New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC)

 - Class of 1956

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New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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w . 0 af? 4 f QVINGTQS S Nb . s 4 Q LQ Y, , o . Z 0 ,he I956 9 ll Q . MVA , sw.Q4.ff..ia1s,- F . ,A kk Ns H L..L'. - QLfLli,LQ . -X X - - K 1ifS..1113'5f5'375fXf 5 M. ..,, . K Q W, Q2 , , -Q Myst. Y 5. 3 .3556 - g ii,p:1j:'f:,.. , f - ' -I '12 "fiikfiM, if '5ijf..,.z,,' i in-if? If I-,fi E ' . 3592955 ' , V ' H" i:.1:. k 3? ff 1'-fgzx ii gg sf "5i1i55f2.i. 1 4 FW: 5 ,. fQfiEf2'?E!ff5E'F f- , L g1ifg53:1iQg,:i k'.' Fi X. ,,. ,-,Q I- F . - ,5 ,.,,:+: A . .L.:1Xf , f W,.......-.sw LT"- ,R--A r-' www' 3 A E W" ' ,,L. ,wf"i'f'y f . . 1 ' - 1 X Q 1 up I Ill I 'fri in sr nn 5 Q ? an . N ' W K W ..,.,d'ft1'fwf. fs H if 5' S , h ' W WM M, ,,, A L .N 1 V me If 'U 11 , i ' Us V :pl gy, Y.: 5 - 'P 1' ' ' lil' H Ill I I I1 v' Rf" ' Qnfii 1 X IF! I 4 , K. I1 l ir 'T 7. Orange and black! What mem- ories those words bring to the mind of anyone who has ever attended our school! This school has, through the years, developed a personality and a character all its own. Although there are thousands of high schools in thousands of cities and towns and villages all over the United States, there is no other that is exactly like ours. In this book, the HANOVERIAN of l956, we should like to show you a few of the things that make our school different from all the rest - things that make it what it is. Our administration and faculty - we'II place them against the best anywhere else. Our student body - we're sure that a finer group of girls and boys just don't exist. And there are organizations in our school that no other school has-our unique student government, our fine ROTC unit, our out- standing music department. And we're absolutely cer- tain that no school anywhere has a finer coaching staff or better teams or a more modern gymnasium than ours. And have you seen the envious glances that stu- dents from other places send toward our student union? Yes, this school of ours has a character of its own, a character contributed to by each student here. We hope this book will help you to recall the things that made your days at N.H.H.S. a memorable experience. Contents ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SEEN- AROUND CLASSES Senior . junior . Sophomore . ACTIVITIES . SPORTS . FEATURES . N.H.H.S. . Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 8 16 28 72 82 90 40 164 eagerly awaits his l62 government students every day? Why Mr. William Bergeron, of course! As the stu- dents pour into his classroom, certain ones are informed with a slight gesture, "Watch out or you're gonna score todayl" lThis is Mr. Bergeron's good-natured way of reminding his garrulous students that a ninth period is the consequence of too much talking in class.l As the period begins with the ring- ing of the tardy bell, he immediately sets out on the task of training future citizens. We realize that he is a key to the fu- ture of America, for by his example many are led along the right paths of citizenry. By teaching the forms of proper gov- ernment with the help of lectures, class discussions, and visual education lincluding his original drawings and illustrationsl, Mr. Bergeron fills an important need in our high school. The informal and friendly atmosphere of his class brightens the day for all his pupils. The class of '56 thinks he is "number l on their Hit Parade," and therefore they dedicate this, the '56 HANOVERIAN, to Mr. William Bergeron. "All right-y0u've got one -want to try for two? -' 1,51 97,3 gi S i Mr. Dale K. Spencer We think our principal is tops: to the teachers he's an able leader, to the Sopho- mores he's a mystery, to the Juniors he's a friend, and to the Seniors he's a real pal . . . Gila efgciemf Gfdminzisfrafrozz gm e Mr. C. D. Gurganus lf in doubt, see Mr. Gur- ganus, our assistant principal . . . scholarships, HANOVER- IAN pictures, and admission slips . . . l l l MR. FIIIZD CAPPS Dean of Boys - v mi" King X ' ,. x Mr. Capps is IIIXYUYS busy, Iclcplmnc in one hand, pon in the otlwr, and il smile on his Falco . . . s fkrouq 6l mccessfuf year. Mrs. l,zmc taught us not only with words, but MHS' H 'Sli I-AMS J' :I f1'Iy by hor clccnls . . . l""' 'f " X Miss I"l.lX.'Xl2li'l'H H , , MON'l'UOMi"iH' MISS VIRGINIA H,-XHNISS' RUSS Gi"Ni'iV,'X SMH H MISS II.X I Ill: lxiN Rvlagixfrzzi' Cluidmzvc Clerk SL'L'l'L'fllI'.l' f'1l'l'l4 LU. 51412 - 3 'ffl NIIIS. 7fXLl7ill,X DANIELS School Nllrxc , Thr school ll1ill'll1'l1'X'-il C01llfO1'tll1U vlace in time of sickness or nceicicnt. . D I ai? Q .Q L Q Q Checking in XVate ffl '- A 4 2 Q 1 Q EEZESV5' 5 , 'lx K Q Z 5 a K " . l T' hing that weight Filing meclicnl rccorcls 'XM--new XY, M X MRS. RUTH LODOR Dietitian well-balanced, attractive meal Dishing up his specialty- Our cafeteria-a scene of hustle and bustle every day, as we are fed S. French fries Serving the food Cooking biscuits MR. LEON ll. SULLIVAN Custotiitm The eustotliaifs 0H'lCC-21 in time of emergency. Closing up for the afternoon place where students and teachers alike appeal Sweeping auditorium Locking each room Facult MB. BlfllNAllD AHLIN BS, Sltllll Institute Senior Seienee, Tracie, lnclustrial Education NBS. MARY C. Blll.l,AMY AB, MA, Fast Carolina College, University of North Curolimi Spanish MB. XVIIALIAM li. BEBGEBON BS, MA, Anzeriezin lntermiiionul College, lfust Czirolilm College Government NBS. U. A. B,lONlfBUD BS, lVil1tl1rop College Ofliee Machines, Dictation and Transcription SGT. Ul.lVlfB Bl.AKlf BUTC MRS. DELL BOBNILMAN BS, lfurmville Stale Tenelzers College Biology DB. FBICD I. BOUKNIGHT AB, llllll, l'l1D, Newlzerry College, Nortlzwest- ern University, Columlzia University Instrumental lN'lusie, County Director of Music NBS. JUNE BOUKNIGHT BS, lVesiern Carolina Teneliers College U. S. History MB. ALBIQIIT BRIDGE BS, Clemson College Agriculture MB. BOBICBT N. BROCK BS, MA, George Peulzotly Teachers College, University of Tennessee U. S. History, Government MB. l.l'fUN BBUGDICN BS, Woke Forest College Athletics MB. XVILLIAM BROOKS BA, Atlantic Christian College, University of Miami Biology SFC NVABBIQN I.. BBOVVN BUTC MB. TIIOIXIAS G, BBOXVNING BS, MA, Mozlison College, Penlrotly College lfreneli, Spanish MISS MABTIIA CBOINIABTIIC AB, lllA, UIIll'L'l'Sll,l' of Ceorgiu, George Peo- lzozly 'lleueliers College, Bl'L'l1lIIl I ,lDl'ilI'lilll MB. CICOBGH CllOWI.liY BS, MA, Wilnzinglon College. East Carolina College U. S. History, Matlieiiiaties MISS CABOLYN DAVIS BSSA, lVoman's College of University of Norilz Carolina Typing, General Business MB. JASPER DAVIS BS, Duke University Pliysieal lfclucation Aki. gk, 's...gv 1' ' , T' Q- Q Iii" 'lin-P+-sexy , x gx t if .gf NM: 4 3- fl 'w " ":- 1 :wo 'Q l Q. Q Y N- 3 l 5:1 S", V! 1 'NV l MRS A5 Q ,Q 9. 5. ve N, 5 ,Lu . S f.-:f Facult MII. YV. K. DOIISICY AB, IVL'XlL'l'II Teaelzers College, Cartixs IVrigl1t Trade Selzool, University of IVyou1i11Q, Univer- xity of North Carolina Distrilzutiye Ifcluention MISS CAIIOLYN DUKI-IS BS, IVUITIKIIIIS College of University of Nortlz Carolina Home Ifeonomies MBS. MAUIIICIQ DURHAM AB, East Carolina College History, Sociology MII. HOVVAIID ICILKS BS, IVlSL'UI'ISllI State University Biology MIIS. -IULIA BIIAY LIOIIIQNTINO BS, Eaxt Carolina College Typing, Shorthand MISS FRANCES I"OIIIN'IY-DUVAL AB, Creenslzoro College Ifnglish COL. DUMAY COIIHAM BS, U. S. Naval Aemlemy Math, IXIeeIumieaI Drawing MRS. MARY IQLIZABITTH HOOD AB, Bowling Green College of Commerce Boolckeeping, Business Arithmetic MR. LOYD HUDSON BME, MM, Drake College University of ln- diana Vocal Music MISS MARY HUIVII'HIIIfY AB, Mererlith College Ifnglish IXIII. VVINFIIFD JOHNSON BS, MA, East Carolina College History, I"I1ysie:1I Iiclueation MISS CLARA JUSTICE AB, Salem College Ifnglish MISS MJXIIY IJYITIIIOI' AIS, IVUHIlIl'1'S College of the University of North Carolina Latin MHS. IQSTIQLLH LLXGVVIN AB, IVoman's College of tlze University of North Carolina CI1L'IllISIl'y MISS PAULINE LICVIN AB, Iviutlzrop College, Colamlzia University AIQQIJIYI, Plane Geometry MISS EMMA LOSSIIN AB, IVomaa's College of University of Nortlz Carolina U. S. History, Art MIIS. IIUTH MacDONALD AB, Greensboro College Business Ilnglish, Business Arithmetic MII. M. MCLEOD BS, The Stout Institute Metal Work Facult MIIS. C. B. NHWCOMB Ali, Mererlith Collage, Columbia U1lII'Ct'SIfj' I'fngIisI1, I.atin MISS IJANNIIQ CYKIZIIIT AIS, IIS, Dulce University, University of NortI1 Carolina Iilmrarian MIIS. MAlICL'IfIIIFI'Ii C. OWICN Ali, Iflon College, IVornc1n's College of Unirer- '-'L xity of North Carolina Typing. Ccncral Ilusincss MIIS. MAIICAIIIi'I' PAULSON IIS, Hfintlzrop College Iloinc Ifconoinics MII. IAAIIQS M. IIIGFOIID IIA, Mlf, Dulce UIIIl'L'l'SIIvI', University of North CIKIVUIIIHI Aclvanccd Algcbra, Solicl Ccomctry MAJ. GICUIIGII Ii. RAYMOND IIOTC SCT. IIALIIII IV. IIUPIIII Ilrivcr I'ilIlICilII0ll MISS IIFIIIQCCA RUSS IIS, Sulern College Covcinmcnt MISS MAIIC SANDICIIS Ali, Wonmn's College of University of North Curolina Algclmra, Basic Math MISS ICIOISIY SCOTT Alt, University of North Carolina, East Caro- linu College Gcncral Busincss, Iiusincss Arithmctic MISS IIUTII ll. SKINNICII Ali, AIA, Atlantic Christian College, University of North Carolina IfngIisI1 MRS. ISUIIIIOVVS SMITH Ali, Runtlolplz Macon IVIJIIIIIIIIX College, Co- lmnlrio University, IVonmn's College of Uni- versity of North Carolina IfngIisIl MII. I3RICDl'QIIICIi SOMMIQSIT Ifniliray-Rifltlle School of Aviation, lIIotIern School of IVeltIin,i.1 Aircraft Iingincs MISS MAIITIIA STACK AIS, IVonmn'x College of Unircrxity of North Carolina Ifnglisli, Busincss Arithmetic MIIS. XYLDA C. STANLIIY Ali, liuxt Carolina College Algcbra, Gcncral Math MII. I... C. STUI3BI.EFII:fI.D IIS, Tennessee Tech., University of Tennesxu,. N. C. State Ilivcrsifical Occupations MRS. ELIZA SYMMIQS BA, Radcliffe College Iinglish, Journalism MISS ELEANOI! TAPI' AH, MA, Mississippi State College, University of North Carolina, University of Southern California U. S. History, Government . fi' X t I 54 ci' :nf- 4-it '77 "-.uv N-san 'RS I i N6 .gun-X W-A "Yv- Y i lf..-x Q-rv Qs au,- tr? wt 'QQ' 1 i in 132155 or IF . e T . we R if 453. r 9 1 Al -' . -fsxjgiif-"gi4,' - - " :ff.Tfzg.Qf'.'k x .!'?.!'3fi A .. 7.11-s ,. mlw. 'S 1 fx f if is I its 'vga 'fx Facult MISS I.ENA TAYLOR BS, Coker College Advanced Riology NIISS JUNE THOMAS AB, Meredith College Typing, Shorthand MRS. JEAN TILLITT AB, IVoman's College of University of Nortlz Carolina Physical Education MR. DANIEL Ii. TODD, IR. RS, MA, East Carolina College Physics, Biology MRS. LOUISE H. TURNER AB, Campbell junior College, Merezlitlz College Algebra, Plane Geometry MISS VIRGINIA WALSH AB, I'V0lHt1ll'S College of University of Nortll Carolina English MRS. RUTH VVARREN AB, IlV0lHlIlllS College of Uriirersity of lXortlz Carolina English, Government 7 MRS. JOYCE VVEATHERS AB, Elon College English SEC RICHARD R. VVERICR ROTC MR. CLAUDE R. WEST, IR. N. C. State, East Carolirm College, University of Nortlz ClII'fIlllIl1 Dramutics, Speech Arts MRS. GEORGE VVEST RS, MA, Ohio University., Olzio State Uni- versity Typing, OI'Iice Machines MR. GEORGE WEST BS, MA, Olzio University, Ollio State Llill' versity Coordinator of Vocational Education MISS FRANCES WESTRROOK AB, Vlfakc Forest English MISS KATHERINE WICKER AR, MA, Florn Rwuczlonald, Asseuzlzlys Train- ing School Bible MISS MARGARET WVILLIAMS AB, MA, IVoman's College of University of North Carolina U. S. History MISS PATRICIA VVINGATE BS, VVintlzrop College Nursery School MR. CHARLES WOLFF NVoodwork MR. KENNETH C. WOOTEN Aeronautics .uf Facult MIL AITUN XVIHGHT ISA, lflllll ffnllnysiu, L'lIil'L'l'Sifj' of North fVf'lll'0lilIlI Ilialrilmtivc lfclucntiun MHS. 'IOSICPIHNIA' XVIIIGHT RS, l'l1viIIZ'r fllllifll' ffollvgu, Appuluclziun Stale' "1l'llL'lIl'I'S Cinllugv, LJlIil'L'I'Sify uf Tcllllvxsvv llomv l'vL'0ll0ll1iL'S MRS. lll'fl.lfN YOUNGHH AIS, Allzzrliin' Cflzristiml Cfnlluluz' l'I12.lllSh lh-cuivimg plug niclwls . . . S 1.fN'X 3 41' i WX 'T "S work , A. : if-fin .ww " .ff fi r y . . . and wc 11103111 work . . . . . . and daily rcports . . . g with clzlssrzzcxm gossip. M " l2.'w,f1 ' Q 0 x M x EvlWf nwunreqm-i 1 f, QQ: I eww' M W ,W f .L-1 , x 4-HR Q ' il w. I :L W-,M 5 I' -an 1 Q ' if wx 5 3' y, H H r Q : ,A f US.. f IWW W' "You load sixteen tons .... " Senior news-Buy a HANOVER- IAN! At last. . .our class rings... "Bet you he's elected . . ." Anybody can be slow. lpmx .fl !I xy V :-SfMzf,.r'y,f'-",',f' ft W, . N". Jwffffv ni Those last few moments before class "Here we sit like birds in the wilder- ness, waiting to be fed." Getting our daily supply of cough- drops . . . Surprise? Another posed picture 1 fflllliflll r',xffm'1'r'1zf'f' iil iifill ll v ,f Q ffijif of fl j.i4 i, Projects, projects, and more projects . . . Working for their MRS. degree .. Books for pleasureg books for study . . . Tomorrow's artists at work to day . . . rcrc c , 1 1 flllfffd jllimif !1r1.'fA's. "Hunt and peck?" "Industry on Parade" Senior Scholastics . . . forum topic of the week . . . That long walk from your desk to the board . . . "Ooey-gooey" was a worm-a mighty worm was he . . . v 3 ',:- 7 1' 1,3 ti 1 M ,111 The HANOVERIAN staff present- ed the Superlatives on a quiz program . . . Behind the stage-before curtain call . . . An outstanding sophomore girl re- ceived the Martha Halligan Cup The true spirit of Christmas . . . ,, ' W7 gl" .'r',f lffffs fm'ff KH firms, i5f.f'! . Students help to make the rules at our school . . . The book room is a popular place in the morning . . . Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service-these things distinguished them . . . Another step up life's ladder . . Qtr'- A high light of the year . . Dig that crazy step! "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested . . ." CBCJQOND ffffw' um ff, Brain-food . . ." Be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the lost to lay the old aside." CPopeJ After the ball is over . . ." ll Hf"t'f'fl'f WN!fV""!f'!t Iam. ii lt! lawn I!!! 118 DOO!!! PQ 7181 ' inf i dqllu was 2 M' Q Q' 5 , 3 K Q X X If - Cm v haw +, , . 052' 6 5 3523 Qi N 4 i i Egg X51 3 3 , w w . HW- ' iiiif V, .Nl 'gm WE. 3? . Hi, seg if ,ffl Q wh '- gf "F 1. 'ii '45,- 'i.'.ciF 'Q f E wff"ajg5 Z' 15, rf - - Q I 'LJ5 'A Q, ..,,, Q E, '-Ti. 5-if wr ' - fisi? , fg' '59 5 1- in TQ-1 .A . 415' i 1 ff L ir, - ' if '.:':' ,J r- F, 1 lflif W ,ff ," ' 'Q SQ i f Yi wx K fl if . .N Y Fw, 2 .r -W 1. MVK? in L 51 ., r ax mf ., t . I -L ', .mn 1121.6 291 LL-. ,hh ii 54: mg , 3, 'Qi 'sf I 4 r CJ r A Hn H , v 1 K' , , ' e 1 K? f -W ,Y .V C , D L. 'fig . ,- .WI . HM '1'?Q'Q+,?'b I - f-UL bv ff.:-11 ' "WJ, , 'F , mf. ' Q Y 4EfZQf ., ,yd . 1,-Q, 7' -Q, ' 3. ,, . ,. J I Q s v ,:,: :H , ,Je w .X 4,.!':X,r1f' M119 5' Mrs, SUSAN PARSONS, President DIANNE HEYVITT, Vice-Presirlent ELLEN TUCKER, Secretary S niors That last year finally cameg we were Seniors. We used our steps every chance we couldg we began preparing for graduation. Many of us tried for col- lege scholarships, and many of us received training for jobs in the very near fu- ture. All of us studied hard, keeping in mind our caps and gowns and those eagerly anticipated diplomas. Then the day of farewell came, and we said good- bye to our past world and looked ahead with dreams of a new life. Page 28 Gtflmf... MARY JOYCE ADAMS Patience ami gentleness are power. French Club 25 F.R.L.A. 45 Cooperative Training Office Practice 4. GERALD RAY ALFORD CJERRYD Good naturedness that never wavers. ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 F.B.I..A. 4. JIMMY ALLARD Liked here, there, and everywhere. Football 2, 3, 4 CCo-Captain 435 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Social Marshal 35 Chairman of Coordinating Committee 45 Oflicers' Club 45 Hanover Singers 45 ROTC Rall Committee 45 Executive Council 4. THOMAS EARL ALLEN Ile goes down life's path of contentment. Rand 2, 3 CAssistant Property Officer 3j5 ROTC 2, 35 Serg- eants' Club 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Social Marshal 4. HELEN ALORDA Just being happy is a worthwhile thing. Girls' Glec Club 25 D.A.R. Dressmaking Contest 25 Twirp Dance Committee 25 Spelling Contest 25 Volleyball 2, 35 House of Representatives 2, 35 May Dance Committee 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Judicial Marshal 35 Hanover Singers 35 Dramatics Club 35 F.B.I,.A. 45 Cooperative Training Office Practice 4. EDMUND F. ANDERSON The persouificatimz of gaiety. BARBARA ROSE ARMSTRONG There's mischief in her eye. Girls' Glec Club 25 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Thespian Play Casts 2, 35 Operetta Committee 2, 3 ClVlakc-up Chairman 315 State Dramatics Festival 35 Junior Class Play Promptcr 35 Mixed Chorus 35 State Music Festival 3, 45 Wildcat Staff 3, 4 CReporter 3, Advertising 4D5 Hanover Singers, 3, 4 CSecretary 4D5 Government Club 45 Operetta 45 Spanish Club 45 Office Assistant 4. SHIRLEY ANNE ARRANTS Light of spirit and happy of heart. Girls' Glec Club 25 Mixed Chorus 3. CLAYTON GRANT ASBURY His heart is in his work. Tennis 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Homeroom Chairman 45 Government Club 4. JANET F. ASHCRAFT Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. we receive RUBEN THOMAS ATKINS I have fun wherever I go. ROTC 2, 33 Band 2, 3, 4 CProperty Officer 4D. CAROLYN RUTH ATKINSON The gift of sweetness now may be, ii serious step toward maturity. Cafeteria Assistant 23 F.B.L.A. 43 Cooperative Training Of- fice Practice 4. ELIZABETH SUE AVANT She was all gentleness and tender heart. D.A.R. Drcssmaking Award 2g Cooperative Training Office Practice 43 Government Club 4. IVIARGUERITE KATHLEEN AVANT Eyes glad with smiles. Bible Club 23 Girls' Glec Club 25 Mixed Chorus 33 F.B.L.A. 43 Cooperative Training Ollice Practice 4. CHARLES ALLEN AVERA They live most at ease that have the world at will. Latin Club 23 Basketball 23 ROTC 2, 3, 4g Baseball 2, 3, 43 Sergeants' Club 39 Oilicers' Club 43 House of Representa- tives 4. BARBARA ELLEN AVISON Beauty is powerg a smile is its sword. G.A.A. 2g F.B.L.A. 4. SHIRLEY ANN AYCOTH She is wise who is honest. G.A.A. 23 Bible Club 23 F.B.L.A. 4g Government Club 4. MELVA JEAN BABSON There's no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. F.B.L.A. 4. JOEL DAVID BAILEY No man is happy who does not think himself so. ROTC 2, 33 F.B.L.A. 4. JOHN BAKOS He that loves pleasure is never poor. House of Representatives 2g Government Club 3. erzior privi eqw THOMAS l.lfliUY BANCliUlf'I' Plain, quiet sense rarely leinls us far astray. Hand 23 ROTC Z. JAMES C. BARISOT His future is afglou' with possibilities. ROTC 25 Band 23 'I'wirp Dance Committee 2 Cllefrcsb- IHCITISDQ Spanish Club 23 lfngineers' Contest 2 C2nd PlaceDg Atomic linergy Symposium Delegate 3g Radio Club 3, 4 CSeeretary -U5 VVildcat Staff 3, 4 CCirculation 3, 4Dg Lab Assistant 4: Government Club 44 Hanoverian Staff 4 CSports lfditorj. I,OllliTTA BARNES Simple heart, kind and sweet. liliTTY JEAN BARNHILL llelinhle in all she attempts. Bible Club 2: F.B.I..A. 45 D.O. Ofiice Practice 4. SHANNON BARR She walks with quiet dignity. l7.ll.A. 2: Girls' Clee Club 25 Government Club 43 iJl"2llllkltiCS Club 4. DIXIIC ANN BASS The faithful are certain of their reufaril. 1 w. y 4 V 1 l4.II.A. 2: cxll'lS Clee Club 25 I+.l3.I..A. 4. HAIINIQIQ COPl'1l.AND l3AXTl'fll, Ill. l.ife is u game, so li1'e anti laugh. Ilramatics Class Play Z., 3, Cape Fear Rifles 2, 33 Student Congress lYlinstrel 35 Sergeants' Club 3g Officers' Club 43 Spanish Club 3: Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 4. lll."I'H lfS"I'HIiR BlfAVlillS Capability to inateh her character, Chapel Play 2: Nursery School Assistant 25 Spanisb Club Z3 Bible Club 2, 33 junior Class Play Committee 3 Cllroper- tiesj: Scribblers' Club 33 National Honor Society 3, 4: ICB. l..A. 4: Cooperative Training Utlice Practice 45 Homeroom Cbairman 43 Uramatics Club 2. l"Vlfl.YN lfl.lZARlf'l'H BIQGOR Charm strihes the heart: merit wins the soul. l.atin Club 2, Hook Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CIJL'L'0l'ilii0llSDQ Scribblers' Club 23 Girls' Glcc Club 25 Thes- pian Play Cast 2: li.'l'..-X. 2: Dramatics Club 2, 3 CAssist- ant Chairman of Costume Committee 3Dg Junior Play Com- mittee 3 Cljgliting, Propertiesjg District Dramaties Contest Play Cast 33 jr.'Sr. Prom Committee 3 QDecorationsDg Tltcs- pian Play Assistant Stage Manager 35 Mixed Chorus 33 Li- brary Assistant 3, 43 Library Club 3, 45 VVildcat Stall' 3, 4 tCireulation 3, 4Dg National Honor Society 4. AVAL'l'lfll MAXXVELI. BIQLL llappinexs is cheaper than teorry. HUTC 2, 3. SLLC 605 FAYE BECK Sum up tlzy speeclz, say HTIICII in little. JANE SNYDER BELLAMY Beauty and llllL'lllgL'1ICL'-Illllllf a rare conzlzirzatiorz. Latin Club 25 Arts and Crafts Club 25 Spelling Contest 2 C4th Plaeej5 Twirp Dance Committee 2 Cllefreshmentsjg May Court 2, 35 Class Secretary 35 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDL-corationsbg Spanish Club 3, 45 Telephone Directory Committee 4 Qllroofrcaderjg Wildcat Staff 4 CAdvertisingD5 Government Club 45 Senator 4 CChairman of Social Affairs Committcej5 Oiiice Assistant 45 Company A Sponsor 45 May Queen 4. MARTHA CHRISTINA BENNETT As rz frieml and helper slze is unsurpassed. Latin Club 2 CSeeretaryD5 Library Assistant 25 Library Club 25 Scribblers' Club 25 Bible Club 25 Arts and Crafts Club 2, 3, 4 CVice-President 3, Secretary 4j5 Book Club 2, 3, 4 CSeeretary 315 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Wildcat Stall 2, 4 CReporter 2, 4D5 Light Bulb Sale Committee 35 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CChairman of Table Committeej5 School Store Assistant 3, 45 Judicial Marshal 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Government Club 45 Chairman of Telephone Directory Com- mittee 45 National Honor Society 45 Christmas Float Com- mittee 4. BOBBY GANEY BENSON l never worryg life's muclz easier tlzat way. CHARLES MELVIN BENSON Always jolly, quiet and carefreeg life may be dull, but never he. IEOXTC 2, 3, 45 Golf Team 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 45 FB. . . 4. DOROTHY MAE BENTON Patience is the very remedy for every troulzle. Topsail High School: Social Marshal 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Trio 35 Junior Play Committee CPrograms, Advertis- ingD5 Senior Class Night 35 Ir.-Sr. Banquet Committee 35 N.H.H.S.: F.H.A. 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 F.B.L.A. 45 Gov- ernment Club 45 Bible Club 4. LOIS ANNETTE BENTON A smile is partial beauty won. F.B.L.A. 45 Cooperative Training Office Practice 4. RICHARD HANES BENTON I have no secret of success except lzard work. ROTC 2, 35 IV Football 25 E.B.L.A. 4 CStatc ReportcrD5 D.E. Club 4 CPrcsidentD. CATHERINE ANN BINKLEY Slze slzall have love and a happy life. F.T.A. 25 Latin Club 25 Short Story Contest Winner 25 Dra- matics Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Government Club 45 House of Representatives 4. DAVID CHARLES BISHOP Sportsmarzslzip leads a great part in life. Football 25 Basketball 2. elzior laps CHAHI lfS Slll l3l..'llfl'l Young fellows will he young fellows. latin Club 2, 3: Sergeants' Club 3, 4: Government Club l'Il.lZAl5lf'l'll l7l.XNlf ISIAKIQ A eousmnt friend is ll thing rare and lmrd to fiml. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: lfreneb Club 3: llible Club 4: Dra- inaties Club 4. l'fl7lVfXllll -IUSl'fPIl BOADO The .great thing is to he muster of yourself. llO'l'C 2, 3: Swimming ' 2, 3, 4: Sergeants' Club 3, NVilcleat Sports lfclitor 4. lilflll BUONIC Defeo! is only for those who ueeept it. lwirp Dance Committee 2 Clloorl: Girls' Clee Club 2, llouse of llepresentatiyes Z: Yoeal Music Concert Z, 3, 4. Mixeil Chorus 3: llanover Singers 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4. t BA R BA RA HCA N BUOTII A mimi that is lumpy must be great. Deelamation Contest 2: lfreneb Club 2, 3, 4 CSeeretary 4D: NVilcleat Stall' 3 CCireulationD: junior Play Committee 3 CPropertiesj: lfreneb Play Cast 3: llook Club 3, 4 Clreas- urer 3, Reporter 4D: l.ibrary Assistant 4: library Club 4 CSeeretaryD: National Honor Soeiety 4: Drzunaties Club 4. BlI,l.Y BOSTIC IiHfllllSlIISHI is the life of the soul. PHANCICS BOSNVl".I,l. She wears a smile that u'on't eome off. CARULYN IANIC BUVVDICN Your life is an active and ereutive one. Latin Club 2, 3 C'I'reasurer 2, Secretary 31: junior Class Play Committee 3 CPropertiesD: lr-Sr. Prom Committee 3 ClnvitationsD: Seribblers' Club 3, 4: judicial lllarsbal 3, 4: National Honor Soeiety 3, 4: I".B.L.A. 4: Dramaties Club 4: I'lomeroom Devotional Chairman 4. SYLVIA CliLl'IS'I'A BOWICN All times! have enjoyed. G.A.A. 3: l7.Il.A. 3: l7.B.I,..A. 4: D.O. Club 4. JANE HENDERSON BRADY Her face forever with sunshine lit. F.H,A. 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Wilcleat Staff 2 Clleporterb: Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDL-eorationslg junior Play Com- mittee 3 ClVlake-upD: Latin Club 2: jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDeeorationsj: Thespian Play Committee 3 CMake-upl: Dramatics Club 3, 4: F.B.L.A. 43 Government Club 4: Stu- dent Court Iuclge 4. Luzior- mior. IVILLIAIXI HORACE BREAZEALE I1ItlIlSfl'y is itself ll rewzzrdiizg treasure. Band 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 Otlicers' Club 45 ROTC Band Commander 4. TOMMY LOYED BREELAND IIe's Well-likezi for his friemliiizess and good sportsnzzlnslzip. LV. Basketball 25 Speech Arts Play Cast 25 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Latin Club 2, 3 CParliamentarian 3D5 ROTC 2, 35 ROTC Non-Commissioned Oiiicer 35 ROTC Ball Committee 35 Wilclcat Staff 4 CAdvertisingD5 Student Union Assistant 45 House of Representatives 45 Government Club 45 Coordi- nating Committee 45 Varsity Basketball 4. IOE EARL BREWER Little he says but much lze does. Football 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 45 Swimming Team 45 Student Union Assistant 45 Student Court Judge 4. IRIS PEARL BRITT A capacity for -imzny great aelziercments. Mingo High School: Glee Club 1, 2, 3 CVice-President 3D5 Class President 25 Beta Club 2, 3 CSecretary 355 Class See- retary 35 F.H.A. 35 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDec0rationsD5 N.H.H.S.: Dramatics Club 4. JOSEPH oT1s BROUGHTON, 111. UOED Intelligence that dL'1l1!l1ltlS respect. Latin Club 25 ROTC Outstanding First Year Cadet 25 Social Marshal 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 ROTC Distinguished See- ond Year Cadet 35 National Honor Society 3, 4 CState Con- vention Delegate 3j5 May Dance Committee 3 CRefresh- mentsD5 Officers' Club 45 Secretatry of Social Affairs 45 ROTC Ball Committee 4 CCI001'llll1Ht0I'DQ Executive Council 45 ROTC Battalion Commander 4. ADRIAN EARL BROYVN Ami therefore let's lu' nzerry. ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 3. LEON BROVVN Come what may you'lI allways 151111 lzim elzeerful. LESLIE BROVVN Her heart is true and her actions sweet. Mooresville High School: Class Oliicer 25 Student Council Representative 25 Cheerleader 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Greensboro High School: F.T.A. 3. SAMUEL PAGE BROWN CSAMD My favorite pnsttime is lmving fun. Band 2, 3, 45 ROTC Band 35 F.B.L.A. 4. CHRISTOPHER GRAFFLIN BROWNING CCHRISD lVork or play, l'II 'make the lzcst of it. I.V. Football 25 Varsity Football 35 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Serg- eants' Club 35 Cape Fear Rifles 35 Thespian Play Commit- tee 3 CLightingD5 House of Representatives 35 junior Play Committee 3 CCO-Chairman of Sceneryj5 Dramatics Club 3, 4 CCG-Chairman of Scenery 4D5 May Dance Committee 3 CDecorationsD5 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CCO-Chairman of Clean-upj5 Ofhcers' Club 45 Rilie Team 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Company B Commander 45 Government Club 45 Orientation Day 45 Vice-President of Student Body 4. glnally. . . vl. D. BROWVNING A wise man never loses anything if he has himself. CHARLES RURGESS BRUCE CCHARLIED lle is truly happy who can make others happy too. ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 French Club 35 ROTC Ball Committee 3 Clleeorations, RefreshmentsD5 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Clvlusic, RefreshmentsD5 Student Court judge 4 CClerkD5 Swimming Team 45 Tennis Team 45 Homeroom Chairman 4. EDITH BUIS She has a smile for all she meets. Spanish Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 House of Representatives 2, 35 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Government Club 45 Social Marshal 45 Senior Representative to P.S.T.A. 4. CHARLES PENDER BURKE The more mischief, the better sport. Band 25 ROTC Rand 25 D.O. Club 45 I'I0fl'lCTO0Il1 Chairman 4. NANCY SUE BURNETT Flashes of wit from fluent lips. Girls' Glee Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDeeora- tionsj5 French Club 2, 35 Vocal Music Concert 2, 3, 45 Ir.- Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDeeorationsj5 Mixed Chorus 35 Football Finals Dance Committee 3 CDL-corationsDg State Music Festival 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Hanover Singers 3, 4 C'l'reasurer 4D5 F.R.L.A. 4. ELIZABETH MOODY BURNEY CBETSYD A light heart lives long. Latin Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Dramaties Club 2, 4 CMake-up Committee 2, 4D5 Wildcat Staff 3 CCirculationj5 Lab Assistant 35 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDeeorationsD5 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CInvitationsD5 Government Club 45 F.R.L.A. 45 Spanish Club 4. JAMES WILBUR BURRIS, IR. Good nature shines in all his actions. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Drill Platoon 35 junior Play Cast 35 ROTC iiixlll Committee 4 CRefrcshmentsj5 Officers' Club 45 D.O. Zum 4. CHARLES KENNETH BURTON Calm, collected and very likeable. ROTC 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3. ELIZABETH LEOLA BUTLER Cooperativeness is the very soul of her. F.H.A. 25 Latin Club 25 Government Club 4. BARBARA I. CALAHAN Goodness does not consist in greatness, but greatness in goodness. i 4 AMY ELAINE CARROLL Capable and true, we can depend on you. Short Story Contest 2, 35 Junior Class Play Committee 35 Bible Club 2, 45 Government Club 35 F.H.A. 3: Wildcat Staff 4 CHead TypistD5 F.B.L.A. 4. JOHN ETHRIDGE CARROLL CJ. EJ Victory follows himg all things follow victory. Senator 2, 35 Student Congress Convention 35 Football 2, 3, 45 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 3 CChairman of Clean-upj5 Oilicers' Club 4 CViee- Presidentjg ROTC Ball Committee 4 CChairman of Clean- upj: Company D Commander 4. CHARLES RUSSELL CARTER Your life shall never lack a friend. DANIEL ROBERT CASTEEN CDANNYD A paragou of gentlemanly courtesy. ROTC 2, 3,5 ROTC Non-Commissioned Officer 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. RALPH ROGERS CAYTON Happy-go-lucky as can be. ROTC 2, 3. CAROL ANNE CILVIK Our best things are done in the flash of a moment. Elizabethtown High School: J.V. Basketball 15 Music Club 15 F.H.A. 15 N.H.H.S.: G.A.A. 35 French Club 3. the completion JAMES RILEY CAMACHE CJIMD Lots of spirit mul sportsmrmslzip. Mixed Chorus 25 ROTC 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 2 3, 4. NANCY VVINIFRED CAMERON You'll go through life without a sigh. Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsD5 Spanish Club 45 F.B.L.A. 4. RICHARD RUDOLPH CARLYLE Never trouble trouble till trouhle troubles you. ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 3. ROBERTA ANN CARR CBOBBIED A heart as hig as all outdoors. Salemburg High School: F.T.A. 1, 25 4-H Club 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Basketball 25 N.H.H.S.: Junior Play Commit- tee 3 CPublieityD5 G.A.A. 3, 45 Spanish Club 4 CSecretaryj5 Government Club 45 Thespian Play Committee 4 CPr0per- tiesD9 Drematics Club 45 Wildcat Staff 4 CAssistant Sports Editor, AdvertisingD. 2 of lflll'66 y66UZ5 SARA ANN CI-IfVVlS The smile tlmt's lnieked by mnlerstnmling, eonzpletely out- sliines tlie rest. Spanish Club, 2, 35 junior Play Committee 3 CP1'0DL'l'tll'SDQ Rible Club 4. KICNNICTII XV. COl.iilNIAN Quiet and refined. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 Firing Squad 45 D.O. Club 45 Government Club 4. LOUIS COl.l'1MAN, JR. A loyal fellowg n ermzpanion full of fun, ICLICNA JOYCIQ COLUCCI The noblest mind llze best contentment lms. Dramaties Club 2, 45 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CRefresb- mentsD5 Lab Assistant 4: F.B.L.A. 45 Telephone Directory Committee 4. CIXDIC RICHARD CONNl'fl.l. One never fires of good lzmnorezl people. DICNNIS MOORE CONNOR llis ways are wnys of pleasantness. DOROTHY liI.lZABl-ITH CONNOR lVe knew tlzee lmt to like tlzee. Dramaties Club 25 Deelamation Contest 2 CSemi-Finalsj5 Spanish Club 2, 45 Mixed Chorus 35 l3.T.A. 45 Bible Club 4. JAMES VVARRICN CONNOR CJIMD Never worry, never eareg take it easy if you flare. Tennis Team 2, 35 ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 Rifle Team 3, 45 ROTC Ball Committee 45 Officers' Club 4. SANDRA COOK A happy life eonsists of tranquility of mind. Dmmatieg Club 25 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorationsD5 Student Union Assistant 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 45 May Dance Com- mittee 35 Government Club 45 House of Representatives 4 CChairman of Social Committeej. ALICE HEWITT COOPER Neat, sweet, and lzarzl to beat. Seribblers' Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 F.B.L.A. 4. .rua W... JIM O. COX Your life shall never lack a friend. ROTC 2, 39 D.O. Club 3, 4 CViee-President 42. NANCY LENA CRAIG Her wit enlivens every crowd. Dramaties Club 29 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 4D9 Basketball Team 2 Ccaptainbg Volleyball Team 2, 4g G.A.A. Award 2, 39 Twirp Dance Committee 29 Spanish Club 39 Government Club 4. IUANA FAY CUMMINGS How near to good is what is fair. Girls' Glee Club 2g Band 29 F.B.L.A. 4g Government Club 4. DELWIN MOHR CURTIS A good measure of hard work and determination comlzined with a little nonsense insure success. Latin Club 2, 39 Sergeants' Club 39 Government Club 49 Arts and Crafts Club 49 Radio Club 4. ELEANOR ROBERTA DAVIS Quiet hut not idle. Latin Club 2, 39 Bible Club 2, 3, 49 F.T.A. 49 Government Club 49 F.B.L.A. 4. LEE ANN DAVIS W'e can find none as reliant as she. F.H.A. 2g F.B.L.A. 49 Government Club 4. MARGARET ANNE DAVIS CPEGGYD A healthy spirit is one that's fell by laughter. 4-H Club 2, 39 Bible Club, 2, 4g G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 CSL-eretary 4, Oflieial Reporter 4D9 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Wildcat Staff 2, 3, 4 CReporter 2, 3, 419 G.A.A. Medal 39 Homeroom Chair- man 39 Seribblers' Club 3, 49 House of Representatives 4 CSocial CommitteeD9 Dramaties Club CSeenery CommitteeD9 Gym Assistant 3, 49 F.B.L.A. 49 Volleyball 49 Paid Perform- ance Committec 49 F.T.A. 4 CHistorianj9 Government Club 4. ROBERT EARL DAVIS If he says he will, you may depend on it. ROTC 2, 3, 49 Government Club 3g Sergeants' Club 3, 49 Firing Squad 49 D.O. Club 4. WILLIAM EDWARD DAVIS A thoughtful heart along with a worthy arnhition. ROTC 2, 39 Bible Club 2, 49 French Club 3, 4g Museum Club 4g Dramaties Club 4. JACK D. DELANEY A little mischief now and then is cherished by the best of men. Swimming Team 29 Latin Club 29 ROTC 2, 3, 49 Drill Team 2, 39 Spanish Club 39 Government Club 4. e selecfeg lllfl.l'fN JlQANlf'I"I'li DIXON llcre is ll true ami honest frieml. Stutlent Union Assistant 43 Covcrnment Club 4. RARRARA Iil.l.I'fN DOLAN lVe lmou' notliing of fUHlU7'l'Ol!'C our lIllSllICSS is to be good mul lmppy tmlay. Chuelalty lligh School: YVater Rallct 23 Pcp Club 23 GAA. 1, 23 Cirls' Clee Club I3 Dramatics Club 2. l'fl.OlSlf ,IIQNNINGS DOOLIZY lVl1o woultl know lzer without lzer pleasant Smile. Rible Club 23 Rand 3, 43 Dramaties Club 4. N.xNeY JUNIQ DOXYLINC Cowl lmmor is the szuzslzinc of the mimi. . , , 1 l'.ll.A. 23 C..'X.A. 2, 3, 43 Nolleyball 2, 33 l'.R.l,.A. 4. CAROI. Ritli DOXIQY lntelligvnce mixctl u'itlz wif. latin Club 23 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CllL'l'lACSl1I'l1L'l1tSDQ Mixccl Chorus 2, 33 Assistant Manager of School Store 23 Dramaties Club 23 District Music Contest 2, 33 State Music Contest 2, 3, 43 Operetta 33 junior Class Play Cast 33 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDCCOTZIYTOIISDZ Hanover Singers 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Government Club 43 Telephone Direc- tory Committee 4. DONALD RAY ICAGLIQ His vmtunilly nieu. 'I'llIiO O'Nlf.-XI. ICASOM The miltlext nmnrzurs with the calmest mimi. j.V. Football 23 I.V. Rasketball 23 ROTC 2, 33 Raseball 2, 33 liootball 3, 4. JOSHPIIINIQ ICAS'I'lfRl.lNG CJOD Hers is the generous spirit. Girls' Glee Club 23 I7.H.A. 2, 3, 4 CSecretary 3D3 F.R.L.A. 43 VVilclcat Staff 4 QTypistD. TllUlNlAS GRICIQR l'lDYV1XRDS CTOMMYD My joy of life is lmrrl to kill. Raseball 2g ROTC 2, 3, 4g Government Club 43 ROTC Non- Commissionccl Officer 4. PATRICIA IQLAINIQ HVVIQLL CP.-X'l'D A jovial smile, ri loving lzczlrt. l7.II.A. 23 Rand 2, 3, 4 Cljbrarian 3, 4D3 Ir.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 3 Cl,L'COl'illlOI'lSDQ Dramatics Club 3. I r Cd !!LI7q C602 5 JERRY STEVE ELY Life to him is one grand song. State Music Festival 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDL-corationsj5 Hanover Singers 3, 4. CAROLYN JOYCE ENGLISH Gentle in manners, strong in performance. Latin Club 2, 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CRefreshmentsj5 Bible Club 45 Telephone Directory Committee 4. FRANCES CAROL ERNULL Who knows her knows her as a friend. New Bern High School: Latin Club 25 Science Club 35 N.H. H.S.: F.B.L.A. 4. JACK HUDSON FALICS Excelling all in strong character and leadership. Senate 2, 3 CPresident 3J5 ROTC 2, 35 May Dance Com- mittee 2 CCl1airman of RefreshmentsD5 Class President 35 Sergeants' Club 3 CVice-Presidentjg ROTC Ball Committee 35 Executive Council 35 Chairman of Jr.-Sr. Prom 35 Dele- gate to E.D.N.C.S.C.C. 35 Christmas Float Committee 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CCl1airman of PublieityD5 Winner of "I Speak for Democracy Contest" 45 Spanish Club 45 Hanover Singers 45 Government Club 45 President of Student Body 4. JOHN SWADEY FARRELL lle's sure to get the best things in life. Spanish Club 25 Baseball 2, 35 Drill Platoon 25 Honu-room Chairman 35 Cape Fear Rifles 35 Sergeants' Club 35 Rille Team 3, 4 CCaptain 415 ROTC Ball Committee 3, 4 CDeeo- rations 3, 4D5 Ollicers' Club 45 Swimming Team 4. CHARLES TIMOTHY FARROVV, JR. A sportsman having high ideals. J.V. Football 25 J.V. Basketball 25 J.V. Baseball 25 ROTC Ball Committee 2, 3 CDeeorations 2, 325 Sergeants' Club 35 Basketball 35 May Dance Committee 3 CDecorationsD5 Jr., Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorationsj5 Football 3, 45 Gov- ernment Club 4. JOAN JUANITA FARROW A friendliness that can't he measured. G.A.A. 2, 45 F.B.L.A. 4. SONYA ANN FERRELL A willing heart, a helping hand. Latin Club 25 Bible Club 25 Book Club 35 Dramatics Club 35 Arts and Crafts Club 3 CSCCICYRYYDS Museum Club 35 Government Club 4. EMMA JEAN FETTEL Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly. Girls' Glec Club 25 F.H.A. 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Cooperative Train- ing Office Practice 4. BETTY JO FLOYD She has a pleasant smile and a gentle way. Dramatics Club 4. an invitations JACK WAYNE FOREHAND Nothing ever ilampens his spirit. ROTC 3, 4. DWIGHT HOWARD FOSTER The best way to have a friend is to be one. 4-Il Club 25 ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 3. CZAROLYN FAYIf FOUNTAIN Smiling aml lovable always. Class Presiclent 25 Girls' Glue Club 25 Senate 25 Twirp Dance Committee 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Social Marshal 35 May Dance Committee 35 Cheerleacler 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Foot- ball Ifinals Dance Committee 3, 45 Government Club 4. DONALD RAY FOUNTAIN IVhere ilepemlalzilily is umztetl, he is the one we look to. Ilomeroom Chairman 25 I.V. Football 25 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Rille Team 2, 3 CCaptain 325 House of Representatives 35 Sergeants' Club 3 CSergeant-at-Armsb5 ROTC Rall Commit- tee 4 CChairman of Chaperone CommitteeD5 Chief Judicial Marshal 45 Oflleers' Club 4 Cl'residentD5 Executive Council 4. 'V' DOROTHY MAYI'f FOUNTAIN The windows of my soul I throw wide open to the sun. Senator 25 Tvvirp Dance Committee 25 Scribblers' Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Dramatics Club 2, 35 May Dance Com- mittee 3 CCIIEIIIIIIZID of Clean-upD5 Social lVIarsl1al 35 Foot- ball Ifinals Dance Committee 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 4 CAssist- ant Heacl 415 Government Club 4. JANE ELIZABETH FOWLFR CMICKICYD Sport that wrinklezl care zlerides. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 CPresi4lent 4D5 Volleyball Captain 2, 3, 45 Basketball Captain 2, 35 G.A.A. Meclal 35 Tennis 35 Gym Assistant 4. IIQRRY If. FOX lle is a well-lzalaneed fellow. IESSE W. FOX Here is a Hne and happy-hearted friend. AARON URIEL FRIEDMAN One that is good-natured and always fair with others. IAMES LINDSEY FROST Not only one of our finest athletes, but one of our truest friends. Spanish Club 2 CSergeant-at-ArmsD5 ROTC 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4 CCO-Captain 4 . for that day LINDA EARLE FROST She has a most personable and calm disposition. Bible Club 23 Twirp Dance Committee 23 Girls' Glee Club 23 Mixed Chorus 33 Operetta 33 Library Assistant 43 Han- over Singers 4. FRANCES HERRING FRYAR A pearl of great price. Dramatics Club 2g Latin Club 23 House of Representatives 4g F.B.L.A. 4 Clst Vice-PresidentD3 Cooperative Training Office Practice 4. IOHANNA LOUISE FUTCHS She is all gentleness and tender heart. F.T.A. 23 Latin Club 23 Girls' Glee Club 23 Seribblers' Club 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3: Operetta 33 Ir.-Sr. Prom Commit- tee 3 CRefreshmentsD3 Wildcat Staff 4 CTypistD. GEORGE PERDRIEAU GALPHIN A friend, a gentleman-wlzat more can we say? House of Representatives 2g ROTC 2, 3. BARBARA JANE GARDNER The force of her merit wins her way. Latin Club 23 Dramaties Club 23 Iudicial Marshal 2, 33 May Dance Committee 3 CChairman of Entertainmentj3 Social Marshal 33 Iunior Class Play Committee 3 CBusinessD3 Ir.- Sr. Prom Committee 3 ClnvitationsD3 Paid Performance Committee Chairman 43 Government Club 4g Secretary of Student Union 4. LYNDA KAY GARRETT The fairest beauty, the greatest charm. Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsD3 Latin Club 23 Dramaties Club 2, 3, 4 CMake-up Committee 2, 453 Christ- mas Float Committee 33 Senator 3 CChairman of Ways and Means CommitteeD3 Nursery School Assistant 33 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CChairman of Music, DL'COIZItI0l1SDQ Company D Sponsor 43 ROTC Ball Committee 43 F.B.L.A. 43 Home- room Chairman 43 Government Club 43 May Court 4. NANCY CAROL GASS She doesn't put things oH-she puts them over. F.H.A. 23 Girls' Glee Club 23 Scribblers' Club 23 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorati0nsD3 City-Wide Bible Club 23 Bible Club 2, 4g District Music Contest, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 33 Music Festival 33 Hanover Singers 3, 43 Operetta 3, 43 Government Club 4. WINIFRED RUTH GEDDES The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known. Radio Club 4. PHILLIP ENGELHARD GERDES f Youth comes but once, so I'1n enjoying mine. Latin Club 2, ROTC 2, 3g Swimming Team 2, 3, 43 Dra- matics Club 43 "I Speak for Democracy" Contest 43 Govern- ment Club 4. RICHARD BINNER GERRISH To sing is to live. Sanford, Maine: Varsity Baseball 13 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Operetta I, 2g N.H.H.S.: Mixed Chorus 33 Hanover Singers 3, 43 Operetta 3, 4. of Cl!! Jdyi l'.-X'l'RlClA ANNIQ GMYTRUK A merry heart goes twice the way tlmt tires n sad one. Girls' Glee Club 23 Mixecl Chorus 33 F.R.L.A. 43 Govern- ment Club 43 D.O. Club 4. lilDlTll ANN GODXVIN Attractive grace and face. l7.ll.A. 23 llomeroom Chairman 23 Twirp Dance Committee 23 llramaties Club 23 G.A.A. 23 Thespian Play Cast 23 Vol- leyball 2, 33 F.l3.l..A. 43 Cooperative Training Olllce Prae- tiee 4. l3RANKlli GODWIN One as jolly as can lm. RORIAKRT G. GOFF A clever Itnl in every IUHY. JOHN SIMIQON GORDON Ile has xuelz on optimistic lmture. Dramaties Club 23 ROTC 2, 3, 43 Cape Fear Rifles 3, 4 CSergeant-at-Arms -U3 l5.ll.I...-X. 4. C,-XROLYN IQVANS GORE A cheerful temper joined with a elzeerful smile. Girls' Glee Club 23 Spanish Club 33 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Government Club 43 l3.l3.l..A. 4. lllfI,liN LOUISE GORIQ She talks of what she likes. Girls' Glee Club 23 Latin Club 2g lf.B.l,.A. 43 Government Club 43 Bible Club 4. IAMIQS CARLTON GREEN lVllllllS the use of living if you ea11't enjoy yourself? Rible Club 2, 33 Homeroom Chairman 33 Government Club 33 llramaties Club 3, 43 D.I2. Club 43 F.B.L.A. 4. SYl.VlA Gllllflilrllll Full of fun and mischief, too. Girls' Sports 2g Latin Club 2, 3 CVirre-President 23: F.B.L.A. 43 Cooperative Training Practice 43 Government Club 4. BARBARA JOYCE GROVE A shy nature often eoneenls a vast ol1111zda11Ce of trcasilres. llll. Club 43 F.l3.l,.A. 4. THOMAS GARY HALLMAN CTOlVllVlY1 A willing miurl, a lzeart of gold. Football 25 Spanish Club 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Hanover Singers 4. ROBERT EDWARD HANNIBAL CBOB1 Mighty likeable, lzigliearterl and sincere. Football 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 4 CSergeant-at-Arms 3, 41. ARCHIE HANBY HANSEN Respeeterl and liked by all who know lzim. ROTC 2, 3. SUSAN LANE HARDIN Success will lzless whatever you tlo. Latin Club 25 Student Court Judge 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CAdvertising15 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CEn- tertainmt-nt15 Lab Assistant 45 Telephone Directory Com- mittee 45 National Honor Society 45 Christmas Float Com- mittee 45 Coordinating Committee 45 Senator 4. MARGARET ANNE HARDISON Good nature is a sign of a large and generous heart. Girls' Glce Club 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Music Festival 3. JOHN THORNE HARGETT CIACK1 A varied, vigorous, versatile mind. Latin Club 25 Museum Club 25 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 CPlay Committee 2, Co-Stage Manager 3, President 415 Thespian Play Casts 2, 35 May Dance Committee 2 QRe- freshments15 ROTC 2, 35 Band 2, 3 CPublieity Officer and Historian 315 Wildcat Staff 3, 4 Clleporter 3, 415 ROTC Non-Commissioned Olhcer 35 National Honor Society 3, 4 CViee-President 4, State Convention Delegate 315 Student Director of junior Class Play 35 Book Club 3, 4 CVice- President 3, President 415 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDeco- rations15 French Club 3, 4 CPresident 415 Government Club 4: Senator 4 CSergeant-at-Arms, Chairman of Ways and Means Committee15 Scribblcrs' Club 45 Chairman of Christ- mas Float Committee 45 Hanoverian Staff 4 CClass Editor1. ur senior p ay RAYMOND DANIEL GUMB A doer, not ll zlreanzer. Latin Club 2 CViee-President15 Football 25 Baseball 2, 35 House of Representatives 2, 3 CChairman of Utilities Com- mittee 2, Chairman of Clubs Committee 315 Dramaties Club 2, 3, 45 Coordinating Committee 35 junior Class Play Cast 35 Secretary of Finance 45 Manager of School Store 45 Na- tional Honor Society 45 Executive Council 4. NANCY GURGANIOUS Her friemls are iuauy, lzer enemies few. LYNN SHARON GUTHRIE jolly, but not too gay-good sense, but not too serious. Girls' Sports 2, 35 Government Club 45 Cooperative Train- ing Office Practice 45 F.B.L.A. 4. DONALD VVAYNE HALL A true ami lasting friend. kepl ws busy. . CARI. NICHOLAS IIARPIQR CNICKYD Kiiotrlerlge is power. . . , . , l.ilIIl1 Club 2, 35 lxilillll Club 3, 4. CIIARLFS I.OF'l'ON IIARRFLI. lie silent mul safe, for silence never lfetrrlys you. Sergeants' Club 35 Cape I-'ear Rilles 35 ROTC Battalion S-3, 45 Ollieers' Club 45 ROTC Rall Committee 4. IIYNIICN IIDISON IIARRFLSON In his face I see the map of lioiior, truth ami loyalty. llouse ol' Representatives 35 Short Storv Contest 35 Non- Commissionecl Ollicers' Club 3, 45 Cape Fear Rilles 3, 45 Ratlio Club 45 Coxernment Club 4. CIIARI ICS RONALD HARRISON llUll'll4' and lAUlIIlSl7llC"S quite ll fellouf. XViltleat Stall' 2 CCireulationD: Dramaties Club 45 Thespian Play Cast 4. ,IUIDITII ANNIC HARXVAIIIJ UUIDYD Originality is the true eritlence of genius. Arts and Crafts Club 25 'liwirp Dance Committee .Z Clleeo- rationsD5 latin Club 2, 3 CSL-eretary 215 juclieial Marshal 35 VVilcIcat Stall' 3 CReporterD5 Cirls' State 35 Spurgeon Bax- ley Art Awartl 35 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CCo-Chairman of lJeeorationsj5 National Ilonor Society 3, 45 llanoverian Stall' 4 CAssistant Feature lfclitorD5 Christmas Float Commit- tee 4. IIOIIACII LIVINGSTON IIAVVICS, IR. Tlzose who loiou' lzim praise lzinl the most. Class Viee-l'resicIent 25 City-XVitle Rible Club 2 Cl'resiclentD5 Christmas Float Committee Z5 Latin Club 2, 35 Bible Club 2, 3, 45 Stuclent Court ,luclge 35 llomeroom Chairman 3, 45 llanclbooli Committee 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Gov- ernment Club 45 ,lutlieial Marshal 4. MARK DOUGLAS IlANV'l'IlORNl'l The secret of success is eoiisluney of 1lIlI'l7OSL'. lleelamation Contest 2 CSemi-FinalsD5 Latin Club 25 Arts ancl Crafts Club 25 VVilclcat Starl' 2 CPhotographerD5 Christmas Lawn Committee 25 ROTC Z, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CAssistant Stage Managerjg Short Story Contest 35 ROTC Rall Committee 3 CIJeeorationsD5 Boys' State 35 Rook Club 2, 3, 4 Cl'resiclent 3, Program Chairman 455 llanoverian Stall' 4 Cljll0l0gI'ill7l'lL'I'D2 Lab As- sistant 45 National Honor Society 45 Christmas Float Com- mittee 45 'lielephone Directory Committee 4. SYLVIA IANF IIAYFS A merry heart, ii gifteil personality. 'Fwirp Dance Committee 25 G.A.A. 2 CState Conventionlg Stuclent Congress Convention 25 Thespian Play Cast 25 Sen- ator 2, 3 CCo-Chairman of Ilospitality Committee 3, Stumlent Union Committee 315 Light Bulb Sale 2, 3, 45 Dramaties Club 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 4j5 Christmas Float Committee 35 Coorclinating Committee 35 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CChairman of lCntcrtainmentj5 Football Finals Dance Com- mittee 3, 45 May Dance Committee 3, 45 Handbook Com- mittee 45 Government Club 45 Hanoverian Staff 4 CCo-Sports l'fclitorD5 Government Club 45 ROTC Rand Sponsor 45 ROTC Ball Committee 45 F.B.L.A. 4 C2ncl Vice-PrcsiclcntD5 Social Marshal 4. BASYL BERNARD IIIZMIEY Earnest and true is he, and so will lll' ever be. Football 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3. ANNIE LOU HENRY Slze is as sweet as flowers in May. li.ll.L.A. 45 Cooperative Training Oflice Practice 4. ei eng with clubs ELIZABETH I-IERRING CBETTIED A disposition poised and sweet. Spanish Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsD5 Wilclcat Staff 2 CReporterD5 English Club 25 Museum Club 2, 45 E.H.A. 35 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDL-corationsD5 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 45 Student Union Assistant 4. NANCY PATRICIA HEWVETT CPATD And lzring with thee jest and youthful jollity. Homeroom Chairman 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 4. CORNELIA DIANNE HEWITT She deserves the lzest and purest things the world can offer. Homeroom Chairman 25 judicial Marshal 25 Twirp Danee Committee 2 CDecorationsD5 Latin Club 25 Light Bulb Sale 2, 35 Senator 3 CChairman of Relief Committee, Student Union Committeej5 junior Play Committee 3 CBusinessD5 lr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CChairman of EntertainmentD5 National Honor Society 3, 4 CPresident 4, State Convention Delegate 3D5 Hanoverian Staff 3, 4 CEditor-in-Chief 4D5 Delegate to S.I.P.A. 35 Delegate to N.C.S.P.I. 45 Class Vice- Presidcnt 45 Clerk of House of Representatives 4. IAMES LAWRENCE HIATT CLARRYD Men who do not spend all their time talking have room to accomplish many things. ROTC 2, 35 Cape Fear Rifles 25 Spanish Club 2, 35 Serg- eants' Club 35 House of Representatives 4: Government Club 4. AGNES MERLE HICKMAN Kindly speech nmketlz many friends. Girls' Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 4. WARING VVEBB HILLS, IR. Never will there he a man friendlier than he. Museum Club 2, 35 Bible Club 2, 35 Dramatics Club 35 Li- brary Club 45 Wildcat Staff 4 CChairman of Cireulationj. JOAN M. HINES Thy Cheerful eourtesies sweeten life. G.A.A. 2, 35 Volleyball 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 4. LINDA LEE HINES A great ship has deep waters. Latin Club 25 Library Assistant 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsD5 Library Club 2, 35 Book Club 2, 3 CTreas- urer ZD5 Lab Assistant 45 Wildcat Stall: 3 CCirculationD5 Iudicial Marshal 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Telephone Directory Committee 4. MICHAEL KENTON HINTZ No man is happy who does not think himself so. ROTC 25 Homeroom Chairman 25 D.O. Club 3, 4 CPresi- dent 4D. CAROLYN SUE HOBBS Oh, hut she was gay. Dramatics Club 25 Wildcat Staff 2 CReporterD5 Latin Club 2, 3 CReporterD5 Scribblers' Club 2, 45 Ir.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 3 CInvitationsD5 Lab Assistant 3, 45 Telephone Direc- tory Committee 4 CTypist, ProofreaderD5 Government Club 4. am examinations. DlXll'f LINDA HOBBS Alert to all tlze finer things of life. Latin Club Z5 llanoverian Stall' 23 Homeroom Devotional Chairman 25 XVildcat Stall' 2: Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Christmas Float Committee, 49 Government Club 4: National Honor Society 4, Mixed Chorus' Pianist 43 liootball lfinals Dance Committee 45 " I Speak for Democ- racy" Contest 4 Clnd Placcj. CABOI. JANE HOLDEN A lzeurt that warms others' souls, it Hllllll that enricizes lzer own. Library Assistant 2, Latin Club 25 Library Club 2, 33 Li- brary Tea Committee 2, 3g Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 CCo-Stage Manager 425 Arts and Crafts Club 35 lf.H.A. 3 CParliamen- tarianlg Museum Club 35 junior Class Play Committee 3 CPublicity, Sound lifleetsj, Bible Club 35 Winner of D.A.B. Sewing Contestg State Dramatics Festival 3g Student Direc- tor of Thespian Play 3g jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecora- tionsDg Book Club 43 judicial Marshal 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 45 Government Club 49 Hanoverian Staff 4 CAssistant Sub- scription Manage-rD. PA'l'BlClA ANN HOLLAND Of quiet tastes foul manners mild. lf.B.L.A. 4. IIABOLD SMITH HOLLIDAY Never has at worry it ieoultl seein. norc 3, mc. Club 4. ANNli ASHLEY IIOLIXILIS Size can ulu'oys final soinetlzing to tulle about. Latin Club 2: Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsDg l3.H.A. 2, jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 QDecorationsDg Office Assistant 3, 43 l7.B.L.A. 4. NANCY l.OUlSlf HOLT A light heart and capable lmnrls. If.B.L.A. 43 Cooperative Training Ollicc Practice 4. lf.-Xlll. LAlfAYl'l IIOBNIQ Her nature is as clzurming as her face. lf.ll.A. 2g C.A.A. 2, 3 CSecretary 35, Football Finals Dance Committee 3 CDecorationsDg l7.B.L.A. 4: D.Ii. Club 4 CSec- rctarylg House of Bepresentatives 4. LOUlSIi ANNIC HONVICLL lVit, grace, lIL'llItlj'-llll these has size. Girls' Glee Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CChairman of BefreshmentsDg jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorationsDg Government Club 4: lfxecutive Council 4g Delegate to N.C. S.P.l. 43 lfditor-in-Chief of Wlildcat 4. JOYCE HUBBARD Cuiety is the gift of women. JACQUIQLINIQ HUFFMON UACKIICD A little warmtlz, 11 little of lo1'e's lzestowing. House of Bepresentatives 2g Twirp Dance Committee 25 Sophomore Bepresentativc to P.S.T.A. 25 VVildcat Staff 25 Spanish Club 2, 3 CParliamentarian ZDQ Dramatics Club 2, 3g jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Handbook Committee 4 CChairmanD, Government Club 4 CSecrctaryD5 Student Teacher 4: Social Marshal 4. fha socla 5 EDVVABD VINCENT HUNT III A healthy spirit is one tlmt's fed hy laughter. LOUISE THEOBALD HUNTER She has a quiet auzl engaging way. Dramatics Club 23 F.H.A. 23 Bible Club 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Government Club 43 F.B.l,.A. 4. MARY JOYCE HUTCHINSON Industry is itself a treasure. Girls' Glee Club 23 Cafeteria Assistant 2, 33 F.B.L.A. 43 D.E. Club 4. JEANNE STUART JAMES A willing helper does not wait until she is asked. Needham Broughton High School: Latin Club 1, 23 Junior Literary Magazine Stal? 23 Devotional Group 23 Symphony Orchestra 2. N.H.H.S.: Arts and Crafts Club 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDeeorationsD3 Bible Club 3g Book Club 3, 43 Telephone Directory Committee 43 Homeroom Chair- man 43 Government Club 43 Nursery School Assistant 43 Secretary of P.S.T.A. 43 National Honor Society 4. HAZEL ABLENIQ JABBELL She tried the luxury of doing gooal. Girls' Glee Club 23 D.E. Club 3. JOY JENKINS Life is not really what comes to us, but what we get from it. Wildcat Staff 2 CRCl70I'tCI'DQ Latin Club 2, 3g Scribblers' Club 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CPublicityj3 House of Representatives 3 CSoeial CommitteeD3 May Dance Committee 33 Light Bulb Sale 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorationsj3 Government Club 43 Hanoverian Stall' 4: National Honor Society 43 Senator 4 Csfllllldflt Union Com- mittee-D3 Book Club 4. KATHBYN MUGOOGAN JOHN Sincere, energetic and capable. Library Assistant 2, 3 3 Library Club 2, 3 CSecretary 353 Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee 3 CAdyertisingD3 Telephone Directory Committee 43 Lab Assistant 43 Christmas Float Committee 4. BETTY JEAN JOHNSON The heart is wiser than the intellect. Bible Club 23 G.A.A. 2, 33 Junior Class Play Cast 33 Coop- erative Training Ofhce Practice 4g F.B.L.A. 4. CECIL REX JOHNSON Those who take life as it comes make work just play. ROTC 2, 33 D.E. Club 4. MATILDA ANN JOHNSON Cheerfulness is the principal ingredient in the composition of health. Nursery School Assistant 2, 3g F.B.L.A. 4g D.E. Club 4 CTreasurerD. ana afhleflcs SARAII FIIANCICS JOHNSON Just to know lzer is a treat. XVILIQY CI,YDIi JOHNSON The power to achieve, the will to win. ROTC 2, 3, 43 Rifle Tezun 25 ROTC Ball Committee CDCCO- rations, Refreshnientslg Judicial Marshal 33 Sergeants' Club 3, 4. I'il.AN CAIIOLYN JONICS liver elzarming, ever new. Neeclham Broughton High School: Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Latin Club I, 2. N.H.H.S.: Mixed Chorus 3. JICAN CHARLOTTPI JONES Illould there more as true ami sincere as she. House ot' Representatives 2g Girls' Glcc Club 23 D.A.R. Award 33 I5.H.A. 3, 4 CSccretary 413 If.B.L.A. 43 Dramatics Club 43 VVil1lcat Stafl' 4 Cliypistj. RlfIIIQCCA LYNN JONI-IS A Very pleasant nature shines through her quietness. Spanish Club 33 l7.R.I..A. 43 Government Club 4. MACON T. JORDAN Nothing common seems worthy of you. J. H. KIQLLY liriendliness and calm ways are his clothing. ETTA CRAIG KIIRR The ufay to a man's heart is through his stomach. Bible Club 23 City-Wide Bible Club 25 F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 4-H Club 2, 3, 4 CVice-President 2, Secretary 31 AIVIELIA CAROL KICRSIQY Enough for me my work well done. Scribblcrs' Club 23 Girls' Glcc Club 25 Mixed Chorus 3 Opcrctta 39 National Honor Society 45 Government Club 4 F.B.L.A. 4 CCorrcsponcling Secrctaryj. CHARLES RICHARD KING Manners mild but pleasant. Band 25 Government Club 45 Spanish Club 4. WM6 6l SOLLVCE FRANCES MARIE KING A happy soul, sincere and true. Latin Club 2 CTreasurerDg Girls' Glee Club 2, Bible Club 23 Seribblers' Club 2, F.T.A. 2, 3 CVicc-President 31, Wild- eat Staff 2, 3 CReporter 2, 3jg Hanover Singers, 3, 4g Op- eretta 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 4, National Honor Society 4, Govern- ment Club 4g Telephone Directory Committee 4. LENWOOD MELVIN KING Friends are a fortune, and lzere is a king. Football 2, 3, 43 ROTC 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4. AUGUST STEVE KLEIN Silence is golden, and I want to get riclz. ROTC 2, 3g Football 2, 35 Golf 2, 3. LESTER HAL KNIGHT Success depends upon the stuff a man is made of. Latin Club 2, 33 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Cape Fear Rifles 2, 3, 4g Sergeants' Club 35 Oifcers' Club 4. ROBERT GAIL KNOVVLES Good lzuinor and wisdom eonzlrined. House of Representatives 29 Twirp Dance Committee 23 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 3Dg Lab Assistant 3, Gov- ernment Club 4g F.l3.L.A. 4, Handbook Committee 4. R UBY JOYCE KNOX All clouds lzave linings bright and shining, so I wear mine inside out. N.H.H.S.: French Club 2, 3, 43 Lab Assistant 35 F.l3.L.A. 4, Government Club 4, Wildcat Staff 4 CReporterD. Philadel- phia High School for Girls: G.A.A. 3, Service Club 3. PEGGY ANN KONIG A smile so friendly and earnest. F.H.A. 2g Arts and Crafts Club 2, 3, 4 CPresident 3, Treas- urer 4Dg May Dance Committee 33 Spanish Club 3, 45 Ir.- Sr. Prom Committee 3g House of Representatives 4 CChair- man of Hospitality Committeejg Government Club 4. CLAYTON G. KOONCE It's a fact, pleasure makes a good disposition, Sergeants' Club 3g ROTC Ball Committee 3g D.O. Club 4. ELSIE FAYE KOONCE An all around friend and one as jolly as can be. Homeroom Chairman 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDeco- rationslg E.H.A. 3, 4 CVice-President 41, Ir.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 3 CDccorationsD5 F.B.L.A. 4, Nursery School Assist- ant 4g Government Club 4g Wildcat Staff 4 CTypistDg Bible Club 4. WILLIAM A. KOPP He eitlier finds equality or makes it. ROTC 2, 3, 4, Cape Fear Riiles 25 Sergeants' Club 3, Dra- matics Class Play Cast 3, Dramaties Club 2, 3g ROTC Ball Committee 43 Oflicers' Club 45 Government Club 4. i of qoocl fimes. DORIS IQVIQLYN KORNICGAY Doing good is the only certain lmppy aetion of iz ufonzmfs life. . , A Rlble Llub 25 l'.R.l..A. 4. SUZANNIC KRAMER The smile tlmt wins, tlze spirit tlzat aeliieves. May Court 2, 3g Volleyball 25 House of Representatives 3 CSoeial Committeej: jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Cblusielg Valentine Queen 35 Light Rulb Sale 35 Nay Dance Commit- tee 3: Spanish Club 3, 4 CTreasurer 415 VVilLleat Stall 4 C'l'ypistD: Company C Sponsor 45 Telephone Directory Com- mittee 45 National Honor Society 4. IAMIQS ALLIQN LANIIQR A prolzing, stutlious mind. Deelamation Contest 2 CSL'l1ll-l'ilI1iilSDQ Museum Club 2, 3, 4 CViee-President 2, 3, President -U5 Spelling Contest 2 Cl5inalsD5 XVriting Contest 2 CFinalsD5 Nixecl Chorus 2, 3: Operetta 25 luclieial lX'larshal 35 Hanover Singers 45 National Honor Soeiety 45 Lab Assistant 4. JOHN ROBICRT LANTER A spirit tlmt surpasses all simple joy. Dramaties Club 3, 4. ICLWOOD M. Llili lmleezl, he is ll true eompunion. ROTC 2, 3, 4. PATSY I,liIi May the best tlzings Come lzer way. HENRY ANDREW Ll'Il'IUWliNBURG CHALD An alzzuulmiee of friends malzas zz lmppy lzeart. I.V. Football 25 House of Representatives 25 Latin Club 2, 3 CPresitlent 3D5 ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 ,luclieial Marshal 4. FAY LIQITCH Tl1ere's nothing 1 like better than I1 good lnuglz. IO ANN LTCNNON A personality as clmrming as lim' looks. Twirp Dance Committee 25 House of Representatives 2, 3 CChaplain 3j5 Spanish Club 2, 35 Dramaties Club 2, 3, 45 VVilcIeat Stall' 2 CReporterD5 junior Class Play Cast 35 May Dance Committee 3 CDecorationsD5 Handbook Committee 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorationsD5 Christmas Float Committee 35 Thespian Play Cast 45 Government Club 45 Secretary of Hospitality 45 Orientation Day 45 lfxeeutive Couneil 4: Hanoverian Staff 4 CSubsCription lNlanagerD5 ROTC Rall Committee 45 May Court 45 Company B Sponsor 4. PHILIP LESLIE LEVVIS VVealtlzy in friemlslzip. Raseball 25 ROTC 2, 3, 45 ROTC Non-Commissioned Officer 35 ROTC Rall Committee 4 QlintertainmentD5 Government Club 45 Officers' Club 4. COY L. MCKENZIE He has a sensible philosophy: enjoy yourself. Band 2, 3, 4 CPersonnel Officer 4D5 ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 Dance Band 2, 3, 4. DONALD RAY MALLARD Smile and the world smiles with you. l7.R.L.A. 4. DUDLEY IVEY MALPASS He has good looks truly blent. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 ROTC Squad Award 35 Ofiieers' Club 45 Battalion Staff 4. WILLIAM STEVENS MARSH, IR. A hearty laugh, a happy soul. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Sergcants' Club 35 Cape Fear Rifles 3, 4 CSergeant-at-Arms 435 Spanish Club 3, 45 ROTC Ball Committee 4 Qiintertainmentjg Officers' Club 4. MELISSA ANNE MARTIN She has as many great accomplishments as she has friends. Latin Club 25 Arts and Crafts Club 2 CVice-PresidentD5 Li- brary Club 2 CSeeretaryD5 Thespian Play Cast 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsD5 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 CCorresponding Secretary 3, Recording Secretary 4D5 French Club 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CPropertiesD5 Scrib- blers' Club 3 CSeeretaryD5 Thespian Play Committee 3 CMake-upD5 Iunior Class Representative to P.S.T.A. 35 Ir.- Sr. Prom Committee 3 CCO-Chairman of DecorationsD5 Iu- dicial Marshal 35 National Honor Society 3, 4 CSccretary -U5 Senator 45 Christmas Float Committee 45 Secretary of Senate 4. WILLIAM MARCUS MASSEY, JR. A strong mind in a strong body-a most enviable combina- tion of masculine characteristics. Latin Club 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Operetta 2, 35 State Music Festival 35 Boys' State 35 Hanover Singers 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. 017260 LIA RALPH DONALD LITTLE He is a sincere anal valualile friend. Latin Club 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 4. ROBERT PIERCE LIVINGSTON Ile has great potentialities. ROTC 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 4. BARBARA ANN LOUNSBURY She has a great intelligence and the aliility to have fun too. Arts and Crafts Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Dramaties Club 25 G.A.A. 35 Mixed Chorus 35 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorationsD5 State Music Festival 35 Judicial Marshal 3, 45 Hanover Singers 45 Government Club 4 CProgram Chair- manD5 National Honor Society 4. WALTER B. LOVE A loyal heart, a liberal nzinrl-a better friend you'll never Emi. ROTC 2, 35 Homeroom Chairman 35 Sergeants' Club 3. ma e great plum VIRGINIA LOUISE MATHENVS Energy that finds its rent in fun. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 3Dg G.A.A. Medal 2, 35 Basket- ball 3, 43 Government Club 4. WILLIAM JEFFERSON MATHIAS CRILLD Sincerity and depemlability are slzoufn in his every action. Spanish Club 23 ROTC 2, 3g I.V. Basketball 2, Senator 3 CChairman of judiciary Committeejg Sergeants' Club 3, Varsity Basketball 3, 45 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CChair- man of PublieityDg Government Club 4 CPresiclentDg Secre- tary of Iileetions 43 ROTC Rall Committee 3 CDeeorationsDg Student Union Assistant 43 Iixeeutive Council 4. CAROL ROSALIE MATTHEVVS Her virtues many, lzer faults few. I7.H.A. 2, 35 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Chairman 23 F.B.L. A. 4. JAMES EDWARD MAULTSRY A11 lzrmest personality can afford many u friend. Cym 2, 33 Library Assistant 4. IACQUELINE PRITCHARD MEIER CIACKIED Any task with me is a job well done. Latin Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 23 Junior Class Play Cast 35 judicial Marshal 3, 45 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CCo-Chairman of Refreshmentsjg National Honor Society 3, 45 Lab Assistant 43 Wiltleat Staff 4 CAdvertisingD5 Tele- phone Directory Committee 4. BARBARA LOVE MEMORY Merry as the day is long. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 CState Convention Delegate 3, Vice-President -U5 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDoorjg House of Repre- sentatives 2, 4g Gym Assistant 4. RICHARD VON MERRIT A rare fellow indeed. ROTC 2, D.E. Club 2, 3, 4g Eastern District D.E. Club 3 Cliditor, Promotion Managerl BRUCE WEBSTER MILLER An all around sport of the best sort. Spanish Club 4. HENRY EUGENE MILLER, IR. Full of life and fun. Latin Club 2, Football 25 Sergeants' Club 39 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Government Club 4. JOHN DAVID MILLER He is ll fine and likeable fellow. 01' C0!!6q6 . . . WILLIAM JEFFERSON MILLIS Men of few words are often the best men. ALLENA JUNE MOORE As good natured as one can be. G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 25 Latin Club 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 45 F.T.A. 4 CState Convention Delegate1. INA ELIZABETH MOORE A tender heart, a will to please. F.H.A. 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 4. JAMES THOMAS MOORE CI. T.1 A straightforward and solid citizen. I.V. Football 25 ROTC 2, 3, 45 Cape Fear Rifles 35 Serg- cants' Club 35 ROTC Ball Committee 3, 45 Officers' Club 4 CSecretary-Treasurer15 Crack Platoon 35 Firing Squad 35 Company A Commander 4. WILLIAM HARDY MOORE He was very studious-studious of ease. ROTC 2, 35 Football 25 Baseball 25 Sergeants' Club 35 D.O. Club 4 CSergeant-at-Arms1. ELEANOR IANICE MORGAN One who loves music loves the greatest things life has to offer. Latin Club 25 Girls' Glee Club Aceompanist 25 F.T.A. 2, 3, 4 CSociaI Chairman 2, 3, 1st Vice-President 415 State Piano Contest 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 CAccompanist 215 Op- eretta 2, 35 Thespian Play Committee 3 CMake-up15 lr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorations15 Junior Class Play Cast 35 Handbook Committee 35 judicial Marshal 35 Wildcat Staff 3, 4 CReporter 3, News Editor 415 F.B.L.A. 45 Senator 4 CChairman of Hospitality Committee15 Hanover Singers 45 Student Director of Thespian Play 45 Dramatics Club 45 Telephone Directory Committee 4. ROBERT MILTON MORRIS An unselfish personality is the greatest gift of all. Latin Club 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 4 CStudent Director 415 ROTC Band 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 3. BESSIE SRONCE MURPHY Intellect and grace make a perfect woman. Museum Club 2, 3, 4 CSeeretary 315 Bible Club 2, 3, 4 CVice-President 315 Wildcat Staff 2, 3 CReporter 2, 315 Latin Club 2, 35 Declamation Contest 2 CSemi-Finals15 Iu- dicial Marshal 3, 45 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CEntertain- ment15 National Honor Society 3, 45 Junior Play Committee 3 CPublicity15 Scribblers' Club 2, 3, 45 Hanoverian Staff 3, 4 CAssistant Feature Editor 3, Feature Editor 415 Govern- ment Club 45 Dramatics Club 2, 45 Delegate to S.I.P.A. 35 Delegate to N.C.S.P.I. 3, 4 CVice-President 41. SARAH HAILE MUSTARD CSALLY1 She has a heart with room for every joy. Latin Club 25 House of Representatives 25 F.H.A. 25 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorations15 judicial Marshal 3. BETTY CLARK MYERS A happy smile that shows a happy heart. F.H.A. 25 Scribblers' Club 2, 3, 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 4. GQIZJ 501726 XVARREN NEAL Good lzumor is the lzealtlz of the soul. LINDA ANNE NEWLAND Cute looks and vivacity. Spelling Contest 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CChairman of EntertainmentD5 Senator 25 F.H.A. 25 Dramatics Club 2, 35 House of Representatives 25 May Dance Committee 2, 35 Homeroom Chairman 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 35 F.R.L.A. 45 Cooperative Training Office Practice 4. GEORGE MATHEWS NEWMAN, JR. To teach is to learn. Golf Team 35 ROTC 2, 35 Dramatics Club 3, 45 F.T.A. 45 Government Club 45 Tennis Team 45 Oilice Assistant 4. SHELRA JEAN NEWSOM lllerrily, merrily shall l live. Honleroom Chairman 3, 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDec- orationsj5 Wildcat Stafl' 4 CTypistD5 Spanish Club 4. JOHN LINWOOD NEWTON I will not refuse to do something that I can do. D.E. Club 4 CVice-PresidcntD5 F.B.L.A. 4 CPublicity Chair- manD5 Eastern District D.E. Club 4 CPresidentD. MARY JANICE NORMENT A disposition gentle and a lzeart so fair. Dramaties Club 2 CMakc-up CommitteeD5 Girls' Glee Club 25 Latin Club 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Government Club 4. ODELL DOLAN NORRIS Ilis disposition is as pleasant as it could possibly be. ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 35 D.O. Club 4. LILLIE CORRINNE NORTHROP She has the habit of looking on the sunny side of life. Girls' Glee Club 25 Bible Club 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Latin Club 3, 4. JERRY LEE NORTON A truly blitlze spirit. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Sergcants' Club 35 Officers' Club 45 Cape Fear Rifles 25 ROTC Ball Committee 4. HAROLD JOE ODHAM CHARRYD Never was there suclz a fellow-nature made him and tlzen broke the mold. Raskctball 2, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Raseball 2, 3, 4. for lb 5. BARBARA JEAN OLSEN Gentle ways make a pleasant, likeable person. Morehead City High School: F.T.A. 1, 25 F.H.A.1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1. N.H.H.S.: F.B.L.A. 4. ROSE MARIE OWENS A heart that smiles. Bible Club 23 Girls' Glee Club 2g Twirp Dance Committee 23 Mixed Chorus 35 State Music Festival 35 Hanover Singers 35 F.B.L.A. 4g Cooperative Training Ofhee Practice 4. DANIEL BERRY PACKARD A man of solid worth. Drill Platoon 23 Rilie Team 3, 4 CCO-Captain 435 Sergcants' Club 4. BERTHA JANE PARKER A generous heart is one that is never empty. Girls' Glee Club 2g D.E. Club 3, 4 CDistrict Meeting 413 F.B.L.A. 45 Speech Contest 4. JAMES EARL PARKER A quiet manner reflects a peaceful nature. ROTC 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 4, D.E. Club 4. JESSIE ANN PARKER Of manners so gentle, of heart so kind. Dramatics Club 2, 33 Twirp Dance Committee 39 Spanish Club 3g Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 F.B.L.A. 49 Judicial Mar- shal 3, 4, Wildcat Staff 4 CAssistant News Edit0rDg Nursery School Assistant 4. SYLVIA JANE PARKER A smooth and steadfast mind. Book Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 4 CProperties Commit- tee 433 Scribblers' Club 24 Latin Club 25 Twirp Dance Com- mittee 2, Spelling Contest 2 CSemi-Finalslg Girls' Glee Club 25 Junior Class Play Committee 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorations, Invitationsjg Judicial Mar- shal 3, 45 Government Club 4 CConstitution Committeejg Wildcat Staff 4 CTypistD. RALPH DARRYL PARNELL He strives to reach 1nan's highest goals. Arts and Crafts Club 2g Declamation Contest 2, Bible Club 4 Clst Vice-Presidentlg Government Club 4. SUSAN ALBERTA PARSONS She has every talent, every art, every beauty. Student Court Judge 2 CClerkDg Museum Club 25 Bible Club 2g Wildcat Staff 2 CCirculation, ReporterDg Book Club 2 CSecretaryDg Thespian Play Cast 23 Arts and Crafts Club 2 CReporterjg State Dramatics Festival 2, 33 Martha,Halligan Cup 2g House of Representatives 3 CParliamentarianj, Class Vice-President 35 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 CSecretary 3, Vice- President 433 Handbook Committee 39 Valentine Court 33 Telephone Directory Committee 3, 43 Teenage Award 33 Junior Class Play Cast 3, Cheerleader 3, 4 CHcad Cheer- leader 4Dg Class President 45 ROTC Battalion Sponsor 4g Senate 4 CPresidentDg Executive Council 4, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award 4g May Court 4 CMaid of H0norD3 Vars- ity Sweetheart 4. NOMIKOS MIKE PATELLIS A disposition that's hard to dismay. Wildcat StaH: 2 CPhotographerD9 Cape Fear Rifles 2, 35 ROTC Ball Committee 2, 3, 4 CDecorations 2, 3, 4, Refresh- ments 2, 3, 4, Entertainment 4D3 ROTC Staff 3, 4, Serg- eants' Club 3, Rifle Team 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4 CSocial Chairman 3, 41, Officers' Club 4g Assistant ROTC Instruc- tor 4g Government Club 4, Student Union Assistant 4, ROTC Battalion Staff 4. Ilu C li Lrpmfafivas llfA'I'RlCl'l PliCli Here ix rr gracious heart. irls' Clce Club 23 li.ll.l..A. 4: Cooperative Training Oflicc l l'llL'lICL' 4. WAl.'lil"ll TIIOM.-XS PIQNNY CTONMYD lfrerythiiilu he says and Joes is comical. Sn Q.""i .' f .. 'inuning 'll-am 2, 3, 4 Qllusincss Manager 4jg Art Awarcl 7 9115.4 rnts' Club 3 MARCL'I".Rl'l'li liI.lZARli'I'Il PIQRMIQNTICR CIBIVISYD Full of sport mul pleasure. lb 43 lnlirmaryi Assistant 44 llramatics Club 4. l'A'I'RlCI.-X l.lfl'l l'lfRRlT'I'li A friemlly smile, ll ll'ilI!1ilI,S1 1l'llj', llramatics Club 2, 31 Vollcyball IIYURIIII 2: junior Class Play Conunittee 3 Cllccorationsj: llousc of Represcntativcs 3 CSocial ConunittccDg May llancc Committee 3 Cllccora- onsj: l".ll.A. 33 jr.-Sr. Prom Committcc 3 Cllccorationsjg cltlYt'l'l1llll'I1f Club 45 llomcroom Chairman 45 Riblc Club 45 l.R,l,.A. 4: Stuclcnt Union Assistant 4. iior Class Plav Colnmittce 3 Cl'ublicityDg Government DONALD VANCE l'I'1Tl'lRSON Cl'l'1'I'lij A Though you may not know him hut a span, you leuou' you'1'e met ll mighty plezmiut nmu. Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 ciUYL'l'llIllL'IlI Club 4. IJLORA CA'l'lll'1RlNli l'li'l'liRSON She is all CUUPL'l'Nfil'l.'Ill'SS will pleusmituess. Riblc Club 2, Library Assistant 4: library Club 45 Cafeteria Assistant 4. NORMAN HENRY l'lIlI.I.IPS Never too serious, never too gay-but real fine in every way. ROTC Z, 3, 45 Scrgcants' Club 33 Officers' Club 4: ROTC Ball Conunittcc 4. SHIRLEY li. POPE Life has a lot in store for you. F.l3.L.A. 45 Coopcrativc Training Oflicc Practicc 4. CARL F. POWICLL, IR. Good sportsmarz and hard worker. ROTC 2, 3, 43 Scrgcants' Club 43 Government Club 4g Radio Club 3, 4. MONTH I'OWlil.,L A man is worth zz great deal more if he eau control himself. WWZ6 C 05617. . . BYNUM PRESNELL He is carefree and unaware that life has its troubles. x JAMES HANSON PRIDGEN A faithful and generous friend. ROTC 25 D.E. Club 43 Homeroom Chairman 4. ' SYLVIA FAY PRIDGIQN Sincerity was in her heart as perfume in the flower. Girls' Glee Club 23 Dcelamation Contest 25 Bible Club 2, 3, 4 CSong Leader 2, Reporter 4, Vice-President 4D5 Judicial Marshal 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Executive Council 45 Govern- ment Club 45 Secretary of Treasury 45 Christmas Float Com- mittee 4. DAVID CARL PRINCE Strong is he that masters his own spirit. IRIS ANN PUGH The world cannot resist a happy face. G.A.A. 2, 35 Homeroom Chairman 25 Tumbling 25 Volley- ball 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 45 D.E. Club 4. EARNEST JAMES PUSKAS His thoughts rnust truly he peaceful ones. LEVADA DELORIS RACKLEY Always friendly and full of fun, her good humor is surpassed by none. F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 4. GLENDA MAE RADCLIFFE Never shall we meet a more sincere and trustworthy friend. Bible Club 2, 3, 4 CPresident 415 F.H.A. 25 Creative Writ- ing Contest 35 Government Club 45 French Club 3, 4 CVice- President 4D5 Homeroom Devotional Chairman 35 Judicial Marshal 45 Dramaties Club 4 CBusiness Committeelg Junior Class Play Cast 33 Homeroom Chairman 45 Book Club 4. ESTHER RADFORD Grace in her every step and smile. NANCY FAY RAINES She is only bright who shines by herself. Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Softball 35 G.A.A. 3, 45 Basketball 2, 33 Gym Assistant 4. GQIZJ 3f0IZ0l' dy LINIJA I,OUlSl'l ll.-IMSAUR She speaks and uets as she should. Arts and Crafts Club 2, Spanish Club 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CCo-Chairman of SeeneryD5 Dramatics Club 3, 4 CStage Manage-rlg Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 35 Government Club 4. CLIFF REAVES Fun is zz sheer necessity. JAMES REGISTER Ile has a cheerful and brightened attitude. JUIi REGISTER It's silly to llunien O11L"S mimi with worry. MARVIN IIICLI, RIiGISTIfR, JR. A lzoisterous spirit, a hearty laugh. Latin Club 23 I3.Il.L.A. 43 Non-Commissioned Officers' Club 4. MABIYL JEAN REID Beauty ami grace-ami good sense, too. House of Representatives 25 Spanish Club 3 CReporterDg Government Club 33 Wildcat Staff 3, 4 CCircuIation 3, 4jg Dean of Girls Assistant 3, 4g National Honor Society 4. JUDITH HOPE RHODES She walks with sunshine in her eyes. l5.T.A. 25 Dramatics Club 2, 33 Wildcat Staff 2 CCircula- tionlg Latin Club 2, 33 F.B.I..A. 45 Government Club 4' D.O. cllllll 4. v REGINALD EDWARD RICE VVell-liked and full of fun. ROTC 2, 3, 43 Sergeants' Club 33 Cape Fear Rifles 35 Of- lieers' Club 43 I7.I3.I..A. 4 CPresiclentDg Government Club 4. EARL R. RICH His eyes mirror courtesy ami truth. SHERIDAN FAY RICKS A heart that stirs is hzznl to lliml. lXlAL'RlCli CIJCVIJLAND ROBBINS A wit that takes you by surprise. Basketball 2, 3: Baseball 2, 35 Homeroom Chairman 35 Drill Team 25 Rifle Team 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 ROTC Ball Committee 3, 4 Clleeorations 35 Clean-up 455 Talent Show 45 Oflieers' Club 4. JAMES LYMON ROBERSON Abilities tlzut reach beyond the realm of all normality. ROTC 2: Spanish Club 3 CVice-PresidentD5 Hanclbook Com- mittee 4: Bible Club 4 CProjeet Committeejg Government Club 45 Telephone Directory Committee 45 Assistant Chief Juclieial Marshal 45 National Honor Society 45 Book Club 4. JAMES E. RODERICK His heart is as true as steel. ROY C. RODERICK People like this make life brighter. ENOCH W. ROGERS Modest merit has cz double claim to success. F.B.L.A. 4. JAMES KINLAW ROGERS CKEND A dependable lad, true and quiet. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Rifie Team 3, 45 Spanish Club 35 ROTC Ball Committee 4 CDoorj5 Officers' Club 4. gave pri e RAY SHAFTICR RIGGS Silence is the surest sign of wisdom. D.E. Club 4. EDNA MERLE RITTENHOUSE Determizzutiou makes dreams come true. Spanish Club 45 F.B.L.A. 4. BARBARA JEAN RIVENBARK Success and lmppiuess ure surely alzend for lzer. F.H.A. 2, 3 CVice-President 3D5 Bible Club 2, 45 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CChairman of BusinessD5 Seribblers' Club 35 Girls' State 35 Nursery School Assistant 45 Govern- ment Club 45 Wilcleat Staff 4 CTypistj5 National Honor Society 45 F.B.L.A. 4. SIDNEY JULTAN RTVENRARK Poised, quiet, and quite dignified. ROTC 2, 35 Firing Squad 25 Sergeants' Club 35 Government Club 4. fo many LINDA MAE ROLLINSON A heart of warmth and mirth. G.A.A. 29 Bible Club 2, 39 Dramaties Club 2, 3, 49 Thespian Play Cast 29 Operetta Committee 2, 3 CMake-up 2, 3D9 Ir.- Sr. Prom Committee 3 CSceneryj9 Government Club 4. IIICLIQN MARIE ROMEO IVell-versed in all the art of friemlship and success. Class Secretary 29 Latin Club 29 E.H.A. 29 Twirp Dance Committee 29 Social lN'Iarshal 39 May Dance Committee 39 Handbook Committee 39 junior Class Play Committee 3 CRusincssj9 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CChairman of Re- I'!'L'SI1ll'lL'I'ItSDQ Orientation Day 49 E.R.L.A. 49 Government Club 49 French Club 49 Bible Club 4 CSocial ChairmanD9 Secretary of Student Rody 4. BARBARA PHYLLIS ROPER A sincere heart clothed in mirth. Dramaties Club 29 G.A.A. 2, 3, 49 E.H.A. 2, 3, 49 Wildcat Stafl' 3, 4 Cllxchange Editor 3, Circulation 3, -U9 E.R.L.A. 49 Government Club 49 Spanish Club 4. PAUL LAWRENCE RUMPLE A smile for all, a greeting glad, a mighty jolly way he hall. ROTC 2, 39 Sergeants' Club 39 Government Club 4g Spanish Club 4. BENNETT GEORGE RUSS, IR. For friendliness will conquer all. ROTC 2, 3, 4. ROSE GAIL RUSS Success is hers who says little. Rible Club 29 Infirmary Assistant 4. PATRICIA ANN SAMS CPATSYJ Sweet and silent. Girls' Glee Club 29 F.R.L.A. 4. CRATIE HARRY SANDLIN Creative originality is yours. Cape Fear Rifles 2, 39 Art Award 2, 39 Library Assistant 4g Wildcat Staff 4 CArtist, CirculationD. PHILLIP KEITH SANDLIN IVe're all proud to know him. ROTC 2, 3g D.E. Club 4 CEditor, Promotion Managerb. LEWIS NORMAN SASSER Mirth prolongs life and causes health. ROTC 2, 3, 4s Drill Platoon 2, 39 Cape Fear Rifles 3 CSec- retary-TreasurerD9 ROTC Non-Commissioned Ofiicer 3, 49 Sergeants' Club 39 l7.B.L.A. 49 Swimming Team 3, 4. . N 605 jqndd 6X6U'lZ5 LATITIA SAVAGE A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. F.B.L.A. 45 D.O. Club 4. JOANNE SCHLEY A clear conscience is a good pillow. G.A.A. 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 45 D.O. Club 4. SYLVIA JANE SCHUTT A good laughing face, a friendly heart. 25 Library Assistant 35 Library Club 35 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Government Club 35 Scribblers' Club 4. JAMES EARL SEAY Earth changes, hut thy soul stands sure. Bible Club 2, 45 Homeroom Devotional Chairman 4. TONY SELLERS Happy, contented, he jogs along. VERONICA SHERMAN She, who loves to employ herself well, can never have want of something to do. Girls' Sports 25 D.A.R. Dressmaking Contest 3 Clst PlaceD5 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 45 Cooperative Training Ofhcc 4. ROSALEE HARDEE SHEW Noble in every thought and every deed. Band 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 35 Government Club 4. BETTY JANE SHINN My heart is ever at your service. Latin Club 2, 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CPublicityD5 Government Club 45 Arts and Crafts Club 4. SARAH BLACK SHUMPERT The ones who succeed are those who set their aims toward perfection. Dramaties Club 2, 3, 45 Thespian Play Committee 2 CPub- licityD5 Scribblers' Club 25 Wildcat Staff 2, 3 CReporter 2, Columnist 315 Girls' Glee Club 25 F.T.A. 3, 4 CSecond Vice- President 3, President 4, Convention Delegate 4D5 Book Club 3, 4 CSeeretary-Treasurer 435 French Club 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Bible Club 3, 45 Judicial Marshal 3, 45 Arts and Crafts Club 3, 4 CPresident 435 Junior Class Play Commit- tee 3 CPropertiesD5 State Good Writing Contest 3 QFinalistj5 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDcc0rationsD5 Girls' State 35 Na- tional Honor Soeiety 45 Hanoverian Staff 4 CActivities Edi- torj5 Hanover Singers 4. FLORENCE KATHLEEN SKIPPER We are charmed hy her neatness of person. Girls' Glce Club 25 Bible Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 45 Government Club 4. 6L,010l'06LCll6C7 . . ANNICTTL BROWN SMITH A merry life und zz gay spirit. I7.'I'.A. 25 lfnglisb Club 2 CViee-Presiclentlg Arts anal Crafts Club 25 Dramaties Club 2, 35 F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDeeorationsD5 Spanish Club 2, 35 F.B.I,.A. 45 IJ.Ii. Club 4. DANIEL PATIIICK SMITH CDANNYD Victory belongs to the most pcrsevering. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 Ollieers' Club 4. DOROTHY JOYCE SMITH She trod in simplicity, gentleness, and honor. Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDeeorationsD5 Government Club 35 D.lC. Club 3. IJIIANCICS GLYNN SMITH My joy of life is hard to kill. I"IIIQDIiIIICK PIQAIISALI, SMITH Ile keeps everyone lauglzing. Latin Club 25 Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 House of Represent- atives 35 Sergeants' Club 3, 45 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDeeorationsD5 Government Club 4. GRAHAM M. SMITH You show good sense by controlling your senses. IANIS BRYANT SMITH What sweet dvliglit a quiet life affords. Basketball 25 Volleyball 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 4. NORA JEANETTE SMITH The smile on your face is but a reflection of the feeling in your heart. Girls' Glee Club 25 Arts and Crafts Club 25 Latin Club 3, 45 Student Union Assistant 4. PATRICIA LOU SMITH Common sense is the best indication of a sound mind. G.A.A. 2, 35 Bible Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball Team Captain 33 yolleyball Team Captain 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Government C u 7 4. STEVE SNIiIiDl2N Out of the strain of the doing into the peace of the done. Cafeteria Assistant 2, 3, 45 Bus Driver 2, 3, 45 Student Union Assistant 3, 4. 6023 drew IACQUELINIL YvoNNE soLEs CIACKIED Her sparkling surface scarce betrays the thoughtful title which beneath it rolls. Latin Club 2, 3 CVice-President 2, Parliamentarian 3D5 Light Bulb Sale Committee 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CPropertiesj5 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Clnvitations, Dec- orationsD5 Iudicial Marshal 3, 45 Lab Assistant 45 Telephone Directory Committee 45 Wildcat Stall' 4 CCirculationD5 Na- tional Honor Society 45 Christmas Float Committee 45 Gov- ernment Club 4. THOMAS FREDERICK SOUTHERLAND His work always reflects a well :lone task. ROTC 2, 35 Visual Aid Assistant 4. CAROL DALPHINE SPIVEY Iler thoughtful, intelligent mind will take her to the greatest heights of life. Dramatics Club 25 Museum Club 25 Latin Club 2, 35 Bible Club 2, 3, 45 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CRefreshmentsj5 Government Club 45 F.T.A. 4 CSecretary-TreasurerD. CHRISTOPHER BENNETT SPIVIZY Ile doesnt waste his capable ntinil. Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 Spanish Club 35 Rille Team 3, 45 ROTC Ball Committee 3, 4 CDecora- tions 3, Clean-up 3, Chairman of Refreshments 4D5 Ofheers' Club 4. FREIDA JANE STANLEY She has all the honor and loyalty that one could ever hope to have. Girls' Glec Club 25 French Club 2, 3, 45 Book Club 3, 4 CVice-President 4D5 French Play Cast 35 Iunior Class Play Committee 3 CP1'opertiesD5 Scribblers' Club 45 Dramatics Club 4. PATRICIA ANN STARKEY CPATSYD A gracious, friendly, artistic minzl. Girls' Glue Club 25 F.H.A. 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsD5 Arts and Crafts Club 2, 3, 4 CVice-Presi- dent 425 Dcclamation Contest Winner 25 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 CChairman of Make-up Committee 415 Student Di- rector of Thespian Play 35 May Dance Committee 35 Oper- etta Committee 2, 3 CMake-up Committee 2, 3D5 Iunior Class Play Committee 3 CProperties, Prompterj5 Football Finals Dance Committee 4 CDecorationsD5 State Dramaties Festival 2, 3, 45 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDecorationsj5 Government Club 45 Christmas Float Committee 45 Hand- book Committee 45 Hanoverian Staff 4 CArt Editorj. MARTHA BRUCE STARNES Her hne character, her friendly manner-all distinguish her as one of our closest friends. Bible Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 25 Spanish Club 25 Homeroom Chairman 25 G.A.A. 2, 45 Seribblers' Club 3, 45 Iudieial Marshal 3, 45 Government Club 45 F.B.L.A. 4. SYLVIA MARIE STEPHEN SON She has a great number of accomplishments of which to be proud. House of Representatives 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CChairman of DecorationsD5 F.H.A. 35 Iudicial Marshal 2, 35 Library Club 35 Library Assistant 35 English Club 2 CSec- retaryD5 Bible Club 45 F.B.L.A. 4. EDITH PAGE STEVENSON She, who loved true honor more than fame. Latin Club 25 Homeroom Chairman 25 F.H.A. 25 D.A.R. Dressmaking Contest 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDeco- rationsD5 County Spelling Contest 2 C2ncl Placej5 Judicial Marshal 35 Creative Writing Contest 35 Government Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Hanoverian Staff 3, 4 CAssistant Sports Editor 3, Business Manager 4D5 Delegate to S.I.P.A. Conference 35 French Club 45 Book Club 4. HARRY THURMAN STEWART How nice it must be to have so few cares. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Cape Fear Rifles 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 3, 4. L05 IZECUZWZ lJAl.l.AS IQUCICNIQ STOUDIQNMIRIQ llere is a jolly example of lzouf to lze happy. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Sergeants' Club 3, 4 CVice-President 4D. D.-XNIIQI. SULLIVAN CDAND Ile has a nzeelmnieal mimi. l,atin Club 25 Raclio Club 3, 4 CViee-Presiclentl5 ROTC 3, 45 l".ngineering Contest 4 Clst l,l'llL'D. UONAID jliROMli SUl.l,lVAN UIQRRYD lllorllzy anilwitions anil tletermination lie at tlze roots of true success. l.atin Club 25 Museum Club 25 Rantl 2, 3, 4 CPersonnel Of- lieer 3, Rancl Manager 435 State Solo and lfnsemble Contest 25 ROTC Rand 2, 35 Twirp Dance Committee 2 Clleeora- tionsD5 Dance Rand 2, 45 Sergeants' Club 35 junior Class Play Cast 35 National Ilonor Society 3, 4 C'I'reasurer -U5 ju- clieial Marshal 2, 3, 4 CAssistant Chief 3D5 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 ClJeeorationsj5 State llramaties Festival Play Cast 25 llramaties Club 2, 3 CPlay Committee 2, Stage Man- ager 31 PRANCICS IOANNIQ SUMINIERLIN Tl1ere's notlzing about lier we dislike. Rancl 2, 3. if Ml'll,RA l.YNl'f'l"l'l'I 'lA'l'UM Efficiency aml goof! will are lier qualities. Homeroom Chairman 25 C.A.A. 25 Twirp Dance Committee 25 Dramaties Club 2, 35 Play Writing Contest 35 Spanish Club 45 F.l3.l..A. 45 Government Club 4. CHliSTl'lR VVlNl7llll,D TAYLOR CCllli'l'D Intellect and initiative zlistinguislt you. ROTC 25 Drill Platoon 25 l.atin Club 2, 3, CPresiclent 2, 355 Stage Manager of junior Play 35 National llonor Society 3, 45 Roys' State 35 judicial Marshal 35 junior Play Committee 35 Government Club 45 Homeroom Chairman 45 Seribblers' Club 45 l7.R.l..A. 45 lyluseum Club 4. jl'lRRY lfRliDliRlCK TAYLOR A lzealtlzy mintl, lllllly and disposition. j.V. Basketball 25 Spanish Club 3, 45 Twirp Dance Commit- tee 2 CDL-eorationsj5 Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basket' ball 3, 45 Government Club 45 Dramaties Club 4. LUCY JIZANETTE TAYLOR ller smile well explains lzer great numlzer of friends. Arts and Crafts Club 25 Wilcleat Stall' 2 CReporterD5 Dra- maties Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 Clleeorationsjg Scribblers' Club 3 CViee-Presi1.lentD5 jr.-Sr. Prom Commit- tee 3 HDL-eorations, lnvitationsjg Spanish Club 3 CSeere- taryD5 Ollice Assistant 3, 45 F.l3.I,.A. 45 junior Class Play Committee 3 CPublieityD5 Government Club 45 Telephone Directory Committee 4. CHARLIQS RAY TIQACHICY Ile's armed without that's stout-lzeartezl lritlzin. ROTC 2, 35 Rand 2, 3, 4. LILLA jAN THOMAS Every day and every moment she enjoyed. Spanish Club 35 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 35 Government Club 45 Dramaties Club 3. le frazewell WILLIAM GLENN THOMPSON His imlividual characteristics are ones tlzat we admire. Bible Club 25 ROTC 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 4. SUE CAROLYN THORNTON I shall laugh myself to death. Latin Club 25 CGirls' Glee Club 25 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CInvitationsj5 Bible Club 45 Government Club 4. ALENE THELMA TODD She has innumerable charms. F.B.L.A. 45 G.A.A. 2. BETTY JOSEPHINE TUCKER A woman of well earned merits. Homeroom Chairman 2, 35 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDCC- orationsD5 Spanish Club 2, 35 D.A.R. Dressmaking Contest 2 CFinalsD5 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Judicial Marshal 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CPublieityD5 F.B.L.A. 45 Cooperative Training Office Practice 45 National Honor Society 4. ELLEN TUCKER Beauty, intelligence, the will to serve-all these fine traits has she. Homeroom Chairman 25 Latin Club 25 Twirp Dance Com- mittee 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Senator 2, 35 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CBusinessD5 Mixed Chorus 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CChairman of InvitationsD5 Class Secretary 45 National Honor Society 45 Delegate to N.C.S.P.I. 45 Business Manager of Wildcat 4. WILLIAM THOMAS VALENTINE CBILLD A large body leaves room for a large heart. RICHARD ALLEN VANCE Behind an able man there are always other able men. Latin Club 2 CPresidentD5 Thespian Play Cast 25 State Solo and Ensemble Contest 25 Speech Arts Play Cast 25 Band 2, 35 ROTC Band 2, 35 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play Cast 35 Dance Band 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CDec- orations, Master of CeremonyD5 Secretary of Club Activities 45 Orienation Day 45 Government Club 45 Executive Coun- cil 45 "I Speak for Democracy" Contest 4. LILLIAN M. VINSON Quiet and quite nice. Girls' Glee Club 25 Homeroom Devotional Chairman 35 Gov- ernment Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Bible Club 4. RUTH ANN WALLACE In her tongue is the law of kindness. Volleyball 2, 35 Homeroom Devotional Chairman 4. AURELIA JANE WALTERS To make the best better. Dramatics Club 25 Arts and Crafts Club 25 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CBusinessD5 Judicial Marshal 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 CInvitationsD5 Spanish Club 3, 45 Nursery School Assistant 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. iqninq amzna 5 ANGELA VVARWICK She builds for character not for fame. Girls' Glee Club 23 I7.B.L.A. 4. JANE CAYCE WARVVICK Beauty not only in her face but in her thoughts. l7.'I'.A. 2, Girls' Glee Club 23 Dramatics Club 23 Spanish Club 4. CARL THOMAS WATKINS, JR. lVhy rush? Rome was not huilt in a day. ROTC 2, 3g Sergeants' Club 3. CAROLYN JEAN WEBB Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep. Latin Club 2g Iuclicial Marshal 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club 2, 33 Ilomeroom Chairman 3g Telephone Directory Committee 3, 4g Book Club 3, 49 National Honor Society 3, 49 Operetta Committee 3, 4 CPublieity 3, 4Dg Seribblers' Club 33 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Clleeorationsjg Spanish Club 35 Wildcat Stall' 3, 4 Cfypist 3, Exchange Eclitor -U5 Government Club 4. DELORES ELAINE WELLS She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone. Junior Class Play Committee 3 CPublicityDg F.B.L.A. 45 Co- operative Training Othee Practice 4. CHARLES JACKSON VVELLS llere is a friend if ever we did see one. HELEN IANICE VVELLS Good sense of efficiency, which only is the gift of heaven. Latin Club 2, 3 CSecretary 215 Girls' Glee Club 25 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 4. GLORIA FAYE VVELSH An understanding heart where true beauty lies. Arts and Crafts Club 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CScenery, Publicitybl House of Repre- sentatives 35 Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3g Government Club 45 Wildcat Staff 4 CCireulationjg National Honor Society 4g Museum Club 4, Engineering Contest 4 C3rd PlaeeDg Book Club 43 Judicial Marshal 4. LINDA RAE WEST Her laugh is filled with happiness. CHRIS WEYERS A man is a volume, if you know how to read him. BARBARA ANN VVILKIE A rare compouml of frolie and fun. G.A.A. 25 Volleyball 2. MARGIE GENEVA WILKINS My nature is love and light. G. ARLISS WILLETTS m A man is wortliwhile when he can smile no comes along. atter what BILLY F. WILLIAMS If you have this much fun, you'll never be unhappy. ROTC 2, 3, 45 Non-Commissioned Officer 45 ROTC Bat- talion Staff 3, 4. CAROLYN JOYCE WILLIAM S Though quiet in her manner, she still reveals her many fine traits. Girls' Sports 25 Government Club 45 Cooperative Training Office Practice 45 F.B.L.A. 4. CAROLYN RUTH WILLIAMS Her thoughts serenely sweet express how dear their dwelling place. Latin Club 25 Home Economics Assistant 4. mated CLYDE BURTON WHEELIS CBUDDYD Sineerity accomplishes great things. ROTC 2, 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Homeroom Chairman 35 Serg- eants' Club 35 ROTC Ball Committee 35 Government Club 45 Student Union Assistant 45 House of Representatives 45 Wildcat Staff 4 CAclvertisingD. PHILIP BOMAR WHISNANT CMONKD Here's a fellow who gets things done before you realize he's begun. Football 25 Mixed Chorus 2. FRIEDA ANN WIERSE Iolly and friendly as they come. Latin Club 2, 3 CSccretary 2D5 Girls' Glee Club 25 Govern- ment Club 45 Bible Club 45 F.T.A. 4. ANNE VIRGINIA WIGG A shining happiness backed by a friendly understanding. F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Cpresiclcnt 3D5 Seribblers' Club 25 Spelling Contest 25 Iunior Class Play Committee 35 Homeroom Chair- man 35 Government Club 45 French Club 4. the beginning JAMES STEELE WILLIAMS, JR. He fills his duties with silent ease. ROTC 2, 3, 43 Oflicers' Club 4. JAMES WESLEY WILLIAMS, JR. Laugh a bit, smile a bitg folks will soon be catching it. ROTC 2, 35 Sergeants' Club 3. JAN DAVID WILLIAMS No clouds hang over my shoulders-l sing them all away. Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Latin Club 3, 4 CPresidcnt 3, Vicc-Pres- ident 415 Hanover Singers 4. JOHN CORNELIUS WILLIAMS Far may we search before we find a heart so noble or so kind. Latin Club 2, 33 J.V. Football 33 ROTC 3, 4g ROTC Color Guard 3, 45 Non-Commissioned Otliccrs' Club 4g Govern- ment Club 4. LYNN OWVEN VVILLIAMS A smile as bright as the sun itself. Bible Club 2, 49 Girls' Glee Club 25 F.T.A. 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Government Club 43 F.B.L.A. 4. MILDRED JEAN WILLIAMS An intelligent mind, a healthy spirit, a congenial manner. G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3g Basketball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Bowling 33 Short Story Contest 35 Government Club 43 Scribblcrs' Club 4. WALTER H. WILLIAMS His jovial spirit makes him liked by everyone. MARY CAROLYN WILSON As pure as a pearl, and as perfect. House of Representatives 29 Girls' Glcc Club 25 Bible Club 2, 49 F.B.L.A. 4s Government Club 45 Student Union Assist- ant 4. JULIA ANN WITHERSPOON CJUDYD She is one of those fortunate people who are blessed with kindness. G.A.A. 45 Government Club 4, F.B.L.A. 4. BURTON GRAY WOMBLE He is truly happy who can make others happy too. Band 2, 3, 4 CAssistant Drum Major 3, Drum Major 4Dg Basketball 2, 33 Latin Club 3, 4 CPrcsident 355 Government Club 4 CVice-PresidentD5 Sergeants' Club 3, ROTC Ball Committee 3, 45 Officers' Club 45 Social Marshal 4. 0 a new life. BARBARA R. WVOOD Her actions reflect that she is at peace with everything. Girls' Glee Club 25 Bible Club 2, 3, 49 Government Club 4. ESTA JEAN WOOD Her ways are gentle and true. GEORGIA FRANKIE VVOOD She is distinguished l1y her charm and graciousness. Hedman High School: 4-H Club 25 F.H.A. 25 Softball 2g Basketball 25 Class Treasurer 25 N.H.H.S.: F.B.L.A. 4. LACY CARRELL WOODCOCK March on, to meet the road where lies success. ROTC 2, 3, 4J Cape Fear Rifles 2, 3g Sergeants' Club 3, 4, Rifle Team 4. NELLIE CAROLYN WOOTEN Having honesty is one snre way toward being happy. Girls' Glee Club 23 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 Clnvitationsbg clXgixgcl4Chor11s 3, 4g E.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 4g Bible u '. JEAN WUNDERLICK A graceful manner and friendly charms make her a welcome friend. G.A.A. 2 CTreasurerDg Volleyball 23 Basketball 2g Softball 25 Wildcat Staff 4 CTypistDg Government Club 4. ETHEL CAROLYN YATES Life is not life at all without delight. Latin Club 2, 33 G.A.A. 45 Museum Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Government Club 4. JAMES D. YOPP CJIMMYD All your fortune lies beneath your hat. ROTC 2, 3, 4J Sergeants' Club 3g ROTC Ball Committee 45 Oliicers' Club 4. CAROLYN LEE YOW A goorl heart is the richest of all gifts. Latin Club 25 Twirp Dance Committee 2 CDecorationsDg Girls' Glee Club 23 Judicial Marshal 3, 45 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CSceneryjg Wildcat Staff 4 CAssistant Feature EditorDg Government Club 43 Homeroom Chairman 4. HELEN ZEZEFILLIS Her generous loving heart will bring her the greatest happiness. Latin Club 25 Scribblers' Club 2, 3g Dramaties Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play Committee 3 CMake-upDg F.T.A. 43 Government Club 4g Arts and Crafts Club 4. Seniors whose photographs do GUY AI.l.liN ALLAN BALDWIN PA'I'SY BIANCI IAIID JOSIQPII Ill.,-XNTON HON,-Xl,D llU'l'l.l"ll NICZIIOIAS Cl.,-Xllli JIM lk-II.'Xl1'l' BILL DOIIAN X lrcmhling czxmllu . . . liI,I.liN HARDIiM.'XN Iil'fNNli'l'II JOHNSON CIQCIL JORDAN CIIMJIL JUSTICIC VK'lI,LlAM T. JUS'l'lCIi BILLY I.lfAHY OIION NOIITHANI DONALD P,-Xl1MIlNTIiR JAMES IIIYIQNIXAIJK . . . our first "class" not appear H.-XIIOLD IEOSIQ JOANNIC SlSSl,l"ll JOHN Shll'l'II Bll l Y SUl.l.lX'rXN IMIIIY 'l'l'l"l'SWOlJ'l ll GIQNIC 'IODD l3lC'I"lJY JICAN NVll.l.I.XMSON NVIILIAM XVll,l,IlfOl!D . . . that IIZZIIC2l'b01'llL'I'Cd walk-arc only u fn-xv things wc rnlmlnhnr Page 71 GXVFN HAXVLEY, President PAT MERRITT, Vice-Presizient BARBARA WENBERG, Secretzzry Juniors Page 72 Looking back over our Junior BClll'fHUV0 down and one to go" in our high school career-we have many happy moments to re- member: the day we received those long-ziwuited class rings and the successful performance of the cast in "One Foot in Heaven." As the year whiued by, mem- bers of our class took an active part in Student Congress work. Spring came and lent some of her splendor to the Innior-Senior, honoring our upperclussmen. Next our minds turned to the fu- ture joys of being tops-Seniors! II XIIIMIIX .XIJXNIS SIIII IX I XI XIIII I XIXIICQXIII-I IHISUN WII I I XXI II,X'I'SON ILI II", .NNN IlL'llNI"'I"I' MAlI'I'II.X I3L'lI'l'ON NANCY CANVII WI'fNIDI'1I.I, CLIIII IIII I .XIJXNIS ,L,- f - .. I IINI-SI IMI SON KIXIIXII XIIOII7 A. XIXINIIXNCISXII Q! " If , f I.II . W lclmlll .XNIJIVIISUN I I l'I'II XNIJIIIIIYS , ' ,- 'lllllxll lllll 4. , .L Q73 S -- El" I.. 1 'Q IIIVISX ul lll ' 'Gy -2.15 " ,IUIIX llllll l l l W 4 "if M IZOIIIIY l:.ll4lfl: ,E 1 m - pper c assmerz af fasf, ,llllxll IKXII lllll I ' I IIONXII' llllml' mxcw llllzlll l: , .Q',, Q ,IUIIN lalfxsclx l l 'QZLIIN 'Zi' S' lI'IXII7III7', Luv KIIXI IUIIII' I'UO'III lvl: I lllt ' .CPI wx' lllmsll f A l XIJSI, Xl ' NNII-' lllo lc' lllo ' IAIIIIY IBIIOWN WIIIEUII IIIIOWN LINDA ISIILVIUN SYI VI,-I IiIIY.XN'I' 'IOMINIY llL'I,I,A I"IJY'I'II I3L"l'I.IfII lZI'I'I"l'Y CTAIIROII , ,IUII IEUII III! ' SUIQ CAIN V "ID i - l 3 ' U I XIIIII I ISD c:,lllllol,l ,low ct, "fl - NAJR Laid 1? ail- NII Q gg, ww Y7 -Tr' 4 A X J. ,lOIf CIIIXNIPION IHYI' CIIIVIIIIY "ii N - ,I'I+fCCIY LTIIICSINLVI III'f'l"l'Y ,IIUXN CTI .XIIIQ 'j ILCINILIXIIX , I YIPCINIX CI XI'Ii 1 1 . ,I z -sf 1 bw fha Luziors were assefs fo W . Q3 N mm- far. on he-f -If I. .sw ' .L -A is - I ' wr K-rf IV X 'If 3? '5' Q -Q. A f-' I A -V I- 1 Q, , as.. .4 'y " I- ' an I . -fp, R ,gg - Q V k --,M V 5, 23 1 E, JM' M-I I 5 'I my ' 22A N I . 5 ,. , 3: I, I . ' , 4. Sv 1 ,. cg h I M. ,, , In Im. f ff: .. Q 1 g I by 5, 548, I m I PV ? 2 'sg W-I I 5' 'I' '-N' , 'I' 35 -ESQ? "af "E ,, J A5131 k Q - wb' I I W mf WX M Y O ,J ,X f its If- I 1 if'f.f Q. jf? if I I ,I Lk.: Ns... - Q-, , I QQ cgi a I I I f.. I l'.Xl.II CI IMNIONS ,IINIMY CTOIIY GXII, CTOI IINS IIIQIIY COIIINS JIMMY C1Ol.l,II'II I3II,I CZONIIIYII IION CONNOII CTII.XlII ICS COOK 3753753 YIO.-KN iZOIII1lfI"I' DONIXLIJ CTOIIDIQIIO MARY COIII2 NIAUIIICI' CIOSION IIXIIIMIIIX CTOYII, IMIIILXIIIX CTlI,XWI'OlIIJ IIII IX LTIZIICZII I'lI,XNCIfS CTIIl'lfCII IDONNY CIIIOOM SIQIPPY CIIOOM NANCY CIIOSS liIfNNI"'l II CTIIOWI I I, CIXIIOI NN ID.XNIfOIIIJ IIXY IIXIIIJIQN I3I"I"II' ILXYIS IIIVIUIY I,OL'ISIC IJIXXIS IJNIMY DAVIS ,IOYCIC IJXYIS IAIIIIY DAVIS IQMIIX IJI-IX'I l5lI CII.-XIII.I'fS IJII,l ON DIOIINNIII' IJOWIING I,.UVIII'NCI' DOXVNIN1 'Il-'IC IJOXIYY S,XII.XII IIICIII IJYI' IJIANNIQ IJYSON PHIIIP ICIJINS VIIICINIA I"IJIiNS III .XNIJ IQIJW.-XIIIJS MILIJIIIQIJ l"I"IIIlJ ,XNNIQ ICI,I,ING'I'ON ACNIQS IQIMOIIII CAIIOI, IfYIflIIC'I"I' TLICK ITAIIIIISS JACK ITAIIIIAII GICNFI lf.-XIIIIOIV IULIA IMXIIIIOIV ISILIAY IIICNNIQLI- LOUISE FLOYD SYLVIA FOUNTAIN MEL FOY MARIOIIIIQ FOYLES I LC'll XXX l'l!X.XlI lllll-Ill xllzxox l'Lllx Z., I A l iq : Q ,- I'lIII cslllxlll .- Q ' -45 ef? 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Q ,llllxxlf ll,X'I'l l-l 34 3, czwlfx II.XWI l-l l SIill'l'Y ILXNIWL ' llll l ll-' ll,llll'llull xlcllllf lII",X'lll S'lI'I'lllVX llllxls llxlyl llllll la'I'l AQ A SLNXN lllulllollllll: Q., wh lll lcrl-l lllll J f 'ff lllll IIININ "7 ,ll lsl-lll IIUIB M A f',af', NXNCY HOB I'.Xl HUB ILXY IIOVK I IES IHIIY lIOC'LVl'I' I0 XNN llUC'L"I'l Ill-l'l'IY IIYXN IIUI I IS NXNVY llOI'l IWNNII IIOPIQINS I Iflf HOIINSI IVIN X'I'II,X IIUL'S'l'UN MICTKII' IIUWNIIIJ lfLlflI-,XI-' lIOXYI'lI ROS, IUI-' IIOWIVII XI II' Il0Wl'I I l.. G f "lu- TR -. ,W 54 13 wx ax -.- 7-' fs, l +355 5, Jw lv fy wg ' ' 'bi' f' ,- l l l l, uw-4 . V X, 'P .7 ..., .-gg -sf Jw: ' 2 f: - ' fn. Aarx , Y-A vcr u- 'Vhvf fm "f 'll ' ',T .. SA 4- v.,, 4.-5 I 1- W' lyl ese capabfe sfugenfs 'VX L' 'A of 95 ' ll ' Q A K , ,' Q , .Vw 11 1:17 gg ff, gg. 7" ,. ' ff ' - XJ if Ks 'lnutk' Q is-K ,kkiimwg A fl m H if A X 4 ' wi? L , A A N A -' K -:'f is 40 - 6' .. G N receiveJ Meir c ass rings, I, M. sf if ' ff - fm N Jr :gg v"n ! 1 A A .fig Ni?"A3Q N-and Eh 1 3 if 'J ""'H rg X ? :N . A E ' , - XL NW' A'- W , ' 9-"2 A f A 5, ff' AlJI.l:N HUGGINS I3lI,l, HUGGINS Gllfli HLCIHICY XVANDA IlUMI'HlllfY MAIIGAIIVI HLAIIST PICCGY IILVIKIIIISON IIANDAH. IX IA PAUIA yixlzlzlcll STIQIILING ,l,x1:1uc1.1, HOBBY ,llil-'IQDIIIJS 1sIf'1"1'Y ,IIQNKINS yum' jIiNNliSS ICAIZI. lliWlil,l. Al ICXANDIIA IXIMZAIILI 1:1-TTY JOHNSON 1-yxnl, JOHNSON JANIA1 jOuNsON Lfxctv JOHNSON wlu.1,,m JOHNSON Jmczls JOM-Ls l'Hll.ll' JONICS IIAIXIONA .IDYIC I-QMIIA' IOYNICII CHRISTINIC ,lUllCIiNSf I3li'I'SY lilil.l.Y NANCY liliI.l,Y SIIIQLBY lilil.l,Y GICORGIQ lil"NNIiDY BOBBY KING SYLVIA ANN KING SYIVIA ,IUYCIC KING IQIQNNIQTII RIIZBY UIIAIJIJQY KNIGHT SARAH IQOPI' RALPH IQOIINICGAY DAN l,ANCAS'l'lill IXIAIITIIA LAND VIRGINIA IASHLICY JACK LAWSON SYLVIA l.l'flC COliNlil,lA l.IfIfUXVIiNl AIICHRY l.lfl'l'CH DAN LICNNON JIQRAID UCWIS l'lfGGlIi LliXVlS LYNN HCDN DANNY IOCKAMY CLIIJTON LONG llAlll2lliD LONG KA'I'Hl.Fl'fN LOUD SALLY LUDLUIXI HAHHILHT LUMSDICN BARBARA Nc,-Xlllili HUGH MQICACHIQIIN IINMY MLCINNIS SYBIL MQCINNIS I3I"'I"I'Y -IO MQCIOXYAN IJIXIIC ML-CIOXVAN IIOMA McIN'I'IIII'f CII",OIICQI'f Mg-I,I"I.I.IXN CIII.I3I-fII'I' Nh-I,I"MOIIIf lIIi'I"I'Y IOU MQIICNIDON P.-YI' McI'III"IISON IIAIIII.-XIII MI-SXVAIN SI'I",IiIJY MACIIIS CIAIIOI .INIC MAIIISON IXIIIQIQ M.XI,I.OIIY NOIfI, MANNINCI IHY MANNING NINA MI"II.XIII,Ii 'I'OMIX'IY MIXIISIIIIUIIN IIOIIIIY M,I'IIIII',XVS IWVXYIC M,XUI,'I'SI3Y -IOYCIC MAY ICNIII Y MI'fIIIII'l"I' I'.I'I' MIfIIIII'I'I' IXI,XIII,IN MII,I .III .XI,'I'ON MII IIS DIANIC MIIIIS IA VIIIINIC MII,I.IS AI,IC7If MIIIS AIINOIIJ MINI! .vINNIfI,I, MOIIII iTYN'I'III,X MOIIII M,III'I'Y MOIIIIIS IIYIION MOOIIIC UMIOI, ,INN IXIOOIIIC ,IUNIC IXIOOIIIC IXIANLY MOOIIIC MAIIGAIIIYI' MOOIII1 NVAYNIQ IXIOOlIIi GICOIIGIC III'fII'I'II.'X MOIITON MAII'I'II.X .INN IXIOTIZ IIOIII'fII'I' MUNIIOIC DANNY IXIUIIIIAY GICNIC INIUIIIIAY IXIAIIII-I NIQVILI. MOIISIQ JOHNNY NIWVTON DAISY NOBLICS I'A'l'IIICIA NUNAI,IiIi INIAIIGAIIIYI' OI,SIiN KIiNNIi'I'II O'QUINN IJAIAIAS OIIIIIiI.I. KI-lI,I.Y OIIIIICIJ, MARY OVICIIBY SAM PACE GIfII.fII.IJINIf PAIIKIQII ,IOIINNIIC IUIIIIiIfII MAIIGIIQ IRXIIIQI-III I'IiClGY I','IIIIiIiII LOUIS I'.'II!NI'lLL I If 1.1 I' 9 5? N5 is I , 'I' I W! Q5 N, I 9 1' ' . . ' ' ' 3' I ' 'f"x"? ax , , 'ff' Q 7' 3,-X m N -. Q nf--1 .L Q, W 75 Q W I 9' , wx my W' "f G Is N ...I V an 3 if I - M I I, ' ' ' W7 I mv 9 ,," f E ff: '22 V'-. gf ,I 'I,. - N I 4 , L in I ' ' I f 1f'x I .X E - wg I' . 14' fi 'vi 5 Ie.. V 0:1 ., . A . K awk VX I -3 'jj ' 5' 'of I fNIIN'N If 3 ,. N ' ., JA I , 'ss K ""f ' 3 .A Fi 'Q , : Ny Hd 5 . ,V g ' tl V L ,ti an ,A -57 '-,lj H! 'zvxf 1z7,f '- L X A R QI resemfeg cz spfelzgiry Junior- elzior, qw 6 ,IACIQIIQ PASIIS ,IOXN I'A'I'I'f RIi'I'SY I'A'I'I"RSON RRYAN I'A'I'RICIi RII IX PIARSON ICVANIJIVR PI-'NIJIQR CUIITIS I'I"'I I"RSON JACK I'If'I'IiRSON IIII IDA I'I'f'I"I'I'f'I' IDAYIIJ I'IIIfI.l'S MARY I'IIfRCI-' XVI'S'II.Y I'lNI'.R RIQSS I'OXX'IfI.I, ROR PRI-'II OXV IYN I'RI"'I'I OH' R,XRR.XRA I'RI'A'A'I"IIf IRIS I'RIIJCI"N PIYCCY PRIDCIQN 'I'IiRRY PRIIJCIQN liI.IZARIi'I'II I'RIIfS'I' VIRGINIA RAINIQS DONALD IIAMSICUR McI7ONAI.D RANIJOI.I'I SYI VIA RAPICR RIi'I"l'Y RAY IIRANIQII' IIICAVIVS PRISCII IA III"AVI'fS ANN IIIHJNIAYNIQ ICRIC RICAVICS ANN RI"CISI'IiR IiIiNNIi'I'II RIiGIS'I'I7R MARY IO RI'CIS'lI'R MONA Rlflll RARRARA RIVICNRARK RRIJNSON RIVICNRARIQ I'A'I' RORRINS SHIfII,A RORINSON VVARRIYN ROIJIQRICK RIII, ROGIQRS ANN ROOIQS MAIIVYN ROOIQS NANCY ROOIQS ROR ROSIiNS'I'IfIfII I"VIi ROSSON IQIMRALI. ROYAI. ROCKY ROYAL IiI.NlfI7A RUSS l'A'I"I'Y RUSS VICTOR SANIJI"RI.IN GAYII' SANIJIQRS IXIAURINIQ SCO'I"I" ICMILY SIQSSOMS IOYCI-Q SIHSSIOMS BARBARA SIIAXV CAROI. SHAXV ANNIQ SIIIQITON I UI SIII PXIIIJ ,IXNI SIII I'XIIIl IIXIXII SIII I'III IIIJ IJONXIID SIIQI-S IYXIIN SIXIPSON CXIIOI .XNN SIxII'I'I II I XL'II.X Sl XIDI' ,XNIJY SIO.XN CLIINIJON SNIIIII CLlI.XC'IV SNIVI IJIVN I.XiiIiII' SNOXX' IRON SNOW LXIJIVNI SOXINII'IISI'l'I' LQXIII 'ION SOOIS IaNNIS SOLVI III III .XNI7 C'Il.XlII I-S SI'I"NiIIVII MMIII" SIM YICY II. C. SIQXNI IVY I INIJX SIXNI .XNID III"I I-N S'II'l'.XN.XIJIS 'IIIIIIY S'II'I'III'NSON CHXIZOI S'II'W,XII'I' ,IO.XNNI" SIIIXIII IVII IIIIIX SLKKLS YICVIOII SL'I I IXQXN .XI IIJ.X SWXIIII NIMH .XNN SXXYXIII' IIOSI'M.XIH SXKISIII-ll DANNY 'IXIII SIII"I 'ION 'IXI In IIII I I III I OI! lI'.XNIfI"lI-1 IUIOII ,IIMNIY 'IHXYIOII ,ILIIJY IUIOII COSIXS 'IC'IIOLIIIL'S KlI"IIIIY 'IIf.XCTIII"H Ii.XI!IS.XII.X 'I'Ii.XGLIIf 'IOMMY 'IIIONIAS I'.I'I' 'IIIONIPSON SYIYIX 'IIIOAIPSON WINHION 'IIIONIPSON IDOIIIS 'IIIOIINION IINIIX 'I'II'NIiIxN CTX N I III X III DIN CII IIIIIII' 'I II I If'l"I' Cilfiill .X 'IOIDID MANY KAY 'IONIPIQINS SIIIIIIIVX 'IOMPIQINS IlIf'I'III-I 'IOONIIII CXIIOINN L'I'lIIIL'IK1II fl Il'ION XIXNN N.XNC'Y X'.XLfGII.XN IIIVN X'OClIVI,S IIOII YOGVIS IFXUI, YON CHXNNON IINIIX YOSS ,.. 1 3' 'I 'aa' fe. 1 ' "' 3-4 ,. , i'LQ 5 M -ET? -1? 'ii 8 I 4 . I 7 1 I x Ia , 1 N I LAL! ' " 'W ,, 1 -3 ww 4+ 'sr La . tr. 5 New A, 7 'xv' lv. V .- wifi f If V .lljkfz I X N. 4 Q A A vs Q A 5.x . is . -. -wif Q , , ' C' SA .. Q x X N 55 -.2 Q uf- f- 111- I At -- Q. , ik .6 4 :ff Q p . .51 gi gf 'V I 'Nor . - 'Q 5 yi tzxxxdig M, K . WM: Q fi' :av H' f.: '12 ra - ,I AI 'O' I sq, '-Vx L' A fr Q, I ,X gf' . 171' "- V . A am? fook an acfive parf . . ., RA 2 f A "' .f wx S' M in ffze Sfmjelzf Gmzqress. kk gg.. , La 1-iq Xi X .E.,,:,,. .3 'E' Q, if-1 it-'Q' ,E , , Q K U l lT I EIL A , ' xt, , V fp 4 , V wax Page 80 Q .EE SHEILA NVAHL LINDSEY WVALKICR MARGARET VVALIQER XVILLIAM XVALTERS LYNDAL IVARREN FLORENCE XVASHBUI DALE VVATTS BETTY VVELLS CHRISTINE XVIQLLS SANDRA VVICLLS BARBARA YVENBERG JIM VVESSICLL LAURIE VVESTBROOK BILLY NVHITE JUDY PAI.MI'IR WVHITI JULIA VVHITE PHIL VVHITE VIRGINIA NVIARD RILLY WILLIAMS EDDIE VVILLIAMS EDGAR WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS BERNARD VVILSON GVVENDOLYN XVILSOP JIM VVILSON SHADE VVILSON I. I. WOOD RETTE WOODBURY GENE WOQDBURY FAITH WOODCOCK RICHARD VVOODCOCK JEAN WORSLEY JANE WRIGHT SANDRA WRIGHT RICHARD YOUNGBLOI TOWANA YOW SALLIE ZIMMERMAN Lag: . - X I7lK'ilSllI'l'. .X l'I4'ilL'l'l'lll N A nm' 5.11 ' ' H. class until ilu' lunch lncll rg '. . T-"Tl Q15- ,7 HU., U " L' 'fo 1 l JOHN SCOTTON, President IUKIE SEATON, Vice-President MARY LOU JOHNSON, Secretary Sophomore NVQ the sophomores, class of '58, were the largest class yet to enter N.H.H.S. And, being true sophomores, we were bullied by program cards, the "up" steps and the 'Ldosvn" steps, and the elusive elevators. Individual report cards amazed usp our first exams horrified us. Through the year we have grown from the shy, 9 t uber to '1 more m'1ture el-iss looking for uncertain students we were in rep er . . L , - ward to our junior year. Page 82 CQI'ZlflZLL5l'6L5lIiC Soplzomores, yi QI Q H1 2 , A y in EN Q 'Sa' fifivhz if xy 'vw I V1 1 'C I 7 :P 2 F f eff 'M I -, I'-.-,Ta , 'W' I 17 j sy' KL 'si 5- -'-f Af K.-I . , ,,... ,,,, Q? ,qt i- I T 4 ' X Q, -L9 I lb A W 1 I , X 2+ 9 kfqx , I S 2- 5. as g N 1, -f ' T' 'gf :i H? M. . t. ' f 'JI I 1 . - ye-mi 9 , A I ' I V 5519 I I ' A -2 YQ? g ' Q-3 I I 1 ' I 'I ff ,. i N . " 1' ' B. 'Sf LS ' ' A I I ' ,, " 1 " 9' ' . I I 1a 1: Q J, ga :jf 55 4 3 l iff -Sggf "' I P-1-'I I .4 JIMMY ADAMS CAROLINIY .YI,I.IiN RONALD AI.I I".N OBBY AI,I.SBROOIi JUI.II'l'I"I'I'l AI,ORIJA MICIIAICI AI,I'I'fR CICORCIV, AN'l'I IVY CAROLYN ARMSTRONG 'I'OMMY ARNI"'I"I'I-I MARIII ASIIWORIII MAR'I'IIA ATKINSON JUDY AVICRY BARBARA BAKICR CAII, BALDWIN IIARRY BAND ROXANA BARIQITOOI ' BARNIQY BARNIIIII JAMICS BARNIIIII, MIISN BAR'I'I,I'f'I"l' VIIRNON BA'I'SON ALICIC BAYSIC DONALD BIQAVIVRS CIQNII BICNSON DICLMAS BICNION PATRICIA BI'lN'I'ON CLYDIC BICS'I' IfRI'1IJIJIIi BIQST NORMA JANI-I BIiS'I' INIABGUIiRITIi BI",'I'IIUNI DICSIRIIIQ BISIIOI' CIQCII, BLAKE WANIJA BI,AN'I'ON JANIC BOND I,IiVY BONNI'l'I"l' IIARRII'l'I"l' BOONE MAn1l,YN lzoo'1'll NORMA BOO'I'II nlfilsliccnx BOO'I'II BII.I,Y lsonnl-:Aux CIQNIC lsoswl-il,lI JAMES BOWICN CAII, BOWMAN JOAN BOYLICS KAY BRACIQIQNBURY BOBBY BRADFORD BRIQNIJA BRADSIIAW ROY BRANCII NORMA BRICAZICAIII kI".NNI'l'l'II BRIQIIMIIR SABRA BRIQW ANNIi'IA'I'I'l BRICWICR BI'1'I"I'Y BRICKIIOUSIC BARBARA BRINKLICY JACOB BRINSON BI'IR'l4 BRIT'I' JIMMY BRI'I"I' ANNI",'I"I'Il BRI'I"I'AIN BIi'l"I'Y BROWN I"AYI'1 BROWN IfRANCIiS BROWN ,IACIQ BROWN NANCY BROWN JOHNNY BROWNING BRICNDA BRYAN NI'I'A BRYAN JULIA BUCHANAN GICORCII BUCK JACKIE BLILLARD IXIARCICRY BLIRKIZ LINDA BURNIQTT DAWN BURNS CIIARLIZNIC BURBILLL BETTIE BURRISS LARRY BURRISS BETTIE JEAN BUTLER BONNIE BUTLER JIMMY BUTLER PAUL BUTLER SHIRLEY CAPPS ARCIIIE CARMICHAEL MARGARET CARTER SANDRA CASEY JOYCE CATHEY SHERRILL CAULDER HENRY CHASON JOE CHENWORTH DONNA SUE CHRISTMAS BARBARA CLARK EUGENE COCHRAN BARBARA COLE JOHN COMPOS NORMAN CONE NANCY CONELLY BOBBY CONNER SANDRA COPELAND DOROTHY COSTIN GEORGE COTCHETT MARY GGVIL EMILY GoxE SARA CRAIG LINDA GREEGH BUTCH CUNNINGHAM JEAN DAIL GREGG DANIELS JO ANNE DAVIS WILBUR DAVIS MARGARET DIXON DIANE DONNELL LINDA DORTCH JOYCE DREVYN LENA DREW REDELL DRIGGERS BETTY ANN DYSON BILLY EDWARDS HAROLD ENGLAND RAY ENGLISH DEANN ESTES DAVID EURANKS SHIRLEY ENVARD FRANKLIN FAIRCLOTH MARIE FALES MARY FARLOW CHAD FARRISS JIMMY FENDER RONNY FERGER DWAIN FLOWERS JUDY FLOYD TERRY FOUNTAIN BARBARA FREEMAN JACKIE FRYAR HELEN GALLOWAY BONNIE GARDNER REBECCA GARRETT MARGARET ANN GAY MILTON GEORGE RUDY GIESCHEN NORMA GIETHER MARY MARGARET GINN CECILIA GMYTRUK PATSY GOLDING JUDY GOODMAN IRIS GORE CAROLYN GREER MARY ANN GREGG ? . appy fo be in kiqk sclwof K, f - , , 1 'GR Q gngx k in --.. A A "Tj ig 'Qff S 5 -.4 "'13" CU Sh my - w- .eq-J Jn? .Z IE --A-4 bww '5'?f -A K K k A Q V7 1 ,I K f Ks. fvf "V' ' Q f 1 wfwggfia A . I+.. fiivx AE ,, A JCLEJICJC ff-.N .mix I ...I ., 5 My A 3 1.273 I ,f -. . , F A 13' . x I -I C2 Par., W' My 25- "' J 4 I I X, ,- , ily N ,J Cf., mg N-55 -1 A I yy - S R nga an Q5 if A I Em 4. 'xfyi A X 2 IM ey H il Jw 4 W. Q I s 33152 QL Y F . F Y QL- 5 f I - R 'N fx '5- fn., fj tw L-., e CCJ Rf ' ff iii I JCJJ gg' ' A 42'- I, R: L tt' J "' :fixes 6, .V +., iv -. -ff, Q .wrt 1 .. ' ,,,J J, 7 1 f? li if' fvlkii I K Q YP' '53, MTF I -GA A-If 1 Ii 2-4 'fax' A .91 fm. . 1 , if J Qfsf W 7 I R W' A 1 '- , I ' Q QI. ' QT' . ,- 'dug-S ...Q 5 ...ff J,-Q 'f.1 4, 3 ww 'J A Q . - 1-4 ,. X. E 41.44 sf '47 E L. ,ff . . 4- vg: A GT? 13? JM! C f.f1AQQA D :Wag +4 5 '-f IN aww. A I 4-1:4 DQS ,Vi,.4 I -5? U and if ' TB 4 ,f V-. -I v . , , 'ANG' f s.. if eb Rf. as wi N.. ,Its fs ,Q of - va '7 wr '23 , I . 1, 5 I W 45' ., EW ga A is 14.1 I e R5 .-,I -I' L 1 -. 4ml 'Z .-. I '2 4'-5' Q, 1. I I -"'i pu. ,LI Jw! A-I I as 'v "D, C I P .1 . L . EM- ' LII. 'Q' L5 'S ' I I QI +-.L S113 V I J9, . Qflj ' .IM-on ,,, .gs ,ZA , - Q 3, -V 1: I ...F QE! i . I. ,U . v ,.., -.N -I4 f G I qv, -A -fi' -ff ,fr-:y C , J X ':: ': . 4. M I an Q- fr-vu sz- , Qi' I W , 'Sir .ZSIJ 59' -'I N? WW ., - ,,, ' "'N Q . SQ -- hw 1 K.. -. Q4 2 V"'e, SI! A 'rf I '1"" tv! 49" QW? Q - ' I r r II 3 II 3' A 5? as Jai: A -X I aa 64 W 'P fm L- ' az, K5 :Si I ,K sk? wr I i! , 'SA , M an . 1: 15 8 . M I . , I A .iQ B: f I ,I X I-1 I I - ,QP . 4? WEVE COIZSCLEIZHOLLS SIILLJEIZIIS HELEN GREGORY RICHARD CRIIfl"IN NVALTER GRIST CARI, CUNNERSICN ITAYIC GU'l'HRlIi JOIINNY IIANBY JOIIN HANCOCK RONNIE IIARDEE FLOYD HARRELL JANICIC HARRIS MARY DELI, HARRIS GERALDINE HARRISON JACK HAR'I' RORIHRT HATCH JOHNNY IIA'l"l'RICK BARBARA HAWKINS FRED HEATH JIMMY HICLMS BRUCE HEMPLE THERSA HENDERSON CHARLI-IS HENRY BERNICE HERRING NANCY HERRING CAROLYN HESS RICHARD HEUSTESS IIOWARD HEWE'l'T ANN HEWI,I'l'I"I' BARRY IIICYVLETT BONNIE IlI'lWLI'l'I"I' EUGENE HICKMAN NORMA HICKMAN DAVID HIl.I. JUNII-1 IIIII, NIIILI. IIINIIS JIIIIIIY HINNANT JKIII IIINSON CIIIISIIII: IIOIIIIS CIIOIICII IIOCK IIIAIICAIIIIT IIOIIIIIIS JUDY IIOIINI-1 SUZANNE HORTON ALICE D U DLEY HOWELL ANN HOWELL TOMMY HOWELL LOIS HUBBARD ELNETA HUDSON BILL HUFHAM BOSE HUGGINS DAVID HUBSEY JIIAN IIIVING IIII.I.Y JACKSON IIIILIIN JACKSON JACKIII JACKSON JANIIT JACKSON CAIII, JAMES JAMES JIIIIIIIIEYS CAIIOLYN JIQNKINS HIIIAM JIINKINS . MOIIIIIS JI5NnI5'I"I'I-1 BIITSY JIIWIITT ANGIILA JOIINSON CIIAIIIIZS JOHNSON JANI-1 JOHNSON IVIAIIILYN JOHNSON MARY LOU JOHNSON ARRINGTON JOHNSTON GEORGE JOHNSTON JANICE JOHNSTON BARBARA JONES ROSE MARIE JONES ANNETTE JORDAN CAROL JORDAN IIIUIIIIIS IIJIIDIIN GIiII.xIIDINIi IUIIGIQNSEN IIONNII-1 JUSTICE GINGIALII Ic,ILI,IxIAN JUDY KEENE LINDA IIIQLLI' 1015 IIEIIII PIIIsczII-L,I IIEYSEII DIQIIUIIES KING JIIIIIIIY KING BIQTTY IIIIIIIIIIIIN TANNIS KNOTT Jovczrz IINowI.I3s HOWIIIID KNOX LINDA IIOEN wIII,ToN IIooNcIs JACKIE KORNEGAY THERESE LAFFITEAU TOMMY LANDEN PEGGY LANE CHRISTINE LANIER SONNY LANIER VVAYNE LANIER KATIE ANN LARKINS SYLVIA LAWHORNE DORIS LEE JANE LEITGH JIMMY LEM SUZANNE LI-RAY DAVID LEWIS JEAN LEWIS MYRNA LEWIS BRENDA LILES BECKY LOCKAMY CHARLES LONG ELLEN LONG JERRY LUDWIG CARINA McCALL ROBERT MQCLELLAND MARY MQDONALD DORIS IAICDTJVVELII ROR ML-EACHERN LA DONNE MQINTIRE JAMES MQINTOSH JOHNNY INIQKEE MAUDE LEE MI-KEITIIAN LYNDA MCKINNON IIIQLI-'N MALLISON JOHN MANGUM MARY LOU MANNON RIf'I'TY JANE MARKITON ELOISE MARSHALL PAYE MARSHALL IIUMPIIREY MARSHALL DARRELL MARTIN I.OU ANN MASON MARTHA MASON JACK MATHIS LEON MAVROLAS PEGGY MAYHAN CECILE MAYS AGNES MEADOWS PEGGY MERRITT SUSAN MERRITT BETTY MEYLAND GARRY MILLER GLENDA IYIILLER BETTY SUE MILLS ELWOOD MILLS VICTOR MILLS NANCY MINCEY BILLY MINTZ ana faiflzfuf war cars A fu ,TX SZ!!! I S I Imxfxl JJJ " I K I J K -- -.:f., 5 E11 5 fw ,I A I N A N I I I- I -I I I Isff J W j ' 5 A 1 It 'A I I kr' 'lfgf F J I WL I J""' V5 V l N V I I 5 I I,,IIII JJII,IJ I I 1 I ,I D I iv wi J V, .. kkk: K , I ,lg wg I ' .-'. I I s A ,N ::' Y I kk an I I I a I , A I---' - I, I- II- ig I M J A ?'Jf?2pI I 9 dm my fra .-. I Q I I II J- ' as an 2 4 S I' A I I "' I1 I I :SI 5 SNII ' I I - I- I 2 I L .wx ,XY ,qv J lg 'M' KIQI I J -9 , I I rw., I I JJJJ JJJJJ I XJ .,.. A gf T5 lj ,M wfgvxi IX , U ,IS 'gif Dj? f Q I9 -J I 55, I- W II Aqi, I 1,1 t ' ' 1 .Q I S NI --JI -I 'IC' I 7 K -Q-I S si D02 , I . If - -I 9: ,X x, IQJ gg E -:F M3 4' "D T7 I vf I W' I Q I I I I I I' , ..- 16 44 13 .2 -gr .-Q 4 Svg J4- ,vwx v7 X V has Y? ,, QL Q., -.4 3 Q .. -' I 26 A 1.4 'I' I I K 13,15 -4 Q:" W f -.JQ F A, AM Xa W I Nj I " '- U Z: 4: gy .1 ' .n an 'T ,ff ' I I ' I II '57 K1 N4 1 1 , , Wg .,-:. .- .s I 6 A nth, AM 'nj V - I 1 .59 ,I , , 1 I I. W v rv I 6 1 rj .. I I I I A ' V' W ' l , rl- 3 sr V I lv A -.J " -z, , , W . ' f. X ..- -.-, I f , ' -Ty ,. f f-- -Af I T Fu I 6' m 5 . WI .U , .5 '5- 'V f I if I Ng I s I ',9 vw V ' A V xv' , 'I I N I I K nrt ,Q .2 -Il 1. If: -T f 2 gay f 55 , 35 Mfg, 9 'F 1 E Q 4' A I ' . . '57, , V X IW I I -'Ravi I 1 ,.., qv- VN 'W 3' .-.X 'f ij! su f-. fv- Q W f., f xy an If' 1' v-, x, ' ,I 'al L- of I3 Y . x.., " as I L9 -L- -arf' M-f I 1? I Q-. .,i "-'L I who sfaqeg ffm Cwirp ance v., jIiAN MINTZ ISARRIC MI'l'CIIIiI.I, ILA MOIIN LOUISIC MONAGOID RIITTY RUTII MOORIC KAY MOORIQ ALAN MORRIS CAROI,YN MO'I"I'Ii RARRARA MOURINC JUDY MURRAY RI",'I'SY MUSSI,IiYVIII'I'II IIARRY MUS'I'ARD CAROLYN NAYLOR I".MII.Y NI-',AI Ii MOR'I' NIiRI,Ii'I"I' MARY ANN NI-'ISON IOUISII NIQSS JUNII NIiVII.l.I'Y I'lIIIZARI'l'I'II NIQYVIQIRK JUDY NI".W'I'ON liIiRMI'I' NORRIS jAMIiS NOR'I'IIROI' RORICRT NORIIIROI' RICIIARD OA'I'I'fS IANICII O'RANION RIQCKY O'SIIII",I.DS IOUISA O'I'I",RSON ICVA PAGI5 RII,l. I'ARIiI4',R MARY SUI", I'ARIiI",R I.INDA I'ARNI'fI,I, RII,I.Y PARRISII MARY I'A'I'IiI,OS S'I'ANI.I-ZY I'A'l'I"I OS DAVID PAUI, RARRARA I'IIiRCI-'. YVONNII I'II-',RCIi ,IOIIN I'INI",R I+'ORRI".S'I' I'IYIf,R ANNIQ I'I.UMMI'QR CII"CIl. I'OOI.I-'. -IACIQ I'OI'I", I.ORINIf. I'OI'I" MARIIC I'OII'I'I-YR. RONNII5 I'O'I"I'I',R IUNIC I'OWI".I,I. V NIiI,I,IIi RAY POWI-I,I- NI".I,SON I'OWI".I,I, ,IIiANNIf'I"I'I", I'RI",VA'l"I' ANNI",'I"I'lC I'RIlII", IIMMY I'RICII'1 LO'I"I'II", PRIDGI-N j. P. PUSRAS ROSIQMARY RANIQIN GAII RICACAN MARY RI-IAVICS RIi'l"I'Y RI'fIiVI'1S RARRARA RIVIQNRARK RII.I,Y RIVIiNRARk IVAYIC IIIVIQNIIARK I'A'I'RICIA RIVI-'NRARK I,INDA RORI".R'I'S RORRY ROGIQRS RORIiR'l' ROGICRS SANDRA ROGICRS 1IiAN ROSS ROY ROYCROIVI' I'I'l'I'IiR RUlflflN MARY RUIYIPLII ANI'l'A RUSS AMI'lI.IA RUSSICLL DAVID RUSSIYLI, PATRICIA SANDERLIN LARRY SANDERSON BARBARA JEAN SASSER DONALD SASSER GLENN SASSER JIMMY SAUNDERS PAT SAUNDERS CECILIA SCHERM CARL SCHUTT OTTD SCHWARTZ EARL SCOFIELD JOHN SCOTTON JUIIIIQ SEATUN RILLY SERRELL LOUISE SELDEN LANIER SELLARS MARY ALICE SELLARS SHIRLEY SELLARS SHIRLEH SELLERS ARGARET SHACKELFORD CAROL SHARPE SANDRA SHERMAN KAY SHOLAR BILL SIGMON JUDY C. JUDY M JIMMY LYDIA BILL GERALDINE MARGARET PATSY WIN FIELD SIMON SIMON SLOAN SMALL SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH BETTY JO SNEEDEN JUDY SOLES LUCILLE STANLEY LYNDA STEVENS LOLA STILES DAVID STILLMAN CYNTHIA STOKLEY JERE STRAWN GAYLE STRICKLAND SHERRILL STRICKLAND OTIS STROTHER ELVA STUCKEY JIMMY SULLIVAN BETTY SWART MARY SZCZERBIAK BETTY TALMAN BARBARA TATE JIMMY TAYLOR LYNN TAYLOR BILLY TEACHEY DIANNE THOMAS EVERETT THOMPSON MARLA THRASH EUGENE TICKNER BUDDY TILDEN JEAN TILDEN BETTY ANN TOMPKINS CAROL TOMPKINS VIRGINIA TOWNSEND TRASK CHRISTENE TUCKER IRENE TURNER JIM TYNER JAYNE UNDERWUUD HARLENE VANCE DONNA VANDERGRIET MILLIE VESTAL JERRY VINSON MARIAN WALDEN .MII N 3 I fbilze many ' V , ,V-.L I E, 11 1 X V XkV,, A ,J Lek ff'-1f,:.,:-JWUYYAQ f CQJY va A I"I'IA , - .4 I . I- -1 E I Q Z , .J I .i , I , K , 13? -:T ' A, WE 7' , ,J '5 A I A af'-, , A , If .,-- ' "WI, 5 Iggy L' QE: If 'V J .RAL i g ' ,Na ' L ,I 1, J I mf few M .. ' 'E' if' , 5 'W' If gf I f A v W A, , , -.J-, ,. p - 'Z if-0 Tl? ' 5 - 'C' f Ii: I. ' ' U ff ' . :L . azz ,. ' .. - 'Z ,V I...q.. M I H an me ' .im .g Ai- 'E A 'w ,U Q YEYJJJJ R .pr K alum -Q in 'Q' , Q V, 3 Sk .v A1 i I f AIEAL f JJ kikiyii I A I I LJJ I JL L J I 9 'f JJ A A A AII "4 .I I If J I , Q., - . L 'vs fx ,,m,., ,. ,L I, -A 1 i JDL - AA, X J' 7 A 'I A15 s i? ,A 2, W1 ' 'Y ' 5 - A, -A 'J I ki H M. , . , K , F QED tl, H3555 I 1 1 wa 1.1 ,,,-v ' ,.., - f "'::'., gf '11 . N g H ff- I I . fm If H .. . I Af A ..A,, , 1 ID E 1 J, A I A ' ,Qi "' f 3 J ,tx ' Q 1 A . Fi Jgx J 2 in if ,J,J -JI U' I if Q ' .af IX I t X I IZIC'I"I'Y .IICAN NVALKER CAIIOLINIC XV,fKI,KI'QlI VICIIA NVAI.IiI-TII TOMMY NVAI,I.ACIC MAIIGAIIIVI' WAI.'I'IiIIS DAVID W,YI'I"IIS JUNIC NVAIIQINS I,OUlIi XVAIKINS LOUISE VV.'VI'SON I.ONNII'f XVILXVICIR ICDDIIC WI'1S'I' l'IC'I'IC WI"S'I'IfII LOU WIIl'I'I'l RON,-XID WIIITIC SYV,-XUGIIN WIIITE ANN WIII'I'I,IiY JIQAN XVICIQICII INI.-XIKi.XIIIf'I' WIGGINS VICZKY WII,IiI'llISON -IICAN WII.I.,vXIID IMIIIMIIA WIIIIAMS LINDA WIIIIAMS SYLVIA WIIIIAMS DONAID WIIIIAIXISON 1mlm,xl:,x WIl.I.IIfOIlD lcvlflzl-'fl"1'lc wll,soN lmlzlmlux WOI,lfl'1 'IOIXIIXIY WOI.IfIi JAN!-1 wool: IANICT womb PHYIILIS worm MAX WOODIIUIIY IICIIIIY VVOO'I'liN FRANCICS WUNDIQIILICII BAIIIBAIIA YAIIIIICRIIY IIACHIQI. YORK SANDRA ZI'fI,I,I'lIIS Idsf, 5 41-1 U I If if iff - I II ,- I 3' 'Z :'fi-1102 I -we" IIII, II,E f I I Q ' 'i I9 7 , II Q 4, GK if I . ., .... El M k Q Q ,. Q 554 ,jlf xl' gy, MZ lib U3 J ai I 9 IH II I as Q I :gf V ff ff : : 1: '71 13 E F! P4 , Q ,.. ,.. ,. ,.. - :.. I3 C C EL : ,- - ': B FK .. ... f'3 Q 'B .- .... :J Je ... :s 0 .. 'J 117 CII '1 .. x : .. E .. 4 :J C V5 E E C : V5 c .- .- F1 :1 '1 V7 .-, ,- Sf .. C 74-I - .. Ti ., V7 C :- L -'74 C 602 qI'06LlZ6 OVEI' 6X6LWl5. Page 89 Aung-.M aurairixinlhlxunnh f V Mn-Nm.-m..,,- f R Kgwbgsp f ...N 0-Q , . ,. Af RWM-Q1 mm-my 'T Q..u.,.,., is A . O s a s -. ,- urmzique T CHRIS BROWNING Vice-President Our Student Congress is the most outstand- ing and important organization of our school, for around it evolves all school activities. Com- posed bof the Executive Council, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the judges, the judicial Marshals, the Co-ordinating Commit- tee, and the Social Marshals, this vital organi- zation carries out its duties and promotes closer student-faculty cooperation. Composed of ten members headed by the Student Body President, the Executive Coun- cil is an absolute necessity in the administra- tion of our Student Legislature. Its Work is chiefly that of an advisory board to the Stu- dent Congress. Both House and Senate are led by jack Fales, Student Body President, and served by Chris Browning, Vice-President, and Helen JACK FALES President HELEN ROMEO Secretary Romeo, Secretary. The Senate, composed of six members from each class and the class Pres- idents, formulates bills and originates linance legislation. The House of Representatives is truly the voice of the students, for the mem- bers represent the homerooms. The judiciary branch is composed of Judges and judicial Marshals, who enforce all laws passed by our Student Congress. The approval of the Co-ordinating Commit- tee, two members from each house, is neces- sary before a bill is passed from house to house. Assisting at school functions and sponsoring the May Dance, the Social Marshals are an active part of the Student Legislature. Through the hard work and tireless efforts of the Student Congress, we have made our Legislature a merit to the entire Student Body. Page 92 Co-ordinating Committee im' 'l'he Co-ordinating Committee - plays an important part in our Stu- dent Government. When a bill is E passed by the Senate or the llouse 26 of llepresentatires, this committee decides whether it is neeessary for 55' it to be eonsidered by the other house, thus saving time and work for the Student Congress. Seulefl: jimmy Allard CChairmanD. Shnzding: Pat Merritt, Terry Pridgen, lommy llreeland, Susan Hardin. with fha assistance of vifaf commlffees Executive Committee 'lille lfxeeutive Committee is eomposed of Senate, and the various eabinet members the l'resident, Viee-Presitlent, and Secretary meets onee a week and aets as a student ul ot the Student Body, the Chairman ot the Co- visory board to our Student Congress. ' 1 ordinating Committee, the lresident of the Seated: Chris Browning CViee-President of the Student liodyj, jaelt liales Cl'resident ol' the Student Body, Helen llomeo CSeeretary ol' the Student l3odyD. Stumiing: Susan Parsons Cl'resident of the SenateD, ,loitnn Lennon CSL'L'l'L'i2lI'l' ol' llos- pitalityj, jimmy Allard CChairman ol' the Co-ordinating CommitteeD, lliehard Vance CSee- retary of Club Aetivitiesj, Hay lfountain CChief Marshall, Hay Gunib CSeeretary ol' Iii- naneej, l.ou Ann Howell flfditor of the XVILIXHXTD. Not pictured: .lane Gardner CSeeretary of the Student UnionD, Bill Mathias CSeeretary ol' llleetionsj, joe Broughton CSeeretary ol' Soeial .vKfl'airsD, Sylvia Pridgen CSeeretary ol the 'l'reasuryD, Mrs. l.eGu'in and Miss laylor Qadvisorsj. E :E i it 'Tifz'-M-T--ii -2 3 ' Q -WN C -elm-M--0-Qf jig? 'S fmt eeee ' fffiii' iii- I Eg? 5 Q ,, S K S , ' f, as so Susan Hardin, John Seotton, Susan Parsons, Jack Hargett, and Gwen Hawley discuss the purposes of their yarious committees. Composed of the President and six Senators from each class, the Senate originates finance bills and other important hills concerning the welfare of the school. The Ways and Means Committee, Social Affairs Committee, Premises Committee, judiciary Committee, Relief XVork Committee, General Purposes Coimnittee, Stu- dent Union Committee, and Hospitality Com- mittee are referred to upon the proposal of a bill. and file support of the S NATE First row: Shirlch Sellers, Brenda Liles, Angela johnson, Susan Hardin, Bess Powell, lack Hargctt, Louise Floyd, Gwen Hawley, Pat Cherry, Janice Morgan, Ioy Jenkins. Second row: Terry Pridgcn, Speedy Maeris, Mona Reid, Eddie VVest, Susan Parsons, Melissa Martin, Iohn Seotton, lane Bellamy, Otis Strother, Betty Brown. .ay 19' .abf 'IEE "TVX ,JN ,ss S M' ' llaIn-vm-f-ff,,','f'f',, , - ferr., hbnfr' , """" s VW xfflf, . It my W 1. 4 H 'F-TF' L WL-- First row: Nancy Bradshaw, Barbara Prevatt, Betty Moore, Glee Hughey, Barbara Haw- kins, Jayne Underwood, Barbara Teague. Second row: Diane Donnell, Jackie Pastis, Dianne Hewitt, Frances Fryar, Sabra Brew, Agnes Meadows, Peggy Davis, Barbara Memory, Sylvia Thompson, Barbara Sasser, Nita Bryan, Cathie Binkley, Miss Taylor. Third row: Buddy NVhcelis, Jerry Wooten, Larry Burriss, Shirley Tompkins, Jukic Seaton, Margaret Hurst, Ann Hewlett, Mary McDonald, Cecelia Scherm, Sandra Cook, Judy Avera, Chris Browning. Fourth row: Peggy Konig, Eugene Tickner, Jack Mathis, Roman Gabriel, Tommy Bulla, Charles Graham, Jackie Bullard, Larry Hiatt, Mary Ann Swart. and the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE , liaeh homeroom elects a representative to Cathiv Binklvy, PCLZHY DHHS, Bflrlwra Ml'm0l'V, Glee Hughey, and Mary Ann Swart confer on bills the llouse. Membership is augmented bv the ' to be passed by the House. Vice-President of each class and the Vice-Pres- ident of the Student Body, who serves as speak- er of the House. The llouse may formulate any bills pertain- ing to the general welfare of the student body except those pertaining to finance. All bills proposed in the House are referred to one of the following committees: Traflic Committee, Grounds Committee, lVelfare Committee, Ju- diciary Committee, Clubs Committee, Social :Xctivities Committee, Student Union Commit- tee, and Hospitality Committee. 1 xx. -nm-1nta: L1nusnmi,1.: - elected JUDGES, who reproved viofmfors Seated: Gene Woodbury CChief Iudgeb Standing: Jane Brady, Ioc Brewer, Charlie Bruce,.Roxanna Barefoot, Tee Doxey One of the most important offices at New Hanover High School is that of Student Court judge. These capable students, chosen by the House of Representa- tives and the Senate, are the ones who decide the necessary punishment for vio- lators of our school's laws. Three of the judges are selected from the Senior Classg two, from the Iunior Classg and one, from the Sophomore Class. The judges choose a Chief Iudge, who presides at court sessions to try all violators who are brought in by the Iudicial Marshals. They also select a Clerk, who is responsible for the proceedings of the court business. Mr. Daniel Todd is the faculty advisor for this branch of the Student Government. Page 96 mttqltf it y JUDICIAL MARSHALS. Us 9 'Y' First row: llay Fountain CChief Marshall, Ann Parker, Cynthia Tilden, Mickie Howard, Carol Holden, Christina Bennett, james Roberson CAssistant Chief Marshalj. Second row: Barbara Lounsbury, Horace Hawes, Nina Marablc, joan Carter, Carolyn Yow, Bessie Murphy, jackie Soles, Gloria VVelsh. Third row: Sarah Shumpert, Sylvia Parker, judy Gulledge, Barbara McAbcc, Pat Nun- alee, Leda Hornstein, jackie Meier, Sally Ludlum, Glenda Radcliffe. Fourth row: Ralph Kornegay, jim VVilson, Martha Starncs, Andy Harriss, Hal l.eeuwen- burg, jerry Sullivan, Lyndall VVarren. Our eflicient force of judicial Marshals is headed by a Chief Marshal and is under the direct supervision of the Student Court. These Marshals, who are ap- pointed by thc Chief Marshal with the approval of the judiciary Committee of the Ilouse and the Senate, enforce the rules and laws of the student body. Ray Foun- tian, Chief Marshal, acts as prosecuting attorney for the Student Court. Page 97 G? ccapabfe sfczffof SOCIAL MARSHALS, i - Left to right: Marie Fales, Richard Youngblood, Eve Rosson, Earl Allen, Edith Buis, Burt Womble, Jane Wright, Ioe Broughton CChief Marshall jackie Huffmon, jimmy Sloan, Skippy Hayes, Sylvia Hayes, Lynn Ligon. Not pictured: Ed Carroll. "Dress-up clothes, pleasant smiles, charm- ing manners . . ." these are characteristics of our Social Marshals, who play an important role in our school life. The Marshals, who are elected at a joint meeting of the House of Rep- resentatives and the Senate, assist at all social functions of the high school by collecting tickets, distributing programs, and ushering. In May, they work with the social committees of the House and Senate in sponsoring the May Dance, at which time the May Queen and her court are presented. Page 98 acfive HOMEROGM CHAIRMEN, Ifirst row: Lynda Garrett, Iezln VVillarcl, Mary Nell Hill'l'iSS, Shellm Newsom, Sally Zim mermzm, Delores King, Judy C. Simon. Sceoml role: -Iucly M. Simon, lfclith llutler, Martha Mote, Tee Doxey, Patsy Golding -learn lilflen, Put Perritte, Ruth liL'ilYl'l'S, Millie Vestal, Szlmlrzi Copelzincl, lrene Turner. rllllilll rout Carolyn Naylor, .lucly Keene, lxlill'f.f2ll'L'l lintson, Kay Sholzlr, Byron Moore xl2ll'giIl'L'l XVnlters, Czlrolyn Yow, cllL'l1llil llz1cleliH'L Stunt lunas Xlllllll I' ', .' 4 ' ua U, 1 -'z russell, Susie Covil Iifillffll rr,u': llorziee llznres, john Seotton, Clayton Asbury, Chet vllilylllf, Bryan Paulrielx NYinlielcl Smith, .Xncly Ilzlrriss, llielmrcl Young cl, luclx l nlol Km Y hloo A 1' ' ', 4- 1 Register, .Nliclzl Swnrt lwe llosson, Betty Sue Hills. The llomerooin cll1ilil'Il1L'l1 are elected ut the beginning ol' the year ln the students of eueh homeroom. 'llhex sell XYI ' i 1' l.llC,fXlS, lllillii' plains for the clziilx' cle- rotionuls. uncl collect money for the various charities. 'lhrough serriee to their fellow elussmutes. these students serre the student hocly. Page 99 v Handbook Committee First row: Gail Knowles, Jo Ann Lennon, Jackie Huifmon, Sylvia Hayes. Second row: James Roberson, Lynn Ligon, Martha Land, Janice Mor- gan, Horace Hawes. Under the capable leadership of Jackie Huffmon, Chairman, and her committee, the Student Congress sponsored the publica- tion of the Orange and Black Handbook. Containing the rules and regulations and the constitu- tion adopted by the Student Body, as well as other vital facts about the high school, this hand- book is a basic guide to our stu- dents. mzd efficient committees First row: Susan Hardin, Christina Bennett, Suzanne Ixramcr, Janice Morgan. Second row: Stuart James, Carolyn English, Carolyn Webb, Margaret Hurst, Gwen Hawley. Third row: Kathryn John, Jackie Meier, Jane Bellamy, Frances King, Lucy Taylor. Fourth row: James Roberson, Mark Haw- thorne. The publication of a student telephone directory containing the name, address, homeroom number, and telephone num- ber of every student and teacher in our school has been an annual project of the Student Congress for several years. This year's directory was perfected through the unlimited efforts of Chairman Christina Bennett and her committee. Telephone Directory Committee Page 100 prommfec? SfLLf96lZf GOIZQVESS acfivifies. Sailing ivlllllililii progrznns Trying violators Purchasing school supplies Zi sing nmncy by thc szilc ui' light lmullms ,Xclcling thc iinzil tonclivs to the Chrislnms lrcc Pugc 101 X f i ' as 4 Q Q f ' - -- : ,l ,,, ,,, ,, r .t AT I I. p r s H 0 0 R y , - Q 2 4. x Q .A i S 0 C I E T Y R ufsfandilzq sfuclelzfs were 0 oserz These students, as members of the National Honor Society, are accorded the highest honor that New Hanover High School offers. Led by Dianne Hewitt, Presidentg jack Hargett, Vice- Presidentg Melissa Martin, Secretaryg and jerry Sullivan, Treasurer, and advised by the faculty sponsors, the society enjoys a well- planned program throughout the year. The members are chosen on the basis of their ability to uphold the four principles of the society and are charged with the responsibility of ex- tending the ideals of scholarship, leadership, service, and character throughout the school. Mmm-Q s ff - ire... ,-fra, .wa-asawww-wmammsAheaa.::,rwsewmewQ:efas4s Museaa:w.,,, sz, V ,Hi - ,. , . . , was ,: iwJ svmxrwvi1mr.sww:uQm wNNa..i.-nnasmavmm Page 102 Ilianm' lim-Witt ,lack liargvtt Mclissa Martin ,lorry Sullivan lhllii iic'ax'crs Hvlsy liugur Christina lin-linclt llarimara iilllllil ifarniyli limrcicn 'lm' llruugiilun Hay Clumlm Susan Hardin -Iucly llaruarml ilurau' ilaircs Mark iiawtimrm' I imla llincs Dixie ilfuimlms Sillilfl -Iamcs 'lm' Alvnkins .Mnuiia kL'l'SL'f' lframm-s King Slllillllll' liramcr .lamvs lanicr llarlmara l.ounslnury Mark Masscy' ,Iacixiv Mcicr lim-ssic' Murphy ,Ivan llcici Barbara llirm-nharlx janws llulmcrsun Sarah Siiuinpvrt -iilfixil' Soivs liclitii Slvrciisrnii Cilvl 'liayinr iivtli' -lo 'i.llL'iii'l' lflivn iiillCiil'l' 'Iam' NVaitn-rs Uarnlyn XVQIJI1 Gloria xVL'iSiI Mrs. DL-il IiUl'I1l'l1Hll1 Miss Pauline Irvin Mrs. lnuisc 'l'urm'r fo uplzofg our Meafsg and ardent patriots, First row: C. Holden, B. Ienkins, B. I. Shinn, I. VVells, S. Cook, A. Kersey, B. jones, H. M. Romeo, I. Hui-fmon CSeeretaryj, S. Hayes, I. A. Lennon, S. C. Thornton, S. james, H. Hawes, B. Kelly. Second row: Davis, L. VVilliams, S. Parker, A. Ferrell, B. Murphy, F. King, G. Haw- ley, 1. Carter, B. Armstrong, C. Bennett, A. Wigg, D. Benton, I. jenkins, Stevenson, G. lladeliile, H. I.. Gore, P. Bumple, D. Hewitt. Third row: I. Knox, A. A. Holmes, M. Williams, N. Bradshaw, V. Houston, E. Bosson, I. Gulledge, B. Toomer, G. VVelsh, S. Ludlum, S. Shumpert, L. Hiatt, C. Taylor, B. V. Fulk, D. Fountain, B. Myers, B. Wheelis, C. NVehb, T. Edwards, B. Womble CVice-Presidentj. Fourth rouf: P. Davis, S. Ayeoth, C. Gore, P. Konig, I. Dowling, C. Graham, A. Register, G. Newman, D. Peterson, D. Curtis, I. A. Huggins, A. I, Harriss, G. Thompson, ll. Hargett, T. Bret-land, 1. lloherson, P. Lewis, ll. Bice, I. Delaney. Government Club For students who take government, the Government Club deepens their interest in the subject. Meeting once a month in Miss Buss's room, the members hear interesting speakers, see movies, and do many educational things. The high- light of the year is the annual visit to XVashington, D. C. Page 104 If. Simpson, M. Mason, P. Konig, P. Starkey CVice-Presidentj, C. Sharp, L. Hubbard, K. Braekenbury, B. MeAbee, C. Hughey, D. Costin, M. A. Swart, Miss Lossen, ll. Mun- roe, ll. Northrop, S. Shumpert CPresi- clentj, C. Bennett CSeeretaryD, C. Moore. The Arts and Crafts Club is a treat for any stuclent who enjoys phases ol' art. The members learn to do anything from drawing simple ligures to weaving straw baskets. Credit can also be given to this elub for the many attrae- tiye bulletin boarcls enjoyetl arouncl the sehool throughout the year. fafeizfeg arfisfs, Arts and Crafts Club cuz young sciemfisfs a5semHeJ in common iizferesfs 5? Museum Club Page 105 Shirleh Sellers, Patsy Golding, Gloria Welsh, Sheila Wahl CViee- Presiclentj, James Lanier CPresi- tlentj, Linda Tienken CSeeretaryD, Chet Taylor, Mary Kay Tompkins, Betty Ann Tompkins, Christina Bennett. The purpose of the Museum Club is to further interest in seientifie fielcls. Programs Lleal with the history ancl biological aspects of animals anal plants. Membership is open to all stu- clents interested in seienee. Book Club Seated: Carol Holden, Louise Floyd, Ioy jenkins. Standing: Edith Stevenson, Carolyn Webb, james Roberson, Freida Stanley CVice-Presidentj, Glenda Radcliffe, Glce Hughey CParliamentarianD, Jack Hargett CPresidentD, Sarah Shumpert CSecretaryD, Gloria Welsh, Barbara Booth, Sylvia Park- er, Rosemary Swisher, Christina Bennett. The Book Club is the ideal organi- zation for any student who enjoys reading and discussing good books. Membership is limited to twenty stu- dents, chosen by the faculty advisor and the officers. ome increase Page 106 and literary zzowfedqi Library Club First row: Betsy Begor, Louisa Otersen, Martha Burton, Catherine Peterson, Bet- ty McGovvan, Martha Mason, Sally Lud- lum, Barbara Booth CSecretaryD. Second row: Lawrence Holland, Io Boudreaux, Sally Zimmerman, Joyce Da- vis CPresidentD, Pat Sanderlin, Judy Mur- ray, Emily Merritt. The Library Club is made up of all student library assistants. This club Works for the betterment of the school by seeing that the library is kept up-to-date with new books and magazines. eir powers 0 Cl'66Lfl'0IZ 5 v One of the oldest and most highly regard- ed clubs in New Hanover High School is the Scribblers' Club. At the monthly meetings the s flzeg grew spiriiuaffy The purpose of the Bible Club is to pro- mote Christian leadership and living. This club sponsors various projects during the yearg among these are sending gifts to Oxford Or- Bible Club l.. NVilliams, lf. Davis, D. I. Thornton C. XVilson, P. Davis, H. l.. Gore, S Thornton, G. Hawley, P. llohhins, lf. Car- roll, P. Perritte, S. Ludlum. Second row: V. YValkcr, K. Sholar, Cathey, Il. Mintz, C. Spivey, F. VVierse, C. lfnglish, C. Hess, S. Clewis, ll. Maultsby, lf. lluss, D. Connor, D. Blake. Tlzirrl role: S. Pridgcn CVice-PresidentD S. Shumpert, l.. Vinson, li. Collins, P. Nunalee, ll. Anderson, lf. Merritt, S. YVhitc, lf. Cofe, S. llarnhill, K. Skipper, D. Benton, ll. Rivenbark, li. Koonce, G. lladclill'e CPresidentD, ll. jenkins, B. J. Walker. Fourth role: L. VVeaver, P. Smith, C. NVooten, H. Hawes CSeeretaryD, S. Kelly, ll. Core, C. Allard CTreasurerD, D. Par- nell, XV. Davis, 1. Scay, A. VVillctts, ll. Mercer, N. Cass, N. Holt. '-L,...w... X'-5 l Scribblers' Club Pastis Cllrogram Chairmanj. 1 First row: P. Hutcheson, P. Pridgen, V llaines, S. Wahl, J. Seaton, ll. l.iles li I shaw, S. Merritt, V. Houston, C. Bowden. Second row: S. Hightower, P. Davis, l. Gore, M. Bartlett, M. Vestal, M. Fales, M. hy, C. jenkins, S. Barnhill. Third row: J. Horrell, J. Farrow, M. Batson, B. Paterson, M. M. Ginn, G. Strickland, M. Davis, ll. McAhee, li. New- kirk, D. Watts, S. White, ll. Godwin, D. Nobles, S. King. Fourth row: E. Butler, M. Ashworth, M. Williams, R. Howell, I. Davis, J. Tay- Q-. . lor, I. Palmer, D. Estes, C. Taylor, I.. Stanland, I-. Powell, M. Walden, A. D. L' Howell, 1. A. Davis, li. West, I. Hargett. members discuss things of literary interest. Creative writing is encouraged, and a literary contest is sponsored by this club. phanage, holding devotional meetings at the Catherine Kennedy Home, and sponsoring a morning meditation period before school. fljl' N". "' Page 107 Seated: J. Taylor CPresidentD, M. Mote CTreasurerD, P. llohbins CSecretarvD, , . Stanley, j. Cathcy, B. lierce, N. Brad- Booth, I. Turner, S. Tompkins, F. Maults- French Club at a '-me iffy., First row: Nancy Bradshaw, Maurinc Scott, Mary Frances All, loan Carter, Ann Bed- mayne, Christina Bennett, Frances Creech, Helen Marie Romeo, Glenda Radcliffe CVice- PresidentD. Secoml row: Sandra VVright, lo Boudrcaux, Emmy Davis, Judy Gulledge, Pat Cherry, Glee Hughey, Sarah Shumpert, Bosemary Swisher, Nina lllarable, Betty jenkins, Anne Plum mer, Frieda Stanley, Betsy Paterson. Tllirtl row: Barbara Booth CSccretaryD, Marjorie Foyles, Elizabeth Priest, Sylvia llaper, Anne VVigg, lack Hargett CPrcsidentj, Shade Wilson, Bill Davis, Andy Harriss, Otis Strother. and developed in flze culture 0 mo am cuzquaqes LA SOCUETE FBANCAISE raphy, people, historical interest, language, La Societe Francaise is a club organized for and the general cultural characteristics of the pleasure of the first-year and second-year French students. Its objectives are to obtain France. a better understanding of the customs, geog- Page 108 Grutcr mtcrcst ll'l tht studx of tht Spanish Llnguagc was crcntccl by thc Spanish Club Cfucst spmktrs LI'lilghtLI1Lll thc mcmbcrs with interesting facts lhout SPIIIISII spa Iixll'lU L0lll1tllLS mtl 1 Chilstmls plrtx was cclcbrutcd in true First row: Mrs. Nvwcnimllm, XVinf iivlcl Smith C,I'l'L'ilSlll'L'l'D, lfnlyth llutlcr, Lola Stilvs CVicc-l'i'csi- tlcntj, Suzy Merritt CSL-crctz1i'yD. Nzmcy Connolly Cl,I't'SitiL'llIj, VVcnclcIl Czirrwy. Sccoml row: Mary llcuws, Izlckic Koriwgziy, Priscilla Kvyscr, Maud 1.00 ixIL'KCiIl12ll'I, lfnilh XV0odcock, Tfl!S'ilI1il Yow, 'l'l1L'I'l'Sl' l.ilH'0iCilll, Anncltc Price, Annu' Shclton. Tllirfl row: Bt-tty Ivan WVnlkcr, Izlckic Fryzlr, Larry Porter, Crt-g Godwin, Morris Icnrcttc, Iflwoml Stroud, Ccorgv Cutchctt, Mur- garct Holmes. ..,....... ,. Caesar's Hour First row: lane VVoocls, Donna Christ- mas, Carl Sehutt, Nita Byron CSecretaryD, Bill Hufham CPresiclentj, Carina McCall CViee-Presiclentl, Ginger Raines CTreas- urerj, Eddie Lowell, Marguerite Bethune, Carolyn Greer, Sue Trask. Second VOIP! Miss Lathrop, Cynthia Stokley, Louie Watkins, Iucly Horrell, Martha Mason, Virginia Fclens, Mary Lou johnson, Barbara MCAlJee, Jeanette Smith, VValter Crist, Mitsn Bartlett, Barbara Me- Ginnis. Third role: Margaret Smith, Eddie Knowles, George Hoek, Macon Iorclan, Iohn Seotton, Rieharnl Oates, Helen Jack- son, IoAnn Davis, Harry Mustard, Robert Hatch, Neil Hines, Iohn Gemmell. cm ancierzf foreign cusfoms. First row: Carolyn jenkins, Pat Saun- ders Clreasurerj, Iucly Taylor, jan Wil- liams CViee-Pi'esiclentD, Jimmy Sloan Cl'resiclentD, Bob Hannibal, Hola Rosen- steel CSeeretaryD, Virginia Matthews, Ann Hewlett, Naney Holt. Seeoiiil I'Oll'i Miss Lathrop, Roh Stout, Ronnie Carclner, Frances Howell, Iucly lfloytl, Harlene Vanee, Lincla Kelly, Bon- nie Hewlett, Juliette Alorcla, Louisa Otersen, ,lan Norment, Roxanna Rare- foot, Mary Core. Third role: lfclna Diekins, Allen Hug- gins, Gene Murray, Ralph Kornegay, Eu- gene Tiekner, Nomikos Patellis, Bill Slack, john Hall, Kay Brackenbury, laek l.aws0n, Iucly Keene, Norman Cone. Mythologians ' 3:"k"T'is'e6'4l:,i Page 110 Ifirsi row: Millarcl Dunn, Jimmy Sulli- van, james Melntosh Cireasurerj, Patsy Golding, Barlmara Hawkins CPresiclentD, Betsy Musselwliite CSeeretaryD, Kermit Norris CViee-PresiclentD, Syyaughn XVhite, Norma Best. Seeoml rou': Miss Lathrop, Arrington vi0lll1Sf0I1, lfaye Biyenlmark, Betty Brown, Sandra Copeland, Boma Melntire, lane Boncl, Kenneth Crowell, jean Mintl, Mar- garet Dixon, Cecelia Seherm, lrene Turn- er, Betsy' jewett. 'l'l1irtl rou': Kay Moore, Iilllily Merritt, David Lewis, Sherill Caulnler, Marian XValclen, Howard Knox, Dayicl Hill, Larry Davis, llonnie lipsius, .-Xliee Duclley How- ell, Marie ilshwortli, lfmily Coxe. i 'Sw 1 qgM'pmQmp:M 4+ : ' ' " H .e .... , "' ' fe tv", s, - f E . uf K R 3, Great Caesa r's Ghost The meetings of the liatin Clubs are eagerly awaited by the students. Stories ot' aneient times and interesting speakers are typical of the programs given elur- ing the 5 ear. Veni Vidi Victi Sumus ,p Page 1 I First row: Sara Craig, Ieanette Taylor l resiclentb, Ginger Kallman CSeeretarvD , I son, Suzanne Horton, Mary Ann Gregg Louise Selclen, Caroline NValker. Second row: Miss Lathrop, Joan tin, Barliara Sasser, Linda Meliinnon, lris Gore, Betty Anne rll0l'l117liiI1S, Lillie Northrop, Anne lillington. Third row: Jack Mathis, VVooclus Humphrey, Johnny McKee, Billy lfcl- warcls, Bill Sigmon, Charles Dillon, Bar- --. hara YVilliforcl, Mort Nelmlett CTreasur- erj, john Haneoek, Iuliie Seaton. 1 Brencla Liles, Ulxlmy Allslirook CVieei Y George Morse Cl resiclentl, Angela John- Boyles, Iayne Umlerwoocl, Dorothy Cos- fliers p armed for future homes -...want First row: Iean Iones CSecretaryj, Vera Houston CTreasurerD, -loyce May Cllistor- ianj, Margaret Olsen CPresidentj. Second row: Mrs. XVright, Pat Saun- ders, Barbara Pierce, Lynda Stevens, Caro- lyn Jacobs, Betty Meyland. Third l'0ll'I Mary Svelerbak, Syxaughn VVhite, -lo liasterling, Mary M. Ginn, lion- nie Potter. Fourth role: Shirley Barnhill, Peggy Hutcheson, Juliette Alorda, june C. Moore, Cornelia Leeuwenburg. Fifth row: Indy lenness, lflaine Blake, Susan Merritt, ,Iulia Buchanan, Betty lo Sneeden. Sixth row: Linda Hewlett, Mary Ann Nelson, Betty Sue Mills, lris Core, Dianne Thomas. The Future llomemakers of Amer- ica Club is open to all students who are taking, or have taken, home eco- nomics. The purpose of this club is to prepare its members for efficiency in future work in this lield. Future Homemakers of America whife enthusiastic irzdusfriafisfs D. E. Club MB. ALLTON WRIGHT - Co-orzlimitor First row: Io Ann Elrod, Sherry Ricks, Iris Pugh, Virginia Clark. Second row: I. H. Kelly, James Pridgcn, Annette Smith, Bertha Parker, Barbara Grove, Ioyce Hutchinson, Ray Biggs. Third row: Faye Horne CSecretaryD, Ken Guyton, james Parker, Cecil johnson, Phil Sandlin, Ann Johnson Cfreasurerl, Mr. VVright. Fourth row: Billy Leary, Harold Holli- day, james Bay Tucker, Richard Merritt, Dickie Benton CPresidentD, Linwood New- ton CVice-Presidentj, james Greene. The Distributive Education Club sponsors interest in the field of distri- bution. The elub holds an annual banquet for its members and their employers and takes part in the dist- rict, state, and national meetings. All the members must be taking D. E. in school and must be working on the part-time program. A .x',. -- 01" First row: Mrs. Warren, Joyce May CVice-Presidentl, Sarah Shumpert CPres- identD, Peggy Davis CHistorianD, Carol Spivey CSL-eretaryj. Second row: Dorothy Costin, Martha Mason, june C. Moore, Doris Thornton, Frieda Wierse, Bonita Anderson, Lynn Williams, Carol Holden. Third row: June A. Moore, Donna Van- dergrift, Deann Estes, George Newman, Lynn Taylor, Sherrill Caulder, Lola Stiles. The Future Teachers of America Club is an organization which gives students a chance to learn about the advantages offered by the teaching profession. The purpose of the club is to show the need for more and better teachers. feachinq careers, Future Teachers of America W- iii. x.- +L Radio Club :-Q s ' and "ham" operators Skippy Groom, Nicky Harper, Glendon Smith, joe Brewer, james Barbot CSecrc- taryl, Dan Sullivan CViec-Presidentj, Bill Justice, David Eubanks, Ruth Geddes. Not pictured: Harold Rose Cl'residentj. For students who are interested in short-wave radio, the Radio Club was a welcomed addition to our list ot' clubs. Among the yearly projects and activities are a DX contest, radio code and theory lessons, hamfest, op- erating elub station in room 410, and the upkeep of radio equipment. Un- der the supervision of Mr. Bergeron, this club, which meets each Tuesday after school, proves to be very inter- esting and informative. appfauded prospective mmafisfs Thespians Members: M. F. All, I. Alorda, B. Anderson, B. Armstrong, B. Barnhill, M. Bartlett, B. Baxter, D. Blake, C. Bowden, 1. Boyles, N. Bradshaw, J. Brady, I. Britt, I. Brown, E. Bois, M. Btrrke, B. Burney, M. Burton, P. Butler, B. Carr, 1. Carter, E. I. Coley, E. Colucci, I. Cgmrliett, S. Craig, B. Davis, P. A. Davis, D. Donnell, E. Dooley, L. Dorteh, B. A. Dyson, D. Estes, B. I. Floyd, I. Floyd, L. Floyd Cflorresponding SecretaryD, M. Foyles, ll. V. Fulk, L. Garrett, M. A. Gay, P. Gerdes, M. M. Ginn, I. Goodman, C. Greer, I. Gulledge, B. Hansley, I. Hargett CPresidentD, R. Harrison, I. Hatley, B. Hawkins, S. Hayes CTreasurerD, A. Hewlett, B. Hewlett, D. Hobbs, C Holden, 1. Horne, S. Horton, A. D. Howell, G. Hughey, I. jackson, I. Jackson, B. jenkins, A. Iohn- son, M. L.. johnson, B. lones, I. Iurgenson, B. Iustice, G. Kallman, I. Keene, L. Kelly, D. king, T. Ixnott, 1 Knowles, M. Land, P. Lane, QI. A. Lennon, LeBay, L. Ligon, B. Liles, C. Long, F. Marshall, M. Martin Clie cording Secretaryl, B. McAhee, G. McCall, L. McKinno'1, I. Meier, P. Merritt, P. Merritt, S. Merritt, 1. Mintz ' ' ' Y' D. D, . I-1. Montvomerv B. Moore, K. Moore, E. Newlurk, G. Newman, 1. O Banion, E. Page, S. larker, S. larsons CVice-Presidentj, I. Pastis, B. Paterson, B. Permenter, B. Prevatte, B. Pretlow, 1. Prevatte, G. Badellfle, A lledmayne, L. llollinson, H. Bomco, B. Bivenhark, B. I. Sasser, S. Schutt, Seotton, Seaton, S. A. Sellars, E Sessoms, M. Shackelford, S. Shumpert, L. Small, P. St'rkey, F. Stanley, L. Stiles, L. Stevens, G. Stolielcy, A Swart, ll. Swisher, T. Tanden, I. Taylor, I. Taylor, L. Taylor, Thomas, G. Tillet, H. Vance, B. Vance, S VVahl, M. NValden, L. Warren, E. VVest, P. White, B. VVilliford, I. Willard, S. Wilson, I. Wood, M. Wood hury, H. Zezefillis, L. Pretlow, G. Hammond. fo success mut- I Its Ira' IL two L nt. of llS 113 "The Long Christmas Dinner," a modern play by Thornton XVilder, is a drama of pantomime as Well as speech. A favorite in play contests, this play was one of the author's earliest works. 4'The Doctor in S ite of Himself" P Cseenc from playb Bob Pretlow, Angie Johnson "The Doctor in Spite of Himself" is a farce that made its author famous. Moliere's plot portrays the manner in which a wife got even with her husband for thc beating he gave her. This play was presented before the King of England at one time. """'h""ef-'ff'-fe ' ' - K - H M- awsssems Thespian Productions Cast of "The Long Christmas Dinnerw Standing: Brenda Liles, Margaret Hurst, Bette Woodbury, John Scotton, Gayle Ham- mond, Judy Taylor, Paul Butler, Tony Sellers, Jo Ann Lennon. Seated: Bill Justice, Cynthia Stokley, Jackie Pastis, Joan Carter, Judy Gulledge. Cast of "The Doctor in Spite of Himself" Left to right: Bobby Lanier, Angie Johnson Bay Hansley, Bonnie Harrison, Bob Pretlow Anncll Mohr, Gilbert Tillett, Shade VVilson Linda Kelly. 1 3 an encouraged fufure vocafionafisfs. Future Business Leaders of America This vear a new addition was made to our club roster in the form of the Future Business Leaders of America Club. The purpose of this club is to pro- mote better relations between students and business opportunities. Alemlzers: B. Adams, j. Adams, j. Alford, M. F. Allen, S. Allen, H. Alorda, P. Applewhitc, T. Ard, C Atkinson, M. Avant, B. Avison, S. Aycoth, j. Bailey, L. Barnes, B. Barnhill, D. Bass, M. Batson, A. Bayse, D Beaver, B. Beavers, B. L. Bell, C. Benson, G. Benson, A. Benton, Dickie Benton, Dorothy Benton, li. Blake, j Boudreaux, S. Bowen, Brady, Brinson, A. Brittain, C. Brown, L. Browning, Bryant, j. Buchanan, j Burnett, M. Burton, N. Cameron, N. Canfield, H. Carroll, S. Caulder, D. Christmas, li. Clark, B. Collins, IC Colucci, S. Cook, A. Cooper, j. Corbett, M. Core, S. Covil, N. Craig, j. Cumming, j. Dail, F. Darden, Ii. Da vis, B. Davis, j. Davis, L. A. Davis, M. Davis, P. Davis, If. Dexter, j. Dowling, S. B. Dye, j. Iiasterling, C lfrnull, j. lfarrar, li. Farrow, j. Fettcl, M. Foy, F. Fryar Clst Vice-Presidentj, L. A. Fryar, L. Garrett, B. Gar rett, P. Gmytruk, B. Godwin, B. Godwin, j. Gordon, C. Gore, H. Gore, B. Gore, j. Green, H. Gregory, P Gregory, S. Gregory, S. Griffith, B. Grove, N. Gurganius, F. Hansley, M. Hardeman, S. Harrelson, j. Harriss M. D. Harris, G. Hawley Cfreasurcrj, Skippy Hayes CBecording SecretaryD, Sylvia Hayes C2nd Vice-Presi dentD, A. I.. Henry, B. Herring, P. Hewett, I.. Hewlett, A. Hickman, S. Hightower, A. Hill, j. Hines, C. Hobbs N. Hobbs, P. Hobbs, j. A. Hocutt, P. Holland, B. j. Hollis, A. A. Holmes, N. Holt, N. L. Holt, F. Horne, V Houston, A. Howell, j. Hutchinson, P. Hutcheson, H. jackson, B. jacobs, j. jenness, A. johnson, B. johnson B. jones, j. jones, B. jones, B. joyc, joyner, S. Kapp, N. Kelly, E. Kerr, A. Kerscy CCorrcsponding Secre- taryb, D. King, F. King, P. King, S. A. King, S. j. King, T. Knott, j. Knox, G. Knowles, j. Knowles, P. Ko nig, li. Koonce, D. Kornegay, V. Lashley, S. Lawhorne, B. Leary, D. Little, C. Long, lf. Long, K. Loud, D Mallard, S. Malpass, N. Manning, L. A. Mason, B. Matthews, F. Maultsby, P. Mayhan, B. McAbee, M. Mc- Donald, B. j. MeGowan, B. Melntire, B. McLendon, B. MeSwain, A. Meadows, P. Merritt, B. Merritt, M. Mil ler, A. Mills, B. Mills, N. Mincey, A. Mohr, C. Mohr, B. Moore, l. Moore, Moore, C. Moore, M. Moore j. Morgan, M. Mote, j. A. Murray, B. Myers, M. A. Nelson, L. Newland, L. Newton, D. Nobles, B. M. Owens j. Palmer, A. Parker, B. Parker, j. Parker, M. S. Parker, j. Pastis, M. Patclis, L. Peek, P. Perritte, M. Pierce, S Y I Y lope, j. lorter, M. Porter, B. Potter, C. Potter, B. Prevatte, l. Pugh, L. Backley, S. Baper, I. Beaves, A. Begis- ter, M. Beid, B. Bice CPrcsidentD, H. Bittenhousc, S. Bicks, B. Bivenbark, L. Boberts, P. Bobbins, S. Bobinson H. Bomeo, A. Books, P. Boper, A. Buss, Buss, P. Buss, A. Bussell, P. Sams, L. Sasser, L. Savage, j. A. Schley j. Sessions, C. Shaw, C. Shepard, F. Shepard, j. Shepard, M. A. Shepard, V. Sherman, C. A. Skipper, A. Smith j. Smith, P. Smith, B. j. Sneeden, j. Soles, I.. Stanland, M. Starnes, H. Stefanadis, S. Stevenson, C. Stewart, j Strahler, S. Strickland, B. C. Swart, B. Swart, B. Talman, S. Tate, l.. Tatum, C. Tavlor, j. Teaehev, G Thompson, P. Thompson, S. Thompson, S. Thornton, M. Thrash, M. K. Tompkins, S. Tompkins, B. j. Tuck: er, l.. Vinson, S. VVahl, L. Voss, A. VVarwiek, F. XVashbnrn, N. XVatson, D. VVatts, D. VVells, j. VVells, l.. XVest, L. NVestbrook, j. NVhite, A. XVhitley, M. WVilkins, C. XVilliams, L. Williams, C. VVilson, j. NVitherspoon, G. kVood, VVood, C. VVootcn, C. Yates, B. York. y v oice sfudelzfs em eavore 5 a, it-arx-mms-rawfw-is Barbara Adams, Peggy Aldridge, Charles Allard, jimmy Allard, Barbara Armstrong, lane Bond, Beth Boone, joan Boyles, Nancy Burnett, Ioan Carter, Carol Doxey, Jerry Ely, jack Fales, Anne Ellington, R. V. Fulk, Linda Frost, Nancy Cass, Richard Cerrish, Ruby Core, Tommy Hallman, Gwen Hawley, Billie Haywood, Allen Huggins, Bob Ieffords, Angela Johnson, Ken johnson, blacon jordan, PrBcHla Keyscn Frances King,Janus Lanien Barbara l.ounsbury, Sara blalpasg Clcrald b4aready, blark hlassey, Pat blcPherson, Robert hlercen Annell Mohr, Carol Moore, Janice Morgan, Warrcn Neal, Ralph Olsen, Curtis Peterson, Terry Pridgen, Donald Ramsaur, Faye Rivcnbark, Shirleh Sellers, Emily Sessoms, Anne Shel- ton, Sarah Shumpert, Lucille Stanley, Cynthia Stokley, I. B. Strickland, Rosemary Swisher, Everett Thompson, Mary Kay Tompkins, Linda Tienken, Harlene Vance, Sheila Wahl, Linda VVest, Arliss WVilletts, jan Williams, Barbara Wolfe. Hanover Singers The Hanover Singers comprise the major performing group of the vocal music department. Membership is limited to sixty persons chosen through competitive tryout. The Mixed Chorus is mainly a training group from which members will move up into the Hanover Singers. Composed of from eighty to one hundred girls, the Girls' Clee Club is also an active group. Page 118 Mixed Chorus B. Barnhill, D. Blake, B. Bordeaux, N. Bradshaw, C. Brown, J. Brown, T. Bulla, P. Chestnut, P. Cleeve, Cor- bett, B. Crawford, L. Fryar, C. Gore, P. Gregory, S. Gregory, A. Hickman, D. Hobbs, N. Hobbs, P. Hobbs, H. Jenkins P. King, M. Land, B. H. Marshall, D. McGowan, J. Norment, K. Norris, P. Nunalee, B. Parrish, K. F. Peterson, P 1 Beaves, P. llobbins, ll. Buss, F. Simp- son, J. Sisler, 1. Sessions, I. Strahler, F. Stroud, T. Teague, S. Thompkins, P. Thompson, C. Upehureh, L. Voss, C. lVells, I.. VVilliams, C. XVooten, I. VVors- ley, bl. White. pf,1.,.f' naw - A f io render faudaefe performances, Girls' Glee Club C. Armstrong, M. Ashworth, I. Avery, G. Baldwin, B. Baker, M. Bartlett, A. Bayse, N. I. Best, B. Brinkley, B. Brown, M. Burke, L. Burnett, B. J. Butler, B. Butler, D. Christmas, S. Caulder, S. Copeland, S. Craig, J. A. Davis, D. Donnell, L. Drew, B. Garrett, M. M Ginn, C. Gmytruk, P. Golding, I. Gore, M. A. Gregg, B. Hawkins, N. Herring, M. Holmes j. Horne, S. Horton, H. jackson, I. johnson, B. jones, C. jordan, D. King, T. Knott, S. Law- horne, D. Lee, S. LeKay, B. Lockamy, P. Mayhan, P. Merritt, B. Meyland, B. S. Mills, N Mineey, B. Musselwhite, E. Newkirk, I. Newton, B. O'ShielCls, Page, M. Parker, B Liles, A. Plummer, N. B. Powell, J. Prevatte, M. Bumple, A. Buss, B. 1. Sasser, I. Seaton I.. Selden, M. A. Sellers, M. A. Shepard, S. Sherman, I. Simon, L. Small, B. I. Sneeden, L Stevens, G. Strickland, E. Stuekey, M. Szezerbeak, L. Taylor, M. Thrash, B. A. Tompkins l. Ttarner, D. Vandergrift, C. Walker, I. VVatkins, M. Walters, N. Watson, B. VVilliford, J NVooc s. v 1 x ' iii E 3 E E Y 4 1 f . 1 1 , s ' W I 5 f if . Q i 2 1 The Bar cm bzsfrumenfafisfs Members: Tommy Atkins, Jackie Breazeale, Salira Brew, Sam Brown, Thomas Burriss, Kenneth Carmi- ehael, Henry Chason, Barbara Cole, Norman Cone, Eloise Dooley, Millard Dunn, Pat lilwell, Lyn Fales, Marie liales, Rose Marie Gornto, Iohn Hall, Bruce Hempel, David Hill, jerry Hinnant, Linwood Ives, Paul Iarrell, Betsy Kelly, Linda Kelly, Nancy Kelly, Bradley Knight, Ralph Kornegay, Thomas Landen, Wayne Lanier, Da- vid Lewis, Ronald Lipsius, Robert Livingston, Nina Marable, Tommy Marshliurn, C. L. McKenzie, Robert Mor- ris, George Morse, Gene Murray, Wesley Piner, Bill Rogers, Pat Saunders, Rosalie Shew, Otis Strother, Jerry Sullivan, Rosemary Swisher, jeanette Taylor, Iudith Taylor, Charles Teaeliey, VVayne Tingle, Lindsay VValker, Tommy XVallaee, liddie XVest, Edgar VVilliams, Rernard lVilson, liyerett VVilson, Thomas Wolfe, Burt VVomlile. FM .1 .f...f.g -' f' M '. ' , 1593- """" ,, " - 2,1 ,Z L, ,.,, , W K ' --- K W vmnnri 1, K it in fi 'aa Varied and well-rehearsed forma- tions proxed to lie as much fun to the liand memliers as to the inter- ested speztators. Page 120 A l A f 5 1 V l l I ' A A 5 ..I96 ,l9WLf0l'I7Z6J f0I' OLLVID EKMLLVE. The Now Hanover High School Band, under the direction of Dr. Frcd Bouknight, continues to improve cach your. Tho half-time performances at the football games this your wcrc colorful and original. lhcir vnricd concerts und 2lSSCIlllJll' programs lmvc hccn highly praised hy both sludcnts and adults. Our school is proud of its hand, which ranks high among othcrs of North Carolina. Nl,X,lUllI"'l"l'IVS l ffloclcu'iu': IRL-tsv liclly Cllr-ml Nlzljorctlcj Mzlric l'4.ilcs lniyc llilllhlkj Sure: Nlulpzuss llall Mcrrill Ile-ily Dgnis Nor piclfmul: C'nrolyn LlI7L'lllll'L'l1 Pzlgc 121 Chose 10 cmiziizq fo mfer business Filly 00 D. O. Trade and lndustry Club Nlll. l.. C. STUBBLI-fFlIiLD4Cn-orzliizmm' Scxcral ll. O. stuclcnts arc slumn busily at work at placcs of cmploymcnt. 'lihc Dixcrsiliccl Occu- pations Club is unc of the forcmost clubs in Ncw llanmcr lligh School. Thc objcctixc is to prumotc cclucational anal social in- tcrcsts. Unc of thc high- lights of thc ycar is thc lfiiiployci'-liiiiploycc Ban- quct. 'Iihc mcmbcrs of this club must bc intcrcstccl in industry aml must bclong to a Distributivc licluca- tion class. lfirst rout Mr. Stubblcliclcl, Kcn Colcman, blilc Hintzc Cl'rcsiduntD, Danicl Tartt, Clay Inn liooncc, Bobby llcnson, jimmy Grillin, Bobby Britt. Sccoml mir: lcssc Fox, Pt-mlcr Burltc, Icrry Fox, Don Narriss, Ilusscll Cartcr, Dick llich, Bill Nauru, -limmyi lJcHart CSccrctaryD. 'I'l1irtl row: Donald Gcncs, Donalcl liaglc C'lircas1lrcrD, ,l- VV. Burriss, llubcrt Davis, Hill I Yalcntinc, loc llutlcr, jimmy Cox QVicc-1 rcsitlcntb, Cccil Jordan. Crillith, Sylyia Southern llell 'lelephone -'S 'lelegraph Co. Guthrie, lynn Southern llell Telephone S 'lelegraph Co. jqefds were fI'6LilZ6 on-ffm-fb , liirxl rout l.inda Newland, Carolyn Atkinson, Pat Gmytruk, Helen Alorda, lfdith God- win, llose Marie Owens, Sylvia llowen, Mrs. lij0l1L'l'lIll. Seeoml row: Veronica Sherman, Annette lienton, Annie Lou llenry, Shirley Pope, Betty johnson, Carolyn Williams, Nancy Holt, Lynn Guthrie, Margie Wilkins, l.atitia Savage. Tliird role: lfnoeh llogers, Sue Ayant, Delores XVells, .ludy llhodes, Sylvia Crillith, lluth lleayers, lletty -lo lueker, Marguerite Ayant, lletty liarnhill, jean liettel. Co-operative Office Training Practice l3lfllNlCl'i D. l1,lONIillUD--- Co-orzlinufor Co-operatiye Otliee Practice classes provide a practical yehiele by which the school and the employer can share a joint responsibility for the training of compe- tent ollice employees. 'l'hey give thc students a preliminary yiew of the functions of a business olliee, add meaning to elasswork, develop acceptable business be- havior and proficiency in skill subjects, promote a wholesome attitude toward work, facilitate graduate placement, promote better public relations, and enable students to earn while they learn. Sfmlellt Firm Slmlenl l'ilI'HI Xdams, .loyce lfountain llrothcrs Henry, Annie l,ou N.ll.ll.S. Otliu Xlorda, llelen lflird's Department Store Holt, Nancy Mutual ol Omahi Xtkinson, Carolyn Brigade Boys' Club ,lQl111S0l1. Bqm' Mllfllil Milk CUIUIWHIU Xyant, Marguerite Sunset Park lflementary School Ncwlimflg lllliilil . fioastalvMotr s Xyanl, Sue Southern liell Telephone 8 Telegraph Co. i3llifl1S. hose Marie wllr. ,l. lxno llarnhill, lletty Industrial Uniform 8 Coyerall Seryice PM xx' iilqlllft' AI3ll'lIlv'5' qlllu lleayers, lluth Southern llox and Lumber Company ,OPM ' Nl Li , , . , f' -'mlm l . 4- . I lihodes, ludith Southern liell lelephone tw lelegraph Co llenton, Annette xkllllltb-X usual ldueatlon Department nogcrq ltvmwh Cmlwin UH Cumpylm lloutn, Sylyla v M Latlttt Sthool Savage, l,atitia Southern llell 'lielephone N 'l'elegra1h Q o . l 'cluhl' lfwm , Lhtls' limkclstcln 'ix SON Schley, loanne lfriendly tilt-anus l""!'ilV- l'l'ilU:-'l'5- ' A-ll-ll-5 c"mv1'm'fU4ll Oillfl' Sherman, Veronica jr. Chamber ol' Commerct ftflltlljllliy vl 1-llflflil N-lltll-5 Olllfl' l'ueker, lletty jo Merrittfllolland Supply Company fodwln, lktlllll YVaccamaw Oil Company XVells, Delores Port Cm XVilkins, Margie Credit llureau New llanoyer Cou XYilliams, Carolyn Sou. llell Telephone 8 Telegrapli Co nty Feature Staff Vlvllk' lfcnlurc Stnii' xxnrkcnl lmrcl to think nf unusual ich-ns for our school pil POF. Ivft In rifllzt- Czn'ulx'n Ynw, Surah lohn- , l, . 1 . son Clfcalturv l'.ditnrD, Cnrnlyn XVcblm, Ui justice, lflninc Carroll. Sczlted: Lou Anne Howell, Editor Standing: Ellen Tucker, Business Mamxger as ambifious jburrzafisfs News and Sports Staff Unch time was spent by the News and Sports Stuff in rushing ilI'0lll1ll gathering news in orclcr ln meet the clcuallincs. Smztwl: lfclclic Bozlclu QSporls liclie torl Vlillliti' Morgan CNL'ws l"nlitorD. Stmnfing: Null IQZISOIH, Bohlmic Curr, .Xnn l,lll'kL'l'. a ,Aff AI, . Xu N ll 'fl is-J 5 ,3,eBusiness Staff AXEAQ ,Q ls Business Stall, with the ,Xx :stance of Mr. Crowley, solieitecl SQ uls from various business lirms. Seulcul: Mr. Crowley. Stuudlng: llarlmra Armstrong, Iaekie istis, Ellen Tucker, jane llella jriekie Meier, Bobbie Carr. ' x 1 '7 l ,NN X ' u lil pmcficeg Circulation ,Staff Under the supervision of Miss 0'Kec-f and Miss Cro-A martie, .-the Circulation Staff was responsible 'for distribut- in-geWllDCA'l'S every Thurs- day and ,for selling subseripj tions at the beginning oflthe YC'LU'. " Seated: Margaret . Shaekelforkl, 'Waring Hills, Joyce-Davis, Sally lfucllum. X - Standing: ,lean lleicl, Pat Sancl- erlin, Phyllis lloper, Lyndall VVar- ren, Gloria XVelsh, Betsy Begor, Cratie Sancllin, jackie Soles, Mar- ilyn Booth. 'N' Reporters and Typists lleporters and typists worlrecl lincl urn in their assignments on ti lfirsl roux' -lean jones, .lo l'l2lSllll Peggy Davis, luleie Seaton, Ginger lxal in 1 Seeoml l'Ull'i llarliara llivenliark lint llracly, Suzanne Krainer, -loyee Dans lo uclreaux, ,loan Carter, lxlaine Carroll Tlzird l'Ull'I Mary lfranees All, jnclx l ix - z fett, Sylvia Parker, N :nu Herring, Vera llouston. flzrouqfl Meir pubficafionsg ' 'W wl"l""t ,- -my .. 'rp . -.41 . 4 r-, w . M. '.X-. , P f.. X vu , 1- 1 ww, - . . .., .. .. . f - 1 -.,' "M-.." . M. ' 1 1-. 1 . XM , .1 M- ' H' I Jw.. A av Nu X X. .. - X, v nm '- ',X. " X,"' ,f 'A' M, X. 1 v." L, 'Av' N f i A . . , ,. . I, A .v ' r .. 4. , . - . -hm "sl-, -.XX..' " ' ' ' p X: ,- un, . 'A' ' " -' X" ,X .X XX 5 H .... M., Q 4 - . -.., X-X . .. ,M A .. WWE k,, I .. ,fi 'f , K' , RSX A M , 4, f. A ' . Y. X.. -pf., In y . ,V X H . 1 ' ,1:J ' -mv X ,Q-4 N' . '-. t V 5 X . .. W.. an wh . .V V .gh -'W , 4 f 4- 1 ' X . ta ,Ng ff' r. N , x EW - X XX? - , Av ml X -ae NJN" H. ' -1-Yr, Af! I... , M X X- W X 'E X -. ' 5' ...M XX Q W 5 W' .X X. IF' + Vx .X -. 1 ox W , M Xi XXX, 'N - MX ,wg gg 1 'A A w X X- XX .- f ' V X X.. .Qi Q X m " 2,-A If 6 -.3 ,I ,A 2. M 5. Q X N Q, 'S -MMV v. X , at .' fu. 'J . , t . 54- X4 X . , H H EX, 5 i ,f M. , A X X, , . U. an - H - -. ' 3- . 9. .-. , A X M MJ: MvlmN.xX.:. '..X M -' A ' -X . -X" .' W . . 35 H b'.X, . 1, H -na h , -,' .' I . '?.'-'-gfy -A . t . . "' ':x.X , " V- ' M '-X Nw . , X-'MA-X , ,.- 1 , ' -,U ,S Ang. wg: '- HX. if-' E A 'wh' . " . X X, "-. ' ' 'E M "Aww xhwm, -. :KVA x- -A . X. N . ' ',, sX X '. 'Z-"' V ""'s-.""WX.A". 'X ' - "-sf .X ,,. ..,. J ,Y X, ...M .-XX, k A . X 1 N"-'."' A'-.-NN' ' W 'z .. ' .. 'N Qi' X '1' W. 'fl "X M, ,. f-, ' . - X l . xX X X 1 . ffm- vp' - .X X ' 'X . X . "' H W. " --. ' .X 1. ' . -,, A ...W M .fi X X, .r 1 4. X, ., . 1 , , ' .. , . X N V My- 4 - ,X , - X X ' Xt -w .., Jw . A ' Q . ' ., "X ' W , X . X, .. X --.X A5 f .' ,WM l Xl X: ' -X, ji. . x X. 1 ..'--sw' ."+ . Y M . . , . h . X Q 1 T-:A .X - N ,-TW'-X 'MXN -',,' ' X-N., Y..-, 4 M K .X , - ,M ff h 1 .X - N . - X X. X N , V -X- , X X M X 'N V ' 1 -.A .Q , . . Q .I K X , 1- .,X. , at . - L HXM 'X 'M f f, MXPX.. A, .MMR mx . X , A L my Mx ., 1 F N., Q"11' ,vw 'rg-. X, A , - L' . N W ' "- x - L' 44 ' " . X X . ,, X, . f . x 1 M ff, 1 " 1 -X W . 5 . . -X -X, .X ,m uf-1 ' ' X M." X- -' I 4? , Q . .X X , ,' 1, W X 'Q ' '- . if 5 - :KX-Q-V - . f ,Xt 'H . 5' In :XXX X ' ' ' X' fx .. - ay -. ' 'X' - . ' XFX"-K ,A - H . X S. X '1..vf -.V Q X W . ' ' 4. , X " X.. X X Q X my. X. ' 1 1 fue' - x , ,L .- 1 , - , , X X X QW: 5 ' ' 'f ' tw. xv . I .i ,Q X 32 -9 -- X,-15: fain 1 5 XX.. .X X ,QL u V: Q' lx 0.. mmm 'U' .Beading fha je O Luzif, COLOR GUARD Seated: Major Raymond. Standing: Sergeant Blake, Sergeant VVeber, Sergeant Brown. There are no busier people in the school than the R.O.T.C. in- structors. Selected from the ranks of the Army, these hard-working men create leaders from the mul- titudes of followers. With the leadership of Major Raymond, the instructors make the Reserve Oflieers' Training Corps an or- ganization of which the school is proud. Left to right: Larry Davis, John Williams, Char- les Johnson, jimmy Sloan. Always before the company, marches the Color Guard. lt reminds the battalion that it stands for the United States of America. skiffed imfrttcforg Page 128 Qi 1:-:r QA SXLVIA HAYLS Bum! Sponsor ,IO ANN LICNNON SUZANNIQ KRAIVIIQII A. Company "H" Compmzr "C" DIANI: I3l"l.l.AlXIY "" IXNDX CAIKIHIYIUI' Compmny "A" filllllfllllj' "IJ" SUSA N PARSONS Bzzttaliou Sponsor ezzerqefic sponsors, cuz cz competent sfaff served ffm cadefs. BATTALION STAFF Selected from the massive ranks of the corps, these industrious student officers lead thc unit into its formations and into its prominent place in the school. Because this unit is the only one of its kind in North Carolina high schools, these cadets have quite a name to uphold. First role: Cadet lieutenant Colonel joseph Broughton, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Susan Parsons. Second rou': Cadet Major Donald Fountain, Cadet Major Charles llarrcll. Third row: Cadet Captain Dudley Malpass, Cadet Captain -Iames K. llog- ers, Cadet Captain Nomiltos Patellis, Cadet Captain james Connor, Cadet lfirst lieutenant Lester Knight. Fourtlz row: Cadet Master Sergeant Billy VVilliams, Cadet Master Sergeant john Cordon, Cadet Sergeant lfirst Class Bob Vogels, Cadet Sergeant First Class Sterling jarrell, Cadet Sergeant lfirst Class lflwood Lee. ROT C Officers' Club Every oHieer has the honor to become a member of the OPFieers' Club, which meets every Vllednesday. The dependable eadet officers help Major Raymond give information to the large battalion. Under the striet eyes of the instructors, this organization plans the R.O.T.C. Ball and sponsors presentation. gfard war cifzq ofhcers perfected file .QU First row: I. E. Carroll, R. Second row: K. Rogers, R. Third row: W. Williams, Baxter, I. Breazeale, L. Knight, Fourth row: C. Browning, I. Allard, I. Connor, N. Patellis. Fountain, I. T. Moore. Rice, W. Walters, M. Robbins, E. Farrow, B. Kopp. N. Phillips, W. Marsh, P. Lewis, I. Norton, I. Farrell, B. I. Yopp. C. Harrell, I. Broughton, C. Spivey, D. Malpass, B. Womble, - JN. 2' gg , lll L , . 4 , ,.,.. , W , s N W, Us . K w.. -f I ,- , N . ,. . , . - . .- M, .wr- J V K , . mt.. A , . .9 ' A '-1' YK -. ., ,,,,, . f f " 1. ' f. ' A wi as 3 V., V. . . 'Q , , . . 4, -f-was W for - fs 'f' W M- TL ""i'k'Mi at , . nf- .J .. as on-Commissioned Officers' Club First row: Ii. W. Thomas, E. B. Woodbury, D. Stoudenmire, M. Mallory. Secoml row: E. Harrelson, B. Hocutt, D. Phelps, D. Lennon, B. Williams, G. Blizzard, B. Bissinger, R. Kornegay, I. Wood, W. Adams, G. Tillitt. Third row: Ben Vogels, Bob Vogels, B. Padrick, S. Blake, T. Edwards, H. Stewart, C. Powell, P. Lockamy, L. Downing, E. Wilson, L. Walker, G. Howell. Fourth row: L. Woodcock, C. Peterson, T. Marshburn, A. O. McCarley, M. Register, C. Dillon, P. McBennett, I. Sanderlin, R. Bosensteel, C. Garner, I. Dowling, A. Rivcnbark. Fifth row: D. Orrell, W. Carney, W. Johnson, W. Bordeaux, M. Jordan, D. Packard, W. Moore, I. Wessell, I. Williams, A. Olmstead, I. Sterling, I. Ballard, I. Fountain. and Jifiqemf serqecuzfs promoted feffowship. The Non-Commissioned Oiiieers' Club was organized to create fellowship and learning. These cadets form the backbone of the corps, they teach the be- ginners the bare essentials of R.O.T.C. and proudly march before them to for- mations. Page 131 Company A "Fall in" came the command, and the ranks of cadets straightened. This is Friday and time for formation. Like regular ranks of tin soldiers, the cadets stand at attention before moving out to the parade grounds. een compefifion oefween ine CADET CAPTAIN JAMES T. MOORE HONORARY CAPTAIN JANE BELLAMY Company Commander Company Sponsor Cadet Second Lieutenants Phillip L. Lewis, William S. Marsh, and Jerry L. Norton, Platoon Leaders Third year cadets: Jack Delaney, Wiley Johnson, Thomas Penny, George Russ, Harry Stewart, D. E. Stoudenmire, Jan Williams, James Yopp. Second year cadets: William Adams, William Allen, Daniel Batts, Lawrence Brown, Wil- liam Creech, Charles Garner, Marion Hatcher, Albert Hobbs, Lacy Johnson, Hugh McEach- ern, Alton Millis, Robert Nivens, Ralph Olsen, Bynum Presncll, Robert Pretlow, Ennett Pugh, Claude Randolph, John Robinson, Earle Thomas, Benjamin Vogels, Michael Woods, Richard Youngblood. First year cadets: James Benton, David Brooks, John Browning, Joseph Chenworth, Robert Clemmons, Charles Cock, William Edwapes, Carl Gunnerson, William Hardee, Neill Hines, James Hines, George Hock, Monroe Hyatt, William Jackson, Carl James, Joe Karr, Andrew LeGrand, Jimmy Lem, Leon Mavrolas, James McKee, Edward Millinor, Richard O'Rouske, Paul Osborne, David Paul, John Piner, Nelson Powell, LeeRoy Roberts, Glen Sas- ser, John Scotton, William Skipper, Carlton Soots, Jere Strawn, Eugene Tickner, Louie Wat- kins, Maurice Wester. Page 132. Company B Because the day is neither extremely hot nor cold, the march to Thirteenth and Ann Streets is pleasing. The cadets march with their heads held high. All week they have worked to become honor company, and today determines the select company. companies creafed efjqciezzcy, CADIVI' CAPTAIN CHRIS G. BROWNING HONORARY CAPTAIN JOANN LICNNON Company Crmzmamler Comptuzy Sponsor Cadet Second Lieutenants Norman Phillips, Daniel P. Smith, Walter H. Williams Platoon Lenders Third year cadets: James Allard, Charles Blake, Walter Rrooks, Johnnie Jordan, Carl Powell, Marvin Register, Lewis Sasser, NVilliam VVilliford. Second year cadets: Albert Allen, John Bailey, John Roney, David Rrookshire, Paul Clemmons, Charles Dillon, Ronald Champion, Lawrence Downing, Jerry lfdison, Jack l7ar- rar, Jack lforehand, James liountain, Randall Ivey. Franklin Jewell, Jerry Leitch, Daniel Len- non, Jerald Lewis, VVayne Moore, John Newton, John Orrell, lfarl Otey, Durland Parrish, Brunson Rivenhark, lllalvyn Rooks, Victor Sullivan, Richard Taglieri, Shelton Tate, Winston Thompson, Ray Webb, William VVhitc. First year cadets: Ogden Allserock, Jimmy Rarnhill, VVilliam Rordeaux, Rert Rritt, James Rutler, Paul Rutler, James Cherry, George Cotchett, James Crowell, John Duncan, Ray ling- lisb, Chadbourne lfarriss, VValter Grist, Johnny Hanby, lilmer Hollingsworth, YVoodus Hum- phrey, Joseph Lanier, Otto Leeuwenburg, lf. D. Mallard, Robert Matthews, Robert Meliach- ern, James Mclntosh, Howard Miller, Ronald Miller, Rarre Mitchell, James Page, Frederick Padrick, Lewis Pigford, Cecil Poole, David Ramsaur, Robert Smith, John Snow, Donald Strawn, Claude Taylor, Gene VVells. Page 1 3 3 All week the competition between the companies has been keen, today the honor company will be announced. As Company C marches onto the parade grounds, all the cadets walk more briskly and hold their heads a little higher. W L 6 Q 61" Cd E 5 li 'I I if J if CADET CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER SPIVEY HUNORARY CAPTAIN SUZANNE KRAMER Company Conzmunder Company Sponsor Cadet Second Lieutenants Charles A. Avera, Reginald E. Rice, Maurice Robbins Platoon Leaders Third year cadets: Thomas Edwards, Iohn Farrell, Lenwood King, Michael Mallory, Lacy Woodeock. Second year cadets: Barnett Bass, Dirk Braak, Wendell Carney, James Collier, Charles Cunnington, Phillip Edens, Eugene Farriss, Aaron Friedman, Hyman Harrelson, Cecil Hines, William Hocutt, James Howell, Macon Jordan, Daniel Lockamy, Alex McCarley, Dallas Or- rell, Curtis Peterson, Iames Sanderlin, David Phelps, Philip Somerset, Iames Stout, Daniel Sullivan, James Taylor, Eugene Howell, Luther Taylor, james Wessell, Philip White, Lemuel VVilliams, john Williford, Ivey VVood, Eugene Woodbury. First year cadets: George Antley, Franklin Baltzegar, Larry Raine, Clyde Best, Cecil Blake, David Church, Cecil Covil, Redell Driggers, Eugene Dunn, Arthur Futch, john Gem- mell, Norman Godwin, Iohn Hancock, Charles Henry, Huley Horrell, Robert jenkins, Moris Ienrett, George Johnston, Vernon Kelly, jimmy King, Walton Koonce, Charles Mallard, Robert Mercer, Elwood Mills, Harry Mustard, Richard Oates, David Pete, VVilliam Pope, Robert Rogers, Larry Sanderson, Earl Scofield, Henry Smith, james Taylor, Charles Wooten. Page 134 Standing at attention is easy for cadets who have diligently practiced for this occasion. The company moves as a unit. The click of rifles and the flash of hands are impressive as the ceremony commences. sfrived fowar perfecfioiz. CADET CAPTAIN JOHN CARROLL HONORARY CAPTAIN LYNDA GARRIETT Company Commmzder Company Sponsor Cadet Second Lieutenants Eugene Farrow, NVilliam Kopp, William Walters, Platoon Leaders 'Third year cadets: Barnee Baxter, Clarence Bell, Henry Bost, Tommie Garriss, Sterling Jarrell, Daniel Packard, Frederick Smith. Second year cadets: Roy Allen, James Ballard, Richard Bissinger, Gerald Blizzard, NVil- liam Bordeaux, James Cain, Edward Carroll, Larry Davis, Laurence Davis, Johnny Dowling, VVilliam Eason, lfugene lfdens, Samuel Gresham, Gayle Hammond, VVilliam Hodges, Joseph Howell, Phillip Jones, Clifton Long, John lylclicnnett, Charles Olmstead, Rryan Padrick, lfric Reeves, Aubrey Rivenbarlt, William Roberts, Robert Rosenstcel, Arthur Snow, Gilbert Tillitt, Roh Vogels, John XVilliams. First year cadets: James Adams, Mather Hayden, James llowen, Robbie Bradford, Ilick- man Bradshaw, Jimmy Britt, George Ruck, Richard lluis, Floyd Chavis, Jesse Cox, Robby Cribh, Harold lfngland, Ronald Ferger, Johnny Hattrick, John Hart, VVayne Hewlett, David llursey. Rilly Jackson, James JeH'reys, Ransom Johnson, Ronald Lane, George Landley, Dud- ley Lewis, David Mallard, Ilrnest McClelland, Victor Mills, Jay Nobles, Stanley Patelos, l7or- rest Piver, Robert Rogers, Peter Ruffin, James Saunders, Carl Schutt, Rogers Singletary, James Sloan, liilly Ray Smith, Donald Soles, David Stillman, James Sullivan, Charles Tate, Cecil Thompson, James Tyner, Lonnie XVeaver, James XVenberg, lfdgar VVoodbury, Darrell Martin. Page 13 S Band First row: Burton VVomhle, Sylvia Hayes, jackie Breazeale, Second row: Bill Rogers, Ralph Kornegay, Archie Carmichael, David Lewis, Lindsay Walker. Third row: Gene Murray, Everett Wilson, Tommy Wolfe, Bradley Knight, Otis Stroth- er, john Hall. Fourth row: lid Williams, Paul larrell, Bruce Hempel, David Hill, Henry Chason. Fifth row: Tommy Wallace, Robert Morris, Tommy Marshburn, Tommy Burriss, Wes- ley Piner, Bernard Wilson, VVayne Tingle, Tommy Landen. ccomparzied by the Lanz , Lively marches strict formations, and ex- cellent performance win a distinguished name for the R.O.T.C. Band. Leading the Battalion to formation, the hand often alleviates the cold or heat hy its careful selections and dextrous playing. Nothing is more inspirational than its beautiful version of the nations anthem, play- ed during formation. By constant practice and rigid classes, the band cadets deserve the highest honors of the battalion. Page 136 fha dr!!! feam paraded, Throughout the year, the members of the Cape Fear Rifles are seen and heard diligently practicing to perfect precision drills. Led by Lieutenant Knight, the cadets reveal their willingness to work hard and to make the Cape Fear Rifles one of the outstanding teams at New Hanover High School. After hours of work, the cadets march in strict formation at the R.O.T.C. Ball, the sponsor presenta- tion, and the Azalea Ball. Cape Fear Rifles First row: Hocutt, P. Butler, Page, Mallard, Lcm, Drew, Lt. Knight Second row: Snow, Hattrick, Oates, Edwards, VVoodbury, Wells, Sandlin. Third row: Phelps, Hines, Mustard, Niblet, Mercer, I. Butler, Bass. Fourth row: Thompson, Tate, Millard, I.eGrand, Hardy, Buck, Johnson. the Rifle Team First row: K. Rogers, Bob Vogels, Ben Vogels, E. Thomas, G. Blizzard. Second row: I. E. Carroll, M. Robbins, L. Woodcock, D. Packard, I. Connor. Third row: C. Garner, I. Farrell, C. Spivey, I. Ballard, C. Browning. Fourth row: B. Padriek, I. Browning, I. Orrell, M. Mallory, N. Patellis, P. McBennett. and sfzoofbzq accuracy was rcvccrfcd. The Rifle Team practices for many hours in hopes of being able to fire in national competitive firing matches. Perhaps more than anything else, the team teaches safety in the handling of fire arms. The rigid positions and sights make the Rifle Team an active organization. Left: Members of the Rifle Team prac- tieing. Right: Co-captains of the team, Dan Packard and johnny Farrell. lufl: Gaining cour- 11 .-. 1 xxllll vucll nun' lIlL'I'. Vi Ili: llgllmcimg :incl ming. lil ff e C6LL'?6f5 were rewarge Jn... for ffzeir firefms efforfs. ' " 1' lvfl: lnlrmlucing Marx ,Kun Sxxnrl :xml hvr uscurl cvlII'iS Spi xvy. Higlllr XK'Illlll'ilU.1 mul fur ilu' hrs! Llzllwc. , , , l,vfl: Iwlalxlng whilv ilu' llilllll Hlulws MVC." Righl: Ifnjuying that Hj.QClIlKl'l1i2.lllIn slow nm: .f 8 w V M-i K Q mr, ,Q MQW M . 'f Qaef A. Q ' . m.,h ,,,i,.M , b . .S LIZ" ,D . 5 .xll,,.,,. V: ' sg ,, 523425 ll, fvxfbii? in ' ' H , .4 1 L if 5 W ,. yu 1. ,, -,M ,,, sw -V fpflfghw .Y t ri, ww. ' N" ' 2.1e"'.w:agfyfffi.- . 542 .LE WI , M A. 9 . 5 L fr lw,wg,3: J I Q Tx ., P K.. -'K an ,hizmfmf ' ' " mf iw' FF 1 L 1 X 0 m . V , ff fx W Q A IN, ,ge 'E lyric. f '+P vm., L? 'Qi X W , - ---+ I Y , . Mfyuselmf- x .if-ei. ' , X 535 'fr - .ji ' T .K . f ' ' , 4. -Y J . ,. , :5'f,nm:Tg, w'Kwsff.'5'kf H mf gui fl W ,wg X , , X -- -. L' E' 'X 5511-V:.5:S"-G' ', A ' w TEM,-i'E's.. . , ' ' +, ., Qliig QQTQAW' L V Q I, J , . A, K. V . 4, xKiiiiMVzXg,i N? , A . - -Q55 xy -six :f+2f,E41fQf :Qwff .V i X . - M , .,. , f ,m m 1. ., f. - -' . mg, , w 4 fx ' ' vw ff' ik ' 'wg I -- 4 M . M' 1 A . XF ,A A Kf,gf"f'm: fifffff3p 75 T21 Nfl A -v I k L Cl - ' ', ' X. L' f , WE ' ' , . -V ""' , V , 'Y . F - Wi ., g.w1gy,g4r. -, ,A ,i ,aqgwgf g ' f " Wggf' ,im fm, -301-wg-, ' ' W 'fp' ' X S- arsit Football Co-Captain IINIJSLY FROST Co-Captain IIIXIINIY ALLARD RIP NORTHROP, HARVEY JACKSON, RAY HOCK The 1955 Varsity Football team, headed b' jimmy Allard and Lindsey Frost, was eager ly watched by the student body. Their Frida night games were a topic of discussion durin the week. As they climbed vigorously to th top, certain members were honored for thei dexterous skills. Qfyhfk hours JULIUS MOORE, PAUL CLEMMONS, VVAYNE ATKINSON, MARK MASSEY, ED CARROLL, BILL BATSON. liAllI, Al,lAliN, NEAL EASOM, CHARLES FAR- HOW, BOB HANNIBAL, JOHN PARKER, J. LI CTAIIIROLI.. During the eourse of the season many thrill- ing touelulowns and breathtaking passes were combined to make CXfI'ilOI'LllI1ilI'y l72lllgi!lllCS. Beeuuse of the unusual skills exhibited at these games, mzmy of our players were seleeted for state wide reeognitions. LINXVOOD KING, JOIQ ISIWWICIH, LINDSHY IfIlOS'l'. WINSTON IVUTCH, JIMMY Al,l..'lllD, JOHN ISICNSON. The furrtlmilll team was delighted hy the un- surpassed QIIICIIKIAIIICC amd the spirited yells led hy the eheerleuclers. ir pmcfice ,MCR HOl,l,l-'Y, IHCIIMIID Ol,lYlfll, Cl,llf'l'ON VANN. JIM CIOl.lfY, INIIIZY BROWN, Sl'lCl'flJY MALZIIIS. M443 D cuz exceffemf co-opemfiorz, wk cr, I. li. Carroll. Touchdown Pass Lindsey Frost, Bill Bostic, Lin- wood King, Bob Hannibal, Ioc Brew- Whoopsl Fumble Play Svpt. 30 Oct. UCI. Oct. Oct. Nm. Nm. 'f ..pww-- V lls .Ill III llm 3111111 Nici' 'lllclalm SCTIIICDUIJ' WIIDL S XYIIDC S 2 XX'll,lX S 15 XX'lI.lJC S XX'll.lX S 13 XX'll,lX',fX'l'S XX'll,lX S 38 Huclq Mount lhllclgh cLL'OlAgClOH'l1 Clolclslmru XX ilscm llurlmum F113 cttcvillc , . fkeffvcuzsify gjaofbaff feam L BILLY BOSTIC CHARLES COOK ARNOLD MINTZ Each player, through his unsellish co- operation, made the 1955 NVildeat team a line of stars, beneath which opponents bowed to defeat. The spirited student body showed pride in their football team. foaqlzf an won many games, Left to right: I. Pittman, R. Oliver, I. Brewer, E. Allen, C. Vann, M. Massey, B. Bostic. Second row: R. Hock, S. Macris, W. Atkinson, I. Moore, A. Mintz, I. Holley, L. King, L. Frost, N. Easom. Third row: B. Hannibal, I. Parker, B. Batson, E. Carroll, D. Patterson, P. Clemmons, J. Allard, C. Farrow. Not pictured: Manager B. Doran. Selections for players to play in the an- nual Shrine Bowl game held in Charlotte were made from our Varsity football team. DON PATTERSON JEROME PITTMAN Page 146 ' x QP 'V -5435 i37Q44i.-.2Dasg35aS3 Qgusa 1 Luft to right: Earl Scofield, Larry Burris, Freddie Heath, jimmy Adams, Moe Riven- bark, Buddy Tilden, ,lerry Wooten. Second row: Rudy Gieschen, Bob Royeroft, Rob Mc- lfachern, Roman Gabriel, Bill Slack, Jackie Bullard, james Northrop. Third row: Edward Millinor, Ted Ryan, Eddie Knowles, Bill Sebrell, Thurston Smith, Howard Knox, Larry Sanderson, David Russell. whife flze Qyifdkiffeizs qaiize expezience. Junior Varsity Football The Junior Varsity Football team, under the coaching of Mr. lap Davis, set a superb record in 1955. The junior Varsity competes with other high schools in the class "A" conference. Because of their outstanding spirit and determination, they ended the season with a record of seven vic- tories and only three defeats. Their three losses were to very strong contenders. Earnest practice and hard playing were the primary interests of this group of Hne teen-age sports enthusiasts. Sept. Sept Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Page 147 XVilmington XVilmington .s,, 31 XVilmington ,... 6 XVilmington XVil1ningt0n ,.,, 20 XVil1nington XVihnington XVilmington .... 53 XVilmington ,.,, 6 Wilmington Beaufort ..,,, Southport .,,,., Massey Hill... Fayetteville Bolivia -. sist.s Fayetteville . XVarsaw . Bolivia - ,,s,, - Morehead City Loris CS. CJ 7 arsit BILL MATHIAS I I l Co-Captain DANNY C.'XSTlfliN The Varsity Basketball team gave the members of their student body a thrilling season of basketball. On hand at the games were the vivacious cheerleaders to lead the spectators in cheering our team on to victory. An atmosphere of excitement and suspense pre- vailed throughout the gymtorium. TOMMY BREFLAND capable fvarsify askefhaff fear, NEAL llASOM CHARLES FARRONV IACK HOLLICY iasketball Curifzulvtzuill .IVIIIH 'I .XYI UI! Iul hy Ctl'L'4ll3lAliI1S Danny Castccn and ,lorry 'llilf'lOl', thc boys pmt-tit-t-tl nliligcntlx :mtl wcrc rcwzwclccl with victorice. Many strcn- uous hours wort' spent in trying to pcrfcct frvc shots and in striv ing to gain cmnplctt' control of thc hull. Tht' Cxccllcnt pt'l'forlmll1L'c of thc players uhilrf in uctimm prmcd that their cfforts wcrc not in Hun. ICD CARHOIJ, 'racficeg for uffimmfe pmfecfiorz, GICNIQ IVIILLICIR lilI.I.Y I7lfNNl" HARRY UDHAIXI Qi, 1 as f9'?Ui??M 1 Q' W 3 T ' f 6' Q X A in .9 3 Llntler the expert tlireetion of Cfoaeh lirogtlen antl Goaeh Davis, the 1956 Varsity liasltethall team pushed forward to l YIL'i0l'IUllS SL'ilStlI1. lll eonlerenee play the Cats won eleven games while dropping only one to a determined lloeky Xlount squad. lxntering the State AAA ll0lll'l'liIl11t.'l1l as rollecl L'll2Illlpl0I1S ol the lxastern lJlYlSI0l1, the XX Illlfilt lun ox er Asheville Tl-65 in the opening rouncl of play. ln the semi-linals, Xlilniington tangled with Durham anal emerged on the long entl ol' a 65-53 seore, thus earning the right to meet llaleigh in a struggle for the ehampionship. ln a harcl fought hattle that was up-hill most of the way, XYilniington eaine from hehincl in the closing minutes to clefeat llaleigh 55'50. 'l'hus the llilcleats were the State Champic ' A ' ' the 1951 season. the hrst tune slnee C o-eaptaln Danni ins for Casteen was namecl most outstanding plaxer in the eonlerenee 'is a result ot his line work, ancl 4 . llillx lfennell was also named on the first All-'l'ournament lC1lll'l. Coaeh llrogclen saicl that he was very proud of the spirit incl attitucle ol this xc nl team, .incl that I . he was especially ohtiinecl I A Bill hllIl1lilS Cll'llll3lll1g in elose l vroucl ol the results 2 another shot at the hasltet. Wll lJCYA'll l5ASlil'Q'l'l3AI.l. CONI"lfl4l'fNC'l'f SCOIHY I ln. 6 XX'll,lX' X'l'S 85 llayetterille , ,SS l'eh. 3 XYll,lX'A'l'S Tl Durham ltl XX lI,lX' X'l'S 62 l,Lll'l12Illl 48 10 XX'll,lXlA'l'S H4 Goltlshoro 17 XYII IX' US 58 Goltlshoro 47 I4 XYll.lX S 46 llaleigh 20 XXAII lX'X'l'S 64 llaleigh 55 17 XX'll,lX S 59 lwlyettetille .IT XX ll.lX' X'l'S 66 Wilson 60 21 XX'lI.lX'A'l'S 65 Wilson 51 XX ll lJC'A'l'S 53 lloelw Mount 58 24 Wll,lX'A IAS 48 lloelw Nlount liz flzebz climb fo cz Sfafe G ampimzs ip, lift! lou, left lo riglit: -Iimmy Gower, -laelt llolley, NYinston l'uIeh, Neal lasoni, Nlarlt Xlassey, Itl Carroll, liill Mathias, llarry Uclham, jerry 'Iaylor. .Seeoml rout Gene iflarlt. Danny Casteen, letl lilghnian. Gene Miller. lonunv llreelantl, liillx I'ennell, lerome Pitt, 7 man, l harles I-arrow, antl Inll Doran CIllill1ilf.IL'l'D. 69 41 44 46 44 4l rf: -A 'o v F cu fiffem fought vigorous y. First row: jimmy Helms, Thurston Smith, Bob Roycroft, Hollis Hales, Earl Scofield Charles Rogers, Moe Rivenbark. Second row: Billy jackson, Buster Hickman, Ronald Whitt Charles johnson, jackie Bullard, Roman Gabriel, Bill Slack, Leroy Roberts. Junior Varsity Basketball The junior Varsity Basketball team consists of the Sopliomores who were outstanding athletes in junior High school sports. As one sees these NVild- kittens in action, he sees our future Varsity Basketball team in the making. None of the junior Varsity's players are exceptionally tall, but they make up for their lack of height in spirit and a great desire to play basketball. Page 152 Future Wildcats at Work arsit Baseball The 1955 Baseball team linishecl a highly sue- 1956 l3ASl'll3Al,l, SC11l'ilJLll,l'l eessful season by winning the llastern Conference Championship for the seeoncl eonseeutive year. ln the state playoffs, they lost a heart-breaking game to the strong Salisbury team from the 1Vest- ern Conference. Seven memhers of this champion- ship team returnecl to leacl the 1956 squad to an- other winning season. Team practice began in March, at which time the eo-captains for the year were ehosen. The N.1'1.1l.S. nine played games with all the other conference teams and also slug- gecl it out with several non-eonferenee foes. hlareh 27 Fayetteville Away April 3 llaleigh llome Golclshoro Away 10 lloeky hlount llome 13 Durham llome 17 XX'ilson , Away 2 Fayetteville llome 27 Raleigh Away May Goldsboro , llome lloeliy Mount Away Durham Away 11 XVilson 1 llome Qylfk gnrirzq came vuwify .BQMLQM Left lo right: jerry Stokely, I. Holley, N. Easom, l.. Frost, B. Connor, li. Allen. Second row: B. Bostie, H. Hales, tl. Pittman, 11. Gabriel, D. Casteen, 11. Slack, H. Oclham. Varsity Baseball N X S BILLY SULLIVAN HV 'E ff' 'qi , H5-ff . . "W 'L,,'g1'l' .' . . ,f ,,., ' .' fx ff ifs klqlz spir EARL ALLEN 48' - vwf- 1 - f Q--'Ar' f' I 1 "Viv w .-KU' HPV a -rs' "-HQ A E, 1,53-g'.9'9" r if ff X . t! 41. V 1 afw 3' Y Araqwqiffir ,A Ma 1 ugk' 'g3'ggt- -,.,. , 14--L ., X. M x3.,, ' .1 N fr W: ' ' NQQM ' W Xl' . Q.-A -,. ,X BILLX BOSIIC. if TE '- wwf Al ' nk., " , '53 HARRY ODHAM NIL-XL If,-XSUIXI DANNY CASTEEN Page 154 J ikriffinq games. IINDQIW Ifl'US'l' BILI. SI.AC,Ix 'italy K- X ""++w, S51 mm. A- lj ,t JACK HOLL:-:Y , 'wg' f ,L A, I was H ,.:A .L .Q R is if A f . X V . N152 ,U '5,,,fivf 'f - E f fl' sqm .,, ,T , A-an f LH gyw xf ' -J' , HOLLIS HALES V i -.1-'JJ "f""' Y 'tt 'Q-, ' ' . 'n "'--Q.: - Zig, 'A MA ff-1 i - 'im f. . -gf f - 2, w i.-f ay! V' 1 Ju taw ,ij,,3,:,i- "X q i, Ke "ga A L,..j,,5:- 1 ff f an 'H f Qs- 'x fx I x,. , ,tv QL56, ,.f , Uwe-,-1 .. - 9' 1. , gigs 3. ff -1 5- , v. 1,4 --vp,-- ,M .url .ff-V ,rg 4-'LH ,- kv ff' L,,,.-.v-g,,-.f JERRY STOKELY fi ROMAN GAIINIHL Page 155 BOBBY CONNUII JICIIOIXIH PITTMAN , Y 'PS f r 1, In f lk Ly fha clzeezfeadazs One of the greatest assets to our athletie de- partment is the sehool spirit ereated bv the eheer- leaders. At the football and basketball games this vear, the untiring efforts of the eheerleaders to lead vells and the niagnifieent cooperation of the student bodv have made this an outstanding year at N.ll.lI.S. Cheerleaders Miss Davis and hlrs. lfiorenlino. Not p turwl: Mrs. 'I'ilIitt. Loft to right: Sylvia Fountain, Charles Graham, Dorothy Fountain, Susan Parsons, Carolyn liountain, Barnee Baxter, and Skippy Hayes. Not pictured: Barbara VVenburg. wwsgi. 3? H The eheerleaders proved that their enthusiasm 'I Q time was unlimited. Credit must also be given to the sw three advisors vvho were responsible for the eheer- J Wm leading aetivities. We must remember also the goalposts, vvhieh the eheerleaders so vvillinglv dee! orated for our football games, the lfootball Finals danee, and the ehrvsanthemum sale. That reeord sale of 370 ehrvsanthemums trulv ex- pressed the enthusiasm ol' the 1956 student bodv. , . Barbara XVenburg selling a ehrvsanthemum. sf.. BILL BROOKS JAP DAVIS llcml Coach I.lfON BROGDEN Coaches Our teams were coached to perfection in the '55-'56 season by Leon Brogden and his staff. Because of his untiring efforts to teach good sportsmanship and skillful playing, Coach Brog- den has become an ideal throughout the student body. -lap Davis assisted Coach Brogden in the coaching of the Varsity Football and Basketball teams and was in charge of Tennis and Golf teams. Invaluable aid and splendid coaching were given to the junior Varsity teams by XVinfred johnson. The enthusiastic and qualified coach of the Baseball team was Billy Brooks. Meanwhile, the competent Coach Wooten directed the prac- tice of our unmatchable Swimming team. This combination of six men led the teams of N.ll.lI.S. to success and state recognition. with ffm approval of our coac es. XVINFRED JOHN SON KIQNNFTH XVOOTEN X J il hara Menioryg secretary, Peggy Da- xisg anal treasurer, Nancy Craig. G.A.A. 'llhe Girls' ,-Xthletie 1-Xssoeiation was organized to eneourage more clirersilietl sports for girls. This year the organization strove to meet the neeals ol' all the girls anal to stress the enjoyment of sports ancl the henelieial tleveloplnent of ehar- aeter through sportsmanship. Olli- eers l'or the year were presitlent, Nlieltey lfowlerg vice-presiclent, Bar- Dz slacfivifies wma vcuzie . Their faculty aclrisor, Mrs. lean Tillitt, went with the girls on most of their hikes and trips. One of the highlights of the year was their trip to Greensboro to participate in the State Playclay. lfirst rote: Mickey lfowler, Presitlentg Bohhy Memory, Yiee-Presitlentg Peggy Davis, Secretary: Nanev Crai Ireasurer: AlllClI'L'Kl xVllll2llllS BUXYllIl' leatlerg Yirfinia Mathews, liasltethall leatlerg Pefw Olsen mint cliref. a l-. L, v l or. Seeoml rote: Ioan llovles llettv lem C'l'irlQ l3'irh'ir'i Mouring P'it llivenhnk liettv Xnn Dis ., 4 it , 4 14 . 1 1 , r ','tl,.i" n Nl ni Pi telos, lfllen long. 'l'l1irtl role: Carolyn lless, Ylutly NVitherspoon, .laniee U'l3anion, llonnie Hewlett, l.incla Creech, Cfharlent liurrell, joyee llarker. llflllflll l'Ull'.' lloma Melntire, lflaine Blake, Shirlev llarnhill, Susie Harrelson, llarhara Nle.'Xhee. llilfllilll Ptu 1 x 1 "':ltt ', Cerrn' 'llK'1lL'lN'f', -Iere wlurgc IISFIT. I Page l 5 9 ii Qljnife Zizzfrcunum 5 wma enfbye , Ping Pong V Many pleasant hours of ping pong were enjoyed by the students in their Student Union before sehool and during lunch period. Relaxing moments were anxiously awaited throughout the day. Hand Ball Gym classes enjoyed a variety of athletic activities, among them was Hand Ball. practice for bzfmscnofm fic sports Sitting left to right: Otis Strother, Louis Sasser, Jim Wessell, Charles Gra- ham, Sandy McEaehern, Pete Wester. Kneeling: A. O. MeCarley, Curtis Peter- son, Macon Jordan, John Farrell, Charles Bruce, Ronnie Lipsius. Standing: Freddie Smith CCaptainD, Gene Woodbury, Harry Band, Edgar Williams, joe Brewer, Gene Murray, George Morse, Tommy Penny CBusiness Managerl. , . f - . . gs .. . . , . ,.r-sis?-Jyq Swimming The swimming team, eoaehed by Mr. Kenneth XVooten, participated in competitive swimming meets through- out the state against the five other high school swimming teams which follow a regular schedule. The team also participated in the State Cham- pionship meet held Mareh 17, 1956, at Bowman-Gray pool in Chapel Hill. Our swimming team also participated in the Invitational meets at Duke Uni- versity, East Carolina College, and the University of North Carolina this year. Tennis Left to right: Jerry Taylor and Clayton Asbury CCo-captainsj, Sonny Lanier, Chad Farriss, Ronnie Banc, Gilbert Tillitt, llonnic Connor. is Sf' The Tennis team this year was again un- der the able direction of Coach Jap Davis. Seven veterans of last year's team--led by jerry Taylor and Ronnie Bane, two of the better players in the conference- returned to the team this year. The N.H.H.S. team was comfinue The N.H.H.S. Golf Team engaged all con- ference teams and also the Lumberton team. The team this year was chosen from approxi- mately twenty-five boys, led by Dickie Bissin- gcr, David and Nicky Clark, Steve Klein, Gra- Asf' E t 'S Wa 9 T9 played matches with all conference teams ex- cept Fayetteville last year, winning four and losing seven games. This year, in addition to the regular conference games, Coach Davis sent three boys to the Tennis Tournament in Raleigh on May 10 and ll. in vafzioufs ways. ham Smith, and W. H. Williams. Coach Davis promised a record equal to that of last year's team, which placed fourth in the State Meet last spring. Golf Left to right: Back row, standing: Mort Neblett, John Gcmmcll, Bradley Knight, Allen Huggins, Blister Hick- man, Otis Strothcr. Front row, kneeling: Graham Smith, Dickie Bissingcr, David Clark, Nicky Clark, W. H. Williams, Steve Klein. I hm... , , , H ,f 1 v K, N Q Y my s fs K f .1 X 4 g N 5 fi f ,. ' Q nv-0 4 X 2, Q 1 'UNM f Viaglmr vqffhl. W v 1 ,gl 5 'W 'W Q? t -sv I J- I . ,. L fi I i , Aff2.l3l,: el. i. - Firfh. 749- i- M , ,.,f'TUR55fu'Q 1 1 . Q XLHLQFQ 1 91 ' ff?Li5lf?f-53 ' ffl Jifgfz 2 H513 I 1S'5yLgMf 5335 ' i5'Y"'fLfg K ffl2i5lfQnTfLfL2'V"jf 1 ' 7 55- if z Liv ,Y mv-f'-fef . - x V 4 !31:f.' :rQQ"vf"31:.fvi:Eijsiifig uf-fx 35'.-"7Mv--fv?w-1 - QEQ A- 'fy ' 25- .ff wg,1- mg a.. W F ,Q T J! E 1 Mi 5 ' af .uf di N. , . we V? ,aunt i Qi' Mkiwie 'i --5 ,. igfywr A' ,L ,. -- 'fewwfl' aw " : f 5 ' 5,1 f+s'jy,5g..L . t , .v5g,11,'1mg v, '-.4-av-uw' Iffii 535553 mi 1 ,Lt K , if, ' aff e K f W, lg - NN 5 W 5 T 3 31555, S :2 MOST ORIGINAL CRATIE SANDI IN Lou ANNE HOXVELL L5 our fribufe fo FRIENDLIEST SYLVIA HAYES DIXNNY CASTEEN n Sl' ,X'I"I'll,XC,l IVI IIINIIXIY Al,l.,xnn IANIQ lim lwxmx I vu ,ff ff , 9 I Y X IJ 'wb 't J 4' Q ,Jiri 'W?a,3'.Eunj'n JA , A , b ,- Q Au I iii e an I-6 A +3 w M?yw' '-' ' fi www my' :affix fipnivx V' Q .X 'NJ S f f A L - ,, 'ef .SEK 'K , 'gh fx Pg!! . ff 1 4 J . K n .fqtx vw ij, ' A ' vi f Q,'n A W 5 '1fffff'f1 A X M 'NT 1 if -J' A' 1' igg' :Q 1 IA Atfiwu .fffi QU' , .3 0ufsfcnzJi1zq c cmmafes -Ima linoUc:n'mN lZu'l'u I51f:,xv1fLlzs MOST lN'l'liI,IJIfCI'UAl MOST DEPENDABLE BILL NIATHIAS DIfXNNE HEWITT w 0 represemf Me MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT DOROTHY FOUNTAIN BARNEE BAXTER CARULYN FOUNTAIN Pl SI ,XI,l, AXIIOUXD Iuxli laxlmis s xx lfbxlxsuxs C oice MOST A'l'Ill.l'1I IC TXIICM-Lx' Fowl 1 IR I INIJSICY lflmsl M a y Q u e e n JKZIZZ 3E!!6ll7Zy M a i d of H o n o r .SUSKUZ QDfH'5012S Ag ref? Administration 1 ...,,... Advertisements 1 ............. Arts and Crafts Club ,..,. Band ...........,,..,..,... Baseball 3 .... Basketball .....,e.. Bible Club ,.,..,s. Book Club ......... Cheerleaders ,....,,, Coaches,e,.......,.....e........... ,,..., ...,e,e,, Co-ordmating Committee .....,,.......... ,- ..... - Co-operative Office Training Practice 1-1 .,.....,,, Dedication ...........A,..........v............c., 1 - .c,. - Distributive Education ...... Distributive Occupations. .,,,.i Executive Council e........... Faculty .... ............ Football ........ Foreword .................r,................., French Club .......rr......,................... . ........ - Future Business Leaders of America ...... Future Homemakers of America ,....... ........ Future Teachers of America ........ Girls' Athletic Association ........ - i Girls Glee Club, ,............. - Golf ........ ....,......... . .- Government Club ...... Handball ........ ............ Handbook Committee ,.....,. Hanover Singers. ......... Hanoverian Staff ............ Home Room Chairmen ...... House of Representatives ...... judges, ...................,d.... - judicial Marshals ,....... junior Class ...,..........r. junior Class Oiiicersr ...... Latin Clubs. ............ Library Club. ........ M ajorettes A ..... M ay Court. ....,r.. INDEX 8 170 105 120 153 148 107 106 157 158 93 123 6 113 122 93 11 142 4 108 117 112 112 159 119 161 104 160 100 118 126 99 95 96 97 73 72 109 106 121 168 Mixed Chorus . ...,....... Museum Club ,................ National H onor Society ,r...... ...-.. Ping Pong d......,,..,,....... Radio Club ROTC ....rL.... 1 ..t.. Band r....rY,,........ Battalion Staff r,..... Cape Fear Rifles. ..,.... Color Guard ............r .. ,....... ...... - Companies ,...................v,..... ....... Non-Commissioned Officers. .,.... ...... Officers' Club 1 ,.....,..........,L.... ...... Rifle Team r,.... Snapshots . ......, Sponsors . ,....,...... Teaching Staff ...r... Scribblers' Club ...... Senate .....r................ Senior Clas Senior Clas s. .... - ........,.. s Officers. .,.,,... Senior Superlatives. ....... Snapshots, Snapshots, Snapshots, Snapshots, Snapshots, Snapshots, Classroom .... ....... .......... Club Activities A... --- ------ Faculty 1.......... General ,...... Social , .....,t........,.d1 ....... Student Congress Social Marshals ....... Sophomore Sophomore Class ..LL1rr......,r. Class Oflicers. .... Spanish Club 1 ......,.d,.r,....,,1.,..... ...... Student Government Ofiicers, ..... .... -- Swimming Table of Contents ,.,........r,........... Telephone Directory Committee ,..... ....... Tennis . ....rr.... . ..,..r,..... 1 ....1.......... ....... Thespians ,.,,.r......,. Title Page ...,.,.....,,1... Varsity Sweetheart .,,.L.. Wildcat Staff .....,r...., Page 170 119 105 102 160 113 132 136 129 137 128 132 131 130 138 139 129 128 107 94 29 28 164 20 22 15 118 24 101 98 83 82 1109 92 160 5 100 161 114 1 156 124 X I I 3 Adverfllvemenfs 1 Cke Wew gkzmous ang griff The Ultimate in Food and Fun EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA'S MOST POPULAR NIGHT CLUB RESERVATIONS AND HOME OF PRIVATE PARTIES WESTERN STEAKS MIKE N. PATELLIS and SON Owners and Operators BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF '56 Dial 2123 S. Front 2-2559 Wilmington, N. C. 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Du' Gleanefzs "Let a Little Sunshine In" 9 ' 6 f"'d e The Family Department Store 4 Ways To Shop 0 CASH 0 BUDGET 0 CHARGE O LAYAWAY Shop A11 5 Floors 272 North Front St. Phone 9661 GRADUATES OF NEW HANOVER HIGH WE GREET YOU ON YOUR ATTAINMENT As in Your High School Days You can continue to be informed through regular reading of Star-News Newspapers MORNING 0 EVENING 0 SUNDAY NU-WAY SHOE REPAIR Featuring Drive-ln Service lust drive up and blow horn. First Class Shoe Repair "We F ix While You Wait" COMPLETE LINE OF ESQUIRE PRODUCTS 121 Grace St. Dial 3-9123 Congratulations from the FURNITURE C0 A EJLINA 805 N. 4th St. Phone 4453 315 Red Cross St. Wilmington, N. C. CAROLINA SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION 201 PRINCESS ST. PHONE 2-8536 DIAMONDS - WATCHES - fauna! TV L ormwu AM WM F D FM Courteous Roclio Service CHINA CRYSTAL Phone 4840 Sterling by lriternotionol . . . Wol- WILMINGTQN, NQRTH CAROLINA lace . . . Stieff . . . Towle . . . Lunt . . . Reed 5: Barton . . . Heirloom . . . Tv Gorham . . . Channel 6 , I X AM FM 630 KC 963 MC "IF lT'S FROM KINGOFES-lT'S GUARANTEED" ."x' "', 6 fic 4 vfggw Wnghxswlle Sound . ifjglfy' ' At the sign of the Mermaid.. I A 5 l O EXCELLENT SERVICE O FINE ATMOSPHERE INSURANCE 0 BONDS ALBERT F. PERRY CAPE FEAR MOTOR SALES 215-217 Market Street WILMINGTON, N. C. THE REMNANT SHOP "Home of Quality Fabrics" 3527 S. Front St. tCcxro1ina Beach RdJ Phone 2-8271 FREEMAN SHOE CO. "The Best Shoes for All" 24 North Front St. Wilmington, North Corolino C A I S O N B R O S . LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 1219 Dawson St. Phone 2-3878 mnnffiioisfrrf Q,jfw 'Q ' TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOES ' LINGERIE Th M C 1 1 M d . SUITS e ost ornp ete y O ern DEPARTMENT STORE ' DRESSES in the Eastern Carolinas ' SPQRTSWEAR 0 Completely Air Conditioned 'EVENING WEAR 0 Automatic Elevator 0 Escalator NEW-REMODELED 0 Central Package Delivery Dial 9584 Halk-B 22 North Front Street Wilmington, North Carolina LENOX G. COOPER INSURANCE OF EVERY KIND MORTGAGE LOANS Cooper Building 209 Princess St. Compliments of GARVER MANUFACTURING CORPORATION 1213 South 13th Street WlI.MINGTON. N. C. QUALITY PORTRAITS BELK-BEERY STUDIO IT WAS A PLEASURE PHOTOGRAPHING THE CLASS OF '56 Always the Best of Service from WOODBURY PLUMBING CO. Temporary Address 2339 Shirley Road Phone 3-4324 'G Everybody Gathers at UIHMILJO DRIVE IN RESTAURANT Nl ,I -V0 If If J IM IIf .IL ood Food ' Excellent Service ' Sealtest Dairy Products Try a famous PIZZA BERGER 5215 Oleander Drive Y O W B R O T H E R S UPHOLSTERIN G CO. 709 South 17th St. Phone 2-1673 Wilmington, N DOROTHY OWEN FLORIST South 17th and Nun Streets Phone 5142 Wilmington, North Carolina Compliments of MURRAY TRANSFER 8. STORAGE COMPANY LOCAL 6 LONG DISTANCE MOVING Fifth 5. Martin Streets Modern Storoqe Warehouse Phone 6684 Compliments ot FOX ROYAL BAKERY Holsum gfzeab Compliments of N 0 R T H - S M IT H FRENCH RADIO COMPANY C 0 AL C 0 ' IZZUDMSUQG1 BUILDING SUPPLIES F U E L O I L "Our Reputation-Your R. 6. E. RADIO-'I'.V. SERVICE CO. Guaranteeu 1418 South Fifth Si. Dial 4486 606-610 North 6th Street SERVICE NEWS COMPANY BEATY-GAINEY APPLIANCE CO. COMPLETE WESTINGHOUSE A P P L I A N C E S 1310 South 5th Dial 3-1338 120 North 3rd Dial 3-1378 Wilmington, N. C. SIX COURSES ' Stenoqraphic ' Iunior Secretarial ' Executive Secretarial ' Iunior Accounting ' Business Administration VISIT THE COLLEGE PHONE, OR WRITE FOR INFORMATION M 0 T T E BUSINESS coLl.EGE DIAL 6980 STAR LOAN CO. Phone 3-1332 6U1Vz Castle Street PRINCESS GROCERY GROCERIES - FANCY FRUITS MEATS - VEGETABLES "Service That P1eases" 10th ci Princess Street YOUR EASTMAN KODAK DEALER PICKARD'S CAROLINA CAMERA SPORTING GOODS Phone2-2882 Phone2-3224 121 Market Street One Day Photo Finishing Service 209 Market Street I ARMAN'S PHARMACY . Prescriptions Carefully Cornpounclecl CO. Prompt Delivery Service Ample Parking Space ' Phone 5267 16th and Market Streets IDEAL PRINTERS COMMERCIAL PR1N'rrNG E. C. DOBSON BRINSON DRY CLEANERS Ph 3-3920 PHONE 3-5942 2020 Princess Place Drive 2016 Princess Plcce Drive Wilmington, N. C. Kfzisfnl Kfzeme Fresh Daily at your Dealer 1600 Market Si. Phone 2-8946 DIFFERENT, TASTY SINCE iass 1. D. HARR1soN UNDERWOOD AGENT P,XXkED'TAlYQ Q3 INSHEARQCE 'Q 'b'w,NC,TOrQ'C' MARSHALL REALTY co. 210 Princess St. TELEVISION CORPORATION Congratulations to the Graduates of THE Wilmington 21 South Sixteenth St. mai a.azs1 Et bl h fi 1911 WALLACE BROS. The Best Service in Town N I S B E T S ESSO SERVICE 220 North Front st. Phone 4825 COMPLETE SERVICE Dial 7376 Wilmington, N. C. 1707 Dawson St. FOY. ROE 6. COMPANY Home of Fine Merchandise 9 North Front St. Wilmington, North Carolina WAHL'S DEPT. STORE Phone 3-8111 214 North Front ED FLEISHMAN G BROS. 'T O T E1 Phone vsaz "REED'S FOR DIAMONDS" 223 North Front St. Wilmington, North Carolina BLOCKS SPORTSWEAR DRESS AND SPORT SHIRTS SOUTHLAND LINGO AMOCO SERVICE Congratulations to Class of '56 MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 2-8085 Wilmington, N. C. WELCCME TO oUE GRILL R O L L I N S SPRINGER COAL 61 OIL CO. OLD FASHION PI'I' BARBECUE Iron Flreman Barbecue - Brunswick Slew Dial 5267 Barbecue Chicken - Corn Bread ' Phone 3-4221 1810 Dawson Street 4621 Oleander Drive I. T. LEE 61 SONS HARBOR ISLAND SERVICE STATION G -O'l-G ' -W h' LP GAS 6. APPLIANCES as I refsmg as mg Waxing Road Service Clinton, N. C. Wilrninqton, N. C Tet 9431 Tel 3-1651 Phone 2145 C C BRIDGES es. soN CAPE FEAR ELECTRIC CO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ' Industrial ' Commercial ' Household Phone 2-8830 1103 Princess St. W I N T E R P A R K AMOCO SERVICE STATION 13 Oleander Drive Dial 7997 Conaratulations to Class oi 56 4 TAYLOR'S GROCERY Quality Meats and Groceries Casde Hayne Road Congratulations to the Class of '56 ATLANTIC MOTORS. INC Your DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer Phone 2-1105 Eleventh cmd Princess Sts. R O S S I C I T I E S Congratulations to Class of '56 SERVICE STATION HOME FURNITURE CO. Phone 7691 Third and Grace Sis. 23 Market St' Compliments of In Stock FORMAL WEAR PENNINGTON'S RENTAL SERVICE S P O R T I N G G O O D S "THE HOUSE OF NAME BRANDS" Phone mal PAYNE'S MEN SHCP 117 Market St. Wilmington N C Compliments of M E R R I T T ' S QRRELL AND SMITH D R I V E -IN 3rd and Dawson Sts. Plumbing and Heating Co. Phone 3-3811 1107 Princess St. Congratulations to the Class ot '56 THE X-DEPT. STORE Wilmington, N. C. PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY of Wilmington. N. C. New Wrightsville Beach Highway Wilmington, N. C. LEED'S MEN SHOP Sportswear tor Men and Boys ' "Look io Leed's to Look Your Best" HOTEL CAPE FEAR 2nd QS: Chestnut Sts. Wilmington, N. C. Connecting Fireprooi Garage Corner Front and Market SIDNEY In RIVENBARK Manager Compliments , of P AR KER s N A T H A N ' S Superette Food Store Credit Clothiers 22 South Front St. Wilmington, North Carolina 9th CS: Chestnut Sts. "THE STORE THAT SELLS CHOICE BEEF ONLY" C O A S T A L OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Phone 3-3555 North 17th Shopping Center Wilmington, N. C. WASH-DRY MATIC Self-Service Laundry lOO2 Chestnut St. Dial S820 Wilmington, North Carolina BRIDGERS TRADING CO Your Maytag and Philco Dealer Dial 3-1638 121 Red Cross St. Wilmington, N. C. HTWLVE CROSS SEED COMPANY FERTILIZERS SEEDS Phone 6868 I2 Market Street HANOVER ELECTRICAL SUPPLY COMPANY - MILL 6. CONTRACTORS SUPPLY COMPANY Marine Supplies 61 Equipment Wilmington, N. C. S T A N D A R D PAINT 6. HARDWARE CO Phone 9581 21 Market Street SEASHORE DRUGS Prescription Service Is Our Business 2603 South Front St. Phone 6278 F E R G U S ' A R K sEAFooD RESTAURANT On The Cape Fear Moored at the Foot of Princess St. LUCY B. MOORE 16th and Market Wilmington, N. C. Phone 2-1845 F. D. EDWARDS 0 W. EUGENE EDWARDS, Owners Tm M SIIEMIQ 131 North Front St. Wilmington, North Corolinor WILLIAMS CLEANERS THE CINDERELLA BOOTERIE 127 North Front St. d an Dial 3-3202 sl-HRT LAUNDRY , CAPEZIO 0 DEB Dial 2-1357 . BUCKENS 0 COVER GIRL 808 S. 17th St. Wilmington, N. C. . DEENONETTE Compliments ot MODERN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Conqrotukrtions to the Class of '56 IBS. hs. D'l7'l5l 1 ' , "' THE IEWEL Box Sanrtone Dry Cleaners Speed Wash 119 North Front St. Invisible Laundry Marking -M0de1'T1- "THE DIAMOND STORE" CALL THAT THE NAME IMPLIESJ Compliments ot THE "AUTO-MATIC" ALWAYS FINEST QUALITY L A U N D R Y AT 19 South 16th Street I. C. CO. Phone 2-2022 243 N. Front St. Wilmington, N. C. WASH TODAY - WEAR TODAY 2 Ax Q - X 108 North Front St. Wilmington, N. C. CLARDY'S AMOCO SERVICE STATION GURR IEWELERS Wilmington, N. C. La MODE 109 Chestnut Street Lo MODE on clothes is Like Sterling on Silver I. L. BALDWIN. INC. BARREL DRY CLEANERS ALLEN'S FARM SUPPLY PURINA CHOWS For oll onimol cmd poultry feed Dial 5397 5ll North 3rd Street KINNEY'S SHOE STORE PENDER FURNITURE COMPANY kqhwwxg Everything for fault I the Former ctnd M, U mg Home Gardener QQDS if T E S T E D Ftmcnovs 1 SEEDS T. W. wood ksyxpousous 6 Sons MMMA Wilmington, N. C. CRAWFORD'S FASHION CENTER 157 North Front Street HUFHAM'S CREDIT CLOTHIERS Clothing for the Entire Family THOMPSON'S ESSO SERVICE l702 Castle St. Dial 2-3588 Wilmington, North Carolina GOLDINGS Sc 6: 51.00 STORE Market St. Shopping Center THE IIFFY GRILL 306 North Front St. DODD'S GROCERY 2010 Princess Place Dr. NEWTON CLEANERS Phone 2-1877 1202 Princess St. WESTBROOK FLOWER SHOPPE C 0 I- E Y ' S P H A R M A C Y ALExANDEn's DEPARTMENT Prescription Druqqists STQRE Phone 2-3739 615 Greenfield Silxllllriingron, N. c. 118 Mqfkel Sf- THE IULIA SHOP MCGRATH and COMPANY GURR IEWELER'S Wilminqton's Finest Iewelers and Silversmiths 364 North Front St. CAMERA 6. HOBBY SHOP ALBERT RHODES WATCH REPAIR MERRITT-HOLLAND WELDING SUPPLY SOLLEE EQUIPMENT CO. H. G. LATIMER 6. SONS Congratulations to the Class of 'S from 6 WILMINGTON PRINTING CONIPA Y The PRINTERS 0 LITHOGRAPHERS 221-229 North Second Street WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA 195 6 HANOVERIAN is a produ our modern, eiiicient plant. ct of Autographs pm yj -A 5 ' . . Q . ' - .-'QQ' ,, n -3.5 sh: 'Q'-:A Q 'V I A J I, '. 4' "WE 8 I S 1' -U A . V '. :ff ' , , , , .h V ,F . V n-,rv V M.-,Aft 1 t' ,- 5 1- 1 L Y , ' , , 1,- - .. 4-A 1 Q. H V -' . 1 it .. -, 4, - .Mil '- I V ,. in B . wx- V 1 H' 3, Y Q eg? " ,I r E Y .. , . . 'Wf.4'- . Q.-,Ly -W H- ,, jf L ' w., q 4 '. . ma ,. u , 115 4 1 . A J 1 h 'I '- L ,, 5 "' " ' :W -I ., .,, gk as-s'A1', QW . - 1- . . ix Wx' ,Y . wwf.. l' 1' 4 HQ,- .E -N . 1, - 1,1 mn, Y' 12 3 190 fb QAYINGT OW Q 5 A 2 L1-J SX 'Z C Z viii? L- , , 4 gf QYJR H10 60 19 XX 6 XVINGTGS 0 + 51 2 V-'J S2 C3 Z tif . ff? J S9

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