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- - '-' A- " "2 1 Q'1,:aQw6E'1f?F2fs?vg2a-'si 1-.TH--1.Q5'1 "Q--'pn - -'m"'j?5'F'E5S-'QI-5:22151-.Sa 3955: W-ga . . - ,,. ?cf-ry! 1 - ,Y ,x-V V P rf -fuilll V .V , -,..--,gQ- -A '- 7 ' 4, 11 , . 1,4 7 Y mgzjig gi" N L ,X . . N :-1:4 - fy. nr :-eb -:-infagg,--.: r .I T,-Q 'fh ' ,, , ,Q , , . -- . -. 4, - , - . . -2, Af- - ,-:Ugg - .5 X , 1, '7 J. . :P ,qw TQ 4: sf -fi, gr A , 4' Ne w s l' Q W Q V x , v Lf wif -Ni: Au 4 ,AlA., Ji' uf W z vig --LE lk' Q55 "4 if mf 4 XJ .Q 1 . fl "-, . Y . 5'2" V Iii? ' 4 , HN -IZ! wf .. 5' 14 " F' , Q' Fil , .l 'wiv 'El' .,sE3?' Zfiiflf FW 14.252 1' . 'fm , it ' f wb if :Q 4:F' - fr if .' ,'1 V . .140 .is "Hi .y QI' 1 ,gm I, 'HQ- .xq K t . -" PM Q ffff Q Q Q3 QQ Q QQ QFQQQV Q Q, Q ey Wg' Foreword In the following pages we have striven to portray the real life of the student and to translate into words the happiness that has accompanied us all through our student days. If by word and by picture we have created in this LAUREL the spirit of the year nineteen hundred and fifty-one so that the happy hours spent here at New Florence High will be pre- served in our memories, then the purpose of the staff will have been achieved. The 1951 LAUREL Published by The Senior Class New Florence High School, New Florence, Pa Z THE NEW HIGH scr-1oo1. BUILDING The construction of the new school building was started in May, 1950. When school opened in September, the contractor had not completed all necessary work, This is a very modern buff brick building with the latest in rest rooms, lighting, woodwork, and flooring. On September 22, there was great rejoicing on the part of the student body for this was moving day. The Class of 1951 was the first one to graduate from the new school building. 3 m 44, X! N? X KS W S N3 sr 'Q 1' Rik fn x. - 1 V? fi - 5 Q 'xx XJ s 0 'Dedication i MRS. PEARL MONTGOMERY We, the Senior Class of 1951, dedicate this sixth annual volume of THE LAUREL to Mrs. Pearl Montgomery, who through her unfailing patience and tireless efforts has guided us wisely and ably during our 'high school days. Mr s. Montgomery, our advisor for the past three years, has willing supervised our activities. Her directness and her sincerity have led us to admire and esteem her. , 5 Q sg Qs is Q47 Q W 5 Q S Aw if' f 6 i 13 X 1 5 ll. ELNORA CHISNELL I. l. ta Education Diver nity of Plttabur gh ull! State Teachers Collage English, Latin. X 7 L N HERB. PEARL MONTGOMER Y A. I- Uivalfllty ol PIttlbIfQ Ciltila University lndiana State Normal School Mathematic s . MRS. IRENE BEARD B. S. - M. S. Ulvoralty d Ptttahirgh ladaaa State Toachcra Collage Geography. History, Art X :x MRS. CLARA JANE GOODWIN MRS. MILDRED MABON B. 5. B. S. hdiana State Teachers Ualvor nity of Pittsburgh Collage Indiana State Teachers Home Economics, History. College 1 Commercial Subjects. A A sk W" BETTY HEAP President - - - - - Student Council - - - Girls' Chorus- - Mixed Chorus - - - Assembly Program - Pep Club ---- Forensic Club - - Press Club - - Class Play - - - Secretary ----- Keynoter Staff ---- Laurelstaff- - - - - - - --I - - --Z --2,3 -3 --2,3 - --3 1.2.4 2,4 -3,4 - 4 - 4 - 4 sTu.LY -111-.r5gcLn:g. President- - - - - - - -3,4 Variety Show ---- - - - l Home Economics Club - - Treasurer of Forensic - - --1 --Z Assembly Program ----- Z Girls' Chorus N ---- Mixed chorus - - - - Pep Club ----- - Assistant Editor of Laurel Amateur Show ---- Forensic Club - - - - - - President of Forensic - - Press Club ----- Class Play ----- Reporter on Keynoter - - - l,Z,3 --2,3 - -3 - .3 - - Z,3,4 l,Z,3,4 - 3,4 - -3,4 - 3,4 - 3,4 Keynoter Staff - - ---- - 3,4 Editor of Laurel - - - - --4 ELLA MCADAMS Treasurer - - , ---- - Z,3,4 Variety Show - - - - - Home Econornics Club - - ---l --Z Sty1eShow- -- - - -- -2 Gir1s'Cl1orus- - - - - Mixed Chorus ----- Assembly Program - - - Clan Play- - - - - Laurel Staff - - - -3 - - 3 --2,3 - -4 - -4 Y.- - W- DOUG GALBRAITH Assembly Program - - - V. P. of Varsity Club - - - - President of Varsity Club- Varsity Club - - - - - - Football - - - - - - - Class Play ------ Lgllfll SQ!!! - - - - SARA JANE HURST Variety Show ----- Girls' Chorus- - - - - - Mixed Chorus - - - Ch aol Assembly Program - - - Home Economics Club - . . Amateur Show ---- cr., na Pep Club ----- Class Play - - --z,3 -3 ' - 4 --3-,4 3,4 --3,4 -4 Q 'Xu 07 6653 'ff 5. ll Press Club - - - Keynote: Staff - - - Laurel Staff - - - - -R, . ,Z sw-,wr,.....,....,.-,,,. - -l l,2,3 - 3 -2,3 1.2.3 2,3 - - 3 -3,4 - 4 - 4 --4 MAR IE PR IB ELS KY Variety Show- - - - - President - ---- - Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus - - - Assembly Program - Home Economics Club - Pep Club - - Press Club - Amateur Show - - Class Play - Keynote: Staff - - Laurel Staff - - - 1 - - 2 l,2,3 - 3 -2,3 l,2,3 - 3 --4 Z,3,4 -3,4 - 4 - - 4 'Y 4 JT+,,,- , mv.7vg-rvv-fyym-nm1-wgvfn-r-----1.vf- ,F-f-1 swim -, 'nw .f7.f-'ww --Y W-,V fs-W Ye- ., ,, rr Y f-, LARRY CAVANAUGH Vice-President - - - - - - - Z Assembly Program ---- - 2,3 Football ----- - l,Z,3,4 Class Play - - ----- -3,4 Varsity Club ------ - 3,4 Secretary of Varsity Club - - - 4 Laurelsilff- - - - - - - -4 www- '1', -f ----f 'Y--ff---1 ,. . . Q ALB ER TA B OR ING Vice-President ---- - Glrls' Chorus- ---- Mixed Chorus ----- - 1,3 - 1,3 - 2,3 Variety Show ----- - - l Home Economics Club - - - I Student Council ------ - l Secretary ------ - Z Amateur Show ------ - Z Assembly Program - - - - - 2,3 Press Club ------ Z,3,4 Forensic -------- - 3 Assistant Editor Keynoter- - 3 Pep Club - - - ---- - - - 3 Cheerleader ------- 3,4 Captain of Cheerleaders - - - - 4 Class Play -------- 4 Editor of Keynoter - - - - - 4 Laurel Staff ------- - 4 NANCY RX! Home ECODOHCI Club - --1,2 Style Show ---- - - - -2 Forensic Club ---- - - Z Mixed Chorus ------- Z Girls' Chorus ---. l,Z,3 Assembly Program - - - -2,3 Pep Club ------ - -3 Class Play - - - - - -3,4 Keynoter Staff - - - - 3.4 Press Club ----- Laurel Staff - - - - ---4 --4 MAR Y F IT ZPATR ICK Variety Show ----- - - Ohh' Chorus ------- Hlled Chorus - - - - - Assembly Program - - - Pep Club ----- Chu Play- 4- - - - Pills Club ---- - - Klynoter Staff ---- - Laurel Sta!! ---- --4 NEIL KILLEN 2,3 3,4 - 4 - 4 -4 Yi 4 Assembly Program- ---- - ff ClassPlay- --- - - -- X 5 C, Keynoter Staff - - - - - - Q . Sports Editor on Keynoter - - :Z if LaurelSta!f- - - - - - - l 2,3 2,3 2,3 -3 u 3,4 4 -4 . I., DICK GALBRAITH I Assembly Program - - - f, ClassPlay- - - - - - - Press Club - - , .f Keynote: Staff - W Laurel Staff - 13 2,3 3,4 3,4 4 4 ,Last Will and Testament THE SENIOR CLASS OF ANNO DOMINI ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE HIGH SCHOOL OF NEW FLORENCE, CITY OF NEW FLORENCE COUNTY OF WESTMORELAND AND STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA BE IT REMEMBERED, THAT WE, The Senior Class of one thousand nine hundred fifty-one, single, of the borough of New Florence and surrounding town- ships, county of Westmoreland, state of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory, and under standing, and realizing the coming event of graduation exercises, do make, publish, and declare this as and for our last will and testa- ment, hereby revoking and nullifying any and all former wills and testaments, or writings in the nature thereof, by us at any time heretofore made. FIRST: I, Sara Jane Hurst, hereby bequeath unto Nancy Shannon, my intelli- gence and common sense. SECOND: I, Lawrence John Cavanaugh, hereby bequeath unto Joe Pribelsky, my extremely dainty feet. THIRD: I, Maryjlosephine Fitzpatrick, hereby bequeath unto Verna Deane Spare, my extremelyimviolent temper. FOURTH: I, Sally Elaine Trexler, hereby bequeath unto Louise Martin, my small stature. FIFTH: I, Marie Ahtoinette Pribelsky, hereby bequeath unto Janet Sigmund, my many tasks at DeWitts. SIXTH: I, Richard Neil Killen, hereby bequeath unto Henry I-Iorrell, my bag of candy. - SEVENTH: I, James Dick Galbraith, hereby bequeath unto Paul Wallace, my little black book. EIGHT!-I: I, Lane Douglas Galbraith, hereby bequeath unto Paul Heap, my curly hair. I I NINTH: I, Ella Marie McAdams, hereby bequeath unto Evelyn Cushman, my week-end datesfi TENTH: I, Alberta Elizabeth Boring, hereby bequeath unto Margaret Ann Beard, my neatness and business ability. ELEVENTH: I, Nancy Ruth Robb, hereby bequeath unto Wanda Kisamore, my red hair. TWELFTH: I, Betty Jane Heap, hereby bequeath untoADuane -Carney, my imagination. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have set our hands and seals unto this, our last will and testament, written upon one sheet of paper, this sixteenth day of March, Anno Domini One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty-One. Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the above named testator s, as and for their last will and testament, in the presence of us, who, in their presence, at their request, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto affixed our names as attesting witnesses. 14 ENE EO G4 UVHUOMV wispdgm U-HMNQOMSME 1 QOMHHNE Swim ,EEN 05 5 Um3g5OA 4 0253 U5 E50 Hd mam-nm 02 J vm N E V130 4 080-A Emu-ddvn N migdm USSR 3 M500 WENPHOQ wagdm 3:8 E502 d wget, eu wag-:NE Bgadkm 0mU:OU N M-:Um 2529 rdgdkdh WUGOQ Em? WBMQ mags .AOD N wigdm 0396.53 mvmmmzo mdgzm .gzgv Seams 4 0050-HOFH 302 E mnadm UGO Ov wg-:NE WAEOE :NH mm A-1:3 Nrqmqmomm ho gqmmo QU:-SE M3 Oh E52 25 Gm Hdhiuq GN Un OH 55:33 09 OH S0000 N Us OB H0055 30 m,Nvm,gFH MEN mhgmvmuiwvg 02,2 OH USNGOEHME N Us OH H0vOE'qCNA N Up OH as as is mem OH ykdzhovm N On OB UBSHOZHOU 30:05 N UPN! HOU VEME N gsm yr-gorge N Pane OH mmamn Qmmwmxmmpm MRQQU ,GEOS 515 F-OA H.-EN? gym 9605 SMUTSUBM 982 05 :G 5:3 Fan und BAWORH 0EOw mga, Om mm HOHNO 9305 0393 he gms HOOHAUQ has w-H3503 GSH M5 3 md: Hwang 5-:DA N ggi E 0.3 UEOUAH I 2.80 Om an tm OH md: Nao .AHOBHEEOU mm H09-Um E56 Om was G32 :du HUGH in M5 an-EU ga P33 m NEHQZO? UZHMOM 19 MN Q44 3034215 10 PNHMQA EHHIQMQAQU MOHQ I-HZNMQAQO ODOQ 'HMMDI Qmim ZNA-ISM AHWZ QQOM P0242 WM WAN B Ml HH M42 MOH m-HQQNHHM NME MHAXHMH ?JA4m R433 NHHQQ Q2 GQGUE QAAN HE 42 Class History September 5, 1947, dawned clear and warm, and eighteen scrubbed faces of the Freshmen for as we liked to think of it then, "The Seniors of l95l"l were bright with excitement. High school at last! That magic word "Seniors" was in sight, barely in sight, but still there. The group included Don Bennett, Larry Cavanaugh, Dick Galbraith, Doug Galbraith, Neil Killen, Clayton Miller, Primo Saltarelli, Charles Ralyea, Doris Atkins, Alberta Boring, Kathryn Fabrizio, Betty Heap, Sara Jane Hurst, Marie Pribelsky, Nancy Robb, Margaret Shannon, Janet Trexler, Sally Trexler, and June Willard. During our first class meeting, we elected Primo Saltarelli as President of the class, Alberta Boring as Vice-President, Clayton Miller as Secretary, and Doris Atkins as Treasurer. In November, we lost three pupils-Clayton Miller, Primo Saltarelll, and .Tune Willard. This made our total sixteen. In February, Ella McAdams joined our group making us seventeen in all. In April, the grand total became eighteen when Mary Fitzpatrick came into the fold. The Juniors can probably remember how nice our home room looked at Christmas time. We decorated a big tree and hung pine branches and other decorations throughout the room. Under the supervision of Miss Ruth Jones the school year passed quickly and pleasantly, and we found ourselves at the mercy of our report cards. Of course, everybody deservingly passed. We left the schoolroom on May 28th, with sad good-byes and promises to carry out summer plans together as much as possible. 16' In September, 1948, the group flocked back to the old Town Hall. We had advanced another step up the ladder and were Sophomores. Everybody looked at his neighbor and decided that he had grown an inch or two and gained as many pounds. The group was dwindling slowly: the Sophomore Class numbered only four- teen. Four of our classmates were gone. Doris Atkins, Kathryn Fabrizio, and Don Bennett were now attending other schools. Charles Ralyea had joined the Army. This year we elected Marie Pribelsky, President and Larry Cavanaugh, Vice- President. Alberta Boring and Ella McAdams were elected Secretary and Treasurer. This was the first year of the Montgomery dynasty, and the luck of the Irish was with us, because we defeated the Juniors in the 1948 magazine campaign. This year passed as happily as the rest, and we gloated just a little over winning the magazine campaign. "Small but mighty," we kept saying to the Juniors. Soon semester tests were flying around us, and another year was winding up much to our surprise. On September 5 , 1949, the liveliest, most energetic, most ambitious, most ......... , for so we thoughtj, Junior Class in the New Florence High School history was convening to elect their class officers. Sally Trexler and Alberta Boring were elected President and Vice-President. Janet Trexler and Ella McAdams were elected Secretary and Treasurer. Mrs. Montgomery was the Junior advisor. By now we felt we just couldn't get along without her. f 17 welll , .gm ., m 1 We decided our motto would be "The door to success is labeled push." We selected silver and blue as our colors and chose the white rose as our flower. Clarence Eisaman was welcomed by the class. Now we had fourteen pupils. This was a most eventful year. Winning the magazine campaign again and working on the Junior-Senior Prom left no time for idling., In February, we pre sented the Junior Class play, "Quit Your Kidding." This year we were just a little involved with Commencement and Baccalaureate exercises, just enough to give us a hint of what was to come next year. May sneaked upon us just as quietly and swiftly as it had before. All of us said that it couldn't be May already: why it seems as though we just got here. Fond farewells and many pronfxises hinted that we wouldn't be one big happy family after our Senior year. On September 5, 1950, the Senior Class of 1951 assembled, not only in the same room of the Town Hall which they had occupied for the past two years, but also with the same teacher, Mrs. Montgomery, whom we had driven to distrac- tion for the past two years. At the first class meeting, we elected our officers: Janet Trexler, President: Sally Trexler, Vice-Presidentg Betty Heap, Secretary Ella McAdams, Treasurer. After the meeting we showered Mrs. M. with questions about moving into the wonderful new school building. The Class of '51 would be the first to graduate from the new schoolg such an honor can hardly be overlooked. 18 Finally on September ZZ, 1950, we moved to the new building. We settled down to the problem: How to raise money for our trip to Washington. In October, the class became an even dozen when Janet Trexler left the class. Sally Trexler, the Vice-President, took over the duties of the President. We decided the Senior play should be the first money-rnaking scheme. "The Daffy Dills" was presented on December 7 and 8, 1950. On January 27, 1951, we had a bake sale. Next on the agenda, we sold greet- ing cards and Mrs. M. was pleased with our show of salesmanship. Our next activity was a supper. The mothers of the Seniors and Mrs. Glessner worked very hard to prepare this dinner. The result was a very large cash contribution to our treasury. . Naturally everybody was excited about the trip and of course, we had a few misunderstandings about baggage and ticketsg but as the saying goes, "All's well that ends well," and our trip ended very well. Enjoying the prom was no problem. We loved every minute of the gala evening provided by our friends, the Juniors. Commencement and Baccalaureate were fast upon the heels of the prom. Soon an even dozen of young people were planning to use their education to the best of their ability. 19 Senior Prophecy Once upon a time there was a little family--well a medium-sized family-- and they all grew up together. They decided one day to set a date for a reunion. Today's the day. Twelve--no more, no less--enterprising, ambitious, young people are invited to the famous Blue Room of the Hotel Tub-Mill, owned and operated by Eiga. Galbraith, the hotel magnate. As we enter the building, we see M-ar-y Fitzpatrick, Dick's lovely, young hostess for the evening. She srniles graciously and compliments the ladies on their beautiful gowns. Look! There across the room holdirig court is li-riy Cavanaugh. He just launched his twentieth ship this morning and everybody is congratulating him on his successg he has just been appointed Secretary of the Navy. That famous coach, Douglas Galbraith, from the University of New Florence has just arrived with his friend .lieil Killen, who, it is rumored, has donated a million dollars to a fund for the development of the University of New Florence.. The third member of the party is Alberta Boringg of course you've heard about the great success she has had as a hair stylist in Hollywood. We seem to be well supplied with rnillionaires--here is Elia McAdams. She once said that her suppressed desire was to be a millionaire and that she would probably marry one, and she did! I This party is going to be a success. Everybody is talking at once and no one seems to mind. All I can hear is, "Do you remember when I .... ?" Z0 A car--a yellow convertible is pulling up to the curb, and you'll never guess who the speed-ball is that's driving it! None other thang!-ll-y Trexler. She seems to have some companions with her. There's my 122, the famous hand model, and hi!-E Pribelsky, who sings with the Metropolitan Opera Company. All three girls are wearing stunning gowns designed DYE.-IL? I-31212 whose word ll absolutely the latest in fashions. . "Dinner is being served," announces the head waiter. The group moves to their table. Everybody is here except my -I-El. No such luck! Here she conmes, mink coat and all, just in from Hawaii. There's no use loitering around this place. Not a single soul is interested in anybody except the members of the famous "Cheaper by the Dozen" group. No, don't bother to speak, for you won't be heard above the roar of laughter as everybody recalls the hilarious antics of the "good old days." Senior Calendar Senior Play - - - ----------- - December 7-,8, 1950 Senior Supper ---- ---- ---- - - March 5, 1951 Junior-Senior Prom - - - - - - - - ---- - May 4, 1951 Washington Trip - - - - - - ----- May 17-18, 1951 Last Day for Seniors --------- - - - May ZZ, 1951 Baccalaureate ----- --------- - - - May 27, 1951 Commencement - - ------ - - - -May 29, 1951 21. heck New EB "'.'I". ' U95 oN:uH-Nw: mdmm .". ' ' ' I I ' UOGN QNHUH-Nwg mdmrbmmmm '.l.I" gs? Hvlvamiq zomm '.l"I' l ' I lbzxzw megan gcc-:A ""'..l' UHF oagsag mgptm ' ' ' "l" - H-Wznq C942-Sam? yOH-H20 bmmrsld Il.'I' ma: -H-HQEGH Ezom ."'l.'." Zag! HWOZV Huomacwm "."..l bzvmza msngm -Hmmem '.l."" - gs.: HUHQOHMHQ Ubam moox ' I'..'a - UWC: QNHAUHNWQ Humwmozbru-H4 "llI.' was HH052 Oogmrmxmoz I lh '."'. mms! xox' mamma Uamomz-Moz ' ' - Zan! m'xNvWg-WOW Huwmmzormzmmm "'l'. mzvmgw mgagm gcmzubr bmmlsld "l." U mms' mag' Ezoiw Ginza ll'.Il HSSQ M6-UNQNSWOX Hgzomw zbgm ..l.I'.l 2056! HNOEV ,we bm FHH4 lll... 'mad H950 menu, GOOD -Hbmizw "l"ln bsxn-Ag mO1bm -Hbrbmme ."".. I' -LWHH! ogspwamv mga now mIOW-H-HMG ".' - ' ' - bgalw moan-W 2-Owe Hwrgemcm "'l'. imma! mms rmbm-H Hbrgenqm' ' ' l 'gmuaq m,:N1mW1nW mm-MH Uxmmmmo mod ' "'l U96 Qaguag mmme Uwmmmmu Oar '.'.l was Hanlon P-NPNHMMA. .l.l.l" rung, ONQESCWF gow-H bgmmigocm 'l'... I zo: Hman! gown- HLHHAMHLA .HO mcoommu' ' I Zn: magna mhomrmw 'l"I" - gen! mwsiwqwnf gow-H Huowucrbw "...' 'mas HHQEQH HUMHUHUHMMH 'lI."' I msd Hman mana OEF-.M Mgwrrmmd Homme I - I mpg gnbawgm momd mmmmmwa mmm-H' - I -HLNHH4 ONESNEWF Zag mqgowoa .lllll I mag was mmm-H obznmw 'l".I. ma: -Hdgamn mmm-H. gzomm "l.I. ge-Wm HUHWUQE-Q mmma mmmwmmm '.I'l. MNH: Hasan! gow-H. Hgbomzwwagm 'l..'. mag, maui Ugsmrmm I..'...' bsvmlv mg.:-m mmwe Hubqmzo 'Hom '.." mpg gnblmgm UHMH HAOCMMFMNTMHNI - ' - I. 23:35 N036 M5 M UFUNHQ 500.82 Dam vim U3 m 3O:vF Nam Ugg? A50-no Q0 M S026 I MOAOO HHH NHOPQM m E050 :Cam 955: W HOHOE 3-5020 PSE wnzo 05 mga? masse 223 Mamiya mrmaun HN wi! HOB Oida Manda midi 0265 wa! .83 gig NQDOE HBHMOPQBH ,END mn-Em 9-:Nm wigmhn SESOPW mdggm N my OES mmgio M ado wdanggm m-Q06 m 0-Bm eo 200: Awmg mg-B03 N My :Ea WMU!-U OBO 2 M590 Won BML WH-mm QUE E5 mtg-Mana G02 .SUQ m-Sw-gpg-Nm SEO wgh momkam xdgw gem M0350 units m Nth AUEVHM Educ 323 E5 w023Om math hvxhda glam Ogden! EN: vgdm DOOM HHHMOPGM :gag WUUENAU 0-bow Um FUMUFH: :E Us UUEUM ur-NOD: . .W HUWDOHB E030 Q :U Q. . :whim 03 Q: :mgw 628535. :ra m has m gsm-A Q EL: siirwd Q EL.. :m0GOm Chunk: H0-NUMB rim mimw min ,ada C0503 NAEMDNH NEON-a 82 'SEEN WO gag On gum? UEOUQ A550908 rvmdmid UA 2 BIRCH .Ag :naAO9wN:om: ORC!! .625 VEDQ EBSQ UM: :OSL 00: Nba: wg-E EOE? m 0.302 IMO mmm 4 EL: 55003 300 :ode-sum grmd 52: wig. rush Ozom mbmmm mbzlnd momma Hmm :vm so 305 N W-FUA: .2350 8:07 0203 H: :mg E? 31500 nga: :ug H505 gsm: . .0mHO0O Six: :WCUPNOA ,E go: :hh-HHOU CHL: :B-5 Us rig: --gco .somt- , .aqz :sun AO: MZOH mmm MLN H HHN ZHJAHZ JHWZ IHMQMQJQO MOHQ 305424710 FMMQA I HH4 MDJQO ODOQ MHANN mb PAJQW WGN! PM-BND MOHMH-4lNHHh P512 NEQAQQH ml NME rag! 576 UZEOQ QSGQ-I2 mSH4Q422 QA-AH BMO M 70212 H242 w Q QQ, 9 Mr 2:-, Q Q55 Q Q53 xx Q fl Alf" ' wo' President ----- - Sandra Trimble Vice-President - - -Evelyn Cushman Secretary ------ - Nancy Swank Treasurer - - - - Theresa Chesla Junior Class When the school bell rang ln September, twenty- flve Juniors, chattering gaily about their summer activities, assembled for the fir st roll call., The adrnission of three new students, two from Westmont and one from Blairsville, made the Junior Class the second largest in the school, however, they lost five members, When the doors closed in June, there were just ten boys and ten girls, Becuase the class needed some extra money the gI'0l-lp found numerous ways to earn it. Two bake sales, a magazine campaign with the Sophomores, several skating parties, and their class play, Here Come The Brides, provided the extra money needed for thegomo The fourth of May will be remembered by both the Juniors and the Seniors for it was the date of the prom, a very gala event, with delicious food, gay chatter, beautiful gowns, and sweet music. FIRST ROW: Left to right-Gladys Boring, Evelyn Cushman, Kathryn Mishler, Lucille Galbraith, Sandra Trimble, Nancy Swank. SECOND ROW: Pat Robb, Rita Halre, Flora Jean Spare, Janet Heming, Bettie Mlshler, Theresa Chesla, Mr s. Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Duane Carney, Duane Robb, Paul Heap, Tony Fabrizio, Henry Horrell, Phil Rhen. FOURTH ROW: Charles Heming, Arthur Gable. Franklin MCCU110'-lgh, Dick BCNOD. Har ry Boring. Eugene Heming. Z5 Sophomore Class The Sophomores were very ambitious, although they numbered nineteen, They were victorious over the Juniors in the magazine campaign. Joan Galbraith won the prize of a pen and pencil set awarded to her for the most sales. They presented the Christmas the class held a skating party at Skateland in order to raise money for their future prom., Many of the boys-Bill Merritt, Jim Cooke, Allen Keller and Paul Wallace-were football player s. Harold Galbraith and Joe Pribelsky were football managers. At forensic tournaments, Patsy Sutter, Margaret Anne Beard, Rosemary Pribelsky, Joanne Miller, Joann Galbraith, Sally Graffius, and Duane Hall upheld the glory cl the Sophomores. President - - - - - Joseph Pribelsky Vice-President - - -William Merritt Secretary - - - - - Joann Galbraith Treasurer - - - Paul Wallace FIRST ROW: Left to right-Joanne Miller. Carol Livengood, Harold Galbraith, Nancy Snannon. Margaret Beard, Rosemary Pribelaky, Joe Prlbelaky. SECOND ROW: Ml-a. Chlanell, Natalie lgo, Ilm Cooke, Joann Galbraith, Lester Rummel, Janna X ' num-er, Theodore Henan. J V H THIRD ROW: Patsy Sutter, Paul Wallace, Allen Keeler, Duane Hall, Bill Merritt, Sally Graffius. Z6 assembly on December ZZ, 1950, On January 26, 1951, jo Freshman C lass The Freshmen boast of the largest class member- ship, twenty-eight eager students all looking forward to four happy years in the modern new school building. Room three is the Freshman home room and Mr. Davis is the advisor., One way of making money for their class was a Halloween party at the Town Hall. Refreshments were served and a large profit was earned. Each member pays fifteen cents a month class dues and just in case there are delinquent students a fine of a nickel is charged., A At' the end of the school year as the Freshmen look back on the nine months with their many activities, they will agree that it has been a very profitable and happy year. President - - - - Fritz Cunningham Vice-President ------ Sally Igo Secretary - - - - - - Shirley Heap Tfeggufef -oow - - Palllillt And!!! FIR ST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW! FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: STANDING: Right to left-G. Chesla. N. Flickinger, N. Hemlng. R. Hollen, L. Martin, P. Atkins, V. D. Spare. W. Kisamore, J. Kim. S. lgo. L. Keith, R. Robinson. T. Smith. S. Heap, D. Boring, P. Overdorff, L. Boring. J. Henderson. J. Sigmund, D. Henderson, F. Betton, G. Beal. J. Boring, B. Boring, V. Hemlng, D. Ludwig. Mr. Davis, F. Cunningham. IZ. Ralyea. Z7 If 'W vi? - , 'I 3 s S Q9 ETS, Q6 W Z F, 'N 929 , 1 X , CQQIL, x , 9 I Laurel Staff ,Z ,-r" f PHOTOGRAPHY l STANDING: Right to left-Sally Trexler, Theresa Chesla, Alberta Boring, Mary Fitzpatrick, Doug Galbraith, Larry Cavannugh, Ella McAdams, Mrs. Mahon, Mrs. Chllnell, Betty Heap. SEA TED: Left to right-Nancy Robb, Mario Prlbelaky, Neil Klllen, Dick Galbraith. Sara Jane Hurst. EDITOR - - - - - Sally Trexler ASSISTANT EDITOR - - BUSINESS MANAGER - SPORTS EDITOR ART EDITOR - CIRCULATION MANAGERS - - ADVERTISING EDITOR S - COPY EDITORS 30 -Theresa Chesla - - Betty Heap - - Nei1Ki11en - Ella McAdams - Alberta B oring -Alberta Boring Mary Fitzpatrick Larry Cavanaugh Doug Galbraith Neil Killen Dick Galbraith Marie Pribelsky Sara .Tane Hurst Nancy Robb 'DQ f' Q9 4 5, J SEATED: STANDl: K eynoter Staff Left to right-Alberta Boring. Sandra Trimble, Gladys Boring, Sara Jane Hurst, Betty Heap. Nancy Robb, Marie Pribelaky. Right to left-Sally Trexler, Duane Carney, Mary Fitzpatrick, Pat Robb, Mra. Mabon. Mrs. Chlanell, Lucille Galbraith. Thereaa Cheala. Joann Galbraith, Carol Livengood Evelyn Cushman, Nell Klllen, Phil Rhen. EDITOR- - - ASSISTANT EDITOR ---------- SPOR TS EDIT OR LAYOUT EDITORS - - PRINTER- - - - - REPORTERS ---- TYPISTS- - - ADVISOR - - - COM. ADVISOR - - - Q - - Q - - - - - .. - - - - - - - - - 31 - Alberta Boring Sandra Trimble - - Neil Killen - Theresa Chesla Sandra Trimble - - - -Tony Fabrizio - Sally Trexler Evelyn Cushman Carol Livengood Joann Galbraith Natalie Igo Duane Carney Mary Fitzpatrick Dick Galbraith Sara Jane Hurst Marie Pribelsky Nancy Robb Sally Trexler Betty Heap Pat Robb - Mrs. Chisnell - - - - Mrs.,Mabon P. O. D. Class 5.0 FIRST ROW: Left to right-Ella McAdams. Betty Heap, Marie Pribellky. SECOND ROW: Sara Jane Hurst, Neil Killen, Mary Fitzpatrick. THIRD ROW: Sally T1-exler, Alberta Boring, Doug Galbraith. , FOURTH ROW: Nancy Robb, Larry Cavanaugh, Dick Galbraith. 9-2 STANDING: Mrs. Goodwin. Forensic Club FIRST ROW: Left to right-front to back-S. Trexler, S. Trimble, J. Miller, R. Haire, V. Spare, S. Graffius. SECOND ROW: R. Pribhlsky, S. lgo. L. Galbraith, J. Sigmund, P. Sutter, Mra. Chhnell. THIRD ROW: M. Beard, T. Chesla, L. Keith, L. Martin, J. Galbraith. FOURTH ROW:' W. Kisamore, B. Boring, D. Hall. 32 . Senior Home Ec. Class STANDING: Left to right-Mary Fitzpatrick, Nancy Shannon, Marie Prlbelaky, Sally Grafflua, Patsy Sutter, Bettie Miahler, Mra. Goodwin, Rosemary Pribellky. SEATED: Left to right-back-Natalie Igo. Kathryn Miahler, Nancy Robb, Margaret Ann Beard. Extreme front-Janet Hemlng, Sara Jane Hurst, Alberta Boring, Ella McAdams. The Senior Home Economics Class under the instruction of Mr sr Goodwin worked on various sewing projects for their first unit, The students made aprons, skirts, weskits, dresses, blouses, and pajamas, After the home econornics room was moved to the red brick building, the girls helped to clean and to decorate their new quarters. During January, they altered dresses, straightened hems, and sewed buttons on clothes which they brought from home., On January 29, they started on spring and summer clothes and produced many beautiful sunback dresses, play suits, and shorts, Several of the girls made beautiful gowns which they wore to the Junior -Senior Prom, The preparation of salads was the main project of their food unit. The class had several parties which were enjoyable occasions, 34 N KS N 'L wwe 'G g .xaaun UUIQO H IVH 'I 'UO 'I :MOH Gln!-LI. -qoeog .IW YG 'I 'SPX 'H annum 'd 'axlhnlaw 'Q 'uolzapu 1109 'H '5Urwa1-1 N ' 'Su no 'H-uiwvw 'vlqvo 'a "l'lF1'l :MO H CINODEIS A'V 'Nil-UPN 'H 'PUUIDUEM 'H '-l98'lIUU3-IH 'I 'WNY'-l'lI'D 'U '0Y5P'1'.-I '.I. 'UPIWW :MOH .I.SklI.:I 'uosxapuag JW-wig.: og 3ja'1 'v 'xalaay 'euaxegxeg I 'uopag 'Q 'uawaa 'G pvnbg aq Senior Stars New New New New New New New New New DOUG GM-BRAITH JAY nn.v:NrmNo1-:a 1950 RESULTS Florence - - 13 Ferndale "B" - - Florence- - - 0 Dale ------- - - Florence - -13 Ferndale "B" - - ,Z Florence - - 0 Black Lick - - - - l, Florence - - - 0 Commodore - - - -0 g Florence - - - -6 Armagh - - - f Florence -- - - 6 Replogle ------ - l Florence - - - - 0 Stoystown - - - - - - " Florence ----- 0 Montgomery Twp. - - - GEORGE MCINTYRE DON BENNETT 39 Football Summary NEW FLORENCE vs. FERNDALE "B" The New Florence Wolverines won their opening game of the season from Ferndale "B" by a 13-0 margin. Both touchdowns came as a result of passes from Cooke to Wineland. Galbraith plunged for the extra point after the first touchdown. I ' NEW FLORENCE vs. DALE The purple Raiders from Dale defeated New Florence 39-0. Dale took advan tage of two Wolverine fumbles and three intercepted passes to set up five of its scores. 1 NEW FLORENCE vs. FERNDALE RESERVES The Wolverines won their second game of the season by downing the Ferndale Reserves 13-7. Both Wolverine scores came on reverses by Keeler. NEW FLORENCE vs. BLACK LICK Black Lick handed New Florence their second defeat by a 26-0 score. Black Lick drove for two scores in the first quarter and led 14-0 at the half. In the final quarter Black Lick capitalized on two intercepted passes to even the game 26-0. .40 mssw 'f L 'S . "" -"'i i 'Q 'L lggws.. wa hx , ' as 1,41 N 'Q , I Xe? ' : N z Hu' W1 3 :sw -4:1 NEW FLORENCE vs. coxvuvxononz The New Florence Wolverines and Commodore fought to a 0-0 tie on the Wolverines' home field. Neither team made any serious threats, but the Wolverines were within C0mmodore's twenty yard line twice. NEW FLORENCE vs. ARMAGH Armagh scored in each of the last three quarters to defeat New Florence 19- 6. Bob Lynch, Chuck Bealunis. and Joe Lyck scored for Armagh while Allen Keeler picked up New Florence's lone score in the third frame. NEW FLORENCE vs. REPLOGLE Replogle defeated the Wolverines 26-6 by scoring once in each quarter. Imler scored twice for Replogle while Rice and Detwiler each scored once. New Florence's only score came in the third quarter. NEW FLORENCE vs. STOYSTOWN Rodgers scored the first touchdown and passed to Suder for the second score. Bob Naugle intercepted a pass and raced twenty-two yards for the final score. The Wolverines held a 10-9 edge in fir st downs. NEW FLORENCE vs. MONTGOMERY TWP. Montgomery Township finished the season undefeated by downing New Florence 14-0. Montgomery Twp. scored once in each of the third and fourth quarters. It was a well fought game but the Wolverines could not capitalize on the few breaks they received. 41 September October November 9- Z3- 5 15 Z0 ZZ 6 9 I0 12 13 13 I3 13 13 14 16 16 16 I8 I9 19 Z1 Z7 30 31 l Z 3 7 10 13 14 15 18 Z0 Z3 24 School Calendar School opens and what a beautiful day! New Florence won the opening game of the season from Ferndale "B" 13-0. Dale downs New Florence 39-0. Moved to the new building. Everybody felt lost but happy. What beautiful rooms. Blacklick Twp. defeats New Florence Z6-0. P. T. A. meeting at E. U. B. Church. Our teachers honored. Girls sang. P. S. E. A. meeting fSection 51 at Brenizer Hotel, Ligonier. Group pictures were taken for the yearbook. Everyone looked so nice Open House at new school building from 7 p. m. to 9 p. m. Many visitors. Home Ec. girls served refreshments. Nurse talked to Junior and Senior girls. Pep Meeting. Mr. Cox talked to the Sophomores and Juniors about the magazine campaign. Football issue of the Keynoter. New Florence and Commodore tie 0-0 at Commodore. End of first six weeks. Mr. Crookshank from Walsworth Brothers came to discuss plans for 1951 Laurel. c0ve?EH?d us. Working on the road in front of the school building. What noise. Forensic Amateur Show. Rita won first prize. Report cards came out. Ohi Someone had an F. Armagh defeated New Florence 19-6. Tough game to lose. Replogle defeated New Florence Z6-6. Magazine campaign ended. Sophomores won. Joann Galbraith was star salesman with S69.50. Mrs. Super returned to teach but her health did not permit her to continue. Fir st day of hunting. Whoopeef, I wonder who had a dear. Stoystown defeats New Florence 20-0. Montgomery Twp. downed New Florence 14-0. Forensic members attend a tournament at Greensburg. Teachers Institute at Greensburg High School. P. T. A. meeting. Forensic members went to Derry Twp. Seniors received their proofs and oh the "me's and my's." Forensic bake sale at Trimble's S-t-ore. Juniors received their rings. Didn't you see everybody looking at them? . Thanksgiving Day issue of the Keynoter. Thanksgiving vacation. What a r all sleepy heads. 42 November Z7-Z8 School was closed because of the deep and drifting snow. Z8 December 7-8 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ 30 January Z 5 -s 15 19 za Z4 26 27 February 5 9 Mar ch 3 5 6 x 16 Z2 2.3 30 April 7 12 13 Z0 Z7 May 4 15-l8 Z5 27 29 Z9 Z9 J une l Football banquet to honor squad held in Methodist Church basement., The ladies prepared a delicious meal. Seniors presented their play, "The Daffy Dills." We never knew they had so much talent. Christmas issue of the Keynoter. Sophomore Assembly. Very beautiful stage. Seniors received their pictures. Christmas vacation started. Senior party at Mrs. Montgomez-y's home. School opens again with no noise. Everyone is too sleepy. Sophomores had ice cream party., No one became ill. P. T. A. meeting. Forensic tournament at Derry Twp. High School. Varsity dance. New bell in operation in the school building. Fir st semester ends. Sophomore skating party at Skateland. What happened to Duane, Natalie, and Nancy? They didn't make it to school on Monday. Senior bake sale. Nice profit. Forensic members participate in tournament at Blaisville. Valentine's Day issue of the Keynoter. Forensic bake sale. supper at Legion Hall. Senior Junior play, "Here Come The Brides." skating party. Junior Easter issue of the Keynoter. Good Friday. No school. Junior skating party. Junior bake sale. P. S. E. A. meeting of Section 5 at New Florence Methodist Church. Junior skating party. Senior Variety Show. Junior skating party. Junior -Senior Prom. What beautiful lads and lassies New Florence has. Seniors tour Washington, D. C. This trip will always linger in their memories. Class night. Baccalaureate at Methodist Church. Idlewild picnic. Graduation issue of Keynoter. Commencement at Methodist Church. Last day of school. 43 OUR LIBR AR IANS Each high school home room has its own librarian. Shirley Heap and Evelyn Cushman are seated., Standing are Betty Heap and Sally Graffius., The girls willingly volunteered to serve in this capacity.. Each girls works one day per week., Our library has been in excellent hands this year and the handling of books and reference material has been very efficient. MR. MICHAEL SUPER At the beginning of the 1950-51 school term, Mr. Super assumed his duties as Supervising Principal of the New Florence Public Schools., His patience and ready help have won our admiration., He teaches Biology and Chemistry, but he claims that he would rather teach Mathematics. He likes to spend his spare moments, as he puts it, "Puttering around." His "first" in sports is football. MR. WILLIAM SIMPSON The student body gives Bill a vote of thanks for all the extra work and many favors he has done for them.. If heat is a must at the Town Hall, the steam is imme- diately turned on.. If a teacher's supplies run low, he soon has the necessary materials on her desk. If the outside steps are icy, he scatters salt at once to save our necks. Bill's favorite sports are football and hunt- ing. .44 Snapshots LOOK MOTHER NO HANDS CUTE BOYS? B ETTER NOT BATTER UP up M-O-T-H-E-R HAPPY GANG WHO'S BOSS? 7 SMILE ATLAS PLAY PRACTICE? 7 ? ? I com!-: ON Bovs TEACHER TI-IAT'S A SMILE? Aw: cnu..s , SCHOOL CHUMS HERE IT COMES HOW CUTE Poon Mom 1-2-3-4 for-np om-: GIRL lwcxvy 45 We, the Senior Class of 1951 of New Florence High wish to thank the following people for their generous contributions which helped to make this edition of THE LAUREL a success. R. S. Wagner, New Florence Tosh and McDermitt Ewt's Store Trimb1e's Store D. R. W. Shupe, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Alberter Cloyd L. Graff Ander son's Drug Store, Seward Kate Roth Reverend and Mrs. J. M. Somers A Friend Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Trexler Mr. and Mrs. Russell St. Clair A Friend Mrs. Pearl Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ridilla Charles Pribelsky Shannon Creek Park 46 Mrs. Floyd Keeler David Bennett William Simpson Mrs. Elnora Chisnell Raymond A. Hepner Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Boring Mrs. R. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Dale Henderson Mr. and Mrs. J. Wyant Mr. and Mrs. Evan Goodwin Mrs. Kathryn Neil A Friend Miss Mary Elliott Wayne Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graffius Dave Yeager Florence Brinker Bill Boyle Deborah Trimble Mrs. Warren Hall, Sr. Mrs. Bert Wagner Lynnette Hite Darlynn Mahon Jean Henderson Elnora's Beauty Shop R. D. Durbin Earl H. St. Clair, Jr. Clara M. Donahue Carol Ann Cushman Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Dick Robinson Beard Patrons Mrs. Thelma Riddell F. M. Johnson--Sun Tele Rep. "Fat" Johns Gilbert Kisamore Andrew Rock "Sandy" Werder Duane Hall Mrs. C. H. Sutter Bob Dunkle Bonnie and Ralph Spory Albert S. Forsha Charles W. Galbraith Oscar Boring Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ewt Mrs., Bess Petrarca Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Allison Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Campbell A Friend A Friend Bill Dickert Robert Priest Mrs. Elsie McDonald John McClung George Long "Bennie" Altemus Beverly Riddell Mr. George B. Igo Mr. and Mrs. Gene Decker Mrs. Emma McAdams Betty Jane Houston Pat Robb Mr. and Mrs. James W. Trimble A Friend Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Heap Brenda Davis L. F. Karchnak--Pgh. Press Rep. 47 THE END 5 -A 48 Gia V 5 Qu Q Q 5 W 0411509 zafzfla K P 6 -"v'b -4, 'LIL' wuswonm I.-any-,hoc A Luna Lv IALIUOITII IIOYDIEIS lqnoltna. lo., U I A 50 Qs Q 5 Q 57 X gg, R f X Q f Q ' X N if Q , New Florence National Bank "FLOWERS WHISPER WHAT WORDS CAN NEVER SAY" WHEN YOU SAY IT WITH FLOWERS - - SAY IT WITH OUR FLOWERS Tlwomas Flower Shop 107 - 109 FRANKLIN STREET FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS PHONE 94-463 RESIDENCE 37-4303 JOHNSTOWN, PA. CONGRATULATIONS FROM Clwrisner Motor Co. SALES -------- SERVICE PHONE 2301 LIGONIER, PA RAIN OR SNOW! HAIL OR BLOW! HUTCHESON BUSES ALWAYS GO! COMPLIMENTS OF Hutcheson Bus Lines 237 MARKET STREET J OHNSTOWN, PA. Stihds Jewelry 111 S. MARKET STREET PHONE 9139 LIGONIER, PA. NEW FLORENCE LUMBER CO. "From Foundation to Roofv New Florence, Pa. DE WITT'S RESTAURANT Dine and Dance Hamburgers - Ice Cream - Pop New Florence, Pa. K L I N E ' S Outfitters for Men and Children Good Shoes for All Ligonier, Pa. LIGONIER LUMBER CO. Lumber - Paint- Glass - Hardware Builders' Supplies - Millwork Ready-Mix Concrete Phone 2581 Ligonier, Pa DE ROY'S Johnstown's Leading Credit Jewelers Refrigerators - Radios - Ranges 1 Everything Electrical 132 - 134 Market Street Johnstown, Pa Compliments of SPORY'S MEAT MARKET Fresh Meats and Groceries of A11 Kinds 1 New Florence, Pa. LIGONIER HARDWARE Hardware - Paint - Glass Phone 4351 Ligonier, Pa. MARTIN'S SPECIALTY SHOP Since 1900 Dial 3511 Ligonier, Pa. 1 Plumbing - Heating Supplies Pipes - Valves - Fittings - Pumps - Heaters Oil Burners - Boilers - Furnaces - Home Appliances JOHN HALL E. Main Street Phone 2221 f Ligonier, Pa. M. E. SIMON and SONS Davis Tailor Made Clothes and a Fine Line of Name Brands Sport Clothes 136 E. Main Street Ligonier, Pa. DE WITT'S RESTAURANT Dine and Dance Hamburgers - Ice Cream - Pop New Florence, Pa. JOSEPH E. COVER Photography 504 Main Street Johnstown, Pa WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE sid V f -,.. Y ,Me-4... Y -w - . Y ' ,- . ,. ..Y ..-,. -- , ni "-,as.::" ' 2 - . Eb " ,-1., . , i z ' ,v'a. w . ,.g.,4. - asg:w,2- ' - 1 -7" ' , 4- ' K 1 W ' ' ' ' wi? . f" '1:f"" ' . 1'--"'-if-.P"':'s"L' '1 'N E' 1 I an 1 KX l X - f. A 1 4 s .-. -4.,f f 91 am- '- T Y fe -77 E iw wi , 1525, 1L."rQ 17 V ,, F AV . 1 ,, A I K ' - ,1V"fJS..Cg::-'Q ' L ' -. L: . ' ' -' 1 - - .' ' ' , f 'K VY: , Li...-Z,-,,-g1f,g,g.f ,- " i z , 1 , :H , ' 1- - b " ' + V-ff: -- -V - -, " - P4 , , , - 4 2-. ,, . , -: - 1 w w ' -1 ' i f- " ' AH' qrgnqv 4-. f :,x, ...- -- ,Li CEST'

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