New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC)

 - Class of 1931

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New Hanover High School - Hanoverian Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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.4 fl , f , , ,Lf :, Y f 2 L Zig ! . .' 1 .2 'f' H -f If fl 9 fr ' 6? V ag. if 2 The ild at 1931 K 4 5. 'I 1, 5 F 1 71 'r Q 3' T Z' D1 31. 1 ef H E . . L....,..,......,.......... l....i2 THE WHLDCAT , F 1 Published by Senior Class of New Hanover High School Wilmington, North Carolina WILMIN ,,,,,, a 3. saf- ,r -' 12 ' -4' fyf. . . , ,qw ,. ,, V, -. . , .-.. , . , .,VgL.,.1, L:-YV" 1- -. Ve 1 .1152 :iff 1, . ' -r 1 -, -,V-I r 5 . 1 .. . ' V vm 51' . , qv "v 3 a.,V iff' 1' ., , 513.. .. :. ', :L ' x. -1 ,ya 1 1:11 . N- -Q 1 ....--. R if 1 f 11: , . 'fy 71,54 ff' 1 1m-f2.'1Zfff": 'YJ 5 , was 1 11 A?vi3M 1' , Q- in - - -P-.- 1 .-,lx .!. flfgfefrwi. '- 1- , nk.: 1 . ., . .. 110 , , ,..a-Wu, .111-, ,b,...-1 , 1. 2,3 .'5nk.,'1.,1: ,V. ,. .. f f. 1.-rFi5nmwW,?1 ' if-4 "x-12-,NZ "-' . ,-1 1, 1 4f.,. , 13-gf V , . ,. - I QV ju! '13-1, ,e1i,4'9l,.4' , ,ng 1 wq'.wvtA4m1- J 41 1,1::'-- f1, 4 1-----11 I V .V , ,.1EliqF1..,V' :ff . .. ,V 31.-Vuzn. 1. W "T qrx V " .. gm , V.-' -V.,e,,Q: .- -1--fa!-an .z 4'1 ra 5.k1. ,1 A oz: , , 1. - ' ,, ,,ifIl' w.-:.,,. . 5. 1: 1 .7-YV 1- Vg-11-.-gn. V. r' 5- Jah V Vffylj-1 'M UWf"""5TI"5S5II- 1 1. 'E 31' 1. A , W W'?'W x 4 ,541-1 . . ff -g,.f- . V . ,,V.,,, , .- -fr , ,EP 1' . " -3 ' . Ljefi. A1 Y. s ".1j2-k.- .5151 1' - '-A -3:15 ,V,,. , ,V , ,. M All .,1 5' , LVL, , .'Q- H" .14 MV-,, .,VV V 1. V ,- .,,-g, -m , leak F me .,,. - +Mw 11' 11421. A .u .-'1 . ., ,A . , ' gif ' ., . "':' 01. V " 1' " 4: W 1. .A-U1 ,gn-V X 1, ,1',... ,-,r ,Q-1,511 mv y 44yn , VL .V -1 .jaj-1 . LN. 'by fx. ,, Q.- 14?1L w1?1:wf r Xf' , ' v' ' '11 'JC' '-1 ... l Y' V 11 .1 . V , A Av ,, V- '31 1 ' 'V V5.5 'T '1 VV ,. . ,, - ., , il -I, A,,, ,,,.ki:w1.iMv. 1 wg-.-11 :.-1 1-- '31 V ,Q - 1 4 11V gaQgg':fw:14,,1. -1 . 1 Q 1 1 --1-4' 1 . 1' - 1 ' -. ' 4 'ft ' .A L15-H. I. ' F- 13311154 'v- i1 -, 1 ' , . V1A1'1gg-,Eff ,,, 1,155 QV1 . v ' :sf ' 1 . 1 53.1 1- ' 32"-V .1 MJ' fx , - , V, -: ,. V 1, - I ,ff V V .,,.,V, , ,VV Vw.. V ,mix A nr ,gf ' .11 1 A I-15, I .1 'K A' 1 ,. , V :Ugg ,ig-,,,,,. -Y 1 ' ', H531 '1,1::V ,., .V Q H V . ' ' f1 1 ' ' ' 1 . 11, ' J . ' . V ' 145- '. ii 1 - Q1' D9 'wif ' "-1 ' , Vi, ' L.. 3455 v 1 I jg, ' ' N V V ,. V . .Vt V ' 1 6 ' , 1 . 1 1 . V ,1V , -,,. . 45 4 'X " ' ' ' ' 1 '. ' -1 ,v.V,A .V, VY ' I . .Y VA 'Vi V V 94? . "h 3-A " 02, '.? ' A - -. . - " "', F 11, A Q 1- 1. . 11 R . . ,.w5qu3wpV ' '. r'1',- 1 A VV I - ' V 1, M V . ,5.. I-,wi V - . 1 , -m n ., .. 4 .. c' -. 1 ag " ,, V- V,,f, J , ':,l-g'V1':nVYVVl . Ykq..-V18L.V 1 'fx-53. ,- 1 .,s' "i"Q1'n' , 1"'.af-1 1 51' 1' 4, . JW ,..g' fl Q' 'I " ..'?!?S1'?1 'iii' f fV I, 4? 1 5 ff 'r , 1 , ,V x -'. 5-1-1 , xy as Q , w 5 fV1f'5"5fAfDa , ' 11, V, A . , 6 .k,.. , , ii- v-'. i ' '- u 5 . 'YN L , 4, .,,, 15 'I' , .ff .1 'YQ-xii ,,,5r,, V ., ,. ' '-1 23: " ' . y Ezgf' - ' '- V Ny- V Vi? V71 L ... ,, ,,.1.'2:"' 1 - - ?.- "I , .1' 132-, Cfiff V.,' V.. .,. . r .' at ,SN ,gf - 1. 11,11 - '-7:,,V.i. .. -553,55 " 11 V M' " ' ' '14 - , ' VW, mggfv ' Qc- , 1, " 34135 -. - ., VA... 4: V' ai. ' A " if- 1. , 4 .' ,,' ' A ' '. 1 "VP 5 A 1 1' 1 4 , ' f 'rl , 1 J , ' 1 'I' mm A! 1 1 -'x - x FOREWORD , in future years, through this Annual, we are able to cherish past reminiscenses of our happy high school days while students at N.H.H.S.g to recall our friends and classmates, who, by the hand of fate, might become separated from us, but who will always linger in our memories, to remember our beloved teachers who have so patiently K striven to prepare us for our later life, i and to leave to our posterity, the high school students of later years, our loving thoughts as the Class of -751, the auth- ors of this book will have achieved success. 1 HE staff of THE WILDCAT wishes to take this op- portunity to express our appreciation to John Schiller, who so patiently and willingly aided us in our photographic workg to Miss Hester Struthers, who served as faculty advisor, and who greatly aided us by advice and deed in the preparation of this book, and to the merchants of Wilmington, who by advertising in our book made the publishing of this volume possible. G-7166 WILDCAT O ., ,OA ,T D X x wg, ff'-fx m yu 22?-H! ff E222 'I 532555 :ffl fl Iiii., ' 1 , T 1 ,u M it .J N n h N N 1 5 5 I t E5 A4 E IEW of E wo 0 W HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL , La u z '24, ' l ',S':Pg'?'q? My ti.-, - 'Hia 'A EVSTN' ,s ja. -'I C akffi V, .iii 1 ' J - , xQ4Zli3SX-- ok fn9:snwH Q mir- ' !---- ' X 1 j Q cz Wfze WILDCAT Ek S, ,f"'Nf'j 3 DEDICATIO1 T is with a pang that we, the Class of '31, let go our connections with New Hanover High School. For five years we have struggled within her walls to equip ourselves with knowledge and learning so that we might serve our fellowmen, glorify the name of our school, and reach high attainments for ourselves During these five years we were inspired by something that we could feel, but were unable to see. It is beyond human ability to put into words that which might describe this feeling. But this we know: through this feeling we were inspired to do nobler and finer things. In our lessons we were encouraged, in our activities we were enlightened, and life as a whole became more beautiful with deeper meanings. ' Thus, with deepest gratitude to those from whom we inherited this spirit of love, loyalty, and honor, and with a sincere prayer upon our lips that. our posterity will forever maintain and extend this spirit, we, the Senior Class of nineteen thirty-one, dedicate this, our volume of THE WILDCAT, to that which we have come to know, to love, and to cherish- WILDCAT SPIRIT. ,S 1,-L, If-.1 V ve. F Y' .fail ,Pr If: ,, , ' ' 4, fir 'L ',1 5 1 V' ' 1 ,, ' fflfrf iff -1-fv H w 'Q xg. J 1-'ii , ,. 'fy-., - 'ff' ,., t , A 3 . ,- -'f f. ' -' ' T L. , i N f lv , ,I J ,251 1 iq 2 .' 5 .Y . -Q Zig:- 75' . ,, .1 I ,-x -Q Y., ., A-mf 5 . 1,- --41 '.' L-.1-.. : EI-'Li T " . ,fgasch .-,H-1,1 , .- ' 3 - W. ., . ag -, , -.14 ,g -X,J,,,f x. .1 9. .,. 1., . 'J . , .syn 3 b ' - , ..1 - - .j' iq.,-"CL , V5 1 'I' 'ffm . 'A'gs-'L , 1 "F: X-LW -, V 'QI " ' TQJ'-fkrffai . ,gg , - :gg-. .' ,J--R , . , ., . ,V :t.,.,he-,Q U ,. -.1 In -. ,w,:I,y.w,.,,:,'- A , gr, , , . - 4' ' M" M N If .x Lf.-"jf 1 5-'15',.,'j.'N3H'-1.15-,QFL .' ' f : 5 -fi: - - , - - - .. rf-, :SF f'f 'rg - ig. Q: . N . -. --gygrxmji'-f gp ' ip.:-,.,1'Ja,i5,:eq5wr nz,1,q3s,y:x,',:',..'UA 13,31-pf:-4,-:,'-9',.,,,,r- rzwz.Q,,'J5.vf-v-.3Sgf2n'Ti.i51 5"f51f1u?g,5'g1.a 3 'V f"' '51-w "55aM-2221!1.'i25Ti-59fZ,i'!"-'533-Lx':f.s,Q ff:wEg1ff,' :'1a21',zit27l C1,,LELx5g'J,:-?i:'bfQ2',5512521?-fl'SiriS?5fl?-1,-,. . , . .. ,, . 'ark' ,-.,3:Jnz.L::1-3'.?i-gr-. fe ffrf-s?4f,::Ztg': 5'..13jswf If-Q?'f-Q:-eisy:U',s,1?-'1,..f5f1, '1-xYrw,'ri+vf:?,y':.4Lm.wi:, , . ,.1 72.31 5-4u'f'41 f':'r'ffx-5'.73?'J-? filf .',?1"fd1 " 'iT:""3fg:,ff7415'x':'fff4'ri? ff-w'H4'i3t1fi:"?ff57 '-AS' -A " ' , ' '-'ilk'-'i'x1' Lifxif? rf31',,i.' 13. 5,,.'. l"'?"fii-LAW yigif-1",?4.v3?,.:fi'3:,"' Q"'Itf-1 .E ,. f' fig , : 1 .4 .- - .w. -.-M54 -,Q-1-rg-fvcfg 2'3-,, if ' K, 95- . :'z:-1,"l1.:-2 .g.n.'.-j-, .1 - -5 1 ' ,.- ... :Aw5k,,w,,gx,.f., L-,...l nl .f,xm..,f. gr ngsgw , . n ,144-. gy-mm If 1 1 , '- A, g. , , 1. ,A I-3.5, ,, -7.1 L.j:g'1-f,'i'?kKFg!5i?glT1:s5,5g"f1'jf--j -1,:.'..:7'J. tY3,ri2 " " " ' ' ', " ' ' - j 'A -,: 7'l-:',r'g,-, Kali-t Y.-5 2411,,,f,3fTp1g5'fT,Tlhlil-.fd fx 'L- 'S"f.?,1-,-L 3 ,' s 'H ', ' -j ,.'f'A, V. 1.wr3,--Fw?-,U -My-'1 :-vz"rr1f,f!,f' ,I-J, vjfrf Vial: .- ' S 1 ,, 4 , V ,,'-.'-vjl'-1-h:-im-Q 'lj AgiQ',gge,f:'7,L,-4,-,fi-f,-i - " , rm. .. " '- g lg ,T,.x',Q,,.:- hy? jkgigjfjgi 5,-,V-Qfgfffitkjgu lair.:-like 'ik-FA-l., ik 1 'I ,JEAN . .5 r . J. ,, -,M . .ui,,z:rJt., ,5wK.,,5,4.iz:5?,:.1:?lL,:?i??gg 1. t .,.'1,.V, h. . ,hid W, N K --r I bd ', , W , -.xlgw-w..I..1,.'j 1x'u15.',7.3.,, F- ij, New ' ,, A S, . 1 s , A 2 . ' . . -,,1y.'.",,,. f, ' ,',,-U,-1'-H,-A - -- ,VL ,, h- ' . fafii 1 ' ' ' , - " - -' v --1? .6152 H2 s-pf , .rg-. '-x - , -',i ' . .TQ ' -. .v , lijliff. Q - . -Z.. , ,, ,rx X ,--,..C A,,. Eff, if , vars' . ..1L . . ., 1 ,, , , Q . . . , -' , lu ' f"'m-f:f.f-.-sP- 1w.,1-'fr ' .Q '. , f, . ,:','L,- 'Jag' V- -- ,Mi , QQI A 5 f ina- ' , , ' uf-4, N - ,? 15iaw,,1.q -115 vw.,-1 W ,Ji :iv i .- . 1.34 .Lf Il I ,' i' F ... 1 ', 1 1 !!',. I 1 V Jil , 1 ' X DR. W. O. HAMPTON, Principal GROUP FACULTY WILDCAT -'fb' KX J L' 2 ig .lala aa : ull 3 ' W .I Faculty DR W O. HAMPTON, Principal M. E. MILNER, Assistant Principal MRS. G. A. LAING, Registrar MISS ADRIAN CROOM, Secretary APPLEWHITE, MRS. B. D. ASHCRAFT, SARAH BAIRD, VIRGINIA BARNWELL, HELEN BARRON, MYRA BLACK, R. L. BROCK, MRS. J OSIE COLLINS, ELIZA COUNTS, MRS. KATHLYN DOMINICK, BERNICE ELMORE, KATHLEEN FINKELSTEIN, ADELE FORMY-DUVAL, FRANCES GRISE, MRS. J. W. HALE, MRS. IDA MAE HARDEN, J. T. JONES, ADLENE KEITH, MRS. T. W. LATHROP, MARY LEGRAND, MRS. LURA B. LEROY, ELIZABETH LEVIN, PAULINE LOSSEN, EMMA MARTIN, EMMA MCCAIN, ELGIVA MCDORMAN, ADAH MCGIRT, ELENE MORRIS, J. E. MYERS, MRS. ELIZABETH MYERS, REBA NEWCOMB, MRS. C. B. PURDUM, DOROTHY RUDISILL, VERA RUSS, REBECCA SANDERS, MAIE SAUNDERS, MRS. L. S. SCHNIREL, IDA SESSOMS, EUGENIA SMITH, MRS. BURRUS SMITH, HATTIE LOU STACK, MARTHA 1 STRUTHERS, HESTER TRASK, MADELINE WADSWORTH, ALI-'RIEDA WALSH, VIRGINIA WILDMAN, LUCILLE WILLIAMS, DOROTHY WILLIAMS, MARGARET WILLIAM, MRS. R. H. WILLIAMS, ZACK WILSON, SYBIL DEAN WOLK, HILDA G 9 Q 3 Y nv - :1 1l:: l1:0:x 3 I F SEN IORS NJ.. '.r.nV,', +1 a-DW' 1. ul, Y x .451 :Hg .JZ - . 1.1, -. P ..,.. . f - Y . - V 5' .f 2,1111 Y . 1 4. ,I f'ff'V ' ' -L - .4 Ll -U1-K V.: A , , 'pkg' ,.M.4.'- , N.x..,. . , . -H H N ' Q., '. v VA,-. , -gg I . . . ..L i.".?!1, mx. Lv ,..,!. .-ji Q. ., . . -- . -f' 4... f.' ,, JUL' .. M.. , f -Y -M-., .' .,, ,,4 a 1 -,.-. ' " ' f 1 . . .. ,V .. , -ls ' .'- v ,j!.,4, .A ..'J. b gy-,Q - ,gg.,r.., 97.77 -1. ,. J, .Y 1 . fe-J . . I , T ,la ,,. . ' ct. 'Qi ,- .-si-GLA' rx. vp - -.f.19::', , gr:-, 51- .ffl-, :' , . ' .vi . LM , .-, .l . -,.,,,. g--- - .,,. V ,. , .. JA, , 415- .. 45. j 5., A , .. -, 1 Sq-f 1 . - .,-.,,,., .X . 1, , .xl - 5 , Ui," fy. , ' ' , W -. , . . .11 ' '-.113-T". -'-j, . ' ,U '-v. ?1fT4l,1',. Q,-:J . . , '- ' ,L 4. . ' 1' -. fl'3H'f'-'H1.,,.! V, - .'- K .' , 'V '. I:-w., ,. w-. ' .'-, , .W -if.-,pf-: ' 1 , . -.-ry' . 4 , ,L ,..4. v A ' nf X A . .9 . - f'- ' .3 X V' ,- . '-., 'lf f.. V -.1 , 25, V, ' ' - L V ' A.-' .- . V. ,- X . . ,. we .,0, 'frJ1:-,,g',:' ' ' 0 H .f V ' R ' 3-Q . , . WV:-. ' -...T -. . j25:fg .,.'-', -.ill -1- , L., 'FU - -i f .3 . .,-x. .A - V, , '5.'r:w ' .0 H . idk. .lf ix. A, 1-I, ' V - "Ii-.L E:'.':,.' x - . 11' ,-4 -,w.,,., . -. A ,. 1 . V - V , , W 4 :, . '-gg. .1-5. V . 3-354' 4 , ,. . . 1 .hp .. WILDCAT X. Q Senior Class Officers RIVERS HANSCN, President MARY TAYLOR, Vice-President JANE WILLIAMS, Secretary 4 WALTER SPRUNT, Treasurer MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL JACK P0oL ED. FONVIELLE RIVERS HANsoN RACHEL CARROLL ALICE BOATWRIGHT GENEVIEVE CORBETT Q af!7:.1:1:: all: are A '- 'NL G ,X-.I WILDCA of I fe X fo QR ref?- HARRIET ABEL, Classical Small, smart, sweet and shy O. Henry Literary Society, 3, 43 Honor Society, 3, 43 Scribblers Club, 4. BENJAMIN ADAMS, Scientific Full of life and fun Football, 2, 3 lManager, 473 Pi Sigma, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Glee Club Play, 43 Basketball, 2, 3. MARY ADELAIDE AHRENS, General Pretty as a picture Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 1. NANCY ALBRIGHT, General Lavender and old lace: Ed. Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 33 Glee Club, 33 Athletic Association, 25 Homeroom Chairman, 2, 35 Ten- nis Tournament, 4. J ESSIE CHARLOTTE ALLARD, General Studious, quiet, and ready for service Spanish Club, 4. JOSEPH W. ALLARD, General Unassuming, dignified and a gentleman WILLIAM CALVIN ANDERS, General A lady-killer, and who could resist? Track, 15 Pi Sigma, 2, 3, 4 1President, 23. WILLIAM H. ANDREWS, JR., SC'li6'l'lt'lfC Enough compliments are hard to ,find for him Hi-Y, 45 Basketball, 3, 4. CALDER ATKINSON Schoolgirl complexion: Apollo, Leather Jackets Football, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 43 Pi Sigma, 35 Mu Sigma Delta, 3, 45 Glee Club, 33 Junior Play, 3. ITALYNE BAGGETT, General Clever, friendly and a good pal Q 2 " -ii .,,, ::::1 1::: cr S ILDCAT F3 f CJ Z 15- 141.1 V- N 'Te ws? VERA DOLORES BAGWELL, G61'l61'lll No rose could bloom any sweeter JOSEPH WADDELL BAKER, General Wittir-is-ms, democratic, and a peach of a fellow ANNIE LINERIEUX BARBER, General None could he sweeter or prettier than she French Club, 2. LEAH AEERNETHY BAREFOOT, General Crazy, blonde cures, and oh, what grades! Senior Play, 4: O. Henry Literary Society, 4: Science Club, 4: Athletic Association, 4: Latin Club, 4: Art Club, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 3: Junior Play, 3: Girl Reserves, 1, 2: Dramatic Club, 1. MARY H. BATSON, General Down- at Wrightaville Beach: good fellow French Club, 1, 2: Spanish Club, 1, 2: Dramatic Club, 2. cs ' JUANITA G. BEACH, General A perfect lady-no more need be said ELEANOR BEASLEY, Commercial Sweet, shy and bashful XNILLIAM CLARK BELLAMY, CltlSS'lC6tl Nonchalant, Don Juan, athletic feats Football, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society, 3, 4: Student Council, 2, 3: Hi-Y Club, 2, 3: Track Squad, 3. MARY CATHRYN BENTON, General Roses are red, and so are her cheeks Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 3, 4: French Club, 2: O. Henry Literary Society, 4. HENRY BENTON, General A real scholar and a Math. wizard L6 WILDCAT 5 QX1- htm." qi 11.17 Xrc 'N ,Qi Ex ff Ji,- N 'U 'QI Q. ANNA MAE BERRY, General Lips and hair to be envied JANE YOUNG BEERY, General Buicks: Woodbury: small and sweet O. Henry Literary Society, 3, 4: Junior Play, 3- BENJAMIN BIGGS, General He's a cute little trick LILLIAN KATHERINE BIGGS, General Small. blonde and sweet Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis Club, 45 Glee Club, 2: Girl Reserves. 1: Dramatic Club, 1: French- Club, 1: Athletic Association, 4. GEORGE LAUDER BISHOP, General Reserved. clever: a certain Bagwell A ELIZABETH ALOYSIUS BLAOKHAM, General A merry light gleams from her eyes BESS CATHERINE BLAKE, General Her grades are hard to beat Latin Club, 4: National Honor Society, 4. ALICE LONDON BOATWRIGHT, General Heaven such grace did lend her that she might admired be Athletic Club, 4: Dizzy Dozen, 4: French Club, 4: Student Council, 2 fVice-President, 41: Scrib- blers Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 1 1Secretary, 41 : Honor Society, 3, 4: O. Henry, 3, 4: Junior Play, 3. CHARLES G. BOGAN, JR., General John Gilbert, soda-jerker, blondes and brunettes Pi Sigma, 3, 4: Cotillion Club, 3, 4: Tennis Club, 4: Junior Play, 3. ELLIOT LEE BOONE, General A quiet guy with an air of dignity Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Band, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club. 3. '53 9 5- Q Q,,, ,-..Ni,1'f-,.N' c WILDCA Q .... To L, a n X, l I MARY EDITH BOWDEN, Commercial She who speaks simplest is wisest MARGARET NEIL BOYLAN, Classical Brains, honor and purity Student Council, lg Scribblers Club, 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society, 3, 43 Girl Reserves, 3. DOROTHY BREEDEN, Classical Attractive, sweet and freckles Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3 1President, 215 Latin Club, 4. ELIZABETH I-IEYw00D BRIDGERS, General Good fellow, good pal. and yood raatured Athletic Association, 4: O. Henry Literary So- ciety, 4, Dramatic Club, 4. EARL W. BROWN, General Quiet a sheilcy egg G ELOISE BROWN, Commercial Tall, and a lady through and through LOUISE E. BROWNE, General Showed her versatility in Center, Colorado Dramatic Club, 4: Spanish Club, 4: Basketball Squad, 4. EUGENE BULLARD, General A man of inches and every inch a man MYRTLE BURRISS, General If niyhtingales could sing like you- Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. ROSA BYRD, General Hair to he ad-mired-brain seldom tired 2 'llJ 1::l 1aapNn: C9 ze WILDC .f-,- -'j1'i , Pl- . ' F. L A k 'Ny , , or? G El-?:?Z1!lAl.g 11-'Q KL: if J.14gLv-TY rx Q. 2 KX: Y 15 i1111r11f3 ca I r .gg Wilt: "3 5 Qf,-5551 RQ EUNICE CALLIHAN, General Petite, dark and brainy KATHLEEN MURIEL CAPPS, Classical As quiet as a mouse, but she'll surprise you yet Latin Club, 4: 0. Henry Literary Society, 4 Chemistry Club, 4: National Honor Society, 4. EVA MARIE CARTER, General The pride and joy of all who know her Spanish Club, 3, 2: 0. Henry Literary Society, 4: Dramatic Club, 1: Girl Reserves, 2, 3. JAMES D. CARR, General Baby face: that schoolgirl complexion Football, 4: Hi-Y Club, 4. RACHEL WELLS CARROLL, Classical Crazy, friendly and always smiling Spanish Club, 2, 3: Latin Club, 4: Glee Club, 3 4: Dizzy Dozen, 4: Cheerleader, 4: Junior Play, 3 Student Council, 3, 4: Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Scribblers Club, 2, 3, 4 Chairman Homeroom, 2: Dramatic Club, 2, 3 Senior Play, 4. ANNE ELIZABETH CHADWICK, Commercial Such popularity must be deserved JOSEPH HUGH CLENDENIN, Scientific Good looks: oh girls, be careful! CAROLYN CHRISTIE, General It's a great life! Goo'ness me, pal! Student Council, 1: Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: O. Henry Literary Society, 1: Tennis Tournament, 2: Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Snappy Six, 3: Junior Play, 3: Homeroom Chairman, 2: Chemistry Club, 4: Dizzy Dozen, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4. THOMAS COFER, Scientific Aviation: athletics, and oh, what eyes Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3: Baseball, 1, 2. GENENIEVE CORBETT, General Ye gods, has she got brains, and how! Orchestra, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4: Scribblers' Club, 2, 3, 4 1Secretary, 31: Student Council, 8, 4: Honor So- ciety, 3, 4 lPresident, 43 : President of Latin Club, 4: Junior Plays: Junior Ring Committee, 3: Sandspur Staff, 2, 3: ANNUAL Staff, 4: String Quartette, 3, 4. fffXf?x ? Avg ,E Q 1 if .2 -I X-7 iw WILDC fa K I 353?r"?Tj A x in ns, .ana Jfzrzi:'1?ii"'11q1lQ'F:l'gz c: A 1 --'isislfm DORIS MEADE COUNCIL, Classical Her hair is her crowning glory GLAVENN CRAIG, General She is tiny, bright haired and lovable IDA H. CREWS, Comonercial Lots of her to love DOROTHY N. CLENDENIN, General Basketball, dark hair, and good pal Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Tennis Tournament, 1, 3, 43 Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 3: Girl Reserves, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 2. N ANETTE HILDRED CURRIE, Conwnercial Naughty, but nice: no, no, Nanette I Q 1 Y1L'.?- -.-172, Q lr' f , WILLIAM B. DANIELS, Geneml A man af inches, but every inch a man O. Henry Literary Society, 43 Chemistry Club 4: Spanish Club, 45 National Honor Society, 4. BEATRICE JANE DAVIS, Commercial Sha who has kind 'words for all is the winner in the end LULA ELIZABETH DAVIS, Classical Unasnuming. smart, and 'uma Girl Reserves, 13 Latin Club, 4: French Club, 4: O. Henry Literary Society, 43 National Honor So- ciety, 3, 4. LEROY A. DAVIS, General He sure does know his groceries HARRY THOMAS DIXON, General Daddy Long Legs: long and thin, but sense within Chemistry Club, 45 National Honor Society, 4. I"'x,f X , f fffrx. A X? 21' 15- I - -. go L6 WILDCA -L .5721 ,T ,L I1 .QL X C3 O V D' ii: JCAHACC Y-if 'H-.,fiS- VY' L' so ax iawvyfy OLIVE LOUISE DIXON, General Moorish queen, beautiful brunette DOROTHY DLUGIN, Commercial Dainty, dark, and adorable Dramatic Club, 4. WILHELMINA GADE D0cK, Classical Ye olde tennis player, and howe Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 1, 43 Latin Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Tennis Tournament, 3, 4. ZULA DONNELL, General Man, how that girl can sing! She's also plenty cute. OLIVE ANN DOWNS, General None but heaven blessed her with such hair Glee Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Chemistry Club, 4. A MYRTLE SUE EARP, General Tall, dark and sweet: also freckles EMILY PFAFF EDWARDS, General Her heart is ever Jilled with song Dramatic Club, 13 Spanish Club, 2, 33 Art Club 43 Chemistry Club, 43 O. Henry Literary So: ciety, 4. EDYTHE ELLEN ELLIS, Classical Even her fazlings lean to virtue's side Glee Club, 3, 43 Basketball, 43 Athletic Associa- tion, 43 Spanish Club, 2, 33 Dramatic Club, 1 Latin Club, 4. WILLIAM GREY EVANS, General Chevrolcts: crazy: smiles O. Henry Literary Society, 13 Tennis Tourna ment, 1, 23 Chairman Homeroom, 23 Glee Club, 3 Cotillion Club, 33 Wildcat Band, 4. JAMES MARION FEAGLE, General Frecklesg brown eyes: Einstein Orchestra, 1, 2, 33 Wildcat Band, 2, 3. 2 -ncaa .p::paN1a:11au- :nm i.- -. G P W' ILDCA C, - i f rrr . Q Ei f . ,P Iv0N ELDRIDGE FERGUS, General Fish markets, trucks, girls and Junior ,fight PANSY FISHBURN, General She's got IT, and it does her plenty of good SUSIE E. FLYNN, Cornrnercial Popularity, good looks and good times EDWARD FONVIELLE, General Adonis, blonde god: Hercules, and crazy Student Council, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3, 43 Or- chestra, 1, 25 Secretary-Treasurer of Student Council, 45 Vice-President Junior Class, 33 Chair- man Homeroom, 1, 2, 4: Junior Play, 3: Tennis Club, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, 4: Secretary Hi-Y Club, 43 Wildcat Band, 1, 2. CLAUDIA FOY, General Bills and green cars: pleasingly plump 11 AGATHA ANGELIA GARRISON, Commercial I would rather he than seem to be Dramatic Club, 13 Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. MILDRED VIRGINIA GIBSON, General You are the flower of my heart, sweet-Mildred HARRY W. GILLIARD, General Witticisms, football, and brown eyes Football, 3, 4: Track Team, 3: Glee Club, 3. HENRY MENDUL GOLDSTEIN, General A smile for all,' not the least bit tall French Club, 4: Latin Club, 43 O. Henry Liter ary Society, 43 National Honor Society, 4. CHARLOTTE MURPHY GORMAN, General Quiet in appearance, neat and kind Dramatic Club, 1, 4, Latin Club, 4: Girl Re serves, 4: Glee Club, 35 Tennis Club, 4. 9 9 2 1:4 rrilau rlunlftfwax , ,,- - O WILDC O l, .f I ..--4. CW Li-J-.. , Pix, -. ? ,-f - - -,. ,i , CLAIBORNE GRAY, General F 5" PHILIP FRANKLIN HALL, General Nonchalant and indifferent-but how he puts it Small and stout: his manner devout 07197 Spanish Club. Hi-Y Club, 45 Football, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4. WILLIAM FITZHUGH HALL, Classical For he's a jolly good fellow Hi-Y, 3, 4: Mu Sigma Delta, 3, 4. 8 . . LINWOOD GREEN, Scientific Personality personified: lapping: jazz Student Council, 1: Vice-President Hi-Y, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 25 French Clulh 4: Junior Play, 3: Cheerleader, 4: Wildcat Band, 1, 2, 3: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: Glee Club, 4: Glee Club Play, 4: Orchestra Play, 3: Homeroom Chairman, 25 Dramatic Club, 2. ROBERT JACKSON GRIFFIN, JR., General Strength and honor are his clothing Football, 4: Dramatic Club, 4: Glee Club, 4. EMORY GRUBBS, General Quiet and unobtrusive: goodnatured and tenor LENWOOD WHITFIELD HALL, General Blonde, crazy and devilish Glee Club, 4: Spanish Club, 3. 1:- OSCAR A. HAMILTON, Scientific Congenialityp carefree: likable French Club, 4: Scribblers Club, 4: O. Henry Literary Society, 4. RIVERS HANSON, General Good athlete, good boy, good pal-just good in general Vice-President Class, 1: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 fCaptain, 41: Tennis Champion, 4, '5'g President of Class, 4: Vice-President Student Council, 4: Hi-Y Club, 3, 4: Tennis Club, 4. MEARES HARRISS, General Toad frogs, fish stories, loads of laughs 3 IJQ vsanppq. "1::J:l:- Q 5 fa.- - C.. ILDC :O Iv,-If 4 H in usxlh lx xg- Q Q - buf 'fa 'U DELMAS DENNIS HASKETT, General Listorinc tooth paste adv.: baslcctball- a good sport Track, 2, 3, 4: Football, 3, 43 Basketball, Baseball, 33 Chemistry Club, 4. ELEBY HAYES, General Quiet, congenial and good natured CYNTHIA POWERS HEAD, Commercial Optimistic, democratic, lovable, good naturcd Basketball, 3: Tennis Tournament, 3, 4. ANNE PARK HENDERSON, General None but herself can be her parallel Chairman Homeroom, 1: Dramatic Club, Glee Club, 3, 4, Chemistry Club, 4. LOUISE HENDERSON, General What should one do but be merry HOWARD CURTISS HEWETT, General Quiet, good boy, happy medium 4: LOUISE HIGHSMITH, General High in mind and high in character Glee Club, 2, 3 lBusiness Manager, 413 Dra- matic Club, 2, 33 O. Henry Literary Society, 3: Student Council, 2: Chairman Homeroom, lg Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3 fSecret,ary, 23 g President Class, 2. GRACE MARIE HINTZE, General One of those good looking blondes FREDERICK HOBBS, General 4' Frcckles, specs, old pal ROBERT GARNETT HODGKIN, JR., General A newcomer at N. H. H. S.. but he is proving his worthiness. and how-just try to guess Q fe af i IC WILDC cap 1,11 I - 1 '13 3 V ,lbxfigig ,K sf Ee, X 'SPE l . JOHN HOGGARD, General CLAUDE HOWELL, General He's zall, dark and handsome-Ooooohl Knee breeches, bookbags, and how he can draw' Football, 3, 45 Basketball, 3, 4g Tennis Tourna- ment, 1, 4, Track Team, 3: Glee Club, 4. DOROTHY HOLMAN, General Boy crazy, Venus, jazz Girl Reserves, 35 Spanish Club, 3. WILLIAM HOLMES, General Strange to say, he wore a. bashful look DEXTER HORNADAY, General Bashful, blushes and good looks ELIZABETH HORNE, Commercial She tools her own horn ROBERT HUGHES, General Stop talking, Robert: tennis fan VIRGINIA ELIZABETH HUBAND Commercial How calm and peaceful is she RUTH HUHN, General Constant quiet fills my peaceful breast Girl Reserves, 2, 3 fTreasnrer, 21. HUGH HUMPHREY, General Noisy, dances, girls: ole good time Hugh W I L D C A OEF-Z?-7 5, E - " -A Y e "' t ,, J' r LLOYD WESCOTT JACKSON, Ge'ne'ral Luft-handed: termis, and Math. class RUTH ELLEN JAMES, General Spelling matches: Girl Rzrserves and Girl Scouts Girl Reserves, 13 Dramatic Club, 13 Art Club, 4. EMILY ELIZABETH JENKINS, General Serenity: versatile: quiet little mouse Spanish Club, 35 Homeroom Chairman, 2. JACK JOHNSTON, Coimnercial Small in stature, but large in sense HERBERT CLAYTON JONES, Scientific Hercules, sheik, and slow and easy Homeroom Chairman, 13 Football, 4: Track Team, 3, Junior Play, 3. K ELIZABETH JONES She is as sweet as she looks, and that's 'mlf sed 0. Henry Literary Society, 4: Girl Reserves, 4, Chemistry Club, 4 fPreSidentJ: National Honor Society, 43 Student Council, 1. CAROLINE JOSENHANS, General Long hair, good natured and sweet MAE ALLEN KEELS, General Long tresses: basketball-Capt'n May: good fellow Basketball, 2, 3, 4 lCaptain, 43: Chemistry Club, 45 Girl Reserves, 1, Dramatic Club, 1: Spanish Club, 85 Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, 4: Track, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3. BESSIE CLEAPOR KING, General Dependable, smart and good 'matured Spanish Club, 3. CHARLES DUSHAN KING, General Well liked, and no wonder-lo those who can claim him as a friend Hi-Y Club, 3, 4. , , i 1 V , , Q r -1114 v:p::u. "c:aa:r:.N:f G - ze WILDC tflyzrf N -,rw C' I - R., ,x12fll!7T,,.-3.11 f - i i K K f', K !!!lIi Df X 9: we .Riel - if 'I A f M-B EMILY LOUISE KING, Classical Carrot top: attractive personality, nine miles out Latin Club, 43 Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Cluh, 1, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 35 Art Club, 4. JOSEPH KING, General Pee Weeg Big Boy, amuzble KATHRYN ELLETT KING, Cmnmercial Madeira hankies, blonde tres-ses, peaches and cream. Girl Reserves, 1, 2. LILLIAN KING, General Cute. running, small, and a good dancer MARGUERITE ELLA KING, Commercial It's a pleasure to know her O. Henry Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Association. 1, 2, 3: Girl Reserves, 1, 2. 3, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 3: Art Club, 1, 2. if VIVIAN L. KING, General We have all confidence in her future success WI-:IL SOLOMON KING, Scientific There's a difference: girl shy Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council, 1, 23 Latin Club, 4. WILHELMINA AUGUSTA KUHL, Classical Current events: quiet and reserved Latin Club, 43 Spanish Club, 3: Girl Re- serves, 1, 2. JOHN KUHLKEN, General Football: athletics, and a sheik with girls - Football, 3, 45 Track, 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 3. MARY CATHERINE LAMB, General Cutest girl in N. H. H. S., and how! Girl Reserves, 1, 2: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: Dizzy Dozen, 45 Basketball Squad, 4: Chemistry Club, 43 Spanish Club, 4: Athletic Association, 4. Q Q 3 A Y' -riral urls . -n:::a::- Y par G ILDCAT L , . -fe- Q El f , , TOM H. LEVER, Scientific A ready smile, short and good natured RUTH J. LANEY, Commercial We can find none as reliant as she Girl Reserves, 1, 2. WILLIAMJOHN BRYANT L1v1NGs'roN General Feelnf-ss: autos, and dances at Lumina O. Henry Literary Society, 43 Latin Club, Chemistry Club, 4. FRANK ROYAL LOYD, Scientific He-man: breaker of feminine hearts Junior Play, 3. ALLEN B. LovE, JR., General Suence is the surest sign of wisdom 4: HELEN LOWEYNSTEIN, General Sweet young thing: unobtrusive and Iovahle Dramatic Club, 15 Spanish Club, 2. ANNA LOUISE LowR11v1onE, General Days of olde, modesty Spanish Club, 4. CATHERINE MARTINDALE, General Blonde, but not dizzy: talkative ELo1sE MCLEAN MATTOCKS, General Smiles, good humor, no wonder she is well loved Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 4: Art Club, 4: Tennis Tournament, 4. RUBY LILLIAN MAYER, Commercial A genuine jewel 5 9 Q 9 , A 1 E 3 'all ufiaafxxlalulr- :ar WILDCA TT?-J 1 ,gi , X., 4: in I, YK-Lg! aux wx, - A 7,5 i 1-x, W Q2 b L- x, A FLEURETTE MERRITT, Commercial Now, I ask you, can you possibly find better? Humemum Chairman, 1. L EVELYN FRANCHAN MILLER, General Dancing: smart and sweet Spanish Club, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, Orchestra Play, 3. EDITH MONTEORD, General Charming personality and lovable character PEARL MORGAN, General Flaming youth: the usual line EDITH M0RToN, General Elocution: witticisms G 4: GEORGE B. MURRAY, General Studihus and entertaining: fun and frolic GERTRUDE B. MURRILL, General She's an angel. What do you think? ISABELL MCCART, Commercial 'Tain't no sin to love a girl like she CLAYTON E. MACFAYDEN, General Tow headed,' baby face and girl shy HUGH A. MCGOWAN, General Violins: orchestra leader: girl shy Hi-Y, 4: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club Q 2 xiii 'l01 Ilt1,'X'4l1prI "- WILDCA ,V -12 L Y B b c J V I Xl, .XI ff X N SHEPARD MCKEITHAN, General G"uvan girl: basketball, and ukeles LOUISE MCGLOUGHAN, General ' Lolly pops: high velocity HILDA MCPHERSON, General Sober, steadfast and demure: Small, kind, and pure MARTHA VIRGINIA NEAL, General Sweet young thing: romance and star light MARY FRANCES N ESBITT, Classical Still they gasped and still their wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew. 0. Henry Literary Society, 4: French Club, 4: National Honor Society, 4. I EVELYN G. NEWTON, Conmzercfial A poise and stature to be admired Glee Club, 2, 3: Athletic Association, 1, 4: Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club, 2, 35 Junior Play, 3: Basketball, 4. JOSEPH S. NEWTON, Jn., Scientific Brown Fords: quiet and good tem1ufrerl National Honor Society, 4. LUCILE M. NEWTON, General Vanity Fair: peaches and cream KITTY H. NICHOI., General Blonde waves: music at twilight French Club, 4: Dramatic Club, 1: Glee Club Accompanist, 3: Latin Club, 4: Athletic Associa- tion, 4. , HERBERT ORMAN, General Witty, gentleman, and a scholar Q Q -'ef' L6 WILDCA 121- Rf' K V I - ,, 0: O, aff tifrunnly -v,,5,,Q 1 rx ,rvk 'X L A ,ij NAPOLEON J. OWENS, General A man of solid worth Chemistry Club, 4. MARGUERITE PAGE, General She walks in beauty LOUISE PVAGE, General Unabtrusive and quiet, but plenty lovable 0. Henry Literary Society, 4. HARRY EUGENE PAYNE, Scientific Saxaphone: sainted devil: absolutely capable Secretary Hi-Y Club, 3: President Hi-Y Club, 4: Constitution Committee, 43 Pi Sigma, 35 Dra- matic Club, 43 Spanish Club, 2, 33 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Wildcat Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Chairman Homeroom, 1: Assistant Editor Annual, 43 Jun- ior Play, 33 Senior Play, 4. LONNIE PECK, Gene-ral Glee Club: hair brush: stringing G MILTON M. PECK, General Dock Street: sheilc and girls Glee Club, 43 Track, 1, 2. WILLIAM PECK, General One grand tennis player ADELAIDE PEIIFFER, General A shy little violet, but a smart one, too Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 4 fVice-President, 43: Chemistry Club, 4: Dramatic Club, 43 Homeroum Chairman, 3, 43 Latin Club, 4. AGNES MACRAE PESCHAU, SC'1f6Ttt'lflC Another of beautyis daughters 0. Henry Literary Society, 3, 43 Secretary Latin Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 43 Chairman Homeroom, 3: Athletic Association, 4. GILBERT PICKARD, General Motor boats and races: a son of the sun Hi-Y Club, 4, Hi-Y Minstrel, 4, Golf Tourna- ment, 4. , 3 ,n:' I:,,, p fannipbx pg WILOCA 3 Q-fe A- X lbs K Mui" ly, -K qi - K., XFN Ae f, L - Q I . S: JACK POOL, General Politics: school spirit: Whitehead: reliable Vice-President F-Y Club, 1: Advisor F-Y, 2, 3: Managing Editor Sandspur, 2: Editor-in-Chief Sandspur, 3: President E. C. Older Boys' Confer- ence, 2: Secretary State I-Ii-Y Congress, 2: Sec- retary Journalism Club, 2: O. Henry Literary So- ciety, 2: Cotillion Club, 2: Homeroom Chairman, 2: Winner District School Oratorical Contest, 2, 3: President Class, 3: Junior Play, 3: Student Coun- cil, 3: Joe Schraeder Memorial Cup, 3: President North Carolina Older Boys' Conference, 3: Presi- dent State Hi-Y Congress, 4: President Student Body, 4: Editor-in-Chief of ANNUAL, 4: Mu Sigma Delta, 2, 3, 4: Chairman Constitution Commit- tee, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. THURSTON POWELL, Classical Tow headed, baby face and girl shy Latin Club, 4: Orchestra, 2, 3: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4. GERDA L. QUELCH, General A perfect woman. nobly planned: To warn, ta comfort, and command. BILLY REHDER, General Cotton top: silver slipper: jester Orchestra, -1, 2, 3: Contest Winner Trumpet Solo, 3: Wildcat Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club, 4: Pi Sigma, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 4: Homeroom Chair- man,42: Tennis and Golf Tournament, 4: Basket- ball, . HENRY RHODES, General He'a made of the real stuff EARL ROBINSON, General Wright.-:ville Beach: football star: Page RELMON ROBINSON, General Curly top: a certain member of the fair sex Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom gfugrman, 2: Hi-Y, 4: Basketball, 4: Spanish u , 2. CARRIE ELIZABETH RUARK, General Chryslers: blonde waves: lovable Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: Chairman Homeroom. 2: Basketball, 1: French Club, 4: Dramatic Club, 2, 4: Chemistry Club, 4. ROBERT CHESTER RUARK, Classical World's best pal: cartoonist: brown eyes and curly hair Baseball, 1: Pi Sigma, 3, 4: Junior Play, 3: Art Editor of ANNUAL, 4: Senior Play, 4. WILLIAM HOUSTON SALLING, General He has a weakness for girl basketball captains L6 WILDC ? ' lx , ll: fx , 9-2 U cf- W ',,e, 5 Q e- uf Q - x , ALICE FLORENCE SCHADT, Classical Such individuality is not to be copied O. Henry Literary Society, 43 Latin Club, 4 Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN TAYLOR SCHILLER, General I hear you're a devil with women Scribblers Club, 4: O. Henry Literary Society, 4 , Tennis Tournament, 4, Golf Tournament, 43 Jun- ior Play, 3g Chairman Homeroom, 1. LILLY LANORA SCI-IROEDER, Commercial As her name. she reminds us of flowers NATHAN SCHWARTZ, General The man who learns is the man who gains National Honor Society, 43 Chemistry Club, 4, Latin Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 43 French Club, 4 CVice-President, 41, O. Henry Literary Society, 3, 4, Chairman Homeroom, 23 Scribblers Club, 2. HELEN SCOGGINS, Classical A bright and intellectual lady Orchestra, 3, 4, Latin Club, 45 National Honor Society, 4. DAVID HAMILTON SCOTT, JR., Classical Baby face: plus fours: fairy castles Junior Play, 33 Tennis Tournament, 4: Golf Tournament, 4: Basketball, 4. MARIE C. SCOTT, General She walks in beauty LORA IMOGENE SELL, General Fair lady, prithee, continue thy bright ways ERNEST R. SHINN, General There is a mischievousness in his eyes KATHERINE SHIVAR, General She is her own self, and no other 5 P e ' ' 2 "ll ze WILDCAT ,V fa- 'sf 'D , A- V4 -A-QW'-,K K ' Q89 57 B iff? x Y JOE SIMON, General Small, dark and handsome R. THOMAS SINCLAIR, Scientific Oh, Tommy, be good Treasurer of Class, 2: Chemistry Club, 4. ELEANOR DEVAUGHN SMITH, General Tall and slender, kind and tender Chemistry Club, 4: Spanish Club, 3, 4. FRANCES SMITH, Classical Slow drawls, and smart as a whip Homeroom Chairman, 1: Athletic Association, 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4: Girl Reserves, 3, 4: Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3 CPresident, 43: Chemistry Club, 4 lVice-President! : Honor Society, 3 IVice- llifesidint, 41: Spanish Club, 3: Track, 4: Senior ay, . GRAYCE NICHOLS SMITH, Commercial Fair, blonde, and pretty is she Athletic Association, 1: 0. Henry Literary S0- ciety, 4: Dramatic Club, 4: Track, 4: Girl Re- serves, 1, 2, 4: Tennis Club, 4. MILDRED E. SMITH, Scientific Crazy and full of fun: talk, talk, talk Glee Club, 4: Dramatic Club, 2: Dizzy Dozen, 4: Athletic Association, 4: Girl Rwerves, 1: Latin Club, 1. HELEN C. SMITH, General One of heauty's daughters WALTER SPRUNT, JR., General Nowhere is there a better man Hi-Y Club 2 3 4 1President Minora Chapter 41: Football: Il, 4: Junior Play, 3: Treasurer: Class, 4: National Honor Society, 3, 4: Tennis Team, 4: Mu Sigma Delta, 2, 3, 4: Pi Sigma, 3: Chairman Homeroom, 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH SUSAN STRUTHERS, General Many envy her vivaeioua personality Glee Club, 2, 3: Athletic Association, 4. LEILA LAWRENCE STACK, General A fair exterior is a silent recommendation , sffwxes- Q O C16 WILDC MARIE SAINT AMANO, General Attracti've,' congenial: Buicks Girl Reserves, 1, 3 fPresident, lj, Snappy Six, 31 Dizzy Dozen, 4. J OSEPHINE D. STANLAND, Commercial As near perfect as any FLORENCE ELIZABETH STANLEY, General She carries that aristocratic poise French Club, 1, Spanish Club, 2, 3: Girl Re- serves, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 4. WINERED STEVETNSON, General Congenialityf reliant and good natured LUCILE STEWART, General Sweetest flower that grows 11 ft, ' C' Y Jr f x.a- , ALMA BEVERLY STOKLEY, Classical Wrightsville Sound: sweet and lovable Dramatic Club, 4: Art Club, 4: National Honor Society, 3, 4: Latin Club, 4, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4 1Treasurer, 43. CHARLES R. TALLEY, JR., Classical Phaetonsg nonchalant and girl killer Hi-Y Club, 4 fVice-President, 41: Pi Sigma, 3, 41 Business Manager ANNUAL, 43 Humeroom Chairman, 4. EDWARD TENNENT TAYLOR, Sefientihc We're all proud to know him Football, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 4: Mu Sigma Delta, 3, 43 Hi-Y Minstrel, 4, Tennis Tournament, 4. MARY JAMES TAYLOR, General A cute girl-mighty sweet, - Quite a beauty, we all repeat. Vice-President Class, 43 Assistant Editor AN- NUAL, 45 Cheerleader, 45 Basketball, 4: Senior Play. 4: Dizzy Dozen, 4: Athletic Association, 2, 3, 43 Junior Play, 33 Snappy Six, 35 Tennis Tournament, 2: Dramatic Club, 1, 25 Spanish Club, lg Homeroom Chairman, 1. LOU ELLEN TEACHEY, Commercial Gaiety in her manner: seriousness in her thought Nxvrgo C L6 WILDC oo '--gif'-+2-:22,5 ff' "xi 5:3250 Q0 -J BLANCHE PADDISON TURNER, Classical Golden ringlcts: flat hcoled shoes: tennis Basketball, 43 Track, 43 Dramatic Club, 45 Ten- nis, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. ELEANOR VIRGINIA TURRENTINI-1, Classical The hair of an angel, and the disposition, too Basketball. 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club, 13 Dramatic Club, 1. LINWOOIJ TODD, General A man of character CLARA VANDERWAL, General Why not call her the "lt" girl? CLIFTON B. VANN, General Woman hater: a man clear through F-Y, lg Football, 33 Rifle Club, 2, 3: Chemistry L. STEADMAN VICK, General Devil may care: o, good boy Track, lg French Club. 1, 2. ANNA ELAINE voN OESEN, General Tall: haakrclball: old pal Girl Reserves. 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 4: O. Henry Literary Society, 43 Art Club. 4: Dramatic Club, 1. ARRINGTON WALLACE, JR., General "Arlington",' congeniality: none could bc nicer Homeroom Chairman, 13 Track, 4: Secretary Chemistry Club, 4. KATHERINE LOUISE WALSH, General Easy to get along with: good natured: good girl Dramatic Club, 1, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 35 Girl Reserves, 2, 3: 0. Henry Literary Society, 4. Club, 4. ROBERT WARWICK, GZTLGTUZ Not too serious and not loo gay f'Nf X L g""'g N Z -5 Y fig- ,-1- 'za , i X 5 Q If ff Q Jef GG R l93l,1. Ska nit, Qi Z6 WILDCA Cf . ,.-'32:,- ,,, L . ?A, ,-.-.-.-, , ,L , , ,,,.f,, , , , 'ENN U Plillijfxii X f DOROTHY WATTERS, Commercial .lest and youthful jullity ROSALIE BURBANK WATTERS, General Full of fun and a smile for all Latin Club, 13 Dramatic Club, 1, 4: Athletic Association, 1, 2, 43 Junior Play, 3, 0. Henry Lit- erary Society, 4. HAROLD WEILLS, General The fashion plate of N. H. H. S. Student Council, 1: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 2: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Pi Sigma, 3, Spanish Club, 3, 4 fSecretary, 37g O. Henry Literary Society, 43 Chemistry Club, 4. LANDIS H. WELSH, Scientific Wit is as quiclc as a greyhound's mouth, it catches Pi Sigma, 4, Hi-Y, 4 fSecretary, 43 3 Glee Club, 3: Glee Club Play, 3: Band, 35 Assistant Adver- tising Manager ANNUAL, 45 Tennis, 1, 2, 3. MILDRED F. WEST, General So neat, so fair, and always on the square DORIS V. WESTBROOK, G67t67'6tl Ever a smile: never a tear Latin Club, 43 Senior Play, 45 O. Henry Liter ary Society, 3, 4. ELLA WETTIG, General She is armed without who is innocent within Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. VIOLA MAE WHITE, Commercial She's loads of fun CLYDE WHITE, General Hear me, for I shall speak PAUL WILLIS, General A great ole boy with lots of ability Sanrlspur Staff, 2, Mu Sigma Delta, 4. X, Q C ILDCAT fs , f - 7-.xl --, .Cs O OE! iff: A fab 51412530 HR, 70 I JAMES ELBERT WILSON, JR., General Curly top: good looks: reliant Latin Club, 4. JANE WILLIAMS, General Cupid, cute, cunning and coy Orchestra, 1, 2, 33 Glee Club, 4 lVice-President, 47: Secretary Class, 3: Snappy Six. 3: Dizzy Dozen, 43 Glee Club Play, 4. TOM WOOD, Classical l've that English accent, don'tcha know Junior Play, 33 Senior Play, 4. THOMAS K. WOODY, JR., General Tall, dark and congenial LLEWELLYN EASTERLING WOODBURY, JR. General He's the berries, and how! Dramatic Club, 1: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Chairman, 3: Sandspur Staff, 3: Junior Play, 3: President Pi Sigma, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club, 3, 4 QTreasurer, 3l: Mu Sigma Delta, 4: Advertising Manager ANNUAL, 4. ' DOROTHY WOOLLERTON, Commercial Wisdom, I bless thy gentle way And ever, every will obey. Glee Club, 23 Girl Reserves, 2, Track, 4. ALBERT WOOTEN, General Woolen Brothers, gentleman: quiet French Club, 1, Spanish Club, 4. KENNETH GREGORY WOOTEN, General Wooten Brothers: pleasant and reliant French Club, 1, Glee Club, 4: Track, 2: Chem- istry Club, 4. FANNIE MAE ZELLARS, Commercial So'mebody's stenog: ever friendly. ever gay DWIGHT MCEWEN, JR., Scientific Flying Deacon Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 lPresident, 31: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, 5: Pi Sigma, 4. D ff. T 1 1 , A- ca ,Q'L ff? Ziff Q, Y I 9 3 I V V, A Q Xi X Q fx, Vp 'ze WILDCAT cC1HL3Qg4: fjQi?' , i'Ti'i .:1Q llgggi?-X'fql S J " "L' " 'gdaif W' Q-,gk 2 .' TP'-l'-v' '-if? E' U "If: Kkf xxlxwfv rg-"X rfrrrf FTER THE DIPLOMA . . than wlzat? lf!! Fxxx ll' X XX J X x 5 A x O xx W I: I X '21, K I' glze clock of lb? if wound XX X -' ff' but once XX- -ff' 'U ,4- ,.,,, filiiixfk K ,., fx I 931 , 'mmf x Exit? iI1fTI3iII'C'C1'C12 X! FEATURES v ur 1 9' '11, -,K ki 4 '- " ML -M 9 N4-L W F .- 1-,, ,- viii w w, Y .x 5 1 . EK-,, L, Aww '. HQ 'I QA 5- ea". 1 .th L , i A 4-. wf, r I , 'J .K nu .. 31, - - , - ,q,.v-11, - '. 1' 1 I -, 1 -iz, K -- .x .5 , ' r 1 - . .1 - 1 ,-, QQ.-.,-'A --, ' 1 - . , V - , 'fu '3' 4- iff.: ' Qui 'vm' 1' V ' 'K ,' ' : -, ,J f I ' ' - 'A 1.41 - , , 4, , H 1 vm' U , , S , M - ., .f 2 ,- Q ,-V. .,H Awkjm . : lr- , , x:3t34gJ'f' Q- 'qf'j5i.'f -, H 5. j' ,II '- - 1 -1 - V 1 1 V W.. MV ., .-,I ,. V.1,xV11 f,.Mi:fv-.. wc, 'UI K--img: I 1 1' - I I t , .V .1 RHS fy? ' Q f Ja , , y , . - , :.- . . H Ji mud 1 .. W .1 - A . Ah," ,- ,Q , ' ' ' ,. 'u':'ljf:. 2 ' ,A ' ,' Efiw . 1 "'M ', " W D - , - -nv . -1 . W . . ,,,. n WILDCAT 1 ' , - nav? 'I 11:11 Aw,. 'F We ff Class Poem Long live old thirty-ones, Our class we hold so dear, We'll ever love and cherish That fair name which we hear. We pledge to you our loyalty, Unending, firm, and trueg And may our lives in coming years Bring honor and fame to you. To thirty-one forever We pledge our hearts anew, United by ties of deep friendship, Our purpose staunch and true. N. H. H. S. to you we owe A never-ending debt: The happy days We've spent with you We never will forget. We will cheer for the Black and Orange Until the fight is doneg And here's a shout forever for Our dear old thirty-one. -LEAH BAREFOOT. 2 A 1 : ' " ll - ...Qxm G A-h 1 ' W' I L I3 C A T iff .lfiizrr JAIIIIJIRJ Klllllli--. llllllll r11 L . --' v ff Ill -IIIllll' ,4-,III 'SI Ulllllg lflllllll, ill 1 l WILDCAT Q s5,'e 49 Prophctical P Any Ole Place, July 25, 1956. Dear Wee Willie: Man, man! What news I have to tell you. Give me your undivided attention and clean your ears out, for I know what I have to say will be of interest to you. I have just returned from a visit to Wilmnigton. Yes, dear old Wilmington, and while there I saw a great number of our old classmates who graduated with us in the beloved class of '31 at New Hanover High School, home of Wildcat spirit. But let me tell you about it. On the first of the month I landed a job with the Clark Bellamy Shoe Company, and John Hoggard, sales manager of the firm, instructed me to go down to Wilmington and try to get a contract from Ed. Taylor, the biggest footed man in the two Carolinas. Was I tickled? I hadn't seen or heard of Wilmington since I graduated from New Hanover in '31. Well, as the next day was the glorious Fourth, I set out for the city by the sea very much enthused. I arrived in Wilmington about 9 a. m., but I got in bad at the very beginning. I came upon the city limits before I knew it, and as I was making around a hundred miles per in my new Wootten Brothers Roadster, who should catch me for speeding but my old friend, Joe Simon, who is head speed cop down that Way now. I immediately went to see Judge Meares Harriss, and after putting him in a good humor by giving him some Robert Ruark chewing tobacco, he let me go free. I parked my car at the Bill Hall garage, caught a bus driven by Herbert Jones that be- longed to the Oscar Hamilton and Clyde White Transit Co., which was built by the Robert Warwick Motors Co., and came on in to Wilmington and put up at a swell hotel owned by Jack Johnson and Thomas Woody. As I entered the lobby of this magnificent hotel I was shocked into hys- terics. There was Claude Howell peddling cigars behind a cigar stand that was owned by the George Murray Cigar Chain. Upon observing Claude's wares I noticed that he was still loyal to his former classmates, as he was selling Florence Stanley's vegetable compounds, James Feagle's trick toothpicks, Napoleon Owen's rat poison, and books Written by the well known authors, Margaret Boylan and Kathleen Capps. I left Claude and his stand and went over to register. But behold! There were head clerks Ben Adams and Arrington Wallace engaged in a fast game of jack rocks. , After interrupting this absorbing game I regis- 'ft N., Y We WILDCAT J l'JJl."iF ,gtlldl '1-'W '-'rx ., .- ' -7' ' X., le 9 Q 5' tered and called for a bell boy. Lo! There was no such animal, for out came running the bell girls, Marguerite Page, Carolyn Christie, Elizabeth Jenkins, Elaine von Oesen and Italyne Baggett. Boy, they were belle girls, too, and what a loud ring they made. They grabbed my luggage and escorted me into an elevator operated and agitated by Skipper Gene- vieve Corbett, and we flew up to the sixty-third story. CI always did know that Genevieve would go high up in this world.J My room was swell, and as I was tired I threw myself on the bed, hop- ing to get a little rest. I had only been asleep for what seemed a few sec- onds when I was awakened by the consarndest noise .I ever heard. I jumped up and looked out the window. There was a wonderful parade passing by commemorating Independence Day. It was being led by Louie Woodbury, who was the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of the city by the sea. Behind the leaders, with long steps and an important look, came Mayor Billy Wells. Came next, a loud and huge brass band that was led and directed by Weil King. This was the noise that had awakened me. There 'was a vast number of pretty floats in the parade that had been decorated by Edith Morton. I thought that the Susie Flynn floral float was the prettiest, although the Evelyn Newton and Gertrude Murrell milliner shop float was a close second. Along about the middle of the parade was a special imported clown from England performing antics that were amusing to the kiddies. This was none other than the talented and well known artist, Sir Thomas Fanning Wood. Bringing up the rear of the parade were the police and fire departments. The law enforcers were led by Royal Loyd and the fire fighters were headed by Chief Lloyd Jackson. After the parade had passed I decided that I would take a stroll down the street and take in the sights. Has Wilmington changed? What a skyline the old city by the sea has now? The tallest building of all is the Hugh Humphrey Chess building, but it only overlaps the Winifred Steven- son Manufacturing skyscraper by a few yards. After strolling around for about an hour I suddenly discovered that I was lost. I didn't know which end was up nor why. I saw a cop a few blocks away and lit out to catch him. As I had on a pair of Phillip Hall's rubber bottoms I soon overtook him. Imagine my surprise when I dis- covered that he was none other than William Peck. Well, he showed me the direction to my hotel and I started home. I soon came upon the waterfront. Was I startled? All I could see was boats, ships, yachts, liners, steamers, and what not. There were piers and even some state e - , ," " ' G 9 A WILDCAT owned terminals. Later I learned that Governor Emory Grubbs and At- torney General Nathan Schwartz had led the iight in putting this bill over. As I looked out upon the water I saw two tugs of the Peck Brothers Towage Co. anchored by a ship belonging to the Elliot Boone and Linwood Todd Steamship Line. Also there was a freighter belonging to the Ade- laide Peiffer and Mildred West Tiddely Wink Co. coming into port to dis- charge its cargo of checkers and ping pong balls belonging to none other than Dexter Hornaday. I was certainly pleased to notice that Wilmington was still progressing, and that a dredge belonging to the Thomas Cofer and Clara Vanderwal Dredge Co. was digging a canal to connect the James Carr Pool Ball Manufacturing Co. with Joe Clendenin and A. B. Love Fertilizer Co. After taking in a few more sights I started to go, but see- ing a United States cruiser heave into sight I waited until it had docked. I was pleased to discover that none other than Claiborne Gray was admiral of the boat. He told me that the cruiser had been constructed by the Robinson Brothers Shipbuilding Concern. By the way, it had two high powered airplanes on deck that had been designed by Ben Biggs and Dwight McEwen. On my way back to the hotel I was attracted by a huge crowd gathered around a platform. It was all that State Patrolmen Joseph Allard and Eleby Hayes could do to keep the crowd in check. I hastened towards the mob to find out what the excitement was all about, and can you imagine my astonishment upon discovering U. S. Congressman Jack Pool speak- ing to this mob. He was the main speaker on the Independence Day pro- gram. In his address, he brought out the wonderful progress the Wil- mington people had made in the last decade, he also eulogized the spirit of the Wilmington people. Soon I returned to my hotel and entered the dining room to eat. Boy, what a swell eating house! I was served by Head Waiter Linwood Hall, assisted by Linerieux Barber, Catherine Shivar and Aloysius Blackham. As for the food, it was swell. I learned later that it had been prepared by the delicatessens Agnes Peschau, Katherine Biggs and Elizabeth Bridgers. After I had finished this delicious meal I spied my old friends, Mary Tay- lor and Mildred Gibson, who were hostesses of the joint. I asked them to dance with me and we twirled to the music rendered by Hugh McGow- an's Syncopating Serenaders. After the dancing a swell program was given. Charlotte Allard and Henry Benton were masters of ceremonies. First, a chorus composed of Dot Holman, Marie Scott, Helen Smith, Mar- guerite King, Elizabeth Hancock and Louise Henderson appeared. They i 3 C D WILDCAT f X Mg x were swell and did some mighty clever dancing and stepping. Following this number appeared Linwood Green and Josephine Stanland, who gave a tap dance specialty. Jane Williams then entertained with a few solos and popular numbers written by Eleanor Beasley and Juanita Beach. They were published by the Alice Schadt and Billy Salling Howling Music Pub- lishing Co. Being very fatigued I went to get my coat, which I had checked with Mary Bowden, Rosa Byrd and Pansy Fishburn. They in- formed me that old Joe Baker was operating a radio station on the roof of the hotel. As I entered the lobby to' return to my room I ran into Billy Rehder, age five, color, white, who was selling papers. I purchased the Navassa Gazette from him and retired to my room to read it. This paper was edited by Eunice Callahan and owned by Leah Barefoot, and had some mighty interesting articles in it. I turned to the want ad page and this caught my eye: "Lost: my voice. Reward, if returned before sundown to Mildred Smith." Another snappy ad was this: "We have 'the finest hearses in town. People are just dying to ride in them. The Agatha Garrison and Lora Sell Funeral Parlor." I was very interested in the next ad: "For sale-paint. Especially for high school students who think that they are in prison and would like to tell it to the world. The Charles King and James Craig Paint Co." On another page was an interesting political statement: "I wish to thank all my friends who voted for me to be garbage inspector in the recent election. Signed, Calvin Anders." I then turned to the sports section, edited by Robert Griffin. Here were pictures of the world champion athletes, Ed. fHerculesJ Fonvielle, strong- est man in the worldg Tom Lever, ping pong champion: Billy Andrews, barnyard golf championg Lauder Bishop, backgammon artist and cham- pion. Becoming tired of reading I cast the paper away and turned on the radio made by the Cathryn Benton Loud Speaking Company. Through the static I heard the voice of Calder Atkinson arguing that the United States Government should take measures to prevent married women from using an excess of lip stick and rouge. He was answered by Walter Sprunt and his lawyer, Eugene Bullard. Sprunt was in the lip stick-rouge business and was afraid that his business Would be hurt. The next rendition on the air was an advertisement of the Doris Council snore stopping compounds. This program was in charge of Rivers Hanson and Leila Stack, well known physicians, who were making a determined fight to cure snoring in the bed. After this program the mellow voiced Nan- ette Currie told a few bedtime stories. Suddenly came the voice of the Q -vri rl ::::: c: . H can 9 9 C WILDCAT -ft JT - 1,-""-1nnn1f""5 . 'iw1n1,1F.q ?x ---k- rg . X. M so .gl 4. star announcer, Claudia Foy. She announced that a terrible catastrophe had taken place in the western part of the state. A strike had occurred in all the large cotton mills. However, it was pleasant to know that an organization of relief workers headed by Helen Scoggins, with her assistants, Harriet Abel, Louise Browne, Eva Carter and Dorothy Clen- denin, were on their way to help the strikers who were starving to death. After this announcement the program was resumed. Next came a debate between Harry Gilliard and Henry Goldstein. Harry was upholding the affirmative of the question, which was, "Resolved, that a lollypop is better than an ice cream cone." With this I turned the radio off and laid down to rest. Then it dawned upon me. I knew that I had forgotten all about Wrightsville Beach. I hastily jumped up, snatched my coat, and went down to catch one of the Paul Willis Power Company electric cars. As the car hadn't arrived I went in the Viola White drug store and purchased a dose of the Cynthia Head mixture as I had a headache. At length the car arrived and imagine my amazement when I saw that the conductors were none other than Shepherd McKeithan and Wm. Livingston. I was soon on my way to the beach, and to pass away the time I began reading the Ida Crews car advertising cards. There were two ads that I was particularly interested in, the Marie Saint Amand chewing gum ad, in- dorsed by several of the most prominent old maid school teachers of New Hanover High School. Among them were Catherine Martindale, Wilhel- mina Kuhl, Mary Francis Nesbitt, Ruth Laney, Louise Page, Eloise Brown and Hilda McPherson. The other ad was a large placard advertising the Eldridge Fergus fish markets. I spent the rest of the time noticing how built up the countryside was. There were quite a few tourist camps over by the 'highways that I under- stood were run by Ernest Shinn and Anna Berry. At one of them I noticed Charles Talley was parked and pitching camp. Charles was mak- ing a tour of the western hemisphere in search of ancient relics for a circus. I noticed in one cage there was a monkey man, Landis Welsh, caged in. His trainer, Wm. Evans, was feeding him peanuts and pop corn manufactured by Tom Sinclair. A little further down the way I noticed a handsome brick building. Upon inquiring I was informed that this was the Elizabeth Struthers night club, and it was here that the noted gang- ster and gunman, Curtis Hewett, hung out. Curtis Hewett had built up a wonderful racketeer gang composed of Beverly Stokley, Herbert Orman, Ruth Ellen James and Billy Holmes, and was making a big attempt to e A I 9 i A la- ':::au-N411: , pp: G 9 WI LDCAT V ' run the other bootlegger, Fred Hobbs, out of business. Soon we came to the sound. Good gee! Here again I noticed the wonderful progress that the old 'home folks had made. It was wonderful. There were pretty boule- vards running up and down the sound, which I understand were con- structed by the Adelaide Ahrens Construction Company. There were five causeways, all owned by LeRoy Davis, connecting the mainland and Wrightsville Beach. There were Wonderful yachts cruising up and down the inland waterways and just perpetual lines of barges owned by the Lowenstein Barge Corporation, which I understand was about to run the Lowrimore Railroad line out of business. As we neared the beautiful Shore Acres the first thing that caught my eye was a huge entertainment pavilion operated by Thurston Powell. Its program for the evening was advertised to the public by a huge electric sign erected by the Earl W. Brown Electric Co. I noticed that the fea- tures for the evening's entertainment were a song and dance specialty to be rendered by the Smith Sisters Cnot makers of cough dropsl, composed of Grayce, Francis and Eleanor. These girls were straight from the Dorothy Dellinger School of Dancing. Following this was to be an act by the hoola-hoola girls, straight from Hawaii. The names of these celebrities were Vera Bagwell and Dot Breeden. Following this specialty was to be a red hot romance on the screen, starring Zula Donnell and Charles Bogan. Going across Banks Channel I noticed a large sign telling the world that here were the noted alligator and goldfish farms of Mary Lamb. I left the car at station No. 1 to witness the boat races being staged under the auspices of the Feagle Tooth Pick Co. In the race I noticed that the contestants were speed kings Katherine King, Emily King, Vivian King. Lillian King was driving a boat built by the Joseph King Boat Co. and Gilbert Pickard had a Bessie King engine on his speed craft. After the boat races were over I walked over to the beach back of the Clifton Vann hotel. I saw a big mob gathering around someone on a soap box. Upon investigating I discovered that it was Louise McGloughon lecturing on the subject, "How to catch, clean and eat the fish known as the sandperchf' My attention was next attracted by Miss Ada Cole, world famous auto- mobile speed queen, who was driving her speeding runabout manufactured by Olive Downs. She was attempting to setia world's record. I noticed John Schiller, star photographer of the Mayer News Reel, attempting to secure a movie of Miss Cole. I walked on down the beach to observe a beauty contest being staged under the auspices of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. with Q -L ,fl ll:l l0JJf:.N4 3 G - 9 Wim WI L D c A T ,f' ff-.. ws 1 , President Louise Highsmith directing it. I recognized Gerda Quelch, Alice Boatwright, Elizabeth Jones and May A. Keels as participants in the contest. All of a sudden practically every person on the beach began running towards a U. S. rumchaser that was towing some boat in. Following the crowd I soon discovered that Captain Ella Wettig was in charge of the rumchaser, and that she had captured a rum runner owned by the no- torious bootlegger, Fred Hobbs. Among the crew of the rum runner I saw such notorious characters as Katherine Walsh, Dorothy Woolerton, Elbert Wilson and Robert Hughes. After this exciting episode was over I hung around for a while longer, and then decided to go down to the southern end of the beach. On the way down I was attracted to a pavilion where a prize fight was being waged. World's flyweight champion, Olive Dixon, was fighting the world's heavyweight champion, Mary Batson. Lucile Stewart was the referee. I resumed my journey. As I was passing another hotel I went in to get a cold drink and was told by the house detective, Anne Chadwick, that the tired business people were holding a convention. I sat in on this con- vention for a little while. Among the delegates to this convention I noticed Dexter Hornaday, Caroline Josenhans and Harry Payne. They were having a splendid program. Entertainers from the home for the feebleminded gave a skit. On this number appeared David Scott and Robert Hodgkins. Next the deaf and dumb quartet composed of Nancy Albright, Catherine Blake, Jack Farmer and Henry Rhodes whistled a few numbers. After the entertainment was concluded I left. As I arrived at Station No. 7, where the McCart dancing pavilion was located, I noticed that the Fannie Mae Zellers Carnivals were located and performing. Of course I took them in. I first went in and Saw John Kuhlken training his pet monkeys. He and Glavenn Craig, widely known flea trainer, put on an act together with their pet monkeys and fleas. Afterwards though, John had to use Farrow powder, special fiea poison, to get the trained fleas off his monkeys. I went into the freak shows next. Here fire eater Billy Daniels was performing, and I witnessed the champion snake charmers, Rachel Carroll and Edythe Ellis, hypnotize a few reptiles. I next went out on the beach again in front of Lumina. Here were lifeguards Virginia Huband and Edith Montford on duty. After con- versing with them a few minutes I decided that it was time I was return- ing to Wilmington, so I caught the next car back. Q , ,l :a:a: 0la:1 ac G - 9 As the car pulled in down at Front and Princess I noticed a large Cgyize WI LDCAT i -""" i , ' H 0 fsx5'!3 fi crowd making a big noise. I soon found out that it was a homecoming celebration for Alice Wescott, noted explorer, who was just returning from an expedition down in South America. Among Explorer Wescott's party I noticed Calvin Dickinson, Beatrice Davis and Elizabeth Horne. The special welcoming committee appointed by Mayor Wells was composed of Kitty Nichols, Virginia Neal and Elizabeth Davis. I then went to a picture show at the Mattocks' Theatre and by the time I got out it was time to retire and I went to my hotel and drifted off to sleep dreaming of the wonderful days and wonderful times I had at the finest school in the world, N. H. H. S. Your friend and ex-fellow Wildcat, P. WILLIE JONES. P. S.: Needless to say, I secured the shoe contract from the big footed Taylor. K9 flyffppfapf gp.. '. p npp:4...N,, G - 9 Qyfze WILDCAT cz . A ,v 5 if xikx ,A ?l , ' X4- aff' M iq-l LF Yi V f 4 1 ' "fi , X A L 3-i-:Liz :is 'Q ,F I V --- - QT f -' Z E f """ ' 1 I -- E111 "'-:il 72 X x LK ISIONS jx 1" iff 'sgmms sf M 5ff5f:,g:2 ' . I c7 ' ' , ,via H ,www L 2 QX f A -I ' Q j J 1 R' K X'-X 25 ' ,, :ef " X ,,,,..- J?-"" w D -W-M Losacm- neu-.4 6 Sn-rr.-ng nur r.,...r- sum., b..v.,r. E - J -. -..LT-if-f' ?CKf,Ti'fK' Q X! C C -Irfan If Y " L 5 WILDCAT V- ANR , Bi ff ' Y T15 History Composed of two classes to make up the Fresh, Predestined foes thus becoming one flesh, The seventh and eighth grades combined into one Completely upset all the fresh Freshies fun: For those whom we hoped to look down on with scorn Were merged into one with us-that was a thorn. As Sophs we went lovingly around arm in arm With those upon whom we had hoped to reek harm! And now as proud Seniors we mount the front steps In loving companionship with those same Preps. Starting as Freshmen we did things so well, One after another proud precedents fell. The dignified Seniors were struck with dismay To hear lowly Freshmen have something to say. As Freshmen and Sophomores we helped them to stage Successive state championships-pigskin and cage. As Sophomores we placed many leaders: and my! A Soph became head of the whole State Hi-Y. The Sandspur was founded in our freshman yearg We helped with its struggles throughout its career. The paper was almost turned over en masse To be handled by us when a Junior Class. As Seniors we saw it pass out of the picture, And maybe you cheered tif it nocture and kicturel. As Juniors we put on a follies that took Everybody by storm, and their sides fairly shook. The teachers beheld with their very own eyes Themselves on the stage-some smiles and some sighs. The fashion show pulled by the womanless women ' Was cure for theblues and left sober eyes swimmin'. The banquet we served to the Seniors last year, 'Twas shocking to tell, and 'tis shocking to hear, We served in our bathsuitsg it caused a commoftiong But how could we help it? 'Twas served in the ocean. Ho hum, we have comeg heigh ho, now we go. The scene will be changing for us soon we know. We think they will miss us, but what a delusion! We simply make room for a newer confusion. On Juniors, on Sophomores, on Freshmen, on all! Come take possession of old N. H. Hall. Following our lead boost her up to the skiesg For now we go, leaving good wishes, goodbyes. X C7716 WILDCAT Last Will and Testament Whereas, we, the most highly exalted, efficient and dignified Senior Class of 1931 of N. H. H. S., having arrived at that state of mind con- sidered as the highest attainable in high school due to the result of five Qfor some fourj years of grinding labor and toil, and Whereas, we are cognizant of our approaching demise from said N. H. H. S., and greatly saddened by the realization thereof, and Whereas, we do so desire to will, bequeath, give and bestow upon those who follow after, such goods, powers and privileges, such eccen- tricties, individualities, traits, peculiarities and misfortunes as we may possessg Therefore, we do make, declare, publish and present this, our last will and testament, declaring void any such instrument formerly made. Wherefore : We, the Senior Class, do bequeath to the Seniors of next year our bright- ness, our perseverance, and our reputation for being the most brilliant Senior Class to ever graduate from New Hanover High Sschool. We, the Senior Class, do will to the Juniors of next year our love for our teachers who so patiently strived to pound into our heads knowledge and learning. We, the Senior Class, do bestow upon the incoming Sophomore Class our love for N. H. H. S., and the devotion and spirit we showed as students of New Hanover. We, the Senior Class, do will, bestow, bequeath and give to the green Freshmen of next year all that we possess, our traits, our powers, and our knowledge, believing that before they leave school they will greatly need them. I, Paul Willis, leave my heart and hand to Margaret Graham. I, Charles Talley, leave my knowledge for "phaetons" to Leo Little. I, Carolyn CSquirmyJ Christie, leave my flapperish ways to' Mickey Ford. I, Ed. fHerculesJ Fonvielle, leave my physical strength to Nank Love. I, Ed. Taylor, leave my enormous and huge feet to next year's football team, believing they will sadly be in need of a firm foundation. G 9 e . " -1711 11::p l: :l:.v WI LDCAT --I E. Q Jw I, Marie Saint Amand, leave my ability and art of chewing gum so gracefully to Lydia King. I, Clark Bellamy, leave my ability to smoke a Murad to Steve Brown. I, Linwood Green, leave my good humor to next year's annual editor. believing that he will badly need it. I, Rosalie Watters, leave my art of making funny faces to Mary Meares Beery. I, Thomas Fanning Wood, leave my famous and well known accent to Jimmy Huntington. I, Harry Gilliard, leave my sheikish ways to Emmett Lewis. I, Rivers Hanson, leave by pleasing personality to Pete Newcomb. I, Jack Pool, leave the battered and torn constitution to the school. I, Genevieve Corbett, leave my intellectual ability to Winifred Collett. I, James Feagle, leave my powers of exploding great scientific theories to Miriam Croom. I, Louie Woodbury, leave my ambitious reputation to Harry Dosher. I, Meares Harriss, leave my ability to stay in good with the teachers to Ren Phillips. I, Rachel Carroll, leave my bashful and quiet ways to Dot Manning. We, the Senior Class, leave to dear old N. H. H. S. our promise to spread her fame wherever we go, to forever uphold the splendid ideals of the school, and to ever carry her memory imprinted upon our souls. CSignedJ JACK POOL, RIVERS HANSON, GENEVIEVE CORBETT. May 11, 1931. Wilmington, in New Hanover County, State of North Carolina, United Siates of America. 9 V 11: rzru ::a:: :- S 9 9716 WILDCAT Q L2EQbi:5nZj7gi21 Q 'X Xlz15 f,,,7 xx I -, Ia N N X S, 'xB X fir? uno sis? if 8 , , 'vswpo 6 J Ci-im P lrlrrck kph 7?I:tNrl I Ilhpsrn. EMO?-Ng 7 kj . gl X ' Tm.: OOTC E A Rau. L EVIL jk Navi 0 A iff! hc A , f - X j QD Zip fi F T'f'fHfi?Hav Swasrusnn-r CHESTIZSJ- nufwczb 5+ A A' mm ? 'ifwfu A Y 2 ."s W' . if :vf gql f K '55 9 , 1 ,aff ,Fi Way, 2 Vf, K we W... A Z 5 f, ' f neff' , R M Q '- Q " 'ruetunusoub -rear " E REM 5 Ii!! GX X S, - 'L- . l I . If 1 I ' I ' faq.. ,hx Y 5 ATHLETICS . . x' X.. I - 1 , , , , -5-,X 4 : :""' 55:2 fx -3.-.affix 7 ' J Q2-K bx -. .f 14' 1-5 L lj gf nnuimlllllllllllllllllllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllIll:llllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllullll llllllllllllllmsplgxx ff " W X ' A ' E I l I I I .fi l'-'-. G I A I 5 ' A M m 5 : ' l':- KF: r :BEEN ':'l - : : ww z --rf N Y f 'uv , Y s.!'n' Six -Q x 7 X : Wx "W E 5 : E 1 L 5 ' . .- 'L fy ' x .nu I umuul llll g KZ1Tli ili'K?2 Q1lllllll llllllllllll lllllls .1 . " .NV . ,,..3. 1 n , 'M WL . I . . . . 4 t ' .,,!N . z ,N u I xv, .. - .Y . - 1 tfg . 4 ' -5 .Mg R N '-'P W s .- fail Zz: 1545 .-'x . ' HMT". QQ?-Q1', " 'W "3 ',-I , ' tvs, vii? SQ-.WM H A I -ff m LM, rf -.-fu, .. , I, V ,. ,r- i -j -5' My - pg f-...I -1 ,- wg-- -. f f- ,',',.:-iff, if 'ifvpp -,Wei iv . 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Y M . ., J , J w 41 ' , f '-r'w,, :iQg1b,.-1,-r:.E,p '-M f -'-g,,,i,,. rr' -1.-guy'-3 ,,ggg::'-1 .4 '- I ' .'35j,f55g' 7r ff2?if,,', 1U:5.1" gurl, ,-Q, .7:,'2.',Q-9-rUf:3fS'm Qg,f.F.f:A ' ' E5 - ' J v '- ef"'1V ""-51 ,gs-1'3f?,1If?7', ..,a- 5 ,fv"'...x-,-gm If-f'?'11.'3' ', fl' "1 'wr 1 ':1N'fU'i'N 240.1-,,' ' 7 . '-ifhf' -2'-. E, .. F' lg -1 .s " -J ,171-.4 412 FV- , 9i.i'Q9'f ii?" f " - 42' 'ffFi'f'f 'xr FY:-52141 1+ ... lg Qs ,'m .,.,ix5:.: , FR ..,.,g. 13,4-?L7i.,,,-V5!,,Af1:j,,.,y,g gain: ,yi R fi 'f , ,if 15' -'f' """' I -Lgvzrg 9' S x fi aw-Y .ffv-+ vi'-'B-s-f-A"'.4-531' 'E " 'le1r"P:M'f ' W? 'ww X - -,4.v,X- q1 ,,,,'m., its -1. 23 ,ir-1: , 3.-.,,.x3 ,j.5:.1g3-if .33 .,, SM - 33510 g:iiw "if??21wfE"L f':"EigT:! '3'1'1'k'ffg' 2341 " Y ,':fSz::'::1- -,f 'TN -1 51922:-' 'Q 'f 1 ' L' '--9w1f'P- rg ' -av 19 ,555 li L- .fK4b n a?4?!ig,i'-f,-I ,t.ggi:kg1'f' Q rr: it 3- 'E ,R , 31- gtg, vm. Egg J .V Q4 , eg af 5 ?d'S.,.a,g'ie-Jr " " ' " ' U "fx ffrffffw :nf 41. 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W, --q:.,' M.. -' .- 'VN ' - 'sv .3g',Z'f.-qw'-e'??""i ' '-2slff'n??5ggS1'f?f53'1 . ' -QTH'9":g,f-,1iif' ,Qg:'fg?I'F-"flu ' ' -f gi' . H,f"1+1, , 5' wi'-a.,.,g,:,5 if--ff - i rv-.1 . ,, ,,-?5fglQ!'fj5e gin Lu! '13 fbi.. -r.:':g,'Q, li? ij' . N - ,. - 1, -, -"ir -' - -'fa ,ap ' ' -A " -' ':-.i:f"'i11!q 5' . iufsffi 9 ,,. aye-.11.' .I A .' ' 1 . V Nplgy, J 'Q -ag M- --,V gf., - VN - V x 1. ,W -. Y, -- -. 1 -A " -. 1: -2 . "R .C-3-"."."'.H ,,..' .'f ff 4' . "-L'- N- f ' ., -L-n 5,rl11':f" 'gh , K. .,: vin- S.- ' " 1- -gf,-447, '. 4 55' ., . -f21f,i7"L'l'.'," 'gkr..1fgi'fi?g wc" 'tj ,',+7'J' Qt'-Q 5' f '. 1---g,:13L'3,,'?'j i - gif- Z 12231-.-f'G'zi ,A +-qw , ' ff p:i""--53j1'- eg: H f 1 gy: T55-A UI. ffT.'f1.'l'.QQ 1 -i'E',' fi Qfqff , A' - ' ' N " QL: ffzfrfi ' , - ' ' :K -' "1 ' -. :af 151-. " A A-A :-. 2':-4,513 D ' ' Uhr. if 5. Lx A- :r,Q.g,.b- , ,L V. ,, 1.1 Q' -.'- X493 ' 'Y' , ' it ',gg1L.!fz.':3,.,' Y- Q33 .fa Q-ji f ' V vx "?: ":f.5"'Heb ,. - .. X X 2. f- -1 '- "L " ,A ' 'U "' "2 . ' ' vi? I F JJ ., J 4' rua , f r 4- x 1. , xg V Wy- . -4 V Jn' Y ,.. I -,Q V va ., - - 1 V4,-:Avy 1 .A V Wbf- WILDCAT - - 4f" ':-.-,--.. ,V " -W vw..- - f- ifrxwlh --A -,IN Jflfgfkvfsffjf 3QQ1r ?rfl?U, ..1111"1li3gi5O , U ng 'ffg .Q v ruff , Q,-J? ROBT. L. BLACK, Director of Athletics W -3 f jlilsg N r 1. ,ffll ' --+' :'Q' 745- xx ,l x, ,Cf 1 . Q 3 I ,D T do IC WILDCA " ' ' ' F, C T- .V . ef: A U' H"-lfrfd -. fflliar ' ,J-iilllli KIIIIIIIL W' ' r1111111-C.if"r11QA--P v I 4 'ww' U' Q.. : Nrivv V- H51 ' 1 Y wir' 'NY I! .4 U IQQEVI nn, - U A f,f' 5Vx,,,l'ff Ll A 35? "IAF" il gal ,m""'- Football Squad LEE COACH BLACK GRAY COACH HARDEN BEASLEY HANSON FERGUS FOX CHICK TAYLOR GILLIARD HARRISS E. ROBINSON LYNCH ED. TAYLOR CUNNINGHAM WINSTEAIJ ATKINSON BLACKSTOCK APPLI-:WHITE JONES SPRUNT HOGGARD MOTTE BELLAMY BAGGETT R. ROBINSON USNOOKYH TAYLOR HENDERSON PEIEFER KUHLKEN TOMz COFER A A A Clif-f'f C giajg .aifiizggfifg I 9 3 I h?xfX- killfgfzj , Xxx v gp. ff, WILDCAT W- fi. s v'? ,, Y A' 1:1101 -ycrvaaa , E if X 'L Xa o B Ng. S Football Although the 1930 football season at N. H. H. S. can not be called an overwhelming success from the standpoint of games won and lost, we can say that the spirit and brand of sportsmanship manifested by the Wild- cats would be a credit to any team and school. It is' with pride that every true Wilmingtonian reviews the past season, for every player did more than merely iight to win, and the work of these boys, their spirit and sportsmanship shown, and their general attitude towards the whole mat- ter will forever be an inspiration to admirers of fair play and football lovers of N. H. H. S. Greatly handicapped by graduation, ineligible players for various rea- sons, and the loss of their star and captain, Rivers Hanson, tihe boys, aided by the wonderful work of Coaches Black and Harden, set about to mold into shape a football team that would be a credit to N. H. H. S. Needless to say, their work was not in vain. Quite naturally, the outstanding players proved to be the Robinson brothers, Earl and Relmon, veterans of experience and skill. These two were a source of great strength on the defense and offense, many times circling the ends and hitting the line for substantial gains. 'I'he other two members of the backfield, Bellamy and Henderson, were by no means slouches and were always a constant worry to the opposing team. They put up a wonderful brand of football all season, and no little credit is due to them for the success the team enjoyed. Fox and Winstead, first string- ers in the backfield, were a great aid in the development of the Wildcat machine and should also come in for their share of credit. In the line, Kuhlken and Hoggard very, very capably performed at the position of ends. These two vets of last season's play, nine times out of ten "got their man" and were no slouches at pulling down passes thrown to them by the versatile backs either. Sinclair Beasley and Ed. Fonvielle were by far two of the best tackles in the eastern part of the state, and proved a bulwark of strength both on the defense and offense. Harry Gilliard and Herbert Jones, playing their first year on the varsity, developed themselves into wonderful guards. Little, but plucky, they held down their positions in true Wildcat style. Ed. Taylor, who took the place of Jones when he was hurt in mid-season, in the games he played showed up exceptionally well and much credit is due to him. At center Jerry Blackstock made a name for himself. He held down the pivot posi- tion in great style and also was exceptionally outstanding in his snapping. 49 WILDCAT ru , , q -fd' K- EX EC :ll 'T X-1 2 ' Q f 5' 5 We cannot fail to mention the wonderful work of the second team and scrubs. These plucky fellows went out to practice day after day and were a wonderful aid in the development of the team. The team was efficiently coached by Fighting Bob Black. producer of two state championship elevens. He was ably assisted by Zack Williams and Pap Harden. The position of manager was held by Ben Adams, who performed his job in an efficient way, and the team is-greatly indebted to him for 'his work in this capacity. I With many members of the first squad back next year, and with much good material coming from the second team, prospects for the '31 eleven are exceptionally bright. A - Football Box Score N. H. H. S .,...,.............. - ..... 26 Whiteville ..,..... ......... 0 " - ......... 0 Rocky Mount ......,.. .......,. 0 " .......,. 18 wilson ....,......... .,....... 6 ..-..-.-25 New Bern 0 0 Raleigh 6 Goldsboro 7 -- ............ -..- 6 Fayetteville ...... - ...... ----.--- 6 -....-...... 6 Durham --- .... ...- .... - 7 87 39 n T 5 3 C WILDCAT fi Q AA 'K' a J 5 A Jing 41. K uf ff Basket Ball Team H. MCKEITI-IAN HENDERSON MATTHEWS COACH ZACK WILLIAMS S. MCKEITHAN ANDREWS ROBINSON f'-'xfi WILDCAT 0 A ii, K ' :f 1- Q A fx Basket Ball Greatly handicaped by loss of men from graduation, and financial losses, New Hano'ver's basketball team managed to fight and claw all season so as to gain an even break in number of games won and lost in the eastern championship title race. Playing under handicaps in practically every encounter, the team was undaunted and each player attempted to give a good account of himself as a basketball player. Like the football team, the Wildcats displayed throughout the entire season a high brand of true Wilcat spirit, and through their ,show of superb sportsmanship and fair play they gained the praise and commendation of every opponent. With the return of only twoletter men, Coach Zach Williams set about to build practically a new squad. Matthews and Winstead capably took care of the forward positions and were a power on the offensive as well as putting up a good floor game. Holland McKeithan developed into a wonderful center, and no doubt will be a great asset to the squad of next year. Shep McKeithan and Billy Andrews exhibited a rare talent at the position of guards, and no doubt the loss of these two boys will be keenly felt by next year's squad. This was Coach Zack Williams first year as coach of the basketball team, and despite the defeats, his work with the boys in molding them- selves into basketball players might be termed successful, and with the return of three first stringers prospects for the 1932 squad are very bright. Basket Ball Box Score N- H- H. S ......................... 18 Y. M. C. A. .,... .,,. 42 " .... ........ - ...... 1 0 Alumni ......... ........ 2 8 " ........ 20 Trenton ...... .. 33 12 Wilson 15 40 Modoc 9 16 Y. M. C. 25 27 Goldsboro 21 11 V Trenton 40 7 Durham 23 33 Rocky Mount 20 21 Raleigh 38 14 Fayetteville 3 229 297 Q pl-:ln -Ilfuagxqypa M - or 3 -P : E G 9 0 i 677'wlLDcAT A ,QQ fain 7 Girls' Basket Ball Team PARKER HAY CARROLL MANNING COACH HELEN BARNWELL TAYLOR SMITH KEELS CN 2 r WILDCAT Girls' Basket Ball Although the girls' basketball team suffered a few defeats during the 1931 year, the season was by no means unsuccessful. Greatly handicapped by the loss'of many players due to graduation, they managed to develop a strong quintet and were able to prove victorious in many of the games played. The team had a new coach in Miss Helen Barnwell, who succeeded Miss Elizabeth Bray. Miss Barnwell gave freely of her time and expe- rience, and made from fairly good material a well organized squad. Following in the footsteps of the boy athletes, the girls fought not merely just to win but for higher ideals, and they had the satisfaction of knowing that they splendidly upheld the spirit,rhonor and sportsmanship of New Hanover High School. Mae Allen Keels, star guard, served as captain during the current sea- son, and on the court she was ably assisted by forwards Laura Hay, Dot Clendenin and Mary Taylor, and guards Rachel Carroll, Dot Manning, Frances Smith and Eleanor Turrentine. Box Score N. H. H. S ......... --.--.-- .... 19 Alumni ........ ....,.... . 18 " .-... .. .. ...... --- 19 Stonewall ....,.., ,,........ 2 3 " -.. ...... 10 New Bern ..,... ,,......., 3 5 25 Southport 9 20 Whiteville 26 11 Whiteville 20 26 New Bern -- 26 33 Mt. Olive 15 163 172 C P e 9 ' ""-' 11: Y - auxin if Q 5 WILDCAT W Y V ix, X -.V',Hf ' wir Arxlf-"1iQ c 5 X -'xq5?x'?1 1 KH 'vflxfffao Track Team C. HENDERSON GRAY R. ROBINSON E. ROBINSON LYNCH MATTHEWS FARMER KUHLKEN COACH WiLL1AMs SHEPARD TOMZ H. LEE CLARK R. LEE M. HENDERSON Q VA, I 5- f- Y 13 ,iran ,, ..,,,,,,:wL '-7 1 : WILDCAT 1,4 if-Q, - -:Y - QQJJT' gl X.. Q AU ' A-J Track Although failing to place very high in any of the track meets this year, the New Hanover High School track team was by no means unsuc- cessful. The team suffered severely from the loss of practically every vet- eran of last year's squad, and Coach Zack Williams bent his efforts towards building up a new team composed of mostly underclassmen. His work can- not be measured in terms of meets won and lost this season, but the fruits of his toil will be shown in future years. The highlight of an uneventful season was in the interscholastic divi- sion of the Southern Conference Indoor Meet held at Chapel Hill, when N. H. H. S. managed to place third over a group of around forty entrants. The feature of the meet was the breaking of the seventy yard low hurdles record by Relmon Robinson. Much credit is due the members of the team for their display lof a stick-to-itiveness trait of character. Displaying perseverance throughout the season these boys worked hard to mold themselves into shape so as to make a name for themselves in the track world and bring fame to N. H. H. S. They truly displayed a fine example of Wildcat spirit and success is bound to be theirs in later years. C 9 Q ' A' '.-. 171'- o I .Maw VV ,f 7 ? 32 . Q ,' , , ,I if ff, ' V , Ewa, ff: M, f MQW, 1 IW ,ff 7 If 2 , fm X. ,,,,, j I , ff gain, Z 0fWf,ff'1u Of' Lzf, " W f f ' 4 f f Aw ' ' ff 2 ,yf 14 ff fy, f 4, M4 f 'f-' . W 'fn 4, 1 ff' ffl .. 7:,, ' 1 "" 'V' . g fm, wyWwvmwwfz,M4pfmf:mmwAwWhwmff0wwMfWW'W 0 MM' 'fm 'V wfwffffffzffv ?r , 4 f Z f 1 2 f X Z 54 6 5 W Z 2 f 1 " 2 , ff f I 4 1 5 6 2 f, ' 12 Z , gf V, 7 f 7 fy, fi! 24 5 f We Z Z , fed 3 4 ,ff If f 1 . ,ffff 5 7 7 Q f 'f 3 Z , 5 5 f ' W 4 ff X' f 'f y wi ,f ' nj A I fx pn L 2 -WM Z Wwfy fr fy ,jug ,,2,A.,,c Z of 6 ff , K QM f fa Z M471 4, 1 5 2' 7725 ff f f' Q 'Z 4? ,f Zi " W T5 Q, ?f""". wx ' f nw ""' ' ,.,, , f , f Z, .. Hfwf Z Wywf Waxing Z ' Z W,MWWffff' fff..,f4wf,yMf,W,W mfwwzWmff?MZW5L f,mfWWffWWwW7ZZfifffWwaw w f ,f IXII U ,,,, ?W""f i'17'fWfff'f," A , 'f ' Q 2 ,ffff lf 4 if ' ' jfvm' ,AU ! V 4 X , ff' J, s " . ,Z 2 . my , W , f' 'mf ,I ,W,,f4fe,, , Wm, ' ,fwllwfmfff ,410 QW, , ,I ff , Vu, A yxwmg ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Q ,, , fy fffljlf 2 Q22 'Z G 'A X, 4 L ' ff 1 , , ' -f f .,,, ,MW V ? 1 Q ywfil, , ,f, 7 A -f " f f Z,jQf':i,f f f 7 , 'iff f , f Q ffm L f ' 1, ., fi , 3,1 H ,,,,, , ,lyl I V V , V 4 f , ff ..,, "" ,,,f, 53 yyfyyf ,y ,, fmhw , , ,,,,,,,,,, .,,,W,,,W, V f fffMwz,f.W,,, f' f wwf ffw "" ,,,, y " QW WWM4mwWm,,0WWWf ,, Wfwff f ,W ZW 'ff 0 WW ,, my , W f W,,,,,Q1W fifff' Wfwm, WWW :W My W W ff 1 A , s Ur- .1 - 3 V W 1 j Q ' ITA 'T,E"' A , K-Lf :IA -gr Q 1 His.-A inf, . . Q33 dna' .Vin .n . :i ' - f2"lf1y.U V 2 N! '19, F,-, . ....-'Para' -11 3: C L6 WILDCAT Gai 3 iffirfr' "1lri"ffEji:-i1'T7"7' -, f -'T'L-'QTPQZIT11-Ai Diiififugm Q C?lZ144T "x,.'. -JT" -1-jij' A E ,Qffi "l""'--rl" ""' """'- QNJ' T QXif?fgff',cff' MW,-I The Student Council Purpose: To cultivate character, to develop initiative and leadership, to encourage scholarship, and to maintain high Standards at New Hanover High School so as to enable each student to derive the maximum benefits from his career at N. H. H. S. FACULTY ADVISORS MISS MYRA BARRON and MISS HILDA WOLK J ACK 4PO0L, OFFICERS President ALICE BOATWRIGHT and RIVERS HANSON, Vice ED. FONVIELLE and ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD, Secretary-Treasn-rers REPRESENTATIVES Seniors Sophmnores RIVERS HANSON SAM ADAMS JACK Po0L MURRAY P'ooL ED. FONVIELLE RACHEL CARROLL GENEVIEVE CORBETT ALICE BDATWRIGIIT J Ilniors HARRY DOSHER J OE CANADY JIMMY HUNTINGTON ELIZABETH WIIITEHEAD MARGARET GRAHAM MARY M. BEERY elf' JIMMY WALLACE FRANCES GOLDBERG ADI-:LINE EDWARDS LOIS KING F'reSh'nzen CLARK JAMES JOE YATES RODNEY BREECE LEILA WILLIAMS FLORENCE PEARSALL -Presidents FRANCIS SOUTHERLAND 6' ze W I L D C L- c-'f':f"Ai , ,W ' I 0, Q :L '1f!11g'1qf' Ifr55Qr1TfX'Tq"'11iii3TfQiHH Q XXX " Hi-Y Organization Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the School and community high standards of Christian character. MINORA CHAPTER WALTER SPRUNT, President CHARLES TALLEY, Vice-President LANDIS WELSH, Secretary CHARLES KING, Treasurer MR. JOHN BUNN, Advisor Members JOHN FARMER CLAIBORNE GRAY BILLY ANDREWS KENNETH WELSH WORTH SPRUNT RELMON ROBINSON SHEP MCKEITHAN REN PHILLIPS JACK POOL ADAIR MCCOY CLAUDE WINSTEAD BILL HALL RIVERS HANSON CRANMER HENDERSON BILLY REHDER ALPHA CHAPTER HARRY PAYNE,, President LINWOOD GREEN, V-ice-President FRED NEWCOMB, Secretary FRED SMITH, Treasurer MR. JAMES STEBBINS, Advisor Members CALDER ATKINSON ALEXANDER HALL BOB NORTHROP LOUIE WOODBURY STEVE BROWN CHARLES LYNCH GILBERT PICKARD ED. TAYLOR JAMES CARR ALFRED MILLER GARNETT SAUNDERS BILL HOWARD HARRY DOSHER HUGH MCGOWAN HAROLD WELLS Executive Committee HARRY PAYNE FRED NEWCOMB JACK POOL CHARLES TALLEY LINWOOD GREEN CALDER ATKINSON WALTER SPRUNT LANDIS WELSH Z-A . - ,f-1 - ',1f N 2 Q ff jf A, 9 A Q C ze WILDC ,C ,A , ,N Q if A -ii. E50 K :Ury My P Girl Reserve Club Pm pose: To find and give the best. ADELAIDE AHRENS, President ADELAIDE PEIFFER, Vice-Psreszdent CATHRYN BENTON, Secretary BEVERLY STOKLEY, T7'66lfS'N,'l'67' MISS ALICE ANDERSON and MIss ELIZABETH LEROY, Advisors M embers ADELAIDE AHRENS MARY H. BEERY CATHRYN BENTON JULIA MAE BORDEAUX MARGARET BOYLAN DOROTHY CLENDENIN MIRIAM CROOM WILHELMINA DOCK ELIZABETH FINKS BEVVIE GILBERT CHARLOTTE GORMAN ELEANOR GRANT ELIZABETH JONES HAZEL KIMREY EMILY KING ELOISE MATTOCKS ELOISE MAULTSBY MARY MERRITT LOUISE MCGLAUGHON RUTH MCINTIRE EDITH MORTON ANNA NALL CHARLOTTE ORRELL ADELAIDE PEIFFER ALICE SCHADT GRAYCE SMITH FLORENCE STANLEY ETHEALE STENNEMAN BEVERLY STOKLEY MARY ELLA TAYLOR ELAINE VON OESEN ALICE WATTERS QZEWILDCAT C3 .,fv 4: 475. V ,,., q Q :A ii-1121.41 xiii! vgiyfrfg i e Xxx f. V National Honor Society The Four Standards are: Character, scholarship, service and leadership. FACULTY COMMITTEE MRS. BLAKE D. APPLEWHITE, Chairman MISS ADELE FINKLESTEIN MRS. R. H. WILLIAMS MISS PAULINE LEVINE MISS MARY LATI-IROP OFFICERS GENEVIEVE CORBETT, President FRANCES S. SMITH, HARRIET ABEL, Secretary-Treasurer M embers MARGARET BOYLAN FRANCES SMITH GENEVIEVE CORBETT WALTER SPRUNT CLAUDE HOWELL CLARK BELLAMY ELIZABETH DAVIS EDITH MORTON HARRIET ABEL JOSEPH NEWTON BEVERLY STOKLEY ALICE BOATWRIGHT CATHERINE BLAKE KATHLEEN CAPPS BILLY DANIELS THOMAS DIXON HENRY GOLDSTEIN ELIZABETH J ONES MARY FRANCES NESBITT NATHAN SCHWARTZ HELEN SCOGGINS BLANCHE TURNER Vice-President 5 9 ,Q : 5 , - : Y cs "' ".'. -.""'R" C, C ze WILDCAT Af- , - A , . lm, 'I ,Ig -Let V f Q CP V? . , ' Lllllli., 711131, Q 'L' X' 'XR RX- U rg! W1 X KPEV, The French Club ELEANOR WRIGHT, President OFFICERS JULIA MAY BORDEAUX, Secretary NATHAN SCHWARTZ, Vice-President MISS JONES, Faculty Advisor M embers LINERIEUX BARBER MIRIAM MILLER ALICE BOATWRIGHT MARY FRANCES N ESBITT JULIA MAY BORDEAUX KITTY NICHOL EUNICE CALLAHAN ELIZABETH RUARK MARY NETTLES CORBETT NATHAN SCHWARTZ MARGARET DARST VIRGINIA SOUTHERLAND ELIZABETH DAVIS VIRGINIA LEE SUTTON WOODARD FARMER NANCY WALLACE LINWOOD GREEN ELEANOR WRIGHT HENRY GOLDSTEIN BERTHA WRIGHT OSCAR HAMILTON CLAUDE HOWELL GLADYS HANCHEY JULIUS BERGER DOROTHY HAYES WINIERED COLLETT JAMES HUNTINGTON CATHERINE HASKETT DOLORES JACKSON LILLIAN KING Riff GENE 1 I Q ii-l -gl Lze WILDC 3 --'-'TL 'B QI .qw A cb, 121 -KTA fy . if-w:1i'7iif1b!gl'-q113Q 'INT Jf,iKS3 O. Henry Literary Society Object: The object of the O. Henry Literary Society is to promote interest in and improve spoken English. The Society was organized in the year 1921. MISS EMMA MARTIN, Faculty Advisor OFFICERS FRED HOBBS, President NANCY WALLACE, Vice-President HARRIET ABEL, Seoretowy and Treasurer CLAUDE HOWELL, Chairman of Program Cofnmzittee M embers HARRIET ABEL NANCY WALLACE MARTHA M0'0RE EDITH MORTON ROSALIE WATTERS MIRIAM MILLER LEAH BAREFOOT DORIS WESTBROOK ROBERT NELSON ELIZABETH WHITEIHEAD VIRGINIA TOOT WILLIAM LIVINGSTON AGNES PESCHAU CLAUDE HOWELL KATHLEEN CAPPS ELIZABETH DAVIS MARY MEARES BEERY LOUISE PAGE MILDRED DLUGIN CATHERINE WALSH ALICE SCHADT WOODARD FARMER NATHAN SCHWARTZ GRAYCE SMITH CLAUDIA FOY MARY FRANCES NESBITT JANE BEERY HENRY GOLDSTEIN ALICE BOATWRIGHT EVA CARTER JULIA MAY BORDEAUX HAROLD WELLS WILHELMINA MANNING WALLACE WEST BILLY DANIELS FRED HOBBS fl -,vw-2. HERMAN CARROLL, JR. ELAINE VON OESEN EMILY EDWARDS WINIFRED COLLETT JOHN SCHILLER ROBERT KING ELIZABETH JONES CATHERINE BENTON SARAH DUDLEY WHITMORE GRACE PACKER ELIZABETH BRIDGERS MILDRED FOARD 2 V :lla -lil: Y "Ia:::p ppg -.J-7 ' 6 WILDCAT .X it .1-. g'f'Tf. C' x' Q' I' - -v ' if A N Latm Club Motto: "Labor omnia vincitf' Color: Roman purple. OFFICERS GENEVIEVE CORBETT, President BLESSING WHITMORE, Vice-President AGNES PESCHAU, Secretary BETTY HUNT, Treasurer PROGRAMS October-Hlnteresting Sights of Modern Rome," Miss Struthers. November-"Roman Schools." December-"In Honor of Virgil." January-Exhibits of Projects. March-"A Schoo1boy's Dream." April-"Vacuum, a Roman Problem U1 Play." May-Social Meeting. gn Qfgifa -fe .f-.."f' If.: fe f' 31" -5 - FJ f.- 1 Tirizbo 321063 S.. -1,1 Q' L6 WILDCAT L27 ,Of jpeg- , Kitt- W, L ,, .df-., L 'ETQ CJ 2 111,-' 15114515 A111 ' , ' I11II11X'- 'Q 11115, 7' G ff- -zgvlif W ff-'f Q- ,ri , f L' -- f---f-'H A :sul ki fv- -'ff+i.rrffA--P---S-W few fig C: I 4 l rl Chemistry Club Purpose: To increase the knowledge of and interest in chemistry. OFFICERS ELIZABETH JONES, President FRANCES SMITH, Vice-President ARRINGTON WALLACE, Secretary BILLY DANIELS, Treasurer MRS. R. H. WILLIAMS, Advisor Members ANNE HENDERSON HERMAN CARROLL NATHAN SCHWATZ ADELAIDE PEIFFER HENRY GOLDSTEIN OLIVE DOWNS BEN WILLINGHAM HUGH MCGOWAN PHIL HALL BILLY WELLS JOE CANADY ROBERT GRIFFIN CAROLYN CHRISTIE JOSEPH LEGWIN ROBERT PIGFORD C. B. VANN JOSEPH NEWTON ROBERT LEE KING CHARLES BOGAN KATHLEEN CAPPS THOMAS DIXON ED. LOUGHLIN KENNETH WOOTTEN THURSTON POWELL ELEANOR SMITH LEAH BAREFOOT TOM SINCLAIR ELIZABETH RUARK L. H. WATTERS TOM WOODY FRED HOBBS MARY-LAMB WILBUR GOLDSON GENEVIEVE CORBETT MAY KEELS WILLIAM LIVINGSTON GILBERT PICKARD MURRAY POOL ZULA DONNELL ,ffl , fvfz f NAPOLEON OWENS I93l , . Q C ze WILDCAT ,YV , QD- D ,1 -1, Q G . I ' Y YA if :ica l Axlx. . .q F Z QE K' N Dizzy Dozen and Snappy Six Organization Aims: To promote sportsmanship, fellowship and inter-school spirit. Miss IDA SCHNIRREL, Sponsor Seniors MARY LAMB LAURA HAY MARY TAYLOR MARIE SAINT AMAND JANE WILLIAMS Juniors ELIZABETH WI-II'rI-:HEAD MICKEY FOARD MILDRED BEALE Jr ,V -xx CAROLYN CHRISTIE MILDRED SMITH RACHEL CARROLL MARGUERITE PYXGE ALICE BOATWRIGHT ELEANOR WRIGHT MARGARET GRAHAM MARY BLACK BOLLES 3 Qfze WILDCAT rv C A, I ,Aly V The Scribblcrs Club This organization was founded for the purpose of encouraging better writing' among the students and affording them the privilege and pleasure of reading their works to each other and receiving constructive criticism. Only students who show exceptional ability are selected as members of the club. CLAUDE HOWELL, President NANCY WALLACE, Secretary-Treasurer MRS. GEORGE LE GRAND, Faculty Advisor Members HARRIET ABEL MILDRED FOARD CAROLINE BELLAMY MARGARET BOYLAN ALICE BOATWRIGHT LoUIsE BROWNE RACHEL CARROLL GENEVIEVE CORBETT FRED HOBBS CELESTE MCCLAMMY ETHEL ROCHELLE JOHN SCHILLER BERTHA WRIGHT ELEANCR WRIGHT The Art Club The Art Club was organized this year under the capable direction of Miss Lossen and Miss Russ. The club was organized to give students who are interested an oppor- tunity to study and express themselves in art. MISS LOSSEN and Miss RUSS, Faculty Advisors CLAUDE HOWELL, President ELOISE MATTOCKS, Secretary and Treasurer Members JOE ALLARD LEAH BAREFOOT MARGARET BCYLAN EMILY EDWARDS WOODWARD FARMER RUTH MCINTIRE ANNA NALL ROBERT NELSON VIOLET RODERICK BEVERLY STOKLEY FRED HoBBs ADA UNDERWOOD HUGH HUMPHREY ELAINE voN OESEN HELENA J oHNSToN Roy VANN RUTH ELLEN JAMES ELIZABETH VANN CORA LEE JOHNSON MARY LOUISE WALSH EMILY KING LOUISE WILLIAMSON MAY MCFARLAND MARTHA WIGGINS CATHERINE MINCY MARGARET WILLIAMSON LYLE MCKIBBIN 4 G 3 2 -alan 11:11- f 'IIIIJ 3 +V .- E 1 f ' v ,I 'x 'J ,. -Bh xff i M1 , X Y nf 4. 1 s x - , '- - f.' ,lm uf ...rl .. 1 -. -1, .4 - vw!-'.m',.,r , , . ,Q , f s, ,y ,1 ,. W +- ' V I 1 - . . . . -1 T -5-M L- Z .N .aiikx-J ,.,sf"" 4 ,Wm . ,Wm ,.v ', WP: . ' " jf. .3 'Q' . 1 4, . f . .1 , , , A , , 1 1 . v na.-'iff -L 4 if ' 1, .' ' 'v-V " , 1 ug wx N Gigli' K 1 . w ., uw" 55252: , WL ' -+ , I fa 'L 4,1 r 'I WEEK 'Sag-at N. 1' ma diff IW W!! if J gf my-x 1 I ff' V JH,-nw JS f 'N 3,3-,ua : vm! 5 ,gm 1 wigs x fggggrbiii- K .. .L swf u S 1 WILDCAT ' 8 Q 3 ,., Qs' 2 .1,,1.51.I1In1.1.1gliI1.Qu11.1,U1'.14I1an1.1.1lpin1..1u.isn1g.1nn1nu1nu.-uni. -4.1 Miss Applewhite: "Give me the principal parts of 'swim,' Margaret?" Margaret Boylan: "Swim, swam, swum." Miss Applewhite: "Good, now, of 'dim?' " T.-Margaret Boylan: "Pd rather not." WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Is an ideal manufacturing and industrial location, served by the Atlantic Coast Line, Seaboard Air Line and the Wilmington, Brunswick and Southern Railroads, the Clyde Steamship Company and the Railway Ex- press Agency, Inc. Wilmington furnishes exceptional advantages for the operation of Ferti- lizer Plants, Cotton Mills, Garment Factories, Oil Distribution Terminals, Lumber and Wood Working Factories, Pulp and Paper Mills, and kindred industries. Climate Pronounced by Roger Babson to be ideal. Average tem- perature throughout the year 63.2 degrees. Average pre- cipitation, 49.5 inches. Weather is temperate and invigo- rating throughout the year. Labor Native white, intelligent and efficient. Adequate supply of unskilled contented colored labor. Living Conditions Satisfactory, tending to promote health and contentment. i Housing question presents no difficulty. Transportation Facilities Three railroads furnish accommodations for economic assembly of raw materials and distribution of finished products. The Cape Fear River has channel depth of 30 feet from mouth to terminals at north end of harbor. Markets In easy proximity to large consuming centers of the North, East and West, and to the rapidly growing markets of the South. Power and Fuel Adequate supply of power and fuel. Sites A number of sites in close proximity to railroads and Cape Fear River are available at low prices. Schools, Etc. Wilmington has splendid schools, fine streets, ideal health conditions, a modern and well equipped fire department and churches representing all denominations. Wilmington is the center of one of the most fertile and productive trucking, strawberry and agricultural sections in the United States. Wrightsville, Carolina, Wilmington and Fort Fisher Sea Beaches are reached through the City of Wilmington. These resorts attract thousands of visitors and are called "The Playground of the South." Wilmington's spirit is hospitable and friendly toward new enterprises. All queries for specific information, pamphlets or data will be cheerfully and promptly given attention by the WILMINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Mr. Morris: "Can you give me an example of wasted energy?" "Bar" Sprunt: "Telling a hair-raising story to a bald-headed man." 5 3 Q - ' 11:1 11:15 :11:-falx 3 11:14 g wwILDCAT A 4,-1, - -cf C 1- xflf - A O Y 5if.I'5eiI Q9 R, Mrs. Williams Qin chemistryjz "Close Billy Rehder: "Never had mine open." your books." Mrs. Williams: "That's probably true." T..................-..-...-..-...-...-......i..-....-............f I I 5 THE IRVING I 5 SHIRT SHOP I I A FULL LINE OF Q i HABERDASHERY I If it's Irving's it's standard I N. E. Corner Front and Princess l : -1-....-...-...-..-..-..-..-...-I.-....-...-.......-..1. I Q 7 LUCY B. MOORE I 1 Florist l I i Being a member of the Florist i L Telegraph Delivery Association T Q we wire flowers everywhere. i I : .i.....-...-....-...-...........-..-...,....-..-.......-..-..l. +n1uu 111111-1111 nu-nu I I I - I I Congratulations I I I i May this be the beginning of a L Q successful life- l ! In business, happiness and I 1 prosperity. 1 I I I I ! - l I Sutton-Council I I Furniture Co. i "Se1-'vice with a smile" ' I 1 I 310 N. Front St., Wilmington, N. C. T 7 I -i.-...-....-...-..I.-..I.-I..- .... - .... - .... -....-....-........-..g. 1..-..............-...-......-...-..-....-..........-......-.!. I Prompt Service on All Repair Work I E. J. SCHADT I I WATCH SPECIALIST I i AND JEWELER I Royal Theatre Building T Q0pposite Post Officej l f Wilmington, N. C. I -i-.......- -....-....-...-........-..-..-..- .-..-..gL .r.-...-....-....-..............-.......-..-..-..-..-......!. I ! Q PLACE YOUR INSURANCE I I IN 2 The Carolina 1 i Insurance Company 1 I Your Local Company Q Represented By All Agents I - .i.-..-..-..-..-..-...-..-..-..-....-....-..-...-..i. '!"- "" ----------- ' '- "" '1' ! l L L L ' ' I I Q ! L I H113 QUAIITYH Q ! ! L ! Sweet Milk Buttermilk ' l I L Chocolate Milk Acidophilus Milk l Lactic Acid Milk Sweet Cream ' f Q Q DeLuxe Ice Cream I I 1 WILMINGTON I ICE CREAM Co. I I 14-16 Princess Street LMHaMMsss-smsmi .... .... Rivers Hanson: "What do you do when you get seasick?" Harry Payne: "Why, I give up." G Q - 1. . C WILDCAT Q f gf? -XA ,,,' ,Y o . Linwood Green: "I want to ask a question about a tragedy." Mrs. Martin: "All right." Linwood Green: "What's my grade?" Q..-..-..-...........-........-..-..-..-..-...-.5, .F-..-. ---------- ------T : M : H .l H I ELIOTT LIVINGSTON F Q THE JULIA T ! H I I l REAL ESTATE ' INSURANCE WilmingtOn's Most Attractive if LORD sz MEARES, Inc. Q i Ladies' Shoppe Q u I I I Phone 766 5 I n I ' I i 120 Princess St., Wilmington, N. C. ! ROSAINE HOSE EXCLUSIVELY . I . .a...-..A,.-..A,.-.....-..-..-..:x-..s,....I. .i....-......-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-..L Vu:zum-un1nn1uu1nn1un1uu1nn1nu1uu-iuninn-gf. Tn-n1nn1un1-vu1un1nn1nn-nn-nn:-niuuiunimv-1, li ll ! 1: AUTHENTIC STYLES IN SHOES FOR EVERY MEMBER L SUITS AND ACCESSORIES I OF THE FAMILY AT T , POPULAR PRICES 5 H N ' N i 9 ll I S H D A VID 3 I MERIT SHOE CO. A U INC. - Q, 106 North Front Street ff V - Q .5...........-..-..- ...-..-.........-.....-..,'. .l...-.... -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..Q. iw-m----.-n-n-u.-.--..-..---- -In-I--1, .ju-..-...-., --.,..... ,.,-...,!, L . ! ., xl 'i 1 1' , ' if ' How Many of You Graduates G Compliments 5 H I of Are Going to College? -. l - .. fl i AN EDUCATIONAL l if 5 Sears, Roebuck ENDOWMENT POLICY 8: CO. T 5 T' H Would Have Guaranteed It N RETAIL DEPARTMENT H H i l I ll H rs STORE i ll l 5 I ROBT. C. RUARK T Special Agent 1 wilmington' N' C' Jefferson Standard Life Ins. CO. T Z' 204 North Carolina Bank Bldg. 15 li rr H X rx . N i. +C!!Tl!ll!-illilllllillilllllillllllllillili +CllilllillillTllillTlllllliM l1llll+ John Hoggard: "What would you do if I kissed you on the forehead?" Edith Ellis: "I'd call you down, of course." G P C. 9 'A E : Y Y Q 1:1 fmaaxlnnrrfxarc 9hewuLDcAT O 111 fx K I1 ..-N, 4-WC: Ez2fn'I6:1HeSeiyAfaE XR' Mr. Black: "Aren't you ashamed of smoking a cigarette ?" Harry Gilliard: "I sure am, but what's a guy to do when he ain't got the price of a cigar?" I CONGRATULATIONS I I HALL'S DRUG STORE I I T0 THE SENIORS I ,, Fifth and Castle Streets I I Phones! 192 and 193 Wilmington I I CO' I The best store in the city I I 213 North Front street I I for country people to trade. I I U , , H I The best store in the country I T Yom' Credit IS good i for city people to trade. ! -i--M---.- ------ -------------M- ------I. -i----I---1----u------------------------I--I-L T"""' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' """""'I' 'I"'m""""""" ' ' 'M' ' """"I' I I - : I 5 I I HUMMELL sz PERRY 1 FOY, ROE st CO. 1 I INSURANCE I Distributors of I I 7 RELIABLE MERCHANDISE i EVERY KIND ANYWHERE 5 ' ' I Q I I I I I LMI ........... we ammHmmmMc-mmmm4 IMmH""""'MT'ImmmmmM""'mmI I I I I I Adams' Studlo I I I I Cape Fear Hotel H fqllf' I I I - I I Everythingin Ollege Glrls T High School Photography i Copies a Specialty g Photographs Live Forever Hathe or Schlller Make an Appointment 1 With Us 1 I I I I I I I I I I ann---n--W-M-M-M-.1---------------I--I----4 L----n-----n-----------------I-----I-----s Jimmie Feagle says that Robert Burns was a true Scotchman. He wrote short poetry. ,1 C3 -Y ILC' WILDCAT Og' ff ' L.- Q, ,,.,L.El1r -EQ QQ X 'Q A for l ffa ' r. if "Snooky" Evans fleaving N. H. H. SJ: "Good bye! I want to thank you for all I have learned from you." Miss Struthers: "Don't mention it, it's nothing at all." ?u-nn- f--' -nn----n-v--m---m--I-M-In--m.-M-,!, .P-.,,,..,.....,,,,-,,,,-,,,,-,,,,-,,,,-,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,.. ,.,. ...,,,.,!, I 1 GEORGE S. BOYLAN I J. H. Boatvm ht 8: Sons, lnc. 2 I FURNITURE CO. 2 I I I I i GENERAL INSURANCE I i FUB1g'SgHq'EEfEl?r2GS' 1 2 AND BONDS 2 ' ' ' I I 15 South Front Street I 212 Princess St., Wilmington, N. C. Wilmington, N- C- - I Phone 73 "Oldest Eurniture Store in i WlImlHgt0H,' 4....-.. .... ..-,.,....-..-...- - -.......f. -...-..- - -....-....-...-....-..- - - -..- Turn 111:111 naval-nninlnlnw-nn I1-un: - nvnnvnnlnn-nninniluinuv :nnvn i Established 1859 I Sam'l Bear, Sr., 8z Sons I WHOLESALE GROCERS I I , I .. - -I- -,,,..-.11-..--.111i1.-M1- 'I' I I I R I I I i SUPREME I I I Mary Taylor: "Do you believe in the hour of prayer 311 N. Front St., Wilmington, N. C. ...E mums, Wilmington Iron Works "The Iron Men" Phone 247 Wilmington, N. C. GENERAL REPAIRS MILL SUPPLIES All Necessary Portable Equipment Main Office: Foot of Orange St. .M1...,1.,.1,l-ml1n.....1,.1....1.,.,....,.,1,.1,m1 .inn-11111-.1111nn.1n Compliments of The Young Men'S Clothes Shop The Home of Hart Schatfner 8: Marx Clothes Florsheim Shoes -..f. -...-..-...-....- - .. ----- ----- -pr Bob Ruark: "I would have if you had left me two hours ago." '21 QE'-Ig 11154 .IQSIQ or Q ," C, 5 as qfze WILDCAT Q S Ez :X tu I -ai cg ,- LH Q--rg,u'E'w'3 If E-f X. Billy Wells: "Only fools are postivef' Mae Keels: "Are you sure?" Billy Wells: "Absolutely." ?n1nn1nuiun1un1un-vnninuinn-nunrnnrnn1mv:nnT Tninninn 111- uni 1' 1111 ui 4 . . 1 . T Compliments I i Davls T of Grocery Company ' l FRESH MEATS FANCY AND i Atl3.IltiC Tobacco Co., IHC. STAPLE GIQQCERIES I Wilmington, N. C. ,:1 I Fresh Vegetables and Fruits 1 Phone 152 T 1 Phones 4s-49 10 So. 17th Street I ' I -i-......-..-. - ....-..-..-..-......-..-..-..I. 4. A I H. F. WILDER Compfmems ' - o i REAL ESTATE AND i 1 E RENTAL AGENCY i CRESCENT MOTORYCO. l Plione 631 Distributors of ' 207 Pmcess Sweet - ' CHRYSLER MOTOR CARS I l L L . ..-..-..-.-..-..-.-..-.. ..-. ..-4 L..-..-..-..----..- .g..-.............-...- - - - - - .. .. -....-...-..-......-............,........-..,- - - - .. 1 i . , . l I May We Serve You in Future Life as We Have Served Your Fathers? T EF IRD' Where Your Children's Children Will Do Their Shopping W gie,..,,,1.5-nznnu-1111'szuin1mm:nu-un1m:1nn:-nuxnn-nninuxu--nn-snlv:nl1uu1nn1 1 inniuniuniuaio Tom James: "I'm burning with love for you." Kitty Nichols: "Come, come! Don't make a fuel of yourself." -un-nuinmxun--nn-nn1:n:nu-un1nnQun1un1au1uo'o I-m1 1 - 1uu1un1-nu1nn1n- 1nn1un:nn 5 Q ,lv E E ---S Q Y Y If ll A wfflfflf- K ir G We WILDCAT D , 2 ..g. In ,P Tom Woody: "Should a person be punished for something he hasn't done?" Mrs. Martin: "Of course not." Tom Woody: "Well, I haven't done my English yet." -vuininu:-un1niun--un-:n1ln:uu-ul--un-rllill-gk Tl1nn1ul:uu1m1nn1nn1nu1nn 1111 ul-nun-1. H Your personality .demands that " The H H Your Suit be 5 H Equitable Life Assurance ,, CUSTOM TAILORED L ll Society I U We give you value far in excess of .Of the fx 44 our prices A United States H I. SHRIER 8Z SONS J. H. JAMES, DISIL. Mgr. al I I A H J. D. Edwards, A. B. Stallworth, I Establlshed 1870 g " E. L. Matthews, Special Agents ll .i.-..-. - -..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-.....i. .a:...-......-..-u.-......-......-...-..-..-..-..l. Tu1u---1u1a'11.111-1.--nn-rnniuu--main:-1uu-gk 1s:iu1nn-uni:l1nu--uniuu-1un-un-nu-1un1nu1nn-or ' SCHOOL RINGS, PINS, ETC. ,, I SHEET MUSIC ,, 'F Get It From V BISSINGER ll j LATEST HITS H H DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND gl VICTOR RADIOS ll JEWELRY 1' I 2 1 ,, Repair Worlk on Watches and A H H I 1: , ' ' ' 1 105 Msgirigtreet H V 209 Princess Street 1' F. A. BISSINGER 1 j Phone 313 I m4llTlll iIl1llTllillTll1lllllllllUl l 4-IIT!!TIITIITIIIlllllillilliililiillilliuill o!u1un1u 1111 -1--n 111111 nn--nn-uu1un-1nu1uu1nn-nu-nu1nu1nn1uu-nninu-unxunxnk .1 Q .V 1. lil T ll I H I BRLK-WILLIAMS COMPANY, Inc. l fl l 1 ll ' ONE OF CAROLINA'S BEST DEPARTMENT STORES " 1: I H FEATURING EXCLUSIVE DEPARTMENTS H FOR BOYS AND GIRLS 7 I -- I az i -n-- A ---- - -- .-1n..n1n-p-ilu1.1-.-u.-.nn.1nn1.q1un1uu:uq1u.1 -. ix- 1 - 7-: f:.-:inf 2:1 - David Scott: "Do your shoes hurt?" Ed. Taylor: "No, but my feet do." Q 1 V K-'vi -:a'1 ::::: : :: 4f c ' 677'wlL DCAT 2 P141 'JL "f V H 'M ll 11 -dxf 2 f QNX 49 Meares Harriss: "What are you doing there?" Mildred Smith: "I've been sitting here an hour and the vanishing cream h:Isn't moved- yet." Tu1ln1nn1ln1ul-ll-un1un1nn-un1nniln-uu1uu-gk Twin!-ulinuiuuinuiuuiuuui inn-nu-uuiuuiuu-or I PIANOS PIIONOCRAPHS I ll l MoGRATH 8z CO. 3 I 302 North Front Street ,, F J K- I Phone 777 I Good Clothes for Every Man T l RADIOS RECORDS T if I: fl I "Our Aim-To Entertain" H i ,K m1 1n1nn1:I1uu1uu1mI1Im1nu--uuiuu-an-:Jn Glu-1111111111 M1 -Ill 1111-111 Illini Tin 1i1,111,1 .... ,,,,,...m-g!. url1uu--In--Ias-nn-1:I-uminerals--ul1nl1Il-vnu-11a-gk . I - : I 1: l I 7 GREGG BROTHERS I PHELPS, FLOWERS I GOOD HARDWARE I 108 PRINCESS STREET I I U L I 5 I We have .1t,,can get It, or H I Phone 312 : 1 It Isn t made L I 1 Phone sa 14 North Front sn-oem if - -.. ........ ..-....,-.I L.-..-..-..-.-..-..L..-..-..-..-..-..-.i 1-I1uu1u--uu1uu1 1un1un1nII 1111 un-nu-in l?l1ll 111: uuiuu--uu1uu1nu1 -can-can-un-,k - ,, 1 I l THE I 1 Founded 1876 I l DLUETHENTHAL CO. il I QE g MANUFACTl:IcRI5EIR'1Sg AND MILL ' Direct Mill Shipments Only i WILMINGTON, N. C. H L . ll L Oldest Daily in the State 1' Q 3 Z TIIT!ISllllillTlUlllIl1IllTll-illlllil l 1"""' """""""""""""""""""""'!' Member of A. P., S. N. P. A. and I I I Audit Bureau of Circulation If I O. E. DURANT i l l SHIP CHANDLER T Fu: Le'?S:dd fire of U ssocia e ress f PROVISIONS, DECK AND 1 i If I ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES as Q k 5 Watch the Star-News for L Water and Mar et Streets i ll High Sch 001 Sport News ! I - A L I oi.........-I.-...-...........-....-....-....-....-...-...-..-.l .......-I..-..-..-I.-..-..-..-..-..-J.-..-.op Rachel Carroll: "Am I the first girl you ever kissed ? " Thomas "Fanning" Wood: "Well, you are the last, and the last shall be the first." e 3 W Y - 1: uaarnxar prpn- :cc C 3 C756 WILDCAT ..--.. - 'Ill ' ' ' Q MA in 5 E.. " Tom Burch: "Have you heard the new butcher song?" Mary Lamb: "No, howzat?" Tom Burch: "Butcher arms around me, honey." 1 MEARES HARRISS I M ll ' I ' Q A 0 H REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE I Wllllllll2l0llGl'0C0fYc0. QQ Phones'1129 and 3085 l all 223 Market street Q I' L 1 W Phone 12 v4 :I Wilmington, North Carolina l I I i SATISFACTION Q' ...-.................-...-.......-...-....-..-.........-. ..-.............-....-..-..-...-....-.......-........-..g. ITnne--1-uiu1.1..-u-----n-----n-nn-n---n-T -gn-un--u-In --1---- nn- -un-uw-.H 'I locks l lzl ll 2 I T "W ' I I NEHI BOTTLING CO. H S H I R T S QUALITY BEVERAGES I 7 Southland Manufacturing Co. ' 2 WILMINGTON, N. C. I-A------------------------------------i -----------A ---- - ---------Ji +41151.111ng...IIpiI..1u..-ug-Inq..ilu1qu1uu1ug1uu1g.1..1..iug1lg1p.1ug1g..1 1 .- .- -unigg.-ua, ll It , QUALITY COMFORT ECONOMY " The Wilmington Furniture Co. I "The Old Reliable" , l fl il ll I 208 NORTH FRONT STREET PHONE 368 T l I .l...................................-..-...................-......-..............-..-..-..-.. l -4 Bill Hall: "I can't see what keeps you women from freezing." Marguerite Page: "You aren't supposed to, big boy." Q -Jw , :l lla: 1:::: a4 G We WILDOAT Q ,,,,,.. . A ,221 .AL or Lua' - as as Q. 'V Pilkgftn Miss Mary Lathrop: "Who made that noise?" There was a silence and finally- Clarke Bellamy: "I laughed up my sleeve and didn't know there was a hole in the elbow." I1-I-I-"-I'-I-T"-I-I-'I-I'-I'-'II-I Q SAUNDERS i l FOR ANYTHING IN THE WAY I 2 DRUG STORE OF FLOWERS i 1 I WILL REHDER I WILMINGTON'S ORIGINAL I - A CUT RATE DRUG sTORE T Florist I , : , LDE T AND LAREST IN ' l 108 North Front Street 0 EASTERN CAROLINA 'gl-uu-uu-uv-uu--nu-nu-un-un-uu1nu1uu1nu1nu1-Eg LnA111u-nu--un1-4141uu1uu1un-nu-uu1uu1nu1ua-HIL 2 Q WRIGHTSVILLE 1 N. Jacobi Hardware Co. BEACH : I 2 i "THE HOUSE YOUR 1 T In 3 Hurry? l I FATHER DEALT WITH" l T I 1 l I L Use the Causeway un-ua-.A .--------- uuvnic ai-un-un-uw--w-w---vl1IH-l'-'l-ll1'I-II-lI-- ! -I- i-.,,.' TTiiTTi1i,li uuiu,Tu,,llnT' 1l1:v1L1 lllllllvllvllll? ! L ! T I THE TIME TO LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE IS IN YOUTH I I T l Youth must acquire perseverance, stick-to-it-iveness and wisdom, ,I L which linked with the art Of thrift, brings prosperity and happi- I A ness. In our systematic plans of investment your dreams can , 1 be realized over a given period of time by the investment of I i small weekly sums. First mortgage security. Earnings more . I I than 611, tax free. Assets more than S1,700,000.00. :I M E THE MILLION DOLLAR i I Carolma Bulldmg and Loan Assoclatlon T E. T. Taylor, Pres. W. A. Fonvielle, W. D. Jones, Asst. Sec.-Treas. 3 C. M. Butler, V.-Pres. Sec.-Treas. J. O. Carr, Attorney i I i Cilninuviun--nn-vnuv Inln 1.11:-111.110-lniuuinuinninl-n.-u-1uu1uu1nn--un- 1 111-1:1 1 n1 - 1 11:-n-ull Agnes Peschau: "I saw a man swallow a sword." Rosalie Watters: "That's nothingg I saw a boy inhale a camel." Y -111 :flu x '5 9 M 67716 WILDCAT 2 if' Q"'l1I1 Q G 1-- - : - fb- .. ' Q, X 76-5 5: Z I II Elizabeth Bridgers: "Where have you been?" Jane Beery: "On a guessing test." Elizabeth Bridgers: "Thought you had a test in French." Jane Beery: "I did." .1..1p.1g.1ae1ea1..-nu1nl1uu1nu1nn1ll-mm n1u.1nn1..-n1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..- T I l I ! ! i 1 ,,f" I i I I f"3V'kER mylo 3 : I - S9 INSURANCE P 1 I l COMPLIMENTS - Q e, were eu le- - ' I fm, y X4 ! L OF i I! Norm, I 1 THE GROCERTERIA I f I I . aio-ul-Hw1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 -lv-ruin +---- ---------- --I-I-T 1----- ------------ ---T I : E . I . I CITY OPTICAL Co. E 1 SHELL MAP SERVICE I T I Weekly Detour Information I 2 TH'OS. B. LILLY, Owner I I I Q I e In-and-out Maps of I Q EVERYTHING OPTICAL f Prmclval Clues I 5 Wilmington - Fayetteville HUGHES BROS., INC. ' : 1 . l-..-..- - -.-..- - -I .-.. I-.I -ee----I-e----e-I--I-I-------I-...I-.I ge--In 111111111 - - 1 H1-I-I--11111111 1111111111-1 Hu-Inj i MOLASSES COOKIES! And They're Made From GRANDMA'S OLD FASHIONED MOLASSES 1 cup Grandma's Molasses 1 tablespoon hot water ' 1 level teaspoon soda Vz teaspoon vanilla " ' 1 level teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons shortening :I H 1 level teaspoon ginger I Sift the soda, salt and ginger into the molasses. Add the water and I U shortening and pastry Hour enough to make dough to handle. Roll mix- H ture out on floured board, cut with floured cutter and bake in moderate oven. 1, i . i I Amerlcan Molasses Company of N. C. Q 1 Wilmington, N. C. Write us for free recipe book I .....-..-......-..-..-..-.......-..-..-,.-..........-..-...-..-..-..-.- ... .. .. - - ........i. Claude Howell: "You are the breath of my life." Eleanor Wright: "Did you ever try holding your breath?" WILDCAT O - .ei Q I 1 ' ' C' X A New .V V, i .-fg' ' a 'K ' Q f Mrs. LeGrand: "Give me a sentence using the word 'writhe.' " H. W. Stevens: "I writhe every morning at theven-thirty." ine-UE1:pinging-ui1ginig.-ll1uu1ql1nl1pp1pg1ll1I-.-un.-n.1n1.p1gq,-g.1ng-.uni 1- 11441-lg? I: I I I I W I I , I I I I il T U if ll T Il 1? H T E I HARCOURT 81 CO. L it INCORPORATED If LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY ll 3 4 in I if 5 T Ig H ,I MANUFACTURING I l H STATIONERS - ENGRAVERS - JEWELERS li 'T H T ll 5 U If A I W H T I H H 1' 3 l 3 l 'Q E I U LI 2 U , .. :I U ll1u1uu-ll-ll1ll:u-u-n1u-ll-uliuill1ln1la1au-us:uuiulznzll:un-ul-1411-ul1uu1u1nn1uin While Miss Helen Barnwell was at home she was missing for three days before the police finally located her in a "pay as you leave" bus. e if 11 ::la1 ::::an-N:1 QAGWILDCAT -I Lf --Q, -Q WW!! fzf ' X- ke. Q Y .441 IQ, I ft alu-uo1nn-un1n1nu1n1n1nn-u1nu--u1un1nn-an1nu1n1u-uu1n1nn-11:1un-uu1nu1n1n1n-an-I 1. T a: ii ig IT PAYS TO usa li o 1 if C90 Printing H H i if SCHOOL RINGS I J Commencement In0itations lr I i ip I Xxfilmington Stamp 86 Printing Company Good, Dependable Printers if 2II and 213 North Second Street 7 Wilmington, N. C. 4 LQ li u-u--u--ua----on--I--u-rw-ll-ll111-II-lI--ll-II-ll-Il-ll-'I'-I'-"1"1"-"1ll-ll--ll-nrllln WILDC 1 :Jr -adlllir .0-Qllllih 'JIJJIJI 3 K' fi.. ' .5 0 ,. 'fy' ,P fy Autographs Y U 4-i7f 'III - lI - In Z , G 9 4 4 I w - , - .g 'Lvfiw .1 '-I -' NAA,-1 au . J.Lf:-Msg! Gjfze WILDCAT -. hN:- '-1:- "--1- 'xg'- ! ' -mi. . Nwjyf- Autqgraphs R Q U" ' Zin' G 5 , 4 -'I v rl a f rf' WH. . e . . 12+ If s , 'Y' ' '- "" sf' ' + 'nh ' - w. L . - 'r r iTi i lT77 ?'r:'r:1'R7iQ-:117-zikig-Q 1 W, 1? N" TNQ . , .H - ' lr ,Q . - 'nf -Q , . , ,. N 1 Autographs, A, . QQ" ' x , ' 'V ff 4. A1 .fu U N "b ?-we 4 X it Y it ' I .aj i A U Q J' Q, 1 ,,.-? , n fi' All f i ' - . l -4, -QW . ' Q ' a , 4 I Q N o" l . , , ' J r . , - , . -97. , . - , A. . .'. T . .., T1'7. -" '- . . 9 'E 1. , '.-I 5- :..'?. - ' ' WI LDCAT T77 -: ...... Q wig Memoirs of '51 Q 9 , N ' , , S Ill' 1114 f:r::: r1::1.N:4 G ,ids-3-Aj .Q ,, fv n 5 .5 E 2 VZ 'O 1 4 I L L f p n , 1 , M, gf r , 3. 4 . ,, : u, r, 1: - - . wg. -- V wr -1. -- '. . vvvmcna-I-,s-1--n-az.nnr.n-:mvmr-1-,.w-vlan -4...-,Q 1.-A. 1 ,.-- -u.-,frm mg I ww.-'J -- :-n-..-f,1.:f:-nmvnu-.ur.- .vmn :- an-wer. - wx. r w.w1.'u a--mv 1 , W, I , . w :Elf 4 4 i r H The nldcat 1931 Q H . K I ' f 5 W' 1 I i , 1 P 5 4 5 1 ' L 4 , l 1 I g I +11- 'N'ZIr I

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