New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC)

 - Class of 1943

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New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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'ffjrzw We - K2-XJR, R5 'SQ - 4 gi Esxk Til Cibkx ix ' ' 4 K, QQH Q sv - CEE. :RQ LE - N K' Q' QR LRC QE? --,X gifs: X' N .X X Y- N x- N W. E35 X K 1 Qin X1 Q'-QQ 'X QQE3? Tx is 'fi , axe H is EXW 2: EQ ,.. E X wi ' it is In R, K. sa 5 E a 5 1 n THE HANOVERI VOLUME EIGHT 1943 Published by SENIOR CLASS NEW HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL Wilmington, North Carolina Doxon-nr CAMERON, Editor-in-Chief Donor!-:Y SUTHERLAND, Business Manager 3111 gimezuuriz-nn ALAN BEACH KELLEY january 4, 1924-October 31, 1942 lpri noi 1361 . ,r ,L 7.60 Mn. HAMILTON MR. THOMAS ,TRISTRAM HAMILTON, Jn. Prinripal W'alcc Forest, B. A. Columbia University, M. A. DR. WILLIAM -I. MCKEE, S11 ju'rI'isor Cornell University, C. li. Columbia University, M. A. Columbia University, Ph. D. Miss liIIzAuIz1'I-I MONTGOMERY, Rvgislrar Duke University, A. B. Miss VIRGINIA HIERRIN, Dru Il Agnus Scott College, A. B. University of Southern California, M. S. Mks. CJARDNER BAILEY, SK'l'Vl'fl1l'j' University of Arkansas, B. A. Miss BUNNY DAVIS, Slllrfvnl Assisfanf MR. W. A. Moolus, Custodian WJ QQQMLQM Able administrator and enthusiastic educator who is giving his best efforts to the development of New Hanover High School. J Li Q. Wlvlw s MRS. MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. 746 JEANNE ALDRICH ESTHER BANKS MYRA BARRON ROBERT BLACK O. A. BJONERUD JOSIE BROCK . Mmm JF ACULT Y . Dubuque University, B. A. . State Teachers College, Murfreesboro, Tenn.. B. S. Scarritt College. Nashville, Tenn., M. A. . Winthrop College, A. B. . University of Alabama, Bowling Green College of Commerce. B. C. S. . Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C., B. S. MR. ROBERT EMMETI BROWN MR. J. RUPERT G. BRYAN . . MR. FRED CAPPS ...... MRS. CLYDE CARTER . . . MR. ALBERT CI-IIEMIEGO . MISS ELIZA COLLINS . . . MISS GERTRUDE COWARD . MRS. ZYLPHIA D. DANIELS MISS RUTH DAVIS .... MRS. ANNIE L. EDWARDS . . MAJOR EMIL ENGEL .... Commerce. . Chowan College. Summer Schools, University N. C., and S Columbia University. A UH University N.-C., A. B. K . . Wake Forest College, B. A. Qc . Ohio Wesleyan University, B. A.. M. A. " dl' w. c. U. N. c. 60' - K N. c. sms College, B. s. u pl 9 W. C. U. N. C., A. B. W. C. U. N. C., A. B., Library Science. Registered Nurse. Greensboro College. A. B. W. C. U. N. C.. A. B. Gerard College, Philadelphia, Pa. MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. FRANCES FORMY DUVAL INEZ FRENCH . GRACE WHITE GREENE I MARY E. GROVERMAN . VIVIAN HARRELL MEARES HARRISS ELIZABETH 1-IARTzoG ' MARGARET HOLLAND MARY E. HOOD MARY HALL KEITH' I . LIEUTENANT EUGENE LACO CK MISS MISS MRS. MISS MRS. MISS MARY JANE LAINE . . MARY LATHROP GEORGE LeGRAN D PAULINE LEVIN RUTH K. LODOR EMMA LOSSEN MR. WILLIAM D. MAULTSBY. I MISS MRS. REBA MYERS . C. B. NEWCOMB MR. ALBERT O'BRIANT. ' ' ' MISS FANNIE 0'KEEF 2 Greensboro College, A. B. , Flora MacDonald, B. M. , Appalachian State Teachers College, B. S. . W. C. U. N. C.. B. S. . W. C. U. N. C.. B. S. . Brenau College, A. B. .. Queens College, A. B. . Lander College, A. B. . Bowling Green College of Commerce, A. B. . W. C. U. N. C. National School of Arts and Sciences, B. S. ., ., Army Band Leader School, U. S. Army Retired. . . Georgia State College for Women, B. S. .. W. C. U. N. C., A. B. ., Mississippi State College for Women, A. B. , Columbia University, M. A. . Winthrop College, A. B. .. Cafeteria. .. W. C. U. N. C.. A. B. . Duke University, A. B. -. U. of N. C. . Meredith College, A. B. , ., Duke University. . Duke University, A. B. SERGEANT CLAUDE A. 15ovvEL1l ' MISS MARGARET RAMSAUR . MISS REBECCA RUSS .... MISS FRANCES ROEBUCK . . MRS. BERNICE LEVINE SATER U. S. Army W. C. U. N. C., B. S. S. A. Salem College, B. S. W. C. U. N. C.. E. C. T. C.. A. B. University of Georgia, B. S. . Mary Washington College, B. S. MRS. VERA WEBSTER . . MISS MAIE SANDERS MR. PAUL SCHMIDT MISS ELOISE SCOTT MR. F. C. SEIGLER . MISS MRS. MISS MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MISS MISS MISS MRS. MISS MISS MISS MRS. ELIZABETH SLOCUM. I BURROWS SMITH HATTIE Lou surrn' . PEGGY SNOW . MARTHA STACK , w. c. U. N. c., A.,B. f E. c. T. c., A. B. . Bob Jones, Panama City, Fla., B. S. . W. C. U. N. C., B. S. . W. C. U. N. C., A. B. . Flora MacDonald, A. B. FLORENCE G. SUMNER. . CLEVES s. SYMMES . Lomss: TAPP .... MARY SLOCUM TINGA . VIRGINIA WALSH . . VIRGINIA WARD . . . MARY CLINE WARREN . RUTH WARREN .' . . MARTHA WATSON . . MAUDE M. WEBER . . W. C. U. N. C., A. B. . W. C. U. N. C., A. B. . Radcliffe College, A. B. . Mississippi State College for Women, A. B. University of North Carolina, M. A. . W. C. U. N. C., B. S. . W. C. U. N. C., A. B. . W. C. U. N. C.. B. S. University of Tennessee, M. S. . Salem College, A. B. . W. C. U. N. C.. A. B. . Maryville College, A. B. . Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collwe. B. S. in Education: Baptist Training School. Louisville, Ky.. Master of Religious Education. . E. 'C. T. C., A. B. REBECCA WEANT GEORGE WEST . Guilford College, A. B. U. N. C., B. S. . Boston University. MR. GEORGE WEST . MR. ULE A. WHITE . MISS MARGARET WILLIAMS . MRS. REXFORD WILLIS . . . MISS DOROTHY WYCKOFF . Ohio University, B. S. Ohio State University, M. A. River Falls State Teachers College. Stevens Point State Teachers College. Superior State Teachers College. 1 Teachers Life Certificatej . W. C. U. N. C.. A. B. W. C. U. N. C.. A. B. E. C. T. C., A. B. ss M.-xum NI. XVI lil ll .L Y , , To unc who Ima inflllclmcul LIN luy Iwi' wiw wurdxg Lu unc - ' who lux lui us by hcl' gcntlc xxzlyxg to unc whusc pcrwnality will mhinc .ms .1 beacon bcfuru us .1lXX'.lf'N, wc dcdicalc rhis, nur 19-43 I'l.XNUXlRl.XN. 1 ' x 3-, H 1 Q X xx J x 1. 1 7 1 ben mrs x N Prvsidcnl , . JOHN CODINGTON Vim'-Presizlerzt . . SANFORD Doxnv Sevrvfary cl Trcasurvr . . I-IEATWOLE THoM,4s l ' I 'LN I Rvpn-svn ws - BLANCHE jfxcom, Gl.EASON AZLEN, HF BEKT I DAVIS, LIZABETH GOLDBERG, oo y ML ONT-X r M , MARY ELIZABETH Msn! I f 1 I J J! -' lk ,Wd J Jw, M 1 , ,Lf x ,f 2 ,K 5 WA PPM W joHN CODINGTON HIlATW'0LE THOMAS SANIAORD Dox12Y ,, fo C1053 1306111 Our school days are memories, silver and sweet Sifting like stardust at our fearful feet. We no longer as Seniors, seek spotlight sensation But accept with reluctance this-our graduation. As Freshmen we were faltering, studious, and shy But nonchalant Sophomore days sped quickly by. As juniors we chattered, chanted yells, posed in plays And deep friendships flavored our dear Senior days. The lockers are bare of our bundles and books Today new romancers haunt our favorite nooks. An echo of, laughter still lingers out there Where wegshared so much joy on the old Senior stair. We go well poised for life with a purpose sincere We have grown so in grace throughout each year. We hope we are armed with both knowledge and skill Also faith that will save us and power to will. And ever before us to guide us aright Is a dream of real valor, illumined by light. From life's lessons we've learned, in these dear days of youth A challenge for service, a vision of truth. ' I . 1 ' K7 .- V' 7 . U' QWUW ' ' 'ii if VI! A ' A 4 x , J. I ffkpfl Iyfvif ll jjwkfll JP 'J sl 'Vw MARY lfl.lZAlllf'l'l'l ALDERMAN Alu' This rulf' little' lrlorul is smart as ran lm. Nlllpbl prvttll. loo, as you easily ser. lllee Club 1, 2: Tbespians 1, 2: Biology Club 2: Library Club Il. -t, tSecretary 43: National Honor Snviety -t: Spanish Club 4: Latin Club 1: Bible Club fl: Arts anil Crafts Club 2. 4: Girls' Hi-Y 4. LIQON All D G LICASON ALLEN llll1'illgll'll', flrpawulalllv. and all thi' rast- 'l'hat's what makrs Glrason om' of the lwst. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, tl'rQ-siwlent. Vit-ellresident, Secre- Laryl 1 Nature Club lg R. U. T. C. 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club: "Yankee Kinp:": Debating Club 3, 4: Tennis Club 3, 4: Student Legislature 3. 4: Executive Coun- vil 4. lllirevtur of Electionsl: llusiness Manaxrer of "'l'he Wilricat".' Chemistry Club. l'1VlfL N l Z ANDIQ 5 Spar 'ly hr i 4' ig 'wing hair I' ' my rin tion hut'x tri y ruru. ia in Club 2: Svienee lub: Physi a on Club: l'Vil1l1'at Staff. lil" l'SYl BA T .lf PPLIQXVHITIQ A 'ul zruuvttl' with hw' rolling lH'0ll"Il eyes .-1 Uv! 1 y yiftml uurl yvt wry 'u'isc'. Thesg ia. 1, 2, 3, 4, lSevretary 33: Latin Club 1. 2, Cl: Girls' Hi-Y 3. : C 'Club 1. 2: Scribblers' ub 2, , 4, tSe1:reta ' mme Room Organiza- tion 3. 1 i :lay . y Literary Society 4: Annua Spa is Club ll'residentl: Editor ul' Hail muk 4. XVlNllflllilJ BALLARD lhmrl ualurml and yvntlv. i4v'll-lilrwl hy our class ls Winifrwl Ballard, fl jovial lass. ,lOl lANN RISTON BANCK Shi' lilrrs to lallr, shi' likrx to sing. lu fart, slu".v gmail at anything. Glee Club 2, 3, -l: Boosters' Club 2. 3: Latin Club 1. Sl lIlil.liY L. BARFIIQLD Nvuvr' is ruuyht without a hook This su-rv! little' girl at whom you look. Home Ecuntnnics Club: French Club: Chemistry Club. -IIQRRY P. HARKAS C'0nau'iz'ulious mul siuc'4'r4' lu liarinat 1'rul1'u1'or Ili' hux no prvr. llaml Club 2, 3: R. O, T. C. Hand 2. 3. 4: Chemistry Club 3. . 5 - 'fr , fff 1 X- I, ' . . I tIl,AlRli BARNES' , ' ' ' . ,J , Ih-himl hvr giggle Is a u'hal1'.somz' miss. L , f -f 4 l"ri:-mlly. tall-'uti1'r', . . . . - 1 Iliviuy in lzlzsx. Hume Em-munuius Club. f- WAIfl'lili L. BARNES. ja. 111-'s rriiavInii'i-ous. musical. and blows on u trumpet If uv' don'I lilrv it, 11-1-ll we ran "lump it." Nature Club 1, tl'resi1lentl : R. O. T. C. Band , Il, 4: Buys' Hi-Y 2, 3, -1, lSecretary All : yisua ucation 1, 2: Chemistry Club 3. ,f 1 I V , no I .f f 'V X ' .Wil ' " J I . X 1 If wr, X Y N J f 6 1 J., Y . , l it i 'f YU W WW v' V V I vi' I, ff! in fi .fi J 'jfs J U 0. 71 N JJ ' j MJ ii J 1 ' l I f l 1 j.J li :XJ K I fcmw' llAZlil. CIQLIA BARRINGTON .4 rutv. artistic capable one Winn, full nf thoughts and lots of fun. J, f Arts and Crafts Club. 1 ' jf! ' W CLA-' ALTON BASS f I Vvry industrious rlescrilws Mr. Bass You'll find him shining in vrary clans. ANNlf'l"l'li BATSON Sw:-vt and friendly, this pctitv little miss f " , Hvr zrinnitzy ways' ara hard to resist. .1 4, I WILLIAM L. BATSON. ji. i ' l'olit1'. rvittll- and casy to mrrt f' Ilon't you think that's hard to brat! , V Club 2. 3: Hand Club 2. 3: Chemistry Club 3. ' x I I SHIRLEY AIIIAN BEASLEY Hrr .-vtylc, hrr fmiilc, hrr u'ln1ling way ', Makv hcr what shc is today. Newport News High School: Dramatic Club: Literary j' Club: French Club: Casts of - "Little Women", X ' "American Way", "Tucker Children Broadcastsug N. H. H. S.: "June Mad": Wildcat Statl' 3, 4. ALTON BEDSOLF Although All01l's a quicft guy Hr' refally isn't rcry shy. ROBERT li. BI-ILL. jk. A cute' little fvllou' is Hohcrt Ifrll Hut what hafll do mutt no one can trll. liand I. 2. 3. 4: Manager of Baseball Team 2, 3. HHYNWARD C. BELLAMY lIa'yu'ard, Iilrr tha' 'll'l'Nl' old owl, in rf-ry dignified lfut in any argumrnt you'rl hcttvr try to haw' him on your xidr. Home Room Orxranizatiun 3: lst Lieut. in R. 0. 'l'. C. 4: Vice-President of Junior Class: Chief Marshall 4: National Honor Society 4. tPresidentl : Spanish Cluhg Officers' Club: Bible Club: Debatimr Club. MARTHA PAIGli BILLLAMY Nonchalant, witill. and gay. Martha'n nrwcr 314071 an unhappy clay. Bowling Club: Dramatic Club 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2. .IOHN BENDER Although John is quiet ull the while' You ncrrr :wc him without a smile. Home Economics Club 1. 2: Bible Club 4. 71 ' 9 n u A Latin Club 1. 21 R. o. T, C. Bam: 2, 3,41 Naam! Y H Q ,, ,. , 0 - , 4 1: ' I We M if t I ! 4 . l"RANClfS BENSON l"ruur'1'x lglllltlflll is mu' of ther yirla Whn has Ihr' hair with ull thu' curls. RUl'l'QR'l' l,. BENSON. JR. "I low' Hu' lilllr joys of lifflf' Thr smrll uf rain. lhv sound of brooks. Thi' lash' of rrixpy Ioan! and jam, Thr sight of rows mul rows of hooks." Latin Club 2: Biology Club lp Library Club 3, 4: Aeronautics Club: National Honor Society: French Club: Library Assistant 1. 2, 3, 4. FRANCI-15 BIQRGER Thix dainty ruins has e'lo!he's galore' We' vnry hrr so rich a store. Nntional Honor Society: Chemistry Clubg Home Eco- nomics Club 2. 3: French Club. FR ANCES Bl UDLR Nu umlrling guil- a u'e'll-markvd stride' Un horsvmunahip she' stakes he'r pridv. l ll-1l.l-ZN N1 AR Y lllliI.liNDA Val:-h 41 glimpxv of he'r apron Ilwur Ihr' mri.-lla of hrr hroom She' uuirlrly transforms .4 mvrr house' into homr. Chemistry Club: Art Club: Home Economics Club. bl. is. umm, -lx. llv's intervutml in ucronautics We- rnvy him the fliyhtec H4-'ll tnlra' nrouml this great old earth Wen too. would like' to see' the sights. Chemistry Club 3: R. O, T. C. 3, 4: Officers' Club 43 Aeronautics Club 4. ' AAL LKGL-f 6, fag, '7' f f ,IACK' C. BISSETTQY A - ," Ili' laura I0 tall: Z' -91 Q--O'-f" C 10 L 'J ' lhil .wo :lo wc. f' Nom' has ri he'f!1'r ffl gf t'lmnva' lhon hr. '9,f 'Rf li. 0. T. C. 2, 3: Chemistry Club 35 Intramural Horse- shoe Tournament 3. ,ll-AN HUMPHREY BLANCHARD film' Iu'r u task Anil if will lu' clone' llmlaunlrd xlu' holilx 'Till ihe' rare' is u'e'lI won. liible Club 3, 43 French Club 3: 0. Henry Literary Sue-ii-ly 4: Glee Club 4: Latin Club 1: Nature Club 2. llAZlfL M. BLANTON "l.ifi' ilxvlf Ptllllf give me joy llulmm I rf-ally will it. hifi' jim! givvs me' time' und apucz' l!',w up fo me- to jill if." Home Economies Club 2: Bible Club 1, 4. ROY BOGGS 'I'houyIitfu.l. considc'rule'. always kind Tf4n'he'rs and pupils like him fine. fancy' l CLARA BOND Shr' is thr 1-1111.111-i1-11iio11s l:i111l .fl morv tllouglirfill 1'r1'r1l11r1' yo11'll not jiml. Rocky Mount Hifrh Svhuol: Student Government 2, 3 Service Cluh 3: Senior Girls' Hi-Y 3: "llla1'kbir1l' lS1'h11ol Paperl 3: N. H. H. S.: Sinrna Chapter Girls Hi-Y 4: O. Henry Literary Society 1. ORBIN EOR DISAUX W1' ffllllf loolr fur 11h1'a1l or l1111'lr H11 timlf 11-1"r1- o1'1'r-1111'1'1lf-- W1'll, si111'1' 11111 1'i1'11- of lif1"11 11ot long! l'll fry lo lr1'1'11 if lrroarl. HLNRY llORNlfMAN "To lizw' with lzfiamrzf 1'1'1'r11 111111 Jl7llI 111'1'1'r frvr or worry Will malrr' 1'a1'l1 hour l11'i1'1' 1111 lo1111 No our has f1'm1' fo h11rr11." IZARI. ICUGIQNIQ HOST 'Flu' xtr1111111-st form-x s111r11'!l1111'11 hi1l1' Ifvlzirul ll 1111i1'l f111'1' Hut in th1' 8ll'lljljJl4'8 fha! ar1' '11-on Tllrf-rl' 11ft1'11 hold first plrzrr. V4.1 yi Luo ,oo-D , liliORlfNClf FRANCES BOTIZSKY K1'l'IPlIl!I st1'11, lrw-11i11g1 11t1'11 Full of 11111. full of 111-11 M1111 shf' r1l11'1111x lllllll h1'r 11111111- With m11rsh11ll 1n11:4i1' 111111 high 111111 Drum Majuretle 2: Art Club -1. .IULIA'I' BOTIZSKY f Shv lOl'I'N to 1111i11l in r11i11l1o11- hum: Shz' has ilu' power to lfill the l1l111'x Sho yiuints th1' Illljlfi in volors bright A1111 1111113 to 1l11ll llllllbl' str1'11111s of light. Art Club 4, IAssistanl Program Chairmzxnl. LAURlfNClf BOXVDICN lI1"x 11 lilr11l1l1' 1'h11p Th1' girls 11ll arte:-rl Hou' lu' 11'i1'l1ls s11r'h Cl 1-harm llitnll 11111'.-1s, lilr1' lh1' rust. l,ll,l.lAN lf. ISOXVFN Thr' s1'11l1'n 14'1'r1' no! fair When sho 1-111111' lllllllll SI11' 111111 gi1'1'11 too 111111'h Of Ihr' 11o11'1'r of sony. Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Latin Club 25 Bible Club 3. lil.lZAllli'l'll BRANCH lz'liz11l11'th lfftlllfll ix, ll'l'lll 31111 S11'1'1't llllll l1'i111l in 1'1'1'1'11 H'lljl- CHARLICS li. ISRINDICLI. !Io1l'11 gif! to Ihr 11'on11'11 is lhis lllll If I11' jus! 1li1l11'f lrnou' it, I11' 1l'0llldIl'l lu' so had. Hi-Y, 1'l'rens rerv Presiflenl of Fil Giman Class: Student C1111 presentative: Latin Club: Chemis- try C b: O. C. ', '. 4. lCnpt1' Adjutant -ll 1 l' H ent 1 0 rs' 1. C' , 1 6 5 1 . QV fi 1 - Z 1lf,1lH , by L 1fl1y"jWll Allwljjlfl f- ' X jlefgwvxk xgjy 1 :X l il J 'I MARY CAROLINE BRUCE f'l1'fl7l 4-ul fmfurrs .' A r-Iran ruf smilr' A rlrrnl ruf girl .-lull rl sporl ull thi' whilv. 'l'v.-nnis Club l, 4: Hume Economics Club 1. 2: Glee Club 2: Chemistry Club 3: Physical Education Club l, 2. Al,lCl" l3Ul.l.UCK "Sp4'ulr grnflu Io Ihr rlimu-r flllflif Nor 1-hidr him u'h1'u lu"s lntr. For wmv timf' you yoursvlf may lu- ln his unlmppy stuff." QIOIJY RUR Kli Sin-'n Irimuwn as .lmlu unrl "hill timv" foo, Ilul .-mm: xhv'II lu' Mrs. Stillman to you. .youu JAY BURNIEY. JR. Quilr' vrmuglll suill. hu! noi murh llouf' l"or lhlrury is l'0lI8lll7lll1I 1-n'1'lfi11g fun. Fuutlmll 1, 2. 3. -1: Monogram Club 3. 4: Offivers' Club 4: Chemistry Club 3: R. 0. 'l'. C. 2, 3. 4: Aero- unutivs Club -1: Lulin Club l. DOROTHY BYRD Smurf, sim-rrw. good and lrur. Amliifimm. su'rr'l. mul frivnrlly. foo. Hume Fic-unnmics Club 2: Chemistry Club 2: Home Rmun Chnirnuxn 2: Girls' Hi-Y 4. DOROTHY CAMERON 'l'alr'nh'1l, In-rfvz-t in rrorlr. and su'r'r't This frivmllu lzrrlrlvtlr is hurfl lo hml. Phvsical Eclucation Club 1: French Club 2: Home IC:-umnnmivs Club 2, 3. lSerret,ary 31: Svribblers' Club 3. -1, lViue-President 4l: Wildrrlf Staff 3, 4, lNews lillilux' Lil: Girls' Hi-Y 3. 4, l'I'rensurer 41: National Honur Sm-icty 4: Marshal 4: Eflit,nr-in-Chief uf 'lllrlrrowrirlrr 4: Hi-Y Minstrel 3. M IiI"'l'TY Loulsli CANAUY f- Ilrr nmlrlrliny hrolrn wyufs malfr' Cliflun ylrlrl, ' f .-l smilv' lilfv hrrs l1'4ll'1's rluru' of us sail. Nj Rvvnulils High Schnul l. 2: Assnviate Editor lflarlr nml Hold 2: Clnss President 2: Varsity Tennis l, 2: ' Huusc of Representatives 1, 2: Rooster 1: Library - Stull' l. 2: 'Quill and Scroll" 2: Latin Club 1: IA if Ulu-mistry Club 3. il' CiARUl.lNli CARROLL llrr voirr. liln- vrrryflling shi' flows. is just right .-Ill in ull, shf"s hrr 1-lussnmI1"s rlrliyhf. film' Club l, 2. 3, -I. ,IAMIN CIARTIALR 1'll1'rl"x no nvrrl lo hurry. ll'lIl1l'S Ihr' mir? Ir's nll rigfhl In lu' lair. lrul lunw' an mrrusr. IDA LAURA CHILD l4'h1'r1 lhis pvlila' xonyhird soars lo frlmr' "I uwnt to srhool with hf'r." wv'll all rlaim. J, is ill' fancy' QIACK CHRISTIAN II1' lorrs to slrwp in rlnns-fn:-1-rr holhrrs with lmfx Hur irhvn if romrs lo playing: pranks, .Iark'n nlwoyn I rll his hvsl. ' I I MARY .llfAN CHRlSTlli 01 ' ' This rlmrfning lifllr flirl ix nrrrr uafixjirrl lm I ' Wifhoul rounllrsn ndmirrrs by hrr sirlr. - Glee Cluh l: llihle Club 23 Homeroum Chairman 2: Svrihblers' Cluli 2: Ilrnmatirs Chili 3. -l: French Cluh 3: Chemistry Cluh fl: Sponsor of Company C 4: Che-erlearlvr 4. .l f " I I JOHN H. CLARKE "I ffwl so smug when I'1'r In-rn flood I soon lmromr' unlu'rirol:Ia' V I'm. Vfflllll plvnsanfrr fo Ifnou' Whrn I hom' jus! hr-rn tvrrililv-." lllfN CLAYTON II1'rf"n fhr' hay who lwrllx Ihr' Ifrys .l "solid a:'nrir'r" n'Im's liounrl lo pleosv. 74 9- f f , 1 , . ' 1 Y l 4lliAN CLIQMMONS .f1 r-Ii:-ary irorrl. n plrnsanl nmilr Shv'll hvlp you orrr Thr 14-vary milv. X .1 ' Home Economics Cluli I. ,. 'rf' VVALTER CLIFTON "Common .iwrlsv in good Io hom' Hui nmwr IM it muafrr you-- For Ihmn ir might da-pri:-v you of Thr' foolish things it's fun to rio." THOMAS WYATT COBB "Con1mrxoIionaI pirnlvs how' rrium'rl nu' many n groan- Thry Iwar rl wiffirism and uxr' it ax fhvir own." Gulf Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 2: Spanish Cluli 43 Latin Club l: R. 0. T. C. 2: Sports Editor of lfildruf 4. .IOHN BONNliLl. CODINGTON "l'll nmwrr horn Ihr' fortunr Whirh only grfnius lrringx Hu! I Ina:-fr n lot of frzlvnl For vnjoylirvg littlv IIli7l1l8.H Homeroom Organization 1, 3. 4: Hi-Y l. 2, 3. -1, 1Vic'e-President 2, President 3. Vice-President lil: President of Senior Class: Olfivers' Club: Carlo: Major in R. 0. T. C.: Battalion Staff: Student Legis- lnlure and Exerutivc Council -1: Rifle Team 3, 4: Chemistry Cluh Tl: Junior l'lny fl: .lurlirial Commiltvv Il: Spanish Club 4: Marshal 3. -I LAN ALLISON COLE "A not of gold yorfrv surf' to jinrl If fo Lhf' rn,inhou"x end you no You 1l'07llI he long in rzznrlxing thrrr' If always you rvmain jus! no." Glee Cluh 2: Latin Cluh l: 0. Henry Literary Club Z: Bible Club 1. RUTH COLEMAN l'1l like lu hug tha' human rm-if So much I feel that I adore' it lint if I trivrd thin on tha' .ulrawi I s'poue l'd get arrestvzl for it. Home Economir-s Cluhg Cooperative Employment. jig fancy IQUNICIZ CONNOR Wlwn pvoplf' trll mv xr:-rrta I'm often. moved fo ash' Sinrv thvy thr'ms4'l1'rs ran'l krrp lhrm Why yin' to mc that task! Home Evonnmivs Club 3: Bible Club 4. HUGH ll. COOK. JR. Ill' may .wvrnl mthrr playful liul hr".u r'0nm'f1'nti0us frm lI'x rhr ordrr of Ihr day To girl thc' mos! uf if with lluyh. ROLAND COOPER A pvrfvrt Iady's man is hu It rr-ally is a shame' The may hr' naturally allrarls Van ha' lu' hrld fa hlamr? WILBUR CORBIQTT "Of all tha' many vrinzm my u'icl:nd past Irestrmvina I must rryrvl fha' UNI'-fl that sarnronv rauyhf 'ma doing! Sl'llill.A MAIL COSTIN "And yr! a pool llmt lirx quilf' slill Can mirror flying! birds and Mars." Home lCvmmn1iv:4 Club 2: Bowlim: Club 2: National Honor Suviety -13 llible Club 4. VIVIAN lNlfZ COSTON llvr drrp lnrmrn ryvs llrr nul brown hair lfvflvrt lmlh slrrnylh unrl lwauly. Home l'If'm1nn1ir's Club Z. , W' ,JL . , . . . b f ' rf m,1.ARl1Nc,11 LOUNLIL 4 llrvflf M rr f f A . 1 u . 'rf , - jj In a grvat lriy may , If Hut hxfs found our hvarl.-s J .-1 nd hv'u in lhrrn 10 stay. jk -IAMIQS ARTHUR COUGHENOUR llr lu'li4':w'.s in playing two hy two lla' 1lmum'l lrnon' u'a"r1' liriny I lla"x flu' handsomz' hvro of mu' girl :ind lo hrr full limf' lu"x yfriny. lfoutlmll, Moumlram Club. MARION CQARAHLR COX Marion likru xo many lhinys llrafnalivx, arf, thc' svn Sh1".v jun! a jim' and all round girl A frirnd to you and mv. Art, Club 2: Buwilng Club 2: French Club 2. 3 Drunmtirs Club 4: Home l'Ic'unun1ic's Club 2. 3, W'Alfl'l'lR CRAIG "lu my yuufh I sv! my yoal l"urthf'r than tln' cyl' 1-auld xv:- l um nefarrr to il 'nowff I luuw' rnmwd fl lll'll7'!'I' mv." 1 fi --vo 1 . Z M I 'n Q f"'T. . r fl' I- ,pl .Y u I ,L lv' JJN. rl' WA? . ,P l- my af' jot-J 'r' s-1 4 ll' V 5 r -V K. ,f xfi fl. I-vi! ,f, f J . v l'V 1 a J. I 0 RUTH CR EASY Hrrn is the gift of song Lilting and light Making our cloudy days Sunny and bright. AILEIZN CKOOM In quiet unolrtrusivvv wayn She lrnws a string of joy-,tillrd days. Home Economics Club 2: Bible Club 4. PATTIIi DARDEN Many maln hearts Pat dons hrmk For hrr "mmf hithrr look" tak:-s the rakv. Majorette 1: Band Club 1: General Science Club 1: Scrihblers' Club 2: Latin Club 2: Bible Club 2, 3: Cheerleader 4. BETTY DAVIS Shi- loves to play: she lorm to walk And oh, my hrart-she lor-rs to talk! ELIZABETH NAOMI DAVIS With hcr friendly greeting and cheery grin Many friends shr's bound to 11-in. Goldsboro High School. Goldsboro, N. C.: Dramatics 1: Thr Raven 1: Biology Chairman 1: Physical Edu- cation 1: Homeroom Hostess 1: Homeroom Represen- tative at P.-T. A. 1: Library Science Club 2: Bible Club 2, 3, 4: Committee for Bible Club Party 2. 3: French Club 3: Chemistry Club 4. EUGENE DAVIS A dependable lad. true and quiet .1 rvul frirndA0n1' f'nn't deny it. FLORFNCIQ DAVIS Takr a how. our charming Ifimny For a disposition that'.w truly sunny. Homeroom Chairman 1: Dramatic Club 1: O. Henry Literary Society 1: Student Council Representative 2: N. C. State Student Council Congress 2, 4, fORicial Delegate 2, Secretary 4l: Hi-Y 3, 4 lSecretary 4l: Sponsor Company D, 4: Echamze E ' or of Wildcat 4 P Marshal 3, 4, lAssistant Chief IHA: Tenhils Club 1: Bible Club 2: Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 4. I s 1 HERBERT C. DAVIS, JR. lf 'J HIfTlll'Tt,S t e manager 0f'0lT school sNI'A Hv'n also a lad ' rlfanJu' d 1-1. my rg? 1 V ' . Hi-Y 1, 2, Z Officers' Cl b. lVing-Presidentl: Student 1 ' ., lCorr pon ng' S getaryl: Stu- dent Leszi re , lDire t r of ilqkilcel : Chemistry Club 3: . 0. . C. - B, 3 'Visual Education Staff 1, . ' MARY MARGARET DAVIS Nmtncss. sweetness, and llfllllfjl all lhrvr Combine to make Margaret plrasing as ran lm. Bible Club 2, 3, 4: Home Economics Club 4: O. Henry Literary Society 1: Tennis Club 2, 3: Dramatic Club 3. THELMA ELIZABETH DAVIS On rainy days Tod's 'natural 4-urls Are gazed on with envy by all the girls. Nature Club 1: Hi-Steppers 1, 2: Bible Club 1, 2, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Boosters' Club 1: Spanish Club 4. 5 ff ,'!l,-.- l'C 1 I . . . V. . ' '.,. ' - - . 'J 1 'nn P I 4 4' lo frm-,-L ,Wi-, 4 Y' , . . MARY CAMERON DIXON ' A ll'OIlIl1'7'flll rnind-silly talk I A - ' I . . 1 l 'f 1. .flnfl oh my flrar, what 11 u'allr.' ' ' Nntiunnl Honor Society, lTreasurerl : 0. Henry Liter- ury Sm-iety 2. 3. 4, ll're:4iclent. 452 French Club 4: Lutin Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4: Bible Club 4: Marshal: Debating Club 4. IQDWIN DOXVNUM .fllthvugh his rurlx ha' dow-r arlmiru tif l'I1I'x rurnpuuy nrt' nr'l'1'r tirv. SANFORD DOXliYi lk. Lots of good things cami' in small packs And 1-xmnvthing to say, lu- nvrvr larlfa. Vive-President. Seniur Class: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4. tMinstrcl, 'Frensurer Ill: Cheerleader 4: Monogram Club 3. fl: lluximz 1, 2: Dramatic' Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 4: R. 0. 'l'. C. 1. 2: Glee Club 4: Declamation Contest. MARGY RHODES DUFFY liturgy. Mar-yy hon' nw' low' you Grtxrimw ways and vyvs of blur' Through our ularlcvsl, dw'p4'st vnmuvntx l'layfullp1 11ou'r:- "SmiIin' Thr'u." Tennis Club l, 2: Drunuitim' Club 2: Hume Ecunoniirs Club 2: Itntin Club 1: French Club 2, 3. ROSE DUNl'l4SON Shi' has u prvtty far-1' Anil littlv llauhful :rays Sha' quivtlll hidv.-1 hrr tinu' and waits Shu lllllllk it always palm. liUSSliLl. DYCHES In yolrl h1"x worth his u'4'ight and height Hr null.-rn our football games yo right. DONALD Gll.l.lAM EDMONDSON, JR. .-l fvllou' as nonrhnlaut as hr Must lvrul 11 Iiff' of gaivty. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 5: R. 0. T. C. 2, 3, 4, 5: Officers Club 5: Aerunautivs Club 5: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Chemis- try Club 5. C1llARl.liS IQDNVARDS In bun:-Imll, football. or on tennis 1-ourt "Junior" is nn all-round sport. Tennis Team 1. 2, 3, 4: Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Foot- bnll Team 2. 3, 4: Munmzrum Club 3. 4: R. 0. T. C. 2, 3, fl: Offivers' Club, lSecretary 43 : Cadet Officer. lfUGlfNli IQDXVARDS Ilv' has u naturf' Quin' unknmrn Hu silwnt liFl'!lN Thr yrrnt art' grown. MILDRIZD ANN EVANS I frvl no tlirillingly alive Anil till:-rl with vim and ylm' lt'.-i slrnnyr to Ihinlf that yrurs ago 'I'lu'rr' u'usn't any nun' lilcc Club l, 2. 3. 4. tSecrehu'y 31: Tennis Club 1: Ilible Club 2, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, lSecretary 3, President 43: 0. Henry Literary Soviety 4, lScribeJ: Student Court 4: Assistant News Editor nf Wildcat 4. QM. . l. ,rf . , 1 be, I' AJ -' l' "x ! N x I I v . up Il '- N I rr? 'I ' HELEN FALFS She'u gentle and mod:-sl Quiet and wiaf' Reflecting all mystery In deep visianed eyes. Homeroom Organization 1: Latin Club 1: Chemistry Club 2: French Club 4: Battalion Sponsor 4: Hi-Y 4. ALICE VIRGINIA FARMER She applirn hrrsrlf rrnll To varh of har tasks Quirlr In do favors That anyone asks. Charles L. Coon High Srhool. Wilson. N. C.: 0. Henry Literary Society 3, 4: Latin Club 3. lSecre- tnryl: Klick Club 4, lPresidentl: Bible Club 4: Frenvh Club 4: Hi-Y 4. BILL FARMER "I found a 'way fo I-ure today Thar foolish mood of hurry- - I simply sfopprd Ihr rlorlr, and ihrn I did'n't have Io worry." LILA MARGARET FARMER "Chr-1'rily my way I go To hard lurk I'm imrurf-d. I laugh and smile' all lhv day .-1nd my sorrow- ix r'urv'd." Bible Club 2. 3: Chemistry Club 3: Thespians 2: Biology Club I: Latin Club 1: Physiral Education Club 1. 2. BERNARD FARWICK His voir-1' in in his boots lhry say IIr"x o-nr of lhorw fall boyn Who hl7l'l' Ihr' r"ul'i1'd talent 'If making mmuir' out of noisv. HICNRY FIQENSTRA I can alll-ayx mal-'1' furrusrs Whrn l'm lair' for school ' But my rarefrf-af ways prmvfnf mn ' From remrmlufriml 4'1'r'ry rulr. HELEN GRAY FLONVIZRS The folkn who mln' liff' as il rom:-s And laugh away the day Arr' the folks who :walter sunnhim' And malrr' of work just play. PHYLIS ANNIE FOCKLER Q1 .4 quakvr maid as good as fhr ad Such personality fvu' haw' had. Central High School, Lima. Ohio, 1, 2, 4: Blue Trianprle 1, 2, 4: Art Club lg Troubadorian 4: Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2: Bradford Senior High School. Bradford, Pa., 3: Courant: Junior Class Play. NICK FOKAKIS A prominent politician. Nirk will surely hr' No om! has a grvatrr arf, for fr1'f'nd.1 lhan hn- IDA PAULINE FORMY-DUVAL Haw: you ever sewn her in the depths? Does she mmr have the blues: You hal nhl: wears a sparkliny wrmilc With all the ra1'rrbow's hues. Library Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Hifzh Steppers Q: Glee Club 2. We ffwwff KA1'HHuNli GARDNER Quilnblv, quilxlilr, liltlr rabbit, I ls talking still your favorite' halril! Riblv Club: Roosters' Club: Chemistry Club. W'll,'l'ON GARRlS Ilv' lm'r's 1ruu'him"ry and lhifrga IIa"n imlusfrious and nmarf Wa' think in-rhapn that ha' rmllrl mnlcr .fl u-holf' :chip from Hur starl. DOROTHY Gll.LlfTTl7 Fir your goal Anrl you will 'malrf' if llolrl nmlnitimr NN:-r fornakv ii. UICORGIQ S. GEORGE Gvorgr' r'liur'l:Ir'n xo xilvnlly l'uu'1l rwvvr IIIIVNN fIr".v no murll of niisrhi:-f In rm .wnlwr I1 drvxx. Hand 2, 3, 4: Hand Club 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3: Aernnnutivs Club -1. ,IOHN .IULlAN GOINS. ,ll1. Thin lxaudmmu-, hw-man idol has zuimirvrx galorr. Cmnlrinf' if u-ilh hlx lwrsonalifll and who could ask for morrf R. 0. 'I'. C. 1, 2. 3: Munmzram Club 3, 4: Officers' Club 4: Aerunuutirs Club 2, 4: Puntlmll 3, 4: llox- im: 2. lil.lZABliTH GARDNER GOLDBIQRG "WIi4'n I am glad all my ylazlmfns you out Anal frwlu ju.-if me big an thr- earth and the sky." lfilvle Club: Homeroom Chairman: Secretary Sopho- more Class: Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Senior Representative: Glee Club. l"RANClfS MAY Glllilill Sln".-4 umarl and quirk and rlurrr Yoo , Shrx lflrlv, vlwrrful, frivndlll. lruv. liliT'l'Y LOU GRIMSLFY A China glamour doll rould m'r'1'r ln' An dainfy or as lorrly as sllr. M HUGH GRIFFITH "I'm surf' I haw' a uolrlr mind And lmnvxfy and farf. .Ami no on,,',4 mor.. .qurlwrisrd tha . cfffigfm To :wr Hu' may I art."' CAROLYN GROTGEN Sha' han gentle' ways ' And a low, sweet voir-if For a youd dixposilion Sha".w vmfryom-'s rllolw. INC' ' IF' Ld -7 ., if 1" i, 1 l I . fancy' W'lLl,lAM C. HAAS, JR. I stood lwforf' tlu' 7Yl0lllu'1'jl'8 rngr, Thffir funny :rays to sro- ' I laughwrl at thrm fl lot until I sau' om' lauyll nt mv. Intra-Mural Boxing 1. 2: Iloxinxz 3: Swimminpz 2: Bible 2: Chemistry Club 3: Football 4. 5: Aeronautirs 5: R. 0. T. C. 2, 3, 4, 5: Rifle Team 4, 5. W'll.LlAM D. HALYBURTON. JR. Ilis r'l1arru't1'r is trivd and fflll' Ha-'s lronwst, upright. rlran all through. R. O. T. C. 2. 3. 4: R. O. 'l'. C. llanrl l: Band Club l: Debating: Club 4: Chemistry Club 2: Bible Club 3. 4, ll'resiclent 4? : llasketbnll 2: Jr. Var:-:ity Basket- ball 1. MARGARET Cl.AlRlf HARDWICK Shy anrl modvst-dark-vyrri, too A lovrly riolrt. tlrinlr so you? Latin Club 1: Chemistry Club 2: Bible Club 3: Span- ish Club 4: Hi-Y 4. XWADIC H. HAR RIS Although I'm always lrrarr' in lif1"s grarvst situations I m-nwr Iulnf' rournyr' to 7'f'fllR1' dull dinnrr inritntiovm. Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Junior Varsity Football. ANNIC CHRlSTlNlf HART Sh4"s ri 1n'r'rv' of Drpsrlvn rhino As fragile' mul as rare' A1111 flozvrrs in Ilvr lmir. Home Eminuniios l, 2: Latin Club 1. HAZIZL VV. HARTIS I low: rhargo acwollrllxftliry mulrr' for pairilvss buying Hut when the hills mmf' in. my family is so tryingf lfufflrs. lurws. ribbons hrfrs , Dramatic' Club l. 2, 3, 4. lTrcusurer 2l: Dramatic Club Play l : R. O. T. C. Band 3: N. H. H, S. Band 4: Hi-Steppers 1: Glee Club 2. ANNA HARTI.IiY In the 'midst of all world .Qtrifr Sho always loads n happy lifr KATHRYN M. HASHAGIZN "In gloomy moods it's mfrrr zrisr To sit at Immr' mul 'mopn Go out and talfr' n long brisk wall:- Freslz air vrvntffs frm-:lr hopr'." Library Club 4: Arts and Crafts Club 4. AUBRIQY F. HAYES Aubrey lilrrs a. task wrll done Ry diligence' his merits u-on. R. 0. T. C. 1, 2. BILL HAH-Ls. JR. Hc's lazy. loose-jointed And smiling and gay But Im ram-lws his goal In his own Hayey way. Lfwwv'l'l'IA HAYES A Iozw-lir'r ll0II8I'll'l-ff' Mr. Fullvr will never see Than wlwu he tri:-s to sell zz brush to Mrs. Crabtree. Boosters Club 2: Dramatic Club 2. FRANCES SWINDELL HIZIDT A fvn- mltr' frrrlrlrs Un an upturned vmsf l'rn'tty auburn huir and smiles That 1'l'4'f1l'l0lIll lrnows. Hi-Steppers 1: Home Econondcs Club 3, 43 Thes- piuus 2. 3, 4. MARGAIKICT l'llil..llN HELMS "IfVf"r1' lwrz' so short ll time lwforc VV1' gm to 1u1lfnou'u ends. Wi' may not nu'l't in othvr 'll'0TIfl3f I,1't':4 hurry and lm friends." liiblc Club 4: Library Club 4: Home cs Club I. 2. k GIQORGIQ ll. llliNNlKIiR "lnta'rruptions stml my time, Anil rallvrs make' mv run and 'llLlI"' Whrn I am in thi' mood to 'work I want tht' irorlfl to stand aside." li U BY MAIZ HIQN RY Munn thinyx I lc-avr' un.-:aid An 1 lim- from da!! to day- ltut thr'rf:'s one sure' thing about mc- l'll lrvap on smiling all the 1l'a1l. FRANCES GRAY l'IENVLliTT I,l'7llIl7'l' mul 'winsomfr With. flvilllflillfl cy:-as That mzvm to forvtell A plwasant surprisv. ltuwlinx: Club 1: Bible Club 4: Home Economics Club 4. NVll.l.lAM S. HliWLliTT lt'x a natural art Tha' 'H'!If!l hr' acts II1' lrr'r'1z.-r 'us roaring With his ll'i-'ll'-f'l'll.!'k8. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, tI'resident 47: R. 0. T. C. 2, 3, 43 Officers' Club 4: Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 43 2nd Lieutenant Cumpuuy I! 4. ROIHQRT A. HILL I'm rvally 'l'4'I'jI smurt l'1l lu' rorlsirlrrvd bright Hut I lllll'll1l8 think of witty things ln thc' middlr' of thi' night. lt. 0. T. C. 2. 3, 4: Officers' Club: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, tl'n-esialent, Vice-President? 3 Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 4, Aero- nautics Club. Al.'l'ON l.. HINFS Itfl not lulring rislrs I'z'v missed a, lat of funk Thr- things l rvgzrrt arf' those I hauen't done. l1llARLO'1'Tli HINNANT Clllll'10Ut'l8 a blond, fnir and petite Au ll frivnrl. xhl' can't he boat. N54 ff evf. 5' 1 W? if 5. fi- X J t lllx . x IJVK -. in I IN 1 X 0 1 ROlll'.Ril' HOHBS I'ra:4 porrillyf' hot. prus lmrriilgu fold lfolwrt is a yoorl apart, so u'1"r1' tolrl. ,lUSlfl'H l3l'XY'l Y HOBBS. Alk, Tluvu' hnnorx do not turn his hrad Hr .wtill ran yirt' his lwxt In standing xquarvly for tha' right Hs' still r-an pass thi' twat. Sevretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class: Latin Club l : Intramural Boxing Championship l: Homeroom Chairman l, 2: Student Counril Representative 2: Student Court 3, 4: Chemistry Club 2: Monogram Club Cl. 4: Rerortlink! Secretary of Stutlent Body 3: Rifle Team 3, 4: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel of R. 0, 'l'. C. 4: llaseball 23 Football l. 2, 3, 4: Co-Curtain of Football 'l'eam 4: President of Student liotlly 1 ! National Honor Soviety. 1 1 ROl'llfRT H. HOl.l.lS gf I-ll"x fun, h1"x rl lrorlfrr t . Hi".w lirrly in a vr0u'tI Ha' hax a high xvhool rf-4' al Of whivh uw"rf' just rr . . Hi-Y 2. 3. 4. Cl' a. r ' Ch 'stfy u Ii: Na- tional Honor o 3 nish C lx , li le Cl l 45 Debating C 1 4: al 4: f 1-ers' Clu I Annual Staff 4: tu Polire 4. MARGARPQT RA Olly 5. "Mu road through fn' i :gh S l' N, X With hillx that 1 nf rim- l lfut thix all luflpn vhangyf K It rzrvrla thu' rarer fav." X l.l'1Sl.ll'1 l5lfl'1Cl'll'1R HUMAN To my an-n affairs I'll always atlvnd lfut if you nrml any hrlp, l'm a read!! friend. Choir 4: Latin Club lg Aero Club 2. LUCY lllil,l. HORNIE Luv-jf uwlx 41 vi1'a1'io'us rllild .11 p1'rf4'1't rlvtor of parts Nou' xh:"s sought hy ull thw lmya - I.u1'y's lffarnrd Ihr arts. Marshal 4: Glee Club l, 2. 4: 'Fhespians l: Naturi- Club l. 2: Det-lamation Contest l, 2, It, 4: lfrenvb Club 3: Debating: Club 4: Chemistry Club Il: Home l':t'lllltll'lllCS Club 3, 4, t'l'reasurer 4I: liible Club 4: Latin Club I. DAVIS HUMllHRl'QY l:l0W'l'lS, lll. "I low' a youd ho! argfumrnt l'll tall: for hours ar1j1u'lu'r1' Hut juxt ous' rula' must ln' olrxrrrrzl: To ual' xtatixtirw ixn't fair." Debating Club l, 2. 3, 4, tVit'e-President Il, Presi- tlent 4, Team 2, 3. 45: American Legion Oratorit-al Contest 3. 4: VVilflt'al Staff 3, 4, tAssi:4tant News Editor 3, l-Itlitor-in-Chief 47: 0. Henry Literary So- J!! viety I. 2, 3, 4Sc'ribe 2. Secretary 3I : National Honor 7 Society 4: Delegate to Tar Heel Boys' atV4: Chemistry Club 2: Nature Club l: lloys' the rf 2, 3. 4, ISQ-vretary 3l. Y df GliRAl,lDlNlf lSlSHOl'fFf BA ' 17, J ' . ,V lt'.w lwyonrl our 1-vmprvhv hgiwn ,f +4 . f 'UM Hou' Grrnldiru' 1-an lu' if " K So 1u'rfortl11 groovnvd at all ' e' X ' So doll-like' un nhf. ' Chemistry Club 2: Home I-It-tmoniics Club 2, il, t'l'reasurerl Q Homeroom Chairman 3: National Honor Society 4, tSecretaryI. ROl5lfR'l' S. HUFl"lAM "I'm yawning from morning! 'till night lt'.w awful tht' hour.-r I lcrvp- I simply r'an't lim' long enough. l'm afraid. to ratvlt up on my nlvrpf' Aeronautics Club 4: Foobtall 3, 4: R. U. 'l'. C. Sl, 4: Monogram Club 3. 4. MILDRFU l.OUlSlf HUGHES .4 1-hattrr har ix nftvn my hvafl lfut with timv flying so quickly l muxt rush along to gift r1'rrythiug1 sail! Evan if l ilon't xpvulc 1lixtinc'tIy." St-ribblers' Club 2, 3, 4: 0. Henry Literary Society 3, 4: l"rent'h Club 3: Thespians 4: Bible Club 4: Home lfivonornivs Club 4. MARY PALMIQR HUNTER Sha' promi.w's from all accounts ln lyping lo fnrrlfl Sh1"ll land a "high-fcllutin' " job .-ind do "high-fcllutin"' uwll. Home Economics Club 2, 3: O. Henry Literary So- viety 43 llible Club l, 2. 3, -1: Thespians 2, 4: Latin Club l, 25 French Club 43 Hi-Steppers 1. lll,ANCHlf BARBARA -IACOBI "Wh1'n proplv yearn with all their hrarts For just om' treasure' far away 'I'h1'y rlasa' thcir 4-yrs to counllvss joys Tha! vrawrl around thrm rvvry day." Sigma Chapter Girls' Hi-Y 3, 4. lVire-President 45: O. Henry Literary Society 3, 4, iVice-President -tl: Senior Legislature Representative: Clerk of Lekisla- tin-ep Home Economics Club 2, 3. lVice-President 3l : Dramatic Club 2: PViId1'at Reporter 1. 2: Wildcat Circulation Manager 4: Scribblers' Club 3: Assistant lfditorof 42 44 Handbook Delegate tu N C, 9 C Pli-Y Minstiiellli. l '6 4 l.ORl'iTTA li. -IANICKI Limfly yiyglvs accompany hrr walks. Girls' Physical Education 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 2: e Economics Club 1. 2. Shi-"N lr-inda shy but my how she' talks Am Hn' jfuuuau. "l'm sun' I ham' a hrucu' stern soul That nought in life' can 0l'1'Y'fl'!ll"A lful when I nwct folks on Ihr walk lt's always nn' who turns asir1f'." HAROLD H. ,lli'l'liR, jk. Mr. .ll-trr. thf- gridiron hero, Kwyx our srorf- from being "zvro." Track lg Boxing lg Football 3, 4: Monogram Club 2: Hi-Y 2: Homeroom Chairman 1: Cadet Captain of Company B. ill lARLl-15 DOUGLAS jEW'lil.L Ilougfs a jally good fcllow When all thc world in gay, Iful thrrf' ara' nomr mon' sc-rioux When all thu' world is gray. Tliespians l: R. 0. T. C. 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4. ll'resident -ll. liMIl. Y JOHNSON "llan't try lo flew your loneliness Yoafll only find it in the mul. Just yr! aa':1uaint1'd with yours:-If-H l'uu'll gain om' lllIdf'l'8fGlldlllg frif'nd." llOOl'liR JOHNSON "l'1l like' lo skip along Hu' slrvc! lla! I mlm! walk with sfatvly siridv. Wim xlarled all this foolishnvss Of propla- acliny dignified?" Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4: Homerooin Organization 2: Nature Club lg Chemistry Club 3, lllresidentl : Thespians 1: Aeronautics Club 4: Band 3. 43 Student Legislature 4: National Honor Society 4, lVice-Presidentl. l,lf'l'HA NIOHNSON She- lows lo rrud thc paprr .-tml makrs a rlaxh 1'ar'h day Ta yr! if jirsl lwforz' anolhvr Spirits it away. Bible Club 2: Cooperative 4. MARTHA l'il.lZABliTH JOHNSON In mlramalics. in lessons. lhis smart lass Alwalm stands at thc head of hvr rla:-fs. French Club 3: Thespians 2, 3. 4: O. Henry 3, 4: Chemistry Club 3: Debating Club 4, W ' V 1 Y Em lil? f X ' 0 DOLLY ANN JOHNSTON If you hate to sw: your namr' in print And plan' on Ann tho lnlaml' Shz"II laugh and harr the rouragl' To print it just thc' same. Art Club 4, tl'residentJ: R. 0. T. C. Bnnd 1, 2, 3: Bible Club 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3: Wildcat Staff fAssistaut Feature Editor 43 : Homeroom Chairman 1. SALLY MARGARET JOHNSTON W1' low' to l1r'ar hor readings VV1' low' to hrar hor play Hur talvnts srwm to orcrflou' In mrory sort of way. Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Bible Club 3: Dramatic Club 1: Oper-ettas: "Trial by Jury": "The Gondaliers": "Pirates uf' Penzance." , A ., , ' V- ANN NIONES- f77i,,. ,441 L27-. .SWK-L UL' bil ' "Ho lazy somf'timr's, azlrim' ' i' Don't lrlamf' yoarsrlf and think you shirlr. lt's very wise' to realiza' That rusting in a part of u'orlr." LliLAN D L. JON ES ff - i- - - Q 'I z nday ' as p .rc ng slirwlrx ' To -g'f?Pf 0 af'-J Wit gl d om "s tla r ch the s ' x Th tI fa . 23,4-Jug Chem' ' ronaut' lu . . 0. T. C. 1, 2, 3: at e Clu . ' 5 1 OSCAR JONES I "My 'worlr just worried nu' tod So that I r'ouldn't do my6!f1' Until I had thin loiwly thou It 3 Tha' world can stand it if I rest." LILLIAN FRANCES ,IORDAN Slu-'s Ilttlo, hut sh1"s mighty - " Hur Irv-on. dark oyvs arf' snappy Ng, And 'wlufn sh1"s busy at hor work K 4' '-1' " Shf"s busy living happy. fl' Si Latin Club 1: Declamatiun Cuntest 1, 4: ScribblersEi.4 -823 cum 1, 2, 3: Bible Club 3. 4: Home Economics curb? 'ff 3, 4: National Honor Society 4. -gl DOROTHEA ELISE AIURGFNSEN Hi: Shffs full of lifv, shi' dor'sn't rare' at all what pea- 1 plz: thinlr y Ifut as sho trawfls hvr own quivt way, from work slufll rzcuor shrinlf. Bible Club 4: Dramutivs Club 4. ANN KELLEY "Firm I stand through storm and stress. I know that it will end. I will not lxrwalr lwnvath my woe- liut goocluvss, how I trend!" Physical Education Club 1. 2: Chemistry Club 3: Home Economics Club 1. FRANK KELLEY "Some pooplzr spmk of killing time I don't know any yrvatwr vrimv. With work and lmauty they 'might fill it And ywt they sit around and kill it." ADOLPH L. KING. JR. Adolph. Adolph u'r"1'ra luwn. thinking What a good thing it would be If all thu boys of our acquaintance Could all lu- a bit like than Hi-Y 1. 2, 3: Officers' Club 4: R. O, T. C. 2, 3, 4: Football: Baseball: Homeroum Chairman 1: Cadet Captain uf Company C 4. jieffaww PQDWARD KING "Tha human rncr vnrivs in marvelous 'ways Wr' nrt' rl:-wr and foolish and drop. In only one thing u'c"re alike it would seem- Wv mwwr haw' had vnough sleep." FIJNWARD S. LAMB Hr Yllllijl lu' "Mints'r Five by Five" Hut hc"s 1-vrtuinly on the jolly side. Bible Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, l"'1'rial By Jux-y"j: Chemistry Club 3: Monogram Club 8. 4: Basketball 3, lManugerl: Aeronautics Club 4: Baseball 4: R. O. T. C. 2. 3, 4. ANNl'f XVASHINGTON LEE Taira lift- may. Imve a lot of fun .-Ind yau'll still lw hapllll when tho day is done. Thespiuns 4: Bible Club 2: Home Economies Club 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Aeronautics Club 4: Wildcat - Stuff 4, lSnlicitorJ: Chemistry Club 4: :Tennis ', Club 4. j : 1 Y bl I 1ncT1'Y jUNli una lf C Ilvr nuturnl vurls and gvntlcness Adil to lwr vharm and lovcliness. . ' lvrom-h Club 3: Bible Club 3. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Chewy- 1 try Club 3. ' . . l Alllil, lf. LEVVANDOVVSKI ,'," Sh1"s a luxppy-go-lucky, jolly gal " :- A livvly companion, a loyal pal. 8 Nuturc Club 1: Girls' Physical Education Club 1, 2, 8:' Home Ea-ononiivs Club 1, 2: Art Club 3. , , 5 c:AMu.L1s LONG . si Cumillc' has ll'CllIlllIlH', of that I'm sure llrr :winning ways will long endure. Nnture Club 1: Latin Club 1: Bible Club 4: Hi- Steppers 1. 2: Home Economics Club 2. CAROLYN KNOX LQNGLEY lialnivs roar-h for anything 7'ha!'x 1lllfft'fi'llg to sec- Anzl though l'm married I sometimes think lI'.w just the srunr with me. NOLAN VV. LORICK llu's in to trap the heart of a girl With thoxc' big lxluv eyes and that little bland curl. Chemistry Club 3: Hi-Y 2: Aeronautics Club 4. LUBY LYNCH "Wt-II, lifv may not have much meaning. Blind 1-han:-e 8601118 to rule each dau- Ilut if you van tulrv it lightly lt'x u prvtty good ynmr' to play." WAl.'l'liR LEE MCCORMICK, JR. I make mistakes I rislr u lot lt's fun: 'what you think l vare not. Q '11-1,5241 I xx fl , r n X . ,l we W 7 . M- 'N l f l ' 1, if I ,ff A ,AP X N' N lace' Lf , I . f 5 ,,jnff'3f 10221. . cw! Nl .- I 0 ' I X Fl X Hmm! M: K X FJ X l 1 X ll 2 to ' X , .I Q fx rj J VX Xxx I, F, fry I,- X. K , -ff W4 j, Bl l.l. Mc DONALD Sinr'r'r1'. f7'1.1'7Hll!l. straighlforzrnrd, too lfill's an afhlvlr through and through. Football 1. 2. 3, 4: Monogram Club 3, 4: R .0. T. C. 2: Homeroom Chairman 2, 4: Swimminir l: Declamation Contest 2, 3, 4: Sc-ribblers' Club 4: Chemistry Club 4: Basketball 4. ,I ANli l.OUlSli Mc,liXVliN Huhlzliny a4'1'r with irlvas and fun .lam-'ll lu' famouu whvn hvr goal is won. Art Club 1, 2, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Nature Club I, 2: Clee Club 2: Physical Plduvation Clul? l. p . HARRY MQCIRT HJ -Ka' 7 "Iivr'rt11s4' limv glows loo frm! for nu' I mn't do half Ihr: things I ought f I I!lll'l' two Iirvx. the om' I arf And om' I only lil-1' in thought." New Hanover Thespians l, 2, 3, 4, lVice-President 2, Historian 3l: Thespians' Play 1, 3: Junior Play: Wild:-at 3. 4. lldxvhamze Editor 3, Feature Editor 4b : Suribblers' Club 2. 3, 4. lSevretary 3, President 43: Junior Class President: Student Body Vicelnresident 4: Hi-Y 2: Vice-President of Homeruom Orllaniza- tion 3: Cheerleader 4: Offirial Deleizate State Stu- dent Council Conizress 4: Vice-President of Debat- iml Club. MARY M. Mc'lN'l'lRl'l Frw ara' lorrlivr or rwnfrr than she Sivvvl and youthful sh1"Il always hr. Li-:tin Club 2: Roosters Club 1: Physical Education C ui l. 2. PEGGY RUTH MclVliR Ilwr talvntx and luvrsonality arf' "on flu' beam," A pretty. swell girl, it does seem. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, lSecretary-Treasurer Glee Club 41: Dramatirs Club 4: Operettas: Pirates of Penz- ance, Trial By Jury, The Gondoliers: Boosters' Club l, 2. LIQONARD MCKOY .111 baxkftlmll glanzvs h1"s an fldllfll attraction To rvarh tha' basket. "I,1'gs" just jumps u fraction. nl x U , MARAIORIH PAGE MCLAMB N 7 'wx , Thr' rontf' to I1 1nan's hrart l J lx This stylish blond did say I ,' ' V I '1 ' In not fhrouyh his stomach K u I ll' hx lfuf a mort' dirrrt way. Af' " ' I lioosters Club 2. l , J , JI' ' " l J x Q l l-RANCIS L. McRACKAN ' - ' Iivsidfra his six frat of dark "good lo0kx" This trtlmlfvd muxirian is ll whiz at hooks. H. 0. T. C. Hand 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2: Chemistry Club 3: Hand Club 2. 3: Hi-Y 4. AN Nli CAROLYN MARSHBURN Shu' has 'wavy hair and twinkling brown eyes Plus rt mammoth brain for our of her size. Thespians 1, 2: French Club 3: 0. Henry Literary Society 3. 4: Bible Club 4: Glee Club l. MADELYN ANN MARSHBURN My sparkling eyes that lieckon "come hither" Kmfp the guys all in a dither. Dramatic Club 1: Majorette 3: Wildrat Staff 3, 4: Boosters Club l, 2. O 3 746 Www o MAHLON MARSHBURN Mahlon in .-wrionn l'ur1mxa'fnl too H1"s niru'4'r4- und !Il'NllI7ll Loyml all through. DONALD MATTHEXVS Few van surpass my dancing grave, Fon' are' 'more' carefrm' than I, Fen- have red 4-urls In crown their face, Frm have my ahilitu to catch a girI's eye MAR Y MAVRON ICOLAS Trur' lnippimmx. if understood l'onsint.w alonv in doing good. RODNEY MAY Conn' on and la't's lu' friends I don'l like to lu' ignored 'Cause u-hen l'vn talking to myself l"rn rrullu very bored. SOPHIIQ MADELEINE MAZUR l'm good at making sgwvvlws, in schoolwork And whrn it vorrles to making friends I rea y k non' th 1' fray. Latin Club lg National Eonoriociety 4. I IIICNR Y B. Mlill-R Q M if As our flrnm major, he".-1 dignijiv , Q lint appr'aram'vx ara' ofton misleading What mall!! !l01'x on lhr' brains iuridr' Would makl' somf' entertaining reading. Drum Major of R. O. T, C. Band 2, 3, 4 lee u l, 2, 3, 4, lVice-President 4l: Chemistry Club 3 Aeronuutia-s Cluh 4. DOROTHY MAli MERRITT Laughing. talking Full of play Working: 'well Shu- gow: hr-r way. l'liGliY ICLOISIC MILLAR Slu"x quick in shorthand Quick in n-its Small in sizeh- A Iirnius vonlrx in hits. llranmtivs Club 1. 2: Boosters Club 2. Li. W. MILLIS He' works ut xchool and 'works outside And forge-s xtraiyht ahead Hv's frivndlu. lint no timf' to waste Hy gfirln he' van't be led. RACHEL FRANCES MILLS She's dainty, prrtty. and awfully sweet Rarlu-l's glad countenance can't be beat. Latin Club 1. 2: Glee Club 2. 8. iii MQWUYJ' ROSIQMARY MILLS All through lifa' my horn I'll hlnu' Laughirul. fall.-inn. us I go. Band 2. 3, 4: Bible Club 2: Glee Club 1. RUDOLPH MILTON Small uplwnrals don'i aff:-ri hinx With work and xrnilvs hc fills fha dau Whrrn he stumps his toe he rises A nd povs on whistling on hin way. .IOAN MINCY Wi' grrri Joan. our '43 lomlzoy And salute a disposition of ronstant joy. MARY LILLY MINTZ Friendly, smiling, alivays kind Sh1"s notrrl for an outstanrling mind. Dramatic Club 1. 2: Bible Club 4: Boosters Club l, 2. LOIS INIQZ MINTZ Her 'winsomc' brown ryrs and frirndly smile Makr' us low' hrr all the while. Dramatic Club, Choir: Latin Club. MARGIE MINTZ Blonde of hair And blur of rye' Conscientious and Oh! so shy. EMMA WORTH MITCHELL Lilrl' tha' senrrts of spring Or a bright summer clay Quietly bringing her blessings In hor own sprrial fray. Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. 1President lib: Bible Club lg Art Club 2, 3, 4, iI'resident 31: Thespians 3, 4, il'resident 45 1 Wildrat 2, 4g Home Economics Club 4. IQVELYN MOISLEY Sha has orious rolling lvyvs, an 1l7IIll?l'Slfl'll!ll'7lg smilv Her words a oh so wise, yvt clvz-or all the while. Bible ub: o e Economics Club: Glee Club. WI 1 A EN M ' JMERY, JR. "1'm 'als ra it in 1' Ig fills. I l n ho- fur jo ooth- - "h- - wx 11 1 i l.- 11-ith Im simple H5 rvs MII I truth."' sc' cm : Nature ci h 11 Latin Club lg Klick Clu . 3, ' Fre - C 3: Tennis Club 1, 2. 3: R. . T. C 2, . 4: i- 1. 2. 3. 4. iTreasurer 1, tary 4 Vic -Pr id t 3, Treasurer 4b : Officers' 43 I . mist i ' I . 3 Student Council 43 Marshal 5 Bo ters C b 1, 2, 33 Homeroum Chairman 1. ELIQAIQJR LOUISE MOONEYHAM He me will be filled with color and song An. o will he happy all thc day long. C uir 45 Home Economics 4: Physical Education Club 4. FORREST LEON MOORE Moore to lie desired than mere drab things For he has already found his wings. Rand 3, 4: Aeronautics Club 4. REYNOLDS E. MOORE Some people have the wit to know In observation they can grou' While others dance about the plat-e Au frivolous as nz pier-4' of lace. SAMUEL HOWARD MORRONV, AIR. At cheering I'm always at the top On the :lance floor l'm a whiz Bat if you want to see me flop .lust look in on a geometry quiz. Lake Forest H. S.. Lake Forest, lll.: Ludimzton H. S., Luzlinizton. Mit-h.: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4: Monogram Club. AGNES MORTON "l'll line each moment to the full For though they soon are gone Piled up tht'y'II make me quite a past To build my future on." Scribblers Club 1, 2, 8: French Club 2, 3: Monogram Club 3: Tennis Team No. 2-2, 3, 4: Golf Team 2, 3, 4: Class Representative to Student Council 3: Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Managing: Editor of Wildcat 4: Director of Social Activities 4: Secretary of Executive Council 4: President of North Carolina and Eastern North Caro- lina Student Council Congresses 4. LEON R. MOSKOWITZ Of witty remarks, I have an unlimited store I'm usually in trouble, but I have fun galore. R. 0. T. C. Band 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Band Club 2 3 CATHERINE AHEARN MURRAY Graceful and blond-the ideal model Sho loves to talk and drink from a bottle. llasketball 1: Tennis Club 1: Physical Education 1, 2, 3: Wildcat Reporter 1: Choir 4. WAl.llURG MOREI. He smiles from the corner of his Ilia fave lights with mirth We'1l rather have this quality Than many things on earth. l7UNlCl'l l'iATl'iERlNE MURRELL Artionn speak louder than words-I k ,ow This in my daily life I show. Basketball 1: Physical Education Club 1 2 4 4: Home Economics Club 4. ' elf! BILLY MURRELL His aim is never to oliend And every person is his friend. BERTHA MARY MUSIAL I,earni'nfl. courtesy. service, tact She'u mastered these and that's a fact. Nature Club 1: Latin Club 1: Chemistry Club 3: Cooperative Employment 4. ee it yew :W I yX W0 A 1" 1 M lx 1 sk X x 1 WW' 71' 1119 ,af X61- O BURTON K. MYERS "To gvl adjuntvd to tha' u-orlrl In affvr all fha u'im-at aim. II u'on'f adinsf ihwlf lo us For il wax hrfrr lwforr' uv' mmf." R. 0. 'l'. C. 2, 3, 4: 0lTicers' Club 4: Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4: Chemistry Club 21 Dramatic Club 1: Tennis Club l, 2. 3, -1: Tennis Team l. 2, 3. 43 Monogram Club 2, 3. 1: l4'ildf-al Slaff l. NORMAN N. NIQLMS. ilk. Norman has a xrrioun rrin lla' .-moms nlrovv' un in his lhinlring Ill' fa:-1-x rllallwngrx 1-arlx da!! From whirh thu' u'1'akvr hrarl is shrinking. R. 0. 'l'. C, 2, 3, 41 Olfirers' Club -lg Aeronautim Club 4: Homeroom Chairman l. l.OIS NIVIQN To any shw is fhf' quirl l-'ind -lux! is not lwing fair Shffn simply hiding wisdom Will: morn' fhan usual rar:- MAISIIZ OLIVER .l 1:-inning may Slands high forlayl. lil,Sllf liARLli ORREL "I low' small unririlizvrl Ihinyx, Iiahirx and ralrlzilx and lfirdx. Who rarru around in lhvir vpn-x llttlr xtranm fllauulllx ulfhoul no rl Dramnlu Club 2 0 Henry His ix a swmu- of rhythm Wilh a martial .wiring and prp lI:"s ronstanlly playing a tuna ul marrh Whilv fha boys arf kmfping slap. lianrl l, 2, 3, '13 Hand Club l. 2: Chemistry Club 3, ,IQHN Romain' OWEN W l EULA MAlli PADRICK W4"rv oftrn lvft to wonder X Hou' no many arts ran hr Hound into jus! om' hundlr' So lwfrnafiln ax nlw. Glee Club l. 2, 3. 4: Chorus 33 D m Club 1 Bible Club 2, 3: Home Ecunomirs C l. 43 Ra. et- ball Honorary Varsity l. ALMA CARLliliN PAGE "Look on things wif fri! ll 1' rs. Carll out litfla' haw. .luxl lore lifv will: a you hrarl V Lifr' rvriprnrafvsf' Wilrlraf 43 Ilalin Ch lg Home l':CIll'l0l'f1lf'!4 Club 'li Bible Club fl. KATHRYN PlfRDlfW' "Tha sailor has no harder job Who sails tha xtormy orrans Than I who slewr my little soul 'l'h.rough .sfrangv and drop 1-motions." Home Economics Club 2, 3: Glee Club l: Tennis Club l: Bible Club 2, 4: Hi-Y Il, 4: Frenrh Club 3. HICNRY l'l'1'I'liRSON Droam a grea! amlrifion Sfwlr a bevkoniny star May all your efforts hrinll Nou Whvrr trur urea! mrn arc. Qielmw ' DAN PHILLIPS I found a way to cure today That foolish mood of hurry I simply stopped the clark and then I didn't have to 'll'07'Tll. Al. FRED POWELL His looks are most de:-eiving Tirnid. shy, in 'meditation When he gets around a rrowd of girls lt's a shorking revelation. Bible I: Band 2. 3: Co-up. 4. MAURICE POWELL He's a good looking chap and likable Strong in mind and build as any Hut he arts indifferent and pretends Of brains hr has'n't any. W. T. PRIDGEN If the days sometimes go wrong He has already learned his lesson A nrl meets Hu' day will: fl sony. is I 'w The world will keep on turning I IRENE PUCKI-1TT Curly looks, rurly looks Lurkll Irene No wonder you wear A smile so ser:-ne. BIQSSIE LFE RACKLIQY She's ready for ilu' Virlory Corps Bessie's trying to prepare In purposeful activities To do more fhan her shura' Physiral Edllcntirnn Club I, 4: Chuir 4: mics 4. GWENDOLYN JUNE RACKLEY Shafn never failed fo lend a hand Shi-'s newer failed to smile And her blue eyes twinkling. leasing Keep you guessing all the while. CAROLYN REGISTER Shrfs just the typ:- That we admire We sec' ha-r in an ad lfut sh1"s athletic ln'r' its her way No! lmeause of a-ny lad. ROSALIE REAVES Give her a hoop skirl A fine hi! of lace In a romantic age She finds her right place. GRACE WINIFRED RHODES Nonsense. nonsense all day long, Doexnft your world ever go wrong? Home Econo- wyn CY 111 MQWOTJ' SARA liDlTl-l RICHARDSON She's ivivacious and fresh As a shining spring dau She is straight foruiarrl, friendly Happy and gay. Latin Club 1: Thespians 1, 2. 4: French Club 3: Home Room Chairman 2: Library Club 4: Bible Club 4: Wildcat Reporter 4: Biology Club 1 : Tennis Club 1. BETTY JANE RlDAUGHT I'm. sure I have a lrraw: stern soul That naught in life can override But when I meet folks on the walk It's always me who turns aside. Bible Club 2: O. Henry Literary Society 4: Chemis- try Club 4. -IOHN EDWARD RIDDICK, .lR. They say he doesn't lil-'e to work And yet he seems to all the while Perhaps it is a game with him To 'win his may with his ready amilc. R. 0. T. C. 1, 2. 3. CLYDE RIGGS You ran't make him mad He's industrious too Day and night, school and shipyard He never is through. WlNlFRED JOYCE RIVENBARK When people tell mc secrets I'm often moved to ask Since they themselves c-an't keep them Why give to me that task? Latin Club 1. AUGUSTA MAE ROFTHLINGER She's more than uncommon smart Is Augusta Mae Roethlinger The handfuls of talent most of us have Aren't worth her little finger. Freshman Science Club 1, lSecretaryl 3 Latin Club 1: Chemistry Club 3: Bible Club 2: Home Economics Club 3, 4: Aeronautics Club 4: Physical Edu:-ation Club 2. LUTHER THOMAS ROGERS A long drawl and a winsome grin Help Luther all the girls to win. R. O. T. C. 2. 3: Chemistry Club 3: Latin Club l. PEGGY ADELAIDE ROGERS And a regular hcartbreaker. A jf I' ' Latin Club 1, 2: Bible Club 2, 4: Home Room Chair- man 1. 4: Hi-Steppers 2: 0.,I-Ienry Literary Society l, 2, 3: Home Economics Club 2. 4: Physical Edura- tion Club 1, 2: Tennis Club 1. 2. IAN DALLASS THWELL This me ejr leav us all aghast He c me rom gn arts W?h'a iooiiccogshments reading Li 4 a e of a . R. 0, . 0482, 3: uh : Chemistry Club 4: 0Aerqnaut'c9 Club 4: ' e '45 lFootball, 1. 2: ' mmlnh' 2: Cricket 2: rnnze School, Santiago, lel. OBERT EDWARD OUDABUSH Conventions ora m we ping style, Why should I b ul custom? , For those. ru s 1 ere on a e, , 5 Who are too to ust ' . C zz. o. T. . : 'rh pin -sm Club 3. lf She's mostly athlotir' 1' f 'I A' ' A student, homemaker Q, ,, , f ' A dependable lass , I , . Qlefmw ' ICVIQLYN ROUSIE C I rio not strive' to guida' my lifr' With .tirm and brain-restricted hand So oflfn, drifting hen' und thfrr, I tourh tht' shorvs of fuiryland. Latin Club lg Bible Club 3.'4: O. Henry Literary Soviety 4: Physical Education Club 2: Wildcat Staff 4. BURFN ROURK Sums' pvnple .wprak of killing timr. I do'n't know any yrratcr rrime. With work and lwauty they 'might ill iti- Aud yut they sit around and kill it. Ml'l'CHl2l.L SALEEBY, jk. I frvl so AYIYIIHJ when I'v1' Imam good I soon lwromr unlumrnlzlz' l'm re-ally pleasautwr to know Wluwi I haw' just lawn trrrihlv. Chemistry Club 1: Aeronautics Club 1: Boxing Team ' h 1 2 2, 3: R. 0. 'l'. C. l, 2, 3: Laim Glu .IAMFS SALMON To knoll' and,nol lo :lo is small Ili' knows. hr dors - - - - - - hr shamrs us all. llliTTY Al,l.liN SANDERS Shi' may ln' littlv and petite: Ifrtty is studioun, neat. and su'f'1't. Tennis Club 1, 2: Thespians. l, 2. 3. 4, 1Vice-Presi- ilentl 3 Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, 1Presidenti 3 "The Yankee King" 3: General Chairman Junior Seniur Dance: Latin Club 1. HARRY SANDERS .lust by tourhing a Icvcr .flrljusting rm srrml' Thr trouble is found Anrl thi' thing in lilcn m'w. IIIQRTHA BICLL SANDERS Look tu-neatli . Thr quivt air Find II gem. .. 'l'hnt'x mighty rarv. Home Economics Cluh l: Bible Club' 2. u :nw n o lm his boon 4' ' his uv wi a 11' l tuna. h . . ' Cluh , 3: Junior : ra i uh , Pirates enzancef' "Tri:-il lly ury," "Th 0 ' "' Club 4. XVARU SAUNDIZ Hn dof'sn't brag about his sizr - Nor yvt about his strength - W1- wish uv' had as much 'of poise As vrvll ns 'murh of lcfngth. AIAMES MURPHY SCOGGINS A baseball pitcher A footlznll star When Murphy plays The funn an- thar. Baseball .1, 2, 3.- 4: Football 4: Bible Club 23 Home Rimin' Oi-yzdnizatibn '3.A " - - , ff gc., 4 ,lf MQWOYJI JAMES COOLIDGE SHEPARD He'a bent on his vocation He's going to 'win success We 'wish him. joy of winning And a nenew of happinean. Cooperative Employment 4. ' 1 ' JAMES B. SHERWOOD If I should got ahvrul t pu I7l,RfPllfI of earning my ann ld lou- an murh rn chu rtrr f... J , Aa ld lw gaining in jinanrr. X ' R. O. T. C. l, 2: Chemistry Cluhf4. KATHERINE SHOOTER Shn'll hr mvrry. shr'll hr frvsg Shr'll bf' mad for nobody. FAlRli IQLIZABETH SIKES Her name' lmspvuku hw' nizf Uf virtues who has many Uf penplf' who dislilrr her Wvllf-there yet arf' not any. Art Club 2. 3, 4: Hi-Steppers ROBERT SIMPSON IIf".'i ruff' Wfll all admit it We' t'7l-IDIIPII his witty rrnrlra. With rurly hair. good looking la thvrr anything hr lurks? ROLAND SINCLAIR I ran always make vrrusrs When l'm disinrlined to work But whvn I am hiring oomeovw Hou' I half' Io nw him ahirkl -IOHN MILLS SKIPPER Whilv animaln lim: rare-frm' livvs And birds soar high on joyous wings Thi' human rarv with wood and nails .lust fills thx? world with shaprn of things. R. 0. T. C. I. 2: Rifle Team l, 21 Woodwork ANN SMALLIZY I think I'd like' to bv n true And stand and away without a rare. And have the fragrant rain.-washed wind Run long, strong fingers through my hair. Home Economics Club 2: Bible Club 1. AL SMITH What? in a name? Mau it bring luck He doosn'! need it though He's full of pluck. ANNIE RAE SMITH Search the world From vnd to end You'll navwr ,Vind A truer friend. Club I: Home Economics Club 3. Physical Education Club 1: Bible Club 1. 2, 4: 2. 3: Physical Cluh 2 I. 2. 8 Latin 1 Pziif MYERS SNELI. We Www CAMILLIZ SMITH Hur voirf' is gentle. low and s1rmt Her tIi8DOKiiI0'Il'H hard to beat. Bible Club 4. l'I.OISIi B. SMITH "Arrows lhv moonlight on fhr :mow I naw n. young. wild rnlabil go How lighll'1.'4making1 no more' :found Than his lang shadow on thu- ground." Thtspiuns l, 2. 3: Glee Club l, 2: Declamation Cun test 3. 4: Latin Club 1: Frenrh Club 3: Bible Club 4. lSecremry and Treasurerb: 0. Henry Literary Sn viety 4: Library Club 4: National Honor Society 4 Annuil Stal! 4: Girls' Hi-Y 3. 4. KSecretary 4l Hi-Y Minstrel 3. 4. ,IANIZTTE SMITH She s easily tnasvd She' likes it not She values the boys Wall-not om: jot. ' . l'b.'sicnl Eilueatiun Club 3: Chpir 4. ,IIN . ,I ,J fiiiociier iinuillhl lnreivl IANS NC SMVIH ll o ' . Fghohrllislnrtgs lo A I J The o1?'ir:vr's clan. f ' 1 f' Hi-Y 4. lTreasurerh Q! " ' ' ,.4 :Y Chemistry 4: R. 0. T. ei , . V , . . W Off' .' Cl I. ' ' Iferq UI Q i O I I I , l'xU liLLliN SMITH U f f,,r'f' When your dau gels in a Jam With twirl' tha' work for which uuu'1'1' time- Ihumrf it for a malimw' lla on the way to om' thai I'm. IIi'l- Clua 2. 3, 4: Latin Club 1. 2: I sxical Educa- tion Club l: Glee Club 2. 3: O. Hen , ary Su- rivty 4: Chemistry Club 4. ff" 'Mf .IJRIZIJ IQDNA SMITH 'xl Iikl' a life' nf qnring, To nxakv rnitfakns and then , Look ,t0?1I'flT!I, rwi'4'r caring, Arid take' new risks again. ,Bj'sIc Club 2. 3, 4: Home Ecnnomics Club 3. 4: llub l: Ph,siral Education Club 2. I' li ' ,nnia an fh girls pe 'all li d ' lo o . , , , 3. 4: irates o Penzance, Ju f. ie Guudolie 'I Tennis Club l, 2, 3. 4 Ten 4 iur-Senior Dance Committee' J 1 try Club 1: Nature Club 2: .nlin Club l: ille Team : Studen C il 2: R. O, T. C 2 3. 4 : ffice ' . AYN,li , . . H SNIPES I low' g y :lays of wind and rain Whun all thc' hip trwx shout and play And mistu davis all filled with drazams I just lnvr weafhrr anflway. , Library Club 4: Bible Club 4: Latin Club l: Economics Club 2: Physical Education Cub 2: Stepper: I, 2. X HAIUI' LOUISI: SOLOMON Thr humble parl I play in f. Dorn not murh help my of estee I Hut in the diary I ,ep . Ymfd hr' surprise 4 grand I . ' Junior Play: Art l, 2. 3. nc b 2, Latin Club l. ' 4 VIRGINIA SONDEY l nfver envy millionairrs Their wealth and molar cars ld like to hr a port fhough For they own all the stars. Scribblcrs' Club 2: Latin Club 3: Chemistry Club 3: Home Eronomics 4. 4,6- O ARl.liY SOUTHITRLAND Anothvr xougslrr On thc' air A Hlrilliug Irnor I dm-Iarv. FRANKLIN SPARKMAN Glggliuy. misrhir-1vo11s Franklin Sparlrman N1'1'1'r srrious, quill' a larlrmfnl. SILVA SPENCER Coutrntmrfnf is ll prir-1-lrsx gift, Hut rlisrontrnt is hr-lpful too- I want fhf' first for wha! I harr, Thr' 5ll'f'0'VNI, though, for what I do. M AR Y HELEN STALVIAIY I'd likr' to play au'ay 'my tim:- Hut I'wf a r'onsrl1'n1'1'. too That holds me to tho frying tank Whvn I haw' u'orIr to do. Glee Club 2: tWinter Haven. Florirlnl : Rnskctbnll 2. fWinter Haven. Florida! 5 Swimminr: Team 2, fWintcr Haven, Florida P . ROBERT STliI.jlS Rolwrt mravis what ha' says: H1"x ramlirl. fu fart Wr udmirf' his xinrrrity Truthfulvrrfsx, tart. R. O. T. C. 1: Member House of Representatives, lWinst.on-Salem 3 . ISABIZL STELLINGS Om' minor joy I ham' in fall Almoxt too .9-mall to slmalr ahoutf II's aftfr rain to sfrp on lvavrs And xm' Ihr' watffr spurting nut. Art Club l, 2, 3: Frenrh Club 2, 3: Latin Club I: Hi-Y 4. MARGUlfRlTli STEVENS SIw's grutlr' aurl unassuming Hrr voir-r' is 1'rv'r lou' Slufx pri:-wlr.-rs ba-yofnd mrnmlrr If auyonv' should u'n'nt Io know. Art Club 2. 3, 4: Bible Club 3: Athletic Club 2, 3. FANNIE MAI? STliW'ART Shr isn'I plain just full of prp When sports arf' opml .shc's in stvp. Home Eoonomirs 4: Bible Club 4. VlR'l'lli PAYSEUR STROUP Staimwl glass u'inrlou's malrr Ihr light Lilrv songs of lwauty from Ihr sun I.1'fr, could shim' through us lilrr that, You and me and vrrryour. Library Club 2. 3, 4, fPrc-sident 3, 41: Junior-Senior Committee 3: Wild:-at Reporter 4: Srribblers Club 3. HlfSTlfR C. STRUTHIQRS Whf'nr1ufr a 1Il'0llItf7Vl romas up in. my lifv I flevidz' it and promptly forgot it- II is'n't so murh thv zlvrixio-n that rounts As thu utillpower not to r0g.r1't it. Glee Club 1: Home Economics Club 3, 4. W!! 'Cixi dbndf "Z fC--Q-of 'L L- Q. DOROTHY S. SUTHl'1Rl.AND I lore' tht' tvrulrr, hroorling sky. lt rvsls my vyrs and spirits loo f l wish that I would rlimlr up high And plunyv my urrns de-rp in its hluv. Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: Marshal 2, 3. 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Hemi Chex-rlesuler 4: Sponsor Company A: Secretary of Stumlont Court 4: Business Mzxlmpzer of Hnnoverian: Thcspiuns -1: Monogram Club: Home Room Organiza- tion l, Il: Tennis Club l, 2, Ii: Wild:-nt staff 4. W'll.l.lAM A. 5UTlllfRl,AND I know a may In rurv' Ihr blurs As surv as anything Turn on the' truth tub u'ut4'r hard .-1 nd thvn yvt in und siny. tllee Club 1. 2, Il, 4: tl'irutes ot' Penzance. Trial By Jury. llontloliers, lolunthel: R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4: Visuul llduuution Staff l. 2: Ftmtlrull Announver 2. 3: llebntinir Club 4: Nature Club 2: Klivk Club 3, 4: lmlin Club 1: l'hotui:ruphiv Editor Wildvat 4: Frent-h Club 3: Photographer Annual 4: Rifle Team 3. , , . , ., .. ll ' . ' Mfugi Low AN .si lyllyqlb , l,f,VJ , ursh l had fl ultrt 0 . 1 -1 , ax 'm y 'tt,w,g..fDi'N'fg ho 41-ith u'M'rf' I iam Il 1'Il1 in . ll why alllfll that ' ls u :sh I had u tvkvt for ff 11 fd ' Wildvat l, 4: Tennis Gi in fClubf Euonoinirs Club 4: liihle Cll lp Pwh .. IIILDA 'FADLOCK X I 1'an't roam fr:-vly through thx' uiorld, Life' srrnls to shut nu' in uiith liars: .-Ind yvt a pool that lim quite' still Can mirror flying birds und stars. tllee Club: Know Your City Club: Speech Club: Community Sing: tbuthan High Schoull. lf. ALVAH TATUM. ilk. lIr's a hvro you run Iwi Uur sports'n1r'n alu-nys arf' ltut hr would tw rx he-ro If lu' uw'r1'n't a lfalewluxll star. llusulmll Temn: Monogram Club. RUISICRT NIXON TAYLOR llc' ran spralr and danrr' and play Ur write' ll story any old day. Hi-Y l. 2, 3, 4: Nature Club 1: Chemistry Club 2: 0. Henry Literary Society 2: Lutin Club l, 2: Spanish Club -t: ll. 0. T, C. 2, 3: Assistant Editor Annual 4: St-ribblers' Club 2: Home Room Chuirmun l. ALDA l,OUlSl-' 'l'llORNli .'lldu's rathvr diglnifird Hu! h1'r1"s ll lziy surprise' Sh1"s a 1'uq1u'lt1' of 1'.1'pe'ric'm'1' .incl oh hou- :wry wisv. liible Club: Glee Club 1, 2: Physical Etlus-ution Club l, 2: Home Room Chairman l: Coon Hiprh Svhool. lllfATW'Ol,li "POP" THOMAS Thry say h1"s uttravtiiw' l"ri1-n4lly und smart .-ithlrtiv. d1'p1'ndal:l1' This is hardly a start. Junior Varsity l"ootbull l, 2: Varsity Football 3, 4, Co-Captain 4: llasebull 2. 3. 4: Monogram Club 3, 4, lVic-0-l're-sitlontlg Secretary and Treasurer Senior Class: Presitlent Pro Tem Student Legfislature 4. IIQAN TlliNKl"N Shi' has a quaint and 1-harminy lisp 7 f A fair und rosy slcin ' K In a vontrst for llffNlt'lil'l'ltl'N8 f 1 She"s wry apt to u'in. hf X liiblc Club 3, 4. U' ,IUNIQ MARLiUlfRl'l'lf TOLER Sln"s yainy ta lu' ri husinvss u-izurd Sht"s alrrady startvd au hvr way We-'ll lm! with all hw lrusiurss skill Sh4"ll lu' a lnanlrvr somv jim' day. Physical Education Club 23 Boosters' Club 1: Drama- tic Club l. VM 5 QW -1,J I ' f . J J' IIV Ji 'JV J lj lfilff J ,, ,I 1 .1 .W- Jn MQWUW, MARY lfl.lZAl'll-flilri TOMS Pretty hlond hair and light lllua' ryma Mako hvr the choire' of lots of guys. Member of Legislature 4: Marshal 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Advertising Manaxter of Wild:-at 4: Assistant Business Manager of Hanoverian 4: Sponsor of Company B-R. O. T. C. 4: Spanish Club 1. fVice-Presidentl: Delegate to North Carolina Student Council Comzress 4: Junior Play 3: Bible Club 3. 4: Scribblers' Club 3: 0. Henry Literary So- :-ietv 3: Tennis Club l: Glee Club 1. 2, ll'irates ot' l'env.,xnce. Trial Hy Juryl: Home Economics Club 3. AVY l'L'ZABliTH UPCHURCH Ann van 'fun' so just that we Stand ughast at so great skill I'vrfc'1-t she' in in all she' dons No on' run atrh her, no one' will. ll: N :ST VliNDlG Th g 'rn' 'lfffillfkll U , f wh ha' and plz- gran' I' hor gr ri 1' uw think IQ fr xmi rivndl fare. French nu 1, QL Sp ish Club 4: Art Club 2, 4: l Ho 1 Chairman 3. 4: Wildcat Ad Solicitor 3. v A 7 , . Alf VEREEN Q' 'I soundx of arrowa crisp Uf intv rwwingj, .spinning Of rouragr' and .winrvrity And Il'd,'lR disurvniny. winning. BILLY WAGNER HHN keen in rnathufvnativs ln thinking he' is steady Bvforf' the quvstion's ever unkrd lla' has thx' answer rrady. l.CUiSlf HUNTINGDON VUARNICR I love' to tvll my serrvtu. I do it all unbiddwn. .Wy hiddvn Iife"s no thrilling I zrannol lrmql it hidden. Tennis Club l. 2: French Club 3. RONALD LAGRAND WALTIQRS Hz' has o clrvffr or-rrnt Hf"x u blond. good looking. lull Hut if you throzr him r-ompli1nr'ntn HP domrn! aura- at ull. Chemistry Club 3: Bible Club 23 Aeronautics Club 4: Manager Baseball Team 2: Won Intramural Horse- shoe Tournament 3: Visual Education Staff 2: Hi-Y 1. IIAMICS WARREN An industrious, ambitious Svrious worker .-'lttwnds to duly In not Il shirkor. W. HALL WATTlr.RS Wlwn you hvur a motor roaring And :mv ll plum' just soaring You 1-an just rv1n1'1nlu'r Hall Mo.-ff air minded of us ull. R. U. 'l'. C. 2, 3, 4: Officers' Club 4: Rifle Team 3, 4: Aeronautics Club 4. lf. C. WATTS Hf' has tl disposition Thu! arzwpt.-r the terms of lifr And sends him making friendships ll'lu're'r'0r 'hero is strife lt. 0. 'l'. I' I ,742 fancy ,. f .9 ' 1 HARDY WIESSELL We think he starts an argument Just to get attentibn But we like him in no many ways This fact we'll hardly mention. Scribblera' Club 2: Aero Club 2, 4. iv! ,114 79 BILLIIE MARIE XVEST Perhaps u flirt Some will say. But she may not be-- f lt's just her way. I I Gym 1. 2: Band 1. 2: Bible Club 1. 1 X ,um WHILDEN f A F A great big boy , 1 In a great big way , With a friendly srnzlel ,l I And an eye for y. 1 ' Q . ' iius WHITE X if f l l It'u his delight jf To blow a trumpet ' If you don't like it ' If You van lump it. CLIN HUGHES XVHITIE Plavs dumb for fun Runs his teachers ragged Makes up foolish answers 'Till their nerves are jagged. U. S. R. 0. T. C. 1. RUTH WHITE Irs nice to take life as 'it comes Sauntvr along and take your time Never to worry, never to fret Must in a way just he sublime. Athletic Club 23 Bible Club 1: Latin Club 13 Home Economics lp Chemistry 1. -IOHN WHITFIELD Hard work has its eompenuatioluv Other folks admire' your pluck And they know to make your record Isn't just u vase of lurk. BILLY WILLIAMS Keeps us moving with his rhythm When we hear his quick dr-urn beat People passing votrh the spirit All go marching down the streets. IRIS VVOODCOCK To her the navy Seems thrilling and grand If she follows her interest In the Waves she will land. Glee Club: Bible Club. OSCAR XVRISNN Mu memory's like a npider'n web That holds bright joys like drops of dew. With here und there an awful rent Where whole long weeks have falle-n through. ZZMHWOYJ ' ANDREW' D. XANTHOS "l'd like' to go 1vl1c'rv music' grows-A Whilv violin notrx hlmr my hair l'rI zlwxndrr through Ihr' organ grows .flnrl gullzfr lifflf' gram' notvs th1'r1'." Scrihlmlers' Cluh 2, 43 Dramatics Club 2. 4: Latin Club 1. 2: Art Cluh 43 Chemistry Club 4: French Club 4: Klirk Club 45 Hi-Y 2, 43 Orchestra 2, 43 Viulinist. Nrniorx whmw pirlurrx :ln nal ll1llll'llI'T JACK llIfNNl'1'I"l' MATT BULLUCK l-IUNA ISURNICTT JAMES LIROY BURRIS .HM CllANlJLl"R KATHICRINI-1 lJlillI.l"R l.l-'Xlli GOUFREY ROBERT HENRY ,IICAN HOFFPAUIR -I. P. ,IIQNRIQTTI-1 -IOHN RODIZRICK RANDOLPH SAUGSTAD UIIMJTS l'midw1l . . BYAII THOMASON Vina'-Prvxidwzl . BILLY MCILWAIN Scrrvlary uml Trmszzrur . PAT PRESTON R4'prcxw1h1fi1'r'x - B. D. ALBRIGHT, LEM Doss, BETTY Hmuuss, ROB- mu' WILUAMS, CSIZORGIQ JOHNSON, MARY NORMA LEVINE, CLEO Pwrums. QAQ' w PAT Pmasrox BYAH T11oMAsoN BILLY MCILWAIN x f " fY ,X x ' J U JJ' U 1 J , A an ,.. Vf::,1g.4 .i . ,. , l x Zn: 2, l,1,4 1..--f ,My x ., .Q .Q A , x ' . A 1 . 1. ,l'w,.., -,,- ..... fr -I ul' iff' A ,,.7,-,...ff, 11 jf .-,-f'7r':'f W6 HHLUNUURS ,vfzg ,A 1 J XVI' X .JCI .7 7 I ,fgvnifffi 'N 'V-LU 1 x A 'I-uA.4.a. Yiwu. , i1.LL,. 748 ffmw Best Looking Best Dressed Most Personality Best All Round Most Original Most Independent Friendliest Most Nonebalant Most Dependable Most Athletic Most Scbool Spirit Most Popular Most Influential Biggest Flirt Most Intellectual JUNIOR SUPERLATIVES Girl DOT ROMEO LAURA ROE BYAH THOMASON BYAI-I THOMASON CLEO PATURIS CLEO PATURIS BYAI-I THOMASON CLEO PATURIS BYAH TI-IOMAsoN LOUISE DAVIS BYAH TI-IOMASON BYAH T1-IoMAsON BYAI-I TI-IOMASON BETTY HARRISS MARY EMMA HUMPHREY Boy HARRY WILLIAMS JIMMY SNOW BILLY MCILWAIN BILLY MCILWAIN B. D. ALBRIGI-I'T VIC HERRING BILLY MCILWAIN VIC HERRING PAT PRESTON DICK WATTS BILLY MCILWAIN BILLY MCILWAIN BILLY MCILWAIN CLAUDE JORDAN PAT PRESTON 'W bop mnlorcs President . .ELOISE JACOB! Xfffl'-Pfl'Sil1l'llf . . 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Miniature, black velvet and pearls. Cross-country hikers, Alfalfa. Beach sands, striped umbrellas, cotton candy. Angora kitten, tiny bells, pink ribbons. Spring boards, live wire, grasshopper. Buster Brown, roller skates, Wheaties. Court proceedings, judge's gavel, Edgar A Radio announcer, reform lecturer. Henry Aldrich, Mexican jumping bean. Galoshes, plaid shirts, jaloppies. llan Poe Chocolate nut sundae, Little Red Riding Hood. Tennis, March wind. Frosted cake, birthday party. Mr. Five by Five. Mountain trails, camp fires. Hoop skirts, feather fans. Cashmere Bouquet, soft pink wool sweaters. Gypsy festival, sailing with the wind in your face. Tarzan of the apes. Top hat, tails, walking cane. A coca-cola and a package of nabs. A Baby Ruth, a cigarette holder. A Winchell column. rei men President . ROBERT STRICKLAND Vice-President . . JANE HEAD Scrretary and Treasurer LISTON MILLS Representatives - NELL TRASK, CHARLES ROSE, JACK BALDWIN, MARY HILL, BETTY HANsoN, DONNY MUSSELMAN, PATSY HARDWICK. W MM ROBERT STRICKLAND JANE HEAD LISTON Mu.Ls 5 g WWW lFHIIi5lI-IIFVIIIEIN M Xmw We M FRIESHMUEN , , x 3 . ,, jdeimw ' Wilmington, North Carolina, , December 16, 1945. Dearest : I just couldn't help writing you tonight. I went out to old N. H. H. S. yesterday about lunch time and then after school let out. This morning I went in time for the Junior-Senior assembly. I really felt out of place there, I don't know why except that now I feel a lot older since I've come back. It had been a long time since I had walked up those steps and entered the building. I saw lots of the people I had known as freshmen three long years ago. Now they are happy-go-lucky seniors, crowding on the steps at lunch just as we used to do. They too are carefree and as bubbling over with life as anyone could be. Yesterday, when I entered the school, th: first person I saw was Edwin Shain, who was conducting some sort of business in the office. He struck me as being the successor and perfect counterpart of Robert Hollis. He sezmed just as efficient as Hollis always was. Then I saw Coach Bryan and asked him abmut the football team's outcome this year. He said that New Hanover High School had won the conference championship! Graham Bare- foot and Johnny Symmes, who have ably taken the places of "Pop" Thomas and Harold Jeter as mainstays of the team, are good candidates for All-State. l walked into the auditorium and sat down on the back row. The Wildcat was having a publicity amateur show and Mary Benson a1d Sarah Anne Eaton were singing a new swing song. They were really good. Ithink that they even equalled Ida Laura Childs and Sally Margaret Johnston. I left the assembly and wandered around the halls for a while. In the hall I met George Clark, who has turned out to be a wit like Doug Jewell was three years ago. Then Pat Hardwick joined us, and she made me think of Blanche Jacobi. She is everybody's friend and no one's enemy. After a while I reached the school store, where I found Liston Mills, who has taken Buddy Davis' place as the head of the school store. He told me that Robert Strickland has come to the fore in school politics and other activities. It seems he has taken Dewey Hobbs' place in student life. Later I saw one of my teachers of three yeirs ago, who told me about her students. She said that Elizabeth Marye, Cynthia Johnson, and Betty Field are just as good students as Eloise Smith and Mary Cameron Dixon were. She also told me that Anna Kamer is a leader in all school activities just as Dotty Cameron used to be. I left the school at the end of Home Room period and came back at lunch period. On the senior steps was the usual mob. I noticed Patsy Smith, who was talking someone's head off, just as Mary Symmes loved to do. I also noticed Nell Trask, surrounded by a large group of male admirers. Nell has a wonderful personality, very much like Dotty Suther- land's. As I was leaving the school, I saw "Bootie" Harriss, who has become the leader of a wonderful political machine. She is the best politician the old school has seen in a long time. Just then the bell rang, and they all sauntered inside, talking and laughing as seniors always have. I wrote you just to tell about the seniors at the high school, and how they are like those we used to know. Isn't it awful to grow old? Please write me a letter soon. Your old sehoolmate. IQ. O. 'If '. ii 'Imax C.Ol5INl.lUN IAJOR IZNGEL Dux I Y HLJliIiS CKIIAIUIS lhuxmxn 60. 51 nm xx: l'ow13x1, ' s'rA11f IV M. S. 'I'. ..... Ni.-xhnuu Iimn, liNcn:1. .Xwixmnx P. XI, S. N 'l'. . Sm. Clnxulml- Poxm'1l.l, R .nicm l.n-ul. Cnlnnul . , ll: Wm' Homss L .nicm Nlnjor . . . . 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HINRX Nfl'II'R 1.111 fmrulx AI IIIN IAIAII klI.IIIn' BAIIIQ.-Is l.I-IIN Mooru l.IoN NIOSKUWITZ -IIJIIN NIARHIISURN ll. S. RIi1NoI.IIs V. l,. SMIIII CIRIIK SIMMONS 'IAYLIII PIIIssoN -IAFK I'I IIIIINS Rom KT w'II,I,I.-XNIS ClROW'I Il Nxrlfil' ,loIIN w',fXl,Kl Ia IiI.I.Is W'lIl'Il SIANI I Y W',xNIxLYN BI II N Mun AUI.Us'I' SIIIIIIIN Guxmx M,xIu'IN PIUXYIII Il.-nun SMIIII l,IInI1 SIANI I I' llnmm II .lmINsoN rf .-ff fl 'Nm""""' PL14l1licatio11s Sufoml Row: SILVA SPENCER, Romain' H0l.I.lS, Bohm' TAYLOR, BILL MONTGOMERY BILL SUTHL-.nLfxNn. Row: Bnrrsv Al'Pl.lpXVHI'l'li, ELOISE SMHH, Donut CAMEILON, DOTTIE SUTHER- LAND, Mmm' IELIIABFTPI Toms. TIHIIE IHIANOVIEIRIIAN STAIFIF l JJ lhwlmlllx Clxlllmx Rnllllal PIUIIIS llulmllll Sl lllllll xwlm rlllll T,nl,olL lil lss Al-l-l l XYIIIII X! xlu I Ill llll lll 'lbxls Iklll Xllwlmwxll KX Ilfxlllu Mcllllnl I IUISI Sxlllll SII vfx Sm N4 l lk lilll SL llll RI .xxll 746 . V T: PAW '.:'!'T5iI ' nm THE HANOVJERIAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief . Club Editor Assistant Editor . Feature Editor . . Assistant Feature Editor Assistant Feature Editor I'l10t0graplJie Editor . Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Typist . . . Typist 1 EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF DOROTHY CAMERON ROBERT HOLLIS .BOBBY TAYLOR . BETSY APIILEWHITE . BLANCHE JACOBI HARRY MCGIRT . BILL SUTI-IERLAND DOROTHY SUT!-IERLAND . BILL MONTGOMERY . HEATWOLE THOMAS MARY ELIZABETH TOMS . . ELOISE SMITH . SILVA SPENCER TIHIIE MWLDCCAT STAIFII-' Ithltll'-il1-ckl1iCf N1.1n.1ging liditnr l'nuxin1:ss M.1n.1gcl' IICJIUTL' lfdimr Nuws Vvlimr' lluls lluxxrs .-Xuxls Xiunrmx CQIIAMYN AIIIN lixluu MrGlR'l lhvlwlln K'-num urls lwlilur ALiVCI'liNil1jL Mgr, Ifxclungc lfdimr p'lOl0gl'.lPlliC lfdimr K'ircul.xlimm lllilm Ikm Ciunn lf: IIAIH In Toms If: mu Nfl lhvls Bn: Su 1 IH RI .xxn lk: xxx Ill .lu ms Az1z'isr'rs Mus. Cx 1 vw Sx mm S, MRS. R. IA. Bl ,xr K Kw1'Q0l'liZE1tiOl1S g I Q .t, fvwffu lEXlEIClUTlIYlE ICOTUNCCIUL McGIR'I Hmmm Mon Iow AI I I N fiUI!INf Iox OFFICERS l'rcQidcnt Student Body . . Vice:-Prcsidcnt of Student Body . Director of Finance . . Director of Social Activiticw Director of Elections . Director of Club Activities Cl1icfM.1rsl1nl . . . Adviser MISS R UTII IJAVIS D,xxIx RI I I un . DI xwl Y Holms H,-nun lVlC'fiIRT HI-Rlll RI' D,-iris AIQNI-S Moivrox GI I Mow AI I I N xloux ci0DlNii'l'UN HI i'xx'.xnI: BI I I Mn' X E ai' 'xfx aww f'Tf' " -til' P M dickznlw Mp 3 - Y? STUDENT ILIEGIISILATURIE I If-.II - I ' lg H53 S i 0 I I I OFFICERS P?'!'SillilIlQ Offivvr . . . HARRY MCGIRT Prvxhlvnf I'I'o-Tm: . f1IiATWO1,li THOMAS Clrrk . BLANCHE -IACOBI Svrgvarzf-af-Ar'II1I . BIII MONTGOMERY I' I'1'.IlI INV!! ROIIFRI' STIIICIII .IND .IANY l'Il'AU l.wI'uN MII,Is Bl-'VIN' PIANSON NI-ll. Tkfxsx Pfusx' HARIm'Iz.x Mmm' HII.I. fillAKll'.S R051 .IMA lS,xI.IIwIN DONNY MUSSI-IMIN MEMBERS Sofwlworfzrmxv .IIMMY BuIxNs HI-I I N YIICKS lfI OISI' ,IAQOIII l'.Vl-I YN -IONFS BII.I LAssI'I'IIIL N1ARlHA MCAllIXMb TOMMY SNIII, Cixx'vN pl-'OWNES IIIMMI' WIf.I,I Q l3I'I'I'I' SUI: WI-STIIROOIQ lIllliI7Y'S ' B. D. AIBIIIGI-IT l.I.M Doss l'aIf'I"I'x' HARRIS ROIIIfII'I' w'I1.I.lAMS I'n',uI TIIOMMON G1-,Okbl tlOIINsON M- G1 Gd Mlvmwm f If! Seniors BLANCHF JACOBI GI,IfAsON ALLEN -IOIIN COIIINGTON PII-RliliR'I' DAVIS SANIAOIID Doxxiv liI.IzAIsI1TH GOLDBHIG NIARY NORM.-X LIivINIg I'l00PhR jOIINsON I5II.I I' Ma ILWIIIN CI I O PA'IUIIIs PII I PIaIisTON Aflriscrs MISS RUTH IJAVIS, Mas. FI,OIxI4,NrF SUMNFR ISIII. MON'I'KZOMERX' HI,Ix'I'wOII' THOMAS MARY liI.IzAIaI3TH TOMS MARSHAILS AND STUDENT CCUURT .'f ' Li, - 4' R 1 ' M"' Snrial Mfrrrlmlx Sfllllfflf fill!! rl PHYXYARII Bill.,-XMY. CI '-f M lJo'r'rY FAME-RUN 1,0TTY SUTm.Rl.ANn, Recording Secretary Rourwu' I-louw H l,0'I'1'Y Surm RI AND BUNNY I,AVIi PAT PR m arshal lllrW'FY Homss. Chairman Mll,IlRl.I7 IivANS IiSTON CYFRAIII BAKFR Luc Y IMIORNI- MARY' FIIZARFTI1 Toms MARY CAMFRUN DrxoN M .YN BLAKE Rum-R1 Hours IJAVIU HLANCHARIY Grimm- FIFLUS C'ouNcn. RFGISTFR Adviser MRS. FLORENCE SUMNER TRAIAFIC MARSHALS EYNVARD Bl.1.l.AMY. Prosecuting Attorney XWILHUR WARRLN B. D. ALBKIGHT HARRY CLARK -lolz BRI:lilJliN K1zNN1.TH HURRIS LUTHLR CLEMMQNS Gr.RAr.n BAKFR PAU1. Gnums -IUAN MINCY HARRY Pr21'Al.os Bu.1.Y ADAMS ANNA M. BORDEAUX HEN'W'ARD BELLAMY 'bl' If BIIIBILTE CCILIUB SJ Ogf If? Q I O5 T E -.....4 l'rI'xiIlI'IIf . . BIIIY HAI YIIUIQTON xfift'-PY'K'Xftlt'l1f . . . VIRGINIA FRANKS Sl'l'l'l'fl1l'vY uml Tr'I'ax11rr'I' ......... EI OISIR SMITH Program Clvairnwn . ANNVTTI: BATSON, FRANCITS NIORIIAN, KATHIQIIINIQ PIIRDEW I'urpnsI': To create and extend to every Student the highest ideals of life. Malin: Serve others loynlly. Advisers MISS BANKS, MISS WEIIER wb fi -V, , if I , We If ' fy ef 1 X., X fi I I JL. . It X V 21' ,GIRILS H1335 ,Af I fli I I J Q ALPHA CHAPTER Pl'l'Sftlf'llf, EVIaI,YN -IONES Virf'-Prvxiflvzzf, HIaI.I-LN COIJINGTON Sl,l'l'l'fdl'.1', I,Uc:II.u CCJNI.Y Tl'l'd.VlII'l'l', I,II.Y GROOVIQR CA'I'I-IIQIIINIQ RUSSIZLI. BIQTTY SUIQ XVESTIIROOK Bl-ITSY FONVIFIII-1 HIaI.I-N HIC'KS BIaT'I'Y AIANE TRUIiI,OVE EI sus CORIIIQTT EI,OIsIs AIACOIII THEIMA GUNNERSON VIRGINIA FRANKS CARI,YI.Ia SFYMKJUR Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend standards of Christian character. SIGMA CHAPTER Pl'l'.YilI'l'lIf, MII.I.IE EVANS Vin'-PI'I'xiIlI'IIl, BLANISHE AIACOIII Sl't'!'l'fllV',Y, BUNNY DAVIS TrI'as1Irr'I', IPOTTY CZAMIERON BIQTSY APIWl.lTW'lllTF BIQTTY IPAVIS CIAIIA BONII AGNES MORTON KATHIRYN PERDEW DOTTY SUTHERLAND EIOISIQ SMITH EMMA MITCHliI.l, BFTTY LFIQ throughout the school and community high I K BUYS' JHUHY " ' 1- V , ,f I KM ,, 4 'A " X sf X I aff' Moflv: "ClIIIrIlI'h'r f!ll'UllXl7 SI'I'Iil't'.n Plulfzlrlll: HCTIUJII Spcccll, Clean SclIIIl.1rslIIp, Clean Alhlclica, .Ind Clam Living." MINORA CHAPTER IJn,xilfl,,,f ' .,,,. WIIIIAM Hl'.W''l"l' Vin,-l1n,siJt,ul .loIIN CoIIINIz'IoN SI'1'rI'fdr'3' . XvAl."Il'R BAIINI-.s rI'l't'dSlll't'l' . GI IIASQN ALI I N Tllzlilll III' 1JAVlh SANI-mum Doxm' l'rI'xidI'nf . Vin'-PrI'xiJI'III Sl'l'f1'fdl'AY . T1l'l'dXIll'l'f' . W'AI.I'I Il G01 IIIII-Im PrI'xiJI'uf . Viva'-PrI'xiIlI'lIl Scvrvfary . Trvuxlzrvr' . ,IAI-Ia HUI-'IIAM Ronl-.Irr XVII I IAIxIs EDWAIIII Pll1Kl,'l'l' ROIHRI Hll.I. RUTH-.R'l HoI,I,Is G!-URL!-Q Glklklilp DELTA TIIUM AS SNI I,L ALPHA AIu.IIIIa QJRAI-'I' -ILILIAN NIORTON CIJIUIII-, .IORDON KI NNI-:III BI.AIu1sLIaI5 DAVIS Howns HooI1I.II joIINsoN lSuII'I' MY1-.ks CHAPTER wvll LIAM TIIIIMAS CHAPTER PIIQIII' -IAMIS RUIII-III' Russ NTARVIN ITUXVI-l.L LI Mun L Doss liII.I MoN'I'uoMIA.IIY Rom III' TAYLQII XVII IIUII CiORllli'l"l' All-.RRY BAIIIIAS THOMAS WALTON DONALD RUSSLLI. FUIAMAN HALL Wll.l.IAM LAssI'I'IaII GWIN 'l'uxvNLs . -IOL BRIZIQDIZN EIIQAII WILLIAMS RoIsI:II'I' JACKSON ANIIIIIAQW XANTHOS l'1llXW'ARl7 IDAVIS SAM LuI'I'IN AI.-IN l5IAIui NATIIONAIL IHIUNKOIR SOCIUETY l'nr'jv1m': In dvu-lop Ch.lf.IClk'l", lnnulcrslmip. xcl1ul.1rsl1ip, .md xcrvicc in nur wluml. OFFICERS l'n'.mlw1l . . HI-wrfxulm B1-1,1.Mn' Vin'-l'n'xiflf'11l . HOCDI'I',lK AIQHNSQN Sum-vlmjy . .Cil1m11nN1. HUlifXNIJ ,lvl't'dYlH'1'I' . . . MARY CAMLRQN DIXON Mmm lxl :nun 'HI A1 lu-,RMAN Rum RI Hui I IS llmxxyuur BIIIAMN D,u'ls Hmmm lilwlul lil NXUN QQIRAIIHNI I4ll'liAND Ilnmm 1 s lil RMI la fIOUI'I ra -IUIINNUN lluxolln CLXNIIRUN I-u.fxNux ,Immun Sm II .fx Con IN Sol-ull M.xLL'x Mann f:AMI RUN lJ1xoN Mmm I-fl wma: IH Toms ll: WI x llolsm Ifmmlsl SMI: Il A111 'ixwx Miss PAu1.1Nlf. LLVIN, Mlss Mmm BARRON, Miss MARY LA'1'HRov 718 MHMUWO LATIN CLUBS I Nunn' of Club AMICITIA . . . ClNClNNATUS . E PLURIBUS UNUM HORATIUS . . . REGULUS , . SEMPER AMICI . SEMPER PARATUS VITA LAETA . . Prvsirfwlf IRWIN BOBBITI' JACK BA1,1mwlN Luct11.11 CONLY Klum Mc:CouM1c:K BILLY Town Rosfx P1a'1'Al,os 'IANE Hmm EUGITNIZ MAUNH Wg IWW 1 ful . I,7'l'.Yjlll'llf . . I , 1 1 ary um! Irru.xlm'r V. -V V x -,xx1lxNNL Iixm lx Nlxux I-lllxm In ltxlxnluxvl 'Ixmx lSx'ulx1 R xx ISI Nm I I In xnxx lixmxxl x Inx lxrux x L Illl rv Rrlu Cru xsx l XIKUI INI Lxlcxmll Xllllll l, lu x llxnwl 'I,xNl Ilxnusx .xxx Ilvnsl .xxx 'hmm S.x1 I1 M xlu.x1x1l -IUIINSION KllSIl Smrxlx lxxl llxlilillh K XIKUINN Kmxmx limmx -If ,xx l,x Suu li XKILXIK x N1 xnxu xl I ' 1 2 M1 GILIEIE xcjnuulra 1 f f' OFFICERS RL Ill Nllllllll luN l'u,4.x NI: Ixzk Lu xul 1 NI Rl MISIIK Cxlxx xl: Sr xmuun Nxumlg SIxII'lUN NI xx IS vSxrxl s H U1 mam Tom: N1 urn XY'uwN H.-xluxnl IIINIS Cgxnxn x N lil t.IH'II lx R11 IN Slmulllx Sfxxnulxxx Dux: x llxvnm IS1 ANK ILXIKID 'lkwxxxxx AI'I'IlIHRIi1 Iuxx l'l 1 mr cyl mu.: FII I ns H.xluwl1n ,lx lllk Hn :LN xnn If.'xnxx'lc'lx l'x1 Cixxxyxlux Diwrfrn' 5s IN:-I FRIQNLII 1' rff""j gmfikw We Www ' IHIKOMIE IECCCONOMIICCS CLUB I llryyiflmt , , , f' 'f, ' 'f' 'f . . ' . ' 151a'1"1Y ALLEN DANDERS Q 5 Q ' -U.-11,l.m14.,,f , . . LUCY SH-EFFIELD VA, 'f' 1 N, dry u BYAH THoMAsoN A.-,y1,0.4,.,-'N-X - QQ! . T .u nn., , . . LUCY I-Io11NE -f 'X' f fdvil 1 MEMBERS 0' 'UL H fy, ,gf . l111N A111111111 11111 N G1111111.'1N l'11'1'11' ,I1-AN M111111111U11N M11111.,1111 1' 51111.1,111f1N M11111,.1111'1' 111111111111 11111 111 G11,111,1111 N1ARY 11111111111N12 M1-w11o11N12 j1.,1N 5u1.11MoN I 111111 111N111N 11111111 1'11Ns1vN NI11111- ANN 151.-1N11 11111 N 15111111 N 51111111 1' 1S111111'N 111 1'1'1' CAN11111 M111141111111- Ci.-Xl'1'N 811111 C11,11oN .I1111 11 C1111 11N1:11 11111111 Cm 1111.1N1' M11111 11Nl. C1011 MAN I-111 CfoN1111',11' 11111 ll 1 C11N1,1' MAU111-1 1J1f.'1Ns 8,111,111 ANNI' li,11oN N1ARY Lou 151111111101 13111111 FAI 15 11,1111111-'1' 1fA1111o1x' V1v111N 171511111 131111111111 011,11 11.111 111.1 1 N Q1U'1llRl1. 151 '1 11' 1111NsoN 1'.-1'1' 11,111111v11.11 Xl.-1111.,1111 1 HA11111N1,'1oN 111 11'1' H1111111ss 1,1111 l'10l,M1-.S N111 11111 11 141U111111.s 01111111 1'N H111.1,11N11 W1'NoN.-1 HUQLIII-.S 1f1111N1 1-s H1'W'1,1'.l"F N1 1 1,11 1s111,1i111' .l111N INGRAN1 5111111111 1,1I1 joN11s 1111111111'N K1.S'1'1'R .-XNN11 11111111111 1.1111 1,,1N1-, V1111g1N1.-1 1.115 NANL 1' j1a1f1f111i1' 11.-11 111 111N1' -lo11NsoN N1ARC.U1-RIII' TV1ll.I.1S 15111111 KIAN11 fX10R51l 151111 Lou RIORRUXV RM111-1. 11111111.13 .l11,1N P1,11s1'111i R1111-1,11,1 R111m111-1 1J1111o'1111' R11111111 -If1N1' R11'N11111s R1 151 1-1-11 R111 Nouns'111 R111'1'111.1Nc.1111 -l.1cQu1,1.1N1f R1L1'N11111s C.f11111,111N11 Russ111,I, L,1U11,1 R015 N111111' Ro1.,1ND H1aL13N ROSENMAN V1111,1N1A SoNn1a1' BQNN11' RUTH Sl'1'1.S 1,1101 SYMM1-,1 NL1111' Sn-11111115 111'1"11' A1.1.1N S11N111'11s 1-IONORARY MEMBERS 11111111 N1 l,1Vlh, K 511.-1111N A1.11:N, 11.-111111 MQG1111' A111'is1'1' RARS. TINGA 1.u1 1' S111-.l'1f11il,D 1i1111.1' S111NN1-11 ANN S11u1-11,1-11 V11 S,1N111f11s 1'1,11111A11,1 S'1'1- 11 N 1111111.11 N11-1.110511 S'1'11f1uc1111M I'11l.I-N SM1111 .l1,,1N 5111111111111 V1111.1N111 T111c1: M,1111.f1111f1' VOXVl,l.I, NIARGARIVI' W'1aN11u111z S1111,1 W11,1111M9 CIORINNI. WVILKINSON 1i,11'111'111N1a DIXON 1.11u111 MKDONINKES All-AN Bos'1'oN M,111111.1 C:00P1-.Il 1iuN111 N1UKRlil.I. N1,1111.,1111,1' Df1v1s Il THIESIPIIANS !, J . ' 1 1 .1' 'V rLL ly 1 rf l'r'1'xi1l1'11l . xlifl'-Pl'l'.Yilll'lIll . . Sz'1'r1'far 3' aml 'I'1'1'11x11r1'1' Ilixfmiuu . 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WIVS1' XV. C. Rlczcgs l.Il.l'l'HA H.xx'1s Mmm' Mmrrz H1 Nun' F111 Nsrlm Di!'!'t'f!Jl' Mu. U. A. NVHIT1i UIIRILS' PII-llYSlIlCAlL IEDIUCATIIUN CCUUB lu Club sponwrs inlraxnuml baskclball, volleyball, mms .Ire .Iwardcd fur pgxrticipnliim in them: activities. iii tunnis, softball, Inblu tunnis, archery, and hiking. nudvul . . CAROLYN REGISTER nf PrI'.vin'w1I . . .lViARGARliT RODGERS Sunlar-y aml Trvaszzrvr . . MILIJREIJ PIERCE HI-QI.I-,N IinwARIms RALIIII, Bl,ACKllAM ANN FYIIRI-:T'I' MARIIE GUTIIRIE MARIANNI-1 Fos'I'I1R LLII BUIIARIJ -IIAN ARTHUR AIIQAN SANDLRS MIGRIQY WINBIIRN -ll:AN LI1wIs VIX'lAN FISHER SYIIII, Yom' -'UNE GRlil',NLl1l-I FLGRITNCE KERMON l5I4.TTY BROWN BI-TTY Lou MORRIS Lois NOBLES BE'I"I'Y l'III.L COLENE RIECTOR lJoRo'rHY GRAY ilI.IZABl5TH WHITE NIARGUERITE MILLIS NiARY KATHERINE MEWEGRNE livA CONOWAY MARY LOUISE HEWLETT XXVYNONA HUGHES lVlADOI.INli COLEMAN KATIIERINE JOHNSON IIIA M. FUTCH IJONNY MUSSELMAN SYIIIL FLOYD PIANCY HEWLETT S flonsor MISS FRANCES ROEBUCK Nlll.DRlD CANADY ISI-.A'I'RIriIi PARKER PATSY SMITH KATHI-RINlf BARIAI-oo'I XVILMA POCSATKO -lo HARKIER SARAH KooNcE lRI1NIf CALLAHAN SARAH CASTIEEN MARY FRANCES PAGE lYllRIAM WARWICR Nlll.DRlfD SCHIENK MILIIRI-.n PIERCE liLIzAIIIa'I'H PADGETT CiAR0l.YN REGISTER MARGARET RODGERS ' as I 0. HiENRY iLimriEiHzARY SOCCIUETY .nw L A Pri'ml'rul ......... . . Mmm' Cixxiiimw Dixox l'ii'i'-l'i'i'.ilifi'11l .mil l,Y'IllQlillIl i'fiilirm.l11 . lil ANI Hl QIACOIH Sm'i'i'liri'i .mil 'I'i'i'im1r'ur . . . RKVSA Plf'l'Al-OS Sfrilii' , . . Mu 1 Y Iivixws Slnnmnr . Xllss I-'I IIA Cui I INS SlCllillIlBlBSlLlElRS' fClLlUlB lvri! mu: lliviw .Liciilmi gpriigiuim CllJll'HlL!I1l2 Busy Applcwliilc qsucrvcldfyly Harry McGirt gprcsidcnrlg Diirmliy Lxiiicririi ivicc-prcsidcmlg Ray licnncu .md Mildred Hughes. Siwuiil mu: Irvin Biibbirl, lilsic Ciirbcu, Mnrgnrcr DcV.1nc. Clcu Pnturis, .ind Orville Robinson. Tliimf r'0u': Doris limlcs, Virginia Oliver, Mary Bellamy, and Andrcw Xantlms. Fourlb row: jimmy Burns, Lucille Cunly, -Ioycc Scott. Sfwrmxnr: Mrs. Burrows Smith. ILIIBJRAIRIY CCILIUB lfirxl ruu': lfluiw Smith, Miss Uurtrudc Coward 1l,ilwr.1ri.1n3, Pauline lfurmy D W'c.u1! 1,ihI'.lTi.lIll, K.1ll1x'yn H,1wl1.xgcn. Srroml rout Virric Sxruup, l:li7.1b1:1l1 Snipcw, Mary l"lil1ll'VL'll1 Alderman, Ninrgn uvnl. Miss Rcbcccm ret Taylor. Mcnnla S.mfnrd. M.1rg.lrct Helms, Rupur! Benson, M.1urcl Duns. fS2'lI'.l Riclxalrdwn fnbscnti, ARTS AND CRAFTS QCIUUB .4 Pnnviflvvll . Vin'-l'rz'xirl1'r1l S1'1'r'4'h1r'j . I Y'l'Ll.NlII'l'l' . . . . . . . . , . . . . Program Coluulillm'-liMM,x Mrlcm-II fChl11I1.J1 .IULIA I'm'1'lsk1', Paormv LAS SPOIIKIDY'-'MISS EMM A LOSSF N ANN -IoHNsToN JANE MCEWliN . HA zu 1. BARRINGTON STnvHrN GUYTON uar, Al. Fsxmncn, IDJIEBATIING CCILTUB lnwl Hill? lllcnwn Allvn, CfI1.u'lcw Snswr, lucy Ilurnv. M.1rll1.x hluhnwn, Vary QVLIINCFUII Dixon, Iran Snludcrs. SA'1'17llxl run: Rnlu-rl Hullis, Sanford Iinxvy, Hill Sllll1Cl'l.lINi, -Iimmy Burnx, liilly Hzlllilmrton. If,1r.l run: lh-y'w.u'd lsL'H,l!I1y',AllIl1lllf XX clls, I'-ill Iassitcr, Davis lluwcs. Sfmuwr: Hum Gran' Urn-cnc. s111n3M1P1R:11-3 AMHGUS ' f'I'4'xl1I4'Ilf A , ...... . . Bnrsv APPI,LW'liI1'IZ Vm--l'r.-.mimi . . MARY I3:LIZAliI"I'H Toms Swvm-l.1rw .mil Trmum: . CARol.INlf Hi11l.AND l'm,qrwr1r1 Cilmirnmn ........ Mmm' ITMMA HUMPHMQY Spmlmrg Mus. VIURI Nu Summa lL,A.ffL SBQAX Ngg AEE swf 072' M ,SM Lufbb lmliumggtulw xml ll wwcsf -lit- jvclccll l.uuk wlm's lmcrcl looking down on :hc world. You name it. lan- again, Hall! N 1 5110175 mls ,,....f ,.,lA.. X Qpringk lmcrc. 'l Wu l'rcxl1-wmmu All .ilunc ,xml lllllllly. .'Xnclmrs Awciglm XYl1.1lcl1.x nluln? W -' l,.1n::? Jclnlcfics IDOTT n-. SuTlnfn1.ANh Lux' SHEITIAIELD Hmnl Cln'cr'1vmlvr Howmm MORROW ANN LAPORTE HARRY McGmT BITTY Hmuuss Cfumul-Q MI'l'CllIELl, MARY -'VAN Cmusun PAFTII, D DEN U if 746 ff ' 3 BALL l'ml mu: Bum Auiu, Himn' BORNPMAN, Jack Loxviumoki, H.-uwiu Ji-'ii-R, Di-wiv Honns. l'iRNISl Juiixsnx. Jimmy Cinumii Noun, RUKKXYIII Polssim, C. lf. lllill, JOHNNY Srmmis, Louis llaxsorw. Sri-nuil mu: PAUI fi,-XMI'I5lI.l, XY'.u.'i'lR McCokMlcK, HUGH Murrow, B. D. Aimuf,H'i, J. Ii. Jon, A. I.. Kim., kiRAllAM limuiom. Romani TlUlIIAM. I'm.1,r Hams, S1-.I1.ARs, JOHN Goms, Jmm Viivliius. Ilrml mu: fiU'UIl Rui-ilu BRYAN, BIILY lVlClI.WAlN, RANDAII llvcm-s, Jolm Q liunxlx, Wiinux C1muu"r'i, lint FMQMIR. VKNIQI' NlAYllAN, JIMMY QNOXY. Blu, Nlf'I,ONAID, Nrn Dnxxn, Jollm PIUIHTQ. Vic' Hikiumr., Coat ii AIRIIVI Cain-Mlrrso. The football team this year was rated by many among New Hanover High's best elevcns. Al- thou h its record in the conference shows one win and four defeats, the scores were no indication of the g type of football that our boys played. The team lozt their games by the following scores: Durham 19-6, Rocky Mount 20-6, Raleigh 6-0, and Wilson 7-6. The team won the first conference game that New Hanover High has won since ,37, by defeating Fayetteville 7-6. The seniors playing on the team this year were Co-Captains Heatwole Thomas, and Dewey Hobbs, playing quarterback and tackle respec- tively, Harold Jeter, back: Jimmy Coughenour, back: Charles Edwards, back, Ernest Johnson, back: C. If. Bell, back: Henry Borneman, back: Walter McCormick, endg A. L. King, tackle, Robert Hufham guard: Bill Haas. guardg John Goins. end: Bill Farmrr, guard: Bill McDonald, centerq Xvilbur Corbett, end: John Burney, tackle. g TEAM , . lfirxl mfr: B, ll. AL1sR1c.ur, BILLY AULD, ERNEST JOHNSON, Douutfxs PRIDGEN, VIC HERRING, BILLY HAAS, Manager. Sm-uml ruuw Cofuu ALlilfR'l' Cl'II1iMIl-.GL7, ERNEST MAYHAN, HARRY Witrmms, Diem' XVATTS, FRANK Ku,LY, LEONARD MCKOY The basketball team this year made an impressive record under its new coach, Albert Chiemiego. The team met with much strong opposition, and it seemed definitely headed for a berth in the top bracket. Many of the conference games were cancelled because of the lack of transportation facilities. The boys on the team played a clean brand of ball and were liked for their line sportsmanship. The seniors who have played their lust game for New Hanover High are Leonard McKoy and Frank Kelley. A l fl 1, , -'X IKE Lhcir racquet. lic: i1's .1 :ouch- dUW'Il, Wild C.llS. .Ks lhcy go to face the foe. Noiwc makers. Look out-Holm and Burney arc red lm!! Snapsiiols n - nl l Ms Ulm-I1-li! take it ony. l.c.1rning the technique. Look this way, please? Inspiration. Going somewhere? Nice landscape, eh what? J.. -L X ,. .v. 1 1 x. L V b 'mir X. we ,I 1 .. -A., 1 hs' , s -:L-+A, .iv gn .- 4.-. . ,.f, wifgl IF. ' iff' ' lg , ,,.:. , ,.' s. 7 , 4 1 . X - lf 4 w 4 J a ' M ' .M Senior Dupcrlakivcs M jieffmw ' SENIOR SUPJERLATIVES l. AGNES MORTON, HEATWOLE THOMAS Most Athletic 2. BLANGHE JACOBI, DEWEY HOBBS Friendliest - 3. ELIZABETH GOLDBERG, DAVIS HOWES Most Independent 4. MARY ELIZABETI-I TOMS, CI-I-ARLES BRINDELL Best Looking Best Dressed S. ELOISE SMITH, HEYWARD BELLAMY I Most Intellectual 6. AGNES MORTON, HARRY MGGIRT Most Original 7. DOTTY SUTI-IERLAND, DEWEY HOBBS Most Popular Best All Round ' - Most Sebool Spirit Most Personality 8. AGNES MORTON, DEWEY HOBBS Most Influential . 9. ELIZABETH GOLOBERG, JOHN BURNEY Most Noncbalant I ' 10. PATTIE DARDEN, BILLY HAAS A Biggest Flirts 11. DOTTY CAMERON, DEWEY HOBES. Most Dependable . CLASS PROPHECY MARY ELIZABETH ALDERMAN . Designing labels for bottles of Meal in One Pill Company GLEASON ALLEN . INEZ ANDERSON . BETSY APPLEWHITE WINIFRED BALLARD JOHANN BANCK . . SH-IRLEY BARFIELD . JERRY BARKAS . . CLAIRE BARNES . . WALTER BARNES . HAZEL BARRINGTON ALION BASS . . . ANNETTE BATSON . BILLY BATSON . . SHIRLEY JEAN BEASLEY . ALTON BEDSOLE . ROBERT BELL . . HEYWARD BELLAMY MARTHA BELLAMY . JOHN BENDER . . FRANCES BENSON . RUPERT BENSON . FRANCES BEROER . FRANCES BIDDLE . HELEN BIELENDA . J. B. BIRD . . JACK BISETTE . . JEAN BLANCI-IARD . HAZEL BLANTON . ROY Bocas . . CLARA BOND . . . ORBIN BORDEAUX . HENRY BORNEMAN EUGENE BOST . . FLORENCE BO'rEsItY JULIA BOTESRY . . LAURENCE BOWDEN LILLIAN BOWEN . ELIZABETH BRANCH CHARLES BRINDELL . . . . Trainer for Gander's Goose Farms . Hair stylist . First grade teacher who gives lollipops instead of homework . Secretary to a dog-catcher . Dean of NHHS boys . Busy discovering the moonshine vitamin . America's Mahatoni Gandi . Sweetheart of the Fireman's Ball . Leader of the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys . Interior decorator for pup tents . Manager of a flee circus . Home Economics teacher . Originator of BatSon's Baby Bottles . Author of "These Modern Youths" . Song leader at Sing Sing . Vice-president of "Confusical Musical Society" . Mayor of Wilmington . The woman behind the men behind the gun . Chairman of the Anti-Vice League . Hostess on United Air Lines . Librarian for the Library of Congress . Buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue . Owner of the Biltmore Racetracks . Author of "Bielenda Belates the Reason" . Fish inspector . Author of "Why I Never Talk" . Secretary for F. B. I. . Designer of bird baths . Sky writer for Pepsi Cola . U. S. Senator from North Carolina . Leading an African expedition . Hobo on the Pennsylvania railroad . Spot welder at Lockhead . Cartoonist for Disney . Owner of florist shop . Well known physiotherapist . Member of Lower Basin Street Chamber Music Society . Polishing goldfish . Charles Boyer, Jr. 742 Www CLASS PROPHIECY--Continued MARY BRUCE . ALICE BULLUCK . JODY BURKE . JOHN BURNEY . DOROTHY BYRD . . DOTTY CAMERON . BETTY CANADY . . CAROLINE CARROLL JAMES CARTER . . IDA LAURA CHILD . JACK CHRISTIAN . MARY JEAN CHRISTIE JOHN CLARK . . BEN CLAYTON . . JEAN CLEMMONS . WALTER CLIFTON . TOM CORE . . . JOHN CODINGTON . JEAN COLE . . . RUTH COLEMAN . EUNICE CONNOR . HUGH COOK . . . ROLAND COOPER . WILBUR CORBETT . SHEILA COSTIN . . VIVIAN COSTON . . CLARENCE COUNCIL JAMES COUGHENOUR MARION Cox . . WALTER CRAIG . RUTH CREASY . AILEEN CROOM . . PATTIE DARDEN . BETTY DAVIS . . . ELIZABETH DAVIS . EUGENE DAVIS . . FLORENCE DAVIS . HERBERT DAVIS . . MARGARET DAVIS . THELMA DAVIS . . . Lullaby lady for Krispy Krunches . World explorer . Waac'y Louie . Judge of Bathing Beauty Contest . Registrar at WCUNC . Associate editor of the New York Times . Winner of Kentucky Derby . Understudy to Dinah Shore . Champion spaghetti eater . Metropolitan star . . Principal of NHHS . Poetry critic and writer . Lecturer on "How to Walk Up an Esculator" . Teaching boogie woogie to Count Basie . Home Demonstration Agent . Still running after Betty Canady . President of Cobb's Corn Company . Author of article in Esquire called "The Call of the Wolves . Switchboard operator at Hotel Astor . Social Service 'Director Teaching canaries, how to sing . Ticket agent on A. C. L. . Helping Betty keep house . Professional moron . Model for Varga . Script girl in Hollywood . Owner of ice skating rink . Designer of Super-duper Lowslung S . Finder of lost persons . Professional chicken feeder . Living quietly on a deserted island . Hostess at Hotel Waldorf Astoria . Owner of a show boat . Professional hitch-hiker . Head of all government secretaries . Winner of six-day bicycle race . Third generation Lillian Russell . Book binder . Captain of Princeton football team Manufacturer of phonograph records adillac Auto 742 Xfmw 0 CLASS PROPHIECY--Continued MARY CAMERON DIXON EDWIN DOWNUM . . SANFORD DOXEY . MARGY DUFFY . ROSE DUNITSON . RUSSELL DYCHES . . DONALD EDMONDSON . CHARLES EDWARDS . . EUGENE EDWARDS . MILLIE EVANS . HELEN FALES . ALICE FARMER . BILL FARMER . . MARGARET FARMER . BERNARD FARWICK . . HENRY FEENSTRA . HELEN FLOWERS . PHYLLIS FOCKLER . NICK FOKAKIS . . . PAULINE FORMY DUVAL KATHERINE GARDNER . WILTON GARRIS . . DOROTH-Y GILLETTE . GEORGE GEORGE . . JOHN GOINS . . . ELIZABETH GOLDBERG FRANCES GREER . . BETTY Lou GRIMSLEY . HUGH GRIFEITI-I . . CAROLYN GROTGEN . WILLIAM HAAS . . . WILLIAM HALYBURTON MARGARET HARDV'ICK WADE HARRISS . . . CHRISTINE HART . HAZEL HARTIS . ANNA HARTLEY . . KATHRYN HASHAGEN AUBREY HAYES . . BILLY HAYES . Inventor of a device to heat icc cream Manufacturer of Downum pillows without feathers The man who knocked Joe Louis out in the first round One of Earle Carroll's beauties Manufacturer of transparent window shades World's champion stamp licker Inventor of a reflection proof mirror Playing football for NHHS Pill box designer Wife of the governor of North Carolina Inventor of electron smasher Superintendent of Home for Wayward Babies "Mr. District Attorney" Navy nurse Chemistry professor Flying a P-48 National Girl Scout Executive Lottery ticket saleswoman Thinking up questions to go on exam papers Wife of a garage mechanic State president of PTA Holder of record for attending the most double-features President of "Lazy Skin and Bones Club" Inventor of odorless garlic Hermit The model old maid Operator of a duplicating machine First person to stop a car on a dime and then pick it up Sports writer for Sing Sing Newspaper Cigarette girl at the Stork Club Residing in Turkey Missionary to Hollywood National WCTU President Fuller brush man Founder of home for lost and stray men Hazel the "Harris" clarinet in Wilmington World Traveler and lecturer on "How to Smell Pansies First person to eat a whole Dagwood sandwich Manager of "Men for Escorts Bureau" No doubt Successor to Will Hayes 742 fancy' CLASS IPROPHIECY-Continued LILETHA HAYES . . FRANCES HEIDT . . MARGARET HELMS . GIEORGE HENNIKER . RUBY MAE HENRY . FRANCES HEWLETT . WlI.LlAM HEWLETT . ROBERT HILI ..... CH-ARIAOTTE HINNANT . ALTON HINES . . . ROBERT HOBBS . DEWEY HOBBS . ROBERT HOLLIS . . MARGARET HOLMES . LESLIE HOMAN . LUCY HORNE . . DAVIS HOWES . . . GFRALIDINE HUEAND . . ROI:ERT HUFFAM . . MILDRED HUGHES . . . MARY PALMER HUNTER . BLANCHE JACOBI . . . LORETTA JANICKI . FAY JARREL . . J. P. JENRETTE . HAROLD JETER . . DOUGLAS JEWELL . EMILY JOHNSON . HOOPER JOHNSON . LETHA JOHNSON . MARTHA JOHNSON .... ANN JOHNSTON .... SALLY MARGARET JOHNSTON ANNJONES 1 . , . . . LELAND JONES . OSCAR JONES . . . FRANCES JORDAN . . . DOROTHEA JURGENSON . ANN KELLEY . . . FRANK KELLY . . Still happily married K Q . Author of the "Heidt of Societyl' . Wife of Il Methodist minister i . Blackout photographer I i . Designer of "bagleSs" slacks . Inventor of transparent doors . The man Bob Hope writes gags for . The man Will Hewlett tries his gags on . Winner of First place in swimming match . Inventor of automatic pushQbutton pusher . Hair tonic salesman . President of "There's-Not-Anything-We-Can't-Do-Club" . Authority on the Government and its problems . The woman who brought evening gowns with straps back into Style . Stand-in for Carmen Miranda . Warbling at the Stork Club . Busy explaining his theory about relativity of Einstein . Government Statistician i . Model for Zoot Suits . Designer of socks for women . Inventor of legless stockings . The sweetheart of Sigma-Chi . Secretary for the President of the United States . Army Mascot . Holder of world's record for eating pies . Bird imitator--he gave it to Major Bowes . Probably sleeping . Navy nurse . Teaching Harry James how to play the trumpet . Inventor of cure for Housemaid's Knee . Manager of a woman's wrestling team '. Queen of Broadway . Busy teaching Alex Templeton how to play the piano . Still one of the "Jones Girls" i W . Tobacco auctioneer . He just "oscar" for the fourthitime and she still ,said "No" . America's greatest woman educator . Coffin manufacturer V . Manager of Ethyl Dow I i . Professional basketball player 742 MQWUV ' CLASS PROPHECY-Continued ADOLPH KING . EDWARD KING . EIDWARD LAMB . ANNE LEE . . . BETTY LEE .... ADEL LEWANDOWSKI . . 'CAMILLE LONG .... CAROLYN KNox LONGLEY NOLAN LORICK .... LUBY LYNCH .... WALTER LEE MCCORMICK BILL MCDONALD . . . JANE MCEWEN . . HARRY MCGIRT . MARY MCINTIRE . PEGGY McIvER . . LEONARD McKoY . MARJORIE MCLAMB . FRANCIS MCCRACKEN . . CAROLYN MARsI-IBURN . MADELYN MARsI-IBURN . MAHLON MARsI-IBURN . DONALD MATHEWS . MARY MAVRONICOLAS . . RODNEY MAY . . SOPHIE MAZUR . . HENRY MEIER . . DOROTHY MERRITT . 'PEGGY MILLAR . . G. W. MILLIS . RACHEL MILLS . . RosEMARY MILLS . RUDOLPH' MILTON . JOAN MINCY . . . MARY LILLY MINTz . Lois MINTZ . . . MARGIE MINTZ . . EMMA MITCHELL . EvELYN MOBLEY . BILL MONTGOMERY . The "king" of lady charmers Literary critic Shock absorber for the troubles of the world The world's greatest mimic Sunday School teacher Brilliant linguist Famous "it" girl Model housewife Vfinner of second prize in a beautiful baby contest Known in Gangland as Luby the Lug Model for men's garters Quiet little clerk Famous historian Currently taking Oscar Levant's place on Information Please Bathing suit model Founder of Home for Spoiled Brats and Vegetables Model for a "before and after" ad for Fleschman's Yeast Yo yo tester Head of McCracken's Safe-crackin' Outfit Mistletoe grower Punching holes in notebook paper Successor to Leo, the MGM lion The Waltz King She finally turned off the light inside the ice box Designer of a car with the drivers' seat in the back Adviser to a U. S. Senator Drum Major in the U. S. Army Inventor of wormless worm wood Fortune teller Killed off the Japanese beetle Inventor of shed-proof leaves for sycamores First women to lead a Marine band Landscaping the seashore Director of "WAVES" Head of "Made to Order Romance" Department The person who takes nickles out of juke boxes Inventor of meatless mincemeat pies Wife of President of United States Modernizer of Aesop's Fables Winner of national typing contest CLASS PROPIHUECY-Continued LOUISE MOONEYHAM LEON MOORE . . REYNOLDS MOORE . HOW'ARD MORROW . AGNES MORTON . LEON MOSKOWITZ . CATHERINE MURRAY WYALIJBERG MOREL . EUNICE MURRELL . BERTHA MUSIAL . BURT MYERS . . NORMAN NELMS . LOIS NIVEN . . . ELSIE EARLE ORRELL JOH'N OWEN . . EULA MAIE PADRICK CARLEEN PAGE . . KATHRYN PERDEW . HENRY PETERSON . DAN PHILLIPS . FRED POWELL . MAURICE POWELL . W. J. PRIDGEN . . IRENE PUCRETT . BESSIE LEE RACIQLEY JUNE RACKLEY . . CAROLYN REGISTER ROSALIE REAVES . GRACE RHODES . SARA RICHARDSON . BETTY JANE RIDAUGH-T . . KIOHN RIDDICK . . . . . CLYDE RIGGS . . . WINIFRED RIVENBARK PEGGY ROGERS . . AUGUSTA ROETHLINGER . . LUTHER ROGERS . IAN ROTHWELL . . . . ROBERT ROUDABUSH EVELYN ROUSE . . Hostess at Bijou theatre Lumberjack Real estate agent He began a civil war with the words, "I'm from Virginia but I have a Yankee accent" Giving Elsa Maxwell hints on how to give dances and parties Manager of Guinea Pig Farms Professional basketball player Writer of Sears and Roebuck catalogue Director of wedding receptions Studying for her Ph.D. Successor to Bill Stern Caretaker of Yellowstone Park Murchison Building receptionist No. I debutante Photographer for post cards Designer of anklet bracelets Society editor of Star-News Spokane's model housewife Manufacturer of tin cans for goat food Inventor of grape peeler Electrician for State Electric Chair Sound man for radio program "Torture Chamber' Stand-in for Clark Gable Receptionist to a painless dentist Stylist who converts women's hats into lamp shades Physical Ed. teacher at State Director of Religious Education Sweetheart of Camp Davis Kindergarten teacher Head of Blind Date Bureau Lion tamer Scientist for DuPont Window washer for Empire State Building Composer of blues songs for redheads Seller of "Sunshine for Happiness" Dietician at N. C. State Hospital for Insane The man who wakes the bugler up Pilot of Pan-American Airways Grower of Roudabush Rambling Roses Missionary to India 742 MVMOYXS. CLASS PROPHECY-Continued BUREN ROURK . . MITCHELL SALEEEY . JAMES SALMON . . . BETTY ALLEN SANDERS HARRY SANDERS . . HERTHA SANDERS . CHARLES SASSER . WARD SAUNDERS . MURPHY SCOGGINS . JAMES SHEPARD . . JAMES SI-IERWOOD . FAIRE SIRES . . . ROBERT SIMPSON . ROLAND SINCLAIR . JOHN SRIPPER . ANN SMALLEY . AL SMITH . . . ANNIE RAE SMITH . CAMILLE SMITH . A ELOISE SMITH . JANETTE SMITH . . LANSING SMITH . . Lou ELLEN SMITH . MIl.DRED SMITH . . PAUL SNELL . . . EI.IzABETH SNIPES . MARIE SOLOMON . VIRGINIA SONDEY . . ARLEY SOUTI-IERLAND . FRANKLIN SPARKMAN SILVA SPENCER . . . MARY HELEN STALVEY ROBERT STELJIS . . . ISABEL STELLINGS . . MARGUERITE STEVENS . FANNIE MAE STEWART VIRTIE STROUP . . . HESTER STRUTHERS . DOROTHY SUTI-IERLAND WlLI.IAM SUTHERLAND . Chief Justice of U. S. . Manufacturer of soap boxes for politicians . Owner of James' Salmon Cannery . Author of "Marry Young and Grow Old Happily" . Paving streets with banana peels . Ghost writer for lawyers . First tenor in barber shop quartet . Tree Doctor . Pitcher for Brooklyn Dodgers . Foreign correspondent to the state of Washington . Double talk interpreter . 1960 edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales . Manufacturer of Simpson's Simple Shaver . Floor waxer . Glass blower . Stilt manufacturer . Candidate for President . Designer of match boxes . Gift shop owner . Author of "Men are Beasts" . Doorwoman of Cape Fear Hotel . Won State Senator campaign with slogan "Better meat for our dogs" . Proprietor of an alligator farm . Manager of nursery for tiny tots-20-45 years of age . Chief of Staff in U. S. Army . Famous trapeez actress . Owner of a Jewelry Jink Shop . Professional Latin translator . Organ grinder . Drawer of comic strip "Sparkman" . Author of "How to Keep 'em in Su-Spence" . Designer of waste baskets . Chemist who invented a bomb that will not kill or hurt humans . Designer of Boots Booful Bootery . Editor of Lonely Hearts column in daily paper . Honey manufacturer . President of the "Book of the Month Club" . First woman dare devil driver . Elected by men as most wonderful girl of the century . Government teacher 742 fmwv' CLASS PROPHJECY-Continued MARY SYMMES . . HILDA TADLocIt . ALVAH TATUM . . ROBERT TAYLOR . ALDA TI-IoRNE . . . HEATwoLE THOMAS . JEAN TIENREN . . . JUNE ToLER . . . MARY ELIZABETH TOMS ANN UPCI-IURCH . . JEAN VENDIG . . PRISCILLA WYEREEN . BILLY WAGNER . . LOUISE WARNER . RONALD WATTERS . JAMES WARREN . . HALL WATTERS . E. C. WATTS . . . HARDY WESSELL . BILLIE WEST . . JIM W!-IILDEN . ELLIS WHITE . OLIN WHITE . RUTH WHITE . . JOHN WHITFIELD . BILLY WILLIAMS . IRIS WOODCOCK . OSCAR WRENN . . ANDREW' XANTI-Ios . EDNA BURNETT . . . KATHERINE DEI-ILER . JEAN HOFFPAUIR . .JACK BENNETT . . MATT BULLUCK . . . .JAMES LEROY BURRIS . JIM CHANDLER . . . LEXIE GODFREY . . J. P. JI-INRETTE . . ROBERT HENRY . . . RANDOLPH SAUGSTAD . Joi-IN RoDERIcIt . . Square dancing teacher . Manufacturer of Tadlock'S Padlocks . Owner of Milkshake shop . Reliving Richard Haliburton'S life . Owner of beauty shop . N. H. H. S. football coach . Radio actress . Married to millionaire . Returning from Reno . Geometry teacher . Redbook cover girl . Lightning rod manufacturer . Introduced the Wagner Act . Teacher in charm school . Horseshoe champion . Better known as "Hairless Joe" . Vegetable vender . The "Grand Wizard of Moon . Aviation ace of World War III . The first W'est to go East . Sign painter . Soap box politician . Pottery manufacturer . Shoe Saleslady . Owner of bowling alley . Sponsor of radio programs . Head of Chicago Travelers' Aid . World's second Superman . First violinist in Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra . Fashion Editor of Mademoiselle . Featured in Tlu' Flirf on Broadway . Journalism instructor . Foreman at N. C. Shipyard . Taster in a pie shop . Mad Scientist . Fuller Brush salesman . District judge . Seller of Jenrette's Sure to Sleep Tablets . Owner of a Texas ranch . Leading oyster grower . City Mayor Yfefffffwff ' CLASS HISTORY They met that summer at the seashore. It was night and they were seated by the ocean. Moonlight sparkled on the water like stardust. A moonbeam glistened a moment on a shiny object on his right hand. She leaned over. It was a ring-a black onyx set in gold. "W'hat class?" she asked. "l943. The class of 1943 New Hanover High School." "Oh-h-h," she breathed softly. "Did you like high school?" "Yes, 1 guess it was all right. Remember when I was a Freshman our class gave the upperclassmen heck. We didn't go up the "down" steps once without causing a riot of some sort. We had a time. We were all kind of scared and green at first, but after we elected our president, let's see, think that was Charlie Brindell, nice fellow. You know him?,' Sh: shook her head. "Well after we elected Charlie and our student council representatives, we began to feel at home-too much at home-the Seniors said." "We had the first afternoon dances in the history of the school that year. Some of us found time to go, but most were too busy studying algebra and that stuff. "We'd walk down the halls trying to guess which teacher was Miss Struthers or Miss Levin or Mrs. LeGrandg we'd heard all the upperclassmen talk about them so much. "Now our sophomore year wasn't so very busy. We had our fun hazing the freshmen. They would get lost and we'd give them the old one about being on the fourth floor and go back down on the elevator-'Course we didn't have either one." She giggled. He stopped talking a minute. "Maybe l'm talking too much, but a lot can happen in four years." "Sure, go ahead. I want to hear about it." "Well, like I said nothing much happened that year. Except they started building the new gym right in the middle of the class' favorite gathering place. But when they finished, it was a gym anybody could be proud of. We didn't use it much until our Junior year and that was the year of years." "Tell me about it," she urged. "We did a lot of things we'd never done before, like going to chapel with the Seniors and giving our first class play, 'june Mad.' Then we had our junior-Senior Dance. It was very educational. In the form of a night club." "Educational?" she broke in. "Sure," he explained. "Preparing us for future life, I suppose. Anyway President Harry McGirt was master of ceremonies. "But the most important thing that happened was the United States' declaration of war on Japan. We all gathered in the auditorium, the whole school, to hear the President's speech. After it was over they played the 'Star Spangled Banner,' and most of the girls had tears streaming down their faces and didn't even care. We boys just tried to look grim and important because we knew we'd fight some day. A few days later N. H. H. S. declared war on the Axis. Then almost before we knew it, it was June and time for school to close. We weren't very happy about that really, because we hated to see the Seniors graduate. They'd been so close to us, almost like older brothers and sisters. "It wasn't long before we were marching up the Senior steps, following in their tracks as best we could. Our class, headed by John Codington, was the first one to elect officers and representatives by the new constitution. XVe felt kind of big and important the first months, being on the Senior steps and going out first in chapel, but we got used to it and it wasn't anything at all. We gave our Senior play and the juniors gave us a wonderful Junior-Senior. "Then came graduation. We tried to act as if we were glad it was all over, but we didn't fool any- body. When we stepped up to get our diplomas, we had a funny feeling, like everything was all over and we couldn't go back." He stopped talking and looked down at his ring. She thought she saw something glisten on the back of his hand-and it wasn't the ring, either. Silently he reached over and took her hand. The moonbeams glistened on a shiny object on her left hand, THEY DCOD IT! It was the year 1955 and a dream of centuries past had just been realized. The national spotlight swung South to America's foremost "boom town" where millions stood in breathless anticipation as swing king Walter Barnes led his Boogie-Woogie Bugle Bays in the third movement of "The Unfinished Sym- phony." A deafening applause filled the air when it was finally completed, and a distinguished gentle- man rose to his feet. "My friends," began Mayor Heyward Bellamy, borrowing the words of still most quoted man of the day, "we are celebrating an occasion of momentous importance to the people of our fair city- "Today, with proud hearts, we welcome home some of our now famous sons and daughters to share with us the celebration of a dream which they themselves have felt for a number of years. Now, with- out further ado, may I introduce to you our master of ceremonies, America's number one comedian- 'Willie, still going strong, Hewlettl' "Greetings you-all. Last night I heard a joke which, I think, is the only one new enough for such a distinguished audience. I know all of you all will think like me and say it's as fresh as a salt water fish what's done laid on the beach all day. 'Say, who was that lady I done saw you all with last night? Ha, that wasn't no lady, that was-'Ida Laura Child, veteran Metropolitan star, who will now sing, 'Ain't I Glad You'll Soon Put Your Number 12's in Those Rambling Shoes'!" North Carolina's first woman senator gave a short address which was interrupted by the roar of an airplane overhead. Why, it was Roy Boggs, sending his congratulations from Pepsi Cola's airship. Wil- mington's missionary to Hollywood, Billy Halyburton, told of many of his experiences in reforming the movie colony. Wandering through the audience, Burt Myers, Bill Stern's successor, spoke to some of the outstanding personalities present at this historical event. "Who's that pretty boy in the red plaid suit and dark green glasses? Why, it's none other than Charles Boyer, jr., better known in these parts as Charles Brindell.-And the little brunette under the sombrero is our own Isabel Stellings, known to the world as the creator of 'Boot's Booful Bootery.'- The fierce looking man by her side is Sanford Doxey, who only last night won the world's heavyweight championship from Joe Louis.-Yes, it's truly a 'memorable occasion folks. Why, even hermit Johnny Goins camehout of his shell for the day! And there is the governor's wife, the former Miss Millie Evans.-America's greatest woman educator, Frances jordan, is in one corner busy giving Betsy Apple- white a few pointers on how to make her first grade students bring her apples without worms in them.- Here comes Blanche Jacobi, sweetheart of Sigma Chi surrounded by U. S. Drum Major Henry Meier, Waltz King Donald Mathews, and zoot suit model Robert Huifam. But I'm afraid that's all for now because here is jack Christian, principal of New Hanover High School, who will introduce to you the man who is responsible for the victory we celebrate today. Hey, wake up Mr. Christian, you're on!" "Uh-Oh, hello folks. Here is Coach 'Pop' Thomas, who led our 1960 Wildcats to the state cham- pionship by defeating Raleigh last week with a score of 60-0, and completing the season with no defeats- By the deafening cheers that followed, even the most casual observer knew that the Wildcats had finally dood it. "And pretty maids all in .1 row!" Ink finally jzls. Slruuly "l.nlrc nous." Una apiece. Snapslmls Little man, what nnw? bnmilc .u mlmc birdic Carolyn! Puck -.14buo. NVl1crc's Q fliflon? Nothing spccial. lzu-rylmLly's friend D Lmd'x gif: tn the XVUITICH. 5 5. J? Q jlefmwv ' LAST WILL AND TESTAMIENT STATE or NORTH CAROLINA, COUNTY ol-' New HANOVER. Know all men by these presents that we, the class of '43, New Hanover High School, city of Wil- mington, county and state aforesaid, being of sound body and equally sound mind, memory and under- standing, do hereby will and bequeath all our worldly possessions to our heirs and assigns as stipulated in the manner and form following, that is to say: FIRST: Our desks, classrooms, and immovable fixtures we leave to the school district, all moveable fixtures probably to disappear with us when we depart this seat of learningg SECOND: Our teachers and instructors we leave to our friends and relatives in succeeding classes, with a heartfelt prayer for their mutual happinessg THIRD: The Senior steps we leave to the class of '44, with the sincere hope that the aforesaid class will be able to withstand underclassmen attacks with half the success with which we met them, FOURTH: Whereas, it is our wish and desire to leave our most outstanding qualities to those not as endowed as ourselves, we designate the following, that is to say: I, joseph Dewey Hobbs, do will and bequeath my enormous and substantial feet to the '44 football team, believing the aforesaid team will sadly be in need of a firm foundation, I, Dotty Cameron, do will and bequeath my unlimited charm to Virginia McCormick, although it seems she has more than her share alreadyg I, Sanford Doxey, do will and bequeath my promise of absolute loyalty to Byah Thomason, with the hope that she will return the sam'eg I, Johnny Goins, do will and bequeath my curls to Dickie Watts, realizing his need of the like, I, Eloise Smith, leave my abundant supply of intelligence to Eleanor Burgwin, with the acquired knowledge that a little more can do no harmg I, Bunny Davis, do will and bequeath my love of dancing to Miss Emma Lossen, knowing that she will make good use of my bequest, We, Agnes Morton and "Pop" Thomas, do will and bequeath our vim, vigor, and vitality to Cleo Paturis and B. D. Albrightg ' I, Margaret Hardwick, do will and bequeath my bashful mannerisms to Betty Harriss, to be used as she deems desirableg We, John Codington and Herbert Davis, do will and bequeath our way with the women to Lem Doss and Rockwell Poisson, to be passed on if not needed: I, Louise Warner, do will and bequeath that qU2lifY Called "gl2m0U1"' I0 A0116 LaP0rre: I, Burt Myers, do will and bequeath my extraotdinary luck in various card games to George johnsong I, Camille Long, do will and bequeath that intangible something called "technique" to Margaret Wen- burgg I, Ann Lee, do will and bequeath my patience in Government class to Katherine Dixon, knowing that she will need a great deal of the sameg I, Mildred Evans, do will and bequeath my copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" to Betsy Benson to be passed on if she finds no more n2Cd Of it than I have. We, the aforesaid class of '43, do will and bequeath t0 New Hanover High School our promise to spread her fame far and wide, to uphold her splendid ideals forever and to ever carry her memory em- bedded in our hearts. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said class of '43, do hereunto set our hand and affix our seal. Signed: BLANC!-IE JACOBI QSealJ BETsY APPLEWHITE fSealj Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said class of '43, as for and to be their last will and testa- ment in the presence of us, we do hereunto subscribe our names as witnesses thereto. Signed : LUCY HORNE, HOWARD Momtow, ISABEL STELLINGS. Tin: King Inspccts. 4, W The prides nf Com- pany C. Prixliec, why so gluni, Fun d lover? OH' the record- Brindcll study- ing? fxlllbililill perwnificd. Sim psiiolfs .lun gabbing. .'Xni.gry, Martini? Mary, Mary, quire contrary. nluxt friends? Spivey, looking pretty. ,lust try the Scr- geant's techni- que on those Romeos, girls. a'- , 4 . 1 v lcqf -' an 7" ' 4. 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' .. ..fl.lVi,i V1 . , 1 '..'n.ff' : , mf E'-1.-yj?!! 55: fx , r INVESTMENTS OF EFFORT AND STUDY BRING YOU TO GRADUATION When school dczys ore cr memory cmd home ownership a drecrm Use the CAROLINA'S Friendly Service for Savings and Locxns I as Two The AMllllon Dollar Carolina Building 6 Loan Association "Member Federal Home Loan Bank" Sir C. M. BUTLER, President W. D. IONES, Ass't Secretory-Treasurer W. A. F ONVIELLE, Secretary-Treasurer ROGER MOORE, Vice-President I. O. CARR, Attorney We Hove Enjoyed Photoqrcxphinq The Class of '43 MAY WE EXTEND OUR BEST WISI-IES TO YOU We can qlve you quality photographs from your neqattvee which we have on file. Adam's Studio Didl 6318 Wilmington, N. C. gk? DIAL 4954 . ' COMP U0 T oMEMAKER?f1l WILMINGTON N C N- I 0 H '. "sl-L "'AsslS TAN as soum FRONT sr. ' 9 a o Q? I' d I 1810 THE WILMINGTON STAR-NEWS MORNING - EVENING - SUNDAY COMPLETE STATE AND NATIONAL NEWS OVER THE FULL LEASED WIRES OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WATCH THE STAR-NEWS EOR HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS SHOEMAKERS, Inc. SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 206-208 Princess St. Phone 2-3332 COMPLIMENTS OF School Store For Fun and Healthful Play SPORTING GOODS A Complete Line at Sears, Roebuck and Company WE WISH YOU A BRIGHT FUTURE sine. 1as1 The Cl i '43 YOUR JEWELEH GSS O O "Gor1gratu1atior1s- Best Wishes" Iulien K. Taylor "Good Clothes" Compliments Prom "Your Shoe Store" iii Merit Shoe Co.. Inc. 106 N. Front St. Foy. Roe 6 Co. DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE FOR MEN , W. A. McGirt Sneeden s Cycle Company ' 114 Market Street REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Since 1914 Q SPORTING EQUIPMENT 215 Princess Street COMPLIMENTS OF City Optical Company Congratulations To the Class of '43 KINGOFF'S Wilminqton's Leading Iewelers IO N. Front Street For Anythgigvigrghe Way of For Real Service With Economy See Will Rehder FLORIST Rose Ice Company . i' 'k 'k Oldest and Largest in Eastern Carolina" ICE - COAL - WOOD Anderson's Extend Their Compliments to the Class of '43 High Art Clothes Front and Princess Streets Cinderella Booterie We Fit Any Foot SMART SHOES DIAL 6784 "W!lmtnqton'l Finest Shoo Store" 9 0 4 PM Help Efird And Efird's - Will Help You Make This A Victory Year .nas-:E 'Many I., ' ..,, V- - if I ' 1. rx nw tw' wt f1Ii'f' Milf! ' Ivy -tt 'tw1'I,, YI "lr z':tLtf, nun In ,Iu.w,5QIgI.14N I will Q11 I ,um IL 11 if .siiil , . 1 .bytttutf tm. .tm W.-,ra "L-+gF1r" .1 f - ' , Jie? ,G f:? . 7' This Annual COMPLETELY DESIGNED AND PRINTED WITHIN OUR PLANT Wilmington Printing Company ZII-213 North Second Street Wilmington, North Ccxrolino PRINTERS - LITI-IOGRAPHERS I. I " N. ex t In X3 I I .X il KN vu K w Q rw 3' X X Xwkt-w'29 if ii? , ti N' X xi:-' ' X N si tif V, X xx -1. N l ,sig S I , 2 -. ,X Y rg. 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Suggestions in the New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) collection:

New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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