New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA)

 - Class of 1950

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1950 volume:

'I N 1 ,. . . .. lg I, , '. . . L, , , N Q Q H I 17 ,W 'X 'TTT' V ff",1"f' 7f ff :ff-'-F':"'7"'7If .fl-'f32T".g 'T'T-37,1717 f -G ,Q +fm.-..- , H 7 ,J -H - ,,f-3-...Q-,..-,ff-,Lay -Q ' 4 ff - V- ' -'S ' f'-1 .. v 'I , ' XX KJ ff I x 5 ff' GN QEQV C 11" 'x N fy 5 Xff Y 'v Nxyx llli ' I QW Kg, I V' Q 0 "N 595 0 51. x .595 W7 QQ, 'K J. L34 Q- 5 X391 .i....W 1 xi. 'MJ 1 he amy ff -3 ,wi nw um E M A 4:5 Q is a ss QQQH LL at , Q4 Q 'B E X R ur fzwk my 3 a z nw m.,,.f.. U'-f- kri Y.: H, 'X' .. :ju . - ,fqw ,Lf pw. ms -x if W ,N f ,M X hx M., EQ-'1 M x :- , 1, . , was - ga ,. .. ,L : if -x ,. .. D .,. 3 EFL ? 'E ,. M.. MW' :rw - 5: 2 T- N EQQ5 ELM CHESTER W. WILLIAMS Zo you... . . . for your co-operative and unsellish attitude in your peda- gogic duties and extra-curricular activities as exemplified in your being our class advisor for four years . . for your patience and insight which has given us a com- prehension of human relationships beyond the ordinary ones of teacher and student . . . for your genial disposition and kindly humor which you bring to bear constantly . . . for these, and many other reasons to which each member of the Class of 1950 can personally attest We sincerely and aH:ectionately dedicate this Yearbook. x x x . x x .Mx x 5 1 Rx x x 'TW af Mx x x Mr K . ,XM x x K M x x x K - x'x 'x 'Y - ., yu'- -x x x'x" K M W , MXN. fx ' Mix, fxw H x J M x x x x x x x x X, is Wbsgw MM f x ,x.x , ., M X x xx KM K. fx M MX xxxXUwC,xv5'5w fx E x 'x i, W, x , x x M M, l We xMxL 'xi , N K. X qw x.x x ,W M, x,x M' xwxfM M x ,xl L, Wk TT. V xx xx x x X, KM x x , . X, Mx x XM, fx x 1 x M x 4 A M akxxg 'T' MiM.3M,- - VV, KMEFQ M. f W0 Hx x.. x M. 5' MM, xx M:3M1 M,-,.V x Q x V390 M xxxwiffxcw 30 X X M X n X X X EX. M MAX X. .X MM ,X .X . X M "X X X Mvx X X' XW X X05 ,NXQPN X 099 X. X X X 2 X X WM, XXX, XNSXUXX X X 'XFX MX X X X X X X X - L X X ,!. 2 5- X M X MMM. Mi M 1 M X' NV X 4 X M v M XM Ax MX M X, X A K M. W X .M XX X .3 HX M!MXLgXjX X ,X M ju KX X X ,W X X MMXQ MX' "M 1-XX, ki X . . N XM , M W, M X X M X . MX X' 3 ' X X X 5 X MXM M! .XM X .-.13 X M 1 XJM XM: ,Mx-XMXX X XM WMX ,JMX SXM' NEWS -4 WAKW XQM MX 1, X :XM Mn., M XX . X XXMXM X XMXM X M M k XYX, A , X MX XX X MM X X XWMX .X K M 55, MXX if 1,2 XHX X X? MMM XY? YMX X M X13 HX M X ' 'M X X' X M. X M 7 X A M M M XM A X M WXX HX' X XMXQXX. W M Mew X ' V X X M M1 .XX X J EX X X XM M -XX W FHL TCW' 'M . - M X X i X 1 X-XXX K1 X:1X.i'XF.W:iL'Z3 . ,W M, X , X. , M M , M- M X M XMI W M ,MX M Q 'X F M M ,ii ' E M M Ms, ' '-L M 4 M M M A, M JMX M MX-X X- X :XJ MX M' 'X' XXLMMLJX X ' V 'Q 2 fr M X12 Tnfl ,V XMXXMQX ' XM ' Xj XL' M M K :M - . -. . XS. w1f1sMXfw1iX XMQM' X Ma? M Q My MMM- XMX- XX Q X MM M , M MM XXXMX M 2 ff X IM T M2 -5 MM X X My MXM ' XM XX 1 XMX X X XM X X- X ! M X K XA 3 . W L X M J M, I A 2 'XFX XNXV . 'X KM rn? I XXMX X X if X -X XX X X X 'MW X X X M.X XX X :X X, M ,X ,:XM', X X M X XX! M XM X ,X X ,XXXX XX X X X U-'X TZ ww -X X .X" X XX X MX - M M X M4 ,MM X X XXM .M X TX, MM 1' W - X M M3 MMA ft' 2 M 2 X XM M M M,, E M' Wk X X Sw? M ,W MLMM KM-.X , MS Mr-X XM MM2fX'L XMXM M X: -M I - MVMIQXXQMQ-XXXX My . NEW MX,-V MAX . W3- MM 'div MJAMX ,X ww X ff ix X X X X XM X FM X X X XW X X X M X X MXMXMM-X is . ' f X M? L' Z X S8 'H' XXJXLW mf M'. N! LM XM M QM.. X X, A MH ,Xrve " .'X X fm ,XM ,2Xf3?iX?fi?E M MX I J W 1393 . J X X "NSE MX M, .X., .M-M We M X. WX XLX W ,4 Massage frrfm file Dirccfvr It is a considerable satisfaction for me to redect upon my particular and personal affection for the Class of 1950. When, in 1946, I took over the reins of the New England Con- servatory of Music with its many problems and possibilities, this entering class was not entirely aware of my inward qualms and prayers for making Wise and constructive decisions which would have such a direct bearing upon their guidance, training, and school life. Nor was I then aware that this very class would become my greatest ally and partner in evolving a spirit and standard of procedure that in retrospect seems almost revolu- tionary. To enumerate all the qualities and characteristics of this group, which was upon entrance outstanding for native talent and enthusiasm, would be impossible. The ability to organize successfully everything they have undertaken, such as the responsibility for and support ofthe Student Council, the School paper, The Melodic Line, the careful long term planning for the yearbook, The Neume, and above all, the atmosphere of co-opera- tion that permeated the entire school are but a few of the contributions made by the Class of 1950. You will then, my friends, understand why I am torn by two strong emotions at this time, after traveling these four years together,- one of great loss as you go forth upon your careers, also one of extreme pride and satisfaction in the record you leave with us. I salute the Class of 1950-my gratitude and high hopes go with youl May you return to us often and I know that your loyalty and help will continue down through the years. Harrison Keller HARRISON KELLER .Q -xx Wm "QE: .swf .1 if .,..m1, N5 :mdmmm mm - m mm mm mm mm m mm is mm vm u s 3 S V .. .W s W Sui w w A -:-:-:- -1 x iii: E ,g :Ex - 5 eg... ,sf ,m ., ,. -. . Y in 5 .H A . Q . A 1' . E-4 . NQE3 .mf A, m I ' pj 3 m Y M m m H . v. QQ! M F mem mmw mmm gmm .mm .J cfj'2?'i1' '. X.: ., mme mmm m H2232 mm W 1. 'ma 4 m""'ff, I 'F 'I ---- ':':':':'5!5 '."' -- - , 'X M Q- V -f '-mm - 3 . L'if-ffa1J:f'?f',wx... I Q' mi. Y ...... ,WEE-mmmfm 'R J Wfffff471.?.iff?1fv -L, 5 R ?"Sf? "mmimf'w1.. V . W. . f m .w,,, .mm,.,, w ma ' whim?-: hh nl? K. is-A V m ..Kf..m .w.:-r 'I W ,T AQQMWU "FQ -Y 'R' "Z, QS' 3" -95' :mmzemm -...A .mgmfiiggf . . 1 -- 53352 A " 2' Q 2 1-1 'l fxiwm wximimms m " W 4 ' ig? 32,52 Q 51 5 :fm S- ' ""Z:Z 525 Mffwvm A N' f- mmmQ...mAgwm+m, W x ,. W Mmww, A ' xwk H N 5 Sm mm " rss-15829: ::: 2- V' :IZ ' 555fm,,g.gQ L . ... Sv- :sz Z.: .:. . 4. -.I .:. .:. Z.: ,, mmm. Mvmmm A, 'mmm m 1 0-'mm , 'wiiivvraw mmm. gm.. yrrm , . z ... .,,,,. m Wm mm mi mfg mmf 'm Sxmfmmi-4 H'yb X ,. ,. , mf . .. 1 .. Y . . ... Us " , - M I,-. .. ,-1' . ., ,., H is I ' Q 42.1. mm .,mmm mf F mm mm W 5 'Xin 35 mm m , mm mm I . m U my B ' ' mwk m , ' .S .mf in-NH mmm: mv. m m ,mf m fm my .4 .,. X,-m 1 .".'.,11 Zfilgi, ,h ..i.yLZ' f, U --,."-.w,,?mugL.4, xv m v."v:?q.9mE"?, ,xi 1 z . wr 1'-1. Q mi? L mmf? 5 5 EWEXWL mwma, mi m z as mf! mimi f m m mm m Q m m 'ffm :mm .7 M, mmm mmmmm mmm m m 'mm r mv mmm ,mxmf 'Wmmx mmm m. wmm .wmm ix -- iiiipmxi mmmkmm mmmmmg- -mmm' f mmmmwmmm -mm-mm mmmwmw- mm mmmm mmm - -mmm 5? me fi 9:5 r Wy 'Q Ig, -2 F i Kg., m mmm ., N.. 1. Img? --'Bw -ff - Mmmfmfg M ' mm sz 1' 12 A J -mr Ls - at V -,812 1323913-xi: Y W 02 2 mmmmm 1 M - www-HSPQ wSm.1-:Vinh-W Q : ? T V? ' '. fi .Ex A f'w+:E?m5J- mi? ' -if -.'E'K"S'? Hmmm b W -1 13813535-5 m W3 - 1 LgQ,5m,AmblmwfgiSl 59 ' ' 1 ETI53'2:'A.', .l:Q"" .. ., .MQW -mmm mmmm :...mmmm X m ,. MW, mymzfyzvmm- -Wlkfsg' N, .,.m...:x,.m. 1 H , ., -,:T"'.'f'?l?2?'?ZWSmm S , .. ..:j3,,f,f-ff ml.. ,fm 2 V Wm s a :ms ms as is me X I If . X f 1 ix ' .,, H A ., .W A H gggm, xxx' 41,1 bmw W f A align 5- mam H swag m MA E UE an an be H is fl mi maxim ss in gsm 'W mm --s na m- mf? wma an wa ,lm u A aww cf x W., 14 -as W N A U """ 5 25: H guyz ,rg Q M U . H www," W if ""' ' """ ' .. S E " ,W 222 f 1 f-9? S 'I Q 5 an 5 1 W ,.,.,..55a5:-:-::--:-:-a :-: 15: - , B ,,- if --:II age -a-!:5:5:5:-- -Z QQ . 'Q - ' fm . f A an is ,. 1 2:2 a-s-a-: ,:,s5:5 ..5-:-: " ' I :::.-.:.::5: V ' x N " K as .-2:-:-::: . M if.. fa.. .. IH : ' a-: 'E F 1, . ' E 1' ' SI? 'L Q W5 5 755 W " sf 5' X 532 N QL ' I - F 53 222322525 gl Y ' ge - Q if A M H ag: 2 Q 'egg A sg, f 5, if Af EE WEH NQZE ,Q .Q-K, wg E Y Egfgiwii I X -Q mg G2 ,Eng gig in ag H: '33 Q M '1gS'5Wg75 2 2522 in I is 2? 5 ray? 'W E WWW: 1 , E xgwgxu I Y 9 QM 5,511 m ,, Qs- - 271' iw? nz-', A ' 43-ull W' 'Tw M V W' W, " W' - v 1 N 5:52 W11W.'pmm,llg W A Nfl, -' fi, ,y QV!! . QV N U X - W .Q 'QV 5217! kigkwwwu w pq-1 ,Q 'li K 3 W - N. . 5 K w,11guwL. 3'gfmf1,,.f,.a,, 1 U 5 if few f ? w Q, f i Q F . fi Q ' ,Q 1. 3 -:x- xg 54,21 4 f M 1 ' . W K W W ' , ' .3 ' ag? ggi' . T H I vm W T 1. 5 li 5 1 K gr ' , , . X Y X, ,. ,x.w,,mw Www -f.-:'s,,,m,zm- i A Q31 Qgmfi 5' Q K' ww 7 ' T W - XZSEYQQ5 1 I , af ' - fss. , V 'XV . 2 -,gif ,, .,.A,f1 ? fi -, ff A , V ,. -W .mfg mmf :QW , f, 5,5 . g ,,,, ,, x W . . ,. I 5 ig.. , .1555 f,,, Magi?-QQWI ,M .W Q.W,,, .Q M X UWM ,. A qi , W ,, N GLY Bl WA A Q .wwg in , M , 33 ' A , 'E ' SX H 'Qi gn. Q 12 z':wnxSfh 4 3193 Pi 'i .Z -. f-M-get W Q Jw pn ' 3 B' 5 43 E M 3S?5'faQ W F: .M-W Nglwggmfiw 5 E 5?1f,'iAw'x1i Wk " T ' A 9 1 , ,1,..,-px. E y iw AW mei? was y 'NM-15? W V as J E E 5s4i fgf'g is 3 5 ima MW: k AV? Q sas ,gwmfsgf ,sm 5 - ' 'hfggii ,. 33351: uf 2-Ska f 1: 5 J.:.:,:-sef:::f,.:g::.':'19- k WQgwe,sf'5 "WV , ,,,, Y,,.,. , I ,ftp :IQE A I Q Jaxx . 4 .Ei I ,gawk Sf' F' , 'QQ J. " Q :-- 1, .,.,. :. . . ,- -V bw Recifal Hall Student Commons Room WW f ADMINISTRATION Mrs. W'alden, L1'brarifm,' Mr. Gaskill, Regislrarg Mr. Lehmann, Assistant Treasuren' Mr. Keller, Director Mr. Holmes, Dca-nj Miss Warner, Cashier. Always the butt of caustic criticisms directed at the inefiicacy of administrative procedures, these administrators, whose sincere efforts go unnoticed, still put their total energy to the successful management of the New England Conservatory yearly. The friendly assistance offered by these administrators, despite their constantly being "under firen is one of the char- acterizing features of NEC hospitality. The Class of '50 and the student body of NEC all salute you for your unwaning zeal and warm personalities. 4161 ss nw w ms fw- 7 ! 1 1 I i na f - W x 3 Y L -gsx a "PW MQ , MQHM x , M M x WNW x M .KMM W. M ,M'fW ,S ,KM M WM x WM m 5 -if g. gm r A, 5 Llx xy ,. X. 1 Wm .fr 3, fl., M x f 2 mx H2211 M ff M Ti H254 V x x -4 x4 ,Mm x . W, f- Q ff x XM X' x LLM U Mr x M Mg.. 1 XJR-A up Mn mmf: Vx: sm Academic Department JEAN M. DEMOS .lean M. Demos Head of Deparlmen! Ursula Apel Dorcas M. Edgell Leo Hayek Lottie H. Lenn Charles C. McArthur Ruth C. McKay Edward Perry Simone Riviere Carlo B. Soresina Chcory Department CARL MCKINLEY Carl McKinley Head of Deparlmenl Chester VVilliams Co-ordinalor Francis Judd Cooke Betty VVarren Davis Lorna Cooke Devaron Gaston Dufresne Lois VV. Lautner Margaret Mason Leland H. Procter Harold Schwalb VVarren Storey Smith Albert Tepper Ivan Vlfaldbauei' Alice VVhitehouse Marabelle Stebbins Zfaire and Opmz Departments Wllllalll L. Whitney Head of Deparlmenf K Boris Goldovsky Head of Opera Depzzrlmenl li , Sarah Caldwell WILLIAM L. WHITNEY miifgfgiifg BORIS GoLDovsK Norma jean Erdmann Alice Girouard Elizabeth Golden Marie Poutiatine Percy F. Hunt Dorothy Richards Frederick Jagel Alice H. Stevens Gladys Miller Marie Sundelius Charles Pearson Felix Wolfes Ernst Posson Eleanor Davis Y fiamv and Organ Departments HOWARD GODING Eugene C. Lang Howard Godi ng Head of Piano Depzzrlmenl George Faxon Hemi' of Organ Deparlmenf Carl McKinley David Barnett Alexandra V. Batylda Esther Brudevold Williaiii Butler Margaret Chaloi? VK illis WV. Fay Kurt Fischer George A. Gibson Jeannette Giguere Marie Gillet Henry M. Goodrich David D. Hicks Betty Hilker Homer Humphrey John W. Kiplinger Virginia Klotzle Elisabeth Schulz GEORGE FAXON Anna Lothian Miklos Schwalb Susan Lunn Donald S. Smith Dowell P. McNeill Rhodora B. Smith Lucille Monaghan H. Everett Titcomb Fred Popper Florence Wild Music Education FRANCIS FINDLAY Francis Findlay Head of Departmeni Leta F. Whitney Herbert H. Silverman James H. Remley Arthur Willey LETA F. WHITNEY Pop lar Department RWE. ..F.?,.V,,.B .Tse ,R ,x.. E W ,A ,-., , Egsghximsmgighnxi maxima x My x . T 'A H nl . xi HI .: " ggf2'f?fxQ.,xxW'gB'Q .wirxw xx' wx ff' H ,S an E xx H were swim: - 5' 35-e' - H - gm xx x W W - .I xx xv E x , xg 2 xxx-fa? im G. WRIGHT BRIGGS G. Wrigiit Briggs Hear! of Depzzrimenf Loring T. Briggs J. Arthur Cziless Norman Cari-el Salvy Cavicchio John W. Coffey Ray Dorey Ralph Fuccillo Frank Gaviani Frederick Greene Leo Grimes David Hicks David Kerrie Georges Moleux Olindo Oiivieri Raymond Orr Avner Rakov joseph Shapiro Theodere Simonelli Instrumental Department HARRISON KELLER Harrison Keller Head of Depezrlmenl Richard Burgin Paul Fedorovsky Georges Fourel Alfred Krips Francis Lanier Frank MacDonald John Murray Raymond Orr C. Roland Reasoner A joseph dePasquale Alfred Zighera Virginia Bacon Samuel Mayes Hannah Sherman Georges Laurent Lois Schaeffer Fernand Gillet Manuel Valerio Pasquale Cardillo Rosario Mazzeo Norman Carrel Robert Stuart Raymond Allard Ernst Panenka Willein Valkenier Georges Mager Roger Voisin Marcel LaFosse Camille Coppez John Colifey Bernard Zighera Louise Came Pappou ts akis Georges Moleux Roman Szulc Joseph Shapiro F f - 173225 Wi, of 'l 3 N 5 ,iegaisgmfxyey-153553 ,Qi 1. K - Bi 'git .img as t VS ,gif 24: ,z 2. ' fiiifv A' 1 . A I fi f -1 CLASS OFFICERS-1946-47 CLASS OFFICERS-1947-48 William Fisher, presidentg james Webber, vice presidentg Robert Forrest, presidentg Guy Carpenter, vice pi Frances Myska, treasurerg Faith Coakley, Student Council Frances Myslca, treasurerg Fred johnson, Student representzltiveg Muriel McCauley, secretary. representativeg Pauline Burgess, recording secretzlr Francis Mulligan, corresponding secretary. gl ei rv Q CLASS OFFICERS-1948-49 Robert Forrest, presidentg Ernest Smith, vice presidentg Anna DiVittorio, treasurerg Fred .lohnson,Student Council representativeg Pauline Burgess, recording secretaryg Shirley Collins, corresponding secretaryg Robert Dunn, executive member. s? rx 4 1. ...-. .. .xv M- V rf w CLASS OFFICERS-1949-50 Lawrence Stowe, presidentg George Conti, vice presidentg joseph Bono, treasurer: Martha Loven, recording secretaryg Lei Yokayama, correspondmg secretaryg Noel Ethier, Student Councli representat1vegErncst Smlth, executwe member. Q, 3 MMM gH,gggx,,,Xj-LMM',--' WMM xy-1 3-N71 j gCQg,,,:fM4M,.:MM- 1f1QH,'2Mu, wmv- M fi--"JMfMlM-c.iMMM: X. -XXXXQ. M ' M MM W -M' 2 7' Mun: X , ., , MMMMM W, X,,1. ..MMMM. -V1.5 M Q-,MMM Mw1xX's1Xfg- -MMM 'MMM MQM .35 .XXX MMz.Mi'LfX-'fM M X' - -M iff f'T"TZ522:X1iT' 'M M M X X XXX MX-MMM . Mx, 'Qi X X mi M MMM! MMXMM fm XV MXXMLMX MXM .X X .X .M.M,MM M . M,... X -X. - , --Y HQMVM fi M f Wxvf iff? .i W MM .. ,XM , Y , , M M M ,U X- M XM Mf 'X' X2 s'X.2.,,.Mr- M X XMX - M M M M MM.. - M . X MX X M M M XX XMrXwiX..: MMM M 'af XMMMLM ,MX . . . , . .M',M'M X, X MMMM f MMM X. M X ,WNW .MM ' ' M MM ., ., XX X M M M MM X- M - M , .X M x:xM jM,M.XM M K .fMiM. M ., M XXXXXXXX XXX X ,X MM .MM . M M MMMMMMM M XM MMMM X X HX, X, X MMX XXX XX , MX M MMM MMMMMXMX X X M X.X Mjfw XMXSXQ EX-XX M I MJM L.MXMfMf A Mf - MXX MXM A Q f ff - MMX XMXX- MX XM - M . X X X.X X MWX X. ..M 1 M M 'S XM MXWXM M M, EMMVMXAK X XX X:zX.' . K hxvzf .M MXM M L X Mwjrmi 1 M 3 L , . ., . MM M X 'r , - AMSMLM . M X MM Mx. M - Miwf K M " ff:xf.F ' . , f .'2MgMs.x mmf -XMQMQML MM. M .MM ji 'k -'M M M ,JMN 1' W MXMX X X iffy. M- www. Wqfff . W M ' ,MXM M ,MI K 3" M XXMXMXMM TW X XM -M, .H N W ,WM .' . ,M M M M X X xwx X .. .XMXXM M XX M M MXMXMX X MM M X X X X MM, ,MU XXXjXjX', xx I' XTLW Z, X . 1 Mffliif M M.M 'S 37 QHWKEX K L.-WE' QM 5 W- JX X X , ,,., ..M..M..,MM MM M X M X, JM , A Wk EDITORS lN f CHIEF 'X -WERSUN XM.'iX.X.MLAWRENCE. STON PEXGTOGRARHMS .?iEUGENE5f22fX'X 1PLooF1 AUQERTISING MANAGER - GEORGE com LIIERARY, EUITOR RALPH MUAVIS M M ., ' MMMM My ' uX4Mgge3cLAssgXM5XgXM5pX:X-OR-. M M HENRYMWX Wwe M. YDISTRIBUHON MANAGER - Faso JOHNS MEM:- wmsmn V QW .F Y f -M M . . W M'-'Xi -Y ip-."T . TM' M MlFXlMV'f.,?M?1'.MM .MMM -.1-'MMM ,Mm ':HMM'X"5'XRffM2W ffm fwrrff 'M MMJXXD-1-H-1-f1"'. WW ,. X .MM M 5X-MMMMM,MXMMfX. .. .X M af MM-MXMMM.-.MMI M.. 9 MMM.M.M.M .W M M . X M X I ..X Lv XXXXX XMXMX X X- - - X X-X - OTOGRAPHY Q X: + fr is-sesame meson - Ammo , GAPRA JOSEPH BOND - MILES HARRIMAN AUCE PLEVOCK R ALVSN PAI IERSON JACK cANTaELL - ANNA uavwvomo - g,, yANvecARR .- PAuL.nNs gumaess feeones WARNER - .JAMES 'STEVENS NANCY' NAMAKSY JEANETTE BORETTI M ERNEST SMITH ' ANNE DEPARVO ALFRED TOUARO - CAROL MIHARA ii' RoSER'r HKLLQUIST I rf 1-5 me as ww nn seam is :miwwn tmmmf mn-ws: miriam A ,mx- tgg . is ts- : to ai wer: M mn- - -1: sm M s' wi. an - .1 s ,W is -.8 on mt 1321 Serziar CHARLES A. ADRIAN 135 Dudley Street Providence, Rhode lslan U. S. Army, PFCQ Sinfonia, 1946-50, Bass Representative NEC Chorus, 1948-49, Baritone Soloist, Haydn "Seasons" with NEC Orchestra at Symphony Hall. B. Mm. Voice Glazivx Zlliller JOSEPHINE ANNUNZIATA 14 Tatum Road Shrewsbury, lylassachusetts Mu Phi Epsilon, 1947-504 Newman Club, 1948-505 Alum- nae Secretary and Chaplain in Mu Phi Epsilon, Decora- tion Committee, Mardi Gras Dance, Scholarship, 1946. B.Mzz5. Voice Hfillirzm I'Vhil716"V MIREYA ARBOLIQDA Colombia South America Newman Club, 1948-49, Dean's List, 1948. Diploma Piano Mil'lo5 Srhwrzlb ALLEN BARKER 148 Marlboro Street Boston, Massachusetts USNR, Lieutenant Qj.g.jg Dean's List, 1947-48. B.Mn.v. Piano David Barnet! ROBERT D. BARNES 724 West fld Street Pratt, Kansa Army, Sergeant, Commuter's Club, 1948-50. B.M11:. Voice Ilflrzrie Szzlldclilrs CHARLOTTE BAUM 57221 XVzirren Street Roxbury, Massachusetts Elson Club, 1946-50, President, Treasurer, and Corre- sponding Secretary. Diploma Piano l!0'lU!ll'li G0!fi7lg RUTH BEAVER Vest Pawlet Vermont lpha Chi Omega, 1948-50, ,I'1'CZlSLl1'C'!', House Council, 948-49, Scholarship, 1947. Jijvloma Voice M117'ie Pazztialim' RICHARD D. BLAIR 2663 Newport Street Detroit, Michigan Army, T53 Kappa Gamma Psi, 1948-50. Jipfoma Oboe Iferimlld Gillvl RICHARD R. BLANCHARD 14 Leonard Street Brockton, Massachusetts Navy, Slfcg Dean's List, 19494 Scholarship, 1947-48. B.MIl5. Voifr Hfillinfzz IVlIil21L"V JOSEPH J. BONO 36 Pearl Street Attleboro, Massachusetts AAF, Flight Ofiicerg Kappa, 1949-505 Newman Club, 1947-484 Composer's Club, 1947-48, Ncnmc Staff, 19505 Senior Class Treasurer. B.M1z5. Illnsir Edumtion Franri: Findlay .IEANNETTE ANITA BORETTI 44 VVall Street Fall River, Massachusetts Newman Club Corresponding Secretary, 1947-49g Alpha Chi Omega, 1948-505 Chaplain, 1948-495 Recording Secre- tary, 1949-50, Senior Class Day Committee, Dance Decoration Committees, 1949-505 Scholarships, 1946-503 Nemne Staff, 19504 Melodic Line, 1948-49. B.M11J. Illini: Edlzmliou P3'a11ri5 Findlay ,IENNIE LEE BRADFORD RED No. 2 Suffolk, Virginia Mu Phi Epsilon, 1949-505 Choi-isterg Treasurer of I-louse Council, Dean's List, 194-9g B.A. Degree, Hollins College in Virginia. B.Mzz.v. Piano Howard Godiug 1331 km' 1341 ROBERT S. BROWN 171 Hemenway Street Boston, Massachusett Army, Sergeant. B.M1z.v. Muric Education Franfis lfindlav PAULINE RAE BURGESS '22 Western Avenue Fairfield, Main Alpha Chi Omega, 1947-50, Recording Secretary, 1948-49 Chaplain and Program Chairman, 1947-48, Lyra Edito and Publicity Chairman, 1949-50, Mfladir Line, 1947-49, Social Editor: Dance Committees, 1947-505 Recording Secretary of Class, 1947-499 Scholarships, 1946-50, Nelzm StafT, 1950. B.Mzzs. .Music Edamtion Francis l"indla,v PASQUALE JEROME CAIA 138 Bright Street Waltham, Massachusetts Army. B.MIl5. Trombone 701111 Coffey JOHN B. CANTREL1. 82 Alford Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Army, lst Lieutenant, Kappa Gamma Psi, 1948-50: Commuter's Club, 1947-50, Melodic Line Advertising Manager, 1950, Neumc Staff, 1950, Student Council, 1949-50, Class Day Committee. B.Mu.r. Mlzxif Education Franris Fiudla-v ATTILIO A. CAPRA 131 Tracy Avenue Lynn, Massachusetts Army, PFC, Commuter's Club, 1947-504 President, 1948- 49, Kappa Gamma Psi, 1948-50, Assistant Recording Secretary, 1949-50, Nelzme Staff, 1950. B.Mu.t. Mzfric Edncalion Franris Findlay JOHN ROBERT CARMODY Rosemere Court Roslinclale, Massachusetts Diploma flrranging G. Wr'igl1l Bfigfi' LIONEL G. CASIMIRO 27 Church Street New Bedford, Massachusetts -XAF, Corporal. Diploma 7'7'0U1b07l6' 70011 Cqfey ERNEST G. CHACHERE 4613 Coliseum Street New Orleans, Louisiana Navy, Musician Slc. B.Mll5. glfllfif Ezilzmtimi I"rfz11fi,v l5'1'r1fllav CHARLES PA UL CHADERJIAN 999 Peoples Avenue Troy, New York Navy, MoMM,fc. B.ML1.f. Voile Nlzzrizz Iflxberg DAVID E. CHAPMAN 448 Coggeshall Street Fall River, Massachusetts Diploma Clzzrinet Normrzn Carre! f 1 , N. If 4' 'f - www -A'9'V"Q' J 4 ,SLU DIRAN CHERTAVIAN 135 Beacon Street l.0wcll, Massachusetts Navy, Musician Slcg Sinfonia, 1948-50. B.M1zJ. Clarinet Romrio Mazzeo WILLIAM M. CLARK Ernest Pennsylvania Navy, Ensigng Dean's List, 1948-49. B.M11.r. Piano Lucille Morlfzghan 1351 IVAITH COAKLEY 19 Linden Street Norwood, Massachusctt Student Council Representative, 1946-475 Mu Phi Epsilon 1947-50, Newman Club, 1948-50g Dean's List, 19483 Scholarship, 1946. B.Mz45. Piano Miklos Srhwfzlb SHIRLEY COLLINS 61 Monterey Road Worcester, Massachusetts Mu Phi Epsilon, 1948-505 Corresponding Secretary, 1948- 495 Carr Organ Society, 1948-50, Secretary, 1949-505 Warden, Mu Phi Epsilon, 1949-50: Junior Class Corre- sponding Secretary, 1948-495 Dean's List, 1947-48, B.M145. Organ Carl Mc Kinlcy V913-bfi' mug-im 'lf riedhf A idrowgsgllkillll-X , SSQH' GEORGE LOUIS CONT1 1435 Coutant Avenue Lakewood, Ohio Sinfonia, 1948-504 Newman Club, 1948-50, Recording Secretary, 1948-49, Vice President of Senior Class, Dance Committees, 1949, Nezzme Staff Advertising Manager, 19505 Scholarship, 1949-50. B.z'l4u.r. Mlzsir Edzzmtion Frzznris Findlay ROBERT E. CORBETT 59 Broadway Stoughton, Massachusetts Army, Corporal, Commuter's Club, 1946-47, Sophomore Dance Band. B.M1zr. Music Edzzmtion Francis irilllifflpl' JOSEPH CORDEIRO, JR. 62 Mill Street Valley Falls, Rhode Island Army, PFCQ Orchestra Committee, 1950. Diploma Violin Frank MrDo21zzld VIRGINIA CRONKITE 597 Sawyer Street South Portland, Maine Mu Phi Epsilon, 1948-505 Music Chairman, 1949-50g Dean's List, 1947-49g Scholarships, 1946-49. B.M1z5. Piano Howard Goding MARION 1. DAVIS 785 Hewlett Place Bronx, New York Scholarships, 1948-49. Diploma Piano f7eannflle Gigaere' RALPH H. DAVIS 95 High Street New Bedford, Massachusetts USMC, Master Technical Sergeant, Literary Editor Nezzme StaH', 19503 Dean's List, 1947-49. l?.MuJ. Mzzxif Efluration Franrir Findlay ANNE DEPARDO 69 Rushmore Avenue Providence, Rhode Island Newman Club, 1947-485 Commuter's Club, 1947-50g President, 1949-50, Conservatory Club, 1949-503 Student Council, 1949-505 Nezzme Stalf, 19503 Secretary, Com- muter's Club, 1948-49g Denn's List, 1947-49, Scholar- ships, 1946-50. B.M1zx. Mzzsic Education Francis Findlay ANNA LUCILLE DIVITTORIO 46 Hill Street I-Iopedale, Massachusetts Mu Phi Epsilon, 1948-50g President, 1949-50, Newman Club, 1946-50, Vice President, 1948-49, Student Council, 1947-48g Treasurer, Junior Classg Dance Committee, 1948-49, Class Day Committee, 19505 Noume Staff, 19505 Scholarships, 1946-50. B.Mu.v. Mzzric Education Francis Fimllay JOHN D'ONOFRIO 227 Front Street Schenectady, New York Army, T5. Diploma Piano Hfillix Fav EDITH E. DORRANCE 40 Church Street Camden, New York Conservatory Club, 1948-50. Diploma Voice Norma jean 1577171101171 1371 11331 FLORENCE A. DUNN Mt. Hope Farm 1Villiamstown, Massachusetts Carr Organ Society, 1947-50, President, 1943-49, Class Day Committee, 1950g Symposium Committee, 19495 Scholarships, 1948-49g Second Soprano Representative of Chorus, 1948-50. B.M145. Organ George Fzzxon IRENE AI.IDA DUBOIS 6 Pearl Street Biddeford, Maine Alpha Chi Omega, 1946-504 Treasurer, 1947-49, Newman Clpb, 19146-499 Representative, 19483 Dean's, 19485 Sc olars ips, 1946-50. B.M11J. Piano Miklox Schwzzlb 1' , KN - I , , 1 QL! f, , ,, of ' Fifi? W- fl1!7'l"iA'v11' -'fe J"" ' fileb'i,f:1..' fo' f' 1 if X L' U' 1 " ,f U ' o. NOEL ETHIER ,,W.i.--15-fi, 34 Chestnut Street 1Vorcester, Massachusetts Army, T35 Kappa Gamma Psi, 1946-505 Chaplain, 1947- 48g Historian, 1948-493 lst Vice Pre-ident, 1949-50g Student Council, 1949-50. B.M11J. Vain' Fnzd f7f1ge'! DOROTHY ELIZABETH FERGUSON 201 East 14th Street I-Iutchinson, Kansas Dean's List, 1948. B.M1z5. Piano Lufille Wlorznghzzfi ERCOLINO FERRETTI Brighton Street Boston, Massachusetts Army, Sinfonia, 1948-50g Dean's List, 1948-49. B.1llu,r. Composition Francis f7nn'd Cooke BARBARA FILES 6 Young Orchard Avenue Providence, Rhode Island Alpha Chi Omega, 1945-50. B.MIl5. Vain' Mz12'ie SIIHIYKHIIS wripiblli J 'lr 7 D.-xN1E1, s. 1fi.1NN 160 Ontario Street Albany, New York Army, T3. B.MuJ. Voice Glrufvs Miller CYNTHIA BROWN FOURNIER 47 Linwood Avenue 1Vhitinsville, Massachusetts B.MllJ. imw ' ' Howarn' Coding Scholarships, 1948-50. 7 f s J I M Ml ROY GARBER 7 Loyd Street Lynn, Massachusetts Scholarships, 1946, 1950. B.M115. Vain' Maria Elsbarg ALBERTO GRACIA 110lf2 South Travis Street San Benito, Texas Army, Sergeant. B.M11s. J Mzrsir Education Frzzncis Findlay 4 , 1 jf .M - 6,5 15, ff rf .1-f H ARTHUR GOLDSTEIN 8835 23d Avenue Brooklyn, New York Army, T5g Kappa Gamma Psi, 1948-50g Recording Secre- tary, 1948-495 Vice President, 1949-50. B.Mz1:. Horn Willerzz Valkenicr NECTAR GOORIGIAN 195 Mt. Vernon Boulevard Pawtucket, Rhode Island Alpha Chi Omega, 1947-505 Vice President, 1949-505 Corresponding Secretary, 1948-493 Assistant Correspond- ing Secretary, 1947-48g Chairman Refreshment Commit- tee, Dorm Dance, 19493 Conservatory Orchestrag Melodic Line, 1947-504 Scholarship, 1947-48. B.Mz1J. Violin Paul l"c'a'erav.rky l. 1391 ,J 1401 NORMAN SCOTT GREEN 26 Houston Avenue Saugus, Massachusetts Navy, Musician Sfcg Composer's and Arranger's Club, 1946-47. B.M14r. Mimi: Educalion Francis Findlay MELVIN GREENWOOD 20 Boyd Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey Army, T54 Dezm's List, 1948-49. B.Mu.r. Trzmzpet George llflager A I ' 1 t 1 , 1 1 fr' " 1 "' O l FREDERICK A. GRICIUS 217 Main Street Bridgewater, Massachusetts Navy, RM illcg Melodic Line, 1947-48g Newman Club, 19475 Nmmo, 1949-50. B.lllu.v. Mllsic Edumtion Frrzm'i.r Flillflifd-3' EARL THOMAS GRIFFITH 959 Ray Street Fall River, Massachusetts Army, T5g Dean's List, 1947-43. Diploma Clarinet Robert Slmzrl ROBERT N. HALLQUIST 20 Howard Street Stratford, Connecticut Kappa, 1946-50, Sergeant at Arms, 1947-48g Student Coun- eil Representative, 1947-493 Plesident, 1949-505 Melodic Line, 1948-494 Class Day Chairman, 1950, Neume Staff, 19505 High School Scholarship, 19465 Ditson Scholarship, 1947-49g Carr Scholarship, 1949-50g Dean's List, 1949, Freshman Banquet, Bradford Roofg Mardi Gras. B.Mll5. Music Education Francis Findlay JOSEPH E. HANDFIELD 4 Maple Street Ayer, Massachusetts gtrmy, T55 President M. E. N. C. Student Chapter, 1949- 0. B.M1z:. M114'ic Eflzzmtiofz Frfwcix Finfllfzy MYLES l.. HARRIMAN 41 Fairlnwn Avenue Albany, New York Army, Sergeantg.Veterans Club, 1946-47g junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committeeg Junior Outing Committee, Deanls List, 1949. B.M1r5. Mzzsif Ezfnmlion I'il'1l71L'f,f Fizzfflzzy JOHN HAWYER Clnvernct New York Navy, SPA Zlcg Kappa, 1947-50, N. E. Philharmonic Orchestra, 1949-50. B.M14J. Violin f:P07'lff6',i' li'o1z1'z'! CHARLES D. HENDERSON 313 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Army, Tech. Sergcantg Deun's List, 1946-48. B.M11.f. Voice IVifliIl7ll 'lfifllilmfy MARY ANN I-lE'I"I'LER 265 Leo Avcnuc Shreveport, Louisiana Dean's List, 1949. B.M1rJ. Vain' Iflfillirzm lWhi!r1e-y CHARLES H. HIGGINS Washington Pennsylvania Army, Sergeant. B.Mzz.v. Mfrsic Education li'rm1ci.t Ifindfzgv YVILLIANI EUGENE HOPKINS 77 1Yelles Street Forty Fort, Pennsylvania Army, Corporal, Dean's List, 1948-494 High School Scho- lurship, 1945-46. B.Mll.f. Piano David Brzrnelt 41411 1421 CHARIJOTTE HSU 25 Lincoln Street Belmont, Massachusetts B.Mz1J. Voice Alice Sfcplrens WILMA R. HUGHES 11 Whiton Street North Uxbridge, Massachusetts Conservatory Orchestra, 1946-50. Diploma Violin France: Lanier RAYMOND E. HUNKINS 17 Derry Street Manchester, New York Army, Staff Sergeant, Sinfonia, 1947-50, XVarden, 1949- 50, Veterans Club, Commuter's Club, 1947-48, Newman Club, Student Council Representative, 1947-48, Vice President, 1947-48. B.Mu.r, P57'L'IlJ5i0ll Roman Szulr FREDERICK A. JOHNSON South Street Niantic, Connecticut Army, Sergeant, Melodic Line., 1947-49, Make-up Editor, 1947-48, Managing Editor, 1948-49, Student Council Representative, 1947-49, President, Student Council, 1948-49, Neume Staff, Circulation Editor, Freshman Dance Committee, Bradford Roof Committee, Mardi Gras Dance Committee. B.Mu.v. Music Edlzmtion I-3'am'ir Findlay CHARLOTE MAY JONES Easton Street Nantucket, Massachusetts Conservatory Club, 1948-50, Social Chairman, 1948-49, President, 1949-50, Student Council, 1949-50. B.Mu.f. lllusir Edufzzlion I-'rrznrir Findlay FRANK KALINOWSKI 52 Chestnut Street Clinton, Massachusetts Air Force, Navigation Instructor, High School Scholar- ship, 1943. B.Mn.r. Music Ezlucalion Frrmci.r Fimllny . ,, , ., .A . .... . I ..-Wah,--f:,,...,-. ,jaw ROBERT A. KARLEN 026 West 31st Street Erie, Pennsylvania Army, PFCQ Sinfonia, 1946-50, Historian, 1948-50, Social ommittce Chairman, 1946-47, Program Committee Chairman, 1947-48, Dean's List, 1946-47. B.Mll5. Theory' Francis ff. Cunlce JULIA ANN KEY 130 Cameron Street Atlanta, Texas Dormitory Dance Committee, 1948, Dean's List, 1946-49. B.ill11.v. Voir: Willizzvzz Wllifllf-V 1 7. -'I -4:1 Y - Lnpa.-A4 .7 fnif. Zn if ,tj -4 .ff -, K i Y U EDWARD J. KILKENNY, JR. 57 Channing Road Belmont, Massachusetts Navy, Slfc CRdm.Jg Kappa, 1949-50. Diploma Brzrroorz 1eII,V7710Ild .flllrzrd JOHN WESLEY KIPLINGER, JR. 4186 High Street Columbus, Ohio Army, Private, Walter Piston Scholarship, 19484 Ditson Scholarship, 1949i Fellowship Piano-Theory, 1947-50. Symposium Composer, 1949. B.MIl.f. Compoxirion l'lI'071fi.S' 7. Cooke f , v wg f WWW NJ! M' . OBERT L. KOVN R 15 Revere Street Brockton, Massachusetts Sinfonia, 1948-50: Student Council Representative, 1949- 50: High School Scholarship. 1946g Conservatory Scholar- ship, 1948-50. B.MIl5. Trumpet Ma:-re! Lrjosse HENRY C. KULICK 270 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Army, T5g Conservatory Orchestia, 1947-50. DIp!07?l Trombone Yolm Cafey Align. ,E 1 Y 1441 xl ffl' M MICHAEL N. LAGUTA Danbury Connecticu Navy, Radioman Sfcg Sinfonia, 1948-505 Conservator. Orchestra, 1946-50: Estabrook Scholarship, 1949-505 Fraternity Scholarship, 1949-50. B.Mz1J. Mzzsic Educalion Francis Ifinzlloy NICHOLAS AI. LAMPES 529 Essex Street Lynn, Masachusetts Qrmy, Serfgz-it, Dean's List, 'lnd Semester, 1946, 2nd emester, . . , B.Mux.., lVoicwyfrfi3?- ,pp illiam Whilrlfy I' I I fflljiw ' .. , fi ob 1 fo WW W Ji WW!!! i I RICHARD LAPORTE 46 Oak Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts Navy, MM 3lc. B.Mn:. Mzzric Education Fmnci.f Findlay MAYER LARKIN 6 Timsbury Terrace Lynn, Massachusetts Army, Sergeantg Dean's List, 1948-49, Scholarship, 1943, Performed for Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin at Potsdam in July, 1945. B.Mu.v. Piano Milclot Schwalb BESSIE E. LEVINE 425 Warren Street Roxbury, Massachusetts NVaves, Y 1lcg Elson Club, 1948-50, Vice President, 1949-50, Student Council Representative, 1948-49. Diploma Piano Elizabeth Schulz SARAH LOMBARD1 448 Wendell Terrace Syracuse, New York Newman Club, 1947-50g Vice President, 1947-48, Delegate, 1948-49, President, 1949-50, S. A. 1., 1947-50, Vice Presl- dent, 1949-50, Conservatory Club, 1947-50, Carr Organ, 1947-50, Dean's List,,1949g Hope Chatterten Prize, 1947- 48 5 ' i B.Mu.r.x Piano Miklos Schwalo MARTHA ANNE LOVEN 7 College Avenue West Somerville, Massachusetts 'onservatory Club, 1948-50, Recording Secretary, Senior 'lass, 1949-50. .lllmz Mlzsic Education Francis Findlay GEORGE LOWE 270 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Armyg Sinfonia, 1947-50g Veterans Club. .Mi4.f. Vain' Glazlv: Millef' l.OUIS LUONGO 116 Unit Street Providence, Rhode Island U. S. Navy, S Zfcg Veteran's Club, 1946. Diploma Voir: Gladys Aliller HORACE F. MAGNAN 0 Kilvert Street Hillsgrove, Rhode Island Navy, fSeaBeesjg Kappa, 1946-505 Commuter's Club, 1946-SO, Newman Club, 1947-48, Melodir Line, 1947-49, Nenme Staff, 1950g High School Scholarship, 1940. B.Mii5. Mari: Erlucalion Francis Findlay A4-YC ! f ' "' X ,7v3Jy.A.-fb MARINA MARINELARENA Rio Piedras Porto Rico Newman Club, 1948-50. B.M1z5. Piano Miklox Schwalb JACQUELINE F. MAROIS 18 Marathon Street Arlington, Massachusetts Diploma Piano Lucille Monaghan 1451 11461 BURTON W. MARTIN 49 Frost Street Brattleboro, Vermon Army, Technical Sergeant. B.Mz15. M11.rir Education 1'1l'IHll'l.f Fim1'l1z,i ABBY S. MAYER 1560 Ryder Street Brooklyn, New York Kappa, 1947-505 Orchestra Committee, 1949-50g Evans Scholarship, Class Day Committee. B.M11:. Horn Willcflz Vallceniw PAUL S. MAYERSON 7 Harland Road Norwich, Connecticut Kappa, 1947-50, Chaplain, 1948-49, Recording Secretary, 1949-50, Melodic Line, 1947-50g Editor in Chief, 1947-49, Advisory Editor, 1949-50, Student Council, 1947-505 1Vezurze Stall", Co-Editor, 1949-50, Symposium Committee, 1948-49, N. E. C. Delegate National Student Associa- tion, 1948-49g N. E. C. Delegate 1. F. M. S. Symposium 1949-509 Mardi Gras, Dance Chairman, 1948-49, Bradford Roof Committee, 1948g Oliver Ditson Scholarship, 1947- 49g Converse Scholarship, 1949-50. B.MzzJ. Mlzsic Ezlzzraztiorz Frrznrlx fllflfliltlj' PHYLLIS LOUISE MATONDI 45 Chestnut Street ' XVoburn, Massachusetts Commuter's Club,'1946-50: Vice President, 1949-50, Carr Organ Scholarship, 1947-48. Diplwmz Piano ilflnrir Gillet ELEANOR MCCAFFERTY 747 Front Street YVeymouth, Massachusetts Alpha Chi Omega, 1948-504 Commuter's Club, 1947-501 Newman Club, 1947-48g Symposium Banquet Committee, 1949, Junior Dance Decoration Committee, 1948, High School Scholarship, 1946: Conservatory Scholarship, 1947-48. B.M11:. Voice Ernxl Parson-v ROBERT MCCOY 30 Flynt Street VVollaston, Massachusetts B.M1zJ. Bnxsowz Ie!!-V777071fl1 Allard ROWENA J. MCWHORTER 112 Pennsylvania Avenue Kansas City, Missouri u Phi, 1949-504 Dean' List, 1948-49. .lWIlJ. Oboe Ifcrmzazrl Gillcl HOWARD A. MEYER 30 Clymer Street Reading, Pennsylvania rmy, T5g Student Council Representative, 1948-49, Dc-an's List, 1947-49. ifflamrz Violin lfrarfk Ilflrllomziri CARROL M. NIHARA 5 Alae Street Hilo, Hawaii onservatory Club, 1949-50: House Council Representa- ive, 1948-49. .Mu.v. Music E!illCHfi07I Fivzncis Findlay FRANCIS M 1.L1G.ANW 84 XY o bi e ve ue Ms er, 'cw York v w a Club, 19 - onia, 1947-504 are fry, 1 48 . ' uncil, 1949-50, Dean's lifst 946. I , 1 wi LMW LELAND R. MUNGER 935 Sherman Avenue Janesville, Wisconsin Navy, Ensigng Sinfonia, 1944-503 Dean's List, 1948-49. B.Mn5. Clarinet Victor Polatrrhckg Rosario Mrzzzeo FRANCES MYSKA Pleasantdale Road Rutland, MHSSilChUSCtfS S. A. I., 1947-504 Conservatory Club, 1947-50g Carr Organ Society, 1947-50g Chaplain, S. A. I., 1949-50, Secretary, Carr Organ Society, 1948-49, Treasurer, Class, 1946-485 Dean's List, 1946-49g Scholarship, 1946-49. B.M11s. Pimm Enremblv - Miklox Sfhillflfb 1471 pwff. WWW-1 11481 NANCY NAMAKSY 37 Oriole Street VVest Roxbury, Massachusett INYFIHIIE' Staff, 1949-50. B.Mzz5. Mzzsic Education Francis Finrlla, MILLARD S. NEIGER 846 Paxton Road Cleveland, Ohi Army Air Force, Sergeant, Kappa, 1948-50, Dean's List 1947-484 Conservatory Orchestra, 1946-SO. 1 B.Mu.v. Trombone Yoon Coffey ,of""w"'f 1' M X JOANN E. NICHOLS 1549 W'yoming Avenue Schenectady, New Yor ' Mu Phi, 1948-50, Corresponding Secretary, Mu Phi, 1949-50g Dean's List, 1946-49. B.MIlJ. Piano Howard Godin ALBERT NORCIA 94 Oak Street Westerly, Rhode Island Army, TIS, Dean's List, 1947. B.Mll5. Voice Charlet Peorxon ANNE NOVINS 47 Clark Road Brookline, Massachusetts Dcan's List, 1948. B.Mzzs. Voice Glllfbkf Miller MARION DOROTHY OLORE 7 Cook Street Presque Isle, Maine Student Council, 1949-50, Alpha Chi, 1948-50g Vice President, Alpha Chi, 1949-50, Dean's List, 1947, Con- Servatory Chorus, 1949-50. Diploma Voice Alice GlI'0IlH7'd ANTONIO J. PALLERIO 3'I'emple Place Haverhill, Massachusetts ir Corps, Corporalg Nezmze Staff, 1949-50. .Mzz:. Mzzxir Edllfllffllll 1"7'Il7lfi.f Fizlrilzz-3' ALVIN OLANDER PATTERSON 1709 NYashi:1gton Avenue Austin, Texas USNR, Musician Qfeg Nezzmv Staff, Photograph Com- mittee, 1949-50. B.Mu.r. Mzzxir Efizzmliou Frrmfix Finrllzzy MARYLEA PIOPPI 21 Pleasant Street Plymouth, Massachusetts Dean's List, 1948. Diploma Piano llawrzrn' Gerling ALICE MONICA PLEVOCK 521 East 8th Street South Boston, Massachusetts Mclodif Line, 1947-49, Newman Club, 1946-50, Nvlzme Staff, 1950, Scholarship, 1945. B.M115. Mzz51'c Edzzcfzfiofi IrI'tl7H'iJ Fifldlzzy EUGENE I-I, PLOOI9 Birch Hill Road West Brookfield, Massachuestts U. S. Army, Staff Sergeant, Photography Editor, Nenme Staff, 1950, Veterans Club, 19474 Newman Club, 1947-50, President, Newman Club, 1948-49, Secretary, Treasurer, M. E. N. C., 1949-505 Dcan's, 1948-49, Corresponding Secretary, Newman Club, 1948. B.Mzz5. Rlzzsir Iidnmlion I"rmu'f.v Fi11a'!1zy DAN E. RICE 1015 South 28th Street Birmingham, Alabama U. S. Army, Sergeant. B.1ll11.v. C0110 Jllfred Ziglzcm 1491 LEO F. ROBINSON RFD No. 1 Woonsocket, Rhode Island Army, T153 Dean's List, 1946-50. B.Mur. Piano Howard Goding SERENA JANE RUBIN 233 North Franklin Street Holbrook, Massachusetts I Mu Phi, 1947-50g Vice President, Mu Phi, 1948-50g Dean's List, 19495 Scholarship, 1946-48. B.MuJ. Violin Francer Lanier JOSEPH ROBERT SALERNO ,, 144 Pleasant Street North Adams, Massachusetts I Air Corps, Sergeant. i H Diploma Trumpet Ralph Furrillo DONALD SAMPSON 12 Lowell Street VVorcester, Massachusetts Army, TfSergeantg Carr Organ Society, 1947-50. B.Mu:. Piana Pedagogy David Barns!! , rt , l ELENA Y. SAR KIS San jose, Costa Rica Central America Newman Club, 1948-49. Diploma Piano Lufille lllonaghan CAROL E. SCHMIDT 1308 Beardsley Street Akron, Ohio Alpha Chi, 1947-504 Conservatory Club, 1946-503 Orches- tra, 1946-493 Secretary, Conservatory Club, 1947-48g Lyre Editorg Alpha Chi, 1948-49g VVarden, Alpha Chi, 1949-50, Dean's List, 1948-49. B.Mu.r. Flute George! Laurent Jo-v-26-as - 5 7-0--w-e1.do4A42:r ' ,:,.,CP Graaf-fffru-QL-4e4.. 6,4 , MARJORIE SCUDDER foledo Ohio I. S. Navy, Yeornan Ifc. B.Mzz5. Voice fllinf Slrvvzlf MARY LOUISE SEAVER Lyndon Center, Vermont Student Council, 1943-46g S. A. I., 1944-475 Student Council Representative, 1943-44, Corresponding Secretary, 1944-454 President, 1945-465 Recording Secretary, 1945- 46, Dean's List, 1943-49, Scholarships, 1943-50. Box 36 B.Mu.v. Voice l"rw1'frirk Yugo! WILLIAM R. SI-IISLER 320 East 13th Street Eugene, Oregon AAF, Staff Sergeantg Sinfonia, 1948-50, Orchestra, 1948- 50, Dean's List, 1948-49. B.Mll.f. Violin Gcorgrx Faure! THOMAS M. SIEMIA'I'KOSKI 7 Pond Street Waterbury, Connecticut Army, TIS, Scholarship, 1944. B.Mzf.f. Violin Gfmjqux Faure! ERNEST ROAN SMITH 74 Durie Avenue Englewood, New jersey Army, Ist Sergeant, Band, 1948-49, Freshman Dinner Dance, 1946, Vice President Junior Class, 1948-49, Executive Member, 1949-50g junior Dance, 19483 Senior Dance, 1949, Sophomore Dance, 1947-485 IIVKIIIIIE Staff. B.MuJ. illusic Effnmtion Hvuicis Findlay LUCIA B. SMITH 90 Yvildwood Drive Westwood, Massachusetts Dean's List, 1947-493 Scholarship, 1946-47. B.M1zJ. Trumpet Roger Vaixin 1511 w. ...W .H----1 - ,-fp ,7 4' ,- , t 1. ,. .' f , 1 Ji? 'T ' J' ' --fs-rT!,' 1 . d'5'LA"n'!'51"d'ii r X jf., E QfLL,..,x4,f --P -s -e - W ' 'I' ' I . ,ff . 5 4- ,f --e.,es:q, -. -'V '- 7 V , A . U. -' .v,.,,,.4 1 ri, A 1521 MARY ELAINE SOHOVICH 157 Summerfield Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticu S. A. I., 1947-50, Conservatory Club, 1946-50, Newma Club, 1947-50, Melodic Line, 1947-48, House Council 1947-50, Student Council, 1950, President, Newman Club 1947-48, Secretary, S. A. I., 1948-49, Sergeant at Arms 1949-50, Freshman Representative, House Council, 1946 47, Treasurer, House Council, 1948-49, President, Hous Council, 1948-49, Secretary, Conservatory Club, 1947 49-50, Scholarships, 1947-50. B.M11.v. Voife Alice Stevan EUNICE SOULE 16 Pine Street Wvoburn, Massachusett. B.l14Il.!'. Voire Glaafvs Mille: JAMES ALFRED STEVENS 58 Murdock Street Brighton, Massachusett. Navy, Yeoman 3fc, Kappa Gamma Psi, 1947-50, Treas urer, Kappa, 1948-50, Treasurer, Neume Staff, 1950. B.Mus. Music Ednmlian Franri: Findlzz-y LAWRENCE ARTHUR STOWE 10 Almont Street Malden, Massachusetts Navy, Musician Zlc, Kappa Gamma Psi, 1948-50, Trustee, Scholarship Fund, Kappa, 1949-50, Chief Critic, Melodi Line, 1947-49, Student Council, 1949-50, Neume Staff, C0-Editor, 19503 Nezzme Staff, 1949, Secretary, M. E. N. C., 1948-49, Dean's List, 1946-49, President, Senior Class, 1949-50, Nominating Committee, 1947-48. B.Mu.v. Murir Education it Ifrzizgikf Findlzzy 74' M7 I4 Jvf- A ,J-J -.y ,U wJ..Q CYNTHIA SWIFT Brewster Cape Cod, Massachusetts Mu Phi, 1948-49, Historian, 1949-50, Assistant Treas- urer, 1949-50, Orchestra Committee, 1949-50, Scholar- ships, 1946-50. B.Mz4J. Viola ffoseph De Pasqlzale MARTIN S. TARLAIAN 42 Pilling Street Haverhill, Massachusetts Navy QSea Bee'sj, CM 3lc. B.Mu.v. Music Edumlian Francis Findlzzy ,.,C,z,7ff,,.Me, "' av ,i ZH 7 VL 'M ' MARY LOU TAYLOR 841 North 18th Street Allentown, Pennsylvania Mu Phi, 1947-50, House Council, 1949-50. Diploma Harp Bermzrzi Zighern WILLIAM ALFRED TESSON 12 Berwick Road Medford, Massachusetts Army, CVVOg Composer's Guild, 1947-505 Kappa, 1948- 50, President, C0mposer's Guild, 1948-50, Chairman, ggmcert Committee, Kappa, 1949-505 Dean's List, 1947- B.M1z.v. Trombone 701111 Cojey ALFRED JOSEPH TODARO 99 Waverly Street Everett, Massachusetts Army, PFCg Band, 1948-49, Neume Staff, 1950. B.Mzz5. Mzz5ic Edumtion Frzzncix Findlay CHARLES E. TOURGEE, JR. 109 Summer Street Plymouth, Massachusetts Army, Staff Sergeant. B.M1z.v. Trombone 701111 Coffey 'B,u:f--fv B QLMQL ou4J..z.. ANASTASIOS A. TSICOULIAS 14 Oak Street Watertown, Massachusetts Army, PFC, Dean's List, 1948-49, Kappa, 1948-50. B.M115. Violin flyred Kripf, Georges Faure! DAVID CHARLES VAAS 6 1VarwooCl Terrace Wlheeling, West Virginia Navy, Musician Sfcg Dean's List, 1946-49. Diploma Saxophone flrthnr Czzfesr ffl .-1 ' pjfgflliuw All , D ,lid '41 1 .JP 1531 1 4541 PHYLLIS ELAINE VAN DE CARR 20 Perley Avenue Lebanon, New Hampshire Alpha Chi, 1948-49, House Council, 1948-49, Neume Staff, 1949-50, Symposium, 1948-49: Student Council, 1948-49g Historian, Alpha Chi, 1948-49g Scholarship Chairman, Alpha Chi, 1949-50: Vice President, House Council, 1948- 49, Harvest Dance, 1949-50. B.M1zJ. Mll.fiC Eriumtion F7'H7IffJ Firzdlopv GEORGE E. WARNER 60 Hopedale Street Allston, Massachusetts Army, PFC, Nkwme Staff, 1950. B.Mu.v. Mzzsir Edzrcalion FfIllICl',f Plilldfll-1' PAUL H. WARREN 1127 Commonwealth Avenue Allston, Massachusetts Army, Corporal Tech. B.M1z5. Mlzsit' Education Fra11ri.r Findlay IRENE E. WASILEWSKI 326 Main Street West Medway, Massachusetts Scholarship, 1946-47. 1?.M115. Voire Mar'ie Sll7l!1'6fiIlJ' NAOMI WEXLER 75 Willowwood Street Dorchester, Massachusetts Dean's List, 1947-49, Scholarship, 1946-494 Mu Phi Medal, 1947. BJVI115. Piano Anna Slovall Lollzifm RAYMOND C. WHEELER 9 Cottage Street VVest Brookfield, Massachusetts Army, Private, Dean's, 1948-49. Diploma Piano 15'rea'erick Greezle EDGAR L. WHITE, JR. North Avenue Mendon, Massachusetts Army, Corporalg Sinfonia, 1941-50g Car Scholarship, 1940-41g Ditson Scholarship, 1941-42, Converse Scholar- ship, 1949-50. B.Mu.r. Voice Glrmfvr Miller VERNON L. WHITMAN Norway Maine Army, TIS. Diploma Arranging George W. Briggx RAYMOND WOLANSKY 4614 Gifford Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Navy, Radioman 3lc. B.Mu5. Vain' Ernrl I"o.vsnn,v ELIZABETH M. WOODS 231 Wlendell Road Lakewood, Rhode Island Alpha Chi Omega, 1949-50, Chaplain, 1949-505 Commu- ter's Club, 1948-50. Diploma Voir: Dorothy Richzzrdx vffav B . ' A1 af-Wm galvbu' C LEI YOKOYAMA Liliuokalani Street Hilo, Hawaii Corresponding Secretary, Senior Class, 1949-50g Senior Class Concert Committee, 1949-505 Ncnme Staff. B.M14x. Piano Pedngogj' Milclox Sclzwalb EDWARD ZAMBARA 418 11th Street Raymond, XVashington Army, Staff Sergeant. B.MuJ. Voire Willinrzi Wlzilfle-y' 55 1551 mf 2325 'EE 4? Elm SE H wma ,as an lQQ"'f?m2VE-, uamlfmwxfgx AL .1 ,tw . 1 M 'Kill H' S8 E Mw.'i 3215 x 'fm 1 LEM SERS V1 Qsssms mt Hpwm 1561 CHRISTOPHER R. ZARBA 83 Orleans Street East Boston, Massachusetts Army, Sergeantg Composer's Guild, 1948-50. B.M1z:. Compofilion Frrznris 7. Cooke 3 FREDERICK R. ZENDER 911 Jefferson Street YVarsnw, Wisconsin USNR, Rt, Slcg Composer's Guild, 1947-505 Band, 1947- 485 Dean's List, 1949. Diploma Afrmnging Gewge W. Briggs CAMERA SHY REGI NALD AIT KENS Diploma lflmfn lfernazzd Gllldl ROBERT BOURRASSA B.lWzz.r. Piano lreelurirk Popper MCHENRY BOATWRIGHT Diploma Piano Howard Goding, Willix Foy VAHE BOYAJIAN Diploma Violin Frank lWcDo11al1l NANCY CREWDSON B.M11:. Voice Fred Yagel MICHAEL CARDILLO Diploma Bass Georges llfloleax 1571 Diploma Diploma B. Mzzx. B.Mu:. Diploma Diploma EDITH DINAN s ff V Zig' lj Voice Norma Yeau Era'mann CLAIRE ELLMS Piano Willi.r Fay THOMAS FLANAGAN Composilion Carl .McKinley I To ,ifi va?-far I , U A 5- I I , fm . IIE?"-' , H2 ANTIHONY FUCVCILLO li.-L-' Piano Donald ,whim HENRY GILSDORF Piano George Gibxon MARVIN GILMGRE Permxsion f7o.feph Shapiro B.M1z5. B.MIlJ. Diploma Diploma B.M1r5. Diploma B.M11.r. WILLIAM HILL Trombone 701177 Cofey ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Flnle Lois Schaefer RICHARD MACKEY Horn W'illem Valkenier PAUL MARTIN Piano Anna Lothian WILLIAM MCKNIGHT Coznpoyilion Leland Proefer JOHN PARKER Organ George Faxon DAVID PICKERING Clarinet Norman Carre! ISSI JANE RICKARD B.MlIJ. Flute Georges Laurent DELWIN SHAW B.M11s. Violin Rirhard Burgin RUSSELL STANGER B.Ma5. Theory Franeix ji Cooke, Rieharo' Bargin SAMUEL TANZER Diploma Voiee Frederirk Yagel LAWRENCE WALZ B.M11J. Piano Miklos Sfhwallz ARTHUR WILLEY B.Ma.v. Maxi: Education Franci: Findlay JOYCE YOUNG B.Ma.f. Voice Mzzrie Sundelius Graduate fudeuis BERNARD BARBEAU 8 Linden Street Nashua, New Hampshire rmy, Staff Sergeantg Sinfonia, 1942-509 Pi Kappa ambda, 1948. l.1VIu.v. Voice Iflfillirzm Whifflfvv CYNTHIA BISHOP 7 Nicholson Street Marblehead, Massachusetts 'caching Fellowship, 1948-50. Llllzu. Piznm Harvard Guding gi ,Y M Ma! L f v 1 , X JOSEPH ROBERT CARROLL 5 Academy Avenue Haverhill, Massachusetts 'omposer's Guild. .M1z.t. Re.rezz7'cl1 Carl JVIc'KiuIey ANTHONY CIRELLA 36 Hyde Park Avenue Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts ?i Kappa Lambdag Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity. VI.Mu5. Rerezzrflx Leia F, Wlzitmjv ' 1. JEAN COX 1167 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusetts USAA17, 1st 1.ieutenantg B.M., University of California. M.MIl5. Voice MH7'ft' Slrndeliur DOLORES HANKE 100 Stuart Street Montgomery, Alabama Sigma Alpha lota, 1950g Howe Scholarship, 1950. lw.Mll.f. Voice Nlarir Slnlrielilm 1591 M.n E?m - mm mfiixmnm mn a -1601 -H uw i an xnxx DAVID D, HICKS 17 Symphony Road Boston, Massachusett. Kappa Gamma Psig National Treasurer of Kappa. M.MuJ. Piano Howzzrri Godin MARJORIE HOARTON 238 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusett Sigma Alpha Iota, 1947-50. M.Mz1J. Voire Ma7'ie Elrberf MA'-SI. HON Shanghai Chin. Evans, Saunders, and Allen Scholarships. M.Mus. Violin Riflzard Bnrgin MARGARET M. STEPHENS 41 Hobard Street Summit, New jersey Sigma Alpha Iota, 1948-505 Corresponding Secretary and Program Chairman, 1949-50. A'I.MII5. Theory Carl McKiv1le.3' WILLABELLE UNDERWOOD Del Worte Colorado New England Opera Theatre. M.Mzz5. Voice Marie Slmrleliux ANTON WOLF Detroit Michigan Teaching Fellowshipg President's Prize, 1949. M.MIl!. Composition Frzlrlcix Cooke was-k , NIURIEL HERBERT YVOLF ctroit Michigan .Mum Hixloriml RZ.fL'Il7't'll C111-lMcKinley MAR-IORIE WOODS 409 Texas Avenue, S.E. Washington, D. C. Pi Kappa Larnbdag Kate Blanchard Scholarship, 1949-50. M.M11.v. Piano Ho-ward Coding CAMERA SHY TAKOUHI CHORBAJIAN drlisfs Diploma Piano Miklox Schwolo AM M11: Muszr Edlzmtzorz 111111515 I zndlay MIGUEL GOMEZ M.MIlJ. C07llAf70.YifilI71 l"7'fl7I6'iJ f711r1'fz' Cooke M M115 Violin Gewgcs I owe! TUCKER KEISER M.Mz15. R6'JL'!Z7'L'll Warren Storey Smith M M111 Vom' Www Sllfllllfflll-Y EVELYN MCDONALD M.MIlS. Mzuir Educalion Frzznris Findfzzy NI Mu: Vluxzc flzoorg C1111 Mflxznlex 4611 Um? ww xbwalj QQ ,, SEPT :W Q CT H36 Mfg? ff fMfM U 72Zl1ff LQQSCL? 22313 mm E55 HPRJL W3 . 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M in 313' 1 pf l 1 g , ' 2 E v E , , I 3 s xfx fa if g Q 5,412 , 1' 'X ' if E1 'Z F W . . W N2 f X W gsfw F W, in 4 . "' ' -jk 5' K WG N? YW-If : .1 l - mg ffl A An V J .A A A A, 5 X x Fe. -., 552 3 m N , W.. Band EN sl QW J 1 x.,, RQ 'N 'W jg, Opera Workshop iss! E.N 4891 .qmfei ana! euenbfzf iff? 1146! 0712 C'!ZdZ Cd!! fat H42 .gil Meffldfy of 401 WILLIAM LINCOLN WHITNEY 1861-1949 William L. VVhitney was perhaps the most famous and certainly the most beloved teacher of voice that Boston and the New England Conservatory of Music ever had. His passing creates an irretrievable loss to his friends, colleagues and students. This man, who had become almost legendary in musical circles, had thorough training and varied experience as a performer and as a teacher before joining the Voice Department at the Conservatory in the late l88O,s. He was educated by private instructors: piano with B. Lang in Boston, voice with his father, Myron W. Whitney, and with Luigi Vanuc- cini in Florence, Italy. He was a well known concert and oratorio singer in England, Italy, Germany and the United States. At one time he maintained a school for vocalists and pianists with branches in Florence and Paris, and taught at Royal Normal and Wimbledon Colleges, London, England. Generations of notable singers were trained by him including Louise Homer in the 1890's and Eleanor Steber in the 1930's. Mr. Whitney has left us, but his memory remains, the cherished possession of those of us who knew him, worked and studied with him, and loved him. His devotion to his art and to humanity will be our in- spiration for higher achievement and for relationships with our fellow men. He will live forever as our ideal of a truly great friend, teacher and gentleman. 1911 tudeaf Gfeuaeil OFFICERS Presirienl .... Vin: President and Treasurer Secretary .... Executive Member Advixor . EUGENE LACRITZ EDMUND FINALDI VIVIAN JOHNSTON LORNE FORD DEAN HOLMES MEMBERS Senior Class-Lawrence Stowe, Noel Ethier junior Class-Lorne Ford, Bud Fourness Sophomore Class-Edmund Finaldi, Don Gnrrity Freshman Clam'-Ralph Salamone, Donna Swainey Alpha Chi Omega-Marlon Olore Mu Phi Epsilon-Vivian Johnston Sigma Alpha Iota-Barbara Sackman Kappa Gamma Psi-Eugene Lacritz Sinfonia-Robert Kovner Conservatory Club-Mary Lou Hoar Elson Cluh-Estelle Feldman Carr Organ Soriely-Rose Misclo Composer's Guild-Berj Zamkochian Newman Club-Eileen Dusio Commuter': Club-Anne Depardo, jack Cantrell Malodio Line-Barbara Waterman House Council-Mary Sohovich Symposium-Paul Mayerson, Hector Campos-Parsi 'l94l ,Meladic Li c STAFF Reporter: ' . I JOANN ADAMS DOROTHY Bou'r1L1ER Edxtor-in-Chzey'-BARBARA WVATERMAN PAT CULLEN ROBERT GARNEAU Advixory Editor-PAUL MAYERSON Axsixtant Editor-MIRIAM HINES Canczrt Edilor-LOUISE DALTON Society Edif0I'-MARY Lou HOAR Make-zzp Edil07'-ROBERT ESTES Adver.'i.rir1g MEYIHKET-'RALPH SALAMONE Phologmpher-JOHN DUNNING Crzrtaonixt-RALPH FINN Typing Editor-EILEEN Dusxo ISABELLE LETTENEY ALBERTA SALAZAR DONNA SWAINEY CLARK Cov, JR. JUDY MITCHELL CECIL TAYLOR MARY KILADIS MARY RYAN JACK SHARLAN Bijou WYHITESON ELIZABETH GILL EILEEN SHANIN Soricty Sizf ULANNE JOHNSTON VIVIAN JOHNSTON oAN MCCONNELL ALYCE PLEvocK Typing Sify? NIARY ANGELINI HELEN BLAND ANNE KOURTIS JANE LIVINGSTON LUCILLE HUGHES HELEN ZIONTZ 41951 Jia se Keuneil President . . MARY Sol-1ov1cH Vice President . OLIVE TACCE'1"l'A Seeremry ANTONIA Ezzv Treasurer . . . . EILEEN Duslo Senior Class Represenlolive MARY Lou TAYLOR jzznior Class Representolive . JUNE LINZENBOLD Sophomore Class Representative JOAN MCCONNEI.L Freshman Class Representative JUDY W1Lcox 4196? Kappa Gamma Psi 1JI'E.l'idL'71l . . OFFICERS Firxl Vin' .l"re.ridml , . Second Virc Presidenl . Recording Secretary Ronmrr HA1.1.QU1sT NOEL E'ru1E1v. ARTHUR GOLDSTEIN PAUL MAYERSON HENRY WEGIEL Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer . . JAMES STEVENS 197 I MEMBERS Joseph Bono Richard Blair Thomas Bucci John Cantrell Attilio Capra Harry Folmer Buckner Gamby john Hawver James Hoifman Edward Kilkenny Eugene Lacritz Alfred Lee Tranas Long Horace Magnum Norman Magnan Abbey Mayer John Moriarty Bernard Muller Millard Neiger Lawrence Stowe Richard Summers William Tesson Ernest Tsicoulias Phi ,Mu Anfho, Sinfonia OFFICERS President . . . . FRANK HINKEL Vice President . . . LORNE FORD National Councilman . . FRANK MULLIGAN Recording Secretary . . ROBERT WHITE Corresponding Serretory . . FLOY W11.s1:v Treaxurer . . . WILLIAM METCALF Alumni Secretory . EMXL AHNELL Pledgemosler . . DONALD BUSH Worden . . . EDMUND FINALDI Hislorian . . . DONALD EMERSON Librarian and Yzznitor . JOHN PANDOLPHI i98l MEMBERS Ara Adrian Emil Ahnell Joseph Bachak Daniel Bethea Albert Donald Bush Diran Chertavian Gilbert Clarke George Conti Joseph Dudgeon Robert Dunn Ercolino Ferretti Dyson Fourness, Jr. Miguel Gomez Arthur Kerr Zoltan Koi Robert Kovner Michael Laguta Robert La Gore Nedo Pandolphi Russell Stanger Fred Swasey Fred Wood, jr. 4 l I rs wg ' ' I Szyma ,Maize Iota OFFICERS President . . . BARBARA Jo CURRY Vin' Prexidenl . . SARAH LoMnARn1 Rerording Secretary . GLORIA VVEBBER HOLLY Correxpanding Secrelrzzy . MA RGARET STEPHENS Chaplain . . . . FRANCES MYSKA Sergmn!-rzt-Aran: . MARY Sol-xovlcn Studenl Cozznril . BARBARA SACKMAN 'I99lh MEMBERS Lorraine Ward Emmalime DeVitz1 Mary Lou Hom- Peggy Lally Rose Miscio Dolores Hzmke Betty Summers June Linzcnbold Nina Lester Ethel Cnprilis Phoebe Wood Mu Phi 5,vsilw4 OFFICERS l'rc.vident .... ANNE DIVI'F'I'0I!I0 Vire President .... JANE RLIBIN Recording Secretary . . BE'1"rY LEE HOLMGREN Correxponding Serrctmgv . . JOA NN NICH0l.S Trmmrer . . EMMA JANE XVEST Historian . VIVIAN JOHNSTON Chaplain . . MARX' RYAN Wa1'den . . . . BARBARA XVATERMAN Social Chairman . . BARBARA WALLACE Chorister . . JEANNIE LEE BRADFQRD M1zJic Chairman Rushing Clzairmrm . VIRGINIA CRONKITE MA RY Lou TAYLOIK -i 1 ook Dolores Baldygu Marjorie Henderson Jean McConnell Drama Taylor Lucy Belle XVhitc Julanne Johnston Donna Walsh MEMBERS Faith Coal-:lcy Jenn Hersey Jcunncth Sarzlzin Olive Tzlccelta Mrs. Alice Girouard Cynthia Swift ,mm em Omega ., vi. ,- OFFICERS Priesidenl . . . MARION OLORE Scholarxhip Chairman . PHYLLIS VAN D1: CARR Vue Preszdent . . NECTAR GOORIGIAN Rzuhiug Chairman . ELEANOR MCCAFFERTY T7'f"l-mn"' I - - - - RUTH BEAVER Chaplain . . . EL1zABE'rH Woobs Correspondmg Secrelaqv . PRISCILLA FORRANT Sofia! Chaimmn U . . LORRAINE PHILLIPS lfffofdfffg Sff"ff1"1J' - - JEANNETTE BORETTI Assistant Corresponding Secretary JANICE XVIESING Lyre Editor and Publirily Chairman pV,,,.de,, ...'.. CAROL SCHMIDT PAULINE Bukoxzss MEMBERS Irene Dubois Murielle Halle 411011 E if :QQ gf S ,Q ggegg egg--fx, ii if if H 2wmiz.'ww H 'H M-,ie . WH Q-fins: Wnmwiiwgsa Lf ' .g .L S8 W 3 Z' -1 1 A Ale? e.:H.,ex'5x1.f H fi: 5 7 H ,eg ,X 4 v in .ei Ze? X 1 ,ha--"sw,,-. Q i M af fgsfg 5,5 g'35,..,15.41:,. K w 'Q'Y'ff'f3lu-591 ' - sea ,Q 1- H' X K - X- .Q s K4 1.595 -ffl I , , f i S, iimwsi x 'if , , . mn .4 W. ,, fi si i -wi-, ' he .. ,... . . ,H ..... i i 'iii Q Heezsermfe y 61116 W- Wifi l i l i f B X ,L W-no H 1 manic is mn idx- Em Eli 52615 XXX WH H s is if s iii mil is an l 'X wif! L-5. ' ,rp President Vice Prefideni Secretary Treasurer . Smdent Cozmril Social Chairman OFFICERS CHARLOTTE JONES GLENNA CAIN MARY SOHOVICH VIVIAN JOHNSTON NIARY Lou HOAR GLORIA LECLA111 Nancy Keay Anne Depardo Martha Loven Edith Dinan Sara Lombardi Frances Taylor -11021 l i fig. wi va , if We 2, .. fe A 8, 'STQYQQ M1 xx MEMBERS Carol Schmidt Frances Myska Bernadette Kulick Carol Mihara Edith Dorrance Lucille Hughes Newman 61116 P1'eJirfz'nt . Vine'enl .'f7' . . Corresponding Sefretarlv . . Rerorfling Secrelruy Delegate . . Stzzdenf Council . OFFICERS MEMBERS SARAH LOMBARIJI MARY SOHOVICH JOAN MCCONNELL JACK CHARLAND HENRY WEGIE1. MARX' Lou HQAR EILEEN Dusio Gene Ploof Rosemary Lyden Theresa Sheehan Bill English Mziry Ryan Joe Bzxchek Antonia Ezzy Berj Zamkochian 11031 Edith Dinan Dolores Begin Ann English Rose Miscio Lucille Hughes Ray Smith Frances De Luca Steve Black w 1 815014 Klub ., V i f 4 15 arg eg B -i 'ln- 'QV OFFICERS MEMBERS Pre.via'enl ..... CHARLOTTE BAUM E ' G Sh' l P ' . k Vice ,P7'L'5fliE'71f and Smdcnl ugema Orton lr ee nmqc , I Eileen Cohen Billi Kurland C01ZTIf1!Rdf1TEJ671lHfZUE . . ESTELLE FELDMAN , Eleanor Tannenlmum Eleanor Zimmerman Trmsznw' and Rffordzng Serlwzzrj' BESSIE LEVINE . Y, Toba Kramer Leigh Reiss Corre.vponfizr1g Secretary . . . RUTH Lina 411041 Kammuteris' 61116 Q-ff-1 OFFICERS Prerident . . ANNE DEI-Anno Vice Preridenl . PHYLLIS MATONDI Secrclmy ..... CLAIRE ELLMS Trenmrel' and Sludent Council Represefllzztive JACK CANTRELL Bud Capra Anne English Thomas Bucci Henry Guarino Henry Mirsky Herbert Astle Jacqueline Marois Blaisdell Wight Theresa Sheehan Anthony Zarba Norman Magnan 11051 MEMBERS joseph Reis Nancy Garfield joseph DiGrc-:gorio Priscilla Caswell Ronald Christenson Manuel Correia Eleanor McCaH"erty Berry Woods Ruth Lefebvre Norman Audette Horace Magnan gill? Organ President . Vice President Secrelmy . Trerzsmer . Social Clllflifflldll OFFICERS BERJ ZAMKOCJ-HAN ROSE Mxscxo SHIRLEY COLLINS FRED THORPE . PAU1. LANG MEMBERS William Campbell George Butler Florence Dunn Bernadette Kulick J. Hzyrlcston Parker Richard Reynolds hoof Edward Low Richard Taylor jean B. Hersey Frances Myska Donald Sampson Herbert Hobbs Che Kampascrs' Guild OFFICERS STUDENT llonorzny Preridmlt . . . CARI. MCKINLEI' ,. 1-'resident ,... Hucrcm CAMI-os-PA RSI Marshall Arkfn Past President . . VVILLIAM 'TESSON John B11VlCChl Vice President . . JOSEPH CARROLL Raymond Belanger Serretmy . . . . JAMES Horx-'MAN paul Bordeleau Treasurer ..... PAUL BORDELEAU Student Council Represenlrzlive BERJ ZAM1-iocl-IIAN Advisory Board .,.. CARL MCKINLEX' FRANCIS JUDD Coomz LELAND PROCTER Roux-:RT DUNN FACULTY MEMBERS Francis Judd Cooke Albert Tepper Carl McKinley Ivan Waldbauer Leland Procter Hector Campos-Parsi Joseph Carroll Travis Chandler Charles Danforth Robert Dunn Ercolino Ferretti Thomas Flanagan Miguel Gomez James Hoffman -f107J' MEMBERS Alan Kemler Floyd McClain lNllllam Tesson Henry Wegiel Raymond Wilding Floy Vllillsey Anthony Wolf Neil Wolf Phebc Wood John Young Berj Zaml-:ochian Christopher Zarha Frederick Zander White Greetings at Commencement 1950 HARRISON KELLER., Dfiremfor BIALCULIW I-I. HOLMES, Dean New England COHS61'X'2lLOl'b' of llusic -f110f Compliments of The Class of T951 Compliments oF The Class of 1952 11121 eoMPL1MENTs oi' The Class of l9'53 THE ALUMNI ASSCCIATION QIAOIIIIIIHII in 1876 by Dr. lfbmz TOIlJ'j6t?D of the NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC offers hearty C011gl'2LI,lll2J.l1l0I1S to THE SENIOR CLASS on the excellence of this 1950 Neumc A most. cordial invitation is hereby cxtenclerl to the Class of '50 to be guests of the Association at the Annual Alumni Banquet, June, 1950, in Brown Hall, and as Future Alumni to attend the Diamond Jubilee Banquet-June, 1951 on the occasion of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the Alumni Association 11131 COmmnowealth 6-4727 "Eve:-ytlltirlg for the ill 11.s'ic'1'c1 ll " R A Y B U R N MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO. -Ilisllrfbutors Qf- Bach, Benge, Selmer IllS'tI'l.ll1lClltS Slingerlancl Drums - Ludwig Drums Thoniastik, Pirastro, Kaplan Super-Sensitive Strings Large Stock of Used Instrulnents IllStI'lIlIlClltS Bought . . . . . . Repairing of All ,Kinds 267 Huntington Avenue Boston Massachusetts Located in the Symphony Hall Block Telephone KE 6-5822 A. COPLEN Florist Flowers For All Occasions 991 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. l'o1nplimc1'1t.sof . . . INTERNATIONAL CAFE 315 W. Broadway South Boston LEO HIRSH, Inc. Clothes by the House of Wlorsted-Tex hlanhattan and Van Heusen Shirts Stetson Hats - Interwoven Socks Correct Formal Attire For Every Occasion 250 Huntington Avenue Boston 11141 GA 7-9639 l'onz,pli1rLentsQf . . PI KAPPA LAMBDA E S T E L L E ' S Southern Fried Chicken "The 0'I'igl'IZflI', 888-892 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 001111111-HIl'711fS of . . J O E ' S C0'lILIIliIlLOIIf-Y of . . KAPPA GAMMA PSI Niltiilllilil Music 1"1'ui.crnity KEnmore 6-0469 Clrcle 7-9804 SELTZER'S Flower Shop KNCXIL L0 Symphony Ilalllj Boston 251 Huntington Ave. GAINSBORO CLEANERS MAIN STORE AND PLANT D o11tDry-Clcanillg 3 Hour Service- up All XYo1'k clone in our own LZLlIllCll'y and Dry Cleaning Plant -B rn 11,011 es- -LQQ PARKER ST., ROXBURY BRUNSWICK HOTEL, BOSTON 59 KILMARNOCK ST., BOSTON 771 HUNTINGTON AVE., ROXBURY 11151- WOODBRIDGE HOTEL Davis Square Somerville 44, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . STRAND CAFE THE LITHUANIAN RESTAURANT with YVL-clrlings Banquets Parties Lithun"'ia" and American -Food and Liquors- NILS and :XDELINIC LOVEN West Broadway SO 6-7799 South Boston, Mass. COSTA HOUNTASIS Maker of Violins and Bows Complete Lino of Accessories Olcl Violins and Bows Cases and Covers Strings-Tllc Best Brands Pirnstro, Tlioluustik, Super-sensitive, Kaplan, etc. Chin Rests Qu large selectioul Shoulclcr Pauls CMI Kinclsl -Jluil Orders Fillrrl- Charles E? David, Inc. I'I3.l3CI'lli1Sl1CI'S and Clofhicrs 232 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Mass. 240 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass. KEnmore 6-9285 HARBOR VIEW INN "On the Beach" C0mY9l'57'w'ltS Qf Onset, Cape Cod, Mass. A FRIEND NILS und ADELINE LOVEN X GA 7-9885 QQ ' f'0mpIinz.ents of . . . Q35 S L A D E , S GA1NsBoRo PHARMACY -Corner of- Ofiginal Barbecue Gainsboro and Huntington Chzfckcn. the Slade l'Vay Tcl- KEHHIOFG 64595 958 Tremont St. Boston, Mass. 11161- Open lfl't'Ill.ll.gS by .-I ppoiulnzcnl Klrklzuirl 7-2672 The DICKSON-RITZ CO. Tuxedo Renters Central Square Nou' 'l'lTX EDOS D R ESS SUITS C UTA YYAYS 649 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge f'0IIl.l1!1.lllf'IIfS of . . Oflicc Telephone Residence Telephone SU S-0948 PA 7-0-102-ll A. J. NAMAKSY Real Estate :md Insurance 409 West Broadway Res. 37 Oriole St. S. Boston 27, Mass. W. Roxbury, Mass. Res. Tcl. HY 3-1072-J Tel. S0 8-2029 GEORGE C. STUKAS Portrait mul l'VCClC1'iIIfl Pllotograplzcfr 453 West Broadway, South Boston, Mass. Res. 393 Metropolitan Ave., Roslindale, Mass. l'on1pl1'n1w1t.v of . . . T H E Z 0 0 ll.'Xl,LQl5lS'l' NAYICRSUN JOHNSON XV E G I If L MILLS TKACH ENKO America's Smoothest Soft Drink f,'lIllljIIi7ILUIlf8 QI' . 7W0 f THE PENTHCUSE BOYS E Guy Vance Carpenter Qlofgdmmgj Arthur Eliot Goldstein Frank J. Gallagher TRU-ADE BOTTLING co. gkbyky RQTYSFW 129 Binney Street Cambridge 42, Mass. mu f' ' U 'E-"H Tel. Eldot -l-3356 11171 ALICE'S HOME BAKERY C. PLEYOCK, Prop. Spef:'1'alz'zing in Litlmanian Bread and Pastries lVetlflil1g and Birthday Cakes lX'Iade to Order 528 E. 8th St. So. Boston, Mass Bridgewater Workers Co-operative Association, Inc. 1 Y0IlL171l.lILl!'IltS of . . . Manufacturers of Mens' Shoes Bridgewater, Mass. ARTHUR'S FLOWER SHOP 159 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, Mass. Phone CI '7-8325 C'or.vagff.v Discount to Students KEHIl1OI'0 6-6396 CAFE AMALFI 131,716.81 Italian Restaurant Near Symphony Hall 10A Westland Ave. Boston, Mass "life Repair .fill Illakes of Radios- A uto I nal ufle1Z" G A I N S B O R O RADIO 81 TELEVISION CROSLEY, R.C.A. Radio and Television 54 Gainsboro St. Boston, Mass. MUSIC WRITING FOUNTAIN PEN "Large Ink Capacity" 5155.00 14k point PROVIDENCE PEN SHOP PROVIDENCE, R. 1. 1'rnn.pIimmzts of BLUE MOON SEA GRILL 329 Massachusetts Ave. Boston STUDENTS' SPECIAL 65c EXCLUSIVE DRY CLEANING Tel. ST:1dium 2-1283 SPECIALTY CLEANSERS 8: DYERS "Every Garment a Specialtyn 66 Harvard Ave. Allston, Mass 11181 f"lI'IlIj2I'I.Il1t"lIf-9 Qf' . . , Vomplf A FRIEND nzmzts Qf' . . . NEWMAN CLUB f'0lII11Ill'lILf'IIfSOf' . . . f',,,,,l,1,' Zeta Chapter ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1nm1Z.s' QI' . . . PHI MU ALPHA Sinfonia Vmnplitnztents af ' ' ' I'0mplimm1t.v QI' . . . Beta Chapter MU PHI EPSILON Lambda Chapter SIGMA ALPHA IOTA f""'0I7!1""W'1i-V Qf - - - I'01rzpfinzf'11ts Qf . . . CON SERVATORY CLUB ELSON CLUB 111914 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBoRo MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations DiplomaswPersona1 Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques Rcpre.s'm1I11t11'e: MH. KEATING 230 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. QEMOOI4 created and produced by our sl4illed craftsmen is always appreciated lor tlwe excellence ol its design and quality ol vvorlcmanslwip. 422614 M7255 ONE 'sixw WARREN STREET Bosiom, MASSACHUSETTS 3Q2Cl.EA3f:f M .qfoof dna! Cyaffeje jju6A'cafz'onJ 41201 U HA ncoclc I6-7228, r 5 ' bf PHUTUGHHPHU 7 LURIHG whether it's Portraits, Group Pictures, or Action X Shots-you can depend on LORING for the X2 Finest in Portraiture, Our expert staff is pre- pared to handle any Photographic Assignment- at prices that are always moderate. A951925 SIHPJQA I 5 Max fn fanf ,far e 2400? MAOZOQZEIQAZ? 0 EXTRA y ENGRAWZNGS W W A91 , fygm j,ffQ,JfWgl W0 ,z , M , JMLW m f ,MW PHOTO -ENGRAVERS 0 70 RUHEMS IEN JMI . CUMUPANY 115 SAGAMURE STREET NCY 71,MASSACHUSETTS J? P1 , 1 .flqrlfi ly l J F 1 .,fj,?fi', JZ'-1 1'-9157:-9 w ' , , .,,-vw j W f-f 5 hh.: In .. ' mr! :,, , - 5535i55:.E559 gesazm " A' 'uf naf I, V ' T ' ":'i-QQQL 1??4.--31,1 ' f"' " H A U E R ' S French Cleansers 8: Launderers Cleansing mul I-2l,lllldCl'illg of every Description 46-48 Gainsboro St. KE 6-2411 n" The Neume Sfoff of 1950 wishes fo express grofeful oppreciofion fo all fhose who have ossisfed in producing fhis yearbook. 11231 e, the editors of the 1950 Nezmze wish to say in passing that this yearbook is novel in many of its features, which departures we hope will become institutionalized in the publishing of N6Z'l77ZE5. Wle were entrusted by the foreseeing class of '50 with vital ideas for the production of a yearbook two years ago and we sincerely feel that this Neume is the appropriate culmination of those ideas. In keeping with the objectives of past editors, we have tried to make this a yearbook of the N. E. C. and not just a senior album. It is our wish that this book will be of assistance to all future editors as a synibolization ol' the Real Neuman Lawrence Stowe Paul Nlayerson Edilors-in-C'l1iLf Eugene Ploof!mzt Effifor 11241 .np-fn y,.. .r 55 ii A 4- .ji 1 r .5 4 5 'Fai ..x v 4 w . r. IHA! 4 xv I 3 ':N - M ' 1 ,s fl . it ,Q 5 'I s 'x '1 x .4 .1 1 - w 1: 15- r A . 11 rf", ,--4 ,ij I ".c '- -5 A fi :fi ,ze :. 'I v ' .EI we N 5 V-L: 15 'Ji .gl fl " dp 1 .1 .- 'I 351 ,E ,ff --11' Q EJ. ' rx 1,522+ ,. , 5156? Af? K il ffl :ff 5:4 iii? 5 41 ur . K 2. A,....:,.-.,.,. ..... -. . - -,.v,.-......A ,ff V iv:--,. fl- 5... ., ,-, ,-.. ,',.,, A f..,.,,.,.7:.:: v -q.....,-.,..7,V.,. ,,: -.-,. F, -..- .. Y -Wim, A,,:.m. . ,1- Y' "'-"' .. , .., H. . , ' ' " """' " ' . j " .+C- ,. ..,.... , W.. f-,,, ,, V . . - - - . ' ..,-. -,, - -..,,.-..,. ,-f---. '- WQQBQ' I u . . J , J 1 1 I 1 I Y .I f W 1 I I K V . U . X . ' " . ' - A , g.,,v.,',, ,,,,,,,ggg,' ,L...M.l , S- A. . v J '.w1 f U . .': k""Q'5i'4:- - ' 1 "Q Q N w" -- Mi-A 9-.J -v-h.'h-in-1.1 5' ewwuqmnaamsx-fr-Pm.-.g:':" " ' ,1..g '- 2' - 1'-'41-1 W--1-A - I f .1 V w n.- - . A--. ra-'sums-w fv.M-Amxvisee, 'I' ' fJAaa,

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