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"'f'm c 7 'gtg ' 1' f, , NJA, ' ,"F w , ,q,Lf5,,' tang, 1' W f Av , , Mwgk ,, a,g ,,. ' .':4vJb , N' .f- 'W W- L A H ' f ' W' . M Q h K. , V5 ' C f ws' 'V 4, X f5 ' 'A 7 , K y V V ,1 i an 15' W fw 'aff-21' ' -X . .L V lt' '4 r 'A Q if 1 41" M' " o. I ' I Q.: D ' xi dm wt , 'f w-mga .f'fwf 1 J , Q Q - - w f 1 -' is , , ,' I K, 'LQ ,C 3, .. 2, , In t .v ,au Y sn-rqrwvm U ff "" iff ' 9' ., 'QF' .Af H ' "g, , .4 , ,W y S W -Lwiwf-i4 if ..:i , - Q ' . ' vi 'V ' my . ff Q ,f .8 q A - - - l LW 'v' ' M- 25' .. 1'- ' ' W. ' - ' M " -W, W . 'E' I 3 ,gk if ff . . , 4 4 l ' 1 U I ' 1 k ' 0' H ,Q q' Q I n D -tg " Q 1 ' A a, ' . ' -is N my w r . , Q f' ' x' rf iw ws .' Q ' A' ' A - W 1 An . ' , ' 1 W ' V ' YWLESENQKKG 4 ff, U V ' R QE! x , N 1 W f f 2 5 NN J f if .p as gmmn, I x -1:5 '37 HQ! l ,wf-.3-:iv w as nw. N :sr ,.. 1 A..-xg, ' ' 2, sm ,,., v I... , : fimpqrwvf-51-Lvm:-:V ,, 39 EAS if i s Q :gf ,, 1-:Msgs 155515: 1- was E f , 5:1 lay: iw, A sw' 'YV J- ':' X 4 ff ,'.Q"gftk W E? 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JOAN PIERCE Business Manager .... ..... ...,. J E AN' FISHER .-.9 ' ""f-fri. PRE The doors of life have swung silently apart. The opportunities to open doors Within life itself present themselves every day. Each person hopes to pass through the doors of success. To those just beginning high school, the doors are now opening to the fun of high school life, to the privilege of partici- pating in extra-curricular activities, and to the opportunity of receiving honors for Work well done. .g--,vwfx-. CE To the graduating class, the entry to this phase of life will be closed forever. For all, there will be other portalsg but the memories of life at New Hanover High School will live as long as the stu- dent himself lives. The 195 3 Hano- verian is designed to help each student recall those memories of the time the doors to the best part of his life stood open. p pf l J i i , 1 i ' ' i r l Q5 9eJzmfeJf0 MRS. MARY 'WYCHE MINTZ s r To her, who so willingly gave of her time and ideas in order' . might be a success, We dedicate this entire book. In past years Ashe was coordinator of the I-IANOVERIAN staffs, giving up her hours after school. She was never too busy to stop and i 'It remained an unsolved mystery to us how she i her head. The wide, blue eyes and delicate frame experience, the wisdom, and the depthof her understanding If you took the time to cultivate her friendship, you discovered that a shining thing-delicate, yet firm. Because of her strictnessywlei f her sweetness, We loved--her. We wish everyone could know her as a person to store in one's memory of unforgettable, people. TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHOOL LIFE . . 8 Administration Class Scenes Faculty Snapshots CLASSES . . 26 Class Officers Seniors In Memoriam Snapshots Superlatives May Court Juniors Sophomores In Memoriam ACTIVITIES. . . . . 104 Clubs Student Government Publications Musical Groups ROTC Snapshots ATHLETICS. . . .156 Football Basketball Tennis Golf Swimming Girls' Athletics ADVERTISEMENTS. . . . 170 - I SCHCDOL LIFE 6 300k SfuJe1zi5 Gfgmifzisfrczfiozz gacuffy This was a familiar part of the first floorg for, following the read- ing of the devotional and the bul- letin, students vied with each other for taking the trip to the school store. Once there, they could buy such necessities as graph paper, compasses, and kleenex. Here Leo Thompson, manager, and Billy Teague, assistant, take inventory. excuse for idfelzess. .SLM SM 'WN. Q f" 7 Assembly gave us contrast for diversion, ideals for inspiration, and topics for conversation. Under- classmen attended on Tuesdaysg up- perclassmen, on Wednesdays. The seniors assumed a dignified appear- ance as they marched past the seated underclassmen. Here the Hanoverian staff presents superla- tives. Some movie star, alias Lucy Ann Carney, pins Mary Cox and Fred Kelly with the title of "Best Dressedf' Anne Croom and Miss Schulken collected grudged dimes in return for lost books, sold tickets to out- of-town games, and received money for long-awaited class rings. l Page 10 C Chem wwe many izzferesfiizq ways The Legislature met once a Week during homeroom period. Among other activities, it sent delegates to the Burlington convention and pub- lished the "Orange and Black Hand- book.', Formation on Mondays and Fri- days was noticeable by the vacant homeroom desks. In their haste to be on time, the boys often forgot to sign out. On cold mornings, one of the most Welcome sounds was the ringing of the P A system bell announcing "No formation." For the boys, the days of high school ROTC are unforgettable ones. Page 11 If a student was lucky enough to have a library period, he could study for a test or get homework. Most library students, however, did any- thing but study. W'hispering here was fun because it was forbidden. 7 io spend komeroom perio . Mixed Chorus members composed another homeroom class. The music room echoed their rehearsals as they practiced for perfection. They pro- vided our holiday music and gave their annual operetta. Under the direction of Mr. Sam Taylor they gained the applause of the whole school. The combined choruses are here dressing for a performance. 'Vim' Miss Lossen's art classes provided additional opportunity for creative- ness. The stage scenery they had a part in designing added much to the students' enjoyment of produc- tions. The hall in front of her room was littered often with the raw ma- terials soon to be converted into Works of art. Three minutes to dress and get to the next class was not an unusual incident in the gym classes. Boys and girls alike enjoyed the exacting games and teamwork. Physical edu- cation provided a chance for releas- ing excess energy. This subject is required, but everyone appreciates its value. Page 12 earning was ffm main From the commonplaceness of everyday conversation, all came to the English class to learn of higher realms of thought. Students wrote themes, diagrammed sentences, and read books. They learned to read to find the complete meaning and then to express their own ideas about what they had read. Punctuation rules and spelling words received much attention. In Miss XValsh's class Mary Ann Watkins here ex- plains a sentence while other stu- dents diagram it. Students had a choice of three foreign languages, While many schools offered only one. Students declined verbs, wrote sentences, and translated stories. Friday was their regular test day. This picture is in memory of the long-suffering French II students. Here Mr. Browning conducts translation. Page 13 For those who liked mathematics, that class was fascinating. Some mathematics was required of every student who graduated and more for those who planned to go to col- lege. Among other things, it taught accuracy and concentration. It ranged from basic mathematics to college algebra and solid geometry. These are Miss Sander's algebra stu- dents taking a test. wig offfecf of aff cfasses. Major operations on frogs, fish, cats, and what-have-you went on in the biology classes. The test tube and the Bunsen burner were key words in the chemistry lab, and maybe the physics students could explain what they didg no one else could. This is Mrs. Lane's biology class on a typical lab day. nw , . i ., ,. if e ff For those who Want to earn their living immediately after receiving their high school diploma, the com- mercial field offered training which made one efficient. Speed and ac- curacy were two aims of this de- partment. Here Mrs. Bjonerud's of- fice machines class has already pre- pared the apparatus for the day,s work. W IX -M-w-maui "Who do you have for history- Mrs. Brock, Miss Williams, or Miss Russ? You'll have to state the aim of the course on the final exam." No matter which teacher it was, she did convey a broader knowledge and a better understanding of ma- jor events to her students. This is Miss Russ' government class. Page 14 Studia came jqrsf, fkeiz The Home Economics Depart- ment offered three years of train- ing, one year of which could be substituted for one year of science. Those enrolled learned graciousness in the art of homemaking and fun- damentals in the necessity of health, This course was recommended not only for girls anticipating home- making, but also for boys intent on bachelorhood. The building of props for the National Honor Society stage ap- paratus and the Christmas scenery on the front lawn were two services rendered by the woodwork class which were much appreciated. To those boys who had a creative spirit, this course offered satisfaction and training for a future hobby or occu- pation. iff' Page 15 A ln -MYNZM The socials were talked about for weeks in advance, since they were the events which made school all the more fun. Boys who forgot the required tie for a dance quickly learned how to make them from crepe paper. The Junior-Senior Prom, the May Dance, and the Foot- ball Dance were three of the most enjoyable school dances. Pictured here are gala couples at the Junior- Senior Prom. we 6IZlby6 our free fime. "The final bell sounds. Unless you're a bus student, there's no hurry. You've got from now until eight-thirty the next morning to do just as you please." The senior steps was a favorite meeting place. Sports were a favorite topic at New Hanover High. From football to basketball and finally to baseball, the fans carried their enthusiasm. The peanuts we enjoyed at the foot- ball games are noticeably missing here. One of the most thrilling moments at games was indicated by the perfect silence that prevailed during the basketball free shot. "If the teacher doesn't watch, they'll be shoving and pushing out the door. By the time she reaches the door, everyone has gone. Where are we going in such a hurry? Oh- the lunch bell just rang." Be it fifth or sixth, the bell was a signal for the races to begin. Page 16 66656 W6 121726172 61' . Upper Left: Charles Duscnbury, Kenneth Alexander, and Cecelia Black examine the geometry display they made. Lower Leffz Marian Corbett presents the Bible Club Award to Mrs. Mary Mintz on Honor Day, 1952. Upper Right: Ethel and Grace Morgan accept the GAA trophy on Honor Day, 1951, from Lilly Pearl jordan. Midzffe Rigbl: The Nativity scene, created by the art classes, was displayed on the front lawn. Lower Right: These are members of the play, "Ring Around Elizabethnz Seater! left fo rigbf, Marcia Dukes, Lucy Ann Carney, Hazel Hale, Ann Du xsford, julie Wenberg. Shzmlizzgz Rob- ert Moore, Chapman Smith, Henry Finch, Shirley Pierce, Raymond Farrow, Betsy Ligon, and jerry Turem. Cenfer: Student body officers, pictured in the Student Congress room, were Diane Snakenburg, Donald Graziano and Patti Moore. I l s Page 17 MV. Qdfe SIDEIZCEI' One of the surprising things about our principal was that he kept up with every single organization, activi- ty, and publication in our school. To see him reading the Wildcat, attending all school socials, advising the administration, and attending to every in- dividual problem presented to him was most inspiring. To do these things and also coordinate the running of a fourteen- hundred-member high school was no small task. Mr. Spencer came to New Hanover the same year as did the present Senior Class. He was a freshman with them, and they felt closer to him than did the rest of the school. It is hoped that students for a long time to come will have his expert guidance. Klzese worked foqeflzer or our we!!-Laing. MR. GEORGE G. BROWN Always eager that things be done properly and on time and doing both these things himself was characteristic of Mr. Brown, the assistant principal. If one asked a favor of him, he was sure of its being considered and, if within reason, accomplished. He talked to students about colleges and scholar- ships and advised the Hanoverian staff on Certain matters. Always the patient adviser and director, he was highly esteemed by all members of our institution. Two of our foremost counselors, whose offices were always crowded and whose judgment was constantly in demand, were our deans. As if that were not enough, they also taught and thus added to their responsibility. MR. FRED CAPPS Dean of Boys Page 19 MRS. MEARES HARRISS Dean of Girls Ckey Worked quietly, efjqciezzffy. 49, Office help, these are left fo right, firx! row: Sue Ed- wards, Mary Low, Janie Valentine, Cecelia Black, Marilyn Alexander. SKTOIILJ row: Anne Lassiter, Lucille Barden, Patsy Poole, Despina Tripodes, Diane Snakenburg. Tbirrl row: Betsy Jones, Marijane Birmingham, Mary Sloan, and Mary Agnes Scott. Page 20 MISS ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY The F.B.I., or Faculty's Bureau of In- formation Was Miss Montgomery, who knew all there was to know about it, where to look for it, or whom to ask about it. The million questions involved in the running of a school were usually hers to answer. As registrar she kept a record of every student, from life history to extra-curricular activities. Teachers' records also were kept in her files. Infirmary and nursery helpers, they are Ieff fo rigbl: Lou Ellen Bell, Janet Allen, Peggy Ncthercutt, Edith I-Icnry, Dixie Bachelor, Angela Jones, Carol Skipper, and Ann Farrow. maqbze our salma! wiffzomf Mem. 2. MRS. ROBERT SMITH, Sc'r1fc'ia1'y MISS MARIE SCI-IULKEN, Bookroom MRS. RUTH LODOR, Dietician MRS. ZYLPI-IIA DANIELS, Infirmary MR. ARTHUR MOORE, Custodian ll me wma fha ones cwzsfcuzfly My f MR. BERNARD AHLIN Stout Institute-ISS Degree Basic Eleclrieily, Gmzwul Metals, Senior Seirizcf. MR. FRANK ARWOOD East Tennessee State College and University of N. C.-BS and MA Degrees U. S. Hislory, Orfzzpafiorzal Trenfls, Phy- .viral Eclnfulion. MRS. MARY BELLAMY East Carolina College and University of N. C.-AB and MA Degrees Sjmnisb. MR, HEYWARD C. BELLAMY University of N, C.-AB Degree Chemistry, Biology. MR. WILLIAM E, BERGERON American International College and East Carolina College-BS and BA and MA De- grees Worlrl History, Go1'ern1nent. MRS. BERNICE BIIONERUD Wintliron College-BS Degree Offier' Marbirzrs. Dirlulion and Tmnxrrifz- lion. MISS JEAN BOSTIAN East Carolina College-BS Degree I-Ionzc' Erononxifx. Miss JULIA BRAY East Carolina College4BS Degree Typing and Sbarlbancl. MR. WILBUR BREEDLOVE University of N. C.-AB and MA Degrees English, Ionrnzzlisnl. MR. ALBERT BRIDGE Clemson College-BS Degree Agrirnltnrfn MRS. JOSIE BROCK Chowan College U. S. Hixlory. MR. LEON BROGDEN Wake Forest College-BS Degree Dirvrlor of Connly Afbletiex. MR. WILLIAM BROOKS Atlantic Christian College-AB Degree Ozrupafiomrl Trenzlx, Biology, MISS KATHERINE BROWN East Carolina College-AB Degree Sborlhanil and Typing. MR. THOMAS P. BROWN University of N. C.-AB Degree Fl'!'llt'h and Pllllll' Geon11'!ry. MR. THOMAS G. BROWNING Peabody and Madison Colleges-MA and BS Degrees English, Spanish, and Frenrb. MR. FRED CAPPS Ohio Wesleya11 University-BA and MA Degrees English. MR. SHERMAN COLE University of Minnesota-BS and BM De- grees Shop Mzilbenzulirx, Merbfzniml Drawing. Before our won erinq eyes. MISS MARTHA CROMARTIE Brenau and Peabody Colleges, University of Georgia-AB, MA, and MA Degrees Librarian. MR. C. P. CROSS Civil Aeronautics Authority Aircraft Engines, Basic Mathematics, Slaop Maflwemaiics. MR. JASPER DAVIS Duke University Physical Education. SGT. ilc JOHN R. DeMARRA U. S. Army ROTC. MISS MARIAN DIXON University of Wisconsin and Columbia Uni- versity-AB and MA Degrees Social Living. MRS. MAURICE DURHAM East Carolina College-AB Degree U. S. History. MR. ALTON B. FINCI-I East Carolina College-BS Degree Business English, Typing. MISS FRANCES FORMY DUVAI. Greensboro College-AB Degree English. MR. CYRUS D. GURGANUS Atlantic Christian College and University of N. C.-AB and MA Degrees Governzlzevzt. MRS. MEARES HARRISS Brenau College-AB Degree English. MRS. ROSEMARY HAYDEN VV.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree Englislm MRS. ELIZABETH HOOD Bowling Green College-AB Degree Bookkeeping. Miss DORIS Hovls W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree Drainatics, English, and Speecb. g MR. JAMES JONES East Carolina and Mars Hill MA and AB Degrees General Business and Consunzer nialics. MR. ROBERT LAMB West Illinois State Teachers' College--BE Degree D.E, and Consumer Education. MRS. ELISE LANE . Memphis State-BS Deg X , Biology. ' MISS MARY LATHROP W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree Lafin. MISS PAULINE LEVIN XVinthrop College-AB Degree Algebra and Plane Geovzelry. . ff 7' 2. X WL r' W. , IW mv I ,M I Ml . , , 4 , ,U 1 1 1 fi' W Av , f I .,.,..,.V 4 xg , -ye ! .ff ff A i A 4 .1 1399 , . V , . , ,,.,. V ,.f in ev. 5:1 Q Laeip. ' g- .ri ,- fy .., Q .- V, .., ' Y ' ' ' ruin. ,.z. mm? , C f 'Guam I NV W '91 1 ,, ..,,..,., . I 'Ah' Q 'lo ! f Zalf M' 'x N ---fy , , , 14 U gi'2R- . f X 1 .ko XX M t MMS ? N , vb Y M WM gs . 4 si Ng.. D c r in fix W ey sei fke pace 4128 flee excmap e. MISS EMMA LOSSEN W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree U. S. I-lislory and Arf. MR. MALCOLM McLEOD Stare Institute-BS Degree Mciul Work. MISS TEXYS MORRIS Shorter and Columbia Colleges-BA :mil MA Degrees Solid Gl'0IlI!'fl'j' and AIILIIIIZTII Algebra. MRS. C. B. NEWCO'MB Meredith College-AB Degree Erzglisb. MISS FANNIE O'KEEFE Duke University and University of N. C. -AB, BS, and LS Degrees Librarian. MRS. MARGARET PAULSON XVintl1rop College-BS Degree Home Economics. SGT. xfc JAMES PEACE University of N. C. ROTC. MR. JAMES M. PIGFORD Duke University-BA Degree Biology and Physics. MISS REBECCA RUSS Salem College-BS Degree G0b'Ffl1Il1CIIf. MISS MAIE SANDERS W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree Algebra. MISS ELOISE SCOTT East Carolina College-AB Degree General Bzzsinexs and Bnsinrsr Arilbmrlir. ff MRS. BURROWS SMITH XV.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree English. LT. ROBERT SMITH University of Florida-BS and BA Degrees ROTC. MRS. ARNETTE SMOTHERMAN M.T.S.C. and Duke University-BS and MRE Degrees Bible. MISS MARTHA STACK W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree 4.1 . f .-3 . ,,, ,ff lf- f M47 5' W Aw 6 wwf English. MRS. XYLDA STANLEY East Carolina College-AB Degree llIgl'17l'd and U. S. Hixiory. MR. H. E. STIVERS Butler University-BM Degree Buml. MR. L. C. STUBBLEFIELD Tennessee Tech.-BS and BA Degrees Di1'errifi1'1l Orrupufions. ome of fllem emma our Meals I MRS. ELIZA SYMMES Radcliffe College-AB Degree English. MISS LENA TAYLOR Coker College-BS Degree Azluazzrczl Biology. MR. SAM TAYLOR High Point College and Nortluv versity-MMu, and BS Degrees Theory and Chorus. MRS. JEAN TILLETT XV.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree Physical Erlucnfiofz. MR. DANIEL TODD JR. East Carolina College-MA and Biology and English. MRS. LOUISE TURNER Meredith College-BA Degree Gefzewrl Mutbvuzalirs and Plane SGT. xlvc JOHN VINCENT U. S. Army ROTC. MISS VIRGINIA WALSH W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree English. MRS. RUTH V. XVARREN W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree English and G01'!'Y!1lll6'llf. MRS. GEORGE WEST Ohio State University Tyjving and Office Machines. estern Uni BS Degrees Geomclrj MISS MARGARET WILLIAMS W.C.U.N.C.-AB Degree U. S. History. . MR. CHARLES WOLFF Woozlwork. and fkey lzeloeg as fo ac ieve skill Page 25 - CLASSES r mziors Seniors 'K Q' ff my me Page 27 vQg.'.1fgc ,Su ophomores is A Nfl Q 'Q S? SARA COLEY SARAH JOHNSON BETTY WALTON Clzey coufd lmrdfy Aefieve if! ADAMS, MARY REDMOND. Latin Club 1, 2, O'Henry Literary Society 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CSecretary 3, Vice-President 4j, Scribblers' Club 2, Bible Club 2, Junior Play Com. 3, Government Club 4, French Club 4, Judicial Marshal 4. ALEXANDER, KENNETH. Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3, Junior-Senior Com. 3, North Carolina Festival Chorus 3, 4, Government Club 4, National Honor Society 4. ALEXANDER, MARILYN. Latin Club 1, 2, Scribblers' Club 3, Junior-Play Com. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, QVice-President 41, Judicial Marshal 4, French Club 4 fPresidentj, National Honor Society 4. ALL, SALLY ELIZABETH. O'Henry Literary Society 1, 2, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Debate Team 3, Handbook Com. 3, Senate 3, French Club 4, Government Club 4. ARMSTRONG, GRANT. Football 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Sergeants' Club 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Government Club 4, Officers' Club 4. ASBURY, RELVIN V., JR. Biology Club 1, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Crack Platoon 3, Government Club 4 fParliamentarianj, Arts and Crafts Club 4. ATKINSON, AWILDA. 4-H Club 3, Government Club 4. BAILEY, BETTY. BANNERMAN, WILLIAM H. "A" Band 1, 2, 3, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Government Club 4. BARDEN, LUCILE ANN. May Court 1, Dramatics Club 1, Declamation Con- test 1, 2, Sophomore Class Senator 2, Junior-Senior Dance Com. 3, French Club 3, Mixed Chorus "AU 3, Government Club 4, Sponsor Company "B" 4. SALLY ALL GRANT ARMSTRONG RELVIN ASBURY AXIILDA ATKINSON BETTY BAILEY BILLY BANNERMAN LUCILE BARDEN Gfffer three years of sfudy, BARNES, SHIRLEY JEAN. Girls' Glee Club 2, English Club 2, Government Club 4. BLAKE, BETSY RUTH BEACHAM. Hugh Morson High School: GAA 1, English Club 1 QSecretaryj . Belleville Township High School, Belleville, Illinois. NHHS: Government Club 4. BELL, LOU ELLEN. Declamation Contest 1, Latin Club 1, 2, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Government Club 4, Wildcat Staff 4. BENTON, LEROY. BIRMINGHAM, MARIJANE. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, English Club 1, 2, O'Henry Literary Society 1, Latin Club 2, 3, Government Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4. BLACK, CECELIA. Declamation Contest 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Place Baxley Art Award 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Hi-Y Minstrel 2, 3, Home Room Chairman 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Government Club 4, Judicial Marshal 4, National Honor Society 4. BLAND, FREDA. GAA 1, Scribblers' Club 2, O'Henry Literary Society 2, Scipio Latin Club 2, Legislature 2, Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Government Club 4. BLANTON, ELIZABETH JEANNETTE. Girls, Choir 1, Bible Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, FHA 2, 3, O'Henry Literary Society 2, Y-Teens 1, Government Club 4, D. E. Club 4, Home Room Chairman 2. BLOCK, DAVID. Latin Club 1, 2, Junior-Senior Com. 3, Music Festival 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Government Club 4, French Club 4. BOADO, JACQUELINE ANN. Girls' Chorus 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Scribblers' Club 2, 3, Legislature 2, 4, junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Vice-President Junior Class 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Mixed Chorus "B" 3, Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Government Club 4, French Club 4, W'ildcat Staff 4. LOU BELL LEROY BENTON MARIJANE BIRMINGHAM CECELIA BLACK FREDA BLAND JEANNETTE BLANTON DAVID BLOCK JACKIE BOADO JANET BRANCH JOHN BRASWELL REBECCA BRASWELL BETTY BRICKLE TALLEY BROCK JOHN BROCKWELL PAT BROOKSHIRE ALFRED BROWN CAROLINE BROWN ED BROWN BRANCH, JANET. Tri-Hi-Y 1, Government Club 4, Social Living Club 4. BRASWELL, JOHN. BRASWELL, REBECCA ELLEN. FHA 2, 3, 4, Government Club 4. BRICKLE, SARA ELIZABETH. FHA 1, Band 1, 2, 4, Bible Club 1, 2, Govern- ment Club 3, Y-Teens 3. BROCK, TALLEY. BROCKWELL, JOHN ALBERT. Latin Club 1, 2, Bible Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Judicial Marshal 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Government Club 4, Hanoverian Staff 4. BROOKSHIRE, PATRICIA ANN. FHA 1, O'Henry Literary Society 1, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Senate 3, Junior-Senior Prom 3, Dramatics Club 4, Music Festival 3, Government Club 4, Student Court Judge 4. BROWN, ALFRED. Mixed Chorus "Bu 2, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, Government Club 4, D. E. Club 4. BROWN, CAROLINE. GAA 1, 2 CTreasurer ZJ, Spanish Club 2, 3, Debate Team 3, Y-Teens 3, Junior-Senior Prorn Com. 3, Government Club 4. BROWN, WILLIAM EDWARD. fkey were seniors. senior bag many privi ages, BROWN, JO ALLEN. Bible Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, O'Henry Literary Society 1, Spanish Club 2, 3 QSecretary 2j, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 QSecretary 35, Gov- ernment Club 4 QViCe-Presidentj, Hanoverian Staff 4, Declamation Contest 3, Judicial Marshal 4. BROWN, YVONNE. Latin Club 2, 3, Government Club 4. BUCK, GERALD RAE. ROTC 2, 3, 4, Crack Platoon 2, 3, 4, Officers' Club 3, 4, Government Club 4 QPresidentj. BURKHEIMER, GRAHAM. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2 QTreas- urer 1j, Taxidermy Club 1, Declamation Contest 1, 2, 4 fFinal's Winner 23, Operetta 2, 3, 4, State Music Festival 3, 4, English Club 2, Junior Play 3, junior-Senior Prom Committee 3, Government Club 4. BURNETT, BETTY JUNE. BURRIS, PATRICIA. Declamation Contest 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 1, Junior Play 3, Debating Team 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Wildcat Staff 4. BURTON, LLOYD. D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. BURTON, PAUL. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant's Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4 fVice- President 3j, Hi-Y 3, 4, Chief Judicial Marshal 4, Executive Council 4, Gov- ernment Club 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 2, 3. BUTTERS, FREDERIC HENRY. Latin Club 1, 2, Declamation Contest 1, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Spanish Club 4, Government Club 4. CALDWELL, ED. Spanish Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 fTreasurer 33, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Battalion Distinguished Cadet 2, Government Club 3, Sergeants' Club 3, Amer- YVONNE BROWN ican Legion Award 3, Swimming Team 4. GERALD BUCK GRAHAM BUR LLOYD BURTON PAUL BURTON FREDERIC BUTTERS ED CALDWEL KHEIMER BETTY BURNETT JANIE CANNON LUCY CARNEY DEMETRA CARRAS DOROTHY CARROLL ALMA CARTER RUSSELL CASTEEN BILLIE CARTER MARGARET CASEY LOUISE CASH CANNON, JANIE ANNE. ROTC Band 1, Wildcat Staff 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, "A" Band 1, 4, Dramatics Club 2, FHA 3, Government Club 4. CARNEY LUCY ANN. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 QSecretary 1j, Declamation Contest 1, 3, 4 CWinner 1, 4j, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4 QSecretary 4j, Scribblers, Club 2, 3, O'Henry Literary Society 2, Judicial Marshal 2, 3, Senate 3, Junior Play 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com., Social Marshal 4, Government Club 4, French Club 4, Student Telephone Directory Com. 4, Hanoverian Staff 4, Wildcat Staff 4 QExchange Ed.j. CARRAS, DEMETRA NICHOLAS. Girls, Glee Club 1, 2, Government Club 4 fSecretaryj, D. O. Club 4. CARROLL, DOROTHY. 'Government Club 4, D.E. Club 4, Homeroom Chair- man 4. CARTER, ALMA B. Government Club 4. CARTER, BILLIE MAE. Government Club 4, D. O. Club 4. CASEY, MARGARET. CASH, MABLE LOUISE. Library Club 2, 3, 4 CSecretary 3j, Bible Club 2, 3, 4 f2nd Vice-President 41, English Club 2 Qpresidentj, Junior Play Com. 3, Essay Contest 3, Government Club 4 QVice-Presidentj, Hanoverian Staff 4 fClass Editorj, National Honor Society 4. CASTEEN, RUSSELL. ROTC 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, Non-Commissioned Officers' Club 4, Government Club 4. CAYTON, HILDA FRANCES. Government Club 4. 6042012 Mem using fke senior nfeps. HILDA CAYTON q I eniors were my uring ffm year CHENVVORTH, ANNE MARIE. Scribblers' Club 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Mixed Chorus "B" 3, Government Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4. CHRISTMAS, RALPH. CLARDY, HERBERT. CLARK, ROBERT. ROTC 1, 2, Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Government Club 4, D. O. S. CLEMMONS, DELORES PAYE. Cathedral Latin High, Treasurer of Freshman Class, Civic Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, NHI-IS, Spanish Club 2, Latin Club 3. CLEMMONS, FRANK. Cathedral Latin High School: Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, Baseball 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2. NHHS: Spanish Club 3, Government Club 4, ROTC 3, 4. CLEMMONS, RAY. FFA Club 1, 2, D. O. Club 3, Government Club 4, D. E. Club 4. COLE, MARY CATHERINE. Scientific Award 1, Declamation Contest 1, Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QSecretary Zj, Spanish Club 2, 3, Government Club 4, Band 4. COLE, ROBERT. Latin Club 1, 2, "A" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 1, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 fSecretary 21, Sergeants' Club, Band Council 3, Gov- ernment Club 4. COLEY, SARA ANN. Legislature Representative, Bible Club 1, 2 fTreasurer lj, Girls, Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Y-Teens 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Government Club 4. ANNE CHENWORTH RALPH CHRISTMAS HERBERT CLARDY ROBERT CLARK DELORES CLEMMONS FRANK CLEMMONS RAY CLEMMONS MARY COLE ROBERT COLE SARA COLEY MARY COMI-'OS RUBY COOK BOBBY COPELAND JIMMY COUNCIL MARY COX SHERWIN CRIBB MARIAN CROOM RICHARD COX LAWRENCE CRAWLEY SANDRA CREECH COMPOS, MARY ALEX. Girls' Glee Club, Government Club 4, D. O. Club 4. COOK, RUBY LEE. FI-IA I, Government Club 4. COPELAND, BOBBY. ROTC 2, 3, Taxidermy Club 2. COUNCIL, JIMMY. I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class, Home room Chairman 2, Tennis Team 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Legislature 4 Government Club 4. COX, MARY CHRISTINE. O'I-Ienry Literary Society 1, Spanish Club 1, 2 QTreasurerJ, Scribblers' Club 1, English Club 2, Junior-Senior Prom Com. Government Club 4, Poetry Contest 3. COX, RICHARD. Scribblers' Club 2, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Junior- Senior Prom Com., Sergeants' Club 3, 4, Junior Play Com., Government Club 4 CRAXVLEY, LAWRENCE. CREECI-I, SANDRA. English Club I, Girls' Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus "BH 2 Arts 86 Crafts Club 2, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4, Government Club 4. CRIBB, SHERWIN. 9 CROOM, MARIAN L. English Club I, Social Living Club 2, Government Club 4. wiffz fkeir aaa emic war c, y 9 ffzeir memgerslzip in clubs, CURRIN, JANET. FI-IA 1, 2, fliarliamentarian 3, 4j, Y-Teens 1 fTreasurer 23, O'I-Ienry 1, 2, Bible Club 1, 2, 4-H Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. DAIL, MARY ANN. Government Club 4. DARDEN, GARY. DAVIDSON, BETTY. DAVIS, BUDDY. Latin Club 2, 3, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Gov- ernment Club 4. DAVIS, KEN. Fayetteville High School, Basketball 3, Civitan Club 3, NI-II-IS, Latin Club 1, 4 QPresident lj, Government Club 4. DEW, PAYE. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QTreasurer 2, President 31, Girls' Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Declamation Contest 2, 3, Scholastic Award Winner 2, House of Representatives 3, Debating Team 3, Government Club 4 fVice-Presidentj, Telephone Directory Com. 4, I-Ianoverian Staff 4, I-Iomeroom Chairman 4, Executive Council 4, Secretary of Club Activities 4. DIVINE, MARY ANN. Scribblers, Essay Contest 1, Girls' Choir 1, Drarnatics Club 1, Tri-I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresident 1, Vice-President Zj, Wildcat Staff 2, Library Service Club 2 fSecretaryj, Arts Sl Crafts Club 2, Biology Club 2 fTreasurerj, Y-Teens 2, 3 fTreasurerj, Senator 3, Spanish Club 3, Junior Play 3, Home Room Chairman 4, Government Club 4, Social Marshal 4. DIXON, VIRGINIA. Latin Club 1, 2 CSecretary 1, Vice-President Zj, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech Club 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Judicial Marshal 3, 4, I-Ianoverian Staff 4 QClub Editorj, Wildcat Staff 4 QAssistant Editor-in-Chiefj , Government Club 4, Scribblers' Club 4, O'I'Ienry Literary Society 4, Essay Contest 3. DOOLEY, MARIE. GARY DARDEN BETTY DAVIDSON BUDDY DAVIS JANET CURRIN MARY DAIL KEN DAVIS EAYE DEW MARY DIVINE VIRGINIA DIXON MARIE DOOLEY MYRTLE DOWNING NANCY DREVYN MARCIA DUKES CHARLES DUSENBURY JEANNE DUVALL CAROL EDENS SUE EDWARDS ALEX EFIRD DOWNING, MYRTLE LEE. Legislature 1, Camera Click 1, Scribblers' Club 1, English Club 1, 2, Home Room Chairman 2, Government Club 4. DREVYN, NANCY. 4-H Club 1, 3. DUKES, MARCIA. Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, 4 fTreasurer 2, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 43, Legislature 1, Declamation Contest 1, fSemi-Finalsj, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Social Marshal 2, Judicial Marshal 3, Secretary of Senior Class, Government Club 4 fSecretaryj, Thespian Play 4. DUSENBURY, CHARLES EDWARD. DUVALL, JEANNE. Y-Teens Club 1, 2, FI-IA 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Govern- ment Club 4. EDENS, CAROL S. Football 1, 2, Baseball 2, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Government Club 4. EDWARDS, SUSAN LOU. Home Room Chairman 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2 fTreasurer Zj, Tri-I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fVice-President 3j, Library Club 2, 3 QPresident 3, State Secretary 31, Junior Play Committee, Senate 4 fCo-ordinat- ing Committee 41, ROTC Sponsor Co. "C" 4. EFIRD, ALEX MCEACHERN. Latin Club 1, 2, Golf Team 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Government Club 4. EI-ILERS, MARGARET LOUISE. Library Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. ELLIS, ROBERT WILLIAM. img ibe many sociai aciiviiies, ROBERT ELLIS fke Junior- ezzior rom EPPS, CLARENCE. A FINBERG, JUNE CAROLE. FISHER, BOBBIE. GAA 1, 2, 3, Home Room Chairman. FISHER, JEAN. Scribblers' Club 1, O'Henry Literary Society 1, Wildcat Staff 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QVice-President 1, Zj, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Vice- President of Sophomore Class, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4 QVice-President 33, Social Marshal 3, 4, Debating Team 3, Junior-Senior Play Com. 3, Hanoverian 4 QBusiness Man- agerj, Tri-Hi-Y State President 4, Future Teachers of America 4 QSecretaryj, DAR Good Citizenship Award 4. FRANKS, BOBBY. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants Club 3, Officers' Club 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, State Music Fes- tival 2, 3, 4, Senior Class President, Senate 4 fSergeant-at-Armsj, Junior- Senior Com. 3, Government Club 4 QParliamentarianj, Junior Play CCast and Stage Managerj. FREEMAN, BARBARA ANN. Wildcat Staff 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Government Club 4. FRYAR, IDA CATHERINE. Summerfield High School: Vice-President of Fresh- man Class, Sophomore Reporter, Beta Club 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. NHHS: French Club 4, National Honor Society 4. FULCHER, MARY SUE. Dramatics Club 1, Government Club 4. GADDY, GEORGE MANLEY. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Sergeants' Club 3, Government Club 4, Wildcat Reporter 4. GALLUP, MARY ALDEN. Homeroom Representative 2, Spanish Club 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Greensboro Music Festival 3, Operetta 3, 4, Government Club 4, English Club 2 CPresidentj. BOBBIE FISHER JEAN FISHER BOBBY FRANKS IDA FRYAR MARY FULCHER GEORGE GADDY MARY GALLUP JANET GARDNER BILL GAY JON GERDES GLEN GILLETTE -1.-...........-.. - ASHTON GODLEY DON GRAZIANO FRANK GORDON CHARLES GORMAN CHANNIE GRANT GARDNER, JANET. Scribblers' Club, Government Club 4. GAY, BILL. ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Rifle Team 3. GERDES, JON. Latin Club 1, 2, I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4 Judicial Marshal 3, Poetry Contest 3, Government Club 4. GILLETTE, GLEN. GODLEY, ASHTON LITTLE, JR. Oak Ridge Military Institute. Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Baseball, Latin Club 2, Shakespeare Club, NI-IHS. Latin Club, Basketball 1, 2, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, 5, Spanish Club 3, 4 CTreasurer 3J, Essay Contest 4, Poetry Contest 4, Government Club 5 QVice-Presidentj, Sergeants' Club. GORDON, FRANK. Legislature 1, Homeroom Chairman 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, QTreasurer ZJ , Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QVice-President 2, President 3J, Government Club 3. GORMAN, CHARLES. GRANT, RANDOLPH CHANNINGS. ROTC 1, 2, 3, ROTC Crack Platoon I, 2, 3, Sergeants, Club 3, Junior Play 3, Government Club 4. GRAZIANO, DONALD. Junior Class President 3, Boys' State 3, Boys' Nation 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4, Student Body President 4, Senate 4. GREER, SHIRLEY ANN. GAA I, Spanish Club 2, 3, Library Club 3, Gov- ernment Club 4. fo in fb ff. SHIRLEY GREER YT Y q e 9 ezziors faifkfuffy afzfenryeg GREGG, DAN. ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4, Ser- geants' Club. ' GULD, FELICE. Dramatics Club 1, 2, O,Henry Literary Society 1, 2, GAA 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, Scribblers Club 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 4. GURGANIOUS, SUSAN. Girls' Choir, Bible Club 1, Spanish Club 3, D. E. Club 4, Government Club. HAILEY, RONNIE. ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ass't Drum Major 2, Declamation Contest 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Band Council 3, 4, Officers' Club 4, Government Club 4, Drum Major 3, 4. HALES, JUANITA. HALLMAN, HARRY JR. Football 1, Baseball 2, ROTC, Government Club 4. HARDIN, BEVERLY. Barnesville High School, Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class, Beta Club 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, GAA 1, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Student Body Representative 25 NHHS, Girls' Chorus 3, Spanish Club 3, Gov- ernment Club 4, Homeroom Chairman 4. HARDEE, DOROTHY ANVIS. GAA 1, Arts and Crafts Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, Bible Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Government Club 4, Hanoverian Staff 4. HARRILL, RAY. HARRIS, LEE GEORGE JR. Band 1, 2, 3, ROTC 1, 2, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Government Club 4 QPresidentj, Non-Commissioned Of- ficers, Club 4. SUSAN GURGANIOUS RONNIE HAILEY -IUANITA HALES BEVERLY HARDIN DOROTHY HARDEE RAY HARRILL LEE HARRIS SHIRLEY HAYWOOD EMERSON HEAD SYLVIA I-IEMBY CARROLL HERRING KAY HEWETT JOAN I-IICKMAN MILDRED HINSON SHIRLEY HINSON LEON HOLDEN RUSSELL HOLLIDAY HAYWOOD, SHIRLEY. Poetry Contest 3, fwinnerj, Government Club 4. HEAD, EMERSON. Latin Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresident Sj, UA" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 QBand Manager 4j, Radio Band 1, 2, 4, Boys' State 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, French Club 4, Government Club 4. HEMBY, SYLVIA ANN. HERRING, CARROLL. Football 1, 2, Government Club 4. HEWETT, KAY. Government Club 4. HICKMAN, JOAN. Homeroom Chairman 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2 fVice-Presi- dent 11. HINSON, MILDRED. HINSON, SHIRLEY JEAN. Girls, Glee Club 1, Homeroom Chairman 2, Senate 3, Social Living Club 3, Government Club 4. HOLDEN, LEON. HOLLIDAY, RUSSELL. D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. various oufkfefic evemfs, BILLY HOLLIS c eminq Meir feam fo victory. HOLLIS, WILLIAM. HOLLIS, MARY EDNA. FHA l, Home Room Chairman I, 2, Spanish Club 3, FTA 2. HOLT, BARBARA. Senate I, Rachel Theta Rho Girls' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, English Club 2 fVice-Presidentj, Legislature 4, D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. HORNE, BETTY ANNE. Goldsboro High School, Dramatics Club, Home Economics Club, NI-IHS, Government Club 4. HOUSTON, SAM. Football 1, Hi-Y 2, ROTC 2, 3, D. O. Club 3, 4, Govern- ment Club 4, Homeroom Chairman 4. HUDSON, ARTHUR EDWARD. Football 1, Baseball 1, ROTC 3, D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. ' HUNTER, WILLIAM. HURST, BETSY. ROTC Band 1, 2, "A" Band 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Dance Band 2, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4 QAccompanistj, Operetta 3, Government Club 4. HURST, WILLIAM. FFA 1, 3, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, 4, Govern- ment Club 4. HUTCHINSON, SHIRLEY. Latin Club 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. MARY HOLLIS BARBARA HOLT BETTY HORNE SAM HOUSTON ARTHUR HUDSON WILLIAM HUNTER BETSY HURST WILLIAM HURST SHIRLEY I-IUTCI-IINSON n1....., ANN JACOBS RICHARD JANICKI BET'1'Ili JARRELL CLAUDE JARRELL CAROLYN JENKINS BETTIE JOHNSON DAVID JOHNSON ' GLORIA JOHNSON OHNSON IANNIE I Q f I 5 JACOBS, ANNIE. Pembroke High School, Glee Club 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, X Dramatics Club 2, Junior Class Secretary 3, Marshal 3, NHHS, Government ' Club 4, CSecretaryJ, Wildcat Staff QAd Eclitorj. JANICKI, RICHARD S. JARRELL, BETTIE. JARRELL, CLAUDE HOWARD. Football 1, Home Room Chairman, ROTC 1, 2, Senate, Government Club, D. O. Club. JENKINS, NANCY CAROLYN. FHA 1, GAA 3, Tennis Club 3, Home Room Chairman 4, D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. JOHNSON, BETTIE. JOHNSON, DAVID. Band 3, 4, ROTC 3, 4. JOHNSON, GLORIA. Home Room Chairman 1, Legislature 1, 2, Govern- ment Club 4. JOHNSON, JANNIE ELE ROY. Latin Club 2, Dramatics Club fVice-President 4J, Government Club 4, D. O. Club 4. JOHNSON, JIMMY. D.E. Club 4, Government Club 4. erziors wma seen JIMMY JOHNSON selecting flzeir caffizzq car 5 STANLEY JOHNSON JOHNSON, STANLEY RAY. ROTC 1, 2, D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. , JOHNSON, SARAH EVELYN. Legislature 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresident ZJ, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Homeroom Chairman 2, Latin Club 2, 3 fPresident 21, Spanish Club 3, 4 QVice-President 3J, Junior-Senior Prom Com., Senator 4, Government Club 4, ROTC Battalion Sponsor 4. JOHNSON, WILMA. FHA 1, Girls' Choir 1, 2, Mixed Chorus "B", Y-Teens 3, 4, Mixed Chorus "A" 4, Government Club 4. JOLLEY, PEGGIE SUE. Biology Club, Spanish Club 1, 2, Bible Club 3. JONES, ANGELA T. JONES, CHARLOTTE FRANCES. Girls' Glee Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fTreasurer 21, Spanish Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus "B" 2, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4, Operetta 3, Government Club 4. l JONES, JEAN. Girls' Choir 1, Dramatics Club 1, Home Room Chairman 1, Declamation Contest 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 2, 3 fSecretary 3J, Operetta 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QTreasurer 3J, Hanoverian Staff 4, French Club 4, Government Club 4. JORDAN LILLIE PEARL. FHA 1, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 fpresident 3, 4J, State Athletic Award 4, Government Club 4. JURGENSEN, CHRISTIAN ADOLPH. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 CCO-Captain 4j, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, Music Festival 1, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. JUSTICE, JOE. SARAH JOHNSON WILMA JOHNSON PEGGIE JOLLEY ANGELA JONES CHARLOTTE JONES I TT JEAN JONES LILLIE JORDAN CHRISTIAN JURGENSEN JOE JUSTICE DAVID KADERBEK SHIRLEJO KEEVER STEVE KELLY FRED KELLY THOMAS KING JANE LANIER MARTHA KNOTT BILLY KRAUS HAROLD LAING KADERBEK, DAVID A. Roosevelt High JPOS, NI-IHS, Government Club 4, Sergeants' Club. KEEVER, SHIRLEJO. Dramatics Club 1, 2, Declamation Club 2, O'Henry Liter- ary Society 2, 3, Junior Play Committee, Junior-Senior Prom. Committee, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. KELLY, STEVE. KELLY, FRED JR. Football 1, 2, "A" Band 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 QPresiclent 31, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4 CTreasurer 3j, Junior-Senior'Prom Committee, Government Club 4, Legis- lature 4, Senior Class Vice-President. KING, THOMAS. D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. KNOTT, MARTHA. Y-Teens 1, FHA 1, Latin Club 2, 3, Government Club 4. KRAUS, WILLIAM PAUL. Latin Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club 2, ROTC 2, 3, 4. LAING, HAROLD POWERS. Football 1, 2, Taxidermy Club 1, 2, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Crack Platoon 2, Sergeants' Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. LANIER, JANE. Home Room Chairman 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, O'Henry Literary Society 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Legislature 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QVice- President 2, Treasurer 4j, Debate Team 3, Declamarion Contest 3, Hanoverian Staff 2, 4, Government Club 4. LASSITER, ANNE. Scribblers' Club 1, O'Henry Literary 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QTreasurer Zj, Mixed Chorus "A" 2, 3, 4,,Operetta 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Committee, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Girls' State 3, Declamation Contest 3, State Music Festival 3, National Honor Society 3, 4 CTreasurer 41, Telephone Directory Com., Judicial Marshal 4, French Club 4, Government Club 4. and orclmin zfkeir invitations ANNE LASSITER q BILL LEEUWENBURG for ffmf fozzq-awaifeJ Jay. I LEEUWENBURG, BILL. Football 1, 2, Sergeants' Club 2, D. O. Club 4, Gov- ernment Club 4. LEEUWENBURG, SHIRLEY. LENNON, BETTY JEAN. 4-H Club 3, Government Club 4. ' LEWIS, ALVIN BRUCE. Sergeants' Club, Government Club 4. LEWIS, DAPHNE. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Band 2, 3, 4. LEWIS, GEORGE CLINTON. Football 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Crack Platoon 2, 3, Government Club 4. LEWIS, RICHARD WILLIAM. ROTC Band 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, "An Band 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, English Club 2, Government Club 4. LIEBERMAN, DAVID A. Home Room Chairman 1, Tennis Team 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Legislature 4, Social Marshal 4, French Club 4, Government Club 4. ' LITTLE, DORIS. LOFLIN, JOAN. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Bible 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, Girls' Glee Club 2, D. E. Club 4, Government Club 4. SHIRLEY LEEUWENBURG BETTY LENNON ALVIN LEWIS DAPHNE LEWIS GEORGE LEWIS RICHARD LEWIS DAVID LIEBERMAN DORIS LITTLE JOAN LOFLIN DONALD LOFTIN EUGIE LONG BOBBY LOSSEN JIMMY LOUGI-ILIN JANE LOVE MARY LOW BRUCE LUDLUM GENE MCCARLEY LOFTIN, DONALD. D. O. Club 4, Government Club, ROTC, Sergeants' Club. LONG, EUGIE. Latin Club 1, 2, Government Club 4, D. E. Club 4. LOSSEN, ROBERT E. LOUGHLIN, JIMMY. ROTC 2, 3, Sergeants' Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Gov- ernment Club 4. LOVE, JANE WILLIAMS. GAA 1, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, O'I-Ienry Literary Society, Home Room Chairman 2, 3, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Junior Play Committee, Art Club 1, 2, 4 CTreasurer ZJ, Library Club 3, ROTC Spon- sor Co. "D" 4, Government Club 4, French Club 4. LOW, MARY. Latin Club 1, 2 QSecretary 1, ZJ, Social Marshal 2, Junior-Senior Prom Com., Spanish Club 3, 4 QPresident 3J, Government Club 4. LUDLUM, BRUCE. Mixed Chorus "B" 1, Home Room Chairman 1, Latin Club 2, 3 fTreasurer 2, 3J, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus "A" 2, 3, 4, Government Club 4, N. C. Festival Chorus 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Officers, Club 4, Judicial Marshal 4. MCCARLEY, GENE. ROTC 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Government Club 4. MCGOWAN, DELMAR AUSTIN, JR. ROTC 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Govern- ment Club 4. MCKEE, ELSIE GRAHAM. FHA 1, Bible Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2 QTreasurer IJ, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Government Club 4, Legislature. 5 cz ways fha Senior or ELSIE McKEE 7 P gf JOHANNE McKEE was or qreaf succen. MCKEE, JOHANNE YVONNE. O'Henry Literary Society 1, Scribblers' Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Senator 2, Social Marshal 3, Ticket Com., Junior-Senior 3, Government Club 4, French Club 4. MCKENZIE, JOAN. Bible Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, Declamation Contest 1, 3, Art Club 2, Mixed Chorus "AU 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 fPresident 35, junior Play Com. 3, State Music Festival 3, Government Club 4. MCKOY, ELSIE MAE. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QSc-:cretary 3j, Library Club 2, 3, 4 QVice-President 35, N.C.H.S.L.A. Representative 2, 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Hanoverian Staff, Government Club 4. MCLEMORE, BARBARA. GAA 1, Spanish Club 2, 3, Government Club 3, O'Henry Literary Society 3. MCVEY, JANET ELIZABETH. Dramatics Club 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, D. O. 4. MANN, ADELE MARGUERITE. Latin Club 1, 2, Bible Club 1, Scribblers Club 2, O'Henry Literary Society 2, Mixed Chorus "B" 2, Mixed Chorus "A' 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Tennis Club Cljresiclentj 3, Senate 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Telephone Directory Com. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4 QVice- Presidentj, State Music Festival 3, 4, Wildcat Staff 4, Government Club 4. MAREADY, JOAN. Chinquapin High School Beta Club 1, 2, 4-H Club 1, 2 FHA 2. MARTIN, JOYCE. Latin Club 1, 2, Homeroom Chairman 1, Y-Teens 1, Gov- ernment Club 4. MATTHEWS, MARLENE ELIZABETH. GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 QViCe-President 33 Gym Assistant 2, 3, 4, Home Room Chairman 2, Legislature 3. MERRITT, BOBBY DEAN. ROTC 1, D. o. 4, Government Club 4. JOAN MCKENZIE ELSIE MCKOY BARBARA MCLEMORE JANET MCVEY ADELE MANN IW! JOAN MAREADY JOYCE MARTIN ELIZABETH MATTHEWS BOBBY MERRITT ANDREW MILNOR ARLENE MILLIS JERE MILLIS ALAN MOORE PATTI MOORE ETHEL MORGAN GRACE MORGAN JIM MORGAN ARGIE MAVROLAS , MILNOR, ANDREW. H1-Y 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, ROTC 3, 4, UA" Band 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. MILLIS, ARLENE. MILLIS, JERE. MOORE, ALAN. "AU Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 1, ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, Govern- ment Club 4, Band Council 4. MOORE, PATTI. Legislature 1, Latin Club 1, 2 fSecretary 1, President ZJ, Sen- ate 2, Coordinating Committee 2, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Social Marshal 3, Cheerleader 3, 4 QHead Cheerleader 4j, Orange and Black Handbook Com. 4, Student Telephone Directory Com. 4, Executive Com. 4, Secretary of Student Body 4. MORGAN, ETHEL. GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 1, GAA Athletic Award 3. MORGAN, GRACE. Dramatics Club, FHA 1, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 3, Government Club 4. MORGAN, JIM. Latin Club 1 CSecretaryj, Senate 3, Junior Play 3, Junior- Senior Prom Committee 3, Executive Council 4, Secretary of Elections 4, Gov- ernment Club 4. MAVROLAS, ARGIE JOHN. Girls' Glee Club 1, Government Club 4, D. O. Club 4. MURRAY, CLARA JANE. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. ome seniors Jo 600268 for coffege CLARA MURRAY Ly faking examirzafiom. NELSON, SI-IIRLEY. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, D. O. 4, Government Club 4. NETHERCUTT, PEGGY. Latin Club 1, 2, Bible Club 2, Government Club 4. NORTI-IROP, MARY. Declamation Contest 1, 2, 3, Arts and Crafts Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Bible Club 2, 3, Government Club 4, National Honor Society 4. NORXVOOD, JOE. Legislature 1, 2, Taxidermy Club 2, ROTC 3, 4. O'DWYER, MARY AGNES. GAA 2, Scribblers' Club 1, Government Club 4, D. O. Club 4. OERTEL, ERIC. Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3. Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. O'NEAL, THOMAS G. OTTAWAY, DAVID GIBSON. Legislature 2, Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4 QVice-President 2, President 3j, Government Club 4, Wildcat Staff 4. OWENS, NAPOLEON JEROME JR. Sergeants' Club 3, Speech Club 3, Gov- ernment Club 4 QParliamentarianJ, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Drill Platoon 2, Officers' Club 4. OZMENT, JUDY MALPASS. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QTreasurer 3, President 4j, Wildcat Staff 2, 3, May Court 2, 3, Majorette 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Social Marshal 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Government Club 4 QSecretary-Treas- urerj. MARY NORTI-IROP JOE NORWOOD MARY O'DWYER SHIRLEY NELSON PEGGY NETHERCUTT ERIC OERTEL THOMAS O'NEAL DAVID OTTANVAY , JERRY ONVENS JUDY OZMENT JULIUS PADRICK FRANKLYN PALMETER PAUL PAPPAS CAROL PARKER MIKE PARKER JERRY PARTRICK CHARLENE PETE MABLE PETERSON PADRICK, JULIUS. PALMETER, FRANKLYN. PAPPAS, PAUL. PARKER, CAROL A. Art Club 1, 2, 3, English Club 2, Bible Club 2, Govern- ment Club 4. PARKER, CHARLES MICHAEL. "AU Band I, 2, 3, ROTC I, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, English Club 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Government Club 4. PARTRICK, JEREMIAH NOLAN. Football 1, Latin Club 1, 2, ROTC 1, 2, 3, Sergeants' Club 2, Essay Contest 3, Poetry Contest 3, Government Club 4. PETE, MARY CI-IARLENE. English Club 2, Government Club 4. PETERSON, MABLE LORENE. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Government Club 4, D. O. Club 4. PI-IELPS, SARA ANNE. Dramatics Club 1, 2, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2 QTreasurer 1, Vice-President ZJ, Spanish Club 3, Library Club 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Government Club 4, Hanoverian Staff 4, Wildcat Staff 4, Judicial Marshal 4, Telephone Directory Com., National Honor Society 4. PI-III,EMON, EVELYN FRANCES. Government Club. ome compefej for sckofarski 5 FRANCES PHILEMON P I and ofkezs receive expeziezzee PHILLIPS, BETTY. Glee Club 1, D. E. Club 4, Government Club 4. PICKETT, PATRICIA ANN. GAA 1. PIERCE, JOAN MARGARET. Latin Club 1, 2 QVice-President ZJ, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QSecretary 11, Wildcat Staff 2, 3, Press Associ- ation Conference 3, 4, Hanoverian Staff 3, 4 fJunior Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4j, Mixed Chorus "A" 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Com. 3, Judicial Marshal 3, Declamation Contest 3, Government Club 4, French Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4 fVice-President 4j, FTA 4, FTA Convention 4. PIERCE, SHIRLEY ANN. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, Legislature 2, Government Club 2, French Club 3, Wildcat Staff 3. PINER, BETTIE JANE. Bible Club 1, FHA 1, Girls' Choir 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3. PINER, MICHAEL. Spanish Club 3, 4, Sergeants' Club, ROTC. PINNER, SHIRLEY. Girls' Choir 1, English Club 1, 2, O'Henry Literary Society 1, 2, Bible Club 1, 2, 3, FHA 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus UA" 4, Government Club 4, Arts and Crafts Club 3, 4. POOLE, PATSY. Latin Club 1, 2 QSecretary lj, French Club 4, Government Club 4, O'Henry 1, 2, Dramatics Club 1, 2, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, Executive Council QSecretary-Treasurerj 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 fSecretary 3J, Junior Class Play 3, Debating Team 3, Advance Biology Club 2, Social Living Club 4, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3. PORTER, WARWICK. Latin Club 1, Z QTreasurer lj, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Legislature 3, Sergeants' Club 4, Home Room Chairman 4, Government Club 4. POST, JAMES F. Football 1, Latin Club 1, Crack Platoon, French Club 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play Com. 3, Sergeants, Club 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Government Club 4. JOAN PIERCE SHIRLEY PIERCE BETTIE PINER SHIRLEY PINNER PATSY POOLE, WARWICK PORTER JAMES POST MARIE POTTER ' MARY POWELL GARY PRESTON DELORES PRIDGEN GENE PRIDGEN MARY PRIDGEN BETTY PURSLEY MARY PUSKAS MELWOOD RAINES f l , POTTER, I Club 2 , POWELL, ernment PRESTON Staff 4, PRIDGEN PURSLEY, CI'I'11'l'1CI'1t RAYNOR, EDDIE RAYNOR PRIDGEN, PRIDGEN, CATHERINE MARIE. Girls' Choir 1, Girls' Glee Club 2, English Mixed Chorus 3, Government Club 4. MARY NELL. English Club 2, FHA 2, 3, Social Living Club 3, Gov- Club 4. , GARY. ROTC 2, 3, Sergeants' Club 3, Tennis Team 3, 4, XVilclCat Government Club 4. DELORES. Bible Club 1, 2, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. GENE D. , MARY WELLS. Government Club 4. BETTY JO ANN. Government Club 4. PUSKAS, MARY FRANCES. FI-IA 2, English Club 2, Latin Club 2, Gov- Club 4. RAINES, MELWOOD P. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QVice-President l, 3, Treasurer Zj, Latin Club 2, 3, Basketball 4, Government Club 4. EDDIE. ROTC 2, 3, Government Club 4, D. O. Club 4. y on-Me-,bg fmifzinq. elziors wma efafeg by fkeir REDFEARN, BARBARA ANN. Home Room Chairman 1, 2, GAA 2, Govern- ment Club 4. REGISTER, FLOYD GRAY. RHYNE, ROBERT DONALD. RICE, JIMMY. Latin Club 1, 2, "AH Band 1, 2, 3, ROTC 1, 2, 3, Government Club 4. RICH, SHERRY. GAA 1, Lann Club 1, 2, senbi-,lense Club 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, O,I-Ienry Literary Society 2, Home Room Chairman 3, Judicial Mar- shal 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Tennis Club 3, Circu- lation Staff of Wildcat 3, Wfildcat Staff 4 QEditor-in-Chiefj, Government Club 4, French Club 4. RITTENHOUSE, CORNELIA OVIEDA. FHA 3, 4, Government Club 4. RIVENBARK, BETTYE JEAN. GAA I, FHA 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Govern- ment Club 4. RIVENBARK, JAMES B. Declamation Contest 1, Dramatics Club 1, Crack Pla- toon 2, Biology Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Sergeants' Club 3, Government Club 4. ROBBINS, REBECCA. Tri-I-Ii-Y 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, O'I-Ienry Literary Society 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. ' ROBINSON, FRED JAMES. Government Club 4, D. O. Club S. DONALD RHYNE JIMMY RICE SHERRY RICH BARBARA REDFEARN FLOYD REGISTER CORNELIA RITTENHOUSI BETTYE RIVENBARR JAMES RIVENBARIQ REBECCA ROBBINS ERED ROBINSON JANET ROGERS ROSALINE ROUSE JIMMY RUSS CARL L. SANDERS CARL O. SANDERS HUGH SANDERSON MARGARET SAUNDERS PHYLLIS SAVAGE BETTY SCHNIBBEN l ROGERS, MARLENE JANET. Government Club 3, D. O. Club 4. ROUSE, ROSALINE. FHA 2, Government Club 4, Legislature. RUSS, JAMES C. ROTC 1, 2, Sergeants, Club 2, Home Room Chairman 1, Spanish Club 3, Legislature, Government Club 3 Cllresidenty, Social Living Club 4. SANDERS, CARL L. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 1, Band 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4. SANDERS, CARL O. SANDERSON, HUGH. ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, State Band Clinic 2, 3, State Ensemble Contest 3, Hi-Y 3, 4 CTreasurer 3j, Sergeants' Club 3, 4, French Club 3, Government Club 4. SAUNDERS, MARGARET. Bible Club 2, 3, Home Room Chairman 3, Gov- ernment Club 4. SAVAGE, PHYLLIS FAYE. Home Room Chairman 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, Bible Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Government Club 4. SCI-INIBBEN, BETTY JEAN. HARRIS, DORIS. Y-Teens 1, Government Club 4, D. E. 4. ee oizors receive 012 nor ay. DORIS HARRIS TOMMY SEGO Qual exams remizzgerj fhem 3 SEGO, TOMMY L. Football 1, 2, ROTC 2, 3, Government Club 4. SHELTON, ELIZABETH ANN. Legislature 1, Latin Club 1, Z QPresiClent ZJ, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QTrcasurer 1j, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, French Club 4, Government Club 4, State Music Festival 3. SHERMAN, BETTY. D. E. 4, Government Club 4. SHERMAN, HARVEY JR. SHEARON, BILLIE MARIE. SHERRON, GLORIA. English Club 2, Government Club 4. 1 SHOLAR, JAMES F. Apex High School, Science Club, Basketball 1, 2, Boys Glee Club 1, 2, NHHS, Basketball 3. SIDBURY, FRANCES LENORA. FHA 1, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, O,Henry Lit- erary Society 1, 2, Legislature, Wildcat Reporter 3, Government Club 4, Girls, Glee Club 4. SIMMONS, THOMAS NORWOOD. SIMPSON, JANET DELoRi5s. O'Henry Literary Society 1, Dramatics Club 2, Spanish Club 2, 3 fPresident Zj, Government Club 4, D. O. 4. ANN SHELTON BETTY SHERMAN HARVEY SHERMAN BILLIE SHEARON GLORIA SHERRON JAMES SHOLAR LENORA SIDBURY THOMAS SIMMONS JANET SIMPSON AROL SKIPPER CHRISTA SKIPPER WILLIAM SKIPPER MARY SLOAN BILLY SMITH CATHERINE SMITH DALLAS SMITH DORIS SMITH FAY SMITH SKIPPER, CAROL LEE. Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. SKIPPER, CHRISTA. GAA 1, 2, 3, Home Room Chairman 1, 2, Senate 3, Gov- ernment Club 4. SKIPPER, XVILLIAM. ROTC 2, 3, 4, Sergeants' Club 3, Government Club 4. SLOAN, MARY. Girls' Choir 1, Mixed Chorus "B" 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Legis- lature 4. SMITH, BILLY. Latin Club 1, 2, Government Club 3, French Club 4. SMITH, CATHERINE. Dramatics Club 1, Girls' Choir 1, Wildcat Staff 2, 4, Declamation Contest 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. SMITH, DALLAS B. SMITH, DORIS ANNE. Tri-Hi-Y 1, Home Room Chairman I, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, GAA 2 fSecretaryj, D. O. Club 4, Government Club 4. SMITH, PAY. Art Club I, "A" Band 1, 2, Bible Club 2, Government Club 4, French Club 4. SMITH, JACK Bible Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Band 3, 4, Government Club 4. JACK SMITH fkaf qraguafiolz was approac ing. .l Zire izexf wee cs wma wiflz SMITH, BLANCHE JEANETTE. Orlando High, Tri-Hi-Y 1 fVice-Presidentj, Sub Debs 1 QSecretaryj, Homeroom Chairman, Operetta 1, NHHS, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Y-Teens 3, Mixed Chorus "B" 3, Tennis Club 3, Government Club 4, Wildcat Staff 4. SMITH, KAY. Jacksonville High School, Basketball Awards 1, 2, 3, Monogram Club 2, 3, Homecoming Maid of Honor 3, Delegate to Girls, State 3, NHHS, Assistant Exchange Editor of Wildcat Staff 4, Government Club 4. SMITH, PEGGY LOU. Home Room Chairman 1, FHA 1, GAA 1. SMITH, RICHARD. SMITH, STELLA LOU. Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresident 4j, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Hanoverian Staff 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, Government Club 4, French Club 4 QSecretaryJ, Declamation Contest. SMITHWICK, JO. Girls' Chorus 1, Dramatics Club 1, Wildcat Reporter 1, 2, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2 fTreasurerj, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresi- lent 4j, Mixed Chorus UB" 2, Declamation Contest 3, Judicial Marshal 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4 QSecretary 3j, Hanoverian Feature Editor 4, Gov- ernment Club 4 CVice-Presidentj, Gra-Y Advisor. SNAKENBURG, DIANE. Vice-President of Freshman Class, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresident lj, O'Henry Literary Society 1, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Martha Halligan Cup 2, Wfildcat Staff 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus "A" 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3, Senator 2, Biology Club 2, English Club 2 Qljresidentj, Secretary- Treasurer of Junior Class 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, French Club 4, Government Club 4 QSecretary-Treasurerj, Executive Com. 4, Vice-President of Student Body 4. SNIPES, CHARLES. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, Engineer's Award 1, Latin Club 1, 2 QPresiclent Zj, Band Council 3, Government Club 4. SOLOMON, JACK. Biology Club 1, 2, Latin Club 2, 4 fTreasurer 21, Home Room Chairman 2, Judicial Marshal 2, Government 4. SPIVEY, JACK E. PEGGY SMITH RICHARD SMITH STELLA SMITH JEANETTE SMITH KAY SMITH JO SMITHWICK DIANE SNAKENBURG CHARLES SNIPES JACK SOLOMON JACK SPIVEY BETTY SPRINGS EAYE STANLEY DOROTHY STONE HARRY STONE ANN STRONG DOROTHY STUCKEY DANIE SXVART GEORGE SXVART JOE SWART V SPRINGS, BETTY. Glee Club I, 2, FHA 1, 2, Government Club 4. STANLEY, FAYE. FHA 1, Girls' Choir 1, Girls' Glee Club 2, Government Club 4 STONE, DOROTHY. STONE, HARRY D. ROTC Sergeants' Club, Crack Platoon. STRONG, ANN. GAA 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Government Club 4. STUCKEY, DOROTHY DEAN. Legislature, Government Club 4. SWART, DANIE. FHA 1, 2, D. E. Club 4, Government Club 4. - SWART, GEORGE. SWART, JOE. SWART, JOHN KNIGHT. Spanish Club 2, 5, Government Club 4 measuremelzfs for caps an gowns, JOHN SWART RUBY SWART practices for qmgua fiom exercim, SWART, RUBY ELIZABETH. Latin Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Government Club 3, 4. TAGLIERI, JOAN. Latin Club 1, 2, FHA 2, English Club 2, French Club 4, Government Club 4. THOMAS, JOHNNY. THOMPSON, LEO. Needham Broughton High, Raleigh, Home Room Chairman, Executive Council 1, Hi-Y 2, Science Club 2, Vice-President of Home Room 2, Student Council 33 NHHS, Secretary of Finance 4, Executive Com. 4 Government Club 4, French Club 4. TILDEN, MARY ANN. GAA 1, FHA 1, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Govern- ment Club 4, Judicial Marshal 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. TOLAR, GWEN. TOWLES, NANCY. TRAISTER, FRANCIS. TUREM, JERRY. Declamation Contest 1, 2, 3, ROTC 2, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Government 4. TURNER, VIRGINIA LEE. Government Club 4, D. O. 4. JOAN TAGLIERI JOHNNY THOMAS LEO THOMPSON MARY TILDEN GWEN TOLAR NANCY TOWLES FRANCIS TRAISTER JERRY TUREM VIRGINIA TURNER ANDY TYSINGER JANIE VALENTINE FRED VALLIANOS JOHN VARGA I LOUISE VAUGHT CATHERINE Von der LIETH JULIAN WALKER SUSAN WALKER BETTY LOU WALTON HELEN XVARD TYSINGER, ANDY. ROTC 1, 2, 3, "AH Band l, 2, 3, Sergeants' Club 2, 3, Government Club 4 fVice-Presidentj. VALENTINE, JANIE. Montreat Preparatory School, Freshman Class President, Cheerleader 1, 2, Monogram Club 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Hiking Club 2, Legislature lg NI-IHS, Government Club 4, Wildcat Staff 4. VALLIANOS, FRED. Latin Club 1 CPresidentj, Home Room Chairman 1, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Declamation Contest 1, English Club 2, 3, Sergeants' Club 3, Government Club 4. VARGA, JOHN ANDROW. Latin Club 1, 2, English Club 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Government Club 4. VAUGHT, LOUISE. Government Club 4, VON DER LIETH, CATHERINE. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 QSecretary 4j, ROTC Band 1, 2, 3, "A" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Band 3, 4, Band Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Government Club' 4. WALKER, JULIAN. Latin Club l, 2, English Club 2, ROTC I, 2, 3, 4, GOV- ernment Club 4. WALKER, SUSAN. Legislature 1, May Court 1, 2, 3, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, Latin Club 1, 2 fVice-Presidentj, EDNCSCC 1, 3, Declamation Con- test 1, 2 fWinner Zj, Dramatics Club 1, Judicial Marshal 1, Sophomore Class President, O'Henry Literary Society 2, Junior Class Senator, Girls' State 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com., Junior Play Com., Secretary of Social Activities 4, Government Club 4, Executive Council 4, French Club 4, Chief Social Mar- shal 4. WALTON, BETTY LOU. Dramatics Club 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, Declamarion Contest 1, 3, Bible Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus "BU 2, Legislature 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4' QSecretary 3j, Operetta 3, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4, Senator 3, Government Club 4. 'WARD, HELEN. Home Room Chairman 3, Government Club 4. and ine signing of new nnnnn 5. PATTIE WARD eniors qmdaafecl with mixe emotions, 1 WARD, PATTIE ANN. Y-Teens 1, 2, FHA 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, Wildcat Staff 4. WARTENBEE, ESTHER. WATERS, PAT. Y-Teens 1, FHA 2, Library Club 3, Government Club 4, D. E. Club 4. WATERS, RONALD. WATKINS, HORACE. ROTC, Football, D. E. 4, Government Club 4. WATKINS, MARY ANN. Scribblers Club 1, 2, O'Henry Literary Society 1, 2, Dramatics 1, 2, Girls' Choir 1, Senate 3, Biology Club 2 QSecretaryj, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Com. 3, Mixed Chorus "B" 2, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4 fPresident 3j, Student Telephone Direc- tory Com. 4, Hanoverian Ad Editor 4, Wildcat Staff 3, Music Festival 3, 4, Sophomore Day Program 4, Government Club 4, Y-Teens 3. WEBB, CHARLIE. D. O. Club, Government 4, English Club. NVELCH, NANCY GLORIA. Creher High School, Junior Homemakers, Asso- ciation 2, 3, 4-H Club 2, 3, NI-IHS, Government Club 4. WELLS, DOLLIE GRAY. WENBERG, BETTE. O'Henry Literary Society 1, Scribblers' Club 1, Y-Teens 1, GAA 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com. 3, French Club 4, Government Club 4, Social Marshal 4. ESTHER WARTENBEE PAT WATERS RONALD WATERS HORACE WATKINS MARY WATKINS -MW-W CHARLIE WEBB NANCY WELCH DOLLIE WELLS BETTE WENBERG A ELEANOR WEST ma.. ,,,. M., ,,..X,.. ..,..,, , MARY WHITE JAMES WHITFIELD FAYE WILKINS SYLVIA XVILSON HELEN XVILLIAMS DeWAYNE WILLIAMSON ELMER WILLIAMSON KATHLEEN WILLIAMSON WEST, ELEANOR JOYCE. Girls' Chorus 1, Girls' Glee Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QSecretary Zj, Government Club 3, Hanoverian Staff 4 flyhotographic Editorj, Social Living Club 4. XVHITE, MARY CATHERINE. Latin Club 1, 2, Scribblers' Club 2, O'Henry Literary Society, Dramatics Club 2, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Home Room Chairman 3, Judicial Marshal 3, Junior-Senior Prom Com., ROTC Sponsor Company "A", Government Club 4. XVHITFIELD, JAMES N. ROTC 2, 3, 4, Government Club 4. WILKINS, FAYE. WILSON, SYLVIA ANN. Girls' Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus "B" 2, Mixed Chorus "A" 3, 4, Government Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fVice-Presidentj, Latin Club 1, 2, Dramatics Club 1, Social Living Club 4. WILLIAMS, HELEN OLIVIA. Latin Club 1 fPresident 1, Vice-President Zj, Dramatics Club 1, Declamation Contest 1, 3 QWinner 31, Home Room Chair- man 3, Scribblers' Club 3, Student Court Judge 3, Junior Play Com., Junior- Senior Prom Com., National Honor Society 3, 4, Senate 4 fPresidentj, French Club 4 fPresidentj, Government Club 4 QSecretaryj. XVILLIAMSON, DeWAYNE. ROTC 1, 2, 3, Sergeants, Club, Crack Platoon. WILLIAMSON, ELMER. Latin Club 1, 2, English Club 1, 2 fViCe-President 1, Treasurer Zj, Social Living Club 3, Government Club 4. XVILLIAMSON, KATHLEEN. Home Room Chairman 3, Government Club 4. WILLIAMSON, LILLIAN MAE. Girls' Choir 1, English Club 1, Mixed Chorus "B" 2, Mixed Chorus HA" 3, 4, Oberetta 3, District and State Music Contest 3, Government Club 4. appy fo Aeqilz coffe e cm careen, LILLIAN WILLIAMSON q yef refucfanf fo feave scboof omg frielz 5. BETTY WOOD PAT NVOOD ANNETTE WOOTEN THOMAS XVORTHINGTON KERMIT WRENCH WOOD, BETTY. Girls' Choir, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. WOOD, VIOLET PATRICIA. FHA 1, GAA I, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Scrib- blers' Club 2, Home Room Chairman 4, Government Club 4. WOOTEN, CAROLYN ANNETTE. Latin Club I, 2, Bible Club 2, Govern- ment Club 4. WORTHINGTON, TOMMY. WRENCH, KERMIT. ROTC, D. O. Club, Government Club 4, Crack Platoon 4. Those seniors whose pictures do not appear in the Hanoverian are: SHERWIN CUTEB BILL DIXON HARLAN EPPS CAROLYN HEWETT PHILLIP JONES BOBBY LEWIS DONALD MELTON DONALD RAY MORTON IOHNNY NEAL JIMMY RAY PARKER LUTHER PRESSLEY FRANCES ROBERTS NANCY ROBERTS -IAN ROTHROCK HENRY SAUNDERS CHARLIE SKIPPER ED SLOOP ELVIN SOOTS HARVEY LEE TAYLOR MARVIN WATSON x f f , ff f fy ff 7 7 e ,, wwf , Vw 4 M i Z ya 1 so vi Q 5 if 2 ,K , ' M , A Q 4 ., 1' ,, Z gk I i A " . Q 1 ei Q ' ' Z wi Q X M., "'.'WVh4, 'if if Z' , K 9 ' , 'Z i 'M , , 4' K,rzf' sw , -'wi zfgf xv g f 5 , Ts X i L ,fx Q ' i Q. . 7,S.!,f, 0, 1 H W me ff' I ' , 5 W ' - ef' ' f " ' A if jiiifj k, f - ff aa? an ' f U , f gf ff 17 I f P Y .9 . , ,f , ,, ,, ,,, N M E M O R IA SHELIAH ELIZABETH CAPPS 193 5-195 1 Our hearts recall a sunny smile, With blue eyes rlaneing all the wlaile, A spirit warm as May s1in's gleam, NOW once more in HCdUB11,S Tloenzeg A friend whose loss has caused 115 pain, Forever ours in Memory Lane. Page 65 .peciaf momenfs Lrff: Our sponsors were presented flowers at the Homecoming Game. They are, leff fo right: Jane Love, Lucile Barden, Mary Catherine White, Sarah Johnson, Sue Edwards. Rigbf: Virginia Dixon presents two of the superlatives, Patti Moore and Grant Armstrong, to the student body. Lvff: The Junior-Senior Prom was enjoyed by many. Pictured above are Bobby Franks and jane Love. Rigbf: Students of Miss Formy-Duval's homeroom class decorate for the Christmas Holidays. Robert Cole holds the ladder for Patti Ward and Jeannette Smith while Johanne McKee sprays snow. Page 66 Zim gafure ec com Perhaps to many seniors of 1953 this will be the last door of formal learning through which they will pass. Other portals of life and its realities will open to them the experiences of responsibilities, temptations, and happiness. E To other graduating students this door will be followed by more doors of higher education, in which extensive knowledge will be acquired to fit them better for greater service to themselves, to humanity, and to God. Page 67 Au Anounu WITTIEST Wfafzakf Zdef feng WMWQ6 fmfuuuesr EQ-2 Dew 512246 Hawk L55 5CH00l ,ff f f NGNCHALANT ,f ,f :g,,,!,ig,,,fQ,g, ,, ,,f f, , f j,,2,f,5,.f j, ,f,5,f5,f5,y ,, I f ' ,ff 7 , ' M f y a wffff T3 'THEY most FLsm1l0US ,ff ff Zisrgeesszv KQTQZQ, gjqrsf, we pickeJ an WCMJ5 MAY QUEEN . . . Mary Catherine White MAID OE HONOR ..... Sue Edwards flzelz, a roseg P g 72 omg ibm, cz oaquef. SENIOR ATTENDANTS JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Sarah Johnson Betty Bordeaux Lucile Barden Pat Tickner SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Frances Youngblood Barbara Hewett Page 73 .IU IORS '27 ' Glass O IQCEVS Left Io rigbl: ANN PATH, Secretary-Treasurerg PAT TICKNER, Presidencg BETTY BORDEAUX, Vice- President. Juniors prepared themselves for leadership by participating in many phases of school life. Their officers were representative of their best. Seizaiors DAVID BARIZFOOT SALLY HICKS PETE LAND OSCAR GRANT KAREN KURKA LYNNE SHANNON Page 74 f f 1 1 f V I Jfmfmg J K .... , 4,5 my J I 1.1 A If A ' I KW 1 ,,1,:f .,'i,, I V 'w C' " 2 , A Ik -. 41, ' ff - WZ E W V, 'Q 'I 'I I J , ' if , L y . M V ,. j,e:-'sgffmi ., ,V . ,Ji f m N 3 2 6 I fi!! 7, Q 'Z ' Q1 , , ,..,.,,,,,,,. 1 r f :af Q Q4 GQ 4 A2 Sf ,,..,,. ff- . 2 , . , W "f Y' , f J QM om? fo be 'S 4' 4 fl' . by I X, fx LLJDPBVC 655172612 : Q V 71 . f, . . ,Q'Z2W::92244f I ' Q - I ' ' 5 4 I I I If 9 , -i -A A ,H ,ii I if VMI .... 3 -. ' Q ' I , . . ., , ww' W J W V. 5 , . - ' ' V -ri, xx' .I X . X , AX -6- 4 I I 75' I. . , ' -' 23 1, f W A . , if 2 y f ' f ' -'af-j ' X ' Page 75 BILLY ALLEN MYRON ALLEN BILLY AMAN ERNEST ANDERSON BARBARA AUSTIN GEORGE AUTRY ETHEL AVERA RONALD BALDWIN BOBBY BARBER DAVID BAREFOOT ELIZABETH BAREFOOT ELIZABETH BARNHILL PATSY BARRETT JENNIE BARTLETT CHASTINE BASS DIXIE BATCHELOR PLEASANT BATSON PEGGY BELLAMY MARTHA BENTON JEAN BERGEMANN LORETTA BERLIN JOANNE BLACKBURN PEGGY BLACKBURN SHELVY BLAKE ANNETTE BLANTON JOHN BLANTON OBBIE BLANTON FRANKLIN BLOCK RUTH BONEY MARTHA BOONE BETTY ANN BORDEAUX BETTY BORDEAUX MARTHA BOWDEN GEORGE BOWEN FRANCINE BOWERS C. W. BOYETTE DERRIS BRADSHAW JUDY BRAINARD HILLMAN BREWER JACKIE BREXVER RACHEL BRIDGES BETTY JEAN BRIGMAN HOWARD BRITTAIN JANE BROWN JOHN BROWN ROBERT BROXVN RONNIE BROWN JOANNE BRUTON NORMA BRYANT BILLY BUCK BOB BUCK RICHARD BUCK DAVID BUIS LARRY BULLARD WALTER BURNETT V Lk . v J 5, ,:, .J , 5 T 121- Z ' .f Z' L7 -4 ,v 8 f? A: KS.. 'ff GQ! , 2 ,-.Mfr 9 fkese Wiffilzq, responsibfe juniors BILLY BUTLER HELEN CAINE SYBIL CANADY ANDREW CANOUTAS BILLY CAPPS JULIAN CAPPS MARION CAPPS TOMMY CAPPS CHARLES CARLYLE ALLEN CATHEY JULIAN CHAPMAN DAVID CHECKNER FRANKLIN CLARK GLENDA CLEWIS MARIE COBB CAROLYN COLE BOB COLEMAN JERRY COLEMAN JOSEPHINE COLLINS CLIFFORD COMEAN THOMAS COOK JANET COOPER LENOX COOPER LYNN CORBETT CAROLYN COTCHETT f ,Af 11 "kv f"L 41 V Z 5 4 -V 1 P xg , 4 A mf 2 AZ! " ' 9! 9,:v2Vh..g 5 A,- 1 f -I lhvjlxg 1 .f I W ..... 4 J 'Airy qv v I- Q,-Ti l' . Vgllv I ., . . I r I , ,I A I N. , H-. , ' 'T ' 1' .- E , ' ' I' in . ' R I I I if BBP.'.: I If i , ,J .. -b N V E- ,. .' , ..... ,..,,7 K Q as in Q , .. , .,,.. ' . 'V , Lll Wx x -..... . '4, ., 'A A P P x IPP P L.. A ... N Page 76 . ' f a m , I A , uv , fv' X :I f 6+ A 7 , ' A 5 . , , A ,,, .1 W V , 5 ., V J 0 ff ,gr 1 if J ig, 4 X if . y W. A ' , X2 nf , , , W , I Mff v il I 5 W IIVI I Aff, vw vw . Q mf Wg wwf , 1. 9 , 2 lk 175 A f7Qyj, Wfwymm 7 MSIE' 5 Zig QV' 3535,h . 4 A-1 V V I iw -.f W 1' ' ff A W 'uf' .,. . W X I 0 I A . I "fi il . ,EEYI 5 I 55 ga LZ 'I 1 III E " f I JIMMY COVIL ANN CRAIG ALBERT CREASY DOREE CREXVS ALAN CROOM HILDA ANN CROOM ANITA CULVER NWAYNE CUSHING GAYLE DAILEY ALICE DANNENBAUM GREGORY DAVIS HOLMES DAVIS MARY FRANCES DAVIS RONALD DAVIS B. C. DEANS wma ready fo execufe amy fask. l" hz- ' ' f if , X f ,. ,X WW ,75WMW, ,VY, gwfff wwf V, fI5?'g IEHVV :,Q A 5 5 , J P , I 5 f Z ' gl, I 2 W, ,I1. ,Q Q 'I-al A I Page 77 JOSEPHINE DEBNAM CARL DEMPSEY JEANETTE DRIGGERS JEM DuRANT ED DYE BARBARA EASOM BARBARA ELLIOT MAURICE EMMART ALICE FAYE EVANS SHIRLEY EZZELL SHIRLEY FALES ANN FARROW CAROLYN FARROW RAYMOND FARROW SHIRLEY FARROW JIMMY FORRESTER SHERRI FORRESTER RUSSELL FOSTER FRANCES FOWLER DON FROST WILLIAM FURCHES NANCY FUTCH ROBERT GALLONVAY XVANDA GARDNER BETTY GARVIE LEON GAY EMILY GILBERT BETTY GODLEY BOB GODLEY CAROLYN GRAHAM KATHERINE GRAHAM OSCAR GRANT JACKIE GREENE GARY GREER JOHNNY GRIFFITH LUCY GROOT SARAH GROVE BARBARA HAILEY MARIE HALL REX HARDY , VZ. .. I A ' ,i,, . ' 'f ' A J K L ,,.,. ,,C., if lL I AICB ' I A + 2 I ' I-., LA gh I 2 f A , 'HIII A I I " - A 'I ' A Q , ,W " f V , I Cflxcifeg ago If fkebz C ass p ay, DORIS HARRELL , I - LLOYD HARRISON ' qqll Q ilq W Q J ,Z E BARBARA HARVELL V I iw ANN HATCH SGA , ' Y ' --. ,,-.. X , r MARGARET HEAD A TA,AVq I X Q, 1 A DD A N A N ' ,,DO S S A SARA HENRY ' , X - , ' CATHERINE HERRING P I . qi " f. . X CHARLOTTE HERRING I Lg ,1A, ,- df' I - "' I'-If ED HERRING A A ..., .No 9:4 :. N f - , ,Q vi: YVONNE HERRING ' ,A,, ' , 5 Q .,:w,.g' I ew PEGGY HEWETT , . ' I ' RAE HEWLETT . A A ' CHARLES HICKS I 'Q ' 'A LOUISE HICK3 X ' X 5 -I SALLY HICKS I Q -'M "TT Si., Q 3, :Tri "-A SAMMY HILL I V S MELBA HINIQS , Ex JOHNNY HINNANT g ,E A I RITA HODGES Q I ROGER HORNE S V' . A " I . - . ' h" - s.. ?3':Iv. JEAN HUCKABEE A , IDA BELL HUGGINS I ' JIMMY HUNTER H I ,if 2 JACK HURST ,N ,Q " 5 JOE HUTCHINSON I .X Y . ,- 23 .:-A Q dx ":..: ':-:' ,, ' ' X Page 78 "W" Y M5 + X 3: A 'E E . G.X.,.x vt Q AQENQ51 5 Sf, A! S .L L K Q NP X-A gg xi X 4 Nw gg. A ni 5 I .A A. K' . f A x f6f:f,Qk ,L 1- A D I ,A N eemziizq eos fkey receive uk. . :- " ' Q, . 4 1 QQ " A A A 5 I , -L 4, ' Af ..e, ff' ,QQ . , A -1 K -X '.'. Z , A I ifxhx 5 A A x up ky. C . ' by O ' ,qvv 'f' , "'P"'f I J I 6, A e ,e 4, A , , 1 , , W A I 4 T' I J Q' ,sf 5 5 .3 I 'iq .. .M . , 1...xQ.,.. ,.. Q, - 1 K 1 1 rt. 'W' x GA V i j' -A-, - Q .4 I L A ee - 1 A I f R x fs ff- A 'Sz ' if if A A f,f: I r Page 79 PAT JACOBS DOTTIE JO JAMES DANNY JOHN HAROLD JOHNSON HOLLIE JOHNSON BOBBY JOHNSON CAROLYN JOHNSON BETSY JONES PEGGY ANN JONES ARTHUR JORDAN BARBARA JORDAN JO ANN JORDAN ROBERT JOYB SONDRA KALEIN GINGER KBISTBR JIMMY KING MARY KING HATTIE KINLAW BARBARA KIRKMAN GERALDINE KNOWLES VITALIJ KOLOMYETZ PAULA KORNEGAY KAREN KURKA PETE LAND DOROTHY LANE RONNIE LANE LILA LANGLEY GERALDINE LEARY FRANKLIN LEE MARIAN LEINER EDNA LENNON BETTE JEAN LEWIS MIRIAM IIICKMAN KATHRYN LEWIS BOBBY LIETCH RUTH ANN LOETIN DORIS LONG ROMA MacDOUGALD BARBARA McKEE PETE MCKENZIE RONNELL MCKOY ANNETTE MACLAWHORNE CHARLOTTE MQLEAN RUBY MQNEILL TOMMY MILLARD HELEN MALPASS DICKIE MANNING HAROLD MANNING KENAN MAREADY ANN MASON JUDITH MASSEY IMOGENE MATTHEXVS ROXANA MEBANE BETTY MEIER DAVID MELVIN KEN MERCER GAREY MERITT VERNON MESHAW EARL MILLER ROBERT MILLER BONNIE MILLINOR DAVID MILLINOR PEGGY MILLINOR MARGARET MINER HELEN MINTZ DONALD MONROE JEAN MOORE BETSY MORGAN JANE MOURING JANE MULLINIX ROBERT MURPHY CAROLE NANCE AMY NAYLOR MARY NEALE MARY NEVILLE CAROLYN NEWKIRK FAYE NOBLES YVONNE ODOM JEAN OLIVER SALLY OTTAWAY ? 4 ' 47 YY Ts' nf . , f ev , .wi S J V' '45 lb' is A Is . iff- " A K w A . A T fkebz ckmbskeg cfous V. , W 1 A an W" KK GW Yu A I .' 1:6 :JZ iw 'AI .., 7' O 4' H f 33" f . . 4 . 1 . I ., -1 1 "1 1,,. AW L if XY Viiq q:7q , 1 , , :W , -0,44 ,QI 7 T. 71'-Wx M I ' I , W:-V! I I ,,.,.w11f-ffm V f ,f lf, . ff I ,,.. , 7 1 . E 'fi V, X 5 I ff .Q 4- -Yf 5 ' " ' , -'1,. V4 " A if 4. :bg , V X: I 3. -. Q fl T' A - ' sf . ?"', .. -LY? :xx M, Iii, vw X If f V , .., f X 42 , I fi A Al ITL ri1zq5, ,Y Q N I fy., :if X, if if ' ., "'vg ,iff 71" pf Iv 1? ll I R R . 3 1 JU A ,5 , T' ' 1 5' . pg W X eb Y , N , K ,.x-X Y 'X vs I . I F -QQ E L I L A -ax Page 80 Q 'f ,,- W ,, f O1 f X 1 f f V ft A A A ' M, Af X , nw' -Q W. ,Wy .,,., I 1 " 2' ', ' Q jg. 4? 7 Q, 2:1 pg, J A 7 4 ' ' Q f N 71" Pm...,. I I I L BARBARA PACE GLORIA PADRICK JAMES PAPPAS CHARLES PARKER DENNIS PARKER JOYCE PARKER JOE PARNELL ANN PATE JAY PETERSON PETE PETERSON ERDINE PETTENVAY ANN PI-IELPS ELIZABETH PI-IELPS CLARINE PICKETT DEAN PINER cmimafeg over fflzeir Hrsf 607 LA ..., . ,. N L"' - A-,,v , ,' V- W I A . .P.R1 2 Xu X E A 511,91 , 7 4 f W - S - P 1 A A A , , 1 , ,ll QQUA . 4'Z2: - A' ,f l . X P ,. , xx. '- ' . ' ,:,f . VII7 , lx., G 'mfg ' I I Page 81 'K , 5 6 1 'El V1 Q ' af' f.A-'. , A .. P: 1'-'W ,V T- f 4.-.W f ,,, W, ' 'A ff , A R Z.. Q' 4 3 3 , W' K 'G ! A xx nf Qivf-,., T., '-I " ..',. V HQ Q' A. " Q AQ Sz 2 , P f. , ,S E., .cw ,E . . fiv S 6 M MARY NELL PIVER JIMMY PORTER MIKE POULOS JIMMY POWELL LINDA PRIDGEN JOHN PRIDGEN BETTY LOU PUGH ROY PURSLEY MARGARET ROWE SHIRLEY ROLLINSON MARGARET ROGERS HERBERT RIVENBARK BILLY RIVENBARK BILLY RAINES CHARLENE RAY BARBARA REAGAN PATTY REGISTER ROLAND REGISTER PAT REYNOLDS JERRY FAYE RICH PATTY SANDLIN BOB SAUNDERS LOUISE SAUNDERS CECELIA SCHLEGEL ELAINE SCOGGINS RAY SCOTT ETHEL SEGO BETTY SELLERS NORMA SELLERS VIVIAN SELLERS BONNIE SHAIN LYNNE SHANNON TOMMY SHANNON SHIRLEY SHARPE JIMMY SHAW MARY SHIPMAN DAVID SKIPPER SHIRLEY SKIPPER VEONIA SKIPPER CALVIN SMITH GLORIA SMITH JERRY SMITH JOAN SMITH VANCE SMITH BETTY SMITHSON PHYLLIS SOMERSETTE BILL SPARKES SHARON SPEAKER JIMMY SPIVEY VIOLET SPIVEY BILL STANLEY BILLY STARNES BARBARA STOKLEY DONALD STRAYHORN JUANITA SURLES MARIE SWART PAT SWART JOE TARDUGNO SHIRLEY TAYLOR MURLE TEACHEY BILLY TEAGUE JIMMY TEW BETTY THOMPSON MARGARET THOMPSON STANLEY THOMPSON Q 3 ,-2 f f f or v ,. ,,4.L,,,:M' 'W ' "1 X ' ' 'I ar yl' I I S X A ff? 3, if I " if 435 W S I fi img 'Q Qfj ,.. if 'r W I A , M A I ' 9 , J 4 A, 'X 3. - , SS , , , ,ff ' I I f ,f , ,W 7 , jg f f 1 , f , cfm-'fa J f ,Man If T452 Q f W , J, I A 5 ,ALT 4 24411, JL . , T . ..,, , , -V ' ' ' vw V -A 9' ' 4 , 1' f l. -0 I Q ,. fl 7 A A f . gawk. I , ,Q ., '1 Q I , J V, .5 I if. ' I W W I 4- A.lN,,A, H T gl- , !"' S. X il I, I I amor- amor rom, I SI'1 ' f r? " I , .,,.J, , IS,. ,,., I A ,,,. A -A,,,,.V ' yi, M - "" ' jf ' ' Q Q ' f Q JAI I f' f A , ,i V V V t ? 4 , ,xg , , ",, J 1.,.L 1 II' f : N I I I L. ..",," ., , d l. ,, E if ltle -5, I , E hx A ,J ,Q " QE: 'S A fIA I ' f 1 . A S SIEJSS I I,S, , , I T-I' , lv .i w ..,, 1 ', !Lv-,AA my I M if ' ., , f ' ., .. I' 1 , 4 'Un--f ,, If V: 4+ f f If ,, ,, If . 5 'V , 5 . I J I f IS . Page 82 Mf f wifi" 59" f! jf 4 HI' fa f 1 --W x VV Sf' 'ww 7, f, .,,., W 41' W PAT TICKNER DAVID TOUSIGNANT NELL TOWNSEND DESPINA TRIPODES PETE TSANTES DOUGLAS UPCHURCH ALVA WARD ED WALKER RONNIE WALKER JESSIE WALLACE SUE WALTON BOBBY WARWICK IDA MAE WATKINS JACK WATSON CAROLYN WEBSTER fbese sfugelzfs were assefs fo W A E, A! 21' Y Aw if W Af , W M W 1 4- fl K V , , 50,39 JERRY WELLS CHARLES WHITE GRIER WHITE MITCHELL WHITLEY JOYCE WHITMAN 4, EI , L ,W ' x Q v'Rf .Q ..,'r WX' -LL' Nz lk is ,L L, :vw Q 57, f i , , .gr , ,' ' QFVVYW ,'A, .,, M . 1 qrmq ggi! .YM,y A I ff MRI' 4 1 'aff' ' f I 'TTA .JZ VL,n " ' f ' v . f 4 kj! f y .. , . V 5 ' if Sy X I .L I ff X f v V V q . ! 4 , Z gh J , 5,5 .,,V , I V fzY'f VI A Q, ,.WUi1 Q aging ' ik' E I 5 4 im,4 A , Page 83 AL WILEY JANAREE WILKINS HARRY WILLIAMS JIMMY WILLIAMS JIMMY WILLIAMSON CONRAD WITHERSPOON DAVID WOOD ELDRIDGE WOOD MAURICE WOODCOCK RACHEL WRIGHT BETTIE JEAN VERZAAI. JEANETTE YOPP SALLY YOPP SHIRLEY ZIMMERMAN N I H .f 'i SOPHO ORES 06155 OIQHCZYS Loft lu right: SHIRLEY Pooua, Secretary-Treasurcrg FRANCIS YOUNGBLOOD, Presidenrg BILLY GARDNER. Vice-President. Though somewhat bewildered, they began the year with a smile and a dream. The dreams were of three inviting years of new experiences. In their class elections the sophomores chose those who they thought would best lead their class through the year. mp.. FERIBA BERRY HENRY FINCH DOROTHY MOORE NANCY BORDEAUX BOBO MCEACHERN JOANN REGISTER Page 84 Senafors F! Robert Adams Robert Aiken Barbara Alabaster Charles Alford Carlton Allegood Bessie Andrews Bobby Andrews Kenneth Ard Glenn Avery Barbara Avison Charles Barefoot Nancy Barnes Patsy Barnes Reba Barnes Ronnie Barnes Henry Batton Douglas Bayse Edward Beacham Jimmie Bell Wayne Benfield 8 rzfkm iasfic sap onzores, I . aw, 'V of-4,-Hn f ,.tj5i Q, , if veg V-js .: I In - cgi. ity, 'Mp V.. ..,. 1 '. 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Bergemann Mary Mimi Bergen Feriba Berry David Blake Jerry Blake Robert Blake Bernice Blanton Calvin Blanton Bernice Bowen Gray Boyette Alyce Braak Louise Bradshaw Jimmy Breen Barbara Bryant Wallace Bryant Carol Buck Judy Buck Rebecca Bullard flzriffed by being in high 5clz00L . ,.,,, .im V, . x X :Q ff P l My wf'-wg , " 'i .' Af", - ,' ieee A- - lil Wg' zl., ' V- f - J- A X K a 1134? , 5 la V l . A1 eV-i 4 .,,.' g i V A 4 i I.., l I B iii g 4 x. Ii' B , f. f ,.: B A . V 'A'.-l I L ' , 3 A- .Pi 5.1. in , , ,-" f':f" 2 N23' f 1... , . K i 'y,r B X, ,,,: fa Page 86 William Best Shirley Bigford jack Birmingham Jackie Black Betty Blake Joseph Blanton Cathie Blanton Walter Blanton Mel Bordeaux Nancy Bordeaux Odell Bridgers Janice Britt Earl Brown Jean Brown Nell Brown Billy Bullard Sylvia Bumgardner Carol Bunch Barbara Burris J. W. Burris Veronica Burris Gladys Burton Kenneth Burton Bobby Butler Carol Butler Capitola Callihan Jack Campbell Christine Cannon Otis Capps Dennis Carney Russell Carter Guy Casey Gene Casteen Rodey Cathey Ida Cavanaugh Edna Coleman Harry Coleman Sharon Colvard Annell Congleton Dennis Connor were comciezzfious sfudelzfs Page 87 5 ff , f J' , if , 47 . J A WZ W! ZX 1 x 5 X , I Ronald Butler Ruben Butler Douglas Byrd Bobbie Jo Benton Henry Cale Clyde Carroll George Carter judith Carter Kay Carter Robert Lee Carter Betty Lou Cayton Wilber Clyde Cheers Bill Cheney Esther Clecve Boyce Cole Pat Conner Rosa Lee Connor Darrell Cook Jimmie Cooper Jo Anne Cooper Sandy Costin Barbara Coston Harold Covington Jimmy Cox Jack Craig Steve Croom Leon Cumber Iuana Fay Cummings George Cummings Alfred Dail Jimmy Davis Robert Davis Jerry Dean jimmy DeHart Pierre Depland Bill Doran Randall Doslier Ralpla Dotson Ralpli Drew Charles Drevyn and faiflzfuf war ers. v a,Qj5,? SQ 4 W Li ,Aga . ,ag ,X af rm I " Q f,fa..J,f W , . 4., ' , ,i , , an my X I f"" xgamfy X ,J 1 7 j af f - ., s ,aff 4 N ij J , ii, 2 35 .Qi Page 88 'if 1 ff '1 X N V My gf we is iA'ii---, s':f Q 3: as 1 X X xe'i xox 'S v C 'f . a s , Se , k wg 5' , ..xx"fe lx lg? V 5 R X , g 1 52 s hi ,N Albert Creasy Pat Creech Ronald Crocker Kenneth Croom Rodney Croom Evelyn Dale Edith Darden Rudolph Daughtry Patsy Davenport Charles Davis Julia DeVane Sylvia Dew Vivian Dicksey Herman Dingler Shirley Dooley Carolyn Dudley Jerry Dunn Mickey Dunn Tom Dyson Donald Eagle Nancy Eckenrod Fay Edge Bobby Edison Jimmy Edwards Wilhelmina Ehlers Martha Faulkner Ray Fennell Betty Ann Fields Joan Fields Barbara Finberg Vura Foy William Foy Max Fryar Dorothy Gallup Francis Galog Annette Gillette Betty jean Gilliard Jackie Glisson Lawrence Glisson Emma Godwin Koay fbbze various cfubs ., - U, , 445 www k y A f , X ' z z f , 'WW Q ,W . f X 5 L f Z7 f ff X 1 if ,, if'j jgiirrer , :aww f Q 1 Q Wf Q 2 . ,, fr' .nf .4 'M 5 X ,f film I ,.f77i1 'ellgj :,N.l,' H we 4 KQV W ff MX X Q its r ,, for ' f ff fyuifnf fan mvigi ggagk 5 5 f,, ,G . Z. l f flax qA, A. f fiv e 1 --,,4 ' ' L Page 89 Arlen Edison Carl Elliott Tommy Elliott Jim Evans Martha Everett Henry Finch Sandra Flenniken Jimmy Forbes Olin Fowler Dottie Fox Bill Gardner Jane Garris Betty Rose Gatling Gene Gay Jimmy George Robert Goff Annette Gore Shelton Gore Dorothy Gosnell Corky Granger Kenneth Grant jimmy Green Geraldine Gregory Jeanne Gresham Carolyn Grimes Martha Guyton Hazel Hale Houston Hales Xvilbur Hales Alex Hall Doris Harder: Marie Hardee Elle Hareleman Jack Hardison Milton Hardison Joyce Harrison Mike Hawkins Raymond Hawkins Hilda Heath Jean Henderson f X ,. -. Q , an X 2 ,gum , i and R we , F ,1 f if la W F' , .. 1, fook parf in 3 if . 4 . ,- , f I 6 V W MIM qw. ,, f VW? , X if , 1 , W' ,X any ,K s-...K f 9 X X 2, fm Www' Page 90 Chris Gross Paul Grossnickle Sammy Gunncrson Betty Gurganious Richard Gustafson Herman Hall Jessie Mae Hall Karen Dew Hall Griffin Hamilton William Hanchey Stewart Hare jeff Harman Peggy Harrell Carol Harris Mary Harris Mildred Henderson Edith Henry Wesley Henry Don Henson Joyce Hester Judith Hewett Mary Alice Hewett Jimmie Hickman Joann Hickman Hamilton Hicks Janice Hinson Libby Hobbs Martha Ann Holden Becky Holland Miriam Holley Christian Humphrey Sammy Hunter Helen Hurst Frances Hutchinson JoAnn Inglettc Donald Jenkins Annette Johnson Barbara Johnson Carolyn Johnson Cecil Johnson many sfudenf acfivifies. We Z! 2 "L . 1 1 ff? ' Q , 1 is :Qjg.,f,Q,.i , ' ' if V jQ V W Page 91 Ann Highsmitlx Jackie Hines Geneva Hinson Henry Herring Barbara Hewett Donald Hollis Jack Holt Buzz Hornaday Sarah Huddle Donald Hughes Richard Ivey Betty Jackson Irene Jackson Linda Jackson Linda Jarrell Doris johnson Eugene Johnson Florence Johnson Freddy Johnson Gene Johnson Jackie Johnson Joanne johnson Kenneth Johnson Sally Johnson Sophie Johnson Robert Jordan Cecil Jordan Willard jordan Dot Justice Parmalee Justice Billy Kelly Beulah Kennedy Shirley Kennedy Joyce Kerr Myrma Ketchum Robert King Truman King Velma King Vivian King Walter King Gflfozzq wifh seniors an jmziors, eelmgi X he-M 2:55 Qi. .Qu A' I : I if V X X i 2 yWi,,.. . 'C if 1 V ek ae ,, of if Q 'ZH' ff , , ,i,i A all Page 92 ' A, 4 f ,fy .::' J' : 'V ef - ...5,i:f,e,:fgafffew -1 ?ff v f 'V X F. K. Johnston Dan Jones Joy Jones Noel Jones Shirley Jones Shellie Justice Robert Keeble Allene Keith Mary Ann Keith Ann Key Ralph Kimmell Bobby King Dickie King Emma King Freddie King jimmy Kinlaw Jean Kirkham Isla Jane Kirkum Doshia Knowles Frederick Kornegay Frank Kosh Eddie Kraus Paul Krockman Carol Kye Neil Laney Hugh Leitzsey Judith Lenn Buddy Lennon Burke Lennon Lura Lee Lennon Sylvia Lilly David Little Patsy Lockamy Clare Loflin Juanita Love George Mcliachern Helen MeKeown Barbara Jo McKinnon Janie McLemore Mac McPherson Lee J fee aflzfefic feams. flzey c re 2' ,:,: 'P M , ,, "'E"' 3 ' m g "':i ?"1'11- Page 93 Audrey Lanier Betty Lanier N. B. Lanier Harold Lashley Johanna Lecuwenburg Cynthia Lewis Georgia Lewis Jackie Lewis Ray Lewis Betsy Ligon Allen Lucas Charles Lunsford Peggy Lyerly Michael McDaniel Bobo Mcliachern Peggy Macffallum Lex Marks Buddy Mangum James Manning Pete Manning Margie Marec Billy joe Martin Charles Martin Faye Martin Aleine Mathews Robert Meadows Cynthia Meier Morton Meloe Bob Melton Bobby Dean Melton Joyce Merritt Betty Millar Ann Miller Claude Miller Sara Miller Mary Mintz Jennie Mixon George Montford Bobby Moore Dorothy Moore G6 S010 OHZOVZS 51190125012 V I fi 4 1 W ,,,Ju i , VI,fWzjz5 za 7f'QhTfN f X ' ' jf: 1 Q ' ' e fi Q ,,' V ,j, f rf-e' li if M , :aw' 5 Ag ,x y if t 6 V., aQf XJ Q ln lk QQTBK I 'f ' 1 f 'lint 4 Page 94 V 'Quay' Wt X x Gov X "fa an Y N Q F , f irvf ,,! K, W, if ff . gf gm, QM' I, I , , 4 -Mz,M ' M yni, 1 i 25. 7 . W 'az If V 'lie ,I 'Y 'Qtr . mn . : V 7 I , wif Roy Matthews Sarah Matthews Rhoda May Ann Meadows Rip Meadows Evelena Melton Bobby Melvin Donald Melvin Billy Merritt Jimmy Merritt Wayne Miller Dallas Mills Kitty Mills Murray Mincey Bonnie Miner Douglas Morgan Howard Morgan Philip Morgan Libby Morse Alice Muldrow Alvin Murray Nadean Murray Joann Murray Camilla Myers Joyce Neville Dolan Norris Oren Northam Kenneth Nye Dorothy Jean Oliver Geraldine Ormsby Lili Parker Frances Parker Jackie Parker Jimmy Parker Thelma Parker Fay Pearce Pete Poulos Clifton Patten Mary Penton Thomas Pepper ffm Cwirp , l . ' ,. if f -' f i my X K , .r ' 'iii' ' ' time K r -ma 1 X ze' 4 is 4 Page 95 ance, A 2 I .,. 9 ,gm M M. . , Ja , ,, , 2' rie K6 is G E34 4 Ziggy, QA ,ef ,5 Q 7 ' 1' f Q 'y , Q U f f 1 I . fC ,'f' 3 R7 sw.,-A ' A ig:,,aZ., Kenneth Newland Bobby Newton Charles Newton Shirley Nobles Dolores Norflect Shirley Orrcll Mary Ann Oostcrwyk Tamara Osikowska Danny Parham Dutch Parker Hilda Parrish Levi Parrish Peggy Parrish Beverly Parsons Dorothy Pastis Barbara Perdue Frances Pcretti Donald Permenter James Pete Ann Peterson Betty Peterson C. XV. Peterson Pcnnie Pctros Joe Pettctt Howard Phelps Shirley Poole Ray Porter Ralph Potter Pete Poulos Toula Poulos Bobbie Lee Prince Mickey Prior Helen Pugh Lillian Pugh Carol Rackley Annette Register George Rhodes Shirley Rhodes Billy Rich Bill Roberson wkiclz famzclzed fkeir year. g ea? W V, ekx t e ng - --e l 'sf ' X t X 3 i L is 12' SM , I ,MMT Af ' W ff ix f R' :g 4 ,t V V Q ,ga .falkf ,X 1 ' ' Qi v 4 if . W - -, 2 4' f fi-Q" ' 'hi' - ' 'Wt-wa, f 'W O 5 W ! 5? ier. J W 'Q 1 i V ,,,. N., g - N t ' W 'Sf 'wwf 4 Y' 2 Page 96 Barbara Pickett Wrilla Pierce Billy Pigford Jeannette Player Gail Pons Valeria Powell Betty jo Presnell Steve Prevost Delores Pridgen Patricia Pridgen Ray Racltley Gloria Raines Billie Raper Cliff Reaves JoAnn Register Marion Roderick Betty Jane Robinson Ennis Robinson Ester Roberts Sherry Rochell-. Ralph Rollins David Rooks Kathleen Rooks Paul Ruark George Saffo Freddie Schenk Tessic Scott Alton Sellers Susan Sewell Curtis Sewell Guerard Simkins Louisa Simmons Diane Simon Pat Skinner Joyce Skipper Gene Smith Janis Smith Joe Smith Joyce Smith Robert Smith W, A! ' ebay ended ffm year f tv K Q , .. 'V .- 1 m U Q 'axe x ,X- gf Q1 age 97 l la? 5 a ,Q , ,V .l v E, 1222? , M P X s Martha Sanders Sylvia Savage June Sawyer Lctitia Savage Fay Scoggins Dot Shearon Adrian Shepard Martha Kay Shepard B. J. Shepherd Linda Shew Irvin Slade David Sloan Ann Smith Chapman Smith Doris Smith Lynn Smythe Steve Sneeden Bobby Soles Mary Sue Sparkmnn Marian Spencer Joyce Spivey Bill Spooner Howard Stampley D. J. Stanford Alvah Stanland Mary Jane Sumner Ray Sutton Kenneth Swain Paul Swart Irvin Sykes Warren Taylor Wilbur Taylor Marie Tcachcy Ronald Teachy Bobby Thomas Jerry Thornton Betty Tienken Bill Tilley Ruby Todd Kay Tompkins , pw 'W , ,Kuo , . , wiflz cfafss efecfiom, Qiijf if Esiwe vie !?5? ,4wiZgj?g' gui H :Z - J! Q t .1 A ff, 'Q 5. "" ' ' 9 f . -. ,. '1' ,,,,. , f 'ttf' yf'weg7yv: ,,,, 1 f A , . f N .. ima X wifi i,1,g2 HV f T21 f? , . , may j X yqrw, 'gaygi il at 5 ly.. ,vf f Z QW xg W X . s -- " s f Q funk fww.s . 1741 I I 2 if X ,M ' fm ,, , , x 4 5 X ff 4 , i , - jawn gl We fw f f f f f 1 .-if If 4 W , 1 fww we Q, Vi 2 ,Q f '43 , 17? f -ffvswf' f ,LL 55:11-.5 551 f f fs 6 f af af v f f 1. me f I 4, 5 ,f 1 Q' ' Xi 25Zf.effW' -f,f I ! , f 3 X ai.,.fQi 1 H a 'W , " 5 , TF .r,r . fy 2 VV L S 1 f -.. . . 4 iii- lli!l!!!!!!tli J an 1 f if 4 Aff X' T B 'W' I 4' iffimm 'f 0 M! if, W! S, ' W ann 9! 7 :f 1 fl A V I hfwaf F: VB57' I s5n'??97Qa Si aaik ' ",' ' .A - " ' '-rw : ' .- a f Page 98 ,A K A Af , VW .,f. 1,7 4 E. O. Strayhorn I. B. Strickland jimmy Strong Lamar Strorher Norman Stuart Betsy Tanner Beth Taylor Jean Taylor Nellie Taylor Rogers Taylor Roberta Thomas Ted Thomas Shirley Thomas Alex Thompson Geraldine Tyson Raeford Trask Madeline Trask Eleanor Traynham Jeanne Trulove Bobby Turner Dexter Turner Mary Helen Tutor Bill Valentine Douglas Vass Jimmy Vaughan Delphine Waddell Charles Wade Anne Walden Earl Walker Bill Wall John Ward Joyce XVatson Wyndel Watson Melvin Watkins Billy XVatters Jeannie Wells Julia Wenberg Leo West Marian Westbrook Barbara White anficipafinq fke zzexi gem, f 1 "' 'fe if Q .S E far. I Lf' Sift X' i Q' ' 4 . 1 9' ,, Yu K 0 X k W x Q' tj .,. gf 7 X .A , I, 1, ,A --Www. .lib Y 4 i 4 Y? ' ,.,. 53 ,s.,ss 'Q ea Ei ! 1 i ,e.,. , , y 2 qy l , if ?vfl A i as Wh, 4 . , YA Q b ' . ""' " or , - 1 'A-' - .' ' " . f " K"' E 5 i ii I K iyili , ' , 'S i i ' -.,Ak 5 ',,: 5 E A 1 nlv- G .7-'rev ess V A ti A ,. .. 'Z ., 39 . gin .. . 7. xv 4 Page 99 Mike Vaughan Gloria Vaught Ed Veazey Barbara Vereen Jimmy Verzaal Huxley Walters Carolyn Walton Eleanor Walton Albert Ward Bobby Ward Shelby Watts Myrtle Rose Weaver Anita Weiman Frances Wells jack Wells Mary jean White Howard Whitman Mary Ann Whitten Mary Del Willard Jerry Willett when fkey woufcy be uppazc assmen. Alfred Willetts 9' , Arliss Willetts "" " ' Q Curth Williams ,lhln spa g f A 'lqun in i James Williams Asivwmmgi Leonard Williams Ysirwy f A .V 'l Q, ,l,. in S my ar -'wa A Sylvia Wilson Mary Mac Witherspoon Gary Wolfe Charles Woodbury Elaine XVooten Carol Lynn Young Hilda Young Frances Youngblood Ralph Yaun Dixie Bryant Zellars Page 100 Millard Williams Nancy Williamson Sybil Williamson Barbara Williford Alan Wilson Ann Worthington Jewell Wright Marie Wunderlich Albert Yopp Allen Yopp MEMORIAM DAVID ENGLISH CAMAK, III 1937-1952 We admired afar his power and skill, But as a friend we loved him niuchg He humbly slaared, to give to us Tlae beauty of fbe "common t0ur'lo." Page 101 - I ACTIVITIES gbubficafz Sealed: Mary Northrop, Sara Anne Phelps, Cecelia Black, Ida Fryar, Buddy Davis, Louise Cash, Kenneth Alexander, Marilyn Alexander, Andrew Milnor, Lillian Williamson. Sfanding: Jean Fisher, Jo Smithwick, Joan Pierce, Helen Williams, Anne Lassiter, Betty Lou Walton, John Brockwell, Sealed at table: Emerson Hzad. 61056 WWZ6 C 05612 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 'These fortunate students vvho vvere accorded the highest honor the high school can offer mxived to be deserving of the honor. Led by capable president, Helen Williams, they attended business meetings and suppers, at which they planned such activities as a card tournament and a tea for semester honor roH students 'Throughout the year they endeavored to incrmme then'abihty to uphold and extend the four cardinal principles of the society: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The members were chosen on the basis of their capacity to maintain these precepts. Other officers of this society were Joan Pierce, Vice-President, Jo Smithwick, Secretary, and Anne Lassiter, Treasurer. ADVISORS Miss TAYLOR Miss LEVIN Miss BOSTIAN Page 104 Lillian Williamson Helen Wlilliams Betty Lou Walton jo Smithwick Joan Pierce Sara Anne Phelps fo EOM Aiqk fee forcfz. Kenneth Alexander Marilyn Al cxan der Cecelia Black Mary Northrop Andrew Milnor Anne Lassiter John Brockwell Louise Cash Buddy Davis Jean Fisher Ida Fryar Emerson Head mme! mem ers exmfed efforts, DONALD GRAZIANO PATTI MOORE Presizirzzf DIANE SNAKENBURG Sffr'clary-Trraxzzrcr Vin'-P1'c'si1fc'111' The Executive Council of New Hanover High School was an absolute necesdty in the exktence of the student legkla- ture 'Thu councH, hded by the advkf and encouragmnent of the advisors, directed the school's many activities and es- tablished a legislative policy for New Hanover High School. Firxf Row: PAYE DEW, Secretary of Club Activitiesg LEO THOMPSON, Secretary of Financeg PATSY POOLE, Treasurerg JIM MORGAN, Secretary of Elections. Sfconrl Row: HELEN WILLIAMS, President of the Senatcg PATsY BARRETT, Chairman of the Executive Councilg PAUL BURTON Chief Marshal. Third Row: SUSAN WALKER, Secretary of Social Affairsg MR. T. P. BROWN, Advisorg MRS. TURNER, Advisor. Page 106 aided hy cz Zscriminafllzq committee QQQH x, , ftf' mi" ,saw MM E M, QQ CO-ORDINATING COMMITTEE Billy Gardner, Betty Bordeaux, Patsy Barrett, Sally Hicks, Sue Edwards. an capahfe Beqisfafure mem ers, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: Charles Hicks, Roxana Mebane, Jackie Boado, David Leiberman, Diane Snakenburg. Srrorzrt Row: Adrian Shepard, Mary Anne Keith, Anne Miller, Betty Jo Presnell. Third' Row: Betty Smithson, Anne Walden, Janice Hinson, Beverly Parsons, Pat Skinner, Jean Moore, Jo Ann Inglett. Fourth Row: Barbara Holt, Betty Bordeaux, Betty Thompson, Rosaline Rouse, Peggy Blackburn, Martha Shepard, Anne Meadows. Barbara Pickett. Fifth Row: Jimmy Russ, Odele Bridges, Bessie Andrews, Mary Neal, Rita Hodges, Judy Ozment, jo Ann Jordan, Dixie Batchelor. Sixth Row: Alton Moore, Maurice Emmart, Fred Kelly, Marcia Dukes, Kay Smith, Claude Jarrell. Seventh Row: Mac McPher- son, Paul Ruark, Billy Gardner, Jimmy Bell. Page 107 fo Leiter fheir sclwof. , ,, .Q ,Q f, ff" , ,,,...,.,.,,.., , ' ""mTh' .WW,,,M,,?. W ..., ....,,.,.,,,,k SENATE Front Row: Sarah johnson, Helen Williams fPresidentJ, Betty Lou Walton. Second Row: Nancy Bordeaux, jo Anne Register, Sara Coley, Pete Land, Frances Youngblood, Sue Edwards, Jeannette Smith. Third Row: Feriba Berry, David Barefoot, Sally Hicks, Karen Kurka, Oscar Grant, Lynne Shannon, Pat Tickner. Fourflo Row: Bobby Franks, Bobo McEachern, Dorothy' Moore. STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Student Government was one of the most important organizations of the school, for around it evolved all school activities. This vital organization was composed of the Executive Council, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Judges, the Judicial Marshals, the Co-ordinating Committee, and the Social Marshals. Each of these various bodies carried out all of their duties so successfully that by the end of the year the organization had reached its goal of establishing a student government of the stu- dents, by the students, and for the students. Page 108 LL qw chidecl fmlzsqressors JUDGES Pat Brookshire, Tommy Shannon, Larry Bullard, Frcdiie Butters, Kenneth Alexander, Allene Keith. "Why can't I skip steps?" or "There aren't any cars coming." Many such re- marks were voiced to the Judicial Marshals. It was explained that the rules were made for the safety of the students, and that they should be obeyed. These marshals played a great partin the mnooth functknnng of our school of judicial frafjqc faw. y 1' 3 'X W ,Q 'V,AA. ima X if 57. ,. ,s z- h . 5 -' ax JUDICIAL MARSHALS Fran! Row: Virginia Dixon, Catherine Smith, Mary Ann Tilden, Louise Saunders, Mary Nell Piver. SUCOYIIII Row: Betty Ann Bordeaux, Marilyn Alexander, Molly Adams, Ce:elia Black, Jo Allen Brown. Tbirn' Row: john Brockwell CAssistant Chief Marshall, Alice Dannenbaum, Sondra Ka'fin, Sara Anne Phelps, Pattie Register. Fourth Row: Carl Dempsey, Paul Burton fChief Marshall, Ernest Anderson, Bob Godley, Page 109 ocia nzarslzafs serve qaify, SOCIAL MARSHALS Frou! Row: Susan Walker, Kathryn Lewis. Second Row: Catherine Herring, Gloria Smith, Lucy Ann Carney. Tlairzl Row: Virginia Keister, Bette Wenberg, Madeline Trask, Mary Ann Divine. Fozzrib Row: Rolin Barrett, Carl- ton Allegoode, Dickie Buck, Jean Fisher. Not Picfzirerlz Patsy Davenport, Frank Gordon. an compefmf guides fabored. i I-IOMEROOM CHAIRMEN Sfarzzfin , Icfl I0 rigbf: Margaret Rowe, Beverly Hardii, Linda Pridgen, Dorothy justice, Squcek Spivey, Mitchell g Whitley, Leo West, Boyce Cole, Clyde Dyson, jimmy Bell, Billy Northrop, Ralph Christmas, Sammy Houston, Ralph Potter, Murle Teachey, Tcd Thomas, Ray Fcnnell, Warwick Porter, Mickey Dunn. Frou! Row, seared, left to right: jane Love, Carolyn johnson, Allene Keith, Feriba Berry, Shirley jones, Nadcan Murray, Patsy Creech. Second Row, wafer! Iefl lo righlz Mary Ann Divine, Bobbie Fisher, Christine Cannon, Margaret Head, Martha Benton, Faye Dew, ll L'bb' H bb Tbirdiliow, sealed, left lo right: Judy Buck, Pat Wood, Patsy Barrett, Dorothy Carro , 1 ic o 5. Lumen ovemmenf cfubs worked GOVERNMENT CLUBS "I believe in the United States of America" is a clause familiar to every member of a government club, for, as the first words in The American's Creed, it frequently opened the meetings of the various clubs. Following a short business session, the meet- ing was turned over to the program chairman. The typical program was concerned with speakers, movies, and field trips connected with the government. The noise and the ballyhoo of the recent presidential race were not unheeded by the government clubs, as they held an election of their own. Eisenhower was declared the winner of the first election, and Stevenson, the winner of the second one. The election of government students to take over duties of the city officials for one day proved quite exciting, however, the climax to the year was the annual trip to Washington during the Easter holidays. Because of the knowledge that these students obtained through their gov- ernment clubs,'they are now better prepared to meet the responsibilities that confront every American citizen. - Jkt QM... - ' ww: , ,, LITTLE DEMOCRACY LOVERS Front Row: Delores Clcmmons, Nancy Towles, Margaret Miner, Phyllis Savage, Mary Cox, Shirlejo Keever, Becky Robbins. Second Row: Bette Wenberg, Louise Saunders, Betty Davidson, Caroline Brown, Bobbie Fisher, Wilbur Mc Clellan Jo Allen Brown, Relvin Asbury. Third Row: Shirley Haywood, Donald Morton, Jon Gerdes, Carrol Edens Delmar McGowan, Jim Loughlin, Jack Smith, Jimmy Rice. Page 111 for Leffm cifizem L., , ...,, .-.i-.a...i-1 --A----f--v -- LEADERS OF PEACE Front Row: Joan Loflin, Sara Ann Coley, Judy Ozment, Sarah Johnson 1Presidentj, Peggy Nethercutt, Hilda Cayton, Awilda Atkinson. Secomf Row: Jerry Owens, Julian Walker, Paul Pappas, Mary Ann Divine, Chastine Bass, Catherine Smith, Gwen Toler, Charlene Pete. Tbirn' Row: Faye Dew, Dorothy Carroll, Eugie Long, Grace Morgan, Cecelia Black, Joe Tardugno, Doris Harris, Betty Pursley, Juanita Hales. Fourfh Row: Elsie McKee, Alma Carter, Alfred Brown, Jane Lanier, Jan Rothroek, Richard Lewis, George Gaddy, Sonny Jurgensen, Jerry Partrick. 3 .l il LOYAL CONFEDERATES OF 310 Frou! Row: Jerry Buck CPresidentJ, Mary Pridgen, Betty Lennon, Barbara Redfern, Marie Potter, Pat Pickett, Joan McKenzie, Ann Jacobs, Stella Smith. Sefonzl Row: Mary Low, Pat Brookshire, Rebecca Braswell, Beverly Hardin, Joan Pierce, Sally All, Betsy Blake, Helen Ward, Charlie Skipper, Lou Ellcn Bell. Third Row: Ann Greer, Jim Riven- bark, Joyce Martin, Conrad Witherspoon, Bobby Franks, Marvin Watson, Eddie Raynor. Fourfb Row: Grant Arm- strong, Mary Gallup, Melwood Raines, Vic Edcns, Jack Watson, Barbara Freeman, Roger Horne. Page 112 om competent fenders, WWNWMM Arilr Y ,, V ,VVV,,VV VI, , M .... , GURGOCRATS GOVERNMENT CLUB From' Row: Channie Grant, Ash Godley, Lucile Bardcn, Harold Laing, John Brockwell, Ray Harrill, Billy Hurst. Second Row: Virginia Dixon, Yvonne Brown, Mary Agnes O'Dwyer, Fay Smith, Sandra Creech, Othello Somersett, Catherine Von der Leith, Virginia Turner. Third Row: Tommy Sego, Ida Fryar, Daphne Lewis, Susan Walker, Janet McVey, Mary Sloan, jere Millis, Mildred Hinson, Barbara McLemore. Fourlb Row: Harlan Epps, Richard Smith, Elsie McKoy, Annette Wooten, Robert Moore, Danie Swart, Shirley Barns. Fifih Row: Hugh Sanderson, Richard janicki, Jimmy Davis, David Block, Steve Kelly, Ray Clemmons, Mr. Gurganus. A SONS OF THE SOUTH Fran! Row: Nancy Welch, Clara Murray, Doris Smith, Molly Adams, Tally Brock QPresidentJ, Bobby Hall, David Lieberman, Bettie Piner. Second Row: Barbara Holt, Cynthia Meier, Margaret Saunders, Bettye Rivenbark, Mable Peterson, Dollie Wells, Pat Waters, Shirley Hinson, Thomas Simmons, Gary Preston. Third Row: Carolyn Jen- kins, Myrtle Downing, Sammy Houston, Leo Thompson, jerry Turem, Billie Mae Carter, Marian Croom, Lloyd Burton, Chan Webb. Fonrlb RMU: Mr. Bergeron, Bobby Merritt, Bill Sparks, Danny Nye, Jim Morgan, Ken Alexander, Frank Clemmons, John Braswell, David Johnson. Page 113 W 0 woufd Meir p aces . Q! l I ! LITTLE POLITICIANS GOVERNMENT CLUB Front Row: Erie Oertel, Jean jones, Johanne McKee, jane Love, Mary Catherine White, Sylvia Hemby, Margaret Casey. Seroml' Row: Jimmy Post, Delores Moore, Louise Ehlers, Dorothy Hardee, joan Taglieri, Mary Ann Watkins, Betty Nvood, Xvilnia johnson. Tbinf Row: Jeanne Duval, Diane Snakenburg, Ruby Swart, Joan Maready, Tommy Shan- non, Jimmy Council, David Alford. Folrrfb Row: Bobby Lewis, joe Norwood, David Tousignant, Sherwin Cribb, Billy Raines. Fiffb Row: Fred Kelly, Tommy King, Ray johnson, Ernest Anderson, james Whitfield, Bobby Copeland, Julius Padrick. eff iff: I DIXIE CATS Flon! Row: Billy Kraus, Ronnie Hailey, june Finberg, Christa Skipper, L. G. Harriss. Sevomf Row: DeWayne Williamson, George Lewis, Charles Snipes, Alex Efird, jack Solomon, Ethel Morgan, Bill Gay. Third Row: Adele Mann, Ann Shelton, Patsy Poole, Charlotte jones, Loretta Berlin, Janie Ann Cannon, Mary Nell Powell, Rita Vance. Fonrfln Row: William Skipper, Harry Hallman, Gary Darden, Billy Buck, Ronald Waters, Carroll Herring, James Sholcr, Betty Burnett, Kay Hewett, Ken Horne. Page 114 fkroug an Luzdersfazzdizzq knowfedqe BUILDERS OF DEMOCRACY Front Row: Lucy Ann Carney, Demetra Carras, Louise Cash, H. F. Sherman, Russell Casteen CPresidentJ. Seronrf Row: Annette Blanton, Jean Blanton, Pat Wood, Kathleen Williamson, Ovieda Rittenhouse, Janie Valentine. Third Row: Martha Knott, Ann Strong, Shirley Hutchinson, Felice Guld, Ann Croom, Louise Vaught, Argie Mavrolas, Miss Russ. Fourth Row: Ed Brown, Jackie Boado, Jeannette Smith, Don Graziano, Fred Butters, Shirley Nelson, Mary Frances Puskas, Mary Ann Brinson, Mary Compos. Fifth Row: John Swart, Elmer Williamson, Clarence Epps, Kermit Wrench, Donald Loflin, Dan Gregg, Elvin Soots, Billy Hollis, Bobby Lossen. for FRIENDS OF FREEDOM Front Row: Mary Ann Tilden, Marcia Dukes, Jean Fisher. jimmy Russ, Emerson Head, Michael Parker, Robert Ellis, Pete Tsantes. Second Row: Mary Sue Fulcher, Sylvia Wilson, Betty Lou Walton, Anne Lassiter, Mary Edna Hollis, Tommy Craig, Gene Pridgen. Faye Wilkins, Bettie Jarrell. Third Row: Wanda Gardner, Janet Currin, Irene Ammons, Lillie Pearl Jordan, janet Branch, Freda Bland, Mary Cole, Sara Anne Phelps, Angela Jones, Pat Burris, Mr. Gurganus. Fourth Row: Ken Davis, Richard Cox, David Kaderbek, David Ottaway, Betty jean Schnibben, Charles Gorman, Frances Roberts. Page 115 0 OLIJ' 6I'IZOCl'6LCy. PATRIOTS OF DEMOCRACY Front Row: Faye Stanley, Lillian XVilliamson, Lenora Sidbury, Mary Northrop, Paul Burton, Herbert Clardy, Charles Dusenbury, Fred Vallianos. Second Row: Pattie Ward, Carl Sanders, Billie Marie Shearon, Sherry Rich, Graham Burkheimer, Marijane Birmingham, Carol Skipper, Al Lewis. Third Row: Floyd Register, Kay Smith, Bettie Johnson, Henry Saunders, Shorty Sloop, joseph Justice, joe Swart, LeRoy Benton. Fourib Row: jimmy Johnson, Thomas Worth- ington, Francis Traister, Cary Bruton, Mr. Gurganus, Jack Yow, Bruce Ludlum, Lawrence Grawley, Jimmy Ray Parker. 0, ff f 1, CONFEDERATE DEMAGOGUES Frou! Row: Gloria johnson, Joyce Wliitman, johnny Thomas, Sue Edwards, Larry Bullard, Jo Smithwick, Warmfick Porter, Harvey Taylor. Svronzl Row: Betty Millis, Betsy Hurst, Patti Moore, Janie johnson, Betty Anne Horne, Gloria Sherron, jack Spivey, George Swart. Third Row: john Varga, Andrew Milnor, janet Simpson, Susan Gurganious, Rosa- line Rouse, Shirley Pinner, Frances Philemon, Arlene Millis. Fwzrfb Row: Alan Moore, Billy Bannerman, joe Hutchin- son, Dallas Smith, Roland Register, Donald Rhync, Buddy Davis, Mr. Bergeron. Page 116 oresiqhfed nfudemfs prepared for 1, 'Y , - 1 FUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA Frou! Row: Diane Snakenburg, Virginia Dixon, Betty Garvey, Johanne McKee, Catherine Smith, Mary Ann Tilden, Louise Saunders, Betty Ann Bordeaux. Sccoml Row: Marthl Everett, Julia DeVane Peggy Harrell, Jean Taylor, Beverly Parsons, Jeannette Smith, Judy Massey, Lucy Ann Carney. R?d!,i7lg! Pat Reynolds. coizfenfed homes cmd idea! cfcmrooms. e WWW WAZXZXY W' ff l 2 gggkw M . . f, "' H FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front Row: Ann Farrow, Marie Swart, Ann Key, Janet Currin, Barbara Regan, Dorothy Gallup. Second Row: Parmalee Justice, Edna Coleman, Joyce Harrison, Shelby Watts, Mary Sue Sparkman, Jean Kirkham. Third Row: Pa- tricia Lockamy, Marie Hardee, Martha Sanders Carolyn Johnson, Sarah Huddle, Myrtle Weaver. Fourlb Row: Jean Henderson, Cathy Blanton, Doris Little, Pat Conner, Marie Wanderlick, Peggy Smith, Mrs. Paulson. Page 117 omvq an eager lburzzafisis sfrive , 'fwzffxl' "' r f ' JVM? f aaa -igagz SZZQQS Z,bhW MJ f' SCRIBBLERS' CLUB Frou! Row: Edith Darden, Catherine Herring Cpresidentj, Margaret Head, Martha Benton, Feriba Berry. Seromf Row: Dorothy Pastas, Patsy Andrews, Mary Nell Piver, Virginia Dixon, Sherri Forrester, Barbara Pace, Sue Walton, Miriam Hickman. Third' Row: Ann Croom, Betty Ann Bordeaux, Paula Kornegay, Sondra Kalfin, Jeannette Driggers, Diane Simon, Anne Miller. Fourfb Row: Marie Hall, Patty Pridgen, Betty Bailey, Noel Jones, Ray Fennel, Jeanie Trulove, Shirley Jones. Fiffb Row: Lynn Corbett, Charlotte Herring, Hazel Hale, Warwick Porter. or impbzizzq fiiemry war cs LIBRARY CLUB Frou! Row: Catherine Smith, Carol Nance, Dorothy Hardec, Miss Cromartie. Svromf Row: Miss O'Keef, Juanita Love, Mary Mac Witl1erspoon, Ruby Swart, Louise Ehlers, Emma Godwin, Louise Sanders, Elaine Scoggins, Shirley Hutchinson, Peggy Harrell. Tbirrf Row: Louise Cash, Mary Neale, Annette McLawhorne, Wilhelniina Ehlers, Sylvia Dew, Shirley Skipper, Elsie MeKoy QPresidentj, Jeannette Smith, Howard Brittain, Mary Mintz. omg affailze wise use of fafelzfs ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB Fronl Row: Frances Youngblood, Katherine Graham, Sue Walton, Sherri Forrester, Judy Lenn, jane Love. Second Row: Mary Jane Sumner, Anne Miller, Catherine Herring, Miriam Hickman, Sallynl-licks, Barbara Pace, Margaret Thompson, Kitty Rocks. Third Row: Hazel Hale, Beth Taylor, Feriba Berry, Kay Thompkins, Mary Nell Piver, Martha Benton, Cecelia Schlegel, Tamara Osikowska, Miss Lossen. flzrouq k1z0wfeJqe cm expmience. MUSEUM CLUB Seated: Annette Gore, Betty Ann Bordeaux, Sherri Forrester, Ginger Keister, Jean Taylor, Robert Brown, Mike Vaughan. Sta1111ir1g: David Sloan, Henry Finch QPresidentj, Donnie Jenkins, Miss Taylor, Carol Lee Skipper, Sara Huddle. Page 1 19 Koay fearlzed fo Mzve fbemse vas, D. O. TRADE AND INDUSTRY CLUB Frou! Row: Sherwin Cribb, Claude jarrell, Herbert Rivenbark, H. F. Sherman, Sammy Houston, Fred Robinson. Second Row: Chan Webb, Lloyd Burton, Dan Gregg, Franklin Lee, Jerry Wells, C. L. Gregory. Third Row: Bobby Clark, Bobby Merritt, Stanley Thompson, Donald Loftin, Obbie Blanton, Mr. Stubblefield. Fourfh Row: Tommy King, Ray Johnson, Wilber Hales, Gordon Batson, Kermit Wrench, Howard Stampley. In this photo, Bill Lceuwenburg The photographer caught Arthur Horace Watkins clocked in at is shown at his work at Yopp's Hudson busily engaged in his work the local National Biscuit Company. Funeral Home. at the Lake Forest Garage. Page 120 ide scAO0L and fha commmzify D. O. OFFICE PRACTICE CLUB Front Row: Janet McVey, Janet Rogers, Janet Simpson, Demetra Carras, Argie Mavrolas, Mary Compos, Eddie Raynor. Sl'L'011d Row: Doris Smith, Betty Schnibben, Virginia Turner, Clara Murray, Shirley Barnes, Shirley Hinson. Third Row: Bobby Lewis, Jannie Johnson, Carolyn Jenkins, Sondra Creech. Fourth Row: Billie Mae Carter, Shirley Nelson, Mary Frances Puskas, Margaret Saunders, Rebecca Braswell, Bettye Jean Rivenbark. Fiflh Row: Mary O'Dwyer, Charlene Pete, Dollie Wells, Mable Peterson, Mrs. Bjonerud, Myrtle Lee Downing, Barbara Holt. TRAINEE Lucile Barden .... Shirley Barnes ..... Billie Mae Carter .... Rebecca Braswell ,,,, Demetra CarrasLLL Mary ComposL .,,. Sondra Creech .... Myrtle DowningLL-L Shirley Hinson LLL, Barbara Holt .... Carolyn JenkinsLLL -Iannie Johnson L... Bobby LewisLLLL Janet McVey .... Argie Mavrolas LLLL Clara MurrayLLL Shirley Nelson. LLLL Mary O'Dwyer LLLL Charlene Pete .LLLLLL Mable Peterson LLLLLL L Mary Frances PuskasLLL Eddie Raynor LLLLLLLL Bcttye RivenbarkLLLL Janet Rogers .LLLLLLLL Margaret Saunders LLLL janet SimpsonLLL Doris Smith .LLLLL Virginia Turner .LLLL Dollie Wells LLLL L FIRM LLLLLLLLLLL New Hanover High School Office LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Robinson's Department Store Page 121 Co unty Audio-Visual Education Dept. Sutton-Council Furniture Company N. H. County Board of Education LLLLLLLLLLLLL L Wilmington College LLLLLLLLLL.Dr. James R. Brandon LL Downing Auto Body Shop -LLL LL Hinson Oil Company LLL New York Life Insurance LLLLLLLLLLLLL Sunshine Laundry LLL Credit Bureau of N. H. County LLLLLLLLL Brooklyn Trading Co. LLLL Robinson's Department Store LL junior Chamber of Commerce LLLLLLLLLL. Belk-Beery Company LLL. Sears, Roebuck and Company LL New Hanover High School Office LLLLLLLLLL J. C. Greene Company L-L-LL--LL Dr. E. S. Benson, Jr. LLLLLL LL LLL- L. L Crouch Clinic LL. W. Jackson Beverage Company LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Crouch Clinic LLL--L-------LL-- L. Gleasson, Attorney -- --LLLLLLLLLLLL Sutton-Pontiac Company Office, New Hanover High School Betty Sehnibben LLLL L ---. I- B. LLLLLLLLLLL Sears, Roebuck and Company LLLLLL LL Butlcr's Shoe Store LLL L-- Community Chest LL.Fox,s Royal Bakery fkrouqlz fraizzbzq an pracfice. D. E. CLUB Front Row: Joan Loflin, Pat Waters, Dorothy Carroll, Betty Phillips, Mr. Lamb. Second Row: Jere Smith, Eugie Long, Susan Gurganious, Frances Philemon, Danie Swart. Third Row: jean Blanton, Mildred Hinson, Lillie Pearl Jordan, Doris Harris, Arlene Millis, Gwen Toler. Fourth Row: jimmy Johnson, Ray Clemmons, George Pickett, Andy Tysinger, Franklin Palmeter, Alfred Brown. Bivefy spear cars and clauses i l MANOS A TRAVES DEL BORDE QI-lands Across the Borderj Ffllllf Row: Ann Pate. Srfoml Row: Linda Pridgen, Margaret Thompson, Joyce Watson, Alyce Brook, Jackie Parker, Tamara Osikowska. Third Row: Mrs. Bellamy, Catherine Herring, Sondra Kalfin, Loretta Berlin, Patricia Skinner, Alice Dannenbaum, Barbara White, Carolyn Butler, Carolyn Walton. Fmzrfla Row: Jim Spivey, Bobby Barber, Charles Wood- bury, Dcrris Bradshaw, Charles Parker, Alva Ward, Jackie Brewer QPresidentJ, Van Moore, Bonnie Shain, Jere Danford. Fifth Row: Eric Oertel. Page 122 came cuz ouzimafed Zmferesf LOS AMANTES ESPANOLES QThe Spanish Loversj Center: Shirley Pinner. fleft to rigbtj: Tom Brown, Sonny Jurgensen, Paul Burton, jim Rivenbark, Charles Gor- man, Marvin Watson, Tommy Cook, Joe Tardugno, Eric Oertel, Beverly Hardin, Lucy Groot, Hollie Johnson, Pattie Ward, Nancy Towles, Mary Ann Watkins, Jean Fisher, Sara Coley, joan McKenzie, Mrs. Bellamy, Sara Ann Phelps, Jackie Greene, Mary Neale, Mary Ann Tilden, Janet Currin, Mary Gallup, Mary Low, Martha Benton, john Varga, Jim Loughlin, Delmar McGowan, Holmes Davis, Tommy Millard, Bobby Franks. LOS PEQUENOS DIABLCS ESPANQLES QLittle Spanish Devilsj Front Row: Freddie Butters, Ernest Anderson. Carol Nance, Sally Hicks, Mimi Bzrgen. Sfcoml Row: Billy Fowler, B. C. Deans, Richard Smith, Greer White, Don Frost, Bettie jean Verzaal. Elizabeth Barefoot, Cecelia Schlegel, Billy Capps. Third Row: Jem Durant, Paul Ruark, Larry Bullard, Jimmy King, George Autry, Edward Dye, Tommy Craig, Josephine Debnam, Boyce Cole, Pat Swartz. FOIlVfb Row: Ralph Kimmell. Page 123 i rom defiqlzfed Spanish sfadelzfs, SIEMPRE AMIGOS QAlways Friendsj Front Row: Pattie Register, Bobbie McKee, Carolyn Webster. Srcomz' Row: Annette McLawhorn, Pat Reynolds, Patsy Baker, Bessie Andrews, Barbara Pace, Barbara Burris, Carol Buck. Third Row: Shirley Poole, Bob Buck, Jane Carris, Thelma Parker, Louise Saunders, Fay Cain, Eldinc Petterway, Ruth Ann Loftin, George Saffo, Pete Land. Fourlb Row: Lew Hollis, Bob Johnston, Bob Godley, Billy Northrop, David Wood, Ralph Potter, Curtiss Hewlett, David Rooks, Earl Miller, Maurice Emmart, Mel Bordeaux, Mrs. Bellamy. LOS DIABLOS REALES fThe Royal Devilsj Frou! Row: Pat Pridgen, Michael MeDaniels, Betty Lewis, David Checkner QPresidentJ, Max Fryar, Bobby War- wick. Second Raw: Roy Pursley, Jeannette Driggers, julia DeVane, Ellen Taylor, Betty Teinken, Barbara johnson, Billy Rainer. Third Row: Mary Penton, Esther Clcevc, Tommy Shannon, Charles Gross, Clyde Dyson, Buddy Harrelson. Fourlb Row: Stcvc Prevost, Ronnie Barnes, Donnie jenkins, Carl Dempsey, Lenox Cooper, Walter Burnett, Rolin Barrett. Page 124 who sfudied difiqerzffy. 44 LA HORA DE SIESTA DE LOS GATOS FRESCQS QHour of Sleep of the Cool Catsj Cenfer: Catherine Smith. First Row: Mary Ann, Shirlejo Keever, Marie Hall, Anne Craig, Judy Massey, Ann Leeuwenburg, Eula Craft, Ann Croom, Becky Robins, Ann Marie Chenworth, Mrs. Bellamy. Second Row: Mi- chaell Piner, Tommy O,Neal, Harry Williams, Jimmy Council, Donald Graziano, Sarah Johnson, Barbara McLemore, Mary Nell Piver, Jeanne Duval, Donald Morton, Bobby Lossen, Fred Kelly, Harold Lang. Third Row: Andrew Milnor, Jack Hurst, Hal Johnson, Richard Lewis, Frank Gordon, George Gaddy, Jimmy Covil, Frank Clemmons. SPANISH CLUBS 'The Spannh students of our school can certainly say yes to the "Habla Usted Es- ij panol?" Throughout the school year, classes of conversation were very prevalent. The clubs had very interesting and profitable progranas CDne of the rnost enjoyable rvas a guest speaker, IDoctor Jklberto Portero, who is from Spain. Students learned of Spanish dress, customs, and beliefs. Second year students enjoyed readnmg short stones and books with Spanish background and accent. Senorita Barbara Pace and Senorita Pattie Register pose sweetly for the photographer. Page 125 .Eaiin fmm fafors wma ET CETERA LATIN CLUB Front Row: Fred Vallianos QPresidentJ, Julie Wenberg, Feriba Berry, Pat Tiekner, Neil Laney. Second Row: Judy Buck, Mildred Henderson, Marie Teachey, Carol Dudley, Jean Kirkham, Johanna Leeuwenburg. Third Row: Griffin Hamilton, Don Strayhorn, Al Wiley, Jean Taylor, Ann Key, Carol Bunch, Cynthia Lewis. Fofurlh Row: Peggy Harrell, Marie Hardee, Martha Sanders, Jack Birmingham, Mike Vaughan, Robert Miller, Bill Chaney, Sammy Hunter, Jimmy Hickman. Fiffb Row: Miss Lathrop, Geraldine Gregory, Alice Muldrow, Jackie Glisson, Billie Marie Shearon, Jane Brown, Robert Miller, Steve Prevost, Paul Grossnickle, Carlton Allegood. 7 LAZY LITTLE LATIN LOVERS Front Row: Sarah Huddle, Mary Ann Keith, Becky Holland. Juanita Love, Henry Finch QPresidentJ. Serena' Row: Shirley Hutchinson, Jo Ann Register, Ann Miller, Ken Davis, Jack Solomon, Christine Cannon. Third Row: Miss Lathrop, Frances Parker, Delores Pridgen, Betty Cayton, Mary Mintz, Johanne Johns, Anne Worthington, Dorothy Gallup. Fourlla Row: Marion Leiner, Jackie Lewis, Joanne Bame, Jeanie Trulove, Mary Mac Witherspoon, Alex Hall, Harry Latimer, Jerry Ormsby. Fiflb Row: Allene Keith, Ray Fennell, Douglas Byrd, Gary Wolfe, Jefferson Harman, George McEachern, Bobo McEaehern, David Sloan, Sherry Rochelle. Page 126 aferf fo Cclzgfisk derivafiveg wfzife DAVID CAMAK MEMORIAL CLUB Fronf Row: William Spooner, Delphine Waddell, Sally Johnson, Chastine Bass. Seromi Row: Kenneth Swain, Burke Lennon, Wayne Miller, Ralph Dodson, Andrew Canoutas. Third Row: Dennis Carney, Sondra Flcnniken, Jennie Mixon, Cathy Blanton, Myrtle Weaver, Miss Lathrop. Fourfln Row: Anne Walden, Anne Smith, Barbara Alabaster, Edwin Wollett, Walter Canady. 1 SEMPER STULTUS CForever Stupidj Front Row: Billy Gardner, Virginia Keister, Barbara Hewett, Ed Veazey, Curtis Sewell. Second Row: Tuggie Trask, Anita Culver, Emma Jane Godwin, Carol Young Carolyn Johnson, Annette Gillette, Pierre Dapland. Third Row: Mary jane Sumner, Emma King, Patsy Davenport, Capitola Callihan, Bonnie Miner, jimmy Forbes, Milton Hardison, Roberta Thomas. Fourth Row: Beth Taylor, Betty Smithson, Betty Millar, Martha Faulkner, Martha Everett, Nancy Bordeaux Lex Marks, Ray Rackley, Charles Martin. Fiflh Row: Miss Mary Lathrop, Hazel Hale, Frances Youngblood, Janice Hinson, Christian Humphrey, Betsy Ligon, Faye Edge, Katherine Lewis, Raeford Trask, Ed Walker. Page 127 des efeves cle francais 709191 , Qi ,b ,, ,X an i LE CLUB VINGT-DEUX CClub 225 Front Row: Sue Walton, Marilyn Alexander QPresidentJ, Stella Smith, Ann Shelton, joan Taglieri, Dorothy Hardee. Secoml Row: Jane Love, Bette Wenberg, Jean Jones, Peggy Jones, Glenda Clewis. Tbirrl Row: Billy Smith, Shirley Pierce, Jackie Boado, Sue Walker, Patsy Poole, Lucy Ann Carney, Sherry Rich. Fourth Row: joan Pierce, Danny Nye, Diane Snakenburg, Roger Horne. strived wiflz irrequ ar vm 5. wana ma-pw W. w4Le....,M 41 E M-ww, , - My V ,X f H sf PARL1-zz-VQUS FRANCAIS CDO You Speak French?j Frou! Row: Hclcn Williams, Louise Cash, Betty Thompson, Anne Lassiter, Seromf Row: Margaret Head, Cha,-- lene Ray, Ethel Sego, Evelyn Weitz, Shirley Pridgen, Faye Smith. Tlaim' Row: Johanne McKee, Sally All, Ida Fryar, Molly Adams, Jennie Bartlett, Shirley Sharp. Fonrlb Row: David Lieberman, Mr. T. P. Brown, Leo Thompson, Emerson Head, Jimmy Post, David Block. Page 128 fha jidfe LIZCVZKLSZJ fha faiflt Q E g J 4 I BIBLE CLUB Front Row: Stella Smith CPresidentJ, Lew Hollis, Louise Cash, Beverly Parsons, Kay Tompkins, Peggy Harrell. Second Row: Peggy Parrish, Dorothy Hardee, Molly Adams, Cynthia Lewis, Faye Edge, Barbara Johnson. Third Row: Eula Craft, Mary Penton, Betty Anderson, Jeanne Gresham, Nancy Bordeaux, Pat Reynolds. Fozzrlfo Row: Deloris Pridgen, Mary Mintz, Jean Taylor, Christian Humphrey, Mrs. Smotherman, Helen Ward, Peggy Bellamy. and defief of fkose W 0 dime SENIOR GIRLS' Y-TEENS Frou! Row: Joan Loflin, Anne Jacobs, Catherine Smith, Janet Currin, Joan McKenzie, Marijane Birmingham, Mary Anne Watkins. Virginia Dixon. SCCOIIIII Row: Janie Ann Cannon, Myrtle Lee Downing, Janie Valentine, Patsy Poole, Adele Mann, Sue Edwards, Sherry Rich, Mary Ann Tilden, Molly Adams. Page 129 for standards SENIGR I-II-Y From' Row: Jean Fisher, Janet McVcy, Jo Allen Brown, ,lane Lanier, Sara Coley, Judy Ozmerit, Marilyn Alexander, Faye Dew, Sue Edwards. Srroim' Row: jo Smithwick, Sara Ann Phelps, Jean Jones, Mary Ann Divine, Sylvia Wilson, Mary Cole, Catherine Von der Leith, Eleanor West, Betty Lou Walton, Sarah Johnson. Third Row: Elsie MeKoy, Cecelia Black, Ann Shelton, Anne Lassiter, joan Pierce, Jackie Boado. Fozzrfb Row: Mike Parker, George Lewis, Gene McCar- lay, Ronnie Hailey. Fiffb Row: Andy Varga, Robert Cole, Donald Morton, Frank Gordon, Melwood Raines. Sixfb Row: Kenneth Alexander, Channie Grant, Paul Burton, Warwick Porter, Billy Kraus, Hugh Sanderson, Bruce Ludlum, Andrew Milnor. Rev? JUNIOR HI-Y Fran! Row: Carolyn Newkirk, Betty Ann Bordeaux, Aan Pate, Catherine Herring, Lynne Shannon, Ethel Avera, Karen Kurka. Swrfrzzf Row: Ann Craig, Virginia Keister, Dottie ,Io james, Sally Hicks, Miriam Hickman, Pat Tickner, Peggy Blackburn, Barbara Eason, Emily Gilbert, Betty Smithson. Tbirrl Razr: Ronald Baldwin, David Barefoot, Joyce Whitman, Alice Dannenbaum, Martha Bowden, Betty Thompson, Paula Kornegay, Mary King, Norma Bryant, Linda Pridgen, Betty Pugh, Shirley Taylor. Fourlb Row: Dickie Manning, Bobby Murphy, Tommy Millard, Alva Ward, Charles Hicks, Herbert Rivenbark, Albert Creasy, Carl Dempsey, Ernest Anderson, Oscar Grant, jimmy Spivey. Fiftb Row: Larry Bullard, George Autry, Bobby Warwick. Page 130 and cz fivinq clocfrine. il, SOPHOMORE I-II-Y Front Row: Patsy Baker, Cynthia Lewis, Christian Humphrey, Mary Ann Keith, Anne Walden, Frances Young- blood, Allene Keith, Feriba Berry. Scfcorfrf Row: Mary Mintz, Juanita Love, Mary Mac Witherspoon, Gail Pens, Becky Holland, Beth Taylor, Tuggie Trask, Christine Cannon. Tbirzl Row: Bobby Moore, Edwin Veasy, Ennis Robinson, jackie Black, Bill Gardner, Mary Jean White, Carolyn Dudley, Dorothy Gallup, Millie Myers, Elaine Wooten, Sherry Rochelle, Nancy Williamson, Anne Worthington. Fourth Row: Lamar Strother, Paul Ruark, Donnie Jenkins, Griffin Hamilton, David Benton, Sammy Hunter, Burke Lennon, Billy Chenney, Gert Sewell. HI-Y AND TRI-HI-Y Creating, maintaining, and extending Christian character throughout the school and community is the purpose of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs. The members of these clubs have Weekly meetings and programs, monthly projects, and many enjoyable socials. Their blue, red, and gold triangular-shaped pins are a symbol of the high ideals and achievements of these very active clubs .This small pin is worn proudly and is recognized throughout the school. Service is one of the main platforms of the I-Ii-Y, and each year this organization conducts a week of prayer in each of the city's grammar schools, which always proves a very beneficial project. Wforking together for the good of the community, and serving others, the Hi-Y clubs form a congenial group, ready and willing to help others through the week of prayer, the polio campaign, and many other projects of local and foreign aid. Page 131 mmm prevaifed in their fives. TI-IESPIANS Frou! Row: Aliene Matthews, jannie johnson, Ann Dunsford, Carolyn Dudley, Allene Keith, Second Row: Gloria Padrick, Emma jean Matthews, Hazel Hale, Sondra Kalfin. Tbirzl Row: Glenda Clewis, Gene Castcen, Mary Helen Tutor, Sarah Huddle Dorothy Pastis. Fmfrfb Row: Ann Key, Alice Braak, Betty Jane Robinson, Sybil Williamson. Fifib Row: Louise Saunders, Edith Darden, Barbara Pace, Barbara Bryant, Charles Davis, jerry Turem. Sixlb Razr: Molly Adams, Shirley Pierce, Ray Fennell, julie Wcnberg, Margaret Rogers, Betty Anderson, Robert Moore. The red velvet curtain rose slowly, and another successful season for the New Hanover High School Thespians was underway. Opening the year was the presentation of a dramatic one act play, U1m'frf0w, which was given in assembly by several members of this organization. Next on the agenda was the fall production of Ring Arouml Eliznfmfh, a three act comedy. Under the direction of Miss Doris Hovis, club advisor, the senior play was efficiently undertaken by members of the senior class. The trip to Chapel Hill for the Dramatics Festival during the spring to present a play in competition with other dramatics clubs from all over the state climaxed this year. Although one usually thinks of dramatics as involving only acting, those who have participated in the Thespians' activities realize that witl?1t the make-up, the costumes, the publicity, the properties, and the ticket committees, the functions of the club could not have possibly been carried out. Wlien the final curtain fell, closing the '52-'53 season for the Thespians, there was no doubt that the members had developed a great interest in and a deep love for the theater. Page 132 Selma! pubficafions provided After many days of hard work, the Telephone Book Committee was ready to send their Work of art to the printer, The books were distributed among the students in time for them to send their Christmas cards. The attractive cover, designed by Margaret Head, brought many comments from the faculty, as well as from the stu- dents. In this publication could be found a complete list of all the students, their telephone numbers, their addresses, and their homerooms. Svrzfezf: Virginia Dixon, Anne Lassiter fChair- manj, joan McKenzie. Standing: Lucy Ann Car- ney, Sara Anne Phelps, Adele Mann Molly Adams, Mary Ann XVatkins, Betty Ann Bordeaux. 'W hi X - ,K ,HJQ . K.. ,V ,,,,,,..4Z Page 133 The Handbook committee was com- posed of Barbara Pace, Katherine Graham. Donald Graziano, Pete Land, Oscar Grant, Diane Snakenburg, and Patsy Barrett. In their publication one could find all school rules and regulations, a list of clubs and their purposes, and many other important facts concerning the school. Q me iam for ,mif,00fefLiL fXWf!f! ' SI-KERRY RICH VIRGINIA DIXON Erlifor-in-Chief Assistant Ezfifoi'-ir:-Claief Firxf Row: Diane Snakenburg, News Editor, Sarah Johnson, Assistant, Patti Ward, Feature Editor. Svfmm' Row: Jackie Boado, Assistant, Adele Mann, Girls' Sports Editor, Ethel Morgan, Assistant, Gary Preston, Boys, Sports Editor. Third' Row: Russell Casteen, Assistant, David Ottaway, Art Editor, Bettie Johnson, Assistant, John Braswell, Photographic Editor, Don- ald Melton, Assistant. Fozzrib Row: Shirley Pierce, Business Manager, Jean Oliver, Assistant, Lucy Ann Carney, Exchange Editor, Kay Smith, Assistant, Ann Jacobs, Ad Editor, Sara Anne Phelps, Assistant. Page 134 Headed by Jeanette Smith and Elizabeth Barnhill, regular Wildcat staff members, this group was selected from the student body to deliver the papers every other Thursday morning. This they did with great regularity, punctuality, diligence, and dispatch. CIRCULATION STAFF . Front Row: Jeanie Truelove, Jeanette Smith, Elizabeth Barnhill, Mary Mac Witherspoon, Hux Walters. Second Row: Carol Nance, Mary Ann Oosterwyk, Emma Jane Godwin, Dorothy Lane, Rhoda May, Paul Grossnickle. Tbinl Row: Milton Hardison, Charles Martin, Bob Murphy, Howard Brittain, Bill Cheney. fafemfed fbarlzezfisfs fo exercise MR. BREEDLOVE MISS CROMARTIE MISS BRAY MISS BROWN Facfllfy Advisor Circulrzfiou Arlvixor Business Af1lf'iSOF Business Advisor Without the guidance of the hard-working Wildcat advisors, the school paper would never have been published. These teachers were always willing to lend a helping hand whenever their advice and aid was needed. Page 135 fkebz Z em in 6L flzrivinq zzewspapm. Virginia Dixon, Assistant Editor- in-Chief, and Sherry Rich, Editor- in-Chief, were the top two on the Wildrat staff. They managed, by begging, praying, threatening, cajol- ing, flattering, screaming, and many times tearing at their hair, to meet those deadlines. Perhaps you have marveled at the great variety of material in the Wfilcfnll. This phenomenon is easily understood when seen in the light of the personalities who con- tributed to the material. No clearer proof is needed of this statement than to observe the variety of expression on the faces of the reporters pictured here. Lvfl lo rigbf: Janie Valentine, Pat Burris, Ben Norton, Delores Pridgcn, Libby Hobbs. Carolyn Graham, and Catherine Smith. Page 136 Copyreading the copyreader, repairing damaged fingernails, suffering from typer's cramp, and rush-rush-rush to beat the deadline was the life of our competent rypists. Left io rigbf: Lou Ellen Bell, Grace MOVEM, Bcity Ann Bordeaux, Ethel Mor- gan, and Bettie Johnson. gm' yemhook 6l'IfhLL5i6b5f5 foiled ANOVERIAN STAFF JOAN PIERCE JEAN FISHER Editor-in-Chief Business Manager First Row: Jo Smithwick, Feature Editor, Faye Dew, Feature Staff, Emily Gilbert, Feature Staff. Sammi' Row: Virginia Dixon, Club Editor, Lucy Ann Carney, Club Staff, Louise Cash, Class Editor, Stella Smith, Class Staff. Third Row: Dorothy Hardee, Art Staff, Margaret Head, Art Staff, Cynthia Lewis, Sophomore Editor, jo Allen Brown, Sports Editor, Jean Jones, Sports Staff, Sara Ann Phelps, Sports Staff. Fourth Row: Jane Lanier, Photographic Staff, Eleanor West, Photographic Editor, Elsie McKoy, Business Staff, Mary Ann Watkins, Ad Editor, Edna Lennon, Ad Staff, John Brockwell, Subscription Manager. Page 137 Mrs. Symmes, Mrs. Durham, and Mrs. Hayden were responsi- ble for guiding the Hanoverian staff members in all their work. These advisors not only did their duty during school hours, but they often helped the staff by getting ads, identifying pictures, and Writing headlines. Because of their interest and capability this annual reached the printer at the specified time. Lvff fo rigfalz Faye Den lmily Gilbert lo Smithxxitk Qlitaturt Lditorj mn Pierce Ifdrtor in Chrtfj Dorothy Hardee, Margaret Head. The Feature Staff and the Art Stiff worked closely tovether in the making of the attractive school life section and the division pages Many last minute changes in layout were handled well by the art staff. Jo Smrthwick, feature editor, shown here discussinv the layout of the super lative pages with Editor in chief, Ioan Pierce while other members of the staff look on with interest. of fedium or an exacf amzucz . After many clicks of the camera, these girls were then faced with the task of identify- ing countless students and choos- ing the best photographs. One of the most perturbing problems was the headline for every page and the write-ups for each pic- ture. From all this confusion developed the Sports and Club sections under the leadership of Jo Allen Brown and Virginia Dixon. Lucy Ann Carney helped immensely with the club sec- tion, while jean Jones and Sara Ann Phelps helped on the sports. . ,Q Q3 , aa f ms 1 'M A, mc: sw 1 Ads, ads, ads, and more ads! These words pounded in the minds of all the members of thc business and ad staffs. These workers did a wonderful job in keeping books, recording ads, collecting money for subscrip- tions, and keeping the annual on a secure financial basis. Ad editor Mary Ann Watkins, Business Manager jean Fisher and Elsie McKoy look up from their work, while Edna Lee Lennon and John Brockwell offer sugges- tions. Page 139 The class and the photogra- phic staffs worked diligently in order to prepare the class pic- tures so that their section would be a success. The photographic staff was responsible for sched- uling class pictures and being present when they were taken. The class staff identified the pictures and listed the senior activities. Left to right, they are: jane Lanier, Eleanor West, Louise Cash Qclass editorj, Stella Smith, and Cynthia Lewis. r 1 Q ' 5 fb . " Q, n 'V fx f 4' by oyaf mwsicicuzs pazforme MIXED CHORUS Tits vvas one of the naost successful years that the Ddixed Clhorus has ever had. 'Fhe chorus vvas recognized by outstanding music critics throughout the state. It performed for various civic organiza- tions and also gave performances out of town. An octet, girls' trio, and boys' quartet were successfully organized. A Thanksgiving, a Christmas, an Easter, and a spring concert were presented in the high school auditorium. The operetta, "Pickles," high-lighted the year for both the participants and the audi- ences. Under Mr. Sam Taylor's leadership, the chorus left a lasting impression on all. D-- s l MIXED CHORUS Members of this yvurli Mixml Chorus rurrv: Patsy Barnes, jean Bennett, Mimi Bergen, Freda Bland, Annette Blanton, Rachel Bridges, Pat Brookshire, Norma Bryant, Pat Burris, Sybil Canady, Margaret Casey, Sara Coley, Carolyn Cotchett, Alice Dannenbaum, Marcia Dukes, june Finberg, -Iean Fisher, Mary Gallup, Emily Gilbert, Betty Godley, Lucy Groot, Sylvia Hcmby, Betsy Hurst, Betty jarrell, Wilma johnson, Charlotte jones, jean jones, Mary King, Vivian King, Karen Kurka, Anne Lassiter, Katherine Lewis Adele Mann, joan McKenzie, Yvonne Millinor, Patti Moore, Camilia Myers, Carroll Newkirk, Joyce Parker, joan Pierce, Shirley Pinner, Deloris Pridgen, Charlene Ray, Phyllis Savage, Cecelia Schlegcl, Ann Shelton, Betty Tienken, Betty Lou Waltcmn, Mary Ann Watkins, Lillian Willianisoii, Sylvia Wilson, Betty Wood, Robert Adams, Kenneth Alexander, Ernest Anderson, Bobby Andrews, Grant Armstrong, Edward Beecham, David Block, john Brockwell, Ed- ward Brown, Larry Bullard, Graham Burkheimer, Bobby Butler, B. C. Deans, Victor Edens, Henry Finch, Bobby Franks, Emerson Head, Leon Holden, Philip jones, Fred Kelly, Dickie King, Bruce Ludlum, Bobby Melton, Paul Pappas, Jimmy Ray Parker, l. B. Strickland, johnny Thomas, Ed Walker, Alfred Willetts. Page 140 skifffuffy for praising au ielzces. -fi ,rp I SECOND PERIOD GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Front Row: Allene Matthews, Ann Walden, Feriba Berry, Nancy Futch, Veonia Skipper, Geraldine Tyson, Linda Jackson, Jacqueline Parker. S?f0I7tIR01U! Dorothy Gallup, Jean Kirkham, Sherry Rochelle, Betty Rose Gatling, Sylvia Savage, Ida Mae Watkins, Carol Bunch, Martha Holden, Nancy Drevyn. Third Row: Peggy Millinor, Joan Smith, Peggy Parrish, Josephine Debnam, Judy Lenn, Judith DeVane, Velma King, Betty Johnson, Mary Alice Hewett. Fonrlb Row: Mr. Taylor, Helen Jane Pugh, Frances Wells, Joyce Spivey, Barbara Bryant, Betty Lanier, Eleanor Traynham, Sylvia Bum- gardner, Janet Cooper, Billie Raper. THIRD PERIOD GIRLS' GLEE CLUB From' Row: Paula Kornegay, Carol Young, Bonnie Miner, Shirley Rollinson, Margaret Rowe, Jo Ann Bruton, Camilla Myers, Betty Tienken, Patsy Barns, Srmmf Roux: Mr. Taylor, Jeanette Driggers, Lenora Sidbury, Becky Robbins, Ann Phelps, Mary Shipman, Judy Brainard, Nadean Murray, Ann Worthington, Nancy Williamson, Shirley Bigford, Doro- thy Gosnell. Tbircl Row: Kitty Mills, Rhoda May, Marian Sponer, Mimi Bergen, Janice Hinson, Ann Meadows Hilda Young, Eleanor Walton, Jeri Knowles, Dorothy Lane, Mary Frances Davis, Barbara Jo McKennon. Fonrlb Row: Helen Mintz Georgia Lewis, Felice Guld, Ethel Morgan, Othella Somcrsett, Annette Gore, Faye Martin, Thelma Parker, Ruby Todd, Patsy Creech, Patsy Baker, Betsy Jones, Noel Janes, Jo Ann Murray. Page 141 cm won many lrolzors NI-IHS CONCERT BAND Flute: Janie Ann Cannon, Betty Gurganious, Ralph Dotson. Oboe: Catherine Von der Lieth, Delphine Waddell. Bassoon: Hugh Sanderson. Clarinel: Ronald Hailey, Douglas Byrd, Robert Cole, James Forrester, Peggy Hewett, Shirley Fales, Sally johnson, Barbara Hailey, Marie Dooley, Martha Boone. Bass Clarinet: Andrew Milnor, Lloyd Harrison. Alto Saxophone: Dottie Jo james, jackie Black, Carolyn Walton. Tenor Suvopbonez Tommy Craig, Ralph Kimmell. Baritone Saxophone: Ronald Baldwin. Cornel: Emerson Head, Robert Ellis, Bill Allen, Bonnie Shain, Huxley Walters, Donald Hughes. Trombone: Daphne Lewis, Roger Taylor, Sally Ottaway, Raymond Farrow. Bafitones: David Johnson, Bill Sparkes. Bass Tuba: Alan Moore, Bobby Lietch, Charles Snipes, Bill Wall, Henry Cale. Snare Drum: Bill Confer, Jack Smith. Bass Drum: Steve Kelly. Cymbals: Carl Sanders, Albert Hornaday. Tympani: Shirley Thomas, Bells and Chimes: Mary Catherine Cole. French Horus: David Checkner, Lamar Strother, Shirley Dooley. The New Hanover High School Band officers for this year were: Dottie Jo James, Per- sonnel Offirerg Emerson Head, Baml Manager, James Forrester, Pulzlieify Officer and Hisforiung Andrew Milnor, Properly Of- firerg Ralph Kimmell, Repair Offirerg Catherine von der Leith, Lillruriang Sally Ottaway, Pulvlirify Officer and Hisforian. Not pictured: Robert Ellis, Ronald Hailey, Carolyn Cole. Page 142 602 FZIZJWZEJ !6lLLJ6tL!6 0I'l'l'l6U7C65. . A l 'Ny t ,, ily! if I J' In A I j.f,l!, A, I z gr.-1,,j'5'-,' ll K I V ,, A A 4 Q -wg , W , ,, A rv In-, . H5 , ,,1,,.n , 1 , , f- fl . - any W fi", -' f" . " af. A ,,,,, - , M " I - ' Y' ,,. X V' ,,'k4'fw- - ef.. ,, L- 4 , 7' 'N , , 5 , A U M - im 5' fr 3 -- rl :J ' N ' f . l 4" L 4 ' ' '-fu, it ft his 4 ' ,.,f2,.f , " u ' ' M, ,- . ' ' 'Y' -in ,ss,' t 411 - 35' V 77 ' , far ' 1 ew fy, , , N' ' 43 Q- - 3' ' F W , , T ' 1 , ' "7'ff ss'-3'-TZ7"94"M fFf"N-f .""v212Hf fWff1'fL11 . A" 13 4 " :1,rf,.'k?i'7f". , f - . "N - Ag'V':f?"j,4:',1Sf-,-:If':i-M.. , , X' ' a , if N A. f,, vvvv 1 ,125 gi ,em gig? ,Nj-s,,,xA?i-NM 'V Kg. AA tw o A Q :ff ,.,,. . ' , ,, g,.,,wf 1,-www ,,,s,,, LW- , Cimfy1,,,Kii', ,fit "HW 'fr'-'ffw V' ffffsw 'gwb4,'1'M,l'f5a-fl 12- - """:741'y'f5' :.,siwsl"gf'QM,g Hmm " t '-5. s -1 g . e- f' -V 4 'ff V ,- v The Band, led by Mr. H. E. Stivers, presented many pleasing formations to appreci- ative onlookers at the fall football games. Here they are shown practicing for one of their best presentations. Aa 3 1 MAJORETTES AND DRUM MAJOR Left to right: Linda Pridgen, Ann Hatch, Ronald Hfiley CDVIIHZ uznjorj, Valeria Powell, Elizabeth Barefoot. Fronf: Carolyn Cole QHMJ Majordiej. Vivacious majorettes and an enthusiastic drum major worked together to give added interest to an excellent band. As band members they proved their musical ability by learning the techniques of various musical instruments. Marching with the ROTC Band on Mondays and Fridays, they added color to the formation. Page 143 feackinq szfaff Wm prou ROTC TEACHING STAFF Sergeant Demarra, Sergeant Peace, Lieutenant Smith, Sergeant Vincent. ROTC RIFLE TEAM Frou! Row: William Hanchey, Neal Laney, Ed Dye, Leo West. Second Row: Charles Hicks, Earl Walker, Jere Dan ford, Alvalu Sranland, Buddy Davis. Tlairzl Row: Carl Dempsey, Ben Norton, Paul Burton, Ronald Baldwin, David Millinor Page 144 BATTALION STAFF Cadct Lt. Col. George Johnson, Bnliafiou Conzuzamfvrg Honorary Lt. Col. Sarah Johnsong Cadet Major Donald Graziano, Baffulion Exrczzlive Offirmfg Cadet Captain Ben Norton, Bnffnliou Alijlifdllfj Cadet Second Lt. Grant Armstrong, Supply Officer. of ffm abfe Laffafion sfafjq ROTC SPCNSCRS Mary Catherine Wlmitc Lucile Barden Sarah johnson Sue Edwards Jane Love Comfmuy "A" COVIIIIIIIIJ' "BU Balialirm Cozufmzzy "C" Couzjmuy "D" Page 145 fha we!!-known ofjqcers, ED CALDWELL BILL GAY BOBBY FRANKS RALPH CHRISTMAS Prexidenf Vice-Prfxidezzt SL'Crcfary-Trc'ns11rer Sffgfdflf-df-ATIIZS Grant Armstrong Freddie Butters Paul Burton Alan Croom Victor Edens Channie Grant 'E vw Xwfi My Wxyx Donald Graziano Ronald Hailey Lew Hollis George Johnson Bruce Ludlum JD Ex , 5 X is-L is .i Y HW' Robert Moore Ben Norton Jerry Owens Jerry Partrick . MER 5f'E ! . , " ,isa y' i 'i Harry Stone Jack Yov' DeNVaync Wfilliarnson Page 146 and the Aelofaf smqecuzfs. l ROTC SERGEANTS' CLUB Firxi Row: Roland Register, Dickie Manning, Billy Capps, Pete Manning, Oscar Grant. SFFUVIII Row: Jerry Buck, Ken- neth Hansley, Russell Foster, Bobby Saunders, james Forrester, Edgar McKoy. Third Row: John Brown, David Millinor Billy Raines, Charles Hicks, Jim Rivenbark, Vura Foy, Conrad XVitherspoon. Fourth Row: jerry Danford, Donald Henson Holmes Davis, Carl Dempsey, Russell Casteen, Edward Dye, Leo NVest, Arlen Eidson. Fiflb Row: jimmy Post, Billy Kraus B. C. Deans, Buddy Davis, Robert McKenzie, Pete Land, Frank Clemmons. The New Hanover High School Junior Division Reserve Officers' Training Corps was established in 1937 under the provisions of Section 40 of the National Defense Act of 3 June 1916. Regular Army personnel, who must possess high qualifications, are assigned by Army Headquarters for the proper administration and instruction of the Cladet Ciorps. The general objectives of the Junior Reserve Officers' Corps Course are to lay the foundation for intelligent citizenship by teaching the principles of leadership, re- spect for constituted authority, habits of precision, orderliness, courtesy, correctness of posture and deportment, and to give the student basic military training which will be of benefit to him and of value to the military services if he becomes a member. The greatest portion of subject matter studied in their courses can be applied to everyday situations. Honor schools throughout the United States are determined through annual federal inspections. The local corps has had the distinction of being selected as an honor unit for fifteen consecutive years. This is designated by the wearing of a red star on the lower portion of the right sleeve of the coat. Each year five young ladies of the Senior Class are selected by the ROTC cadets to represent the battahon staff and each lettered conipany. This year the annual ROTC Military Ball was held in the high school gymnasium on the thirteenth of 1Deceniber The ROTC Battalion is composed of Companies "AU, "B", "Cn, and "D" and the band. Formal reviews and parades are held Monday and Friday mornings on the drill field at Thirteenth and Ann Streets at 8:45. Presentation of awards are made each Monday morning to the honor and distinguished cadets of the previous week, and a guidon streamer is presented to the honor company of the previous week. Page 147 Gadefs pracficed mififary coarfesy, "A" COMPANY Company Conzmander, HARRY STONE Company Sponsor, MARY CATHERINE WHITE THIRD YEAR: Billy Aman, Grant Armstrong, Leroy Benton, Freddie Butters, Carrol Edens, Bobby Franks, Bill Gay, Billy Hurst, Billy Kraus, Eric Oertel, Thomas O'Neal, jimmy Post, Charlie Skipper, Harry Stone, Thomas Worthington. SECOND YEAR: George Autry, Glen Avery, David Barefoot, Sammy Benson, Andrew Canoutas, Adrain Casteen, Frank Clemmons, joseph Davis, Bartha Deans, Jem Durant, George Galloway, Curtis Hewlett, John Maultsby, Donald Melvin, Garey Merritt, Daniel Piner, jimmy Porter, Donnie Stevenson, William Tilley, Billy Waters, Mitchell Whitley, Norwood Wolfe, William Wood. FIRST YEAR: Guy Allen, Bobby Andrews, Rolin Barrett, Thurman Bass, Clarence Blake, Robert Blake, Joseph Blanton, William Bullard, William Butler, Julien Capps, Harold Covington, james Cox, Kenneth Croom, Leon Cumber, Robert Edwards, Henry Finch, William Foy, Max Fryar, james George, Richard Gustafson, William Hall, Mitchell Hintze, Alton Insco, Gene johnson, jackie Johnson, Cecil jordan, William Kelly, Walter King, Frank Kosh, Duncan Mcliachern, George Mcliachern, Ray Matthews, Howard Morgan, john Mouring, Kenneth Newland, George Saffo, Roger Seitter, David Sloan, David Smith, David E. Smith, Joseph Smith, Steve Sneedcn, Bobby Soles, James Strong, Kenneth Swain, Sidney Veasey, John Ward, Harry Watson, Gary XVolfe. Page 148 ' compefed for honor codef, "B" CGMPANY Company Commander, BRUCE LUDLUM Company Sponsor, LUCILE BARDEN THIRD YEAR: Gerald Buck, Ralph Christmas, Archie Connor, Henry Dixon, George Gaddy, Bruce Ludlum, Donald Morton, Wilbert Norton, William Skipper, jack Spivey, Rembert Williamson, Jack Yow. SECOND YEAR: David Alford, Myron Allen, Billy Capps, Charles Carlyle, Lennox Cooper, Carl Dempsey, Earl Dye, Arlen Edison, Vura Foy, Don Frost, Gene Gay, Richard Grant, John Griffith, Kenneth Hansley, Alton Insco, Elbert Lennon, Edgar McKoy, Lawrence Manning, Charles Meshaw, Joe Norwood, Michael Piner, Vivian Potter, Emmanuell Poulos, Pete Poulos, Alton Sellars, James Shaw, Robert Warwick, James Williamson, Leonard Williams. FIRST YEAR: Carlton Allegood, Charles Benson, David Benton, Oscar Bergemann, Jessie Bridgers, Earl Brown, Wilbur Brown, jack Campbell, Woodrow Carney, Ellis Casteen, Stephen Croom, George Davie, Wilbur Davis, Charles Drevyn, William Fowler, Lloyd Grainger, Corbett Granger, Samuel Gunner- sen, jack Hardison, Jeff Harman, Wesley Henry, Festus Herring, jack Hines, George Johnson, Frank Johnston, Robert Jordan, Freddie King, Neil Laney, Norbett Lanier, Harry Latimer, William Lennon, Billy Martin, Billy Merritt, George Montford, Robert Newton, Dolan Norris, Thomas Pepper, Ralph Rollins, William Sanderlin, Belvin Shepard, Chapman Smith, Harold Snipes, Wi"51m Stanley, William Towles, Charles Wade, Edwin Wollctt, Allen Yopp. Page 149 ecmze various mififary zfaczfics, "C" COMPANY CmWmyCmmmmhnEDCMDwuL Company Sp0nMW,SUE Eowakos THIRD YEAR: Relvin Asbury, Ed Caldwell, Alan Croom, Walter Harrill, Sammy Hill, Lewis Hollis, Sonny jurgensen, james Merritt, jerry Owens, Robert Thyne, julian NValker, james Whitfield, Conrad Witherspoon. SECOND YEAR: john Brown, William Bryan, Richard Buck, Albert Creasy, jere Danford, Ronald Davis, Clyde Dyson, Leon Gay, Jon Gcrdes, Lawrence Glisson, Charles Hicks, joseph Hinson, Robert Johnston, Pete Land, Michael' McDaniel, Samuel McKenzie, Richard Manning, William Maready, David Millinor, Van Moore, Phillip Morgan, Charles Parker, Elmond Parker, Gene Pridgen, William Raines, Ronald Register, Vance Smith, jerry Turem, Douglas Upchurch, Ronald Wood. FIRST YEAR: Robert Aiken, Freddie Anderson, William Best, David Blake, Franklin Block, Bernice Bowen, Robert Brown, Robert Carter, Edward Casey, George Cummings, Jimmie Davis, Rudolph Daughtry, Peter Depland, William Doran, Ralph Drew, Donald Eagle, Thomas Elliott, Olin Fowler, Kenneth Grant, Herman Hall, Stewart Hare, Samuel Hunter, Cecil johnson, Eugene johnson, James Kinlaw, Charles Lunsford, Henry Marks, Robert Melton, Tommy Millard, Dallas Mills, Robert Moore, Oren Northam, Howard Phelps, Stephen Prevost, Mickey Prior, Charles Rackley, Clifford Reaves, Henry Rothrock, Robert Smith, Alvah Stanland, I. B. Strickland, Roy Sutton, Otis Taylor, Alex Thompson, Carl Vass, James Vaughn, Earl Wfalker, james Vfilliams, Alan Wilson. Page 150 an maazcned fo formaiion, "D" COMPANY Company Commander, PAUL BURTON Company Sponsor, JANE LOVE THIRD YEAR: Paul Burton, Richard Cox, Buddy Davis, Alex Efird, Channic Grant, Donald Graziano, Robert Hall, George Johnson, Harold Laing, George Lewis, Robert D. Moore, jerry Partrick, Jim Rivenbark, Fred Vallianos. SECOND YEAR: Ernest Anderson, Thomas Brown, Gray Boyette, Tommy Capps, Wilbur Chcers, Frederick Foster, James Gainous, Bob Godley, Morris Jenrette, George Jordan, Gatchell Joye, James King, John Malpass, Robert Miller, Donald Monroe, John Pridgen, David Rooks, Robert Saunders, Jerry Smith, Jimmy Spivey, Billy Teague, Frank Tripodes, Lim Vallianos, Alva Ward, Adrian Watkins, George West, Harry Williams, Richard Williams. FIRST YEAR: Charles Barefoot, Douglas iBayse, James Bell, David Bennett, John Birmingham, Walter Blanton, James Burris, Kenneth Burton, Ronald Butler, Charles Carter, George Carter, Willoughby Cheney, James Covil, Rodney Croom, Alfred Dail, Robert Davis, Thomas Dyson, James Evans, William Gardner, Louis Gore, Houston Hales, Rex Hardy, William Hanchey, james Hickman, Hamilton Hicks, Donald Hollis, Jack Holt, Jimmie Hunter, Richard Ivey, Truman King, Hugh Leitzsey, Edward Lewis, Harlan McPherson, Morton Meloe, Alvin Murray, Daniel Parham, Lum Parrish, Clyde Peterson, Ralph Potter, Ennis Robinson, Paul Ruark, Wilton Sewell, Adrian Shepard, William Simkins, William Spooner, Ronald Teachey, Bobby Thomas, Raiford Trask, Melvin Watkins, Charles Wells, Charles White. Page 151 gf? ,,' W. . ,, 3' I accompanied by the .Bom . ROTC BAND THIRD YEAR: Robert Cole, Robert Ellis, Ronald Hailey, Steve Kelly, Alan Moore, Carl Sanders, Hugh Sanderson, Charles Snipes. SECOND YEAR: Ronald Baldwin, Charles Checkner, Carolyn Craig, Jimmy Forrester, Lloyd Harrison, Donald Hughes, David johnson, Robert Leitch, Andrew Milnor, Bonnie Shain, Jack Smith. FIRST YEAR: Thomas Allen, Daniel Black, Douglas Byrd, Henry Cale, Guy Casey, William Confer, Raymond Farrow, Albert Hornaday, Kenneth Johnson, Ralph Kimmell, William Mangum, Paul Meadows, Walter Miller, Bill Sparkes, Howard Strother, Leslie Taylor, William Wall. The ROTC band, made up of talented ROTC members, is believed by many to be one of the outstanding high school bands in the country. The band participated in such local parades and functions as Armistice Day, the Azalea Festival, the Christ- mas parade, pep rallies, and other activities. Majorettes for this year's ROTC band were Linda Pridgen, Ann Hatch, Carolyn Cole, Valeria Powell, and Elizabeth Barefoot. These girls marched in all formations with the band. Page 152 Upper leflz Arts and Crafts Club members exercised their talent in individual works. Left to right, they are Mary Jane Sumner, Hazel Hale, Kay Tompkins, Kitty Mills, Francis Youngblood, Sherri Forrester, Allene Keith, and Mary Ann Keith. Lower lefl: Wearied cast members of "Ring Around Elizabeth," a play presented by the Thespians, took a deserved moment of rest. These never tiring performers were Hazel Hale, Betsy Ligon, Lucy Ann Carney, Jerry Turem, Shirley Pierce, and Miss Doris Hovis, director. Upper rigbf: Future Teachers of America prepared to journey to a convention. They are Jean Taylor, Lucy Ann Carney, Mrs. Ruth Warren, Virginia Dixon, and Joan Pierce. Rigbf renfrr: Marijane Birmingham, Adele Mann, Anne Lassiter, Mary Ann Watkiiis, and Joan McKenzie, Senior Y-Teen members, prepared to visit the County Home. Lozzrr right: Future Homemakers of America worked with Miss Paulson. Some of these enthusiasts of home- making were Ann Farrow, Dixie Batchelor, Barbara Regan, Janet Currin, and Miss Paulson. Page 153 - SPGRTS gjaofbaff fs 7 Gfffzfef jaskeffaff gym 061556 Af f W U .337 51 a Firsf Row: Tommy Shannon, Rex Hardy, George Gaddy, George Johnson, Danny Nye, Paul Burton, Donald Morton, Rich ard Lewis. Second Row: Sonny jurgensen, Victor Canfield, Wayne Cushing, Harold Johnson, Jimmy Williams, Maurice Wood- cock, Bob Coleman, Donald Hendrix, Fred Vallianos. Third Row: Bill Roberson, jimmy Edwards, Ray Scott, Clifton Patten Tommy Millard, Kenneth Grant, Harvey Taylor, Ronald Walker. Fonrfb Row: Bobby Moore, jenison DuRant, Jon Gerdes joe Tardugno, Marvin Watson, Arthur Jordan, Eldridge Wood, Randolph Pace. Che fvarsify goofhaff Ceann From September through November, Friday night was the highlight of every week. Cheering crowds, bright lights, tense moments-these things bring back wonderful memories of the 1952-S3 football season. Loyal fans followed the team to all their games. Visiting teams found it impossible to defeat the NHHS squad on its home field. Our pride in the Wildcats swelled when our co-captains were chosen to participate in the Shrine Bowl game and when Coach Brogden was selected by the Shrine Athletic Committee to coach the North Carolina team. Page 156 Co-captain C0-captain GEORGE JOHNSON SONNY JURGENSEN 5 oweg 0LLf5f6LIZJilZq feagazskip, SCORES Greensboro Norfolk Chowan Rocky Mount Raleigh Wilkes Central Goldsboro Wilson Durham Fayetteville ,il COACH DAVIS, COACH BROGDEN, COACH BROOKS. Page 157 Harold Johnson prepares to tackle I1 receiver as Marvin Watson, Arthur Jordan, Sonny Jurgensen, Jack XVatson looks on. Coach Brogden, and Don Morton Watch a good play. comfouzf pmcfice, the goal. drive through center. MARVIN XVATSON 'xr 5 Page 158 Lrfl fob: Don Morton sweeps around end towards Lvfl bollamz An offensive player is stopped after 4 GEORGE GADDY 1 Qu. x 1 Fred Vallianos makes ready to stop an opposing player. 6028 C!056 lf66LWLW0l' C. Right lop: Rex Hardy and opposing player fight for possession of the ball. Rigbf bolfomz George Johnson drives around end for a first down. ELDRIDGE XVOODS RICHARD LEWIS PAUL BURTON DANNY NYE Page 159 Gkeerfeaders supported team, Front Row: Barbara Pace, Lynn Shannon, Katherine Lewis, Pat Register. SFCOIHII Row: Gloria Smith, Ronald Davis, Roxana Mebane, Patti Moore, Mary White, Grant Armstrong, Miriam Hickman. This year the cheerleaders, led by Patti Moore with Roxana Mebane as her assistant, showed an exuberant spirit when cheering for both football and basketball games. The squad sponsored the Football Finals Dance and added much color to the Homecoming game by selling chrysanthe- mums. They were the official cheerleaders for the N. C. team in the Shrine Bowl game. SCZLMLJ efecfed 5W66fb66U' The Football Finals Dance, sponsored by the cheerleaders, was held on November 22. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the Varsity Sweetheart, Jane Love. She was crowned by Paul Burton and was presented a bouquet of red roses and an inscribed silver bracelet by Patti Moore, the head cheerleader. X i Danny Nye jane Love Paul Burton Page 160 Fran! Row: Roger Seitter, Wayne Bcnfield, Billy Sandcrlin, Ralph Potter, Bobo McEachern, Gene johnson, Mickey Prior, Cris Browning. Second Row: Clyde Carroll, Danny Parham, B. J. Shepard, Rodney Croom, Charles Woodbury, Corbett Granger, George Mcliachern, Wyndell Watson. Third Rmu: Ronnie Barnes, Paul Swart, Billy Northrop, Ken- neth Nye, Dickie King, Ennis Robinson, George Rhodes, Max Fryar, Alex Thompson. Jayvees received framing. The Junior Varsity football team, under the excellent coaching of Coach Frank Arwoocl, had a good year. The Wildkittens displayed wonderful sportsmanship, even when the going became rough. These boys are looking forward to the future when they will be Varsity players. 0 Wallace 34 7 Camp Lejeune o o Fairmont 39 6 Southport 6 I4 Fayetteville 7 I3 Fayetteville 6 13 Shallotte 6 25 New Bern o 45 Williams o 7 Shallotte 27 ,Coaches Atwood and Mcl-Ienry give jayvees a pep Clifton Patten blocks for Wayne Cushing, Ennis talk before they go into action. Robinson makes the tackle for Jayvees. Page 161 Under the competent leadership of Coaches Brogden and Davis, the 1952-S3 Varsity basketball team cap- tured the runner-up trophy in the AAA State Tourna- ment and tied Raleigh for the Eastern Conference Crown. The squad chose as their capable co-captains Jon Gerdes and Sonny Jurgensen, who had the sup- port of such powerful players as Don Morton, Roy Pursley, George Gaddy, Rex Hardy, Derris Brad- l shaug and jnnny VVHhmns Don Morton lays up the ball as Roy Pursley waits for the rebound. 0WWZfLL! ,0!6Ly6I'5 10 LL5 Roy Pursley steals the ball from an opponent: Jon Gerdes waits to receive the ass, but the referee si nnls for C1 jum ball. P S P REX HARDY MAURICE EMMART JACKIE BREWER MAURICE WOODCOCK TOMMY SHANNON DANNY NY13 FRED KELLY HAROLD JOHNSOLN Page 162 19 5 2 - S 3 CONFERENC 6 3 Wilson 63 Rocky Mount 42 Goldsboro 44 Raleigh 66 Fayetteville 62 Wilson 6 5 Rocky Mount 8 3 Durham 69 Goldsboro 5 5 Raleigh 74 Fayetteville 56 Durham 6 3 Greensboro 60 Charlotte S2 Raleigh E GAMES 48 49 33 69 46 51 60 68 40 43 30 46 39 S2 71 bar work Lrouglzf vicfories. Sonny Jurgensen scores with a push shotg Don Morton and George Gaddy stand ready to receive the rebound. 1-L v Sonny Jurgensen drives, stops, and fakes his man in an effort to score for the Wildcats. SONNY JURGENSEN DONALD MORTON GEORGE GADDY DERRIS BRADSHAW PETE PETERSON JON GERDES JIMMY VVILLIAMS ROY PURSLEY Page 163 l l Front Row: Ennis Robinson, Gene Smith, Ronnie Barnes, Houston Hales, Ralph Potter, Max Fryar, Kenneth Nye. Second Row: Duncan "Bobo" McEachern, Danny Parham, Wayne Bcnfield, Charles Woodbury, George Mcliachern, Mickey Prior, Robert Smith, Ray Porter. uqqed Jayvem ecmze recoqlzifiolz. The JV basketball squad completed a successful season with one conference de- feat and two losses to our own Varsity Re- SCYVCS. Coach Arwood gives last minute instructions to the JayVees. 47 Varsity Reserves S2 7I Conway 29 49 Varsity Reserves 69 71 Pickards 64 49 Conway 24 38 Wilson 33 Z9 Rocky Mount 48 40 Goldsboro 38 61 Raleigh 46 47 Fayetteville 42 68 Wilson 29 46 Rocky Mount 43 49 Burgaw 45 5: Raleigh 43 S7 Fayetteville 39 73 Burgaw 49 SI Atomic 5 50 Page 164 MARVIN WATSON MLQZL Workouts for baseball began in the early part of March. The twelve con- ference games, the first of which was played on March 27, were played on a home-and-home basis. DERRIS BRADSHAW ,4 4 ae, March March April April April April April April May May May May XVilson Fayetteville Raleigh Goldsboro Rocky Mount Durham Wilson Fayetteville Raleigh Goldsboro Rocky Mount Durham SONNY JURGENSEN Y , 115. ,,,,. s ROY PURSLEY Page 165 X, ,l REX HARDY Front Row: Gary Preston, Jimmy Council, Bonnie Sliain. Seromf Row: Gene Johnson, Bobby Coleman, George Britt, Buddy Martin, Buddy Davis. Third Row: Mr. Breedlove, Rolin Barrett, Jimmy King, David Lieberman. Early in the year, the New Hanover High School tennis team was organized for the 1953 season. In the spring, regular practice sessions were heldg and the team held competitive matches among themselves. Later they held matches with Goldsboro, Ra- leigh, Kinston, Rocky Mount, and Camp Lejeune. qofjq femzis came in fke spring. The newly organized golf team of NHHS traveled with the baseball team to meet its competitors. A spring tournament on a local course determined the members of the team and also created an interest in the sport throughout the school. There were a few meets in South Carolina, as well as in our own state. The team entered the State Cham- pionship Tournament in High Point. Slamlingz Alex Efird, Gene Gay, David Sloan, George Autry, Stewart Hare, Freddie Butters. Kneeling: David Barefoot Page 166 On Tuesdays and Thursdays the Walls of the "YH Pool echoed the splashings of the swim- ming team. The Aquacats, with state Cham- pionship hopes in mind, were headed by n senior captain, Eric CDerteL Sonae of the teanas the tankmen swam against were Fayetteville, Raleigh, High Point, and E.C.C. Freshmen. They also participated in State Invitational meets held at State College and Duke Univers- ity. From the boys' good 'spirits and tireless Workouts came success in the state meets. lzerqeflc spfmkers. Front Row: Jimmy Hickman, David Buis, George Lewis, Eric Oertel Freddie Butters Don Frost Oscar Grant Grier White, Alex Thompson. Second Row: Mr. Smith, Bobby Barber, Lex Marks Billy Bostic Rolm Barrett Billy Wall jimmy Spivey, Bobby Soles, Grady Sandlin. Page 167 VOLLEYBALL: Firsl Row: Barbara Avison, Betty Peterson, Martha Shepard Hilda Heath. Second Row: Jane Mouring, Janis Smith, Ann Frou! Row: Hilda Heath, Elizabeth Mathews, June Finberg, Jo Ann Jordan, Juanita Hales, Beulah Kennedy, Louisa Sim- mons. Svwml Row: Marie Wunderlick, Joyce Batson, Ann Highsmith, Clara Mae Loflin, Barbara Avison, Peggy Lyerly, Betty Peterson, Jewell Wriglit, Sybil Williamson. Tbirzl Row: Violet Spivey, Barbara Easom, Jo Ann lnglette, Jean Henderson, Betty Presnell, Virginia Keister, Dosia Knowles, Linda Jarrell, Martha Shepard. Fourfb Row: Pat Conner, Dorothy Oliver, Barbara Austin, Dorothy Moore, Elizabeth Parker, Shirley Orrell, Jean Bergemann, Jamie McElmore, June Sawyer. ts J' . r f L7 Ufflfq' 1 '1 2 , fl Qhcmnwiw - Girls, Athletic Association, organized to encourage interest in athletics, had one of its most successful years. hlany girk took partin the year-around after- school program. Officers of the club were Elizabeth Mathews, President, Juanita Hales, Vice-Presidentg Jo finn Jordan, Secretary, and June Finberg,'Treas- urer. Highsmith Dorothy Moore, Betty Dehart, Barbara Austin. 5 I ASSISTANTS: Firxf Row: Elizabeth Mathews, Audrey Lanier, Violet Spivey. Sfroml Row: Jo Ann Jordan, Fave Nobles, Juanita Hales, June Finberg, Barbara Austin. BASKETBALL: Pat Benson, Dolores Moore, Mary Sparkman, Betsy Tanner, Shelby Watts, Juanita Hales, Joyce Batson. Page 168 TENNIS: Ann Highsmith, Virginia Keister, Susan Walker, Louise Saunders, Sybil Williamson. Many girls took an interest in the varied ac- tivities during the year. These activities helped to develop' girls mentally and physically and taught the rneaning of good sportwnanship. wma varie . SHUFFLEBOARD: Elizabeth Parker, Shirley Orrell, Betty Jo Presnell Clara Mae Loflin. BOWLING: Elizabeth Parker, Betty Luc Cay- SOFTBALL: Shirley Orrell, Betty Presnell, Clara Loflin, ton, Shirley Orrell, Ann Highsmith, Batty Prcsncll. Elizabeth Parker, Betty Luc Cayton, Ann Highsmith. Page 169 Golzqrafufafiolzs Gian of 1953 WILMINGTON CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION wfzigldsviue Rmb 714eaffze WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH ROAD DIAL 3 1813 And glzxlline Dfzive-an 7-lmeaffze CAROLINA BEACH RQAD DIAL 3 4123 "Always A Good Picture 24 HOUR SERVICE BEAR FRONT END SERVICE AMOCO GAS QUAKER STATE OIL WESTINGI-IOUSE APPLIANCES GOODYEAR TIRES G. E. APPLIANCES DELCO BATTERIES RCA RADIOS A. C. PLUGS MOTOROLA CAR RADIOS BRIGGS and STRATTON CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OP '53 MacMILLAN 81 CAMERON CO. The South's Finest MASTER STATION WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA "On The Ocecm I-Iiqhwcxyu JAGUAR The Wor1d's Finest Motor Car ASTER MOTORS, Inc. 217 North Third Street WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA 081,44-. ! 'LJ 2. 1 Class Cf '53 OX lfbvu? from 'Q A .J'v0NI'-'K f'-afg-11,1 fv' L, 'M""ETeLA f O TING THE 760-u I ""'A"'7f" ' F 1 J . ,Q .,g,- -. .H DUAL f I n U "-' i '." ""' 5 f AF fn , 1 ' E HIHWVAV PY-756457' fx-Zrk' And the Pioneer Drive-In of Eastern Carolina . . 'mvsfmg,'f?:: - ,-.-1:zz5f- f. , , fe--, -ff - , rg v .iffy 5 133, 5,553-gf,5,-3,gQ+..51 ,, . , .Ax , 5 1, 14 -17.5, 1 "gg Q- Q ,H , .-. -, ' 2:g.?-xL,1Y"7'.yg-.SI ' - :R - ' ' ' v I. Q . , J .- 1 '54 ykgggiwvdig 1 .- - -. ' fi .vt 5'4f904lf!4 554619192 TASTY PASTRY BAKERY X ' fwwwmfxff, Q WWF' Barbara Austin chooses reireshmenis for a coming pcuiy from the fine seleciions at TASTY-PASTRY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 1953 YELLCW 'CAB C0 Phone 2-3322 NORTH 17 DRIVE-IN THEATRE MARKET STREET RGAD DIAL 2-0151 WILMINGTON, N. C. "YOUR GUIDE TO BETTER ENTERTAINMENT" Best Wishes to the Class of '53 A F l HELPING TO Bunn N ' f S E 0 '3-L AJI.' y 1:1 , Zo, 'I CCAROLI WER af LIG coMP'A5 D Located in th E1 ' B 'ld WILMINGTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC WILMINGTON. N. C. Th P Th Rf h Drmk aww BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1953 Comphments of TIMME EURPURATIUN Conqrcrtulcitlons To The Class Of 53 gunslzine faunafzxl ana DMI Gleaneas Let ct Little Sunshme In" CONGRATULATIGNS 219 COWAN STREET DIAL 2-8516 Queen City Trailways Co. "Chartered Service to all Points of the US." "Modern Air-Conditioned Silverlinersf' "Serves Southeastern USA." NEWELLXS SHUPPING CENTER YOPP FUNERAL HOME Phone- 6666 24 HCDUR AMBULANCE SERVICE BEST WISI-IES CGASTAL MQTORS, Inc. CADILLAC - OLDSMOBILE MARKET Qt 11111 STREET DIAL 3 2421 AMWMFDFM Courteous Radio Service Programs from 6:00 AM. to 12:00 P.M. PHONE 4840 Wilmington, N. C. 1 Congratulations 6f"i,?f 1' to 9 Class of 1953 - . ' 1 1.1 - v c 01111 ornmsmu X Q X V My 4"VHOmzsn MEMBERS Famous For Fine Diarno 0 f D - .W 1 , -I I I .- , l .WILHlNGTO!IS LEADING JEWELERS ncls, Watches, lewelry Sterling, China, and Crystal "If it's from Kinqoifs, it's Guaranteed" Wilmington, N. C 10 N. Front St. w0""e' SHUP 1 1 fojtowl' and count'-V 108 N. Front St. Wilmington, N. C. DIAL 4954 FURN,rU my CUMPA uf H L"'A5SlS1f 28 souTH mom si N 'G WILMINGTON N C sa: x , I 1 .f f'-2 " - Il 'I-V . 1' ,W-, .5 g . , , ,I , ' ig: .1-A-fx. V -5 -ff , 'I H0 -' - '-S , 1 Q1 uv'- -fidifif -"-131'4f1?f1l4i"1if"-" ' I V 4 uf? . 1 1.2.2-' . ' - . 4f . . -M 4,4155-1 fl V3.1 g., ' ' .gf - J-,r,.,, 4 --' 1 ', - ' ' Q 3 ,341 ' u. S , . . y ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. R C Cola is Americas Fastest Growina Cola Try Some Today "Best by taste test" 19th and Dawson Phone 7388 EVERYTHING TO BUILD THE HOUSE -DIAL 7747 E. W. GODWIN'S SONS Manufacturers of Lumber and DeaIers in BuiIders Supplies WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA OUALITY PORTRAITS BELK-BEERY STUDIO "It was a pIeasure photoaraphinq the cIass ot '53" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OE 1953 WANET'S SAUSAGE COMPANY ROBIN SON 'S "Wearables tor Every Member ot the Family" N. Front St. Wilmington, N. C. Congratulations Class of '53 WATTERS-SNIPES REALTY CO., INC. REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE WADDELL WATTERS-A. M. MCKOY-QUINCY B SNIPES D 12-1193 222 Princess Street Wilmington, N. C. LENOX G. COOPER lnsurance of Every Kind Mortgage Loans Cooper Building 209 Princess St I. T. LEE 6. SONS LP GAS and APPLIANCES Clinton, N. C. Wilmington, N. C TEL. 9431 TEL. 3-1651 REHDER' "Say it with Flowers" Opposite Post Office Conaratulations to Class of '53 Your Mutual Voice in Wilmington ' Congratulations "53" 1 J? E Ly 5 CoAL BUlLDlNG SUPPUES The Family Department Store FUEL Oll. Serving Wilmington Families Over 30 Years "Our Reputation-Your Guarantee' 4 Ways to Shop ' CASH ' BUDGET DIAL 4486 ' CHARGE ' LAY-AWAY Shop All 5 Floors 606-6lO N. Sixth St. Compliments ot THE SHER-LYNN SHOPPE Finest ln Ladies' Wear Wilmington, N. C. LANE'S DRUG STORES 3 Locations to Serve You Lane's Brooklyn Pharmacy 502 N. 4th Street Lane's Market Street Pharmacy 1606 Market Street Lane's Lake Forest Pharmacy Commercial Building, Greenfield St. C We Appreciate Your Business Patricia Ann Super Markets Caterina to Fancy Groceries, Choice Meats and Garden Fresh Produce No. 1 Store 40l Chestnut Street No. 2 Store 2703 South Front Street No. 3 Store 607 Mercer Avenue Barbecued Chicken Our Specialty Compliments ot 7-7ZGlIl4l4.C2l44,S ,A -5 upefz Wlafzlzet AT 17TH G DAWSON TO CLASS OF 1953 BLOCK'S SPORTSWEAR Dress ond Sport Shirts SOUTHLAND MANUFACTURING CO. Wilmington, N. C. BURRIS CHINA MARKET Home oi Fine Ching TELEPHONE 5228 33l9 Mcrrket St. Wilmington, North Ccrrolincr CCNGRATULATIONS to the CLASS oi '53 from the makers of fresh SALLY ANN BREAD lFox Royal Bakery! SHOEMAKERS Qiiice Equipment and Supplies Greeting Carols Gifts DIAL 2 3332 206 Princess Street Teenagers! Watch For The Opening ot Something New For You in '53 The One, The Only, The Original and Completely New afzsifxl "Quality plus quantity" is our aim. 'Ihe best in food you will claim. Corner of l2th and Princess St. GRADUATES OF NEW HANOVER HIGH WE GREET YOU ON YOUR ATTAINMENT As ln Your High School Days You Can Continue To Be Informed Through Regular Reading 'Of STAR-NEWS NEWSPAPERS MORNING -- EVENING - SUNDAY DIXIE PIG NO. 2 lOlN THE CROWD Everybody Gathers Ai The Pig! Enjoy ' French Fries ' Hamburgers ' Hot Dogs ' and Milk Shakes THE MARINA At The Sign Of The Mermaid 0 Good Food 0 Excellent Service 0 Fine Atmosphere f fir E,.l.:Iuu,u.E- ' ij- i -- ' 3 E4 211011 n IP!!! Wtusuu-um The Most Completely Modern DEPARTMENT STORE ln The Eastern Carolinas 9 Completely Air-Conditioned Q Automatic Elevator ' Escalator 0 Central Package Delivery 0 Two Hours Free Parking QElfl"mEEfly Wilmington, North Carolina The Wilmington Furniture Co. "The Olcl Reliable" Plenty Free, Off'Street Parking DIAL 6256 2705 Market St. The Mademoiselle Shoppe 0 Lingerie 0 Suits 0 Dresses 0 Sportswear 0 Evening Wear NEWLY REMODELED DIAL 9584 22 No. Front St. ALBERT F. PERRY lnsurance Bonds DIAL 4403 230 Princess St. Wilmington, N. C. SPORTS - All Kinds - SPORTS O'CROWLEY'S CLEANERS, INC. 5 BRANCHES 'ro SERVE You GEORGE ' B. 'CANADY , 114 Morket 1710 Dawson St. Wilmington, N. C. Wilmington, North Carolina BIOYCLES MERCURY MOTORS Chinese Food Our Specialty DIAMQNDS WATCHES 'Flew tglliliwi 'meslluilrrrrulivil' Delicious Western Steaks DIAL 4147 128 North 4th St. "tt' f fejelllel Box I 1 I . I .. ,. ,lc IO? N. FIGHT STREET Silverware Electrical Appliances Wilminqton's LorqestDio1mond Importers" S 'gg For EUUDHBSS Sake! ' ...1 h-v - ' T lt' ,ff-f'5'7"n::-' . 7 0 1 . 4 T ,L .ga sA. Il 1 ll 1 lm Hwr- 1 REED s FOR DIAMONDS . , itti. 1ieAi.t . COMPLIMENTS OCEAN MOTOR SALES. INC. Lincoln - Mercury 310 N. 2nd, "Down Town" Wilmington Congratulations Class of '53 Moore-Fonvielle Realty Co. Nine Million Dollar Carolina Loan Association B E R M A N IEWELERS Diamonds - Watches - lewelry loin Our Sterling Clulo BEST WISI-IES TO A Wilmington, N. C. PROSPEROUS FUTURE CLASS OF '53 LINGO AMOCO SERVICE Congratulations To Class Oi i953 WELCOME TO OUR GRILL PHONE 2-8085 STAR FURNITURE CO. 6Ul No. Fourth St. YOUR CROSLEY DEALER Compliments of L. Schwartz Furniture Co. Furniture For The Entire l-Iome 713 North Fourth St. Wilmington, North Carolina WATCHES APPLIANCES DIAMONDS IEWELRY A I. B E R T ' S Credit lewelers 605 Castle St. Wilmington, N. C. I Cash - Credit- Lay-a-way ALBERT R. BERELOWITZ PHONE 2-8107 I. D. HARRISON SALES AGENT UNDERWOOD Typewriters, Adding Machines, Supplies SALES AND REPAIRS Oiiice 5938 DIAL 4225 Residence 228 Princess Street Wilmington, N. C. Compliments ot W A I-I L ' S DEPARTMENT STORE, Inc. FURS, COATS, SUITS, DRESSES, WEDDING GOWNS FORMALS AND ALL ACCESSORIES DIAL 2-0356 6 2-0357 214 N. Front Street Wilmington, N. C. L E E D ' S MEN'S SHOP Corner Front and Market Wilmington, N. C. FREEMAN SHOE CO. SI-IOES TI-IAT SATISEY 24 NO. Front St. Compliments OI WATKINS PAINT 6. HARDWARE CO. I8 Market Street TEL. 3-3929 NIGHT PHONE 3-3540 Wilmington, N. C. HARBOR ISLAND AMOCO SERVICE STATION C. C. BRIDGES 5- SON Owners and Operators DIAL 24-2145 Harbor Island THE CAROLYNN SHOP Or WILMINGTON Slrroppinq Center Market Street at Sixteenth EASI-IIONS FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS SELLERS 6. GREER WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ARMSTRONG TIRESeWILLARD BATTERIES PENNZOIL MOTOR OIL MASTER SEAT COVERS DIAL 3-2457 Box 877 909-Qll North 3rd St. Wilminqton, N. C. COASTAL CAB Dial 4464 RADIO DISPATCHED SHOP and SAVE ,Aix I. C. PENNEY CO. 243 N. Eront Street CONGRATULATIONS To The Class Ot IQ53 CRAIG'S CUT-RATE DRUGS PHONE 2-1516 1020 So. 4th St. CAROLINA UPHOLSTERING COMPANY Awnings and Furniture Upholsterinq IARMAN'S PHARMACY Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. Prompt Delivery Service Ample Parking Space PHONE 5267 l6th and Market Sts. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '53 SALLY FROCKS ED FLEISHMAN QS BROS. MEN'S WEAR PHONE 7932 223 North Front Street Wilmington, North Carolina ALEXANDER'S IIS Market St. "Teen Timer Dresses" Wishes the Class ot '53 A Happy Future G R E G G B R Q S . CONGRATULATIONS . . . To The Class of '53 HARDWARE PAINTS MILL SUPPLIES S PHONE 9655 Wi1mington's Original Cut-Rate Drug Store IOZ-II2 Market Street COSMETICS FOUNTAIN SERVICE Wilmington, N. C. CANDY SUNDRIES Compliments ot TASTEE - FREEZE PHONE 9723 Carolina Beach Road KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT COMPANY PHONE 2-8945 2812 South Front St. Wilmington, N. C. Congratulations COH'l1Dli1T191'1tS to , of The Class ot 53 CRAWFORD'S Downing Auto Body Shop Complete Body Rebuilding and Painting 24 I-Iour Wrecker Service PHONE 2,0325 OR 2-D326 2513 So. Front St. l25 N. Front St. Wilmington, N. C. Congratulations to all Graduates Texaco Products STADIUM TEXACO SERVICE PHONE 9408 2766 So. Front St. I. B. SMITH D. W. RAPER Wilmington, N. C. WALLACE BROS. Rsso 1fSS0 SERVICE Complete Service WASHING - SIMONIZING LUBRICATION - BATTERY RECI-IARGING DIAL 7376 1707 Dawson Street WILLIAMS' CLEANERS G SHIRT LAUNDRY Moth Proofing Water Proofing Alterations DIAL 2-1357 808 S. 17th St. DIAL 2-1540 1001 S. 3rd St. Fountain Oil Company. Inc. DISTRIBUTORS RICHFIELD PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Castle I-Iayne Road Wilmington, N. C. Pack up your Troubles and your Wash Bring 'em both to The "Auto-Matic" Laundry PHONE 2-2022 19 South 16th Street NEW AND MODERN OPEN YEAR-ROUND R. 61 H. MOTOR COURT and APARTMENTS Owned and Operated by RELMON ROBINSONfWALTER V. I-IURSEY DIAL 2314 South Lumina Ave. Wriqhtsville Beach, N. C. ECE FINE Eoon AND CURE SERVICE THE R. 6. W. GRILL Open 5:00 A.M.-Close 12:00 P.M. Castle Hayne Road Operated by lESSE WILLIS LOCATED AT WRIGHTSVILLE SOUND CAUSEWAY Fairc1oth's Oyster Roast Delicious Seaioods - Reasonable Prices Visit The Most Advertised Seafood Establishment in Southeastern North Carolina DIAL 2835 Wriqhtsville Sound BRIDGERS TRADING CO. YOUR MAYTAG, PHILCO DEALER DIAL 3-1638 121 Red Cross St. Wilminqton, N. C. Compliments ot BOB'S CREDIT CLOTHIERS 709V2 No. Fourth St. Wilmington, N. C. Compliments ot Brooks Cash Grocery, Inc. Wholesale Distributor Eoonse COMMERCIAL FEEDS "KAsCo" DCC Eoon All Famous Brands As Advertised ln Seventeen - Charm - Mademoiselle - Esquire AIR CONDITIONED Save at SIMON'S DEPT. STORE 617 Castle St. CENTURY RESTAURANT Home of Wilmington's Finest Food DIAL 9193 922 Grace St. CONGRATULATIONS! K E Y ' S USED CARS PHONE 3-1062 204 North Third Street Compliments of DUNC'S RICHFIELD STATION W. B. FENNELL-Owner DIAL 9310 402 North 5th TUCKER REAL ESTATE CO and INSURANCE ALL KINDS GLENN M. TUCKER, Realtor PHONE 2696 Carolina Beach, N. C. Brooklyn Trading Company "Where Customers send their Friends" ' Electric 6: Gas Reh-igerators ' Ranges-Washing Machines ' Oil and Gas Circulators DIAL 2-0529 711 No. 4th St. Congratulations to the Class ot '53 BOOTS CAFE ron FINE rooms PHONE 9345 I17 Grace St. SPONSORS IULIEN K. TAYLOR l65 No. Front St. G. STEIN FURNITURE CO. 605 No. Fourth St. Overton's Grocery Store 901 No. Fourth St. Congratulations to the Class ot '53 I. G. CARNEY, General Agent SHENANDOAH LIFE INSURANCE CO. 404 Electric Building HOTEL CAPE FEAR 2nd and Chestnut Sts. Q it 5, Wilmington, N. C. W Y ff? S 1 if 2111 fi ffifti ii H 561132216 Connecting Fireproof sf 4 35 1335.1-1 Garage , il 553534 SIDNEY I. RIVENBARK M WWWW' w,,..MMm..w.....rmmm Manager '-32 ,,,.' :1'i'.i2151E21 "" 5211252-S-'':-":ErE11r1'E2Eri2:5E51':gg:fE,::::l1':rErs..351 5+ ,.,,,-: .i:2+....sf cg, ff---v-' ' f V. NEW YORK DRY CLEANERS Sincere Congratulations To The Class Oi l953 May Gocl's Glory Be Your Guiding Star In Lite HOME OF FINE DIAMONDS BULOVA WATCHES STANLEY'S IEWELERS CREST THEATRE Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Where Students Meet tor Movie Fun May Your Every Wish Be Fulfilled X DEPT. STORE INGRAM'S RECREATION ' BOWLING 0 SKATING 0 CARPET GOLF Alleys Available-Phone For Reservations TELEPHONE 2-3242 l8Ol Dawson St. HUDSON Sales and Service Iohnson Motor Sales Co. DIAL 3-3518 721 south 17111 sr. W1LM1NGToN, N. C. FERGUS' ARK s-EArooD RESTAURANT On Cape Pear River Moored at ioot oi Princess Street DIAL 9776 Congratulations To The Class Ot '53 STARNES LUMBER CO PHONE 2-8331 Wilmington, N. C. Congratulations to the Class ot '53 Merrit-Holland Suppy Co. Zncl and Red Cross Sts. Wilmington, N. C. INSURANCE Since 1865 WALKER TAYLOR E550 SERVICE AUTO - OFFICE - CASUALTY WASHING POLISI-HNG DIAL 9592 GREASlNG l2 Princess St. PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. of Wilmington, N. C. New Wrightsville Beach Highway Wilmington, N. C. lU5 Market Street ART and CAMERA CENTER PHoTooRAPH AND ART SUPPLIES Distributors of U. S. ROYAL TIRES WENBERG BROS. PHONE 2-3686 204 N. 3rd. CAPE FEAR MOTOR SALES 2l5-2l7 Market Street WlLMlNGTCN, N. C. FARROW BROTHERS Esso SERVICE WASHING - SIMONIZING LUBRICATION - BATTERY RECHARGINO ROAD SERVICE DIAL 9291 I 620 Market St. PAIR PRICES - EASY TERMS SELLERS FURNITURE CO. Furniture and Home Furnishings DIAL 7535 525 N. 4th St. CUMBER-MOORE COMPANY PLUMBING, HEATING AIR-CONDITIONINIL? CONTRACTORS "Repair Work Q Specialty" DIAL 7117 Castle I-Iayne Road GODWIN OIL COMPANY KLEER-KLEEN FLOOR FURNACES - FUEL OIL DIAL 2-0312 Castle I-Iayne Road GEORGE'S FOOD STORE SELECT WESTERN MEATS FRUITS - VEGETABLES HOUSEHOLD NECESSITIES DIAL 2-zeas 911 N. 4th St. ,Student Representatlves: FRANK GORDON LEO THOMPSON PAYNE'S MENIS SHOP Second and Princess DIAL 2-8206 "The House of Narne Brands" SPRINGER COAL 6. OIL CO. DEPENDABLE SERVICE SINCE 1872 HENRIKSEN'S PHARMACY 4713 Oleander PHONE 6300 Wiirninqton, N. C. "Your Doctor Is Our Reference" ' . , 5. 1 ,, , U ,sf M I. 1 Gfufogmph, , A . WE Wwfgi? M' Twwobktubww NMZQQQJMQ' x ,5I,2C,?? Wmwyiyww 25515, ,S VXSWM' Q M59 W1 1:4 Q E G 7Xy!ff4b5ic9fh6 L 'AL 4.-10,44 XWEKOZWQK STEM ff ' Www. W i Oifmffbl . ca - E f'?ff.51? Q-ig!-112 x' Y 7fMwWjMM ig: F NSQX mifwwff ii SSS Wwjmwb-w1Zyf7+JfffZMi E 5 Qi Mfrmfmwxaf I A idwzb vgzbge-"HQ-0L?7,5-J fi Q ,fi ,qv K 1 'ff-4'f-1 .' N . , f r"'..'- Q' ' .s -M ,M 1. V, . 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Suggestions in the New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) collection:

New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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