 2,3; Basketball 2,3; Boys ' Booster Club 4; Portland High School, Port- land, Indiana 1. DIANNE PUUIN-French Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4. DANIEL PURVIS-Projectionists Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Rifle Club 3,4, Vice-President 3; Golf 2,3; Cross Country 1,2,3; Intra- murals 1,2,3. LINDA PURVIS-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Censor 2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Mirage Business 3,4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4; Class Treasurer 4. SUE PUTMAN-French Club 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 4; Mendon-Union High School, Mendon, Ohio 1,2. DAVID RALSTON-French Club 1,2,3; Rifle Club 4; Golf I; Boys ' Booster Club 1; Intramurals 2,3; Concert Choir 2,3,4. BRENDA RAMSEY- Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3.4; GAA 1,2,3,4. CONNIE REICHENBACH-Red Cross 2; Pep Club 2; Girls ' Glee Club 4; Payne High School, Payne, Ohio 1. DELUXE CLEANERS, 919 Middle Street New Haven, Indiana, Phone 749-2918, " Your Clothes ' Best Friend " Baccalaureate and Commencement— LINDA REICHERT-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2, 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; FTA 2; FNA 2; Mirage Business 4. BETTY RENFRO-Math Club 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. LINDA RICHHART-Prom Attendant 4; Prom Queen 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,4; Concert Choir 3,4; RA 3,4; Mirage Business 3,4. CELIA RIDER-Commercio! Club 4; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist 4. DAVID RITCHIE— Projectionists Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Football I; Intromurals 2. ARLENE RODENBECK-Notional Honor 3,4; Y-Teens I; Latin Club 2,3,4; History Club 4; GAA 1,2; NFL 3,4; Band 1,2.3,4; Librarian 2,3,4; FTA 1,2; Mirage Busi- ness 2. MARLENE RODENBECK-Notional Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; History Club 4; GAA 1,2; NFL 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4; FTA 1; Miroge Busi- ness 2. TERRY RODGERS-lntromurals 3,4; Band 2,3,4, Quor- ermaster 3,4; Dance Bond 3,4; Kendallville High School Kendallville, Indiana 1. JOYETTA ROEMER-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2; Commercial Club 4, President 4; Pep Club 2; GAA 1; NFL 2; Girls ' Glee Club 2,3; Concert Choir 4; Mi- rage Business 2,3,4. ROBERT ROHRBACHER-Prom Attendant 4; Prom King 3; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1; Lettermen ' s Club 1,2,3,4; President 4; Intromurals 2,3,4. BEVERLY RONBERG-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Cheerleader 3; GAA 1,2; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4. SUNNY SCHICK CAMERA SHOP, 407 West Washington Boulevard Fort Wayne, Indiana, Phone 742-91 19 Inspirational Ending to Senior Year! BILL RONK-lndustriol Arts Club 4; Football I; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball I; Boy ' s Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Intramurols 1,2,3,4. CAROL ROSE-Commerciol Club 4; Pep Club I; GAA 1. PATRICIA ROWLEE-Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; FNA 2,3,4. PAM RUDIG— Y-Teens 1,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; FNA 2, 3,4; Mirage Business 3. DANIEL RUFF-Proiectionists Club 2; Industrial Arts Club 4. STEVE RULKA-Elmhurst High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1,2,3. KAREN RUGER-Y-Teens I; Latin Club 2,3,4; Commer- cial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1; Mirage Editorial 4. WARREN RUSSELL-Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 4; Sci- ence Club 3,4; Band 3; FTA 4; North Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1,2. JUDITH SADLER-National Honor 3,4; Student Coun- cil 3; French Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; Mirage Edi- torial 3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4. STEPHEN SALLOT-Notional Honor 3,4; Moth Club 3.4; Latin Club 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Intramurols 1,2; NFL 1,2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Donee Band 2,3. LINDA SANDERS-Y-Teens 1; Home Ec. Club 2; Commercial Club 4. BILL McCORMACK CHEVROLET 1200 Lincoln Highway East, Phone 749-3128 Seniors Proud STEVE SAUERS— Student Council 2, Secretory 2; Baseball 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Bosketboil 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Boy ' s Booster Club 1,2; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Intramurols 1,2,3,4, SUSAN SAYLOR-Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; FNA 2,3,4. STEVE SCALES-lntromurals 4. LINDA SCHARFFBILLIG-Latin Club 2; Bond 1,2,3,4; FNA 1. AIMEE SCHERER-Y-Teens 1,2,3; French Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; RA 4; Mirage Business 4. LESLIE SCHLAHER-Red Cross 1; Girls ' Glee Club 4. KARON SCHLEGEL-Y-Teens 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3. SHARON SCHLEGEL-Y-Teens 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3. CATHERINE SCHLINK-Lotin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; FNA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4. JERRY SCHMIDT-Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Boys ' Booster Club 2,3,4; Intramurols 2,3,4. ALLEN SCHNELKER-Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 1, 2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3,4; Intramurols 1,2,3,4. NEW HAVEN LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY, 532 Green Street " Coll The Lumber Number " 749-4567, New Hoven, Indiana Recipients of Diplomas! JOANN SCHNELKER-Y-Teens 1; Home Ec. Club 2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3. MIKE SCHROEDER-Foorboll 1,3,4; Track 3,4,- Boys ' Booster Club 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JANE SCHUCKEL-Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 3. CAROL SCHULTZ-Bishop Luers High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1,2,3. SUE SECRIST-Nationol Honor 3,4; Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,4; GAA 1,3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 2,3,4. CAROL SEFCIK-Red Cross 1,2; Home Ec. Club 4; GAA 4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4; FNA 3,4. CHARLES SHAPPELL-Red Cross 1,2; Track 1; Intra- murals 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Boys ' Glee Club 4. RICHARD SHENFELD-German Club 1,2; Track 1,2, 3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1,2; Let- termen ' s Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; FTA 4. CHERYL SIEGERS-Y-Teens 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; GAA 3. ANITA SILVEY-National Honor 3,4; Girls ' State 3; Student Council 2,3,4; Math Club 4; Latin Club 2,3, 4; French Club 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Masque and Gavel 3,4, Treasurer 4; FTA 1,2. JAMES SLOAN-Notionol Honor 3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 4; Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Sc Club 2,3,4, President 4; Boys ' Booster Club 3,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4. ORN SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY 3001 Fairfield Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiai Graduation Opens the SARAH SMITH-Red Cross 3; Mirage Editorial 4, Typist; Southwestern High School, Lafayette, Indi- ana 1,2. ROBERT SNYDER— Projectionists Club 3,4, President 4; Math Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 3; Letterrron ' s Club 3; Intromu- rols 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4. DONALD SNYDER-lndustriol Arts Club 4; Track 1; Boys ' Booster Club 1; Intromurols 1,2,3,4. C. WAYNE BOVINE— Industrial Arts Club 4; Football 1,2, Manager; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Manager; Track 1, 2,3,4, Manager; Lettermon ' s Club 2,3,4; Intromurols 1, 2,3,4. JIM SPEARS-Projectionists Club 2,3,4; History Club 3; Wrestling I; Football 1; Intramurals 3. CYNTHIA SPRINGER-Notiono! Honor 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Y-Teens 1; Student Council 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; NFL 2,3,4; Masque and Gavel 3,4; FTA 1,2; Mirage Editorial 3,4, Junior Editor 3, Organization Editor 4. BECKY SPURLING-Red Cross 1,4; Home Ec. Club 2, 4; Latin Club 2; FNA 1,2. LINDA STANDIFORD-Y-Teens 1,2; Home Ec. Club 2,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3. MARSHA STELLHORN-Y-Teens 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1. ROBERT STEMMLER-Latin Club 4; Science Club 1,2; Baseball 2; Football 1; Rifle Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track 3; Cross Country 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. DANIEL STIER— Industrial Arts Club 4; Baseball 2; Football l,2;Trock 1; Intramurals 1,2. HALLMARK HOUSE Greeting Cards-Gifts Southgate Plaza Door to New Horizons! JOELLEN STINE-GAA 1,2,3,4. ANITA STOLTE-Y-Teens 1; Home Ec. Club 4; Com- mercial Club 4. STEVEN STOLLER-Student Council 1,2; Latin Club 2, 3; Band 1,2,3,4, Drum Major 2,3,4; Concert Choir 3, 4; Dance Bond 2. MARILYN STUERZENBERGER-Y-Teens 4; Red Cross 1, 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Ma- jorette 3,4; FNA 1,2,3; Mirage Business 4. DARLENE SUDMANN-Commerciol Club 4; Band I, 2,3,4; Secretary 4; Concert Choir 3; Dance Band 3,4, MICHAEL SWARTZ-Band 2; Northwood Junior High, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1. DENNIS SWIHART-lndustriol Arts Club 4; Intromu- rals 1,2,3,4. STEVE TANNER-South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2,3. JOYCE TAYLOR-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commercial Club 4; GAA 4; Mirage Busi- ne ss 3. NANCY TEEGARDIN-Y-Teens 1,2; Red Cross 1,2; Home Ec. Club 3; Latin Club 3; Pep Club 3; FTA 3; Mi- rage Business 3,4. CANDANCE TERNET-Central Catholic High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1,2. GUILLAUME ' S FOOD STORE, Fresh Meats Groceris Phone 749-2013, New Haven, Indiana High School Days Hold Fond Memories and LINDA TERRELL-Red Cross ]; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 3,4. PHILIP THEURER-Moth Club 3,4; Germon Club 3; Bond 2,3,4; Donee Bond 3,4. KENNETH THOMAS l-Footboll 1,2; Intromurols 3. BONNIE THOMPSON-Red Cross 3,4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commerciol Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Mirage Editorial 1,2, Freshman and Sopho- more editor; Mirage Business 3,4. PAMELA THURSTON-Y-Teens 1,2,4; Red Cross 1,2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; FTA 1; FNA 3,4. THOMAS THURSTON-German Club I; Industriol Arts Club 4; Track 1; Intromurols 1,2,3. JANE TIBBEn— Latin Club 2; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 1,2. DAVID TOMLINSON— Trock 1; Intromurols 1,2,3,4. CAROLYN TRZYNKA-Y-Teens 1; French Club 2,3,4; Commerciol Club 4; FTA 1; Mirage Business 3,4. ANN TURNER-Y-Teens 1,2,3; Student Council 4; German Club 2; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Secretory-Treasurer 4; GAA 1; Miroge Business 3,4. CLAN TURNER-Lotin Club 3,4; Moth Club 4; Boys- Booster Club 3,4. PENSINGER JEWELRY Main Street, New Haven, Indiana Friendships, CATHERINE TWIGG-FTA 3,4; Ben F. Geyer Junior High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1; South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2. CHERYL VALENTINE-Miroge Business 4; Ainsworth High School, Flint, Michigan 1. KATHRYN VAN KIRK-Y-Teens 1,2,4; Red Cross 4; Student Council 3; German Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; NFL 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4 Ass ' t Librarian 3, Librarian 4. RICHARD VINSON— Industrial Arts Club 4; Intramu- rals 2. JUSTIN VOIROL-Math Club 4; Latin Club 2. CINDY VOLLMER-Y-Teens 1,2; Corrmercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2. LINDA VONDERAU-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 4; Commercial Club 4, Vice-President 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Mirage Business 4. JON WALTER-Math Club 4, German Club 2,3,4. CAROL WARDEN-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; NFL 2,3,4; Bond 1,2; Mirage Business 4. WILFRED WEIDLER-Latin Club 2,4; Bond 2,3. STEVE WEISMAN-Projectionists Club 2; Moth Club 3; Science Club 3; Intramurals 2,3; FTA 3,4. NEW HAVEN BAKERY, 915 Lincoln Highway East Phone 749-2161, New Haven, Indiana So Ends One MICHAEL WELLS-Latin Club 2,3; Masque and Gavel 4; Warsaw High School, Warsaw, Indiana 1. BECKY WESNER-Red Cross 1,2,3,4; Lotin Club 2,3, 4; Science Club 1; Band 2,3,4; Majorette 3,4; Mirage Business 4. DAN WIDDIFIELD-Red Cross 1; Wrrestling 2,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Boys ' Booster Club 1; In- tromurols 1,2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 4; Class Vice- President 2. LOUISE WIEDMAN— Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1,2,3,4; Home Ec. Club 3,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3, 4; Mirage Business 3,4. LOUIS WIESE— German Club 2,3,4; Band 1. BILL WILLI AMS-Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3,4; Intromurals 1,2,3,4. PAM WILLIAMS-Y-Teens 1; Red Cross 1; French Club 3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; History Club 3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; FTA 4. ROBERT WILLIAMS-lndustrial Arts Club 4; Intromu- rals 1,2,3,4. CARON WILSON-German Club 1,2,3,4, Program Chairman 3; FTA 3,4. BETSY WILT- Y-Teens 1; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 1,2; GAA 4. KAY WINANS-Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4. KWIK LOK CORPORATION, New Haven, Indiana Manufactures; Kwik Lok Closures Kwik Lok Closure Labels Phase of Life . . . and Another Begins PAMELA WIRT-Y-Teens 1,4; Latin Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Girls ' Glee Club 3; Concert Choir 4. KENNETH WISSMAN-Prom Attendant 3; Student Council 4; Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Track I; Intra- murals 2,3,4; NFL 2; FTA 2,3, Treasurer 3; Class Presi- dent 3,4. LYNDA WITTENMYER-Y-Teens 2,4; Horre Ec. Club 4; Corrmercial Club 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Cen- tral High School, Decatur, Indiana 1. TIMOTHY WRIGHT-Boys ' State 3; Wrestling 2,4; Football 2,3,4; Track 1,2,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1,2, 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA WYLIE-Y-Teens 2,4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey 1. STEPHEN YEOMAN-Wrestling 3,4; Baseball 3; Track 1,2; Cross Country 3,4; Boys ' Booster Club 1, 2,3. ARDIS YOUNG-French Club 1; GAA 1,2; Band 1, 2,3,4. JOE ZINK-Germon Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4. ROTO-ROOTER SEWER SERVICE Mrs. George C. Graves, 3714 Lake Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana SiniNG-J. Chapman, K. VanKirk, B. Ron- berg, M. Boldt. STANDING-Mr. Kyle, S. Stoller, S. Hosier, P. Davis, S. Keltner, S. Geels, S. Augenstein, D. Shenfeld. Seniors on the Go Treasurer— Linda Purvis, Vice-President— Dennis Herman, Secretary —Karen Kern, President— Ken Wissman. A. Poorman— Q nuisance to congested halls. Top Right— Tom McComb hanging around the halls? Bottom Right— Ken Hendricks— Cramming In a cramped space! NEW HAVEN ' S THE SCHOOL FOR JOVIAL JUNIORS Ringing Bells, Crowded Halls, Jim Agee Patricia Albert John Alkire Dave Allard Betty Altic Bob Ammerman Steve Armstrong Kothy Arnett Karon Bandelier Sharon Bandelier Vickie Baney Jane Barkley Bob Barwiler Al Beormon Julie Bearman Arlin Bechtold Ron Becker Marcio Behnke Phyllis Bendele Sharon Bender Judy Bennett Mark Bennett Karen Berkheiser Sharon Berning Ben Berry Ruth Bledsoe Claudia Bleeke Mary Blodgett Chuck Blosser Monito Boehm Sue Boese Denny Boester Dove Bonta Paulo Boomershine Steve Boulwore WILMA ' S TOWN CASUAL, Ladies Apparel 4345 South Anthony, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 456-2007 New Friends-OUR JUNIOR YEAR Jack Bouse Jackie Bowman Dove Braun Linda Breisch Lorry Bricker Nancy Briggs Roger Brinkman George Broughton Cheryl Bulfemeier Barry Burns Kay Busche Charlie Bushkill Charles Byroade Terry Byroade Jerry Caccamo Bob Cadmus Jennifer Cameron Ba ' rb Campbell Loretta Carbaugh Rick Carlson Janice Cave Beo Chapin Beth Chapman Randy Chapman Kothy Clem David Coates Bob Cockrum Larry Cocks Tom Cole Wendy Coles Carolyn Conley Barb Conrad Mark Cooper Sheryl Cox Byron Craig ESTHER ' S HOUSE OF BEAUTY, 4831 Bade Dr., 448-1001 Hair Styling— Permanents— Hair Cutting— Etc. Jumping Juniors Score for tf? ' i Jack Crance Bob Critell Bill Gulp Sandra Cunningham Nancy Deitschel Dole DeLeon Denny DenHortog Dan Dennis Dave Dew Al Diehl Dennis Disler William Doon Karen Doctor Dave Doehrman Ervin Doehrman Ron Dressier Jon Duffey Dave Dyormon Nancy Edgell Judy Edv ards Kafhy Ehinger Karen Ehle Ann Eicher Marty Elf rid Diane Ellis Tim Ellsworth Steve Ernst Libby Feosel Kyris Federspiel Larry Feichter Mary Ann Ferguson Jake Ford Julie Foreman Sharon France Keith Freiburger NEW HAVEN ' S ALLEN COUNTY TIMES Serving New Haven and Eastern Allen County the Bulldogs Again and Again! Richard Fullerton Linda Galligher Peggy Gasper Randy Gee Sheila Geels James Gill Walter Gillenwater Lee Girardot Leslie Girardot Karen Glosser Sandy Goeglein Jill Goodman Dorothy Gowen Judy Graves Allan Groves Gerry Grunden Jeff Hale Cheryl Hammer Pot Hammond Cheryl Honks Ed Hanson Max Harnish Jackie Hart Stan House Margot Heck Sharon Heckler Tom Heckmon Sandy Heddon Mike Heemsoth Paul Heine Gory Henline Keith Hermon Sue Hernicz Morcio Hill Christine Hlowafsch ni WESTHAVEN FLORAL, 749-51E Flowers— Especially for you Headaches! Headaches! Why Gwen Holcomb Laraine Holden Lynne Holden Ron Hollondsworth Don Holmes Jay Howell Tom Howell Patsy Hower James Hughes Guy Hunt Dan Hursh Richard Itnel Ronald Imel Germoine Inman Carl Jackson Floyd Jackson Roger Jackson Charles Joessing Debbie Jennings Don Johnson Mark Jornod Dove Jump Lois Korrick Tom Keesler Louise Kelty Ron Kern Ken Ketzler Bob Kibbe Bill Kitzmiller Bill Klage Terry Knight Martha Knipper Tom Kocks Jim Koehlinger B-K ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN " Best Kind " , Up at the Point Does a Prom Cost So Much? Sherry Koehlinger Bill Koepke Barry Kolbow Kathy Kroemer Kathy Kummer Lonney Kunnemann Jeff Kuroski Linda Leisure Cindy Lake Larry Larrance Paul Larson Mike La Vine Rosella Leaman Mike Lee Rita Lemish Mike Lepper Steve Lewis Judy Lillich Chuck Lipp Steve Lockridge Bonnie Long Mary Louraine Ken Lucterhand Sandra Lytle Paulo Markey Lenka Morkoff Pom Marks Steve Marks Caroline Martin Cathy Martin Joyce Martin Pepper Martin Dan Mattice Ed Mattingly Lynne Maul DELAGRANGE FORD SALES, INC., 749-1185 631 Lincoln Highway West, New Haven, Indiana Initiative and Drive Bring Us Henry McCard Dave McClellan Dave McClure Bob McConnell Don McCoy Steve McDougoll Mike McKee Pom Meyer Vicki Miller Jim Minder Lynn Moennig Russ Moody Gail Mooney Denny Moore Mike Moore Tim Moorman John Mullenhour Becky Murua Judy Myers Barb Mynett Lorry Nohrwald Judy Napier Andy Naselaris Ladonna NefF Jennie Neireiter Carol Ann Nelson Dan Nix Jon Nott Dave Nuftle Mary Oberlin Walt Oehler Marilyn Getting Nancy Getting Steve dinger Suzanne Ortleib PATE ' S SIX MILE SERVICE, 744-9460 Tune Up, Broke Service One Year Closer to Graduation! Dennis Pane Jill Parent Greg Parnin Wayne Penrod Dave Petropoulos Mickey Pettyjohn Steve Pettyjohn Cliff Porter Raymond Purk Dave Quandt Joyce Quandt Becky Ramp Linda Ramsey Cindy Reed Hattie Reed Jim Reichard Jack Reinking Tom Renier Sharon Rennecker Charles Reynolds Shirley Rhoades Dan Rice Cheryl Richards Martini Ridgley Joe Ringenberg Dennis Risk Bill Roberts Theresa Roberts Klaus-Deiter Rode Charles Rollings Alice Rose Claire Rossmon Linda Rothgeb SherrI Rowe Doug Ruhl THE V M SHOE STORE, Shoes For The Entire Family 501 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana, Phone 749-4463 Eyes Are Turned Toward Diane Russell Gail Same Steve Sandy Dave Schockow Ken Scharpenberg Gary Scheele Jeanette Schlegel Gary Schmeling Sandy Schmidt Jerry Schmutz Elwyn Scott Ralph Seddelmeyer Keith Seitz Shirley Sexton Ann Shank Lorna Sharer Robert Shie Pot Shirk Kerry Shive Eileen Singer Roger Smith Dave Snyder Mike Snyder Linda Sowers Don Springer Karen Sprunger Keith Spurr Gary Stahl Dave Statler Susan Stanley Dennis Stier Peggie Stout Sandy Straley Barb Stuerzenberger Jim Suciu E. HARPER SON FUNERAL HOME New Haven, Indiana a Star-Studded Future— Our Senior Year Dean Sudmann Carol Sunier Jon Swank Jack Swanson Dick Swanson Dave Swartz Maurice Tarr Tom Tatro Dove Taylor Mike Taylor Ruth Taylor Sue Ten Barge Lana Ternet Gary Terrell Sandra Thiele Leslie Thieme Jon Thomas Tom Tindall Diane Tinfsman Steve Tipsord Rebecca Treace Margaret Treesh Diana Tribolet Barb Trickey Denny Trzynka Richard Tucker Cheryl Tumbleson Sandra Turk Sondra Turley Chuck Turner Larry Ulrey Shirley Urick Tim VanKirk Linda Vonderau Nancy Wagner .▲J J. P. SIDELL, M.D. U.S. History Can Be Fun?????? Linda Waikel Tom Walsh Jerry Washburn Tim Watts Pat Wedler Roger Weidler Ed Weisenburger Sharon Wells Dave Werling Barb Wesner Anita Westerfleld Juanita Westerfleld Arlene Wietfeldt Dennis Wietfeldt Diana Willig Debora Windmiller Dave Wolfe John Wonderly Richord Woodard Jane Woodcox Junior Class Officers BACK ROW: David Dew, Treasurer, ond Jerry Schmutz, President FRONT ROW: Anito Westerfleld, Vice-Pres. and Juanita Westerfleld, Secretory. VAUGHN ' S HOME-GARDEN STORE Visit Our New Gift Shop 1335 Highway 14 East New Haven, Indiana ■ - ,v ; . M«e iUS t l V •• Class of ' 67 Unites Those Carol Adams Rene Ahlersmeyer Vicki Alber Richard Alexander Michael Altic David Anderson Kristine Andersen Lynn Anderson Connie Apple Steve Archbold Tom Armor Jim Arnett Susie Atwood Mark Ayres Tom Bondt Sue Barker John Bosile Randy Bauer Bill Becker Barry BeMent John Bender Nancy Best John Beyrou Joyce Bircheff Noncy Block Mark Blair Terri Blaising Dwain Blond Peggy Blosser Pot Board man Lindo Boehm Bruce Boester Ken Boldt Linda Boone John Borcherding BLACKWELL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE, Dry Good, Clothing, Shoes, Furniture Rugs New Haven, Indiana, 749-1912, Open Friday Wednesday till 9 p.m. from Varied Backgrounds Rick Boren Randy Bowers Becky Boys Doug Brooks Carol Buhr Michael Bultemeiei Karen Burgette Richard Burkett Sheryl Burns Steve Burnworth Richard Burton Richard Burwell Vicki Busche Phyllis Buuck Linda Caldwell Don Campbell Sally Campbell Sheryl Chamberlain Rick Charleston Gary Childress Jean Churchward Rick Clevenger Kenny Coates Nelson Coots Chris Cogswell Keith Conner Mike Conner Chris Conrad Patricia Cool Linda Cox Nancy Cronkhite Sharon Cullum Robert Dancer Robert Deininger Keith Dellinger DAVIS HARDWARE, Phone 744-4938 71 17 Decatur Rood, Fort Wayne, Indianc First Year of High School Brenda Delp Pat DeRemer Dave DeVoe Dan Deyo Nancy Dieckman Chris Diehl Dave Dohm Cheryl Dornte Jim Doty Dixie Edgar Mike Ehinger Cheryl Eltzroth Denny Ely Linda Emenhiser Pam Estes Cindy Eynon Roger Federspiel Steve Ferree Tom Fisher Nancy Fitting Joyce Flory Shirley Foerster Tannie Foltz Sam Foreman Joan Forsyth Nancy Foust Stephen Fowler Phyllis Fox Jeanne France Perry Franks Rick Frederick Terry Freeland Sheryl Friedley John Gear Cathy Gengo Compliments of DR. E. M. HOETZER Brings New Experiences Rex Gepfert Jane Gerardot Pete Geroff Michael Girardot Steve Goldthwaite Julie Gorman Lois Grobner Terry Grabner Cheryl Gremaux Glen Griffith Gwendo Grostefon Bruce Guenther Rosalyn Hagadorn Scott Hallberg Don Honnie Linda Hansen Kristine Harper Mary Harris Donna Harty Rose Harvey Roger Hoynie Charlotte Heodlee Allen Heorn Undo Heim Garden Henn Frances Henry Pat Hensley DuWayne Herman Ann Hertzog Marilyn Hey Susan Hilt Karen Hirschbie! Fred Hitzemann Renee Hobrock Jeanne Hoevel KAYSER HOUSE OF BEAUTY, 5803 Decatur Road, Gold Room ) 1 15 W. State Plaza Shopping Center, RIVIERA BEAUTY SALON, 1434 St. Joe Blvd. Rookies Quickly Accept Duties: v,!P ' ? ' I TA Paul Hohenstein Lynda Holloway Craig Hooker Moxine Howe Steve Huddleston Mike Hunter Steve Hutsell Bill Jacobs Donna James Dorena Johnson Jan Johnson Ed Jones Marilyn Jones Leslie Joyner Kothy Keck Mike Kelly Al Keltner Joe Kelty Clara Kemp Judy Kettering Linda King George Kirby Ron Kirk Charlotte Klenke Colby Knerr Jeff Koehlinger Lee Kohlmeier Garry Kohlmeyer Phillip Kolkman Pom Kroehl Cheri Krueckeberg Brenda Kruse Rifch Kunnemann Rick Lohrmon Dave Larson Compliments of DR. DALY, Dentist Well Represented in One-Acts Doug Lebrecht Dave Leeka Ken Lehman Roger Leis Cheryl Leija Steve Lepper Carl Lett Dale Lewis Linda Lichtsinn Tony Lillo Clyde Long Steve Long Dave Lonis Rick Losher Helen Louralne Joe Louralne Steve Lovely Bob Lowden Denny Ludwig Susan Maddox Bob Molone Tim Marchal Lynda Marlow Joanne Matthews Michelle Maul Tim McAbee Jean McBee Ron McCogue Sue McCoy Danny McHenry Maury McKee Jim Melcher Judy Melton Paul Meyers Bill Michel DEHNERT ' S LANES, Let ' s go bowling Fort Wayr e, Indiana, 744-9641 Reserve Pep Club Patty Miller Roger Miller Steve Minich Chuck Mohr Mildred Monhollen Pom Montague Becky Moore Johnny Moore Barbara Moring Ann Morrical Tim Morrison Vicky Mowery Rick Myers Tom Mynett Donald Nahrwold Suzanne Nahrwold Sandy Neff Solly Netherland Beth Netzley Paula Niblick Kothy Nichter Lois Nofziger Leoto Odem Lindo Getting Stan Ohneck Bill Oliphant Bob Oliphant Mark Ortlieb Brinfon Overholt Marcia Owens Elora Parent Sherry Parker Harold Porkison Greg Peorson John Peden NEW HAVEN LOCKER, 710 Broadwoy New Haven, Indiana, 749-4100 Cheers the Junior Varsity to Victory Marsha Pemberton Richard Perrine Stan Peters Al Peterson Jim Picl ett Donna Poeppel Ricl Pollom Sharon Potts Brendo Proffltt John Puckett Bev Quandt Sarah Ramp Rose RaflifF Tom Remenschneide Steve Reppert Donald Richards Donna Rider George Riemen Janet Rooch Patti Robeson Annemarie Rode Charles Rodey Mike Rosendahl Jane Rosenthal Judy Rosswurm Shirley Rulka Margie Sovieo Nancy Saylor Peggy Saylor Carol Schorpenberg Joyce Schimmoller Ed Schinnerer Dave Schmutte Ailene Schneider Gloria Schreiber Compliments of DR. C. W. DAHLING New Haven, Indiana 749-4914 Forward, Onward Barbara Schulthies Ken Schultz Ed Schwehn Carlo Scott Julia Sefcik Kathy Shaffer Ron Shephard Janice Shepler Linda Sherman Bill Shrock Jackie Sievers Carolyn Smith Cynthia Smith Daria Smith Donna Smith Greg Smith Judy Smith Linda Smith Linda Mary Smith Mike Smith Thomas Smith Trudy Smith Barbara Snyder David Snyder Cindy Soest Wolter Sorg Charles South Kathy Sovine Sandra Splker James Spreen Cherry Spriggs Tom Squire Paul Standiford Phyllis Steele Ron Steele SUTHERLAND LUMBER COMPANY, 4330 East U.S. Highway 30 742-4488, Fort Wayne, Indiana for Two More Years Anita Stocker Marilyn Stoller Martha Stolte Larry Stroble Bradd Swank Doug Swick Tom Swihort Terry Syndrar Catlny Toncil Vicki Taylor Tim Teepie Charles Ternet Mike Thomas Richard Thompson Joan Thornton Donna Tinstman Steve Towsley Steve Treace Fred Trentadue Tim Trzynko Mark Tucker Brendo Turner Lana Turner Lynda Turner Terry Turner Wayne Tuttle Jim Ulm Jane Vachon Michael Voors Dave Woikel Steve Walker Karyn Walt Charlotte Wont Peg Waters Nancy Watkins MURPHY INSURANCE CENTER-all lines of insurance bonds 626 Broadway New Haven, Indiana 749-1812 Sophomores Choose Leaders Pom Webb Joyce Wedler Dorene Weller David Werling Lorry Werling Karen Wetoskey Susie Wick Janice Wiese Florence Wietfeldt Joe Williams Ron Wilson Susanne Winons Steve Winchester Steve Winicker Dan Wolfe Sandy Worden David Yant Jerry Yerington Stan Young Kermit Zimmerman SOPHOMORE OFFICERS STANDING: Jim Ulm, Treasurer; Stan Ohneck, president; and Richard Burton, vice-president. SEATED: Helen Louroine, secretory. EDWIN E. STUMPF M.D. NEW HAVEN ' S THE SCHOOL FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE The promise of leadership, service, and dependabihty is offered by each hopeful condidate in the 1964-1965 Student Council elections before the entire student body. Candidates from left to right were: Cindy Springer, Ron Dressier, Louis Clark, John Allspaugh, Condie Buboker, Jill Parent, Kathy Kummer, and Judy Sadler. Each year a representative is elected from each homeroom to Student Council, the NHHS legislative body, which keeps administration and students " in touch. " One of the functions of the council is to sup- port fire prevention: members put up posters made by the art department. The members and sponsors- Mr. Downey, Mr. Sherron, Mrs. Sidell, and Mrs. Yockey— spent many long hours preparing for Stu- dent Council ' s b iggest project, the annual Snowball Hop. " Silhouettes in Silver " was the theme for this year ' s dance, and the cafeteria and gym were trans- formed into the magic of the mood. Student Council also assisted the student body in selecting five var- sity cheerleaders to represent NHHS. With spring came the Student Council elections. Officers were chosen after a fun filled, but well-organized elec- tion campaign. Finally, the council took a well-de- served break and finished the year ' s business with a banquet at which the new officers were installed. Hard-working officers during the 1964-1965 year were: John Allspaugh, President; Cindy Springer, Vice-President; Kathy Kummer, Treasurer; Candy Bru- baker. Secretary; and Sandy Keltner, Member-at- large. Legislators Keep Finger on Student Pulse ROW 1-S. Keltner, C. Brubaker, J. Allspaugh, C. Springer, K. Kummer, Mr. Downey. ROW 2— A. Silvey, K. Wissman, B. Godfrey, K. Monesmith, L. Richhort, D. Bearman, A. Turner, J. Dieckmon, C. Holloway, P. Buckmoster. ROW 3-B. Quandt, C. Rossman, B. Wesner, C. Tumbleson, J. Minder, P. Heine, R. Frederick, B. Ohneck, J. Hartman, L. Clark. ROW 4— Mrs. Sidell, J. Bircheff, J. Ket- tering, K. Shaffer, S. Netherlond, C. Cogswell, T. Smith, K. Zim- merman, T Swihart, A. Heorn, D. Ludwig. ROW 5— Mrs. Yoc- key, M. Lepper, D. Boester, G. Parnin, J. Swank, J. Koehlinger, S. Ernst, D. Allard, M. Ehinger, Mr. Sherron. «r i l? ' Practice Makes Perfect " — Old NFL Rule ROW 1: J. Oberlin, S. Sollot, A. Silvey, Treas., S. Penrod, Pres., J. Hemrick, Sec, D. Foltz, P. Alexonder; ROW 2: Mr, Moy, C, Brubaker, B, Cockrum, C. Springer, J. Swank, S. Secrist, Mr. Price; ROW 3: J. Johnson, C. Altekruse, K. Berkhiser, P. Wil- liams, D. Koeneman, M. Hoff, S. Kromer, C. Nelson; ROW 4: S. Towsley, L. Clark, K. Wissman, B. Swank, J. Minder, L. Vonderou, S. Hensley, C. Cogswell, S. Freidley, L, Grabner; ROW 5: M. Maul, C. Eynon, S. Overton, M. Gilley, T. Morrison, C. Reed, P. Meyer, M. Oberlin, S. Maddox; ROW 6: D. Ehle, B. McConnell, K. Lucterhond, D. Hursh, S. Cox, N. Briggs, B. Morris, J. Rosswurm, J. Bircheff, S. Atwood. The National Forensic League of NHHS of- fers to interested students the opportunity to develop skills in the area of speech. NFL ' s biggest 1964-1965 project was the annual New Haven Speech Tourney, held in early November. This year ' s tourney was won by New Haven. The some sixty NFL ' ers partici- pated in speech tourneys throughout the year at various schools within the state. Under the direction of Mr. May, Mr. Sinn, Mr. Price, and Mr. Boylan, NFL experienced a challenging, but successful year. The student body of New Haven viewed the once-a-year Forensic League assembly in early February; Cindy Springer, Anita Silvey, Sue Secrist, and Sue Kramer were speakers. The year ' s officers were Steve Penrod, Pres.; Joan Hemrick, Sec.; and Anita Silvey, Treas. The Debate Team is a port of NFL which functions as a separate team. Any interested student may become a member of the de- bating squad if he or she is willing to spend the time and effort necessary for practice and preparation. Debate work is divided into vari- ous divisions, according to the experience of the people involved. About twenty card-file- wielding 1964-1965 New Haven debotors, coached by Mr. Price, traveled around the state to tourneys and often copped honors with their arguments. Varsity debaters— ROW 1: W. Penrod, J. Oberlin, K. Berkhiser, ROW 2: J. Swank, S. Sollot, D. Foltz, S. Penrod. Sub-Varsity debaters— J. Johnson, L. Feasel, B. Cockrum, B. Swank, S. Tows- ley, K. Lucterhond, D. Hursh, J. Mender, T. Totro. Inexperienced deboters-P. Wedler, S. Cunningham, P. Blosser, D. Russell, J. Boyers. Compliments of PAGODA INN U.S. 30 East, Fort Wayne, Indiana Jim Oberlin receives his first place trophy for his fine extemp abilities at the New Haven Speech Tourney. This year Masque and Gavel presented " Ten Little Indians, " a murder mystery in three acts. Cast members are: SEATED: Jim Hartman, Bradd Swank, Mike Wells, John Allspaugh. STANDING: Jon Swank, Louis Clark, Cindy Springer, Sue Secrist, Sue Kramer, Steve Pettyjohn, and Steve Sallot. " Ten Little Indians " . . . Who ' s Next to Go7 Masque and Gavelites— ' ' Characters ' ' of NHHS Theater The Masque and Gavel Society of New Haven pro- vides the student body and the community with en- tertainment the year ' round. By means of the always- functioning Speakers ' Bureau, Masque and Gavel makes its services available at all times. Without a doubt, the annual three-act play is the supreme ef- fort of all thirty-five Masque and Gavelites. This year ' s ploy, entitled " Ten Little Indians, " was a mur- der mystery that proved to be a challenge eagerly accepted by the " actors " and " actresses " of NHHS. Masque and Gavel members also kept busy this year with three one-act ploys— " Billy ' s First Date, " " Bench 18, " and " Alladin ' s Ghost. " At the club ' s annual high school assembly, two of the three " one-acts " were presented. Sponsored by Mr. May, Mr. Sinn, and Mr. Boylan, Masque and Gavel aides in the operation of the New Haven Speech Tourney and holds two banquets in the spring of each year. Bob Godfrey, President, Jim Hartman, Vice-President, Carol Nelson, Secretary, and Anita Silvey, Treasurer, were this year ' s officers. Masque and Gavel teaches its members numerous things— here is just a sample! ROW 1: S. Hoover, S. Secrist, L. Hog- gard, A. Poorman, L. Joyner, V. Al- ber, C. Altekruse, C. Nelson, Sec, M. Oberlin, L. Kelty, C. Reed, S. Kramer, P. Alexander, S. Geels. ROW 2: B. Cockrum, A. Silvey, Treas., J. Oberlin, R. Clevenger, M. Wells, D. Allord, P. Heine, C. Bruboker, E. Parent. ROW 3: L. Clark, J. Swank, S. Penrod, R. Gee, S. Sallot, S. Pettyjohn, J. Minder, C. Bushkill, S. Neff, L. Von- derau, C. Springer, B. Godfrey, Pres., J. Hartman, V. Pres., B. Swank, J. Allspaugh. RUTH ROLLIN POWELL, PAL ' S TRUCK STOP, 423 Lincoln Highway West, New Haven If Latin is a dead language, no one seems to have told the Roman scholars of NHHS, who have gathered together to form the largest or- ganization in the entire school. With a member- ship of 235, Sodalitos Classica, alias Latin Club, attempts to acquaint its members with the customs, beliefs, and language of flourishing Rome- Four busloads of club members attended the In- diana Junior Classical League Convention at Butler University this year, sent a delegate to the Latin Summer Workshop, and offered scholarships to deserving Latin students. The sponsors of Latin Club are Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Seger. Second year Latin students find that membership in the Junior Classical League begins with the traditional initiations; and rolled-down hose, aprons, earrings, and pigtails are just a sample of what eager second year Latin students endure in order to become members of the Junior Classical League at New Haven. Hie, Haec, Hoc— The Latin Enthusiasts of NHHS Guiding the Roman scholars for the year 1964-1965 were, SEATED: Suzi Winans, doorkeeper; Patti Miller, Treasurer; Brenda Kruse, Secrefor . STANDING: Doug Lebrecht, consul; Dove Leeka, Attendance taker; Al Peterson, consul. Below; A giant? Yes, indeed! Latin students used this unusual " man " in this year ' s initiation program. Caesar certainly would have given these Latin Club performers a big hand if he had witnessed their most amusing skits. Compliments of BRIAR ROOM " Good Food " New Haven s Own Historians ROW 1— K. Walt, J. Johnson, D. Foltz, President; P. Carlson, Vice-President; M. Boldt, Treasurer; M. Knip- stein, Secretary; J. France, C. Rossmon, K. Youtz. ROW 2— S. Penrod, L. Hoggord, S. Pettyjohn, P. Williams, K. Hanlon, C. Headlee, F. Golembieuski, A. Rodenbeck, M. Rodenbeck. Delve into the Events of Yesterday The world of social studies found itself in the hands of New Haven ' s own historians for the first time this year. The newly formed History Club, under the direction of Mr. Zapp and Mr. Beugnot, seeks to provide its members with a better and fuller understanding of the world we will inherit. This year the History Club began work on a Social Studies Library for the use of those students who are taking history, government, economics, and other related subjects. Since the major event of the political year was the Presidential election. History Club members studied aspects of electioneering and campaigning. Boasting a membership of some thirty students. History Club sponsored an after-game dance this year. Dave Foltz, President; Pete Carl- son, Vice-President; Marilyn Knipstein, Secretary; and Moniko Boldt, Treasurer; served as this year ' s officers. NORM ' S POINT SERVICE Jet. 24 30, New Haven, Indiana, Phone: 749-9127 Language Explorers Seek To promote a better understanding of German life and customs is the main objective of the New Haven German Club. The some thirty mem- bers involved in this activity defied baffling pronunciations to learn more about the ways, history, and civilization of the German-speaking people. German Club participants sponsored an after-game dance and worked in the canteen for two weeks of the school year to add funds to the treasury. Jackie Dieckman served as this year ' s President with Steve Irwin, Vice-President; Nancy Getting, Secretory,- and Duane Humphreys, Treasurer; as her aids. German Club is sponsored by Mrs. Ibrahim. Knowledge of German Culture ROW 1: D. Humphreys, Treasurer, J. Dieclcman, President, N. Getting, Secretary, S. Irwin, Vice-President; ROW 2: K. Boldt, C. Tryznka, P. Williams, K. V ilson, P. Groves, L. Wiese, J. Walters; ROW 3: B. Mellon, J. Goodman, C. Rossmon, B. Stuerzenberger, J. Quandt, C. HIawatsh, K. Scharpenberg, D. Quandt ROW 4: T. Ellsworth, J. Duffey, A. Rode, L. Holloway, C. Buhr, C. Scharpenberg, B. Quandt, J. Zink, R. Rode. MODERN CLEANERS Cleaning Laundry 1221 Hartzell St., New Haven, Indiana ROW 1— P. Williams, M. Dumford, C. Springer, J. Sadler, J, Agee, Vice-President, J. Emenhiser, President, J. Hoetzer, Treasurer, S. Keltner, Secretary, C. Altekruse, M. Ferguson ROW 2— S. Kramer, B. Campbell, J. Gear, B. Boys, M. Jones, J. Kettering, L. Sherman, S. Attwood, S. Freidley, W. Coles, J. Cave, R. Gee. ROW 3— C. Smith, L. Grabner, A. Rode, J. Forsyth, J. Moore, T. Foltz, C. Lelja, C. Gengo, J. Vachon, J. Martin, P. Markey, D. Pullin. ROW 4— M. Cole, M. Hoff, S. Cox, P. Montague, M. Hirschman, C. Soest, S. Cullum, D. James, B. Ihrie, D. Ferree, C. Boltes, C Eynon, M. Maul, S. Neff, S. Boulware. ROW 5-M. Clancy, B. Roberts, J. Christman, R. Smith, D. Nuttle, K. Rode, R. Per K. Zimmerman, R. Lahrman, D. Burkett, T. Tatro, D. Hursh, S Marks, J. Johnson. The " Paris Originals " of NHHS La Jacquerie, better known as French Club, this year supported a membership of sixty-five. Sponsored by Miss Burke, this club holds its business meetings on the first Thursday of each month and program meetings on the third Thursday. At program meetings various phases of French culture are presented in skits or plays. Donning their chefs ' hats, club members raised money for the treasury by adding a special treat to lunch New Haven style-homemade cake. Costumed members on April 7 attended " La Foire Provencale, " a French street fair. Booths, French games and dances, a fortune teller, a wandering minstrel, and appetizing food all lent color to the re-creation of historical French countryside amusement. Officers for this year were: Jane Emenhiser, President; Jim Agee, Vice-President; Sandy Keltner, Secretary; and Joelyn Hoetzer, Treas- urer. Below — Several members match v its in o French version of To Tell The Truth. REALISTIC PRINTING CO. INC., " A vivid creative production Offset— Letter Press— Screen Process 320 Broadway, New Haven, 749-4311 A Start in High School Constitutes the First Step for Prospective Teachers. ROW 1-M. Hufford, M. Oberlin, Treas., M. Boldt, Sec, C. Nelson, V. Pres., M. Dumford, Pres., Mr. Huff. ROW 2— P. Davis, A. Poor- man, L. Richhart, C. Richards, B. Campbell, C. Rossman, A. Wester- field, C. Bleeke, J. Bearman, J. Westerfield. ROW 3-C. Twigg, P. Hensley, M. Lebrecht, F. Golenbiewski, L. Bivens, S. Rennecker, P. Williams, L. Hoggard, P. Grubb, S. Bogan. ROW 4-C. Wilson, C. Cunningham, J. Schegal, R. Lemish, N. Getting, J. Meyers, L. Fea- sel, S Ortlieb, L. Emenhiser, P. Kroehl. ROW 5-J. Edwards, K. Youtz, J. Neiriter, W. Russell, K. Boldt, K. Lucterhand, P. Robison. The Future Teachers of America, commonly referred to as FTA, Is an organization geared to meet the needs of those students interested in the teaching profession. Sponsored by Mr. Huff and Hufford, FTA strives to in- terest students in the various fields of education by pro- viding the members with information regarding this profession. This year ' s forty-two members worked in the canteen and sponsored an after-game dance. A unique and well-received Thanksgiving assembly was the result of FTA ' s effort to present a one-act play be- fore the student body. Guided by Martha Dumford, President, Carol Nelson, Vice-President, Monika Boldt, Secretary, and Mary Oberlin, Treasurer, the New Ha- ven chapter of FTA had a progressive year. CENTRAL PLYWOOD AND DOOR CORP.- ,14 " A Complete Line of Buildi 744-239S-Phones-744-3191, 4111 Oxford -SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. ig Supplies " Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana White Dress and Cap ' ' Profession Intrigues FNA Any girl interested in the nursing field in eligi- ble for membership in the New Haven chapter of the Future Nurses Club. Sponsored by Mrs. Troy- er and Mrs. Beerbower, FNA explores the many phases of nursing in the bi-monthly meetings. At the beginning of the school year, new members are installed by the elected officers in a candle- light ceremony. This year seven members of the club were invited to visit Indiana Central College in Indianapolis for a two-day introduction to the two-year, accelerated nursing course. The club organized a Mother Goose Party with participants dressed as storyland characters for the Allen County Children ' s Home. Members made stuffed toys as gifts for the children. Programs and films are offered throughout the year to inform mem- bers of the rewarding future in the nursing field. The club members and their sponsors were taken on a tour of Ball State School of Nursing in the spring. A highlight of the club ' s annual mother- daughter banquet was the installation of the new officers. A twenty-five dollar scholarship was to be awarded to the outstanding senior member at the senior-day award ceremonies. OflRcers for the 1964-1965 term were: Suzanne Nash, Presi- dent, Linda Sowers, Vice-President, Cheryl Lohse, Secretary, and Cathy Schlink, Treasurer. Mr. Bonahoom becomes an honorary member of FNA. ROW 1-S. Nash, Pres., L. Sowers, V. Pres., C. Lohse, Sec, C. Schlink, Treos. ROW 2-M. Chapman, N. Markin, P Geroff, P. Brown, B. Grueb, A. Hirschbiel, P. Groves, P. Rowlee, C. Boites, C. Alexander, ROW 3— J. Molton, S. Nahrwold, L. Barnes, J. Chap- man, P. Goshorn, J. Harrell, S. Jackemeyer, D. Lowe, S. Saylor, P. Rudig, C. Estes, C. Sefcik, ROW 4-C. Martin, B. Kruse, C. Spriggs, K. Federspiel, J. Cameron, L. Carbaugh, J. Woodcox, P. Shirk, P. Albert, D. Willig, S. Bender, ROW 5-C. Bovine, C. Sharpenberg, R. Hogedorn, P. Cool, K. Hirschbiel, N. Foust, L. Morlow, J. Wedler, T. Roberts, J. Napier, L. Morkoff, L. V aikel. Scientists of Tomorrovf Officers are Jim Sloan, President; Mark Cooper, Vice-President; Marcia Gil- ley, Secretary; Jerry Schmidt, Treasurer; and Suzi Overton, Liaison. Science Club With the largest-ever membership list. Sci- ence Club as a whole met twice a month, but during the remainder of the month, it separ- ated into three separate units: Radio, Ana- tomy and Physiology, and Photography. Films and speakers are featured at the bi-monthly meetings. Operating the coat check at bas- ketball gomes and Kiwanis Club meetings brings money into the club treasury. Members also judge and assist at science fairs. The new members are initiated in the fall, and a banquet is held in the spring to com- plete the year ' s business. The New Haven Science Club is spon sored by Mr. Hunnings, Mr. Souders, Mr. Wilder, and Mr. Bandelier. ROW l-M. Hoff, B. Mellon, J. Hemrick, P. Grogg, ROW 2-J. Parent, S. Overton, K. Harper, L. Kelty, J. Dieckmon, K. Lucterhand. " COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE " " lOI " SERVICENTER Sinclair Products, Phone 632-5315, Woodburn, Indiana Anatomy and Physiolo- gy Section During their after- school meetings mem- bers of the anatomy and physiology section of Science Club study about the parts of the body through dissection and skeletal research. NHHS " physiologists " made their own animal skeletons by a process of skin and muscle re- moval, and, ofter bleaching the bones for whiteness, studied the whole skeletons. Offi- cers are Bob Mellon, President, and Joan Hemrick, Secretory- Treasurer. Begin Experiments Today Photo Section The photography section of Science Club, spon- sored by Mr. Wilder, explores the fundamentals of " cameraology " and picture taking. Lead by Presi- dent Mark Cooper, members were taught about the processes of enlarging, developing, printing, and composition. Participants provide their ov n cameras and make individual projects of pho- tographing unusual objects. This year they also toured a newspaper photo lab and studio. Other of- ficers are Bryon Craig, Vice-President; and Bob Kel- ty. Secretary. Math Club Section Math club is in its second year at New Haven and has about thirty members. Sponsored by Mr. Schill- ing and Mr. Marshall, members learn advanced math in the form of probability, combinations and perbu- tatlons, and calculus. Lectures on theory and evalu- ations are given during the club meetings, which ore held every Thursday. Officers are: Louis Clark, Presi- dent, Marcia Gilley, Vice-president; Pot Alexander, Secretary-Treasurer. Radio Section This year the radio section of Science Club con- structed a short-wave radio set and learned Morse Code so that they could operate it. Money for radio parts was supplied by the Science Club treasury. Electrical apparatus, which needed repair work was brought in and practiced on by the club members. Meetings are held after school and sponsored by Mr. Souders, and officers are Bill Blessing, President; Tim Ellsworth, Vice-President; and Jon Duffey, Sec- retary. SITTING-J. Spreen, R. Haynie, T. Ellsworth, STANDING-D. Hartog, J. Duffey, D. Doehrman, J. Sloan, B. Blessing. L. Cox, M. Cooper, Mr. Wilder, D. Doehrman, B. Kelty. ROW 1-P. Alexander, L. Renfro, A. Silvey, D. Golde T. Ehinger, J. Schmidt, J. Clark, M. Gilley. ROW 2-E n, S. Sallot ROW 3-J. Sloor Hartman, L. Becker, P. Thu DICK VanKIRK, SCHOPPMAN-STELLHORN AGENCY 526 Broadway, New Haven, Indiona Insurance Real Estate , , ROW 1-B. Spurling, F. McCard, R. Beck, C. Conner, N. Deitschel, M. Heck, S. Heckler, A Wietfeldt, J. Hoetzer, D. Koeneman, M. Knipstein. ROW 2-L. Standiford, P. Ort, L. O; born, A. Turner, L. Vonderau, L. Wittenmeyer, W. Green, B. Thompson, J. dinger, E. Oet ting, R. Williams, S. Jackemeyer, K. Honlon, B. Bumgardner. ROW 3— A. Stolte, L. Sanders, C. Sefcik, C. Bultemeier, N. Getting, G. Motney, J. Napier, S. Rhondes, S. Urick, M. Ridgby K. Bandelier. C. Louden. ROW 4-S. Boese, S. Bandelier, J. Rosswurm, K. Sovine, S. Parker, F. Wietfeldt, K. Wetoskey, L. Cox, L. Turner, R. Harvey, C. Scott, M. Stolte, S. Lytle, R Taylor. ROW 5— P. Estes, L. Heim, K. Anderson, C. Adams, S. Worden, L. Turner, R. Hag dorn, M. Pemberton, D. Harty, L. Emenhiser, V. Taylor, P. Kroehl. With approximately sixty active members, the Home Economics Club strives to ofFer interested girls the knowledge and experience necessary for domestic success. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Colderbank, the first semester ' s activities included several culinary trips to France, Italy, and China. " Your Hope Chest " was the theme for activities during the last part of the academic year. Besides practicing the arts of cooking and needle-vvfielding, club participants were co-sponsors of an after-game dance and became business-women as they spent busy and often hectic noonhours operating the school can- teen. President, Marilyn Knipstein, Vice-President, Diane Koeneman, Secretary Joelyn Hoetzer, Treasurer, Nancy Deitschel, Personal Director, Margo Heck, and Point Recorders, Sharon Heckler and Arlene Weidt- feldt, have led NHHS home econo- mists on this year ' s ventures into the world of domestic science. Bread and Butter Clubs ROW 1— Mr. Benson, D. Larson, D. Murphy, B. Ohneck, D. Snyder, R. Lomont, D. Doehrman. ROW 2— J. Doger, T. Nuttle, R. Vinson, T. Thurston, J. Austrup, D. Fultz, S. Clark, D. Ruff, C. Childress, B. Altic. ROW 3— G. Cook, M. Koehlinger, D. Edgar, L. Eicher, S. McGirk, D. Stier, D. Swihort, K. Meyer, W. Sovine, B. Ronk, S. Forrester. ROW 4- J. Louraine, R. Purk, S. dinger, W. Oehler, D. Nuttle, D. McCoy, C. Jaessing, M. Heemsoth, M. Eifrid, S. McDougall, ROW 5— P. Standiford, M. Altic, M. Childress, T. Grabner, R. Boren, S. Goldthwaite, M. Kelly, S. Ohneck, S. Peters. Industrial Arts Club members enjoy a most en- tertaining program at their fall banquet. Bl ;l: -i. Hi R. L. BARRETT ' S 5Mo $1 Store Lincoln Plaza Shopping Center New Haven ROW 1: J. Roemer, Pres. L. Vonderau, V. Pres. ROW 2: N. Dominy, C. Hosteller, R. Hormann, A. Turner, L. Wittenmyer, N Hale, B. Ramsey, D. Begier, P. Feichter, C. Ternet, S. Geels. ROW 3: P. Thur- ston, C. Trzynka, J. Olinger, D. Puilin, T. Boren, B. Thompson, M. Fox, J. Schnelker, D. Bruboker, C. Rose, C. Ferckel, J. Moring. ROW 4: C. Dressier, D. Howe, K. Ruger, S. Schlegel, C. Hollands- worth, L. Koester, C. Louden, L. Purvis, C. Munderich, J. Schuckel, C. Vollmer, M. Stellhorn. ROW 5: C. Shappell, B. Doy, P. Clark, D. Blaising, K. Schlegel, C. Rider, M. Bender, L. Terrell, M. Bennett, L. Koch, J. Coonrod. ROW 6: S. LeGree, G. Ladig, M. Park, D. Fultz, L. Sanders, M. McDevitt, E. Getting, P. Ort, L. Osborn, L. Wiedmon, L. Standiford, D. Sudmann. Introduce Work-a-Day World at N.H.H.S. The eighty-strong Commercial Club Is an organization new on the New Haven scene this year. Membership is open to all com- mercial students who are interested in learning more about the com- petitive world of accuracy and speed. The chief function of this organization is to invite qualified and experienced speakers from various business fields to speck at club meetings. In this way, rwem- bers are afforded the chance to ask questions and to become bet- ter acquainted with future job opportunities. Organized by Mr. Stephan, Commercial Club elected Joyetta Roemer, President, and Linda Vonderau, Vice-President. Industrial Arts Club mode its debut this year at New Haven High. Its members are young men interested in metals, woodworking, mach- ines, and architectural and mechanical drawing. This new club promotes understanding or arts and skills; it also encourages proper attitudes and safety-conscious habits in the shop, factory, and home. Club members repaired old and damaged toys for the Christmas Bureau; however, their main project was laying a sidewalk through Schnelker Pork. The sidewalk was dedicated by an inlaid plaque made by the metals divi- sion of the club to Mr. " Pop " Pensinger who retired at the end of the school year. The club ' s activities for 1964-1965 were brought to a close by the banquet held for members and sponsors. Mr. Benson, Mr. Coff- man, and Mr. Pensinger are the sponsors for this progress-minded club. Officers are: Bryce Ohneck, President, Ron Lomont, Vice-President, and Don Snyder, Secretary-Treasurer. ARMSTRONG STANDARD SERVICE, Tune-up-Wheel Alignment Rood Service, Phone: 749-9151 706 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana ROW 1-P. Davis, P. Wirt, C. Sefcic, K. Berl hiser, K. Youtz, C. Hostetler, S. Kramer, S. Towsley, D. Burgette, D. Herman, L Clark, B. Ahlersmeyer, D. Morrison, J. Sadler, C. Brubaker, S. Geels, S. Baker. ROW 2-L. Purvis, P. Cool, C. Alfekruse, S. Geels, M, Becker, J. Kuroske, D. Sudmann, B. Gulp, M. Dorst, G. Lake, K Hendricks, R. Dressier, D. Allord, M. Pettyjohn, J. Roemer, R. Ho man, S. Heckler, S. Hernicz, L. Harding, K. VanKirk, J. Myers, P. Markey, C. Reed, M. Oberlin, B. Ihrie, T. Sv ihart, B. Shrock, J Ringenberg, D. Dew, D. Quant, J. Williams, F. Jackson, K. Zimmer- man, M. Lepper, J. Schmutz, B. Swank, B. Ronberg, N. Wagner, A. Poorman, L. Bivens, S. Overton, J. Emenhiser. ROW 4— S. Ren- neker, L. Holen, L. Leavel, L. Reichert, D. Koeneman, J. Chapman, N. Carnes, J. Swank, J. Keck, G. Parnin, B. Ohneck, B. Snyder, R. Seddlemeyer, R. Gee, J. Alkire, D. Ralston, B. Critel, M. Torr, D. Wolfe, W. Oehler, S. Stoller, D. Kite, L. Richhart, S. Stanley, E. Singer, M. Boehm. Well-Trained Voices Twenty-two Concert Choir members give of their they practice a number for performance. noon hours and talents as Concert Choir is one of the busiest groups In New Haven High School. Over the post five years, the choir has averaged thirty performances per year. This group performs for several of the high school assembly programs plus many of the civic organizations in New Haven and the surrounding area. They have been featured on local tele- vision programs for the past seven years. Many of the individuals in the choir participate in the solo and ensemble contest each year and have established a praiseworthy record of achieve- ment, both at the local and state levels. The Choir has also established a record in state choir competition. They have earned eight con- secutive first-division ratings in these contests. This is the longest series of superior ratings ever earned by any school in our particular size classification. Compliments of DR. LELAND T. POLLOCK, Chiropractor 1021 Middle Street, New Haven, Indiana ROW 1: A. Westerfleld, J. Westerfield, G. Schriver, J. Shenler, R. Hagadorn, V. Taylor, C. Want, L. Scherer, J. Sefcik, N. Watkins, G, Long; ROW 2: J. Beorman, C. Cox, V. Alber, J. Moore, M. Owens, P. Gasper, C. Apple, S. Attwood, S. Campbell, K. Keck, B. Schulfhies, B. Conrad, A. Schneider, G. Holcomb. ROW 3: J. Parent, K. Kummer, M. Chapman, J. Bennett, L. Schlatter, J. Lillich, M. Stoller, J. Melton, C. Reichenbach, C, Eynon, K. Pabst, W. Coles, S. Barker, A. Rode, N. Dieckman, K. Burgette; ROW 4: J. Johnson, P. Buuck, J. Bearman, J. Edwards, C. Dorente, P. Shirk, J. Wood- cox, M. Heck, L Waikel, P. Kroehl, T. Freelond, S. Ortlieb, L. Sowers, K. Martin, N. Deitschel, R. Lemish. Add Spark to NHHS Girls ' Glee Club has been organized for four years. This group performed for various school assembly programs and for many civic organiza- tions in New Haven and the surrounding area dur- ing the year. Members of this group are active in solo and ensemble contest as well as in the state choir contest. They earned their fourth first-division rating in state competition this year. The eighteen members of Boys ' Glee Club opened a new frontier of musical achievement at NHHS as well as began admirably the job of upholding the standards of New Haven ' s other performing vocal groups. They earned a first- division rating in state competition this year in their first attempt. ROW 1: S. Augenstein, R. Bultemeier, K. Herman, E. Hansen, T. Ellsworth; ROW 2: T. Moorman, T. Howell, R. Beorman, R. Burkett, M. Porks; ROW 3: D. Johnson, M. Taylor, C. Shappell. J. Reinking, M. Tucker. LENNY ' S BARBAR SHOP, Highway 30 ot Stjrm, New Haven, Indiana Lenny Bowers— Larry Yoder, " We Need Your Head in our Business " ROW 1: D. Rider, C. Friedley, T. Folfz, L. NefF, C. Blomenberg, J. Martin, B. Boys, B. Wesner, T. Morrison; ROW 2: D. Sudmonn, J. Matthews, R. Babbitt, C. Holloway, L. Koehlmeyer, J. Schlegel, P. Theurer, N. Coats, D. Humphreys, D. Poeppel, L. Emenhiser, B. Stu- erzenburger, M. Snyder, D. Sudmann, D. Robeson, B. Wesner, S. Heckler, A. Young,- ROW 3: P. Miller, J. Doty, J. Gerbers, S. Schmidt, B. Moore, E. Parent, J. Kettering, C. Rossman, K. Young, P. Pollock, S. Asher, V. Baney, P. Buckmoster, D. Michel, J. Gear, S. Pettyjohn, M. Rodenbeck, B. Godfrey, T. Remenschneider, K. Campbell, M. Stuerzenburger, D. Moore, L. Moennig, J. Keeler; ROW 4: S. Meyer, S. Cunningham, T. Hunt, J. Wonderly, J. Hart- man, D. Springer, B. Renfro, C. Knerr, A. Rodenbeck, J. Rosenthal, D. Devoe, J. Washburn, D. Dome, B. Oliphont, Paul Millimon, Ron Best. Musical Entertainment— Steve Stoller and John Keeler served as this year ' s dn active football season. Djors for the NEW HAVEN GULF SERVICE Phone; 749-91 14 409 Lincoln Highway New Haven, Indiana The New Haven Concert Band is definitely one of the organizations most in the public eye at New Haven. Under the direction of Mr. Paul Milliman, Mr. Ron Best, and Mr. Howard Liniger, our bond competed in sev- eral contests during the year; these included the state marching and concert contests, where they earned ex- cellent ratings, and solo and ensemble contests where members received an impressive percentage of first- place ratings. This year the New Haven Concert Band played an exchange concert at the Knox High School, Knox, Indiana. They were also to be the featured band at the Paulding County Fair. With their spirited music and precisioned half-time programs, our band helped to inspire enthusiasm during every home bas- ketball and football game. The trumpet-lead cheer of " Beat ' em! " still rings from the rafters of the Bulldogs ' home gymnasium. The NHHS bond will end the year by playing at the senior commencement exercises. The band captain for this year is senior Bob Bruce. Drum majors Steve Stoller and John Keeler, along with stu- dent conductor Bob Godfrey made up part of the band ' s student-leadership roster. Varsity twirlers are Becky Wesner, Marily Stuerzenburger, Barb Wesner, and Sheryl Friedley. FRONT: R. Babbitt, L. Moening, B. Moore, D. Sudmann, M. Snyder, B. Stuerzenberger, J. Doty, D. Sudmonn, P. Miller, D. Moore, J. DufFey. ROW 2: D, Snyder, S. Sandy, P. Theurer, T. Rodgers, B. Bruce, D. Springer, B. Godfrey, M. Rodenbeck, S. Pettyjohn, J. Washburn, J. Gear. STANDING: Mr. Ron Best (Director), B. Oliphant, J. Thomas, N. Coats. —Compliments of the New Haven Musicians The New Haven Dance Band partici- pates in solo and ensemble contests each year. Besides the contests, the Dance Band performs at an annual concert and plays for various school activities in the area; this year those included dances at Kendallville, Indiana; Ayersville, Ohio; Antwerp, Ohio; Lorweil, Indiana; and Huntington, Indiana. Guests tour the new band roon year ' s dedication concert. ALLEN COUNTY TIMES, 621 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana New Haven ' s Allen County Times Serving New Haven Eastern Allen County Y-Teen " angels " provide part of the monthly progran ROW 1: S. Koehlinger, C. Hostetler, S. Geels, B. Chapman, S. Geels. ROW 2: D. Koeneman, K. Jones, R. Hor- monn, M. Becker, S. Hensley, T. Boren, R. Kyler, K. VanKirk, J. Edwards, J. Roemer. ROW 3: C. Ferkel, C. Dressier, L. Koester, N. Wagner, D. Jennings, J. Napier, L. Waikel, L. Morkoff, J. Parent, S. Stanley, L, Vondereau. ROW 4: K. Bandelier, L. Leisure, S. Bandelier, P. Marks, J. Bowman, D. Tribolet, S. Heckler, D. Gowen, J, Hemrick, P. Gregg, D. Doehrman. ROW 5: L. Purvis, C. Warden, S. Heddon, K. Winans, N. Hale, B. Ramsey, L. Ramsey, D. Windmiller, B. Conrad, K. Glosser, K. Kroemer, J. Berkley, P. Rudig. ROW 6: P. Grubb, M. Sluerzenberger, B. Wesner, C. Lake, B. Stuerzenberger, C. Bleeke, L. Bivens, L. Harding, J. Quondt, S. Berning, M. Behnke, K. Clem, S. Cox, B. Gremaux. ROW 7: M. Getting, J. Beorman, L. Sowers, J. Westerfleld, R. Leaman, A. Westerfleld, G. Homm, L. Reichert, P. Wirt, C. Pabst, P. Thurston. Service Projects The New Haven chapter of Y-Teens combines fun and service during the school year. Sponsored by Miss Mani- fold and Miss Leuenberger, club members serve the com- munity and make many new friends at the same time. Joint parties and projects, such as the St. Patricks Day Dance, " Sham-Rock, " and the annual spring sale of potato chips, bring together Y-Teens chapters from all over the state. In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, club members sponsored the food donations for Thanksgiving baskets. At Christmas they made table favors and centerpieces for the patients at the Veteran ' s Hospital. They are also the " par- ents " of a small Korean orphan named Ching Lei to whom they send letters and gifts throughout the year. A " Little Sister " party was held at the beginning of the year; members who did not have a sister to bring borrowed one from another member. The Y-Teens treasury was kept in the block by the sponsoring of a dance and style show, in which the members modeled. This ac- tive organization ended the year by making Easter bas- kets for the children at St. Vincent ' s Villa. New mem- bers were initiated at a formal banquet held in the spring. Officers for the 1964- 1 965 term were: Cheryl Hos- tetler, President; Sharon Geels, Vice-President; Beth Chapman, Secretary; Sherry Koehlinger, Treasurer; and Sheila Geels, Devotions Chairman. Members of Senior Y-Teens busily pack food and clothing for deserving families during the holiday season. All ' s loaded, as Y-Teens and Hi-Y members endeavor to share the gifts of New Havenites. FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Auto— Truck— Fire— Life 414 Broadway New Haven 749-5135 Y-Teens and Hi-Y at Top of Service- Rendering ' List Senior Y-Teens Officers SEATED: Sherry Koehlinger, Sharon Geels STANDING: Sheila Geels, Cheryl Hostetler, Beth Chap- FRONT ROW-Mrs. Null, S. Kroeckenberg, L. Turner, N. Wotkins President, L. Getting, S. Winans, Mrs. Dishon. 2nd ROW-S. Wick, P. Buuck, T. Freilond, V. Taylor, J. Johnson, B. Moring, M. Pem- berton; 3rd ROW-A. Morrical, K. Walt, A. Schnieder, C. Lelja, C. Sharpenberg, J. McBee, S. Worden; 4th ROW-C. Buhr, B. Delp, N. Dieckmon, R, Ahlersmeyer, S. Hilt, S. Barker, A. Rode. Student Directory Project Puts Hl-Y At Top Of Service-Rendering " List. The New Haven chapter of Hi-Y, under the direction of Mr. Stebing, has as its goals serv- ice to others and development of high stan- dards. The publication and distribution of a much-appreciated student directory was the big project of Hi-Y this year. Members also or- ganized and presented the Easter assembly to the student body and aided in the dis- tribution of Thanksgiving and Christmas bas- kets to needy families in the community. Di- recting the thirty participants in Hi-Y Activities for 1964-1965 were Jan Swank, President; Dave Allard, Vice-President; Bill Gulp, Secre- tary; Ron Dressier, Treasurer; Jim Sloan, Chaplain, and Mike Lee, Sergeant-at-Arms. ROW 1: D. Johnson, M. Lee, B. Gulp, J. Swank, Dave Allar Sloan, B. McConnell ROW 2: M. Snyder, J. Kuroski, D. D( Swank, R Clevenger, P GerofF W Sorg ROW 3 Mr. Stebi Becker, B Koepke, J Davis, K Meyer, R Bearman d, R. Dressier, J. 3w, J. Duffey, B. ng, J. Howell, R. ZELT ' S SERVICE STATION, Hortzell Rd. U. S. 30 New Haven, Indiana, 749-1585 Service and Dedication Combine to Make Worthwhile Organizations ROW 1— Mrs. Reising, B. Steurzenberger, B. Thompson, J. Ollinger, L. Blair, K. Kern, S. Olinger, Mr. Lamb. ROW 2-L. Wiedman, C. Estes, A. Hirschbiel, L. Barnes, K. VankKirk, R. Kyler, K. Jones, P. Geroff, N. Mar- kin, C. Ferkel, D. Ferree, F. McCord. ROW 3-M. Treesh, J. Wood- cox, B. Gremaux, D. Doehrman, T. Roberts, L. Ramsey, D. Windmiller, P. Grove s, D. Russell, G. Same, B. Trickey. ROW 4-A. Diehl, W. Geh- ler, J. Koehlinger, T. Marchal, M. Lee, E. Weisenburger, C. Hanks, C. Martin, K. Federspiel, S. Heckler, B. Wesner. ROW 5-M. Behnke, S. Berning, J. Goodman, L. Waikel, L. Markoff, M. Heck, S. Wick, S. Wi- nans, L. Mauhews, S. Burns, C. Conley, P. Boomershine, J. Barkley. ROW 6— R. Hagadorn, C. Buhr, B. Quandt, B. Schulthies, G. Schreiber, A. Morrical, J. Shepler, M. Maul, M. Jones, P. Miller, P. Robeson, S. Bender, C. Lake. ROW 7— N. Foust, K. Hirschbiel, V. Taylor, L. Emen- hiser, P. Kroehl, S. Foerster, J. McBee, J. Sefcik. " Pop " Pensinger and two Red Cross members finish loading up a car with goods for needy families within the community. The High School Red Cross, sponsored by Mrs. Reising and Mr. Lamb, is one of the most active serv- ice organizations on the New Haven scene. The mem- bers of 1964-1965 Red Cross Club sponsored a Christmas clothing drive and decorated the Veteran ' s Hospital during the holiday season. Red Cross parti- cipants spent hours preparing for a dance which was held at the Coliseum following the Fort Wayne Bas- ketball Sectional. By going on several field trips throughout the year, members learned of many ways to use their talents and services. The annual banquet was held in the spring to conclude the year ' s activi- ties. Linda Blair, President, Sheila Geels, Vice-President, Karen Kern, Secretary, Sherry Koelinger, Bonnie Thompson, Joyce Olinger, and Barb Stuerzenburger, Chapter House Representatives, and Steve Olinger, Publicity Chairman, were this years Red Cross officers. The Projectionists ' Club is an organization that has just recently been added to the long list of school activities at New Haven. Functioning as a school service, the members of Projectionists ' Club operate the audio-visual equipment for both classes and extra-curricular activities. Their serv- ices are made available to all teachers in the high school. Bob Snyder, President, Dan Purvis, Vice-President, and Jim Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, served as this year ' s officers; and Mr. HumI added faculty guidance to the club. AL GRATZ BODY SHOP 5327 New Haven Avenue 749-8509 ROW 1— Bob Cadmus, Andrew Matuska, Bob Snyder, Jim Davis, Dave Ritchie, Greg Pearson. ROW 2— Al Peterson, Larry Bricker, Byron Craig, Steve Towsley, Kent Monessmith, Jim Spears, Ken Lucterhand, Bill Schrock, Mr. HumI. Eight School Spirit " Rousers " Help to Bring Victory to NHHS f m Varsity five include four seniors and a junior: Sheryl Baker, Jill Parent, Rosanne Hormann, Linda Richhart, Debbie Bearman. The five vitality-minded girls who were selected as varsity cheerleaders helped to make this year ' s basketball and foot- ball seasons noisy and spirited ones. NHHS cheerleaders are charged with the responsibility of generating and stimulating enthusiasm throughout the entire season. Elected before the entire student body in the spring of the year, the fortunate five participated in and organized pep sessions that brought spirit to Friday activity periods. Linda Richhart, Rosanne Hor- mann, Sherry Baker, Debbie Bearman, and Jill Parent, var- sity cheerleaders this year, did an excellent job of boosting the school ' s spirits to previously-unequaled heights during the sectional tourney time. A cheer of " thank-you " is in order for the NHHS " peppy five. " Reserve cheerleaders, Kathy Kummer, Bea Chopin, and Nan- cy Watkins helped to urge on the reserve basketball squad to victory in 1964-1965. Aided by the reserve pep club, the cheer- leaders added their efforts at pep sessions, games and the sec- tional tourney. DICK ' S STANDARD SERVICE, U.S. 30 Green Rd. New Haven, Ind. 749-9i20 Cheerleaders introduce and perfect cheers at Pep Club meetings. Nancy Watkins, Kathy Kummer, and Beverly Chapin put their " feet " together and cheer on the J.V. team. Yea Purple, Yea Gold— Yea Bulldogs! IflHlBBi « Jl;l ' jlillM fmiiij jiittiwiaiiii ■ J M " We ' ve got the spirit— everybody! " — so the cheer goes— and that is exactly what the New Haven Pep Clubs hove demonstrated. While the small but vivacious Junior Varsity Pep Club en- thusiastically cheered on their J.V. team, the var- sity members, after many practice sessions, greeted visiting opponents with a precisioned spelling of " Hello! " Following the lead of their officers. Penny Davis, President, Mickie Hirschman, Vice-President, Ann Turner, Secretary-Treasurer, Margot Heck and Bev Quandt, junior and sophomore represen- tatives respectively, and their sponsor. Miss Berkeypile, Pep Club members were responsible for the spirited, ever-present victory signs in the NHHS hallowed halls. The year 1964-1965 also saw the cheering squad take towel in hand to sponsor a rather wet but very successful car wash. kjOh Compliments of: BELL ' S ROLLER SKATING RINK, 7009 Lincoln Highway East Fort Wayne, Indiana, Phone 749-8214 (Book your school parties with us) Bulldog Boosters Bolster Spirit This year New Haven basketball fans witnessed new-found enthusiasm being generated by the boys ' pep club; alias, the Bulldog Boosters. Under the com- petent direction of Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Zimmerman, this newly-organized group added team-inspiring spirit to New Haven ' s version of " Hoosier Hysteria. " In cooperation with the Girls ' Pep Clubs, the Bulldog Boosters contributed roof-raising volume to the cause of Bulldog victor . The roster of boys actively in- volved in this organization has surpassed that of any other recent year in length. The Bulldog Boosters annually sponsor the New Haven cheerleaders at a summer camp. This year ' s officers include: President, Terry Hetrick; Vice-President, Ron Dressier; Secre- tary, Gary Stahl; Treasurer, Jon Nott; Sergeant-ot- Arms, Bob Stemmler. KLINE ' S YOUNG FASHIONS, 510 Broadway, New Ha Infants Children to Size 14 Editorial Staff ROW 1-Mrs. Wolf, R. Kyler, J. Chapman, C. Springer, J. Em- enhiser, J. Sadler, editor, D. Russell, P. Williams, P. Ort, R. Disler, C. Munderich. ROW 2-B. Ahlersmeyer, K. Ruger, S. Smith, J. Hemrick, S. Hoover, C. Lohse, D. Koenemon, S. Nash, D. Arn- old, C. Hostetler, C. Dressier, C. Brubaker, N. Dominy, C. Rider. ROW 3-B. Cockrum, M. Cooper, M. Louraine, P. Gasper, M. Ob- erlin, C. Rossmon, P. Kroehl, K. Youtz, P. Robison, S. Spiker. The Mirage editorial and business staffs join forces each year to nnake the best yearbook possible. The business end, consisting of both the od and subscrip- tion staffs, is headed by Mrs. West, sponsor, Mary Ann Hoff, business manager, and Lynn Maul, assistant busi- ness manager, and is responsible for the selling of ad- vertising space and yearbooks. Mr. Oberlin and Mrs. Wolf, guiding lights of the Editorial staff, help with the rough spots— meeting the many deadlines, taking and selecting interesting pictures, and gathering informa- tion about teachers, organizations, and students. Team effort is necessary in creating a good yearbook; New Haven ' s staff, meeting only one hour each month, ex- emplifies this! Mirage Scribes and Salesmen Team Up To Preserve 1 964- 1 965! Business Staff FRONT ROW— P. Shirk, J. Roemer, C. Warden, M. Hoff, business manager, B. Thompson, J. Woodcox, R. Bumgordner. BACK ROW-C. Martin, J. Lillich, P. Meyer, K. Ehle, T. Boren, P. Geroff, B. Wesner. R. Disler not pictured. Subscription Staff ROW 1— L. Richhort, P. Davis, A. Poorman, L. Koester, L. Barnes, M. Fox, C. Trzynko, J. Westerfield. ROW 2— A. Turner, A. Scherer, L. Wiedmon, C. Estes, B. Wesner, M. Stuerzenberger, J. Edwards, A. Westerfield, L. Maul, K. Honlon. ROW 3— B. Gorton, L. Morkoff, J. Napier, S. Tenborge, K. Ehinger, L. Vonderau, J. Neireiter, J. France, S. Stanley. ■ E m c m s i NHHS Athletes Proud Owners of Gold Letters ROW 1— Mr. Wiant, D. Herman, S. Hosier, D. Fultz, S. Augenstein Vice-Pres., B. Rohrbocher Pres., G. Lake Sec, G. Stahl Treas., M. Schroeder, D. Widdifield, Mr. Armstrong Head Coach ROW 2— T. Wright, A. Diehl, K. Hendricks, B. Williams, T. Hetrick, D. Shenfeld, J. Austrup, M. Diehl, N. Cornes, S. Sauers, R. Nash ROW 3— C. Turner, D. Nix, E. Hanson, M. Lepper, R. Dressier, R. Moody, J. Schmutz, D. Dew, D. Boester, D. Mc- Clure, K. Buuck, A. Schnelker. ROW 4— J. Suciu, K. Monesmith, S. dinger, D. Werling, M. McKee, B. Clup, J. Kelty, T. Armor, R. Thompson, J. Swanson, D. Wylie, J. Hole. Basketball, football, cross country, track, wrestling, and baseball— each varsity sport adds top-flight ma- terial to the membership roster of Lettermen ' s Club. Designed to give not only recognition to deserving athletes, but also to promote good sportsmanship, this organization at New Haven numbers in the fifties. At the completion of each season ' s sports, an award banquet is held to honor those outstanding partici- pants in that particular sport. New Haven High School is indeed proud of the young men who hove exhibited perfected abilities and displayed admirable sportsmanship. Bob Rohrbocher, President; Steve Aug- enstein, Vice-President; Gary Lake, Secretary; and Gary Stahl, Treasurer headed the 1964-1965 letter winners. The sponsors of this organization ore Mr. Paul Armstrong, Mr. Bob Wiant, and Mr. Dupont. Lettermen enjoy good food and on evening of entertainment at the onnual banquet. Mr. Armstrong draws a hearty laugh fron lookers at 1964 football banquet. Hard Workers ROBERT AHLERSMEYER PATRICIA ALEXANDER CAROLYN ALTEKRUSE CANDICE BRUBAKER JUDY CHAPMAN LOUIS CLARK MARTHA DUMFORD JANE EMENHISER SALLY HENSLEY MICHAELINE HIRSCHMAN SYLVIA HOOVER MARILYN KNIPSTEIN DIANE KOENEMAN MARTHA LEBRECHT JAMES OBERLIN STEVEN PENROD ARLENE RODENBECK Make Scholastic Who ' s Who National Honor Society membership bestows upon those who belong one of the greatest honors that can be obtained during a high school career. Four qualities— character, scholarship, service, and lead- ership—are essential characteristics for any National Honor member. Juniors and seniors meeting these qualifications are received into the society before the entire student body in the spring of each year. A formal initiation and a reception follow the presen- tation of new members. The " fun " affair, also in the spring, is the annual banquet for new and old mem- bers alike; the informal initiation of newly-selected " scholars " provides the entertainment for the eve- ning. Robert Ahlersmeyer, President, Louis Clark, Vice-President, and Cynthia Springer, Secretary- Treasurer served as this year ' s National Honor So- ciety officers. The honor and recognition of National Honor Society membership are treasured by all who are invited into this selective and highly-respected organization. MARLENE RODENBECK JUDITH SADLER STEPHEN SALLOT SUE SECRIST ANITA SILVEY JAMES SLOAN CYNTHIA SPRINGER I 1 During the solemn ceremony proud parents g Keltmer her pin. Sandy After the initial excitement, parents and new and old members relax over punch and cookies. NHS Welcomes 25 New Scholars Each year Notional Honor Society adds to its mem- bership those Seniors and Juniors who have proved themselves worthy of such an honor. This year seven Seniors and eighteen Juniors were taken into National Honor Society on March 11, 1965. These scholars who were chosen for leadership, service, character, and scholarship were welcomed informally into the society at a banquet on March 17, 1965 at the Gerber Haus Restaurant. ROW 1— A. Westerfield, M. Oberlin, K. Berkhiser, C. Nelson, J. Harreli, J. Dieckman, M. Boldt, C. Hostetler, J. Westerfield. ROW 2-L. Vonderau, L. Kelty, L Feasel, S. Keltner, K. Kummer, S. Cox, S. Kramer, S. Stanley. ROW 3— T. Ehinger, J. Swank, G. Pornin, R. Moody, J. Schmutz, B. Gulp, S. Ernst, D. Dew. NEW HAVEN ' S THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD SPORTSMAN- t f- . sg sm Ji ' , ! . • ' -ewr -r ' jvis ??! ' - Team; ROW 1-D. Dew, G. Lake, S. Hosier, D. Widdifield, D Leeka, B. Barwiler. ROW 2-D. Nix, T. Wright, J. Ringenberg, K. Hendricks, S. Lewis, E. Mattingly. ROW 3— S. Goldthwaite, J. Aus- frup, M. Diehl, D. Werling, B. Rohrbacher, A. Peterson. ROW 4 —Coach P. Armstrong, M. Schroeder, N. Cornes, D. Fultz, S. Souers, Coach B. Wiant. ROW 5— K. Monesmith (Student Man- ager), R. Bauer, A. Diehl, J. Koehlinger, M. Lepper, C. Turner, D. Boester, J. Reinking, R. Burton, S. dinger (Student Manager). Jamboree New Haven 20 Concordia New Haven 13 Central 13 New Haven 25 Decatur New Haven 33 Angola New Haven 34 Concordia 13 New Haven 42 Kendallville New Haven 20 Kokomo 34 New Haven 33 Elmhurst 7 New Haven 7 Bishop Luers 14 Grid Team Registers RUHL HOME FURNISHINGS, 424 Broadway New Haven, Indiana, Phone 749-4717 During halftime, players to discuss Coach Ar unexpected mstrong maneuve holds a conference with the ■s of the foe. Respectable Record Coach Armstrong piloted the Bulldogs to an- other successful season on the gridiron by com- piling a 5—2—1 record. The team ' s long hours of practice earned them the NEIC crown for the second consecutive year. Kokomo ' s state- wide, second-ranked Wil dcats and Bishop Luers ' s Knights were the only teams able to de- feat our Bulldogs. The gold-and-purple charg- ers played their home gomes before faithful fans who braved near-freezing weather at the newly-dedicated John H. Young Football-Track Stadium. Awards were won this year by New Haven grid players with determination: twelve seniors— J. Austrup, N. Cornes, M. Diehl, D. Fultz, K. Hendricks, S. Hosier, G. Lake, B. Rohrbacher, S. Sauers, M. Schroeder, D. Wld- difield, T. Wright, and seven juniors— D. Boes- ter, D. Dew, A. Diehl, M. Lepper, D. Nix, C. Turner, D. Werling. Special awards went to B. Rohrbacher and G. Lake, co-captains of the team; B. Rohrbacher, the best offensive player; J. Austrup, the best defensive player; and D. Widdifield, the player with the best mental at- titude throughout the season. Good blocking, quick thinking, and fine running enabled Steve Hosier to pick up considerably good yardage on this end run. Each sports event needs enthusiastic backing by its fans— football is no exception. GIL BAUMGARTNBR-FRANK CLARK, INSURANCE COUNSELORS ADVISERS, Friendly- Personal-Sincere Service, Columbus Mutual Life Ins., Co., " Specialists in Young People ' s In- surance Needs " 137 i T) ' : Even though he was outnumbered, 5 to 1, this back gaine d enough for a first down. The bulldogs ran many an opponent into the ground (or mud)! A-C-T-l-O-N Spells " Football " at NHHS How would you like to be the boll-carrier on the bottom of the pile? As the plays cover the width of the field, this particular ploy ended at the sideline. Reserve Today: Varsity Tomorrow Junior Vars ty Scores: Won 3 Lost 5 New Haven 20 Garrett 25 6 Central 30 6 Bishop Luers 7 20 Lakeland 6 18 Elmhurst 20 20 Central Cath. 8 20 Concordia 13 North Side 7 During the still-hot days of early August the pros- pects for New Haven ' s reserve football team turned out for early-morning practice fully clad in grid gear. The beginning few weeks of twice-a-doy practice weeded out those rookies without determination. The coaches separated the remaining squad into groups of backs and linemen for special workouts in the blazing sun. As each boy realized how vital his position and maneuvers were to the success of every play, the team began to make progress. With each gome came op- portunities to apply acquired skills in rugged compe- tition. The desire to win and the energy expended by the reserve coaches and players enables New Haven to continue its tradition of crowd-pleasing football. ROW 1: A. Keltner, T. Sqbire, M. Tucker, T. Howell, M. Harnish, A. Hearn. ROW 2: E. Schinnerer, R. Losher, D. Ludwig, S. Lepper, D. Deyo, R. Lahrman, S. Burnworth, C. Rodey. ROW 3: C. Diehl, A. Peterson, S. Goldthwaite, S- Ohneck, L. Stroble, R. Boren, D. Leeka, J. Peden. ROW 4: Coach Hum!, D. Ely, R. Bauer, B. Oliphant, R. Burton, H. Parkison, L. Larrance, Coach Mitchell. ROW 5: D. Mc- Henry, G. Kohlmeyer, T. Fisher, S. Ernst, R. McCogue, S. Zimmer- lee, K. Freiburger, G. Pearson. r _ » _ j GEORGE W. THOMPSON-AUCTIONEER, Complete Sales Service 369 Tweedwood Drive, New Haven, Indiana. Phone 749-1662 Bulldogs G-r-r-reat!! Ohio State Life Insurance— Robert G. Wolfe, Agent 1117 Highway 30 East, New Haven, Indiana 749-4546 IlA Jk J, The thundering roar of the crowd, the spirited mu- sic of the band, the smell of fresh popcorn, the chanting of the cheerblocks, the buzzing of the of- ficials in conference, and the bosket-shooting of the warming-up players all have their part in basketball New Haven style. From the opening tip to the final buzzer, the players battle for rebounds and " easy " shots, often tying up or fouling on opponent. Fast breaks or slow breaks, playing zone or playing man- to-man, the players try to avoid involving the offi- cials with their eager whistles and wild arm motions. Cheers of approval, disapproval, and encourage- ment cause tension to mount throughout the gym as the game ebbs into the record books. After the tra- ditional countdown of the last ten seconds the buzz- er signals the end of the gome, and fans flow onto the floor to surround the victorious Bulldogs. The crowd quickly leaves the gym and disappears into the night, thus ending a figment of the " Hoosier Craze. " DELMAR M. BYROADE-BYROADE BROS. SLIDING AND AWNING SALES 4715 Wayne Trace, Fort Wayne, Indiana VARSITY; 19-4 New Haven 62 Leo 61 80 Wood Ian 64 83 Central Cath. 71 51 Columbia City 60 63 Central 57 71 Concordia 54 73 Angola 51 105 Bishop Luers 78 79 Monroevolle 68 73 North Side 83 93 Hoagland 59 74 Harlan 64 74 Kendallville 51 74 BlufTton 60 62 Huntertown S7 81 Decatur 69 70 Elmhurst 49 83 Berne 54 Conference games Huntington Tourney 17 North Side 66 61 Huntington 64 Sectional Tourney 73 Bishop Luers 65 68 South Side 56 52 North Side 78 Wiant s First Season ROW 1: K. Monesmith (Stud. Man.), B. Rohrbacker, D. McClure, S. Augenstein, R. Moody, N. Cornes, S. Souers, D. Herman. ROW 2: Coach Mitcliell, B. Gulp (Stud. Man.), D. Boester, G. Pornin, M. Lepper, J. Schmutz, B. Oliphant, Coach Wiant. Coach Wiant devoted his freshman year of varsity coaching to helping New Haven cagers earn their best record In many years. Along with his magnificent job of piloting the team, our winning five had extra ordinary players. While compiling a seasonal record of 19—4, the Bull- dogs earned a 7—2 record against the Fort Wayne City Schools and set the most-points-scored-in-one- game record when they defeated Bishop Luers ' s Knights 105 to 84 on the home floor. At the Huntington Holi- day Tournament New Haven finished second to Hunting- ton after defeating North Side ' s state-wide-fifth-place Redskins. After North Side evened the score by de- feating the Bulldogs on Redskin ground in regular sea- son action, the rubber match came in the form of the Fort Wayne Sectional Championship game. Though the crown went to North Side, New Haven was proud to advance to the final game for the first time since 1931. McClure has to go high to get this shot away Herman, laying it up against the Moody and Herman don ' t know what to make against Bishop Luers in the Sectional. Knights, makes i t look so easy. of McClure ' s football antics. Pride and Joy of NHHS McClure sprouted a third arm in an effort to get this tip. J.V. Team: ROW 1: T. S ROW 2: Coach Mitchell Wiant. ' ihart, D. McHenry, T. Lilo, M. Ehinger, J. Pickett, S. Goldthwaite, R. Burton, V Peterson, B. Gulp, B. Oliphant, Coach Moody gets the opening tip against Monroeville. Playing in the preliminary game which accompanies each varsity bas- ketball game is the varsity of next year. Composed of sophomores, the 1964-1965, NHHS junior-var- sity played with the never-dying spirit and will-to-win that is charac- teristic of a successful basketball team. During practice the boys struggled to gain harmony on the floor. The reserves showed definite signs, by the end of the season, of beginning to gain the experience and " stick-to-it-ivness " that they need to follow the varsity purple- and-gold cagers of 1964-1965. Reserves: 12-8. BILL CHAPMAN LANDSCAPING SERVICE, 525 U.S. Highway 30 East New Haven, Indiana, Phone 749-2917 All Landscaping, Fence Erection ROW 1— D. Lonis (Student Manager), J. Swan- son, J. Hale, A. Schne ' ker, D. Shenfeld, B. Wil- liams, J. Kelty, G. Stahl, D. Wylie, J. Suciu (Stu- dent Manager). ROW 2— T. Hetrick, C. Porter, B. Overholt, E. Weisenburger, R. Becker, E. Hanson, T. Bandt, M. Rosendohl, T. Armor. ROW 3-Coach E. Cass, R. Clevenger, D. Her- man, K. Buuch, B. Ahlersmeyer, B. Shrock, P. DeRemer. Bulldog Harriers Post Winning Season 1 - aerM ' t ' i ieSii Dick Shenfeld shows how easy it is to the N.E.I.C. meet in record time. In his first year as New Haven ' s coach, Everett Cass had a successful season: his varsity triumphed in eight of their nine meets and the reserves brought home the fruits of nine vic- tories and no losses. Team captain, D. Shenfeld, copped in- dividual titles by winning both the Sectional and the N.E.I.A.C. meets with a time of nine minutes, and fifty seconds, a new record for the course, for the meet, and for New Haven in the event. He went on to place thirteenth in the regional meet. Three seniors— A. Schnelker, D. Shenfeld, B. Williams- four juniors— J. Hale, G. Stahl, J. Swonson, D. Wylie— and two sophomores— T. Armor, and J. Kelty— this year joined the ranks of those holding cross-country letters. With a nucleus of the six returning lettermen and the addition of other promising rookies, the Bulldog cross country men can look forward to next fall and another successful season on the two-mile course. J Bulldog Matmen Post Impressive Record. Left— As if the excitement of one match isn ' t enough, two matches are held at the same time. Above — Al Diehl shows one of the techniques by which he pins his opponents. High School wrestling is fast becoming a favorite winter sport. Unlike football or basketball, in which the taller and heavier boys have the advantage, wrestling is a sport in which the small and large boys are matched against boys of their own size and weight. Our high school wrestling program strengthens each boy in physical and mental ability and develops individualism. Wrestling creates a sense of responsibility; participants are not able to rely on other members of the team for help. The Bulldog men-of-the-mats had a successful season, win- ning eight meets while losing five and playing to a tie in one. Four New Haven boys won in their weight divisions at the Sectional; this was more than any other school advanced this far. The title holders were Rick Charleston, 96 pounds; Gary Stahl, 103 pounds; and Al Diehl, 154 pounds. With many of his experienced grapplers returning next year. Coach Hostetler can look forward to another victorious season on the mats. New Haven 31 Warsaw 22 18 Decatur 34 45 Central 9 27 Culver 25 34 Angola 20 30 Defiance 11 42 Angola 10 14 S.B. Washington 30 32 Warsaw 18 21 Logansport 31 16 Marion 28 22 Central 22 New Haven 42 Defiance 41 Tourney Decatur 36 95 Howe 18 Culver Culver 102 Tourney Penn 96 Lafayette 18 Sectional-2nd place Regional— 7th place ROW 1-T. Hetrick, K. Freiburg- er, C. Turner, R. Dressier, G. Lake, G. Stohl, R. Charleston. ROW 2-Coach DuPont, E. Wei- senburger, J. Ringenberg, L. Larrance, M. Parks, A. Diehl, Coach Hostetler. t3 tt ei " !i f ' !% B Compliments of a Friend ' i- ' Baseball:-Varsity;-ROW 1: S. Ernst, T. Howell, S. Hosier, R. Nosh, M. Lepper, G. Lake. ROW 2: S. Yoemon (Stud. Man.), J. Reinking, D. Dew, C. Turner, B. Ahlersmeyer, K. Buuck, R. Eiter, S. Spring Base ball 65 Schedule. New Haven 2 Huntington 1 New Haven 5 Von Wert 1 New Haven 10 Crestview New Haven 8 Decatur Cothol c 2 New Hoven 13 ♦Columbia City 12 New Haven 3 Bluffton 2 New Haven 10 Auburn 4 New Haven 15 Kendallville New Haven 2 Decatur 1 New Haven 2 Concordia 3 New Haven 11 ♦Angola 1 New Haven 4 ♦Garrett Conference Ga me Augenstein, J, Nott, K. Monesmith (Stud. Man.) ROW 3: Coach Armstrong, D. Nix, B. Rohrbacher, D. Fultz, R. Moody, N. Carnes, D. Herman, Coach Mitchell. When a Young Man ' s Coach Armstrong ond Coach Mitchell are responsible for the boll teams and try to work the boys into winning squads. Since practice sessions began the week after the state basket- ball champion game. Coach Armstrong had only a few weeks in which to mold the Bulldog swatter team into shape. This year, however, the chore of forming a starting line-up wasn ' t difficult, for many veterans of last year ' s team answered the call to report for baseball practice. Though seemingly only a game of pleas- ure, any player will vouch for the fact that America ' s greatest pastime isn ' t all fun. The work comes during the practice sessions when the coaches drill the players in fielding, bunting, hitting, and other fundamentals of the gome. Spectators see only the end result of long hours of practice. To help get warmed up and ready to go, everyone plays catch to get the arms loosened up. Reserve:— ROW 1: R. Gepfert, A. Keltner, D. McHenry, T. Lillo, T. Fisher, M. Tucker ROW 2: G. Pearson, B. Lowden, J. Pickett, B. Oliphant, R. Bauer, R. Lahrmon. Fancy Turns to » . . Baseball Doing Push-ups is only one of the many strenuous calisthenics performed before the actual practicing. Roger Nosh keeps Steve Augenstein, Steve Hosier, Denny Herman, and Ken Buuck on their toes by playing a game of " pepper " with them. 1 Batting Practice:— Steve Hosier uses a me- chanical aid to give Denny Herman practice at power hitting. 147 FRONT— D. Lonis (student manager), G. Lake, B. Kolbow, J. Mc- Abee, J. Koehlinger, J. Swanson, D. McClure, E. Hanson, D. Dew, G. Stahl, J. Suciu, (Student Manager), MIDDIE-Coach Cass, B. Shrork, M. Lavine, S. Goldth waite, K. Hendricks, S. Young, L. Stroble, J. Hale, D. Shenfeld, T. Swihart, Coach Wiant. BACK— Coach HumI, H. Parkison, B. Williams, S. Sauers, R. Moody, N. N. Carnes, J. Schmutz, B. Rohrbacker. RESERVE New Haven 62 endallville 47 New Haven 64 North Side 45 New Haven 105 Central Catholic 4 New Haven 59 Columbia City 50 FRONT-B. Kolbow, D, Wylie, C. Porter, K. Shive, M. King, A. Diehl. BACK- H. Parkison, B. Schrock, P. DeRemer, D. Werling, R. Frederick, S. Peters, S. Young, D. Ely. Cinderless Cindermen f f f f f f " A long way down, but on even longer way up, " says vaulter Jim McAbee. Trying to bundle out the chilly, damp weather, Mr. Miller judges the pole vault event. This year Coach Cass has ably done his port to initiate the new Glasstex track at the John H. Young Stadium, the official residence of the New Haven track team. The new track is ideal, for track meets can be held even during foul weather. The smooth surface of the track gives sprinters and runners the firmer footing they need to set new records in the running events. Since track activity must start as early in the year as possible, the cindermen sometimes have to practice while it ' s still snowing. Even after the meets have started, rain may decrease enthusiasm for the field events. Though NHHS harriers are plagued with many colds and sore muscles before the arrival of spring, there is much competition for berths on the Bulld og track team. The boys are willing to do their best . . . and then a little more. Taking to the air. Dove Dew strains for every foot of distance he can leap. 1965 TRACK RECORD VARSITY New hiaven 78% Kendallville 30 ' 3 New Haven 23 North Side 86 New Haven 78 Central Catholic 31 New Haven 57 Columbia City 52 New Haven 96 Leo Monroeville 52 9 New Haven 49 Central Bishop Luers 57 50 Coliseum Meet Finished 7th. North Side Relays Finished 7th. New Haven Relays Finished 2nd. N.E.I.A.C. Finished 4th. Sectional Finished 4th. In the Sect ■onal, Dick Shenfeld was first n th€ 880 yard run, Jerry Schmutz fir ished third in the 120 yard High Hurdles, Neal Carnes Rnished third in the Pole Vault. The 1 mile Reloy Team, com posed of David Dew, Bill Williams, | Ed Hanson and Dick Shenfeld finished secon d. N o-one qualified for the State Finals following the Regio lal. High hurdler Steve Sauers ' proper form enables him to finish well ahead of the other partici- pants. Here in the low hurdles, Jerry Schmutz finished a very close second at the New Haven Relays. Number three man Ed Hansen passes the b aton to anchor man Dick Shenfeld of our winning mile relay team. Entering the far straight-away, Dave Dew has a slight lead in the 440 yard dash. iiis Bulldogs Initiate New Haven 4. Central Catholic 8 New Haven 3 ' 2 South Side 4! 2 New Haven Elmhurst 8 New Haven 4 Elmhurst 4 New Haven 4 Decatur 6 New Haven l ' 2 South Side 6 ' 2 New Haven 2 Concordia 6 New Haven 4 Central Catholic 4 New Haven 7 ' 2 Huntertown 2 ' 2 NEIAC 5th Place Sectional 9th Place New Varsity Sport Golf can be fatiguing. FRONT: D. Allard, R. Kunneman, M. Blair. BACK: J. Kohlinger, M. Lee, D. Ruhl, D. Coats, L. Moennig, B. Koepl e. (Absent were J. Allspaugh and J. Vim.) As a first-year varsity sport, golf compelled the interest of our four varsity " divoters. " The initial team consists of only one senior, John Allspaugh, who missed most of the season because of a broken wrist, and three juniors— Mike Lee, Dove Allard, and Doug Ruhl. The team practiced each night at Lakeside, the NHHS home course; matches also were played after school but at various courses— Brook- wood, Decatur, and Auburn. The golf matches were scored on the " match and medal " basis. Each golfer plays an individual opponent for eighteen holes. At the end of the match the player with the better score receives one point on the " medal " basis, and the player winning the more holes re- ceives a point on the " match " basis. When there is a tie in either the match or the medal, both players earn a half of a point. Consequently, a golfer can contribute to his team ' s total points with a possible score of two. Girls Become Athletes in GAA 1964-1965 officers-SEATED left to right ore Linda Blair, Vice-President; and Mickie Hirschman, President. STANDING are Libby Feasel, Secretary; Martha Dumford, Treasurer; Pat GerofF and Julie Bearman, Point Recorders. Girls ' Athletic Association . . • an association organized to promote fellowship, good sportsmanship, and to improve skills and knovv ' ledge of o wide range of sports for high school girls. This 1964-1965 season Miss Berkeypile, sponsor, was aided by officers Mickie Hirschman, President; Linda Blair, Vice-President; Martha Dumford, Treasurer; Libby Feasal, Secretary; and Julie Bearman and Pat GerofF, Point Recorders. Activities— bowling, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, trampoline, and swimming- offered members the opportunity to gain points for various G.A.A. awards which were presented at the close of the school year. Point requirements for awards are: 50— card; 100— little " N " ; 150— pin; 250-big " N " ; 350— plaque; 400— trophy. A new ac- tivity for NHHS G.A.A. members was introduced this year by Miss Berkeypile and G.A.A. sponsors from other area schools. Several " playdays " were slated; these featured inter-school activities with Monroeville, Leo Concordia, and New Haven G.A.A. members. Team sports such as basketball and volleyball served as the trial games between the schools. The swimming party on April 24 ot Club Olympio was enjoyed by teachers as well as the club members. Kickball— a sport enjoyed by the members during activity period. Above middle: Trampoline — a sport enjoyed by the members during activity period. Above bottom: Strikes . . . spares . . . gutter balls? Bowling was the fancy of the girls during the fall school season. 1964 Flag-Football Champs: ROW 1— C. Byroode, D. Stolte K. Herman. ROW 2-D. Schackow, B. Kolbow, B. Ammermon. The Fun Side of Sports Mr. Miller has set up and maintained a well-or- ganized intramural progrom for the 1964-1965 sea- son. Many sports opportunities were offered to any boys who were able to form a team. The sports which constituted the program were flagfootball, soccer, bas- ketball, swimming, bowling, wrestling, weightlifting, volleyball, golf, track, and slow-pitch Softball. The in- tramural program may be taken with any degree of seriousness. A team may get together on weekends to practice or they may play just for the enjoyment of the game. This latter team has the original idea behind the intramural program: to give every boy who likes to participate in athletics that chance— no matter what his ability may be. 1964 Soccer Champs: ROW 1; C. Long, J. Alcorn. ROW 2; D. McClellan, S. Lockridge, K. Ketzler, C. Lipp, K. Rode, D. Jump, M. McKee. 1965 " Good " Basketball Champs: ROW 1; K. Schroeder, T. Ehinger, S. Weismon. ROW 2; J. Sloan, J. Mosel, J. Schmidt. 1965 " Better " Basketball Champs: ROW 1; D. Dennis, D. Bonto, C. Jackson. ROW 2; J. Hole, R. Federspiel, D. Ben- schneider. 1965 " Best " Basketball Champs; ROW 1; K. Hendricks, D. Quondt, R. Adams. ROW 2; T. McComb, G. Hunt, L. Feichter, B. Williams. 1965 Tournament Basketball Chomps: ROW 1; B. Mellon, D. Shenfeld, K. Thomas II. ROW 2; B. Bohnke, D. Fultz, G. Armstrong. C C STUDIO, Photographers Weddings— Commercial— Free-lance Robert B. Cockrum — Mark A. Coope 744-5471 442-4302 NEW HAWIM ' S THE SCHOOL FOR A LIVELY 1 964 Junior-Senior Knights Entertain Their Fair Ladies at Camelot- The sounds of music, provided by Woody Neff ' s Orchestra, added a romantic air to " Camelot. " ' ' f?Tgrv3 r ' e ' ' ' " B IP P S! SS» ' 5e ' " 5= " RUHL HOME FURNISHINGS, 424 Boadway New Haven, Indiana, Phone 749-4717 Sue Guthier, Dee Rice, Carol Holloway, Karen Kern, Barbara Ellenberger, Karen Haugsrud, Linda Richhart — Queen, Bob Rohrbacher— King, Andrew Boylan, John Skinner, Ken Wissmon, Deny Herman, Steve Hobbs Steve Bailey. " Camelot ' s " ladies and gentlemen are ready to begin the Grand March. A school year would not be complete without the excitement and pageantry of a Junior-Senior Prom. " Camelot " set the theme of the 1964 prom held at the Scottish Rite Ballroom in Fort Wayne from 9:30 to 12:00 P.M. on May 2. Hard-working juniors and class sponsors seemed " unexhaustible " in their efforts to make the magic of " Camelot " unforgettable. Red and gold taffeta draperies adorned the wall behind the regal thrones of King Bob Rohrbacher and Queen Linda Richhart; the royal couple were attended by John Skinner and Karen Haugsrud, King and Queen of 1963; Juniors, Carol Holloway, Dennis Herman, Karen Kern, and Ken Wissman; and Seniors, Sue Guth- ier, Steve Hobbs, Diana Rice, and Steve Bailey. Bearers of the royal jewels were Barbara Ellenberger and An- drew Boylan. Fierce lions guarded the orchestra of Mr. Woody Neff as high-school " Cinderellas " and their escorts danced among the lighted topiary trees. The high- light of the evening was the coronation at 9:30; this was followed by a Grand March under the enchanted archways of colorful flags. Jeweled crowns and " my lady " hats adorned the tables where " royal guests " en- joyed punch and cookies and rested their tired feet. Following the prom, dancers met at Goeglein ' s Born for a change of atmosphere. Sponsored by the junior class parents, the after-prom party was held from 1 :00 to 4:00 A.M. Music by the Teardrops set the pace. Compliments of ELWOODS PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE, INC. 535 Broadway, New Haven, Indiana Jt t 9 $ f f t f ROW 1: R. Ternet (Student Manager), K. Monesmith (Student Manager), J. Kuroske, S. Ernst, S. Hosier, K. Buuck, J. Reinking, R. Nash, H. Ban- delier (Student Manager). ROW 2: Coach Armstrong, B. Rohrbocher, E. Fox, D. Hermon, N. Cornes, M. Armstrong, B. Armstrong, S. Augen- stein. Coach Ellenberger. Batter Up! Steve Augenstein shows that there ' s nothing to it when it comes to making on error. A little " pepper " during practice keeps the fielder and the hitter on his toes. Baseball:- ' 64 )3 Warsaw 4 New Haven 3 Huntington 6 Decatur Catholic 2 3 Portland 6 ]I Bluffton 2 3 Auburn 10 Van Wert 8 4 Angola 2 4 Columbia City 1 Decatur 2 8 Kendallville 1 4 Concordia 5 denotes co nferenc e gomes Baseball, the American sport, has many enthusiastic followers at New Haven. Coach Armstrong started work- ing the team into shape the week after the Indiana high school basketball champion was crowned. Prac- tice sessions were held in the gym until the weather was suitable for outside practice. Each player was in- structed and drilled on the techniques of the game— how to put the correct spin on the ball, how to swing the bat to get the maximum amount of power, how to field grounders without errors, and how to keep the eye on the ball at all times. When the season be- gan, New Haven ' s team proved that all the practice had not been in vain. Bulldog harriers finished second in the conference with five wins and two losses and an overall record of nine wins and three losses. LENKIENDOFER ' S COFFEE RANCH, i216 So. Calhoun Home of Fine Candies Assorted Nuts The Last Year on the Cinder Track ABOVE— Jerry Schmutz has his work cut out for him as he tries to edge over the high iump bar. New Haven 17 North Side 92 74 Bluffton 35 58 ' 2 Columbia City 66 Elmhurst 30 ' 2 43 Central 79 ' 2 Bishop Luers 34 ' 2 North Side Rel ays 6th Place Kokomo Relays (Class A) 4th Place NEIAC 4th Place Sectional 5th Place Regional 15 th Place State 12th Place The track team plays a prominent role in Bulldog spring sports action. Though the team ' s performance depends somewhat on the weather, faithful team members prac- ticed " come rain or shine. " While winning one meet, losing two, and finishing second in the two triangular meets, the team finished sixth at North Side, fourth at Kokomo, and fourth in the N.E.I.A.C. Finishing fifth in the Sectional meet. New Haven qualified Don Osdale, Steve Sauers, and Den- ny Zimmerman for the Regional meet. Osdale and Sauers went on to the State track meet where Osdale won the pole vault event with a vault of 13 feet, 6 inches, which established a new school record. Steve Sauers broke the 180-yard low hurdles record with a new time of 20.6 sec- onds. Below Left — Where would the running events be with- out the starter? Below Right— After a long run the finish line looks good to Al Schnelker. Below Left — This form won for Don Osdale the State pole vault honor. Below Right — That little round object doesn ' t look OS if it weighs much, but Don Nix seems to think dif- ferent. Our Men with the Clubs and Tees. Though golf is usually considered a spring sport, NHHS golfers beat the season by starting practice on March 15. The game of golf is often heralded as a re- laxing pastime, but New Haven team members will ar- gue that it also takes a great deal of physical stamina and mental concentration to play the game well. The six enthusiastic players on 1965 ' s team, with the help of their coach, Mr. Frank Clark, helped golf, a new- comer to the New Haven sports scene, earn a respected place In Bulldog athletics. NHHS golfers participated in nine matches during the spring of 1965 and sent four players to the sectional tournament. N. H. 7 Central Cath. 7 3 ' 2 South Side S ' A 672 Elmhurst 51 2 6 Elmhurst 6 3 Decatur 8 4 South Side 7 6 Concordia 4 5 Central Cath. 13 6 Huntertown 8 Above: ROW 1-J. Allspough, M. Lee, D. Allard ROW 2-D. Ruhl, B. Roberts, J. Won- derly. Left: The distance, the slope of the greens, and the run of the grass— all ore considered by Mike Lee before he putts. Right: Teeing off, John All- spough keeps his eyes on the boll at oil times. R. W. WADE, M.D. Office: 1018 Bell Avenue, New Haven, Indiana Mirage Goes on a Spring Round-up Above; The new elementary school grew even though the work- men were knee-deep in mud. -Hiiaifi ' iirtii wwr — - " Below: Members of the Concert Choir display their talents in the annual Spring Sing. Sue Asher and ence projects. Roberts spruce up their sel- ls a NHHS student ' s life in danger? S. V, ' John Allspaugh holds Sandi Reed and Jon Swank at gun point during an April performan ce of " Mr. Barry ' s Etchings. ' A faculty quartet sings as Dave Blombach directs the band at their spring concert. Seniors Index Adams, Robert 46 Ahlersmeyer, Robert 46,120,130,132,144, 146 Alcorn, Jim 46,152 Alexander, Catharine 46,1 15,1 17 Alexander, Patricia 46,106,107,109, 132 Ailspaugh, John 46,106,108,109,158, 159,150 Alterkruse, Carolyn 46,107,109,113,120, 132 Altic, Bill 46,118 Anweiler, Sharon 46 Armstrong, Gory 46,152 Arnold, Diane 46,130 Asher, Sue 47,122,159 Augenstein, Steven 47,80, 121,131, 142,146,147,156 Austrup, Karl 47,1 18,131,136 Babbitt, Ronald 47,122,123 Baker, Sheryl 47,120,127 Boltes, Carol 47,113,115 Barnes, Linda 47,115,126,130 Bearman, Debbie 47,106,127 Bearman, Jan 47,121 Bearman, Roger 47,121 Beck, Rita 47,1 18 Becker, Lorry 48,117 Becker, Mary 48,120,124 Begier, Dorothy 48,1 19 BeMent, Cheryl 48 Bender, Martha 48,119 Bennett, Marian 48,1 19 Benschneider, David 48,152 Beyrou, Jock 48 Bivens, Linda 48,120,124 Blair, Linda 48,126,131 Bloising, Dorothy 48, 1 1 9 Blessing, William 49,1 17 Blomenberg, Cynthia 49,122 Bogan, Sharon 49,1 14 Bohnke, Bruce 49,152 Boldt, Moniko 49,80, 1 1 1 , 1 1 4, 1 34 Boren, Tohmie Sue 49, 1 1 9, 1 24, 1 30 Bowles, Carol 49 Boyers, Jay 49,107 Boys, James 49 Bradtmiller, Nancy 49 Bringman, James 50 Brown, Patricio 50 Bruboker, Candice 50, 1 06, 1 07, 1 09, 120,132 Brubaker, Cheryl 50,1 19,130 Bruce, Linda 50 Bruce, Robert 50,123 Buckmoster, Paula 50,106,122 Buesking, Diane 50 Bultemeier, Kenneth 50 Bumgordner, Rebecca 50,1 18,130 Burgette, Daniel 50 Burns, Peggy 51 Buuck, Kenneth 5 1 , 1 3 1 , 1 44, 1 46, 1 56 Buuck, Larry 51 Busche, Pamela 51 Coccomo, Joe 51 Campbell, Ken 51,122 Carlson, Peter 51,1 11 Carnes, Robert Neal 8,51,120,131, 136,142,146,148,156 Carpenter, Dorrelyn 51 Chapman, Judy 51,80,1 15,120,130 Chapman, Martha 51,1 15,121,132 Cheek, Robert 52 Chester, Dale 52 Childress, Charles 52 Christman, Jim52,113 Clark, Louise 52,106,107,108,109, 117,120,132 Clark, Patty 52,1 19 Clark, Stan 52,1 18 Clymer, Thomas 52 Cole, Malcolm 52,1 13 Conner, Connie 52,1 18 Coonrod, Norma 52,119 Cronkite, Sharon 53 Cunningham, Carol 53,1 14 D Doger, James 53, 1 18 Darst, Michael 53,120 Davis, James 53, 125, 126 Davis, Penny 53,80,1 14,120,130 Day, Barbara 53,1 19 Deermer, Bonnie 53 Dickenson, Leslie 53 Dieckmon, Jacquelyn 53,106,1 12, 116,134 Diehl, Michael 53,131,136 Dillon, Diane 54 Disler, Rosalie 54,130 Doctor, Linda 54 Doehrman, Donna 54,124 Dominy, Nancy 54,1 19,130 Downey, Richard 54 Dressier, Carol 54,124,130 Dumford, Martha 54,1 13,1 14,132,151 Edgar, David 54,1 18 Ehinger, Thomas 54,1 17,134,152 Ehle, Diane 54,107 Eicher, Larry 55,1 18 Eiter, Ronald 55,146 Emenhiser, Jane 55,115,120,127,132 Estes, Christine 55, 1 1 5, 1 26, 1 30 Feichter, Margaret 55,1 19 Ferckel, Carol 55,1 19,124,126 Ferree, Diana 55,1 13,126 Filler, Stephon 55 Finton, David 55 Fisher, Mary Ellen 55 Foerster, Carol 55 Folta, David 56,107,1 11 Forrester, Stephen 56,1 18 Fowler, Roger 56 Fox, Mary Ann 56,1 19,130 France, Jerome 56 France, Judy 56,1 11,130 Fultz, Daniel 56,118,119,131,136,146,152 Galbreath, Joyce 56 Galligher, Judy 56 Gorton, Bonnie 56,130 . Geels, Sharon 56,80,1 19,120,124 Gerbers, Janice 57,122 Geroff, Patricio 57,1 14,126,130,151 Gibson, Wayne 57 Gillenwoter, Steven 57 Gilley, Mctrcia 57,107,116,117 Godfrey, Robert 57, 1 06, 1 09, 1 22, 1 23 Golden, Diane 57,117 Golembiewski, Frances 57, 111,114 Goshorn, Patricia 57,115 Graft, Ralph 57 Green, Wanda 57,1 18 Gremaux, Rebecca 58,124,126 Grogg, Patricia 58,1 16,124 Grossman, Janet 58 Groves, Pamela 58, 1 1 2, 1 1 5, 1 26 Grubb, Patricia 58,1 14,124 Grueb, Barbara 58,115 Guillaume, Sondra 58 H Hale, Nancy 58,1 19,124 Hallberg, Bruce 58 Homm, Goye 58,124 Honlon, Kothyrn 58,111,118,130 Harding, Laraine 59,1 20,1 24 Harkenrider, Robert 59 HarrelUoan 59,1 15,134 Harris, Mary 59 Hart, Janet 59 Harfman, James 59,106,108,109,117,122 Hemrick, Joan 59,107,1 16,124,130 Hendricks, Ken 59,80,120,131,136,148,152 Hensley, Sally 59,107,132,124 Herman, Dennis 59,8,80,120,131,142,144, 146,147,155,156 Hetrick, Terry 59,131,144,145 Hirschbiel, Arlene60 Hirschman, Michaeline 60,113,132,151 Hoff, Mary Ann 60,113,116,130 Hoggard, Lynn 60,109,1 1 1,1 14 Hollandsworth, Connie 60,1 19 Holloway, Carol 60,8,106,122,155 Hoover, Sylvia 60,130,132 Herman, Rosonne 60,119,120,124,127 Hosier, Stephan 60,80,131,136,146,147, 156 Hostetler, Cheryl 6 1 , 11 9, 1 20, 1 24, 1 30, 1 34 Howe, Donna 61,1 19 Howell, Sharon 61 Hoy, Beatrice 61 Hughes, Judith 61 Humphreys, Duane 61,1 12,122 Hunt, Timothy 61,122 Ihrie, James 61,113,120 Irwin, Steven 61,112 Isenbarger, Thomas 61 Jackemeyer, Sandra 62,1 15, 1 1£ Jacobs, Gerald 62 Jacquay, Carolyn 62 Johnson, Richard 62 Jones, Karen 62,124,126 Keck, John 62 Keeler, John 62,120,122 Keltner, Sandra 62,80,106,1 13,130 Kelty, Robert 62,1 17 Kern, Karen 8,62,80,126,155 Kiefer, Larry 62 Kite, David 63,120 Kline, Donald 63 Knipstein, Marilyn 63,80, 1 1 1 , 11 8, 1 32 Koch, Linda 63,1 19 Koehlinger, Mike 63,1 18 Koeneman, Diane 63,107,118,120,124,130, 132 Koester, Linda 63, 1 1 9, 1 24, 1 30 Kramer, Susan 63,107,108,109,1 13,134 Kreegar, Ronald 63 Kreigh, Steve 63 Krenklis, Irila 63 Kressley, John 64 Kyler, Rita 64,124,126,130 Lodig, Bernard 64 Ladig, Gene 64,1 19 La ke, Ga ry 64, 1 20, 1 3 1 , 1 36, 1 45, 1 48, 1 5 1 Lamb, Connie 64 Lontz, Steve 64 Leomon, Don 6A Leavel, Linda 64,120 Lebrecht, Martha 64,1 14,132 Litzenberg, Jeannetfa 64 Lockridge, Gary 65 Logon, Moryonn 65 Lohse, Cheryl65,I15,130 Lomont, Ron 65,1 18 Long, Robert 65 Louden, Carol 65,1 18,1 19 Lowe, Deborah 65,1 15 M Morkin, Nancy 65,126 Mason, Willard 65 McAbee, James 65 McBee, Judi 65 McCord, Fran 66,1 18,126 McComb, Tom 66,80,152 McCoy, Dennis 66 McDevitt, Mono 66 Melcher, Roger 66 Mellon, Robert 66,112,116,152 Melton, Walter 66 Mervine, Julia 66 Meyer, Kenneth 66,118,125 Meyers, James 66 Meyer, Susan 66,122 Michel, David 66,122 Miller, Donald 67 Monesmith, Kenton 67, 1 06, 1 26, 1 3 1 , 1 36, 142,146,156 Mating, Judy 67,119 Morrison, Delores 67,120 Mosel, James 67,152 Munderich, Dheryl 67, 1 1 9, 1 30 Murphy, Donald 67 Musser, Michael 67 N Nosh, Roger 67, 1 3 1 , 1 46, 1 47, 1 56 Nash, Suzanne 67,115,130 Norton, Gloria 67 Oberlin, James 68,107,109,132 Getting, Elaine 68,1 18,1 19,124 Ohneck, Bryce 68,106,1 18,120 dinger, Joyce 68,1 18,1 19,126 Ort, Patricia 68,1 18,1 19,130 Osborn, Linda 68,1 18,1 19 Overton, Suzie 68,107,1 16,120 Pabst, Kondice 68,121,124 Pope, Neal 68 Pork, James 68, 121 Penrod, Steve 68,107,109,1 1 1,132 Peterson, Terry 69 Pollock, Patricio 69, 122 Poorman, Arlene 69,30, 1 09, 1 1 4, 1 20, 1 30 Priest, John 69 Pullin, Diane 69,1 13,1 19 Purvis, Daniel 69 Purvis, Linda 69,80, 1 1 9, 1 20, 1 24 Putman, Sue 69 Ralston, David 69,120 Ramsey, Brenda 69,1 19,124 Reichenboch, Connie 69, 1 2 1 Reichert, Lynda 70,120,124 Renfro, Betty 70,117,122 Richhort, Linda 8,70,106,1 14,120,127,130, 154,155 Rider, Celio 70,1 19,130 Ritchie, David 70,126 Rodenbeck, Arlene 70, 1 1 1 , 1 22, 1 32 Rodenbeck, Morlene 70, 11 1 , 1 22, 1 23, 1 33 Rodgers, Terry 70,123 Roemer, Joyetta 70, 1 1 9, 1 20, 1 24, 1 30 Rohrbocher, Robert 8,70, 1 3 1 , 1 36, 1 42, 1 46, 148,154,155,156 Ronberg, Beverly 70,80,120 Ronk, Bill71 Rose, Carol 71,1 19 Rowlee, Patricio 71,115 Rudig, Pam 71,1 15,124 Ruff, Daniel 71,1 18 Rulka, Steve 71 Ruger, Koren 71,1 19,130 Russell, Warren 71,1 14 Sadler, Judith 71,106,1 13,120,133 Sallot, Stephen 71,107,108,109,1 17,130 Sanders, Linda 71,1 15,118,119,130 Sauers, Steve 72,131,136,142,148,149 Saylor, Susan 72,1 15 Scales, Steve 72 Schorffbillig, Linda 72 Scherer, Aimee 72,130 Schlatter, Leslie 72,121 Schlegel, Karon 72,119 Schlegel, Sharon 72,119 Schlink, Catherine 72,1 15 Schmidt, Jerry 72,1 16,1 17,152 Schnelker, Allen 72,131,144,156 Schnelker, JoAnn73,119 Schroeder, Mike 73, 1 3 1 , 1 36, 1 52 Schuckel, Jane 73,1 19 Schultz, Carol 73 Secrist, Sue 73, 1 07, 1 08, 1 09, 1 33 Sefcik, Carol 73,115,118,128 Shappell, Charles 73,1 19,121 Shenfeld, Richard 73,80, 1 3 1 , 1 44, 148, 1 49, 152 Siegers, Cheryl 73 Silvey, Anita 73,106,107,109,1 17,133 Sloan, James 73, 1 1 6, 1 1 7, 1 25, 1 33, 1 52 Smith, Sarah 74,130 Snyder, Robert 74,120,126 Snyder, Donald 74,1 18 Sovine, C. Wayne 74,118 Spears, Jim 74,126 Springer, Cynthia 74, 1 06, 1 07, 1 08, 1 09, 1 1 3, 130,133 Spurling, Becky 74,118 Standiford, Linda 74,1 18,1 19 Stellharn, Marsha 74,1 19 Sfemmler, Robert 74 Stier, Daniel 74,1 18 Stine, Joellen 75 Stolte, Anita 75,1 18 Stoller, Steven 75,80,120,122 Stuerzenberger, Marilyn 75, 1 22, 1 24, 1 30 Sudmann, Dorlene 75,119,122,123 Swartz, Michoel 75 Swihart, Dennis 75,118 Tanner, Steve 75 Taylor, Joyce 73 Teegordin, Nancy 75 Ternet, Candance75,l 19 Terrell, Linda 76,119 Theurer, Philip 76,117,122,123 Thomas, Kenneth I 76 Thompson, Bonnie 76, 11 8, 11 9, 1 26, 1 30 Thurston, Pamela 76,1 19,124 Thurston, Thomas 76, 1 1 8 Tibbett, Jane 76 Tomlinson, David 76 Trzynka, Carolyn 76,1 12,1 19,130 Turner, Ann 76,106,118,119,130 Turner, Olan 76 Twigg, Catherine 77,1 14 V Valentine, Cheryl 77 VanKirk, Kothryn 77,80,120,124,126 Vinson, Richard 77,1 18 Voirol, Justin 77 Vollmer, Cindy 77,119 Vonderau, Linda 77,1 18,1 19 w Walter, Jon 77,1 12 Warden, Carol 77,124,130 Weidler, Wilfred 77 Weisman, Steve 77,152 Wells, Michael 79,108,109 Wesner, Becky 78,122,130 Widdifield, Don 78,131,136 Wiedmon, Louise 78,1 19,126, 1 30 Wiese, Louis 78,1 12 Williams, Bill 78,131,144,148,149,152 Williams, Pom 78,107,1 11,1 12,1 13,1 14,130 Williams, Robert 78 Wilson, Coron 78,1 12,1 14 Wilt, Betsy 78 Winans, Kay 78, 124 Wirt, Pom 79,120,124 Wissmon, Ken 79,80,106,107,155 Wittenmyer, Linda 79, 1 1 8, 1 1 9 Wright, Timothy 79,131,136 Wylie, Patricio 79 Yoeman, Stephen 79,146 Young, Ardis 79,122 Zink, Joe79,112 Juniors Agee, Jim82,113 Albert " , Patricia 82,115 Alkire, John 82,120 Allard, Dove 82, 1 06, 1 09, 1 20, 1 25, 1 50, 1 58 Altie, Betty 82,1 18 Ammerman, Bob 82,152 Armstrong, Steve 82 Arnett, Kathy 82 Bandelier, Karon 82,118,124 Bandelier, Sharon 82,1 18,124 Baney, Vickie 82,122 Borkley, Jane 82,126 Barwiler, Bob 82,134 Beorman, Al 82 Eechtold, Arlin 82 Becker, Ron 82,125,144 Behnke, Marcio 82,124,126 Bendele, Phyllis 82 Bender, Sharon 82,115,126 Bennett, Judy 82,121 Bennett, Mark 82 Berkheiser, Karen 82,107,120,131 Berning, Sharon 82,124,126 Berry, Ben 82 Bledsoe, Ruth 82 Bleeke, Claudia 82,114,124 Blodgett, Mary 82 Blosser, Chuck 82 Boehm,Monito 82,120 Boese, Sue 82,1 18 Boester, Denny 8,82, 1 06, 1 3 1 , 1 36, 1 42 Bonfa, Dove 82 Boomershine, Paula 82,126 Boulware, Steve 82,113 Bouse, Jack 83 Bowman, Jackie 83,124 Braun, Dave 83 Breisch, Linda 83 Bricker, Larry 83,126 Briggs, Nancy 83,107 Brinkmon, Roger 83 Broughton, George 83 Bultemeier, Cheryl 83,1 1£ Burns, Barry 83 Busche, Kay 83 Bushkill, Charlie 83,109 Byroade, Charles 83 Byroode, Terry 83 Caccomo, Jerry 83 Cadmus, Bob 83,126 Cameron, Jennifer 83,1 15 Compbell, Barb 83,1 13,1 14 Carbaugh, Loretta 83,1 15 Carlson, Rick 83 Cave, Janice 83,1 13 Chopin, Bea 83,127 Chapman, Beth 83,124 Chapman, Randy 83 Clem, Kothy 83,124 Cootes, David 83, 150 Cockrum, Bob 83,107,109,130 Cocks, Larry 83,1 17 Cole, Tom 83 Coles, Wendy 83,1 13,121 Conley, Carolyn 83,126 Conrad, Barb 83,121 Cooper, Mark 83,1 16,1 17,130 Cox, Cheryl 83, 1 07, 1 1 3, 1 2 1 , 1 24, 1 34 Craig, Byron 83,126 Cronce, Jock 84 Critell, Bob 84,120 Culp, Bill 84,120,125,131,134,142,143 Cunnmghom, Sandra 84,107,122 D Deitschel, Nancy 84,1 1 8, 121 De Leon, Dole 84 DenHortog, Denny 84,1 17 Dennis, Dan 84,152 Dew, Dove 84,92, 1 20, 1 25, 1 3 1 , 1 34, 1 36, 146,148,149,157 Diehl, Al 84,126,131,136,145,148 Disler, Dennis 84 Doon, William 84 Doctor, Karen 84 Doehrmon, Dave 84, 1 1 7, 1 1 8, 1 26 Doehrman, Ervin 84 Dressier, Ron 84, 1 06, 1 20, 1 25, 1 3 1 , 1 45 Duff ey, Jon 84, 11 2, 11 7, 1 23, 125 Dyormon, Dave 84 Edgell, Nancy 84 Edwards, Judy 84,1 14,121 ,124,130 Ehinger, Kothy 84.130 Ehle, Karen 84,130 Eicher, Ann 84 Eifrid, Marty 84,118 Ellis, Diane 84 Ellsworth, Tim 84,112,117,121 Ernst, Steve 84,106,134,139,146,156 Feasel, Libby 84, 1 07, 1 14, 1 34, 1 5 1 FederspielKyris 84,115,126 Feichter, Larry 84,152 Fergeson, Mary Ann 84,1 13 Ford, Joke 84 Foreman, Julie 84 France, Sharon 84 Freiburger, Keith 84,139,145 Fullerton, Richard 85 Galligher, Linda 85 Gasper, Peggy 85,121,130 Gee, Randy 85,109,120,124,126 Gill, James 85 Gillenwoter, Walter 85 Girardot, Lee 85 Girordot, Leslie 85 Glosser, Karen 85,124 Goeglein, Sandy 81 Goodman, Jill 85,112,126 Gowen, Dorothy 85,124 Graves, Judy 85 Groves, Allan 85 Grunden, Gerry 85 H Hole, Jeff 85,131,144,148,152 Hammer, Cheryl 85 Hammond, Pat 85 Harks, Cheryl 85,126 Hanson, Ed 85,121,131,144,148,149 Harnish, Max 85,139 Hart, Jackie 85 House, Stan 85 Heck, Ma rgot 85, 11 8, 12 1,1 26 Heckler, Sharon 85,1 18,120,122,124,126 Heckmon, Tom 85 Heddon, Sandy 85,124 Heemsoth, Mike 85,118 Heine, Paul 85,106,109 Henline, Gary 85 Herman, Keith 85,121,152 Hill, Marcia85 Hlowatsch, Christine 85,1 12 Holcoimb, Gwen 86,121 Holden, Laraine 86,120 Holden, Lynne 86 Hollandsworth, Ron 86 Holmes, Don 86 Howell, Jay 86,125 Howell, Tom 86,121,139,146 Hower, Patsy 86 Hughes, James 86 Hunt, Guy 86,152 Hursh, Don 86,107,113 Imel, Richard 86 Imel, Ronald 86 Inman, Germoine 86 Jackson, Carl 86,152 Jackson, Floyd 86,120 Jackson, Roger 86 Joessing, Charles 86,1 18 Jennings, Debbie 86,124 Jornod, Mark 86 Jump, Dove 86,152 Jump, Ina 86 Korrick, Lois 86 Keesler, Tom 86 Kelty, Louise 86,109,116,134 Kern, Ron 86 Ketzler, Ken 86,152 Kibbe, Bob 86 Kitzmiller, Bill 86 Klage, Bill 86 Knight, Terry 86 Knipper, Martha 86 Kocks, Tom 86 Koehlinger, Tim 86, 1 06, 1 36, 1 48, 1 50 Koehlinger, Sherry 87,124,126 Koepke, Bill 87,125,150 Kolbou, Barry 87,148,152 Kroemer, Kathy 87 Kummer, Kathy 8,87, 1 06, 1 2 1 , 1 27, 1 34 Kunnemonn, Lonney 87 Kuroski, JefF 87,120,125,156 Loisure, Linda 87,124 Lake, Cindy 87,126 Larronce, Lorry 87,139,145 Larson, Paul 87 La Vine, Mike 87 Leomon, Rosello 87,124 Lee, Mike 87,125,150,158 Lemish, Rita 87,114,121 Lepper, Mike 87,106,120,131,136,142 Levels, Steve 87,136 Lillich, Judy 87,121,130 Lipp, Chuck 87,152 Lockridge, Steve 87,152 Long, Bonnie 87 Louroine, Mary 87,130 Lucterhand, Ken 87,107,1 14,1 16,126 Lytle, Sandra 87,1 18 M Mattice, Don 87 Mottingly, Ed 87,136 Maul, Lynne 87,130 McCard , Henry 88 McClellon, Dave 88,131,152 McClure, Dove 83,142,143,148 McConneN, Bob 88,107,125 McCoy, Don 88,1 18 McDougall, Steve 83,1 18 McKee, Mike 88,131 Meyer, Pom 88,107,130 Miller, Vicki 88 Minder, Jim 88,106,107,109 Moennig, Lynn 88,122,123,150 Moody, Russ 8,88,131,142,143,146,143 Mooney, Gail 88,118 Moore, Denny 88,1 22,1 23 Moore, Mike 88 Moorman, Tim 88,121 Mullenhour, John 88 Muruo, Becky 88 Myers, Judy 88,1 14,120 Mynett, Barb 38 N Nohrwald, Lorry 88 Napier, Judy 88,115,118,124,130 Naseloris, Andy 88 Neff, Lodonno 88,122 Neireiter, Jennie 88,1 14,130 Nelson, Carol Ann 88,107,109,114,134 Nix, Don 88,131,134,146 Nott, Jon 88,145 Nuttle, Dave 88,1 18,1 13 o Oberlin, Mary 88,107,109,114,120,130,134 Oehler, Walt 88,118,120,126 Getting, Mori-lyn 88 Getting, Nancy 88,1 14,1 1 8,1 24 dinger, Steve 88,1 18,126,131,136 Grtlieb, Suzanne 88,1 14,121 Pane, Dennis 89 Parent, Jill 8,89,106,116,121,124,127 Pornin, Greg 89,106,120,134,142 Penrod, Wayne 89,107 Petropolos Dave 89, 1 1 1 Pettyjohn, Mickey 89 Pettyjohn, Steve 89, 1 0S, 1 09, 1 20, 1 22, 1 23 Porter, Cliff 89,144,148 Purk, Raymond 89,118 Morkey, Paulo 87,1 13,120 w Morkoff, Lenko 87, 1 1 5, 1 24, 1 26, 1 30 Marks, Pom 87,124 Marks, Steve 87,1 13 Quandf, Dove 89,1 1 2,1 20,1 20 Quandt, Joyce 89,1 12,124 Martin, Caroline 87,115,126,130 Martin, Cathy 87,121 Martin, Joyce 87,1 13,122 R Martin, Pepper 87 Romp, Becky 89 Ramsey, Linda 89, 1 24, 1 26 Reed, Cindy 89, 1 07, 1 09, 1 20 Reed, Hottie 89 Reichard, Jim 89 Reinking, Jack 89. 1 2 1 , 1 36, 1 46 1 56 Renier, Tom 89 Rennicker, Sharon 89,1 14,120 Reynolds, Charles 89 Rhoades, Shirley 89,1 1 8 Rice, Dan 89 Richords, Cheryl 89,114 Ridg ley. Martini 89,118 Ringenberg, Joe 89,120,134,145 Risk, Dennis 89 Roberts, Bill 89,1 13,158,159 Roberts, Theresa 89,115,126 Rode, Klaus-Dieter 89, 1 1 2, 1 1 3, 1 52 Rollings, Charles 89 Rose, Alice 89 Rossman, Claire 89,106,111,112,114,122, 130 Rothgeb, Linda 89 Rowe, Sherri 89 Rhul, Doug 89,150,158 Russell, Diane 90, 1 07, 1 26, 1 30 Same, Gail 90,126 Sandy, Steve 90,123 Schackow, David Scharpenberg, Kenneth 90, 1 12 Scheele, Gory 90 Schlegel, Jeanette 90,1 14,122 Schmeling, Gory 90 Schmidt, Sandy 90, 122 Schmutz, Jerry 8,90,92, 1 20, 1 3 1 , 1 34, 1 48, 149 Scott, Elwyn 90 Seddelmeyer, Ralph 90,120 Seitz, Keith 90 Sexton, Shirley 90 Shank, Ann 90 Sharer, Lorna 90,121 Shie, Roger 90 Shirk, Pat 90,1 15,121,130 Shive, Kerry 90,148 Singer, Eileen 90,120 Smith, Roger 90,1 13 Snyder, Dove 90,118,123 Snyder, Mike 90, 1 22, 1 23, 1 25 Sowers, Linda 90, 1 1 5, 1 2 1 , 1 24 Springer, Don 90, 122,1 23 Sprunger, Karen 90 Spurr, Keith 90 Stahl, Gory 90,131,144,145,148 Stalter, Dave 90,152 Stanley, Suzi 90, 1 20, 1 24, 1 30, 1 34 Stier, Dennis 90 Stout, Peggie 90 Straley, Sandy 90 Stuerzenberger, Barb 90,1 12,122,123,124, 126 Suciu, Jim 90,131,148 Sudmonn, Dean 91,120,122,123 Sunier, Carol 91 Swank, Jon 12,91,106,107,108,109,120, 125,134,159 Swonson, Jock 91,131,144,148 Swanson, Dick 91 Swartz, Dove 91 Tarr, Maurice 91 , 1 20 Totro, Tom 91,107,1 13 Taylor, Dave 91,121 Taylor, Mike 91,121 Taylor, Ruth 91,118 TenBorge, Sue 91,130 Ternet, Lana 91 Terrell, Gory 91 Thiele, Sandra 91 Thomas, Jon 91,123 Tindoll, Tom 91 Tintsman, Diane 91 Tipsord, Steve 91 Treace, Rebecca 91 Treesh, Margaret 9 1 , 1 26 Tribolet, Diana 91,124 Trickey, Barb 91,126 Trzynko, Denny 91 Tucker, Richard 91 Tumbleson, Cheryl 91,106 Turk, Sandra 91 Turley, Sondro 91 Turner, Chuck 91,131,136,145,146 u Ulrey, Larry 91 Urick, Shirley 91,1 18 VanKirk, Tim9I Vonderau, Linda 9 1 , 1 07, 1 09, 1 24, 1 30, 1 34 w Wagner, Nancy 91,120,124 Waikel, Linda 92, 11 5, 12 1,1 24, 126 Walsh Tom 92 Washburn, Jerry 92,122,123 Watts, Tim 92 Wedler, Pot 92,107 Weidler, Roger 92 Weisenburger, Ed 92,126,144,145 Wells, Sharon 92 Werling, Dave 92, 1 3 1 , 1 36, 1 48 Wesner, Barb 8,92, 1 06, 1 22, 1 24, 1 26, 1 30 Westerfield, Anito 92,114,118,124,130,134 Westerfleld, Juanita 92,114,118,124,130, 134 Wietfeldt.Arlene 92,1 18,121 Wieffeldt, Dennis 92,121 Willig, Diana 92,115 Windmiller, Deboro 92,124,126 Wolfe, Dave 92 Wonderly, John 92,122,158 Woodord, Richard 92 Woodcox, Jo ne 92, 1 1 5, 1 2 1 , 1 26, 1 30 Wylie, Doug 92,131,144,148 Young, Kathy92,122 Youtz, Kothy 92,111,114,120,130 Zachrich, Mike 92 Zimmerlee, Steve 92, 139 Zollinger, Vicki 92 Zurbuch, Diane 92 Sophomores Adams, Carol 94,1 18 Ahlersmeyer, Rene 94,125 Alber, Vicki 94,109,121 Alexander, Richard 94 Altic, Michael 94,118 Andersen, Kristine 94,1 18 Anderson, David 94 Anderson, Lynn 94 Apple, Connie 94,121 Archbold, Steve 94 Armor, Tom 94,131,144 Arnetf, Jim 94 Arwood, Susie 94, 1 07, 1 1 3, 1 2 1 Ayres, Mark 94 Baridt, Tom 94,144 Barker, Sue 94,121,125 Bosile, John94 Bauer, Randy 94, 1 34, 1 36, 1 47 Becker, Bill 94 Bement, Barry 94 Bender, John 94 Best, Nancy 94 Beyron, John 94 BirchefF, Jo yce 94,106,107 Block, Nancy 94 Blair, Mark 94,150 Bloising, Terri 94 Blond, Dwain 94 Blosser, Peggy 94,107 Boordmon, Pot 94 Boehm, Linda 94 Boester, Bruce 94 Boldt, Ken 94,1 12,1 14 Boone, Linda 94 Borcherding, John 94 Boren, Rick 95,1 18,139 Bowers, Randy 95 Boys, Becky 95,1 13 Brooks, Douglas 95 Buhr, Carol 95,1 12,125,126 Bultemeier, Michael 95 164 Burgette, Karen 95,121 Burkett, Richard 95,1 13,121 Burnworth, Steve 95,139 Burns, Sheryl 95,126 Burton, Richard 95, 1 36, 1 39, 1 43 Burwell, Richard 95 Busche, Vicki 95 Buuck, Phillis 95,121,125 Caldwell, Linda 95 Campbell, Don 95 Campbell, Sally 95,121 Chamberlain, Sheryl 95 Charleston, Richard 95 Childress, Gary 95,1)8 Churchward, Jean 95 Clevenger, Rick 95,109,144 Coates, Kenny 95 Coots, Nelson 95,122,123 Cogswell, Chris 95,106,117 Conner, Keith 95 Conner, Mike 95 Conrad, Chris 95 Cool, Patricia 95,1 15,120 Cox, Linda 95,1 18 Cronkhite, Nancy 95 Cullum, Sharon 95,1 13 D Dancer, Robert 95 Deininger, Robert 95 Dellinger, Keith 95 Delp,Brenda 96,125 Deremer, Pat 96,144,148 DeVoe, Dove 96,122 Deyo, Dan 96,139 Dieckman, Nancy 96,124,125 Diehl, Chris 96,139 Dohm, Dave 96,122 Dornte, Cheryl 96,122 Doty, Jim 96,122,123 Edgar, Dixie 96 Ehinger, Mike 96,106,143 Eltzroth, Cheryl 96 Ely, Denny 96,139,148 Emenhiser, Linda 96, 11 4, 1 1 8, 1 22, 1 26 Estes, Pam96,ll8 Eynon, Cindy 96,107,1 13,121 Federspiel, Roger 96,152 Ferree, Steve 96 Fisher, Tom 96,139,145,147 Fitting, Nancy 96 Flory, Joyce 96 Foerster, Shirley 96,126 Foltz,Tannie 96,1 13,122 Foreman, Sam 96 Forsyth, Joan 96,113, Foust, Nancy 96,115,126 Fowser, Stephen 96 Fox, Phyllis 96 France, Jeanne 96 Franks, Perry 96 Frederick, Rick 96,106,148 Freelond, Terry 96,121,125 Friedley, Sheryl 96, 1 07, 1] 3, 1 22 Gear, John 96,1 13,123 Gingo, Cathy 96,1 13 Gepfert, Rex 97,147 Gerordot, Jane 97 Geroflf, Pete 97,125 Girardot, Michael 97 Goldthwaite, Steve 97, 1 1 8, 1 36, 1 39, 1 43, 1 48 Gorman, Julie 97 Grabner, Lois 97,1 13 Grabner, Terry 97,118 Gremaux, Cheryl 97 Griffith, Glen 97 Grostefon, Gwenda 97 Guenther, Bruce 97 Jones, Morilyn 98,1 13,126 Joyner, Leslie 98,109 K H Hagodorn, Rosolyn 97,115,118,121,126 Hallberg, Scott 97 Hannie, Don 97 Hansen, Linda 97 Harper, Kristine 97,116 Harris, Mary 97 Harty, Donna 97,118 Harvey, Rose 97,1 18 Haynie, Roger 97 Headlee, Charlotte 97,1 1 1 Hearn, Allen 97,106,139 Heim, Linda 97,1 18 Henn, Garden 97 Henry, Frances 97 Hensley, Pat 97,114 Herman, DuWoyne 97 Hertzog, Ann 97 Hey, Marilyn 97 Hilt, Susan 97,125 Hirschbiel, Karen 97,1 15,126 Hitzemonn, Fred 97 Holbrock, Renee 97 Hoevel, Jean 97 Hohenstein, Paul 98 Holloway, Lyndo 98,112 Hooker, Craig 98 Howe, Maxine 98 Huddleston, Steve 98 Hunter, Mike 98 Jacobs, Bill 98 James, Donna 98, 1 13 Johnson, Dorena 98 Johnson, Janet 98,107,1 1 1,1 13,121,125 Jones, Ed 98 Keck, Kathy 98,121 Kelly, Mike 98,1 18 Keltner,AI 98,139,147 Kelty, Joe 98,131,144 Kemp, Clora 98 Kettering, Judy 98,106,122 King, Linda 98 Kirby, George 98 Kirk, Ronnie 98 Klenke, Charlotte 98 Knerr, Colby 98,122 Koehlinger, Jeffrey 98, 1 06, 1 26 Kohlmeier, Lee 98,122 Kohlmeyer, Jerry 98 Kolkman, Philip 98,139 Kroehl, Pom 98,1 14,1 18,121,126,130 Krueckeberg, Cheri 98,125 Kruse, Brendo 98,1 10,115 Kunnemon, Pitch 98,150 Lahrmon, Rick 98,1 13,139,141 Larson, Dave 98,1 18 Lebrecht, Doug 99,1 10 Le eko, Dove 99,1 10,136,139 Lehman, Ken 99 Leis, Roger 99 Lelja, Cheryl99,113,125 Lepper, Steve 99,131 Lett, Carl 99 Lewis, Dole 99 Lichtsinn, Linda 99 Lillo, Tony 99,147 Long, Clyde 99,132 Long, Steve 99 Lonis, Dave 99,144,148 Losher, Rich 99,139 Louraine, Helen 99 Louraine, Joe99,lI8 Lovely, Steve 99 Lowden, Bob 99,147 Ludwig, Denny 99,106,139 M Maddox, Susan 99,107,122 Malone, Bob 99 Morchal, Tim 99,126 Marlow, Lynda 99,115 Matthews, Joanne 99,122,126 Maul, Michelle 99,107,126 McAbee, Tim 99,148,149 McBee, Jean 99,125,126 McCogue, Ron 99,139 McCoy, Sue 99 McHenry, Danny 99,139.143,147 McGee, Maury 99,152 Melcher, Jim99 Melton, Judy 99,1 14,121 Meyers, Paul 99 Michel, Bill 99 Miller, Patty 100,110,122,123,126 Miller, Roger 100 Minnich, Steve 100 Mohr, Chuch 100 Monhollen, Mildred 100 Montague, Pam 100,113 Moore, Becky 100,122,123 Moore, Johnny 100,113,121 Moring, Barbara 100,125 Morrical, Ann 100,125,126 Morrison, Tim 100,107,122 Mowery, Vicky 100 Myers, Rick 100 Mynett, Tern 100 N Nohrwold, Donald 100 Nahrwold, Suzanne 100,114 Neff, Sandy 100,109,113 Netherland, Solly 100,106 Netzley, Beth 100 Niblick, Paula 100 Nichter, Kothy 100 Nofziger, Lois 100 Odem, Leoto 100 Getting, Linda 100,125 Ohneck, Stan 100,118,139 Oliphant, Bill 100,139,142,143,147 Oliphant, Bob 100,122,123 Ortlieb, Mark 100 Overholt, Brinton 100, 144 Owens, Morcia 100,121 Parent, Eloro 100,109,122 Parker, Sherry 100,118 Porkison, Harold 100,139,148 Pearson, Greg 100,126,139,147 Peden, John 100,139 Pemberton, Marsha 101,1 18,125 Perrine, Richard 101,1 13 Peters, Stan 101,118,148 Peterson, Al 101,110,126,136,139,143 Pickett, Jim 101,143,147 Poeppel, Donna 101,122 Pollom, Rick 101 Potts, Sharon 101 Proffltt, Brenda 101 Puckett, John 101 Quandt, Bev 101,106,1 1 2,126 Romp, Sarah 101 Ratl iff, Rose 101 Renenschneider, Tom 101,122 Reppert, Steve 101 Richards, Donald 101 Rider, Donna 101,122 Riemen, George 101 Roach, Janet 101 Robeson, Potti 1 1 , 1 1 4, 1 22, 1 26 Rode, Annemorie 101,112,1 13, 121 , 1 30 Rodey, Charles 101,125,139 Rosendahl, Mike 101,122,144 Rosentahl, Jane 101 Rosswurm, Judy 101,107,118 Rulka, Shirley 101 Sovieo, Margie 101 Saylor, Nancy 101 Saylor, Peggy 101 Scharpenberg, Carol 101,1 12,1 15,125 Schimmoller, Joyce 101 Schinnerer, Ed 101,139 Schmutte, Dove 101 Schneider, Ailene 101,121,125 Schreiber, Gloria 101,121,126 Schulthies, Barbara 102,121,126 Schultz, Ken 102 Schwehn, Ed 102 Scott, Carlo 102,118 Sefcik, Julia 102,121,126 Shaffer, Kothy 102,106 Shephord, Ron 102 Shepler, Janice 102,126 Sherman, Linda 102,113 Shrock, Bill 102,120,126,144,148 Sievrs, Jockis 102 Si Si Si Si Si Si Si ith, Carolyn 102 th, Cynthio 102,113 ith, Daria 102 ith. Donna 102 ith, Greg 102 ith, Judy 102 ith, Linda 102 Smith, Linda Mary 102 Smith, Mike 102 Smith, Tom 102 Smith, Trudy 102 Snyder, Barbara 102 Snyder, David 102 Soest, Cindy 102,113 Sorg, Walter 102,125 South, Chuch 102 Sovine, Kathy 102,115,118 Spiker, Sondro 102,130 Spreen, James 102,1 17 Spriggs, Cherry 102,115 Squire, Tom 102 Stondiford, Paul 102,118 Steele, Phyllis 102 Steele, Ron 102 Stocker, Anita 103 Stoller, Marilyn 103,121 Stolte, Martha 103,118 Stroble, Larry 103,139,148 Swank, Bradd 103.103,109,120,125 Swick, Doug 103 Swihort, Tom 103,106,120,143,143 Syndrom, Terry 103 Toncil, Cathy 103 Taylor, Vicki 103,118,121,125,1 Teeple, Tim 103 Ternet, Charles 103,156 Thomas, Mike 103 Thompson, Richard 103,131 Thornton, Joan 103 Tinstman, Donna 103 Stowsley, Steve 103,107,126 Treoce, Steve 1 03 Trentodue, Fred 103 Trzynka, Tim 103 Tucker, Mark 1 03, 1 2 1 , 1 39, 1 47 Turner, Brenda 103 Turner, Lono 103,118 Turner, Lynda 103,118,125 Turner, Terry 103 Tutfle, Wayne 103 u V Vochon, Jane 103,113 Voors, Michael 103 w Woikel, Dove 103 Walker, Steve 103 Walt, Karen 103,111,125 Want, Charlotte, 103,121 Waters, Peg 103 Watkins, Nancy 103,121,125,127 Webb, Pom 104 Wedler, Joyce 104,115 Weller, Dorene 104 Werling, David 104 Werling, Lorri 104 Wetoskey, Karen 104,118 Wick, Susie 104,125,126 Wiese, Janice 104 Wietfeldt, Florence 104 Williams, Joe 104,120 Wilson, Ron 104 Winons, Suzanne 104,110,125,126 Winchester, Steve 104 Winicker, Steve 104 Wolfe, Don 104,120 Worden, Sandy 104,118,125 Yont, David 104 Yerington, Jerry 104 Young, Ston 104,148 Zimmerman, Kermit 104,106,1 13,120 Zimmerman, Taylor 104 Zink, Cindy 104 Zuber, James 104 EDITORIAL STAFF 1965 Editor Judy Sadler Assistant Editor Diane Russell Copy Editor Jane Emenhiser Assistant Copy Editor Peg Blosser Senior Editors Sylvia Hoover Rita Kyler Joan Hemrick Junior Editors Wendy Coles Mary Louraine Kathy Youtz Claire Rossman Sophomore Editors Janice Cave Sandy Spiker Pom Kroehl Potti Robison Faculty Editors Judy Chapman Peg Gasper Organization Editors Cindy Springer Susie Nosh Girls ' Sports Editor Suzi Overton Boys ' Sports Editor Bob Cockrum Photographers Bob Ahlersmeyer Mark Cooper Randy Gee Larry Cocks Typing Sponsor Mrs. Wolf Editorial Sponsor Mr. Oberlin ' .-•■ ' . m. What is youth? Youth is a combination of strong in- gredients. Fun, growth, a sense of belonging, and knowl- edge are vital ingredients. Yet any mixture of these won ' t yield a teenager. The missing key is time— time to doubt, question, and accept the yoke of adulthood. This book has recorded a small period of time in the lives of the students at New Haven High School. During this year and a half, a lot of knowledge, growth, and fun have became part of each youth. The story doesn ' t end here. Whatever the future may bring, for those who participated in the life recorded in these pages. New Haven is the school for those who think young! BRUBAKER REPRODUCTION PRINTING, INC. 415 E. Washington, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Phone 742-9478 Drafting — Engineering — Offset Supplies DAN PURVIS REXALL DRUGS 749-1108 VISIT OUR— STUDENT SUPPLY SHOP HANDY PANTRY LINCOLN PLAZA CENTER, NEW HAVEN ROBERT ' S STUDIO 1014 EWING ST. FORT WAYNE NEW HAVEN ' S SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER HERFF JONES CO. WEST SIDE THE WORLD ' S FINEST T.V. LOUIS DILLER, PROP. MANUFACTURERS OF 749-4512 CLASS JEWELRY RELIABLE SERVICE FOR- NEW HAVEN, WOODBURN, RINGS, PINS, MEDALS, MONROEVILLE TROPHIES, STATIONERY SEE THE 1965 MOTOROLA COLOR T.V. WITH THE M. C. GEORGE NEW RECTANGULAR PICTURE 6406 Donna Road TUBE 104 LINCOLN HWY. EAST Fort Wayne (ACROSS FROM MARSH ' S) . QUALITY SHOES t=sf FOR THE FAMILY If J » VILLAGE SHOE STORE " FOR THE MUSIC IN YOUR LIFE " ANTHONY WAYNE VILLAGE MUSIC GIFT SHOPPE 4343 S. ANTHONY BLVD. 401 BROADWAY NEW HAVEN FORT WAYNE CHARLES RICARDO ' S PIZZA PURVIS FOR THE BEST DRUGS PIZZA STEAKS BAR FAMILY ROOM REXALL DRUGS ALSO BACK ROOM FOR PARTIES AND MEETINGS AT NO 749-1159 EXTRA CHARGE 514 BROADWAY 749-9150 427 BROADWAY NEW HAVEN, INDIANA NEW HAVEN, INDIANA NORM ' S BEST WISHES POINT TO THE SERVICE 1965 CLASS 4 i 749-9127 HIPSKIND ASPHALT CO. L 1 N C 1725 WINTER STREET o L N FORT WAYNE W. Sia lL(e)ILIl FOODLAND ' MIGHTY FRIENDLY FOLKS ' QUICK FRIENDLY SE RVICE " TENDER-AGED " MEATS THE MOON and beyond Bright, new horizons await today ' s students . . . new technologies . . . new advancements on all fronts . . . even the moon and whatever lies beyond. How far you go in this space age depends partly on your imagination but primarily on your education and training. Conquering new horizons will demand more of today ' s graduates — more knowledge, more skills, more training and more specialization. Our Free Enterprise system, with its high living standards, gives you an opportunity to " shoot for the moon " in any field. Whether or not your target is reached depends on how well trained you are to launch your career. Indiana Michigan ELECTRIC COMPANY An litrtslor-Owntd Public Utility »iit : ii tLtcTaic ( =$ P« " i« •»•«» LINCOLN BANK 507 BROADWAY NEW HAVEN (ACROSS FROM CHARLES PURVIS) 749-1161 WAA. P. Mcdonald, PLUMBING HEATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING 1707 S. HARRISON FORT WAYNE GOOD LUCK- CLASS OF ' 65 YOU CAN ' T BEAT OUR TREATS! HI WAY 30 EAST 749-2716 749-1815 749-1117 NEW HAVEN DELEGRANGE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FORD 1965 CLASS RHOADS YOUR FORD DEALER EQUIPMENT 631 LINCOLN HWY. W. COMPANY, INC. COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE NEW HAVEN EQUIPMENT CONTRACTORS 749-1185 1530 OXFORD-FORT WAYNE 744-4175 " CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1965 ' SCHINNERER TRUEMPER, INC. 5212 SOUTH HANNA STREET FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 46806 (GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS) Enjoy Tender, Luscious TIFFIN SCENIC STUDIO COMPLETE STAGE EQUIPMENT TIFFIN, OHIO C J AUTO PARTS NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS PHONE 744-2221 2529 EAST PONTIAC FORT WAYNE DRIVE-INS STREETS INDUSTRIAL FUEL OIL ROAD OILING 745-7086 BLEEKE OIL CO. PLANT: TILLMAN AT HARTZELL ROAD OFFICE: 1920 EAST FAIRFAX MALOLEYS FOODLAND STORES 10 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU NEW HAVEN STORE CORNER OF ROADS 14 24 things go better,! Coke Pause... Hi Refresh BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE BLANKFIELD COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 65-139 INDIANA BANK TRUST CO. 4.06% PER ANNUM ON SAVINGS U.S. 24 at HARTZELL NEW HAVEN 743-9661 7 AUTOGRAPHS

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