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We, s tf 60 yearbook. Our cover, of contemporary design has a G-clef sign as the central figure and the F lef sign for balance. These two are superimposed over a quarter note. Very artistically integrated in this motif are the comedy-tragedy theatre ! . .masks. This was created by our ingenious Art Editor, Mary Ann MacKinnon. r With such a cover we chose theatre as our theme. The I ma atre is Com- posed of such elements as poetry, dancing, acting, costumes, lighting, painting, architecture, engineering, acoustics, and of course, — music. It is the whole art and science of stage production. By modern standards, the theatre is one of the media in the service of man towards understanding the world and him- self. It is not merely a reflection of life but an active search for the truths of existence. Each person becomes an actor, with life his stage consisting of many exits. Some of the people who will leave will be known to many, others will be known to few, but whatever field they have endeavored to enter, we hope they will find some self-expression through some form of music. 19150 Page 1 DR. HERBERT SILVERMAN of the Music Education Department, in grateful recognition of your untiring service, never ending patience and thoughtful guidance, the students of the New England Conservatory of Music humbly dedicate this 1 960 Neume to you. Page 2 Page 3 Our PRODUCER The graduating class of I960 will leave the Conservatory after having benefitted from some of the new traditions as well as having known intimately the old traditions of music training for which the Conservatory is world renowned. You have worked with teachers ' of national and international reputation in voice, piano and other instruments. You have listened to the lectures of master-teachers who have gained distinction and rec- ognition for their meaningful organization of the subject matter of their respective fields. And, you were members of the first class to par- ticipate in the new performing organizations — the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the A Cappella Choir, the Chamber Singers, and our new large Orchestra. I feel quite safe in saying that most of you will remember for a long time to come the excitement of playing the first Boston perform- ance of Shostakovich ' s TENTH SYMPHONY under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Dixon, the firm beat that Mr. Piston gave while con- ducting his CONCERTINO, the genuine warmth of the musical per- sonality of Mr. Avshalomov leading his colorful CITY OF BRASS, Mrs. deVaron ' s concentrated demands for the utmost in each and every one of you, the beautiful choral tone achieved by the A Cappella Choir in Benjamin Britten ' s HYMN TO ST. CECILIA, and the success of the graduate students who make up the Chamber Singers in presenting a distinct type of choral ensemble to New England. You have reached he point where as musicians in practice, under- standing and spirit, you are about to leave the Conservatory. We know you will endeavor honorably to uphold the standards and traditions that have become your way of life in music. To each member of the graduating class, every good wish for success! • PRESIDENT ALIFERIS Pa«e3 Meet the DIRECTORS June twelfth marks an end for the graduates of i960 and reminds us that life presents us with a series of these endings. Some are full of joy — difficulties have been overcome; drud- gery is over; the future beckons. Other end ings are sad and painful — what is finishing has been a delight; what lies ahead is fraught with terror and may even seem beyond our strength. The completion of a college degree is in the main the first kind of ending, but it has enough of the second to test our courage and our faith. T. S. Eliot supplies me with a valediction: MRS. RAPHAEL DEMOS Dean of Graduate Students " Not fare well, But fare forward, voyagers. " easant way to start the day Never too busy to give a helping hand Page 6 • . and CHESTER W. WILLIAMS, Dean A college education prepares the individual for living in a complex society. With an understanding of the problems of the past and their attempted solutions one is prepared to meet the present and the future with confidence. A way of living means more than the accumulation of material things to satisfy physical needs. It means beauty, understanding, compassion, love, and truth. It requires the discipline of all our abilities. Education does not cease for the individual upon com- pletion of the curriculum and the awarding of the diploma. It continues for life. A musical education combines a back- ground of the liberal arts with the disciplines of a skill which will bring edification to all who will listen. Page 7 A GLIMPSE of Bernard Barbeau Malcolm Creighton David Barnett Eleanor Davis Robert Brink LoRNA Cooke DeVaron Herbert Burnham Arthur FULTZ William Gibson Jeannette GiGUERE Marie Gillet Alice GiROUARD Page 8 the COACHES Page 9 Johanna Guy Thomas Richard Oldenburg Principato Proctor Rosewall Barbara Miklos Herbert Donald SCHEITZ SCHWALB SILVERMAN SmITH Rhodora B. William Roger Carol Smith Van Lennep Voisin Walden Page 10 Marion Olive Leta Donald Warner Wetmore Whitney Willing David Jean Gladys William Hicks Drabik Miller Tesson Boris Doriot Howard Rosario GOLDOVSKY DWYER GODING MAZZEO Page 11 Edward F. Daniel Avrton Dorothy Perry Pinkham Pinto Richards Verginia Bacon Ruth Posselt Dr. Samuel Bogoch Ralph Pottle Richard Burgin Warren Storey Smith Andre Come Carlo Soresina CAMERA SHY William Curtis James Stagliano Joseph de Pasquale Felix Viscuglia James Dixon Sherman Walt Corinne Flavin •Felix Wolfes Fernand Gillet Alfred Zighera Ralph Gomberg Bernard Zighera Page 12 Page 13 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 AFTER ... The Orchestra Mr. Piston and Senor Sanroma Page 18 Page 19 STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council, under the direc- tion of John Walker, President, is composed of all class officers and one representative from each club and John Walker, President Greek Letter organization. As in other colleges and universities. Student Council is the gov- erning body of the school. It regulates and arranges all social activities and supervises improvements for all the students. In December, working with Miss Ruther from the World Uni- versity Service, S. C. sponsored a foreign students concert in Jordan Hall. The performers were Yong Soon Lee, soprano, from Korea; Claude Hill, harpist, from Canada; Jorge Querol, pianist, from Barce- lona, Spain; and Benjamin Gutierrez, composer-pianist, from Costa Rica. The next few meetings were spent preparing for the annual All- School Banquet, which was held March 22. With Mrs. Demos as guest speaker, it proved to be one of the most successful events of the year. Page 20 Newman Club The first Newman Club was formed at the University of Penn- sylvania in 1893. The club was named for John Henry Cardinal Newman. Cardinal Newman of ecclesiatical material in the nine- teenth century. The Newman Club Movement is the mutual program between Chaplain and students. Its real purpose is " to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual and social activities. " With the assistance of the Reverend Gerard J. Rogers, C.S.P., Newman Club has been a successful organization. This past year the N.E.C. Newman Club has been meeting with Nort heastern University N.C Some Newman members relax at the dormitory Delta Omicron TIME: June 1950, Founding of Delta Xi Chapter PLACE: New England Conservatory of Music STARS President Patricia Capone Vice-President Roberta Shelman Secretary Janice Walker Noonan Treasurer Beverly Clark ACT I: First Semester Scene I — Founder s Day Concert Scene II — Celebration of Fiftieth Anniversary ACT II: Second Semester Scene I — Monthly service programs at local hospitals Scene II — Annual scholarship awards to Tangle wood, MacDowell Colony, and Aspen Page 22 Phi Mu Alpha TIME: October 6, 1898 — Alpha Chapter PLACE: New England Conservatory of Music ACT I: First Semester Scene I — Open house in October Scene II — Founder ' s Day Concert in December ACT II: Second Semester Scene 1 — Lecture by Daniel Pinkham Scene II — Province Convention in April STARS President Daniel Mazeika Vice-President William Br s Rec. Secretary Frank Clark Corr. Secretary Manuel Medeiros Treasurer Stanley Bednarz Sinfonia at Kappa ' s Bean Supper n Page 23 Mu Phi Epsilon TIME: December 13, 1903 Founding of Beta Chapter PLACE : New England Conservatory of Music ACT I: First Semester Scene I : Christmas Concert at Mansfield Scene II : Visit from National Second Vice-President ACT II: Second Semester Scene I : Lecture by G. Wallace Woodworth Scene II: Concerts in Revere and Lynn STARS President PATRICIA SlATTERY Vice-President EUTHA Davis Rec. Secretary SANDRA ROBERTSON Corr. Secretary JUDI BRIGHTMAN Treasurer Regina BARTOLOMUCCI TIME: December 13, 1913 Founding of Alpha Chapter PLACE: New England Conservatory of Music ACT I: First Semester Scene I — Fall Smoker for prospective pledges Scene II — Concert in December ACT II: Second Semester Scene I — Annual Bean Supper Scene II — Spring Concert STARS President Irving Lowe Vice-President Vincent Cavalli Rec. Secretary Joseph Laspisa Corr. Secretary Henry Crosby Treasurer John Dowd s m a A 1 p h a I TIME: June 19, 1915 Founding of Lambda Chapter PLACE: New England Conservatory of Music ACT I: First Semester Scene I: T.V. Performance of TROUBLE IN TAHITI Scene II: Mid-winter concert in Jordan Hall ACT II: Second Semester Scene I: Weekly radio broadcasts Scene II: American Music Concert in May STARS President Shirley Prue Vice-President Marilyn Allen Rec. Secretary Barbara Dinger Corr. Secretary Barbara Dinger Treasurer Janet Adelberg T Elson Club TIME: September, 1920 PLACE: New England Conservatory ACT I: First Semester Scene I: Cookie Sales Scene II: Volunteer work for CARE ACT II: Second Semester Scene I: Volunteer work for St. Monica Home Scene II: Banquet STARS President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Catherine Sanderson Kay Gibson Theresa Hooper Janet Anderson Page 27 Conservatory LAIMS: To promote higher ideals in music and to U create greater interest and better understandng of music, and to promote friendliness among women students. CLUB MOTTO: B Music is the trainer of the soul and is designed for the improvement of the mind. Plato Conservatory Club is open to all women students. It offers an opportunity to better oneself in h ' s chosen field and to bring together the members in the following services: 1 . Concerts in school 2. Concerts outside of school 3. Service programs ACTIVITIES: An evening recital, January 5, I960 Concert at South End Settlement House Concert at Franklin Square House We are privileged to have Mrs. Drabik as the club ' s first advisor. Page 28 The Melodic Line NEUME to Enter National Competition ' Pile 19rtO N ' tuiiie will be tni- tered in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association ' s annual year- book competition. Thi- aims of the C.S.P.A. arc to maintain the ama- teur standing of the student pub- lication, to oppose the efforts of (hose who would make it an object uH exploitation, and to preserve it as an educational project and in- stitution. We are cinipeting for one of the awards. The criticisms, we hope, will serve as suds, not only for us, but for future yearbook -■staffs as well. The Melodic Line will enter the newspaper divi.sioii ■ r the C.S.P.A. The only way we can reach our iroal — a good yearbook — is b having the cooperation of every member of the Conservatory. Deadlines for ilL_pictures iind proofs is Frid: If unable to coi Eulha Davis soon as possil Vol. 17, No. 4 ;-■ WIND EN The New England Cons ducted by .James Dixon •. Wednesday, Dei out charge arc the Dean, 290 H i . stamped envelope. Miklos Schwalb, of the t sky ' s C ' oncdrlo ffjr Piano a ' , his principal trainintr in K ' Dohnanyi, Leo solo re citaK in I and ' " ' " the li ;i the ( 39-proj;ram sei i Rico, Canada : i Toccata Mar .iale nd Ne On Loivla Be Wo present arena-setliup in Brown The Melodic Liee Staff Editors . Managing Editor Roland Gagmen ' 61 John Walker ' 61 Judith A. Walker ' 60 Barbara Currie ' 62 Susan Ellis ' 62 Reporters Eutha Davis ' 60 Lisa Frederick from the faculty Roland Nadeau of the music theory and composition department Warhen Story Smith of the music history and literature department Page 29 MENC Mrs. Whitney, Donald Le Grow and Susan Lovegrove M.E.N.C. is a club for Music Education majors. Although there are no formal meetings, the members are kept abreast of everything by their advisor, Mrs. Whitney. Chapter 189 (NEC), along with another chapter, was featured in one of the recent M.E.N.C. Journals. Mrs. Whitney and some other Conservatory students were dele- gates to the annual M.E.N.C. Convention, March 18 thru 23, in At- lantic City, New Jersey. Page 30 MUSIC THERAPY " Music for Mankind ' s Sake " All music therapy majors work for national certification, RMT, ( Registered Music Therapist ) . Training demands musical competence, academic proficiency, plus pre-clinical training and clinical resident internship under proper super- vison. Student Music Therapists have this year developed patient-cen- tered activities in Children ' s Unit of Metropolitan State Hospital, with adults at Boston State Hospital, private work at McLean Hospital, Med- field State Hospital, and for arthritic patients at Robert Breck Brigham Hospital. Graduates in Music Therapy hold positions in Bordentown, New Jersey, Hamden, Conn., Medfield State Hospital, Bedford V.A., Fernald School, and Boston State Hospital. Mr. Fultz and some of his co-workers. Page 31 - 0 O . , .v-f Z c ' ' -c ' AC - Page 32 STAFF Page 33 LE DORMITOIR Page 34 STUDENT BODY f4 Page 35 UNDERSTUDIES Members of the Junior Class Jane Goods Cynthia Brown Secretary Treasurer Page 36 ThJt NOVICES President Angel Rivera Vice-President Barbara Currie Secretary Carolyn Marr Treasurer Elisabeth Tinsman The Sophomore Class Page 37 rh£ DREAMERS (Freshman) Secretary Margaret Fannon Treasurer lONY Booker Page 38 HERBERT L BAKER Percussion — Mr. Firth Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1937-60. Pledgemaster; Student Council 1958-59; Class Treasurer 1958- 59 and Class Secretary 1959-60; M.E.N.C. 1959- 60 Orchestra; Wind Ensemble; Percussion En- semble; Berkshire Music Center 1959; Alumni Chorus 1959-60; Tour Chorus 1959-60. MARILYN ALLEN Voice — Miss Miller Elson Club ' s Sgt-at-arms; Sigma Alpha Iota - Chaplain and Vice-President; Student Council; Melodic Line; Dean ' s List; Langshaw, Walker, Marie Sundelius Scholarships. REGINA MARY BARTOLOMUCCI Piano — Miss Monaghan Conservatory Club - Corresponding and Record- ing Secretary; Foundation, Dunham, Converse, Sons of Italy and Tanglewood Scholarships; M.E.N.C; Vice-President of Junior Class; Chorus - Treasurer; Tour Chorus; Mu Phi Epsi- lon - Treasurer and Convention Delegate. Page 40 BARBARA SUE BENDER Piano — Miss Giguere Conservatory Club Vice-President 1958-59 and President 1959-60; Student Council 1958-59; Sigma Alpha Iota 1958-60, Chaplain 1959-60; Tour Chorus 1957-60; Deans List 1957-59; Music Therapy Treasurer 1957-58, Vice-Presi- dent 1958-59. PATRICIA L. CAPONE Voice — Mrs. Graf Scholarships 1956-60; Dean ' s List 1956; Warden and Chorister of Delta Omicron 1957, First Vice-President 1958 and President 1959-60; Delta Omicron Tanglewood Scholarship; Treas- urer of Conservatory Club 1958; Student Coun- cil 1956 and 1958; Freshman Class Treasurer; Tour Chorus- YVETTE MARIE CAPILLON Piano — Mr. Smith Conservatory Scholarships 1956-59; Conservatory Club 1957-59, Editor 1958; Freshman Achieve- ment Award; Dean ' s List 1957-59; Sophomore year - dance committee for the freshman dance. 41 ROSA CAMELIA CASANOVA Piano — Miss Monaghan Mu Phi Epsilon; Chorus; Newman Club; Schol- arship from the Government of Puerto Rico. RUMIE YOUN CHO Voice — Mr. Jagel SANDRA CASTALDO Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Treasurer of Class 1959-60; Assistant Treasurer of Conservatory Club; Mason Scholarships; Tour Chorus; Brigadoon; Student Council. Page 42 EUTHA ELEANOR DAVIS Piano — Miss Monaghan Conservatory Scholarships 1956-59; Valkyries Scholarship 1956-59; Cox Fund; Camden Elks Scholarship; Mu Phi Epsilon Chorister 1957, Vice-President 1958-60; Recipient of Delta Omi- cron Award 1957; Conservatory Club Editor; Neume Editor; Camden Community Club Schol- arship 1956-58; Neume Representative to Stu- dent Council; Government Loan 1959-60. VERNE COLBURN Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Conservatory Scholarships 1956-59; Outside scholarships and loans 1958-60; Government loan 1959-60; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Secretary 1958-59, Pledgemaster 1959-60. VIOLETA DE LA MATA Piano — Miss Monaghan Mu Phi Epsilon; Chorus; Newman Club; Schol- arship from the Government of Puerto Rico. 43 Page 44 VALERIE CLAIRE FAUTEUX Voice — Mrs. Graf Junior Chamber of Commerce Scholarship; National Federation of Music Clubs Award for the District of New England; .Madame Marie Sundelius Scholarship; Dean ' s List 1957-59- AUDREY HERRICK GARDNER Voice — Miss Davis Walker Scholarships 1958-59; Student Council; Conservatory Club 1958-59; Treasurer of Ther- apy Club 1958-59; Vice-President of Conserva- tory Club. JOHN C. GAUYA Piano — Mr. Schwalb Treasurer of Phi Mu Alpha - Sinfonia 1958-59; Winner of the Marion Beecher Scholarship 1958-59. Page 45 KAY LUCINDA GIBSON Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Melodic Line Report rr 1956-57, Managing Edi- tor 1957-60; Elson Club 1957-60; Conservatory Club 1956-60; N.E.C. Scholarships 1956-59; National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students 1957-58; Methodist Church 1956; Links of New Jersey 1958. PEGGY GIBSON French Horn — Mr. Keaney PRISCILLA A. GORDON Voice — Mrs. Miller Dean ' s List. Page 46 CAROLYNN HOWARD Voice — Mrs. Graf Soprano lead in " Falstaff " , " Susannah " , " Mar- riage of Figaro " (Jordan Hall and T.V- Produc- tion); Soprano soloist in " Hodie " ; New Eng- land Opera Theatre 1959-60; Scholarships from Otis A.F.B., First Baptist Church, Elizabeth L. Walker 1959-60; " Soeur Angelica " lead in Jordan Hall. JUDITH N. GREENBERG Piano — Mr. Donald Smith Music Therapy Club; Conservatory Club; Schol- arships 1956-60. ZAROUHI IZMIRLIAN Piano — Mr. Schwalb 47 J ULIAN LEACH Piano — Mr. Coding Student Recitals MARSHA LACKEY Voice — Mr. Jagel Member of Mu Phi Epsilon Sorority; Chorus ( " Brigadoon " ) ; Katie ( " Plain And Fancy " ); Sang in opera scenes. DONALD C. LE GROW Voice — Miss Davis Scholarships 1957-60; President of the Sopho- more Class 1957-58; Vice-President of the Senior Class 1959-60; President of N.E.C. Chapter of M.E.N.C. 1958-60; Vice-President Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1958-59; President of N.E.C. Chorus 1959-60; Student Council 1957-59; Tour Com- mittee 1959-60 Chairman (Emeritus) Page 48 SUSAN FILLMORE LOVEGROVE Music Education — Mrs. Whitney DANIEL J. MAZEIKA Music Education — Mrs. Whitney President of Phi Mu Alpha — Sinfonia; Scholar- ship from the Conservatory; Officer in Chorus. DONNA LEE MURIN Voice — Mr. Jagel Vice-President of Conservatory Club 1957-58; President of Conservatory Club 1958-59; Con- servatory Scholarships 1958-60; Dean ' s List. Page 49 ALFRED PUOPOLO Clarinet — Mr. Mazzeo Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity; New England Conservatory Scholarship. HELEN HUNT ROBINSON Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Elson Club; Student Council 1957-58. VITO PUOPOLO Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Page 50 CHARLOTTE ELISABETH SCHAEFER Voice — Miss Miller Music Therapy Club 1957-58; Marie Sundeiius and the Howe Scholarships. ELISABETH SHEERIN Voice — Miss Miller ROBERTA MARIE SHELMAN Voice — Miss Miller Chaplain, Secretary and Vice-President of Delta Omicron Sorority; Two Conservatory Scholar- ships; New England Southern Methodist Scholar- ship; New England Society in City of New York Scholarship. Page 51 PATRICIA SLATTERY Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Freshman Class Secretary; Conservatory Club; Mu Phi Epsilon Recording Secretary 1958-59, President 1959-60; Melodic Line; Chorus Editor; Plain and Fancy; Foundation Scholarships 1956- 60. RICHARD SHORE Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Dean ' s List 1958; Walker Scholarship 1958; Scholarship 1959; Sang with the Conservatory Chorus at Symphony Hall (Beethoven ' s Ninth Symphony) ARLENE R. SOLOMON Bassoon — Mr. Walt Junior Class President; Mu Phi Epsilon Chaplain 1959-60. Pase 52 NICHOLAS TGETTIS Composition — Mr. Cooke GRACE ELEANOR URRICO Piano — Mr. Coding Dean ' s List 1956-59; Foundation Scholarship 1956-57; Scholarships from A. C Bird 1957-58, Oliver Ditson 1959-60, Beethoven Club of Woonsocket, R. I. 1958-59; Conservatory Club Recording Secretary 1957-58, Second Vice-Presi- dent 1958-59, Treasurer 1959-60; Mu Phi Epsi- lon Corresponding Secretary 1957-59, Chorister 1959-60; M.EN.C. 1956-60; Tour Chorus 1958- 60, Alto Representative and Chorus Secretary 1959-60. DARYL A. THOMSON Composition — Mr. Layton Page 53 VERNICE E. VAN HAM Music Education — Mis. Whitney Class Secretary 1957-59, President 1959-60; Tour Chorus 1959-60; Orchestra 1957-60; Plain and Fancy 1958; Dean ' s List 1957-60; Mu Phi Epsilon Award 1957; Snow Ball Queen 1957; Sanders, Ditson Foundation and Weston Country Evening Concert Scholarships; Conservatory Club Program Chairman; Student Council - Secretary, Executive Board 1959-60. HELEN E. WALKO Piano Theory — Mr. Smith American Association of University Women Scholarship; Bird, Louise Baker and Foundation Scholarships; Delta Omicron; Student Council. JUDITH ALYN WALKER Music Education — Mrs. Whitney Conservatory Scholarship 1956-59; Tour Chorus 1958-60; Student Chairman of Tour Chorus 1956; Editor of the Melodic Line 1957-60; Stjdent Editor of the N.E.C. Bulletin 1958-60; Student Council 1957-60; Deans List 1957; M.E.N.C. 1956-60. Page 54 Page 55 p RAYMOND DELLOVO, JR. Piano — Mr. Coding Scholarships from the Lexington Choral Society, the Hayden Society, the Weston Country Eve- ning Concert Series, and the Fuller Scholarship. CAMERA SHY VINCENT V. CAVALLI Flute — Mr. Pappoutsakis Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity HENRY CROSBY Contrabrass — Mr. Moleux Orchestra: Kappa Gamma Psi Page 56 CAMERA SHY HARRY KOLLEGIAN JR. Clarinet — Mr. Mazzeo ELINOR PREBLE Flute — Mrs. Dwyer Ditson and Crabtree Scholarship; Nat. Fed. Mu- sic Clubs Scholarship; Tanglewood 1957; Faculty- N.E.C. Prep. Dept.; N.E.C. Orchestra. MYRNA A. WELCH Music Therapy — Mrs. Fultz P. A. Crane Scholarship 1956; Walker Scholar- ship 1956-60; Conservatory Club Editor 1957- 58 and Corr. Sec. 1960-61; Music Therapy Club Secretary 1957-58. Page 57 RICHARD WYLAND Clarinet Mr. Cioffi CAMERA SHY CHARLOTTE ROBERTS CHAFFIN Music Education Mrs. Whitney ELEANOR E. BAKER Flute Mr. Pappoutsakis LOIS ANNE GINSBERG Music Therapy Mr. Fultz Page 70 CAMERA SHY GEORGE EDGAR KENT Organ Willing HAROLD V. LAZARON Music Education Mrs. Whitney NANCY STUART LAZARON Voice Mr. Barbeau IRVINE LOWE Voice Miss Miller GEORGE POWERS Trombone Mr. Gibson JAMES YOUNG Composition Mr. Layton Page 71 Page 72 Page 73 Page 74 POPULAR MUSIC Page 75 Candids Page 76 Lucky boy, how do you rate! ! Dankevich, Khrennikov, Yarustovsky, Pr. Aliferis, Shostakovich, Amirov Page 77 Jazz in the making f Interpreter: " See that girl in the red dress? " Khrennikov: (dryly) " Yeah " I wonder what I ' m going to compose next. Page 78 Must have the janitor fix that hole in the ceiling. City of Brass — after rehearsal Please return your coat check. Page 79 Page 81 Page 83 FACULTY Barbeau, Bernard 1 7 Amherst Road Beverly, Mass. Barnett, David 7 Tappan Road JC ellesley, Mass. Burgin, Richard 1 2 Salisbury Road Brookline, Mass. Brink, Robert 656 Grove Street Newton Lower Falls, Mass. Cioffi, Gino 82 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Mass. Davis, Eleanor 25 Peterborough Street Boston, dass. Demos, Jean 10 Francis Avenue Cambridge 38, Mass. de Pasquale, Joseph 141 Summit Avenue Brookline, Mass. De Varon, Lorna zo Walker street Cambridge, Mass. Dixon, James 128 Hemenway Street Boston, ass. Drabik, Jean 114 Brattle Street Cambridge, Mass. Dwyer, Doriot 54 Nancy Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. rciperiuan, jonn 163 Hemenway Street Boston, Nlass. ruiiz, ircnur 80 Auburn Street Auburndale 66, Mass Gibson, JC illiam 342 Hillcrest Street Needham 92, Mass. Giguere, Jeanette 36 Beals Street Brookline, Alass. Gillet, Marie 60 High Street Brookline, Mass. Girouard, Alice 121 St. Stephen Street Boston 15, ]Vlass. Goding, Howard 84 Fenway Boston, Mass. Go ldovsky, Boris 183 Clinton Street Brookline, Alass. Graf, Uta 7 Marlborough Street iJOMun, ividss. Hilker, Betty 84 Fenway Boston, ass. Jagel, Frederick 1514 Beacon Street Brookline, lass. Jaskolski, Alexandra o4 i angiy Koaa Klotzle, Virginia o4 riazeitine T ro f TC rf cc OXatllUrU, JlVid.db. Lanier, Frances 4 Humboldt Street Cambridge, Mass. Mason, Margaret 54 Revere Street Mazzeo, Rosario 114 Fenway McKmley, («arl 46 Commonwealth Avenue xjosion, ivi.ass. Muler, Lrladys 60 Fenway Boston, Alass. Moriarity, John 64 Hemenway Street Hr cf n 1 S A occ Nadeau, Roland 39 Henry Street AX 1 n ri cf r GC w iiiLiiCMCl, iviaAa. Oldenburg, Johanna 346 Concord Avenue Belmont, Nlass. Pappoutsokis, James 36 Beverly Road £ rouKiinc, ividss. Perry, hdward z03 rond street Natick, Mass. Pmkham, Daniel 154 Foster Street Cambridge, A ' lass. Procter, Thomas 20 lappan Road W ellesley, IVfass. Richards, Dorothy 69 Henry Street Riviere, Simone 370 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Mass. Rosewall, Richard 30 Russell Circle Natick, Mass. bchwalb, Miklos 63 Mount Vernon Street £ u! ion, ivia.! d. Silverman, Herbert 135 Middlesex Avenue 1 m 1 n otc T rt o cc W lllillll lUll, iVlddd amith, Uonald joo Brush Hill Koad iVllilL ll, iVl t33. amith, Melville 3 Healey Street 1 1 m r ri H Of cc Smith, Warren Storey 122 Bowdoin Street Boston, ass. Tesson, William 33 Roberts Road Medrord !), Mass. Van Lennep, William 5 Fuller Place Cambridge, Mass. Viscuglia, Felix 24 Whipple Road Lexington, Mass. Voisin, Roger 252 Moss Hill Road Jamaica Plain, Mass. Walt, Sherman 23 Fox Hill Road Natick, Mass. Whitney, Leta 238 Hemenway Street Boston, Mass. Wetmore, Olive 12 Francis Avenue Cambridge, Mass. Williams, Chester 3 Middlesex Street Wellesley 81, Mass. Willing, Donald 8 Hillside Avenue Winchester, Mass. Wolfes, Felix 72 Westland Avenue Boston 1 5, Mass. Zighera, Bernard 1 5 Monmouth Court Brookline, Mass. Page 84 STUDENTS A J 1 I. T Adelberg, Janet 5514 boutn Bend Koaa Baltimore, Maryland Alexander, Earl 1463 President Street rJrooKiyn Vo, iNew xorK All Fill? TCarannl crtK Arialar anf IT fVAl All 111 j Jr . i. UA1A1 A L. X Y pnisehir Ankara Turlcev Allen, Marilyn Scipio Center New York A nrifrcon Tanpf Rnval Oak Drivp VC esr Hartford ( onn 1 Paffvn rppf W akefield, Nfass. Ancsini Emil J J k, 1. V- 111 11 wklV V Needham, Mass. Arm frnnff O Sniarf 206 W Main Street J J W . ITXAllI lltCL Newark Delaware A qk xi Tr Ann Bloomville New York L Ai-riiky ail, A Yenikoy Disbudak sok. No. 4 Istanbul, Turkey Ralcpr Flpanor 29 Park Place Athens Ohio 3aker, Henry 6 Locust Street Nashua, New Hampshire Bsker Herbert 3 1 OC estmore Road Nfattapan, Nfass. Barkh3.n1, Jennifer 50 East 79th Street New York, New York Bartolomucci, R.egina 42 Elmwood Street Revere Nfass. Bartolotti, Salvatore 911 itrhfield .Sfreet 1. ul k .llll IkJ k. ' fclW k Rriphtnn Vfa s l- ' l lgilL tl, J.VXAi9J Barchelder Nancv P Box 1 774 Pa II D 1 7f»r IV a cc X All lA.lVd, 1V A39 Bates, Sarah 22 Bridge Street Newport, Rhode Island Battey, David 5757 Blackstone Avenue Chicaco 37 111 v itiv.a vy J 1 y All. Baue, Rosemary 225 East Swon Bavosa, Theresa 573 Downer Street X estfield, New Jersey Beale, Everett 35 North Avenue Nnrfh AKinpfon ' fa« Bearse, Leonard 45 Garden Street Srifuaff X ' fas Bednarz, Stanley 59 Lincoln Avenue Nnrf hamnfon Ma. ' s X Vyi LI 1 Alll k kv 11, A ' AAOJ. Bender Barbara S7S RriHff Strf pf J 1 J UIIU LlWC l North 3C f vmoiith Mace Bennett Donald ] Rfarnn Srrppt Brook line Mass. R nf rKa ra i} c ni n otf T Tcwi W A IllllgLL l] VjltJVC iVlAl y lAllU Rffffpvin TiinirK T Arl »ll » 1 irr " iitr J xlUCllCJ ll Llli ij cwcf tf T 7 acc Berketf Toannp A. ' V ' lnVH, fVAllll 4S T r nfylv Avpniif J LrfV iiKi y iV V d I wa mr%crT»f r A acc W Alll LfJVWl I, 1 1 A3 J. Rprrv Rnrvrr ouiiuui y , X ciiii. 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Page 85 Bninnstrum, Frances 41 Sycamore Street Somerville, New Jersey Bruno, Santo 55 Halmore Drive Rochester 9, Ne w York Brys, William 21 Gardner Street Meriden, Conn. Bucci, Thomas 1 9 Columbia Road Portland, Maine Bucci, Vincent 205 Langdon Street Providence, Rhode Island Buckley, Joseph 84 Lexington Street Lawrence, Mass. Burke, Edwin 145 Harold Street Boston, Mass. Calabrese, John 33 West Oak Street Farmingdale, L. I., N. Y. Campbell, Judith 1086 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Mass. Cananday, Peter 1 143 Lexan Avenue Norfolk 8, Virginia Capillon, Yvette 46 Prince Street Attleboro, Mass. Capone, Patricia 351 Lowell Street Wakefield, Mass. Capron, Evelyn WesternviUe, N. Y. Carmody, Joseph 114 Grove Street Chelsea, Mass. Caruso, Anthony R. R. No. 1, 163 Horse Pond Road South Sudbury, Mass. Carpenter, Cynthia 94 Pleasant Street Lexington, Mass. Casanova, Rosa 1541 Poce de Leon Santurce, Puerto Rico Case, Julie 440 North Maple Avenue Greenwich, Conn. Castaldo, Sandra 220 High Street Wareham, Mass. Cavalli, Vincent 513 Chestnut Street Monessen, Penna. Cazale, Stephen 38 Prospect Street Winchester, Mass. Caffin, Charlotte 19 Alton Court Brookline, Mass. Chapin, Walter 2128 Stanford Avenue St. Paul 5, Minn. Cho, Rumie 1 79 Hunnewell Avenue Newton 59, Mass. Christie, Dawne Mason Street Bethel, Maine Cifelli, Joseph 22 June Avenue Cranston, Rhode Island Clark, Beverly R. F. D. No. 3 Rockville, Conn. Clark, Frank 75 Upham Street Lowell, Mass. Clinton, Desmond 26 Massachusetts Avenue Springfield, Mass. Cochran, George 24 Ash Street Dedham, Mass. Cohen, Jerome 1 West Summer Avenue Spokane, Washington Coker, Walter 309 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. Colburn, Verne 83 Foster Street Keene, New Hampshire Cole, Brenda 57 Lyndale Street Manchester, Conn. Conlon, William 3 5 Logan Way South Boston, Mass. Cooper, Clarence 1 30 Factory Cocoa, Florida Cordova, Jorge Loiza No. 2017 Santurce, Puerto Rico Crawford, Mary 1517 Rahway Avenue Westville, New Jersey Crosby, Henry 43 Royal Avenue Warwick, Rhode Island Cullington, Diane 2 1 Rodge Road Belmont 79, Mass. Currie, Barbara 20 Sunset Road Winchester, Mass. Cusanelli, Juliette 48 Parkview Street Newport, New Hampshire Czerwinski, William 124 New Street Cranford, New Jersey Darrow, G. William 111 Packer Avenue Towanda, Penn. Davekos, Nicolleta 25 Beckford Street Beverly, Mass. Davidson, Lyle South Royalton, Vermont Davis, Eric 850 S. University Blvd. Denver, Colorado Davis, Eutha 842 Spruce Street Camden 3, New Jersey Davis, Winston 959 Sanford Road N. Westport, Mass. Daws, Hanley 2812 W. Echo Lane Phoenix, Arizona Dejulio, Edward 32 Oakland Avenue Westbrook, Maine Page 86 de la Mata, Violeta Pacific Place No. 14 Santurce, Puerto Rico De Lisle, David Cottage Street Marlboro, New Hampshire Dellovo, Raymond 5 1 Winthrop Street Lexington, Mass. Demery, Carol 181 Fifth Avenue New Rochelle, New York Demsey, C. Wayne 24 County Way Beverly, Mass. De Simone, Louise 16 Sharon Street W. Medford, Mass. Deutsch, Ira Box 485 Woodstock. New York Deware, Ann Box 594 Bass River, Mass. Diaz, Justino Polaris 821, Dos Pinos Rio Piedros, Puerto Rico DiBonaventura, Virginia R. F. D. No. 1 Peekskill, New York Di Meo, Cesare 16 Sherwood Street Cranston 9, R. I. Dinger, Barbara Box 242 Richland, Penn. Djanjigian, Ardemis P. O. Box 1681 Beirut, Lebanon DoUoff, Dorinda 24 Arcadia Avenue Rumford 16, R. I. Donaldson, Robert 199 Fifth Avenue New Rochelle, New York Doraz, Walter 84 Foote Street Fall River, Mass. Dorsam, Paul 36-28 217th Street Bayside6l,L. L, N. Y. Dowd, John 57 Parkinson Street Needham, Mass. DuCette, Nancy 2 1 Dedham Street Revere, Mass. Dunn, Helene Wahackme Road New Canaan, Conn. Dziomba, Edith Rte. 1, Kitemaug Road Uncasville, Conn. Eaton, Marie 40 Station Street Quincy, Mass. Eghian, Louis 4 Antrim Street Cambridge, Mass. Ehrmann, Janice 97 Pennsylvania Avenue Newton Upper Falls. Mass. Elliott, Thomas 4704 Transit Road Dapew, New York Ellis, Susan 74 Winthrop Street Augusta, Maine Etnier, Victoria 1040 Park Avenue New York, New York Ezer, Alvin Box 78 Columbia, Conn. Falck, Robert 508 Ashford Road Silver Springs, Maryland Fannon, Margaret 31 -A Weed Street New Canaan, Conn. Faust, George 191 Nielson Street New Brunswick, New Jersey Fauteux, Valerie 132 Mill Road New Bedford, Mass. Fazah, Adib 1908 Brainard Avenue Cleveland 9, Ohio Fennelle, Ray 708 Erin Avenue S. W. Atlanta 1 0, Georgia Fenninger, Paul 1431 Edge Hill Road Abington, Penn. Ferris, Derek The Grange Colworth, Sussex, England Fesperman, John 1 Arsenal Square Cambridge, Mass. Fisher, Stephen 338 Manning Blvd. Albany 6, New York Fortuna, Rose 53 Atlantic Street Haverhill, Mass. Foss, Harlan South Street Barre, Mass. Fowler, Hilda 66 Fenway Boston, Mass. Fox, David 386 Ward Street Newton, Mass. Frederick, Lisa 62 Apawanis Avenue Rye, New York Friedland, Sherman 1249 Beacon Street Brookline, Mass. Fritzsche, Emily Sheldon Road Fitchburg, Mass. Fura, Michael 101 Arnold Avenue Lincoln, R. I. Gallant, Warner 1 2 Maple Street E. Willinocket, Mass. Gardner, Audrey 95 Mansion Street Coxsackie, New York Gauya, John Straits Turnpike Middlebury, Conn. Gerstel, Alan 305 Hartwell Road Buffalo 16, New York Gharibian, Telemak Mauhqmed alo El Abid no 105 Damas, Syria Page 87 Gibson, Jerre 1 4 Slaytonbush Lane Utica, New York Gibson, Kay 7 520 Pleasant Avenue Delair, New Jersey Gibson, Peggy 5950 Pennsylvania Avenue Dayton 5, Ohio Ginsber, Lois 67 Westland Avenue Boston 15, Mass. Godbold, Dale 33 Dunbar Street Yonkers, New York Goode, Jane 48 Gould Avenue Newark, New Jersey Gordon, Priscilla 406 S. College Street Martinsville, Virginia Gottlieb, Lois 300 Whitwell Street Quincy, Mass. Grealish, Jeanne 209 McCauley Avenue Chapel Hill, N. Carolina Greenberg, Judith 1053 E. 10th Street Brooklyn, New York Guanzon, Carmencita 5 Kanlaon Street Quezon City, Phillipines Guazzerotti, John 186 Webster Street E. Boston, Mass. Guttierrez, Benjamin Guadolupe San Jose, Costa Rico Hagopian, Mary 6904 N. Michigan Road Indianapolis 8, Ind. Hamilton, Milton 255 Bradford Drive Benton Harbor, Mich. Hargrove, Guy 84 St. Stephen Street Boston, Mass. Harper, Wallace 202 Jewell Street Akron 5, Ohio Hasbrouck, Claude 33 Hayden Lane Bedford, Mass. Hayashi, Yuko 49 Mitsuzawa Shim-Cho Kanagawa, Japan Hence, Marie 37 Spring Street Trenton, New Jersey Hendrick, Robin 327 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Mass. Hester, Francis 109 Homestead Street Roxbury, Mass. Hibbard, William 5 Channing Road Newton Center, Mass. Hill, Claude 2702 Pie IX Boulevard Montreal, P. Q., Canada Holmes, Adele 1455 Forest Avenue Portland, Maine Holmes, Patricia 128 Fair Street White Plains, N. Y. Hooper, A. Theresa 167 A Peesylvania Avenue Newark, New Jersey Hopps, June 320 Harvard Street Cambridge, Mass. Howard, Barbara Dexter Road North Scituate, R. 1. Howard, Carolynn 604 Darby Road Kingston, N. C. Hudson, David 423 River Road Andover, Mass. Hurney, Claire 44 Hobomack Road Quincy, Mass. Inkeri, Ellen North Society Road Canterbury, Conn. Ireland, Susan 14 Laurel Avenue Shrewsbury, Mass. Isales, Darysabel Bogota 1133 Puerto Rico Izmirlian, Zarouhi Rue ArORihban Beirut, Lebanon Janusz, Lillian 7 Merrimack Street Nashua, New Hampshire Jaskolski, Alexandra 84 Langley Road Brighton, Mass. Jeffers, Lee 1720 East Lanvale Street Baltimore, Maryland Johnson, Charles 225 Walnut Street Saugus, Mass. Johnson, John 214 Elmwood Street N. Attleboro, Mass. Jones, Lilly 17 Yarmouth Street Boston 16, Mass. Kang, Samuel 56 Symphony Road Boston, Mass. Kent, George Shady Harbor, R. F. D. No. 1 Westerly, R. I. Kern, John Pleasant Street Marion, Mass. Klosek, Sonia 22 Quartus Street Williamansett, Mass. Kmiecik, Louise 75-53 Kessel Street Forest Hills, N. Y. Knight, James 141 Ralph Mann Drive Stoughton, Mass. Kollegian, Harry 146 Forest Street Medford, Mass. Komar, Arthur 104 Gainsboro Street Boston, Mass. Kubrin, Norman 1 Fisher Drive Mount Vernon, N. Y. Page 88 Kurtz, Richard Avis Mill Road Woodstown, N. J. Lackey, Marcia 1910 East 30th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma La Flamme, Lois 103 Auman Street Fort Devens, Mass. Lamoutte, Sylvia 2051 Espana Street Ocean Park, Santurce, P. R. Lapisa, Joseph 334 ' 2 Memorial Parkway Niagara Falls, N. Y. Laubacker, Father Carroll 2460 Lyon Street San Francisco, Calif. Laurendeau, Jean 4 1 5 Stuart Street Montreal, Canada Lazaron, Harold 46 Main Street Amherst, Mass. Lazaron, Nancy 46 Main Street Amherst, Mass. Leach, Julian 43 Winter Street Skowhegan, Maine Lee, Ann Myong 72 Tangju-dong Seoul, Korea Lee, Sylvia No. 2 Jen-Ai Road Pintung, Formosa Lee, Yong Soon 62 Ulchiro 6th Ka Seoul, Korea Leete, Richard Route No. 79 Furham, Conn. Le Grow, Donald 19 Jackson Avenue Everett 49, Mass. Leonard, Carol P. O. Box 249 Savona, N. Y. Liburd, Zora 189-01 Nashville Boulevard Springfield Gardens 13, L. L, N. Y. Liu, Ketherine 5 Estreada Eugenhier Trigo Macau, South China Lloyd, Christine 23 Kearsarge Street North Conway, New Hampshire Lombard, Lyman Box 42, Petersham Road Hardwick, Mass. Lourie, Charles 441 Washington Street Brookline 46, Mass. Lovegrove, Susan 3500 Smith Avenue S. E. Albuquerque, N. Mexico Lowe, Irvine 309 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. Lui, May-Yuen 188 Des Voeux Rd. c. Hong Kong, China MacKinnon, Arra Mary 520 N. W. 48th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Madden, Thomas 1823 Highland Street Helena, Montana Mahan, Judith 158 Berkeley Avenue Middletown, R. I. Maher, Hilary 60 Hills Point Road Westport, Conn. Mandel, Martin 1416 Dilston Road Silver Spring, Maryland Mansfield, Robert Locust Street Peabody, Mass. Mantino, Adeline 29 Jefferson Street Milford, Mass. Markowitz, Ronald 4 1 1 Harding Drive Silver Spring, Maryland Marotta, Dennis 759 Columbia Road Dorchester 25, Mass. Marr, Carolyn Main Street Bolton, Mass. Maynard, Roy 2715 North Pecan Nacgdoches, Texas Mazeika, Daniel 16 Ashmont Avenue Worcester, Mass. McKay, David 3 Merriam Avenue Shrewsbury, Mass. McKee, Henrietta 1640 Center Street Newton Highlands, Mass. McKim, William Rumson Road Little Silver, New Jersey Medeiros, Manuel 42 Piatt Street Fall River, Mass. Menke, Juris 227 Freeman Street Brookline, Mass. Mesuse, Charlotte 13718 Cedar Road Cleveland 8, Ohio Mielke, Pamela 1302 Carr Street Sandusky, Ohio Millyan, Frances 170 Forest Street Winchester, Mass. Mimura, Susan 2-1303 Setagaya, Setagaya-Ku Tokyo, Japan Mingalelli, Robert 426 Highland Avenue Winchester, Mass. Mitchell, James 57 Sigourney Street Hartford 5, Conn. Montiero, Richard 233 Sconticut Neck Fairhaven, Mass. Moore, Gretchen 3907 Palisades Drive Weirton, W. Virginia Moore, Mildred 12 Lincoln Street Methuen, Mass. Morse, Tevis 77 Puritan Avenue Forest Hills, New York Page 89 Mulligan, Sharon R. F. D. No. 1 Canaan, New Hampshire Munson, Estella Middlebrook Drive Fairfield, Conn. Muntzing, Nancy 320 Main Street Mt. Hope, West Virginia Murin, Donna 38 Watson Avenue Ossining, New York Nadon, Catherine 108 Broadway Pittsfield, Mass. Nakamura, Kikujo 125, 1-Chome, Matsurb- Tokyo, Japan Nakashima, Setsuko P. O. Box 494 Arlington, California Nargesian, John 104 Gainsboro Street Boston, Mass. Newberry, Beverly Cherry Valley Road Columbia, Conn. Nizarri, Francis 360 Central Avenue Needham Heights, Mass Noonan, Janice Wa 709 N. Pine Street Gunnison, Colorado Noonan, Robert 11 Jersey Street Boston 15, Mass. Norton, MaryAnn 6 Commonwealth Avenue Hopkinton, Mass. Oleson, Sally 209 Elm Street W. Concord, Mass. Oliva, Nancy 1 1 Wisteria Street Salem, Mass. Olivier, Lucien 16 Chittick Road Hyde Park, Mass. Orlando, Orlandini 64 Rua Marechal Canturia Urea, Rio de Janerio, Brazil Overholt, Jane 219 Lowder Street Dedham, Mass. Paco, Constantine 329 Williams Street Providence, R. I. Paco, Eileen 329 Williams Street Providence, R. I. Pandolfi, Roland 129 Church Street Manville, R. I. Parker, Donald 1 2 Bridle Street Billerica, Mass. Payne, Mary 330 N. Prosperity Avenue Fairfax, Va. Peacock, Valerie 48 Nicholas Road Cohasset, Mass. Pepin, Gertrude 1103 Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket, R. I. Pforsich, Dorothy 2042 Quail Avenue Lakewood 7, Ohio Pforsich Robert 708 Church Street Louisville, Ohio Plaster, Isabelle 1609 S. Third Street Louisville, Kentucky Polanco, Beda 1629 Carolina Street Santurce, Puerto Rico Polio, Judy 19 Paydon Avenue North Haven, Conn. Poppenger, Carol 50 The Fenway Boston, Mass. Powell, Sheila 88 Elm Street Montclair, New Jersey Powers, George 5 Benefit Street Waltham, Mass. Preble, Elinor 1420 Rosemary Street Denver, Colorado Precipe, Pasquale 271 Titicut Street S. Bridgewater, Mass. Presbrey, Martha 150 Sinclair Avenue Providence 7, R. I. Price, Betty 1 North Bridge Street E. Norwalk, Conn. Prue, Shirley 346 South Street Wrentham, Mass. Puopolo, Alfred 184 Bucknam Street Everett, Mass. Puopolo, Vito 23 West Street Norwood, Mass. Querol, Jorge Calle Valencia 16 Barcelona, Spain Rabin, Judith 35 Rockaway Avenue Marblehead, Mass. Rampy, Yelva 43 Ruelle Dufort Port-au-Prince, Haiti Rand, Carol 307 S. 5th Street E. Grand Forks, Minn. Reynolds, Paula 305 W. Poplar Street Harrisburg, 111. Rivard, Frances 64 Tremont Street Central Falls, R. I. Rivera, Angel Loiza 1752 Streling House Santurce, Puerto Rico Robbins, Sandra 105 Colchester Street Brookline, Mass. Robertson, Sandra 225 Penn Street Burlington, New Jersey Robinson, Helen 5 Neptune Street Newburyport, Mass. Rohrman, Sally 66 The Fenway Boston 15. Mass. Page 90 Rounds, Timothy Third Street Lyon Mountain, N. Y. Ryan, James 16 Wilwade Road Great Neck, N. Y. Salvo, Sebastian 53 Bungalow Avenue Fairfield, Conn. Sampson, Annette 91 Ocean Avenue Deal, New Jersey Sanderson, Catherine 451 Court Street Auburn, Maine Sasson, Doris 234 Beacon Street Boston 16, Mass. Sasson, Michel 234 Beacon Street Boston 16, Mass. Schaefer, Charlotte Remsen ' s Lane Oyster Bay, L. L, N. Y. Schaub, Ariane Chemin Surville Geneva, Switzerland Schwager, Myron 46 Hull Avenue Pittsfield, Mass. Servizio, Bruno 1 7 Bennett Street Beverly, Mass. Shabanah, Laila 8 St. El Hussein, Kobba Gardens Cairo, U. A. R. Shaffer, Leslie 932 Arnet Avenue Union, New Jersey Sheerin, Elizabeth 1629 21st Street N. W. Washington, D. C. Shelman, Roberta 4 1 East Bowery Street Newport, R. L Shin, Chonghyo 1 1 6 Tappan Street Brookline, Mass. Shore, Richard 1 00 Revere Street Hull, Mass. Simon, Aniko 173 Hampshire Street Cambridge, Mass. Sister, Mary John Mount Trinity Academy Watertown, Mass. Skelton, John 135 Front Street Winchendon, Mass. Slattery, Patricia 45 School Street Mansfield, Mass. Smith, Larry R. R. 1 Holdrege, Nebraska Smith, Marilyn 2639 Springmont Avenue Dayton 20, Ohio Solomon, Arlene 32 Oxford Street Worcester, Mass. Sorbello, Roberta 276 Fenno Street Revere, Mass. Sousa, Anne 31 Memorial Drive Stoughton, Mass. Standel, Phillip 1 5 York Street Dorchester 2 1 , Mass. Stern, Miriam 107-61 76th Street Ozone Park, N. Y. Stevens, John 90 Cottage Street Franklin, Mass. Stonequist, Martha 138 Nelson Avenue Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Strout, Nancy 415 Swaggertown Road Scotia 2, N. Y. Sutcliffe, Marian 386 Winchester Street Newton Highlands, Mass. Swarr, Claire 57 Gravel Pike Rahns, Penn. Sweet, Jacqueline Bridge Street S. Bethlehem, N. Y. Sykes, Carol 475 Williams Street Pittsfield, Mass. Taber, John Front Street Marion, Mass. Tanako, Hiroko 22 Umedo-cho, Ohtaku Tokyo, Japan Tgettis, Nicholas 2 Bow Street Salem, Mass. Thies, Patricia 3794 Darrow Road Stow, Ohio Thomson, Daryl 1031 Metropolitan Avenue Milton, Mass. Thomson, Phyllis 1003 Grafton Street Worcester, Mass. imsman, hlizabetn 330 Belvidere Avenue Washington, N. J. iiLLumD, i orcna rort riiii street Fort Fairfield, Maine Toro, Carmen Eliot Place 603 Miramar, Puerto Rico Travaglini, Jean 60 Lake Avenue Framingham, Mass. Trimmer, Alice 139 Sunset Avenue Amherst, Mass. Turner, Dale Emmons, Minn. Turner, Raymond P. O. Box 92 Emmons, Minn. Tyler, David 43 Beverly Street Melrose 75, Mass. Urrico, Grace 1 1 Urrico Avenue Smithfield, R. L Valente, Raymond 3 1 Oliver Street Milford, Mass. Page 91 Van Ham, Vernice 89 Farm Lane Wesrwood, Mass. Vanover, Bern 6 ■ Crawford street Roxbury, Mass. Vasil, Thomas 5 Arg ' le Avenue Avon, Mass. Vaughn, Helen 1 U oandrmgnam Koad Kocnester lU, iN. i. Verrier, Richard Kjiotty Oak Koad Hope, K. 1. Vilde, Hone 18 Harris Avenue Jamaica Plain, Mass. Vitale, drol 108 rront Street Deposit, N. Y. Von Der Heide, Diana zo Division Mreet Hoi brook, Mass. Wajda, Stanley 133 Chelmsford Road Westford, Mass. Wakefield, Catherme Center Street Dover, Mass. Walker, John y County Street Ipswich, Mass. Walker, Judith 162 Copeland Drive Mansfield, Mass. Walko. Helen 50 Lake Avenue Danbury, Conn. Wallace. Joan ' Did rJridge otreet Buzzards Bay, Mass. wr -.11 £ .— Wartella, Myron 219 Jackson Street tdwardsville, Penn. Watterson, Doranna Dlaine, Maine Watterson, Velsa Blaine, Maine Watts, Eugene 1605 South Carr Sedalia, Missouri W ayshak, Joseph 178 M Street South Boston, Mass. weicn. Myrna 14 Edwards Road Hyannis, Mass. weicn, ousan 2 1 Academy Hill Watertown, Conn. Welaon, Irene Box 218 XT 1 XT Norlina, N. Carolina Wells, James 185 Montclair Avenue Montclair, N. J. Whitman, Vernon Star Route Norway, Maine W ilcox. Andrew 137 Frelinghuysen Avenue Battle Creek, Mich. VC illiams, Sandra 733 S. Summit Street Iowa City, Iowa VC illiams. Sherrill 4522 Bay Shore Road Sar asota, Florida W ilson, Diana 36 River Street Keene, N. Hampshire VC insor, Mary 284 Lake Avenue Newton 61. Mass. W ooten, Landrum 684 Cooled ge Avenue, N. E. Atlanta 6, Georgia wrzesien, wiiiiam 537 ChicoDee Street Chicooee, Mass. wyiand, Kicnard 1 185 E. 6th Street St. Paul, Minn. Wyman, Patricia 9 Kave Street Halifax, Nova Scotia Yans- Katrine No. 25-4 Min-Chuan Road Tainan, Formosa Yao, Eugenia P. 0. Box 2879 Hong Kong, China Yeaeer, Nancy 1733 nth Street Cuyahaga Falls, Ohio I en, rao Msi 54 Revere Street Boston, Mass. Yoder, Judith Commercial Street Rockport, Maine Young, James 48 Cortaee Street Everett, Mass. Young. Lewis 16 Smith Road Saugus, Mass. Yuen, Thelma t f ' C llf 196 St. Botoloh Street Boston, Mass. Zboya, Stephen 32 Lynde Street Maiden, Mass. Zides, Janice 4 1 Charlotte Street Dorchester, Mass. Zonis, Ella 183 Marlborough Street Boston, Mass. Page 92 Page 93 Compliments of Kappa Gamma Psi ARLINGTON ROOFING SKYLIGHT WORKS ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS Sigma Alpha Iota Conservatory Club Delta Omicron BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I960 the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Page 94 REMEMBER: A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. Best Wishes to the Classes of 1961, 1962. and 1963 the seniors RAYBURN HEMENWAY DRUG CO. Musical Instrument Co. Cor. Hemenway and Westland Ave. " Everything for the Musician! " Complete line of Cosmetics Wholesale and Retail Selmer, Bundy, Benge, Trumpets, Guitars, Slingerland Max Factor Drums, W.F.L. Drums, Pirastro Strings, Kaplan Strings, Helena Rubenstein Reconditioned Instruments, Expert Repairing. Faberge 267 Huntington Avenue Yardley ' s Chanel and all Boston CO 6-4727 Visit our coffee Shop and relax over a meal or a snack Page 95 METROPOLITAN COAL AND OIL COMPANY FUEL OILS - COAL - OIL BURNERS Industrial Domestic 65 State Street Telephone Boston 9, Mass. CA 7-8800 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I960 The Freshman Class Page 96

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