New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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' 1 f , 5.14 p ja' , ,-SR V 'lngf K I A I .- , s, 5. aw x v QQ' THE SENIOR GLASS of the New Hartford Central School fl A P' W presents fa " of , he W ? 5 I9 9 if if-f-""" 7 9 S'f '1 JEDEDIAC 9 2 of , ff E ,gg 'W Z EZ f 7 4 M TNQ is , ' F ? D rm, A lygvfffvff I "ink ff NEW HARTFORD New York GOWN' - '- . f - haul-qw Aqqwfu' .- . -f iam A ' I gf-uQn ,,.. ,sc . - as - ' if ff i' . A , V-: Q ' , 11 -- -C, in-.i Q ' ' - '.,1,"- X' 7w1xQf'iM9"5'fIf V, - ' , , ,, M-Q-w,, +'f ., fe. 'K , ,, flg- f A y 5, . .11-,W RU .. 1 r we . ww if -Z:.. W ,QL fi I K W M WW. QQQM . , .2 - .. .Q 'rf . ig ,nr 1' , rr is. , s +, f N- ,lgmg , wa . ., s g g i Q23 . i . W , x M Wwe' fr . We, +he class of I959, have now complefed our four years of high school. Thus, we presenl' our yearbook wi+h ihe +heme "The Roaring Twen+ies" +o show we have reached our desfinalion, as did people reach iheirs in fhose wild, hecfic f 0 r e w 0 r d years gone by. Wifh fhe help of fhe Board of Educafion, fhe Adminisfralion, ihe Facully and our friends, we have re- ceived a good high school educafion and are now prepared +0 go on +o bigger fhings, as did our parenfs in fhe '20's. Exacily whai is coming in ihe fufure, no one lcnows, buf we all know +ha+ we, as graduafes of New Hariford Ceniral School, are prepared fo meel' whafever is in sfore for us. 2, our sae? :g i 1 Q11 gli 1 ' -5271 I -5- 5II?ff'.v, ' , -aan whuiswuw 1 ""9s'sKwf,,,vn -I M Nfl C -w -431-6:'4'aw--'gr opening secfion adminis'I'ra+ion classes acfivifies aI'hIe1'ics ' 0 pages pages pages pages pages 'dl I -4 5- I 4 I 5-42 43-60 6 I -90 3 . W IIIHIBI' New Har+forcI High, New Harfford High We love +hy red and blue. We'II honor Ihee 'For many a year To Ihee we'II e'er be frue. New Hariforcl High, New Har+ford High I We Iove fhy recI and blue. I We'II cIo our bes'r for Ihy success And always sfand for you. 'L ,-kEt--WI' L ---- -.M o, -. A213 I N ,- 'mwns oF '99 Q, I 1 5 New HARTFORD 33' 5 3KlRKLAND Ann mmf ,I V oneum counw xr-0 'iw' 9. 'I'-is-. . .... 5-'fic XNM contents :NESS 4 133' J-E. 5 E 51- 5 sf 4' Sfgyici WiTh deepesT graTiTude Tor many devoTed years in The service oT Teaching, we, The class of i959 wish To dedicaTe our yearbook To Mrs. ElizabeTh l-l. FiTzgerald. ln The 'ForTy-Tive years oT Teaching-all of Them spenT aT New I-larTTord-Mrs. FiTzgerald has TaughT American I-lisTory, Biology and French. Her mosT familiar "posT" is in Room l3O, where she has had charge oT numerous Senior Classes and has been a Senior Advisor Tor many years. Mrs. FiTzgerald will be remembered noT only Tor her valuable Teaching and guidance To all, buT also Through The ElizabeTh H. FiTzgerald ChapTer of The FuTure Teachers of America. MRS. ELIZABETH H. FITZGERALD congratulations on a job The Class of I959 afTecTionaTely remembers Mrs. Mary Thomas. This year marks The culminaTion of a long and proTiTable career. We Seniors remember well The excellenT insTrucTion in General Science we received Trom Mrs. Thomas. New I-larTTord's Science DeparTmenT won'T be The same wiThouT her. As a small Token OT our appreciaTion and graTiTude Tor The work you have done, we would like To dedicaTe This, our yearbook, To you, Mrs. Thomas. Q QEKS J. In 1 5 wg -f. 4' SERVICe M RS. MARY THOMAS MISS MABEL PITKIN To Miss Mabel PiTkin, The Senior Class oT i959 aTTecTlonaTely dedicaTes This yearbook. As a member of The New l'larTTord TaculTy Tor many years, you have helped and guided counTless sTudenTs along The righT paTh. Your Teaching will never be TorgoTTen. Your reTiremenT will be a greaT loss To all oT us, buT we know you will remain always a True Triend. May we humbly express our Thanks To you and oTTer our besT wishes Tor conTinued success and happiness in The TuTure. 4 gil? 's W of 05 5 U 'Z . S' h9l'7G 66? -li E1 q ST ' 4' -Z 49 ' ,UD 1 We' QP Q04 5? ,O 90' La A K. OA SIP 98,5 369 AI! + r X + I 3x 'M gigs? I: Hws... -i Q-1 KenGMmleNMOi'dfnf5RwK1l 0 N E 1 E l l Mr. George L, Fehrg Mr. B. Boyd Harringlon, Jr.g Mr. George P. Kaufzmanp Mr. Ralph W. Perry- Supervising Principalg Mr. Francis C. J. Brennan-President Mr. Harold J. Lyman-Clerk. Mr. Howard L. Wileyg Mr. Ira M, Ball: Mr. Eugene Madden, Jr. board of education These oursranding ciiizens of our communiry have worked un- 'riringly and conscienriously +o mainrain +he high sfandards and faciliiies of our school. Because of 'rheir efforls, The class of i959 has wirnessed many wide improvemenrs. The building of +he Clinfon Road School, rhe addiiional floor in 'rhe high school building, ihe cons+ruc+ion of our modern swimming pool, and 'rhe cons+ruc+ion of +he Higby Road School are bui a few of +he impor'ran+ proiecrs our Board has underralcen. The unselfish and confinuing efiorf of 'rhis irnporianr group has greafly benefiiecl our school sysrem and all +hose concerned wirh Hs educarional inreresrs. supervising principal We, +he class of l959, salufe you. Mr. Perry for your leadership and genuine inreresr in our class. The en+ire s'ruden+ body, along wiih 'rhe Seniors. offers iis appreciaiion and ihanlcs for your deep underslanding and guidance. Your unfiring efforr fo improve our school sysiem has served as an inspiraiion +0 us ihroughoui 'rhe pasf four years. Your love for fair play and keen compefirion shall re- main wiih us forever. We loolc io you as a 'rrue SPARTAN. 5 MR. RALPH W. PERRY Supervising Principal MR. JOHN JAMIESON administrative assistant We, the class of I959, wish to congratulate Mr. Roswell Buckingham on having successfully completed his second year as Administrative As- sistant of New Hartford Central School. We are all grateful for the personal attention he gives each one of us, and we appreciate his quick sense of humor. We would also like to commend him on the tremendous iolo he has done acting as advisor for student council this year. We are only sorry that we have had but two years to get to know Mr. Buckingham in his new position. 6 principal Mr. Jamieson has earned the appreciation of the Seniors for the effort he has spent in helping to make the memories of our school and our years here both happy and proud. His good judgment in school affairs has been an important factor in the efficient functioning and the ex- cellent reputation of New Hartford. Because of his interest in the students, he has been a great help in guiding and preparing us forthe future. For his help to all. sincere thanks go to Mr. Jamieson from the class of l959. MR. ROSWELL BUCKINGHAM MR. JAMES VAN SLYKE and MISS ELOISE DALY guidance counselors In sincere appreciaiion for coniinued assisiance- and undersianding received during four rewarding years ai New Hariford, we fihe class of l959 wish io express our deepesi graiiiude 'ro our guidance counselors. We exiend our Thanks io Miss Eloise Daly for her ready willingness To aid us wiih our difiiculiies. The prudeni advice ihai she is so capable of giving, and her cheeriulness in doing so, will be remembered by all in years io come. We desire also io pay iribuie io Mr. James VanSlylce who has assisied us in ihe seleclion of our courses. His suggesiions have aided us a greai deal in preparing for our careers. We have been very foriunaie +o have had available io us ihe direciion of 'rwo such capable counselors who have adapied a program io our individual needs and inieresis, ihai each of us mighi make 'Phe besi of our abiliiies ihrough a well-planned high school program. We will 'rake pride in crediiing a poriion of our success and achievemenis in 'rhe iu+ure io Their invaluable guidance. the secretaries Mrs. Helen Wilson, Mrs. Marian Wal- lace, Mrs. Dorofhy Roberfs. Mrs. Julia O'Keeie, Mrs. Gerfrude Farrall, Mrs. Alice Roberis. SCIENCE-Rear Row: Joseph Queior, Emrys Ellis, Roberf Lewis, Richard Moose. Firsf Row: Mrs. Mary Thomas, Everefl Grupe, Miss Jacqueline Schafer. an - mc fine teachers make the classrooms- V fl i E L MATHEMATICS-Rear Row: Charles Rolaerfs, Donald Marlin, James Burns, Miss Fai+h Scheideman. Firsl Row: Mrs. Mildred Fewlass, Mrs. Gerhude Rorabaclc, Mrs, Edifh Donahue. "The Flor Thiclre ns" 'sw ffl' rf "6-'fig Q-"'-'LDS F.: :Li Eg: Af!- ' 1" Eg Zia? Z .1 , Za' . 91 AJ, .. ' ,ii b 41? ii'-A'-4 " . , Lf.: V511 have gf - 25 7. fi '4 1.2 f L: fi 54, Y CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Rear Row: Edward Bogen, David Parmon, Dirk Swarfhouf, Donald Thornfon. Firs+ Row: Miss Berfha Bulwl, Mrs. Rufln Welch, Miss Ann Brown, Mrs, Elizabeflw Filzgerald. 6 into workshops and 4 is - 49' Vx V-. i LIBRARY STAFF-Miss Eleanor Phillips - Direc for of Libraries, Miss Norene Garloclc. N.4J. lr ' ul .- al - as-7' r . '-.' P ' x A .',,. f il X . if or Q S N f i iw f -ii, :U - 1 - Yi: , - 1 , 1- - ' 11L- WLM -J A' . . ' V, r . if A "" ' " "' .i X fin: -1- 'vo . N- 1 ,2 T- , -QQ . ,r ., ,., K 3, . x was 3' fix, x 5 5 S if .1 +' 4- :ln E X Ni 34 A -I .1 is S ,E rr 3 ww 'M 'Sk rl , 2?ffj4, . ., W l .V - F "2 - V W, X 5 ,- 'I ' 'iz I -nl 1' 'rf' Qr -4 .-Q? X "Does If Huri7" ff fi HEALTH DEPARTMENT-Rear Row: Dr. John Powell, Mrs. Agnes Morris, Dr, Warrace Mafhews, Firsf Row: Miss Joyce Kerri, Mrs. Muriel Mc- Kinrock. places uf business-they tur DRIVER EDUCATION-Reed Tinkier. Louis Frani. AGRICULTURE-James Dfxmesy, Roy Wal- drop. "l'm Wafching You!" E Z 9-J -ii 'K 5 C U X., ,FX 1- , AV 1 I K . , ...rzi Z L N - jurirv. , QE 1 5 ' x INDUSTRIAL ART DEPT-Rear Row' Paul Cha in Dou las Kessler, Norman Nichols, Direcforz David Valelnline, Wllligmllaellleg l l armng Into fun. gy I pn! I I Sfarf Her Up' Niluu-g., "':-we-q.. 1 MUSIC DEPT.-Charles Palmalier, Mrs. Rachel Bafchelder, Thomas Cifanl, Kennefh Fryer, Miss Edna Mae Rawson. um "Farewell" II "Crowned" "And They Shall Rule" and show how to mix education sw' if as lr LANGUAGE DEPT.-Rear Row: Miss Ursula Brauclcman, Mrs, Phyllis Davies. Firsf Row: Mrs. Pafricia Jones, Miss Eloise Bafes, Mrs. Marian Rice. "Lis+en Carefully" l 12 l .Q 'Z X l 4 Hit! -Mu.-f--K HOME ECONOMICS AND ART-Rear Row: Miss Jeanelfe Col- fon, Mrs. Frances Scully, Mrs. Judifh Primiano. Absenf: Miss Mar- garel Wlnalen, CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION AND ENGLISH-Rear 1 A , A '. Row: Roscoe Balrer, Rolaerl Hughes. Firsf Row: Donald 1 Gerfenbaclc, Oliver Simonsen. ' ' I I I and the experience of Irving gr, y if ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-Rear ARow: Miss Pois Wason, Mrs. June Johnson, Andrew Forresly Edward ll Masel, Alan Engelsrnan, Miss Rule Safor. Farsi Row: Mrs, Mary Gunllwer, Mrs. Mary Wafkms, Miss "'- f" Mary Ann Johnpoll, Mrs. Virginia Wesfervell, Mrs. Jean Moose. " C2 ss I -Q-my 'rss 1 ,L "The Machine Age" arf' iJ A COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT-Rear Row: Thomas Wil- rel! 'Q Y liams. Firsf Row: Mrs. DoroII1y Lloyd, Miss EIizabefIr Sacco. fi every school day ofthe year. Q ..- J L in 2-lr 1 I ,Q , A 'QNQY PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Sianding: David Auxfer, Roberf Emerson, Raymond Benia min - Direcfor of A+I'1le'rics. Seafed: Mrs. Joan Veffer, Miss Barbara Jensen, Mrs. Sylvia Emerson Absenf: Richard Fosfer. I4 Thomas Lee Russell-96.20 Nancy Carol Fleming-94.42 Valedicforian SaIu+a+orian Guy H. Wilcox-94.24 A S E N I 0 R LW Roberf N. Sheldon-94.II HONOIIS LESLIE JO GRIFFITH CAROL A. GIBBS PAMELA E. KLIMAN THOMAS GARBER WILBERT T. ROBERTS RONALD C. DeBLOIS EMILY C. MILLER PETER D. MORRIS 1959 I I I Russel A. Banfham. Jr.-94.I6 Barbara Jen n Schorr-93 .06 Anne E. Jones-93.82 Kafherine M. Bruce-93.80 Presfon R. Clark, Jr.-92.6I AISXGMIGY HOYVGIII-92-53 44 SENIOR OFFICERS AND ADVISORS-Rear Row: Mr. Donuid Thornfon, Mumford - President Miss Berfha Buhl, Mrs. Elizabefh Fiizgerald, Mrs. Doroihy Lloyd. Johnsfon - Sgr-of-Arms. Firsi' Row: Ober- nesser - SqiAa+-Arms, S. Whirney - Co-Treasurer, Fryer - Secrefary. N. Whiiney - Co-Treasurer, Garber - Vice-President senior officers and advisors I6 If ' A-f r ,ff ,A,i 36' WENT, io . fx 'Unix Z' RUC H 1:6 .f' If X Hb S 93.31 c, ,QVC snag? fi? RN 091 rubs H' 1 e9 ' 7 fair Bu S 'v QE! '60 , KZ! , QHYG NIB? .gp , 5' ff? 'iq M 5,1 C BE 5994, ,U gg L93 v I VJ! fff S . fl Eg ' 1 'F X N f' X A-if-ax 7, 019: ' X r - Q' -25539 X 1 -5141" J-"W X X X -15' :ai EWALKI x X 1, '53 , x 24 N f jg fay L. X . jfynn Z' 1, '- V15 i1 sf? f X S T 1 X SLM 3 ff A A5 -7323... 'f q X A17 , ge 'gg , f ' , w We X, 1 - 4 , X xxx G , 1 X X U 2257 X X U! fQfd,1 X if X 5 x X X M sz. in .,.f', ,Z X f Q ' "L 1 f,, 5 XX QQSCFZ, 4- ff I he 04,65 - 406 9 ,V X f 3' f X 099 00 '11, X '4 4 0' AX , '70, gl X XX 4 X Z ZW R .4 H J TERRANCE WILLIAM APPLER "Fool" Shop A favorife in Ihe calelerial . . . Rough and ready . . . Big man. Swimming I5 Senior Ball Decor- a'I'ions. CORNELL S. BABCOCK, JR. "Bl-ICI" Science Those big brown eyes . . . "Bud- ley" . . . Fulure Louis Arm- sfrong. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Chorale 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Inlramural Bas- kelball 25 Swimming Manager 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Propsg Jedediac Phofography Co-Edi'Ior5 Senior Ball Music: German Band 2, 3, 45 Proiecfionisls I, 2, .Ci , 7Z,l ' sg fb r ' . ,I I 7 z. xiwl li 1 ,y 5' 5 e , 5 - ' ,J X xx f 5 f P jeg LILLIAN ELIZABETH BEAMS ROBERT BRADLEY BENTON "Lillian" Business "Bob" Business Sweel as lhey comel . . . Easy lo Quiel, bul' lols of lun . . . Calm, gel along wifh. A Cappella 35 Magazine Sale Row Chairman5 Senior Ball De- corafions5 Bankers 25 Senior Girls Choir I, 2 - President Girls Drill Team 35 Maiorelles 2. cool, and collecled. Phofography Club 3, 45 Jedediac Business Manager. LEILANI BALL "Lani" Business Tall beauiy . . . Fufure model . . . Oh, lhal soufhern drawll Baskeiball lnlramurals I5 Jedediac TypisI5 Sfudenl Council 25 Library Club I, 3, 45 Banquel CommiH'ee5 Transferred from Miami Edison High School: Senior Girls Choir 25 Chorislers 35 Slar Sfrulfers livla- iorelfesl I5 Girls Alhlelic Associ- alion 2. MICHAEL BARRY "Mike" Science The besi Ihings come in small packages . . . Friendly grin. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. LINDA L. BEST "Linda" Business Shorl 'n Sweel . , . Soufhern Belle . , . Sharp dresser. A Cappella 35 Baskelball Infra- murals 45 Hockey 45 Varsily Cheer- leading 35 J. V. Cheerleading 25 Senior Play Casl'5 Senior Ball Ar- rangemenls5 French Club I5 Bowl- ing Team I5 Library Club 25 Transferred from Alexandria, Ala- bama. I7 RUSSEL ALVIN BANTHAM "Russ" Maihemaiics Slar debaier . . . "A'r+en+ion please" . . . Our leading man. Band l,2,3,45 Masque I, 2, 3, 45 Tailler Reporl'er5 Senior Play Casl'5 Jedediac Liferary Edi+or5 Honor Sociely 3, 4 - Presidenfg Mafh Club 3, 45 Banquel Commiflee Co-Chairman5 Debafe Club 2. 3 - Presidenf 4 - President ROBERT LOCKE BILLINGTON "Bari" Languages "l'm impressed!" . . . Those who know me call me "Bari" Track 35 Swimming 35 Senior Play Props5 Senior Ball Arrangemenls5 Spanish Club 45 Transferred from Mouniain Lakes, New Jersey5 Fool- ball I, 2, 35 Volleyball 4. THEODORE A. BOREK "Tod" Maihemafics Tall, dark and handsome . . . Mrs. Fifz's pe? peeve . . . "Can I borrow a pencil?" A Cappella 2: Baskefball I: Track I, 2: Senior Play Props: Senior Ball Decoralions: Bowling Team I. ALBERT A. BRESCIA "Diode" Mafhemafics and Science Those dark, curly locks! . . . New Har+ford's Einslein . . . Friendly QUY- Band I, 2, 3, 4: Track I: Science Club 4. 3. all Y 492 swim is sf If ' G 4: I 1 :fi li is ll II I ll i .ox . Off .IERI BUCKLEY "Jeri" Science "I wish I knew wha? was going on!" , , . Cufe brunefle . . . Graaf gall Baskelball lnframurals I: Track I, 2: Hockey I, 2: Jedediac Adver- Iising: Sfudenf Council 25 Bowl- ing Team I, 2: Drill Team 2: Fu- fure Nurses 4: Varsily Club 2. CHARLES WILLIAM BURMASTER "Chuck" Shop Boy wilh a car . . . Always ready fo lend a helping hand . . . Great hunfer. Co-Chairman of Decoralions Com- miffee. H. ELLEN BROOKS "EIIen" Business Any boy's dream girl , . . Perl maiorelle . . . Sparkling person- alify. Magazine Sale Row Chairman: Senior Play Publicify: Senior Ball Decorafions: Library Club I, 2, 3, 4 - Treasurer: Maiorefles I, 2, 3 - Head, 4 - Secrefary and Treas- urer. KATHERINE BRUCE "KaIhy" Languages Fufure Grefa Garbo . . . Always ready wilh a smile , . . Terrific musician. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 4 - Secfion I-lead: Band I, 2, 3 - Uniform Chairman, 4: Masque I, 2, 3, 4 - President Taliler: Magazine Sale Room Chairman: Senior Play Casf: Jedediac Liferary Sfaff: Honor So- ciely 3, 4: Banquel Commilfee: Chorale 4: All-Sfafe Seclionals 3, 4. JAMES ALBERT CADWAILLADER "Cad" Science and Malhemafics Greal vocalisf , . . Personalify plus! . . .A greaf guy fo know. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 4: Chorale 4: Pholography Club I: Jedediac Adverlising Sfalii: Siudenf Coun- cil I: Spanish Club 3, 4: Lafin Club 2, 3: Bankers 2: All-Sfaie Secfionals Choir, WILLIAM A. BROWN "Bill" Business Perpelual wise-cracker . . . Sunny disposifion . . . Knowing him is liking him. Baskefball I: Foorball I, 2: Track 5: Swimming 2: Proiecfionisf I, 2, , 4. LAWRENCE ALAN CAMP "AI" Mafhemafics Dark eyes wifh a message . . . Loves excifemenfl . . . "Lef's go Iobogganingln Track 3, 4: Swimming 4: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Transferred from Horseheads Cenlral: Wresfling Team: Freshman Foofball. JUDITH ANNE CARBONELLI "Judy" Mafhemafics Never alone . . . "Lei's all do 'rhis, kids!" , . . Neal and nice. Drill Team 3 - Uniform Chairman, 4 - Presidenf, Color Guard5 Swim- ming 35 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Senior Ball Chairman of Refreshmenisi Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Lalin Club 3, 45 Varsiiy Club 2, 3, JUDITH ANNE COWEN "Judi" Business Always has a smile . . . Cule dresser . . . Ready Io lend a hand. School AT'Iairs 45 Senior Play Pro- grams5 Jedediac Liierary and Typ- ing SI'aI:Is5 French Club 2, 35 Li- brary Club 45 Banque? Commif- +ee5 Transferred from Ufica Free Academy. BARBARA JOYCE CARDAMONE "CarcIy" Languages "You know ii!" . . . Popuarify personified . . , Everyone goes lo Cardy'sI Glee Club I5 Baskelball Inframu- rals I, 25 Hockey I - Caplain5 Taifler Co-Edifor and Reporierp Senior Play Makeup5 Lafin Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 3 - Sgr.- af-Arms, 45 Banquef Commilfee Co-Chairman5 Fufure Teachers 45 Golf 2. MARY THERESE CONTE "Treasie" Science Never a dull momenf . . . Hey, al . . . Always in Irouble. Baskelball Inframurals I, 2, 35 Swimming 35 School Affairs 45 Senior Play Usher, Makeup5 Jede- diac Girls Sporis Ediior5 Senior Ball Arrangemenisp Spanish Club 3, 45 Lalin Club I, 25 Service Club 2, 3, 45 Fuiure Teachers 2, 3, 45 Varsily Club 2, 3. WILLIAM FRANCIS COXON "BiII" Maihemaiics Sporfy dresser . . . N. I-I.'s answer fo Tab Hunier . . . Shy smile. A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Baskefball 3, 45 Jedediac Lilerary S+aFI5 Lalin Club 2, 35 Baseball I, 25 Chorale 45 Cross-Counfry 3. PRESTON R. CLARK, JR. "Pres" Mafhemafics and Science Brain and brawn . . . Two's com- pany . . . Sharp wif. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Chorale 45 Track I, 2, 35 Jedediac Sporis SiaFf5 Honor Socie+y 3, 45 Bankers I, 25 Malh Club I, 2 - Vice-Pres- iden?5 Volleyball 3, 4 - Capiaini Fooiball I, 2, 3, 4 - Capfain: Junior Prom Ticker Chairman. l 3, Sf gd 2 ROSEMARIE C. COLONNELLI "Ro" Business Cool manner . , . Beaulilul smile Miss Sophisficaiion. Dance Club I5 School Affairs 45 Pholography Club 25 Magazine Sale Row Chairman5 Jedediac Business SfaI:l5 Senior Ball Arrange- menis. -J 'if E ffxl I K Q I .5 or I X ,S I J DOUGLAS EUGENE CRANDALL "Doug" Mafhemafics One hall: of a Ieam . . , Prefers underclassmen . . . "Porkchops" Jedediac Sales S+al:I'5 Jr. Red Cross I5 Freshman Baseball I5 Volleyball 4. 19 THOMAS DUANE CRANDALL "Roach" Mafhemaiics The ofher half . . . Whal a hunk of man! . , . Big whip. Senior Play Backsfage Work5 Bowl- ing Team 25 .Ir. Red Cross I5 Bankers 2, 45 Service Club I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Volley- ball 3, 4 - Co-Capiain5 Preiec- fionisfs I, 2, 3. ROBERT FRANCIS CRANE "Bob" Induslrial Arls Dark and handsome . . . Whaf a drummer! . . . As shy as They come. Band I, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 3, 45 Freshman Foofball I5 Cross-Coun- fry 2, 3, 4 - CapI'ain5 All-Sfafe Secfional Orcheslra 4. JOANNA W. DEVECIS "Jo" Languages "Am I like IhaI'?" . . . Always happy . . . "Do you have any gum?" A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Masque 2, 3, 45 Senior Play CasI5 Jedediac Lilerary Slalfp Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross I5 Bankers I5 Fulure Nurses 3, 45 Varsily Club 2, 35 Chorale 3, 4. SHARON .IUDITH DAVIES "Sharon" Science "Oh, I could almosl' care!" . . . "Can I borrow-2" , . . Cure pixie. Baskelball Inlramurals I, 2, 35 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Usher, Makeup5 Spanish Club I, 2, 35 Bankers 25 Banque? Commi+l'ee5 Varsily Club 2, 35 Fufure Nurses 2, 3 - Presi- denf, 45 Drill Team 2, 3. RONALD C. DeBLOIS "Ron" Malhemalics and Science Capable leader . , . Popular Pres- idenl . , . Advanced Algebra's wir. Baskelball I, 2, 35 Junior Class President Srudenr Council I, 2, 3, 4 - Presidenlg Honor Sociefy 3, 4 - Vice-Presidenl' of Disfricl' Sev- en5 Malh Club 3, 45 Junior Cili- zenship Award5 Freshman Improve- menl' Award5 Eleclronics Slucly Cenrer 3, 45 Syracuse Leadership Training Ins+i+uIe5 Foolrball I, 2, NORMA DALTON DIVINE "Diddy" Mafhemaiics Welcome back! . . , Blond bomb- shell . , , Nice 'ro everyone . . . Oh, lhose college men. Swimming I, 25 Dance Club I5 Senior Play Usher, Makeup5 Caps and Gowns5 Senior Ball Decora- rions5 I.a+in Club I, 2, 35 French Club I, 2, 35 Transferred from The Baldwin School5 Drill Team 2, 35 Senior Girls Choir I, 2. BENJAMIN GEORGE DAVIS. JR. "Ben" Science One of The gang , . . "Junior" . . , Nice Io know . . . Cool guy. Baskefball 25 Track 3, 45 Science Club 45 Caps and Gowns5 Senior Ball Lighlingp Transferred from Delroil, Michigan 25 Foofball 3, 45 Volleyball 3, 45 Science Con- gress 2, 3, 4 - Chairman of Sfag- ing5 lnframural Baskelball 3, 4. LINDA DAVIS "Lynn" Business Engaged beauly . . . Sweel smile . . . One of The besll Baskelball Inlramurals I, 25 Hock- ey I, 25 Senior Play Business5 Bowling Team 35 Dance Club 2. . ' . S W- I AW ffc l f Illbe Wl'iDKy0ll.Ill 3 Appleblossom 'lime-" MARY TH ERESE DOLIN "Per?hy" Science "Good morning. Lovely day" . . . Willy or whaf? . . . Cuie blonde, Band I, 25 Baskerball Inrramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Soffball I, 2, 3, 41 Dance Club I5 Talfler SporIs5 Senior Play CasI'5 Senior Ball Queen Commiffeey Gymnasfics I, 2, 3, 4. 20 EDMUND JOHN DORAN "John" Mnihemalics and Science Whal a casanoval . . . Glad Io have you back. Swimming I, 25 Masque 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Cash Jedediac Pho- +ography5 Top Magazine Sales- man5 Sfudenl' Council 2, 3 -Vice- Presiden+5 Lafin Club 2, 3, 45 Arl' Club I, 25 Banquef Commil- fee5 Delegale fo Whilesboro Slu- denr Council Convenfion 2, ANTHONY THOMAS FALCHI "Tony" Malhemafics and Science lrrdillerenl . . . Casual Manner . . . Darlr wavy hair. Banquel CommiI'ree5 Foolball I5 Baseball I. JAMES RICHARD FARLEY "Dick" Business Beware of lhal gleam in his eye! . . . , Won'+ be lorgoflen. Soift Sh oo lr 'Give Me that Ola 'Tak ISING CROSBY NANCY FREIBERGER "Nancy" Malhemafics Cule balonisl' . . , Shiny blaclr hair . . . Sweel' smile. Baslrelball Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming I, 3, 45 School Affairs 3, 45 Magazine Sale Row Chair- man5 Jedediac Lilerary S'raff5 Spanish Club 3, 45 Banque? Com- mi1'Iee5 Maiorelles 3, 45 Fulure Teachers 3, 45 Varsily Club 2, 3, 4. GEORGIANNE FREY "Georgie" Science "Curly locks" . . . A friend lo all . , . A smile for everyone. Dance Club I5 Jedecliac Ari Sl'al'l3 Bowling Team 25 Fulure Nurses 2, 3, 4 - Presidenf. SHARON GALE FARRELL "Sharon" Science I-Iey, Red! . . .Johnny Malhis fan . . . Parly girl. A Cappella 3, 45 Glee Club l, 25 Baslcelball Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 3, 45 Hockey I, 2. 3, 45 Gymnaslics I, 2, 3, 45 Fu- Iure Nurses 2, 3 A Vice-President Drill Team 2, 3, 4 - Color Guard5 Fulure Teachers 45 Varsify Club 3, 4. NANCY CAROL FLEMING "Nancy" Malhemalics Smarl and perl' . . . Peaches and cream complexion. A Cappella l, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Baslrelloall Inframurals I, 2, 3, 45 Hoclcey I, 2, 3, 45 TaHIer5 Senior Play Props5 Honor Sociely 3, 4 - Secre+ary5 Varsify Club 2, 3, 4 - Treasurerg All-Sfqle Sec- 'rionals 2, 35 Chorale 4. KAREN LYNNE FRYER "Karen" Mafhemafics Minufes, please . . . Prelly hair .. . Miss March ol Dimes. A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Chorale 45 Band I, 2, 3, 4 - Vice-President Swimming 3, 4 - SecreIary-Treas- urer5 Senior Class Secretary: Sen- ior Play Casfg Jedediac Lilerary Slallg Lalin Club 25 French Club 3, 4 - Vice-President Fulure Teachers 4. FRANCES M. FITZSIMMONS "Fran" Business Small and perl . . . Slylish dresser . . . Compelence plus! A Cappella 45 Chorisfers I, 2, 35 Dance Club 25 School Affairs 45 Jedediac Typist Senior Ball De- coralions5 Library Club 4, THOMAS MCCOLLUM GARBER "Tom" Malhemafics Popular Veep . . . Mad poel . . . Lady lriller . , . Nicel Baslcelball I, 25 Talller ReporIer5 Senior Class Vice-Presidenlg Jecl- ediac Lilerary SfaFl5 Senior Ball Co-Chairman5 Lalin Club I5 Fool- ball I, 25 Baseball I, 25 Golf 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 4. CAROL ANN GIBBS "Carol" Science and Mafhemafics Beaufiful clofhes . . . Efficiency plus . . . Sings Iilre a larlc. A Cappella 3, 45 Chorale 45 School Affairs 3, 45 Senior Play Usherg Jedediac Liferary SIaff5 Senior Ball Bids and lnvifafionsp French Club 45 '3 LESLIE JO GRIFFITH "Les" Mafhemafics Peppy Cheerleader . . . Terrific afhlefe . . . Serious minded. A Cappella 3, 45 Varsify Cheer- leading 3, 4 - Capfainp J, V. Cheerleading 25 Masque I, 2, 3, 4: Taffler Co-Edifor5 Junior Class Vice-President Senior Play Casf5 Sfudenf Council 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Honor Sociefy 3, 4. EMMA LOUISE HART neinau Ad Greaf arfisf , . . Oh, fhose nafural curls! A Cappella I5 Jedediac Arf Sfaff5 Bowling Team I5 Arf Club I, 2, 45 Junior Prom Decorafion Com- miffee. MONICA ANN HEBURN "Mani" Business Gal wifh a sense of humor . . . One of fhe gang. Baslrefball Inframurals I5 Hoclrey I, 25 Soffball I5 School Affairs 3. 45 Jedediac Arf Sfaff5 Bowling Team I, 2, 35 Library Club 4. ALEX HORVATH "AI" Mafhemafics and Science Always a wisecraclc . . . Welcome newcomer . . . Never a dull momenf. Masque 45 Senior Play Casf5 Sen- ior Ball Arrangemenfs5 Transferred from Princefon, New Jersey 4. . N WMM" DEANNA HARRER "DeDe" Science Florence Nighfingale . . . Flash- ing blue eyes . . . Girlish giggle. Baslcefball lnframurals I, 2, 3: Swimming 35 Hoclcey I, 2, 3: Soffball I, 35 Bowling Team I5 Service Club 25 Fufure Nurses 3, 4 - Vice-Presidenf5 Varsify Club 2, 35 Volleyball I, 2, 35 Officials Club 2, 3. PATRICIA DIANE HEALEY "Heal" Business Speedy fypisf . . . Never alone . . . Kind of friend you'd lilre fo have. Baslrefball lnframurals I, 2, 3, 45 Traclc I, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Soffball I, 2, 3, 45 School Affairs 3, 45 Fufure Nurses 2, 3, 45 Var- sify Club 3, 45 Officials Club 35 Leaders Club 45 Graduafion An- nouncemenfs Co-Chairman. TERRENCE HOGAN "Terry" Mafhemafics "Bell-boy" . . . Wise guy . . . Sporf's car enfhusiasf. Swimming I5 Lafin Club 2, 35 Foofball I5 Golf I. G. BRYMER HUMPHREYS "Brymer" Agriculfure Sfrong and silenf . . . Carries on fhe family name , . , Nice fo lcnow. Fufure Farmers 2, 3, 4 - President 4-H5 Oneida Counfy 4-H Coun- cil. 22 BARBARA SUE HARRUFF "Sue" Business Tall, slim and graceful . . . Soff spoken . . . Terrific gal. Magazine Sale Row Chairman5 Senior Play Makeup: Jedediac Arf Sfaff5 Senior Ball Bids and Invi- fafions5 French Club I5 Bowling Team 3, 4. CLIFFORD D. JOHNSTON "Cliff" Shop Dreamboal . . . Sergeanf-af-Arms . . . Quief Iype. Track I5 Senior Class Sgt-at Arms5 Foolball I, 2, 3, 4. ANNE E. JONES "Anna" Mafhemafics Tall and prelly . , . Blondie , . . Greaf cheerleader . . . Teacher's pe+. A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4 - Secfion Head5 Varsify Cheerleading 45 J. V. Cheerleading 3 - CapIain5 Taffler S+aff5 Jedediac Lilerary SlaFl5 Senior Ball Co-Chairmang Honor Sociefy 3, 4 - Treasurer: Mafh Club 3, 45 Varsily Club 2, 3, 4 - Vice-President Chorale 3, 4 - Manager. GEORGE KAZANJIAN "George" Business Hale and hearfy . . . Paul Bunyan . . . Blonde hair and blue eyes. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Magazine Sale Row Chairman5 Service Club 3, 45 Foo+balI I5 lnframural Bas- lrefball I, 2, 3, 4, TERENCE KEHOE "Terry" Malhemalics Mr. Mimic . . . Talenfed fhespian . . . Terrific lenor . . . Greal QUY- A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Baslrelball 25 Traci: 25 Masque 3, 45 Senior Play Cash Jedediac Co-EdiIor5 Senior Ball Music5 Bank- ers 35 Chorale 4, MICHAEL S. KENNEDY "Mile" Science Oh, fhose big blue eyes! , , , Sell confidenl and sure. A Cappella I, 25 Baskelball I5 Sludenl Council 35 Banlrers l, 2, 35 Proiecfionisls I, 2, 3, 4. SHARON IRENE JONES "Shari" Mafhemafics Terrific singer . . . Friend fo all . . . "Henry, I-Ienry Aldrich!" A Cappella 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 3, 45 I-loclcey I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Casl, TicIce+s5 French Club 2, 3, 45 All-Slale Choir 35 All-Sfale Secfional Choir 45 Fufure Teachers 2, 3, 45 Cho- rale 4, BARBARA JOANNE KEAVENEY "Barb" Business Mr, Fryer's lilfle secrelary . . . "When Irish eyes are smiling." Baslcelball lnframurals I, 2, 3, 45 Hoclcey I, 2, 3, 45 Soflball I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Props5 Jedediac Head Typisfg Senior Ball Queen CommiHee5 Lalin Club 3, 45 French Club 35 Service Club I, 2, 3, 45 Varsify Club 3, 4. SHARON LEE KELLEY "Kell" Science Top afhlele . . . Gym +eacher's dream . . . Freclcles. Baslrefball lnframurals 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 3, 45 I-locicey 2, 3, 45 Soflball I, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Gymnas- lics I, 2, 3, 45 Varsily Club 3, 45 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 45 Fulure Teach- ers 3, 4. LAWRENCE ARTHUR KLIMAN "Larry" Maihemafics Quiel' expediency . . . Squirmer . . . Capable guy. Dance Club I5 Pholography Club 35 Science Club 45 Senior Play Publicilyz Jedediac Arf SIaFf5 Sen- ior Ball LighIing5 Service Club I5 Arl' Club 25 Proieclionisls I5 De- bale Club 4. 23 soNonA RENEE JONES "Sondra" Science Hard-hearfed Texan . , . Love Ihal accenl . . . Prefly maioreI+e. Baslxelball lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Soflball I, 2, 3, 45 School Affairs 3, 4 - Edilorz Magazine Sale Row Chairman5 Senior Play PubIici'ry5 Jedediac Adverlising EdiIor5 Sen- ior Ball Decoralions. PAMELA EVE KLIMAN "Pam" Mafhemaiics Tops in maih . . . "Thai cloclc is nearly lhree minures slow!" Baslcelball lniramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Soiiball I, 2, 3, 45 Phoiography Club 2, 45 Magazine Sale Row Chairman5 Senior Play Cash Jed- ediac Adverlising and Business SIal'l5 Spanish Club 3, 45 Mafh Club 3, 45 Fuiure Teachers 3, 45 Varsiiy Club 3, 4. DAVID THOMAS LINDER "Hey You" Agriculfure Fufure 'farmer . . . Sileni Iype . . . Sincere friendliness. Fufure Farmers 3, 4. EDWARD KNOBLOCK "ArIr" Shop Good guy . , . Slupendous . . . Thumb much? Foolball I. f2 all Y I I fffyfe' I ?i . , 4 an l?xl grF fjs 5 LCE l .am . ,fy CAROLE ANN LOOMIS "Carole" Languages "You should 'Feel my hands! . . . Confusion . . . You can never lell aboul 'rhe quiei ones. Sale A Cappella 45 Magazine Room Chairman5 Senior Play Cast Laiin Jedediac Liierary Sialilz Club 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 Bowling Team 35 Senior Girls Choir I, 25 Chorisrers 35 Fufure Teachers 4, RONALD STANLEY KROLL "Ronnie" Mafhemaiics Quiel' in his OWN way . . , Good friend Io have . . . Crew-cuf kid. Baslcelball I, 25 Sludeni Council I5 Bowling Team 3, 45 Golf I, 2, 3, 45 Baslceiball Iniramurals I, 2, 3, 4. DONNA JOYCE LeBARON "Donna" Business Cufe maioreiie . . . Whal' a ilirll , . . Preily, long hair. A Cappella 3, 45 Maioreiies 2, 3, 4 - I-Iead5 Baslceiball lnlramurals 2, 35 Hockey 2, 35 Caps and Gownsp Senior Ball Bids and ln- viIaIions5 Library Club 45 Banlcers 45 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 45 Chorislers I, 25 Senior Play Casl. GERALD LEE MARKETOS "Gerry" Science "Hold fhaf pose!" . . . Ol' pussy- Iool' . . . Friendly. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 25 Pholography Club I, 2, 3, 45 Masque I, 2, 3, 45 Tafller Pholo- grapherg Senior Play Casi5 Jede- diac Phofography Co-Edilor5 Sen- ior Ball Chairman of Lighfinq5 Chorale 4. 1 sw - 4 24 LYNDA GAYLE LaGASSE "Lynn" Business Changing personalily . . , Full of lun . . . Vamp? Senior Ball Decoralions5 Senior Girls Choir I, 25 Chorislers 35 Fulure Nurses 2, 3. THEODORA JEANETTE MAUS "Teddi" Mafhemafics Spanish senorila . . . Nicesi' friend a girl could have. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Baslrefball lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4, Mafh Club 3, 45 Service Club 3, 45 Fufure Teachers 2, 3, 4 - Sec- re+ary5 All-Slaie Seclional Choir 35 School Affairs Club 35 Spanish Paper Ediior 3. BRENDA GAIL McCORMICK "Pai" Mafhemaiics Blonde bomber in her red con- verfible . . . Who says she's shy? Q Track 35 Hockey 35 Soffball 2, 35 Dance Club I, 25 Spanish Club 2, 35 Bowling I, 2, 3, 45 Varsify Club 3, 45 Drill Team 25 Senior Play Ticke'I's5 Archery I, 2, 3, 4, PETER DAVID MORRIS "Pele" Mafhemafics Top alhlele . . . Good looks . . Dreamboar. Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4 - Co-Caplainz Track 2, 35 Talfler Sporis Edi'ror5 Jedediac Business Sfaft Senio Ball Decorafic-ns5 Spanish Club 2, 35 Foolball I, 2, 3, 4 - Co-Cap- +ain5 Hi Y 4 - President Mono- gram Club 4 - President Trans- ferred from Ufica Free Academy. I SUSAN VAN DYKE McGAULEY "Sue" Languages Smiley . . . Hey, McGaull . . . Spiril Io march her looks. A Cappella 45 Baskelball Infra- murals 2, 3, 45 Swimming I, 2, 35 Senior Play Makeup, Usher5 Jedediac Business Sfaft Senior Ball Chairman of Bidsy Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Laiin Club I, 25 Fufure Teachers 3, 4 - President Transferred from Ufica Free Aca- demy. EMILY CONNELL MILLER "EmiIy" Language Always good for a laugh . . . Talenled Ihespian . . . Viva- cious. A Cappella 3, 45 Masque I, 2, 3, 45 Ta+Iler5 Senior Play Casl' and Business SIaI:I5 .ledediac Liierary SIaI'I5 Sfudenl' Council I5 Lafin Club I, 2, 35 French Club 2, 3, 45 Malh Club 3, 45 Senior Ban- quel CommiI+ee. ROBERT CHARLES MORRIS "Chick" Maihemafics Terrific bass . . . Dry sense of humor.. , Loud, much? A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Fooiball I, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3, 45 TaI+ler Columnist Senior Ball DecoraIions5 Mafh Club 45 Volleyball 3, 45 Monogram Club 45 Hi-Y 4 - Vice-Presidenl. ANN DECK McLOUGHLIN "Ann" Science Tea for Iwo . . . "What me worry? I . . . Teacher's favorile. A Cappella 3, 45 Baskefball Infra- murals I, 25 Swimming 3, 4 - Dolphins President Hockey' I, 2, 3, 45 Masque 2, 3, 45 Junior Class SecreIary5 Jedediac Business Sfalzlz Senior Ball Decoralions and Pa- Irons5 Sfudenf Council 2, 3 - Secrelary, 4 - SecreIary5 Fufure Teachers 2, 3, 4 - Treasurer. DAVID FRANK MEARS "Preacher" Science and Mafhemaiics N, I-I.'s answer Io Billy Graham . . . Friendliesf grin in school. A Cappella I, 45 Chorale 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Phorography Club I, 2, 3, 4 - President Jedediac Pho- Iography Co-EdiIor5 Bankers I, 35 Service Club I, 2, 3 - Vice-Presi- denf, 4 - President Cross Counfry 2, 45 German Band 2, 3, 45 All Sfale Secfionals 4. "if 1 I I O 5 R S ' TI Il ,, I 1 I Q I I Q 1' f M" n lf F ' fx -L f I WJ I 'I 1 Y I ss- . -f ' 1 1 Q J, - P - 2 ll MARILYN MUCHARD BRIAN FREDERICK MUMFORD "MariIyn" Business "Brian" Malhemaiics Sweel' and pelife . . . Shy voice , . . Prelly wavy hair. Baskefball Inframurals I, 25 Track I5 Hockey I, 25 Dance Club I, 25 Magazine Sale Row Chairmang Senior Play Business5 Jedediac Typist Bowling Team I, 2, 3. 25 Cufe and loveable . . . Class Presidenl . . , N. I-I.'s commufer. A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Masque I, 2, 3 - Vice-President 45 Senior Class President Senior Play Cast Jedediac Business and Adverrising SIafIs5 Sfudenf Coun- cil I, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3. 4 - Vice-President Proiecfionisf I, 2, 3,45 Foofball I, 3. PATRICIA M. MU RTAUGH "PaHi" Business Always ready Io laugh . . . Free and easy. Baskefball Inframurals lj Hockey I, 25 Soffball I, 25 Senior Play Business5 Bowling Team I, 2. SANDRA LYNN PIKE "Sandie" Maihemafics Prelfy smile . . , Arfisfic ways . . . Nice fo have around. Swimming I, 3, 45 School Affairs 3, 45 Magazine Sale General Chairmang Senior Play Props5 Jed- ediac Business SIaFI5 Senior Ball Decorafionsg French Club 2, 35 Fufure Teachers 2, 3, 45 Jr. Sfa- Iionery Co-Chairman5 Archery I, 2, 3, 4. JEFFREY DAVID NICHOLSON "Nick" Mafhemaiics Big organizer . . . "Sign me ou? for shop!" . . . Hearfless. Lafin Club 2, 35 Bowling Team I5 Jr. Red Cross I, 25 Bankers I5 Tennis Team I, 2, 35 Volleyball I, 2, 35 Foofball I, 2, 3. PAUL R. PEEK "PolIy" Science Blonde curls and beauiiful blue eyes . . . Lady killer . . . Goes for underclassmen. A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Bankers 35 All Siafe Band 4. MARTHA PLATT "Marfy" Business ALBERT EDWARD OBERNESSER "Oh" Maihemaiics and Science Friendliesf guy around . . . Buf . . . There's a liffle of The devil in all of us. Swimming 3, 45 Senior Class Sg'r.- AI-Armsg Caps and Gowns Chair- man5 Tennis Team I, 2, 35 Pro- iecfionisfs I, 2, 3, 4. WARREN PALMER "Rick" Maihemafics Chalk up anoiher baske? . . . "S+ick" . . . Tall blonde. Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4 - Capfain5 Jedediac Sporfs Sfafi5 Senior Ball Decoraiionsg Spanish Club 3, 4 - President Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Block Lefrer Club Treasurer5 Ger- man Club I, 25 Cross Counfry 3: Hi-Y Chaplain 45 lnframurals I, 25 Transferred from Befhlehem Cen- Iral, ol l 'T S-""' . ?? . . U. U' J -fy 335- iff! ff ,- 'III be wi'Ih you m , Applebiossom THOMAS PLATT "Tom" Business Anofher win! , , . Sly grin . You'd never guess Ihey were Iwins Twinkle in her eyes. Sofrball 35 Graduafion Announce menfs. . . . Likeable fellow. Baskerball lnframurals I5 Foofball I5 Jedediac Sales Sfaff. 26 . ll 'Uma JEANETTE PODORIS "Jeanne" Mafhemafics and Science "Guess wha+!" . . . Loves Ihe Army . . . Blue-eyed pixie. Band I, 25 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Swim- ming I, 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Tennis Team I, 2, 3, 45 Service Club I, 2, 3, 45 Banque? Com- miH'ee5 Varsify Club I, 2, 3, 45 Drill Team I, 2, 35 Gymnasfics I, 2, 3, 4. WILLARD ROGER PRATT, III "WiII" Mafhemalics Ivy leaguer . . . Never on lime . . . As casual as can be. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Enlerlain- ment ELIZABETH QUINN "BeIsy" Languages Sfrawberry blonde . . . Grealesl sense of humor . . . Chrissy . . . Earfh-angel. Senior Girls Choir I5 Baskelball Inlramurals I5 Swimming I, 35 La- +in Club 2, 35 French Club 2, 3, 45 Banquef Commilfee, Soit Sh oe sl' 'Give Me that Ola I If K ISING CRQSBY WILBERT T. ROBERTS, JR. "Bill" Science Run much? . . . An old quole, bu+ . , . "Slill waler runs deep." A Cappella 2, 3, 4 - Secfion Head5 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Pholog- raphy Club I, 2, 45 Tafller Re- porIer5 Jedediac Lilerary Slaffi Senior Ball Music5 Lalin Club I - Secre+ary5 Marh Club 3, 45 Or- chesfra I, 25 Cross Counfry 45 Transferred from Ufica Free Aca- demy 3. THOMAS LEE RUSSELL "Tom" Mafhemafics Boy wifh a iulure , . . Mr. Nelson . . . Enough brains for everyone. A Cappella 45 Taffler S'Iaf'l5 Sen- ior Play Cast Jedediac Co-Edilon Lafin Club 35 Honor Sociely 3, 4 - Vice-Presidenlg Mafh Club 3, 45 Debale Club 3 - Treasurer, 4 - Vice-President Manlius Math Tournamenf 35 Chess Club 3, 4. EARLE C. REED "BuIch" Science "None of lhar C.P.S." . . . "Squir- rel" . . . "Wanna gel punched our?" Baskelball I, 25 Track I, 25 Senior Play Props: Jedediac Business Slal:I5 Lalin Club I, 2, 3, 45 Trans- ferred from Dunkirk High School. FRANK LAWRENCE RIZZO "Rock" Malhemalics Ladies man . . . Collegiale dresser . . . "What me s+ucIy?" Baskelball I5 Baseball I5 Senior Ball Decoralions. Ligh'ring5 Slu- denl Council I5 Lafin Club I5 Service Club I, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JEAN SCHORR "Barb" Malhemalics Capable direclor . . . Sweel smile . . . Fashion plalel Masque 45 TaHler Co-Edi+or5 Sen- ior Play Sludenl Direclor, Slage Manager5 Jedediac Business and Adverlising SfaFIs5 Senior Ball Queen Commifleeg Lafin Club 2, 3, 45 Honor Sociely 3, 45 Mafh Club 3, 4 - Charler President Fufure Nurses 2 - Presidenl, 3, 45 Drill Team 2, 3, 4 - Roufine Chairman, 27 CAROLYN LOUISE RICE "Carolyn" Science Hard worker . . . Nalural blonde . . . A greal girl 'Io know, A Cappella 3, 45 Baskelball Infra- murals I5 Hockey 45 Junior Class Treasurer: Senior Play Usher, Makeup5 Jedediac Business S+aFI5 Senior Ball Refreshmen+s5 French Club 3, 4 - Presidenlg Bankers 3: DAVID PETER SHAW "Dave" Malhemalics and Science "California here I come!" . . . "You I'winkl" . . , Dreamboal . . . Score much? Baskelball I, 25 Sfuclenl Council I5 Spanish Club 3, 45 Lalrin Club I5 Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Volleyball 3, 4. ROBERT NICHOLS SHELDON "Nick" Science Baskeiball herol . . . Award win- ner . , . Shy, buf sweef. Baskefball I, 2, 3, 45 Talrler Sporls Ediforg Commencemenf Usher 3: Jedediac Boys Sporfs Edi+or5 Hon- or Sociefy 3, 45 Science Congress Program Commilfee I, 35 Cross Counfry 3. SUSAN EILEEN SHERMAN "Sue" Science Innocenf airs . . . "Susi-Q" . . . Giggles . . . She's nor REALLY shy! Baskelball Inlramurals I, 25 Track I, 2, 35 Swimming I, 2, 35 Soil- ball I, 25 Senior Play Makeup5 Caps and Gowns5 Volleyball I, 25 Gymnaslics I, 2, 35 Senior An- nouncemen+s5 Archery I. ELIZABETH JEAN SLADE "BeH'e" Business Fufure feacher . . . Tall and sfafe- ly . . . Winning ways. Glee Club I5 Dance Club I5 Jedediac Liferary S+afI5 Bowling Team I5 Bankers I5 Transferred from Union Springs Academy and Adelphian Academy5 A Cappella 2. FORREST JOHN SPECK "Jack" Science Mover . . . Collegiafe ancl casual . . . Good looker . . . Score much? Chorale 45 A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 35 Foolball I, 3, 45 Talller Reporfer5 Senior Play Cash Senior Ball De- coralionsz Jr. Red Cross I5 Bankers I. LOU ISE F. STEPANOWICZ "Weasel" Mafhemaiics Sweel and soff voice . . . Preffy brown hair . . . Nice +o all she meefs. Baskefball lnframurals I, 2, 35 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 35 .Jedediac Arr Co-Edi+or5 Drill Team 3, 45 Var- sify Club 3, 45 Ar? Club I, 45 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4. JANET KAY SHIELDS lljanll Painl' brush in her hand and a smile on her face . . . A friendly "hi" fo all. A Cappella 45 Glee Club I5 Magazine Sale Row Chairmam Jeclediac Ari Co-Edi+or5 Senior Ball Chairman of Decora+ions5 Transferred from For? Plain Cen- fral SchooI5 Senior Girls Choir 25 Chorisrers 35 Siring Ensemble 35 Ari Club 2, 4. RICHARD DAVID SMITH "Richie" Languages A really greaf guy . . . lndusfrious worker , . . Only one Smifh in a class. A Cappella 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Jedediac Business and Adver+ising SfaFF5 Senior Ball LighI'ing5 Span- ish Club 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 3. JOHN JOSEPH STANTON "Jack" Maihemafics and Science Mr. Siubborn . . . Wha+'s IN fhal briefcase? Taffler Lilerary EdiIor5 Lalin Club 25 French Club 3, 45 Bowling Team 3'p Mafh Club 3, 45 Fufure Teachers 3, 4 - Vice-President De- bafe Club 3, 45 Liferary Seminar 4. PETER ROY TEMPLE "Pefe" Science Cule looking . . . Pleasanf guy . . . Sfeady worker. Swimming I, 25 Phofography Club I, 25 Tennis Team 35 Foofball I. 28 WILLARD J. SKINNER "BiII" Maihemafics Mrs. Davies despair . . . Always ready wilh a wise remark, Band I5 Pholography Club 25 Spanish Club 2, 3. SUSAN ELIZABETH THIEROLF "Sue" Malhemafics We slill miss lhose pig-fails . . . Comperence plus . . . Winning personalily, A Cappella 2, 3, 4 - Assisi. Sec- lion I-Iead5 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Tal- ller Business Edilor5 Senior Play Propsg Jedediac Business Sraili Senior Ball Music Chairman. DAVID HOWARD THOMAS "Dave" Science Tom Thumb . . . Sunny disposilion . . . Friendly. Band I, 2, 3, 45 Bowling Team 25 J, V. Baseball Manager 2. JAMES ARTHUR WARD "Jim" Malhemalics Louisiana lover . . . You'd recog- nize ihar car anywhere. Band I5 Baskelball 25 Pholography Club 3, 45 Senior Play Sel5 Caps and Gowns5 Senior Ball Decora- 'lions5 Spanish Club 35 Transferred from Minden High Schaalp Var- sily Volleyball 45 Varsily Baseball 25 Varsify Foolball 2, 3, 4, BRUCE EDGAR WENTRICH "Bruce" Auio Mechanics Welcome newcomer . . . Tall and handsome . . . Good addilion lo N. H. Baskelloall I5 Bowling Team I, 2, 3, 45 Service Club I, 25 Foolball I, 25 Transferred from Belhlehem Cenfral 4, PETER ATWELL WHEATON "Pele" Science Always in lhar carl . . . "Bug" . . . A lrue friend. A Cappella 45 Senior Ball Decora- +ions5 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 3. CURTISS EUGENE UPHAM "Curf" Business Tall and lanky . . . Easy lo gel along wilh . . . Sly smile. Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4. .IUDITH WATKINS "Judi" Business Beauiiiul clorhes . . . Popular per- sonalily . . . Girl wilh a purpose. Baskerball lnrramurals 25 Hockey 25 Soflball 25 School Ai'la'irs 45 Chairman for Gradualion An- nouncemenrsp Jedediac Typisig Bowling Team 25' Transferred lom Ulica Free Academy. EILEEN CATHERINE WESSING "JeIIybean" Science 'Who needs heighl? . . . Vivacious cheerleader . . . Sparkling eyes. A Cappella 45 Baskelball lnlra- murals I, 2, 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Varsiry Cheerleading I, 2, 3, 45 Masque I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Cas'r5 Junior Red Cross I5 Leaders Club 45 School Affairs 45 Fulure Teachers 2, 4. JAMES WHIDDEN "Jim" Mafhemalics Hearlrfhrob of underclassmen , . . Track srar . . . Greal guy. Track I, 2, 3, 45 Cross Counfry 3, 4. ELLEN VAN DYKE "EIIen" Business She's nol so shy! . . . Preffy singer . . . Ready smile. A Cappella 45 Glee Club I, 2, 37 Sollball I5 Dance Club I5 Commencemenl AnnouncemenIs5 Senior Play Business5 Jedediac Arr Slaiip Junior Red Cross I5 Ari' Club 35 Fulure Teachers 4. I LAWRENCE ALLEN WHITE "Larry" Aufo Mechanics Everbody's buddy . . . Good school cifizen . . . Wafch Ihose books you read, Larryl Sfudenf Council 3, 45 Bankers I. I SARAH JANE WILEY "Sally" Languages Takes a long lime fo gel fo Louis- iana . . . Tall and graceful. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 45 Baskefball Inframurals I, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 4: Swimming I, 3, 45 Varsify Cheerleading 35 J. V. Cheerlead- ing 2 - Capfainp Masque I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Makeup Chair- manp Senior Ball Arrangemenls Chairman5 French Club 2, 3, 4 - Treasurer5 Varsiry Club 2, 3, 4 - President NANCY HAMPTON WHITNEY "Sue" Languages "I can fell us aparII" . . . Sharp wif . , . French scholar? Baskerball Inframurals I, 2, 3, 45 Track 35 Swimming 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Co-Treas- urer5 French Club 2, 3, 45 Varsiry Club 45 Volleyball 3, 45 Leaders Club 45 Transferred from Pelham Memorial High School5 Sofrball 2, 3. Lf all 4 I safe l rl' .Ii ll. 5,1 GEORGE JOHN WILLIAMS "George" Maihemaiics Don'I forgef fhar "J." , . . Pro- ficienf mafhemalician . . . Friendly. Jedediac Business S+aI'F5 French Club 2, 35 Malh Club 45 Service Club I, 2, 3, 45 Fufure Teachers 45 Junior Prom Refreshmenf Com- miHee 3. SUSAN MILLION WHITNEY "Nancy" Languages Sweef voice . . . You're noi' see- ing double! . . . Welcome ro N. H. Baskefball Inframurals I, 2, 3, 45 Track 35 Swimming 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Soffball 2, 35 Senior Class Co-Treasurer5 French Club 3, 45 Leader's Club 45 Volleyball 3, 45 Varsiry Club 45 Transferred from Pelham Memorial High School. MARGARET LYNN WILDERMAN "Lynn" Languages Golden, or whal? . . . Darling dresser . , . Winning personalify . . . Salp. Baskefball Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 3, 4 - Vice-President Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Soffball I, 2, 3, 45 J. V. Cheer- leading 35 Senior Play Usher, Makeup5 Senior Ball Decora'rions5 French Club 2, 3, 45 Varsiry Club 3, 4. .IANICE ANNE WILLMOT "Janice" Mafhemafics Quiel and sweer , . . Beaufiful complexion . . . Once a friend, always a friend. A Cappella 3, 45 Glee Club I, 25 Band 3, 45 Baskerball Inframurals I, 2, 35 Dance Club I5 Magazine Sale Row Chairmang Senior Play Makeup5 Larin Club 45 Volleyball I, 2, 35 Chorale 45 Fufure Teachers 4. 30 GUY HARTLEY WILCOX "Willy" Mafhemaiics and Science Serious minded and smarf . . Good baskefball player . . Good looking. A Cappella I, 2, 3, 4 - President Band I, 2, 3, 4 - Presidenl5 Bas- kefball 2, 3, 45 Chorale 2, 3, 45 Foolball 2, 3, 4. JANICE MAE YEOMAN "Nan" Business A friendly "hello" 'lor everyone . . . Pre'r'ry red hair. Soflball I5 Dance Club I, 25 Magazine Sale Row Chairman: Jedediac Typis+5 Spanish Club I, 25 Bowling Team I, 2, 3, 45 Arch- ery 25 Senior Play Tickefsg Ma- ioreffes 4. . aww We fha members of flue class of '59 bequeafh lhe following: Judi Cowen, leave my blushing red 'lace lo anyone who can "oulbIush" me. Teddi Maus, leave lhe lrombone seclion and my jar ol elbow grease 'ro lulure lrombonisls lor 'rheir use in rapid sliding. Jerry Markelos, leave a locker-lull of used flash- bulbs lo anyone who wanls lhem. Janice Willmoll, leave my bells +o anyone who can carry lhem. girl lo whoever gels lhe fronl seal' in I30 nexl year. Terry Kehoe, leave my idolalry of Frank Sinalra fo Mr. Fryer. Sally Wiley, leave Miss Bales slill wondering how I ever passed French. llf I dol. Earle Reed, leave very well organized aller a year of American Hislory 'from Mr. Thornlon. I. I. I. I. I, "Sandie" Pike, leave my job as Mrs. LIoyd's errand- I. I. I. I . Anne Jones, leave my warls lo anyone who needs a swimming excuse. l, Will Prall, leave the "Big B" 'ro fufure seniors. I, Donna Le Baron, leave my PSI-O sweal shirl in lhe gym locker. We, Tom Garber and Jack Speck, leave lo join lhe "Beal Generalionf' I, Barbara Keaveney, leave Mr. Fryer lo find anolher "girI Friday" for Monday nighls. We, Pele Morris and Warren Palmer, leave Lou Zan- grilli wifhouf a ride. I, Lillian Beams, leave one fyping eraser lo-Miss Sacco. We, Sharon Davies, Sharon Farrell, Sue McGauIey and Mary Confe leave our "goIden" limes +o anyone who can equal lhem. I, Ned Obernesser, leave Mr. Masel wilh no one fo kick ouf of I30 during noon hour. I, Tom PlaH, leave school lin a hurryl. We, Ben Davis and Bob Crane, leave promising lo call Mr. Simonsen by his Iasl' name. I, Sondra Jones, leave for fhe second largesl lbul s'liIl 'lhe besll slale. I, Pal' Healey, leave Miss Jensen and Mrs. Emerson's gym office in peace. and Conover's School ol Modeling. I, Monica Heburn, leave Mr. Thornfon To say no more, "lhis pass musl be pre-signedl" l, Fran Filzsimmons, leave my dir+y sneakers fo any- one who can wear a size I2. I, Janel Shields, leave a place on +he "PIa+e of lhe Week" Bullelin Board for lhe nexl girl who lakes Mechanical Drawing. l,,Elizabe+h H. Fifzgerald, leave +o go home. I, Karen Fryer, leave my +alen+ for falking, +o Anne Lawson. I, Bill Coxon, leave my Volkswagon fo anyone small enough. We, Nancy and Sue Whilneyg leave lo any upcoming idenlical lwins, The righ+ lo confuse any leacher lhey wish. I, Emma Hari, leave af Iasl, I hope. I, Sharon Jones. leave my A Clarinel lo anyone who can play il like a B Flal Clarinel. I, Barbara Schorr, leave +o Mr. Masel a years supply of red pencils for proofreading lulure "Ta+llers." We, Nancy Fleming and Susan Thierolf, leave Mr. Fryer in search of Iwo ofher franfic French Hornisls. We, Sue Sherman and John Doran, leave for our frip around lhe world. I, Pamela Kliman, leave my casl +o anyone who skis like I do. I, Frank Rizzo, leave my Ifalian look +o Chuck Demma. We, Pal Healey and Sondra Jones, leave lo ioin lhe Clinlon Comels. I, Joanna Devecis, leave Mrs. Filzgerald 45 sealing charls. We, Brenda McCormick and Janice Yeoman, leave our slips of lhe longue fo anyone who can calch lhem. I, Sharon Kelley, leave my lieIder's glove lo Sharon Slory. We, Bob Benlon and Bill Brown, leave Mr. Williams wilh all our class iokes We Dave Thomas and Mike Barry leave our com blned helghls lo Jeff Adlklls Pele Temple leave my debafable and ollen unan swerable queshons lo an eligible Junior I Russ Banlham am undecided whelher 'lo leave everylhmg lo everyone everylhnng +o no one nolhung lo everyone or no+hmg +o no one Wnlnessed 'lhus 2Isf day of June nine feen hundred and liffy nine Eloise Daly John Jamieson Ralph W Perry 65 'Z 1 I '- ' . . . - I We, Leilani Ball ancl Ellen Brooks, leave for New York . I - u I - Q 31 I WW, ,.,,3..,4,.,.,f1-W-ws fx QM? : - ymwwmggwwf 4 ,, ,.q,.,a W4 1 'iw k Wm I K ,,.,?,M 1 'kiwi 2 W 1 V, W. 3 . y 'al Kg, Q 'Sw , N X? km as? mx if Riggs 1 . i ,, .. I . H f A A' iflf,- Q , 'A W A i f 'Vx . 'N ii 9 K m N.. Q sg-. I ruce, Russell, Spring, Miller. 3 "what a life!" This year, on November 2l-22, fhe Senior Class presenfed a Henry Aldrich sfory, "Whaf A Life." by Clifford Goldsmifh. The casf of 2I, along wifh Mr. Alan Engelsman, direcfor, very much enjoyed working on This comedy. The play was faken from fhe original Henry Aldrich sfories firsf heard on radio, and lafer seen on felevision. lnsfead of puffing on fhree performances as has been done in fhe pasf, fhe casf fhis year puf on four performances. A Saf- urday mafinee was held for fhe enioymenf of fhe young folks who mighf nof ofherwise see if. Many Thanks fo fhe casf, fhose who worked backsfage, and ofher various commiffees for such a fine play. CAST A Miss Shea ,................ Emily Miller 9 Mr. Nelson .......,...... Thomas Russell Sfudenfs ..... .. Leslie Griffifh, John Speck Mr. Pafferson ............ Terence Kehoe Miss Pike .... . ........ Carol Loomis Bill .............. . . . Alexander Horvafh Miss Egglesfon .... ..... P amela Kliman Miss Johnson . . . ...... Mary Dolin Mr. Vecchiffo .... ..,.. N ick Spring Henry Aldrich .... . , , Russel Banham Barbara Pearson .... ..... K aren Fryer Gerfie .......,... .... J oanna Devecis Mr. Bradley ...... Gerald Markefos Miss Wheeler ...... ....... K afhy Bruce George Bigelow .... .... B rian Mumford Mrs. Aldrich ...,.. ..... S heron Jones Mr. Ferguson ..., ,,..... J ohn Doran Mary ........ ....,...... E ileen Wessing Sfudenfs .. .. Linda Besf, Ronald DeBlois 34 ww. mu 1 agwmkx MQW Ky r Mid, kd Ahh Q1 A M., W 'Vg iw? 1 aff ,S ,AMW ff... , Zfgifiegiykt ik' 'fifftfv 5-, ff-1 1.,.:,'f,,,.N TQ 1 Y-iiffl t ff 'Z ,gh Q5 'Vi Mk! ss 2+ 1 W 2 -Clxgfn 1515355553 , Jfliliiflay H zz. ,- Eilkifl 5: fs Q fm J Q 43:55 , jggf' 0 1 .151 an ,, W, ,gglg 1,55 . in w fm? , , 3,1 1' Rear Row' Kearney Lockwood He wood, ' 1 V Y T. Jones, Leyden, Kellogg, Knapp, Lal lier, Holrslag, Jackson. Second Row Kraeqer, Johnslon, E. Jones, Lufz, Law son, Lorfz, Hof-fman, W. Jones, Kinne, Bowman. Firsf Row' Nasso Lin enfelrer, ' 1 Q Kroll, Kaulzman, Panzone, Kranbuhl, Lol lus, Johnson, Kinq. 36 Rear Row: D. Black, Caporale, Roger Brown, L. Clark, Blando, Baldridge, Bilrfel Baird, Churchman, Cohan, Caler, W Clarke. Second Row: Burghard, Colwell Blaney, Burdick, Confe, Bell, Boidak, Cressy, Richard Brown, J. Brown, Ar- qen+o. Firsi Row: Brescia, Acefi, Bruce, M. Black, Coxon, Andrews, Cheney. Chesbro, Cook. Rear Row: Enqman, Dolish, W, Dee, Gen+er, Flanagan, Humphreys, R. Dee, Davis, Braun. Second Row: W. Evans, Healey, Dernrna, Eynon, Hopsicker, Suck- emus, Harwood, Ferrifer, Friedman. Firsf Row: Flufy, Dunn, Davoli, Hrybiniak, Greene, Hoefzer, Faass, Diegnan, N. Evans. Rear Row: Morris, Miller, Pinlros, Ko walslcy, Pilzer, Mellen, Mclfeon, Macholcl Panniclc Komaneclc Mcliinloclc Ma 1 Y- i ' quire. Second Row: McNeil, Mallell, Nasholcl, Perry, Niermeyer, Muslee Owens, Firsl Row: E. Lallier, Osler, Mc Carlhy, Moore, Molel, LeBaron, Benson Palmano, Phillips. 3 -. JUNIOR CLASS it 'K 9 Rear Row: Slallery, Manslcy, Vermilyea, Roberfs, Thurnau, Walson, Throop, Plall. Third Row: Walrod, Jacobs, Rilzel, Sle- venson, Munzerf, Pirnie, Slralella, Spring Young, Praff, Hunrefla. Second Row: Ribycl, Spinella, Slory, Szczesnialx, Y-ales, Rose, Smilh, Zarlcer, Slasse. Firsl' Row: Slorm, Wnuk, Slcinner, Willman, Wallace, Rockwell, Timmerman, While, Rehm. di' Rear Row: Shablalc, Snyder, Varieur, G Williams, Rolh, Tulloch, While, Sloan Virlcler, Soulcup, Wharlon. Firsl' Row Woidyla, C, Williams, M. Williams Schemp, Wiley, Roberls, Sposl, Wid man, Willmoll. 37 S VY? 4. n RUN 5 mm II Q . m tx , .. f'x in ,Wy ? Q 'W Qbiaiifiifi 5 S if A J .z. ' f :lx . ' 1 I 'qv 1' y gif fe. ,gif . . Rear Row: Murray, Luczalr, Temple, D O'Donnell, E. Palmer, R. O'Donnell Mineo, Kozyra, Knobloclc, Kolwaife, Price, K. Palmer. Second Row: P. Roberrs, J McCoy, Manfredo, Nichols, D. Mc Carlhy, Phillips, P. Palmer, Nord, Nill Schmidqall, Perry, Tomaselli. Firsl' Row Mahoney, Maher, Miller, Margolis, Hill Kulrla, N, McCar+hy, S. Johnson, Kran buhl. Rear Row: G. Palmer, Weirich, Wiffman. Noel, Rosenblum, VanDylce, Walrod, Rob- ischon. Third Row: Simmons, Willrinson, Websfer, Koscielnialc, Pafrerson, D. Rob- erls, Rinaldo, Rhodes, Widman, Raci- oppa, Zanqrilli, Roerner, Bender. Second Row: Woolheafer, N. Walerman, M. Roberfs, G. Smifh, Marlrefos, Owens, Surace, Schneider, Virlrler. Firsi' Row: Morgan, M. Roberls, Wesl, Wenner, Parmele, Phillips, While, Ziemba, Del- Medico. of 1961 Rear Row: Schermerhorn, Magee. Odeffe, R. S+ewar+, Simon, Schremp, Sidellro, Slceels, Slanfon, Spring, Sfeels. Second Row: McCoy, Michel, McMahon, Niles. Sherman, M. Slewarl, Sierson, Sick. Firsf Row: Schafer, Taylor, Thomas, J. Smifh, Marrone, Sauffer, Srorm, MacCalIum, Mozier. f"Q",o x in . Z1 33-.ZS if v...4.-,, .w..,-.,. if :ft 't 4 .qj 2 3 9 Q5 3 2 k . V ,. . ' :, ,v-.v.,.v ' -f-aw, Rc- ki' k N :'5f!gf, ,J -M5 7 V V "' ' ' - - S fQ,f ,L yi' H N 2 i 'P 'igiiir -'QL' 'Ui ,,,,fA' ii ykik ka i in . I 'V i-' 5 'sf' Q ' R ' y. A Q . ' vi ' v I ,- A , sw R ' 91' '5 W gg, ' Z f Q i : g . ,. ,H w ? b y m'QS-we riff X55 :',. Q' fl: Y -' 'Y .3 I , Ma Wlwr i 1 f in :iff wi- 3g5?fffif f 1 f. V1 :Wi 5 ' N akky 46 'Wig 7 "Junior Prom" learning is a challenge to all ages. "Touchdown" "Busy Workers" 42 "He ls Dead" classroom inlormals "Taking Roll" Mr' . ' 41 Saw" a gesi X X S ol X Gif fu,7'? X Q Q f RN'-" A -fa X, Weis 'f X QMS ffx X ,,. 3 ,f -i -- . A I 00 if ,X .' i i A s - !'ff!lllllHllNlX JL... Q, ,Wk !!,1IIi XXXXXW V W' X gf r' X .12 R 3 N y WWW E2 .Z Rear Row: l-lorvath, Sheldon, Sloan, De- Blois, Wilcox, Roberts, Clark, Russell, Morris, Mansky, Heywood, Pinkos, Gar- ber. Second Row: Miss Buhl - Advisor, Kliman, Rockwell, Gibbs, Colwell, Thei- rolt, Schorr, Miller, Fleming, Jones, First Row: Storm, G-rittith, Brescia, Bruce, White, Williams, McNeil, King, Kautz- man, honor society t-lonor Society is an attained high scholastic may be admitted either A student must possess as that ot scholarship to Miss Bertha Buhl is an active group. Rear Row, standing: Conte, Samuels, Patterson, Tulloch, Cohan, Platt, W. White, Beniamin, Darmara, Oster, Cackett, Wenner, Owens. Seated: Mellen, McLoughlin, Grittith, L, White, Mr. Buckingham - Advisor, Mumtord, Sloan, Johnston, DeBIois - President. 43 organization composed ot Juniors and Seniors who have averages. A student who has an average ot 902 or better in the spring ot the Junior Year, or during the Senior Year. the qualities ot leadership, character, and service as well become a member ot National l-lonor Society. the tireless taculty advisor who makes l-lonor Society such student oounoil One ot the most important organiza- tions in our school is the Student Coun- cil, which is the link between the student body and the administration. ln the beginning ot the year, the main event it sponsored, under its ambitious Pres- ident, Ron DeBlois, was a pep rally be- tore the Whitesboro tootball game. Many new ideas were introduced which gave the student body better repre- sentation. Printed minutes tor each homeroom and a more democratic way ot organizing dance dates was passed by the Student Council, under the help- tul guidance ot our new advisor, Mr. Roswell Buckingham. Rear Row: Kinne, Davies, W, Jones, D. Bennelr, Heywood, R. Brown, Berger, Komanecky, W. Dee, Dunn, Mansky, J. Roberls, R. Dee. Third Row: Flanagan, Carroll, Blaney, Colwell, Burns, DesMarais, Blumenslock, Burdick, A. Jones, Ben- iarnin, Bender, Doran. Second Row: Corro- Thorner, Berg, Evans, King, DeBlois, R. Bennell, Cheney, Babcock, Kearney, Burghard, Kraeger, Keaveney. Firsl Row: Cowen, Carbonelli, Knapp, Aceri, Coxon, Blando, Hill, Grihlirhs, Kaurzman, Bean, Cadwallader, Cackelr, Andrews, Mrs. Jones - Advisor, latin club The diflerenl language clubs have added a nole of inleresl' and variely lo rhe curriculum ol New l-larllord sludenls. Lalin Club, very successfully direcred by Mrs. Palricia Jones and Mrs. Marian Rice, has endeavored lo beller acquainf ils members wirh Ro- man civilizarion. The annual Roman Ban- quer, displaying a colorful array of rogas and slolas, wilh Roman foods, was lhe highlighl of lhe evenls. Rear Row: Lockwood, J. Markelos, Mellen, Slrafella, Fariello, Prarl, Prifchard, Tulloch, Skeels, Hudgens, Wiley, Graves, Plalr. Third Row: Schermerhorn, Rose, McCoy, Schorr, Will- mofr, Scala, Thierolf, Magee, Quinn, Miller, A. Jones, Owens, Second Row: Ribyal, MacCallurn, Marrone, Loflus, M. Roberrs, Nill, Willis, Schmidgall, Speck, B. Markeros, Johnslon, Mal- le+'r, Firsf Row: Slorrn, Loomis, Lingenfeller, Wenner, Smilh, Morgan, Phillips, Parrnele, E. While, Luczak, Margolis, Reed, Moore, Timmer- rnan, S, While, Mrs. Rice - Advisor. 1 l l i 5 Ei r 9 the romance languages help french French Club once more has com- pleled ils yearly program of inleresling aclivilies. A French parly was held, a dance was sponsored, and a guesl speaker relaled his copious knowledge of France and ils cusroms. Rear Row: Zarker, S. Jones, Quinn, Miller, N. Whirney, S. Whirney, Mellen, While. Second Row: Aceli, Bruce, Cardarnone, Dunn, Faass. King, McNeil, Johnson, Johnslon, West E. Jones. Firsl Row: A. Jones, Rice, Wiley. 44 ' . lr l li il l ii ii l li if i Visdg Ac 9 5 A. .4 'l. I i ri - -s osx' .s S rr-ru-wr :iii r .Es T train our minds for the future- club Various colored slides, crearing a vi- vid piciure of France, have been shown 'ihroughoui The year. French Club is under The guidance of Miss Eloise Baies. Rear Row: Sianion, Tulloch, Heywood. Second Row: Cook, Malleii, Widman, Kraeqer, Wilder- man, Perry, Blaney, Eynon, Musree, WilImo++. Firsf Row: Siorm, G-riiifiih, Lingenfelier, Moore, Kranbuhl, Davoli, Miss Bales - Advisor, Ches- bro, Phillips, Ribyaf, Timmerman, Rehm. 45 Rear Row: Sfanfon, Frageiia, Plaii. Second Row: Robischon, McGauley, Siasse, Pirnie, Tomaselli, Young, Smi+h, Sierson. Firsi Row: Woidyla, Carbonelli, Coxon, Owens, Mumford, Mrs. Davies - Advisor, Siorm, Saufrer, Maus, Yares. spanish club The Spanish Club, wiih Mrs. Phyllis Davies as iis advisor, has also had an exciiing year. Plays in Spanish were performed by +he diiiferenr Spanish Classes. This aciiviiy noi' only provided for pleasure and enieriainmeni, bui also gave Spanish siudenis an opporiuniiy io reciie aloud and +o display rheir abiliiy in speaking This foreign iongue. Rear Row: R. Brown, Camp, Kearney, Engman, Barry. Second Row: Kliman, Kelley, Conre, Devecis, Andrews, Corio-Thorner, Freiberger, Hoefzer, Hrybirriak, Kaufzman. Firsf Row: Bill- ingion, Jackson, Baird, Friedman, Brescia, Pal- mer, Cadwallader, Healey, Clarke, Hubbell, I I l I , ini' H , h,4..,, LAVD WFVWUR G Rear Row: Mrs, Johnson - Advisor, Morgan, Tirnmerman, Confe, Gibbs, Heburn, Healy, Jones. Firsl' Row: Wessing, Cowen, Freiberger, Loomis, Pike, Fifzsimmons, school affairs club One of fhe mosf efficienf and helpful organizafions in our school is fhe Service Club, under fhe guidance of Mr. Dirk Swarfh- ouf. The hard working members, in fheir red iackefs, are seen af assemblies, sporfs evenfs, and ofher school acfivifies, keeping fhese funcfions well run and orderly. service club School Affairs Club is an organizafion es- fablished for fhose parficularly inferesfed in fhe field of wrifing and iournalism. The main purpose is fo make known fo fhe communify fhe oufsfanding acfivifies and evenfs of our sfudenf body. The club, under fhe direcfion of Mrs. June Johnson, sfudies fhe various fechniques of presenfing fhe news, and wrifes a weekly column "Sparfan Spoflighfsu in ad- difion fo many feafures fhroughouf fhe year. Rear Row: Brown, Beniamin, Jones, Dunn, Kazaniian, Kliman, Crandall, Williams Mears. Third Row: Confe. Tomaselli, Keaveney, Schorr. Second Row: Bowman Maus, Schmidgall, Cackeff. Firsl Row: Acefi, Reed, Margolis, Cooper, Phillips Mr. Swarfhouf - Advisor. 46 debate club Rear Row: Tulloch, Hudgens, Sranion, Ban- fham, Kliman, Russell, Dee, Miss Johnpoll - Ad- visor. Firsi Row: MacCallum, Nord, Schmid- gall, Flanagan, DesMarias, Jones, Heywood, Wharfon, Sloan, Mansky, Palmer, Evans. .. ,- 'VK 5. -Nfl , Till '1-as '-of ll' ,g ' .LIS Qfiwgiji Q A cfs math club Debaie Club, in i+s ihird year, has made greai pro- gress in boih debaring and public speaking. Under ihe capable guidance of Miss Mary Ann Johnpoll. +he club has won sraie-wide recogniiion. As a member of fhe Naiional Forensic League, rhe club has seni a debaie 'ream 'ro New York, Albany, Syracuse, Norwich, and many orher areas for rournameni compeiiiion. The 'ropic for debaie for +his year was: "Resolved 'rhai membership in a labor organizarion as a condiiion of employmeni' should be illegal." Wifh iweniy-one charfer members, 'rhe New Hariford Chapier of Mu Alpha Theia received naiional recog- niiion in +he spring of l958. In June, i+s iirs+ slare of officers was elecied. These are Barbara Schorr - President Presion Clark - Vice President Guy Wilcox - Secreiary- Treasurer. Consiifuiional qualilicaiions for membership in Marh Club siress leadership, in'reresi', and scholasiic achieve- meni. The Club's purpose is ro fosrer inieresi' and pro- ficiency in marhemaiics among 'rhe siudenf body. To accomplish ihis, weekly problems have been posied in homerooms. The Club's advisors are Mrs. Edirh Donahue, and Rear Row: Clark. Mansky, Wilcox, S+an+on, George H. Williams, George J. Williams, Morris, Sheldon, BenneH, Brown, Heywood Pifzer, Mellen. Second Row: N". Roberfs, Russell, J. Roberrs, Sloan DeBlois, Baniham, Jones, Miller, Kliman, Thierolf, Maus, Kinne, Mrs. Cverirude Roraback. Hoffman. Firsf Row: Mrs. Roraback - Advisor, Mrs. Donahue - Advisor, While, Sfasse, C. Williams, Rockwell, Griflirh, Confe Bruce, Brescia, Schorr. KJ' library club Rear Row: Davis, Baldridge, Argenro, Blumensfock, Heburn, Ball, Jones, Gray- sione, McCarihy, Davoli, Faass, Rihel, LeBaron. Second Row: Miss Phillips - Advisor, Bennefr, While, Brooks, T. Co- wen, Schafer, Owens, Simmons. Firsi Row: J. Cowen, Fiizsimmons, Wallace, Ziemba, Gilmore. QWGT .' .I ,If IN LIBRHQY 5 ,Y J ii ? , 3 ' SX . 0 5 v 3+- Library Club, under 'rhe supervision of lvliss Eleanor Phillips, is a service organi- 3 A A-9944 ? zaiion. Each member works one period per week helping io process and shelve books, ,f X '53, - check aiiendance, and prepare displays. 1 2 f 25- ln addiiion, members sponsor a dance, a book week 'rea for The iaculiy, a YD Chrisimas Book Fair, and a prize for ihe ouisianding senior club member. Each year E di. members and oiiicers pariicipaie in The Ceniral New York Siudeni Library Associaiion. Wim! art club Under ihe capable leadership of Mrs. Frances Scully, Ari Club has concluded anoiher busy year. A ioial of four Ari clubs are in operalion in ihe Senior and Junior High School. The Junior High Ari Club has worked on ihree-dimensional designs and oil painiings. The Senior High Ari' Club has made a mural for Jrhe back wall oi ihe ari room. This mural includes piclures oi ouisianding buildings of Uiica and New i-larfford. THE AMATEUR n-Q Xi?-" gf- rs 5 A " it 4h ..:' mn - Rear Row: Robischon, Siepanowicz, Blumensfock, Willmofi, Burdick, Benjamin, Siasse, Baies, Roih. Firsi Row: l-lazelfine, Phillips, Bean, Shields, Kraft Hari, Williamson, Mrs, Scully - Advisor. 48 Rear Row: , , . y. Marlcefos, Manslcy, Roberls, Porfer, Noel. Firsi Row: Schempp, Alberf, Mr. Queior - Advisor, Mears. Brown Rolh Benlon Slafler photography Phoiography Club was organized io help ils members belier undersland 'rhe raking and developmenl of piclures. ll has helped rhe school by rendering aid during +he Jralcing of fhe yearbook piclures. Under The able direciion of Mr. Queior, 'lacully club advisor helping and inslrucling lhe club's members in lhe field of pholography, 'rhe Pholography Club has rewrillen ils cons+i'ru+ion and elecled new officers. These officers are David Mears - Presideni, and Donald Porier - Vice President -rr' This year New Har+ford's dramafics club, Masque, underwenf dras+ic changes by adopring a new Consiiiuiion. Mr. Alan Engelsman, lhe advisor, feels fhal ihese alleralions will raise 'rhe caliber of Masque produc+ions and give The member more saiisfacrion. Among olher changes, paris in one-acl plays produced by Masque were open 'ro anyone inleresied in 'frying ou'r. As usual, Masque did a superb iob in preseniing i'rs spring play: and 'rhe Seniors speni a wonderful weelc-end in New Yorlc Cily. 49 Rear Row: Dee, Banlham, Giffifh Mumford, Virlrler, Kehoe, l-lorvalh Manslcy, Shablalc, Marlcelos. Third Row: Rockwell, Schorr, Johnson, Wid man, Devecis, Niles, Ribyaf, Burdick Doran, Faass. Second Row: Mr. En- gelsman - Direcfor, Williams, Burg- hard, E. Bruce. Wessing, Jones, Wiley McLoughlin, K. Bruce. Firsf Row: Dunn, Johnsfon, Brescia, Woidyla Miller, McNeil, B1 S masque club HEBUIN FUTURE TEACHERS-Rear Row: Janice Willmott, VanDyke, McGauley, McLoughlin, Mallett, Mus- tee, Joan Willmott, Burdick, Kliman, Yates, Spring, M. Cook, G. Williams. Fourth Row: Nord, Albert DesMarias, Cadwallader, Rehm, Speck, B. Cook, Davoli, Faass, Jones, Farrell, Babcock, Stanton Third Row: Conte, Cotto-Thorner, Marketos, Samuels, Maus, Gibbs, Kelley, Chesbro, Ribyati King, S. Owens, Kearney, G. Owens. Second Row: Wenner, Bean, Miller, Blando, Kautzman White, Fryer, C. Williams, Bennett, Kukla, Freiberger, Wilderman, Miss Buhl - Advisor. First Rowi Hazeltine, Griffith, Loomis, Cardamone, T. Cowen, Smith, Oster, Aceti, Coxon, Moore, Ziemba Pike. FUTURE NURSES-Rear Row: Rice, Nashold, Virkler, Gabrielson, Frey, Rose, Lortz, Burns, Con- nelly, Spring, Owens. Third Row: Griffiths, Cheney, Conte, Wilderman, Davies, Buckley, Schorr, Jones, Healy, Stepanowicz, Eynon. Second Row: Marrone, Nill, Evans, King, Flint, Devecis, Dorothy McCarthy, Kennerknecht, McCoy, Michel, Cackett, Lutz. First Row: Woidyla, Skinner, Fernalld, Diane McCarthy, Hamlin, Harrer, Margolis, Timmerman, Panzone, White, Mrs. McKin- lock - Advisor. future farmers of america The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for boys taking Agri- culture in high school. ln being a member of the Future Farmers of America, they participate in teams and field trips. Meet- ings of the Future Farmers are held monthly. 50 FUTURE future teachers of america The Elizabeth H. Fitzgerald Chap- ter of the Future Teachers of Amer- ica has, as in previous years, had a successful and beneficial year for its members, under devoted guid- ance of Miss Bertha Buhl. Members had the opportunity to visit Oswego State Teachers College in the fall, and to observe in our own elementary school classrooms. Speakers from col- leges came to talk on their particular college, and teaching movies were shown at different meetings. The organization had a full year with its program designed to help members to decide whether or not teaching is the right profession for them. future nurses of america Future Nurses of America is a school organization designed to fur- ther the desire of merely interested people, to the point of deciding to dedicate their life to nursing. Different people in this field of work were asked to speak before the group, telling of the nature of their work, and of their various experi- ences. Also, field trips and different proiects were planned, through Mrs. Muriel McKinlock, Advisor. The object of this organization is to acquaint its members more thor- oughly with the nursing profession and to encourage them to make this their life work. FARMERS-Rear Row: Mr. DeArnesy - Ad- visor, Hutchinson, Thomas, Smith, R, Jones, W. Jones, Foote, Humphreys, Adiklis, Patterson, Fehr, Reeder, Murren, Victor, Grant, Mr. Waldrop - Advisor. First Row: Bielby, Seelman, Carmen, Capanna, D. Linder, Burger, R. Lallier, Yager, Keim, V. Linder, W, Lallier. Rear Row: Komaneclxy, Rolh, Roberls, Mr. Grupe - Advisor, Mears, Mumford, Hanna, Dunn, Carlin, Slewarl, Walson. Third Row: Brown, Spring, Jacobs, Rinaldo, Braun, Seeman. Second Row: Machold, Friedman, Ziemba, Evans, Genler, Reilly. Firsl' Row: Simon, Burger, Healey, Kinne, Temple, Clarlc. projectionists The adminislralion a+ New Harlford has always fell lhal' films play an imporlanl parl in our modern educalional sysl'em ol loday. To overcome dillicullies which have arisen in l'he pasf, due lo laclc ol knowledge on how a movie proieclor lunclions, Rear Row: Wenner, Wesl, Phillips, DeBlois, McCar+hy. Second Row: Brown, Jones, Slallery, Williams, Niles, Michel, McCoy, Kennerlcnechl, Evans, MacCallum, Mrs. Davies - Advisor. Firsl' Row: Dunn, Tornaselli, Pilzer, Graves, Shablalc, Willis, Hudgens, lhe school provides a slalil of lrained proieclionisls, who have been inslrucled on 'rhe mechanics of lhe molion piclure pro- ieclor. Mr. Everell Grupe, lacully advisor in charge of lhis organizalion, deserves much praise on his inslruclion and or- ganizalion ol lhe proieclionisls. che club Upon complelion ol i+'s second year as a school organizalion, Chess Club has provided members wil'h several slimulaling malches in 'rhe Cenlral-Oneida League. Parricipal- ing schools were Holland Palenl, New Harlford, Rome, U.F.A., V.V.S. and Whilesboro. ' The Officers are as follows: Presi- denl' - Waller Prall, Vice Presidenl' - John Graves, Secrefary - Kafhy Wen- ner, Treasurer - Mary Willis. ,5A,5gi.g,, K. L 7 V .., .. . . , L, ,. , VV E .,..L I I HX IL, .. I, ig E In .1 fig. ix my ,izgh j i J r,-1-t,,5f:T:.A,p,,f 1. .L , . .. ' M za' ', ' K j 4 c,.f-.Q-,, .. Hs. MM, ff- i ,M . r2:ir.,pLfg5gi5l:, i . , . W Q . '-,gg K' xii 'Q ii. . gxn'igr,grgQp,,.r:+sixf2,.Jss - . ., - , 1 . ..f . , JE' lf? fr ,L r. 77 ge, 5 .M Rear Row: Phillips, Mellerf, Arnisloerg, Howell, Grrzanowich, Case, Cowen, R. Grinsberg, Jaiie, Lockwood. Firsf Row: Krause, Owen, S. Yarborough, A. Grinsberg, Coyle, Cragnolin, Terrill, Mr. Simonsen - Whiiiield, Praii, Blair, W. Smith, Heilman, Billings, Leviil, Cas+Ie, Advisor, Second Row: Muslee, Wall, Kiley, Sheldon, Russell, Slasse, Quinn, Niermeyer. Wilcox, Cardarnone, Poynier, Asirello, Purcell, Rockwell, Townsend, junior high student council The Junior High.Siudeni Coun- cil is an organizaiion for running The affairs of ihe Junior High grades, in co-operalion wiih ihe Senior High Council, on school- wide rnaiiers. Mr. Oliver Sinnonsen is The advisor. The Junior High Chess Clulo, under rhe leadership and direciion of lvlr. Roloeri Hughes, is an or- ganizafion for young people inier- esied in learning io play and in playing Chess. junior high chess club Rear Row: lvieyn, Besf, lviengel, Griiiifhs, Shaw, Barnard, Heywood. Second Row: Johnson, Praii, Seeman, l.osrewicz, Whiiaker, Kendriclc, Horner, Kornaneclcy, Odin, Mr, Hughes - Advisor. Firsf Row: Davis, Morgan, Collins, Jaclcson, Lombardo, Fancelf. 52 A yy.g JUNIOR RED CROSS-Rear Row: Wehrle, Wolfe, Collins, Raiano, Mac- O'D0VI"'eIl- C- Smiih. M'3Ye'r I-lUmPl"V9Y5- MISS Schafer ' AdVi50f- FI"5'l Callum, Schorr, Davis, Mazurowslci, Wall, Ellinwood, Seeman, Foofe. Second Row: Cilonelli. Sforrn. Whirfield. CGrd6mOf19. Galsfer. Smlih. PIWIIIPSOF1. Row: Losiewicz, Johnson, Cavo, Bowdish, Kenyon, Davis, McAbery, Green, Show. Anna. Jaffe. Laflef. junior red cross The Junior Red Cross, under ihe direciion of Miss Jacqueline Schafer, has underlalsen many proiecis for The year I958-I959. Included in This years work have been lhe colleciion of cloihing bundles, annual gill' boxes. and ihe disiribuiion of cloih-made humpiy-dumply dolls io a local hospiial. JR. HIGH LIBRARY CLUB-Rear Row: Davis, J. Brown. Fourfh Row Galsler, Fariello, Bohling, Miller, Blando, Wilbur, Azzolina, Darmara Third Row: Miss Garloclr - Advisor, Caselelf, Brescia, Racioppa, Ken yon, Rizzo, Weinslein. Second Row: Cardinale - President Losiewicz, Hughes. Firsf Row: Fessia, Heywood, DePalma, Coe, Manfredo. PROJECTIONISTS-Rear Row: Breclrel, Pofls, Wilcox, Baird, McMasI'ers, Slein, Yales, Smifh, T. Jones, Inman. Second Row: B. Davis, Losiewicz, Lazenby, Freyfag, Howard, Mayer, Sloan, McEwen, Wilson, Albers, Firsi' Row: Casey, Berlhold, Cardamone, P. Davis, Kaufzman, Benas, Spring. The Junior High Proieciionisis deserve much prais'e for 'rhe success of ihis organizaiion during Hs firsi year. Mr. Evereil Grupe, as iacully advisor, organized and inslrucied Ihis organizalion in fine fashion. library club The Junior High Library Club, under Jrhe supervision of Miss Norene Garloclc, assisis lhe Senior High Library Club in iis services and aciiviiies. Meeiings are held separaiely from Ihal of Ihe Senior High Club. 53 projectionists . , ss 1 k 5 i . . W. . , T .,4 . f- 2 - - ' K T 1 T r . 2 Qi l i H i wi Rear Row: Griicliihs, Sick, Scala, RibyaT, Temple, Rifzel, Crane, Perry, olf, Fleming. Second Row: Samuels, Burghard, KolwaiTe, Kehoe, OsTer, lglar Healey, WillmoTT, Maus, Mellen, Wilcox, Cohan, Kaulzman, Third Row: Williams. Firsf Row: BanTham, Mears, Bruce, Kukla. AbsenT: Benas, Brescia Knapp, Rhodes, Prifchard, Widman, S. WhiTe, GenTer, Jones, Wells, Thier- Throop. MR. KENNETH FRYER DirecTor the band Under The direcTion of Mr. KenneTh Fryer, The band has very much excelled in The lasT year. STudenTs looking ouT on The TooTball Tield lasT Tall during TourTh period, could see The band pracTicing Tor iTs halTTime shows, puT on Tor The enioymenT oT The specTaTors and To supporT The Team. ATTer TooTball season, The band began many hours OT re- hearsals geTTing ready Tor a Television show which was seen in December. The ChrisTmas program Then kepT members busy. ATTer ChrisTmas vacaTion, work was quickly begun, To prepare Tor The annual concerT, and The STaTe Finals, in which many in- dividual band members also compeTed. New l-larTTord was also very honored To have Tive oT The band members chosen Tor All-STaTe SecTional Band, Three Tor OrchesTra and one member chosen Tor The BuTTalo All-STaTe Band. NexT in sighT was The Spring ConcerT, and Then, G-raduaTion. 54 rg W 57535 fi 1 s 1 n if . . if ff- X 15 m ,W qw l -fd W' an ea,:f,gl:f:4-M ,, , A v , : .,.., . +I' 4 , . ,N,.,,4 N M L- H A i I ..,.,.,,...,,..w,,fjfLf b ' " "Y wi , ' ' - ' ' "' 'ff'h"'aWm'ffWPWX?f4?Wf:f: ,N,N iff-gu.,,,.,mf mmm,M,,W,w,m J'-Him 15 U4 ,, i U f fi .ff-:exif W W f-fqlwffi W' W1-wmw,",51?'QMw,,, ' ' ,' f ffl F N I A ,K w ' I 7 e . e Bm x , A-' EMQXFJ ' 'X mfsgoymffz . 4 , A 'Mi - u Qix 754 r , ' - ' Vx I 'f' gn' if 'Il I-Ai K sa- 6 ff' X 4, Q f xt tx 5 - f 3 4 f Il,. A: . w-pup f gJ.. 5 J A 'U 3 .fl A ' 1' M q' ,J .X - 2? S X Q 'L ,N . , J iii r S MISS EDNA MAE RAWSON a cappella choir During The pasl year, under ihe experi direclion of Miss Edna Mae Rawson, +he New Harlford A Cappella Choir has enioyed many momenls in which if has enriched 'rhe hearls of people, loy singing music which has broughl happiness +o all. In compefilion, A Cappella has received many excellenl ralings. ll has gone from a raling ol A in grade four lo an A in lhe more difiicull grade Six, in parlicipalion in lhe slale music finals. Among lhe olher evenls lhe choir appeared in during lhe pasl' year were lhe Fred Schwender Memorial Program, a radio program on WIBX, and a Television program on WKTV. ln order for 'lhe choir lo achieve such high qualify, l'he members musl worlc hard al rehearsals. Helping Miss Rawson are l'he officers, who lceep order and 'lalce aH'endance in choir. Direclor Rear Row l-lopsiclcer, Shields, S, Jones, Willmoll, Fleming, Owens, Peek, Row: C. Williams, Devecis, Andrews, Farrell, M, Williams, S. While, Le Demrna Evans Cadwallader, Komaneclcy, Banlham, Mumford, M. Roberls, Baron, McC'auley, Thieroli, Heywood, Tulloch, Kincaid, Wilcox, Kazan Blando Third Row: Osler, Dunn, Filzsimmons, Acefi, Miller, l-loFFman, iian. Firsl Row: Lingenieller, Loomis, J. Coxon, McLoughlin, King, Rock Marlcelos Cressy, l-lierpe, W. Coxon, Whealon, Sloan, Genfer. Second well, Ribyal, Johnsfon, B, Widman, Magee, Spring, Clark, E. Widman X, '1 A 7 KO , .fi .. ,q.A If A 13565 9 Q 5 ' K if v 4. il' I 9? 5 1 , C ' I v P' 1 5 4' 3,5 Ab Firsf Row-leff rear fo fron+: Faas, Roberls Jones, Guckemus, Fleming, Burdick, Gibbs Willmoff, Devecis, Cook, Johnson, Thierolf McNeil, Bruce, Fryer. Second Row: Clark Cohan, Mears, Babcock, Wilcox, Kehoe, Tulloch, Baldridge, Richards, Cadwallader, Morris, Speck, Mellen. Fron'I' Row: Griicfifhs, Williams, Osler, Markelos, Jacobs. chorale The Chorale compleled irs lourlh successful year as 'rhe lop vocal or- ganizalion al New Harrlord. The +hir+y selecr voices from A Cappella Choir, rehearsing fhree limes a week under lhe direcrion of Miss Edna Mae Rawson, gave Fine performances lhroughoul lhe year, lor various oc- casions. Anne Jones, manager and Richie Mellen, co-manager, were se- lecred as orficers. The New Harllord Chorislers is an enlhusiaslic and hard-working group which was formed Two years ago. Under lhe direcrion of Miss Edna Mae Rawson, +he choir choristers has done a splendid job in spile ol several handicaps, such as a lack of lenors. ll has become one ol rhe oulsranding groups ol New l-larllord Cenlral School. During lhe Chrislmas season, rhe Chorislers made many public appearances. They also appeared al 'rhe annual Spring Concerl and Slale Music final. Rear Row: Zarker, Robischon, Babcock, Darmara, Blumensfock, Yafes Graves, Price, Grygiel, Gabrielson, P. Spring, Blaney, Lorlz. Third Row Bruce, Owens, Berg, Sform, Marrone, Parry, Willrnan, Dunn, Kehoe, Speck M. Brown, Crockell, Cook, Slasse. Second Row: Kaulzman, King, Cackelf, I si. Kennerknechl, Eynon, Benjamin, Garber, Sidelko, Tomaselli, Timmerman, Schmidgall, Cadwallader, Nill, Phillips. Firsl' Row: Mahoney, McCoy, Kelly, Blando, l-lill, Mofel, Murray, Slewarl, Hubbell, Slalnaker, Clark, Roberfs, While, l-loelzer, PQ ,.,,oa 0 ig 5 J L '-E , W . ah' X mf ... 2' . J 3 If 'V ai w if ,F, 1 -X X fx 5- w 5 , Q 'wffhgig ylffiffiix 1 - 'kbs f 4 ,, Q 14 f I 4 , mi W an 'iH1"'fS.ffi' W c . n E J vi' W 'fflnglnlunapnln . gb ' 3 AF A 5 5 N, Y w v A I N Q M, 1 V x 5.61211 7 x I QIXQ 11 af "' 1 x . S 5 .- ft' A .27 , 55 x 'Ps 5 Q 11" ,. 1' wi 5Fl 1'W ?'P"" AbitI'lll,,Q'Ht,,"'o'an'lv4n H X f Q Af fi!! f 5 . n 1 junior high musical activities The Junior High Choir, made up mainly of eighlh and ninlh graders, was conducled by Mrs. Rachel Barchelder. The choir sang success- fully on various occasions during lhe year. The Trieblers is anolher Junior High Choir and was composed ol 90 voices from sevenrh and eighlh grades, direcled by Mr. Charles Palmalier. lnslrumenlalisrs in grades seven 'rhrough len composed Prep Band, under 'rhe direcrion of Mr. Thomas Cifani. Experience was gained lor Senior Band by performing ai lhe Chrislmas and Spring Concerls. TREBLERS-Rear Row: Pobieglo, Holislein, Waxman, 'Wolfe, Cornish, Healey, Senl' Genler, Azzolina, S. Williams, VanFleel, Terrill, Filzsimmons, VanSlyke, Wood, Jamiesor Wilcox, Moran. Third Row: Boidak, Odin, Pflanz, Covey, Kendrick, Train, Bowdish, Parry Nalhan, Benson, Duchesne, Parker, Lewis, Berg, Hahn, Kroll, Levy, Mallhews, Murray, Mr Palmalier A Direclor. Second Row: Goodreau, Rawley, Walerman, Kemp, E. Cieslal Grinsberg, Hubbell, Caslle, While, Schrnidgall, Jallle, Phillipson, Green, Mozier, Munzer' Sheehan, Abounader, Carr, Quinn. Firsl Row: DelMedico, Morgan, Bennell, Pulrello, Hei man, Prarl, Volkman, Whirlield, Krause, Fancelr, Jackson, Casey, Speck, T. Tornasell Rokeach, R. Cieslak, Manner, Griswold, J. Tomaselli. JR. HIGH MIXED CHOIR-Rear Row: Wells, T. Jones, Yales, B. Wilcox, Konig, Slein, Winn, Phillips, Mellerr, Boorn, Flaum, G. Wilcox, Friedman, A. Davis, Albers, Breckel, Goodreau, McDonald, McGuire, Cunningham. Third Row: Aceli, Grilililh, McEwen, Shepard, C, While, Sleels, Williamson, Walker, Kappler, Heywood, C. Grzanowich, Frank, D'Haem, D. Davis, Belsy Hill, P, Jones, Morgan, Barbara Hill, Spring, D. Cook, Longway, Raiano, M. Grzanowich, Mellen, Hickey. Second Row: Lloyd, Cardamone, J. Jones, Fryer, M. Blando, Darmara, Devecis, Judson, Purcell, J. Osler, Slill, Peer, Sloan, Wason, Russell, T. Prall, Grinsberg, Healey, Keaveney, G-iganle, Miller, Lewis, LeviH'. Firsf Row: McNeil, Sonne, Hellman, Fanelli, Rockwell, Manfredo, Judy Kraeger, Joan Kraeger, K. Smilh, Mengel, Phillips, King, Cardinale, J. Brown, P. Roberls, D. Jones, Gross, Clausen, W. Smilh, Frosf, Cunningham, Weinslein, S. Healey. 60 PREP BAND-Rear Row: Berlhold, Taylor, Kobiels Healey, Prescoll, Longway, Giganle, Kolwaile, Phillips, Breckel, Freer, Levill, Hudgens, McNe Weirich, Yales, Sheldon, Nill, Rose, Queior, Olive D. Jones, Joan Kraeger, Burrows, Mr, Cilani Direclor. Third Row: Pulrello, Richards, R. Lov land, Cardinale, Galer, Wenke, Mears, Kenn Davoli, lnman, Willmoll, Fryer, Slappenbeck, Wa C, Loveland, Kielar, Sanders, Devecis, Menge Fanelli, Luczak, J. Jones, Hopsicker, M. Williarr- Phil Roberls. Second Row: V. Williams, S. Jone Judson, Smilh, Peel, Rockwell, Doran, Whire, Cu ningham, Banlham, Pughe, N. Phillips, Lewis, Bu sey, Baldwin, Dehnerl, Sanger, Judy Kraeger, Grza owich, Brady, Coe, Skeels. Firsl Row: Danie Slain, Peler Roberls, Spring, Whilney. -ll .fl'1.' MZ. --I-T " ,.,-U f--'1 , ,,. ,, 5-'?,.., -'inf xr ' QQ fjyf IT ff I AS" ' 5.515 ,,,, 'R -v-'ff iounl '- X Lx? 1 I T 'X "5.k N X' - X 4? f VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Jones, Wenner, Wessing, Grirfifh, Kraeger. cheerleaders Ably headed by caplains Leslie Griffilh and Karen Kran- decals were sold. and refreshmenfs were sold al' a Spring Juhl. This year's peppy cheerleaders were lhe real "push" 'rraclc meer. behind 'rhe loolball and baslcelball Teams. These ambilious girls worked hard in cheering 'rhe feam Varsily wore red skirls and while swealers, while Junior on al games and in promoiing general all-around supporl of larsilry chose fhe blue and whi+e comloinalion. To earn money fheir Spar+ans. :or fhese uniforms, +wo dances were held, Sparlan pens and JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Rear Row: Black, Lawson, Kranbuhl, Firsf Row: Sform. Ab- senf: Flint - i Q . Mille, i ix KK .1 , 61 I . . .. 1 " winq VARSITY FOOTBALL-Rear Row: Lockwood, Eiffel, Keiser, M. O'Donnell, D. O'Donnell, Kolwaile. Third Row: Zangrilli, Scala, Prirchard, Palmer, Walson, Mansky, Kowalsky, Walker, Slanlon, Soukup. Second Row: Mr. Auxler - Head Coach, Slogln, Braun, Pifzer, Silvesrri, Rifzel, Jones, Dee, Machold, Roe-mer, Mr. Emerson - Coach. Firsl Row: Bennell, DeBlois, Johnsfon, Leyden, C. Morris, P, Morris, Clark, Ward, Shaw, Speck, Adiklis, Wilcox. lilly-eight football The I'-758 New l-larllord Sparrans, under +he cap- able coaching of Mr. David Auxrer and Mr. Roberr Emerson, compiled a 4-4 record on lhe gridiron. ln lhe season opener, lhe Sparlans scored an impressive viclory over 'rhe powerful Ulica Free Academy eleven, 20-O. Then, as iniuries began lo pile up. 'fhe weakened leam 'look a loss al lhe hands of 'rhe Romans. As 'lhe season progressed and injuries increased, lhe Sparlan gridders 'loughl a see-saw baffle: bearing Herkimer, losing +o Oneonfa, emerging viclorious over Whiles- boro and sulilering sefbacks from Ilion and Proclor. In lhe final game, fhe New Harlford club lrounced "Frm Touchdown 1953" lhe previously undelealed Oneida Indians, 40-I'-7, in a close ballle unlil lhe lasl quarler. ' i , 'fi i I ,T x I . ' .w fs ' ff Agx xi- I' Z, "Concenlrnlion a nd Worry" 62 New New New New New New New New I-Iarfiovd HarIforcI I-Iadford Harfford I-Iarfford I-Iarfford I-Iarfford Harfford Tofal .. 2I I-Ierkimer ., ...,..,... . I2 .. . 7 Oneonfa I4 .. ..,. 20 Whifesboro .. I2 0 Ilion 7 SCHEDULE AND SCORES . ,..,.. 20 U+ica Free Academy .. 0 6 Rome Free Academy I9 ,. ,. I2 Procfor 22 . 40 Oneida .. .. I9 I26 Opponenfs IO5 COACHES-Mr. Roberf Emerson, Mr. David Aumdef - Head Coach, Mr. Edward IvIaseI, Mr. Roscoe Baker. PETER MORRIS GUY WILCOX CHARLES MORRIS SBIIIDI' spartans DAVID SHAW PRESTON CLARK 63 varsity lijskeihall The Sparfan Team, coached, Raymond posfed af i431 fhns va Lvery Eiiiioeisfql e losi' one fof,One0n'ra Ewa 'Hs regular Cdfhplic Acad- Nerif ',Hdr'rford second place in +heVCene1frgl- League, wifh a 9-3 mark, game behind Uhca Freedfxcademy. Qapfain Warren Palmer led +he Spar- +aing?yTinf'ascoring. accUml!la?f?nQfifT34I poin+s for a I9 poinr per garne average. Sopho- more Ken Palmer,fh Waerren's bro+her. fol- lowed wifh.23O poinfsfjfvwhile Lou Zangrillf' fl l41 ,mA,' lPefe, Morris Lockwood Wop, Guy Wilcox my and-faNicka Sheldon f67j, accoumed for mos+ ofl+he r,rer'nailning Pofvfsaaaaio ae W ,wg l , V, ,fr Y, 33 5 1 I A c , Q f r lree wb wN ' ' Har I ovrd Opponenfs - A ' lf N oneada za 1 w ' , 2 ifieme Hee Academy Urf.iwif?C5b+hc!1sr 64 do , , ccce 64 A Ffee' - Uficf- Hee Kiiigemxriii r,47fl17lli?!gI+.ica' Free l,g6 2 llion A 1: 'I' 64 S+. ' or -1:,, PFOCW? f, A36' 'l sf: :m 'Awllflancls Whll6gl9O'0 ' A Q ,lr - 57 LL'. pmdor K A , . 65 XLZLL Ufica Cafhollc , N , V - l ' ' W : 1 "k' A, ll r i' kY l X ' ' ll fl ,,.L or poslrecl ,a "i'1 League, and 8:7-I I overall record. Coaclggfgeve Auxrer, rhe ,lunior "5 year, marry of Jrheir losSQS Comi Therefywere ' b scored over yearg l and hLh borlr Mr. Mr. Auxrer hope +hehyif5hQvleA of imprfgved enough To make Varsiry Team VVVL n exl 'Bill Roefifer has ZOI poirmrs, folleifligd by Jeff Adilclis Torn F Pa++erson ll35l arid luovy. . A ' 'Ylf' Wi' A A ',-, Si: 4 ,55z,, .iA1. ' A 'l'i mer --2, ee r . Warren Palmer , 2551" 1 V ,QM . X. A K' , ,,,. ,, in JUNIOR VARSITY-v-Rea1rRbowi Davies, Frey, Billinglon, Hudgen5,r"WelrlCh,Q' TWellS,l Price. Walker, Skeels, He5l6y,jlWefkins.,Firs+ Row: Gellasclh - Manager, l,R06mer,i LaFache. Adiklis, L Phillipsf Keusesg Paffergon, Spring, Fools -K Manager, A , V Oh I Uvjgl A A W '-5: ' f-WLM '-'fl-PIMZQ "" -Lirwiw rm ' . f A erore Q We JUNIOR vARsnrY Stones-nose New Opporlenrs New Hairlford Oppohelifs 25 QI l-1 jbrrelda A ,f l,ll gg- 43 f z,7 , ly, Rgmek F-fee ACademyQUj254 lkik V HUHCG llion ll if-Q52 Rome Free Acefiemy 56 Norwich V 36 Uficafffree Academy 55 Ufica Free Academy 36 lliOr1 ' Hgyldmer A 46 S+. Frarilcisl 20 gl Oneonla 44- PrOClOI' 48 S'r,A1L -Francis Pvocfor H M 37 Wlmifesboro 45 Ufica Carholic Acad. 'i 'fu B? ho, Sf 1 - i lf. " ce A f 40 34 r s 'K 1 New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New NEW HARTFORD SWIMMING TEAM SCHEDULE l-larllord l-larllord Harllord l-larllord l-larlford Harllord Flarllord Harllord l-larllord l-larllord Harllord l-larllord l-larllord l-larllord l-larllord 56 Sl. Francis ., . 66 Lowville ., .. 63 Ulica Free Academy 49 Binghamlon Cenlral.. 48 . 52 Albany . .. 49 Baldwinsville . 7I 55 Rome Free Academy Troy . .. , Proclor 52 Binghamlon Norlh 49 . 55 Rome Free Academy Auburn . . ,. ,54 Sl. Francis .. . . 47 Belhlehem Cenlral ., 58 Ulica Free Academy Rear Row: Fischer, Parker, Kellogg, Noel, DeNigro. Third Row: P. Roberls, R. Slewarl, Benson, Cuda, Cvoodreau, Fariello, Waller Prall, Pilzer, Bell. Second Row: Babcock - Manager, D. Roberls, McKinlock, Scala, M. Slewarl, Willard Prall, Saunders, Temple, Quinn, F. Prall, Mr, Fosler - Coach. Firsl Row: Wilcox - Manager, Morris, Slorm, Keiser, Sick, Slanlon, Wiley, Drake, Davis, Lorraine, Callin - Manager. swimming team This years swimming leam, coached by Mr. Fosler, nolched a perlecl record ol lilleen wins and no losses. They held lhe lille ol Cenlral-Oneida League Champions, Seclion Ill Champions, and lhe mylhical champions ol Upslale New York. The leam, made up ol all under-classmen, was led by slale record holder Doug Morris lBullerlly-60.8 secondsi and Doug Wiley, leam caplain. Olher learn members lo parlicipale in record breaking were Bill Keiser, Ned Slanlon, Charles Drake, Bill Davis, John Quinn, John Slorm and Tom Scala. The highlighl ol lhe season was lhe hard-loughl viclory over Belhlehem Cenlral, avenging lheir lasl years loss lo lhig learn. ' I I QI wwf fa., - 1,5-'if wi 1 f L -:J if . i '0 if -ur l- 1'- ll 5' ' f Q N g A - N . , D baseball Rear Row: Zarrqrilli, Roerner, W. Palmer, K. Palmer, Benneff. Firsf Row: Lockwood, Young, Walrod Black. 5 ,491 track L aff' Rear Row: D. Linder, Sclnullz, Simon, Albers, Nisiewicz, Slrafella, Davis, Severn, l-larrrelfa. Fourlh - 3 ,Q ,,.-'57 I -- Row: Taylor, l-lorvallw, B. Smilli, Carlin, O'Donnell, Kowalslcy, Clark, Bender, Healey. Third Row: 1 ' Adilclis, Manslry, Magee, l-ludqens, Roberfs, Flanagan, Parker, Bennerf, Virlcler, Mr. Auxler - Coach, - 's 3 Second Row: D. Sloan, V, Linder, Baird, Cole, Dunn, Founrain, Muslee, Bales, Kellogg, Mr. Benia rnin - Head Coach. Firsl' Row: Gellasclw - Manager, fx. Sloan, Aceli, Jacobs, Cuda, D, Smilln Wlwidden, Schermerlworn, Crane, Brown. Rear Row: Mr. Sirnonsen - Coach, Flair, Ward, Clark, Shaw, While. Firsf Row: Crandall, Kearney, Ferrifer, Garber, Sfrafella. 7 g4'h,XAf?jL,,V QMS? sikixiiiho For ihe 1958-I959 season, 'rhe varsiry volleyball leam was coached by Mr. b Simonsen. The squad gained experience from Three lerlerrnen who relurned from a lasr year. Mainraining lhe srrengfh of lhe 'rearn was a large number of candidaies eager for one of rhe six srarring posirions. Playing a schedule which included Rome. Proclor and Whiresboro, The New l-larilord boys loughr exrrernely hard in con- reniion lor rhe Cenlral-Oneida League lille. 2 Aw ii: z1 I 'v cross country W z Aga Q1 ur ,fe va Facing ihe I958 season wi+h 4 sp ' ' RRTANS an opfimisric ouiloolc, Mr. Si- monsen's 22 milers were paced by Jim Whidden, Bob Crane, Bill Roberis, Dave Mears and Ed Virlrler. The ream lied Norwich, placed seven+h in a field of nine squads a+ Cobleskill, and Rear Row: Crane, Mears, Roberis, Virlcler, Panniclc, Mr. Simonsen - Coach. Firsf Row: Whidden, dld Well ln Seven Olller meels' Richards, Parker, Mclvlasiers, Cole. Absen+: Cohan, 68 Rear Row: S. WhiTe, Mellen, PlaTT, W, WhiTe, Billinqfon, Spring, Mr. I FosTer - Coach. AlThough hard hiT by The loss oT graduaTes, Coach Richard l:osTer says ThaT This year's Team, wiTh The uTilizaTion oT our excellenT TaciliTies, shows promise Tor The TuTure. ReTurning leTTermen were juniors Richy Mellen, Charley PlaTT, Bill WhiTe, and sophomores Phil BillingTon and Sam WhiTe. Coach l:osTer sTaTed ThaT BiIling+on and WhiTe molded Their Teamworlc inTo a craclc doubles uniT. The Team compeTed againsT such opponenTs as Norwich, Lowville, WhiTesboro, and Rome. golf team WiThouT including This year, The golT Team has amassed an unbe- lievable record. IT has never been deTeaTed in regular play since iTs origin six years ago, and iT has an undeTeaTecl sTring oT T'iTTy-Tive vicTories. LasT year The Team cap- Tured The SecTion Three and ln- TersecTional championships. Under The able leadership oT Mr. Louis Frani, The Team This year will again Try To mainTain iTs undeTeaTed record and secure The SecTion Three and lnTersecTional champion- ships Tor New l'larTTord. Rear Row: Kroll, l-lierpe, lvlcliinloclc, Mr. Fran: - Coach, FirsT Row: RiTzel, Garber, Kinne. 69 G3 K Hx -. , Q, g af k gf, -5 xl Aw MW'- 5 ' M. swim 1.5 - .ligngpig fi ,1iZ'?.f!?f,?fS, 35,33 g 2:53553 Qf??'f'3 , , ,H 3 fr' ' Rear ROW! Benlamlni MUVPBYI S- WlWlln9Y1 N- Wl1lln9Y' l-0'lZ- Fourth ROW: Row: McLoughlin, McSweeney, Cooper, Kulcla, DeBlois, Maccallum, An FVYQV EYUOVV Slave, Wll9Yi JOUGSV Wallodi Mallelli Wldman- Cock. drews, Ribyaf, Reed, McCar+ney, Miller, Cardamone. Firsf Row: Owens Cullen, Flanagan. Third Row: Wilderman, Faass, Johnsion, Sfory, Podoris, Sforml Rankin! Sauffeyy Osfeyy Saponafoy Moore, Wenner, Pike, Bean Farrell, Miller, J, Freiberger, Kelley, N. Freiberger, G-rifliih, Davis. Second phillips, Qsier- "--' "Aw we cor crm?" C234 T ,laA535",6faX?'f4 Rear Row: Brooks, N. Freiberqer, Benson, J, Freiberger, Jones, Dorofhy LeBaron. Front Donna LeBaron. 71 dolphins Under ihe able direc+ion ol Miss Barbara Jensen, Advisor, and Ann McLoughlin, Presideni. ihe Dolphins have had a mosi successful year. The highliqhi of ihe year was a wafer show in ihe spring. majorettes Our high-sieppinq maioreHes were seen de- rnonsirafing iheir original and clever rouiines ai mosi oi our loofball games and also pro- vided iancy shows during fhe baslceiball season This year. Their sensaiional baion iwirling and snappy uniforms were a grear addiiion ro every ac+ivi+y in which 'rhey pariicipaied. x' E 3 5 Q 5 '- 5 ,,'?,Q gf g S ? 5 5 , - i ,f I W E E E 2? 3, mf . at Q e i M' . A FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-Rear Row: Orsirio, Schulrz, Bianco, Lallier, Adams, Coyle, Kellogg, Lawron, Severn, Chapple FirsT Row Cully fNreTi, l-loryaTh, Taylor, Sloan, PoynTer, Lockwood, Komaneclcy, Cor- Wilcox, SmiTh, Kellogg, MusTee, Jones, Wells, MeilerT Wall WaTlcins rigan. Second Row: PaTTer5on, Nisiewicz, Fox, AlberTs, DoriTino, Kiley, Guglqie- junior high sports Coached by Mr. Ed lvlasel and Mr. Roscoe Balmer, The New l-larTTord Freshman FooTball Team annexed The CenTral- Oneida League crown wiTh a 6 and O record. The brunr oT The SparTan's oTTense was carried by hahfbaclcs Jerry Guslrie and George WaTlcins, aided by The Tullloaclc smashes oT lvlilce Wall and The passing oT Junior Cully. Due To The absence oT heighT, Coach Bob Emerson aTTempTed To insTill speed and ball-handling inTo his Freshman BaslceTball squad. The SparTans were conTidenT of a successful season because oT Their desire and husfle. The leading players were lvlilce PaTTerson, Dave lVlusTee, Don l-loryarh, BerT Lockwood, Junior Cully and Tom Young. DolphineTTes, The Junior swim club oT New l-larTTord, is open To anyone inTeresTed in exrra-curricular swim acTiviTies. Under The guidance OT Miss Barbara Jensen, These girls worlced hard To masTer The TundamenTals ol: synchronized swimming and, aT The same Time, geT a greaT deal OT en- ioymenT Trom Their meeTings. DOLPHINETTES-Rear Row: McCoy, Bowman, KraTT, Phillips, Taylor, WeinsTeiri, Azzolina. Seco Trimbey, Wilber, SToddard, Raiano, Grzanowicz, Firsf Row: Zarlrer, Lord, Desimone, Dousharm, Go i 74 nd Row KennerlcnechT FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Rear Row Guslue PleaTman, DuBois, BaTes STappenbeclr Jones MellerT, Pinlcos, Chapple Gardiner Manager Firsf Row: SchulTz, Lockwood Cully PaTTerson l-loryaTh, MusTee, Young Taylor Fez Wi. ay' school services ENN S Q 5' ser? W CAFETERIA STAFF-Rear Row: Mrs. Ann Jennings - Dielician, Mrs. Marian Kolb, Mrs. Slephanie Sa+or, Mrs. lrene Cun- ningham, Mrs. Mary Crane, Mrs. Mary Reynolds, Mrs. Mary Faass, Mrs. Eslelle was Crane. welsh? CUSTODIANS-Rear Row: Howard Taylor, Roberl Jones, John Appler, Lloyd Hughes. Leon Walerman, Ray DeRosa, Alberr Gellman. Firsf Row: Norman Popplefon, Evan Thomas, Lynn Lloyd, William Hin- man, Edward Smifh. BUS DRIVERS-Rear Row: Charles Haslrin, Ted Hayman, Bob Sen+s, Joe Kowas, Howard Falk, George Williams. Firsf Row: Bob Andrews, Cecil Arno, Bill Goff - Direcfor of Transporfafion, "Wl'rai's For Lunch?" 75 Hop On, Sharon! Timid Teddi Double Trouble Can'f Ya Swim, Eels? Grade School Grads We Wl'ra+7 Kissin' Klimans A X F v Q - , Innocence 76 Bro+l'rerly Love! Wl-ra+ Nex+, Les? Rear Row: Mr. Burns - Direclor, Mrs. Donahue - Direclor Plalf, Doran, Crandall, Sierson, Clarlr, Gabrielson, Boelnrn Fourfh Row: Owens, Blumensloclr, Miller, Malleif, Kearney, Coolr, Johnson, King, Ryan, Kempf. Third Row: Albers, Mc Ewen, Albert Deslvlarias, Nill, Freiloerger, G-rzanowicz, Mac- Callum, Bennell, DeBlois. Second Row: Williams, Phillips. . G-riflifhs, Bussey, Moore, Wall, Queior, Trirnm, Benson, Will- moi. Firs+ Row: Bruce, Brescia, Banfham, Sanger, Roof, - Townsend, L. Benne++, M. Bennefl, Wessinq, Casey. 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Finesi' in Fashions for Girls, Teens, Chubbies Boys, Huskies, Men a'r +he NEW HARTFORD SHOPPING CENTER 641'h YEAR Sfenographic-Secrefarial Medical Secrefarial-Execuiive Secreiarial Junior Accounfing-Business Adminisfraiion and Higher Accoun+ing Courses of Sfudy BuIIe'rin Upon Requesf Regisiered by Board of Regenis of Sfaie of New York Complimen+s - of ' BANK PLACE W' T. W. S. RISINGER, Principal Compliments REID-SHELDON CO. vi Since I 845 Luggage and Lea'I'her Goods 24I GENESEE ST. UTICA. N. Y. ELI CRAMER 81 SON New Harfford Shopping Cenfer C ompliments of STI LLWELL'S ATLANTIC Seneca Turnpike New Harfford, N. Y. Phone RE 2-94I8 JAY-K INDEPENDENT LUMBER CO. Seneca Turnpike NEW HARTFORD Phone RE 5-4477 Your Complefe Suburban Shopping Cenfer A Full Line of GROCERIES -- NOTIONS 3 G MARKET CLOSED MONDAYS Phone U+ica RE 2-9773 Complimenfs of PRESTO CLEANERS 2 Clinron Road Phone RE 3-3668 NEW HARTFORD Compliments of A FRIEND PERRY 81 KRAMER INC. 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GATER Lincoln-Mercury-Edsel Sales Incorporafed 2007 Genesee S+ree+ Ufica, New York Compliments of Your P 81 C FOOD MARKET I9 Campion Road NEW HARTFORD WANAMAKER'S Living Room-Dining Room Bedroom Furnifure IN NEW HARTFORD "OVER 40 YEARS" C ongralulalions to the CLASS OF I959 Cooperai-ive G. L. F. Exchange. Inc. 32 Campion Road NEW HARTFORD, NEW YORK 82 THE SHOE SHOP NEW HARTFORD CLEANERS Shoes and Rubber Fooiwear AND DYERS INC for +he En+ire Family 27 Genesee Sfreei' NEW HARTFORD, N. Y. Phone RA 4-5590 Complefe New Modern Planf New Har'I'Ford Owned and Operaied Cleaning of Dis'l'inc+ion Complimenis of 4 Campion Road NEW HARTFORD. N. Y. Ph- RE 5,2251 NEW HARTFORD. N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '59 and Besi Wishes for a PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY FUTURE ONEIDA NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. OF UTICA NEW HARTFORD BRANCH 83 Complimenfs of 0 Compllmen+s ATLANTIC SERVICE ,,EM,, ,QQSERS 2660 Oneida S1'ree1' UTICA, NEW YORK Phone RE 2-9879 224 Genesee S+ree+ Complimenfs of The UTICA' N' Y' VILLAGE BARBER SHOP 52 Genesee S+ree1' Phone RE 3 4656 NEW HARTFORD. N. Y. Phone RE 2-9666 RIDGEWOOD Fm TWO Foon MARKET 25I4 ONEIDA STREET Meafs-Groceries GEORGE KAUTZMAN RA 4-7633 P.M.S. 81 E M CHARLES BUSHINGER FLORIST 54 Genesee Sfreei Un +he Village, NEW HARTFORD, N. Y. Telephon RE 2-5I63 MONOGRAM CLUB-Rear Row: Bennefl, Zanqrilli, Hudgens, W. Palmer, P. Morris K. Palmer. Second Row: Mr. Emerson - Coach, Adilrlis, Wiley, D, Morris, Sloan, Davis, Soulcop, Machold, Kowalslcy, Mr. Auxfer - Coach. Firsf Row: Roemer, Young Black, Drake, Lockwood, Mr. Benjamin - Coach. Complimen+s of NEW HARTFORD BCJOSTERS Our Aim . . . io promofe spor-is of all kinds in 'l'he schools and +he communify +he end 'l'ha+ New Hariford will be a be'H'er place +o live. Are You a Booster? 85 Complimenfs of JOE KOLB Compliments of HEALD 81 MARTIN. INC. S+. Charles Kifchens WOOD MADE KITCHENS GE APPLIANCES - TAPPAN GAS RANGES RA 4-I9I8 Zvgliw dffazwesa, IID.IPriceaC0 GENESEE at DEVEREUX Phone RE 3-4677 BRUCE M. SOUTER EVERYTHING IN INSURANCE 3 Oxford Road New Har+'ford, N. Y. Best Wishes to The Glass of '59 from Genesee Optical Company DISPENSING OPTICIANS CONTACT LENSES John A. Racioppa CHICAGO SUPER MARKETS Compliments of 50 Genesee Sfreel' New Harfford A FRIEND 400 Columbia Sfreef "Farm Fresh Produce" - "A Variely of Groceries" - "Choice Qualily Meals Wiih Personalized Service" Complimenis E N W RANDALIJS PHARMACY H. W. Randall, Ph. G. 60 Genesee S+. New Harlford, N. Y BARBER SHOP 5 Chairs 'lo Serve You Telephone Rlidwood 2- I bl 5 87 CompIimen+s of RAY BENSON YOUR U'l'ica and Vicinify DEALER 3 , , 1 LEADERS CLUB-Rear Row: Sfory, Cook, Griffifh, Johnsfon, Keaveney, Schorr, Shepanowicz, Benjamin, Owens, Dunn. Firsf Row: Sform, Kelley, Freiberqer, Wenner, Wessing, Cooper, Faass, Davoli. 88 Complimenfs of Ihe BALLOON SHOP New HARTFORD, N. Y. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATION STORE AUTO ACCESSORIES SPORTING GOODS - PAINT BICYCLES - HARDWARE Charles A. Upham 6 Pearl Sfreei New Har'Iford, N. Y. Phone RA 4-2256 Telephone RA 4-2929 MORRIS OPTICAL SHOP, IIIC. DISPENSING OPTICIAN Room 603, Niagara Mohawk BIdg. Complimenis of SIDELKO'S GROCERY STORE I48 Genesee S+reeI NEW HARTFORD 258 Genesee S+. Ufice, New York Groceries' Fruns and Vegefables C""'P'1"'e"Is New HAnTFokn PHARMACY o Pls:-1ER's DEPT. STORE EMM-LO'+1 and 27 Genesee SI. New Harfford, N. Y SMART TOGGERY Phone RA 4-5932 EE WOW er . Q G I d R H where mxioafc . 2? Y. 'Remember me 'Moon 4 .3 f Model 'T Fava 1 4 drove Hman? A Q- Lit! gfha+ -' ' 9633 haf Mommy YXO..5 One x, gm hen 9005 Goof C m QAM, Nag 5 boy! if3lQ,cQQfy'xlg?-'W Wi X926 "' ix " AW M .-r HRW' N 45 ffg 6 5, Q W JJ WHEN rm GONEQO 1 wow FQRQET ny :fi ,A u ',11'1l: Y 11 1 W-11. '11 '- N ,L 1 115' W, N ,,gh,.v. .. 11. , N , "--- ' 11 I 1 -, ' 1 -J1 ' V- 1 : -,1 fu - 11- , .1 11 11 W 311W ,, 1,-1.11. , W... ,T f Z" 11 14. , .Q-,l.Q1."' 51ej-j.'1 4 'fA':"1'E"'l? M ,T MI-' W 1 W "1 J " 'r 11.1. 11 1 11 1 1 . 1 V 1 1 ,11 1 1- l11'1 4 11 11.1 H ,. 1 '1 J! 1 '1:' ,, 1 11 . 1 gg. ,11 , ' 'Az 111 1 11, 1 1 . 11 1 , W 1 1 5, A 1 -WA X X JVM 1 11' 1 1 1' 1 MN V 1 111 .1 11 'L 45,51 u1'1'111' 21 '1' 11 '1 1 - 1 V, ,V 1 N' ' 'rsnfffqb 1 JL: 111-1115 , IJ.. YHQ1 i11 1 11 1 .1111 . , H ll. 1. 3., .. autographs 3 5 r- 5 P E 5 F I 5 I R E AL I r E 2 E l i E 5 1 E 5 I s F111 1 11 'J.. - 1-1 1 1,1 vi Q .-i ' fs fi" f , . QQ- 1 1 I , , 1 1 . 1 , 7 1111 1 'fa-11 al 1-fy 5' U. 75.24 FL Ii 51-"V ff:- lf' f-, 't",wQ L fd 'T J J- if-TI' .TQ ga' 1..' 91:7 Ag- 11. Fe .W-.M M- .W . J, . .1 QQ wi. . ag? F541 T' 1 '-5 , 1,1. gf 'uv 1 1 1? 12,5 .MT 1 551 3 .L 11 rk , 1- Eii Q- '11 - 1 '-911 1 -1 If .'. I ,., 1-1, 1 1 -1 1.1 . g l v .. T ',1Q , V. , -frf- - 3 .-.,.1, 11 ' 1 5:4-FgE'1ef1g1 v 'H J Xi ' 7 "xY'.3x, ,.:,1, A-,. ', ,h 1 -15. "Will-.1 '1 -. 1' fi-11 .fax 1 , 11-L ,. 1 ., .H M 3,,.- Y :ffm M, .1 1 111 :-fi.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 it ' ' 1 I 1 1- 1-Av. 1 ' .l' 1 1 1, 1'- 1 1 . , - 'N ' 1 , , 1 1 W I 1. A 1 T. P ' 1 rl I, ," Fw P, v Z , V 11 , J, 1,i'I L. - 4 ' 1 1 1 '11 ', A . , 1. 1 ,, X' 1 x s 1 W- I ,V fr' ,. 1 1 li ' pf , 11 'f' 5 1.'- ' J 1 . v L ' iff 1 1 . 1 .Y A 1-1 41 . ,rf , L. 1 1 1 1' 11 1 r fr E . +. -1 1 ' 1 1 1 - . 1, .1 1 .,, - 1 1- 1, 1 1 1 . 1 ' 4 r 1 1 1 K , . 1 . 4 ,, -1 V .'- .. 1 1 . K . E I 1 .1 ,1, ,1 -- 1 H QL. ,ann , 1 I .NL 4' 1 1 Q

Suggestions in the New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) collection:

New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 15

1959, pg 15

New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 49

1959, pg 49

New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 73

1959, pg 73

New Hartford High School - Senior Annual Yearbook (New Hartford, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 81

1959, pg 81

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