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As the staircase winds upward, so we, the class of 1969, strive upward toward our individual goals. The future is constantly unfolding before us, confronting each of us with new conflicts and choices in our personal and professional lives. The years to come will witness our successes and failures in the unfolding drama of life. 2 Ml 969 II W annual publication of The Oeui England Conservatory of lilusic Boston, Massachusetts 1867-1969 unite qui mm bapqxmet fc» ewfhxw tn dmftte auettw Mi4M.mo4e gtmatn fenced aueuiw P$t oo to iamus cUaffe ftmc i eftt mine 4io J? Pkf 4,Tkt lfi» ageing 2b . bae ' wtiiamwamec The title of the New England Conservatory ' s annual, Neume, is a term borrowed from Medieval Music. Neumes were the forerunners of modern notation: visible representations of an aural art. In this respect neumes and the Neume have much in common. Both are concrete representations of the abstract; both attempt to capture the sounds, emotions, and ideas of a particular time through the use of symbols on the written page; and, both will remain as a testament to those of the future who will desire to gain more knowledge of the people of the past. It is in this light that we, the yearbook staff, present Neume 1969. fjmiJw tot -ttuj tiibu Of comcins ADMINISTRATION pp. 7-18 FACULTY pp. 19-30 CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE pp. 31-60 UNDERCLASSMEN pp. 61-67 PERFORMING ORGANIZATIONS pp. 68-76 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS pp. 77-88 CONSERVATORY LIFE pp. 89-94 STUDENT DIRECTORY pp. 96-107 5 To the man who. . . Has demonstrated his devotion to music through his efforts to provide students with experi- ence . . . Has founded and led many fine quartets and chamber groups . . . Has, through close study with Arnold Schoenberg, become a great teacher and in- terpreter of his music, as well as that of other contemporary composers . . . Has encouraged the development of many tal- ented musicians with understanding, patience, and wisdom . . . Has dedicated the greatest gift— himself— to the continued growth of the Conservatory . . . With love and appreciation for him, we sincerely dedicate the 1969 NEUME to . . . 1. RUDOLF KOUSCH 6 administration 7 TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1969: In the years to come, when you have left the Conservatory, I am sure you will always remember that when you were students here you were partici- pants in the Centennial celebration of our school. I hope you will remember other things as well, that you were here in the beginning of the New England Conservatory ' s second century, when all of us made a new commitment to all that is fine and inspiring in music, a new commitment to the development of musical performers, composers, and music educators of the highest order. I trust that you will remember those years as exciting and stimulating and, in retrospect, the rewarding beginnings of your " commencement " in profes- sional life. It is doubtful that in these times of turbulent change every decision made in the administrative and faculty offices met with your un- equivocal approval. But I would hope that the greater part of your ex- periences at 290 Huntington Avenue gave you the inspiration, knowledge and maturity that you will need once you have left the relative security of these halls. I know that you will not easily forget that you were students here when the lives of two of our great Americans were cruelly and sense- lessly destroyed. But I beg you to remember too that in those dark days we also dedicated ourselves anew to do, through music and music education, all that we are intellectually, financially, spiritually and physically capable of to restore some of the accumulated debt owed our brothers of all colors. Please know that my deep personal thanks go with you for the support you have given me as we have worked and learned together. I will follow your lives and careers always. Gunther Schuller IHII. HIM PHILLIPS It is my wish that the members of the " Class of ' 69 " will, throughout your careers, represent the finest musicianship, citizenship, and artistic in- tegrity and that you will flourish in your art and always be willing to share your talent and know- ledge. I have enjoyed my contacts and dialogues with you as students and will always welcome the opportunity to greet and talk with you as pro- fessional performers and educators. Good luck and Godspeed. Harvey Phillips 10 To the Class of 1969: Let me add my salutations to the long list that greets you upon your graduation from the New England Conservatory of Music, and at the same time my gratitude. The relationship between ad- ministration and faculty on the one hand, and students on the other, is, in fact, never in one direction only. As a result, the many and varied projects and events that enrich the Conservatory ' s year are such that all involved in their realization and production grow proportionately in ex- perience and depth. If we can be proud of what the Conservatory has given you, I am equally cer- tain that you can be proud, as we are of what you have given to the Conservatory and its musical life. The future of music and that of the New England Conservatory, the theme of this year ' s NEUME, in my opinion, bears this same relation- ship of mutual cooperation and endeavor, so that our combined energies can be permanently linked for our common goal: the art of music, in the largest sense that art conveys, and the practice of it without ever neglecting its smallest detail. This is more than a creed; it is in our blood, thus our dedication. I salute my colleagues of the class of 1969 and wish you well in whatever you may do, wherever you may be, with the hope that your dedication to music may never falter. Donald Harris 11 Crescendo — di minuendo— accelerando— allegro- forte— piano— exposition— recapitulation: entering the Conservatory building an observer might hear a group of voices surmounting the difficulties of Brahms Requiem, instrumentalists urged on by the conductor as they prepare a Schumann Symphony, a pianist in lonely concentration as he prepares the technical and intellectual demands of a Beethoven sonata, an organist providing clarity of lines in a Bach Fugue, a chamber group struggling with the complexities of a Bartok quartet, a sing er tracing the florid lines of an aria, the staccato strokes of a percussionist— all this and much more is the life of the New England Conservatory. Each individual has a talent to be nurtured, honed and perfected to express to the world that which was conceived by the composer, and at the same time satisfying a need of the individual to give something of himself. Music is a discipline that demands concentration, intelli- gence, and heart. We have pride and confidence in our young people for the contribution they shall make to the future as educators and performers. I am pleased to have had a small part in their prepara- tion. My best wishes for the future— con amore. 12 WILLI! J. (Hi, DIRECTOR Of flDffllSSlS JfllMS HER, flDHiinisififliivf co-onoioflTOfi KATHfRI STUART, 1 PHILLIPS ' OfflCf { S€Cfi£TflRy BARBARA PBSER, PLACIM OfflCf PRfSIHTS OfflCf COPCERT OfflCt HUNS ' office 16 ft. ftflCHDOftf, AUDIO OEMS ' OfflCC mm STflff 18 faculty 19 Viola Leslie Martin Double-Bass 21 PKTURCD John Coffey Trombone William Rhein Double-bass Doriot Anthony Dwyer Flute Charles Russo Clarinet Gary Karr Double-bass Harry Shapiro Horn Buell Neidlinger Double-bass Joseph Silverstein Violin Ernst Panenka Bassoon Louis Speyer Oboe Louise Pappoutsakis Harp Felix Viscuglia Clarinet Aldo Parisot Violoncello William Wrzesien Clarinet Richard E. Plaster Contrabassoon Paul Zukofsky Violin Henry Portnoi Double-bass 23 Jean Poole Alderman Piano Miklos Schwalb Lucille Monaghan Piano 24 Piano Yuko Hayashi Organ 25 Re Koster Voice Chairman Lav Vrbanic Voice Bernard Barbeau Voice Margaret Harshaw Voice Marsha Vleck Voice Class John Moriarty Repertory Coaching Voice Gladys Miller Voice 26 Newton Wayland Opera Ian Strasfogel Opera Chairman Terry Decima Opera rudolf kolisch . chum 29 candidates for the degree 31 BACHELOR Of IB DFLQdlfl Michael R. Bauer Clarinet Felix Viscuglia Music Education Marjorie Ann Bender Voice Gladys Miller David Eugene Brandes Organ Donald Willing Mary Elizabeth Broughton Voice Gladys Miller Katherine Ann Burr Piano Lucille Monaghan Music Education David C. Bussell Trombone William Tesson Music Education David Kalman Charney Piano Lucille Monaghan Paula Marie Christensen Piano David Hagan 33 Juliette P. Churchill Voice Lav Vrbanic Music Education D. Kenneth Clinton Voice Frederick Jagel Music Education Esteandrea Cohen Voice Frederick Jagel Music Education Ann Danis Violin Joseph Silver stein Anahid Der Parseghian Piano Veronica Von Moltke 34 Martha De Young Piano Lucille Monaghan Carol E. Elowe Piano Jean Poole Alderman Saeko Endo Piano MiklosSchwalb Donald H. Enos Piano Veronica Von Moltke Ronald Fransen Composition Malcolm Peyton 35 Heidi Lee Friedman Voice Dorothy Richards Music Education Thaodis Gaskin Voice Lav Vrbanic Suzanne Ellen Govier Horn James Stag I i an o Susan E. Harwood Voice Re Koster Benton Hess Piano Lucille Monaghan 36 37 Dominick Patrick Lasorella Percussion Everett Firth David L. Lawton Piano Veronica Von Moltke Carol A. Le Frois Piano Donald Smith Music Education Chiu-Ling Lin Piano Lucille Monaghan Patrick Howard Lindley Harpsichord Daniel Pinkham 38 Diane Luscher Voice Re Koster f Maureen Ann Mainville Voice Frederick Jagel Music Education Barbara Estelle Mate Voice Mark Pearson Eileen F. Maxner Music Education Daniel Kemp Moore j Flute Lois Schaefer Music Education 39 Patricia Morehead Oboe Ralph Gomberg Barbara J. Morrell Violin Robert Brink Brian R. Morrell Horn Ralph Pottle Gregory Allen Motter Trumpet Andre Come Music Education Zoila Munoz Voice Lav Vrbanic 40 Jane Musty Piano Jean Poole Alderman William Parker Northrup Music Education William E. Parberry Voice Silvio Coscia Music Education Marc Harlan Peretz Trumpet Andre Come Music Education James Franklin Ramsdell Voice Bernard Barbeau Music Education 41 Julie Randazzo Flute James Pappoutsakis Music Education 42 Craig A. Smith Piano Russell Sherman Evelyn Jane Spiegel Violin Robert Brink Music Education Carol Lynn Sprague Horn Ralph Pottle Music Education Kathie Sumrow Flute James Pappoutsakis David Burke Townsend Tuba Chester Schmitz 43 Heather Elizabeth Tracy Clarinet Peter Hadcock Amalie Carol Tucker Flute Lois Schaefer Music Education Rosemary B. Valentine Horn Ralph Pottle Timothy Valentine Oboe Ralph Gomberg Linda Jean Ventriglia Voice Re Koster 44 Karen L. Voris Voice Gladys Miller Susan Imelda Wadsworth Bassoon Sherman Walt Stephen Donald Wilkes Viola Burton Fine J. Charles Wright Voice Re Koster J. S. Bach Organ, Composition Robert Cogan Music Education 45 im of music Elizabeth Adams Clarinet Peter Had cock Jonathon Arterton Choral Conducting Lorna Cooke de Varon Robert Bailey Voice Lav Vrbanic Mary S. Biscoe French Horn Ralph Pottle Lambert Brandes Music Education Herbert A I per William Brockmeier Voice Margaret Harshaw Linda Burlingame Flute James Pappoutsakis 47 Katherine Buss Piano Russell Sherman Floyd J. Callahan, Jr. Voice Frederick Jagel David Carroll Bassoon Sherman Walt Howard Chadwick Voice Gladys Miller Mary Lee Cirella Voice Gladys Miller 48 49 Frank B. Epstein Percussion Everett Firth Elizabeth Gawthrop Voice Lav Vrbanic Pamela W. Gore Voice Gladys Miller Samuel R. Haynes Orchestral Conducting Frederik Prausnitz Ingrid Hernandez Music Literature Daniel Pinkham Barbara Hocher Voice Gladys Miller Mieko Horie Violin Paul Zukofsky Helen Keaney Chamber Music Daniel Pinkham 51 Margaret Kennard Organ Bruce Bennet Trix Kout Flute James Pappoutsakis Keith Knighton Music Education Herbert A I per Ester Krieger Vocal Accompanying Allen Rogers Asako Lang Voice Gladys Miller 52 Liana Lansing Voice Gladys Miller Itamar Lubetzky Composition Charles Wuorinen Marion Maby Violin Eric Rosenblith Robert S. MacDonald Organ Bruce Bennet James McGrath Organ Bruce Bennet 53 Katherine McHale Music Education Herbert A I per Hiroko Miyake Piano Jacob Maxin Joan Nahigian Voice Lav Vrbanic Deane Place Organ Yuko Hay ash i Marie Rhine Violin Joseph Silverstein 54 Ramon Salvatore Piano Lucille Monaghan 55 David D. Seaton Clarinet Peter Had cock Margo Simon Music Education Herbert A I per I i Lee Robert Stevens Trumpet Roger Voisin Susan Stevens Voice Margaret Harshaw Margy Lu Wolf Music Education Herbert A I per 56 Superman Band Conducting Mr. Avery Judith A. Pepe Music Education Herbert A I per 57 HOT PICFM . . . Pola Baytelman Piano Russell Sherman Elizabeth Burnett Music Literature Daniel Pinkham J. Harry Cardwell Voice Margaret Harshaw Edward Humeston Violoncello Jules Eskin Susan Larson Voice Re Koster Robert Modr Music Education Herbert A I per George Monseur Orchestral Conducting Frederik Prausnitz Dorothy Renouf Piano Veronica VonMoltke Gail Robinson Viola Eric Rosenblith Aime Simoneau Music Education Herbert A I per Louis Stewart Orchestral Conducting Frederik Prausnitz 58 ARTIST DIPLifl 59 THE M=H EWJMD OKSiKVATOW tW MJSIC Williams Adams Elizabeth Aldrich Ellen Alterman Kazuyoshi Asano Jay Aten Michael Auclair Mark Baker Allen Bourgeois Sarah Brink Paul Capehart Roberta Caraveillo Frank Charnley Miu Hing Chu Ronald Clearfield Tania Coletta Joseph Conti Frank Cropper Jean D ' Atri Elsa Davidson Clement DeGutis Paul Doherty Kathy Donaghy Ruth Doore Michael Egelman Bruce Fithian Roger Fowler Lorraine Friend Loretta Giles Jan Gippo Ken Girardin Robert Glover Mona Greenberg Roger Greene John Gunderson Andrea Horner Michael Houle Houng-Yu Hsu Sumwha Kim Katherine Kleitz George Kott Phillip LaFlamme Barry Lehr Luann Leisy Sheldon Linden Roger Lucas Erik Lundborg Laura Mahan James Mandell Susan Mardinly Michael Markman Mario Mattia Elaine McCarthy Anthony NcKenna Brian Morrell Robert Newman Gerald Osterman Patricia Pease Elizabeth Pinney Jean Raddin Linda Raymond Kenneth Roth George Rubino Stephen Schiller Philip Scott Ethan Sloane Sandra Stecher Abigail Stoughton Steven Tanzer Mary Helen Thompson Diana Travis Raymond Turner Aysegul Underhill Richard Van Kleek John Wall Carolyn Ward J. David Watkins Betsy Watson Cynthia Wilson James Wilson Lawrence Wolfe 62 SOPHOflK Gael Alcock Steven Angel ucci Robert Annis Victor Bablove Joseph Bacci Linda Bach Nancy Baron Marianne Benson Barbara Bressman Don Bucchianeri Charles Campione Judith Cannon David Caplin Margaret Casman Charlene Cella Ralph Ciarlo George Cohen Neil Cohen Wendy Covell Gailanne Cummings Donald Dame Corinne Davis Richard Davis William Dexter Cecylia Dickson Kathryn Diefenbach Jane Elmer Steven Faber Frank Fenlon Elizabeth Fischer John Francis Michael Franklin David Friedman Susan Gillespie Craig Gilpin Michael Goldberg Richard Goodman Phyllis Gotlieb Barry Grossman Cynthia Hansell David Harris Juli Hendrickson Thomas Hill Lauren Hoepfner Arthur Hoffman Diane Houle Peter Hutch ings Roger Jahnke Michael Johns Shirley Johnston Monica Kensta Katherine Kilcullen Lidian King Robin Krulish Elizabeth Kulbach Maquette Kuper Lynne Kushner Elizabeth Lamson Brook Lanham Jean Liepold Phillip Long Janice Mancini Ann McMechan Doris McVann Kanae Mizumura Georgia Mangos James Morgan Linda Mutzfeld Carol Paine Andrea Parsons Sue Perry Georgeann Peterson Peggy Pitchforth Carol Reinfeld Ada Bell Royston Arne Sanders Deborah Sanders Terry Schlegel Elizabeth Sears Sandra Seifter April Showers Linda Small James Smithgall Roger Snell Patricia Stephenson Mary Stubbs Fay Swadley James Thompson Deirdre Tincker James Tinsley Elisa Toledo Michelle Toscani Yasuo Watanabe Robert Watt Ellis Wean Lynn Wolf Cynthia Woodbury Kathryn Zetto Nancy Zintel 63 Judi Abromowich Claire Abersold Phillip Bashor Greg Behun Lois Bienenfeld Raymond Bishop Peter Bowman Ronald Brown David Carrier Fred Chatfield Mark Churchill Larry Cruz Eric Culver Edna Dashoff Mildred DeCosta Thomas Delio Frank Dodge Janet Dorsett Diane Eads Susan Eaton Karen Eberhardt Vincent Ellin James Ferrante Stephen Fields Douglas Forbes Ellis Ford Gloria Francis Laurie Frederick Gail Freeman Gale Freeman Janice Gallant Peter Gardner James Gaudette Judith Gerratt Dennis Giauque Ivy Goldfarb Donald Green Robert Greene Donna Guenther Cheryl Hailey Edith Haladjoff Janet Hamilton Lynn Hannings Elizabeth Hansen Elinor Hartshorn Richard Hawkins Leslye Hecht Lenora Jacksey George Johnson Clement Kaloyanides Tamotsu Kawamura Richard Klein John Klima Chris Krueger Maria Kuchuk Hope Kunkel Rebecca LaBrecque Lisa Leghorn Michael Luckman C. Regan Macleod Harvey Mason Evelyn Melendez Hayward Mickens Linda Morash Christopher Morris Thomas Mulvey Deborah Mundt Jeremy Neff Erika Nelson John Ossi Robert Pace Donald Pate Paul Patton Arlene Pepe Anthony Rauche Elizabeth Reiner Beverly Revzin Dean Rhodes Gale Richards Geraldine Rizzo Helene Roberge Walter Roginson Nancy Rogers Daniel Sapochetti Lisa Schreiner Anna Sears Denise Shepard Robert Simmons Mura Staum Rosalind Stevens Lois Strodl Keith Sutter Vicky Sylvester Greg Tall man Joy Taranto Donald Tarshes Katherine Taylor Alexis Valk David Vernier Christine Waitkevicz Deborah Ward Matthew Weiss Ronald Whitaker Donald Widman Rosalie Wieder Carl Wilhelm Daniel Windham Judith Wolper Kazumi Yazaki Stephen Yusko 64 performing organizations 67 the nan ohjid coma™ orchestra fREDRK PRflUSniTZ, C00DUCT0R RICHARD PRlflll, ASSOCIATE C0I1DUCI0R flnORflll LEVER, flSSlSTflHT COHDUCTOR GfORGf 1I1SEUR, flSSISTflm COHCIOfi The New England Conservatory Symphony Orchestra is designed to give the students experience in studying and performing the significant works of the traditional symphonic repetoire as well as the contemporary music of note. Under the direction o f Frederik Prausnitz the Orchestra presents a series of concerts in Jordan Hall; these concerts hold an important place in the musi- cal life of Boston. This year ' s guest conductors have included Gunther Schuller and Richard Pittman. One of the highlights of the year was the performance of Debussy ' s " Peleas and Melisande " in combination with the Opera Department at the Loeb Theatre in Cambridge. 68 RfPME ORCHESTRA The New England Conservatory Repetoire Orchestra is designed to give the students experience with as much repetory as possible. This year, under the direction of Richard Pittman, the organization has become an important part of the orchestral training curriculum. Significant works of the various periods are studied, and, for the first time, are performed in a series of afternoon concerts. The Repetoire Orchestra also provides the medium through which the orchestral conducting majors can perfect their skills. Being in its second year of existence, the New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble is the newest of the performing organizations. It is also one of the most important due to the rapidly increasing amount of literature being written for this medium by contemporary composers. Guest conductors this year have included Frederick Fannell, Frank Battisti, Gunther Schuller, and Richard Pittman. The chamber music program at the New England Conservatory is unique because of its extensive nature. Instrumentalists are provided with the opportunity to study and perform works written for various instrumental ensembles by the significant composers from the baroque era to the contemporary scene. The students receive invaluable knowledge of the chamber music repetoire, interpretion, and perfor- mance techniques through the coaching of the members of the chamber music faculty: Rudolf Kolisch, Robert Brink, Eric Rosenblith, Joseph Silverstein, Eugene Lehner, John Heiss, Ralph Gomberg, Louis Speyer, John Miller, Roger Voisin, Everett Firth, Victor Rosenbaum, Russell Sherman, Helen Keaney, and F. Judd Cooke. The members of the Collegium Musicum, directed by Daniel Pinkham, study and perform music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Whenever possible, authentic instruments and costumes of the periods are utilized to further enhance the musical understanding of the listeners. Concerts are given at the Conservatory and in other halls in Boston appropriate for the performance of Rennaissance and Baroque music. 69 TH€ H fOGLID CORSERVflTOfSy CHORUS { mm. L HlfDflROS ASSIST onmcfr ujiHi! LiBRflfi mn-conDUGTOR of rant The Chorus rehearses with Erich Leinsdorf and the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Symphony Hall. 72 ACTIVITIES 1968-69 The basic objective of the N.E.C. Chorus is the musical training of the Conservatory ' s students. The benefits of ensemble choral singing are obvious. More specifically, the full chorus gives the singers the opportunity of singing the great choral masterpieces of all periods including the chance of singing with the Boston Symphony and recording with RCA Victor. Activities this year included performances and recordings of the Brahm ' s " Requiem " and Beethoven ' s " Ninth Symphony " with the Boston Symphony, the annual December and Spring concerts in Jordan Hall, a benefit concert for Hall Johnson in Jordan Hall, and a P.D.Q. Bach concert in Symphony Hall. ihe now chorus The Repertoire Chorus offers its members exposure to music of all periods, as well as an understanding of the technique of singing and ensemble work. The Repertoire Chorus is ably lead by conductor Emmet Windham. THE TOUR CHORUS The Tour Chorus is chosen from the large chorus and has the opportunity of touring the United States and recently has journe yed to Puerto Rico, Spain, and Russia. Next year ' s plans include a two-week tour of California. This year, besides participating in the concerts of the large chorus, the Tour Chorus sang at the Gardner Museum and at the Festival of Modern American Music in May. THE (MIBER sns The Chamber Singers combines the solo and ensemble aspects specializing in chamber music and modern choral music. This year the Chamber Singers had a concert in Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall and at Leichester Junior College. 73 Through the years, the Chorus has contributed largely to the musical training of Conservatory students. In its local concerts, its worldwide tours, and its award-winning recordings, the Chorus has promoted the Conservatory. Be- sides instigating interest in the school among music students, teachers, and performers from all over the country, the Chorus has done much to acquaint the general public with the Conservatory. This year the Chorus sang in the memorial service for Charles Munch and in a benefit concert for Hall Johnson. Two years ago the Chorus toured Spain and the Soviet Union for the United States under the auspices of the State Department. It is this kind of extra-Conservatory activity that makes the Chorus the most unique organization of the school. 74 The New England Conservatory has inaugurated this year a program in chamber music which offers four talented string players the opportunity of performing in a resident string quartet for a period of two years. These four players who have been selected through national auditions, study under the direction of Rudolf Kolisch, founder of the famed Kolisch Quartet and Conservatory Artist in Residence, and Joseph Silverstein, concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Chairman of the Conservatory ' s String Department. They have no other obligations other than to their quartet and resultantly are exempt from all course work or other allied Conservatory activities. The Boston String Quartet is in fact a fellowship string quartet and its members receive stipends of sufficient importance to free them of financial need during their residency. They are in every sense qualified young pro- fessionals who now have the opportunity to fulfill their life-long ambitions to perform string quartet literature in the profound sense that this literature, of such importance to the history of music demands. The New England Conservatory of Music is proud to present the Boston String Quartet, its Fellowship String Quartet in residence, as it is proud to have created this opportunity for the future of the string quartet in general. Donald Harris The Boston String Quartet Kenneth Sarch, violin Tibor Pusztai, violin Yael Orbach, viola Jay Humeston, violoncello 76 student organizations 77 HI In the 1969 NEUME, Amalie Tucker, the Editor-in-Chief, has striven to capture and permanently record the words, thoughts, and actions of the Conservatory. Assisted by Elsa Davidson, assistant editor; Diane Eads, literary editor; and Kathy McHale, photographer; Amalie and the staff have written about the many sides of Conservatory life. As musicians attempt to interpret the varied moods of music through their instrument or voice, so has the 1969 NEUME staff attempted to interpret the varied moods of the students through words and pictures. - rwm Amalie Tucker, Editor-in-Chief " What ' s Neume? " 78 Diane Eads, Literary Editor Kathy McHale, Photographer DELTA Hill L. to R.: E. Cohen, C. Lin, S. Shields, Miss Richards, advisor. Delta Omicron International Professional Music Fraternity for Women was founded in 1909 at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The Founding Sisters wished to create a society which would inspire closer friendship among women music students, develop character and leadership, encourage high scholarship, and stimulate greater growth in the performance and appreciation of good music. Delta Xi Chapter was installed at the Conservatory in 1950. Led by Sayre Shields this year, Delta Omicron has held chapter musicales and has worked in conjunction with other sororities to bring music to underprivileged children. 80 (Ml PHI {PSI10H L. to R. - Seated: M. deZafra, N. Joyce, B. Watson, G. Cummings, R. Krulish, A. Tucker, E. Toledo, D. Tincker. Standing: S. Auclair, L. Burlingame, J. Mancini, E. Lamson, M. Mainville, E. Fisher, K. Burr, K. McHale. Mu Phi Epsilon, an international professional music sorority, founded 65 years ago in Cincinnati, aims to promote closeness between women studying for the music profession in schools all over the United States and the Philippines. The members work together for the advancement of music through scholarships, contests, and awards to outstanding composers and performers within the organization. Amalie Tucker, the President, has led the Beta Chapter this year in such diverse activities as concerts at the Hebrew Center for the Aged and the V.A. Hospital, a joint Founders Day Concert on November 13 with Phi Upsilon and Boston Alumnae chapters, and Music Therapy lectures by members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. 81 snmn alpha iota Seated: J. Randazzo, N. Baron, J. Liepold. Standing: F. Swadley, C. Hansell, M. Stubbs, K. Zetto, D. Luscher, L. Ventriglia, C. Ward. Missing, B. Pinney. Sigma Alpha lota, an international professional fraternity of music for women, was founded in 1903 to uphold and further the aims and ideals of a musical education through chapters of music students and their musical interests and influence. The Conservatory chapter, Lamda, led by President Beth Pinney, offered many performance opportunities this year, including two Radio Series concerts broadcasted live over a Boston FM station, an Incorporation Day Concert in December with the alumnae chapter and the college chapters at Boston Conservatory and Boston University, and a Phi Province Day in February involving members of all of the chapters in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. phi i flLPHn siofonm to R.: Steve Tanzer, Paul Doherty, Ted Davidovich, Bob DeVries, Clem DeGutis, Barry Lehr, Patrick Lindley, Bill Adams. 83 PI KflPPfl LM BDfl l 10 «: k hi, m. mm, k was, as. unemD. tins ihb Pi Kappa Lambda is Music ' s most distinguished Honor Society. It is national in scope and is inter- nationally recognized. The Board of Governors determines the eligibility of a music college or university for membership. The requirements are stringent and the right to have a chapter is highly prized, lota Chapter at the Conservatory was granted its charter in 1927, just nine years after the founding of the Society in 1918. The objec- tive of Pi Kappa Lambda is to recognize Junior, Senior, and Graduate students who have demon- strated superior achievement in a program of music instruction in a member institution of higher learning. It is a high honor to be chosen for membership in Pi Kappa Lambda and the key is a recognized badge of distinction In the world of music. Members are chosen from the upper fifth of the student body as determined by the Faculty who are members of the Society. The lota Chapter also sponsors a yearly competition in which a recipient of the substantial yearly scholarship is chosen. 84 kappa gaaia psi The Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity of America, Inc. was founded in 1913 at New England Con- servatory, with the group later becoming a national organization. The chapter active at the Conservatory today, Alpha, has striven this year, as always, to promote and dignify the music pro- fession, to establish closer relations between musicians and music schools, and to encourage sincere music study. David Bussell, the President, led the group this year in sponsoring the Brass and Woodwing Quintets, hosting the National Convention of Kappa, holding joint concerts with other local chapters of Kappa, and sponsoring various educational projects in cooperation with the alumni. The Dorm Council, led by Nancy Baron, the President, and Tony Rauche, the Secretary, is a group of representatives from each floor of the dorm who meet to discuss and try to solve the problems of dormitory living, and to maintain a cooperative and congenial atmosphere in the dorm. They are advised by Mrs. A. D. Hestnes, the Director of Residence. Back L. to R.: Robin Krulish, Georgia Mangos, Amy Tucker, Tony Rauche, Ann McMechan, Lynn Hannings. Front L. to R.: Ray Bishop, Lois Strodl, Nancy Baron L. to R.: Frank Fenlon, Jim Ramsdell, Betsy Watson, Elsa Davidson, Carol Le Frois, Arne Sanders, Dan Moore. Seated: Jon Arterton The Orchestra Committee was organized in the Spring of 1968 as a possible solution to the problem of a lack of communication between the members of the Orchestra and the conductor. Its specific goals are to serve as a spokesman to the conductor concerning pertinent problems— both group and individual. The Committee ' s members, Ann Danis, Kenneth Roth, Stephen Tanzer, David Townsend, Timothy Valentine, John Wall, and Stephen Wilkes, also hope to serve as advisors to the conductor in helping to shape the Orchestra ' s future direction. 86 [OlRlflL STflff - IDflRTHfl Of UOUnG, DflVB OILLOfl, Mil fflUfll, Udl HUE, llfl KUSHU, LBfl MM, M LIEPOLD, bob miLLftR, pete sifliffl, sflnoy skokr. 87 BLACK STMT UMTS Policy Statement of the Black Student Committee The organization known as the Black Student Committee of the New England Conservatory of Music is aware of the existence of situations which impede the educational, social and political development of the student body, both Black and White. We, the Black Student Committee, maintain that it is our obligation as Blacks and as students to help alleviate these situations. To this end, we will address ourselves to the problems which affect us as Blacks. While it is the primary concern of the committee to improve the existing conditions for Blacks at the Conservatory, we endeavor to improve the Conservatory community as a whole. Officers of the Black Student Committee Thaodis Gaskin, President Danyl Windham, Vice-President Gwendolyn Lytle, Secretary Carl Atkins, Faculty Advisor 88 conservatory life 89 91 Back from a hard day ' s shopping spree. . . Mrs. Hestnes returns. " Please, Mr. Bartlett, just $5 more, " begs Neume editor. Amy Tucker. 93 94 STMT HUB Abromowich, Judi 25 Frisbie Road Marshfield, Mass. Auclair, Michael 146 Cross Street Central Falls, R. I. Bender, Marjorie 308 Allen Ave. Ocenside, L.I., N.Y. Broughton, Mary 1 Eastman Circle Wellesley, Mass. Aebersold, Claire 481 1 Grantham Ave. Chevy Chase, Md. Auclair, Susan 2422 Mendon Rd. Cumberland, R. I. Benson, Marianne 2040 Wakefield St. Alexandria, Va. Brown, Chalyce 463 Golfview Blvd. Adams, William 35 Long Avenue Allston, Mass. 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Suggestions in the New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

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