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NEUME 1961 Torger of Men Smeltered ore to forge the steel, for timbers a giant tree. And a man to guide the girdle and span, or the bridge would never be. He builds from a jumble of rivets and bolts, of timber and steel and rod. And his building proclaims that his mind is linked to the mind of creative God. Crude human ore at the classroom door, and the bridge of life to span; The teacher copes with slag and dross and seeks to forge — a Man. The full free run of the mill he knows, but warm is heart and kind, For he deals not in metal or sodden clay, but the God-given fabric of mind. He visions a time when the children of earth find each their place in the sun. And as a bolt or mighty timber, feel a content in a work well done. Out of the dreams of the past he builds for a world he hopes will be. And he forges a chain in the flow of thought that links with eternity. Anonymous 2 Allegro vivace { Q Allegro con brio. 20 40 Allegro molto e con brio Andante 19. QA. fi Op.49,N9l 20. Op.49,N9«. Allegro ma non troppo. 3- 2P Allegro Allegro vivace. ' ,N?1. fe 3[ - Largo. 871 » 894 ' All Vivace, ma non troppo. 31. Op.llO. Moderato, P FOR E WOR D The practical importance and meaning of our college yearbook is frequently overlooked in the haste and confusion of graduation days. It is traditionally a permanent written and pictorial record of the graduating class, and the activities and events here at the Conservatory. Our college years are our most important because it is at this time that we establish ideals and principles that we as men and women will live by. Our society is dynamic, but ever changing. Nothing really endures except our ideals and principles which we love and respect. Our Year- book serves as a graphic reminder of these ideals. We as trained musicians have an obligation to make every effort to raise the existing standards of music, and increase the cultural life through cooperation with the related arts. Music cannot be a static thing and since conditions are changing, there is always a place for new ideas and projects — if they are born of inspiration and genius. What we have gained from our college years will be of little value unless we use our knowledge for worthy purposes in the spirit of service. Let our yearbook also be a constant reminder of our undertaking, and also create the desire to reflect credit upon the teachers who have encouraged and guided us to our goal. 4 Foreword 4 Dedication 7 President ' s Message 9 Deans 10 Faculty Council 20 Graduates 21 Organizations 51 Dormitory 67 Performing Organizations 73 Advertising 82 Directory 93 1961 NEUME-SIAFF Carolyn Marr Co-Editor John W. Marson Co-Editor Leah Tuchinsky Literary Editor Barbara Wolfson Literary Editor Brenda Cole Art Judith Polio ... Photography Kenneth Hilliard Advertising Catherine Fannon . • Directory William Bertelli Faculty Candids Kay Beckwith Organizations David Hicks, Dean Advisor CAROLYN MARR EDITORS JOHN W. MARSON DEDICATION CHESTER W. WILLIAMS, upon his arrival at the New England Conservatory, served as a member of the theory faculty for seven years. He was appointed Dean of the Conservatory in 1953 and has memorably upheld his office until I960 when he was named Executive Dean and Dean of the Graduate Division. An adept oboist during his high school years, he furthered his musical matriculation at Oberlin where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Theory. An active member behind ivy walls, Mr. Williams participated in the Conservatory Orchestra, the College Glee Club, and he was also the student director of the college band. Further studies by Mr. Williams ensued at Harvard University where he achieved his Master of Arts Degree. Here Dean Williams was a member of the chapel choir and assistant director of the Harvard orchestra. The busy and versatile life of Dean Williams is well depicted by his various musical associations. A member of Pi Kappa Lambda, national honorary music society, he has been the assistant conductor and first oboist with the Wellesley Community Orchestra and guest conductor of the Amphion Club of Melrose and the Cape Ann Symphony in Gloucester. Students will always cherish their thoughts of Dean Williams for his genjaine concern and understanding of their problems along with his sincere interest and empathy in coping with the hurdles confronting any who seek his council. To you. Dean Williams, is humbly dedicated the 1961 edition of the Neume. 5n y lemorLam . . . Drop Thy still dews oi quietness, Till all our strivings cease; Take from our souls the strain and stress, And let our ordered lives confess The beauty of Thy peace. — Whittier On January 29, 1961, a heart attack claimed the life of a genuinely devoted faculty member, Simone Riviere. An instructor of French and diction at the Conservatory since 1935, she earned her Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law and Master of Law Degrees from Bordeaux University. A Certificate of Paris was obtained from the Institute of Phonetics and the Psalmes Academiques from the French government for achievement in teaching. Simone Riviere headed the French department of Chestnut Hill School and the Choote School in Brookline along with the Boston Center for Adult Education. She gave programs of French dramatic recitations and songs throughout various French organizations in New Englan d. Busily engaged in radio broadcast work, through 1956-1958, Simone Riviere was in charge of the French Hour, and during the second World War gave French broadcasts over the short-wave French Foreign Station. Dr. Charles Munch paid tribute to Madame Riviere from the stage of Symphony Hall in 1955 for teaching French Diction to a chorus of two hundred persons. The memory of Madame Simone Riviere will always be hallowed in the hearts of her students for her patience, understanding, and warm charm. To the sorrow of us all, we humbly regret her sudden demise. 8 DR. JAMES ALIFERIS President As I was about to write this statement for the NEUME, my eye fell upon the following phrase in a review of a Conservatory concert — " the thrilling pitch of eloquence " . The reviewer ' s use of this phrase is, I believe, one which describes very well an important accomplishment that the Conservatory tries to attain. I hope that members of the graduating class will always remember and keep it close to their hearts, for music, more than any other expression of man, is able to communicate and reach all — both old and young, rich and poor — because of its " thrilling pitch of eloquence " . May you enjoy this blessing throughout the life that you will devote to music. 9 I wish to say thank you to the members of the class of 1961 for the fine spirit you have shown and the contribution you have made to the Conservatory during the past four years, and with yout assistance there were many fine performances. I welcomed you on your arrival, and now, as you take your leave, I wish you Godspeed for the greatest of success in the future. Chester W. Williams Executive Dean Dean of the Graduate Division President John F. Kennedy has described the years just ahead as a new frontier. The class of 1961, and the classes immediately following, will have a role in the conquest of that frontier. The future of humanity rests on the hope that your pioneering road will lead to an enlightened world. A successful journey requires technical competence, artistic inspiration, personal in- tegrity and honor — and purpose. Along the way toward your goals, there will be challenges to meet and difficulties to overcome. Such roadblocks need cause only temporary ' detours if you possess a strong and sure sense of direction. I extend congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 1961. David Hicks Deaii of the Undergraduate Division JEAN LORNA COOKE SAM JAMES DEMOS DeVARON DiBONAVENTURA DIXON JEAN FLORENCE DORIOT JOHN DRABIK DUNN DWYER FESPERMAN ARTHUR WILLIAM JEANNETTE FULTZ GIBSON GIGUERE ALICE HOWARD BORIS UTA GIROUARD CODING GOLDOVSKY GRAF 13 BETTY FREDERICK ALEXANDRA PAUL HILKER JAGEL JASKOLSKI KEANEY VIRGINIA ALFRED FRANCES MARGARET KLOTZLE KRIPS LANIER MASON ROSARIO CARL GLADYS GEORGES MAZZEO McKINLEY MILLER MOLEUX 14 LUCILLE MONAGHAN MAC MORGAN JOHN MORIARTY ROLAND NADEAU RICHARD COLETTE BARBARA MIKLOS ROSEWALL RUSHFORD SCHEITZ SCHWALB HERBERT DONALD RHODORA SILVERMAN SMITH SMITH WILLIAM ROGER LETA DONALD TESSON VOISIN WHITNEY WILLING CAMERA SHY Bacon, Virginia P. Grass, William Soresina, Carlo Bogoch, Samuel Hartnett, Florence Speyer, Louis Come, Andre Neiger, Millard Stagliano, James Coppez, Oamillc Panenka, Ernest Summers, Richard Curtis, William H. Phillips, Thomas H, Van Lennep, William dePasquale, Joseph Poole, Jean Viscuglia, Felix Firth, Everett Posselt, Ruth Walt, Sherman Frederick, Lisa Pottle, Ralph Wolfes, Felix Gillet, Marie Procter, Thomas Zighera, Alfred Gomberg, Ralph Smith, Warren S. Zighera, Bernard 17 19 RT15TS BflC-H-ELO JEANNE GREALISH Voice Miss Miller 22 HILDA ABREVAYA Voice Miss Miller 24 25 27 31 34 35 39 40 41 43 44 49 EUGENIA YAO Piano Miss Monaghan Camera Shy MASTER ' S DEGREE: STEPHEN CAZALE Composition — Dr. McKinley GUY HARGROVE Voice — Mr. Jagel THOMAS MADDEN Orchestral Conducting — Mr. Dixon EILEEN PACO Piano — Mr. Goding SENIORS: CYNTHIA BROWN Music Education — Mrs. Whitney DORIS SASSON Violin — Miss Posselt PATRICA FOLEY Piano — Mr. Goding MARY ANN McKINNON Bassoon — Mr. Walt ADELINE MANTINO Mus ic Education — Mrs. Whitney JAMES YOUNG Composition — Dr. McKinley WALTER CHAPIN Music Education — Mrs. Whitney 50 Organizations Student Council President William Brys Vice President John Skelton Secretary Carolyn Marr Treasurer Walter Chapin WILLIAM BRYS President Agnes Biscotti Gloria Boughey Steven Cazale Diane Cullington Susan Ellis Edward Fenninger 52 Robin Hendrich John W. Marson Beverly Newberry Mary Ann Norton Sally Oleson Robert Olive Fred Zaleski The Student Council consists of two class officers, representatives of the two school publications, and repre- sentatives of the clubs and Greek letter organizations. Our activities for the year included a reception after the Christmas Concert by the Chorus and Orchestra. Second semes- ter we sponsored the All School Banquet in Brown Hall and the Strauss Ball held in the Somerset Hotel. Our fingl project for the year was the planning of a Freshman Handbook. President: JANICE WALKER Jst. Vice-President: SHARON MULLIGAN 2nd. Vice-President: LORENA TITCOMB Secretary: BEVERLY NEWBERRY Treasurer: JANE GOODE Chamber music was our main interest this year. We also held several informal musicals at our meetings. Our Sunday after- noons were devoted to " cater- ing " to the Handel and Haydn Society. Our concerts for the year were a concert in Recital Hall in November and a Service Pro- gram at the Mattapan State Hospital in alliance with the Old South Church Seminar. L. to R.: S. Mulligan, B. Newberry, J. Walker, J. Goode, L. Titcomb M u P r S I H — T Li I U N Front Row: J. Travaglini, E. Tinsman, S. Robertson, C. Marr, C. Nadon, C. Mesuse Back Row: S. Oleson, A. Biscotti, M. MacKinnon, P. Thomson, S. Ellis, D. Cullington President: SANDRA LEE ROBERTSON Vice-President: CAROLYN MARR Recording Secretary: ELIZABETH TINSMAN Corresponding Secretary: CAROL ANN DUFFY Treasurer: CATHERINE NADON Along with our monthly cookie sales and Musicals at our meetings, we had a busy year of concerts. Our Founder ' s Day Concert was held jointly with our sister chapter at Boston University and the Alumnae Chapter. In December, some of our members gave a Christmas program at the Jewish War Veterans Hospital in Bed- ford. In March, we gave a concert with our sister Chapter at B.U., sponsored a lecture by Jose Da Costa, and gave a concert for the women of the Belmont Rotary Club. In April we assisted in a pro- gram at the Crippled Children ' s School. In May, we sponsored a Double Bass Recital in Jordan Hall by Georges E. Moleux. 54 This year the Fraternity sponsored an All School Raffle. Both our pledge classes gave concerts at the Boston State Hospital under the direction of Dr. Fultz. Second semester we initiated G. Wallace Woodworth as an Honorary Member. President: WILLIAM A. BRYS Vice-President: FRANK CLARK Secretary: CHARLES LOURIE Treasurer: STANLEY BEDNARZ Historian: JOHN KERN Front Row: W. Swarr, J. Kern, F. Clark, W. Brys, S. Bednarz, A. Rivera. Back Row: R. Bonnin, E. Fenninger, P. Canady, W. Wrzesien, J. Cifelli, G. Sumner 55 s I G M A A L P H A I O T A Front Row: I. Weldon, B. Dinger, C. Brown Back Row: P. Wyman, B. Cole, C. Poppenger This year has been highlighted by some extremely exciting events. The first, in December, was a concert of cello music held in Jordan Hall, featuring Corinne Flavin, cello, and Felix Wolfes, piano, both of the faculty. In February, all the chapter members united to present a recital in Recital Hall. March held two occasions — the first, an all Poulenc program in Jordan Hall featuring Roland Nadeau. The second was a chapter Lenten Musicale, a Jordan Hall Convocation, featuring chapter members and guests. Second semes- ter brings to us the annual radio series on WERS, held jointly with Gamma Alpha at B.U. and the Boston Alumnae. Our social events included a reception for one of its well known honorary members — Lucine Amara of the Metropolitan Opera Company, at the apartment of Carol Poppinger. President: MARY ANN NORTON Vice-President: BARBARA JANE DINGER Secretary: CYNTHIA BROWN Treasurer: JANET ADELBERG Sergeant at Arms: IRENE WELDON 56 Our Fall activities opened with our annual Smoker. Found- er ' s Day in December was originally to be highlighted by a concert. Because of a Storm, it was given in January. Our big event was the Bean Supper in February. Our own special enter- tainment provided a relaxing atmosphere after the filling meal. Our Spring activities were a concert and a lecture. Front Row: J. Dowd, I. Deutsch, A. Gerstel Back Row: P. Renzi, J. Laspisa, T. Read, R. Falck, F. Bruno President: STEVE CAZALE 1st. V ice-President: JOHN DOWD 2nd. Vice-President: JOE LASPISA Treasurer: BOB FALCK Recording Secretary: AL GERSTEL K A P P A G A M M A S 57 President: CATHY SANDERSON Vice-President: JANET ANDERSON Secretary: JUDIE BERGESON Treasurer: PAM MIELKE Student Council Rep.: GLORIA BOUGHEY First semester, volunteer work at the Rehabilitation Center for children was undertaken once a month. Special programs on the holiday seasons were prepared, and hand made materials were included for this. A new lamp and furniture were added to the brightness of the newly painted room. One member ' s father donated a stand to hold the lamp given by the president. Second semester, bowling and miniature golf were added to the excitement of the recitals given by two of our members. A banquet was held in May to bid farewell to our four seniors who will not be with us next year. Two pledgees were elected to the club in March. E L S o N Front Row: J. Anderson, C. Sanderson, J. Bergeson Back Row: P. Mielke, G. Boughey, P. Thomson, T. Hooper 59 STUDENT CHAPTER 166 MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE The N. E. C. Chapter of the Music Educators National Con- ference is one of 170 Student Chapters in the United States. Each chapter represents a college or university which trains young people to be Music Educators. The total membership of the com- bined chapters is 13.280. Realizing the importance of these potential teachers. National provides opportunities for their representatives to take part in all Convention programs. They are kept abreast of the work of their profession through the Music Educators Journal, a distin- guished publication containing articles written by the leaders in music education from all over the world. LETA WHITNEY Music Educators National Conference 60 if M T UH S I c E R A P Y J. Brooke, B. Yarvin, L. Young, L. Tuchinsky, B. Price, H. Larzaron DR ARTHUR FULTZ The aims of this department of our school have been directed to " Make Music Serve Mankind. " The music therapist encourages the patient to share his unvoiceable feelings in musical perform- ance. In this patient ' s attempt to make music a communication de lce. we find that his beha -ior influences his music-making. By understanding hi3 " sick music. " by assessing his possibility for change, the music therapist claims a recognized place on the team dedicated to his rehabilitation. Music Therapy stands as the greatest contribution of musical experience to a healthy society. A graduate in this department not only earns a degree in music therapy but also becomes eligible for national certifica- tion as a ' Registered Music Therapist " whose services are in far greater demand than we are able to supply. 61 " Operation Abolition " an informative and provocative film | H expose on the story behind the student - led Communist riots 1 initiated the various activities of the Newman Club when first The Newman Club of the New England Conservatory seeks Bb| to provide the student with an intellectual, cultural and social H H awareness of life, and supplement his formal education. Although a Roman Catholic organization, the Newman Club wholehearte dly welcomes all students who aspire to enrich their lives immeasurably through the club ' s noteworthy aims. The Melodic Line Staff Editor ROBIN HENDRICH " 62 Managing Editot FRANCES ZAK ' 64 Advertising Manager MARGARET FANNON ' 63 Reporters CAROL DUFFY 61 BEVERLY NEWBERRY ' 62 JANICE WALKER 62 ESTELLA MUNSON ' 63 Faculty Advisor JEAN DEMOS chairman of academic studies M E L O D I C L I N E Front Row: C. Fannon. R. Hendrich, F. Zak Back Row: E. Munson, J. Walker, B. Newberry, C. Duffy 63 AGNES BISCOTTI — Vice-President — BRENDA COLE — Secretary — SUSAN ELLIS — Treasurer — IRA DEUTSCH — Vice-President — CHARLOTTE MESUSE — Secretary — SALLY OLESON — Treasurer — H U c s E u N c I L PTi • ' i .JUL, . ,«-,■« «■ %. Front Row: P. Kennedy, B. Warshavsky, B. Katz Back Row: C. Sanderson, C. Nadon, I. Deutsch, G. Boughey, F. Zak Left to Right: D. Risner, P. Kelch, C. Rand, L. vonEhren, N. Yeager, J. Dowd FLORENCE DUNN — Dean of Women and Resident Head — The dormitory faciUties have been designed to pro- vide an atmosphere in which academic achievement, social, cultural and professional development, and high standards of citizenship will be effectively encouraged in all residents. The dormitory is supervised by a Resident Head (the Dean of Women) and a staff of six graduate coun- selors. A council of student representatives participates in the regulation of dormitory life. The dormitory ' s location across the street from the main building, and adjacent to the new library, brings residents within easy reach of all the college facilities and activities. 70 THE CONSERVATORY CHORUS LORNA COOKE deVARON, Conductor Peter Edwards, Assistant Conductor Lorna Cooke DeVaron, Conductor NEUME STAFF 81 85 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1961 FROM THE SOPHOMORE CLASS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1961 FROM THE JUNIOR CLASS 88 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1961 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1961 FROM THE FRESHMAN CLASS 89 COMPLIMENTS OF MU PHI EPSILON COMPLIMENTS OF DELTA OMICRON COMPLIMENTS OF SIGMA ALPHA IOTA COMPLIMENTS OF PHI MU ALPHA COMPLIMENTS OF ELSON CLUB COMPLIMENTS OF MELODIC LINE Tel. KEnmore 6-2076 - 2077 FLOWER SHOP Flowers Telegraphed To All Parts Of The World Symphony Chambers Bldg., Opp. Symphony Hall 248 Huntington Ave., Boston 15, Mass. 90 COMPLIMENTS OF KAPPA GAMMA PSI BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1961 FROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 91 FACULTY DIRECTORY Baccjn, Virginia 7 Massachusetts Drive Lexin , ' ton 73, Massachusetts Barbeau, Bernard 1 " Amherst Road Beverly, Massachusetts Barnert, David 7 Tajipan Road Wellesley, Massachusetts Bogoch, Samuel 1 22 (.arlton Street Hrookline 16, Massachusetts Brink, Robert 656 Grove Street Newton Lower Palls, Mass. Ikirgin, Richard 1 2 Salisbury Road Hro( )k 1 1 ne, Massachusetts Canaday, Alice 1 X I lillsi(k ' Avenue A rliii.i;t(iii, Massachusetts Cioffi, Gino S2 Gainshoro Street Boston 1 5, Massachusetts (k)nie, Andre 16 Rid.w Hill Road ( .inton, Massachusetts Cooke, F. Judd 2 Stratham Road Lexin.iitoii, Massachusetts Coppez, Camille 62 Beach Street Maiden, Massachusetts Crcighton, Malcolm S I The Fenway Hostoa, Massachusetts Davis, Eleanor 2 Peterhoro Street Bostiin. Massachusetts Demos, Jean M. 10 Francis Avenue Cambridge 38, Massachusetts de Pasquale, Joseph 1 1 1 Summit Avenue Brookline, Massachusetts De Varon, Lorna Cooke 26 Walker Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Di Bonaventura, Sam 1 7 Forsythe Street Boston, Massachusetts Dixon, James 166 Newbury Street Boston, Massachusetts Drabik, Jean 44 Brattle Street Cambridge, Massachusetts D yer, Doriot Anthony 5-1 Nancy Road Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Fcsperman, John 1 1 Unity Street Boston, Massachusetts Firrh, Everett 66 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts Flavin, Corinne ■i Haviland Street Boston, Massachusetts Frederick, Lisa 3S3 Harvard Street Cambridge 38, Massachusetts Fultz, Arthur Flashier so Auburn Street Auburndale 66, Massachusetts Gibson, William M. 343 Hillcrest Street Needham 92, Massachusetts Giguere, Jeannette 36 Beals Street Brookline, Massachusetts Gillet, Fernand 60 High Street Brookline 46, Massachusetts Girouard, Alice 121 St. Stephen Street Boston 1 5, Massachusetts Goding, Howard 84 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts Goldovsky, Boris 183 Clinton Street Brookline, Massachusetts Gomberg, Ralph 264 Mill Street Newton, Massachusetts Graf, Uta 248 Winchester Street Brookline 46, Massachusetts Grass, William 22 Oakencroft Road Wellesley, Massachusetts Hartnett. Florence 166 Mountain Avenue Maiden, Massachusetts Hilker, Betty 84 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts Hunt, Percy 59 Randolph Road Chestnut Hill, M assachusetts Jagel, Frederick 1514 Beacon Street Brookline. Massachusetts Jaskoiski, Alexandra 8 1 Langly Road Brigiiton. Massachusetts 92 Kapuscinsky, R. 63 Willard Circle Westwood, Massachusetts Keaney, Paul F. 48 Jamaica Road Brookline, Massachusetts Klotzle, Virginia 84 Hazeltine Bradford, Massachusetts Kramer, Edith 23A Hayes Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Krips, Alfred 15 Windsor Road Brookline, Massachusetts Kupperstein, Edward 35 Kenberma Street Hull, Massachusetts Lanier, Frances B. 6 Rutland Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Lehner, Eugene 60 Charlotte Road Newton Center, Massachusetts Lenn, Lottie 48 Marshal Street Brookline, Massachusetts Loring, C. 3 Walnut Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts Mason, Margaret C. 54 Revere Street Boston 14, Massachusetts Mazzeo, Rosario 114 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts McKinley, Carl 128 St. Mary ' s Street Boston, Massachusetts Miller, Gladys 60 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts Moleux, Georges 38 Westland Avenue Boston 1 3, Massachusetts Monaghan, Lucille 60 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts Morgan, Mac Box 525 Stockbridge, Massachusetts Moriarty, John 64 Hemenway Street Boston 1 3, Massachusetts Nadeau, Roland 39 Henry Street Winchester, Massachusetts Neiger, Millard 117 Spiers Avenue Newton Center, Massachusetts Oldenburg, Johanna 38 Bowdoin Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Panenka, Ernest 95 Longwood Avenue Brookline 46, Massachusetts Pappoutsakis, Louise 36 Beverly Ro-id r-ookline, Massachusetts Perry, Edward F. 203 Pond Street Natick, Massachusetts Phillips, Thomas J. 14 Arlington Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Pinkham, Daniel 1 54 Foster Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Pinto, Ayrton 47 Parker Street Watertown 72, Massachusetts Poole, Jean 1716 Cambridge Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Posselt, Ruth 12 Salisbury Road Brookline, Massachusetts Pottle, Ralph 1 09 Hemenway Street Boston, Massachusetts Procter, Thomas H. 20 Tappan Road Wellesley, Massachusetts Richards, Dorothy 69 Henry Street North Quincy, Massachusetts Rosewall, Richard 30 Russell Circle Natick, Massachusetts Rushford, Colette 1 84 Lafayette Court Salem, Massachusetts Scheitz, Barbara 6 Grandview Road Arlington, Massachusetts Schw alb, Miklos 63 Mt. Vernon Street Boston, Massachusetts Silverman, Herbert H. 135 Middlesex Avenue Wilmington, Massachusetts Smith, Donald 588 Brush Hill Road Milton, Massachusetts Smith, Melville 3 Healey Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Smith, Rhodora B. 122 Bowdoin Street Boston, Massachusetts Smith, Warren Storey 122 Bowdoin Street Boston, Massachusetts Soresina, Carlo 27 Everett Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 93 Speyer, Louis 135 University Road Brookline, Massachusetts Stevens, Alice 284 Beacon Street Brookline, Massachusetts Stuart, Robert 1347 Walnut Street Brookline, Massachusetts Summers, Richard 1039 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts Tesson, William 33 Roberts Street Med ford, Massachusetts Van Lennep, William 5 Fuller Place Cambridge, Massachusetts Viscuglia, Felix 24 Whipple Road Lexington, Massachusetts Voisin, Roger 252 Moss Hill Road Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Walt, Sherman 23 Fox Hill Road Natick, Massachusetts Whitney, Leta F. 238 Hemenway Street Boston, Massachusetts Willing, Donald 8 Hillside Avenue Winchester, Massachusetts Wolfes, Felix 72 Westland Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Zighera, Alfred 6 Griggs Terrace Brookline, Massachusetts Zighera, Bernard 5 ' Monmouth Court Brookline, Massachusetts 94 Graduate Directory Antreassian, Alice M. 14 Wells Avenue Watcrtown, Massachusetts Badolato, James V. 44 River Street Haverhill, Massachusetts Barkham, Jennifer L. 50 East 79th Street New York, New York Bartolotti, Salvatore V. 91 Litchfield Street Brighton 35, Massachusetts Baue, Rosemary (Mrs.) 66 Chester Road Belmont, Massachusetts Bearse, Leonard E. 37 Highland Street Hyannis, Massachusetts Berger, Sally K. 103 Lake Forest St. Louis, Missouri Berry, Georgianna M. 9 Eliot Street Watertown, Massachusetts Bowden, Robert C. 38 Walnut Park Roxbury, Massachusetts Brading, Anne T. 1111 Southwest Avenue Johnson City, Tennessee Brock, Carolyn (Mrs.) 5 Sacramento Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Burke, Edwin O. 145 Harold Street Boston 2 1 , Massachusetts Capone, Patricia L. 351 Lowell Street Wakefield, Massachusetts Carton, John H. Depot Road Harvard. Massachusetts Cazale, Stephen M. 38 Prospect Street Winchester, Massachusetts Conlon, William J. 35 Logan Way South Boston 27, Massachusetts Chamberlain, Jr., Oliver 22 Garden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Cushman, David S. R.F.D. Cornwall, Vermont Cushman, Flora D. 1 8 East Mt. Vernon Place Baltimore 2, Maryland Davekos, Nicoletta 25 Beck ford Street Beverly. NIassachusctts DeLisle, David F. Cottage Street farlboro. New Hampshire DeSimone, Louise (Mrs.) 16 Sharon Street West Med ford, Massachusetts DiBonaventura, Virginia (Mrs.) 1 7 Forsyth Street Boston, Massachusetts Djanjigian, Ardemis 33 Carver Road Watertown, Massachusetts Dow d, John A. 57 Parkinson Street Need ham 92, Massachusetts DuCette, Nancy 2 1 Dedham Street Revere, Massachusetts Edwards, Eleanor M. ( Mrs. ) 458 Huntington Ave., Apt. 10 Boston, Massachusetts Edwards, Peter L. 458 Huntington Ave., Apt. 10 Boston, Massachusetts Elliott, Thomas C. 4704 Transit Road Depew, New York E2er, Alvin M. 19 Myrna Road Framingham, Massachusetts Farris, Ralph H. North Street Norfolk, Massachusetts Fink, Michael A. 5640 Sorrento Drive Long Beach 3, California Foley, Patricia J. ( Mrs. ) 106 Waterston Avenue Wollaston, Massachusetts Fowler, Hilda Abrevaya (Mrs.) 31 Orkney Road No. 23 Brighton, Massachusetts Franciose, Anne M. 1 Vernon Avenue South Barre, Massachusetts Frederick, Lisa T. 383 Harvard Street Cambridge 38, Massachusetts Friedland, Sherman 1 249 Beacon Street Brookline, Massachusetts Geissler, Carolyn V. ( Mrs. ) 25 Milton Street Arlington 74, Massachusetts Giorgi, Robert G. 6 Cottage Street Port Chester, New York 95 Goodman, Margaret L. 3824 Malone Road Knoxville, Tennessee Grealish, S. Jeanne 209 McCauley Avenue Chapel Hill. North Carolina Greene, Clark L. One West Main Street Ashby, Massachusetts Guanzon, Carmencita L. 5 Kanlaon Street Quezon City, Philippines Guy, Bonnie L. 1655 West Water Street Elmira, New York Hagopian, Mary M. 6904 North Michigan Road Indianapolis, Indiana Hargrove, Guy A., Jr. 309 Huntington Ave., Apt. 3C Boston 1 5, Massachusetts Hayashi, Yuko 49 Mitsuzawa Shimo-cho Kanaga va-ku, Yokohama, Japan Hill, Claude 2 02 Pie IX Boulevard, Apt. 2 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Hirosaw a, Secsuko 1 145 Asahiku, Ushita Hiroshima, Japan Jaskolski, Alexandra 84 Langley Road Brighton 35, Massachusetts Jones, Junetta 2218 Rosedale Street Baltimore 16, Maryland Kelch, Paula 321 West Mazon Avenue Dwight, Illinois Keller, Bert} ' Ann R.D. No. 1 Cresco, Pennsylvania Kim, Min Soo 28 Dong Soong Dong Seoul, Korea Lauhachcr, Father Carroll, S.J. 2460 Lyon Street San Francisco 23, California Lay, Michael 828 Clapboardtree Street Westwood, Massachusetts Lazaron, Harold 28 Warren Street Needham, Massachusetts Lew is, M. Delight 210 Miami PI., Old Homestead Huron, Ohio Longsworth, Carol H. (Mrs.) 8 5 Prescott Street Cambridge, Massachusetts McFarlane, Ralph L., Jr. 1515 Kimes Avenue Twin Falls, Idaho Mclntyre, Joy L 301 Cheryl Drive Falls Church, Virginia McKay, David P. 5 Merriam Avenue Shrewsbury, Massachusetts MacKinnon, Mary Anne 520 N.W. 48 Oklahoma City 18, Oklahoma Madden, Thomas L. 1823 Highland Street Helena, Montana Mahan, Judirh D. (Mrs.) 48 1 Main Street Medfield, Massachusetts Mandell, Donald A. 208 Bellair Road Ridgewood, New Jersey Mantino, Adele M. 29 Jefferson Street Milford, Massachusetts Matney, Sarita A. Baileysville West Virginia Maynard, Roy L. 1 06 St. Stephen Street Boston, Massachusetts Meyer, Helen Vaughn ( Mrs. ) 50 Wendell Street Cambridge 38, Massachusetts Miner, Janice E. 1219 Cherry Street Kalamazoo, Michigan Nesbit, Philip 22 Evans way Boston 15, Massachusetts Norton, Mary Ann 6 Commonwealth Avenue Hopkinton, Massachusetts Olivier, Lucien L. 16 Chittick Road Hyde Park, Massachusetts Orlando, Orlandino 67 Rua Almte Gomes Pereira Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Paco, Eileen 329 Williams Street Providence 6, Rhode Island Pandolfi, Nedo R. 129 Church Street Manville, Rhode Island Payne, Mary Jo 330 North Prosperity Avenue Fairfax, Virginia Pettipaw, Robert F. 6 Buswell Street Boston, Massachusetts Poppenger, Carol A. 183 Huntington Avenue Boston 15, Massachusetts Porter, Anetha L. 40 Cranston Avenue Newport, Rhode Island Prencipe, Pasquale L. 271 Titicut Street Bridgewater, Massachusetts Prue, Shirley F. 346 South Street Wrentham, Massachusetts Rand, Carol J. 307 South 5th Street East Grand Forks, Minnesota Rando, Anthony J. 1 Stevens Street Marlboro, Massachusetts Read, Thomas L. 526 Lincoln Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Reimueller, Ross 329 Imogene Road Dayton 5, Ohio Rinello, Joseph F. Woodland Drive Port Chester, New York Risner, Douglas S. R.R. 2, Box 39 Germantown, Ohio Rupert, Angie S. 260 Lucille Avenue Norfolk, Virginia Sasson, Michel 1 5 Selkirk Road Brookline, Massachusetts Schaub, Ariane E. Chemin Surville Geneva, Switzerland Schwager, Myron A. 46 Hull Avenue Pittsfield, Massachusetts Sheerin, Elisabeth L. 1629 21st Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. Shin, Chonghyo Lee (Mrs.) " 0 Upland Road Brookline, Massachusetts Sideropulos, George L. 2020 5th Street, S.E. Canton, Ohio Sims, Dorothy M. 11 23 West Caney Street Wharton, Texas Sister Incarnata, C.J.C. 135 Franklin Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Sister Mary John, O.P. Mt. Trinity Academy 456 Belmont St., Watertown, Mass. Smith, Larry H. R.F.D. No. 1 Holdrege, Nebraska Smith, Susan H. " 6 Hillcrest Road Windsor, Connecticut Sousa, Anne V. 3 1 Memorial Drive Stoughton, Massachusetts Stern, Miriam 107-61 76th Street Ozone Park, New York Tate, David L. " 54 Arbutus Avenue, S.E. Roanoke, Virginia Teeters, Donald B. 248 Winc iester Street Brookline 46, Massachusetts Tgettis, Nicholas 14 Aborn Street Salem, Massachusetts Treadway, Ann C. 1309 Pennsylvania Avenue Des Moines, Iowa Tyler, David J. 43 Beverly Street Melrose, Massachusetts Vakili, Monir Majidi (Mrs.) 305 East Holden Green Cambridge, Massachusetts Van Ham, Vernice 89 Farm Lane Westwood, Massachusetts Vasil, Thomas 20 Marion Street Waltham, Massachusetts von Ehren, Luise 69 Sagamore Road Bronxville, New York Wartella, Myron M. 2 1 9 Jackson Street Edwardsvillc, Pennsylvania Watts, Eugene E. 1415 G Commonwealth Avenue Brighton 35, Mass., Apt. 3 Williams, Sandra " 33 South Summit Iowa City, Iowa Wooten, Landrum H. 684 Cooledge Avenue, N.E. Atlanta 6, Georgia Yeager, Nancy A. n33 - nth Street Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Young, James S. 36 A, Anderson Street Boston, Massachusetts Yuen, Thelma L. (Mrs.) 1 96 St. Botolph Street Boston, Massachusetts Zonis, Ella S. 183 Marlborough Street Boston, Massachusetts 97 Undergraduate Directory Adelberg, Janet 5514 South Bend Road Baltimore 9, Maryland Allen, Dorothy 77 James Street Saco, Maine Anderson, Janet 9 Royal Oak Drive West Hartford, Connecticut Andrews, Susan 165 Sagamore Road Millburn, New Jersey Anesini, Emil 311 Huntington Avenue Boston 1 5, Massachusetts Angara, Maria 230 San Raphael Street Manila, Philippines Anner, Gretchen 2028 Berg Road Buffalo 18, New York Armstrong, D. Stuart 236 West Main Street Newark, Delaware Babikyan, Margrit Yenikoy Disbodak sok. No. 3 Istanbul, Turkey Barnes, Isabel ( Mrs. ) Woodlawn Farm St. Francisville, Pennsylvania Barseck, Ronald Box 205 Leaksville, Mississippi Bates, Sarah 22 Bridge Street Newport, Rhode Island Bavosa, Theresa 573 Downer Street Westfield, New Jersey Beale, Everett 35 North Avenue North Abington, Massachusetts Beauregard, Edith (Mrs.) 63 Burbank Street Boston 15, Massachusetts Beckerman, Rita 6 Donwood Terrace Mattapan 26, Massachusetts Beckwith, Kay 2507 West Genesee Street Syracuse, New York Bednarz, Stanley 59 Lincoln Avenue Northampton, Massachusetts Bergeson, Judith 3 Adelle Circuit Worcester, Massachusetts Berkett, Joanne 45 Longley Avenue Swampscott, Massachusetts Berry, Robert 83 North 5th Street Sunbury, Pennsylvania Bertelli, William 9 Bacon Road Bedford, Massachusetts Bethune, Millicent 145 Salem Road Topsfield, Massachusetts Bevelander, Brian 255 Conant Road Weston 93, Massachusetts Biscotti, Agnes 2 1 Oswego Street Springfield 5, Massachusetts Blackmur, Paula 1 5 Beach Street Cohasset, Massachusetts Blake, Carole 8 Shaw Street Lebanon, New Hampshire Bonnin, Reginald 27 Winter Street Skowhegan, Maine Booker, lony 112-19 176 Street St. Albans, New York Boucher, Leo 27 Thomas Street Southbridge, Massachusetts Boughey, Gloria 70 Highland Street Holden, Massachusetts Boujoukos, James 74 Locust Street Winthrop, Massachusetts Brightman, Judith 381 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Brooke, John 6097 Hull Street Road Richmond, Virginia Brown, Cynthia 30 Lenox Brockton 33, Massachusetts Brown, Deborah 96 Conant Street Danvers, Massachusetts Brown, Susan Ireland (Mrs.) 14 Laurel Avenue Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Bruno, Santo Francis 55 Halmore Drive Rochester, New York Brys, William 2 1 Gardner Street Meriden, Connecticut Bucci, Vincent 205 Langdon Street Providence, Rhode Island Buckley, Joseph 84 Lexington Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Burke, Sharon 320 North Main Street Natick, Massachusetts Calabrese, John 33 West Oak Street Farmingdale, New York Calef, Robert 24 Grampian Way Dorchester, Massachusetts CaHcchia, Robert 200 Main Street Scituate, Rhode Island Canady, Peter 1 143 Lexan Avenue Norfolk S, Virginia Carpenter, Cynthia 94 Pleasant Street Lexington, Massachusetts Carr, Mary Baker ( Mrs. ) 2 1 Park Lane Concord, Massachusetts Carroll, David 4 Surrey Circle Tonawanda, New York Carroll, Nancy Winter Street Extension R.F.D. No. 1 Claremont, New Hampshire Caruso, Anthony 163 Horse Pond Road South Sudbury, Massachusetts Case, Julie 440 North Maple Avenue Greenwich, Connecticut Cate, Marian 88 1 2 High Street Westerly, Rhode Island Chapin, Walter 2128 Stanford Avenue St. Paul 5, Minnesota Christie, Dawne Fairview Road Gray, Maine Chu, Welling 38A Chatham Road 4 F Kowloon, Hong Kong Cifelli. Joseph 22 June Avenue Cranston 6, Rhode Island Clark, Frank " 3 Upham Street Lowell, Massachusetts Clinton, D. Kenneth 26 Massachusetts Avenue Springfield 9, Massachusetts Cole, Brenda 5 Lyndale Street Manchester, Connecticut Cooper, Clarence 1 30 Factory Street Cocoa, Florida Copperman, Madeline 34 " Beach 145 Street Neponsit 94, New York Court, Meridyth 1 38 Mower Street Worcester 2, Massachusetts CuUington, Diane 2 1 Ridge Road Belmont, Massachusetts Cusanelli, Juliette 48 Parkview Street Newport, New Hampshire Dalton, Nancy S Orvis Road Arlington " 4, Massachusetts Darrow , G. William 1 1 1 Packer Avenue Towanda, Pennsylvania Davidson, Lyle 104 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Massachusetts Davis, Carl West Shokan New York Davis, Eric 850 South University Boulevard Denver 9, Colorado Davis, Winston 36 Homeward Avenue Ux bridge, Massachusetts Daw s, Hanley 2812 West Echo Lane Phoenix, Arizona Del Vecchio, Benjamin 1 Bragg Street Peabody, Massachusetts Demery, Carol 181 Fifth Avenue New Rochelle, New York Demsey, C. Wayne 34 County Way Beverly, Massachusetts Denny, Helen 306 Elm Street Walpole, Massachusetts Deutsch, Ira Box 4 1 5 Woodstock, New York Dew are, Anne 35 Ocean Avenue Bass River; Massachusetts Diaz, Justino Polaris S2I-D0S Pinos Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico Dibner, Michale 9 Eldredge Street Waterbury, Connecticut Doell. Linda 54 Apthorp Street Wollaston " 0, Massachusetts c o Frederick J. Ryan 99 Donaldson, Robert 199 Fifth Avenue New Rochelle, New York Doran, Anne 99 Pleasant Street Ayer, Massachusetts Dorsam, Paul 39-20 27th Street Bayside 61, Long Island, N. Y. Downs, Iris Harmony Maine DriscoU, Mary 34 Clark Street Holyoke, Massachusetts Duffy, Carol 56 Mount Warner Road North Hadley, Massachusetts Dunn, Helena Wahackme Road New Canaan, Connecticut Earle, Robert 113 River Road Merrimac, Massachusetts Eason, Marie L. 50 Cornelia Court Roxbury 20, Massachusetts Eaton, Marie F. 40 Station Street Quincy 69, Massachusetts Edwards, Josephine Walker( Mrs. ) 6 University Place New Haven, Connecticut Ellis, Susan 72 Winthrop Street Augusta, Maine Ely, John 220 South Main Street Cheshire, Connecticut Engle, F. Peter 1 5 North Shore Road Sparta, New Jersey Etnier, E. Victoria 36 Grammercy Park New York City, New York Falck, Robert 508 Ashford Road Silver Spring, Maryland Fannon, C. Margaret 243 Concord Street Holliston, Massachusetts Faust, George 78 West 18th Street Bayonne, New Jersey Fenninger, Paul Edward 1431 Edge Hill Road Abington, Pennsylvania Fleming, A. Kathryn 910 South Newport Avenue Tampa 6, Florida Fox, Alberta Mill Road Olive Bridge, New York Fraley, Janet 1307 West 8th Street Spokane, Washington Franco, David 653 Delcomune Avenue Elisabethville, Congo Gerstel, Alan 305 Hartwell Road Buffalo 16, New York Gharibian, Telemak Rue Abdel Ghaden Beyroult, Lebanon Girardin, David 221 Brigham Hill Road North Grafton, Massachusetts Goldstein, Susan 35 Nancy Avenue Peabody, Massachusetts Goode, Jane 48 Gould Avenue Newark 7, New Jersey Gordon, Helen Guterman (Mrs.) 383 Harvard Street Cambridge 39, Massachusetts Gotlieb, Lois 300 Whitwell Street Quincy, Massachusetts Gregor, Donna Klimoski (Mrs.) 96 Hemenway Street Boston 1 5, Massachusetts Haack, Donald 3325 Truman Street Columbia, South Carolina Hallworth, Carol 18 William Avenue Seekonk 2, Massachusetts Harper, Wallace 202 Jewett Street Akron 5, Ohio Salem, Massachusetts 12 Hersey Street Hawryluk, Alan Hendrich, Robin 54 Glendale Road Grove Park Asheville, North Carolina Hibbard, William 5 Channing Road Newton Centre 59, Mass. Hilliard, Kenneth Manchester Center Vermont Hooper, A. Theresa 167A Pennsylvania Avenue Newark, New Jersey Houston, Patricia 1407 34th Street Sheffield, Alabama Hudson, David 199 River Road Andover, Massachusetts Isaac, Ronald 985 Stratford Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut 100 Isales, Darysabel 1133 Bogota Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico Jackson, Linda 19 Sagamore Road Marblehead, Massachusetts Jalou y, John 309 Second Avenue Woonsocket, Rhode Island Jeffers, Lee 1720 East Lanvale Street Baltimore 13, Maryland Johnson, Arthur 2 Barretts Mill Road West Concord, Massachusetts Johnson, Sara Hyden (Mrs.) 1610 Ashwood Drive Lexington, Kentucky Katz, Barbara Sue 22 Brite Avenue Scarsdale, New York Kennedy, Patricia 57 Arch Street Watervliet, New York Kern, John Pleasant Street Marion, Massachusetts Kipp, George Spruce Road Hyde Park, New York Kmiec, Ronald R.F.D. No. 2, Main Street Salem, New Hampshire Kmiecik, Louise 7 5-53 Kessel Street Forest Hills, New York Kneisel, Virginia B. 165 Great Plain Avenue Wellesley 81, Massachusetts Kuhner, John 140 Goodman Hill Road Sudbury, Massachusetts LaFIamme, Lois 140 Line Street Cambridge, Massachusetts LaRoche, Stephen 288 Park Street Gardner, Massachusetts Laspisa, Joseph 452 Memorial Parkway Niagara Falls, New York Leach, Philip 500 Washington Street Whitman, Massachusetts Lee, Sylvia No. 2 Jen-Ai Road Pintung, Formosa Leete, Richard 30 Bucknam Street Everett 49, Massachusetts Lemmon, Merrill R.D. No. 2 Jamesville, New York Liburd, Zora 189-01 Nashville Boulevard Springfield Gardens, L.I., N.Y. Lloyd, Christine 23 Kearsarge Street North Conway, New Hampshire Louis, Richard Essex Road Ipswich, Massachusetts Lourie, Charles 441 Washington Street Brookline, Massachusetts MacCloskey, Susan 124 Allerton Road Newton Highlands 61, Mass. Maercklein, Laurena 3456 South Clayton Boulevard Englewood, Colorado Magnuson, Roy 173 Birch Street North Abington, Massachusetts Mahon, Lois 371 West Clinton Street New Bedford, Massachusetts Marotta, Dennis 759 Columbia Road Dorchester, Massachusetts Marr, Carolyn Main Street Bolton, Massachusetts Marshall, James 530 24ch Street Beaumont, Texas Marson, John 34 Maple Street Coventry, Rhode Island McCreedy, Elizabeth 9 Mountain Place Upper Montclair, New Jersey McGann, Virginia 4 1 2 Ocean Avenue Portland, Maine Medeiros, Manuel 42 Piatt Street Fall River, Massachusetts Menke, Juris 45 Mason Terrace Brookline 46, Massachusetts Mesuse, Charlotte 13718 Cedar Road Cleveland 18, Ohio Metcalf, Ralph 67 High Street South Dartmouth, Massachusetts Midei, James 1 1 9 Grace Street Old Forge, Pennsylvania Mielke, Pamela 1302 Carr Street Sandusky, Ohio Mietzner, Edmond 305 West Center Street Fairfield, Illinois 101 Milazzo, Charles 1384 Clifford Avenue Rochester, New York Mimura, Setsuko Susan 3267 Kaimuki Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii Mingolelli, Robert 426 Highland Avenue Winchester, Massachusetts Mitchell, Kenneth 187 Greenwood Street Cranston 10, Rhode Island Moe, Yolande 122 Church Street Wilmington, Massachusetts Monette, Irene 25 West Baltimore Street Lynn, Massachusetts Moore, Gretchen 3907 Palisades Drive Weirton, West Virginia Mulligan, Sharon R.F.D. No. 1 Canaan, New Hampshire Munson, Estella Middlebrook Drive Fairfield, Connecticut Myers, Robert 912 West Lexington Elkhart, Indiana Nadon, Catherine 108 Broadway Pittsfield, Massachusetts Nargesian, John 63 Otis Street Newtonville 60, Massachusetts Newberry, Beverly Cherry Valley Road Columbia, Connecticut Nickerson, Walter 2 1 Pond Street Dorchester 25, Massachusetts Nizzari, Francis 360 Central Avenue Needham Hts., Massachusetts Northrup, William Main Street Plympton, Massachusetts O ' Brien, M. Karen Wallum Lake Rhode Island Ohba, Kanako 70-2 Ishizuka, Hanada Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan Oleson, Sally 209 Elm Street West Concord, Massachusetts Olive, Robert 77 Grove Street Belmont 78, Massachusetts Oxendale, Ronald R.R. No. 1 Odebolt, Iowa Pandolfi, Roland 129 Church Street Manville, Rhode Island Peacock, Jane 22 Woodfield Road Wellesley 81, Massachusetts Peacock, Valerie 48 Nichols Road Cohasset, Massachusetts Polanco, Beda Carolina Street 1629 Santurce, Puerto Rico Polio, Judith 19 Laydon Avenue North Haven, Connecticut Presbrey, Martha 150 Sinclair Avenue Providence, Rhode Island Price, Betty Jane 1 North Bridge Street East Norwalk, Connecticut Rabin, Judith 35 Rockaway Avenue Marblehead, Massachusetts Rampy, Yelva 43 Ruelle Dufort Port au Prince, Haiti Rentel, Joanna 5 Girard Road Winchester, Massachusetts Renzi, Patrick 1534 Van Cortlandt Street Schenectady, New York Reynolds, Paula 306 West Poplar Harrisburg, Illinois Richman, Barry " 33 Western Avenue Albany 3, New York Rivera, Angel 52 Calma Santurce, Puerto Rico Robbins, Sandra Stuart (Mrs.) 105 Colchester Street Brookline, Massachusetts Robertson, Sandra 225 Penn Street Burlington, New Jersey Rosen, Elaine 39 Brighton Sth Place Brooklyn 35, New York Rosen, Rita 8 6 Richmond Avenue Staten Island 2, New York Salvo, Sebastian 53 Bungalow Avenue Fairfield, Connecticut Sampson, Annette 9 1 Ocean Avenue Deal, New Jersey Sanderson, Catherine 45 1 Court Street Auburn, Maine 102 Silsson, Doris Posner ( Mrs. ) 15 Selkirk Road Brookline 46, Massachusetts Schnierer, Henry 3 Lawrence Street New HyJe Park, L.I., N.Y. Schw artz, Stephen 1 9 Humphrey Street Marblehead, Massachusetts Servizio, Bruno 17 Bennet Beverly, Massachusetts Shubanah, Laila 8 Husseni St. Kibba Gardens Cairo, U.A.R. Shelman, Roberta 4 1 East Bowery Newport, Rhode Island Simon, Anna Aniko (Mrs.) 173 Hampshire Street Cambridge 39, Massachusetts Singer, Marjorie 242 Pershing Avenue Bethpage, New York Skeen, Carolyn 812 North Main Street Mooresville, North Carolina Skekon, John 135 Front Street Winchendon, Massachusetts Smith, Thomas 649 Grandview Avenue Olean, New York Sonne, Roy 2052 Ryer Avenue New York 5 " , New York Sorbello, Roberta 2 6 Fen no Street Revere, Massachusetts Standel, PhiHp 1 5 York Street Boston 2 1 , Massachusetts Starr, Richard 66 West Avenue Brockton, Massachusetts Stecko, Lucy 1 8 South Street Worcester, Massachusetts Stew art, Penelope " ' O East View Drive Windsor, Connecticut Stocks, Astrid 63 Robin Hood Lane Kingston Vale, London, England Strcut, Nancy 4 1 5 Swaggertown Road Scotia 2, New York Sullivan, Mary Lou 3 1 Meadowlark Street Enfield, Connecticut Sumner, George 158 Winnacunnett Road Hampton, New Hampshire Sw arr, C. Winfield 57 Gravel Pike Rahns, Pennsylvania Sweet, Jacqueline Bridge Street South Bethlehem, New York Sykes, Carol 4 5 Williams Street Pittsfield, Massachusetts Taber, John Front Street Marion, Massachusetts Tanaka, Hiroko 22 Umedacho, Ohtuku Tokyo, Japan Taylor, Melva 1 24 New Street New Brunswick, New Jersey Thomas, Katharine 1 09 Grant Street Needham 92, Massachusetts Thomson, Phyllis 1003 Grafton Street Worcester 4, Massachusetts Tinsman, Elizabeth 1 Hahn Street Washington, New Jersey Titcomb, Lorena 25 Fort Hill Street Fore Fairfield, Maine Toro, Carmen 603 Elliot Place San Juan, Puerto Rico Travaglini, Jean 60 Lake Avenue Framingham, Massachusetts Trimmer, Maude Alice 277 Triangle Street Amherst, Massachusetts Triplerc, Ernest 66 Kingston Avenue Newport, Rhode Island Truelsonjane 2 Fern Avenue Amesbury, Massachusetts Tuchinsky, Leah 1803 Oxford Drive AUentown, Penn. Turner, Dale Rich way Drive Alberta Lea, Minnesota Turner, Raymond Richway Drive Alberta Lea, Minnesota Valente, Raymond 3 1 Oliver Street Milford, Massachusetts Van Ham, Virginia 89 Farm Lane Westwood, Massachusetts Vanover, Betty 67 Crawford Street Roxbury, Massachusetts 103 Verrier, Richard Knotty Oak Road Hope, Rhode Island Von Der Heide, Diana 26 Division Street Holbroolc, Massachusetts Walker, Janice 709 North Pine Street Gunnison, Colorado Wall er, John 9 County Street Ipswich, Massachusetts Warshavsky, Barry 3 5 Cooper Drive Great Neck, Long Island, N.Y. Wayland, Newton 1807 Paterna Road Santa Barbara, California Welch, George 2 Juniper Road Gloucester, Massachusetts Welch, Susan 2 1 Academy Hill Watertown, Connecticut Weldon, Irene Box 218 Norlina, North Carolina White, Constance (Mrs.) 26 Pinckney Street Boston 14, Massachusetts Willcox, Andrew 137 Frelinghuysen Battle Creek, Michigan Winer, Saul 367 Forest Avenue Swampscott, Massachusetts Wolfson, Barbara 69 Windham Road Hillsdale, New Jersey Wong, Karherine Liu ( Mrs. ) 5 Estrada Eng. Trigo Macao, South China W rzesien, Wilham 557 Chicopee Street Chicopee, Massachusetts Wyman, Patricia 9 Kaye Street Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canad.i Yarvin, Barbara 145 Mansion Street Coxsackie, New York Yeh, Pao-Hsi 2-51 Chang-An Road East Taipei, Taiwan, China Yao, Eugenia P.O. Box 28 9 Hong Kong Young, Lewis (Miss) 16 Smith Road Saugus, Massachusetts Zak, Frances 26 HarpswcU Street Torringron, Connecticut Zaleski, Frederick 163 VC ' est Grant Avenue Roselle Park. New Jersey Zboya, Stephen 32 Lynde Street M.iiden -tS, M.issachusetts Zides, Janice 1 1 Charlotte Street Dorchester 2 i. Mass.ichusett Yang, Katrine No. 25-4 Min Chiuan Road Taiwan, Formosa

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