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di Q. Lenk Photos by Marjorie Leu 2 . A, . , ,, , cJv,,xf.?, 1. M w vs., r.. gf-'fig .-Jovi: ' Photos by Marjorie Lenk NEUME 1966 Presented by the New England Conservatory of Music 110.--,-,..' 1 ' 1 Boris :Q Milton. Boston DEDICATION We, the Class of 1966, happily dedicate this yearbook to Helen Keaney. She studied at the Longy School of Music and received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees at the New England Conservatory of Music. This year, Mrs. Keaney is only teaching Harpsichord but we remember her also as a fine Theory teacher. The qualities we most admire in her are her complete love of music and her devotion to the best interests of all her students. She does many things for her students above and beyond her duties, from lending them money to sight-reading a concert due to the illness of an accompanist. She also inspires us greatly by her exemplary per- formances. In conclusion, I would mention a remark made by one of her students: "Even if Mrs. Keaney taught you how to tie your shoelaces, it would be an artistic experience." For all you have done for us, Mrs. Keaney, we thank you. 7 An Inspirational atmosphere is essential for a student of music. One of the most in- spiring atmospheres can be found here at the Conservatory. For ninety-nine years, the music of the great masters has echoed on the finger- tips or the lips of a young artist, trying to interpret each musical sound, thus creating a stimulating and vibrant environment. In this, our ninety-ninth year, we have tried within these covers to capture the many moods of the Conservatory, that they might set the mood which will be under the spotlight in 1967, our centennial year. NEUME STAF ROBERT ST. ' Marjorie Lenk V. Nancy Thompson Managing Editor Business Manager..... Photographers ..... Typists ....... STAFF 9 U... .. William Whitney Erik Hoagland Peter Moncure Angarius Aylward Christine Andrews Marlene Hanna Kris Young Art Editor Boris dt Milton, Boston The New England Conservatory faculty will lose one of its most respected members this year. Rosario Mazzeo, clarinettist in the B.S.O. since 1933, member of the Berkshire Music Center faculty since its founding, and clarinet teacher and chamber music coach at the Conserva- tory, has announced his retirement from these positions. While we are unhappy to see him leave NEC, we note with pleasure that he is not 'retiring' in the ordinary sense. Mr. Mazzeo plans to live in California where he will write a complete history of the clarinet. Other projects include chamber and solo recitals, lectures at various universities, and some teaching. He will also pursue his other lifelong interests of photography and ornithology, traveling throughout the West and preparing 100 of his photographs for publication. All the many students and associates who have benefited from his creative ideas and consistently high standards of performance wish him and his family the best in the future. We are confident that his wisdom and unfailing vitality will bring him continued success. J C O 10 J ADMINISTRATIGN CHESTER WILLIAMS wn' President ' 'Af . w Z' -'L , ,, '.-,m :1r::.-ji w r1c'?M'. -9 13 -SJ? g '- 1111 v"wWm , fi - M' .J 1-'A ff" 'J f '- -'l '-, 'i'f.'Gfb- 1 H ' 'f2'f::"a ,. - Tifg A 'I I 1 2, ' " ' H I ll V , ,. Y ,I 1 J , ! W L 1 0 MX X JOHN C. KENNEDY Vice-President RUTH CAPERS McKAY Dean, Graduate School .,.-rv 'B-5. R, BERNARD ALDERMAN Dean, Undergraduate School MR, and MRS. JOHN HAGEDORN and son MARK Directors of Residence DRABIK of Alumni Relations I be , + 753 31- 'N-wi' - q,": J , -rg ,-,H Mfg s 21.141 - ' f.,uZ'f, ,W SHELDON MORGENSTERN Director of Admissions SHELBY HAR RINGT ON Bus ine s s Manager WILLIAM DARROW Assistant to Mr. Harrington DAVID COTTON Cashier MILDR ED COLLINS Assistant Registrar xg ELWOOD GASKILL Re gistrar 3:54 fiq RAY FENNELLE CAROL WAI-'DEN Concert Manager Lxbrarian BARBARA JORDAN Acting Director of Public Relations FACULTY ,? . BORIS 45 MILTON, BOSTON my ' V- 1, I Violin MAX BLUESTONE English ROBERT BRINK Violin '-.., Pt J Y Lt, MILDRED I ALBERT BERNARD soms .Q .x111.ToN, BOSTON Viola DALPHIA BROWN English -4 v JEAN POOLE ALDERMAN 1 Piano fl aff", if .' T' F. JUDD COOKE Research, Music History, Composition ALICE CANADAY Piano ROBERT COGAN Composition, Compositional Techniques Ci 1 DANIEL ELLER Compositional Technique s HOWARD GODING Piano -7:43,-.L. MALCOLM CREIGHTON Piano POZ Z1 ESCOT Compositional Technique B MALCOLM GOLDSTEIN Compositional Techniques EVERETT FIRTH BORIS .5 MILTON, BOSTON Percussion BORIS .Q MILTON, BOSTON WILLIAM GIBSON Trombone JULES ESKIN BORIS az MILTON, BOSTON Violoncello GERARD GOGUEN Trumpet RALPH GOMBERG Oboe BORIS 8: MILTON, BOSTON BORIS 8: MILTON, BOSTON LEE HALPRIN English mx ALICE GIROUARD RICHARD KAPUSCINSKI VOICG Violoncello BORIS 8: MILTON, BOSTON 24 JOHN HOLMES moms .sz MILTON, Bosworv Oboe HAYASHI MARJORIE LENK FREDERICK JAGEL PETER HADCOCK Clarinet JAMES HOFFMAN Compositional Techniques Voice UTA GRAF Voic e HELEN KEANEY Boms al MILTON, BOSTON Harpsichord' FK3a'f?2m. rf-: ..1 , EZ..ii4 ' . 3551 3 L: , n -' .gp -T lu ,-. Q' in , g lx . ,Y ,III PAUL KEANEY BORIS 81 MILTON, BOSTON French Hom ALFRED KRIPS Violin Boms at MILTON, BOSTON EUGENE BORIS .e MILTON, BOSTON N 'v 1 K ffv GLADYS MILLER Voice TAMAR MARCH French ROSARIO MAZZEO Clarinet JOYCE MEKEEL Compoe itional Techniques GEORGES MOLEUX Double-Bass RICHARD MOORE Engl ish J OHANNA OLDENBURG German DAVID PERRY English MALCOLM PEYTON Compositional Techniques JOHN MORIARTY Vocal Repeboire Coaching LESLIE MARTIN BORIS az MILTON, BOSTON Double-Bass L ln A A. -1' fiiih if: A V 7,1315-'-, "5 Q ' .. I :1. in--, ,ug W 5" , JL: 1 I ' rw. Q. F MARK PEARSON Voice RALPH POTTLE French Hom LUC ILLE MONAGHAN Piano DANIEL PINKHAM Harpsichord, Composition, Music Literature LOUISE PAPPOUTSAKIS Harp THOMAS PHILIPS, JR. Opera Direction RUTH POSSELT Violin FREDERIK PRAUSNITZ Orchestral Conducting SANDRA PROVOST Opera BORIS an MILTON, BOSTON JAMES PAPPOUTSAKIS ERNST PANENKA Flute Bassoon BORIS :Q MILTON, BOSTON MIKLOS SCHWALB Piano MATTHEW RUGGIERO BORIS In MILTON, BOSTON Bas soon JOSEPH SILVERSTEIN Boms al MILTON, BOSTON Violin I., 2 , ,mar-r v ,- 4..'fC.' . -UI-,'I'r 11"-Qifiifi' QI ."'1g-I: . . A .I - 4' I,7..L.' Y U' I - '-P,-':. !'.,i7l'44, J M., ,. , - .q. 1 1 Flute BARRY SHAPIRO E DONALD SMITH Piano EARBARA REUTLINGER Bfm 811 QLLEN ROGERS ocal Repetoire Coaching OIS SCHAEFER rench Hom LARA SHEAR oice K. VINAL SMITH Boms af MILTON, BOSTON Tuba HERBERT SILVERMAN Music Education SHERMAN WALT soms at MILTON, BOSTON Bassoon JAMES STAGLIANO French Hom BORIS as MILTON, BOSTON WILLIAM TESSON Trombone MARION TRONERU Frencla FELIX VISCUGLI Claringl I LETA Music 9-gt ',,,,.-Y - i N IERONICA JOCHUM VON MOLTKE Diano 123 ,-A. E .-Q-H BORIS J: MILTON, BOSTON ROGER VOISIN Trumpet LOUIS SPEYER Oboe, Ensemble BORIS az MILTON, BOSTON ' f in . Q ,, , BORIS 8: MILTON, BOSTON GEORGE ZAZOFSKY Violin DONALD WILLING Organ FELIX WOLFES Vocal Repetoire Coaching ANNA YONA Italian H ALFRED ZIGHERA Boms .Q MILTON, BOSTON Vi0l0r1Cell0 H! GRADUATES as ' BACHELOR OF MUSIC 13 X MERIBETH ALBERS MONA BOSSELI Piano Voice! Howard Goding Uia Gra 36 BOYER oice ladys Miller GLAS CA DE Firth MARY CROUCH Violoncello Richard Kapuscinski C. SPRING FAIRBANK Voice Frederick J agel K. SUE GLEASON Flute Lois Schaefer DAVID CROHAN KATHERINE D Piano Miklos Schwalb Sherman W 38 LEON GREGORIAN Piano Miklos Schwalb V DONNA JOHAN KATZ Violoncello Jean Amefma Alfred Zighera 40 MEREDITH LYNIP Flute James Pappoutsakis JOHN L'ECUYER Piano Miklos Schwalb EILEEN LIN Piano Lucille Monaghan ANNE MCCARTHY Music Education Leta Whitney Piano Miklos Schwalb LINDA ORFALY Piano Lucille Monaghan ' .Ax , ,V lg Nl A' " '11, ly 'S , E . VI! , ,V A of ., - H i ici- - ' X . JL i i ,Q f .nlxvb ' - K , fi rm xxx ' s LX' 0 VY! as-49, ' x . WALTER MacWILLIAMS, III Clafinet JANET PROCHILO Felix Viscuglia Voice Alice Girouard WARREN ROBINSON Trombone William Gibson ROBERT ST. ONGE Clarinet Gino Cioffi ANN SARGE Mvis '94-U85 Flute . JEFFREY STERN James Pappoutsakls Trumpet Roger Voisin CHARLES TERPENNING Viola Burton Fine SHEILA VITALE Violin Joseph Silverstein ROBERT WALKER Harpsichord Daniel Pinkham BRYNA WEIS Music Education Leta Whitney Violin Robert Brink Bradford Bachi-ach ZEHR Monaghan RE WALSH Goding DIPLOM A - u PAUL JOHNIAN GRACE CHEN Violin Piano- Alfred K1-ips Lucille Monaghan RALPH ZANELLA Piano Miklos Schwalb 50 HLDRED ARMSTRONG Eoice ladys Miller BRENDA BRUCE Eiano iklos Schwalb MASTER OF MUSIC RITA BEC KE RMAN Voice Gladys Miller JEFF COOK B. RICHARD COMPTOD- Orchestral Conducting Researca Frederik Prausnitz F- Judd C0Ok PAUL D'ANGELG Orchestral Conductinl Frederik Prausnit TERRY DECIMP Orga Donald Willini 52 I. A F ' - 1 A' IARY CRITELLI CARL DAVIS fiolin Piano Voseph Silverstein HOWard Goding BENJAMIN DelVECCHIO Prchestral Conducting rederik Prausnitz 53 SHARI FLEMING Voice Frederick Jagel DON NA KLIMOSKI Voice Gladys Miller BAIBA KRUMN Pian Howard Godin S MARTHA FOLTS RALPH LOCKWOOD French Horn Donald Willing Organ James Stagliano RICHARD JARVIS Choral Conducting Lorna Cooke deVaron DONALD LeGROW Music Education Leta Whitney GERTRUDE MENDELSON Research F. Judd Cooke 55 CATHERINE NADON Music Education Leta Whitney Voice Gladys Miller JOHN D. MILLE Trombone William Gibson SHELDON MORGENSTERN Orchestral Conducting Frederik Prausnitz JUDITH OLSON Clarinet Rosario Mazzeo IVAN OAK Voice Frederick Jagel ROBERT OLIVE Trumpet Roger Voisin JOHN OLIVER Choral Conducting Lorna Cooke deVaron SYDNEY PAYNE Harp Bernard Zighera HENRY SCHNIERER Piano Howard Goding LYNN PRIEST Flute James P appouts akis .l1K.:2f2i.- IV Q, , l:'I19i'.'g- Eff .fri '. gl, , - A - ri' mi i lj --. - . '-1' ' Aw' T 'KZ' var, L.U'E"-'td J!,LTU"v,g1Vg-'-,1F- .,gi,f.Q--1-wi ' ,f,A- ,- - - , , , , -"7L.ih"1- -."::3tfiQ K. if J'?.'?". it "'-C ' vii' - -' ' . ' ' 3'f'TJ5i:f3'--23'-if-L'L15791325f-'P -V l"' ' ' . ' ' "-'flilgi-11, -:em-3.L-Iggxinflgiw-,4.f-'g13.JiU',:' , .11 1 4.f.?.x' 141.1-3 f':i-11'-- 'F 22f'ii,'-ge:4::f?1 JUDITH ROBINSON ERLINDA SALAZAR Voice Piano Frederick Jagel Miklos Schwalb GAIL ROBINSON Viola Eugene Lehner 59 W PENELOPE STEWART VIRGINIA M. SCHULZE Voice Flute Uta Graf James Pappoutsakis 60 all TRUDIE PEPIN SHERWOOD Voice Clara Shear MICHIKO SONE Voice Uta Graf CAROLYN SKELTON Organ Donald Willing ROBIN STONE Piano Howard Goding NEWTON WAYLAND Ensemble F. Judd Cooke SAUL WINER Research F. Judd Cooke MARGARET YAUGER Voice Gladys Miller UNDERCLASSMEN 63 JUNIQR Seated: R. Fransen. Standing: C. Powell, S. Poole, J. Johnson, R. Stol1,C. Paonessa, S. Savage, D. Wise, B. R. Spadafora. Ronald Fransen ..... .......... P resident John Melfy ......... ..... V ice-President Judith Johnson ...... ........... S ecretary Keith Corrette ..... ........ T reasurer OPHOMORE . ........... President oger Fowler ....... ancy Overlock ..... .... V ice-President obert Lague .......... ....... S ecretary Q ivianne Ouellette ..... . .Treasurer . Wayles. l 65 R. Fowler, V. Ouellette, R. Lague. Row 1: D. Radzmirski, M. McKibben, M. Holbrook, C. Andrews, S. Wood- K. Ellis, N. Greenslade, G. Boles, A. Underhill, B. Toder, A. Ettinger. Row 2: E. Hernandez, R. Bazfaniecki, L. Alexander, V. Williams, H. Lynch, J. Booher, M. Whitaker, C. Irvin, J. Shindler, S. Qualtrough. Pinnell, R. Viuno, J. Hogan, J. Landell, R. Van Kleek, S. Johns, D. Towner, N. Thompson, S. Fullerton, C. ow 4: S. Groveston, T. Toupin, R. Jones, R. Given, M. Harding, E. Clute, R. Coff, R. Lupino, W. Ofstad, H. Millar Row 3 Wright Weiss FRESHME Seated: J. Churchill, D. Koman, A. Danis. Row 1: J. Randazzo, J. Newman, B. Wolfson, M. Broughton, E. Pinney, A. Tucker, M. Maro, A. Park, D. Ingraham. Row 2: C. Sprague, H. Tracy, S. Clouse, L. Harubin, B. Winchester, K. Sumrow, P. Christensen, M. St. Germain, S. Munoz, C. Lowthers, M. Mainville. Row 3: T. Valentine, C. Ruggiero, J. Wall, J. Boucher, D. Enos, J. Perry, R. Carbone, J. Marsh. Row 4: B. Hess, M. Griffin, C. Roberts, M. Peretz, J. Kurzdorfer, R. Osmun, M. Camporiale, R. Berg, R. Kashanski, R. Rogers. Dirk Koman ..... ............ P resident Ann Danis .......... ..... V ice-President Jann Geis ............... ......... S ecretary Juliette Churchill ..... .... T reasurer o 1 f u v . 1 L . . '. 'ilu Row 1: H. Friedman, L. Ventriglia, E. Cohen, L. Salemo, P. Sowell, K. Burr, M. Brennan. Row 2: S. Wadsworth, Tuttle, P. Huntington, C. Babcock, A. Grinbergs, C. Lowthers, R. Black, N. Rodrigues. 66 PERFORMING ORGANIZATIONS OPERA THOMAS PHILIPS, JR., DIRECTOR Sandra Provost, Assistant Director This year was one of the most productive years in the history of the Opera Department. Five major productions, plus a scene recital, were presented and were all very well received. In November, the Department presented a very complicated work, THE SAINT OF BLEECKER STREET by Menotti to capacity audiences in Brown Hall. The performance proved conclusively that even a "non-opera" hall such as Brown Hall can be effectively and successfully used for large opera productions. December brought a special performance of Humperdinck's delightful HANSEL AND GRETEL. This production was sponsored by the Friends of the Conservatory as a Christmas treat to the children of Boston. This performance also marked the directing debut of the Depart- ment's assistant, Sandra Provost. February audiences applauded heartily the "big" production of the year, Mozart's THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO. This lavish production was also taped by WGBH-TV for future broad- cast, an experience which the singers will never forget. THE BOY FRIEND, Musical Comedy by Sandy Wilson, was the March performance. This rather unusual undertaking by an Opera Department was done because of the great acting lessons to be learned from working in this field of musical drama. May brought two productions: a double bill of GIANNI SCHICCHI by Puccini and THE INCOMPLETE EDUCATION by Chabrier, and a scene recital consisting of scenes from DON GIOVANNI, THE BARBER OF SEVILLE, CARMEN, RIGOLETTO, and, once again, HANSEL AND GRETEL. In brief, a very enviable record and one that every member of the Department should be proud of. 68 1 The Saint of Bleecker Street Hansel and Gretel T, The Marriage of Figaro ,. 'H'-9 Members of this year's chorus can look back with pride on experiences not easily to be forgotten. This has been the time for perform- ances on a higher scale than ever. It is only fair that some of these achievements be re- called here. "SEID UNSCHLUNGEN MILLIONENH sang the chorus as every subscription series at the B.S.O.'s eighty-fifth season began with Beethoven's SYMPHONY NO. 9. On December 9, 1965, a Christmas concert ran the entire gamut from the early Renaissance to the present day. At that time the shout was HSINGET DEN HERRN EIN NEUES LIED", the opening words of J.S. Bach's MOTET NO. 1, one of the works Mrs. DeVaron had always wanted to perform ever since she came to the Conservatory in 1947. 1966 began as NCHORUSES FROM 'THE LARK' BY JEAN ANOUILH" was per- formed by a chosen group in honor of the composer, Leonard Bernstein, at ceremonies honoring him at the Prudential Center. The very same week, a large group of the chorus joined the B.S.O. for "SCENES FROM GOETHE'S 'FAUSTH' by Robert Schumann. In May another division of the chorus gave an CHORUS LORNA cooKE DCVARON, CONDUCTOR Richard Jarvis David Pelton unforgettable rendition of Mozart's HVESPERAE SOLEMNES DE CONFESSOREH, a work of Witold Lutoslawski, the modern Polish composer, and other compositions. But the big story of 1966 occurred on May 22 and 29 as the words "WHERE IS MOSES? WHERE IS OUR LEADER?" and "JOYOUS ISRAEL!" rang out loud and clear from the stage of the Back Bay Theater as the chorus cooperated with the Boston Opera Company, Sarah Cauldwell directing, in the first performances of "MOSES AND AARON" on this continent. 1965-66 will live in the minds of those who shared the rich legacy of professional activity in the inspired and dynamic Mrs. DeVarong out let each one carry the excellence, dis- zipline, and musical sensitivity to his own iield. 71 Assistant Conductors Marjorie Lenk X 'aaa ' tr Q, ,--vw---Q L ...Q---f W W w K 1966 Tour Chorus , 73 ORCHESTRA FREDERIK PRAUSNITZ, CONDUCTOR William Stein Diamantis Diam antopoulos Associate Conductors 1965-66 was a soloist's year with the Orchestra. The first concert set the trend with the appearances of Miriam Boyer, in songs from Mahler's KNABEN WUNDERHORN, and Margeret Kitchin, in Schoenberg's PIANO CONCERTO. The use of two soloists was continued in the next concert when Paul Jacobs, harpsichord, and Charles Rosen, piano, played Carter's DOUBLE CONCERTO. On the same program, Mr. Rosen also performed Mozart's PIANO CONCERTO NO. 17 in G MAJOR. The next concert presented George Zazofsky, of the faculty, as soloist in Berg's VIOLIN CONCERTO and Uta Graf, of the faculty, in Strauss' FOUR LAST SONGS. Further concerts brought Concertmistress Mary Lou Speaker to center stage as soloist in Prokofiev'sgVIOLIN CONCERTO NO. 2 and Veronica Jochum von Moltke, of the faculty, soloist in Kirchner's PIANO CONCERTO. The Orchestra had a chance to shine alone in such numbers as the third symphonies of Beethoven, Schubert, and Schumann, the Elgar ENIGMA VARIATIONS and Ives' THE FOURTH OF JULY. The Orchestra's associate conductors, William Stein and Diamantis Diamantopoulos, each presented a program which continued the soloistic trend. In the first, Felix Viscuglia, of the faculty, played Copland's CLARINET CONCERTOQ in the second, Robert Paul Sullivan, of the faculty, was soloist in Vivaldi's GUITAR CONCERTO in D MAJOR. ln addition to these concerts, the Orchestra played for Chorus concerts and for THE MAR- RIAGE OF FIGARO. 1965-66 was a very event- ful year for the Orchestra. f .,, 3. f , QP V ezwgg, ,ff 531 :nh...mF,fL+?5'5'..1 Mx f J I .11 IIUI' 76 STUDENT CRGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1 R St Onge, K. Ellis, C. Terpenning. Row 2: J. Churchill, L. Lansing M Holbrook R Fransen Row 3 D. Crohan, R. Fowler, A. Grinbergs, W. Whitney, D. Koman The Student Council is a body of students who are class presidents or treasurers, repre- sentatives of sororities, fraternities, or student groups: a group of people interested in people. It meets once a week on Fridays at noon to discuss events for the students during the year which involve your paid student activity fee. Fifteen dollars means different things to different people, but we feel that most students would enjoy getting their money's worth. As plans for the year, the Council donates money for various causes. This year we gave S100 for the Christmas reception, S25 for candles in the cafeteria, S50 sent to Care forthe needy children in Viet Nam, S3000 for the Neume, S1125 for the Score, underwriting of S700 for the Tour Chorus, underwriting of the Mardi Gras, S300 for the Stage Band trip to the Villanova Jazz Festival, S500 for the Strauss Ball, and S450 to send the Music Education seniors to Kansas City. So you see, the Council does much to make your stay at the Conservatory more enjoyable. We hope that you take full advantage of the Student Council efforts. 78 harles Terpenning ....... ........... obert St. Onge .......... ..... orene Blanchard ................. aren Ellis ......................... avid Crohan .............. Senior Narren Robinson .......... Senior onald Fransen ........... Junior eith Corrette ............. Junior . oger Fowler ......... Sophomore givianne Ouellette..Sophomore irk Koman ............ Freshman ..President .Vice-President ...........Secretary Treasurer Class, President Class, Treasurer Class, President Class, Treasurer Class, President Class, Treasurer Class, President Julie Churchill ........ Freshman Class, Treasurer Liana Lansing ...................... Sigma Alpha Iota Phoebe Bourdeau ...................... Delta Omicron Mary Ellen Holbrook ...................... Elson Club Erik Hoagland ............... Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Michael Harding ...... .......... K appa Gamma Psi Peter Moncure ...... .......................... S core William Whitney .................................. Neume Andris Grinbergs ......... Better Living Committee Leo Johnson ........... ....................... A dvisor A 79 ELSON CLUB M. Brennan, C. Powell, J. Churchill, G. Boles, C. Cornell, K. Ellis, S. Thidemann, M. Holbrook. The Elson Club was founded by Louis C. Elson, a noted musicologist and faculty member of the Conservatory. In September 1964. Elson Club members voted to become co-educational, thereby becoming the only such organism in the Conservatory. Elson Club is now open to all Conservatory students who maintain an average of "C" or better. The purpose of the Elson Club is to promote musical, social, and philanthropic pursuits among its members. The club raises and maintains a scholarship fund for which any undergraduate member is eligible. Activities include volunteer work in hospitals and homes in the Boston area. Concerts are given for the aged, and for handicapped and underprivileged children. Due to the record-breaking membership i the past two years, we enjoy even more thes and other activities which include our famou caramel apple sales, dinners, bowling, theatr parties, teas and banquets. This year's officers are: President: Carol Powell Vice-President: Karen Ellis Secretary: Jerome Sherk Treasurer: Sally Woodworth Our Honorary member is Robin Hendrich Faculty Advisor: Helen Keaney DELTA OMICRON D. Blanchard, P. Bourdeau Delta Omicron International Professional Music Fraternity for Women was founded in 1909 at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The Founding Sisters wished to create a society which would inspire closer friendship among women music students, develop character and leadership, encourage high scholarship, and stimulate greater growth in the performance and appreciation of good music. Delta Xi Chapter was installed at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1950. One project of Delta Xi Chapter for this past semester was participated in by ex-president Marianna Nero, Dorene Blanchard, and Phoebe Bordeau. Each Tuesday evening, they taught a music class at the Massachusetts Association for Retarded Children. Officers for this year are: President: Dorene Blanchard Vice-President: Janet Prochilo Secretary-Treasurer: Phoebe Bordeau Mu Phi Epsilon, a national music sorority founded over 60 years ago in Cincinnati, aims to promote closeness between women in and studying for the music profession in schools all over the U.S.A. and the Philippines. 'Its work together for the advancement members of music through scholarships, contests, awards to outstanding composers and performers with- in the organization, and philanthropic projects such as Gads Hill Center, Chicago,which offers classes to people of all ages in the home arts, shop and industrial fields fin addition to musicl. This year's activities for Beta Chapter included a joint concert with Boston Alumnae and Phi Upsilon Chapter, a dance with Kappa Gamma Psi and the sponsoring of Virginia Marks, Mu Phi Epsilon Streling Staff Concert Series Winner on tour. Beta Chapter gives two public concerts each year in addition to concerts with alumnae. MU PHI EPSILON This year's officers are: President: Barbara Stinson Vice-President: Judith Olson Secretary: Judith Johnson Treasurer: D'Anna Fortunato Historian: Joyce Booher Warden: Carol Paonessa Chorister, Chaplain: Rosalind Chua R. Chua, C. Paonessa, J. Johnson, B. Stinson, D. Fortunato, J. Olson. Row 1 J Bedford B Jones J Robinson B Toder J Barr. Row 2: L. Lansing, M. Lynip, S. Stoughton, J. Shindler, On the local level, Lamda Chapter offers performance opportunities to its members through the full-length concerts given at the Conservatory, participation in the Sigma Alpha Iota Radio Series, contribution to joint concerts with the Boston Alumnae Chapter at Boston University. In addition to performance activities, Lamda Chapter sponsers an annual composers' contest, and a money-making project, the S.A.I. Snack Bar. This year's officers are: President: Judith Robinson Vice-President: Carolyn Friguglietti-Smith Recording Secretary: Bryna Weis Treasurer: Debra Wise Corresponding Secretary: Sarah Stoughton Editor: Meredith Lynip Chaplain: Faye Carty 1 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA 2 Row 1: D. Crohan, A. DiPietro, R. Compton, C. Terpenning, R. St. Onge, E. Hoagland. Row 2: S. Zehr, J. Landell, L. Widawski, J. Katz, W. Whitney, L. Gregorian. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity was founded at the New England Conservatory in 1898. Since then it has grown to be the largest Fraternity in the United States, with 241 chapters. The Brothers of Alpha chapter have seen a fairly active and successful year. On Foun- der's Day, October 9, all students at the Conservatory were invited to a celebration, which included refreshments and a short recital. The months of October and November were spent preparing a full program of chamber music for a performance at the International Student Association, Cambridge. The program was an overwhelming successg the high point was reached when the Sinfonia BrassEnsemble played works of Gabrielli and Purcell. Late in January, Sinfonia invited members of the student body to spend "An Evening with Sin- fonia". A combo provided music for dancing and refreshments were served. During the first semester, violinist Leonard Widawski became a Sinfoniang the Chapter is looking forward to an equally successful second semester of activities. In accordance with tradition, the Chapter will put on a spaghetti dinner this spring, and we plan to perform in special recitals. 'me -4:45 ," i ' fi :I ,,., ,. . 1' ll. ' " 'fm' 'L 35: Warren Robinson, President This year's officers are: Warren Robinson.... ....... .. ......... Presiden Johan Katz ............................. Vice-Preside Robert St. Onge ..................Recording Secretary and Treasur Charles Terpenning ...... Corresponding Secretar William Whitney ........ .......... A lumni Secretar Jonathan Landell ...... ............. H istoria Albert diPietro ....... ..... P ledge-Mast Erik Hoagland ..... ................ W arde Richard Burgin ....... ...... F acuity Adviso Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity of America was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music on December 11, 1913. A national professional music fraternity, the aims of Kappa Gamma Psi are: to promote and dignify the music profession, to encourage sincere music study, to establish closer relations between musicians and music schools, to aid its members in a moral and material way, and to work for the development of music in America. As a national fraternity, Kappa Gamma Psi commissions a new work each year. Warren Benson, Elie Siegmeister, and Norman Dello Joio are three composers whose works who have been commissioned works by Kappa. A wide variety of activities is maintained throughout the school year. This year, there was an open house during Orientation Week, two smokers, one in October, and one in February, at which the Kappa Brass Ensemble performed, a dance, our F'ounder's Day Concertg and a Brothers' recital. KAPPA GAMMA PSI This year's officers are: President: William Northrup 1st Vice-President: Robert Stoll 2nd Vice-President: Craig Caldwell Corresponding and Recording Secretary Richard Silverman Treasurer: Michael Harding Sergeant-at-Arms: Roger Fowler Chaplain-Historian: Jerald Hogan Kim. 85 1: W. Northrup, R. Fowler, T. Toupin, R. Lague, C. Cox. Row 2: J. Hogan, M. Harding, C. Caldwell, R. Stoll, JUDICIAL BOARD N. Overlock, P. Smith, D. Lasorella, Mrs. Hagedom, A. Sarge, D. Townsend, B. Stinson, N. Thompson. The Judicial Board is a new organization in the N.E.C. dormitory this year, We owe its in- troduction, to Mrs. Hagedorn, the new house mother, who knew of similar boards in other college dormitories. What is the purpose of such a board? Dis- cipline in the dormitory was formerly under the jurisdiction of the house motherg it has now been put into the hands of the Judicial Board with the house mother's supervision. In this way, if someone living in the dormitory or the Y.M. C.A. breaks a rule, he has the opportunity to give an explanation to a group of his own peers. He need not feel misunderstood or mistreated. Being students themselves, the board members try their best to see both sides of a situatio and to make a fair decision. Judicial Board mem bers also serve as spokesmen for residents b bringing their complaints to Mrs. Hagedorn' attention and discussing what can be done abou such matters. The members of the board are elected at th beginning of the year. They represent the Y.M.C.A. and each floor in the dormitory an from these seven people, one person is chose to act as chairman and spokesman for the group It has been a great learning experience an privilege for me to have served as the chairma of the Judicial Board for this first year. A.S. SCORE A. Homer, R. Coff, A. Alyward, A. Howe, P. Moncure, Dean B. Alderman. SGURE Vol. INO. 4 Jan. 31, l9G6 MOZART'S FIGARO by rf-mi. had com u would like me - gm mu:-hm., lu fxpn-an me pm: ol Thr lmringn ul Filulo. Compllclllml mln hmm lho Incl nm me px-y ls num .W much nf. -cum nl n mnlmm-.1 chulmrelclion uynlemn, ulrevchlng num: move than one ncl. 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The unplrnihnl ward he decllnel to merllcn ll lmplled by me hmm In the ummm., mu- pim .na . uma lime fmfmim- - -..-"' -f - LE NOZZE Dl FIGARO Overture W A Henri M.-1' U... ,--.n Prvrsm mm. - ww- 5 ii '-' ummm ln A gif?-E1 Q --f-.Q--I . ff -' wdhfiiie .- lOrru In D , lil n,...... ..1- W w-www D+ 9 5 v..,n,.x 'I' 1 V -as-2 3115211555355 , EE ,, ,,H..-L --.. 4 P vw-f--H Q12-iggf' F- ' fe 7 133? ,V vw- 'xiigggzil mi? :HH E ff -1. W.. .... ... .Z , f- , , -..Hg .ue Shlltul Wnrkllwn lllcltlls. Rnllll Hall: Mllllllyl, Tuudlyl md Tllursdlys If 1:00 Am yuu in me hnbll ul cm-cum mlm meuul pmgmms, pg-ami vmlunn yluces? n emu no u pm fm to gn mm .1 yu, mm, so you wmv: mm ,mrmmunm by menus, Q. If-:ummm-5 ul works whlch yuu mv lm-ming, or wake by umlpumn m whom yw nw mmm.-a. The mmwphm cl :umm rucxlnln in mfamnx, mx, wma- we :Ly-msn mm ynu dn nn: mm of have fm.-ing numuune'n performance--we must emulnulxcnlly fl-quam lhln-Il is all rlgm non lu mmm ffl Ihr rnllre ll-Cxlnl. Ann Howe. AXNi!llH1l ID Ihr: Umln-grmluntc Dem. ,, 'ra-, . ,Ll-'. . 'y I Fnilh Rlviz-we plnyn a Mnzarl Sonulu ln Rvcilal Hall 87 ,..-- 88 DIRECTORY 89 FACULTY DIRECTORY ALDERMAN, Mrs. Jean Poole 46 Englewood Avenue Brighton, Mass. ARMSTRONG, Miss Mildred 58 Westland Avenue Boston, Mass. 02115 BERNARD, Mr. Albert 97 Berkely Street West Newton, Mass. 02165 BLUESTONE, Mr. Max 17 Oxford Road Newton Centre, Mass. 02259 BRINK, Mr. Robert 15 Thatcher Street Brookline, Mass. 02146 BROWN, Mrs. Dalphia lf' Fernald Drive Cambridge, Mass. 02138 BURGIN, Mr. Richard 12 Salisbury Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 CANADAY, Mrs. Alice G. 18 Hillside Avenue Arlington, Mass. 02174 CIOFFI, Mr. Gino 82 Gainsborough Street Boston, Mass. 02115 COGAN, Mr. Robert 195 Lake View Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 COME, Mr. Andre 16 Ridge Hill Road Canton, Mass. COOKE, Mr. Francis Judd 2 Stratham Road Lexington, Mass. 02173 CREIGHTON, Mr. Malcolm 83 Gainsborough Street, Apt. 17L Boston, Mass. 02115 de VARON, Mrs. Lorna Cooke 94 Lake View Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 ELLER, Mr. Daniel 66 The Fenway, Apt. 33 Boston, Mass. 02115 ESCOT, Miss Pozzi 195 Lake View Avenue Cambridge, Mass. 02138 ESKIN, Mr. Jules 177 Babcock Street Brookline, Mass. 02146 FINE, Mr. Burton 69 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands, Mass. FIRTH, Mr. Everett Pine Wood Road Dover, Mass. GIBSON, Mr. William M. 342 Hillcrest Road Needham, Mass. 02192 GIROUARD, Mrs. Alice Ridgewood Terrace Rockport, Mass. GODING, Mr. Howard 114 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 GOGUEN, Mr. Gerard J. 287 Highrock Street Needham, Mass. 02192 GOLDSTEIN, Mr. Malcolm 31 Queensberry Street Boston, Mass. 02215 GOMBERG, Mr. Ralph 264 Mill Street Newtonville, Mass. 02160 GRAF, Mrs. Uta Breyer 398 Marlborough Street Boston, Mass. 02115 HADCOCK, Mr. Peter W. 78 Waban Park Newton, Mass. 02158 HALPRIN, Mr. Lee S. 3 Whittier Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 90 02161 HAYASHI, Miss Yuko 60 Woodstock Avenue Brookline, Mass. 02146 HOFFMAN, Mr. James S. 11 Ferndale Road Natick, Mass. 01762 HOLMES, Mr. John A. 66 Avalon Road Needham, Mass. 02192 JAGEL, Mr. Frederick 10 Emerson Place Boston, Mass. 02114 KAPUSCINSKI, Mr. Richard 65 Willard Circle Westwood, Mass. 02193 KEANEY, Mrs. Helen KEANEY, Mr. Paul 27 Upland Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 KRIPS, Mr. Alfred 15 Windsor Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 LEHNER, Mr. Eugene 60 Charlotte Road Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 MARCH, Mrs. Tamar 1716 Cambridge Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 MARTIN, Mr. Leslie 39 Dogwood Lane Needham. Mass. 02192 MAZZEO, Mr. Rosario 114 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 MEKEEL, Miss Joyce 320 Marlborough Street Boston, Mass. 02116 MILLER, Miss Gladys Childs 60 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 MOLEUX. Mr. Georges 66 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 MONAGHAN, Miss Lucille 46 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02215 MOORE, Mr. Richard T. 1 Shuman Road Marblehead, Mass. MORIARTY. Mr. John 878 West End Avenue, Apt. 14-C New York, New York 10025 CXO Jameson 108 Norway Street Boston, Mass. 02115 OLDENBURG, Mr. Johanna 38 Bowdoin Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 PANENKA, Mr. Ernst 95 Longwood Avenue Brookline, Mass. 02146 PAPPOUTSAKIS, Mr. James PAPPOUTSAKIS, Mrs. Louise 36 Beverly Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 PEARSON, Mr. Mark 20 Hereford Street Boston, Mass. 02115 PERRY, Mr. David S. 114 The Fenway Boston, Mass. 02115 PEYTON, Mr. Malcolm 21 Berkeley Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 PHILIPS, Mr. Thomas H., Jr. 14 Arlington Street Cambridge, Mass. 02140 Brown and Nichols School Cambridge, Mass. 02138 PINKHAM, Mr. Daniel 154 Foster Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 POSSELT, Miss Ruth 12 Salisbury Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 POTTLE, Mr. Ralph 1038 Massachusetts Avenue Lexington, Mass. 02173 PRAUSNITZ, Mr. Frederik 9 Joy Street Boston, Mass. 02108 PROVOST, Miss Sandra 31 Burbank Road Boston, Mass. 02115 REUTLINGER, Mrs. Barbara 33 Trowbridge Street Cambridge, Mass. 02138 ROGERS, Mr. Allen 47 Cranberry Street Brooklyn, New York 11201 RUGGIERO, Mr. Matthew 40 Algonquin Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 SCHAEFER, Miss Lois 729 Hammond Street Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 SCHWALB, Mr. Miklos 149 Beacon Street Boston, Mass. 02116 SHAPIRO, Mr. Harry 28 Bird Street Needham, Mass. 02192 SHEAR, Miss Clara 162 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. 02116 SILVERMAN, Dr. Herbert 135 Middlesex Avenue Wilmington, Mass. SILVERSTEIN, Mr. Joseph 82 Stuart Street Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 SMITH, Mr. Donald 588 Brush Hill Road Milton, Mass. 02186 SMITH, Mr. Kilton Vinal 11 Queensberry Street Boston, Mass. 02215 SPEYER, Mr. Louis 135 University Road Brookline, Mass. 02146 STAGLIANO, Mr. James 10 Emerson Place Boston, Mass. 02114 TESSON, Mr. William 33 Roberts Road Medford, Mass. 02155 91 TRONERUD, Mrs. Marion 16 Forest Street Cambridge, Mass. 02140 VISCUGLIA, Mr. Felix 24 Whipple Road Lexington, Mass. 02173 VOISIN, Mr. Roger 252 Moss Hill Road Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 V011 MOLTKE, Mrs. Veronica 14 Gray Gardens West Cambridge, Mass. 02138 WALT, Mr. Sherman 23 Fox Hill Drive Weston Farms Natick, Mass. WHITNEY, Mrs. Leta F. 232 Hemenway Street, Apt. Boston, Mass. 02115 WILLING, Mr. Donald 426 A Grove Street Needham, Mass. 02192 WOLFES, Mr. Felix 104 Hemenway Street Boston, Mass. 02115 YONA, Mrs. Anna 159 Upland Road Cambridge, Mass. 02140 ZAZOFSKY, Mr. George 18 Fredana Road Waban, Mass. 02168 ZIGHERA, Mr. Alfred 6 Griggs Terrace Brookline, Mass. 02146 ZIGHERA, Mr. Bemard 1270 Commonwealth Avenue West Newton, Mass. 02165 On leave of absence: Mrs. Doriot Anthony Dwyer 54 Nancy Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 1 TUDE T DIRECTORY Adams, Elizabeth 705 Irving Place Duluth, Minne sota 55812 Albers, Meribeth 70 Pearl Avenue Rumford, Rhode Island Alexander, Lynne 6 Essex Drive Hauppage , Long Island, Anderson, Margery 36 Paridise Road Northampton, Mass. Andrews, Christine 1 Watson Street Spencer, Mass. Arrigo, Charles 1 Paradise Road Salem, Mass. Arsenault, Ronald RFD it 1 Winchester, N.H. Avery, Mitchell RFD if 1 Pittsfield, N.H. Aylward, Ansgarius 2 Linwood Street Roxbury, Mass. Babcock, Charlene 35 Colby Road Braintree, Mass. Baker, Anne 148 Forest Way Essex Falls, N.J. Baker, Mary Lois 3 Clinton Street Cambridge, Mass. Baraniecki, Kathy 30 Harvard Road Audobon, N.J. Barnum, Diana Hunt Lane Fayetteville, N.Y. Barr, Jeanne 29 Mill Street Blackstone, Mass. Barwell, Nina 197 Brewster Road Scarsdale, N.Y. Bauer, Michael 37 LaBarr Street Slatedale, Pa. Baum, Gerald 4720 Leila Avenue Tampa, Fla. Bender, Marjorie 308 Allen Avenue Oceanside, Long Island, N.Y. Berg, Robert 2900 Ninth Avenue North Great Falls, Montana Berglund, Susan Box 111 Plainfield, Vermont Black, Rosemary 77 Fulsom Avenue East Bridgewater, Mass. Blanchard, Dorene 1 Hazel Street Brockton, Mass. Boilard, Roger 9 Tyson Road Worcester, Mass. Boles, Geraldine Balgownie, Killeigh, Cahir County Tipperary, Ireland Bonnet, Mrs. Marion 30 Carruth Street Dorchester, Mass. Booher, Mrs. Joyce Paster 19 East 9 Street N.Y. 3, N.Y. Borges, Mario 61 Eugenia Street New Bedford, Mass. Borgia, Peter 1149 Hoover Avenue Utica, N.Y. 13501 Bossell, Mona ll McKeever Place Brooklyn, N.Y. 92 UNDERGRADUATE Boucher, Joseph 12 Richmond Street New Bedford, Mass. Bourdeau, Phoebe RFD if 1 Ashland, Maine Boyer, Miriam 170 Claremont Avenue N.Y. 27, N.Y. Bragdon, Donna 91 Chestnut Street, Apt. 6 Brookline, Mass. Brandes, David 33A Waterston Ave. Wollaston 70 Quincy, Mass. Braune, Marilyn 4011 Brookhill Road Baltimore, Maryland 21215 Brennan, Martha 10204 Tyburn Terrace Bethesda, Maryland Briggs, Alan 1711 West Montecito Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85015 Broughton, Mary 1 Eastman Circle Wellesly, Mass. BLu'r, Katherine 472 Main Street Cromwell, Conn. Bussell, David 31 Quimby Street Augusta, Maine Cade, Douglas Weisskirchen!Taumus 6373 Freidrich Ludwig Jahnstrasse 10 West Germany Caldwell Craig Box 3 Canaan Street Road Canaan, N.H. Campbell, Michael 775-A Sawyer Street South Portland, Maine Camporiale, Michael 58 Oliver Street Bristol, Rhode Island Carbone, Ronald 182 Locust Avenue Peekskill, N.Y. Cardwell, Margaret 22 Sedgwick Road West Hartford, Conn. 06107 Carty, P. Faye 22 Pond Place Cos Cob, Conn. Casman, Margaret 2708 Ross Road Chevy Chase, Maryland Caswell, Leah 22 Greenleaf Avenue Portsmouth, N.H. Cerabona, Louis 6 Spinney Creek Road Eliot, Maine Chen, Grace 172-2 Cheng-Wha Road Taipei, Taiwan, Formosa Chiavone, Ralph 56 Naples Avenue Providence, R.I. Childs, Roger 27 Apple Orchard Heights Westfield, Mass. Christensen, Paula 12 Clearview Street Grafton, Mass. Churchill, Juliette 32 Dean Place East Bridgewater, Mass. Clause, Blair 522 North Muhlenberg Allentown, Pa. Cleverdon, Suzanne Main Street Coventry, Conn. Clouse, Sandra 137 Washington Avenue West Caldwell, N.J. Clute, Edward Rose Hill Farm Watkins Glen Schuyler, N.Y. Coff, Richard 750 NE 171 Street North Miami Beach, Florida Cohen, Esteandrea 14 Samoset Avenue Quincy, Mass. Cole, Daniel Nashoba Road Concord, Mass. Coleman, Cedric 23 Rose Avenue Hempstead, N.Y. Collins, Daniel 66 Spaulding Street Amherst, Mass. Comell, Mrs. Carole 65 Mt. Vernon Street Ap Boston, Mass. Corrette, Keith 63 Water Street Lebanon, N.H. Cox, Charles 137 Cherry Street Cambridge, Mass. Crawford, Cynthia Lilac Hedge Putney, Vermont 05346 Crispell, Gareth 332 J amaicaway Jamaica Plain, Mass. Dunham, Katherine 525 Harley Drive Columbus, Ohio Dunn, Donald 70 Madison Avenue Arlington, Mass. Dutton, Peter 94 Jastram Street Providence, R.I. Eastman, John Shore Acres Road Lake Bluff, Illinois Ellis, Karen 114-15 173 Street St. Albans 34, N.Y. 93 t. x35 Crohan, David 25 Beaufort Street Providence 8, R.I. Crouch, Mary 37 College Street Clinton, N.Y. Dalhaus, Elaine R.R. 7 Penacook New Hampshire Danis, Ann 537 Sanford Road North Westport, Mass. DeCillis, Dorothy 62 Pitcairn Street Revere, Mass. Dee, Richard 416 Lafayette Street Salem, Mass. DeLong, Donna 1710 Fernwood Road Victoria B.C., Canada Der Parsehgian, Anahid 98 Stonele igh Road Watertown, Mass. Deutsch, Robert 231 NE 164 Terrace North Miami Beach, Florida DeYoung, Martha 6883 Cedar Street Akron, N.Y. Di Matteo, Richard 396 Beech Street Roslindale, Mass. DiPietro, Albert 1701 North Goodman Street Rochester, N.Y. Done, Rowena 82 Spring Street Lexington, Mass. 02173 Elowe, Mrs. Carol 24 Linda Road Andover, Mass. Endo, Saeko 19 Maehagi-cho Shimogano Sakyo-ku Kyoto, Japan Endsley, Gerald 1859 York Street Denver 6, Colorado Enos, Donald Silver Street West Harwich, Mass. Ettinger, Amy 137 Academy Street Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601 Fairbank, C. Spring 770 Ash Street Winnetka, Illinois Fallin, Jo Ann 1580 Canton Avenue Milton, Mass. Fish, John 34 Beverly Court St. Albans, Vermont 05478 Fisk, Thomas 918 Mammoth Road Manchester, N.H. Fle urant, Gerdes Box 857 Port-au-Prince Haiti Fortunato, D'Anna 6 Formosa Drive Wappo Heights Charlestown, South Carolina Fowler, Roger S7 William Street Manchester, N.H. Fransen, Ronald 75 Cliff Street Malden, Mass. Frascati, Andrea 5351 South Washington Littleton, Colorado Friedman, Heidi 56 Evelyn Road Waban, Mass. Friedman, Laurie 50 Chatham Street Hartford 12, Conn. Fullerton, Stephen 425 North Monroe Avenue Lindenhurst, N.Y. Gaskin, Thaodis 7 Garden Street Rochester, N.Y. Gates, Thomas 4742 Marque Drive New Orleans 27, Louisiana Geiss, Jann 946 Madison Avenue Plainfield, N.J. Gerstel, Alan 271 W. Girard Blvd. Kenmore 17, N.Y. Getchell, Joyce 34 Northend Avenue Salem, Mass. Gibbons, John 305 Allston Street, Apt. 2 Brighton, Mass. Given, Richard 152 Conant Road Weston, Mass. Gleason, Chester 626 Hollis Street Framingham, Mass. Gleason, Mrs. Sue 626 Hollis Street Framingham, Mass. Glickman, Larry 43 Nicholas Drive Albany 5, N.Y. Gloff, Robert 5724 W. Vliet Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin Goldin, Mrs. Ruth M. 43 Orkney Road Brighton, Mass. Gore, Nelson 2121 St. Raymonds Ave. N.Y. 62, N.Y. Graham, Ruth 11021 Swaffar Drive Dallas, Texas 75228 Gratwick, Jane Washington Road Woodbury, Conn. Greenslade, Nancy 22 Phillips Brooks Road Westwood, Mass. 94 Gregorian, Leon 136 Langdon Avenue Watertown, Mass. Griffin, Michael 1035 Pleasant Street Oak Park, Illinois Grinbergs, Andris 11 Tamarack Drive New Hartford, N.Y. Grinbergs, Raita 11 Tamarack Drive New Hartford, N.Y. Groveston, Stephen Box 230 R.D. H3 Troy, New York Hagen, George Box 173 Falmouth, Mass. Hansen, Robert 37 Damon Avenue Holbrook, Mass. Harding, Michael 129 Haverhill Street Andover, Mass. Harlow, Donna 130 Melrose Street Melrose, Mass. Harubin, Louise 51 Kent Avenue Pittsfield, Mass. Harwood, Susan RD H2 Jefferson, N.Y. Hearne, Joseph 203 Oak Street Westwood, Mass. Held, Mrs. Elizabeth 65 Walnut Street Needham, Mass. Hemandez, Erle 143 Bellvale Street Malden, Mass. Hess, Benton 509 Patterson Avenu Connellsville, Pa. Ho, Miu Hing A 43 Estoril Court 9 Garden Road, Hong Kong Hoagland, Erik 12 Sunset Road Weston, Mass. Hogan, Jerald 18 Summer Street Kingston, Mass. olbrook, Mary 0 Royal Street andolph, Mass. ll-Iorner, Andrea 16 Prospect Avenue lBar Harbor, Maine Hughes, Darlene RD 82 Clinton, N.Y. Hughes, Michael 192 Hayden Rowe Hopkinton, Mass. Huntington, Patricia 65-66 Harbor View Marblehead, Mass. Ingersoll, Patricia Fording Brook lPenllyn, Pa. lngraham, Diane 23 Portland Street Yarmouth, Maine Irvin, Cheryl RR H2 Hays, Kansas Isaac, Ronald Union and Eigth Street New Bedford, Mass. Isveck, Robert 27 Tampa Street Mattapan, Mass. anikian, Leon 174 Lovell Road atertown, Mass. Jens, Julianne Box 291 elta, Colorado Johnian, Paul 19 Hillside Avenue Winchester, Mass. Johns, Stephen 250 Greenwood Drive Manchester, Conn. Johnson, Carol 16 Ethel Street Roslindale, Mass. Johnson, Jennifer 150 Tremont Avenue Orange, N .J . Johnson, Mrs. Judith Thurberg Glen Mobile Home Park Norwell, Mass. Johnson, Majorie 30 Church Street Portland, Conn. Johnston, Mrs. Aileen Shirley 24 Beechwood Road Wellesley, Mass. Jones, Robert 2739 East Almeria Road Phoenix, Arizona Judy, M. Gail 1608 State Street Alton, Illinois Julian, Mary 15 Greenwood Avenue Pembroke, Mass. Kaminowski, John 534 Fairfield Avenue Stamford, Conn. Kashanski, Richard 3513 Rope Ferry Road Waterford, Conn. Kassimer, Roberta 20 Deerfield Street Pittsfield, Mass, Katz, Johan 2577 Newport Ann Arbor, Michigan Katz, Roger 120 East 81st Street Apt. 15-H N.Y. 28, N.Y. Kelleher, Thomas 2 Fairview Avenue Chatham, N.Y. Kellock, James 942 Carteret Avenue Trenton, N.J. 95 Kim, Dong Pil 242 Bogwang Dong Seoul, Korea Kneisel, Virginia 165 Great Plain Avenue Wellesley, Mass. Koman, Dirk Marlbank Farm Yorktown, Va. Kurzdorfer, James 135 Berkshire Buffalo 15, N.Y. Lague, Robert 31 Westwood Road North Smithfield, R.I. Lancaster, Samuel 973 South Pennsylvania Denver, Colorado 80209 Landell, Jonathan 11 Florence Street Littleton, Mass. Lane, William 139 W. Fawcett Winter Park, Florida Lansing, Liana 1111 Detroit Street Denver, Colorado La Riviere, Faith 84 Church Street Peace Dale, R.I. Lasorella, Dominick 102 Erie Street Frankfort, N.Y. Lassner, Edith Mangaripe 1592 Montevideo, Uruguay Lawton, David ll Evans Road Marblehead, Mass. Leach, Mary 200-W Bellview Avenue Fairmont, West Virginia Lebron, Rafael Box 1294 San Juan, Puerto Rico L'Ecuyer, John 1 Baker Street Nashua, N.H. 03060 Stre et Lefrois, Carol 8 Lake View Terrace Rochester, N.Y. Lever, Andrew 5 Greenhouse Circle Port Chester, N.Y. Lin, Mrs. Eileen Eng 146 Hillside Street Boston 20, Mass. Lindor, Judith Schultz Lake Bergstrom Road Duluth 3, Minnesota Lingl. Joanne 1171 Jyell Avenue Rochester, N.Y. Lowden, Robert Beverly Road Burlington, N.J. Lowthers, Cheryl 174 William Street Stoneham, Mass. Luce, William Box 488 Vineyard Haven, Mass. 02568 Lupino, Richard 20 Jones Street Providence 3, R.I. Lynch, Mrs. Helen 117 Washington Street Westwood, Mass. Lynip, Meredith 712 Fairfax Apts. 43 Sz Locust Streets Philadelphia. Pa. MacWi1liams, Walter III Box 165, FRD if 1 Holmdel, N.J. Mainville, Maureen 25 Goffe Street Meriden, Conn. Maise, Anthony 22 South High Street Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Mardinly, Susan 281 Paxon Hollow Road Media, Pa. Markman, Michael 209 Angur Street Hamden, Conn. Maro, Marsha 9407 Normandy Avenue Morton Grove, Illinois Marsh, Cynthia 39 Ormond Street Mattapan, Mass. Marsh, John 232 North Main Street Rochester, N.H. Marshall, Lawrence 474 West 143 Street N.Y. 31, N.Y. Martineau, Diane 25 Hambly Street Fall River, Mass. Mate, Barbara 23 Gordon Corner Englishtown, N.J. Maxner, Mrs. Eileen 15 Bontempo Road Newton, Mass. McCarthy, Anne 401 Washington Street Cambridge, Mass. McKibben, D. Maureen 502 North Towne Avenue Apt. 2 Claremont, California Melfy, John RD 115 Flemington, N.J. Melfy, Robert R.D. W5 Flemington, N.J. Merrill, Kathleen New Boston Road Goffstown, N.H. Millar, G. Robert Jr. 203 Woodland Avenue Westfield, N.J. Mitchell, David 42 Somerset Avenue Riverside, R.I. Mollicone, Henry 72 Stella Street Providence 9, R.I. 96 Moncure, Peter Box 202 Bearsville, N.Y. 12409 Monks, Mrs. Millicent 8 Follen Street Cambridge, Mass. Moore, Daniel 52 William Worcester, Mass. Morehead, Mrs. Patricia 275 Walden Street Cambridge, Mass. 10022 Morrell, Brian 27 Shepard Street Marblehead, Mass. Mosher, Robert 36 Wilmont Road Waltham, Mass. 02154 Motter, Greg 9 Hunting Lane Lynnfield, Mass. Moxie, Maxine 304 Neff Avenue Masontown, Pa. 15461 Munoz, Zoila Banco Wisse 4DO - Off Principal Jiron Cuzco Lima, Peru Murphy, Mrs. Melinda 3 Mill Dam Road Bedford, Mass. Musty, Jane River Road Haverhill, N.H. Nadeau, John 99 Booth Hill Road North Scituate, Mass. Nathanson, Laura 5601 Utah Avenue N.W. Washington 15, D.C. Nero, Marianna R.D.I. Box 593 Branchville, N.J. Neumann, Joy Roseland Park Road, RR 82 Woodstock, Conn. Nicholson, Mrs. Eunice A. 7 Sherburne Rd. Lexington, Mass. Nicolson, James 519 Pleasant Street Belmont 78, Mass. Nizzari, Francis 930 Walnut Street Newton Highlands, Mass. Northrup, William Main Street Plympton, Mass. Ofstad, William 6217 44th N.E. Seattle, Washington 98115 Ohanian, J. David 11 Hyatt Lane Westport, Conn. Oliva, Mrs. Nancy 11 Wisteria Street Salem, Mass. Oliviere, Thomas 32 Green Place Brockton, Mass. Orfaly, Linda 61 Bright Road Belmont, Mass. Osmun, Robert Box 24 White House, N.J. Ouellette, Vivianne 87 Kay Street Fall River, Mass. Overlook, Nancy 95 Bridge Street Augusta, Maine 04330 Oxley, Laureen Route 7 Middlebury, Vermont Panther, Jean 4902 Dickens Road Houston, Texas Paonessa, Carol Wellwyn Drive Portland, Conn. Parberry, William 26 Arch Street Providence, R.I. Park , As ook Pus an Kore a Parker, Catherine 323 E. Center Street Lee, Mass. Patenaude, Leonard 48 The Fenway Boston, Mass. Patterson, Jerome 910 Sport Hill Road Easton, Conn. Peck, William 210 Grandview Street Bennington, Vermont Pepe, Judith 124 Commodore Street Providence, R.I. Perault, William 316 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. Peretz, Marc 85-66 151 Street Jamaica L.I., N.Y. Perry, John Jr. 157 Ellery Avenue Middleton, R.I. Pinnell, Richard 103 Bellevue Street Dorchester, Mass. Pinney, Elizabeth 54 Bernside Drive Bristol, Conn. Plumb, Peter Rte 1, 507 Mason Rd, South St. Louis 4, Missouri Polansky, Ellen 674 Main Street Lancaster, Mass. Poole, Star 5329 Tulane Avenue Jacksonville, Florida Powell, Carol 140 East Allen Street Bartlett, Texas 76511 Prescott, Kenneth 931 Washington Street Holliston, Mass. 97 Press, Myron 20 Claflin Road Brookline, Mass. Prochilo, Mrs. Janet 59 Haskell Avenue Revere, Mass. Pusztai, Tibor 51 Prospect Avenue Verona, N.J. Qualtrough, Susan 146 West Riverview Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15202 Quinn, Michael 2 Arlington Heights Norwich, Conn. Radzimirski, Donna 158 Helly Street Bridgeport, Conn. Ramsdell, James 380 Newberry Street Danvers, Mass. Randazzo, Juliann 75 McGaw Place West Babylon, N.Y. Reber, Barbara 65 Sylvan Street Avon, Conn. Renouf, W. Nicholas Rte 1 Box 23-A Warrenville, Illinois Roberts, Charles 90 Addison Road Glastonbury, Conn. Robinson, Warren 247 Gateway Road Ridgewood, N.J. Rockefeller, Abby 146 East 65th Street N.Y. 21, N.Y. Rodrigues, Natalia 409 North Main Street Slatersville, R.I. Rogers, Richard 118 Woolford Road Wrentham, Mass. Rominov, Nickolai 3 Orchard Street Yonkers, N.Y. Ruebush, Carolyn Box 897 Deming, New Mexico Ruggiero, Charles 18 Plum Street Fairfield, Conn. Ruthardt, Linda 81 Church Street Newton, Mass. St. Germain, Marie 493 Social Street Woonsockett, Rhode Island St. Onge, Robert 24 Parker Street Ware, Mass. Sakun, Nina 195 Holly Street Bridgeport, Conn. Salerno, Linda 3 Gorham Place Trumbull, Conn. Sankey, Janet 46 South Drive St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada Sapolsky, Walter 324 89th Street Miami Beach, Florida Sarge, Ann 1018 West Scott Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 Sato, Nigi Kokuro-Ku Fukuoka, Japan Savage, Steven Pine Ridge Lane East Orleans, Mass. Semivan, John 54 Fairview Avenue Bridgeport, Conn. Sherk, Jerome 25 North Main Street Williamsburg, Mass. Shiller, Mrs. Bernice 268 Harris Avenue Needham, Mass. Shindler, Judith 230 Northridge Drive Hays, Kansas Shinney, Patricia 5 Fairmont Street Winchester, Mass. Silverman, Richard 135 Middlesex Avenue Wilmington, Mass. 01807 Simpson, Mrs. Aili M. 172 Chestnut Street Lynnfield, Mass. Slater, Pete 2711 Ordway Street Washington, D.C. Smiley, Ronald 61 Wedgwood Street Squantum 71, Mass. Smith, Mary D. West Clinton Avenue Irvington on Hudson, N.Y. Smith, Norman 722 Garfield Emporia, Kansas Smith, Philippa 528 Quackenbos Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. Sowell, P. Kathleen 5119-A North Street APO Seattle, Washington 98737 Spacagna, Susan 108 Ring Street Providence 9, R.I. Spadafora, Roger 29 Old Nahant Road Wakefield, Mass. Speaker, Marylou 3835 S.E. Ankeny Street Portland, Oregon Spiewak, C. Robert Jr. 1 Cleaves Street Rockport, Mass. Sprague, Carol 52 Herman Avenue Locust Valley, N.Y. Stallman, Robert Jr. 1 Westwood Road Storrs, Conn. Stern, Jeffrey 1703 Wood Road Cleveland Heights 21, Ohio 98 Stewart, John D. Quarters 86 Norton Air Force Base San Bernardino, California Stinson, Barbara Front Street Marion, Mass. Stoughton, Sarah 330 Elm Avenue Burlington, N.J. Stoll, Robert Village Road New Vernon, N.J. Strauss, Ronald 9400 Atlantic Avenue Apt. 408 Morgate City, N .J. Sugarman, Lawrence 10 Countryside Lane Marblehead, Mass. Sumrow, Kathie 4 Doris Road Hicksville, N.Y. Terpenning, Charles Airport Road Star Route Deposit, N.Y. Thompson, Nancy Ossipee, New Hampshire Tizzard, Robert 10 Downey Place Hopkinton, Mass. Toder, Bryna 11 Cobum Street Malden, Mass. Toupin, Theodore 207 Valley Street Woonsocket, R.I. Towner, W. Douglas III 22 Spring Street Sudbury, Mass. Townsend, David 2215 Ferndale Avenue Petersberg, Virginia Tracy, Heather l8 Linden Garden Apartments Wellesley, Mass. Traxel, Karen 103 James Street lBoonville, N.Y. Tripp, Russell FD it 1 hompson, Conn. Tucker, Amalie 10512 lnsley Street Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 Tuttle, Rachel 108 North Campus Drive Bynder 26, N.Y. Umezu, Namiko -11 Takamatsu oshima-ku okyo, Japan Underhill, Mrs. Aysegul 76 Westminster Avenue atertown, Mass. alentine, Timothy 132 Maple Avenue amburg, N.Y. 14075 an Kleek, Richard Fairway Lane exford, N.Y. atalro, Charles 34 Marshall Avenue alden, Mass. entriglia, Linda 630 Union Avenue Providence, R.I. Viano Richard 22 Willow Street Gloversdale. N.Y. Viano, Richard 2 Willow Street loversdale, N.Y, Vincent, William 2 North Warren Avenue rockton, Mass. itale, Mrs. Sheila 12 Linda Street oxboro, Mass. oris, Karen 11 Camilla Street Apt. 12 ittier, Califomia Vrotney, Richard 629 East 28th Street Erie, Pa. Wadsworth, Susan 100 37th Street Apt. 5 Union City, N.J. Walker, Robert 1179 Knoll Road, RD it 1 Boonton, N.J. Wall, John 18 School Street Shrewsbury, Mass. Walsh, Lenore 47 Carl Street Newton, Mass, 02161 Wauchope, Kendrick 4841 Southern SE Albuquerque, New Mexico Wayles, Stephen 14 Shoreham Street Worcester, Mass. Weber, Philip 32 Overhill Drive Berlin, Conn. Weis, Bryna 17 LaSalle Avenue Trenton, N.J. 08618 Weiss, Herman 111 Farmington Avenue Fairfield, Conn. Welch, Marilyn 723 Kilian Boulevard St. Cloud, Minnesota West, Christine 190 Littleworth Lane Sea Cliff, L.l., N.Y. Wheeler, W. Britt 31 South Village Drive Centerville, Ohio Whitaker, Majorie 257 Greenhill Avenue Kingston, N.Y. 12401 Whitney, M. William III Quarters "C" Naval Air Station Olathe, Kansas 99 Widawski, Leonard Jr. 14295 N.W. 14th Drive Miami, Florida 38167 Wilkes, Stephen 57 Garfield Avenue Trenton, N.J. Williams, Vicki 12 Overlook Drive Woodstock, N.Y. Williams, William 127 Sycamore Drive New Hyde Park, N.Y. Wilson, Shelly 21 Osborne Avenue Southampton, N.Y. Winchester, Barbara 402 Ottawa Street Forest Heights, Maryland Wise, Debra 52 Chatham Street Hartford, Conn. 06112 Wolfson, Barbara 8 Avon Court Bergenfield, N.J. Woodworth, Sally Brewster, Mass. Worrell, G. Bernard 1327 South 2nd Street Plainfield, N.J. Wright, Charles 13 Boyer Court Charleston, South Carolina Wright, Mary E. 30 Garden Road Wellesley Hills, Mass. Zannella, Ralph 80 Belmont Avenue Providence, R.I. Zehr, Stephen 1430 6th Avenue North Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501 Zuba, Mary E. 244 Liberty Street Pawtucket, R.I. Zuckerman, Sharon 375 Riverside Drive New York, N.Y. GRADUATE Adams, Sam 108 West Davis Blvd. Tampa, Florida Aldrich, Dean Lancaster, New Hampshire Anesini, Emil 159 Grove Avenue, Wilmington, Mass. Armstrong, Mildred 37 Burbank Street, Apt. 11, Boston, Mass. Bae Duk, Yoon 45-365 Sangdo-Dong, Yongdong-po-ku Seoul, Korea Ballard, Mrs. Mary Ann 2130 Douglass Blvd., Louisville, Kentucky Bartholomew, David 407 Center Street, Brownwood, Texas Becker, Caryl 163 Overwood Road, Akron, Ohio Becker, Raymond 246 St. Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass. Beckerman, Rita 6 Donwood Terrace, Mattapan, Mass. Bedford, Judith 205 Prindle Avenue, Johnstown, New York Bednarz, Stanley 42 South Road, North Hampton, New Hampshire Burnett, Elizabeth 512 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. Brandes, Mrs. Evelyn 33A Waterston Street, Wollaston, Mass. Brewer, Barbara 104 Lee Drive, Macon, Missouri Brister, Eugene, Jr. 110 South Street, Grenada, Miss. Chua, Rosalind 397 Quezon Blvd., Ext., Quezon City, Philippines Coffey, Frank 209 Main Street Boone, North Carolina Compton, B. Richard 225 S. Pickens, Columbia, South Carolina Cook, Jeff 1236 Fairview, Park Ridge, Illinois Coston, Jesse 2001 Bonne Street, Baltimore, Maryland Cowan, Manson Ackerman's Trailer Park, Salem, New Hampshire Critelli, Mary 209 South 29th Street, Billings, Mont. Dabrusin, Ross 2 Gedney Way Newburgh, New York Dal Pozzal, Victor 73 Lenox Road, Nahant, Mass. D'Angelo, Paul 130 Taylor Street, Quincy, Mass. Davis, Barbara A. 5552 Beacon Street, Pittsbmgh, Penn. Davis, Carl West Shokan, New York Decima, Terry 403 North Center Avenue Somerset, Penn. Delp, Roy 7M Condict Street, Morris Plains, New Jersey 100 Del Vecchio, Benjamin 1 Bragg Street, x Peabody, Mass. w Deutsch, Ira P.O. Box 415 Woodstock, New York Diamantopoulos, Diamantis 19 Dimocriton Street, Athens, Greece Dillon, Davis T. 84 Forest Street, Hartford, Conn. Dors am , P aul Lynden, Vermont Ellis, Mary 61 Marlboro Road, Sudbury, Mass. Enis, Martin 323 Old Westford Road, Chelmsford, Mass. Estes, Judith 191 Main Street, Foxborough, Mass. Everitt, Margaret 1170 Lake Road, Webster, New York Fleming, Shari 31 Spring Street, Johnsburg, Vermont Folts, Mrs. Martha 30 Newcastle Road, Brighton, Mass. Ford, Ernest Route 1, Box 449 Kingsville, Texas Franks, Marcia 410 Miller Road, Wooster, Ohio Freedman, Dianne 97 Dennison Avenue, Swampscott, Mass. Geller, John 19 Providence Avenue, South Portland, Maine Goepfert, Robert CXO R. Card 183 West Brookline Street. Boston, Mass. Gould, Eugene 105 Gainsboro Street, Boston, Mass. Grant, Cheryl 14 Green Street, Marblehead, Mass. Greenfield, Richard 1575 Tremont Street, Boston., Mass. Grzyb, Alan 10 Bacon Drive, Saugus, Mass. Hale, Robert 14 Speakman Street, Wollaston, Mass. Ham, David R.F.D. H1 Gulf Road, South Berwick, Maine Hardgrave, Barbara 14 Coatsland Drive, Jackson, Tenn. Hatfield, David 36 Winchester Street, Boston, Mass. Hobson, Bruce 1902 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, Conn. Hoffmann, Adrian 39 Depos Street, Sharon, Mass. Hoffmeister, Frank 10 Valleywood Road, Cos Cab, Conn. Hunt. Carol 1807 Pleasant Circle, Urbana, Illinois Hunziker, Nancy 5392 Bald Eagle Blvd., E. White Bear Lake, Minn. Jackson, Linda 3 Princeton Street, Danvers, Mass. Jarvis, Richard Box 323 Pineville, West Virginia Johnson, Arthur Glen Mobile Home Park, Washington Street, Norwell, Mass. Johnson, David C. 174 Lake View Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. Jones, Barbara 124 West Lynch Street, Durham, North Carolina Jones, Eugene 300 Lake Boone Tr. Raleigh, North Carolina Kajamjian, Evelyn 32 Lincoln Street, Watertown, Mass. Kelton, Raymond 603 Main Street, Wayne, Nebraska Klimoski, Donna 32 Rutland Street, Boston, Mass. Krumins, Baiba 2855 North Cramer Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Laudermilch, Kenneth 26 Bucks Street Wernersville, Penn. Lauron, Idefonso Rosario, Bapangas, Phillippines Le Grow, Donald 17 Kickerman Road, North Caston, Mass. Lennox, Mrs. Nectar Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, Rhode Island Leong, Mrs. Hiroka 209 Sanjocho Ashiya, Japan Littlefield, Robert 34 Daniels Street, Salem, Mass. McKee , John 221 Dorset Road, Waban, Mass. 101 McLane, Greer Silvermine Road, New Canaan, Conn. Mendelson, Mrs. Gertrude 11 Shaw Road, Brookline, Mass. Mikes, Marta 287 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Mass. Miller, John David 929 St. Lewis Street, Columbus, Wisconsin Miller, John Jr. 1319 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore 21, Maryland Moleux, Mrs. Sandra 132 Forest Street, Marshfield, Mass. Monk, Patricia 20 S.N.E. 3rd Street, Gainesville, Florida Morgan, Alan 761 Suffield Street, Agawam, Mass. Morgenstern, Sheldon P.O. Box 6121 Greensboro, N.C. Munn, Mary 1321-22 A St. N.W. Colgary Alta, Canada Murphy, Noreen 46 Church Street Cohasset, Mass. Nadon, Catherine 108 Broadway, Pittsfield, Mass. Nelson, Gail Maryland St. College, Princess Anne, Md. Newberry, Beverly 79 Newell Road Auburndale, Mass. Oak, Ivan 3-8 2KA Chung-Pa-Dong, Seoul, Korea Okamoto, Tsunenori 276,2-Chome Tamagawa, Okusawa, Setagaka-Ku Tokyo, Japan Olive, Robert 26 Harvard Street, Belmont, Mass. Oliver, John 24 Melton Road Brighton, Mass. Olson, Judith 805 Fifth Avenue, S.W. Austin, Minnesota Payne, Sydney 2311 Stanley Avenue Fort Worth, Texas Pearson, Grace Old Pine Island Road, Newbury, Mass. Pelton, David 17 Cherry Road Kingston, R.I. Pfund, William RFD 441 Columbia, Ohio Pietzak, Roger 50 Holly Street St. Attleboro, Mass. Place, Deane 106 School Street New Bedford, Mass. Priest, Lynne 57 Birch Grove Drive Pittsfield, Mass. Radel, Arnold 7234 Bradford Philadelphia, Pa. Ramus, Ann 954 Kingston Road Princeton, N.J. Raum, Richard 113 Bonnall Avenue Chester, Pa. Renzi, Patrick 1534 Van Cotrlandt Street Schenectady, N.Y. Robbins, Richard 109 Hartsuff Street Rockland, Mass. Robinson, Mrs. Gail Caldwell 140 E. Rosemary Lane Falls Church, Va. Robinson, Judith 618 N. Second Street Lindsborg, Kansas Salafia, Robert 638 High Street Middletown, Conn. Salazar, Erlinda 720 Matimyes Sampaloc Manila, Phillippines Saslavsky, Arnold 27 Long Avenue Allston, Mass. Schnierer, Henry 3 Lawrence Street New Hyde Park, L.I., N.Y. Schulze, Mrs. Virginia 304 Westgate Street Boston, Mass. Shelton, Lucy 1100 Oxford Avenue Clarmont, California Skelton, Mrs. Carolyn 808 North 44th Omaha, Nebraska Smith, Mrs. Carolyn Friguglietti 86 Bay State Road, Apt. 34 Boston, Mass. Smith, James 26 Standish Road Arlington, Mass. Sone, Michiko 204-D-44, Sokamatsubara-dachi Soka-shi, Saitamaken, Japan Stein, William 4 Beacon Street Boston, Mass. Stewart, Penelope 70 Eastview Drive Windsor, Conn. 102 Stone, Robin 2 Orchard Street Greenfield, Mass. Tabb, Mrs. Marilyn 514 Pierce Street West Plains, Missouri Thidemann, Sandra 12 Montana Drive Holden, Mass. Ventre, Philip 745 Bedford Street Abington, Mass. Verchese, Clara 25 Duncain Close Singapore Walker, Janet West Cornwall Conn. Wayland, Newton 1807 Paterna Road Santa Barbara, California Weed, Allison 26 Delcy Drive Dekab, Illinois Winer, Saul 67 Forest Avenue Swampscott, Mass. Wong, Julia 21 Hankow, Flat D Kowloon, Hong Kong Wrzesien, William 57 Chicopee Street Chicopee, Mass. Yauger, Margaret 420 Argyle Road Birmingham, Alabama Yokoyama, Sadako 4e4-7, Kichijoji-honcho Musashigo-shi Tokyo, Japan Yudacufski, Allan 237 W. Chestnut Street Frackville, Pa. 1 i . 5 4: Photos by Marjorie Lenk "4'SnaL"' F it, Ti V171 . ' ' .1 'Wifi' v 1 -.wx "'-I-nm., Nui -.,-1... ' - r' - ,-...,A.. 5 nab. ' w v 1 .,,, p.. W ' "Sw "1 -, : -., ml M 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X If 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 X 1 I 1 X 1 1 1 X 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 X . 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . X1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1

Suggestions in the New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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