New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA)

 - Class of 1957

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New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 62 of the 1957 volume:

x.,,- A , V 74a Weak WewWmqow Schd Wew7fcvzZfofwl7 I , 0014 I I HA' ... -191',-5"T14. my - "ZL' T' 'gawzdofg DALLAS SELLS Board member for frve years farmer JOHN HANSEN, Board member for one year farmer VANE A PATTISON Superrntendent of Schools for 13 years HERMAN HEMENWAY, Board member for one year, farmer HAROLD GEYER, Board Secretary -Treasurer, served on Board for 31 years HAL THOMPSON, Board President, served on Board for three years, farmer VERNON SCHOEMAN, served on Board for eight years, farmer DALE H, BRINKMAN, Insurance New Hartford FACULTY Congratulatrons and best w1shes to the Class of 1957 You may well be proud of your f1ne job on the annual As you look back 1n years to come I am sure you wtll reallze that you have prof1ted from your experrences 1n preparmg th1s work favwffa-554-MM agsaaaaz To the Class of 1957 You are to be congratulated up on not only the complet1on of your pubhc school course but also upon the preparatron of th1s very frne yearbook You w111 f1nd that as the years roll 1nto hrstory the lessons learned and the memorres connected wlth your hlgh school w11l be kept fresher by the record wh1ch you have rncorporated rn th1s book Best wrshes for the future " agsaaaaz RAY'S BARBER SHOP New Hartford ELDON ARMSTRONG Seventh Grade Sponsor Industrral Arts MRS FREDA BROCK Vocal Musrc Iumor Hrgh Enghsh BURTIS L BUROW Instrumental MUSIC DCWAYNE CUTHBERTSON Newspaper Yearbook Busmess Educatron JOHN KURTT Boys Coach Government Senror Sponsor it 'Y' asf TOWNSEND AND MERRILL CO New Hartford .f 4 4 125, f " f as 1 ' ' ' ' . '1 MRS GLADYS MOWER Home Economlcs JAMES H ROGERS Mathemaucs Nmth Grade Sponsor WALTER SPURBECK Erghth Grade Sponsor Soc1a1 Studles G1r1s Basketball Coach HENRY VAN ESCHEN Drlvers Tralnlng SCICDCC Sophomore Sponsor MRS DOREEN WEBER Enghsh Jumor Sponsor NEW HARTFORD ELEVATOR New Hartford Iunior High Coaching , r'h'. gd L SENIORS Z presldem Vlce Presxdent THOMAS SCHUCK CHARLES BECKER what 1 don I know no one does I don I let studxes mterfere w1th my educatxon SCCFCIHFY lreasurer KAREN RASMUSSEN JANET SELLS The World knows nofhmg of Us She can only thmk of one thxng greatest Women that 5 Why I m at once so she th1nks of hxm stxll unknown HOME CAFE, New Hartford '1 8 Ik nl ? , - 4 ' 4' L L J-""" f Q .i -- f 4, 1 " ? fin A w is - I 6 4 - ' d , 6 f g Q xx .H ' 4 G- b,, - l ,bv 'JJ'-H '13 , I A """ A ' .' - l l i "' 11 G 1 L - im' 1 .ff W .- 'f' 1 3 A 3 1 1- 1' F .W "W W , f-"-f' " 5 'Swv "Q" ' 4 ,,t :4' -v "' 'Z ffuffx Q'-"T VERNON ING ALLS df' MYRON JOHNSON Someday I m golng to do some The good dre young I don t thxng drasuc hke Study have to worry AGNES RINDELS SHIRLEY CHAPMAN I never get ured of work, I can An rnnocent face but you could look at It for hours, HCVCT I611 II. PARKERSBURG STATE BANK O, A, BAILEY, Pres1dent MARY STEWART, Branch Manager DALE LUCK BOB MAA5 There must be some hard work They S-HY greater men have 11Ved 1n h1m But none has come out I don I fhlnk S0 e RONALD POWELL SELDON HUNTLEY Bless the man who mvented sleep Words flow from h1s hps 11ke an erupung volcano DIX AND RAWDON, New Hartford JOE JANS ROBERT BOOROM Im not as bashful as I look Many great men are dead and I don t feel so well myself Concentratmg Need HUY help? no-lk K Understand? Studymg hard? SECURITY STATE BANK Shell Rock CHARLES BECKER Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Bas ketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 Mrxed Chorus 1 2 3 Newspaper 2 3 4 Class Off1cer 1 2 4 Plays 1 2 3 Annual4 ROBERT BOOROM Pep Club 3 4 Dr1vers Club 3 Basketball 3 4 Annual 4 Mrxed Chorus 3 4 News paper 3 Play 3 Double Quartet 3 Boys Glee Club 4 Pep Club Off1cer 4 SHIRLEY CHAPM AN Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Stu dent Manager 2 3 Plays 1 2 3 Offrce Worker 3 4 Homecomrng Queen Atten dant 3 Cheerleader 4 SELDON HUNTLEY Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Mrxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Annual 4 Stu dent Coune1l4 Baseball 2 Newspaper VERNON INGALLS Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 Mrxed Chorus 2 Class Offrcer 1 2 3 Student Councrl 2 4 Student Councrl Offreer 4 Plays 1 2 3 Boys Double Quartet 3 Homeeomrng Krng Attendant 3 JOE IANS Baseball l 2 Basketballl 2 MYRON JOHNSON Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Bas ketball 2 3 4 Newspaper 4 Class Offlcer 1 2 3 Baseball4 Plays2 Homecortung Krng Attendant 3 DALE LUCK Dr1vers Club 2 3 Newspaper 3 Plays BOB MAAS Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Boys Glee Club 4 Annual 3 4 Busrness Man ager 4 Newspaper 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 Plays2 3 Student Councrl 3 Class Offrcer 1 RONALD POWELL Dr1vers Club 2 3 Plays2 KAREN RASMUSSEN Pep Club 3 Newspaper 2 3 Plays 1 Class Offreer 4 AGNES RINDE LS Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Basketball 2 Grrls Glee Club 1 2 3 Chorus 2 3 4 Plays l 2 3 THOMAS SCHUCK Dr1vers Club 2 3 Dr1vers Club Offlcer 3 Boys Quartet 3 4 Student Counerl Offrcer 4 Playsl 2 3 Newspaper 2 3 Student Councrl 1 2 4 Mlxed Chorus 3 4 Mrxed Quartet 4 Boys Glee Club Band 1 2 3 4 Annual 3 Brass Quartet 2 3 4 Newspaper Co Edrtor 4 Off1ce Worker l Class Offrcer 3 4 JANET SE LLS Pep Club 2 3 4 Dr1vers Club 2 3 Bas ketball 2 3 4 Plays 2 3 Newspaper 2 3 Class Offrcer l 2 4 Student Counerl Of freer 4 Student Councrl 4 Annual Edrtor 4 Annual 3 4 - - : : ' 2- : . 2 - 9 -3: " : : 2 A ' - - -4: 3-43 Boys' Glee Club 45 Plays 1-2-3, Office Worker 3-4g Sextet 4g Mixed - - : ' : 4: ' -' - Q ' ' ' . 1' - : ' 1 ' 4: - - - : : 1- - - : 5 . S . CLASS 'C' 414.4 ""'i."'a HF? !1..4 JAM DOROTHY BERGMAN MARLYS BERGMAN IACK DAVIS DALE GAST SHARON GRANDON KENNETH HARKEN DORIS HENZE JANE I-IERSEY BETTY KLEINHANS MARTIN KUNZ ALVIN KYHL DONALD LEBAHN PEGGY LUDERS DAVID MELICK MERRILL OSTER MARY POWELL 4 y,,,i3Q I K 'Ia' fm ,"" A :il ' - If gg QE 'L T I YL 'T' 'XE ' I I I.T, Q X Q 7 I Q U' J y 9 L3 :I 'Q' .Wy , V . ,L 'f 1 ii '34, sq' iw I 'Hx I f at '13 5,8 fi gh. 11,25 it ,gv1,,Q if I fu N ,R U fgv ,,,L Wi ,fffzig If f'1ffI A I if I " r S I 1 :FI Can't you find the keys? Are you always that 1ndustr1ous'P Sure that IS r1ght'7 Eyes on the opy HSI'- Interest1ng'P ,, a Caught 1n the act These words came from h1S 11ps HAWKEYE GARAGE New Hartford 3 I5 .f Q ' 7: I I ' ' A C ! , - W 'X . I I X3 - 'I J Q f x j 1 3 X I 1 5 , W f A ' "' ff Q. A vb K ,A S r t, b .. , A f I L, XX s U ga 5 ,..'f' -4'7'Y ,1 A ,W ,Lew s, I mfffs ""9x 5 fa 5- 'nf ,,,,a- arr 'algwm' 1 X ir' 'Tia A 6, 15-"Km :Q 1 I Qgx ,fs asf' 11-17 ,-ap.. -.Q-4 N-'Y :gui Q-:SSX W basil. 'QF HOLGER HOLM New Hartford Marvin Adolphs Marvin Bolton Faye Brocka Larry Burrows Martm Dav1s Larry Dukes Kerth Dove Donavon Goodsell Dorothy Grandon Eugene Grassley Mary Htggrns Gary Jorgensen Conrad Kugel Rrchard Kugel Arthur Le Bahn Allan Maas Rhonda McMullen Cathy Moffrtt Faye Schnerderman Sharon Stoppelmoor IoAnn VanLengen Larry West Marlys Wertjes Leota Wrltfang M Don t dltch 1t' Ser1cus operat1on'P 'S lm I lil f See anyth1ng'P What are you talking about? FRED VAN TASSEL and PAUL S APPAREL, Parkersburg Iowa An-v"' l 599' Zliim -4931 "Win 5? f -V.. qw 1.55 I 'ia Qi: -1 'KS ..,-L...""- bye, ans.-9 Q" x ff- Wanda Adams Darrell Adelmund Carol Andreessen Marlys Ballhagen Larry Bauer Alan Becker Lors Bergman Lorna Bergman Walter Brown Dale Burrows Wayne Wrltfang " XJ? TJ will 45,3 was 85' if W.,-f' 1'1- C 9' Q YP' WM' W- 1 W? 'f Rose Chapman Laverne Fobran Mary Fobran Wayne Folken Russell Harken John Hrggrns Duane Holm Charlene Huntley Ianrce Iaqurs FIRESTONE and VARSITY CLEANERS, Cedar Falls Iowa .X L A3 I, X E WF V ti r , 3 H 'xx 'V K ' " V X"m""W" , 3 i-FKA ' -Q Q: , t . rilfi . W, A 1? 'Qy 4+ B X I k 1 ,Q bi K xl 4 fr- Q lie' " QQ 15 W 1 -., -w Q V 00,1 x I V Wu . X' V f 5' 'fu' "' , ev N.. Lflfiff Q . A Q-1:11-in 3 Q, ' ge -f' .1 :- X ,.,1, -"fn, ? if , ,, , Lx J: sz gy: 7 A .6 m K-f ,- Q. 1, ff " 9 B5 Y Y ral 'Q Q QQ F f A f r ' A , .,v- 1. , , - W fx, Q Q. ,wa , Ng. 7 , 7 3 5 ff , me 'ee 55 a S ' 1 5, V- f' " f R . V 5 2 e s 7' N I ' ' V 1 1 ' -rx . K T E: ' X A fgiigf f , F' ' , 2, I I, yr I I ' 5 1 Kkvk LX 4 .,r, tl ,. MI.. V V k Q I ' '3 M, Fix . if NJA Q 's ' " X A X ' fflnz B , B ra, -r,', - r,e M B5 'R A tx .A T Ai' A "A . ef-V x A ' ' E B 1 . 5,43 -5 1 Q . . M 4 I f I ' V. ' V X? Lorralne Johnson R1chard Johnson Ronald KICWISI Karen Kyhl Karon Maas Stephen Moore Sharon North Luther Pfeiffer Russell Powell Duane Rasmussen Mar1lyn Schoeman Jeannme Shaw LM Y vt 1' i LV ,as nag, I I 1' fi' S ,-v-...T-"1" E311 5' Ramona Shaw Juanrta Stxckley Robert Stork S ndra Tharp Lynda Thompson Donna Van M111 Lynette Wagoner Wylone Warrmg L..-affl' f 1" 7-gt QT' ,fgfw 11,2- 34' gs... f WL' fig f'-ff' iw DERKLY HARDWARE CO , Waterloo Iowa I . ,AX k I x ' LL L A rf- Q3 L 1' L ", 3 n . W W ,U ,, i,,fQ:.5 J I B if 'X' I if 1 'fry LL o 5, at ,L ,' af Lx W 2+ 5: Lf L J ' fs f ' T L L 15-5 L' 'TH I y W -Y J I' L 4 L 'P K - Pj W - s s 3 P' L x as raf 5 ln fr 5,1 T- 2' fr f . . ,.A : Q A L4 ' rg! 3 PJ fb L A Li , .QL ffl' or f F212 fat A i""'f L 1 f I A A 77' gr , 'uh . . ,X 3 :W if 6 ' 4 -ws L, +353 Li..-" s L ,955 3.-Q lf I Q VQ f , L. K Ab, 1 1 Mi is K ' :hi-'HU,, L. L W , 4 W s M A Y ' L V ag! L , E we ' r " L ' L "" A 3 f L ' Qi' L X L 1 Y , D ,-. W- Ltr., 443 1---fl ' L 5 " I 9 'V ff' N: i , , " ' lit: I4 :hx A , X Rock a bye my baby N Smg to me mama . Studyrng hard Russ'7 Skyroc keung' i Do you have concentration deficiency? What s the recipe? NEW HARTFORD HARDWARE, New Hartford Iowa Patsy Brennan Rrchard Corwln Kent Cuvelrer Roger Davrs Ronnre Dlx JoAnn Folken LeeRoy Gerloff Leonard Hansen Betty Henze Lynne Hovelson Dale Huberg JoAnn Hugh Donald Hulslng V1la Ingalls Wrlham Jans Kenny Kugel D wld Madsen Vern Nunnally Larry Oster Lee Pferffer Kathleen Ph110 Henry R1dder Larry Schnerderman Sharon Shaw 15 rf '31' mf VN 4'-'F wg, -..f"" fr- 'S We ,1 tfaaiin - QW lat' 4'- 1-ve. JN J.. 'Www W "' 39 -M -ff .,vXv1m. Ron n1e Southard Merle Stoppelmoor CN, PARKERSBURG LOCKER and PARKERSBURG MOTOR Parkersburg Iowa .1147 Qw- 'Rx we 2.-52 2I ' ' ' A 15 ' :X - 'H if , K m ,I K I r . I, ,A NMA B Zag X. - f 'Q . - . " 2 5 f h N jf, it N 'I I ws' 7 in 'H' lk 2' 'ful e 1 ,D 336' V lwii V 1 Y TTI "Q I fx 5 I l -N f 4 3 ' 3 G 1 I - rv ro- L is . 5 W. ,A J: K, fs? ' E '. 5 1 A X 3, Q :M4,l,f..,. ,. it kk . Tr. 5- il A If gl 1 K-9 L - - 43,5 B Q 2 r.l.,f jf? K - I Q - -fl ' lst' , ,-Q -X xg! , 0 fi .J lla.. L -if ' A L ., I r t 4. ' F' ' , A A 1.9 la PM Q 4"' Q--M-I T fl?-5 af' X 4 i: My 1 tg ,f!"'t.," f ' x 5 ' 1' Ab U N ehyn, f y . y , 5 f- t,, Q Q, an gg' -5 f . CWA 4? VX ,fl , .w V L15 'V ,P M' 'gig K we H I V ' 5. K, I-H' sy pt' K , L 374 K. I 5 , r . lm, cv- I rf. 'N 49411 fl-if L F l"" 13? 7 if 7, sa I, o 1 N Q35 'siv- Giff- L... 9 35 9' L., EE-1 vqv' '11 asf? awp 200- 454-v-J ffwwi 'Uv' 4 l fag' 'J fi? X... ,Qw- vQ""P Mx 1-ri Hahn am naw' Wir' N Paul Youngberg QT' 'M f' John Adelmund Jerry Ballhagen Dennrs Bass Bruce Bravard Ianet Chapman Lynda Chapman Robert Mansen Betty Hemenway Bernard Hlggrns Ianrce Huntley Ronald Iaqurs Howard Kyhl Rrchard LeBahn John Madsen Kathy M611Ck Kayla Nlelsen Daryl Rasmussen Carolme Rldder Mary Schlampp Sher11yn Van M1 Q Xl Music CORNER Waterloo Iowa 11 f v l :W Mk M U ' " Q' 7 ! Q--S sl 1 P1 u M .rm M ,W " "xx S: iiisiizi P is :fa or-M ,H M +5 ff" ' N' M J RR I R x 5' X ,fe ' 6 . 'R '9 7 ' 72,15 - ,fl-ff 1-'X n .... , ? my 4 fi aff!! 5 i A i 'T 1 L Q ff! fy ig fi' RS' we Q R ' ' fm ' X f X ,' K 'ba 'E . gb, M 1',,1.,. Q uf, 1 of 9 ' N R R h o R 5 .f SJ. XX 'sw R M 'fi ,fa.1-r as fm gas o R 5 , fy -Q ,Vx f on M . . fs- x ' of- - "' c , Q QE , ' ' . r. ig, o f 3 X ly 'Q 1,7 ,055 .L as 42 5, n- 1 I FIRST ROW Janrce Huberg Sharon Adelmund Charlotte Dean Larry Chapman Becky Tharp Donna Hulsrng John Brocka Kerth Dav1s Patrrcra Hansen Davrd Buss Kathleen O Donnell SECOND ROW Mrs Reeve Dtane Goodsell Dennrs Wrltfang Joyce Brocka Nancy Folken Terry Buss Nancy Bergman Jeanne Ploeger Karla Holm Janet Jorgensen THIRD ROW Glenda Masters Marlene Shaw Judrth Perrm Donald Jones Gene Carl1n Carol Naber Kenneth Nevenhoven Davrd Schoeman Lrnda Rasmussen Clyde Luck Henry Gerloff S4154 S? What s the matter don t they balance? Don t Just stand there do somethrng CEDAR FALLS SAVINGS AND LOAN, Cedar Falls Iowa FIRST ROW Leane W11dCb06T Duane Ballhagen Nancy Johnson Lynda Rasmussen Lynne Rasmussen Ernest Nunnally Gregory Chapman Sharon Dretrrck SECOND ROW Elarne Powell Larry Jans Jamce Sherman Wayne Wagoner Drane Luck Gregory Jaquls Roger Kurper THIRD ROW Harlan Ackerson Mary Loxs Hansen V1r g11 Prursner June West Alvrn Mrller Robert Dean Tommy Mlller Darrell Powell Randy Rand f Milli! iff! IHHW4 as ni... was the mght before Chrlstmas QUICI' SCICHUSI HI W0l'k VARSITY CLEANERS and PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO Waterloo Iowa " 'T A ,' , ll , - - R S 1 s ,Q - cl, A lf? A! Af " W "' , X K- i .il f A-MH' Ll N Q M A I 5: K W, 4 - ,-,M 5 17ml L Ir ' ' . ' - ' ' . FIRST ROW Gordon Ballhagen Maunne Norton Judy L1nn Wrlson Irmmy Huberg Patty Lahmon Rrchard Hovelson Donn1e Schnerderman Mary Burrows Leland Ackerson Wanda Talbott SECOND ROW Paul Fob1an Margaret Corw1n Jlmmy Gerholdt Judy Hrggms Crarg Madsen Patty Shaw Allen Patersen Nancy Woods Brent Wllson Ilmmy Kugel THIRD ROW Darrell Strange M1chae1Sch1ampp V1ck1 Nlelsen Sally Thorne Jrmmy Klemhans Carolyn Madsen Sandra Lathrop Itrnmy Bradford Allan Adelmund Sharon Luders Not rn Prcture Terry Thompson when Gorng on a trrp Deep IH thought SMITH ELECTRIC and PARKERSBURG ECLIPSE, Parkersburg Iowa 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' : , E 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 9 : Q ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 I Q Qi' .IJ 'hr A fs C -1 . wx I at I r , ' fx if 7 1 1 W h I , . , ' 5 , 1 ' ' 'F . I FIRST ROW Barbara Adelmund L1nda Dretrlck Tamara Kugel Velda VanM111 Paulette IBQUIS Kevm Kruger Dewey Johnson Judy D1etr1ck Mark Shaw Sh1r1ey Ackerson SECOND ROW Rae Ann Luck Steven Rewerts Rrchard Carr1er Jrmmy Bergstrom Dav1d Carr1er Bruce Schoeman Raymond Ku1per Tommy Hansen Terry Eberhart James Ge1ger THIRD ROW Mrs Zenor Larry Bass Dlane Pru1sner Fred Maas Lorralne Mrller Steven Heerts L1nda Buss LeVern Holm Ian1ce Powell Farth Shaw Dons Adolphs Pauhne Hansen 7dndand inward Flower Boy? Spelled 1'lghI9 RITE SPOT CAFE and MITZE S CLEANERS, Cedar Falls Iowa 2 ' . . . ' , . I 'I ' I I I . I I I . : , I . . , . I I . I I I I l I . 5 : 5 I I . I I I - ' I I D I I I I I I I ". .lj 'V "' el s Q 1 I X , - . Ni" .rf ,Q sl I I FIRST ROW Betty Lahmon Larry Corwrn Peggy O Donnell Lrnda Hermchen LeAnne Lalan Doreen Towsley Tannette D1x James Brown W1111am Harms Lrnda Gersema SECOND ROW De1a1ne Bravard Dale Bergman Mark Youngberg Roy Buss Dav1d Chrrstensen Jrrnmy Everts Becky Nrelsen Davrd Luck Terry Doden Cynthra Adams Freese Mxchael Luck Lrnda Schrage Robert North Kenneth Adolphs Drana Brrnk man Not 1n Prcture Mrs Rerff cmd cu-Hn What are you n'13k1ng'? What are YOU Sllldylflgo CUMMINGS JEWELRY, Cedar F3118 Iowa THIRD ROW: Douglas Truex, Ronald Jans, Jerry Dietrick, Marlys Holm, Mary Jane 46-ui low ' if . FIRST ROW Chr1s Gersema Pamela Barber Carolyn Holm Wendell Harms Dennrs Rand Debble Woods Barton E1l1ott Lrnda Whrte Larry W1ldeboer Marrlyn Adelmund SECOND ROW Douglas Grandon Verlene Saathoff Kathy Drrkes Stanley Everts Dennrs Rasmussen Stanley Bolton Patrrck Plummer Claudra Madsen Carolyn Thorne THIRD ROW Lo1s Hrggrns Conme Dove Claudra Madsen Darlene Bravard Karrs Buss Sharon Talbott Douglas Bass Betty Johnson Eddre Kugel Dallas Grandon Not rn Prcture JoAnn Greger Kenneth Thompson 7mzm4 Are you grow1ng'P Moldrng clay? CEDAR FALLS TRUST and SAVINGS BANK Cedar Falls Iowa FIRST ROW John Kugel Andree Ellrott Charles Brocka Wrllram Dean Marlys Luck Ronald Luders Beverly Ballhagen D3V1d Chrrstransen Barbara Schlampp SECOND ROW Nancy Huntley Patrrcla Dukes Kenneth Bolton Vrcky Eberhart Crarg Krewret Thomas Carrrer James Plummer Stephen Strange Drane Folken THIRD ROW Thomas Fobran Shrrley Johnson Nancy Jo Lalan Rodney Mrller Davrd Claassen John Smrth Kathy Dretrlck Darlene Hulsrng Stanley Thompson and Brenda Ackerson vw! ffir Are you gorng to draw somethrngff Fmd what you are looklng for? BENSON CREAMERY, Cedar Falls Iowa FIRST ROW Mrs Nrcholson Marrlyn Powell Jane Bergstrom Patsy Saathoff Carol Barber J1m Schrage Gary Walker SECOND ROW Arlys Freese Lorrarne Petersen Mary Ingalls Wesley Newgard Joe Hrggxns Terry Rand John Jordt Not ID Prcture Mary Kay Thorne Marlowe Wertjes Kevrn Callres Gordon Osweegan John Card FIRST ROW Mary Lee Dlx, Patty Dretuck, Douglas Thorne Denms Ph1lo Donna Rawdon Roger Sweet SECOND ROW Vrckye Wagoner Emrly Rewerts Jean Heerts Stephen Burchard Steven Johnson, Susan Chrlstensen THIRD ROW Dennrs Plummer Roger Truex Douglas Hermchen Bonnle Bnnkman Lrnda Phrlo Robert Lehman Karen Dirkes. I A CTI VI TIES Wea: 7 5 ' FIRST ROW Vernon Ingalls V1ce Pres1dent Tom Schuek Presrdent Mr Kurtt Sponsor Jerry Ballhagen Janet Sells Secretary Treasurer SECOND ROW Kent Cuvelter Larry Bwuer Seldon Huntley A1v1n Kyhl Ieanmne Shaw Larry West The New Hartford Student Counctl IS afftlrated wrth the State Student Councrl organrzatlon Thrs fall three of our members attended the State Student Councrl Conventron at Ames Our students observed many operatrons of parlramentary procedure and ways to make money for the club The purpose of the Student Counc11 IS to provtde a means of creatrng better fellowshlp and understandtng between faculty and students and among students themselves and to grve a greater opportunrty for self government and expertences 1n democratrc practrces FAGAN ELECTRIC CO East 2nd Street Cedar Falls Iowa CO 6 2553 - 1 D I I v l 9 9 9 1 . I " 1 I I I 0 Q - - . . ,, . . 9 I . . . ,, 1 a 1 . - SM!! Busrness Manager Busmess Staff Copy Edrtor Copy Staff Art Edxtor Photo Edltor Photo Staff Advrsor 'Y ia- BOB MAAS CHARLES BECKER MERRILL OSTER DOROTHY BERGMAN MARY POWELL BETTY KLEINHANS SHARON GRANDON ROBERT BOOROM GENE GRASSLEY ALVIN KYHL SELDON HUNTLEY PEGGY LUDERS DALE GAST MR CUTHBERTSON SIMON BROS SUPER SERVICE, Parkersburg Iowa 'Si A Nm A .f W K ' V -C of ,Nl xi v qxlqiigfk ju I , ' "' In ' . X Y L . - X , x ECHIOT ----------- JANET SELLS ' Y 1 , . PM , , 33 SW! The HAWK S EYE staff consists of twenty-six members which puts out a newspaper bi-weekly The paper rated second in the National Scholastic Press Association and is also a member of the Iowa High School Press Association. FIRST ROW A Kyhl M Oster Printing Manager D Gast Managing Edrtor B Kleinhans Editor in Chief M Bergman T Schuck B Jaquis D Bergman Art Editor M Powell Advisor Mr Cuthbertson SECOND ROW A Maas K Harken L Wiltfang P Luders I Hersey S Grandon F Brocka M Higgins B Maas D Melick THIRD ROW L Burrows L Dirkes G Grassley D Goodsell M Johnson S Huntley D LeBahn A LeBahn C Becker K Dove i iw X'-K' WAGNER VARIETY ECLIPSE LUMBER CO Shell Rock Iowa FIRST ROW F Brocka C Moff1tt M Powell I Strckley R Shaw I Van Lengen F Schnelderman D Andreessen I Hersey M Bergman D Van M111 S North W Adams M Hrggrns B Iaqurs L Wagoner M Ballhagen SECOND ROW L Thompson P Luders L Johnson L Bergman L Wlltfang I Iaquts S Stoppelmoor B Klernhans K Kyhl L Bergman R Chapman ' 'mwl?oq4'QZee6laK FIRST ROW R Drx W W11tfang D Burrows R Southard R Stork D Goodsell S Huntley R Harken R Boorom A Becker L Bauer D Huberg M Bolton SECOND ROW L Oster D Madsen R Krewret L West D LeBahn M Oster D Adelmund T Schuck A LeBahn K Cuveher B Maas A Maas D Rasmussen D Mehck D. Henze, A. Rindels, K. Maas, I. Shaw, R. McMullen, M. Schoeman, D. Bergman, FIRST ROW D Bergman B Klernhans M Bergman C Moffrtt P Luders D Hensey I Hersey C Andreessen R Shaw F Brocka M Powell I Van Lengen SECOND ROW B Jaqurs M Ballhagen W Adams L Wagoner D Goodsell M Oster D LeBahn K Harken L West B Stork R K1ew1et L Burrows D Melxck K Kyhl M Schoeman L Wrltfang S Stoppelmoor A Rrndels I Shaw D Adel mund S Huntley T Schuck A LeBahn R Harken D Gast B Boorom L Bauer A Becker KLODT SHOE SHOP New Hartford Iowa NABER PHILIPPS 66 Statron New SELLS LUNCH New Hartford Iowa Hartford Iowa KITTY S BEAUTY SHOP New Hartford CLINT NORTH New Hartford Iowa Iowa PARKERSBURG BAKERY Parkersburg Iowa CALLINGS BARBER SHOP Parkersburg HARLEY S FEED AND SEED STORE Parkers Iowa burg Iowa GRASHAM SKELLY SERVICE Parkersburg A E SMIDT FEED CO Cedar Falls Iowa Iowa IOWA SPORTS SUPPLY, Cedar Falls Iowa SKELGAS AND WESTINGHOUSE, Dlke Iowa M. Bolton, A. Maas, THIRD ROW: M. Higgins, L. Bergman, D, Van Mill, S, North, wed D I . I I I ' I 1 I I n n ' , ' I v Q . , , ' ma!! ' DOUBLE QUARTET GIRLS SEXTET D, Goodsell, M, Oster, A. Rindels, J. Her- I. Hersey, A. Rirldels, J. Shaw, M. Schoeman, sey, M. Schoeman, M, Bergman, D. Melick, M. Bergman, L. Wagoner, T Schuck MAJORETTES BOYS QUARTET M Shaw C Naber S North I Shaw D Goodsell M Oster R Harken T Schuck DRUM ENSEMBLE BRASS QUARTET lrer I Hersey VAN EMAN AND MULDER Parkersburg Iowa IEBES, Shell Rock Iowa D. Burrows, K. Kyhl, K, Harken, K. Cuve- D. Henze, W, Adams, R. Harken, T. Schuck, ' ' 37 Hold her ught They had a ball Are you hungry? T1red'1"'P School buses School house Teachers working'??? Hello! ! ! SSHIOI P183' It 1sn I that bad Tom I HH! iv ix Don t dunk too much Junlor Senror Banquet IOHNE BEHNKE Parkersburg Iowa LAHR FURNITURE Parkersburg Iowa SCHILLING JEWELRY Cedar Falls Iowa HOLST PRINTING CO Cedar Falls Iowa SULLIVANS FLOWERS Cedar Falls Iowa P 2 -'-l and lil 'Sim Cooks Agnes Bolton and Mrs Grace Shaw Bus Drrvers C Youngberg P Iaqurs I Rmdles T Bolton D Wessel C North 564006 erwamze! Janrtor Henry Hansen Janrtor Paul Iaqurs 'amiga -al Secretary Mary Lee Norton Nurse Mrs. Duane Wessel 42 ALTSTADT AND LANGLAS BAKING, Waterloo, Iowa A THLETICS NH N 1 :'-1' -11 3 FIRST ROW Leota Wrltfang Dons Henze Dorothy Bergman Karen Maas Jeanmne Shaw Lorra1ne Johnson SECOND ROW Manager Rose Chapman Jan1ceIaqu1s Marrlyn Schoeman Betty Klernhans Peggy Luders THIRD ROW Sharon North Wanda Adams Janet Sells Lors Bergman Faye Brocka Coach Mr Spurbeck NEW HARTFORD OPPONENT The thrrd year of grrls basketball proved to be better than last year s team The f1rst srx w111 be back next year and we hope to have better luck ln the future PARKERSBURG PRODUCE AND HATCHERY, FROEMMING JEWELRY, Parkersburg, Iowa SCHUCK'S VARIETY, Parkersburg, Iowa Parkersburg , Iowa Shell Rock Apllngton Frnchford Alhson Parkersburg Dumont A111son Aphngton Parkersburg Shell Rock Clarksvrlle Dumont Drke Ja nesvrlle C 1arksv111e Clarksvrlle Clarksvrlle ' Elia Yifu "QQ I il-aww fi f ' iff' X? 1 K . :., F f ,,, gf if-N V! In i Li -9 ,VH Q ,. gd K A Q A , yu, . 'Z K Q K ,,,: L , + A'f.,.i.f453, '- N 1 .lg al W 'B' gf ""'? T FIRST ROW Merrrll Oster Arthur LeBahn A1v1n Kyhl Myron Johnson Chuck Becker Bob Boorom SECOND ROW Dave Mehck Donald LeBahn Gary Jorgensen Dale Gast Larry West THIRD ROW Walter Brown Kerth Dove Eugene Grassley Vernon Ingalls Larry Burrows Coach Kurtt NEW HARTFORD OPPONENT Zaye Z, The Boys had another outstandrng year wrth a record of 18 wrns and srx losses They recerved second 1n the County Tournament and Sectronal conference champronshrp Four senrors w11l be leavmg the team thrs year SECTIONAL FINAL New Hartford Opponent All1son DE VRIES RADIO and TV, Dlke Iowa TOWSLEY PRODUCE New Hartford Iowa DIRKES GROCERY New Hartford Iowa 46 Sumner Ianesvrlle Aplmgton Parkersburg Alhson Keystone Clarksvllle Parkersburg D1ke Shell Rock J anesv11le Flnchford Aplrngton Dumont Alhson Shell Rock Clarksvrlle Dumont Dumont Aphngton Parkersburg Frederrka '78 ' 43 ' 51 ' . . '73 . . . 40 ' . . . 48 ' Tournament, They tred wrth Allrson for the county 52 . . ' 37 ' ' 44 65 ' 62 ' 50 ' 52 52 57 63 ' . 69 . 65 . '70 ' ' 67 53 ' ' ' 52 57 ' MYRON Forward ART Forward ALVIN Center VERNON Forward LARRY Guard KEITH Guard STEVENS AND GOODSELL IMPL CO an MAC S SKELLY SERVICE New Hartford Iowa I I l R, 'S l if i A U I I d ' l l FIRST ROW Russell Powell Robert Stork Kent Cuvelrer Larry Bauer Walter Brown Russell Harken Alan Becker SECOND ROW Coach Mr Spurbeck Wayne Folken Stephen Moore Wayne Wrltfang Luther Pferffer Larry Oster Donald Hulsrng aaeazgfg cam Cheerleaders Kayla Nrelson V1la Ingalls Sharon Shaw MARLYS BERGM AN SHIRLEY CHAPMAN FIRST ROW Kerth Dove Larry Bauer Walter Brown Eugene Grassley Larry Burrows Davrd Mehck SECOND ROW Donald LeBahn Gary Jorgensen Myron Johnson Coach Mr Kurtt Arthur LeBahn Merrrll Oster Dale Gast Zcwefcdleam The boys had an exceptronally good team thrs year w1th a record of seven wrns and three losses They won the sect1ona1 and were defeated rn the frrst round of the dtstrrct tournament It was New Hartford s f1rst sectronal baseball t1t1e rn tts hrstory IOWA SAVINGS BANK, Dlke Iowa Myron Johnson Coach Kurtt and Kerth Dove Xxx fignsfzs. 'Q K .1 Q Dale Gast Art LeBahn and Merrrll Oster X s 1 'Q '1- 3 Q If 'X ai ' S R 2 -.-tr? Donald LeBahn Gene Grassley Larry Burrows and Dave Mehck CLASS MOTTO The Future belongs to those who prepare for it, CLASS FLOWER Blue Carnation CLASS COLORS Pink and Blue "" hL" UBLISHIN COMP D LLAS TIXAS w w w w YM Bu! Vrlrhooks Arr TA LO MADE IAVLOR P '

Suggestions in the New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) collection:

New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 33

1957, pg 33

New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 48

1957, pg 48

New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 54

1957, pg 54

New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 11

1957, pg 11

New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 14

1957, pg 14

New Hartford High School - Hawk Yearbook (New Hartford, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 32

1957, pg 32

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