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neume 1967 Centennial i f I I 1 2 I 3 4 neume 1967 presented by the New England Conservatory of Music 5 New England Conservatory of Music 1867-1967 The New England Conservatory of Music has played an important part in the building of a musical America. It has been one of the first conservatories to be planted on our soil, and its growth has been rep- resentative of the trends and progress of music in our country. Prior to its founding, young aspiring musicians were forced to either suffer the loss of conservatory training or cross the vast Atlantic to obtain it in a foreign city. Eber Tourjee well realized the urgent need of establishing conservatory methods here and when in 1867 he announced the open- ing of the New England Conservatory, enough students enrolled to make the venture worth while. Mr. Tourjee had rented three floors of the Music Hall annex build- ing. The rooms were bare and unattractive. Room 13, used as a recital and lecture hall, was equal to the size of the Jordan Hall platform. The Director ' s office was unpretentious. It was the faculty, comprising some of the leading musicians of Boston, which attracted students. In 1870 the first class of thirteen members graduated. Also that year, Mr. Tourje ' e made the school a nonprofit institution by in- corporating it under the laws of Massachusetts. The rapid increase of students meant the moving of the Con- servatory to larger quarters. Mr. Tourje ' e bought the St. James Hotel at Franklin Square to serve both as a school and dormitory. The " Home " eliminated the " expense, dangers, and disadvantages of commuting " and provided a " Cultured Home for 550 of the student body in the quiet, healthful location of Franklin Square. " The first floor consisted of concert halls, library, reading and recitation rooms; museum and parlors were above. 6 Twenty years, however, the home became inadequate to meet the needs of an increased registration. Under the leadership and influence of Eben D. Jordan a suitable site was chosen for a building expressly designed to furnish every musical advantage possible. In 1902 the Con- servatory found itself in a permanent and satisfying home. Twenty- five years later a wing was added, harmonizing with the architecture of the old building. As the Conservatory home was expanding, the dream of a student symphonic orchestra was gradually crystalizins toward realization. The first call for instrumentalists brought forth an " orchestra " of one mandolin, one cornet, one trombone, three violins, and nineteen flutes. Later, for the benefit of string players, orchestral scores were read with the organ supplying the missing parts. This continued for some time, but since the day of its first concert, March 7, 1902, it has advanced in rapid strides toward professional excellence and continues so under the fine direction of Mr. Frederik Prausnitz. In 1898, the Conservatory chorus was organized by the director. After considerable rehearsing of chorus, orchestra and organ, Rossini ' s " Sabat Mater " was presented. The chorus has advanced greatly, with the formation of Tour Chorus and Chamber Singers, now under the direction of Mrs. Loma Cooke deVaron, who in the year past conducted a series of concerts with the Russian Tour Chorus in Spain and Russia, under the auspicies of our State Department. In 1960, the dormitory residence changed from the houses on Hemenway St. to its present site on Gainsborough St., in which build- ing is also found the Hbrary. This new location brought students closer to the school ' s activities and events. Indeed, the New England Conservatory today is nothing like that of the past. It has grown in leaps and bounds, not only in size, but in quality as well. Truly its excellence will not be forgotten. 7 Neume Staff Yearbook Staff: Nancy Thompson, Editor Peter LaMorder, Art Editor Maureen Mainville, Layout Editor Heidi Friedman, Photography Editor Christine Andrews, Copy Editor Vivianne Ouellette, Literary Editor I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who helped to make this edition of the Neume possible. We, on the staff hope that the 1967 Neume will help you visualize music and musicians past and present, and provide you with some reminders of N.E.C. Nancy Thompson, Editor Administration 9 11 12 13 15 MR. and MRS. JOHN HAGEDORN and son MARK Directors of Residence 16 17 18 19 20 DORIOT ANTONY DWYER Flute LORNA COOKE DE VARON Choral Conducting POZZI ESCOT Compositional Techniques TERRY DECIMA Opera 21 23 GERALD GOGUEN Trumpet 25 26 27 29 30 THOMAS PHILLIPS Opera Direction LOUISE PAPPOUTSAKIS Harp MARK PEARSON Voice MALCOLM PEYTON Compositional Techniques DANIEL PINKHAM Harpsichord, Music Literature 31 FREDERIK PRAUSNITZ Orchestral Conducting BARBARA REUTLINGER German ALLEN ROGERS Vocal Repertoire Coaching JOHN RONSHEIM Music Literature MATTHEW RUGGIERO Bassoon LINDA PHILLIPS Voice Class JOHN PLASTER Contrabassoon THOMAS POTTER Piano Technninician ' s Course RALPH POTTLE French Horn MIKLOS SCHWALB Piano 32 34 36 Candidates the Degree ALAN BRIGGS Trumpet Roger ' oisin 38 MARIO BORGES, JR. Music Education Leta Whitney Trumpet Gerard Goguen DAVID BENNETT Organ Yuko Hayashi CRAIG CALDWELL Music Education Leta Whitney Trombone William Tesson 39 MARGARET CARDWELL Piano Howard Coding DONNA BRAGDON Voice Gladys Miller ROGER CHILDS Voice Mark Pearson BLAIR CLAUSS Music Education Leta Whitney Bassoon Matthew Ruggiero 40 DANIEL COLLINS, JR. Voice Mark Pearson PHYLLIS FA YE CARTY French Horn Ralph Pottle KEITH CORRETTE Music Education LetaWhitney Tuba Chester Schmitz 41 CEDRIC COLEMAN Bassoon Sherman Walt CYNTHIA CRAWFORD Flute James Pappoutsakis DONALD DUNN Music Education Leta Whitney Organ Donald Willing GERALD ENDSLEY Trumpet Roger ' oisin 42 JOYCE GETCHELL Music Education Leta Whitney Flute James Pappoutsakis JOHN GIBBONS Harpsichord Daniel Pinkham JANE GRATWICK Voice Gladys Miller 43 ROBERT HANSEN French Horn Ralph Pottle JANET HANEY Viola Eugene Lehner JENNIFER JOHNSON Piano Lucille Monaghan 44 JUDITH JOHNSON Music Education Leta Whitney French Horn Ralph Pottle 45 GEORGE LEWIS Music Education Leta Whitney Piano Alice Canady ROBERTA KASSIMER Music Education Leta Whitney Voice EHzabeth McEnney LIANA LANSING Voice Gladys Miller 46 m FAITH LARIVIERE Violin Robert Brink PETER MONCURE Composition Pozzi Escot Oboe John Holmes ANDREW LEVER Music Education Leta Whitney Percussion Everett Firth 47 MARIANNA NERO Music Education Leta Whitney ' iolin George Zazotsky EUNICE NICHOLSON Voice J. DAVID OHANIAN French Horn James Staghano CAROL PAONESSA Music Education Leta Whitney Clarinet Felix V ' iscuglia 48 NANCY OLIVA Piano Miklos Schwalb LEONARD PATENAUDE Piano Veronica vonMoltke JUDITH PEPE Violin Alfred Krips CAROL POWELL Piano Lucille Monaghan 49 MICHAEL QUINN Percussion Everett Firth MYRON PRESS Piano Howard Coding NICKOLAI ROMANOV Violin Ceorge Zazofsky 50 STEVEN SAVAGE Music Education Leta Whitney Trumpet Gerald Goguen 51 ALU SIMPSON Music Education Leta Whitney REV. FRANCIS STRAHAN Voice Gladys Miller MARY SMITH Voice Gladys Miller ROGER SPADAFORA Music Education Leta Whitney Piano Lucille Monaghan 52 PHILIP WEBER Trombone William Tesson MARILYN WELCH Piano Howard Coding MARYLOU SPEAKER Violin Joseph Silverstein 53 4 SARAH STOUGHTON Music Education Leta Whitney Flute James Pappoutsakis LAWRENCE SUGARMAN Music Education Leta Whitney Clarinet Felix Viscuglia 54 Diploma DOROTHY BOOKSTEIN Voice Mark Pearson CAROLE CORNELL Voice Frederick Jagel WALTER SAPOLSKY Violoncello Benjamin Zander G. BERNARD WORRELL Piano Miklos Schwalb RUSSELL TRIPP Piano Lucille Monaghan STAR LOVE POOLE Piano Miklos Schwalb 55 Master of Music DAVID BARTHOLOMEW Piano Miklos Schwalb STANLEY BEDNARZ Music Education Leta Whitney PAUL DORSAM Music Education Leta Whitney SAMUEL ADAMS, JR. Piano Howard Gk)ding DUK YOON BAE Choral Conducting Lorna Cooke de ' aron 56 JUDITH BEDFORD Clarinet Gino Cioffi CHERYL GRANT Cello Alfred Zighera RODNEY GRONDIN Music Education Leta Whitney ALAN GRZYB Bassoon Sherman Walt BARBARA BREWER Clarinet Felix Viscuglia 57 BRUCE HOBSON Composition Francis Judd Cooke Malcolm Peyton ADRIAN HOFFMAN Trombone William Tesson NANCY HUNZIKER Voice Gladys Miller ROSALIND CHUA Piano Lucille Monaghan FRANK COFFEY Voice Frederick Jagel 58 ELIZABETH COX Organ Donald Willing RAYMOND KELTON Organ Donald Willing KENNETH LAUDERMILCH Trumpet Roger Voisin JOHN MILLER, JR. Bassoon Sherman Walt ROY DELP Voice Gladys Miller 59 SANDRA MOLEUX Music Education Leta Whitney PATRICIA MONK Piano Howard Coding JOHN OLIVER Choral Conducting Loma Cooke de Varon ERNEST FORD Bassoon Sherman Walt DIANNE FREEDMAN Music Education Leta Whitney 60 ROBERT GOEPFERT Piano Howard Coding DAVID PELTON Choral Conducting Lorna Cooke de Varon ROCER PIETZAK Music Education Leta Whitney ANNE RAMUS Voice Mark Pearson BARBARA HARDCRAVE Voice Cladys Miller 61 RICHARD RAUM Trombone William Gibson HENRY SCHIERER Piano Howard Coding PAULINE SHEN Piano Lucille Monaghan DAVID HATFIELD Voice Frederick Jagel CAROL HUNT Flute James Pappoutsakis 62 EUGENE JONES Clarinet Gino Cioffi GERTRUDE SHERWOOD Voice Clara Shear CAROLYN SMITH Voice Gladys Miller LORRAINE SNOWDEN Harpsichord Daniel Pinkham ROBERT LITTLEFIELD Organ Donald Willing 63 CLARA VERGHESE Piano Howard Goddin MARTA MIKES Voice Gladys Miller MARY MUNN Piano Howard Goding 64 GAIL NELSON Voice Gladys Miller JANET WALKER Voice Gladys Miller ALLISON WEED Voice Gladys Miller TSUNENORI OKAMOTO Composition Francis Judd Cooke Pozzi Escot 65 WILLIAM PFUND Trumpet Roger Voisin 66 SADAKO YOKOYAMA Flute James Pappoutsakis 67 Artist ' s Diploma SANDRA THIDERMANN Piano Howard Coding ROBERT HALE Voice Gladys Miller WILLIAM WRZESIEN Clarinet Rosario Mazzeo 68 Row 1 : C. Andrews, S. Spacagna, N. Thompson, A. Ettinger, 2: G. Boles, C. Johnson, K. Baraniecki, E. Hoagland, T. Toupin, S. Qualtrough, N. Greenslade, V. Ouellette. Row R, Lague, R. Fowler, N. Overlock, J. Barr, R. Done. President . . . Theodore Toupin Vice President . . . Amy Ettinger Secretary . . . Nancy Thompson Treasurer . . . Susan Qualtrough Junior Class 70 Row 1 : N. Rodrigues, D. Ingraham, E. Pinney, M. St. Ger- G. Motter, C. Roberts, M. Peretz, J. Boucher, J. Ramsdell, main, S. Clouse, P. Christiansen, E. Cohen, L. VenfrigUa, A. Tucker, S. Harwood. L. Salerno, H. Friedman. Row 2: K. Burr, C. Ruebush, 71 Freshman Class Row 1: L. Betzer, L. Raymond, D. Watkins, M. Mattia, S. Lin- S. Heimlich, K. Girardin, E. Allerman. Row 3: S. Schiller, J. den, V. Murphy, D. Weimar, E. Davidson, B. Watson, E. Progen. Katsekas, J. Wilson, C. DeGutis, W. Wiley, J. Adams, T. Bland- Row 2; M. Greenburg, J. Mandell, J. Conti, L. Weeks, E. Sloane, ing, P. Doherty, G. Kott. President . . . Marion Natfia Vice President . . . Sheldon Linden Secretary . . . Barbara Hoffheimer Treasurer . . . David Watkins 1 . Performing Organizations 73 opera Thomas Philips, Jr., Chairman Terry Decima, Assistant Newton Wayland, Assistant The Conservatory Opera Theater, with Thomas Phillips directing, has completed another successful year, opening the season with Humperdink ' s " Hansel and Gretel " on December 2, and 3, 1966. On February 2,3 , and 4, Mr. PhilHps ' fine directing came through as members of the department per- formed Guiseppe Verdi ' s " Falstaff ' at the Loeb Drama Center. Members of the department performed scenes from the standard nineteenth and twentieth century repertoire on April 28. Once again, under the superb direction of Thomas Phillips, the opera theater presented the New England Premiere of Benjamin Britten ' s " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream " conducted by John Moriarity of the faculty. Surely, no member will forget the season of 1966- 67 , and the entire members of the department express their sincere thanks to Mr. Phillips for a wonderful year. 74 Orchestra Frederik Prausnitz, Conductor Jeff Cook, Assistant Johan Katz, Assistant 76 The Conservatory Symphony Orchestra opend their concert season on November 9, 1966, with Brukner ' s Symphony No. 6 in A Major, and Debussy ' s i " Nocturnes " for orchestra. In December, the Chamber orchestra performed an all Mozart program. Also in December, the orchestra presented the first Boston performance of Shoenburg ' s Second Chamber Symphony. Other works of this concert included works by Mahler and Dvorak. On March 1 , the orchestra performed works of Schubert, Stravinsky, and Elgar. On March 8, the chamber orchestra performed an all- Mozart program, conducted by the Conservatory ' s president-elect, Gunther Schuller. In April, Mr. Prausnitz conducted the orchestra in two concerts: The first, April 5, consisted of works by Beethoven and Webern; and the second consisted of pieces by Haydn and Shostakovitch. On May 17, the orchestra assisted the Con- servatory chorus in a special centennial event with the premiere of Daniel Pinkham ' s " Jonah, " com- missioned in observance of the Conservatory ' s 100th anniversary, and directed by Lorna Cooke deVaron. The Orchestra completed its season with the an- nual commencement program in June. 77 Chorus Lorna Cooke deVaron, Conductor David Pelton, Assistant Harry Kelton, Assistant Byron Thomas, Assistant 78 This centennial year has been an exciting and unforgettable one for all members of the chorus. It all started early in September with the Women ' s chorus singing with the Boston Symphony Or- chestra in Gustav Mahler ' s Symphony No. 3. The Chorus was under the direction of John Oliver while Mrs. DeVaron was away on tour with the school ' s Russian Tour Chorus. Mr. Oliver prepared an excellent Christmas Program which con- sisted of a selection of Ancient French Carols, the Kyrie and Gloria from Missa in E by Henrich Sutermeister, the festival cantata — " Rejoice in the Lamb " by Benjamin Britten, and Cantata 150 by J.S. Bach. Prior to the Christmas concert, a small selection of chorus members sang Ives Symphony No. 4 with the B.S.O., under the direction of Gunther SchuUer, President-Elect of the Conservatory. With the beginning of the second semester, and the return of Mrs. DeVaron and the Russian Chorus, the chorus immediately began working on Witold Lutoslawski ' s " Trois Po mes " for the contemporary music workshop for the M.E.N.C. convention, in which Mrs, DeVaron demonstrated techniques of teaching con- temporary music. The members of the chorus also worked on music for the Youth Concerts with the B.S.O. and for the spring concert program in May, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Con- servatory. Music for the program included Britten ' s " Cantata Miseri- cordium, " Henry Mollicone ' s " Te Deum, " and " Jonah, " by Daniel Pinkham, which was commissioned for the 100th anniversary of the Conservatory. 79 Russian Tour Chorus 81 1 Fifty-one young men and women students of the New England Conservatory of Music Tour Chorus enplaned at Logan Airport the cold evening of October 31 for six weeks of singing in Spain and the Soviet Union under the auspices of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Department of Stale. Sunny Spain with con- certs in Madrid, Cordoba, and Tarragona soon gave way to the long nights of Moscow and Leningrad in the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic, and then to concerts in Kiev and Lvov, Ukrainian S.S.R., to Minsk, Byelorussia, to Yerevan, Armenia, to Tbilisi, Georgia, and finally to Baku, Azerbaijan. No member of the ( " horus had ever sung to such audiences as greeted this group. They filled the halls, they applauded for as long as the Chorus could sing, passed many appreciative notes forward to the Director, and then gathered round knots of singers to discuss the work of the evening. It was a thrilling and exhilarating ex- perience to sing for audiences who were so eager to hear. Top-notch accommodations were ready for the Chorus at every stop, the singers .soon realizing that the logistics of taking care of more than fifty persons involved strenuous and devoted work on the part of Goskontsert and Intourist officials. With friendly inter- preters constantly at hand to make all operations as smooth as wit and good hard work could make them, and with Messrs Ivan Petlin and Vladimir Drozdov handling food, lodging, entertainment, and travel, few wanderers abroad ever had it so good. Eugene Onegin at the Bolshoi Zaal in Moscow, Faust, the Len- ingrad Philharmonic, ballet and circuses in the big towns, visits to all the Conservatories that could entertain us - all this is now part of the rich collective memory of the Tour Chorus. The official Embassy guides of the touring chorus were Mrs. Mary Jerez in Spain and Mr. R. Dabney Chapman in the U.S.S.R.. Both of these officials deserve praise. They merged with the group, becoming one with us immediately. Knowing the culture and the landmarks, the pitfalls and the joys, they enriched our days and our nights and have become and integral part of the experience each member of the Chorus retains of both Spanish and Russian events. John C. Kennedy Members of the Chorus and instrumentalists who played and sang with the Chorus wish to thank Mr. John C. Kennedy, vice presi- dent and Mr. Shelby Harrington, business manager, for their generous advice and participation on the tour. These Conser atory officials, Mrs. deV ' aron and the Chorus wove a musical tapestry of international understanding, the beauty of which was realized by audience after audience. 82 Student ganizations Row 1 : S. Stoughton, J. Barr, L. Lansing, R. Done, D. Wise, N. Greenslade. Row 2 : J. Bedford, E. Pinney, R. Terpenning, D. Bragdon, M. Bender. President . . . Liana Lansing Vice-President . . . Jeanne Ban- Recording Secretary . . . Bryna Toder Corresponding Secretary . . . Rowena Done Treasurer . . . Debra Wise Editor . . . Judy Shindler Chaplain . . . Sarah Stoughton Sigma Alpha Iota is an international professional fraternity for women in the field of music. Its primary purpose is to further the development of music in America and promote a stronger bond of musical interest and understanding between the United States and other countries. This is accomplished through such projects, as the International Music Fund, Sigma Alpha Iota Foundation, and the Inter-American Music Awards Program. On the local level, Lamda Chapter offers performance op- portunities to its members through the fuU-length concerts given at the Conservatory, participation in the Sigma Alpha Iota Radio Series, contribution to joint concerts with the Boston Alumnae Chapter at Boston University. In addition to performance activities, Lamda Chapter sponsors an annual composers ' contest, and a money-making project, the S.A.I. Snack Bar. Sigma Alpha Iota 84 President . . . William Northrup First Vice President . . . Craig Caldwell Second Vice President . . . Roger Fowler Recording Secretary . . . David Bussel Corresponding Secretary . . . Andrew Lever Treasurer . . . David Townsend Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Theodore Toupin Chaplain . . . Jerald Hogan Kappa Gamma Psi f f Row 1 : R. Fowler, W. Northrup, C. Caldwell, D. Bussel. Row 2: R. Silverman, R. Stoll, R. Lague. Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity of America was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music on December 11, 1913. As a national fraternity. Kappa Gamma Psi commissions a new work each year. Warren Benson, Elie Siegmeister, Norman Dello Joio ' and John Huggler are four composers whose works have been com missioned by Kappa. The Brothers of Alpha chapter have seen a fairly active and suc- cessful year. The year began with a Smoker in October and a dinner at one of the brother ' s homes. In December, the brothers all con- tributed in taping a Christmas program for WHDH T.V. The Kappa Brass Ensemble and Kappa Male Chorus performed music for Christmas season. The latest fraternity commission was performed at the MENC convention in February. The brothers of Alpha Chapter were honored to have Mr. Rafael Kubehk, the world famous conductor, become a Chapter Honorary Brother. Mr. Kubelik was initiated on January 31, 1967. All the active brothers, associate brothers. President Chester Williams, Miklos Schwalb, and Dean Alderman were present to meet Mr. Kubehk. 85 Mu Phi Epsilon President . . . Barbara Stinson Vice-President . . . Judith Johnson Recording Secretary . . . Marilyn Welsh Corresponding Secretary . . . Karen Traxel Treasurer . . . D ' Anna Fortunato Chaplain . . . Elizabeth Adams Chorister . . . Rosilind Chua Warden . . . Carol Paonessa Historian . . . Joyce Booher Mu Phi Epsilon is an International Professional Fraternity for women in the field of music. Since its founding in Cincinnati 63 years ago its members have worked together for the advancement of music through scholarship, contests, awards to outstanding com- posers and performers within the organization and philanthropic projects such as Gads Hill Center, Chicago, Mu Phi Epsilon Schol- arship Lodge at Interlocken, Michigan, and scholarship for women in music therapy. This year ' s activities for Beta Chapter included a joint concert with the Boston Alumnae and the Phi Upsilon Chapter, a Christmas program for children at the Industrial School for Crippled Children, two public recitals, pyerformance and participation at the District Conference at Julliard and support of local, national and inter- national philanthropic projects through contributions and service. Row 1 : C. Paonessa, D. Fortunato, B. Stinson, M. Welch. J. Johnson, K. Traxel, E. Adams, R. Chua, J. Booher, S. Row 2: G. Nelson, A. Tucker, N. Joyce. Missing: Mardinly, M. VIeck. 86 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity was founded in 1898. Since then it has grown to be the largest professional fraternity in the United States, with 261 chapters. 1966-67 has been a very rewarding year for Alpha chapter. Seventeen new members have been initiated into the fraternity. A highlight of this year ' s pledge class was a concert given at the In- dustrial School for Crippled Children. There have also been two successful dances; one on Founder ' s Day and one on Valentine ' s day, with another one planned for the end of the school year. We have also given concerts at the International Student Association and at the Newman Center at Northeastern University. r rnim PI 11 M ;u A] LPHA ■ ■ 1 ■ s ■ ■ SIV 4k lA 1888 1 f Row 1: W, Adams, J. Landell, A. DiPietro, R. St. Onge, C. Terpenning, E. Hoagland, C. Roberts, F. Charnley. Row 2; S. Heimlich, N. Romanov, S. Linden, P. Doherty, P. Weber, G. Motter, K. Girardin. Row 3; E. Sloane, J. Katsekas, J. Eaton, E. Hoover, C. DeGutis, P. Scott, K. Dorn. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia President . . . Charles Terpenning Vice President . . . Erik Hoagland Secretary-Treasurer . . . Robert St. Onge Alumni Secretary . . . Charles Roberts Historian . . . Jonathan Landell Pledge-Master . . . Albert DiPietro Warden . . . Leonard Widawski, Jr. Faculty Advisor . . . Roger Voisin 87 E. Cohen. D. Blanchard. Delta Omicron International Professional Music Fraternity for Women was founded at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in 1909. The Founding Sisters wished to create a society which would inspire closer friendship among women music students, develop character and leadership, encourage high- scholarship, and stimulate greater growth in the performance and appreciation of good music. Delta Xi Chapter was installed at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1950. In February, 1967, John Moriarty was installed as a local patron of Delta Xi Chapter of Delta Omicron. President . . . Dorene Blanchard Vice-President . . . Marianna Nero Secretary . . . Melinda Murphy Treasurer . . . Esteandrea Cohen Delta Omicron 88 Elson Club The Elson Club was founded by Louis C. Elson, a noted musicolo- gist and faculty member of the Conservatory, In September, 1964, Elson Club members voted to become co-educational, thereby be- coming the only such organization in the Conservatory. Elson Club is now open to all Conservatory students who maintain an average of " C " or better. The purpose of Elson Club is to promote musical, social, and philanthropic pursuits among its members. The club raises and maintains a scholarship fund for which any undergraduate member is eligible. Activities include volunteer work in hospitals and homes in the Boston area. Concerts are given for the aged, and for handi- capped and underprivileged children. President . . . Carol-Sue Johnson Vice-president . . . Geraldine Boles Secretary . . , Carol Powell Treasurer . . . Martha Brennan Faculty Advisor . . . Mrs. Keaney Row 1 : C. Johnson, Mrs. Keaney, G. Boles, R. Terpenning, E. Clute. Row 2: M. Bender, J. Nicolson, D. Blanchard. 89 Student Council L. to r: D. Watkins, R. Fowler, T. Toupin, E. Hoagland. J. Barr, M. Mattia, S. Qualtrough, N. Thompson. Student Council is composed of each class ' s President and treas- urer, and a representative from each student organization. As the council is now, its main purpose is to finance student activities. In previous years, each student paid a fifteen dollar activity fee which was given to student council who used the money for various student activities — the annual yearbook, Strauss Ball, and special trips for the students. Student council also gave money to the chorus for receptions and tours, etc. This year the council has not been as active as in previous years, but this year ' s activities have included: with the help of Mrs. Kennedy and Public Relations office a welcoming home of the Russian tour chorus in December; financing the Neume, ar- ranging along with Mrs. Hagedorn the Strauss Ball held at the Har- vard Club. At the beginning of the year the council gave Mrs. Hage- dorn some of the money for the students in the dormitory for dormitory activities. Although the council has not been as active this year, it is hoped that next year will bring more interest and new purpose. President . . . Erik Hoagland Vice President . . . Jeanne Barr Secretary . . . Susan Qualtrough Treasurer . . . Roger Fowler 90 91 Directory Faculty Directory Alderman, Mrs. Jean Poole 46 Englewood Avenue Brighton, Mass. Escot, Miss Pozzi 195 Lake View Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Bernard, Mr. Albert 97 Berkeley Street West Newrton, Mass. 02165 Eskin, Mr. Jules 362 Marlborough Street Boston, Mass. 02115 Bluestone, Dr. Max 17 Oxford Road Newton Centre, Mass. 02259 Fine, Mr. Burton 18 Cochituate Road Newton, Mass. 02161 Brink, Mr. Robert G. 15 Thatcher Street Brookline, Mass. 02146 Firth, Mr. Everett Pine Wood Road Dover, Mass. Canaday, Mrs. Alice G. 18 Hillside Avenue Arlington, Mass. Cioffi, Mr. Gino 82 Gainsborough Street Boston, Mass. 02115 Cogan, Mr. Robert 195 Lake View Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Come, Mr. Andre 16 Ridge Hill Road Canton, Mass. Cooke, Mr. Francis Judd 2 Stratham Road Lexington, Mass. 02173 Creighton, Mr. Malcolm Charles River Park 9 Hawthorne Place, Apt. 7G Boston, Mass. 02114 David son, Mr. Lyle 51 Riverside Street Watertown, Mass. 02172 Decima, Mr. Terry 37 Burbank Street Boston, Mass. 02115 de Varon, Mrs. Lorna Cooke 94 Lake View Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Dwyer, Mrs. Doriot Anthony 3 Cleveland Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 Foster, Mrs. Ludmilla 29 Concord Avenue, Apt. 712 Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Gibson, Mr. William M. 342 Hillcrest Road Needham, Mass. 02192 Girouard, Mrs. Alice Ridgewood Terrace Rockport, Mass. Coding, Mr. Howard 114 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 Goguen, Mr. Gerard J. 287 Highrock Street Needham, Mass. 02192 Goldstein, Mr. Malcolm 31 Queensberry Street Boston, Mass. 02115 Goodman, Mr. John 2 La Rose Place Brighton, Mass. Gomberg, Mr. Ralph 264 Mill Street Newtonville, Mass. 02160 Hadcock, Mr. Peter W. 1558 Beacon Street Waban, Mass. 02168 Halprin, Mr. Lee 3 Whittier Street Cambridge, Mass. 02140 Hayashi, Miss Yuko 60 Woodstock Avenue Brookline, Mass. 02146 Hoffman, Dr. James S. 11 Ferndale Road Natick, Mass. 01762 Holmes, Mr. John A. 66 Avalon Road Needham, Mass. 02190 Jagel, Mr. Frederick 10 Emerson Place Boston, Mass. 02114 Kapuscinski, Mr. Richard 65 Willard Circle Westwood, Mass. 02193 Keaney, Mrs. Helen 27 Upland Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 Keaney, Mr. Paul 27 Upland Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 Koster, Madame Re 566 Commonwealth Ave., Apt. 809 Boston, Mass. 02215 Krips, Mr. Alfred 15 Windsor Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 Lehner, Mr. Eugene 60 Charlotte Road Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 March, Mrs. Tamar 1716 Cambridge Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Martin, Mr. LesUe 39 Dogwood Lane Needham, Mass. 02192 McEnney, Mrs. Elizabeth Adams 80 Grove Street Holliston, Mass. 01746 Mekeel, Miss Joyce 320 Marlborough Street Boston, Mass. 0211 6 92 Miller, Miss Gladys Childs 60 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 Monaghan, Miss Lucille 46 TheTenway Boston, Mass. 02115 Monod, Mr, Jacques-Louis 104 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Moriarty, Mr, John 103 Hemenway, Apt. 1 Boston, Mass. 02115 Oldenburg, Mrs. Johanna 38 Bowdoin Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Panenka, Mr. Ernst 95 Longwood Avenue Brookline, Mass. 02146 Pappoutsakis, Mr. James 36 Beverly Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 Pappoutsakis, Mrs. Louise 36 Beverly Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 Pearson, Mr. Mark 20 Hereford Street Boston, Mass. 02115 Peyton, Mr. Malcolm 21 Berkeley Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Philips, Mr. Thomas H., Jr. 19 Linden Avenue Belmont, Mass. 02178 Phillips, Miss Linda Sue 37 Burbank Street, Apt. 3 Boston, Mass. 02115 Pinkham, Mr. Daniel 154 Foster Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Plaster, Mr. John 6 Bhnn Street Lexington, Mass. Pottle, Mr. Ralph 1038 Massachusetts Avenue Lexington, Mass. 02108 Potter, Mr. Thomas 12 Burr Street Hingham, Mass. 02043 Prausnitz, Mr. Frederik 3 Joy Street Boston, Mass. 02108 Reutlinger, Mrs. Barbara 206 Bay State Road Boston, Mass. 02215 Rogers, Mr. Allen 47 Cranberry Street Brooklyn, New York 11201 Ronsheim, Mr. John R. 229 Newbury Street Boston, Mass. 02116 Ruggiero, Mr. Matthew 40 Algonquin Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 Schaefer, Miss Lois 729 Hammond Street Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 Schmitz, Mr. Chester B. 200 Swanton Street Winchester, Mass. Schwalb, Mr. Miklos 149 Beacon Street Boston, Mass. 02116 Shapiro, Mr. Harry 28 Bird Street Needham, Mass. 02192 Silverman, Dr. Herbert 135 Middlesex Avenue Wilmington, Mass. Silverstein, Mr. Joseph 82 Stuart Street Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 Smith, Mr. Donald 588 Brush Hill Road Milton, Mass. 02186 Speyer, Mr. Louis 135 Uiuversity Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 Stagliano, Mr. James 10 Emerson Place Boston, Mass. 02114 Tesson, Mr. William 33 Roberts Road Medford, Mass. 02155 Tronerud, Mrs. Marion 16 Forest Street Cambridge, Mass. 02140 Viscuglia, Mr. Felix 24 Whipple Road Lexington, Mass. 02173 Voisin, Mr. Roger 252 Moss Hill Road Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 von Moltke, Mrs. Veronica 14 Gray Gardens West Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Walt, Mr. Sherman 23 Fox Hill Drive Weston Farms Natick, Mass. Wayland, Mr. Newton 114 Hemenway Street Boston, Mass. 02115 Whitney, Mrs. Leta F. 238 Hemenway Street Boston, Mass. 02115 Willing, Mr. Donald 93 Woodland Street South Natick, Mass. Wolfes, Mr. Felix 104 Hemenway Street Boston, Mass. 02115 Wrzesien, Mr. WiUiam 66 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 Yona, Mrs. Anna 159 Upland Road Cambridge, Mass. 02140 Zander, Mr. Benjamin 224 Concord Avenue, Apt. 1 Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Zazofsky, Mr. George 18 Fredana Road Waban, Mass. 02168 Zighera, Mr. Alfred 6 Griggs Terrace Brookline, Mass. 02146 Zizhera, Mr. Bernard 1270 Commonwealth Avenue West Newton, Mass. 02165 93 STUDENT DIRECTORY Undergraduate Adams, Elizabeth 705 Irving Place Duluth, Minnesota 55812 Adams, John 21 Burnside Avenue Cranford, New Jersey 07016 Adams, WiUiam 35 Long Avenue AUston, Massachusetts 02134 Alexander, Lynne 6 Essex Drive Hauppage, Long Island, New York Alterman, Ellen 2837 Ridgewood Circle, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30327 Anderson, Margery 36 Paradise Road Northampton, Massachusetts 01060 Andrews, Christine 1 Watson Street Spencer, Massachusetts 01562 Arrigo, Charles 1 Paradise Road Salem, Massachusetts Arseneault, Ronald R.F.D. 1 Winchester, New Hampshire Asano, Kazuyoshi 12-25 Tokiwa-cho, Tondabayashi-city Osa ka-Fu, Japan Aten, Jay R.D. ffl Ringoes, New Jersey 08551 Auclair, Michael 146 Cross Street Central Falls, Rhode Island 02863 Aylward, Ansgarius 2 Linwood Street Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119 Baker, Anne 148 Forest Way Essex Falls, New Jersey Baker, Mark 1127 Westmoreland Drive Alexandria, Virginia 22308 Baker, Mary Lois 333 Grotto Avenue Providence, Rhode Island Baraniecki, Kathy 30 Harvard Road Audubon, New Jersey 08106 Barnum, Diana Hunt Lane Fayetteville, New York Barr, Barbara Jeanne 29 Mill Street Blackstone, Massachusetts Barwell, Nina 197 Brewster Road Scarsdale, New York Bauer, Michael 37 LaBurr Street Slatesdale. Pennsylvania 18079 Bender, Marjorie 308 Allen Avenue Oceanside, Long Island, New York Bennett, David 8 Chnton Avenue Walpole, Massachusetts Best, Robert 19 Pleasant Street Potsdam, New York 13676 Betzer, Linda 24 Pin Oak Drive Williamsville, New York 14221 Black, Rosemary 77 Folson Avenue East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02333 Blanchard, Dorene 1 Hasel Street Brockton, Massachusetts 02401 Bianding, Thomas 18 Old Westboro Road Grafton, Massachusetts 01519 Boilard, Roger 9 Tyson Road Worcester, Massachusetts Boles, G€raldine Balgownie, Killeigh, Cahir County Tipperary, Ireland Bonnet, Mary Marion 30 Carruth Street Dorchester 24, Massachusetts Booher, Joyce Paster (Mrs.) 188 Cross Street Maiden, Massachusetts 02148 Bookstein, Dorothy DeCiUis (Mrs.) 14 Colbome Road Brighton, Massachusetts Borges, Mario 61 Eugenia Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Boucher, Joseph 12 Richmond Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Bourgeois, Allen 4 Hampshire, Place Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Bragdon, Donna 91 Chestnut Street, Apt. 6 Brookhne, Massachusetts Brandes, David 16 Ash Street Danvers, Massachusetts Braune, Marilyn 4011 BrookhiU Road Baltimore, Maryland 21215 Brennan, Martha 10204 Tyburn Terrace Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Briggs, Alan 1711 West Montecito Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85015 Brink, Sarah 15 Thatcher Street Brookhne. Massachusetts Broughton, Mary 1 Eastman Circle Wellesley, Massachusetts Brown, Barbara 650 Park Avenue Beloit, Wisconsin 53511 Burr, Katherine 472 Main Street Cromwell, Coimecticut Bussell, David 31 Quimby Street Augusta, Maine Caldwell, Craig Box 3, Canaan Street Road Canaan, New Hampshire Campbell, Michael 775-A Sawyer Street South Portland, Maine 94 Camporiale, Michael 58 Oliver Street Bristol, Rhode Island 02809 Cantor, Patricia 54 Old Pond Road Great Neck, New York 11023 Caraviello, Roberta 15 Flint Locke Lane Medfield, Massachusetts Carbone, Ronald 182 Locust Avenue Peckskill, New York 10566 Cardwell, Margaret 22 Sedgwick Road West Hartford, Connecticut 06107 Carty, Phyllis Faye 22 Pond Place Cos Cob, Connecticut 06087 Casman, Margaret 27 08 Ross Road Chevy Chase, Maryland Chamley, Frank 34 Longview Road Framingham, Massachusetts 01701 Chen, Grace No. 76, Section 3, Jen-Ai Road Taipei, Taiwan Chiavone, Ralph 216 Roosevelt Street Providence, Rhode Island Childs, Roger 27 Apple Orchard Heights Westfield, Massachusetts Chism, Robert 711 South Owasso Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Christensen, Paula 12 Clearview Street Grafton, Massachusetts Churchill, Juliette 32 Dean Place East Bridgewater, Mass. 02333 Clauss, Blair 522 North Muhlenberg AUentown, Pennsylvania 18104 Clearfield, Ronald 5201 Colony Road Oxon Hill, Maryland 20021 Cleverdon, Suzanne Main Street, Box 45 Coventry, Connecticut 06238 Clouse, Sandra 137 Washington Avenue West Caldwell, New Jersey Clute, Edward Rose Hill Farm, Watkins Glen Schuyler, New York Coburger, Cynthia 16 Girard Place Newark, New Jersey 07108 Coff, Richard 750 N.E. 171 Street North Miami Beach, Florida Cohen, Esteandrea 14 Samoset Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 Cole, Nancy 12808 Baker Drive Silver Spring, Maryland 20904 Coleman, Cedric 23 Rose Avenue Hempstead, New York Coletta, Tania 86 Cedar Street Lexington, Massachusetts 02173 CoUins, Daniel 66 Spaulding Street Amherst, Massachusetts Conti, Joseph 81 Imara Avenue Providence, Rhode Island Cornell, Carole 65 Mt. Vernon Street, Apt. 5 Boston, Massachusetts Corrette, Keith 63 Water Street Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766 Cotter, Carol 11 Brandley Road Watertown, Massachusetts 02172 Crawford, Cynthia Lilac Hedge Putney, Vermont 05346 Crispell, Gareth 332 Jamaicaway Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Cropper, Frank 42 Calumet Street New Bedford, Massachusetts 02744 D ' Alba, Tita 10758 22nd Avenue Seattle, Washington 98146 Danis, Ann 537 Sanford Road North Westport, Massachusetts 02790 Davidson, Elsa 402 Morris Avenue Boonton, New Jersey 07005 Dee, Richard 416 Lafayette Street Salem, Massachusetts 01970 DeGutis, Clement 289 HiUcrest Circle Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237 DeLong, Donna 2815 Colwood Drive North Vancouver, B.C., Canada Der Parseghian, Anahid 98 Stoneleigh Road Watertown, Massachusetts 02172 Deutsch, Robert 231 NE 164 Terrace North Miami Beach, Florida 33162 De Young, Martha 6883 Cedar Street Akron, New York 14001 Di Pietro, Albert 1701 N. Goodman Street Rochester, New York Doherty, Paul 42 Honeywell Road Worcester, Massachusetts 01606 Donaghy, Kathleen 418 Washburn Road East Freetown, Massachusetts 02717 Done, Rowena 82 Spring Street Lexington, Massachusetts 02173 Doore, Ruth Box 122 Harrisville, New Hampshire 03450 Dorn, Kenneth 60 Aletha Road Needham, Massachusetts 02192 95 Drescher, Dorothy 110 Twin Lane Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 Dunn, Donald 70 Madison Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts Dutton, Peter 94 Jastram Street Providence, Rhode Island Eaton, Susan 36 Hayes Avenue Lexington, Massachusetts 02173 Egelman, Michael 43 Grace Avenue Lynbrook, New York 11563 Elowe, Carol 24 Linda Road Andover, Massachusetts Endo, Saeko 19 Maehagi-cho Shimogamo Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan Endsley, Gerald 1859 York Street Denver 6, Colorado Enos, Donald Silver Street West Harwich, Massachusetts Ettinger, Amy 137 Academy Street Poughkeepsie, New York Faber, Steven 140 High Street Taunton, Massachusetts 02780 Fallin, Jo Ann 1580 Canton Avenue Milton, Massachusetts 02186 Fleischer, Elizabeth 45 Whitetail Road Irvington, New York Fleurant, Gerdes Box 857 Port-au-Prince, Haiti Fie welling, Phoebe Bourdeau (Mrs.) 36 Charles Street HoUiston, Massachusetts Fortunate, D ' Anna 6 Formosa Drive Wappoo Heights, Charleston, S.C. Fowler, Roger 87 William Street Manchester, New Hampshire Fransen, Ronald 75 CUff Street Maiden, Massachusetts Frascati, A ndrea 5351 South Washington Littleton, Colorado Friedman, Heidi 56 Evelyn Road Waban, Massachusetts 02168 Friedman, Laurie 50 Chatham Street Hartford, Connecticut Gaskin, Thaodis 7 Garden Street Rochester, New York Gates, Thomas 4742 Marque Drive New Orleans, Louisiana 70127 Gerstel, Alan 3 Regent Road Belmont, Massachusetts Getchell, Joyce 34 Northend Avenue Salem, Massachusetts Gibbons, John 305 Allston Street, Apt. 2 Brighton, Massachusetts Giles, Loretta 355 Garden Avenue Mount Vernon, New York Gippo, Jan 5609 Cahstoga Way Concord, California Girardin, Kenneth 221 Brigham Hill Road North Grafton, Massachusetts 01536 Given, Richard 676 Boston Post Road Sudbury, Massachusetts Glover, Robert 769 Mr. Vernon Avenue Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033 Goldin, Ruth (Mrs.) 43 Orkney Road Brighton, Massachusetts Gore, Nelson 2121 St. Raymonds Avenue New York 62, New York Govier, Suzaime 47 Cobb Road Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046 Gratwick, Jane Washington Road Woodbury, Connecticut Greenberg, Mona 109 Pompton Avenue Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009 Greenslade, Nancy 22 Phillips Brooks Road Westwood, Massachusetts Gregory, John 2236 Dellwood Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30305 Grinbergs, Raita 11 Tamarack Drive New Hartford, New York Groveston, Stephen Box 230, R.F.D. 3 Troy, New York Gundersen, John 23 Pear Tree Lane Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004 Hansen, Robert 37 Damon Avenue Holbrook, Massachusetts Harlow, Donna 130 Mekose Street Melrose 76, Massachusetts Harubin, Louise 51 Kent Avenue Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01201 Harwood, Susan c o Mrs, Catherine Harwood, RFD 2 Jefferson, New York 12093 Heimlich, Stephen 796 Massachusetts Avenue Lexington, Massachusetts 02173 Hess, Benton 509 East Patterson Avenue Connelsviile, Pennsylvania 15425 Ho, Miu Hing A-43 Estoril Court, Garden Road Hong Kong Hoagland, Erik 12 Sunset Road Weston, Massachusetts Hobson, Lynda Selling (Mrs.) 405 Marlborough Street, Apt. 41 Boston, Massachusetts 02115 Hofheimer, Barbara 19 Ross Road Scarsdale, New York 10585 96 logan, Jerald 09 Huntington Avenue, Apt. 4-A loston, Massachusetts lolbrook, Mary Royal Street tandolph, Massachusetts 02368 lomer, Andrea 6 Prospect Avenue lar Harbor, Maine 04609 lowell, John 3 West Cottage Road )orchester, Massachusetts [su, Houng-Yu 38 Min-Seng E. Road ' aipei, Taiwan, Repubhc of China [ughes, Michael 92 Hayden Rowe [opkinton, Massachusetts igersoll, Patricia ording Brook, enllyn, Pennsylvania igraham, Diane 3 Portland Street armouth, Maine •vin, Cheryl FD 2, [ays, Kansas ikes, Miriam 16 Dresser Road afayette, Indiana 47906 ;ns, Julianne ox 291 •elta, Colorado )hnson, Carol 6 Ethel Street ;oslindale, Massachusetts 02131 Dhnson, George 91 Morton Street )orchester, Massachusetts 02124 ohnson, Jane Suellen IFD 3 Windsor, Virginia 23487 ohnson, Jennifer 50 Tremont Avenue )range. New Jersey ohnson, Judith (Mrs.) Jlen Mobile Home Park Jorwell, Massachusetts 02061 ohnson, Marjorie 10 Church Street ' ortland, Connecticut Johnston, Shirley (Mrs.) 24 Beechwood Road Wellesley, Massachusetts Jones, Robert 2739 E. Almeria Road Phoenix, Arizona 85008 Joyce, Nancy 123 North Alisos Street Santa Barbara, California 93103 Julian, Mary 15 Greenwood Avenue Pembroke, Massachusetts 02359 Kaloyanides, Clement 83 Wallace Street Somerville, Massachusetts 02144 Kamer, Joseph 105 East 8th Street Oil City, Pennsylvania 16301 Kaminowski, John 42 Avery Street Stamford, Connecticut Kashanski, Richard 351 Rope Ferry Road Waterford, Connecticut Kassimer, Roberta 20 Deerfield Street Pittsfield, Massachusetts Katsekas, James 653 Brown Avenue Manchester, New Hampshire Katz, Roger 120 E. 81st Street, Apt. 15-H New York. New York 10028 Kelleher, Thomas 2 Fairview Avenue Chatham, New York Kellock, James 942 Carteret Avenue Trenton, New Jersey Kim, Doug Pil 242 Bogwang Dong Seoul, Korea Kim, Margarette 1905 Ventura Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 King, Lidian Box 98, Route 1 Sante Fe, New Mexico 87501 Kleitz, Katherine 1009 South 26 th Street Arlington, Virginia 22202 Kott, George 27 Putnam Street Keene, New Hampshire 03431 LaCivita, Marilynn 4 McKay Street South Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703 LaFlamme, Philip 29 Williams Street Nashua, New Hampshire 03060 Lague, Robert 31 West wood Road North Smithfield, Rhode Island 02895 Lancaster, Samuel 973 S. Pennsylvania Street Denver, Colorado 80209 Landell, Jonathon 27 Woodbury Lane Acton, Massachusetts 02117 Lane, WilHam 139 West Fawcett Winter Park, Florida Lansing, Liana 1111 Detroit Street Denver, Colorado 80206 La Riviere, Faith 84 Church Street Peace Dale, Rhode Island Lasorella, Dominick 102 Erie Street Frankfort, New York Lawton, David 1 1 Evans Road Marblehead, Massachusetts Leach, Mary 40 Sanborn Street Reading, Massachusetts Lebron, Rafael Box 1294 San Juan, Puerto Rico Le Frois, Carol 8 Lake View Terrace Rochester, New York Lehr, Barry 142-20 26th Avenue Flushing, New York 11354 Lever, Andrew 5 Greenhouse Circle Port Chester, New York Lewis, George 28 Peterson Road Natick, Massachusetts 97 Lin, Chiu-Ling Nanyang University Singapore 22 Linden, Sheldon 2078 Highland Avenue Fall River, Massachusetts Lindor, Judith Schultz Lake Duluth, Minnesota 55803 Lingl, Joanne 1171 Lyell Avenue Rochester, New York 14606 Lucas, Roger P.O. Box 6606 Charlestcin, West Virginia 25302 Lupino, Richard 20 Jones Street Providence 3, Rhode Island Luscher, Diane 2021 West Cortland Spokane, Washington 99205 Mahan, Laura Columbus Road Burlington, New Jersey 08016 Mainville, Maureen 25 Goffe Street North Meriden, Connecticut Mandell, James 799 Wenwood Drive East Meadow, New York 11554 Mardinly, Susan 281 Paxon Hollow Road Media, Pennsylvania Markman, Michael 209 Augur Street Hamden, Connecticut Maro, Marsha 9407 Normandy Avenue Morton Grove, Illinois 60053 Martin, James 66 Arlington Avenue Rockville Centre, L.I., N.Y. Martineau, Diane 25 Hambly Street Fall River, Massachusetts 02721 Mate, Barbara 23 Gordon ' s Corner Road Englishtown, New Jersey Mattia, Mario 3 Bodell Avenue Providence, Rhode Island 02909 Maxner, Eileen (Mrs.) 15 Bontempo Road Newton, Massachusetts 02159 McCarthy, Elaine 158 Walter Street Boston, Massachusetts 02131 McKenna, Anthony 92 Ardmore Avenue Providence, Rhode Island 02908 McKibben, Donna 502 North Towne Avenue, Apt. 2 Claremont, CaUfomia Melfy, John RD 5, Flemington, New Jersey 08822 Meyer, Ray 945 East Grand El Segundo, California 90245 Millar, George 203 Woodland Avenue Westfield, New Jersey Mitchell, David 42 Somerset Avenue Riverside, Rhode Island 02915 MoUicone, Henry 72 Stelle Street Providence 9, Rhode Island Moncure, Peter Box 202 Bearsville, New York 12409 Moore, Daniel 52 William Street Worcester, Massachusetts 01609 Morrell, Brian 27 Shepard Street Marblehead, Massachusetts Mosher, Robert 36 Wilmot Rord Waltham, Massachusetts 02154 Motter, Gregory 7 Hunting Lane Lynnfield Massachusetts 01942 Munoz, Zoila German Munoz Diaz, Banco Wisse, 4E Off Principal, Jiron Cuzco, Lima, Peru Murphy, Melinda (Mrs.) 3 Mill Dam Road Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 Murphy, Victor 4 Moran Road Framingham, Massachusetts Musty, Jane River Road Haverhill, New Hampshire Nadeau, Joh n 99 Booth Hill Road North Scituate, Massachusetts Nathanson, Laura 5601 Utah Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005 Nero, Marianna R.D. 1 Franklin, New York 13775 Newman, Robert 17 Ledge wood Road Dedham, Massachusetts 02026 Nicholson, Eunice (Mrs.) 7 Sherburne Road Lexington, Massachusetts Nicolson, James 519 Pleasant Street Belmont, Massachusetts Northrup, William Main Street Plympton, Massachusetts Ofstad, Wilham 6217 44th NE Seattle, Washington 98115 Ohanian, J. David 1 1 Hyatt Lane Westport, Connecticut Oliva, Nancy (Mrs.) 11 Wisteria Street Salem, Massachusetts Orfaly, Linda 61 Bright Road Belmont, Massachusetts Osmun, Robert Box 24 White House, New Jersey 08888 Ouellette, Vivianne 87 Kay Street Fall River, Massachusetts 02724 98 Overlock, Nancy 95 Bridge Street Augusta, Maine 04330 Panther, Jean 4902 Dickens Road Houston, Texas 77021 Paonessa, Carol Wellwyn Drive Portland, Connecticut Parberry, William 26 Arch Street Providence, Rhode Island Patenaude, Leonard 63 Gibbs Street Brookline, Massachusetts Pegg, David 2212 Murray Hill Road Greensboro, North Carolina 27403 Pepe, Judith 124 Commodore Street Providence, Rhode Island Peretz, Marc 85-66 151st Street Jamaica, New York 11432 Pinnell, Richard 117 Mountain Road Windsor, Connecticut 06095 Pinney, Elizabeth 54 Bemside Drive Bristol, Connecticut 06010 Polansky, Ellen 674 Main Street Lancaster, Massachusetts Poole, Star 5329 Tulane Avenue Jacksonville, Florida Port, Rachel 1256 Elder Avenue Bronx, New York 10472 Powell, Carol 140 East Allen Street Bartlett, Texas 76511 Prescott, Kenneth 931 Washington Street Holhston, Massachusetts Press, Myron 20 Claflin Road Brookline, Massachusetts Pressley, Richard 6509 Sunnyside North Seattle, Washington 98103 Progen, Ilene 27 White Street Lunenburg, Massachusetts 01462 Pusztai, Tibor 51 Mt. P rospect Avenue Verona, New Jersey Qualtrough, Susan 146 West Riverview Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202 Quinn, Michael 2 ArUngton Heights Norwich, Connecticut Raddin, Jean 507 Solano S.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108 Radzimirski, Donna 158 Holly Street Bridgeport, Connecticut 06607 Ramsdeli, James 380 Newbury Street Danvers, Massachusetts 01923 Randazzo, Juliann 75 Mcgaw Place West Babylon, Long Island, N.Y. 11704 Raymond, Linda 399 Lafayette Street Salem, Massachusetts Reber, Barbara 65 Sylvan Street Avon, Connecticut Renouf, Wilham Rt. 1, Box 27 Warrenville, lUinois 60555 Richardson, Laura 1518 19th Street Columbus, Georgia 31901 Roberts, Charles 90 Addison Road Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033 Rockefeller, Abby 146 East 65th Street New York, New York Rodrigues, Natalia 409 North Main Street Slatersville, Rhode Island Romanov, Nickolai 3 Orchard Street Yonkers, New York Roth, Kenneth 1600 Madison Street, N.E. Salem, Oregon 97303 Rubino, George 49 Second Street Presque Isle, Maine 04769 Ruebush, Carolyn Box 897 Deming, New Mexico 88030 Ruggiero, Charles 18 Plum Street Fairfield, Connecticut Ruggiero, Louis 190 Gerry Road Brookline, Massachusetts Ruthardt, Linda 81 Church Street Newton, Massachusetts 02158 St. Germain, Marie 493 Social Street Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895 Salerno, Linda 3 Gorham Place Trumbull, Connecticut 06611 Sampson, Rebecca 89 Westerly Road Princeton, New Jersey Sankey, Janet 46 South Drive St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada Sapolsky, Walter 324 89th Street Miami Beach, Florida 33154 Savage, Steven Pine Ridge Lane East Orleans, Massachusetts Schiller, Steven 29 Nansen Court Spring Valley, New York Scott, Philip 1101 East Washington Street Hanson, Massachusetts 02376 99 Semivan, John 54 Fairview Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut Shiller, Bernice (Mrs.) 268 Harris Avenue Needham, Massachusetts Shindler, Judith 230 Northridge Drive Hays, Kansas 67601 Silverman, Richard 135 Middlesex Avenue Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887 Simpson, Aili (Mrs.) 172 Chestnut Street Lynnfield, Massachusetts Skolnik, David 21-36 33rd Road Long Island City, New York 11106 Slater, Pete 2711 Ordway Street Washington, D.C. Sloane, Ethan 39 Spruceland Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts 01108 Smith, Mary West Clinton Avenue Ir ington-on-Hudson, New York 10533 Smith, Philippa 528 Quackenbos Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20011 Sowell, Paula 752nd Radar Sqdn. Empire Air Force Station Empire, Michigan Spacagna, Susan 108 Ring Street Providence, Rhode Island 02909 Spadafora, Roger 29 Old Nahant Road Wakefield, Massachusetts Speaker, Marylou 222 S.W. Harrison Street, Apt. 56 Portland, Oregon Spiegel, Evelyn 270 Wentworth Glencoe, lUinois 60022 Spiewak, C. Robert 1 Cleaves Street Rockport, Massachusetts Sprague, Carol 52 Hernan Avenue Locust Valley, New York 11560 Stallman, Robert I Westwood Road Storrs, Connecticut Stecher, Sandra 7908 West Holt Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53219 Stewart, John Quarters 86 Norton Air Force Base San Bernadino, California Stinson, Barbara Front Street Marion. Massachusetts 02738 Stoll, Robert Village Road New Vernon, New Jersey 07976 Sloughton, Sarah 330 Elm Avenue Burlington, New Jersey 08016 Sugarman, Lawrence 10 Country Side Lane Marblehead, Massachusetts Sumrow, Kathie 17890 Lamson Road Castro Valley, California Terpenning, Charles Airport Road, Box 590 Deposit, New York 13754 Thompson, Mary 261 Orange Road Montclair, New Jersey Thompson, Nancy Ossipee, New Hampshire Toder, Bryna II Cobum Street Maiden, Massachusetts Toupin, Theodore 207 Valley Street Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895 Towner, W. Douglas 22 Spring Street Sudbury, Massachusetts Townsend, David 2215 Femdale Avenue Petersburg, Virginia Tracy, Heather 18 Linden Garden Apts. Wellesley, Massachusetts Travis, Diana 2240 Colony Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28209 Traxel, Karen 103 James Street Boonville, New York 13309 Tripp, Russell RFD 1 Thompson, Connecticut Tucker, Amalie 10512 Insley Street Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 Umezu, Namiko 311 Takamatsu Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan Underbill, Aysegul (Mrs.) 276 Westminster Avenue Watertown, Massachusetts Valentine, Timothy 132 Maple Avenue Hamburg, New York 14075 Van Kleeck, Richard 7 Fairway Lane Rexford, New York Van Nostrand, Burr 1885 Westinghouse Street San Diego, California Ventriglia, Linda 630 Union Avenue Providence, Rhode Island 02909 Viano, Richard 22 Willow Street Gloversville, New York 12078 Viau, Robert 62 Pacific Street Central Falls, Rhode Island 100 Vincent, William 62 No. Warren Avenue Brockton, Massachusetts 02401 Voris, Karen 611 Camilla Street, Apt. 12 Whittier, California Wadsworth, Susan 100 37th St., Apt. 5 Union City, New Jersey 07087 Wall, John 18 School Street Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Watkins, James 112 Lakeland Circle, Route 1 Morrow, Georgia 30260 Watson, Betsy 2074 Elinwood Drive East Point, Georgia 30044 Wauchope, Kendrick 4845 Southern SE Albuquerque, New Mexico Wayles, Stephen 14 Shoreham Street Worcester, Massachusetts 01605 Weber, Philip 32 Overhili Drive Berhn, Connecticut Weeks, Larry Cedar Springs, Michigan Weimar, Deborah 9 Henderson Road Lexington, Massachusetts 02173 Weiner, Stephen 41 May Street Sharon, Massachusetts 02067 Weiss, Herman ill Farmington Avenue Fairfield, Connecticut Welch, Marilyn 723 Kihan Boulevard St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301 West, Christine 190 Littleworth Lane Sea Cliff, L.I., New York Widawski, Leonard 14295 N.W. 14th Drive Miami, Florida 33167 Wiley, William 1018 Van Buren Street Annapolis, Maryland 21403 Wilkes, Stephen 57 Garfield Avenue Trenton, New Jersey 08609 Williams, Vicki 12 Overlock Drive Woodstock, New York 12498 Wilson, James 9717 Mill Run Drive Great Falls, Virginia Wilson, Shelley 21 Osborne Avenue Southampton, New York 1 1968 Winchester, Barbara 402 Ottawa Street Forest Heights, Maryland Wise, Debra 52 Chatham Street Hartford, Connecticut 06112 Wolf, Thomas 4112 Jefferson Midland, Michigan 48640 Wolfson, Barbara 8 Avon Court Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621 Woodworth, Sally Captain ' s Village, Box 102 East Brewster, Massachusetts 02640 Worrell, G. Bernard 1327 South 2nd Street Plainfield, New Jersey Wright, J. Charles 159 St. Botolph Street Boston, Massachusetts Wright, Mary Eleanor 30 Garden Road Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 02181 Zuckerman, Sharon 375 Riverside Drive New York, New York 101 Adams, Samuel, Jr. 1 08 W. Davis Boulevard Tampa, Florida Brewer, Barbara 104 Lee Drive Macon, Missouri Graduate Aldrich, Dean HoUis Street East Pepperell, Mass. Allen, Dorothy 927 First Avenue Williamsport, Pennsylvania Anesini, Emil 159 Grove Avenue Wilmington, Mass. Bae, Duk-Yoon 26 Kent Square Brookline, Mass. Bailey, Robert 1 Symphony Road Boston, Mass. Bartholomew, David 907 Center Avenue Brownwood, Texas Becker, Caryl 163 Overwood Road Akron, Ohio Becker, Raymond 246 So. Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. Bedell, Janet 2 Cornell Road Dover, Mass. Bedford, Judith 205 Prindle Avenue Johnstown, New York Behncke, Heidrun 2 Hamburg, 43 Duesberg-Sud 9, Germany Boyer, Miriam 170 Claremont Avenue New York, N.Y. Brandes, Evelyn (Mrs.) 16 Ash Street Danvers, Mass. Briece, Harold 721 North Catalpa Pittsburg, Kansas Burnett, Elizabeth 10 Agassiz Street Cambridge, Mass. Butler, George 14 Rear Sea Street North Weymouth, Mass. Callahan, Floyd 151 Grove Street Waltham, Mass. Carlisle, Robert 360 Riverway Boston, Mass. Chesnuf, John Route 3 Cochran, Georgia Christiansen, Lyn 777 10th Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah Chua, Rosalind P.O. Box 1456 Manila, the Philippines Cirella, Mary Lee (Mrs.) 21 Mangano Court Watertown, Mass. Coffey, Frank 209 King Street Boone, North Carolina Cole, Diana 4 Franklin Road Lexington, Mass. Cook, Jeff 1236 Fairview Street Park Ridge, Illinois Coston, Jesse 2001 Boone Street Baltimore, Maryland Cox, Elizabeth The Plains, Virginia Crohan, David 25 Beaufort Street Providence, Rhode Island Curtis, Judith Ann 13208 Saltese Spokang, Washington Dabrusin, Ross E :ho Lane Newburgh, New York Dal Pozzal, Victor 6 Sunset Road Nahant, Mass. Day, William 41 Park Drive Boston, Mass. Delp, Roy 2B Wigglesworth Street Roxbury, Mass. Deutsch, Ira P.O. Box 415 Woodstock, N.Y. Dillon, T. Davis 84 Forest Street Hartford, Connecticut 102 Elisha, Haim 120 W. 86th Street New York, N.Y. Ellis, Mary Elizabeth 61 Marlborough Road Sudbury, Mass. Enis, Martin 323 Old Westford Road Chelmsford, Mass. Estes, Judith (Mrs.) 85 South Street Foxborough, Mass. Everitt, Margaret Anne 1170 Lake Road Webster, New York Felice, John 55 Buswell Street Boston, Mass. Ford, Ernest 16 Cambridge Terrace Cambridge, Mass. Freedman, E. Dianne 97 Dennison Avenue Swampscott, Mass. Galloway, Michael 9311 Usher Road Olmsted Falls, Ohio Geller, John 19 Providence Avenue South Portland, Maine Gisick, Rodney Timken, Kansas Goepfert, Robert 104-33 89th Avenue Richmond Hill, N Y. Gould, Eugene 105 Gainsborough Street Boston, Mass. Grant, Cheryl 14 Green Street Marblehead, Mass. Grzyb, Alan 19 Monroe Street Shelton, Connecticut Hale, Robert 116 West Street Brockton, Mass. Ham, David R.F.D. 1 Gulf Road So. Berwick, Maine Hardgrave, Barbara 14 Coatsland Drive Jackson, Tennessee Hatfield, David 114 The Fenway Boston, Mass. Henderson, John 47 Newman Road Maiden, Mass. Hobson, Bruce 405 Marlborough Street Boston, Mass. Hoffman, Adrian 98 Mountfort Street, Apt. 6 Boston, Mass. Hoffman, Edward 1021 W. Knight Street Park Ridge, Illinois Hoffmeister, Frank, Jr. 10 Valley wood Road Cos Cob, Connecticut Hoover, Eric R.D. ni Claysburg, Pennsylvania Hughes, Anthony 13 Woodlawn Avenue Catonsville, Maryland Humeston, Edward 5 Hazelton Road Harrington, Rhode Island Hunt, Carol 1807 Pleasant Circle Urbana, Illinois Hunziker, Nancy 5393 Bald Eagle Boulevard White Bear Lake, Minnesot Ito, Kiyoshi 16-302 Hokima-Cho Daiichi-Danchi Adachiku, Tokyo, Japan Jackson, Linda 3 Princeton Street Danvers, Mass. Laske, Otto-Ernst 72 Haupt.str, 2804 Bremen Lilienthal 1, Germany Laudermilch, Kenneth 11 Miller Street Medfield, Mass. Lauron, Ildefonso Rosario Batangas The Philippines Johnson, Arthur Glen Mobile Home Park Norwell, Mass, Johnson, David 35 Concord Avenue Cambridge, Mass. Jones, Eugene 300 Lake Boone Terrace Raleigh, North Carolina Katz, Johan 36 Rochester Avenue Toronto, Ontario, Canada Kazanjian, Evelyn 30 Lincoln Street Walertown, Mass. Kelton, Raymond 603 Main Street Wayne, Nebraska Kim, Myong-Sook 116 3-Ka, Chungang-dong Iri Chunbuk, Korea King, Sylvia 1519 Picardy Circle Clearwater, Florida 103 Kolden, Martha (Mrs.) 108 Banks Street Cambridge, Mass. Lamb, Roger 903 N. Oshum Street Edenton, North Carolina Lane, Mary (Mrs.) 58 Wesfland Avenue Boston, Mass. Larson, Susan 309 Maple Street Haworth, New Jersey Lefferls, Caroll Essex River House Main Street Essex, Mass. Lennox, Nectar (Mrs.) Diamond Hill Road Cumberland, Rhode Island Leong, Hiroko (Mrs.) 900 Memorial Drive Cambridge, Mass. Lin, Eileen (Mrs.) 146 Hillside Street Boston, Mass. McCuUough, William 27 Ferguson Avenue Port Jervis, New York McLane, Greer Silvermine Road New Canaan, Connecticut Marriott, David 1179 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. Mauser, Richard 2829 Grovewood Avenue Parma, Ohio Mikes, Marta (Mrs. Liu) 305 West End Avenue New York, N.Y. Miller, John 114 The Fenway Boston, Mass. Moleux, Sandra (Mrs.) 142 Forest Street Marshfield, Mass. Monk, Patricia 205 N.E. 3rd Street Gainsville, Florida Morgan, Allan 761 Suffield Street Agawam, Mass. Munn, Mary 132 1-22 A Street N.W. Calgary Alberta, Canada Nam, Chang Hyun 12-2 2-Ka, Pil-dong, ( ' hung-Ku, Seoul, Korea Nelson, Gail Maryland Slate Cx)llege Princell Anne, Maryland Newberry, Beverly 79 Newell Road Auburndale, Mass. Okamoto, Tsunenori 276 2-Chome Tamagawa Okusawa-Machi, Setagaya-Ku Tokyo, Japan Oliver, John Tradition Lane Janesville, Wisconsin Paglialunga, August 8 Chestnut Street Sharon, Mass. Pelt on, David 42 Garden Street Boston, Mass. Pfund, William 109 Hemenway Street Boston, Mass. Phillips, Linda 465 Kiwanis Avenue Morgantown, West Virginia Pietzak, Roger 50 Holly Street South Attleboro, Mass. Place, Deane 1350 Narraganset Boulevard Cranston, Rhode Island Probeck, Fred 1526 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Mass. Ramus, Anne 954 Kingston Road Princeton, New Jersey Raum, Richard 823 Broad Street Weymouth, Mass. Renzi, Patrick 1534 Van Courtland Street Schenectady, New York Richardson, Donald Box 647 Estes Park, Colorado Rivera, Angel Ramon Box 6533 Loiza Station Santurce, Puerto Rico Sarge, Ann 1018 W. Scott Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin Schnierer, Henry 3 Lawrence Street New Hyde Park Long Island, New York Schwartz, Stephen 445 Washington Street Brighton, Mass. 104 Bobbins, Richard 109 Hartsuff Street Rockland, Mass. Terpenning, Rae (Mrs.) 80 Gainsborough Street Boston, Mass. Wauchope, A. Douglas 217 Gaston Street Brevard, North Carolina Rohrbaugh, Paul D. 1111 West Street Genoa, Ohio Thidemann, Sandra 12 Montana Drive Holden, Mass. Wayland, Newton 1807 Paterna Road Santa Barbara, California Salazar, Eriinda 720 Matimyas Sampaloc, Manila The Philippines Sherwood, Trudy (Mrs.) 353 Beach Avenue Hull, Mass. Sindoni, Mary (Mrs.) 1803 Beacon Street Brookline, Mass. Thistle. Robert 19 Rowell Avenue Lynn, Mass. Thomas, Byron 620 10th Street Orland, California Weed, Allison 326 Delcy Drive Dekalb, Illinois Weinrich, Cynthia Mercer Road R.D. 3 Princeton, New Jersey Smith, Carolyn (Mrs.) 805 Mt. Auburn Street Watertown, Mass. Tower, William 19 Gardner Street Waltham, Mass. Williamson, Elizabeth 97 N. Princeton Circle Lynchburg, Virginia Smith, James 26 Standish Road Arlington, Mass. Snowden, Lorraine (Mrs.) 2 Storey Place Jamaica Plain, Mass. Sonnenschein, David 33 Westbourne Terrace Brookline, Mass. Spencer-Green, Heather 655 N. Cherry Street Kenton, Ohio Stem, Jeffrey 1703 Wood Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio Van Ham, Virginia 89 Farm Lane Westwood, Mass. Ventre, Phillip 745 Bedford Street Abington, Mass. Verghese, Clara 25 Dunearn Close Singapore, Malaysia Vleck, Marsha 49 Old Creek Road Palos Park, Illinois Walker, Janet West Cornwall, Connecticut Wolf, Andrew 1532 Cherry Lane Rydal, Pennsylvania Wong, Julia 21 Hankow Road, Flat E Kowloon, Hong Kong Wyatt, Lewis 6244 Pasteur Boulevard New Orleans, Louisiana Yokoyama, Sadako 4-4-7 Kichijoji-honcho Musashino-shi Tokyo, Japan Stevens, Susan 10416 N.E. 195th Street Bothell, Washington Walker, Robert R.D. 1 Boonton, New Jersey Zaritzky, Gerald 3211 N. Front Street Harrisbui ' g, Pennsylvania 105 107 Index ADMINISTRATION 9 DEGREE CANDIDATES 37 DIRECTORY 91 FACULTY 17 HISTORY 6 NEUME STAFF 8 PERFORMING ORGANIZATIONS 73 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS 83 UNDERCLASSMEN 69 • Winston-Solem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolino LINWOOD R. CARD, PORTLAND, MAINE

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