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 - Class of 1951

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.1 ,U H... - . fx- Q-ww.-.rfgvxwv-N ,- ' REVEILLE Tiff Y if if -, xg X 144 f fm XIII? W7 W S' g ASX WX X Vfgi X N f '-ix ,il , 1 fam y 'IAN 1vf'fr'?g.'? 2 p. l ..n"" v N- , I? 5.1, nl l eq 1 ' ' -. 44' , -Y 4' , -v "L 'C ' .'-., -A-1, f' . 3,.,5s Q-, I . W, a ,df ,,.-0" N 'M k 4,556 Q, if wx Q.-r CU IH 1.4 .S CHOL A S T .1'l6l:'.S'.S' .1 .s1s'cJC1.-4 TIOX ' S! , n UIIIHIXI , . :fix !'l!Xl! !Q2z fffb 1 1 x . 'xfx V -- -V-fb x f'.5 fl X X Q i Q Xa Q A il nw .Z '- N. Q' ,MQ H . 1 kms mi A M. 12? ' R it -SQFLW i x 9' vw nr ', : A g n X tw N 4 1 W .X ,L ,,,MiAfam, f, Y. , I V ,Liz Sqkifti ,hp ' ,-,.ym3n 5xL..f L:z,1k5:ifmafgMV!Q2juiinr muAxL-fhsfv' "THE SPAHTANH '51 The ninth volume of the year book of The New Freedom High School- New Freedom, Pennsylvania. MR. WAGNER Sincere . . . Sense of humor . . . Sensi- tive . . . Meliculous . . . Scientifically minded. IJEDIIIATIU 'This class of '5l cledicafes this, our yearbook, to Mr. Melvin Wagner for his beneficial guidance during our four years at New Freedom High School . . . for his ever present leadership and help in making our class a credit to our school. I-we We, the class of '51, would like to show our ap- preciation to Miss Helena Hartenstein, for the guid- ance she has given us, and the interest she has shown in us by helping with our dramatic produc- tions, literary publications, and by making possible this last year book of New Freedom High School. MISS HARTENSTEIN Sympathetic . . . Helpful . . . Tempera- mental . . . Modest . . . Patient. James L. Franklin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Franklin of New Freedom, Pennsylvania, missing in action in Korea since January 1st, 1951. "Jim" was a member of the graduating class of '51 until December 13th, 1949, when he ioined the Army at York, Pennsylvania. He received his basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and in January, 1950 was sent to Yokahoma, Japan on military police duty. From there he went with his unit into action in Korea. "Jim" was a vocational student at New Freedom, participated in base- ball, softball, and track and was a member of the F.F.A. The class sincerely wishes that "Jim" were here to graduate with them. A Il IJ I Srzhnnl Board Sitting, left to right: Mr. Henry Keith, Mr. Clarence Weaver, Mr. Homer Slarner. Standing, lelt to right: Mr. John Berthold, Mr. John Bulcken. President, Clarence Weaver, Vice-President, John Berthold, Secretary, Homer Slarner, Treasurer, John Bulcken. Parent Teachers ssnnialinn llffinnrs Left to right: Mrs. James Sieling, Miss Mary Crook, Mrs. Herschel Alwine, Mrs. Ray Meyers. President, Mrs. Ray Meyers, Vice-President, Mrs. Herschel Alwine, Secretary, Miss Mary Crook, Treasurer, Mrs. James Sieling. The time has come for the last graduating class to leave this school. Just as we who remain will be looking forward to better things in the Susque- hannock school, so will you, the class of l95l, b looking forward to your new way of life. Changing, a way of life in these uncertain times makes it even more important for us to look ahead and plan. You can only regain a stable way of life by setting goals and working toward them. You should be justly proud of completing twelve years of school, for what you obtained in these years will serve as a solid foundation for your "building of life." Upon this foundation you will :omplete your building, each in your own style. Strive to make this "building" an asset to your Family, community, and nation. Above all remem- Jer that, "except the Lord build the House, they abor in vain that build it." Congratulations on your graduation and sincere nest wishes for your future happiness and success. considerate t 7 ,wil cooperative . . . con- scientious . . . courteous . . . cheerful- that's Mr. Ricker. NAME .... Russell W. Hare DEGREES ...... 8.5. in Agriculture and Science COLLEGES ..... Penn State, Ohio State, and North- western SUBJECTS ..... Agriculture and Biology NAME DEGREES COLLEGES SUBJECTS NAME .... . . DEGREES COLLEGES SUBJECTS NAME .. .... Helena J. Hartenstein DEGREES ...... A.B. in Education COLLEGES ,.... University of Maryland SUBJECTS ...... English, French, and Latin Frances A. Haxworlh B.S. in Home Economics Drexel Institute of Technology Homemaking NAME .,.. ...Elizabeth Miller DEGREES ....,. No Degree COLLEGES ..... Thompson's Business College SUBJECTS ...... Typing .Robert A. Rotz B. S. in Education Shippensburg State Teachers Col- lege English and Science NAME ... .. . . Loretta C. Smith DEGREES .,.,,. R.N. COLLEGES ..... Church Home and Hospital SUBJECTS ...... School Nurse NAME .,.. . . . DEGREES COLLEGES SUBJECTS NAME .... .... R obert A. Thomas DEGREES ...... B.S. in Education COLLEGES ..... Shippensburg State Teachers Col- lege SUBJECTS ...... Social Studies and English Melvin Wagner B.S. in Science Elizabethtown College Science and Mathematics NAME .. DEGREES ...... COLLEGES .... DEGREES .. ... COLLEGE ...... SUBJECTS .... Robert G. Zeigler B.S. in Music Education .West Chester State Teacher's Col lege Master of Education in Music Temple University Music, Chorus, and Band Q . 7.x lnwk , an .mg Q ' ,R Q 5 in C9 r K S 'NME Senior Class nffiIIBl'S Shuchart, Donald Taylor. President .... Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Historian . . Class Motto "After the battle, the reward." 1.1-ft to Right-Joseph Schatanoff, Nancy Brillhart, Class Flower American Beauty Rose Norma Baker, Rose Marie . . .Joseph Schatanoff .. .Nancy Brillhart . . . . . . .Norma Baker .Rose Marie Shuchart . . . . .Donald Taylor Class Colors Navy Blue and White NORMA BAKER "Sis" Vocational Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Softball captain: 4 F. H. A.: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 "The Spartan" stafT: 4 Dramatics: 4 Chorus: l, 2 Cheerleader: 3, 4 Track: 2, 3, 4 Class secretary: 2, 3, 4 JEAN BLASSER-Shrewsbury: 1 "Jean" Vocational Volleyball: 2, 3, 4 Volleyball captain: 4 F. H. A.: 2, 3, 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 Chorus: 2, 3 BETTY BRENNEMAN Shrewsbury: 1 "sary" Vocational: 3, 4 Academic: 2 Chorus: 2, 3 F. H. A.: 3, 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 Volleyball: 3, 4 Softball: 2 Quo Vadis Club: 2 NANCY BRILLHART "Nancy" Vocational: l, 2 Academic: 3, 4 Chorus: l, 2, 3 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 "The Spartan" stalf: 4 Co-Editor of "The Blue and Gold": 4 Softball: l Volleyball: 2, 3, 4 Volleyball captain: 4 Dramatics: 3 Vice-President of class: l, 4 President of class: 3 F. H. A.: l, 2, 4 BETTY LOU COOK "Cookie" Academic Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Softball captain: 4 Cheerleader: 2, 3, 4 Dramatics: 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: "The Blue and Gold" Chorus: I, 2 Track: 2, 4 4 SlOH: 3, 4 Quo Vadis Club: 'l, 2 HAROLD ENGLE "John" Ac "T "T So Ba ademic he Spartan" staff: 4 he Blue and Gold" staff: 4 ftball: 1, 2, 3, 4 seball: 2, 3 LORETTA "Retti" Academic Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: "The Blue and Gold" Quo Vadis Club: l, 2 Dramatics: 3, 4 Track: 3 ERNST 4 staff: 3, 4 PAUL FELLS "Fells" Vocational Football: 1, 2, 3, 4 Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Stage crew: 3, 4 Chorus: I , "The Spartan" staff: 4 Vice-President of class: 3 I5 MIRIAM GEMMILL "Mlm" Vocational Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Softball captain: 4 Chorus: l, 2 Cheerleader: 2, 3, 4 Track: 2, 3, 4 Dramatics: 3, 4 Vice-President of class: 2 F. H. A.: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 EDNA MAYS "Maysie" Vocational Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus: l, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A.: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 Dramatics: 4 GERALD McCOMAS "Gerry" Vocational Football Manager: 2 Football: 3, 4 F.F.A.: 2, 3, 4 Baseball: 3, 4 "The Spartan" staFf: 4 Dramatics: 3 FRANCES MILLER Frances Academic Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus: l "The Blue and Gold Staff: 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 Quo Vadis: I, 2 1: WILLIAM ORWIG "Bill" Vocational Football: 2, 3, 4 Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics: 3 Chorus: l Track: I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball: 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 F.F.A.: 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball: I, 2, 3, 4 Softball: 1, 2 F.F.A.: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 Chorus: 1 Dramatics: 3, 4 MARY REED "Liz" Academic Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" stafT: 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 Chorus: l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics: 3, 4 Quo Vadis Club: 1, 2 BETTY ROSIER "Betts" Vocational Volleyball: I, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball captain: 4 Chorus: 'l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 F. H. A.: I, 2, 3, 4 S noNAt.n Rename 2 S "Donnie" Vocational Q Football: 2, 3, 4 B FRANCES SAGER "Sager" Academic Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Softball captain: 4 Chorus: l "The Spartan" staff: 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 Quo Vadis Club: l, 2 Q ROSE "Rose" Academic JOSEPH SCHATANOFF "Joe" Academic Baseball: 2 Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Class President: 4 Class Secretary: l Quo Vadis Club: l, 2 Band: l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 "The Blue and Gold" staff: 3, 4 Co-Editor of "The Blue and Gold": 4 Dramatics: 3, 4 MARIE SHUCHART Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 "The Blue and Gold": 3, 4 Class Treasurer: l, 2, 3, 4 Quo Vadis: 'l, 2 Chorus: l DONALD TAYLOR "Tater" Academic Baseball: 2, 3 ,4 Softball: l, 2, 3, 4 Class President: l Historian: 4 Band: I, 2, 3, 4 Chorus: l "The Blue and Gold" staff: 4 "The Spartan" staff: 4 Dramatics: 3, 4 Quo Vadis: I, 2 l8 HONOR STUDENTS First row, left to right: Loretta Ernst, Nancy Brillhart, Frances Sager. Second row: Betty Lou Cook, Edna Mays. Third row: Joseph Schatanoff, Mary Reed. 1 9 4 5 CLASS POEM We are the class of fifty-one, We'Il never falter-our steps are light, We are not finished, we've iust begun, For our beliefs we will ever fight, We've worked and studied and now we're through-- Upward and onward forever we'Il climb We've fought our battles and we have won. To the end of the road that's within our sight. We'll miss the fun that we had here, We'II forget our losses-remember our gains, For gone are the days we'lI hold most dear, We'Il carry our burdens and bear the pains, But on that road we will travel far Though our youth and schooldays have long since gone Ta meet success which awaits us there. Laughter and happiness-these will remain. l9 .gg 'TJ A. 5 Ann 'NSW' xl 'W' W! ' 33 nw - ww 5 if A iy 'I-Gerald McComcs, 2--Frances Miller, 3-William Orwig, 4-Donald Redding, 5-Mary Reed, 6-Betty Rosier 7--Frances Sager, 8-Joseph Schcfonoff, 9--Rosie Marie Shuchurf, IO-Donald Taylor, ll-Norma Baker, 12-Jeon Blasser, 13-Betty Brennemon, 14 fn W 'M Q .. -ZW N, 'ww JUNIOR CLASS 'f-4?-'--we S. First Row llett to rightl: Linna Day, Sherrill Kreeger, Charlotte Weaver, Margaret Kidd, Catharine Noll, Constance Boyle, Hilda Wright, Janet Ingham, Mary Nora Berthold, Ethelda Bisker, Arlene Bowser, second row: Donnie Orwig, James Wolf, Marlene Engle, Barbara Ann Schlaline, Ruth Kidd, Sammye Firebough, Patricia Dailey, Joan Wilhelm, Alan Barton, Robert Webb, third row: Charles Orwig, Robert Williams, Elwood Walker, Donald Alwine, Kenneth Baker, Clair Starner, Donald Roseberry, larry Miller, David Kisiner. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .................... Robert Williams Vice-President . . .... Joan Wilhelm Secretary .... . . .Charlotte Weaver Treasurer . . . ..... Clair Starner Historian . . . .Ethelda Bisker In Ohe posi. Sporfsmen. Junior war Iribe. What happened here? Bob Williams' desk SOPHOMORE CLASS First row lleft to rightl: Sally Dunnick, Mary Noll, Nancy Boyle, Dorothea Gladlelter, Vivienne ltzoe, Shirley Diehl, Janet Engle, Gloria Taylor, Elnora Kimes, Patricia Rohrbaugh, Phyllis Rinehart, Shirley Kohler, Beatrice Hoover, linda Sue Nonemaker, Carolyn Miller, Joann Bailey. Second row: Nelson Ahrens, Donald Rohrbaugh, Donald Henry, Jack Brillhart, Lois Reider, Dorothy Taylor, Betty McClain, Gladys Sweitzer, Alice Wisner, Lois Harvey, Shirley Stake, Richard Nace, Jerome Shuchart, Allan Holland, Harold Shatter. Third row: Lloyd Wagner, Jay Sieling, Larry Thacker, Evans Reichard, Carroll Keeney, John Bulcken, David Fry, Donald Sweeney, Almon Shaffer, Joel Fuhrman, Arthur Fuhrman, David Smith, larry Ebaugh, Harold Masenheimer, Eugene Green. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ..... . . .John Bulcken Vice-President . . . . . .Shirley Stake Secretary .... . . .Dorothy Taylor Treasurer . . . . .Alan Holland Historian . . . . .Carolyn Miller Tw Tv ' 7 amp. ,0- 59 . 339-iw I Xmlui W Years ago. P Muscles. Siudious students. Christmas in N.F.H.S. FRESHMAN CLASS Firsl row llefl lo righll: Carolyn Keith, Lucy Ann Luller, Delores Brown, Gloria Walker, Johnna Shaw, Belly Fry, Anna Lee, Miriam Keeney, Goldie Brown, Jame Reinecker, Slello Brown, Sylvia Bowser, Joyce Dorsey, Mary Null, Joyce Hendrix. Second row: Buckley Reed, Jerry Fuhrman, Barry Miller, Larry Swarlz, Laura Ernsl, Marian llgenfrilz, Lucille Measley, Anne Wolf, Marlha Mae Ensor, Henry Masimore, Glenn Smilh, Ronald McWilliams, Carl Reichard. Third row: James Koller, Edwin Spicer, Larry Nonemaker, Richard Shirey, Laban Keeny, Marvin Luca- baugh, Wayne Smith, Larry Wise, George Rouslon, David Schalanofl, Frank Duke, Fourlh row: William Kline- feller, Charles Lenlz, John Sheffer, John Parrish. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ....... .......... B arry Miller Vice-President . . . .Carolyn Keith Secrefary . . . .... Joyce Hendrix Treasurer . . . . .David Schalanofl Historian . . . .Lucy Ann Lutter WY28 A Merry Chrislmas Freshman in action-scholcsticly in . "A hiking we will go." 5 , 3 Q ? A aqui' 11 nf Scalp huniers. Iniyiqhon, Eiqhlh Grade First row lleft to rightl: June Bollinger, Shirley Bailey, Beverly Shaver, Nancy Getz, Barbara Missell, Patricia Orwig, Loretta Ridley, Nancy Keeny, second row: Charles Miller, Darryl Paules, Gardenia Tampsett, Edna Stovall, Marilyn Russell, David Reed, Dale Kline, third row: Donald Weaver, Francis ltzoc, Phillip ltzoe, William Hughes, Patrick Franklin. Seventh Grade -'Hx First row lleft to rightl: Alice Cook, Donna Stake, Joan Fry, lva Sieling, Beverly Missell, Rita Lutter, Rita Noll, Elaine Tampsett, Verdella Myers, second row: Bonnie Jo Cook, Joann Myers, Shirley Butcher, Florence Smith, Kathryn Keeny, Judy Goodman, Shirley Sparwasser, third row: Ronald Wolf, Ronald Wilhelm, Dana Dunnick, TL-.-nn, lI..l-r-n--1 Tp.-fu Cl-,nuke I -x I T I Blue and Gnld Staff win ue u-mtg at '7 ff 5 .3 s if F' .se . , il r 91 ig 5 Xe Q g S Q 45' V ' I ' I Q it not only of 9. OQQQQ X3 fg.g Qld? First row, sitting llelt ta rightl: Rose Marie Shuchart, Norma Baker, Ruth Kidd, Joseph Schatanofl, vsp' 11uw.'!veS. V 5 z-E ' -b Q S' -f - . . . . . . . .,- , p 3' S 5 SXSH Qngsas llancy Brullhart, Joan Wilhelm, Margaret Kidd, Patricia Dailey. Second row, standing: linna Day, ,Lofts frog Se ess' f,.. ', . .. . . F S S' v Q 5 f' ,s .VF B-:rbara Ann Schlalnne, Mar Reed, Miriam Gemmill, Bett Roster, Bett Lou Cook Loretta Ernst, f,,. pftfr 'W 4 W QQ 5 Q, X, s Vs C C Y Y I ..,,,'I QW " K ' 'F L 3' -N' . f 1 . . . . I - " v, 5 3' S .S 5 Q' 3' be S Ciarlotte Weaver, Hilda Wrl ht, Ethelda Blsker, Marlene En le. Third row standm : Samm e Fire- ,J "1 ,UA e 5 s 3 ,gf y Q 1, 5 9 I g Y 'I-W, 'An 5 QF 5 Q. Syjge' 35: baugh, Janet Ingham, Frances Miller, Betty Brenneman, Jean Blasser, Robert Williams, Donald Tayfcr, ' 'ffm ,,,'ff1A ,Iv ,..,x,xe-, , es, -. A5 xg 9 Qsrfvhzibflg ge ss Edna Mays, Frances Sager, Clair Starner, Harold Engle. m:.vl1.ilf,,,lylI1: 6.7 -SCT ,ts .X S .XS Q SN ' lim, l'llfiffr:1w1lll"1 ff -5 5 six BC ai ,'?,-S1 K' S .- ,As .Msn -- ,,. X-f t.,N.- ...M ,... , ,, , 'W' 11. ..,. ""f!v,U s s' ygsx. ., '1 A, E ,S 5' if Q' ag - 1., . -f .y. Q x ,, : Q 1: -- 'fh- ll P- 5 S' 3 6 1, "' , t ... so s fe lv... .1 .ti . ,. . y. ' ,.., Q X s .Q-fr. mx vi-it .M 1 -Q X in stitmw'lil'c lk ts l qmw l"'F'm A L.. A V mn wt- lwP"Yl-' M sums .twtitm-,m'.1 hump il- sv rl. imp mi wk : M., mn icnnxr. 1. wt 1 - ' f . n ' Weis tm: its ms. wlmi uit' twin -KUWT' . ,. . 'Y' mt. .mit s't"xUnt ii: 1' "Y du, sixth. mei .Hr-ry it as fmt'Dt,.f wtznst ds, grmlcs tw lrs K-t lin tml but twtzitiisv nw mlm My NW.,,w mi 1, F uns .askml th VHVUE 1-mn Hmm," mann t:'u:.1-sk he 1-,, C..'n" and the L14 wi' fp L, . is If or 'fwasr 'lf- ,.. me mgm lwelnw cz D ' Z Vi hmugt. me hmm. T 51' 5.-av nm swung, if. g C " X ,in multi- bags myfl- mm , mm ,mm-f'. AN ,N :hm ffmf xml. 1Ol' mf lime 'Ur' fn vm.,ifs .vc-rv mvsrlmi A. fact . 1 mm aww, 1.1 rn.-I., az -mls a 1.-if 1,4-.flue 250 ni, In his Aww mf .fn mlm--1 , pn, 1. if-.f .-ftp, wnlmg nw.. n.,,m,, V iw lm mp Arlington Sipc -Hlluwiptyl' is vm- Fvlls. MCm'mil' Jgzrrrmgjllw H11 "fl ffm HW f5f"fl' HHN WU? fi playml .mt Cult.-n'mn's Furrtltvzrv Factory NSA I I in Glen rm-k, Pix t l t 1 ..,.. fm- ,,,..ff.s. -ms.: me .f..,..1,.A, 1f,.,f..,.,ffs.,s,',..f.. Co-Editor, . . . ,Nancy Brnllhart, Joseph Sch WMU, I Ml MW ,UI W M, - News Editor ...............,.. , ........... . ....... Frances ,,,,,,.,.,.,1,4,1.,,s..s,.Hfff.'f,...',,,. Assistants. . .Loretta Ernst, Frances Miller, Ethelda Bisker, Hilda . ,, two- f., fe.. mms 1 mm, Feature Edltar.. . . . . . . . . . . . ...... . . ....,... . . . , .Mar 1' Assistants .... ...Sammye Firebaugh, Marlene Engle, Rut as Im! rr- his ui mil :UQ L tvs shmilxf .,,, Joan V U... H :fi 6 Wi ms .-mf ,,,,n.1f-..., . 1 mfr.-Off: ,..:..f, mmf ..,.i1.m,.f:f. All Edllcrl ' ' ' ' 'Barbara Ann S W...,......,,..s,.1.fmmff.. sf New Typistl' -HH-I-U. . HU Hnllgnna Day, gag, VW.: tml. M. we ft.. msftws .sw ,, l Huglnggg 2? ht llnmv .wt11pf'y..... T..v1Uffft..w,F..'ima gusi,-,955 Mqngger, , , , . ,Donald W" V 4 Circulation Manager, . .. ..... ............. . ......llaroIi ,men im fnngfpf lm 5 Kwsnf v' in :hr pfm.'1, vt, the wp ni li' .mmf :lx xmas, Hs' .mf f Jimi-s fm: !w1.,,. 14'-4 it I fir. Jw'-r lm.: is-If wtrfrinr ,J . Jw, 4!uxr1srux!7 t , -gg. X 1 , .Imran-s Y. 4 1 v. . iles, py,,H,s bpm, Assistants. .. ...Betty Rosier, Miram Gemmill, Rose Marie Sl Sherrill Kreeger, Robert Williams, Janet Co-Advertising Managers .................. Edna Mays, Betty .. ..Norma Baker, Patsy Dailey, Clair I Charlotte ' Assistants ..,......... 2 L.. Q' if-l V 'l' :.d"s'1wv 1 t V --A rim-fum Huw L 'c1,,,, ""'v 1 ""f'W -tt mt 1. ti' lx it ,in V V, gina.: I , . - t mn t n'w.,,,wr ww f.,.,,,,, H ...Q .t.., xxltlslx . ,, Igsmiih.. O"f'Q,,, f F'f r1f,,,t "M z,.ti1..', mt Q.. Y . ' I i ' n' . . HW"fl,i gglmld-1,,,l v'i'i'f'w, f ilu. me wtuczi an 1..,f'-.a4,w" "h:z,,,,l sm M. fx... " . ' "'f'f"4 J 'M f . 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L " f j 5' Sr.-frm xv... :-1.-W4 Qiimy '--T1.,,p 5 P E- " ?1 1 rs:,.u,,,,.1,. fffwfs, 'ff11..,,,ml 3 Q 1' ,ei C :1-, seine. t sm.. elses, 'iff' tw I ff gf grz..svg,.'s1s .,f1-.yr '- . bu.sin..Xg S1ff'ki,,Q 13 T2 ,E Q 5 ,,..aa 'lynn t 1 ., gin? J 5 : if-s.i'.:i..t..1w:--t, 11100 . , , - , ,. 2' Q"ffvj,,V 1 2' 5 71m-swf-yt... ...M J.. Q 'Te-H. rg' gf 1 7' " t ?,. lligll st 11. "iv . ' sw, . 1 - A x, 5 . "Url Wm Nm, 5 f 7 3 f YQ: .tn-fl. .nw will .t fm f' me 'HQ 4 3 if -C 1 'f iw... li n1.w ss 0 'hs 1, pofm, Q :Q ' ' tm. aw , .H S f .1 V My L 1-,dd hV.l1pf.,md'i 1:3 Y g M it Nm t its .f.-, l magnum- v-'H-F""' r0"'i - Tidiltilp. I r i llll llll ,,,.,.--....- SOPRANOS ALTOS First row lleft to rightl: Shirley Diehl, Barbara Ann Schla- First row lleft to rightl: Betty Rosier, Carolyn Miller, Hilda line, Linna Day, Jane Ingham, Connie Boyle, Janet Engle. Wright, Dorothy Taylor, Lois Reider. Second row: Sherrill Second row: Linda Sue Nonemoker, Marlene Engle, Sam- Kreeger, Lois Harvey, Patricia Dailey, Charlotte Weaver, mye Firebaugh, Margaret Kidd, Edna Mays, Alice Wisner, Mary Reed, Joan Wilhelm, Shirley Stake, Catherine Noll, Ruth Kidd, Ethelda Bisker, Vivienne llzoe, Nancy Boyle, .loann Bailey. Mary Noll. Janet Ingham tg , pianist , ,. -v--1 ibup- .-.... . W., '1 1 I ..... .o.,o. . ",,W..'. W ' l f ," D ll' lm' I TENORS BASSES left to right: Leonard Gunter, Donald Rohrbaugh, David Left to right: Jerome Shuchart, James Wolf, Barry Miller, Schatanott, John Shefler, Harold Slwflef, JOSOPH Sfhfll- 33 Clair Starner, Carl Reichard, Robert Williams, Evans onoH, Larry Reider, Frank Duke. Reichard, Jerry Fuhrman, Almon Shatter, Wayne Smith. L E r First row ileft to rightl: Marlene Engle, Alice Wisner, Patricia Orwig, Gardenia Tampseit, Donald Gladtelter, Donald Rohrbaugh, John ltzoe, June Bollinger, Iva Sieling, Shirley Stake, Dorothy Taylor. Second row: Jerome Shuchart, Jay Sieling, Linna Day, Margaret Kidd, Ethelda Bisker, Hilda Wright, Lois Harvey, Joann Bailey, Wayne Smith, Donna Stake. Third row: Joseph Schatanotf, Donald Taylor, Jerry Fuhrman, Almon Shatter, Clair Starner, Larry Swartz, Allan Holland, David Schatanoft, Donald Weaver. BAND OFFICERS President ..... .............. . . .Donald Taylor Vice-President . . . . . .Jerome Shuchart Student Director ....... . . .Almon Shaffer Assistant Student Director . . . . .Hilda Wright Librarian . . . . .Alan Holland Reporter . . . . .Ethelda Bisker AN SOPRANOS Firsl row llefl lo righll: Beverly Missell, Edna Slovall, Gloria Walker, Sylvia Bowser, Mary Null, Marian llgenlrilg. Second row: Lucy Ann Lulter, Carolyn Keith, Jane Reieneclcer, Miriam Keeney, Joyce Hendrix, Anne Wolf, Delores Brown, Joyce Dorsey, Marlha Mae Ensor, Anna lv-e, Lucille Measley, laura Ernst. JUNIUI-l IIHUH 5 ng, 1, ,. THQ, ALTOS First row llell lo rightl: Beverly Shaver, June Bollinger, Rila Noll, Donna Stake, Elaine Tampsell, Joann Meyers. Second row: David Reed, Nancy Jo Getz, Gardenia Tampsell, Belly Fry, Goldie Brown, Marilyn Russell, Barbara Missell, Nancy Keeny, Shirley Bailey, Palricia Orwig, Donald Weaver, 35 Left lo right: Palricia Dailey, Joan Wilhelm, Sammye Fire- baugh, Sally Dunnick. Left fo riglif: Patricia Dailey, Sally Dunnick, Sammye Firebaugh, .loan Wilhelm 36 lL...l L. it D Nm b- llun Vallis lfluh First row llelt to rightl: Laura Ernst, lucy Ann lutter, Carolyn Keith, Miriam Keeny, Jane Reinecker, Joyce Hendrix, Martha Mae Ensor, Marian Ilgentritz, Goldie Brown. Second row: Joann Bailey, Janet Engle, Shirley Diehl, Nancy Boyle, Shirley Stake, Vivienne ltzoe,,linda Sue Nonemaker, Sally Dunnick, Mary Noll. Third row: Carolyn Miller, James Koller, William Klinetelter, Jerome Shuchart, Jay Sieling, David Schatanofl, Larry Thacker, Harold Shaffer, Barry Miller, Carl Reichard, larry Nonemaker, Henry Masimore, Stella Brown. Consul ....... . . .Allan Holland Second Consul . . . . .Joann Bailey Scribe ...... . .Jay Sieling Aedile . . . . .Janet Engle "The members of the Junior Classical League convenant to hand on the torch of Classical civilization in the modern world. They believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help them to understand and appraise this world of today which is indebted to ancient civilization in its governments, laws, literature, languages, and arts." 37 THE SPAHTI-l At tar, left to right: Frances Sager, Mary Reed, Lorella Ernst, Betty Lou Cook, Nancy Brillhart, Belly Brenneman, Rose Marie Shucharl, Joseph Schatlanotl, Donald Taylor, Harold Engle. Second row of desks: Miriam Gemmill, Betty Rosier, Jean Blasser, Frances Miller. Third raw of desks: Norma Baker, Edna Mays, Paul Fells. Fourth row of desks: Donald Redding, Gerald McComas. Editor-in-Chief .. Feature Editor ......... Assistant Feature Editors . . . Photography Editor ........ Assistant Photography Editors . Art Editor ............... Assistant Art Editors . . Business Manager .. Advertising Manager ....... Assistant Advertising Managers. Circulation Manager ........ Assistant Circulation Managers Typists ............... Betty . . .Frances Sager ........................LorettaErnst . . .Nancy Brillhart, Betty Rosier, Frances Miller .....................BettyLouCook Rose Marie Shuchart, Norma Baker ...................Mary Reed . . .Edna Mays, Nancy Brillhart ...........Harold Engle .....................Donald Taylor . . . . .Miriam Gemmill, Jean Blasser, Paul Fells ........................JosephSchatanoff Donald Redding Gerald McComas, William Orwig Brenneman, Betty Lou Cook, Loretta Ernst, Mary Reed 38 JH. - SH. PHU 'IP 412 mf ' ' ' 11' Q pa Q' U 108' LgN.cIf " ,v v w fy 1, . . 4.A+,"1"vq'l' L- . 1.-Nigtffr x ' 9 v",r-4 , Y J 1 l F. H. ii. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First row il to rl: Dorothy Taylor, Charlotte Weaver, Betty Rosier, Shirley Kohler, Miriam Gemrnill, Patricia Dailey, Margaret Kidd, Beatrice Hoover. Second row: Betty Brenneman, Edna Mays, Jean Blasser, Delores Brown, Gloria Taylor, Phyllis Rinehart, Elnora Kimes, Alice Wisner, third row: Mary Null, Gloria Walker, Arlene Bowser, Sylvia Bowser, Betty Fry, .lohnna Shaw, Anna Lee, Nancy Brillhart, fourth row: Gladys Sweitzer, Lois Harvey, Dorthea Gladfelter, Lois Reider, Marlene Engle, Anne Wolf, Patricia Rohr- baugh, Norma Baker, lucille Measley, Joyce Dorsey, Betty McClain, Catherine Noll. The F.H.A. chapter of New Freedom began its prescnt term by electing officers. Charlotte Weaver was elected president, Betty Rosier, vice president, Shirley Kohler, secretary, Lois Harvey, treas- urer, and Margaret Kidd, reporter. At first the club had their meeting once every two weeks, but now have a meeting every week with the girls divided into groups. Some of their proiects are crocheting, embroidering, cooking, and sewing. The girls packed boxes for servicemen before Christmas and then later collected and mended clothing for needy children. Miss Hoxworth is their adviser. 40 IIKP Ill! 'll Ill F. F. il. l I 1 I . rr. , . e A , , , ' ,- Z5 Q ix as-Q., ,A FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First row tl. to r.l: Evans Reichard, John Shelter, George Routson, Wayne Smith, David Smith, Carroll Keeny, Richard Noce, Larry Ebaugh, John Parrish, Glenn Smith, standing: Edwin Spicer, Donald Rohr- baugh, Gerald McComas, Jack Brillhart, Paul Fells, Eugene Green, Charles Orwig, Donald Sweeney, Larry Miller, Alan Barton, Donald Redding, David Fry, larry Wise, laban Keeny, lloyd Wagner, Donald Henry, Joel Fuhrman, Jerry Fuhrman, Arthur Fuhrman, Nelson Ahrens, Harold Masenheimer. Among the 41 members of the F.F.A. chapter we have chosen: President, Larry Miller, '52, Vice-President, Eugene Green, '53, Sec- retary, Alan Barton, '52, Treasurer, Donald Sweeney, '53, Reporter, Charles Orwig, '52, Chaplain, Carroll Keeney, '53, Sentinel, Donald Redding, '51, This term's activities included the annual seed campaign, a paper collection, and Leadership Training School at Maytown. The F.F.A. will again take part in the indoor track meet at Dover High School and also the annual spring track meet in York. Since this is the last year for F.F.A. at New Freedom, the F.F.A. boys are planning to take a trip. 4l 12 cms IIUMIN' HIIUND THE MUUNTAIN L A . E Left to right: Joseph Schatanoft, Donald Taylor, Nancy Brillhart, and Mary Reed. CAST The Skitter Family Consists of: Maw-the hard working mother .... ........ M ary Reed Paw-the lazy father ............. .... J oseph Schatanoff Curly-the ambitious son ........... . . .Gerald McComas "Dizzy" Mae-who is slightly "tetched". . . .Betty Lou Cook Zeke-the youngest .............. . . .Donald Taylor Corney Bell-the older daughter .... Others very much involved are: Ellie Lou Dufunny-a neighbor girl ...... Sammy Fester-in love with Corney Bell. . . Robert Bruce-a publicity agent ....... Edward Small-a young radio producer .... Carol Hughes-a model .............. Doris Dean-her girl friend. Tickets Frances Sager Stage Crew- Ushers Rosella Wolf COMMITTEES Paul Fells, Chairman . .Nancy Brillhart . . . .Loretta Ernst . . . .William Orwig .Donald Redding .. . . .Harold Engle . . .Miriam Gemmill . . . .Edith Witmer Rose Marie Shuchart, Chairman Rosella Wolf Betty Brenneman Edna Mays Frances Miller Frances Miller Norma Baker Norma Baker Jean Blasser Betty Rosier Left to lriglvt: Harold Engle Mary Reed and Miriam Gemmill Baker Joseph Schatanofl, Donald Taylo . . . .Edna Mays . . .Loretta Ernst . . .Donald Taylor . .Miriam Gemmill Joseph Schatanoflf . . . .Norma Baker . .Donald Redding .. ...Mary Reed Begonia Washington the Martyn s colored cook . . .Betty Lou Cook Nicodemus Pupp the Martyn s colored gardener .... Harold Engle ........- Presented by Class of '52 MARCH 28 and 29 1951 Front row, left to right: Charlotte Weaver, Patricia Dailey, Margeret Kidd, Joan Wil- helm, second row: Barbara Schaline, Hilda Wright, Sherrill Kreeger, Ethelda Bisker, Janet Ingham, third row: Elwood Walker, Donald Alwine, Alan Barton, and Clair Starner. ...rake H awayl Take if awayr, JUNIOR PLAY CAST Edna Dwyer, about 45, a widow .......... .loan Wilhelm Alicia Dwyer, 21, her writer daughter ........ Ruth Kidd Kenneth Dwyer, 16, her young son ........ Donald Alwine Lydia Carter, 40, a gossip who learns .... Charlotte Weaver Mable Shaw, 20, a girl with a secret ........ Hilda Wright Esther Gill, 16, the girl next door ...... Barbara Schlaline Stephen Otis, 20, a young man in love with Mable- Elwood Walker Wendell Otis, 45, Stephen's proud father .... Alan Barton Karon Dixon, 45, a thoughtless mother ...... Janet Ingham Hope Dixon, 19, her timid daughter ...... Sherrill Kreeger Talbot Dixon, 17, the resentful son. . . . . .Clair Starner Albretha Thorn, 50, an eccentric. .. . . .Ethelda Bisker Helen Heather, 25, a movie star. . . .... Margaret Kidd M: Av, ? S? L ff' PUUTBALL COACHES il. to R.l Mr. Ricker, Md. Thomas, Mr. Hare. 46 First row, left to right: Marvin Luca- baugh, .lerry Fuhrman, Jerome Schuhart, Donald Redding, Alan Barton, Larry Mil- ler, second row: John Parrish, Wayne Smith, Jay Sieling, Harry Kohler, Henry Masimore, Arthur Fuhrman, .lohn Bulchen Ill, Daniel Ziegler, third row: Eugene Green, Barry Miller, Donald Alwine, Don- ald Sweeney, David Fry, Almon Shaffer, Edwin Spicer. CO-CAPTAINS OF FOOTBALL TEAM ll., to RJ Larry Miller, Donald Sweeney. PUIJTBALL BANUUET EHEEHLE!-UJEHS Left io righf: Charloiie Weaver, Ruih Kidd, Norma Baker, Nancy Brillhari, Beliy Lou Cook, and Miriam Gemmill lcapiainl. N-Q33 437 ' 7v3g13E,,1 kg game' :Vs ave' me an ' We? e o 9 flnq win! 48 4 yn A B SEB LL First row, left to right: Harold Engle, Donald Redding, David Fry, Richard Kohler Harold Masenheimer, Donald Taylor, William Meyers, Kenneth Baker, Second row, left to right: Harold Rosier, Carroll Keeney, larry Miller, George Green, Donald Alwine, Paul King, Franklin Miller, William Winter, Donald Sweeney, Robert Rehmeyer, Almon Shatter, Gerald McComas, John A. Sipe, Alan Barton, Eugene Green, Robert Williams. The year i950 gave New Freedom High School another fine baseball team. With its veteran players, most of whom were seniors, and its hustle, vitality, and coaching, the nine were able to pitch, bat, smash, and scrap their way into the Southern Division Championship. The New Freedom club drew a "by" for the first game of the playoffs and was, therefore, assured of getting a crack at the York County Championship. New Freedom met West York on the Glen Rock diamond in the championship game that was a thriller from start to finish. Despite all their efforts, the New Freedom boys could not hold the West Yorkers down and West York eked out a 3 to 2 victory. 49 First row U. to r.l: Dorothy Taylor, Stella Brown, Edna Mays, Frances Sager icaptainl, Goldie Brown, Nancy Boyle, Hilda Wright, second row: Carolyn Miller, Joyce Dorsey, Miriam Keeny, Mary Null. m wx First row il. to r.j: Janet Ingham, Mary Noll, Loretta Ernst, Norma Baker lcaptainl, Ruth Kidd, Charlotte Weaver, Frances Miller, sec- ond row: Lucille Measley, Vivienne Itzoe, Rose Marie Shuchart, Jane Reinecker, Marlene Engle, Betty Fry. 5UF'l'Hi-lLL First row ll. to r.l: Shirley Diehl, Mary Reed, Margaret Kidd, Miriam Gemmill fcaptainl, Patricia Dailey, Sammye Firebaugh, Constance Boyle, Sally Dunnick, second row: Marian Ilgenfritz, Joyce Hendrix, Betty McClain, Pa- tricia Rohrbaugh. First row U. to nl: Arlene Bowser, Joan Wil helm, Betty Lou Cook icaptainj, Shirley Stake Mary Nora Berthold, Gloria Walker, Secom row: Sylvia Bowser, Delores Brown, Marthc Mae Ensor, Anna Lee, Catherine Noll, Joanr Bailey. Mgr , , .51 -W-4. T Law '1 - -xl vi' ' i Fifi' row ll. P0 nl: Jvrk Bfillhufl, Donnie Ofwig iw-wpfcinl. First row ll. lo rg: Charles Orwig lco-caplainl, Preston Wine Donald Roseberry lco-caplainl, John Parrishpsecond row: Nelson miller, Robert Webb leo-caprainlg second row: larry Ebaugh Ahrens, William Klinefelter, Carl Reichard, Frank Duke, Richard Richard Nace, Carroll Keeney, lloyd Wagner, Laban Keeny. Shirey. if-' A L-'Ni' 3 -ff I 1 QQ Firsl row ll. lo r.l: James Koller, Leonard Gunler, Elwood Walker lco-caploinl, Donald Rohrbaugh, Donald Henry, second row: Donald Taylor, larry Nonemaker, David Smilh, Gerald McComas, James Wolf lco-captainl. milf I 113 'X 'Ill-i .M I .55 rfyym First row ll. to r.l: Robert Williams lco-caplainl, Haroli. Engle, Firsr row ll. lo r.l: George Roulson, Clair Slarner lcaplainl, Kennelh Baker lco-coplaml, second row: Larry Swarlz, Glenn John Sheffery second row ll. to r.l: Joel Fuhrman, Harold Smilh lnrrv Rnirl.-r hr-wi.-I Crt..-o,..-.An l,....... un., -- 1- I - - - - - ULLEYHIXLL ur .3l.:r. First row U. lo r.l: Elnora Kimes Gladys Sweitzer, Belly Rosier lcaplcin Barbara d Ann Schlaline, second row: Lin Nonemaker, Lois Reider, Carolyn K a ue ei. 'av r First row ll. to r.l: Shirley Kohler, Belly Brenneman, Nancy Brillharl lcoplainl, Phyllis Rinehart, Luny Ann Luller, second row: Elhelda Bisker, Lois Harvey, lanra Ernsl. we First row ll. to r.l: Johnna Shaw, Ann Wolf, Jean Blosser lcaplainl, Janet Engle, Beatrice Hoover, second row: Linna Day, Alice Wisner, Gloria Taylor. Ps A , . ,,,. gh 5 all W., Aw um m,,,,,,, F M L .fl 4' -'I .P WA. f 'W il I 0 ww N mxsx 'Janna' 'Sy U 0 I Q Mfilfffffwx-.. X!! l'Ji5s. if x Q-5 .- v F A Xen-aussi -""?Il arm, CLASS In the name of all that is traditional, generous, and iocose, we, the last graduating class of New Freedom High School, in perfect health and memory and with essence of wit, do make and ordain this our last will and testament. To the Juniors we will the ability to find the stepping stones and avoid the pitfalls as they follow us on the path of success. We also will to them our dramatic abilities and the hopes that their' productions will be as successful as 'ours were. To the Sophomores we will our partial tranquility and also the patience to endure the forthcoming seniors. To the Freshmen we will our studiousness, our sophistication, and our perserverance. A To the oncoming Freshmen we will maps of the new school, to avoid classroom interruptions. To our principal, Mr. Ricker, we owe our gratitude and our loyalty which we feel will take a lifetime to repay. ' To Miss Hartenstein, we will a chauffeur in order to preserve her nice new car. We will also to her our many thanks and apologies for all the trials she has gone through for us. To Miss Hoxworth we will a new set of knitting needles to take the place of those broken by the senior girls. P , To Mrs. Miller we will a larger typing class and our thanks for the typing she has done for us. To Miss Smith we will a new set of syringes, the type without the square needles so they won't hurt. To Mr. Wagner, our home room teacher, we will a senior class that doesn't play "hookey" every day. To Mr. Thomas we will a P.O.D. class that has a perfect attendance and studies every day. To Mr. Hare we will some guinea pigs and a new microscope for biology class. WILL To Mr. Zeigler we will a pop gun to shoot the trouble makers in band and chorus. To Mr. Rotz we will a privately owned garage that will take care of all his dented fenders inflicted by women drivers. To the following, we cede our individual properties. Dorthea Gladfelter-Edna May's surplus weight. Mr. Thomas-Rose Marie Shuchart's glasses to help him mark report cards. Barbara Ann Schaline-Gerald McComas' ability to drive an auto- mobile. William Klinefelter-Donald Redding's red wavy hair. David Fry-Donald Taylor's shortness. Nelson Ahrens-Frances Miller's tranquility. Ethelda Bisker and Mary Nora Berthold .lean'Blasser's and Betty Brenneman s schedule for playing hookey Lucille Measley Norma Baker s laugh Gloria Walker Mary Reed s height Anyone who wants rt Frances Sager s lob as editor ofthe yearbook Donald Henry William Orwlg s towering height Henry Spicer-Harold Engle s straight hair Donald Alwrne-Joseph Schatanolt s French grades .lack Brrllhart Nancy Brillhart s ability to study Janet Ingham-Betty Roster s talent for playing the piano Elnora Krmes Loretta Ernst s argumentative abilities To the oncoming Freshmen Betty Lou Cook s good times during her high school years Lmna Day Miriam Gemmrll s ability to arrive at school late Signed sealed and delivered this lst day of February 1951 I ' ll ll n ' I 1-t . . p n --. . n 1 u n i 0 no up u s . .--. 0 1 3 n n e 0 I o n o p so T . o 3 a o o u 1 o one -1 . a p s s a s a on sq no o i O a 0 I I o I W , ' 9-se ,agzgw , A--wg , . Ieaiisggyggmq ,., .A,, wwf HW fU1gX.5eg.fQ S f?5i1127sx2 f,g:,f55g: 1 ,lex X , , f5ff':.',-,T Lf 7 K Pi Z" 5555-Fi -: 473- ..,.. .. .. ,. ,, , E :,,l.:.Ii,d'3'-, -:gnu 57, A ,kffjfhfwg L-si'I,Q',' il Wh G M . wr . fx .,.,. S2 , J S V 1 - .f K f , we ,, - - - MSW,-Hxm.,7-f -I wzryf .. Y 4 KK g X M? 2 . 3 ., M., 4 f R 1 'QTY' K. 5 Q H fqfjgzf 1535 'K' M ' ' mb if 1 4 fx? Z ,AH 1 g xy 2,3355 ' sf 'ss 2, S Ri. , 2- sa . Y SK 21 f , WA KW fd Q 345' S S ,Q Wigs it 1. we K, SN, 5 g 7,I- j ,i:l. , 3 LAmLh L, ,,-Aqr,!'?'9'f m W, . ,WF wwwfgz 1 . i '55 A 5 MF 5 QWEBQQHFQ I 4 4 Mao k .Q Q fa'.L,f--n:',-1-, .e "ii, ,neg E, .Jr f 4 9 -all-A X N i3gsx gg Q r wx ii Q 3 AK ' XX R siiffij if ww 2 is fx ', " S -AU' h MX. .,v,.v. FW 'O Lk H jx f Mak QQ A xg I r C - I A5 Ili! ll 53 iaffefleils N Q .sl L... , QE 51a we i in mst. is K , rf' ,,"'3E" .J S il lt 1 2 5 f in s- f , 1. , s M ,.A. 2 s Agzi.. V l e m ' Our ianitor, Mr. Fuhrman, has served the New Freedom school faithfully for eight years. His pleasant smile and kind ways are an asset to our school. He is daily seen going through the halls, regulating room temperatures and keeping the stu- dents well supplied with pencils and tablets. Thank you, MR, FUHRMAN! Phone 104-R-12 NEW FREEDOM MEAT MARKET B. F. YOUNG Frigidaire Equipped HOME DRESSED MEATS New Freedom, Pa F U 'I E R B R O S. on 'n-It SQUARE JJ You PENNA, York's Largest Selection of Quality Diamonds Distinctive Jewelry Fine Watches C. K. MELLINGER Engineering - Contractor Excavating Concreting Bituminous Surfacing NEW FREEDOM, PENNA. Phone: GLEN ROCK 46-R-2 ANDERSON FEED COMPANY Manufacturers of ANDERSON'S FEEDS HUNGERFORD, PA. Phone Glen Rock 53-R-2 Hardware Clothing For Quality and Service Houston General Store RAILROAD, PA. Meivin Houston, Prop. Produce Lunch Meat W. C. Anstine 8. Son Sewing Contractor Phone 43-R-5 RAILROAD, PA. YORK'S BEST VALUES K E E N E Y ' S Di M ds HUNGERFORD, PA. .E A 0. I IIXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIISC Fresh and Smoked Meais J swELsP.s 2nd FLOOR - 25 E. MARKET Frozen Foods ADMIPAL TELEVISION . FRIGIDAIRE - SPEED QUEEN E"""e G""'e"Y Coq ln" DUO - THERM Wholesale and Refail Phone 82476 Dependable Appliances 21 - 23 WEST PHILADELPHIA ST. "BUD" HAVEN SHREWSBURY. PA. YORK, PA. HLINGERFORD PACKING CO., INC. HUNGERFORD, PENNSYLVANIA C R A BOYLE SEITZ MUSIC CENTRE LA K ' The Besl' ln Musical Merchandise SHREWSBURY, PA. '29 - 31 NORTH BEAVER ST. YORK, PA. BARBER SHOP B E N S 0 N ' S NEW FREEDOM, PA. R.C.A. Television Records R.C.A. 45 - 33-U3 - 78 B E N S O N ' S Qualify cunning a spomwear INTERWOVEN STOCKINGS VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS NEW FREEDOM DEPARTMENT STORE NEW FREEDOM, PA. Tires - Tubes - Accessories KING'S AMOCO SERVICE Cars Called for and Delivered Washing - Polishing - Lubricafions Repairing and Road Service PHONE 45-R-I 5 F L U H R E R ' S JEWELRY STORE 67 Years of Service I7 West Mcxrkef Street YORK, PA. D. A. BOSTIC Elecfrical Appliances TELEVISION Service and Supplies NEW FREEDOM, PA. Gas Ranges Boffle Gas Phone: Glen Rock 53-R-21 , Itzoe's News Stand Formerly Rehmeyer s E. c. sn-qwbridge C"""A'E STORE Owner . Magazmes - lce Cream Farm Equipmenf and Produce . n D I . HUNGERFORD, YORK co., PA. Shee'M"5'c 'Y Ce"""'9 PEOPLE'S BAKING CGMPA Y Summit' Bread C Buns I Cakes O Pies NEW FREEDOM, PA. Phone 44R-5 I Joseph W. "BONG" BOI.l.INGER'S SILBAUGH MEMoRlAl.s "e"e"""' Cam' Guaranieed Memorials 5HREWSBURYf PA- Luncheon Service Phone: Glen Rock 49-R-2 NEW FREEDOM, PA Swpa,kaeQmzedWe9eta-dlea Charles C. Summers, Jr., Inc NEW FREEDOM, PENNA. DODGE PLYMOUTH SALES SERVICE SUMMIT SERVICE NEW FREEDOM. PA. Phone 57-R-3 Congratulations to the Class of '51 from YOUR CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER HENRY M. BLATTNER 153 EAST MARKET STREET At the Brownstone House YORK, PA. Phone 7173 QWW' Z time and Zee: Wada AMERICAN INSULATOR CORPORATION NEW F EEDOM PE SY N R. S. SHLICHART Farm Equipment Fertilizer - Lime Poultry Equipment NEW FREEDOM, PA. JOHN E. YOST Jeweler GLEN ROCK, PA. Parker Pens and Pencils CARMAN'S ICE - MILK - coAL New FREEDOM, PA. Phone: Glen Rock 106-R-12 WAGNER STRIEWIG'S Cleaners Grocery Store GLEN ROCK, PENNSYLVANIA WE CALL SHREWSBURY, PA. Phone 51 -R-3 Mondays" 6 Deliver "Thursdays Phone: Glen Rock 5-R-4 SIELING FURNITURE COMPANY geahaam amzdtme RAILROAD, PENNA. BRENNEMAN'S Green Groceries of all Kinds Sea Food in Season SHREWSBURY, PA. CHARLES M. KIDD HARDWARE NEW FREEDOM, PA. Paints - Varnishes "Agent for Sherwin - Williams FIRST 9 IN FASHION Our 39th Year in York COHEN Brothers International JEWELRY CQ- 104 SOUTH GEORGE ST. 52 S' GECRGE STREET Everything for Every Sport YORK, PA. Warner and Wirtz, Inc. SALES ond SERVICE CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE NEW FREEDOM, PA. A. J. Kreeger 81 Son FEED - COAL Eggs - Poultry Phone Glen Rock 42-R-2I SHREWSBURY, PA. CRESCENT I DUSTRI ES NEW FREEDOM, PENNSYLVANIA Rings Walehes B U B B E. H. HELFRICH Wafchmaker and Jeweler IN S U R A N C E NEW FREEDOM, PA. A G E N C Y Jewelry Gi'H's -k 'lr THE GREENHOUSE SHREWSBURY, PA. Planls - Shrubs - Perennials C o r s a g e s P.O. Building NEW FREEDOM, PA. Congratulations to - THE CLASS OF '51 LOUIS SCHATANOFF. M.D. C. A. SAUBEL Community Pure Food Store HAMETOWN, PA. Charles H. Shalfner 6 EAST MARKET STREET Jeweler Diamonds English China Fine Glassware YOU TRUST YOUR HEALTH to a professional physician. Why not give your beauty the same professional care? Arlene's Beauty Shop NEW FREEDOM, PA. "Keep Your Home Attractive" J U L I U S H. C. Geiple and Son Furniture - Floor Coverings 143 WEST MARKET GLEN Rock, PA. Y O R K FUNERAL HOME ' Where Friends of Music Meet "Known by Service" SUPERIOR WIRE CLOTH CO. Manufacturers of NONFERROUS SCREEN AND WIRE CLOTH Superior in Quality-Supreme in Durability Hungerford. York Co., Pa. KOLLER B W FERTILIZERS R o N C U T R A T E York FERTILIZERS Shaffer Pens 81 Pencils For All Purposes Gibson Cards D bl K N 1' Cotton cmd Soyo Bean Meols ou e ay u S R L' M GF f ' S ' oyster Shells Bone Meal oman lg er oun am ervlce H. F. NONEMAKER Plumbing 8. Heating Service NEW FREEDOM. PA. Sincel885 HARTENSTEIN AND CO. Furnifure and Floor Coverings HARTENSTEIN MORTUARY New Freedom, Po. THOMPSON'S COLONIAL HOTEL F009 MARKET For Fine Foods REGULAR DINNERS HOME DRESSED MEAT NEW FREEDOM, PA. Parkton 3898 MARYLAND LINE MARYLAND Maryland Line Garage CANDLE LIGHT INN Phone 3001 The Friendly Place MARYLAND LINE, MARYLAND MELVIN D. SHAFFER Modern Home Appliances LOUIS ZUPNIK l . Sewing Confracfor Radio - Sound - Television ED . SHREWSBURY, PENNA. NEW FRE OM' PENNA BUCHAR1' ENGINEERING CORPORATION ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS 61 1 WEST MARKET STREET YORK, PENNA. FOR COMFORT and SENTIMENT Regular Dinner Shorl' Orders Upholstering Material for Sale Shrewsbury Restaurant QUIK "For Good Things to Eat" S. A. ZELLERS NEW FREEDOM, PA. On the Square - Shrewsbury, Pa. Earl Helfrich, Prop. First Commencement ELIZABETH KEENER .,......... Mrs. Ray Downes, York, deceased. GRACE STANDIFORD ....... Washington, D.C., Government work. ETHEL TAYLOR ........, Mrs. Arthur Richardson, Washington, D.C. CHRISTIANA BOESSER ........ Mrs. John Rohrbaugli, Buffalo, N.Y. PROFESSOR BARNETT .............................. Deceased. C. W. STINE ...... FLO SHIREY ....... MARY HARTENSTEIN .... ERNA ZEIGLER ..... EDGAR MILLER .... CLINT BAILEY ...... HARVEY WILLIAMS. REVEREND MARTIN. . . . . . . .County Superintendent, deceased. Mrs. Chester Rehmeyer, New Freedom, Pa. ....Mrs. W. S. Grove, New Freedom, Pa. .....Goodling Electric Co., York, Pa. .............Dactor, Wilmington, Del. . . . . . . . . . .Board at Directors, deceased. . . . .Secretary of Board, New Freedom, Pa. ........,.........,...Lutheran Church DR. J. L. YAGLE ..... .... B aard of Directors, New Freedom, Pa. P. W. MILLER ...... ......., B aard of Direclcrs deceased. REVEREND BOWERS .... Methodist Minister, deceased. JOHN HARMAN .... ...President of Board deceased. REVEREND BUCK... ...,...... Evangelical Church, deceased. B. W. BAKER ...... ...Teacher of grammar school deceased. LOTTIE REEHLING.. SARANDA HAMME. ................lntermediate teacher, Mrs. Arthur Kugler, Dalton, Neb. , ............. Primary teacher, deceased. f X. wif , 1 ' , .ff ' L1 I M w -un. x ' 'U' 1, .W . A ' Y x 31 ,I 1 ,,.,1- cr MQW., LQ J GM: .W 1 -. 1. Q .a 1 ww - ,, ,ffm L. .1 3. VN ,gWvi y ww- , N, ., , ,, . .J ww,- . U M4 N..f349f' 1 n. Q TAPS T , Q JVJJQ1 5 ' X QWVKX N V MZ V 1? Y 5 ' 1, k ""'ew.. fmswg' : 46.4 1. , ij! X . Q-r:','ff A 4"'e 3' Y - Rf- A 'ELL N6-iv Q' YW1.. 'f'5e'z3L, Q , -1-

Suggestions in the New Freedom High School - Spartan Yearbook (New Freedom, PA) collection:

New Freedom High School - Spartan Yearbook (New Freedom, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 22

1951, pg 22

New Freedom High School - Spartan Yearbook (New Freedom, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 83

1951, pg 83

New Freedom High School - Spartan Yearbook (New Freedom, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 77

1951, pg 77

New Freedom High School - Spartan Yearbook (New Freedom, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 68

1951, pg 68

New Freedom High School - Spartan Yearbook (New Freedom, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 48

1951, pg 48

New Freedom High School - Spartan Yearbook (New Freedom, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 41

1951, pg 41

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