New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC)

 - Class of 1938

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New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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I I I I 1 I I -" zvrbf-f!5i?'13QllT?!'IH'1E QI- . 'Q -Jf.jL"aW N?- '5 m,. i'!E'2lF3IiZ!5Aw Ex Libris 3 5 Z!-1160 W1 GHTJ7 E I , G! D Wiwifsa Q. .2 lo. O + B' 553 I qs NI Q J N A 'i ' f M ,X-7... 'sq X :Q F .i . 1 'wg-, g, ,L fwmmz,-:nnnn-axsapf. -,,,n.m-f- Shflli-lmilx 'ALL :im.Qi.g"q3p.ii,9q.QlJ. Qfw Anno vezzfvcn VOLUME THIQEE IQ38 Published by SENIOR CLASS - - NEW HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL Wilmington, North Carolina R N ED BY W M T T MP TING COMPANY ' WI MIN TON N C .:.ii,,n1-17.1, IN MEMORIAM We, the students, pay tribute to Miss Ida E. Schnirel, whose fidelity, love, sympathy, and high ideals were a guide to each who yielded to her influence. Our hearts overflow with devotion and gratitude for what she has done for us and for our school. Neither death nor time can ever alter or change in any way her immortal spirit. The mildew of the years will not blot out our loving memory of so true a friend. She sought nothing for herself beyond the strength of her endeavor. She stood as a flaming torch, giving forth a willing light of advice to all who sought her help. The problems of the students were her problems. It was her supreme desire. to develop, fashion, and bring to light in youth the highest qualities of his mind, his character, and his soul. No student found"hisi efforts wasted in her sight, for each received individual interest, heartfelt appreciation for his work, and encouragement to do bigger and better things. The ride .of time has now borne a dear friend and a beloved teacher from us, but in reality she is living! Her spirit as an ever-glowing, incan- descent light is shining before us always, urging us to fbe patriotic, loyal, just and pure. -'JEAN BERTRAM. MISS IDA E. SCHNIREL MR. J. C. ROE MRS. C. L. MEISTER MR. H. M. ROLAND DR. JOHN T. HOGGARD MR. JOHN MARSHALL MR. L. T. LANDEN TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION IN RECOGNITION OF THEIR PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP, AND IN DEEP APPRECIATION OF THEIR UNCEASING INTEREST IN THE GROWTH AND ADVANCEMENT OF OUR SCHOOL, THIS THIRD VOLUME OF "THE HANOVERIANU IS GRATEFULLY DEDICATED TO THE NEW HANOVER COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION. 0236 Walt Of the romance of the seag of starlit nights on a broad expanse of ocean beachg of treasure trove and mystery deep and daring . . . outside the law . . . of the magic of men's deeds which live on after them . . . they who have done no goodg who live and love and make their own codeg whose philosophy is of today alone and no thought of the morrow . . . Of the past and all the lyric music of actions theng adventure. To this We look in selecting a motif for our annual, THE HANOVERIAN. Wilmington and the surrounding North Carolina coast is steeped in tales of pirates and treasure. Many of them are wild and inexplicableg many of them are! based on actual court records of bold men tried for piracy and hung who have told some part of their story. In the main We have only fragments of history which curdle our blood and maintain a continual thrill to those of us who have sought out such mystery. But, from these fragments We select our theme and motif . . . in vivid contrast to the speeding age of tomorrow when such treasures will become even more invaluable. C nfenfa if In Memoriam if Dedication y Foreword -Av School f Principal if Faculty -Af Classes f Class Poem -Av Organizations ir Features wk Advertising NEW HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL MR. THOMAS T. HAMILTON , .Tr I WHOSE KEEN INSIGHT INTO CHARACTER, , EARNEST DEVOTION TO PROBLEMS OF STUDENT LIFE, AND LOYAL FRIENDSHIP TO THE DESERVING, COMMAND OUR ADMIRATION AND ESTEEM. THE FACULTY THOMAS T. HAMILTON, Jkl Przf :pal Wake Forest, B. A. Miss VIRGINIA HERRIN, Regist , Agnes Sc Colum a ersity, M. A otr, Al ,MI LOUISE MEM S f y ' ' uilcling W. A. CARO YJAHZL wif Q. f QMZCILZ- W ZMZ JWL1 w M Q vw ' ' ZA KQV g . , Wai VL.. 0? ll' img: W- Cimff, BARRON, MYRA ..... BJONERUD, BERNICE DOMINICK BLACK, KATHLYN H .... BLOMME, GLENWARD . BROCK, MRS. JOSIE . BROWN, ALBERT . . BUMGARNER, FLOYD L. BURTON, MRS. A. P. . . CARPENTER, MRS. AUSTIN . CARRUTH, J. W ..... CARRUTH, DOROTHY A. . . . CHADBOURN, CHARLES C., JR. COHEN, REGINA ..... COLLINS, ELIZA A. . . DAVIS, RUTH . . . FISHER, ALFRED . . . FORMY-DUVAL, FRANCES . GRISE, MRS. HELEN .... GRUBBS, MRS. NORMA . . . GRUITS, SERGEANT LAWRENCE T. . HARTZOG, MRS. ELIZABETH . . HOUSTON, MAY . . . JONES, MRS. RUTH O. . JONES, ADLENE . . . JUDISH, FRANK .... KEITH, MRS. MARY HALL . LACOCK, LIEUTENANT . . LATHROP, MARY .... LEGRAIQD, LUA BROYLES . LAL ML LEVIN, PAULINE .... LODOR, MRS. J. BARCLAY . LOSSEN, EMMA .... MACDONALD, HOWARD . MACKENZIE, ROBERTA . MCLEOD, M. J. . . . . MILLER, MIRIAM .... IWIONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH . MYERS, ELIZABETH M. . . MYERS, REBA J ..... OCHS, MAJOR WILLIAM V. . O,KEEF, FANNIE .... ROBINSON, RELMON . . RUSS, REBA ..... SANDERS, MAE ..... SAUNDERS, ANNIE ROYAL . SMITH, MRS. BURROWS . . SMITH, HATTIE LOU . . STACK, MARTHA . . . STRUTHERS, HESTER C. . SYMMES, ELIZA D. . THOMAS, GEORGIA . TRASK, MADELINE . . TRIGG, FRANCES W .... TRULUCR, ETHEL MASON . TUCKER, GLENN . . . WALSH, VIRGINIA . . WARREN, MARY CLINE . WEST, GEORGE . . . WEST, MRS. GEORGE . . . WILLIAMS, MARGARET A. . WILLIAMS, MRS. R. H. . WILLIS, JANE DILL . WRIGHT, REBEKAH . Winthrop College, A.B. Winthrop College, B.S. University of Alabama, B.C.S. Athletic Department Choan College Royal Academy of Music, London, A.R.A.M. Davidson College, B.S. Winthrop College, B.S. Durham College of Commerce, B.C.S. Georgia Teacher's College, B.S. Duke University, A.B. Union College, A.B. University of Delaware, A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Greensboro College, A.B. University of Virginia, Roanoke College, B.S. Greensboro College, A. B. University of Arkansas, L.I. Bowling Green College of Commerce, A.B. Marquette University Queens College, A.B. School Nurse Columbia University, M.A. Anderson College, A.B. Stout Institute, B.S. W. C. U. N. C., B.S. U. S. Army Music School W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Mississippi State College for Women, A.B., Columbia University, M.A. Winthrop College, A.B. Dietitian W. C. U. N. C., A.B. U. N. C., A.B. Flora MacDonald College, A.B. Stout Institute, B.S. W. C. U. N. C., B.S.S.A. Duke University, A.B. Randolph Macon Woman's College, A.B. U. N. C. University of Tennessee, L.L.B., Pa. Mil. College Duke University, A.B. ' Furman University, B.S. Salem, B.S. W. C. U. N. C.. A.B. W. C. U. N. C.. A.B. W. C. U. N. C.. A.B. Flora MacDonald College, A. B. W. C. U. N. C.. A.B. U. N. C., A.B. Radcliffe, A.B. Wesleyan College, A.B., U. N. C., A.B. In L.S. W. C. U. N. C., B.S. QH.EC.J I Western Reserve University, A.B. University of Alabama, B.S. Wake Forest, B.S. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Salem, A.B. Ohio University, Stout Institute, B.S. Boston University W. C. U. N. C., A.B. W. C. U. N. C., U. N. C., M.A. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Randolph Macon Woman's College, A.B. CLASSES 1 9 3 8 " 5 ' SJ' A" " L fffkfcfid V 6 , 071 ' LZ ' .1 "ff Q E bzffifey 'dfff'-Tffc 0'ce-an l 'W- -6- 2 " ,,v -v ,Vi ,w,,-V , Y .V - - Axe: N FROM T1-IE CLASS OF We are so fond of thee, dear school, We hate to leave thy gatesg Although the time has come at last When one's life work awaits. We Wish to thank thee very much For the good that thou hast done, For the friendship of each other In our days of Work and fun. The thought of all our teachers dear We ne'er will forget, For having taught us what is right, We ne'er will regret. And now the time has come at last When we shall graduateg We wish to say "Good luck to all!" From the class of '38. -ARTHUR XANT1-los. YW 4fig,,., 77.47777-.n,il. , --7, Jqzin. Y , Y ,, 4 -V A, - Y L SENIORS 1 9 3 8 W X 'of' f Xa J i 7292! X ii fr H A I +1 G! EI ii Ai if H 'E Y i v 5 E -I? J fl Y . A SENIOR CLASS 4 ? OFFICERS WILBUR BRYANT, Presicient A L. H. HOUSTON, Vice-Presiclwzzf JEAN BERTRAM, Sfua'e11t Council R6pl'ES6l'1fdfiL"8 DAN CAMERON, Student Council Rep1fesc'1ztcztive ANNIE MAE BOWDEN, Sec1'etm'y-T1'easzu'e1' 1 IN I .YAYA-vg,,Ag3,x,3Qg,YJgY 1 E L ' I 'x 'i i. QI Qf I9 A -vgg Y f . , 4l-GAYLL Ag 444y' Avgg MQXUUYJ 'R ANNETTE ABELOVITZ "Always smiling, always sweet, always pretty, and always neat." Home Room Chairman 1, 2, Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3. p ,. 1 ' V 4 I JAMES ALDRIDGE "Quiet, good natured, congenial." DORIS ANDREWS "The keystone upon which is built all loving and all liking--depcndabilityf' Ring Committee lg Student Council Representative lg Secretary of Girl Reserves 1, Secretary of Sopho- more Classg Scribblers' Club 25 Home Room Chair- man 3, Treasurer of Dramatic Club 33 Glee Club 33 President of Student Body 4g Girls' Hi-Y 45 National Honor Society 43 President of Dramatic Club 43 Chemistry ub X43 State Student Council Congress 4. if ""' ' . , 1. 5 X XQnj.f.!JJi"!"l -'Q 1 - - JAMES LAWRENCE ANDREWS "Good fellow, well liked." O. Henry Club lg Junior-Freshman Aviation Club 1: Chemistry Club 3, National Honor Society 4. LEON P. ANDREWS, JR. . "If I am your friend there is nothing too much for me to do." Vice-President of Freshman Class, Junior Ring Com- mittee: Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Hi-Y 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 Chemistry Club 43 Latin Club 1, 2g Aviation Club 1. 1 , . 4 fi 1 ,ff ROBERT ANDREWS W 'e'll'4"l " ' "A fine fellow, honest, intelligent, and kind." Boys' Hi-Yg National Honor Society 45 Chemistry Club 4. MARIAN AULD "She is good that docs good to others." INEZ GRISSETTE BAGGETTE "That inewhaustable good nature which is itself the most' precious gift of heaven." Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Archery Club 3: Dramatic Club 33 Library Club 33 Chemistry Club 33 Latin Club 1, 2. FLOYD BAILEY "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." Sophomore Class Champion Boxer, School Champion Intra-Mural Tournamentg Football 4. . ,f ,,- NETTIE BAIEER "Modesty is the grace of the soul." Dramatic Club 1. A LA 1 if g'4g71LwAwA, AALL-nlgw Ay!-AQAAA4 ' ' si-IQTA-1giAnAkYJkiA4, 9 38 HARRY BARNHILL "A good 'man never dies." THELMA BARNHILL "Kind words are the music of the world." DORIS WINIFRED BATSON "She is her own self, and no other." Chemistry Club: Traffic Squad 2. DORIS BELL "The pride and joy of all who know her Home Economics 1. EDNA LEE BELL "O genuine jewel." LOUISE BENNETT "We 'meet thee, like u. pleasant thought, when such are needed." Art Club. MYRTLE MACDONALD BENTON "She lives so content and envies none." JEAN DESALLES BERTRAM "The heart of honor, the tongue of truth." J Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Scribhlers' Club 2, 3, 4, iPub- licity Manager 473 Library Monitor 3: Dramatic Club 3g Home Room Chairman 3: Junior Play O. Henry Literary Society 3, 45 National Honor So- ciety 3, 43 Student Government 1, 4, fC1ass Repre- sentative 1, 433 Nomination Committee for Vice- President of Student Body 43 Diploma Committee 4 Debating Club 4, iVice-President 45. BILLY BEST "A boy who wins, is a boy who works." Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Traflic Squad. KENNETH BIGGS "His good disposition is more valuable than gold." I 9 'fe 3 8 jx A A A jk A J 5 f 'v11-fkvlk- W' ' " My klgggvlkfzkr A ,AYYAW h L, vcfv, 4 57 I bl, .,.. "5 Xi tg N ,XV X T5 x11iy H.. Jx'A-A-Aw AYAYAJK , 1 1' f' I9 38 f A AWA, AWA! JC .1 ' .n I SAMUEL DELK BISSETTE "Lucky indeed is the man who can think for him- self." Latin Club 1, 2: History Club 2, tSecretary and Treasurerl: English Club 2, lPresidentJ: National Honor Society 4: R. O. T. C. Officers Club, 12nd Lieutenantl . MARY ALICE BLACKHAM "She plays the game well." Girl Reserves 1: O. Henry Literary Society 1, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4, fl-Iistorianj: Invitation Com- mittee for Senior Class. ELOISE QUEEN BLACKWOOD "Not too serious, not too gay, but a rare sport in every way." Basketball 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 3: Debating Club 3. LILLY M. BLAKE "She's wit, she's charm, she's common sense." Girl Reserves 1: Glee Club 3, 4: Home Economics Club 2: Basketball 2. CARL BLANTON "Above our life we love a steadfast friend." it r L - . R Mi-3-HRM BLANTON -Qqtscilofgentle manners which prove so irresistible tn,1vonve'n?Q. lIjibjaLUCT16 1, 3: Home Economics Club 1: Chemis- CLAUDE HLEDSON C "Gold is where you Jind it." ETHEL VICTORIA BOTESKY "It is tranquil people who accomplish much." German Club 1, 2: Glee Club 2. ANNIE MAE BOWDEN "She speaks, behaves, and acts just as she ought." Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Dra- matic Club 1, 3, 4: Traffic Squad 2: Secretary-Treas- urer of Senior Class: Debating Club 4, KPresident3: O. Henry Literary Society 4: National Honor S0- ciety 3, 4, HARRY BOWDEN "He makes the world a friendly place." Latin Club 1: Radio Club 2: Aviation Club 2: De- bating Club 3, CP1-esidentl: Home Room Chair- man 4. 149 ggi Alf .YFAVJAALA-Ari A VYVV A747 ., FZ Q' Q33 9 49' x Tl I ll'-V if g if I . , u s M . mf. lf' v ERION ELIZABETH BOWDEN "She smiles, she giggles, she laughs, she wiggles, but she's a jolly good pal for a' that." National Honor Society 43 Girls' Hi-Y Club 43 Chemistry Club 43 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 33 Chairman of Junior Ring Committee 33 Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 4, iSecretary 453 Alumni Editor of "Wildcat" 43 Latin Club 23 O. Henry Club 2. GENEVA BOWLES "Nothing endures but personal qualities." Chemistry Club 4. CATHARINE BRADSHAW "All of earth's rubies aren't found in mines." O. Henry Literary Society 1, 23 Chemistry Club 43 Home Economics Club 1, 43 Library Club 2, 33 Student Librarian 33 Library Monitor 2. LILY MAY BRANCH "Serve the world and your reward will come." DEXTER BREAZEALE "A rare combination of good things." TOM BRIGGS "To know how to hide one's ability, is great skill." Latin Club 13 Aviation Club 23 Chemistry Club 33 Officers Club KR. O. T. CJ 43 Hi-Y Club 43 Na- tional Honor Society 4g Radio Club 1. FRIEDA BROOKSHIRE "Her willingness is always manifest." BILL BROWN "My mind to me an empire is." Latin Club 1, 23 Aviation Club, fPresidentJ 23 Hi-Y 3, 43 Chemistry Club 3g National Honor Society 3, 4g Student Council 1, 3, 43 Correspondent Seat Student Council 33 Delegate to North Carolina Stu- dent Council Congress 33 N. C. Student Council As- sociation 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Paper Staff 43 R. O. T. C. Captain 43 German Club 3, 43 President Junior Class 33 Home Room Chairman 23 Officers Club 43 Junior Play 33 Chairman of Hi-Y Minstrel: Moving Picture Operator 4. ' fr I , HERSCHEL BROWN "Someone like you makes the days seem lirighterf' MARGARET BROWN "The quality of a rare painting." -. La' W? ya 4! G? , JLG 5 ii, fl jx IRA AWA A-AY, , Tv' f kvlkijg-Ai-Azlgvjxvlg VYVY I9 38' , A Ik-A Y JEYQN.-Mykwggi, .Lx 1 ,YYAYVYAWAVA Y 4.77 124 , Q lx L., r F Q lurk, ' E UNF' A . '- lu yi f J JP' Tb' ,.,,a 1 ,--,f 7 iz y,- .,. P bl 1 1,1 I ...f l X Y la it ' ' 7 J, x' lf 'T it I 'S x . ' 1 ll K W , ' Y 9 ' bl . 1 fi xc if-ex ,aw- X ELIZABETH BROWNING "Kindness, the poetry of the heart." Nature Club. BETTY BRUCE "As enchanting as the new moon." 4, , I , . V . - X i WILBUR E. BRYANT "Lucky indeed is the man who thinks for himself." Nature Club 13 Aviation Club 1, 23 Hi-Y Club 3, 43 Executive Committee, Chemistry Club 35 Edison Science Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Student Council 43 President of Senior Classy Declamation Contest 35 O. Henry Literary Society 45 Debating Club 4' Official Delegate to N C Student Council sasffiig. Gb-g3ef,,g521jfceQ2,tie4sigf, 49E,.gC 1 1 4- , f Veil!! Rig-'J-L-'AJ i 'JUNE ELAINEYNBUC , Y l,,,,J "Her life flows Van like u, song." ,f 5 Latin Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Henry Liter- ary Society 1, 23 Library Club 1, ,Y 35 Home Room Chairman 4. ROBERT BUCK "Let music sound." ootball B osters Club 4 ,fl-IELEN JEANNETTE BUSH ,X . "Q, J' ELLA MA BULLARD if I jj., "We see her in the dewey flowers,Ki'ue see her swggk and friendly." Glee Club 25 Latin Club 1, 2, Home Economics Club lg Library Club 33 Domestic Arts Club lg Dramatic Club 15 Chemistry Club 43 Home Economics Club 4. ROY A. BURNETT, JR. "Like unto a rifuer-largest at its mouth." Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Traffic Squad 2: French Club 25 Chemistry Club 35 Glee Club 23 Boosters' Club 3, Boxing Intra-Murals 2, 3, fSchool Champion 35. EDNA EARLE BURRISS "For hope is but the dream of those who wake." Girl Reserves lg Nature Club 1. ELIZABETH BURTON "A merry heart goes all the day: a sad tires in a mile." 4 "Sing me a love song and let me be." Latin Club 1, 23 Home Room Chairman 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 2, 4: Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, fPresidentJg Debating Club 3. N0 38 ,YAYAY A-A Y JLYJLY JK YVVV D, -vAiAiA-Ai A. A74 L I 9 'Y 44" AvA,1Qw.4,fv.Ae1 . ,. 1,-' K A liA!i vA ,J Mffamozf ' . li. , . . ADDIE BUTLER ,f Nl ' 1 ,J y . A .f y W " We hold her friendship in regard." i'lx!,l"'J tj-1 , X V ,Hifi . .1 "-L t ' it V ,gf y , AVL. A lf LV , . 1 22 VERNELL KATHLEEN CAIN 1,447 3 jf A' ' X U 5 4' V, "7Lf ff "I would rather be than seem to be. ? 'f'f- V f,-,,. .374 1 E, i-,M r Girl Reserves lg Glee Club 1: Traffic Squad, 2, 3: f IVV' Dramatic Club 3, 4: Nature Club 43 Debating Club 'K 'g,,', 1 4: Vocational Class 4. g "'l' ' . . 'ECVPU 1 ' f. ' - V ' -r 'yl ' ' gf' .L ' L if ' V V V . if 5 4" ' " A 'l2f,ii12J? V ff . V A 1.. NELSON cALHoUNVw'f,,s 'W J "" "l'll take a picture of the world." Glee Club 3, 4: Traffic Squad, 2, IB. X 'Af' 1 V. 7 44, ,A ' 'Jelly' if", ,,f' I .1 DAN DAVID CAMERON ' "It takes all sorts to make a. world." Freshman-Junior Aviation Clubg Freshman Science Club: President Freshman Class: Student Council 1, 45 "Wildcat" Staff 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, fTreasurer 31 3 Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class: Edison Science Club 43 lst Lieutenant of R. 0. T. C.: Unoflicial Delegate State Student Council 45 Chairman Social Committee 4g Cadet Ofiicers' Club 4. ELSIE CANADY "Heart on lips and soul within her eyes! Home Arts 1. 1 HELEN MAE CANFIELD I "Rare is true friendship." Girl Reserves 1, 25 Home Arts Club 1. ALINE CARROLL "The best hearts are ever the bravest." Nature Club 13 Traffic Squad 3. I ins CARROLL " ould help others out of fellow feeling." BERT CARTER "A true pal and a deserving gentleman." JOHN LUTHER CASTEEN "He always wears a contagious friendly smile." Junior Birdmen of America 15 Nature Club 11 Traf- fic Squad 2, 3, fAssistant Captain 37: Glee Club 43 Chemistry Club 4. jx-fx-A-AvA'A-Av, x 11' V, ,vAYYAvAaAfJmg,g A I9 38 A .-AYAYAY AvAYJk ,A.,f -A R ,v,A.,,A-A 'AKA' Y Av A .1 'W . QQ 'ff -ef - 1' jc, C, 7. Q IH n S Fl f .. , A EW 51 il A A Q A 7 iii. be K! l RW GEORGE HARRIS CHADWICK, JR. "Small quantity, but good quality." Radio Club 15 Hi-Y 3, 43 National Honor Society 4: Ring Committee 33 Committee for Nomination of Senior Officers 35 Chemistry Club 4: President Alpha Chapter lHi-Yi 4, 12nd Semesterl. LEWIS CHESHIRE "He is a gentleman-need one say more?" JACK CHINNIS "Great is truth and all powerful." as RUSSELL CHINNIS . A R, "A thoroughbred is sure to win." HARRIET CLARK I ,free -'.-. "A pleasant companion." ' i ,. Glee Club 1, 23 Home Economics Clu'b 4. bf . , 0, ,,,i I I , , , if LJ LUCY BEHRENDS CLARK ' "By her skill she got many acquaintances and by f her sweetness many friends." f Dramatic Club 1: 0. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Paper Staff 45 Annual Staff: Assistant Editor: Scribblers' Club 2, 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Chemistry Club 4: Diploma Committee: Library Monitor 2: ff 1 Nomination Committee for Annual 3. J 'f J " Fi 4 gif' V, MARGARET CLEMMONS JVM MA! "As sweet as 'violets on an April morn." f l f V JOHN CLINE "Nowhere is there a better man." Thomasville High School 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Q Greensboro Senior High School 33 Editor Science , Club 43 Tennis Club 4. f in V i ' RUTH COBLE "She shows the way." LUCY COCHRAN N I, "A heap of friendliness." Fr , ' Library Club 3, 4. ' n 5 'fx I9 38 fi ,121 A Awfxv Jyvjgfgjxvlx 11 , R f e,A,A- A. A 'k.Af!k. - AY Jkr-AvAvynY1xYA, J -if ,4,,yWJxY1x WA A .AWA ,, J l "Knowledge is power! jdefamov ' CHRISTINE COLEY Chemistry Club 45 Girl Reserves 1. HELEN COLEY "How calm she is." Nature Club 1, 4. ROSE COLLIE "Far may we seek before we find a heart so gentle and so kind." Basketball 3, 4. f, BETTY CONAWAY I "She has a natural wise sincerity, a simple truth- fulness." Latin Club 15 Home Economics Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 Nature Club 4, ALICE JOSEPHINE CORBETT "You are the flower of my heart." Latin Club 1, 25 Library Club 25 Chemistry Club 45 Girl Reserves 1. MARY IRVING CORBETT "Something to dream about." Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 45 Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Chemistry Club 4, CCriticJ5 Tennis Club 25 National Honor Society 45 Battalion Sponsor 45 "Wildcat" Staff 4. CATHERINE CHRISTINE COSTELLO "A light heart lives long." Girl Reserves 1, 25 Home Economics Club 25 Chemis- try Club 4. I . ,ff i FRANCES ELLEN COUGHENOUR "Full of fun, joy, and cheer, a friend whom all hold dear." Latin Club 1, 25 Chemistry Club 35 National Honor Society 45 Archery Club 2, 35 Diploma Co mittee 45 Assistant Business Manager of the "Wildl?at" 4: Advertising Manager on "Wildcajt7 Staff 35 Library Club 3. 4. if ' ' ,' N. JOHN COVII. "An illustration of the 'wise and noble." ELSIE CREECH "A better friend, one seldom finds." ffy If PM :fl 1 , ,... 'i f 4 ' ' fl ,A I U iq :fi H :gf 'M If Kp? ,ltr-I if ff if I ' in K ff K I 1 K I ' a 5 K Ji- V W 'sl ri . ' ' V ., .err f . 12229 ai gif? V 5 gg i tr if H, Gi. Q, g AvAvJg-A- AYA-A f , 1 ,vAfAYAwA,JC'AY gk 19 38 xViA!iQ i Avlfifgy r-Ai' ' ,w4gn4iAvA 4- A44 .1 I a M252 75c'w.wu 27 Laude If , 2 , 1 ,WV if-if 6081-Z Q r U' xf' f 1 4? 1 It 'X l J 4' I fgfdj 'il' a if , 'Jf " TM' iw M4011 ' NORMA CROOM "A true friend, and a willing worker." Home Room Organization 33 Library Club 33 De- bating Club 43 Art Club 23 O. Henry Literary So- ciety 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 43 Nature Club 43 Archery Club 43 Scribblers' Club 43 Domestic Arts Club 13 National Honor Society 43 Clean-Up Com- mittee Inspector 4. UL f . 'A ,. BEN DANIELS Ill - 'H' . v "The spirit of the higher triumphs." BONNIE DAVIS "The rainbow after the storm." .av ,-xv fu f' 1 'fgv' ' 5 f Le-Q f ' HARGROVE DAVIS "" 1- Q "'r A "A man in earnest finds melzns, or, if he cannot find, creates them." Boxing 2, 33 Football 43 Boosters' Club 4. MARIA DAVIS "Never frivolous, never slow, just a girl you'd like to know." Hi-Y Club3 O. Henry: Debating Club3 Dizzy Dozeng Latin Club: Chemistry Club. RUTH DAVIS "A very valuable little bit." Latin Club 1, 23 Dramatic Club 1, 43 O. Henry 49 Archery Club 43 National Honor Society 4. MABEL ELDA DEMPSEY "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." Chemistry Club 3: Traffic Squad 3, 43 Science Club 13 Nature Club 4. VERNON DEVANE "Gold from the sky." RICHARD DIXON "The memory of a worthwhile friend helps us along life's way." MATTIE JANE DUKE "Kind hearts are more than coronetsf' A,A.A.A,A,A.Au1 ' I -vA,,A,A,A.A,Jx.A-,. gLJgf-,r-,A,1v.!w -121 If ' -,A .Js.,vKe-4-.L Arr -A-YJNL-' 19 38 I9 yy JXWJXYJN.-A,71g'Jk1,f.HJ x "'Ei ,wggq-jx,-JA 4523-.,!N-,,!s,, 4 -4 K ' 726 fancy EMMA DUNLEA "Anything worth doing at all, is worth doing well." Latin Club 1: German Club 3, 4. CATHERINE LAFAE EAGLE "Known to few, but prized as far as known." Glee Club 15 Dramatic Club 4. ROGER EARP "A ready smile, tall, and good looking." ADELL EDWARDS "A day in April never comes so sweet." Traffic Squad 2, 33 Chemistry Club 33 Science 15 Glee Club 4. Club DOROTHY EVERETT "Neat, not gaudy." Home Arts Club lg German Club 1, 2. HARRY FERREL "His aim is never to offend, and every person is his friend." , HORTENSE E. FINKLESTEIN Q "Good humor teaches fun to last, makes new frien and Iceeps those of the past." I l ll LILA MAE FISHER QPNN "A helpful friend for every cause." CATHERINE FLOWERS "Can one desire too much of a good thing." , 3, CHRIS EUGENE FONVIELLE VY! 2'4- , My I y, N imp ,i J 1 i It V "If worry were the only cause of death then he would live forever." Chemistry Club 33 Tennis Club 2, 3, 45 Edison Science Club 4. -. Wgsd--,lL'i-JKTJSQJLY ISE' yrzgk ,Am Al Y A4 WAV AY Q12 Moreau' ,x 5 J' N . Y l x Q 1 3 f . . , LH- , I li 55' is y 3 . ' y 11 A is xi. A , s i X, .,.. I 'Z l ffl Z'1 i 1 lilr li Q Q L 3 4':: l Z. f 1 ' 1V 1' , .,4,.,..V E il A A X ANNIE FOUNTAIN "A bit of wit is worth a million dollars." LILLIAN FOWLER ' ' " ' "A smile for all, a greeting glad, and amiable jolly way she had." Home Economics Club 1, fSecretary and Treas- urerj g O. Henry Literary Societyg Chemistry Club 4. KATHLEEN FRAZIER 3 "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." NED FROWNFELTER "A young man, tall and straight and strong and handsome." ' Hi-Y 2, 33 French Club 25 Science Club, 3, 45 Foot- ball Team 23 Swimming Team 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 43 Home Room Chairman 1. J H Mi ELIZABETH FRYER "Art is power." Girl Reserves 1, 23 Glee Club. EDNA INEZ FULBRIGHT "Ready for anything, be it work or play: an all round good friend in every way." Piedmont Junior High School, Charlotte, N. C.g Latin Club 2, 3, 4: O. Henry Literary Society 3, 4, CPresidentJ 45 Debating Club, fTreasurerJ 3 National Honor Society 3, 45 Nature Club 45 Orchestra 2, 33 Archery Club 4: Chairman of Senior Invitation Com- mitteeg Clean-Up Inspector. RAY FUNDERBURK "This is the happy soldier: this is he that every man in arms should wish to be." O. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 13 Chemistry Club 33 Hi-Y 3, 4: Junior Playg Foot- ball 43 Annual Staffg Cadet Major R. O. T. C. 4: Officers Club 4. BENJAMIN FUSSELL "The world always has a place for the man who can be depended upon." 0. Henry Literary Society 13 Baseball 3, 45 Glee Club 4. HARRY L. FUTCH "He'll find a way." lfaf-ry .:2..4Ze4' DOROTHY LEE FUTRELLE "Her time is forever: everywhere her place." Latin Club 1, 23 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 33 Chemistry Club 4: Glee Club 15 Basketball 1, A-A-ALAW Av la-fl.-V1 ' .L AYAWAWA , 1N.v,A2,JX.i L . I9 3v8 , A Jkwgxvlgvyxwghav-Agia' -I' ,WggmA.w4'S..,,,4s.fAgMfgq,4xl J X 1' ,, J xv I We My A will LAI DOROTHY ANN GAlNES "As gay and exciting as a dress parade." Latin Club 1, 25 Boosters' Club 3, 43 Home Econo- mics Club 4. NINA JANE GARNER "The Language of truth is simple." TOM GAUSE "What is lost in velocity is gained in force." RUTH GHOLSON "For she was the quiet kind whose nature seldom varied." Glee Club 33 Library Club 3, 43 Home Room Chair- man 4. V ' l JULIAN WARD GODWIN if ' "He is a sure card." LJ , Chemistry Club 33 Edison Scieyce' ,Clubh4. Ll Q Q ' . ,N J. ', 6' v . MADELINE GORE ' "It is good to live and learn." MARY CATHERINE GORMAN "Sweet and cheerful as can beg a wonderful girl is she." Latin Club 5 Home Economics Club. VASHTI GORNTO "It is our actual work that determines our value." National Honor Society 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, CChairman Program Committee 413 Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 45 Sophomore Class Representative and Treas- urer: Judicial Committee 3, 43 Chairman Class Mot- to Committeeg Home Room Chairman 3, 4, lSecre- tary and Treasurerj 33 Scribblers' Club 2, 3, 4, CPresidentJg Latin Club 3, 4, CVice-Presidentlg "Wildcat" Reporter 3, 43 O. Henry Literary Society 1, 2: Library Club 2, 33 Chairman of Handbook Committee 25 Attended 9th and 11th Student Council Congressg Declamation Contest 39 Senior Play. ' .V DOUGLAS GOWER C 4 "My turn will come next." " x, ,: Chemistry Club 3. 'jffova RUSSELL GREEN "He wears a smile that won't come off." Ne, :Ziff ,. ff, , 1-1, 1, - , , ff ef. f , yt KV f X f ' A X 7 X fy 7 X gl? QQ , f? , , ,f f. . f.,f , f -,.., , 1-1 54' , , , v,,,.,,. .f ' .,., i ,. it t i L , , , IQ'1gfff'Q, 1 I9 I H ,-, V, ,Qs I , . fl ,,., H, ZW ,f, 'if f fam W ,eff , V' ,. 59 - L I ,.,, V . . A I I I Z ' ' 1 , QMS ' "1 E f". '-ff , E Y 1 ,Y A-1xvJg AvJy-Af, - , ,vs AWA-AYA!kfV,AY 19 38 .-Azxkvlk Y Avlykvlx J -D -YAY.4-1xv4gfA.YYAvJgV ,, 5 f I' JULIAN GRISSOM "A fine friend and as true as steel." ROBERT GRISSOM - ' "All great men are dying. I don't feel so wull myself." Traffic Squad 33 Boxing 4. MARY CATHERINE GUYTON "flip best way to have a friend is to be one." 1 NORMA HALL "A silent tongue and a true heart are the most admirable things on earth." Art Club 1, 2, 33 Home Arts 23 Latin Club 1, 2. ETTA MAE HANSLEY "She has that 'gift of gifts', the art of making frie ds." KATHERI . ANSON "A cheerful companion is worth gold." Latin Club 1, 23 O, Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 43 Hi-Y Club. ROBERT SLOAN HARDWICK "The spirit of a fighting knight." Radio Club 13 O. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 3, 4, CPresident 473 National Honor Society 43 Boys' Hi-Y 43 Nature Club 13 Chemistry Club 33 Officers' Club 43 Captain Company "A" 43 Edison Science Club 43 Senior Playl Greensboro Contest 2, 33 Library Club 2. ,al L-J'-, U 'l g,L3.!"1t' ELIZABETH HARDWICKE "As exquisite as pearls and black velvet." Nominating Committee for Officers of Sophomore Class3 Dramatic Club 1, 43 Latin Club 13 Glee Club 33 Dizzy Dozen 43 Hi-Y 43 Tennis Club 2. LOUISE HARPER "Lips where smiles went out and in." CONSTANCE ELAINE HARRELL "As pure as a pearl and as perfect." Girl Reserves lg Home Arts Club 13 Home Room Chairman 4. lN.1X.JN.A.1k,A,AL1 , 'ul .YA AYAA-Jkggg-,yvogfr I 9 38 I ,vgglfgg-ls.-Jgvgkzggvlg J mia giA'A AWA AWA A J My l4'YJLJf-lfff., Q48 Amee HENRY HARRELL ' "A smile is the trade mark of a happy soul." ANNA V. HARRISON "So neat, so fair: she's always on the square." Girl Reserves. WILLIAM HARRISON "Politeness goes far, yet costs nothing." Military Police 4: Chemistry Club 4. .J NATHAN STANLEY HASKETT, JR. "The deepest rivers flow with the least sound." Edison Science Club 4, 5: Track 1, 2. JAMES HEIDT "Men of few words are the best men." Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Nature Club 2: Tennis Club 1: Chemistry Club 3: Edison Science Club 4. BETTY HENDERSON "We label thee 'Adorable."' Latin Club 1, 2: Annual Staff 4: "Wildcat" Staff 4: 0. Henry Literary Society 2: Tennis Club: Hi-Y 3: Hi-Y Play 3: Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 4, QP1-esident 47: National Honor Society 4: Sponsor Company "B" R. O. T. C.: Dramatic Club 1, 4: Ways and Means Committee Junior Class: Chemistry Club 3: Edison Science Club 4: Nominating Com- mittee for Junior Officers. IRENE HENRY "A quiet sunny nature, which to know is to 're- member." ERTLE HEWETT "He is well qualified for any task assigned to him." Traffic Squad 3: Captain Military Police 4: Chemis- try Club 4: R. 0. T. C. Officers Club 4. JANE HIGH "May every charm that now appears increase and brighten with the years." Glee Club 1, 4. CYRUS D. HOGUE, JR. ' "Self-respect-the corner-stone of all virtue." Latin Club 1, 2: I-li-Y Club 2, 3, 4, fTreasurer 33: Aviation Club 1: National Honor Society 3, 4: Recording Secretary of Student Body 3: Student Council 3: Judicial Committee 3: Delegate to State Student Council Convention 3: Junior Dance Com- mittee: 2nd Lieutenant of R. O. T, C.: OHicel'S Club fPresidentJ 4, -wwAiyx-,gg 1 Jil Y ,I -,X JK lk A A 19 38 qi w ,ff- J ,. rf' .-.J V I if V A ,.. is nv RUTH RHETT HOLMES "Sensible people grind nothing useless." Latin Club 1, 23 Student Council 15 O. Henry Liter- ary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, fVice-President 49, Archery Club 33 "Wildcat" Staff 43 Chemistry Club 4: Hi-Y Club 45 Dramatic Club 15 Nature Club 1. F M le' ELIZABETH HOLT V, ' .3 "The way to succeed is not to fail." 23 f Til ELOISE JACKSON HONNET "Serenity of manners is the zenith of beauty." Latin Club 1, 2: Tennis Club 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1, 23 Library Monitor 25 Senior Chapel Committee 4: O. Henry Literary Society 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Executive Committee 43 Home Room Chairman 33 Scribblers' Club 3, 43 "Wildcat" Business Staff 4. L. H. HOUSTON "Few persons have the courage to appear as they really are." Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra-Mural Boxing Tournament 1, 2, fClass Champion 2D 5 Home Room Chairman 33 Chemistry Club, Junior Playg Trafhc Squad 1, 2, 33 Vice-President of Senior Class 4: Boosters' Club 3, 45 Monogram Club 3, 4. PEARL HORNE "There are many rare abilities in the world that fortune never brings to light." Home Arts 13 Home Room Chairman 15 Dramatic Club 33 ature Club 4. RUFUS x "Studious, quiet, wel -liked." Chemistry Club 45 Inspector for Clean-Up Week 4. FOXY HOWARD "Life's a jest, and all things show it: I thought so once, but now I know it." Traffic Squad 2, 33 Harmonica Club 2: Aviation Club 33 Latin Club 1, 25 Boxing Team 4, 55 Riiie Team 5: R. O. T. C. 5. ALLAN HUBAND "Clever, friendly, and a good pal." Chemistry Club 3. MARGARET HUNT "Her life flows on like a song." Home Economics 1g Library Club 3. AZALEE HYATT "QharagteT if? higher than intellect." ,JK-AYAYAW fgJl.A, 1 g 4, ,V avlgwjywyy-A glxzkw lk .1Aw1kYw1g -W lgvgxvzy ,xg 1 .1 A ' " " 19 38 ,C AgAu,A.,Af ,O AYA , fmov O rf' f 1 x ' S i I EDWARD IVEY "He knows how to do things-and he does them." Y WALTER JAMES "The world is oi wheel and it will come around all right." Hi-Y Club 3, 4, fExecutive Committee 413 Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Advertising Committee for Junior Playg Annual Staff 35 "Wildcat" Staff 43 Glee Club 15 R. O. T. C. Oflicers Club 4. ALEX JANICKI, JR. U "Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul." German Club 1, 2, Chemistry Club 33 Edison Science Club 4g Aviation Club 1. FRANCES JEWELL "The Jewell of all our hearts." Typist on School Paper: Girl Reserves, 1 , i y f " ' "is ' 1 if . ,, - J . 1, 1.1, KELLY JEWELL I " "Real worth requires no interpreter: its everyday deeds form its blazonryf' Marionette Club 13 Intra-Mural Boxing 35 Tennis Club 4. FRED JOHNSON ' "Life is not so short but there is always time for courtesy." CAROLINA CORNELIA JOHNSTON "Rely on yourself." Art Club, fSecretaryD. BOBBY JONES "Leave silence to the saints: I am but a human." Q nf' MARY ELIZABETH JONES . "Great works are performed by perseverance." Girl Reserves 1, 25 Latin Club 27 Glee Club 4. LAURA MIRIAM JONES "Cute and attractive, bright and gay: - Just the kind of girl to brighten the way." ,, Chemistry Club 47 Latin Club 1. A ,xx A ,,. X .Kb 1 I 9 3 8 L A.fN2N.JN,A,A,A , 1 , " ,?4,?Js,4L-Jkvsugvggf Ak .-A lj - Avi-gs,vJg ,J .Lx igg- lk ' ,Nils AA. A A 1 Q! If M 'N 9 Qlefmw " Q SHIRLEY MAY JONES "Friendship is a sheltering tree." Debating Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Wildcat" Staff J45 National Luowf Socie? 4. I, ffL-if' 'A-f' We 1 af' 1- , " ff. 1 I I ELIZABETH JURGENSON "She's worth her weight in gold." Scribblers' Club 2, 3, 45 Debating Club 45 Qerman Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 O. Henry Literary Society 15 Home Economics 1. MARY JUSTICE' V "For she was the quiet kind whose nature seldom 'variedf' HARGLD KERR "A penny for your thoughts." I BILLY KING ' , "He's up to stay up." , 1-1' Latin Club 1, QlCJ'lEXll,l!laStL1:i7 Club 35 Edison Science Club 15.Bi 1..C1i.1b 2. , 1 if :N f J'-fl , fl I.. V '- Q Ji at 4- ' , GERALDINE MOORE KING "Take ei'eryone's advice, then do as you please." Latin Club 25 Tag Day Committee 35 Boosters' Club 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Junior Play5 Christmas Dance Committee 3, 45 Junior Dance Committee5 Annual Staff fAssistant Feature EditorJ5 Dizzy Dozen 45 Glee Club 45 Ways and Means Committee of Junior Class5 Chemistry Club 35 R. O. T. C. Sponsor Company "D" 45 Social Committee 45 Edi- son Science Club 45 Tennis Club 45 Soft Ball Team 35 Inspector for Clean-Up Week 45 Orchestra 4. MARGARET GRAHAM KING "Happy am I, from care I am free. Why ain't they all contented like me '?" Boosters' Clubf3, 45 Tennis Club 1. , V! - ,r'f.' 1 . 2' .' ' ' f' ' ' ff! fi f Af, f ,715 ,J fd!! V ' I - I I ROBERT KING "Lives of great men all remind us-" ROGER KIRK "Better he should be a cat, with nine lives, if talk- ing killed." Latin Club 1, 25 Chemistry Club 35 National Honor Society 45 Science Club 15 Dramatic Club 15 Offi- cers' Club 4. MILDRED L, LAND "A heart without fear5 a face full of cheer." l 9 we 3 8 Aiikvxklkvzk-emi, K "": cv.-g AYAVAY Jgggf hgh vJs.VW1L!VJxYAg-Jkwggilg 4 --N " -iLLYAL44LYA 4457 .54 J. . ML 4 CLYDE WOOD LASSITER, JR. "Give me a million beautiful girls, but give me one at a time." Boxing 4, Edison Science Club 4: Chemistry Club 3. ESTELLE LEE "Roll on world, and I'll roll with you." Nature Club 4. BETTY JANE LEINER "I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world." O. Henry Literary Society lg Latin Club 2g Ar ery Club 2. f Quiet is his nature. i GUS LELOUDIS Mf M ALTON LERAY "Many days may pass, but it will be a long time before we are able to forget such a. good boy as Alton." BERNICE LEVINE "Beir 'mir biste du schonf' Girl Reserves 13 Dramatic Club 13 Boosters Club 3, 43 Cheerleader 45 Chemistry Club 4. KATHLEEN KOLA LEWIS "Where lies my work, there also lies my heart." Student Council lg Girl Reserves 13 National Honor Society 3, 45 Debating Club 4: O. Henry Literary Society 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 45 Dramatic Club 43 "Wildcat" Staff 43 Home Arts Club 1. ISABELLE LOREK "Hope for the best and prepare for it." Home Economics Club 2. JACK LOUGHLIN "Let us then be what we are and speak what we think." Aviation Club 1, 2: Chemistry Club 3: Glee Club 43 Edison Science Club: R. O. T. C. Rifle Team 4. AVERY LOW "Why take life too seriously? You won't get out of it alive anyway, so I laugh, love, and live." German Club 3, 45 Aviation Club 2: Chemistry Club 3. ZX, Alix! 41, JxZglkAygyLA. jx-"w" T xdx JXAAJXAJXJK 19 38 A jxlx W ,xl-ykggfy Lf A if wi' . l M 'I NJ t ' 1 N " '. r ' 1 N xv W Q V--1. ' 'V N REBA MYERS LYELL V. ' "She has personality, looks, and all that counts." U 'K X Glee Club 25 Tennis Club 23 Home Economics Club . Say, A XKCA K lg Library Club 35 Library Assistant 3. L' i n NANCY HORNE LYNCH J- Qs 'Tis modesty that makes her seem divine." 9 Home Arts Club 13 Latin Club 23 Hi-Y Club 3, 4, ' fSecretary 4Dg Dizzy Dozen 4.. L BETTY COIN CIE LYTTON s 5 "She'll be merry, she'll be free: she'll be sad for b 'im L nobody." , ,X s Art Club lg O. Henry Literary Society 1: Tennis ,X Club 1: Home Room Chairman 1, 33 Boosters' Club S, fl ' 2, 3, 43 Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 4, fVice- I ', , L N 'A' President 415 Tag Dag Committee and Dance 33 I 5, , ik Junior Dance: Christmas Dance 33 Chemistry Club 3, CSecretaryJg Cheerleader 3, 4, fl-lead Cheerleader ,I Q 413 Treasurer of Student Body 4. I L. , 5 t l N3 4 Q 5 MARY BELLE MAHN "Her blessings have been manifold." JESSIE MALLARD "Enjoy what you have: Hope for what you lack. n DOROTHY V. MALLISON "Her good disposition is more valuable than gold." Chemistry Club 43 Home Arts Club 13 Girl Re- serves 1. I 1, 1 if GEORGE MATHIS "Let my deep silence speak for me." Edison Science Club, fVice Presidentj 4. w -ffl. ,N V ,!!" ANTHONY HLWMQQZUR "Ther-e's no wisdom like franknessf' National Honor Society 3, 43 Aviation Club lg Chemistry Club 4. FLORENCE MEADOWS "Gentle words are always gain." .fi ' nl DAISY LOUISE MELTON Q "A face with gladness overspreadf' y . V jkYjXv1kvAwJkvJk-AY, "3 , , A jk-A-jk Jgygwjg I 9 as .VYAHJYLA , lg-IKWJYJNWJ -I ' C YA, Y A WA,-A 7 A, Y Jxvygf, ' - 1 9 Ju dr Y of 1 ll N- tb ..- LENA VIRGINIA MELTON "Willing worker, full of mirth, We need more like her on this earth." MORRIS EDWARD MERRITT "His heart was in his work, and the heart giveth grace unto every art." Football 1, 2, 3, 4, CCaptain 313 Chemistry Club 39 R. O. T. C. Officers Club 4, iSecretary-Treasurerl: R. O. T. C. Rifle Team 45 Captain of Staff R. O. T. C. 43 Boosters' Club 43 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, fVice- , President of Minora Chapter 33: Boxing 2, 3, 4, CState Champion 165 lb. Class 37. EUNICE ELIZABETH MILLAR V' "She carries her standard on and you can bet she. will never give up the ship." Home Economics 1, 2. ll 1 BETTY MILLER "Faithfulness and sincerity, first of all." Library Club 4. MARGARET LAVESE MILLER "Friendship is the wine of life." Latin Club 1, 25 Library Club 2. MARIAN CATHERINE MILLER "Gentle of speech, benejicent of mind." ROBERT MILLIS f "Let each man do his best Art Club 1, 2. MARY LOU MINTZ "Life is what you make it.' VICTOR LEE MINTZ "He preferred to be good rather than to seem so." R. O. T. C. ALEC MITCHELL "Thoughts of all has he." f I If ,V Z' MMV'-Q. I ff, I, fy, 'V I were l 9 3 8 f jx JXYJX JNLQAL-Jk,JLY1 4 4, . 1v3nA4l..A- -A- , i A jgi,gfA!f1LvA 1 -LP' 'V gfggi rl-15,677 4-7 46,742 I Q- cmdv ' GLORIA MITCHELL "Even her failings lean to virtue's side." National Honor Society. CLAYTON MOORE "For they can conquer who believe they can." ELIZABETH MOORE "Love is a disease that is incurable." Glee Club 1, 25 Tennis Club 1, 25 Boosters' Club 4: French Club 1. ' :fn K, - - 4 I 0 SHELTON MOORE . ' , "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you? Aviation Club 1, 25 German Club 1, 2, 35 Chemis- try Club 3, 45 Football 4, 55 Edison Science Club 4, 5. BENJAMIN MORRILL "He loved chivalry, truth, and honor." KATHERINE MORSE "Be true to your work, your word, and your friends." Orchestra 1, 25 O, Henry Literary Society 25 Art Club 1, 2. CHARLES MURRAY "To act natural is to act right." National Honor Society 45 Chenrgistr Club 4. 1 EMERY MURRAY "True as a frili 'iistiibbrth Mile a student." Aviation Club 2 he 'stry lub 5 Edison Science Club 5. , . I' ROSALYN MURRAY "A true friend is never forgotten." MARTHA MCCAIG "Sincerity is an openness of heart." Dramatic Club 15 Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, iSecretary- TTGZSUIQFDQ Vice-President of Sophomore Class: Library Club 25 Hi-Y Club 3, 4, CSecretary 3, Presi- dent 4J5 O. Henry Literary Society 3, 45 Debating Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Eastern Girls' Hi-Y Con- ference 35 Archery Club 35 Dizzy Dozen 4. v A A A A 1 4, f g'A jkvi-AJLYAYA A JL .px A in gk Jg J 4'4" ,WA AYYAYAV A , 19 38 4 :R ff l O .bv 5 Qiefamovf ' EMILY MCCALL "The sweetest flower that ever grew." Latin Club 1, 2: Art Club 1: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, QSecretary 33 5 Hi-Y Executive Board 3, 4: National Honor Society 4, 1SecretaryJg Dizzy Dozen, Snappy Six 3, 4, fTreasurerl: Chemistry Club 4: O. Henry Literary Society 43 Junior Playg Assistant Art Editor of Alnnual 43 Library Monitor 4: Home Room Chairman 4. LOUISE MCCRARY "Her qualities cannot be expressed in words." Chemistry Club 4. ALEX MCINTIRE I "Attention! Forward march into life!" O. Henry Literary Society 1: Cadet Officers Club 4: Hi-Y Club 4. 5 I JULIAN MCKEITHAN. "The lastxof the Mo-Keithans and one of the best." Latin Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 5, CVice-Presidentl: State Music Contest 2, 3, 4, 5: Tennis Club 2: Boosters' Club 4, 5, fPresident 51: Basketball 3, 4, 5: Monogram Club 4, 53 Home Room Chairman 4, lVice-President 435 Baseball 4, 53 Chemistry Club 33 Circulation Manager of "Wildcat" 3 CLARA SUENEAL MCLEAN "A true friend is never forgotten." Glee Club 2, 3. MIRIAM NEAL "What a delightful creature." National Honor Society. JACK NEUER M 7 M1 M "Such brains, such charms, such a blush." Aviation Club 1: Student Council 2: Biology 2: Chemistry Club 3: Edison Science Club: Freshman Science 13 Hi-Y Club 4g Vice-President of Junior Class. CAROLINE DANIEL NEWBOLD "Oh,! how this girl can draw." . Hi-Y Club 3, 4, lVice-President 41 3 National Honor Society 3, 43 Chemistry Club 33 Art Club 2, 33 An- nual Staff 43 Latipf 1Club 1, 23 Dramatic Club 1. I ' rf iI'A.0fwyi:m4f- THOMAS A. NEWTON "Man is man, and master of his fate." Aviation Club 2: Harmonica Club 23 Intra-Mural Boxing 35 Basketball 3, 4, 5, MARY ELIZABETH NURNBERGER "Patient endurance attaineth all things." jk-lxv M if-A W 1 d", , x lg 'A!vJg' YJQ I9 3B ,'AY,xYAWAvJx,A,1gYJ -1' C-,fy ,A AKA A A A , rut' I ,I Q! ' .+- Z 13 I U-fig 'JJ' A X Z... ,. I!- , r',, . I, ffl: ,4f!' ' Y LUV X ,wif fi' Q f ,, J .1 fl, .,l I fancy' FRED O'KEEF, JR. "Splendid in character, ability and countenance." Latin Club 13 Aviation Club 1, 23 Freshman Science Club 13 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 33 Student Council, fVice-President of Student Bodyl 43 Hi-Y Club 43 Edison Science Club 4. ,fl ...- 4 NELL DORCAS OLIVER 1 "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the race." Latin Club 2, 33 Debating Club 43 O. Henry Liter- ary Society 3, 4, fSecretary-Treasurer 413 National Honor Society 43 Nature Club. BESS HAYES ORRELL "Sweet as a song." Home Economics Club, CVice-Presidentj 4. JOE OUTLAW ' "Honor is purchased by deeds we do." WILLIAM ROBERT PAGE, JR. "There are no ladies left: I have them all." Tennis Club 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y Club 43 Home Room Chairman 43 Boosters' Club 43 Edison Club 43 Cheer- leader 4. ' 3 QL i MARION PAGE "A nature of laughter, friendliness, and wit." Latin Club 13 Chemistry Club 33 Glee'Club 13 Dramatic Club 4. ALICE OLIVIA PARKER "The sweetest garland is the sweetest maiden." Girl Reserves 1. LEONA PARKER "Not married but willing to be." Glee Club 13 French Club 1, 23 Boosters' Club 3, 4, iVice-President 41 3 Cheerleader 3, 4: Tag Day Com- jmittee 3. LUCILE WEST PARKER "What should one do but be merry." National Honor Society 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Home Economics Club 13 Dramatic Club 43 Debating Club fProgram Chairmanl 43 Library Monitor 13 Scrib- blers' Club 23 Nominating Committee for Freshman Officers: Oiiice Work 33 Home Room Chairman 23 Inspector on Clean-Up Campaign 43 Treasurer of Home-Making Club 43 Girl Reserves fg Typist for Annual' Senio Play 0 I ,K ag 30 XVILBURN C. PARKER 15.54 "A man who is silent may be wise: one who talks must be." Captain Company R. O. T. C.: National Honor So- ciety 3, 43 Hi-Y Club 3, 4, CPresident 473 Student Council 33 Home Room Chairman 33 Paper Staff 43 German Club 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, fVice-President 413 R. O. T. C. Officers Club 43 Aviation Club 23 Junior Play, NPN jk-ykyk-Av A-l'AfJ avg Avililgvjkf i A AWAY Avi- Aix, J -4' ,'1,wJgz1xYzx,, A AVA .4 fl I Me!! MYRTLE RAY RIVENBARK "We'll always remember her for her friendly good will." Latin Club 23 Girl Reserves 1, 23 Boosters Club. 1, 23 Home Economics Club 13 Basketball 1, 25 Library Club 2. JAMES ROBERTSON "An illustration of true genius." Dramatic Club 13 Glee Club 2, 3: O. Henry Literary Society 23 Latin Club 13 Chemistry Club 4. MARY ROBERTSON "If thou seelc'st devilment and fun, then look for Mary." Tennis Club 1: Archery Club 1, 43 Latin Club 1, 25 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4. LOUISE ROBESON "A most delicate, dainty, and sweet little creature." Hi-Y Club 4g National Honor Society 3, 4, iVice- President 435 Tennis Club 3: Latin Club 1, 23 Chemistry Club 43 Art Club lg Library Club 3, 4. xx BEATRICE ROGERS "A smile from you each day will drive each care away." Latin Club 2, 33 Chemistry Club 45 Home Econo- mics Club 4. RUBY ROGERS "Ruby was ever our favorite gem." Home Arts Club 13 0. Henry Literary Society 25 Latin Club 2, 3. DOROTHY BELLE ROLAND "A smile for all she meets: a charm to make each memory sweet." Hillcrest Fr. High Dramatic Club, Burlington, N. C., 1, 2: O. Henry Literary Society 33 Chemistry Club 33 Junior Play: Scribblers' Club 3, 4, iVice-Presi- dent 45: Boosters' Club 3, 4: Dramatic Club 43 Home Room Organization, 1President 413 Student Council 43 Judicial Committee 4: Dizzy Dozen 45 National Honor Society 4: Annual Staff 43 Clean- Up Committee Inspector 4. BETSY AGUSTA ROPER "The thoughts of you is a gay dream." O wil Girl Reserves lg Chemistry Club 3. ' LAWRENCE ROSE ' ' V 44 - - n ' ' i'Wl"- fafwki ,. To be envied by the circus clown. A K ,5 ,f',,,g, ,, , Latin Club 1, 2, Nature Club 15 Chemistry Club 35 ' Edison Science Club 4. 'V v.,,,,,?,:,,l1g V . ,.,,, I K f, ., .1 CLARICE P-OSENMAN Q "You 'auto' to be as successful as you are delightful . Latin Club: Glee Club: Tennis Club: chemistry Club- .,,.. I 9 3 8 ,CA-A-AwAiAvAyA.v, x 44' f ,-,AYA',y,A.Jgw,xv1y,. .HAW1KwlkfAvLA7l YA, 1 -A' vly-MJgYW,4xvyg Arfyg-,Ag J w ! 'Muff MJ W 5 f N J, .. l Q V lv f jill" I 1 .1 3 , " . gp l ly' -79 af f fl' f"""w5 ,lr ,f DORIS ROSS "Her eyes are like saphires set in the face of an artist's dream." Latin Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1: Chemistry Club 4. J- .1 , , 5 .. " d ' 4 I 1 HAZEL MARIE ROUSE "With her pleasing ways she has won lasting friends." LINWOOD ROWAN "Hear me, for I shall speak." Art Club 1, 2. SS Amiability shines by its own light." Chemistry Club 3. MARGARET SALEEM "In 'virtues nothing earthly could surpass her." Girl Reserves 15 Chemistry Club 4, I li L, THOMAS SALMON , ' ' M I .,f if ffw "Humor is one of the elements of genius." EMILY ROSE SEITTER "No other rose e're bloomenl sweeter." Art Club 13 Library Club 1, 23 O. Henry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 4. - -. 6 -V'-I Gu WNW ylj - I ' I MARY B. SELL "You think she is shy, Oh me, oh my! You just don't know her- That's why." Art Club 1, 2, Nature Club lg Boosters' Club 2, 3, 4, fSecretary 413 Cheerleader 3: O. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 3: Dramatic Club K' QU x is V w 1 4, Leader of Honor Study 43 Paper Staff. ELNITA FRANCES SELLERS "A countenance in which do meet sweet records, promises sweet." Home Room Chairman 1, 23 Gastonia High School 1, 25 Bicycle Club 43 Lexington High School 3, 4. GLENWOOD SELLARS V M A.. ' "I can guard my own." K!! - A f I9 38 jf!-' A-AWA-JLwAvA'A-1 x V .1 sw,-2-jx-Jxwjk -ggvgxv A, Y LA w,A,,A vAi,1N,,f'kL,-0-W1 -A ' s-yggwgu-,exvgfgl 1g,VJkYTAgi-5, P 1 f ' l v , 6 my '1 ws .wi lf JJ I is A . to .ff fi MARY NASH SELLERS f ' "So earnest, so modest, and withal so sweet." Q ' I HERBERT SHAIN "The hand that follows intellect can achieve." O. Henry Literary Society 13 Aviation Club lg Chemistry Club 4. TOM SHAW "Earnest, active industry is a living hymn of praise -a never-failing source of happiness." Football. V, " L., E Q I . Ji '., x- 0 , mir 14,4111 , -,Q .. ' . M' ' 5 I Y B 5 I I FRANK SHEPARD "What his heart thinks, his tongue speaks." MAE ANNE SHEPARD "She is as sweet as she looks and that's enough said." Girl Reserves 1, 2, fVice-President 253 Dramatic Club 4. ELIZABETH SHERMAN "Gay good humor sparkles in her eyes." INA LEE SHERMAN "A perfect woman, nobly planned: i . To warn, to comfort, and to command." . Qi P DORIS SHEW A "Her treasures are her friends." RALPH SHIMER "A friendly grin for everyone, that's Red." Home Room Chairman '19 Windsor High Aviation Club 1, 2g Football 3, 43 Chemistry Club 3: Intra- Mural Boxing 35 Baseball 3: Hi-Y Club 3, 4.n, , nal 5 Y? ld' gl U in ,-ix X DOROTHY MHVAR if-' "Her heart is ever filled with song: As merry as the day is long." A-AYJLA-AYA-Af, "5 , .YA JL-lv-AY4L4A,l .. 'M I 38 K f ,YA fjxvgn Y Aevyk-Avi. J -4 N ,',yi4g.vA VA A. Av A A244071 ' LACY SIDBURY "Be true, and thou shalt fetter time with ever- lasting chains." ELBERT SIKES "Once ra friend, always a friend." J yn- , J 451' fr .J A "'. , f 1- I :A ' .G V ELEANOR SIMPKINS 'S' "She has a way of her own." JAMES SISTRUNK "Learn to live and live to learn: Ignorance like a fire doth burn." BILLY SKIPPER "Good humor is the clear blue eye of the soul." I TOMMY SKIPPER f-4. C ' "Fm free, single, disengaged, looking for someone to love." Trafllc Squad 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Swimming 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 4. ,Y 2- be f , af, 1 L U JAMES H. SLOAN M . "Many smalls make a great." Latin Club 1, 23 Freshman-Junior Aviation Club 13 Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis Team 3, 4g Home Room Chairman 43 Freshman Science Club 13 Edison Science Club 33 Chemistry Club 33 Nature Club 2. ' I , W- x A 4, ' U f ,U f wr . BETH SLOCUM "Quiet in appearance, neat ancl kind." Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, fTreasurer 33 3 Delegate to State Hi-Y Conference 3, 43 Archery Club 2, 43 Tennis Club 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Student Council 33 Chemis- try Club 33 Planning Committee for State Hi-Y Conference 4. ' CARLYLE SMITH "Inches do not make the man." German Club 2, 33 Boxing 3, 4. CLIFF SMITH "A well-bred man, always sociable and complaisantf' Intra-Mural Boxing Tournament 1, 2, 3. Xi' 38 eg, A A A A A A A , K kvAK,WAvA-AVAAFA jx!-Jggggyxfgy lx ,AAA A I ff EDITH SMITH "Diligence is the mother of good works." FRED SMITH "Life, life, what are thou without women?" Baseball 13 Junior Play3 Hi-Y Club 43 National Honor Society 43 R. O. T. C., 1Captain 41 3 Oflicers' Club 43 Declamation Contest 33 Boosters' Club 43 Editor-in-Chief of Annual3 Glee Club 43 Traflic Squad 33 Chemistry Club, fPresidentl 4. JEAN B. SMITH "Always looking for the dawn." O. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 23 Home Room Chairman 23 Hi-Y Club 3,'4Q National Honor Society 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, iSecretary 31 3 Chemistry Club 43 Library Monitor 2. KATHRYN SMITH "The hand that made you fair, hath made you good." Art Club 13 Chemistry Club 4. MARY EMMA SMITH "She is gentle, she is shy: Q' But there's mischief in her eye." is THOMAS SNEEDEN "Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it." Football 2, 43 Aviation Club 23 Science Club 1. MARY CARR SOUTHERL AND "A- violet by a mossy brook-half hidden from the eye." Latin Club 1, 23 O, Henry Literary Society 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 1, 43 Hi-Y Club 43 Glee Club 43 Basketball 3. EDNA STANLAND "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul." RUTH STANLEY "Her frowns are fairer far, than the smiles of other maidens are." Girl Reserves 13 Glee Club 13 Traffic Club 23 Chemistry Club 33 Latin Club 3, 43 Debating C uh 43 O. Henry Literary Society 43 Scribblers' gl b 43 National Honor Society 4. D - I ERNEST STARNES " - "Silence is one great art of conversatrbnf' O Wm f f . , 'fm if " , We wg.. 9 " K 5 ,,vs,yJszLJg,A:,Jx,,-4stvA.y.1 ' ' .JKCV ..A.Vgg,'.-fx. 19 38 ,vA. f ,Jx?4xw,4yv4k.-alg vxgy! ' Q-iwf' ' 444' !JgW,A,Y AWA ,, I N X , ' O. S I F NN ,.,-.fx 22 1 3. V Q 'i,LYl.'x 1 ' Q 'PN 3. 'eil' ax g . EJ 'rv-fi ,qi . v f ,, .JW J ,Jb ,f fb 1 is jf! i'133,lSf , ii? -.ff X 'a rd' 'J 1 f DORA SWAIN X , , "She looks as clear as morning grdsaes, steeped in dew." 2 , TOMMY SWAIN I 3' I "On with the dance, let joy be unconjinedf' HARRISON MATTHEW SYMMES, Ju. "For every why, he has a wherefore." Freshman Home Room Chairman3 Latin Clubg Hi-Y Club, lPresidentJ3 Lieutenant in R. O. T. C.3 Re- porter on "Wildcat"3 Managing Editor of "Wildcat"3 National Honor Society, fTreasurerl3 Sophomore Aviation Club: Cadet Officers Club 4. FRANCES TAYLOR "As lovely as blossoms in the moonlight." Hi-Y Club 43 National Honor Society 43 Tennis Club 2, 3, 43 O. Henry Literary Society 13 Latin Club 1. RUTH THOMAS "As refreshing as sparkling champagne." Latin Club 23' Home Room Chairman 33 Library Club 2, 43 Chemistry Club 4. . E. WALFORD THOMPSON A G, In "And a King there wasp , 1" fl' He speaks for himself, hefneeds no introduction." Latin Club 13 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Scribblers' Club 33 Debating Club 4: Glee Club 43 O. Henry Literary Society 43 Chemistry Club 43 Tennis Club' 3. MARY THOMPSON V "Seren e-unassuming-quiet." Art Club lg Chemistry Club 33 Edison Science Club 4. ' 1,1 K' W . WILLIAM THORNTON ' T-ffl.. Qf.,,e.C'i-4-N "Bless the man who first invented sleep." Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Home Room Chairman 33 Ways and Means 33 Nominating Committee 2. DOROTHY TOMPKINS "There is profound eharmk4in1?141stery.f5 - CTF'-an-QL -If ve- WGA eller? -1--ff"Iwf.fI f 1' M PEYTON GILES TQWNES-fi .Qffw ,Q "Written on his face by nature snhdnd, a man of intellect, dignity, and dependability." "Wildcat" Staff 3, 4, fEditor 4, Advertising Man- ager 333 National Honor Society 3, 4, iPresidentl3 Hi-Y Club 3, 4, fSecretary 333 Young People's Council 4, iTreasurer 473 R. O. T. C. 43 Junior- Senior Prom Committee 3, iChairmanl Junior Class Criticp Class Ring Committee 13 Gir1's Hi-Y Play 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Chemistry Club 33 Tennis Club, I Q JLIEX-4.41!N.A,1 ' , e A Jkvgy-Avzgggryog .vbl AvAY A-,Af AvM 4 --4 N K A A 41 fgk 5115. gg M ,9 33 B + fl 45 5. Q A. 3. 5 14" 4, f'fff.,L Qi. :jf-ww' K l I . f 5, L i. r it i 1 Il 'fel' INV I . .Til ta! if ' Mi 4 Yu' j li R P QA few, J OTWAY STEELE TRA L . .U "Education is a possession which cannot be taken away from men." O. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3: Tennis Club 33 Cheerleader 43 Nature Club 15 Chemistry Club 4g Paper Staff 3, 43 2nd Lieutenant in R. O. T. C.: R. O. T. C. Officers Club. JULIAN H. TUSCH "His hair was not more sunny than his heart." Chemistry Club 33 Edison Science Club 43 Swim- ming Team 3. HORACE TYLER "GentZeness has its powers." TOM UNDERWOOD "Good nature is always success." O. Henry Literary Society 1, 25 Latin Club lg Avia- tion Club 23 Assistant Manager Football Squad 23 Manager Basketball Team 2, 3, 45 Manager Foot- ball Squad 3, 45 German Club 3, 4, CVice-Presi- dent 41 5 Junior Playg Chemistry Club 33 R. O. T. C., fSergeant Majorl, MARY VAN NES "Warmhearted, impulsive, and true." Boosters' Club 43 Dramatic Club 1. JAMES A. VEREEN "A big heart, always wishing to do 'right and be friends with everybody." A I , MV GERARD VERZAAL . "Talks as fast as he walks." K X 4' X -J' . RALPH C. VOLK "De5idedly unique-his special way." Intra-Mural Boxing 3. RALPH WALTON "The memory of what has been, and never shall be again." Traffic Squad 43 M. P. 5. EDITH MERLE WARD "Of manners gentle, of affection mild." Glee Club, f T I 9 " 38 VWJKWIN-vA',fk-r!LvA'A.w.-f x 4 f ig ,jk JM A Jk jk -,.JS..:'Y..,"r...,-!2,J'K-QfY"s..J -If A A lx.. A A A A f' 1 'x w . 52 'rrp ,kk U X JH' 1 ,gl , ,if L- 'K D fv fa' AX CZWQYJ ' raw BOBBY EDWARD WATERS "It doesn't pay to worry, things are bound to hap- pen anyway." Intra-Mural Boxing 33 Football 1, 43 Boxing Team 4. BILLY WEAKS "He's young and has plenty of time." Latin Club 1, 23 Chemistry Club 33 French Club 1, 2. RANSEY WEATHERSBEE "He who loves not wine, women, and song, Has no pleasures the whole life long." Latin Club 13 "Wildcat" Staif, fAssistant Business Managerhg Hi-Y Club 3, 4, fVice-President Alpha Chapter 4, Secretary 313 Chemistry Club 3: Annual Staff, fAssistant Business Managerlg Radio Club 15 Edison Science Club, CPresident 41. HAROLD XVELLS f "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 2: Edison Science Club 43 Hi-Y Club 4. LEON WELLS , "No single virtue do we most commend." Radio Club 1. V FREDERICK WENBERG A V "Who can think of '38 without remembering Fred?" Aviation Club 1, 25 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Chemistry Club 43 Edison Science Club 4. JEAN WENDT "She needs no purse: her gold is in her hair." Glee Club 1, 2, 3. ygfw 1 ,ff fl kvff f jj? li N . HJC!!-X ELEANOR HALL WESTBROOKLHI ,YLABQZ "Born for success, she seemed with grace to win, with heart to hold." Latin Club 1, 2: Library Club 3, 43 Dramatic Club 13 Chemistry Club. MARION WESTBROOK, JR. "Seize what is highest and you will possess what is between." XA X sf' MARY WHEELER ' "A cheerful disposition is a friend of re xy capital." Latin Club 1: O. Henry Literary Solety 1, 2, 33 National Honor Society 45 Library Cl'b 1, 2, 3, 4, fVice-President 3, 413 Chemistry Club 41 Debat- ing Club 4. g jkv1XvJkw1kg1L7A.-,AYYJ 4' A xv,x AiA-Av,k!xv,Ah l9 38i. -LAYA-J9ffAil-Awtx J "4" S .fy A A Jk A yy A A, Qdeffafwff ROBERT C. WHITAKER "Fun and frolic is his aim." . . . , "Breaking hearts his favorite game! Latin Club 1: Officers Club. ' LILLIE BELLE WILKINS "And still be doing, never done." Latin Club 1, Nature Club lg Traffic Squad 3: Home Economics Club 4. EDITI-I WILLIAMS' "As pgtty as a red, red rose." MARY PARSLEY WILLIAMS "The proof that all the angels aren't in heaven." Latin Club 3, 4: O. Henry Literary Society 43 "Wildcat" Staff 4. DELMAS WILLIAMSON "Who does the best his circumstance allows, Does well, acts noblyg could do no more." JIMMIE WIl.LIAMSON "Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes, his curling hair!" Boxing' 1, 4: Chemistry Club 33 Physics Club 4. 5 a 1 W . 1' , 4 rf , il ' FRANCES WITHENGEALS . -l "Life is but a span: h V I'll enjoy every inch of it." ' Dramatic Club 13 National Honor Society 4: O. Henry Literary Society 43 Executive Committee 4. BILL WOMBLE "The next best thing to being witty one's self is to be able to quote another's wit." Secretary of "Ki-Wi" Aviation Club 2: Assistant Manager of Football Squad 25 Manager Basketball Squad 25 Manager Football Squad 3,3 Advertising Manager of Athletics 4. ANNIE CORNELIA WOOD "Great thoughts, like great deeds, need no trumpet." Glee Club 13 Nature Club 4. FLORENCE LILLIAN WOODBURY "What sweetness is left in life if you take away friendship 7" Glee Club 2, 33 Dramatic Club 13 Boosters Club 3, 43 Junior Play Cheerleader 4: "Wildcat" Staff 4. AAA.,AAA.A,. AAAAAAA V ' tu. A A 'XA A AA 59 38 ---li Q LL-,ad .J rf' v -fr- ye .1 ' X , , JOHN WREDE "He is our friend-need we say more? " I - . u x W a V . J ff I , A '9 , , . I wk' 'J ',,,, , - F m, I, ,, , DOROTHY ELIZABETH WYCKOFF "Taste and good 'nature are universally connected." Home Economics Club lg Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Na- tional Honor Society 4. ARTHUR XANTHOS "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast." I Tennis Club 2, 43 Scribblers' Club 3: Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: 0. Henry Liter- ' ary Society 4g Chemistry Club 4 fe c Aw1Y,JN2k,4,kJN,1 ' , e A Jing-lx A-ily A gg l9 3S v4 ifllgi 45-gkvygvrig J -Ll, 3, 16 JKWAQAV VA 'Ag "J A x., IUNIORS 1 9 3 E3 .lax ik 1, N Sa fx,- if Ujuf -X 5' ,f -f ' -- :E f'Pv1?i 2 -li .TEI I + ' ? f fm' ww wfwf .1 1-E V, X 'AV N X , X f if 'W 1 ! X X NYM : ,f f if Av X ' XXX N S s ' "' 0 fav' HV, H ,415 ',,"'s ' f 1' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BILLY GIBSON, President m JIMMIE DAVIS, Vice-President BUREN SIDBURY, Semfetury-Treasu1'e1' GWENDOLYN SIDBURY, Sturleuf Council Repfesefzfafiw BOB SCHULTZ, Sturlent Council Rep1'ese11iative A A,A'A, A'A,A,1 ' -VAL A-AWAY AYAA IS-7 38 771-Y jkrlxwgglnrykvlg 1 M-lj ,WA AYYA-A774 Y Ai A 2 Mmm ,f 1 DOROTHY ARTHUR MARY AYCOCK CAROLYN BAISCH MIRIAM BARRINGTON ELIZABETH BELL MARY LEE BELL ELIZABETH BENDER BETTY BENSON ELIZABETH BLAND MARGARET BOUNDS ELSIE MAE BRIGGS BERNARD BRISKIN DORIS BRITTAIN EVA SUE BROWN JOSEPHINE BROWN MARY BRYAN MAUDE BULLOCK MARIE BURGWIN ' BILLY CALDER ROBERT CALDER , a ,, 4 JACK CANADY JANIE CARTER JANE CHRISTIAN MARY CHRISTIAN CHARLES CLARK EDITH CLARK LULA COLE LUCY CORBETT 9 ' 38 . 'ff' jk f, A A A A A 74 K ' f s,,4Lw1k-"Y.JkV4V-'IV-flgn A Al A A AA A- 1 'f"',T 4' f,f'k,Jk.!Y-i-,LAYYA--JV J ! Q16 , VIRGINIA COUNGI1fx JEAN CRAFT A' LUCY CUMBER MARIAN DARDEN JIMMIE DAVIS MARJORIE DAVIS JANET DIEHL MANETTE DIXON JOYCE DUNHAM' L JOHN EVANS JULIAN EVERETT DORIS FAIRCLOTH ALTON FALES FRANCES FARROW ANNA FEENSTRA DONALD FISHER EMILY FISHER JIM FURR DOROTHY GAYLOR HENRY GORNTO ANNE GREEN DELORES GREENE ATHALIA GRIFFITH NANCY GRIMSLEY HELEN HALL JEAN HALL XVILLIAM HALL i Wjx-,vx'.xx:-,k AAA 1 " A AAA zxpyx A SZALJKEEA-AJKJYA-J Jggx1xJg,xAA 'J JANE GULLY A I BY .J VI jig!! rr- O A, . N: .gg If . 9 ' A aw NY-,A awww BETTY HALLIGAN LILLIAN HAMILTON EDWIN HARRELSON HARRIET HARRINGTON Qkjxvdffyj HARRIWI HEARN BETTY HENVLETT CATHERINE HEWLETT BETH HIGHSMITH MADELINE HILL DAVID HOLMES MYRTLE HORTON HERBERT HOUSTON ALINE HUFHAM MARY JACKSON, JOSEPHINE JANICKI MARY JOHNSON WILLA FAY JOHNSON ELIZABETH JONES OWEN JONES ELLA MAE KETCHUM HAZEL KING JOHN KING MARY KING WILLIAM KING VIRGINIA KINGSBURY MARY FRANCES LAND SADIE LARSON Jxvjxvyy-Jgyfgvjx-Af, x f"A f .L-,XJ Jw-,Kwik . 19 38 V A A-'WJgw,!ggk ,,Q,,,bV,4J - fl E f' ' Gvrzgu Jxvqg Q46 CECIL LEE BETTY LEWIS I MOIKRIS MAHN JACK MARSHBURN RALPH MATTHEWS BILLY MCCLAMMY BILLY MCGIRT TKITTY MCKOY , WILLIAM MCMILLIAN PAUL MCRACKIN LE MOUNTTE MEIER BILL MIARS NORMA MILLIKEN MARJORIE MONTEORD n MAJ ffig JEAN MONTGOMERY ' 3 ' 5 V2-UAB J MKG Us MORSE L- If . - . 4 , XI 5 LOULIE MURCHISON ' ,J I J Nj' FRANCES MURRAY , , ,J ,X ,J Y T, I I fm- JERRY NEWBOLD Yin A JESSIE NEWBOLD , 3 A- LX, BEAMAN NORMENT PATRICIA O,SULLIVAN ALICE OCHS HAZEL PARKS 'K a STEVE PECK n a LILLIAN PETERSON 1' ZH J JACK POTTER I Ll -j SILVY ANNE PRESSON fm A-jx-AVA-AvA'A-J S' 4' f. ,vAfAYAwJK,EA:JMLA, A !x -A 4Av WAifJ .Hi -.- il-i-4k gn Ai gkv4 4 'I WI 'wr ffm, DOUGLAS PREVATTE MARY LOU RAYNOR STANLEY REHDER MAE CLAIRE RICH CATHERINE RICHTIER ELIZABETH RIDDIGIQ BRADLEY ROEBUCK ELIZABETH ROGERS RUTH ROGERS AERIBELLE ROLAND CATHERINE RUSS JEAN RUSSELL WARREN SANDERS JIMMY SI-IIMER GWENDOLYN SIDBURY MARGARET SINCLAIR MURPHY SINGLETARY ANNIE IQATHERINE SI OA N GRACE SLOAN GRACE SLOCUM CLIFF SMITH EMMA LOU SMITH CELADYS SNEEDEN BLANCHE STANLEY JAMES STOKELY CLYDE STROUP ANDREW SYMMES HAMPTON SUTTON , , HA- : fu 11 J s Y , V' I W' it IQ' 38 Y Q Jx,1S.vJxh,S,gv1x,:'11,,JtJb . ,K :,""q! ,V,gAJkvJgwj.Y4gvJm.7!,Mk, -JNf,lP,4'+v1b+N,J'e,4"s,4"4- 1 V 'T-11-I " -v,gzJyiMANtYyghM,s,Y,fxvJx, J MMM 742 A DAN THOMASON EDWARD TRIGG ELISE TRUELOVE CAROLYN TUSCH . '. ff JEWEL VVALTERSQ, ,, 'fx-M BEVERLY WALTON MARJORIE WATERS HELEN WEATHERSBEE ERNA WENBERG CONRAD WESSELL JOYCE WESTBROOK FRANCES WETTIG WILHELMINA WIERSE MARY WILLIAMSON MARY WOOTEN 'i A If 7 r ,, l,,.5.4 M ...ef , 02 W .f if ,f1g'f,f' V4 ,' Q QQA GLENWOOD YOPP , in fy, Y 'Lil' NATHAN XANTHOS X AX I 9 3 8 , " lv, Q, JxwfxY,fJx9AckfgnAgxm,m,L! 5 4 ,f ,VvAffJx,,,Av,A,!x!x,fAM,V, k-AAv!yi,Ai,,AwAA, ,xifg 1 'I' ' ,,,fyw,Av,V,4. A,,AYAv,k, , SOPI-ICJMORES 1 9 3 8 f 3 ab LX xx L Xx A Q? e 0 ,WF E F Vxyfe MQWQYJ ' fvvl k' .I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LOUISE HOOPER, President DICK CANTWELL, Vice-President MARGARET I-IAYNIE, Secretary-Treasurer WARREN PENNINGTON, Student Council Representative EUGENIA CRAFT, Student Council Representative I 9 3 8 !kYY,Av1kW1kwAY,f4WfJxmy K ""i Ykvyg f-wygD,A-qgg-ygw-,X ,,z'K,,!'SvfN,AK,!s,f'k ,f-4.Mf 1 A X ,M MA,mA A A V - ..-.,,f ,WQZZ ff yum SOPHOMORE CLASS MOTTO: "U1ziferl we sfurzd, ffividcfrl we fall." f 5 I 9 3 8 K U jk-:1X,!KwJLi A-AYAW , K 4 2A A-A Arfjxjx AN 2-A 'X f A -WJY-fX'!XY"Y J 'I ' xv,xi1xvfx-j A ,gr YJxw,A Y ,WXQZQ ff mm 4 421' A fw - S, f L ...,..:g, SOPHOMORE CLASS PURPOSE: "To strive and succeed." COLORS: Blue and Gold. I9 38 A-,AAYA-,A'AvAvA , 4'gf kvA AwAvAvA'AakA 1e-fY-f'X.-.A-nf HY' , A AA, A A A A A R. O. T. C 1938 A " V ,yu-If STAFF Caclet Major: RAY FUNDERBURK Battalion Sponsor: MARY CORBETT Captain Acljntant: ALEX MCINTIRE Plans ana' Training Officer: MORRIS MERRITT Captain of Military Police: ERTLE HEWETT Stay? Lienfenants: SAM BISSETTE, BOBBY XVHITARER Sergeant Major: TOM UNDERWOOD 'Color Sergeants: EMORY MURRAY, LAMAR MCIVER Color Guards: WILLIAM KING, JOI-IN KING fs 6' 9 MAJOR WILLIAM VANDYKE OCHS, U. S. Army, Cavalry Professor of Military Science ancl Tactics ,A-AvA.AsLA.A-I R A v A' , I 9 3 8 I LJ? Af . I COMPANY A Ojicrrs: Ctlpfuillt ROBERT HARDWICK Sponggrg BETTY LYTTQN First Lieutenant: ROGER KIRK Second Lieutenant: STEELE TRAIL LAWRENCE ANDREWS NELSON CALHOUN OWEN JONES TOM BAKER JENNINGS EDWARDS HEBRERT HOUSTON L. H. HOUSTON EUGENE ALLEN ALBERT ANDREW JAMES L. ANDREWS RUSSELL BARNES EUGENE BLAKE LOUIS BORNEMAN K. D. BOWERS L. J. BRIDGES RAY BRINDELL LINWOOD BRINSON THOMAS BRUNJES HARRIS BULLARD JACK CANADY JAMES CASTEEN WILLIAM CLENDENIN RANDOLPH CLEWIS CHARLES CONOWAY MARVIN CONGLETON WILLIAM COTTLE SL' rgeanls: CLYDE LASSITER, G1lid07l GENE FONVIELLE, Top Sgt. Corporals: WILLIAM KING JACK LAUGHLIN JULIAN MCKEITHEN P1'iw1Ies: ALBERT Cox WALTER CROUCH HAROLD DANIELS RANDALL DAVIS JOHN DAWSON WALTER EARNHART HERBERT EASTERLING CARRINGTON EGGLESTON JULIAN EVERETT ROBERT GAYLORD WILLIAM R. GIBSON FREDERICK GORMAN BERT GORNTO JAMES HARRIS ALEX HILLIARD GIL HORTON WESLEY HUGGINS MIKE JACOBS ALEX -JANICKI CARL JENNRETT NEIL KELLEY ROY LAMB CLYDE LEONARD ALDON ALONG JOHN W. LOUGHLIN HARRY MCCARTNEY PRESSIE MCMILLAN A. B. MINTZ LUTHER MINTZ U. S. MINTZ .JAMES MOHN PRESTON OLIVER ROBERT ORRELL EARL RAY JOHN RAYNOR JERROLD ROBINSON THOMAS ROPER SAM ROWAN THOMAS SALMON RALPH XVALTON EDGAR WHITLEY SHELTON MOORE ADRIAN RHODES BILLY SKIPBER CLIFF SMITH ROBERT SAINT-AMANO CHARLES SASS ELVERTON SHAND RAY SHEPPERD CHARLES SHIMER H, LOUIS SHRIER WALTER WSMITH EDWIN SINHRES. JAMES STOKLEY ANDREW SYMMES HERBERT TOWLES DAVID TROUTMAN LUTHER VEASEY JAMES WATERS RAY WHEATLEY JAMES WHEELER RUSSELL WILLIAMS WILL WYCKOEE H klvi-1 1' 1 X A jg A AVA ,XX 19 38 CWJs.MJk,1x,v Avgkv zxvug y .4 J- ,, Aiilxvlx vi-J I 9 . 742 ff 0 Captain: FRED SMITH First Lieutenant: PEYTON R. A. BURNETTE HARRY FUTCH CHARLES HARPER DEWITT BROWN LEROY BUTLER RUEUS CHADWICK TOWNES COMPANY B Oficers: Sergean is: EDWARD MAXWELL VICTOR MINTZ, Guidon TOM GAUSE, Top Sgt. Corporals: BEN DANIELS VENNON HAYES 1 J ' . ,f A4 Y v . , 1 V Sponsor: BETTY HENDERSON Second Lieutenant: CYRUS HOOUE THOMAS NEWTON FRED O,KEEF J. C. PITTMAN JOHN KING JOE REAVES TEBE SANFORD Privates: A. ALDERMAN WILLIAM FOWLER JOHN MERRITT ' JAMES SANDERSON ALFRED BELL JOHN GORMAN EDWARD MORRILLV U X! EDWIN SMALL -- FRANK BENTON JULIAN GRISSOM WILLIAM MORRISS JOHN SMIDT DAVIE BLAKE CHARLES HARPER JIMMY MORSE K HENRY SMITH WINSTON BLANCHARD RUSSELL HEWLETT MARVIN MURPHY' LEVIN SNOW ELDWOOD BRADSHAW JACK HIGH EMERY MURRAY RICHARD SPARKMAN DAVID BRINKLEY CHARLES HILL BILLY OCHS WILLIAM SPENCER RUSSELL CHINNIS WETZEL HOLT DAVID O,KEEF ROBERT STROU11 CHARLES CLARK E. H. HUDSON GEORGE OUTLAW WALTER SYKES HOMER CLARKE ROBERT JUSTICE COOPER PAGE DILLON TAYLOR ARTHUR CRAIG GRAHAM KELLY STANLEY PATELOS EDWARD WARD RILEY CRAWFORD GEORGE KING VAN PIERCE CARL WALKER MARVIN CULBRETH BRUCE LEE J. W. PITTMAN JOHN WESTBROOK JOHNNIE EDENS JACK MARSHBURN HUGH REECE JENNINGS WILLIAMS BOBBY EDWARDS JOHN MCEACHERN FRANK ROSS R. WORTHINGTON CHARLES ELDREDGE LAVERNE MCFARLANE WILLIAM ROURK NATHAN XANTHOS JAMES FENNELL PAUL MCRACKEN WARREN SANDERS I Q D-'R 38 AvAvAVAwAvA5w,, K fffg, ,4AYfAm,xwA,!g,A,,,AC,A,, W Y K V -A N ' Cvfxlr Jxw1X,f!kEM.12,, .1'F,..f ROBERT ANDREWS COMPANY C Ojirers: Captain: BILLY' BROWN First Lieutemml: DAN CAMERON Sponsor: FRANCES TAYLOR Second Lieutefzalzt: TOM BRIGGS Sergeants: LUNDY BENTON WILLIAM PAGE CARL PAIGE SIG BEAR JACK GRIEFITH FRED SHEER BRUCE BIGGS DICK CANTWELL ROBERT Cox EDWARD CRAIG WILLIAM DICKINS NED FROWNFELTER LEON FUTRELLE VOLNEY GILBERT HENRY GORNTO MARSHALL GRISSOM WILLIAM HALL L. A. HIGHSMITH ROGER EARP, Guizlon LAWRENCE ROSE, Top. Sgt. Corporuls: NATHAN COLE DOUGLAS PREVATT Prizfzzles: WILLIE HOLLEMON ALLEN HUBAND WILLIE JONES JAMES LODOR FLOYD MCDANIEL HUGH MACRAE TRUMAN MACILL ROY MARSHBURN JACK MASON V RALPH MATTHEWS ,'jfLlM,f1, D. MAULTSDY 'f ALGERNON MEICS DONALD MERRITT DICK MILLER WALTER MUSIAL JERRY NEWBOLD JACK NEWTON JOHN OTTERBOURG GRIFFITH PAGE STEVE PECK STANLEY REHDER B ADLEY ROEBUCK ' EORGE SANDLIN IMMIE SIMPKINS JUSTUS SISTRUNK BILLY SMALL RALPH SHIMER TOM SNEEDEN ERNEST TIENKEN MALON SNIITH HENRY GOODWIN CHARLES SCI-INIBBEN RILEY SMITH WAYNE SPENCER ALLEN STRANGE ELIWER STREETER LYNN TILLERY RALPH VOLK JAMES WALTON HAROLD WELLS CONRAD WESSELL MARION WESTBROOK FMERSON XVILLARD MARION WOODBURY N' sa I 9 ,lf"' ia-Zxw-?X-JgAvYjx17A-J x -f Xu,-Q-lhgquyk-YA-JgvyS.W!5, A JXYVYAVW !gf,4giyN. BAY' J .I ' C-Ygxmg-1kvJxYJxY Jxvyx 9426? O COMPANY D Ojficerx: Captain: BILLY PARKER Sponsor: GERALDINE KING First Lir'1zfeIm11f: WALTER JAMES Srcoml Lir1Ilf'mI1It: HARRY SYMMES Sc'rgerzI1fs: LEWIS CARROLL KELLY JEWELL BOBBY JONES 77' BILLY DAVIS WP-f DONALD FISHER JULIAN GODWIN EDWARD BAME ROBERT BATCHELOIL GEORGE BECKER CARSON BENSON EARL BIGGS WARREN BRASWELL EDWIN CARRELL FRANK CANPIELD HARRY CARTER CLYDE CASE CHARLES DAVIS WILLIAM DAVIS ALTON FALES BILLY STARLING, Guidorz WESSELL SPOONER, Top Sgf. S Corporuls: A " A L, DAVID HOLMES CLIFFORD MCIVER DONALD GORE DOUGLAS GOWER RAMWEY HALE HENRY HARRELL WILLIAM HARRISON JACK HIERS WILLIAM HINNANT BILLY HOLLAND FOXIE HOWARD WHIS HUEHAM WILLIAM JENKINS ANDREW KESTER ERBY KING W. M. KING. HARRY LACKEY G. T. LANE RALPH LONG HOWARD MARTIN E. L. MATTHEWS THOMAS MCCRANY' LAMAR MCIVER WILLIAM MCMILLAN LEIWOUNTTE MEIER HARRY MICKEY HERMAN MILLS POMEROY NICHOLS AVERY LOW JACK NEUER NORMAN WOODCOCK CHARLES SPENC Ig , V JOHN STOREY -,f BRUCE WAI.TO JESSE SANDY EUGENE SEITTER CLAYTON SMITH HAYWOOD STARLING WILLIAM STARNES CLYDE STROUP FILMORE SURLES CHARLES TAYLOR VERNON TAYLOIK EARL THOMAS ALEX TRASK JOE XVALKER OSCAR WALTON JOHN FUNDIZRBURG W. D. KING LEE POOLE R- A- YOPP CLARENCE GANEY W. F. KING JAMES RANEY I 9 3 8 ,l"" ,X-,x-A-15 AvAvA,1 , f ,AV A-AvA,1g,,xw JCW I YVFV Avkrzx. Yzgry .IN V ,v,yw,gV,xn4xW An AYAY ., , --w-immune? Mft MILITARY POLI N. H. H. S.-R. O. T. C. Captain: ERTLE HEWETT Assistant Captain: X R E ALTON Sponsor: MAJOR OCHS GEORGE BECKER WILLIAM HARRISON , JACK LOUGHLIN DAVID BRINKLEY HARRY CARTER ARTHUR CRAIG RILEY CRAWFORD ALTON FALES JAMES HEIDT KELLY JEWELL ROBERT JUSTICE HARRY LACKEY CLYDE LEONARD 19 38 QQJOE REAVES JOHN W. SPOONER RALPH WALTON CARL WELKER EDGAR WHITLEY WIA-AWA-jgAvVA'A W, x "' lf ,vi A-A'Av,1y',x A L A 'AWAY' Al-yxzfg 1 -D .YA Av,x'AvAY A A WMO ' , ,ff W ,, f 1. - " , .f . L, . ' 1- R. O. T. C. BAND Cap qi : 'AC HOLMES! Sponsor: DORIS ANDREWS , A Lieutenant: JOHN BELCHER Sergeants: JAMES ALDRIDGE BILL WATERS JAMES SIMMONS JOHN WREDE Corjnomls: JOHN CLAYTON ROBER'T SCHULTZ JAMES HEIDT JOHN MCDOUGALL Band Master: LIEUTENANT LACOCK I9 38 . ,'l',, JXAIX, JXWJKW Jk,,JkT,1'k.LJ R 4 f kv,-gkfx-..4x'yk,,4yvJ"-Y A V -,JM,.IY,, lk, AvA,-!N,1s-J -ai," " L.-gx AZJXYPAKI-.,Av,!gwfJgV-74 GRGANIZATIONS 1 9 3 8 U e 14 I , O my - D5 fx, I MM A I IYA4 iii X 6 w w .,.-4..,,...,,. , .,, -,.,.- X 'x 'i 1-W--'1 : X W QV I f, .1 If ,N ' . fi-X L xg t f X 'Hmxfllllll HH , L .fg-1 -Av. x.,s.f Z g L gf lg, gJS.f NJ O We MQWUV LL DORIS ANDREWS FRED O,K.EEF BRADLEY ROEBUOK GRACE SLOCUM BETTY LYTTON DOROTHY ROLAND ERTLE HEWETT STUDENT BODY OFFICERS DORIS ANDREWS, President FRED O,KEEF, Vice-President BRADLEY ROEBUCK, Recording Secretary GRACE SLOCUM, Corresponding Secretary BETTY LYTTON, Treasurer L DOROTHY ROLAND, President of Home Room Organization ERTLE HEWETT, Captain of Military Police 18,5-AMLIKW4, x f' ,wv W v-Ab -M,Asv43-F g i 19 38 TA-vglgfakfryx VY A-45,?K,, YJ fl" V ,lg Awmgk - W,g ,'g?,.xqr-ls A, -I Mffi ' Q16 ff ' STUDENT COUNCIL Aiin: To promote student participation in school affairs. Reprcsezifrziivesr A Seniors juniors DORIS ANDREWS, pwsidwlt BILLY GIBSON, President of ,39 FRED OfKEEF, Via,-p,,e5ide,,1t BRADLEY ROEBUCK GWENDOLYN SIDBURY WILBUR BRYANT, President of '38 GRACE SLOCUM BOB SCHULTZ JEAN BERTRAM Solbhovnores DAN CAMERON LOUISE HOOPER, President of ,40 BETTY LYTTON EUGENIA CRAFT WARREN PENNINGTOIN ERTLE HEWETT DOROTHY ROLAND Eighth Grade BILLY BROWN, President of Norib Carolina J. A. WEST, President of '42 Sfafe Sfnficnf Council Congress EVELYN BROWN JIM LYNCH Aiin: To encourage the cooperation of students in upholding the regulations of the school. Members: DORIS ANDREWS, President ERTLE I-IEWETT, Captain Military Police BRADLEY ROEBUCK, Secretary VASHTI GORNTO, Senior Rejwrsentativr DOROTHY ROLAND, President Home GLENWOOD YOPP, junior Representazfirue Rooin Organization MISS FRANCES FORNIY-DUVAL, Faculty Adviser ' I9 I 38 i gywfzxwyywygrf AYA brl, A n 1 x "Egg cv,xWJk,Jk,v,+if1X.,,a'vL , lib VVAYA V ,kvlvf-Llxvlx, J fi' ,-JkvAv,xw.A,fi,p, Avgg V, Qleff eemfww HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS President: ELOISE HONNET Vice-President: BESS ORRELL Secretary: RUTH HOLMES Treasurer: LUCILLE PARKER Reporter: ANNETTE ABELOVITZ Sponsor: Miss MADELINE TRASK I9 38 vAwA-VA- AVA-As, 1 , 4 'E -,A Av.A-AvJCv.AsssA, w,,A,4,,A,,Aw,Av4A1iyls,,1 -I ' ' ,VA YAYNA--AY,A A1 AY J jig! U ANNETTE ABELOVITZ GLORIA AINSWORTH INEZ BAGGETT NETTIE BAKER NELL BATSON VERGE BEAL MARGARET BECKER MILDRED BELLAMY ELIZABETH BENDER LOUISE BENNET OLETA BENTON ELOISE BETHELL ROSA LEE BIDDLE ELOISE BLACKWOOD AUGUSTA BLAKE DOROTHY BLAKE MARIE BOST SADIE BOWERS GENEVA BOWLES CATHERINE BRADSHAW MARGARET BRADSHAW HELEN BRINSON FRIEDA BROOKSHIRE EvA SUE BROWN HORTENSE BROWN MARGARET BROWN ELIZABETH BROWNING HELEN BRYAN MILDRED BRYANT JUNE BUCK ELLA MAE BULLARD ANICE BURCHELLE EDNA BURRIS JEANETTE BUSH SARAH CAROTHERS ANN CARR ALENE CARROLL FRANCES CASTEEN MARIE CHINNIS VIRGINIA CHURCH I-IARRIET CLARKE I HOME RUTH COBLE LUCY COCHRAN GWENDOLYN COLLINS BROWNIE COUNCIL EUGENIA CRAFT ELSIE ACREECH JEAN CREECH MARIGOLD DARDEN CAROLINE DAVIS FLORENCE DAVIS HELEN DIXON MARTHA DOSHER NELLIE DREVYN MATTIE DUKE ANNIE DYMTRUK MARGARET EDDINGS NANCY EAKINS ADELL EDWARDS MYRTLE ELKES DOROTHY EVERETT FRANCES FARRAW SARAH FLOWERS BETTY FOWLER LII.LIAN FOWLER MARGARET FOWLER DOROTHY FUTRELLE DOROTHY GAINES NINA GARNER DOROTHY GLENN MELANIE GOODMAN MARY GORMAN NANCY GRIMSLEY VIRGINIA HALES HELEN HALL BETTY HALLIGAN LILLIAN HAMILTON LORRAINE HAMILTON RUBY HAMMOND ELIZABETH HARDWICKE LAUNA HARRELL MARTHA HARTIS LUCILLE HART ECONOMICS CLUB MARGARET HAYNIE NORMA HENDERSON SARA HERRING HENRIETTA HODGES RUTH HOLMES ELOISE HONNET MYRTLE HORTON JOYCE HUBAND LAURICE HUEHAM AZALEE HYATT MARY LONDON JAMES ISOBELLE JANICKI JOSEPHINE JANICKI LOLA JOHNSON WILLIE FAYE JOHNSON BARBARA JOHNSTON RUTH JONES MARY ELIZABETH JONES ANNA KERTRULES JUNE KINGSBURY DOROTHY KURE FRANCES LARSON SADIE LARSON MADELINE LASCOR MAE LAWHORNE BETTY LEINER VERONICA LEWANDONSKI CATHERINE LEWIS CHRISTINE LEWIS JANE LEWIS VIRGINIA LOFTIN ISABELLE LOREK REBA LYELL BETTY LYTTON MARY BELL MAHN LOUISE MILTON EXXIE MELVIN META MICHAELIS NORMA MILLIKEN MARY LOU MINTZ MARJORIE MONTEORD EVELYN MOORE FRANCES MORRIS' GERTRUDE RUSSELL NORMA MYERS ANNELL SANDLIN CLARA MCLEAN LEWAN SAUNDERS MARY KATHERINE NELMS MARY SAUNDERS ANNE NEWBOLD LOUISE SHAUL JESSIE NEXVBOLD FTSIKTA LEE SHERMAN MARY NISBET L SYBIL SHOLAR BESS ORRELL ' PATRICIA O,SULLlVAN ANNIE GRACE PARKER JEAN PARKER LUCILLE PARKER RACHEL PEARSALL MEREDITH PERKINS TULA PETALOS ELIZABETH PETERSON LILLIAN PETERSON MARTHA PETERSON CHRISTINE PHILAMON ELLIE PHILLIPS ANNIE LEE POWELL VIRGINIA QUINN EVELYN RACKLEY MARGARET RAYNOR MARY LOU RAYNOR SABRA REESE HELEN REGISTER VIOLET REGISTER SUSIE RHODES MONTRE RICH MARY FAY RICHARDSON ELIZABETH RIDDICK JULIA ROBINSON MABEL RODERICK BEATRICE ROGERS RUTH ROGERS JOSIE ROMEO BETSY ROPER MARJORIE ROURK KATHERINE RUSS HELEN RUSS ISABELLE RUSSELL ELEANOR SIMPKINS KATHI.EEN SKIPIIER BETH SLOCUM HAZEL SIVIITH MARY ELIZABETH SMl'I'll MARY P. SMITH MARY SNEEDEN LILLIAN SOUTHERLANI1 MARY SOUTHERLAND NIXONII SOUTHERLAND DOROTHY SIIOONER JULIE SPRUNT GRACE STANLEY DOROTHY STEVENS BETTY SWAIN DORA SWAIN SHIRLEY TARTT MARY TAYLOR RUTH THOMAS SHIRLEY THOBTPSON DOROTHY TOMIHKINS CAROLINE TUSCH PAULINE WALKER THELMA XVARTERS LAURA WEBB LOUISE WELLS SUZANNEN WESTBROOK JEANETTE WHEELER WILHELMINA WIERSE LILLY BELL WILKINS MARY PARSLEY WILLIAMS ORMA JEAN WILLIS ELIZABETH WILSON THEO WORRELL J A-AYAWAW Avyxv-AJ, x DJJ, K-AvAvAiAY,X!KJ ,X L-Arjk-Jxvlg-jKYJkvJgJ .41 K A ,K jk A A lx A A, QAM O DIZZY DOZEN AND SNAPPY SIX BETTY HENDERSON BETTY LYTTON . ELIZABETH BOWDEN EMILY MCCALL . ELIZABETH BOWDEN MARY CORBETT MARIA DAVIS VASHTI GORNTO JOSEPHINE BROWN MARY KING OU'iC'l'l'5I DIZZY DOZEN ELIZABETH I-IARDWICKE BETTY HENDERSON GERALDINE KING NANCY LYNCH SNAPPY SIX BETTY LEWIS LULIE MURCHISON . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer BETTY LYTTON MARTHA MCCAIG EMILY MCCALL DOROTHY ROLAND ALICE OCHs HELEN WEATHERSBEE WJKLJXWJXYJE, AYAEAWJ 4' f C ,,YAwA'AVf4g,Jx,,,A I9 3w8 -.Lf-'N ,.,. IVWJSHA-Wffs ,..., ff 'I'--f' ' C .lg A A A 4 Q 3 ' i If O O. HENRY LITERARY SOCIETY Aim: To improve English and to encourage good reading. Ojficers: INEZ FULBRIGHT . . . . . President RUTH HOLMES . . Vice-President NELL OLIVER . . Secretary-Treasurer MARIA DAVIS . . . Program Chairman Adviser: MISS ROBERTA MACKENZIE Members: MARY AYCOCK LILLIAN BELLAMY JEAN BERTRAM MARY ALICE BLACKHALI ANNIE MAE BOWDEN ESTHER BROXVN EVELYN BROWN WILBUR BRYANT KATHLEEN COLEY LUCY CORBETT EUGENIA CRAFT NORMA CROOM MARIA DAVIS MARY DAVIS RUTH DAVIS DANIEL DETCHIN INEZ DEXTER JOYCE DUNHAM INEZ FULBRIGHT KATHERINE I-IANSON HARRIET HARRINOTON FRANCES HEARN RUTH HOLMES ELOISE HONNET MAY HOWES MARY LONDON JAMES TALMAGE JORDAN KATHLEEN LEWIS EDDIE LOFTIN MARTHA MCCAIG EMILY MCCALL MARJORIE MONTEORD NELL OLIVER JOCELYN PECK HELEN PIEPER JOHN POTTER MAY PRICE CATHERINE RICHTER BOBBY SANDERS WILLIAM SCHWARTZ EMILY SEITTER LOUISE SHAW FRED SHERR BUREN SIDBURY KATHLEEN SKIPPER GRACE SLOAN GRACE SLOCUM JEAN SMITH MAROUERITE SMITH LILLIAN SOUTHERLAND MARY CARR SOUTHERLAND CHARLOTTE SPRUNT RUTH STANLEY WALFORD THOMPSON MARION VICK J. A. WEST MARY PARSLEY WILLIAMS FRANCES WITHENGEALS ARTHUR XANTHOS SOPHIE XANTHOS I 9 ' 3 8 -71XW2kv Avivlkv-A my x ,v,g ,IKYA-A H !X,ujXM4fg -,,Jk,,!X-.JY ,LA-AA'-fx vfkw! '4 ' Cwgx I Jxwfkffxi A--Jxvbvr, 742 ffww THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ideals: Character, Leadership, Scholarship, Service. Ojfieers: PEYTON TOWNES . . . . President LOUISE ROBESON . . Vice-President EMILY MCCALL . . Secretary HARRY SYMMES . . . Treasurer Members: DORIS ANDREWS LAWRENCE ANDREWS LEON ANDREWS ROBERT ANDREWS JEAN BERTRAM SAM BISSETTE ANNIE MAE BOWDEN ELIZABETH BOWDEN TOM BRIGGS BILLY BROWN WILBUR BRYANT DAN CAMERON GEORGE CHADWICK MARY CORBETT FRANCES COUGHENOUR NORMA CROOM RUTH DAVIS HORTENSE FINKLESTEIN INEZ FULBRIGHT VASHTI GORNTO ROBERT HARDWICK BETTY HENDERSON CYRUS HOGUE ESSIE HOLDEN SHIRLEY JONES ROGER KIRK KATHLEEN LEWIS ANTHONY MAZUR EMILY MCCALL GLORIA MITCHELL CHARLES MURRAY MIRIAM NEAL JACK NEUER CAROLINE NEWBOLD NELL OLIVER LUCILLE PARKER ,JANICE PICKARD HELEN PIEPER MAY PRICE LOUISE ROBESON DOROTHY ROLAND FRED SMITH JEAN SMITH RUTH STANLEY HARRY SYMNIES FRANCES TAYLOR PEYTON TOWNES MARY WHEELER FRANCES WITHENGEALS DOROTHY WYCKOFF ARTHUR XANTHOS J jxwfxvzy-JQALJL-Jk,1 I , .WA jk-4-Jkvygvjkfjy 19 38 K ,AYQVAYKA -!N,E, Av!-.,!X LISA! 'I ' -YQ1x?Jg Q-JN. 'yy An AVA , 716 MCZWOYJO CHEMISTRY CLUB Purpose: "To create interest in and broaden the knowledge of Chemistry." Ojfieers: FRED SMITH .... President JIMMY SHIMER . Treasurer KATHERINE HANSON . Vice-President MARY CORBETT . . Critic GRACE SLOCUM . . Secretary GEORGE CHADWICK . Reporter MRS. R. H. WILLIAMS, Sponsor Members: DORIS ANDREWS LEON ANDREWS ROBERT ANDREWS MIRIAM BARRINGTON MARY LEE BELL MIRIAM BLANTON ELIZABETH BOWDEN GENEVA BOWLES CATHERINE BRADSHAW JOSEPHINE BROWN ELLA MAE BULLARD ROBERT CALDER GEORGE CHADWICK LUCY CLARK JOSEPHINE CORBETT LUCY CORBETT MARY CORBETT CHRISTINE COLEY CATHERINE COSTELLO JOHN COVIL BILLY DAVIS JIMMY DAVIS MARIA DAVIS VERNON DEVANE MANETTE DIXON DONALD FISHER BETTY FOWLER LILLIAN FOWLER DOROTHY FUTRELLE ROBERT GRISSOM JANE GULLY WILLIAM HALL BETTY HALLIGAN KATHERINE HANSON CHARLES HARPER EDXVIN HARRELSON WILLIAM HARRISON BETTY HEWLETT ERTLE HEWETT RUEUS HORNE HERBERT HOUSTON WALTER JAMES LOLA MAE JOHNSON PEGGY JONES MILDRED LAND BERNICE LEVINE KATHLEEN LEWIS MARGARET MAHLER DOROTHY MALLISON ANTHONY MAZUR JACK MARSHBURN MARTHA MCCAIG EMILY MCCALL BILLY MCCLAMMY LOUISE MCCRARY CHARLES MURRAY EMILY SEITER HERBERT SHAIN ELVERTON SHANDS JIMMY SHIMER BUREN SIDBURY NELSON SIMON TOMMY SKIPPER GRACE SLOCUM JOHN SMIDT FRED SMITH MARY E. NURNBERGER JEAN SMITH NICK PONOS JOHN POTTER BEULA MAE PRIDGEN LAURA REGISTER DANIEL RETCHIN JAMES ROBERTSON LOUISE ROBESON BEATRICE ROGERS CLARICE ROSENMAN DORIS ROSS HELEN Russ MARGARET SALEEM KATHRYN SMITH HAMPTON SUTTON DAN THOMASON WALFORD THOMPSON STEELE TRAIL ELISE TRULOVE MARION VICK HELEN WEATHERSBEE ELEANOR WESTBROOK MARY WHEELER NORMAN WOODCOCK ARTHUR XANTHOS GLENWOOD YOPP ' I9 I 38 . JI'-f jkwjglk-'Av Avjkv-.Avz s J. I ,, VOM! ,v,-,W Aviv-JK' LWAYYAS-,,AV, AwA,,A,,-fC J JV ,WA Y Ai,xvA,:A A A.k,A,, L, ' 4 THE LATIN CLUB Motto: "R6ma Aeterna!,, Colors: Purple and Gold. Officers: ROBERT HARDWICK . . . . . President VASHTI GORNTO . . . Vice-President MARTHA MCCAIG . .... Secretary-Treasurer JERRY NEWBOLD . Chairman of Program Committee Sponsors: Miss STACK Miss LATHROP I9 W' 38 ,BAYAW AWA-A C J , "fe ,AY AVA-A A12 At 5 Jxi-vjxv1xf A.'JKv1Y,-lSJ 'I' LJXQJKYIXYJYV A-V Avjk- " ---v-:aivf ee ff O A ,SA 2 . SX w DORIS ANDREWS BUREN SIDBURY DRAMATIC CLUB WINIERED BAGWELL DOUGLAS PREVATT . . . . MARY ALICE BLACKHAM . . . DORIS ANDREWS DOROTHY ARTHUR WINIFRED BAGWELL MARGARET BECKER MILDRED BELLAMY ELOISE BETHELL MARY ALICE BLACKHAM ELOISE BLACKWOOD ANNIE MAE BOWDEN ELSIE MAE BRIGGS JEANETTE BUSH VERNELL CAIN LUCY CORBETT CAROLINE DAVIS FLORENCE DAVIS RUTH DAVIS INEZ DEXTER Officers: MISS RUTH DAVIS, Sponsor Members: NANCY EAKINS EMILY FISHER ETHEL GHOLSON MELANIE GOODMAN JANE GULLY ELIZABETH HARDWICKE MARGARET HAYNIE BETTY HENDERSON OPAL HERRING MARY W. HOLLAND LOUISE HOOPER PEARL HORNE JOYCE HUBAND EDNA HUCKS ALINE HUEHAM DOROTHEA JONES SHIRLEY JONES ELIZABETH JURGENSON JANE KING MARY KING VIRGINIA KINGSBURY CHRISTINE LEWIS JANE LEWIS FRANCES MURRAY ANN NEWBOLD HELEN PIEPER SILVEY ANN PRESSON MAE CLAIRE RICH DOROTHY ROLAND MARJORIE ROURK KATHLEEN SRIPPER ANNIE KATHERINE SLOAN EMMY LOU SMITH MARY CARR SOUTHERLAND . P resident Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian SARA SOUTHERLAND EVELYN SOVEREL JULIE SPRUNT SARA STANTON DOROTHY TAYLOR CAROLINE TUSCH BEVERLY WALTON ORMA JEAN WILLIS BETTY WYLIE SAM BEHRENDS BRUCE BIGGS BILLY JENKINS DOUGLAS PREVATTE BUREN SIDBURY WESSEL SPOONER WALFORD THOMPSON ARTHUR XANTHOS NATHAN XANTHOS l I9 38 A Y AWAWAWKAW Av yx-Af, N "FE, ,vAvJJAv,ywAY- JXAVK A CwJXnV1N.JKVJkvZkYJY.JK I 'I ' ,Wig Ygxvlkvzg arf. AVA , jig!! First Semester MARTHA MCCAIG . . CAROLINE NEWBOLD . NANCY LYNCH . . . MARY KING . GIRLS' HI-Y Officers: Second Semester President . . ELOISE HONNET Vice-President . BETH SLOCUNI Secretary . . . MARIA DAVIS Treasurer . HARRIET HARRINGTON Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Slogan: Clean speech, clean scholarship, clean athletics, clean living. Motto: Character through service. Members: DORIS ANDREWS ELIZABETH BOXVDEN LULA COLE MARY CORBETT MARIA DAVIS VASHTI GORNTO KATHERINE HANSON ELIZABETH HARDWICKE HARRIET HARRINGTON FRANCES HEARN BETTY HENDERSON Y jg-jx-,K- !Li-JK, RUTH HOLMES ELOISE HONNET LOUISE HOOPER MARY KING NANCY LYNCH MARTHA MCCAIG EMILY MCCALL KITTY MCKOY LOULIE MURCHISON CAROLINE NEWBOLD g AYAYAW Jyvjmw A - V J? ALICE OCHS LOUISE ROBESON MARY ROBERTSON BETH SLOCUM GRACE SLOCUM JEAN SMITH GLADYS SNEEDEN MARY CARR SOUTHERLAND JULIE SPRUNT FRANCES TAYLOR HELEN WEATHERSBEE xii jyvzx-Jgyxvjkvlxv gfJX!Aw,gfygfY,g A-,AY ,- he!! I Q. i A LEON ANDREWS ROBERT ANDREWS TOM BRIGGS BILLY BROWN WILBUR BRYANT ROBERT CALDER GEORGE CHADWICK DAN CAMERON RAY FUNDERBURK CYRUS HOGUE WALTER JAMES ALEX MCINTIRE MORRIS MERRITT BOYS' HI-Y ALPHA CHAPTER FRED DOCK GENE FONVIELLE ROBERT HARDWICK LAMAR MCIVER FRED O,KEEF BILLY PARKER MINORA CHAPTER JACK NEUER BOBBY PAGE STEVE PECK BRADLEY ROEBUCK JIMMY SHIMER RALPH SHIMER OSCAR PECK DOUGLAS PREVATT BOB SCHULTZ ANDREW SYMMES WILLIAM THORNTON RANSEY WEATHERSBEE GLENWOOD YOPP BUREN SIDBURY FRED SMITH HARRY SYMMES DAN THOMASON PEYTON TOWNES HAROLD WELLS jx-A M-Atl ,J 31 -,1xYJK..2N.1x-AJSJK-fx , 19 38 . A yx A A JxLJgg,,7, .4-'R ,wAY4Rv,xzA A, A-Dy is Mfzkwvf ' if , HP. If ,I ?1 - 5 s I f , i NATURE CLUB KATHERINE GRAY, President JOE SCI-IWARTZ, Vice-President - BILLY CRAIG, Secretary and Treasurer Program Committee: AUGUSTA BANCK KENNETH DAVIS DOROTHY KURE H Club Advisers: Miss WRIGHT MRS. HARTZOG I 9 3 8 41" jg-yxvyk-'Aw Avjk-A71 5 I xvlwgrjkvf-Jkvlkvyk-lg V Ffjkiavjx YYJx.vJyv,!k,,JXv!gVV,1 -A' ,-A ffgrrr-AVA VA- A-ygr 1 Zig fancy VOCATIONAL COOPERATIVE A' 'EMPLOYMENT CLASS ALBERT ANDREW MARIAN AULD HARRY BOWDEN DAVID BROWN VERNELL CAIN NELSON CALHOUN CHARLES DOMLER I-IERMAN DUKE ANNIE FOUNTAIN MADELINE GORE The following is a list Members: JULIAN GRISSOM JAMES HARVELL ELIZABETH HOLT CAROLINA JOHNSTON JOHN LOOKEAW JOHN M1NTz ALEX MITCHELL VERNON OVERBY CARL PAIGE IRENE PETERSON LAURAH RAYNOR A. B. RIGGS DORIS SHEW ELBERT SIKES THOMAS SMITH DORA SWAIN BILLY TUSOH HORAOE TYLER MARSDEN WARD of Occupations in which students are being trained: Auto Parts Manufacture Printer Telegraphy Machinist Clerk Advertising Gas Station Attendant Undertaker Commercial Artist Carpenter and Contractor Garage Mechanic General Office Railroad Freight Office Secretary Interior Decorator Dental Laboratory Assistant Photographer Cabinet Maker Typewriter Repair Electrician A Cooperative Vocational Training Plan has been inaugurated at New Hanover High School this school year. Each Student enrolled is placed in an occupation which has been carefully Selected to meet his desires, qualifications, and vocational tendencies. The Student's progress throughout the course is under constant supervision. The cooperative employment program aids both the student and employer, It prepares the student for employment by allowing an opportunity to get actual job experience. And, at the same time, makes available for employment those students Who have received worthwhile training and experience in the occupations represented in Wilmington. An advisory group chosen from industrial, business, School, labor, professional, and club leaders has been used this year to assist with the beginning of the program. I 9 3 8 A AWA AQA. AWAVJ f .YA jxvAwJkLJy-1-, A E - - - R B JkYjgw,xw,,v,A.vyk-M7771 -AN c-Dx AQAYAYV A AY-A .1 W ffmw 'ff HOME ROOM ORGANIZATION DOROTHY ROLAND JULIAN MCKEITHAN HELEN- WEATHERSBEE MISS FORMY-DUVAL ETHEL BEASLEY CARL BLANTON ANNIE MAE BOXVDEN JUNE BUCK ROBERT CALDER KATHERINE CRAIG CAROLINE DAVIS RUTH GHOLSON VASHTI GORNTO LEHMAN GREENE WILLIAM HALL CONSTANCE HARRELL ELOISE HONNET Ojficers: Me11zbe1's: OWEN JONES ANNA KERTRULAS LUCY MAE KING CECIL LEE BOBBY LITTLE BILL MIARS EMILY MCCALL BILLY MCGIRT JULIAN MCKEITHAN MARY KATHERINE NELMS EDNA LEE MCLAIN BOBBY PAGE JEAN PARKER . Presidmzzf . Jfift'-P1'65i6l6'7lf . Secretary-T1'eaSu1'ez' Faculty Adviser' STEVE PECK JANICE PICKARD DOROTHY ROLAND WILLIAM SCHWARTZ JAMES SIMMONS JAMES SLOAN MILLER SNOW S. T. TYLER MARION VICK LINA WALTON MAR JORIE WATERS HELEN WEATHERSBEE JOHN WOOD I 9 3 8 ,i"" L jx-Jxvgy-Avzkvfywjxvl N J ,f Cfgfjkvzk-Jk,!gvJxw!xn hffAif,xYA Avglyizk J qv' ' ,WA AWA YA H4g,.fyY4g 1 fn f . Bw 1 f 'KT' ,f 5' an fb ff if f 7, PJ TP " 'Eff ' . 0 s P. 1 B 9' LIBRARY CLUB f' ,W ARCHERY CLUB :fx L , X 95 Qi Vw ff L f-1-ff QXVEFMJ Q J ',x'Jyw-,Azz ,A.,vf,t,A.vYJ x-n,.mn::a,,J4,EK?.f':x4m,!'E5-.,,.ffN,-.fS,,1X1vm , A ywf-,FjE,,fx,,fk,:, A, JK 7 .1 V- W 4' ff? gf J" f f' 2 ff ei iv '? ii- w , N ,fd-7 we . Ogffgjffycfwgih wyfwwmz A V DEBATING CLUB A n A ff 7 .4 J V G 1 I P A3 " ' f 1 ' N 4 f 1. 9 , f 0 5 4 F IVIVW nluyqw H SCRIBBLERS' CLUB ,ff-Q. if Wy. agar, L fi Q2 , X , Jia,4 Q:QJ I " W' . X +,1rL,.ff'f1w,,4ffQ't1m,::4"'Kf:g1fff!Nkf-,,-f': 1-.gfa-..,,,f4k-wr' I JE ' agp? '-.,-fx? W.f5'-,4-"Qk,:,4f"xfffN,,,!X,,f"s. ,.N,JAq...f"x'YfffB,...,ff'x,ff3N ' 'Y-Q'55"" K xv!"-5,v,'Q.,,,df'x,,4fx:,,VA., Jxvya, 1,2 - VX,,,,3 ff? fr ff Gp fy if Q U Q , , K"NfNf'X J! f"N,f'mfS GLEE CLUB V V H EDISON SCIENCE CLUB 1 , V "'-77X 4. W 4 3 Q V jkwjkwfkmlgw ,Atv ,v,,,-,?m,f'a..7 X I Y , VY Y ' ' ,'YJ'N.v2kYY1"X-v4"'x: V 7ZK7ZX:::f N WWW ,WS BOOSTERS' CLUB CLUBS AND THEIR PRESIDENTS Club ARCI-IERY CLUB . . BOOSTERS' CLUB . CHEMISTRY CLUB . . . DEBATING CLUB . '. . . DIZZY DOZEN AND SNAPPY SIX DRAMATIC CLUB .... EDISON SCIENCE CLUB . . GERMAN CLUB . I . GLEE CLUB .... BOYS' HI-Y-Alpha Chapter . Minora Chapter . GIRLS, HI-Y CLUB .... HOME ECONOMICS CLUB . . HOME ROOM ORGANIZATION LATIN CLUB ..... LIBRARY CLUB ..... NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . NATURE CLUB ..... O. HENRY LITERARY SOCIETY R. O. T. C. OFFICERS' CLUB . SCRIBBLERS, CLUB .... President GLADYS SNEEDEN JULIAN MCKEITHAN FRED SMITH ANNIE MAE BOWDEN BETTY HENDERSON DORIS ANDREWS RANSEY WEATHERSBEE BILLY PARKER HORTENSE FINKLESTEIN GEORGE CHADWICK MORRIS MERRITT ELOISE HONNET ELOISE HONNET DOROTHY ROLAND ROBERT HARDWICK JEANETTE BUSH PEYTON TOWNES KATHERINE GRAY INEZ FULBRIGHT CYRUS HOGUE VASHTI GORNTO I9 38 44" jg-Avzx-JNL Avjg-A, 1 5 f Cv,-gy jkYAvA,!g,A,, lx 5 Aijyw1xYA',A,Jk,,A- J -I' --AKA-A ,An ,gi Avjg PUBLICATIONS 1 ' X lily . . NA M N1 X ff XX . l A X, N V 'b Y 1 f W V- . . 1' J' A ,I Y 'Aff' Z' . W ,..' M QI 174- X 5 ff, 4 X We ft 0 ., .Vp ' THE WILDCAT A Publication for the Students by the Students of N. H. H. S. PEYTON TOWNES . HARRY SYMMES . . FLORENCE WOODBURY . BETTY LEWIS . . . MORRIS MERRITT . WALTER JAMES BETTY LYTTON . BILLY PARKER . MARY B. SELL . . . ELIZABETH BOWDEN . MARY PARSLEY XVILLIAMS NELSON CALHOUN MARY CORBETT BETTY HENDERSON VASHTI GORNTO FRED O,KEEF Editorial Stajf: . . . - - 1 . . . Reporters: BILLY BROWN 'ANNE GREEN ROBERT CALDER BUREN SIDBURY Faculty Adviser: . Editor-in-Chief . . Managing Editor . . . Feature Editor . Assistant Feature Editor . . . . Sports Editor . Assistant Sports Editor . . Exchange Editor . . . Club Editor . Art Editor Alumni Editor . Proof Reader . Photographer SAM BEHRENDS JANE LEWIS ALLISON ALDERMAN JIMMY LYNCH CHARLES C. CI-IADBOURN, JR. I9 38 ,ue w51jX-WAY- '7A-vQv-VAAV1 x f -Vv4g1i QKYQ-fN?N, li' 3, Y ,FAYAAWAVYATJ-,!k,A 1' '13 ' Cvfgngx WJXLWJXWJC Yjyvygk, Q ., .f THE WILDCAT JANICE PICKARD . . FRANCES COUGHENOUR JULIEN MCKEITHAN . DOLORES GREEN BETTY HALLIGAN Business Siajf: . - . . Adveriising Managers: GLENWOOD YOPP ELOISE HONNET Faculty Adviser: MISS ANNIE ROYAL SAUNDER5 . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . Circulation Manager ANNIE MAE BOWDEN KATHLEEN LEWIS AYA-A.A.fLA.AE1 "I . E A A ,A Avlgjx A I9 3v8 ,AEA-A - Avfkvgk -'Y J 'W Avggrgn WAYA A, Y Akx J We f-VV.. N THE HANOVERIAN STAFF FRED SMITH LUCY CLARK FRED O,KEEF . . DOROTHY ROLAND . GERALDINE KING . CAROLINE NEWBOLD EMILY MCCALL . RAY FUNDERBURK . BETTY HENDERSON RANSEY WEATHERSBEE LOUISE ROBESON . Editorial Staff: Business Staff: . Editor-in-Cloief . Assistant Editor . . Assistant Editor . . Feature Editor Assistant Feature Editor . . . .Art Editor Assistant Art Editor . . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . . . . Typist DOROTHY MALLISON . Typist LUCILLE PARKER . . Typist NELSON CALHOUN . Photographer I 9 A38 JKWJX,-'X,Jk,1kvAX,.,1l,1 , " .94-.. AQA-ALAvA4KA .,Af A,sAs,,Av4AL!X,,A- J ' -D' ' ,4,g7!A4AYA ,g'AW4 , Qfefmwv ' X R13 X 1,5 51353. X 'W A THE HANOVERIAN STAFF LUCY CLARKE FRED O,KEEF CAROLINE NEWBOLD GERALDINE KING RANSEY WEATHERSBEE BETTY HENDERSON EMILY MCCALL NELSON CALHOUN DOROTHY ROLAND LOUISE ROBESON DOROTHY MALLISON LUCILLE PARKER jk-15-,JN,,L,l5-,JK-AA-W1 5 " f Z ,YA Jkvzg-jk Y Jgflg-,E 19 38 Wlkwlkfelk Y A-5 1 'JS-J "1 ' ' .wf4gYVYA,-.A ,Y JgW,s.T AY 47 v I 4' 1: Af, ri If fk5!,4f'Mw ,S M, , ,f-. ,562 I ff mf "-of Ml' 1" L ' 4'2" I Af" ' I rf' UW' .- -5 HF "" Q , Y K' +,,NJ,1-s,k,EMf-"XXI, it iw if lg Qyqi KC' 51 ffm, j 1 6,5 i: !,.LJA!G if-f -.E L"w,wfff'H+.Xi wi-' I 1 i INFORMAL ANNUAL STAFF SNAPSHOTS ,-a?T'fT?i -, .. NS ' J ffm Fw a f Lg ifevff 513 w 'J Mis" 'xx-.,, -Lid Eff", lf:-GV 'Nig'f'T2....,-'Jvw.,..ff"4fEz. fl'-,..,XF1w.,,ff k..f'm'-v4" kxlaijzuff s.1A-.,.fSNf'fc'k-f-fAx"'n ' ' ' Ja ,AV ,Q ,x,kw,f..,,,,.fh,,,fx,,,.f all 2,-' " Q! X,-,,fx,' ,ffzk -Ah ATIQLETIC ,,,f ,-ffw ff gpgfkjffifl c-,ff f y L C7f 1g f'g?fi' WL ,. f - N ,f 3554533 S S-X f ff X nn' rs K ,ffff 4 vffxfr . lifiwqcfi' j . , - tj' ,-1 QL K I f IWVV ' H xiii-ig w ff xr Z ff X 4,4 yy x J 2-ff - .1 K ' 'v 1- xr .T X 'K 'uf -4- , . '-1 ,P K4 Cf' o , CQ? ' 5 Q x F! Qjgjjlj n X X-X COACHES Left to Right: GLENN TUCKER HOWARD MACDONALD GLENWOOD BLOMME JAMES CARRUTH FLOYD BUMGARNER RELMAN ROBINSON AAAAAA1' "If -AAAwAVJx,A,A i9 38 jx' - V W V , - - v - - A jk A ,..j.,,zxOhJ-ref, '-Hf ,',xLAVAnA A AVA, CHEER LEADERS Left io Right: MARJORIE WATERS ANNIE GRACE PARKER FLORENCE WOODBURY STEELE TRAIL HERBERT HOUSTON BETTY LYTTON JERRY KING BRADLEY ROEBUCK BOBBY PAGE BERNICE LEVINE MARY ELEANOR ROBESON LEONA PARKER I9 38 AAAAAAAJ 4"1:-AAAAJgAJy - A-' - - -A -f '- K ' ' - ' 'H V ' Y A lx-4?gvJLslflv5WJ -.1 X ,RvggA?kh.A.-Aig Jxqg 1 1 """ "" , , tt ings 'f . 5 , j, ' ' law? . nwin Q Mfwwm wwid f W I I fe S- f 1 we W T, nun dt l FOOTBALL Front Row Seated: RAY BLAND, WARREN BRASWELL, MORRIS MERRITT, JOHN WOOD, JIMMIE SHIMER, RAY FUNDERBURK, TOM SHAW. Second Row, Kneeling: JAMES SISTRUNK, SHELTON MOORE, ADRIAN RHODES, ROGER EARP, JACK CHINNIS, FLOYD BAILEY, BUBBER SHEPERD, JOHNNIE SMIDT. Last Row, Standing: MR. T, T. HAMILTON, Principal, COACH BUMGARNER, CECIL LEE, DELMAS WILLIAMSON, RALPH SHIMER, R. A. BURNETTE, L. H. HOUSTON, GILLIAM HORTON, JOHNNIE EDENS, HERMAN DUKE, ELMER THOMAS, MANAGER UNDERWOOD, COACH ROBINSON. WilmingtOn-14- If -i GT' - 7.. .. 0... - 5... - 0.. .. 6.- .. 0.. .. 7- - 6 -13 -26 I9 JXJKAAAA -W '--f A- - -Y -f -Z X'-45fjkv'-A W .Akw-,A-f2k,W lk 1 -0 Scores: -Wallace -Florence -Rocky Mount -Durham -Presbyterian Junior College 7-Raleigh l 3 -Goldsboro -Wilson -Presbyterian Junior College -Fayetteville -Sanford -Whiteville 3 8 . Ive , 'Q .f CvAWAvAvA,,AvA,oAw 'F' Lvyyrrryyafx-A .AV4 , BOXING TEAM First Row, Left to Right: HERBERT HOUSTON, BEN DANIELS, J. T. RICH, CARLYLE SMITH, JOE WALKER, JIMMY SHIMER, AND BOBBY LEE. Second Row, Left to Right: DILLON TAYLOR, QSCAR PECK, STEVE PECK, AND JOE STARKEY. V Third Row, Left to Right: COACH MACDONALD, TEBE SANFORD, ROBERT GRISSOM, DELMAS WILLIAMSON, MORRIS MERRITT, JIMMY WILLIAMSON, BOBBY WATERS, L. H. HOUSTON AND COY HEWETT, Manager. Scores: Wilmington-5 -4 -Whiteville " -S - 4 -Durham " -3 -5 -Raleigh -3 -S -Charlotte -2 -4 -Fayetteville -6 -2 -Monroe -5 W-3 Va-Dillon -2 -4 -Dillon he 38 ZX ll A: A in Amy xv i -'A-VAvJS.'jSwYJX W W W v W WY f nl 1 X f W -5 V W fx-W rv, JXAJXAJL A N., W!! mm H,y.f'W GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: MARY XVILLIAMSON, LOUISE SHAUL, MYRTLE HORTON, ROSE COLLIE, MARGARET MAHLER, JOSIE ROMEO, EDNA HUCKS AND PAULINE TIENKEN. Second Row, Left to Right: JEWELL WALTERS, SILVY ANN PRESSON, LILLIAN NURNBERGER, JAUNITA HOLLAND, JEANETTE XVETTIG, MARY FRANCES WETTIG, ELSIE FERGUS AND NORMA HENDERSON, Captain. AWA-AWA? zkvfyv-,xv 1 N f' ' vl Lv,-, AWAVAY ,gif 1, LAY AKA Y Avfxrzk rig J AD, -YA AYAYAW A Avqg 4 i9 38 Qlelmw ' - 1 N 1 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM 1' First Row, Left to Rigbf: HARRIS BULLARD, WARREN BRASWBLL, RAY BLAND, HAROLD DIXON, JOHN MERRITT, AND JENNINGS WILLIAMS. Second Row, Left to Right: COACH ROBINSON, BILLY STARLING, BOBBY JONES, OSCAR HERRING, RALPH SHIMER, Zvlrmagcr, AND COACH BUMGARNBR. Our basketball team entered the conference this year after staying out for a few' years, Although the team was not so successful in games, it showed a fine spirit throughout the season. Many of the games Were lost by a single field goal in the last minute of play. Since we will have the same team back again next year, We expect a Winning combination. A A A A A. Jkvgk-J ' .vAYA,!k,AAf!S!k,ALalA 19 38 - - - -A - x 5 A blkwgkw Jglnygvjgvz A-If-' ,su49.Qd!5x1Ae,,!KH,A ,,,,, IB Ll- 4' ,Wil . GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM fState Champions 193 5-36-37j Front Row, Left to Right: MARY JOHNSON, No. 15, BETTY LEWIS, No. 23 MAUDE BULLUCK, No. 35 DORIS BRITTAIN, No. 4. Back Row, Left to Right: MARY CHRISTIAN, No. S5 MARY E. ROBESON, No. 6g MARY BLAND, No. 7g KITTY MCKOY, No. 85 Coach GLENWARD BLOMMI2. GIRLS' SCHEDULE I March 5-Mullins, S. C.-Here. March 12-Mullins, S. C.-There. March 19-Pinehurst-Here. March 26-Open. April 1-Rockingham-Here. April 2-Southern Pines-Here. April 8--Pinehurst-There. April 9-Southern Pines-There. April 15-Rockingham-There. April 16-Wingate Junior College-Here. April 23-Monroe-Here. April 29-Monroe-There. April 30-Wingate-There. May 7-Winston-Salem-Here. 41" jx-Jknxxw-jgw1kwJkv.fx,?f 5 , ,f LYAYVA-VAvA,LJx,jxYAtw I 9 38 WAW,1k,f4x,,!yvx'-,.Jk-4'x ,J 'li' -YA--AWA,wA Y A AWA A ----wg.,-A ff a 0 BOYS' TENNIS TEAM Front Row, Left to Right: JAMES SLOAN, No. lg HAROLD WELLS, No. 2g WALTER JAMES, No. 35 GENE FONVIELLE, No. 4. Back Row, Left to Right: BEN JACKSON, No. 59 STEVE PECK, No. 65 ARTHUR BLUE- THENTHAL, No. 75 LIONEL JOHNSON, No. 83 GLENWARD BLOMME, Coach. March 4-St. Stephens, S. C.-Here. March 5-Mullins, S, C.-Here. March 11-St. Stephens, S. C.-There. March 12-Mullins, S. C.-There. March 18-Fayetteville-Here. March 22-Washington-There. March 2 S-Fayetteville-There. March 29-Washington-Here. April 1-Rockingham-Here. April 8-Wilson-There. April 1 5 -Rockin gham-There. 'N g jxvfxwzxvjyvfxvfxwgx, 9 K Arlgwjg Y gg-,lxvgxg-A771 Schedule: April 16 April 20 April 23 April 29 April 30 May May May 10 14 17 20 May May May xl, xlxv' -Wingate Junior College-Here. -N. C. State College Freshmen-There -Monroe-Here. -Monroe-There. -Wingate Junior College-There. 6- Durham-Here. 7-Danville, Va.-Here. -Presbyterian Junior College-There. -Porter Military Academy-Here. -Presbyterian Junior College-Here. -Durham-There. 38 ,--1,-'jky2'Lv7l,,,Jx,,j'i,IN.,L AWAY Avlk 'AW A vJXv Y .1 BASEBALL This year marked the revival of a major sport at New Hanover High School. For the first time in several years, baseball, played in the North Carolina High School Class A Conference, returned to our school. The team was coached by Mr. E. A. McCrary and Mr. Floyd Bumgarner. rj' -L ., r E , I if ' f FIRST TEAM NORMAN WOODCOCK-C2tCh6f HORACE TYLER-Left Field HARGROVE DAVIS-First Base GILLIAM HORTON-Right Field MURPHY SINGLETARY-Second Base LOUIS CHESHIRE-Pitcher JOHN SMIDT-Short Stop ROY LAMB-Pitcher JULIAN MCKEITHAN-Third Base ROGER EARP-Pitcher RICHARD DIXON-Center Field SUBSTITUTES JENNINGS EDWARDS ADRIAN RHODES ELMER THOMAS HENRY SMITH HARRIS BULLARD ELVERTON SHANDS I SWIMMING The New Hanover High School tankmen have worked diligently this season to surpass their former records with their strong competitors. These teams, Goldsboro, Raleigh, Durham and Sumter have given us strong competition in past years. It is our hope that incoming years swimming will become One of the Outstanding sports in New Hanover High School. TEAM JENNINGS WILLIAMS RUEUS PARLIER CHARLES SCHNIBBEN BILLY PARKER BILLY PITTMAN ALBERT WARSHAUER ROY MARSHBURN CONRAD WESSELL RUFUS CHADWICK THOMAS SKIPPER JULIAN TUSCH I 9 38 f jkY1Xv2N.'A- Jkwjkwjkw 71 x " I f f.v4gW6Y A-lf Jgfjkr ly ,-JxW,AYv1kwADJ'-WJ'-WIS-W1 -I' Cvygzgu-Jxvzgn A Jk- J EATUR 3 ES Z Ki X w l i L-'A , 5, , n f -C g B if 5' M ff-N ,W W ,ff x N3 f f if f ,xg V 624 Q- 4 wx ff ff y X X if , L F530 ' rf. x 1' H Y FL: x qxx X xxxm ff 1 G K N Nw 4l1 Egg.. Gm Nywzgwx in J . 4 'I X I A fi- xXx 24, T41 xx., lnlsiii- 7" "'bf "' 2:3 2 -, .7' f '- ig' f-,.- ' , Q35-v 17251 'J' 1' I All - NP.:-f V Qi: 'S jg , 1- Q K x V Q: 9,1 N 5 K x., . aff... 'L e gg' 1: -- ' :af fs xf " ' If HQQZK. K X' I- 1' xi, A, - ' Li31:i4a::-, 11,5 1 I W I fxr Aviv i f s ,fy ' M X fy 5 1, Afosf Vtr5R7cilp o cms Ar-wazwi Momus MERRYTT , if ?:':'g 'ZZ "7 " '9 F me ' we I wi ' gg! Jfiosf Uwgffm C CAROLINE -NEWBOLD wsuautl BRYANT 5 if WWW UETYY LYTTON , BDBBY PAGE SUPERLATIVES BETTY LVT T ON DDKRIS -ANDREWS FLORENCE WOODBUKY BETTY L mm mm nnvnur Jffosi mmzv Nao Frzowwra mari 1 3 . Q53 ll -sw N, .J n I ' fi , iiaw in: R,.,Jx,ff'-..,fv-. , A x. A A A ,A As.,-'-. v.,!K 5fff2L?f'9'Mf A .fx jx ,A Jw, A A A XWQ X7 A 'M'fizYcsE FLORENCE WGDOBURY KTEELE 'VRML 31155 B ETTY Maman MERRVVT rn zz M' fnfelfecfual f f Q. , I A SUPERLATIVES fffos ELOLYE P EYTDN TOWNES fflosf FLORENCE WCDUB UKY WA LT E R JA M E S ' ' 1 Bzggesf FLORENCE wcsoauezv - ANNIE MAE BOWDEN DORIS ANDREWS 3 ' STEELE TRAIL QYRUS -HOGUE BILLY B zggeszi ELIZABETH fmreowzcxg CLYDE LASSITER WCLDDBURY ANNETTE ABELOVITZ. BOBBY WATERS NED FKOWNFELTEIRV Q flffosf .VOncff,aln.rv-L INEZ FULBRIOHT DORIS ANDREWS UETTYIHENDERSON MARY ROBERTIUN BETTY PEYTON TOWNES VVN-Bilfl BRYANT WALTER JAMES GENE. FONVYELLE MORW5 MERRITT I 9 3 8 '-' " -- - - -- A - -1 Q kg. 355. 1:-Z 'Lf -.wlx Y Jxwzxgyx ,Agwjgwyxg ...lk11""-.L1Ng,l2,-1"--'V..lS,,1 f-liar' X ,fx AA, ,fx ,Ax A A 1, CIJHO.'IIICD"U!JHZU3 F IH' W X 13' ! 1 ill A w l m, 1 I 111 JE, Vi iv s W N A ' P S H WM O T r MJ ' Vi ' 716 imma N CLASS HISTORY Through four years of work and play, and life together, our classmates have been our companions. As we approach graduation the days of the past are recalled to us: the loneliness of the first day and the perplexities of that first day in high schoolg yet with all these the pleasures of new friends, the joy of a new enterprise, and a broader and richer life than we had ever known. Graduation from high school is an event that marks the end of one period of life's journev and suggests the beginning of a new. We look backward with pride and iov at what we have accomplished and forward with hopes and dreams. This is a his- tory, and so it deals with the past. We must not remember the past unless it inspires us for the future. This history is written in the hope that one glimpse at its pages will revive vivid memories of the fine and happy days that we spent in New Hanover High School. It seems but a short time ago that we were labeled Freshmen. We were welcomed into the school by the upper classmen and the principal, Mr? Fred Greene, but we soon found that we did not count for much. We elected Dan Cameron as our first president and Billy Brown as vice-president, and tried our best to enter into the life of the school, but we discovered that our great task was in finding our corner and keeping out of the way of the upper classmen. We soon were able to resign ourselves to the fact that the future would be our time for leadership. We know now that our prep- aration for our present privileges started then. For then, we led not-but followed. Another uncer- tainty was added to our already uncertain minds- our beloved principal resigned to accept another position. We were ushered into our Sophomore year wonder- ing how we were coming out. But, like storm clouds that turn into brilliancy, our doubts were dispelled when we were met by our new principal, Mr. T. T. Hamilton. Hugh Sprunt was elected as our leader, ably assisted by Martha McCaig, vice-president. We began to feel our importance. We were well repre- sented in clubs and other organizations. We took our place from time to time on the stage. As the months passed, we not only felt our importance, but we made others feel it. We can tell now, from our place of privilege, that our irst two years were years of preparation. Changes are always occurring and we were no exception. A supplement was passed allowing us to have nine months. This was an excellent step forward for the school. New Hanover High was put back on the accredited list of schools. It was now a school from which we would be proud to graduate. We continued on our journey into our Junior year with Billy Brown as our president and Jack Neuer as our vice-president. We were known and recog- nized then. Our feeling of importance gave place to a feeling of responsibility. We began to occupy places of leadership, and we were well represented in fmw' athletics. The success of several enterprises depend- ed upon our interest and work. The Hi-Y Minstrel got its full share of talent and support from our class. Our Junior Play, Q'Murder at Rehearsal," measured up in a fine way in both merit and inan- cial success. We entertained the Seniors at the annual Junior-Senior Prom. Our members held en- viable positions on the paper staff, and we had one representative to the annual staff. Then, to climax the year's achievements, twenty-two members of the class were honored by being elected to the National Honor Society, the desired goal of every student in high school. Our vacation of three months passed quickly and then-we were Seniors! Senior-what a wealth of feeling, memories, and expectations the word sug- gests: feeling, because of the love and loyalty our class bears toward this school, memories, when we think of the pleasant and all-too-short years we have spent here, and expectations, because we realize that we are now graduating into a new life. All that this new life holds for us will be made richer, fuller, and more significant because of what we are carry- ing into it from this institution. We had looked forward to the first Senior privil- ege, the thrill of going up the front steps, we bear witness that we were not disappointed. The leader- ship of the Senior Class is supreme, and the members of our class have proved themselves worthy to be leaders. Wilbur Bryant has made an efficient presi- dent, always encouraged and supported by L. H. Houston, vice-president. The school paper reached high efficiency under the leadership of the Seniors. Clubs and organizations were active under Senior leadership. Twenty-nine members of the class were added to the National Honor Society making fifty- one members in all. There were sorrows and clouds as well as joy and sunshine. The sudden death of our teacher and friend, Miss Ida Schnirel, cast a shadow over our Senior year. A tribute of our love and esteem for her is Httingly expressed in this annual. We will not forget her, love is immortal. Graduation from high school is the climax, but the activities that precede it are memories, never to be forgotten. They all came in a line: the Senior Play, "Kempy,'g next, the Junior-Senior Prom, and, Hnally, the Hi-Y Minstrel. These were the joyous events which crowned our high school career. The dedication of the annual to the School Board of Education of New Hanover County will be a constant source of satisfaction to the members of this class. It is with pride that we dedicate this book to them. Every good thing that has been done for us during our school days was made pos- sible by the School Board. They have made us proud to say, "That's my schoollv Through the coming years the one ideal that should be the motto of this school can guide us in attaining the truest and most satisfying success, a success that can be ours regardless of the trend our lives may take, if we keep the ideal of Service ever before . us KATHLEEN LEWIS Class Historimz. J ' 1 ' 4 SNAPSHOTS 2 SNAPSHOTS CLASS PROPI-IECY The earth has revolved around the sun twenty-ive times since June 3, 1938. Times have changed, and the graduates of N. H. H. S. have assumed various roles. Behold! ' Sam Bissette, Secretary of State, is heatedly discussing the new George Mathis- Peyton Townes Tariff restriction of the produce from the Harold Wells-James Sloan Super Colossal Safety Pin Company. Secretary Bissette picks up the safety pin to present it to his committee made up of Kathleen Lewis, Helen Pieper, Frances Withen- geals, Alton LeRay, Bill Womble, and Lawrence Rose. In his rage Mr. Bissette violently bites upon the pin. Zoomp, down it goes! to launch itself in the fleshy portion of his lung. His secretary, Emily McCall, nervously picks up the phone installed by the Herbert Shain-Russell Chinnis Telephone Company, and asks the operator, Doris Bat- son, to connect her with Number 1938. The director of nurses, Ruth Stanley, answers in a low, confident voice and arranges to send the ambulance driven by Harry Barnhill to the Legislative House designed by Caroline Newbold. When the ambulance made by the Rufus Parlier Motor Company arrives, the patient is placed on the Walford Thompson patented stretchers. The sirens of the Harry Futch Noise Corporation an- nounce the catastrophe. The immediate stop before the Beth Slocum Hospital caused by the brakes of J. T. Rich's Halting Apparatus Company gives vent to a screech that advertises the need of lubrication by the product of Elbert Sikes' Ten-In-One Oil Trust. The ailing secretary is rushed up- the steps' laid by the Richard Dixon Stepping Stone Company and on into the emergency ward under the direction of Dr. Betty Henderson. The staff of nurses in this department, Betty Conaway, Emma Dunlea, Newell Pendle- ton, Ruth Helen Coble prepares the patient for an X-Ray. The machine is operated by Margaret Hunt. Then the patient is carried to the tenth floor in the five hundred fifty-fifth elevator from the Thomas Newton Elevator Corporation. As the patient is placed on the operating table, internes Charles Edward Domler, Linwood Rowan, and Gerard Verzaalslip their steady fingers into the rubber gloves put out by the Peggy Jones Rubber Manufacturing Company, Doctor John Wrede takes charge. The nurses assisting, Dorothy Everett, Ruth Gholson, Annie Wood, and Jane High arrange on a glass tray instruments sterilized with water heated by the 'Fred Johnson Electric Heater. The ether cone sent from the laboratory directed by Dexter Breazeale is applied, and a tiny drop of ether manufactured by the Claude Bledson-Carl Blanton Ether Company renders the patient unconscious. Electricity generated by the Tommy Swain-Marion Westbrook Power Company provides a strong light necessary for such an operation. A long forked instrument passes through the throat and down into the lungs. By carefully watching the new type of X-Ray invented by Billy Skipper, the doctor manipulates the instrument so as to grasp the safety pin and slowly pull it forth. The nurses in their uniforms made from cotton raised by Robert Carter - q-1 use the sponges manufactured by Robert Millis to catch the blood. The operation is at last completed and the patient is wheeled down the hall on the linoleum recently laid by a linoleum expert, Harry Ferrell. Then laid between two cold sheets, the Secretary of State under the influence of ether begins to mumble his dream. From his conversation Benjamin Morrill, a professor of psycho-analysis gathers that the American Ambassador to Russia, Bobby Jones, has persuaded the Russian Govern- ment to lease the United States an interest in a mine, and Kelly Jewell is sent to supervise the mining of the rich gems. The President of the League of Nations, Wil- bur Bryant, is recommending that theicommittee on the regulation of clocks appoint Billy Best as official clock Winder. Foxy Howard and Steele Trail, renowned comedians, are making cracks on the radio about the present administration under Annie Mae Bowden, President of the United States. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Cyrus Hogue, has ruled that the President's bill granting Nathan Haskett and Roger Earp sold rights of popcorn manufacturing is unconstitutional, North Carolina representa- tives to Congress, Vernon DeVane, Robert Hardwick, and Alex Mitchell from Bur- gaw, Topnot, and Hickorynut Gap respectively, have given a statement to Harold Kerr, reporter of Janice Pickard,s daily paper, "The Tough Town News," that they openly oppose the President's measure. Tom Shaw, the nation's number one G-Man, assisted by three women detectives, Helen Canfield, Vivian Pittman, and Helen Russ, has solved the mystery shrouding the death of the late Secretary of the Treasury. Kenneth Biggs, the famous bridge builder, and his staff of building directors, Louis Carroll, Ralph Volk, and Joe Outlaw, have just completed a streamlined bridge across Niagara Falls so as to make honeymoons more enjoyable. Miss Mary Wheeler has been chosen to christen the bridge with a bottle of Bobby Whitaker,s bubbling Champaign put up by the Bobby Watters' Bottling Company. Vashti Gornto and Lucy Clark, heads of the greatest steel corporation in the world, are asking for national aid in quelling their biggest strike in years. Eloise I-Ionnet, head of the A. F. of L., and Roger Kirk, head of the C. I. O., are at each other,s throats because of the crisis. Mr. Fred Smith, leading broker of the Stock Exchange, draws up a compromise be- tween the two organizations. Since almost all houses are now made up of glass, housing conditions are becoming very critical now that the Charles Murray, Emery Murray, Robert Grissom Glass Plant is shut down. Soon the plant is back on its feet and everything is going along nicely. When, suddenly the world is revolutionized, since Jack Neuer and Robert Andrews, famed scientists, have flown beyond the stratosphere. Then slowly Secretary Bissette comes out from his ether spell and by the attentive care of four night nurses, Helen Coley, Ella Mae Bullard, Frieda Brookshire, and Louise McCrary we find him quite improved in three days. After a talk with the hospital dietition, Mary Alice Blackham, Mr. Bissette dis- covers that Alex Janicki sends from his Dairy Farm a milk wagon driven by Ralph Walton to deliver milk every morning at the hospital at 5:59 o'clock. Mr. Janicki f- ' Z f "H .ff'.ff1 "':f f is renowned for his excellent cows which are well fed by grass growing from the seeds of Joe Reaves, Sprouting Seed Store. There are nineteen cows milked by thirty-eight cow hands and milk maids, the most prominent of whom are Tom Underwood, James Robertson, Ruth Holmes, and Martha McCaig. Groceries are sent every morning to the hospital from James Aldridge's Home Service Store. Having become bored with the dull routine of the hospital, the Secretary demands that his radio and television set recently perfected by Anthony Mazur be removed from his home to his room in the hospital. When these are installed by Julian Tusch, the Secretary gives a vigorous twist of the dial, and behold! his ears are graced with a recital featuring Arthur Xanthos, noted violinist, who studied for Hfteen years in Italy and his accompanist, Rachel Pearsal. Static necessitates a change of stations, and whiz: 'iThis is your announcer Elizabeth Browning bringing you greetings and salutations from the Florence Woodbury Chicle Chewing Gum Company. Listen to the swing rhythm of Oscar Peck and his Bushels accompanying Billy Parker, the heartbreaking crooner, as he sings, 'Dear Sweet Pea.' B More static forces the Secre- tary to turn to another station, and this time he gets in on the big Army-Navy foot- ball game. The members of the Navy led by the Rear-Admiral, Harry Symmes and their sponsor, Mary Corbett, parade at one end of the field, while the Army headed by their Major, Ray Funderburk, and their sponsor, Gerry King, parade at the other end. Ralph Shimer makes a touchdown for the Army in the Hrst quarter, but the Navy comes up for a tie as R. A. Burnett makes a touchdown during the last quarter. After the game, Station NHHS of the Edith Philpott Network announced the presentation of a play titled "Love in Summer," written by Lucille Parker and pub- lished by the Mary Parsley Williams Publishing Company. The leading lady, Dorothy Roland, co-stars with L. H. Houston. The supporting cast includes Nell Oliver, Jean Wendt, Elizabeth Moore, Cliff Smith, Billy Weaks and Jack Loughlin. The sound effects man, Victor Mintz, sends a vase, hand painted by Leona Parker, crashing to the floor to signify that the tragedy ends in an earthquake. The heroine dies in the arms of the hero. The curtains are pulled by the stage hands, Avery Low and James I-Ieidt. Wow! What a play. - ' Y The next day, having become worried over national affairs, Secretary Bissette turns his television on Congress. In the Senate, Senator Lawrence Andrews, who opposes the Child Suffrage Bill introduced by Senator Eleanor Simpkins, is carrying on a magnificent filibuster. Senator John Cline continues the filibuster, and he stops dur- ing one part of his speech to drink three pitchers of ice water containing ice cubes made in the new Beatrice Rogers Polar Frigidaire. Finally the head of the Demo- cratic party, Miriam Blanton, breaks the filibuster by asking the President of the Senate, Nina Garner, to arrange for a vote. The Clerk of the Court, J. L. Casteen, distributes the ballots. Needless to say, the bill is defeated by the Republican party, the leaders being Benjamin Fussell, Rufus Horne, Constance Harrell, and Evelyn Rhodes. In the House the parties are in a clinch over a revenue bill introduced by Kathryn Smith. Reporters Irene Peterson, Louis Cheshire, Doris Shew, and Dorothy Wyckoff take notes on the heated debate. Mr. Bissette switches off his television just as a nurse, Ruth Davis, enters to announce several visitors. The Secretary of the Treasury, Tom Sneeden, the Secre- tary of Agriculture, Herschel Brown, wearing a potted cauliflower from the Mary Catherine Gorman Hot House, Postmaster General Robert Buck, and the Secretary of Interior, Miriam Neal, with six dozen roses from the Rose Collie Florist Shoppe, walk in gaily to cheer the patient. Soon after the friends leave, who should drop in for a spicv. newsy chat but George Chadwick The Secretary asks George what he's doing these days. "Well, Samf' begins George, "I've just been promoted to manager of the Toy Department at the Billv King Department Store. You know that's just this side of julian Mac- Keithan's Drug Store, and incidentally Marsden Ward is still the soda jerker there. Do you remember May Anne Shepard, the cute blond number who graduated with us in '38? Well, she's head of the ready-to-wear department in Billy's store. Shelton Moore is chief in the hardware division, and Doris Bell is handling the gift section." "Well, George, I don't remember any of these business establishments in town. Have they sprung up since my illness?" asks Mr. Bissette. "Oh, nof' answered George, "They aren't here. They're in Wilmington, I'm just here on my vacation. Do you know that we've adopted the city manager plan of government in old Wilmington? Emily Seitter is our chief executive and Eleanor Westbrook, Douglas Gower, and Mary Van Nes are on the council. By the by, Julian Grissom has a prosperous auto repair company. I forgot to tell you the grandest news everg last week I sold 325.00 worth of toys to Mary Robertson's Kindergarten. Inez Fulbright, Nancy Lynch, Doris Andrews, and Shirley Jones are teachers at N. H. H. S. The principal, Leon Andrews, who was recently married to Elizabeth Bowden by our Justice of the Peace, James Vereen, adopted the simplified edition of "The English Language, Its Usage, and Its Literature," written by Jean Bertram. It,s getting late old boy, I'd better be running along. Good bye, and good healthf' After George leaves, Secretary Bissette happens to glance over a list of book reviews written by Annie Fountain, printed by Sanford Rackleyg and the paper, he discovers as he reads, has been produced by the Tom Gause Paper Company. As he scans the list, he sees: "You Can Be Beautiful Toon by Frances Taylor, "How to Develop Your Personality" by Pete Page, "The Art of Flirtationn by Clyde Lassiter and Eliza- beth Hardwickeg "How to Be Patriotic" by Catherine Eagle. In ten days Mr. Bissette has at last recovered, but still not being well enough to resume his regular routine, he goes to a beach where he takes a, room at a hotel owned by June Buck. There on the beach he finds Dan Cameron running a hot dog stand, Ned Frownfelter as a tawny lifeguard, Katherine Hanson as a swimming instructor, and Hargrove Davis owner of a bingo stand. Next to the hotel is a dance hall run by Jimmie Williamson. On the corner is a swanky merry-go-round operated by Marion Auld and owned by the Betty Bruce-Reba Lyell Amusement Company. Strolling along, he finds Nelson Calhoun taking pictures of Frank Shepard and Leon Wells who are standing beside a six hundred pound shark. They are so proud of their catch, that they nearly burst all the buttons off their coats bought from the Charles Harper Clothing Store. Farther down the beach he sees a boat race in prog- ress, and the winner is none other than Ransey Weathersbee. For this great achieve- ment the mayor of the thriving beach, Harry Bowden, presents Mr. Weathersbee with a silver loving cup from the Mary Emma Smith Non-Tarnish Silver Store. Mr. Bissette stops to buy some salt-water taffy at the Mary Elizabeth Jones-Frances Jewell Candy Shoppe. Lily May Branch takes his order while Etta Mae I-Iansley wraps it and places it in a box. Elizabeth Sherman enters bringing ten boxes of candy, for this shop is so busy it must fill mail orders. As he walks along the boardwalk, thematerials of which were supplied by the Julian Godwin Lumber Co., he happens in front of the Flying Fish Theatre owned by Clarice Rosenman. The Secretary of State buys a ticket from Edna Lee Bell, the ticket seller, and as he enters the lobby the ushers, Betsy Roper, Dot Futrelle, and Lavese Miller, stand ready to lead him to his seat. News of the hour with Floyd Bailey as commentator flashes across the screen featuring Morris Merrit and Delmas Williamson in the greatest boxing match of the year. Then a cartoon, l'Tom, Tom the Piper's Son," drawn by Gene Fonvielle slides into view. Later in the main feature he sees Jeanette Bush, Marion Page, Wessell Spooner, and Horace Tyler. After the show Secretary Bissette returning to his hotel, checks his steps as he hears an incessant drone overhead. Looking up, he sees a gigantic passenger plane over the Josephine Corbett Landing Field. In a few minutes the plane has landed and the welcoming committee composed of Elnita Sellars, Ruby Rogers, and Laurah Raynor go to greet the occupants of the plane. As the door swings back Bernice Levine, an air hostess, steps out. Mr. Bissette immediately walks toward the plane and whom should he see alighting but Alice Parker, world's champion. typistg James Sistrunk, a designer for the cover of Eloise Blackwood,s Magazine entitled "The Duck,s Quack", 'then following comes his secretary, Bess Orrellg Frances Coughenour, a tech- niciang Norma Croom, a world famous sculptressg Pearl Horne, advertising agent for the Mary Belle Mahn Streamlined Baby Buggy Company, last but not least, aviator Tom Briggs and his co-pilot, Fred O'Keef, alight and remove their goggles made by the Edna Burriss Eye Protector Corporation. They explain that the plane needs fuel. In twenty minutes Dwight Scoggins arrives driving a Merle Ward Metal Truck con- taining 2,493 gallons of oil from the Thomas Pickett Lubricating Company. The beach air makes the passengers quite hungry, so Secretary Bissette escorts them to the Ina'Lee Sherman Restaurant. Inside, Addie Butler, head of thegwaitresses, takes their order. Soon Geneva Bowles enters and serves them mushroom soup. Much cheerful conversation adds to the enjoyment of the food and then Christine Coley brings in a mincerneat pie, the contents of which were canned by the Mary Lou Mintz Canning Company. Coffee is also served with the pie, and each person adds to this coffee, sugar from the Vernel Cain Sugar Factory. In a few hours the plane prepares to take off, Secretary Bissette decides to join the passengers and stop at Saratoga for the races. The huge plane swoops through the air as an eagle after his prey. Time swiftly brings them to Saratoga, where the plane stops long enough to let the secretary out. Edward Ivey offers a cab to Mr. Bissette and carries him to the Harriet Clark Hotel in a whirlwind. After freshening up a bit, the Secretary immediately makes for the races. Upon arriving, he goes to the betting booth where Elizabeth Burton tabulates his bet. Turning from the booth Mr. Bissette sees a policeman who is none other than Walter James, informing Inez Borneman that she must move along. Inez walks away in a huff as she calls out, "Step this way folks for the hottest tip o-n a race that ever burned your ears. Here contained in this book is the winner of today's race. A small sum of o-ne dollar will win you a million on the winning horse." As Mr. Bissette heads for the race track he sees a souvenir stand where Isabelle Lorek and Dora Swain are selling yellow and green balloons from the Catherine Costello Stretcho Company. In two minutes Gus Leloudis fires a 38 caliber pistol and-they're off! A girls band composed of a saxo- phone player, Evelyn Rackleyg a trombone player, Laura Register, drum major, Edith Smith, and a harmonica artist, Montre Rich-play "Who,d Thought Itf' Jockey Carlyle Smith urges his horse Mercury on, and David Sidbury onjack-in-the-Box is close behind. However, Louise Robeson and Dorothy Tompkins are making a good showing. S1525 ,000 goes to Hortense Finklestein and Edith Wfilliams, owners of the winning horses, for Jockeys Smith and Robeson have tied for first place. As Mr. Bis- sette turns from the race track, his eye takes in a sight which convinces him that horse races always turn into a fashion parade. Annette Abelovitz walks by wearing fl pale green chiffon ankle length dress made by her two special seamstresses, Marie Rouse and Thelma Barnhill. Mattie Duke, Lily Belle Wilkins, and Edna Stanland pass by looking very beautiful. Maria Davis, the charming dress designer, who looks quite smart in her rust-brown tweed suit, is seen congratulating the winners. That evening the Secretary decides out of curiosity to look around town. Two doors from his hotel he finds Kathleen Frazier the manager of a magazine and fruit stand. Desiring to patronize one of the class of '38 he buys a magazine and also some fine oranges grown on the Anna Harrison fruit farm. As he walks along, he sees an antique shop, and who should be locking up for the night, but Betty Leiner. After an enlightening chat with Betty on the wonders of antiques, Mr. Bissette strolls on his Way. Soon he comes upon the Russell Green Pawnshopg over the door is written "See me at your earliest inconveniencef, He also finds the Louise Harper Barber Shop, which reads "If your hair isn,t becoming to you, you should be coming to us.', A big electric sign flashes overhead as he approaches the business section. In bright lights the sign glares: "For that bald head use the new Florence Meadows' Hair Raising Tonicf' Further on Mr. Bissette sees a dazzling Nite Club. As he enters, the proprietor, Tommy Skipper, greets him cordially. Elizabeth Miller checks his top coat, and then Mr. Skipper leads him to a single table. The lights dim and Katherine Morse, Catherine Flowers, Dorothy Shivar, Lillie May Blake, and Azalie Hyatt all of whose costumes were designed by Elsie Canady, do a snappy tap number to the tune of William Harrison,s Swing Orchestra. When the tappers leave, Betty Lytton, most popular blues singer this side of the Mississippi comes out and sings the latest song rage written by Margaret Clemmons. Since his tonsils feel a little dusty, Mr. Bissette strides into the bar where he finds Ben Daniels mixing drinks. Mr. Bis- sette asks for a drink and a bit of conversation ensues. He discovers that the drinks are supplied by the Jack Chinnis Beverage Company, and that all the glassware is bought from the Louise Melton Wholesale Glass Dealers. Mr. Bissette admires the chandeliers from the Mary Guyton Electric Supply Store. The clock strikes twelve, and Mr. Bissette bids good-bye to Mr. Daniels, gets his hat and coat and ambles across to his hotel. The next morning he glances over the paper as he drinks his coffee. Turning the pages, he sees in big print 'iThe Allan Huband Laundry takes pleasure in announcing that the winner of their motto contest is Miss Ethel Boteskv. Miss Botesky's winning motto reads, "We Soak the Clothes, Not the Customer." Honorable mention goes to Miss Betty Miller, head of the knitting department at Mary Nash Sellars Art Shop, and to Miss Mary Elizabeth Nurnberger, clerk at the city Dost oflice. Later when Mr. Bissette asks the day clerk at the hotel desk, Carolina Johnston, for his mail, she hands him a telegram, he rips it open and reads, "You,ve had enough vacation stop Go immediately to Colorado stop The Secretary of Forestry will meet you there stop" Qsigned by the presidentj. The Secretary of State is off again. He instructs the cab driver, Clayton Moore, to hurry to the Jessie Mallard Railway Station, as he has only ive minutes in which to catch the train for Colorado. He dashes into the station and purchases a ticket from Adell Edwards, just as Conductor Glenwood Sellars calls out "All aboard." In the train the stewardess, Louise Bennett, comes up to see if he is quite comfortable, he replies affirmatively, but says he would like to have a secretary take a letter for him. The official secretary on the train, Catharine Brad- shaw, enters his compartment and takes down the letter with a pencil from the Irene Henry Pencil and Pen Corporation and addresses it to Assistant Secretary of State, Billy Brown. She dashes off the letter on the Dorothy Mallison typewriter. Later Mr. Bissette wanders through the cars where he finds Johni Covil, and Lacy Sidbury and Robert King, the chief mail clerks. In the engineer's cab he finds Ertle Hewett at the throttle. At the station Secretary Bissette is met by Secretary of Forestry, Alex McIntire. He places his bags, made by the Myrtle Elkes Leather Company in Mr. McIntire's sixteen cylinder car bought at the Mary Justice Motor Corporation. As they stop before Mr. McIntire,s house, Mr. Bissette admires two linden trees perfected by Rosalyn Murray and Margaret Brown, horticulturists. Mr. Bisette Hnds that he was sent to help Mr. McIntire and his private secretary, Gloria Mitchell, inspect the various forestry offices in that locality. Later the three go to the main forestry office, while there Mr. Bissette notices Evelyn Kelly, Elizabeth Holt, Aline Carroll, Norma Hall, and Margaret King busily pounding at their respective typewriters. In looking over the iles, Mr. Bissette finds that they are kept in exact order by Myrtle Rivenbark, Myrtle Benton, and Estelle Lee. In the next office they find Henry Harrell making a study of the species of the spruce and cypress trees. He explains to them that these trees contain a certain mineral he had discovered, which will be very valuable to mankind. Immediately, these speci- mens are sent to the Thomas Salmon Laboratory, where Ruth Thomas and Margaret Saleem assist in the experiment. When the inspection is completed, Mr. McIntire escorts Secretary Bissette to the city library to show him a set of books concerning forestry, which were donated by Elizabeth Fryer, a noted philanthropist. Here they find 'Elsie Creech and Lucy Coch- ran, obliging librarians. XVhile there he observes Marian Miller, who is trying to convince the librarians that the carpet from the Madeline Gore Household Furnishings would add greatly to the attractiveness of the library. The secretaries find a lengthy forestry report made out by Malon Smith, this proves a great help to their forestry project. As they come down from the library, they see the Robert justice Plumbing Works next door to Nettie Bakerls Goody Shop. They stop to buy a snack and ind Lila Mae Fisher, Mabel Dempsey, Lena Melton assisting their employer, Nettie, in her thriving business. Farther up the street he spies the Tom Smith Cigar Store opposite Doris Ross' Tea Room. Finally, national affairs command Mr. Bissette's attention, and he must leave for Washington. Having traveled during the past summer by train and airplane and desiring something different, Secretary Bissette decides to return to Washington on a bus owned by the Ernest Starnes Transportation Company. On the bus he Ends maker of French dolls, Lillian Fowler, Mary B. Sell, artist, Jean Smith, Olympic swimming champion, May Price, winner of the United States Archery Contest, Clara McLean and Mildred Land, renowned cosmeticians, Mildred Raynor, inventor of a solution to prevent runs in silk stockings. Havingl to wait a few hours at St. Louis for a transfer, he goes to the William Thornton Haberdashery to buy a new hat. On his way he notices Mary Thompson's Millinery Shoppe. At the bus station Mary Carr Sutherland and Inez Baggette, agents of the Travelers' Aid, make arrangements for his trip to Washington. Soon Mr. Bissette is on his way home . . . t'It,s a small world after all," he sighed. "I met everybody who was in my graduating class at N. H. H. S. We are all cast on a mighty stage--some in the leading roles, others in the supporting roles, but each is building and molding his part, however insignificant, each is constantly hold- ing his thought above the petty things and gazing toward the heights beyond. MAY PRICE, NORMA CROOM, JEAN BERTRAM, INEZ FULBRIGHT. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the graduating Seniors of New Hanover High School, of wilmington, North Carolina, do hereby, on this Fourth day of June, in the Year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-eight, proclaim to all concerned our Last Will and Testament. To our heirs, the rising Seniors, we do bequeath, First and foremost, our untiring ability to study and digest our studies, an achievement which we trust will not be surpassed by any future generation of Seniors, Second, our undying love and never- ending respect for the faculty, which we trust will not be abused, Third, our respect for all underclassmen, particularly the poor, defenseless freshmen, and Last, but not least, that mighty symbol of Senior power, the Senior steps, which we trust will be kept traditionally clean of all underclassmen. Individual members have offered wills as follows: I, CYRUS I-IOGUE, bequeath my political ability to DAN THOMASON. I, TOM UNDERWOOD, will my slim and graceful figure to BILLY MCCLAMMY- feeling confident that he will keep it as streamlined as mine. I, WILBUR BRYANT, leave my executive ability to BUREN SIDBURY. I, MARY B. SELL, do bequeath my artistic ability to ELIZABETH BLAND. I, MORRIS MERRITT, will my athletic ability to JOHNNY EDENS, trusting that it will be upheld on the field of battle. I, BETTY LYTTON, do will to thee, WINIFRED BAGWELL, my charm, per- sonality, and school spirit. S f L fwWU"'K ?fW 4'4V7 I, WALTER JAMES, leave my most heart-felt sympathies with the teachers who have to endure the talkativeness of LOULIE MURCHISON. I, INEZ FULBRIGHT, do will my intellectu:1l,ability to HARRIET HARRING- TON, who probably won't need it. I, FLORENCE WOQDBURY, will burden SYLVY ANN PRESSON With my dry wit. I, ELIZABETH HARDWICKE, take my dimples and eyes with me but leave my flirting ability to MARY BETH HIGHSMITH. I, MARION WESTBROOK, will my quiet and bashful ways to DOUGLAS RREVATT. I, MARTHA MCCAIG, take my geometry grade with me, out of pity for others. In witness whereof, I, the President of the Senior Class, do approve of this Last Will and Testament. Signed: THE SENIOR CLASS NEW HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL By: ANTHONY MAZUR, Lawyer. Witnesses: FRED SMITH, LUCY CLARK. RAY FUNDERBURK. I 0 ll I , I l ! w,q-1-1n11 ..., .,,,, LL, KEMPY B Produced b S ec' l A y J. C. Nugent and Elliott Nugent y p 18 rrangement with Samuel French I 9 3 8 ,-N,J'-W", 'V-.,A"S.k?K ,A J M511 ' ' V WJJXKA Pa .... Ma--, Ben .-... We JCZWOYJ a fvtvj KEMPY CHARACTERS ---IFOM UNDERWOOD ----------------, -----VASHTI GORNTO --A-ROBERT HARDWICKE Jane,n- -..... ELOISE HONNET Duke-.. -n-HARRY SYMMES Kate .......-... ....4...- - - ......g .Y,.......-., L UCILLE PARKER Ruth -.-..A-................ .... ,.... !,... E L I ZABETH HARDWICKE Kempy .... ..M.. - WSTEELE TRAIL SYNOPSIS Act I. Living room in "Dad" Bence's home in a small New Jersey town about sixty miles from New York City. A spring afternoon. Act II. The same, Nine o'clock that evening. Act III. The same. Midnight. Directorsg MISSES JONES, LATHROP, and THOMAS. I 9 38 A A A A AA A ffl? , W - , W ,, -1 K , f. .YAYKVAKWA-A,,!g'Av,A .J'-,JY-1'-W1Y.!'-'kf'k,J -1' ' ,vggwn-xvix ,AWA-Avlkr ., Nt , A F The staff of the Hanoverian wishes to thank the following people for their cooperation in editing this book: MR. T. T. HAMILTON, Ir. Principal MR. BERNARD SOLOMON of the Wilmington Stamp 8c Printing Company MISS ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY L Adviser MISS FANNIE O'KEEF Adviser ,,i-1,g,n,,.l,111.n.Y.nlIi,1'l.f V Y , YYY Y- Y- - - Y -Y -Ykvr Y ,F--A Q ..,. L 'sim Y ' ADVERTISING ,MC XX-H- Eli X. Cijlf , if ' I If ff x V" 7 'S Q1 f' f 2 - f it ,X , f I - li -Lt:-"' xsmgy, A ' -, NX pl :V NTS: X N- L." L fr? fl Q 'PZ Q f gg gk . 4, A . Q gh Q I A Q I fc K X, A ffffsx . lx if n.. if 5 . x ,r - : v i 2 N 2 ' r I xl 1 Nr A I.. J 1 M x if f yi Qnanwfacfufzing Sfafionefw - gngfcaxlefco - gewefemc cgouizwiwe, jcafnfucgg I ' 9 COOK PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRUDUCT5 HEAT Sweet Milk - Butter Milk Chocolate Milk FREEZE Acidolphilus Milk - Lactic Acid Milk , I4 , wat gas DeLuxe Ice Cream 0 -'-4" White Ice Cream and , Milk Company Tide Water Power Phone 680 COTHPEIHY 0 'V V , A ' 1 Congratulations E sf ORE C Senior Class of 1938 o Extends to you their compli- ments and best Wishes for the future. o We have at your disposal a complete line of merchandise- May we serve you in the future? o "Where Your Children's Children Will Do Their Shopping" Ideal Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners Nfl!! the flame .9m41Jfioi" I 29-PHONES-30 O 202-04 South Front Street Saunders, Drug Store 108 North Front Street For Real Service With Economy See Rose lce Company ICE -H coAL - wooo CONGRATULATIONS 5 I C90 sf gl 6 Melvin' a . 0 nil-'ADJ' F I V 105350 IB" : Sf "MF i AS' al" cF' Featuring Exclusive Departments for Boys and Girls HOMES Attractive and Comfortable Cost Less Than Rent Unusually Favorable Opportuni- ties for Building and Owning a Home WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH OLE ANDER ---- AUDUBON For Information Call or See Hugh MaCRae 81 Company Phone 841 For Anything in the Way of Flowers Will Rehder rLoR1sT Oldest and Largest in Eastern Carolina Congratulations Class of '38 Royal Bakery Incorporated Just Across the Street SnoW's Esso Servicenter 3rd and Market Sts. Phone 9207 One Stop Service Esso Products and Service Atlas Tires and Batteries Complete Line of Accessories For Fun and Healthful Play SPORTING GOODS A Complete Line at Sears, Roebuck 81 Company Block's Cantfade Shirts Southland Manufacturing Co. Wilmington, N. C. MacMillan Buick Company Wilmington, N. C. BUICK and PONTIAC Spirittine Chemical Company LOUIS HANSON, President Wilmington, N. C. Sole Manufacturers of "Spirittine Insecticides" and "Termite E. C. Moore Sc Co. Wholesale School Supplies, Notions and Novelties Full Line Bathing Suits and Beach Novelties 313 North Front Street Exterminationn 58 Years of Continuous Operation P. O. Box 233 Phone 2078 O Congratulations to the Class of '38 Orton Hotel O Albert F. Perry INSURANCE - BONDS Orton Building ASK YOUR GROCER FOR SOME BEAR'S BEST EXTRA FANCY MOLASSES Samuel Bear Sr. Hughes Bros' 86 Sons Wilmington, N. C. Established 1853 THE WILMINGTON STAR-NEWS MORNING, EVENING AND SUNDAY Complete State and National News -Over the- Full Leased Wires of the Associated Press WATCH THE STAR-NEWS FOR HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS Kress Stores BIG VALUES LITTLE PRICES "Watch Kress Windows" Wilmington Iron Works ENGINEERS, FOUNDERS, MACHINISTS and BOILERMAKERS Gray Iron, Brass and Semi-Steel Cast ings - Electric and Acetylene Welding - Marine and Mill Supplies Wilmington Cold Storage Corp. Never a Compromise With Quality Julien K. Taylor Wilmington, N. C. GOOD CLOTHES E. W. DEALERS IN BUILDER,S 0 Godwinis Sons Manufacturers of LUMBER SUPPLIES . EVERYTHING TO BUILD THE HOUSE Phones- 562 - 563 - 564 Q Shut R Batten WE TAY iiettwx. .. - QPINSURANCg0p - "'f4,Jf',:3o':LQ 99' Woodstock Typewriters Typewriter Inspection Co. E. N. SMALL, Manager ADAMS STUDIO Pon'rnAl'rs or nlsrxucrxou GIVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH . . . the gift that only you can give! For an Appointment PH o N E I Q O High Grade Seeds for Every Purpose Camera Shop ' Wood X Sons Front and Grace Streets SEEDSMEN "EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHICU 317-319 North Front Street Phone 133 Graduation Is But a Gateway to Life's Opportunities .lQ1... Good habits, determination, willingness to work, with thrifty ambitions assure suc cess. A good rule to follow: JOIN The Million Dollar Carolina Building and Loan Association "Member Federal Home Loan Bank" .lQ1. C. M. Butler, Pres. W. A. Fonvielle, Sec.-Treas W. D. Jones, As-st. Sec.-Treas. Roger Moore, Vice-Pres. J. O. Carr, Atty Johns-Mansville Products , Perfection Paint Sneeden S Building Supplies Formerly Stokers WILMINGTON CYCLE C l- W d A 03 00 COMPANY North-Smith Coal since 1914 CQmpaHy 114 Market Street COMPLIMENTS OF THE Everything for the Sportsman Queen City Cycle VVlilT1lHgtOIl Cgmpany Furniture Company PICKARD'S Congratulations and Every Good Wish for Your Continued Success North Carolina Line, Inc, Wilmington - Norfolk - Baltimore Developing North Carolina Waterways and the Port of Wilmington JOHN DEERE POWER AND HORSE DRAWN MACHINERY Sold by Gregg Bros. Hall, Foy Farm Implement Co. H A R D W A R E 17 S. Second Street Wilmington, N. C. Best Wishes to the Class of '38 Foy, Roe 81 Company Distributors of Dependable Merchandise Molloy-Made cover quality is still serving the best books in the land- just as it did in the pioneer days of the modern yearbook. The cover on this volume is a physical expression of that fine quality and workmanship which the Molloy trademark has al- ways symbolized. S. K. Smith Company The David J. Molloy Plant 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Dixie Cafe and Grill "Where Friends Meet" A BETTER PLACE TO EAT FOUNTAIN SERVICE 115-117 Princess St. 1 Pho ne 981 You Save As You Spend When You Buy It At Futrelle's Futrelle's Pharmacy CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '38 4 ' y WILMINGTON? LEADING' JEWELERS I Qiiiiiii-Ziff1312555 I I iii ii A ' if f it gi if -af as if if af -af if f -if WH f.'l lui' ee w, fig 5 i f c ' I-IIS ANNUAL XJ designed, printed and produced in our plant ---- It is a practical example oi: our ability to handle fine quality work. WILNINGTCDN STAMP 6.91 PQINTIN The Home OF 90.0.61 Printing Wilmington, Nortlw Carolina C5 COMPANY -' if ir if if AUTOGRAPHS wk f if ,, f ff- f - fl! VU -f gvv ' gag' , , , , 4 ' , , ,, ' Q, 'A . ' f . - - XL f- 'g +'-f2- LL+.NLff v-f nfwf few' 1-V-. f Af f , W wp! 4.2424-' , If 1 . 9606 Vfbzfwa,-,f XM. Jwmf fwlvfvuvg , 4 ,f J - 1 ' 'A' ff ' ' 4.4. " M39 f'7 ,,471J V , ,LI Iyv I 6 F 4 ,4 1 V , fffff 042' ' -I MG' ,,."'j'-6' 2' Lg-43,1 , 37 if 55.4 . 1 A A V ,f F iii- -ml WC! G.-,LJ !4Y. fn", 's ll' "lg ,"'if,J ff' ,,L,,,.5,fQ, -V Q lx, V A Vi Q I A I I 1 : af I 1 ' If , , W L -W. ,'I ,I :Nr X 'T I , 'Y- v I 'Q ,ff W' , fy? - - ' 7 J' J - A g i f V Qu -2 - ' W, f X f L 'A' " ' 1 'Lf' www-."f.,1 ...Q ' Q7 1 A. ' , , . J f -. 7 K f"A"" -lf' -- 'L h s.- ,, a 'P gf 5, g 72, ai V up 5, 4 -o 'f ',,, 'ar My ,A . s W . '9' 4 Z -x7,,N:i?. 5 ,N 1 Y 4 iz ,, . , . ' J qw ya -Q - .. ', fa , Q Q i Q 1, A -.A uf... ' w 0 555' ' 33" if P img., . , -, EE'.SSi'fn'fli X '?.h...T.f"EWn swf' Ti"' LS-V ' MJ ll-wll nf, "F--'.v,V,?E"',1..E4..F-H' JZ" it ,v ,iii ,Q ,,, r K . 9 .f g- ' 'f 77:XJ:6-1511371 'sEFE:if.liJf,'Yw.51E,v'.fi.f1' fl ' LE Mfdfli. "' fxi- : MiSaEfi!i5fHfRf.i'!-P2!a:Ed'1.'5i1L5A"ih'b3'nsEL'A' .. 1- Imlfrm "Z.'M:f ..-. Q 1.1- , ..-,nl Lag' "-

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