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mm mm THE POINTS Art Museum Boston Opera House OF VIEW MEET YOU AT BEETHOVEN NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS e The great year has finally arrived after much tugging and pulling. Ye wonder if it has been worth it all and what will it do for us? The editors can- not answer the latter question, but we hope that through the various efforts behind this yearbook, you will find on these pages moments worth remembering — friends and teachers who have added to our lives — and just a good overall feeling which will cause us to say — it has been worth the struggle. DYSON FOURNESS, Editor GF.O. BUTLER, Co-editor OUR DIRECTOR EMERITUS Dr. Wallace Goodrich To the Class of 1951. Greetings and best wishes to every member for all success and happiness. Success, in the op- portunity to realize aspirations long entertained; and happiness, in the blessing of good health, and in the consciousness of being able to influence others through the example of character, sin- cerity and integrity which the world so needs today. WALLACE GOODRICH Director Emeritus Compliments Crowley Magazine Mr. Everett Titcomb . . . “ In your ejf oris, always create beautiful music " . . . For giving us the challenge such as lie in these words and for giving us so much of you, we dedicate this yearbook to you , Mr. Everett Titcomb , friend , teacher and musician. To us who are entering the great world of music, you are an inspiration and symbol of genuineness in this art. It is with pride that we honor you thusly. Compliments Crowley Magazine ADMINISTRATION Malcolm Holmes — Dean Mr. Corning — Publicity Manager FACULTY Piano Woodwind Academic Theory DEPARTMENTS Voice Music Education Organ Percussion Popular School FACULTY DIRECTORY Harrison Keller, Director ; Supervisor of String Department , Violin Malcolm H. Holmes, Dean ; Veterans ' Counselor, Conductor Conservatory Orchestra Raymond T. Allard, Bassoon Ursula Apel, German Virginia P. Bacon, Violoncello David Barnett, Pianoforte , Pianoforte Methods, Pianoforte Ensemble Josephine Barnett, Drama Bernard Bar beau, Voice (i. Wright Briggs, Instrumentation Loring T. Briggs, Theoretical Subjects Richard Burgin, Violin Sarah Caldwell, Assistant in Opera Department J. Arthur Calless, Saxophone Pasquale A. Cardillo, Clarinet Henry Carrai, Contrabass Norman Carrel, Clarinet Salvi Cavicchio, Xylophone John W. Coffey, Trombone (iino Ciotfi, Clarinet Francis Judd Cooke, Theoretical Subjects, Composition, Ensemble Camille Coppez, Trumpet, Brass Ensemble Malcolm Creighton. Pianoforte Betty Warren Davis, Theoretical Subjects Eleanor M. Davis, Voice Jean M. Demos, Supervisor of Academic Department, English Joseph De Pasquale, Viola Lorna Cooke DeVaron, Chorus, Theoretical Subjects Ray Dorey, Voice Gaston Dufresne, Solfege Dorcas M. Edgell, English Maria Hoover Klsbcrg, 1 T oice George Faxon, Supervisor of Organ Department, Carillon-playing Willis W. F ay, Pianoforte, Sight-playing Paul Fedorovsky, Violin Georges Fourel, Violin, Viola , String Ouartet Ralph Fucillo, Trumpet George A. Gibson, Pianoforte, Sight-playing Jeannette Giguere, Pianoforte Fernane Gillet, Oboe, Orchestra Drill Marie Audet Gillet, Pianoforte Alice Girouard, Voice, Pianoforte Accompaniment Howard Goding, Supervisor of Pianoforte Department, Piano- forte Boris Goldovsky, Supervisor of Opera Department Frederick Green, Piano Henry M. Goodrich, Pianoforte F. Leo Grimes, Piano Florence Wild Hartnett, Pianoforte Leo Hayek, Physics Marion Hawkes, oice Charles Henderson, Voice David D. Hicks, Pianoforte Betty Hilker, Pianoforte Homer Humphrey, Organ Percy F. Hunt, Voice Frederick Jagel, Voice John W. Kiplinger, Pianoforte Mary Seaver Kiplinger, Voice Virginia Klotzle, Pianoforte Alfred Krip«, Violin Marcel La Fosse, Trumpet Eugene C. Lang, Pianoforte Frances Brockman Lanier, Violin (ieorges Laurent, Flute Lois W. Lautner, Theoretical Subjects Alfred Lague, Piano Lottie H. Lenn, Fine Arts Anna Stovall Lothian, Pianoforte Susan Williams Lunn, Pianoforte Frank L. MacDonald, Violin, Orchestra Drill Margaret Mason, Pianoforte , Theoretical Subjects Samuel H. Mayes, Violoncello Rosario Mazzeo, Clarinet Charles C. McArthur, Psychology, Sociology, Principles and Problems of Education Ruth C. McKay, English Robert MacCay, Bassoon Carl McKinley, Supervisor of Theoretical Studies, II urmony. Counterpoint, Composition, History of Music Dowell P. McNei 11, Organ Gladys Childs Miller, Voice (ieorges E. Moleux — Contrabass, Orchestra Drill Lucille Monaghan, Pianoforte John Dickson Murray, Violin Phillip Newman, Theoretical Subjects Alexandra Nurezynski, Pianoforte Raymond Orr, Violin, Flute Ernst Panenka, Bassoon, Woodwind Ensemble Louise (’a me Pappoutsakis, Harp James Pappoutsakis, Flute (diaries Pearson, I ' oicc Edward F. Perry, American and European History Rafael Porras, Accordion Fred Popper, Pianoforte, Bepertoire ( ' oaching Ernst Possony, Voice , Associate in the Opera Department Marie Poutiatine, Voice I.eland H. Procter, Theoretical Subjects, Composition Avner Rakov, Popular School Orchestra Leader C. Roland Reasoner, Violin, String Class James H. Remley, Practice Teaching ( Music Education De- partment) Dorothy E. A. Richards, Voice Simone Riviere, French, Diction, and Literature Judy Rosenblith, Sociology, Physcology, Education Richard Riddell, Voice Lois Schaefer, Flute Elisabeth J. Schulz, Pianoforte Miklos Sell wall). Pianoforte Joseph Shapiro, Percussion , Percussion Class Hannah Sherman, Violoncello Herbert H. Silverman, Brass and Woodwind Classes, Instru- mental School Music Theodore Simonelli, Guitar Donald S. Smith, Pianoforte Rhoda B. Smith. Pianoforte Warren Storey Smith, Form and Acoustics, History of Music Charles Smith, Percussion Carlo B. Soresina, Italian Katherine Southworth, Pianoforte Mara belle Stebbins, Theoretical Subjects Alice II. Stevens, Voice Robert Stuart, Clarinet Marie Sundelius, Voice H. Everett Titcomb, Choir Training, Choir Ensemble, Liturgical M usic Manual C. Valerio, Clarinet Willem A. Valkenier, French Horn Roger Voisin, Trumpet, Orchestra Drill Ivan Waldbauer, Theoretical Subjects, Pianoforte Suzanne Waldbauer, Pianoforte Donna Walsh Kole, Violin Alice E. Whitehouse, Solfege, Pianoforte Leta F. Whitney, Music in Education, Theoretical Subjects Chester W. Williams, Theoretical Subjects Felix Wolfes, Bepertoire Coaching Susan Wooton. Pianoforte Augustur D. Zan ig, M usic Education Edward Zambara, Voice Alfred Zighera, V ioloncello. String Ouartet Bernard Zighera, Harp Wallace Goodrich, Director Emeritus To the Members of the Class of 1951: This is an outstanding year in the life of our Alumni Association. We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of our founding. In just a few short weeks you too will be graduate members of the Alumni Family. We shall be proud and happy to welcome you. W e know the thrill of satisfaction that will be yours when the scroll you have earned is put into your hands on Commencement Day and we congratulate you. We have trust and confidence that it will be kept bright at your hands and that at the end of the next seventy-five years, the N.F..C. Alumni Association will be able to look back with justifiable pride and gratitude to the members of the Class of 1951. With every good wish, Yours cordially, LAURA HUXTABLF. PORTFR THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, whose membership is derived from the four classes as well as the various other clubs and fraternities at the Conservatory, is the medium through which all students may voice their opinion in the governing of the school. Many activities and projects are sponsored by this group, including such things as the “Melodic Line” and the I.F.M.S. Synposium. The Council aims to promote a spirit of friendliness and co-operation between students, as well as between students and the administration, and helps to co-ordinate extracurricular activities within the school. .. Ivrfvo civet ion FRESHMAN OFFICERS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Teasurer Student Council Representative Donald Paterson Audrey McTighe Barbara Fickle Angelo Centola Lyn Purcell The Class of ’54 made its debut at N.E.C. during Freshman week with a dance sponsored by the Freshman girls at the dormitory. “Irish Sock Hop” was the name of the annual Frosh dance which was held in March. St. Patrick’s Day was the theme, and everyone “hopped” to the music of Perry Wilson’s band. Class meetings, participation in the Big Four Dance, and a spring outing kept the class and its officers busy. FRESHMAN CLASS £xpositio-n SOPHOMORE OFFICERS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative Jack Manuel Arthur Silva Barbara Lacomarsino Janet Romano Ralph Salamone The Sophomore Class started their activities for the year with a Hayride Dance on October 31. The wagons left from the Conservatory at 6:30 P.M. and went to the Hotel Woodbridge in Somerville, where dancing, dunking for apples and all other necessities to make this night a success were present. Soon after this the president suggested the forming of a bowling league to promote Class spirit. The Class approved and decided every alternate Tuesday, bowling would be scheduled at the “Fifty-five” Bowling Alleys on Huntington Avenue. The Sophomore Class gave its dance on Thursday evening, January 11, in Brown Hall. It was called “Deuces Wild” and all those present while enjoying them- selves, admired the decorations which carried out the theme of the dance with designs of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. A future date which the class is looking forward to is Sunday, May 28, our class outing, which will take place at Blue Hills, with everyone looking forward to an enjoyable time which they know they will have. BARBARA LAGOMARSINO SOPHOMORE CLASS j — • f fh» » • i J I jrfft- . r trrH ■ LLifCgq 5 I . «q ; LiH gES : r ' Cej I m • — a u rr W bi i ( Iffl’tt ElC?] J 4 1 i t 1 V: t H P r I W T u ' r I CvaSC y n r j§ y ♦t t » T H ' rE is JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Representative Edward DeIulio Barbara Waterman- Jean Baiseneau Ai.fred Lee Robert Estes The first Junior class meeting of the year was held October 19, 1950. Fore- most on the agenda was a discussion of plans for the 1952 Neume. Junior members ot the Big Four Dance committee were Faye Friedman, Tony Wright, Jayne Bradshaw, George White and Calvin Toorey. At the following meeting, the election of Leo Snyder as Editor-in-Chief of the Neume was announced. Jayne Bradshaw was elected Cor- responding Secretary to replace Frances De Luca who left school at Christmas. On February 14, the Junior Class held a very successful Valentine Dance in Brown Hall. Committee chairmen were Betty Burbank, Bob Estes, Eddie D’lolio, Mary Ryan and Joan McConnell. Loring studios was voted to be official class and Neume photographer. Mr. Lehmann addressed the class on April 5 concerning the Neume publication. JEANNE C. BOISSONF.AU JUNIOR CLASS 1948 OFFICERS President Glenna Cain Vice President Richard Pasco Treasurer Gilbert Clark Recording Secretary Barbara Curry Corresponding Secretary Elaine Elms Student Council Representative Emmalina DeVita 1949 OFFICERS President Vice President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Eugene Lacritz Richard Pasco Gilbert Clark Rose Miscio Priscilla Farrant Student Council Representative Dyson Fourness 1950 OFFICERS President Lorne Ford Vice President Gilbert Clark Treasurer Berj Zamkochian Recording Secretary Rose Miscio Corresponding Secretary Barbara Curry Student Council Representative Dyson Fourness SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Robert White Vice President James Hoffman Recording Secretary Rose Miscio Corresponding Secretary Marjorie Henderson Treasurer Manuel Correia Student Council Representative Henry Wegiel EMIL GUSTAVE AHNELL 421 West 10th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Degree Piano Mr. Barnett Sinfonia. MIREVA ARBOLEDA Cali, Colombia South America Degree Piano Mr. Schwalb Newman Club, ’47-’48; Dean’s list, ’49-’50. RUTH ANDREWS 66 Manley Street Auburn, Maine Degree Music Education Piano Miss Schulz Transfer from Bates with B.A. in languages. NORMAND E. AUDETTE 203 Eugenia Street New Bedford, Mass. Degree Music Education Trumpet Mr Voisin Commuters’ Club, ’48-’51; Neume Staff, ’50. BETTY GRACE BELL Rockford, Washington Masters Historical Research Mr. McKinley JAMES SHELTON BARNES 221 Washington Street Hampton, Virginia Degree Piano Mr. Barnett Senior Dance Committee; Organist at First Baptist Church. GEORGE ALEXANDER BENOIS 1 13 Blackhall Street New London, Conn. Degree Piano Miss Monaghan Scholarships: High School, Carr, Ditson, Pi Kappa Lamba Scholarship. THOMAS V. BUCCI 211 Langdon Street Providence, R. I. Degree Music Education Piano Mrs. Lothian Kappa Gamma Psi; Cummuters’ Club; Vice President. FRANK GREGORY BONO 36 Pearl Street Attleboro, Massachusetts Degree Piano Mr. Fay Dean’s List, ' 49-’50. GEORGE M. BUTLER, JR. Box 271 Eehanon, New Hampshire Degree Organ Mr. Faxon Co-editor of Neume; Carr Organ Society; Scholarships: Carr, ' 50; Ditson, ' 50; Dean’s List, ' 48- ' 51. FLORENCE LUIPPOLD CHRISTIANSON 76 High Street Turners Falls, Mass. Degree Piano Mr. Fay , Mr. Schwalb N.F..C. Chorus, ’47, ' 48; Student recitals; Sophomore Dance Committee. PRISCILLA DOROTHY CASWELL 75 Barnstable Street Swampscott, Mass. Degree Piano Pedagogy Mr. Fay Scholarships: High School, Conservatory; Alpha Chi Omega, ’49-’50; Dean’s List, ’47, ’51. ■1 RONALD ROSS CHRISTIANSON 625 Plummer Street ' Wausau, Wisconsin Degree Music Education Clarinet Mr. Stewart Kappa Gamma Psi, ’50; Scholarship: Con- verse, ’50. RICHARD E. CORMIER Orange, Massachusetts Degree Trombone Mr. Coffey Scholarships: High School, Ditson, Evans, Converse; Dean’s List, ’51; Tanglewood, ’50. GILBERT N. CLARKE 80 Vine Street Auburn, Massachusetts Degree Viola Mr. Fourel Scholarships in ’49, ’51; Sinfonia, ’49; Treas- urer Freshman, Sophomore classes; Vice Pres- cient Junior class. MANUEL CORREIA 334 Brock Avenue New Bedford, Mass. Degree Music Education Bass Mr. Moleux Senior Class Treasurer; Commuters’ Club, ’50-’51. BARBARA JO CURRY 518 W. Taylor Street Kokomo, Indiana Degree Voice Mr. Whitney Madame Sundelius Scholarships: Ditson and French, ' 48, ’49, ' 50; Soloist Old South Church; N.E.O.T. Chorus; President of Sigma Alpha Iota, ’49-’50. HOWARD D. CROSIER 73 Main Street Shelburne Falls, Mass. Degree Clarinet Mr. Mazzeo Brookline and Harvard Orchestras. DOROTHY M. CURTIS Middle Granville, New York Degree Music Education Delta Omicron, ’50; Historian; Neume Staff; Photography. JOSEPH E. D1 GREGORIO 25 Wellington Avenue Everett, Mass. Degree Music Education Clarinet Mr. Stewart Commuters’ Club; Neume Staff. LOUIS GARLAND DAVIS 860 Blaire Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio Degree Voice Mrs. Stevens Publicity chairman of Junior class; Distribu- tion chairman, ' 51 Yearbook. IRENE L. DRINKWATER 5 James Street Waverley, Massachusetts Diploma Piano Mrs. Lothian DONALD C. EMERSON 43 Symphony Road Boston, Massachusetts Degree Piano Mr. Goding Sinfonia Historian, ' 49, Treasurer, ’50; Scholarships: High School, Sinfonia. JOHN GERALD DUNNING 205 Chestnut Street Sayne, Pennsylvania Degree Music Education Percussion Mr. Shapiro and Mr. White Cummuters’ Club; Photography; Chairman Neume , Melodic Line. ANTONIA MARY EZZY Hamlin Road Van Buren, Maine Diploma Piano Mr. Gibson Delta Omicron Secretary, ’50; Newman Club; House Council Secretary, ' 49 and Senior Representative, ' 50. RALPH I. FINN 222J 2 Belmont Street Brockton, Mass. Degree Music Education Clarinet Mr. Carrel President M.E.N.C.; Chairman Art Staff on Neume; Publicity Chairman for class dances. PRISCILLA NATALIE FARRANT Worcester Street Natick, Massachusetts Degree Voice Miss Richards and Madame Sundelius Alpha Chi Omega Corresponding Secretary, ’49; Delta Omicron Vice President; Secretary of Panhellenic Council. HARRY LUTHER FOI.MER 361 N. 10th Street Lebanon, Pennsylvania Degree French Horn Mr. Valkenier Kappa Gamma Psi, ’48-’51; Dean’s List, ’51; Ian glc wood Dept. II, ’50; Julliard Summer School Orchestra, ' 49. DYSON E. POORNESS, JR. Route 3, Box 2636 Sacramento, Calif. Degree Trumpet Mr. Lafosse Sinfonia, ’48-’ 51; Neume Editor, ’51; Student Council, ’48-’50; Greater Boston Student Government Representative, ' 49, ’50; Senior class concert committee. LORNE ALBERT FORD 426 Market Street Harrisburg, Penn. Degree Music Education Trombone Mr. Coffey Sinfonia President, ’50; President Junior class; Business Manager of Neume ; President of Chorus Council. ANTHONY J. FUCILLO 221 North Street Boston, Massachusetts Degree Piano Mr. Donald Smith Active in popular music functions, shows, choruses and orchestras. CARMEN V. FULLER 21 Dilworth Street Boston, Massachusetts Diploma Piano Miss Giguere Symposium housing committee, ’48. ANTHONY CARMEN FULG1NITI 70 W. Main Street North Adams, Mass. Degree Clarinet Mr. Cardillo Kappa Gamma Psi; Dean’s List, ' 49; Melrose Symphony Orchestra. BUCKNER GAMBY, JR. 504 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Mass. Degree Piano Miss Giguere Scholarships: Ditson, ' 48, ’49’ Crabtree and Ditson, ' 50; Dean’s List, ' 49; Kappa Gamma Psi; Trustee [of Paderewski Fund; Soloist with Pops; Gardner and Jordan Hall recitals. MARVIN EUGENE GILMORE, JR. 51 Dana Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Diploma V ibraharp Mr. Sa vi Cavicchio Has own orchestra; Bass soloist in Metro- politan Male chorus, Boston, Mass. JAMES M. GARDNER 215 Middle Neck Road Great Neck, N. Y. Diploma Voice Ray Dorey Junior Dirge Dance Committee, ’49; Vocalist with Perry Wilson, and Pete Cutler or- chestras. WILLIAM H. GRASS 707 W. Church Street Brazil, Indiana Degree Flute Mr. Laurent Sinfonia, Vice President; Symposium, ' 51; I oston Civic Symphony; Springfield Sym- phony. RICHARD G. HAGOPIAN 334 Arlington Street Watertown, Mass. Degree Viola Mr. DePasquale Scholarships: High School, Ditson, Converse Berkshire; Sinfonia, Tanglewood Orchestra, ' 42; St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. HENRY FRANCIS GUARINO 180 Cottage Park Road Winthrop, Mass. Degree Music Education Voice Mr. Jagel, Mr. IV. L. IV .itney Commuters ' Club, ' 49, President; Conser- vatory Orchestra. DAVID RUSSELL HF.INKE 2011 Pleasant Street Fall River, Mass. Degree Violin Mr. Frank , Mr. MacDonald Scholarships: Saunders, ' 48; Dunbar, ' 50; Class Day Program Committee. RAYMOND ROBERT HILL 21 Burbank Street Boston, Massachustts Degree Music F.ducation Trumpet Mr. Voison Orchestra leader. MARJORIE FRANCES HENDERSON 10 Coolidge Avenue Caribou, Maine Degree Music Education Piano Mrs. Lothian Mu Phi Epsilon, ’49-’ 5 1 ; Recording Secretary ' 50; Literary Staff of Neume; Class Dance Committees. MIRIAM LOUISE HINES Canaan, Vermont Diploma Piano Mr. Gibson Scholarship: High School, ' 48; Literary Edi- tor and Co-Editor of Melodic Line. MARO HOVANESSIAN 97-04 69th Street, Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. Diploma Piano Mr. Schwalb Dean’s List, ' 50- ' 51. JAMES A. HOFFMANN 771 Maple Street Manchester, N. H. Degree Composition Mr. McKinley, Mr. Cooke Scholarships: High School, ' 47; Lucinda Gould, ' 49; Crabtree, ' 50; Ditson, ' 50; Dean’s List all years; Kappa Gamma Psi, delegate to Symposium, ' 51 . WALTER L. HUNT 11 East 56th Street Chicago, Illinois Degree Music Education Mrs. IVhitney VIVIAN B. JOHNSTON 51 W. Marion Avenue Youngstown, Ohio Degree V oice Madame E sberg Mu Phi Epsilon, President, ’ 50-’ 5 1 ; Feature Editor, Melodic Line , ' 49; Dean’s List, ' 47; Pro Musica. RALPH E. JERLES 11 Park Drive Poston, Massachusetts Diploma Organ Mr. Faxon Carr Organ Society, ' 50; Organist at United Church of Walpole, Walpole, Mass. DAVID ANTHONY JOSEPH 86 Tobey Street Providence, Rhode Island Degree French Flam Mr. Valkenier Rhode Island Philharmonic; Providence Symphony. EUGENE EDWARD LACRITZ 219 Lafayette Street Salem, Massachusetts Degree Clarinet Mr. Mazzeo Kappa Gamma Psi Vice President, ’50; Dean’s List, ' 49; Business Manager of Me Iodic Line and Xeume; President of Sophomore class and Student council. nancy jane keay 18 Ridge Hill Avenue Brockton, Mass. Degree Music Education Clarinet Mr. Stewart Scholarship: Ditson, ’49; Sigma Alpha Iota, ’50; Conservatory Club, ' 48. PAUL H. LANG 1577 Reamer Street Pittsburgh, Pa. Degree Organ Mr. Faxon Carr Organ Society, President, ’50; Organist and Choirmaster at St. Patrick’s Church, Cambridge. MARY RUTH LEFEBVRE 52 Robert Street Lowell, Massachusetts Degree Music Education Piano Mrs. Giguere Dean’s List, ' 47, ’48, ’49; Commuters ' Club, ’49; Recording Secretary, ’50. GLORIA MARIE LE CLAIR 113 Belnel Road Hyde Park, Massachusetts Degree Voice William L. Whitney , Madame Sundelius Eleanor Steber Undergraduate Award; Schol- arships: Ditson, Rogers, and Crabtree; Sigma Alpha Iota; Conservatory Club. ROBERT LeGORE 31 S. Water Street Spring Grove, Pa. Degree Voice Madame Sundelius Sinfonia, Vice President of Conservatory chorus; St. Cecilia Choral Society. JUNE LINZENBOLD 37 Casler Street Eittle Falls, New York Diploma Voice Mr. Possony Sigma Alpha Iota; High School Scholarship; Soloist with N.E.C. Orchestra and Chorus. NINA FESTER Tilden, Nebraska Degree Voice Madame E sberg Scholarships: Permanent Fund and Ditson; Sigma Alpha Iota, President, ’50; Tangle- wood Scholarship, ' 50. TRANAS FEE LONG 961 Cotton Grove Road Lexington, N. C. Degree Piano Mr. Gibson Kappa Gamma Psi, ' 49; Historian, ' 50, ’51; Student recitals, ' 47, ’51. JOSE MARIN PAYNTER 250 Avenue San Martin San Jose, Costa Rica Degree Piano Mr. Schwalb Newman Club; Advanced student recitals. NORMAN E. MAGNAN 59 Kilveit Street Hills Grove, R. I. Degree Music Education Kappa Gamma Psi, ’47-’ 5 1 ; Corresponding Secretary Advertising Staff Melodic Line ; Assistant Photographer, Neume. BF.RYI. MAZER 22 York Terrace Brookline Massachusetts Degree Piano Miss Monaghan Scholarship:Baermann, ' 50. FLOYD A. McCLAIN 303 Second Street Alva, Oklahoma Degree Composition Mr. Cooke " Symphonv in C” played at Symposium; Yale, ’51. JACK MAY 1559 23rd Avenue San Francisco, Calif. Degree Flute Mr. Laurant Kappa. KATHLEEN R. McGOGY 605 W. I.ockeford Avenue Lodi, Calif. Degree Church Music Mr. Titcomb Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lambda. RUDOLPH Y. MENGA 187 N. Main Street Mansfield, Mass. Degree Violin Mr. Federovsky, Mr. Burgin, Mr. MacDonald Springfield Symphony; Principal of second violin section N.E.C. Orchestra. ETHEL MARIE MELLO 136 Division Street Fall River, Mass. Diploma Piano Miss Monaghan Newman Club. JACK L. MILLER 3 Hillview Lane Stamford, Connecticut Degree Violin Mr. Krips Dean ' s List, ' 49; Mr. Burgin’s Orchestra; Sinfonia, ’51. ROSE ELIZABETH MISCIO 531 W. Chestnut Street Washington, Pa. Degree Organ Mr. Faxon Scholarships: Ditson, ' 50; Student House; Student Council Representative; Sigma Alpha Iota; Newman Club. HENRY B. MIRSKY 29 Winston Road Dorchester, Mass. Degree Music Education Clarinet Mr. Stewart Commuters’ Club. DOROTHY ELIZABETH MITCHELL 2639 Lincoln Street North East Minneapolis, Minnesota Degree V oice Mr. Pear so n ELISABETH JANE PERRY 10 Market Street Ridgefield, Connecticut Degree Music Education Piano Mr. Fay Delta Omicron ' 50, Warden; Social Chair- man; Photography Staff Neume. JOHN J. PATTERSON 1706 S. Garrison Avenue Carthage, Mo. Degree Voice Madame Sundelius Scholarships: Ditson, Converse; Tanglewood, ’50; N.E.O.T.; Conservatory Opera Dept. LORRAINE ALICE PHILLIPS 41 Kelley Parkway Bayonne, New Jersey Degree Music Education V oice Miss Davis Scholarship: Ditson, ' 50; Alpha Chi Omega, ' 49; Delta Omicron, ' 50; House Council president, ' 50. HARRIET M. SAPPER R.F.D. 4 Old French Road Erie, Pa. Degree Piano Mr. Barnett , Mr. Schwalb Scholarship: Ditson, ' 48, ' 51; Dean’s List, ' 47, ' 51; Senior Recital committee. SIDNEY L. ROSENBAUM 2100 23rd Avenue Meridian, Mississippi Degree Music Education Flute Miss Schaeffer Kappa Gamma Psi, ' 50; N.E.C. Orchestra; Melodic Line Staff, ' 48; Composers’ Guild, ' 50. JEANETTE A. SARAZIN 879 Mt. Hope Street North Attleboro, Mass. Degree Voice Miss Miller Scholarship: High School; Mu Phi Epsilon; Warden, ' 51; Advertising Committee of Neume. THERESA A. SHEEHAN 430 Main Street Bridgewater, Mass. Degree Music Education V oice Mrs. Girouard Scholarships: Dunham, ' 49; Ditson, ' 48; Alden Spear, ' 50; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. MIDHAT SERBAGI, JR. 52 Brainard Road Allston, Massachusetts Diploma Violin Mr. Federovsky MARGERY ZELLA SHRECENGOST 100 South Missouri Avenue Roswell, N. M. Degree Piano Miss Monaghan Dean ' s List, ' 50; Senior and student recitals. KATHERINE SOUTHWORTH 426 Plymouth Street Bridgewater, Mass. Degree Piano Mr. Goding Sigma Alpha Iota, ' 31; Faculty-teaching piano; Dean’s List, ' 48, ' 51. WILLIAM RILEY SMITH 402 Highland Avenue, West Somerville, Mass. Degree Organ Mr. Faxon Dean’s List, ' 50; Carr Organ Society; Organist and Director of the First Baptist Church, Melrose, Mass. ROBERT P. STOEBFL 649 Second Street Manchester, N. H. Degree Music Education Piano Mr. Hartnett Scholarship: Lindsay, ' 50; Commuters ' Club, ' 50. ERNEST SUSSF.R 159 West 33rd Street Bayonne, N. J. Diploma Arranging, Mr. G. W. Briggs. ROLAND STYCOS Main Street Saugerties, New York Degree Clarinet Mr. Mazzeo Scholarship: Ditson, ' 50; Boston Civic Symphony. HENRY J. SZCZYP1EN 22 Goddard Street Webster, Massachusert Diploma Arranging Mr. G. IV. Briggs Arranged for Sammy Kaye; Affiliated with Ray Dorcy Orchestra both as pianist and arranger. CECIL F. TAYI.OR 33-16 100th Street Corona, N. Y. Diploma Arranging Mr. G. IV. Briggs Wrote column, “Fop Notes,” in the Melodic Line. 01 I YE C. TACCETTA 216 Woodbury Avenue Portsmouth, N. H. Degree Neume Staff, ' 51; ' Melodic Line , ' 46- ' 51; Vice President of House Council, ’49-’5(); Mu Phi Epsilon chorus, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Composers’ Guild. L. FRANCES TAYLOR 106 Montrose Drive South Charleston, W. Va. MING-MING IUNG Degree 50 Hyde Street Newton Highlands, Mass. Piano Mr. Schwa b , Miss Monaghan Diploma Violin Mr. Burgin Dean’s List, ' 47, ' 51; Student recitals; Con- servatoiy Club; Symposium Committee. MARY EMMA TRAYLOR 211 Eastern Avenue Woodsfield, Ohio Diploma Voice Mrs. Stevens Alpha Chi Omega. LeROY VAN PATTEN ELINOR WARNER 610 Green Street Cambridge, Mass. Saman Avenue Castleton-on-Hudson, NO ' . Degree Diploma Organ Mr. Faxon Music Education Voice Mrs. Girouard Scholarship: Ditson, ’50. LORAINE CATHERINE WARD 42 Peirce Street Arlington, Massachusetts Degree Music Education Piano Mr. Fay Scholarships: High School; Ditson, ’50; Sigma Alpha Iota, ’48-’51, Treasurer, ’50. HENRY WALTER WEGIEI. 46 Primrose Street Indian Orchard, Mass. Degree Music Education Scholarship: Saunders, ’50; Kappa Gamma Psi, ’49-’ 51; President, ’50; Newman Club; Composers’ Guild; Melodic Line Managing Editor, ’50. LUCY BELLE WHITE Bridgewater New Hampshire Degree Voice Miss Miller Mu Phi Epsilon; Scholarships: Blanchard, Converse No. 2, Alice Robbins Cole Memorial Award, and Loring. MAXINE J. WESTFALL Sidney Nebraska Degree Music Education Violin Mr. MacDonald Scholarships: Converse, Ditson, Avery, ’49, ’50, ’51; Pro Musica. ROBERT ARTHUR WHITE 16 Magnolia Street Newburyport, Mass. Degree Music Education Piano Mr. Smith Sinfonia, ’48-’51; National Councilman, ’50; President Senior class; Advertising Staff Neume. BIJOU MARGOT WHITESON S K Garden Terrace, North Arlington, N. J. Diploma Voice Mr. Jagel Scholarships: Ditson, ’51; Converse, ’49, ’50; Dean’s List, ' 49; Fiedler Chorus, ' 50. RAYMOND WILDING WHITE 295 Beacon Street Boston, Massachusetts Degree Composition Mr. Cooke Scholarships: F. S. Crofts; Tanglewood, ’50; President of Composers’ Guild, ’50; Pro Musica Pub ' icity Chairman. DOROTHY STA NONES WILCHEK Schenectady, New York Degree Voice Madame Sundelius Scholarship: Ditson, ’50; Mu Phi F.p ' ilon; Dean ' s List, ' 50. ANTHONY JOSEPH ZARBA 300 Pleasant Street Marlborough, Mass. Degree Music Education Clarinet Mr. Stewart Commuters Club, ' 48-’51; Student Council, ’50; Neume Staff. BFRJ ZAMKOCHIAN 5 Albemarle Street Boston, Massachusetts Degree Organ Mr. Faxon Scholarships: Edwards, ’47-’51; Ditson and Carr, ’50; F.sterbrook, ' 49; Carr Organ So- ciety, ’47-’ 5 1 , President, ' 49; Dean ' s List, ' 47, ’48. ’50. NON PICTORIAL DOLORES BALD VGA 225 Green Street Clinton, Masachusetts Degree V oice Miss Miller Scholarships: Ditson, ' 47-’48 and ’50-’51; Crabtree, ’50- ' 51; Blanchard, ’49-’50; ' ice President of Mu Phi Epsi ' on, ' 50. JOHN BARONAS 69 Waverley Street Worcester, Mass. Diploma Voice Mrs. Stevens Worcester Festival chorus; St. Casimir’s Church Choir, Worcester, Mass. RUTH BEAVER West Pawlet, Maine Degree Voice Madame Pout inline Scholarships: High School, ’47-’48; Ditson, ’ 50-’ 50; Dean’s List, ' 50; Alpha Chi Omega, ’48- ' 50, Treasurer, ’49-’50. HELEN BLAND Green Acres Raleigh, North Carolina Degree Voice Mrs. Stevens St. Mary ' s Junior College, ' 44-’45; Cin cinnati Conservatory of Music, ' 45-’48; Delta Omicron Alpha chapter. CATHERINE F.. BROWN Amsterdam, New York Diploma Arranging Lor in g Briggs , Wright Briggs High School Scholarship, ’48. EILEEN CANTWELL 120 Military St. John’s, Newfoundland Degree Voice Mr. Jagel Transfer student from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CHRISTINA CARDILLO 149 Pleasant Street North Adams, Mass. Degree Voice Mr. William L. Whitney, Mr. Jagel Scholarships: Alumni, ' 47; French, ' 48; Dit- son, ' 49; Howe, ’50; Soloist with Boston Symphony, Pops, and N.E.C. Orchestia and Chorus. CLEMENT CHARBONNEAU PL Main Street Northboro, Massachusetts Diploma Arranging Mr. G. W. Briggs AMATO CIAMPA 60 Trowbridge Street East Arlington, Mass. Degree V oice Mr. Possony Dean’s List, ' 47. EM M ALINA DE VITA 252 Bremen Street East Boston, Mass. Degree Voice Madame Elsberg Sigma Alpha Iota; Student Council Repre- sentative, ' 47. ROBERT ELLIS DUNN 414 Northwest 24th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Degree Theory Mr. Cooke Scholarship: High School; Sinfonia; Sym- posium, ' 47, ’51; Accompanying N.E.C. Chorus, ' 47, ’50. MARA EFERTS 602 Tremont Street Boston, Mass. Degree Piano Mr. Goding Scholarship: Ditson, ' 50. TOM J. FLANAGAN, JR. New Haven, Connecticut Degree Composition Mr. McKinley Transfer fiom Columbia LTniversity, ' 49; Composers’ Guild, ' 49. PAUL A. GLIOTTONE 128 Moorfield St. Providence, R. I. Degree Voice Miss Miller Dean’s List, ' 47, ' 48; Bass Soloist First Uni- tarian Church, Salem, Mass. NECTAR GOORIGIAN 185 Park Street Pawtucket, Rhode Island Degree Violin Mr. Federousky GERARD GOGUEN 355 Beech Street Fitchburg, Mass. Diploma Trumpet Mr. Mager Scholarship; Ditson, ' 50; Tanglewood Dept. II, ' 50; New F ' .ngland Philharmonic. DUDLEY HARVEY 86 St. Stephen Boston, Massachusetts Diploma Trumpet Mr. Fuccilla Dean ' s List, ’ 50-’ 5 1 ; Mai Hallet, Nat Pierce and Ray Dorey Orchestras. ELIZABETH JOHNSON 366 Center Street Bangor, Maine Degree Flute Mr. Pappouts kis Sigma Alpha Iota ALAN KEMLER 1 1 Royal Road Brookline, Mass. Degree Composition Mr. McKinley Carr Organ Award, ' 50; Composers’ Guild, ’49, ’50. ELIZABETH SUMMERS KNOTT 164 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass. Degree French Florn Mr. V alkenier Scholarships; High School, ' 45, Evans, ’46; Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer, ' 48, ' 49; Editor-in-Chief of Melodic Line , ' 47, ' 48. OLIVE BYNON MARPLE 98 Phillips Street Wollaston, Massachusetts Degree Piano Mr. Goding CAROLYN MC COLLEY 4610 15th Street N.W. Washington, D. C. Degree Violin Mr. Krips Scholarship; Saunders, ' 50; New England Philharmonic. EARL PROPER 12 F ' ern Street Pittsfield, Massachusetts Degree Voice Mr. Possony Scholarships: Rogers, ’49, ’50; Ditson, ’50; Member of Quartet at Waban Union Church. GEORGE SMITH 40 View Street Leominster, Massachusetts Degree Voice Mr. William L. Whitney , Mr. Jagel Member of St. Leo’s Church in Leominster. SYLVIA SNYDER 205 Columbia Road Dorchester, Mass. Degree Voice Madame E sberg WILLIAM ST. PAUL “BILL” North Woburn, Massachusetts Degree Music Education Piano Mr. Fay Carr Organ Society. MASTERS ESTELLE ALFONSE 99 John Street Dalton, Massachusetts Masters Music Education Mrs. Whitney MARION G. HAWKES Lewiston Road Gray, Maine Masters Voice Madame Sundelius LEO BACH1NI 297 Winthrop Street Winthrop, Mass. Masters Music Education Mrs. Whitney ANNE KEANE 36 Temple Avenue Winthrop, Mass. Masters Voice Madame Sundelius Scholarships: High School, ' 44; Ditson, ’46, ' 47, ' 50; Fiedler Chorus; N.F..O.T. ALFRED GEORGE LAGUE 223 Knight Street Woonsocket, R. I. Masters Piano Mr. Coding Scholarships: Ditson, ' 49, ' 50; Baermann, ’49; Dean’s List, ' 47, ' 48; Pi Kappa Lambda, ’49. RICHARD 5611 So. Sacramento Masters Flute KOLE Chicago, Illinois Mr. Laurent DONALD MAHER Newfane, Vermont Masters Theory Mr. Cooke Scholarship: Ditson, ' 50; President Senior Class, ’48; Kappa Gamma Psi, ’47, President, ' 48, Vice President, ’47. PHILLIP NEWMAN 270 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. Masters Composition Mr. McKinley Student Teaching Fellowships, ' 48, ' 49, ’50; Entries in Symposium concerts for ' 48, ' 49. ' 50. ROBERT MAC CAY 30 Flynt Street North Quincy, Mass. Masters Bassoon Mr. Allard Scholarships: Evans, ' 49; Ditson, ' 50; Former Assistant Supervisor of instrumental music, public schools of Peabody, Beverly, Salem; North Shore Philharmonic Orchestra. RICHARD RIDDELL 1211 So. Logan Denver, Colorado Masters Voice Mr. Jagel Scholarships: Ditson, ' 49 and Monroe, ’50; Tanglewood Opera, Choral Depts., ' 50; Soloist Church of the Advent, N.E.O.T. RHODORA BUCKLE SMITH 122 Bowdoin Street Eoston, Massachusetts Masters Voice Madame Els berg CHARLES ROBERTS 255 West Knoles Way Stockton, Calif. Masters Violin Mr. Burgin Sinfonia; Ditson Scholarship, ’50. RAYMOND WILSON STEWART 627 5th Avenue South Clinton, Iowa Masters Clarinet Mr. Mazzeo NON PICTORIAL SANDY ANSELMO 508 Plymouth Avenue Buffalo, New York Masters Voice Madame E sberg KENNETH AUSTIN 24 Newton Street Belmont, Massachusetts Masters Voice Madame Elsberg ALBERT BASSO Chandlerville, Illinois Masters Voice Mr. Jage FRANCIS HINKEL Leeds Parish Markham, Virginia Masters Organ Mr. Faxon TUCKER KEISER Abilene, Virginia Masters Research Mr. IV. S. Smith WALTER MARCUSE 1021 North Main Street Carrollton, Mo. Masters Historical Research Mr. McKinley LUCIA BAILEY SMITH 90 Wildwood Drive Westwood, Mass. Masters Historical Research Mr. McKinley CHRISTOPHER RUDOLPH ZARBA 83 Orleans Street East Boston, Mass. Masters Composition Mr. Cooke Composers’ Guild Program Committee, ' 50; Received President’s Prize; Dean’s List, ' 49. ’50. MILAN ZIROVICH 1305 W. Franklin Street Jackson, Mich. Masters Piano Mr. Schwalb Scholarships: Ditson, ' 50; Tanglewood, ' 48. CLASS PROPHECY We, the New England Conservatory class of 1951, after lo, thes e many years in this institute of musical revelation, feel that our hard-gained experience has given us wisdom and foresight surpassed only by the administration, and that this power should be employed lor the benefit and edification of those inlant prodigies who soon will follow us into the world of musicians, singers, and tenors. We have complete confidence in ourselves as new teachers and performers, and so are well qualified to predict our futures. We prophesy of the class as a whole that those who do not succeed in estab- lishing themselves as super salesmen in music stores will undoubtedly make great con- tributions in the field of ushering in concert halls and opera houses. We expect many of our singers to become world famous as teachers of the mee-waw-mee system of voice production. Others will gain their fame at home and abroad as virtuosi of the shower and bath tub. We prophesy of our music educators that each will immediately assume the position of school principal and devote four classes daily in each school to flutophone instruction of the highest caliber. The long expereince of our violinists, violists, cellists, and double bassists with bow and string should make excellent preparation for positions as gift wrappers in the better department stores. Our wind players, with their exceptional talents of breath control, are already investigating openings in the pearl diving industry. The courses we have taken must be given their just due as factors in our evident future success. Because of the unequalled excellence and perseverance of our teachers, we will feel perfectly at home giving recorder lessons to Marcus Umpteenius, in Greece or improving little Oogi’s drum technique in lower Tasmania. In addition with our excellent harmonic and contrapuntal background, we intend to revolutionize the field of the singing commercial. We feel fully confident that, in spite of the obstacles which are bound to beset our paths, we most certainly will succeed in these, our chosen fields. Our educa- tional and musical training in the past has been all and more than we asked for. Our complete absorption in our studies, to the utter exclusion of minor diversions such as coffee hours in the cafeteria, bridge tournaments in the Common Rooms, and ping pong marathons in the dormitory; our concentrated diligence in our major field, and our supremeconfidence in all of our teachers will undoubtedly contribute a great measure of our success. Having thus confessed our secret ambitions, we, the graduating class of 1951, do hereby heartily urge those aforementioned ones who will follow in our well-chosen footsteps, to frame as worthy intents and purposes tor their future careers. Never for- get: “he who aims highest succeeds best.” 3 minor AW CONSERVATORY ORCHESTRA Orchestra and Chorus CONSERVATORY CHORUS Chorus CONSERVATORY BAND GEORGE MALEIIX, Conductor POPULAR SCHOOL ORCHESTRA AVNOR RAKOV Conductor Coda. r Tr 1 rfT t? r 1 tTt LclfNgr 7 ?Tt Ef EBE 1 o Jp . y Hi 1 — — « -• — - m :: fr g r ■ 2 =f= f — ♦ • 1 1 ■ iTp pfl -==FS- ■ ,-r 3- ft tii J-H w 4 =• l ! 4_ 4 " i KAPPA GAMMA PSI PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA SIGMA ALPHA IOTA DELTA OMICRON CARR ORGAN SOCIETY COMPOSERS GUILD SYMPOSIUM DELEGATES James Hoffman John Marioty lflji CONSERVATORY CLUB COMMUTERS CLUB NEWMAN CLUB Carr Organ Concert Sinfonia Concert Concert Delta Omicron Party Kappa Bean Supper J to” 01 w ' r I 1 , my i } Sinfonia Banquet MELODIC LINE Elizabeth Gill — Editor Eugene Lacritz — Business Manager Committee at Work Melodic Line Committee NEUME STAFF Dyson Fourness — Editor George Butler and Jane Landen Co-Editors Eugene Lacritz and Lome Ford — Business Managers At Work Neume Staff DORMITORY HEADS Mrs. Mosher, House Mother ; Antonia Ezzv, Girls ' Representative; Mrs. Henry F. Colt. House Council Student House FEATURES Famous Friday Rush Line Symposium Dance “O, Come All Ye Faithtu Sinfonia Concert Messrs. Jagel and McKinley Students? The Factory Dramatics Class Senior Dance Mr. Keller and Aaron Copland Sinfonia Concert Ine Troubadours Orchestra and Chorus GREETINGS AT COMMENCEMENT HARRISON KELLER Director MALCOLM HOLMES Dean NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC BON VOYAGE SENIORS! CLASS OF 1952 Choice of THE BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA and THE BERKSHIRE FESTIVAL The world’s great music, interpreted by the world’s great artists, provides a challenge which few pianos can accept. Still fewer pianos can successfully pass the test of performance and tone presented by expert musicians who know and demand the best. Every day, in concert halls, studios and homes throughout the land, Baldwin’s exacting standards of piano excel- lence make Baldwin the logical choice for those whose ideal is perfection. One could ask for nothing finer than the magnificent presence of a Baldwin, to grace any home where gracious living is the rule. The distinction, the enduring joy of owning a Baldwin is within the reach of all who aspire to the finest. BALDWIN. ACROSONIC. HAMILTON. HOWARD PIANOS. BALDWIN ELECTRONIC ORGANS jMttrin • 160 BOYLSTON ST., BOST ON Best Wishe s From THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Compliments of .. . THE FRESHMAN CLASS Commonwealth 6-4727 " Everything for the Musician” RAYBURN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO. — Distributors of — Bach, Benge, Selmer Instruments Slingerland Drums - Ludwig Drums Thomastik, Pirastro, Kaplan Super-Sensitive Strings Large Stock of Used Instruments Instruments Bought . . . . . . Repairing of All Kinds 267 Huntington Avenue Boston Massachusetts Located in the Symphony Hall Block THE AEO LI A N-S K I X X E R IS A QUALITY PRODUCT AEOLIAN-SKINNER ORGAN COMPANY, INC. Boston 25, Massachusetts (i. Donald Harrison President William E. Zoueh Joseph S. Whiteford Vice President I ' ice President 45 East 17 Street , New York 3, N.Y. always the best in school music HANcock 5252 NORRIS COMPANY Pianos Compliments of . . . 441 Tremont Street (Near Arlington Street) Boston 18, Mass. PI KAPPA LAMBDA Compliments of .. . CARR ORGAN SOCIETY Best of luck to the To Help You Study or SE MOB CLASS To Help You Teach MU PHI EPSILON Literally hundreds of thousands of music works are here for your choosing with salespeople who have spent a lifetime learning how to advise you. Books, scores, records, phonographs, musical instruments, and numerous ac- cessories for the musician and music lover. Best Wishes SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Chas. W. Homeyer Co., Inc. 498 Boylston St., Boston Ken. (i-.‘351() STUDENTS and TEACHERS Compliments of . . . THE NEWMAN CLUB FORMAL CLOTHES ft BURNS Compliments of . . . GAINSBORO PHARMACY — Corner of — • Gainsboro and Huntington are Cordially Invited to Visit McLaughlin Reilly Company 4.5 Franklin Street, Boston National headquarters for Catholic Church Music (Established ill l ' JO! t ) Engravers, Printers, Publishers, Importers and Dealers in ORGAN MUSIC GREGORIAN CHANT POLYPHONIC CHORAL MUSIC SCHOOL MUSIC The Senior Class Wishes to Express Grateful Appreciation to All Those W ho Have Assisted in Producing this Yearbook. Tel. K Eli more 6-1525 1951} oo l created and produced by our skilled craftsmen is always appreciated for the excellence of its design and quality of workmanship. [ { cittern, ONE SIXTY WARREN STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS peciaLiiti in ddclooL and (dolLeje ftulylicationl Autograph

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