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PROPLECY OF 1959 ,,'.? It was in the fall of 1950 when I decided to go to the World's Fair in New York. I planned to ge h '1,f the Northern Route and come home by the Southern. I left Fort Wnyne on Friday afternoon and reached the city of Toledo in the evening. Before going to the hotel, I purchased the evening paper from a snnll key who was talking to a nan, when I recognized as David Harper. we talked for a few minutes and I noticed the little boy kept lookingmat mo. Soon the hor siid, nDad, do you know this lady?u Mr. Harper said, ares, I went to school with her.n nWell,u said the little boy, UI didn't know, and you know Mother gets zen when vou talk to other womenln xx As we convcrsed, David asked we ifYI planned to stav in the city over I night, He was en his way heme from work and invited me to join him and his wife at dinner. I accepted because I had not seen his wife the former Helen Armstrong, a friend of mine while in scheol,for many years. After spending the evening with Mr. and Hrs. Harper, I went to the hotel for a nights rest. In the morning as I was leaving mv room, I noticed a nicely-dressed middle aged man, carrying a suit case, coming from the to mine. He spoke and I recognized him as Dick Hade. He said he wus leaving for Fort Wayne to join his fiancee, Betty george, and was to be married the following Saturday by the justice of peacef-Richard Geeglein, at his farm at Haples. I congratulated him.and went on mv Way. I spent the next evening at Cleveland. I stepped at a hoarding house and as I was inquiring about rooms, in walked Evelrn Marshall with a pile of books and papers. She looked at me and spoke and recognized nw as an old School Chum. So I told the lads I would take the room. Evelyn told me she was teaching at a large higl school here. Much to my surprise she told me she had never marriedls She informed iw that Marjorie Bell was in the near city of Akron, working on the city newspaper. She was editor of the gossip column, so I thought I would drive over and see her. Evelyn had given me her address, but on finding her house she was not at home. I learned that she was taking in d wedding of great importance to get the story for her paper. So I journeyed on m' way and reached Pittsburgh Monday afternoon. There I went to the Memorial Hospital where I was greeted by Naxine mblf who was on the staff as dietician. After visiting she told me thatmDveIyn Osborn was a Y nurse here also. As Evelyn was on duty I didn't get to see her. I spent the evening with Maxine end left the next morning for Gettysburg, where I visit- ed the citv. Here I met Charles Putman, who was working in this city, He told me he had married and was-the proud father of the cutest twins. 'N I reached New York in the evening and went straight to the hotel where I had a good nights rest. The next morning on my way to hreakfast,I noticed a well-dressed man standing behind the registration desk. As I spoke, he immediately recognized me. He called me by ry nano but I paid little attention to it, He handed me his card, I read it, nRichard Federspicl, Ianagern. He then told me he had been running a young ladvnegne-up to the desk, I recog- nized her as Lorene Werling, we convorsed for a moment fnd she said she was on hor way to breakfast, too, so she suggested we eat together, She said she was going to take in the rest of theI'iar that dmv for she was going home tomorrow. we decidcd to go tofether, we saw Bernard Rosswurm appearing as a tatood nan in the showy talked with lim for a time and he told us he was mnrried to Nildred Leach who had always wanted to travel. Ho told us that one of our classmates, Lucilo Andres, was appearing in a side show down the midway as a Hawiian dancer. So we proceeded down the street to see her. She told us she liked her work verv Lmch but had never married and never in- tended to. who and picked up the ja it of to After taking in re Lorene started to be Dick coming the Opera Houses. join them. Dick said they would call for ne. Unknown to me, Dick was planning a surprise e I was waiting in the sights for the rest of the day, we went back to the hotel to pack for her trup tome. I had returned to TW room Tl per fxen a knock carm gt my door. I answered it and found to tell me that the boys quartette was appearing at one Ho ind his vdfe were going that evening, so thev asked me n his wife and did not toll her about what he had planned. lobby when Dick and his wife, the former Ruth Dewitt, called for me. Ruth recognized me at once. Soon we were on our way to the Oocra. The bovs saar several sonvs when, loekino out in the audience, L ,. -aa L. L1 Robert Butler spotted us and, knowing the kick I always get out ef their sing- ing, said the' had one dedicatier to nnke. I was wondering what was coming of 'PQ sat and Ifr. now, and Pot said the dedieati n was for an old school friend in the audienc He announced the next song vould Po the one tiov alwnvs sang in school, 'S o re dn. ertnin' Q ea After it was evo -I r, we went to the hone if lr. and lbs. Federsoiel. As we visieing, u knock was heard it Lhe door. In cane the quartutte boys: Mr. Lbs. Raj Wbrling, Jrs. Worling being the former larj'Vir5inia Kallnyerg and Irs. Tom Kerr, Hrs. Kerr icing the former Ornell'Jitchen3 Mr. and Irs. Robert Butler, Hrs. Butler Laing the former Helen Dotg. I inquired as to where Fred Peters was, They informed me that he nEE?IIdIed heme for his fiancee, Bernadine Tdetfeldt, was injured in an auto accident and was calling for him. They also informed me that Harv Virginia also sang at the Opera, but did not sing to-night Aft to er a verv'anjojabl The next morninv C3 do and whom should Beauty Salon.. She sa She As mod seemed to be enjo I was walkinfg down eledn. Below this because she had a cold, and that Ornell plaved for them. e evening I returned to the hotel for A nights rest, I started wondering down the street as I had noting else I see but Alberta Rohror. She was working in the Ritz id she wasn't busy and asked me to come in and visit. ying her work, although the large city seemed new to her. the street, I saw a sign that read "Have your dresses was a list of models among which I read the name of Marge Shrodk,,.I decided to go in and see Marge. As I entered, a lad? came up to me and asked me if I was waited on. I said nog- When she asked me what I was interested in, I told her I would like to see Marge Shrock. She then C dl A ll Y N 1 I N asked me if I knew her. .I told her I had gone to school with her. is funny. I di Bea Craig. She told me shc.wns the designer for the store ond when designing she waited on customers. bhe then took me to see Margo. enjoying her we S orrow .' gave her The Fair and eftern the next dftern and edt some su and lady looking at thought how nice it would be to be home. R l x 0 - ' She said, nThdt d too. Now I know who you are. Don't you remember me?n It was she was not She was d been in deep S killed. I rk but had just returned Q few weeks 550 for she he ld me she was about to be mQrried'when her fiance She to my svmpat7v and went on my way, for it was dinner time. Wil Ground. I saw'enough of the bo I started oon and evening I spent at the Fair book. I left oon. About 5:50 sometiing inside seemed to tell me I should stop pper. I stopped,et Q diner along a river. It was e clean place I had 1 very tdkty supper. ns I sut there eating, I noticed on elderly me. Soon she came over to my table and asked my name. I told her and she said,nI thought that was you but I was not sure.n LI then recognized her es Della Stemmler. She said she and her husband had owned the dinorffor the past four years. They called it NRIVERSIDJ RESTAVRANTU. ,Sie said they were doing good 'usiness.e I left and was on my way eghin. I drove until I reached Philo- delphia. It was rather late soil stopped at a tourist home. . , . The next day, being Sundqy, I inquired as to what time church would begin. I went to one near the house where I stayed over night. The service had begun when I entered, so I sat in the list sedt.' 5oon the Choir arose to sing. The director looked fimiliar. I paid more attention to him than to the preacher. As ther were singing the closing number it dawned on me. It was Robert Anderson. ' After the service I went up and tglked-to him. Te told me he just began directing this choir. He told-me the Minister's wife w4s RH old friend of mine, Nadine Ierling. we walked over to the minister's house and visited Nadine. She asked me to stay for dinner. After spending some time with them, I continued oh my VF 0 I reached p - 4 s - I Ialtimore the followinp evenine and left the next morning for LD Tkshington D.C. where I was the house guest of my old friend, Irma Beermen. Eut her name now was not Learmdn, for she was married and her huslend was connected with the Agriculturil lure u. After spending several days vdth Irma, I was spain on my wiv, reaching Richmond that evening. The next day I looked ' up KQFQQTCt Beyer w'o, I know, was working in on office at a lor5e tobacco plant which was operated ly Harold Voors. I had n hdrd time getting in the right plant. After going in several, I finally found hsrgdret. She said it was just about her dinner time and she had all her work done so we went to lunch. She asked about the other memlers of our class. I told her I had seen quite a few of them, end, all were well. he went hack to the plant ond saw hQTOld. I was very much surprised tv find him still e bachelor. I krcw that Nelford Schmidt was working in Q mine in Charleston so I drove over to sde him. ,As the miners were on a strike I didn't hgve a spirit. I then , 1,. u cneck cashed ie siid he children were j chance to talk'to him lut I sdw'him there with that old fighting journeyed on to Knoxville. I went in one of the banks to have and found the cashier to be nobody else but Bill Rudolph. had just been transferred here from Fort Wayne and his wife and oining him next week. he said he was enjoying his work very much. I spent the next night in Louisville. I heard that Robert Hutson wus the heed of the col little children lege here. I looked him up and found him home along with six on his lap. He said his wife, the former Viola Werling, had A . ,. 'P Y V, s l K T k, 1. Q 9 i B J , ,2-za---ff ' K just gone over to the neighbors and would be back in a few moments. I was glad to see that Violc's wish had come true for she always said she wanted to beat the quintuplets. She was the proud mother of sextuplets. After spending the evening with hob and Viola, I went to the hotel for the night. The next evening I spent in Cincinnati at the home of Phyllis Pollitz, who made this her home since she wzs teaching nrt in the high school here. I left Phyllis in the afternoon and spent the evening in the old state of Indiana at Lagay George's. She was Q reporter for ont of the papers at Indianapolis. She was still single and said left in the afternoon and Meyers to get a bite to e for her husband, Clarence she tad not found the men of her heart's desire. I reached Fort Ievne in the evening. I stopped at t and hor at th. corner was Nilma Rebbor waiting Nahrwold. She told me that Roy Ecmsoth had been assigned as JOHNNY for the Phillip Norris Program. I was glad to get home and see my mother so I didn't I was never so glad to see my home in all my life. I was not home until I was gone dead to the world in a jood peaceful sleep. The next stay here and talk to her. vcrv long morning after breakfast I gathered the newspapers which my mother saved for me. On the front page I picked up, I sow a picture of mans Dienelt. O read tp see what he had done nowu It stated ttat he had accepted the vacant position of coach in the New Haven High School. As I read the paper I also saw that Barbara Rigby had just finished cleaning up River maven. Eugene Lichtsinn was booked to meet Joe Louis in a boxing match to be held in the near future. Verona Kanning had finally received a divorce from her first hustcnd whom she mat while attending college. Now she had married her former high school sweetheart, Benny Moevel. nS I was enjoying myself by catching up on the local news, my mother called and asked me if I wouldn't go up town for her. I was soon on my way. hs 1 looked around, my attention was attracted by the nFix-Em-Up-Beauty Parlorn, operated by bornice Bock. The customer was Harcella Schrage who was getting her face lifted. Hy! What a big change! Across the street wqs Robert fazlet's meet market. I went over to get some meat for dinner. I met rauline Trier hero. Sho said she was married and enjoying life very much. She had to hurry home because they were threshing and she had te get dinner for the men. I was soon waited on and was on my way home. sgain I returned to my easy chair and papers. I read on. A new bridge was to be built by ransel Stewart, Chief Engineer of tte De-Little Construction Company. Soon there was a knock at the door. I answered it and there was Everett Ihlhelm with a bundle of stole magazines under his arm. he was still selling magazines to pay his way through college. Again I returned to my papers, Here I saw that Billy Perkins is now the victim of a nervous breakdown due to Q recent delusion in love. Qin Felt had recently won the National Milking Contest. This only shows what o guy can do with a Empire State luilding and After of all my little pull. Kenny Van Meter is now painting the tower of the sitting on top of the world. finishing reading the papers, I leaned back in my easy chair ond thought school chums and ell the swell times I had while in school with them. School hadn't been so bad after all. -Dorothy Scherschel- JUST IMAGINE LRER missing Q basketball game. L MPT Without AGNES ' BLNCKIE not sleeping in class P,? mnc TINS wit? his hair uncombed. n,lls vacant very noon. RAY MEELIWG laughing it Something really f DVC! FEDERSnIlL buying his own o Hhkb snifnnm nway from Hoogland. B , BVIK wi 510115 tomp-ur. TEACH wiih fro+ty blond hair. VGCTS with lots of-ws5 and umbit RUFJOE-FH ...s one "" of those bashful CHIWW not Shaving for Q week M.sriQcK not ggi? ng nCive me a D. HlFPTU asking quostions in cl JUNIUPS still having bhfio olwss PETERS growing 1 manly musimcbe. unny 1 igar:thes.4 ion. boys. bitcon GSS rings. NAETVCLD knbwirz how to chow tob vw .Y ACCC. NITIETQR still going strong for that blond pJIL"nr Q-. . nuiiif a serious thought. o SCFWILT curling his hair. ZIHR becoming real ambitious. SCFExCCHTL oouldn't smile. The 1IAC?ERS going on a strike. HIEZERT trying to bluff the toachors. IWJSTURI filling in lowo. Sono PTESPTEM Girls bbooming dignified. PAT "RfLlVY going noni afhcr sonool. WOYF using bor loft hand instead of hor right. TAI fI'LH Filling for Q Junior girl, BAKDjII.g:i4ing oforwoight. DOT! quits day nr fmfn . STAUVFEI s,t,ing or n pi' iibnout "" fooling it. ECB. PLTLEX working On W.P L. KHRR SGUbiHE witn tho ministor's u:ubht.r fr church ELSlZ oowldn': gyggli. BETTY going stofdy with VEYINL- The FRESHMEN boooming Sojbcwoios. Tho SCFHUKOLES booomqrg J1H:,lF, T30 .'LUIf,.J'3a'mM2uW' lf- :"' f,wy5, Tho SFNIOnS bsoominb Vrnd:Wi3sv On .April 2" there wfis born, Tvs girls ill a boy in uhm morn Lucilo in Crnmin, Maxine in the Unites Status, Hans in Gormuny, No wonder he rates. - -5bfJYl'LP1iTr1Q'x1JcS I Q or ,Fine ,i.i'm'm'0r1AS 34 W'2Orchc'55 M, x S U G r.-ff, , V 646: CEXUWOULY1 ST. X Hamil-2 on Ejgipk J ' E ul L G Y uen A-up-M-MW - - -,D NH- s COTYlT5'Y'VVlQ TLi'S Of 2 f0mpl'1T11aniS ' 1 0,0 , i3Q2T and Lunch ,BOWGYAIS MAYKQAI 4 Shilih ?Yop. - ,New Haven IMEGJJWQC MOJIOYS IYIC- HDWPQVSQ T5 of HCWPUTQSS N F f F oral Uealer 1 NQwfAmc1 Used Cavs N WYQQHQY Sevvice I JQWUQY3 New-mmm 'Phone 27211003 SCALHOUN sm N2W HGVQYX l-MTr'lbeY 5 Sbipphj CO. EVfZT54'fHnTzg VcY'ThQ Home BLUIQQY .. -- Call Uwe Ibm-m bev humbev E345 532. GYZZT1 ST. 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My ff . l F ff :Q "' f Lf "5 4577 inf ff" I If 1 5 " fX f' X ,dx 4 '5 f' .Y 'N -'VD '- -"- f'7" g - " 'N p' A-' J A' if ,IN W fik V: 4 if f 12 Va' 55+-f if l. I-----4' J , A, f .- ff.-f L' ! ' 5 " .I 1' , ,-- L' l A I ' l A ' ,' 4-' If 'Q f 1 1- uf' Q, 'ff' ff., LL -A" 1 ii , + f Lrg, ' ' -"Af f-'Ulf 9 C ' u ' I X II, f . I, ,,: M A J fry! i "f'7'i1 'Qfff,5-gfffg-I fp if f ' 'qw an-,sw . in-F-'B xx -T- i"" F7 f '-1 A 1 --X if' t 'Y' " ' Y? 1'. l1,77:'a,7cfIx. Lf?f, KW-Xwf-U -1 'N 'V'- ffl fl if 2,11 f D3 yi M M! Q U fri. 5 L-, -, -1 vw, Q, Q 1 J, f ' -jj . X , 2? AN sun my ,A i fl? fi. fr-x jc" Y " ' .1 , -, . Th? Sporfiffg Goods Co. .SP offs Ouhciiiers Bill H5gZardCf9J011Y1 Nkxfield Us-T L25 Logan ' '-if zfv? 'W iii W' WF W A Y ,Vg-A-M f N-U ,Q - - ,JL C olfs PI dc Bee r and lun ch. phone 22 25' ,Z C,0mplfmQr.i'5 of l:QL1ff1fZ,'l'L AX'l.J.JC CJ 59411 P F x' Tj ! K W GREENKROAUZBO New HAVEN ' 1' I 5 1 x i I 'T' Gul 77 al: mi JON, GroCQ1ze9 A Mem i f-'S 1 1. r., 1.--1UL!5 ,DQYVQCQ rm ', I ,,...x- . 'Q--' V' l 1 Eqtxs' M20 V5 ' ,fl fl -J Q Lone Jw U -- fm W 1 5 E4ZX'iCus -'l'ig 'IJ' . We 5212 VQ1' izfvmgwf I 'V. "' ' TAf F-'T 'Mm W M ' LU, I i ,r EQ? Ya V Q I X VILYIQ El 1.11 f' .. ,. i T 5 , f- f. 5 A M lil E fu' 'Dia Q VLV3 .9-u Q 'W-VCT!! lCdt7'1LQf SpQcacx??' NQVvf.u1ZfL lfhixwj 'D ' , John IHYL4 ., ,Q A ,M J 375m PIQUA rLrHT WA fm: U " " '7 'W' - 'YP-:'. 1 P!'lCl1'iQ X5 7 l Hlfilfii 51.12254 J i ' I 5 I-3510 fir Lt'zl5llT',5!"' J5 TIME MARCHES ON The reign of the knotty hickory rod has ended. The little red school house is dead, but a mightier growth has arisen, built upon the early foundation of worth and character. In the old times, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, or the three nR'sn, were sufficient branches for the son and daughter of the hardv pioneer to master. A higher education would have been wasted on the men and women who get their knowledge in the school of bitter experience. But as the needs developed the pioneer began to come in touch with the world outside his world, he wanted more education to strive toward higher attain- ment. In the old days one who could read well in the old nEnglish Reader,n write a fair hand, and ncipheru to compound Proportion was readv in mental punishment for the battk: of life. Today with our graded public schcbl, which ends only with a four years High School course. Let us trace for you the progress of New Haven High School. In the vear l9ll the old New Haven High School was estab- lished, and began with an enrollment of about forty or fifty students. Mr. B. H. Smith and Miss Irma Shordon superinten- ded the work and in 1913 the first graduating class had com- pleted their work. Those who received the first diplomas from N.H.H.S. were Thomas Harlor, LstherfErudiD Elson, Iney and Hazel Garrell. Before the second vear's class graduated the High School was con issioned. Mr. E. H. Smit , Miss Florence hoit and Mrs. Bess CDeVilleissD Sunteu were the faculty. It was during this year that base ball and basket ball were first started. The teams did excellent work. Thisyear also marked the be- ginning of a debating club. Each year the number of students increased and the need of more teachers was seen. Ther already had three and tle 4 next year anoth r wes added. The 1915 class was dexirous of publishing an annual, out failing to begin their work soon enough it could not be accomplished, so it remained for the class of '16 to carry this out. They were successful and pub- lished the U Ultimatum.n As wears rolled on a greater number of pupils entered school and conditions became so crowded that a new high school was demanded. There was an addition built to the school in l9ll to meet theccrowdcd condition at that time. In 1922 there was an enrollment of one hundred and ton QIIOD. Q . 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I' K'. . eh 'v . ,291 ll? , -2- " Q4 .1 , V -T". fflll ' ff! 4 'Ui' . Xfjf F-1- f . '1 . I . V . 'v I 1 l I O ' 4- - V .xr J A' "I by 'jf 'FW U , X. x Ax 4' G Nl . "H '. .11 i ' .Q .- ' ' , 2 1, X . p. ' ' X A 'ff V' .fl . - f 'xv J. U A.b.i,H" '-Q . 4 .' 5 'n , I Q 1 . I -I , .A V. tax A, 4 L, liz' li 'iff -' -, Q. ' 19:17 -, ' . sis.. .4-QB uzi. . .-.A mdadnmimlud In 1922 the connor stone was laid for the present school plant. The completed structure gave to the com unity a mod- ern building that is one of the assets of the communitv. A first-class school building is not all that is essential for a good school system, but is is an important factor. The influence of our school building is reflected throughout this annual. Time marches on and in 1926 Paul White entered New Haven High School as basket-ball coach. He produced Allen County Basket Ball Champs for the seasons of 23-24, 27-28, 28-29, 29- 30, 32-33 and 38-39. Further honors were stownminnthe athletic field when New Haven High's softball team were league champs in 1936 and 1938. Athletics were further devleoped when in l936, the New Haven Community Building was erected. In reviewing the past and comparing it with the present, it appears that we made a greater advance in educational lines than in any others. we have alwavs been regarded as an H intellectual cemmunityg our educational aims have been highg our struggles unceasing. What the future holds for the school seems of especial promise. we are what we are bv the Grace of God and the considerable hard work of scores of persons, many of whom have passed out of rememberance. The whole economy- ---The whole stucture is one superb piece of coral building. Robert Butler CEditorD - . :f:'f" QI. ,'.J, 1 . 1 . .J 4 1 4 -1 .a nz 'A tr'-Pf'J: A Qiyiilff 4 1 . 1- X... .'1-s 'Q f - n V., I . 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JOHN MRS. DELIA MISS KATHLENE YOUNG REDMAN MEGENITY FAC U LTV QU 1-'NN MISS EVELYN MRS. MARY MR. MARSHALL WALTERS CHANDLER SLEET A QAE' ' R 1 'ib' --Abbb A-f "" - . ,,. . :,, MR. BEN MR. BYRON MISS HELEN MRS. HELEN CLEM DOWNEY HARREL REEVES "iii v E r -.Y ,I '. Hz. EARL M, MARSHALL JOHN H. YOUNG Ball State Teachers College B.S. Ball State B.S. Indiana University - M.S. in Education Indiana University Indiana State Graduate Science Marion Normal Institute HARRIET 1. Lum Mas. DELLIA REDMAN . Ohio Wesleyan Ohio State University of Southern Callifornia University of' Wisconsin De Pauw University - A.B Butler University Indiana University Harriet M. Daniels KATIZLENE LEGENITY . De P:-.uw University A.B. Weittenberg College- A.B Western Reserve University Ball State Teachers College Earlham College w! QR. e fi 4' ,",!a' I '. 1,:,.v. Mx 4, A UJQ1, , 'lull , ,r , .g .2.l.,, HW. 1 1 M ,,..- WL 3F,."'j21,'jf Qu! 0 ' H 4. A - 1 5. ,a , , g,4 pu., ' .'W, Ll, '. .r. 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KfM+:G5f,fY N f4 -ri-f ff iff- S W -'-'--.WW 16' "-"Q ' C., .E-ax 1,3 , -WNW .T A Q L . riff' X XXX?--,QN 555,17 ' L fs f'M"'4:.:-QT" -'xxx V' "9A1-:irq iff-lslf-"' fC"'7-.T :J x img -- ,gigs-I -Y Q K Rb ,A '35 . , ' A K 'W , , 4 J L X f ff u,-.six ,X Q M- N X -fi W. I HQ! 3 QU if -,J .NL -I!! ! .X xx NX .T A ' if A Q , 'vu of A' PM W ' P- --ef X I ,fa .,,,, , i .v 253, k,r"v lt ff! 9'1 1 4 i' .JA lil 1 r H: I K . I F A Q. W. . -an r , 41 4. N l., ,- w-, ,VI ' .lv -' 1 m l. Sv L7 ' -. 'Y h'n ., "M ,I ,-J' p 'mn A 2 I vag- .A .gi I w fn-, 1 , ...x 1 X . a s . ek i 'Q 'R 1. . ., ' 1 5 , 4 . S.. . ,Q ' , . .5 ' ' .4 - 1"! 1 I , fa" 1. lf: fp. ' .-mf. mf ... A ., . ,-.. r-' 1. m r.,n .ai-'l:YifH.L.i.. BARBARA Ric-BY Q , CLASS OF 1,959 mnmoron WERLING nilways a friend to everyonefn Sunshi S Pres G.A.A. Glee C Social ne l-2-5-4 ident 4 lub l Science 4 Uice President 5 v'1 S-fi as In ' Junior Senior Mirage c--I-' President 4 Play Play Staff DAVID HARPER uDescribe him who can?n Cleo C Art Cl lub 2-5-4 ub 2-5-4 Treasure 4 Junior Senior Mirage IRMA Play Play Staff BEARMBN nOn with the dance Let joy be Glee C Golan fic Junior Senior Social Mirage unconfinod.u lub l-2 Play P1 ay Chairman 4 Staff ROBERT BUTLER I! uHumble toil and burden duty makes perfect men.n Basketball l-2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Band 3-4 Class President 3 Vice President 4 Junior Play Senior Play Social Science 4 Mirage Staff THOMAS KERR nThe mildest manners and the gentlest heartjm Glee Club l-2-5-4 Art Club l Bald 2-3-4 Junior Play Senior Play Social Science 4 BENNY HOEVEL NA likeable fellow to all he meets.n Glee Club 4 Softball 4 Cheer Leader 4 Junior Play Senior Play Social Chairman 4 Mirage Staff LUCILE ANDRES' Not too serious, not too gay nThere is a vain of mirth But a real good fellow in every way.n Beneath her air of dignity.n Glee Club l-2-5-4 Sunshine l-2-5-4 Art Club l-2 Glee Club l-2-5-4 Band l-2-5-4 Social Science 4' Social Science 4 Junior Play Senior Play S.S.S, Treasurer 4 Editor of Mirage SENIDIDS SENIUIQS KENNETH VAN METER QA penny saved is a penny made.n Basketball 1-2-3-4 Glee Club l-2 Band 1-2-5 Social Science 4 Junior Play MARJORIE BELL 'Her heart however it beats, Beats sincerely.u Glee Club 2-3 Sunshine 1-2-5-4 S.S.S. Financial Com. Mirage Staff EVELYN MARSHALL UA pretty way, a winning smile, Dressed so neat and right in style.' Sunshine 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Band I-2-3 Junior Play Senior Play Mirage Staff HAN S DIENEL T UA mighty athletic he, Whom we shall always see.n Basketball 1-2-5-4 Capt. Softball 3-4 Glee Club 3 Social Science Pres. 4 Mirage Staff f" LORENE WERLING 'She was happy like a wave dancing on the sea.n Sunshine 1-2-5-4 Glee Club 1 G.A.A. Cheer Leader 4 x RIGIARD GOEGLIEN nB1essed with plain reason and sober sense.N JAP.-ms FELT 'Study never claimed him for her'own.n Social Science 4 is EVELYN OSBORN nAlways in a great haste But never in a hurry.n Sunshine 2-3-4 G.A.A. WILLIAM RUDOLPH QfHARJCRIEuSHlCCKi75 'The Ford is my auto, I shall not want.u Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 2-5-4 CtonidProsident 1 Social Science 4 Junior Play Senior Play Mirage Staff BEATRICE CRAIG .. T 2Sohool had its charm, but Love had its super chorm.u Ulee Club 4 Art Club 4 G.B.A. MLRY VIRGINIA KALLMYER nThe 'thirst' of information.N Sunshine 1 V Ulee Club I-2-3-4 Mirage Staff BERNADINE WHIETFELDT UA daughter of the gods they sa Y Divinely tall and divinely fair.: bunshine 1-2-5-4 G' AIA. 'Sho'hLs oft bubmtathb midnightioil, But never, never with her t:il.n Sunshine 2-3- Glee Club 1-2-3 Junior Play Senior Play Mirage Staff HANSEL STEWART uHis work will shine forth forever.u Glee Club l Lrt Club 1 Junior Plqy Social Soience 4 School Electrictian 2-5-4 RUTH DEWI TT HL chuckle, a giggle, a laugh is die Band 4 PHYLLIS POLLITZ NEver loyal and ovor tnue.n Sunshine 2-5-4 Art Club 2-3-4 G.A.A. SENICIQS w! QR. e fi 4' ,",!a' I '. 1,:,.v. Mx 4, A UJQ1, , 'lull , ,r , .g .2.l.,, HW. 1 1 M ,,..- WL 3F,."'j21,'jf Qu! 0 ' H 4. A - 1 5. ,a , , g,4 pu., ' .'W, Ll, '. .r. 'ap + Ji .fL' ',5'-V ' I 1 I Av in 1 . 4 ' X -.1 'v 1- , ' 1 , v 1 -. . A 1 ' .4 "1 I . .J 'n ,. Um., W ': fu- K., lP, ik' ',.v:..r'!' . .1 ' , V "K I-fu ' L :lg r -. 4 0 411'-'I 'Q v , Hr lr , I ' . :ly V 'E O KYt .,vH.v 4 , lb J I ,lr YI Y -,, M 1 ji ' -I 1 " ' . 1- "1 'MI' f 'Ar ' U v Q vw Y I SENICIQS WILEELM Wfhe same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.n ROYAHEMSOTH Vfolly to be uisc,u Softball 2-3-4 Boxing 4 Lirago Staff 'Tis DOROTHY SCHERSCHLL HA sunny smile, a ready hand, HELEN ARMSTRONG HHH or burries, always late, but she smiles and you wait.n sh 3uns!ine "-. 2-5-4 d.A.i. Glee Club 1-2-5-4 PAULIUE IRIER nHave more than you show, Speak less than you know.M Sunshine 2-3-Q Glen Club 3-4 G.A.h. Iirege Staff BILLY PERFINS uTEcre are no better mon than he I I blways ready bo your command.u That tread the land or sailed the sea bunshine 1-2-3-4 Boxing 4 'Glee Club 1-2-5-4 G! in All Junior Play Mirage Strff EARCELLR SCHRLGE CLLREHC3 NAHROLD uThn angels song in Heaven when nlis only books were Womens looks, she was born.n Sunshine 1-2-5 Glee Club 1-2-5 Art Club 1 U1aBStSBQretaPy 3 Mirage Staff If I Amd folly what they taught him.n -'nun' ilu-121 '- 115.2 ' -I ff -fl -I W' - ' 'uhh' MARGARET BEYER nHeppy go lucky, fair and free, Nothing there is that bother she,u Sunshine l-2-3-4 Glue Club 1-2-5 G.A.A. Mirage Staff FRED PETERS nThe right man in the right plaoo.u Glee Club l-2-5-4 ATt Club l-2-5-4 Sand 1-2-5-4 Social Science 4 BETTY GEORGE uGocd humor only teaches charm to lest, Still mnkes new conquests ond maintains the past. Sunshine 5-4 Glee Club 4 Gs .Ao AX. CHARLES PUTMAH nln spite of all the learned says, He still his own opinion keeps.n Glee Club 3 Band 3-4 RICHARD FEDERSPIEL Wwhen pleasure and school clash, il Let School go to smash. Class President Q- Softball Manager 4 Social Science 4 DELLA STEMHLER nBetter e blush in the fecebthhnnin the heart.n Sunshine 2-5-4 Art Club 2-5-4 G.A.A. ROBERT HUTSON nLove and e cough cannot be Basketball 2-3-4 Glee Club 2-5-4 Bandh3-4 Jvmior Play Socicl Science 4 Mirage Staff LEOLA GEORGE NL maid of quiet wnys,'i Pkessing in d.l she seys.n Sunshine 3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 G.A.A. hid.n SENIDIQS w w N i A SENIDIQS BERNIECE BOCK HI an a little prnifie flower, Growing Wilder every hour.u Sunshine lP2-3-4 Glco Club 2-3 G n flu 12.0 Junior Play Sonior Play VIOLQ WERLING nFor she is just the quio Where Eaturc never varies Givu Club 2-5 Golf-0 lL' MAXINE WOLF uNoithar noisy or quiet, But she was just right.u Sunshine l-E-3-4 Glcoiglub 1-2-5 Senior Play Mirage Staff ALBERTA ROHRER nLife in small mcfsurcs m perfect be.n Sunshino 5 Glee Club 3-4 Art Club 4 ind RICHARD HADE nLittlo srid, but much accomplishLd.N Doftball 5-4 Boxing 4 ROBERT ETDEDSON HHQ has common sense in ways bhat's uncommon.n Basketball 1-2-5-4 Softball 4 EUGENE LICHTSINN WTO thoso who know thee not, ,Z words emi paint, 1mdtMmcMwlmmvHwc,b words are faint.u Softball 5-4 boxing 4 HAROLD TOCHS YHQ wbrrios not, hc hurries not, His calm is uudisturbcd.n Softbfll 3-4 , u VE REI-EJ. Kjslllll N G 'Seeing one, thinking of cnothcr.n Glce Club 1-2-3-Ll ,i G, AL' A19 WTIJLA REBBER So tender' and so truc all the fhroughf' Dunshine l-2-3-Q Ulue Club l-2-5-4 Art Club l-3-4 G.Il..l. Junior Play Mirage Staff TILDRED LEACH nTo climb steep hills requires slow pace at first." 5unshine l-5-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 G.A.A. IELE TY DO TY why life I laid alone one straight trQck.n 'iunshine l-2-3-4 Art Club l-2-5-4 Glee Club l ORITELL KI TCM!! She builds for character not for fame.u Glee Club l-2-3-4 BERNLRD ROS3'5'URl,f NA tnll msn may accomplish much.u Scftblil 1 5-4 HELFORD1' SCIRYIIDT Work, never love, has always been his aim." H HJ BERT HAZELE T "DOI1't let 8 little thing like that worry you.n NORPQAI? ZEHR nhy mind to me a kingdom is.n Cleo Club 1-2 NADI NE VERL I NG nHears much, says little.u Gloe Club 2-5 G.A.A. ,JF SENIDIQS - 3 tv INAIDIHIDTI Prosiden Vice-prr Secretor Treasure A It was o not group of ufreshio high school's mys eight have surviv and have refched them have fallen, rise and climb to Next came th SENIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES t ......................... ..Barbara Rigby sident... .... Reinhold Werling y ...... .... Thomas Kerr r .... .... David Harper able diy in the fall of '55 when a rather nervous sn assembled in the Assembly for their first day of terious depths. In that class of 92 pioneers fifty ed the struggles and hardships of study, the good times the goal that they set out to attain. Though many of they received only minor injuries and were able to the old level. e Sophomore year in l956, a little older, but still not too dignified. Agfin we took up our work of activities. We were active in athletics, Su enity and Mr. Byr Dick Federspiel b trying years. Again the do returned this tim elected Ray Werling a our most interest hard and at the end of the year we had made a good record. The juniors participated in ma juniors.class. We shine Society, Band and Glee Club. Kiss Kathlene Heg- on Downey became our leaders and our progress continued, ecame our president and led us through one of our of New Haven High were opened and 65 happy Juniors At last we had arrived at our important year. We s our president. Although this was perhaps one of and enjoyable years thus for in school, we worked OFS es ing ny activities and carried off many honors for their staged a banquet for the Seniors of '58 who were leaving, to make wfy for our class who were to take their place when they were gone. Time m coming from Today there are 5 of the past three through our last bestowed on the m and have received last year many ps friendship among As we had do us a Spring Party them, As the years carry on the work to set an example future seniors of the best school i .rties have been given to keep up the ol on! It was the autumn of '58, Seniors were seen arched far and near to finish their last year of high school work. 8 seniors who have survived the trials and tribulatims years. Today we hrve Barbara Rigby to guide us days of school at New haven High. Lmny honors have been embers of our senicr class during the prst yezr. Boys . During this d spirit of awards for participating in activities our group. ne when we were juniors,so will the juniors of '40 give ,for this will be perhaps our lest days at school with roll by others will take our place in school rnd our class has started for we as a class have tried for the rest of the school, but we hope that the New Haven High have better success in making our school n the nation. Q' " n-4 I. ' 1. iii 2-' j.' , 3 lm H ' MH 2' . f 1 ' W ' ' '. s , ' 'AL' . '1 I I U A Al , r 4 A 1 r 1 Q I I .. I ' w 1 'bil X. X ,,f .--V 5.1 - .- I . J- ' ". flif ,-'xi ,' X jr, I 4-',.,,S! I 5 f ,6w,. -A-J, 2 .Z ' 1'--s"",T '4 I, , . - ,f f uf' , X V ,, f .f', ,I ig' NJ' ,Z-X ,X X 1 I, f ' ' 's' 'T Z , N, N X XL,lIf f Q I Eff? f ' JJ X lb x X KY-3 V Q ' f f 'h +- 4, 'Tim fc-MQ '- 1 XS- fL"1 v X mv rs-ma -R5 X f' .Ap ,W 1, 1 - ' ' 1 , ,.., : .'- - 1 . . 3 , gg tiff Q . J if Q Lf -. . ,. XA .4 A x ,I Xxx. X. .px ,ff 5 1 4 -- ,.., 'S - - N 3 .J , . I f f 1 f 1' ,f'.Q"x. I 5 A t- I . x , ' , 1 v I E Q Q -' I T , . 1 A x ,' 2 ,X 1 , if . .xxx .1 , .1 1 - . if 1 .r' f4.,!llg-J:-I, ' I . r' 5,4 72- .7--N-,L-4' VMI , ! HE X -. ' V' c' ff:-J ll 3 .X . 'Pt' C. Q-. . , . y.. , - -- v--.. . ,,Y,.-....... - . X. 1 I 1 N u m ! itll 1' 5 Ny '- x-,..,.1 '-J X-x..-.f' 1. .XA - 4 . UR . 'MW nl-.1"Im ! '-'u 9 ' ' 1-IJf' 4 .r- 1- , A 43 ' I , 9 "-- 0' -4 7 '1 "x, ' H' 'M .N V 'P 4 ' I s 1 ' 'l 'J . 'V 5, ' r 1 A 5 n i w P 1 UV U JUNIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES The class of l94O vacation in Uashington hwrd to earn money for is eagerly looking forward to A plessnnt D.C. fhe members of the clfss fre all working this trip. The class plry entitled H5 Hoody lfdc Ffmily,H Q hilnrious three act comedy,w1s given November l8, l958. Those in the cast were: Lorie Augenstein-lrs. Agnes Lprtyn, Agnes 5chra5c-Lsrilee hrrtyn, Carroll Ramsey-Bob nirtyn, Lfrjorie Elson-Gracie Lortyn, Harold Thompson-lr. Henry Turner Label Hohrbough-Doris furner, 'Narren .. -, , Y, , . Berkheiser-Demmy lurner, Irma fresh-Miss Lydia, Lewis Decker-Nicodemus, and Ruth Doehrman as Degonia. Liss Daniels, one of the class sponsors, directed the play. A nBulldog Jacketn raffle, under the direction of Marion Driscoll was held november l, l938. Hilbert Niemeyer, one of our class members, held the winning ticket. Each member of the class, besides serving on definite committees, has paid class dues. The Junior class was aranted the candy concession and has carried on the project, with Lrs. hedman as faculty advisor, in a very business like manner. Then the class was divided into two teams for the sale of basket- ball tickets, Uleanor bchnelker and Athleen bendelier were chosen capta Since Lleaner Schnelker and her team lost in die contest, they were required to entertain the winning side, A skatinu party in larch and a juzior end senior party in complete the social calendar of the class. lay will Phe junior class has been active in extra curricular activities during the year l958-59. ,.Opal Lillen Adeeine nderau. Lembers of the U.h.A. are: Pauline Stemmler Hebber, Irma fresh, Lario hugenstein, and Ilene VY fhose who belong arer arjorie ralahan, Lild Firks, Jean firks, Label Ilene londerau. The junior birls are Sunshine members also. 'finifred Nulf, Jean 5tauffer, Mthleen Uandelier,1 hrmstrong, Udna fahlsing, Qlsie Urunden, Joyce Rohrbau5h,.rarjorie Dlson, Adeline Hebber, and Wayne Gillis, Richard Mieoert, and Paul Sbemmler played on the basketball team. Robert Lampe and Arthur Ueoelein mere members of die Student Counc fhe sponsors of the Junior Class are Mrs. Deliah Redman, Liss Harriet Daniels, and Liss Dvelyn ialter. ins red il. CLASS OF 1940 Robert Linpe-President Agnes Schrage-Secretary nrthur Go loin-Vice President Betty Graeber-Treasurer Ton Row Gecrgiana Allegier, Mildred Armstrong, Marie Augenstein, Athleen Bandelier, Louis Becker, Warren Berkheiser, Kenneth Bowers, Deloris Byroade, ladeline Coak, Carolyn Crandall, Donald Disler, Ruth Doehrman. 212391 Rita Dawling, Marion Driscoll, Lawrence Ehinger, Marjorie Elson, Edna Falhsing, Irma Fresh, Wayne Gillie, Arthur Goeglein, Betty Graeber, Elsie Grunden, Frieda Hartman, Gretchen Haynes, Melvin Hoevel, Erick Kotzler. 3rd Row --Fefert Lampe, Wilber Lange, Evelyn Linker, Lawrence Lord, Kyle McCord Thelma McCormick, Gwendolyn Magner, Jess May, Alfred Meyers, Herbert Meyers, Ross Meyers, Opal Killer. ith E222 Geraldine Momper, Wilbert Niemeyer, Richard Nietert, Winifred Nulf, Pat O'Riley, Richard Putman, Caroll Ramsey, Adeline Rebber, Mabel Rohrbaugh, Eugene Rosswurm, Wayne Rothgeb, Marie Schlink, Eleanor - Schnelker. Bottom Row Lucille Schnelker, Agnes Schrage, Jean Stauffer, Pauline Stemmler, Elmer Sprean, Edwin Sprunger, Harold Thompson, Dale Tracey, Ilene Vondcriu, G rl Voors, Frederick Weida, Jean Winesburg, Paul Stemmler. Lbsentees Jean Firks, Joyce Firks, Clara Lake, Cletus McFadden, Karjorie Mallaha1, Earl henking, Marie Roemer, Junior Kryder, Harold Vondorau. JUNIOIDS IDEADY MADE FAMI LY ' 19 -.f-5 5 n . -V, X 1 1 ,rx gx..J x ' ,f 4-x . " gl: . 5':i'.'t E'f 'Af ark HFC? r-'L K-' x..? .- , A kQ1f"TXXX f' 5 'F D73 - -'a-'E -In "" 'N . 5 L' -'f'.T"'fii, Uk. v f' 'E P""Mff -,fm 'Aly SRI, -' hx .---'f ' , . il, 'M--JA: tj V' Xxx-1 J, x A 'PX x TT? - fl 4 'UI ' .xii ja... X' .lx X2 XR T ,,,, u,,:',:H-M, :Iwi -xi, 3 7' -, ,ll-.-.., --. '7"" Av' ' ' Ifnis-i'i'3'we4f ' 74- V-wr' f 1 ,,4,f.- - f- ,V -- -yf ' f f --rn L,' I fv 5 I ! i, ' X M' ' :'.w.J jf 3 XY'-,,,.fl QN X11 .,---' Lf t A if". 4 '- i1445a.E-Q SY: I A-P Y V 1 , 'vi w. 2-'-f' 5: ,, s N' x. F I ,pm 24 . M +1 A 1 ! 1 Ns' I 12 was if 7 vq, I 1 Q F IJ ' a .- i wk' I . ' . ff fl A M 1 W I l 1 1 K w w W 1 y. - CLASS OF 1941 In the fall of 1957 one of the largest and what turned out to be one of the most ambitious classes entered Net Haver High School for the regular four year course, Finety-eight stueents enrolled during the school tern.1hile only ninety-three finished the two semesters. The year seemed to have started off with class election. For officers the following people were chosen: 7 President......... ......David Van Meter Vice Presidpmtloaolcsnoonoqlcvbort Bechtel SCCTCJCC.I'ys 0 1 4 . o 0 u 0 0 e 1 o Q o u c Oli-OTTCI' 115-TIJCT TrCG.SUI'CI'u I 0 0 l 0 0 0 0 0 o o A u I I OOP ildrod vor-dcrau Spensors...................ViSS Harrell i iss Lake The class wen prizes for selling the most season basketball tickets and also for selling the most tickets for the indoor circus which was sponsored by tht band. They also sold Christnes cards and pencils which brought up their treasury to e high level. Their sponsors weren't too critical though as several very nice parties were enjoyed during the year. it the beginning of the '38-'59 school tern 91 Sophenoros returned. Ties Lake and Kiss harroll were the sponsors but as Kiss Harell left for a teaching position in another school in February, hrs. Reeves took over her duties. This yeer's class officers who mere elected vmre: President. .............. ...Clinton Vchring p Vice President..... .... ....Horbert Bechtel Secretary. .... ............. label Stoncr Treasurer. .... ....... ..... .Melvin Kenseth Executive Council. ....... ..Devid Van Keter Clinton Kehring The Sophonores seein won the orizc for selline the nest season basket 3, L L bell tickets. They sponsored the movie nPobin Hoedu Thich certainly turn- ed out to be a success. They also sold Christmas cards again vhich helped them to reach their goal in the treasurv. David Ven Meter was general chairman for gym decorations for the county tournament. The decorations were hunereds of paper penneuts. The girls gave a party for the boys on February 24 which consisted of several hours of entertainment and a pot-luck supocr. The class also sponsored a skating party in March. J. They sold pencils during the year and presented Kiss Harrell with e lovely gift when she left to accept her new position in Highland Park, lllinais, Under able guidance and leadership they have proved to the rest of the ' school that they are as nup and comingn as any class in school. -qi 5 ?5VSL5"gf?3 X n ' M, ' -t 'Vi'-f 4-'tn,..,:l5 v i m I Y '.afv,, ' ' sv . fs' 4, fi! 4' J, K1 fs.-,V V- f: ' 5, .v ffrf-,ff-Lv U "I I-7 , jx., Xxx I .. ,. xx' xi, ,nw Xj'fl AJ lx . - . ,H 1 .351 , . V, M r ' if NXX, , . . J J' ,Nw -A A - 3-H? ' .' 2. e.'f'1Qz'Vm'Q' if' r ' " 'E - 4' 1 A Y:,E'g ",,' f 1 f ' ' ' W k w ,I ax If n!'.- - X ,W V '-,Q Q ,ng .: fir.. .,,. ' . ,F ' , ky! 1 u ,gn 1 , .I jig ' ,fp .Jr ' x ' I T 5 X VN o 1 ' mfg.. . ,vu 4, ,' iff' 1 i "' ' v- . X . I 1 n I .,f. '-.-, -- Qfiiiii I I2 A 6 E 99 yy I 1 ' f I . 4 f 1 .Y- .. .fq , I I 4 Vu ,fn 1 I. Qi ! ".Z,2,,'1 fs. 1 'j ' 5.Lrg'.'!,J,', ff VE' M-wiw 4, 4 1 xiii.,-ivfkl -A ,xx-N, ,-, ,. j M51 'x 'ax 'X '11 . xr . tszgtin-,Y QX , 1- K" . A , gn S. - . QX. ,. Y "fs jig is fr- X 2- jf' G 5 -L W.-,VN H1 5 .-fi- . W x ' '-1 Ev ' ks .1 ' ' 'Q 'S S .. N s 5 j ',.12i:'. in xxafrif , ' fr' 'fl -,qplfk gig -- . 54511. ',,":AQ" -V5.2 'G Nr: . +5451 x -A . F Y , lefq -X-, A . .jr ft. - . l I ,fqfs x "1f"'g-,Q fi., .Ti 74- .wif " ' . flip 'V A. , . . ' ' , ,x , K ,i ,. .- I- 5 ,E , . ' 1 . . . r x . 1 s 'S - -14, w, vl J. A . , Xb . , . 6. -. 5, J. ."p A -b ,W v. X H , 1- Vai, ' x . l -'.1,, ,Q.,- ,, X!! ' , "iff, Ill ' W ,I 1, ' 'i X AH- ff' r U 1 , ,A ,E Nun UA ry, CLASS OF 1941 Clinton Mehring-President Mable Stoner-Secretary President Melvin Hemsoth-Treasurer Herbert Bechtol-Vice- Top Row Left to Right h.'lfRifn,Lndres, Carol Ldams, Francis Bandclior, Howard Beurman, Herbert Bechtel, Joe Decker, Klyne Bergman, Dorothy Bishop, Louella Blcko, f' H Ilene Burkett, Virginia Burkett, Bernice Bovmrs, Robert ProcLneus,. Lillian Burlow. 2nd Pow ' n - '.1 Ptilders Ravne Coke, Isabella M-wKEthlocn Butler, Doris Lyroado, Jenn JA , V or 1 Finn d Potv Kenny Federspiel, Charles Forsythe, Eager, Lorene Duneycr, io r J, Lhync Fry, Lary Glass, Gene Griffcth, Kenneth Hanefoldt, Homer Larperi 5rd Row Pauline Hartman, Dorothy Hezelet, Kenneth Heekman, Marjorie Hemsoth, F 'n Charles Fively, Agnes Hoevel, Louis Melvin Hemsoth, Gloria ienni g, - , , Howard, howerd Hoevel, Vera Hoevel, Betty Herman, Samuel lsenbwrger, Kenneth Klenke, Carl Koester. 4th Row "'CTfE Ichl,nb.r,,,Alie, xr in 1 J r, Q e iii: Lf2 , Rlck'rd L itz, Junior L o rd, Or ill' Lmppnr, Frul fecP, Ethel Mclnhnsh, Richard Hcdatt, Clinton Mehring, Glenna messmen, Marcella Lomper, Charles Neukham, Carol Pheros, Eileen Potts. Bottom E22 Ruth Rohnan, Walter Reinking, Don Robinson, Glenn Robinson, Noble Rothgeb Florence Scheeler, Eugene Schnelkcr, Elmer Schwehn, Nile Jenn Shierling, Lovenia Stewart, Leble Stoner, Robert Straub, Anna Thompson, Dorothy Trier, Raymond Wiese, Drvid Van Meter. Absentees ' l B con John Bush R. Carder, Mary Helen Gabet, Laura Arnold, Argy P f , . . , Frencella Hoevel, Isabella Mahoney, Mildred Vonderau, Delores Zelt. SUDHDMDIQES 5- 9 5 N V Hg. LQ Q f x f ,f,'-', . DIQA 1, ,I 5, rf? APP? J Q 1 A ?,1 f , Q Q: f i "x su' .Vi K A., 71: a. Vi. n r, 11. I In v Q A. 'K 'r n -,A il -1 r'w JET- . 1, - ' g JJ'-Q .qex 'iff fo 'f"f5"l'4 Iv: .Q .1 wr' .Q - L -. I . J. J '-.1 f ' . v "a . Y' h 1 Q: "E Q21 '- lr I Q., . is ff '31 ,lk Q-, I "E, 'f as as W 5,45 v 1 - 3 V, o .. .st I I gg. . mybl . , ..- . f f '-.4 ,Mai ,sn -2 4- IX i E gabxr--'fl i 5.-. . Q.. lxxj , O f X ,gf fm C,--' lggfp--I xr ,f xv JXP V J, f R V '-"".f iQ ll . Xi 1 X21 , , f," "ff I.-. .l , l - ,X N XY wiffQ Qs if A YY X-X " '-XQ Q X f If A W. N"f"' '-'JK-V M Q .UV N , l 'J 2-Eh, -"' x., . R fx- .X ' I' --... ,- XX E3 'Eifx .,,f 'fm JMX .LPN i...:.ff,1J Eg! N . I ' gm: LLL? Qirin - Q ,,,ffefv5" " X friyjf I,,i I DX TE VAX Q N Q 'x .J Xi N ' -"' 1 ,Xp j Q '...l !,,s I X- ..-J L1 5 akhznil.. JL 141513 .,g,,. 1 ,ll-if" L Q-av. 'lu it 1 I1 -fr' if ,,,"f".- -1" L ' v 'S-' " J' 4 'A eil Lvl ,- ,,.- 1 + ,, JY q. l 6, I ,Maki U f. v 0 I , 1 1 J -l . . i, , 1' . v M I V Y . ' Y! ' . 'I :LL CLASS OF 1942 l..ulJ The 1935-39 Freshman Class began the year by giving the school the largest class ever to enter, a group of lLO pupils. Mrs. Chandler and Mr. Ypung proved quite successful as sponsors. Officers elected in the fall were: President ....... ...Joe Wright Vice President. .... ..Harold Parmison S6C1'eta1'y ...... ...Betty i"-3-I'3OTl Treasurer, .,.,.... ...Rita Schlinx As to the activities of the class they have hadseveral parties, always haveing plenty of nourishment and good times for all. They have even had square dancing at one of their parties. There are some fine salesmen, Qrather Hsflesladiesuj among the girls of the class, for they sold 56 season basxetball ticmets. This defeated the boys, who then threw a fine party. The first thing the freshman did to raise some funds was to sell the school basketball badges, which were pigsxin basxetballs with the school initials and purple and gold ribbons on them. These proved quite popular. They also sold dolls and pennants at the Allen County Tourney. A skating party was sponsored in April. fhe freshman participated in the Snow Ball Hop by making the programs which were red and white paper candy cameo, decorated with small green bows. The school has very good prospents for the next couple of years in their boys' basketball, for there aresome really good players in the Freshman Class, Miller, Poeppel, Wright, Stellhorn, Witte, Bolyard, Meyer, Nelson, Snyder, Kruecx, and Hemsoth are now playing on the second team. ' The girls are developing into experienced players with constant practice. They are orgrnixed into six squads with Bonnie DeWitt, Evelyn Meyers, Gloria iorman, Virginia Rudi, Mildred Thompson, and Wanda Putman acting as captains of their various squads. The teams are chosem from these groups. The freshman have a representative this year to help lead the yells, little Richard Wltchyu Rothgeb, and aren't we proud of him as he goes through his various maneuvers out there in front of our excited crowds. We have two prospective lawyers in our class who have been handling the public speaking affairs in the assemblies. Who are they? Of course, Harold Parxison and Dick Kruech. Many of the girls joined the Sunshine society and of course went through the awful agony of their initiation. And a great many joined the newly formed Girls' Athletic Association. In the school progrfm given in the auditorium at Christman time the freshman presented their version of New Haven High School life. Ronald Ramsey and Disk Krueck represent the freshman class in the HSnapping Gartersu, the famous high school orcherster which lead us to do some nhigh steppingu at the Snow Ball nop, Ervin Bearman, Ruth Minicz, Norman Harper, and Wanda Putman lead the class in scholarship for the first half year. Nice goingk classmates. , keep it up! F V .2 fl CLASS OF 1942 Joe Wright-President - Betty Larson-Secretary Harold Parkinson-Vice President Rita Schlink-Treasurer Betty Ruth Amstutz, Ervin Armstrong, Ervin Beermen, Bette Bell, Wayne Bock, Billy Bolyerd, Betty Bradtmueller, Leona Brndtmueller,nNarcc1la Brsdtmueller, Richard Bniwn, Erenklin Bremer, Orlo Carpenter, Wayne Cenk, Bonnie Driscol, Linde DeRemere 2nd Row ' --liidred Deehrmen, Donald Edgar, Wayne Edgar, William Edgar, Dale Ehle, Ross Lynn Ehle, Rnymond Ehinger, Elerner Federspiel, Alberta Fiedler, Robert Fry, Legunde Gerber, Bertha Googlein, Betty Goeglein. 3rd Row Milton Goeglein, Norman Horner, lone Hawkins, Arthur Hemsoth,'Vondele, Hendricks, Florence Hoevel, Gloria Herman, Ruth Huey, Bernadine Jack- son, nary Jane Judt, Eda Keck, Pauline Kohlenberg, Dick Krueck, Betty Larson. 4th Row --Wiine Lepper, Evelyn Lichtsinn, Vere Linker, Betty Lugenbill, Jean Martin, Deen McCord, Lawrence McNett, Otto Melcher, Jeanette Miller, Den Miller, Virginia Veller, Dorothy Miller, Ruth Minick, David Nehring. 21222221 Edmund Meyers, Violet Meyers, Evelyn Meyers, Donald hotter, Richard Nelson, Alice Niemeyer, Harold Parkinson, Donald Peck, George Perkins, Frederick People, Ruth Price, Wanda Putman, Roland Ramsey, Lelah Rebbor, 6th Row Clinton Ripp, Dale Robinett, Mildred Rohr, Richard Rothgeb, Virginia Ruhl,,Narme Russel, Carl Shrper, Varian Sheimsn, Rita Schlink, Bernon Schlink, Arthur Schmidt, Elmer Seelig, Robert Schrock, Bernard Snemai. Bottom Egg Richard Synder, John Stourgonberge, Mildred Thompson, Adrian Tustison, Nfurice Vonderau, Borniece Voors, Thomas Wegsteff, Henry Walters, Marilyn Weide, Dorothy Wiesmen, Hilde Witte, Kenneth Witte, Joe Wrighti Absentees Eli Adams, Bonnie DeWitt, George Hill, William Ketzmenmiller, Russel Kontzer, Gerald Letter, Maurice Pfeiffer, Albert Potts, Mary Schaefer, Elmer Stellhorn, Betty Wood. FIQEIHMEN Q - - 1 N A , 'I ws- 9 ' ' f , ' r ww- ,f ' X - -L S. it E,, ,,,, E . ' as . R' .D 1 N 3' 1 X F X 4 , it 4 in vw x II! 2 XM 4 ., I I 5 f 1 Q ,Z I 7 Aft., ' I I 5 I I -.: , X : Q ' ' , I - , I .. I, 1 I , A . ' ' 'f. .-. 4 X ,JN ' , ,K 3 '- I H .. F , Q I III ,II . Is. I I . I I A W X . 4 . Q , 5 -, 5 ,. ,,-,.. i -1, Q 'V ' f - f 5 - ' '-"1" ' t 5 , -.X , K - -1" ix QM . - sf 1' .. L ff.. Q 2 'i ' ', . -: ,+I f x A an g- I 5 'P' 4 Q , N 4 V x ' , I.S,I , A A' X E V' r , X , . , If , 1, 2, 1 K rg I X I 5 .7 5- A - Q , , X 4 ' E , n Q N- ' 1 X w X , I I? I I A f 5 I II 5 v- . 'Q x I ZW? X 5 , 1 2' s X , F' '- A , N-.1 1 f If E- .,.. -AVV 1 J , , NS A -Q . 1 I I. FEE' I I at , -I - " f ' ' ,. ., I " wg. X If :I II I' In I W I I-I III v 4 3' X xl- is 5 -X f ' - -N , , , Q A J 1 - E -, -W., f II A .I VX I I I I. ' , -1 I I M- I :XI , I I u lf: ,' f W i My E 5 I ".',.'f'i E GI-I GRADE I . ,,.:,:.,I , X I, , I I, I In . I II . H 4 ' N .. .:, . H 7-' M- - ,. , Q - A 1: L s- , ":. L, 'S' 2 'H ' 3 , L g, ' V' Q-I I . . :I , - ' i- . S Q- r fa sl. I " ' Xmkk J' A- ,A ' 2 EW -V I :Q v X , 5 . ' F Q , 5' 'f ' Sw, -2, ,, -, 4 -'L KI I, , II K w W 5 ff 5 . I I -.j H II f l A. as II ,I II I I I I ,,- I IIIII. . . - '- - , ' 1 A I ,, ,. -JW N '-.. Q. - , I - f L ' A N W A 'lf -N , , . - , ' - - I ig Iggy , if II In I X NIS ,A I II f M9-'W , ,Q . mf 5 -J., , ' , .V f ff 1 X ,I Q f ..,1 . .5 Q f - , .. , , T - V , 'mf - ..zi2?3ff:Gw 1: ,S Q ' 'E f 2 fi , I I3 4. ,I -P-x I 1 - vv , ,B 4 'N ,L , " 5, - wx - II i L ,V . I 1. , ' 3 I I I ,, " A ' .. - I : L- .. ' ' I , II I I ' I ,I ' ' Q: II ' ' I 3 1 , ,II fI,I 1: 'I L , 4,1 , , -- - Q. -,..,. I SEVENTH BEAD X i EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Joe Higi, Roy Hart, Lucille Fender, Dick Elwood, Harold Coak, June Thimlar,Mildred Tracey, Glenna Nao Tustison, Lois Hathaway, Robert Hain, Elenora Robber, Lenora Robber, SECOND ROW: Virginia McCormick, Vera UeCornick, Hubert Burgotte, Herbert Burgette, Florence Ladig, Lyle Keofo, Betty Narckel, Bonnie Adams, Dorothy Bearman, Roland Bechtel, Paul Bearman, Patty Cowan. THIRD RON: Ruth Doty, Mary Ellen George, Anna Lee Groves, June Headford, Joan Hively, William Gasper, Eileen Kanning, Richard Kranifeld, Maurice Krauskopf, Glenna MeAbee, Albert Dhyers, Ronald Rairden. FOURTH ROW: Merle Rigby, Charles Winans, Noah Swartz, Bonnie Swihart, LeRoy McBride, Max Niehardt, Nelda Runge, Wilma MeClaim, Marlo Gene Felt, Paul Ladig, Robert Louden, Raymond Spreen,l BOTTOM ROW: Delores Robber, Evelyn Robber, Gloria Weigman, Velva Bixler, Harry Gantz, Dorothy Lepper, Lois Ripp, Harvey Nason, Nobert Koenig, Juanita Jump, Chester Miller, Eugene Lepper. . SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Violet Baker, Jack Betz, Bernard Brames, Richard Byers, Kathleen Coleman, Edward Critchfield, Leon De Romer, Delores Disler, Devon Frans, Albert Gasper, Dorothy Foster, Elsie Glass. SECOND ROW: Cecil Green, James Green, Dorothy Hade, Stanely Harper, Betty Rose Hyser, Evelyn Kmin, Ros: Edna Kain, Betty Ruhl, Orilla Lake, Joan Larson, LaVonna Lathrop, Theodore Liehtsinn- THIRD ROW: Amy McAbee, larie feBride, Neal Lartin, Lawrence Nelson, Edmund Ortlieb, Virginia Parks, Dorothy Prather, Betty Jane Rathbun, LaDonna Rebinett, Betty Sehionmn, Norman Sehnitker, Margaret Seelig. BOTTOM ROW: Fred Shaw, Berniece Slusher, Stanely Spohr, Noah Guerin, Lamont Stoneburner, Clifford Sweares, Dewane Thompson, Harold Vondran, Alvena Wagstaff, Thx Wright, Gertrude Neal. A- A' M. .,, v 1 4 x ,549 , 11 . ,,.-v I I'-Hn. Q . yer, L. if, 1, 'Ml 1 P "V K .QF fl' , P N .Q I V! ft ,wh . xp 4 f,1 X 1 I ,Z J 1. ? .Q 1 I 'N ' p . ' it J C' , . 3 's f 1 . ' 3 I I, A f . . 'V Hi: f' , . ' ' 'f , ,i, . ' , ' ' " 1' , 1 1 P , , ' 1. P 1 R I ' 4-11741 5"--Z' ' I I a XW 3 , V J 4- - ll I X 'A J 5 1 XA, A lx IJ i Nm.,--Q, , Mx T'1'Tf,:,k ', 1' 3' 5 xt I5 X, lf! fw fi ff X X 2 -.,,,MA.- R a uf 5 X I P f X1 f lx ,fl K X- gk- 3 Y,f'..f X 1 xx 4 X f X 5 Y z ,X Xfxfx X."-197 -1, ,N ff X I. 1 f I-3M 'x Nw X VN U... ZAXN ' --5 U1 iw Xl l Y s 1 Q ',A'----NM m lj K in ,s 2,7 9 , I J v rv f I 1 , 1 . J .1 -1 -ru -ry. 'iQ .au V1 9 4,, q,, n 'A , 5 .1 I ,I 1 ,n ROBERT HUTSON " Chief" ' Although only 16 years old and a senior, Chief was a very capable all around performer, In his second year of varsity competition he proved a serious throat to every opposing team, His determination and fight, as well as his ability to take rebounds made hir an ovtstanfilg player. He will be missed by all the basketball fans next year. BILL RUDOLPH "Sus io" ' The pride of all the girls, handled the guard duties so well that it sent nshivers' down his opponqris back if they ventured too far toward their gcalh Playing varsity for the third year, he was the best guard on the team, and al will be missed very much for the next year, HANS DIENELT nDutchn The senior Renee, layed aside his love affairs to become the outstanding basketball player of New Haven High, lay- ing his fourth year of varsity he scored a total of 5 7 points in 25 games, There shall be no better player than ho, KENNETH VAN METER " Kenny" Playing two years on varsity, he was famous for his left and right hand pivot shetsQ Kenny was one of the three who was forced out several ganes due to the mumps. Three cheers for Kenny. UAYNE GILLIE nBlaekien The smallest of the team, he shoved ability in his fast breaks'and guarding dutiess Although landioipped by his height, he made up with his speed an? fiery spirits He ' can be counted on to carry the burden for che coming year, RAT OYREILEY n S lug K, on The diminutive lad who has acted as manager for the past tim yearsi, is a junior and will be back caring for the players next season, ROBERT LNDERSON Q I! B Obi! Bob, playing his first and last year of basketball, was noted for his long shots, Being a senior, Bob will be unable to participate in further competition, RICHARD NIETERT " Pete" ' Pete is another player noted for his long shots, and ability to handle the ball, He will be seen on the floor with that old fighting spirit sending more balls through the basket to add to more victeriesqforxeld Ng H, H, S, IELVIN HEMSOTH uSquireu CLINTON KEHRING nDOCu PAUL S TENT IELER ncooneyu .,,d-- ' Although only a sophomore, Squire made the varsity squad. He showed his ability to uphold the fighting standard of school. Ho will be back for two more years, and will be counted on to help carry New Haven to victory. the Trying his hind at basketball, Doc proved to be valuable to his tefm mates, He will be back for two more years and will share heavily in the burden of future playing. A junior, playing his first year of varsity was a great asset to the team through his substituting ability. He came into many games and proved thnt he was worthy of being sent in. He will be back for another year and will continue to fight for the Bulldogs. BAIIYET BALL IUFT ALL TEAM 15. A. A. SOFTBALL TEAM TOE Row Left to Tight Wayne Gillis, Eugene Rosswurm, Harold Voors, Richard Nietart, Bill Rudolph, Robert Lampe. Center Row' Mr. Young, Hans Dienelt, Robert Anderson, Bernard Rosswurm, Benny Hoevel, Dick Federspiel. Bottom Row Eugene Lichtsinn, Roy Hemsoth, Richard Rodigeb, Kelvin Hemsoth, Kenneth Hanefeldt. G.A.A. The Girl's Athletic Association was organized by Niss Megenity to encourage physical devolopient and to give the girls a chance to win rewards in athletics. Some of the proudest students of the High Sckool are those nGirlsn who Tear their hard-earned G.A.A. letters and numerals. Points toward such a revmrd are secured by partici- pation in the various athletic activities-basketball, volleyball, baseball, archery, tennis, and games, Top New Left to Fight- Betty Ruth Amstutze, Bernice Voors, Dorothy Screrschel, Loreno Uerling, Margaret Byers, Opal Killer, Pauline Stermlor, Adeline Febter, Berna- dine Yeitfeldt, Phyllis Pollitz, Pauline Trier, Thelma McCormick. 2nd R ow Verena'Kanning, Marjorie Schroek, Irra Bearman, Pauline Hartman, Lcola George, Betty George, Barbara Rigby, Iona Hawkins, Rinnefred Half, Della Stemmler, Milne Robber, karjoric Lcmsoth. 33.152393 Evelyn Linker, Ilene Vonderau, Lorore Dammeyer, Eileen Potts, Nila Jean Shirling, Wanda Putman, Linda DoRemer, Anna Thompson, Luella, Bleke, Miss Mcgenity. Bottom Row Vera Linker, Leona Bradtmuller, Helen Gerber, Betty Larson, Bernice Bock, Carol Phares, Marjorie Elson, Helen Armstrong, Norma Russzll. BASKETBALL The Bulldogs opened their season against Huntertown and came off with a 53-27 win to start the season right, but to6kV a relapse the next week to drop a close one to Decatur Catholic 17-16. Yonroeville was the next to fall before the Bulldogs 52-19, but the Dogs' victory was short-lived as the Berne Bears opened up in the third period of their game to take the gane 20-ll. New Haven went to Elmhurst and left victorious, Kas Hans Dienelt had a field day to lead the Bulldogs to a 30-2l victoryl. This was their third victory of the season. Then came the landslide of defeats. Decatur and Central Catholic were the first two - 1 victors over the Bulldogs. Decatur winning 28-25 and the fight- ing Irish outscored New Haven 24-19. I For a moment the Bulldogs regained their championship form to defeat Woodburn 27-17, but again dropped four straight to Leo, 29-263 Hoagland, 21-20, Auburn 59-575 and Berne 58-52: Their next game was a one-sided game, losing to the Ossian Dcars, 47-29. Decatur came to town and although they played a good game, they were defeated by the Bulldogs, 28-23, The next game .1 . New Haven traveled to Fort Wayne to engage in a battle with the fighting Irish and came back victorious, This was probably A the most exciting game of the regular basketball season, eut- side of the tourneys, for Central Catholic was later to become the National Catholic Champs. The score of this game was New Haven, 373 and Central Catholic, 51. The next game the boys had as their This was the second time the boys plcyed second time the Wildcats went buck home opponents ended with Q score of Sl-41. The straight of their ment had New Leo, the highly favored night by a 29-24 count. their star center, Hens fashion. ln a thriller New Haven nosed a 24-25 Bulldogs went into that only bright spot in the seeson's campaign the Honglmid Wildcats. against Hoagland. For the 5 victorious team. The game were their four nk? victories during the County Tournament, having won bnly seven eighteen scheduled grmes. The Bulldogs up to the County Tourne- won only fear games while losing eight. Haven opened the tourney with e 32-25 win team for the championship, The Bulldogs, playing the Dienelt, clung on to their , played Saturday afternoon win to go into the finals with Huntertown. The game, tfsting the blood of over Elmhurst Trojans. was defeated Friday last quarter without lead in full Bulldog with Lafayette CentrmL victory, and came out were rheed the entire with D 35-24 win. In this final game the Dulldegs game and were never once afraid of the Huntertown Wildcrts. During the Blind Tourneyuthe Bulldogs played against Monroeville Cubs 'WG FG and came out on top with r score of 55-19. No time during this game the Bulldogs unersy about the game, becruse they lead by a large margin all the way. Their next opponent was the Leo Lions. This was a thrilling game ell the way, especially in the lest quarter, but the boys were too late to pile up Q score against the Leo Eions. Although both teams were playing their best, the Bulldogs dropped this game to Leo with A finLl score of 22-23. W , - Af 7 -ff -M I ' ' 0 0- '- , I f Ng 'QV s -4 i R Alhhghcfme the Sectional with nLady Lucku against us by having two of the boys out with illness. Although playing under this handi- cfp, use Bulldogs made R good showing for themselves. Our coach, Mr. White, :nd meny others believed thrt if illness had stayed awny, we would have glorified our season further by taking the Secticnfl. The first gamovos with L?cola. This wrs u nrod letterwdayn for Hans Dienolt hav- ing soorod El points for himself. The finfl score was 51-25. Next the Bulldogs met the North Side Redskins but nero defeated by a score of 33-2 Although New Hzven hrs hvd a rather successful season, we can ask for no more with a County Trophy to shew for our deeds. New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New N ev! New New New New New New New New New Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Haven Hrven Haven Haven Haven H SVG Il Haven Hrven Haven Haven Haven Haven NEW HAVEN BULLDOGS BASKETBALL 1958-1959 35 Huntertcwn 16 Decatur Coth 52 Monroeville 11 Berne 30 Elmhurst 25 Decatur 19 Central Cadl 27 Woodburn 26 Leo 26 Hoagland 57 Auburn 52 Columbia C 32 Berne 29 Ossian 28 Decatur 51 Lafayette C 57 Central Cath 51 Hoagland Blind Tourney 55 22 Monroeville Leo County Tburney 32 Elmhurst 29 Leo 24 Lafayette C 55 Huntertown Sectional 51 Arcola 25 North Side SOFTBALL x The New Haven Bulldogs not only produce county champions in basket- ball but in softball. This is the only major Sport in hieh the Bull- dogs played five regular scheduled games and two in the county tourna- ment and came through on top. In their first game they took on Monroeville and came out with a five to three victory. In this game Roy Hemsoth Wes on the mound for the Dogs and allowed only thrse hits, making the score three for Monroeville, The next game was played against Lafayette Central. Roy Hemsoth repeated his feet by winning from the Pirates 7-2. Although two wins in two games look good for Q pitcher, Homsoth had to wait until his third game when the Dogs shut out Arcola with but one hit in the lest inning. The final score after seven innings of play ies fff 5-O. Woodburn was the next team that the Canines tangledw ith. The : Woodburn Wtrrions wished to boat the Cenines, but were denied as Hemsoth struck out l2 hitters to make his fourth consecutive win. fhe final score was 8-5. npeten Nicturt ended the sorson For the Bulldogs with en 8-5 Victory over Huntertown. iho Bulldogs went into the Tourniment heavy favorites to take the title. Not being n team to disappoint the fans, the Dogs started off in fine style by taking a thrilling extra-inning ball game 4-2, as Dionelt, star short fielder, get e single with two men on base in the tenth inning to win. The Canines made the year complete with a win over Harlan, who had not lobt a game before, to give them the county softball championship. The starting line-up in softball is: Kenny Henefeldt, catcher, Benny Hoevel, first base, Roy Kenseth, pitcher and second base, Bernard Rosswurmg first base, Hans Uienclt, short field, Bob Anderson, third base, Earl Henking, shortstopg Bill Rudolph, left ficldg Weyne Gillie, center field, and Harold Voors, right field. Eugene Lichtsinn, Roy Kenseth, and Richsrd Nietert divided the pitch ing duties. Other pleycrs fro Eugene Rosswurm, Bob Lampe, and Dick Hadc. Dick Federspiel was student manager, and Richard ultchyu Fothgeb, bat boy Schedule ---- New heven 5 Honroeville 3 New Haven 7 Lafayette Central 2 New Hfven 5 Arcola O New Haven 8 Woodburn 3 New Haven 8 Huntertown 5 Tournament-- New Haven 4 Elmhurst 2 New Haven 4 Harlan 5 Qu! ' i I i 1 u 4 1 F Y 'X Tl En 1 ,qi , 'M- IJ wx, 'rf yi TV' H r T P ,.,- ? .Q .+1 1 W 1, W Y N Y I wl f'l I, I V a. A . 1 b W H l A 1 Ski ' ' ia ' ,s. E Q K 4 V , 1' 'N ' , n ' fx , 'N s ' Y M Jr 5 .. '.? - yr 1' 1.11 , I .U 1 "' 'l ,!.gvf' , ,, ",j,,,5- , ,yuf 'aa' ' . , H We' 'I 1' ""' , lu' wp QW? ...msg ' ' 1 - 4.4. .i.... -- .- j.W1i rial'. : .ff F'Agff'uf'f ..,La1' v I ' v 4 ' 1 , r V ' , ,.,x , . ,,. ." ! X N. I WATT! 'JW " Ji X I X! X 1 , N X , '.g,fgj:3l' Ql,.,.4-'I"g?i,,,N,T:iSs' I J!!! N gnf,-v"" "-5 lf:-,irlk 0.-14-r..,..,y: - 7' ? fw x mf" 3 I ' a , YQ C 1-5.20, Y -ff cFQL"Li f " Y xwf-"' X ff j,,.f"?e' XX M 4,,,T.,.r-"'?".l' ,-, ,. --9 xv, . - .WJ 1 ,Lf ,, '5 7' Xiu 1.53 4, -, r- -f MN ,- yi J 1 4 ii ,I rfxzz' W , jg Q3 U..,.w.f-"XX "'H'1"XJ"X Q " .gf N:-K, - N ft 2,1 2 1 1 WN I '.--.A5 Q If - , I , I 'ik 1155- Q1--ff? .',......,f-'.... " Yi - ' 12'-f .- 4 .fAA' , s. 3 1 OL . 1 . . A, -Z-'ff 51 ' ,xi Xxx M I' 'r Nall, 1 -H ,....., EX, t. N..- ' N .. ..- -- I x ....- ..,l -.......,,,,,, - 1 1 3 K , ... - N 5 1 . - 3 . : ' A , ,X X 1" 41,-T 2'--E 'xxx MX!! ill ,-I rv! E X 1,3 5 f X 5 .f it l I 'x ' L . I, . ,- 1 ,J L.. .I ........ ' - .a- J V111 , -9, byfnn .., 1 X4 1, I" . M I all ' ' lx iv Lu! X , A Q Q ' , Q vt ' I M, I n n r ' 1 r 0 0 1 I V '- ,. 1 I .I " 1 le G 4-45-U .Q .,' x 4 v ,vs 4 A I xt 1 w y 3 , I I K: g a' . ' A IP' u A 4 ,, . A, ll I STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of two representatives of each of the four classes. The purpose of the Council is to serve as an intermediary be- tween the students and teachers, in the hope that each may have its priv- ileges and rights observed and respectedee The executive council is our unit of student government. D One of their major prgjecte is to work out the activity calendar for all the classes of high school, The student government helps to promote a friendly cooperation between classes. Robert Lampe, Arthur Goeglin, Clinton Mehring, David Van Meter, Billy Bolyard, Barbara Rigby, Lorena Werling, MIRAGE STAFF Editor in chief-Bob Butler Assistants-Barbara Rigby, Marjorie Boll, Bill Rudolph Athletic-Marcella Schrage, Assistants9Marjorie Shrock, Robert Hudson Business-Thomas Kerr Assistants-Pauline Trier, Roy Hemsoth Circulation-Reinhold Werling Assistants-Leola George, Betty George Photograph-Robert Anderson Assistants-Margaret Beyer, Evelyn Osborn Art-Phyllis Pollitz Assistants-Wilma Rebber, Bernadine Wiedtfeldt, Fred Peters Feature-Irma Bearman V Assistants-Benny Hoevel, Dorothy Schershel Society-Loreno Wbrling Assistants-Hary Virginia Kallmeyer, Ornell Kitchen, Beatrice Craig Advertising-David Harper Assistants-Evelyn Marshall,Maxine Wolf Class Reporters-Wanda Putman, Mildred Vonderau STUDENT CDUNCIL MIIDAIEE STAFF fc havc choscu Progruss as thc thang of the 1959 IIRLGE kccausc vc frnl thct TQ kgrr rlayrd a part in the progress of our school. Tc vish to srimulptc in Thu hcarts of futurc Tigh school students thc dasirn to carry or this progress, Allen County Public Library 900 Webster Street PO Box 2270 Fort Wayne, l N 46801-2270 ll T r,,f-W-fs-NT, Q2 1 , - Ji' saws : -5 - 'W ll 1. i in ,J KJ gr x l --+-- -K -Nl" Xe 4 0 -J l Tl PP S L 'll . 1'-' , , 'I ' my lb Fa r-'gnu lf ' -u ll-H' l-l ls Jn l , ,M r r 1- ,sr jg - . fi fd Ln l fl - W, 'I r rr r w"1w ' Hqw- Q L . d 'H .Tq,g,.' 1 , . . "V'l"7'7" 1, fr- P - .....x,- -,-H - - .....:' -1,-1.-4. A, '- VJ -, 'fl jjfii' -Aff , Yfrfgf' ,I 'L fx, ,if a ...- ' ' n 'M-b 1.-.--T.- , . J It 'ig Q ' r:--X ff!!! ll r , "" 41355 ' ,,..,-fflg-Af? i:Qlf" f --W Q- iff-xxgl 'rf J' Iffv,-'I fxl' x 'fl' aff U' I. -'xv , 4 - ,. . ,441 'fffr2f'7'fff9"f f X X-Y-L -' 'l ax ir-VM, ', . , .AZ , ' N- r,.y , srl ,,, X. , I J ,2 'fig Z' Q'-. ' . ff! .4 -if. Lf w X N X -..r-,,,,M."' nf r,' N -I 3 Q- xx 0 L-s--A-----ml 4 rw, isbn? . I4 R3-nm-Q 'ML' rx' A K ' X "" r k"1'4xTgX ,xgsfw n- - ,,, .., .,1 ,rf .. q, ' V r Mrfsffrif r '-we P .4.aiw .,,, EWU ' - ' ' W'W"W?' , r U ,--f- ' - A ,fy - g 1' d.- . X ' 'Il ,f""'TZiE'-'gj Q,-fx I . HX 351. l X J L7 lx J s jx 7,2 '9 I Q..-..1..........-.--N' 'IM ' K If " " 'A "' M 3' "' --"XX f Xl I - IUNIHINE IUCIETY BAND 1 SUNSHINE SOCIETY nBrighten the corner where you area seerw to be the motto of this organization.fgLhwtwrehip is corprised of almost every girl in the High School. "' , FIRST ROW' Helen Gerber, Betty fLarson, Margaret Beyer, Evelyn nstern- Carol Adfmsi Barbara Rigty, President, Marjorie Elson, M.s, Reeves, sronsorv Bernieee Erek, Norma Russell,. Ruth Price, Gloria Henning. SECURE RUW. Marcella Kemper, Betty Lugenbill, Marian Sheinwr. Lelah Rebber, Betty Geoglein, Wanda Putman, Linda "1 De Reset, Dorthy Trier, Anna ihompson, Doris Byroade, Madeline Lake, Glenna Messman, Lillian Purlew, THIRD ROW: Dorthy Weitzman. Mary Schafer, Betty Ruth Amstuzt, Nila Scherling, Carol Phares, Lorene Werling, Wilma Robber, Della Stemmler, Marjorie Bell, Luolla Bleke, Virginia Ruhl, Marjorie Hemsoth. FOURTH ROW: Evelyn Lichtsinn, Ilene Vonderau, Edna Fahlsing, Gwindolyn Magner, Atheleen Bandelier, lone Hawkins, Dorthy Bishop, Elsie Grunden, Joan Stauffer, Mable Rohrbaugh, Dorthy Schersohel, Helen Armstrong. TOP ROW: Betty George, Leola George, Berniece Bowers, Adeline Robber, Betty Herman, Pauline Hartman, Lorene Dammeyer, Ndldred Arxstrong, Maxine Wolf, Bernadine Wietfeldt, Pauline Trier, Phyllis Pollitz, Winifred Rulf, BAND BOSTON ROWa Bobbie Swartz, Ted Keefe, Paul Ruhl, Nancy Ritter, Beulah Smith, Clarabsllc Romine, Joyce Bauserman, Joan IarksJ Kathleen Winesburg, Patty Kain, Dolores Conner, Roeenony Liftoring, Rosanne Holmes, SUCGYV ROME Roifnd Bechtola Neal Martin, Edwund Ortlieb, Max Fart, L,e'i3 Yedfsri. Rionarp Adema, Wayne Green Don Renno in . ., 3 Donald Try far? Gleyf Fiplipo rhomyoir- Donald McDonald, Allen Hill, Ciwrlcs Ronin: norman Schmitker, M, C. Sleet TAIWQ POF, Mir Wfigntf Lo Longo Reoinett, Bill Bolyard, Ruth De Liti, Csrcl Ruonlcb, Richard Rtthgeb, Ruth Doty, Glenna Tustison, Lilcen Potts. Nile Sheirlingv Caroll Ramsey. FGTPWE BTU! Roland Romsey, Pat O'Re5ly, Willzrd Leonard, Harold Lhowyscr, Reirboid Ekrling, Richard Putman, Charles Putman, Thomas Keir, Dick Krueck, Fred Peters, Robert Straub. SOCIAL SCIENCE Top Row Left to Right Robert Hutsen, Richard Federspiel, Thomas Kerr, Harold Thompson, Fred Peters, Reinhold Werling. Middle Row Mary Glass, Lorene Demeyer, Nile Jean Shierling, Wayne Gillie, Carol Phares Bottom Row U Betty Graeber, Hansel Stew rt, Eileen Potts, Barbara Rigby, Hans Dienelt, Mrs. Chandler. GLEE CLUB 222,523 Left to Right Corel Ramsey, Wgyne Bergman, Herbert Bechtel, David Harper, Wayne Rethgeb, Robert Hutsen, Benny Hoevel, Themes Kerr, Dick Knieek, Reinhold Werling, Richard Geeglein, Fred Peters, Frederick Weide. 2nd.Rew Madeline Cook, Charles Forsythe, Melvin Hemsoth, Howard Dety, Alfred Meyer, Narren Berkheiser, Leuella Bleke, Pauline Trier, Ethel Melntosh, Betty George, Leela Geerge.L- 5rd Row Ilene Burkett, Kathleen Butler, Dorothy Sehersehel,Iildred Armstrong, Beatrice Greig, Bernice Bowers, Dorothy Trier, Wilma Rebber, Gwendolyn Xogner, Alberta Reher, Veren: Henning. 4th Row Glorir Henning, Nile Jean Shierling, Carol Adams, Evelyn Linker, Adeline Robber, Athleen Bendelier, Thelma heCermiek, iarjorie Elsen, Aiice Krioselmeyer, Helen Duty. Bottom Row Mary Virginia Anllmyer, Elsie Grunden, Deloris Byreede, Lillian Burlew, Dorothy Bishop, lerjerie Henseth, Miss Walters, Winifred Nulf, Mable Eehrbeugh, Virginia Burkett. SCCIAI. SCIENCE CLUB CLEE CLUB INADIHDTI CE MW lx if Q QQ 1 U X w l P I 3 r I E F 2 I I "um W5 v Av,- W7 5 yu W V, 1 A , s A f- f - - , - , a- affwf wtf-em ' A I r '- -rm, K ,iii 1 J ' M . fl., : 5 2 .. X, xi I . '-' , I ' I I Q s A- ' S u A I wr' I5 I' -I XVI! .IIN Evil R34 g. ' 1' I .A,I'i,"',l', RL 1 'E f:SI,fif'vh . w Y' ' Jnn -,.,--..Y 'A -- .... ,,. ...... . x 5 1 4 31,7 0,1 A fi A 'A o ., ,. X . Z Q--5 A I X . , I ' - E , . .1 M In VL?" ,. I D '51 lf QA- ' LD f I' W .AK .... .... E nib!! 5 X 4 J A .V 1- .Q X X Li' ,f"x ' yy I 4, . V Q f kj NK, ? I S-. k'L""J ff? y I Ji? U Li' IAN "' 1' . '4....,f"X-"-: o X .I 'L , ' 'I JJ -, - Q I 551 qfiljgm 1 X-N X f fp ,oo il f 4 . - ...i I XA . ,- .LJ ,I ' I., Af fm Lo., z o -if -W ui 1 H. J,--1 4 , 14,5 1 of fll sis ? '..gLlL-1"Lf"5-"-.-1gf- f' H f W ' Q --f"- f Q-Qff: - of-if Vw Wx z NW -"' . ' . " ' ,-L--- --4--..., , -. ., .,-.,,.-I , "fix V-Vfm--.if .. T2-fr... l.,i .. Z "' A' "'XN7"'5x55j: 1 'X' i ,D X , -. . .. L43 . . A, ..,, 1 .A,, ...,,. ..j A ,. SUN QMON 4 fQ Tug LWED :WHL1 al X-Rr iv QA:-U' N ' V Y I 'S X13 1 1, ' ,, " : -f 5 1 ' R l '--V - -,..,,.h. --.-.-A n fn. . I- . ,' W J . A ', 1 .5 Labor l lg School I 7Frosh- -5, Seniors o,9-First Q 'J Wo ' Dfiy i started Qnon in - fit woek 1 can't ' Early to 1 with various g Cos 9. over 'take itji? Rod , a sl ''3 i 'Fiddle PGH! Boy 4 n iDay of' is + oo , is1'2EH11,-,?1 5i35:i----. Jgggo LQ-it IBO-Fhbpul '3 Oh' Y 5ff.wY1,L,I.Rll ig' JLISJC IG, ct 1 ,I 'Fic boat ll My! i,QwQ2ml"1?'1 TC'C':7'VJd l Ciikss' T ,I,:.f'-aayeiitc' Ohh gE'r':sPm'mg f5'.3i5?f:k. Qwllcgrs' . . 7.-2 . r ,ing , L1-"I ,in--5 1 oi' . . Q L WL-...,.,.-,.-.L......---..L4az:Q.QiLs.gwQ3ngoqlg-ao ,g2-.,,,-.: , - o H4 Pf 11, 1 ,0 "W'or7i ,Q-J" J Q2 iH:'1.11 Qr Ii-?Q? 'JVe, Y: 34 I-134df,j V Lili Q Tgjk ly Vtwlcu. al: -, bait 'g ,Logo Lo day U ig A Ir,,12's Wcodburnj como long Assofbljiflyofds of I 'Q-5. V ' I I - o 1 fur! i - ' L. 7 Wi --K H 'L f,,,W,,,.:.V -. , , Hi nn-I ,1.,...... ......- ..-....-o.rV , . V , . Q3 ae, Early :nj Fire-f TlgChOQ1:2'1'JunJlors.!1Z,m, to bod A drill A , 1115.3 tfaro TOFMY oi f'55CmblY 7 w , , A, A .- . and f A Poor' Mlo 250115. .1 PO, early to Froshn-,an f someone f f1nG'rS I from if A l d-nvm 1 moqsurf d G. E. - 1 .4 clxf ' bkqfy- x..Z ' Q I I " :"L'-'- - X y .X Sw L, D 'X Vw ff. rf-:K N 'I ' !", J! L" F -2 Q-'Q 1.3 X--J ' 2-f N-. X X NM- lx xv ,f j'f,,. I QQ- 1! f ff N-X if Q' I' ' ,731 X ' fl: 14.gf2'iggg1 A X Ar' -4 fc- - 4' 3 X wx " . 'W' "' .:,,1 1 . E7- J 'J N ' W as f ' '. "i!J.fx,"-x X H W' N X X 4: 5 f . K XJ E M4 14, --+-..x1- .W , 's Q Qxpff'-X02-S-:E ! x i W X U F . , ,WV f X. 5 2. ',--- Q W - A ' a ' 1 I ' 4 Q Bugthc 2 wx -Y Vicgk w GQ YV 'f i Q H-15132,-ts l M-Bffmg 'U' 7 'E -.- !LO"l'1'L1J' 111055 1 NOt1q - L 6 Y V- A .J L 'T' + .lm .am ..... ' r- un -1 --JS9 7 u5"'-- ' fm ' "si OO ' of mm? 'ii Va . "--7 L- Q 'M ' "2 ' 1 453:-' . H w Fgbh' map! Q1 --Uj,0I- Olglan a J I C -mf "1 75 pw , 3---- 'lufiiot , Bob 5 ' 'J Q .Uh Jflrg I .Z -A-...m W5 C N - 14 - , . A- --.. +-or v vrRi:g?-V, 1505 3 I L F sz -,:'A"" - 'A 'tg' J --1 Hg if f1f1nh'f?Q' t 1 HQ' V5 sQfJfJum'2f I W """--- Jf- nI l f -Ei? Q D112 4 flif-If " W li - 'ffmc E "':'--- I' 'I ' L'-TQQQ1 -'53 Chny "wwf . " rg "3 1 I fm Y 13 'Q A-f " f ' I Un! MPS ,1"L'711d I i I5-LL' 55,6 A 'L TI' 1 K' A4 we y Q ,Inky 1 . 9 K' MA" " BQVH 507011-,-911 l ' 111115 PUT P ' -2.0 ' ' --.Clfjm-.?,'SL 7 ---' ' . "' P 1- A l f v ""- "- a " 1' mt.- ? I -,.-'-v- Tfle 1- 9 In H. --1-. 4 . I '1'7f 'L' I bovis fsunshine ifVOu-:Q 527' 2 if til-QCA : :'4,S"iTa1: 'V iii-an Y -1-fliljiafn , 1,314 -- t 'rg 'I' V " .. L A d I '7 kiwi DJ-Ol" YQ ' - X S -'J lr I QL, Vlcrlr gn P-GU. Y in i I .ff .Lu lu , , ' A-,Z-A I CJ 1 Q' f 0931712 '99-ChCf"s 3 A M """""""- 1 ,M -1, " 1 , ' f he9.f'1g,Che g H1 hi-fr C 50 130 ' N9 1, Di? ' . 4' . OUT, , . - R ' gn rentl O13 -:VSCNOO1 O,"5VC'hOOl m1'Tah11 W E " L Z TX Rl 1 X 3 f D 1 fa. - l . 1 " 'N . U- ' ' ' ?x l u -21-9 JI? fdfmkl ' N ,lk 'H X K U il' H rka-7X " ,gg ff, :D V I KX fa X ' Q i I lf I 1.1- lf' U 'N M' ni, 'Nw nw' C Sw' 1 S Nh , ' V1 fl i i' Sf' Xi' 5? E X-NFQN TT. 'L 2 J ref ', f', 2 1 I ' , I rl, 'fl ' V ' Ln l'5LE"4X'f , Q lxguu f 1 -Q--n-J-if-.44 "' ' -5 - , R gf' D ru, lv' If -, 7 l3'r'ff'fi1'0.'!'fff1ffr '75 f' 'X N "' -X, xl ,f Qfffvi? 'zfif Luc-4 INXQN M TUE 'wig fp THU. FZRX. l ful-XT o ,1 o 1 ii p p Hp Y i p p is v V l V l :Senior -6 QSopho- i .3 Spphoa- 91- We 5' l Fialloween l more mores beat party at have a pleading Hunter- Mildred'sQmouse toithe ticket town . Llloris-f11fL.pILlf2.3f '.:ci.t.p, "Rishi-hQ"p I , E' 7OhI My ?JEvery- L 3lunti1'1gl'oA talk H I-iiss 2' 1 another bod5's season 'on sports Harrel's week is happy, about to' manship travel starting Wonder t open tagks of o s lg o n1b.y.2i s is is G J-ll'l93 s I5 D4 145' The 161101-o 17 What 18' 19 9 i Puppet morn l to sec. L. game! Junior 3 t after the A new Boat N Show night Sopho- V Dlonro- Play NM N pp A before pzore K i ville p v ko 3-I 3-3, 23Safe-'54 Lots :uf is Sunshine Berne ty and i of tur- To much p programl vs , health key and Turkey l after l Now Haven program plenty of OOOOoooool ' school Assemblli church ' " '1 ' 'A ' 'IZ ' ' Y 37 'J-flfpirst 3-C1 Gael 1 SOWSQP-N' of week lmy heart ing and l bluor burns. T wailing. than over pt Guess report W ow o i L WhQ?i,d,s.siL i ew., ,- DEDICATION We, the graduating class of 1959 wish to dedicate this annual to our parents and teachers who through their unselfishness, confidence, and perservance have inspired us to be what we are today, Mere words cannot adequately express our appreciation of their innumerable sccrificesg but is our sincere desire that we may some day attain that goal which they have set for us, .,- .,..-.,....- -,..f -- ,. .-- 1. ..., ,- Y,-...-..-FL. ,, , , , np ' f 1' I -- I I In' '- . - - f. '. .. ,- 'I NNN 'W- .,1 fxxvf-'W .----1 W X X KN. .' I f- J ' fi 'I I ' X Q J I D X 0 . Z I' 1 I i:""I' I kx,.-I -I A 'ix Q f. nf fix, "x.X,I X ' A A if '---fvvvff Xxiwj., f qv, I :I -h--- L-fu If-I 2 Q, 'I-fi - 1 , A I , V .- 5 ,I -" ' 5 .1 4,1 XXX I: Vg -It A if iq -I xx? ,r Qfffi Wffi 1 , ,X A ,X ' I V gif. Q, ,fx .-. I : -,x , :X I Xl lf- I f QI f I NI ff I I I f' 'I ix-. f .N I gf f 'Q if 1 j x,,' pk: X f IJ X' I - 2: I X. f' I, , ' ,. HU-,-4--A 11' ... --I "' - .I 1 I M., ' "' I ' ' " I , . I . 1 ,4 . , --, i df NX, ,L,,,-ix IMI, lj' If 'I fy'-'N Z f xx! j -f2,,'.I I -- II I- II V wx 1 f I I I' : X. f , x " . W xxx!!! "X 2 3 1 l I! 'il ' I I -I3 I 1 ! I I Q I I I' .. cm, fn! I 5 I flfii .'- ' I ,IX if .,.?5nf D- -" fs,-V Q Tj' J I If Ji'-Qrriffl X-I' f"""--N l K ,w,. ,,,. XJ, ' - -' I - I 'r' I , f IJVXQJ I'-.I I I QE I VVED-I I I'--IU EPI' Fl, I. I 5 AT, I , . , - , , - -I I I I 1 - I- ' I ' I Elmhurst Decatur I g 'lglflcre there I S. ..:.-.g 4 .-1 , -1 I , . . . . I .513 hbmu ge: CUC, I TSoniof IK Glllle I 7 To-I .fo I lei: pup I ka-'LIES Ilovs Pgffv-Q Siarts TTL9.I'TO'IN I II 'vandcrs 3 1-5.1,-!nIthQ ggrlg auf wefiic 18 the J Q1.u0u n ur-,Q , 1.4--19 ' It I by fzlizug I -i--QgQ:Q5,L- LEASQZ-lxrggkiv-1-Ln' Q -3 I S.lQ6vIi1".r -Ll-52255-.EXW . -N? 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I'-I 1 - . . ., . . lfprcmt. ing if shin- J ortuin- ' ,girls TL no sonooi ior sim ing 'oeaug-1 1.1ou"g, in u sited thug Triday 5 xffgglqg lfful to- Audi'i'o1'-H IUe'2'.zofiios'q tml 131:11 o ' .w -' H 65-' , jurr. 7 'foS'o1'.' - .lm -E..i-.l I, 1- I 774' , + , f Q f "fo o o"-"r--o----'mf'--------o 5 L "':GFiL1'3 f2'Tf'f'C.11f.Z--l 'J' Lore 1 '12,eu1g,5 .4 A:-Soniors 3 ' Q Cr1'ffiS. Cd d1ocfo1,g mnovf. SCVTI1-Q01-S his ,A.k.l'C parad- E.e','oo,l :Ld ', iors may idokioffm1ws5.n5 tho u soma.:-Ucr' Jolub Jro-- 1'ovo s?oLi-cxwdifs, f-:own for ' "fo 'V'1'7' I AM, , f-1-H--U ,uv ,-.--od , 1 F , 1 --ii--lf---Z-1 ----4::- - YT w , -Juv , 1 ' L L gg ...-. ii ,- J4,...i.,L..Ca..f - f-'L lif-c.1io:'s,' '-kii1fo1:lzg.L.if f5'Ycr.1'- 12'-Eogi1111L-xl ,Lg Goshl, 3-5' posporoo Czgxutisln 1 book ,ing of Evo boot I slcifvl1ingjy'tc.l1zcd on mccfciug County wLoo. Play u party AC1'1'lC.1,ltiCS51 Soma moral Tourney , Lof.CcntrolL iv QV l work u o 2 o A Tcoma1'ro'.v W W :ul o 30 Kon A 3' Oooh' iho County its cold. 4 Tourney. Buses can u 'Bonfire fiot get ' 1 Q , W uptown t n1 ouglf1 rl W A J hi Dil Wgiw e gifi?Q'Cji5g xref JI ,Q 9 Sow Mow. ToE,'wsD, Two, PRM i5HV '1-'riddle I 7-Rooms 3 ossian of South ,is our novboat us Side spoke Home Ee. i by an 18 in AuditorT teacher point - V ,ir Y k iw ' Y Vi! --f-' O Q, Sun- "IB-r-1'-r QI-.iIurder"i 9 Docs lpfo Ykoei, shine more win- iBill kil1+ time ever we warped business ter. Our Led his Y go fast Decatur meeting coats fell motor i To bad MJ goofi. V X' EY I av- 2.2.1 ll l5Soniors V+ G.A.A. '5 Soph. Yj'QC1'l5.OI'S V7 Senior got their Tournament' ploy Wheat the girls win proofs. Valentino Juniors iJuniors G.A.A. uFunny day 20-15 Tournament p I foeesV vw p 4 H so I9 7-oBarb's 7-3 Lost am 17- Sen- 23 More "2q'G.A.A. absent game to pior play mu ps. meeting Such a Columbia prectivc. Teachers Pep SGSS- droary Gity Lines un- get callod ion. Game T day' Y V W f ' 1 Q-Qh't.............-..- ZQ gqwhito Z8Fresh- '- N' is out of mon paper i psohool tosout, NYG dev. Mar- shell 111 Olde Newsie Paporo" I -we-4.4:-4--.rl-. .,A.-a1. - , ..- -- ill ij X. N A X' E Munn gf ,uf X -55" l-- :EE2: W i1,x . '-: ' ' XWM . ' I f-' 0 X xl A' l O , ' f ' 0 F ' w . - v lhllllp ,ff Q XX f TNQN --.i. x E ' cj? S UN VNQON. T UEX E D. THQ' ! - SHA l 1 i -2 '5 No N74 NCQVC L8Hu,GTDdG Cari school ontcrtain Scctioual Tb play V us begins Arcola in the to-nite Easv guditqriu L I1 U 3 LJTLO 6Sunsbin0 7 lsn't '3Toviug 9 Hrs, lOScniprS 11 program lava pioiurcs l Hccvas havc hrai Vbodburn friudl in v ill with wrecking Agirls are l don't auditor-I flu test guests know ibm. I I l3SOuior l4Svni3rs 15 Jac lGnSPTiUC l7Sbni5rSn18 gboys are working Tucker FCVCFN 2TCS?nt taking hard Jn gives a A GlV0Q Sprlng picturcs l play tglk to tJ tnc Fcvcr Szniers i grades 20 TON Kc wins in I' J 21 Spring kogins 2QScni9r rQccivo S 25 G.A.A. Banquet .24 School N25 music Marshall T,B. given for Movie contest gives inv test sgnihrs - Aq A pcrsonat yn - ' VH U 27Surprisgl28Scnior 29Sprc1d- 3OBLskut- Zl Nr. Uhitb has girls ing the ball boys White tic and han-wcur 5 W1: .NQWS by honored fnols th kia that clQthQs Freshmen with Q Seniors uainb WMMESL. O , Q r 'x 1 Ir ' Ann' " L,:l.. se, S if ff 1 - X K N Z" J7 To ju? ' K, CSD 0 D D We Ui, X u-A y f I NxX ' ' 1 - ' X 1 2:1 f 6 AMQXLFT I L, A R Fe C1 L Zpy? UO LT'-p" INK:-Av X :DV 1' qu 'fhtff 'M s 1' Swv- Mor VL E, lwioy, x o. Fm. SAI h 1 e e e e A W y e 1 e QF 5"Gir1 of AZ.Vo11ey- 5- C., 7 No 3 the Lim- all game Sophrsg Seniors school :hcrlostn Seniors get 'beat beat the "Good h ,sponsorcd hy beat Soph- by the Juniors r Friday" r jby Fresh- imores Cuff?-iO1'S4 and Won y yj Y3lOT1'161't 11 II Senior . 17. Senio. I'5Hc.rper I'-f '5- qgloomy day? Girls play studentagoes to Senior Y19.1'1d IHOFC 1 Sgnj-or 4V'j.Si't Cl'1OTHiS'tI'y V drain ,boys in North for once Day 4 y y volleybelli Side y L P -T h"' h"7AsSQmb1yy '9 staff !EZC1.y,, y -N 1-.zusiclf 22,8 , LZ' ,ticko-as fo? meeting body is 'dopariamqn-bt Fung Y'Spring f Freshmen hard at 'working on R ,, Revue" i skating work "Spring mme fe - V. ,.par5r - ' e r LZ0 N 2"""Mrsv glqfhernis-r1Qf5-.A.A. 27 Senior 2-8Lucilo 17 y Pcdran i114 try stu- girls supper 1' cries af.. No biolo- i dents take up fiend ter being h gy and play ten- archery theatre paddled ' che 'sr "' 1 i"l'iL I-:nu WX fu fl f 'g,,,xX.,fX.,-xI'X.J' , qi Q f I X WL My ' if jf! S x I X M ,,,.1:.,fjnf f-gf, XXX ff Q X iQ -A Q e ' I I C- -N fia " ' we N ' -Q --, ff 'ff ., I XX - k f JT-5 , f I' of p 5, A, ff--M ko fo A o - W i ii it Qi s..,..,,x'X-Iwi i i i sow. Mow, Tok ww p THU- YN if 1 Public 2 S.S.S. 3 4 Busy 5Ser1iors 6 speaking visits G.A.A. i working get 1 students Eskay letters on their go to dairy awarded yearbook pictures 1 o F'G...l'U3-BLU-is . A e - e f " ' ' I X- , i 7 if Class 9 Mr. lonhmiorsll Junior 12 Lord is meeting, White out! seem and help discuss No i terribl Ssui us i reception civics busy. banquet l1!l!"' , v Wh3LZ.l2ls o- e 1 14 hswent to ielt wonftfiv me 18 Junior 19 20 bacca' be long imoredsxys 9-Hd Commence' pg-iLA'Er0'Fi now ' till p S9T1iOY' ment for k es ni o ischool is party S tbe f p p U p ,out f ,, eo, ' t o2l 22 izz ?24 25 ,26 27 l V A C A T 1 A o N 28 29 50 '51 Q -. as., ,fp LET TH SENIORS TELL YOUR FORTUNE Don't be depressed, its all in fun. Take he a jectivc from the first column that coincides with your first initial and the nord in the second column thit goes with your lust initial aggravating blond clever dimpling eavesdropping friendly gossiping half-baked idiotic jealous knock-kneed loony moldy noisy ornery pesty quiet ruttlebruined silly tiny useless vigorous witty yellow zealous artistic, bashful comical dumb excellent flirt goofy hillbilly ignorant jolly keen laby musical nervous old plump questioning rude SUPPY tease ugly villian wild youthful z any I -4,-4-.44.,- , -"""' 5 . - AMI-AST win. my TESTAMENT We, the class of 1939, 0fJehc'New'Haven High School, County of Allen, State qf Indiana, being over four years of age and of sound mind and memory Ho nike, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament hereby revoking all former Wills made by us. -4' ' no bequeath the following . To the Juniorsg Te give and bequesth the good looks of our class, our blue andmsilter ribbons, our intelligence, our wit and sagacity, and our ' place in the affections ef our teachers, With the Juniors well supplied, we hope the seats occupied by us will not lose their dignity and prominence when occupied by then. ' ' fo those in the Sophomore class, who need it, we will the outside brilliance that shines so prominently on certain Senior Students. Tc the Freshmen all the good times and partiesg also some advice, Do not give up, be industrious and follow your superiors i,n,, the Seniors. To the Faculty our thanks for their helpfulness and interest in our success and all the remnants of our sadly depleted reportment cards, me do will and bequcsth to the Faculty in order that they may have sore to use and distribute another year. ' Individual bequeaths are as fellows: Wilma Rebter bequeath a few'ef her surplus pounds to Frieda Hartmann, hoping she can use them. Bea Craig leaves her trust and faithfulness in new to Georginia Allfeier. Dick Federspiel entrust his power to keep studies farthest from his mind to Frederic Tkida. Phyllis Pollitz leaves her classical taste eonceriing eelor harmeny to Flsie Grunden. Pauline Trier leaves Ler brilliant color that covers her face at the most inconvenient occasier to Karjerie Hallehan. Everett Tilhel: bequeath to aayoie xho will take good care of it, his reek- less driving. Ornell Kitchen gives her seheol day bov friend CTQD Kerrj to Vildred Armstrone. C Uargrett Beyer ability te get what she Uants to Adeline Robber. Fred Peter's surplus brains to Donald Disler. lffife-ffeulty we leave the entire student body, Bernieee Bock bequeaths her temper te Ltheleen Bandelier, -11-1rTr-'- , - -. l H ,, . v - David naiper's ability e0 ,ale seceches to nelvin Hoevel. Pelle Stermler's quietness to Tabel Rohrbaugh. iEtZFF'?EtlE?TE' influence on the girls to Tilbert Niemeyer and Earl Menking. FErE7?EE-fell7s'ability te speak Latin to Ilene Veiderau. Irma Fearma? bequeath her straight HAH report card to Harold Thompson. lfiqffflfgifngfs love for tall boys to Gretchen Haynes, Parold Voorsdbequeaths his speed to his brother Carl Voors, Nildred reach wills her shorthand notes to Geraldine Hamper, Reinhold'lerline's collection of vocal soles to Llfred keiers. , - helen D0ty's art ability to Irne Fresh ani Betty Graebcr, 1' ,.. M- - , , .. .41 .ff J HC1CYl 1'11'IT1St1'O1'1Q'S i'i1'SJC chair in the English class te Jean Winesburgf Charles Putnanfs political views to PES O'Reilcy. fi-H'T757l7TVpl.'s pull with Miss Daniels to Blackie Gillie. f'T'I"Ef-thins personslity to Feirks twins, 'DT?2l,Z?f'C5e'Eoii's modesty to Paul and Pauline Stemmler, ' 'E'i'llff'f?5rl5ins, seniors best dressed man, to Richard Putman, 'f2'uF1-Alfffitgs tray with Tir, Downey to Marie Schlink and Elenor Sehnelker. i'oE7fifnTitlfFs' dancing ability to Edwin Sprunger and Wilbur Lange. 'R'5:i'r'EwfluTsf7Svf's little red bool: phone numbers to Erick Kitzler and Jess Hay. Tfeigffeldytfs height to lxarjorie Elsen. y l7ere1ief7E3'gnliz1g's eye-for handsome men to Opal Hiller. Clareff'e'lT'1EF5ld's high chair te Leuis'.Becleer. l present diet to Lawrence Lord. ard Rossuurm 's soft bal Ylanfsel Stevrarti s lcnewledgga o Rothgeb. Kary Virginia Kallnyer wills Ton Kerr fills his manly phy r.1-s?1r.ll beatews her to-7faroly11 Crandall and Dick Hade bcqucaths his shyn Haven the team undefe eutstarding athletic ability Eugene Lichtsinn bestows his Bern Arthur Goeglein, Herman Zehr wills his finelu in the neutralization e James Felt Dr i e c al l . Ken: eth Van 5 me ob Lueile Andres highly perfect IiR'EE.'TT5RE? wi 1 1 S Q. 1 1 no Byroade and Edna Fahlin hearts desire, BarbaraRigby wills her voice -N-9. ll invite. tions t o Ilalfe assembly. Richard Gonglein wills the f -'-Ea'r7Eie's'TtE-Res s Ileye r . Viola Dorling leaves her fr l glove to his brother Eugene Rosswurm. f electricity to Cletus McFadden and wayne her angelic disposition to Winifred Nulf. sique to Herbert Neyer. soft hands'Qthat have never toughed dish waterj Lucille Schnclker. ess to Carall Ramseyg atable in the future, Hans Dienelt leaves his to Richard Neitert. ability to "ruff it up" top'Kenneth Bowers and developed sense of humor to be used as a base f Rita Dowling's concentrated giggle acid, wills his notes and answers in Physics to Kyle HeCord and heter's unusual habit of going to the typing room 7th period ert Lanpe, . ed twist to Kadeline Cook. r girlish wiles and coquo ttishness to Delores 5, to heln them in catching the man of their te Gwtndalyn Iagner providing she will accept speeches and announcements- in front of the un he had washing dished after the Senior class iendly attitude towards boys to Evelyn Linker- ,areella Eehrage leaves Hilbert Niemeyer te the care ef her sister Agnes farjerie Shreck bequeath her -"'fFe-f15'e'TlE'17iCe d e qua l ly , Nadine Terling 5 collection basketball furnishing Robert Anderson games to sav it, desires that gym suit to Thelma McCormick and Ruth Deehrman leaves hertwad of gum to Jean Stauffer to add to her on the condition that she leans it to wayne Gillie during the e the Lthletic Lssociation the expense of bestows his "dead eye" in basketball to Junior Kryder. his higher out look on life be left to Dale U U n 'fnaheff -efndqliarold Vonderau. Robert Hazelet wills his book of hunting stories to warren Berkheieor and Lawrence Ehinger. Benny Hoerel wills his bookkeeping book to Elmer Spreen but hopes he does not have as much trouble with it as he has had.

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