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J PHONIC Wl»- .tie c a ,»«- Jew England Conservatory A COLLEGE OF MUSIC trie bra V y ii ' loma dlblt recital, ,,,■„„, V. " COft » . ,, The New England Conservatory A COLLEGE OK MUSIC i ' f 4 f i,- It 01 flA ° 14 A AW .. ,r °» ft. 7 r V. MUSIC FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Mcmhcra ul ' the New hn lind CoMRVRtOrT Oirhcitm NEUME NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC ROSTON MASSACHUSETTS Mv . 7 ' X ' c : t, " ft Mi Poula 8| « Mo» r ' fll rroviMi,„ PRELUDE The love of learning and the love for music compose the theme of the New England Conservatory of Music . The 1962 edition of the Conservatory yearbook, the Neume, essen- tially depicts a concert and its composition. With our photographs we have tried to capture the informality of being. With our literary comments we have attempted to bring a personal thought to every student . Consolidating these two elements to bring about a uni- fying, vivid picture of this past year, has been the objec- tive of the Neume staff. With obstacles of dissimilar pro- portions, the assiduous people working for the book have put in long hours trying to surmount these barriers . At this point we would personally like to thank the members of the faculty, patiently tolerating the needs of our endeavors. " The people behind the pages, " are the people we would like to thank for enhancing the representation of the Con- servatory and events which took place in " a year gone by. " May the fruits of our labor be the reward for these efforts . Editors-in-chief Diane J . Cullington Henry G . Schnierer DEDICATION Richard B. Rosewall has been with the voice faculty of the New Eng- land Conservatory since his appointment in the spring of 1959. Mr. Rosewall also participates in the Music Education Department teaching voice class and serves as the director of opera and operetta productions . Richard Rosewall earned his Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Master of Education at the University of Minnesota, where he was granted a teaching fellowship. His recently completed HANDBOOK FOR SINGING is now being used initially this term at the Conservatory in ad- dition to Austin College and Indiana State Teachers College . Busy days followed his matriculation at the University of Minnesota. Supervisor and director of music in Little Falls Community Chorus, he gave private and group instruction in voice at the University of Minne- sota and organized the Rosewall Singers who concertized extensively near Minneapolis. Prior to joining the New England Conservatory, Mr. Rosewall was a faculty member of Indiana State Teachers College where in addition to private and class vocal instruction he lead the Choral Union and was di- rector of the Opera Department . We are indeed quite fortunate to have Mr. Rosewall with us. Richard Rosewall will always be remembere d as a competent musician and a de- voted music educator . We regard you with the warmest thoughts and most gratefully and humbly dedicate to you this, our 1962 NEUME . 5 AND FACULTY DIRECTOR DR. JAMES ALIFERIS President Since the Yearbook is a souvenir of experiences and activities of student days, it seems appropriate that I mention a few of the recent memorable occasions . The graduating students have had the opportunity to work with Mr . Prausnitz during his first year as Conductor of the Conservatory Orchestra. Already, although only two con- certs have been played, the members of the graduating class will remember his extraor- dinary technical insight into complex musical sonorities and the efficient manner in which he is able to bring clarity and desired proportion . You will recall how the members of the Opera Department, Orchestra, and Modern Dance joined in a spectacular presentation of Purcell ' s great masterpiece, " Dido and Aeneas. " The union of these forces created an operatic production of such calibre that it was recorded on Video Tape by the National Educational Television and Radio Center . Then there was the heavy responsibility entrusted to our Chorus when they performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and recorded for RCA Victor Ravel ' s " Daphnis and Chloe " and " Romeo and Juliet " of Berlioz in one semester. The simple statement of these performances is an eloquent testimony of the respect the professional world has for the quality of music training at the New England Conserva- tory . We are proud of the accomplishments of the New England Conservatory students and feel confident that in the years to come, you, the members of the graduating class, will have occasion to recall these very valuable experiences at the Conservatory that helped prepare you for a successful career in music. 7 CONDUCTORS It has been my pleasure to know you and assist you in your preparation for a professional career in music. I shall want to know of your successes . I hope we shall meet again and I want you to know that you will always be welcome at the New England Conser- vatory . My sincere best wishes . Executive Dean Dean of the Graduate Division What will the Class of 1962 contribute to music? The record will not be written for many years to come but each of you will write a chapter of that rec ord . You will go many ways and achieve varying successes. Some of you will perform, many will teach, and others will serve music in still different capacities . You will all face the practical realities of making your way in your profession and in so- ciety . I hope that in so doing you will remain al- ways devoted to the highest artistic standards, that you will be evermindful of your obligation to pass along to others only the best of your art. You have the opportunity to achieve a proud class record, but it can be only the sum of your individual accom- plishments . Nothing which men ' s minds have conceived is nobler than music, the most universal and beautiful of all the arts . You have chosen to devote your careers to music because you have something to give to music. How effectively, how significantly will you give? How inspiring will be your chapter in the record of the Class of 1962? Dean of the Undergraduate Divis AUDITIONERS Carol Walden LIBRARIAN ADMINIS L. to R.: Amber Cox, ASSIST- ANT TO THE GRADUATE DEAN and Judith Reynolds, SECRETARY TO THE GRADU- ATE DEAN. REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE L. to R.: Sally Morris, SEC- RETARY; Mildred Collins, ASSISTANT TO THE REGIS- TRAR; Martha Cooke, SEC- RETARY. Edward Kupperstein DIRECTOR OF PLACE- MENT Charles Allgrove BUSINESS MANAGER fRATION 12 14 15 NOT PICTURED ALICE CAN AD AY ANDRE COME SAM D. BONA VENTURA EVERETT FIRTH CORINNE FLAVIN LISA FREDRICK VICTORIA GLASER WILLIAM GRASS FLORENCE HARTNETT FREDERICK JAGEL EMILE JALBERT HELEN KEANEY PAUL KEANEY VIRGINIA KLOTZLE EDITH KRAMER ALFRED KRIPS EUGENE LEHNER CHRISTOPHER LORING ROSA RIO MAZZEO DR. JOSEPH MILIC-EMILI MILLARD NEIGER ERNEST PANENKA LOUISE PAPPOUTSAKIS EDWARD PERRY DR. T. HAYES PROCTER RHODORA SMITH CARLO SORESINA LOWS SPEYER JAMES STAGLIANO ROBERT STUART RICHARD SUMMERS FELIX VISCUGLIA FELIX WOLFES ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE CAMILLE COPPEZ DORIOT DWYER 17 MEMORIAM The student body wishes to acknowledge the efforts of its former teacher, Miss Lottie H. Lenn. Miss Lenn came to this country after extensive training at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in her native Frankfurt Main. However, she was forced to leave Ger- many just before receiving her Ph.D. in Fine Arts. This training was supplemented by eight additional years of private study throughout Europe . While in Europe for a period of six years, she translated the official art maga- zine of the Vatican into three languages. Before Miss Lenn ' s appointment to the faculty in 1948 she taught at the Boston Center for Adult Education and at the Sacred Heart Country Day School in Newton, Massa- chusetts. Starting in 1948 Miss Lenn was the art critic for " The Pilot, " a weekly paper published by the Archdio- cese of Boston. Her book, POPE PIUS XII, ROCK OF PEACE, is now in its second edition and has just been translated into Portuguese. It is quite fitting that Lottie Lenn now appears in WHO ' S WHO IN CATHOLIC AMERICA. Miss Lenn will long be remembered not only for these accomplishments but for her ability to open our eyes to a new world of art . 18 . . . AND THESE WERE HER CLASSROOMS 19 PERFORMERS 22 YVETTE M. CAPILLON Music Education Supervision PATRICIA L. CAPONE Music Education Voice Uta Graf 24 ANNE M. FRANCIOSE Piano Miklos Schwalb CAROLYN PURCELL GEISSLER (MRS.) Music Education Supervision ROBERT G. GIORGI Music Education Supervision 27 28 29 30 31 DOUGLAS RISNER Organ Donald Willing ARIANE SCHAUB Violin Richard Burgin 33 SISTER INCARNATA, C.J.C. Music Education Supervision SUSAN H. SMITH Organ Donald Willing 34 DAVID L. TATE Church Music Organ Donald Willing NOT PICTURED JAMES BADOLATO HAROLD LAZARON Clarinet — Rosario Mazzeo Music Education Music Therapy ROSEMARY BAUE Voice — Gladys Miller SUSAN LOVEGROVE Voice Pedagogy LEONARD BEARSE Voice--Gladys Miller Music Education Supervision ROBERT PETTIPAW Trumpet — Roger Voisin DAVE) CUSHMAN Church Music CAROL JEAN RAND Organ- -Donald Willing Piano- -Miklos Schwalb CLARK GREEN THOMAS READ Music Education Violin — Richard Burgin Supervision THOMAS VASE. MICHAEL LAY Music Education Composition — F. Judd Cooke Supervision LUISE VON EHREN Piano- -David Barnett 35 38 JULIE ANNE CASE Composition Daniel Pinkham JOSEPH P. CIFELLI Music Education Piano Donald Smith 39 FRANK CLARK Music Education Voice Dorothy Richards BRENDA ANN COLE Organ Donald Willing I 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 49 50 WINFIELD SWARR Clarinet Gino Cioffi H1ROKO TANAKA Piano David Barnett ■n 51 52 MAUD ALICE TRIMMER Violin Robert Brink RAYMOND J. VALENTE Music Education Piano Donald Smith 53 54 L. to R.: Susan Ellis, Secretary; Frank Clark, President; Winfield Swarr, Treasurer; and Edward Fenninger, Vice-President. 56 UNDERGRADUATES UNDERSTUDIES L. to R.: Linda Jackson, Vice-President; Frances Zak, President; Kenneth Hilliard, Treasurer; and Barbara Katz, Secretary. 59 60 CHORUS This year the chorus performed everything from Michael Fink ' s SEPTEM ANGELI to the Jewish folk- song ANNA PANA DODECH . A large part of the choral activity centered around the Christmas and Spring con- certs. How firmly planted in the ears of the chorus is that solid D major chord which brought to a close the FRIEDE AUF ERDEN; in contrast, Randall Thompson ' s FROSTIANA brought delight to all with its simplicity and stirring message . The Tour Chorus, besides its usual jaunt during spring vacation, this year covering Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; Montecello, New York; and New York City, had a fasci- nating array of appearances around the Boston area including the Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Tavern Club. One of the high points in the development and life of the New England Conservatory Chorus since its organization in 1947 as a performing group has been its relationship with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, both in performances at Symphony Hall and in recordings of works which have won international fame with the Boston Symphony Orchestra recorded by RCA Victor. Since 1952 the BSO has invited the N.E.C. Chorus to sing at least one major choral work each season. This year, our glorious tenth anniversary in performing with the orchestra, has given the women of the chorus the honor of working under Dr. Munch in the Debussy NOCTURNES. Further on in the season Nadia Boulanger conducted the full chorus in the three Psalms composed by her sister Lili. 64 65 A CAPPELLA CHOIR 67 I told you to ask their names when we took the picture! School was never like this 68 MU PHI EPSILON FRONT ROW: C. Nadon, C. Mesuse, J. Travaglini, S. Oleson, E. Tinsman, C. Man. BACK ROW: B. Wolfson, L. Tuchinsky, S. Ellis, L. Doell, D. Cullington, A. Biscotti. Mu Phi Epsilon had a busy and prosperous year. In addition to the successful cookie sales Mu Phi members were actively engaged in participation on chapter mu- sicales and various concerts throughout Boston and close-by cities. During the Christ- mas season members performed in Bedford at the War Veterans Hospital and at Pay- son Park Congregational Church in Belmont. During February MjZ)E provided enter- tainment for the Mu Phi Alumnae Chapter of the Boston area. Mu Phi Epsilon also prides itself in the aid of several altruistic projects . Our contributions help support the MacDowell Colony, the school of music at Gad Hill, Illinois and one of the lodges at Interlocken, Michigan. Miss Frances Zak, a violin major, has been the de- serving recipient of our Freshman Achievement Award for the year 1961-1962. Frances was recognized on the basis of her outstanding citizenship, scholarship and musicianship. President: Carolyn Marr Vice-President: Elizabeth Tinsman Recording Secretary: Betty Price Corresponding Secretary: Sally Oleson Treasurer: Charlotte Mesuse 72 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA L. to R.: J. Adelberg, B. Cole, I. Weldon, P. Wyman, and R. Hendrich. SAI was founded to help promote and further musical knowledge for their members . The girls have opportunity to perform in public, which they did this winter in Jordan Hall, under the capable direction of Richard Rosewall with Mac Morgan as guest artist . A Lenten Musical was given this past semester consisting of sacred pieces for vocalists and instrumentalists. Also, a series of radio programs featuring per- formances by the members . Metropolitan Opera stars that are honorary members of SAI attended a tea given by the sorority when the company was on tour here in Boston this spring. Money raising projects included the traditional cookie sales. The national convention of Sigma Alpha Iota will be held in Chicago this summer with representatives sent from the local chapter. Lasting for five days, this will in- clude business meetings, luncheons, and musical programs . President: Barbara Jacobson Vice-President: Robin Hendrich Secretary: Janet Adelberg Treasurer: Patricia Wyman 73 DELTA OMICRON B. Newberry Miss Richards The active participation of Delta Omicron in N.E.C . has not suffered despite its severe lack of local members . This past school year consisted of serving luncheons to the Handel -Haydn Society, giving a Founders Day concert of choral music conducted by Nancy Garrerio, an alumnae member, and offering scholarships to the students of the Conservatory. The international president of Delta Omi- cron was a guest of the school chapter during the fall . S. Mull President: Beverly Newberry Vice-President: Sharon Mulligan Treasurer: Jane Goode Advisor: Miss Dorothy Richards 74 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA FRONT ROW: M. Madeiros, W. Swarr, J. Kern, F. Clark, R. Bonnin, E. Fenninger, V. Bucci, B. Richman. MID- DLE ROW: B. Warshavsky, R. Swanson, K. Leerstane, H. Schnierer, F. Zaleski, W. Wrzesien, S. Zboya, T. Smith, R. Modr. BACK ROW: J. Cifelli, K. Mitchell, R. Metcalf, P. Canady, S. Schwartz, W. Demsey, R. Olive, R. Magnuson. This year the membership of Sinfonia grew significantly, with a considerable num- ber of new brothers initiated in both first and second semester. A number of Sinfonians gave a concert at the Boston State Hospital under Mr. Arthur Fultz ' s capable direction, as they have done in previous years. They also gave an in- formal public concert in the fraternity room at which members displayed their various talents . A few chosen members attended the National Convention held in New York and brought back reports on the activities of other chapters. President: Frank Clark Vice-President: Reginald Bonnin Treasurer: Edward Fenninger Secretary: John Kern Historian: Winfield Swarr Warden and Pledge Master: Vincent Bucci 75 ICAPPA GAMMA PSI Kappa Gamma Psi held two concerts this year and sponsored another of Opera music. The annual bean supper and smoker were successful with a good num- ber of students attending each. This year Kappa initiated for the first time in the history of the school, a series of debates on issues of interest to students and faculty. President- -Richard Leete 1st Vice-President--Larry Read Treasurer- -Ira Deutsch Recording Sec „- -Richard Starr Corresponding Sec.--Lyle Davidson Sergeant - -John Kuhner Chaplain, Historian --Walt Coker 76 ELSON CLUB FRONT ROW: J. Bergeson, P. Mielke, G. Boughey, C. Henson, B. Harding. BACK ROW: D. Allen, E. Roessler, G. Shepherd, C. Blake. Elson Club members were certainly happy to greet and activate their nine pledges; Lynn Henson, Joanne Kingett, Sandra Thidemann, Carole Fusaro, Gwen Shepherd, Liz Roessler, Carole Blake, Dottie Allen and Barbara Harding. The pledge class was quite a spirited group and per- formed their many pledge duties admirably . At the end of the pledge period they gave us a party as well as a very appropriate memento which is in evidence in our club room and we held their formal initiation pre- ceded by a dinner . During the year our activities included various sales at school, a Christmas party for members and guests, charity work, a spring outing and our annual banquet . 77 CONSERVATORY CLUB L. to R.: E. Munson, V. Van Ham, L. Stecko, J. Cusanelli, S. Welch, R.Hendrich. This year has seen a partial face-lifting in the Conservatory Club room, with the addition of a new rug, coffee table and curtains . Besides our monthly cookie sales, we have presented concerts at various churches and organizations in the Boston Area . President: Susan Welch Vice-President: Juliette Cusanelli Secretary: Virginia Van Ham Treasurer: Estella Munson 78 NEWMAN CLUB FRONT ROW: B. Newberry, P. Ventre, F. Zak, Rev. Hofler, D. Girardin, A. Hawryluk, C. Friguglietti. BACK ROW: M. Dumont, V. Bucci, A. Trimmer, D. Mandell, F. Zaleski, D. Lawson, J. Buckley, C. Henson. The Newman Club is open to all interested Catholic and non-Catholic students at N.E.C. It ' s purpose is to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual and social activities. The threefold purpose of Newman Club is presented throughout the year by recep- tion of the sacraments, lectures by the chaplain, selected guest speakers, discussion groups, dances and outings. The organization meets in two sections each week- -one for dormitory residents and the other for commuter students. The club has many opportunities in its affiliation with both the Archdiocesan and Na- tional Newman Club Federations to participate in events sponsored by the numerous other Newman Club chapters in colleges and universities in the Boston area. Chaplain: Reverend Edward Hofler, C.S.P. President: Frances Zak Vice-President: David Girardin Secretary -Treasurer: Alan Hawryluk 79 STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: L. Doell, J. Kingett, P. Mielke, K. Hilliard, I. Weldon, E. Munson, E. Fenninger, R. Hendrich, D. Cullington, S. Oleson, J. Geller, B. Newberry, B. Katz, A. McCarthy. STANDING: W. Swarr, F. Clark, F. Zak, D. Marotta, B. Warshavsky. This council, the most important activity of the New England Conservatory, con- sists of the president and treasurer of each class, a representative of the Dormitory Council and representatives of the various clubs, fraternities and sororities in the school . Our activities of the 1961-1962 season included a special outing to Peterborough, N.H., the furnishing of the new student recreation room, the Strauss Ball and All- School Banquet plus numerous activities pertinent to the life of the school . 80 HOUSE COUNCIL L. to R.: B. Katz, G. Boughey, J. Sweet, B. Warshavsky, Mrs. Kenny, P. Crane, C. Nadon, P. Keator, M. Dumont. The House Council is comprised of members of the dormitory who are elected by their individual classes. This council represents affairs directly involving dormitory students . This year the council established a regular weekly open house during which all floors were open to both male and female residents between the hours of 2 and 7 . In addition, freshman girls ' curfew was extended one -half hour and the student lounge on the main floor was open for an additional two hours on weekdays and an additional one hour on weekends . Informal attire is more widely seen as the council extended the wearing of slacks to weekdays after the hour of six p.m. and Sundays after dinner. In addition to these rulings, the House Council discussed many other issues and we feel that much was accomplished to help make the dormitory a happier place in which to live. 81 M.E.N.C. SEATED: C. Nadon, E. Tinsman, C. Marr, Dr. Silverman, Mrs. Whitney, D. Cullington. STANDING: M. Dib- ner, E. Rosen, C. Blake, M. Medeiros, H. Schnierer, F. Zaleski, F. Clark, V. Van Ham, D. Girardin, V. Bucci, P. Mielke, M. Beuthune. The N.E.C. Student Chapter of the Music Educators National Conference is opened to music education majors and is designed to introduce potential teachers to their pro- fessional field of music. This year, under the auspices of Student Council, five music education seniors at- tended the national convention in Chicago . Catherine Nadon, Diane Cullington, John Kern, Robert Swanson, and Manuel Medeiros spent the hectic five -day -period, attend- ing lectures and seminars, which covered the various aspects of music education. A distinguished publication put out by the National Chapter of the MUSIC EDUCA- TORS JOURNAL, which contains articles written by leaders in music education from all over the world. 82 °0 L- of V , 7». 0 " , T y r, r " r grot, »ery ' ° " of 0. en It ty ( n v ■do, ' As to. n,i »h ' 7- serf P c tin- " t; f G 4 9j ' by h ' ' • ' " ■in, The student publication, the MELODIC LINE, contains reviews of student concerts, articles on student activities, and information of interest to music students in general. Through its " Letters to the Editor " column, it allows the students to voice their ap- proval or disapproval of different facets of N.E.C. activity. This year, besides continuing the monthly articles on Conservatory students, the MELODIC LINE instituted a number of new features including reviews of local movies and articles on members of the Conservatory staff. Through its increased staff, the MELODIC LINE was able to branch out in many new direction and next year should find it even more successful. r. °«e 7 .s C hp 7. Pes J ) 4 c n ° ' - ft? " fin .. " to ' 7, •Sir ( X A ; rk con c , o s : JV . " » ■ i " ill ( ' :r«o 0n " ■A s 11 ' 11 , " y Of g As stit hi;. " ir ict s •A a " Ms SEATED: B. Richman, R. Hendrich, E. Munson, B. Warshavsky. STANDING: F. Zak, H. Schnierer, J. Geller, B. Newberry. .5 NEUME STAFF L. to R.: M. Dumont, L. Tuchinsky, H. Schnierer, D. Cullington, M. Dibner, C. Blake. 84 L. to R.: Henry Schnierer and Diane Cullington- -Co-Editors, Dean Hicks --Advisor. NEUME STAFF SEATED: R. Simon, L. Tuchinsky, M. Dibner, D. Cullington, H. Schnierer, C. Blake, D. Allen, M. Dumont. STANDING: R. Modr, G. Shepherd, R. Katz, B. Warshavsky, J. Geller, L. Kublin, P. Crane, G. Lewis. 8 r CHESTER W. WILLIAMS, President Elected January 19, 1962 86 87 RECEPTION 1 1 I R A 1! D £ v R I Y I S E M E N T S 1 1 f FACULTY DIRECTORY Barbeau, Bernard 17 Amherst Rd. Beverly, Mass . Barnett, David 7 Tappan Rd. Wellesley, Mass . Brink, Robert 656 Grove St. Newton Lower Falls, Mass . Burgin, Richard 12 Salisbury Rd. Brookline, Mass. Canaday, Alice 18 Hillside Ave. Arlington, Mass. Cioffi, Gino 82 Gainsboro St. Boston, Mass . Come, Andre 16 Ridge Hill Rd. Canton, Mass . Cooke, F . Judd 2 Stratham Rd. Lexington, Mass . Coppez, Camille 62 Beach St. Maiden, Mass . Creighton, Malcolm 84 The Fenway Boston, Mass . Davis, Eleanor 25 Peterboro St . Boston, Mass . Demos, Jean 10 Francis Ave . Cambridge, Mass. dePasquale, Joseph 141 Summit Ave . Brookline, Mass. deVaron, Lorna Cooke 26 Walker St . Cambridge, Mass. DiBonaventura, Sam 1065 Beacon St . Brookline, Mass. Dwyer, Doriot A. 54 Nancy Rd. Chestnut Hill, Mass. Fesperman, John 11 Unity St. Boston, Mass . Firth, Everett 66 The Fenway Boston, Mass . Flavin, Corinne 4 Haviland St . Boston, Mass . Frederick, Lisa 383 Harvard St. Cambridge, Mass. Fultz, Arthur F . 80 Auburn St . Auburndale, Mass. Gibson, William 342 Hillcrest Rd . Needham, Mass . Giguere, Jeanne tte 36 Beals St. Brookline, Mass. Girouard, Alice 121 St. Stephen St. Boston, Mass. Glaser, Victoria 37 Hawthorn St. Cambridge, Mass. Goding, Howard 84 The Fenway Boston, Mass . Goldovsky, Boris 183 Clinton Rd. Brookline, Mass. Gomberg, Ralph 264 Mill St . Newton, Mass. Graf, Uta 248 Winchester St. Brookline, Mass. Grass, William 22 Oakencroft Rd . Wellesley, Mass Hartnett, Florence 166 Mountain Ave . Maiden, Mass . Hayashi, Yuko 175 Hemenway St. Boston, Mass . Humphrey, Homer 87 St. Stephen St. Boston, Mass. 89 Hunt, Percy 59 Randolph Rd . Chestnut Hill, Mass. Jagel, Frederick 1514 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass . Jalbert, Emile 50 Downing St . Hingham, Mass . Jaskolski, Alexandra 84 Langley Rd . Brighton, Mass . Kapuscinski, Richard 65 Willard Circle Westwood, Mass . Lehner, Eugene 60 Charlotte Rd. Newton Center, Mass . Loring, Christopher 3 Walnut Ave . Cambridge, Mass. Lothian, Anna 1 14 Hemenway St . Boston, Mass . Mason, Margaret 54 Revere St . Boston, Mass . Mazzeo, Rosario 114 The Fenway Boston, Mass . Morgan, Mac R. Jr. Box 525 Stockbridge, Mass. Nadeau, Roland 39 Henry St . Winchester, Mass. Neiger, Millard 117 Spiers Ave . Newton Center, Mas Oldenburg, Johanna 38 Bowdoin St . Cambridge, Mass. Panenka, Ernst 95 Longwood Ave . Brookline, Mass. Keaney, Helen 48 Jamaica Rd . Brookline, Mass. Keaney, Paul 48 Jamaica Rd . Brookline, Mass. Klbtzle, Virginia 84 Hazeltine St . Bradford, Mass . Kramer, Edith 23A Hayes St. Cambridge, Mass. Krips, Alfred 15 Windsor Rd. Brookline, Mass. Lanier, Frances 4 Humboldt St . Cambridge, Mass. McKay, Ruth 33 Pinckey St. Boston, Mass . McKinley, Dr. Carl 128 St. Mary ' s St. Boston, Mass. Milic-Emili, Dr. Joseph 207 Park Drive Boston, Mass . Miller, Gladys 60 The Fenway Boston, Mass . Moleux, Georges 38 Westland Ave . Boston, Mass . Monaghan, Lucille 60 The Fenway Boston, Mass . Pappoutsakis, James 36 Beverly Rd . Brookline, Mass . Pappoutsakis, Louise 36 Beverly Rd . Brookline, Mass. Perry, Edward 203 Pond St . Natick, Mass . Pinkham, Daniel Jr. 154 Foster St. Cambridge, Mass. Poole, Jean 1716 Cambridge St. Cambridge, Mass. Posselt, Ruth 12 Salisbury Rd. Brookline, Mass. 90 Pottle, Ralph 109 Hemenway St . Boston, Mass . Prausnitz, Frederick 206 Commonwealth Ave . Boston, Mass . Procter, Dr. T. Hayes 20 Tappan Rd. Wellesley, Mass . Richards, Dorothy 69 Henry St . No . Quincy, Mass . Rosewall, Richard 30 Russell Circle Natick, Mass . Rushford, Colette 184 Lafayette St. Salem, Mass. Scheitz, Barbara 6 Grand View Rd. Arlington, Mass . Schwalb, Miklos 63 Mt . Vernon St . Boston, Mass . Silverman, Dr. Herbert 135 Middlesex Ave. Wilmington, Mass . Smith, Donald 588 Brush Hill Rd. Milton, Mass . Smith, Rhodora 122 Bowdoin St. Boston, Mass . Smith, Warren S . 122 Bowdoin St. Boston, Mass . Soresina, Carlo 27 Everett St . Cambridge, Mass. Speyer, Louis 135 University Rd. Brookline, Mass. Stagliano, James 250 Cliff Rd . Wellesley Hills, Mass. Stevens, Alice Pelham Hall, 1284 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass. Stuart, Robert 1347 Walnut St. Newton Highlands, Mass. Summers, Richard Sunnyside Lane Lincoln, Mass . Tesson, William 33 Roberts Rd . Medford, Mass. Van Lennep, Dr. William 5 Fuller Place Cambridge, Mass. Viscuglia, Felix 24 Whipple Rd. Lexington, Mass . Vlahcevic, Sonia Klosek 1191 Boylston St. Boston, Mass . Voisin, Roger 252 Moss Hill Rd. Jamaica Plain, Mass . Walt, Sherman 23 Fox Hill Drive Weston Farms, Natick, Mass . Whitney, Leta F . 238 Hemenway St . Boston, Mass . Willing, Donald 426 Grove St. Needham, Mass . Wolfes, Felix 72 Westland Ave. Boston, Mass . Zighera, Alfred 6 Griggs Terrace Brookline, Mass. Zighera, Bernard 15 Monmouth Court Brookline, Mass. 91 GRADUATE DIRECTORY Badolato, James 338 Commonwealth Ave . Boston 15, Mass . Bartolomucci, Regina M. 42 Elmwood Street Revere 51, Mass . Bartolotti, SalvatoreV. 91 Litchfield Street Brighton 35, Mass. Baue, Rosemary D. 66 Chester Road Belmont 78, Mass. Bearse, Leonard E . 87 Tilden Road Scituate, Mass. Bender, Barbaras. 90 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Mass . Berger, Sally K . 1 Dana Street, Apt. 4 Cambridge 38, Mass. Berry, Georgiana M. 9 Eliot Street Watertown 72, Mass. Best, Crawford, Jr. 106 Gainsboro Street, Apt. 2A Boston 15, Mass . Bowden, Robert C . 29 York Avenue Watertown 72, Mass. Brading, Anne T. 1111 Southwest Ave . Johnson City, Tenn. Campbell, Judith M. 1086 Commonwealth Ave. Boston 15, Mass . Capillon, Yvette M. 46 Prince Street Attleboro, Mass. Capone, Patricia L . 351 Lowell Street Wakefield, Mass . Chamberlain, Oliver, Jr. 8 Story Street Cambridge 38, Mass. Chun, LeumS. (Mrs.) 105 Peterboro Street, Apt. 3 Boston 15, Mass . Churchill, Catherine L. 20 Banks Street Cambridge 38, Mass. Cohen, Jerome D. 98 Hemenway Street Boston 15, Mass . Cushman, David S . 159 Ruggles Street Roxbury Centre 20, Mass . Danesi, David J . 1307 Stuart Blvd. N.E. Massilou, Ohio Diamantopoulos, A Diamantis 19 Dimocritou Street Athens, Greece Dowd, John A. 52 Parkinson Street Needham 92, Mass . Edwards, Edgar E . 280A Rumstick Road Barrington, R. I. Edwards, Eleanor E. (Mrs.) 485 Huntington Ave . , Apt. 10 Boston 15, Mass . Edwards, Peter L. 485 Huntington Ave., Apt. 10 Boston 15, Mass . Ezer, Alvin M. 19 Myrna Road Framingham, Mass . Fidlar, Charles L . 145 Hemenway Street Boston 15, Mass . Fink, Michael A. 5640 Sorrento Drive Long Beach, Calif. Franciose, Anne M. 10 Vernon Avenue South Barre, Mass . Frederick, Lisa T. 383 Harvard Street Cambridge 38, Mass. Frohnmeyer, Mira J „ 1656 Spring Street Medford, Oregon Geissler, Carolyn Purcell (Mrs.) 25 Milton Street Arlington, Mass . Giorgi, Robert G . Bowman Drive N . Greenwich, Conn. Goodman, Margaret Luttrell 3824 Maloney Road Knoxville, Tenn. 92 Green, Rosilita M. 8 Cumberland Street, Apt. 13 Boston 15, Mass . Greene, Clark L . 1 West Main Street Ashby, Mass . Guy, Bonnie L . 1655 W. Water Street Elmira, N. Y. Hibbard, William A. 166 Newbury Street Boston 16, Mass . Hill, Claude F . 82 Gainsboro Street, Apt. IB Boston 15, Mass . Hirosawa, Setsuko 1 Parkway Terrace Cambridge 38, Mass. Huszti, Allen W. 77 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Mass . Jones, Junetta 32 Rutland Street Boston 18, Mass . Keeler, Herbert J . 556 Cabot Street Beverly, Mass . Kelch, Paula 321 West Mazon Ave. Dwight, HI. Lay, Michael 239 Marlboro Street Boston 16, Mass . Lazaron, Harold V . 139 Park Street Newton 58, Mass . Lee, Sylvia 96 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Mass . Leerstang, Kenneth B. 875 Huntington Ave . Boston 15, Mass . Lewis, M. Delight 31 Grove Street, Apt. 3 Boston 14, Mass . Lindeman, Anne E . 376 Marlboro Street Boston 15, Mass . Lovegrove, Susan F . 175 Hemenway Street, Apt. 12 Boston 15, Mass . Mandell, Donald A. 24 Barrington Road Ridge wood, N.J. Matney, Sarita A. Medford Addition Baileysville, W. Va. 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Urrico, Grace 119 Hemenway Street Boston 15, Mass . Valasek, Marion L. 12 Cedar Street Potsdam, N. Y. Van Ham, Vernice E . 89 Farm Lane Westwood, Mass. Vasil, Thomas 20 Marion Street Waltham, Mass. Von Ehren, Louise 69 Sagamore Road Bronxville, N. Y. Wat j en, Craig 88 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Mass . Willia, John C, Jr. 30 Rangeley Road Winchester, Mass. Womack, Norman E . 45A Atherton Road Brookline, Mass. Wu, Helen Wing -hung 66 Montrose Street Newton, Mass . Yang, Katrine 96 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Mass . Yeh, Pao-Hsi 54 Revere Street Boston, Mass . Yuen, Thelma(Mrs.) 45 Dana Street Cambridge, Mass. 94 UNDERGRADUATE DIRECTORY Abe, Hiroko 37 Takataoyokawa -cho Bunyko-ku, Tokyo, Jap. Adelberg, Janet H . 5514 Southbend Road Baltimore 9, Md. Allen, Dorothy 77 James Street Saco, Maine Anesini, Emil 311 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass . Anner, Gretchen 2028 Berg Road Buffalo 18, N. Y. Armstrong, D. Stuart 236 West Main Street Newark, Del . 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Eaton, Marie L . 40 Station Street Quincy 69, Mass . Ellis, Susan Ann 72 Winthrop Street Augusta, Me. Engle, F . Peter 15 North Shore Road Sparta, N.J. Erb, Gordon 74 Harvard Ave . Brookline 46, Mass. Eyrich, Earl 116 Avenue North Route 1, Osseo, Minn. Fairbank, C . Spring 770 Ash Street Winnetka, 111. Famulary, J. Lawrence 55 William Street Red Bank, N.J. 96 Fannon, C . Margaret 243 Concord Street Holliston, Mass . Faust, George 78 West 18th Street Bayonne , N . J . Fenninger, P. Edward, Jr. 1431 Edge Hill Road Abington, Penn. Findlay, Marta 15 Dean Street Westwood, Mass . Fox, Alberta Mill Road Olive Bridge, N. Y. Franco, David 653 Delcomune Ave. Elisabethville, Congo Freas, Elizabeth RFD Argilla Road Ipswich, Mass . Friguglietti, Carolyn 89 Houghton Street Worcester, Mass. Fusaro, Carole 29 Alameda Road Worcester, Mass. Geller, John 19 Providence Ave . South Portland, Me. Gharibian, Telemak 230 Brattle Street Cambridge 38, Mass. Girardin, David 221 Brigham Hill Road North Grafton, Mass . Gleason, Chester 626 Hollis Street Framingham, Mass . Goding, Jeffrey 63 Upland Road Attleboro, Mass. Graae, Jonna 315 Myrtle Ave . Elmhurst, 111 . Grant, Cheryl 14 Green Street Marblehead, Mass. Gregor, Donna 96 Hemenway Street Boston 15, Mass . Gregorian, Leon 136 Langdon Ave. Watertown 72, Mass . Hagar, David RFD 2 Augusta, Maine Hallworth, Carol 18 William Ave . Seekonk, Mass . Hamilton, A. Lawrence, Jr. 537 5th Street Laurel, Miss. Harding, Barbara 257 Leroy Avenue Buffalo, New York Harvey, Cynthia 94 Pleasant Street Lexington, Mass . Hawryluk, Alan 12 Hersey Street Salem, Mass . Hazelo, Robert 92 Eunice Parkway Stratford, Conn. Hendrich, Robin M. 54 Glendale Road Grove Park, Asheville, N. C. Henson, Carolyn 4 Pleasant Street Lancaster, N. H. Hilliard, Kenneth Manchester Center Vermont Hoffman, Adrian 39 Depot Street Sharon, Mass . Houston, Patricia 1407 34th Street Sheffield, Ala. Hudson, David 199 River Road Andover, Mass. Isaac, Ronald 153 Hemenway Street, Apt. 18 Boston 15, Mass . Jackson, Linda 3 Princeton Street Danvers, Mass. Jacobson, Barbara 55 Monmouth Street Brookline 46, Mass. Jeffers, Lee 15 Follen Street Boston 16, Mass . 97 Johnson, Arthur 72 Barrets Mill Road West Concord, Mass . Johnson, James 210 North D Street Indiana, Iowa Katz, Barbara Sue 22 Brite Ave . Scarsdale, N. Y. Katz, Roger 120 East 81st Street, Apt. 15 -H New York, N. Y. Keator, Pamela Church Street Phoenicia, N . Y . Keeler, Mark 29 Salman Street West Roxbury, Mass. Kern, John H., Jr. Pleasant Street Marion, Mass . Kingett, Joanne 311 Edinburgh Street Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada Kmiec, Ronald R.F .D. No. 2, Main Street Salem, N. H. Kmiecik, Louise 75-53 Kessel Street Forest Hills, N. Y. Kneisel, Virginia 165 Great Plain Ave. Wellesley, Mass . Kublin, Lawrence 4 Oakland Road Sharon, Mass . Kuhner, John Goodman Hill Road Sudbury, Mass. 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McCreedy, Elizabeth 9 Mountain Place Upper Montclair, N. J. Medeiros, Manuel V . 42 Piatt Street Fall River, Mass . Menke, Juris 45 Mason Terrace Brookline, Mass. Mesuse, Charlotte 13718 Cedar Road Cleveland 18, Ohio 98 Metcalf, Ralph, Jr. 67 High Street South Dartmouth, Mass . Midei, James, Jr. 84 Brush Hill Road Sherborn, Mass . Mielke, Pamela 1302 Carr Street Sandusky, Ohio Milazzo, Charles 779 Huntington Ave . Boston, Mass . Milazzo, Lois 779 Huntington Ave . Boston, Mass . Mingolelli, Robert 426 Highland Ave . Winchester, Mass. Mitchell, Kenneth 187 Greenwood Street Cranston 10, R. I. Modr, Robert 15 Prospect Street Stafford Springs, Conn. Moe, Yolande 122 Church Street Wilmington, Mass . Molliver, Sarlynn 65 Lanark Road Brighton, Mass . Mulligan, Sharon R.F.D. 1 Canaan, N. H. Munson, Estella Middlebrook Drive Fairfield, Conn. Murphy, Noreen 46 Church Street Cohasset, Mass. Nadeau, Patricia 44 Shrine Ave . West Boylston, Mass . Nadon, Catherine A. 108 Broadway Pittsfield, Mass . Nargesian, John 63 Otis Street Newtonville 60, Mass. Newberry, Beverly Cherry Valley Road Columbia, Conn. Northrup, William Main Street Plympton, Mass . Oak, Ivan 3-8 2KA Chung Pa -Dong Seoul, Korea Ohba, Kanako 70-2 Ishizuka, Hanada Toyohashi, Aichi, Jap. Oleson, Sally 209 Elm Street West Concord, Mass . Oliva, Nancy 11 Wisteria Street Salem, Mass . Olive, Robert 17 Falmouth Street Belmont 78, Mass. Olson, Judith 805 5th Ave., S.W. Austin, Minn. Peacock, Jane 22 Woodfield Road Wellesley, Mass . Peacock, Valerie M. 48 Nichols Road Cohasset, Mass. Place, S . Deane 1350 Narragansett Blvd. Cranston 5, R.I. Polio, Judith 19 Lay don Ave . North Haven, Conn. Price, Betty Jane 1 North Bridge Street East Norwalk, Conn. Procter, Carol 4 Harvard Place Dedham, Mass . Rego, Anthony 96 E . Moran Street North Fairhaven, Mass. Rentel, Joanna 5 Girard Road Winchester, Mass. Renzi, Patrick 1534 Van Cortlandt St. Schenectady, N. Y. Reynolds, Paula I. 306 W. Poplar Street Harrisburg, 111 . Richman, Barry 733 Western Ave . Albany, N. Y. Robbins, Richard 109 Hartsuff Street Rockland, Mass. Robbins, Sandra 105 Colchester Street Brookline 46, Mass . 99 Robinson, Warren 1391 Union Street Manchester, N. H. Rod, Bernard 2830 Allendale Place N.W. Washington 8, D.C . Roessler, Elizabeth 20 Old Farm Road North Haven, Conn. Rosen, Elaine 39 Brighton 8th Place Brooklyn, N. Y. Running, Arne 1011 South 10th Street Moorhead, Minnesota Sampson, Annette 91 Ocean Ave . Deal, N.J. Sapochetti, Daniel 383 Arlington Street Watertown 72, Mass . Schnierer, Henry 3 Lawrence Street New Hyde Park, L.I. N. Y. Schwartz, Stephen 104 Cottage Street Chelsea, Mass. Scott, Nancy 15 Pilgrim Road West Hartford, Conn. Servizio, Bruno 17 Bennett Street Beverly, Mass . Simon, Ruby 88 Caffrey Ave . Bethpage L.I., N.Y. Skeen, Carolyn 812 North Main Street Mooresville, N. C. Smith, Thomas 649 Grandview Ave . Olean, N.Y. Sonne, Roy 2052 Ryer Ave . New York 57, N. Y. Sonobe, Sunao 60 Higashi Tamagawa- cho Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Jap. Sorbello, Roberta 276 Fenno Street Revere 51, Mass . Starr, Richard 8 Henderson Street Arlington 74, Mass. Stecko, Lucy 18 South Street Worcester, Mass. Stern, Jeffrey 1703 Wood Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio Stewart, Penelope 70 East View Drive Windsor, Conn. Stocks, Astrid 63 Robin Hood Lane Kingston Vale, London, England Strahan, Rev. Francis 9 Whitmore Street Boston, Mass . Sullivan, Mary Lou 31 Meadowlark Street Enfield, Conn. Swanson, Robert W. 77 Park Street Rutland, Vt. Swarr, C . Winfield 57 Gravel Pike Rahns, Penn. Taber, John Front Street Marion, Mass . Tanaka, Hiroko 22 Umedacho Chtaku Tokyo, Japan Taylor, Melva 124 New Street New Brunswick, N.J. Tetreault, Paul 80 Metropolitan Park Ave. Seekonk 2, Mass . Thidemann, Sandra 12 Montana Drive Holden, Mass . Thomson, Phyllis 1003 Grafton Street Worcester, Mass. Tinsman, Elizabeth 17 Hahn Street Washington, N.J. Travaglini, Jean 60 Lake Ave . Framingham, Mass. Trimmer, M. Alice 277 Triangle Street Amherst, Mass . Truelson, Jane 2 Fern Ave . Amesbury, Mass. 100 Tuchinsky, Leah 1803 Oxford Drive Allentown, Penn. Turner, Dale Richway Drive Alberta Lea, Minn. Tyler, Amelia Kasson Road R.F.D. 3 Syracuse, N. Y. Tynan, Robert 37 Brook Street Brookline, Mass. Valente, Raymond 31 Oliver Street Milford, Mass . Van Ham, Virginia 89 Farm Lane Westwood, Mass . Ventre, Philip 745 Bedford Street Abington, Mass. Viau, Robert 62 Pacific Street Central Falls, R.I. Von Der Heide, Diana 26 Division Street Holbrook, Mass . Walker, Robert 1179 Knoll Road, R.F.D. 1 Boonton, N. Y. Warshavsky, Barry 35 Cooper Drive Great Neck, Long Island, N. Y . Wayland, Newton 1807 Paterna Road Santa Barbara, Calif. Welch, George, Jr. 2 Juniper Road Gloucester, Mass. Weldon, I. Irene Box 218 Norlina, N. C . Whelchel, R. Carleton 240 White Street Belmont, Mass . White, Constance 19 Craigie Street Cambridge 38, Mass. Willcox, Andrew 137 Frelinghuysen Battle Creek, Mich. Willingham, Lawrence 4022 Forest Lane McLean, Va. Winer, Saul 367 Forest Ave . Swampscott, Mass . Wolfson, Barbara 69 Windham Road Hillsdale, N.J. Wong, Katherine J . L . 99 Robinson Road Hong Kong, South China Wrzesien, William G. 357 Chicopee Street Chicopee, Mass. Wyman, Patricia J . 9 Kaye Street Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Young, Lewis A. 16 Smith Road Saugus, Mass. Young, Peter 47 Clifton Heights Marblehead, Mass . Zak, Frances 26 Harpswell Street Torrington, Conn. Zaleski, Frederick 163 West Grant Ave . Roselle Park, N.J. Zides, Janice 41 Charlotte Street Dorchester, Mass. Zuelzer, Jacqueline 19 Oakdale Blvd . Pleasant Ridge, Mich. 101 Compliments of MELODIC LINE ADVERTI Compliments of DELTA OMICRON Compliments of ELSON CLUB Compliments of SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Compliments of CONSERVATORY CLUB Compliments of MU PHI EPSILON Compliments of PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA SEMENTS Compliments of KAPPA GAMMA PS I VILLAGE ESSO SERVIC ENTER 49 Washington St. Bob Lazzaro Brookline Vil lage Phone: LO 6-9400 LO 6-2312 Tel . KE 6-2076—2077 SYMPHONY, INC. FLOWER SHOP Flowers Telegraphed to All Parts of the World Symphony Chambers Bldg . ; Opp . Symphony Hall 248 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1 962 FROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 104

Suggestions in the New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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