New Hampton High School - Shadow Yearbook (New Hampton, IA)

 - Class of 1923

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New Hampton High School - Shadow Yearbook (New Hampton, IA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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Fl F v 5. Q 1 vi :Q ? 4 K 1 M ! Y' ,, EI 1 Le fi n I 2 if 11 F as E Zi ,K , yi ws -1u nz-nn..--11,1-. . 1,-J--, . -ff ,rf . , .V ,,,w,,,- :--wf-'un-n-1w.,w'f,. --- V. -,.--f-.,-1..x,, -fm -1 - V ,. a4mqm1 mf-x.v11n:... ii 5: . 'fi 5 3 a E 5 E 5 1 E fl f. Q E 2 5 3 5 S 5 5 i 'H A 3 LF V. 52 3 Y J: 5 N 5, s F' s , in E L E E si Q 5 .f fi E s 5 5 S 2 Q 5 mm -1 . tmmn.i- . In-nl-.wfm-ui:-n.f.-an-M w-.mi--vu-mann 'nw -wumnmgmuwma Munn- ff -.mmfwlnwsmm .0--w-My: ,um m-mm:-Q--1:-. 5 a 5 fi E H A E? YS a E 1 7 s if ig E ,. 1 FQ xl T N 55 E l. Qi ,A 1 E f S .. Jw Q 1, E 3 . M Q,,m .f...m --..L.,,.....,af. ,......,...........,..,...m...,.......,.W..n....,.........,, mm., ,.,m., ,- .Awww ' fl .9 ,,1 QL' 1' 'Z' 'V 'f' 2' - V, fy' ' H, . , fv' I EX I U f '57 .f f .,f ,ff'fj.3' -f K 3 aw 'Q fu f - ,,, f . - f - RIS Copyright 1923s-By Senior Class THE STAFF -Q,-1 Editor-ln-Chief ................,, Harold Larson Business Manager ...... ..... H arold Sheakley Advertising Manager-- Associate Editor ...... Organizations Editor-- Society Editor ---------.- Boys' Athletics Editor---.-- Girls' Athletics Editor ---- Humorous Editor ----- Calendar Editor ---- Art Editor ------- Photographer ----- Stenographer ---.- Stenographer ----- Stenographer ----- - - -George Markle - - - -Lora Kennedy - -Marie Morrissey - - - Marie Murphy - - - -Cleve Phelps - - - -Alice Shaffer - - - - Marie Achen - - - -- -Lydia Waltz - - - -Alice Costigan - -Kenneth Scully Dorothy Momberg -Marjorie Vroman - - - -- -Alice Barry The -Shadow Dolume Four '33 It K .5 E - T X I 6' Q. X ,. n PUBLISHED wBY THE SENIOR CLASS OFC ' NEW HAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL NEW HAMRTON, IOWA 1923 DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1923, here- by dedicate this fourth volume of the "Shadow" to Mr. Lapham, our superin- tendent, teacher, and friend, as a slight token of our appreciation of his efforts in our behalf. Mr. Lapham has been fundamental in the life of our annual, both as origin- ator and patron of the custom of pub- lishing a yearbook for New Hampton High, and as advisor in compiling this volume of the "Shadow". Mr. Lapham has been equally prom- inent in the actual life of the school during the span of years representing our High School Course. To us as a class he shall always be remembered as asymbol of our High School life, and to us as individuals he shall always be remembered as asympathetic counselor and friend. . 1 l xx EI E C 1- L1 WVIVIVWIUU Svhahnxu llll P. C. LAPHAM Supgrlntendent M llllllllllli 1923 llllllllllll' ,,,.,, 1 . ' ' ' "W ' "I W IAI III IMI I II II I I I Eihlllll It IIII II I I III IMI I L. I3 -.. I f I ..--I. I I I I ...... I I I I I III nu--I I III I I3 'I ... I I I I 3.1. I.. TI I""I qi' 1- Cl Il I I I ISI! ,I is FOREWORD -gps- As in nature there are shadows, both the perfectly mirrored images, and the laughable distorted shadows, so it is with this "Shadow", It contains that which we have tried to make perfect reflections of the nobler and more serious side of our school life, and the momentary and dis- torted shades which are due to the humorous perspective of the writer. It has been our aim to make them all characteristic of the subject in con- sideration,Iso that they may be recog- nized and appreciated for these qualit- ies. With this thought in your minds, we commend you to the further perusal of the book. ,A ...M W, , V-I I--- ---- 'Y - ff---f f--L f- wwf'- II I II I '-I I.. II I I I I... II II I., I I? II I ...ty W I Ii I I.. I- L-I. It I sl, ..-.. I I I I I I ui. Ip.. IL.. i4 -...L III I I III I I use VI ssss s s It D Cm" W F Nix S, 1 W .--1" 'f w X ,TV QWW3 'K 3? ' QKMQE Q WSW Lwiwf Q Y EW ff 1 Vff "-' fp S f x , sammy ' , Ijljlilljfjljlj Shzzhnm DECIDED lj C I ll E ll I C C, I I llllllllllll l , MILDRED EBERT Principal B. A., Knox College. Assistant Instructor, Chemistry and Wai' Aims, Knox College, '18-19, lnstiuctor, New Hampton H, S., '19-l2'1. Principal, New Hampton H. S., '21- f "I'cttple, do you know what the word quiet means? 1923 ITVIITVIVII-l E I I I I I1 5 E I I I C li I I I C I I L ...i -1 lllllll llljll Sha hum Llllllllllll MYRTLE SCHILD English 4 B. A., Northwestern College. Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '24- it 1 l "Now the r.-f-" B. S., Lenox College. careful." HELEN MCCOY Mathematics "N B. A.. Monmouth College. -' kost Graduate Wm k, University of Chicago. Instructor, Iniustry, Illinois, H. S., '20-'21. Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '21- "Put your papers on the front seat- gl find act accordirglyf' -1 -lla.- . . Illll llll II ll I Eight B. A., Geneva College. of Iowa. Instructor "Now that's just fine." 5 l U I l I... I. LT.. IEILA MORROW Q' Domestic Science il Instructor, Eli on H. S., '19-'20, 1 Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '2'Tf - "All riglt now-you'cl better he -- I l - i ... .7 li if L-.. if 4 ij- MARTHA LEORA HAYS '- Latin and Normal Training A -i lost Graduate Work, State University Instructor, Crawfordsville H. S., '15-'17. it Instructor, Prairie City H. S., '17-'18. I" Instructor, Brooklyn H. S., '18-'19. 1- , CrawfordsvilleH.S., '19-'2LJ. X Instructor, Mediapolis H. S., '20-'21, l' Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '21- L- i ...r 3... :Tru II U11 ix el 1923 P W y W 1 lj 1.1L1 LI 14 l.I.S7haIilnL1I .,I,-l.lilllQliIlI1lI1 1 C II 1 1 - 11. ..1 -' .. 1' i 5: 11- " H lL. " HAROLD R. HARTLEY LORA B. HARROD ,.,. Manual Training and Agriculture History i q- li. A., Morningside College. B. A., Oberlin College. 1' A Post Graduate Work, Iowa State College. Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '22 1... 1 Co. L, 316 Inf. 79th Division, A. E. F. "Be ardon---but that's not nec- 1,4 52,19 fi Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '21-M QSSRVY- - "Buys, go iound the post." 1 -1 11 ... ' 11- -11 1 ... " L.. ....' '11- -J E - 11'- - 'T 1 . 1 l -1 ... 1- -1 HARRY L. CRAWFORD CHARLES W-1 PERRY X- 1 Mathematics and Science I . Commercial ' I f' 1 Boys' Athletics Crzcb. llllI10lS State Normal University. ..1 R- S., E1eCtl.iCa1 Engineering, Des Washington School of Accounting. 'tt -11 Moines University. Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '21- 1,-L 1, Athletics Coach, Cooper, '21. Hom I am S0 excited, l -1 Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '22--f ' 1 -.I "That's up to you." 111 -1 . ' 1 W W ' " "" ' W " """' ' 111111111111 1523 it I7 VI VI i'I-.l-l,,I1:.1 Nino l- lj E l l -. l ...T i l... li l l i V Lll.ll.ll.ll.lLl ghuhnlli llllllllllllli, i X ,,,, l GLENN MooERs Music and Public Speaking Graduate, Mac Phail School of Music. Graduate, Stanley Hall, Dramatic Art. Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '224 "Altos, sing wfth your mouthes shut." ALTHA D. LAPHAM Normal Training and Latin B. A., Des Moines College. Substitute Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '22. 'This way, please." l GLADYS ENGLEMAN English and History B. A., Grinnell College. Instructor, Chariton H. S., '16-'17. Instructor, Milton H. S., '17-'18. Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '22n "Take down these topics for outside reading." 4. HENRIETTE NAESETH English B. A., Grinnell College. Instructor, New Hampton H. S., '22- "Now sayvdizzappointedf' Instructor, What Cheer H. S., '12-'15. I C I I II I ' i -1-.J I LT. I i . xi C L ...., L... L.. llllllllllll 1523 llllllllllll 1 Ten l v X "vnu ..w.. , , Af,'1g.7'? w-- M- vhvigfffy f I, f 5 f ww' ,, EEJEEEEE gljilhlfllll UEEEEIE U If CQCE? -qv'-M57 I I I-ITITVIITUVT 11 VIVIVITIUVI Elo 5llullllllllnl-Slyahnwlnelallllullllrll ll f ' - Y I 3 "' ' " , H - C 5 KENNETH SCULLY "Cub" l' WM Class President, '22-'23, li N" President, Athletic Association, '23, ' .... Pep Club, '23, ,. -. i Declamatory Contest, '23, L- V Photographer, "Shadow", '23. " 'The great thing is to know what you 1 "" want and then go for it." - I KENNETH SCHNURR HAH' - 4 ' Minstrel Show, '21, 1 if- Junior Class President, '21, ,.. L- Baseball, '20-'21-'22, L. lx Pep Club, '23, l l Treasurer, Athletic Association, '23, Class Vice-President, '231 " "A man's a man for a' that." 1, ' HATTIE WAGNER "Hat" l-h Glee Club, '21-'22-'23, ' President, Glee Club, '23, "Feast of the Little Lanterns", '22, -l' Captain, Basketball, '22, Basketball, '20-'21-'22, ,-,ll Girls' Yell Leader, '23, l Declamatory Contest, '23, Secretary of Class, '23, 1-"I "Here's to Hattie's fame '--- In many and many a game." ! VIINCEINT CLARY Hnurchf' E- Minstrel Show, '21, ! , Captain, Basketball, '23, ' 1 Basketball, '21-'22-'23, 133 Baseball, '20-'21-'22, Football, '22, -til Class Vice-President, '22, Class Treasurer, '23, Pep Club, '23, --1' Vice-Pres., Athletic Association, '23. l ' ll "Eon't try to bluff unless you know '-E how, it takes years of practice." l ! l MARJORIE VROMAN "Marg" Stewardville, Minn., High, '20, ' 1' Class President, '21, F-T1 Glee Club, '21-'22, Tlf "Nothing But The Truth", '22, --ll Pep Club, '23, Q Declamatory Contest, '22-'23, Stenographer, "Shadow", '23. "Who chooseth me shall get as much .-A, 1. fl- ' l 1 1, ll -l 'l l tl.. ' l ,l ia. ll' U'- il: il-L l l I , ..... .,--E as he fl eserves ,- : :ll U 1' lj4Al"",l"l"'l lfl Ill lf, 1 1923 f fTf?UflQ riril Twelve 4' " ' ' A W . ,' ll ll II II lol ll 9116155111 IIAILIIALII LJ II GENEVIEVE ROARTY "Gen" Basketball, '22-'23, Captain, Basketball, '23, Declamatory Contest, 'ESQ "Love all, trust a few, and do harm to none." RUSSELL ERION 'lRus" Alta Vista High School, '29-'21-'22, Declamatory Contest, '23, Orchestra, '23g Pep Band, '23. "They tell us he's a second Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," CORA STRIKE "Cori" Declamatory Contest, '23. "A demure miss uhom we all like." GRANT ROURKE "Willie" Secretary of Class, '21, Baseball, '21-'22, "Why Smith Left Home", '23. "Eccentric in love? Don't you re- member 'Why Smith L ft Home'?" HELEN CARR "Cu:-ls" Declamatory Contest, '21-'22-'23. "Another of those cheerful optimists, who has a smile for everyone." 2 'R' " it iw 1923 ll Q IMI ll l I ll? , , , J il: lil: L. li F' C ..l L. lg 1- 4- I l 1 --. F. ui.. . QI' '1- l l ..4. l IIVIHII lvl!-Cali Thirteen LL ll g .., WU 1 513' ,,. L 5. is .,.,.fW . if . ., -1 Y ,H Q..Ezi..,-., Q 2 u I ' A 1 f - ff' f f-- -A ff- - It li-Lin ,I I I 1 ll ll II Qhahnw I ,,l-l,,,l.,1.-l1 s 1 .a in i '- F Ilil 11, W" ,Mug W Y WWC! -A 'Ad l L-W IE! ... , ,- ...l L. ' li . "1 DOROTHY MOMBERG "Dottie" it Declamatory Contest, '23, ,r"', X-1" Stencgrapher, "Shadowi', '23. "-- E'-4 "She stsoops for nothing but the door." X,- ?' ll l L..I I ln.-l L s s , l F' MICHAEL RIES "Make" T4 ,"f North Washington High School, '19. 1-1 "Life is as tedious asatwice told talef' L' 1' .- CJ ,- jf ELVA HIJENEKE "Elf" U3 Alta Vista High, '20-'21-'22, '.. "Feast of The Little L'anterns", '22, 1 1 Glee Club, '23, ,Q - Girls' Quartet, '23, , 77 Orchestra, '23g " Declamatory Contest, '23g -' '- N. T. T. C., '23, .. -f ' "A mighty maid is she." - JEROME WHITE "Romeo" -, lj Ana vista High, '17-'18, - lu Orchestra, 722-'23, - 1 Declamatory Contest, '23. "What judgment shall I dread, doing no 1 1 wrong?" k- 4- 1 : ll lu ANGELINE GREEN A-Angier 1 l N. T. T. C., '22-'23, I " -' 4 Declamatory Contest, '23, Q -, "Red? not so very, - l-- Green? oh, not so very." ... T if 1 1- i El nj.. rin -1-1--r11r1 19 2 2 ,gn V ll Q LJ Ll LJ Fourteen l ff flT:..Q: S llllllllljll 9115121121111 Hllllllclllllll C l C - l - i ll' - NELLIE WHITE 'iEmma" :li 1 Dodge Center High, Dodge Center, - - Minn., '203 X, 1 Class Treasurer, '2l. 1 .- "Let us rejoice while we are young." 41" 1 l " il- 1 HAROLD WITTENBURG "Pinke," v Basketball, '22-'239 i -L Declam-atory Contest, '23. ll- "My small stature does not impede my ll- ' giant intellect." II... inl L lx MARGUERITE QUIRK "Kirk" -' st. Mary's High, '23, '- -Q N. T. T. C., '22-'23, ' U.. 1 Declamatory Contest, '23. 1, -fi L'Generally speakingMQuirk is generally MQ speaking." - ... JOHN DONNELLY Moat" '- -J Orchestra, '21g " -h Declamatory Contest, '23. " i "An incurable humorist and one who never -- " fails to appreciate one on himself." L- -T IL., -T 5 1' SELMA TANK "Telm.a Sanld' i l N. T. T. C., '22-'23g X" V Declamatory Contest, '23. 1 "Will make as much out of life as some 1'- " who kick up more dust." '... I N... ""' ' l 1 y - I -i i - l I ""4""'fi " 1 lim 'W My YYHWYWYYWH'Yi---li'4 1 ffllllllllllll 1222 Vl.Vl"l'-'V1..VL1 Fifteen I Ii I I I I I I I I II I I I Qhililtllli LI IAI .IA I I C I In I IMI .1 , .4 -f ..1-,.,.-,.,,,ff ' ' ' ' ' ' "U "WT" W" v' I II ,II II' -I III -I I..II -I I.I I REGINA BROWN "Gena" II :N St. Mary's High School, '20g It .I I N. T. T. C., '22-'23g II", Declamatory Contest, '21-'22-'23. 4,""lI "Work conquers everything." It-'I I F-.E X N- I... ' I , II..I II- I -I ALWIN MAURER "Punk" I -N II Football, '19-'20-'21-'22g - I-"5 Captain, Football, '22g I'-'I I Declamatory Contest, '23, -' I 7' "Punctuality doesrft mean Punk." I- I4. I II... ,,-I II- ALICE MUNSON "Al" -3 I- N. T. T. C., '22-'23g .- I Declamatory Contest, '20-'23, II "When once the heart of a maiden is - I stolen, I.. The maiden herself steals after it ," I -' soon." " I -1 X 1 I+ '- I ARTHUR GOEBEL "G0bble" - 'h' Football, '22g 1 -1 Declamatory Contest, '23, I-I 4- "Tell me not in mournful accents-women I- - are true." . I I if I4 LI II., ? I- I. LEONA ARMBRUSTER "Buster" I 5' St. Mary's High, '20g "" '-' N. T. T. C., '22-'23g -" -- Declamatory Contest, '22-'23. -I - "What she undertook to do, she did." -- ..I -b '-LI I I Ili' I -I I CI as M eeee I or -Il H -iii-"ig, . M.. 11:3 I 4' H "'T"C If,..s. W., , . , -,Q ,--I ,- f LI ,It IAI I I I LI AILI I e I IMI 19 2 3 I pI ICI ICI I-WI I I I I I I Sixteen II IIEII an Igl an Qhahnw i LLIVLI LI LJ LJ mans L, ,WW .f 4 iii 5 l , X l '- l ll. GRACE MCALOON "Gracie,' -- Declamatory Contest, '20-'21-'23. '1 "Vanity of Vanities, all is vanity." 1 , I T V1-. U.. VERNE CLARY "Bah" m- Baseball, '21, , ip' Basketball, '23, ,T Yell Leader, '21-'22-'23. ili "Variety is the spice of life, fl- But will he ever get a wife?" 1: ANNA KEEGAN "Annie" Treasurer, N. T. T. C., '22, 2 N. T. T. C., '22-'23, Ql- Declamatory Contest, '23. 'T "And we miss her happy smile, Nl- Since she no longer sits across the 11 aisle." H1 i- LEE MILLER "Dusty" '- Class Vice-President, '21, A rn, Football, '22, 1- Basketball, '23g Q Declamatory Contest, '23, 4- "He likes work when it's far away." L' I.. FT- .L VERNA EGGLESTON t'Vernie" -v' Declamatory Contest, '23, -N "A girl who knows what to say and when '- to say it." 1' X , 1 1 l - l l 1 , , - -ll l 4 4 , L eeee 1,4 llllllllllll l1923t VI VI VW Vl Seventeen II I "TI I: I I I ' i I .n...J ng I II- I.,I I il wif :ll I , I -1 l I ll I W- V MY Y .i I L A , 5ICIICICIIIIIIIIICghuhnwjIJIIIIIIIIII .. ,... LI FLORENCE JAEHRLING "Flo" ,U Declamatory Contest, '22-'23, A-. "The mechanical chatterbox that never I runs down." 1 I ,V I 'I CLARENCE WITTENBURG "Whitty" "Why Smith Left Home", '23. A I- "It matters not what men assume to be, 1 they are but what they are." I 'I-.. MARIAN ROSAUER "Mary Ann" 1 N. T, T. C., '22-'23g "" 7 Declamatory Contest, '20-21-'22-'23, - "Studious? Yes! Ambitious? Yes! Likable? -' Yes! That's Marian." .- L if HENRY HANSEN "Hank" ,-,I H "Does it surprise you to have us say that ...L -l h'e's an efficient and capable individ- -1 ual?" I I It In -I "" CLARA GERBER "Gerber" I-" St. Mary's High, '20, '-i lj N. T. T. C., '22-'23, --I I Declamatory Contest, '22-'23, - - "Feast of The Little Lanterns", '22g -.I 4 Orchestra, '23, gf I "Why Smith Left Home", '23g I - Glee Club, '23, --I 1' "Where is thy learning? Hath thy toil fy 1 O'er books consumed the midnight oil?" I4 I IIIIIIIIIIIII 1923I ,IIIQIIllllL,I,IAIC.I F:1r"f4-Pn x lji 7'1" if w NT! V 1 I ..i V X-. -i I: Ni 5- ! QV ," i EQ W ri ,, .M . i "-I .HGV 4 J ' 1 E , s I,-'- 1 , Q.. M- N- Y M 1 -eW 1'-4 1 4 , K'-.ll 1.-.. Vu T -1 I 1 f 7 I N ...N 1 , w D ,L A l l 4 i i i i I V I 1. M Iflylyyll ui na an ll ighahnm :Lila LII in II :is : S H, fnfnsg ,4. M T" Amid - g ll - lg' ... VPN ..... Q L-I , l ' EDNA RABE A-,l N. T. T. C., '22-'23g -i -- Declamatory Contest, '21-'22-'23. q-3f ."'J "She aspires to noble deeds and could ac- .... l? complish much if she were not so tick- i-n ilL...l lish. g-L . l i .I . .., , "'f'i I ll-' KLEO LADWIG "Pee Ween' t, I g . i""- "All may do that which has by man been I--' --4 Cone." ' i X T l Lljx g A l "- ' l .,, IREINE KOSTKA f-Renee" 7-4 N. T. T. C., '22-'23, l"l I Declamatory Contest, '21-'23. ,'-1 l ulrene, if you had only set an alarm clock :I in Physics or brought la mouse to N -- ' Methods, we might have something on y0l1. 1 ii :Il CLEVE PHELPS Anime" l: A... Class Treasurer, '22g l -,l Boys' Athletics Editor, "Shadow", '23. l " l 'To get thine ends lay bashfulness aside, T1 'W Who fears to ask, does teach to be I-in denied." I , , l T' lvl y' ALICE BARRY --Alsace" 5-Ll i Declamatory Contest, '23g l - "' Stenographer, "Shadow", '23, l"" "Happiness is a by-product of industry." ...Y "" -. I 7- '-1 -P-- I Li I .1 le el -sl 'T!-.,.ll,J L l l . 19 2 2 C is L .lil t U .lflil ITQUCW7 l Twenty mlillllllllll ghilhnm lllllllllllllil .L --l I E I l llllllllllll ALICE SHAFFER "Shafe" Glee Club, '21-l22g Class Secretary, '22, Girls' Yell Leader, '23g Girls' Athletics Ezlitor, "Shadow", '23 "Not merely to exist but to amount to something in life." JAMES CONDON "Jim' Declamatory Contest, '23. "Jimmie Condon's our ladies' man. He fusses the girls whenever he can." MARIE MURPHY "Mnree" Glee Club, '21-'22-'23g Secretaiy-Treasurer, Glee Club, '22'23g Declamatory Contest. '21-'23g "Feast of The Little Lanterns", '22g Society Editor, "Shadow", '23. "She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk to, And pleasant to think upon." ALEX HARRIS "Zak" "Speak freely what you think." LYDIA YVALTZ "Two-step" N. T. T. C., '22-'23g Pep Club, '22g Basketball, '22-'23g Declamatory Contest, '23, Calendar Editor, "Shadow", '23. "Silence is golden, but Lydi.a's wealth has not this burnished hue." l I l I l 1 1 1922 l'll'll'Il-ll-ll-I., 1: C L' C ri I W4 ' n li lg I . I i l, I I- I 1 t.-. il 'l i r l I l V i 1, -l 'ii I I I I I I' W , M- I, I I I I gl I 37115155111 ,IJ I IJ. I, I I I I I I I II II I -E se-.- .Es . . o -as -I A ,.-e,wg..w.-g-fv, I - I ---w -f- ,VYI A-,af II I I'I I III -' LORA KENNEDY "Annie marie" I 'I -tl Redlands High, Redlands, Calif., '20g .I Declamatory Contest, '23, I I -' Associate Editor, "Shadow", '23, 'I,-I I1 'Lora has the most cheerful smile of any H-I 1, one we know. Besides being an excel- I I -LI lent student, she finds time to be a '-1 I I friend to everyone." II-' I... I II-. GEORGE MARKLE '-Nrmnief' IIII LI Class Secretary-Treasurer, '2Ug : I Ii, Minstrel Show, '21, j -T i "Nothing But The Truth", '21, il-I I' High School Boys' Quartet, '22-'23, II-I II Orchestra, '22-'23, LI I'... Pep Band, '23, 1' I-., Jazz Orchestra, '23, I I I Secretary, Athletic Association, '23, 'I II'-" Pep Club, '23, If II" Yell Leader, '23, .,,,l II.. Advertising Manager, "Shadow", '23. - I "Witness the man who combines business I-F and love successfully." I II- MARIE MORRISSEY -Irwin" I'- I'-' N. T. T. C., '22-'23, I "--e I' Decl-amatoiy Contest, '21-'23, .. If... Organizations Editor, "Shadow", '23, q- I-, "Sighing for more words to conquer, .I II Wraps the faculty round her' thumb." - ICI . ,, I: I HAROLD SHEAKLEY Hank 1 , I-' I Pep Club, '21, If--I "' Basketball, '22-'23, -- .-I Business Manager, "Shadow", '23. I .L "Did Harold do it? Well, then it's all II.-, II-1 right because he doeth all things well." I - I1 ?I MARIE ACHEN "Ache" M-I 1. I --I St. Mary's High, '20, 1' "Nothing But The Truth", '21, -I '-I Declamatory Contest, '21-'22-'23g it -- Orchestra, '22, -Q - Humorous Editor, "Shadow", '23, I 1 "A big hearted girl-she came, she saw, :I I she conquered." I I I lb: I I :il I -- I I I - :I I 2 A? 'fl LQ ff ' ff' Qf" ' "" S I I I I Idl I I I 1923 IMVIWI IEIILIII I I I I TWenty,two .1 'W' 'TLQ11 Lg,,Lj114: . 1 1 -l ll I I ll. lil lol I I ghilhlllll I lttl I lloll ll ilql tl - 1 l -T LC .... I ll - JESSE HONEYWELL "Jess" H- Lewis and Clark High, Spokane, FQ., -- Wash., '20, - - Orohno High, Orofino, Idaho, 'ill-'22, 1 - Q Football, '22, "' "Why Smith Left Home", '23, 1 l Declamatory Contest, '23. li... "My only books, l, --l Were women's looks, And follies all they taught me." f .. if-L ALICE COSTIGAN ,"Castigan" iw- -', Lawler High, '20-'21g N- -T, N. T. T. C., '22-'23, I- - President, N. T. T. C., '23, ai -N Declamatory Contest, '23g fl 1,1 Art Editor, L'Shadow", '23, "'. 5 "From North to Southern Dallas, 3- There is no one like our Alice." li 1- i 1 i -Q LLOYD FINCH --Papa" ll... -.l Football, '19-'20-'21-'22, V- -'TJ Orchestra, '21g .1 --Nl Declamatory Contest, "23. X- "A few indistinguishable signals, acouple -.1 of thuds and "Papa" has gone through '- -t them for twenty more." 1-' ... , RUTH DENNER "Rufie" , 1 ,,-'i Declamatory Contest, '20-'21, if' -hi Fayette High, first semester, '23. 1 "Her voice is like the tinkling of a fuzzy- ii... 'T 1 wuzzy bell." ll-, -V F' 1 HAROLD LARSON "Andy" -'lg Class President, '20, L Football, '22, -,N Debate Team, '22g -I Editor-in-chief, "shadow", '23. ,- - "None but himself can be his double." - ...' li-D , r "f .. r -4 l- , v V TV V A i V-,wi WWA, V7 -illllilliilllllli51523 lllllllllljtl- Twenty-three Illlllllllllligilhnw lllllllllllll WARREN CARPENTER "Carp" "Never give upfewithout a bluff." CLEONE HOWARD "Red" Mankato High, Mankato, Minn., '21-'22. "Her auburn locks dazzle many ia mascu- line eye." FRANCIS GRETEN "Fuzzy" Minstrel Show, '21, Yell Leader, '21-'22-'23, High School Boys' Quartet, '22-'23, Jazz Orchestra, '23. "-Fortune favors the audacious." RENA WEST "Reno" Kewanee High, Kewanee, Ill., '20-'213 Declamatory Contest, '23. 'The miss from Kewaneef' VELVA WARD "Toots" Fredericksburg High, '23-'ivilg New Hampton High, '22, Technical High, St. Cloud, Minn., first semester, '22, Washington High, Cedar Rapids, Ia., first semester, '22, New Hampton High, second semester, '23, Declamatory Contest, '22-'23. "Rather a checkered course but N. H. H. claims her as va regular New Hampton girl." U I Fl l-l V' VT Vl 'HH ...-l.-l.,!.L-LJ...Ll.-lsL Iv' ' HIL' 711.1 .,"' A' 'W' W YW" ' 1 H 'WW' 1 Y U-YW V X 1,1 ,Ll l, LLLL' ol, LL 911213121111 els' ,'1 ol LL il i- lllewl il I ,xt -g,,,,:,,,,,p' ,Q I , in F1 T S E N I O R S 1E -' . CLASS OFFICERS IT.- i-il Sfemdentf ------- ---- 1 ------- ------------- ..... K e n neth Scully ,1 f , , 'ce'PVe5Fdent ----- .... K enneth Schnurr ' + 1 -h Secretaly -------- - - ----- .... H attie Wagner 1 .-N Q 1 1 Treasurer ------ -------------------- - -1 -------------... ..-.......... V incent Clary 1 1 E,-"5 CLASS MOTTO-"Launched, but not Anchored." 1 L.. 1" H CLASS COLORS-Royal Purple and Whitxe. V1 i-.I CLASS FLOWER--Sweet Pea. I-1 1 --- 1-1 -i CLASS YELL L., ii., Whang, bang, sis, boom, bah! 1-A Q- Seniors, Seniors, L- 3 Rah! Rah! Rah! 1 - Oxis, Soxis, pollgy, wolly, woxis! "'1 -1 Wahoo, wahoogwahoo, wee! '- 1 ' Seniors, Seniors, '23, 1- SENIOR CLASS POEM .Q -' Build us straigh-t, O, worthy teachers i-' I-I Classmen strong, and true and staunch, 1... X That shall laugh at all disasters 1- -'I Till on life's great sea we launch. ' g -y Thus did Freshmen greet their teachers H" --.' Though their tasks seemed all too great, WT oi I When in nineteen hundred nineteen - 1"" Went they forth to meet their fate. 1 1 A ri Then as Sophomores did we conquer 1 , --' Many a strange and varied task, 1" 1, Striving even to win laurels '- I For our high school. and our class. X 1 M As Juniors we were proud possessors T- I Of the honors of the school, yi-'1 1-i And our thoughts were e1ver wandering ' To that close yet unreached goal. I: lj I Now as Seniors we have finished U 1 1' And with pride and honor gainedg "' I- Go we forth to meet li.fe's battles 1- !-bi Victories win as we've been trained. - Ln As we leave our Allma Mater -1 f Pleasant memories with us cling, 1 '- Of the days that brought us sorrow ff -. Of -the days that joy did bring. I-7 ,..Q.l Go thou forth then worthy classmen ..i I ' Seek renown and worldly fame, ' 1- 1-1 Bring thou honor to our high school i -1 Win thou victories in her name, '- K. W. S. '23. ag . 1+ Q k MVN i WY , TI A 'W' ,. ' 'wfiifil V M A E 'MY v? --Y ,-- --- ,LHLI 1K1 1 M1 1 L1 1 1 1 1 1 or S1 1 11 2 2 ,,,1o,f1 11,1g1,1 1s 1 Twenty-five l 1 1 1 1 1 C, I1 I I 111 1 ..... 1 ........ Q1 , 1 L... i.. 1 -15 'W 1 1 1 1"J 1-1 A-1 1 . '1 T...- 1 11 Iilelil I- 11 11 11 19 Elhtlw 11111 11 11C11T11 g ing ---- SENIOR CLASS HISTORY -gp-Q. Memories come drifting back over the course of four years. It is a distinctly memorable occasion-that first day. The sun .arose prepossessingly, filtering shadows back and forth through the maple trees-but that is merely personal, the only ren- son for mentioning it being, that it seemed to foretell a successful career for a body of sixty students. In school everythin was din and confusion, perhaps reminding one of thc ancient battle in which ilannibal and his Carthaginian troops were driven into con- fusion by the Greeks. The first few weeks were spent in allowing the upper class- men to initiate us into this great society of learning. After these conventionalities, we settled down to diligent work and finally we were called into meeting to organize ourselves. This first year able officers were chosen to take into their hands the bur- den of caring for us. Our class advisor was Miss Whirry. For first president, we elected Harold Foxg for vice-president, we elected Harold Larson, and for secretary and ltlreiasurer, George Markle. Verily they made our freshman year a year to be pxiou 0 . We started right out to make our class an organization noted for its athletic ability. Alwin Maurer and Lloyd Finch played on the varsity foot-ball team. l-Iarolil Fox, Grant Rourke, Vincent Clary, and many others have been noted in base-ball from the first. We contributed various members of our class to forensic and other school activities. It is a saying that Sophomores are a des ondent class of people. Therefore, when we entered upon this stage of our high school career, we chose for our officers an .aggregation of peptomists who made it an organization worth living for. Marj- orie Vroman was chosen as our president. As running mate, Lee Miller carried tho office of vic,e-presidenft. Grant Rourke was made our secretary and Nellie White our treasurer. For class advisor we were given Miss Gilbert. It may seemastrange coincidence but at about this time our class began to put pep into our school. Francis Greten and Verne Clary were elected yell leaders and have been efficient yell masters for the past three years. Others of our class became members of the pep club. Various members joined the band and others the orchestra. "Ah! at last we are Juniors.""' During our Junior year Harold Larson was a mem- ber of the varsity debate team and Marie Achen won first place in the Humorous Class in the Declamatory Contest. One of the most important functions of the year was the Junior-Senior Banquet. It was in truth a wonderful affair, that baloon as- cension, one long to be remembered. In the play "Nothing But the Truth" the mem- bers of our class who participated, proved to be actors of ability. By this time the fliltting shadows of earlier years seemed to have become more centralized. We asa class settled down in earnest to follow the work of the curriculum We had thrown off our green cloaks and our sophisticated sarcasm and had come out dignified men and women. To-day Seniors are seen walkin through the halls, not as the spring freshet runs, not with the slow tread of paliearera, not as self-praising Juniors, but as Sen- iors in the true meaning of the word: ready to go forward through a tangled mass of world complexities and make a success of themselves as th-ey made a success of themselves in school. Speaking again briefly of our athletic and forensic ability, this year the school had an all-senior varsity basket-ball team. Harold Sheakley, Harold Wittenburg, Vincent and Verne Clary, and Lee Miller comprised one of the fastest basket-ball teams that New Hampton High has ever, produced. A,number of Senioss .also par- ticipated in foot-ball and in base-ball. Marie Achen, who, by the way, is our class wit, again won first in the humorous class of the Declamatory contest. As we review our record, we are proud that as a class we have been able to con- tribute much that has brought glory and honor to the life of our institution. In succeeding years other classes may enter the portals of New Hampton High School and tread its halls, but no class will ever graduate with a greater feeling of devotion for the school and loyalty to its memory. H. A. H. '23. "'M. A. M. '23, Junior Class History, 1922, Shadow. , 1 '- ---if - f 11 11 1: 15: 1 1 C1 1l 1:1 1. 1 1' 11 lV'. Mai' 11-'1 1,-11 ,-. 111 1 1 1 1 1'7. 111. 1... 1"1 1 '-1 -1 1... 11: 1-1 11 1 1 f"'1 4.1 T1 --1 1 .., 1 11 ?l 1 ,"1 1 1 ' 1 4 WY, , Y? --Y - -- ---W 1 g ""' ' "U T" 1-1 1 1 111 1 ,1, L1 1 23 LLLE1 Twenty-six li "NLT :K V J I.I LI, I.I l.I I.I Qhililrllll WI ICCI IWI IMI I II IITI VCI SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Having been ordered by Dr. Maurer, leading physician of New Hampton, to take a rest from my duties as cashier of the State Bank of New Hampton, of which James Condon is president, I decided to take a three months' aeroplane trip and visi-t the members of the class of 1923 of New Hampton High School. I went to Kleo Ladwig, manager of the local aeroplane station, and arranged to rent an aeroplane for a three months period. He decided to send his oldest son as driver, and we set out June 1, 1953, for New York City. Upon landing, I hailed a taxi-cab and was very much surprised when I recog- nized Henry Hansen as the driver. I decided to go to a cabaret for dinner, and my astonishment was complete when I found four of the cabaret dancers to be Irene Kostka, Sylvia Keating, Regina Brown, and Edna Rabe. I remembered these girls to have been four of the most modest and quiet girls in my class, and I was almost overcome with the shock of finding them making a great hit as cabaret dancers. Our next stop was at Pittsburg, Pa. While visiting the Radio Station in city I had the pleasure of listening to a musical program given by Cleone How.ard and Alice Shaffer at Berlin, Germany, where they are known as very noted musicians. Upon arriving in Washington, D. C., I felt honored to be entertained as a guest of President Larson at the White House. I felt inclined to extend my call when I found my old high-school chum, Cora Strike, filling the position of private secretary for President Larson. We made our next stop at Springfield, O., where I met another member of my class, Florence Jaehrling. She was accompanied by -two very pretty young l.adies, who, she informed me, were her twin daughters. The greatest shock of all, however, came when she informed me of the success of her husband, Jerome White, as editor of the Ohio Register. Florence also told me that her old high school pal, Grace McAloon, had tired of the duties of a trained nurse, an.d had taken up elocutiong that she had left for Bermuda, where she has been teaching the natives. I also visited Kenneth Schnurr while in Springfield. He owns a very large pin factory, and is making millions. I learned from Kenneth that Francis Greten was sacrificing his life as a missionary, teaching the lepers on a small island in the Pacific. Upon arriving in Atlanta, Ga., my attention was attracted to a great mass of people gathered on the streets and I found that the Salvation Army was givinga program. I was very much surpnised when I recognized the speaker to be Lee Mill- er. As I stood listening to him speak, I remembered that he had been fired with enthusiasm from Miss I-Iarrod's Sociology class. Immediately following his speech, Elva Hueneke and Clara Gerber sang several hymns, which closed the program. After the program we all enjoyed a long chat in a cafe, I then visited Lydia Waltz who owned a small cottage in the suburbs of the city, where she was living a quiet life. She did not seem like the girl I had known in my High School days, so quiet and prim had she grown, living with her cats, canaries, and parrolts. We also made astop in Denver, Colo., where I found Rozella Miller to be leader of the Women's Club of Denver. She informed me that Harold Wilhelm Witten- bur was Grand Dictator of the Hebrew Empire of Africa. We remembered how he Iiad become interested in the Jewish nation while in High School, because, through a vile mistake, he had shared their persecution in his youth. Rozella also told me that Margueri-te Quirk and Selma Tank were both located in Denver. Mar- guerite had finally decided to make her life work that of demonstrator for the Edison Phonograph Company, having gained her position by succeeding so well in demonstrating the records without 'the aid of the machine. Selma owned a large hair-dressing establishment in city. My next stop was at Salt Lake City, Utah. I was told that Michiel Ries had been seized by the fearful clutches of the Mormans and had been taken into the Morman church. As I was glancing through the Salt Lake City Register, I was surprised to find the pictures of Arthur Goebel, professor of Iowa State University, and Dorothy Mombevg, the most popular society belle of that city, who had been married the previous day. As I glanced on through the paper, I recognized Russell Erion's name under the comic section. He evidently had continued his early practice of cartoonirg. I I made my next stop at Hollywood, Cal., having heard of the great hits Harold Sheakley and Marian Rosauer had made in their latest production. I attended the great athletic event of the season at Long Beach, Cal., where I found the winner of the swimming race to be the seventeeen year old son of Mrs. Virgil Leach, formerly Marjorie Vroman. I found Marjorie to be a very prominent society leader, When I arrived at Memphis, Tenn., I visited Nellie White who is Dean of Mem- o 1923 I VI SVI III IC II II fi, 3 L II-'I II.-. I I .I I II I I :il II 1 I-I I I,-I I -I If-I III i X , I I I I, I-1. III ICI I-II .1.LI 1, I I., I :I I ,I I Vi Twenty-seven V , 4' lr' V ZA f. 'Ivllllllllllllighithnwilllllllllllljl. I I I k lj A 3 l l l I :lg Tl r-' 1 I .1 Il ,l .ll x V' i"'l i -1 I vi ! phis College. She showed me a large volume of the "History of the Natives of Mad- agascar" written by Alex Harris, and said it had been adopted as a text book of the college. Nellie said that Alice Barry, who had previously been a teacher in their college, had been elected governor and was now serving her second term. We stopped at Madison, Wis., where I found another member of my class, Vin- cent Clary, achieving great success as a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He was teaching college Physics and Public Speaking, and was also coaching athlet- ics. "Dutch" told me that "Bah" was leading a very quiet life as a bachelor ona farm near Oregon, Wis. He said that he had just heard that Jess Honeywell had been disappointed in love several times and had left for China on the last boat, where he intended to work on the section. Having heard of the great work and wonderful preaching that The Rev. George Markle was doing in Canada, I decided to stop at Winnepeg, where he was pastor of the St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church. I was entertained at his home, and! thought his little wife to be as sweet as a Rose. I visited Verna Eggleston at Minneapolis, Minn., where she owns a large Fashion Shop, making her specialty in millinery. She said that Lloyd Finch owned the new elevated railroad over the Atlantic and that Arnold Huenek-e had become a great charity worker, making his chief occupation selling alarm-clocks in Ungada to cure the sleeping sickness. I discovered Helen Carr located in Detroit, Mich. She said she had heard that Viola Boesen was travelling with the Ri.ngling Bros. Circus as the most beautiful woman in the world, that Cleve Phelps was maki-ng a fortune by selling a new beve- rage, which he had discovered and which was displacing coco-cola as the American national drink. Marie Morrissey, she told me, was chief instructor of the Normal Training Department of Michigan, Marie Achen had been married and so had resign- ed her position as leader of the Detroit Band. She also informed me that Lora Kennedy had been elected to the Senate because of her success in giving campaign speeches and that Marie Murphy had married a great film producer and her home was in Dover, Del. My next stop was at Chicago, Ill., where I visited Genevieve Roarty who had liv- ed there for several years, fulfilling her duties as designer for Sears, Robuck and Co. She was very much pleased with the success that John Donnelly was achieving as lawyer in Chicago. In answer to her inquiries, I told Gen that Hattie Wagner was still considered the village heart-breaker, of New Hampton, that Angeline Green and Leona Armbruster had at last tired of their duties as schoolma'am's and were living on their te.acher's pensions in a small cottage, that Warren Carpenter and his orchestra were still playing at the E uity Community Hall. We read in the latest issue of the Chicago Tribune, of whicili Clarence' Wittenburg is editor, that Kenneth Scully had been chosen ambassador and was to sail on the next boat for England with his wife, Velva Waird Scully. My last stop was at Kirksville, Mo., where I visited the School of Osteopathy, of which Alice Costigan is surgeon-in-chief, As my three months drew near to a close, and I realized that I had visited all the members of the class, I turned back to New Hampton, proud for the most part, of the record of the class of '23, R. E.- D.-'23, 0-xfsfsi SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of '23, being of sound minds, do hereby donate, give, be- queath, confer, present, or bestow, to the following named persons or institutions, the following property, possessions and powers:- I, Kenneth Scully, leave my position as class president, -as well as my other off- ices, to the person or persons who, after proper casting of lots, are found to have been the most lucky in receiving votes, ballots, or grants, from the fellow members of the now Junior Class. IAS a fair warning, we advise each one interested to in- sist that the lottery be put off until aday when the signs of the Zodiac are favorable for his choicej. I, Grant Rourke, bequeath my curly, coiling, black hair to Emmett Malloy. I, George Markle, confer upon Charles Hewitt my Shinola hair dressing, with full instuctions, and to James Babcock my musical ability. I, Cleve Phelps, leave to "Ted" Leitch my whiskers, that he may hide his face more effectively. To him also .are left my boots and neckscarf, to further advance his shieklike apwear- ance. I, "Art" Goebel, leave my football ability to "Bill" Russell. I, Harold itt- .C II r Ill- E... I l le' lr' il- i l 'P- L. -'L l ... I 1 I L. l. - I , ... ' l L.-. l l 3 E , , , -il ,... ., '. .lm 'ffgf 7' X l..-V.-- vgf'-LV -W - . ... I user :IU .u lglllglgl gl 1923 Ll Fl LII.-.IJ in U 1 Twenty-eight 'W -it -4 '-4 4 l l 4-4 I -4 lllIlllIlJlI'ShtIh1fl1UlIIIlIlIII'lI.,AI..! enburgyleave to "Ben" Kramer, my nickname "Pinkey" .and all the properties that go with it. I, John Donnelly, leave to my brother, Paul, the whole of my Toreador trousers. I, Verne Clary, leave my front seat to Evan Evans. I, Rozella Miller, do bequeath my nickname "Rosie" to the next "poor unfortunate" whom Mr. Lapham decides to name. I, Leona Armbruster, do give my school girl complexion with full instructions on how to maintain it, to Edith Strike. I, Alice Barry, do bequeath my position as Prof's "Stenog" and general manager of affairs to any Junior, who has een trained in the gentle art of being silent and efficient. I, Henry Hansen, do be- ueath my strident voice to Evelyn Bliss. I, Vincent Clary, do confer upon Edward gnyder, my position as official "spoofer" of the school.. I, Ruth Denner, do bequeath my gracefulness to Ambrose McGinn. I, Genevieve Roarty, do bequeath my "Irish eyes" which have beguiled many a masculine heart, to Gertrude Bower. I, Kenneth Schnurr, do bequeath my executive ability to James O'Neil. I, Manie Murphy, gladly bequeath the right to accompany my sister, Mercedes, on the piano, or otherwise, to any person desirious of this position. Applications should be filed within a week after this will is made public. I, Alice Shaffer, leave my ability as a pianist to Hel- en Ackley. I, Dorothy Momberg, would gladly give of my height to Miss Schild and Miss McCoy, to add to their commanding appearance, and to better distinguish them from the-undergraduates. We, Hattie Wagner and Elva Hueneke, leave our bass voices to Isadora Galligan and Evelyn Roarty. I, Marie Achen, do bequeath my ability to chew gum while playing the piano to Lloyd Heyer. I, Cleone Howard, do bequeath my leather bag, which has been invaluable to me, to Dorothy Bottin. I, Marie Morrissey, do bequeath my power of handling the faculty which I have enjoy- ed for four MJ years to Charles Wilkins, whom I deem to be eminently suited for the position. I, Harold Sheakley, do bequeath the management of the assembly to any Junior who is .able to carry on this work as efficiently as I have done it. I, Lydia Waltz, do bequeath my "come hither" ways to Florence Wittenburg. We, Viola Boesen and Edna Rabe, leave our interests in the N. '11 T. C. to any Juniors who are capable of filling our respective positions. Il, Clara Gerber, do bequeath my place in the "Dainty Dozen" to Charles Kenyon. I, Helen Carr, do bequeath my raven locks to Germaine Kutish. I, Marguerite Quirk, do bequeath my ability to talk at the right time ito Lois McAloon, We, Irene Kostka, Sylvia Keating and Re- gina Brown, leave the dignity we have acquired in four C43 years of painstaking en- deavors to Eileen Conley. I, Russell Erion, leave to Joe Boesen my ability as an artist, and, lest all my virtues be too much for one man, my skill as a drummer to Russell McAloon, and my career as a public speaker to Karl Wagner. I, Jerome White, leave my ability to play a cornet to "Swede" Faberl that he may play a horn more his size. I, Alwin Maurer, leave my baritone voice to Wayland Ransom. I, Lloyd Finch, leave my flannel shirt to Ray Uglum, It ls guaranteed not to shrink. I, Lee Miller, leave my popularity with the teachers to Paul Secrist. I, Francis Greten, having decided to quit smoking, upon my decease, leave one half package of "Camels" and eight Q81 pipes to Kurt Rose. I, Clarence Wittenburg, leave to Walter Kearns my popularity as a "ladies' man." I, Jess Honeywell, leave to Lowell Seeli- ger, my hat, a powerful attribute to beauty. I, James Condon, leave a debt of five collars at McIntee's "Bucket O' Blood", which any person regardless of sex, age, or color, may pay at will. I, Kleo Ladwig, donate my ability as a horse shoe player to Glenn Mofltsch. I, Arnold Hueneke, leave my voice to Julian Natvig. I, Alex Harris, leave to P.atrick Keegan, my fondness for research and study. I, Cora Strike, leave my long walk home to "Katie" Thayer. I-t has it's advantages, if rightly used. I-, Grace McAloon, leave my red hair to Coletta Kutish in case she should desire to use it. We, Marjorie Vroman and Nellie White, leave to Evelyn Evans and Pauline White, our inseparability. I, Velva Ward, do 'gladly give 'to Hannah White my old note books in History, Civics and Physics. I, Marian Rosauer, leave to Irene Larkins my superfluous weight fabout 504 lbsj. I, Alice Costigan, bequeath to Mildred Scott my patented secret of doing up my hair. I, Selma Tank, will gladly give my blonde complexion to Ruby Lawson. I, Verna Eggleston, do bequeath my permanent wave to Virgil Seerey. I, Florence Jaehrling, do hereby bestow upon Agnes Kearney, my correspondence course, "Height and How to Reach It". I, Michael Ries, do bequeath my natural blush to any meek timid "freshie" who has aspira-tions of becominga Senior. I, Rena West, do bequeath my timid demeanor to Ch-ester Jones. I, War- ren Carpenter, give to Ethel Attleson my studious nature. I, Arthur Arndt, do be- queath my blue serge suit to Huber Rouse who has been initiated into the "Brother- hood of Long Trousers" this year. I, Angeline Green, do leave my frivolous nature to my serious-minded sister, Viola.. l, Harold Larson, do bequeath my insatiable desire for knowledge to Derwood McAloon, who has always shown his inclination to follow a serious line of thought. I, Lora Kennedy, leave my ability as a linguist to Hi l l l 4 4 II l4. YC F ,.... l L.-. il E I 44- l lui. 4- 44' l l A - 4l- ! ii. ,-Q.. I V4-. L. l I E ei '..l V 4 l l ' '1923 ' I lil' 4 gli.,-lwvlgl lgl glgl 4 4 gl I If! I Isl I.,l,Ip - - A Twenty-nine It , iw- - - I II I Igggl gggg ,ILIgImI, In II, Shahnw I .,IWgI,g,II Id I gIwIWI,gIgII,AI. I . I ' I: I I I Joseph Cooney, who may have further use for it. Ei We solemnly declare, Iavow, and swear this to be our last will and testament, I pledging our undying devotion to New Hampton High when weyhave passed into the .. "Elysian Fields" never more to roam about except as "Shadows . . I In Witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal this 17th day of March, 1923, hereby declaring this to be our last will ... and testament. ..I Witness: Father Time Class Of 1923- II Witness: Mother Nature L. A. K. and H. N. L: '23. II ' I MID YEAR SENIORS I- President ......... ........ S elma Rose ....., Vice-President .... ..-. R llth Babcock Secretary ,,,,.,. ......... ..... I - -Veryle Kenyon Treasurer --,,. ......,,,,,................... ........ .... li y d er Leichtman :I 'cLAss COLORS-Silver and old Rose ,-,II CLASS MOTTO-"In this Sign We Conquer, MCMXXIII' I3 CLASS FLOWER-Narcissus I I I-I I I I-I L... I F , so :I The members of the class of January, 1923, have reached the goal but they have I arrived only at first base. Now they must endeavor to go onward until they reach r.I the next goal. F- Through their stages of development, the class have acquired ability and it is I hoped they may now go out to meet the demands of the world. Their happy school - days have faded away and worldly problems ccme to their view. -I During their first three and one half years in High School they joined with the I I clIass of 1922 in their social functions and the last half year they very much enjoyed '--I with the class of June, 1923. . 1 The class leIaves with the June class wishes for luck and success. As the years roll by and they progsess o'er life's highways, ever will thoughts of grand old -I New Hampton High linger in the minds of the class of January, 1923. S. M. R. '23. ii-iv-i--gkm YM TH, Y I' i"':jj Lil gliijf., fwl I I I LI I I I I II II I,L,i I is we ' A fd' M -rfrmfr a 'i'ivi'ii"M'Wii" "W I I II I C III I . I..I I il u-.I If I 42 .1 Il I I I :J I za IIIIIIIIIIII-I E I3 E Cl E Pj E gljilhlilll -ffl-E-F3-HE-E-I1 U ff K1 if I C C I U C I 1, ll I Lf U U Ci I I I C I I Q I ,.- I .... 1 i L .- U D U D V7 lilllllilllil 111 I-II-I!-IITWIT fh ' irty-one fi'RhiIhL'lP,ll JUN IDRS - - - ,,.fi-- vi M . 'J ,,w-521. A ' - k ,1 - z A -. . W " 1 H 2 .LM J , -'Fu iw -- f L , . 5 Q' ig K 1' X VI . Q' fy 1 z 5. , - :H i ME-'5 gmffw, Q . Ae-W u. -we, . a., 'g-'.gaq5.vx5f,,S,,,Q2, Li. ' fy -1 . ,5,,5gggg ,,52Q'g,1r2gf4s'i-X ,ff 'V 1 - l11'1 . ' lun I i-4-4, 51,5 ',,..k rv 1 -J--51l,,,. 41 I I I I :In ala :Is Shallow in nys. 1-1 ugngpguwgsgrgggglgn W Il: JUNIORS President ......... ,.....,...,.......... Vice-President ..... ------Joseph Cooney -----Wendell Russell Secretary ........ -. .........,..........,,........... Treasurer ...... ...................,..,............... ........ L 1 oyd Heyer CLASS COLORS--Purple and Gold One morning early in September, 1920, the c-lass of '24, with muchawe and tre- pidation, entered N. H. H. S. For a time we were indeed very bewildered, being un- accustomed to our new tasks, and our "greenness" taxed the patience of our teachers to its utmost limit. For many week we were a perpetual target for jokes and jibes on the part of the upper classmen, and we were forced to endure a "hazing" much to our indignation. Later, h.aving become more accustomed to our duties, we pro- ceeded to organize for the various class functions of the year. Miss Grooms was appointed our class advisor, and under her able direction, class officers were elected. James Babcock was elected president, George Gray, vice-presidentg Lois McAloon, secretaryg and Charles Wilkin , treasurer. Some of our members ,participated inthe Debate and the Declamatory Contests, and others took part in t e various athletic events. A - - ' At the beginning of our Sophomore year, the Class of '24 caused much commot- ion by giving the "Freshies" a real initiation in reve e for fthe one.we had been forced to undergo. This year Miss Ora Hays and Mr. lzgiarles Perry were aywointed our class advisors. At the first meetirg of the class we elected Charles ilkins, president, George Gray, vice-president, Lyla Moine, secretary, and Kurt Rose, treas- urer. Two par-ties were heiu during the year which, with the aid of our class ad- visors, resulted in great successes. One of our members won a place on the Debate team, and several others took part in the Declamatory Contest. Others in the class were members of -the Glee Club and of the Orchestra. In athletics we assisted in winning many a hard fought game for N, H. H. S. The month of January brought great sadness to the class when one of our loyal members, Marian Troy, died. ' This year, as Juniors, we came back determined to make this a banner year, and to enter into the various activities of the school year wit-h the same "pep" and zeal which had characterized us in former years. Unfortunately our enthusiasm was not restrained, and was checked only after numerous visits to the office on 'the part' of some of our members. At the first class meeting, under the direction of Miss Leila Morrow and Miss Myrtle Schild, our class sponsors, we elected class officers. Joseph Cooney was chosen president, Wendell Russell, vice-president, Ambrose Mc- Ginn, secretary, and Lloyd Heyer, treasurer. ' ' ' In the forensic events our class has truly made an enviable record this year. Joseph Cooney and James Babcock were on the Debate team, which was successful in defeating St. Ansgar. James Babcock was .also in the Declamatory Contest and won fiust place in 'the Oratorical Class. Later he went to Cresco and was successful again in winning first place in his division. Our class activities were not wholly confined to forensic events. Other mem- bers were on the football and basketball teams, and in the Glee Club and Orchestra. The boys succeeded in winning the Class Basketball Championship this year. Others no doubt will be on the baseball team. K A Two parties, even more enjo able than before, were held during the year. The culinary ability of the girls in the class was praised by students and teachers alike. The success we enjoyed in the social events of the year must be in agreat measure ascribed to the earnest effort and helpful advice of our class advisors. C. H. K. '24. CLASS ROLL CAs shown in picture on opposite page. Names read in vertical rows from top to bottom and from left to right.J 11st rowj Seeliger, Heyer, L. McAloon, Malloy, Parks, Kenyon., Moine. 12nd row! White, H. Seery, Blazek, Greten, M. Scott, Rose, Munson. 13rd rowj E. Attleson, Thayer, Gardner, Piehn, Amble, E. Attleson. 14th rowl O. Scott, E. Murphy, Tank, Fallgat-ter, Sohn. 15th rowj Wilson, B. Schoeben, A. Smith, Stone, Evans, C. Mur- phy. f6tih rowj Richards, Wagner, Andermian, Miller, Howard. 17th rowj Edgar, Cooney, Hanson, M. Schoeben, Rouse, Crawford. 18th rowl F. Uglum, Landsverkl, Grey, Marr, Olsen. 19th rowj David, Lawson, Peters, V. Seery, Aasen, Lietel. 110th rowj Babcock, A. Uglum, E. Smith, Kellershon, Russell, Ketner, F. Uglum. 111th rowj Bottin, McGinn, Moetsch, Ke-lly, W. McAloon, Ransom, Wilkins. it ----Ambrose McGinn- I El 7 I Ls I I1 I I 1- I 'I. ..4. L H ,I rv' I F li 1523 S Ai T I IWIQIAMI, I I I, Igtglffl IT,,I,lI,4l,1 I WIA IMI I I - - - Thirty-three ,lIlIIIII'lIlJll'9l1Eliltl1UQUllllllllll JUNIOR REFLECTIONS Salutation, Registration, Perspiration, Gee! Then Recitation, Preparation, Examination, See! Procrastination, Means Probation-, Deep Darnation, Gosh! Just leave Flirtation, And Vacation, At the Station, TROSH! Miss Harrod fin Normal Geographyj-"How many continents are there?" Lois McAloon-"Five." - Miss Harrod-"Enumerate them please." Lois-"One, Two, Three, Four, Five." Mr. Perry-"Now we'l,l give a verse from the Bible-I will start with one showing repentance, 'Judas went out and hanged himself'." Kurt Rose-"Go -thou and 'do likewise." Lowell-"I've got dropsy and heart trouble." Anna Mae--"What are the symptoms?" Lowell-"I dropped into a chair and haven't the heart to get up again." Downstairs in the kitchen his mother was struggling with the supper fire, "Charles," said Mrs. Kenyon, "fetch me a stick of wood." "Ah, Mother," replied Charles, "the grammatical portion of your education has been sadly neglected. You should say, 'Charles, my son, transport from that recumbent collection of clombustible material on the threshhold of -this ddifice, one of those cur- tailed excrescences of defunct log'." Alice Smith Ito football tryoutj-'fln what position do you play?" Carroll Fall-gater fblushinglyj-"Bent over." Pauline Gardner-"Love me, llove my dog." I Virgil Seery-"But listen., dear, this isn'h puppy love." George David-"Now my brother is jus-t my opposite." Helen A.-"How I'd love to meet him." Ethel A.-"Miss Harrod, I know just how much water goes over the Niagara Falls to the quart." ' Miss Harrod-"How much?'f Ethel A.-"Two pints!" Mr. Perry-"You needn't Laugh at me because I'm fleshy. I beat you in a foot race yesterday." James B.-"'Yes, but it was in a narrow alley and I couldn't get past you." Joe Cooney fat piano recital,-"What is that charming thing he is playing?" Ambnose McGinn-"A piano, y' dub." Wendell Russell appeared in the traffic court the other day and the judge asked the officer what the charges were. 'Suspicious actions, your Honor, .he was running within the speed limit, sounding his horn at every corner and tryirg to keep to the right, so I thought something must be wrong: so I arrested him." Visitor-"Are you Owen Scott?" Hard-up-student-"Yes, I 'guess I'm owing everybody in high school," Rose-J'I thought you had,,a case on Gen." Heyer--"I did, but circumstances alten cases." Wayland-"People used to call a man's wife his better half." Lois C.-"'Well, what about it?" Wayland-"Well, the way she dresses nowadays, she should be called an improper fraction." I 4 I I WCIACI zaza MA' MFI M -- ll an Fil ILI argl gggg I,,.lglr..r,, , girl lrlclpl U Ll ll Thirty-four l+1+4 V s Emmmmmm S'fhz1hu1u1JL.lLJI.1LJp1L1 5 1: SQ E-ymcmitas s' f If Q! I: 1 l.l.lLlLILlLlLl 193 mf-lmmmfl Thirtyrfi , II I I I I I I I 1 I I I I T I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I '1 I I I I I I: I. ., Thirty-six Sigel hum ' " Sophomorc-as --1 I I 1 q u '- W V-V J .-.I L71 I I Y I I I J Ile IQI II: I I I--I I I I SIRIIIIJLU JIJWII I .IWL I- I I I. I I,-IfI I I I 111, f,fT'11ff.Q.Yffi ' ' 1 Y I I AA A I W ,WA I I I I EI U I I SOPROMCRE SOLILOQUY I I :I . -N ICI Pfesident- ----- ---- - -- ------ ......... J ames Wilkins " :J I V'ce'Pre5ident ----- ........ R ussell McAloon ,I Secretary ------ 1- ---Bernice Blankenheim II " III Treasurer ------ --- --....... Chester Jones -II CLASS COLORShMaroon and old Gold III I I "QI How little an outsider knows of the aspirations and ideal of the lower class- '-I mwnau And gioiw frequently the accomplifshm-ents of a class during its first two years I 'I are iscoun e .. I --I You asked me about my class? Well, I will give you a short account of it now. ID -II Of course weve been in High School only about two years but we're awfully proud 'I I 11 of oun class. Why shoulc n't we be? When we came to High School for the first ' 1, time in 1921, there were almost seventy of us.. Almost all of us .are back again this III II 5fia2ei"sifitifoiivlhiiwfi wflsffaliai 'ZIEEOSQFTS Qlirafiiatiiielinlfanunifshii II I some members of our class who .were br,ave enough to go into the Declamatory Con- I3 I I test and one ofuour repnesentatlves was chosen to appear on the final night, Then -I one of us went in for .debate and although he -did not get on the team he put up a -H good argumenlt. We did not do Ianythlngdesplecnally brilliant in the line of athletics, I... u you may e sure we were repmsente . n fact, I do 't th' k th th' '--II Hflihgngn in High School in which we were not represenged. In em was 8 wg A-I is year we have bettered our record considerably.. One of our girls, Bernice I- II Blankenheim, succeeded in getting on the basketball team and as she played in all I 4 the games, I think she will win her letter. We furnished from our midst one of the -Q debate team, Chester Jones.- There were several Sophomore girls who went into the - , II Qeclamabory Contest and although only one, Madeline Brannon, got on the final I ... night, she won first place in the dramatic class. This year we also have several I" musical people, who have Joined the Orchestra or the Glee Club. ' ' 1- I II Is not that a record deserving special commendationf? But then when we be- -I come Juniors and Seniors, we shall be. given the recognition we justly deserve, and 1 ,-I if we continue winning honors proportionally, we shall have cause for rejoicing. - II M. B. '25. ' 'II CLASS ROLL I' ...I I I- I,-II fAs shown in picture on opposite page. Names read in vertical rows from top to II 1 I bottom, and from left to rightj I I flst rowj Wilkins, Blankenheim, Hewitt, Denner, Boesen, Schulte, McAloon. 12d I-'S :owl E. Wagner, Brannon, Krueger, Birgen, Marion, K. Wagner, Ristow. 13d rowl 1 I-I Linderman, Munson, Miller, Wilson, Jones, Gray. f4th rowj Brady, McCahen, I 1 Galligan, Krieger, Cooney, Peters, Got-t. 15th rowl Flugga, Natvig, Green, Cham -'I bers, Clemens, L. Niggling. 16th rowj Otteson, Leitch, DeBettignies, Murphy, Nat- ' '...' vig, Boyce, Lynch. 17th nowj Weigel, Went f, Johnsten, Nellis, Secrist, Evans. , ...I 18th rowj Wentz, Rahlf, Knight, Treat, L. Krogman, 0. Krogman, Goebel. 19th IQ I I rowj Young, Roarty, Stirm, Richards, Keegan, R. Niggling, 110th rowj Zimmer, I Ii D'Ziggle, R. Uglum, Carney, Snyder, Brummond, G. Uglum, 111th rowl Wittenburg, I3 I I Stephan, Quirk, V.aala, Shuhert, A. Uglum, Ackley. j I ,,'f"-4""l'71'7fif.'.f .. ..... . I I MW YAAAAMWVN V YYVYV YA" YKYVYY I I ..IwI.I ...LI LI 19 2 3 M- .ISI I H Thirty-seven . . , . . 1 ,, ,,,,, W air, ,, ,,,,,,,,, , Ill Ilel l. I lelsl ll 137116155111-l.l U llcll ll ll I1. i A777 V VA A477777 V W-AAN mr 7 V?s.-.lflI.QIl.f' ll-...,7,s,' ,,,,, ,Q 7 Y V 7 7 W X A 1 1 El 1 1 SOPHOMORE SMILES 1 11 1 I f P' -1 - l. 1 Ain't Itua Grand and Glorious Feelin'! 1 1 ---j When you go to the classroom unpreparedg 1 ,,. And the teachers give you the "once over", .-N 14 And tell you to recilte what you know about the lessong I 1 And you are about to tell her' you are unpreparedg 1 4 When the blessed bell rings and those wonderful words come, "' Oh! boy, ain't it a grand and glorious feelin'? L ,-,Q Mr. Perry-"IQarl Young, we can get along nicely without that humming." L-' ' 1 Earl- I wasnt humming." 4 -j Mr. Perry-"You certainly were." " .. Earl-"Oh! y1ou're hearing somethirgl' I-i 1 l --'1 Miss Naeseth-"That reporter keeps starirg at my nose." if' ,-L Leo C.-"Weil, he is supposed to keep his eye on anything that turns up." L' 41 games Wglkins-"Here we are with a puncture and no jack." 1 P- ernice tteson-"Haven't you got your check book?" L- geriwoog tg his Qad-"Dad, can you signyour name with your eyes shut?" ij- , a - er am y. . - 1 Derwood-"Well, fthen, shut your eyes and si n m re ort card." X S' Y P 1 Julian-"Girls are prettier than boys." - I"" llg'Iercedes0M.-"Oh! Naturally!" ulian-"' h, no! Artiliciallyn -- 1 4-' Toddles T.--"I'd like to try on that hat oven- there." 'f' 1-, Salesman-"I'm sorry, madam, but that is the lamp-shade." - 1-' Abraham Goebel-"Prof! The radiator is leaking!" h'- 11 Erof. Crawfordi-'yell fix it! Why tell me? Plug it up with wax! Use your head -, 1 1 oy, use your ea . 1 1 , Miss Ebert-"Your Donald's quite a machinist, isn't he?" :ll Mrs. Stirm-"Yes, indeed. When his father started 'to come down the steps the -' X other night, he made a bolt for the door." ' 1 1 1 f- Paul Mcgahen, who had lwatcheld the home team go downto defeat, stopped the um- .""' .... pire as e was leaving t e par . - ' "Where's .your dog?". he asked the umpire. -1 "Dog?" ejaculateu his Umps. "I. have no dog." f 1.1 "Well ygmuie the first blind man I ever saw who didn't1 have a dog," netqurned the L- , abused op . - Prof Hartley was called upon 'to make a speech at a. .Sophomore party. He rose and K 1 1 began:-"You have been 'giving your attenion so far to a turkey stuffed with sage. X -- You are now about to give your attention to a sage stuffed with turkey!" 1 g-J, Mr. Perry Cto Ralph,GottJ-"Put your gum where it belongs." -b 'ff Ralph Gott-"How can I, it doesn'-t belong to me?" 1 f"1 Mr. Hartley-"Give for one year, the number of tons of coal shipped out of the '- '...' United States." +- Julian Natvig-"1492g none." -, 1-1 Miss McCoy Cteaching problems in time, rate and distancej--"Charles, how do we i,,., tell time?" I'-' Charles H. Cawakenedj-"By a watch." 1? 5- 1-' ij Y if-I Wig L1 --ii'Tt1:"' T " tp 1 "wr W HA'-Q - F71-:-Y-A v , '-- -e - W 1,1 It IJ. lol 1,1 1-1 1 -1 1,, 1 19 2 2 1 ll ll l--l-Ll lol ll t eeee. lfsei "Weigh-""'iii" EIJEIEEEIIII ghilhllllll UEEUUDE 1: C Q 1 C E SI-I Ei l I I N- M i fir 1 E C fp M pumuungu 193 mmmm1lqTiyQM3 1 W 1 i+ 1 , A 1 L Q U Ll TE flshilhljlll 77 f ' 5 W-1+JHweww N L For 1 y , W, LY. 41 ,, 'FRESHMEN ET i1fw 1u21 +MWr?f1aU 'M T S ICI I I I I I I Ll I I Shililrlw gl Igl Ll Ll I l I I Iwi T ' -W r. ls l 'IIA F R E s H M E N ll ,L ...Q W- First Captain ..... .... F rancis Canty 3.. Second Captain ..... ..... W alter Kearns .- Logbook Writer ..... -- .... Roland Rosauer X, Purser ............. ..... .... J a mes O'NeilI l,.. A- - - Y 'l CLASS coLoRs-,,o1d Rose and Gray V' Q WN ,. -. . 7 It was the fourth day of September, 1922, that the ship, "New Hampton High 'L' School," stood at anchor at the wharf of a new school year. Seventy-two passengers I boarded the ship, and, with the colors, Old Rose and Gray, valiantly flying at the masthead steamed away over the Freshman Sea for the "Land of Great Wisdom". 5- The passengers were a congenial crowd and soon became acquainted. Some ji very pleasant gatherings were made posible by the good work of the Stewardesses, ll- Miss McCoy and Miss Harrod. The passengeis soon made the acquaintance of the l- Pilot, Mr. apham. He was strict when strictness was needed but was always in for a good time. Many of the passengers contributed their share to sports. They prom- - ise to be champions on future voyages. A mutiny was directed against the piratical lg,-h Sophomores but they suppressed the attempt and tore down the Freshmen colors. At the Semester Straits many cases of sickness were found. The sickness prov- ,--- ed to be due to indigestible studies. They were remedied where possible but in l... some cases the study had to be thrown over-board. There were many cases of more . serious sickness than this epidemic but no casualties resulted during the year. 1- Fifteen new passengers came on board at Semester Straits. They proved to be '-. a good crowd and were soon at home aboard the ship. 1 We did not face any storms which we were not able to overcome. The tides of 1- our averages continued to ebb and flow. The billows of examination questions tried I... to overwhelm us, but none succeeded. It was a most wonderful voyage, and, al- Q though we guarded against excess baggage, we accumulated many souvenirs which ,- will remain with us during future voyages. J. 0. '26, - TAM F l- CLASS ROLL ' CAs shown in picture on opposite page. Nsmes read in vertical rows from top to bottom and from left to right.j flst rowj S. Uglum, Smith, Mullen, Griffin, Larkins, Carr, McFarland. 12nd row, ' ' R. McAloon, White, Kearns, Burke, V. McAloon, Kramer, Ross. 13rd rowj Hutchin- I- son, Burmaster, D'Ziggle, Donnelly, Connery, Holschlag. ' 14th rowl Gaffney, Hage- E' dorn, E. Wentz, Kelley, G. Kutish, Honeyman. 15th rowl Canty, Flugga, Rosauer, '? C. Kutish, Conley, Karnatz. 16th rowl H. Uglum, F. Shuhert, Stapher, Mclntee, lt... Bowers. 17th rowj H. Kolthoff, Blethen, Strike, Hughes, Bottin, Boeckman. 18th it rowl Roberson, McGrane, 0'Neil, Weigel, Munson, Schulte. 19th rowj N. Shuhert, X1-h Zierath, Jerdee, P. Wentz, Aasen, Kellershon. 110th rowl Kearney, Eggleston, Njos, Boetcher, Hansen, P. Kolthoff, Mitchell. fllth rowl Kempendorf, Waltz, Malloy, ,- Bliss, Faber, 0'Holleran, Lange. '- 1... mv,-. .,- W - 'A' H H-7-'H W ' ""' T7""7""'7,.l--l mussels Il ll ll 1923 Fl VID -Vi rrrr Ili: 4 vw- WW, K W in W ' H Forty-one

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