New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA)

 - Class of 1948

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New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1948 volume:

f K .+- r a , W i , .-'I ' g ,, s W " V A A' ' ' X " ' L ,,., - " ' -' 1 -'f 4' 9:1-L - : A 6- .. ,.., -,,,p,J.--,..m,,:4..44.4.L.,1... fAe Weume Zgoarcl laredenfd th!! ron was ONSER1, Q I il XX r 5 Z S df' N X 'F' I Q' .ag .nf .',,.... L, , IA Qi! A O U M- -dm. M' K, -.., ,. , .1 'U 'my' 157 3 35Qs7'i' .-ur -' O ' published by 'rhe Neume Board 'For 'rhe S+uden'r Body of +he New England Conservafory of Music Bos+on, MassachuseHs pI'e!,l.J2 ln lceeping with the precedent established in an earlier Neume, this year's issue is not intended for Seniors alone. A It is, instead, a collection ol words and pictures, which, in years to come, will bring back mem- ories ol that period spent at N. E. C., lor all students. With this purpose in mind, we, the Neume Board, have gathered the following- pages. It is our hope that this book will not only revive memories ol past experiences, but also help to lceep alive 'the spirit ol our school, wherever you, the students, as individuals, may eventually carry on your profession. ALVIN K. FOSSNER, Editor-in-Chiel. ibeckcafion fo . GEORGE A. GIBSON , -sf i 3:1 H 1 'wu.gj'.,.' Q V I 1, W lm is lt is with a great deal of pleasure and respect that we dedicate this bool: to you, Mr. Gibson. Your sincere assistance and encouragement to the members ol our class have been received with deepest gratitude. Your accomplishments in the fields of teaching, administration, and perlorm- ance are an inspiration to us who are about to leave this school and start on careers ol our own. Certainly, your interest, cooperation, wit, and amiability, in our daily contacts with you, have been necessary and appreciated adjuncts to our formal training, and will be remembered long after we have lelt the Conservatory. Class of 1948. -3- MALCOLM H. HOLMES KELLER Fkfbfmck WALLACE GOODRICH ' LL. MIR, EL L' VII E AM 5. L ENVI API., ,461 ' ' ' AM l'l'lU'll:ffI"Clfl0lfL WALLACE GOODRICH . Direcfor Emerirus HARRISON KELLER 4.,...,,. ..,, . ,.., .Director MALCOLM H. HOLMES ,,,,.....,. ,. ...,. ,. .,.,.. ,.., D ean FREDERICK W. C. LEHMANN ,,...,, ,..., . .Assisiani Treasurer ETHEL L. HILL ,.,... .. .,,.,............. Registrar MIRIAM S. LAPHAM .... ,Librarian -4- WC Wallace Goodrich Harrison Keller Malcolm Holmes Raymond T. Allard Amelia Altimari Ursula Apel Alexandria Batilda David Barnett Richard Burgin Esther Brudevalde William Butler Pasquale Cardillo Norman Carrel Margaret Chalotf John W. Coffey Francis Judd Cooke Malcolm Creighton Jean Demos Eleanor M. Davis Lorna Cooke DeVaron Joseph DePasquale Gaston Dulresne Margery K. Lovell Dorcas M. Edgell Jean Ellerson' Norma Jean Erdmann George Faxon Willis W. Fay Paul Federovsky Francis Findlay Kurt Fischer Georges Fourel George A. Gibson Jeanette Giguere Fernancl Gillet Marie Audet Gillet Alice Girouard Howard Goding Elizabeth Golden 360 jdlfllgg Boris Goldovsky Henry M. Goodrich Leo Hayek Martha Hayes Janet Hayes - Adolphus Herseth Frances W. Hersey Betty Hilker Elaine F. Howard Homer Humphrey Percy F. Hunt Betty Anne Judge Catherine Keller Charles S. Kent John Kiplinger Virginia Klotzle Allred Krips Marcel Lalosse Francis Brockman Lanier Georges Laurent Lois W. Lautner Lottie H. Lenn Anna Stovall Lothian Frank L. MacDonald Georges C. Mager Margaret Mason Carl McKinley Dowell P. McNeill Gladys Childs Miller George E. Moleux Lucille Monaghan John Dickson Murray James Newcomb Ruby Newman Marylin Olson Raymond Orr Ernst Panenka Charles Pearson Walter Piston Victor Polatschek Ernst Possony Marie Poutiatine Leland H. Procter C. Roland Reasoner James H. Remley Dorothy E. A. Richards Simone Riviere Lois Schaefer Elisabeth J. Schultz Harold Schwab Miklos Schwalb Hannah Sherman Elizabeth Sher Jean Smith Donald S. Smith Rhodora B. Smith Warren Storey Smith Carlo B. Soresina Katherine Southworth Alice H. Stevens Robert Stuart Marie Sundelius Lura Taylor Jeanne Tufts Willem A. Valkenier Roger Voisin Betty Warren Lawrence White Alice E. Whitehouse William L. Whitney Leta Whitney Florence Wild Chester W. Williams Felix Wolfes Susan Williams Alfred Zighera Bernard Zighera -5- we Welllfle KOH!!! Editor-in-Chief ....... .....................,.................................. ' ..,......... A LVIN K. FOSSNER Literary Staff ..,..... ,........,...................... .... .....,.. CHARLOTTE SHORK JOAN HALL LOUISE PITTS HELEN SMITH HARRIET GOODWIN FREDERICK DILUCCI .J. DONALD DeLONG Circulation ...... ......,.,.....,........,...,. CHARLES MARSTON BERNARD BARBEAU Advertising Manager .... ......,.. H ERMAN GOLDFARB A KAREN B. MORRILL RICHARD GERSTENBERGER Finance Department ...,.. ...........................,,...,...,.....,...,..,... WALTER MEDWID JEANNE GUILFORD Layout Editor . ...................,...., JOSEPH CARROLL Art Editor ...... .......,. Faculty Advisors ....,.........,.....,..4r.......,.........,......... FRANCES W. HERSEY GEORGE A. GIBSON Freshman Class Representative , ....,.. ..,............,.... B ARBARA JO CURRY Sophomore Class Representative ..... ..................,,....,...,...,.....,.......,.... LARRY STOWE BOB HALLQLIIST Junior Class Representative .,.,.............,..,,.... .............,.....,...... E DWARD DREW Popular Music School Representative .,...... .......... G LORIA FONTANELLA l I I was 581.15m 5 X Q 2 Q Qi .gznior Cfarm Ofhcerd A President ...,..,. ...,... E DWARD J. FITZPATRICK, JR. Vice-President ...... ,........ J EAN GUILFORD Treasurer .........,.,...... .......... W ALTER MEDWID Recording Secretary ....,. .......... J OAN HALL Corresponding Secretory .,.... ....,.. H ELEN SMITH Editor of Neume ,.,.................,. .......... A LVIN FOSSNER Student Council Represenfative ......... LOUISE PITTS .,,. -W 1 Canokclafea Zur fhe ibegree, gackekr of Wuaib Q THOMAS R. ATKINSON Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Kappa Gamma Psi 1946-47-487 Corresponding Secre- tary 1947-485 Recording Secretary 1946-47. Voice with Mr. Pearson T rea 519 East Block Street, EI Dorado, Ark. KENNETH S. AUSTIN Q4 Newton Street, Belmont, Mass. ROBERT BALL 115 Noel Street, Springfield, Mass. Piano with Mr. David Barnett Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1945-46-47-48, Chairman, Social Committee 1946, Committee for National Convention 1948. , SCHOLARSHIPS: Philip Southworth 1945-461 South- Q-- .wiclc Scholarship 1946-47, Oliver Ditson 1947-481 if BERNARD PAUL BARBEAU ff' 19 Linden Street, Nashua, N. l-l. Voice with William LQ Whitney Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Newman Club, Junior Class Student Council Representative, 19425 Chairman Senior Dance and Banquet Committee, Neume Board, 1948. SCHOLARSHIPS: Opera 1941-42, Lindsay 1941-42. 110.- jfg. l ie Cpaluhclafea Zu' fge megree, ganleftzr of mimic GERTRUDE L. BEDWAY 2148 Main Street, Wheeling, West Virginia Voice with William L. Whitney ELIZABETH ANNE BLAKE' Locust Street, Assonet, Mass. Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Conservatory Club, 1944-45-46-47-485 Vice-President, 1945-465 Recording Secretary, 1946-475 Sigma Alpha Iota, 1945-46-477 Seals and Emblem Chairman, 1946- 475 Corresponding Secretary, 1945-461 Commuter's Club, 1944-45-465 Vice-President, 1944-45, Secretary, 1945- 46. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School, 1944-455 Munroe, 1945- 461 French, 1946-475 French, 1947-48. Auorzev srzrsr -fn -X I' re 1 I I 2303 Parrish, Cedar Falls, Iowa In Violin with Richard Burgin Sigma Alpha Iota, Recording Secretary, 1946-47. SCHOLARSHIPS: George Saunder's, 1945-46,-1946-47, 1947-48. SIBYL BLILLOCK Columbia, Mississippi Y Voice with Mr. William L. Whitney I Sigma Alpha Iota, 1946-48. ELENORA CARAMAGNO Newburyport, Mass. Piano with Lucille Monaghan P ' Minstrel Show, 1945-46. SCHOLARSHIP: High School, 1944-45. I LEWIS CLOSSER 366 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. gg' Voice with Gladys Miller and Ernst Possony SCHOLARSHIP: Carr, 1941-42. BURTON CLEAVES ' IO Lawrence Street, Winchester, Mass Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. -11-. ganvbclafw Aw fAe cibegree, gachegr ol! mudic , -.ij l Vitesse, Q35 lllmll . ELEANOR CRAIG. 315 William Street, Somerville, N. J. Organ with George Faxon and Carl McKinley L Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor, 1945-46, Scholarship Chairman, 1946-47-48, Carr Organ Society, Vice-Presi- dent, 1945-46. 2-4l"N F" .1-sz P l l . ' FRANCIS CRAIG 315 William steel, Somerville, N. J. Organ with George Faxon and Carl McKinley Alpha Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary 1945-46- 47, Warden 1947-48, Carr Organ Society, Secretary 1945-46, 1946-47. J. DONALD DE LONG 38 Westland Ave., Boston, Mass. l ll Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay President Sophomore Class 1941, Art Editor For Neume 1946-47, Kappa Gamma Psi-1940-41-46-47-48, Cor- 4- responding Secretary 1940-41, Vice-President 1946-47, President 1947-48. FREDERICK J. DI LUCCI I l 105 Harvard Street, Fitchburg, Mass. Public School Music, with Mr. Francis Findlay Orchestra 1942-1947-48, Neume Board 1947-48, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, 1946-47-48, Warden 1947-48. .-12.- Cpanckclafed Ar fAe megree, dozaczegor of W4u5ic WILFRED W. FALLING l83 Vernon Street, Worcester, Mass Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay and Carr Organ Society. FAUST FIORE 89 Ouarey Street, Fall River, Mass. N 1 , Flute with Mr. Georges Laurent Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: National Councilman 1945-47 President 1947-48, N. E. C. Orchestra 1939-42, 1946-48 J? EDWARD J. FITZPATRICK, JR. 78 Barnes Avenue, East Boston, Mass. Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay President ol Senior Class, President of Student Council 1946-47, Student Council Representative 1947-48, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Alumni Secretary 1941-42, President 1946-47, National Councilman 1947-48. ALVIN K. FOSSNER 804 Pleasant Street, Worcester, Mass. Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Orchestra 1942-43, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, 1946-47-48, Neume Board 1947, Editor of Neume 1948. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1941-42, Orchestral, 1942-43. -.13-. Ka Organ with Mr. Homer Humphrey, Commuter's Club, ,, .E - i.ii Fr Glfl-l10hc!afe5 fke Lbegree, Baafefor of magic ' - w-:ff-.-,--if-an Y cf., , 2 ff 'f 6 ANNE GERMAIN ' Q8 Old Morton Street, Dorchester, Moss. Voice with Mme. Sundelius SCHOLARSHIPS: High School, 1944-45: French, 1946- 47j 1947-48. 7 RICHARD C. GERSTENBERGER 9 Sargent Avenue, Lawrence, Mass. French Horn with Mr. Willem Vallcenier Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Historian and Warden 1946- 47, Orchestra, 1941 -42, 1946-47, 1947-48. H SCHOLARSHIP: High School-1941-42. HARRIET LOUISE GOODWIN Box 217, Fairfield, Maine W, T 7' Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay President ol N. E. C. House Council 1947-48, Conserva- tory Club 1946-487 Corresponding Secretary 1946-47, Q President 1947-48, Student Council Representative - 1947-48, Neume Board, Literary, 1947-48, N. E. C. Or- chestra 1943-46. V SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1943-447 Samuel Carr 1944-45, Sounders 1945-46g Samuel Carr 1946-475 Ditson and Additional Ditson 1947-48. .IEANNE GUILFORD 95 Woodlawn Street, Lynn, Mass. Public School Music Mr. Francis lull' 'll' Hu rriiiir rrrgrw '17, 1 I Vice-President ol the Senior Class, Sigma Alpha Iota 1946-48: Sergeant-at-Arms 1946-47, Student Council Representative 1946-47, Junior Class Recording Secre- tary 1946-477 Commuter's Club 1945-47: Treasurer 1946- 47, Junior Cl. Street Fair Comm. 19475 Conservatory Club 1945-48: Corresponding Secretary 1945-47, Treas- urer 1946-47, Vice-President 1947-485 Neume Board 'I 1947-48, Alto Rep. for Chorus 1948. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-455 Carr 1945-465 Converse 1946-477 Converse 1947-487 Converse No. -14- -efe Q, f f E Canckclafeo Amr fAe -ibegree, gaclrefor 0 :mic .. .- L, f- :fl 'rf rr gtg 1321 M111 r rt rr- yr! fr 11 -ri -sze-:v-sz'1 .1 1. rr rr 1 M. , 1 , :,.,1s-1 s- .rr 1. , JOAN MARIE HALL 39 South Street, Roclcport, Mass. 1 i Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Recording Secretory Senior CIass1 Mu Phi Epsilon: Cor- responding Secretary 1946-47, President1 Consewatory Club 1946-48: Social Chairman 1947-481 Junior Class Corresponding Secretary 1946-471 Senior Representative to House Council 1947-481 Student Council 1947-481 Boston String Quartette Committee 1947-481 Jr. Class Street Fair Committee 1946-471 Neume Board 1947-481 Soprano Representative for Chorus 1947-48. THOMAS WILSON HOAG 11 Acorn Avenue, Wakefield, Mass. Percussion with Mr. Lawrence White Kappa Gamma Psi. ROBERTA McKINLAY HARRISON 36 Garden Street, Boston, Mass. Voice with Miss Gladys Miller Ir - Ir I QPZWW-q' In rr f -fr v Sigma Alpha Iota. SCHOLARSHIP: Converse 1942-43. PHILIP HOFFMAN ' 178 Shaw Street, East Braintree, Mass. Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Kappa Gamma Psi: Recording Secretary 1947-481 Or- chestra 1945-46-47-48. CHARLES HUBBARD Bloomington, Illinois Flute with Mr. Georges Laurent Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1945-48: Coresponding Secre- tary 1945-46, Vice-President 1946-471 N.E. C. Orches- tra 1 945-46. SCHOLARSHIPS: Ida Converse 1946-471 Carr 1947-48. FRAN K BERTELLE JAMES Stage Harbor Road, Chatham, Mass 1 n Trumpet with Georges Mager Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1945-48: Secretary 1946-47 Pledgemaster 1946-47, 1947-48. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-451 Carr 1945-46, 1946-47, 1947-48. 115.- Canakclafed kr fLe cibegree, gachekr 0 uriic Mm "' "' "' W "Keira 1 rr rr rr. rr rr n will gt... ,H ANNE LORRAINE KEANE 36 Temple Avenue, Winthrop, Mass. Voice with Mme. Sundelius SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-45, Oliver Ditson 1946-47, 1947-48. NATALIE KRAMER 301 Clarlc Road, Brookline, Mass. Piano with Mr. Howard Goding Elson Club: Vice President 1947-48. SCHOLARSHIP: High School. BILLY J. LAYTON MURL KEISER Abilene, Virginia Research with W. S. Smith GEORGE A. KULLBERG Rt. Q, Bax 540, Mound, Minn Piano with Howard Goding Midland, Texas Composition with Mr. Francis .Iudd Cooke Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1946-47-48, Chairman of N. E. C. Delegation to American Music Students' Symposium 1948. SCHOLARSHIP: Teaching Fellowship - in Theory 1947-48. ARDIS LEE 31 Felt Street, Salem, Mass. Violin with Mr. Harrison Keller Cammuters Club. A SCHOLARSHIPS: can 1944-455 can 1945-46, sauna.-fs lag, 1946-47. -16- .l Ganchclafed Arr fAe fibegree, Z?acAe!or o uriic ,---.----3 --M ---,-W -- - - GLORIA LOPARDC 302 Walnut Avenue, North Adams, Mass. Piano with David Barnett WALTER J. MEDWID ltltik llll 1 130 Edgewood Street, Hartford, Conn. Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay A Voice with Mrs. Alice Stevens Violin with Mrs. Broclcman Kappa Gamma Psi 1946-47, 1947-48, Trustee of Paderewslci Scholarship Fund 1947-48, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Neume Board 1947-48. SCHOLARSHIP: High School 1941-42. KAREN B. MORRILL Q Park Avenue, Somerville, Mass. Voice with William L. Whitney Mu Phi Epsilon: Social Chairman 1947-48, Strauss Ball Committee 1948, Neume Board 1948. ri'r'.s?Ef"'?""""fSl"""" war- we 5- A 7 '-f- EuGENiA L. MoRroN 297 Woodward Street, Waban, Moss. Piano with Mr. Beveridge Webster, xx. 'Q Milclos Schwalb, .Howard Goding Elson Club, Composers' and Arrangers' Club. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-45, Baermann Carl 1945-46, N. E. C. Current 1945-46, Parker Blanche 1945-46. -17.-. is CCl,I'l6k6!H,l65 All' EA? QBWWB7 KGCAQAI' 0 ll5ltC JOAN M. McNElL 16 Palmer Court, Clinton, Mass. Voice with Mme. Sundelius N. E. Conservatory Club: Recording Secretary 1946-47, Social Chairman 1947-48, Senior Dance Committee 1947. SCHOLARSHIP: High School 1944-45. 'EY 1 . r Nl PRISCILLA JANE PHILLIPS 35 Summer Street, Nashua, New Hampshire Voice with Mr. Charles Pearson Alpha Chi Omega: Assistant Treasurer 1945-1946, Treasurer 1946-47-48, Junior Representative to House Council 1946-47, Neume Board. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-45, Special High School 1945-46, Clara Rogers 1946-47, Clara Rogers 1947-48. JOHN PADOVANO Y 334 Lancaster Street, Leomin Piano FLORENCE LOUISE PITTS 45 Dale Street, Roxbury, Mass. Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Melodic Line 1944-45, 1947-48, Neume Statf 1946-47, Neume Staff 1947-48, Student Council Representa- tive 1947-48. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-45, M. lda Con- -verse 1947-48. V L r. . 13: . - 'z .. tis: V . , .. ..,-.s We , K, We , , if- ' Vi ' mira we nt. .- BETTY CONSTANCE POND Logan, West Virginia 4 Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Piano with Miss Giguerre SCHOLARSHIP: Oliver Ditson 1947-48. ster, Mass l Cianckclafea for fha legree, gaiefor o uziic ' .fesml 'Ms-V . , -sr-H5-11'-,f --1 ,ffiiii 'iiiiiwfzecflssirrl sE??212iLSit,. 5 Hsilftf 52,3 Y Ax M X , MARJORIE ROBINSON ROBBINS Lf ,3l Commissioners Pilce, Elmer, N. J. li? Organ with Mr. George Foxon Alpha Chi Omega, Carr Organ Society. SCHOLARSHIPS: Samuel Carr 46-47, 47-48. LOUISE SARGENT 30 Fenway, Boston, Mass. K' 1 Piano with Miss Lucille Monaghan v RALPH I. SAUNDERS 17 Courtes Street, Boston, Moss Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Jr. Class President 1946-47, Kappa Gamma Psi 1946 47-48. FLORENCE SCHILLEREFF 726 Lincoln Street, Fort Morgan, Colorado .V Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay Transfer lrom Yanlcton College, Yankton, So. Dakota, Senior Ring Committee 1948. .-19... Canahc!afe5 Apr fke ibegree, gaclzegr of mudic TOBA SCHWARTZ 37 Bay Street, Manchester, N. H. Piano with Miss Lucille Monaghan Elson Club: Treasurer 1945-46, Recording Secretary 1946-47, President 1947-48. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-45, Lucinda Gould it 1946-47, 1947-485 Charles Denne Memorial Scholar- ship 1947-48. r r CHARLOTTE GERALDINE SHORK 19 Waban Hill Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. Voice with Mme. Sundelius Newman Club 1944-455 Student Council 1946-47, Care Committeeg Senior Concert Committee, Melodic Line tv- 1945-46-47, Neume Board 1946-47, Alpha Chi Omega 1944-47, Lyre Editor, President, Student Council Secretary 1946-47. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School, George Munroe 1946-47. ERNEST W. SIMMS Tuskegee institute, Alabama . Oboe with Mr. Fernand Gillet Composer's Club 1947-485 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1946- 48, Orchestra 1946-485 Woodwind Ensemble 1946- HELEN PITMAN SMITH ' i 801 Merriam Avenue, Leominster, Mass. Voice with Mrs. Alice Stevens Corresponding Secretary ol Senior Class, Mu Phi Epsilon R 1946-48, Vice President 1947-48, Benefit Dance ti ' xl 'L i Committee 19475 Junior Class Street Fair Committee i f 1946-475 Senior Banquet and Dance Committee, ' iiZ'7 lr Neume Board. K SCHOLARSHIP: High School 1944-45. .-.QO.-. CanchoJafe5 Lf fke megree, gackefor o uiic RHODORA SMITH .. 1222 Bowdoin Street, Boston, Mass. Voice with Mme. Sunrclelius ELIZAVETHA SOKOLOFF Voice with Mr, William L. Whitney NN..:i Mu Phi Epsilon: Social Chairman 1946-47, Chaplain 1947-48. sci-ioLARsi-HPS: oliver Ditson 1945-46, 1946-47, lag Converse 1947-48. E ,. ' 1 'C' Q fm iii! M ii.. 162 High Street, Danvers, Mass. in-i. 'Q' MARY SPYLIOS 5 Ash Street, Nashua, N. H. Voice with Mr. William L. Whitney Recording Secretary, Mu Phi Epsilon 1945-46, 1946-47. SCHOLARSHIPS: Lucinda Gould 1945-467 Lindsay 1946-47. RUSSELL A. STEVENSON 754 East 229th Street, New York, New Yorlc Piano Degree with Mr. Howard Goding Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1947-48. -21-. KCLHJLJKZEE5 ki' ELQ ibegfee, KGCABAI' of Wlflriiff GEORGIA VASSELL 331 Harrison Avenue, Boston, Mass. Violin with Mr. Franlc McDonald Member of N. E. C. Orchestra 46-47-48. ELEANOR WILLARD 26 West Green Street, Lynn, Mass. Graduate Diploma Course 1947. Voice with Mr. William L. Whitney SCHOLARSHIPS: Carr 1941-42, 1942-435 Ditson 1945- 46, 1947-48, Converse 1946-47, 1947-48. MARJORIE WOODS 3409 Texas Avenue S. E., Washington, D. C Piano with Howard Goding FRANCIS M. TATRO Public School Music with Mr. Francis Findlay German with Miss Apel Canchclafed Amr fAe .f4rfi5f5 .lilazzma 1 Chicggo Avenue, Evanston, Hlingis Befnflfd Stfeet, CleVelOl"ld, Voice with Mr. William L. Whitney V01Ce Wifi' Mme- SU'1Clel1U5 Sigma Alpha lota: Chaplain 1944-455 Vice President ARTHUR SCHOEP Plqttg, South Dakota 1945-46, Pi Kappa Lambda, Student Council Repre- Voice with Mme. Sundelius sentative 1944-45, 1945-465 President, Jr. Class 1944- . , . E ShllM'gPh'MAlh, 455 Literary Editor, 'Neume 1945-465 Class Day Com M Mus Degree astmon C oo O uslc 1 U P Q - Tanglewood 1946. mittee 1946. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1943-44, Rogers 1944-457 SC"'OLARSH'P' Open' Dept' Clara K. Rogers 1947-48, Bachelor Degree New Eng- MARGARI-I-E ELAINE WILLAUER land Conservatory of Music. I Hillcrest, Sportonburgl N' C. NOEL LEE 600 Robinson Avenue, W. Lafayette, Indiana Voice with William L, Whitney Piuno with M- 5Cl1WCllb Bachelor Degree in Music from Converse College. SCHOLARSHIP: Crabtree. glancbclaferf Ar fAe lildlillld LUCILLE AULD 48 Pearl sneer, New Hertford, New York Voice with Miss Gladys Miller SCHOLARSHIP: High School 1945-46. LOUISE C. BREDA 48 Howland Street, Needham, Mass Voice with Mr. William L. Whitney Alpha Chi Omega 1944-48, Rushing Chairman 1946- 47, Vice President 1947-48, Dance Committee 1944. SCHOLARSHIPS: High School 1944-457 Munroe 1946- 475 Sampson 1946-475 Monroe 1947-48. JOSEPH ROBERT CARROLL 15 Academy Avenue, Bradford, Mass. Piano with Mr. Donald Smith President of Underclass 1945-46, Business Manager of Melodic Line, Neume Board, Composer's Club. SCHOLARSHIPS: Ditson, Jackson. DOMINIC D. CHIACCHIA 5 A 14 Bromley Fark, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 1 Voice with Mr. William l. Whitney Veterans Club 1945-48. CARLE HENRY, JR. Cumberland Center, Maine Arranging with G. W. Briggs ' ly ,sr Composer's and Arranger's Club 1946-48. .y r Cianahclafea Ar fAe iibipgzma I it ' A w - BARBARA FILES 6 Young Orchard Avenue, Providence, R. I Voice with-Mme. Sundelius 46, Lyre Editor 1947-48. ri ii ii GLORIA FONTANELLA West Street, Stattord Springs, Conn Piano - - Popular School ol Music SCHOLARSHIP: High School. HERMAN GOLDFARB I Derby Street, Worcester, Mass. Voice with Mr. William L. Whitney M Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 1945-48, veterans' Club 1945- 48, Treasurer 1945 to 1948 Finance Committee, Dance Committee, Neume Board, Chairman ol I Advertising Committee. MARC GRUND I8 Willard Road, Brookline, Mass. Trumpet with Ci. Mager CHARLOTTE HSU 25 Lincoln Street, Belmont, Mass. Piano with Mr. Kuit Fischer RICHARD HUESMAN Ledge Road, E. Gloucester, Mass. Arranging with W. Briggs Veteran's Club 1945-48, Minstrel Show Committee 1946, Composer's and Arranger's Club 1946-47, Chairman of Class Day Committee. 1 Alpha Chi Omega: Historian 1946-47, Chaplain 1945- ' CHARLES D. MARSTON Trumpet with Mr. Mager and Mr. La Fosse N. E. C. Orchestra 1939-40, Neume Board 1948. Cyanfkalafefi Ku' fAe .ibilagzma 16 Lafayette Street, Yarmouth, Maine MARVIN KLIBONOFF 179 Parke Avenue, Parl Ridge, N. J. Saxophone with S. Marcqs ROBERT PAYTON 226 W. Canton Street, Boston, Mass. Voice with Mme. Poutiatine SAMUEL ROSS Monroe, Ohio E,...t.,.,. ,..,,,,.,,,,, , , Y HY, v il - .. , x x', .fs" If 1 X ,, i, . , . .. 2 ,r.i',vivW . 1 A 'J 1 -fliillgiir A- -.: . 1. .smtirfg .' i '- ' -f 'J 71211-- ', 1'-4:',:'Z1l A1 21-wigfllifl , 5' -:7f'.'1i'.',+ 'l' ,' - 9.1121 fi"'F,t,l4Q.QQl1Llll'i - , "1',5l1'i- . -592.21119 " 55' COLETTE RLISHFORD 184 Lafayette Street, Salem, Mass. Harp with Mr. Bernard Zighera Mu Phi Epsilon. SCHOLARSHIP: High School 1945-46. ZELIG SOKALL Fall River, Mass. X Arranging with G. W. Briggs Composer's and Arrangefs Club 1946-48. SOHOLARSHIPS: High School 1945-461 Ditson 1946- 47, 1947-48. - ROBERT STOEBEL 649 Qnd Street, Manchester, N. H. Accordian with Mr. Gaviani Canckolafezx Ar fke lilazzma. Norther Avenue, NeWpOl't, Vt. Jgclqggnl Mighiggn Arranging with G. W. Briggs Bassoon with Mr. Ernst Panenka Orchestra 1946-47- 1947-48, Woodwind Ensemble 1946-48, Transfer from Michigan State College. BETTY JANE WENZEL ' 17 Marywood Street, Uxbridge, Mass. Piano with Miss Lucille Monaghan Cganckclafed for fAe ibegree, Waafer 0 7Wu5ic AMELIA ALTAMARI PAUL KNOWLES 219 Washington Avenue, Kingston, N. Y. 556 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Mass. Historical Research with Mr. McKinley Voice with President of Junior Class, President of Newman Club, B- M- 1943 Westminster Choir C0lleSe, Soloist WBSt- President of Organization of Clubs and Fraternities, minster Choir, Leading role in "Peter Grimes" Tangle- President of Zeta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, wood 1946, Tenor Soloist "Messiah" Handel 81 1945-47, Student Council Representative 1945-47, Hayden S9C1e'fYf SYmPl"0nY Hull, BOS'C0r1 1947: Conservatory Club, Neume Board, Literary and Ad- ReC"fC'l S0l0'5t Carnegie Hall 1943- vertising. SCHOLARSHIPS: Opera Scholarship, Berlcshire Music SCHOLARSHIP: High School. Fest-vol 1946- BETTY BUYCK St. Mathews, S. C. MARlAN MCLAUGHLIN L D V 1999 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois FATHER RUSSE L A is Composition with Dr. Carl McKinley 338 Mt. Vernon Street, Dedham, Mass. Sigma Alpha Iota, pi Kappa Lambda' KATHRYN ESKEY BOX 901' Roanoke, VG- THOMAS W. MOON sooihofh Pahoo, N. C. CONNALLY GARRETT aos Cohhfh shoot, Dallas, Texas Voice with M'- Wi"i""' L- W"if"eY U K ALBERT TEPPER 55 Fort Avenue, Roxbury, Mass. SISTER MARY MADELEINE Composition with Mr. Francis Judd Cooke St- Amis AC9'demYf Marlboro' MOSS' Pi Kappa Lambda, Teaching Fellowship 1947-48. JACK PERRINE 117 North Center Street, Grove City, Pa. ....2b- .am : 5 Y 3 x unior 64,55 Qffem, Presidenf .....,. Vice-President ...... Secreiury ....... Treasurer ............,..,..... ...,... Sfudeni Council Representative x7 if Y ,,,.f' 28- WAYNE BARRINGTON ,.,.....,..4.DORlS SMITH r..,.,...JEANNICE MINGO ...WCLAIRE FLYNN ka s is ' Z ,Q unior 661.55 Among the many activities sponsored by the Junior Class this year, the two most worthy of note have been the Assembly Program and the Semi-Formal Dance. The Assembly Program, given in conjunction with the Carr Organ Society, consisted of an instrumental ensemble, a choral group, and an organ soloist. It was both well attended and well received. The se,,cond event, the Semi-Formal Dance, with its colorful atmosphere created by the Valen- tine decorations and the beautiful gowns of the girls, the rhythm of -the 15-piece orchestra accom- panied by flashing photo-bulbs, was by far the outstanding social event of the year. -2.9- n?g2 ga? 54 -. --M . , LL. M 1 ,S M ,f - - Lnfw-,W ,, , mpg? QQ L 30,9 0I'I'l0l'e 66145 ACGIH President ROBERT FORREST Vnce President GUY VANCE CARPENTER Treasurer FRANCES MYSKA Recording Secretory PAULINE BURGESS FRANCIS MULLIGAN Correspondmg Secretory Student Councul Representative FRED JOHNSON tt . g i: l..V A .SJOIQAOITLOF0 C G55 i September, 1947 rolled around mighty fast and in so doing called "Freddy Freshman" back to N. E. C. to receive a new title - that of Sophomore. He was ready to face the task of con- quering his sophomore year because he had been hardened by his summer job - lawyer in a linen shop taking care of all the pillow cases! Freddy came back to find his new program waiting for him. The only consolation was that he had to wait in line a couple of hours for it. Then came the same old routine of acquiring the practice room schedule. Wait - wait- wait. He waited for so long he was invited to join the waiters' union! A After attending a hard day of classes from 9:00 until 10:00 A. M., Freddy decided to take off, to see the final ball game of the Red Sox. Two days later, Freddy, his courage renewed, returned to school and noticed the sophomore bulletin on elections which were being held that same day. Freddy scooted into the office and placed his X beside every girl's name on the ballot, feeling sure each would win her respective office. Two of his choices won out, namely, Polly Burgess and Fran- ces Myska. But in the other offices male candidates who won were Bob Forrest, Guy Carpenter, Francis Mulligan and Fred Johnson. Freddy's mind was occupied with many things, schoolwork and otherwise, the most important of these being the forthcoming Sophomore Thanksgiving Dance. The big night arrived! Everybody at the dance was having a wonderful time, knowing that the evening would long be remembered when in walked Freddy! He asked Sulie Q- fOr G d0r1C9 Gnd from then on it was murder for Suzie. Suzie was saved from further slaughter by the intervention of the entertainment which was written by Bob Hallquist. Freddy really enjoyed Paul Edward's act and also the apple bobbing and milk drinking contests. He retired rather hastily to Banquet Hall for refreshments which consisted of punch and cookies. More dancing ensued and the whole affair came to a close around 12:00. I Months passed with the same things happening every day. Freddy was very bored with ab- sorbing so much knowledge until he heard at a class meeting the following announcements: Co- Editors for 1950 Neume are to be Paul Mayerson and Larry Stowe. This made Freddy feel proud to know that his class wasn't sleeping. Another thing that pleased him was to hear of another big social event to be held this year in the Spring, ata Boston Hotel. , Freddy feels honored to be a sophomore and knows that next year he will have another year, not only of studies but many social activities. Lawrence Stowe Robert Hallquist . Wmxu I ir Terri? rr!" Q . we :Z . Z E e rr r ,,,,,,Wi3GiL5gf :W rrrurrmrrm is , , ,r I x r 1 J rr--rrra mrrrmrrww jre5Alnan Cfafifi icerrl Presldent ......... ........ G LEN NA CAIN Vice-President .,....... ........ R ICHARD PASCO Treasurer ,...........,.,...., ........ G ILBERT CLARKE Recording Secretory ..,..... .....,,. B ARBARA CURRY Corresponding Secretary .......,.... , ..r...,.... CLAIRE ELMS Student Council Representative ....... ........ E MMALINE DeVITA 3'C5lll'l'lCl.l'I. 5 This year, a freshman classy of many varying age groups, entered the New England Conserva- tory of Music, with the intent to improve not only its own abilities but also to better the school as a whole. At our first class meeting and at those following, many timely topics concerning the welfare of the student were discussed. Among these topics were: the addition of drinlcing fountains to be installed on each tloorp a tlourescent lighting plan in the corridorsg the eventual realization of a recreation room for the enjoyment and convenience of the students: and class parties and dances to stimulate a much-needed school spirit. During the year the class interest was not so much centered on itself as it was on the students of next yearp and it is our hope that through our ettorts as freshmen, we may clear a path for the classes following us, so that they may benefit in every possible way by our suggestions and accom- plishments. B. C. 1.35.- galflflhg 0 fA2 .izjelaarfmenf 0 loolaufar yfnuriic G. Wright Briggs Loring T. Briggs Norman Carrel Irene Chester John W. Coffey Ralph Fuccillo Frank Gaviani Frederick Greene -36- SUPERVISOR - RUBY NEWMAN Assistants to the Supervisor Samuel Marcus Wright Briggs Leo Grimes Janet Hayes David Kerne Walter Korb Samuel Marcus George E. Moleux Olinda Olivieri Raymond Crr Mary Pierce Theodore Si'-nonelli Saul Skersey Albert Torbin Jeanne Tufts Lawrence White l:red Steele 'JF ii leparfmenf of lgolaufar Wade Iullil-'- SQ M - 2 5 :Q gm 1 --i M u uv I if H' 591 an 'na' lu-. 5 ,W HE. , W 'H ' :S K w ' ,V L 1 uw H 1 , ' i, 'Y gsm In--...4 E M4 ix um , A L ,gn :Hai Q 3' ' g M3 isa ElHSS Hlfllllll As we are about to embark on our new careers, let us pause for a moment and review the incidents of our class history - the history that is so significant to each member of the class of 1948. ln September 1944, our class gathered for the first time within the halls of N. E. C., and promptly made the statue of Beethoven our best friend and meeting place. Well do we remem- ber the "Dread" with which we took our first "Faculty Councils," after which we registered for the first steps in the paths of our lives as potential artists and teachers. Every member was ready to make history for himself, but felt more deeply the history which was being made at a dear price outside the walls of N. E. 'C. Those of our class who remained in school during this tragic period brought respect and honor to the school by applying their talents and learning in shows and entertainment for the servicemen. As for those who left school for the Service,,mere words set down in a class history would be nothing short of an understate- ment. ' Those were hard years, but there were moments of lightness. Who among us will ever forget our days of Solfege classes with Mr. Levy - the man who could not understand why, if America was the land of syncopation, we could not produce it for himl Awestricken -Freshmen sat spell- bound while this eminent musician produced 4-X4 time with his ears, and 3X4 time by twitching his eyebrows with great nonchalance. ' The unselfishness, sympathy, and patience of the late Mr., Furness, our English Professor, will be a treasured memory. He was loved and appreciated by all who knew him. Many unforgettable hours were spent in his room giving lectures, recitals, oral reports, and debates, Through the years we will not forget the wit, humor, and understanding of Mr. W. S. Smith, the serious and efficient Dr. Carl McKinley, and the reminiscent and kind nature of Mrs. Mason. - Yes, to all the faculty we are grateful for the energy and help expended on our behalf. As seniors we look back to the many changes which have come about during our three and four years. We saw a definite increase of registrants when the war ended. More and more veterans were back to join our ranks. All practice rooms were occupied and classrooms were filled and busier. The faculty introduced new teachers, and we experienced a change of administration, all of whom contributed much to our education. Mr. Harrison Keller, long head of the Violin De- partment, did not need any 'introduction as the new Director, and Mr. Malcolm Holmes was readily received and accepted as our Dean. As Juniors, we shall not forget the conversion of the frosted windows in the studios and practice rooms to clear glass! As time passed by, we noticed enlarged corridors, new bulletin boards, more offices, and above all, more school spirit! i Social life and activity dates back to "Freshman Week" and the dance given by the Ad- ministration. Through the years we can visualize more parties, dances, our Junior Cabaret, and the Strauss Ball. We all have already experienced happiness and sadness in reminiscence of these times, as we add the vivid pictures of our senior recitals, final examinations, year bool: activities, and the eventful ending week with class day, the senior concert, caps and gowns. Yes - we shall be proud and perhaps a little sad giving our farewells to teachers and classmates. Another leaf in our life has turned. Our only regret is that these were such short and swift years. Now they are but a memory that will always be cherished. The new page has many ad- ventures in store for us, and we are sure that the class of 1948 will traverse them as success- fully as the experiences of the last four years. 139, ciltss wn.L We, the undersigned being under the doctor's care and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, :O heregy declare this to be our last will and -testament. Any similarity between the provisions ere an alter set forth and common sense, either null or void, is, by the IPSO FACTO, STATUS QUO laws, purely accidental. To Mr. Keller, we leave our respect, love, and a wish for good luck from every member of the Senior class. To Mr. Holmes, we leave our best wishes, and a box of Bayer's Aspirin so that he may always be able to listen to the endless number of student problems. To Mr. Kent, we leave an elevator outside of his window, so that he may ride right into the Dean's ottice. To Mr. White, we leave a key to the cafeteria so that he will be able to get his milk at 4 o'c ock. To Miss Hill, we leave a shiny new pair of roller skates, so that she will not have to rush so through the corridors. To Dr. Hayek, we leave the man, who knows the man, who knows the man, who knows how to turn on the gas jets in the laboratory. To Madame Riviere, we leave a room of her own, so that she will not have to travel all over the building. To Mrs. Mason, we leave a desk installed water tap, that she may drink the freshest, clearest spring water at all times. To Mrs. Hersey and Mrs. Edgell, we leave a classroom adjoining their ottice, that they may save steps to and fro across the hall. To Mrs. Demos, we leave time and money, that she may complete the marvelous study of Dante. To Miss Ellerson, we leave some girls that she may sprinkle them through her all-male class. To Mrs. Apel, we leave a box of chalk all her own, with a lock and key. To Miss Whitehouse, we leave ci neon sign with the inscription "Come ln." To Miss Thornberg, we leave hopes that she will always be as pleasant as she is. To Mr.. Findlay, we leave twenty student conductors who "clinch it while it's hot." To Mrs. Whitney, we leave reservations for a six weeks' stay at the Hotel Riviera in Marseilles, France. We're sorry, but this reservation does not go into etfect until 1950. To Mr. Greene, we leave students who will practice. To Mr. Creighton, we leave a suit of armor to protect him on slippery days. To Miss Taylor, we leave a treasure mop with an X that marks the spot, and a key. To Miss Tufts, we leave a completely modernized theater with every kind of costume imagin- ablen To Mrs. Beinema and Miss Marden, we leave an extra secretary to relieve them when there is too much work. To Mr. Whitney, we leave a strongbox in which he may keep his Christmas decorations. To Mrs. Girouard, we leave complete joy and happiness that she may always keep her winning smile., To Miss Davis, we leave a cow, who can accurately produce the syllable "moo," To Mr. Dufresne, we leave a bass drum for his use in the Solfege classes. To Mr. McKinley, we leave gilt-edged manuscript, paper that he may compose more string quartet music. To Miss Lenn, we leave a completely equipped museum, so that she and the students will not have to journey outside oi the building. To Mr. Marcus, we leave a complete orchestral string section, so that he wonit have trouble getting tiddles for future concerts. -40- To Miss Bradford, we leave a 1948 model typewriter and mimeograph machine. To Mr. Reasoner, we leave an iron ear that he may not go deaf from listening to his string classes. To Mrs. Lapham and Mrs. Perrine, we leave an endless fund to replace all worn and torn music. To Mrs. Jean Smith, we leave an Oriental lamp with which she can illustrate the "Fringe" theory. To Mr. Kerne, we leave a pencil of his own and a metronome. To Mr. W. S. Smith, we leave an automatic exam corrector to help him with lhe many papers he has to correct. ' To Mr. Lehmann, we leave twelve invisible robots to help him catch all guilty violators of the building rules. To Mr. Sheldon and his staff of janitors, we leave rocket-bulbs which insert themselves without the aid of a ladder. They even penetrate through glass globes. To Mr. Gibson, we leave the hopes that he will never forget the class of 1948. To Mr. Loring Briggs, we leave a helicopter with landing facilities on N. E. C. roof. We also leave him time for lunch and - a house. To Mr. Wright Briggs, we leave King Oliver's derby, a trip to Storyville and a sponsor for "Pop Goes the Concert." To Mr. Newman - WHOM???????? To Mr. Williams and Mr. Newcomb, we leave a key that they may open up students' heads and pour in counterpoint and harmony. To Mr. Schwab, we leave fifty individual blackboards that we may distribute them for class work. To Mrs. Lautner and Mrs. Lovell, we leave a portable canteen well equipped with cotfee and orange juice. To Mr. Grimes, we leave a gross of sleeping tablets and 10,000 shares in the Simmons Beauty- rest Mattress Company. To Mr. Steele, we leave his own jet-propelled train so that he won't have to worry about train schedules to New York. To Mr. Gaviani, we leave an aluminum chest plate so that his accordian won't make his lapels shiny. To Mr. Coffey, we leave Art Mooney's banjoist. To Mr. Simonelli, we leave a teacher's manual of Dizzy Gillespie's Be-Bop figures so that he can play Cassi a la Be-Bop. To Mr. Skersey, we leave a pogo stick so that he can jump over his brief case in classes. To Mr. Cook, we leave a little red wagon so that he may carry his cello around in ease. To the class of 1949, we leave personal lockers, our debts and a fourth tloor. To the class of 1950, we leave drinking fountains on every tloor, five elevators, and clocks that have the-correct time. To the class of 1951, we leave a building that is 80 degrees in winter, 65 degrees in summer, and recreation rooms. To the class of 1959, we leave the tortures of being a freshman and free practice rooms. Given in the executive mansion of Her Majesty Semiquaver, in the Conservatory Home for Nervous Musicians, on this day, Friday, February 20,1948 Signed X fClass of 19481 Witnessed by: I. M. Learned Dr. Counter Point Attested by: Prof. A. Tomic F. Louise Pitts -41- ref- - 3: Q. 11 H - H msgs we wg W, , Hr? '- ..! 1, z 'mf " ea isa ,ms ,X n iggw 1. " ' sv :mm -H ww ,I Q. Hcgg, H V 1 1' -. uf M M gig, . ,i ,L .' ' H felis . as .JY H 1 H , 0 2 ' , , 5537 D-CH E "cg, 3 Q2 T ,L-' I V in if if :SEG 1, K me gdlriri MOP QC? Script for 6:45 News Broadcast llNSl 30th Feb. 1958 Announcer: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is John Doe and his Nosey Does bringing you your weekly news round-up, but first a word from our sponsor. This program is sponsored by the Craig, Craig, and Smith Company, makers of HEP all pur- pose salt. The next time you roast your Favorite meat add a little HEP. lt satisfies!!! And now, back to the newsroom - East Boston, Baravia: Edward Fitzpatrick, well known philosopher recently established Q school in Baravia. This school is known as "The School lor Better Understanding of Semicircular Canals." Associates of Dr. Fitzpatrick are Frank James, Lewis Closser, Ann Keane and Bernard Barbeau. New York, New York: Karen Morrill, well known operatic singer recently appeared in a new opera by Billy Layton EL DIVIDO QUARTO. lThe divided Quarter Notel. Miss Morrill appears as one halt of the quarter note while Joan Hall appears as the other hall. San Francisco, California: Dominic Chiacchia, alias Danny Carter, and now a theater magnate, invites all of his old Friends to the opening of a new R. K. O. theater in San Francisco. Each Con- servatory student will be the honored guest of Danny and will receive free of charge, a bug of peanuts. Kokomo, lndiana: Andrew Valkuchak, well known bassoon player, wires that he has just been accepted as the only male member ol Phil Spitalny's all-girl orchestra. Washington, D. C.: Eugenia Morton, congress-woman, recently proposed a bill for shorter work- ing hours lor concert pianists. Working on a committee with Miss Morton, are Robert Ball, Eleanora Caramagno, and,Toba Schwartz. Chicago, Illinois: Charlotte Shork's new charm school is doing rushing business. This school takes otf weight, puts on height, and adds glamour. With every hair-do of two dollars or more, one'siface is lifted - tree! lndianapolis, Indiana: The lndianapolis Symphony Orchestra is happy to announce the admis- sion ot several new members. Among them are Audrey Brist, violin, Richard Gerstenberger, French horn, Ernest Simms, oboe, and Faust Fiore, flute. Boston, Massachusetts: The Boston Music Company is happy to announce a new publication COUNTER-POINT OR ELSE! This very explanatory book consists ol 3,985 pages, and was written by the well known author, Dr. Alvin K. Fossner, D. D. T. And now a word from our announcer. Men!!! Do you envy Charles Atlas? Are you puny, weak, and worn, Do women say "Oh! No!" when they look at you? If so, do something about it. Marc Grund, well known dumb-bell lifter now operates a specially equipped gymnasium underneath Sym- phony Hall stage. Mark has special equipment which will keep tingers nimble, keep lumps in shape, and help all nervous and tired musicians. Special oscillating tables will sooth and calm the jittery musician before going on the stage for a concert. Mr. Grund attributes his great strength to the lact that he drinks a glass oi water with one teaspoonful of HEP salt every day. Once again, the newsroom. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Betty Pond recently received her doctorate at P. Ll. Her thesis for the degree was entitled "A Logical Correlation of Chinese Sociology and Keyboard Harmony, Taught by Rotef' Providence, Rhode lsland: Dean Seguin and Zelig Sokoll have collaborated as a musical team, and are now producers of a new radio program entitled "Music at Dawn." This program is on the air every morning from four to six. Except for the hour, the program is similar to the Esplanade Concerts in Boston. J Lansing, Michigan: Rick Huesman has a method for producing six dance arrangements a day. llt even beats The. Schillinger System!l!!l We knew Rick had some purpose for studying physics. Luxembourg, Germany: The University at Luxembourg is happy to announce the appointment of two new physicists, Harriet Goodwin and Louise Pitts. Drs. Goodwin and Pitts have developed a new serum which will make one hungry three times a day, 7 A. M., 12 Noon and 6 P. M. New York, New York: Gloria Fontanella, the GLAMOUROUS 5 ft. 5 in. Powers model is now modeling the latest styles of Milady. When last seen, Gloria was modeling the latest in footwear. The shoes which display the entire foot with the exception of the sole iof coursel have an atomic sole piece and can be purchased at Woolworth's forthe tiny sum of 51,897.02 Hollywood, California: M. G. M. announces a new motion picture "Conservatory Capers." This musical comedy features talent direct from the Conservatory. Well known stars such as Jeanne Guil- ford, Betty Blake, Marjorie Woods and Eleanor Willard appear in the cast. Jinxtown, Connecticut: Walter J. Medwid and Joe Carrol, well known businessmen, are very successful in their new venture. They are proud to announce the opening of a new bargain center, well equipped with groceries, carpenter's supplies, music, and what have you. Some of the sales- people are Marjorie Robbins, George Kullberg, John Padovano and Ardis Lee. Boston, Massachusetts: Phil Hoffman announces that his latest musical creation "Old World Symphony" is now complete. This work is published by the Ralph Saunders and Wilfred Falling Company. The flute obligato is dedicated to Mr. Charles Hubbard. Salem, Massachusetts: Colette Rushford, famous harpist, recently played at the wedding of Natalie Kramer. The bridesmaids, Florence Shilleretf and Catherine Keller wore blue gowns trimmed in eighth notes. The maid of honor Georgia Vassell wore a gown of pink, trimmed in quarter notes. Miss Kramer, dressed in beautiful white satin, .had an elaborate head gear in the form of a whole note. It was indeed a very musical affair. Paris, France: The Academy of Modern Art announces the awarding of its "Goshdarn Medal" to J. Donald DeLong for his very beautiful painting entitled ZE PEBBLE. The committee states that never have they seen such color, such form, such lines as those'produced by Mr. DeLong in his paint- ing Thatis the story folks. This is John Doe lLouise Pittsl and his Nosey Does lHarriet Goodwin, and Fred DiLuccil signing otf. Remember our motto - "Don,t get left, get HEP, the all purpose pcllir' SO .... ..45.. 1 'K ,f-1:-'4' 'Y' X -cf - 7 ,- ,,.,.. -Nc-3 'W X i 1 f-Tcilzr-f ti? V6 Lf 1, 'x x 1 -.x we f0l'l6el'UCL f0l"g QPCAQ5 fI"CL MALCOLM H. HOLMES, Conductor VIOLIN I CELLOS Gruzin Pitt Schultz McDonald East Tung Murphy Goldstein Tsicoulias Laguta Meyer Winship Brist Sherman Hawver Troupin Esfszm BASSES Shaughnessy Holly' Ursillo Dalton Westfall Richardson Brennan Gallagher vlouN II HARP5 Menga Taylor Cardinale Rushlorcl Goorigian SnYder Cordeiro Kenyon Aveclllticn FLLITES Vassell , Heinclce F'o'e, Siemiatlcoslci Sfhmwlt Murray Aitlcens McColley Kola Miller Scalzi OBOES Kramer Simms vloLAs "QfE'Sf"" air Swift Gilfenbaum ,ElYj2'f'fnan CLARINETS DeLucci Munger Clarke 4 Chertavion Harris Stylgog Slicflgef Pickering BASSOONS Vallcuchalc Brewster McCoy HORNS Barrington Goldstein Gerstenberger Weimer Mayer Koi TRUMPETS Herseth Babcock Nashan TROMBONES Tesson Buslcirlc Neiger Harry Kulilc Ibassl TU BA Greeley PERCUSSION I Hunlrins Hickey Hoag Dudgeon Dooley Myslca ww Du" SX W PEER im Q tj ' ' W ,wummggsfssw H ww H ww uw H H H w E uw w mum! w v Margaret Alderson Estelle Allonse Sandy Anselmo Thomas Atkinson Carroll Aucoin Lucille Auld Leo Bachini Dolores Baldyga Robert Barnes Gertrude Bedway Evelyn Benson Merrill Berry Elizabeth Blake MacHenry Boatwright Jeannette Boretti Louise Breda Marjorie Brinkley Robert S. Brown Vincent Bucci Kathryn Bullock Pauline Burgess John Cantrill Attilio Capra Phillis Vande Carr Ernest Chachera D. Chiaacchia Burton Cleaves George Cohen George Conti Robert Corbet Manuel Coreia Robert Corliss Doris Corry Dorothy Curtis Ralph Davis Donald DeLong Fred DiLucci Edith Dinan Ann DiVittorio Edward Drew Florence Dunn John Dunning Wilfred Falling William Farr Ralph Finn Edward Fitzpatrick Sidney Flack Claire Flynn Lorne Ford Alvin Fossner Peter Frieman Albert Garcia Franklin Gay COFLJGFUCL for? 6L0l'M5 Herman Goldlarb Harriet Goodwin Norman Green Frederick Gricius Jeanne Guilford Elizabeth Hall Joan Hall Roger Hall Robert Hallquist Joseph Handtield Myles Harryman William Harrison Marjorie Henderson Barbara Hendry Charles Higgins Philip Hotfman Betty Holmgren Lucille Hughes Walter Hunt Fred Johnson Charlotte Jones Frank Kalinowski Ann Keane Robert Kelly Tilford Kimmel Carl King Elizabeth Kingdom Joe Lamparelli Richard LaPorte Lila Liss Donald Love Martha Loven George Lowe Langlos Evelyn MacDonald Horace Magnon Norman Magnani Donald Maher Charles Marston Burton Martin Donald Matheus Paul Mayerson Nancy McArthur Sue McGeehee Joan McNeil Walter Medwid Carroll Mihara Jeannice Mingo Miller Murray Nancy Namaski George Newton Ann Novins Mrs. Paliologos Antonio Pallerio Van Patten Alvin Patterson Robert Payton Elizabeth Perry David Phelps Lorraine Phillips Louise Pitts Eugene Plaaf Alice Plevock Betty Pond Leo Provost Joseph Randall John Richardson Eugene Riel Paul Robbins John Roberts John Roche Jeannette Rose Cynthia Sargent Ralph Saunders Florence Schilleretf Jane Schleicher Theresa Sheehan Theresa Shields Charlotte Shork Ann Slovins Doris Smith Ernest Smith Mary Sohovitch Ann Stelenko Patricia Stephenson James Stevens Lauwrence Stowe William St. Paul Frederick Swaysey Martin Tarlaian Drema Taylor Dorothy Thompson Allred Todaro Frances Taylor Helen Tucker George Warner Paul Warren Irene Wosilewski James Weber Robert White Harold Wright Herman Young Lucille Young Anthony Zarba M Idfuel Lat? ara! -49-. mm ii , , X Wt T EI s s , I ,, . "'..."'.......:L "..." H... i..i...... ...... ' 5 Fm l if ss, B E M ..,,..,, ..11,..,,.. ... gi The Newman Club is a Club of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship, and is organized in order to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities. In the past year, the Newman Club has been active in sponsoring dances, butfet suppers, and helped in raising funds for CARE. ' A choir was formed which participated in church and social affairs, and a group of entertainers visited local hospitals. The Newman Club has been encouraged in its activities by the helpful advice of its Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Alice Girouard, and by its Chaplain Rev. Fr. Russell Ryan of St. Anne's Parish, Boston. s.-21.9--if The membership ol the Student Council consists of Dean Holmes, a student president and a repre- sentative from each of the four classes, as well as a representative from every approved organiza- tion in school. Activities for the year included the sponsor- ship of a series of String Quartet Concerts, and also the "Symposium" to which we will be host next year. A weeIc's campaign for "CARE"4an aid to the needy in Europe was another project. ..50-. GLUWLCLI1 ' OFFICERS President ..,........ .... ..,. . , , . ..,. . .. Mary Sohovich Vice-President . . .. .. ,. .. . ,Sarah Lombardi Recording Secretary . ., . . ., ,. Gene Ploof ' Corresponding Secretary . Jeannette Boretti Treasurer . . , , Henry Wegiel REPRESENTATIVES Student Council ,. Anne Divitforio Charity .. ,. .. . ,.., . . . Thomas Sullivan Entertainment . . , .. . Raymond Hunlcins Confederation Delegate . Rosemary Lyden Confederate Delegate , Irene Dubois Newman Views ..,.. ,. Polly Lambert Melodic Line ...., . . ., Alice Plevoqk Faculty Advisor ..,, .. .. . .Mrs. Alice Girouard Chaplain ...., ...,.. , . ..,, . Rev. Fr. Russell Ryan MEMBERS Hubert Albondi Evelyn Benson Paul Bordeleau George Boylio Anthony Casile Robert Corliss Vincent Cusato Frances DeLuca Fred Gricius David Joseph Jane Lavelle Eugene Marchant Lorraine Mateliclc Phylis Matondi Joan McNeil Helen McCann Franlc Mulligan John Pandolphi Richard Perrier Teresa Sheils Wilma Slone Anthony Zamliochian Sally Reidy Jeannette Rose Peggy Flannigan Henry Langelier Amelia Altamari .S7fuc!enf Conrad! President .......... Francis Hinlcel, Carr Organ Society Vice-President .,....,. Wayne Barrington, Junior Class Executive Member ..., Rita Ursillo, Sigma Alpha Iota Secretary ..,,..., Charlotte Shorlc, Alpha Chi Omega REPRESENTATIVES Edward Fitzpatrick, Louise Pitts ............ Senior Class Carl King .,,....................,..........,.........,... Junior Class Bob Forrest, Fred Johnson ,,,.....,, .Sophomore Class Glenna Cain, Emmaline DiVitta ...... Freshman Class Rollins Gritfith ,..,..........,. Composers Arrangers Club Ann DiVittorio ..........,......,.................. Newman Club Bob Hallquist ..,., ,......,........,.. K appa Gamma Joan Hall ........ ....,. ..........,,, M u Phi Epsilon George Lowe ...... .,,....., P hi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Frances Myslia ....., ,,.,........... C onservatory Club Natalie Kramer ..... ....,.,.................. E Ison Club Raymond Hunlcins . ......,.. Veterans Club Harriet Goodwin ....., . ....,... House Council Paul Mayerson .....,...........,....,......,......,. Melodic Line The Council is the medium through which all students may voice their opinion. It aims to pro- mote a spirit of cooperation between the students and the administration, and also to co-ordinate extra curricular activities in the school. Projects for furthering interest in the school are also part of the counciI's duties. garr ryan Sociefy OFFICERS President ......4..,,..,.,..... , ...............,..... Marvin Beinema Vice-President ....... ..,..... F rancis Hinkel Secretary ,...,...,.. ........ F red Thorpe Treasurer ..........,.... ..,. . .. ......... Marla Smith Social Chairman ...,..,......,...,.............. Maurice Pepin Carr Organ Society has enjoyed a successful and active year. At initiation ceremonies early in the 'First semester, 'five new members were received. Meetings have been held bi-weekly, and at many of these meetings, certain of the members have presented small private concerts of organ music in the Samuel Carr Memorial Room. On October 17th, the Society traveled to Worcester to see and hear two organs of oustanding interest: the classical instrument in the Worcester Art Museum and the large one in All Saint's Church, the latter considered by many to be one of the finest in this country. A spring concert is to be presented in Jordan Hall on April 20th with members of the Society performing as soloists and in conjunction with en- semble groups. lncluded in the program are two sonatas for strings and organ by Mozart, a trio sonata by Handel for two flutes and keyboard, a contemporary composition for trumpet and organ, and a two-piano suite by Milhaud. The annual beach excursion will take place at the close of the school year. li Q i iiimiM?:xllliii1'gi'iiii llliqryggglzizfiiiii ii. wil l ii YH H llllll ii ,iii lyxfgzt rr on5er-uafory ouzie ounirif ee W' i i T OFFICERS President ................,...,.....,.........,.., Harriet Goodwin Vice-President ,,,,. ...........,,..,..,.....,...,..... D oris Smith Secretary ,, ...,..,.,...,................ ......... F rances Myslca Treasurer ...,...,.,..,..,....,,.,....,............... Mary Sohovich Senior Class Representative ...,.........,...... Joan Hall Junior Class Representative .,,....,.... Jeannice Mingo Sophomore Class Representative ...... Carol Christian Freshman Class Representative .....,.... Ann Stefanko A few years ago, with a desire for self-govern- ment, the girls at the New England Conservatory Dormitory organized themselves into a group with an executive board, the House Council, to make and pass laws for the good of the girls both indi- vidually and collectively. This group of eight girls with the House Supervisor, Miss Johnson and the Dean, Mr. Holmes meet each week throughout the school year in order that the Council Officers and the four class representatives may discuss various issues which arise concerning the welfare of the girls and improvements for the life at the dorm- itory. Y ii ,Wi -r -f i ' r iii in! iii r i 'll-, ii ii 1 '33 l Wifjb .s .l -51- EE E5 Q I 0l'I'Ll00fJGl"6 CULJ ..!4l'l'6tl'Lgel'5 OFFICERS President .,........, ........,.....,......,,..,,.,. P aul Bordeleau Vice-President ..... .,.,......,......,.. B ernard Karlin Secretary ,....,...,,,.............,,..,.,..,..... Aram 'Vagramian Treasurer ...,..,....,.,.................,...... Joseph Hayes, Jr. Student Council Representative ........ Rollins Gritfith OTHER MEMBERS Joseph Carroll Bill Farr James Hoffman Leo D'Alessandro Mal Sibulkin Russell Stanger Hector Campos-Parsi Joseph Bono Floyd McClain Paul Monaghan Bette Louise Kahlc Real Guy V Leo Bachini Ben Gardiner William Tcsson Ercolino Ferretti Carle Henry Zelig Sokoll George Boyko Jerry Culick Charles Hetferman Bill Adams Jack Young Ottone Riccio Fritz Zender Roland Christiansen James Terris Norman Green Arthur Fine , This is a new club at the Conservatory, being or- ganized only since October of 1946. This organ- ization is open to all students interested in Sym- phonic Composition and Popular arranging regard- les of their major. Actual performance and constructive criticism of the member's compositions and arrangements are the main objectives. During our weekly meetings we endeavor to procure guest speakers who have achieved out- standing success in the musical field. ..521 3gl7lCl .ALACL OQOECL OFFICERS President ..........,.....,....,.........,... ......,..., R ita Ursillo Vice-President ..............., .....,.... C arolyn Pitt Recording Secretary ...,....,. ............ M arlis East Corresponding Secretary ,..... .....,....,, T eresa Sheils Treasurer ....,....,..,..............,............ Marjorie Brinkley Chaplain ..,............... ......,,. Betty Summers Editor ......,......,,.........................,....... f.,.Carol Pitman Sergeant-at-Arms .....................,...,., S. Lucille Young OTHER MEMBERS 'Audrey Brist Frances Myska Jeanne Guilford Edith Rosenblad Myrtle Hatf Mary Sohovich SIGMA ALPHA IOTA is a professional frater- nity in the field of music. Throughout its existence Sigma Alpha Iota has endeavored to uphold the highest ideals of a musical education, raise the standards of productive musical work, and further the development of music in America. Lambda chapter'here at the Conservatory was established in June 1915. During 1947-48 Lambda chapter presented a Christmas concert at an all- school assembly in December and a concert of contemporary American music in April. Each month the active members participate in an in- formal musicale to which guests may be invited. Highlighting the social activities of the year was an Open House Breakfast in the Fall, a Sun- day afternoon musicale and tea at the Students' Union For Alumnae and new students, and a dinner-dance in honor of the new members. Closing Sigma Alpha lota's activities were the traditional Senior Banquet and Senior Farewell Service. ommufelzi OFFICERS President Edward Drew Vice President Cynthia Sargent Secretary Doris Corry Treasurer Joan Rawding Student Council Nancy MacArthur OTHER MEMBERS David Huston Marvin Zebralc Richard Manning Eleanor MacCatferty Norman Magnan Robert Gillson Winston Warren John Cantrell Robert Prince Daniel Slick H E Magnon Anne DePardo Wilfred Falling Priscilla Montondi Antillio Capra Robert Corbett Donald Love The purpose of the Commuters Club is to have a place for commuting students to spend their leisure time and meet their fellow classmates Among the many social activities held this year the outstanding event was the Christmas Party ,aww ci QW. OFFICERS President Charlotte Shorlr Vice President Louise Breda Recording Secretary Jeannice Mingo Corresponding Secretary Jeanette Rose Treasurer Priscilla Phillips MEMBERS Eleanor Craig Scholarship Chairman Frances Craig Worden Nectar Georigian Chaplain Cynthia Sargent Historian Theresa Hickey Rushing Chairman Pauline Burgess Program Chairman lrene Dubois Social Chairman Doris Smith Marjorie Robbins Muriel Halle PLEDGES Jane Knight Carol Schmidt Carol Christian Eleanor McCaFferty Pat Stephenson Jeanette Baretti Phyllis Vandecarr Zeta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega is one of seventy two active chapters scattered throughout the universities and colleges of this country First founded in 1885 at the school of music of De Pauw University in Indiana. Although Alpha Chi had its start as a purely musical fraternity it soon branched out to include liberal art students and become more of a social fraternity. Zeta is now its only musical chapter. Zeta has had a very active year with recep- tions parties and teas besides completely re- decorating its chapter room. We are very proud of our seniors and wish them the luckiest possible future. 53 ouifi 525011 The otficers for the year 1947-48 are as follows: President ,..............,....,...,..............,.... Taba Schwartz Vice-President ,.......,......... ......... N atalie Kramer Recording Secretary .......,... ...,....... E ileen Cohen Corresponding Secretary ...,..............,, Helena Levin Treasurer ..,,.,.,.,....,............,...,.....,..., Charlotte Baum The Elson Club of the New England Conserva- tory of Music is an organization for Jewish girls who are either lull course students worlcing towards a degree or diploma, or special students taking at least one theoretical course in addition to a Major instrument. We are proud to welcome the following new members into our Club this year: - Rosalie Bolcalar Ann Selig Norma Wolf Sherlie Primaclc Ruth Landau Muriel Reiss Alma Levy Bessie Levine Eugenia Morton During the course ol the year, the Elson Club has many activities. We give an annual concert in addition to smaller musicales, and chamber groups that are held in the homes of various members. Aside from musical activities, dances, parties, dinners, etc., provide any needed diver- sion from school work. 'fri W various sororities. Today, membership in a sorority is not a prerequisite. The Conservatory Club IS primarily a social club, its activities include recep- tions, rushing parties, teas, musicales, and ban- quets. ...54.-. An annual scholarship is given each year by both the Elson Club, and Elson Club Alumni, to two members of the organization, selected in com- petition, who are doing outstanding worlc in their respective majors and have good scholarship. Our aim is to help promote musical understand- ing among our members and supply social stimu- lation. EU! gilgglflfl C0.I'L50l'UCl,f0l"y OFFICERS President .,....................................,. Harriet Goodwin Vice-President ................ ........ J eanne Guilford Recording Secretary ........ ........ C arol Schmidt Corresponding Secretary ..... ...... M ary Sohovich Treasurer ...........,......,............................... Doris Smith Social Chairman ........................,......... Joan McNeil OTHER MEMBERS Betty Blake Vivian Johnston Verna Goodwin Lila Liss Joan Hall Frances Myslca Myrtle Hott Betty Summers ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Amelia Altamari Jean Northrup The New England Conservatory Club was founded in 1920 for the purpose ol promoting school spirit by the closer association and friend- ship oi the women students. Formerly, the New England Conservatory Club was an organization ol young women selected from the members ol the ri--7' - ' -' JIQIQIQCL ccmma oi , OFFICERS Presrdent J Donald DeLong Vrce Presrdent Donald Maher Recording Secretary Phrllp Hoffman Corresponding Secretary Ralph Atkinson Treasurer Herman Young Trustee Paderewskr Scholarship Fund Walter Medwnd Student Councrl Representative Robert Hallqurst Sergeant at Arms Robert Hallqurst Hrstorran Robert Cloutrer Chaplain Noel Ethier Alpha Chapter of Kappa Gamma Ps: Fraternity has enjoyed an actrve and prosperous year at the New England Conservatory ol Musrc The spmt of fnendlmess and good fellowship wrth whrch the chapter was founded on December 11 1913 has been responsible for the contrnual success of Its undertakings In addltlon to actrvltres such as the Annual Fraternrty Concert and the Boston Baked Bean Supper a Lrttle Symphony has been organized composed of members who privately perform large orchestral works once a week Thus glves those members Interested ln conducting frequent opportunity to practice their work under actual con cert condltrons W 101 gm, OFFICERS President Joan Hall Vrce Presrdent Helen Smith Recording Secretary Lrlla Shaughnessy Corresponding Secretary Cleo Wllllams Treasurer Emma Jane West Warden Faith Coakley Hrstonan Betty Lee Holmgren Chaplain Elrzavetha Sokolotf OTHER MEMBERS Mary Spylros Vrrglnla MacGowan Neely Edna Mayer Jane Rubrn Dolores Baldyga Lee Morgan Drema Taylor Cynthia Swrlt Takouhr Chorbajran Karen Morrlll Mu Phu Epsilon rs a National Music Sororrty In the Professuonal Freld and a member of the Pan Hellenic Socrety OTHER ACTIVF MEMBERS James Stevens Henry Wegrel Arthur Goldstein Anastasros Tsrcoullas Paul Mayerson John Hawver Bernard Patterson Thomas Hoag Attrllo Capra Joseph Lewrs Tung Shao Yuan FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph Saunders Horace Magnan Guy Carpenter Arcady Tkachenko Nicholas Cardrnale Francis Findlay Wrlllam Valkenler George Grbson Donald Smith Clarence Cornrng Mlklos Schwalb Georges Fourel Francis Cooke Frederick W C Lehmann Clarence Olson lt was founded In Clnclnnattr rn 1903 A the past rt mamtams natlonal contest awards and scholarshrps Beta Chapter annually awards pecunrary scholarshnp to a member as well as the MIE medal awarded to a Freshman gurl Besrdes musrcales teas rush parties and other social functrons Beta Chapter presents two lormal concerts a year 55 y ' ' .......................,,.,,.......,. . I I S I . I ll Il , ' 0 .ly l I ' V ll? . - . . I U ...............,...,...,.,..........,......,..,. T-M' ' - ' ' ' ' ' . S in . .. I ' . Q . . U ' D . S , ' . ' I r I l I I , ' "' fQ?"'1W" .5 X gi 'iig3,,,.,y1.m,.,, I Wu Jdgyga, .Sinfonia MEMBERS Ara Adrian Carroll Aucoin Robert Ball Bernard Barbeau Wayne Barrington Marvin Beinema Joseph Chamberlain Edward Drew Frederick DiLucci Robert Dunn Faust Fiore Stephen Fiore Edward Fitzpatrick Alvin K. Fossner Richard Gerstenberger Herman Goldlarb Miguel Gomez Robert Griffin Francis Hinkel Leo Horan Charles Hubbard Raymond Hunkins Frank James Robert Korlen Carl King A Burns Langworthy Billy Layton Andrew Littell Donald Love George Lowe Herbert McGreevy Francis Mulligan Leland Munger William Murphy Merwyn Patterson Maurice Pepin Frank Pizzuto John Roche John Russell Ernest Simms Russell Stanger Russell Stevenson Raymond Stuart Edgar White Philip Young Francis Gallagher Arnold Davis Ercolino Ferretti Michael Laguta Burton Cleaves Amari Veray-Torregrosso FACU LTY MEM BERS Dr. Wallace Goodrich Dr. Carl McKinley Harrison Keller Malcolm Holmes Fernand Gillet Roland Reasoner Lawrence White Warren Storey Smith Charles Pearson 156.- Vaughn Hamilton Percy Hunt Howard Goding Henry Goodrich Raymond Orr Homer Humphrey John Coftey Carl Pierce The 1947-48 season of the Alpha chapter of Phi Mu Alpha has been extremely successful, as is easily recognized by a quick gaze at their calendar for the year: Oct. 6-Smoker, lst Semester Oct. 23-Founder's Day Concert Uordan Halll Nov. 12-Sinfonia Concert Uordan Halll Dec. 12-Candlelight Concert fRecital Halll Dec. 17-Christmas lnlormal Dance Jan. 14-Joint Concert with M411E Uordan Halll Feb. 3-Smoker, 2nd Semester Feb. 26-American Composers Concert fAssemblyl For the 1947-48 season the Following board of officers was elected: National Councilman . President ....,.., ..... Vice-President ..., .... Treasurer ...,.,............... Recording Secretary ..... Corresponding Secretary Alumni Secretary ...,..,... Librarian ....,......,...... Pledge Master .... Historian .......... Warden .,............. Student Council ...... . ....,.. Edward J. Fitzpatrick ............Faust D. Fiore .........Donald Love .......,.Andrew Littell .............Maurice Pepin ,.,..,...,,,.,,.Marvin Beinema . ....,....,, John Roche ........,Philip Young ........,,Frank James ........,....,.Ernest Simms Frederick DiLucci ................George Lowe Janitor ..............,....,.....,....,...................,. Philip Young This Fraternity, now as always, has stood lor brotherhood as the keystone of growth. lts influ- ence and expansion in music today, as a National Fraternity in America, are the result of freely mix- ing ideas of the best that America has to otfer. COMPLIMENTS l COMPLIMENTS E OF OF LAMBDA CHAPTER SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER cosTA HOUNTASIS I KAPPA GAMMA PSI VIOLINS Expert Repairing Tesied Strings 240 HUNTINGTON AVENUE Room 21 Telephone KEnmore 6-9285 BOSTON 15. MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS courumznrs OF OF PHI MU ALPHA,SINFONIA THE NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PROMOTE A COOPERATION AMONG THE CLASSES OF THE CONSERVATORY CLASS OF 1950 I TO A A T BETTER UNDERSTANDING GREETINGS AT COMMENCEMENT 1948 I we HARRISON KELLER DIRECTOR MALCOLM HOLMES DEAN 'A' NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC .... BEST WISHES FRESHIVIAN CLASS Gxb Compliments of THE PENTHOUSE BOYS , 96 HEQMENWAY Wayne R. Barrington Guy Vance Carpenter Richard C. Gerstenberger Arther E. Goldstein Francis C. Mulligan Compliments of GAINSBOROUGH PHARMACY Corner Gainsborough 81 Huntington Tel. KENmore 1525 -60- X WISHING YOU SUCCESS AND GOOD FORTUNE IN THE COMING YEARS GSP JUNIOR CLASS L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques Representative: TOM GALVIN B6 Stanley Street ' Attleboro Falls, Mass. LOOMIS and COMPANY SCHOOL YEAR .BOOK PUBLISHERS PRINTERS OF THE NEUME FOR 201 DEvoNsHlRE STREET 1948 sosToN, MASS. TEL. HUBBARD 0174 COMPLIMENTS OF Telephone KENmore 2076 2077 At Your Service Flowers Telegraphed To Any Part of the World ' 59. SYMPHONY FLOWER SHOP T H E 240 HUNTINGTON AVENUE -Syfucfmf Counfif BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS -i ..62... coMrLlMsN1's ROBERTS 'WISH YOU OF GOOD LUCK! Agency -rf" zETA CHAPTER ALPHA cl-ll OMEGA 6 H05 5 T.M Regincrcd-U.S Palcn1OHict Today, More Than Ever . . . America's Standard of Value Nationally Advertised in Charm, Seventeen. Life and Ladies' -Home Iournal ROBERTS SHOES 284 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. BOSTON, MASS. COMPLIMENTS gQMpLlMEN1'5 OF QF THE THE Cjommuiem CONSERVATORY CLUB coMPuMENTs CUMPUMENTS. os OF A FRIEND A FRIEND -63- COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENT5 OF OF THE VETERANS' CLUB Waygurn MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO. Selmer, Bach, Benge Buescher 81 Reynolds Instruments Ludwig and Ludwig Slingerland and W. F. L. Drums Thomastik, Pirastro, Kaplan, Super-Sensitive Strings Instruments Bought, Repaired and Rented LARGE STOCK OF USED INSTRUMENTS 267 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass. Located in the Symphony Hall Block CO mmonvwealth 6-4727 l I P ' ji 5 M Qty A. U U9 1 , Ns X. Zell, 'BO N VOYA GE ...64-. X yu.,-. y -...f-,....-WT?-v A--..i-- ..,,., . , i , g.,.,,,QA,,.,.,, ,,.- ,,,..V ,.-... ,..:,- 'V .....-Q :I .HA L ,,... --.. -, .mv V :...,,,... n ' A ' II 5- all M1-'-21' V: .- ' . .-.-.'.'.w'.'.' ' A 1 V' 3 . - ., . . J, Z I Y A . 'I ' '- 1 -,,, , . , , , 1 ' I Y Y4 . , . , 1' y '. Nt. , , 13 i - I , n A '. J ' , ,,,-, -- g ,.. f - +LL',1 ,,,, - -1-. - ., . ---

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