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45 . A Q53 v , ,Q 44i:L-gg-'1'- L ,, Q :Qg-g'4 E. f K f v -.4 .. M 1 , , R 5 . Y , Xu , ' . . x -C. 'Q 1 , .W 1 .X .sb x, A 1 , , ,ll 3 Q-. +A 1 J: -A rr ' 1 4 Q I X rx uv 5 E u F -1 r 1 , 'a . Ia , Q , I E . 5 , h 1 .. , 5 , A 5 1 L S z R 1 ' X 1 x n Q Y, FOR EDUCATFD FOLK Speed, Durability, Beauty of Type, Ease of Operation OLIVER TTPEWRITER i mwfifffh ff x No, QE Y Yi MXN ' I Mit Wsfi lmff gas? fieegvt . 1,2e"-1lxs'El,'r S N: ."'- ""Q"'!.'I?z'7FR5'5?-'?jfH ff ' s ,.: P: ,Wf .-,, 1 'Jgnlillllll EDUCATIONAL BOOKS D ' 10016 BOOK STORE C.E.H.NNHl'l'I-OCR. PROP, 230- 232 ELM ST.. NEW HAVEN, CT. New Haven Representatives of The Oliver Yjfpefwrzfer Company AMERICA FIRST" Q25 HIGH A IS o ma '90 085 191 s SOI 8 S0 3 F AQ, ,il D If. V :E 3 2 YT f ex F C Q9 NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL FIRST GNN "AEE X ,2-' 'NQEX E XML ' I I J V, fegbeifx. ,r', I? I L I i l "2 AM jx kx ff'x5MmWWNfE e'WNEXx wah., 1 R i , N gl I I - I fx J. -.Am II W I Null H4 .im,...a4L E Qvon FACES EENE FAC. I I 1lflfllfllllfillllllfllldflllllllllllIllMlflUIl!llIIllHIlIlIllllIlll2 X I N 'I 4:0 X U 71 H001 3 img-fd 'gfwmw ? 5 Eh? mais! Nu n zff Z xwuvwzw vmnr ann f- 1- Lf5nnk QMWllflH0WZflJ lld,MWIZWJHJIIIIHZMI45.65 VOLUME IX A ,.- - A PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1 9 1 6 Q43 H l i NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL I E - - NEW HAVEN, CONN. E a,.,,f,1,i,E W. E Elinrvmnrh OME of- us have completed our school courses, others will go to collegeg but all of us are about to enter that "bigger school" where our success or failure will depend upon our own determination "to 'N' 'Q be or not to be." We cannot all be great, but we can make the best of our oppor- tunities and little of the obstacles which are sure to beset our paths. Should these hindrances threaten to impede our rise in life, we should take pleasure in combating them, for through this comes true success. Everyone has a definite vocation. We students of the High School may be said to have a double vocation: First.--We must strive to make the city of New Haven proud to call us graduates of her High School. This is our common calling. Second.-We all have our indvidual fields of labor in which we must compete. In these, success will not come to us at onceg but with high ideals combined with persistent perseverance and good will to our fellow- men, we shall be able to make life worth while, and to get and to give the most from our High School education and advantages. -is' l -165:19 X f f' re rather lenient toward studies. Arknnmlvhgmvntn 2 9 : 2 : -:5 ...-.... Q ln 1- Z Q : : : 2 i E - - -- - a 'NNNNN.'lNU4'UN4'll4'lNUlNNN!!!UNNNUNUUNNI The lfditor and Business Manager both t lx a 'e this opportunity of expressing' their appreciation of the efforts of all who have aided in the preparation of this book. To the members of the lloard for loyal support and cooperation. To Ur. Sheridan for invaluable criticisms and suggestions. To Xlr. Xlcllonald, of the lioardman Printing Department, whose advice helped greatly in the selection of ' paper, type, and other materials. To Mr. lialpin for his kindness in permitting us to use his poem, "Morning", 'l'o all those outside of the lloard who have contributed histories or pictures. liclward Gordon Levy in particular. To the Roger Sherman Studio for painstaking care in the production of photographs, which have been of the highest order, To S. Z. Field, publisher of this book, for h 7 peration. To all our teachers who we eartv and patient coo ' re considerate of the work which had to he done to make this book a success, and were therefo us in our To all others who have in any way assisted. - Un Glharlzn II. lfirnrhnrrg HE 3. f nf tips Glass nf1BBH mhu ai AImunna'mth -!rinr19uL has :muh hi: Almalairi' . muh great hznntinn. me rraptiifnllg hrhiratr thin. ' ninth nnlumr nf the Bminr Qllana Bunk yi. 1' W -... U ,Q ,. i. f W.. ...A 1 . f -x,-:L Hi Wiskf' bf- ., A 5,251 1 fs 'X'-if - .S qv gf, -'lk w. Q 3? 'Refi 'Q N N ax xax Y 'P' wx 3' 2 'E N X 5 'X X N5 g NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT THE NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL c. 1. K1RscHNER,Pnnein-1 April 7, 1916. Mr. Harry Labov Business Manager 1916 Class Book Dear Sir: In reply to your recent request I am pleased to give these few words to the Class of Nineteen Hundred Sixteen. The Mayor of a Massachusetts city not far from Bos- ton prepared a lecture on the nAssets of Our City,W illustrated with lantern slides showing the many attrac- tive features of the city. The city was noted for its wealth, its beautiful homes, its generous citizens, its thriving manufacturing industriesg its broad, well paved avenues: its parks, play grounds and public buildings. It was, in fact, an ideal city. The Mayor delivered this lecture in every ward in the city, and also before many clubs, societies and other organizations. One lantern slide, the last one, he referred to as showing the greatest and most valuable of the city's assets. He elaborated upon this, and then showed the picture--that of as many high school pupils as could be grouped in one picture,--Hour great- est assetn. And what is true of that Massachusetts city should be true of New Haven. It will be true just as far as the Class of Nineteen Hundred Sixteen is willing to make it so. May not the City of New Haven feel the influence, character and noble example of the Class of Nineteen Hundred Sixteen? May not her citizens be able to de- clare in no uncertain terms that its free public high school is its greatest asset? I trust they may. Sincerely yours, CLKXGSB x , ,.?' 'ssqx ,af I I III! ll 'Risks ,ff ,f A II Il, I I I TOISIVFXLQX Aff' S IIWI 'I' I' 'IILI - f Q, If Sf fkw " '7y 'lT-.T I I I I ' lullll hi IAKs,:-LM: Sigffx QVOD FACTS BENE FAC. xi I I x2ZW?f IWW S I llqwxg I N 9 0 'g' 9' 9 X Q ir ' FN If If 4 'fjmtf I' Mnarh nf 1 intnru 434015 A I UWUWIII Mu lw 'J-'lr X n I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EDMUND I. MOORE BUSINESS MANAGER HARRY W. LABOV CENSOR DR. SUSAN S. SHERIDAN ASSOCIATE EDITORS MAE MCGOVAN CAROLINE E. PUTNAM MONICA FLYNN EARLE C. BROCKETT HENRY G. WILLIAMS JOSEPH C. LUCEY JACOB RUBINSKY l RUSSELL SHEEHAN ' I ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS u I RATHARINE I. ASHER LOUIS S STOVIN M U JOHN w SANDERSON RAYMOND DEVI IN C I hfevug '18 . I I I . I - ,, 1. . Y - , 1 Q - u . - 'WA - S+ in qw, . J w,-:nk fit as xx 3' S' , r 2 K . an Q gf' Nfgsggqg M . ,.., ..1, . .Abz Q, W ,Q Q, BA 'R ax, . 'gslgv an vi s..f1i'Tf N1 xt il? A yi 'viva -rd---svn--'-px.-wa , , ,..., m.-,M..W Y -ffl . YIQT5 xi , meygw. K. 525:23 I 2bL5fmksmQ 2,9 Q, L if N 3' A Aw,i?P K -Um ' x. , 1--: K fx . as NNW .- - ' 1-a g 1: 1 4, 3 . 1' . . wxv !, . ip '- Q if X f f ' 1 ik .34 Y - x .T!,5:5u' W 1 - ' ' . f 4- -- ' , .-iw-.41 K . -f K' V -fi, ' S V P Niiw llixvaev lliou Scnoor., .-Xpril 12, 1016. To Ihr C'Iu.v.i' of lQl6.'+ There are really only four great practical ends for which men and women can work in this world-Pleasure, W'ealth, Fame. and Usefulness. You owe it to yourselves to con- sider them carefully, and to make up your minds which of them is to he your chief ob- ject in life. The man who choose pleas- ure as the object of his life is like a boat that beats up and down and drifts to and fro. XVhen the voyage of life is done he has reached no port, he has accomplished nothing. liut what of wealth? To win riches, to have a certain balance in the bank is a real object, but a disappointing one if made a sole object. XYhat shall we say of fume as the chief end of life? Une thing is certain .in regard to fame: for most of us it will be very brief in itself: for all of us it will be transient in our enjoyment of it. iknd now the fourth practical aim, thc one end that is really worth making for.ff14sqf1zlnt'ss. To do some work that is needed, and to do it thoroughly well: to make our toil count for something in adding to the sum total of what is actually profitable for humanity,--to make our example count for something on the side of honesty, and cheerfulness, and courage. and good faith, and love-this is an aim for life which is real and genuine and satisfying. Wealth that comes as the reward of z45efzz!1mvs can be accepted with honor. lfamc that comes from the gratitude of men, be they few or many, to one who has done them good, is true glory. llut whether these temporal rewards are bestowed upon us or not, the real desire of the soul is satisfied just in being useful. The pleasantest word that one can hear at the close of the day, whispered in secret to his soul, is, "1Vell done. good and faithful servantlv May every member of the Class of 1016 choose ilsefztlfzcm as his aim in life and enjoy every success, happiness. and blessing. ,l.fxxli'l' ll. l,l'RlJlflE, Sfllf1PWf Cozmsclor. lglmtttk tmuurlllllll f CWJTY ff in U V ,, -H T .llu 4"A. 3 q ' -1 ' ' at a ' t a f- f l 2 ""' ff 5 ' I E Lf, , -':' 'fi t, 'ff IIIIIIIIIIIlllnurWMIIlIIlVJEi1ilB f mb 3EEENIllIWMIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIII . , , , - F .XR'IlIl'R lu. I,uu'1'11, ll1.I,., L. l.. Head of fht' ,lluthe111r1t1'rr1l Dt'fflII'fll1FIIf 65 Lake Place l'l1.l3, Yale Vniwrsity, 'OIL Lfli, 'O3. Instructor in Mathematics, New Haven High Sclmrml. I 1 '.. . ' . . l D Stax F. SllI4.RIlJ.XN, l,.tX., Ih.D. Head of tht' lfng1l1'.fl1 lh'fn11't1m'rzf 510 Grange St. ILX. Lhiversity uf Omaha, T791 I'h.D Yale, 1902. Instructor in English, Nur Haven High Sclmul. 51 ' Viggylg lllr tf7'fY15U"EGi R'TEEnTQ QQ uvouz 63 ? 'f 40 Q1l.xl4I.lis ll.xxI1.1Nl2 ZININIICRBLXN, l!.rX., l'h.D. Insirucfor in Latin and Greek 77 lilm Street HA. Northwestern lvnlversity, '91g Ph.lJ. Yale Vniversity, '97, Instructor in Latin, New llaven High School, 1893. ,Xl.1f1u4:1m Ii. l,OR'1'liR, ILA., Rl..-X. Head of the f2?PC1l'Z'l'1'IC1'lf of 6111155165 207 Norton Street ll..-X. Xmherst, 18983 Harvard, Mn-X. Sf Tnstructor in Latin, New llaven lli h School, 1903. rXuN1Qs RLXNGIER Head of the f7C'f7UI'Z'1ll4?lIf of Allodern 1.tIVIljLtfIlj4?.S' 137 XYall Street Graduated from the University of lireslau, Germany. Instructor in Ger- man, New llaven lligh School, 1905. 7 U61 fM'19'2"Q4!'ym!," "ff, f V 1' f ,Z - ' ,nfl gif may M55 N10 R'tfU6552f Boo'f'Qtf:f V, Ilyv , ,,., - . ' ,H I I-il? licvlxrz N. L'ol'N'l'IwM.xN, IEA.. Xl..-X. llcud of the flzlrfory lJ6'f'lU'l'll'lEIZl' 356 Norton Street IHA. Yale College, 19055 MA., 1006. Instructor in Latin and llistory, New llaxcn High School, 1909. jour: D, lIol's'1'oN Director of the C0lHlIl6'l'CllIl Dc'f7lIfflIlt'llf 50 lforlfes Place, liast Haven Gracluated from the Michigan State Normal College, 1801. Instructor in Business Practice. New llaven lligh School, 1807. QJ7 1l.x1:1ulf:'r'r1z P.x1eN,fxL KIARSH lrzstrzlcfor in History and Civics S9 Xllhalley Avenue. 1'uix'ersity of Chicago, 1902. In- structor in Ilistory, New Haven High School. l ,les 1171 W' f G ' W 4215162 .- if-tI'Qvo1uf'cotsz CE Fr 111 f if fb -QEQUVOIR , S P 'I.xco1: XY1Q1csl1ow, I'h.I3. l11sz'rz4rf0r in Clfwllzistry North Haven, Conn. I'h.I3. Shellield Scientitic School, 1907. Instructor in Chemistry. Yew Ilaven Iligh School, 1912. . . 1 , XX ixtfrlcie lu 5'l'URY, I'h.I1. lnstruffor in ChFl'1ll.S'f7'AV 108 Carmel Street I'h.IS. Shelitield Scientific School, 1906. Instructor in Chemistry, New Ilaven Iligh School, 1906. I i ,we rcwmf Klngrox XI. NI,xm:r.1z, IRA., KIA. fn.vfz'z1c1'rW in Physics and Iflecfricty 628 IVinthrop ,Xvenue A IIA. Harvard, 18393 KI..-X, Yale, 1896 Instructor in Physics and Electricity New Haven High School, 1889. I18I V, I- -. Z, .I z f l ' W f log: fix? SIWI' 1. AT 1 If K4 1 1 if ills 65 N I 0 R LCUQSS4 Boo fc"-wr llll.l3l'lR'I' XY. Numara, SIB. 1lI5fl'1lL'f07' in .lle'chz1.n1'raI ID7'lI'ZUllIff and .l lechanics 262 Wvillow Street Sli. NYorcester Polytechnic lnstitute, l WOO. Instructor in Mechanical Draw- in and Mechanics, New Haven lli h 5-T 3 School, 1003. Lows .Xt'4:L's'1'lN1c All'LlUY, ISHN., Nl..X. lnslrudor in lllu1'hr'111c11iz's 30 Lynwood Place ILX, lirown College, lqoljj Kl.:X., l91O. Instructor in Mathematics, New llaven High School. l'll5. I 1 l 1 l l lllUBl.XS lu l.xx'1.o1c, IZA., MPX. flI.S'f7'MCf07' in fft'l'I1I1I7L 353 York Street ILX. lhiversity of Maine, l90-lg HJ. Dartmouth College, 10053 Graduate XYork at Klarburg, llerlin, Paris, Colum- bia. lnstructor in Herman. New Haven Iligh School, 191-l. Q1 ' i E310 FQ ufvon R wr if ft' e no of ,fr Emu' ll. 1'USNUCll'l', ILA. Instrziccfoz' in Cfefrzmzzz and French 116 XYhalley Avenue l3.4X. -lohns llopkins University, 18003 QD B K. lnstructor in German and French, New llaven lligh School, 1012, tnaolenli ll. lz.XLl IA frzstrucfor in Public Sflnftlkliflfj Graduated from Emerson College of Orator ', 1002' two vears special course 5 , , at Harvard in English Literature. Nem- ber of Harvard Club of lloston. ln- structor in l'ublic Speaking. New Haven lligh School, 1015. CDTIS G. UUNNIQLL, Phil., BLS. 1 Instructor in French 118 Mansfield Street Ph.B. and MS. Yale College, 1892. Instructor in French, New Haven High School, 1908. l20l I Q ,Samson CLA55 Boon f M "1 , , ,l 141, f V, 1-ff A , 1 W., , , , . 5 f I ff V, ,A ,- jg I ,, 1 fn f 1- - 15' rf' L fa l'iK.XNK ll. Nlc'r'rL14:'roN, l1..'X. Instructor in English 405 Central Avenue l3..X. Yale College, 1908. Instructor in English, New llaven lligh School, 1909. Ifluivli XYixR1e1f:N Rolnznrs, Ph.ll Instructor in French 595 'Whalley Avenue 1'h.l3. XYesleyan University, 1908. In- structor in French, New Haven High School, 1915. R.XYXlflNl1li. ll.X'l"I'liRSllN, l1..X. llI.YI'l'll6'f0l' in History 39 1.ynwood Place ll.iX. Syracuse l'niversity, 1909. ln- structor in History, New llaven lligh School, 1914. 1211 43525-rts2voeUt'coivi'?Efa1TQPQu,vousz ' .. 1 I .ff XX.x1.1..xt,14. S. I osx f7lf.Vl'7'Ill'fIH' in liusincss IJI'tICf1L'6' 152 Temple Street Graduated from XYorcester Business lnstitution, 11111. Instructor in llusiness l'ractice. New Haven lligh School, 1015. lgtoltxll. lwmmx .-XI.LI:N, l,.iX. . V 1 Instructor in Physics 39 Maple Street I1..VX. Colby, 1909. Instructor in Phys- ics, New Haven lligh School, 1014. I ff,v,fv ' S'11xxl.1cY .IoHN S'l'liW.XRlJ, Kl.lC. lII,S'f7'LtCfO7' in Cllbinef H'0rk 167 Ellsworth Avenue ILE. University of Maine, 1896. In- structor in Cabinet XVork. New llaven High School, 1909. 1331 llL'1:11 Y. NlixclJ'ox.xt.n ln.v1'z'1fctor in Prfnffizg 751 George Street lformerly Foreman of the Bristol rl l'rcss l'ulmlishing Company, Bristol, Conn. Instructor in Printing, New Ha- ven lligh School, 1013. l'1.ox'o I. l1I.,x1ucx1.xN Instructor in Commercial Law and Hookkvvfvingy .Xttended Zanerian .Xrt College. C0- lumbus, U., 1007: Warmers Private School. Syracuse, N. Y. Graduated from . Central City Business School. Syracuse, N. Y. lnstructor in Commercial Law and Bookkeeping, New llaven lligh School, 1914. r '11lltJRl.XS IJ. .llf:N141Ns lmvtrucfor in ,Uachiize Practice 383 Ellsworth Avenue tlraduated from Sloyd Normal School, Boston, 1897. Instructor in Machine Practice, New llaven High School, 1898. l l i231 Q 91:19, ' 1 J! ,K ' ' 7 I-Ly 16 lg it AR ,Q ,ft wbfz N I O RfcCgfl-pg, 500 MI A -fy 4Zi11oVC5lUf'EC5imZ'4'C E: -ll l?Qu,vonR W1 In..vz'1'z,zrfor in Shorthand and Typewritifzg 152 Temple Street 1.1.11xA1 MAY, BA. ll..-X. Holy Cross, 1914. Instructor in Shorthand and Typewriting, New Haven High School, 1915. 12 40 IQICHARD STEWART ESTEN hzstrucior' in History 139 York Street Middlebury College, 1914. Instructor in History, New Haven High School, 1915. EI.1z1x1:13Tu VV. CLEv1zL1xND, Ph.D. I11st13uctor in English 1233 Chapel Street Ph.l'3. University of Chicago, 19025 Ph.D. Yale University, 1910. Instructor in English, New Haven High School, 1896. 41 5, 23 1 ..-vi ,. -fu-,. f - 41-.....Ha:1gf'fs' iw? WSE N 1 0 R , CLA55 Boon' Q 'G' f 'ff , ' ff? ff W - . A 1 I- " 4 'qw' 1 I' , ' ff 'lf . 7. I .- 4 - tl g 2 his 'Z , C wwf, 1,1 y W4 V ' V, ' if 1 f - ' 4 5 , 601411 7 ff ' , I 1 1 5 lfRixNc12s Cmlm S'M.'XLL Instructor in English- 4l4 VVinthrop Avenue lVeIlesley College, 1905. lnstruc English. New Haven High School. GRACE A. VVEEKS 1lI5f7'1flCf07' in Mathematics 137 VVall Street .Xttencled Xlfellesley College. tor in S . ln- structor in Mathematics, New Haven High School. -1 .ll'LI.X ll. l'A'roN Instructor in Biology 97 Brownell Street Smith College, 1900. Instructor inn Biology. New Haven High School. l25l 1 Voumuz CEST Pouvouz IM I , ,, ,ijt 4 4' 9 .1 . , 1,1 - llliLliN 15. l7lS1lliR, 1'h.l3. Insfrzzutor in English UO York Square L'nix'ersity of Yermont. 1907. 1n- structor in lfnglish, New lflaven lligh Sfllfllll. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 MARY Gluelz Rlooiw, 11..X. Instructor in English 198 Elm Street, XVest Haven, Conn. UA. Cornell University, 1900. In- structor in English, Yew Haven High School, 1902. 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111251 R1 li'l'TrX 1:liL'CIl'1ZW.XNGliR Izzistructor in German, 491 Edgewood Avenue lnstruetor in German, New Haven lligh School. 11 , X I X QW 1 ' fl N me no wr eggs? Boo I lf' V! .. lxowle. Xl. l,.XLl..XlllN1J, lZ..X., KIA. 11I.S'I'P'l'lL'fI77' in French and Ilulian 79 llowe Street ll..X. XY:-sleyan lfniversity, 1909. structor in French and Italian ven lligh School, 101-L 1 I,ILLi.xN R. lflorizlcooii lnstrucfor in Sfvnqgraplzy and Typewriting 184 Lawrence Street Instructor in Yew Haven Hi h ich . g , ' ool since 1900. In , New Ha- lfR,xNc1-:S li. Ivlzs Irzstruffor in Stvnogrrzph-V and Tyfvewritiug 271 Dwight Street Graduated from Drexel Institute Philadelphia, 1007. Instructor in Stenovl raphy and Typewriting, Newsllavcfii lligh School. 1' I' Nj :ffl , M X Ei, N lil " Vi,-IJ? r , 1. rf or r re ll af V Vuxtosrc CE51TEQu,vou Bmssnz LEE LATIIROP 76 Howe Street Secretary of the New Haven High School. EMMA R. XY1cus11'r l f1l.S'Z'1'UC1'07' in Design 1233 Cl1apel'Street Graduated from the Studio of Robert Firaine Gifford. New York, and Pratt lnstitute, lirooklyn, 1896. lnstructor in llc-sign, New lflaven High School. LL'cR1f:'rl.x ll. D.xx"rox Instructor in .rlffjvlied Design 79 Howe Street Graduated from Pratt Institute, 189-I E 1281 fi- .. ., - rat-. M A, 1 ' . lik :fs li ' Gilman fi v v i LGU-itnrien lg 'u , . u K SJ 6 S v ,':"w.f'?4'.Y IQ f e f woe NlQR1.CLQQTJ.EOOK.,ff 1 illrrzhman 0112155 igiatnrg v-Y-1 HIE events of the Freshman year commenced on the opening day 11141 ixtt tty Lf - ia and continued throughout the year-a year which was in itself an event long to be remembered as a prelude to the three years of happiness which were to follow. That tirst day of our High School life will remain in the memories of most of us as long as we live. Trembling with fear lest we should be in- tercepted in our journey from llroadway to York Square by some treacherous Sophomore, everyone of the great throng of pig-tailed girls and bloomered boys moved cautiously toward the Mecca of our hopes. Our arrival caused little stir among the intelligent upper classes. A few of blase greeted our coming with cries of an ancient word which is too well known to need repetition. NVe tried, but in vain, to turn a deaf ear to scornful remarks alluding to every piece and part of our personal adornment. lf it were possible many of us would have hidden in some remote corner where higher education was unheard of. llut our first day, like all beginnings, was the most difficult. To say that our struggles in locating recitation rooms was heart-rending is putting it mildly. But fortunately through the free piloting of a few left-over Freshmen we were abie to reach our destinations in at least fifteen minutes after' schedule time. As the year advanced and we became more accustomed to the school and our teachers, our class began their four years of high school work in earnest. Ry no means were we lacking in that enthusiasm which marks the beginner. The spirit with which the Freshman 'Class entered athletic and social activities never lessened, but rather increased during the stay of the class of nineteen-sixteen in the New lfiaven lligh School. An interesting feature of Freshman year was the arrival. at the end of the lirst two months, of the green-colored cards which held the fate of every Fresh- man, The dreaded "D" of which we had been warned was discovered-and cov- eredgaby a few unfortunate ones. The more gifted were urged to continue on the path of glory which leads to honor and fame. Our Freshman year bfightened considerably after the first two months. The- lifticiency Club, Debating Society, Athletic and Dramatic Associations were or- ganized and the Freshman Class now became an active and important factor in the School. The talent as well as the spirit of the class shone brilliantly in the l31l e"19i'ltM vootcsnz Cai Pouvoui I' I, l 9 .' . " 't ' ' 'f ff ' f 1 ,-f 'ff ' lt- ,nn-, . ' 2, .1 y am numerous events which followed, a few of them being the Freshman debates, held in the Boardman recitation room, which made the upper classes look a bit green. the play entitled "His New Dressing Sacquen, given by the members of the Fresh- man Dramatic Association, which proved a decided success, the science lectures by Doctor McFarland and the Boardman Teas. After the Christmas vacation the months Hew by so rapidly that the call of Spring was in the air before we realized it. The Freshman football team had been outplayed by the upper classes and failed to carry off the expected laurelsg this was a great misfortune, the burden of keeping up the good reputation of our class now falling on the shoulders of the baseball team. The baseball team responded nobly to the efforts of its captain, thereby becoming victors over all other class teams. Interested in keeping pace with our victorious baseball heroes we failed to notice that June and its examinations were rapidly approaching. At the men- tion of "june" all was excitement in the final rush to replace lost for strayedj knowledge. But it remained for the examinations to prove whether or not we should be Sophomores. Our Freshman year ended with a very much smaller class than that which had entered in September, but, "quality not quantity counts", and we now marked the Hrst milestone in our journey toward the goal which has brought happiness and prosperity, contentment and good luck to each and everyone of us. NIAE E. NTCGOWAN. l32l ,,, W ,, . K ,,.V. . t.?.t,y.,f,g.f.-.1 s-very-vase? . . J -LZ? VWX ,M V ff RJ-,Fifi A ' i V' ' ,' YT- fa. r W f ri! I N 1 o R QE 116352 Esoo sv' M Svnphnmnrr Glltwa igintnrg Wg. ,A EPTEMIEIQR. Seven hundred of the Class of 1916 return to High School resolved to get honors or die. Class swelled by those who like Sophomore year so much they encore it, Call for football candidates. Sophomores very conspicuous-by their absence. First tickets for Yale games given out. Smart- ilflx iiiiil est fellows in the class get them.-Vilitness, Vifeinstein and .leffe are recipients. l'ite's "l'ikers." consisting of Max Horn. Gus Horn, U. I". Spiller, N. Chorney. R. Drazen, and l'ite, go home by way of Park street, instead of York. Jackson puts on long trousers. Lear given prize as "come-back" shining light. 1916 becomes accustomed to having desks of its own. l'ses desks to leave books in. Forgets to take them home occasionally for mere studying purposes. L. Nordstrom brings to school certain peculiar bombs, smell- ing like concentrated HQS gas. Resigns for two weeks by mutual consent. Call for candidates for the Sophomore Class Football Team. Ocronlzit: E. Dineen buys a Caesar trot. Sunburned necks, shoulders, and faces disappear. R. llauder makes center on Chess Team. Football results. New Haven 0. Hotchkiss 24g New Haven 0, llomfret 13. Yery good, Eddie! Sophomore Class Team wins cellar championship by losing every game. llas- ketball team comes in second. Gaelic-Hibernian Pinochle and Poker Club founded. Mike" Godfried elected president. H. Labov comes to school on time. il. Groark has his trousers pressed. Faculty quartette sings to us. Debate on militant suffragism in Assembly Hall, largely attend by Sophomores, as .luniors and Seniors have more sense. "Handsome" Ieffe makes basketball regulars. Motto committee selects "Perterbaremur"-"XYe should worry," as class motto for 101-l. j. Johnston comes to school singing "1 Don't Care." Xovlinlrlckz lf. McKee begins combing his hair a la Pompadour. S. llarach solves the problem of perpetual motion. Football team beats llridgeport, Meri- den, Crosby, Kent, New Britain and Torrington, but loses to Hartford, as usual. Wle come in second in inter-class track meet. Alling comes in third in mile run. F. Amatruda gets 'fin Dutch" in German. ll. Ullman buys a "Dig Ren" so he can get to school on time. Sometimes Davenport gets an idea of forming a "Third Triumviratef' Boys Glee Club sings. Perish the thoughts. Reports' effects are now worked off. Everybody resolves to study. All athletic teams disband temporarily. Give athletes a chance to study. Some of our more ven- turesome ones steal into Senior Class meeting. Discovered. Rarely escape with our lives. Richey comes to school with new suit. l33l ,V l- . 1-'Yrs'-cf .3 .rig-V?-K-gait ag? ,,..,.,,5.f.,,?!,7f , ,,.. .2 ZifV6Uf'C6i ref' C Eiilflf Pouvoi R 6973 40 DQQCIQMRER: Yacation is coming. Focus comes out with grind number. We recover from Thanksgiving entertainment. P. Knowlton, A. Rourke, Walter VValsh and H. VVilliams play marbles in library. Expelled from the library for two weeks. Mellion comes to school with white socks and collar to match. l'unished terribly. Germans, parties, dances, etc., become the rage. Also, par- ents rage at children for not studying. T. Draper brings two cats to school. Starts a menagerie in biology room. A. J. Coleman gets a haircut. Evidently barbers' strike is over. "1ssie" llrenner changes his name to Irving. Wonderful what a change long trousers will make. Even H. Alpert will wear them some day. 1 don't like to think so far ahead though. Stile Carney has branched out. Senior Dramatic Club presents play in Auditorium on Dec. 23. 1913. Stein, hero of the day. Vacation at last! JANUARY: New Year begins propitiously. Reports come out. Not so pro- pitious. after all. 1916 Girls' ll. ll. Team wins inter-class championship. Misses Asher. Hartman, Kartzmark, MacKenzie, Mattoon, Gallenkamp, Smith, Bogart, Rawles. and llassett get their numerals. Kappa Mu Sigma and Theta Mu Sigma dances. Max Blum gets to be a Latin Shark and sells his trot to Rocco Rove. Milton llerman fights a duel with John Hickey. A. Sarason killed. Slater changes his course on account of English. S. Yaiife begins taking violin lessons. Radiator entertainment and dance held. Largely attended by members of cast. Hon. john lluncombe great success. Radiator Dance Number, price l0c, comes out. A few copies soldg three hundred given away. High cost of living, Call for hockey candidates. VVallace responds. First pair of tortoise shell glasses introduced in school. FEBRUARY: E. llowell tardy six mornings in succession. Evidently good chance for Holmes Cup. Soccer team great success. Didn't lose any games. Didn't play any. Hockey wins over all other sports. All roads lead to the Arena. Hartford beats New Haven 4 to 1. Byron and Clark given pensions for services rendered. Sophomore liaby Day. Girls all look natural for a change. Earle McGill bleaches his hair. Sam Lopatin opens a school for dancing. Goes into bankruptcy. More than half the school year gone and still no one can dis- tinguish F. McKee from J. McKeon. F. Marinan and VV. Sullivan play for Pool Championship of Sophomore Class. As a pool player we admit that Paul O'Connor has his German prepared every day. Rooms with Pite. Jeffe, the Horn twins and Spiller can beat any team in the state. Except Ansonia, Jeffe never was petted there. MARCH: Reports out. Everybody resolves to study hard. Ford and Brad- ley resolve to leave the Globe alone in the future. Stillman starts in being absent. Hillman gets all the blame on the absence sheets. Such is life. Faulkner begins to shine. Entertainment and play given by the New Haven High School Athletic Association. Great success. Gymnasium looms up on horizon. Seniors l34l 1 'Wy ' A . 'rf' ,e"" ff. I iii' I wt H151 ENIORSCLHS '. EOOKW' V, ,, 1 yell away in preparation for graduation. Everybody in school suffers in conse- quence. Hockey comes to a startling close. Percy Isbell buys a new hat. Louis Stovin buys out the lunch counter? Bombardment with jelly doughnuts in basement. Sophomores steal all the ammunition, thereby winning without any question. Sophomore Declamation Contest, which comes on Mfarch 17, won by Ed Levy, who comes to school with green socks and frightens the judges. S. H. Moore does a rushing business in green carnations. Richey comes to school with a new suit. APRIL: Alden Worth's red tie fades in first April shower. R. Lynch please take notice. Edward McKendrick bankrupts lunch counter, A. Everitt starts a conflagration in Room 4 by walking around with uncovered head, Opening of baseball season. J. Dugan 1916's representative. A. Herman and E. IZ. Crawford vie for llotany honors. XValter Faulkner makes second baseball team. Focus and Crescent come out on same day. Interesting competition witnessed by 19165 but nobody bought either paper. Invasion of "Spring Feve1"' and his clan. Captures school without a struggle. Even teachers give in. Hotchkiss trims us 11 to 7. lletter luck next time. J. Tone proves himself conclusively baby of the class. Senior Prom. Richey comes to school with a new suit. M.xv: May flowers appear miraculously on all the fellows' coats. Baseball team of 1916 nothing like last year's champions. Varsity ll. II. draws a big crowd at Faculty Game. As a game it was a good farce. jackson shines on tennis team. VVe recover from April report cards. Everybody resolves to study Kas previously resolved.j Even the Seniors realize they must soon move to other quarters. Freshmen have become intolerably arrogant. Calmed down by llrody, who takes a "Steven and "licks,' the whole class single-handed. Some mateador. As Decoration Day approaches everybody feels relieved when the double holiday draws near. After much deliberation the faculty decides that there be no school on this day. Richey comes to school with a new suit. JUNIEZ The name speaks for itself. Rabinowitz and the rest of the Sopho- mores sell their trots. At last mem-ber of Sophomore Class wins a prize. A. Hermann wins Botony prize, open only to members of Sophomore Class. Mc- Urien makes himself heard. Frankel stenogs while standing on his head. Galloway gives promise of his future ability. Seniors leave us but return to look again at the old school. Some return for other important reasons. 'College prep. courses busy with exams. Everybody cramming down knowledge. Mid- night oil and towels sell at a premium price. Even Rrousso, Moore, Vestuti and Oed study. Vacation near at hand. Richey comes to school with a new suit.- Vale. EDWARD Goknoiv Licvv. T351 "e ., 1 ,I Q1 I- WW'-1'1"' " 'R' ' '7'ff':"'l 1 llffzff ,gf- ll'Ai9:,l'i t, A.!,', . r Vou tom CE'5lf.,l7QU,VOtR g, Zlunim' 0112155 Qintnrg U AND I-JUNIORS IN THREE REELs PART I Time-September, 191-l. Place-4York Square. Scene 1. Ir, 17-2 I.: STE.-XDY stream of boys and girls talking rapidly and excitedly about the vacation which has now come to a close, passes Ti Within the time-honored entrances of New Haven High. QIlusi- ness of hand-shaking and greetingj U and I strut proudly 3 't v V I 5 . . . . . about the corridors, vainly endeavoring to impress the little 'Aid Yagi' Sophomores with our importance. Shortly, the howling mob subsides a bit, and each one of us is assigned to his session room. CBusiness of filling out blanks, then blanks, and more blanksj Scene 2. VVe are now in a dark. subterranean tunnel, filled with coal-gas and remnants of the lunch counter. VVe grope out way along the whitewashed walls to Room S9. III A is making a futile attempt at reciting Ancient History. Shall we visit the class, ladies? VVe shall. The recitation goes along swimmingly until Mr. Richey, '16, tries to demonstrate the measures of Solon fI believe that was his cognomenj. First a snicker, then a chuckle, then a burst of childish laughter is heard, 'Warum? All because of the klever komedy and ventriloquisms which Richey is favoring us with. Tinkle, tinkle! 'Tis time to go to higher regions. Scene 3. A loo-k of horror comes over the faces of all who happen to be within ear- shot at the time. Wfhat means this noise and confusion? But calm thy fears! 'Tis but our world-famed Glee Club holding its first trials. Among these war- bling songsters are many members of our class, namely: Gilbert, Miller, Staples.. Jacques, u. a. Scene 4. Ah, ha! The dear old football field! But three veterans are back for prac- tice. The team loses the first two games, but "Joy without measure l" it wins from Naugatuck 17-0. The "regulars" lose a few more games, and cancel the others. But weep no more over the fate of the "regulars,"-our class team wins the championship, and, of course, its-numerals. COne moment, please, for l36l fffi VW' , '!M,f, ' f1K,.," .fr 4 - ,Q r -- lf, iff, 1521, was NIO mirage? Bop mf' f 1,5 change of scenery.j Rosy-lingered Dawn and U and I arise and shine early one morning. The air is cold. A signal for the steam pipes in school to begin their hissing noises. The Thanksgiving Fund Committee greets us at the door, and makes away with all our change. Two more days, one more day, and Vacaiionf I ! Scene 5. Back to school again. Oh, ye shades of turkey, pie, plum pudding! How tame is the lunch-counter food after such feasting! But more serious matters claim our attention. Preparation for the Junior Fair keeps the girls busy. Ras- ketball practice keeps the boys out of mischief. VVe all work ourselves to death, more or less, in a vain attempt to finish the work of the term in good shape. Last lap almost covered. And now for a real vacation! PART II. Scene 1. Much snow and ice in evidence. We may be seen tripping gaily back to school, carrying books and good resolutions. The latter are cruelly shattered when our reports come out. We decide to do more studying. Scene 2. Hockey practice every day at the Arena. Behold our hockey team, state champions! Our congratulations! We take a Norton street car Cwe d0n't take it very farj, and get off at the Boys, Club. Once inside we witness some good basketball. The team shines on a few occasions, but has to cope with many difficulties during the season. Manager Shanley, '15, and Assistant Manager Hislop, ex-'16, work hard to make the season a success. Scene 3. Signs of excitement everywhere. The Class of 1916 is to organize. The day scheduled for our first class meeting is here. At one o'clock We assemble in the Auditorium, and the meeting is opened. Many oratorical nominating speeches are made. The hundreds C?j of voters cast their ballots, and march triumph- antly up the aisle. Sh-h-h! Everyone Cexcept a few whose names we would not mentionj is silent. We are informed that the following have been elected: Faulkner, President, Beebe, Vice-President, jackson, Treasurer, and Miss Kelly, Secretary. fMuch clapping, cheering, etc.j VVe adjourn. Scene 4. The Annual Athletic Association Play is being presented. ls it a success? just watch the clapping, and decide for yourself. Two star actors Cas well as three star actorinesj are discovered. Behold Walt Hart and Bill Smith, kidding the audience along a little. !37l 'E' W wr' T ,ft vou tom can -.,F'Qu.vouz Scene 5. Another famous day arrives. February's going to Mlarch. Also, the first period of Senior Music is held. Little do U and I believe that we shall ever utter such roof-raising sounds as we hear coming from the Auditorium on this day. Scene 6. Here we are at the photographers We wait our turn to have our pictures taken. Mleanwhile we are amused by one of the victims who declares that she is growing "grinner and grinnerf' We hurry home to make ready for the innumerable social functions which even U and I-Juniors are allowed to attend. Everyone is happy in the thought that another vacation is on the way. PART III Scene 1. The last term has begun. We all work hard when we can resist the tempta- tion to stay outdoors. There is much to be done at school, and exams loom up in the distance. Scene 2. The baseball teams are practicing, and tennis courts are in demand. Scene 3. What means all this excitement in the halls? What are the bright blue objects which the Seniors are making such a fuss over? Why they are the Claus Books, of course! There is nothing for us to do but to work. and look forward to the time when we shall be privileged Seniors. Scene 4. Two more weeks 'till vacation. One more week-one more day-one more recitation. Then come those cruel exams. Most of us manage to pull through all right. We bid the Seniors a fond farewell. When all work is finished and we have a chance to think things over, hasn't this year been a happy one, U and I-Juniors? EDWINA M. GRIEST, '16. l33l ., . - oe NlOR..CL6-554 Boom Q, ,, ,, at Sveninr Gllama igintnrg 5549! FTER what we now look back upon as three incredibly short years of faithful and uninterrupted concentration, the Faculty "f'- Ti could do nothing but allow our Class of 1916, rnuch dimin- ished in size, and greatly altered in personnel, but nevertheless, far advanced in intelligence, to assume the dignified gait, mien 'A ' 3 and garb of Seniors. .-Xlthough we must admit that our class is smaller than it was in our first year, we still take pleasure in stating that it is the largest, and undoubtedly the best class to graduate from the New Haven lligh School. Simply as a verification of this statement, allow us to quote that "cream must rise to the surface"-so here we are. Klayhap some of us were well pleased with the fact that said "some of us" should reside on the second Hoof. as it would render easier the daily task of climbing: others may have been sadly disappointed because we might possibly be designated as inferior lower-classmen. Those who spent their vacations at shore or country were more or less downcast, while those who spent the "holidays" in factories and the like, fully realized the freedom of school life. .Xt last we all could, and did, make the usual resolutions to acquire an "A" stand. The trend of thought naturally turns first to football-there it stops short and turns in flight. for our vxork on the gridiron cannot be spoken of as over successful. This is easily accounted for, howevcrg for only a few Seniors ap- peared in the line-up. Those faithful ones who did appear shone like the stars they were, in both victories and defeats. So far as we can judge, the football season ended very well. with a banquet at the tEarde on December tenth. Our Senior football team was quickly chased into oblivion by inferior teams! The reason must have been the unusual excitement caused by reports appearing as usual. and without regard for anyone's feelings. The year was indeed very young when the social functions began in earnest. The dances and entertainments which were given are far too numerous to enumerate and they continued throughout the entire year. Suflice it to say that they were generally decided successes. The school activities which stand out in the early part of the year are the presentation of "A 'Christmas Carol" by the Senior Dramatic Association: the reception of 1600 future "scrubs" on the pio- neer trail at the school, the Athletic Association dance, and the Glee Club enter- tainment. In the above-mentioned play, one Senior made his bow to the foot- lights in such a manner that an admiring young lady designated him as "too cute for anything." 1391 m 9i+1vc5of'goi,izf'c' 'E-:'iTPQuvoir? my 40 S liut football and social activities are forgotten when basketball is even men- tioned. Any High School member knows what the Senior basket-shooters could do. The efforts of the "Rally Day" committee, together with those of the regular enthusiasts brought out, or in, a record-breaking crowd for the last game of the season when New Haven won the State Championship and got a hook- hold on the cup offered by the Yale Athletic Association. lt's now for "l9l7', to get permanent possession of it for the school. And in the inter-class basketball, the Seniors found it all too easy to carry off the championship, for we never even thought of losing a single game. We certainly have some basketball players in the graduating class, and we unblush- ingly predict that the outlook for next year must be dull, when we shall be "grads.'y The political aspirants of the class having waxed very warm, called for supporters at the elections on December tenth. The elections were not exceed- ingly exciting, everything running as the majority expected fit could not well be otherwisej. ' Our debating teams seemed to arouse great interest, to say the least, for, in the debates on the subject of prohibition with our friends, New Britain and Hartford, they lost the negative against the former, and won the affirmative against the latter. The strength of the debating may well have been the cause of Dr. Cook's sojourn to New Haven for the purpose of debating the truth of his polar exploration. Why! we nearly forgot the musical organizations of the school. Many Seniors discovered early in the year that their vocal abilities were of the highest, and therefore joined the Glee Club, others discovered that they could readily imitate well-known farm-yard occupants and therefore joined the Senior Chorus: while a select few joined the orchestra, which, for safety's sake rehearsed after- noons, to the infinite amusement of the "Freshies.', A call for hockey candidates caused many Seniors to decorate the ice at Lake Whitney, proving our infallible loyalty to "school spirit." Une game was played and easily won by New Haven, holding the Bridgeport boys to an O scoreg then the Arena being unavailable, and Nature refusing to furnish ice, hockey was dropped for the season. In baseball, several Seniors, assisted by some lower classmen, were easily converted into a winning team. In track, our new gymnasium aided a great deal toward training the eligible men, who made up a very worthy set of runners. But we should not speak further of mere scholastic honors, for all classes have theme' and our class is exceptionable and far above the average. Was it not through the efforts of our class that the Alumni Association was re-estab- lished? If one should take a peep at our lunch-room, he would see the "'Cafe1 teria" ideas of the Senior Efficiency Club. And further-think of the advan- l40l fg4g519'2Mj45m' -- ' A' f fi" Q I do QIGQPQ: as N 1 Q RQCLQSTJ i aoomag, , X tages and the aid "1916" has given to future students of the High School by introducing them to the school and telling them of its courses. Look at the effect which Speech Improvement Week had on the faulty lower classmen. Then, of course, the Hillhouse-Boardman Reception, and the Senior "l'rom', can never be surpassed. But now we seem in a period of peace and quiet, with empty pocketbooks and pleasant memories remaining to us of the twenty-eighth of .-Xpril. In an unbelievable short space of time we shall pass out of these halls, which we so proudly entered in 1912. We have seen many changes in class, faculty, and school. Our individual welfare has been affected by the influence our school has duly gained. And now we see before us our Class Day and graduation, Ahead of these lie many opportunities, many promises, many hopes. So, as we pass cut of these beloved halls, may we always be loyal to our school as alumni and alumnae, and may we bring ever-growing honor, well-deserved glory, and wide-spreading fame to New Haven High School, our Alma Mater. EARLE C. RROCKETT, illamt will anh Glratammt nf Qllnza nf 1515 PRI-JAMBLIQ: 'Contrary to all precedents the Class of 1916, New Haven High School, has decided to make public its will before retiring from active life. VVe do not wish you to anticipate grief, but think there will be much less of it when you know that we quite cheerfully, or at least, philosophically, real- ize that very early in june, our Class must die, as this is the inevitable lot of all classes, we have made fitting preparations, executing for the consolation of friends, the following will: State of Connnecticut, County of New Haven. ss' Be it known that we, the 'Class of 1916, of the li. H. S., being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this instrument to be our last will and testament in the manner that followeth hereafter: First: That Walter Faulkner, the President, be the sole executor, and no bonds exacted. In the beginning, we bequeath our good-will and loyalty to the High School, stipulating only that it conduct the funeral service with due form, and have the procession of correct length, embracing every particular relating to style and decorum. l41l w1i9.W f,11f1f""""""r-e it ' f 1' fe ee' D at "1 " f75464?if ,ft-.voutom CESlf.,l?QU,VOlR We give and bequeath our debts to our executor, ordering him to pay them all. We give and bequeath to the juniors the honor of being Seniors, the vast responsibilities, and the first seats in the Assembly Hall. We give and bequeath all the fiowers and ribbons worn by us on Graduation Day in VVoolsey Hall to the Juniors, to be used by them next year in their Commencement exercises. We give and bequeath to the Juniors the memories of English VVeek, the use of all slang and the right to dance the Fox-trot correctly. To the coming Chemistry class we give and bequeath this warning: "Don't laugh when somebody boils Sulphuric Acid." Words usually follow smiles. We give and bequeath to our Math. teacher, the right to prohibit the use of all problems in Algebra. We give and bequeath seventy-three cents for the purpose of purchasing a room in cold storage in which to preserve the green carnations worn by certain Seniors on St. Patrick's Day. We give and bequeath all our discord and singing music to the Juniors. We give and bequeath all broken violin strings to next year's orchestra. We give and bequeath to the faculty, as a whole, our sincere thanks for their earnest efforts in our behalf, and the loyalty of all persons whom we can influence. - We give and bequeath our heirlooms, consisting of all our Caesar, Cicero and Virgil trots to the coming generations. We give and bequeath to the school one-half the residue of our property- after the funeral expenses have been met. The foregoing is the loyal will of the Class of 1916, and we do solemnly declare that we published and executed the will in the presence of two lawful witnesses. In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and seals this thir- teenth day of April, in the year of our Lord, 1916. CSignedj EDWARD GORDON LEVY. In Behalf of Class of 1916, WI'rNEss12s: JOHN S. DOE JAMES P. Rota. i421 X. AV T wx lQP: 'gffvg 'W 3, 4 , N , i , W QJMM X 'Aff 5E 1iffif, N w y E f--.z--- , - . - r If f Milf V fff, - 7. . 5' 4 " ,fy oe NIO R-creeps? Boomer. Wx Gllanniral Glnurzv BOYS FRANK .eXRM.xTRUn,x ' 56 XVooster St. Prepared at Grcenc Street School Member of the Athletic Associationg member of the Sophomore Class Baseball Teamg member of the Debat- ing Society: member of the Senior Dramatic Association: member of the Shakespeare Club. Preparing for Yale. Future occupation: Physician. IQUSSICLL ll. llxrinek 282 Lexington Ave Prepared at Strong School Currie GRosvlcNok IEIQCKWLTH 15 Foster St. Prepared at Guildford Grammar School Member of the Athletic Associationg member of the Senior Class Championship Basketball Team. l47l Zifivoutoi af' CESE Pouvoii 4973 ' am KlIL'1'ON ll. liliRM.XN 514 Elm St. Prepared at Prince Street School Member of the Debating Societyg member of Senior Dramatic Clubg member of the Class Picture Commit- tee. Future occupation: Physician. Mix IZLUM -ll Frank St. Prepared at Orange Street School Wember of the Athletic Associationg member of the Debating Societvg member of the Senior Dramatic Club. Preparing for Yale. Future occupation: Physician. Rocco llovlc 168 Wooster St. Prepared at Greene Street School Member of the Athletic Associationg member of the Debating Societyg member of the Senior Dramatic Clubg member of the Shakespeare Club. l u'UC"'2 6'D'Z, CHARLES :XLI,liN liR.XDLliY 22 .Xustin St. Prepared at Westz'ille Grammar School Member of A A E Fraternity: member of the Athlehqc Association: Associate Editor of the 1916 Radiator Rake. l43l ,, VW" I ' ,, -77 i ' - 7. . "F ' ,fp 'B " li! , fl? 165557 NIO widens? Boo f I '!,, fi! i ' 4 ,gd V :MK l.liVVIS lheom' -I-O2 Ferry St. l'rcfr11'ed of Sirony School . Member of the Athletic .Xssociationg member of the lfreshman Debating Society: Vice-President of the High School Debating Society: member of the junior and Senior Class Debating Teams: member of the Senior Dramatic Club: member of the Shakespeare Club: llusi- ness Manager of The Focus. ,ll-:nomic CAIQNIALY 407 George St. l're'p11ri'd of l'r1'm'e' .Sif7't't'f School Member of the Freshman. Sophomore, and junior Class liasketball Teams: member of the Sophomore Class llaseball Team: manager of the Sophomore Class Foot- ball Team: member of the High School Championship llasketball Team 1015-16: member of the lifliciency Club. Future occupation. Lawyer. - N.X'l'll.XN CHORXICY 'IZ Truman St. l'rf'Purcd of 'l'ruman Street School. Member of the Athletic Association: member of the .lunior and Senior Class llasketball Teams: member of the Debating Society. A XX . I lllitllllllili LlR.XWl"URIJ 83 Webster St. Prepclrrd of lm' Sfreef School Member of the Debating Society: member of the Senior Dramatic Club. lfuture occupation: Physician. l49l 'Y M7-7 40 ?f'9ilV0fU'1C6i CES 4?QU.V0'i lslulizl. CUTLER 35 Hallock St. Prepared at Horace Day School Preparing for Yale. Future occupation: Lawyer. ,Xl.l5liR'l' lJ'.XN'roNto 546 East St. Preparerl at Lo-cell School Member of the Freshman and Sophomore Class llasee ball Teamsg member of the Debating Societyg member of the Senior Dramatic Club. Future occupation: Physi- cian. lflJl.V.XRD A. DINEEN 610 Orange St. Prepared at Worthington Hooker School Member of the Athletic Associationg member of the Orchestra: member of the Efficiency Club. Preparing for Holy Cross. Future occupation: Instructor of His- tory. -1 Rolzlrim' SAMUE1, 1JR.XZEN 157 Liberty St. Prepared at Prince Street School Member of the Freshman and Sophomore Class llas- ketball Teamsg member of the junior Class Baseball Teamg member of the High School Basketball Team l9l5-16g member of the Debating Societyg Assistant Business Mlanager of The Focus. l50l ll rflf5""'ff jo e if 'fl r 9 'W f Q' '61, Mrflf aww I fi? Huzorn CoRNr:i.1L's E.xo.xN 75 Hurlburt St. Prepared at Horace Day School Member of the Junior Class Baseball Team and of the Senior Class Football Team: Captain-elect of the Senior Hockey Team. Preparing for Yale. . l.l'IWIS L. G1l.isiQR'r, JR. 416 Norton St. Prepared at Roger Sherman School Member of the A A E Fraternity: member of the Ath- letic .Xsslociationg member of the Ciilee Clubg member of the l':ICliC1E'I1Cy Club. A f ESNIQRKKQQUIS F1z.xNK W'1LLI.xM Foko 276 Portsea St. Prepared at Sacred Heart Parochial School Member of the 69 I and M fb K Fraternitiesg member of the Athletic Associationg member of the Sophomore Class llaseball Teamg member of the Debating Society: Greek Clubg member of the Senior Dramatic tlubg Chair- man of the Senior Promenade Committee. Future occu- pation: Corporation Attorney. RALPH E. Gouw 10-l llowe St. Prepared at Strong School Member of the Athletic Associationfx member of the Senior Class Football Team and of the Senior Class Lhampionship llasketball Team. Preparing for Cornell. Future occupation: Lawyer. on ill393llfr i+fvc5fuf'ccn nf' ceinfvo " ee A-'V' : VOIR "MW eff 49 Jonx XYl1.l.1.xM llIlfliliY 15 W'alnut St. Prepared at Homilforz School Member of the Athletic Associationg member of the High School Second llaseball Team. , EIOIIN -IUSICPII Hoo.xN Prepared at Sf. l:7'CIHL'l5l Parochial School Member of the Athletic Association. Future occupa- tion: Physician. .l0SliI'll .X. tiRo.xRK 539 lierry St. Prepared at Strong School Member of the A I E fraternityg member of the Ath- letic Associationg Chairman of the Hillhouse-lloardman mmitteeg Assistant Treasurer of the junior Class: member of the Efficiency Club. Reception Co lSR.Xl'.I. l'lll.x-M.xN ZOO Orchard St, Prepzlrrd of Scrcznforz Sfrvrt School Member of the Freshman and Sophomore Class llase- ball Teams: member of the junior Cl-ass Ilasketball Team: member of the Freshman Debating Society, and of the High School Debating Societyg member of the Senior Class Day Committee. Preparing for Yale. Future occupation: Lawyer. 105 Monroe St. l52l Teams: member of the Soccer Team. , V 1 f - ,2l19h hf2f5E'N 1 Q RLCEASTJQ Boo no c-'91 50,10 S Y-.--I li! 'fnhfk - lll's'1'.xx'1c llolex 180 l'L1tHHm Sf- Prefczred of Prince Street School Member of the Freshman and Sophomore Class llase- ball and Football Teamsg member of the junior and Senior Class Football Teamsg member of the High School llasketball Teams 1914-15. 1915-16. Future occupation: Yeterinary Surgeon. MAX Ilolcx I 180 Putnam St Prepared af Prince Sfreef School Member of the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior liasketball Teamsg member of the High School Cham- pionship liasketball Team 1915-16. . linwxkb li.XYl.1JRIJ llowliu. 125 lidgehill Road Prepared at Orange Sfreef School Member of the .Xthletic .Xssociationg member of the Freshman and Sophomore Class Football and llasketball l'. l':RNlQS'I' lsl:1cl-1. SUV XYhalley .Xve. Prepared of Roger Sherfezzan School Member of the A E. K fraternity: member of the .Xthletic Associationg member of the Freshman and lligh School Debating Societiesg member of the Senior Dra- matic Clubg member of the Shakespeare Clubg member of the Efficiency Club: Chairman of the Athletic Asso- ciation Dance Committeeg member of the School Circleg member of the Senior Promenade Committee. Future occupation: Architect. l53l 47'fVQ.Ui'C6i it QE5lfQgfl?QU,VOlR 4972 am Cnfomzlz -lxcoiz, ju. 50 Orchard St. . x Member of the Athletic .Xssociationg member of the Sophomore Class llaseball and the Senior Class Football Teamsg member of the Debating Societyg member of the Senior Dramatic Clubg member of the Shakespeare Club. Future ocupation: Lawyer. hlosiam-1 A. jo1iNs'l'oN 490 Howard Ave. Member of the A A 2 fraternityg member of the Senior Dramatic Associationg member of the Efficiency Club. Prepared at Sf. Boniface School joslcmt F1:.xNc1s j.fxC14soN 79 Lake Place Prepared at Sf. Marys Parochial School Member of the A A 2 fraternityg member of the Freshman and Senior Track Teamsg member of the Athletic Associationg member of the Efficiency Clubg member of the Senior Rally Day Committeeg President of the School Circle: Chairman of the Senior Class Day Committeeg Treasurer of the Junior Class: Yice-Presi- dent of the Senior Dramatic Association: Chairman of the Trophy Room Committeeg Business Manager of the "Freshman Handbookf, ,-li.i.l.i.. Xloicius .l.XFFlE 17 Rose St. Prcfnzrcd at Prince' Street School Member of the Athletic :Xssociationg member of the lfreshman Class llasketball Teamg member of the High School llasketball Team 1013-14, and 'Captain of lligh School llasketball Team 1914-15, 1015-163 member of the Senior Dramatic Club. Future occupation: Physician. l54l fy? iffhjflh, .,', .,, yi 'H' A 'R I ll' V F iss ia N 1 Q R if EQQ52 Esopo mi' 1 lfliwxlm llolumoN l.lf:x'Y 216 XVashington Ave. l'1'epored of Prince Street School Member of the Athletic Association: member of the lilee Club: Chairman of Mays and Means Committee of the Senior Dramatic Club: President of the High School Debating Societies: member of the Freshman, Sopho- more. and junior Class Debating Teams gp winner of First Prize in liappa Mu Sigma Declamation Contest: Presi- dent of The Focus League: liditor-in-Chief of The l:0C1lS4,' member of the Senior Rally Day Committee. Preparing for Yale or llellevue Medical College. Future occupation: Surgeon. FIUSICPII C. l,i'clsx' Senior floss Hook. TSIWVVXRIT S. Mixcliimnmcii 118 Maple' St. 1J7't'f7lI7'6'd at Horace Day School Member of the E A N fraternity: member of the Ath- tle .Xssociationg member of the .lunior Class llaseball Team: Acting Manager of the llasketball Team 1915-16: Chairman Ways and Means Committee: President of the Senior Dramatic Club: member of the School Circle. Preparing for XYesleyan. Future occupation: Lawyer. l'1R.XNt'lS M.xR'r1x BTARRINAN Future occupation: Dentist. l55l V15 62-l Orange St. 1JI'C'f7lI7'6'tIi ot Union CIVCIIIZIIIIII' School Member of the .Xthletic .Xssociationi member of the Senior Class Football Team: Xssociate lfflitor of the 288 lllatchley ,Xx'e. lhfefwlred of St. l"r'c1m'i.v' Pclrochiol School Member of the ,-Xthletic Association: member of thc junior Class llaseball Team: member of the Debating Society: Captain of the Senior Class Football Team. altiwhf'fl-fvciufnicsiarcs e ' W53'f"?'e soeouvousz Ifiuxla hlollx NlCKlili 117 Wlinchester Ave. Member of the Freshman Debating Societyg member of the Orchestra. Future occupation: Instructor. l1'Q'I'lX Qrliiflll-:N h1CP.XR'l'L.XXIJ 1625 Chapel St. Member of the Athletic Association. Preparing for Yale. lf,XRl.l2 Liliwls NICGILI. 619 Howard Ave. Prepared at Horace Day School Preparing for Yale. Future occupation: Lawyer. 1 l Prepared at l1z',v Street School lxmlas Nlcliicox 76 XVilsou St. Prepared at Horace Day' School Member of the junior Class Baseball Team and of the Senior Class Football Team. Preparing for Yale. Future occupation: Physician. Prepared of Hoffkirlx Grammar School i561 P M24 "hut, V- - - 7. ,A 1- M f 4 ,f' lt'f, N10 wfuesipa Bop fh MN., - r "W -l0Slil'll ll, Kl0RSli, jk, 165 Fark St. Prefulred of lVcb.ftcr School Member of the A A E and L9 M E fraternitiesg member of the llasketball Team 1915-163 member of the Tennis Team: member of the Sophomore and junior llaseball and Basketball Teams: Business Manager of The Rodi- otor. Future occupation: Lawyer. l'.wI. HENRY QYCQONNOR A Reception Committee. N1lN1l'l1'l' 1,0WRY C Js1:okN XYooclbridge Prepared of Dwight School Member of the Athletic Association. A AXIQHILYR l'l'rl-1 Future occupation: Instructor. 1571 20 llutton St. Prepared of Horucv Day School Member of the junior Class llaseball and Senior Class Football Teamsg member of the llillhouse-lloardman -. 119 llurlburt St. P7'?f7lI7't'U' of Prince .Yircrf School Member of the .Xthletic Associationg member of the Sophomore Class Football Team: Captain of the Fresh- man and Sophomore Class llasketball Teamsg member of the High School llasketball Teams 191-1-15, 1915-163 member of the Football Team 1915g member of the Debating Societyg member of the School Circle: member of The Focus League: Associate ,liditor of The Focus. 40 ghlfvciufaioisz cEs1?ilPou,voui .lox1N ,ll2Slil'll R1ilL1.Y 219 Columbus Ave. Prcjmrcd az' Sacred Heart Parochial School Klember of the Sophomore Class llaseball Team: member of the .lunior Class llaseball and Football Teamsg member of the Football Team 1915g member of the hluiiior Class llockey Teamg member of the Senior C1355 15011111611 Team: member of the High School Sec- ond llaseball Team: member of the Athletic Association. Preparing for lloly Cross. Future occupation: In- structor in Greek. l1w1x4ati.R1ci11cY tion: Merchant. A1:Rixl1.xM S.xR.xsoN 2 Garden St. Prepared of Dwight School Member of the Athletic Associationg Assistant llusi- ness Manager of The Focusg member of the Focus Leagueg member of the Debating Societyg member of the Committee on Speech Improvement VVeek. 1531 jon N Cmxcv 1"owERs 25 Whittelsey Ave. Prepared at l'Vc.rtz'iIlc Gramrrlar School 186 Sherman Ave. Prepared at Roger Shermarz School Member of the 60 M E fraternityg member of the lixecutive -Committee of the Athletic Associationg mem- ber of the Freshman Championship llaseball Teamg Captain of the Freshman and junior Hockey Teams, and of the junior Championship Football Teamg mem- ber of the Football Team 1915, and of the llockey Team 1915-165 Manager of the Track Team. Future occupa- y ,yi VW? 'VXI "ffl fi "V' i i 7' ', K+' Y '16 5 W it lily- 641946 2365 N 1 o wfuaiaba Boo i,, if e a " .Xxlmluivv Sll.IL'I.XNU 60 .XfCl1 Sf. Xfember of the Senior Football Team: member of the Senior Dramatic Club: member of the Shakespeare Club. Future occupation: l'hysician. llxlekx' XX lll'l'3l.XN Si..xY'rox 235 Sherman Ave. l'1'r'fva1'cd at llllI.Y11l1'ljlf0I'l Cf1'41m1111I1' School, lllxvf lluzwt lintered XY. ll. ll. S., class of 10153 member Athletic .Xssociationg member Football Teamg entered New llaa Ven High School fall of F7151 member Football Team F1153 member A A E f t ' '. F Insurance. ra erniti uture occupation: Urro Sl'II,l.IiR lol DeXYitt St. l'rupured af l'1'iMce' .5'f1'eef 5611001 Member of the .Xthletic ,Xssociationg member of the Freshman and Sophomore Class llasketball Teams: member of the lligh School liasketball Teams 191-l-15 and 1015-log member of the Senior Class Championship Track Team: member of the Debating Society. Lows llicxyxmix S'l'II,l.M,XN '15 Lyon St. l'2'z'fn1rvd ut Orange .S'f1'f'f'f School Member of the Athletic .Xssociationg member of the Debating Society. Future occupation: llhysician and Surgeon. l59l .9 ,Zi-1.1VC5iU"CCiilZ0CEii' -Qll?QU,VOlR K' FRANK ll. S'1'l'1s1:s 38 liowe St. Prepared at lfllcbb School, Hell Buckle, Tennessee Member of the .-Xthletic Association: member of the Committee for Speech Improvement VVeek. Future oc- cupation : Lawyer. Rolsl-im' lllIMl'llRlliS S'rURislcoN 36 Klape St. Prepared at Bedford Grammar School, lihgland Member of the Athletic .-Xssociationg member of the Senior 'Class Championship Track 'lieamg member of the Shakespeare Club. Preparing for Yale. Future oc- cupation: Physician. l ,1 i. - XY1LL1.xM LXI. SL'l.l.lV.XN 11 Shelter St. Prepared af Sf. lirarzcis' Parochial School Nlember of the Athletic Association: member of the 'lunior Class liaseball Team. Vlonx P. 'l'oN12 433 XVashington Ave. Prepared at Trmmlh Street School Preparing for Yale. l60l ,f 6 1 ip' 1 9VW" I 7 f' f ' T .- 4 ' ' 7 . 1 ' 'C ' ! F ' ,I Qi, 15:5 rjtfl' EN t o R ec moi? Esoo no ,S 'Gy 1,,fff'! 'I i 1 Y K- Y Y i I All , 5 tilsoum-3 YAN XX'111'r'r1-:lm 276 Division St. Prepared ot lm' Street School Member of the .Xtliletic Association: member of the Freshman Class llaseball Teamg member of the Debat- ing Society. Future occupation: llliysieian. Sixiox KlQxxL'ic1. Yxlfelc 138 Liberty St. Prefvctred at l'rim'e Street Selzool Member of the .Xthletic .Xssociationg member of the Debating Society: member of the ,lunior and Senior De- bating Teams: member of the Senior Dramatic Club: member of the Senior Reception Committee for Eiglith Grade Pupils: Leader and Director of the Orchestra. 'l'r1zxt not to fortune, nor to titled name, To lead thee to the azwzues of fameg Hut let some nobler aim, thy mind engage, .html .vow in youth what thou zvouldst reap in age. l61l ee' ' 'W' ' 1' Kmgllp f! - -... -e A M G t' mi Vou LGIKZCE 'EiJT...l7QU.VOlRm. am Qllanairal Glnurnr GIRLS lhzssirc Sc.xLEs ARCHER 72 Clark St Prepared at Orange Street School: Member of the Senior Dramatic Club. lX.Xlll.XlxINl'. 1D.xL1.x ASHER 674 Orange St. Prepared at Worthingltoh Hooker School Member of B T - Sororityg School Circleg Manager Freshman Basketball Teamg Captain Champion Sopho- more llasketball and Tennis Teamg member of N. H. H. S. A. A. and N. H. H. S. D. S.g Secretary Junior Fair Committeeg Captain Junior Basketball Teamg Manager of Champion Junior Tennis Teamg Athletic Association Play Cast 19155 Secretary of N. H. H. S. D. S.g Editor- in-Chief Freshman Ha.rLclbook,' Shakespeare Club: Yice- President School Circleg Se11ior Dramatic Club: Captain Senior Champion llasketball Team: N. H. H. S. A. A. Dance Committee, 1916, Assistant llusiness Manager Senior Class Book. Vllill enter VVellesley. Future occu- pation: Chemist. 1s.xnm.i.E UATTER 231 Sherman Ave. Prepared at Ivy Street School Member of the Debating Societyg member of Senior Dramatic Clubg member of Focus League. i621 . r,, if VWf,' W' fr.. , ' -- 7. -- ,9 cf .f fa, -l jfr Ei N 1 o mf uf-Q52 Boo Gmc:-3 Blanc lhkmxs 213 Spring St. Prepared at Clayton School, Derwer, Col. Member of the Athletic Association. Future occupa- tion: Domestic Science Instructor. Lovlslz ll.XR'I'VVliI.I. llol:.xR'r 684 NVhitney Ave. Prefwared at U'orl'hingtorL Hooker School Member of the B T - Sororityg member of the Ath- letic Associationg member of the Sophomore and 'lunior Class Girls' Basketball Teams. ffl S f-- .- 4'li C. l3ooN 13 Hill N- Prepared of Weimar, Germanpv Member of the Sophomore Glee Club: member of Athletic .Xssociationg Senior llasketball Team. Urivxc D'OIlI2li'1'X' 321 Lexington Ave. Prepared of Strong Svhool Member of the Committee for Speech Improvement lN'eek. Preparing for Chattanooga College of Law. Future occupation: Lawyer. l63l Qi-1'fVc5oUt'cCfiszr'cEiEQ.PQu,vouz Xl.XIBliL tl lc.xNlc'1"1'l4: liRlcsoN Prepared of Dwight School Preparing for New England Conservatory of Music. - lVlYR.'X lil.lZ.Xllli'l'll l:0S'l'lCR Prepared at Dwight Member of the Senior Dramatic Club. lfuture occu- pation: German Instructor. 40 Rosle l"R.xxm:1s Do1114:R'rv 321 Lexington .Xve Preporcd at Strong School Preparing for Connecticut College. lfuture occupation: Herman lnstructor. 51 Lake Place l'1-Zlcxlcli li. l'llJU'l'l-I 285 Lenox St. Prepared at Strong School Member of the A A Sorority: member of the Athletic .Xssociationg member of the Sophomore Class Girls' Lfliampionsliip Tennis Team. 323 W'l1alley .-Xve. and .llt. Kisco Schools l64l 1 if 551651 - ill h rtzioe N i o wr EA553 Boo ot, ,S EDWINA M. Giuiasr 325 Mcliinley Ave. Prepared at Westfoille Grammar School Member of the B T -M Sororityg Secretary of the Ath- letic Associationg member of the Girls' Junior Tennis Teamg Secretary of the School Circleg member of the Freshman Reception Committeeg member of the Fresh- man Handbook Committeeg member of the Alumni Asso- ciation Committeeg member of the Crescent lloard. Pre- paring for Smith College. l-oR1i'1"r.x ll.XliG.Xlili'I' Goiurxx 92 Fountain St. Prepared at Westville Grammar School Member of the K M E Sorority: member of the Ath- letic ,Xssociationg member of the Senior Dramatic Club. gXRlJlil.l.X Riifiicy ll.Xl.I. 173 Olive St. Prepared at lVordwell School, lf1'1'lH16'll, Idaho Member of the Athleitic .Xssociationg member of the Debating Societyg member of the Senior Dramatic Klub. Preparing for Mt. llolyoke. liixriixiuxia Hrxxscoxr 712 George St. Prepared ot .lloplewood School, Bridgeport, Conn. Senior Dramatic Club. l F651 Member of the Athletic Associationg member of the fl"':'-- H 'X ' -v -f - H Vv,. , l -f ll J il ?-, f' r 1 evo uiol cz ff 4216.5 I m f 2 C'E3T, PQu,vonR HELEN IIUUSTON East Haven Member of the 1D 2 Sorority. Prepared at Roger Sherman School Member of the A A Sororityg member of the Athletic .-Xssociationg member of the Senior Dramatic Clubg member of the Junior Fair Committee. Prepared at Union Grarnrnar School M.x1:r:L HELEN jolrxsox 31 Diamond St. " 12:25 Prepared at VVe.vtz'1'lle Grarnnfzar School Member of the dv E Sororityg member of the Athletic .. Associationg member of the Senior Dramatic Club. Pre- paring for Yassar Hospital. Future occupation: Trained Nurse. Y +.-fi A: v V :':2- - mf 9 eapi 2 ig X ' , 4 45,9-.:,., 4 f .525 ww , H Qrss e f ag' lab Zi fwligw Q in 'Q ' fha' f ri? . RUTH Iouxsox 1377 Boulevard Prepared at Roger Sherrnan School , Glee Club. llfember of Athletic :Xssociationg member of Girls' A. -gli b Q l of "" . l66l Hl4IS'1'l-Ili VV12LLcoMl-: HCJRTON 456 Ellsworth Ave. "Wy , 4- are if F ,fd i.:'-163, 192 EN i o mcuigsiie aoo K,5'lfih ,m f 1 y S r - ' 'f We BIILDRIEII MANN lflamden Prepared at Worfh1'ng1foh Hooker School Member of the B T - Sorority. 1 liriiizi. NlII.lJRl-Il? Klxsox 41 Cassius St. Prefvcired at Horace Day School Klember of the ,Xthletie :Xssoeiationg member of the lilee Clubg member of the Debating Society. Lois M.x'r'l'oox llotel Duncan l'refifm'd ai Ol'lIVlflf' Street Srhool Member of the A A Sororityg member of the .-Xthletie Xssoeiationg member of the Sophomore Class liirls' llas- ketball Teamg member of the junior Fair Committee: member of the Debating Soeietyg member of the Sehool Lfircleg member of the Radiator lloard and the "Radiator Rake" lloarcl. Preparing for Vassar. bln-:AN Novus Xl.XL'l.lil!l3 82 XYall St. Prvjvared at Lamson G7'll1'lZIHtIl' School Member of fb E Sorority: members of the Athletic .Xs- soeiationg member of the Senior Dramatic Club: member of the Glee Club. l67 l Qzp1vo'of'n:6i FZf'CEiTl:jfPQU,VOlR Rosh hlliYROWl'I'Z Prepared of Union District, limi fl0Z"6',7L Klcmbcr of the Orchestra. Future occupation: Musician. l .f ,lliNNlli liY.XNl1IiI,lNIi hllillIN llethany, Llomq, Prepared of Smith School, lfffhllllfll' Future occupation: Instructor. Fast Haven jg. Doing ,lli.XXlj'l"1'1i hlURl3,XX 140 Fulton St M Prepared at Greene Street School Member of the B T ab Sorority. :,, P 5 I A ,l flgl V 101144 1 Br ll fr Mmuox liL1Zrx1:1f:'r11 Molzsli 5:7 VX7halley .Xve. Preparvd at Danbury High School Member of the Athletic Associationg member of the Senior Dramatic Club. Future occupation: German In- structor or Artist. l63l .ff,, 'lkW,f""-'1f.',,,' -. ?. 5, ' V, f ,IMA 65 Nuowrcuasbf Boom Plxs 607 Elm St. l,l't'f'tI1'f'H' of l?zc'1'gjl1t School Member of the .Xthletie Association: member of the Senior Dramatic Lflubg member of the Debating Society: member of the Freshman Debating Team: member of the Shakespeare Clubg member of the Sophomore Glee Lflub. iQL"l'll SIQDKBWICK 683 Prospect St. l'refmred of lVof'fhi,hg1fon Hooker Srhool Member of the B 'I' 1 Sorority: member of the Nth- letic Association: member of the School Circle: Treas- urer of the lililieiency Clubg liclitor of the Girls' Page of The C'rvsrvnf,- President of the lfreshman Debating Society. Ixlcz lzonru 5MI'l'll 58 liqyute l'rrpore'd or ll'hil.he'-Wille Grammar School Member of the tlirls' tilee Club. liI..XDYS ZXl.XRfI.XRI'l'lC SM I'l'll 94 Ilowe St. Prepzzred of Dwigllzt School Member of the Debating Society. Future occupation: Private Secretary. l69l C6 it e- , V ULGHZ CEiJTQ,I?QU,VOlR ' .- lili.X'l'Rll'li Cxxiaiaia Srlavizxs 120 Cottage St. Prepared at Courtland School, Bridgeport, Conn. Member of the B T 4 Sorority. Preparing for XYellesley. ' il' ' " f ' f " 39-l Nlvlmlley 'Xve l'1.o1 emit. Nl,XRll, XX 1.155 at . A , 8 ' L' Member of the A A Sororityg member of the .-Xthletie ml ' Z. - 3 Association: member of the School Circle: Secretary of N 'Y ' 1 .- . -. - a . . the lztheiency Llubg member ot the Senior Dramatic 4 S J Clubg member of the .lunior and Senior Rally Day Com- " mitteesg member of the Junior lfair Committee: member r of the "Radiator Rake" lloarflg member of the Frexhmon w if A llcmd Hook lloard. lfuture occupation: lilocutionist. f if 1 I .M Chu XY1elt1ii'l' 388 Shelton Ave. Prepared at Roger Sltoriizzzri School Member of the hlunior Class Girls' llasketball Team: member of the Senior lilramatie Club: member ot the Senior Class Girls' Ilasketball Team. liliA'l'RTCli ll. Xovlcs 66 Hobart St. Prepared at Alllorty, N. Y. V01 M664 9'v1gV,, 1, , ' 1"'?"f , - . 7. - 4- - ! " 1 U2 15:5 fjf rfeoera 4 o wcunsai Boo nv' We ,WL I! , 1 Juan- , - N 5 Qillhnnzr Svrirniitir BOYS S-,xML'liL li.XR.XCII 41 Broad St. Prepared of Webster School Member of the N. l-l. H. S. :Xi A.: Yiee-Presiden Freshman Debating Society: Treasurer Freshman Dra matic Clubg member of Freshman Football and llasket ball Teams: member of Senior Promenade Committee Future occupation: llusiness. .XNTHOIYY XYII,l.l.XM ll.x'1"rls'l1x 600 Grand Ave Prepared of llomilforz School Member of N. ll. ll. S. .X. .X. Future occupation Civil Engineer. l:UR'l'l'N.X'l'U li.XZZIilllllN Whitney Ave., North llaven Prepared of Orange Street Sehool Future ocupation: lilectrical Engineer. l71l H, ., , , .,, 4, l . ,, ov gif: m f V utos R. C' 'E:Sl7ii. Pouavo CL.xR1cNclc S. Bl4:1s11cG12L Xhloodbridge, Conn. Prepared at lfVestr'1'lle Grammar School Member of N. ll. H. S. A. A. A. lvlzla CoL15M.xN 296 Lenox St. Prepared ot llebster School Mlember of Senior Dramatic Societyg Class Pianist for Freshman, Junior and Senior years. Future occupation: Pianist and Organist. ,,.i-ll.i- i':MlCRICIi I3l:l2ws'1'1c1: Lkxvvlfolm 325 XYillow St. Prepared at Center School, Stamford, Conn, Member I' A 111g Yice-Presideiit N. ll. ll. S. A. A.: Manager of llockey Teamg Assistant Editor of Crescent Vol. LXllIg lfditor-in-Chief of Crescent Yols. LXIV and LXY3 Assistant Editor Crescent .Innual Vol. XXXlg llusincss Manager Crescent flnnual, Vol. XXXHQ member Speech Improvement XYeek Cmmittee: member School Circle. Future occupation: Mechanical Engineer. l Gliokfslc LIQVVIS IDEWEY 132 Shefiield Ave. Prepared at Dwight Croznlnor School l l72l N ,A N a Q R CLI-155. Boom' he 4 Vt ', ,ff . , - , . - . ' V , Ez, , . Y, f 5 24 'lf fy Y , iff., 1, f If , '42U,,',f5 1' ' f ' 1 if L.-xWR1iNc1i DOli.X'l'O 195 C ff -7- AX OllhI'f1'SS VC. Prepared of Prirlre' Street School Member of Freshman Orchestra: member of N. H. ll. S. AX. A.g member of Freshman Debating Societyg mem- ber of School Orchestra for three years, Future occu- pation: Chemist. 5 Enwmcn llR.XIlFtJliD l':X'IiRli'l"l' ll8 York St. Prepared az' ll'ebsfer Grolztzmar School Member of High School Orchestra: member of Pin Committee: member of Speech Improvement lVeek Committecg member of N. ll. ll. S. .-X. .'X.g member of liighth firacle Reception Committee. Will enter Shetlield Scientific School. Future occupation: Electrical Fngi- neer. TRYING tiionlfktlsn ll Oak St, I'repore'd of llrlwsier' School Member of Class liasketball Team for four years' Laptam of lUl6 Champion Class llasketball Team: memi ber of Freshman Debating Society: member of Class Track Team in 1914-19155 member of N. H. ll. S. A. A. Future occupation: Electrical Fngineer. l 'l'1lox1.xs S1r.xNl.1f:Y TTILXLY 107 ,Xt-Un St, Prepared of llY07'I'hIiWlflf01'l Hooker School Member of junior and Senior Football Teams' ITICIII- ber of Class Day Committee. Future occupation: Chemist. l73l 19 ff! 1 ,. X. ,, ., .. ,. ,177-5 fl ,cf voutot ra CEfJ'lf,l?QU,VOlR gi "il , .R lglli . A 4 ,Xl.l3liR'l' 3lUR'l'UX lffllizluurxx 194 Lawrence St. Prefvored at l'V07'll'llVlf1l01'l Hooker School lYinner of Mary Marshall llotany Prize. Future oc- cupation: Lawyer. n'3 luast St. lil'lz'r Y. l-lorxixx 1 Prepared of O7'tI1'lflt' Slrcvt School Xlcmber of N. ll. ll. S. .'X. .X.g Freshman llehating Society? member of N, H. H. S. Football 'lleam tor sea son llll-l--10151 member of Regular Track Team for sea- sons 1914-1915 and lUl5-l'Jl6. Future occupation journalist. 'NN l.XNllCS lllixm' IloolxN 138 Davenport Ave l'1'e'fvcn'cd of Scrfwzfozz Sfreez' School Future occupation: Chemist. N,X'l'll.XX KAN 2 Dwight St. P1'f'fcu'ed at Public School 181, New York City Member of N. lol. ll. S. AX. AX. Future occupation: Chemist. U41 iff? VW?,w'5ff' ' 'IH , .-- 7. -- ,fa tl" ml jw iifoe N 1 cp RQCEQ-Q52 Boo Hiaicizicm' liwi. Ii.xm.sRUIi1cie 254 Everitt St. Prcjvared at Orange Street School Member of X. If. II. S. A. .'X.g member of Freshman Debating Societyg member of Freshman Dramatic Asso- ciation: member of 'Class Track Team for season 1914- l915. XYill enter Sheff. Future occupation: Manufac- turer. - W 131 iamiitly st Pre'jmr'e'd at O'l'fI7lf1C Street School future occupation: Doctor. CII.XRI.liS E. BiL'i'AR'l'L.XNIJ 55 Park St. P1'cjvr1rf'd af Sf. fohnlr School Member of N. If. lf. S. X. .X. Wvill enter Shefiielri Scientific School. il. Rxvxloxo Moiux 230 Grand .Xie Pwjnzrrd uf .biffflllfj School Member of X, H. II. S. .X. ,X.g member of iilee Club. Future occupation, Ilusiness. V51 iffivoufccnrzffcEs1givQu,vQlR l'11iL1i'N1awM.xN Prefnzrcd of l"rin.ce Sfre'c'z' School Member of N. H. ll. S. A. A.g member of Freshman Football, llaseball and llasketball Teams: member of Sophomore llasketball Team: member of Junior llasket- ball Teamg member of Champion Senior Basketball Team. Future occupation: Electrical Engineer. iAlURRIS Rll'l'FlCllll.lD Prepared of Webster School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.: member of Hillhouse- lloardman Reception Committee. Future occupation: Doctor. 40 A1.ifRlco lxxilas NIESIIIT 99 Howe St. Prepared of ll'cxvft'illc' Grammar School Member of Glee Club: member of N. H. H. S. Dra- matic Societvg member of N. H. H. S. Debating Societyg member of Senior Football Team: member of N. ll. H. S. A. A. lfuture occupation: Lawyer. 264 Portsea St. TSAIXJRIC RAl!lNUXVl'l'Z 598t1rand Ave Prefrlwd of Orange Slrect School Alember of N. ll. H. S. A. A. Future occupation Teacher. v,-i-1-l-' 220 Crown St. l76l N i o vufufjgiay Boo ,a ,za - -r - T ,ff l lll-LNRY Sciixirrz 137 Atwater St. Prefvclred at Strong School Member of C0 Eg member of Senior Rally Day Com- mittee: member of Freshman Dramatic and Debating So- cieties: member of Soccer Football Squad 1913-191-lg Treasurer of llillhouse Senior Class: member of Senior Dramatic Association. Future occupation: Undertaker. MORRIS SLATER 95 Elliott St. Prepared af lVebs!er School Member of N. ll. H. S. A. .X.: member of junior and Senior Basketball Teams. lfuture occupation: Chemist. KI.xL'lc1cl-3 liIiRXll.XlQl7 Lvl.l,Bl.XX 5 Trumbull St. fJl'C'fflIl't'Cf of Omngfc Sfrvvf School Member of Freshman Debating Societyg member of N. ll. ll. S. A. A. XYill enter Sheliield Scientific School. Future occupation: Mechanical lingineer. 1 l Louis lViclNs'1'lf:1x 302 George St. l,I'6'f7lI1't'd of llvt'l7.YfPI' School Member of N. ll. H. S. .X. .X.3 member of lireshman Debating and Dramatic Societiesg member of the junior llasketball Team. Will enter Sheffield Scientific School. l77l 925,-11VC3lU"lICii W C Effff FQ uvol R lllcxm' Goomrxx XX'1l.L1.xMs 104 liimberly .Xve. Prfjvczrea' az' Ilorarc Day School Member of A A Eg winner of Carl Monson I'rize for lixcellence in .Xlgebrap member of X. ll. ll. S. .fX. A.: Associate liclitor of the Rl1dftIf0l',' Associate liditor of the Radiator Rakeq .Xssociate Editor of the Senior C' 1300165 Captain of the Sophomore llaseball Team: mem- ber of Junior llasketball Teamg member of Class Track Teams for tour years: member of the lilticiency Club. XYill enter Slieflielrl Scientibe Scbool. lfuture occupa- tion: lilectrical Engineer. I I OUR BRIGHTEST SCHOLAR Amhemir Qlnurzr GIRLS , lI1Qi'l..xli ,XLLICN 65 Dixvvell .Xvc Pl't'ftlI't'd uf fhrz'mfmrf, Iowa Hill enter Normal School. Future occupation Teacher. Q fix ab ' IIKZICI. Mu: l1.xss1c'1t'1' 08 Iidwards St, f,7't'f'Ul'!'ll' af f.0tL'vll 5611001 liuturc occupation: Iilocution 'I'c-avlier. 1 Ii.x'1'ir1-:toxic Iir.lztxi:r:'1'11 Iliiviq 317 Congress Nve. I'r'ejmrf'd at lfrlflz Svhool Future occupation: Militant S-uffragette. Mzzczww U WJQ gilw I ia! "Y'V Y-F v T-I' -!-F 45 F if T Drs ,gi ,fa nfare N 1 o vc lr tgps-if Boo ff r r '- J f 11.4123 MW GQ 2:-1fvoto1'cai1z ceiiizgiogvfgiiz l 111111 lim' l11c1z14s 107 Kensington St. Prepared at Dwight School Member of the Orchestra, Junior and Senior year, Pianist of Girls' Glee Clubg Senior Chorus. Future oc- cupation: Musician. 1is'1'111-:R liliNl2DIC'l' 117 llishop St. Prepared at Lowell School Member of Debating Society: Sophomore Glee Club: Senior Chorus. lfuture occupation: Trained Nurse. , .l..i - lUs'1'1N12 Xl. l1ox'11.xx 59 KCf15lUg'f0U St- Prepored of Lowell School Member of the Debating Society: -H. HlS. A- A-S Shakespeare Clubg Dramatic Association: 50Ph0m0fe C2166 Qlubg Senior Chorus. 1Yill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. AA.. 1329 Chapel St. j1c.x N 1-:'1"1'1a l+'1z,xNc1s I l1a1sToL Prepared at Dwight School Member of the Glee Clubg N. H. H. S. A. A.: Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Kindergarten Teacher. 1301 l'W2,fw,,,fe"'rz7, Q. 7, A f e lf, 75 ,gliw izfoe N 1 Q wcuggsq Boo nv' 1 Qlsfr fy ' M, llxzl-21. 15. lieu' 490 Orchard St. Member of the Dramatic Clubg Debating Society. NYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. l'rrfmrfd at Dwight School Pre'j2arf'd at .SQKICITIII llmrf Svlzool Member of Debating Society: Class Promenade Comr XYill enter Dramatic Club. , ,-Xmrx lQl"I'Il C.x1c'1'11a1c l-L7 Lombard St. 1,7't'f7fI7't'f1l of Sf. f:7'tIJ'lC'I..Yi School ,Q- Member of lilheiency Lfubg Xssociate lfditor of l'ov11s. ll ill enter Normal School. lfuture occupation: Q , . , X. I earlier. .lf Muzi-11. .Xczxlis CLARK So Xlansheld St Ijrfparfd of Clftllljlc' Sfl't'Pf School Future occupation: Teacher. l31l flIiNI-IVIICVIC KI.xmz.x1uc'1' hl.XRl!IiRIiY 471 XYashington .'Xve. mitteeg Sophomore Glee Club: Senior Chorusg George -lunior Republicg N. H. H. S. .X. .X.g Dramatic Club. l7ffVC5U"Eoi WcE5'TifPou,vonsi' - -.. ....,.,., - A. W gf, . W it am ANNA GENEVIEVE CONFREY 51 Lines St. Prepared at Truman School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Sophomore Glee Clubg Debating Societyg Senior Chorusg Phi Delta Alpha Clubg George junior Republic. VVill entcr Normal School. Future ocupation: Teacher. TTELEN IMELDA CROWLEY 232 Day St. Prepared at Dwight School Member of Senior Chorusg N. H. H, S. A. A. Vilill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. liluclz A. llwlx 22 Middletown Ave Prepared at Horace Day School XYill enter Normal School. Future occupation Teacher. MoLL1r: HONORIC M. DCJLAN 63 St. john St. Prepared at Hamilton School Member of Sophomore Glee Clubg Debating Society, Dramatic Club: N. H. H. S. A. A.g George junior Re- publicg Senior Chorus. Vllill enter Normal School. Fu- ture occupation: Teacher. l82l h f " V 1, ,fvf 1 -tl f ,ffl 7 I .2 it ffserwuon Cngbsaaoomjj wl 'KQ ALICE Dokoruv DOOLEY 19 llishop St. Prepared at Orange Street School Member of Glee Club: Senior Chorus. NVill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. fiR.XCli DORIS 312 Lighthoug Prepared at Orange Street School Member of Kappa Mu Sigma Sorority: Grammar School Reception Committee. Future occupation: Mis- sionary. l ,l15.xx1c'1"1'1c lloxcoifif SOO XYinthrop Ave. Prvpurcd of ll.'vl1sfr'1' School Member of Freshman tilee Clubg Speech Improve- ment VVeek Committee: Senior Chorus. XYill enter col- lege. Future occupation: journalist. , .'Xl.Kl.X X'1ms1N1.x li.xs'r -162 Orange St. Prvjvarcd ol ll'ebsff'r Srhool XYill ei V ner Normal School. Future occupation: leacher. iw ff 'W voutouz ces Pouvouz W W 40 " "-l , V H- ' me ft if f N it ff' : W- mf. . ' -f,.- .1 asf' I ' 4 i i -v,', A ' l . Zigi ,l.l.i-il Amzxlas l.lLI.l.XN lilmwxiurs 92 Williams St, Prefrcrrrd at Orange Street School Member of Sophomore Glee Club: X. ll. H. S. .-Xi .X.: Freshman and Senior Debating Societies: Dramatic Club: George junior Republic: Shakespeare Club: Sen- ior Chorus. NVill enter Normal School. Future occupa- tion: Teacher. -1-iii- Kl.xlua.xlu4:'l' Klximc l"I..xN.xlzixN 283 Hamilton St. Prepare'd at Hamilton School Member of Debating Society: X. H. H. S. A. A.: Senior Chorus: George junior Republic: Dramatic Club: Sophomore Glee Club. XYill enter Normal School. Fu- ture occupation: Teacher. A 1-5? Eisni L. l?c1eH.xRn'r 13 Kimberly Ave. Prepared at 717'Il1IllIl'l Street School XYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. llliR'1'll.X Rl. l'1llll.l'Ili 257 Exchange St. Pifcpazrcd at Sz'rony1 School Member of Kappa Xlu Sigma: Sophomore Debating Society: N. ll. ll. S. .X. .X,: junior Rally Day Commit- tee: junior lfair Committee: Secretary of School Circle: President of Senior Dramatic Club: Senior Chorus. liutmtt Y? l34l ,J "iff f ,,, V fm, .S ' 1 ,. . 1' fa' S . ,f'CfZf65: N i 0 wcugxssq Boom l':l.Slli .-X. Fl.lGII'l' Prcjmrvd at I-qv Strevf School Member of N. H. ll. S. .X. A.: Theta Rho Sorority. XYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. , BTARIIE .Xuxlas timczl-:1.r,.x 22 tlold St. Prcfnrrfd at .-Imoniu Grammczr Salton! Member of N. H. H. S. .X. .X.: Debating Society: Senior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School. Future oc- cupation: Teacher. XYintergreen .Xve. Moxrux liIiR.Xl.l7INI'I FLYNN 'Jo Minor St. !,7'f'f7lU'6'd at Sacred Hear! l'c1rot'l1fz1l School Member of N. H. H. S. A. .-X.: Freshman and Senior Debating Society: tilee Club: George junior Republic: Senior Chorus: :Xssociate lfditor of C'lc1tr.r Honky Dra- matic Club. VX'ill enter Yale Xlusic School. 156 ti1.ixm's hooixlex 327 Norton St. l71'efm1'eti at P. S. No, 1, .llmzni Vernon, X. F. Member of N. H. H. S. .X. iX.g l'hi Sigma Sorority: Girls' Cilee Club: Senior Chorus. Future occupation' Physical Culture Teacher. lS5l ...f-yn '- . o ,llglw voutowc Cain' Pouvouz ith f " "ir , - V A :qs-A, .. -X .v,f , H-f 1. : ,HIV4 V, f If 1 6,2 X L, ,fy In-,net 1 i ' 1, In f . 4 U V - - AS' ' 'YQ ' ' lf? MW 40 RIARIE li. G-RAIIAM 427 Blatchley Ave. Prepared at Sf. Francis' Parochial School Member of Senior Dramatic Clubg Class Day Commit- teeg N. H. H. S. A. A.g Dickens Clubg Senior Chorus. lV1ll enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. GIERTRUDE FLo1n2xcIs Cioomrxx 226 Blatchley Ave Prcparcd af St. Francis' School Future occupation: Stenographer. .XL1c12 .l0Slil'lIlXlC C21:o.xR iq 639 Orange St. Prcparcd az' Sf. Francis' Parochial School Member of School Circleg N. ll. H. S. A. Ag Dra- matic Clubg Shakespeare 'Clubg Debating Societyg Cilee Club: Dickens Club: lfocus Leagueg Speech Improve- ment Vlleek Committee. NYill enter Normal School. Fu- ture ocupation: Teacher. t. M.xRca.xR1z'r Hixlar 118 Bishop S Prcparcd at Hamilton School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Sophomore Basketball Team' Glee Clubg Senior Chorusg Dickens Clubg De- bating, Society. Win enter Normal School. Fofofo oo- cupation z Teacher. l35l Moxlcx .XVSTIN llIGGINS 640 Howard Ave. Teacher. ' , .ogy 9l'l7v,f7t ,A ... - . 7. . r-'ff A ,, F tl' tri, ,wi h tefrfoe N 1 o mcufxsae Boo no . f lf'-A fi ,,,f e ' 'H' A AZZ' if Prepared ot Truman Street School lYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: ALXRY llo1:ixN 71 llristol St. lJt't'f7lII't'd at Uwiglzt School Member of Girls' lilee Club: Senior Dramatic Club: ing Societyg X. lrl. ll. S. A. A.g Tlianksgiving Commit- tee: Soloist in Prof. hlepson's Fund Entertainment. XYill enter Nc rmal School. Future occupation: Teacher. xx' lx SYI.x'l.x R1"1'l1 li.xx'l'lcox'i'rz 71 llurlburt St. Prefnrrcol ot Scranton Street School Member of illee Lluhg lfreshman Debating Societyg Senior Chorus: Senior Dramatic Club. lVill enter Nor- mal School. lfuture occupation: Teacher. l"m'1'n Alllil xv IixLf1fx1xN 5-l Dickerman St Prepared at Orange Street School A. A.g Senior Chorus. I l37l Senior Chorusg K M E Sororitjg Dickens Clubg Debat- llember of Glee Clubg Debating Societyg N. ll. ll. S. ff' V16 W 7-IGVCTUL "EG-wi sz 'c'E:n?31s?ouvoui 40 - A1ARY 1Sl.lZA1!li'I'll TQIELLY 301 Humphrey St. Prcparcd at St. Francis' School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Debating Societyg Senior Chorus. VX'ill enter Normal School. Future oc- cupation: Teacher. Al.XRGARli'1' J. lil2x1m.x1-r. 281-l Poplar St. Prepared at Sf. Francis' School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Senior Chorusg Soph- omore Basketballg Glce Club. li.x'r111iR1N1f: M. KILLUY 681 Daggett St. Prcfiarcd at Sacred Heart School Member of 'IJ A A and M dv F Sororitiesg Debating Societyg Glee Clubg Senior Chorus. VVill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. Ylf:RoNIc.x -lUSIiI'lilNIi lilxo 78 Atwater St. Prcparcd at St. Francis Parochial School Member of N. Il. H. S. A. A.g Senior Dramatic Club, Hillhouse Senior Reception Committeeg Dickens Club. 1Vill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. LSS1 " ll? gvwi r M ii QV 7-7T'n " ii I ' 7' ' Jgu- 'Q lg W 'lf ,, N x 31 ffjw fwf: N 1 O R1-C uepalzsoo ml Mft' " 1 ' 7' i o ' ,flf 1JoRo'r1iY K1NN1axi 157 Spring St. Prefvorvd at Trzwzah Struct School Member of Dickens Club: N. H. ll. S. A. .-X.g lilee Clubg Senior Dramatic Clubg Senior Chorusg junior Fair Committeeg Pin Committee. XYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. Ill-ZLIQN L1cvl4:Ns'rl-:IN 455 Washington .Xve Prepared at Prince Strevz' School Member of Shakespeare Club: Dramatic Club: Sen- ior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School. liuture occu- pation : Teacher. l'iI.lZ.Xl!li'l'll lll-:I lax hl.XCliliY 530 Ferry St. Prejvared at Strong School Member of lireshman llasketball Teamg N. ll. ll. S. .X. A.: Senior Cliorusg Sophomore Dickens Clubg De- bating Society. Will enter l'ratt's Institute. W l"I.oRxzNc1c Bli.XllUNlEY - 772 llowarfl .Xve. Prepared at Sf. JUILVLYX School Member of Senior Dramatic Clubg Cillee Club: Senior Chorus. VVill enter New Haven Opera School. Future tion: Study of Music. ISQI e'll95ll? t re12voo1'coiEF6E5iTieou vom am fe f am LILIAN CEcIL14: Mmm' 31 VVillis St. Prepared at Ivy Street School ' Senior Chorus. VVill enter Pratt's Institute. Aieezwc. ,-X1.1c'12 lf.X'l'IIlERlNli M.x'RooN1iY l55 Putnam St. Prepared at Sacred Heart School Member of 111 A A and M fb I' Sororitiesg Efficiency Clubg Sophomore Debating Societyg Senior Chorus. VVill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. X CiL.xm's lix'laLx'x 3l,XRSll 152 Lombard St Prepared at Strong School ond llkzdleigh High, N. Y Member of Senior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School Future occupation: Teacher. KA'ri1Rx'N T. lXlA'l"l'llI2VVS 249 Wlinthrop Ave. Prepared at Scranton Street School Member of fb E Sorority. XVill enter Normal school. Future occupation: Teacher Nh.- W New Member of Jepson Freshman Chorus: N. H. H. S. A. A.g Debating Societyg Sophomore Dickens Clubg 'X X ' .ff ' - v 7. I 11 F ' uf ' ill, ijli hhoe N n Q wtiugpiuef Esoo iv i I ffff' " iii, YV Q ' V M415 l t1l2x1cx'1livl': Rumi hlCfillYliRN 120 Fillmore St. IJ7'Cf7fY7'E,Cll ai' Lowell School Member of Junior llasketball Team: Dickens Club, Sophomore Yearg member Senior Glee Club: .Xssistant Treasurer lfpsilon Delta Sorority. Future occupation: Teacher. -XLICIC Mcficsnix 109 Nash St. Preprzreo' of I,or'eN Grclmmar School Member of Debating Societv: Senior Chorus' Dra- ic Clubg K M si N. H. H. s. A. A. Win' me-f Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. analog 741i QW. 5 ff M L .-Xxxilc Mm' Kl.xcl,icl.1..xN 11 Myron St f,I'4'fVlll'c'd of Greene Street School Member of Shakespeare Clubg Senior Chorusg Dick- ens Club: won in prize essay contest ottered by Colo- nial Dames Society. lYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. Lldfxfsfiil Ki. 4,1 . X is i at U - lll':I.icN il. 3l'CN.XNllilC 133 Lawrence St. Prc'jn1re'cz' af 6311111510 Slrccf School Member of Senior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School Future occupation: Teacher. l91l . , , , --w-usmf,w..w.,,...-V-.-.,,-,..,-., , ., , Y -, .g . . ' ' ' " 1 f ' v - facwfzsaef .sw H. 1- --4 1 , -. - ,, l I ' ' " ' "' ' ' A . . Y 5 Q ' if 1 'V'5'?5"T'f-Z'6"'? iffffwf 'V"i"'rtL Pqr5'gmv":c r 'f4m1oQof'i-goiczr ceaiiieouvoin Rose M. lXllLI.liR 746 Congress Ave. Prepared at Webster School Member of Freshman Debating Societyg Sophomore Dickens Clubg served at Junior Fairg Senior Chorusg N. H. H. S. A. A. W'ill enter Normal School. Future occupation Z Teacher. f f l, ' X V , ' 1 A-ff Al 1' ll! M!! ml ' A filI.lVl2 Louise MoRToN 42 Mather St. Prepared at Wliiirzeyfville School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Dramatic Clubg Shakespeare Clubg Glee Clubg George junior Republic, Senior Chorus. VVill enter Normal School. Future oc- cupation: Teacher. llIELliX M .xR11z 42 Daggett St, Prepared at Sacred Heart School Member of dv A A Sororityg Cilee Clubg Sophomore Debating Societyg Senior Chorus. VVill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. AIARY CYRRIIQN 74 Xhlall St. Prepared at Orange Street School Member of Senior Chorus. Will enter college. Fu- ture occupation: Private Secretary. l92l I 1,171 f ,V , ' - 7. . "9 Aj T H A Ill, ,QTGZFSQ N 1 op R'-.Clie-552 Esoo 'fa X lloNoR.x LYoNs P1'l'c111-:lc 138 Peck St. Prepared at Strong School Mem-ber of School Circle: Alumni Committee: .Xs- sistant Editor Freshman Harzdbookg N. ll. H. S. A. .X.g Efficiency Clubg Secretary Dickens Club: Glee Club: Secretary Focus League: Shakespeare Club: Senior Dramatic Club: Senior Rally Day Committeeg Debat- ing Society. VVill enter Normal School. Future occu- pation: Teacher. DIOYCIC lC1.l+:.xNoR R.xNsox1 82 llradley St. V .:,, :,, Q ' Prepared af Orange .S'freef School pi Member of Senior Chorus. NYill enter Normal iv, .I V , ,..- -"' School. Future occupation: Teacher. an . M Q T .3 '3-.:,-,fri C TXTINNIIC lfl.IiANOR R1-:ln 177 Norton St. Prepared at Ilickirmon High Sclzaal, Jersey Ciifv, X. J. Member of Senior Chorus: N. ll. ll. S. .X, .-X. XYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. KTARION li. RICYNULIJS SU Willis St. Prepared af I'z',v Street School Miember of Jepson Chorus: N. ll. ll. S. .X. .X.: lflii- ciency Club: Dramatic Club: Shakespeare Club: Senior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School. Future occupa- tion: Teacher. l93l XSIULA ELlZiXl3l'1'l'Il RUSSIQLI, 189 Atwater St. Tlianksgiving Committee. ., m y V uto sz C' 'e5-,x5ou, Prepared at Fairfield Grammar School Member of A A Sorority. Prepared of Strong School Member of Xl. H. ll. S. .X. ,'x.g Senior 'Chorusg X M . 'sq - if ' ' v Prepared ot Orange Street School lYill enter Normal School. lfuture occupation Teacher. l lIl5I.1f:N FRANCIS Scuklacic 778 State St. Prepared of Greene Street School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Basketball fF1'6Sl1- manjg Glee Clubg Senior Chorus. Will enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. A l94l HELEN ROCKWELL 4 Mansfield St. llliI.liN SL'lIIiRl3.XCK 33 XVolcott St .- ' S 1 5 , 19jf rfti5E'Nno R-acufgsisi aoomh f , mM"!'!'? V ii V 1 V' 6 A-XNGELINE Slz1:ixs1'r.xNm.I.o 20 Clark St. Prepared at Hamilton School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Debating Society: Senior Chorus. XVill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. linrrn lXlOYl..XN Sn12mn.xN 711 Orange St. Prepared at lVorfhihgtoh Hooker School Member of Q0 P: Senior Dramatic Clubg Shakespeare Clubg Executive Committee of Shakespeare Club: N. H. ll. S. A. A.: Secretary of Debating Societyg Executive Committee of Debating Societyg Membership Committee of Debating Societyg Dickens Club: junior Glee Clubg Senior Chorus. op, M.xl-i l" 'l'rl2RN.xN 131 Spring St. I,l'6'f'lIl'c'tl! of Trzmzarl Street School Member of Senior Chorus. lYill enter Normal School. liuture occupation: Teacher. Mmm' t214:k'1'1eL'o1c Troma 528 Vllashington Ave. Prepared af Orange Street School Member of X. ll. ll. S. .-X. Ag Sophomore Dramatic Club: Senior Chorus. lYill enter Normal School. Fu- ture occupation: Teacher. l95l .Xxxna M. L'iucN 520 lilm St. l Q,4Qf.i.1v6iUf'coi cz'T'E:1?Q Wouvoaa CLARA Tvlalrr 115 Olive St. Prefvavfed at KL'l1Hf'l7l'llll? Grammar School Senior Chorusg member of Basketball Teamg Dra- matic Club. Future occupation: Teacher. Preprzred of Dwighf School Member of Girls' lilee Clubg N. ll. ll. S. A. .Ng Senior Cliorusg soloist in .lepson liund Entertainment. lfuture occupation: Yocal Study. l'rrfvare'd af Dwight School rusg blunior liasketball Team, l'lll.lJ,X xlAR'l'll.X Yoos 813 Parmelee Ave. Prepczrecl uf Scrclhtoh School Member of 111 E Sorority: Debating Societyg Senior Class Chorus. liuture ocupation: Suffragette. l96l llIiLliN liUS.XI.lNlJ UKICN 320 Elm St, Member of Senior Dramatic .Xssociationgh N. H. ll. S. .X. .X.g Dickens Clubg Senior Cllee Clubg Senior Clioe of, ..x-f "" 6 F S .4 ,sf gfp-. ,ymjw fffse N n o RQCEASTJ2 Esoo :omg ffjfr W1 I f 'f F I-nt 7 7 W ""of'5 l2S'l'HliR Kllxix XVIEII. 352 Orange St. Member of X. H. Il. S. AX. .X.g Glee Clubg Senior Chorus. Prepared at Omugc Sfrcf School ll. Nialelssix XY11z'r'r1No'l'oN 77 Admiral St. Member of Focus Leagueg Senior Chorus. lux XX'1c1ssx1.xx 77 Park St. Prepared at Iirlvsfcr School Mlembcr of N. Il. H. S. A. A.: Senior Chorus: Dra- matic iXssociation. Pl't'f7lI7'E'l1' at lov .S'z'rcef School lel14:L12x XY11m1f:1: -ll Artizan St. Prcpizrcd of Orange Street School Member of Senior Chorusg Debating Society. XYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. l97l ff ,1 2: S 'ff " I -we 'f W ft. Motu Lon va C' iE5Ti..fQU,VOlR 1i'1'nEL NViI.r.1.xMs Preparod of lVebsz'cr School Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Teacher. ,liliiii enter Norma J K.x'1'1-1li1uN11: XY1 NSLUVV Prepared at Strong S Member of Senior Chorus. NYon championship in Tennis Tournament in 1914. 73 Quinnipiac .Xve. Spruce St. H1zl.12N,x URsL'L.x XN'lLi.I.xMs 341 Clinton Ave Prepared at Strong School A Member of X. H. II. S. A. .X.g Senior Chorus. Viill 1 School. Future occupation: Feacher 11 chool I931 to Rai: 663522200 K g Qlnmmrrrial Qlnnrnr BOXYS Ilxjou lllblililfl' -XLLIQN, ju. 243 Day St. Pwpalred at Scranton Street School Member of Freshman llaseball, Football and llockey Teams: member of regular Football Team for two sea- sons: member of regular llaseball and Hockey Teams for two seasons. Future occupation: llusiness. all s ,!hR'l'lll'R YlL"l'UR .Xxmclesox 31 Thompson St. Prepared of Ivy Sirvof School. Pitcher of the champion llaseball Team of UU15. Future occupation: liusiness. v limi. lJ1ax'1'1cR liovxiox 404 XVhalley Ave. Prvpflrcd of Cl'1'l1'7'tII Street School, Springfield, Mass. Member of "Speech Improvement Wieck" Committee. l99l 1111.111-zm' Slrilrilmzx' lilcocsso 201 Lexington Ave. ,gZff1vciUf'coiczr'cEii'fs7Qu,vonR JOSICPII DoNrx1.D ISRADY 96 York Square Prepared at Ivy Street School. Member of "Steno,' Club. Prcpurcd at Sfrong School Member of tilec Club. Future occupation: llanker. xYll.I,I.X3T F. CLARK 45 Bishop St. l77't'f74I7't'd of I,ot'e'll Svhool Member of Q Eg member of "Steno" Club: member of X. II. Il. S. .X. AYX. lfuture occupation: Banker. .1 XVrxL'r1f:R 1DONNlil.LY Coxxolz 1439 State St. Prepared at Lowell School Future occupation: Stcnographer, H001 ffvkftl' C.-YP-., fx.,- , sie fr . wack .V.3,v,,.,,,,,,,,.,w-ew 1,-t 7' 7--,-ww H- yur- t f Sermon CLQ-Q5 Boon Q 1 if V , I ' lflzxxcis -l0Slil'1l CURCUKXN 531 Ferry St Prepared of Sf. Francis School Member of C0 2: member of N. H. ll. S. .X. A.: mem- ber of junior llaseball Team: member of Senior Dra- matic Club: member of N. ll. ll. S. Orchestra: member of llillhouse-lloardman Reception Committee Future occupation: Private Secretary. RixvMoNp blxmlcs Dl41N'I.lN 55 Maltby Place Prepared of Strong School Member of Q 2: member of N. H. ll. S. .-X. :X.: member of Junior and Senior llaseball Teams: member of "Steno" 'Clubg Assistant llusiness Manager of Senior Class Book. lfuture occupation: llusiness. ' f 1 . "QV , . X . xYll.l.l.XM Ifluxcis DoL'f:l1.xN 158 Olive St. Prepared of Hamilton School Member of N. ll. ll. S. .X. .X.: member of "Steno" Club. Xlvill enter University of Pennsylvania. lfuture occupation: lflectrical Engineer. ,lUSlil'll .X. DL'm:.xN 13 Sylvan ve Prejmred of Sf. Johnfr School Member of lfresliman llaseball Team: member of regular llaseball Team for three years: Captain of N. ll. ll. S. llaseball Team in 1916. XYill enter lloly Cross. Cy . ff-flafv 11011 Member of 60 213 member of pug! .WT ,, gZ?31fV6U"C6i Rf' C Eff Pglufvou R XY.xI-'1'lcR Tnoxus lf .xUr.KNl2lt 24 Asylum S.t ' Prepared at St. f0hn's School Freshman Football and llaseball Teams, Sophomore and Junior Football Teams, Captain of Junior llaseball Teamg member of lifliciency Clubg Debating Societyg member of Debating Society Executive Committeeg Chairman of junior and Senior "Rally Day" Committeesg member of School Circle: member ex-officio of Grammar School Reception Com- mitteeg Associate Editor of the Ifocmg President of Senior Dramatic Associationg member of Speech Tm- provement Vlieek Committeeg member of the regular Debating Teamg President of the Senior Class. XVill enter Georgetown Lfniversity. bl. IFIUNQUQI. 882 Howard Ave. Prepared af llvt'I7Sf6'7' School Member of N. ll. H. S. A. A.: member of junior llasebail Team: member of "Stenol' Clubg member of Speech Improvement lYeek Committee. lfuture occu- pation: Expert Accountant. Q. . llilllillli ll. t1.xLl.ovv.w Manager of The Crareerzf. hloslal-it JICRUMIQ i,i.XR'l'I.ANlJ 819 State St. Prepared at fl'es1'f'iHe Grammar School Member of Track Teamg member of Senior Chorusg member of "Steno" Club. H021 - l 33 Carmel St Prepared af Roger Sherman School Member of 1' A 111 lfraternityg member of Athletic Associationg Associate Editor of The Cresce11f,- Business Vfff671977mwff""'ff+ ' -- t ff e .K M1612-. 'M ,tfltffmfbfz NIORQCEA -fe eww XX'l1.I.l,xM .loux tllcrxvlcs Klontowese. Donn. l'rvpur'ed af ,Yorflz l'l11-:WM Cirflzzzunzr' Sflzool Member of "Steno" Llubg member of N. .X. .X. Future occupation: lfxpert .XL'C0l1l'1f211lf. ll. ll, 5. l,Ul'IS ti. ll.x1pliR'1'x' 518 lYll1Cllt'Slt'T .Xve I'1'0jN11'vd at IU' Sf1'vvz' Svhool Member of N. H. H. S. Orchestra for three seasons member of ,lunior llaseball Team. lfuture occupation I iusiness. WH.: um .Xl,m's1t's ll.wl-is 23 llraclley St. l'7'c'f'lH'f'llI uf flllfllllflllf ,blf7'ft'f Svhrml Klemlfer of "Steno" Clubg member of ,lunior liaseball Team. XYill enter Sycamore College. lfuture occupa- tion: Stenograplrer. lwuxlc XX .vrsox lxli1'l'1l lllll Wlrallex' .Nye l'rvfn11'Ud of llrlrffozti llftflz Swlmol junior llaseball Team. 11031 Rolxliim' iiUl.IJSMl'l'll lileI.LY 260 llumplirey St. j2f12vc5Ufccsi:zf'cE51iQjPQu,vowz 4,1971 GQ ' f ' ' ' ' ' 54 Pearl St. li luxe ls lxl4.I.LI4.IlI1.R Prepared af Orcwzgfe Sf1'e'et School Member of H9teno" Club. lfuture occupation: Stenograplier. Prepared at Orange Street School Member of '6Steno'l Clubg member of Junior Football Team. Future occupation: Stenograplier and Typist. Prejmred at Greene Street School liuture occupation: Real listate. l lilJ3lL'ND J. Nlclllulix 50 llisliop St. Prepared az' Lowell Srhool Member of fb A Pg member of E K C-3: member of X. ll. H. S. .X. A.: member of N. H. H. S. Debating Society Future occupation: Vsycliological Research. 11041 Qi.X'l'.XI.lQU Bl.xss.x 109 Lireene St. Member of lunior liaseball Teamg member of N. H. ll. S, Football' Teamg member of N. H. H. S. A. A., member of 'tSteno" Clubg member of Senior Chorus. 1910 W, if-ff21ors'rs1 1 Q mmap si apo , ,AXL1f1:1':n 1JENNlE'l"l' IXICIDUNNELI. 228 Park St, Prepared at Dwight School Second Prize XYinner of Chamber of Commerce Essay in 10151 member of A A E3 member of Debating Societyg member of Senior Dramatic Society: member of N. ll. ll. S. .-X. A.g Manager N. H. H. S. Tennis Team: Assistant llusiness Manager of the Radiator. Future occupation: Private Secretary. , JOII N Flu NCIS Mel 11' 11112 Stenographer. S'1'1'.11z'1' ll. M11.1.1c1: 73 East Pearl St. Prepared at Strong School Member of Glee Clubg Leader of Glee Club 1915- 19163 member of Quartet 1911- 1915g member of X. ll ll. S. .X. .X. Future occupation: llanker. lu1u11'N1m -l0SlCl'Il Mooiuc llusincss. H051 1 f 1 'Aff 487 East St Prepared at Orange Street School Member of "Steno" Club. Future occupation N 4-'41 xi, 128 Dixwell 1Xx'e. Prepared at Sf, ,l1fIl',1"S School Member of Freshman Debating Society: President of Focus Leagueg member of N. ll. ll. S. A. .X.: Treas- urer ot N. H. H. S. D. S: Associate Editor of Focus Yol. XVIII.: President of the Dramatic Association: member of "Christmas Carol" Cast: Yice-President Shakespeare Clubg Chairman Pin Committee of the De- bating Society: Yice-President of School Circle: Editor- in-Chief of Senior Cliiss Hook. Future occupation: il at .,,1, H, . Y. ,fggv-15 T - af Vou ton K Cearaoxioufvonx 40 lfiuioliizltgx lilitbktili NUTLIEY 18 Plant St. Westville Pwjvcired at lVe'stz'ilIe Grzzmmar School Member of "Steno" Club. Jolliv Fl. O'llielliN 291 l'ortsea St. Prepared of Sf. Johnlv Szfhool Member of til 23 member of Dramatic Societyg Class Treasurer. Future occupation: Auditor. ltlSlil'll l'1R.XNL'lS than -l Parmelee Ave, Prejvzrrcd at Scronfon Srhool Member of Freshman Football, llockey and llaseball Teams: member of Sophomore Football and llockey Teams: member of X. lol. ll. S. llaseball Team for three seasonsg member of X. ll. ll. S. A-X. A.: member of N. ll. ll. S. Football Team for two years: Captain of N, ll. ll. S. Football Team for 1915-10165 member of X. ll. ll. S. llockey Team for two years: member of Sshool tircleg winner of the Holmes Individual Cup in l 16, Future occupation: Physical Director. 'TUSIEPIL A. Ovvnaxs 503 XYashington Ave. I7'l'6'f7LI7'6'd at llorace Day School Member of M KID Kg member of Freshman Football and llaseball Teamsg member of junior Football Team: member of Freshman Debating Societyg member of N. ll. lfl. S. A. .X.3 member of 'Steno' Club. XYill enter Fniversity of Pennsylvania. Future occupation: Com- mercial Traveler. l H061 A .x ,QL JJ! ,..' M094 W. lf. Slllax Montowese, Conn. ENlOR1.fE655vBOOl'i,5'vQ,15 f ,,,,A Hr ' 'fff X imixun D. Rlivxorms l27 Lloyd St. Prafrared at Greene Street School Member of "Steno" Clubg member of Senior Chorus. ' WMA Al.lLfH.XIil. .lUSlil'H S-c.xNLoN Mt. Carmel, Conn Prepurfa' at Centerville Svhoo! 0 - Prepared at North Hcrwen Granzmar School Member of "Steno" Clubg member of Senior Llliorus. grow 97 Jonx Rl'ss1ci.L Slliclcllxx 89 Nash St, Prepared at L0?'e'll 5011001 Member of Q 2: member of Sophomore and 'lunior Iiaseball 'Veamsg member of .Iunior Football 'l'eamg member of N. ll. ll. S. lloekey Teamg member of "Steno" Lflubg .Xssoeiate lfditor of Senior C'lc1l.fs Hook. lfuturc occupation: Keeountant. 11071 awww Qi-2iivc5'Uf'ccsi,Qzif'cEiii fouvou? 40 Jollx Tnilzlzlilcl' 139 Nash St Prcjmred at L0i'c'Il School Member of "Steno, Club. Future occupation liookkeeper. yuh Jiijjww 1 JXLPIIONSIQ G. X'1as'rL"l'i 101 St. john St. Member of N. II. 11. S. .-X. A. Future occupation: Musician. I'repan'd at Cream' Sf. Sfhool W., buff. 'ii W , ,ZQZIZJJWWQQQZMVT 0.7 , A 1' fl " f 1 H Q Mfrs? w0ify!7qf,,,i .1 Q If ...viii gf, I 11719 Ame- ! I' - Wwwllluml ll ,rw f i ff: U 11 iw, N' 'I'-R,-.- Mya, 1 xl, ML' .nmgtl PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE 11081 .ff Vi77,'i'1ff -73' ' -,- - 4' Y fi V Ie! N i 0 wut E6-552 Boo Glnmmrrrial Glnurm, GIRLS lJo1zo'r1l1s.x AIARY .Xiczizicicmaie -L2 Ilishop St. Pre'pcm'd at Lovell School Member of High School Chorus. Future occupation: Stenographer. ,git .XNNA Iii.1zixl:if:'1'11 Illcxsox 501 Elm St Prepared az' Dufigfhf School. Member of the Dramatic Socictyg Debating Society llighASchool Chorus: .Xthletic ,Xssociatioim Future oc- cupation: Stenographer. H091 Member Iligh School Chorus. Uiwfffw WWW C l:R'1'lel'1m1c ICM Mix i:.XR'I'l'lI 16O4Xi1g11r St., VVh1tnux1lIe IJ7'l'f7U7'f'd at II'hiMflr'-x'f'iIl4' Gftllllliltll' School ,MAL C 'l f 7'?lvc5QcsfcgsicUcEei1u?Qu,voisz 49 W0 135 Fdgewood five. Prepared of Trumczrz School Member of Debating Society: Dramatic Club: ' Shakespeare Clubg Glee Clubg Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Normal School. IQDYTIIIC l!LUM1:l':1ua 122 llutton St. Prepared of Ivy Street School Member of Dramatic Clubg Focus Leagueg Shakes- peare Clubg Debating Society. Future occupation: Bookkeeper. .. .x,. ,. . Prefmred of l-z'y Street School mal School. JENNIE ll. ll0'l'X'lNlCli 333 Grand Ave. Prepared of Orange Street School Member of Debating Society, Dramatic Club. Shakes- peare Club. Future occupation: Teacher. H101 V X ... .,..L1.. .. l'1S'l'llFl' S llll'NlI1l"R4i 122 llutton St. Member of Dramatic Club. Focus League: Shakes- peare Club, Debating Society. Future occupation: Nor- 7 JV f- ax- l f ,J liuur 1 f, amen CLASS BOOKWQ 1 1 V4 , Y, f - A r f i I I A S fZW194fff,0f HECS f"" ' 1- f ' f? F f',yfQ?16Q?2? 'f I , 'Ly ' 'ffl ax i if M 1' 'nf NI.x1u:1'1-21c1'1'1i l'.I.IZ.XI!li'I'Il I11e.x111.1iY 12 .XTITISIIWIIIQ St. l'refnm'a' all .S1lIt'l't'Ii Hmzrf Srlzonl Mt-nlln.-r of ,Xthletir Xssfmciatifwrmg School Clumrus. Future occupalimlz Stenographer. ff wuz lx x 1 III 1 xr Lxxxuw IZ1:1f'1'71f1f11m1-'1- 113 XX ard 51. .wj -ffff'fV,: Ius'rl11-L14 lz1'N11'1c lilwvli 1 . . 1. .x l'1'efu1red uf Sf. jolmlv School Xlblllbtfl' of files Club: School LQIIOTUSQ lJ1'zm1atiQ Club, XYiH1-mor . ' ,fn . f f Smith Llmllcgv. 1204 Xxvllillltj' 1Xx'c., XYl1it11cyx'illc ."rc'f'u1'vd at If'h41'fmjv'2'ilf1' GHIIIIIIIIII' 5611001 Klcmbcr of Ulu' Club: fcuim' fillflfllii. lfuturc ocul- patirm: Stenographcr. .4- IIXNQIII luuwl-214 - W1 , if l,l't'f7f mv! ui IU' Slrvvf School llixwell Xvc. Xlemlmer of .Xthlelif .XSSIlCi3.ti0llQ School Clmrus. XYOI1 first prize in Junior Commercizil Contest. flllj hffttvoufccsicc cept giepuvouz il.l.l.. llliLliN T. L'.x1:ko1.L 840 lloward Ave. Member of K M E. Future occupation: Undecided. l.1LI.1,xx Member of Dramatic Clubg School Chorusg Senior "l'romf' Committee. Future occupation: Private Sec- retary. Prepared at Greene Street School Chorus. XVill enter Normal School. 40 llL.XNCllli 3IAD1zl.1N1s Clxlueol 384 Forbes Ave. Member of Athletic Associationg Glee Clubg School Prepared at Scranton Street School V W . ll X7 - H L11 2 f hll'Rllil, Acsxlcs f,l1l.XR3l.XN 400 Newhall St. Prepared at Ivy Street School Stenographer. Mui CLlxNc1ax' 535 Howard Ave. Prepared at Horace Day School 11121 Member of High School Chorus. Future occupation: lfzcglgiiwfrfo W, 1 . QA 'mi' ' 14 'D' vffj I ?::i N10 RgCKA552f Boo mb 2 'fy wwf, I J-T I , ,JK -IUSIEPIIINIE ANNA CL1N'rox 112 Mechanic St. Prepared of Lowell School Member of Debating Societyg Glee Clubg Athletic Association. Future occupation: Stenographer. fl N1-:1.1.Y12 Comix l'refvored of Orange Strom' School Senior liasketball Team: Dramatic .Xssociationg Sen- ior Chorusg Representative of Commercial Alumni. XVi1l enter Xorma1 School. RL"l'11 L'.x'r1l1zx'x Ctllllili 156 llorter St. Prefnzrcd of Scranton Street School Member of Dramatic Club: Cllee Clubg Freshman llasketball 'l'eamg entered Champion Typewriting Con- test in llartforcl. lfuture occupation: Secretary. 20 l'earl St. l','l'lIliL QlI.XNDl.lCR Coxxole 132 llowarcl .Xve I're'fu12'erl of Horace Do-v Suhool Member of .Xthletic Association: lilee Club. liuture occupation: Stenographer. 11131 ,sa gy.- QI-?fVC5lUilf6l wif cEsfgtPou,vQl "fft? f lllil.liX Xl. Coxxoles 1 Lyon St Prcfvurfa' uf fhftlfljlc' 5'treez' School Stcuograplter. tlihxms li. Quota 'PN lfrzmk St. l7l'6'f'lIl'f'd at 'l'r111m1h School captain lfrcslimau llaslactball Team: member of Dra- matic Clubg Atlilc-tic .Xssociatioir lfuture occupation: Sccretary. xl.XlUi.XRIC'l' lflerxxclis L'oljR'l'NliY 259 Xxvllltllfllll Arc l'rvfmrr'd ul Sf. fohhff School of lfllicieiicy Club: .Xtlilctic .Xssociation subj ccts. ll1cl.l-Lx Rlxlulc Clzowmzr 161 Maple St. f7l'f'f7lU'6'd at llarcltesfvr' High School, Boston Future occupation: Court Stenograpber. 'x wb, . lll-11 Member of Debating Societyg Athletic .Xssociatioug School Chorus: Dramatic Club. Future occupation: I Sorority. XYill take up further study of Com- R .,,. .. ,mf ,,,- 1. . ef- A ee ,ff ,gi 6135 551944 rimsNnoRr,CuA55ez5ooK,hh, el Mmm' CROWLEY Prepared az' Truman School Member of Athletic Associationg Glee Clubg School Chorus. XVill take up subjects. Mmm' li1.lz.x1:r:'r1l DONtbllL'l'1 121 llrownell St. Prepared at Roger Sh6l'l'llfG7I School Member of Athletic junior Fair Committeeg Pin Committee. Future occu- pation: l'rivate Secretary. - n I 1 , 'x 133 Plymouth St. X further study of Commercial 1 lllc1.1cN xvIRfllNl1X lJ.XI.liY 636 George St. Prepared at Scrarlfon School Member of Current Event Club. Future occupation: Foclecided. - .Xssociationg School Chorus: , P f gl i ,lC1.sll-1 Mn' lJUVVNIiS 27 Chamberlin St, W Prepared at Greene Street School 1 'Q Member of Cilee Club: School Chorusg Athletic As- : V E sociation. Future occupation: Stenographer. 51151 5.-, - Y E 3 15 ji Qi-ifvoufcomr cEa1gim?Qu,vouz WW GQ Prefvorcd of Prince Strccf School Future occupation: Stenographer. 1...--i Rum Dwoksm 315 Ferry St. Prcporcd at Strong School Member of Dramatic Clubg Debating Societyg Focus Leagueg Shakespeare Club. YVill enter 'Willimantic Normal School. A-Xoxlas ljVVYI'lR 361 Ferry St Prcparcd at St. Francis' School Member of School Chorus. Future occupation Stenographer. lCm'ru JULIIQ I2.xRN1ssT llfl Hazel St. I'1'e'pa1'ed at Irgv Strcet School lfember of lligh School Chorus. Future occupa- tion: Stenographer. H161 lel.xR1u1z'r E. DRAZEN 619 Congress Ave. Member of Debating Societyg Dramatic Clubg Liter- ary Circleg Shakespeare Clubg Mr. llrown's Chorus. Vlflyf I ff' w , V' ,' .- 1 ' - 7 . . '57 f lg " lf' X5 Fl, N 1 Q R 'LC M9552 E500 nh i fffil f 1 . , S 'f e e e . 'c w,,,f, Klxiuox ll. FIEIELICY 196 James S I'1'ofvm'c'd at Strong School Member of lligh School Chorusg .Xthletic .Nssocia tion. liuture occupation: Stenographer. awe -he f,iR.Xt'li L, lflzlxlwfxu R8 lilac St. Member of Glee Club. liuture occupation: Stenog- rapher. Prcparcd at Ir'-V Street School Rosli F1coMK1N 837 Howard Ave. Member of Dramatic Clubg Shakespeare Club: De- bating Soeietyg Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Teacher. hlYR'l' G1':1e.xL1nx14: lfLoon 72 llurlburt St Prvparcd at Sacrcd Haart School ing Society. XYill enter XYillimantic College. Prepared at Cass School, Omaha H171 Member of lilee Clubg .Xthletie .Xssociationg Debat- QW Jo1l.xNx.x lirillir. 1Yi.XLl,IiNIi.XM 1- 405 Temple St. Prepared at iffy Street School Member of 1916 llasketball Team for three yearsg Athletic .-Xssociationg School Chorus. Future occupa- tion: Stenographer. l'iYliLYX XYIRGINLX ti1l:soN 222 Dwight St. Prepared at Dzuighi School Member of lifliciency Clubg Dramatic Clubg lilee L Clubg junior and Senior Rally Day Committee. f . . fi O' ll' .ia 49 llroad St. Prefvored of lfelkffvr School Club. Future occupation: Teacher. lll-:Lv-iN iXl.XRIli litjlilil-ll, 164 Scranton St. Prepared at Scranton School ft- Ifuture occupation: Stenographer. J 11181 ya:vo'u"coi cc C55 ,QlPou,vowz c Member of Dramatic Clubg School Chorusg Debating, . ,P -Al L! 920 ow ' 1' W '16jff2p f ff6eNnoR CL6-55 Boom cf 1 ' 'wg M 1 flu 0 V . - Y , ' Y fr Y ' , fl 'If ' ' ?' If ' 1 r It I, 'X ' 'Ni l AUC- '-4. 2, 171' ' ' Y ' ' lxosli ilolm-ix 210 Kshmun St. lfuture occupation: Stcliograplwr. X341 Qld!! Rosli filzlal-Qxlzliluz 537 11601-gg St Pl'8f71II'f'Gl at lI'e1v.vlfa' Salma! filee Club and Debating Society. liuture occupation Teaclier. ' I Xl.1.usoN LiLflxixN 30-L Greenwich Ave. Prfjulrrd at Tflllllfllflf Sfhool Future ogcupation: Lhdecided. iw Ai.Xliii,XIUC'I' XIARY ll.xYIis 23 llradley St l're'fv1r'e'd al Hunzilton School Member of ,Xthletic .Xssociationg School Chorus Current 'Iivcnt Club. lfuture occupation: F-tcnographer 11191 acces -yzouvene 40 ELSII2 Fl.o1:.x liliillil, 649 Congress .-Xve. Prepared at Prince Street School Member of Ffhciency Club: Athletic Association Dramatic Club: on Junior Fair Committee. VVill enter VVillimantic Normal School. ClI.XRI.U'l"I'li M. l'lliAlIN4iVV.XY 460 Ferry St. Prepared at Strong School Member of Athletic .Nssociatioug School Chorus. Future occupation: Stenographer. RLf'r11 Holvrox 64 Pearl St Prepared at CJ7'CI1'lfl6' Street School Mr. llrown's Concert. ANxix MAY llL'l:LlsY 260 Ferry St. Prepared at Dwight School Future occupation: Bookkeeper. H201 OVNNW Kl.x1uz.xl:ic'l' CIIQNI-Lviicvlc li.w.u'x.xui1 272 XY. Carlisle St. rus: I' A. liuture occupation: Stenographer. f 41, -- ' ff1941f1 97?i5EfN i 0 wr CASS? Boom so : f M ll.xm:,xle.x lliilcxiclc lQ.xl-1c'l's14Y 75 l'rince St. lhfvjulrcd of Princc Street 5011001 Member of lfocus Leagueg Cilee Club: .Xthletic Asso- ciation: ,lunior lfair Committee: Debating Society: Shakespeare Club. NYill enter XYillimantic Normal School. I . Prefmrfd uf L0-z'c11 .YCIZUOI pher. 1'rc'jmred of .Slrcred llcurf 3511001 Member of Athletic .Xssociationg lligh School Cho- Xoleix ti1Q1e'1'i:L'1mia KliI.I,Y 18 Xvilliayn Sf. Pmpcircd CII' Hauiilton School Member of :Xthletic Association: Freshman Orches- i tra: Debating Society, liuture occupation: Teacher. l121l hl.XR'l'll.X C.X'l'IILliliN lixxoiflf 601 ,lfast St. Klember of Dramatic Club: Glee Club: Shakespeare Club: School Chorus. liuture occupation: Stenogra- .457 ,V ixfnfuukf ' " '-"f " 'f " f' "F-Z7-5 " HT' jf vou Lon cz Cain: mu, an l..xl'R,x 'IAXNIC liltzmlfx' U52 Whitney Ave., XYhitneyville Prfjmrrd ai Ol'!I14'jlF Sfwff School Member of School Chorus. lfuture occupation: Stcnographer. .Xuxlis X'1ilcoxu',x lil-Lxxlaxlm' 20 Tour Ave., XYestx'ille Pwprzrfd af lllvmz'-z'iI!t' Gl'lI1'11l1llYl' Member of School Chorus: .Xthletic .Xssociationg Cur- rent livcnts Club, XYill enter Normal School. 11111 x L om 1 1 1 x lilfxm-im' 185 Putnam St l'1'r'fm1'ea' 411' ,S'41vwd lflvclrz' School Member of School Chorus. Illall-ix S. liu.1:o1:N 552 llixwell Ave. Pre'jvc11'ed at ll'i1lic1l11 1'f'1m High, l'l11'1r1a'flf7hia, 1711. Member of B T gg Athletic .Xssociationg Glee Club: llasketball Team ftwo yearslg Dramatic Club: Yice- Vresident of Girls, iilee Club. lYill he a Settlement Vllorker. 11221 fx Sym f'7"Z'iiiiilt"i' 'V ' i r g if -fc F ff 72 fi- ,gl ,jw wfse N 1 o mCgA:r:w Boo mit. iffy f,,,,f, ,J " ',.m-'gf if'I'IIIiI. KIM' Kixxiileic 32 Cottage St. lJ1't'flI7't'if 172' 1.11-Zvff 5611001 Member of ,Xthletic Associationg School Chorus' llas- ketball Team. Future occupation: Stenographcr. V wa V l1iil:'l'il,x I.l4.x'1Ni'. 81 York St. f'2't'ft1f'1'f1' at lf'f'11.rfw' Sflwol Member of Dramatic Clubg tilee Club: Debating So- ciety: Focus League: :Xthletic .Xssot-iation. XYill enter XYilIimantic Normal School. LALXKA XliI.I.IIi i.tZI'.X'l'IX USO State St. ' l'r'f'fvrI1'e'ff uf l.0'Z'f'U Sfhool ' Member of Dramatic Club: tilee Cl pation: 'l'eacl1er. l xiklilil. L. i.Ul"I'II L35 llalloek .Xve. l'repurc'a' al llvrum' 1211-V .5ic'110Ul Member of tiiris' tllee tfiub. Mlm msg 7 ' ' 1.55. ,, -1,---ff-f-Y-V -. on . ffl gffffh f A. .. -X .-,,', H., .. 4- 1-,V A, AGI., 63221 KPPVOULGIK CE5'lflPQU,VOlR 1 -llf5'l'lNli M. Lvxcll 1582 Chapel St. Prepared at Roger Sherman School Member of K M E Sorority. lfuture occupationg Undecided. ,il .l-- Hlauzx M,xRGU1Q1u'1'1a Rl.x1:'rENs 65 Canner St. Prepared at Worthington Hooker School Awarded a certificate in Typewriting. Member of School Chorus. lfuture occupationg Stenographer. l:I.0RIiNL'lC lun-:Nic lxxcu 1-l Rlaltby Place Prepared at Lovell School Future occupation: Stenographcr. ,Lill-l Bl.x1:oL'1iRl'1'12 C12c1i1.l.x BllJLl.UY 20 XYlnchester Ave Prepared at Sf. lllar-x"s School Member of Athletic .-Xssociationg School Chorusg erary Club. Preparing for Crseliue College. H241 .J gl VW? ,W z",,f" I ' - 7- Y Y lj r ln! , N 1 0 wi MASS? Esoomfil :lift . ,,,, . S "' S: S l " r 4 L .XTIIICRI M l l'r'cfvared at Cfrcehe Sfrccf School C. AUTJXNNICNY 834 State St. mg? Member of Debating Society: High School Chorus. Future occupation: Stenographer. At ts .Xxixix X'1i1aoN1c.x McC.xk'l'11x' 08 Mill River St. Prepared at Low!! School Mon a silver medal at Shorthand Contest held in Hartford. lfeb. 19, 1916. Member of Senior Chorus. lfuture occupation: Stenographer. GIZRTRUDIE Aoxlcs Klcliwkx' 90 Haven St. Prcfurcd of Hclmfltoh School Member of Debating Society: lligh School Chorus. lfuture occupation: Stenographer. , t ll Z. M.x1uz.xmc'r li. Mctixkzu' 46 Bristol St. Prepared of Si. .llfIl'xX".S' School Member of Athletic .Xssociationg School Chorus: l-it- erary Club. Mill enter Crseline College. 41, uffffpl rpm 1 Q'lf9f7ll f 'f ff lf m y C' 'es ,,s?Qu,vouz 147 Portsea St Prepared ai Sacred Heart Parochial School Member of Debating Society: School Chorus: Shakes- peare Club. lfuture occupation: Private Secretary. Klxkx' ,lfl.lZ.Xl!li'l'Il Nlclilaii 218 XYi1low St. l'1'epa1'ed at llY0l'fl7ll'lfjf07l llooleer School Klember of Senior Lfhorusq Xthletic Xssociation. Re- ,1.L .l ceived certificate for proliciency in Typewriting. Future ocupation: Stenographcr. Nl xlclox YICIQHNIKIX hlt'l..Xl'l1lll.IX 45 Summer St lJl'6'fltIl't'tll at flftlllflt' Slrccz' School Nlcmher of School Chorus. lfuture occupation Stenographer. NA' QM X A NlUl.l.lI'I Rvril Bllciclelnl -ll Spruce St. Prcjvarcd az' llclnsfcr School Member of Debating Societyg School Chorus: .Xthletic Association. XYill enter XYillimantic College. H261 . in 'l 1 "ww .f frfe A , F , f f 5161s I, ,MZ If , Af. I ,i, fflll :gf ,il , 65 N n o R LWCL655 4 Boo if ,, ,,,,,f,! 7 Y Y M '4-'15 A Q N Ili-:USN Mzxlcs Kll'14R.xx' 75 Carlisle St. Q , l,I'f,Pl7l'f'lf af llorucv Uahv Schvol Member of Debating Societyg Dramatic Club: Senior L flmrus: lilee Klub. lfuture occupation: Ste-nograplier. , 5 XIQRUNILHX lCI.lZ.XllIi'l'll Mi'l:l:.xY 230 lllateliley Ave P7'Ff7fIl't'If af Strmig Srhool lfuture occupation: Sta-nugrziplier. - ,, .x,... l'S'l'lll"l' Xl xl-' YIiWIl.Xl.l. 574 XYintlimp Xve. l're'farvd az' Roger Sherman Srluml Member of llamma Delta: Senior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School. X UbL .i l I ll'I lli'l"l'Ii XL"1'l.l-ty' 82 Orchard St ' 1 l,l't'f'tIl't'd at 1.u'z't'N School 11271 if I Wh 1 sg my ,,., ,, f. , ,Q , ,1-1, ,gl ' if m f V u Los va c'E:n1,niQu,vonR MARY llucxlc QYQQUNNOR 258 .Xugur St. Prejmred at Higghzuood Gl'lIl1111'l!U" Member of Efficiency Club: ,Xthletic Association. Fu- ture occupation: Stenograplier. Erlllil, i'1I.IZ.XHIi'l'lI CYIIRII-:N U4 Lawrence St. 'frvpared at Strong School Member of Mu Phi Gamma: Debating Society: .Xth- letic Kssociation. Future occupation: Stenographer. W' 18 Crown St. W . ww W f JY few iQI.sllf: RVN QYSIRURNIC 169 1-2 tfhatliam St Prepared at Sf7'0Hff School Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Stenographer. 51281 PI'FflI7't'!Y' at Gl'6't'Vl,t' Sfrvel School Member .Xthletic Kssociationg Mamma Ileltag Mr l3rown's Chorus. XVI enter l'ra1t's Institute. L Lf' W Lf A JY. 319660 N i o wtugisiafff EOOIQ5' 5 so r N 'ff IWIRIANI Member of Dramatic Clubg Debating Club: Shakes- peare Cluhg School Chorus. Future occupation' Teacher. FRANCIQS l,.Xll'1'IiR U7 XYard St. I,T?f7tIl'Cd at Scranton Street School Sol-1ll1il,1l.I.1.xx l'.xR'1'M,xx 29 Spruce St. f'n'fw1n'd of lI'cl1sfe1' School Nc-mher of Debating Societyg Athletic Association XN'ill enter New llaren Normal School of Gymnastics. A f 17I'rll1aL .XNNA iililllilcli Sl Carmel St. Member filee Clulmg lffficicncy Club: Gamma Delta Phig Senior Chorus. lYill enter XYillimantic Normal School. Preprlrfd at Roger .SirI1c'1'I1llIVl School ' . . , lXNui2l.1x.x I'1cleluaI.l.I lll XVooster St. IJ7't"f'tIl'Fd 112' Gremle Street School Member of Dehating Socictyg School Chorusg .Xthletic Association. Future occupation: llookkeeper. 11291 .XM A' ----fc Qi??VC5lU"lfCfl Ki' C Eimill Pouvonrz .xxlu QUICK f7?'6'flfI?'f'd at DoRo'1'1lY R.xM1:.xcH Prejmrmz' at Prince Strvez' School Member of Focus Leagueg Cilee Club. Debating Soci- ety: Dramatic Societyg Shakespeare Clubg School Circle. XYill enter Normal School. Union Distric! CI?'lll1'Zl'lHI?' School 5.XR.Xll lQ.x1:1xow1'rx llfNXllf ll. l'l+:'1'l2RsoN 87 Spring St. Prepflred at T7'ltl11UIl School Member Cilee Club. lfuture occupation: Stenographer. 1 lfast llaven, Conn. 598 Grand .Xve. f,7'6'Af'lIl't'd at Orange Sirfc! School Xlcmber of Debating Clubg Shakespeare Club, lfuture occupation: Stenographer. 81 Hallock St. H301 15 O?""'L bu f fo ll f f fff , 1 fi ' ' 12165: N 1 o vc tc was J Esoo K, ft ing, ,S gf ,W, ' fl Y 1 "4 l7oRo'1'nx' l.ol:l:lx1Nl': lQ.XXYl.liS So lfoster St. l'rf'jvared uf !.0'z'vH Svlzfwl Member of Champion Sophomore llasketlnall Team: ,lunior llasketlmall Team: Gamma Delta l'lng Senior Cho- rus. Future occupation: Typist. N - ,XNNA RICIS 7-l Xicoll St 1Y,I'6'f7KIl'E'fi az' f,0'z'e'U 5511001 l'lUlLlI'tt oceupation: Stenograplmer. - ll.xNN.xn Rives NH Ilowarml Ave. L -P f,I'llflll'l'F'lf az' !'rim'v ,S'f1'Nf Sulzfml ,v xlt-mhttf of Dramatic Clull: Sll2lkt'SIJt'2i1'E'2iIl Llullg lllee - X t llllllil .Xtlrletie ,Xssoeiation. XX'ill enter XYillimz1ntie Normal School. . v , l,omi'r'l1x lilrsox 28 l.intlen St l'1'U1MlrUrf of llonlft' lltlhl' .QUIZOUZ Nliemlmer of lielmzitingg' Society, .Xtllletle .Xssoeizltion XX'ill enter lllllimantie Vollege. N311 GlQR'l'Rl'lJli FRANcls llUNl.XNOlflf 175 lYashington ,Xx'e. yefvcilufccsicZT'ET9ouvouz e , am AlOLl.Il2 CYRIC RUSICXFIIEID 845 Howard Ave. Prvpawd at Truman School Member of Cilee Clubg lfocus League: Athletic Asso- ciationg Senior Chorus. Will enter VVillimantic College. Prepared ai Prince Street School Member of Athletic Association: lfocus League: Glec Clluh: Debating Society. NYill enter Normal School. . xc, 4.4 '. A X . Ili 33 Kimberly Xve. l,I't'fltI7'Ulll uf 'llrzmzan 5611001 lfulure oceupationz Trziinecl Nurse. NYill enter l.incoln l lospital. ll1XNIli Scuwv.xR'1'z 24 Ann St. Prepared at H't15lLlVlfjfl7l'l. Irving High School. llember of Shakespeare Club. H321 fha, 'WPT i' .,', . , ?, X f-1' H 6, ir K ff' gf4, fwf5E N I O R. 1.CLfjf.D54 BOO A, .,. Ja' me S r - DAISY SINN N 128 KliI10I' Prepared ai l'rim'f' Struct School Member Debating Societyg Athletic .Xssociationg Sen- ior Chorus. XVill enter Yale Music School. Rirru .'XL'GL'S'l',X Sl'R.Xlil,'Ii 1324 State St. I're'fvore'd at Lovell School Member of lilee Clubg Dramatic Lflubg Gamma Delta l'liig School Chorus. lfuture occupation: Stenograplier. i fic,,,d,, fglafsa , AlII.l?RlCIJ S'r1cnl:1Ns 762 Orchard St, Prepared ul Ivy Sfrvez' School Member of lifliciency Clubg Cllee Clubg Gamma Delta l'l1ig Freshman Uasketlval Team. Future occupation: Stenographer. Nl.XR'l'll,X SVIRSKY 14 Sylvan .Xve. l'rc'farcd uf llvt'l7.Ylf'l' Sfhool Member of Dramatic Club, YVill enter VVillimantic college. 11333 x W-ir.2votUf'coiwfcEp1gfm?Qu,vouz . l JANE C.x'l'111-:R1N1f: ,lllliRNliY Prepared at I.of'v1l Srlzool Member of .Xthletie ,Xssociationg Senior Chorusg De- bating Society. Vlfill enter XYillimantie College. .Y , e JANE N. VVACIQIQL PV?f7lIVl'Li at Scranton ,S'fr0ez' School Member of Gamma Delta. Phig Senior Chorus. XYill enter VVillimantic College. JXLFIIILD C. Swxxsox 2-lf XVillow St. Prepared of Lo-z'e'll School Member of Debating Societyg Senior Chorus. XYill enter XYillimantie College. l3 Hay Ft. Ylciu li'rl11i1.x'N 'l'U'r'1'i.1c llighwood, Conn l"1'4'fr1r'vd of lliifh-zuoou' ffflllllllltll' School Member of Senior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School 28 Judson Ave. 51341 Milli 'PJM 4 V111 I, , wuufu- , - Y ,. ,, , : , ,Q iw. ' ' 1 f ' ' I ,QM 1 I 1 Q f amen CLQ35 A aoomtzg, , Enxx RL"1'll XYA'r1:0t's 125 Nicull St. Preparfcl at l.o'z'ell Svhool Member of Gamma Delta l'l1ig School Qflmrlls. lfu- ture occupation: Stenograpllcr. ,Q Q, 4 . AXNNA XI.xma.x1c1c'1' XY11l'1'1a 139 lkyrtgqgl St Prepared at Sacred Hear! Parochial School Hlernber of School Llwrus. lfuturc occupation Stcnogruplxcr. GI4:R'rlet'1112 XVILSON 62 liillwrt .Xvfa Prfparod af St'l'lIPll0H .S'frc'Uf School Member of Dramatic Clulmg lfocus lxagtleg Senior Chorus. lfuture occupzttmn: Teacher. ., M Q Kl.x11m.x XYmcarl'1' 360 Townsend AXYC. Prejulrctl al C:ll'Ct'l'lc' Sfrvvt Svhool Klemlner of Dramatic .Xssociutimn XYi'l enter Smith College. H351 '- ef ..v ,fum pyifvciufcoic'if'C'Esfj1n?Qu,vouz H.X'1"1ill-I IE'r1l11:L ZIMMERMAN 1229 Forest St Prclhorcd ot ,Wilford Grammar School Future occupation: Stenographer. W' Wa. ' h C if'l'lIEL MAE GoR11.xM 1 Lexington Ave. Prcparcd ai Lowell School Member of Athletic Associationg School Chorusg De- bating Societyg Dramatic Society. Future occupation: Stenographer. A A C' , M.xRGARE'r Qilililik 19 Kensington St. Prepared at Dwight School Future occupation: Stenographer. fr! 'E 'f in M fi. ' .iff IA ' SS f.-42121 -Q it - : 1 +-.,,--1c.I...,. ef-le' ei 1' mu-x. ' .1 ,av--VEKL zz' 1- Wa.-'..'f": aff.-Rm.hizemvznmfv-'L it . - Efmrlmgltfiir l 11361 'ignarhnmm Svrirntitir BUX'S JAMIQS Rfllllill-I .'XIJAMSUN 120 Xiqfyll St, 17rrpared al Lovell Gronzulof' School Member of Room 110 llaseball Teamg Room 112 llaseball Team. Will enter Slietlield Scientific School. Future occupation: Electrical Engineer. 157 Columbus Ave l'rcfvz1z'vd ut llfebstfg' School ture occupation: Forester. l.liROY l'1'1l,xx1 IZAILEY 88 Clark St. Ibfejvrlrcd at Omrzgft' Street' School mm ,21 ,Lil 5lZf5E N19 access-:ia zoo ,Q Tried for the Carl Monson Prize in Algebra Fresh- man vear. Hill enter Slierticld Scientific School. Fu- li gfffylff FL 6 TIP an gf21fvc5Ufccst sa f' c ESU Zo uvoi llwusiri' Ciliasrlaia liiilaisiz U4 llobart St. Prejvared at Roger Sheruzun School Member of A .3 E lfraternity: Treasurer of the .Xth- letic Nssociation: Manager of the lligh School Football Team: President of the School Circle: Yice-President of the Class of lfllfwg Yice-President of the Senior Ffh- ciency Club: .Xssociate lfditor of the lefIdllIf07',' Editor- ineChief of the Rodfoior. lfuture occupation: lilectrical lingineer. lsxnoina lZ1:1cNN1cit 74 York St. Prepared of Il'vli,vtm' 5611001 l'articipant in Carl Klonson l'rize Contest in Algebra: member of Debating Society: .Xthletic .Xssociationg Draa matic Club. lfuture occupation: Xrchitect. li.XRI,li CAMP lilUTCKlf'l"l' 77 Qlarmgl Sr, fJ1't'f7lI7'Ud at lhuiiflif and ll'e,vf'z'i1'fv CQVIIHHIZII7' Schools Klemlicr of .X E K Fraternity: Freshman Track Team: lfreshman Athletic Xssociation: X. ll. ll. S. Debating Society: X. ll. ll. S. Athletic .Xssociation: N. ll. ll. S. lltliciency Club: Thanksgiving lfund Committee, 101-l: Room 110 llaseball Team: Senior Chorus: Associate liditor of the Senior Class Hook: member of the Senior Class Rally Day Committee. XYill enter Shetiield Scienf tific School. Future occupation: Constructive Engi- i neering. llnntxium l'lUKIllCS liclcl' 231 Park St. P7'8'f7lIl't'0l of llfeiglzf Cfrozzzaaiciz' SUIIOUIT Member of A A 2 l"rate1'nity: llusincss Manager of the Rudicztorg lirst prize winner in lreshman lennis Tournalment, gSophomore and ,lunior l'e'nn1s 'leamsg Captain of the Senior Tennis Team. Ifuture occupation: Study of Architecture. 113541 'y 9-My if yy ' if I 7 7. , 'F - 4,3 -P Y ul lyk M65 N 1 0 Rlrtinbbzf Boo ff' 'lf , ,,f, f- ff" ' ' 1 1 Q ns I QL: 'TIIIIAIAS ,loslivll CI..XNl'Y 521 State St, I'rvjmrr'd 111 lluzzzilfon Cfralllzllmr 5611001 Mexnlrcr of the .Xtlilc-tic .Xssociatioir llrcpariug for Sliefliclfl Scicntilic School. Future ocupation: civil .lfliginc-cr. lil5RAT.IJ 'l'l:.xx'lile Una 232 Mcliinlcy ,Xxx f,l't'ft!I'e'tf ul ll'vxff'1'IIv GIUIIIHIUI' Selma! XlL'111lhCI' of A I K ,l'qI'Z1lt'IAllllj'. lfuturc occupation Xleclianical l'i11glIlt'C1'. 1 . 1 lzlmvxlm 5. l7.wliNl'c:1c'l' 10,1 llavcnport Nw. l'reparcd fn' ll'c11stc1' Srlznol Member of A I Eg M KD Kg lillicieucy Lllulmg .Xtliletic .XSSUCl2lll0I1Q llclmating Socictyg School Llirclci lllasa Track 'l'cams:"l'hirrl Triumvirate: Senior Reception Committceg tfhairman class l'in Lommittec: Qfliairman Alumni .Xssociation Revival Uommittccg .Xssistant llusi- ncss Manager of tlic f'l7't'.YllI1HIVl lltlwdlwwk, XYill cntcr She-tlic-ld Scieutiiic School. lfuture occupation: lfngr necring. . ' 45 Circ-cue St I'rvparrd af llmzziltmz GVLIIIINIIII' School lfuturc occupation: Iinginccring. 11301 plv6'o1'coia'0cE:' -gfeouvouz 41972 GQ XY.x1.1mo F.x1i:if11aLn lliisxrown North Haven, Conn. Prepared at Roger Sherman School Member of Freshman Debating Societyg Freshman Athletic Associationg Room 119 llaseball Teamg Room 112 Baseball Team: N. ll. H. S. Debating Society: .Xthletic .Xssociationg Dramatic .Xssociationg Senior Chorus. Gizokoiz Hoya' DOWNES 323 Edgewood Ave. Prepared at Roger Sherman School Member of Room 119 liaseball Teamg Athletic Asso- ciationg Sophomore Track Team. XVill enter Shefheld Scientific School. Future occupation: Electrical Engineer. , -l-i--r l IIUXI xs lllaxm' lJIc.xl'icR 430 lleach St., NV. H. Prepared ai Orange Street School Member of .X I Eg Athletic Association. VVill enter K Sheliield Scientific School. Future occupation: Engi- nee-ring. JXDELBERT HARRY DREESNIIR 80 Dorman St. Prepared at IU' Street School Future occupation: Instructor in Manual Training. 11401 ' - ..... .,. .i- ,W SVW' , ' 51, ' "'frf,.,' ' - V ' ' ,5 If' I f ia More N 1 o R1,CKAfJ5'e Boo K.,5'ZQg ff"?ffQ,' rXR'l'lll'R Al.XXSlfIlil.lJ ,livlam'r X St. Ronan Terrace Member of I' A KP lfraternityg N. H. ll. S. ,Xthletic .-Xssociationg Assistant Business Manager of the Cres- centg Assistant Editor of the Crescent. S.xx11'1c1. timer lfomrxx 550 1 lrclmrcl St. Member of lireslnnan and Sophomore lfootball Teams. 1'repr1'rc'd of OI'1IVLjlf' Strom' School ZWYRLON A'rmx lf.xRNlx.xxL Farnham Ave. I,Vt'f7lI7'Fd of ll'c'5f'T'l'fzlt' Grcmmlar School Member of lfreshman Athletic Xssociationg N. ll. ll, S. Athletic Association: Senior Chorus. Will :nter Shellield Scientific School. l'rvj1rzrf'd of fl7L'Iij1lIf Gronmzor .Sll'lIt7U1 fI..XRI'1Nl'I-I hlonx l"1:.xsl-in 224 Edgewood .Xve lv,l'?f?CI7't'C1 ai ll'e.rf-ville Grammar School Member of A A E1 Freshman llaseball Teamg Regular lfootball Team: Regular llasketball Teamg Freshman Debating Society: 'fMartyreCl l7ive": Senior Dramatic Lflubg Sophomore llaseball Team: Captain of the Fresh- man lfootball Team: .Xssociate lfditor of the Rofliofor. 51411 e'V 9 lll Qi-i:vc5'Uf'coi szf'cE:fEQ Eouvowi 4395? IJ.xx'lo I"1:lcm1.xx KI-usic. lj7'6'f'lIl'L'd of Prince Street Member of Urcliestra, 1915. 40 235 Congress Ave School Future occupation I,.XXNRIiN4fIi RAIJCIATFI-'li I"i'1.1-'oieo 270 Iixcliange St. P'rcfwm'd nz' flftllfllijt' Sztrccf School Ifuture occupation: Iflcctrical Engineering. lJl't'f'lI1't'd I 'srwsox 5-I Downing St ol lm' and Strong Schools Member of 2 A N3 Ifresliman Athletic ,-Xssociation X. II. II. S. .Xtliletic Association, 1914-15-165 Sopho- more Tennis Team: X. II. II, S. Champion llasketball I Iiysical Director. Team: Iioys' lilee Club, 1015-16. Future occupation I S1'1-Zzllclik I..xw1:1QNc1c H1-:NN l91 Atwater St. Prcfardd of .Slll'0Vlfj School tMember of Athletic Association. Future occupation: Civil Engineer. 11421 ? p ' vfi , E N i o Rf iCQfl-Q51 2106 1, Vf5Z19Z7WWzf' ' ' 1 f"'i ff F 1 4721625 , ' dy I 'm,f'6 ,N Q ,4 " 4' -'nf ff Iliff, IIIQRMAN Rolzlclcr ,lixco1:soN 540 XYasliington Ave. flrf'pa1'ccz' oi l'rim':' Siren' School I lfuture occupation: lflectrical lfngineer. lllixlcx' S'l'HlJIJ.XRll blouxsox 23 'llrumlmull St l'rcfvr1rm' of Clftliljft' Street School la1'1'f'.' .Xtlilctic Association: lfrcsliman Debating Societv lielrl Scientific School. lfuturc ocupatiou: Chemist. , .Xl.l..XN lC1m'.x1cnji'1.1x 11 l'nivc-rsity l'lace i,lH'f7CI?'6'd ui llwigflzi fffllllllllcll' Scflool 1 1 Member of N. ll. ll. S. Xtliletic .Xssociatioug Senior 'il lfootball Team: Room 11'l llaselrall Team. XYill enter if Sliellield Scientific School. lfuture occupation: Kleclian- ical lfngineer. 'Z 1.1-tox ll.x1u.ow Kllillli 1o5 Plymouth St.- Prcprzrcd at Trzmztln Sfrvez' School. - - Member of N. ll. ll. S. .Xtliletic .Xssociationg Glee Clubg Dramatic Clubg Manager of the Freshman Track Team. Future occupation: Nlechanical lingineer. 11431 Klemlacr of the lfclitorial llozlrcl of Le l"cuiIlf'f Sco- Spcecli Improvement Week committee. Will enter Slieif- 49721 -- om 47si2VC5lU"l1Ciiri7E' ESE EQUVQIR jlxmies D. KINSl'1Ll..X 718 State St. Prepared at Orange Street School Member of N. ll. ll. S. :Xthletic Association. NORMAN llOl'KINS KIRBY 32 Carmel St. Prepared at Roger Sh6"7'7l'l01'L' School Member of Junior Championship Football Team, Senior Football Teamg Room ll9' Baseball Teamg "Mar- tyred Five"g Athletic Association. Preparing for Shef- field Scientihc School. Future occupation: Electrical Engineer. HARRY W. I.A1:ov 29 Hutton St. Member of the Focus Leagueg N. ll. ll. S. Debating cietx S eech lm roxernent VX'eek Committee' Yice- Preparco' of Horace lhlj' School l,lIlI.Il' llORDUN liXtJXVl.'l'tlX 63 Lake Place P7't'f7lI7't'CIi at lin' Slrcct School Member of A A E. Fraternityg Athletic Associationg Xlanaffer of the lligh School llaseball Teamg Business l 2, I Manager of the Radiator. Future occupation: Mechan- ical Engineer. So jg p p f . President of the Focus League: Treasurer of the De- bating Societyg Associate Editor of the Focus: Editor- in-Chicf of the Ifocnsg Business Manager of the Senior Class Book. Will enter Columbia. Future occupation: Architect. H441 fl ff 5 Q ft 'rt 5 XYll.I.I.XM lllCNRY l.ixsLii'r'r 100 Augur St. l'rt'jrt1reo' af ll'!1f1'nc'j'r'illv School. Member of the Athletic .Xssociationg Speech Improve- ment Week Committee. lfuture occupation: Architect. 1 Ci. limits:-:Vic l,l-iwis North Haven, Conn Prepared of Strong School lluture occupation: Radio Engineer. . S.xMt'l-ir. S. l.oi',x'rix, blue, U80 State St. l'rvporr'd at l,or't'!l Cfrmlzzizor School Member of the .Xthletic .Xssoeiationg Dramatic Clubg Championship junior Football Team: Class Dance Com- mittee: lfreshman Athletic Association: Senior Class Rally Day Committee: Freshman Dramatic Club: llusi- ness Manager of the l"ocu.v,' Manager of the Senior llas- ketball Team. Future oeeupation: Doctor of Medicine. Rtltilxli FIIICRXIAN l.YNcli 149 Norton St. f'rcjmred of Iroyer SfZt'l'1ll0'7l School Member of Junior Champion lfootball Teamg Senior lfootball Teamg .Xthletic .Xssociationg A I E. Preparing for Shetlield Scientitic School. f1451 into Rifrufjsiiaobw w 'ff' t :I 1l ,, W, ,f fllfff "2'H"w mmf if , 4 p , gfffvotufjtomgc 'cesifilzoucvoua ,iii--1 NAND M.xoiaR 488 Dixwell .Xve. Prcfarcd az' Inv Sfrccf School Member of N. ll. H .Xthletic .'Xssociation, F1143 Room 119 llaseball Team: "Martyred Five." Future occupation: Mechanical Engineer. l- N.x'r1i.xN lXl.x'1'1l.xG 539 Oak St. l're'jvarrd af Scranforl Street School Member of Athletic .-Xssociationg N. ll. H. S. llase- ball Teamg Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior llasket- ball Teamsg Freshman Baseball Teamg Sophomore and Senior Football Teams. 'lxcon 3llil.l.lON 95 Prince St Preparcal al l'ri11ce Sirccz' School Member of Focus Leagueg X. H. ll. S. ll. Pre paring for Shelheld Scientific School. Future occupa tion: Forestry. c l RICIlAR17 Auuiax NORTH North llaven, Conn. Prepared at North I-lat'ch Grammar School Member of A A Eg Athletic ,Xssociationg Pin Com- mittee' Assistant Editor of the Radlatorg Editorhln Chief of the Radiator Rakc Arzrmal. Future occupation. Electrical Engineer. L1461 A lemon CLA55 Esoowo of VW? , V . s l f -. " f f , 4165: , .' Q 6 1 Q i i - JA Y lfv 'gi W! 'fl ll -' ,J Glcokmz QjI.St 1 N P1'e'fof'fd at Oronoc Center Sfhool Member of .Xthletic Assoeiaticmz Singing Class. XVill enter Pratt's Institute. v Orange, Conn. l X1c'l'11l'lc .IIQNNINUS llli'l'IilQSUN -L8 Gill St Prefvored ol Union District School, E. H. Xlemlmer of 00 E. XX'ill enter Shellield Scientific School. lfuture occupation: lilectrieal lingineer. V .'Xl.lll-IR'l' .Xl.liX.XNlll'IR Ruvklila 507 East St. l,I't"f'!I?'t'd at Orange Sz'1'ef'f Srhool h Member ot .-Xthletlc .Xssrmeiationg Senior Llmrus. l'u- ture occupation: lfngineer. S11 Q L'l.'l'liS 'IUIIN SICIIHJLD 1385 Chapel St. 1'1'f'jvr11'ed ai lhuigfhz' fifdlllllllll' School ff 'l 2f..fvotU"coicz'7?E'Es1'fii7Qu,voiR ,,,1.i -11 llxiuu' Sxicioi-iicxrxx 102 Rosette St. P1'cpm'cd at Prince Street School Nlemlmer of the .Xthletic :Xssociationg Sophomore, Jun- ior, Senior llasketball Teams: Room 119 llaseball Team. Preparing for Sht-Hield Scientific School. l'uture occu- pation: Medical Doctor. Lows Solfif Srovlx 215 Orange St. I'r'ejvared of Orange SI'I'1't'f' School Member of N. H. ll. S. .Xthletic .Xssociationg N. ll. ll. S. Debating Societyg Focus Leagueg Assistant llusi- ness Manager Senior Class Hook. XYill enter Massachu- setts Institute of Technology. lfuture occupation: Kle chanical Engineer. XXvlI.l.l.XKl iX1.l:li1:'l' 'l'nnQI., ,llc 30 Marvel Rd, VVestville llrrjmrui of lm' Street School Nleinlbcr of .Xthletic .Xssociationg Dramatic Clubg Class Day Committee. XYill enter Shellield Scientihc School. A Jonx .losnen 'lknnoxs 163 Kimberly Ave. Prepczrod of Orange Street School Member of Athletic .Xssociationg N. ll. ll. S. Urches- tra two yearsg Room 110 llaseball Team. l'uture occu- pation: Civil Engineer. f 4 yfffif ,554 l'f7lf,"f f ,' - 7. , ., E 1, :rig 119260 has EN IO R1.Cul9552 Boo M Q - ,,,,,f. 1 f fi' i - V Mfg XY.XL'l'IiR 'l'1loM.xs XX'.xr.sll 37 llishop St. l'r0porcd of l-o'z'vIl Cfrofalzlloz' School 31CH11JC'I' of Athletic Xssociationg High School Cho- rusg Thanksgiving Fund Committee: Introductory Com- mittee. Future occupation: Engineer. 1J.XXll'1l, W1-:1Ns'r1-:lx 27 Rose St Pwjvorvd ol Prima' Street School ing Clulig lfocus Leagueg Grind lfditor of the Focus 1916. XYill enter Yale .Xrt School. 1l1f:lu:1-im' XVRIGIIT 1-lo lfairmont Ave. Prfjvarfd at G1'vv1f1e Slreet School Member of N. H. H. S. Athletic Association: lntro- ductory Committeeg Room 119 Baseball Team. 1915- Glee Club: Cantata, 1916: judge of Republic of 220 Future occupation: Manufacturer. 11491 Klemlfer of Dramatic Associationg iilee Clubg Debat- tl 62162. m ff'11lVC5lU"l1C5-i vZr"c'E:n" t Pom vouz u 647 , i J I: V f Vg! Manual Qlnurnv BOX7S Rlcllum ll.xLnvv1N lllzlslurslal. Xlfoodbridge, Conn. Prepared az' lI'esf-ville Grammar School Member of the lloarclman lilectrical Club. Future oc- cupation: Taxidermist. ,,Ll,l -T .XL1:lcm' C. IlR.xn1.l-Lx' 22 Austin St. Prepared ai West-z'ille Grammar School Xlemller of the regular football squadg member of the lloardman lilectrical Clubg N. H. H. S. :X Aug Semor Chorus: member A 2 K. Future occupatlonz lzlectncal lingineer. Ilxluey VV. CIIARD 26 Dorman St. Prvparca' af fi'-X' Sirfvf School Member of the Etliciency Club: N. H. H. S. AX. .X.1 member of Speech Improvement Vtleek Committeeg 1916 Class Pin Committeeg Secretary Boardman Electrical Clubg member A E K. Future occupation: Journalist. 11501 .lo11N Dl. lisvosiro 135 llrewery St. A9257 Wy r f f f tzm foifn to micukisefi Boo or e C -f '-A XV.XI.'l'liR CRoN.xN 100 Greenwicli .Xve. lI1'f'17CI7't'd at Trzmzrm Sirvel School. Member of the regular Football Teamg member of flie lloardman Electrical Clubg N. H. H. S. A. .X.g member junior llaseball Team: Senior Cliorusg member GJ E. Future occupation: Naval Academy. ll.x1col.11 lixrssrkoxi 10-l Fillmore St Prepared at Lowell School mitteeg Senior Cliorusg N. H. ll. S. .-X. A. f'rf'pared Ut Greene Sfrvezf School Member of lloardman lflectrical Clubg member of Senior Chorus. Future occupation: llusiness. fUNS'l'.XNTli AX. fiIORIJ.XNO 88 XVooster St. Pzvjvfirvd 01 Grvelze .S'fre'ez' School Member of lloardman lilectrical Club: member of Senior Chorus: member F lloys' llaseball Team. Fu- ture occupation: Civil Engineer. l151l Member lf' lloys' llaseball Teamg member of Board- man lfectrical Club: Speech Improvement VVL-:ek Com- :pw ,av .. ii, ?.g:,w li 1 3:-,. .. -x .v,,', ,Y ., ., : , ,.,' 4, , .,. . ,, 1 '51 El r-'eVQfU Lol K CEST.. PQUVQNZ -le-fe Q a am Xls'1coN C1112S'ricR QiROX'liR Prepared ai lfrziort District School Member of lloardman Electrical Club. .lfuture occu- pation: Electrical Engineer. W1LL1.xM Al.1:1sR'r HANsoN 60 Henry St. Prepared at I-zfy Street School Member of Track Teamg lf lloys, Baseball Teamg Senior Hockey Teamg lloardman Electrical Clubg H. H. S. A. A. lfuture occupation: Civil Engineer. 0.11414 oub J. fiR.XXlJ.ll'I.XN 93 Reefs St Prejmrerl of lVel1.rfer School Member of lloardman Electrical Clubg N. ll. H. S .X. A.: F Boys! llaseball Team. Future occupation Electrical Engineer. East llaven, Conn. l ll.XRll1.l5 li. ll.xNsox 60 Henry St Prejrored of Ivy Street School Member of lioardman Electrical Clubg N. H. H. S .'X. .-X.: Senior Cborusg member Junior lilaseball Team F lloys' llaseball Team. Future occupation: Draftsman pm A we 1 ,Q fe fi ' if 1 Silly: I, ff J' ..'. Y - . 7. X Y-T I6 ' 1 f 12161555 ,Q I t TQ WSE N I Q Rfcqgegiy 2,00 wi 4- f Q-if wwf' 7 If Q V ' I " Quiz? Louis WiLI.i.xAi llETfll.XNN 265 XYasliington Ave. Prefirlrcd af f,l'l7l,C'f' Street School Member of lloarclman 'Electrical Club: N. H. ll. S. ,X. A.: Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Electrical Engineer. l-. ,, llamden. Conn P1'e'jmrf'a' at f-t'Hff'I"Z'lHL' ffrtzuzuzar School Team: President of lioardman Electrical Club: N. H ll 9 X X Future occupation: Electrical Engineer. .lxI.I-lX.XNllliR tl. lilxc: 323 Clinton .Xx'e. l're'fu1r0d 111' Sf. l'i7'tI1lL'i5' Ptzroclzicll School Klember llaseball Team: 1916 Football Team: Captain Track Team: X. ll. ll. S. A. A.: lloardman Electrical Club. Future occupation: Springfield Training School. Kll'IRXVlN Huawei' Liar ,68 james St Prepared at Gremze Street School Member of lloardman Electrical Club: N. ll. ll. S .X. .X. Future occupation: Draftsman. may inlember of lfllo llascliall Team: Senior Hockey' lzzetifvouftzcsfvfceaiit Pouvow? R1c11.x1e11 S1'121c1aY ll.x1z14s XVoodbridge, Conn. Prcfmred of ll"e.rtt'illc Gl'tII7lHfllIl' School Member lioardman Electrical Club. Future occupa- tion: Electrical Engineer. vlonx ANDREW MCli1i1z 24 Yernon St. lM'ember of Boardman Electrical Clubg Champion Freshman Baseball Teamg Editor of The Alfalfa Her- aldg member of Efficiency Club. Future occupation: Business. Prcfvmfea' of Union Grammar School .X. Future occupation: Electrical Engineer. lilitllillli 'l'11oA1.xs Bltilflili 24 Vernon St l'1'cj1411'crl ai ll'el1.rz'cr School Member of Champion 'lunior Football Teamg N. H ll. S. :X. .X.1 Senior Chorusg Boardman Electrical Club Etliciency Club. Future occupation: Salesman. fj1'l'f7tII'C'!l1 at ll'cl1.vfc1' School 11541 II'.x1eo1.n lloM.xN l.1Nx1-:LL 164 Howard Ave. Member of lloardman Electrical Clubg Glee Clubg Senior Dramatic Clubg Efficiency Clubg N. H. H. S. A. 'Z6ll19lW7f'f27y' jg?-if --T " 7- -L, 'Q' fig 'S .fi ill, ,jl rffoa N 1 Q R1fEH5TJ2f Boo KL. 46- R.xYMoNnjo11N Nol..xN llamclcn. Conn. Member of lloardman lflectrical Club: N. ll. ll. S. A. A.g Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Mechanical Draftsman. aan- it Y if .51 1. LH ' - 'WK v Prepared at Ci6'l'l'I't'1"Z'll!f' GHIIIIIIIKII' School - tnzokoif I,1coN.xlm Xrux 37 South XYater St. Member of Regular llaseball Team: Iloarclman lilec- trical Clubg N. H. ll. S. .X. .X. Future occupation: College. lllsxm' .IOIIN Nl'l2IiN'l' 17 Kossuth St !'1'vp411'ccl 111' ll'6lv.vlrr School Member of Champion Freshman llaseball Team man Electrical Club: Champion 'lunior Football Team liusiness Manager of The .Ilfolfo lleroldj' N. ll. ll. S .X. A.: member C0 E. Future occupation: Chemist. , Prepared of Tl'IH1ltIiH Sirvef School. R.x1,1'1l Rl.X'l'IlI-INN' l'.xl-lxxooox 11.2 Greene St. l'rcf4m'd of lllmzilfon School Klemfber lloardman lilectrical Clubg Champion Junior Football Teamg X. ll. ll. S. .X. A.: Regular Football Teamg Senior Chorus: If lloys' llaseball Team. Future occupation: llusiness. 11551 Freshman Football Team: Junior Baseball Teamg Board- ki i iff 7f,,' ,. at ,,., .as-,, AQ, .. a ,W ,Ig Q1VOU'LOlli-.6EfJ'l'l.PQU,VOlR XI1 1e1 ll 1 l'1u4s.x11 l'1ac14 Xlloodbridge, Conn. Pzvficzrcci' 411' l!''z'iII1' Grfzuzuzfzr School Member lilee Clubg Senior Cliorusg Senior Dramatic Clubg liFliciency Club. liuture occupation: Civil Service. lf1e1xx1Q XN"11.1.15 l'1c11141xs l3 llorman St. Prc'jvar1'd 111 l'f'.l' .S'1'1'1'r1' .Sklzool Member High School Urclustrag lloarclman lilectrical Clubg Efficiency Clubg N. ll. ll. S. .X. X. liuture occue pation: llusiness. l'iRXliS'l' XX'11.1.11xx1 l,I.Hlil1lCli 43 .Xdmiral St. l'1'cf1111'1'cz' of Hz'-x' Sf7'f'Cf School Member of lioarclman ,liiectrical Club: X. ll. ll. S. X. X.: Mather llebating Club: Senior l'rom Commit- teeg Cill3.ITl1Jill.l .lunior lfootball Tcamg lllee Club: Senior Chorusg member A bl Ii. lfuture occupation: Mechanical lingineer. llowixlm li1M11.x1.1. l'os'1' lofi Scranton St. Prepflrcd at .SlCl'lI'Hl'tNI .S'l1'r'e'f School Member lloardman Electrical Club Klatlier Debating Club: Glee Clubg Champion Junior lfootball Team: li lloys' llaseball Team. liuture occupation: Civil Engineer. 11561 AV 764 ff f ww' 4'1ff,', ,' .. . ' f 7. , T' ' Y ,fj 'vfql I 3615 fflafi wse N 1 0 wit LiA5i1ff Boo fig, ,1 ff h 1 ' c r ' -- ' f ,ff 1 . Tilxwxlco Kxscll 118 liassc-It Sl. l'l'c'fN1l'Ud 111' li'-1' .S'2'I'U1'! .SQUIIHUI Xiift'-i,l'L'5id6Ifl of lloardmaii lilcctrical Club: incinhcr of Senior Chorus. lfuture occupation: Civil linginccr. l.1aSl.11c IZ. RI2IllflliI.ll lfast llavcii, Conn. Prvfnzrcfif uf liaxf ll11':'1'n 6fr11111n1.1n' School pation: Mechanical IJI'3fTSITlZill. jonx i'1R.XNi'lS li1c1L1.Y S13 L'o11g1'c-ss ,Xu-. II7'f'flIl't'd at Sf. f0hn'.v Srlwol Member of Champion Junior Football Teanig Sopho- more and junior llascball Teainsg N. li. ll. S. .X. ,X.Z Xssistaxit lfditor of Tha .llfcllfa Hrrrzldg rnemlmer of lloardman lflcctrical Cluhg member 01 E. Ifuture occu- pation: fivil i':UgilIt't'I'. 'l'llox1,xs ll R1i1'No1.11s 1011 Nlcchanic St l77't'f7tIl't'd 111' f,0'z'1'N School Nic-niber of l1oz1rdmz111 lilectrical Lflulmg lilcc Club i Baseball Team: X. ll. ll. S. .X. .X.3 Sc-nior Chorus Future occupatioii: llrauglitsniaii. 11571 Treasurer of lioardman lflcctrical Club, lfuturc occu- Ncw Haven High School Debating Society: lf lloys ff Wh 1 eff 47, 1 y5??V6U"lIC5i CC' C ESE E'Qu,vooR 4.9.21 40 filffllillli Cleo:-"r Rrrcnila 31 Carmel St. Prepared of Roger Shernmn School Member of lloardman Electrical Clubg N. H. H. S. A. .X.Z Senior Chorus. lfuture occupation: Machine Designer. . ALFRED li. Ross East llaven, Conn. Prepared of Union Gromnzm' School h Member of Dramatic Club: X. H. H. S. .X. .Xu Divi- sion Poet. Future occupation: College. .l.Xl'lJl! RL'1:lNsKx' ' 334 VV. Portsea St. Prepared of Trmnan Street School. Member of Champion Senior Basketball Teamg junior llasketball Teamg Editor-infhief of The Alfalfa Her- oldq Associate liditor of the Senior Clafss Bookj member Sophomore and junior liaseball Teamsg N. ll. H. S. .X. .fX.g member of lloardman Electrical Club. Future occupation: Musician. blollx VVARvv1c1c S.xNolc1:soN 155 Congress Ave. Prepared at Prince Street School Member of lligh School Orchestrag Assistant liusi- ness Manager of Senior Class Book! member of lloard- man Electrical Clubg junior Rally Day Committeeg N. H. H. A. A.g Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Musician. N581 lil? ZW W 5' .llf5l191W,' flf A - y. . 1 rf' ,4 'R 4 ' ,lj Dal, r .OR+.cue.Q'frf210Owelif'-tl f,,f.ff 7 15' V Y ' ' ,jk gXl.FRliD XV1H'rx1ix' S1xf:Llf:'1'oN 50 County St. Prcfvarcd oz' lf'-i' .S'z'rm'f School Member of lloardman lflectrical tlulmg Champion Jun- ior Football Team: Champion lfresliman llaselmall Team. Future occupation: Machinist. GIQORKSIC A. Srssox 206 Forbes AXVQ l'n'j1c1f'ec17 of Greene Strccl School Member of lioardman Electrical Club: N. ll. ll. S QX. .X. lfuture occupation: lflectrical lfngineer. i 4. jlloxixs l'. Sl..xx'1N 17-l Hazel St. I're'ju11'cd of IU' Sfrccf School Member Class Day Committeeg lioardman lilectrical Club: N. ll. ll. S. A. .X.g Senior Chorus. Future occu- pation: Electrical lingineer. .llmicuy'Ilo1:.xc1-1 Sioxli 382 Columbus Xvc. l'rcjvorcd of TI'lHIltI7l Sfrvct School. Member lloardman lilectrical Club: N. H. ll. S. AX. A.: Senior Chorus. lfuturc occupation: liusiness. H591 40 bwleg lll. glifvciufccsia7?EaiLPQu.vonrz "11oxl.xs 403 Fountain St. Prcfvorcd az' ll'v.9f-Ville Gmllzzlmr School Xlemlmer lloarclman lilectrical Club: N. Il. ll S. A. A. lfuture ocupation: lilectrical Engineer. llliklil-IR'l' lf. ,YOUR'l'liI.O'l"l'li lU5 Huntington St. l'fvpa1'e'd uf Cfrvfm' .S'trcvz' School Member lloardman lilectrical Lflubg Senior lfootllall Team. lfuture occupation: Mechanical lingineer. lfillilillll' l.. 'l'x'l:1:1cr.l, 11 XN'vCltOf1 St l'1'efm'efl of 1.0-well School Klemlner of Regular llaseluall Team: lioardman Elec trical Club: X. ll, ll. S. .X. A. Future occupation .Xlassacliusrtts lforestry College. .i-l- l' llimxxla ti. XYAIQNIQIQ ZW Circular Xve. Prepared at Highwooa' Gftllllllllll' School Member of lloardman Electrical Clubg lligh School Orchestrag N. H. ll. S. A. .X. Future occupation: Electrical Engineer f16o1 L 'uture occupation: Music Teacher. 5 "Wy f,,, t .. . - , 7, ee-ff S ,6 f ff 5 ml, N 1 o wcuegiw Esoo M off ff ' 4 f ' ' I Mvnvral Qlnurne GIRLS Al'.XRC'ICI,L,X .Nouns Zo Hassett St. Prepared az' Strong School Member of the Sophomore filee Clulng Debating Soci- ety: Senior Dramatic Club: Shakespeare and Dickens Clubs. XYill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. . Hllfikixli .XYIS 1480 Xlhitney Ave., Xlhitneyville Prepared of llbrthington Hooker School if lN.x .Xcaxlcs li.XR'l'ISS 358 Central Ave., Westville Prepared of llf'esf-z'1'lle Grammar Svhool Illiemher of Senior Chorus and served at the hliunior lfair, lfuture occupation: Sewing Teacher, limi 'if f on 47:1 U r ff m f V umm cl 'EfJT.l,l?QU,VOlR , l.i-l GL.xnYs MARIE RAUMAN 17 lgassett St, Prcpclrcd at Ivy Street School Member of C0 P: Girls' Glee -Club, and Athletic Asso- ciation. gXlJlil.lC lllaxxicri' 160 Edgewood Ave. Preprlwd at Hcluzilfoh Street School Member of Girlsl Glee Club two years: Freshman De- bating Society: Collector of Thanksgiving Donations: took part in Gypsy Queen Cantata: Shakespeare, and Senior Dramatic Societies. XYill enter lfroebel School. lfuture occupation: Kindergarten Teacher. Jicssna lilCR'l'Rl'l1li l1i,.xk1zsL1cI2 North llaven W f Prepared of Strong School Member of C0 P and Senior Chorus: served at Junior lfair. lfuture occupation: Militant Sutlragette. ix I . llokornv liUR'1'UN 7 Putnam Ave., Whitneyville 1 Member of Sophomore Glee Club: Freshman A. A.: Senior Chorus, and served at Junior Fair. Future occu- pation: Domestic Science Teacher. H621 V I I 'uf . - - f' Qfisib, f Mc " ' Z fwfr!-y 'W if 117'lVf,f0 I l ., , - , . ., F lj E F Wt rase N 1 o wcufgsina zsop 41201, ' ff-4 K K pl L'L1.x Rrlix CoLl.1Ns 503 lloward Aye. P1'e,har'e'd at f'fCIl1ll.'f01'l .STfI't'6'f School Member Class l'i11 Committee' K dv S' Secretar Sen . , -, . y . - ior Dramatic Society: member Shakespeare Club: Dick- ens Club: Cilee Club two years: Sophomore Thanks ix gf ,- mg Collector: N. H. ll. S. .X. A. two years: Senior Clio- Y' rus: served at Junior Fair. Future occupation: Kinder- garten Teacher. I '1 ,124 lrR.XCli U1 iw: tolexxylcri, Sl Townsend .Xve f7l'f'f7lIl't'd at lu' Street Srhool Member of Sophomore tilee Club: Senior Chorus: Senior Dramatic Club, and served at .lunior Fair: took part in Gypsy Queen Cantata. lYill enter Nurse's Training School. Future occupation: Nurse. . llll-.RlINlz S'rlz1cl.1f Loizvrs 35 Limlen St. l,7'i'flIl'Cd at IVr1rfl1fi1g1fou floolecr Sclzool Member of K 111 E: School Circeg .Xssistant Treasurer ot slunior and Senior Classes: member of lfliliciency C Club: Senior Prom. Committee: Junior and Senior Rally Day Lommlttees: President of Sophomore Girls' iilee Q- my Club: lireshman and Senior liasketball Teams: Mana- by A. ger of lfresliman Tennis Team: .Xssociate .lfditor of f.g'13.Q .5sfi j:l't'.S'fl1lHI1'l Hclndlmoleg Treasurer of Senior Dramatic A If 1 Society. lYill enter N. ll. N. S. ti. lfuture occupation: L lfmbalmer. l1,.'5 A- .- - Kldlillf limrii lliisi-iiiiueic - llaniden Plrjvalrca' af C'c11fm'-willt' fframlllar School Member of lfreshman .X. .X.: Sophomore lilee Club: lfresliman llasketball Team: Sophomore .X. A.. and Sen- ior Chorus. lfuture ocupation: Trallic Ullicer. H631 19 W W 'J Vo ullcii K'4'CEf5lfQffQU,VOlR KTYRIAM TIICLIXNIAN 154 XVinthrop .-Xve. Prepared at Truman Street School. Member of Sophomore Glee -Clubg Senior Glee Club. Senior Dramatic .-Xssociationg Senior Chorus and served at Junior Fair. Future occupation: Domestic Science Teacher. M1Lmz1c1m Llcoxx l:UWI.liR liast Haven Prepared at liusf Hatrvn Grammar School Member of Sophomore lilee Club: Senior Dramatic Societyg Debating Society: Senior Chorusg took part in Gypsy Queen Cantata, and served at junior Fair. XYill enter New Ilaven Hospital. Future occupation: Nurse. Rosle: llximox 49 Dmwell Xvn Prepared at lm' Street School Member of Freshman .Xthletic Associationg Tennis Tournamentg Sophomore Glee Clubg Junior Tennis Teamg Senior Dramatic Club: Glee Clubg Focus Leagueg Membership Committee of Debating Society. XYill enter New Haven Normal School. Future occu pation: Teacher. tour 4. . 68 Stevens St. Prefwzred az' llfcbstvr School Member of C9 Pg Freshman Dramatic Club: Senior Dramatic Club, and Senior Chorus. Preparing for Sim- mon's College. Future occupation: Sewing Teacher. 11641 'Crt 1 - oe- 16 on QIGPF: N 1 o wrfugsirf Boo M 4 lzmrn Xl. lrxlesox 1111 Xlanstield St. 1'r'cfmr'ed at 1-:QV Sfn'cf Srltmzl Member of School Circle: lfliiciency Club: Debating Society: tllee Club: Dramatic Society: junior Tennis: Senior Reception to lfighth Grade Committee: Senior Rally Day Committee: Shakespeare Club, and Gypsy Queen Cantata. ll'ill enter Simmon's College. l',I.lZ.XI!Ii'I'I1 XTUIQSI-I llannlen f71't'ft11't'lI, af L'm1fvz'-:'i11c tjrtluzfmzr 5611001 Member of Senior Dramatic Society: lfreshman .X. X.: Sophomore filee Club: Sophomore Dickens Club: Senior Chorus, and served at ,Innior liair. lil.1z,xi:i-:'rl1 M. hl.XC'lflCNZ1li 170 lfairmont .Xx'e. l'repcm'd at Gl'i'F7lf' Sfrvcf Sclzrml Yice-l'resident of Sophomore Dickens Club: Tennis Tournament junior Year: Thanksgiving Donation Col- lector: member Senior Dramatic Society: member X. ll. ll. S. .-X, .X. three years: Committee for Speech lm- provement XYeek: four years on 1916 Girls' liasketball Team. XVill enter New llaven Normal School Clym- nastics. Future occupation: Gym. Teacher. lzxix NI.xR'l'lNl-Ln 1-17 lfarren :Xx'e. 1'refur'e'd uf Cirevm' Slrvvf 5611001 Member of Sophomore tilee Club: Senior Dramatic Society: Senior Debating Society: Sophomore .X. .X.: Dickens Club: Senior Chorus, and served at Junior Fair. lfuture occupation: Domestic Science Teacher. 11651 ! qw f "7H'1 J ,, -7, Vouftouz Ceailceouavoux 415972 by GQ MMC li. AIcGowrxN 849 NYhalley Ave. Prepared of lf'Vestt'ille Gramrnar School Member of Freshman Debating Society: Freshman Dramatic Society: Sophomore Glee Club: Thanksgiving Donation Collector: A. A. Collector: Sophomore Dick- ens Club: Shakespeare Club: N. H. H. S. A. A. four years: Associate Editor 1916 Class Bookg Senior Dra- matic Association. W'ill enter Simmon's College. Fu- ture occupation: Domestic Science Teacher. Rosixx Alicia TAll'l'Clllil.L 202 Sheliield Ave. Prepared of Ivy Street School Alember of Senior Dramatic Society: Senior Chorus: Sophomore Dickens Club: Sophomore Glee Club: lun- ior Year Thanksgiving Collector: N. H. H. S. A. A. two years, and served at -lunior Fair. XVill enter Froebel School. Future occupation: Kindergarten Teacher. Prepared at Hamilton Street School man Dramatic Associationg Sophomore Glee Club: Sen ior Chorus, and served at -lunior Fair. Future occupa tion: Kindergarten Teacher. t l iAlAR4lUlERl'l'l2 RicDF11c1.D 77 Livingston St. Prefored at lflforfizirzgtori Hooker School Member of Senior Dramatic Society: Glee Club: Sen- ior Chorus, and served at Junior Fair. Future occupa tion: Kindergarten Teacher. H661 , A-3.1.4, , ...- ATARY vl. Muuzox' 43 XVilliam St. Member of Freshman A. A.: Debating Society: Fresh- wgwle f"?7f f' ..',' . W 7- X Y!" lj f I W K M E NIOR1.. a . f 6 Cnfubf BOO wa. ., . 4ll14:l.1-:N EMMA Rllcolcl. 152 Augur St., XYhitneyville Member of Sophomore Glee Clubg Dickens Club: N. ll. ll. S. A. A.g Senior Dramatic Association, and Sen- ior Chorus. Will enter llridgeport Training School. Future occupation: Kindergarten Teacher. l314:.x'i'iuc'lc Rosicxsrl-31N 130 Congress Ave. Prepared at Prince Street School Member of Freshman Debating Societyg Freshman A. A.: Freshman Dramatic Associationg Sophomore A. A.: Junior Debating Society: Senior Dramatic Associa- tion, and Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Domestic Science Teacher. , Hl'Il.liX Rouklilz 1560 Chapel St. Prepared ai Roger Sherman School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.: Sophomore Cillee Club: Junior Fair Committee, and Senior Chorus. - l RUTH AI.iclc Sci1L'L'ri11c1ss 10-l Ivy St. Prepared at iz'-v Street School Member of Girls' Glee Club: H. H. S. A. A.- Etliciency Club: Sophomore Dickens Clubg Thanksgiv- ing Donation Collector, and served at Junior Fair. H671 7 , 1. uf'ccsi:i'TE:f1Qii?ou,vourz 25 l3if:R.xLDtN1z SPANG 267 Orange St. Prepared at Orange Street School Member of Sophomore Glee Club: junior Glee Clubg Senior Dramatic Associationg Senior Chorusg N. H. ll. S. A. A.g Class Day Committee: Senior Rally Day Committee. Wil enter Connecticut College. Future oc- cupation: Domestic Science Teacher. Rurn lvizs STIEYICNS North Haven Prcparcd at Higlzzvood Gramrrzar School Member of Freshman Debating Societyg Freshman Dramatic Societyg Sophomore Glee Clubg Thanksgiving Donation Collectorg junior A. A.g Senior Chorus, and served at junior Fair. C'l.AR.X l. Tnomvsox l enham St llamden Prcporcd of 1i'ig1l1u'o0d Grammar School Member of Freshman A. A.g Freshman Debating So- cietyg Sophomore Glee Club: Sophomore Dickens Clubg Sophomore A. A.g Senior Chorus, and served at junior Fair. VVill enter Normal School. Future occupation: Teacher. ZELTA TNTARY XNVIELCII 512 George St. Prepared at Vlfebster' Gramrntar School Member of CD Pg Mather Debating Societyg N. H. H S. A. A.g Senior Dramatic Society, and Senior Chorus I H681 N1 as wr f frf . . , , 7, . 4 tr' 1 ibn a loe N A cp Raina-sa? zoo ,,,fff Y f - f l ' ' ff Svrieniitir Qlnurzv GIRLS Ll1.1.1.xN liS'l'llliR llrclerslclc 29 Nash St. Member of Senior Chorus. Future occupation: lleacher, l':X'liI.lN.X lfLoR1cNc'lf1 l!.xss1c'r'r 1-lO lfclwards St, I'1'cfmz'ed of Lovell School Member of 111 E Sororityg llasketball Team. Future occupation: Trained Nurse. lJ1'6'f7U7'6'd at Lovell School lllilwkrxxl 754 Grand .Xve. Prepared ol Orange' Street School Member of Dickens Clubg Sophomore and Junior Glee Clubg Senior Chorus: member of Class Day Committee. Future occupation: Teacher. 11691 , am Q75'VC5lU"lICSi szff epili Fouvouz AIAR-IORIIE lkooru 603 NVha1ley Ave. Prepared az' Roger Sherman School Member of A A Sorority: Freshman Dramatic Asso- ciation: Senior Dramatic Association: N. H, H. S. A. A.: Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Study of Music. iillii.. Muma IEIHQNNAN 397 Lexington Ave. Prepared at Strong School Member of Theta Rho Sorority: Junior Pin Commit- tee: N. H. H. S. A. A. Future occupation: ? li.x'1'11la1elNlc Ni'.XNSl"ll2I.D iiL,'NNl2I.L 250 Everitt St. Prepared ui lfVorih'ihgton Hooker School Member of B T - Sorority: Iitiiciency Club: Junior Fair Committee: Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Kindergarten Teacher. I2s'1'1-11.1.12 M.xR'r11.x CAREY 450 Dixwell Ave. Prepclrcal of Ivy Sfrcct School Member of Senior Chorus, XYill enter Yale Music School, Future occupation: Music Teacher H701 ' 5 VWCW rv ' -'72 , - f 7. . 'JT' 11 F ix.- ,riwf rfooe N 1 o vcefugpbv Esoo who f o ' " ' o - ' MK Muxiiz Rosa Cl.YNli 265 Fairmont .Xve. Prepared at Greene Street School Member of Dramatic Clubg Senior Chorusg Sopho- more Dickens' Clubg X. lol. H. S. A. A. Future occupa- tion: School Teacher. BTARY TTICLICN l3.xkl.lx4s'1'ox Prepared at SI, .lfar3"s School Mlember of Senior Chorus. XYill enter Normal School. Future ocupation: Teacher. M.x1uoN llukk DIENT 22 Lynwood Place Prepared at Horace Day School Member of Glee Clubg Senior Chorus. lfuture occu- pation: School Teacher. . M.xRIoN Dlswi-:Y 132 Sheffield Ave. Prepared at Dwight School Member of litliciency club, Girls Glee Clubg Senior Chorus: Dramatic Club, Debating Club: N. H. H. S. A. A.g Treasurer of Freshman Etliciency Club. Future oc- cupation: Teacher. H711 145 Mansfield St. --1 1 t.. WFT 'C 'lf' 'W WWW?-. - .'5i'5ie .,- wma 40 '9l',,, 1 H ' ,,' m a vou LOiR'.zCh 'e5iEou,vouz I Prepared at Ivy Street School lfuture occupation: Teacher. l,lI.I.lAN AGNES Pismo 19 Madison St. Prepared at Hamilton School Member of Junior Fair Committee: Graduation Cho- rus: Sophomore Dickens Club. Future occupation: School Teacher. ELIQNIQ lfkr:i1l4:iucK 251 Davenport Ave Prepared at Scranton Street School Memberiof K M 2. Sorority: Sophomore Glee Club rub: . S. A. A. Future occupation: F J 1 I a XXI bf - P , V ' V ' av" i 'Q I " sf HELEN CllARLO'l"l'li l'lAI.L 82 Grand Ave. Prepared at Strong School Mfember of B T - Sorority: Sophomore Dickens Club: Senior Chorus. Future occupation: ? H721 ML.. ae. J... M 6 W we lfLo1u-:NCI-2 Nl. EDWARDS 242 Munson St. Sophonaore ickens Club: Dramatic Clubg Senior -Cho- ,Zn 1l1gV,lf4f UV- -WI HQ -,,. yu '15 'El I6 "Wg 1 I ll! If Wjf hflfoe N n Q vc-.Cue-gaaf zsoomlf Q, W l:RlICD.X li'.x'rillsR1N12 Home 212 Dover St. Profwored of Strong School Member of Senior Chorusg junior Fair Committee. Future occupation: School Teacher. l 3l.XR1i.XRli'l' QIUIINSUN 22 llarnett St. Prepared at Dwight School Member of fb 2 Sororityg Sophomore and Junior Glee Clubg lilhciency Clubg N. H. H. S. .'X. .X.g Senior Prom Committee: Sophomore Dickens Cluh. Future occupa- tion: F M.x1:mz.x1u-:'1' E1.iz.xi:1i'l'11 li1iL1.Y 80 lilliott St. PV?Af7fll'Fd af llfvlvsfcf' School Member of K M E Sorority: School Circleg Senior Dramatic Clubg Shakespeare Club: Senior Chorus: N. H. H. S. .-X. Ag Senior Rally Day Committee: Sopho- more Dickens Club: Secretary of junior and Senior Class: .Xssociate lfditor of F1'0xh11'1un Hand Hook. XYill enter Normal School. liuture occupation: Teacher. ' lhhwf Vwfeli C S.x1u11 l,1cv1xl: 81 York St. Prfjmrcd uf ll'f'lvsh'r School Member of Sophomore and Junior Glee Clubg Les Letresg N. ll H. S. A. A.: Senior Dramatic Cluhg Sen- ior Chorus. Future occupation: Teacher. L1731 ll L. W Q 'W am f' 2f:1t.fVo'U-'cotta'cE:iQ1EQu,voui Ev1c1.yx Muay BIAHICR 18 Tilton St. Prepared at Ivy Street School Member of K M 25 Senior Dramatic Societyg N. H. H. S. A. A.: Sophomore Dickens Clubg Junior Basket- ball Teamq Senior Rally Day Committeeg Speech Im- provement XVeek Committeeg Senior Chorus: Freshman Debating Club: Eighth Grade Reception Committee. Fu- ture occupation: Undecided. 121.1z.xism1t Y1RG1N1lx NAGY 34 XVolcott St. Prepared at Orange Street School Member of Senior Chorusg 'Tunior Fair Committee: Sophomore Dickens Club. Future occupation: Teacher. lixriiiziclxlc lf1.omcxc1f: PUDDICUMHIC 1956 Chapel St. Prepared at lVestz'z'lle Grarumar School Member of QD 2 Sorority: Sophomore and Junior De- bating Club: Sophomore and Junior Glee Club: Dickens tlubg N. ll. ll. S, .X. .X.g lihiciency Club: junior Fair Committee: Senior Chorus. Future occupation: P C.xRoLYN liLlz.xl:1-Lrxi ,l'U'rN.xM 87 Truman St. Prepared at llfebster School Member of KID E Sorority: Freshman Dramatic Club: 5 Sophomore Glee Clubg N. H. H. S. .-X. A.: Associate Editor of Class Book. Future occupation: ? l 1:1741 1 VW? I 0 f , ' 117, 7 ,,',' V . 71 K I F W if 15:3 ,Z E N u Q vt tc mos? Boo nm T 3,195 ,,,,,,f. vi V Y ' ' W, 5 TZLLICN X'liRONIL'.X Rl-:YNo1.11s 83 Kensington St. Prepared at Dwight School Member of Sophomore Dickens Club: N. ll. H. S. QX. A.: Dramatic Association: Senior Chorus. Future occupation: Teacher. - lQl"l'Il 1lXRHIN RILTIIARIJS -L7 Slwlm- St. Prejnlrcd at .SW01151-School V i llember of Senior llasketball Team: Senior Chorus. A: 1.1 l'uture occupation: livmnasium Teacher. -X . any J' . l,l'l'Ili ,X1.A11N.x R1ctK.xR1m 353 Sherman Ave. ' Prcfllrefd ui fry Strecf School Member of Theta Rho Sorority: Senior Chorus. liu- ture occupation: Teacher of Kindergarten Xlnsic. : ' as l is X .Xoxn Llllblifll lQflVl'l.lfY West llaven, Donn. l'rcjvarrd uf l'z'Av Sirccf Srlmol more lilee Club: junior Glee Club: Sophomore Dickens Club: Senior Chorus. lfuture occupation: P may Mernber of fb E Sorority: N. ll. ll. S. .X. .X.3 Sopho- , .,-, -, 1 at or re r if S c . af V uptcmz CES -,E'QU,VOlR liDY'I'1Ili Sxciis 99 Elliott St. Prcporecl of Scranton Sfrcez' School Member of Senior Dramatic Club: Senior Chorus: on membership Committee of Debating Society. Future occupation: Teacher. lfS'l'lllCR -IANIQT SCIIIYIHI' 41 Church St., Hamdcn p Prefclrcd oz' Sirong School 1 Klember of N. ll. H. S. .X. .X.g Freshman Debating Society: Sophomore Dickens Ciubg Senior Chorus, Fu- ture occupation: School Teacher. A l t r ' 'Hs Xkyii A lll.Ll2liX ti. M. Scox'lLL 77 E. l'earl St. Prepared at l'Voa'leig1h High, Xezv York Future occupation: ? 3llRl.XM SMITH 87 Park St. Prepared at lVL'l7Sl't'7' School Member of A A Sorority: N. ll. ll. S. .X. .'X.g Senior Chorus. Vllill enter Yale Art School. Future occupa- tion: F H761 - f 'a fw5I:.: N I O RLCLI-Q52 BOO Kfff lim.:-:N ll. Soyuz 12 Gill St. Prepared at Dwight School Member of Senior Chorus. Future occupation: ? Ilcssrl-3 iAilI.l.liR TIIUMPSUN 626 Congress Ave. Prepared at Prince Street School Member of N. H. H. S. A. A.g Sophomore Dickens Clubg Senior Chorus: Freshman Debating Society. Fu- ture occupation: Teacher. NI.xR1ox XY.xRN1iR 173 XVlial1ey Ave. Prepared at Dwight School ,Q ,E Member of A A Sorority: N. TT. Ti. S. A A. ii, b b H771 it ii Y' 25555 llvhercas, lt has pleased Almighty God in llis infinite wisdom to remove from our midst our beloved friend and class-mate. lidward llradford Everettg llf'lu'reas, XYe, his fellow students, wish to express our great sorrow at his departure and our greater joy that we have been able to claim as our friend, even for so short a time, a character that has been such a help and inspirationg lie it zvsolwd, That we, his class-mates and friends, take this opportunity to register our grief at the death of our eompaniong lie' if resolved, That during his stay with us he has ever been a loyal friend, rendering his best services to his school with earnest- ness and cheerfulnessg Be it re.s'ol'z'cd, That his was a life that will ever remain in our minds as the embodiment of the best qualities that are in many patience, diligence, optimism, kindness, and loyalty. He it further resolved, That this resolution be sent to his family with our deepest sympathy, and that a copy of it be printed in the publications of the school. C0l1'H'1'llllCC in behalf of his Class, li. lf1R1f:Ws'rER CR.xw1-'oRn, KURT HOFFBITXNU, HENRY G. W1Lr.1.xMs, :XLBERT COLEMAN, fXLm2RT HERRMAN. QUBSX MIETIIQS W Q 27 K? B fx -145 l 640 W W f V474 J ipvww ww X5 l X110 muy xx , I 4 MMM " k . ... N I , ,ra e i ' 40 J " f :Lf-'W FM , W ff ' wfhw, 4' H ., 1771. 7 G . "z' 5 ff L xv' " Q lf, 1 f'- X ' V. 'f ,wr f 1 ' f X if f ff' ' f ' x l 4 A , Ll . , I X M Q , jf' , H A I N 49- X N- A , Nb, 5 1 X -: X s X Q z",f MW? HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF EFFICIENCY CLUB wr 1'Fl'-Pr"0nw+fb.vf" li' 11- f .fl . jr, 15,21 11il', 1 'iff I I, 'L lj 4 , Ns gy ms e N 1 Q mc L6-Q5 4 Boo ,,,,,,f. f i " f , 5 7 iiirivnrg Glluh HE first section of the Club was organized in the Freshman class by Dr. McFarland, in the fall of 1011, with thirty-two members, one from each division of the class. Charles 792 Q Ciroomes was elected vice-presidentg Elizabeth Fresenius, sec- retary, and John Howard, treasurer. Many of the tirst A i"ii'Ai'iiiiisi meetings were devoted to perfecting the organization and securing a working constitution. From time to time sugges- tions were oifered concerning the immediate betterment of the conditions of the school. Many of these were adopted at once by the majority of the pupils in the school with an immediate improvement in conditions. The question of an Efhciency Club paper came up for much discussion and it was finally determined to publish one. but the work has never been begun on account of the lack of immediate funds. In the fall of 1912. a new Freshman Section was organized with 35 mem- bers, every division of the Freshman Class being represented. Richard Yeazy was elected vice-president, Dwight lieebe, secretary, and Nlarion Dewey, treasurer. During this year frequent joint meetings of the two sections were held. Additional suggestions were made for improvements in school conditions. lt was during this year that it was decided to send a booklet to the members of the Fighth Grades in the Grammar schools giving some of the approved school customs. lt was believed that this would reach the hands of the candidates for the High Scho-ol at a time when many of the High School customs would be learned. Seventeen hundred copies of a little book called School Customs were distributed by the Society to the Grammar Schools. ln the fall, at the opening of school, it was apparent that the entering pupils were very familiar with the customs of the school. The improvement in conditions in the Freshman class at the school was very marked, and the subject of much favorable com- ment among the Freshman teachers. The distribution of School Customs was so beneficial that it was determined to make it an annual event. This year also the Club published a list of topics for discussion, covering nearly every possible topic relating to school life and home life of the pupil. During this year Charles Groomes was re-elected to the vice-presidency of the Section. and Miss Fresenius to that of secretary. In the fall of 1913, the third Section of the Club was organized in the Freshman Class with 39 members, every division of the class being represented. nan -Wa as MET? H! -wg CLUB HE EFFICIENCY T to Vedic 153 5? Bloom? Q . Thomas Sullivan was elected vice-president, LeGrand Cannon, secretary, and Robert S. Barnes, treasurer. Joint meetings were continued again this year. Application was made to the lloard of Education for an appropriation for the purpose of sending School Customs to the' grammar schools and was allowed. About two thousand copies were distributed partly by members of the club and partly through the mails. Papers were read in the different Sections on different topics suggesting possible improvements in existing conditions. Two prizes were offered to the school for the best and second best essay on certain subjects selected from the list of topics for discussion. The first prize was a ten dollar gold piece, the second a five dollar gold piece. An interested friend of the Society offered a third prize of a two dollar and a half gold piece. The iirst prize was awarded to llenjamin Hedrick, the seco-nd to Dean Lyman, and the third to Joseph Hislop. This contest produced so many fine essays leading to improved conditions in the school that it was decided to make this prize essay contest an annual affair. During the latter part of this year there was much discussion about radical modifications in the constitution. An entirely new one was worked out and ready for adoption at the close of the school year. The chief radical change was the insertion of a clause conerning annual dues. During this year Charles Groomes was re-elected vice-president of the Junior Sectiong Harry Pettingell. treasurer: Lillian Shaurman, secretary. ln the Sophomore Section Dwight lleebe was elected vice-president: Ruth Sedgwick, treasurer, and Richard Veazy, secretary. In the fall of 1914, the fourth Section of the Club was organized in the Freshman Class, with a total membership of 48. livery division of the class being represented. This Section was organized under the new constitutio-n, according to which the teachers having a division in charge made the nomina- tions, and the divisions elected from the approved list of nominees. Joint meetings have been held of all Sections, giving a total membership at the meetings of over a hundred. At the first joint meeting of the year the new constitution was adopted. Also this year for the first time, members voted to sign a registration card in which they solemnly promised to resign from the club the moment they thought they were losing interest in it. The lloard of Education has again authorized the publication and distribu- tion of School Customs this year, The officers of the various Sections for the year 1915-1916 are as followsz Senior Section, Yice-President, Charles Groomesg Secretary, Ida Chanuting Treasurer, Harry Pettingell. Junior Section, Yice-President, Dwight lfecbeg Sec- fissj i .hiss suse. - , 40 retary, Richard Veazyg Treasurer, Ruth Sedgwick. Sophomoe Section, Vice- President, l..eGrand Cannong Secretary, Ruth Ginsbergg Treasurer, Phllip Pastore. Temporary officers appointed for the Freshman Section are, Vice-President, Henri johnson: Secretary, May Mooreg Treasurer, Walter Fitzsimmons. Members of the Senior Section who were among the charter members at the organization of the Club are as follows: D126 i K CES ,.fEQu,vouR Esther Meade Charles B. Groomes Elizabeth Fresenius Harry P. Pettingell Dorothy Memmott Gladys Bixby lloward A. Mfix, Ir. Marion J. Stodel Aside from what it is constantly doing for the good of the school there are many benefits gained by the individual members. The Club stands for honest work, honest intentions, straightforwardness, concentration, fixity of purpose and, having decided upon a line of action, puts the work through. Its members learn simple parliamentary procedure. They learn to stand up and talk in meeting. This alone is a sufficient reason for the existence of the association. But they learn more than this. They learn that failure to carry out agreements and contracts, to actually do what they say they will do is a variety of dishonesty. Members who have served three or four years in the Club know how to organize a class and how to conduct the organization. The benefits of this are only appreciated by those who are familiar with the ways the Senior Classes of the High School were formerly organized and run. k The Club is the most powerful and democratic in the school. It is not exclusive in any sense of the word. There is nothing in its constitution which prevents there being more than one representative from any division. It wel- comes pupils as members provided they are known to be of high character, are energetic and determined and are anxious to belong to the Club. The Club is still young although it has reached its full growth. lt is thriving now. It 'has a substantial bank account which bids fair to grow. Whether or not, in these times of slovenly habits of thought and work, of indif- ference to the public good and the rights of others, its will coninue to thrive and be a power for good in our institution is a question which only time can tell. If the teachers would not only recognize its members and occasionally call upon them for assistance its future would be much more secure. US41 A " M VWQ , f - ' ff 1 W, W, Y. ff ,yn fl! I I- . ,uf f Samson CLA55 aoongm limiirrra anim emhvru nf Q 4 ftirirnrg Gllnh lJl't'Side'Vlf-Illi, IZm'N'r11N XY. MCl".x111..xN11 I"ifv-President-DWIGH'1' l31aE111a SPL'l'Fl'CI7'bX'--l"LURliNLTIC XYIQISS 7NJ'F4I.YIfl 7'FV-fRl"l' ll 812111 aw 1 4' 14 D llmxzlvcrs Of Ihr Srllior l,1Q11'1s ii1111:1211'1' Ii1aN14:s'1' Is1:1:1,L R1"1'11 S151m1zw11'14 Hlixkx' XX 11.1.11xx1s lllJX41R.X I'1'1'c111i11 ,'XLx1.x C.x1z'1'1121z 1'.v14.1.1 x C111:s11x IZLSIIC Ifliiilil. XY.xL'1'1a11 F.x1'1.1ix1i1c l7w11:11'1' lglililili K I 12R1i1z'1"1' l'14:1' 14 K,X'l'll 141111 N12 L'111u'1cs K1x'1'11.x111N11 I11'NN1i1.1. U .51t'1'fiIIM, Class of IQIO .I11s1c1'11 j.xC14soN 1X11'1'111'11 l'1'1'1c lfLu1:1exc1-1 XY1i1ss .X1,1151c M,x1:cmoN12Y Kl.x1e111N R1:x'Nu1.1ws Rf.XRll.XRli'l' Cu1'1:'rx1-:Y M1L1m111z1m ST1c111:1Ns RIARY lJ'L'oNN11R Ii.x11L1c Ii11oC141a'1'T Em117N1m D.xx'12NP111cT F11.xx1c l'1a1z141Ns 12111111 L.x11s0N KIARIUN DIQWIEY 111011111111 NORTH 11351 SCHOOL CIRCLE P1'a1'idw1I-31115121111 JACIQSON .S'Pr1'1'm1Q1'-Elmxv NA iiR1z1S'1' f' f 11 f yff I 'IW 5 ' ffK,,, ... -.Y 'H -I V iff' ' WSE N 1 cp RQCKASQQ zoo Gbftirrra amh illllrmhrm nf Svrhnnl Glirrle First Term Second Ql'c'rm l'rfsidenfMDw11:11'1' Il14:14:111i I. AXSIIIQR I'icc'-P1'midc11,t-EmlUN11 M Sc'Fl'6'ftI?',X'-IQIZRTII.X lf11111L1z11 I'im'-f'1'eside'nf--K.1T111x111N12 E FACULTY NY1 R.11.P11 WENTv1'oR'r11 Auxns L. HAL1. Flux 141.1x H. 1312121112 C11.1RL1zS L. KIRSHNER .X11'rHUR IE. l3oo'1'11 1X1.1f11ED IE. I'1111'1'1z1a 1.11111 IE. S1a1.1N I311YN'1'11x XY. 3f.Xt'l'-.XRl..XND SVSAN S. SIIIZRIDAN I'IliNRIIi'1"l'.X F1a1'c'11Tw.1N1:1i1: liI.IZ.XI!li'l'lI XY. L'L1iV1iL,xN11 .fX1:N1cs M.xx1s1c11 I.II.l 1.xN R. II11L1:R0o1i ll1i111:1cR'1' Mc'L'L'12N l11css11Q R. L.X'l'lIROP 'l.xN1-:'1' I,l'RlDL'li V.1'1'1111'14 L.xw1.1aY H1'1:11 Y. KfL'DtlN.Xl.lJ MEMBERS IJw11111'1' l11a1i111-3 M.xNc'1i1. IQICIC l:11x11'N11 Nl1:r1111c ' ' XX .xlfrlzk I' .xL'1.1qN1a1: r.,. l11'.11111x l'1111m1.1a1: H1112ws'1'1f1R L'1uv1'1f111111 .I11s1f:1'11 .I.1c'1qs11N ,-XRTIIUR l"I'1'1c lz11w1x.1 11R1c1s'1' jos1z1'11 111213 Rlwlxll S1c111:w11'14 F11v1'.xRn MCK1-:N11111c1i K x'1'11.x1z1N1-3 I. ,-Xs111e1: IIARRY XY. Aslllilz, IR. lfL111:1iN1'1-: XYICISS I',RN12s'1' Is111cI.1. Iluxfmlu I'1'1'1'111i1: lfl7I'l'll I..x1zs11x .-X1.11'14: 111u1,x1e1i K.x'1'111a111x12 QAORVIES M.x111z1x111c'1' K1-:L1.1cY -IL'l.l.X I.1Nc'0LN I Lx 11111 121' Sw 1 1f'1' 1.1115 M'1x'1i'1111r1x 121111 1' N11 13.1112 N Pl 11a'1' IJORIS I.121111111.lm ,X Nxx 1111311111014 ll111111'1'11Y RA N1m1.12 121' ',fNI'.X .1 L1c111'111.1m lJr1Rr1'1'11Y R.xx11111C11 E11w.x1m Llivx' 11871 OUR -P - xv-2-1.-fwzw,-he-3 mmf. My N , Voutourz CEfJ'lf.,lfQU,VOlR Erhttting Eintnrg III ilirraliman Eiatnrg, 1912-1913 mgqv HEX Mr. YX'entworth sent the notice around. announcing the first meeting of the Freshman Debating society that autumn of yy p 1912, four hundred Freshmen flocked into the Auditorium to Bt V organize oliicialiy. Our chief endeavor was to uphold the splendid traditions established by preceding classes in former tw years, and which have caused the N. H. H. S. D. S. to be ranked among the foremost debating societies in New England. The N. H. H. S. D. S. has always enjoyed a reputation that was won by a decade's hard work, and by the exhibition of high merit on the part of its members. WVe felt proud indeed to think that we might be able to keep up such noble precedents and to preserve untarnished our High School's name in this regard. VVe began very early to give evidence of the ability in our class. Debates were held in the Assembly Hall every Tuesday at the close of school. XVe exper- imented upon every hackneyed subject that could possibly be considered. At First we governed ourselves and held the debates in the big room just at the entrance of Boardman. TN'ithin the historic walls of that room took place the most soul- stirring debate. perhaps that was ever delivered. It was on the subject of 'KVVoman Suffragef, and whether it was because the spectators were intensely in- terested or because it was the fashion to attend debates, there were more people crowded into that room than were ever assembled there again. The affirmative was upheld by Florence Balfour and Alice E. Minnix, the negative by Joseph Lepsey and Frederick Spolansky, while Miss Smith acted as critic. The virtues of the subject were extolled to the skies, yea, verily, panegyrized. Hut the flaw- less oratory and eloquence of the negative could not be surpassed. The affair ended linally in a draw, giving as much universal dissatisfaction as an occurrence of this sort generally does. Otto Spiller declared publicly that the affirmative had won, but as his decision was unauthorized, it had no pertinent value. A little later in the year the preliminary trials were held and forty-two names were handed in for the coveted honor-va team of three! The debates, though lack of preparation was noticeable, were well written and delivered, and it was only after much consideration on the part of the judges that the decisions tissj to Ric 12193 5? Boo uv' 'qv' were finally made. liernard Kamine, Alice Sheehan a11d Edward Levy were chosen to represent the Class of 1916 in the inter-class debates. , XYC were runners-up to the champion Seniors that year, but hoped for better success in our lj Suphnmnrr Hear. 15113-1914 john Williams addressed the three upper classes early in the year, urging the formation of the Debating Society. At the first meeting, which was attended by most of the members of last yearls Freshman Society, john VVilliams, Nathan Sachs Hannah Stodell and Robert Kapsinow were elected officers. Also, George Kasden was elected Sergeant-at-Arms. The tirst debate of the year on thh question, Resolved: That the militant method of suffrage is justifiable, was argued by Glouskin and johnson on the affirmative side, and Kamine and Levy on the negative. It will interest genuine suffragists to learn that the negative, after interviewing the judges, was an- nounced victorious. The call was now made for members of the regular debating team. Williams. Kapsinow, Glouskin, Sachs, Mtorcaldi, and Athey were successful in making the team, with Lepsey and Levy as alternates. For the first time in three years the team did not win the Troup cup of the Inter-scholastic League. :Xs a whole, debating was not a complete success for this year, although many timely subjects were discussed. Invariably, these brought forth copious and heated arguments from both sides, and also from the spectators, when invited to express their opinions upon the topic. VVith but few exceptions. everyone responded nobly to his duty, and credit must be given to all the members of the Debating Society for their fidelity in appearing and speaking at the meetings. The most interesting meeting of the year took place in March-a mock trial on the menu. Harold llailey was charged with appropriating and misusing teatingj an unpaid-for jelly doughnut from the basement counter. He was ably defended by Max Goldstein, who won his case by proving that llailey could not have stolen the doughnut, since he himself had stolen it. The meeting adjourned without penalty being imposed. Severe indeed it was, for, if found guilty, llailey was to be sentenced by the judge to accompany Tolstoi home every day for a week: little did he understand what he escaped. Startling as it may seem, the lowly, despised "Scrubs, were victors this year. Our team in the Inter-Class debates was composed of Lepsey and Levy, to- gether with Kamine. NVe were runners-up to the victorious "Scrubs" this year, but hoped for better success in our 51391 YP Qrtgy' ,T gIgY''5y'+-f5e?i5',F .jf v . owe." - A ,?l1'?VC5U"lI6iiZ 'CES jvouvouz fig, L gg ,- 1' Zluninr Bear, 1514-1915 The year began auspiciously when the Society assembled and elected otiicers. For the first term they were: R. Kapsinow, Presidentg H. T. llailey, Vice-P'resi- dentg Edmlund Moore, Treasurerg Hannah Stodell, Secretary. George Kasden wasagain elected unanimously to the esteemed position of Sergeant-at-Arms. Several minor debates were held but the first "big" one did not arrive until February 25th, with the Crosby lligh School of lVaterbury. The subject was, t'Resolved: That the United States should prohibit the further sale of intoxicat- ing liquors." Konick, Tolstoi, and Kapsinow remained at home, while Athey. Hedrick and Robbins journeyed to Waterbury. In this debate, it was that E. Tolstoi broke into the limelight with his famous quotation, 'tThere are three kinds of lies: white lies, black lies, and statistics." XVorthy of a lllackstone was the universal verdict. On Friday, May 17, 1915, the Auditorium was crowded by interested friends of debating, who assembled for the annual triangular debate. Owing to the success in other cities, notably Meriden, New Britain and Wlaterbury, in charging admission to their debates, Glenn Athey proposed that we ought also to try this experiment. The Plan was vetoed by the Board of Education and died a natural death: Wherefore-the crowd at the Triangular Debate. The fairly large audi- ence Was quite pleased with the exhibition of oratory and rhetoric presented in their behalf. The negative side viewed the subject calmly, and relied more on the solidity of their arguments than upon the persuasiveness of their oratory and it took but a short deliberation for the judges to decide that the negative side had won the debate. The Inter-Scholastic League. with R. Kapsinow as President ,and Dodd of Middletown, as Secretary, had decided upon eight minutes for the main speech and four for rebuttal. This excellent plan was adopted and used with good results last year and in this year's debates also. The culmination of the season was the debate with Taft school. The team, consisting of Hedrick, Kapsinow, and Konick, journeyed to VVatertown with little hope and returned well fed and victorious. Brody, Yaffe and Levy formed 1916's inter-class team but against the Sen- iors fwith only two menj our hopes were dashed to pieces. The Sophomores were winners of the golden Demosthenes pins. While we were not inter-class winners that year we hope for better success in this, our III ivminr Hear, 1915-1515 The year opened with all of us too busy to participate in any outside activi- ties. Still there was a crowd at the year's first meeting, at which Levy was l 1901 , , W: - . 7. I Ja F Y Rl, 55.4 elected l'resident: llrodv, tice-l'residentg l.abox', Treasurer. and Kliss Sheridan. Secretary, forthe first half of the year. New llritain, llartford and New llaven were united in a new league. formed by XY:-sleyan l'nix'ersity. and the lirst annual debate was set for ,Iannary 1-l. the subject: Ftateewide prohibition. lionick, llislop and Rosenthal won here from llartford. while Robbins. liaufnian. and l.ex'y lost to Xen' llritain at New llritaini .Xrrangements are being made for debates with Middletown and Meriden in the other league. The class team this year is composed of llrody. XYeinstein. and Yaffe. Ntith such experienced debaters 1916 should certainly win the inter- class championship. Owing to the gradual falling off in attendance in the Debating Society, it was decided to try some new suggestions. Canvassing was begun, under a new plan, and about one hundred new members were secured. Also. lionick, as president. established the plan of giving some entertainment at the meetings to make them inteersting from the non-participants viewpoint. nan Q2i??VC5U"lfCfi ceff esrigiwou von? MU ' f am At present the Debating Society numbers about two hundred and is one of the most flourishing clubs in the school. Its iniiuence is felt in every branch of the school activities. Faulkner, a member of the regular team, is President of the Senior Dramatic .Xssociationg Levine, President of the Focus League: Robbins, President of the Shakespeare Club, etc. The Debating Society probably caused the introduction of a public speak- ing course in the High School and has started several movements towards making a Finer school for us. Let us close with a tribute to Mr. Frank H. Xettleton, who has raised debating in the High School to the plane it now occupies, who has striven to make successful teams in debating for us, and to whom is due every honor or credit we may have received through it. May those who follow in our footsteps appreciate him as we do. Yale! EDVVARD G. l.1cvY. 11-111621 ' ' 'i-be '1l5f,ee' .' 1 --'-' r ' ..--er':v::fIaf f?f??-,Gw - ....,,,.,,,4:A1 C, tw' Q,-,,vV4.rH N .- : ' ' " ., A -,, :,-.a.,w:K3v- ' ' 12,-2 , -, . 'l " li n .ull . Wy, F' . i .vnu , ll fill! ' li l 1 1921 Gbiiirrrz anh flllemhvra nf Brhaiing Svnrirtg First Term l'rf'.via'cnf-Iilmixlm Cl. Ll-:VY I'iff-l'rcsidm1f-LOL'Is Illzom' S6'CI'l'ftYl'xV-31185 E. Su14:1z1n.xN Tl'f'tI5IH'6'l'-H.XRRY L.x110V Svrgeunf-at-flrms-Lilaokulf LIQVIN Mic. NIC'l"l'I.Ii'l'UN M. .Xnnrs K. .XSIIICR K. IEIQCK N. lIl2kx1.xN A. Iinuxxc rl. Hll'l'VINICK I. lIm'1l.xN I.. Illmm' ll. I1L'c'Y il. L'.x1:l:1fRRY KI. L'uNlql.1N XY. Lkxwlfomm XY. IDIQSMUND NI. Dlcwlax' M. IUUIMXN R. IMVURSKI A. ICIJNVARDS XY. I7.xL'I.KNl2R M. FIMXNNTILXN M, FLYNN .X. filmxlzli ,X. II.xl.L Second Term Pl'C.S'fdL'7lf--ILXRRY Koxlclc Iwifi'-Pl'6'.Yi!llf'7If-H.XRRY I.1i.x1: .S'ec1'eic1r.x'-limNorm l'r'1'C1u4:R Tl'4'lI.YIl7'l'I'--lfL'lSICNIC CURRIGAN Segrvanf-at-.-1rm,v-SAMmar. ROSICN'l'1I.XI Faculty MR. l31sNN1a'1"r MR. GALPIN Mcuzbcrs P. Islzlfu. D. KINNIQY H. Lxlzm' Ti. Lxlesmx F. L1-:VY If. Khsnx T.. KI.X'l"l'UUX I. BIICLLION .-X. BICGFSIIIN F. Houma A. Nlisnrl' H. PINS Sxflls .X. Sxlmsox S111-:lzmxx R. SlIliI.I'I.'l'Z A. bxa1:.xs'1'1.xN12l.Lo G. Sxwrll L. STOYIN H. XVIDDICR H. Ymms S. X .xlflflz R. Ii-,XRMON H031 - if + . ,'6JfWo"zf' 3, X Lf Q 55 mo R ness . Euoomjzg, T DRAMATIC CLUB 1 17,4 mf A f " ff ' 1 yff2a163i:f 65Nn'om'Cm554aoom,w , df f A ! ,, lar , f,-r V J'.4fV',,l ' 1' 4-'ff Sveninr Bramatir Aminriaiinn ,Ue111b6r,s' K. ,XSIIIER A. .Mums I. I3.XT'I'liR A. I31cNx12'r'r Tu. I31.L'x1 Imam I. I3m'vl NICK D. CLANCY li. Cmmzs R. IJVVORSKI II. IJRAZEN U. I"1lm1mLl-:R C. l11'1'l.1'1'z I.. timm,xN A-X. CIROARIQ E. HALL R. H.xRMfmN M. Hoc:.xN H. lilf:l.l.Y F. ILXRSUN If. Md imixx In. KIMHQI: In Nlclivsnux F. XY14:1ss M.i,R.x1l.xM 1. Cu1.1.rNs lu. Slllzkluxx H. LvREN IL. lfmzuliklcli F. REYNOLDS U. KINMQY U RIPPS XY. F.XL'LKNIiR XY. FORD J. j.xc14soN j. .IHIINSTON Tu. LIQVY A. Nlssxm' ID. VIZCK .X. SI1.1C1.xxO T.. SCIIMITZ 17. XYlf:Ixs'1'l-tix I'. Ismiu. Il. l..xxx1-:LL F. AX. RIORTON 11951 L'o1:coR,xN BOARDMAN ELECTRICAL CLUB J VW, ,W V911 Y Ly. ' ' 'Et 4 F ll' fin N IQ wc mega? Boo uxwj f' if Mnarhman 3 lrilriml Glluh 0f2'iver,v Prvsidmzt---I.1a1cxHTON H. 11I'l'CHCUCK I'ice-President-EDW.xRn A. R.XSl1H SCC7'C'flI7',X'-H.XRRY W. CH.xRn T7'CflA"Ll7'L'1'-LICSLIIE ll. 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SII.VIiRllI.l'TIT TVl'tI5Ml'P7-ELI SIIORR Svcre!aryAL12.x11 .AARON LOUIS BRUDY ,Xmu C.xRTr1e1e RlJlSEli'1' DILXZIQN U.xRn.xR,x IQALETSKY TIARRY Iuxlzm' S.xML'1aL LOIIXTIN jxcion NIELLIUN HoNmz.x PITCHER I Qllembcrs AR'1'11l'R I'1'1'1a DORo'r11Y RAMISACII Ci14:1Q'1'mf1v1s ROMAXOFF ABRAHAM SARACEN DANII-:L NY121Ns'r121x Lows STUVIN SIMON X'.XFFE NERISSA XY111T'1'1Nc:T0 1981 N I ro micugfg 52 :Soo QQ 'Z ff7'19"W , , A f 1 , 1, 1 r tv I QM, uf Svrrrvt Svnrirtira III Gamma Evita Mai Founded in 1879 E. 11RIiWSTIiR CR.XXV1"ORD, 191 ARTIHIR M. EVIERIT, 1916 CARLIQTUN HOADLIQY, 1917 ARTHUR CHERRY, 1917 LOL'1s SHAMAN, 1917 GORDON 1X1.XRKI.1E, 1917 LEGRAND CANNON, 1917 PAUL R.XRNIZ'1'T, 1917 EDWARD BICCABE, 1917 K1+:NN1z'1'11 XY.XYI..XND, 1917 RAYMOND BUSH, 1917 FRANK STUBBS, 1916 IXIINOTT fjS1!0RN, 1916 CI Brita Sigma Kappa Founded in 1907 Faculty Member:- FRANK H. NIi'l"l'l.l2'l'UN Senior Members:- ,'xxI.15l2RT BRADLEY EARL12 C. BROCK 1:1.XRRY CHARD l4:'r'1' QQIERALD COR PERCY ISRRLL ERNEST Pr.Ol4:r:l2R CI Brita lghi Sigma EDMDND DAVIQNRORT JOSEPH JACKSON EDWARD LRVY OTTO S1'II.I.IiR 11991 6 I, voumuz casa' RP .19 IW E. Ui. - Founded in 1885 Fafulty Members :- DR. SUSAN SHERIDNN MAIIEL L. GESSNER AGNES RIANGER EI.E.xNoR K. PETERSON EI.I,Ix IZ. SMITH 1'I.XRRlli'l' SMITII Swziof ,Ue11'zbc'rs:- IXTILIJRIED BIANN DORIS MIIIIIINN IEIJWINA GREIST TTIZLIQN IQILHORN LOUISE IIOIIART RVIII SI-:IIGIQWICIQ KNIIIERINE ASIIER 1i.X'l'II,XRINIi IHUNNELL REATRICI: STEVENS C II .xRI,.o'I"I'If: Tq.XI.I. CI Kappa 111311 Sigma loundcd in 1900 by Mrs. Harry Flynn Faculty .TUC'71'lbP7'S1f- DR. SUSAN SIIICRIDAN MISS IIIIRRIET P. IXIARSII Scfnior ,1fL'WZbF'l'.S'I--' LORETTA GORMAN HELEN IUUNN MARI:,xRE'r IQELLEY EVELYN MAIIER ELENE FREDERICK ,XI.IcE IXTCGUSIIIN BERTIIA FIDLER BIARY HLJGIXN GR,xc:I4: DORE XYERA ICINC PIIELIQN CIxRRoI.I. :XIARGUERITE COURTNIEV IIYSTINE LYNCH P001 00 EN I o w.Cuf3Q':? 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M.kCKENDRICK H 1 if LESTER LHURCH V- ' RAYMOND MORAN Vi .J K ,J ERIC GUSTAVSON A GEORGE JACOB ALFRED NESBIT El Hhi Sigma Founded in 1906 nf 5- Faculty Members 1-- Q 4 DR. SHERIDAN 1, MISS CLARISSA WHITE MISS BIANGER MISS MARION SHERIDAN Senior Members :- HIYEDA VOOS MABEL JOHNSON JEAN MACLEOD KATHERINE MATTHEWS KATHERINE PUDDICOMEE - NIARGRRETQJOHNSON EVELENA BASSETT HELEN HOUSTON ' GLADYS GOGARN CAROLINE PUTNAM AD.RH ROWLEY l202J X -1111111111 ,WV 37 rf . , V Q fs- - 16 F N1 2 X. W1941 fQfQf61a N 1 o WCKADSQ 25001411 , 'F' 1f Alpha Quia Epailnn Founded in 1906 Faculty ,Uc111bers: AR'1'H1iR E. 11110111 G1':o111:12 E. 17511111511 13m'N'mN XY. BI.XCl:.XRl..XNl7 C1111111.1fs Il. Z111111cR1111x G11.1:1i1:'r IXIILLIER M1L'1'11N M, iXI.XRlII.Ii Senior .1lv111be'rs: 'I'110M.xs DIl.Xl'I41lQ 115151111 j.xC1isc1N EDMUND D.xv12NP0RT ROGER LYNC11 .IOSEPII fY2R0.XRli Josm-11 jurmsox CI Efhvta llhn 1 Founded in 1007 ffflflftlfj' Jfcnfzberz- Miss M.1D1:1z T11s1:1-111 Senior Mewzbvlmzw C,iL.11mYs l3.x1511.xN JIESSIIC I3L1x1q1csL121c M.11z11z l3111zNN,xN E1.s112 I"1.11:11'1' GR.xC12 H11'1"1' I.1Jci11a R1CK.xR1m E1J1T11 S1-115111111X ZEL'11x NV11:1.C11 f2031 ff' "GW WIGA' .. -y .',,A, q., ., - ,HW ' V, Voutom CE5'U?Qu,vouR illarrmrll By Alfred E. Ross. Hence all ye glad delights, adieu, adieu, The morrow spells these parting words for me And bids me stray alone, forevermore, Afar from all the loved friends of youth,- Through life, in lonely contemplation led, In retrospect of former months and years. lfach cheering voice and beaming countenance, liach youthful form, and dear companionship, All pass away, yet oft they will return In memory, recalling days of yore. In recollections fond, I'll hold them fast, And fondly cling to all those fervid hopes XVhich we upon life's threshold held most dear-- And bold, undaunted, faced the storms of life. As drifting clouds that leisurely float o'er, Une after one, too soon we drift apart And die, unknown, perhaps in distant climes, XYhile vainly searching for the grail of fame. So ebbs and flows this ceasless tide of Life. l204l ..,. .aa ,,. .,.5..fsA- 40 ff V 1 :ltr ,- J H p pf, EAN to vi1iCuA"55? Soon the Shakespeare Qlluh lj OFFlt'liRS President .. .. .... .. .. .. ...lhzkxrxrm Roinsrxs Treasurer .. .. .. .. .. Louis XYIELLS Secretary .. .. .. Sergeant-cz t-:I rms Faculty .eldzfisor 1l.XRl'lCI.L.X ,XIMMS Eoiru l5LL'ML:ERG FS'I'IIIiR l1l.t'MB1zRo .lliNNlli li0'l'WINTCK J. R. Lor.1.lNs Rum IJVVORSKI . ..DoRo'rnv BERNs'r1-31N .. .. .. .. .. KlI'1'CIlliL .. . ...... MR. tl. ll. lx.Xl.l'lX Senior .llembers Rosle 1fRoMk1N :XNNIE BI.XCl..liLL.XN EIJMUND ZXIOORIC OI.IX'l2 ZXIURTUN Rolzlzm' S'1'L'RGIiUN Klixxm SCHVV.XR'l'Z To faithfully describe and to set down honestly the history of any club or organization would be to merely record the innumerable details of the growth of that organization. To show the progress of a club, however, and to illustrate the events which led to its formation: those which marked its evolution, and those which inspired its members to gain the object desired. will be a more honest method of depicting its history. .X club formed of only serious-minded students whose enthusiasm and interest showed in work and earnest effort would be an ideal club indeed. XYhile including in its membership some excep- tions to the foregoing type of club members, yet the Shakespeare Club of the New Haven High School has a Fine majority of the serious and earnest students and it is to them, and only them, that the praise and credit for the successful year must be given. Early in October, Nlr. Cialpin, the instructor of Public Speaking, called a meeting for the purpose of ascertaining if there was a desire on the part of the students to have a Shakespeare Club. The hearty response and subsequent co- operation placed this club at once on the highest plane, and on that plane the club has remained ever since, and now is about to crown its efforts b' gi "nv a pageant in honor of Shakespeares tercentenary. The tirst entertainment given was in the form of a recital and lecture, the former being given by the members of the club, who appeared in scenes and rec- fall:-. l205l fag t t y-2tlivoro1'coi lZ0CEfJilTiFQU,VOlliY an W0 itations from the Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar and Henry VIII, and the latter in the form of a Htravel-talk" illustrated, by Mr. Galpin, -the subject being "Stratford on Avon and London." The second entertainment was also a recital programme of scenes from Othello and As You Like It, together with a lecture by Klr. Galpin, illustrated, on "Rome and Venice." On this occasion an added interest was given to the programme by, a set of exercises in Gesture, which were given by six young ladies of the club, in Greek costume. to musical accompaniment. Un the evening of Miarch 14 an even more ambitions entertainment was given by the Club, which has placed the drama-tic work of the school on the highest plane. The programme consisted of readings by members of the Club, illustrating the important steps in the Public Speaking course, and a dramatic presentation of the hrst act of Richelieu, in which Mr. Galpin assumed the title role, and which will be the only appearance Mr. tialpin will make this year in the dramatic work of the club. The proceeds from this evening are to be devoted to the costumes for the Pageant and the sale of tickets was such that a well equipped cast will present the "Vision at Shottery' in May. This is an original pageant written especially for the Club, by Mr. Gfalpin, the outline of which is given in Mr. Galpin's own words. WESTMINSTER ABBEY IN LONDON QFrom the Lecture on "Stratford and Londonuj l206l ,fv.,qM M 9"fl7','fiw,fzc 'Eff r A - ,. . iF rr K6 F ,f- us, ,gffji mfse N 1 o wr EADS? E500 mb 'ff'-sr , ,,,, aff i '1 ' e """ a '-if fp? "ln the 'Yision at Shotteryf I have laid the lirst scene in the llarden of Anne llathawav's cottage at Shottcry. Ks the scene opens we discover ,Xnne llathaway and XX'ill Shakespeare, conversing in the evening glow, and conjec- turing as to the success or failure which awaits XYill in l,onclon, to which he is about to go in search of success and fortune, Presently Shakespeare leaves Anne and she, in the clirn light of the early evening, prays for his success. and DESDEMONA'S HOUSE IN VENICE QFrom the Lecture on "Rome and Venicel wishes that she might know of the fate which awaits her lover, the fate which she cannot share with him in London. 12071 i A if A., r--.. Mg' fm -7-s vciufrowc cesfgtwouvoiii ln response to her wish there appears to her the Spirit of the Future, who signifies her willingness to grant the wish, and summons to the scene four muses-Comedy, Tragedy, Fancy and Romance. "Tragedy just approaches Anne and brings before her the bitter scene from ilfacbeth, which is followed by the entire 'murder' scene from the same play. "Following this the muses of Comedy and Romance summon characters from 1-13 You Like It and Taming of the Shrew. The muse of Fancy brings on a train of nymphs and elves and Titania from the illidsummer Nightlv Dream, and these give a series of ensemble and solo dances. "In this hrst act is also given the great scene from Othello, wherein Othello defends himself before the Dukes and Senators of Yenice. "The second act is called the 'Mirror of the Futuref and in this the Spirit of the Drama appears to Anne, attended by a train of spirits who convey a huge golden frame, enclcsing the Mirror of the Future. Setting this up in the garden the spirit summons visions of the great characters to appear therein-and in this fame answer, in the costume and action illustrating the great moments in the plays of which they are a part, such personages as Catherine, from Henry VIII, and aiso Wfoolsey, from the same playg Hamlet from the play, Hamlet, Portia from the ilferchauf of I'erL1'ce,' Antony, from fuliur Caesar, Cleopatra, from .-Iritony and Cleopatra, Ophelia, from Hamlet: Juliet, from Romeo and Iulict, and others of like importance. The pageant closes with the return of Shakes- peare to the' garden and the inspiring of the poet by Anne, as a result of her vision of his future. 'H-Xn ensemble tableau closes the scene in which the characters are grouped about the Altar of Inspiration beside which stands the figure of Genius, who holds Shakespeare by the hand, and Love, who stands close to Anne Hathaway." For the schedule for 1916-17 the Club has planned to give one lecture, illustrated, each month, with readings from Shakespeares Plays, and a pro- duction of one of the plays, in costume. Certain requirements will be made which the members must fulfill before being admitted and the membership will probably be limited to a certain number. The members are to be congratulated upon the fine record the club has made this year. W -f titres. Fil m? -fi . wr.. ' if-ff aff' N - . -1 -- 'lt- " , 5 g f .ji ' yi' flg , -I - A A , L ' , xi l208l ' L. f .. l 4 YA., , Eg-i, SIC Q 55 9 'X . 3 x ,Ng X' if N 1 ' K . lx in" W J CLUB BOYS'GLEE 'EVN ro RICCQTSSM 600 3 'C' N . fxalcfvl' If XX1,uIrI:lc1ln:I- IQ. XII IRXN I-.. l1l'sI1x1fsImx Ia. XII xwx ilingz' QSIPP U , X X IQ II 0111111 .,. 5Il.X Xl-'wax I' Xxx ISL' Illilmnz IAN:-11.1. In IIII 1:1-K1:'l' I'. IJ1'l:1.1cx' IQ. Xm 1:11141-is Ii. II1'Iu1.xAl lu. I:.'xNI.X lf. IQIII:1iIe'I's I., -I xfmas AI. W1 I'l's'1'l-11 I.. Ii1l,1.I-. ,X II,x'1'l-is If. Illwvssu Ii NI-ll'S IQ.'I'1431:m-31.1, Lf FBIIIII In. I.lixx I. IIRICICNIAN IZIII I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB W .luwg YM- Y --fl' - 4 J .jf 1117! Uv' ' ' 7- V 'gc 16 r '11 lg , Wlww iafsa NIO w.CuA552 Esoo KW, , 'Q ,,,, Aff' 1 H I "IL ' 5 Girlz' C5122 Gfluh U OFFICERS l'rvsIdv11z'--12111111 M. S11 1-ilumx I'icv-l'rf'.1idenf-fl I1s1.1fx S. li11.11o1zN 7're'a.1 ltl't'7'-- Iluxfxlu 1'1'1'c111i1: ,S'cc1'ftc1ry-M11.1m1:1211 I.L"1'111i1: l,l'I7l'tI?'ilI7I---I 311111 Vl'l 1 Y RA N 11111 L . lssf. l,ffI7'fI7'flIVl--Il.U.'l.INIC j'.xcfQL'12S DI'l'6'Cf7'c'5.S'----I' L'1's11M.xN lllcssllc l11mwN RUSH C.xx1x1.1..x1m livl-:1.YN 1711115 Klxlzx' DIQNT M.x1w1N llriwlcy Rl"l'll Iflirzlcx' f1I..XIlYS 114111.11111 IC11x.x i21e.xN1c1e Rosle ll.x1m41x 1f1.1z.x1:1c'1'11 Illilmlucles Mmm' Ilm:.xN I'.xL':.1N1c J.XL'QLFliS lI.x1:1:11c'1' ,lu11xs4rN Ill-:1.1ix S. li11.11f1RN I,tlRU'l'IlY KINNICY Iz111i1.11i Ixluxl 1' Tz1v1'r11 KI. I..x1:suN It1s1e'1'11.x I.1cv1x1c XI.x111i1. l.Ul'TIl .1lC'I1lbl'I'.S' ON IJr11:c1'1'11y Ll'lJ1HXli'lxON M11.11R1c11 I.1J'r111c1: II'r111iL MASQN Lois M.x'1"1'm1rxN I"Lc11c1-:Nm Mf11x1Q1.14:x' X'1o1.1-:T MORSE 111.111-3 Mowrrnx I.UL'ISl-I Noluucli Iluxulu l'1'r1i111i1: XI.x1:11c I,l'l'L'I1l-IR Dfm1e11'1'11Y R.xx111.1f: .X1m1c1..x1l11c Ia. Rf:1:1:1Ns Klr11.1.112 Rf1s1aN1f1cL11 I"R.1Nc'1is Rr1'1"1'11.xN ICIJITII M. SIIERIDAXN .XDIQLXIDIC SI N1lI.IC'l'lJN l1:1cN1c 81.1111111113 II1f:1.1iN R. L'R1cx ANN11: M. L'1e1zN Ll'C11.1c XY15'rz1c1. 12131 N. H. H. S. ORCHESTRA 19fff W,' R21 53 agp '10, . 'hr ' ,V 'wi' ' X f .Lf afwff iff' I'll'?'5f Violin S. .XLLINSIJN H. lXl.llIl'l.l': I. G0lfF1N .X. C.xR1e.xNu I.. G.xRzr. xN0 lf. Smclq IC. SI.li11cmv I". BICIQICIE W. RYAN Flute F. I.ov1zL.xxV1m Piano R. IZRUWN I. HICERS N. lg. lg. Sv. Gbrrhwtra lj 52151 Svccmd Violin. M. I'1'1'c111-:R K. XY1xCI1l2s'1'lQ1: S. l7RIED12N1:x2Ru I", I'.xsII.x1.1xsm' H. C.x1'I..xN il. IJNVURSKI S. 1qUl5liL F. Fox Piffolo I.. lJuR.x'm Cornet NY. KL.xL'I Dru111.v, Halls, rn -I. SANIJICRSON +1 lr voutom Cain' Pouvouz ,ttf 16: I 4. -t , L,-1 .. - ,,,,4, ., f , y "gf: 3, I 3 I 1' 5 . 0 Ili' Q1 F "V ,Jr 'xl ' , Y, A I ' ' ' ' ' ' i Morning George H. Galpin Beyond the distant lattice of the pines, The eastern sky with rose and gold is bright, Each lilmb and twig and leaf is edged with fire, Dispelled are all the shadows of the night. The morning breeze, an errant, fragrant wind, Bears hint of song from out the dripping wood A robin spreads its wings, then hails the day, And greets the sun in jovial, happy mood. The mists rise slowly, drift and disappear, Each nook a mystic presence seems to holdg The long reflections softly veil the shoreg Each Held a mantle seems, o'ershot with gold. The lowing kine, far off upon the hill, Move slowly down the slope to seek the rest Of clover-sprinkled spaces, where the dew Has vanished 'neath the sunbeams greedy quest. The world awakens, listens, then reveres The wealth of glory-vanishes the fear Of yesterday, the Soul looks up and grows, Each sense responds, another day is here. l216l W0 1-i ,llZ g e rQ a1 Vc5'UQa1di si"i'ESf11FQu,voa 4,972 A GQ 1 THE RADIATOR BOARD T1-112 RADIATQR Vol. XLV1 NEW HAVEN, CONN. No. 5 Ifditfvr-111-Clfivf DWIGHT C. 1h5r1nIs, 1916 . 1.Y.Yf7t'1l1f1' lfdifmxv ,Xllss 111-31.1-:N 1Qon'14xx'E1.1., 1910 .Xllss Alualcnx XX'.x1:xvi1a, 1916 R1l'11XRI1.X. NURTH, 1910 IIIQNRY 12. XYll.l.I1x:x1s, 1916 CI..X1i1fNL'1f J, lfmsxck, 1910 li1.NI1fR 1'. S1 U1X1i'l', 1917 lfzssilzlxfx .1lf11111r1vr JOSEPH H. A1ORS1-1, -IRM 1916!a11f5 1917 M xy 11. XY. 1Qlt'1i, 1917 'lf XYY1.l1c Klxxlcy, 12181 9"i1Z1,i.f,,QI, '12, 7 .,j 1 V 7. K,-FC It 'P W qfi Q17 15. 765 N I O RKLQSTJ- BOOK,5'vQ, ,QQ1F'-1 f ' 1 11 wx 1-4 , M111 551,151 V 1 I 3' W7 ' ' -7 S f nk? 4- . "- 9' Qs" 'WC 1 X , Vfhgl-ffm'-i"g1xS3E3?:1Z4'i4E'? N '11 - 511 , tx 4 ,Q . Avg' 4,1-K Q s ' ,,5 Qi 1 f-.0099 01' - 'Qui 5 +--- 1 "'ff33'fk' 4953RQ' e 1 1i1w1'm14-1N-11111-Llf, C.XRl.1C'1'l1X 1.. 11O111'11.1TY. 1917 .fXsS1sT.xxTs: .Nllss A1l'1.1.X 11X1OI.fN', 1917 MISS 1112.xTR1ck1-i loxus. 1917 11R1cws'1'1cR fR.-XXYFORI1, 1916 1015114 S1-ixxmx. 1917 1.12 tilmxlv CANNON, 1917 1',xr'I, 11.x1:xf1-'awp 1917 Xlwxsolex' x112511!1iR, DR. SUSAN S, S1'11iR1111XN BUSINIQSS R1.xN1xc:1ak--GORDON M.-XRK1,H, 1917 ASS1S'1',xNTs : .-1R'rm'R Cnlcmw, 1917 AR'rm'R 1':X'1-CRIT, 1916 I.. LXY111. NICXY HAVEN, CONN. N1.-XY, IQIU, Nu 11101 ,v,, Vo U"lfCJlR4 CEST POUVOIR "lf, 1 HE CRESCENT !l..S'!I8fll 1.71 Me I.l!ZL'l'l'.S'f of 2 i4 614.4 2 - N ENV H :XVILN HIGH Suuool, 51' A1,1f1E1A C11AP'fE1z gf GAMMA ID1a1,TA PSI, 1915- ,916 liclitor-in-C'hin-f . .XHTIIUH C. CHICRRY xssocilltcg LCGHANIJ CANNON ' ' " ' ' CAliLl'1'l'ON llO.XlJLl'1Y liuxim-ws llzulugex . l5lil'lWS'1'l'lIi CliAVVl"OHlJ X tl nts GORDON M.XRKl.l'I A " ' ' PXUI, l3AliNH'l"l' 12201 f 11 1 4 N 1 Q mf U13-Q51 Esoo 14,512 Qg ff' P 1 Y111. XX NICXY HAVICN IIIKSH SCHOOL N112 "Of thc .S'l11d1'11!s, liy ilu' .S'f11dc11l,v, lfnr thu 5't11d1'11t.1" 1I1XRRY XV. IAIXOV, '16. l5d1'f11r-111-H111-f IYR. li. C1.1:x'14:1,1xNn, .ldziwry 1111-111!11'r .l.vxf11'1f1.'1' lfziitmrs 17.XNIl-21. XY1-:1xs1'11:1N, '16, f,'r1'11dx 151.1 SHURR, '17. ,S'1'l11ml ,X'f1l1'x 17. 1. C0R1'oR.xN, '16, .lllzlvlivs 13. ROBBINS, '17. .lllllllllf Xnfux' 1Tmm1'11x' R,xx11u1'11, '16. Girls' llupf.. .X1.1K11": I1c1rz.xN, '17. fr'1I'f.Y' llvff. C. j. Km-Lxlra, Staff . lrfixl S.xx11'1i1. S. 1.o1'.x'r1x, ,ll1111ugm' . l.x'.v1.v1'1111l.v 1.1i1'I R. S11.v1i1u:1.r:1T, '17 Rm: -1OS1iI'1l 1:I.1'BI, '17 R. I.. .X.x1eox, '17 ICRT 1'7R1xz1ix '10 1.1iX1'1S Bkonv, '10 12211 1114 CLASS BOOK COMMITTEE Editor-iiz-C'hir'f EUMUND -I. KIOORE Business ,Uczzzager HARRY XY. Thxlam' CI.l'CLlIL1fi01'L lfaizugew' LOUIS S. STOVIN Jssofiafe Editors jxmlz Rvmxslix' Muxncix lfmxx EARLIQ RRUCKIQT1' BIAE MCGMWAN juslirli Lrclzx' LfAxRr11.x'x I'L"rx.xxI RL'SSl2I.I, SHEEHAN TIICNRY XYr1,Ll.xMs .4sxista11t Business ,Uanagers Kix'r1LxR1NE A51-mx Rxvxlowlm DIQYLIN JOHN SANIJIERSON f2221 'Vina 'vlwlrw My . , V JFK- gc F if I,, N 1 Q RQCKQSQ Boo uv W Svpvrrh Jlmprnumnvnt meek EARLY in March a committee consisting of one member from U V"'i'lt7'Wxd each Senior division was chosen to assist in arranging for Speech Improvement Week. Mr. Faulkner, as chairman of the X-In 1 Publicity Committee, did most admirable work in calling to public attention, through the newspapers of the city, the com- ing campaign. He rendered invaluable service. Mr. Crawford, chairman of the Poster-Placard Committee, worked with a will and his efforts resulted in placards bearing the slogan "Speak English" being posted throughout the school. Mr. Crawford is also to be credited with the great posters or bulfetin boards which announced the program each day, and were made in the Trade School Printing Oliice. Xv f Miss Pitcher, chairman of the Addresses Committee, ably assisted by Miss Olive Doherty and Miss Kiroark, did most eliicient work in getting speakers and also in obtaining for The Crescent articles on Speech Improvement. Mr, Stubbs, as chairman of the Special Features Committee, worked inde- fatigably and secured many ine speakers. Mr. Stubbs also gave many valuable suggestions. Then the good work began. For many days in advance the school was untir- ing in its zeal over posters, poems, playsi and the like, with the result that much original and clever work was done. Sophomore classes made Room 11 look like a picture gallery, and one won- dered. as he looked, how slang could ever dare to show his face again in High School. Commercial Seniors and Juniors spent time and labor on Room 132 and turned the place into a veritable art room with most tasteful adornments. Miss McLaughlin wrote an appropriate play, which was acted by Mr. lloynton and Misses McLaughlin, Mlallory, O'Connor, Nutley, and Zimmerman. Many poems were also written by members of the D course. IV Cl, C2, A4 wrote letters to other schools telling about the movement, and are at this time of writing, busily replying to the letters that have returned, asking for details. Mem-bers of these divisions wrote poems, plays, songsg and kept the thought before the school by quotations written on the boards of different rooms. .X play entitled "Justice, the Tragedy of Error," was composed by Misses East and Maley of IX' C2. There was also a play written by Miss Helen Levenstein. Some students went by invitation to the Grammar schools from which they graduated and gave addresses, plays and original songs. Among these were Miss Doherty, Mr. johnson, Mir. Yaffe, and Mr. Hoffman. At last the great week arrived, March 27-31. l223j ,,t"19'f!H!w 1 ST... me f ef Y Y ,f V utouz C55 -.,E'QU,VOlR Un Monday and Tuesday. Mr. Galpin, director of Public Speaking, gave to the entire school instruction in enunciation and pronunciation, illustrating his points by fine readings, often accompanied by delightful music. In the English classrooms on Tuesday Spelling Matches created great excitement. On Wednes- day at 8 a. m. the Sophomores assembled, Mr. E. B. Everit presiding, and lis- tened to addresses by Messrs. Stubbs and Crawford, Misses Weiss, Greist, O. Doherty, R. Doherty. Halter and Hall, an original song with words by Miss Dore and music by Miss Beers, and an original poem written and recited by Mr. Rogovvski. It may be said here that all the program bore upon Speech Improve- ment. Qn Vlfednesday at 12 o'clock there was an Assembly of Seniors and June iors, Mr. Faulkner presiding, when able addresses were given by Mr. Edwin R. Embree of the Yale Bureau of Self-Help and Mr. Morris Hadley, student at Yale. At 1:15 P. M. Wednesdayf, the Freshman classes met together, Mr. McGill presiding and listened to an address by Mr. Konick, '17, an original poem on Speech lmprovement Vtfeek by Mr. Rogowski, '17, an original song sung by Misses Flanigan, Edwards, Dolan, O'Brien, Carberry, Bristol, and Davin, a play written by Miss O. Doherty and acted by Messrs. McKee, Levy, Eagan, Morse. Stillman, and Beckwith of IV A2 and 3. In all English classrooms on Wediies- day, Pronunciation Matches were the order of the day. On Thursday and Friday, impromptu speaking was the great feature, and the extremely good work done at this time, as well as the interest and decorum which marked the occasion, were most praiseworthy. On Friday, Sight Reading was called for in all the English classes. The C'1'esce11t, during this time of Speech Improvement, devoted an entire issue to the matter, and gave the students an enjoyable and profitable paper. Articles on Good English from Yale instructors and members of the High School faculty, apt quotations: poems, appropriate to and emphasizing the occasion, the week's program-were some of the good features of the paper. So the great week ended-followed by an exhibit in the Library of all the posters contributed. The question we now ask ourselves is-"After this, what? Are we to keep the week merely as a memory? VVe trust not. Indeed we feel sure that the great interest, zeal, and enthusiasm manifested by the school during this event must bear fruit, for the plan with a response which far exceeded our wildest hopes -never in the history of the school has a heartier one been given to any move- ment, and all of us, students and teachers. are still feeling, and hope to feel forevermore, the influence of this epoch in our school life. Swninr Qlnmmitimi fur Spvrrh .Umprnuvment wrrk Special Features-Harry Labov, El, Chairman, Alice Groark, CZ, Olive Doherty, .-X4, Jeanette Doroff, C3, Frank Stubbs, Al. l224j '13 45' lglwflfwff' A' .- - M' 19 I f t' 1 W fff twfoe N 1 O R1-CLffl55v Esoo 'QMXX I V V , Publicity--VValter Faulkner, Di. Chairman: lfarl lloynton, D-ll, lfarle MC- Gill, .-X3, llenry Johnson, EZ, lithel Pedrick, UZ, ll. Charlotte Hall, HI. Plavardrr and Posfrrsmllrevvster Crawford, Ill, Chairmang A. ll. llerman, IEZ, lfvelyn Maher, ii-ll, lflsie llegel, DS, Harold Engstrom, lil, XYilliam Laslett, IC3. Speeches and Prograzizsalidward ll. liveritt, lil, Chairmang llonora Pitcher, C1, Elizabeth lllaclienzie, G1, Lillian Clancev. DI, Abraham Sarason, AZ, Harry Chard, FZ. l is fi' ft r,,:tt'f,, tg, iititf K ffm 1 1 f ri: " 1: ' K l - 1 f K SPEAK ENGLISH ,afvofofigtcsisz css ,gfouvoa iliamiliar Biinwa Once you speak to Walter Faulkner, And do ditto every dayg 'Twill not be so long thereafter llefore you'll hear him gently say: "It's a funny life !" VVe,ve known Ed Levy for the past four years, And heard him oft recite old Gunga Din,- But most familiar to our listening ears Are these few words with which he doth begin: "Oh, there you are!" If jackson hears one being talked about, This someone he will never, never blame, And these good words he will not "holler out," Hut softly will he thus to you exclaim: "'Aw', he's a good skate!" Frank Ford, chairman of our promenade, A most revered and great committeemang From February to April he worked hard Speaking this said, soft, serious refrain: "live got some job!" Tell Margaret Kelly that you sweetly sing, Or something like to that to her you say, Then in your ears these words will surely ring, And Margaret most courteously will say: Oh, help me, Rachael Y" Kate Corves' taste is all for gay rag-time, In Winter, Summer, or in any seasong To her it seems to be so far sublime That she will answer always with good reason: "Play a one-step, will you 7' A wave from Bessie Archer thrills the air, 'Tis deftly made with hand and with no noise, If things on "marble halls" to march you dare She speaks from far---"a monstrous little voicel' "Don't get nervous!" l226l W0 W '7."1. P' Glnmmitivvn X CLASS PICTURE COMMITTEE f f f5E N LQ R .CLATDQ 4 BOO Q! fic V100 N 1 I , , If 1 I U V57 y J Rf , 1 ,Va " 2 ,f Z 'Lv dwffa, 1 1-1 SENIOR l'RUMIiN:XDIi lQO MXII'l"l'liIi C117tIil'77llYl'l--FILXNli XY. I'-URI! l':RNlfS'l' P. Ismf:l.1. 3I.XR1l.XRli'l' blollxsux K,X'l'IlliRINE S, LQURYICS I,xl.1.lAxN M. L'L.xNnix' GliNIiYll2Yli H. C.xRI1l1:RRY Ifkxlisl' XY. l"L1f:oms1iR SAxML'lc1. XY. I.01'.x'1'Ix, JR. S.xm'rc1. M. l1.xR.xCu 12291 CLASS PIN COMMITTEE ffmw fafaa N x o w,cuQ552 z,oo 4, , CLASS DAY L'UKlKIl'l'TIClf C'lzc1ir1m1n-'IuslclflI vlxvngsux Islulcl- ll1l.1.M.xN XYlI.l.lAxx1 'l'lms1. Tllmmxs I ll-:.xl.x' 'l'lmMAxs SI..xx'1x 1I.XRIIifQR.XIl.XXI llliR.XI.lllXl'I Slxxxu JUS!-II'Il Ilzum' lCl'1sl-:Nu l1li1z'l'1:.xxr 12311 Wh 1 -1-"1 ,pez Voumuz CEfJ'EfQU,VOlR HILLHOUSE BU,-XRDMAN RECEPTION COMMITTEE ChlIi7'171Cl11-JOSEPII GRUARK FRANCES CORCORAN PAUL QVCONNOR XvIiRONIC.X TQING TUORRIS RKJ'l'HLfl1II.I7 I2321 Q fig' f f I if 11111, I, 1 , f-7-aj, 4 , 7. 4 -V-Jr rj g , Klf EN 1 o R'1.Cli1Q-Q53 aoorxw WI, ffl, ' ' . l!:XXQL'ET COMMITTEE XV,xL'1'oN Clmxxx, Chairmmz DIERUMI-3 L'.xRN1zx' EYIQLYN BIAIIIZR CII,XRI.IiS MCI-'.xRTL.-xND Exix BILXRTINER Elmxxlm IQEYNULIJS WALDO IJIESMOND EDITH SHERIDAN JOHN A. BICKEE maj K ,pffvorui'coi as c Emil Pouvoui 40 Eh? Zlingurz Mallrrg III 3, "lsn't he a 'cute' little fellow l' Don't say that, you'll make him blushg he's a modest chap. Oh, you know him? XVell, then. we might let everybody Ninn on the story. It's Dwight lleebe. 4- XYhat a young cheer-leader! There doesn't seem to be any worry on- his mind. does there? There isnlt, because he'.r-lidwina Greist. 5.. "Such lazinessll' l.ook out, riding in a carriage doesn't make one lazy. As a matter of fact that littie baby has developed into one of our hardest workers. -Katharine Asher. 7- i YX'ell. well, here's another little darling! XYhat's that attracting his atten- ion? Perhaps he is looking forward to the baseball season. Do you blame him? l'le's now our baseball captain-"'loe'l Dugan. 6, This child is learning the fundamentals of Physical Culture: he must make himself strong-chested. No. he doesnlt expect to be a prize-lighter. His ambi- tion is to be a singer. "Stew" Miller is his name. 8- This is what you'll say after seeing this picture: "Doesn't he look like an angel!" We said the same thing talthough we've never seen onej. llut we'd better stopg we can now see a smile creeping over l2merick's face. 'flimerick Yes, Emerick Brewster Crawford. 1- llehold our President, XYalter Faulkner, before he became acquainted with Robert's Rules. He was just beginning to work when this picture was taken. QNotice the overalls.j f234l 4 5 Sk 12351 6 if' N - 1. F E N n Q w.cuf335? B06 l f fffvr ,.,. ,, pf-1fvo'uf'coiesz"T'E31TiiEouvouz 2.- "Along came Ruth, and to tell the truth," she was riding on a sled in a soap box. VVhy need we say this, you see her for yourself-Ruth Sedgwick. 9.- XYe will give you a problem with this picture, we will not tell you who it is. Take the flrst three letters of the third month of the yearg then add three more-those which come first in the name of a hotel near the Railroad Stationg now take the center letter of a word which means wager, and finally, plus what you generally drink when you don't take coffee. It is unnecessary to tell her last name, but to keep you on the right track we will say, "Has anybody here seen ----F" 12- She hasn't changed much since leaving California Cwhere this picture was takenj only her address. If there is possibly one person in the Senior Class who does not know her, we will write her name for that person-Kathryn Corves. 10- If you call this picture a "Pitcher," your English teacher cannot correct you, for it is,' her name is Honora, and to make it stronger-she has always "pitched in" to do her part in the High School activities. 11- This is little Florence: the same Florence that we now have with us- Florence XVeiss. fx' AF, f-5 - " ii,- JAX . ,,,,. . .2 1 ,. 4-' W ,il-iiil .- i " "...,-,- '..A L f .L ., A-i Lis .a 1 "',:..1 . . ... ,Y T474 .,,. ' '-" .1911 s . - -.0 . . - - .' I .- I nu. . . ...f-,liar A. , ":i , " . QL -'. , .' fri" ' rg"'- "P f 1" :D f Q as ' .. 5 3,1 - i- '5-.Hr--' :iff , ,- g-I ' '1 H24 3.-I-, 'Q -' :rr -z-: ' . . ' 'ag'-.s'..a'.., 4 - ' N , , , .. ,-, -A..--53' -- 1. - . . -,ag ::,f'.-.-ri ,":-, q-- ' 'fUgQu,'f-1'-,I',-,. . im ."::. ' '-...Z -Th., .'1j' l , Nb -- "Pi . . : ilu.. Elia' , .5 w 'L' .- .1,:.v--:".j.t- . - - ' ' - '. '. 'gf .: -. fl I 0 v u' 4 .' :bw . 1.'-.. .'.' '.'.4 f2361 ' frfffi A .V Lf 'F 2 W L J fi 1,11 f 'ff x in I, 1 I fl fy ff W 1 f dag! l frlf I 3 fbamnon CLf3-55 Boo 'Y x wg . 9 ll K K K K '. Q kk : Q g W , V' . 5 12 Z f2371 Y K Vc5U'CGi iT'E5T'f VOUVOIR . -1 1 ,,,, , , 49 Can You Read This Letter? vwgrjgzoflj , Bi-,ir n , Z gvgf' i.a..,u SN- Zxfih Y - V L.ff I Q., 1:73 H ,,-1 5 5 Q T9 34- 'ii 4 A f ' WT Q lgKg Cx GO - 75 WfQQ !?E..J 1 'N 8 Sgxx11f1fWQ Courlesp N k uw 045 A- V ,Z4 Vlfifl' W' frm f .-'- 7 '- 7. . 'QL 'fj r Ish ' 55271 117 moe N i o netting-552 Boo K hat mr 'think nf tlbumrlurn m H.eXRlJEST YEAR The Senior year 11745 has caused more headaches than any other, while as hluniors 1945 we were kept busy most of the time. In our lfreshman 1535 year it was considerable work to become acquainted with the school, and in our Sophomore year all but forty-one "took it easyp. IIARIJEST S'l'L'lJY It is far more difticult to be a chemist 1825 than anything else4according to the vote. History 1345, a straggling second. is considered somewhat of a task, while French 1315 and German 1315 are Fighting it out for third place. t5l'R HARDIQST XYURKER 55'alter l"aulkner's 1865 work in school and outside did not go unappre- ciatcd, while Edmund Moore 1485 and Dwight lleebe 1275 also had a few 'Kjobsf' Mfiss Katharine Asher 1525 is the original "hard work girl," but Miss Edwina Greist 1475 was a close second, followed by Miss lrlonora Pitcher 1345. otk Mosr onicztxt-xL A The general opinion is that as a class we cannot be outdone in originality. Among the boys, Ed Levy 1195 had a new "stunt" to exhibit every day: but ,loc Hislop 1165 did not let this bother him, so came in second, with Joe Jackson 1155 hanging onto his heels. Miss Katharine Asher 1275 has made everyone "sit up and take notice": then Miss Edwina Greist 1225 has kept up sitting up. llefore we could sit down Miss Morse 1135 showed us something Hnewf' DONE MUST F1 JR THE SCHOOL E 5Yalter Faulkner 11385 has no rival for this honor. Nevertheless, Dwight Ileebe 1455 and Joe Hislop 1435 received some consideration. Miss Iidwina Greist 11225 comes in a lap ahead of Miss Katharine Nsher 1605 in this race, with Miss Honora Pitcher 1405 tinishing. 12395 W em Mosr oprmisric ,tilfvciu-'noisztcE:ni1Pou,vouz lrving Richey C205 generally looks at the bright side of life, while Otto Spiller U85 was never accused of being a hkickerf' John Clark's CISJ jokes Q ?j made the Commercials think him somewhat of an optimist. Not even the next report couid make Miss Bessie Archer CZIJ worry, "Oh, it could have been worse' is the motto of Miss Helen Reidel Q19j. OCR LUNCH ROOMS BEST CUSTOMER f'Maj." Allen's f40j tremendous appetite made it necessary to install the "Cafeteria" system in the lunch rooms. John McKee CZOJ is always in the 'Kline," followed by "Tom" Draper Cl5l. Miss Dorothy Kinny f34b has used most of her "pin moneyi' buying cakes. while Miss Katharine Asher C305 never found that she had to take iron to make her eat. Miss Helen Reidel tZ3j has made an occasional contribution to the restaurant treasury. A OUR SHREVVDEST POLITICIAN C joe Hislop C79j certainly was "right there" with his nomination speechesg and while VValter Faulkner f57j never gave away cigars around election time, he certainly knew how to get votes. while Ed Levy C47j knows the political game from A to Z. Miss Catherine Corves has convinced sixty that she knows how to elect a candidate, while Miss Graham tZ7j is now contemplating the formation of a l'oiitical 'Club. Nobody dared to run against Miss Margaret Kelly f25j for Secretary. MOST DIGNIFIED Ernest Isbell f63j is surely entitled to this title, while a glance at Ed Daven- port C305 will show why he received his votes. john O'Brien QZSJ stands ace high when dignity is considered. Miss Mary O'Connor C425 never loses her dignity on any occasion. Mfiss Miriam Smith C24j also "knows her place' at all times, while Miss Charlotte Hall C23j is never hilarious. - OUR MOST POPULAR XValter Faulkner, as "Prexy" has one hundred and ninety-five classmates who think he is, while Dwight Beebe's various activities and r'osy cheeks have made him the favorite of thirty-four. Joe Jacksons shyness has prompted nineteen young ladies to make him their choice. moi My Vtffyflfi ,,,' ..'. -. 7, A of he If W fgliw frfse N i Qc R1.CLiF1Q52 zsoomi W. Miss Margaret Kellyls sweet disposition has netted her ninety-one votes, while Miss Greist with "the smile that never comes offn has sixty-five admirers. Miss Asher, through her multitudinous duties, has merited the admiration of forty. . MOST UXASSCMING' V Joe Dugan C27j, our baseball captain, has not let big league offers affect the size of his hat. P. Ernest Isbell QZZQ was never accused of being "stuck up," while NValter Faulkner f23j blushes when he hears himself spoken of. Miss Bernice Foote C2lj never "puts on airs." and neither does Miss Bar- tiss USD "show off." Miss Goodman Ql2j certainly is no "bluffer." CLASS NIGHTING.-XLES K'Stew" Miller fl66j can certainly do justice to any good song, while Ray Moran Ql7j and '4Deacon" Wright Q12j, with the same apposition, occasionally make a "hit.', The ladies, as a general rule, sing much more prettily than the men. In the different styles of nightingales, Miss Mary Hogan flO3j sings very sonorously, but Miss Annie Uren f65j is the favorite in certain sections. Nevertheless, Miss Florence Mahoney f4Oj and Miss Lillian Clancey QZZQ are capable of singing faultlessly. BEST ATHLETE Major Allen Ql08j gets this, but is pressed hard by joe Oed, our football captain, CIOOD. joe Dugan C575 has represented the school in several sports, and is baseball captain, while Art. Pite 124D has done good work in all branches of athletics. Miss Asher Ql70j plays basketball and tennis with remarkable skill, while Miss MacKenzie f25j participates in athletics occasionally. Miss Gallenkamp C235 besides playing basketball, runs to school every morning., QUR BEST NATURED "VValt" Cronan QZSQ has a "golden smile" for everyone. Dwight lleebe CZID, even when fa-tig-u-ed, retains his good nature. johnny McKee has grinned unto himself fifteen votes. Miss Helen Crowley C29j would laugh at anyone? jokes just for the sake of satisfying the poor chestnut dealer. A minute's conversation with Miss Mil- dred Stebbins QZSJ is sufficient to convince one of her good nature. Miss Yera King has shown twenty-five that she is not a crank. j241j P mf 42??VCIU"lICfitZ 'ces -Qfzouvouz 4,9 W0 MOST LIKELY TO "MAKE GOOD" ' Forty-six see bright things in store for Edmund Moore, while VValter Faulkner C265 is sure to furnish many big "stories'i in the future. VVhen Brew- ster Crawford Cl05 and Dwight Beebe C105 confer it is expected that their big venture will be the stopping of the European war. It is expected that IWiss Olive Doherty C245 will "steal a march" on all competitors in winning a -- well, we all know what. Miss Honora Pitcher C215 has drawn "big" plans for the future, while Miss Louth C185 will surely be successful in her study of human nature. OUR BEST DANCER Henry Nugent is our Vernon Castle-so thinketh ninety-six fair damsels. Frank Ford C315 danced himself into the Dance Chairmanship, while "Johnnie" O"Brien C305 is a Hphenomi' on the waxed floor. "Sam" Lapotin C255 also Hglidesi' occasionally. V Miss Noyes C1045 is our chief demonstrator of the art of graceful motiong still Miss Catherine Corves is considered a perfect dancer by thirty-eight "knights" Miss McGovern C365 is capable of showing anyone a few fancy steps. MOST POPULAR TEACHER Dr. McFarland C985 is extremely popular with all who know him. Dr. Zimmerman is well liked by forty-five. Mr. Booth C345 continues to "reign" in Boardman, while Mr. Porter is greatly esteemed by thirty-two. Dr. Sheridan C1165 needs no mention as to why she is so popular. Forty like Dr. Cleaveland very much. Miss Holbrook C405 and Miss Ives C305 have won the affection of the Commercials with their sweet dispositions. OUR SHINING LIGHT Frank Ford has received one hundred and thirty-seven "invites" to various social functions. John O'Brien C215 is a familiar figure at all parties and dances, while joe jackson C185 mingles in society quite often. Miss Gladys -Cook's C715 presence is considered necessary for the success of any affair, but Miss Beatrice Stevens C375 is always asked to come. Miss Noyes C345 is a 'fstar" outshone only by very few. BRIGHTEST SICHOLAR Nothing has been found too deep for the ever alert mind of joe jackson C735, while a "B" or a "CU or a -, well, what's the use, would give Arthur Pite C2421 EN to wif deign? Zoo M , 1675 heart failure. "Joe" Brady 1235 is so bright that his mother calls him "sonny.', 1New, isn't it ?---as our R. R. Station.5 Miss Florence Edwards 1415 has never been known to "Hunk" a recitation. Miss Elsie Hegel 1265 is the walking encyclopedia of the annex, while Miss Mason 1225 is in the habit of carrying home an all "A" report card. OUR MOST ELOQUEXT URATUR Nobody in the running but "joe" Hislop, who received two hundred and fifty-tive votes as remuneration for his nomination speeches, debates, and appeals for the support of the basketball team, Ed Levy' 1245 thrilled us occasionally with speeches and recitations. Miss Edwina Greist 1395 impressed everyone-especially the "scrubs"-that she is some speaker, although Miss Honora Pitcher 1365 went back further and told the Grammar School K'kids" a thing of two about the High School, and has also recited. Miss Morse 1205 is considered somewhat of a debatress. - OUR 5YI'l'TIEST Otto Spiller 1245 ,has a joke every time the second hand of the clo-ck moves. 1Xot a second hand clock.5 "Dan" Weinstein 1215 lets out his wit in the "grind" column of the Focus, and "Louie" Schmitz 1215 finds it necessary to he witty to humor us into paying class dues. Miss Katharine .Xsher 1325 could keep one "screaming" all day, while Miss Despierre 1205 is about to write a book on "Wit at the right time." Miss Alma East 1165 has caused more than one person to swallow his chewing-gum while laughing at something she has said. CLASS llAl1Y All contributions for a new rattle will be received with great appreciation.- Adv. The only thing missing in the above "add'l is whom we want the rattle for. VVell, it's for Reynolds-eflass llaby, with seventy-five votes to his credit. John Tuolbert 1585 has just put on long trousers in time for graduation. Tone is considered some baby by forty-tive. Miss Hester Hortonls goo-goo has been heard by forty-eight. Miss Ruth Sedgwick's 1355 lot may be that of a baby, but she has done Hhigv things1 while Miss Alice Dooley 1285 insists that she is a "grown-up." 12431 Hiilleimaarst S.. M. . , . . I . at, 1 I CgE5-..l?QU,VOlR CLEYEREST XVRITER lid. l.evy f7Oj has contributed greatly to the success of Messrs, Estabrook, Carter, Stafford and a few others. foe Hislop C310 occasionally "paddles his canoe" with a pen. VValter Faulkner f27j has written for the school papers, newspapers, and to "her." Miss Hester Horton KSOD may be Class Baby, but her pen is mighty. Miss Bucey f26j knows how to put Hpunch' in the written word, while Miss VVarner C24j has written editorials, notes. and invitations. A. F. STEISIZING Let us tell you a story of a man who made good, and how he accomplished it. VVas it easy? VVell, it was just natural for him to come out top. It would be just as natural for any high school graduate to make good in a chosen pro- fession if the same methods were applied. Do you want to know the ropes? Mr. Stebbing can tell you better than we are able to, but we ascribe his success to carefully developed plans, putting them into effect, and then following the plans. That is where so many fall. They make elaborate preparations, and then neglect to put the plans into operation. In making his calculations, Mr. Stebbing took an inventory of his qualifica- tions and experience. So much time spent as a stenographer, then a dictator, office manager, accounting experience and several years of bank work, and in addition to this may be added special training in secretarialyvxlork. Said he: "How can I make use of what I know and have done and yet strike out for myself 7' You know or have heard of the school in the Chamber of Commerce build- ing. That school is the answer to the question Mr. Stebbing put to himself. Success was assured because of a good foundation for the work undertaken, plus effort and determination. Applying these principles to ourselves, we, too, shall make good in whatever career we select, and those favoring commercial or secretarial occupations should not be slow in making inquiries of Mr. Stebbing, director of the school bearing his name, for he is in a position to help others. f244j lgffcff 4 HU 'W K f fwfr ff' f ro R1 Cu555' ? AUTOGRAPHS KX n . I ' Q- 'Q ,f7 Y 'X 'QL' f X M A , - H' 14 2 7 gd, , L ,Q X M- hx A A f 'V xX J- . A f 'X Q 4T.l1f'1fff1fC, 'f A jj?-'1 wivf- X' '- Ki Q . QJQQQX Kjwmwi f 7111 ff uf' f9f7 ,, f 1 K ' , fi f , 1 54 Y gf-4 Lf, fa jk kia! ' 1 f X 0l.,l,4,, k.,Kx 1 !f Y f I X-II. f' I 'ix V ff - iffy, ,III K I7 ,Mwx .. fi - ' X - ' X l ', Y7 ,, I fry X V, ' , Cfkfluf K f1f. fLwVOM+ ff. ,D 44 4 fi- K' tl f NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL l 8 94 I S xxx xfx y ki. I Ill: Lfrf FLF fffl IAQL. W"'lf.lfEE FMF' X EEE f EEE f gi.. ICHIQF IZIEL. l.l- ? 5 fix l.l.. C 1 MWFW U w xigx y Max Q- -1, M 'ff H ff N up 'A 'SE i s - f ". ' - 1. " X J llk in W! f E 'I E. X I5 1 miami f O Xb? F I-I I-I VF ff! M2225 f 1 Q2 B gps ll ll ff , X W!! 3 XSA :Il is f H I if 9 1' - I ,!:1 vm f 1 ' ll 1 ',. 7 E L .E-, 'K 42 i i 25 ,z P' hi! :mug M ? J' , ' U nil wh: A X .2124 H X 'F Ill VII H Eg Qi I!! X yt r N ii-ffVC5 Uf'CCii WCE5'f7?Qu,voeR 0-7' 40 AUTOGRAPHS ATHLETIC Q :ix W- 3"-5? A I 'QL-in ? ' A -f V Q , A ,H . - . 'A 3 i , 0 QU! ' - ' ' ' 13 ' 4: X NV X .J 47 1 Oak X 49+ Q X X is gy, 4 REGULAR FOOT BALL TEAM Samoa CLA55 i Esoosm 5, p p ff W7 izlwffwf ' 67: f --7 ' . A A H' kc R 'r ' R45 'N ,ffffiigfwfi f 4, '44 X 16' 'cf ff J' f' fuk llllliii ii I mi 99 l i i f Q TJQENT rl-EIKIIAN lrnruiii-'U ' lllf athletic history of our class is a good onc anfl thc mcmlwcrs of the class can look with pride upon the type and ability ot' thc atlilctcs of l'1ltw. who hzivc composccl in part and in full fakqj? the various teams in the school, lfrom thc start of thc lfrcsh- man year down to the present sc-ason thc athletes of the class E W? E havc gong- ont in all sports zinfl givcn thc lncst that was in thcm. 'llhcv llIlX'L' shown thc FUl1l'2lQC, tlctcrminzttion. untl skill that :irc csscntiztl in successful athlctics zincl thc splcntlicl rccorrls mmlc lnv Ncw llztvcn Iligh School lrzisclmzill, lmztskctlmll and footlnall tcznns in thc pzxst fcw vczirs haw ltccn in il largc mcztsnrc tlnc to thc cxcclft-nt work of thc rcprc- scntzttivcs of l'llo lhc plztvcrs who hzivc lwcn in thc ranks of thc rcgnlzn' tcznns :intl thosc who hnvc plztvctl on thc class tczlms hav 0 nnconsciouslv haul Il gcncrul lwncticiznl ctlcct npon thc school. 'l'hc onztlitics lfronght ont clnring thc conrsc ot' thcir mracticc Jlllll 1" 1 Nnncs, in victory :incl in clcfcat, havc had an intlncncc for lmcttc-ring their clzissmzttcs. :incl in sonic instznnccs huvc cansctl Z1 llkiltlllllll spirit to pur- incatt- classrooms. lint the uthlctcs of thc clziss have cnjovctl tht-ir work :intl If has liecn tlns cnthnsiastic intcrcst which has lcd thcm to prztcticc fztithfnllv :intl ls 11 toiisupnncc rcztp thc rcwztrtls ot' nnmcrons victories. 1 . . 'lihis his torv flcals onlv with thc zxthlctic work ot' thc tt-:uns during ont Scnior vcar, lnnt wc must ever lmcztr in mintl that prcvions to this vcar our class has contrilnntctl in no small clcgrcc to thc ffglllill' rcprcscntzitivc tcznns of thc school and that wc hznvc sont ont mzinv strong class teams, ln other words, thc class of N16 has cvcr lm-cn gt-ncrons in contriltnting to thc zithlctic wclfztrc ot' Ncw llnvcn lligh School. 13511 it ' ii,7iifw'fg,'.,'.v ..-. .- -A ef ttf if e as 1 an iwvoutoiiz ceo1..Pou,voaR - . ."'. .".' - - , .lf . . gf' , '- s."5- V - . - , -. vi-' H v -I. - A 1' 3 ' . , :,,.-'Au'f,. -.Q .,3,.. ". it s - 3 QQA .Mag '39 p rj .1252 I R 35: 1: Hg , ,.. ., ws. fa .av , af- :fag v ,Q me -Q , f K .Q .- . . 1 31 f-9 .It 3. .- vi 4 . , . f-gi ' fl, -asf ' f ' ,3:'AQ',' f, ,af if - 5 .,,, - my .3-5, '. ,se af' 2 . 'T-iv '-' -533 - ' 'H-. ' ,3 " ..ff- ' -1: .-.' , nw JA..-5 1, Dila.: S1 , mag-S .ite ' 1 ig? 75-4, p . I .u , .1-": 1 fin if-, .,.-v - .,.,.r ft F- Isle- .--fl ff - : ' Q.-if -J, ft .V-.lgffg 5355 g-.14 egg ,- gig V W., ' Q V Q ' ,- -lift 1-'."f'i 13' ' vi" fn? I ii -2 .f-1 5? ,' ': -. is ' S- -' 3-EI 'l-' f,.- -V X Q, b, al . -' .f . -. ,J 1-.wa Q fi- -' X' 'Q 4 "' 1 - f f .' - ' cfm giifgs' :fa v' -fig' ' ' ff, -f Ju ' ' ' j :fig-f'3sjv1ef1:,a,n ' Q:-1 "--' ."ff" ' ijlifi'-T-. I irgff-if ??f1f??'w3:gE7 51. 5- .'-Q , x lili football team which represented the school in the fall of T7 TN 1915 had many of the characteristics which have predomi- X X F J nated in the work of 1916 athletes from the start. The team geo fought and fought hard in every game, and although the sum- ? Q 1 C-.44 I l I l 9 mary ot the season showed more defeats than victories, nev- " ,sl A iff: - 1 ' ertheless these defeats were not in any way due to a lack of courage or hard, untiring practice. The eleven went down to defeat fighting desperately in every instance: and to be defeated by small scores by heavier and more experienced teams, was far from disgraceful. The squad was called out by Coach Lfawley late in September and about sixty men reported. In this large squad our class was well represented. Among those who showed the necessary qualities for regular positions were: Captain Oed, Cronan, .-Xllen. Fraser, and Slayton. Then there were a score of other members of the class who worked unseltishly for the interests of the team. After several weeks of hard work-the Cawley type of practice-the school eleven went to Lakeville for the annual game with the llotchkiss team. The prep. school eleven was fully as strong as those of former years and our team was defeated by a score of 39 to 0. The score, however, does not do justice to the work of the New Haven players, who played their hardest throughout the game. Captain Oed in particular played excellently against Hotchkiss. In the following weeks came the contests with Taft and Choate. Our boys were defeated in both these games but only by margins of three points. Taft defeated us by a score of 3 to O in one of the hardest-fought games ever played in Watertown. The New Haven men showed their usual aggressiveness and outplayedetheir prep. school rivals in many departments. The contest was decided by a sensational drop-kick from the forty-five yard line by the Taft full- back. The Choate game was decided on a Huke and resulted in a 10 to 7 defeat of our team. Following the Choate game our team experienced little difficulty in sending Bulkley down to a 20 to 3 defeat, in a game marked by the clever team play of New Haven. The week after, however, we were defeated by the Hartford eleven by a 19 to 7 score. in this contest the New Haven players started off 12521 1464 Vwff , ' 1 ' f .- , - - , . V- 1 , Q fgg E' N 1 o R :C KA553 Boo WMI, J K . 1 mr nur V ,Y Y , ii . W ' 5 with a rush that dazzled the Hartford players and scored the first points. The weight o'f the Hartford players made itself evident in the last half, however, and the fighting New Haveners were forced to yield. Ansonia was crushed under a 53 to 0 defeat by Captain Oed's men, but the following Friday the heavy New Britain eleven came to this city and sent our boys ,dawn to a 14 to 6 defeat, in that memorable game played at Yale field before a record crowd. Few, if any, who witnessed the New Britain game will forget the fight displayed by the New Haven players. 'A Captain Oed deserves the most credit for the Work of the school eleven. In every game his smashing, fearless play was a striking feature. Other mem' bers of our class who fought hard all season and shone brilliantly at times were "VValt" Cronan, "Maj." Allen, and "Art.H Pite. It was the fact that experience, weight and sometimes fortune were against us that brought out the true qualities of the 1916 players. ln the face of these odds they fought nobly and unflinchingly for the best interests of the school. FOOTBALL SUMMARY 'losEi'H CDED .. .. ... ..... ... .... .. .. ....Captain TDVVIGIIT lilililfili .. .. . .Manager THE TEAM Left End, XYALTON CRONAN Right Tackle, RTANCEL Rina Left Tackle, l'l.XRRY SLAYTQN Right End, :XLBERT SIIEIHXRD Left Guard, THOMAS SULLIVAN Quarterback, CLARENCE FRASICR Center, PETER CUsANEI.Lr Left Halfback, joslai-Ir filili Right Guard, XVATNWRTGHT JOHNSTON Right Halfbark, .'XR'l'IIL'R l'1TE Fullback, MlAJoR ALLEN SURSTITUTES Center, DAVID CELENTINO Right Guard, EDWARD 17UL1.ER Halfback, ARTHUR TXTALLOY Quarterback, JAMES MCNAMARA Fullback, GARDNER Dow Left End, NVOOSTER H1TcucocR Halfback, ROGER LDNGNECHER Left Guard, H.XRI'bLD 1-i.XR'l'l.E'l'T Center, TQENNETII P.XT'l'liRSON Left End, EDWARD RICCAIHC Right find, TRVING RICHEY RESULTS OF THE GAMES N. H. H. S. .... O Hotchkiss . . 30 N. H. H. S. . . O Taft . . 3 N. H. H. S. . . 7 Choate . 10 N. H. H. S. . . 20 Bulkley . . 3 N. H. H. S. . . 7 Hartford . . 10 N. H. H. S. . . 53 Ansonia . . O N. H. H. S. . . 6 New Britain . . 14 12531 VC5U"l1OlIfTiEiJ'lfQI7OU,VOlR 1' 1 - 1 la.-W, ,,,,,,, REGULAR BASKETBALL TEAM llli school basketball team of the season 1915-1910 was one of 'F' 'wx the best that has ever represented the school. and by its excel- ! lent work established a good claim to the Connecticut inter- .ffvf ,552 scholastic championship. The record of the team, showing a 35 ' ff string of fourteen victories and only four defeats, is one which If 5 A . !r.JL'1fLf1" - no previous team in high school history can point to. lfrom the start of the season to the final victory over New llritain. the players worked hard for success, and it was their faithfulness in practice and ability to work together that resulted in victories. The team registered wins over every high school quintet of note in the state, except Stamford Qand we would have taken extreme delight in trimming that teamj. Hartford representatives fell twice before our lads and splendid victo- ries were gained over New llritain, Crosby, and Taft. The 1916 men who shone billiantly on the team were Captain llite, "Buck" Morse and 'Qlerryu Carney. The work of these men was a very important factor 12541 ,Z1 lQi fW5E: N I QERQCKASTM E500 IV' in the success of the team. There were other members of the class who con- tributed to the successful work in the ranks of the second team. It was evident throughout the basketball season that the underlying princi- ple of the success of the team was that the players pulled together. There was not a man on the team who thought he was the individual star and each man's willingness to make a strong unit of the live was what determined the victories. Not only was the season a success in the matter of games Won, but in addition, Manager Hislopis report showed a gain of nearly 3150. This was the largest amount ever realized in basketball in the school. IIASKETIIALL SUMMARY AR'r11L'1c P1'1'12 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .., .. ..Cap1ain .IOSICPII HISLOP .... .llamzger THE TEAM 1 Left Forward, Jlilitlltlli Lfxlcxrzx' Left Guard, :lxR'1'llL'R Pirie Right Forward, IZUCKLIQY TWORSIE Right Guard, WI2sLi-:Y McDoN.xLn Center, Hire!-tcocK SL'llS'l'1TL7TES 1l.xRRY Scsxrxx 1,1111 Il' St'sM.xN PIIILIP Cliclaictwiziarerz Emu fiL'S'I'AFSON RESULTS OF THE GAMES N. H. H. S. .... 8 Yale . . . . 26 N. H. H. S. . . 52 X. ll. Alumni . . 21 N. ll. H. S. . . -18 Naugatuck . . 32 N. H. H. S. . . 27 liranford Alumni . . 2-1 N. ll. H. S. . . 6 New llritain .... 21 N. H. H. S. . . -16 Dwight Place Church . . 23 N. H. H. S. . . 18 Yale lfreshmen . . 21 N. H. ll. S. . . 37 Yale Ineligibles . . 21 N. H. H. S. . . 23 Yale Second . . 31 N. H. H. S. . . 25 Taft . . . 21 N. H. H. S. . . 25 llridgeport . 22 N. H. H. S. . . 24 Ansonia . . 11 N. H. H. S. . . 31 Hartford . . 13 N. H. H. S. . . 25 llridgeport . 27 N. H. H. S. . . 27 Crosby . . . 25 N. H. H. S. . . 35 Hartford . . . 27 N. H. H. S. . . 2-1 XYest End A. C. . . 1-1 N. H. H. S. . . 24 New llritain . . 16 12551 ?yf1i9ifM,'f,L ,-,.. A is ,,,.,y,V ,, , , '1 m flfvo ufcon wc' 'eaiQPQu,vouz - A ' if I REGULAR BASEBALL TEAM, 1915 'ri N: '11 this writing the baseball team has not played any games, but a squad of nearly fifty men has been working out under Coach Eawley and Captain Dugan for oyer a weekg and judging from the work shown, the season will be as successful as that of 1914 and 1915. ln the squad are the following veterans: 1 X s xgxl jihl 'Captain Dugan, Mathag, Allen, Oed, Anderson, and Nuhn. All of these men are members of our class and their work since the Sophomore year has been one of the principal elements in bringing baseball championships to New Haven High School. It has been clearly evident to the student body that 1916 players have formed the backbone of our baseball teams for three years-a backbone which has invariably been a firm one. It is safe to predict that by the time this is published the school team will have gained many victories and that the players of our class will have displayed their usual ability in the game. M561 My Vfyzfy, , - ,e 1 . . H+ ee ,, ' wg! 31946 95565 N10 mcuasimtf Esoo ig, ,y , ,,,, , fm' e ' e e -- ' nfl y 716 ee ff tlnufs l1.xs Kli'I'l!.XI.I.7Sl-IN sou 'I'lz.xM lllS history would be far from complete if mention were not f' tl "Aw F? 1 Iii, ffl made of the clever girls' team which brought the interclass championship to 1916 several weeks ago. The quintet was pronounced to be one of the best girls' teams of recent years tand the hoys of the class do not doubt itl. The 1916 team walked away with victories in all the contests in the interclass series and would have liked to try conclusions with girls in other high schools of the state. There is no doubt that they would have made a good stand against any girls, team, for they were imbued with the 1016 brand of determination, which they exhibited in every contest. Ura XYright Lois Mattoon livelina Hassett Ruth Richards hlohanna tiallenkamp ,Iilizabeth Mackenzie Alice lloon Katherine Corves Katharine .Xsher Qfaptj Louise Bogart 12571 Q?ffVC5kUf'CCii Epuvonk "" Hb L'Il.XMl'IUX 5I.XIUIx IASliIC'I'l1.XI.I. TIQXH l.uL'ls XYlilNS'l'PilN IRVIN1: Llmmlflmcn, fL'a AIORRIS Sl..X'l'liR R.XLl'Il fQOL'I.D Hxlun' SN-151111-11u1.xx JAUIIS IQUHINSKY Cxul. Ihicfx H581 SAxML'12r. Lm'.x'rlN, fMgr.j L'L.xR1sNulf: l"R.xs141R CCoachj W'1'1l EN 1 o Ri.ClfFj-29513 Boo M Ellie Mgmnazium HE beginning of our Senior year was marked by the opening of the school gymnasium-"The Gym" which students, during H QNX Jimi! r' h f dr med of and ardentl worked for' the Aw az. my Ye by eff ea. . .Y . y g .gift pt? 3 iiym. which Junior liair Committees had in mind when they generously planned their work. llut the students of years gone ""i'A"'il' ' by hardly visualized the splendid gymnasium which we found awaiting us on our return to school last September. ln point of equipment, size, and location, we could not expect more. VVe would that those pupils who worked for the gymnasium in past years could come back to enjoy some of its benehts: to realize what it means to the school, as we, the members of the Class of 1916, have realized during the hrst year of its existence. Although the membersh of our class have not been given the opportunity for regular gym. work, the members of the various athletic teams have been afforded many advantages through the use of the gymnasium. The athletes of the class have been in better condition because of it, and it is obvious that it has played an important part in the work of the teams. lt is evident, also. that the gymnasium has made a new and better spirit show itself in connection with High School athletics. The crowds that have attended the games have been the largest in the school's history. The splendid spirit of the players and the spectators have made for success, and dancing has been enjoyed here on more than one occasion. And the Class of 1916 has been a part of this. It is our misfortune to be here only for the first year of the gym's telling work. but we can at least feel that we have contributed generously to a good start, and we hope that the future will mark even greater progress in High School athletic work. TO MR. iCOL'NTRYMAN: The members of the Class of 1916 wish to express their appreciation for the benefits they have been afforded through your work as president of the Athletic Association. We are fully aware of the sacrilice of time you have made in order to keep the Association in good condition. XVe feel that the present influential organization has been brought about largely through your efforts, and the members of our class extend our best wishes for the future success of the association. fzsfn My . g W W Qi-s'.2vo'ugsi1iz cssiifwouvom TO COACH CAVVLEY: -1 HE members of the class of 1916 fully realize the value of your work in coaching and organizing the athletic teams of the Q Q school. Since the start of our Sophomore year, when you assumed your duties as coach, we have seen you develop many championship teams and those which have not been of cham- '41 pionship caliber have invariably been imbued with plenty of fighting spirit, which in itself is more to be desired than victories. VVe realize that it is unnecessary to enter upon an encomium of you, because your splendid record is praise in itself, Wie take this means, however, of showing our recognition and appreciation of your worth as a coach. You have proved a good counselor to the athletes of our class and an excellent pilot of its teams. The Class of 1916 hopes that New Haven High School will ever have a man of your type to guide its athletic interests. VVALTER T. l7.XULKNFIR, President nf Senior Class. c -7521 if 1 , -I? Z E Z g s f --'I-'1'-5 . 5 ' TNOBMS "S 1 X . Xi 1 -' . f ,Ze n QW! J W We . W: I WX 1 A Q afllllllllllllwu . . v .. WH' " 'Wa Ky Y 3 , ' 'W A NAL , 5 5 QW f 9 , 5 QW 'ES F I I KI. x,:,1' ' Nui . VISRTISEHQEITTS , ff ' ix Q ,,, XS L W J l X uufsiTuFjr:Tx1r 1 Il t Z X Q lffP'f4"N Q s " o l - 4 , 7 N fffll 'fllx E fa Uflfnmmxl NFO? 'X li 1 Q , n f X .J Q-QQ 2XXixNXX I '3."QRIT?W - ,, XM .,,..,. . v"1'suuM X W! 'sw NNW M, NWUD1, " ' ,tl W' 1 ,xi ' ORAXX ,'," W mx 1 vm J ll 1' W 1 lf11l.n.ln-,,XQ,iXf, Um I T A I NN llxl, L--4. V L 'Q dj ,Gil L! "Ls Q x Q- I h ffj' fx E X? , 1: -Il 1 -1' ""' x F 5 u .L fr 2 ' 3. -" WHICH WAY? Take Your Choice -- the dark road of ignorance and mere zbeorezicaf knowledge, leading to obscurity -- or the Bright Upward Path to Success, the Road of Praczfcaf Knowledge. You Stand at the Parting of the Ways-- Choose Wisely. Our free illustrated prospectus will tell you how we have equipped hundreds of young men and women with prfzrtimf knowledge. We teach and train in modern methods the quickest, surest, easiest ways to do the things that really count. Slzorllzfznd, Yfiynewriling, Penmamlnip, Bookkeeping, Down-tw dzzle Ojjire tSi1'.S'l'67ll--fl'16 stepping stones to success. Business competition has never been so keen as it is to- day. There is no place for the untrained or poorly trained young man or woman. .- But the rewards open to the thoroughly equipped worker have never been so great. We will prepare you to win your share of these rewards. School in session throughout the year. Register now. TH E utler Business School Sidney P. Butler, Pres. Ernest M. Butler,Sec. Y. M. C. A. BUILDING faf19'7w,W 'ffff - e e 4 .f f fi. SE: N i o wfunimzf Boo m,W, ,,'f"-'if e e ' e 'L ,,4L 1 "A little nonsense now and then, ls relished by the best of men." rn vnu ffninff intu? Xlnrusi1iifXYl1at business :1 x 1' 5 ,, Nlissnnflnto the lumlmer busincss. Kl01'OSl1llfX,U1l.YC got 21 good head for that. Klalr:neyffXYlien will there XYitkcf'l'ell me, pfezxse. he twenty-hx'e letters in the alplizihvl AlZilUllCyffxX'llCl'l u and i are one. ".Xnd her mean husband thinks she-'s cxtrzirzigziiitf' "xx'hyP" "-lust lac-cause she insists on having lfiflffs inonnglmii stainpccl in his c luisciiitsfflix. l'rof.ff"XYliat's the lie more enthusiastic. Open y matter wiih vnu. llerr Dean? L'an't you bp our mouth and tlirmx' yourself into it." rc ik him Mental Power Mental power you have. But do you possess the knowledge and skill necessary to use properly the tools of business? Technical Skill The technical knowledge and skill which you can acquire at the Steb- bing Commercial School will place you in a position to demand your worth. Pitman Shorthand Bookkeeping Ofiice Training Gregg Shorthand Billing ComputingMachines Touch Typewriting Filing Dictaphones SPANISH LANGUAGE For South American Trade Instruction by Native Spanish Gentleman Stehhing Commercial School 217-225 Chamber of Commerce Building 185 Church Street, Near Public Library New Haven - Connecticut STEBBING lim' MT l l OM UGUI lDlNNERS ' l plank A Com' BEACH, EAST HAVEN Steakf ' ,, 1 S A , f.f.-4i2Ef'- puff l Nlewls "' 'lg ' "i5 75'A4, A A 1 A A ,E A M y l 2 l' C: t, Fi l i ng I fu k A af i 1 a lr e 3 v wi Huw A VI ,Pt Q, J, l BATHING L, K 'S' U... l DANCING A 'A - A l if A"A , A l,. l u A and A if w A , 5.- fs -A -ff' - iff ff A Music if 'Q +--14:33 A CURDIAI. INVITATION VVll61lSllllllllCl' comes we want you to come and see the enlarged and renovated Momauguin. Cut we show is last summer's view. Eavh year we have had add a little more space and increase favitities. Pres- ent changes will be the most extensive ofall. We want you to come GC 1 an and want you to always feel at home . 'l' H EU. P. SN' I FT, Proprietol' HOIHYE E.YTAHLIh'HlfD IAXYI facobs Ka Jacobs Iffgborferf and Tazforf IOCSIO Clwzprf Strfrt, Nffc' Hafwl, Cwlzznliflzt Tekphazzf' 4415 22'lii9f7ll" -t . if 'ee li-+2517 4, voutouz cea1i.?Qu,vouz am .T e Q all I -Q 'l J' K 'ex et "XYell, l hope you will be very attentive and practice constantly," said the fond mother. "I tried to get your father to wear one, but he could not keep it in his eye." AXN lal.LI'l'liRiX'l'lYli .Xl,l'll.Xl2,l2'l' Ulf 'l'llli CLASS olf 1016 A- fksher l liatharinelje f Xthletic. B---lleelne fllwiglitlrfllusy. C-Carney l'l6I'0fHClfC3IJI'lCl0L1S. D-Drazen qllobertj-liemure. E--lirieson 1nleannettelflixtraorclimiry. F-lford llfranklfflfaiiciful. Gfi ireist Clidwinaj-tiiddy. Hfllegel tlilbiejgllanfly. I-lshell Qlfarnestj--lnexpugualwle. Jgjacohson l'l'lern'1anxJ--Flolly. Kfliibbe fl'.eon3 -"linotty". L-Levy llidwardl-Lazy. M-Macliendrick fEdwardl-Musical? NANoyes Clleatricej-Noisy. 0-L Vkfounor 1' l'aul H-C Jhstreperous. P--l'ite lArtl1ur'l-Verilous. QfQuick C.-Xmandaj-Quizzical. R-Rambach Cllorotliyj-Reliable. S-Spiller COttoj-Serious? TfTuttle fVeraj-Thoughtful. U-fren CHelen5--Unostentatious. V4Yestuti QAlphonseJ-Yivacious. WfXVeinstein f'KDan',j-Vllitty. X-This we do not attempt. Y-Yaffe fSimonj---Yeasty? Youthful? Yieldiug? ZfZimmerman fllattiel-Zealous. Tha Cozmectzbuf Buszheys UWZDKTSZU mm' Scfaoof qv Thtoring A school home worthy the patronage of those desiring to attain success in the business field. You will be under the charge of f'ollc-,ge-trained Men. B USINESS DE PAR TMEN7 'llll01'UllfIll preparation in all branches ol' Commercial 'l'raining: STFZNOG KAPHY flsaac- Pitman and Mnnsonl, BO0KKl'lHl'- ING, BANKING, FILING, lite. Those who have studied lsaac- Pitman can varry the course along without chan,Q'e. MR. HAROLD I. BAILEY, l'lditor-in-Chiet'ot'1915 Class Book, is non taking this course with us. TUTORING DEPAVR TMEINJY' Private instruction in all subjects required for College Entrance -Terms on application. Congress Square Building, Rooms 224-6-8 HENRY C. TONC, B. A, Principal OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Telephone Center 820 KIRK SL CO. INCORPORATED Automobiles, Hacks, Coupes, Busses and Livery of Every Description Oiiee and Stable 170 Temple Street Ro al Business College 730 Chapel St., Merchants Nat'l Bank Bldg. COMMERCIAL SUB7EC7'S Gregg Shortlmml Bufimw Engliflz Bookkeeping . Spelling Tozzfh Yiypfwritifzg Mzzltzgraphifzg Commfrrial Law Mimeogmphing Two of our Teachers are graduates of New Haven High School CALCULATING COURSE Students are taught to operate Calculating and Billing Machines in a speedy and efficient manner. Complete course ,Z'25.00. Day and Evening Classes. SPANISH CO URSE Taught by Mme. Arents, formerly a teacher at Mt. Hermon Boys' School, now teachirg in the New Britian High School. Classes every Wednesday and Friday evenings. Instruction 85.00 per month. Cuff, zvrilf or lelfflzolzf rt'garf1'if1g any partimlarf deiirnf. Pham' Cmter 2366 L. R. HERSHATTER B. F. MAGUIRE PRESIDENT qfQmN,H.H.s.3 sEcrY-TRE.-xs. Cu! Flowery hr All Ocfasiom On the Occasion of Your Graduation for 1916, Remember That We Can Supply You in all Lines of Flowers THE DOOLITTLB FLORAL CO. PHONBCENTER 4734 ORANGE AND couizr sfraetr Q :Ai ll llllllslqllll llllu lllllllll u Ill llllll ut 1, lllll l V I 'Q ."5:2trE55:5g5!59l". 'EE' ':::f.i,':"""!'!:!!EZ5?-1 vm. 135-gp EEEEE-:zziiionq ,nib rl' 'lt ' ming' ,t,,i2-1q2!6f!!1:.ll!!!!,35:g5i,' '-1'.! u, li n. silt: 111, 4:-7 :,::::::'::- ,gl dn ':L'1' lf' 1 ,mi Q5-5: -2: EE:..":r.f'-..1ig, txt! T 24724 I. 'PJ' '::h::".:v'.::.w,".,t -tl lIiQisvt.te,.. I '-':- 15:-wzellllluggiizt E will .f's::25iiE'::.!!l..f'ua- 'ri L'-12355 '11 'Hia 25: -ssfaeiggsfgig' . SAFETY ALWAYS Use Efm C fry Rubbzivfz Burners The wait mzzitmlv wary yfdifpofffzg Mall iziyqalzzzzzable matrriul IOHN P. SMITH Sc CO. ' f-THE WIRE STORE" 4.95 State Street New Haven, Conn. PHONE Cl'lN'1'l+lR 1263 OPEN DAY AND NIGHT THE PALMER TAXICAB C0. Taxicabs, Touring Cars, Landaulets and Limousines to Hire for all Occasions i3i3RFiiCT SERVICE CoMPETENT QBIVERMS 'llnxis for llnm-es :intl livvcptiolis :1 Slltt1'lQlllj' GARAGE AND OFFICE - 441 'l'EMl' S'l'RI'll4l'l' M Stezherz' 863 Som Co. .xg CHURCH s'rREe'r Steinway, Hume, jewett and VVoodbury Pianos Pianola and Aeolian Piano Players Victrolas CJ AM ug S. 12' The Linen Store Fine Table Linen, Cottons, Blankets, Comforts, Imported and Domestic Dress Materials, Rugs and Upholsteries Importers and Retailers Telephone 8140 160 ORANGE ST ,zefsvciofcoi cctcE31iQj qouvowz 49 4 Jeems O'MalleyfNVhat good movie can I see to-day? Rooney-I should recommend "The I,ast Days of Pompeii." bl, O'M.AVVhat did he die of? XYard-I dunno whatls wrong with me. 'Every time I breathe it hurts me something awful. Enslin-Why do you do it, then? "I just read an account of two girls getting lost in the Alps in mid-winter." "Terrible, Were they frozen to death F" "No They warmed themselves on the mountain ranges." SOME NK7T'IC.fXlll.lQ DISEASES. Dignititis-Faulkner. .-Xrgumentitis-H. Sneiderman. Talkatitis-Margaret Flanagan. Inquisitivitis-Max Horn, StudyitisvLewis Gilbert. Giglyitis- Quietitis Agnes Edwards. Israel Hillman. Dancitis-Alice McGushion I.atinitis-John Reilly. Lazyitis-C. Fraser. Poetryitis-Ed. Levy. Mischiefitis-Arthur Everit. It was evening. He and she were seated in her father's room burning her father's gas, "Answer me, Angelina!" he cried in a voice full of passionategearnestness. "Answer me! I can bear this suspense no longer." :Answer him, Angelina," came a voice through the keyhole. "Answer him? I can bear this expense no longer." EASY, YankeeYIf some one were so ill-advised as to call you a liar, Colonel, in what light would you regard the act? Kentucky 'Colonel-I would regard' it simply as a form of suicide, sah. HIS TURN COMING. Diner-See here, where are those oysters I ordered on the half shell? VVaiter-Don't get impatient, sah. VVe're dreffle short on shells: but you're next, sah. The Hanover Shoe s3.oo and sgso The Greatest Shoe Value on Earth Seventy Stores in Forty-five Cities New Haven Store 26 Church St. "THE BUSY STORE" You Know' Ap ! ,S That you could have your tennis racket re-strung or Exclusive Millinery repaired while you Walt seo CHAPEL ST. L-E Eg EDEN IQLITT veryt ing or Tennis, 0 ,etc. New Haven - Conn. 934 CHAPEL ST. L Buy an IVER JoHNsoN V , PIERCE In Sold on Easy Weekly Payments W 'Eg Good Tires at Right Prices at Easiest Running Bicycles Old Standard Makes 133 Court St. P s..,,'.' E QAM fs Q- ' sr :M P, AS .e I , X g al' if-' lb xii: N :egg S"4w?' Y ' l1'g il1m 5' .viillfrw " 4'-Z'-iii l "'f?5i' x H554 ' '---g 5 . qi "f" , ff , 11.753, ,,- 1 5,,,l ?mf,e eff4 '?2?f,- ' i- EE M, 'Ek' 7' ii' ' f x' , Em A n 5 if u n H-W: e E e ' 5?-g 2 i ef Q 1 'E EE r n gm BME E 3 5 1 4 i P n n uw W 49 f iiw- . " EE 5 MII E E HIE p X f if .wi 5 3' 'ZTF E 5 !i"fgJ.ifai 4 'N- elm gf . VH L in 5 'LE A nl , -K 2 L S , Fr ' Ea, 1 -X 'fg'l115i! 7 age I v" 11 ' - J- ffl. iigix e UK' - ' Zfi W9 2' 'X X, ' Q ff, EQXQ QM Qi -fai 3 e 1 if Sf Q , 1 v A ,,,,...21 ak QBird's Eye View of the Big Shartenberg Stdre of New Haven, Seven Large Floors Carrying Every Requirement for the Person or the Home HSHARTE BERG'S Comp!z'mem'.v gf .4 FVZ.8776l1 '-iSEMQNi- Can't Make All The So He Makes "The Bestw Ask for SClll0Il.S lee Cl'l'2llll Sold by Dealers :xml :lt Soda l"ount:1ins l'lYt'l'yNYlll"l'l' LOOK FUR SICNIONS SIGNS WITH I,AliGl'l Hlill DISC COATS, SUITS, FUFZS 8m Y E.B.C. LOCKE MGR. NEW Gl0fdl77ZLZiZ,5 Tailored Suits, Afternoon Gowns, Dance Froclqs Wraps, Coats, Sport Dresses, Blouses life Speczkzlize in Grafffmfzbfz Dnfssef 148 Orange St. New Haven, Conn. ll 9fflW f M Q fffvo'ufco"""i acfc'EsiitEQu,voiR D.-XUGHTliR'S VIENV. The minister was dining with the Fullers and he was denouncing the new styles in dancing. Turning to the daughter of the house, he asked sternly: "D-o you yourself, Miss Fuller, think the girls who dance these dances are right Fl' "They must bef' was the answer, "because I notice the girls who donlt dance them are always left." XOT A l"lT CO'Rll'AXlON. Robert was heard by his mother using language of which she did not ap- prove. "Robert," she cried, K'don't you dare use any more such language. I'm ashamed of youf' '4VVhy, motherf' replied the bright boy, "Kipling does." Hlie does? Then don't you play with him any more." DIFFICULT. l,ittle Robertfhla, was Robinson Crusoe an acrobat? Mother-I don't know. XVhy? Little Robert-VVell, here it reads that after he had finished his day's work he sat down on his chest. Mrs. Homlespun4XYhat'll we contribute to the ministers donation party? Farmer llomespun-VX'al, I dunno, Hannarl Taters is 'way up. pork is 'way up, fowl is 'way up-we'll save money by giving him money. AX school paper is a great inventiong The school gets all the fame, Xo one gets any money, But the staH gets all the blame. A BAD LOT. 'When charged with being drunk and disorderly and asked what he had to say for himself, the prisoner gazed pensively at the magistrate, smoothed down a remnant of grey, and said: "Your honor, man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn. I'm not- as debased as Swift, as profligate as Byron, as disipated as Poe, as de- bauched as-" "That will do!" thundered the magistrate. "Ten days! And, officer, take a list of those names and run 'em in. They are as bad a lot as he is ll' THE CIURTIS STUDIO IOQO Chapel Street SPECIAL RATES GROUPS to and SENIORS FRAMES Ol FICE AND BAKERY BRANCH STOKE IT-521 Congress Avenue l- Congress Avenue 7 Beck s Bakery UBANQUET CREAM BREAD" Wholesale and Retail Pastry, Pies and Cakes of all Kinds . Wedding Orders Our Specialty 1 v . lelepllone COIIIICCU Opposite Yale Gvm CHAS. SCHLEIN l Men's Custom Made Shoes lJlCl"OBMl'ill SHOES A SPl'lClAI.'l'Y Fine Repairing at Rezxsonnble Prices 226 Elm Street NEVV HAVEN, CONN. For the Latest Creations in COLLEGE ICES AND SODAS' Visit the New Ice Cream Parlor in the OLTIWPL4 'l'HEf7'l'RE BUILDING Schappa Sc St. Martin, Props. SPORTING GOODS Our stock of Sporting Goods is increasing every season, and you'll lind e i 4 ,K here most of the things needed for out-door sports. GUNS and PISTOLS-The most popular makes in the best models. I AMM UNITION-Cartriges and Loaded Shells in all the common loads. 4 CLOTHING-Rainproof Cows, Pants and Riding Breeches, Hunting 5 'fm . 2 r ' 1' I f' 2' Boots and Moccasins, Shirts, and Sweaters. TENNIS and BASEBALL-Victor Tennis and Baseball Goods, L. Br U. Rackets and Pennsylvania Tennis Balls. ' GOLF SUPPLIES -Pryde's Golf Clubs, Spaulding Golf Balls, Caddy Bags, etc. CAMPING GOODS-Duffle Bags and Knap- saclcs, Alcohol Stoves, Cooking Utensils, Knives, Hatchels, Compasses, Flash Lights Flasks, etc. 'the John E. Bassett Q. Cb. To o1.n. 1-xAnn.-wAnr: s1-one 754'-758 Chapel Q. 314 State Streets LOMAS 81 ETTLETO BANKERS elm! BROKERS Investment Securities, Real Estate Loans Fire Insurance, Surity Bonds 137-141 Orange Sf. New Haven, Come. 'T IH! V HOW WILL YOU ENJOY YOUR ,M ,Q VACATION? ss 13 . .. , . li ,rs 2' , e. Bu .Ln Old lmwn Canoe K ' ' noi, and have it delivered 5121 later. All models carried W, g " ff? ? in stock. 'lb' 'cull-L C-Maw The H. Nl. Bullard CO. 1552? 91-93 ORANGE ST. Compliments gf E. SCHOENBERGER Sc SONS ARTS CRS-1F'rS STUDIO SHOP Gifts Coloma! Tea R oem Luncheon and Anernoon Tea 183-185 Orange Tel. 1422-2 M55 N i o wi C6552 Boo u'iu,5f, K,ff"fft 0 lll, f, ffl' 4 ' Y , ' ',lJ.fQ W - xl F 'jx 4 , I X l l L Nfl!! er it A ul liz 5 l L 4 J XA L lfamiliar l'air on York Square. ECONOMY UF IUXIIUR. l.ittle .Tunes father had just returned from the store and was opening up some sheets of sticky fly-paper and placing minute and then burst out with: 'fel the paper with the flies "Uh, papa. down at the corner grocery ots of it in the window." it ahout the room. hlunc watched a you can 2, already caught. They have l lD'lSiXl'l'L JIXTICD. ' ' f from the station on his lirst visit to Xlainc lidgar, aged tive. was driving, , His mother, noticing a troubled look on his face as he looked ahout, said: ' ' ' 'H - l 1 t't1l country?" "XYhat's thc matter, dear? Dont you like tht P6111 1 t f'Yes, mother, hut on my map Maine is 1'mi."' 5 1052 CHAPEL STREET N EW HAVEN, CONN. The 1Roger Sherman Stubio The Individual Photographs in this Book were made by our Artist FRAMING A SPECIALTY fe 185 1 ,gil 5655 smwye 1052 CHAPEL STREE1' NEW HAVEN, CONN. Ciba 1Roger Sherman Stubio was selected by 1916 High School to be their CLASS PHOTCGRAPHER We were Photographers for the Class of IQI 5 life fwoufa' be pleased to have YOU select 115 hr YO UR Photographer SUPREME IN QUALITY LEADERS IN STYLE I ' . Qi lil WAIST SHOP We carry the prettiest and most reasonable assortment of Dresses-Street, Afternoon, and Evening. Also a select line of Blouses ranging from 551.98 to 354.98 in price. 0V'2,R,QS5k3'?.ERT'S 928 CHAPEL STREET ONEJEIGHT OUR AIM IS ALWAYS THE SAME There is that pride in making the best that superior materials can pro- duce, and gives our patronage that excellence that they will always Hnd in all our prodocts. Sold only at the store. F. A. HA FF M! 0 140 Orange Street INIISSES EARLY SUMMER A'l"l'lRl'I Coats, Tailored Suits, Graduation Dresses, Street Dresses, Skirts and Blouses at Moderate Prices. Anna C. Allen The Shop of Authentic Styles 224- Orange Street Suits. Coats, Gowns, Skirts, Blouses and Silk Lingerie SPECIAL RATES to Members of the Senior Class N. H. I-I. S. PHELPS, STUDIO Q42 Chapel Streef Phone for Appointment S. Z. FIELD PRINTER OF THE SENIOR CLASS BOOK AND OTHER HIGH SCHOOL PL'BI,ICA'l'lONS 44 CROWN ST., NEW HAVEN V6tUf'coiEE2"EEfrEfPouvouR arm s ww THE ININNER. An Englishman, Irishman, and Sotchman made an agreement among them- selves that whoever died first should have five pounds placed on his coffin by each of the others. The Irishman was the first to die. Shortly afterward the Scotch- man met the Englishman and asked him if he had fulfilled the agreement. "Yes," said the Englishman, "I put on five sovereigns. VVhat did you put on Pi, "Oh, I jist wrote ma check fer ten pounds," said the Scotchman, Han' took your five sovereigns as changefy il X X 2 X X il ff' 'Y E5 . 3 Ill . VOT f Ill M 'R Ill f0 - 5 ss: f -- N lx s'q'O, q 'H s9.""'iI 'Flin Qfllljy -Q "islet tussbk. ww, Milf' gg-5. qillwy, is ,I . Ill lllr not l1Wl'll' !'l.I nl! Vai. llg- -I Sgt, tl"--lu "Ssi'u. f Nm' ' iiiliailll Iilljiligg , sssssssssa I lu X ::EEE!:::: lillllilll I- -ll Co-eds of 1919. I "This evening Reverend X will preach his farewell sermon and the choir will render a thanksgiving hymn especially composed for the occasion." "Gentlemen," said the professor, "the general function of the heads of sev- eral learned members of this class is to keep their neckties from slipping off." A NEVV DEGREE. t'Yaas," said Uncle Silas, "my son Bill hez got back from a special course heis been a-takin, at college, with a piece o' paper signed by the 'thorities sayn' as how he's an A. M. I dunno what an A. M. is, but I'm afeard they's some mistake about it, for judgin' from the time he gets down to breakfast he behaves more like a P. M. ter me." House ot Good Peitures .-E52 Continuous from 10 a.m. toll p.m- GLOBE THE TRE ' AIIIIIP 'Ii I QIIIQ ' . . -Q. ' 2 PICTURES CHANGED DAILY Daily Organ Hecitals on the great pipe organ by ARTHUR L. COLLINS, AIllCl'li'2l-5 Foremost Organist TRY 017611 SPGCIAHSTS 0 JGARS I GOODS IIIQ Qaglllgn 0110. CITE- QUALITY STORE . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS, N. H. H. S. '16 :- You have made a good start--and it is only a start--in your life work. Now keep it up, eyes to the front, and work, and work again--and all good things of life will come to you. We wish you all success- New Haven, April the Eleventh IN BUYING TENNIS RACKETS One nnist rely entirely upon the maker. Tlieretore, we have the recognized A. G. Spaulding's, Slaz- enger, VVrigIit K Ditson and Harry C. Lee's slotted throat. Tennis Tape, Presses, Cases, etc. ' 779 Chapel St. Our New Shop S. Muhbfelder Miiunenv Dresses for Day and Evening VVear Tailorecl Garments 785-789 Chapel Slrecl NEW HAVEN - CONN. Laees, Enllmroicleries, KIIIIUIIOS, Table Linens Handkercheit's, Oriental .Iewelry Bamboo and Sweet Grass Baskets Tlie Most Complete Line in the City H. A NTA KI 23.3-'JIST ORANGE STItI'1E'I'. NEAR ELM ig, --VJ' K lufwhfiti, ,r . , , ,mm f :4 9',"' Zfv6UfEGsr12C'E ? PO vom it-,161 41 ' K , tug: ' . if NU DANG ER. The manager of a millionaires magnificent estate had sent for a roofer to repair a leak in the roof of the mansion. Flinn was sent to do the job, and as he entered the front hal subdued voice, said: l the butler 1n a "You are requested to be careful of the inlaid floors as you go through the hallsg they have just been waxedf, "Oh, sure, theres no danger of me slippin, on thimf' replied Flinn. Ive spikes in me shoes." 1 --' QFSQQRQ .,,36-...f-. 2 5F'Ef. P 'Q' if '. f WPG' 1 . ge t-as X 5 . X , X , jr.. I ,x X :QQ - Wiz., . M A X ft kg 3 A QQ-vip A lhlsx iv 4 " e YN Wuxi. ll: His. ' .6 :asv - 1 -1-I H . h -X V Q7 5? if F". 'xii 2? Q .Q:i 742' 5:- --T' nu Fa, 'if 2: - 9 o , o . ' "' 1' Qlahtm 'mlm' - ja 1' .' 2 as "Individualized Suits as and Coats Only" 'il 7? gs , a. ir? l 215 Gbramgr Street 'Yr 525' . Cl '27 1' .. S12 , - ' " q.'r.,'--:.r.L'1w. - ' . H: NJ" ' .V ..,,g,?4f'1gSg.'41gg1,.,:L ,?..a5,,3Qi3 ' '-fam.: "1-eQ'3.x may '49-Xf'a f s Q g ,y PHOTO ENGRAVINGS FOR Q' 1 2'N "1 SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS S 3 gs egg THE STODDARD EN GRAVIN G C. NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT Q ,. at H ., . A. .. -,, ,G 745 Vo u LGI R. Cej31i,PQgyoy3, , SATISFIED. Returning home from a scientific meeting one night, a college professor, who was noted for his concentration of thought, was still pondering deeply on the sub- ject that had been under discussion. Upon entering his room he heard a noise that appeared to come from under the bed. mls there any one there F" he asked, absently. 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Suggestions in the New Haven High School - Elm Tree Yearbook (New Haven, CT) collection:

New Haven High School - Elm Tree Yearbook (New Haven, CT) online yearbook collection, 1909 Edition, Page 1


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