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Text from Pages 1 - 48 of the 1945 volume:

f The neume 1945 published by the Neume Board for the Senior Class of the New England Conservatory of Music Boston, Massachusetts dedication to ERNST LEVY The graduating class of 1945 dedicates Its yearbook as a symbol of appreciation for his efforts, cooperation, and ever-present sense of humor. We feel that the Conservatory will suffer a great loss at his departure. This year has seen the completion of his 1 0th Symphony; and the per- formance of his 9th Symphony at Carnegie Hall in New York. His pianistic abilities also have not gone unnoticed; and as he leaves the portals of the Conservatory, he goes on to greater and higher achievements. We who have studied with him and have known him shall be grateful always for his kindness, understanding, and genius. Open cJHeltef to llie duSA of 1945 DEAR NEWLY-BAKED MUSICIANS AND FRIENDS! It seems easier to make a symphony than to write that " neumatic " letter you have asked for. . . . Not because I have nothing to say — but rather because I have so many things to say, and because the important things one can say in life and in art, about life and art, are almost too confidential to be put pompously on a front page. For everything important in life, in history, in art, begins in one ' s innermost self — is shrouded in silence and secrecy, long before becoming tangible, visible, audible. War begins in man ' s heart. Peace begins in man ' s heart. Don ' t ever fall for the stupid fallacy called " realism " ! How could you, then, be educators? How could you be artists, musicians? For music, also, begins in man ' s heart, and in silence and secrecy. And from there on goes out to discover — literally: dis-coverl — the endless variations of beauty (beginning, alas, with such things as intervals, scales and so forth — luhum! Let us always listen to the music behind the sounds. That is what I call " originality " : going down to the " origins, " to the sources. That means sincerity in the true sense of the word, and I would say that the greater the genius, the more sincerity there is in his work. So, maybe, the best I can wish for you is genuineness, sincerity. Approach the things from within — then you will be truly original! Affectionately yours To the Class of 1945 We are the fourth class to graduate since Pearl Harbor, and with each year the increasing pressure and urgency of the war have left a deeper impression on us. Under the inevitable conditions of wartime the faculty, the administration, and the entire student body have tried to uphold the standards and spirit of the school of our choice, which some of us have never known in peace time. We will remember with deep appreciation, the interest and helpfulness of the faculty, with gratitude the opportunities for knowledge and skill given us by the Con- servatory, and with fondness the lasting friendships which will always keep us close In spirit to one another. May the class of 1946 graduate in peace! Betty Ruth Smith, President COMMENCEMENT To you my friend, I offer here a thought, A memory that endless knowledge taught. You leave these halls to roam a world untrue To portals of success, that steeper grew As through this false world ' s veil of thin veneer Your guide is gone, and yet the way is clear. Your time is passed, the looking back, the yearning. Those years of friendship, old and golden learning Are far behind, and yet while memory spinning, Remember, forsooth, Commencement is but yet a young beginning. Barbara Piles — 4 — ALICE DUCKWORTH Editor in Chief BARBARA FOSS Associate Editor ANASTASIA GULECAS Literary Editor SOMA ARZOMANIAN Art Editor VINNIE PEPE Photography Editor MURIEL ROBINSON Business Manager GEORGETTE BERUBE Advertising Manager MARIAN JAQUES Circulating Manager LAURA MALLET Faculty Advisor — 5 — m in id tra tion WALLACE GOODRICH Director Emeritus QUINCY PORTER Director MALCOLM HOLMES Assistant Director GEORGE GIBSON Dean of Students F. W. LEHMANN Assistant Treasurer ETHEL HILL Registrar LAURA MALLET Librarian PHILLIP ALLEN President of the Board of Trustees acutli C ouncii WALLACE GOODRICH FRANCIS FINDLAY QUINCY PORTER HOWARD GODING GEORGE A. GIBSON HARRISON KELLER CLIFTON J. FURNESS CARL McKINLEY WILLIAM L. WHITNEY Mary Amrock Malcolm noimes James Remley D • .._J All. 1 Kaymond Allard Homer Humphrey SImone Riviere Kay Bishop Percy Hunt Norine Robards Margaret Chaloff Harrison Keller Donald Smith F. Judd Cooke Alfred Krips Warren S. Smith Gporaps L iUrpnt Simnn StprnrMirn •JIM Jll -J d IIUUI U Charles Dennee Ernst Levy Alice Stevens Gaston Dufresne Anna Lothian Richard Stevens Paul Federosky Georges Mager Virginia Stickney Francis Findlay Margaret Mason Marie Sundelius Kurt Fischer Carl McKinley Lura Taylor Georges Fourel Gladys Miller Everett Titcomb Clifton Furness Georges Moleux Willem Valkenier George Gibson Lucille Monaghan Edith VogI Fernand Gillet Ruth Morize Beveridge Webster Marie Gillet John Murray Henry W. White John Gilmore Raymond Orr Alice Whitehouse Howard Goding Charles Pearson William Whitney Boris Goldovsky Ernest Panenka Susan Wililams Henry Goodrich Victor Polatschek Cleora Wood Vaughn Hamilton Quincy Porter Alfred Zighera Leo Hayek Marie Poutiatine Bernard Zighera Roland Reasoner junior Jacuit Ruth Austen Jeanette Giguere Marian McMahan Alexandra Batylda Alice Girouard Dowell McNeill Maxine Buchanan Doris Hartshorn Dorothy Richards Norman Carrel Althea Hill Elizabeth Scher Malcolm Crelghton Betty Hilker Elisabeth Schultz Eleanor Davis Catherine Keller Olivia Silberberg Frank Gaviani Virginia Klotzle Alice Whitehouse Sarah Libbey ( ancliJatcS or tlic ipioma SONA ARZOMANIAN Roslindale, Mass. " Good sense which only is the gift of Heaven " Piano with Lucille Monaghan. Junior class secretary, 1943-44; Street Fair Committee, 1943-44; Neume Board Art Editor, 1945; Commuter ' s Club, 1944-45. Scholarships: Whiting Scholarship, Hyde Scholarship. GEORGETTE BERUBE Fall River, Mass. " Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast " Violin with Harrison Keller. Vice-president of Junior class, 1943-44; Corresponding secretary of Senior class, 1944-45; Neume Board Advertising Manager, 1944-45; Sigma Alpha lota, 1943-45; Reporter on Melodic Lipe; Student Council at Dorms. Scholarships: Saunder ' s and High School. TAKOUHI CHORBAJIAN Arlington, Mass. " A soul as white as heaven " Piano with George Gibson. Mu Phi Epsilon; Vice-presi- dent of Senior class, 1944-45. Scholarships: High School, Converse, Bearmann. FRANCISCO DA COSTA New Bedford, " Long experience hath made him sage " Violin with Harrison Keller, Sinfonia. — 9 — C unJiJateA ot tlie ipic onto. HELENE DAVIS Newport News, Va. " Of manner gentle, of affections mild " Piano with Kurt Fischer. FUNG YUEN FUNG Kwangtung, China " Pleasant words are as a honeycomb " Piano with Charles Dennee. Sigma Alpha lota. Scholar- ship: Oliver Ditson. PLACIDO EDWARD GRIGOLI Lawrence, Mass. " They had not skill enough your worth to sing " Commuter ' s Club, 1st clarinet N. E. C. orchestra — 3 years. MILDRED JOYCE MOORE Lawrence, Mass. " Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul " Piano with Beveridge Webster. ( anJiJatcS for tlic D ipic oma ASENATH O. PEART Boston, Mass. " Studious of ease and fond of humble things " Piano with Charles Dennee. ROSE PALMERIE Bridgeport, Conn. " Sweet mercy is nobility ' s true badge " Voice with William Whitney. Cushing Hospital Enter- tainment Unit. High School Scholarship. VINCENZA PEPE Amsterdam, N. Y. " But how my task is smoothly done " Voice with William Whitney. Recording secretary of Alpha Chi Omega, Recording secretary of Senior class, Neume Board, Senior class decorating committee. ANTOINEHE ROFFO Quincy, Mass. " As I wake, sweet music breath. Above, about, or underneath " Violin with Harrison Keller. N. E. C. orchestra, Com- muter ' s Club. — II — onto. BETTY RUTH SMITH " For my voice, I have lost it with hollering and singing of anthems " Piano with Norine Robards. Underclass dance commit- tee, Class president, 1943-45; Sigma Alpha lota, 1943- 45; Corresponding secretary, 1943-44; President, 1944- 45; Student Council, 1943-45; President, 1945; Melodic Line Staff; Literary Editor, 1943-44; Student Member As- sembly Committee, 1944-45. Scholarships: High School, Lotta Crabtree. oma ALICE FARNSWORTH Lynn, Mass. II- The liquid notes that close the eyes of day " Voice with William Whitney. JOHN CALLAHAN BACSO Trenton, N. J. " I do all that may become a man — who dares do more is none " Public School Music with Francis Findlay. N. E. C. Or- chestra; Kappa Gamma Psi. Ditson School. ANTHONY CIRELLA ' " Magnolia, Mass. " What ' ere he did was done with so much ease " Organ with Carl McKinley. Diploma 1943. Carr Organ Society. ALICE DUCKWORTH Maiden, Mass. " So shines a good deed In a naughty world " Public School Music with Francis Findlay. " Con " Club, 1942-45; Treasurer. 1945; Sigma Alpha lota, 1943-45; Vice-president, 1945; Editor in Chief of Neume, 1945. Scholarships: High School, Baker, French. MARJORIE A. DUVAL Leominster, Mass. " Hang sorrow. Care will kill a cat, and therefore let ' s be merry " Voice with Mme. Sundelius. Newman Club, 1941-42; Mu Phi Epsilon, Secretary, 1944-45; Student Council representative, 1944-45; N. E. C. Diploma; Vocal Nor- mal, 1943. Scholarships: High School, Oliver Ditson. — 13 — JEAN ELLERSON Richmond, Va. " Knowledge is power " Research with Clifton J. Furness. Alpha Chi Omega, 1943- 45; Lyi-e Editor, 1944-45; Vice-president of Dorms, 1944- 45; Chairman of Student Government of Dorms, 1945. BARBARA FOSS Laconia, N.H, " Her courage mounteth with the occasion " Public School Music with Francis Findlay. Alpha Chi Omega, 1943-45; Publicity Editor, 1944; Treasurer, 1945; " Con " Club, 1943-45; Recording secretary, 1945; Chairman of Strauss Ball; Associate Editor of Neume; N. E. C. Orchestra. MERIE JOSEPHINE HAGGANS ' 4A Philadelphia, Pa. " A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance " Voice with William Whitney. Scholarships: Sampson, Rogers, N. E. C, Hyde. MARIAN JAQUES Randolph, Mass. " Order is Heaven ' s first law " Public School Music with Francis Findlay. " Con " Club, 1942-45; Vice-president, 1944-45; Alpha Chi Omega, 1944-45; Brass trio of A X U Easter assembly; Class show, 1944; Orchestra, 1942-45, Chairman class ring committee; Chairman of reception committee of Strauss Ball; Circulation Manager of Neume. Scholarships: High School, Ditson, French, Crabtree. STANLEY D. KIRTON 1 Roxbury, Mass. " A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows " Piano with Mr. Levy. Scholarships: High School, Ditson, Hayden, French. E. ELIZABETH LAMBERT A 5 Hartford, Conn. " Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety " Research with Clifton J. Furness. Chairman of cap and gown committee; Melodic Line; Alumni News; Service- men ' s Column. Scholarships: High School, Baker. DOROTHY ROBINSON Old Saybrook, Conn. " Oh blessed with temper whose unclouded sky can make tomorrow cheerful as today " Public School Music with Francis Findlay. " Con " Club, 1945; Carr Organ Society, 1945; Vice-president Alpha Chi Omega, 1942-45; Recording secretary, 1943-44; Corresponding secretary, 1944-45. MURIEL PETTERSON ROBINSON A - Dorchester, Mass. " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, low, an excellent thing in woman. " Organ with Carl McKinley. Vice-president of Carr Or- gan Society, 1942; Recording secretary, Mu Phi Epsilon, 1944; President of Mu Phi Epsilon, 1945; Business Man- ager of Neume, 1945. (Candidate 5 or tlie ' t c tee, UAlC BESSIE ANDREA ROUVALIS Gloucester, Mass. " When Greeks joined Greeks, then was the tug of war " Public School Music with Francis Findlay. " Con " Club Vice-president, 1944; President, 1945; Junior claiss treasurer; Senior class treasurer; Connmlttee for Junior and Senior Dance. High School Scholarship. NANCY TRICKEY Wren+ham, Mass. " She ' s pretty to walk with and witty to talk with and pleasant to think on. " Voice with Mme. Sundellus. Student Council of Dornni- tory, 1941-43; Student Council, 1944-45; President of Dormitory, 1944-45; " Con " Club, 1944-45. Scholarships: High School, Rogers, Opera. BARBARA WEINSTEIN Brockton, Mass. " There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things " Public School Music with Francis Findlay. Elson Club, 1942-44; Vice president, 1944-45; Student Council, 1944-45; Madrigal Club, 1941-42. BETTY WOOD Lydonville, Vt. " Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep " Flute with George Laurent. " Con " Club, 1942-45; Alpha Chi Omega, 1944-45; Carr Organ Society presi- dent, 1944-45. Scholarships: High School, Carr Organ, Crabtree. PHYLISS KNOX Eugene, Oregon " A shepherd gladly heareth thee, More harmonius than thee " Piano with Howard Goding. Attended University of Oregon 3 years. Mu Phi Epsilon. BETTY MAE MARCLEY X J East Orange, N. J. " Honest labor bears a lovely face " Piano with Beveridge Webster, Mus. B., Obelin Oollege. LA REINE OTTEN Springfield, Illinois " At whose sight all the stars hide their dinninished heads " Flute with George Laurent. Associate of Arts, Stephens College, 1940-42; Mus. B., Northwestern University, 1942-44; Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha lota; Phi Kappa Lambda. ELIZABETH MAY WALKER Milton, Oregon " Such joy ambition finds " Violin with Harrison Keller. Mu Phi Epsilon; N. E. C. Orchestra. Scholarships: Howe, Converse. Ciass Wii( 1946 — We do hereby bequeath to the class of 1946 our electrically heated mittens for practicing purposes in cold rooms. 1947 — We do hereby suggest that an annual Arbor Day be set aside by the ensueing class of ' 47 for the purpose of camouflaging our coal pile campus in the rear. 1948 — To the class of 1948 we leave real, live crockery to replace the cardboard utensils in the cafeteria! 1949 — Our most beloved alarm clock we leave to the class of ' 49 with our best wishes that they make all of their 9 o ' clock classes. (For two bucks, the Back Bay Jewelers will make that alarm work.) 1950 — To the class of 1950 we fondly will our slide rules. Maybe you can read them. We never could! 1 ! 1951 — To the class of ' 5! we leave our Bible, acquired in English Lit. We may not have been stirred religiously by it, but we certainly learned its value and worth as a literary . . . masterpiece. 1952 — To the class of 1952, we leave all left handed rubbers and right footed gloves found by our esteemed Marie in her cloak room. 1953 — To the class of ' 53 we leave a hot house for its budding geniuses in order to protect them from the stark realities of corridor life. M954 — To the class of 1954 we leave a cooling system to be concealed beneath Beethoven ' s cloa ' k. We feel that by that time he may have become weary of the hot air which circulates in the main hall. 1955 — To the class of ' 55 and all those following our staggering footsteps, we leave our sincerest wishes that they graduate in Peace and with Men! ! I in their midst. SOCIETY SECTION — RICHMOND. VA.. " BLAH " 1955 Professor JEAN ELLERSON. " 45 N. E. C. of Music, recently held an amazing class reunion on the palatial grounds of her southern plantation — " Ellersonian Insti- tute " ? ? ? Mint juleps and gossip were passed from hand to mouth. Lounging comfortably In the rock garden. SONA ARZOMANIAN was seen dis- cussing plans for the opening of her new music and photography shoppe! TAKOUHI CHORBAJIAN is to provide the musical atmosphere, creating the mood for Sona ' s portrait specialties. Among their clients will be FUNG YUEN FUNG recently re- turned from China where she has been engaged in rehabilitation work. MARGARET BROMLEY. BARBARA FOSS. and MARIAN JAQUES, travelled stupendous distances from their respective positions as " Supe ' s of Music " to be on hand for this momentous occasion. FRANCISCO DA COSTA and TONI ROFFO now appearing with the New World Civic Symphony were spotted strolling among the magnificent Ellerson nas- turtium bushes. We were fortunate in having with us ALICE FARNSWORTH and NANCY TRICKEY of the Metropolitan Opera Co. VINNIE PEPE who still retains her candid camera enthusiasm was seen taking action snaps of MURIEL ROBINSON ' S " pride and joy. " and PHYLISS KNOX ' S latest addition. BESSIE ROUVALIS flew in from Gloucester where she has been serving as super- visor of music and has attained great fame because of her success in teaching rote songs In Greek! BETTY RUTH SMITH, who has been spending her time since graduation on Bridge research, assured us that the publication of her latest book " How to win at Bridge and lose your money " or " You can ' t Hurt Anyone with a Grand Slam, " is just around the corner. Speaking of literary notables. Prof. ALICE DUCKWORTH. (B of Mus, A, C. G. Z, X, Y and Q) better known as " Ducky, " was caught auctioning off her most recently published book. " Practice Teaching Made Easy " or " Murder Is not Encouraged in the State. " BARBARA WEINSTEIN and JACK BASCO were her first customers. ASENATH PEARTH and HELENE DAVIS motored down as the guests of LIZ LAMBERT and STAN KIRTON who are now on the music faculty of Canada Lee ' s " College of Shakespearean Knowledge. " In the evening after a sumptuous repast of corn bread and southern fried har- mony, the entire party adjourned to the music room where a few of our now famous colleagues performed. Among them were GEORGETTE BERUBE of the N. Y. Philharmonic Orchestra; ROSE PALMERIE and MARJORIE DUVAL both of the Chicago Opera Co. and BETTY WOOD of the Minneapolis Symphony. As a climax to the evening ' s festivities MERIE HAGGANS, currently starring In Hollywood sang an aria written by TONI CIRELLA and accompanied by the famous St. Paul ' s organist. DOT ROBINSON. Such a marvelous time was held by all that plans are already In progress for a similar reunion to be held in 1975 at our old stamping grounds — the N. E. C. cafeteria. " Divinity that shapes our ends Rough hew them how we will " — 20 — WHO CARES — WE ' RE THROUGH By Alice Duckworth (Dedicated to our long suffering seniors) We came to school at dawn ' s early light With faces befogged and eyes not too bright We ' d been cramming and bulling and creating a stew. But who cares — my dears — As seniors — we ' re through. We stopped at the Gainsy for a cig and a colie That is — If pater had sent us a check and we all weren ' t too broke. Then off to our 9 o ' clock ' s at half past the hour To thrill our dear profs with our lack of mental power. We practiced here and we practiced there We heard seniors curse and juniors swear The underclass groaned, they felt so blue But who cares — my dears As seniors — we ' re through. We felt the long arm of World War II In our heatless rooms and our fingers so blue We crusaded for heat — so they turned out the light And our coal pile in the rear was the new campus site. We sincerely tried to do our best But the hours were long and there was no rest So now that it ' s over We ' re happy and yet blue But who cares? Why no one does As seniors — we ' re through! AFTER WILLIE S. Friends, Teachers, Classmates lend me your ears; I come to bury the past, not to praise it. The evil class does lives after it. The good is oft Intured with their bills So let It be with us. Our noble profs Have said we seemed ambitious If it were so, It was a splendid gift And splendidly today we are rewarded. Is this a degree which i see before me? It ' s ribbon In my hand. Come let me clutch thee I have thee not and yet I know I will. Art thou not, lovely vision sent to me To be my own today? Or art thou but That ideal of my mind, that fair creation Long cherished in my study (?) worked brain? Class notes, sweet friends, let me stir you not To any sudden show of sympathy! They that have signed our rank cards were generous And so were they all — wise and generous And now our hour has come — our parting hour For every thought of the future, that should move The least of us to greater, stronger effort! Classmates, this Is goodbye! Take each what course thou wilt! BALLAD TO THE SEA I heard the mighty ocean roar. While standing on the lonely shore. The eternal sound of Neptune ' s child. Restless, boundless, mighty, wild. As there I gazed with magic wonder, I felt a presence with a voice like thunder. The very spirit of the sea, Had left its home to walk with me. And now when in my heart I hear, That roaring echo strong and clear. My heart is still with wonder filled. Like waves which never can be stilled. Barbara Pattison " Men may come and men may go But Life goes on forever " " To thine own self be true " By Alice Duckworth — 21 — BETTY RUTH SMITH President CATHERINE AMEER Vice President BETTY KAY Recording Secretary JANET HAYES ' Treasurer ROBERT SMITH — ANDREW LITELL BETTY RUTH SMITH President TAKOUHI CHORBAJIAN Vice President GEORGETTE BERUBE Corresponding Secretary BESSIE ROUVALIS Treasurer VINCENZA PEPE Recording Secretary NANCY TRICKEY Student Council Representative — 23 — junior C iaii OlJiccri JANET HAYES President PRISCILLA DORR Vice President EMMA JANE WEST Secretary ANN VERY Treasurer ELIZABETH KAY Student Council Representative UnJcrcfaii Off iceri CLAUDE WILLIAMSON President HELEN LUCAS Vice President MARION HOLMES Secretary EVELYN BURDICK Treasurer ROBERT SMITH I Student Council Representatives ANDREW LIHELL ( — 24 — OFFICERS MARION WILLIAMS President NINA VOLCHAK Vice President DOROTHY ROBINSON Corresponding Secretary VINNIE PEPE Recording Secretary BARBARA FOSS Treasurer BETTY HILKER Assistant Treasurer HELEN LUCAS Chaplain CORA TURNER Warden DORINNE ALGER Program Chairman JEAN ELLERSON Publicity Editor PERSONNEL Amelia Altamari, Eleanor and Francis Craig. Priscilla Dorr, Marian Jaques, Betty Wood. Mary Grasso, Stella Morton, Patricia Sanborn, Marian McMahan. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Auditor Faculty Advisor PERSONNEL Nancy Mercer, Jeanne Guilford, Betty Blake, Carolyn Doten, Shirely Ferguson, Edward Grigoli, Jeannette Tache, Theresa Welch, Mary MacDonald, Edna Mayer, Eleanor Landoli, Shirley Hart, Virginia Vineer, Marnie Woodcock, Marvin Zebrak, Cynthia Sargent, Elsie Alegi, Eileen Cohen, Josephine Rando, Mary Dawley. Louise Breda. Antoinette Roffo, Nimi Voorthamus. Ardis Lee; Joan McNeil, Nichie Davehos, Barbara French, Cora Turner, Sona Ariomanian, Tahouh! Chorbajian, Paul Chebot. JEAN SULLIVAN .. MARY BURNS LUCILLE DUGAS . DONALD LOVE BRUCE CLARK ... MR. FURNESS — 25 — fori, Cid OFFICERS BESSIE ROUVALIS President MARIAN JAQUES Vice President ALICE DUCKWORTH Treasurer BARBARA FOSS Recording Secretary EUNICE FITTON Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Nancy Trickey, Margaret Bromley, Betty Kay, Joan McNeil, Lois Schaefer, Betty Wood, Janet Hayes, Julyann Hartwell, Betty Benedict, Dot Robinson, Ann Very, Catherine Ameer, Priscilla Dorr. OFFICERS CHARLOTTE GOODMAN President BARBARA WEINSTEIN Vice President BARBARA RODMAN Corresponding Secretary JEANETTE KAUFMAN Recording Secretary BARBARA SCHWARTZMAN Treasurer BARBARA WEINSTEIN Student Council Representative CLUB MEMBERS Eileen Cohen, Joyce Cohen, Sylvia Factor, Estelle Freedland, Lillian Goldman, Elizabeth Goober, Norma Hart, Regina Klopstocic, Estair Koplin, Natalie Kramer, Rebecca Shriberg, Toba Schwartz. — 26 — Kappa is Inactive this year since its only members are Jack Basco and Anthony Cirella. Faculty members are, Clifton J. Furness, George Gibson. Francis Findlay, F. W. Lehmann, and Quincy Porter. OFFICERS MURIEL ROBINSON President ROSE BONGIOVANNI Vice President ELIZABETH BENEDIC Corresponding Secretary MARJORIE DUVAL Recording Secretary RUTH AUSTIN Treasurer LURA TAYLOR Chaplain EDITH SUnON Chorister MARJORIE DUVAL Warden and Student Council Representative Other Members Takouh! Chorbajian, Edna Mayer, and Mary Spyllos. GEORGE FULGINITI President RICHARD HOGOPIAN Vice President BURNS LANGWORTHY Secretary FRANK PIZZUTO .. Treasurer, Historian and Warden RALPH SOZZOFAVA Stev»ard ACTIVE ALUMNI John Coffey, Jose da Costa, Wallace Goodrich, Vaughn Hamilton, Homer Humphrey, Harrison Keller, Charles Pearson, Raymond Orr, C. Roland Reasoner, Warren Story Smith, Malcolm Holmes. — 27 — GEORGE FULGINITI President RICHARD HOGOPIAN Vice President BURNS LANGWORTHY Secretary FRANK PIZZUTO Treasurer. Hisforian and Warden RALPH SOZZOFAVA Steward ACTIVE ALUMNI John Coffey, Jose da Costa, Wallace Goodrich, Vaughn Hannilton, Homer Humphrey, Harrison Keller, Charles Pearson, Raymond Orr, C. Roland Reasoner, Warren Story Smith, Malcolm Holmes. ■Sigma -y ijylia ola OFFICERS BEHY RUTH SMITH ;. President ALICE DUCKWORTH Vice President ANASTASIA GULECAS Recording Secretary MARY SEAVER Corresponding Secretary KAY BAILEY Treasurer JANET HAYES Chaplain EUNICE FinON Editor BETTY KAY and GLORIA LOPARDO Sergeant at arms PERSONNEL Georgette Berube, Catherine Ameer, Helen Beherens, Gloria Panico, Mary Burnell, Muriel Hebert, Fung Yuen Fung. — 28 — OFFICERS BETTY WOOD President DOROTHY ROBINSON Vice President FRANCES CRAIG Secretary VIRGINIA MARR Treasurer PERSONNEL Anthony Cirella, Muriel Robinson, Jean Robinson, Eleanor Craig, Shirley Hart, Helen Beherens, Theresa Welch, Mary MacDonald, Emma Jane West, Leo Horan, Maurice Pepin. HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Goodrich, Dr. McKinley, Mr. Humphrey, Mr. McNeil, Mr. Titcomb, Mdme. Morize. STAFF BEHY RUTH SMITH Editor in Chief MAURICE PEPIN Co-Editor BARBARA SCHWARTZMANN Circulation Manager ANTONINA DZlOB Advertising and Business Manager EUNICE FinON Production Manager ANN VERY and ANASTASIA GULECAS Roving Reporters EMMA JANE WEST Stencil Typist — 29 — A SENIOR ' S LIFE IN SONG AND STORY GOING MY WAY — Elevator does not stop at Mezz! DON ' T FENCE ME IN — Homework during Holidays. THE GOOD EARTH — Fenway in June. WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK — But don ' t let Lehmann catch youl TRUE CONFESSION — I didn ' t do my Counterpoint. THE PRINCESS AND THE PIRATE — Nan Trickey and C. J. Furness. HANGOVER SQUARE — Cafeteria after exams. GUEST IN THE HOUSE — Dorms after exams. STRANGE FRUIT — Results of our Teacher ' s teaching. SCHOOL LIFE Freshman — OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY Juniors — THE TEMPEST Seniors — GONE WITH THE WIND Alumni — LIFE WHO ' S WHO MR. POPULARITY — Tony Cirella MISS POPULARITY — Bessie Rouvalis VENUS OF 45 — Nancy Trickey MISS DEPENDABLE — Alice Duckworth MR. INDISPENSABLE — Stanley Kirton LORD ORIGINALITY — Tony Cirella LADY ORIGINALITY — Sona Ariomanian MR. VERSATILITY — Tony Cirella MISS VERSATILITY — Betty Wood OUR MOST RESPECTED SENIORS — Tony Cirella, Betty Ruth Smith i i f n n p n COMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OP OF ZETA CHAPTER COMMUTER ' S CLUB ALPHA CHI OMEGA BEST WISHES FROM MELODIC LINE COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF THE THE ELSON CLUB CONSERVATORY CLUB COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF THE PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA UNDERCLASS COMPLIMENTS OF THE GAINSBORO PHARMACY, INC Corner GAINSBORO HUNTINGTON TELEPHONE KENMORE 1525 GREETINGS AT COMMENCEMENT f945 QUINCY PORTER Director NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC . . . . COMPLIMENTS OF MAXIE ' S COMPLIMENTS OF BETA CHAPTER MU PHI EPSILON COMPLIMENTS OF ' A FRIEND " COMPLIMENTS OF LAMBDA CHAPTER SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Hoomts; Co. PAPER PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING OFFSET PRINTING PLANOGRAPHING DIE STAMPING ENGRAVING RAISED PRINTING EMBOSSING DIED OUT FORMS PRINTERS OF THE 1945 NEUME 201 DEVONSHIRE ST. BOSTON, MASS. ROOM 803 TEL. HUBBARD 0174

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New England Conservatory of Music - Neume Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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