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Digitized by the Internet Arcliive in 2013 http: cletails neume1957newe NEUME 1957 am t spirit of music. l]aunt i t Dorld uit ] inexplicable beautg. can command gour l|cart, mind, and soul, and mabe tl|em into a breatl tak ing oneness. am tl]e god of expression, and m encl|anting magic enl]ances life bg making lobe greater, beantg more beautiful, and { t deptl]S of tl]e soul deeper. ecause am so needed (3) am immortal. Adrienne Rosenbaum MISS ALICE E. WHITEHOUSE Our purpose in this book is to capture in picture and word a jew of the more outstanding occurrences at the Conservatory during the last school year; the musical and the non-musical, the curricular and the extra-curricular, the pleasant and the not so pleasant. Our purpose is not so much to write a literary masterpiece as to chronicle those things which will stimulate, upon perusal in later years, happy memories of the year 1956-57 at the New Eng- land Conservatory. Although the Neume is designed with the Senior Class primarily in mind, we hope that we have included material of special interest to all of the classes. It was with these thoughts in mind that this volume was pre- pared. pie nxt tl|0 mu0 ic-mabcrs , nd nxt ii t dreamers of dreams, Pandering lone sea - breakers, nd sitting desolate streams. A. 0 Sbaugnessy The Music Makers tcatj Hiram Stanley Marsh With great pride and humility, the Class of 1957 dedicates its yearbook to Mr. Hiram Stanley Marsh. During our years here, Mr. Marsh has been an example and inspiration to us by the quiet and unassuming manner in which he has carried out his great responsibilities. Mr. Marsh is of fine old New England stock and was born on the fourteenth of August, in the year eighteen hundred seventy-five at the family home in Hudson, New Hampshire. One of Mr. Marsh ' s ancestors was a Captain in the Revolutionary War and is buried on the fami ly estate. Some may question the dedicating of this book to a person who is not known as a performing musician, but a look at Mr. Marsh ' s career will quickly dispell any reservations along that line. When he entered Harvard, there was no such thing as a music major; but he took all the music courses that were available to him. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in the class of 1897 and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Although not going into music as his vocation, he became or- ?anist at the Baptist and Congregational Churches in Winchester and later at the Congregational !hurch in Arlington. For the first three years after graduation from Harvard, Mr. Marsh worked at Butterick Pub- lishing Co., and from 1900 to 1947 for the Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Co. Since that time, he has been on the staff of the Conservatory. Mr. Marsh is devoted to his family which includes his wife, a son, a daughter and eight grand- children. He is very young in attitude, especially in his quest for new knowledge and informa- tion. As one acquaintance put it, " Mr. Marsh ' s hobby is looking up everything he doesn ' t know. " We salute this gentleman who, in his eighties, is still a constant, youthful example to all who know him. 9 Elaine Barry Bradford DeVos Treasurer Literary Editor James Young Photography Editor Adrienne Rosenbaum Art Editor Nancy Little Typing Editor Josephine Roman Advertising Editor ' Sabl of Contents ADtAINISTRATION FACULTY p. 73 SENIORS p. 25 CLASS PICTURES p. 55 PERFORtAING GROUPS p. 65 CLUBS ACTIVITIES p. 77 CLASS W LL p. 86 BRIGADOON p. 87 FACULTY LIST p. 91 PICTORIAL REV EW p. 92 ADVERTISEMENTS p. 96 12 To every member of the Class of 1957, I wish a bright and fruitful future. It is my hope that you will continue to develop and advance the learning disciplines and performing skills which you have practised during your student careers - that you will retain a healthy curiosity and desire to search out the new and worthy. Last but not least important, I hope that you will share your experiences with your Alma Mater and thereby strengthen the loyal bonds which you have earned and upon which we ail place great value. Harrison Keller, President Frederick W.C. Lehmann, Assistant Treasurer 15 ttmi tttstraiion Left to right: Marion D, Warner; Frederick W. C. Lehmann; Elwood E. Gaskill; Leta F. Whitney; Carol Walden; President Harrison Keller; David Hicks; Dean Chester W. Williams; Jean M. Demos, Not present: William F. Hoyden. (Ifacultg Council Left to right: Carl McKinley; Donald Willing; Dean Chester W. Williams; Frederick Jagel; F= Judd Cooke; Leta Whitney; President Harrison Keller; Howard Coding; Jean M. Demos. 16 piano antt ®rgan AX. Seated: Miklos Schwalb; Howard Goding. Standing: Malcolm Creighton; Donald Willing; Alexandra Jaskolski; Margaret C. Mason; Sylvia Glickman; Dowell McNeill; Lucille Monaghan; James G. Pierce; Virginia Klotzle; Betty Hilker; Elisabeth Schuiz; Homer Humphrey; Anna S. Lothian; David Hicks; Jeannette Giguere. Not present: David Barnett; Marie A. Gillet; Henry Goodrich; Florence Wild Hartnett; Roland Nadeau; Donald Smith; Katherine Southworth; Susan Williams, Left to right: Arthur Flagler Fultz; Carlo Soresina; Simone Riviere; Johanna H. Oldenburg; Edward F, Perry; Jean M. Demos; Olive Wetmore. Not present: Josephine Barnett; Lottie H, Lenn; Ruth Capers McKay, r J ( i- Academic a Academic epaitinenl 18 ustc Education and JJJJ Left to right: Carl McKinley; F. Judd Cooke; Margaret C, Mason; Warren Storey Smith; David Hicks. Not Present: David Barnett; Everett Titcomb. Left to right: Arthur Schoep; Maria de Verady; Rhodora B, Smith; Eleanor Davis; Gladys Miller; Marie Sundelius; Frederick Jagel; Maria H, Elsberg; Dorothy Richards; Alice Girouard Seated: Felix Wolf es. Not present; Bernard Barbeau; Percy F. Hunt; Alice H. Stevens; Boris Goldovsky, John Moriarty " eOLn rc3-b 1 k 21 Seated: Carl McKinley; Margaret C. Mason. Standing: Leiand H. Procter; William Tesson; Warren Storey Smith; Roland Nadeau; F. Judd Cooke, Not present: Chester W. Williams; Gaston Dufresne. ©lie Popular ®rcl|E0tra Left to right: Rand Smith; William Tesson; George Guilbault; Leo Grimes. Not present: G. Wright Briggs; J, Arthur Caless; Norman Carrel; Saivy Cavicchio; Frederick G Guerra; Warren Joseph; Alfred Kishkis; Georges Moleux; Rafael Porras; Guy H. Principato; Theo dore Simonelli; Charles J. Smith; Robert Stuart. STRINGED INSTRUMENTS BRASS INSTRUMENTS Left to right: Gaston Dufresne; Alfred Krips; Alfred Zighera; Bernard Zighera. Not present: Richard Burgin; Virginia Bacon; Jean Comstock; Joseph de Pasquale; Sally Dodge; Paul Fedorovsky; Frances B. Lanier; Frank MacDonald; Samuel Mayes; George Moleux; Ruth Posselt; Hannah Sherman. jfc JtiL- Left to right: William M. Gibson; Harold Meek; Marcel Lafosse; Roger Voisin. Not present: Camille Coppez; Willem Valkenier; William Tesson. PERCUSSION AND TYMPANI Left to right: Charles Smith; Everett Firth. OODVflND INSTRUMENTS Left to right: seated: Gino Cioffi; Ralph Gom- berg; Doriot Anthony Dwyer; James Pappoutsakis; Standing: Sherman Walt; Ernst Panenka. Not present; Fernand Gi I let; Pasq uale Cardi I lo ; Norman Carrel; William Grass; Rosario Mazzeo; Jean Northrup; Robert Stuart; Felix A. Viscuglia. 24 AK. BACHELOR OF MUSIC CATHRYN CLARKE ALLABEN 11 Lawrence St., Greenwich, Conn. Voice Mme. Sundelius Elson Club 1955-57, Secretary 1955-56, Student Council 1956-57, Walker Scholarship 1955-56. 1 CURT L. ALLEN 84 Elmwood St., Ponca City, Okla. Voice Mme. Sundelius Walker Scholarship 1954-55-56, Drama Club Presi- dent 1954, Treasurer 1955; Cape Codder ' s Club 1955-56, Dean ' s List 1953. Violin AMASIA ARAKELIAN 56 Chauncy St., Watertown, Mass. Mr. Krips RICHARD ASLANIAN 410-lOth Avenue, Belmar, N.J. Music Education Miss Monaghan Secretary of Clcss in 1955-56, Correspondinfec Sec- retary of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity 1955-56, Treasurer of PhiMu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity 1956- 57, Dean ' s List 1954-55, 1955-56; Ditson Scholar- ship 1954-55, Naumburg Scholarship 1955-56, Baer- man Scholarship 1956-57, Jackson Scholarship 1956- 57 . Full Scholarship to Tanglewood Summer of 1956 for Conducting. ELAINE LOUISE BARRY 30 Monastery Road, Brighton, Mass. Music Education Mr. Coding Sears Roebuck Scholarship 1953-57, High School Scholarship 1953, Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1954, Foundation Scholarship 1955-56, Vice President 1953 Freshmen, President 1954 Sophomore, Student Council Secretary 1954, Treasurer 1955-56. Con- servatory Club Secretary 1954, Vice Presidentl955, President 1956; Sigma Alpha Iota, Asst. Treas. 1954, Treasurer 1955, Chaplin 1956; Cape Codder ' s Club, Vice President 1955, President 1956. New- man Club 1953-57, Drama Club 1954-55, Lead in " Good News " Lead in Brigadoon " 1957. Chorus Secretary 1955-56. Music Educator ' s National Con- vention, Neume Secretary 1956. Conservatory Club Scholarship 1957. LEONARD EDWIN BEARSE 37 Highland Street, Hyannis, Mass. Music Education Mr. Willing Freshman Treasurer 1953-54; Student Council 1953- 54, 1956-57, Vice President 1953-54; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1954-57, Secretary 1956-57; Chorus Tour Committee 1956-57; Music Educators National Con- vention; President Senior Class; Scholarships High School 1953-54; French 1954-55; Jackson 1955-56; Warren 1956-57. BACHELOR OF MUSIC BACHELOR OF MUSIC CAROL ANNE BRAY 508 W. Main St., Appalachia, Va. Piano Miss Monaghan Ditson Scholarship 1955-56; 1956-57; Conservatory Club 1955-56; 1956-57. ROCCO G. BRUNO 833 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. Music Education Mrs. Whitney Neume Staff, Assistant Editor, Business Manager; M.E.N.C. 1953-57; Kappa Gamma Psi. WILMA DELORES BUTCHER Estafeta de San Francisco, Calle 8a, Avenida 3a Panama, Republica de Pma. Music Education Mr. Coding Mu Phi Epsilon Sorority; Chorister 1955-56; Scho- larships 1954-55 and 1956-57; Treasurer, M.E.N.C. Student Chapter 1956-57. JESSE RAY CHAPMAN 81 Benefit Street, Providence, R.I. Piano Mr. Coding N. E. Cons. High School Scholarship 1952-53; Mar- gery Bland Cold Cup and Scholarship Award 1952- 53; Wrenthan Fund, N.E. Cons. 1954-55; R.I. Fed- eration of Music, Piano Scholarship Award 1955- 56; Junior Service League Scholarship 1956-57; Student Council Representative 1953-54; Treasurer Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity 1954-55; National Council- man, Student Council 1954-55; President Junior Class 1954-55; President Student Council 1954-56. SALLY ANN CHENOWETH 63 Holden Street, Holden, Mass. Church Music, Organ Mr. Willing Secretary, Cape Codders Club 1955-56; Vice Presi- dent Cape Codders Club 1956-57; Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Iota 1956-57; Carr Organ Scholarship 1954-55; Dean ' s List 1954; " Cood News " Assistant Director 1955; " Brigadoon " Assistant Stage Manager 1957. BACHELOR OF MUSIC BACHELOR OF MUSIC THOMAS C. CHRISTIE 32 West Central Street, Natick, Mass. Music Education Student Council Representative, Freshman Class 1953-54; Kappa Gamma Psi 1956-57; M.E.N.C. MARY LEE WENTWORTH CIRELLA 116 St. Stephen Street, Boston, Mass. Piano Miss Monaghan Carr Scholarship 1953-54; House Scholarship 1954- 55; House Scholarship 1953-54; Mu Phi Epsilon Scholarship 1954-55; Converse Scholarship 1954-55; Baker Scholarship 1955-56; Ditson Scholarship 1956-57; Mu Phi Epsilon Medal 1954; Secretary Mu Phi Epsilon 1954; Historian and Alumnae Secretary Mu Phi Epsilon 1955. GEORGE WALTER COLLINS Wapping, Conn. Music Education Mme Elsberg High School Scholarship 1953; Walker scholarship 1954 and 1956; Fraternity, Kappa Gamma Psi 1953- 54,55,56; Second Vice President of Frat. 1956; N.E.C. Chorus Officer 1955-56; Chairman of Chorus tour com. 1956; Brigadoon 1956; M.E.N.C. 1953-56. ROBERT HUTTON COOPER 153 Garden Street, Cambridge, Mass. Music Education Vice President of Class 1956-57; President of Con- servatory Chorus 1956-57; M.E.N.C.; Phi Mu Alpha BRADFORD RENE DE VOS 5211 Tramore Road, Baltimore, Md. Music Education Mr. Walt Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1954-57; Vice President 1955- 56; President 1956-57; Tanglewood 1956; Neume Literary Editor 1956-57; Student Council 1956- 57; M.E.N.C. WILLIAM FRANCIS FERRY 33 Chaple Terrace, Newport, R.I. Voice Mme Sundelius R.I. State Scholarship 1953; Kappa Gamma Psi 1954-57. BACHELOR OF MUSIC 31 BACHELOR OF MUSIC WILLIAM THOMAS GAFFNEY 7208 So. May Street, Chicago, 111. Oboe Mr. Gillet High School Scholarship 1953-54; Carr Organ Scho- larship 1954-56; Orchestral Scholarship 1956-57. CLAUDE H. HASBROUCK, JR. 33 Hayden Lane, Bedford, Mass. Composition Mr. Cooke Crabtree Scholarship 1955-56, 1956-57; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1954-57. JOAN EDITH HILL Whitehall, Montana Voice Mme Sundelius Mu Phi Epsilon Medal 1953; Mu Phi Epsilon Scho- larship 1954; Mu Phi Epsilon, Treasurer 1955-56; Cape Codder ' s 1954-55-56; Good News 1955; Bene- ficent Society Scholarship 1956; Walker Scholarship 1956. WILLIAM PIERCE HINDS Main Street, Hanover, Mass. Music Education Mr. Smith Freshman President 1953-54; Senior Treasurer 1956- 57; Student Council 1953-54, 1956-57; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity 1954-57, Recording Secretary 1955-56, Historian 1956-57; Cape Codders Club 1955-57, Treasurer 1955-56; Music Educators Na- tional Conference 1953-57; Drama Club 1953-54. HENRY LEON HOKANS 23 Alvarado Ave., Worcester, Mass. Organ Mr. Willing Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1952-57; Carr Scholarship 1954-55; N.E.C. Foundation 1955-56. BACHELOR OF MUSIC 33 BACHELOR OF MUSIC PETER J. KEKLIGIAN, JR. 893 Broadway, Chelsea, Mass. Music Education Miss Giguere Kappa Gama Psi 1954-56; Music Educators National Convention; Treasurer of Junior Class 1955-56. SONIA MARY KLOSEK 22 Quartus St., Willimansett, Mass. Piano Miss Monaghan Vice President, Mu Phi Epsilon 1956-57; Dean ' s List 1952-1957; Cushing Scholarship 1953-54; Fanny French 1955; Ditson 1956; Polish-American Citizens Club Inc., Scholarship 1952; Federation of Polish Women ' s Clubs Scholarship 1956; " L ' His- toire du Soldat " 1955. so JUNG LEE 213 7 Nack Won Dong, Seoul, Korea Piano Mr. Barnett Transferred from Randolph-Macon Women ' s College Lynchburg, Virginia; Foundation Scholarship 1955; Converse No. 1 Scholarship 1956. NANCV STUART LITTLE 28 Warren St., Needhatn, Mass. Music Education Mr. Smith Elson Club 1953-57; S.A.I. 1953-57; Ditson Scholar- ship 1953-54. BACHELOR OF MUSIC 35 BACHELOR OF MUSIC BEVERLY HARRIET MASON 17 Morgan Street, Springfield, Mass. Music Education Mr. Smith High School Scholarship 1953; Oliver Ditson Scho- larship 1954-55; Student Council Representative 1954; President Junior Class 1955; Secretary Senior Class 1956; Conservatory Club 1953-57; Treasurer 1955; Chorus Officer 1955; Music Educator ' s Na- tional Conference 1953-57; Editor Neume 1956; Dean ' s List 1954-56; Tanglewood Scholarship 1956. Dunham Scholarship 1956; Doe Scholarship 1956. MARYAN McClelland 805 N. McKean St., Kittanning, Penna, Cello Mr. Zighera Carnegie Tech Fine Arts College, Carnegie Scho- larship 1952-54; Conservatory Scholarship 1954-55, 1955-56; Bird Monroe Scholarship 1956-57. FRANCESCO MONTESANTI 11 Duggan St., North Adams, Mass. Trombone Mr. Tesson RUTH ELIZABETH MOSS 334-53rd St., Newport News, Va. Music Education Mr. Walt Transfer student - University of Miami - Coral Gables, Florida; University Symphony Orchestra Scholarship 1953-56; Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary 1955-56; Alpha Lambda Delta, Westminster; Dean ' s List 1954-55-56; New England Conservatory of Music Scholarship 1956-57; N.E.C. Orchestra 1956- 57. BACHELOR OF MUSIC BACHELOR OF MUSIC OLGA JUDITH NARVAEZ 515 W. Jefferson, Brownsville, Texas Piano Mr. Goding Sigma Alpha Iota, Assistant Treasurer 1955-56, Sgt. at Arms 1956-57; Student Council 1955-56; (SAI Representative);Neume Staff 1955-56; Scholar- ships 1954-57. ANNETTE LOUISE GUAY OLIVIER 54 Cambridge St., Providence, R.I. Piano Miss Monaghan Pry Scholarship 1953-54; Mu Phi Epsilon 1954-55; Warden 1954-55; Rec. Sec. 1955-56, President 1956- 57; Newman Club 1953-57, Secretary 1954-56; Alum- ni Chorus 1956-57; Student Council 1955-56; Dorm Council 1954-55; Tanglewood 1955; Dean ' s List 1954-55; P. P. A. 1954 Representative, 1956-57 Secretary. ■ EDITH M. PALLERIA 3 Front St., Bradford, Mass. Voice Mme Sundelius Clara Leulla Hunking College Scholarship for Girls 1952;N.E.C. entering Scholarship 1952; Clara Luella Hunking Scholarship 1956; N.E.C. Walker 1956; Delta Omicron, First Vice President 1956-57; Cape Codders 1956-57. CARLO PETER RACAMATO East Fort Lee Rd., 188, Bogota, N.J. Music Therapy Mr. Fultz Music Therapy Club, President 1956-57; Kappa Gamma Psi 1955-57; Newman Club 1955-57; Student Representative to Music Therapy Convention 1956, Topeka, Kansas; Concert Series at Boston State Hospital each Sat. P.M. with Conservatory students performing. Pull Tuition Scholarship 1955-57, State of New Jersey. JOHNH. RHEA, JR. 718 High St., William sport, Penn. Trumpet Mr. Voisin Diploma from Dept. of Popular Music 1952, Honors with Distinction; Converse Scholarship 1950-51 Doe Scholarship 1951-52; Carr Scholarship 1952-53 Ditson Scholarship 1952-53; Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity 1952-56; Kappa Gamma Psi Assistant Treasurer 1952-53, 1953-54; Delegate to Kappa Gamma Psi National Convention 1952; Kappa Gamma Psi First Vice President 1956-57; Delegate to Kappa Gamma Psi National Convention 1956; Kappa Gamma Psi National Historian 1956. DONALD MALCOLM ROBINSON 59 Phillips St., Fall River, Mass. Organ Mr. Faxon High School Scholarship 1953-54; Freshman Achievement scholarship 1954-55; Charles Hayden Foundation Fund 1955-56; Carr Scholarship 1955- 57; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1954-57; Graduation Marshal 1956. BACHELOR OF MUSIC 39 BACHELOR OF MUSI JOSEPH EBENEZER ROCHE Bombay, India Violin Mr. Krips Scholarships, High School, Orchestra, Foundation, and Anna C. Bird, 1953-56; Saunders and Blanche Parker 1954-55; Southwick Spear, N.E.C. Scholar- ship 1955-56, N.E.C. Scholarship 1956-57; Presi- dent of Newman Club 1955-56; Member of Newman C lub; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Summer of 1955-56, Pupil of Misha Micshakoff at Chautauqua. FREDERICK D. ROCHESTER 71 Symphony Rd., Apt. 1, Boston, Mass. Piano Mr. Schwalb Student Council 1955-56; Kappa Gamma Psi 1953- 57; Concert Ckairman 1955-56; Melodic Line, Photo- graphy Ed., 1954-56, Proof Reader 1954-55, Editor 1955-56; Neume, Photography Ed. 1955-56; Phila- delphia Board of Education 4 Year Scholarship 1952-56; Helen D. Groome Beatty Fund 4 Year Scholarship 1952-56; Chorus Accompanist 1952-55; Cape Codders Club 1954-56. JOSEPHINE PASCISCIA ROMAN 195 Edenfield Ave., Watertown, Mass. Piano Mr. Schwalb High School Scholarship 1953-54; Evans Scholar- ship 1954-55, 1955-56; Grant Scholarship 1956-57; Elson Club Scholarship 1956; Sigma Alpha Iota Sgt. at Arms 1955-56; Vice President 1956-57; Elson club Sgt. at Arms 1954-55, President 1955- 56; Newman Club 1954-55; Advertising Editor of. Neume 1956-57. PATRICIA ANN ROONEY 23 Sparhawk St., Brighton, Mass. Music Education Mrs. Whitney Delta Omicron Sorority; Conservatory Club. ACHILLE LUIGI ROSSI 19 Piedmont St., Providence, R.I. Clarinet, Orchestra Mr. Cioffi Foundation Scholarship 1954-55; Cox Scholarship 1955-56; Special Orchestral 1956-57; Dean ' s List 1954-55, 1955-56; N.E.C. Orchestra 1954-57. BACHELOR OF MUSIC 41 BACHELOR OF MUSI ANGIE SINCLAIR RUPERT 260 Lucille Ave., Norfolk, Va. Voice Mme Sundelius Elizabeth Walker Scholarship 1954-57; Sara Cohen Scholarship 1955-57; Dormitory, Secretary 1955; President 1956; Melodic Line, Literary Editor. ROBERT SAHAGIAN 119 Burgess Ave., East Providence, R.I. Piano Mr. Schwalb Kappa Gamma Psi 1954-57. MARIA SKARLATOS 10 A Chauncy St., Cambridge, Mass. Piano Mr. Schwalb Helicon Society Scholarship 1953-54, 1954-55; 1955-56; Greek War Relief Association Scholarship 1954-55; Harriet Brown Scholarship 1955-56, 1956- 57; Blanchard Scholarship 1956-57. ANNE V. SOUSA 249 Pleasant St., Stoughton, Mass. Voice Mme Elsberg N.E.C. Entrance Scholarship 1953-54; Elizabeth Louise Walker Scholarship 1954-56; Clara Kathleen Rogers Scholarship 1956-57; Second-Vice Presi- dent Delta Omicron Xi, Alumni Chorus. HAROLD B. THEMMEN 844 Beacon St., Boston, IVIass. Clarinet Mr. Mazzeo Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity 1953-57, Pledg.e- master 1954-55; High School Scholarship 1953-54, Orchestral Scholarship 1953-54, Lindsay Special Scholarship 1953-54; N. E. Conservatory Alumjii Scholarship 1954-55; Naumburg Scholarship 1954-55; Bird Scholarship 1955-56; Hayden Foundation Award 1955-56; Ditson Scholarship 1956-57; Hayden Found- ation Award 1956t57; Member of Boston Pops Tour Orchestra 1957. WILMA DELL THORN Main St., Deerfield, Mass. Music Education Mr. Hicks Elson Club 1954-57; Secretary 1956-57; Girls Dor- mitory Treasurer 1955-56; High School Scholarship N.E.C. Scholarship. BACHELOR OF MUSIC 43 BACHELOR OF MUSIC ROSAURA UMPIERRE Buena Vista Ave., Morovis, Puerto Rico Piano Miss Monaghan Newman Club 1952-57; Newman Club Secretary 1954-55; Student Council Representative 1954-55; Conservatory Club 1953-57; Conservatory Club Re- cording Secretary 1956-57; High School Scholarship 1952-53; Puerto Rico Department of Education Scholarship 1954-57; Conservatory Club Scholar- ship 1957. GRAYDON J. WILLIAMS 11 Hibbard Ave., Clifton Springs, N.Y. Theory an d Arranging Mr. Proctor Oliver Ditson Scholarship 1954-55, 1956-57; Kappa Gamma Psi 1954; Recording Secretary to Kappa Gamma Psi 1955-56, 1956-57. BARCLAY FREDERICK WOOD Blueberry Hill Rd., Monroe, Conn. Organ Mr. Willing Chorus Organist 1955-56; Dean ' s List 1955. BACHELOR OF MUSI MASTER OF MUSIC MASTER OF MUSIC 47 MASTER OF MUSIC MASTER OF MUSI ASTER OF MUSIC ERLINDA MATHAY 38 Natib Road, Cubao, Q.C., Philippines Piano Mr. Schwalb Pulbright Travel Grant; Carl Baermann Scholarship, 1956; Conservatory Scholarship 1957; Tanglewood Scholarship 1956; Sigma Alpha Iota, 1956-57; Melo- dic Line, 1956-57; Piano MARY MAXWELL 330 Woodland Rd., Morgantown, W.Va. Miss Monaghan EDMUND MYERS 224 Bryon Blvd., Lakewood, R.L Music Education Mrs. Whitney MASTER OF MUSI MASTER OF MUSIC 52 ARTIST ' S DIPLOMA 53 Camera LAWRENCE VICTOR BUSH Radio Lane, Arkansas City, Kansas Horn Mr. Val kenier BURTON CLEAVES 10 Lawrence St., Winchester, Mass. Music Education Mrs. Whitney RALPH FARMER 25 Mattakeeset St., Mattapan, Mass. Music Education Mrs. Whitney HAROLD FARBERMAN 84 Fenway, Boston, Mass. Composition Mr. Cooke ANN GUNDRY 109 Deepdene Road, Baltimore, Md. Piano Miss Monaghan THOMAS JOSEPH JESS 15 White Pine Rd., Newton Upper Falls, Mass. Music Education Mrs. Whitney STASYS DARIUS LAPINSKAS 160 Bowen St., South Boston, Mass. Composition Mr. Cooke JOHN THOMAS MADIGAN 36 Lafayette St., Schenectady, N.Y. Piano Mr. Coding RICHARD MERTON 107 State St., Brewer, Maine Piano Miss Monaghan WILLIAM HAN I Kumgok-Kong, Inchon, Korea Piano Mr. Barnett WHA CHUNG HAN 407-4 Sintag-Dong, Sundong-Ku, Seoul, Korea Piano Mr. Barnett EDMOND LOUIS LEBLANC 46 Madison St., Fitchburg, Mass. Church Music Dr. McKinley DOROTHEA FUCHS ROBETIN 1774 Beacon St., Brookli ne, Mass. Music Therapy Mr. Pultz PATRICK FRANCIS MELCHIONDA 58 Frederick Ave., Medford, Mass. Music Education Mrs. Whitney GEORGE JUDSON SMITH 153 Whitmarsh St., Providence, R.I. Trumpet Mr. Voisin SISTER LYDIA CAROLYN PIRRO 23 Edward St. , Worcester, Mass. Piano Mrs. Gillet BEVERLY TRUE R.F.D. No. 1, Cumberland Center, Me. Voice Mme Elsberg EUGENE PLOOF 21 Academy St., South Berwick, Me. Music Education Mrs. Whitney Master ' s Degree MARION ELIZABETH BENT Margaretsville, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia Historical Research Dr. McKinley CHRISTIE DEAN SELL R.F.D. No. 1, Sarver, Penn. Voice Mme Elsberg PHYLLIS SKOLDBERG 804 Chester St., Bremerton, Wash. Violin Mr. Burgin JAMES WARREN BRAGG 46 Division St., North Attleboro, Mass. Piano •,, Miss Monaghan HENRY CARRAI 78 Ruskindale Rd., Hyde Park, Mass. Music Education Mrs. Whitney Artist ' s Diploma AYRTON A. T. PEVTO Rua Constante Ramos, 82, Rio do Janeiro, Brazil Violin Mr. Burgin " 1% I. Leonard Bearse 1st row: Ann Sousa; Angle Rupert; Annette Guay Olivier; Constance Beers; Beverly Mason; Leonard Bearse; Wi 1 1 iam Hinds; Patricia Rooney; Dorothea Robetin; Josephine Pasciscia Roman; Loretta Frei Yamauchi. 2nd row: Donald Robinson; Jean Lussier; Wilma Butcher; Maryan McClel land; Barbara Godding; Cathryn Allaben; Wilma Thorn; Rosaura Umpierre; Nancy Little; Lillian Labrie; Sylvia LaMoutte; Sonia Klosek; William Gaffney. 3rd row: Ralph Farmer; James Young; Frank Montesanti; Robert Cooper; Thomas Christie; Barry Wood; George Collins; Jesse Chapman; Robert Sahogi an; Graydon Williams; Peter Kekligian; Thomas Jess; John Rhea. 56 September of 1953 saw a group of bewildered Freshmen about to embark upon four years of in- tensive study in various fields of music. After becoming acquainted with Conservatory policies, paying of bills, and settling class schedules, the newly organized Freshman Class busied itself with electing its officers for the year. Since the class had a limited treasury, careful thought had to be given to the social activities to be held for the year. A Valentine Dance was held and Joanne Bongiorno Montesanti was chosen Queen of the Dance. It was the only school dance held throughout the entire year with the excep- tion of the Snowball and the Strauss Ball which the Student Council sponsored. The Freshman Class decided that a reawakening of school spirit was necessary at the Conservatory: thus we set about preparing for the Spring Sing. Bill Hinds, our President, conducted " Dry Bones " with Elaine Barry, our Vice President accompanying. Next on our calendar was the election of officers for our Sophomore year. When everyone re- turned in the Fall, suntan and all, we felt quite important, since we were no longer Freshmen, but " upper classmen. " In October we held a Sports Clothes Dance. Brown Hall looked rather strange with a scarecrow standing in the center of the floor; surrounded with girls clad in Ber- muda shorts and boys in dungarees. Needless to say, it was different. Then February brought our Valentine ' s Dance which was a dressy affair. The hall was now transfixed into a room of red and white, and Dan Cupid was all around. Once again, we participated in the Spring Sing. Bev Mason conducted music of Leo Snyder who was our Faculty Advisor. Remember those mad hastles trying to get everyone together for a rehearsal? The only time the whole group was together was at the performance. Half of our formal education had now been completed, for we once more returned to school — this time as Juniors. We lost a few of the original members of our class but gained several new ones in. that year. The class went en masse to the Hayride sponsored by the Student Council. Oh! those wagons and broken down horses! Halloween found us looking " ghoulish " preparing for the Horror Hop. Several of us took part in " Good News " a musical comedy, directed by one of our own class members. We agreed to save all our money for a big bang-up banquet during the Senior year. We aged Seniors arrived on the scene, not quite believing it was our final year at N.E.C. With the loss of Jeanette Peniuk, our treasurer, we elected Bill Hinds to replace her. David Hicks became our Faculty Advisor. Committees were formed to start on the yearbook and to plan other activities. For two months, a large group of the class became inhabitants of a little village in Scotland known as " Brigadoon. " Soon after, the Music Eds. went to the M.E.N.C. Convention in Atlantic City (to meet Gray Squirrel). During Spring vacation, several of us went on the first Conserva- tory Chorus tour. Our Senior Banquet was held at the Terrace Room of the Hotel Statler. OFFICERS President Vice President William Hinds Elaine Barry Secretary Treasurer Student Council Rep. Jeanette Peniuk Charles Peladeau T homas Christie President Vice President Elaine Barry Jeanette Peniuk Colleen Phair Leonard Bearse Beverly Mason Secretary T reasurer Student Council Rep. Junior 1 955-56 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Beverly Mason Jeanette Peniuk Richard Aslanian Peter Keklegian Sen or 7 956-57 President Vice President Leonard Bearse Robert Cooper Beverly Mason William Hinds Secretary T reasurer The pictures on the following pages show our happy Senior year. May underclassmen enjoy their final year as much as we did. juniors President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Salvatore Bartolotti Dean Aldrich Carol Ann Jackson Salvatore Bartollotti Early in the school year, the Junior class reassembled for its second annual banquet, held in Chestnut Hill. The guest speaker for the evening v as the Assistant Registrar of Motor Vehi- cles of Massachusetts, Donald Spaulding, who gave an enlightening and entertaining talk on safety in this state and throughout the country. Representing the faculty were Mrs. Leta Whitney and Mr. and Mrs. DeVaron. Several other activities, particularly the outing, were enthusiastically attended. Our class ad- visor for the year was Mr. Roland Nadeau. We are now eagerly anticipating our entrance into the Senior Class. 1st row: Robert Filippone; Dolores Continello; Edith Hollett; Joan Coleman; Carol Ann Jackson; Salvatore Bartolotti; Dean Aldrich; Estelle Terramagra; Barbara Wirth; Jeanne Prachar;Edward Bedner. 2nd row: Donald Teeters; Edward Moussaily; Judith Armstrong; Paul Gay; Joan Gavoorian; John St. Onge; Cece Hawkins; Aime Simoneau; Nancy Snyder; Robert Wentworth; Mary Monks; William McKim. 58 Dean Aldrich Judith Armstrong Salvatore Bartolotti Edward Bedner Neil Bridge Patricia Brophy Robert Carr David Cason Oliver Chamberlain Anna Chasin Arthur Chi Ids Joan Coleman Dolores Continello Edna Estey Gilbert Fernandez Robert Filippone John Foss Joan Gavoorian Paul Gay Fernande Gregoire John Guazzerotti Edith Hallett Milton Hamilton Anthony Harb Cece Hawkins Marie Hence Carol Ann Jackson Percy Johnson Gerald Kittredge Blossom Lam John L ' Ecuyer Thelma Lee Mary Lilienthal Alice Masitis William McKim Mary Monks Edmond Moussally Nancy Packard John Perkins Norma Potter Jeanne Prachar Anthony Rando Adrienne Rosenbaum Thomas Rotonde Janice Ryan Jerome Sadlo Aime Simoneau Walter Smith Nancy Snyder Me ri -dell Sosnik John St. Onge Donald Teeters Estelle Terramagra David Tyler Thomas Vasil Ronald Vieira Albert Warren Robert Wentworth Barbara Wirth Landon Young 34 High St., Lancaster, N. H. Friendship, Maine 91 Litchfield St., Brighton, Mass. 114 Lincoln St., Exeter, Pa, 60 The Fenway, Boston, Mass. 258 Corona Ave,, Pelham, N, Y. 59 Westland Ave., Boston, Mass, 124 Peterborough St., Boston, Mass. RFD Box 428, Belmar, New Jersey 51 Naples Road, Brookline, Mass. 621 Colby, Everett, Mass. Newfane, Vermont 1957 Wabash Ave., Schenectady, N, Y. 20 Holt St., Holden, Massachusetts 206 Brook St., New Bedford, Mass. 6o6 French St., Oakville, Conn. 15 E. Crescent St., Augusta, Maine 30 Auburn St., Maiden, Mass. Jonesboro, Maine 61 Queen St., Richmond, Quebec, Canada 85 Everett St., East Boston, Mass. 1058 Canterbury St., Roslindale, Mass. 255 Bradford Dr., Benton Harbor, Mich, 89 Mechanic St,, Norwich, Conn, 452 Brattle Rd,, Syracuse, N.Y. 37 Spring St., Trenton, N.J. 39a Main St,, Salem Depot, N,H, 36 Deckard St., Roxbury, Mass, 22 Jenness, Lowell, Mass. 2239 S. King St., Honolxilu, Hawaii 5 S. Main St., Hanover, N. H. 273 Prince Edward Rd., Kowoloon, Hongkong, China 2715 S. Olive, W. Palm Beach, Florida 238 Valley, New Philadelphia, Pa. Rum son Rd., Little Silver, N. J. Bedford Road, Lincoln, Mass. 74 Montgomery St., Boston, Mass. 627 Thurwill Lane, Kalamazoo, Mich. 14 Kingsbury Place, St„ Louis, Mo. Bombay, New York 25001 Highland Rd., Richmond Hts., Ohio 12 Brook St., Marlboro, Mass. 59 Maplewood Ave., W. Hartford, Conn. 21 Edna Street, Johnston, R. I. 104 Palfrey St., Watertown, Mass. 2802 S. Tripp Ave., Chicago 23, 111. 102 Pierce St., Lewiston, Maine 41 Winter St., Northboro, Mass. 320 Main St., Mt. Hope, W. Va. 1611 Hyde Ave., Winston- Salem, N. C. 126 Fair St., New Bedford, Mass. 3116 E. 63rd, Kansas City 30, Mo. 108 Orleans St., East Boston, Mass. 43 Beverly St., Melrose, Mass. 5 Argyle St., Avon Mass. 20 2 Hemlock St., New Bedford, Mass, 334 High St., Hingham, Mass. 421 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass. 34 Cullamore Terr., West Orange, N. J, Rt. 1, Roswell, N. M. Nancy DuCette The Sophomore Class, numbering about 100, began the year ' s activities with the Demerit Ball for the incoming Freshmen. They also supervised the activities of Demerit Week. Along with the other classes, they participated in the Student Council functions, such as the Snowball, and the Strauss Ball. At the resignation of President Jo-Anne Rogers, Vice President Nancy DuCette became presi- dent; Gene Gregg, vice president; Sue Martin, secretary; and Richard Beauregard, treasurer. I 1st row: Elaine Freybler; Ruth Eells; Frances Brunnstrom; Marlene Morin; Helen Whitcomb; Nancy DuCette; Jo Anne Rogers; Sue Martin; Reed Whitbreod; Jeonette MacDonoid; Patricia Welch; Patricia Burke; Beverly Samons. 2nd row: Jacqueline Young; Marilyn MIejnek; Mary Anne Norton; Juliette Kachonovsky; Daryl Thomson; Martha Kane; Florence Magoun; Sandra Lenz; Carole Caselli; Helen Hunt; Maria Luz Alvarodo; Margaret Eaton; Shirely Prue; Judith Melvin; Linda Dunlap. 3rd row: Edward Buck; John DeGloria; Thomas Tarmey; John Parker; Edward D ' Amico, Richard Barrett, Ernest Tripplett, Victor Dal Pozzal; Edmond Mietzner; Julio Ruiz; Stephen Cazale; James Gregg. Gilbert Adams Kirsten Albro Maria Luz Alvarado Richard Barrett Richard Beauregard, Betsy Bolton Frances Brunnstrom Edward Buck Judith Campbell William Carmichael Stephen Cazale Wesley Chambers Robert Chapman Jerome Cohen William Conlon Vict or Dal Pozzal Edward D ' Amico Susan Day David De Lisle John DiGloria Leonard DiMuzio Margaret Downs Nancy DuCette Linda Diinlap Claire Durand Margaret Eaton Ruth Eells John Ferranti Elaine Freybler Emily Fritzsche James Gallagher Natalie Goregliad Thomas Greene James Gregg Guy Hargrove Raymond Haughton Helen Hunt David Irving Martha Kane Samuel Kang Donna Klimoski Juliette Kochanowsky Sandra Lenz DeAnne Lindstrom Andre Lizotte Jenette Mac Donald Florence Magoun Joan Malmos Maria Martin Jarvis Medeiros Judith Melvin Edmond Mietzner Thomas Mills Marilyn Mlejnek Ernestine Nor ling Mary Ann Norton Louise Orgettas Eileen Paco John Parker Placido Pietropaolo Elinor Preble Janis Price Serenella Privitera Shirley Prue Julio Ruiz Beverly Samans William ScoHie- James Senigo Elizabeth Sheerin Thomas Tarmey John Toth Leonor Vadi Patricia Welch Reed Whitbread Helen White omb Gilbert Williams Phillips Wilson Dorothy Winn Rumie Youn Jacqueline Yoxing. R. F. D. 6, Norwich, Connecticut 10 S. Edward St,, Sayreville, N. J. Box 2032, San Juan, Puerto Rico 35 Avery St., Needham Heights, Mass. R.F.D. B Cole brook, N. H. Melrose Plantation, Thomasville, Ga. 41 Sycamore St., Somerville, N. J. 238 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. 14 Buswell St., Boston, Mass. 16 Howe St., Wellesley, Mass. 38 Prospect St., Winchester, Mass. 311 E. College St., Clinton, Mississippi 18 Summer St., St. Johnsbury, Vermont W. Summer, Spokane, Washington 35 Logan Way, South Boston, Mass. 224 Nahant Rd., Nahant, Mass. 16 Crane Ave., Maynard, Mass. Main St., Middle Haddam, Conn. Cottage St., Marlboro, N. H. 134a Prospect St., Lawrence, Mass. 336 Pearl St., Cambridge, Mass. 2306 Sheffield Drive, Kalamazoo, Mich. 21 Dedham St., Revere, Mass. Marsh Hill Rd., Dracut, Mass. 2 South St., East Haven, Conn. 34 Prudence Drive, Springdale, Conn. 14 Isabella St., Melrose, Mass. 13 Sheridan St., Providence, R. L 2133 So. 23rd St., La Crosse, Wisconsin Hastings Rd., Ashburnham, Mass. 100 Queensberry St., Boston, Mass. 661 Georgia Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 39 Homewood Ave., No. Providence, R. I. Washington St., Conway, N. H. Rt. 2, Box 250A, Hughes, Arkansas 18 Constitution St., Providence, R. I. 5 Neptune St., Newburyport, Mass. 6l6 W. South, Bluffton, Indiana 224 Summit St., Portland, Maine Seoul, Korea 49 River Drive, Hadley, Mass. 12 Olive St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 3700 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore, Md. 120 Maiden St., Worcester, Mass. 451 Willow St., Woonsocket, R. L 3050 Pawtucket Ave., Riverside, R. I. 58 School St., Rockland, Mass. 14 Eighth Ave., Roehling, N. J. 998 Polk St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 43 Grandview Ave., Fairhaven, Mass. 26 Pleasant St., Hopkinton, Mass. 205 W. Center St., Fairfield, HI. 216 Mountain View Ave., Ransselaer, N. Y. 60 Flagg St., Worcester, Mass. 5 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. Commonwealth Ave., Hopkinton, Mass. 216 Cross St., Winchester, Mass. 329 Williams St., Providence, R. L 34 Ash St., Fitchburg, Mass. 544 Main St., Medford, Mass. 1420 Rosemary, Denver, Colorado 826 Harding St., Westfield, N. J. 66 Broadway, Methuen, Mass. 346 South St., Wrentham, Mass. 91 Colon St., Agvada, F uerto Rico 317 Woodlawn=Ave.»_Beckley, W. Ya. 814 Agiies, Sikeston Miasauri 239 Woodland Rd., Auburndale, Mass. 1629 21st St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 29 Thormley St., Dorchester, Mass. RFD 1, Farmington, Ohio 108 East, Hingham, Mass. Bradford, Vermont Chamberlain Rd., Orleans, Mass. 28 Pierce St., Middleboro, Mass. 207 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Dunbar Hall, Exeter, N. H. 15 Thackeray St., Providence, R. I. 96 Imasatocho Shirogane, Shiba Mindtokie, Tokyo, Japan 4286 Kahala Ave., Honolulia, Hawaii man President Secretary Treasurer Judith Pfeifer Patricia Slattery Patricia Capone Judith Pfeifer In the Fall of 1956, the Freshman Class, made up of members from many states, plus China, Korea, and Puerto Rico entered the Conservatory for the first time. A few of the more memorable events of the year weres a tour of Boston at the beginning of the year, the immediate " welcome " tendered by the upper classmen in a typical college manner. For one week, we " Frosh " participated in strange antics; but were finally honored at the Demerit Ball where we paid for our misdeeds and enjoyed an evening of entertainment and dancing. At the Freshman Class dance, Sandra Castaldo was chosen Freshman Queen. The next activity planned by our class is participation in the annual Spring Sing. I am sure much can be expected of the Class of 1960 in the future. 1st row: Johann Berry; Ann Boehm; Janice Wilson; Judith Greenberg; Signe Burke; Anne Maria Albanese; Vernice Van Ham; Judith Pfeiffer; Patricia Capone; Edwin Hustus; Patricia Slattery; Peggy Gibson; Phyllis Smith; Rosita Casanova; Grace Urrico; Caroleann Fischbeck. 2nd row: Roberta Shelman; Judith Walker; Arlene Zitowitz; Helen Waiko; DeAnne Lindstrom; Kay Gibson; Hope Canf ield; Mari lyn Allen; Florence Burke; Myrna Welch; Donna Murin; Georgianna Berry; Susan Lovegrove; Carol Demery; Carol Douglas; Yvette Capillon; Sandra Castaldo; Regina Bartolmucci; Suzanne Hammond; Joan O ' Neill; Violeta de la Mata; Harriet Weymouth. 3rd row: Alien Bacon; Bron Wickum; Vincent Cavalli; Gustavus Crowell; Herbert Baker; Raymond Dellovo; Joseph Darlington; Donald LeGrow; John Auzin; Vernon Colburn; Stephen Tabb; Lucien 01 ivier; Richard Loven; Fred Anderson; Edward Lombardi; Salvatore Caruso. 62 Ann A lba.116 s c 25 Grosvenar Ave,, Providence, R. L Ma.rilyii Allen Scipio Center, New York John Aiizin 843 Washington St., Whitman, Mass. Allen Ba.con 548 Pond St., East Bridgewater, Mass. Herbert Ba.ker 31 Westmore Rd., Boston, Mass, Re gins. Bsirt olornuc c i 91 Litchfield St., Brighton, Mass. f i » r T nf i anna Rf t " t vjicux gidiiixd 1. i. y 9 Eliot St. Watertown, Mass. JoViann Berry 250 South Union St., Burlington, Vt. Anne Boebm 1216 Stinnyf i e Id Lane, Scotch Plains, N, J. Richard Bolmant 38 Santelle Ave., Brockton, Mass. Judith Br ask 9 Robbins Rd. , Lexington, Mass, Flor enc e Burk e Box 195, Round Lake, N. Y. Signe Burke 201 West End Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Hope Canfi eld 15 Ave, de Verzy, Paris, France Yvette Capillon 46 Princ e St, j Attleboro, Ma s s. Pa t r ic i a Ca pone 351 Lowell St,, Wakefield, Mass. Joseph Carn ody 114 Gr o ve St, , Che Is ea , Ma s s. Salvator e Caruso 14 Clarke St., Poughkeepsie, N, Y, Rosita Casanova 1507 Pone e de Le on Ave, , Santurc e, Pue rto Ric o Sand r a Ca st aldo 220 High St., Wareham, Mass. Vine ent Ca valli 513 Chestnut St,, Monessen, Pa, Daniel Claff 134 Watson St., Belmont 78, Mass. Frederick Cohen Ill Pleasant St., Newton Center, Mass. Ve me Colbur n 83 Foster St., Keene, N. H. Henry Crosby 547 Park Ave., Cranston, R, I. Gustavus Crowell 18 Kendalf Ave., Rutland, Vt, Eutha Davis 842 Spruce St., Camden, N, J, Vincent DeAndrade 37 Lewis St., Central Falls, R. 1, Violeta De la Mata 1 4 Pacific Plac e, Santurc e, Pue rto Ric o Raymond Dellovo 51 Winthrop Rd,, Lexington, Mass, Carol Douglas 11 Fairview St., Newton, K ' lass. Alfred Dubois 204 Atlantic St,, North Quincy, Mass. Prue Dug an 4760 Reservoir Rd. , N. W., Washington, D. C. Sandra Eames 43 Lippold St., Methuen, Mass, Valerie Fauteux 132 Mill Rd., New Bedford, Mass. Caroleann Fischbeck 142 Raymond Ave., Nutley, N. Y. Gerald Fleminger 1621 East 2nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. John Gauya Straits Turnpike, Middlebury, Conn I ay b s oTi 7520 Pleasant Ave. Delair N. J, c g K y iusuix 103 North 47th St., Harrisburg, Pa, Judith Gr e enbe r g 1053 East 10th St., Brooklyn 30, N. Y. Fernando Hahnl 95 Park Drive, Boston, Mass. Suzanne Hammond 119 Main St., Ludlow, Vt, Zoroubi Izonirlian Rue Ar, Rihban Beirut, Lebanon Charles Johnson 225 Walnut St, , Saugus, A aine Brooke Johnstone 544 Dover Rd, , Loui s vi lie, Ky, Andrew Kazdin 1 7 Byron Lane, Lar chmont, N. Y, William Kirby 22 Woodland PI., Great Neckj N. Y, Marsha Lackey 1910 East 30th St., Tulsa Oklahoma Edward Lautini 53 H, March St., Providence 8, R, I, Julian Leach 4 3 Winte r St, , Skowhegan, M aine Donald LeGrow 19 Jackson Ave.s Everett, Mass, Richard Lombard! 78 H. St., South Boston Mass. Susan Lovegrove 3500 Sm.ith S, E. A Ibuque r que. New Mexic Richar d Loven 27 College Ave,, Sotnerville, {ass. Mary McElroy 24 2 South Huntington A ve. , Jamaica Plain, Kla s s. arlene Mor in 228 Rowland Rd,, Fairfield, Conn. Je an lurdock Worcester Rd,, W e stminster, Mtass, D onna .Mur i n 15 Hudson View Terrace, Yonkers 3, N, Y, Luc i en Olivier 9 7 Gain s bo r St, , Bo st on. Ma s s . Donald Pendleton 354 Cha r le s Ri ve r Rd , MTat e rt wn., l a s Sa Judith Pfeifer 225 Robineau Rd,, Syracuse, N, Y, Donald Pine 549 Sonne r set Ave , Taunton, as s Leslie Reed 1554 Central Ave,, Needham., Ntass. Gerald Reid 1427 Clay St., San Francisco, California Catherine Sande r son 451 Court St., Auburn, Klaine Eugene Schumaker Bayc r e st Ave. , We st Hampton Be ach, N. Y. Roberta Shelman 41 East Bowery St., Newport, R, I. Linda Sim.onds 1 4 Tem.ple St. , Stonington, Conn. Patricia Slattery 4 5 Sc hool St, J lan sf i e Id, Ivia s s , Calista Smith RFD 2, Sus que h anna. Pa, Phyllis Smith 219 Rapid St., Pontiac, Mich. Stephen Tabb 507 Beach 67 St., Arverne 92, N. Y. Nicholas Tgettis 2 Bow St., Salem, Mass, Daryl Thompson 1031 Metropolitan Ave,, Milton 86, Mass. Ernest Triplett 66 Kingston Ave,, Newport, R. I. Grace Urrico 11 Urrico Ave., RFD 2, Wooiisocket, R, L John Vacirca 4 W ebster St, , Ea st Boston Mas s. Vernice Van Ham 89 Farm Lane, Westwood, Mass, Betty Vanover 67 Crawford St., Roxbury, lass. Judith Walker 8 2 Paine Rd, , lansf ie Id, Ma s s. Helen Walko 50 Lake Ave., Danbury, Conn, Myrna Welch RFD 1, Hyannis, Mass. Harriet Weymouth 112 Church Rd,, Winnetka, 111. Br on Wickum 2286 East Main St., Bridgeport, Conn, Pao Hsi Yeh 24 Pha-ting St., Taipeh, Formosa Arlene Zitowitz 35 June St. Terrace, Worcester, Mass, 63 pie lolJC music for il t buried ({opcs, tlje garnered memories, tl|e tender feelings it can summon at a toucl| L. E. London. 64 Lorna Cooke de Voron When school opened in September the Chorus got off to a busy start preparing for various con- certs and also for a tour (the first one of the New England Conservatory) during spring vacation. Through the untiring efforts of Lorna Cooke de Varon, the conductor, a great deal of work has been accomplished. Chorus is an unusual and a unique type of organization since it is made up of voice majors, music education majors and those who join voluntarily. The group policies are determined by the officers who are this year. Bob Cooper, President; George Collins, Vice President; Elaine Barry, Secretary; Nancy Snyder, Bob Carr and Bev Mason. All have been invaluable as sectional re- presentatives, coordinating the efforts of all members of the Chorus and giving many hours of their time to organize various activities. The annual Christmas Concert was given on December 4th in Jordan Hall. The program con- sisted of C.P.E. Bach ' s majestic work " The Magnificat " together with carols from different parts of the world. Immediately following the concert there was a dance party held in Brown Hall sponsored by Student Council. On December 21 and 22 the Chorus joined with the Boston Symphony Orchestra to perform " L ' Enfance du Christ " by Berlioz, under the baton of Charles Munch. We had the privilege of recording this work for R.C.A. Victor. During Spring vacation 40 members toured the New England States. In order to raise money for the tour. Kappa Gamma Psi allowed Chorus to use their room for cookie sales. Student Coun- cil also supported the tour. The Spring Concert, the Gardner Museum Concert, N.E.C. night at Pops and Commencement have kept the rehearsal schedule more than active. A word of thanks should be directed to Ed Low our Assistant Conductor and to Emily Fritzsche, our Accompanist, for helping us to become a sensitive unified organization of which all can be most proud. Left to right: Elaine Barry; Robert Carr; Nancy Snyder; George Collins; Robert Cooper. Not present: Beverly Mason, 66 67 Cons trliat org ®rcl|Estra Observing a rehearsal of the New England Conservatory Orchestra, one is pleasantly sur- prised at the inspiration which radiates from Richard Burgin, conductor, through the orchestra to the audience. Striving relentlessly for the performance of music in the truest form of the art, Mr. Burgin impresses the members of the orchestra and all concerned with his fine musicianship and sense of perfection. Listening to or playing with the Conservatory Orchestra is a gratifying and rewarding musical experience. Richard Burgin, conductor of the Conservatory Orchestra, also is the concert master and as- sistant conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In the light of all his accomplishments, it is obvious that the Conservatory Orchestra is under the direction of a fine conductor. Throughout the year, the New England Conservatory Orchestra gives many concerts. The works performed by the orchestra range from Bach to symphonies in a very modern vein. This year, the orchestra and the Conservatory Chorus gave a combined concert on April 24 at which time they performed among other things " The Kid " by Carl McKinley, a member of the faculty. Popular wstc epartmtnt The Popular Music Department is evidence of the increasing interest in popular music at the Conservatory. Under the able direction of William Tesson, the Pop Orchestra performs in con- cert not only published manuscripts but the ' cool ' sounds of student arrangers. The Pop Hop started the year ' s activities and was followed by performances in Jordan Hall and Brown Hall. December of 1956 saw the beginning of a tradition— the Student Council voted that the Pop Or- chestra be the ' official ' music-maker for the Snow Ball. The Popular Music Department truly fulfills its objective to be a workship for the vocalists, instrumentalists, and arrangers of tomorrow. Ulicrc is 0om0tl|ing marliElous in music migl|t almost sag it is, in itself, a marlJcL ts posi- tion is somefol]ere hctfocen tl]B region of tl|Ougl]t and tljat of pl|enomena; a glimmering medium betioeen mind and matter, related to botl| and get differing from eitl|er. spiritual, and get requiring rl|gtl]m; material, and get independent of space H, Heine 7i indtnt Council Paul Gay This year, under the leadership of Paul Gay, president, the Student Council sponsored the first all-school banquet. Any student at the New England Conservatory was eligible to attend. The Student Council is the organization which governs all school activities. The members of the Student Council are the presidents of each class and representatives of each Greek letter group and each school organization. President Paul Gay Secretary Dent Wi 1 1 iamson Treasurer Elaine Barry 1st row: Elaine Barry; Paul Gay; Dent Williamson. 2nd row: Robert Chapman; Edith Hallet; Cathryn Allaben; Cece Hawkins; Blossom Lorn; Beverly Mason. 3rd row: William Hinds; Richard Beauregard; Jo Ann Rogers; Patricia Capone; Edward Hustus; Leonard Bearse; Bradford DeVos. 72 tnf onia President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Vfarden Executive Alumni Secretary Historian Concert Chairman Bradford DeVos Walter Tokarczyk Robert Fi lippone Leonard Bearse Richard Aslanian Vito Puopolo Aime Simoneau William Hinds Joseph Roche Bradford DeVos Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the oldest and largest professional musical fraternity in the world, was founded at the Conservatory on October 6, 1898. The highlight of the many Alpha Chapter activities of the year was the Founder ' s Day Concert in which three Faculty Sinfonians, as well as many brothers participated. Bro. Bernard Barbeau was baritone soloist, Bro. Fernand Gillet conducted the chamber orchestra, and Bro. Roger Voisin was trumpet soloist. The chapter plans and participates in many other activities during the year both in school and in conjunction with other local Sinfonia Chapters. 1st row: Salvatore Bartolotti; John Foss; William Hinds; Walter Tokarczyk; Bradford DeVos; Aime Simoneau; Robert Filippone; Joseph Roche; Peter Stolarchyk. 2nd row: Alfred Dubois; Edward Moussally; Thomas Tarmey; Dean Aldrich; Thomas Green; Oliver Chamberl ain; Raymond Houghton, Vito Puopolo, Abalino Fernandes, Anthony Miranda, Takayori Atsumi. 73 Dent Williamson Alpha Chapter of Kappa Gamma Psi has had a full schedule of activities this year. One of the. outstanding events has been the lecture series by Faculty Bro- i thers given at the Thursday noon ' activity period in Recital Hall. Some of the other events of the year have been: a smoker; the annual Founder ' s Day Con- cert; an initiation and banquet; a National convention in Boston at which the chapter was host; the annual Kappa Bean Supper. The chapter also participates in the Annual Spring Sing and gives a Spring Concert with either some of its Faculty mem- bers OS soloists or in conjunction with the other Kappa Gamma Psi Chapters in Boston. President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Chaplain Historian Concert Co-Chairmen Dent Williamson John Rhea Irvine Lowe Graydon Williams Robert Carr Paul Gay Anthony Rondo Jean Lussier Robert Carr Thomas Vasil Roy McArthur First row seated: Robert Carr; Dent Williamson; John Rhea; Paul Gay First row standing: Robert Sahagian; William Ferry; Anthony Harb; Carlo Racamato; Thomas Vasil; Graydon Williams; Anthony Rondo Second row: Barry Shank; Edward Buck; James Lowe; Ralph Farmer Third row: George Collins; James Gregg; Neil Bridge; Thomas Christie; Gilbert Fernandes; Phillips Wilson 74 Pr es ident Vice-President Recording Sec ' y Corresponding Sec y Treasurer Chaplain Editor Sgt.-at-Arms Elisabeth Wheeler Josephine Roman Eileen Paco Loretto Yamauchi Sally Chenoweth Elaine Barry Una Field Olga Narvaez Elisabeth Wheeler First row: Ruth Eel Is; Elisabeth Wheeler; Susan Day. Second row: Olga Narvaez; Eriinda Mathay. Third row: Eileen Paco; Josephine Roman; Elaine Barry. Last row: Cece Hawkins, Una Field, Patricia Welch. Lambda Chapter of Sigma Alpha lota was installed at the New England Conservatory in 1915, twelve years after the founding of the women ' s music fraternity. Striving to promote the highest standards of musi- cianship, ethics and culture, SAI chapters are guided by seven annual National Objectives. Last year Lambda led the 105 college chapters across the coun- try, to win the 1956 College Chap- ter Achievement Award. This year Lambda gave two Jordan Hall concerts, one presenting faculty members, and the other a Lenten Choral Vesper Service, and also an American Music As- sembly. Three SAIs gave Mas- ter ' s recitals, and four gave sen- ior recitals. Among the " Sriga- doon " cast in February were Susan Day as Jeannie MacLaren, Elaine Barry as Meg Srockie, and Cece Hawkins as Jane Ash- ton. In Puccini ' s ' " La Rondine ' " in March, Geraldine Barretto had the title role of Magda, and Una Field sang Bianco. A fifty dol- lar scholarship was awarded to Eileen Paco. Lambda ' s honorary members include Amelita Galli-Curci, Polyna Stoska, Mildred Miller, Victoria de los Angeles, and Marian Anderson. Faculty mem- bers are Mrs. Whitney and Mrs. Barnett, Patronesses, Miss Gi- guere. Advisor, and Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Gil let, and Mrs. Stevens. 75 Annette Guay Olivier Beta Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon was founded at NEC shortly after 1900 and i; est active chapter of this sorority music One of now the old- The purpose is to promote in America and abroad, its outstanding projects IS the MU Phi Epsilon School of music at Gads Hill Center, Chicago founded and presently being supported by the Sorority. Each year Beta chapter gives awards such as scholarships to its members and a medal to an outstanding Freshman of the previous year, Emily Fritzsche being the most recent recipient. This year Mu Phi gave two Jordan Hall concerts, the first a choral program with original compositions by Lou Rodgers, Darius Lapinskas, Claude Hasbroucke, and Eric Stokes, the second by Lucille Monaghan and Frederick Jagel of the fac- ulty. (Many other social affairs such as cookie sales and parti- cipation in the Spring Sing were enthusiastically boosted. The 33rd National Convention of Mu Phi Epsilon was held last June at Rochester, New York, " Know Your Sorority " was its theme. Annette Guay Olivier and Corinne Curry were the busi- ness and music delegates from Beta Chapter. At this time the composition award of first prize was made to Lou Rodgers and her " Three Chinese Poems " were sung at the Convention Banq uet. President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian Alumnae Secretary Chorister Vfarden Annette Guay Olivier Sonic Klosek Alice Mositis Anno Chosin Norma Pot ter Carol Ann Jackson Estelle Terromogra Joan Coleman Patricio Lee 1st row: Anna Chasin; Norma Potter. 2nd row: Sonia Klosek; Annette Olivier; Alice Masitis. 3rd row: Estelle Terramagra; Joanne Coleman; Carol Ann Jackson, Joan Hill; Eunice de Sanchez; Patricia Lee; Barbara Godding. tlin ©micron President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adviser Dorothea Georges Lee Palleria Ann Sousa Edith Hallet Betsy Sheerin Dorothy Richards Dorothea Georges Delta Xi Chapter of Delta Omicron was installed at the Conservatory in 1950. Since that time, it has succeeded in making itself a respected musical and social force here. Last year the chapter won a certificate of honor and a revolving scholarship of $100. Since its installation, it has sent a member to Tanglewood each summer to study. During the year, the chapter holds cookie sales, a Founder ' s Day Concert, a Spring Concert, and participates in Greek Letter Night and the Spring Sing. 1st row: Marion Sutcliffe; Pauline Ginqras; Patricia Rooney; Dorothy Winn. 2nd row: Edith Hallet; Lee Palleria; Dorothea Georges; Anne Sousa. 3rd row: Jeanette MacDonald; Judith Brown; Nancy DuCette; Elizabeth Sheerin; Dorothy Richards. ongBriJatorp Club President Vice President Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Elaine Barry Blossom Lam Beverly Mason Georgianna Berry Rosaura Umpierre Sandra Lenz Elaine Barry All women students enrolled at the Conservatory are eligible to join the New England Conser vatory Club. At the beginning of this year we initiated fourteen new members, which brings oui membership to a total of twenty students. Every year ' s program includes two " open houses, " a buffet supper, monthly musicales, cookie sales, and a fall concert by the members. Our 1956-57 program included piano and vocal selections by student members with the New England Conservatory Club Chorus closing the program witi three works by Vaughan Williams. The recipients of our annual scholarship this school term are: Elaine Barry and Rosaura Uhi pierre of the graduating class, 1957. 1st row: Carol Bray; Beverly Samans; Leonore Vadi; Patricia Rooney. 2nd row: Carol Demery; Grace Urrico; Sandra Lenz; Blossom Lam; Elaine Barry; Rosaura Um- pierre; Georgianna Berry; Sue Hammond; Beverly Mason. 3rd row: Sue Lovegrove; Judith Armstrong; Kay Gibson; Myrna Welch; Patricia Slattery; Donna Murin; Regina Bartolomucci . 1 son Club Syeeda Daood All women students enrolled at the Conservatory are eligible to join the Elson Club. The be- ginning of the year saw nineteen members taking part in the various club activities and second semester saw many new members join to help out. What kept us so busy? Cookie sales, an ' open house ' , a December concert, -— to mention a few things. This year ' s recipient of the scholarship given annually by Elson Club was Norma Potter. We also contributed to CARE. The slate of officers for the 1956-57 session were: Presidenf Vice President Secretary Syeeda Daood Norma Potter Wi Ima Thorn Margaret Eaton Helen Hunt 1st row, seated: Helen Hunt; Carole Casselli. 2nd row: Dorothy Winn; Norma Potter; Syeeda Daood; Wilma Thorn. 3rd row: Anna Chasin; Margaret Eaton; Cathryn Allaben;; Nancy Little; Cece Hawkins. President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisors E laine Barry Sal ly Chenoweth Barbara Godding Cece Hawkins Bob Chapman M rs. Jean Demos Mr. George Guilbault Elaine Barry Conventional - definitely not! This perhaps describes the Cape Codder ' s Club, an organiza- tion founded some years ago by George Guilbault. The group originally joined together practi- cally over night in order to sing a few light songs in the Spring Sing. The Cape Codders captured the second prize in the competition and thus formed a club, the purpose was to sing light music for sheer enjoyment, which we are still doing! In the fall of ' 55, the Cape Codders presented " Good News " , a musical comedy sponsored by the Alumni and the school. The proceeds went to the Scholarship Fund. ' ' Good News " resulted in an increase in membership for the organization, which is now limited to forty members. We are building up our library of good, light choral music, in preparation for concerts at Clubs and for various occasions. While being a Cape Codder is a great deal of fun, it still requires work in order to give a fine performance musically. William Hinds, John Foss, Clarence Cooper, Thomas Vasil, Joan Hill, Elaine Barry, Carol Kessel, Sally Chenoweth, Nancy Snyder, Barbara Godding,George Guilbault, Angle Rupert, Leonore Vadi, Cece Hawkins. 80 Carlo Racamato The Music Therapy Club is the newest organization at New England Conservatory. It was founded in October 1956 for the benefit of Music Therapy majors. However, membership in the club is available to all N.E.C. students who are interested in the subject of Music Therapy. The purpose of the Club is to provide a forum for mutual exchange of information regarding the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of working in institutions. The planned program in- cludes visits to different kinds of hospitals, schools for exceptional children, and penal institu- tions. Regular activities of the Club comprise film presentations, lectures, and reports by stu- dents about their experiences during clinical training. A bulletin is published at regular intervals listing forthcoming programs and reporting on the activities of the Club. In addition, the Music Therapy Club plans to establish its own archives consisting of students clinical reports, tape recordings of interviews with patients, and newspaper and magazine clippings relative to institutional service. The officers are: President Carlo Racamato Vice President Dorothea Robetin Treasurer Beverly Samons Recording Corres- Judith Greenberg ponding Secretary Arthur F, Fultz is Faculty Advisor to the Club. Seated: Arthur Flagler Fultz, Beverly Samons; Carlo Racamato; Dorothea Robetin; Judith Green- berg. Standing: Edward Buck; Robert Carr; Carol Douglas; Myrna Welch; Signe Burke; Patricia Brophy. 81 The Newman Club of the New England Conservatory of Music was founded by Cardinal Newman, to provide spiritual and social direction for Catholic college students. The Conservatory Newman Club is part of the clubs on the " Fenway Circuit " and all the clubs in Boston are under the juris- diction of the Boston Province. Each year the Club plans a calendar of events, to aid us spiritually and socially. Spiritually there was the living rosary, days of recollection, and the Sunday evening services at Saint Anne ' s Church at which we sang. Socially there was the successful spaghetti supper, the annual outing to Scituate, two Recital Hall concerts, and a two hour program at Brandeis College in conjunction with the Student Art Festival. The Club is privileged to have the Reverend Edwin Kron for its chaplain. 1st row; Frances Brunnstrom; Grace Urrico; Bernard Borbeau; Father Kron; Aime Simoneau; Johan Berry; Eileen Pace. 2nd row: Regino Bartolomucci; Patricia Slattery; Prue Dugan; Yvette Capilion; Jean Pracher; Claire Durand; Rosaura Umpierre. 3rd row: Carlo Rocomato; Edward Bedner; Richard Beauregard; Joseph Roche; Julio Ruiz; Thomas Rotondo; William Goffney. 82 In its few short years of existence, the New England Conservatory Student Chapter of the M.E. N.C. has developed into one of the largest student groups in the school. The importance in which the M.E. N.C. holds its student chapters may be ascertained by the amount of material that is beamed toward the student both at the National Conventions and in the Journal, the official pub- lication of the M.E. N.C. To show the high regard in which the school holds this organization, it paid the transportation costs for all Seniors and Juniors who wished to attend the Atlantic City Convention. Under the able leadership of its officers, Ralph Farmer, Thomas Vasil, and Wilma Butcher, and the helpful guidance of Mrs. Whitney and Dr. Silverman, the organization has again this year striven toward its goal as stated in its motto " Music for every child and every child for music. " 1st row: William Hinds;Patricia Capone; Anthony Herb; Suzanne Hammond; Ralph Farmer (presi- dent); Leta Whitney; Thomas Vasil; John St. Onge; Estelle Terromagro; Salvotore Bartolotti. 2nd row: Leonard Bearse; Georgionna Berry; Jean Murdock; Lillian Labrie; Nancy Little; Judith Melvin; Sandra Lenz; Elaine Barry; Beverly Mason; Patricia Rooney; Norma Potter; Wilma Thorn; Carol Jackson; Arlene Zitowitz; Cathy Sanderson; Dean Aldrich. 3rd row: Robert Cooper; James Rizza; Vernice Van Ham; Judy Walker; Regina Bartolomucci; Susan Lovegrove; Rocco Bruno; George Collins; Victor Dal Pozzal; Aime Simoneau; Robert Filip- pone; Bradford DeVos; Edward Moussally; Jarvis Madieros. 83 orm ttorg Approximately one hundred girls, who lived at the dormitory this year, took port in many acti- vities, the first of which was a Halloween Dance held in the recreation room. With the attendance well over two hundred, this affair was a huge success. At Christmas time, the annual party, complete with gift exchange, carol singing, and Santa Clous, was held in the living rooms. During exams, a " time-out-to-eat party " was held downstairs. Everyone was treated to all the cokes and sandwiches she could consume. A Spring Dance was held in the basement. Men from many Boston schools were invited to attend. Officers were Angie Rupert, president. Sue Martin, secretary. Blossom Lam, treasurer, Roberta Shelman, freshman representative to the Dorm. The House-mother is Mrs. Whitcomb; assistant housemother. Miss Hollis, and nurse Miss Vanderschuur, R.N. Left to right: Angie Rupert; Mrs. Whitcomb; Miss Van; Sue Martin Melodic Line Staff Editor Assistant Editor Advertising Photography Faculty Advisor Reporters Cece Hawkins Angle Rupert Meri-Dell Sosnik Eriinda Mathay Mr. Procter Frances Brunnstrom Ruth Eels Carol Demery Ann Boehm Cece Hawkins We of the staff of the Melodic Line wish to express our thanks to those who have contributed their time and effort to making our paper successful. V e feel that we have taken a step forward this year in that the scope of the paper has become somewhat broadened. This could not have been accomplished without faculty and student interest and cooperation. A few of the highlights of the year were articles by Rose Sampton of the Metropolitan Opera, Roger Voisin of the Boston Symphony, Arthur Fultz, and Leiand Procter, both of the faculty. Our deepest appreciation goes to Mr. Procter, our faculty advisor, who has aided and guided us in our work. nn eight aoy week TolAissCronin-stock j,, ,,ger s.odents o ,WoH hond t Or Von Lennop..-° ToDr.SiWermansstu Union snarpsnuv. T KArs DeVaron...aUn»o KEWEXGUKD CONSERVATORY A COLLEGE OF MUSIC presents fiv of the Scholarship Fund for the benefit ot tne o Music by Book and Lyrics by FREDERICK LOEWE ALAN JAY LERNER produced and Directed by GEORGE GUILBAXILT W Musical Director ILLIAM TESSON Executive P ' odu ; , F. W. C. LEHMAN Bacon, Virgina 22 Butler Ave. Lexington, Mass. Bar beau, Bernard 17 Amherst Rd. Beverly, Mass. Barnett, David 7 Tappam Road Wellesley 81, Mass. Barnett, Josephine 7 Tappam Road Wellesley 81, Mass. Boding, Howard 84 The Fenway Boston, Mass. Bogach, Samuel Crescent Rd. Cone or d. Ma s s . Briggs, G, Wright 1 71 Benvenue St. Wellesley, Mass. Bur gin, Richard 12 Salisbury Rd. Brookline, Mass. Caless, J. Arthur R. F. D. Boxboro, Mass. Carrell, Norman 50 Oakmont Rd. Newton, Mass. Cavicchio, Salvy 57 Woodcrest Dr. Melrose, Mass. Cioffi, Gino 82 Gainsboro St. Boston, Mass. Comstock, Jean Stillman 38a Bowdoin St. Cambridge, Mass. Cooke, F. Judd 2 Stratham Rd. Lexington, Mass. Coppezj, Camille 6 2 Beach St. Maiden, Mass. Creighton, Malcolm 84 The Fenway Boston, Mass, Curtis, William H. 1001 Central Ave. Needham, Mass. Davis, Eleanor 24 Peterboro St. Boston, Mass. Demos, Jean M. 10 Francis Ave. Cambridge, Mass. de Pasquale, Joseph 141 Summit Ave. Brookline, Mass. De Var.ady, Maria 232 Beacon St. Boston, Mass, de Varon, Lorna Cooke 26 Walker St. Cambridge, Mass, Dodge, Sally 45 Walker St. Cambridg.e, Mass. Drabik, Jean Ellerson 114 Brattle St. Cambridge, Ma s s . Dufresne, Gaston 16 Queensberry St, Boston, Mass. Dwyer, Doriot Anthony 54 Nancy Rd. Chestnut Hill. Mass. Elsberg, Maria H. 31 Brooks Ave, Newton 60, Mass. Fedorovsky, Paul 233 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. Firth, Everett 46 The Fenway Boston, Mass. Fultz, Arthur Flagler 182 Allerton Rd. Newton Highlands, Mass Gibson, William M. 40 Hillcrest Circle Watertown, Mass. Giguere, Jeannette 36 Beals St. Brookline, Mass, Gillet, Fernand 60 High St. Brookline, Mass. Gillet, Marie A. 60 High St. Brookline, Mass. Girouard, Miss Alice 121 St. Stephen St. Boston, Mass, Goldovsky, Boris 183 Clinton Rd. Brookline, Mass. Gomberg, Ralph 264 Mill St. Newton, Mass. Goodrich, Henry 115 Confimonwealth Ave, Boston, Mass. Grass, William 25 Burbank St. Boston, Mass. Grimes, Leo 10 Cleveland Rd. Waltham, Mass. Guerra, Frederick 28 Summit St. Hyde Park, Mass. Guilbault, George J. 104 Gainsboro St. Boston, Mass. Hancock, Elizabeth B. 35 Davelin Rd. Wayland, Mass. Hartnett, Mrs. Florence 72 Mountain Ave. Maiden, Mass. Hicks, David 42 Lakeshore Rd. Natick, Kiass. Hilker, Betty 84 The Fenway Boston, Mass. Humphrey, Homer 87 St. Stephen St. Boston, Mass. Hunt, Percy F. 59 Randolph Rd. Chestnut Hill, Mass. Jagel, Frederick 1514 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass. 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Moriarty, John 64 Hemenway St. Boston, Mass. Nadeau, Roland 555 Boston Rd. Billerica, Mass. Nichols, Elizabeth B, 64 Bowdoin St. Dorchester, Mass. Northrup, Jean 120 Hemenway St. Boston, Mass. Oldenburg, Johanna H. 346 Concord Ave. Be Imont, Ma s s . Pappout s aki s, Jame s 36 Beverley Rd. Brookline, Mass. Smith, Charles J. 1 7 Comeau St. Wellesley Hills, Mass. Smith, Donald 588 Brush Hill Rd. Milton, Mass, Smith, Rand 382 Warren St. Needham, Mass. Smith, Rhodora 122 Bowdoin St, Boston, Mass, Smith, Warren Storey 122 Bowdoin St. Boston, Mass. Pappoutsakis, Louise Came Soresina, Carlo 36 Beverley Rd. 27 Everett St. BrookHne, Mass. Cambridge, Mass- Parker, Lucy 175 Old Connecticut Path Wayland, Mass, Penenka, Ernst 288 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. Perry, Edward F, 203 Pond St. Natick, Mass. Pierce, James 98 Gainsboro St, Boston, Mass. Porras, Rafael 96 Col unbia Rd. Arlington, Mass. Posselt, Ruth 12 Salisbury Rd. Brookline, Mass, Principato, Guy H. 299 Dudley St. Roxbury, Mas s. Proctor, Leland H. 4 Harvard Place Dedham, Mass. Richards, Dorothy 69 Henry St. North Quincy, Magrs. Riviere, Mme. Simone 370 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. Rushford, Collette 184 Lafayette St. Salem, Mass. Schoep, Arthur 114 Brattle St, Cambridge, Mass. Schulz, Elisabeth 270 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass. Schwalb, Miklos 135 Newberry St. Boston, Mass. She r ma , Hannah 443 Beacon St. Boston, Mass. Silverman, Herbert H. 135 Middlesex Ave. Wilmington, Mass. Simonelli, Theodore 82 Division St. Chelsea, Mass. Southworth, Katherine 29 Concord Ave. Cambridge, Mass. Stuart, Robert 1347 Walnut St. Newton, Mass, Sundelius, Marie 552 Washington St. Br ookline, Mas s . Tesson, William 33 Roberts Rd. Medford, Mass. Titcomb, Everett 33 Bowdoin St, Boston, Mass. Valkenier, Wilhelm Depot St, P.O, Box 257 Denni sport, Mass. Van Lennep, William 5 Fuller Place Cambridge, Mass. Viseuglia, Felix 16 Hobbs Rd. West Medford, Mass. Walt, Sherman 344 Woodward St. Waban, Mass. Wetmore, Olive 12 Francis Ave. Cambridge, Mas s. Whitney, Leta F. 238 Hemenway St, Boston, Mass. Williams, Chester W, 3 Middlesex St. Wellesley, Mass. Willing, Donald 99 Macintosh Lane Lincoln, Mass, Wolfes, Felix 72 Westland Ave. Boston, Mass. Zighera, Alfred 6 Griggs Terrace Brookline, Mass. Zighera, Bernard 1 5 Monmouth Ct, Brookline, Mass. HEMENWAY DRUG CO. Cor. Hemenway and Westland Ave. Complete Line of Cosmetics Max Factor Helena Rubenstein Farbege Yardley ' s Chanel and all Visit our coffee shop and relax over a meal or a snack Continuing a 7 year tradition of leadership in music education SILVER BURDETT COMPANY Morristown, New Jersey Music Consultant: Frances B. Settle THE CLASS OF 1957 96 School Supplies Greeting Cards the open door 287 Huntington Ave. BOSTON, MASS. Tel. KE 6-7295 Stationery Office Supplies Tel. KEnmore 6-2076 - 6-2077 Symphony FLOWER SHOP, Inc. Est. 1920 Opp Symphony Hall 248 Huntington Avenue Boston 15, Mass Specializing in Graduation Flowers COMPLIMENTS OF GAINSBORO PHARMACY Corner of Huntington and Gainsboro Boston 15, Massachusetts Panhellenic Association SIGMA ALPHA IOTA MU PHI EPSILON DELTA OMICRON LEO HIRSH, INC. Clothes by the House of Worsted-Tex Manhattan and Van Heusen Shirts - Stetson Hats Interwoven Socks Correct Formal Attire for Every Occasion 250 Huntington Avenue, Boston KAPPA GAMMA PSI PHI MU ALPHA Professional Music Fraternities PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS COMPLIMENTS OF WHEELER DRUGS, INC. 58 GAINSBOROUGH ST. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Learn About Your Alumni Association Now BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 FROM YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER KEnmore 6-1755 295 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Second Floor 98 90 Magazine Printing Publishing Co., Boston, Mass

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