New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC)

 - Class of 1937

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f I Ham: Towwrs X " l ' V4 71 ' I is A '1 '- .. v -gn X Q ',,1 KI V K -, V ...Ab ! ' ' ,,.,- K f ' ' M Siiif 0 Wz XX jf. ' . . ' X ' .' ' Zz Q X in X. '14 , , X-X .Nbk ,X f A ' , X xr S5 i Mflzg... XX 1. 4 'VI W 1 Y A 11,- ' I .'1. I " i J nu . Efar 'G'-V fr' WV s .4 ir if J Ez l . 4' I ' . . 'w .+sf if .... .E V VV- . V '11-fir 'v A-Cx' tl 41 nv 4 'ii I' j f . Twfh Ffa! VV M1-.V. m 4 I . AAN 7 P 'W 3 2 . Mi f ', 'I--W i . - - .ami 9 ,- ,,v 1 'A LH. LUV X WV .. VV VI' ' ., V,, V V , , , . , . . . a I ij!! I- T ' min' ' i 1 ."' - V 1 " VVQ V "Vt: M, .VVV ' . 'aV: V f 5. , - "4 "-- ' ' -'ai , 1. . 5 ., 4 . r Aif't.14g M J' ' T76 " 6 in ' E 'M "1-T, I v.E.T.'-X -' 1 .z .' .41 Riff' 'A H we 3 .1 ' ' Q - , if . 4 ' ' .1 Th M '.Q.1-'4gfi"-'F' I 4 iff- B- AI if ' 1 i f "W F . .1J"3- . , " A V - P Q A ' gap V .,V 'jg ,L - VVV9' J' V lr!!- 4- .59 ' AV ' " Q VM V V A V ..'..Ef , L V 41 V ,N "1 1 4 i Vd1?5 A Q K V I V. .V VVI Vi V VSV. V- wa , , 41- + , . Y r , . ,Z ., . 4. 5- , . VV, i fy,-sr .V V ' V. V .Q V 'V 'V iv. -V ,-. . 1 'QE' ' V! V TV V VV . wi V YEV., VV V ' V -V W V ' ' V-Vi 'VV ,QV 1 iV9"'L.E? Vfa L' r ll V 'F 'f 1+ f I A 1+ V. 5.-"" ,V -. f V' , Y V V 4 .mfgiiw-1 ' .lf . 4 zz. 1 V . - V.. -Q . wf-w f f L s -4. Q A-wuz, 3 ' ' af 'Y 1 . ' A-' va' - . ' -vu . ., t '. , .. 'sv " 5 17- . V Oi! V ' ..k'. ,. ,V-,V. 51 -. . ,, MD ' ' ' 5' 1'-'1 A -w . "t u- ,. V -al 1 ' ' LT I . V .,.. . ' .i ' - ar S' . , 4 15 V! V V V V VVJA Z V ? S' .. M' , . V NV yV E . ,F iq. 'ff V I I .V .Vw . N it ,w V51 A V--: -' Vi., VVf'H1.VjNffBV V ' ' . , i 1 -61,4 +- Eg V. -1 H -1 .. L- 'H ,. 1 a ., , H V .1 A1-.H+ .. P . . U-'Wig CVQQ - 5 'V .V V, 31? C V I fs' ' , V. . . ,V "fi ' tl - L4 Pwr ."" I .1 V "YQ, X1 "' 34 qv .Qi -Ft' auf- VVS QV,:51V 4. VVVV. VV ,V -A V 1 .LQ E . .L 'Ji 4 4, f ' s' '- .L 'Qs-21V '. . V.rlV,-? ' . Vi 'V ,V V 'W -. V Q .f- f '- . "M 2 ' : -fir , Vi' V.. V: 'A :L - .VVV J V 'A 'QW' i ' 11 . I , EF f . X' . 3 4' ' -ff: Tiki 5'-9 ' l" 5.9-5 LFE ,gif .-' ..5'fh:'. li 'Q fV 1 1' 'wb . . ,Veg V. . 'P J :Ihr ., - VNQ. ,fx ,,.. 1,-, X' V, v,-1 iy s V - " f - , . .- , f 'gi y lk., " ,Q -,ky-i -1- '- .Ap -1.3 . :X J.,,.,., A J- 1+ , f 1' L F . ai ,i v . ,Q I , ,g. 5 w 1 In Am 3 .ez H 4' awtinliw V La, iliv' ri' gl - rf 4' Q if Q Jr if I 5 R 'X 'fa vis -V' . 1,3 , . if t a . s M, . A 5. , 1,42 Q , , W3 vt rr ., ' H if I' 5 . 3 .'f I ' 5 'J ll' " f . . -,. . 1 , ., H I B V . f-. . mt . "QQ, .- 49,1 f 4- Eqqsx- --. 1 J' 4- . - wx I ' Z . A 13 N . 1 ,, 4. -1 4. J z 4. - ' f. W ' 1 .A l A 1 Q W cf A' QV' if ft , . "FJ 5- Y -A . mu, ...U L. '1- 1- :55. '33 -. ,Y '1' 1 - L. 47 . T 5 Af T v n- H? . 4' -Q :IS .J .v mzvz-'.!'U ii Q-K N .. ef -, V J, ,. "- - -2. . T, , W v ,L ii' ,.,. 1 ' ' -,H ' gi ', Q . X . ggi, ' ,541 .., fr. ' 1' 1' iff , 4 5'-' ,' ls. , A, ' ' 4 . W Q. , iw ' W u ' A. 4 A av' 1 i i 4. L w ' W -- ,Q f va.. Q, f Y Q v ' b N '1 1' A In .' fl. ' . A " - "' . -1- - ' f - .1 ' , ? pg f 13.3.2 .41 V E. ., 1"1Jv-1 ' V , . Q 1,13 A , . ' fr H, '-A .f f 'a',i,Qr wg. ' K ' 72 , U1 -5, v 7.1 -4 4 , -21 1 - .. 111. I' QT ' 'W f'n'HE7', aff'-, 3-uf-X ' "".'A!f,,,. -- A 'T' A.' ---G' ,L -5. H ' ffl 3 J' 'Z rbgf, ,R xii. ' ,-rl' , 5, .-Hit?" A fx 'L ., 'X' ' N , 4 , 'Q 'f:- .-4 ' s':1- ' Y ' -- - '. .2 'arf K "T ' '- -. di. ii Vlhxiii -xl kg-gk V A M: QT U V. , A ' .wif . e "' 1 . I . 'V' M- ' ' ax .- L 1 1' 4 3' 14' J ' 3. X - . l 1 ' X ' . ' . ' 'V , 1 . 4' 5 11 w Q",-Qs: .0 yu -sf xgil P? I ., ' .- I Q ' .jgycyk A -5- -lf, Q sv fr?-,.. . 212 , As! ' . - , M' 'fd lg' 1 -e. 4 , , K ,EMI ., ., , 'Q' .4 L. 5' fir M ..i,sr , ff , , I, I it 1 ,mm ,, -V V.. " v" f . "'5"ii'.. . 27 'V ff ' if - 41, " ',,.. f ,ks , ' 2 - ,E I .. ,y - ' 1 vm ' ff? .. A' ,I it 1 4' . A - wg- ' , h ,na-.1 I Q ' . , ,--' , ' N - :Sw . i P , 7.311 . gy 'if ' 1 43- , -. . '52-H ' - A F xq W" ' fir: . s 3 ' -L V xi f V g,1 , -. ,,,"l--' ' ' IIIHTKDVI' VE hw . wmnumvooilf WIMGUW .,k' . ' - 1 ,554 . A ' G. A F - Q 5 ' f Big 'W I . 5, . 'N S- 'wwe ,. w"-'Hifi 'wr ' 4 y . , A 1 . x 7 If .a 1 F1 .1 , n , .!I- 1 A 3 . 4 . . , ' . .' .' 1 . . I 1, I I . , . ,L -V.. ' ,h 4 I , ' I II , I. I .I .I . . , . I 'A4 W'Zli-.'- 1 1 f 1' 1 1 E ' 4 M1 1 Q 4: 1- . , 1 , . '.- 1.2.1 ' '. , , 'vu' i',n:i.' ' ' ' i . l - 1 I I F I 1 W ' .- , I I, I . 1 . ' . ." ' v f '1 1 1 , 1. 4, 11. -. ',..' :- , 1 M181 , P 1 - - ,. '1 .I . .- T- "? ' " f..w:1 1 . .4 ,Q 1 , '. V- '4' , - F" .. -11 m.. , . 1 0 ' 1. I'1IQ" . 1 . . 5 . " ' . -f"'f31!.1r' 1 - ,., ,A . Vg, ,,,. , '.. 1, P , F"'.' J. , A: 'w ., 1-, . 1 I.: 1. 51 . , -- I IQI .- .II Aix 1.. 1 -f n A . ' gfi - "Q 5 I !1,g1gI3,1u 1w! 1 1 ,- , , Y" , ' Hi f3'- 1- ' W 1 I I -.. . ..1.III,. ,. I 1 , ., 1 , .a ,AL 1 I g - , I ' , . -1 'Q' .' ' 5 1 , 1 . . , V 5' x I 1 - 9 5 'I I ', I . , AI . I I .II -5. ' I .I '. II ' A, 'Q I I ' 7 Q 'II I. 'I , . II - II ' , I - 1 I I,-' I ' I . I I ' IIY. I -I" ,QI J -5 I , '1 I F -I 1 . . .h . 'A ' ff ' - 1. A 4 1 A 1 . 4 ' 2 14' . 1.. - In . v e . L1 .V I ' 1"A L ' .1 " - -.61 ' ' - 4 L 'fi in M, A ' , M1 .3 4' ' 3-4 2 , ' 3 7.31 5, " . ....:. . ,..- ., . '..:p5- Y lieu' 1' i' 1 5-":g'u1' 1. ..,. ,grip 1-9-. .1 ' ' . 5 if'5f..n,f N1s2'5Ql1 I 1 'n 5? ' ' I' I i"ffL 4 I . 1 ' f.L"'1" 'ifxf T ' ""i"4 H' ' 1 . 3" U 4-3 . x . ,- ,,',I, I, Klr . A, i. I J 1 , h 1 3, yg.AI,11,1, , .5.IIL I, 4, . ., ,vw I II II, gg fg1,:i7I-LI.,I.IIII...J'II1.aI- III . . 5 - ' - , . . Q, 'L '11, 1' ' u. ' ' , ,, . I , , - M m ,fe 1 .E ..,, ' 1 . -- 0-' . 1.1 1. ' ' "W 1'1'f1"1l9' ' - W u 51' , ' K ' L11-M. a....L.Qf,...Q-aala.:ef.mfh-L. ' ' . H ' ' V ' -1 .- ' . . PM fs To MISS EMMA L. LOSSEN BECAUSE HER LABOR FOR THE CULTURE OF THE MIND AND SPIRIT, HER HIGH IDEALS, HER LOYAI. FRIENDSHIP, AND HER GENUINENESS HAVE EVER BEEN AN INSPIRATION, AND BECAUSE HER SYMPA- THETIC UNDERSTANDING HAS BEEN OURS THROUGH THE YEARS, WE PROUDLY AND AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATE THIS SECOND VOLUME OF "THE HANOVERIAN." ozewoz IN AN AGE OF DOUBT, WHEN WISE MEN STOP TO PONDER WHETHER PROGRESS IS REAL OR A MYTI-I AND W1-IETHER TRUTH AND JUSTICE ARE MEANT FOR MEN TO KNOW- IN AN AGE OF CHANGING VALUES, WHEN THE DESIRES OF 'TODAY ARE THE AVERSIONS OF TOMORROW, AND WHEN THE CONDITIONS OF THE FLEETING PRESENT ARE CON' STANTLY OUTMODED BY THE RUSH OF AN ONCOMING FUTURE- IN AN AGE OF SPEED, WHEN MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, HE WHO HESITATES IS LOST'- WE, WHO GO INTO THE WORLD Em ouu SECOND BIRTH AND COME A STEP CLOSER TO GRIPS WITH LIFE, HAVE ATTEMPTED TO STREAM-LINE THE SECOND VOLUME OF "THE I'IA'NOVERIAN,, AS A SYMBOL OF ADVANCEMENT IN A SWIFTLY MOVING AGE. C-cmlfenlb 0 IN MEMORIAM o DEDICATION 0 FOREWORD 0 PRINCIPAL 0 FACULW 0 CLASSES 0 CLASS POEM 0 FEATURES 0 ADVERTISING NEW HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL MQ. THOMAS T. HAMILTON, Jr Principal, Executive, Educator, Friend Tl-I E FACU LTY T. T. HAMILTON, ja., Prinrijml Wake Forest, Columbia University, University of Illinois, A. B., A. M. Miss HFNRIETTA HAY, Smvcfary Miss JOSEPHINE HINTON, Sz'vrr'fary . f. JLwvu,Ul, Hwy f we ANDERSON, DOROTHY . . BARRON, MYRA . . . BROCK, MRS. JOSIE . . . CARDWELL, IDA . . . CARPENTER, MRS. AUSTIN CARRUTH, JAMES W. . . CLARKE, ELIZABETH . . COLLINS, ELIZA . DAVIS, RUTH . . DOMINICK, BERNICE . DOWD, D. J ..... EAKER, BARBARA . . . FORMY-DUVAL, FRANCES GRISE, MRS. HELEN . . GRUBBS, MRS. NORMA . HARTZOG, MRS. ELIZABETH JONES, ADLIENE . . . JUDISH, FRANK .... KEITH, MRS. MARY . . LATHROP, MARY . . . LEGRAND, MRS. LUA BROYLES LEVIN, PAULINE . . . LOSSEN, EMMA .... MACKENZIE, ROBERTA . MCDONALD, HOWARD . . MCINTIRE, RUTH . . MILLER, MIRIAM . . . MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH MYERS,y JAMES .... MYERS,' REBA . . MYERS, MRS. B. K. . O,KEEF, FANNIE . ROBINSON, R. . . RUSS, REBECCA .... SANDERS, MAIE .... SAUNDERS, ANNIE ROYAL SCI-INIREL, IDA E .... SMITH, MRS. BURROWS . SMITH, I-IATTIE LOU . . SMITH, OCTAVIA . . SPENCER, DALE K. . . STACK, MARTHA . . . STRUTHERS, HESTER C. . TILLETT, MRS. E. G. . . TARRELL, ELMER . . TRASK, MADELINE . . TUCKER, GLENN M. . WALSH, VIRGINIA . . . WARREN, MARY CLINE . WARREN, MRS. RUTH V. WEST, GEORGE H. . . . WEST, MRS. MAEEL H. . WILLIAMS, MARGARET . WILLIAMS, MRS. R. H. . WILLIS, MRS. JANE DILL . WRIGHT, REBECCA . . . Duke University, A.B. Winthrop College, A.B. Chowan College W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Durham Col. of Commerce, B.C.S. South Ga. Teachers' College, B.S. Duke University, A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Greensboro College, A.B. Winthrop College, B.S. Wake Forest, A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Greensboro College, A.B. University of Arkansas, L.I. Bowling Green Col. of Com., A.B. Queens College, A.B. Anderson College, A.B. Stout Institute, B.S. W. C. U. N. C., B.S. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Mississippi State College, A.B. Winthrop College, A.B. W. C. U.. N. C., A.B. Flora MacDonald College, A.B. U. N. C., A.B. Fredericksburg State College, B.S. W. C. U. N. C., B.S., S.A. Duke University, A.B. U. N. C., A.B. U. N. C. Randolph Macon Woman'S Col., A.B Duke University, A.B. Furman University, B.S. Salem College, B.S. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Cornell University, A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Flora MacDonald College, A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Davidson College, A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. U. N. C., A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Duke University, A.B. W. C. U. N. C., B.S. Wake Forest College, B.S. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Salem College, A.B. , W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Ohio University, B.S. Boston University, New York Univ. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. W. C. U. N. C., A.B., U. N. C., A.M. W. C. U. N. C., A.B. Randolph Macon Woman's Col., A.B. '1 my I CLASS POEM O school, glorious in zealous desire, The time has come at last When we must part, with memories Of pleasant days now past. Humbleness, faiths and simple intention, And eternal thoughts of purity, Honor, love, wisdom and truth Are our ideals of security. Hardships, sorrow - happiness and success, We'll find in the path of lifeg But the high ideals of our dear school Will help us in our strife. In those bright rooms where happiness Was found in class and game, Your work goes on, O Alma Mater, In eternal joy and fame. -JEAN BROUN XQLX C15 O X23 U LAQ5 IUEEY I I I 4 rn 'wr ' ly w yxe-H yfur'l"ll3sulI"?' I ""I'1- A "FI "'11f:j1f'gR52'-"'Eg1Qlrsr'1vvm , L H I, I - K I I IP I I X . I , ' 1 r I A 2 V.: , wa 'lm lg... ' .nl-...11 . I: uv- .-A3 ' I SENICDR CLASS OFFICEIQS FRANK REYNOLDS, President WALTER SHEFFIELD, Vice-President EVELYN HORNE, Secretary-T1'easurer 219373 ,JY zkfw W .5 Qvym xx w 5 44 wa X x WILLIAM ARTHUR AINSWORTH, JR. Good nature is fllways a success. Chemistry Club 3: Tramc 1. BARBARA ANN ALLEN Vaccinated with a Victrola needle. 0. Henry 2, 8, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Home- Arts Club 2: Boosters Club 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3: Debating Club 4, fSQcref8l'Y-Tl'6HS- urer 41: Annual Stat! 4: Chemistry Club 4: Hi-Y Play 4. LLOYD WILLIAM ALLEN Let any man speak long enough, and he will get believers. Manager Boxing Team 2: Manager Track Team 1: French Club 2: Hi-Y Club 8, 4: "The Wild- cat" 3, 4, lAssis'tant Business Manager 3: Busi- ness Manager 41: Business Manager Junior Play 3: Chemistry Club 3: Basketball 3: Junior Prom Dance Committee 3: Student Council 4: Vice- Chairman North Carolina Scholastic Press In- stitute 4: Girls' Hi-Y Play 4. MARGARET FRANCES ALLEN Faithjulness and sincerity first of all. Glee Club 1: Math Club 1: French Club 2: Home Room Chairman. VIVIAN LENALYN ALLEN Happy am I, from care I am free, Why aren't they all contented like me? Latin Club 1: Tennis Club 3, lMa.nager Girls' Tennis Teaml: Debating Club 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: O. Henry 3: Boosters Club 3: Archery Club 2, 3, fPresident Sl : Library Science Club 3, 4, 1Pres'idBnt 41. MARY HELEN ANDREWS Determination makes dreams come true. French Club 2: Girl Reserves 2: Glee Club 4: Dramatic Club 4, lVice-Presidentl: Tennis Club 4: Senior Play: Dramatic Play. CECIL APPLEBERRY Wit and humor belong to genius alone. ESTHER J. AUSTIN Best things come in little packages. Latin Club 1, 3: Home Economics Club 4: Junior Play. IANE ELLEN BALDWIN A smile for all, m greeting glad: an amiable, jolly way she had. Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Library Club 2: Scribblers' Club 2: Handbook Committee 2: 0. Henry 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: Ways and Means Commit- tee 3: Junior Playi: Boosters Club 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Dizzy Dozen 4, Annual Staff, lAssistant Feature Editorl : Junior Play: Hi-Y Play 4. LAWSON HUGH BALLARD He is a good man, and is just. ROBERT LEE BAME Good looks-oh girls-be careful. Glee Club 2: Radio Club 2: Intra-mural Box- ing 2. RALPH BUCKNER BARDEN A soul of joy. and a heart of song. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, lPresident 41: Chemistry Club 4: Boosters Club 4, fPresidentl: Head Cheer Leader 4. EDITH VIVIAN BEDSOLE A soul sincere. PRESTON BELLAMY Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech. WILLIAM BERNHARD BELLOIS Like unto u river-largest at its mouth. Latin Club 1: Home Room Chairman 2: Nature Club 2, lVice-Presidentl: German Club 3, 4, 1Treasurer 41: Chemistry Club 4. WHIT TAYLOR BENTON, ja. Follow your honest convictions and be strong. Boy:s'. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: Judicial Committee 4: Paper Staff 4: Latin Club 1. 2.: Edison Science Club 4: Chemistry Club 3: -IUHIOI' Play Committee 3: Handbook Commit- tee 4: Ways and Means Committee 4: Editor- xn-Chief of Annual 4. ALMA EVOLIA BLAKE Cupid, cute, cunning, and coy. Dramatic Club 2: 0. Henry Literary Society 2. ROBERT FREDERICK BLEECKER A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Chemistry Club 3: Debating Club 4: Intra-mural Boxing 2, 3: Trafhc Squad 1, 2, 3: Vice-Presi- dent Student Body 4: Student Council 4. KATHERINE BOYETTE BLOSSOM Modesty is a great virtue. Domestic Arts. HERMANN BOEMANNS A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. ZVLZOZ4 7iif Mfg ' 1 1 MLAI! W,jj, A 'Nu N L.,,, 1 , X W- - r--ll--H 7- 'f-if gqqs-is rf f-'-mvw, '-X-F . X It X -.W Y Lal 3 at ,X .J ,i :I H a.: .'.ii' JOHANNA GERJTRUDE Bom If 4 True to your work, your word, and your friends. Latin Club 1, 2:l German Club 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: O. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 2. 3, 4, lSec1-etary 47: Edison Science Club 4: Chemistry Club 8. WILLIAM B. BdLES A man of inches, and every inch a man. Intra-mural Boxing 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Radio Club 2: Latin Club 2: Debating Club 4. l J. HERBERT B ST. JR. Good humor-'witl y. l VANCE BOUN is. JR. Life, what art t ou without love? Traflic Squad 1, . l MILDRED LOUlSE BOWEN A poise and stature to be admired. Latin Club 1: Gee Club 1, 2. MAUDE MEBAl+E BREEDEN All must be earwiest in a world like ours. l EDITH RAE BRIDGES The youthful cheirm of tweed skirts and sport sweaters. Basketball 3, 4. l 1 l SAMUEL BRISISHEN Knowledge comesi but wisdom lingers. O. Henry 1, 2: ialtin Club 1, 2: National Honor Society 3, 4: Ch! istry Club 4: Glee Club 4. 1 LOIS FAYE BR THERS Quiet, gentle, se ate, and calm. Latin Club 1, 4:!Girl Reserves 2: Tennis Club 2. l JEAN HARRIMMN BROUN Success will crown her efforts. 1 Latin Club 1: G rman Club 2, 3, 4: Afrt Club 2: Glee Club 3, 4: Scribblers' Club 8: O. Henry Literary Society 8, 4. DALLY RAY BROWN Who cares about studying, anyhow? KEDAR BRYAN BROWN Love is so different with us men. DAVID ERNEST BULLOCK A man of character. Latin Club 1, 2: Tennis Club 3, 4: Kiwi Avia- tion Club 2: Hi-Y Club 4: Debating Club 4. SOPHIA MAE BURGESS Silence is my eternal duty. CLARENCE W. BURTON Exceeding in human sympathies. ALICE CALDER The truth is always-the strongest argument. Paper Staif 4: Triangular Debate 4: Latin Club 1, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4, fExecutive Committee 47: O. Henry 1, 2, 3, 4: Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, fSecretary-Treasurer 3: President 41: Ten- nis Club 3, 4: Debating Club 4: Chemistry Club 4, 1Repox-tex-D: National Honor Society 8, 4: Home Room Chairman 2, 3, 4, 4Vice-President 33: Library Club 3: Hi-Y Play Committee 4. ANNELL NADANE CARPENTER She loves to laugh, she loves to walk. And-oh my heart! She loves to talk! .M Archery Club 2: Latin Club 3: Boosters Club 3 MARY DANIEL CARR A nature of laughter, friendliness. and wit. I Latin Club 1: Junior Play 3. GER ALDINE CARROLL Smart-oh my. Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1: Basketball 2, 3: French Club 2: Latin Club 4, lSecretary- Treasurer 41: 0. Henry 4: National Honor So- ciety, lJudicial Committeel: Chemistry Club 3. WOODUS A. CARTER The greatest strength and wealth is self-control. Edison Science Club 4: Chemistry Club 8. anion VLWD WWBW , --,P vw- - ESTHER RAE CHERRY Why gentlemen prefer blondes. 0. Henry 1, 2, 3: Home Arts Club 2: Glee Club 1. IRIS LOUISE CHERRY Laugh and grow fat for why should one be slim? 1 SAM R. CHINNIS,l JR. Gladness of heart the life of man. Home Roo Chairman 2: Dramatic Club 2: Chemistry : Swim ing 3, 4. If N KARLA CHRISTIANSEN looks for the Lyood and lets the bad take 're of itself. I ramatic Club: 0. Henry: Debating Club. ELEANOR HUST N CLARK What should one but be merry? Domestic Arts Club : Latin Club 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2: Junior Pla : Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. I BONNIE MYRTLE CLEMENSEN Quiet, demure, audi . 1 W HERBERT AUGUSTUS CODINGTON, jk. Aa near perfect ual any. Latin Club 2, 3. Hi-Y Club 3, 4, llifresident 41: Paper Staff 4: O. Henry. : ROSCOE ANDRE S COLE, JR. Very fast-is how Xe drives his car. Latin Club I, 2: Chemistry Club 3: 0. Henry 3: Edison Science C ub 4, lVice-Presidentl: Hi-Y Club 4, lVicePres'i ent Alpha Chapterl: Debat- ing Club 4: Schoolftore 4: Paper Staff 4. LEWIS WILLIAM coLEMAN None but himself can be his parallel. Latin Club 1: School Store 2, 3, 4, tManager 4l: Hi-Y Club 2,13, 4, iSeeretary 2, Presi- dent 4l: Chairman Invitation Committee 4: Student Council 4, lTreas'urer 41. I I MAR IE LOUISE CDNLY As noble as sunliglit through stained glass win- dows. I Scribblers' Club 1, I2: Dramatic Club 3: Latin Club 1: 0. Henry iterary Society 8, 4: Tennis Club 2: Debating lub 4: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4: Chemist y Club 4: Art Club 4. I l I I ------1v-,,w-g-yqp-'q-v-- , ' ,L - I . T '41 F 1 EVELYN VIRGINIA CONAWAY A crystal-clear intelligence. Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2: Debating Club 4: National Honor Society. ALMERIA EILEEN CONWAY The quietness of breezes in a pine cathedral. Glee Club 2, 3. RICHARD A. COOK Leave silence to the saints: I am but human. EDWARD O. COTTON, JR. Inches do not make the man. CECIL KNOX COUNCIL, ja. He needs no eulogy: he speaks for himself. 1Words! Words! Words!D Latin Club 1, 2. GREER B. CRAIG, JR. A smile for all: not the least bit tall. ROBER JENE C Deeds are fruits: word a Latin 1. 2: Aviation Club 3: Chemistry Club 3: Debating Club 4: Tennis Club 4: Science Club 4: Hi-Y Club 4: Triangular Debate. CLAUDE THOMAS DAVIS 'The'gift of fascination. Hi-Y Club 4: Football 4: Basketball 4. EDWIN 'T. DAVIS Few things are impossible to ddigence and skill. ALICE MARTIN DILLON The poise and charm of a perfect hostess. Latin Club 1, 2: Library Monitor 4: Junior Play: Hi-Y 3, 4: Dizzy Dozen: Chemistry Club 4: "Wildcat" Staff 4: Assistant Business Manager Annual: Home Room Chairman 1. I ' calore U I .aj XK JK f xx ,J Ja jf X5 4 ,K Xt xl I s his -Q' i7'f-ff X EDNA MAE DIXCPN Honor society-efficient-likable. Girl Reserves 1, 25 Chemistry Club 3, National Honor Society. 3 l i BENNIE I.EONARlD DLUGIN The noise of manqi waters. Basketball 2: Drambtic Club 33 Tennis 25 Typist School Paper 4. 1 l ELLEN ROSE DUl,NCAN Always the same and ever sincere. ROBERT DYKE ' Hia aim is never to offend. DOROTHY RAE :EAGLE One of the best you'll ever meet. French Club 2. CHARLES EDWARD EDENS Speech is great, but silence is greater. LEOLA EDWARDS In there anything lthis girl ean't do? National Honor Society 4, lTreasurer 47 3 French Club 2: Scribblers' N lub 2: Basketball 2, 3, fMan- ager 435 Chemistryl Club 4. JACK ELLIS 3 For even though minquished, he could argue still. NORMAN EVENSlON Thingg are bound 'to happen-'why worry? i MARGARET LOUlSE EVERETT She smiles and smiles and never sighs. . German Club 1, 2l: Home Arts Club 2. ----r v- ANNA EUGENIA FARMER -Y Life is just one "Whoopee" aftefanothef. Student Council 1: Latin Club 1, 2:-Library Club 2, 4: Glee Club 4: Boosters Club 8, 4. MARY CLELL FARMER Be silent and safe-silence never betrays you. French Club 2. LOTTIE MAE FARROW Success is sure to come to one so faithful as she. TROY PAGE FISHER As friendly as a crackling fire on a frosty win- ter evening. EDWARD C. FLORA To be strong is to be happy. ROSA ISABELL FOSTER Her voice was ever soft and gentle: an excellent thing in a woman. Home Arts' Club. LILA BELLE FOUNTAIN Filled to the brim with personality. Glee Club 13 National Honor Society. NED W. FROWNFELTER Why not be gay 'while you can? Hi-Y Club 2, 83 Chemistry Club 3: Swimming Team 3, 4: Cheer Leader 43 Football 8: Home Room Chairman 1, 3: French Club 2. MAUDE MILLICENT FRYE As friendly as a basket of puppies. Archery Club 2, 3, 4, lPresident 4, VicePresl- dent 33: Latin Club 2, 3: Traffic Squad 8: Chemistry Club 4: Dramatic Club 4. MABEL ELIZABETH GARRIS The sturdiness of a Puritan maid on a New England Sunday. French Club 25 Latin Club 3. euiaze . L, 4' I-"' 24 E414 L 'I 4,!I -,,.- .Y . I SOPHIA MARY GMYTRUK Congeniality plus wisdom. Home Arts 2: Chemistry Club 3: National Honor Society. 1 I ROBERT AARON GOLDBERG Tall, dark and handsome-oooh! Secretary-Treasurer Class 2: O. Henry 1: Latin Club 1: "WildcatT' Staff 2: Intra-mural Boxing 3: Football 2, 3: .llunior Play: Senior Play: Presi- dent Student Body 4: Boxing Team 4. EUBON L. GORLDY That innocent blush. VICTOR SANFORD GORE Whatever there be of sorrow, I'll put it off 'til tomorrow. Spanish Club 1: Baseball 1, 2: Harmonica Club 2: O. Henry Literary Society 1. IUNE ELIZABETH GREEN Kind words are the music of the world. Library Club 1: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Glee Club 1. r MARY LEE GREER Contentment surpasses riches. IOHN WILLIAM GRIFFITH, JR. He's a boy we all admire. GEORGE THADDEUS GROTGEN, JR. Let there be blondes. VIRGINIA KATHERINE GROTGEN Here's ,hoping success will be' her lot. Girl Reserves 1: Chemistry Club 4. IAMES FRANK HACKLER, JR. A happy-go-lucky 'fellow-at teasing he is grand. Latin Club 1, 2: Student Council 2, 4: Aviation Club 2: President ophomore Class: Traffic Squad 2, 8: Chemistry Qlub 4: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4: "Wild- cat" Staff 3: Ju icial Committee 4: Homeroom Organization 4, President 41. MARTHA HALL A lady through and through. National Honor Society: Archery Club 4: O. Henry 3: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Home Arts Club 2: Tennis Club 2, 3, 4. SYLVIA AMELIA HALL A student that we won't forget. Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, lVice-President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 41: Dramatic Club 4: Debat- ing Club 4: "Wildcat" Staff 4. BETTY LEONORA HARPER Great thoughts like great deeds need no trumpet. LILLIE MIDDLETON I-IARRELL Decidedly unique-her special way. O. Henry 1: Latin Club 2, 3. VIVIAN LEDORA HARRELL Gentle of speech, and beneficent of mind. Latin Club: Home Economics Club: O. Henry: Cliemistry Club: National Honor Society: Basket- ba . DOROTHY AMES HARRISS Buzzing here and buzzing there: to find her quiet is something rare. Girl's Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Art Club 2: 0. Henry 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Drama- tic Club 4: Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 4, fPresident 41 : Junior Play: Hi-Y Play 3: Senior Play: Feature Editor "Wildcat" 4: National Hon- or Society 3, 4: Library Monitor 4: Debating Club 4: Tennis Club 4. I-IELYN E. HART Men, men, how I adore them. Basketball 2, 3, 4: French Club 2: O. Henry Literary Society 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Scribblers' Club 1, 2: Homeroom Chairman 1, 2: "Wildcat" Staff 2: Art Club 2, 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Traf- fic Squad 2, 3: Student Council. IAMES ERNEST HEARN Everything ends in song. Tennis' Club: Physics Club 4: Chemistry Club 3: Glee Club. . CARRIE MAE HENDERSON Serene amidst alarm. Orchestra 1: Basketball 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2. DOROTHY PEARL HEWETT Beauty is its own excuse for being. Latin Club 1: Debating Club 4. I euiaze 0-41 '13---Tw-V ---l- V L VIVIAN HIERS She moves a goddess, she looks a queen. Hi-Y Club 3, 4, fVice-President 41: Debating Club 4: Scribblers' Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: National Honor Society: Dizzy Dozen 4: Annual Staff 4: Paper Staff 4. JAMES BRYANT HINNANT, JR. Everything comes to him who waits-why hurry? Latin Club 1, 2: German Club 1, 2: Harmonica Club 3: Chemistry Club 4. MYRTLE ELIZABETH HOBBS Life is what you make it. DORCAS SUSANNE HOGUE The world can't twirl without an attractive girl. Student Council 1, 2: O. Henry 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, fSecretary 41: "Wild- cat" Staff 3, 4: Hi-Y Play 3: Senior Play: Na- tional Honor Society: Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 4: Library Club 3. HELEN HOLMES As friendly as an old house full of memories. Latin Club 1, 2: Glee Club 2: O. Henry 4: Chemistry Club 4. KITTY LEWIS HOLTON She's a girl with a smile worth while. Art Club 1: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Chemistry Club 2. JOSEPH WARD HOOPER, Jn. With valleys of eternal bubble. Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, fTreasurer 41: Latin Club 1. 2: Student Council 1, 2: Dramatic Club 2: Traffic Squad 2. EVELYN LOUISE HORNE She toots her own Horne. Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class: Scribblers' Club 1. 2: Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: 0. I-lenry 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, fVice- President 81: Debatilng Club 4, lVice-President 41: National Honor Society: Chemistry Club 4: Triangular Debate 4. ARTHUR WILBUR HORRELL Always striving to db his best. MARY ELIZABETH HOUSTON The earnestness of a school girl eager for her books. 0. Henry 1, 2: Library Club 2, 3, 4, tvice- President 31: Tennis Club 2, 3, fTennis Team 21 : Archery Club 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3: Debat- ing Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Junior Play: Na- tional Honor Societyp JAMES FOXY HOWARD, JR. Life's treasure lies in action. MARY ETHEL HOWELL A woman's natural quality is to attract. Home Arts Club 1: Glee Club 4. SUZELLE FRANCE HOWES Talent rules without a sceptre. Tennis Club: Dramatic Club: Latin Club: Library Club: 0. Henry: Chemistry Club: Art Club 4, 1 President 1 . EARL CARLTON HUBAND, JR. Silence-more musical than song. Chemistry Club 3. DORIS MAE HUFI-IAM Better not be at all, than not be noble. HUBERT STRATTON HUFHAM As he thinketh in his heart, so he is. Swimming Team 3, 4: Harmonica Club 2: His- tory Club 1. ELIZABETH HUGGINS A soft answer turneth away wrath. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Spanish Club 1: Traffic Squad 3. SARAH KATHERINE HUGGINS Seldom serious, often gay. Latin Club 1: Girl Reserves 2. CECIL EUGENE HUNT An honest man is the noblest work of God. HARRY COPP JAMES He'll find a way. Annual Staff 3, 4, tBusiness Manager 41 : Junior Class Representative 3: Traffic Squad 3: Hi-Y Club 3, 4, iVice-President 41: Home Room Or- ganization 4, IVice-Pres'ldent1 : Tennis Club 2, 3: Kiwi Aviation Club 2: "Wildcat" Staff 3, 4, fAssistant Business Manager 41. euiow 'Wm ,U 7 ,vfgf x 1-,i.,..f rf -wr.-4 v MILDRED LUCIYLLE JARROTT Virtue how frail ,it is--friendship how rare. DOROTHY MARGARET JENNE Sweet-friendly. German Club 2, 3,: Home Arts Club 2. JAMES TROY JOHNSON So much is a man worth as he esteems himself. Glee Club 2: Traffic Squad 2, 3: Spanish Club 1. ELLA KATI-IALEiEN JOHNSTON How forcem are right words. Dramatic Club 2. . 1... .., CAROL LOUISE -JONES All the loveliness wof a Chopin prelude. Glee Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Tennis Club 4: "Wildcat" Staff 4. EMMA CAROLYN JORDAN . Ever loyal, ever true. Debating Club 2, 3, fwhiteville High Schooll: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3. SALLYE SPEARS JOSEY She's merry, she's jolly. We like her, by golly! Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class: Tennis Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Treasurer of Hi-Y 4: Art Editor of Annuall. DAISY GRAHAM KELLY As gay as a robin's song. LAURA DORIS KENAN The charm of a child star-gazing. LOUIS TODD KERMON A man of might-fis a man of right. Orchestra 1, 2, 8:1 Glee Club 3, 4: Chemistry 4. EVELYN GRACE KESTER Two of the fairest stars in all the heavens- her eyes. Glee Club 1, 2: Library Club 1: Latin Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Archery Club 4: Tennis Club 4. ANNA EUGENIA KING As charming as the grace of slender fingers in gold hair. Chemistry Club 3: Library Club 4. CLYDE EVERETT KING Grit is the grain of character. Radio Club 1: Science Club 1, 2. FRANCES ANN KING Given to hospitality. Dramatic Club. HESTER CLARICE KING Ever charming, ever new. Glee Club 1, 2: Latin Club. OSCAR R. KING A better pal is hard to find. Football 4. THOMAS F. KING They who think they can, WILLIAM EDWARD KRAFT Love is and was my lord and king. ffrackl Team 1: Radio Club 1: Intra-mural Box- ITIZ . MARJORIE HALLIE LANCASTER The glass of fashion. Dizzy Dozen 4. AUGUSTUS WILLIAM LAND, JR. I have a heart with room for every joy. eaiou 9 I 1 -msn--une--wx-r .- .' fgiff . 'ai' I ANNA MAE LANIER A golden heart is better than a silver tongue. LUCILLE PEACE LARKINS In her tongue is the law of kindness. Library Club 4. GEORGE V. LARSON, JR. Thoughts are mightier than strength of hand. EMILY ANN LEE Just being happy is a fine thing to do. Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Squad 2, 3, 4: Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 4, ICaptain 41 : Single Championship 3. MARY LILLY LEE Do your duty and do it well. Art Club 2. JANE LIPPITT LEGRAND The dashing spirit of a "laughing cavalier." 0. Henry 1: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3: Tennis Club 3: Diuy Dozen 4: "Wildcat" Staff 4. CARLETTA LENNON Virtue alone affords continual joy. Chemistry Club 3:,GIee Club 2: Girl Reserves' 2: Library Club 4. ROSA LEE LEONARD Never shirking, always working. Dramatic Club 3: Glee Club 4: Traffic Squad 4: National Honor Solciety 4. MIRIAM FRANCES LEWIS A good disposition I prefer to gold. Student Council 1: Home Room Chairman 3: Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Squad 2, 3: Latin Club 1, 2: "Wildcat" Staff 4. ROBERT ISRAEL LIPTON Clothed and in his right mind. O. Henry 1, 2: French Club 2: National Honor Society 3, 4: Deb ting Club 4: Edison Science Club 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Chemistry Club 3: Annual Staff 4. MARY BORDEN LYNCH None knew her but to love her. Art Club 2: Home Arts 2. THOMAS GREEN LYNCH Great thoughts come from the heart. Hi-Y Club 3, 4, KSecretary 43: Home Room Chairman 3, 4: Edison Science Club 4: Debating Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2: "Wildcat" Staff 4, fManaging Editorl: Chemistry Club 3. MARY KATHRYN MCARTHUR Love, sweetness, goodness in her person shin'd. Chemistry Club 4. EDDIE F. MATI-IIS, JR. A loyal, just, and upright gentleman. PI-IYLLIS MEREDITH MCENTEE The power to charm. GEORGE MCFARLANE He's a sure card. CARL WRIGHT MCGOWAN To act natural is to act right. Art Club 4: Orchestra 1: Chemistry Club 3: Glee Club 5. MIRIAM CAROLINE MCINTIRE A disposition as bright as the sun. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Traliic Squad 3: Boosters' Club 3, 4: Cheer Leader 4: Dramatic Club 4: History Club 1: French Club 2. VERA MANNING A sweet, attractive kind of grace. I-IARRIET ANNE MARSHBURN God made her-than lost the pattern. O. Henry 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1: Boosters Club 3: Archery Club 3: Home Arts Club 2, 3: Debating Club 2, 3: Dramatic Club 4: National Honor Society 4. enlaw Y -7 1 QV! UL any Il! . , N 4k 4 r mul, J JW " W "uf" " ' ' l ,-.svrwwe,w-,f1,g1 4-1. .',,-.--A-1-,vs ELIZABETH TERESA MAZUR Knowledge is power. National Honor Society 3, 4: Typist for "Wild- cat" 3, 4. GERALD RICKMAN MEDD Nothing endures Izut personal qualities. German Club 2, 3, 4: Kiwi Aviation Club 2: Chemistry Club. JULIA ELIZABETH MEIGS Steadfast, energetic, but full of giggles. Latin Club 1, 2: O. Henry 1, 2. 3, 4: Library Club 2: Debating: Club 4: Home Arts Club 2, 3: Girl's Hi-Y 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: "Wildcat" StaE 4. ANNA CLARA MELTON Lips where smiles went out and in. ROBERT LEE MELVIN We must be young to do great things. CHARLES LLOYD MEMQRY Be thou faithful unto dedth.- WINIFRED WARE MINCY As gay as toy balloons. Latin Club 1, 2: Tramc Squad 3: Boosters Club 3, 4: Chemistry Club 4: Cheer Leader 4. BESSIE PEARL MINTZ Diligence is the mother of good fortune. EVELYN MINTZ The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. Art Club 2. JOHN HENRY MINTZ -4 friend in need is a friend indeed. ALLAN BOSTON MOORE Difficulties are things that show what men are. Chemistry Club fVic-e-President 411 Latin Club 1, 2: Glee Club 4: Aviation Club 2. GEORGE ALLIE MOORE, JR. Good nature is more powerful than education. Nature Club 2: Chemistry Club 3: German Club 3, 4, 1President 41: Boxing 2. CLIFF MORRIS, JR. Hail, fellow, well met. ESTHER EMMA MORTON Kind hearts are more than eoronets. Glee Club 2. I THOMAS DUDLEY Mb R He proved the best man on the field. Football 5, 6: Tennjs,vTeam 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, fCaptain 37: Tennisfflub 3, 4, 5: Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 6: Home Room Chairman 4: Ring Com- mittee 3: Chemistry Club 5: Library Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Senior Play 6: Traffic Squad 2: Boxing, fAssis'tant Manager 51. JEAN BEATTY MURPHY A noble woman is a storehouse of virtue. Latin Club 1: Tennis Club 4. RAYMOND MITCHELL MURRAY Saying is one thing: doing is another. RHODA ELIZABETH MURRAY Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. Girl Reserves 2: Traffic Squad 2: Library Club 3. LURA PIGOTT MYERS There is no wisdom like frankness. Dramatic Club 2: 0. Henry 2, 3: Archery Club 3: Boosters Club 3: Chemistry Club 4: Debat- imz Club 4. JAMES M. NEWLAND Fortune favors the brave. enlow ,MJ xjgfffbr My 'lf ffl...rJJf LILLIAN MARIE NICHOLS The charm of old silver. Glee Club 2. ROSALIE WALKER OLIVER A perfect lady. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. ESTELLE AUGUSTA OWEN A joyous maiden. Girl Reserves lg Chemistry Club 4. ANNA LAURA PADRICK A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. Home Arts Club 2. ARNOLD E. PADRICK When duty calls, he never fails. ELOUISE PADRICK A silent woman is wise-a talker must be. Home Arts Club 23 Domestic Art Club 2. MATTIE FRANCES PARKER The gaiety of nasturtiums in copper bowls. Latin Club 1: Glee Club 1: Boosters Club 3, 45 Cheer Leader 3, 45 Snappy Six 3: Dizzy Dozen 4, fVice-President l . FREDERICK LEON PARNELL A man's character is by his speech betrayed. WALTER L. PARSLEY, JR. Great deeds need great preparation. Radio Club 23 French Club 2: Boxing Tourna- ment Sg Hi-Y Club 4: Baseball Team 2. EUNICE PATTEN Live away sorrow, laugh away care. Fayetteville High School 1, 2: Glee Club 3: Drs- matic Club 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Debating Club 4: An- nual Staif 4: Junior Play 33 Senior Plav 4: Art Club fsecretary 415 National Honor Society 4. OSCAR PARSLEY PECK Speak every man truth of his neighbor. Hi-Y Club 2, a, 4, Vrreasurer fn: Annual Sta!! 4: Edison Science Club 4: "Wildcat" 4. NINA DORINE PETERSON Always generous, always true. MARGARET LOIS PICKARD Oh, how this girl can draw! German Club 2, 3, 4: Art Club 15 Library Club 2, 3, 4. MAGGIE WELLS PIGFORD Great is truth and all powerful. Basketball 3, 4 JOSEPH E. PINER ' ' Good cheer is no hindrance to a good life. Captain of Traffic Squad 4. LOUIS ,IULIEN POISSON, Jn. A good name is better than precious ointmenta. Hi-Y Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2: Radio 2: Debating Club: Traliic Squad 2: "Wild- cat" Staff. MYRTIS INEZ FOLK Tall and slender: quiet and tender. Girl Reserves 2. KATHLEEN KORNEGAY PRIDGEN She attracts daily with her gentle virtues. Latin Club 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 3. JENNIE SUE RAYNOR Always wound up and going. Glee Club. EDWARD BEAMAN REGISTER An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow. anions x X I I 1 "ilu ' H'-""1r"' f ' ' nz.. MARIE ELIZABETH REGISTER Oh. what's the uae? Glee Club 1, 4: Debating Club 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Home Room Chairman 3. JOHN AUGUSTUS REHDER Congenial and gooiad natured. Aviation Club 2.1 FRANK RUSSELL REYNOLDS The office shows ithe man. Latin Club 1, 2: D. Henry 3, 4, lPresident 41: Chemistry Club 4': Student Council 4: Debating Club 4: Presidefntl Senior Class: Hi-Y 4: "Wild- cat" Stall? 4. , EDITH LOUISE 1 RHODES The sturdinesa of Irish linen and old-fashion tatting. GEORGE THOMAS RICH Friendly and a good pal. DONALD GABRHEL RIVENBARK Ready for service. Edison Science Club 4: Chemistry Club 3: Glee Club. 1 FRANCES HAZEL RIVENBARK Modeaty is a candle to my merit. Latin Club 2, 3:3 Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves. HELEN CLAIRE, ROBINSON No life but a grind life is to be chiefly valued. Tennis' cinb 4. MABLE IRENE lROGERS A mind second only to her friendliness. An Club 1, mein! Club 2, sg o. Henry 4, Library Club 4. , l l THEONE BURMA ROPER Moderation is the pleasure of the wise. dm", E5 1-2 44, V -I ., 'Y . A, 4,1 v A I' ADELAIDE MARGARET ROSBOROUGH Pearls among fields of black velvet. Glee Club 2, 33 O. Henry 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Library 1, 2, 3, 4: Debating 4: "Wild- cat" Staff 4: Junior Play 8: Dramatic Play 4: Latin Club 1, 2. CHARLES RUARK Courage never to submit or yield. Trafilc Squad 4: Tennis Club 3: Hi-Y Club 4: Chemistry Club 4. ,DOCK LESTER RUSHING, JR. "Then great end of life is knowledge and action. Boxing 2, 3: Traffic Squad 3, 4. GRAHAM HOMER RUSS All princely virtues that attend the good. Art Club 1, 2: Debating Club 4: Triangular Debate. RAY SAINT AMAND A small spark makes a great fire. Tennis Club 1, 2, 3: Library Club 2, 3, 4. VERNA MAE SANDERS Fair was she to behold. Girl Reserves 1, fFinance Chairmanl: Dramatic Club 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 1: Home Room Chairman 3. MARY ELIZABETH SHIPP Simple truth her greatest skill. Home Economics Club 2. DEWITT JEFFREY SCOTT A boy's will is the wind's will. RUTH MARIE SHARPE A life that moves to gracious ends. GRADY E. SHEALLY Oh, why should life all labor be? anion v Q F .lv P lrjjji N Y .- se I' 5 ,v I C I ' ' yv' P"'T 'PE rn- 15" " ' 'Tm' "'. ,. 1 e- 1 OWEN SHEETZ2 1 THELMA SMITH It talks, ve goda, it talks! WALTER L. SHEFFIELD, JR. Such popularity 'must be deserved. VicePresident Senior Class: Hi-Y Club 4, iVice- President 45 : Pr ident Chemistry Club 4: "Wild- cat" Staff 4: Foolzlaall 2, 3, 4: Home Room Chair- man 4: Latin Club 3: Intra-mural Boxing 3. HELON ELIZABETH SKIPPER As calm as willoiva in summer twilight. Latin Club 1, 2:10. Henry 1, 2. GRACE WILSObl SLAUGHTER Dependabilitu should have been her middle name. MARY EvELYN sLocUM Dignity is the silveetness of womanhood. Vice-President Frieshman and Sophomore Class: Student Council 1': Home Room Chairnmn 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, s, 4, fllresident 4, Vice-President am: O. Henry 2, 8, 4 National Honor Society 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, , 4, CPresident 43: Chairman Junior Play Com ittee: Junior Play: Chemistry Club 4: Library 1Club 3, fsecretaryl: Director Hi-Y Play 4. ' ARLENE SMITI-l Wisdom is betterl than rubies. French Club. ' C. G. SMITH, JN. A nice. unparticular man. 0. Henry Literaryi Society 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Traflic Squad 3, 4: Boxing Squad 1, 2. MARY ALLEN SMITH A good heart is, better than all the heads in the world. I French Club. NANCY SMITI-Il As rare as an urlmatched pearl. Home Room Chairman 1: Latin Club 1: 0. Henry 2, 3, 4, fVice-President 41: National Honor So- ciety: Chemistry Club 4. RUTH ADELLE SMITH With the spirit of a sport she goes her way. Art Club 2. 3 W Lovable and sweet. Latin Club 2, 3: Chemistry Club 4. WYATT LAMONT SMITH, Ji. All the world loves a lover. DOROTHY RAE SNEEDEN If ever she had an evil thought, she spoke no evil word. O. Henry 1, 3, 4: Art Club 1: Home Room Chair- man 1: Debating Club 4: Chemistry Club 4: Library Club 4. GAYLOCK ETHRIDGE SNEEDEN Can you possibly find better? MILDRED PAYNE SNEEDEN She is herself the collection of best things. Home Room Chairman 1, 2: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Ring Committee 2: Dramatic Club 2: O. Henry 1, 2, 3, 4, fSecretary-Treasurer 41: Latin Club 2: Chemistry Club 4: Dizzy Dozen 4: President Junior Class: State Student Council Delegate 3, fVice-President State Student Coun- cil Congress 0: Hi-Y 3, 4, lTreasurer 8, Vice President 43: Delegate State Hi-Y Conference, 1Treasurer State Hi-Yi: Chairman Handbook Committee 3: Chairman Ways and Means Com- mittee Senior Class: National Honor Society: "Wildcat" Staff: Chairman Invitations' Commit- tee 4: Hi-Y Play 4. ELIZABETH MAY SNOW She is the girl who is all complete. Home Arts Club 2: 0. Henry 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Tennis Club 3: Chemistry Club 8: Hi-Y 4: Edison Science Club 4: National Honor Society, fPresidentJ. MIRIAM SOLOMON Full of laughter, full of pep: never quiet: that'a her rep. Latin Club 1: Tennis Club 2, 3: Scribblers' Club 3: National Honor Society: Student Council 4: Manager Girl's Basketball Team 2: Dizzy Dozen 4 : "Wildcat' MADELYN Good nature, Glee Club 2, 1 : Boosters Stal! 3, 4: Home Room Chairman 2. LUCILLE SOUTHERLAND good sense are ever joined. 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3: History Club Club 3: French Club 2. ALICE RUBELL SPENCER By the work one knows the workman. JOHN WESSELL SPOONER He's made of real stuff. calore er who believe they can. l?'?!!"9"' "E r S .,,,. 1 , .. v ,av ,, 'WV V ly. I I up I-'fp -if GEORGE THOMAQ STEWART No man can climb' out beyond the limitations of his own charactei-. Chemistry Club : Na ture Club. MICHAEL CORBETT sTovALL Humor is one of the Football 2: Cotillion 1 elements of genius. iClub 2, 3: Golf 2, 3, 4. I ROBERT STRANGlE, JR. - A smile with the ini tent to do mischief. Latin Club 1, 2: French Club 2: Golf 1, 2, 8, 4: I-Ii-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Council 3: Correspon cil 3: "Wildcat" ICritic 42: Debatin LOUISE VOLLERS Ring Committee 2: Student ding Secretary Student Coun- taif 8: Chemistry Club 4, Club 4: Cotillion Club 3. STRUTHERS A better pupil there could not be. Latin Club 1: Homel Club 2, S, 4: Hi-Y Room Chairman 1: German 4. WILLIAM o. s. SUTHERLAND, JR. For they can conqii I-Ii-Y 3, QP:-esident J: Editor "Wildcat" 4: De- bating Club 4: Dra atic Club 4: Edison Science Club 4: O. Henry : Chemistry Club lPresident 31 : Vice-Prmident lass 3: Tennis Club 3: Latin Club 1, 2: Home R m Chairman 4: Junior Play 3: Dramatic Club P y 4. BONNER HAVENS THOMASON, JR. It's great life-goo'ness me, pall Hi-Y Club 4: Latin Club 1. JACOB I-IINNES TINGA Daddy Longlega, lmug and thin: but sense within- Home Room Chairnian 1, 2: Glee Club 2, s, 4- Orchestra 1, 2: I-IiY Club 4: Debating Club 42 Chemistry 2: Fren h Club 2: Annual Staff 4: Nature Club 2: P ident of Alpha Chapter of Hi-Y Club 4: Deb ting Team 4: O. Henry 4. ALINE IRMA TOED Dependable as a picineer woman of early history. LOUISE BUNTINCQ TooT Very quiet and st ' ious is she. 0. Henry 8, 4: L tin Club 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3: Glee Clu 1: Basketball 1: Library Club 4. I HALLIE RUTLAlNlD TOWNES Best way to have al friend is to be one. Latin Club 1, 2: S ibblers' Club 2, 3, 4: Tennis Club 3: National H nor Society 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 4: Annual Staff 4.1 . .1 ., -I ' 'h'4f. - 4 'U fi' , .T uf Hsnow EUGENE Timex Nonchalant and indiiferent, but how hs 'puts it over. , ' -, ' 'A Home,Room Chairman 1: Student Council 1, 23' Chemistry Club 3: National Honor Society S, 4.2 VICTOR DELMER VALENTINE We are all proud to know him. Latin Club 1: German Club 1. BENJAMIN DEAN WALKER, JR. Better a witty fool 'than a foolish wit. Kiwi Aviation Club 2. CORNELIA B. WALKER She gave her tongue no moments rest. Glee Club 2: Library Monitor 4. JIMMY L. WALKER He lets every man mind his own business. CAREY JAMES WALTON, JR. Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent. BERNARD JEROME WARSHAUER It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. Art Club 2: Dramatic Club 4: Debating Club 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Dramatic Club Play 4. HELEN MARGARET WARTERS Few persons have the courage to appear as good as they really are. MARY LOUISE WARTERS A merry light gleams from her eyes. Math Club 1: Boosters Club 2: Girl Rmerves 1, 2, 3: Home Arts Club 2. EVA MAE WATSON The enthusiastic and pleasing illisions of youth. Latin Club 2, 3: Chemistry Club 4. A enlvw 4 L 4 -gf , ma JANE WEATHERSBEE The blush is beautiful, but sometimes incon- venient. 1 V Glee Club 1: Home Room Chairman 1: Tennis Club 1, 2, 3: Boosters' Club 3: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Tennis Ladder 3: Dramatic Club 3. HOMER F. WEBB Simplicity of chairacter is no hindrance to sub- tlety of intellect. Aviation Club 2:,Intra-mural Boxing 2. CATHERINE WiELSH Her equal you'll rarely find. Archery Club 3, 42: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3. 4: Chemistry Club 3. BETSY WALLACE WEST Knowledge comesibut wisdom lingers. 0. Henry 1, 2, 3,, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Deb ting Club 4: Chemistry Club 4: Glee Club 2: Ligrary Club 2, 3. RUSSELL M. WESTMORELAND A well-bred manl is always sociable. HENRY RUDOl.iPH WILLIAMS, JR. A good mon posaesses a kingdom. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4: Swim- ming Team 5. igwf we A- -Wx? ' ja.. DOLORES WILLIS She walks in beauty. O. Henry Literary Society 4: Archery Club 4: Tennis Club 3, 4: Chemistry Club 4: Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 2: Latin Club 2, 3. MARY PALMER WILSON Beauty is rare, and should be prized. Glee -Club 1: 0. Henry Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: National Honor Society 3, 4, lSecretary 41: Home Room Organization 1: Knitting Club 2. JOSEPH ANDERSON WOLFF A wise man never loses anything if he has him- self. Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 3. JAMES WOMMACK Rich in good works. President of Aviation Club 2: Chemistry Club 3: School Paper Stat! 4: Junior Play: Student Council 4. DAISY LEE WOODBURY Cute and small-she's loved by all. Latin Club 1: O. Henry 1, 2: Student Council 2, 3, lSecretary BJ: Judicial Committee 3: Hi-Y Club 2, 8, 4, fPresident 43: Devotion Chairman of Hi-Y 2, 4: Paper Staff 2, 8, 4: Feature Editor of Annual 4: Executive Committee Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Home Room Chairman 8: Library Moni- tor 3: Assistant Director of Hi-Y Play 4: Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six 3, 4, lTreasurer 40: Honor Society 4: Delegate to State Hi-Y Con- ference 3. ELIZA YONGE WOOTTEN Patience is the greatest of all virtues. High Point High 1, 3: Fayetteville High 2: Girl's' Hi-Y Club 4: Debating Club 4: Scribblers' Club 4: Archery Club 4: Dizzy Dozen 4: Library Club 4. eniow -Y i 4 3 i i Q 5 D I ANNETTIQ AISIQLOVITZ IBORIS ANIJRLWS LEUN ANDREWS RUIIERT ANUREWS INIQZ BAGGETTE Nl'1'l"FlIZ BAKER EIINA BAI,Ias DORIS BATSON ESTIQLLIQ BATTS JEAN BIERTRAM MARY ALICE BLACKHAM MIIXIAM BLANTON ANNIE MAE BOWIJEN ELIZABETII BOWIJIEN PATSY BOWIEIKS LII3 BOWMAN CATHARINE BRAIDSHAW BILLY BROWN DEWITT BRQWN MARGARIiT BROWN ELIZAIIETIEI BROWNING BETTY BRUCE WlI,l3UlK BRYANT JUNE BUCK ELLA MAE BULLARD AIIIIIE BUTLIER ELSIE CANAUY FRANCIS CAPLAN ALMA CARTIQR GIQORGIQ CI-IAIIWICK RUSSELL CPIINNIS HAlllKIIi'I' CI,AliK LILY MAE CI,ARK MARGARIZT CLEMMONS BIITTY CONWAY JUIIN CONWAY JOSEPHINE CORBETT MAIKY CURIIETT CATHERINE CZOSTELLO FRANCES COUGHENOUR FQ., NI ! . RI ' as Imivza s , 'vu 10- NORMA CROOM BONNIE DAVIS IDA DAVIS MARIA DAVIS RUTH DAVIS MABEI. DEMIISEY MATTIE DUKE CATHERINE EAGLE ADELE EDWARDS DOROTHY EVERIETT RACHEIL FARRAR HARRY FERRELL HORTENSE FINKELSTIZIN LILA MAE FISHER GENE FONVIELLE LILLIAN FOWLER KATHLEEN FRAZIER INEZ FULBRIGHT RAY FUNDERBURK BENJAMEN FUssELL HARRY FUTCH DOROTHY FUTRELLE DOROTHY GAINES RUTH GHOLSON JULIAN GODWIN WALTER GODWIN MARY CATHERINE GORMAN VASHTI GORNTO DOUGLAS GOWER ROBERT GRISSOM KATHERINE HANSON ELIZABETH HARDWICK ROBERT HARDWICK LOUISE HARPER CONSTANCE HARRELL ANNA HARRISON JAMES HEIDT BETTY HENDERSON ELIZABETH HEWLETT CYRUS HOGUE RLLLH Hoi Mus l':lUlSl' IIoNNli'I' l.. ll. l"1UUS'l'0N ALLAN riUliAND BL-:'r'LY l'IUN'l' WAl.'l'l-Ali .IAMIZS I"RANc'1s AII4W'lil.I. KL 1 L Y All'Wlfl.I, CIAROLINA -ImlNs'1'oN Pl c,c,Y KIUNI s MAIKN' lilL1AmfLH joNLs SHIKI I'.Y AIONL-is l':l.IlAlH-,TH AIURGLNSON ROSA MAL. KAMINSKY B11 l.Y KING KYLRAIDINI- KING MARuARL.'1' KING MLLDRL-11 LANL: BI'llNIl,lQ l,l'.VINIi KA'I'llll1l'N Llawls ISAIH-I, l,OKl',K Rl BA LY!-,I L NANLY l.YNc'H MAli'I'IlA McCALo IQMII Y Mi1fIAlI C1 ARA McRl,1fAN Loums MLCRARY AL L x Mc,IN'LlRL1 lnulsx Ml LLUN MoRRls ML RRI'I"I' lilllAm,'rLL Mll.l,l-lk LANISI-. MLLLLR R0lil'Ii'l' Mll,l.l5 VlcfloR MINTZ MARY' Bl-.l.l. MAIIN EI,llAISI,'l'H NIOORE MAIRN' KA'l'IllzRINl-I MQYIKSI RosAL1NLx MUIKIKAY QIALK Nl.Ul'.li CJAROIJNI-. NL.w1soLD Off K. zfmla-54 MARY NURNBERGER NELL OLIVER BOBBY PAGE MARIAN PAGE ALICE PARKER BILLY PARKER RACHELL PEARSALL JANICE PICRARIJ HELEN PIEPER MAY PRICE LAURAH RAYNOR MILIJRED RAYNOR LAURA REGISTER MYRTLE RIVENBARR JAMES ROBERTSON MARY ROBERTSON LOUISE ROBESON BEATRICE ROGERS ERNEST ROGERS RUBY ROGERS DOROTHY ROLAND BETSY ROPER LAWRENCE ROSE DORIS ROSS ELIZABETH ROUSE MARIE ROUSE ANELL SANIJLIN EMILY SEITTER MARY B. SELL MARY NASH SELLERS HERBERT SHAIN DORIS SHEW THOMAS SKIPPER JAMES SLOAN JOHN SMALLBONES CLIFF SMITH JEAN SMITH MAYLON SMITH AGNES SOUTHERLANIJ MARY SOUTHERLANIJ RUTII S'I'ANI,liY TIIoMAs SWAIN I:RANt1liS TAYI.oR RUIII TIIOMAS PI-,Y'I'oN TowNI-,s S'I'I4.III.IQ TIKAII. TIIKPMAS UNl3liRWLDOl7 MAIKY VANNIZS GIaRARII VIaRzAAL MARIAN VIQR RANSI-:Y WIaA'I'IIIaRsIsIzE I"IARoI.Im Wlil,I.S JIQAN WIiNIxT l2I.IcANoR WIas1'IsRoIxR MAIKION WIzs'I'IsRooK MAIKY B. WlI.l.lAMS MARY PARSl.liY WIl,l.IAMS .IIMMIIQ Wll.I.lAMSON IfRANc:I-,s Wl'I'lll'1NGlil.IJS MAIKY WI'II1I4.I,IiIx ANNII-I WLIOII I:l,OliliNCli XWQQIIIIURY -IOIIN WRI-:Inu NIAIRGARIYI' WIKlC3ll'l' DoRo'I'IIY WYCZIIOI-'ll' ARIIIUR XAN'I'IIoS VIiRNI,I.I. CAIN 1fmioz4 ' 5 if N 6 - AMIWMIJK I 'Ex X , ttf , NX f 'Q-A f -H ima? X -J SGP!-IQMQRIZ Cl ASS Offifwrs: S'I'liVI PM K, PV'l'.Yiffl'lIf CQIAIJYS SN14.l4,n14.N, Vin'-l'r'4'siJ1 l'4IARRIl','I HARluxc,1'oN, 8t'l'l'l'fLIf4X-74Yl'LlXIll'4'l' ROIHVIVI' CAl-lJ1'Qli, GRAQ11 S1 oczurvi, Sfzlffrnf cjllllllljl Iit'I7l'l'Sl'llf61lil'l'X lIlL.Il . T,-VVS Q QQ Y PRES!-IMAN CLASS Offic'c'fX: MAIUUN VVOOIJUUHY, l'1'r'xi1lv11f LOUISIC IJIOOPIZR, Virv-I'1'r'xiJr'l1f Al.l.1aN S'l'RANGIi, Svz'rvtarAy-'I'r'1'ux1m'r JANL Kim, JOHN Woon, Slmlwzf C0llIlt'f1 RL'IJl't'X4'IIfdffl'l'S HNIZHTIUNE 4555 JUDICIAI CQMMITTEE Ad1'isz'rs: Miss IJRAIVI 1 5 Fomm'-DuvA1,, Miss ELIZABETH NIONTGOMIERY, MRS. Guoacu LEGRAND Mrlmlamw: Boom' Golmslzka . . . . . . Prvsirlzfnt of Siudrfnl Body CYRUS Hoouxa . . . . . Rerording Secretary jon PINER . . . . . . . . . Captain Tragic Squad JIM FRANK HACKLER . . Homt' Room Organizafion Prfxidvnl WHIT BENTON . . ..... Svnior Rvprvsvnlalin' VASHTI GORNTO . - . junior Rc'f1rc'svr11aliz'z' MM. vw STUDENT CGUNCII. BOBBY GOLDBFRG BOBBY BLEECKER CYRUS HOGUE . BILLY BROWN . LEXVIS COLEMAN MIRIAM SOLOMON BILLY PARKER ROBERT CALIJFR JANE KING Officvrs: . . PrI'siIf1'11I' of Sflltlfllf Body . Virr'-Przfsidwzf of SfZltI'l'I1f Body Rvmrzfilzg Swrvfarjf . Corrvspouding Szwrrlary Senior Rv1Jrr'xc'11fufiz'c's: FRANK REYNOLDS, Prvxiflmf Junior R0prr'xm1fafiI'0x: BILLY BROWN, Prr'sia'r'uf Sophomore R0fm'sr'r1fafiI'f's: STEVE PECK, Prfsiflfwf Frvsbman Rr'prr'xf'11z'afiz'r'x: MARION WOODBUIQY, Prcsidmf . . . Trvuszzrcfr LOUIS POISSON BETH SLOCUM GRACI3 SLOCUM JOHN WLJOIJ MILDREII SNIZIQDEN, Virr'-Prrfxidwzf of Sfnfv Sfflflmt Comzvil JOE PINER, Cajriain of Trajiv Squad JIM FRANK HACRLITR, Pl'l'Nflll'lIf of Plonn' Room cgfglllljillfiflll I I-IGME RCDCDM CDFQGANIZATICDN -'IM VRANR HAc:RI.I ll HARRY NIAMIQS . VASll'Il cIORN'I0 . ALIcgus'I'.-Y BANI R lSII,I,Y l5IaI.RY SAM BIQIIRANIIS .ll-.AN BI'.R'l'RAM l':I.OlSl BI 'I III-I I ANNII, MAI-, BmYm.N AI.Ic:I-1 CAI.ImIaR FRANQI-is ClASTIilCN BILLY CI,l-NIJ! NIN NORN1A CROOM MAIRIA 1JAVlS I,I-:UN I'UIRI.I.I VAsII'I'I CioRN'I'o KATIILRINI GRAY UIIM FRANK HAc:RI.IsR BI-3'I"I'Y HIN'l'LJN fJf'fil'l'l'SI MI'ml1r'rx: EI oIsI-, I-loNNIi'I"I' Loulsxa HooI'I,R L. H. l'lous'I'0N HAIKIKX' SIAMIZS XVII.I,IAIvI All-,NKINS wvll LIE HIQNI s SAM JOSENIIANS ROGIRLR KIRR PIk'l'li KNIGHT Tom LYNIQII BI-:'I"I'Iz l..Y'I"I'oN KI'I"I'Y Mc3KoY jAciR MARSIIIIURN .II AN NIOYLAN .II-:RRY NliXY'lil7l,.l7 BIIIY PARRIIR - . Pl't'.Yilft'lIf . . Vin'-l,I'z'xiIfI'l1l . Su'I'vfuI'vY-'l'I'I'ux11rm' STL-VI. PI-.c'R 'IANIC I-. PIIRARII IDOUCLIJXS PRIavA'I"r CATII1-RINIf Rlc IITIQR XVALTI-,R SIII-iI-AI lI1l.ll CixY'L3NImoI,YN SIIIIsL'RY GRAQIQ SI.oc:uM f'1AZlil. SMITH LEON STEIN BILLY SUTIII-Rl AND BI'1'l"l'Y SWAIN BII.1..Y THQRNTUN ALI-Lx TRASR GIVRARII Xrl-RZAAL .lAMIes WAl.'l'lDN - 11 T gs-an-!I-.A g , Y... , A UQ! MA D ,fav- Ei TRAFFIC: SQUAD .JOE PINER . JAY CASTEEN, JAMES XWALTON S'l'AI"lfORD BARR INEZ BORNEMAN HARRY BOXVDITN ROBERT BUCK HARRIS BULLARD ALINE CARROLL ROBERT CARTER Hl2l.I2N CURRY MABEL. DEMPSEX' A111-Ql.L EIJWARIJS ED FLORA ROBIEIKT GRISSOM DAI.L1AS HELMS A11 uisvrs: MISS VIRGINIA WALSPI, MISS MYRA BARRON Offirws: . . - . . . . Cajrfain . Axxixfant Captains' M I' 111 brrs : ERTLE HEWETT HERBERT HOUSTON L. H. HOUSTON MIKIi JACOBS TRUETT KESTER ROBERT KING ANNIE MAE LANIER ROSA LEE LEONARD VERA MANNING JOHN MATHIS LAMAR MCIVFIK LISNA MEL'FON EVELYN MINTZ JOIIN MURRAY TOM SKIPPER CHARLES RUAIKK C. G. SMITH FRED SMITH AGNES SOUTHERLAND NAOMI SOUTHERLAND RALPH WALTON JAMES VEREEN MAIRSIJEN WARD DFN1PSIiY XVATTS FRED VVENBERG LILLIE BELLE WILRINS IJIZLMA WILI,IAMsON JOE WcII.I4'E LIBRARY CLUB Offiwrs: VIYIAN ALIIIQN . . . . Prvmlmf MAIKY XVllIilil.liR . .... Vin'-1'rc'mlu1t LEOLA EDWARDS . . Sz'rrI'far3,I uml Trvuwrxr VIVIAN Al.l.I-IN MIKIANI BLANTON CATHERINE BRADSHAW' -JIZANIZTTI-Q BUSH LEOLA EDWARDS RAY ST. AMAND INI-.Z BAc:GIaT'I' JI-LAN BI-lR'l'RAM I,O'I"I'lli LIARRIS BRADLEY -'EAN BROUN BETTY BRUGE JUNE BUCK ELLA MAlf, BUIILARD NORMA CROOM Az1z'ixz'rx: MRS. J. W. GRISE, MISS BARBARA EAKIER M I' 121 bers : JANE GULLY MARY ELIZABETH HOUSTON MARGARET HUNT BERNIGE LEVIN KATHLEEN LEWIS Library Monitors: DOROTHY GAYLOR IUOROTHY HARRISS RUTH HOLMES MARY LONDON JAMES EVIELYN KESTER ANNA KING LUGILLE LARKINS CARl,IiTTA LENNON RIZBA LYIELL MARGARIQT PICRARD AlDELAllJli ROSEIIOROUGII JEAN SMITH MARY WHEELER HAROLD WILLIAMS MARY ANN MCKEE MAY PRICE LOUISI-1 ROBESON MABlil. ROGIEIKS DOIKQJTHY SNEEDEN JULIE SPRUNT CATHERINE TOOT LOUISE TOOT CATHERINE WliI.SII ELIZA WOOTEN N. I-I. I-I. S. DEBATING CLUB Moffo: "Your Side, My Side, Both Sides." Ofirfrs: PIARRY BOWDEN . . EVIil.YN HORNF . BARBARA ALLEN . Ar1I'ixr'r.I: MISS E. LOSSEN, MRS. T. T. HAMILTON, MF?l7I7PVSI BARBARA ALLEN VEE VEE ALLEN CECIL APPLEBERRY JANE ELLEN BALDWIN BOBBY BLEECRER BILL BOLES HARRY BOWDEN ERNEST BULLUCR JEANNETTE BUSH ALICE CALDliR ROSQOE COLE LEWIS COLEMAN EVELYN CONAWAY MARIE CONLY ROBERT CRAIG SYLVIA HALL DOROTHY HARRIS VIVIAN I'IIERS EVELYN I'1ORNE ISRAEL LIPTON TOM LYNCH HARRIET MARSI'IBUlKN JULIA MEIGS LURA MYERS . . Pft'Sit1!'I1f . . Vitil'-Pfl'Kitlt'lIf . Sl'l'l'4'fll7"J'-'Tft'!IXIlfl'I' JR. EUNICE PATTEN LOUIS POISSON FRANK REYNOLDS ADELAIDE ROSBOROUGH GRAHAM RUSS DOROTHY SNEEDEN BILLY SUTHERLAND JACOB TINGA BERNARD WARSHAUER BETSEY WEST ELIZA VVOOTEN F...D, L l BARIIARA AI Ll N IJKURI-.NC I IXNDRI ws lNI.l liAcgcgI-'I"I'L ALYIS BALLARIY BULK BARIII-N IPORIS BATSON B11 LY BI-l.l0IS TOM BRIIRIS SAMUI-,L BRISRIN Bu LY BROWN MAIUQARIJI' BROWN Wll.llUIi BRYANT AI,Ic:I-, CALIIER BLTTY CONAWAY MAIQII. CEONLY IJRANCZIQS Ql0UfiIll.NOUR IZIJWIN LDAYIS MAIII L DI MIASLY AI ICI. IJII LON LLOLA EDWARDS JOIIN EVANS fLlfNli lfONvII,I,I.I-' MALIIIIQ VRYI' RAY IIUNIJI RISURK JLILIAN CQOITWIN IJOUGLAS GOWER VIRI.INIA C5RO'I'cgI N JIM FRANK HAc'RLI R L.-1 lIlI'fJOXl'J To create interest in and broaden the knowledge of Chemistry. Offimw: XVALTIZR Slllil-'I-'llil.D, ALLAN MOORl'1, EDNVIN DAVIS, BIZTTIZ LYTTON, BOIIRY S'l'RANGli, ALILE CALIII-:R Aflrixvr: MIKS. R. H. VVILLIAMS Ma'mlu'rx: RORLRT HARllW"lKZK XIIYIAN L'IARRl-,l.l. -IAMIQS H1-,IDT BI-1'I'TY HENDERSON XIIYIAN HI!-IRS BARRY HINNAN'l' III-LIfN HOLMES EVlzI.YN HORNIQ lfOxY I'LOXY'ARI3 IfVlil.YN HOWE Suzl-,LLL-1 HOWES ALLAN HUliANlD ALEX JANICKI LOUIS KIQRMON EYIALYN KliS'l'liR BILLY KING c,LI'.RAl.DlNl-1 KING ROOIQR KIRK ROSA LEE LEONARD JAEK LOUGHLIN AVIiRY LOWE Bli'l"l'Y LY'I"I'ON IiIIwARIm MAXW'l4ll.I, MARY MCARTIILIR C1I4,ORcsI4 McIfARLANIx G1-RALIQ Mlillll MORRIS MI,RRIT'I' LWARIAN MIl,IYIiR WlNKIli MINLIN' ALLLN MOLDIKILI SHlil.TON LVIOORIT EMILY MURIKAY LURA MYI-QRS JACK N1'1UI'1li CAROI.lNli NEWBOI JAMES NliXV'l.ANll FRIED O,Kl'1lil" ROSALIIQ Ol.lX'liIi ESTELLE OWEN JANICIZ PICKARIT HEYWARIJ PIERCE MAY PRICE FRANK RliX'NOl.lJS MARY ROBERTSON EVELYN ROBINSON ERNEST ROGERS IDOROTHY ROLANIQ BIZTSEY ROPER LAWRENCE ROSE C2HARl.liS RUARK MAIRY B. SlzI,I. WALTER Sl'llilfl"ll"I,Il RALPH SIIIMIQR DAYIIQ SIIJIJURY -IAMIIQS SIMMONS JAMES SISTRUNK BETH SLOQUM MAIKY SLOCUM MALON SMITH NANCZX' SMITH Till-1l.MA SMITII DOROTHY SNI'.FlDIiN MII.lDRElJ SNEEITEN RUTH STANLY ERNEST STARNIQS BOBBY STRANGE TOMMY SWAIN HARRY SYMMES MARY THOMPSON PEYTON TOWNES JULIAN TUSH TOM IJNDliRXY"OOD GLlRARD VIZRZAAL MARSITEN XVARD EYA XVATSON BILLY WEIAKS RANSEY XYIKATIIICRSBEF HAROLII WIiI.1.s BIQTSEY WIiS'F MARION XYIIZSTBROOK JIMMIE XVILLIAMSON LJOLORES WILLIS JOHN XVREIIE BUCK BARDEN BILLY PARKER . ANNIE BOET CECIL APPLEBERRY BUCK BARDEN MARGARET BECKER LILY MAE BLAKE ANNIE BOET ELSIE MAE BRIGGS HELEN BRINSON BILLY BROWN HORTENSE BROWN RAY BROWN JUNE BUCK HARRISS BULLARD JEANETTE BUSH JACK CANADY EVELYN CAPPS ARTHUR CRAIG STEPHEN CROWLEY MARION DARDEN FLORENCE DAVIS MARTHA DOSHER JOHN EVANS GLEE CLUB Director: MR. ALBERT BROWN Officers: Memberx: VALYNE FALES HORTENSE FINKELSTEIN DONALD FISHER ELIZABETH HARDWICK ROBERT HARDWICK JAMES HEIDT BETH HIGHSMITH MARY ETHEL HOWELL JACK HOLMES MARY JACKSON BILLY JENKINS CAROL JONES OWEN JONES KATHERINE KELLY LOUIS KERMON HAZEL KING JANE KING MIRIAM MCINTIRE JULIEN MCKEITHAN TRUMAN MAGILL LEMOUNTTE MEIER . . . PrI'.virla'nf . . Vfl'l'-PfF.Yilll'IIf . Sz'c'rr'fary-Trz'ux11 rcr GEORGE MITCHELL ELEANOR MOORE DUDLEY MOTE MARVIN MURPHY BEAMAN NORNIPIN'I' BILLY PARKER BETTY PERDUE JOE PINER VIVIAN PITTMAN ROBERT PRIDGEN JENNIE SUE RAYNOIK MARIE REGISTER MAE CLAIRE RICH JAMES ROBERTSON AGNES SOUTHERLAND MADELYN SOUTHERLANIJ SARAH STANTON BRADFORD TILLERY JACOB TINGA CAROLYN TUSCH JEANNETTE WETTIG ., 3, .f VCDCATIONAI. CLASSES lfluxa .lumsu C1 Rm W W151 I I , INDUSTRIAL EDUCATICDN Two courses in industrial education were offered at New Hanover High School this year. One is to prepare for entrance into the different woodworking trades, the other for the metal xtrades. In the woodworking course the fundamental tool processes used in carpentry, mill practice, maintenance mechanic, and furniture making were presented. Boys were instructed in the building of tables and cabinets, some for individual use, others on production basis. In the making of these projects boys developed construction skill, learned to read plans, computed the cost of materials and learned to operate wood- working machinery. . In metal work, boys made clamps, hammers, punches, Jack screws, chisels, bolts, metal containers, and cornice work. In the making of these projects they learned such construction skills as forging, lathe practice, cutting of threads, grinding, drill- ing, filing, sawing, riveting, shaping and soldering. They learned to make pattern layouts, to interpret and follow plans, and to estimate cost of materials. These courses were very definitely vocational in nature. Specific trade skills were developed. It was purposely planned to present skills and trade knowledge that can be used as an entrance to many trades rather than for a single trade. When a boy finishes this course he will not be a journeyman worker, but he will have received instruction which will make it easier to secure entrance to the trade of his choice. Because of this skill and knowledge acquired, he will be more likely to succeed after employment- Each course was planned so that a boy could complete the work offered in two years. Each class was run daily for three hours. For the mechanical minded boy these courses offer a wonderful opportunity. Every minute spent in one of these classes proved to be interesting and profitable. DEI? DEUTSCI-IE VEREIN AII,lI Momma Imus AIIDILIIHQI Bu IA lil 1 nous . MAlif,.XliI'I MAIll.lli hlfxxll s .Nl IDllllK,l Bu I Y ISI 1 I ms IUIIANNA lim r -ll-'AN likoure Bull lirmxvx il. T. BROXX N ICMMA lJl.VNl,l',A Mc1l,Al1RlN IZUWAIWS Aloux lfuxm lusuu. l5l1'r'l'Y Hmwl la Marlo: Gemutliclmkcit Atll'i.St'l'I Mlss hm SVIINIRPI, f,'ffil'l'l'Sf Masmf: -'Sn na Cox 5'mu'1'u11us, n A11'I'lll7t'l'Xf lil ILABIUIH llllkiil NSI N Avuw Low NIAKGAIUZT MAlil, Momus Mmm -IM K NLXRSIIISLVRN G1 liAl.lJ Mmm Al.l,lIi Mkliilili Cl.Ilfl" Momus Bu I Y I',x1uu,u KIANIQL1-Q l'lc'xARn . . l,l'l'Xitlt'lIf . Vim'-I'r'z'.vi1ff'llf . . 'I'r'n1x1m'r . Sl'l'l'l',dI'v1' XVIYIAN PlT'1'M.xx Tm oNl-' Rom R IZMILY Sl11T'1'1.u Cmu.Y,l,1-1 SMIH1 Loulsli S'l'Rl,"l'Hl-RS Tom UNmzRxx'oon Vlcrrolx VAl,1-,NTINI-. Bllzvlvilux WAl.'1'oN Louis w'l1l,l s CZONRAIJ W1-iss:-.11 G1 l4,Nxvoo1J Yom' ,' mn-I , .. , ,. . NATICDNAI. I-IQNOIQ SGCIETY Purpose: To develop character, scholarship, leadership, and Service. Ojffifvrs: PEGGY SNOW . . . . . . . President MILDRED SNEEDEN . . Vice-President MARX' PALMER WILSON . . . Secretary LEOLA EDWARDS . . . - . Treasurer Advisers: MRS. R. H. XVILLIAMS, MRS. ELIZABETH HARTZOG Members: VEE VEE ALLEN JANE ELLEN BALDNVIN JOHANNA BOET SAMUEL BRISKIN ALICE CALDER GERALDINE CARROLL HERBERT CODINGTON MARIE CONLY EVELYN CONAWAY EDNA DIXON LEOLA EDWARDS LILA BELLE FOUNTAIN SOPHIE GMYTRUCK MARTHA HALL SYLVIA HALL VIVIAN HARRALL DOROTHY HARRISS DOROTHY HEWETT VIVIAN HIERS SUSANNE HOGUE EVELYN HORNE MARY ELIZABETH HOUSTON KATHLEEN JOHNSTON ROSALIE LEONARD ISRAEL LIPTON HARRIET MARSHBURN ELIZABETH MAZUR JULIA MEIGS EUNICE PATTEN FRANK REYNOLDS MABEL ROGERS MARY SLOCUM NANCY SMITH DOROTHY SNEEDEN MILDRED SNEEDEN PEGGY SNOW MIRIAM SOLOMON HALLIE TOWNES GENE TRASK WEST BETSY MARY PALMER WILSON DAISY LEE WOODBURY EDISON SCIFNCI3 CI UB LOUIS CARROLL ROSCOE COLE . . GERAI,DlNI5 CARROLL CECIL AI'PLEBliRRY WHIT BENTON .IOHANNA BOET GERA LDINE CARROLL LOUIS CARROLL MRS. Ofirvrx: Adviser: T. T. HAMILTON, JR. Members: WOODUS CARTER ROSCOE COLE LEWIS COLEMAN ROBERT CRAIG BOBBY JONES ISRAEL LIPTON . . . Prrsidvnf . . Vin'-Presidvni Svrrvfary-TreasI1I't'r TOM LYNCH DONALD RIVENBARK DAVID SIDBURY PEGGY SNOW BILLY SUTIEIERLANIJ JACOB TINGA I ! CD. I-HENRY LITERARY SOCIETY Aim: To improve English and to encourage good reading. Officers: FRANK REYNOLDS . - . . . Prcsiflrnf NANC'Y SMITH . . . Vin'-Prc'sizfr'nf MII,l3RI,lJ SNEEDEN . . Sz'crc'1'ary-Tra'asurr'r JULIA MEIGS . . . . . . Program Chairman Advisers: MISS HATTII3 LOU SMITH, MRS. JANE DILL WILLIS Members: BARBARA ALLEN AUGUSTA BANCK JANE ELLEN BALDWIN SIGMUND BEAR BETTY BOEGLI JEAN BROUN ALICE CALDER FRANCIS CAPLAN EVELYN CHRISTENSEN MARIE CONLY BILLY CRAIG EUGENIA CRAFT MARIA DAVIS JOYCE DUNHAM MARGARET EDDINGS INEZ FULBRIGHT RAY FUNDERBURK ROBERT HARDWICR DOTTY I-IARRISS MARGARET HAYNIE HELEN HOLMES RUTH HOLMES ALINE HUFHAM JANE LEWIS KATHLEEN LEWIS HARRIET MARSHBURN MARTHA MCCAIG JULIA MEIGS NELL OLIVER FRANK REYNOLDS DAN RETCHIN MABEL ROGERS DOROTHY ROLAND AIJELAIDE ROSBOROUGH FRED SCHERR EMILY SEITTER KATHLEEN SKIPPER GRACE SLOAN MARY SLOCUM DOROTHY SNEEDEN MILDRED SNEEDEN JEAN SMITH NANCY SMITH PEGGY SNOW MILLER SNOW LILLIAN SOUTHERLAND MARY CARR SOUTHERLAND WAYNE SPENCER ESTELLE STOKELY -JACOB TINGA LOUISE TOOT HELEN WEATHERSBEE BETSEY WEST SUSANNE WEISTBROOK DELORES WILLIS MARY PALMER XVILSON SOP1-IIE XANTHOS i , ,, ,W +A' z -' .1 "Q 2 ilmm , ki ia- n., 4 ,J . LAWN CLUB O-firvry: MAIKN' Sl.oL1uM . . . . . . . . P1'cfxizfr'nt GIlAl'Ii S1,,oczuM . . . . Vim'-Prrxidwit Louis POISSON, jk. . . . . . . Svcrr'fary-T1'ms11rr'r Ad1'ixr'rx: Miss IWARY l,A'lllRoP, Miss MARl'll1X STACK I l J NATURE CLUB Purpose: To increase knowledge in the scientific world. Ojicers: GLADYS SNEEDEN . . . . . Prcsidwzt STEVE PECK . . . Vicv-Presidcrzt RAY HRINDELL .... . Sc'c'rr'fary-Trcaszlrcr Azlz'isr'rs: MRS. ELIZABETH HARTZOG, MISS REBECCA WRIGHT Mvnzbfrsr RAY BRINDI-ILL STAI-'IfORD BARR MARIIE BURQUIN MAUDIE BULLUCR ELISE MAY BRIGGS ELIZABETH BLAND MARY CHRISTIAN LULA COLE ARTHUR CRAIG MYRTLE CROOM ROBERT CALDER JOYCE DUNHAM BILLY DAVIS JAMES DAVIS ALTON FALES JOHN GORMAN FRANCES HEARN BETTY HIN'fON ALINE HUFHAM CHARLES HILL EDNA HUCRS BETH HIGHSMITH ELIZABETH JONES LOUISE JACKSON MARY KING ELLA MAE KETCHUM CLYDE LEONARD BETTY LEWIS LE MOUNTTE MEIER JACK MARSHBURN BILLY MCCLAMMY KITTY MCKOY ED MCCONELL JESSE NEWBOLD .JERRY NEWBOLD ANN PRESSON NICK PONOS DOUGLAS PREVATT STEVE PECI4 EDGAR PINER MARY ELIZABETH PADRICK ELIZABETH ROGERS STANLEY REHDER CATHERINE RICHTER JAMES RANEY JAMES STOKELY GRACE SLOCUM GRACE SLOAN BUREN SIDBURY BLANCHE STANLEY ESTELLE STOKELY GLADYS SNEEDEN HELEN SAUNDERS CLYDE STROUP LOUIS SHRIER WILLIAM SCHWARTZ MARGARET SINCLAIR KATHIZRINE TOOT CAROLINE TUSH ELISE TRULOVE CONRAD WESSELL RUPERT WORTHINGTON HELEN WEATHERSBEE NATHAN XANTHOS DIZZY DGZEN AND SNAPPY SIX lJoRo'IIIY PIARRISS . MA'l"I'II4' PARRI-,R . . SUSANNII. Houur, . IDAISY I.I.I-, WQQIIIIURY JANE ELLLN BAEIIWIN AI.IcI5 DII.I.ON IJOROTHY HAIKRISS VIVIAN HIISRS ELIZABETH BOWIIEN MARY CORBETT AIfI'ix1'r: MISS IIIA SCI-INIREL Uffiwrs: Mt'lll!Il'V.SI DIZZY DOZEN SUSANNE I-IOGUE MARJORIE LANCASTER -IANE LEGRANIJ MAT'I'IE PARKER SNAPPY SIX VASHTI GORNTO BETTY HENDERSON . . . l'rI'xizlI'IIf . Viva'-PI'vxiJc'f1f . . St'!'7'l'fdV-1' . TI'I'as1m'r MIL.DlK1zlJ SNEEIJEN MIRIAM SOLOMON DAISY LEE WOOIIBURY EI.IzA WOOTEN BETTE LYTTON EMILY MCCALI. -A., DIQAMATIC CLUB EDNA BALES . HIil.I2N ANDREWS . CAROL JONES . DORIS ANDREWS BETTY PERDUE ANNETTI2 ABELOVITZ DORIS ANDREWS HELEN ANDREWS CECIL APPLEBERRY INEZ BAGGETTE WINIFRED BAGNVELL EDNA BALES ANNIE MAE BOWDEN MAUDE FRYE JANE GULLEY Arlzfisfr: MISS RUTH DAVIS OgiFFYSi Mrlzzfwrs: SYLVIA HALL DOROTIIY HARRISS PEARL HORNE CAROL JONES FRANCES KING V'IRGINIA KINGSBURY MIIRIAM MCINTIRE EUNICE PATTIEN BETTY PERDUE SYLVIA ANN PRESSON Pl'l'Xftfi'lIf . Vin'-Pr4'siJr'11f . . S1'f'I'4'furj' . Trvusllrvr . Hisforian IDOUGLAS PRIZVATT ADELAIDE ROSIQBOROUGI-I BUREN SIDBURY WIQSSEI. SPOONER BILLY SUTHIZRLAND XVALFORD THOMPSON CAROLYN TUSGH BEVERLY VVALTON ARTHUR XANTIIOS YIIIH- Offiivrx: l"ir,Il Sl'lIIl'.Xft'f Svrnrlif SI'r11I'mlI'I' I,AlSY 1,11 WUQIIIIURY . l'rI'xiJI'I1f . . . NIARY SIIRIAI Mll.IllKI In SNI I IIIN . Xlift'-Pl'!'Xitll'IIf . . VIYIAN HII as ICMIIY hf1CCAl.l . Sl'l'l'l'flll'VY . iViAli'lIlA MIZCAII BI-'III SI.oI.uA1 TrI'I1x1n'I'I' . SALLYI-1 jo l'In'1m.II': To create, mgiimnin and cxtcnd throughout thc of Christian character. Slogan: Clcnn speech, clean Scholarship, clean nthl BARIIARA AI I I N ISAI IYXNIN -'ANI lil I I N AI.II'I ciAl Ill R MARY fllllilil 'II MAIKIA IJAYIs AI ll I IJII I ow VAsII'I'I CQoRN'I'IY lJuRu'I'IIY lIARRIss BI 'I"I'Y III NIII RSON VIYIAN HII RS Clmrzlctcr lhIA0l.lgl1 Molln: MI'u1f1I'I'x: SUSANNI-. Hocgui' SAIIYI. ll0SllY MARY KING LIANIIQ l,I:CiRANll NANCZX' LYNc1Ii MAR'I'IiA MCZCIAICS IEAIIIY Mc'CAI.I. .IUI IA MIZICQS CIARQIINI-, NI.wIz.oI.Im EUNICI1 PA'I"I'I:N school and community high standards ctics, clcan living. SCFYICC. MARY Rom R'I'soN BI 'III SI ocurxi MARY SI.oi'UAI MII,I:RI Iv SNI-,I-Iwi N PI-'IRQY SNUYY' l,0UlSIi S'l'llU'I'Ill-KRS I lAI,I II-' TOYYNI s IDAISY l,I li Wooms liI.IzA WIRYI'I-LN LI BUYS' F-II -Y Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the School a PRESTON BELLAMY BILLY BROWN KEDAR BROWN WILBUR BRYANT ERNEST BULLOCIQ ROBERT CALDER BILLY ALLEN WHIT BENTON DAN CAMERON HERBERT CODINGTON LEWIS COLEMAN RAY FUNOERBURK CYRUS HOGUE of Christian character- Mwrzbrrs: ALPHA CHAPTER ROSCOE COLE ROBERT CRAIG CLAUDE DAVIS JOE HOOPER HARRY JAMES TOM LYNCH MINORA CHAPTER WALTER JAMES MORRIS MERRITT WALTER PARSLEY STEVE PECK FRANK REYNOLDS CHARLES RUARK WALTER SI-IEEEIELD nd community high Standards BILLY PARKER OSCAR PECK LOUIS POISSON BILLY SUTHERLANIJ BILLY THORNTON JACOB TINGA RANSEY WEATHERSBFB BUREN SIDBURY BOBBY STRANGE HARRY SYMMES BONNER THOMASON DAN THOMASON PEYTON TOWNES ARC!-IERY CLUB SCIQIBBLEIQS' CLUB mm it I . -7 .1 ,kms 6 'ifipf' .-1 v 1, Ili' ,L in ff . : 1 Vu ' In 0 llm I 1 S Mu BSISEESIIFY stan' is RWM? Emma wi. I Bryn' SUTHIRIRND, 'IR TOM LYNCH . . - IJOROTIIY HAIKIKISS . JULIA Mums . . WAl,'l'l R Sm 1-'1-'na1.n . MIIKIANI L1-Qwls . . SUSANN11 Hoc.Ul . Louis POISSON . . l'II'1RBliR'I' ComNcs'1'oN A1.lCli CAl.1JI'.lK . . Bonny STRANu1a . ,IIMMY WoMMAc:K . AI USUN AIMVRMRN Claczll, AT'PLliIiI-ZRRY EIJNA BALIZS SAM B1',11RraNns TI-IE WILDCAT Eafiforial Sluff: Rfporfrrx: ROBERT CALDER VAs11'rl GORNTO ANNE M. GREEN NIANIQ LEWIS Wngkcalffona WLEQ1 ' .m..,.,..- ..-1v.-P . Ifflilor-in-Clwivf . MHI7dlQillg' Ealilor . . . lJl'dfIIl'l' Erlilor' Axsixfuuf 1:l'df1lI't' Edifor . . . Sfmrfs Eelilor Asxislarll Sjmrfx Editor . - EYl'l7tllIXl'El1if0I' . Club Effilor - Aff Ezfifm' . Proof Rvazlvr . Alumni Ealifor . 1'lmlog1'apln'r RAYMOND MURRAY ROSAIJH OLIVIER Mll.l7l!l'1lJ SNEEIIIZN' HARRY SYMM1as 1 i TI-IE WILDCAT B 11.v 1 f1f,XS sfaff: BILLY ALLEN . . . . . . . . - . . . Business Managvr RANSEY WEATHERSBEE . Assistant Business Managvr PEYTUN TOWNES . . - Aclwrfising Managcr ROSCOE COLE . . Circulation Mamzgcr FRANCES COUGHENOUR SILVEY ANN PREssoN AD1-:LAmE ROSEBOROUGH JANICI-L PIQKARD MARGARET PICKARD Aa'L'isr'rs: Mrss IDA CARDWELL, Miss ANNIE ROYAL SAUNDERS gf' rf' I4 LCQ LOHJ K I Tl-IE I-IANCDVEIQIAN Wfurr BENTON . .IAc:on TINGA . EUNICE PATTIQN . BARBARA AI.I.EN . DAISY LEE Woomaum' JANE ELLEN BALDXVIN VIVIAN HIEIKS . . SALLYE Joslw . . . HAI.lll2 TOWNliS . Erfiforial Sfaz: . . . . . . . Ifdifor-iff-Clzirf . . . . . . Asxixfauf Eflifor . Assislam' Edilor . - . Axxislanf Ediior . . - . Fvafurr' Edilor . Axsislauf Ffllfllfl' Editor - Asxishmf P1'ai111'e Ediior . . . . , Art Edilor ugffcaffom . . . . Axsisfaut Art Editor HARRY' JAMES ALLICE DILLON ISRAEL LIPTON OSCAR PECK . NVALTER JAMES Tl-IE I-IANCDVERIAN Business Staf: . . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager , junior Class Representative miificalfiena BELIEVE IT CDR NCT 1 i l E 1 l l L- l-IANOVEIQIAN STAEE EIETEEN YEARS AGO' Reading left to right. Hallie Townes, Harry james, Daisy Lee Woodbu1'y, Barbara Allen, jacob Tinga, Eunice Patten, Vivian Hiers, Whit Benton, Alice Dillon, jane Ellen Baldwin W Q, THlUll5 BASKETBALL GIRLS R1Al,GIl'.PIlil'ORlJ . . cidflfdlll fTUtlt'fI1'K Miss R UTM Mc3lN'1'l1u Mus. Ia. Cl. Tll.1.l-.'l'r '1'4'an1: l'illl'III lilumn-.S G1-.lml,lmlNl4, CAliROl,L l.l',ol,A limxwuums Hl,1,l-,N HART Czuuma Mfua Hl'.Nl7l:RSON NLQRMA HI.NIJl-LIKSON MYu'r1.n-. f'iOR'l'ON IZDNA Hucxs Al.lNlz I"iUlfHAM lnMl1.Y L1-11-1 Mzmcgln-. Plm-'umm -losll-1 ROM:-.0 VILRNA Mme SANDERS LOUISI4. SHAU1. l'Au1,1Nla Tll'1NKliN MAIKY Wll,1.lAMsoN BOYS RAY BLAND . . . . Captain Tom UNIDISRWOLDIB . . Mmmqfr R. RomNsoN . . . Tvum: RAY ISLAND XVAIKRLN BRASWLLL R. A. BURNQTT CLAUUL DAVIS JOHNNHL EIJRNS .IULIAN MCKLITIIAN -IOHN Muuuvr Hfwwoon I'lxaRc1a NOIKMAN WOOIJCOCK JffL!efLc.4 BOXING TEAM MORRIS MERRITT . . Capiaizz CHARLES MURRAY . . Manager ELMER TARRELL . . Coach Team MALCOLM BRYAN BEN DANIELS HAROLD DANIELS CHARLES EDENS ED FLORA BOBBY GOLDBERG JACK GRIFFITH L. H. HOUSTON FOXY HOWARD BILLY LAND MORRIS MERRITT JIMMY SHIMER CARLYLE SMITH EDWIN SNIPES ROBERT STROUI1 JIMMY WALKER JOE WALKER . DELMA WILLIAMSON I FOOTBALL TEAM T MORRIS MERRITT . . Capiain Managers: CHARLES MURRAY TOM UNDERWOOD C oacbes: E. TARRELL R. ROBINSON Members: WARREN BRASWELL R. A. BURNETT FRANCIS CAPLAN CLAUDE DAVIS CHARLIE EDENS JOHNNIE EDENS BOBBY GOLDBERG GILLIAM HORTON L. H. HOUSTON OSCAR KING MORRIS MERRITT DUDLEY MOTE ADRIEN RHODES A. B. RIGGS CHARLES RUARK WALTER SHEFFIELD JIMMY SHIMER RALPH SHIMER EDWARD SNIPES LOUISE WELLS DELMA WILLIAMSON aliifeflca GITQLS' TENNIS TEAM EMILY LEE . . . MARY E. ROBINSON GLENWOOD BLOMME DORIS BRITTAIN, S MAUDE BULLOCK, 6 MARY ELIZABIETH JOHNSON, 3 EMx1,Y LITE, 2 BETTY LEWIS, 1 MIRIAM LEWIS, 4 . Captain . Managrr . . Coach BUYS' TENNIS TEAM HAROI.IJ WEI.1,S . JERRY NEWBOLD . GLEN WOOD BLOM M E ROBERT AUTRY, 6 GENE FONVIELLIQ, 5 BEN JACKSON, 4 vVAI.TliR JAMES, l JAMES SLOAN, 3 I-IAROLU XVELLS, 2 . Capfuin . Manager . . Coach 0-lfilefzc, I l GYM CLASS I nstructor: MRS. E. G. TILl.1i1"l' ROSA MAE BUCK ELLA MAE BULLARD PHARESE CARR CHRISTINE CARTER DOROTHY GAYLOR NAN GRENIER CARRIE MAE HENDERSON NORMA HENDERSON ESSIE HOLDEN MYRTLE HORTON EDNA HUCKS CAROLINE JOHNSON EDNA KLUTZ BETTE LYTTON KITTY MCKOY MARGARET MAPILER SABRE REECE KATHERINE RICE JOSIE ROMEO NANCY SEAWELL LOUISE SHAUL IRIS SLY PAULINE TIENKEN DORIS WHITLEY MARY WINNER Cl-IEER -EADERS BUCK BARDEN NED FROWNFELTER BOBBY JONES BETTE LYTTON MIRIAM MCINTIRE WINIFRED MINCY LEONA PARKER MATTIE PARKER C7-4ZffL!eiZc.4 COACI-IES A Miss RUTH MClN1'lRE MR. ELME11 TAIKRELL MRS. E. G. TILLETT Mn. GLENWOOD BLOMME MR. RELMAN ROBINSON Mrs. HOWARD MCDONALD il SUIDETQLATIVES 'Illasf Original Qfiendiiexf, H1056 42611 421536 JZ: gjart- Cfdji6J6 SQLLYE JOSEV TYICIUDE PF-YE HTIUX LEE IUCXRIE REGLSTER: JOKE LEAGRQDD W TOIT1 LVIICH UUGLTER SHEPPIELD DUDLEY IUOTE CGFZBETT STOUGLL BOBBY BLEECKEK 1 Cut est Qflosf Oufstandlmy BestDfesseci DOJSYLFE UJOODBUFY BOBBY GOLDBERG MQRJORYELGUCQSTER f CLGUDE DCLUIS ITHLURED SDEIDETL i1SRO.EL LIPTOII gig ,mu ,W , , ,,,,..?,,..,,,., ,-. . , SLJPEQLATIVES .uvs.v:v:a wu.1.m 1..u.un:u.:rvu.xuu.uL Jxxzwxru aurruzu rzuuxf BILULU :bl Htk btlibllll BOBBY G01-IJBER6 LDGLTER SHIPFIELD UJCLLTER S1-IEPPIELD ISRCLEL LIPTOIIJ BILL BOLES XX W1 FSU N! ll SIS 'ea' 'Q 'T g, x A ' 'QQ .n D KA' fy 7? W 5 '25-7 ' X x N ' x 6, I' 'If' ' Q ' - Q , J ff5 , 'W K , 'iff b I Ah ' CLASS HISTORY Graduation from high school marks the end of one period in a person's life and the be- ginning of another. As we Hnish high school, we realize that this is the end of a part of our lives. But we must turn from reminisc- ing and look with eager eyes toward the future. As we approach graduation from this school, which has been the center of our lives for four years-four short years-we like to look back and think what has been done. This class history will be a record of those things that we have accomplished. As I think of it now, the day we entered high school as freshmen doesn't seem more than a week ago. So many memories crowd my mind as I think of our freshman year. Our most important job was to keep out of the way of the upper-classmen and not to ask too often, "Where is room ll8?" We were just little fish in a big pond those days. We realized, however, that each year we would gain recog- nition, and that our time for leadership would come. We elected Warren Quarles president of the class and he proved to be an able leader. We just sat by, watched, listened, and waited for the time when we would be sophomores. Toward the end of our first year, our beloved principal, Dr. W. O. Hampton, resigned. Many questions arose in our minds concerning the new principal. We could hardly wait for the summer vacation to be over, we were so de- sirous of seeing him. If we had had any fears, Mr. Fred W. Greene dispelled them on the very first day of our sophomore year. The next year found us with a genuine case of "Sophomoritis". We became very con- scious of our increasing importance. We elect- ed jim Frank Hackler to lead us that year. We began to be represented in the clubs and our members were on programs in chapel from time to time. We were given tasks that no mere freshman would have been assigned. As time went on, we were not the only ones who thought well of the sophomores, the other classes began to notice us. The only clouds over the bright horizon of our sophomore year were the deaths of Miss Emma Martin, a be- loved English teacher and founder of the O. Henry Literary Society, and Eleanor Wilson, our classmate. At the end of our sophomore year, Mr. Greene resigned. Our new principal, Mr. T. T. Hamilton, jr., has proved himself a capable and popular successor. We really began to count in school life when we became juniors. We elected Mildred Sneeden, the only girl president we had, to lead us that year. By that time the seniors callred us by name, asked us to work on com- mittees, and were real friends to us. We not only felt important then, but we also felt a new responsibility for our school. We en- tered into school athletics and had many mem- bers in attendance at all the games. Many of our classmates entered the sports and we had outstanding members of the football, basket- ball, tennis, and boxing teams. We presented a junior play entitled "The Hoodoo' which was a great success both as to production and finances. Shortly thereafter, we had the jun- ior-Senior Prom in honor of the seniors. We believe that everyone who attended that affair will hold it in memory for years to come. Several of our members had positions on the paper staff that year and carried their assign- ments well. Last but not least, the climax to a very successful year came when twenty- nine of our members were elected to the Na- tional Honor Society. The vacation between the junior and senior years was the longest that we experienced. At last it was over and the day Hnally came when we could go up the front steps. We will never forget the day. That was the grandest privi- lege a senior ever had. During our senior year, we gave a play called "The Patsy" which was as great a success as the junior play had been. In the month of February, the National Honor Society selected thirteen more seniors to membership, making forty-two seniors in all. At the end of the year, the juniors gave us a prom that was as gay and unforgetable as the one the year be- fore had been. Although graduation is the climax of high school life, it is the other events that linger in our minds. The proms, plays, class day, honor day, and all the other joyous activities stand out as "red letter" days in our high school life. This last year, our members have dominated the club memberships. At the beginning of our senior year, we were told that we were the outstanding class of the school and that We were to set the example for the other classes. With Frank Reynolds as our presi- dent, we accepted the challenge seriously, and we hope that we have served well. All the seniors were glad and proud the day the annual was dedicated to Miss Emma Los- sen, a popular history teacher whose interest in the pupils has manifested itself in many ways and whose class room manner has al- ways been the friendliest. We wish to express our love and appreciation not only to Miss Lossen, but to all our teachers and to Mr. Hamilton who has been our guide and friend along the paths of learning. PROP!-IECY Hello, everybody! This is your announcer, BILLY SUTHERLAND, speaking from station A-I-R in the new Zeppelin, ALMERIA CONWAY. We will now switch on our television sets, and ROSALIE OLIVER will give you a glimpse of some old friends encountered on her recent trip. Presto! We are now in Paris, France, where I, ROSALIE, am at the moment. It is time, however, for me to catch my plane, so I hail a taxi, only to find that the genial driver is none other than FOXY HOWARD. Racing through the streets of Paris, I am surprised when I catch a glimpse of a familiar face. Upon slowing down, I recognize CECIL APPLEBERRY, the renowned scientist who lives in an attic over- looking the Seine. Then, looking across the street at the WALTER PARSLEY clinic, I cannot believe my eyes when Dr. FRANK REYNOLDS saunters down the walk. He is talking earnestly to his assistant, Dr. HERBERT CODINGTON, who seems to think FRANK "has got something there" by the way he listens. But look! Who should come tripping down the steps of the clinic but the much-in-demand nurses, MARY SLOCUM, ELEANOR CLARK, and FRANCES KING. At a word, FOXY and I are off again, turning down the new HUBERT HUF- I'IAM Avenue and then into the GERALD MEDD airport. Clutching my MAR- GIE LANCASTER-LOUISE STRUTHERS fashion magazine, I step out of the taxi among a group of handsome porters who are none other than WILLIAM AINS- WORTH, MEBANE BREEDEN, BILLY BOLES, and CLARENCE BURTON, while GREER CRAIG, ROBERT DYKE, W'ILBUR HARRELL, EUBON GORDY, ED- WARD IILORA and NORMAN EVENSEN dash up to take the luggage of SOPHIA GYMTRUK, the glamorous movie star. Relieved of my bags, I make my way over to the plane, THE C. K. COUNCIL. I am greeted by the charming stewardess, SUSANNE HOGUE, who, they say, makes this particular plane thrice popular. I wade through the crowd as hastily as possible and suddenly come face to face with the pilot, NATHAN HASKETT, who is nonchalantly smoking one of the new CLYDE KING cigars. On turning, I experienced a thrill when I see the co- pilot, .IIMMIE WOMMACK, who is the designer of our plane, and near him a dis- tinguished passenger, CHEMIST ALICE CALDER. Upon taking my assigned seat in the ship, I glance over into the opposite one and recognize DOROTHY HEWETT, the ace buyer for the ISRAEL LIPTON- BERNARD WARSHAUER Department Store in New York. The trip is a comfortable one, what with the Super-Swell VICTOR VALENTINE heaters. and the JIMMY WALKER Sublime Soft Seats at our disposal, to say noth- ing of the delicious .IANE WEATHERSBEE caramels, which are passed. Our ship lands at the WESSEL SPOONER airport in Vienna, Austria, and it is a relief to indulge in a few B. D. WALKER spiced cigarettes to give us a lift. I get into a taxi and motor over to my hotel, the MARY DANIEL CARR. As I walk into the lobby, down "Peacock Alley", and over to the desk, with all the dignity I can muster, what is my surprise when more of the genius of the class of '37 pops up! Oh, do I wilt! Standing before me with a flashy smile is BOBBY GOLDBERG, the owner and host of the hotel, and behind him, BENNY DLUGIN, EDWIN DAVIS, THAD GROTGEN, and VERNON HILL, all suave members of the Staff of Directors. But that isn't all, as I turn, LOUIS KERMON and GEORGE MCFARLANE join forces to take my baggage to the lift, and stepping on it, 'I perceive that OSCAR KING is at the controls. At the door of my room there is an imposing welcoming committee, composed of NINA PETERSON, THEONE ROPER, ELIZABETH SCHIPP, and SARAH KATHERINE HUGGINS. Whewl Finally settled in my room, I commence to contend myself with the restful vista, when suddenly HARRY JAMES, VIRGINIA GROTGEN, PETER KNIGHT, and ELLEN ROSE DUNCAN come rushing in to ask if Ild like to buy one of the new RUDOLPH WILLIAMS motorcycles, streamlined by MAGGIE PIGFORD. At dinner that night I recognize the head cigarette girl as NELL CARPENTER, with ALMA BLAKE and SOPHIA BURGESS "doing their stuff" as her assistants. Later on in the floor show, I am in a dither when IRIS CHERRY sings the old favor- ite, "XVhen the Moon Comes Over the Mountain." I clap without restraint when VIVIEN HIERS and EUNICE PATTEN do a dance and song number with EUNICE singing "Pardon My Southern Accent, Pardon My Southern Drawlf' The next day I take the LESLIE CARTER Limited for Marseilles. When ALLIE MOORE takes my ticket, I am surprised, but when SAM CHENNIS follows, calling out stops, I AM surprised. I board my ship, the BONNIE CLEMENSON, at Marseilles, and with some of the smart MARY ELIZABETH HOUSTON creations in my trunk, I am bound for the good old U. S. A. Is it a thrill or is it when I meet MARTHA HALL, VIVIAN HARRELI., RAY- MOND MURRAY, and ROBERT BAME on shipboard? It seems that RAYMOND is writing a new book called "The Taming of TROY FISHER and ROSCOE COLE", while MARTHA has just been touring Europe with the OSCAR PECK-JOHN RICH Flea Circus. More fun! But, unfortunately, I am compelled by a feeling of sea- sickncss to rush to my stateroom when I bump into JENNIE SUE RAYNOR, MYRTIS POLK, and ELOISE PADRICK, all likewise afflicted. We forget our dis- comfort, however, when we strike up a heated discussion on the advisability of the new GRAHAM RUSS-CHARLES RUARK Television Restrictive Area Bill, and the DOCK RUSHING-JOHN REHDER Airline-Highway Bill. Finding myself unable to "add anything more to what has already been said," I tear myself away to read my new DOROTHY HARRISS Personality magazine, one of the publications of the JANE ELLEN BALDWIN-LEOLA EDWARDS Company. On the first page an advertisement reminds me that I must get some of that wonderful HERBERT BOST tooth paste to go with my new JOHN MATHIS toothbrush. The next advertisement informs me how fast the EDITH BRIDGES Swing Frocks are being sold. It is remarkable the way the HERMANN BOEMANNS- BUCK BARDEN Company is simply giving away its SAM BRISKIN Sports clothes 2, 11 1't " 1- . Hi.. and its RICHARD COOK hardware products! But in spite of these enthralling advertisements, I am delighted to turn to a short story by SYLVIA HALL, entitled, "CLAUDE DAVIS Comes Home," and to Hnd that the heroine of the story is none other than little CATHERINE WELSH. I am none the less delighted when I come across the outcome of a huge DAVID SIDBURY soap contest in which everyone has been competing. ADELE SMITH wins a lovely little WYATT SMITH Round- about Plane. while ELBERT SYKES and ALENE TODD both receive a charming ED COTTON television set put out by the JOHANNA BOET Television Company. But here we are in the New York harbor! In the excitement of seeing land, I do not notice at first that there are many passengers who have not appeared on deck before. Among these exclusives is the famous actress, HELEN ANDREWS, who causes my gaze to be detoured from the land to her. She is gorgeous in her JEAN BROUN Especially Dyed Furs, and by the way, her curly, dark hair glistens, I feel sure she must use that effective MARGARET EVERETT Shampoo Preparation. Her nails, too, are beautifully done in the new ALENE HEWETT tangerine shade of MYRTLE HOBBS nail enamel. What a thrill it is to traipse down the gang-plank wearing orchids sent by the DONALD RIVENBARK-THOMAS RICH Clothiers Company, and to have ES- THER CHERRY and DALLY RAY BROWN meet me in a KITTY HOLTEN limousine, chauffered by JOHN GRIFFITH! It is no less a treat, however, to arrive at Hotel CARRIE MAE HENDERSON and to find a MABEL ROGERS Triple Powered Auto-Plane at my disposal. With a joyous step, something like the new LILLIE HARRELL-HERMAN EVERETT dance step, I get into it, and speed down to the huge EVELYN HORNE Girl Scout Building, where MAUD FRYE is Head Director. After seeing MAUD, BETTY HARPER, MABEL GARRIS, and MARY GREER, I am "wore out" and am making a bee-line for my hotel before we for theyj can "gab" any more. Walking along on the new VANCE BOUNDS Guaranteed Cork Sidewalks the next day, I am surprised to hear a sudden, loud, and distinct guffaw, followed by a real royal rumpus. Looking across the street and up on the ROBERT CRAIG Roof Garden, which is just above the LEWIS COLEMAN Booterie, I perceive DUDLEY MOTE, LLOYD MEMORY, and JAMES NEWLAND singing at the top of their lungs for the enjoyment UQ of the lady guests. Their song is the popular "Helen Hart Harmony" by TROY JOHNSON, the clever song-writer of the century. Wondering at the taste of some people, I meander on, only to be confronted with another familiar face around the corner. The face is that of DOROTHY JENNE, who is the eflicient secretary of President FREDERICK PARNELL of the ARNOLD PADRICK-CLIFF MORRISS Cellophane Company. Leaving DOROTHY on the threshold of the MARY GUYTON-HELEN HOLMES Insurance Company, I hurry on down the street until I come to a. policeman, of whom I want to ask a question. The policeman, however, turns out to be none other than our old friend JOE HOOPER fyou remember the guy who knew all the answers?J! After learning from JOE where the new C. G. SMITH-JAMES WALTON Art Gallery is, I scoot on towards where he designates it to be. On the way, I pass an impressive looking fruit stand which, to my surprise, has the names HOMER WEBB and RUSSELL WESTMORELAND inscribed over it, while JOSEPH WOLFF and VERNA MAE SANDERS preside over the alleged fruit! My! My! Finally arriving at my destination, I walk up the new VICTOR GORE Improved Escalators and down the new ultra-modern Memorial Hall just recently presented by the well known millionairess, MARY LYNCH, until I come to the MARY MCARTHUR Art Salon. There I chance upon HALLIE TOWNES, SUZELLE HOWES, and SALLYE IOSEY who are busily painting murals on the walls of it. It is indeed a surprise when I see that they are painting a number of the exploits of one EUGENIA FARMER, a recognized heroine of the time. The DOROTHY EAGLE Fast Water Colors that they are using help to make the murals as flashing as EUGENIA herself. When ROY BURNETT, MADELYN SOUTHERLAND, CHARLES EDENS, and ALICE SPENCER come bursting in to ask if they might borrow the Salon for a Saturday Night Dance, I nearly die laughing at the expression on Professor EDWARD ELKS' face, he, having just entered, carrying with him the new BONNER THOMA- SON Sound Silencer. With a hasty refusal, the three artists send away the enthusiastic dance committee, composed of GRADY SHEALLY, RUTH SI-IARPE, OWEN SHEETZ, and GRACE SLAUGHTER, who get in a lot more back-chatter. The mural painters are hard nuts Cpardon usj to crack, but when GENE TRASK'S South- ern Swing Orchestra is mentioned, they weaken, and when the committee speaks of the GAYI.OCK SNEEDEN-DeWITT SCOTT Dance Team, the Salon is theirs for the asking. What an orchestra GENE has! Composed of THOMAS STEWART, CARL- TON HUBAND, CECIL HUNT, and CLYDE KING, with HELON SKIPPER as Torch Singer, it has to be tops! Having my ideas of an Art Salon thus spoiled, I hurry on out, only to bump into Senator JACK ELLIS on the way. With loud expostulations, Senator ELLIS declaims on the "Clumsiness of the Modern American People" an speaks of the "Disrupting of the Country" by the manners of President BOBBY BLEECKER. Not seeing "per- zactly" what the president has to do with my bumping into people, I leave the senator to expostulate to himself. Wfalking briskly down Wall Street, I suddenly spy a sign bearing the names THOMAS LYNCH and WILLIAM KRAFT, Wholesale Druggists. Looking into the office, I see JOE PINER and ALLAN MOORE working diligently at their desks, while farther back I discern those hard-boiled business men, WHIT BENTON, LOUIS POISSON, KEDAR BROWN, and JIM HACKLER. With their feet cocked up on their VERA MANNING-RAY SAINT AMAND Fine Foot Desks, they are busily discussing their favorite movie queen, MARY PALMER WILSON. Teh . . . Tch...Tcl1... Although I am wearing my DAISY KELLY-DORIS KENAN Footease Shoes, I sink into the cushions of a MILDRED JARROTT Taxi with a sense of relief, and appreciate the way the ANNIE MAE LANIER Standard Tires run. Reaching for a ROSA LEE LEONARD cigarette lighter, I am tipped foreward and am about to lf. Syn? make a nose dive for the LUCILLE LARKINS Plush Floor, when I am saved by the MARY LILLY LEE "Push-up" which gently pushes my head back onto the CLARICE KING head rest. After lighting my strawberry flavored cigarette, put out by the FRANCES RIVENBARK Cigarette Company, I am in the mood for tonight's dinner party which is to be at the EDDIE MATHIS Night Club. At the night club, we land that the sensation of the evening is none other than LILA BELLE FOUNTAIN, who sings and dances. Her dancing partner is ALTON LERAY, who is also a talented street car conductor. The ritzy orchestra is none other than ICMILY LEE'S Melodious Maidens' Band, composed of CARLETTA LENNON, MIRIAM LEWIS, PHYLIS McENTEE, MIRIAM MCINTIRE, and EDITH RHODES. When a crowd of Rhythm Girls comes on the stage, I recognize pretty! peppy ADE- LAIDII ROSEBOROUGH, JULIA MEIGS, HARRIET MARSHBURN, EVELYN KES- TER, and CAROLYN JORDAN, but is it the stuff or IS it when VEE VEE ALLEN, BARBARA ALLEN, and ESTHER AUSTIN do the new MILDRED BOXWEN Triple Dance Step! However, enough is enough, and knowing full well that I am "pushing off" for California in the morning, I feel it me duty to meself to vamoose, after swilling one more JANE MURPHY cocktail fthe ANNA MELTON cherries are swelllj Traveling from coast to coast, I arrive in due time in Nevada, where I am sur- prised by the familiar faces of MARY ETI-IEL HOWELL, DORIS I-IUFHAM, and ELIZABETH HUGGINS who are on their way to Hollywood for a movie test. Think of my surprise when, going over to a BESSIE MINTZ roulette table in the station, I bump into a whole GANG of old New Hanover High School pals of '37! RHODA MURRAY is now a clothes buyer for several movie stars, ESTELLE OWENS is a script writer fuses her beloved short handji ANNA LAURA PADRICK "gets the dope" on public opinion all over the country, LILLIAN NICHOLS writes shorts for comedies, LURA MYERS is the private model for a great star: while ESTHER MORTIN keeps "certain" records about different stars. Whew! It's nice to see you all again! But, wait! Is this really MARIE REGISTER? MARIE is private sec- retary PLUS to a busy producer, namely, JOHN HENRY MINTZ, who keeps her working, globe-trotting, or otherwise on the move. And WE labeled her lazy! Over on a bench I spy another familiar-looking crowd. WINIFRED MINCY is a rising star already, WALTER SHEFFIELD is too busy breaking hearts to think about any- thing elseg MATTIE PARKER is known as "the sweetheart of the West", while BOBBY WHITAKER is a promising playwright. When I see ELIZABETH MAZUR and MARIE CONLY getting into one of those "spiffy" little ROBERT MELVIN-ROBERT MURRAY roadsters, I rush on over. It seems that ELIZABETH is on a short vacation from teaching several of the juvenile stars their A. B. C.'s, and MARIE is also on a vacation, but from painting portraits. She has painted Director BOBBY STRANGE'S portrait twelve times al- ready, HE seems to like it!! I decide to go with them over to a ranch, so I hop in. As we bump along, they tell me that the ranch belongs to HUGH BALLARD, WOODUS CARTER, BILLY LAND, and BARRY HINNANT fmorc of the good old '37 classy, and that they have the newest gadgets installed, including the HELEN ROBINSON floor sweepers and the EVELYN MINTZ card tables which are put out by the KATHLEEN PRIDGEN-MARY SMITH Gadget Company. Arriving at the ranch, we are greeted by a number of straight-legged cowboys who, surprisingly turn out to be none other than BILLY BELLOIS, ERNEST BULLOCK. JAMES HEARN, EDWARD REGISTER, and GEORGE LARSON. It is a treat to be shown around the ranch. When we are about to leave, the generous owners present each of us with a beautiful red, purple, and yellow plaid shirt which has been dyed with the best EDNA DIXON Fast Colors on the market and sold at the Great CLELI. FARMER-LOTTIE MAE FARROW Department Store. My! My! Leaving MARIE and ELIZABETH, I join a group of sightseers who are going over to Lake Tahoe to see the sights. On the way over I meet KATHLEEN JOHN- STON, PEGGY SNOW, ELIZA WOOTTEN, LOUISE TooT, and NANCY SMITI I. who are on their way to Chicago, New York and all points North, East, for the main reason of getting a rest from teaching under the strenuous ARLENE SMITH-DORO- THY SNEEDEN School System. When we arrive at Lake Tahoe, we Hnd GERALDINE CARROLL, BIETSY WEST, JANE LeGRAND, and EVA MAE WATSON playing roulette together. It seems that JANE is under contract in Hollywood for the THELMA SMITH-ROSA FOSTER Producers. If it isn't one thing, it's the same thing! As we wander around, we hap- pen upon MARGARET PICKARD, drawing and sketching "up a storm", although the day is very lovely and clear. Near her is JUNE GREEN, who is under contract for the HELEN WATERS-MARY WATERS moving picture producers. Xvalking on a little farther, we were surprised to come upon MILDRED SNEEDEN and EVELYN CONAWAY, who are the oificial "Smoother Outers' of all the movie direct- ors and producers. Flying over to Los Angeles the next day, we immediately go on over to Hollywood Where we find LOIS BROTHERS, KATHARINE BLOSSOM, VIVIAN BEDSOLIZ. and EVELYN CHRISTIANSEN, leaving the studios where they are directors, co- directors, and semi-directors. After seeing them we venture on into one of the studios where we are told by DIRECTOR BOBBY STRANGE to be quiet. He explains that Director JACOB TINGA is having the first shots taken on DAISY LEE VVOOD- BURY'S new picture in which she CO-St:ll'S with CORBETT STOVALI, as leading man. The main supporting cast, we rind out, is none other than DELORES WILLIS, CARI, MCGOWAN, CAROL JONES, and MARGARET FRANCES ALLEN. We are not allowed to go in, however, so we rush on over to another studio where we find that PRESTON BELLAMY, the leading man number one in the movies Qahemj is now making a picture with ANNA KING, directed by BILLY ALLEN and MIRIAM SOLOMON. Xvell, welll W'ho would have suspected such talent in the good old class of 1957! Switching off our television sets, we come back to the Zeppelin, ALMERIA CON- WAY. This is station A-I-R signing off. Good night, folks. Thanks for listening! ..., . ..E,. .XX -..E LLM, , ,W A fl af'-u-nu - ".N IHS x N li Q LQLQJQ f UIQ MM! Y qi 'QQ -its l Y .iv lfvl N 'lx If LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, t-he members of the Senior Class of New Hanover High School of Wilmington, North Carolina, most of whom we think are of a sound mind, on this, the fifth day of june, nineteen hundred and thirty-seven, A. D., do herewith, hereby, and hereunder set forth our last will and testament: To those that mayifollow in our footsteps there is little that we may offer other than our good wishesg we might presume to say that we leave OPPORTUNITYQ but opportunity was ours, was for those who sent before us, and will be for those who come after usg so little need we say to you concerning opportunity. We might be- queath to thee a heritage of advice, but as we in our years of near maturity look back, we find that little of advice have we heeded. In passing, this we do know: we have had great opportunity, we have had worthy advice. A little of both we have grasped and heeded. We only wish that we might have taken more of both. In this closing chapter of our efforts at New Hanover High School we depart, not however, with feeling of regret, but rather with aspirations to get out into the world and use this basic training and exper- ience in our future endeavors, Whether they be in higher education, business, or home life. Passing members have appeared and offered codicils as follows: I, Billy Allen, do bequeath to thee, Cyrus Hogue, my political ability. I, James Wommack, leave my photographic ability to Nelson Calhoun, my faith- ful stooge. I, Hallie Townes, do will my sweet, loving, and gentle ways to Mary Robertson, in the hope that she will eventually become the dignified Senior that I took such pleasure in being. I, Dorothy' Harriss, bequeath my famed flirtatious ways to thee, Edna Bales, who in addition to your own talent, should soon become the siren of the school. I, Mattie Parker, leave my pep, poise, and personality to Betty Lytton. I. Robert Goldberg, leave to Billy Brown my executive ability, feeling confident that it will not be abused. I, Harry Copp james, will my carefree, happy-go-lucky nature to Walter James. I, Dudley Mote, leave my deepest sympathies to Ned Frownfelter and hope that he, too, will graduate from this institute of learning after six years. I, Marjorie Lancaster, bequeath my sophistication to Mary Corbett. We, ,Ioe Hooper and Barbara Allen, leave our talkative ways to Lucy Clark and Martha McCaig and our sympathies to their teachers. In witness whereof, I, the President of the Class of 1957 do approve of and sub- scribe to the last will and testament as set forth above. Signed: THE SENIOR CLASS NEW HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL By: FRANK REYNOLDS, President Wilm'sx1's: VwmN I-l1Ens, Daisy LEE WOODBURY, I'I.-XRRY C. JAMES, Wim' BENTON. 0 Q CQWX BY BARRY CONNERS ...QW Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French WQW. Characters Bill Har1'ington,,,,,, , , ,,, W, W , Mrs. W'm. Harrington, , ,, ,,,,,, ,,, Grace Harrington, ,, ,, , ,, Patricia Harrington W , , Billy Caldwell W,,,-,, Lewis Coleman Helen Andrews Susanne Hogue Dottie Harriss ,, Bobby Goldberg Tony Anderson, ,Yf,.f, ,, Dudley Mote Sadie Buchanan ,,,, ,,, ,, ,,, Eunice Patten Francis Patrick O,Flaherty, ,,, ,,,, WWW Louis Poisson "Trip" Busty,, ,,,,, , ,W W , ,,, , ,,,, ,,,, W ,Bernard Warshiiuer Synopsis of Scenes Act I: Livingroom of the Harrington Home. Evening. Act H: Same-Next Monday Evening. Act HI: Same-The Friday Night Following. Properties: Courtesy of Wilmington Furniture Co. Directors: Misses Eaker, Lathrop, Jones, Mr. Dowd. AN APPRECIATION The staff of THE I-IANOVERIAN wishes to take this opportunity to express its appreciation to Mr. Bernard Solomon of the Wilmington Stamp and Printing Company and to Lila Belle Fountain and Cornelia Walker for their valued assistance in the preparation of this second volume. The staff also wishes to thank Mr. T. T. Hamilton, Jr., for his cooperation which has made the editing of this annual possible. 9 Il H IIVERTIEINE 453 5 LWZWWJ za 562. Incorporated Qlzanlalfacfilfilng, 5?OlIi6Qi.m?Ll, :7QgZfltlLCK3 iaiionafw - 6419fLL1QQf'L6 - gQM2QfQfLl! We Specialize in All Lines of High Class Photography For Portrait Miniatures, or Copies. Call On Us "Photographs Live Forever Ad ams' Studio Phone 190 209 N. 2nd Street CONGRATULATIONS + TW X7 ' a ,,:fXK.fx.. U 5 C7 L57 41 4 Featuring Exclusive Departments for Boys and Girls NEVER A COMPROMISE WITH QUALITY qu! n ay or WI LM N ON ILC. GOOD CLOTHES Correct Haberdashery 'Iliff it tiff' ww - X 4. Q Q px 3:31. X . INSURED - A . XAYICOF ,NR .I 1 F .f NN X Nh THE INSURED Peoples Building 81 Loan Association 112 Princess Street Offices Foster-Hill Realty Co. Wm. M. HILL, Sec.-Treas. "Established 1906" 8. qoawisfs gens Manufacturers of LUMBER DEALERS IN BUILDERS' SUPPLIES EVERYTHING TO BUILD THE HOUSE Phones 562 - 563 - 564 ,' H 0 M E S I ' , Uplz tp Attractive and E PA DAIRY Pnanurrs Comfortable Cost Less Than Rent Sweet Milk - Buttermilk - Choco- late Milk - Acidolphilus Milk Lactic Acid Milk Unusually Favorable Opportunities for Building and Owning a Home WRIGHTSVILLE FROZEN SUNSHINE BEACH, VITAMIN "D" OLEANDER, ICE CREAM Ice Cream and For Information Call or See Milk Co. Ph0l'l9 Phone Hugh MacRae 81 Co SNEEDEN'S . n . RUblH,S WllfHlHgtOH Cycle SHOE suops Company ' Rubinize Means "Econo'mize" Since 1914 114 Market Street Telephone Connections CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS OF 1937 Qeal faunafzml 9 DMI Cleanefzs "All the Name Im-plies" Phones 29-30 202-04 South Front Street j 2 D1X1e Cafe and Grlll 4 s I 5' 'll . . ti Gregg Bros. DISTRIBUTORS "Where Friends Meet" FOUNTAIN SERVICE JOHNS-MANVILLE PRODUCTS Paints Building Supplies Stokers Coal - Wood A North-Smith Coal Company Sunshine Laundry Incorporated M. G. VOLK, Mgr. "Let a Little Sunshine In" F oy, Roe 81 Co. Distributors of Saunders' Drug Store DEPENDABLE 108 North Front street MERCHANDISE CAROLINA Independent Ice ROYAL 81 BIJOU THEATRES Fulfilling Every Entertainment Need of the Wilmington Public With An Appeal to All Classes Company Coal and Ice Phones 68 and 94 Wilmington Iron Works Engineers. Founders. Machinists and Boilermakers Gray Iron, Brass and Semi-Steel Castings Electric and Acetylene Welding Marine and Mill Supplies To the Graduating Class of 1937 We Wish Every Success Nitrate Agencies Company FERTILIZERS Wilmington, N. C. l COMPLIMENTS OF Wilmington Cold Storage Corp' The Grocerteria -THREE STORES-. GRADUATION IS BUT A GATEWAY TO LIFE'S OPPORTUNITIES Good habits, determination, willingness to work, with thrifty ambitions assure success. A good rule to follow: Join THE MILLION DOLLAR Carolina Building and Loan Association "Member Federal Home L-oan Bank" C. M. Butler, Pres. W. A. Fonvielle, Sec.-Treas W. D. Jones, Asst. Sec.-Treas. Roger Moore, Vice-Pres. J. O. Carr, Atty Pearsall 81 Company - Sell Best Grade Hughes Bros. Fertilizers For All Crops ro nznAR""'NTs , v - R , BU E Extends to You Her Compliments and Best Wishes for the Future We Have at Your Disposal a Com- plete Line of Merchandise-May We Serve You in the Future? "Where Your Children's Children Will Do Their Shoppi ,ngn High Grade Seeds for Every Purpose T. W. Wood 81 Sons SEEDSMEN 317-319 North Front Street Phone 780 Spirittine Chemical Company Louis Hanson, President Wilmington, N. C. Sole Manufacturers of "Spirittine Insecticides" and "Termite Exterminationn 57 Years of Continuous Operation P. O. Box 233 Phone 2078 glock? FOR MANY YEARS s H 1 R T s Southland K R E S S Manufacturing Co. Wilmington, NL C. Everything for the Sportsman Queen City C Company PICKARD'S ycle STORES Have Specialized in Exclusive School Requirements BIG VALUES - - - Little Prices "WATCH KRESS WIN DOWS" E. C. Moore Sl Co. WHOLESALE SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOTIONS AND NOVELTIES Full Line Bathing Suits and Beach Novelties 313 North Front Street Lipton's Department Store Wilmington, N. C. GYQKQHJQR Spfttlflt 31 Son, :gilt Gscflilntlnglon, Hotel Gare ?ea'z. Ctters Attractive Rates For Real Service With Economy, See Rose Ice Co. ICE - - COAL - - WOOD to New Hanover High School Students For Luncheons Keith Brothers, Inc Dinners WHOLESALE Banquets Plliltforl-iffy PHONE 2720 Grains Carts - Farm Implements - Wagons Coal - Fertilizers Wilmington, North Carolina For Fun and Healthful Play JOHN DEERE Power and Horse Drawn Machinery SPORTING GOODS A Complete Line at Sears, Roebuck 8: Co. Sold By Hall, Foy Farm Implement Co. 17 S. Second Street Wilmington, N. C. XI II E Wil p J 'a Q' J Q Electricity has an increasingly important part in your success. If you wish to succeed you must make use of electricity-it is so important that in most cases the cost of electric energy scarcely enters into the ques- tion because nothing else will do the work at all. Even where costs must be considered, electricity is, in general, less expensive. "How you make use of my services affects your success in life to a far greater degree than most any other factor!" says REDDY KILOWATT Tide Water Power Company CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '37 Echo Farm Dairy Royal Bakery SAFE MILK Incorporated Phone 4302 Just Across the Street SnoW's Albert F. Perry Esso Servicenter 3rd and Market Sts-. Phone 9207 INSURANCE - - BONDS ONE STOP Esso Products and Service Orton Building Atlas Tires and Batteries Complete Line of Accessories Founded 1876 THE WILMINGTON STAR-NEWS Morning, Evening and Sunday COMPLETE STATE AND NATIONAL NEWS -Over the- FULL LEASED WIRES OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Watch The Star-News -For- High School Sport News Broadfoot Iron MacMillan Buick Works Company Incorporated WIlmlDgtOD, N. C. "Always On the Job" BUICK - - PONTIAC For Anything in the Way of Flowers . Atlantic Tobacco Will Rehder Co., Inc. I FLORIST 315 Nutt Street Oldest and Largest in Eastern Wilmington N C Carolina ' ' ' CONGRATULATIONS And Every Good Wish for Your Continued Success NORTH CAROLINA LINE, Inc. WILMINGTON - NORFOLK - BALTIMORE DEVELOPING 'NORTH CAROLINA WATERWAYS AND THE PORT OF WILMINGTON The Springer Coal Success Company To the Class of '37 whining smoker Tmga Nursery Burns Coal Automatically Castle Hayne l TI-IIS ANNUAL Completely produced in our Plant. lt is a practical example ol: our ability to lwanclle Fine quality work. Wilmington Stamp C92 Printing Company The Home of Qgoa Printing Wilmington, Nortlw Carolina Y, we -f 11, L Y 1 .w Ci' ' z . 4. 241' ' s - 11. Eli 1 Ir n ,. . ., x .. - ' .f 5... , I H . .5 , M 5 r. ' -, 'X 5 4 L lr EK-1 X ,e 1?-,., 1 9 f , , gf- W, . f , r 1 A fi A-, vw I ',. . A .4,, H., E , E76 f 5 4 'gt-,,,.,' 1 ' h --'L ffl?-2 " .lffQ1'-gfif 12554 'N ' 4-.., - ,- M4 ' J ,f-am. -.1 . , Q. '5:1':.p ' -'qi " 1 5 'jg-iii. - 'i5x,'?V7 T" 1 . 9 N -X .- .2 -- .' 3 .WW - -f 1-,Q,'?1p.:' '- Qi' ."'iQwf- 'fa 1' " ' A ' -514' 2- - ,,iA ,1'i4, ' H J' A 1 vi N' W A' J f-l+,:!'I'j' ',' w V U. -'rig " ww. f. n , ,, -. M.- ij, , 1. .. .-r.:,..' 5'1" , , 14 -In 11515 "':, vi-LEE' '. 1-'+ .. gli., ,I-nil ' , 1,411 ,K 'gl if A" -Z',g:Qf:n:.:"TA ,f I A , "f'. "wick, ' , -'un-271 .P "3 ,'1 " -W 5 5 f 4 X HI., fx' We ' "4 A ' I Y. I 1' sf' 1? 2 l V 'nf' " 1 U irq: 1 1 -, ' .r . 5- I -fc 1 9' I 1 l i f ' ii' :U-5' ' L'-tif? ', . f W:-,z.,g-....-41 -4-- Mf, '1-1 Q+-age:fmgf:- .. 15,5--. ,vp iw. - ,ww -,i 11' ,lm ,K :Y .,, 1' ...N -t 52 if 1 Y l. f , ,al .n .WI -.1 b 1 , K .4..,. ,. 4. I 4 , A W. - r ' ,xii U .3,. . i .... - . 9 B f ' 9 T 1:1 luminal 'Lb f 1' ,. 4 ., , ' -rm " fw lweff I i :GI A ' er , wh: ' ,. 4 gal - if . , sl , . - Am 1 fill: 4" ' ' if Hfy. i'7fr-+ ' A . ' , 4 , --fm . yr K, , .F " .A V' V' ' , . E W x. Qfis' 1 A . D hi. It -. F53 'LL-, 1 sl... --gf ' ' 'apt nb , ,. 'fu Q . nf 4 A .- ' Mi! p 01, . . .I .I M. fm, up 'r . 1 X J QU. ,gif fi 4-""'ifl" W Q I ,A Hg V .,,. F , l,' - :A Q-, - 'Gs -1,41 - J."f-,- I. - -,, ,. P-F. . rd, W, , FH ly' 1 V fy My ' 1 . ' - . fl F r I 'MF' ' 1 u D, it a"" ri'-v ' ' , -will P9 .will :J 1 I f 'vu 1 ' J., A L 1 -n,. I ' my 6 2' f 4. 0 , M -up j,,A ,Wg . l W F It 1 Q Q. Ip x ' 1 11 . Q, wi' i , w ht' 3- .- ,- '-I 1 :A I tr k 4 - . M .4.H i, f gl -a ,-lfqaa mph, 5 b j ,W-1 , Vw, ,,.:-MA ' -H ' 5'f,, f.J :::,f ' f. ,.f ?1 S , RN -,, -,.. wg I -,-..,. -- + EQ , K vowurs x QXH 71 x QE-4 ' jj ,X ,IV " X - ' 7' ,f ll ' I . i 611 i.4-- 1 X , -HX . N 1 I N N z A V A I ix A , A x M . V A yr ' Vvy i ! W "' 'I W EX-Q 2

Suggestions in the New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) collection:

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