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I' Ii 3 1' 5 As' s 6 Q uf ,x 1 52 . 'Q 2. 1, I i I L1 l W Q 9 A' , U I 1 J- ua Q f I I I I I I I I I I I f I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A THE SENIOR CLASS BOOK OF 'run ew aven High chool 1 H II H ' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. LOUIS EVERIT DEFOREST. . ASSOCIATES. MILDRED A. ROSS, O MARION BUSHNELL, PRENTICE CHASE, RAYMOND CHIIISEY, VIRGINIA VVILEY, INIARION E. RICE, IJEWTON SANFORD. BUSINESS MANAGER. FREDERICK LINCOLN LEHR. JR., A ASSISTANTS. EARLE LOUCKS, PAULINIE SPENCER, HERMAN HORXVITZ, SHEPARD DEFOREST, MARGUERITE SWORDS, JESSIE IVIALE, IAA-IES GETTINGS. Volume I. ....,,.4.-.--.1..-1 CLASS OF 1908, N. H. H. S., PUBLISHERS. NEVV HAVEN, CONN. 1908. Mpc! pgtra Per pspqraf' A.D.STEINBACH PRESS IHPQZSTATESTREER NEW'HAVEN s V CONN Introductory. Vile have tried to make' this Classbook as correct and authentic as possible, so that it will always be a iaithftil record of the Class of 1908. Our hope is that it will be a. pleasant me- mento of days in New Haven High School and will strengthen the bonds of friendship. We apologize for any mistakes we may have made and ask that our readers will judge us leniently. We sincerely thank all who rendered us any aid in preparing this publication. I DR. JOHN P. CUSHING. This first volume of the Senior Class Book is dedicated to DR. JOHN P. CUSHING. like ,-11-' ,pff - ff .Z-,..-cf ,ij -7 -1 L ""-"1-"..1 5,1-la f , uf A , , -"'H3 First Year x H, MOTHER! ls my hat on straight? Do you think my hair looks welllixed this way? Say, Bob, , where is my collar button?" "Uh, don't bother me ,QE about your collar button, have you seen my two new pencils? I can't find them anywhere!" Such was the course of conversation heard on the morning that school opened, in September, 1904. Every little Scrublet was up bright and early to get his pad and pencils ready, so that he would not be late for the first morning at High School. Just think of it, "High Schooll' at twenty--five minutes past eight, for such an infant. To be late the first morning would be a terrible offense. l . Girls and boys Hocked from all directions to the halls of learning, on Broadway and York Square. r The poor Freshies were so green that some oi them stubbed their toes and fell to the ground, as they looked at the Upper Classmen in great astonishment. The poor children should have been brought to school in a baby carriage. For the first few days' of school, the constant cry of "Scrub, 6 NEW HAVEN Hier-rr SCHOOL CLASS Book. .Scrub,', or "Fresh, Fresh," rang in their ears, and many ofthe Freshies became so confused that they got lost in the large building, while they sought to get avvay from those painful shrieks. But after a time they grew accustomed to their tor- menting names, and thought that it really belonged to the idaily routine of their life. A Soon the September numbers of the school papers were published. The Freshmen scraped up money enough to buy them and see what they were like. Really, the infants were tquite amazed at the contents, for it was so different from their A. B. C. books at home. . Then the cards were issued to the girls, announcing the Alpha Alpha, B. T.- and Kappa Mu Sigma Teas. The boys ielt' indignant because they were not invited. Cf course, the girls were eager to attend the first social functions of their High School career. So, dressed in their best Sunday frock, and with a small book of "Etiquette" in their hands, they made their way to the teas. ' During the Freshman Year, on Tuesday, January the third, nineteen hundred and tive, Professor Benjamin Jepson cele- brated his fo-rtieth anniversary of musical instruction in the public schools. Thepexercises took place in the High School Auditorium and everyone enjoyed the programme immenselyg especially .Professor jepsonis speech on "Reminiscences.:' 4, . ,,VVl.1jli.C1'M1T1O1TllIllS were enlivened by a course of three iecmtes, provided by Dr. Cushing for the pupils of New Haven Highf',School. Even the Scrubs. had the extreme privilege of mingling with the Upper Classmen at this timef just think of it! :What an honor! I In February, the Radiator Entertainment and Dance was given at,Music Hall. The farce, "My Two Husbandsfl was presented by the members of Alpha Delta Sigma Fraternity. Next came the Crescent Entertainment and Dance, with the farce, "Leave It To Me," presented by the members of Gainnia Delta Psi. The members of Theta Sigma also gave a dance at Music Hall. All of the entertainments proved very success- ful, and afforded great pleasure to all who had the great privi- he gT..x b ' ful nr- he IFC Ll V iff: en' he nys he eir :k, .de rd, le- he mol -YS 'ee en oi of 'as as ty. he na ce ss- vi- TNEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOQL CLASS BQOK. 7 lege of being present. The little Freshmen could not be ex- pected to attend them all, because after being' accustomed to retiring at sevenfthirty, they might go to sleep during the early morning hours oi the dances. The Football teamfworked hard during the fall months, as didjthe- Basketball -and 'Baseball teams duringthe winter and spring. Although they won some oi the games, the cham- pionship passed on to other schools. It certainly was not the 'fault of the teams, it waslack of school spirit. The Freshmen did not attend the games- in great numbers Qsorry to sayj. They were too young to realize what school spirit meant, had they known, the teams certainly, would have received more support. T a June was drawing near and the examinations were coming. Many Scrubs shook in their boo-ts, but after brushing up a lit- tle and refreshing their memories, the burdens were cast aside. The joyous Freshmen left the halls' of learning, which they had entered ten months ago, with the thought that they were 'no longer Scrubs, but digniiied Sophomores. Nevertheless the Freshmen Class of nineteen hundred and eight was as good a class as ever was known in New Haven High School. Three long cheers for 1908. H ' illaa'-ion. Emma Rite. K if .l JJ . il ll .gifs-Q 1 l Ililillli .-., i , -2. Y-.,., -- T225 ll a.-.1-1- Second Year AN we ever forget that steady stream of dignified Seniors, proud Juniors, cute Freshies, and frisky Sophomores soon to make a name for themselves, 6,0 flowing along Broadway and turning into York Square and directing' its course into that ocean of learning, New Haven High School? We so-on became accustomed to the routine of Sophomore life which included vexing the Scrubs, promenading the halls and going frequently to the lunch counter, where one could hear "Your treat," "Let's match," and talk like that. Then came the call for football candidates by Captain Brennan with the subsequent result, under the coaching of Foster Sanford. that we won the Trinity championship. 1908 can boast of one man on the football team of 1906. That was Grant lllakeslee. our all around athlete. I-Ie was well admired by the girls. and such remarks as, "Isnt he just too sweet' for anything? and "Can't he hit the ball hard with his foot: I wonder if it hurts him?" were passed by them. U1llOl'l'llllHlTClj' the breaking up of the basketball league made it impossible for us to take any lied sky ves, ork ing, ore alls -uld hen rith ard, one lee, 1nd and irts v of any NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. 9 championship honors, but our team played some good games under the leadership of Captain Rungee. Qur hockey team was handicapped very much by poor weather for skating, but in spite of all obstacles we turned out a good team. Our own class teams in football, basketball and baseball did not prove successful in IQO6 on account of the lack of class spirit. While the boys were working hard with their athletics, the girls were busy with their custo-mary teas: the Alpha Alpha, B. T.-, and Kappa Mu Sigma. In the meanwhile the School Circle had been working industriously and under their auspices the Freshman Class gave a successful entertainment in the Auditorium before the Christmas vacation. Now for the time being we poor members of the class of 1908 were forgotten, for all that was heard was the Junior Fair, and our girls whispering under their breath that they would outrival them next year. Then the Senior Class IQO6 surprised the school with the clever presentation of Dickens' "Cricket of the Hearth," on January 19, at the Foy Auditorium, and with such stars as Tfaul Shipley, Tom Means, Holloway Kilborn, "Billy" McAfee and Marcella Quinn the play could not be any- thing but a success. The Radiator then gave their annual en- tertainment and dance. Likewise the Crescent. The Radiator presented "My Friend X," and the Crescent "Too Much of a Good Thing? Then the Theta Sigma gave their successful minstrel show. 'A Spring brought with it the baseball fever. Captain "Hen" Torgerson proved his ability as an able leader by bringing forth a championship team and winning the Trinity cup. On the championship team of 1906, IQO8 had three men, "Art" 0'Con- nell, "Squire" Blakeslee and HI-Ten" Falsey as general utility man. Spring now loomed up, bringing with it the ebb of the tide, and New Haven High School cast forth upon the Hoods her protegesg some to leave never to return, while others to come back with the rising tide in September. Sophomore year was thus ended and with it went our irretrievable joys and sorrows. But we were all oin one more step toward our goal of learn- . g 3 ' , . . ing, and contentment was king for the time being. Amos Townsend Pafgter. Q-S N , Qvj 4542 "' is 1' lam " , xhh H' - - i s ' ' Q I ' , Ill ' .Il l .,- , ug ' N.:.'.:'. a,.: '.. ' . 0 . 'GC' :"..:. vi .:'q :O ag E U Y sog.'O' Q. I Y.: ' O ...'g 0.5 1Oo'I.p,u.E. -:.. . lgutz: :.:"' f "'.." 9.0 'JI' - s q.1'ss':'U:'. Q' 0. 0. - o o '90 W 0: .4 '. !0't..llQ,,.s'..,O xo. o .. : , ,. ..0O..' .gs 5 if umor Year APPY were we as we turned our footsteps towards school in the fall of IQO6, for were we not Juniors. those Care-free, happy Juniors so young and yet so 66 Wise? Witli what pleasure we had looked forward to this our Junior year, although we had been told over and over again that it would he our hardest one. llowever, with stout hearts and spirits brave we started in, and after the tirst few days We were again fairly launched on our happy way. Soon after school opened, the foothall leani In-gan its prac- tice, and after a long series of games, out of which we won nearly all, we carried away the championship at Middletown. November 17, from li-lartliord lligh School. Wliile the boys were struggling on the gridiron for honors NEW HAVEN HIGH. ScHooL CLASS Booiqf II the girls were working like busyubees in preparation for 11116 annual Junior- Fair, and on December 8 everyone wasiinvited to 'af.Motlie-r,Goose"Reunion iii thei Libraryf The affair was 'a great success and the proceeds Qiiaoj vyerei handed Over to .the Gymnasium fund. NVe consideiiit to be the best junior Fair ever given, butprobably each .class thinks. the samexof theirs, so we will not saytoo much in our Own'pi9aiSef if A t A T if i VVe-.- must not overlook the regular teas which were given by the girls' societies, to which only girls were invited, the boys being barred' out of these delightfulaffairs. ' As Juniors we were all looking forward to the greatest event in our ,third year, that was the temporary class elections of our class. There was great enthusiasmamong the class when it assembled for its first classrneeting, and it is needless to say how proud we were of our honored president and the other officers. It was a memorable day for us when we first wore our 'class spins with Ioo8 on them. D . We have been taking long strides but we must not forget the large dances and entertainments of the year. The Theta Sigma dance was the first one given at Music Hall. There was a little farce and musical entertainment followed by a dance. At the close of the school term at Christmas, several mem- bers of the school under the direction of the School Circle gave a farceentitled "go Minutes for Refreshments." The members ,of the Octette and those of the Boys' 'Glee Club rendered sev- eral selections, and were much applauded by the school. February I5 found a large crowd of people at Music Hall again. It was the regular "Radiator Entertainment and Dance," which was one of the largest dances of the season, and was votedibyall who attended to be a great SUCCCSS- The last big dance of the year excepting the Se11iO1' Class Dance, to which only a favored few were invited, was the "Crescent Entertainment and Dance" held at Music Hall, April 27. The Apollo Glee and Mandolin Club rendered a delightful programme and this was followed by a farce entitled 'fChums." Later a programme of sixteen dances was enjoyed by all. The term was nearing its close and that which inter6fS'CffCl U5 wovs ions the our nior .C. if. ll. lt. .yg y. xr 77 nr. 'e ISS. '5S. 1 - :f ls... -? 5 Senior Year NCE- upon a time when We were young and green and Scrubs We looked up to the Seniors with awe. They seemed indeed to bein as heavenly a state as .05 one could Wish. Sophomores were only impudent and juniors carefree, but the Seniors! Woiild we ever be like that? It seemed doubtful. - Nevertheless in September, 1907, we returned to school for our last year. We tried to look dignified and important as Seniors should, and although of course, being the Class of 1908, We succeeded, still, to tell the truth, we couldn't quite believe ourselves th-at we had reached that honorable position. It seemed such a short time ago that we were Freshmen trembling at the look of a Senior that to be in the opposite position seemed unbelievable. However, we didn't let the Under Classmen know that we were no-t at home in our new place, but We all determined to surpass every Class before us. And that is what we have done. It -took so-me time to get back into the' routine of work after our long vacation. Qur lessons were hard and our teachers unsympathetic when We said we hadn't "done it" be-- cause of that headache the evening before. However, we had 14 NEW HAVEN I-Iron Sci-rooL CLASS Book. learned to look unmoved at whatever mark WHS g1VCU- and made an image of supreme indifference to the admiring Lnder Classmen. -9' The football season started inauspiciously. There was 3 lack of experienced men. However, good coaching and hard work soon produced- a team that defeated almost everything in sight. We were not in any league but still we had a splendid lot of games. Financially the success of the team was greater than ever before in the school's history. About the same time the large debt of the Athletic Associa- tion was wiped out, largely through the efforts of Seniors. The girls were busy meanwhile in attending the teas given by the sororities. B. T.-., Alpha Alpha, Phi Sigma and Kappa Mu Sigma all gave these delightful affairs early in the year. No longer were the callers afraid to go in when they reached the house for they were Seniors and therefore above bashful- ness. Although the boys were not there still the girls seemed to have a pleasant time. In December came the final Class elections. Qur Class -kept up its record for quickness and in a few minutes all the officers' were elected. Tn every case except one, where the student had left school, the former officers were again in- stalled. Hillhouse got theoffice of President after several years Of defeat., 1 The Junior Fair was given about this time. The Seniors w-ent and had a good time, although the affair eidn't approach the one we gave the year before. Basketball was started now. The team hae. no place for practise, and few men were left from last year's team, hut they were very successful. The games were at first: Badly attended and the team went far into debt. However. time end of the season witnessed crowds at the gymnasium and the manage- ment made up the deficit. January 9, 1908, was a notable day for our Class. In the evening at the New Haven theater our companv of distin- guished actors and actresses presented "1.Jnx'v Ci-oelcetlf' an idyll of Kentucky life, to an enthusiastic audience. lt ware .. and Q rider was ' a l hard vtliing lendid jreater ssocia-- Jrs. given Kappa : year. eached ashful- seemed Class all the :re the in in- several Seniors -proach ce for ut they tended of the anage- In the distin- .ttjt an It was . C NEW HAVENT Heron CLAsslB66'ki rig hsimplyt great." C i'Everybodyisaid itheiii'Clafsis T 1907 did wail lf, ,e" tsD5vyfciQ5E1aeffvf yviiis the best play the High School had ever given. iivesesiipecfed, a bright, modern play was better' received than an old, good one. V I - - ' i The cast was perfect, Irving Beebe in the title role, Vera Bartholomew as "Eleanor Vaughnfi Mildred Farnsworth as "Dame Crockett,"j and GeorgeCarr as the villain, being par- ticularly good. Henry Cowles was affine .manager and Frank D. Nelson. an excellent coach. Never will we forgetlour Class Play. - ' - T Q- ' At its next meeting the Class showeduits appreciation .of their work by voting a banquet to the cast, committee, and coach. This waslone of 1908's many original acts. At the same meeting the Class Dance Committee was elected, and again we showed that we liked to breakaway from what other Classes. had done by decidingito publish a Class Book of, for and by ourselves. This was the first time 'such aithing had been attempted. - - V 1 h It was still early in the year, but we had given our Class Play and had started our'Class Dance. Now everybody was busy. We Seniors stayed to a meeting of some kind almost every day and flunked our lessons regularly, We were in a whirl oi social affairs now. First came the Theta Sigma Entertainment and Dance on the evening of January 31. Some of us went there and some to the Theta Rho Dance on the same night at VVarner Hall, and we all en- joyed ourselves immensely. . - Weiliad hardly recovered from our dissipation when we had to be gay again and go to the Radiator Entertainment and Dance on Eebruary I4. Mr. Gilbert, the Yale Magician, and a clever farce, called "The Music Plaster," furnished the entertainment. Then followed eighteen dances. VVe all had a delightful time. ' Meanwhile. the Hoc-key Team was playing whenever they found any ice, and the Track Team was working hard. The School Circle gave another Entertainment now, as at 16 NEW HAVEN Hier-1 SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we left school for a brief Easter vacation. . 1 b Shortly before this, on April 3, the Senior Class had given a Charity Concert in the Auditorium. A large number of people came and S150 was made. The Baseball season had now started. Unfortunately, a poor game at the start discouraged the school and, after' that, but few went to the games. About this time the Associated Civic Societies urged us to clean up the city. The School Circle circulated pledges and we all agreed to do what was wanted. We could do anything. you kno-w. Also we started to get a gymnasium, and prospects are bright for one in the near future. At last, on Wednesday evening, April 29, came the long- awaited Senior Class Prom. Yes, it was a "From." now. We had voted that it should be called such. Music Hall was never so beautiful before. Light blue and white, our class colors. were used for the decorations. The dance was opened with a grandimarch, led by our President with Miss Marsh of the Faculty, the Committee following him and the others after them. There were twenty-four dances. Everybody said there had never been such a fine dance. And S90 was made. Howard C. Fulton, the Chairman of the Committee in charge. should certainly be complimented for his splendid work. About a week later, on May 8, came the Crescent Enter- tainment and.Dance. The Yale Apollo Glee. Banjo and Man- dolin Clubs were good. Then a farce entitled "The Peace- makerv was presented, followed by sixteen dances. This was the last dance of the year, except the private one to he given hy Alpha Iota Epsilon Fraternity on May 22. at XVarner llall. to which some lucky ones are going. Also we are looking forwiard now to our Class Dm- ami Graduation Exercises. i When at last we leave the old school we will feel that we have left a place difficult to fill, and never will we forget our Classmates of 1908. A f.UIlI.S 1T'I't'I'I.f 17i'Ifnr'.-gt, '1'iCf wxw hplc 5, xl hut. S to lxve you -ects Jug- XYQ ever lore. th a the after said lade. arge, uter- Xian- ease- xvas IL to ' and Lt we t our PROF. BENJAMIN JEPSON Members of the Class JoHN HCNVARD JoHNsToN ADAMS A A v ' , . . -., Scimz. Pre- pared at Horace Day School. School Circle, N. H. H. S. A. A., Dra- matic Association, President of Freshman Debating Society, Sopho- more Debating Society, Chairman ofthe School Circle, Secretary of N. 'H. H. S. A. A., Chairman of Class Day Committee, Captain oi Track Team, 1908, Manager of Track Team, 1907, Manager Class Baseball Team, 1906, Track Team, 1905, 1906, 1907, IQO8' Football Team, 1906, 1907, Captain Class Track Team, IQO5, Cross Country Team, 1905, Radiator Entertainment Committee, 1907, 1908, Assis- tant Business Manager of Radiator, Vols. XXVH, XXX, .Associate Editor Radiator, Vols. XXXH, XXXIH, Junior Member Executive ommittee, N. H. H. S. A. A,, High School Orchestra, 1907, 1908, Chairman Thanksgiving Day Committee, 1906, Assistant Business Man.- ager Freshman Handbook, -IQO7, Easter Play, 1908, Sophomore Read- ing Club, Vice-President "Golikells", Senior Member Gymnasium Committee. Will go to Sheff. Future occupation, civil engineer. 544 Whitney avenue. . - ETHEL ALLEN, Col. Prep. Prepared at Strong School. Secre- tary Focus League, Senior Dickens Club. Vtfill enter Pratt Institute- 1268 Quinnipiac avenue. REUBEN ALPERT, Scieu. Prepared at Cedar Street School. N- H. H. S. A. A., Freshman and Sophomore Debating Society, Class Football Teams, 1905-, 1906, 1907, 1908, junior and Senior Basketball Teams, Sophomore Reading Club, IV. B4 "Golikells." Will enter Columbia University. 226 Commerce street. HARRY ASHER. B. Scien. Prepared at Grange Street School. 59 Grove street. RUTH M. ATWATER, .amd P1-epai-ed at Lovell Sfhffol- 1776 State street. EDNA E. AUGUR, B. Gen. Prepared at Westville School. blflfllfff Debating Society, A. D. G. Club, Sophomore Dsbaflllg SOCICWL Sopll' omore Reading Circle. VVill continue studies at Boston Conservato-y' of Music. VVestville. 20 NEW HAVEN HIGH Scrroor. CLASS Book. RUTH G. AUGUR, A. A., Col. Prep. Prepared at Strong School. Senior Shakespeare Club. 26 Clifton street. GEORGE E. AVERY, Com. Prepared at Lovell School. 47 Law- rence street. HQRACE J. AYLING, A, I. E., Scievfz. Prepared at Lovell School. Upsilon Sigma, Treasurer IV. B4 "Golikells." VVill enter Sheff. Future occupation, civil engineer, 761 VVhitney avenue. NATHAN AYMEN, Scien. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Thanksgiving Committee, 1904, IQ07, Class Pin Committee? Chairman Class Play Program, Freshman and Sophomore Debating Societies: ex-member .Amalgamated Association of Lunch Counter Dyspepticsg President IV. B4 "Golikells." Will enter Sheff. Future occupation. mining engineer. 635 Congress avenue. ROGER TERRY,BACON, T. A. XP., Scicn. Prepared at Pomfret School, Pomfret Center, Conn. N. H. H. S. A. A.g Crescent Dramatic Club, IQO8, Manager of Tennis Team, 1908, Assistant Treasurer of Athletic Association, IQOSQ Business Manager of Crescent. XX'ill con- tinue studies atiSheff. 351 Orange street. GEORGE HORACE BALDVVIN, I'. A. XP., Scien. Prepared at Strong School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Mather Debating Society. 475 Quinnipiac' avenue. MYRA EARLE BALDVVIN, Gen. Prepared at Ylfestville School. .Athletic Fund Committee, IQO4j Girls' Sophomore Baseball Team: Thanksgiving Committee, 1906, A. D. G. Club: Mather Debating S0- ciety. 'Will continue studies at Dana Hall. Future occupation. unde- cided. Woodbridgti, Conny ADA BARATZ, Com. Prepared at Horace Day School. Gamma Epsilon, Shorthand Club. Future occupation, stenographer. Q7 Ro- sette street. MILDRED BARNETT, Com.. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Shorthand Cl b. F street. FLORENCE D. BARON, G' f. P cn repared at lVebster School. Will enter Normal school. 32 Baldwin street. u uture occupation, stenographer. 23.2 Commcrqq VERA HAZEL BAR11roLoM12vv A x 11.111 lm., . ' . . , . f ., .-A ' . "1 1 red at gwight School. School. Clrclez Senior Shakespeare Snr-it-15-3 jm,i,,r eading Circle, Thanksgiving L.o1n1nittee, IOO4: yunim. 1.-.lir L-mmm, tee' Senior Class Pl ' - i ' - Q A S !. . - Qwctctlci IKXES: en1o1 Class Play, 1908, Easter Play, 1908: Theta Rho. Will take post- graduate course. 313 Orchard street, MEMBERs or THE CLAss. 21 A- SCi611. Pfgpafed at Strong School. Senior Football Team, N. H.. H. S. A. A.g Mather Debating Society. IO3 Atwater street. IRVING GQCDSPEED BEEBE, F, A, NIC, Sgien., Prepared Vat Webster School. School Circleg N. H. H. S. A. A., Class Dance CO1111T1i'ffCC2 S6HiO1' Class Play, 1908g Vice-President of Glee Clubg Vice- President of N. H. H. S. Dramatic Associationg Freshman Debating Societyg Sophomore Debating Societyg Faster Play, 1908, N. H. H. S. Qctette, 1907 and 1908g Crescent Dramatic Club, 1908, Agony Quar- tetteq .Assistant Business Manager ol Crescent, Vol. LI., IV. B4 "Goli- kellsf' VV'ill enter Sheff. VVill be an actor. 635 George street. LUCY M. BEBCHFR, Acad. Senior Dickens Club, Centerville Conn. Y MARY I. BEEDLB, Acad. Prepared at Union Free School. Port- chester, N. Y. Senior Dickens Club. Will enter IrVoman's College, Baltimore. Future occupation, teacher. 268 Portsca street. VV. DQNALD BEELER, K. A. fb., Acad. Prepared at Grammar School in Bloomington, Ind. Vtfill continue studies at Indiana Uni- versity. Future occupation, astronomer. 354 Vtfhalley avenue. QLGA BENGTSQN, C0111. Prepared at Shelton Avenue School. Gamma Epsilon, Girls' A. A.g junior Fair Committee. XVill take post- graduate course. QQ Ivy street. HAROLD ROSS BLACKMAN, E. A. N.. Sciczz. Prepared at Orange Street School. N. H. H. S. A. A. XVill continue studies at Cornell University. Vlfill be a civil engineer. 28 Pearl street. M. GRANT BLAKFSLBE, F. 13. NP., B. Srzrzz. Prepared at Wfeb- ster School. N. H. S. A. A.g Class Football Teams. IOO4. 1908: also Manager in 1908: N. H. H. S. Football Team. 1905. .IQO61 Captain 1907, but resigned on account of illness, N. H. H. S. Second Football Team, IQO41 Individual Football Cup, 1QO6Q Class Baseball Team. 19053 N. H. H. S. Baseball Team. 1906-'07-'08: N- H- H- 5- 50001141 Baseball Team, 1905g N. I-I. H. S. Iloclqey Team. 1904-'05, 1905-'06, IQO6-,O7. 1907-'08g Captain IQO6-F07 and elected lor IQO7-'OS but resigned on account of illnessg H. H. S. Track Team, 1906 '07: Class Basket- ball Team, 1908, Treasurer N. H. Il. S. .-X. .-X.. IQO7-'OSC Associate Business Manager Crescent, Vol. XLYIII: Business Manager Cres- cent. Vol. XLVIVQ Associate Business Manager Crescent Annual. Vol- XXIIIg Crescent Dramiatic Association. IQGQ7-'OSI Crescent Enter- tainment and Dance Committee, IQO'fQ Secret Circle: Glee Club, School Circleg Yabo Delta Sigma Chi: Senior Gazette: Class Day Comnzitteeg Vice-President of Class. IVill enter Sliett. Future occupation, civil engineer. 501 George street. o 22 NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLAss Book. VERA M. BLAKESLEE, A. A., B. Gm. Prepared at VX'ebster School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Class Pin Committee. XVill continue studies at Rye Seminary- 84 NOWOU Stfeet- GRACE V. BOYLE, Acad. Prepared at Washiiigton School. XYill enter Armitage College. 104 Portsea Sf1'CC'f- DVVIGHT E. BRAY, 1'. A. Xlf., B. Scien. N. H. H. S. A. A.: N. H. H. S. Tennis Teamg Editor Crescent Annual, 1908. X'Vill take post-graduate course. 065 Quinnipiac avenue. SARAH D. BROMBERG, Col. Prepf Prepared at Cedar Street School. Freshman Debating Society, Sophomore Reading Circle. XYill -enter Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 80 Hallock street. RUTH VV. BROMLEY, Acad. Prepared at Dwight School. Senior Dickens, Clubg Junior Reading Circle. 134 VVhalley avenue. EMMA L. BURVVELL, A. A., Col. Prep. Prepared at XVooster School. N. H. H. S. A. A.g .Senior Shakespeare Club, Theta Rho: Thanksgiving Committee, 1904. Will take post-graduate course. 24 Maple street. MARION A. BUSHNELL, Com. Prepared at Roger Sherman School. Gamma Epsilong Class Book Committee. XYill be Stenogra- pher and bookkeeper. IIS Carmel street. AMY L. BUTCHER, Com.. Prepared at Orange Street Scliool. Gamma Epsilong Class Pin Committeeg Class Play Committee. .461 Washington avenue. M. LOUISE BUTLER, Col. Prep. Prepared at Seymour High School. Will enter Mt. Holyoke College. Pearl street. Seymour. Conn. MAE FRANCES CALLAHAN, Com. Prepared at Lovell Gram- mar School. Sigma Chi, Gamma Epsilon: Historical Society. XYill enter Normal School. 585 East street, FLORENCE IOSEPHINE CAMPBELL. Cru. l"1-t-,tau-K1 at Roger Sherman School. Mather Debating Society: Girls' Glee Chili: .Sophomore Reading Circleg Girls' Baseball Team. 365 Iitlg-my-0.4.1 avenue. ' RHEA CARELLI, Com. Prepared at Orange Street Selnml, IN U. V. Society. Q53 Grand avenue. GEORGE P- CARR. E- A N QCIICH Prepared 'tt R ver Slvrman School. N. 11. 11. s. A . I 4 '5 ' K d. u v i . A. Senior Class Dtainattts. Will continue Stu ICS at MCGH1 bmVCl'51fY, lNilontreal. Canada. lntentls in he a surgeon. 57 Derby avenue. ,lister itinne XYill . A., Q take Street . XYill street. Senior ooster Rho, C. 24 ierman no gra- . School. -, 461 High ymour, Gram- XYill fed at 3 Club? Qfev-'00d IJ- G' .hermali gr,iitif3UC r, be 9' MEMBERS or THE CLASS. 23 CHARLES HENRYLCARROL, Col. Prep. Prepared at St. Fran- cis School. Freshman Baseball Team, Sophomore Baseball Team, Captain of Junior Baseball Team, Junior Basketball Team, Senior Basketball Team, Old Focus Association. N. H. H. S. Debating S0- ciety. Will continue studies at Yale. 156 Grafton street, KENNETH CARTXNRIGHT, A. A. E., Scieaz. Prepared at Wfhit- telsey Avenue School, W'allingford. Associate Editor of Radiator, Vol. XXXI, Editor-in-Chief of Radiator, Vols. XXXII, XXXIII, N. H. H. S. A. A., President of Sophomore Reading Circle, President oi Mather Debating Society, Senior Class Football Team, School Circle, Chairman of Christmas Entertainment Committee, Upsilon Sigma, Class Salutatorian.. Will continue studies at Mass. Institute of Tech- nology. Future occupation, mechanical engineer. 590 Center street, W'allingiord, Conn. EVERETT T. CASE, Gen. Prepared at Lovell School. 60 Clark street. 4' FRITA E. CASEY, Acad. Prepared at Orange Street School. Sen-- ior Dickens Club, junior Reading Club, "Fudge Club'l, Freshman In- door Baseball Team. Will continue studies at Lasell Seminary. 263 Wallace street. ' CHARLES GROVER CHAMBERLIN, Scion. Prepared at Eaton School. N. H. H. S. A. A., President of Freshman Debating Society, President of Senior Class, 1908, Vice-President of School Circle, Chair- man of Class Motto Committee, Class Poet Committee. XVill con- tinue studies at Sheff. Will be a civil engineer. 132 St. john street. EDITH BOND CHAMBERS, A. A., Col. Prep. Prepared at Lovell School. H. H. S. A. A., Theta Rho, Senior Shakespeare Club, Thanksgiving Committee, 1904-,05, junior Fair Committee. 'Will -continue studies at Vassar. 339 Willow street. PRENTICE T. CHASE, A. A. E., Sczfcvz. Prepared at XVebster School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Freshman Debating Society: Sophomore Debating Society, Senior Class Book Committee, Associate Editor of the Radiator, Vol. XXXIII, Sophomore Reading Club, IV. B4 "Golikells." Wfill enter Sheff. 30 Howe street. RAYMOND FREDERICK CHIDSEY. B. Scion. Prepared at Strong School. Mather Debating Society: N. H. H. S. .-X. A.: Asso- ciate Editor Class Book, Senior Class Dramaticsg Thanksgiving Com- mittee, IQQ8. Studies to be continued at Shelf Future occupation, chemist. 241 Exchange street.. MAE ELIZABETH CLARK. Com. Prepared at Strong School. Treasurer Gamma Epsilon Fraternity, Junior Fair Committee: L. O. V. Society, C. C. A. C. Club. I 24 NEW HAVEN H101-1 ScH00L CLASS Book. NAPOLEON ARTHUR CLOUET, Col. Prep. Prepared at VVest- vine School. N. H. S. Debating Society, Sophomore Debating Society. Studies to be continued at Yale. 142 Nevvhall street. ANNA TERESA COADY, Acad. Prepared at XfVinchester School. Studies to be continued at 'University of VVisconsin. Future occupa- tion, chemist. IO Eton street. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH COFFEY, Acad. Prepared at Strong School. U. B. C. Basketball Team, Empress Club: Mithebrea, A. G. X. Studies to be continued at Belmont College. 161 Fillmore street. SAUL COHEN, B. Scien. Prepared at Wvashington School. Class Football, 19075 Class Baseball, IQO7-Q Class Basketball, IQOSQ Captain Class Football, IQOSQ B. K. Society. Studies to be continued at Sheff. Future occupation, mining engineer. 114 Dixwell avenue. . JOSEPH COLLOSO, Col. Prep. Prepared at Hamilton School. Will continue at Yale Medical School. Future occupation, surgeon. 106 Wooster street. ' ANNA L. G. CONLAN, Com. Prepared at Strong School. 52 Woolsey street. A ' M. I. CONNOLLY, Com. Prepared at Strong School. Freslnnan Baseball Team, Freshman Football Team. Future occupation. book- keeperand stenographer. 'I64 Saltonstall avenue. PHILIP DAVID CONNOR, CD. E., Col. Prep. Prepared at Strong School. Track Team, 1904, 1906, 1907, 1908, Baseball Team. 1905. 1906. 19075 Football Team, 1904, 1905, 1906, IQO7Q Relay Team. 1905. 1907g Class Basketball Team, 1905, 1907. Will enter Yale. 174 Lloyd street. HAROLD THOMAS COOPER, B. Scion. Prepared at Strong School., Senior Football Team, B. K. Society. XYill continue at Sheff. Occupation, mining engineer. 1287 Townsend avenue. HENRY D. COWLES, JR., Col. Prep. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Leader of IQO4 organized N. II. H. S. Orchestra: Freshman Debating Society, Executive Board Sophomore Society: Tlmanksgixing and Christmas Committeesg Organizer and President of Glec Clulig Musical Director of 1907 Octetteg Assistant Director Class Play, looyg Chairman Senior Class Play Committee: Upsilon Sigmag. ,Xggigtgmt Ili- rector Senior Class Musicg President of School Circle: Focus Associat- tiong Class Day Committee. Wfill enter Yale. Occupation. prolwablj: a prizefighter. 48 Daggett street. HELEN E. CRAMER, B. Cen. Prcparetl at llainillon Sch-ml, XX'iil enter Normal School 719 Grand avenue. XX fx? -Q, 'Mn .H ' 1 v. .,i aryl. "v- 1 ukla. u Q - HI VTQ3. fling Liiziss -.-.mix 'I - 5llL'H, T .-tu. 4 .'-WH. -..Q, ...IJTI wk- rung r.c6. "Ji s TTQCL fflzig C? " LL .0 ,LCL ,..f lain J 1 :nf 'fubi f. :Cf 9 Di- QIH' 1 K- MEMBERS or THE CLASS. 25 ELIZABETH L. CRAVVFORD, Com' Prepared at Wfinehester School. Gamma Epsilon, C. C. A. C. Club. Studies to be continued at Richmond, Va. Future occupation, clerk or bookkeeper. 83 XVeb- ster street. MARGARET IOSEPHINE CROTTY, Com. Prepared at Lovell School. Historical Society, Gamma Epsilon, Sigma Chi. Future oc-- cupation, stenographer. 64 Beach street. RAYMOND B. CULVER, B. Scieu. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Class Football Team, 1908, Class Basketball Team, 1907, 1908, Class Baseball Team, 1907, 1908, Yabo Delta Sigma Club. IfVill enter Sheff. Future occupation, mining engineer. 410 Congress avenue. ANDREAW G. CURRIE, B. Scien. Prepared at Dwight School. Junior Baseball Team, Junior Basketball Team, Senior Basketball Team, Senior Football Team. 64 Dickerman street. ALICE MARIE DALEY, Acad. Prepared at Strong School. U. B. C. Basketball Team, the Empress Club the Mithebrea A. G. X. Will enter Belmont College. 23 iVVoolsey street. 0 IVY I. DALLAS, Col. Prep. Prepared at Orange StreetiSch00l. 379 Temple street. MARION V. DALLAS, Col. Prep. Prepared at Orange Street School. 379 Temple street. ELLA TI-IERESA DALY, Com. Prepared at St. John's School. 8 Mechanic street. MARY VERONICA DAVIN, Acad. Prepared at Sacred I-Ieart School. President of the Dickens Club, Vice-President of Senior Sex- tette. Wfill go to Business College. Future occupation, bookkeeper. 21 Kimberly avenue. ICATHARINE A. DAY, Acad. Prepared at Lovell School. Senior Dickens Club, Treasurer Senior Sextette, "Fudge" Club, Debating Society, Freshman Indoor Baseball Team, Girls' Glee Club, Junior Reading Circle. Wfill enter Lasell Seminary. 7 Summer street. LOUIS EVERIT DE FOREST, A. I. E., Col. Prep. Prepared at Orange Street School. School Circle, Focus Association: N. I-I.. I-I. S. A. A., N. II. II. S. Debating Society. 1906-'OSI Sophomore 'De- bating Society, Yabo Delta Sigma Chi: -Charter Member and Xoicc- President of Focus League, 1907: Associate Editor pt "Focus, Xols. VII and VIII, No. IQ Editor-in-Chief of "Focus, Yol. III. Xos. 2-5. and Vol. IX' NOS' I and 2 QRQ5ig11edj3 Editor-in-Chief of Freshman Handbook, Vol. II, 1907, Editor-in-Chief of Senior Classbook. Nol. I. 26 NEW HAVEN I'IIGI-I SCHOOL CLASS BOOK- 19o8g Class Prom. Committeeg Membership Committee of School Circle: Chairman Thanksgiving Entertainment Committee, 1907. XVIII enter Yale. Future occupation, undecided. 335 Orange street. CH-A1QLES SHEPARD DE FQREST, E. A. N., B. Scielz. Prepared at Orange Street School. Mather Debating Societyg N. H. H. S. A. A., Focus Association, Class Football Team, 19073 Chairman Mather Debating Society Reception Committee, Senior Class Dramaticsg Class Motto Committee, Yabo Delta Sigma Chig Assistant Business Manager Classbook, Vol. I. IQO8Q Upsilon Sigma. Will enter Sheff. 335 Orange street. ' JOSEPH JAMES DEVINE, Col. Prep. Prepared at Lovell School. School Circleg' Charter Member Focus Leagueg Business Manager oi Focus, Senior Class Dramaticsg Freshman, Sophomoreland Junior Debating' Societiesg Vice-President of Sophomore and N. H. H. S. Debating Societiesg Junior Basketball Team, Senior Football Team, Alternate in Prize Speaking Contest, Hillhouse Class Orator. XVill enter Yale Academic and Law School. Vlfill be a lawyer. 219 Bishop street. ' 4 ELIZABETH IRENE DONLEAVY, Col. Prep. Prepared at YVeb- ster School. Girls' Glee Club. 22 Vernon street. CATHARINE MARY DONOVAN, Com. Prepared at VVooster School. L. O. V. Club. S. S. S. 533 Chapel street. MILTON LEOPOLD DRYFUS, Scien. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Freshman and Sophomore Debating Societiesg N. H. H. S. Debating Societyg Dramatic Association, IV. B4 "Golil:ells" Club: Freshman and Sophomore Reading Clubs, II. B4 Botany Club. XYill enter Yale. VVill be a lawyerf 85 Arch street. ELIZABETH DUNN, Com. Prepared at 'Woostei' School. L. O. V. Club. VVill be a stenographer and boolqkeeper. 167 Long II'harf. ARTHUR F. VAN DYCK, Scion. Prepared at Searles School. Great Barrington, Mass. Sophomore Debating Societyg N. H. H. S. A. A..g Secretary Boardman Electrical Clubg Class Baseball Team. 19073 Class B3l5kC'fb9-ll TCHIU, IQOSQ IV. B4 "Golikells." XVill enter Sheff. Intends to be an electrical engineer. 95 Gregory street. MARGARET EGG, Acad. Prepared at Wfiiicliester School. Glen Club, Vice-President Senior Dickens Clubg 'jFudgc" Club: hluiiim' and Sophomore Reading Circlesg 'Sophomore Debating Sqn-it-tv: Gil-15' Freshman Athletic S0ClC'fY3 F1'CSl11'nan Indoor Baseball Teain: lunior Fair Committee, County Home Club. Wlill enter Normal Si-limi! Intends to be a teacher. 460 1Dixwell avenue- i fC" x !'Cxl .-X , llti' ms, CSS 4 LTI. lOl. or iior S. 1111, Yill iop eb- SISJ' 'CCI S. ub ' Vill O. 1. ugl, S. LTU. L lee 4 4 TIC' 1 ln O' 0 MEMBEIQS or THE CLASS. 27 ELEANOR EIOHMEN, Com. Prepared at Dwight. 'Q Gamma Epsilon, Girls' Glee Club, Historical Society, Freshman Debating So- ciety, Girls' Athletic Association, Tennis Club, Literary Circle, Sigma Chi, Junior Fair, Thanksgiving Day Committees for 1906 and 1907. 'Will take post-graduate course. 317 Orchard Street. ' . MARGARET! ELIOT, B. T.4., Col. Prep. Prepared at Miss john- stone's School. Junior Reading Club, Shakespeare Club, N. H. H. S. A. A. QOCJ Church street. HARRIET ENGLISH. B. T.-., Col. Prep. Prepared at Miss Iohnstonels. Will continue studies at Vassar. 390 Prospect street. EDWARD THOMAS FALSEY, Col. Prep. Prepared at Strong School. Freshman 'and' Sophomore Debating Societies, Freshman Thanksgiving Committee, Championship 1905 Baseball Team, IQCO, 1907, 1908 Baseball Teams. ' HENRY 'GEORGE FALSEY, Q-D. E., Scieu. Prepared at Strong School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Class Baseball Team, 1905: Regular Baseball Team, 1906, 1907, 1908, Temporary Captain, IQOSQ Thanksgiv- ing Committee, 1905, Mather Debating Society, Class Play Commit- tee, Senior Class Dramatics, Yabo Delta Sigma Chi, Photograph Committee, Upsilon Sigma. Will take a course at New York Theat- rical School. 53 Vlfalcott street. MILDRED M. FARNSVVORTH, Gen. Prepared at Dwight School. Mather Debating Society, Senior Class Dramatics, Secretary of School Circle, Girls' Glee Club, Class Prom. Committee, IQO8 School Octette, Cast of "Hunting for Hapgood", Theta Rho. 86 Howe street. A MIRIAM VVINTFRED FLINT, Gen. Prepared at Strong School. Theta Rho. 87 East Pearl street. KATHLEEN THERESA FOLEY, Acad. Prepared at Wfebster School. Senior Dickens Club. VVill continue studies at Vassar Col- lege. 282 Orchard street. IDA RHEA FRANKEL, Col. Prep. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Reading Ci1'ClCS- 346 George street. . THOMAS A. FRASER, Q. E., Scien. Prepared at Dwight School. Captain Freshman Basketball Team, Freshman Baseball Team, Sopho- more Football Team, Captain Sophomore Basketball Team: Sopho- more Baseball Team, Captain Junior Football Team, Captain Junior Basketball Team, junior Baseball Team, Senior Football Team, N. H. H. S. Debating Society, N. H. H. S. Basketball 28 NEW HAVEN HIGII SCI-IooL CLASS BOOK. Teamg IV, B4 "Golikells." Will continue studies at Yale MCCliC21l School. Future occupation, medical. 220 EdgCW00d avenue' HARRY FRIED, Scien. Prepared at Cedar' Street School. N. H. I-I. S. Dramatic Association, Freshman Debating Society, S0phomOfC Debating Society' IV B4 "Golikells." XfVill enter Sheff. Future oc- c 2 ' A cupation, mining engineer. 226 Commerce street. . HOVVARD C. FULTON, A. I. E., B. Soren. Prepared at Washing- 'ton School. Class Football Team, 1906, Class Basketball Team, IQO7Q Track Team, 1906, 19o7,'Class Track Team, 19075 Relay Team. I9O75 School Circle, Upsilon Sigma, N. H. H. S. A. A., Vice-PreS1ClC1'1'E Mather- Debating Society, Chairman Senior Class Prom: Committee, Senior Class Dramatics, Yabo Delta Sigma Chi. Wfill enter Sheff. Future occupation, civil engineer. 134 Howard avenue. JENNIS VVQRTLEY FUTCH, Col. Prep. Prepared at Georgia Normal College, Abbeville, Ga. Sophomore Debating Society, Secre- tary N. H. I-I. S. Debating Society, Alternate in Prize Debating Con- test, june, 1907. Studies toibe continued at Yale. Future occupation lawyer. Yale Dining Hall, or Manchula, Fla. ' 1 NETTIE C. GALLERY, Com. Girls' Glee Club, Gamma Epsilon. 61 Mechanic street. J. GENDERNALIK, Gen. Prepared at Strong School. 1095 Town- send avenue. 3 ANNA IIAZEL GESNER, Acad. Prepared at Roger Sherman School. Senior Dickens Club, Junior Reading Circle. VVill continue studies. 339 Norton street. JAMES A. GETTINGS, Gen. Boardman Electrical Club: Assistant Business Manager of Classbook. Studies to be continued at Yale Med- ical School. Future occupation, physician. 307 Ferry street. JULIA MARIE GILCI-1RIEsT, Cm PI-Epmd -It uf---'11 l - - c l LSLXI C School. Gamma Epsilon. Future occupation, stenographer and type- writer. 223 Fountain street, Westville. MINNIE F. GILI-IULY,C0m. Prepared at Hamilton School. grinirraa Epsilon, Junior Fair Committee. Will continue studies at Yale cioo of Music. 239 Franklin street. NELLIE, ELIZABETH GH-I-EN, GCN. Prepared at XYl1SlllllglUll School. Will enter Normal School. Future occupation. tcaclicr up Frank street. , ' "" ROBERT ADRIAN GILLERN A I F I3 S ' I - I - f - - --- - '. ..'1a"lat D ht I Mala!! ltpuu Scigijil Tscaooig N' H3 H' S-. A- A-S Class .lrack Team, 1005, racc eam, 1903- 06. Will go to Show. 34 Tmmhun Strwtw S3l A. C12 H1 27 Da Pri A I Wie C02 Te: Roi 190 Bas balf ing ma: C01 Lai C01 Qu. XL Bus Cre und T NVe Rea Sha givi Gir Nas I. villa Club XYil li Sfll M13M131312s or T1-113 CL-ASS. 29 GUY HOXNARD GOODMAN, Scien. Prepared .at Westville School. Sophomore Debating and R.eading Societies, N. H. H. S. A. A. Wfill enter Sheff. 35 Alden avenue. FLORA L. GOODSELL, Com. Prepared at Orange Street School, Class Day Committee. Future occupation, stenographer. North Haven, Conn. JOSEPH R. GORDON, B. Gen. Prepared at Wooster School. 27 VVallace street. . EDITH FRANCES GRAHAM, Col. Prep. Prepared at Horace Day School. Shakespeare Club. Will continue studies at Mrs. Grave's Private School. 163 Spring street. ' ' -' FREDERICK DAVID GRAVE, IR., F. A. XP., Scieu. Prepared at Webster School. School Circle, N. H. H. SQ A. A. Executive Committee, 1905, 1906, Chairman Executive Committee, 1908, -Track Team, 1905, 1906, 1907, IQO8, Captain Track Team in IQO7, Trophy Room Committee, 1907, Manager N. H. H. S. Football Team, 1907- 1908, Chairman N. H. H. S. Subscription Committee, 1908, Class Baseball Manager, 1905, Class Football Manager, 1905, Class Basket- ball Manager, 1906, Freshman Debating Society, Sophomore Debat- ing Society, Chairman of Thanksgiving Day Committee, 1908, Chair- man ,Easter Entertainment Committee, 1908, Chairman Senior Picture Committee, Secret Circle, N.. H. H. S. Dramatic Association in 1907, Lambda Pi in 1906, VV'ranglers Club in 1906, "Crescent" Entertainment Committee, 1908, IV. B4 "Golikells", N. H. H. S. Octette, Agony Ouartette, Crescent Dramatic Club, Business Manager Crescent, Vol. XLIX, Assistant Business Manager Crescent, Vol. XLVIII, Assistant Business Manager Crescent Annual, Vol. XXII, Business Manager Crescent Annual, Vol. XXIV. VVill enter Sheff. Future occupation, undecided. "Lucerne," Vlfhitneyville, Conn. MADELINE MAE GREIST, B. T.-., Col. .Prep Prepared at Westville School. School Circle, N. H. H. S. A. A., Sophomore Reading Circle, Junior Reading Circle, Junior Fair Committee, Senior Shakespeare Club, Class Photograph Committee, Freshman Thanks- giving Committee, Self-Help Committee, Historian for College Prep., Girl Editor of Crescent, Vols. L and LI. Will continue studies at Vassar College. 61 Vlfillard street. LURA E. s. oR1sWoLD. B. 1.-.-, C01 Prep. Prepafed at WCSP ville School. N. H. H. S. A.. A., School Circle, Senior Shakespearfl Club, Junior Reading Circle, Secretary Sophomore DCb21fiHg SOCICW- Will enter Wellesley College. 40 Fountain street. RUTH LEE GRISWOLD, 12. 2., Cvl. Prep. Prepared, at Guilford School. Shakespeare Club. Will enter Smith College. Guilford, COH11- 30 I NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. RGBERT GUSTAFSQN, B. Scien. Prepared at Strong School. Senior Class Football Teamg Senior Class Basketball Team, N. S. A. A., Mather Debating Societyi 'Yabo Delta Slam Chl' Ml enter Sheff. 29 Richard street. RAYBZIQND E. HACKETT, 11 A, KP. Screw. Prepared at Horace Day School. N. H. H. S. A. A., School Circleg Freshman Debat- ing Society, Sophomore Debating Society, Sophomore Reading C1rClC3 IV. B4 "GOlikells"g Associate Editor Crescent, V01- XLIX2 Editor? i11-Chief Crescent, Vol. L and LI. Will enter Sheff. 264 Howard EIVCH UC. CHARLQTTE H. HAGEN, Com. Prepared at Grange Street School. Gamma, Epsilon, Girls' Glee Club., Thanksgiving Committee. 79 Greene street. ' HARRY VICTOR MALAN HALL, B. Soren. Prepared at Strong School. N. H. I-I.'S. A. A., Mather Debating Society, Thanksgiv- ing Committeeg Historian for Boardman Scientiiicg Senior Class Dra- matics, Sergeant-at-Arms of Class. VVill enter Sheff. Future occupa- tion, farmer or forester. 82 Grand avenue. . MARION HALLOCK, A. A., Gen. Prepared at Irving School. Junior Fair Committeeg Secretary.Mather Debating' Societyg Theta Rho. Will continue studies at Miss Wheelock's School. Derby. ANNA MARIE HARDING, Gen. Prepared at Hamilton School. Freshman Indoor Baseball. 'Will enter State Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 76 Monroe street. IRENE HARDING, Gen. Prepared at Winchester School. Mather Debating Society, A. D. G. Future occupation, kindergarten teacher. 241 Munson street. ' ' HENRY JOHN LOUIS HEGEL sam Pfepai-at -it Amin ' . x 4' - V c - ,121 School, Hartford. Assistant Treasurer of Class: Class Plav Commit- teeg Senior Class Dramaticsg Thanksgiving Committee 1904 190:- gfice-President FOCUS Leagtleg IV. .B4 "GOlikells"g Freshman Debating ociety, Sophomore Debating Society, N. H. H. S. A. A.. qchooi Circleg Yabo Delta Sigma Chi' Temporary Secretary of Gln -Cl I . . , 1 f J ee .ubg Upsilon Sigma. Will enter Sheff. and Forestry School Future occu- pation, forester. III Lenox street, BEATRICE P HEMINGWAY C01 P, P ' i ' ' l'CpZ'tl'Cd 'T' Str I1 1 1' S h ' . , L H 1 L S L I 5 MCBO0 dl Uetaw Rho, Senior 'SITBIXBSDCHTC Club. Will continue studies Oar ms SCl1OOl. Q30 Quinnipiac avenue, EMILY HI I "' . occu t- IICKLEYY bam' P16931-ed at SIVOUQ' School. linmre P-21011, music- ,727 WVoodward avenue. Wi. ii. X' il i ll C C Will- Clif ZOE'- ll r ti 7CCI tee. Jug giv- ira- DH' Doi. :eta Dol. UTS her ICT. :nal nit- 2055 ing ooi ubg CLI' Mig lies ure M15M1:.1r:Rs or '.l'IfIE CLASS. 31 RUTH M. HINES, Com. Prepared at Strong School Ganqnqa Epsilon. Future occupation, undecided. 120 Farren avenue ' PAUL D. 1111PPoL11'Us. Cel. Prep. Prepared at vvereirrrrererr School. Wfill continue studies at Yale Medical School. Future oicu- pation, surgeon. 266 Wfashington avenue. 'X I ROBERT XV. HOADLEYA, B. Scien. Prepared at Strong Sehggi, Yabo Delta Sigma Chi. Mfill enter Shen? Future occupation mimnrf . . ' D engineer or chemist. 119 Exchange street. , ' H. M. HOENER, Com. Prepared at Webster School. 109 Asylum street. , ' ISRAEL JOSEPH HOFFMAN, Col. Prep. Prepared at Winches- ter School. XfVill continue studies at Michigan Law School. Future occupation, business. 107 Dixwell avenue. EDVVARD HOLLACHER, Scien. Prepared at Horace Day School. 100 First street. . i MARTHA F. HORAN, Com. Prepared at Sacred Heart School. 195 Columbus avenue. U ' HERMAN N. HORVVITZ, Scien. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Freshman Debating Societyg Sophomore Debating Societyg N. H. H. S. Dramatic Associationg N. H. H. S. A. A.g Class Football Team, 19063 IV. B4 "Golikells"g Board Member oi- Focusg Assistant Business Manager of Senior Classbook. VVill go to Yale. 244 Cedar street. GLADYS MARY HUTCHINS, Acad. Prepared at Shelton Ave- nue School., Glee Clubg Senior Dickens Clubg Junior Reading Circle. Will enter Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 234 Division street. . GEORGIA THEA HUTCHINSONL CP. E., Col. Prelf- Pfelaalfd et South Manchester School. Shakespeare Clubg Theta Rho. Will enter Smith College. 866 Elm street. . JOHN STRONG HUTCHINSON, Col. Prep. N. H. H.. S. De- bating Societyg Junior Reading Circleg Glee Club, 1907, 1908- Wlll enter Harvard. Future occupation, journalism. 149 DOVCF SUCCU CLARENCE G. IVES, Gen. Prepared at Hamden School' Mt' Carmel, Conn. A HAZEL LPoNA 1AcKsoN, Gen. Prepared et Dwight SCWO" Class Day Commiteeg Theta Rho. 238 Orchard street. M1NN1P 1v1ATP11LDA JAcoPs, Gerr. Prepared ef Websfef h . School. Will enter State Normal School. Future occupatlonf teac er 73 Day street. 32 New HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. ROSALIND ARMOREL JACOBS, Gm- Pfspafsd at Webster School VVill enter State Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 78 Day street. FRED Mp IENNINGS, Gen. Prepared at Webster School. Vice- President Electrical Club. Future OCCUPHUOH, GICCUICIHU- 157 Gfchard street. p HELEN JOSLIN, Col. Prep. Prepared at Orange Street School. WVill enter Martha Washington Seminary. Mt. Carmel. SELMA R. KAHN, Gen. Prepared at Orange Street School. Will enter Normal School. 627 State street. CALVIN K. KAZANJIAN, B. Gen. Prepared at Dwight School. Class Historian. Vtfill enter Yale. Future occupation, lawyer. 294 Orchard street. MARY CHRISTINE KELLEY, K. M. E., Com. Prepared at St. Iohn's School. Will enter Lauralton Hall, Milford. 800 Howard avenue. . MAY A. KELLY, Acad. Prepared at Lovell School. VVill enter .Armitage College. 279 Humphrey street. CORNELIUS AUGUSTINE KIERNAN, Col. Prep. Prepared at Hamilton School. VVill enter Yale Academic. 98 St. John street. FLORENCE GILBERT KITTREDGE, Gen. Prepared at' Lovell School. Mather Debating Society. Will enter Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 117 Lawrence street. VTERESA HELENA KLEM A fi- P - . , ca-. repared at W'inchester School. Will enter University of Wisconsin. Future occupation, chem- ist. I5 Lake place. I L SIMON B. KLEINER, Scien. Prepared at Webster School. Freshman Debating Societyg Sophomore Debating Society' Tllilllki- giving Committee, IQO6Q Boardman Electrical Clubg' Dramatic Associa- tiong Focus Associationg Charter Member of Focus League' As ' I C, . -soclate Editor Focus, Vol. IXg IV. B4 "Golikells." VVill enter Sheff. and Medical School. Future occupation, physician. 39 Howe street. WILLIAM C. KNOEPPEL Cow Pie 'ned t L l - - l u if - ' Dc ' a ovell School. The Silent Three. Future occupation, evangelistic worker. 145 Nash street. ' LILLIANIE. KOENIG, Col. Prep. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Senior Dickens Clubg The Focus League: Staff Artist of 505118, VOIS. IX and X. Will enter Miss Leightoifs Private School. u - ure occupation, lC11'lClC1g'2l1'l1C11 teacher. I2 Broad street 4. ki'xIQr lnilklp X tgp- ciizml 'lh10l, lmol. 'l1r'ml, -'04 rz St. ward CIHCI' ul Si fulfill EIIITC P4767 hem- g1FnOl. 1- -g- lui'-- Acta -21'-1 tg gal.- ,grid 1 1001- 1 'Ca-fl F' f f E ' . MEMBERS or THEVCLASS. 33 GBRTRUDPE A. KosLovs.KY,eCerr. Prepared at sireirerr Ave- nue School. Gamma4Epsilon5 Senior Dic'kens.Club. Will take a post- graduate course. 186 Ivy street... ,A - ' . in DAVID EDVVIN AKYDD, 2. A. N., B. Sererr. Prep elel eppporerrp-e Street School. , Vlfill enter Sheff. 36 Lincoln istreet. f' 'L A P CECILE LAMBERT, Col. Prep. Preparedir .at Orange Street Schoolf N.. H. S. A. A.g Senior Shakespeare'Clubg Junior Ger- man Honorary Club, Junior.'Reading Circle.. 'Vlfill continue. studies at Boarding -School. 163 Bradley street. i X K i RDTHLLBLIZABVETH'ILAMBERT, A. A.,'C0l.'P19ep. Prepared at Orange Street School. Senior Dickens' Clubg Sophomore, Re.ading'Cir- cle. 263 Orange -street. . I - ' 'JANNA LAND, Com. 'Pre-pared, ati Cedar 'Street' School. -'Dickens .Cluljg "Fudge" Clllubg IuniorfPair Committee. Will' enter Normal School.Q 9 Arch street. p I. A . A 'X a 1' . I . ROSE LAND, Com. - 'Prepared at Cedar Street School. Dickens Cluhg f'Fudge"' Clubg Preshman Picture Committee. ,Will enter Nor- mal School. 9 .Arch street. . 3 ' I ALBERTA- NORTHROP LAZIHAM, E. rf., Cel. Prep. Prepared at Orange, Street School. Senior Shakespeare Clubyjunior and Sopho- more Reading Circles. Wil.l enter Vassar College. 809 Orange street. ICLAREXNCEVR. LAUBERi Col. Prep. Prepared at Orange Street School. Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Debating Societiesg Focus Afssociation, 1907. IIQ Olive street. I " . ' HELEN M, LAVV, Acad. Prepared at Miami School, W'abash, Ind. Junior' Reading Circle. Will enter' Bradford Academy. 624 George street. - P - . A . i A LOUIS LEAR, B". Seien. lPrepared at Ce.dar Street School. K. O. 'G. Will enter Sheff.."Puture occupation, civil engineer. IIQ Oak street. ' in D HUGH KING LEE, Cel. Prepl Prepared at E1rrrrre,aN. Y. win continue 'studies at vale. 81 Hovve street. FREDERICK L. LEHR, JR., A. 1. E., B. Sem., Prepafedgaf Hof- ace Day School. School Circleg N. H. H. S. A. A.g Class Pin Com- mitteeg Track,Team, 1906-'o7.5 IQO7-,Ogg Managfll' T1'21Ck Team, 19072035 Business Manager of Senior Classbookg High. School Orchestrai XabO Delta 'Sigma Chig Mather Debating Society. 'XV1ll .enter Sheff. 328 Winthrop avenue. ' I . i I i 34 NEW HAVEN Hier-r ScHooL CLASS Book. Rovar FRANCIS LEIGHToN, A. A. 2., SSWA fl-ifffviifd Central High School, San Juan, P. R. N. . . Zh., "Golikells." XVill enter Sheff. Future occupatlon, CW11 engmeer' L7 Sherman avenue. MARION LEWIS Coz. Prep. Prepared at Willmar, Minn-, High School. Senior Shakespeare Club. Will enter Holyoke College- Fu' ture occupation, teacher of mathematics. 391 Winthrop avenue. RGSE RUTH LINKS, Acad. Prepared at Webster School. Senior Dickens Clubg "Fudge" Club, Freshman Indoor Baseball Team, Treasurer oi'Sophomore Girls' Athletic Association, Glee Club, Junior Reading Circle, County Home Club. Will enter Normal School. 1.1 Elliot.. street. ' IRENE PARMELEE LINSLEY, Col. Prep. Prepared at Roger Sherman School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Senior Shakespeare Club, Val-- edictorian of Senior Class, Junior Honorary German Club, Focus As- sociation, Secretary of Junior Longfellow Reading Circle. Wfill enter Vassar College. 255 Sherman avenue. ELSIE LAURA LOI-IMAN, Com. Prepared at Shelton Avenue School. Senior Dickens Club, HFudge,A' Club, Gamma Epsilong Read- ing Circle, "Jolly Eight", 'V'The Shakers." VVill enter Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 639 State' street. EARLE TRASK LOUCKS, Col. Prep. Prepared at Benton Hall, Little Falls, N. Y. .School Circle, N. H. H. ciationg Charter Member of Focus League, President and Vice-Presi- dent oi N. H. H. S. Debating Society, Assistant Manager of Dra- matic Associationg Class Basketball Team, IQO5, Track Team IQO7' Chairman of Thanksgiving Day Committee, IQO4, Associate Editor of Focus, Vols. VII, VIII and IX, Business Manager of Freshman Handi b. ' . . . ook, 1907, Vol. II, Associate Editor of Semor Classbook, IQOS, Vol I. Will continue studies at Yale Academic. 723 Elm street. LEOLA DEXTER LUCEY A d P S. A. A., Focus Asso- . 1 U , Cd A. repared at Wfebster School Senior Dickens Club, Girls' Glee Club, Gctetteg Junior Reading Circle, Will continue studies at Conservatory of Music, Berlin. I7 College street. 3 K' TESSTE C- LYNCH. Cen. Prepared at Cedar Street School. .-X C- Club? Mather Debatmg Society. VVill continue study of music. 717 Howard avenue. ' . -HERBERT LEVVIS MACHOL, SCYTCH. .Prepared at XYoo51r-1- School. Freshman and Sophomore Debating Societies: IV. B4 "Goli- kells 5 Class Play PrOgram Committ -- C1 ' '- Sheff. 146 Bradley. ec' ass H'Stm"m' ll"'C'1's' .X- 107 III li.: !N-Q if lliiwh D - l' 11- ig!- ... . ii, ICF 1-1 'Tix 'al- T- QCT :ue ad- :UL -- Tian. 1 SO- ,"' IL' fa- id' l Oi id- ol. Ol. le c A Y,- Al.,- P P MEMBERS or 'rr-IE CLASS. A 35 XV. STUART MACMILLAN, B. Scien. Prepared at Providence Technical High School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Upsilon Sigmg-,Q junior Football, Junior Baseball, Senior Track, Senior Football and Senior Basketball Teams. Future occupation, engineering. 321 North Main street, WVallingford, Conn. JAMES ROBERT MACNAMEEL, Comq Prepared at Lovell School. historian of Commercial Course. 101 Eagle street. KATHRYN FRANCES MADIGAN, Gen. Prepared at Strong School. W'ill continue studies at Normal Training School, Future occupation, teaching. 64 Pierpont street. I NORA M. MAHER, Gen. Prepared at Orange,Street,School. 53 Lafayette street. A 'S JESSIE OLIVE MALE, Gen. Prepared at Strong School. Mather Debating Societyg Sophomore Debating Society, Assistant Business Manager of Classbookg Junior Fair Committee, Theta Rho. 140 james street. ' KATHRYN-E E. MALEY, Com. Prepared aft .Orange Street School. Senior Dickens Club, Junior Fair Committee. 'Will continue studies at Manhattanville Seminary. 809 State street. i GRACE E. iv1ALLov, Amd. Prepared at Lovell School. 86 Foster street. .DAISY RHETA MANSFIELD, Acad. Prepared at Horace Day School. Junior Reading Circle, "Fudge,' Club. 88 Olive street. ETHEL GENEVIEVE MANVVARTNG, Gen. Prepared at Strong School. A Future occupation, undecided. 121 East Pearl street. JAMES I. MAROONEY, Screw.. Prepared at Sacred Heart School. N. H. H. S. Football Team, Freshman Football Team, SophO- more Football Team, Junior -Football Teamg N. H. H. S. Second Football Team, N. H. H. S. A. A., Electrical Clubg N. H. H- S. Debating Society, IV. B4 "Golikells." Will enter Sheff. Future occupation, electrical engineer. 64 Liberty street. MARY MATTIE, Gen. Prepared at Hamilton School. Future oc- cupation, undecided. 46 Carlisle street. DoRoTHv FRANCES MAYNARD, CUZ- PMP- Pfepafed at Union School, West Haven. 'Freshman Debating Society? ,SOP11gP1j2? rc , Reading Circle, Freshman Reading CirC1C3'IuHi0f Readnllggt 1 OC- Senior Dickens Club. Will continue studies at Wellesley- f U ure Cupation, librarian. 66 Bassett street. 36 NEW HAVEN H1011 SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. CHRIS. MCBRIEN,-IR.,i.S'cie14. Prepared at Lovell School. Busi- ness Board of Focus Leagueg Freshman and Sophomore. Debating So- cieties5 Biology Clubg Secretary of IV., B4."G011k011S-H will enter 'Sheff. Future occupation, undecided. 39 131511013 Street- MARGUERITE ELIZABETH MCCARTAN, Acad. . Prepared at Webster.School. -Senior Dickens Club.. Will enter Vassar .College. Future occupation, teacher. 15- Sylvan avenue. VINCENT A.. MCDONOUGH, Col.-Prfcp. Prepared at'SaCrCd HC-aft 'Schools '1905 Baseball and 'Football' Teams5uN. H.. S. Debating QSociety5 Thanksgiving Committeeg Football'Tea1n, I-9065 Football Team, 19075.Baseball Team, 19085 Thanksgiving Committee,g19085 Focus As- sociation. Will enter Yale. 38 Hallock street. ' A 5 RETA MCGANN, K. M. E., Acad. 5 Prepared at Washiiigton School. Senior-Dickens Club. Will continue studies .at .Mt. Holyoke College. 291, Portsea street. ' ' ' - 5 . 1 ' - LAURETTA Me0RA11., Amd. Prepared at Orange Street seheei. Will continue studies at Pratt's Institute. Future occupation, librarian I7 Home place. ' FRANCES GERTRUD.-E.lVlCGURRIN, Gen. Prepared at Hamil- ton School. W'ill continue 'studies at Yale.C0nservatory of Music Future occupation, music teacher., 905 Grand avenue. Q MAE AGNES E. MCN ULTY, Acad. Prepared at Hamilton School. -Senior Dickens Club5' "Fudge" Clubg Junior Reading Circleg Freshman Indoor Baseball Teamgu Sophomore Debating. Society. Will continue studies at Mt. St. Iosephas Seminary. -19 Greene street. CLIFFQRD F., MESSENGER, F. A. XP., B. SCITCIZ-. Prepared at Dwight School. Class Baseball' Teams, IQO4, 1905, 1906, 19075 Captain Class Baseball Teams, IQO4, 19055 Class'Footbal1 Teams, 1904. 1905: Regular-Football, 1905, 1906, 19075.Capta'in Football Team, 19075 Treas- urer of Athletic Association, 1906-'075' Trophy Room r Committee: Associate 'Editor Crescent, Vol. L, No. IQ Asiistant Business Manager C V ' - I rescent, Vol. XLIX, Vols.- XXX and XXXI5 Crescent Entertainment C0mm1'ft00, 1900, 1907, 19035 Chairman, 1907919085 Business Manager Glee -Clubg' President of Male Octette, 1906-'o7: Manager Class B-lekct- ball Team, 19065: Assistant Manager Football Team, IIQOSQURDIIIQIQCI' Baseball Team 19065 President C. I B. L . 1 . 5 . ., 19065 Secret Circle: School Circleg VVranglers in IQO65, Lambda Pig Yabo Delta Sigma Chi: Agony Quartette5 Crescent Dramatic Clubg N. H. H. S. A. An Senior Cl-me Octetteg' Gymnasium Committee, 19065 R.. R rg mlm CMU. Qhktt? Future occupation, metallurgist. 482 Wlialley avenue. I' if 3 W 1 ,. Bust. lx C-5. Mt? il Z' ilk Std ai ..: Llpgjfgt Hem . 3-at-may tail Tram .. rx-...M , 'I 5.412 A3- S-:kool ." 'v 5 ,.. 2 1 'L ifaafit. Q. "' 1 rf? 333901. ibrarian. at Eiazazl- . .f Klum. L 1 1 A-I :cf,11LIUA- .1 f l ... :QYTLEEEEUC 1 nt SU l .. 1 ,FZ 4' ' ia. ,-1. mfr' .3-rea? .. ,. -156. .wliili I . flaiigef fiffificgi 1.332335 . jf3.qZl A 'Pnl ni' nbfl' -fY Shffill, ffagi , f ta- .' , V :Efih .1 ,M , ' MEMBERS OF THE 'C1.Ass. , . 37 ALICE THERESA'METZGER, Acad. Prepared at Strong School.. Senior Dickens ,Clubg Junior Reading Circle, The Cl13.tlS1'li0' Trio' The Triumvirate. Q2 Avon street. A . ' i - C i ! HELEN MITCHELL, K. Cai. Pwpj Prepared at wash- ington School. School Circleg Class Pin Committeeg .Senior Shakes- peare ' Club, Dickens Clubj Thanksgiving''Committees of IQO4-,O6' Junior Fair. IQ1' ' DeWitt- street. ' ' ' ' ' CHARLESIVTNCENT MONAHAN, A. I. E., B. Scien. Prepared at Dwight School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Class Football Team, 19085 Mather Debating,Societyg Class Baseball Team, IQOSQ Room I7 Base- ball team. Will enter Sheff. 136 Dwight street. ' 7 FRANK G. MONAHAN, A. I. E., Scieail Prepared-at-Dwight School. I N. H. H. S. A. A., Sophomore Debating Society, junior Class Team of Football, IQO6-,072 Miss Middleton's, Bird Club, Fresh- man Reading Club, IV. B4,"'Golikells." Will enter- Sheff. Future oc- cupation, civil engineer. Q 136 Dwightstreet. ' MABEL BLANCHE MGRLEY, Mava. Prepared ,at Orange Street School. Mather Debating Society. YVill enter Normal'Sch-ool. Fu- ture occupation, teacher. 25 Lyon street. . HAZEL BELLE .MORRlS, CP. E., Acad. Prepared at VVebster School. Shakespeare. Clubg junior Reading Circle. .Morris Cove. - JOHN J. MULLIGAN, Col. Prep. Prepared at Sacred Heart School., .H. H. S. A. A., Junior Baseball Team, Sophomore Debatingi'Societyg N. H. S. Debating Society, Sophomore React- ing Circle, Junior Reading -Circle. Will enter Harvard Law School. Future occupation, lawyer. 42 Daggett street. 'RUBY RTVERS MURRAY, Col. Prep. IPrepared at, Guilford High School. Will 'enter Mt: -Holyoke College. Mu-rray Homestead, Guilford, Conn. ' - , A ,AMELIA C. NEUMANN, Comp Prepared at Lovell School. N- H. H. S. Glee, Club. Will take a post-graduate course. 1212 State street. - V - D , ELMER G NEVVTGN, T. A. XP., B. Gen. 'Prepared at Deep River School. Class Pin Committee, Class Prom. Committeeg Class'D21y Committee: Chairman of Thanksgiving Fund Committee, 19055 N. H. H. S. A., A., Class -Football Team, IQO7Q T. A. XV. B?l.SClJ2lll TCZITIL 1907, President Boardman Electrical Club, IQO7-,OSQ Mather Debating Society, Associate Editor Crescent. Vol. L: Business 'ManagC1' CYCS' cent,'Vol. Ll, Assistant Business 'Manager Crescent Annual. MOI. XXIV. NfVill continue studies at Technical School. Future occupation, electrician. Durh-am, Conn. ' 33 NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. ELMER D. NOY. Solen. Prepared at Shelton Avenue School. IV. B4 "Golikells" and Glee Club. Will enters Sheff. Future Occup-3' tion, forester. 42 Lake Pl3CC- ' EANY ELLEN O'BRIEN, Acad. Prepared at Washington School. Junior Reading Circle, Senior Sezitetteg Senior Dickens Club. Will continue studies at the Normal School. Future occupation, tCaCl1C1'- 253 VVest Carlisle street. ' LORETTA VERONICA O'CONNELL, Cam. Prepared at Shel- ton Avenue School. Future occupation, stenographer. Goodrich street, Highwood. LEAH ORGLER, Col. Prep. Prepared at Strong School. Senior Dickens Club, Senior Shakespeare Club, Sophomore Reading Circleg Senior Class Play. Will continue studies at Normal' School. Future occupation, teacher. 21 Maltby place.. - LAURA OSBORN, B. T.-., B. Gen. Prepared at Roger Sherman School. N. H. H. S. A. A., Thanksgiving Committee, 1906. Will take post-graduate course at High School. 167 Ellsworth avenue. ALLAN H. PAGE, B. Scien. Preparediat Litchfield. Senior Foot- ball Team, H. A. D. 474 Elm street. 'AMos TOWNSEND PAOTER, Scienf Prepared at lfVebster School. I-I..A. D., Beta Kappa, Boardman Senior News Editorg Boardman Sophomore Reading Club, Sophomore Debating Society, Sophomore Football Team, Room I7 Baseball Teamg Junior Football Team, Junior Basketball Team, Junior Baseball Team, Captain Senior Basketball Team, N. H. H. S. Football Team, IQO7Q Writer of Sopho- more History of the Class of 19085 Yabo Delta Sigma Chi. Will enter Sheff. 5o Admiral street. E. LEROY PARKHURST, B. Scien. Will enter Sheff. 1471 Chapel street. CAROLINE LOUISE PAULMAN, Acad. Prepared at Public School, No 15, Corona, L. I. Junior Reading Circle' Senior Di l , ciens Club, Senior Chorus. Will enter Smith College. Future occupation, teacher. 1505 .Chapel street. . CATHERINE WILSON PIERCE, B. at St. lVIargaret's School. Vice-President H. S. A. A., Junior German Club. Will W. H. Pierce, Waterbury, Conn. MARGARET FAITH PIPER, B. are Mather Debating Society. Future occupation, assistant to matron Leil D -N ' - 21 ay ursery. Leonard Bridge, Conn, T.-., Col. Prep. Prepared Shakespeare Clubg N. H. enter Smith College. Care Prepared at Strong School. .o . MEMBERS 011 THE CLASS. 39 W'ALTER ARTHUR POTTS, Col. Prep. Prepared at Horace Day School. Will enter University of Pennsylvania. 146 Lamberton. street: GEORGE GORDON PRENTICE, A. I. E., B. Screw. Prepared at Strong School. Mather Debating Society, Senior Chorus, N. I-I. H. S. A. A., Sophomore Debating Society, Class Baseball Teams, 1906, 1907, 1908, Class Football Teams, 1906, 1907, Class Bagketbau Teams, 1907, 1908, Manager of Class Baseball Team, 1908. Vlfill enter Sheff. Future occupation, lawyer. 547 Ferry street. HELEN DOROTHY PRESTON, Col. Prep. Prepared at Shelton Avenue School. Will study music. Future occupation, organist. -37 Dorman street. ' 6 , M. BERTI-IA PRINDLE, Acad. Prepared at Sacred Heart School. junior Reading Circle, Secretary of Senior Dickens Club, Class Histo- rian of Academic Course, President Senior Sextette, Glee Club. Wrlr enter Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 34 Daggett street. DAVID REICHGOTT, Scierr. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Focus, Freshman Debating Society, IV. B4 "Golikellsf' Will enter Sheff. Future occupation, civil engineer. 179 Congress avenue. HELENA REILLY, Com. Prepared at Sacred Heart School. Fu- ture occupation, bookkeeper. 219 Columbus avenue. MARION EMMA RICE, AQA., B. Gen. Prepared at Webster School. Thanksgiving Committee, 1904, Sophomore Reading Circle, So homore Improvement Committee, N. H. H. S. A. A., Secretary P R d' t Vols YXRII and oiASchool Circle, Associate Editor oi a ra or, . 2 . . - 4 - - S ' XXXIII,-junior Farr Committee, Assistant Treasurer ot emor Class, Mather Debating Society, Theta Rho, Secretary of Senior Class ' ' - ' Classbool Play Committee, Secretary and Associate Edrtor of Senior Committee, Vol. I, 1908, Class Motto Committee. Will continrre stud ies at New Haven High School. I7 Compton street. MARGERY RICKETTS, Col. Prep. Prepared at Strong School. Senior Shakespeare Club, Junior Fair, Sophomore Reading Club, ' ' f ' ' S ittees. NVill con- Sophomore, Junior and Senior Thanksgiving Comm tinue studies at a Boarding School. 207 Lloyd street. RIEDERIC C0711 Prepared at Orange MAE KATHERINE , - 'VV ll e street. Street School. Future occupation, stenographer. 27 a HC MILDRED A. ROSS, A. A., Col. Prep. Prepared at I S A A Senior Shalfespeare Club: Radla 'man Scheer N. H. H .... , - X . , T f f - l k Committee, Chair- 'for Board, Vols. XRXII and XRXIII, Classnoo man of Junior Fair Committee, 1906. 485 EdgCW00d avenue' f X Roger Sher- 3 3 1 I 1 1 , r D l T 1 liz l li 4O NEW TT.-XVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS Boorc. . 1 ETTA IRENE RQXVLY, B. Gen. Prepared at Shelton Avenue School. Sophomore 'Debating Society, Mather Debating. SQCICFYZ . Reading' Circle, Boardman Sophomore Girls' BHSCb?1H TC31115-.lUP1O1' Thanksgiving Committee.. WVil1 enter Pratt's T1'1Sf1'fL1fC- 27 'IGIPPS street. ' ' I ' A 1 - ' - ,XVILLIAM HUNTINGTON RUSSELL, A. A. CUZ. PWP- Pfef pared at Hopkins School N. H. 'H.,S.-A. A. Will go to Yale. 137 'Elm street. g A , FLORENCE GERTRUDE, RYAN, B. Gen. -Prepared at Webster School. A. D. G. Club, Mather Debating'Society, Soph'omore Read- ing Circle. Wfill enter Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 107 Temple street. u ' ' ' 1 1 - LLOYD ASALISBURY, A. I. E., B. SC7f67'Z'li" Prepared at Strong School. Mather Debating Club. iWill.enter Sheff. 134. Grand avenue. RUTH 'ESTHER SANDS, Acad. Preparedmat Roger' Sherman School. Wiill enter Normal School. 529 Vifinthrop avenue. V NEWTON W. SANFORD, A. N., B. Gen. Pifepgi-ed'-at -Roger' Sherman' School. Hockey Team., Class ' Play Committee, 'Tennis Team, Associate Editor of Classbook, Boardman Electrical Club,- Up- silon Sigma. ' Will enter Prattis Institute. . Euture' occupation, .me- chanical engineer.. IOQ Ellsvvorthravenue. ,"A N H ' . ' , ' SYDNEY FORBES ASARGENT, TT. 'A XP., Soren.. Prepared at .Hopkins School. Hockey Team, -1906, 1907, 1908, Tennis Team, 71906,- IQO7, IQC8, Editorain-Chief of Crescent Annual, Vol. XXIH,"Glee Club, Crescent iD1'3.i1'1l2l'CiC'Club,-IQO7, 1908. VVill enter 'Yale '256,Edwards street. . A il ' i' A ' ' "HELEN PAULINE SCHADEE, Gen. .Prepared at Winchester School. Mather Debating Society,,Girl.s, A. D. G. Club, Thanksgiv- ing Committee, IQO6, Chairman Decoration Day Committee, 1907, Sophomore Reading Circle. Will give private instructions in singing 36 Henry street. ' 3 - F SAMUEL SCHLEIN., Col. Prep. Prepared at Cedar Street School A reshman Debating Society, Sophomore-lQebat1ng Society, Secretary N. H. H. S. Debating Society, Focus Board, N1 H. 'HQ S. A. A. Will enter ,Yale Law,School. 78 Hill- street. ' X HARoLD fo. VSCHOLEY, Amd. P1-spat-ed at ouiifoi-fi High School. N. H. H. SQ' Octette, Glee Club, Assistant Editor of Focus. Guilford, Conn.. 4 - ' ' D OUISE SCHOLL, Acad. 'Prepared at Webster School. Senior Dickens Club. ' 'YL l MEMBERS or T1-113 CLASS. ' 41 QQTTO SCHQLL, Geez. Prepared-at Shelton Avenue School.. Foot- ball Teamg Class Baseball Team. 73 Gibbs street., ERNEST SEGNALLA, B. Scien. Prepared' at Cedar Street School. Baseball Teamg Beta Kappa. Will enter Yale Medical School. Future occupation,A physician.. 516 Chapel " ' NORRINE ,RETTA SHEEHAN. Acad. Prepared at Eaton School. Dickens' Clubg' 'fFudge" Clubg junior Reading Circle: Sopho- more Debating Societyg Indoor. Baseball Team... lvVill continue studies at Forest Glen Seminary. 'Future occupation, teacherf 7 Audubon place. ' ' . I u - I IQSEPH SHELNTTZ, Col. Prep. 'Prepared at Wfoioster School. VVill enter Yale. Lavvp School. Future occupation, lawyer. 582 Grand avenue. ' . . . HAROLD IGSEPHQ SHERIDAN, A. L E., Scievi. Prepared at Lovell School. H. H. S. A. A.g lvlatlier Debating- Soeietyg Football Teamg Sophomore Debating.Clubg Thanksgiving Day Coin- mittee, IQO7Q Senior Baseball Teamg Yabo' Delta ,Sigma Chi. Ylfill enter Cornell College. Future Qtcttpattou, clie1niSt. 7.11 Orange street.- . A - . A ANNETTE SMITH, Com. Prepared at Sacred Heart School. Future occupation, Stettogttaptiet. 76 Putnam street. RGBERT BENNETT SODERBERG, Selena. Prepared at Strong School. N. H. H. S. Electrical Club, IQO7, 19o8.l NVill enter Sheff. Future occupation, electrical engineer. 398 Blatcliley avenue. JOSEPH SQLQMQN, Col. Prep: Prepared at Palmer Kit-ntorial School. .N. H. H. S. A. A.g N. H. H. S. Debating Society: fxs' sistant Editor Focusg President N. H. H. S. Debating Societyg Class Poet. VVill 'enter Yale. Future occupation, lawyer. 179 Gala street. A LINE L SPENCER K 'hi V C0111 Prepared at Stronff T Li J ' 'f' 'L"r ' I " L" g ' 'D School. Junior Fair Conimitteeg Classboole sConnnittee. XVill enter Business College. Future occupation, stenographer. 22 Klztltby place. JOSEPHTNE ANNA SPIRESQ Gen. Prepared at XYonster Street School. 128 Day street. RQSE DQRQTHY STARTN. Col. fgrep. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Freshman Debating Clnbg Sopbotnnre and junior.lit...-angling' Circleg Senior Dickens Clubg Senior Sltztlcespcaw Club: Senior class Play. iWill enter Smith College. O28 George street. CARL JOHN STEPHAN, GJ. E., Coin. Prepared at Lovell School. School Circleg Upsilon Signiag Yabo Delta Sigma Clng 'lreasnrer os Class' Class Prom. Comniitteeg "Silent Three." Future occupation. evangelistic worker. 79 Nieoll 'SHEET- 42 NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. MARIAN FRANCES STRONG, B- 'li-., Gm- Pfspafsd af R,0gCf Sherman School. N. H. H. S. A. A.g Thanksgiving Committee. 1905, 1907. Studies continued at Boarding School. 222 Sherman avenue. GRACE MILDRED STUART, Acad. Prepared at Winchester School. Junior Reading Circleg Focus Associationg Senior Class Pin Committeeg Senior Shakespeare Club. Will enter Mt. Holyoke College. Future occupation, music teacher. 387 Winthrop 3VenuC- DONALD A. STURGES, Com. Prepared at Dwight School. "Silent Three." Studies continued with International Correspondence School. 69 Kensington Street. FLORENCE. HAWLEY STURGES, Ama. Prepared at Roger Sherman School. Senior Shakespeare Clubg Junior Reading Circleg School Decoration Committee. W'ill study music. 69 Kensington street. I I . ALICE I. SULLIVAN, Acad. Prepared at Sacred Heart School. Senior Dickens Clubg Senior Sextetteg Junior Fair Committee. Will enter Normal School. Future occupation, teacher. 245 Washington avenue. IENNIE SULLIVAN, Com. Prepared at Sacred Heart School. Thanksgiving Committee. 343 VVashington avenue. ANNA E. SVIRSKY, Gen. Prepared at Wooster School. 73 La- fayette street. WILLIAM MILTON SWANTON B Scien Pre a d L r , - . p re at ovell School. H. H. S. Grchestral Clubg Class Football Teamg Focus Ass 't' ' " ' ocia ion. Will enter Hale. Future occupation, Surgeon. 70 Nash street. RUTH MARGUERITE svvo I ' RDS, Acad. Prepared at Horace Day School. Senior Shakespeare Clubg Senior Dickens Clubg Junior Reading Circle' Classbook Committe S ' .I I , l . eg enior Class Prom. Conlmittee. Wlrl continue Studies at Dana Hall. 212 Kimberley avenue. ISRAEL TAMSKY C0l'P1fep Pre 1 I F h B - r . . ' parec at VX oostcr School. re ' e - - H b Hsrrmfill 2SCball Team, Fieshman Iiootball Team: Soplromm-Q BMC- a u . 621111, Sophomore Football Team. Will enter Yale, lrutm-Q or-Qu- P3-UOIL lawyer. 274 Hamilton street. BIE11BERscn?111EC2LAss. 43 'CARCLINE F. THQIVIAS, Gen. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Wfill enter Salisbury College, N. C. 3 Rose Stfggtn MARY TOOKEY, Com. Prepared at Lovell School. Future occu- pation, stenographer. 25 Linden street. HAROLD G. TOVVNER, B. Scien. Prepared at Strong School. Yabo Delta Sigma Chi. QQ Exchange street. CHARLES GILBERT TRACY, Acad. Prepared at Van Buren School. 199 Lawrence street. CELIA L. TURBERT, Acad. Prepared at Wfinchester School. Junior Reading Circle. 61 Dixwell avenue. VIRGINIA VVALKER, Col. Prep. Prepared at Dwight School. School .Circleg Secretary of Senior Shakespeare Clubg N. H. H. S. A. A.g Thanksgiving Committeesg Christmas Entertainment Committee, IQO7Q Junior Fair Committeeg Theta Rho. VVill continue studies at Vassar. Future occupation, instructor. ISQO Chapel street. FANNIE VVEREBITZIK, Com. Prepared at Cedar Street School. Girls, Glee Club. NVill continue studies at Normal School. 252 Cedar street. ,IESSAIVIINE MAY WVHITE, Pi. T.-., Col. Prof. Prepared at Webster School. School Circleg Thanksgiving Day Committee. IQO4. 19053 Sophomore Reading Circleg Junior Reading Circle: Junior Fair Committeeg Treasurer Senior Shakespeare Clubg Lambda Pig Girl Edi- tor of Crescent, Vols. L and LI.g N. H. H. S. A. 'Will continue studies at Vassar. 569 George street. ROBERT HERMAN XNHITE. tw. P,-fp. rxms fxsffifantafm. XVil1 go to Yale Medical School. .416 Oal: street. VIRGINIA GILLETTE IVILEY. Acad. Preparecl at llorace Day School. Tennis Clubg Junior Reading Circle: Aviflillll' I-'-'Ll'l'a"' 'fl Focusg Senior Dickens Club: Assistant liditor ol Senior t,.lzisslint'.-lt. IQOSQ Freshman Thanksgiving Committee: Soplmnime lieliatilll FUN' Cty. N H H S A. A. Ilfill continue studies at l'i':1tt lnstituie. J , , . . . 192 Spring street. IAURA G, X,7V'ILLIfXXlS, Gm. llniliei- lfh,-Imam fl ay: Cla: Historian. 141 Bradley street. CORNELIXXVHlJS aafww. HwnwdH1lUff SWHWU f - .. . ' ' ' ' ' - lllql' School, Senior Shakespeare Club. X. ll- ll- 5- -V -lu l W" , - ' ',. '--- P- An- -NW' Cltlb Wi1.1 continue studies in Rui X oils- ,Q --luilli -K' 44 NEW HAVEN HIIGH SCHOOL CLASS Book. MABEL G. Wooocock, .Gezzf Prepared at vvmehesref School School Circleg Mather Debating Clubg A. D. G. Clubg Junior Fair 1 Committee' Christmas Entertainment Clas Se t S I C 3 s cre aryg ophomore Reading Cl b f ' ' ' ' ' g u . XV1ll continuc studies at Normal School. Highwood. CLARA IGERTRUDE XUUESTER School. x FELD, Com. Prepared at Strong ' 1 REGlNA F. ZUNTDE 1 R, Col. Prep. Prepared at Lovell School. N. .H. H. S. A. A.g School Circleg Senior Dickens Club' Focus League' ,v D 2 Junior Fair Committeeg Editor-in-Chief and Secretary of Focus, Vol X- A ' ' - ' ' i A , ssociate Editoi of Focus, Vols. VIII and IXg Associate Editor of Freshman Handbook, Vol. II. 41-2 Orange street. f 1 ' , ' X I I . ' . :Sig 1133 lv' ' A "f "phf1SQ, 'Ups R W -:sas A . KL "All 111-611 like him for his modest grace H. I And .com,eliness.of figure and of faccf' A . ' ' -J.. 'Chamberljn.I . I l N A Strange is the heart of' vvoman."' ' +-Helen'lVlitchell. KK Long and lanky. and oh, my! whatxfeet!"i ' A-G. IPrentice. . "Much study has made him lean, and 'palef' -fD. Bray. "No man can make a fool of himself ll l ' - I a tie time. He has to sleep occasionallyf' . ' ' ' . . -Parkhurst. "A landniark we grieve to see, depart." -Messenger. I "A fair, comely, light haired gtfipimyw , s- H ec Steplianf . ' "In every deed of mischief he has a heart to resolvef a head to 'con- trive, and 'a hand to execute." ' -GI P1-emicg I"I'am' nlot lean enough to be thought a good student."' -Cowles, II , I . . -I - I I I . . I liut still her tongue ran on, the less of weight 1t bore with greater Case- I . II V -Miss Hemingway. CHARLES .L, KIRSCHNER CHARLES GROVER CHAMBERLIN PRESIDENT. MI LES GRANT BLAKESLE E f if' 4 M X X ,f 14 ww, 1 ff f f if ,f4 M 21,1 , ,ff 1,41 f f W' Mfg? " 04? f f ZW! aw , Z 1 , 21, Z7 ff f fff G! 1, ,ff I I ,-""fZZ-734.-,Z ,??"Jf5':?'QEf5Z , . 'V Iv. ' A 4 :,:.-11s:- + L' 1 ., ' ,. ' ,'- . ,if :Wu .f-my - f' ,I 'ff' ' 1'-1: " ff: if-1f,"?"-:QQ5:21-,Ej5jjI7Q7Ej'"qi':iEZl:2Ihfg,g??52f2g?l f u ' f- " "v" , -I 1 1-V , f - - f I, . " , 2,-Q5 -. -A41 f U . A X 1 ,f 41 - -.,' 1?:1.3'ff5.E:2:w4 . ,ld-I 1 f , V "vu vi -- , vm-.-fn'-1-'--'-47 Y , ' " W '.,.f'1yf 2 up-g63m1irE:E1:f' , , ,W I 'iff-i " . f f , , I Zi? 7 WWW, .5fM,,,f,, f ,. ,,. 7 VICE-PR ESI D1-'INT LA RL .IOHN STEPI-IAM MABEL G. VVOODCOCK, TREASURER.. SECRETARY. I I V x . ,K I 4 X , V 2 xA V I ' x ' N , ' MARION EMMA RICE, ASSISTA-NT TREASURER. 1 A . K 1 I B HENRY JO HN L. HEGEL, x ASSISTKNT TREASURER . ' HARRY VICTOR M. HALL. ' SERGEANT-AT-ARIVIS. C- HSS ffiCel'S if Committees P1'csz'dm1.f-CHARLES GROVER CHAMBERLIN. 171.60-P7'6'IS'ZtCfC17'Lf---NIILES GRANT BLAKESLEE. R SFC7'CfGI7'j'-MJXBET. VV 001300 CK. Tafeasmfm'-CARI, JOHN STEPHAN. ASSZ.,9fU71f 7-'1'Cwl1IS1l7"67'S'-'lxgl-XRIGN EMMA RICE. HENRY IGHN L. HEGEL. Se-1'gea11.t-at-Arms-HARRY NTICTOR M. HALL. O1'at01fs--IQSEPH JAMES DEVINE QHi11housej. ROBERT BENNETT SOIJEREERG. fBoardmanJ. Poet-JQSEPH SOLOMON. I!ClI6'CMCf07'2:CZ7Z---IRENE PARMELEE LINSLEY. Savl-zztatovfian-KENNETI-I CARTWRIGHT. HISTORIANS. N - if , Al I J. BQADELINE M. CJREIST, 5AMEb R. iXfLxCAAIILE, HERBEIZT L. MACIIOL, TTIARRY V. M. JHALL, v W ' I ,, BERTI-IA PRINDLE, LALRA G. W ILLIAMS. CALVIN K, IQAZANIIAN. 50 NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. PIN COMMITTEE. XIER.-X M. BLAKESLEE, C'hai1'Mza1z. FREDERICK L. LEHR, GRACE STUART, ARMY BUTCIIER, ELMER NEWTON, NAA-THQLXN AYBJEN, W HELEN MITCHELL. PLAY CODIDIITTEE. HENRY D. COWLES, IR., Chaiafmcm. HENRY HEGEL, HENRY FALSEY, VERA BARTHOLOMEXV, MARION RICE, AMY BUTCHER, NEWTON SANFORD. . PROM. COMMITTEE. HOWARD C. FULTON, ClZCZ'I:7'77'ZCl1l. LOUIS E. DEFOREST, CARL STEPHAN, IRVING Cr. BEEBE, MARGUERITE SWORDS, . MILDRED FARNSVVORTH, ELMER NEXAITON. CLASS DAY COMMITTEE. HOWARD J. ADAMS, ChCli'7'7'71G'7Z. HENRY COWLES, LIRANT BLAKESLEE, VERA BARTHOLOMEW, ELMER N EWTON, HAZEL JACKSON, FLORA GOODSELL. MOTTO COMMITTEE. C. GROVER CHAMBERLIN, Chczirmcm. SHEPARD DEFOREST, MARION RICE, PICTURE COMMITTEE. I FREDERICK D. GRAVE, IR., ChCZIf1'7'lZ07Z. MADELINE M. GREIST, HENRY FALSEY POENI COMMITTEE. MISS S. SI-IERIDAN, PHD., Qlfacultyy A CROVER CHAMBERLIN. MISS E. PHELPS, QFaCu1tv5 .1- H-Q-,5,.,.., .-Q.. NPA 41. f sex. ww ,MQW A N 2 Vi M, NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL. SENIOR FACULTY. AY SENIOR FACULFI Senior Faculty DR. SHERIDAN, M155 CLEAVELAND, M155 COOKE, M155 PH ELP5, BLISS GOODRICH, AEISS BOLL, H1155 1-'1'ANGER, M155 MUSSAET,TS,' M155 WOLF, DR. ZIMMERMAN, MR. HACKETT, MR. PORTER, M155 HAMMOND, DR. SARGENT, MR. BOOTH, MR. MARBLE, M155 PATON, MR. KIRSCHNER, DR. NICFARLAND, MR. STOREY, MR. HOUSTGN, M155 HUGHE5, M155 HOLBROOIC, MR. 'M1L1,ER, M155 VVRTGHT, M155 IJAYTON, M155 JOHNSON, M155 THOMPSON, MR. IEN1i1N5, DR. CU5H1NG, Hccm'111asfc1 PROE. IE115ON, BKTISS LAT!-IROP, Sccretarjy. I Davy Cirio ckett E ,.','.,. PRESENTED THEY 3 THE CLASS OF 1908 January 9, 1908, AT THE NEXV HAVEN THEATRE. .-.-111 ' CAST 'OF CHARACTERS. Davy Crockett, . . Irving G. Beebe Major Hector Roylston, . b Henry G. Falsey Oscar Crampton, . .- George P, Carr Neil Crampton, his nephew, . Henry Hegel Big Dan, Harry V. M. Hall Yonkers, . . Howard Fulton Lawyer Quickwitch, C. Shepard DeForest Parson Ainsworth, . T Raymond F. Chiclsey Little Bob, . 'Miss Rose D. Starin Watson, . Joseph J. Devine Eleanor Vaughn, . Miss Vera Bartholomew Dame Crockett, . Miss Mildred M. Farnsworth Little Sal, . . . Miss Leah R. Ongler ' TLTENRY D. CowLEs, IR., .lfarzagmx FIMNIQ D. NELsoN. Dz'rvrfm'. n i x E FOOTBALL TEAM Class Football Team 1907-1908. . Saul Cohen, Captain. Percy W. Hall, Manager. William iviaeixiiiian, ......... ............. .. Left End Saul Cohen, . . . . , , , Right End Raymond Culver, .. ,,,,, Fullbagk Gordon Prentice, . . . . . . Left Halfback Allan Page, .... Left Guard Thomas Fraser, . . Quarterback Robert Gustafson, . . . . . . Left Tackle Charles Monahan, .. Right Guard Harold Cooper, .. ..... Center Shepard DeForest, .... Left Tackle Charles Carrolll, .. .... Right Halibatk Andrew Currie, ................., ........... R ight Tackle Substitutes: Joseph Devine, joseph Bates, Harold Sheri- dan, Kenneth Cartwright. -rr BASEBALL TEAM tClass, Baseball Team 1908 . N Raymond B. Culver, Captain., ' Cr. Gordon Prentice, Manager. Raymond Culver, Otto Scholl, ..... Saul Cohen, Lloyd Salisbury, . Arthur Van Dycls, VVil'liam MacMillan, Harry Hall, ....... Amos Pagter, Charles Carroll, .. Andrew Currie, . Robert Gustafson, Joseph Devine, .. . . Pitcher . . Pitcher . . . Catcher . . . Catcher . First Base Second Base Second Base . . Shortstop Third Base - Qutflelcler ., Quthelder . Qutuelcler Substitutes: Harold Sheridan, Horace Ayling, john Mul- ligan. CLASS BOOK COMMITTEE Members of Secret ocieties ..i....... GAMMA DELTA PSI. ROGER TERRY BACON, GEORGE HORACE BALDWIN, IRVING GOODSPEED BEEBE, MILES GRANT BLAKESLEE, DWIGHT EZVELYN BRAY, FREDERICK DAVID GRAVE, JR., RAYMOND EDMLTND HACIiE1'T, CLIFFORD FREDERICK TNTESSINGER, ELMER GEORGE NEVVTON, SYDNEY FORBES SARGENT. B. T.-- MARGARET ELIOT, HARRIET HOLT ENGLISH, MADELINE TVTAE GREIST, LURA EDNIA GRISVVOLD, ALEERTA NOR1.xPIROlJ LATI-IAM, ANNA RUTHERFORD METCALE, LAURA OSBORN, CATHERINE VVILSON PIERCE, MARIAN FRANCES STRONG, JESSAMINE MAY VVI-IITE. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA. JOHN HOWARD JOHNSTON ADAIIS, KENNETH CARTRIGHT, PRENTICE THOMAS CHASE, ROYAL FRANCIS LEIGHTON. WILLIAII HUNTINGTON RUSSELL. I I I I I I I J I II I I 2 I I I II.I I II II' I,- II' I I,I II ,I II II'-II III III ,III-1 IIJ I,i III II IJIQ I 5 IH PIII, IIIII In II IIIII 'J iI IIENI Ig? 'II I IIII I .II I IIIII IIII 1153 'Ili' I I III' QI1' I -,f .XIII I II II- IIg TI II! f II 'II I III,I f!!'I' I. II' I A I I II II III I, II, I' :I II.II' 1 Ig: III' :I :Il II II I I i I II I QH II Y l I' I III I ,II 'II I'I 'I II II I II III I I I I II III II' ,I I I II II 'I IIE III II I. ,I, IIII II I I IIIII II IMI I .I,III nv Ai I'I.I I I I .I IH EI? 'II 'I I'-II I NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK ALPHA ALPHA. RUTIi GLADYS JXUGUR, VJERA HAZEI, BARTHOLOMENV, VERA LVL-ARION BLAKESLEE, EMMA LOUTSE BURWELL, EDITH BOND CHAMBERS, NLARION SHERXVOOD LIALLOCK, RUTH ELIZABETH LAMBERT, BAARION EMMA RICE, IVLILDRED EALICE ROSS. THETA SIGMA. PHILIP DAVID CONNOR, HENRY GEORGE FALSEY, THOMAS ARCHIBALD FRASER, JOHN HENRY HIGGINS, CARL JOHN STERHAN. KAPPA MU SIGMAQ HELENA MARY IIVLITCHELL, MARY CHRISTINA IQELLEY, RETA GENEVIEVE MCCIANN, PAULINE LILLIAN SPENCER, MARION ROSE GAMMON, HELEN AGNES PARLOW, ALPHA IOTA EPSILON. HORACE JOHN YAYLING, LOUIS EVERIT DEFOREST, HOWARD CAMPBELL FULTON, ROBEIZT ADRIAN GILLERN, FREDERICK LINCOLN LEHR, JR., CHARLES VINCENT BALONAHAN, S Yi Q RET SOC1 ET1 ES, 1'xR.'XNli GREGORY NIONAI-IAN, Lfil-:OROE GORDON PR1?N'l7TCE, LLOYD MOSS SALISIIURY, H.-xROLD QIIOSEPI-I SI-IERIDAN, CL.-XRENCE IRVING SMITH, ILRIEDRRTCK LOOMER STRONG. SIGMA LAMBDA MU. JGSEPI-I SUMNER BATES, LISXROLD ROSS BLACIQMAN, GEORGE PHILIP CARR CHARLES SHEPARD DEFOREST ITIOLLOXVAY ISILBORN, DAVID EDWIN IQYDD, NEWTON VVALDO SANFORD. 7 I PHI SIGMA. RUTH LEETE GRISVVOLD, ' GEORGIA THEA HUTCHINSON, HAZEL BELLE BIQORRIS. SENIQR CLUBS. UPSILON SIGMA. HORIACE :IOHN BRYLINGE, ROGER ARMSTRONG BENTON, KENNETH CARTRIGHT, IQIENRY DYER COVVLES, JR., CHARLES SHEPARD DEFOREST, HENRY GEORGE FALSEY, I'IOXVASRD CAMPBELL FULTON, PERCY VVILLIAM HALL, HENRY JOHN L. HEGEIJ, FREDERICK LINCOLN LIEHR, IR., VVILLIAM STUART NIACBIILLANJ NTiXVTON WAIILDO SANFORD, CARL JOHN STEPHAN 4 6 NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOR. THETA HHO. VERA HAZEL BARTI-IOLOMEW, EMMA LOUISE BURXVELL, EDITH BOND CHAMBERS, INIILDRED IVIAY FA.RNSW'0RTI-I, NIIRIAM ININIFRED FLINT, IVIARIGN SHERXVOOD HALLOCKI BEATRICE PARKER HEMINGWAY, GEORGIA THEA HUTCHINSON, I'IAZl-EL LEONA JACKSON, I IESSIE OLIVIA NIALE, Q NIARION EMMA RICE, VIRGINIA XNALKER, MAEEI. GERTRUDE WOODCGCK. X , c 2 'I speak on every Occasion I get.' -H. Hegel. "Let another man praise thee, not thine own mouth." --E. Loucks "The census embraces 3o,ooo,Ooo women. Who wOuldn't be a cen- sus?" . -I. Beebe. "One of the most impressive and dignified of menf' ' . --G. Chamberlin. "I can be obstinate enough with men, if need be, but women may twist me around their fingers at their pleasure." -F. Lehr. HI know him by his gaitf' - -R Bacon, "Society is not a comfort to one not sociable." -XIV. Russell. ':There's little of the melancholy element in her." -Miss L. Qsbcrn. i "I have immortal longings in me." -Miss H. English. T e School Clrcle h1.i3RANT'BLAKEsLER, RULDRED NL FARNSWORTH, NTIRGINI.-X XM..-XLKER, LOUHSELI EFOREHL FREDERHHZI1 GRAVE,JR, I1OHARD L.ADAMS F.IhuHNA ZUNDEK JESSAMINE hT.NWEuTE, 3IABEL4S.XVOODCOCK, B1ARION El RICE, Cl GROVER CHAMBERLHL iEARLE T.1QOUCKg B1ADELINF B4.f3R1EsT, I1ELENA NL NHTCHELL, I1ENRY Il COmufB,JR, IQENNETH CARTWRIGHT, CLIFFORD I? BJESHNGER, CARL I.STEPHAN, FREDERM1:I, LEHR,jR. RAYMOND E.IHACKETL IiOmmRD C.IRHEON, JOSEPH j.IDEvINE, IRVING CL BEEBE, VEIi1X H. BARTHOLOMEW, LURA GRHHNOLD, f1ENRY I.I1EGEL. Opinions of the Class OUR MOST POPULAR. Everybody likes No wonder he re- ceived 9,7 votes. Henry Cowles was an easy second with 62 and Grant Blakeslee has 45 friends. Marion Rice is on good terms with everyone CIO35, Vera Bartho'lomew's admirers number 4.5, and 30 boys are in love with Mildred Ross. 2 OUR MOST PROMINEN'F. Grover Chamberlin, as president of our class, received 145 votes. Grant Blakeslee C375 is a hero of the Registeris sport- ing page, and Irving Beebe C225 has often appeared in the lime-- light. Marion Ric-e C875 naturally takes this. Vera Barthol- omew C695 is Beebe's partner before the footlights. Vera Blakeslee C315 was "among those present." Ol' R BEST NATURED. Roger Bacon. C305 cannot be unhappy or grouchy. Grover Chamberlin C225 is always pleasant and Fred. Grave's CIQ5 grin is never lacking. Henry Cowles C175 and Shepard DeForest C175 are in the line. ' Q Laura Osborn smiles 33 times a minute. Helena Mitchell C195 is seldom ruffled, while Marion Hallock C185 is as sunny as possible. - V OUR 'HOST ELOQUENT ORATOR. Grover Chamberlin C945 always knows what to say. Henry Cowles is a second Chauncey Depew, while Howard Fulton C215 is almost as good as Cicero. M Among the girls the contest was naturally close as thev can all talk. Etta Rowley has persuaded 25 by her words. Yera Bartholomew C245 has the advantage of speaking from the stage and Margaret Piper's defense of Shakespeare is still reniein- bered by 23. OP1N1oNs or THE CLASS, 67 oun HAN1isoMEsT. i we are an-aid that Irving Beebe win be bankrupt after giv- ing' away 74 photographs. Fred Grave is thought by 22 toy be quite beautiful, while Carl Steph-an C175 is a pretty boy, L Helena Mitchell Ctzoj WQ11 the golden apple easily. Vera Blakeslee, however, has 62 admirers, and Mildred Farnsworth C205 is too sweet for anything. ' OUR 'HARDEST WORKER. Grover Chamberlin is always busy. Henry Cowles doesn't look like a hard worker, but he received 39 votes. King Lee C165 and Robert Soderberg C165 are constantly grinding. Louis DeForest CHD and Grant Blakeslee Ciij are tiedifor fourth place. Marion Rice C501 is again first. Margaret Piper C28Q spends all her time on her books, and Regina Zunder C173 does her Work Wellf L . OUR WINIJIEST. Joseph Devine C851 can't help talking. Earle Loucks has silenced 49 and Henry Falsey C195 is an exponent of the hot air method. Leola Lucey can outchatter 27, Kathryn Maley 22 and Regina Zunder 20. OUR BEST XVRITER. Louis DeForest C54j has edited three different publications. H - ' . , if "th Gmvef Chambeylm C4oj presumably can uiitc, and lwunt 1 r author. Earle Loucks lfliiil fre- Cartwright C353 is 3 CGVG quentlv contributes to the press. 1 ' Marion Rice alifl lesfiamme I ne Linsley CIQU has written many Xklhite C225 have botn had editorial experience. Ire good stories. 68 NEW HAVEN HIGH Scnoot. CLASS Book. oUR MEEKEST. Grover Chamberlin C225 is rather quiet. Napoleon Clouet C205 and Horace Ayling C205 never answer a teacher back, while VValter Potts C165 and Jennis Futch C165 are afraid to go home in the dark. Shepard DeForest C145 is also harmless. Marion Strong C355 is as meek as Miriam Flint C355. Helen Law C335 needs some nerve tonic and Marie Vxfillis C255 is always mild. OUR BIGGEST BLUFFER. Gordon Prentice is not as guileless as he looks. His divi- sion, 36 strong, has exposed him. Samuel Schlein C285 also has a vivid imagination. Henry Hegel C225 apparently can even talk when he doesnit know anything. That Virginia 5fViley can bluff anybody, is reported by 44. However, Vera Blakeslee C435 knows something about it. Mil- 'dred Ross' nerve has served her well 16 times. GUR BEST AT H LETE. We all know who would get the prize here. Grant Blakes- lee, our all-around athlete,-has 187 admirers. However. Philip 'Connor's long years of service have gained 25 votes and Clif- ford Messinger C155 is still in the field. Mildred Farnsworth C755 is a star at the hop, skip and jump. Grace Stuart C725 can almost beat her, while Vera Blakeslee C125 looks well when playing tennis. - OUR LAZIEST. ' i Horace Baldwin C685 commits the unpardonable sin of fall- ing 'asleep in class meetings. Newton Sanford C275 wants a chute-the-chutes from Boardman to Hillhouse, while James J. Marooney C205 would be contented with elevators. Laura Williaiiis C755 is always late. Cecile Lambert C135 would take her time about anything. Helen Joslin C105 moves slowly. Q OP1N1oNs or THE CLASS. 69 OUR Mosltr NOTORIOUS FUSSERL lrving Beebe C1505 has a new girl with him every dav. 5h9P31'd DGf'O1'GS'E CIOD also likes the fair sex, while David lgydda and Fred Lehr CSD have. had experience in the fnssing line. Virginia Vlfalker has winked at 73. Mildred Ross C323 loves to be among the boys and Mildred Farnsworth C305 is quite an expert at the gentle art. UIIR QUEEREST. n .Tennis Futch is an unsolvable problem to 77. George Avery C193 would be a hit in a dime museum, and I7 donit understan-1 Roger Bacon. Margaret Piper C455 is a mystery. Harriette English C441 is something new and strange, and the Jacob Twins CIQD are prize curiosities. OUR MOST CONCEITED. Irving Beebe, in. the opinion of 81, thinks a little too much of himself. Howard Adams C343 overestimates his ability., W'e donit see why Henry Falsey CZQD should be conceited. Virginia Vlfalker has cnt IIS classmates. Vera liilakcslcc C423 won't speak to anyone outside her intimate friends, but we think the 25 who voted for Mildred Farnsxvortli liaise :nis- understood her manner. - OUR GROUCHIEST. '. Y -1- If Sz. ' 'l 'o George Carr C375 is always sullen. .xux.o.i - -tiiiolfrfbl ' ' - ' 7 ' ' U 'T N3 growls at everyone, while George AX G13 Ural- -loscpn 1 s C125 and jennis Futch CI2j are occasionally !g'1'0UCll5'- . Jeessamine Vvhite got 26 'votes and Norinne Sheehan 24. 70 NEW HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. OUR MOST HABITUAL PRINKER. Irving Beebe C335 is always arranging his hair. Harold Sheridan C245 and David Kydd C245 are fixing their neckties, and Fred Grave C165 Henry Falsey C155 and Raymond Chidsey C145 are particular about the crease in their trousers. Virginia Walker C1155 comes tO school early so as tO get the looking glass longer. Vera Blakeslee C195 is always patting her hair. Hazel Morris C165 and Selma Kahn C155 are con- stantly nervous for fear Something is out of place. OUR BRIGHTEST SCHOLAR. Kenneth Cartwright C975 would faint ii he received as low as A-. Harry Fried C285 outshines the sung 20 use Charles Carroll for a trot. Irene Linsley's record astounds 157 Seniors. Mary Davin C205 is the star of her division and Miss Thodey C1451 knows how to make a good recitation. OUR NERVIEST. Herman ,Horwitz C665 has nerve enough to give some away. Joseph Devine C355 dares to do anything, and Henry Falsey C155 works for the gas company. Regina Zunder won out with 4Q votes. Hazel Morris has appalled 34, but Beatrice Hemingway C195 is almost meek. OUR BIGGEST GRIND. This was a close race. But Kenneth Cartwright always carries 33 books home and got the prize, for Charles Tracy C325 once forgot one and Robert Soderberg C315 lost two. Simon Kleiner C3o5 is often absent-minded and leaves some- thing in his desk. . Margaret Piper C695 burns the midnight gas to an unlimited extent., Ruby Murray C415 confines herself to about 7 hours per day, while Ruth Atwater C3o5 is grinding slowly along. OPrN1oNs or THE CLASS, 71 OUR, MOST BRILLIANT SOCIAL LIGHT. Irving Beebe has bought dance tickets from 1o3 people. Fred Grave has been seen 61 times in a dress-suit, while Grant Blakeslee Q1 ID just loves to two-step. Yera Blakeslee has been the beauty of 66 dances. Vera BartholomeW's name has appeared on 53 programmes, and Mildred Ross' C435 engagements are numberless. OUR VVITTIEST. Strange to say Gordon Prentice's wit was appreciated only by 38. Henry Falsey's jokes vvon for him the prize with 55 votes. Raymond Chidsev U75 is funny at times. Vifhen Mildred Ross f56D starts to talk no one has a chance to do anything but laugh. Marion Rice Qatoj is also witty and Laura Willianis U65 sometimes provokes a smile. OUR SHREWIJEST POLITICIAN. Joseph Devine Q52Q always has some political scheme to boom. "Detective" Henry Cowles M83 has inherited his in- stincts, vvhile Grover Chamberlin C365 is a good President. Marion Rice's li3Qi friends must get her into CX'L'l'j'llllllQ'. Our Secretary, Mabel Wfooclcoclf, is considered a politirian hi- 38 and Regina Zunder by 29. OUR SPORTIEST. Frederick Grave f96j is a hot sport. lrving Beebe Q19 is l iight l.irav till swim-- very particular about his clothes anti Dir' gk times Wears noisv socks. . . . ' , - 11- live gil, Virginia Vtfalker M641 11215 21 fl133O0'e'f emu M he "lf ' L f I1 ' Y f Selma Kahn U45 is some sport, while Mildred Ross IN wi Vera Blakeslee CSD are always well Cl1'G55Cfl- 72 NEW HAVEN HIGH' SCHOOL CLASS BOOK- OUR MOST POPULAR TEACHER. Dr. MacFarland's good humor has gained him 83 friends. However, 40 testify to Dr. Zimmerman's popularity and 37 to Mr. Booth's. Mr. Porter has 33 admirers and Mr. Kirsch- ner 28. . A Miss Sheridan CI65j yearly gains more votes. Miss Marsh is second with 27 and Miss Wolf third with 16. lMiss Phelps received 8 votes. C DONE MCDST FOR OUR SCHOOL. Henry Cowles C1125 has always worked hard for our school. Grant Blakeslee C6j7j has won for us many honors in athletics, and Grover Chamberlin C225 has the interests of dear old New Haven High 'School constantly at heart. Marion Rice QI 192 is iittingly rewarded now for her labors. Regina Zur1der.Q25j also is to be praised, and Mabel Woodcock QISD has been an efficient Secretary. jessamine Vvfhite QIZD and Vera Bartholomew QIQD have both wrought good. T E N OTES. . We are indebted to the courtesy of Dr. Cushing, Professor Jepson and Mr. Chamberlin for their cuts, and to the Crescent for the cuts of the School and the Class Play. l b Copies of the Class Book can be bought of the Business Manager, Frederick L. Lehr, Jr., 328 Winthrop Axzenuues at thirty-live C355 cents apiece. ' ADVERTISEMENTS i Our Showing of Men'sApparel 1S amsartorial education.. - Here are collected the gems of things made for the.wear of the discriminating man, for the man of taste. From shirts to hosiery-from shoes to hats-:here is no other place Where Lambert assort- ments are equalled nor Where our extremely low prices can be duplicated. 854 CHAPEL r p 2 Eorkdstores STREET ix . 5 Exits E Sf E 39.41 C 1 d 5 . D ort an t t "Swans sing before they die-'twere no bad thing Did certain persons die before they singf' --Girls' Glee Club. '4The rude sea grew civil at her song And certain stars shot madly from their spheres To hear the sea-maid's music." -Miss Lucey. " 'Tis glorious tobe an artist." -MES M1011- East Rock Cleaning and Dyeing Co. i V JoHN STEPHAN, Prop. High Class Workmanship at Most Reasonable Prices. Ladies' or Men's Suits Scoured or Dry Cleaned 31.75 Lace Curtains Cleaned and Framed 50 cents a pair DYEING, REPA1RiNG, Pnessino, Groves CLEANED M Fred . ehr TAILOR 88 Church Street. 11 ADVERTISEMENTS I-Iomeslead Skating Rink Corner Beach and Campbell Ave., S8ViHlROCk. I V MOST 'POPULAR AMUSEMENT RESORT IN NEW ENGLANIJ ADMISSION 10 CENTS AFTERNOON SESSION 2.00 TO 5,00 SKATES 15 CENTS. u EVENING SESSION 7.00 ro 11.30 SPECIAL MORNING SESSION 9 00 To 12.00 DANCING EVERY EVENING FROM IO.I5 TO ILI5 EDWARD P. BRETT CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER NO. 7 PROUT STREET. SAWING, TURNING ' WINDOW AND AND JOBBING DOOR SCREENS IN WOOD OF CABINET WQRK ALL KINDS PACKING BOXES On,t Fail tO see Savin Rock Park IN ALL ITS GLORY.. I The Greatest Amusement Resort On Long IsIancI Sound. 4 1 -.-..,....,. .. ADVERTISEMENTS m U72 S. QOOCIIHZU o, JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS. AUTHORIZED MAKERS OF NEW HA L A SEAL CLASS PINS. VEN fI-HGH SCHOOL GRINDS. "Love is blind, and lovers eadnot see the pretty follies that them- selves commit." ..F, G1-aye, K'To give my head room, you had best unroof the house." -A. Adams. -i ,.. "And 'tis remarkable that they talk the most who have the least to sayf, -Miss M. Ricketts. LEC. PFAFF Cgl SON "THE BEST MEATS" 7 AND 9 CHURCH STREET. Phone 1o46. oDENK1ReHEN's oRe1-IESTRA MUSIC FURNISHED FOR ALL OeeAss1oNs ORCHESTRA OR PIANO ALONE. TELEPHONE W4-3 ADDRESS OR CALL A, J, QDENKIRCHEN, LOOMIS' TEMPLE OF MUSIC, 833 CHAPEL ST. iv ADVERTIQEMENTS. y Q . 0 0 Tailor, T Ten:Fifty Chapel St., Opp. Uafldefbilf Hall, E New Haven, Conn. ,, I coMPL11vxENTsoF s Poms THEATRE EWW HA VE You PLAYED IMPERTIO? IMPERIO is the American imitation of the French game of " Diabo1o" which was the craze in Europe last Summer. lt looks too easy for grownups but you'11Q change your mind A after trying it. It s Worth trying, too, and ii doesn't require much of a layout. Let us show you how it's played. 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HEADQUARTERS FUR ATHLETIC Goons J.Pi.lVlCW'-T95 930 CHAPEL STREET Q Decorations . sl .H w n 1 rz g S A Give New Haven Decorating Co. gp., 495,501 .Ytate ft., A Q New Haven, Ci E TSE ENTS lze Gfas-IIIoQsonQr Oar-Q sincere Congratulations to the Class of 1908 760-768 Chapel St LOWNEY CI-IOCGLATES s QAND? vu e ICE CREAM H11-JL1V1AN'S,sIOEMCHAPELST Open All Summer NeWman's Dancing Academy Malley Building, ' 960 Chapel sf ADVERTISEMENTS Mm vii c:oMPuMENTs or A FRIEND. "A soft, meek, patient, humble, tranquil spirit." -S. De Forest. "Made up of wisdom and of fun." -Miss E. Chambers. "lVhat wouldst your ladyship?" -Miss Bartholomew. .-. ' "As fickle as a changeful dream." I -Miss Farnsworth. "Oh, the world hath not a sweeter creature." -Miss Hallock. Ihr Glnrtiaa Svinhin lfllinv lgnrtraiia. IHHU Glhapel Sri. NPLII 152111912 C51- M. C. SCHWANER LIVERY, BOARDING, HACK AND COUPE STABLES. SADDLE HORSES AND HORSE CLIPPING. 171-173 GEORGE ST. NEW HAVEN, CONN- TELEPHONE CONNECTION OPEN DAY AND NIGHT- ETSEETS ENGINEERING ..---L-4 A N D MACHINERY s J Q X rv N Geo G Prentlce 81 Co Incorporated H ADVERTISEMENTS . Uhr Qianimll. Svtuhin Photography, Posters and Framing. J. P. ANDERSON, Prop. 1064 CHAPEL ST CGMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND. A. D. STEINBACH PRESS i PRINTING ---AND- iBlNDlNG Printers of this Publication and many others 150 STATE STREET NEW HAVEN, coNN. ADVERTISEMENTS Ellyn ,Svtnhharh-'igrnmn Gln. A lghnitn-Engrauvrz. High CErs1ile igalf-tn11rE Qbur Svperialig. EE Gleninr gvirrri, N P111 Maurn, Qlnnn. J. CUNNINGHAM 8 SON, 3-x,4iii793-ERE .- .0 - . Awn1ngs,Tentsand Flags, , Decorations for Halls and Buildings. ' 5' Tents and Canopies to Rent. 847 Chapel St-Q Institute Building, New Haven, Conn. CQMPLIMENTS OF' NEW HAVEN A s THEATRE G. B. BUNNELL LESSEE sf MGR A UNIVERSITY BARBER . ' ILLIANI ROLICH 1064 CHAPEL ST. A65 CENTER ST. NEW HAVEN, CONN. A X I 5 F 1 -1' 5 3 1 3 i x I 1 1 I 3 1 5 1 I 1 1 I 1! 1 1 I I Y L 42 J! The r y" Younger S1-rt" is always in close touch with the thoughts of l this store- Its fathers and mothers began coming herein their 'teens and keep coming. 'Whole sections of mer- chandising given over toujuvenile Fashions" Smart style-touches in girls' wear, young men's snappy ties, shirts, collars, etc. r Out door and in door sports. The new hooks fresh from the printer. Stationery, card engraving and so on. Q iYou're always welcome. QYYQ LLE 2261'- IO 4 The Metropolitan Store of New Haven.

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