New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA)

 - Class of 1959

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Neume 1959 " •- ' Ti|||i " There is no music in a rest, but there is the making of music in it. In our whole life-melody the music is broken off here and there by rests, and we foolishly think that we have come to the end of time. God sends a forced time of leisure — sickness, frustrated plans, and disappointed ef- forts — and makes a sudden pause in the choral hymn of our lives, and we lament that our voices must be silent and our part missing in the music which ever goes to the ear of our Creator. " How does the musician read the rest? See him beat time with unvary- ing count, and catch up the next note, true and steady, as if no breaking place had come in between. " Not without design does God write the music of our lives. Be it ours to learn the time and not be dis- mayed at the rests. They are not to be slurred over, nor to be omitted, not to destroy the melody, nor change the keynote. " If we look to God Himself, He will beat the time for us. With the eye on Him we will strike the next note full and clear. " .... Jean McMorran Demos, Associate Dean and Dean of Graduate Students .... in deep appreciation for your thoughtful and sincere guidance in both musi- cal and personal development and for your unlimited devotion to the school, the students of the Nev Eng- land Conservatory of Music gratefully dedicate the 1959 Neume to you. DR. JAMES ALIFERIS Our President D E P A R T MR. RICHARD BURGIN Strings MR. F. JUDD COOKE History of Music and Churct) Music MRS. JEAN DEMOS Academic MR. EVERETT FIRTH Percussion H E A D S MR. ARTHUR FULTZ Music Therapy MR. HOWARD CODING MR. BORIS GOLDOVSKY Piano Opera MR. FREDERICK JAGEL Voice MR. CARL McKINLEY Theory and Composition MR. WILLIAM TESSON Popular Music MRS. LETA WHITNEY Music Education NOT PICTURED: MR. ROSARIO MAZZEO Woodwind MR. ROGER VOISIN Brass MR. DONALD WILLING Organ BERNARD BARBEAU Voice DAVID BARNETT Piano, History and Literature of Music F. JUDD COOKE History and Literature of Music, Tlieory and Composition JOSEPHINE BARNETT Drama, Speech RICHARD BURGIN Violin, Conductor of th Conservatory Orchestra NOT PICTURED VIRGINIA BACON Piano SAMUEL BOGACH Physiology J. ARTHUR CALESS Saxophone, Flute NORMAN CARREL Clarinet GINO CiOFFI Clarinet ANDRE COME Trumpet CAMILLE COPEZ Trumpet LORNA COOKE deVARON Conductor of the Conservatory Chorus BERNARD ELEVITCH Literature EVERETT FIRTH Percussion ARTHUR FLAGLER FULTZ Psychology, Sociology NOT PICTURED: MALCOLM CREIGHTON Piano ELEANOR DAVIS Voice JOSEPH dePASQUALE WILLIAM GIBSON LLY DODGE bone Violin JEAN ELLERTON DRABIK Voice GASTON DUFRESNE Theory and Composition DORIOT ANTHONY DWYER Flute JEANNETTE GIGUERE Piano FERNAND GILLET Cliamber Music MARIE GILLET Piano ALICE GIROUARD Voice NOT PICTURED: CORINNE FLAVEN Violoncello RALPH GOMBERG Oboe WILLIAM GRASS HOWARD GODING ' FREDERICK GUERRA Piano Saxophone FLORENCE HARTNETT Piano PERCY HUNT Voice ALEXANDRA JASKOLSKI Piano BORIS GOLDOVSKY Opera UTA GRAF Voice GEORGE GUILBAULT Theatre, Piano, Voice Coaching DAVID DONALD HICKS Piano NOT PICTURED: PAUL KEANEY Horn ALFRED KRIPS Violin LOTTIE LENN Fine Arts ANNA LOTHIAN Piano PIERRE LUBOSHUTZ Piano ROSARIO MAZZEO Clarinet DOWELL McNEILL Organ BETTY HILKER Piano MARGARET MASON Piano, History and Literature of Music, Theor and Composition HOMER HUMPHREY Organ FREDERICK JAGEL Voice VIRGINIA KLOTZLE Piano FRANCES LANIER Violin NOT PICTURED: GLADYS MILLER Voice GENIA NEMENOFF Piano ERNST PANENKA Bassoon JAMES PAPPOUTSAKIS Flute LUCY PARKER Violin JAMES PIERCE Piano EDWARD PERRY History CARL McKINLEY Organ, History and Literature of Music, Theory and Composition GEORGE MOLEAUX Contrabass LUCILLE MONAGHAN Piano JOHN MORIARITY Repertoire Coaching NOT PICTURED: ARYTON PINTO Violin FRED POPPER Repertoire Coachin g RAPHAEL PORRAS Accordion J. HAYES PROCTER Philosophy DOROTHY RICHARDS Voice SIMONE RIVIERE French COLETTA RUSHFORD Harp JOHANNA OLDENBURG German GUY PRINCIPATO Guitar DONALD SMITH Piano MIKLOS SCHWALB Piano HERBERT SILVERMAN Music Education NOT PICTURED: BARBARA SCHEITZ Violin ELIZABETH SCHULZ Piano THEODORE SIMONELLI Guitar WARREN STOREY SMITH History and Literature of Music, Ttieory and Com- position CARLO SORESINA Italian JAMES SHAGLIANO Horn ALICE STEVENS Voice NOT PICTURED: ROBERT STUART OLIVE WETMORE Clarinet Literature RICHARD SUMMERS DONALD WILLING Oboe Church Music, Organ FELIX VISCUGLIA SUSAN WILLIAMS Clarinet Piano ROGER VOISIN FELIX WOLFES Trumpet Re pertoire Coaching SHERMAN WALT ALFRED ZIGHERA Bassoon Violoncello BERNARD ZIGHERA Harp GRADUATE STUDENTS. ANNABELLE BERNARD 2120 Gravier Street New Orleans, Louisiana Voice A lme. Graf DONNA JEFFREY 110 Elm Street Camden, Maine Voice A lr. Jagel ARTIST DIPLOMA 1959 DAVID NORTON BEYER 38 Bank Street St. Albans, Vermont Piano A lr. Schwalb JO GARNER BOATRIGHT 10 Museum Road Boston, Massachusetts Piano A lr. Schwalb BARBARA FRANCES GODDING Wells Hill Road Lakeville, Connecticut Organ A lr. Willing ANN MYONG SOOK LEE 72 Tangju-dong Seoul, Korea Voice Mrs. Graf JOHN DAVID LUNDGREN 615 Hamilton Street Wausau, Wisconsin Opera Directing Mr. Goldovsky MASTERS MARY ANNE MacKINNON 520 NW 48th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Bassoon A lr. Walt SYLVIA LEE McDERMEIT 1 374 Forest Lane Canon City, Colorado Piano Mr. Schwalb NANCY JANE McNELLY 1 1 5 South Beech Street Oxford, Ohio Cello Ensemble Mr. Zighera F MUSIC MARGARET AYDELOTTE MILLS 1412 Lowell Road Schenectady, New York JAMES HOWARD MITCHELL Hanley Road Lexington, Ohio Voice Mrs. Graf MUSIC JOSEPH NORTON RUTH ELIZABETH MOSS Warren Street 334 53rcl Street Littleton, Massachusetts Newport News, Virginia Music Education Dr. Silverman Bassoon Mr. Walt MASTERS ANNE SOUSA 31 Memorial Drive Stoughton, Massachusetts Voice Miss Miller GLORIA FRANCES TICE 421 North Pine Street Beloit, Kansas Violin Mr. Burgin WALTER VALENTINO TOKARCZYK 539 River Street Woonsocket, Rhode Island Percussion l Ar. Firth WILLIAM TORTOLANO 513 Charles Street Providence, Rhode Island Church Music Mr. Willing GRAYDON JAMES WILLIAMS 1 1 Hibbard Avenue Clifton Springs, New York Theory Mr. Cooke OF MUSIC BARCLAY FREDERICK WOOD Blueberry Hill Road Monroe, Connecticut Organ A lr. McKinley Not Pictured: CYNTHIA CRAIN MARGUERITE ESTAVER HARRY FINCHER LOIS GINSBERG JEANNE GREALISH EARL GRONER LORRAINE KALIL ARTHUR LEWIS ROBIN LONGANECKER JUDITH LYONS MARGARET MASON SETSUKO NAKASHIMA ISABELLE PLASTER CARL REESE ROBERT SHERWOOD PHYLLIS WHITMAN PHILIP YOUNG KIRSTEN LOUISE ALBRO 10 South Edward Street Sayreville, New Jersey Music Education, Piano A lr. Smith MARIA LUZ ALVARADO Urb. Monterrey Street Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Piano Miss Monoghan WESLEY CHAMBERS BARTERA 311 East College Street Clinton, Mississippi Piano A lr. Coding GEORGIANNA MABLE BERRY 9 Eliot Street Watertown, Massachusetts Music Education, Voice Mrs. Steven FRANCES ALICE BRUNNSTROM 41 Sycamore Street Somerville, New Jersey Piano Mr. Coding EDWARD JAMES BUCK 27 Nutter Road North Reading, Massachusetts Music Therapy, Piano Mr. Guilbault JUDITH MERRISS CAMPBELL 1086 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Piano A lr. Coding STEPHAN MICHAEL CAZALE 38 Prospect Street Winchester, Massachusetts Theory Mr. Cooke OLIVER CHAMBERLAIN, JR. Allenwood Road, R.D. Box 201 Belmar, New Jersey Double Bass Mr. Moleux JEROME DANIEL COHEN 60 Symphony Road Boston, Massachusetts Composition Mr. Cooke WILLIAM JOHN CONLON 35 Logan Way South Boston, Massachusetts Voice Miss Miller VICTOR JAMES DalPOZZAL 224 Nahant Road Nahant, Massachusetts Music Education Piano Mr. Smith EDWARD DAVID D ' AMICO 79 Gainsboro Street Boston, Massachusetts Music Education, Trumpet A lr. Voisin SUSAN MARGARET DAY Main Street Middle Haddam, Connecticut Voice Miss Miller DAVID FRANK DeLISLE Cottage Street Marlboro, New Hampshire Piano Mr. Barnett RUTH ELAINE EELLS 1 4 Isabella Street Melrose, Massachusetts Voice A lr. Jagel WINIFRED ANN HOWARD FIERKE 4510 Moorland Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota Clarinet Mr. Mazzeo JOHN NATHANIEL FOSS 92 Western Avenue Augusta, Maine Music Education, Trumpet Mr. Voisin ELAINE MARY FREYBLER 2133 South 23rd Street LaCrosse, Wisconsin Voice Mrs. Graf EMILY ELIZABETH FRITZSCHE Hastings Road Ashburnham, Massachusetts Piano Miss Monoghan JAMES EUGENE GREGG Washington Street Conway, New Hampshire Music Education, Voice Mrs. Girouard NANINE SCHWARZ HAMMOND 36 Pleasant Street Marblehead, Massachusetts Music Education Mrs. Whitney GUY ARNOLD HARGROVE 313 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Voice Mr. Jagel MARTHA ELIZABETH KANE 224 Summit Street Portland, Maine usic Education, Voice A lr. Barbeau SAMUEL KANG 159 Ruggles Street Boston, Massachusetts Theory Mr. Cooke ANDREW FENTON KAZDIN 102 Gainsboro Street Boston, Massachusetts Composition Mr. McKinley CHONG HYO LEE 136 In-Hyun Dong Seoul, Korea Piano Miss Monoghan SANDRA GLOVER LENZ 3700 Loch Raven Boulevard Baltimore 18, Maryland Music Education, Trombone Mr. lesson GORDON CHEE LEW 196 St. Botolph Street Boston, Massachusetts Music Education Mrs. Whitney DeANNE LINDSTROAA FROAAAAE 120 Maiden Street Worcester, Massachusetts Violin A lr. Krips JENETTE BERTHA LILLIAN MacDONALD 3050 Pawtucket Avenue Riverside, Rhode Island Music Education, Voice Mrs. Graf FLORENCE IRENE MAGOUN 58 School Street Rockland, Massachusetts Music Education, Piano A lr. Smith JARVIS FRANCIS MEDEIROS 43 Grandview Averiue Fairhaven, Massachusetts Music Education Mrs. Whitney JUDITH ALAYNE MELVIN 26 Pleasant Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts Music Education, Voice Mrs Girouard !,.t,i!r ' THOMAS PAUL MILLS 216 Mountain View Avenue Rensselaer, New York Church Music Mr. Willing EDMUND JOHN AAOUSSALLY 74 Montgomery Street Boston, Massachusetts usic Education, Voice Miss Richards ADOLF PAUL MUSIOL 109 Endicott Street Worcester, Massachusetts Music Education Mrs. Wliifney MARY ANN NORTON Commonwealth Avenue Hopkinton, Massachusetts Theory Mr. Coo ce LUCIEN LEO OLIVIER 1 68 Seaver Street Roxbury, Massachusetts Voice Miss Miller EILEEN PACO 329 Williams Street Providence, Rhode Island Piano Mr. Coding JOHN BENTLEY PARKER 34 Ash Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts Music Education Mrs. Whitney SHIRLEY FRANCES PRUE 346 South Street Wrentham, Massachusetts Piano A lr. Coding BEVERLY FLORENCE SAMANS 317 Woodlawn Avenue Beckley, West Virginia Music Therapy, Piano A lr. Smith KAREN RUTH SCHLEMMER 535 North Martin Street Waukegan, Illinois Flute Mrs. Dwyer Norma Lee Kulberg Placido Joseph Pietropaolo NOT PICTURED: Serenella Irene Privitera Margaret Elizabeth Rudd Landon Worth Young CLASS ALLEN, Marilyn Scipio Centre New York ALVARADO, Maria Luz Urb. Monterrey Street Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico BAKER, Herbert 31 Westmore Road Mattapan, Massachusetts BARTOLOMUCCI, Regina 42 Elmwood Street Revere, Massachusetts BEAUREGARD, Richard R.F.D. No. 3 Colebrook, New Hampshire BENDER, Barbara 575 Bridge Street North Weymouth, Massachusetts BURKE, Florence Box. No. 165 Round Lake, New York CAPILLON, Yvette 46 Prince Street Attleboro, Massachusetts CAPONE, Patricia 351 Lowell Street Wakefield, Massachusetts CARMICH AEL, William 16 Howe Street Wellesley, Massachusetts CASANOVA, Rosita 1501-5 Ponce de Leon Avenue Santurce, Puerto Rico CASTALDO, Sandra 220 High Street Wareham, Massachusetts CAVALLI, Vincent 513 Chestnut Street Monessen, Pennsylvania CHO, Rumie Youn No. 96 Imasto-cho Shirogane, Shiba, Minatoku Tokyo, Japan COHEN, Jerome 60 Symphony Road Boston, Massachusetts CLARK, Frank 75 Upham Street Lowell, Massachusetts CROSBEY, Henry 43 Royal Avenue Warwick, Rhode Island DAVIS, Eutha 842 Spruce Street Camden 3, New Jersey DE LA MATA, Violeta 14 Pacific Place Santurce, Puerto Rico DELLOVO, Raymond 51 Winthrop Road Lexington, Massachusetts EHRMANN, Janice Panella 97 Pennsylvania Avenue Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts FAUTEUX, Valerie 132 Mill Road New Bedford, Massachusetts FRIEDLAND, Sherman 1249 Beacon Street Brookline, Massachusetts GAUYA, John Straits Turnpike Middlebury, Connecticut GIBSON, Kay 7520 Pleasant Avenue Delair, New Jersey GIBSON, Peggy 5850 Philadelphia Drive Dayton, Ohio GORDON, Priscilla 406 South College Street Martinsville, Virginia GOTLIEB, Lois 300 Whitwell Street Quincy, Massachusetts GREENBERG, Judith 1053 East 10th Street Brooklyn, New York HOWARD, Carolynn 604 Darley Road Kinston, North Carolina IZMIRLIAN, Zarouhi Rue Ar-Rihban Beirut, Lebanon JOHNSON, Charles 225 Walnut Street Saugus, Massachusetts KAZDIN, Andrew 102 Gainsboro Street Boston, Massachusetts KOLLEGIAN, Harry 146 Forest Street Medford, Massachusetts LACKEY, Marsha 1910 East 30th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma LEACH, Julian 43 Winter Street Skowhegan, Maine LE GROW, Donald 19 Jackson Avenue Everett, Massachusetts LOVEGROVE, Susan 3500 Smith S.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico MAZEIKA, Daniel 16 Ashmond Avenue Fairhaven, Massachusetts MEDEIROS, Manuel 42 Piatt Street Fall River, Massachusetts MIETZNER, Edmond 205 West Center Street Fairfield, Illinois MURIN, Donna 38 Watson Avenue Ossining, New York PINE, Donald 549 Somerset Avenue Taunton, Massachusetts PUOPOLO, Alfred 355 Chelsea Street East Boston 28, Massachusetts PUOPOLO, Vito 23 West Street Norwood, Massachusetts SANDERSON, Catherine 451 Court Street Auburn, Maine SCHAEFER, Charlotte Remsen ' s Lane Oyster Bay, New York SHELMAN, Roberta 41 East Bowery Street Newport, Rhode Island SHORE, Richard 694 Broad Street East Weymouth, Massachusetts SISTER ANN REGIS O.P. 130 Lexington Street Watertown 72, Massachusetts SLATTERY, Patricia 45 School Street Mansfield, Massachusetts TABB, Stephen 507 Beach 67 Street Arverne, New York THOMSON, Daryl 1031 Grafton Street Worcester 4, Massachusetts URRICO, Grace 1 1 Urrico Avenue Woonsocket, Rhode Island VAN HAM, Vernice 89 Farm Lane Westwood, Massachusetts WALKER, Judith 82 Paine Road Mansfield, Massachusetts WALKO, Helen 50 Lake Avenue Danbury, Connecticut WALLACE, Joan 7 Old Bridge Street Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts WILSON, Phillips Dunbar Hall Exeter, New Hampshire WOOTEN, Landrum 684 Collidge Avenue N.E. Atlanta, Georgia YEH, Pao-hsi 51 Changan Road, East, 2nd Section ZITOWITZ, Arlene 32 Oxford Street Worcester, Massachusetts CLASS ADELBERG, Janet 5514 South Bend Road Baltimore 9, Maryland BABIKAN, Margrit Yenikoy Disbudak sok. No. 4 Istanbul, Turkey BEARSE, Barbara Braddock Lane Harwichport, Massachusetts BEDNARZ, Stanley 59 Lincoln Avenue Northhampton, Massachusetts BLACKMUR, Paula 15 Beach Street Cohasset, Massachusetts BONELLI, Car! 1519 Main Street Houston, Texas BRIGHTMAN, Judith 84 Whittier Road Needham, Massachusetts BROWN, Cynthia 30 Lenox Street Brockton, Massachusetts BROWNE, Deborah 28 Little Pond Road Belmont, Massachusetts BRYS, William 21 Gardner Street Somerville, New Jersey CLARK, Beverly Cedar Mill Road, R.F.D. No. 1, Box 127 Ellington, Connecticut COLBURN, Verne 83 Foster Street Keene, New Hampshire CRAWFORD, Mary Alice 1517 Rahway Avenue Westfield, New Jersey CZERWINSKI, William 124 New Street Cranford, New Jersey DARROW, William 1 1 1 Packer Avenue Towanda, Pennsylvania DAVIDSON, Lyie South Royalton, Vermont DINGER, Barbara Box 242 Richland, Pennsylvania DOWD, John 57 Parkinson Street Needham, Massachusetts DUFFY, Carol 56 Mount Warner Road North Hadley, Massachusetts DUNN, Heiene Wahackme Road New Canaan, Connecticut FALCK, Robert 5133 Manning Drive Bethesda, Maryland FOSS, Alice Anderson 39A Lee Street Cambridge, Massachusetts FOX, David 386 Ward Street Newton, Massachusetts GAGNON, Roland 11 Willow Street Auburn, Maine GARDNER, Audrey 95 Mansion Street Coxsackie, New York GOODE, Jane 48 Gould Avenue Newark, New Jersey HAHNL, Fernando 44 Redlands Road West Roxbury, Massachusetts HIBBARD, William 5 Channing Road Newton Centre 59, Massachusetts HOLMES, Patricia 128 Fair Street White Plains, New York HOOPER, Theresa 167A Pennsylvania Avenue Newark, New Jersey ISALES, DARYSABEL 1 1 33 Bogota Street Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico KELLAWAY, Roger 31 Wyman Street Waban 68, Massachusetts LA FLAMME, Lois 103 Auman Street Fort Devens, Massachusetts LANTINI, Edward 53-H March Street Providence, Rhode Island LEE, Sylvia No. 2 Jen-Ai Road Pintun, Formosa LEW, Gordon 196 St. otolph Street Boston, Massachusetts LIBURD, Zora 189-01 Nashville Boulevard Springfield Gardens 13, L.I., New York LOMBARD, Lyman Petersham Road Hardwick, Massachusetts MACOMBER, Mary Pittsford, Vermont MAHAN, Judith Dutra 158 Berleley Avenue Middletown, Rhode Island MASON, Pennie 154 Beaumont Avenue Newtonville, Massachusetts MOORE, Gretchen 3907 Palisades Drive Weirton, West Virginia MORSE, Tevis 77 Puritan Avenue Forest Hills, New York NIZZARI, Francis 360 Central Avenue Needham, Massachusetts POSNER, Doris 1057 Constable Drive Mamaroneck, New York ROBERTSON, Sandra 225 Penn Street Burlington, New Jersey SKELTON, John 135 Front Street Winchendon, Massachusetts STEARNS, Judith 854 Salem Street Maiden, Massachusetts STEELE, Lois, M.D. No. 29 Little Britain Road Newburgh, New York SUMNER, George Winnicunnett Road Hampton, New Hampshire SWANSON, Robert 77 Park Street Rutland, Vermont SYKES, Carol 475 Williams Street Pittsfield, Massachusetts TAYLOR, Patricia Rte. 3, Box 657, Orange Avenue Fort Pierce, Florida THOMSON, Phyllis 1003 Grafton Street Worcester 4, Massachusetts TRIPLEH, Ernest 66 Kingston Avenue Newport, Rhode Island WALKER, John 9 County Street Ipswich, Massachusetts WHITE, Robert 2002 Warlick Place N.E. Atlanta, Georgia WYMAN, Patricia 9 Kaye Street Halifax, Nova Scotia YANG, Katrine No. 25-4 Min-Chu»n Road Tainan, Formosa YAO, Eugenia P.O. Box 2879 Hong Kong Tapei, Formosa LASS ANDERSON, Janet 9 Royal Oak Drive West Hartford, Connecticut BARRON, Sonya 41 Lyman Street Lynn, Massachusetts BATTEY, David 5757 Blackstone Avenue Chicago 37, Illinois BEALE Everett, 35 North Avenue North Abington, Massachusetts BEHN, Axel 455 New Dorwart Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania BENNETT, Donald 1685 Beacon Street Brookline, Massachusetts BISCOTTI, Agnes 21 Oswego Street Springfield, Massachusetts BONGIORNO, Robert Summer Street Duxbury, Massachusetts BOUJOUKOS, James 74 Locust Street Winthrop, Massachusetts BLASSBERG, Marilyn 408 Federal Street Greenfield, Massachusetts BRUNO, Santo Francis 55 Halmore Drive Rochester, New York CARUSO, Anthony Horse Pond Road Sudbury, Massachusetts CASE, Julie 440 North Maple Avenue Greenwich, Connecticut CIFELLI, Joseph 22 June Avenue Cranston, Rhode Island COCHRAN, George 24 Ash Street Dedham, Massachusetts COLE, Brenda 57 Lyndale Street Manchester, Connecticut COLE, Matilda 69 Main Street Concord, Massachusetts CRUZ, Frank 50 Symphony Road Boston, Massachusetts CULLINGTON, Diane 21 Ridge Road Belmont, Massachusetts CURRIE, Barbara 20 Sunset Road Winchester, Massachusetts DEMERY, Carol 181 Fifth Avenue New Rochelle, New York DEMSEY, C. Wayne 34 County Way Beverly, Massachusetts ELLIS, Susan 72 Winthrop Street Augusta, Maine ETNIER, Victoria 1040 Park Avenue New York, New York FAUST, George 191 Neilson Street New Brunswick, New Jersey FENNINGER, Paul 1431 Edge Hill l oad Abington, Pennsylvania FISHER, Stephen 338 Manning Boulevard Albany, New York GELPI, Carole 1502 Mirsonia Santurce, Puerto Rico GIGNAC, Carol 94 North Main Franklin, New Hampshire GODBOLD, Dale 33 Dunbar Street Yonkers New York HENDRICH, Robin 47 Chestnut Street Boston, Massachusetts HOWARD, Barbara Dexter Road North Scituate, Rhode Island lOZZO, Leo 14 Orchard Park Roxbury 19, Massachusetts JACOBSON, Lois 2 Hemenway Avenue Maiden, Massachusetts JACOWITZ, Edward 197 Canal Street Ellenville, New York JEFFERS, Lee 1720 East Lanvale Street Baltimore 13, Maryland KERN, John Pleasant Street Marion, Massachusetts LIU, Katherine 5 Estrada Engenheiro Trigo Macao, South China LOURIE, Charles 441 Washington Street Brookline, Massachusetts MacCOR " MICK, Adalee 1273 Stratford Road Schenectady, New York MacCORMICK, Janet 42 Ash Street Braintree, Massachusetts MANDEL, Martin 1417 Dilston Road Silver Spring, Maryland MARR, Carolyn Main Street Bolton, Massachusetts MANSFIELD, Robert Locust Street Peabody, Massachusetts MONTEIRO, Richard 233 Sconticut Neck Fairhaven, Massachusetts MULLIGAN, Sharon R.F.D. No. 1 Canaan, New Hampshire NADON, Catherine 108 Broadway Pittsfield, Massachusetts NARGESIAN, John 104 Gainsboro Street Boston 15, Massachusetts NEWBERRY, Beverly Cherry Valley Road Columbia, Connecticut PACO, Constanaino 329 Williams Street Providence 6, Rhode Island PANDOLFI, Roland 129 Church Street Manville, Rhode Island PEARSON, Shirley 20 Atwood Street Newburyport, Massachusetts REYNOLDS, Paula 305 West Poplar Street Harrisburg, Illinois RIVARD, Frances 64 Tremont Street Central Falls, Rhode Island RIVERA, Angel Calma No. 52 Ocean Park, Santurce, Puerto Rico RUDELT, Johanna Old Yarmouth Inn Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts RYAN, James 16 Wilwade Road Great Neck, New York SMITH, Sandra 3113 Bronson Road Fairfield, Connecticut SORBELLO, Roberta 276 Fenno Street Revere, Massachusetts SZABO, Aniko 54 Oak Street Winchester, Massachusetts TINSMAN, Elizabeth 330 Belvidere Avenue Washington, New Jersey TORO, Carmen 603 Elliott Place Miramra, Puerto Rico TRIMMER, Alice 139 Sunset Avenue Amherst, Massachusetts VALENTE, Raymond 60 South Bow Street Milford, Massachusetts VERRIER, Richard Knotty Oak Road Hope, Rhode Island WALKER, Janice 709 North Pine Avenue Gunnison, Colorado WALKER, Josephine 6 University Place New Haven, Connecticut WALLER, Alttna 54 Lincoln Street Framingham, Massachusetts WAYSHAK, Joseph 178 M Street South Boston, Massachusetts WHITE, Victoria Barrett ' s Hill Road Concord, Massachusetts ORGANIZATIONS... COUNCIL JOHN WALKER President, Class of ' 61 STANLEY BEDNARZ Treasurer, Class of ' 61 ANGEL RIVIERIA President, Class of ' 62 NILDA TORO Treasurer, Class of ' 62 BARBARA BENDER Conservatory Club PATRICIA CAPONE Delta O micron KIRSTEN ALBRO Elson Club JOHN PARKER Kappa Gamma Psi SANDRA ROBERTSON A lu Phi Epsilon BEVERLY SAMANS Music Therapy Club DONALD LeGROW Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia SHIRLEY PRUE Sigma Alpha lota ARLENE ZITOWITZ President, Class of ' 60 HERBERT BAKER Treasurer, Class of ' 60 MELODIC LINE JUDITH WALKER Editor MEMBERS 1958-1959 Judith Walker Editor Barbara Currie Associate Editor Kay Gibson Managing Editor Judith Hopfan Assistant Managing Editor George Faust Photographer Gordon Lew Carbon Patricia Slattery Chorus Judith Hopfan Class News Adalee MacCormick Clubs Roberta Sorbello and Tina Walker Fraternities and Sororities John Rhea Student Council Janet Anderson, Florence Burke, Brenda Cole, Patricia Holmes, Johanna Rudelt, Patricia Wyman Typists CONSERVATORY CLUB Yearly open house in our renovated room on second floor .... initiation of new mem- bers .... concert in Recital Hall with guest cellist Taki Atsumi .... cookie sales .... out- side concerts. MEMBERS 1958-59 Donna Murin President Barbara Bender First Vice-President Grace Urrico Second Vice-President Patricia Capone Treasurer Regina Bartolomucci Recording Secretary Maria Luz Alvarado Corresponding Secretary Yvette Capillon Editor Georgianna Berry Program Chairman Sandra Castaldo Diane Cullington Barbara Currie Eutha Davis Audrey Gardner Carole Gelpl Kay Gibson Lois Ginsberg Judy Greenberg Patricia Holmes Darysabel Isales Sylvia Lamoutte Sandra Lenz Zora Liburd Susan Lovegrove Judith Mahan Beverly Samans Patricia Slattery Carol Sykes Carmen Tore Vernice VanHam Myrna Welch Joan Wilson Betty Yeh MARGARET EATON President MEMBERS 1958-59 Margaret Eaton President Kirsten Albro Vice-President Kay Gibson Secretary Catherine Sanderson Treasurer Florence Burke Sergeant-at-Arnns Janet Anderson Theresa Hooper Johanna Rudelt Paula Blackmur Helen Hunt Joan Wilson MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE MEMBERS 1958-59 Donald LeGrow President Susan Lovegrove Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Leta Whitney Advisor Mrs. Whitney, Donald LeGrow, President; Susan Lovegrove, Secretary Richly harnnophonic music every Friday from Music Ed Band .... seniors conduct .... music librarians from Junior Class .... exchanges with B. U. and Lowell State .... Judy Melvin to MENC conference in Buffalo. Kirsten Albro Herb Baker Regina Bartolomucci Barbara Bearse Georgianna Berry Agnes Biscotti Patricia Capone Sandra Castaldo Beverly Clark Verne Colburn Diane Cullington Edward D ' Amico Victor DalPozzal Carol Demery Margaret Eaton John Foss Kay Gibson James Gregg Helen Hunt Martha Kane John Kern Sandra Lenz Gordon Lew Katherine Liu Janet MacCormick Florence Magoun Carolyn Marr Alice Masitis Pennie Mason Daniel Mazeika Judith Melvin Edmund Moussally Catherine Nadon Beverly Newberry Jeanne Piazza Johanna Rudelt Catherine Sanderson Richard Shore Robert Swanson Carol Sykes Thomas Tarmey Grace Urrico Raymond Valente Judith Walker Joan Wallace Arlene Zitowitz MUSIC THERAPHY CLUB Club for Music Therapy majors .... accumu- lating library of technical books .... fall con- ference of New England chapter. National Association of Music Therapists .... display for NAMT conference in Cincinnati, October 29 to November 1 . EDWARD BUCK President MEMBERS 1958-59 Edward Buck President Beverly Samans Vice-President Audrey Gardner Secretary Barbara Bender Roberta Janusz Myra Welch Florence Burke Elizabeth Tinsman JENETTE MacDONALD President NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY DORMITORY OFFICERS Jenette AAacDonald President Lois Steele Secretary Susan Lovegrove Treasurer STAFF Mrs. Whitcomb Housemother Mrs. Mills Assistant Housemother Miss Vanderschuur Nurse NEWMAN CLUB FRANCES BRUNNSTROM President Meetings twice a month .... discuss perti- nent topics .... sponsor retreats .... advisor Father Rogers. Members 1958-59 Frances Brunnstrom President Patricia Holmes Vice-President Mary Anne MacKinnon Secretary Carol Duffy Treasurer Agnes Biscotti Carol Gignac Sylvia McDermeitt Rosita Casanova Darysabel Isales Beverly Newberry Violetta de la Mata Martha Kane Carmen Toro Carol Gelpi Clara Lenuzza Alice Trimmer Alice Masitis 1 FRATERNITIES... PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Oldest musical fraternity in Annerica founded at the Conservatory October 6, 1 898 .... an- nual concert in February . . . annual Buffet Supper in April .... Thursday afternoon con- cert series. MEMBERS 1958-59 Thomas Tarmey President Donald LeGrow Vice-President Verne Colburne Recording Secretary Andrew Kazdin Corresponding Secretary John Gauya Treasurer Herb Baker Pledge Master Victor DalPozzal Histori an John Foss Warden Stanley Bednarz Daniel Mazeika Vito Puopolo William Brys Manuel Medeiros George Sumner Frank Clark Edmund Moussally John Walker William Conlon Lucien Olivier MU PHI EPSILON Oldest active chapter founded at NEC in 1903 .... support to God ' s Hill Center School . . . . freshman award to Veronica VanHam .... national convention .... Christmas pro- gram at Mansfield, Mass Founder ' s Day Concert, November 12, with B. U. MEMBERS 1958-59 Judith Melvin President Eutha Davis Vice-President Patricia Slattery Recording Secretary Grace Urrico Corresponding Secretary Regina Bartolomucci Treasurer Sandra Robertson Student Council Representative Sandra Robertson Warden Vioietta de la Mata Chaplain Eutha Davis Chorister Rosita Casanova Historian JUDITH MELVIN President Judith Brightman Florence Burke Eunice DeSanchez Margaret Eaton Marsha Lackey Patricia Lee Alice Masitis Arlene Zitowitz JOHN RHEA President KAPPA GAMMA P Alpha Chapter founded at NEC, December 10, 1913 . . . . smoker in October .... Foun- der ' s Day Concert December 10 ... . annual Bean Supper .... initiation and banquet .... National Convention at Ithaca College .... congratulations to Brother William Hibbard, recipient of the 1958-59 Paderewski scholar- ship MEMBERS 1958-59 John Rhea President Vincent Cavalli First Vice-President John Parker Second Vice-President William Hibbard Recording Secretary William Carmichael Corresponding Secretary Guy Hargrove Treasurer Edward D ' Amico Sergeant-at-Arms William Tortolano Chaplain - Historian Edward Buck Stephan Cazale Henry Crosby John Dowd James Gregg Roger Kelloway Joe Kirkland Irving Lowe Frank Nizzari Alfred Puopolo Frederick Rochester Robert Sullivan William Tinker Phillip Wilson SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Lambda Chapter installed at the Conserva- tory in 1915 ... . concert for New England States Day at the Sheraton Plaza .... concert in Jordan Hall featuring Mr. Schwalb, Mr. Jagel, and Angle Rupert .... TV performance of Garden of Artemis .... concert of American music May 8 . . . . Christmas caroling at Boston Hospital. MEMBERS 1958-59 Cece Hawkins President Shirley Prue Vice-President Marilyn Allen Chaplain Angle Rupert Treasurer Mary Ann Norton Recording Secretary Frances Brunnstrom Corresponding Secretary Janet Adelberg, Barbara Dinger, Barbara Bearse Editors Ruth Eells Sergeant-at-Arms Eileen Paco Social and Rush Chairman Nancy Snyder Program Chairman CECELIA HAWKINS President Barbara Bender Annabelle Bernard Susan Day Meri-Dell Sosnick DELTA OMICROK 00 V JENETTE AAacDONALD International Sorority founded in 1909 .... Delta Xi Chapter installed at the Conservatory in 1950 .... Founder ' s Day Program .... Spring Concert .... Christmas program at the Mass. General Hospital .... annual Tangle- wood scholarship. MEMBERS 1958-59 Jenette MacDonald President Patricia Capone First Vice-President Janice Walker Second Vice-President Roberta Shelman Secretary Nancy DuCette Treasurer Nancy McNelly Warden Helen Waiko Chaplain Miss Dorothy Richards Faculty Advisor Beverly Clark Lois Steele PERFORMING GROUPS. LORNA COOKE DeVARON Conductor N. E. C. CHORUS RECIPE Combine the enthusiasm of the freshman, the dedication of the practice teacher, the savoir-faire of the graduate student. Fold in gradually, performances under Dr. Charles Munch with the B.S.O. Sprinkle liberally with R.C.A. Victor recording sessions. With a choral director of premium quality, beat at an accelerando of four hours per week, thirty-six weeks per year, until smooth. Pour into Symphony Hall and bring to a boil. While still warm, frost with a television performance and a Spring Tour. Serves one hundred forty-five. NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY CHORUS CHORUS MEMBERS 1958-59 SOPRANO I Adelberg, Janet Anderson, Janet Babikiyan, Margrit Brightman, Judith Capone, Patricia Castaldo, Sandra Davis, Eutha Eaton, Margaret Fauteux, Valerie Gibson, Kay Goode, Jane Howard, Carolynn Lackey, Marsha LaFlamme, Lois Lovegrove, Susan MacCornnick, Janet MacDonald, Jenette Melvin, Judy Murin, Donna Stearns, Judy Wallace, Joan White, Victoria SOPRANO II Albro, Kirsten Barron, Sonya Bearse, Barbara Bender, Barbara Case, Julie Ann Demery, Carol Ehrnnann, Janice Gordon, Priscilla Hopfan, Judith Kane, Martha Liburd, Zora Liu, Katherine Marr, Carolyn Masitis, Alice Morse, Tevis Nadon, Catherine Newberry, Beverly Rudelt, Johanna Sanderson, Catherine Smith, Sandra VanHam, Vernice ALTO Bartolomussi, Regina Biscotti, Agnes Burke, Florence Capillon, Yvette Cullington, Diane Davis, Betty Hunt, Helen Magoun, Florence Piazza, Jeanne Reynolds, Paula Rivard, Frances Samans, Beverly Shurcliff, Joan Steele, Lois Taylor, Patricia Wakefield, Catherine Walker, Judy Young, Jean ALTO II Clark, Beverly DuCette, Nancy Greenberg, Judith Howard, Barbara Lenz, Sandra Norton, Mary Ann Rohrman, Sally Slattery, Patricia Sykes, Carol Tinsman, Elizabeth Urrico, Grace Zitowitz, Arlene TENOR I Belanger, Maurice Conlon, William Gagnon, Roland Gregg, James Hargrove, Guy Kirkland, Joe Verrier, Richard TENOR II Bennett, Donald Brys, William Colburn, Verne Emed, Yusuf Johnson, Charles Mansfield, Robert Medeiros, Jarvis Ryan, James Swanson, Robert Wooten, Landrum BASS I Baker, Herbert Behn, Axel Bongiorno, Robert Boujoukos, James Caruso, Anthony Cazale, Stephen Cifelli, Joseph Dellovo, Ray Fox, David Greene, Thomas Jacowitz, Edward Kern, John LeGrow, Donald Mazeika, Daniel Medeiros, Manny Monteiro, Richard Moussally, Edmund Pine, Donald Puopolo, Vito Valente, Raymond Wayshank, Joseph White, Robert BASS II Berberian, Hratch Bednarz, Stanley Chamberlain, Oliver DalPozzal, Victor D ' Amico, Edward Darrow, William Dorsam, Paul Farmer, Ralph Fenninger, Ed Foss, John Godbold, Dale Kellaway, Roger Kent, George Lew, Gordon Parker, John Shore, Richard Sumner, George Tarmey, Thomas Tortolano, William Walker, John NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OPERA BORIS GOLDOVSKY Director OPERA MEMBERS 1958-59 Abrevaya, Hilda Allen, Marilyn Barretto, Geraldine Barton, Jenneke Beauregard, Richard Berg, James Bernard, Annabelle Blackmur, Paula Conlon, William Davis, Betty Reese Davis, Betty W. Dreher, Gabriella Eells, Ruth Elvins, Peter Etnier, Elizabeth Evans, Lucille Fauteux, Valerie Fennelle, Ray Fogarty, Thomas Gavoorian, Joan Goldovsky, Marina Grealish, Jeanne Guazzerotti, John Henry, Mary Lou Holgate, Ronald Howard, Carolynn Kalled, Genevieve Kirkland, Joe Lackey, Marsha Longanecker, Robin Murin, Donna McKendry, Eleanor Nakashima, Setsuko Nash, Elizabeth Nethercut, William Olivier, Lucien Pepin, Gertrude DeSanchez, Eunice Schaefer, Charlotte Sheerin, Elizabeth Shelman, Roberta Shuman, Irving Snyder, Nancy Walsh, Lorraine Williams, Gilbert Yu, Alice ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA MEMBERS 1958-59 Violins I Pinto, Ayrton Sasson, Michel Roche, Joseph Hence, Marie Tice, Gloria Hibbard, William Winsor, Mary Mandel, Martin Bronner, Elizabeth Violins II Lindstrom, DeAnne VanHam, Vernice Posner, Doris Mulligan, Sharon Walker, Janice Orlando, Orlandino Wyman, Patricia Szabo, Aniko Lee, Sylvia Abrevaya, Hilda Trimnner, Alice Ellis, Susan Violas Pietrapaolo, Joseph Lewis, Arthur Scheitz, Barbara Kang, Samuel Schaefer, Charlotte Ce os Atsumi, Takayori HahnI, Fernando McNelly, Nancy Cohen, Jerome Basses Chamberlain, Oliver Crosby, Henry Robertson, Sandra Mason, Pennie Flutes Boatright, Harvey Crain, Cynthia Lyons, Judith Schlemmer, Karen Dinger, Barbara Macomber, Mary Cavalli, Vincent Moore, Gretchen Baker, Eleanor Oboes Hamilton, Milton Mertha, Eva Clarinets Carmichael, William Kollegian, Harry Friedland, Sherman Fierke, Winifred Duffy, Carol Lizotte, Andre Puopolo, Alfred Wyland, Richard Dempsey, Wayne Lourie, Charles Cochrane, George Bassoons McKinnon, Mary Ann Moss, Ruth Nizzari, Francis Horns Gibson, Peggy Brown, Cynthia Batteye, David Pandolfi, Roland Cooper, Clarence Trumpets Rhea, John Weber, Paul Faick, Robert Dorsam, Paul Trombones Swanson, Robert Powers, George Groner, Earl Percussion Tokarczyk, Walter Kazdin, Andrew Beale, Everett Baker, Herbert Harp Hill, Claude NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY Conductor WILLIAM TESSON POPULAR BAND POP BAND MEMBERS 1958-59 Alto Sax Wayne Demsey Al Puopolo Charlie Lourie Tenor Sax Lee Jeffers Richard Monteiro Baritone Sax Santo Bruno Irombone Steve Tabb Phil Wilson Trumpets Al Bacon Ed D ' Amico John Parker Paul Dorsam Rhythm Joe Jaspisa Pete Geracoulis Pete Canady Bass Fiddle Pennie Mason Piano Roger Kelloway i ACTIVITIES... I. ALL SCHOOL CONVOCATION The New England Conservatory A COLLEGE OF MUSIC Chester W. Williams Conducting SPONSORS CLASS OF 1959 CLASS OF 1960 SOPHOMORE CLASS DELTA OMICRON CONSERVATORY CLUB SIGMA ALPHA IOTA KAPPA GAMMA PSI HEMENWAY FOOD SHOP The Printing Press I AM the printing press, born of the mother earth. My heart is of steel, my limbs are of iron, and my fingers are of brass. I sing the songs of the world, the ora- torios of history, the symphonies of all time. I am the voice of to-day, the herald of to-morrow. I weave into the warp of the past the woof of the future. I tell the stories of peace and war ahke. I make the human heart beat with passion or tenderness. I stir the pulse of nations, and make brave men do better deeds, and soldiers die .... I am the laughter and tears of the world, and I shall never die until all things return to the immutable dust. I am the printing press. — Robert Hobart Davis (1869-1942) A COMPLETE P H O T O- L I T H O G R A P H I C SERVICE 162 HOWARD STREET FRAMINGHAM. MASS.

Suggestions in the New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) collection:

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