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Inman 5 4 2 1 a 3 A 4 .1 .1 41 Q? 4 ii s 3 5 9 S Q 34 E xf 5 S 51 3 55 3 ,4 1 Q E S4 E fi 1 Q E S fi 3 2 1944 MIRAGE f X N W The adventures and observations of Buffy, the bulldog: of moods and manners of the students of N. H. H. S. N 0. 'J' Lx J W '- A X409 Gd 49 1, L fr-QQ ' f -i Buffy visits school meets teachers. visits classe x l f , 6 W :fi and meets studentlbody. M ' L WOWN Buffy observes school activities. f 1, X5 ,JW ' 4 ,, in N EW? 3 ..J- I O I I I Buffy spurs the team. , x D3 M BUFFY'S HOME QE fgg LEE BURGETTE Trustee of Adams Township Hobby: Fishing .. N., OPAL BOWER Social Science. Sophomore Sponsor. Ambition: To own a helicopter. CARL BUFFENBARGER Physical Education. Intra Mural. Weakness: Tall basketball players. HARRIET DANIELS English. Student Council. Ambition: To build an MAVALINE FIREOVED Business Education. Freshmen Sponsor. apartment housc. .i VQ' f ' A X- f S 5 xg ' ffiflilff 115255: J:f'?Qffii ' EVERETT FROCK Social Science. Sophomore Sponsor. Ambition: To find a histor BARBARA GERMANN Physical Education. Freshmen Sponsor. y student Weakness: Picnic lunches. EVELYN KNULL English and Speech. Junior Sponsor Hobby: Roughing it. ELIZABETH LEAIRD Business Education. Year Book. Ambition: Interior decorating and losing Ambition: To own a candy kitchen 10 pounds. BYRON DOWNEY Principal. Hobby: Artistic typing. Fishing and hunting. PEGGY SUE LEININGER iMrs. Ed. Ferryi English and Speech. Junior Sponsor. Left in January. EARL MARSHALL Mathematics. Junior Sponsor. Hobby: Repairing Kiddy Kars Cnowb. CARL MILLER Band. Weakness: Devil's food cake. LESLIE PENSINGER Shop and Mechanical Drawing. Senior Sponsor. Hobby: Teaching Lee Burgett and Fred Meyer how to catch blue gills. tix. DELIA REDMAN Science and Mathematics. Senior Sponsor. Weakness: Feature Editors. VIRGINIA ROYSTER Home Economics. Freshmen Home Room. Sunshine Society. Weakness: Chocolate candy. ROWENA WALKER English, Latin and Library. Sophomore Home Room. Sunshine Society. Hobby: Collecting miniature dogs EVELYN WALTERS Art and Grade Art and Music. Ambition: To go West. BUFFY'S BOSS From this desk, Mr. Downey, our principal, is doing an excellent job of preparing each of us for a better future. ART Ask any of the students. Itls one of our best classes. Inforrnality and diligence are its pass- words. PHYSICS Geniuses of our physics department are study- ing an electrostatic ma- chine. Well, we always knew New Haven stu- dents were live wires. HOME ECONOMICS Students of the "how-t0- get-your-man" science are shown busily sew- ing, under Miss Roy- ster's capable supervis- ion. SHOP Here's your chance girls! This industrious shop class is made up of boys only. TYPEWRITING K'Fifty-five words a min- ute or flop," is the mot- to of these zealous typ- ists. The commerce de- partment is one of the most popular spots in the school. GIRL'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Competitive games, ex- ercises, stunts, etc., fill the active program of our girls' gym class. Here, they are shown improving their posture, GENERAL OFFICE Experience gained help- ing in the general oiiice, will aid these commer- cial students when they leave school to find their place in the busi- ness world. Page Ten TZZ9 BOAQS TOWZ TZZQ Cfass Now Serving In The Armen! Forces "For Which They Serve" ...r y feel 15 e1e . , '--v , Sgr sr' K is Seaman 1st class Russell Jacquay Pfc. Thomas Baillie Army Paratrooper England Seaman Wallace Quandt Pfc. Richard Byers U. S. Marine Corps South Pacific 1 ii gxk ,A ,Q Seaman 2nd class Dewane Thompson Somewhere at sea Gunners Mate 3!c Max Wright Somewhere at sea if Fireman lst class Stanley Spohr Washington, D C Pfc. James Schrader Cpl. Curtis Frost U. S. Army U, S. Army North Africa Camp Stewart, Ga. 8 im .sci 'ix gi an 'gf f 5 1 fa-ww ...'v :, www' X -f S... irz ,,'ii' A g 3 ,.,:' Q Pvt. Robert Rose U. S. Army Ft. Sill, Oklahoma Qs as , .Q ..:-l i---'ill IVA- Pvt. Dwight Bridges U. S. Army England Bu Remimsces In September of 1940, we, one hundred green, gawky freshmen, entered the soon-to-be well-loved halls of New Haven High. Mrs. Delia Redman and Miss Harriet Daniels were destined to start us on our eventful course. At that time, we did not elect class officers, but we were well represented in Student Council by Tom Baillie and Alvena WagstaH. As we entered into our sophomore year, suave and sophisticated as most sophomores are, we were greeted by Mr. Leslie Pensinger, who took the place of Miss Daniels as one of our sponsors and soon captured the friendship of every student with his likeable ways. Leading us on our course were: Bill Goeglein, president, Pauline Werling, vice-president, Jean Larson, secretary, and Joseph Isenbarger, treasurer. The fall of 1942 found eighty-two of our original members, able to escape the inhuman treatment of former upper classmen, swaggering along feeling very superior. The juniors, commonly known as financial wizards, took over the can- teen, and with the aid of Mr. Pensinger supplied the school with the best of candy and ice cream wrappers. Bill Goeglein. president, Waldemar Heller, vice-presi- dentg Ladonna Robinett, secretary, and Pauline Werling, treasurer, were the ofli- cers who led us on our path of crime against timid under classmen, who shud- dered and cringed at our approach. As our junior year rushed on, it was discovered that we had in our group champion girl athletes, who succeeded in winning the girls' basketball and vol- leyball tournaments. One of these girls, Joan Krug, left near the end of the year to live in Wisconsin. Also, several of our boys played on the basketball team. In May when the birds are singing, flowers blooming, and a young man's heart is turning Cperiodj, the juniors held a prom in the gymnasium for the sen- iors. There was a period of weeping and wailing, as we realized that the happy day when we could rule the roost was soon to come. A lovely and popular jun- ior, Polly Werling, presided as queen of the prom. Q In September, 1943, a group of sixty-five seniors, dignified and serene, march- ed into the building we loved so well. As we entered, our voices lowered, and we gazed in tenderness at the sights we had known for so long and wished that the many who had joined the armed forces or accepted positions in defense fac- tories could still be with us. Also, we mourned the death of Donnabelle Kitchen, who had died in August of that year. Then, having proved to all by our actions that we were worthy of the title, seniors, we proceeded to make it known that we were the most outstanding of all senior classes. Teachers were amazed by our brilliant accomplishments and our superior intelligence. Lower classmen stared with envy as we planned parties. Bill Goeglein again was elected president, John Meyers became vice-presi- dentg Gladys Springer, secretary, and Betty Kuhl, treasurer. Due to a sudden illness, Gladys was unable to finish the year, and Jean Larson took her place as secretary. Norma Milliman again became one of our yell leaders. Our activities for the year had an excellent start on October 22, when we held a hay ride and wiener bake at the Oliver residence. This was soon followed by a Christmas party on December 23, in Mr. Pensinger's room. Games were played, and everyone received a gift. In February, the class decided to use some of its money to provide dancing lessons for its members. A committee composed of Norma Milliman, Barbara Seibert, and Jay Hodson soon had things well or- ganized, and Mrs. Nell Green, of Fort Wayne, gave the members of our class twelve lessons during the last twelve weeks of school. Soon our journey will come to an end. We will leave this building that has housed our youthful ambitions, joys, and sorrows, but we know that as we trudge on into a world it has prepared us to meet, we will remember in our hearts the best days of our lives. Page Efeue Seniors JO ANN BANDELIER-"Jo"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4-Class team 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4- News Static 1, 2. "Womens Reserve Marine Corpsi'-'tWatch it!,' - "Basketball players, blondes" -- 'iSports and collecting menuesf' ELNA BECKER-t'Bec"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 2, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4-Class team 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 4. t'College" - "Are you kidding'?',- "Everything in general" - "Basket- ball." ELSIE BOCKELMAN-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4 -Intramural 1, 2-Student Librarian 4. "Defense work"--HOh, yeah!"-"Not study- ing"-'tCollecting coins, stamps, and sew- ing." DOROTHY BOYD-4'Dottie,l-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Bandl, 2, 3, 4. 'tMaster the Comptometerl'-"Be good and be careful"-HM. P. CMilitary Po- lice?--'tBoWling.'7 NOTEW' Besides the name, organizations, and offi- ces, each student gave the following informa- tion: Ambition -favorite saying -weakness -hobby. Page Twelve VIRGIL ASHER-"Virg"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Masque 81 Gavel 3, 4, President 4-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Quartermaster 3, Captain 4-Mirage 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4-Student Council 4. "Air Corps Cadet"-"Dim bulb"-"Girls, especially a certain onef'-"Eating" JANUS BALES-"Punkie"-N. H. H. S. 3, 4, Ossian H. S. 2, Farmland H. S. 1- Masque 8z Gavel 3, 4-Student Council 4. 'LTO work and later get married"- "Can you beat that!',-HA certain blue- eyed Bulldog"-t'Writing notes in time of schoolfl KENNETH BARHYDT-"Kenny"-N. H. H. s. 2, 3, 4, Kendallville H. s. 1. 'tJoin Marines"-"What,s up, doc?" HAROLD BLEKE-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. "Defense work"-1'Oh, yeah!" L'GirlS and Physics"-"Ice skating and roller skating." Seniors LEON DE REMER-"Bud"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3. 4. "Join Navy" - "No "VVomenl'-"Ice skating." co-operation!" - DELORES DISLER--HD. D. D."-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine l, 2, 3. 4. "Defense work"-"Oh, heck!" - t'Sai- lors"-'Writing letters." DEVON FBANEv"Dippy"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 25, 4--Bulldogs 3, 4-Letterrnen's Club 4. 'Good factory job"-"I wouldn't say that' -'tWiue, women, and song"-'tHorse rais- ing and roller skating." MARILYN FRANKE--"Maisie" -N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Student Council 2-In- tramural 1, 2. "Office work"gHGlory be" and "Oh, golly Molly!"-HCertain Fort Wayne male"-4'lV1Ovies." gE?I'iARD BRAMES-"Bob"-N. H. H. S. 1. , "Eoicing"--'tCouldn,t say." HELEN CLARK-'tGuy"-N. H. H. S. 3, 4, Jefferson H. S. CLafayetteD 2, Medora H. S. 1. t'Dietician" - "Are you kidding?" - 'iArmy Air Forces"-UBowling." KATHLEEN CLEVENGER-'tKelly"-N. H. H. S. 4, Kokomo H. S. 1, 2, 3-G. A. A. 4- Sunshine 4. "Telephone operator and defense work"- 'tAre you kidding?"-''Eatingn-t'Tennis." EDWARD CRITCHFIELD-'tEd"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Mirage 4-Band 1, 2, 3- Intramural 1, 2. "To be a fighter pilot"-t'Schlibofla- vin"--"Women"-"Whistling at good- looking girls." 1111 71 t c Seniors 1 MELVIN FROSCH-"Mel"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. "Veterinary" - "Doggone', - "Chocolate sundaesw-"Farming" COLETTA GERARDOT-"Tessa"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3,-Sun- shine 1. "Factory work"-K'Oh, fiddle!"-"Sai- lors!!!"-"Movies" MAXINE GIRARDOT-t'Max"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Class team 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1- G. A, A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4. "Defense work"-"Fizzle!,' - t'Dancing'l - i'Sleepingf' WILLIAM GOEGLEIN- "Bill" -N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4- Student Council 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3- Mirage 2, 3, 4-Class president 2, 3, 4. "Army Aviation Cadet"-"Oh, Heck!" -"Blue eyes and blondes"-"Riding and singing? CECIL GREEN-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. "To graduateu-"Missing school." ELSIE GLASS-HLug"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1-Band 1, 2, 3, 4. "Navy nurse"-"I give up!"-"Ch0co- late cake and ice cream"-'AF1ying." WALDEMAR HELLER-"Wally"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Student Council 2, 3-Bulldogs 4--Class vice-president 3. f'Engineering" - 'LWatch it!" - "Food" - "Basketball," GAYLORD HEINE-'KGay"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1. 'iEngineering"-'iCorny, ain't it?"- HGirls"-"Roller skating." teen ffjf !.-.1. ORILLA LAKE-A'Midge"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3 4 Defense worker"-'LDon't know, do you?" Marshmallow sundaes"-t'Collecting min- iature horses." JEAN LARSON-"Jeannie"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4dBand 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4- G. A. A. 1, 3, 4-Masque and Gavel Sec- retary 3, 4--Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-president 3-Mirage 1, 2-Intra- mural 1, 2, 3, 4-Class Secretary 2, 4. 'tCadet nursen - "Hi!" - t'Arrny Air Corps"-"Basketball and dancing." DOLORES LANGE-'ADee"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3 4 Secretarial work"-"H0nest? Give up?"- Gremlins' and chewing my finger nails"- Looking for the moron who started all those stories about himself? RUBY LONG-HChing"-N. H. H. S. 1. 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1--G. A. A. 1-Mirage 4-Intramural 1. HAssassinate Hitlerw - HSecretarial work"--"Oh, I wou1dn't say that!"- "Sloppy hamburgers"-"Men Cin gen- eraljf QVZYOVS JAY HODSON-N. H. H. S. 2, 3, 4-Auburn H. S. 1. "A job, CperiodY'-"Just never you mind!' "Parties"-"Skating" v BETTY KUHL-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4- G. A. A. 1-Student Council 1, 2, 3, Vice-president 3-Intramural 1, 2-Stud- ent Librarian 3-Class treasurer 4. "OfTice work"-"Oh! Darn!"-t'Choco- late malts"-"Letter writing." EVELYN KAIN-"Evie"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. t'Defense work"-"Oh, heck"-"Hot dogs and cokes'-"Movies" ROSE EDNA KAIN-A'Squirt"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2-Intramural 1. "A kindergarten teacher"-t'Oh, joy!" "Chili." 1 P.: :ge I-:iff Seniors DONALD MINICK-'lDon',-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 4. 0 "Uncle Sam's waterboyl'-'tBuild a great speed car"-"Driving under 353' MILDRED NUTTLE-"Millie,'-N. H. H. S. 1. 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 2, 3, 4. "Factory work"-"I don't known- LLGUITI7,--4'CO11SCtlDg pictures." BRUCE OLIVER-"Buck"-N. H. H. S. 4, Logansport H. S. 1, 2, 3. "To head my own airlinen-'ADO the same for you sornetimelw-"A brunette by the name of Ccensoredb''-4'Mechanic.'' JOYCE OLIVER-f'Aritha"-N. H. H. S. 4, Logansport H. S. 1, 2, 3-Mirage 4- Sunshine 4-G. A. A. 4-Intramural 4. 'KCommercial artist or nurse"-"Take it easy!"-"Saddle horsesn-"Skating and dancing." Pagu Sfxlccrl GENE LOUDEN--"Pee Ween-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 1, 2, 4. "To be married"-"Sammy!"-"U. S. Army Air Force"-i'Keeping up the Air Force Morale." JOHN MEYERS--'ACurls"-N. H. H. S. 3, 4, Elkhart H. S. 1, 2-Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Treasurer 4-Student Council 4- Basketball 4-Intramural 3-Class vice- president 4. "Lawyer, but go to Marines firstn- 'lOh, fine!", "ChasV', "Watch it! '- 'tLemon pie"-"Skating," NORMA MILLIMAN-"Shorty'l-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2-G. A. A. 1-Masque and Gavel 3, 4-Yell-leader 3, 4-Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4-Student librarian 2-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4-Class team 1, 2, 3, 4. i'College worku-"Hi, Doc!', - "Ricky" - "Dancin' and fightin' with my boy friendf' DALE MILLINGTON-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 2. "Join Marines"-'Staying out late"-- "Radiof' Seniors VERNON REBBER-"Elmer'l-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2. "Grain and dairy farmer"-'KHya, beauti- ful!"-"Red heads and freckles"-"Sports," LADONNA ROBINETTE-A'J0"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Student Council 1, 4, Treasurer 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 1, 4-Mirage 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4- Masque and Gavel 3, 4-Chorus 1, 2, 3- Band 1, 2-Intramural 1-Class Secre- tary 3. "To bc a nurse or a secretary and al- ways go Wright, not Wrong"-"Golly Whiz"-t'Chop suey, chewing gum, and dancing"-"Collecting menues, also airplane collection." VIRGINIA SCHLAUDROFF - "Ginny" - N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4--Sunshine 1, 3, 4. "To become a nurse or work in a factory"- "Hey!"-"Chocolate sundaesv-"Helping to keep up the Perfection morale." JAMES SCI-INELKER - HJim" - N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. 'tFarming"-'iFords.' XN VIRGINIA PARKS-"Ginny"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4-Class team 4. 1 "Office work" - "Jeepers!l' - "Sailors" - "Skating" GLEN PECK-i'Peck"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 4. 'ATO be a flyeri'-HGoofy women"- "Going to school." CLARA RANSOME-t'Bugs"-N. H. H. S. 2, 3, 4, Logansport H. S. 1-Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Vice-president 3-Mirage 2-Intramural 4. t'Typist and perhaps married life"-HI don't see why" and 4'Smell that!"-'LNavy and carrots"-'iLetters to the Navy." BETTY RATHBUN-"Rathy"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 1, 4-Mirage 4-Student librarian 4- Band 1, 2, 3, 4. 'Cadet Nurse"-HGolly wobbles!"-"A fighting marine"-t'Writing letters." P., Seniors ROSALIE SCHNELKER-"Rosie"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3. 'tStenographer"-"Did I?," "Never mind!" -"Pop,'-t'Keeping a Rogue's Gallery of friends." LAWRENCE SCROGHAM-"Pete1'-- N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4. "Electrician', - "Cute kid" - "Brown eyes and brunettesw-i'All sports." RUSSELL SCHWEYER-S'Buck'f or 'Russ' -N. H. H. S. 2. 3, 4, Central H. S. CFt. Waynej 1-Masque and Gavel 3, 4-Mirage 4-Intra- Qnural 2, 4. "To understand Hero's formula and work a geometry problem right the Hrst tirne"- "Oh, gosh, no!"-"Chocolate sundaes and brunettes"-"Short trips to Canada? MARGARET SEELIG - 'tMaggie" or "Sissy"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2-Masque and Gavel 3, 4-Mirage 4 -Intramural 1, 2. 4. t'Dietician1'-"Strictly from hunger"- 'tRed hairw-'tKnitting.'l BARBARA JEANNE SEIBERT-"Smoochie,' N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 1, 2, 3-Masque and Gavel 3, 4. "To be a beauty operator andhave my own shopw - UNO, thanks, Fve had any" - "Laughing"-'Dancing and skating." MARCILE SPRINGER-N. H. H. S. 2, 3, 4, Leo H. S. 1-Sunshine 2, 4. "To become a professional musician and play at Hitler's funeral"--'tOh, golly"-"Frosted malts and a certain blue-eyed Romeo." DONALD STELLHORN-f'Da1'my"--N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4. t'Flying" - K'Watch it" - t'Blondes" - "Sports" LAMONT STONEBURNER-t'Bud'-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Manager 4. t'Flying" -- "Watch it!"-t'Girls"- 'LSports." Page Eighteen Seniors lin fllllemnrium DONNABELLE KITCHEN-Died Aug. 6, 1943. ALICE TIEMAN-"Curly"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 2. 'tDefense worker"-"Hi, there!"-"A cer- tain Indiana Tech student"-"Having a good time." ALMA VODDE-t'Elmer"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4 -G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4-Mirage 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4-Student li- brarian 4-State G. A. A. Award 4. i'Physical Ed. teacher"-t'Fairsigair- ings now gal'-"Shotshay." ALVENA WAGSTAFF-t'Beanie"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4- Student Council 1-Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4-G. A. A. 4-Mirage 3, 4-Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4- Class team 4. WTO be a nurse and go to college"-"Fiddle, dee-dee"-"Hamburgers and Lil' Abner"- "Playing the piano." PAULINE WERLING-'tPolly"-N. H. H. S. 2, 3, 4, North Side H. S. CFt. Wayne? 1-Masque and Gavel 3, 4-Stu- dent Council 2, 3-Class vice-president 2, Treasurer 3. 'That score was really classy"-"A certain basketball player and food"- "Roller skating." ELIZABETH WHITE-"Jerry"-N. H. H. S. 3, 4, South Side H. S. QFt. Wayne? 2, Hirsch S. CChicago7 1. "To wear a white uniform and hold men's hands when they're flat on their back fnurslnglw-"Is that so?"-'tYou don't say!" -"To teasel'-t'Reading and movies." WALTER WIEGMANN-"Wally"-N. H. H. S. 1, 2, 3, 4-Intramural 1, 2. "Auctioneer and farming"-HI don't know"-i'Girls'1-"Riding horses." Page ivfn clean NJ awk WWW Guess Wko--Buffy? Tum '10 page 44 Those Serving Qur Country For the privilege of retaining those rights given all Americans, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the above graduates are giving their se:- vices. The patriotism of the New Haven School reached a new height when our principal, Lieutenant Cj. g.7 John Young offered his services to our country. His place is being ably filled, but we are looking forward to his return and, God- willing the end of the war. - ,.Q" 4 ,., , -A r Q. :::: ,, - ., ' :"' ..': 'W x " rn Wx , -,1. .Ea ,gf I of ' ,1. ,.,, 3 LL ,,,,, f ,Q I '5 fi.. he "" 5 x s " ffl X , 1 E . I. .' """:':: c l "f', 1' 3 N Q zzz -f - A.-.f ':'1... I - . ::. ' V :,.., Pe tes: '-:: a -:--:--" ' 1.:sg.,.... " ,Q --" ' I --:' 'A A Q ' ' N ,f . .....: . ,.:, 1 P .9 . 5 58 ,lm 5 ' .,': Q x"' . :.:. ':'I' "ff ,, f "" ff "" if ,,AQ,'Q I . - A '-'-'-- . l 1-A H . . Q.. ik ,.,. wg, :'A' s A f A J -5 ::" .s ' , .'-- . '- . 1 '--, ':"- 3 3333!-z . . Q Q tg, il f ft Z Y -:,. ' '..--'.-: gff lil, . as 5 ' ,.,A We ' , -1:1- ,- ' ' .,,.,., 2 '-::2 A ::.... ' lf' 1.-.,, g lll . . Y .,,.,,.,,..,.,, wg 5 I .' .1 :::4 A l - .5 W I . X . ,,,, :QE :"' ""' ' 12--- , a ,... W. :-... ' ' """ 2 zzz -"" ' . ir: ':" '::Q:5:E:5i5'.'?,:A:- ,D E: ,,,..v V' Q -1 - :IVVV vA:- ::-: .. Y .3 .... 1 . ::: 3 , I -:A-'- N -:., J, . .. . . ':'1""' ,.'l" l' 'A-- "',: . " 1 :,,' I . n . , .1 ,.A::, H g 1 KA A. .-...3 Q ,S ::: V E Mm W 2:5 , 9 " V . Q A .1-:'5 lj :-S , N .'A,. l . Q.:. ..,. ,H A a ..:.:- I T. . 5 -- 1--. , . ::,, '.l.i A '-112' ,, :,: . ' Q' 5 5 ::: , zzz xii z A - 1 H . ,q ...Q ::,, K Y "A' :': :-' l ' 1.-----' . ': A 1 'A ' ':1:" kg M ::2 Q . ' V' '..::..,:,. Aululu V , V,,, ' 'V '- 3 ,',1" I 2351 ::.: A 1 EQ gif . , .A,- A65 I' 1 Y' an f 4. if 1 'W Q .,Ql 'f YL iw E.:-' Page Twenty-Iwo u n io rs OFFICERS President--Charles Romine. Vice-President-Richard Henderson. Secretary--Lucille Hathaway. Treasurer-Elvin Meyer. JUNIOR JIVE QFr0m left to rightj Dick Adams-What a dancer! Roland Arnold-Oh, when she smiles! Barbara Asher-Oh, Johnny, Oh! Don Bauserman-Always late. Marcille Bearman-"Don.!' Jack Birt--Tall, dark, and then some! Dewey Blackburn-CWithdrawn from schoolb. Paul Bleke-He likes Martha. Iona Bohn-"Sarge". Joe Bolyard-Does he get around? Jean Bowser-A swell person. Robert Bruick-Ambitious to take typing. Dorothy Buhr-Our shy Junior. Alvin Burkett-All for Fords and girls. Ted Butt-lNho likes jitterbugging. Maxine Chancellor-She studies all the time. Donald Cheviron-What a line! LaDonna Coonrod-She has Hoomphli' Gloria Dressen-Donts ideal. Helen Dwyer-Our southern lass. Genevieve Ehinger-All out for old North Side. Gladys Fiedler-Oh, the Marines! Evelyn Forsyth!-My ideal, Danny. Kathleen Goeglein-All out for Dick. Ellen Griffith-Whiz on wheels. Russell Griffiths-Does he know Marge? Lucille Hathaway-Sheill take Erhart. Jean Hawk-"Mom", Richard Henderson-Take me home again, Kathleen. Rita Jean Henry-Bud's dream. Donald Hill--Nothing like Norma. VVayne Judt-He's all right! Ah! Dick Jump-My gal, Polly. Alvenna Kanning-Al! Central. Charles Klenke-He likes sports. Kathleen Koehlinger--He's 1-A in the Army. wfziors Elaine Lampe-She has wings. Alvin Lepper-Phyllis would make a cute :farmer'3 wife. Berniece Lepper-Wishes to join the Waves. Roberta Liggett--How sweet you are. Delores McClain-Oh, what hair. Virgil McIntosh-All out for the farm. William Mclver-Junior Romeo. Vivian Mehring-Close that book! Phyllis Menking--Open that book. Elvin Meyer-Our basket ball star. Richard Miller-Hails for Texas. Leona Momper--Elmer's tune. Paul Morris-Whistling at girls. Marjorie Myers-Which one, Dick or Joe? Lois Oberlin-She likes stars! Lyle Ramsey--Small but mighty. Virginia Reed-She gets along with the teachers. Elmer Remenschneider-Be ready at 7:00, Leona. Audine Roemer-Happy go lucky. Charles Romine-I'm always thinking of you, Margie. Donald Rose-Wants to get married. Look out, girls! Stanley Rosswurm-Ah, freshman! Erhart Scheeler-Lucille, since grade school. Willard Scott-Oh! Anita! William Scott--To pass in English is my aim. Phyllis Shadle-She wants to he a nurse. Robert Sipe-"Monroevil1e". Donald Spohr-"Dot',. Margery Springer-Romine for President. Norma Stegmann-Ambitious, in love- Don. Lorenz Stemmler-He wants to be a Naval Cadet. Laura Stemmler-She's OK. Charlene Stoneburner-Where did you get your cross? Jane Thimlar--To be around. Delores Van Meter-Watch the fireworks. Wayne Stellhorn'-'Jeannie with the light brown hair? Xi? -'-' ' 3 Page Twen ly-llzree op omores . Top row: G. Bremer, B. Grandi, R. Crandall. E. DeVaux. Fifth row: A. Bremer, L. Goeglein, A. Bleke, G. Clevenger, E. Fultz, K. Gasper. Fourth row: D. Emenhiser, W. Bockelman, D. Dry, H. Beasley, G. Coonrod. W. Franke. Third row: S. Baltes, F. Hawk. C. Garwood, S. Groves, J. Glaze, R. Kallmeyer, J. Critchfield. Second row: C. Girardot, K. Doty, B. Hazelett, E. Bord- ner, M. George, B. Campbell, J. Heine, J. Brinkman, K. Koester, M. Hemsoth. P. Krominaker, M. Hoevel. First row: J. Hawkins, G. Heemsoth, B. Judt, L. Bearman, A. Hormann, V. Frosch M. Bixler, P. Carpenter, D. Doctor, J. Baillie, H. Bradtmueller. LIGHTNING DESCRIPTIONS Jacqueline Baillie-'tJackie'l. Sharon Baltes--"Cherry',. Louena Bearman-Good things come in small packages. Howard Beasly-From Kentucky. Maxine Bixler-Wants to be a secretary. Alvin Bleke-t'Sleepy Jake". William Bockleman-Our bashful boy. Evanell Bordner-Brings up our basketball score. Helen Bradtmiller-Factory girl. Allen Bremer-Soda jerk. George Bremer-An Army Air Corps boy. June Brinkman-Red hair and history. Betty Campbell-"Camel", CPresident of classl. Patricia Carpenter-A "Wave'l in the future. Glen Clevenger-New this year. Gerald Coonrod-t'Gerald, the Silent." Robert Crandall-Farmer-to-be. Jack Critchfield-Likes music. Earl De Vaux-Likes airplanes. Delores Doctor--Always has her lessons. Kathryn Doty--Collects pictures of movie stars. Donald Emenhiser-Another farmer. Margaret Fitzgerald-A pretty new girl. Wayne Franke'-Entertains the girls. Viola Frosh-Plays basket ball. ,age Twenty-four Don Fry-Likes Latin. Edward Fultz-A singer in our midst. Charlotte Garwood-f'Texas,'. Kenneth Gasper--Likes a Meyers girl. Margie George-Those slacks! Carroll Girardot-Hails from Zulu. Leonard Geoglein-Where there's girls Leonard. Jack Glaze-Plays good basketball. Bill Grandi-"Frankie". Stanford Groves-Plays in the band. Margie Hoevel-HK. R." Frances Hawk-Good-natured. Joan Hawkins-Pretty as they come. Betty Hazelett-MI-leaded for the Navy. Joan Heine-Likes to dance. there's Gloria Hemsoth-Yell-leader we can be proud of. Margaret Hemsoth--Personality plus. Harry Hilgemann--Little boy who isn't there. Anita Hormann-She's swell. Betty Judt-Eileen's cousin. Eileen Judt-A Winning smile. Raymond Kallmeyer-Likes Sharon. Kathryn Koestcr-Has makings of a plane stewardess. Pat Krominaker-Nurse in the future. Dorothy Leonard---Who's D. C.? n air- op OVFZOTQS Top row, left to right: R. Scheiman, H. Rebber, H. Schnorr, J. Morris, B. Vodde, L. Noel. Fourth row: R. Norris, G. Stauffer, P. Mourey, W. Strader, G. Roberts, R. McCreary, H. Tatman, N. Oberlin. Third row: J. Strader, R. Schrage, H. Peoppel, J. Osburn, G. Rohrbach, J. Minick, J. Tobias, M. Witmer. Second row: R. Lunz, E. Stoneburner, L. Whitacre, K. Mack, G. Momper, L. Schmidt, R. Schnelker, M. Rathbun, L. Mason. First row: D. Leonard, L. Shumaker, B. Spohr, B. Smith, C. Romine, J. Tilbury, G. McCullough, P. Liggett. LIGHTNING DESCRIPTIONS Phyllis Ligget-Shy. Elma Linnemeier-'iMer." Norma Lowery-Likes history and music. Rita Lunz-Likes needlecraft. Kathleen Mack-Beautiful as they come. Lucretia Mason-Kentucky girl. Robert McCreary-Collects hair bows. Claradine McCullough-Quiet as a mouse, Jeannette Minick-Nursemaid?? Georgie Momper-Jack G1aze's girl. John Morris-W'inks at the girls. CVice-presi dentb. ' Paul Moureye-Navy man. Lloyd Noel--N. H.'s chief day dreamer. Richard Norris-Band member. Norman Oberlin-Likes General Business. Jeanette Osburn-"Oszie". Harold Poeppel-Osburn's theme. Maxine Rathbun-Collects jewelry. Herman Rebber-Likes to argue. CSecretaryJ. Eugene Roberts-Hates to get up in the morn- ing. Georgianna Rohrbache-Pals with a Fresh- man. Clarabell Romine-Reducing to join the "Waves", Robert Scheiman-Our Hawkshaw. Lucille Schmidt-"Lucy". Ruth Schnelker-Lives across the way. Henry Sc-hnorr-"Juniori'. Robert Schrage-Good basketball player. Lovetta Shumaker-Her heart belongs to the Navy. Beulah Smith-'fOh, Johnny!" Betty Spohr-Lots of fun. George Stauffer-Stars in basketball. Eleanore Stoneburner-"Short Circuitf' James Strader-He's a swell guy. Wayne Strader--Farmer boy. Howard Tatman-Wants to be a test pilot. Joan Tilbury--Lucil1e's pal. Johannah Tobias-"Jo." Phyllis Traxler-Tall, dark and handsome. Bernard Vodde-The girls all whistle when he goes by. Lois Whitacre-Majors in history. Mary Louise Witmer-Plays the piano. Page Tweniy IL Pupp ies Top row. left to right: R. Quance, E. Lepper, C. Sheefel, D. Lewis, J. Hathaway, F. Nowak, G. Renno, R. Hauser. Fourth row: D. Rosswurm, H. Heller, H. Snyder, J. Rose, P. Schnelker, L. Niccum, P. Ruhl, D. McDonald, V. Schaefer, R. Swartz. Third row: B. Knox, E. Wiedenhoefer, F. Nelson, H. Schweyer, J. Henry, E. Jacquay, R. Reed, J. Johnson, J. Jump, C. Lange, E. Kear. Second row: M. Long, T. Harvey, M. Riebersal, J. Henderson, C. Sipe, P. Rowley, M. Scott, L. Stellhorn, J. Hoffman, P. Heine. L. Oliver, E. Kitchen. First row: V. Johnson, I. Leonard, D. Roemer, J. Parks, J. Rudolph, M. Schlaudroff, E. Rebber, S. Straub,'D. Hengsteler, M. Kitzmiller, R. Lahrman, M. Norden. THUMB-NAIL SKETCHES Cornell Adams--Bored of education. Ed Anweiler-He's one studious C?D kid. Lucian Asher--Hollywood, here she comes! Gracella Bandelier-All for fun-or for bas- ketball. Marian Banet-Small and quiet. Bernice Bauman-Likes to play the game. Joyce Bauserman-Shets cute! Carl Bearman-May be a farmer. Who knows? Blanche Blackburn--Collects napkins. Henry Bockelman-He's white, all right. Lewis Bowser-Quite a fisherman. Alvin Bradtmueller-A farmer he would be. Eugene Bremer-Airplane hound. Donna Brueggemann-She has everything! Delsie Caulk-Her eyes sparkle. Rosemary Deitering-Doesn't worry-much. Harold DeVaux-Nice kid. Betty Elwood-Hobby? Horses. Ronald Elwood-Likes UD to get up in the morning. Evelyn Fiedler-Knows when to be silent. Phyllis Forsyth-Friendly. Norma Franke-Likes music. Charles Gabet-Sinatra! Minnie Gasper--Thelma's shadow. Robert Gephart-Foreign correspondent. I 5 lzamzly-six Audrey Gerardot-There's a twinkle in her eye. Allene Gick-Says little, does much. Lois Glaze-That smile! Wayne Green-Mighty swell. Eileen Griffith-Watch her roll those skates! Max Hart-Sweeps clean. Thelma Harvey-Double checks in the li- brary. Joe Hathaway-Everybody's pal. Roger Hauser-Give him an inch-. Bill Hawk-Three cheers! George Headford--Freshman. Phyllis Heine-Likes good fun. Hubert Heller-Has his eye on the girls. Jeanette Henderson-Right on tick. Delores Hengstler-Not the chattering type. James Henry-OK. Jean Hoffman-She fiddles, really. Eugene Jacquay-Nice guy! John Johnson-Busy as a bee. Vivian Johnson-Energetic. James Jump-Small but mighty. Edith Kear-Quiet and thoughtful. Eleanor Kitchen-Tall, blondish. Mary Lou Kitzmiller--Brunette skater. Barbara Knox--OK, all the time. Virginia Koellinger-Short and sweet. Puppies Top row. left to right: L. Glaze, A. Gick, R. Mclver, H. DeVaux, E. Bremer, R. Elwood, M. Thim- lar, J. Vinson. R. Gephart, C. Gabet. Third row: M. Meyer, P. Forsyth, L. Bowser, C. Bearman E. Anweiler, C. Adams, D. Wolf, H. Bockelman, W. Green, G. Headford, M. Hart. Second row T. Sharp, D. Brueggeman, A. Gerardot, R. Stemmler, L. Vaughn, M. Vonderau, R. Wiegmann, J Trammel, B. Elwood, I. Witte, D. Mehring, L. Asher. First row: N. Franke, D. Caulk, B. Black burn, G. Bandelier, B. Baumann, E. Griffith. M. Gasper, V. Walters, E. Fiedler, J. Bauserman R. Deitering. THUMB-NAIL SKETCHES Rose Lahrman-Good as gold. Clarence Lange--Quiet and studies. Iva Lou Leonard-Knows the score. Edgar Lepper-Thinks, and thinks some more. Donald Lewis-HThe athletic type. Mary Ann Long-Those brown eyes! Donald McDonnell-Likes action. Dick Mclver-Art? He has it. Dorothy Mehring-Intelligence, plus-. Marilyn Meyer-Not bad! Fred Nelson-Hails from Angola. Leonard Niccum-Man about town. Marceil Nordena-Works hard. Frank Nowak--The girls look twice. Lois Oliver-Now, theres a gal! Joan Parks-More fun! Richard Quince-Stamp collector. Elvera Rebber-'Very nice. Albert Reed-Future mayor. Glenn Renno-Likes the girls. Martha Jean Riebersal-Not dizzy, but blonde. Delores Roemer--Nice girl. James Rose-On the beam. Dorothy Rosswurm-Is she sweet! Pat Rowley-All for fun and frolic. Jane Rudolph-Likeable. Paul Ruhl-Casanova, Jr. Virgil Schaefer-Saves pennies. Marilyn Schlaudroff-Tall. Phil Schnelker--Not a care in the world. Harold Schweyer-Aviator, maybe. Mary Jane Scott--Look! Tom Sharp-Lot on the ball. Charles Sheefel-Future farmer. Robert Swartz--Flies high. Carolyn Sipe--Ambitious girl. Harold Snyder-Collects keys and "stuff" Loraine Stellhorn-Likes physical activity. Ruth Stemmler-Ability in athletics. Sally Straub-Makes A's. Jo Stuerzenberger-Quiet? When she sleeps Melvin Thimlar-Small and wiry. Jean Trammel-A swell person. La Verne Vaughn-Sweet. Vivian Walters-Brunette. Eldor Wiedenhoefer-Farmer, perhaps. Ruth Wiegmann-Good sport. Ida Witte-Enthused about sports. Don Wolf-Has ambitions. CPresident of classb. Janes Vinson-Lawyer? Marian Vonderau-Sweet, too. Paige Tice lu .. 4. - 5 E i e Q S S 2 5 e E 3 5 3 E 3 E F 2 Top row: Delores can't be beat!--You name it!-Guess who-Football? Second row: Dignified?-We thought sugar was rationed--What's coming off?-Freshmen sweethearts. Third row: Fish story-What's Hut?- You can have it-Censored. Small inseisz We like 'em both-Where is she?-Delores-Peggy Sue. Boi- Iom row: Watch it-They're swell-How they have changed-Bye now. BUFFY OBSERVES SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. MAJORETTES G. Heemsoth, D. McClain, A. Wagstaif, V. Parks, N. I WNW Millirnan. N f 'X 1, :fs N5 I I 1 f , I 0 . X Page Twen STUDENT COUNCIL Top row, left to right: B. Campbell, vice-president, D. Fry, J. Morris, H. Rebber, M. Hoevel J. Hathaway. Second row: D. Wolf, J. Bowser, secretary, R. Bruick. C. Romine. president, R. Henderson V. Reed, J. Henderson, C. Adams. Bottom row: Miss Daniels, J. Meyers, program chairman, J. Bales, V. Asher, L. Robinette treasurer. B. Goeglein, L. Vaughn. I 7 fffrly Stualent Counci The Student Council is an organization recognized for its significance and ability in organizing the activities and improvements of our school. It is com- posed of twenty members-the president and vice-president of each class, and an elected member from each home room. The Council is under the sponsorship of Miss Harriet Daniels. Several devotional services were presented to the student body: the Fall Con- vocation at which Reverend Thurman Morris was speaker, a Christmas program given by the Latin department, the 'fChristmas Story" presented by Masque and Gavel and an Easter Devotional Service with Reverend Herbert Wiese as guest spea er. A major project of the Student Council was the purchase of a Plaque honor- ing the alumni who are now in the service. The plaque was dedicated at a very impressive Armistice Day Program. The Council, by presenting a series of educational movies to the student body, raised money to buy two hundred song books with band scores for the gen- eral use of the school. . The annual Snowball Hop was given the twenty-first of December. The gym- nasium was elaborately decorated with a blue false ceiling and with small ever- green trees, which enclosed the dance floor. The recreation room, decorated by a committee of Sunshine girls, was used for games. A Freshman Convocation was given to acquaint the newcomers with the activities of our school. Two School Sings, which proved to be very popular, were sponsored by the Council. In the spring a commercial program was pre- sented free to the entire student body. The Student Council also manages the monitor system, the selling of lunch tickets, and the traffic in the halls. Suns ine Society "With love in my heart, forgetting self and with charity for all, I will make the object of my life, helpfulness and kindness to others." This line from the Sunshine creed expresses the ideals of the Sunshine Society. The membership this year increased to ninety, and the year was started off with a party for all the high school girls. On Tag Day enough money was collected to send S110 to the Riley Hospital Fund. This was the largest gift ever contributed by a single society in Indiana. At Christmas a banquet was held in the home economics room for all the members, and several members sang carols at the homes of the sick and aged. In the second semester a trip was taken to the Lincoln Museum, a skating party was held at Bell's Rink, and boxes were sent to boys in the service. Miss Rowena Walker and Miss Virginia Royster are Sunshine sponsors. The officers for the year are: President, Alvena Wagstaffg alternate president, Kathleen Goegleing secretary, Kathleen Mack, treasurer, Alma Voddeg and Georgianna Momper, chairman. SUNSHINE SOCIETY Top row, left to right: B. Rathbun, D. Disler, L. Robinette, E. Kain, B. El- wood, B. Seibert, A. Tieman, J. Oliver, L. Shumaker, K. Clevenger. Sixth row: P. Menking, N. Stegmann, L. Hathaway, L. Momper, K. Goeglein, C. Stoneburner, D. Van Meter, M. Meyers, S. Baltes, M. Rathbun, E. Becker, J. Bandelier. Fifth row: J. Tobias, K. Mack, B. Smith, E. Stoneburner, C. Romine, B. Camp- bell, L. Vaughn, L. Glaze, L. Oliver, J. Minick, M. Hoffman, P. Shadle. Fourth row: J. Trammel, I. Leonard, D. Roemer, V. Johnson, G. Momper, J. Tilbury, J. Henderson, G. Ehinger, G. Fiedler, P. Heine, J. Hoffman. Third row: J. Osburn, D. Brueggemann, M. Vonderau, G. Bandelier, B. Bau- man, A. Gerardot, E. Forsyth, I. Bohn, M. Bearman, E. Griffith, S. Straub, R. Stemmler, A. Wagstaff. Second row: E. Kitchen, B. Knox, P. Forsyth, M. Hemsoth, M. Witmer, J. Brinkman, B. Asher, V. Mehring, V. Schlaudroff, J. Bowser, A. Kanning, E. Kear. First row: A. Vodde, G. Hemsoth, J. Larson, D. Mehring, J. Bauserman, M. Meyer, L. Asher, T. Harvey, C. Girardot, L. Whitacre, C. Sipe, J. Heine. Page Thirty-two Girfs ' flfhfefic ASSOC7.df7.0H Heading our roster this year were Miss Barbara Germann, sponsorg Alma Vodde, president, Iona Bohn, vice-president, Betty Campbell, treasurer, and Mar- tha Riebersal, secretary. The members have been unusually active this year, in- asmuch as they managed the canteen for the month of February, decorated the gymnasium for the county tournament and had a hike which was followed by a Wiener bake and then a hayride. Meetings were held the first Wednesday of every month. The Girls, Athletic Association attempts at all times to further the interest in girls sports in and out of school, and to encourage healthful activities for the mind and body in order that we might become better citizens in the world of tomorrow. All athletic interests of the girls were sponsored by the G. A. A., including the intramural and class tournaments. The main feature of the year is the banquet at which certain girls receive special recognition for extra participation in all sports. A winged foot is award- ed for 150 points, the letter N for 250 points, and the national plaque for 350 points. Those sports in which points can be obtained are: basketball, baseball, archery, hiking, tennis, tumbling, skating, volleyball, swimming, and all other sports available. Letterman s Cfub In the spring of 1942, under the direction of Mr. Harold Smith, the Letter- man's Club was formed. A constitution and by-laws were adopted. These by- laws, in a nutshell, said that any person who earned a letter in baseball or basket- ball was to be admitted in the UNI' Club. The club has been inactive for the past year but with the addition of baseball as a major sport and with the basketball season over, it is functioning again under the sponsorship of Mr. Carl Buffenbarger. In January new officers were elected. They are as follows: president, Joe Bolyardg vice-president, Wayne Judtg secre- tary, Devon Frane, treasurer, Elvin Meyer. On March 1 the "N" Club took over the school canteen. The new members of the HN" Club are: Wayne Stellhorn, Richard Adams, Jack Birt, Richard Miller, Roland Arnold, Waldamar Heller and Lorenz Stemm- ler. LETTERMAN'S CLUB Second row, left to right: D. Adams, J. Birt, W. Stellhorn, D. Frane, W. Hel- ler, D, Miller, C. Klenke. Front row: J. Bolyard, R. Arnold, D. Jump, Mr. Buffenbarger, E. Meyer, W. Judt, L. Stemmler. f' 'A WN, , W ' ,MQW . u G. A. A. Top row: J. Osburn. B. Rathbun. M. Bearman, E. Stoneburner, B. Smith, C. Romine, B. Campbell. S. Baltos. L. Shumaker, C. Sipe, G. Ehinger, J. Brinkman, A. Horman, B. Spohr. Fourth row: G. Bandelier. R. Stcmmler, J. Hoffman. J. Henderson, M. Riebersal, L. Glaze, L. Oliver, R. Wiegmann, E. Rebber, I. Witte, E. Fiedler, J. Bausermann, M. Rathbun, E. Bordner. Third row: B. Baumann, P. Roemer, J. Trarnmel, I. Leonard, E. Kitchen, A. Vodde, A. Wag- stitil, G. Momper, J. Tilbury, G. Fiedler, P. Menking, D. Mehring, V. Frosh. Second row: L. Stemmler. V. Johnson, M. Long, B. Knox. I. Bohn, E. Becker, J. Oliver, J. Rudolf, K. Koehlinger, K. Goeglein, M. Meyer, K. Koester. M. Springer. First row: M. Myers, C. Stoneburner. D. Van Meter, J. Bandelier. K. Clevengor, Miss Ger- mann, M. Girardot, P. Rowley, H. Parks, J. Larson. L. Roblnette, L. Oberlin. . .- ,, my ,,,.,.,, . PWM. 3 , ,. , - h Nr WN M 14 M17:iQa?1LtQ , rw .2f5,.,5gs. ,,.z5..:5. EE:-5:..:.-1-t ..3':,f,v .Zi ' ' A L ff .. Q 121:39 llfyz' MUS7.C - Concert Bama? T First row, left to right: R. Norris, J. Bauserman, G. Momper, R. Mclver, D. Mehring, R. Stemmler, B. Asher. Second row, left to right: E. Kane, T. Butt, D. Rosswurm, M. Burkett, G. Critchfield, S. Groves, B. Rathbun, R. Groves, M. Rathbun, L. Asher, D. Boyd, D. Disler. Third row, left to right: R. Kallmeyer, R. Adams, E. Glass, C. Glaze, M. Meyers, J. Glaze, E. Scheeler, J. Larson, M. Myers, V. Asher, N. Franke, G. Head- ford, J. Critchfield, L. Stemmler, M. Hart, W. Hawk, W. Green. Fourth row: B. Smith, R. Hill, V. Mehring, W. Mclver, R. Griffith, J. Hawkins. The band department of the school, under the direction of Mr. Gerald H. Mil- ler, consists of the Concert Band, the Training Band, the Junior Band, and the Beginning Band. The Concert Band has a membership of forty-seven. Six members will graduate this spring. These members who graduate will leave openings for ambitious members of the Training Band. The Concert Band is organized as a school society. Officers are: Virgil Asher, captain, Russell Griffiths, Quartermaster, Jean Larson, secretary, Beulah Smith, librarian, and William Mclver, student conductor. The band uses the merit system. Merits may be obtained by attending re- hearsals, playing in ensembles, or playing solos. Demerits may be erased by practicing the required time in the band room. The honor of playing for the opening session of the North Eastern Indiana Teachers Association held in Fort Wayne in October was given to our Concert Band. Other special appearances were made at the Casad Ordnance Depot as well as before our own P. T. A. Many times the band provided the accompani- ment for group singing at school. A special school concert was given early in the fall, and the closing formal concert for the year in May. om 1'nea7fun1'o1f- 1'c11'm'1fzg Banc! First row, left to right: V. Arnold, R. Wiese, R. Locke, H. Albersmeyer, S. Tilford, M. Albersmeyer, P. Siebert, S. Girardot. Second row: W. Linn, M. Kreuter, M. Morris, M. Bookout, R. Frock, P. Ar- Lnold,kL. MacFadden, A. Critchfield, J. Elson, R. Locke, C. Griffiths, D. Fry, J. 'ran e. Third row: G. Arnold, R. A. Gabet, F. Forsythe, W. White, V. Burkett, J. Hazlett, C. Frock, E. Sutter, S. Girardot, B. Critchfield, J. Hawk, M. Gephart, L. Miller, T. Sharp, N. VanKirk. Standing: J. Blaising, F. Dahling, T. Black, M. S. Kollman, T. Smith, C. Dah- ling. The instrumentation for the band is unusually complete. They have pur- chased three new trombones and a pair of pedal tympany. Many students have acquired instruments of their own. The Concert Band played for all the winter season school activities. They played at all the home basketball games and for all pep sessions. Many activities were curtailed because of the shortage of critical war mater- ial. In the place of practicing after school the band has an extra hour a week. These practices are held Thursday of each week. The highlight of the winter band season is the formal banquet in May. At this time merit awards are given to the individuals who have earned them and thc seniors arc given their letter awards. Paige Tl11'rIy-ffm' MASOUE 8z GAVEL Back row. left to right: D. Adams, T. Butts, L. Ramsey, R. Schweyer. C. Romine, R. Kail- meyer, B. Smith, G. Momper. R. Griiiiths. Standing: B. Asher, B. Seibert, P. We-rling, N. Milli- man. J. Larson, M. Meyers, L. Hathaway, I. Bohn, V. Asher, L. Robinette, J. Bolyard. C, Ran- some. Front row: J. Meyers, J. Birt. E. Bordner. 43 3 T' 'T MIRAGE STAFF Back row. left to right: R. Schweyer, Masque and Gavel: J. Bolyard. Athletics and Letter- man's Clubg B. Goeglein, Senior Editorg V. Asher, Editor, D. Wolfe, Freshman Class, D. Adams, Junior Class. Second row: M. Meyers, Band, A. Vodde, Photography: B. Rathloun, Senior Honor Roll, A. Wagstatl, Art and Photography: E. Critchfield. Art: R. Long, Photographyg M. Witmer, Sopho- more Class. Front row: L. Robinette, Secretary and Advertising: I. Bohn. G, A. A.g J. Oliver, Senior Editor, V. Reed, Student Councilg J. Bowser, Assistant Editorg N. Milliman, Athletics. I 9 lffriy-six Masque ana! Gave Masque and Gavel is still quite a new organization around New Haven High. Although organized only a year and a half ago, it has greatly increased its activi- ties. The eligibility requirements for membership are: C11 The student must be of junior standing C29 He must be nominated by club members and approved by sponsors and C35 He must have done superior class work. Miss Peggy Sue Leininger was the sponsor of Masque and Gavel when the club was organized, but in January of this year she left us to get married, so Miss Evelyn Knull is now taking her place. Our activities this year have been carried out on a wide scale-a skating party September 31g on October 18 and 19 two one-act plays, t'Life With Willie" and "Not Quite Such A Goose" presented to the entire student body Cafter which there was a cast partybg and December 7 a Pearl Harbor Day program was pre- sented. Probably the biggest and most elaborate program was given at Christ- mas time when the Christmas story was presented, the script for which John Meyers wrote. On February 7 we gave a program for the P. T. A., and on Febru- ary 14 we initiated new members. Masque and Gavel tried something new this year when on March 3 a Truth or Consequence show was held. The contestants were chosen from each of the home-rooms, and proceeds were used to buy war stamps to be awarded the win- ners. A point system has been established whereby a member may get an emblem after he has earned thirty points. A member may earn these points by appear- ing in plays, and, of course, by assisting as stage managers, costume designers, etc. Ml.TGgQ Staff This is to present to you the 1944 "Mirage" We hope you will keep and cherish it in the years to come. In order to meet the added expenses brought on by these trying times we found it necessary to earn money. We did this by tak- ing charge of the canteen for five weeks and during the county tournament. Other students outside of the staff co-operated with us in getting this year book together. We wish to thank all of you for making this year book one of the best. Editor Buffyts Date Beale SEPTEMBER JANUARY 6-Buffy and friends report for duty. 3-7-Semester Exams. 7-First Council meeting. 7-Bulldogs continue their wins. 15-Fall Convocation. 14-Hoagland just couldn't play ball. 16--First Sunshine Meeting. 18-P. T. A. dedicated Service Flag. 24-Senior election. 29- S. S. Formal Dinky Party. 30-Junior election. OCTOBER 1-Masque 85 Gavel skating party. 61 Sunshine initiation. 6--First G. A. A. Meeting. 15-Sunshine Tag Day. 18- 18- 20- 20- 21- Masque 8: Gavel Play. First Pep Session. Band Concert. Seniors enjoy Hay Ride. Convocation Services. 27--Show. Great Victor Herbert. 29-More fun! Freshmen Carnival. NOVEMBER 3-RED HOT game with Leo. 5-Assembly Program. 9-Decatur Catholic badly defeated. 11--Amistice Day Program. 12-Let down for Decatur's five. 17- 19-Back to hittin' with Huntertown! 22-Freshmen Class Meeting. 23-Wow! What a game for Berne. 24-Hurrah! Thanksgiving Vacation. DECEMBER 0 Q-C. C, too tough for us! 7-Pearl Harbor Day program. 10-Woodburn easily defeated! 15-Latin Department Program. 15-Elmhurst too weak for Bulldogs. 17-Bulldogs ride high with Auburn. 21'-Snow Ball Hop, 22--Bulldogs defeat Lafayette Central 23-Christmas Parties. 24--Christmas Play and Convocation. 24-Buffy takes a Christmas vacation. I g ffzfrly-izfglzl Our second let down CMonroevilleD. 20-22-Whoope! County Tourney. 25-Band skating party. 28-Ossian goes home defeated. FEBRUARY 1-Bulldogs bite back at Berne. 3-Decatur undergoes second defeat. 8-Red Cross Movies. 11-C. C. pleased once again. 18-Hoagland? Not a chance with our five. 21-Basketball banquet. 24-Show: The Plainsman. 24-26-Sectional Tourney. MARCH 2-Watch the Birdie! CGroup picturesj. 3-Masque and Gavel show. 10-Class tourney, Junior Jeeps-Yeh Man! 22-Show: Young Mr. Lincoln. 24-Sunshine tour of Lincoln Life. 29-Senior's "Sadie Hawkins Shindigf' 30-School Sing. 31--Sophomore skating party. APRIL 12-Sunshine skating party. 13-Sunshine Movie. MAY 14-Formal Band Concert. Junior-Senior Prom. 19-Commencement. 19-Buffy and friends go home for the summer. BUFFY SPURS THE TEAM. YELL LEADERS Gloria Heemsoth and Norma Milliman. ,x Yv- N A I f-fl 4 I I . I M 'age Tlzirty Bujjologs ELVIN MEYER-Junior-Center t'Elvie" is the tall, bashful junior who holds down center position. He has proved himself to be a good pivot man and a consis- tent ball player. Elvie who has played two years with the Bulldogs, was the leading scorer on the team this year. He played his best game at Hoagland, where he captured the county's highest individual scoring record of 27 points in a single game! RICHARD JUMP-Junior-Forward t'Dick" is the handsome forward whose height enables him to get those rebounds. He proved his ability as one of New Haven's high scorers during the Auburn game, where he succeeded in getting 18 points. This is Dick's second year on the team, and if he isn't in- ducted into the armed services, many things will be expected of him next year. VVAYNE STELLHORN-Junior-Forward "Pinky" had his best game at Columbia City, a game in which he scored 18 points against the Eagles. Those snazzy side shots and those push shots from the foul line make him a player for the opposing team to really kecp an eye on. 1 J furly JOSEPH BOLYARD-Junior-Guard 'tJoe" is that scrappy little guard who keeps the opponents busy with his tough de- fensive work. Those long shots and the fancy way that Joe handles that ball make him an outstanding player. Joe has had two years on the team. WALDEMAR HELLER-Senior-Forward "Clem" is the tall and lanky fellow with a tricky hook shot. Because of his 6' 3" he has shown himself to be an able rebound man. "Clem" has turned in some fine performances for his first year with the squad. New Haven could use more fellows with his height and ability. DEVON FRANE-Senior-Forward "Pap', has played two years with the Bulldogs. His tricky one-handed shot from the side will be greatly missed next year. After his graduation he will be inducted into the armed forces. Buifdags WAYNE JUDT-Junior-Guard HHoover" has been on the team two years and has proved himself consistent as a good defensive man. To really condense it, we might say he is Msmall-but mighty." No matter what happens in a game it doesn't dis- turb this bashful junior's cool attitude. With two years of experience behind him he will be worth watching next year! JACK BIRT-Junior-Forward i'Jackson," who was a reliable reserve, can be counted on greatly next year when he will put his practicing into practical exper- ience. Watch for that surprising hook shot! LORENZ STEMMLER-Junior--Forward i'Cooney" is one of the Bulldogs t'tough" players with the build that makes for a good basketball player. The Berne game proved to be his best game in this, his first year with the regulars. Cooney likes his lay-in shots from the side. Let's hope that a good basket ball runs in the Stemmler family and he fol- lows in the footsteps of his brother. DICK ADAMS-Junior-Guard Dick is the smallest and quickest player on the team. His favorite shots are taken from the ten-second line. He almost saved the day for us in the Berne game. This is the first year on the team for Dick, but we'll pro- bably see more of that fancy ball-handling next year. ROLAND ARNOLD-Junior-Guard "Starl' likes his long shots. This cool Junior player doesn't get excited because of either the large crowds or the opposing team. This is his first year on the team. RICHARD MILLER-Junior-Guard 'ADick" is thc fast-working guard who does not become easily riled in a game. His teammates like the way Dick passes the ball and keeps it going. Next year thc Bulldogs will lose this promising player to the armed forces. Page Fu ly Page Forty-two Third row, left to right: H. Peoppel, E. Anweiler, J. Jump, J. Strader, N. Oberlin, K. Gasper, P. Ruhl. Second row: C. Adams, C. Bearman, D. Lewis, J. Hathaway, J. Glaze, D. Fry. First row: H. Beasley, G. Stauffer, R. Schrage, J. Meyer, F. Nowak. RECORD OF THE SEASON First Team Second Team We They We They Leo ....................l...,,,, ,...... 3 4 39 16 15 Decatur Catholic ...... ....... 3 3 22 36 12 Decatur ...,........,,,,... ....... 3 2 31 20 19 Allflonroeville ..e.... 1 7 23 27 15 Huntertown ..... ...... 3 6 27 24 15 Berne .................. ....... 3 6 28 20 19 Central Catholic ....... 25 30 18 16 Woodburn .......... ....... 4 5 21 17 18 Elmhurst ............... ....... 4 4 21 44 21 Auburn ............................ ....... 6 1 37 20 16 Lafayette Central ............. ....... 3 7 30 35 18 Columbia City ...................... ....... 4 6 27 25 24 COUNTY TOURNEY Monroeville ................... ....... 4 1 25 Huntertown ................ ....... 3 1 2 1 Elmhurst ..... ....... 2 0 27 Ossian ............ . ...... 37 27 35 14 Berne .................. ....... 4 7 42 30 21 Decatur .................................. . ...... 42 38 54 30 Central Catholic ,.................... ....... 3 3 40 40 20 Hoagland .,,,......,......................... ...... 4 4 30 20 14 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Woodburn ........................... ....... 4 9 .41 33 Leo .................................... ...... 4 2 Coaclz Buffenlyczrger This year we had another addition to the faculty in the athletic section. He was our basket ball coach, Carl Buffenbarger, who led our Bulldogs through many a thrilling game. "BuiTy,' is well-liked by all the fellows on the team, as Well as by the student body. He first became interested in athletics at Decatur High School in 1932 where he played four years of basketball, baseball, and track, and two of football. After his graduation from high school, he attended Manchester College where he played four years of football and three years of basketball and baseball. CHe tells us that as soon as football season was over he got "hitched" and didn't continue the last two sports. Mrs. Buffenbarger is seen at every ball game cheering the Bulldogs.J He started his coaching career at Southport, near Indianapolis, and taught there three years. He also taught two years at Franklin Township, also near Indianapolis, and one year at Pleasant Mills, before coming to New Haven. iSfua7e1fzi Managers The basketball team had two new student managers this year-Lamont Stoneburner, sen- ior, and Paul Morris, junior. Both boys are well-liked by the members of the team because they are good-natured and handle their jobs efficiently. Their duties include: keeping the basketballs clean, putting the uniforms away correctly, distributing the uniforms, taking care of the softball and baseball equipment, and scouting the ability of the opposing teams that the Bulldogs will encounter. Paul may continue his duties next year, but Bud, as soon as he graduates, will leave to take up training with the Air Cadets. YQ!! LQCZLJQTS New Havenls basketball games and pep sessions have been high lighted by the two attrac- tive little yell leaders, who, in their second year of leading our cheering section, have intro- duced many new and unique yells. Both girls have 'tsnappyu personalities and are small in stature, which helps to prove the old proverb that "Good things come in small packages." Norma and Gloria are well-liked by the student body. They have worked faithfully at their cheering responsibilities and deserve the compliments given them. Norma is a member of the Masque 85 Gavel, and takes an active part in the school intramural sports. She is a senior. Gloria is a member of the G. A. A. and is a Sophomore. fnczliviczluczf Recor S Games Played Field Goals Foul Shots Total 23 97 36 Meyer ..... ................. 2 30 Jump ,,..,,.... ..,,....,,..., 2 3 78 35 191 Stellhorn ....... ,....... 2 0 52 46 150 Frane ,,,,,,,, , .,... ..21 25 19 69 Judt ,,..,.,,, ,..,.,.. 2 3 20 9 49 Heller ,,.,,... .....,,. 2 3 35 1 1 8 1 Bolyard ...... ........ 2 3 30 22 82 Adams .,,.. ........ 1 3 2 3 7 Birt .....,.... . .....,.. 10 5 1 1 1 Stemmler ' ..... ..... 5 4 2 10 Arnold ..... 9 1 1 3 Miller .... ..... 1 0 0 0 Page Fo ly i JSQLCZN Standing, left to right: Coach Buffenbarger, J. Hathaway, L. Stemmler, F. Nowak D. Jump, W. Stellhorn, E. Meyer, C. Klenke, and D. Adams. Kneeling: P. Morris, student manager, R. Arnold, J. Bolyard, W. Judt, D. Frane, W Heller, J. Birt, D. Miller, L. Stoneburner, student manager. For the first time in a number of years baseball will be a major sport at New Haven High School. With the coming of spring the team expects to gain popu- larity and practice. New suits have been ordered and other equipment has been purchased. Games have been scheduled with many of the schools in this territory. Key to baby pictures: 1. Maxine Girardot. 2. James Schnelker. 3. Elsie Glass. 4. Donald Stellhorn. 5. Jo Ann Bandelier. 6. Joyce and Bruce Oliver. 7. Virginia Schlaudroff. 8. LaDon- na Robinette. 9. Betty Rathbun. 10. Alma Vodde. 11. Rose Edna Kain. 12. M. Seelig. 13. Alice Tieman. 14. Elizabeth White. 15. Delores Disler. 16. Polly Wer- ling. 17. Rosalie Schnelker. 18. Orilla Lake. 19. Ruby Long. 20. Donald Minick. 21. Kathleen Clevenger. 22. Virginia Parks. 23. Alvena Wagstaff. 24. Mildred Nuttle. 25. Elna Becker. 26. Jean Larson. 27. Barbara Seibert. 28. Marcille Spring- er. 29. Lamont Stoneburner. 30. Elsie Bockleman. 31. Russell Schweyer. 32. De- lores Lange. PdfTO777.Z8 ULU' AC1iU8Vf7SQ7'S BAKERIES New Haven Bakery ....... BANK Peop1e's State Bank .,...... BARBER SHOP Ray Gerardot Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOP Janice's Beauty Shop ......., DEPARTMENT STORE B1ackwe11's Home Store ........ DRUGGIST Purvis Drug Store ,.,..,..........,,,..,.,.,,,,,Y,,,.,,, ELEVATORS Telephone Numbers ......2613 ......4263 ....,.2773 New Haven-Thurman Equity Exchange w,,,,,.., .,,,,,, N , H. 2943, Thurman 3616 Allen County Co-Operative Assn., Inc .l,,..Y. ENGRAVERS Lincoln Engravers, Inc., Fort Wayne ,..... FILLING STATIONS Elwood's Service Station ......... Louden's Service Station Y........ FUNERAL DIRECTORS Harper 8: Son Funeral Home ........ Ternet Funeral Home ,,............,,,, FURNITURE New Haven Furniture Store ....,.,. GARAGE Rose Bros. Garage ........, GROCERS Guillaume's Store ,,....r.......... B1ackwell's Home Store ....,......I ............,.,,...., HARDWARES Schnelker's Hardware and Sporting Goods ..,.v, Stucky Bros. Hardware .................,,,.......,,.,,........,. INSURANCE Henry D. Schoppman Insurance 8z Real Estate .,....e. William H. Vonderau Insurance Agencyu. JEWELER Weisell Baber, Jeweler, Fort Wayne ,.,,,, LUMBER COMPANIES New Haven Lumber Co., Al Federspiel ...., Builders Supply 8a Coal Co .......,v, ......II,.,, . .. MANUFACTURING Kollman Case Co .lY,..w......... PHOTOGRAPHER Cron Studio, Fort Wayne ..... ........ PRINTERS Moon Printing Co., Mr. F. H. Weber ,.v,,,,, RESTAURANTS Dove's Cafe ,,,,,,, Price's Cafe SKATING RINK Bell's Skating Rink, Road No. 30 East ...,.., SHOE REPAIR SHOP Mac's Shoe Repair Shop .,v..... ,,,,,.......wV. THEATRE Haven Theater ....,.,...l,........,,,,,...,,,,l,A,, ..,..,, VVOOD PRODUCTS Bohn Wood Products Co., Fort Wayne, No. 30 East ..,.,,.., c,.,,...A-0355 ......5393 ......5473 ......4633 ...,..3053 ......2913 ,.....2603 ...,..4383 ......2773 ...,..2113 ......2013 .....,2963 ......2053 ........A-7306 ......2345 ,.....2743 ......2423 .....,..A-6431 ....,.2213 ......5833 ......A8-9245 ......4365 .,....3962 .........E-1202 Page Forly-five fauffy says Goodbye E 2 1 I Paw Prim fs

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